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if x.Qf -'fuk ' 515-.-.-ff A A Ur SX i an 1 C' I Vh-it ,-TH' I aquimzs czfllege grand rapids, michzyau 7117 man i an I land 4 sa ,J fable fff co tents 2 Introduction Administration and Faculty Organizations Seniors Underclassmen Activities Index Quotations by john Donne XVII Meditation i JJ entire' af if H. .. ' '... every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the maing if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were,' any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in man- kind ..., " and the life of every part of this College increases us, for Aquinas is a part of the community of man. That Aquinas is an integral part of the community is demonstrated by campus participation in current events. A visit by Gerald Ford and Gordon Cooper to the campus heightens interest in the National space program. A demonstration march in sympathy with Negroes in Selma, Ala- bama, isastrongly supported by the whole College. Errol Harvey, detours traffic outside the Fulton Street gates to facili- tate an impromptu campaign speech by Hubert Humphrey. Later, students and faculty meet to watch the election re- turns together. . ,N h,:fe'g,,,.t,Q: , S 2.- ,X -3. t.: q A 'PW Y- '-tg-115 ' ..A. i f r ' il ,ZQFZI - f gigs.. Q 1 W fl WLS T . A sit' ,Q fast ' Q "'NsEf.,g':4e W., I' 1 B I I I 'I I I I1 I I I I I I I I I I A continent is not a trackless placeg paths extend over its entire surface. These paths are created by the individua1's total participation in the community of men. Each path is intertwined with another so that a unified net- work emerges as man becomes completely involved with every other man. Here, at Aquinas College, students are brought together through the efforts of Administration and Faculty to work, to study and to recreate for the purpose of building a more perfect Christian society. 6 -as 4 Q-2 1 1' Q 1 -x -',-w ,ru 'ws ra X ww..--......,, IIC' was , N, ' V V "4 wwusagx H , -Q ...A mi .-wwf' kia 'E ' gif 'l S ,, isle ,,,, Q lik' ':,r'5qQSi' i'f1'v rf Q-Qu-ummm-vw 'A t - Q Y '- W N 'nh kr ,. , --. g-N ' , X Q. 5:3.1' Q ..,.' 1 ,qs H Q is fi. Q -A K N? A -f:f"3f.5F?AiiiQ" Igf.14glA:?yin M 1 . -.,.IQgf54 A -fy, , ..:,., E Z ., 5. 1 uf in i 5 i - 'iv ve' x Ksx. Vw, .1 aaaaiaistratiaa aaa faaalty Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur F. Bukowski President Assoc. Professor of Sociology Sister M. Aline, 0.P. Vice-President and Dean Assoc. Professor of Education Mr. Eugene W. Smith Dean ot' Men Assoc. Professor of Biology Gertrude M. Horgon Dean of Women Professor of English Sister Thomas Kyran, O.P. Acting Dean of Women , Fall Semester XX 1 ii Y Sisfer Ann Frederick, O.P. Audio-Visual Coordinator Instructor in Library Science 12 A tr,.-. 1 1 Z,,,-,Q Q my-I -13 revs!!-5 I , Sister M. Malachi, 0.P. Director of Libraries Sister Eugene Marie, O.P. Asst. Director of the Library A I li I 1 1 1 w E Catherine Black Secretary to the President Q23 . Mary Malone Secretary to the Dean Natalie B. Deon Secretary to Personnel Deans Gladys E bel s Switchboard Operator Slster Helen Louise, O.P. Buxznesx Manager Sister M. Carol, 0.P. Tre-asurer's Assistant iff + 5 ,L I ln velopmenf UMM Mr. Eugene J. Kennedy, Director of Development Mr. Peter M. Wege, Consultant ff .ff 3 ,, .,-- g 2 1 s, f i I.. a 5 i . 'F"'s :f" , ,,....-4 Xi 1 1 5--. I if Y. ?E ffflii 'Nw ' Q Sister Irene Therese, O.P., Secretary to Director Miss Josephine Kirby Secretary to Consultant Mrs. Frances Sherwood Miss Carol Lehman Miss Marilyn Martin Mrs. Marcia Clapp, Public Relations Director Q X X, N si ..,. . is H0 . D ,. r sihxg Sister Alphonse Mary, 0.P. Asst. Professor of Chemistry Sister M. Aquin, O.P. Professor of English and Classical Languages .xmfh ...M 4 -f fri- F113 Sister M. Annette, 0.P.,Chaiz-man Assoc. Professor of Piano and Theory Sister M. Annabel, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Biology X ,V :- i' s Y-N , M .I mv- Mr. John E. Bellurdo Rev. Hugh Michael Beuhon Assoc. Professor of Physics Lecturer in Speech Mr. Ralph J. Bennet! Asst. Professor of Accounting and Economics Mr. Frederick V. Bernard Assoc. Professor of English WJ: ! , .: tl-' Sister M. Bernetru, 0.P., Chaimian Professor ol' Elementary Education Mr. Richard W. Blake Asst. Professor of Political Science Dr. Frederick L. Bouwmun, Jr., Chairman Professor of Biology Sister M. Bertrand, O.P., Chairman Professor of French .va ' - vm- v, ev v , .. .... 'F k V75 41 Sister M. Brendon, O.P. Asst. Professor ot' History Mr. Melvern M. Casey, Jr. Instructor in Business Aclmmistr-ation 'fffsr 1 ,lu 1 H Sisfer M. Bride, O.P., Chtlirmtm Assfgq. Prntl,ssf1r of lfnglmh Q Mr. Roben J. Clarke, C'1:a1r111t1n Assoc. Professor nf POIiIICSlSCiL'rlL'c1 N 19 Mr. Lewis B. Ciingmun, Chairman Professor of History LAHT EN YR-Unix t r Sister M. Clarence, O.P. Asst. Professor of French with Miss Rose Marie Cutting Instructor in English 20 Sister M. Cyril, O.P., Chairman Asst. Professor of Mathematics -v .J i.. ,A+ Q. Q X ,N . ' , ','.1fv'ri.3 2Q:i1f"1'f'k"Qk3? 1 is gr. .Q 1- .5 , vx,,.:EEg? -I 3 Ng fl. S2 nz - ' vw --+L. , , - . - K Xavpvg ,.....,., - - f N r r. f 'X - V, :. 1: . Us ,. - . 1 N x - -x ' - ' x 1, ' 1 Qxufrk fr-,y..:N ,V . ., R Aff xg, .- - 'W .a a L X - 'bf Ks-A - 5 -1 N V , . Mr. Bernard DePrimo Assoc. Professor of Phzlosophy Sister M. de Chantal, 0.P. Asst. Professor of Speech Nw Mr. Julian S. Dobrowolski , Asst. Professor of Spanish 'V .sh 5 ,:.,1, 5 .1 W Mr. Richard D. Dornbos is 5, B Asst. Professor of Physical Education Jil 21 W -- II1 Mr. Kcxmill G. Fogcrusi Asst. Professor of German Sister M. Frederic Assistant in His are J i 'EAC QP l i? V wwyy .1 Rev. William R. Gannon, O.P. Asst. Professor of Theoloov rn. , O.P. tory 'P i , I , . .X Z. ,. 3 'fu Mr. Thomas E. Gurroh Instructor in English Sister M. Gonzaga, O P Chalfmafl Professor of Phxlosophy s f 5 5 2 f jf' , , , -r 126'- f .-. - Q. 'f .4-10' -J Sister M. Harriet, 0.P. Assoc. Professor of Secondary Education Q x Mr. Ki Sup Hon Instructor in Physics Mr. Alan A. Heisler Asst. in Mathematics Mr. Eugene T. Hopkins Asst. Professor ol' Piano and Theory Dr. Andrew L. Hoekstra Lecturer in Psychology Q W' f Mr. Lee E. Jacokes Instructor in Psychology 1--......,A,..,,, x, T ,Y I if Rev Thomas H. Kaufman, O.P., Chaim1an Assoc. Professor of Sociology Sister M. James, O.P. Asst. Professor of Sociology f i ff a 14 I -I n 5 i Sisier M. Kevin, 0.P. Professor ot' Music Educatmn and Piano 'I P n Mr. Klaus C, Krofzenstein Instructor in Organ and Chorus ' 1 . , .ww 1 K . M. Q-f-r W' -, tube-.....,.... "fs- .4:1:- , 1:-:1:1 i.?Y - -:' 5 I I Mr. George F. J. LoMountuin, Chaimian Assoc. Professor of Psychology Mr. Winfield S. Lenox Instructor in English Sister M. Lois. 0.P. Asst. Professor of Art Iyx... Wm.. , -' v i W' x 'rw N + if1E2f:' , , .ws .vii h? ' Q I Sister Marie, O. P. flswvr. Professor of History' Sister Maris Stella, 0.P. Assoc. Professor of English Mr KenneihJ Morin Chairman Aqsoc Profesvar of Economics ,Z Dr. Oton Muhr Assoc, Professor of Classical Languages gl ji in , Sister M. Mark, O.P. Professor of Chemistry x K '71 wrt- . gs 'K E, ' .- . Af' sm X 3, . ..,....,.. X A U 1- A f'-as x , UMM I I Q' s 1 Q Mr. John P. O'Connor Asst. Professor of Accounting Sister M. Norbert, 0.P. Assoc. Professor of French Dr. John A. Pole, Chairman Mr Joseph A Pomhen Professor of Chemistry Assoc. Professor of Physics W7 .Q b I I s, ls.. Mr. Rodger A. Remington Instructor in Hislory Dr. W. Werner Pronge, Chairman Assoc. Professor of German and Geography Mr. Jack C. Rang Asst. in English and Drama Mr, Richard D. Sedlecky Instructor in Engineering Graphics 30 Rev. Valentin R. Rodriguez Assoc. Professor of Phiiosophy I . 1?-1 . J L inf" Rev. Roberf Urban Shorkey, O.P Instructor in Theology College Chaplain i Mr. James W. Shew Lecturer in Mathematics 2 .R Sister M. Susan, O.P. Instructor in Voice fine Sister M. Teresa, 0.P. Instructor in Mathematics As, rf .,. .. Mr. Jose P. Soler Not-, Ppgtessor wt 511 x G5 X f s.:-xx SXMN . Y . 1 K' ,P 5 . . sa -uv? ! I Rev. John R. Vcmdegriff, 0.P. Instructor in Theology Mrs. Edward T. Wempu Instructor in Physical Education .',,....-.--- .W 4- ..,,,.,.,-qv-s,,,,,,. NB Mrs. R. W. VonDerVeen Instructor in French :ww-, S ' Mr. Kenneth L. Wiggins Instructor in German faculty mf! ,U kfured Dr. Jane A. Bonnell Lecturer in Education Sister M. Casimir, O.P. Lecturer in Art Sister M. Cecile, O.P. Instructor in Theology Mrs. Donald L. Crandall Assistant in English Mr. Roy F. Emerson Instructor in Music Sister M. Evengelista, 0.P. Lecturer in Voice Mrs. Lee Keller Assistant in English Mr. John H. LaDuke Instructor in Education Mr. James F. Mefress Instructor in Biology Mrs. John M. Perry Instructor in Art Led by the pervading spirit of ag- giornamento. George La Mountain, and a number of his confreres, ifl' augurated a series of faculty-student discussions this year. The topics ranged from "The Layman in the Social Order" to "Student-Teacher Relationships," but the unifying theme that ran throughout all of the discussions was the necessity for individual involvement with society on all levels. Domanimento, every- body! .ts559Y"'9'91' f lllii HES 'Sig . all 1-,B 'S MV45 V , Y:?157'V wr V!" ' -I we, W w .yi . x N, 5 ' Q 4, iw' Q- x sk F Qi organzkafions .aff mlm! mate 'li Ira' F52 lf Student Senate of- ficers, left to right, are: AI Liu, treas- urerg Tammy Paul, secretaryg Gary Few- less, vice-presidentg Max Otto, president. Through these lead- ers, the student body is led forward in its acti vi ti es' program. Rich Seymour heads the Programming Committee. Chris Nawrocki, Leo Mac Innes, Cheri Mann, and Fran Novak, in discus- sions concerning future movies to be shown. Student Affairs Com- mittee, headed by senior Fred Sebul- slfe. is , left to right: Bill Murphy, Pete Daunt, Gene Smary, and Leona Mayan. Not shown is Marilou Lascari. Pete Coughlin and his Finance Committee meet to determine monetary proposals for the Senate. Shown are Pat Osbourne, Marianne Kane, Mary Pyman, Stu Splan. Not pictured are Al Liu, Billy Osbourne, Frank Spica and Tony S pi ca. 3 X . 1 I ,' Pat doesn't know the deck's been loaded! U1-i -- The newly-built Regina Hall houses 150 women students. The dorm Christmas party found a few girls adding finishing touches to gifts they had made. 2 'M :I Willow Brook is "home" for seven- teen senior Women. Recently pur- chased, its grounds include the campus swimming pool. Besides Regina and Willow Brook, we have two off-campus women ' s resi- dences: Sienna and Lourdes Hall. A-urn . . M. ., I b,.., v--'Q is ' w ri.. 'V' St. joseph the Worker Hall. opened in September. houses 150 men students. Bumperpool is a favorite pastime of coeds seeking distraction from study Study does take much time and often a helping hand. Bishop Woznicki of Saginaw with Monsignor Bukowski dedicated the new dorm to St. joseph the Worker in October. 1 'sf'-ix. ' ,K 1. 2 t Monsignor and Father Sharkey bless the Crucifix in the lounge. 39 a I WIN! WXTO, our on-campus radio station, operates under the direction of Father Hugh Michael Bea- han, Diocesan Director of Radio and Television. Business Manager Fred Beahan, Traffic Manager Dave Huhn, and Program Director james Drum- mond combine efforts for the purpose of providing their listeners with first-rate radio entertainment. biz iness club The Business Club, which sponsored a hayride early in the year, is represented by its modera- tors Mr. Casey and lVlr. Bennett, president Mike Mazurek, and vice president Tom Gavin. rflifias' Humbly and modestly moderated by G. F. -I. La Mountain, young Demo- crats gleefully "cooperate" with various efforts of opposing numbers to insure a democratic society. The Young Republican Club meets- hopefully - to plan a new strategy Election Eve found members of all parties and various other outsiders gathered together for the common good. 42 sqcial 56161466 fo um The Social Science forum is instru- mental to interested students, in that its purpose is to discuss problems of modern day social living. Topics covered may range from the economic aspects of modern living to a discus- sion of political candidates for the Presidency. The forum gives the students an awareness of the signifi- cance of national and international events. -4' bizflzfgy dub The laboratories in Albertus Hall are Hheadquartersn for the Biology Club whose officers are: john Popma, presidentg Karen Van Loo, treasurerg Dick Buttrick, secretaryg and Dan Radawski, vice president. Wwgii The long history of Natural Science is spanned in these pictures. Above, biology students work at the ancient method of direct anatomical ob- servation. At right, Father Nogar, distinguished theologian and philosopher, talks about evolu- tion andthe world system ofTeilhard de Chardin. lambda iota mu 1 1 Lambda Iota Tau, the literary honor society, is moderated by Sister M. Bride. Its officers are Fred Sebulske, presidentg and Cathy Kava- , nagh, secretary-treasurer. W i i Discussions are held at the Gate-House where appreciation for 1 the mind of man abounds. 5 Q Ss. six f. I X H 1' Shar ---..,, 7 Bette Tarte, Editor he 'f 5 'Z 1. 5 ,IV ,-. Aquinas Herald , ..,., ,, , Published Monthly by ' gf' "' the Students of . Qi - AQUINAS COLLEGE ,f f "1 A Grand Rapids, Mich. I 1 51.50 a year Editor Bette Tarte Editorials Richard Seymour Fred Sebulske Sports Editor Pete Daunt Photography Frank Kolenda Staff Sherri Coe, Charla Emery, Marilyn Fanaly, john Forster, Barbara Holzer, Karen Kaunisto, Sheila Kavanaugh, judy Konrek, Paul Mc Carthy, Maureen Rice, Bob Schaner Art Gloria Barry Business Manager john Mullen Circulation Kathleen Agostini Carol laquinta Exchange Editor Barbara Mazurkiewicz Moderator Sr. Maris Stella, O.P. aqlzimz I1 mid - Q -q X----V-.., ,, mg. a MZ' ilmmi I F 1' ,,....,- Assistant Editors Cathy Kavanagh and Angie Leo, meet with Lillian Zemla to plan layouts and copy. Nn,0x, 'T 'Y Zrjiv As moderator, Mr. Lenox, spends much of his free time helping the staff. It is chiefly because of his interest and determination that this yearbook has been successfully published. I: X ,P N J. 45 1 4 . 1 a NE. Sincerest thank-yous are extended to all those people not pictured who helped in every way im- aginable to make this yearbook possible. This unselfish interest on the part of everyone involv- ed demonstrates that the Christian commitment to society is very much alive on the Campus of Aquinas College. Nfsw , , A - " of ,af-M y 3 i QXCSQF- wi' A i ie happiest group of people to work with includes Marilyn Martin, Judy Longcore, Mary Vman, jim Prawdzilc and john Wozniak. x N 'xii X 2. ST . r .XsNix,'-NE15- s X as-'Y' Photographer Frank Kolenda and his assistant Paul Douglas shot the Works on this last picture of Editor Marianne Kane. Mrs. Mann and Mr. Pulliam, members of the "lower level information office" are responsible for seeing many of the Aqui- nas publications all the way to the printer. 3 Rv' ' at-4 r' it Dk '7 f . .' V ' En fain., ,Z ,ff c f N -A zfrbif ORBIT, the school literary magazine, gives budding Aquinas writers and artists a Chance to display their tal- ents. Marilyn Fanaly, Carol Lips- comb, and Cheryl Nahs scout for valuable material. Sister Bride then helps to select various materials for publication. N , X KX-x GNN 'i 52 ff ' X A X. 50 1...--f '-awful! mf UID mule? FRI 'SRT aquimz weakly The Aquinas Weekly is a compilation of cur- rent "Kampus Kapers" and an outlet for in- terested student opinion - "Kapering" around the Student Senate office are Editors Cheri Mann, Judy Fudold, and Fred Sebulske. Marianne Zarimba and janet Esch do the typ- ing while Mr. Remington moderates' 2 NX N As as t e ,dui N ,mai li club Q 4 5. L-E, D fr L 5. -4 . Hy, af ,X -ll. X-54.5 Mr. Soler, moderator of the Spanish Club, meets with officers: Sue Gilles, presidentg Longino Gonzales, vice-presidentg Tom Saenz, secretaryg Tony Scaturro, treasurer. e cIub's "Fiesta" featured our own Nancy and Elsa who entertained with typical Spanish "gusto" 52 0,0111 U It certainly is a happy group that will be going south. yr- .ix .,,,, 1 w Monsignor shows off souvenirs of his Summer spent in Guatemala. UI hope this works ,,,," Leo thinks as he plays tapes for an OPLA dance. As candy sales mount, excite-me-ntrises in anticipation of another fruitful Summer to be spent in Guatemala. 53 L, French Club officers are: Mike Broas, vice-presidentg Marilyn Martin, treasurerg jim Ptawdzik, presi- clentq Sister Norbert, moderatorg Sue Roberts, secretary. At a regular meeting of "Le Cercle Francais," mem- bers watch movies and slides taken on the French excursion to Quebec. Madame Van Der Veen informs students of aforth coming meeting as posted on the bulletin board. I it le c rcle fzwzgui ll 3 E 5-5-'Q During semester break, the French Club sponsored a trip to Quebec City. The travellers arrived in time to greet the Bonhomme in festivities which marked the opening of the Winter Carnival. Skiing and "livinitup" were major pastimes ot the Wayward twelve. In April the club presented the play LEOCADIA for Carousel Week. Below right: Director, Kathy Ofenstein, guides Paula and Donna in their roles. V 3 f g-2:3 pg- Rita Mayan, Carol Feinauer, jasui Milanowski, and Bob Schmiedicke, officers of the German Club meet in the absence of their moderator, Dr. W. W. Prange. i I i german club "Roll out the barrel IH Members ofthe Club view slides of theirprevious doings. 56 'p yclzzflogy ,...i Moderator Lee facokes and President jim Doyle discuss future plans for the newly formed and long-Jmtzited Psychology Club with other officers 3nd members. The Club intends to concentrate on current developments in- the field of psychological theory and research. , Q- , - 'P' 10 5 7 infermzfivmzl relafizws dum! The International Relations Club seeks to provide Aquinas with in- formation about foreign countries, issues of international significance, and decisions of the UN concerning them. The Club, headed by Maurice Farhat, plans discussions and talks by guest speakers to clarify issues and help make evaluations. 58 Ythbt C As part of a national program, the Aquinas People to People program, headed by Eleanor Shick and Chuck Leik, functions to bring about a know- ledge and understanding of other peoples and cultures. They try to do this by giving movie and slide showings and sponsoring the Inter- national dinners. ASNE Eleanor and Cheri are pictured here with Marilyn Derwenslcus as ther pause to catch their breath beneath the Eiffel Tower. people fa ,U 0,015 .1 r A 5 if - fi . rf ff SW X' 59 I Q .. i ll . Q I, n ' ' . si 0 ' 'U u ' 'Q ' ' , a 0 o ' c ol ' 'Q ' 5 if a 0 , 1 I 0 lu- Barbara Holzer was this year's recipient of the St. Catherine Medal, presented every year by Kappa Gamma Pi. The award goes to a Junior woman student who is outstanding in scholarship, service, and leadership in the school, which fits Barbara to a HT." YCS strives to develop Christian leaders, to form the Christian conscience, to work toward chang- ing social institutions in order to make it possi- ble for all people to live a fully human and Christian life. , 4- ,A-.X xv ' .A .. ,Q Q35 J' XX Book Sale The student book sale, which originally began as a small part of the Carousel of Arts, became one of its most popular elements this year. The sale was so successful that the extra profits have been put into a special library fund for the school. Mmm-i - r NT" 9,1 J 1. Guest poet Brother Antoninus shares his poetry, and the philosophy inherent in the poems, with his audience. As he said, he had the audience "in the palm of his hand," right where he wanted them. Shoe Shine The strains of the top forty and the smell of shoe polish permeated the lower floor of Aquinas as the annual shoe shine took place once again. The money made by shoe shines goes to the missions. T fl! "'w-.-'f..D"- wiv, A , ,. eff", .. I J ,fl ,H A g .W Ca 'B s if ' All 1 GN 'v' 'Q .' ' V ., 4 I , yfln I at r , .Nz L ig any I , ' ,tim '," 4 4 -' x 1. A f 3w8J!:,gifg ,N L at awk, 'sa' n av x 61 Y J fn' v 5 .X " ' I' 1 Eu F , f' ,, ri ' M 2 x 5 V 2. ,N wr FX 'hi Q 55 ' .449 W'-S .M -bi smiars Vicelgresident Thomas Laberteaux ,WSH President Frederick Sebulske Secretary C arol L ehm an Treasurer Patrick Osbourne Domrnxr: Amante Kathleen Mary Agostmi janet Marie Anderson Diane Marie Bassett Theodore joseph Bowler Ronald Charles Bostwick 'YF' Marlan Margaret Burns f fi Linda LOLHS6 BIUCE Robert Carl Burns ffm !U'- ,2- Nora jean Butcher john Howard Cooper Frank Samuel D'Amico Leon William Delaange David Gerard Dogger David Leo Donovan Richard Henry Douglas joseph William Drueke, jr. l.,aVern Frederick Emery Arvon Gerald Farrell , gpnwx Kathleen Maura Fitzgerald Q' x Garry Lee Fewless john Patrick Foley Faye Mary Fritsch Thomas joseph Garrett 95m 1 Daniel Anthony Giluck Thomas john Gavin t .-'-'QQ an Susanne Theresa Gilles Mary Agnes Glenn Esther Marie Grant Patricia jane Granger Nlarylou Hayden Richard Earl Hillary 70 Marolyn Ella Gwinn Robert James Hoffman 495 William Richard Hubbard fa, 11,1 3' ,. . Q ,mr ' 3 1:3 f- S' ,i. .X rr Q. . "fgr- 'M "QQ MQW Patricia HOWG David Victor Huhn Carol Ann Iaquinta 5: I -kSg?s?i1f:3iz2L1i'fI5-1 is ' . fixay-:gifs asus,-'fg:,.g1 , . af., 'us-Lf-:Q f .- ., 5'- 1. 'Y 51,1-wzfla' S 'seef1:f::11 1.--1q1w:fA?e :ire 1 55fX"!ZN 'if'-. P-Sitzli - 114- --5 .' L'-F2 -ii2iif4i3i'2:S'x-f 5 johnny Jabra jaber ,wx -'UN Sandra Lynne Jacques Q61 'M Carolyn Joan Kaleta fa' Marianne K arre Charles Ralph Karas Mary Catherine Kavanagh ffm john Edward Kehrer Philip Walter Kernicki Raphael Korosso W Leo Daniel Klinkhammer 1 Paul joseph Kozlowicz Kenneth Francis Konesny M john Fredenck Ixroon Y V- P8111 Kramer Ronald james Kuzma alfa, ,Ju Charles Arthur Leik Edward Arthur Leonard George Raimond Linde ,X Pamela Ann Major Alfred Hsi Liu Leona Helen Mayan Leo Kennedy Mac Innis Marie Annette Meyers Terry David Meade W!""" Q joan Elaine Myers Carolyn Michalski me insat- joseph julian Moleski 75 als john Edward Mullen William Thomas Murphy 1 1 james Henry Neper Kathryn Lois Ofenstein Frances Ann Novak joseph William Osbourne ri Judith Ann Obs-rie yt 'A' Max William Otto R john Anthony Popma Tamara Lee Paul Francis john Regan Judith Ann Pawlowski Richard Reid Barbara jovce Rollins S Susan Anne Roberts Anthony Joseph R0SSi Carol Eileen Sakocius Aloysius john Schmidt john Scalabrino Arthur Henry Schmidt Thomas Donald Schmiedickie Edward Sroka Richard Talbot Seymour Vilnis Strazdins Elizabeth Strojrxy Joan Frances Valliere R Bette Ann Tarte ,w"Qm. fir Renata Velde r '43 Lawrence joseph Liszewski 81 Karl Joseph Weisenburger nf V Dennis Michael Williams AHA Thomas G. Williams James John Funk Gerald Edward Winters Y' 0 Q. 'N ,J , K Wx , -Q ,M , git N". S - 1-1 ,TLKO f'- og: ..., rl -V. Q sw, N 1 a uuderclassmm President Daniel Gerrity B .Av Vice-President james Ahern Secretarv 'Q- ' ,f-I, Barbara Murphy ""' Treasurer Stuart Splan . 2 . -- ., 43 g s K V 1 .Z fe. 1" S , -. A - " 'W' fn 'ww 'W K A., - EQ 'N' , QF W, E b X' we-' -., V ' , i Dennis Adomaitis james Ahern Richard Alt Thomas Aman Angeline Amman jean Anderson ii . ' 4 ,Q IG' --Q QM '. ig AQQ 'iw' 1 , " 1 'ey ,QI , ' nr 5? f leaf V - ,,.....,3' , ,- 3 V: x ... lbw. Q r - -X -.v-.j- .. ' Elem ' ' Q' ffiiq, N' William Andersen Judith Arnold janet Attermeyer james Badaluco john Badgerow john Bagladi 'lm x -X ' I X x Patricia Balkon Thomas Barnes Mary Barton Katherine Bednar Charles Bennett Eileen Bernott The freshman brings with him to college all that he has done and all that he has been. With his previous experiences to as- sist him, he will choose the path he is to follow. The outlines which have been set for him are broadg within their framework his first choice of paths will be made. This first setting out may be uncertain. lle may finally choose to follow a route differ- ing in direction from the one which earlier had seemed right for him. His first year will be one of many decisionsg his pro- gress will depend on his ability to understand and to relate to one another a great variety of materials whose purpose will be to make clear the wayto his goal. .wif gf. E. Q A ax- 15 2 Q- N , Sv +4-5 'ir-75 -V tv "Y ,-Y av ' i-r' ' 'F' ' .-.,-,,, .1 ipf Franclsca Berries Mary Beyer Mary Bianchi Anne Biase-ll Stephen Bird Kfiil116'6'I1 BIE'YBE'l'l ,. V-.. N I j l.- y ' , -f Q . Q ,ws . -Q .. -- .. v ,, QL ""5- E - din . r -.... ska, 0 --. W W 4 A A 1- I .M " ' Bruce Boland Thomas Boland Leslie Bowen RUSEFDBU' BOWIPF Mafylifl BOWYT1-in Michael Bur-Se ,xx v f! ' 9 T' .11 s. 'Vt vgg W , avg. 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P 'R .. , 4' " W Q Q r H r - ' - '-up f 'fd , 'Q : Y we-af: if I , I , '- ---.. ,nf t K: sv In . whi' 'X i -an if w' J N at Y Q . f b, Y - X - K a. Y - qz., wi, ur, X Peter Chan Gerald Christensen Marilvn Chrzan Nancy Clark Au ustine Comor . E 'L ,QQ S 'gif Suzanne Bishop 'II 5 Gerald Burns -Ill w X X ix William Costello With his one year of successful college work behind him, the sophomore looks forward to ad- vancing himself toward an end which seems much more real and attainable to him now than per- haps it did only a few months be- fore. He will be expected to know and now be familiar with many matters and situations to which his past year of experience had merely introduced him. He will be called upon to devote much time and serious consideration to studies which may seem at first to be unrelated to a final goal which is becoming clearer and clearer to him. The success of his advancement will depend to a great extent on his ability to "put first things firstI'by not only se- lecting a major field of interest, but also by organizing into a profitable body of knowledge all of the materials to which he will find himself exposed. fi " S...,: , . , , R" sk . l' FJ' 'K ' fe- " , fig' , ,Y Qt Q 1 . a. . 9 f gk K V A3 - , . 'vyg ' .f tw ., 9 A ' ,f Q! 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Suzanne Wxlliams Mary Wlllmamson Srugfrf Wllggn ca- Q 'Q-' ' ' 'Q' x xx t K qv ', 'lb' xv ...Q 'Y-sv' X flu-src? 'Q-1 V ' .gp f' ' If ,ff xx' ...-- Kenneth Woznial-1 Donna Zamlerowskl Thomas Zane-lla 1 f A g .-. " ' YUE , . . sq ' 11' A. . - N "Ulf I .W w' 'UL Q - X xfh ".,"- 1',3v",-, ' .22-'Q - -'I 9 ..'V'1Rf - 'V .1 A5 -hx 4.. J.. ., -- 41 5- - . F' , an ' I Q I-QQ - -- - ,,. Az- 'M' .,uj ....v, 5, , fffiy 'Quiz . . . A ,Qt , Lg 7 In .fha 5 ' . - -f . 4. gf .Q ,.f,, -1-e-rf -vfif 5- - ' .1-0 . , ., ' "' ' ' .A f. -- 231 +A ' in S -.Ig -'d"x,.' " I :'Y"" . -J -' . 3 Il M 1" Ji , J, . vu., li V pQ.'tQ-.'!,2i lflyf ff : U - - 9 .- ' ' 'ffc-11p I, - A- til.-L , as 4 :fhu 97 1251 7'-if Jzlii-,i3k:,V,Y M. I fw' v 1 ' 'y"Q,',- " ' QT " ,v-mf' " ,W In QU, J 1 ,Liv ..1 ',, A ' -' " f ,G .fmgqn W 5 . - . -A . . g. 'q-. -- E -- 123.1 W3 'QW v' fmgi'-"' 'f' 4' .U fs-f,, 1 32 3' .I .mi""T -'X' iv F ff?-' .f , , . Q rug -ip-A." A' "gf .g, -, 'hz MJ t." P' A ji. 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' .iii --wx 5 4 I t T- - 5 ' T W ' " ' w i 1 Robefi BOUQZ7' Carol Botwinslci Joseph Bus-ne .X 3 vm- 'ix 5, Q ...Q ,V 'qt' j I is 'W' ' fl if J r Thomas Danowskv Geo,-ge Davig Ffllen Deyhle , 1- 'Nm , R V' if Marie Bekken , ix 9-'W Q 'md Helen Cleland h QQ Y Q .S Y Donalda Doepl-:Pr , I v' i A -Su Brenda Benne-vv Ns, v Q,- Sharon Clemivn was-gf X. .. w Richard Donahua A-. 4 3! if P aymond Bogush Yvonne Daniels 'X X A --f james DOVIF- With his Hpath-travel" behind him. the junior, with a determina- tion developed by his exposure to the studies and experiences of two years' work, moves on to a road whose directions are more clearly marked - one on which he can feel more certain of him- self. One of the measures of an upperclassman's maturity will be his ability to progress steadily in his tinues in the area of studies which sur- round talent field while he consciously keeps his mind open and alert to the adjacent areas of study which his liberal education offers to him. major field while he con- to broaden his knowledge it. He will develop his for concentrating on one 1 t . no fl l -.a i QL A Dale Dummer Maurice Farhat L: Mary Gazella Michael Gleason 3 . 'Y DOFOUWY Hansen Marie Hartmann Arvon Farrell Penelope Gorbach -new .......q - X x Barbara Francis i 'QQ ,'-ui "1? Dennis Gorsl-:i judirh Fiiilnlil 3 .43 3 an i Gregory Grvgwer Q ...f 'NV ,Y 1 V : in-snr' ,,-' J: -11-" V 1 'l'liorr'as Garret! bs. ...Q . YZ' Sondra Gro iilx X " Q' b 'W w ere gi ' - -V YY , .xi 1, If .- Michael Hauser Michael Hidalgo Robert Hogan Rene .l-BCQUEF 'T 'Q Christine jesl-cy AQ 9239" .wg john Kurzynowski "Q 4" Thomas Lewis yzwws Tfz-r il Judith Longcore 'Wy Sharon Madges 'fi 'fbi 5 x X A ' ,j- I sgj .......... Richard Johns Ma,-51-,311 Ki,-,dy II Lawrence Kozal Marie Kreslins JOSEDIW KSi-321-2ieW1CZ ,-5, '-it T L' ,K Q fi 'F ' 1'-y'X -v - X A I Nina Lamancusa Jfbhn Lapciuk john Lehmkuhl NPNVQA W-'vii W. Anne Locke iwxisfrs -- 'H g,, , , j x ,Y is fg. :r,, 7 , K +4 rr 4? Margaret Luckas Y if Lawrence Maharg ,L 9 ii -'sv A 2' . --N Barbara Mazurkiewicz Timothy Meaney Cheryl MSDN Germaine Maurer ' m I 5 ,, .. . - -' . -. 'sf , It- 'X ' N--"F if NN""f Q . .5-.. Q' . 1. t X' , R V-wr . john Miles James Miiito W J - E is ,W W 9 5. . .gil Maureen Milligan Michael Misner "' fr-:rl LQQ L. Bemadette Mlynarchek Robert Moss Cheryl Nahs Christine Nawrocki xi ' - ' Leroy Nowak 'QQ john Otterbacher,Jr. Robert Penning james Prawdzik is Y 44 N ., . Terrence Sommerdyke Frank Spica . ' V- u V A Q Y ,- , g, Si . 2 -2 - 'K V , . 1 -f r , - f Anthony Scaturro Jack Schatner 'V I "ilu -6 Patricia Steve -4. ,? K ' af' I joseph O'Toole 3 vi 6 Daniel Radawski 'TQ f vf Robert Schaner 'E' 3-fl 'TZ7 Eleanor Schick -f-in ndczli Marv Stickney L01-liS Stoddard Nick Suciu, IV Sally Trudel Thomas VandenBerg Marie VanderWee1e Karen VanLoo .., XA, .J 4,:,fi3::g,9:E'::: ,.-H P ' 5. " A Ie? 21. Theresa Van Rooy if L , 9, ' rf- 'F' Q 1 S., ' I . X x John Wozniak ' ,--L:. :'k.,-gif . ,L -. k if gf- :F ,H Hug, f ' R ' 7 Marianne Zarimba 5 p ' ,fy .fm ax ' ,A ' X " lr 3 ' N Y ' N ffl, b Fredrick Wilcome Susan Wisnewskx 3 . V, Ns- Q: ' 1 V we ff" Catherine Yared Qui Q51 J ames Zawacki ," ' ,' William Zoller 112 UIC.. .f. Judy J .L ww N, is A-as 13-M' ,S Ymlifrf' u.. """"'m...,, V 6 i Q-"" JSXQQ.. gs E Q 1,9 nw an A 'I as xg W Q " - P A Q if , t , .HQQQQKA 'A xi - gm Q' .4,- ,P dx 'ug' Q --, egg I A N., A yi iii ,V ln., . ' flame x ' sis' MQ, 4 'cfeijf . 5 acfilfifivs rv ary ,vrzfvcssivrz R-R 'bf Z., -. . v.'.'-.,L"f" ., .. . w V ," ,W .,,,,r C., , 5 EL: ig if "The Church is Catholic, universal. so are all her Actionsg All that she does belongs to all .... As therefore the Bell that rings to a Sermon, calls not upon the Congregation to comeg so that the Bell calls us all." - -L1,4NQNfg- , X55 3 A Q l'6'fl'6'llf 75? it ' Rm QQ ' A 1 Ann Locke and Frank D'Amico Ccenterj surrounded by their committee - heads X N 5 -if King Pat and Queen Tammy reign over Gala Weekend 118 S il Q Xb. jasui Sue Gene Kathy joe Chris The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the ' Inaugural Ball signified the open- ing of Gala Weekend. At the dance, Tammy P aul and P at Osbourne w ere crowned King and Queen of the festivities. They were attend- ed by jasiu Milanowski and Sue Weber, Freshmeng Gene Smary and Kathy Delahanty, Sophomoresg and joe Burns and Chris Nawrocki , juniors. Booth construction for the Carni- val began early Saturday. Thetug- of-war, held in the afternoon, pro- vided awelcome break from allthe scotch-taping and poster-making under the tent. That night the Lowland Three Qpictured at rightD,together with the Rick Frigo jazz Trio and Billy Wallace entertained at the Variety show - Ameriscope. On Sunday the Campus became the land of Gala as teachers were dunked, teddy-bears were won, and polkas were played. This weekend of fun was enjoyed by everyone. Special credit should go to Co-chairmen Frank D'Amico and Anne Locke, to entertainment chairman Fred Sebulske and to all of the students who worked with them to make the weekend a grand success. an ll9 and game F ii' haw Ai' 'fio- fx Work begin s ! Sr. James can't bear to watch . . . End of a Perfect Day .ful iff: A 'Va WS- as Q A '-'wr-P ALL dressed up and no place to go Xi How sweet it is 2 5 521 ,ax X , EH gnu lzamemmhzg Queen joan Valliere and her court, Marilyn Kendall, Paula Kralovec, aniljudy Kralox Car caravans, cheering, hearty clapping, breath- less waiting and joan Vailiere is crowned Queen of the Homecoming festivities. A kiss bestowed is a Tommies' wish for continued remembrance of high-spirited students bursting with enthusi- asm as they inspired a team to triumph. Soon, softly chordal strains meet with gay whispers and the clink of ice in captivity, as dancing proceeds .... fond memories that will live in the heart. 6 kefbull '71 'ESE Q19 X., Red Dombos, Dom Mattone, Gary Fewless, Ken Konesny, Dan Ratajczak, Dennis Lyk, james Shaffer, Mike Klonoski, john Cybulskis, Chet Murawski, Pete Daunt, Thomas Stiener, Mike Pope, Louis Thomas, Paul Mc Carthy, Steve Bird, Denny Alexander, joe O' Toole, Dan Gerrity, Lyndon Cronen, Mike Flood, Rob Topper, jim Hilligan WE 89 90 101 93 63 87 89 92 54 84 98 106 58 83 79 107 84 81 106 91 102 93 122 THEY Calvin College 83 Ohio University 103 St. Francis College 81 Grand Rapids junior College 88 Northern Michigan University 102 Michigan Tech. 80 Lawrence Tech. 80 Flint junior College 93 Hillsdale College 96 Hope College 90 Chicago Teachers College 101 Dominican College 95 Ferris State College 96 Northwood Institute 108 Kalamazoo College 75 Northern Michigan College 127 Ferris State College 93 Kalamazoo College 91 St. Francis College 94 Ohio Northern University 83 Lawrence Tech. 81 St. Joseph's College 106 Fewless S65 points With a tough schedule of twenty-two games, the Aquinas Tommies came up with a 10-12 record. Fine ball-handling and strategy by Gary Fewless, Joe O'Toole, Denny Alex- ander, and Mike Flood plus the promising underclassmen made the Challengers work hard for their points. ln leading the Tommies to their victories, Red Dornbos, in his first year as their coach, did a great job. " ee! fha' fvmmies " On November 20, the Aquinas basketball team was introduced, and an exhibition basketball game was played in a meeting at the West Catholic gym. The student body learned the players' positions and saw the men function as a team. C Fast b r e a k S, strong rebounding and tense m o m e nts filled each Aquinas game, and even captured the attention of the very young. BE . tfkt E., Q 125 wil 'sf , www- 1' is Mir r 97. . ?. f . 5 1' 7 Y '45 elzeerleeeter Varsity Cheerleaders: Rita Mayan, Mary Laberteaux, Karen Kaunisto. Carolyn Michalski. Kathleen Delehanty Bette Tarte - Captain. QA A Q plv 2 junior Varsity Cheerleaders: fudy Stimac, Anne Pip, ,,,,,. Diane Rollins, Susan Sandbom - Co-Captain 127 2 Maurice Farhal, presidentg Mary Helen Lezon, vice- presiderztg Marianne Zarimba, secretaryg Ken Woz- niak, Treasurer. Fr. Hart demonstrates the proper approach. Nope-its a strike! bzfufliug club Gutter ball ?.' Arthur Murray should see this stance. ki club ' The entire Ski Club presents Father Hart, mod- Dick Alt leads the descent down Boyne Mountain. erator, with his own set of "Hart" skis. 11 Hu One Casualty Gemutlichkiet 129 l.'lltZSh'l.1 ll !'iI crass munfry With a .record of 20 wins and 6 losses, the Aquinas Cross Country team, headed by Red Dornbos, made a fine showing in only its second year of existence. The top five placers, Tom Karr, john Haslem, john Cybulskis, Gene Kasper, and Dave Connell with the rest of the team traveled to Whea- ton College for the small college section of the NCAA meet where they tested Aquinas strength against the others and finished well in the field. Their stamina, team effort, and spirit are a credit to the school. Ron 1 Willie Paul, Eugene Kasper, Dave Connell. john Haslem, Tom Karr. Row 9 Coach Dombos, john Cybulskis, Paul Mc Carthy, Louis Thomas, james Schaffer, jim Walsh. intramural flffffb ll Scalabrino absorbs a block and Hubbard leads the seniors in pursuit of a freshman ball-Carrier. continues on his way. . X, 1 I-Xp. 5: N !"' -9' US- .. sxjfff, . . Bagliatti breaks into the clear and goes Wobbly pass provides a tense moment as opponents battle Uuf fm' 3 Pass- for possession. 131 WM team ,, .f N Mr. Mc Cormick fCoachD, Tom Wojdygo, Pat Amrine, john Mackaben, Sharon Wilder, Tom Gunn, Paul Degenhart, jim Hilligan. No! pictured: Rick Moleski, Lary Maharg, john Orterbacher. , was '-'V 'Q-"S5N.? 'f 93 L' s f .:,.w'- .1 ' ,, -,fiwf :Axe , The Golf Team, headed by Mr. IVIC Cormick, has a tough schedule of 14 matches lined up. The team, with only two returning veterans, Sharon Wilder and Tom Gunn, will see action against Notre Dame, Bow- ling Green, Kentucky, Southern Illi- nois, and Louisville. -,, gfafggflwf it-J a , :P .m..:.nIiaA?5' 'sk 112 .Jw.4. vffivmsvr' ' fr- -Nr . , ,,h. , 1 1,5 1- sw 4 J, W, y:,,,r --J -4' ' ' . "- . W. ' 7' -Q 1 . '92 raw, , "" ' 'K 1. :W-f, .- -.lp -. 2 13" "'1Qf- 'A 1 'X 'Ss 'if - ' '.- . "' "y-Vw. . sn r . ,N gurl. 5 t ,A X-My rm., ,t-X, 1 .xx A6625 f'3.NtT?- -PW Ianni fftllfll Members of the Men's Tennis Team and their Coach, james Mansfield are: Bob Payne, Tom Williams, john Padeslfy, Mike Mc Clellan, Chuck Petranelc, jim Ahem, Kevin Misiewicz, Dick Farrer, john Erins, George Duba. Rich Streng, Terry Sommerdyke, and Bob La Londe. 4 fm. rmziinw-Q.r f ' 'iwniff cf -Q, A if ef Mrs. Van Der Veen, Coach for the newly formed Women's Tennis tea1 demonstrates the correct position for the backhand shot. The mel bers of the team are: Pat O'Neil julie Otterbein, Pat Scruby, Pc janetzke, Angie Amman, Nancy Caldwell, Kathy Murphy, Maureen Mu phy, Andrea Haga and Betty Tarte. 135 arf deparimfuf Art is the manifestation of the whole human be- ing. Members of the Art Department, under the guidance of Sister IVI. Lois, O.P., displayed their talents during the Carousel of the Arts for the benefit and enjoyment of the whole college com- munity. WH- Ll lflfllllfl fs all seasons The Aquinas Players presented four perform- ances of Robert Bolt's A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS at Grand Rapids' new Civic Theatre before going "on the road" to Bay City for the fifth and final presentation of this power- ful drama depicting the inward and outward struggle of a man, Sir Thomas More Cbut really any manj, to preserve his integrity in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This student production, under the direction of Sister Mary de Chantal and jack Rang, de- lighted its audiences composed not only of students, faculty, and parents but also an ever-increasing number of Grand Rapids theatre-goers who have come to expect serious, mature presentations from our Players. ,-,Ji "I sent him a cup, sir, an Italian silver cup I bought in Lincoln . . . " "And he'll have to think that somewhere back along your pedigree - A bitch got over the wall." "Doesn't know how to be frightened P why, then he never put his hand in a candle. . .Did he P" "Alice, goodbye my love' "No man can serve two masters Steward." "No in- Y deed, sir, I serve one." No matter what the sea son, a man-to be a man must be true to himself X gi i, Q.: 5 39 'f dll g uw " S if mu E department Sister Annette. the moderator of the illusic Club, and its officers. Fred Wilcome, Connie Kiel, and Pat Steve. think musical things. The Music Department is a place of many sounds -the sound of piano music wafting out the windows, the sound of the ensem- ble practicing, the sound of the stu- dents singing, the sound of German softly spoken. 142 .af ,V I ll X . ,sr " ' Q V , ' 4' 4- "1' . ,, 0 . -. f Y' n 9? Y 0 , ' X "' ,. .t : AQ ff:-.:2S-.,' ': . I I -Q . SW Sf' way i . : lfqqf . . I Y 4-C. ull? P N X 1 .gif 1 ,"-. N4 1 '- .v al "M lc Q f n 'VT 'U fri? x uf' X indent D 5 ,fs 9 ,I - ,..-...rl Q," 3 ,.......- Q: X 1 'x L4.'fJ..l i A .-y--f--""'. ' JY' L , '.'u,.2iX'. W ,wig W' " 1-15 3 X I km R i , JW ' A 'l ., . 4.3,,g- ffffiwillh :own Q ,pm 3 5 -Md MNC... ' of Y Q " ,I , s.. .4 mf' X A 2- X. x N-...X 'w V-. , ,,.L.- i 3 1 J., , as 'K K .V Q uw' , 4 , ri- if- ' ' mg, .5 ,. . . 1, fsqwwwy HN , ,z , ' im. D v , 3, ,. Q S , R -x N v ix - QQNM . egg ,N ' ' I ,, x M NX X - kJ r X , u " X J . - , h JW ' J Q ' " t Y - , ' . ' ' "-fr' Y ,' ll 'f N- . -X 1 1, . t . X XA' 114' X4 -- . 7:1 I if' -' .,- 'Q f gf 'mi EJ' I" "'--i ,N .AQ-.dhximbu Sister Mary Concetta Salazar, O.P. 1760 Fulton St., E. CHouse of Studies Sister Martha Ann Bums, O.P. 2025 Fulton St., E. Kathleen Mary Agostini 427 Union St., lonia Catherine Mary Amante 318 Dayton St., S.W. Dominic Amante, Jr. 656 Kellogg St., S.E. janet Marie Anderson 4325 Elmhurst Dr., Saginaw Diane Marie Bassett 1431 Randolph, St., Muskegon Ronald Charles Bostwick 707 Lincoln St., N. W. Theodore Joseph Bowler 211 Wheaton, St., Clare Linda Louise Bruce 137 Bowne, St., N.E. Donald Clare Burns 100 Ivanhoe St., N.E. Robert Carl Burns 1317 Davis Ave., N.W. Vlarian Dougherty Burns 1306 Wealthy, St., S.E. Nora jean Butcher 3575 Chesaning, Rd., Chesaning Iohn Howard Cooper 1940 Lafayette, Ave., S.E. ?eter Earle Coughlin 500 Cambridge Blvd., S.E. Ruth Ann Coyne 118 E. 12th St., Traverse City Frank Samuel D'Amico 1934 Woodcliff Dr., S.E. Leon William DeLange 515 Delaware St., S.E. David Gerard Dogger 1152 Arlington, St., N.E. Ioseph William Drueke 2140 Academy Dr., N.E. LaVern Frederick Emery, Jr. 1404 Arcadia Dr., N.E. Vlarilyn Ann Fanaly 14530 Angelus Circle, Grand Haven Arvon Gerald Farrell 15260 - 24th Ave., Marne Garry Lee Fewless 741 Bates St., Lansing Kathleen Maura Fitzgerald 3401 Fulton St., E. Faye Mary Fritsch 235 Hampton Ave., S.E. Iames John Funk 1139 Veto St., N.W. Thomas joseph Garrett 2050 Houseman Ave., S. E. Thomas john Gavin 875 Arthur St., Marne enirfr direcfzf y B.A. Elaine Ryan Giglio B. A. Sociology 4615 Westgate, N.W., Comstock Park History B.A. Suzanne Theresa Gilles B.A. English 300 N. Carolina St., Saginaw Spanish B. A. Daniel Anthony Giluck B. S. History 498 Muskegan St., N.W. Mathematics 81, Physic B.S. Longino Canales Gonzales jr. B.A. Education 1140 N. 14th St., Saginaw ' Spanish B. A. Esther Marie Grant B. A. Psychology Lake Leelanaw Sociology B. A. Marolyn Ella Gwinn B. S. Sociology 115 Bowne St., N.E. Biology B. A. Errol Allen Harvey B. A. Sociology 41 Buckley St., S.W. History B.A. Mary Lou Nelson Hayden B. S. History 2428 Michael St., S.W. Mathematics B.A. Ruth Tunner Haydu B. S. Political Science 2946 Cascade Rd., S.E. Biology B, S, John Edward Heidger, Jr. B. S. Mathematics 900 Cambridge Blvd., S. E. Business Administratic B,A, Richard Earl Hillary B. A. Accounting 1657 N. Kentview Dr., N.E. History B, S, Robert james Hoffman B. S. Physics 807 Central St., Holland Business Administratic B.A. Mary Patricia Howe B. A. History 608 Oldfield St., Alpena English B. A. Francis Boyd Hoogterp B. S. English 151 Gold Ave., N.W. Mathematics B.A. David Victor Huhn B. A. Sociology 1212 Pine St., Grand Ledge Economics B-A-, johnny Jabra jaber . ECOHOHHCS P.O. Box 55, jerusalem, Jordan Political Science 81,1-list: BNA- Sandra Lynne Jacques B.A. Sociology 739 Fairford Rd., Grosse Point Woods History B A . . ' ' . Carolyn joan Kaleta B.A. Political Science 125 Langdon St., N.E. History B S - ' '. A - Marianne TheresaKane B.A. Business Administration 129 Elmwood, Westbury, L.1., New York English B. S. Business Administration gyjfgjei RMP? Kfgai-I B. S. a vary t., . . Biology B. S. Chemistry Mary Catherine Kavanagh B,A, 525 Westmoreland Ave., Lansing English B.A. History John Edward Kehrer B, S, B A 113 W. Elm St., Auburn Chemistry Engligh Kenneth Francis Kenesny B, S, B S 7352 E. Mt. Morris Rd., Otisville Business Administratio Business Administration Raphael KOTOSSO 13. A. P.O. Box 131, Kyela CTukuyaj Economics politicifgcience Tanganyika, Tanzania, Africa Paul Joseph Kozlowicz B,A, ' B.M. - 654 Charlotte St., N.W. Latin Music Education B A Vincent Paul Kramer B.A. Sociblggy 1217 Plymouth Rd., S.E. History B S John Frederick Kroon B. S. Biology 2730 Oakwood St., N.E. Chemistry B S Ronald James Kuzma B. S. Business Administration 854 Griggs Sth' SE' Biology B S Thomas Eugene Laberteaux B.A. Business Aanfmistration 310 W. Madison St., Hastings Psychology 4 is , arol Ann Lehman . t. 1, West Branch harles Arthur Leik 338 Keefer Highway, Portland lEdward Arthur Leonard 1648 Seminole Rd., S.E. George Raimond Linde 1220 Ottillia, S. E. Alfred Hsi Liu lfl 40th Land Twi-City aipei, Taiwan, epublic of China awrence Joseph Liszewski 1122 - Sth St., N.W. Mary Ruth Humitz Lorincz 526 Steadman, Dearborn eo Kennedy Mac lnnis 7151 Stansbury, Detroit William john Manning 40 Dean St., N. E. arolyn Michalski 502 Julius St., Saginaw eona Helen Mayan 30 W. Saginaw St., Merrill ohn Michael Miles 770 Miramar Ave., N. E. amela Ann Major 51 Ballantyne Rd., Grosse Point Shores Marie Annette Meyers RFD 3, Portland Thomas Anthony Milanowski 616 Rosewood Ave., S. E. Heather Mae Murray 67 Madison St., Coopersville John Edward Mullen i2124 Boston St., S.E. 'Joan Elaine Meyers James Henry Neper 924 Veto St., N.W. Frances Ann Novak 13306 W. Princeton, Fresno, Calif. ,iiathryn Lois Ofenstein M8161 Cambridge St., Lathrup Village ioseph Patrick Osbourne U05 Locust St., Springfield, Kentucky iilax wiiiiam om, 11190 S. Memii Rd., Merriii Ilarl Anthony Paganelli ,914 Lafayette Ave., S.E. 'ohn Anthony Popma 22 Withey St., S.W. Samara Lee Paul H863 Lake Harbor Rd., Muskegon -udith Ann Pawlowski 345 Stanton Blvd., Montague 'errance Michael Priest B138 Alger St., S.E. B. S. Biology B. A. Economics B. S. Business Administration B. S. Business Administration B. S. Physics B. S. Biology B.A. Sociology B. S. Business Administration B. S. Business Administration B. S. Biology A.B. History B. S. Business Administration B.A. History B.A. Sociology B. A. Economics B. S. Biology A.B. Economics B. S. B. S. Business Administration B. S. Mathematic s B. A. English B. S. Business Administration B. S. Chemistry B. S. Mathematics B. S. Chemistry B.A. History B.A. Sociology B.A. History Agnes Marie Quaderer Route 3, Cheshning Francis John Regan 11201 S. Artesian St., Chicago Richard Reid 2334 East 77th St., Cleveland Andrew George Robel 502 Bissell St., N.E. Susan Ann Roberts 1724 Linden Ave., S. E. Anthony joseph Rossi 2262 Paris Ave., S. E. Carol Eileen Sakocius 2042 Plainfield Ave., N.E. John Scalabrino 40 Westmont Dr., N.W. Thomas Donald Schmiedicki 204 Straight Ave., N.W. Aloysius John Schmidt 1159 Beechwood St., N.E. Arthur Henry Schmidt, jr. 1334 Mason St ., N, E. Patricia Ann Mooney Schoolmester 1009 Washtenaw St., N.E. Frederick Carl Sebulski 825 N. Meadowcraft, Mt. Lebanon Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Richard Talbot Seymour 666 Griswold St., S.E, Edward J. Sroka, jr. 760 jenison St., Holland Elizabeth Ann Strojny Rte. 1, Box 9-1, Peshtigo, Wisconsin Vilnis Strazdins 1752 Den Hertog St., S.W., Wyoming james Raymond Subora 2508 Altoona St., Flint Mary Ann Suchocki 3504 Church St., Saginaw Bette Ann Tarte 720 Dorroll St., N. E. Dale Nelson Tyrell 10241 Northland Dr., Rockford Joan Frances Valliere 226 Lawndale St., N.E. Renata Velde 811 Augusta St., Sault Ste, Marie Karl joseph Weisenburger 761 Spencer St., N.E. Sharon Lynne Wilder 4230 - 3 Mile Rd., N.W., Marne George Thomas Williams, jr. 2060 Gorham Dr., S.E. Gerald Edward Winters 327 Carlton, S. E. Victoria May Zimelis 862 Emerald St., N. E. Barbara Ann Holzer Rt. 1, Box 79, South Haven B.S. Medical Technology B, S. Business Administration B. A. German B. S. Mathematics B. A. French B. S. Business Administration B.A. French B. S. Biology B.A. Latin B. S. Business Administration B.A. Accounting B. A. History B. A. English B.A. German r English B. S. Business Administration B.A. Sociology B.A. Sociology B. S. Business Administration B.A. Sociology B.A. History B. S. Business Administration B.A. Sociology B. A. French B.A. History B. A. History B. S. Mathematics B. S. Busines s Administration B. S. Medical Technology B. A. Sociology -iv, ,, Lf,? - i t V Wg H It 1 , ,, - -1 vo! a- f' "' grauud-breaking 'f"' 3- 2 FE . ? 1"'r l.-A iz.. K I i ' -- mm' il 1, ,.,.,vH.e-: X Nl 1 2 W1 - fl' 'Y . 4. - " V Jl rviir e - a Z 'xi i H- I ' . . 5 . A 'F ' 4 fl 'k": "si, ' - -- -Q' " A 15 . ii I -lg 'ilfrzl ' if fi T T l - R 5 - " . 3 In I'-,'.::1, nl . ' 'nl 'k 1 C , , Q l H 34 1 ' . l .': il l it i 41 34 l 5 lf Ll 1, " T Q ui. f " ' , . 'i Jgiig l . 5 ,l - w tl i e - i - . 2 -., -in l s f no fn . - , ' r- f 1 ' 1 gi: E 7 :EVE l 53- f ? ' ' ' " 9 v 1 -. ' 'al l f l in it - if -. l r he L Lf 5, 1, ,,,. i ,M ,.,. L.. - ,X Qt ff .., . fam?-.f 1 A l ik I No man labors alone. Many helping hands join i r together to remove the first shovelsful towards 3 the new Student Center. Each man's participa- tion contributes immeasurably towards the crea- I l tion of new avenues of activity. l'i I I I' 1r-Q '7 14-Qf S"'f1tjt,J,' H? I 1 ,.-- I -" , 1 ' J VU I . 1 h g 'R ' lr! A It '1 L T Q I V Q ,. ' 1 IF Q 4 I1 1 x . W VA: ' ' 1 .VUE Q i L ' 5 I Lyn! I-1:1A..p"'

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