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THOMIST M1964 AQUINAS coLLEoE Grand Rapids, Michigan Dedication P. 4 Statement of Theme P. 5 Administration P. 6 Faculty P. 12 Seniors P. 30 Activities I P. 52 Underclassmen P. 83 Activities II P. 106 -Q mir' 1 -wg, , xx 1, 1. To the late John F. Kennedy, a president who gave his life for his country. If . I! . . km! ja!! nzecmufw of QQQMW Let us mourn with our minds rather than our hearts, lest we forget too soon. , S fi: Q 1 1 We of the editorial staff would like to dedicate this production to our Dean of yesteryear, Sister Mildred, in recognition of the great service that she has rendered to God, country, college, and stu- dents, in that order. It is for her interest in the lat- ter two that we salute her now. Anyone who has fol- lowed the progress of Aquinas College while it was under her direction can not but admit that she was the leader, and that she gave unselfishly of herself. In 1937, when Sister Mildred took on the office of Dean of Aquinas, the college was a two year school known as Catholic Junior Colle O ge. nly a short three years passed until U it had become a four year institution d ' un er its present name. Within two decades the real growth of the college had begun. The Administration building was actualized, and was followed by Alber- tus Magnus science hall, and Regina Hall. Extensive adjacent pro- perty was acquired, and St. Joseplfs dormitory was entering its con- struction phase. We trace this brief history of the college because we feel that it is a history of the service rendered by Sister Mildred. She has been the vital force behind the expansion. However such physical expansion is only sym- bolic of the internal expansion which has so obviously occured. These physi- cal expressions in themselves are not important. Their greatness is derived from the end for which they are the means. It was for academic greatness that Sister Mildred strove. It was this idea that motivated her to attract more' and better teachers, raise scholastic standards, and provide facilities as they were made possible. It has been her foresight that has given us our present vantage point. Such a source of energy and unselfish devotion deserves our attention, gratitude, and esteem. Holding such a dedication t b of this esteem, we d d d' o e some small token o e icate our endeavor here to Sister Mildred. 4 A+? mx hu , , . lj si' ' r. -1:5 -15 The Administration is a governing body that governs not for the benefit of itself, but for others. It provides the leadership that allows the College to move forward. It provides direction and impetus to the natural drive to grow and expand. Its aim is to facilitate the acquisition of the proper goals of a liberal education. ,f f . ,F ri Y Wrist F Right Reverend Monsignor Arthur F. Bukowski President of the College Sister M. Aline, O.P. Dean of the College . ,f , 11 .i X, X V1 f' X .X is A2 A 's Q ! X 1 rx" X .Nw Y s... V: ', in . . gf- 1 G ertrude W. Horgan Dean of Women Eugene W. S ' mith Dean of Men But what is a dean? We have three persons who claim such a title here at Aquinas, a dean of the College, a dean of women, and a dean of men. But what is a dean? A dean is a person interested in people as they live ,and operate in the educational institution. He provides the forward thrust that initiates in us the educational process at the advanced level. He is interested in all aspects of the students' lives, hoping to strike the golden proportion that is the most con- ducive to intellectual progress. All of this grand interest is crowned with of- ficialdom. Our deans' concern for the students in their charge is not only an academic one, but a sincere one. K. 'G Pl is "- . 5 pn-:ffm 2,1 uv- .x"'2Xf. av, ,,,. wx' if-Qi zmim Will' .v ,,'. '35, W x 1 X is ix, A if fr, 'pil lf' Ei I-f Mary E. Malone Secretary to Dean ilff I ,I-'ii .-.Lf X M Natalie Secretary to Deans o Sister M. Blandina, O.P. Registrar Dean f Men and Women Sister Anne jean, O.P. Treasurer s Assistant X ,. 1 f , Pia. -V .. Kathleen Shutler Registrar Office Lois Birch Secretary to Registrar Sister M. Robina, O.P. Treasurer Catherine J. Black Secretary to President D 1 5' Sister Helen Louise, O.P. Business Manager ,X V -1.11: Nf'13'.IZw ,MA-,,-or x x'- If aff fixed PM 9 - . 1Cl wmicla a T15 DW H Hclomo ' uv X go Richard J. Pulliam Remington Rand Engineer Gladys Ebels Switchboard Operator 'x S . ecregafy foflnne Mat 0 es' EDEZO Ich Dpzeizf Frieda I. Dinkel Printing Consultant Cons Hlgaaj Eugene J. Kennedy Director of Development IWW? tin gf y l -:ri t If if 'N' 1' X X sr N x. ls.. .Wil if . gf:-. .N Sister Irene Therese, O.P. I Secretary to Development Director ? g .WV X W X Peter Nl. Wege Consultant on Development Marilyn Louise Martin Josephine C. Kirby 2'- Art Consultant Stf1tiStiCil111 f 'wr Rev. John L. Hart, O.P., Chairman Assoc. Professor of Theology I i. amid' Rev. Charles G. Austin, O.P. Instructor in Theology ., V? RX 5 , f -I f V- ' X Q? " 2 -'i kfi , " -vw Rev. William R. Gannon, O.P. Assl. Professor of Theology """llb- Rev. John R. Vundegrift, O.P Instructor in Theology 1 f iw:-f x X ' 1 3 P Sister Ann Frederick, O.P. Instructor in Library Science pas. 5' X. Q' Sister Eugene Marie, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Library Science Rev. Thomas H. Kaufman, O.P., Chairman Assoc. Professor of Sociology RI. Rev. Msgr. Arthur F. Bukowski Assoc. Professor of Sociology X Sister M. Malachi, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Library Science 13 .4 N. '6 S i N E Y , R. aw X s .E 'NY Rev. Adrian T. English, O.P. Professor of Hislory Mr. Lewis B. Clingman, Chairman Professor of History Sister M. Frederic, O.P. Assl. in Hislory vu--' Mr. Leo W. Graff, Jr. Instructor in History Sigfer Mm-ie, 0,P, Mr. Rodger A. Remington Assoc. Professor of Hislory Instruclor in History Mr. Roberi J. Clarke, Chairrnan Assoc. Professor of Political Science Mr. Richard W. Blake Instructor in Political Science Sisjer M. Annabel, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Biology f fn- si rw-.3 ah' As' 'Esau' is Mr. Donald J. Blanton lnstruclor in Biology Mr. Eugene W. Smith, Chairman Assoc. Professor of Biology Dr. Frederick L. Bouwmun, Jr Professor of Biology Sister Alphonse Mary, O.P., Chairman Asst. Professor of Chemistry Dr. John A. Poie, Chairman Professor of Chemistry Sister M. Mark, 0.P. Professor of Chemistry " 2 '::-1 -was Q-S A '- - ' :, K, -- Wm' R . ,I - J . , :, w: ' .::5E5 "Ii TEE FI?" 11.-i-5:.i-- x ' " gg-4, V ,,.. W ,-V,1,. I H xfiiif-2.2.1551-,, , 'I X351-sr v-XXX . t Q -1 wwf .- 155-sffg :mfg-gzgg: Mr. Richard D. McCormick Asst. Professor of Chemistry C H E M T R Y fh Sister M. Bride, O.P., Chairman Assoc. Professor of English GLISH 4 'sr' X iffrrv- Ns-,. Mr. Frederick V. Bernard Assoc. Professor of English Miss Rose Marie Cutting Sister M. Aquin, O.P. lnstruclor in English Professor of English '3 Mr Thomas E Gorrah Miss Gertrude M. Horgun Instructor in English professor of English 47" '5""X 4'f"., "Y Sister Maris Stella, 0.P. Assoc. Professor of English Sister Thomas Kyron, O Mr' w'nf'eId S' Lenox Instructor in English Instructor in English 19 Mr. David Puskousky lnstruclor in Physics Mf- Mn E- Be"Q'f'0 DR JOH POJE Assoc. Professor of Physics . Mr. Richard D. Sedlecky Instructor in Engirzecrirzg Graphics C ha irman Mr. Joseph A. Potchen Assoc. Professor of Physics Sister Helen Louise, O.P. Asst. Professor of Iiiatbemafirs Sister M. Alphonsus, O.P. Asst. Professor of Mrzthemrzlics zz Qs Sister M. Cyril, O.P. Asst. Professor of Mr11hQmrft1'cs N, 14105 3. X ,,.:.n Mr. Alan A. Heisler Asst. in Malbenmfics Mr. James W. Shew Lecturer in MrltlJemal1'Cs """"""m. X Sister M. Norbert, O.P. ' Mrs. R. W. VonDerVeen Instructor in French - . P U F cb . , ASQOC rofeqior of ren Sister M. Bertrand, O.P., Chclzrmcln Professor of French F R E N C H LA GUAGES 28 Mw..3g,S S P A N I S H xr SQ? fif y 3 Mr. Julian S. Dorbrowolski Asst. Professor of Spanish Mr. Jose P. Soler Assoc. Professor of Spanish .Br ,,..nnno Dr. W. Werner Prange, Chairman Assoc. Professor of German and Geography Mr. Kenneth L. Instructor in Wiggins German B Q .r,., , Q, A ' x W fl , in W Mr. Komill G. Assl. Professor Fogor of Ge aski rman vw 3 A Mr. Ofon Muhr Assoc. Professor of Latzn fm wr.-..-:H-ff Sister M. Blandino, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Economics B U S I N E S S . Mr. Melvin M. Casey, Jr. Instructor-in Business Adminislrarion ff U 'Nfl ' M' N Mr. Francis Shieth Asst. Professor of Business Administration qp...,- Mr. Kenneth J. Marin, Chairman Assoc. Professor of Economics Mr. Edward D. Forhat Admissions Counselor Athletic Director Sister M. Lois, O.P. Asst. Professor of Art Mr. Ralph Goldstein Instructor in Physical Education Basketball Coach Mrs. Edward T. Wempa Instructor in Physical Education 25 Rev. Hugh Michael Beuhcn Lecturer in Speech Sister M. de Chanfel, O.P. Asst, Professor ofEng1ish .....-., .x 7--""'wwnm..x Sister M. Anneife, O.P., Chairman Assoc. Professor of Music Theory 26 Mr. Eugene T. Hopkins Asst. Professor ofPiz1rzo and Theory Mr. Klaus C. Kratzenstein lrzslructor in Organ and Chorus Sister M. Susan, O.P. Instructor in Voice and Theory Sister M. Kevin, O.P. Professor of Music Education and Piano Q-...uw rl Sister Edward Mary, O.P. Asst. Professor of Philosophy affix Mr. George F. J. LaMountuin, Chairman Assoc. Professor of Psychology Sister M. Gongzoga, O.P., Chairman Professor of Philosophy so "sf 9 ,f fo h in Rev. Valentin R. Rodriguez Assoc. Professor of Philosophy i sy, -V A J it - is J 1. 41-i"I, 3. .,,5i'q. x. 1, srff Q 2 r .w, , ' 'S-iff-:,,.: - , I 5 -ilk-s. , . -f - ' ! 2 . ' 1 rag . ' :N 4 - ' 9. , if- JET? 'ff "aw" I . .gm fi-f5..gTf::.. 3:5-igfcgfey. . l- " "'-:,n2'g4'rT?J. -Qiawxiifi I Hr ,Y-,151 .Ji-iiffifgilyf QQ-.QSEQE gig "1..,..Q gg-.1 vj':,,.i,,7. -,ik faq snag -f- ,-1, , x. , J..v--1 4 'f"K:v.-Ski:-1 V --X '. :iff 'FSNE-2. --giyg u1'.,fv.:iS5s-4 ,r:11,"f-5?-Eff-:.1ffFJ:, my: - riff'-frcczn, A-,Z 1:-cal-,-.-Q.-5. ,-5-4 rv .v-i --fvxm.. ,N ,rs .-.A.e....f-,.,., ,y-..,q,,,v,Vg,fqq.,,.. 'Ak-Sm-:ff2:l:f?i, 572Kk2"5r2'!79?5j1,5f'JF'6E?f' :'fQ1EEZ2:321 STESEQJ W. 4:3131 79:19-1-.-A-" N Dr. Andrew L. Hoekstra Lecturer in Psychology 1 ,fa Sister M. Aline, O.P. Asst. Professor of Education Dr. Jane A. Bonnell Lecturer in Education Sister M. Casimir, O.P. Lecturer itz Art Sister M. Cecile, O.P. Instructor in Theology Sister M. Evangelism, O.P. Lecturer in Voice Mr. Schuyler B. Henelwan Instructor in Sociology E D U C A Sister M. Bernetfa, O.P., Chafrnzrzn T Professor of Elementary Education RT TI Itzstru I O N Sister M. Harriet, O.P. Assoc. Professor of 5'C'f'UPIdll7'j' Education Mr. Bert J. Kelley Instructor in History Mr. Richard G. Norman Instructor in Accounting Mrs. John M. Perry Instructor in Art Mr. Jack C. Rang Asst. in Speech Mr. James E. Stievafer ctor in Business Admiuistratiorz IOR CLASS is ,I qw Patrick Haas, Vice-President Jo Ellen Denman, Secretary Thomas Doyle, President Al Hess, Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS james Alben Alt B.S. in Business Administration General Business Robert Stanley Ampulski B.S. in Chemistry wins..-Q Liene Andersons B.A. in Psychology Chester Joseph Anisko B.S. in Business Administration Accounting 31 Lawrence Thomas Anderson 13.5. in Business Admirzistration Aceountznn S Suzanne Elizabeth Babel B.A. in Sociology .J i5 Sharon Dorreen Banasiak 95, Ray Freeman Bauer HS. in Buxzncss Admznzstration Acc-ountznn 'finer Robert Carl Barbachyn B.A. in History Ellen Rena Barkley B,A. in French Michael Edward Beaton 32 Edward Douglas Berg B.S. in Biology ing. - 'Ui- Gerald john Bieberle B.A. in Politzcal Science Lynette Ann Best B.A. in English 5 dir- Judith Diane Black B.S. in Biology Theresa Ann Bishop B.A. in Spanish 33 ,A rw? Ann Marie Birkmeier H.A. in Spanzsh Arlene Kay Bonczyk B.A. in Political Science Leonard Lessy Bridge B.S. in Business Administration Gencral Business 433, Philip Lee Briley B.A. in Psychology si David Scott Burnett HA. in Philosophy 'vm-X Qi' Valerie jo Burkard B.A. in Sociology 34 4-ff, Daniel Joseph Buozas B.S. in Psychology Mary Ann Butcher B.S. in Biology jennie Clare Bustraan B.A. in Philosophy XY- joan Elizabeth Connell 35 , 9 .9- wi' Donald Clare Burns Nancy Anne Connell Daniel F rank Coppens Mary Elizabeth De Pauw B.A. in French 'VN h jo Ellen Louise Denman B.A. in History 4' , .r. Pa Daniel Kent Dillivan B.S. in Business Adnzinistration Accounting 36 William Roy Denoyer B.S. in Business Administration Accounting OU! '11 . , 1 Carol jean Dombrowski B.A. in History if T3 Thomas joseph Doud B.A. in Sociology Alexandra Theresa Ezop B.A. in English 4. '21 Thomas Birney Doyle B.A. in English Af? Dennis Michael Echelbarger B.A. zn Ac-counting Thomas Paul Feuerstein 37 .1495 Nancy joan Fitzgerald B.A. in French fl' " . Thomas jay Fitzgerald -'GV' Ruth Mary Fleischmann B.S. in Biology 4' 85 Marie Helena Gedris B.A. in English Mary Rita Geary B.A. in Sociology 38 Mary Anne Turrell Fritzen B.A. in Sociology James Xavier Hartmann Sh' Patricia Ann Haggerty B.A. in History Alvin john Hess B.A. in History 39 1' ff? Patrick joseph Haas B.S. in Business Administration General Business Irene Margaret Heyniger B.A. in Sociology Mary Ellen Hoffman B.A. in German If ' .1152 " f , sy ' " fl Q- 1'... Av 33 .Y 'T Q 5 X- ' 895 Bruce William Hozeski HA. in Enalzsh Caryl Ann Hohendorf B.S. in Music Education Joanne Marie Hornak B.A. in Mathematics .595 Sister Mary Made-1 Hurley, R.S.M. B.A. in Sociology Virginia Anne jackson B.A. in Sociology 40 C' David Gerard Kamm B.A. in Politzcal Science Daniel joseph jaskiewicz ..z.?, Louise jean Kerr B.A. in History Nancy j ean Kelley 41 ke,- Edward Patrick karl B.A. 171 lllathvrnatzus Kathleen Mary Kirkwood B.A. zn Hzxtory are Irvin l,ouis Kloska B 5. in Iizzsincss Administration .4L'LUllIlfI7Zf7 john George Koelzer, Ill HS. in Phllszcs and Mathematic-S 'l"'5"" Gerald Paul Kozlowski HS. zn 131010011 Paul Arthur Kress B.A. in Accounting 42 Elizabeth Louise Kovach 'lin f.- E Elizabeth Mae La Dousier B.A. in Sociology - , 5, if un Cynthia Ellen Nlader B.A. in English Katherine Agnes Mc Guire B.A. in Sociology l Iv' ini George Henry McBride HS. in l3u.wznu.w.w Admznzxtrafion Apcouniznn John Stephen Markoskey B.S. in Business Admzmstratzon General Bu.sinCS.s 3 sg? Barbara Lynn McKenna B.A. zn Soczologv Terry William Mclrloskey B.A. in Sociology 43 .mg lf- Joyce Marilyn McKinney B.A. in Mathematics AF i 4 Joyce Ann Messing B.A. in Sociology 414 .ii Janice Marie Norder B.A. in History Anne Cecile Mlsna B.A. in Latin 44 ATN ,-.. Mary Ellen Mitchell B.A. in Sociology YT Nlerla Arm O'Loughlin B.A. in Sociology Daniel Gregory Nulty B.S. in Business Administration Accounting Gabriella Laura Orosz 45 Vincent john Nosal B.A. in P.sycholoqy Norma jean Orth B.S. in Business Administration General Business L is X Judith Ann Owens B.A. in Sociology 'Q rg fi :A ' 1 l Michael Francis Pawlowski B.A. in Latin Edmund Xavier Rieder 'QS' 5 Q1 Carole Rae Radecki B.A. in Sociology 46 Robert August Quillan B.S. in Biology Q.-mug l' Thomas Joseph Roach B,S. in Business Administration General Business I A, l Andrew George Rob el Wayne Anthony Sanger B.A. in Latin Gary Lee Sarto B.A. zn French ,.. James Joseph Schuld B.A. in History Alfred Richard Seller 47 Richard Talbot Seymour Thomas Haymes Shofner B.A. in French if Kathleen Marie Stowe B.A. in H1Sl'OTy QM V Michael J. Sherry are iii: Q Em X 2 fi 1 r 3 'r r. --!,':i:15..' ' 'Q ,N 1 , I R951 ' ' 'i 45:51 ' Howard Francis Smith B.S. in Business Administration Accounting 48 Dwight Howard Shirkey B.A. in Biology Carolyn Marie Szymko B.A. in Sociology ir iv X Judith Ann Strazalko 12 B.A. in Hiszofy :A-5 -: 'if , W' li ffl 6 Thomas joseph Sullivan B.A. in Political Science Mary Florence Terry B.A. in History 49 Richard john Theado B.A. in Sociology Roger Lawrence Thomas B.S. in Mathematics gdb' Joann Helen Viale B.A. in Sociology George William Tilton B.S, in Chemistry Margaret jean Vitale B.A. in Sociology 50 Sr ,iw , if N f S , Georgianna Lillian Tygielski B.A. in History Diana Marie Ward B.S. in Biology f I 'Ui sd?" . . if-.X KMXQZW ffjyi'-f5i?y+ Q ' ' 'rl' gg-'X' Q11 it , fsrf-'Ili-: Qitvzi Dennis Michael Williams Theresa 'Vlarie Asta B.S. in Business Administration General Business Francis Arthur Berles B.S. in Business Administration Accounting James Terry Bouchard B.A. in History Bernard joseph Caspar B.A. in History Martha Sue Cawthorne B.A. in Sociology Sandra Jean Earl B.A. in Mathematics Noel John Flohe B.S. in Biology Charles Clement Gardiner B.S. in Business Administration Accounting Benton Nathaniel Gibson B,A, in History Robert Walter Grzybowski B.S. in Business Administration General Business and History Rosalie Ann Mitchell Hildebrand B.A. in Sociology James Robert Hojnacki B.S. in Business Administration General Business B.S. RELIGIOUS 4 Sister Ann Thoma DeVries, O.P. B.A. in Sociology Sister james Michael Norman, O.P. B.M. in Music Education Sister Joan Mary Williams, O.P. B.M. in Music Education Sister Marie Adele Courtright, O.P. B.A. in Sociology Sister Marie Colette, Meade, O.P. B.M. in Piano Sister Mary Madel Hurley, R.S.M. B.A. in Sociology Sister Robert Louise, Clingman, O.P. B.A. in Sociology Sister Rose Elizabeth Powers, O.P. B.A. in General Business David Lee Horling B.A. in History Donald Marvin Platte in Mathematics and Physics Margaret Ellen Kain B.A. in Sociology Raymond joseph Kalinowski B.A. in Classical Languages Kathleen Mary Kirkwood B.A. in History Gregory Gene Lestma B.M. in Music Education Piano and Organ Vincent Daniel Lyons B.A. in History Katherine Agnes Mc Guire B.A. in Sociology Thomas Duane Miller B.S. in Biology Mary Sharon Murphy B.A. in Philosophy Linda jo Parrilla B.A. in History 51 dis'- S ini-- sf 'N tl 4 T ,I f Marian Leslie Wum B.S. in Chemistry Irma Eickhoff Richmond B.S. in Education History Gary Lee Sarto B.A. in French Gladys Elizabeth Scheifley B.S. in Education History Linda Ann Schichtel B.A. in History Donald Bernard Smith B.S. in Biology Patric james Sullivan B.A. in History John Charles Teremi B.S. in Business Administration Accounting joan Mary Trojanowski B.A. in Sociology Sin - Wan Lim B.S. in Mathematics Michael Joseph Whalen B.S. in Medical Technology james Valentine Wisnewski B.A. in Philosophy James Lee Wojciuch B.A. in History G 'li 'Qin 5 af. K' 3 or mx .9 O ,X . X N xx ,-:w':s':. .sf '-151.55-:,5::,3:., , ,- 1' YM. qw. mm . if J. -3 - ' 2 :V ,Ii s 'E 4. 1 r 2 Es' Poe no ammunition. I always carry chocc instead. I wish I had some now. bv GEORGE BERNARD SHAW In Arms and the Man, the Shavian wit bombarl two artificial attitudes - the heroic attitum toward war, and the romantic attitude toward lov Shaw sets the situation in Bulgaria during war between the Serbs and the Bulgarians. Ther in the home of Major Petkoff, an escaping Ser Bluntschli, seeks refuge in the bedchamber Petkoff's daughter, Raina. He makes good h escape from the ensuing Bulgarians, and afti the truce, returns to the scene with the co, Raina and her mother had loaned him. The coat belongs to Major Petkoff - tl young lady to another Bulgarian major, Saranol BUT, the major seems to pay more attentionl Raina's maid Louka, than to her. The ending is happy, the satire sharp. Tl romantic Serb wins the romantic Raina - tl? practical Sergius claims Louka. The paren1 are delightfully bewildered, but resigned. Thei man-servant, Nicola, is Shaw's Hobserver' -c The poor darling ! Raina ! !! 1 ' " Pd like to cram him with chocolate creams ! g Now, now, now. We can make another chocolate cream Soldier for the pudding. 0, I 1 r I i , , , 1 L f I xRq W 'QL Louka! Are you mad, Sergius ? That touch makes me your affianced wife. Then you're not married ? Production Crews at Wo Cheryl docs fzrzal touch-up of Bobk' makefzzp. Batty ,wcllx fzrst ticket t0M1mi. VUE' Nm! Af , Al and Lzmcttc admire "fz71d,w." Gruzda Checks Georocis ne.1't Set piece. 1 Ruth and Joyce do final fitting for Barb. am mvvw -. Buck tests light board. r I . , . f f 1 1 I K: I ' X Q Ni! I 4 RX" K l I K r I KX K P ' v pm v V4 at-7. , .. Air .. .27 ,M t 2,1 , If X ly" , k X if , 5235- L ..T....L.fA,.- J - 4 . I Q l . 1 . hw .. 'LF' 5,1 . if ., . ,5 . n. i.?5f,4,:r1i.gef- " A ' ,A-' T 'N . 1. 3-:va-Fwff. VW., H - 1 Q'Teqp13ifp1V5,"5Q?5F'ff:i+'52T1:afifylg - x -1. fs Q ' lr. Ali. I Q , :wig-A , f,-fvfxx-'q. . N J 5-ji: fgiggjf. .L ' if J' R A '4 -,Y 'VII Y4, ' . 1 - Af, 1 'N ' fi ff' 1'-fad - 24 -. ' :x...'li"' ""- ' 1 f ' giiugligfs. . W ".fQT:5g15a2gi9Xx . P .35 ki ' 2+ -R ." 1? X' I ,4'1af,Q I EX 'WL A ' ' .31 ' X " 2 . f V , l I ,,- X "' V xi, ." - - - I 145, . , L- 1,-. . , I ..,,h- V . - ' - - I , ,I Q., Iii , A ' x Q K? ' K , W . . :II ,X 1 " In I 4 ui P X V ,.,,-.,,-...' ' , y , Y- . Q' "3 r cv V -I 1 1 .. 1 L' ' . 1. . -. L ,I M, . , X I r. -V 1 f . . A .fx 1 W .f-5, A., 'f Q3 , . WA. k,A. , , K A . lxiwfl Lgfszil 5 . Q ,A t ' ! .. 3- ' ' , . f ' I I ' 1, ' ' A I fy - K I . 4. - ff ' 'I ,V , fi M i ' 11, . 1. ,,, I 1 MW lf - ' ' - L i:'3 - - ,,fNi,g , x .- Q , YM W.. . r Q-A f ,. ,. ff'f '. 'I . fl ,uf 'nf as X Q 4.7:q.f , 1-"9" 1- . . K rg " gg. -11 Y kwin ,'-1- I., am. F ,'.-'?-'52 f' . .P .. . xg,"-132gQ',. Wk-...n V k J.1 1jrl'.Uwf2 ,M ' 2 -fm' - 99 ee t W 0 t h 1 e V e S 1fQ'4.ffSi" ffiifrff' , I A i2?z1-S252 N- " ff: V-uv! ..:Yff'- ' -A'4-Agjqu, A4'. - ff' X' 4-an X W hh., E A troupe of Jewish actors tour the country hold- ing a mock trial, to demonstrate the jew's in- nocence of Christ's death on the cross. Where does the real guilt lie? Every man ! ?! What was the miracle of Jesus? Love itself! P! What is the great cross mankind bears? The "moments of silence that allow persecution to exist. 97 V 62 -1- + . K V ,K T. 'f A 5V+u+ + -L+ Serving as voices of the people are: back row,' Gerald Burns. Ken Konesny. Pete Daunt, jim Tamer, second rowg Richard Seymour, john Foley, Gary Fewless, William Murphy, Robert Ampulski, and front roW,' joseph Burns, Dennis Williams, and Dan Lee Andy Robel, head of the servers, helps Father Austin with his Vestments 5 's Ii g ,. LTAR ER ERS Ronald Bostwick reads the gospel A spiritual retreat is more than a mere retreatg it is also a personal inventory. lt is a time when one's relationshipto God is analyzed. Opportunities are pre- sented for any desirable changes. Then comes the advance. Father Camacho, O.P.. in an individual student con ference 62 The Dominican Sisters take part in a downtown racial protest march. A living testimony to the beliefs that they hold. Miss Kathleen Cashen, president of the Grand Rapids chapter of Kappa Gamma Pi congratulates Betty Tarte as winner of the St. Catherine Medal. judy Black and Leslie Wum, winners of the Aquinas First Honors for scholar- ship, look on. Sister Aline, O.P., Sister Nor- bert, O.P., and Sister Ann Fred- rick, O.P., admire a set of over- head projectors and copiers won by Aquinas College. ...rf i . -fx ' ' gg EES! Tom LaPrcs is the most recent one to be enkindled with the enthusiasm that is characteristic of the PAVLA program, Tom is on good SPEAKING terms with our Colombian friends Edgar Ramirez, Maria Lourdes Paez, and Ana Cecilia Torres. LA The Papal Volunteers for Latin America carry the torch of learning from the mother flame to the under-developed areas of Latin America, serving the interests of the Church there. Theirs is a missionary task, and they are invested with the teaching authority of the bishop for this end. The most important element of this plan is that it involves people helping people. It is closer to the christian concept of giving than most aid programs realize. It is a true giving ofone's self. x ,gi-Q., ix? ill' .,. 5 Students on arrival from Colombia took part in one of the initial orientation classes. 5 0 a is Mr. Feliz Valbuena, director of CSEP, speaking at cz luncheon, explains the program of student erchange. Miss Gertrude M, Horgan, the local director of the organization, is hostess to his visit here at Aquinas. This year Aquinas participated in the Cultural Student Exchange Program. This meant that last summer several Aquinas students went to Colombia for the double purpose of studying Colombian culture, and working in the social environment there. In "ex- changej' a group of Colombian students came here for a period of comparable study. The purpose of this program is the achievement of a mutual increased understanding between the people of both countries. 65 I Who says that women are not more curious than men ? This past year the students of AQUINAS COLLEGE have been given an oppor- tunity of a life time. They were able to live and to work along side students from a different cultural background. This experience should have benefited both the visitors and the visited. By seeing people of a different background work and live, our own culture is viewed in a sharper focus, and both systems are appreci- ated so much better. Students of Columbia we thank you. Luis Aziclla plays on his tiple, a twelve strinqcd guitar, for two fellow Colornbtans Maria Teresa Rodrtquez, and Cecilia Aziella. . WNYX -,-- X.. -. X-Qkm ,vrwza 5 N5 Wm,-nl ,T . "MT ' 1 P ,..,.....4 2 'Rha- MN wif B11 y 1 ..w'St53' 9 WGN'- Linda Parrilla and Kathy Duba with their South American Miss Gertrude M. Horgan, director at Aquinas. families South American friends adjusting to the North American Climate ET Z Foreign bom students of Aquinas, Maurice Farhat, juan Beneyto, Augustine Comor. Gabriella Orosz. Vancy Florindez, Maria Teresa Rodriquez, Dr. W. Wemer Prange, foreign students protector. john faber, Peter Chang seated, Cecilia Avella, Robert Bonazzi, Carmen Luz Ramirez, and Raphael Korosso. Not pictured are Elsa Lopez-Torres, Ana ,,,,, Lucia Torres, and Alfred Liu 1 Raphael Korosso in the library studying . Tr. juan Beneyto and Peter Chan I compare notes "li ve" for our own . Candid Camera ,Yi T .S . .AI -r g,...,e... ' x f' , , .2 , 1 y' R N. ' ohn faber kibitzes . W mgni, Maurice Farhat talks it over with Leo Mac lnnis .,........s. .-.,- A .M . .... . -,ml , 1 1-..- Q s f 3 6 2 32 A t '. -""" N" . ' .f 4 Father Mike. station manager Fred Beahan Bus-ine.s.w and Sales Manager ' 5 - A X . P , ' . ,Ns- .,.-f WXTO-FM presents the students of Aquinas as well as the people of south-western Michigan with 17 hours of fine music, interest- ing talk programs, and timely newscasts daily. The only Diocesan Radio Station in the United States, WXTO-FM is the leading independent FM station in the area. In less than two years. WXTO has climbed to a recognized position as one of the finer "Good Musicn sta- tions in the state. Dave Huhn delivers the "majesty and magic of musicn jim Drummond, as program director. is responsible for those fine programs Tim Littell "Caught in the act" of working. WXTO - FM The trarzsrntssiorz tower Scrz'e.s' as a faithful Sentry to the campus of Aquinas. 71 Cal Wier speaks and the radio uvorld listens, . . tell them you heard it on WXTOrFM, we'll both appreciate it." 1 ,f X f , i . fig!!! V ff" VA fi 9 , ' , 'A 5 i 11 9 , ' J S' Exchange editor. Michelle Nielson. displays papers received in exchange from other schools Bette Tarte. die Meisterin of the newspaper The Staff of the HERALD, more or lesq Aquinas Herald Published Monthly by 4, CQJY U ,L the Students of AQUINAS COLLEGE A A Grand Rapids, Mich. -1 ' 51-50 H Year ...X 28th Year Feb. 21, 1964 No. 5 Editor Bette Tarte Editorials Cecilia Barnes, Tom Doyle, joe Molesk, Cheryl Nahs, Fred Sebulske Sports Staff Len Bridge Tom Zanella, Tom Zayko Photography Bob Ampulski, Bob Bonazzi Staff Froggy, Barbara Holzer, Judy Konrek, Norma Orth, Maureen Rice, Rita Stephenson, Theresa Van Rooy Art Gloria Barry Business Manager Pat Haas Circulation Editor Kathleen Agostini, Carol Iaquinta Exchange Editor Michelle Nielson Typists Nora Butcher, Joanne Kowalenok moderator Sr. Maris Stella, O.P. Therese Van Rooy serves as one of those ever-important typists The Aquinas Herald is many things to many people. To some it is a responsi- bility of meeting deadlinesg to others it is an assignment for an articleg but to most of the students it is a source of in formation. It serves simultaneously as a training ground in the art of communica- tion and as a Communication proper. The Herald plays the role of an informed leader in campus life. Gloria Barry, artist for the Herald H The staff of the WEEKLY is composed of Bob Hoffman and Cheri Mann, co-editors, judy F udold, Kathy Kirkwood. Maria Worth, Anne Locke, Dennis Williams, Don Bums, and Mary Barton, staff mem- bers. The Aquinas Weekly is the printed communication which serves both as a link between the administra- tion, and as a mirror reflecting current student thought. It is one of the few "Voices" that is capable of reaching most of the students effectively. 3,, ., -5 lf Y -v '!,, .,. 1 Q51 . ,Q ,+, ix vs- ff Q X X fl AN 3'-:xx ask , .A ., gf 7'-75: . f' Q, ,X , 'iii :A Y , . x f 155 1 2 i s of 1 x- QS 45 Ffh QV. . . ' , xgi ' " 5 fi 4 x .ug Sr. N 1 ' " -K ' nsmwmf' Ur-vw J- 'A f ' lxiriii xii? : ,, I.. - ff!! gg fr. 'R 5 . f fan if 'VS N51 qw, I 5.241 Q . Q. . V ' + fos1s,4!ii ff'-s'x"v' f-'me ,.-1 W- A. f iitazkv xA's"':' ', E "aqui:-J' w.- . .- ,Hs-y'g.,:. , 55.1. N .. H, . I , t':,e,:,.f,,4..,5u'2i. . . .1 TIN.. . Ut: . ', tl . " ' -s ,,"-'-', v' u 2 1 'T if? . f.i1'!,54.3, -, " W2 Ct v.,.... ,t.'.v ' Q -' , 'vs 4' ' ' , ' ,, m,,fq:eH+wHg - ,. ,. f ,, .N , Man- Q, Mft, .':, f, - Af" 2 '. ' -ws A , W . , , . - fs 1 'Q v Q. 'Wd df The Aquinas Chorus in Rehearsal 3 The Chorus Sings at the music Oratory held at St. -- Cecilia's Auditorium 76 Mr. Kratzenstein, Conducts USIC Music has been called the universal lan- guage because it can be understood by ALL men. It does not require words for its message, but only an aesthetically pleasing combination and variation of tones. The characteristic common to all good music is beauty rung. usua- ,'. o ff 1 . 1 .f bf s -' Q 5 . S I Sister Mary Kevin, OP., plays Mr. Kratzenstein leads the Choir for the Rosary Procession E W5 Philip Briley, Editor, supervises while jo Ellen Denman does the work Mr. Lenox goes over page lay-out with Art Editor, Alfred Liu Cecilia Bama and Lynette Best do paste-ups for this section THUMIST K in ii! Ricl'1ardDouglas, our masterphotograplier, reviews some film. Virginia jackson, Renata Velde. Dennis P all fs 1 , -1 : " l "Q . .1 '37 ri Williams, and Kathy Kirkwood examine pictures for possible use THOMIST The THOMIST has endeavored to Capture the spirit of the College as only a camera can. By its very nature it is only a narrow slice of activity taken from a much larger sphere. It will be understood and appreciated best by those people who have lived the lives which the book represents. ..-Q ,..m,...,X X V l X her Activities section Gabriella Orosz does some paste-ups for FRESHMAN CLASS Michael Fochtman. Treasurer jane Thiefels, Secretary William Murphy, President Anthony Spica, Vice-president CLASS OFFICER wb Pabicia Au Claire . 4 Eyvu n ":'.f Paul Baker Elizabeth Beckman if f Vincent Balardo 3 5 . E' X ,ig " 9? , K "J . f .119 N i N! X Q ' " K . D Dennis Adomaitis K ' 'QC' -. 05. Margaret Aman E ugene Alexander ,f Mary Amundsen Richard J. Alt .o- C5 v Donna Atchison f-. Vi 4-'X Marcella Aman Maureen Atherton juliann Bannon Mary Bentley 81 Gloria Barry 'W A Neil Birchmeier ar '59 Mary Barton Suzanne Bishop QQE' if 5 'Hi' 4, -vo- i J uan Beneyto James Black .gg 1 5 hi i' quiz. -G A .. 3 'D L, 'Q is Q up 'lf' H " X ' ' N wr' v . '54 ,y up ,rf '-'ff' 2 MMV Q' A I kr David Blashkiw Judith BIUHCYY William BOIESI' Gary Boone William Boruta Barbara Bowman 1 'L Q V I x X QS Q 'Q 'Kr' H: - " , . .om W . ,Q-,fa , -ating: if 'ce' 4' ,I .uv W4 5 2155, '-"' ' f P xhzf Qxtlt , 1, .Q-mv -an-P N ww . ' X .Y , ' 4' X fun. Robert Brandstatter Robert Breitmeyer Michael Buese james Buob Michael Burke Fred Bums A . Y am., -Q ' Q, , I-if f i r -Q 'W .J vw ' C: C ,., ,- U "' I ' fi 'ag' an, aff' ww- . . -- '- C . Q -V ,W y 4 4'-' x v- g -.rf ' ' I - 'fl 'I 1 wwf? ,,,,, ,,.,.. g ,, ...f f .A -ff "" ,yu ' X ' 1 Gerald BUITIS NK' x ,ff ' ii rw' L C athy Cannon .W .C 3 N- W X r 9 Michael Caponi Sa1'1dyCBvH11ari janet Choponis Marilyn Chrzan 'R .1- ...,- Michael Ciminski Nancy Clark Pau-icia Cgmisky ,, ' CR x " "" ff s C "' ' 1.13 .. W -'fl , ,w. .rv , X:-U., :.: . 1 Zs'1 X, . U15 Augustine Comor Michael Copenhaver Connie Corbin 4532- N - xi' ' 2 la Q., gt .Q ?v5 .mix-:ff N Nancy Corrigan J ames Coty Mary Cross 82 S. K athleen Donovan f C harla Emery arrell 4 ,af ., rg:- . t X Richard Cunningham Camille Cupisz 'iw 9 AUP' I Peter Dal-mf Kathleen Delehanty 4, , he . V . . V., Helen Deutschmann Evelyn Diizhazy Q 'Ts f .fa A ,n U: Rf 'Q C, Q , i f ,, ,T A 1- . , wx Al W - Richard Du Charme Margaret Dubicki Dale Dummer Terry DuPont i. , twir - ' ,g vj 'glans .. Q , 2. David Enge-mann C arol Feinauer Margaret Erhardt janet Esch Dallas Falls I ' : Q -2 ,H 9 .. Y - f - M ' I 1 I' - S ' L Ei n QV' r J sl' .nw NY"',,,, 31- lv john Ficht Thomas Fitzgerald,-Ir, Nancy Florindez 83 uv-f nur' 2 Jeanne Cusick Doris Deuling ,J ti 'A X-ai john Doane 1 .1 .we Z: 'A ' R W N I ames Dwyer ,. 3 ,:,' 4 Xian' Maurice F arhat HJ Michael Fochtman . 555 f 7 ual' 56" '1 Aj Gerald Gore-cki X.. -1119 ,saw ,ev-uv K -ll- ohn Haslem 'X 3 5' . ,-fx -6" x Rose Hornick Gerard Grabinsk1 dl' af-or X x. A x l' x X i Sharon Gallagher .- .pr X 'ea X Q X313 W' Mary Gazella ,.... .X - 'w..pv!0" xx HWY Julia Gibson .+ r 1 ., .Q V gl 1 'X Cffl ' R. NT' X , M-HFS' Gfinnan Thomas Gunn 4--'1' we " X . Mary Hausbeck Sandra Herman slum fe Q, G5 , N. ' ' ' H. Marie Hudson Gerald Hunsburger 84 ' wv f ai- A1 ' ,gm Qui'-'k , ' ,ge I Frank Heynigter 'lsr' 4. Charon Ignasias iv Roseanne Garnica Shirley Gedris ,,.w'f"' if , ' 'f if . '- Mary Gibson 'C'-2? ov? Mary Haas Anne Hillary A Rene Jacques .f sk Q -..-.ff Q' David Garvey A T MJ A 'f G 2 L! Marcella Gedritis Mary Gietzen ,fe Qjffa-gl 4 me F, XE Lorraine rianses 'Sm 3 . -, :lf G, X J 'S 4 P eter Hoekstra JAM -. x t 1' . ' Margaret J anetzke Q D Douglas J ohnston J udith Konrek !f gig s ti Richard Lfanga . I' Ann Levandowski R F F' I V: .i Elsa Lopez-Torre S ii Dennis Lyk Q?-f fmt Dorothy jonaitis Paula Kralovec x - 'M f::l. . an ,- Anne L aporte Carol Lipscomb 9 6 9 . sn'-A g. ' ,X , '-., ax Kathleen Kane Riff? x Q Karl Kraus 2:54 or all Marilou Lascari W 5' 1' -rf W.. iw Ronald Loosvelg iv' iv 4 ,A Carol Loweke Mary Luea 1 ie- Q-5? Nw ' ,N - Patricia Lynch Michael McCormick 85 gm . Q Q Frank Kloska Q,-Fi? Noreen Kohanko bl "" , '1Z1Q:: ,B A Y5"" - x ff' - ., 5 , " V ' -J X - Richard Kubek 4 Kofi 1:7 'T Daniel Lee Thomas Kuzma 6 . P 0-v V Frank Kolenda ff--r L A Judith Lahey 9" Sandra Lee ,--wr Mary Lexl-C sf" J . Mary McCracken Z 'jvc- tiff Michael McLellan um N I ar N' 1 Gerard Maitner .....,.v-' 1 .. 1 Richard Martin 7 , 'Y ,ea FR A f K -.nv A 'qffgrv "f""' il. was, l Margaret McCu1lagh Theresa McDonald Q68 'Q uw 5 Cheri MSDN Richard MacKinnon V I I, C . mu J' 1 Q X- , 5 5" 1 'bf' -serv' .....f- f .-Q sf' X- " 'E T. NP'-P , . V3 Peter Manza john Marshall -,, . V it Y Qi W ,N .qv U' ku gli -'Q ,,,, ' 1 'M . - V 3 Robert Master Lynn Matthews H Af? " 4 F2233 ii'-4? ,rt onnie Mattingly uf --'1-' rw- 3 R ,A - Y ,,-,,, ,,. ,Y QV.- A- A-21' ggi' ,. 'l 'X4:a'L-:ff-vf5.,g"f, , ' . "vi'r'r",1:'s-,fry--.-:fer E . f...-J 1 Dominic Mattone Agn-' Q,-., Rita Mayan ., +- 4' sa- Q vu f J"""'. , .ff -mr' x ,Q""'p - -crab' W X .. I 1 if - X A ev K ' ' . Edward Merritt Rosemary Meyers Edmund Michniewicz -Mary Miles Laureen Miller Ronald Miller .. r-.- -.V , ,, ' ' l Q i - 5: SE-2 or . at vu 45- v 9 v--A jr wi XY ' rf . 'uf' X, - 2 XM' ' ' ., Q'-rr -:5 an-er - x ,,,,,,..... A ' , W' ' "" , ' -- X-vi , ,,,. -' ,V I Q,-3 iv " V A w .X X.'.,t,. .w I 5 . Z Y AA Richard Moleski Sharon Moore Mary Momingstar Robert Mudd Fred Mulbrecht, j . Thomas Mullen 86 sur' Sue Mulloy Harriet Naylon 9 9 Patrick Norton v- . Sr' X J erome Murphy turf T "'? Kg, 5 if 3 we , Barbara Needham fl R Anthony Nolan Kathleen Murphy ,N for 'U' Marilyn Neve Ii mr-"-' Nancv Nolan S 87 52.-'QQQ Mary Murphy lf" ,T ,J A M Michael Newell 5 . ,X Gif? Mary Novakoski ,wt Kathleen Obcrle to no ' s Barbara Ochman , X' V! , 334' X V: Z Janet Pasche f Q wr f ., an-:v' ,ffilg :Tarx R ll ll :Q Wiluam Murphy g'!?' f Kenneth Neyer ww, er. 'df Sharon Nugent QM f-9' , " ww-v 5 1 ,,,. 1 Sharon O'Berski 5615455 xwisf 3 U Marv O'Donnell '3,,R'." Robert P ayne Ronald Mysliwiec I ul vfv TSW' Ts 5 Stephan J. Nordloh I x rx '5 'Y 559- X , Terri Nulty -K X .. Catherine O'Brien '49 "" if .IOhn Padesky A 'Jun -'T far-' R 'Sl I. Rodney Peller ,.-. 1, ave tu- xx 'ee:'7 Ruth Pr-ies 9-.521 ,,,,. Suzanne Poniatowsk , .. 1 . cz - 9 Thomas R adecki ff -.5 .,.. Suzanne Reid Q S, ,X .. 1' , J 1 Thomas Sciamanna S i , mis. :Liu Thomas Shuk er i f FD- Andre a Pierce 1 la- 'fv' 59 'Q"' rf'- Robert Poortvliet ,,,.. X , 9a ' ' fw K X -ff if 4.gii.. Robert Rasch rs ',,- Q" Maureen Rice ,.,, ,Y rv 9' w..-f H .-:ev 15" Patricia Scruby in ff'-A nf' Z7 Q x Timothy Siegel pr Y? .ef 1 C' Dianne Platte ?" vw 'fi- Qrfi' Mary Pyman pr' . 7.18" A Daniel Ratajczak 'U' xv V. AQ., Donald Richter Sharon Roberts . XX Q H li 'Jw -MN rf - - 1 N wi- e . .1 f' I A 9' uf 'WT' Q 'p.,,,1 J -4 gf x as U is Frances Seigel Rita Selinsky .ciy-f .sl 'ff' P ,if . :gs.'xg 1-1' ,e Clement Simon Kathryn Slonecki 88 6 Susan Sandbom Q gif? 1 J ames Sheridan X t Eugene Smary T A .. .-'Q' . x i. , in 1, Y. T z. Q, 1.25 fe., . ' gi xx 'S 1- T X Eleanor Schick Mary Sheridan Kathleen Spl an 4 R ...F - xt ' v XX Ev , 1 ,,.f"' -.12 5 5 2 3 xx! Jane Thiefels Mary Van Tiem ,I oann Woiewski pgkffffd f, f' ' -A ' paw. V ., 'T' 'P 5 ,l. - -,sa QU? J it Anthony Splca, jr 1 V- if 'f ai A, many- S! X 4- ,M I .xv fsvjli 565 -.ui 34 Josephine Stellino wi. . A -. J.. 1 Theresa Tomaszek I Leroy Vaughn bl V p A James Walsh ,Q ' A 'WRX 1 x 2 Ronald Tryc .- - . -E S: W f. 49 Mary Verdonk ' .. 5iz Terrence Walsh 89 wr b ,,.. 9 .. GQ , , wa Gail Stratton -.rf v-aw' Patricia Valliere T uv" 5 e- w: .,. xg, I 5 xv. ' Ivg, iii' i SWL X A ' , 2 'vw -wt-35?ff?, ' Mary Squirea E if xg, , .fr Donald Stewart - 4-3- -Qf' V Q.--fr Sharon T atti Y' ..4- ,- l homas Vanden Berg t ff: if W x l Y Carol Viale ti. Y, Mary Wall ww' 'H' . 'S ui' james Stander - 6' scarf., S ks Judith Stimac Y. f ., 1-5 ,X s -ff . af' X. I' 5 Thivmas Terwilliger , I A -ar' . b hal' A Donald Van Dyke fs , WAP a .- afar a "vw Linda Wachawski - .,. 1 ' I 1 Sallye Wemer Michael Wilkins Suzanne Williams x. X as K 1 I , , 4 4 - 2 , ,ur- Q-v N, f I Stuart Wilson gno- 'Q'-:av Barb ara Workman as ,--Q Q Maria Worth L if -a W wt' . ,,..,f" Kenneth Wozniak X a 6 fb in -r W' C arol Wunbrecht V' Donna Zamierowski Q :- V, v Y 'Q' 3 Thomas Zanella fi' ,.a, X 4 1 Y M A Q' YQ ss Charlene Zarimba fyf 1.1 ,ff ,,e OPHUMQRE CL SS Q 3 5 'Q E3 f S Z W Nazi 1 mi :fi ' L 7 'T Robert Mo ss, 'Treasurer pi n 1 sv Anne Locke, Vice-presidenl Michael Smolenski, President Judith Fudold, Secretary CLASS OFFICERS j 'jx Q1 ' N - x e . . 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Q' 'fi- ' nf' L qv ago f-"' J' ' .quash-' ..-4 X FX " ,gd we' ' Y 'I-vr""" X A ' Constance Dugal james Doyle Lawrence DuPont Marilyn Essenmacher . X 'A 'l Q-. ,"8. Viv mm, i pu.. V' . 3. uf? M ' ,M Q 'F 1 wr M A' hi ,y-'-' .Qi ' ' ' g X 44" A X . li 1:51 rpg. . 'ik 8 I 3 '- K , R Arvon Farrell Elizabeth Farrell Ronald Fritzen Judy FUdD1d V X 'f ' ..- "F, xg V 1 ,-. ee P5-'-:Q W a V. ' 'No' QW' ' ,, 93' ki c r +1 - ,far X D2 f c vf 5 """ ----,- :QE " "N" - , .. P 'Q . 1 -af iv 4' A 4 -, Martha Gates Marilyn Gaudreau John Gebhart C33-01 Gee if A Michael Gokev np' Iqfvfk Sandra Groulx BP' Marie Hartman .......... 5 if Marilyn Kendall , xx J ohn Lehmkuhl L arry McMillan Patricia Kennedy Thomas Lewis .Z Sharon Madge s ' ,... 15. ..'-' .tt L james Haviland x it gr G.: -5 Qi" Xt. . Robert Hoffman 4' Richard J ohns t, EE it ' N 5-. +..-F , .,. ...A X. X 3? Philip Kemicki I r Anne Locke Joanne Kowalenok J udith Longcore Betty Heald Barbara Hol zer .Qs-'Fl' A wf'l'S.-J A Craig Kammen vu W- R x w Y Patrick Kowale ski A Q if Q "M Q 53 yi Margaret Lukas QQ' - 1 Michael Hidalgo Katherine Hoover Sf? ,. va" Q? LA . Marianne Kane ...A- Nina Lamancusa V' 'ig Mary Luptowski I . E N Q V' Sq, 'Q 'iv Q l We' .-.if ' 1 .nav 5-5' ' - 'xxx-v Q , "" Sandra MSYSOYI Germaine Maurer Michael Mazurek Timothy Meaney 95 5 'S' 1 so 'F' 55 A .,,., ' . jj.- ' 43' P ill? , i W-'J 1' K. - - if i A Michelle Nielson James Novakoski john Oliva 4, .sr W ,im X, Q xp . r Y 4. - , 1' ... , Q 5 5, ' .F sp' .,af'C" . ' ?35r "" 5 X X X ' iff!! , 3+ ' ' 21115134 A I James Otterbacher Lawrence Peicher Kenneth Penning M , f ,,. 6 Q ,.. ,, Q sf' EQ Q g .3 .03-' W Xfgri N' Francis J. Regan Richard Reid J G' Thomas Rock pf- - W in-.rf P james Miiito Maureen Milligan Bemadette Mlynarchek A ,ei Hb' . i, ,qw ' Y Robert Moss A S 3' Christine Nawrocki '6- ' ,, ss' X X x i N. 1 G P atricia Omilian 'T . li Quo 9. J ohn Prangley 935' Q 'Jr Robert Schaner in W v-' . x,--, ik-n Robert Muraski 217' Mary Nelson 5 'S nr' if..-f' Philip Ore ste i is--1 X ini J ames Prawdzik X 1 i 0? 1 4' J ack Schatner Cheryl Nahs R34 .5 1' j ames Neper .ff- Ee' Y E 5 ' l joseph O'Too1e Daniel Radawski "T wat' , , K' X . Rose Sheridan . A t O Donna Simon 1 . , Cu Nb 'Q tx S. Mary Suchocki Marie Vanderwe ele . . . . T-'six . af? Frederick Wilcome C atherine Yared 3 1 0' t. Thomas Zayko It , Q lv" , .V J N X ur' , T Michael Smolenski , James Tamer 'E' Nr- - Diane Velligan 'Tl' fi ' 3 J ohn Wozniak M 1 Marianne Zarimba S ,gi KW , , .l William Zoller Frank SPiC3 Rita Stephenson , - I A N , X ., 4' . x ,fl -- Rx . '55 4 .-. , Vs"',,.: " . MA ,N ' ' x il , Judith Trudeau Sally TruDel as 4' ,' A Eileen Sgickney Louis Stoddard :TD- Q Q Karen Vanlugo Theresa VanRooy 97 U ICR CL SS Patrick Osboume, Treasurer 4 Timothy Casey, President Gary Fewless, Vice-pre sident CLASS GFFICERS Q ,+-f ,"'Q-,ff xi Q Linda Bruce ixff- ' Q ,- Q 790' ' - 'C' if .up--f ,Q ' se' R obert Bums .-va , YP ' NP' X I-xv., Ellen Burton SJ' -O!"fF' Nora Butcher - Q . est' is f X , x Kathleen Ago stini .7 Q tiff? X 'W ,. 'ty fx Diane Bassett ...- GQ x 1' . I . V. " James Alt Janet Anderson fr, f -f . , ' A I., . fs Michael Beaton 'l"., 'Q-""' Patricia Anisko was ,A in .3 Dorothy Beveridge T. joseph Bowler at Y r t 3.4-f 5, , :SQ 3 X " - ROSCFHBYY CNY Timothy Casey Gary Copp Pete Coughlin Frank D'Amico George Davis Leon DeLange Nancy DePuit 99 1? A-wx ,A-3' -a ' ., I E 457 ' if . iv , . M f. V-1r112275g1 X 515' -V. f 'X "S" Robert Dingman David DOZEN QR? J' Dv-'N xv-- Ct L aVem Emery 17' .Q Faye Fritsch "V" r"N Patricia Granger - ,Qu- V I? Errol Harvey . .s..... X. 6 Richard Hillary Q Y-Q59 june Engebretsen - 'if-A, .f, 'sg-. j ames Funk . 8 an cb r we 5 E sther Grant U fa it X ' if' mil.. m y nn' X 6 Ruth Haydn 6' yur' P' N-'ligie in Q.. f Q '44 Q Francis Hoogterp . -A X David Donovan qs" X r 9 9 D Garry Fewless l a x 'Nr' 'N i-of VRF Y Thomas Gavin fs. ..,, , 2 't K -6+ s ....-ev A Gregory Gregwer g a wi Twp, X R N john Heidgen YZRXL ig 3. 4 William Hubbard 100 .5 7-VI , 5, 'gf Marion Dougherty joseph Drueke Stanley Duba sa: Q R' 'no' 'VN 1 X ,unix -ef X f gf- Q Nr xp. f- f Kathleen Fitzgerald Anne Fodrocy john Foley ,. ' ,rf Q A- ,-N 6 .D 49 U b af- ' , 5 V Q 9 , G f fe Q -A r ' Q.. 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' John HUFZYUOW-'Ski Ronald Kuzme Thomas Laberteaux Q-pg uw . .9 41 29 '53 Q , yy Q X V K, i s I Edward Leonard Daniel Lewakowskg George Linde , , , ' A vf 1 " - f 1 Ay 1. f,ff M 3 f Q f 3 ' 2 ifafi A :Ni T '- , iff -2.3, 1 ,. .f,,,w,.. . . ivfilvdffl - KZQWL o . vig Q .N H 6515. U . - -. - v J'-1,w:-s:1'. : AY, in-'5 ' S' M1 D -V - .. 4 , v-,4 m,,,.,,, ,. ef QF. .Q 1 I' -A A ,gg ,f A ' , .r -mf .f I M ., , 4 :nib y ,y ,. ', - elf -gfuafraqeawfrx' iEFWE?YF f' gif, wg - N . .. : w: s. :. 1:15-:'w' ' ,. . l T 1' '.e..,L,...r ---- - 'P gb ff' -"' 'f' A ,ZW 'Q s ea 'Y' X Terry Meade Margaret Ml sna uf- uvv' J udy Oberle N' -gno- ,yr Marie Meyers il Q5x,i X s 1 1 .Z-I 2 Q J ohn Mullen Kathryn Offenstein ,xwmww .4 S qu? c '3' X ij" ,-" Q V l'i::..." '--.:7'e C.: V ,ff ' 5-I " I Leo Mac Inne S in Q, .f i i I William Manning an G Q ,,, . ve' SA M , WB x 'x,,,.: K - Carolyn Michalski X ii joan Meyers Merle O'Loughlin 102 Thomas Milanowski 3'Q'fa I james Napier ui M ih'55 uh! . Q Q It F ,i i Lawrence Liszewski Alfred Liu Joyce McKinney 1 xx' ,.., 1. 'T' WX 'U' NS: Marilyn Martin .mf f r x , 5 5 John Miles Frances Novak 'S N: iv' Q if X Patrick Osboume William Osboume X3 Patricia Lowell -K Wm we in X ' e Pamela Major xr 'N' , li Leona Mayan 'Gb 5 X5 x I if " f! 3' Mike Mi sn er . 4vv-P J on O'Berry "Ion A V f X N xg 5 Max Otto Fred Parker 5 N Thomas Plymale Susan Roberts wx 'xr D Linda Parrilla 96 i, tvy, Q Daniel Popma zu 'p t VSV R m ' z' it '--J D , 43 , Barbara Rollins 'I .- ,J for fl '-gt G' Tamara Paul , , -fxf 0- 3 .5 , J ohn Popma 9.-we if Anthony Rossi 5 l , 1-. 5, 1 ts vi' X s xx A , . 1 I John Scalabrino AHUIOHY SCSU-U'l'0 Arthur Schmidt ' - ara A .K was gm' '.:!.,,, 1 ,- V A A Thomas Schmiedicke Jghn Schmidt Fredrick Sebulske fi Cl'-3' . X Judith Pawlowski il' ' Q, v--""" 5 v. Q Terrance Priest we-'-'PV' Mary R ybarsyk ,-Q "1 mr' Q g ta Robert Penning 1-ff ...uv 5 Leon ard Radecki fp! JF! - -an-1 Ni' Carol Sakocius va .2121 Geraldine Permoda 'Q fs ,-J f Andrew Robel ' A , lf E ,I ohn Sanok Donald B. Smith Edward Sroka Peter Straubel W fa- V Bette Tarte ,-- ' xv A- -f f I Vilnis Strazdins Richard Stzyzewski Judith SUSZBIKO James Subora Perry Talicska Q 4 Lx , Gm q 'Q--ff' X ',,"5'..,- 'PZ' A. " 'h !X,'m Q li ,. 3" A X, .,. - S A Thomas Thrall Te-rese Travis John Teremi Victor Theisen nf 4 104 nf- 'T' M D x do -Ui?-ZEUZ LD TUTTT1 'Ill uv? ,Ava Y V 1... X Velde SNP' f. Valliere Renata senburger Sherry Wilder J' X.: ' X XA 11, N -i -- in h Q, ,, Q, jf' 1 illiams Thoma Gerald Winters Timothy Dennis W I 311 1' 4 5 g 1 l ' x OC! x k I 'N . 'E 42 x 5' X an N. 1 Q J R Qfiig gzigr f S '5f"f'ifL?fZfff A .v -r g I - 1' 4.1 his 1? ' if ' f 2, 1' 5 r 'f r" ' nv V 5 ' X l r 1, 5. .fi 1 . 105 L "'1-?',-1"5s5. -. ' H. -,ww-,.3f,-.,Ar4 ,.,. MJ' W 'ir .f- fa6Pf""x''.:1.s,:f,,frf-1-M.,-fr", Vw 'A ??i2 A ,w " , . 1 . - ..,,wq- :,-.w-..:1-,,-...W-.5 f,.f.Q,1.:,,: .ffm-A I ,mf Q . - " f' " 5 .55 11,-.,4:,?22'--e-'fc "?w.i1" Y vm' K X X X 4- , ',,.,wQg5,x,,,S,mw W I wxk-.,. ,. " - wma-:M-f. , , ax A menus? "'-Q., --......., K ,-pw. zdgffh . M M...W.,....MW. V x . Q 9320 V :Q P--. 3. ,,.. 'iffl ' T Q 2 . Q ACTIVITIES II The few years spent in college con- stitute an important segment of time in a students life. It is a time when interests are formed, strengthened, and directed. The academic program is not always enough to satisfy such interests. This is where the extracurricular activities are important. They form an important supplement to the regular academic pro- gram. They help to give the student the complete education characteristic of a liberal arts college. 5 9 ..A, 1 A - 11 ' ' h..,..,.,,, , ...:- ,1.v L 1 3. grixff, Xe. 11? viii . 1 Q I .: ':., V "ill n f Q Q ..,. 2 2: Qf3"7 . -' W - 4.,, . 1 , s Mr, Ed Farhat - Athletic Director and Admissions Counselor Mr. Ralph Goldstein - Always attentive to needs of young men The Athletic Department of any college is an integral cog in an important wheel of progress. The men who make up this department at Aquinas College are indicative of N the potential of such a working force. With the time consuming task of coaching win- l ing teams, these men are utilized in the fields of administration, development, coun- seling, and instruction, Superimposed on these jobs is the task of setting manly ex- ample for future leaders-of-men. Aquinas is proud of its Athletic Staff as an out- standing example of that dedicated profession of talented men, who give of themselves that others may profit. Mr Richard Blake Exemnlificat Mr. Richard McCormick - Administrative ' ' ' ' A d f' ' bl h d ive of important instructive field KX U les m capa e an S i N iq' and if. A! hi Q """'T ""BASKl-ETBALL 1 ---' L 'TY an-w-f"..'1 Q .N Aquinas U. ofWindsor 111 Aquinas 79 St. Joe's 88 Aquinas 80 Calvin 79 Aquinas 93 North. Mich. 102 Aquinas 57 Lakeland 80 Aquinas 63 Ferris 65 Aquinas 67 Bluffton Aquinas 78 Hillsdale 76 Aquinas 81 Findlay 84 Aquinas 93 Law. Tech. 76 Aquinas 92 junior Col 82 Aquinas 90 Kalamazoo 84 Aquinas 96 Northwood 101 Aquinas 82 Kalamazoo 81 Aquinas 60 Creighton 106 Aquinas 65 Ferris 82 Aquinas 95 North. Mich. 94 Aquinas 113 Hope 108 Aquinas 104 Chicago Tech. 109 Aquinas 84 Adrian 107 Aquinas 107 Law. Tech. 102 3 ji W Having faced one of the most formidable basketball schedules in the school's history, the 1963-64 Aquinas Tommies turned in a reputable record of 10 wins and 11 losses. In his first year at the helm Coach Ralph Goldstein has a splendid beginning on what appears to be a Michigan sports , power in the years ahead. The Toms were led all season by veteran Ray Bauer who averaged almost 20 points per game, Garry Fewless, the Tommies' hot-shot little guard, and a promising freshman rebounding sensation, Dennis Alexander. in 4: ff Vw tix:- 1 QU f' ,.., ww 2 Q, ullltfiii .MM h Go dste'n g Joh ! I vi Fron Row A Hess Denns Ray I hn ete Daunt Leroy Vaug 5 m - -v ff 57 as X Q 5 :fx 'Y - 5, Q-fm. Q t : 1 , i Ly nston 'alp 1 1 , P A , , oole and je ets kinda tight in here" "Because it's my ball-thaz"S why" Q-u.g "Oh poo!" 1 mi' Ax XS. ' , f-" af Rebound guaranteed 5, 0. ' " ,u I ng.. , X , Mass Hypnosis Midflif "My gosh, Ref, Some- Miflllef body stole the basket" .Y Q C 'X r . A gg , sc ,Q K 0, J' f it .ay r,-cf? W' Q? , 3. . 'lif 3 g, ' if EL S. W E3 moles" fires for two Kou guys take fire !" ni Bauer moves right The Scrappy Mr. G, Where'd the ball go 7 'P , . " ' -"' M.M:,4a+ -- J I N Radio Crea' at work Conccnfratcd Effort , . . wow- .-Y, . ,Y A-:V-:,:::.y , ,- .vw-:,:.::m:axxasi X "Oh that clever right hand" After the foul Shot Lore those Toms Tzp Garry drzves S S54 The hard way gi Freeway traffic Pgppy - and pre Cu X3 ,-Q1 fx. lu! W x X. N . xg N .A X K ,iz ,.N.,, s-qi .+ WN . N 'E - arc A Tommzelead T EfA-M Team TLHIH Tn m at qs, J' .:..1 vs. 53,251 In " .,. ff' W - 'WW T L .24 ui-1, .. ' ,'5j'gAR"lf1 1' ',g. 5 :Q , .ml 'fi 'ggi' x' ' fat. W ya ri 1' A if , .QQ . K P. H33 QW W .- , -V o '55 ' f X a 2344! Ur , X 'f ' sag " X f ?f-, 1 . h ilif - g - g!nz,?,A " "' si Z Rf- +.- .V 'L-A ,Q- if 'f' A ' -A ,3,l,J,A.K .p p ,,i, V -55, ig? ' Z , J. ,felafiis I .Qt 4 1:' '-.F 'T ' 'S T31 ". Qs.. N . , .. - 4'-,.-Mtfrse,. 4s...H - ' - 7,11-Sires.. ,. 'al QEQSSTS' . ,.-qv 4-f'5i"' 5" 'N tix-:a.Ku. gf V:-.131 2 SET TO RUN: Don Smith, Louis Stoddard, Dan jaskiewicz and john Hasl em. CROSS l cou TRY T The sport of cross country is in the priminy Stages at Aquinas College. Coached b3 Mr. Curtis L. Butters, the Aquinas harriers were led by john Haslem and Dan jaskiewici in 1963. While victories were few, the spun of cross country presented an individual challenge to each participating team memberl I TRA URAL SPGRTS The intramural sports program, under the direction of Nlr. Ralph Goldstein, had a very successful year. The sphere of activities included football, basketball, and softball. Most of the competition was supplied by the senior class. The seniors won the outright championship in football and softball and participated on the winning basketball team. Andy Robel blows a pass reception as jim Novakowski pours on the speed Typical intramural play Senior Don Bums makes a game-winning TD catch against the Juniors yoy BO LI G LEAGUE 4 X sk ,N x 1.-M'-'f" Qi, Jffs 1+ Fifi' . MMM "Tally-Ho" rrE-hgffprl V flu NNN' "Prize Money .' Who " M Each Thursday afternoon the Tommie Kcfrlers make their way to East Recreation to compete in the friendly sport of bowling. This mixed group of enthusiasts find that they can best release most of their inhibitions by belting away at the tenpins with large black spheroids. At the end a gay banquet is held at which awards are presented to those who have proven themselves Father "Twin1clefToes" O.P. Demonstrates the follow throuah most deserving. This year's officers were: President, Kathy Kirkzroodg secretary, Jan Andersorzj and treas- urer, Gzrwcr Jackson. sw-""""" Q "One - Two e Three - Four h !" "Three More Pins and I Break Ninety" -X Jan Anderson erecutes A dzffzcult cross-lane spare 2 Y, .4 '. , -4- ' ". ' ' ',', V" ' ' x - x Q 1 . ir yf .J ' N-' ' rw- f s ri' ,-'- V P . T '- X digg -. , , W4 . Q ' H' N 2 ' ., A ' . N XYAA, I ' X " k- , . -.X-t . I I - 1 , ' V ' M.. - - . - 2 vi.,.',.: . W X . . ' , A' ' T3 , ,Qf. xfx if ' A 'z'- x, ' , . ,- . , , pf. " x Coach Blake with his early spring tryouts "I threw a ball into the air.. . " TENNIS The Aquinas tennis team, under the able leadership of Mr. Richard Blake, has taken as its goal an improvement over last year's show- ing. The netters have a good returning squad of Howard Smith, Dan Nulty, Tom Williams, Max Otto and a new addition, Jim Reed, a transfer student from Michigan State. The hopes are very high, and? the team spirit increases with each practice. As early spring com- mences the entire horizon looks very bright for the 1964 Tommie' tennis team. Q I A ,www-',,,.,et K ' Ny'-Y ,,,..-..-- A yr A deliberate smash with a dainty move- 2 ment results in a definite end product - VICTORY! ,ff Vol 1 ey -ia i .-.f13.-r- M Y " ,A www? 4,,,..,.w'-"" v lg: A--f"""'M ,-o-v""" nf' N' ' ,MW Max Otto follows through with a good forehand retum game of ups and downs - downs and ww f- 1 , V i H,, Howie Smith clobbcrs that littlo white ball with inte-msc dcclica- tion 5 ff Tom Williams executes a line Iorehand shot A-A' NC' Ce ond Pla 963 - Sec ,1 Wilder 1 Shafo If Befles Fran o ore ow! 1110 olnhgies fwp WJEIUQ Ifehtuclfy Golfers LEX11vc:ToAQ Ky.xTbe Aqui- nas College golf team colzquere stub foes here Tlzursday 111 a tri ingular meet at Tales C' Countqv Club, but Sba the Tolnlmes bead duel ' fels zlder ez' be Mary e UI1' J'. lvl ' ao'-to Loll Dal:- zvez-sity of Keir :ss WYIUGIQ 11-2121 blister on her an 87 wb l 75 Z' pez-eo' Qt' a banai soared to 1 e Jbllss Daniels lvffled a o lead the Ifeafuclfy squad Jolm ffl1I'QVl1OL!'SfgY liked a Dvo- overgnar 73 to lead the Tommies to a 953.895 victory over Western -'fficbzgfau University 0fR'813H23- zoo and a 1095--715 conquest ol' R2-Iztuc-Ay Western llqebzgah 4' Yeated 1fe11tL101rJg I1-Z . Frank Berles es aid 2719 AN' f116Z'e,' " , r ree-4 rolz W' lost 12 Wlffz of II: ck Mc cvfmick h C030 l " ll-ani , ,l g 1. ziws "' X X f A, S. X Xb ,M 8 X , .,. Q 2 s 1 Q I al' K. 5 5,1 iw as C Tom Gunn Hd y llrje Da to TGQIII I large LE: -'fy Spine golf S 'XT1,e 017 qlla -4 . , 61 11, d .9u,. N any jglrgbsraiirsflgfn ,t . .. 3 la 01,511 C Q e g , ,Lo 2g'5:iifj 'g C. I is Hb , IN. . 0 my 5, IV85-tfolf Wzszem gi Ville .Ffa n J' S' ' 11 I 4 4 . T :Qi L . ' . in ffl .zbgfgulary of of If A gr' 31,3121 '11 ii T. va- , T20 . meet john K urzynowski The Aquinas Golf Team has become a powerful giant in Midwest America. Taking on such im- pressive foes as The Universi- ties of Louisville, Bellarmine, Kentucky and Notre Dame, The TOMMIES have proven themselves a formidable corps of aggressive athletes bent on victory. Coached by Mr. Dick McCormick, an out- standing strategist, the Toms are assured of another great year on the Links. Balanced team play along with strong individual initiative have made the Toms a princi- pal contender for the N. C. A. A. Col- xxx lege Division 5 Golf Crown. fx T J' S 3 m 'm i .V Len Bridge . Ax.. Sl ff' QQ W B asain! li . 'gif A ...M t. ' ' ' 'iewxwk ""'.-,-.eggs -. "iii -7355.,,rag:H,g,g,,..s...,g AYQFGT KJV if-Y' ., .,'.. . f. -. -. i ,vt - 'si is A ' 51 'gf-Q, 4 xg jg., vim.. A -, the .- - 'wnsw 1- ' - . - Q ,gg.'TLa. . . ." ' , at 6 .151 GQ 39 W w :Safe f P .,1 - . ' 5 niggas 0 . w S . in Gouemgeii s T - Tonxintq A llarilmle' 'wal B6 iw- ' We' LE, here '. LOUXSXEQS berfls the aiiqlilc W'-lathe? 306 so Q team 5 of 2 l A . uesgaaollege Gio botvxgn W esief- Yraofimiiifwniett SIS of WZ? manga mgwef . Q com of l . hidan xarfflln Lan we fue- Bel Hafffloml 100 .. -ne 9 ' ,mi-"l wb- - e 3' Q, Yacefmg, Manga' Heian? TMJ.. a 16f,'1'weSYe',1, Q law aeieate stew W m QXSU 13-5, we et Bella gavwivnel ov Grimm 93:3 Q12 . e and 6 to S vmdg .. .ar 'l .meter rms 1 - ' ' af' 1 'tw .. A Q25 N., Highlighting A q u i n a S' observance of October, the month of Mary, was the traditional Rosary Procession. The Rosary was led by Reverend Adrian T. English, O.P., and the address was given by Reverend William R. Gannon,O.P. figs The eliciting moment after the Coronation Roses presented to the Queen by Ruth Fleishnzan Parents' reception in The First Floor Library The Royal Couple The student body manifested its inventiveness and school spirit in its participation in this year's GALA WEEKEND, Highlighting this year's festivities was an innovation, the Hoote- nanny, which was Composed of both local and professional talent. There was also the tradi- tional Inaugural Ball and Carnival. X Q xjm , 'f X K . in .RA R i 5, - The Aquinas Chorus performs at the Hoote-nanny during GALA WEEKEND. The Queerfs court was composed of Cherri Marin, Patricia Granger, and Kathy Ofenstein. They were escorted by James Noziakoski, Bill Osbourne, and Torn Sullivan respectively. The erze semble was led by Ruth Fleischmarm and Father Austin. I TER ATIONA RELATIO S CL B The interested members of the club The newly formed International Relations Club is an indication of the growth that is occurring at Aquinas today. It represents a gradual broaden- ing of interests from the very narrow horizon of the front gate to a world-wide interest. This organization recognizes that we are all world citizens and that all people must strive to under- stand one another. The officers of the INTERNA- TIONAL RELATIONS CLUB, Raphael Korosso, vice-presidentg Edward Merritt. secretary-treas- urery and john faber. president. Mr. Richard Blake is the modera- tor. Us 'J 33 Q Q john jaber. President, conducts the meeting lllllll ' iv1!fITlf Club Officers Ellen Barkley, Presidentg Nancy Fitz- FRENCH CLUB gerald, Treasurerf james Prawdzik, Vice-preside-nt,' and not pictured jo Ellen Denman, Secretary. Sister M. Norbert, O.P., moderator In january, 1963, Congolese ed- ! ucators visited Aquinas College. 'The persons seated at the table are: Gary Sarto, Mr. Thomas Tsiebele, Mr. jean Malay-Colley, a Mr. Richard Pascoe, Sister M. gerald A Club meeting in session Norbert, O.P., and Nancy Fitz- 8 Qfha aww? an ,-in 1. i , VET it .Varie Geclris, club president. discusses article of interest with moderator. Sister lll. Bride, O. P. Bruce Hozeslfi, secretary- treasurer Marie Gedris, Father Hart, and David Kamm, listen as Mr.LeI1OX makes a point on a recent selectiona UAH the King'S Ment " The Women, although more subdued. gue effectively also 31" BDA IOT T U David Kamm, program chairman, an. Father Hart get involved in a discussioi D E t GERMAN CLUB Edward Meany, Peter Cough- ' ' W lin, and not pictured Susan G Barbara Holzer, correspond- ing secretaryg Marie Meyers, recording secretaryg Richard Seymour, presidentg Charles Leik, vice-presidentg Mr. Susan Williams. Dr. Prange, Richard Seymour. Leslie Wurm, Max Otto, and Mr. Fogarosi Officers are: Richard Seymour, secretary-treasure-r,' Sue Williams, temporary holder-of-the moneyg Max Otto, presi- dent,' and not pictured Terry Priest, vice-president YOUNG REP BLICA S illes, treasurer Mr. Edward Meany explains two programs to the YR's Dan Nulty, president, issues an executive order to the other of- ficers: Bill Osbourne. treasurerg Ray Bauer, vice-presidentg and Cynthia Mader, secretary SKI CLUB Father Hart, O.P., instructs the SKI CLUB officers, Bill Bolger, presidentg Marilyn Derwenskus, treasurerg Eleanor Schick, Sec- retaryg and joseph Bowler, vice- president in what a ski is. STUDE T SENATE Heated discussion is waged in the student senate rj Bill Bolger leads the SKI CLUB in planning a trip to the north- """-dd lands 3 ,Vary Lou Grinnan gives a sun s ' Q 'l Linda Parrilla, and her guest Shmc Sm! e Pat O,TooIe Mary Ann Suchoclxz and Maumee F arhat don t even loolx tzred Mr. David Paskausky, Pat Scruby, and Dr. W. Wemer Prange Off for one more try are jackie Christen son, Father Hart. and Sharon O 'Berski 49" 'NmQmugb, X M A before dinner appetizer ? No. it was only posed , "-' Q The table must be set just so Recent Alumni returned l Fw- T5 N . 4-f A ZA, me ,A J, lm Dinner is served With a meal served like this. even fish tastes good ...QUE W CD The festivities begin with the first arrivals The main attraction of the day is the hot dog roast SCHOOL PICNIC Let's tell them all that there is a test for everybody tomorrow Str - r - ike Three 6,-.xv L. A M ASX Q pi? , ' 'x' - x if 'rfff Ts Skip, the lady said 10 cents, please I'm sorry but she left with someone else So, Why did you call Mike out of his 4:00 class ? Q 2 i The Brothers two Q f ..-d'l:r':"' '! .5-...Q ,awww When I say three you look as if you're studying and I'lI shoot it sl to These stools are almost like those at the Ya .... NW-Wwxwx 'Nw Typical college stu- dents? Not quite A World for two Tis, 15 Q Do you really want to continue A, ,1,gsy-g:- in Math ? ,DW That last trick Was taken by my Ace f"'5 3 Soupy Sales - Aquinas style Sailmaster swim ,pq 950 R .gait Z Q of .. X qjvf.. .. Aff' Q.. ..., 1 5 x. -?: ' f.. SZ.: fi Is this "student teaching ? ls this too tight P J! Always the gentleman ohn adjusts well to What do you mean it's cold in h ' ' ere, I don t feel a thmg the College life Now what didl say ?' . . . sol was telling john Foley about Providence. . . Dennis Williams with Queen james Novalcoski escorting Valerie Burkard, senior. EIS-EUTOF Shiek, SOPhOU101'9- William Withey helping Susan Thomas Zane-lla, escorting Susan Roberts. junior. 138 Viale, freshman. 5, '15 Q. .1 59 . if, F X' , d t - I 08" A s Valerie Burkard reigns as Homecom- Valerie with her Courtg Susan Roberts. Eleanor ing Queen of 1964. Snick, and Susan Viale. SUENAS Representatives from the TOMMIES congratulate the Queen and her Court. The Queen dances with her escort, Dennis Williams, at the Homecoming Dance, "Key N to Illusians. " N 1-nmunw. . .1.:4.1:qsm-.-mg, C'est la bonne vie. "'lva...... BOURBON 'XTPEET The first circle means new friends for some, renewed ones for others. Tom Zayko and Carol Iquinta dis cuss old times at the first Circle. Cecila Avella dances with that jim Novakoski does an exhibition OI, 1l'iShmaf1- ffm Hillafy- dance at the Halloween circle. ls my popped top all right ? Operation Latin America. . . i What follows is a View of the campus be- fore it was a campus, but was still the Lowe estate. w w o - t gwv-9 V f War' .,.J4' . "-Ex lg?" Y.-5' - V Q .5 ' 'v ' aff: 45 l3F-- -ff Q-3fif'z:?N1x i :f Q ,W ,. 35.5.14 ,. V 7,14 'K I ,.w- 1 t x 'fx - 4" ,f ',f"'a . - ,-.ibhf .i1M":?' A . ,AA ,H -' fi V wg" QQ A , Q ' Qf"?R?f95'5:" A' 'lf-ff, ..'l'1 V "5 5 ' V -Vw 14.4 T" - " . . 1 ' ' N., 1, . A -. J f ' . , ' uid! , ' Q, fl iwltwi. ' "H - Q7 1 M: 'iW:9L3i.- , ff? ' J. " ' -, ' fm ' - , .:q:,:::'. S .X Zin' . rf' .- 4. 46,15 . -Sa .jf -,, - A. 3 . RSXEX-t-" wVf:'.'my' ' ' :ki-I him, ' 1 S V5 5 4 '35,fr f - ' 1, Nr 3 , ' ' , ' - yg.,..,. . ., Q- 14-fr ' .,, , ,, 1 w 'fr '- P I Y ' ' r v f . dun , SLA, V - , v,':., , I I A-15.5-,IQ3. 3' ' 'V' f' 1 .+ 'A V . S53-4 ,:g- " - , ' 14.93-J ' 1. ' X . 'K V 1 ' "" ' K' Q ,..:, ,1.:... : . Q., -Q, Q, ,,E2',aIA1:.f:-1-1" M,,,,.-rwzw ,N , ,Q , - 1 Q we ,- ., v Q. I K, 6 1 x.g.:,,,, 5- t N 3 Q , NM M' w- -A 0 X X W ,N ML 8 t 1 ,. 4 KT X QM? X 2 .Q ,f Q W. R ,J-. x Q QM. , ,N J-it 4 5 ' 'S "'t I essvi' .L, w' x 8- G x .1 f, ,Q 'M A-A , 1 is ' , . X I , , -. - , f "F: A x . . 5 g 'X' , an 9 A 9 s W .- ' n y 5 fx X -ff A 194m -lv - . if 'T v1'k n 4 K fqfn The campus has expanded, development increased, and the scene has changed somewhat since that time. -ar- ww. RH!-' i .bn -I fr, n -. ,. '. 2 y H I X -. .Mr n ,4 . 5 I, Vw .XII -N 'll nf uf My ,A I. ll' 1-a .1 A ,xg I. w 3 ' 16 ,, J' a F - r I 1 I . 3 . ' Yvf Hiw I In 1 L I, . ,I xt K I Q 43 ',.I "4 'H .' ."- o fx 1' 'Q A 1" lf.-.. . V. - 1. 'I yu. -i I V E+ -I . I -K n 9 . xv J. ., , '.,,' .rl 9 11. .- Sq I I " - Q ..P,' ' IA., I 'L,,'l', :'w' I- ' K, ,,

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