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 - Class of 1958

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L E JI. . rv, .mf 5' 5 1' 5: 1 . 1 Q x 4' 1 4 1- ll , ' ' .,-m , P - 4 f 1 .g QQ 1-A 45 f 4.1: 4Q ,-11.4 .F 11.1 , - , ,, 1 14fyq 32 'N , XX, fk' 537 egg 13 im, . .eu x" Pfff 'Q 1 R , 45 1 ,, wa - 1 , ... S- ' K 2-:xii 2. The Thomist Presents SCHOLASTIC EVCLUTION N5 C GQ Q? IEJ 5536 '70 QC qv It we JQIPIDS -NND K I Z X ,S N1 SI TE , D9 X Volume X, 1958 saw Et to honor the prestdent ot P-qutnas Cottege. s etevate by Pope Ftus Xtt to the oftice rgnor an agarn in X953 ts dates b ck 'ff' r oty Father hrrnsett twrce rrt o WA8 Father rthur F ukows r wa rtarn wrt the trt e ot ery Reveren ons rnestrc Fretate Hts dedrcatron to studen thorc unror Cottege any thrngs have t at qurnas trorn the ttrst body contrnues tn Ap o apat hambe t Charnbertarn to o hoot was catted Ca sm ee grown bu rncreased student ago w trorn Papa to a rrne w en our sc changed srnce t en e schoot ha aduatrng cass of nrne to the present greatty to regard hun wrth warm a ectron On the annwersary ot hrs or matron to the prresthood a quarter century happrty and respecttutty dedrcate our yearbook to Monsrgnor Arthur F Bukows The X958 Thornrst Stat? Q X f xi jl""'4 -fifgj 74" 5,1-' if .2 ,ff--T, ,J 2 ffZl W 2 ,g1ff"5""f ,l"' f .2152 Ou H ' t A .ra xc a r P C ' ' h ' t V d M ' . d ' . D . u . . . 0 t' h ' 1 ' . M ' ' rr . nt ' a a , x A ' , gr . X . . I . . . H . . . . d. . . - I e . . . . kk . Wiki YY-, YY"ie?lQ V, ' f-r v. ., , ff -'fw K ,ff ':L X' , ' 'Z -ig , 6.7777 X A 'X I K- X ! ' K f,,,ff My 'K ' W KK: , f' . , ,gf jf' "" fff'fffffK'f' X ' g, 1 A, ' " ' , ' - ' 1 K 421, f zf- K, A 2 Y ' ' ,,., W ' ,, fffeffzfffa, - , ' , . -fefrf , ' F ,Q - ef f-,Ni ,,.., K , ,AW W-f-ff! "HQ if ff W N V Wfggffy- ,ef g ,K ,M -A I f - 1 '7 " wa- ff t'i"" , ,,, ' ,Q55-1'Tl"' f f,,f,- f-hffgiie pzsf-- H '- ' N, , 2- f ,,,f:J - M4 ,5 fr flf ,ff ,42f'5g,.,f:if1:g1'- e - 15213 'igfgg'-ff-"r " , .1 f ,, 2' ' 1 ,Q 'v- '-,- 1 1 . Z. MQ' 'git --f f- ' 1,14 ' e -Y ' f' W ,nw 4 ' K ' ' 'F ., --.f-A-N A' A "' Ti,-1' W fggi, 2 THE RIGHT REVEREND M ONSIG N PRESID UINAS Ccilin F. BUKO EGE WSKI -f""i" QW 3' Q Table of Contents Dedication Milestones Faculty Seniors Unclerclassmen Activities Sports Organizations Advertisers Page 2 Page 6 Page I6 Page 32 Page 54 Page 82 Page 114 Page 130 Page 155 IU' ,J-ff 'DQCIA . ' , P, Ng ,,?rws"'. v fe: THE MOST REVEREND ALLEN J. BABCOCK, D.D., LL.D BISHOP OF GRAND RAPIDS 69 RANSOM -x MILESTONES-- "Evolutiong an unfolding, a process of opening out what is contained or implied in somethingg a devel- opment as leading to a definite end." . . . . Webster An exact measurement of l958's intellectual and moral productivity as related to Aquinas College will never be found in office statistics. lt would be impossible to measure the potentiality which was actuated this year as almost l,OOO students met in classes, discussion groups, and chapel to advance the "evolution" of their own lives. Effects of this inner growth were felt by the student, his family, his friends, and, in a more abstract sense, by the college itself. As we can iudge the spiritual development of a student only by exterior effects, so we here attempt to view the development of Aquinas College in terms of material expan- sion - keeping in mind the underlying spiritual force which upholds it as an institution and motivates its faculty to "open out what is contained or implied" in reality. lk l Y The name Aquinas College dates from l940. Before that time it had been called by three other namesg Mary- wood College, Sacred Heart College and Catholic Junior College. In i942 the first co-ed graduating class of Aquinas was made up of five men and four women who attended classes at 69 Ransom Street. Later in that year the school acquired a building at 53 and 55 Ransom Street which was used as a dormitory called Marion Hall. Eight men students lived there with a certain Father Bukowski who thought of him- self as a sort of "house father." The following year saw the first Dominican Father on the regular faculty, Father Peter Reilley, O.P. He may be said to be responsible for the mass infiltration of Dominican priests which followed. " lgsgimfgc- MARIAN HALL Ylfg A I . N ff? . X ,'fuy.,t',a . , x ogg Nqr, wx' -xx 34:3 , W - 1' 57 Q Nik V W-c L V, P, 3 .K J 1 r,f'! Y J! ? . 9' ,g In , ri!! , X L For years the former Lowe estate home, left, served as the Admin- istration Building in which many college classes and all college business were carried on. Today the building once more serves in its original capacity as a convent for the Dominican sisters who teach in the college proper. i il i A marked evolution in campus facilities can be demonstrated when the original one-room Jordan Hall is compared to the present structure in which the old building, named for Blessed Jordan, a Do- minican teacher, is incorporated. Albertus Hall, once the garage of the Lowe estate, is now adapted for use as a science building. ALBERTUS HALL ,gmail- JORDAN HALL Q li -4 is '+ ll " m Ill , S MV kg! Iwi' 1 'P W The Field House, left, which contains 1. gymnasium, large classroom, showers, lock- er rooms and an office, is the center of all physical education activities. On November 18, 1953, ground for a new T-shaped Administration Building was broken. On September 29, 1954, the cornerstone was laid and by the following summer classes were being held in that edifice. All administrative offices, most of the instructional offices, classrooms, chapel, libraries and cafeteria are now contained in the completed structure. ln October of 1955 a grand event took place. The cafeteria opened . . . a long wait for a cup of coffee. lA few glimpses of the present Administration Building under construc- tion are given on page 11.1 The Dominican priests reside at 143 Lakeside Drive, N.E., while Marywood, 2025 Fulton East, serves as a Motherhouse for the sisters. I ' vw lv F3 is If "W" I 1' E ...- wg, ADMINISTRATION 'BUILDING - T' OF THE PRESENT CAMPUS OF THE FUTURE-- lilly 'rf sf' ff' v u g l 1. QPQMWWMA A usumu Ti-'Q at :Andrus TJIVELOUMENT KOCH AQU.r.r.-, C.OLklCl lizard Administration Building 6 - Proposed Field House Chapel 7 - Power House Science BUildln9 8 - Men's Dormitory Convent 9 - Men's Dormitory Present Field House 10-Women's Dormity Hill! lub i DIEML. C-xQLni I I - Women's Dormitory 1 2 - Women's Dormitory I 3 - Albertus Hall 14 - Jordon Hall I 5 - Auditorium i 5 r Q .+Q.'..t' Aw, I f H Music Wing Student Center President's House Tennis Courts Tennis Courts v ...T-J..:-1...- ' aculf 0 If S G GQ PJ Administration SISTER MARY MILDRED, O.P. Dean of Aquinas College N THE RIGHT REV. MONSIGNOR ARTHUR F. BUKOWSKI President of Aquinas College -Ak, SISTER MARY BLANDINA, O.P. Registrar 16 SISTER AGNES MARIE, O.P. Treasurer fx MR. GEORGE F. J. LAMOUNTAIN THE REV, THOMAS A. HENNESSEY, o.P. Assisfvnf Deon of Men Dean of Men MISS GERTRUDE M. HORGAN Dean of Women X f -wk S ' 1 17 MISS ELEANOR T. KEATING Assistant Dean of Women A SISTER MARY ANNABEL, O.P. Assistont Professor of Biology SISTER AGNES MARIE, O.P. Associate Professor of German SISTER MARY ANNETTE, O.P. Associate Professor of Piano and Theory fi Y M K . X v X 5 mf I I :" as ., .1., ,, Vinh ,... ,. su yi FREDRICK V. BERNARD E Q .,:, 1:. ,,,. W A D f f P f f E In h Aga qz l is C, A -5 ssis an ro essor o ng is JOHN E. BELLARDO SISTER MARY BERNETTA, O.P. ssociote Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Education and Physics SISTER MARY BERTRAND, O.P. Professor of French SISTER MARY BRIDE, O.P. Assistant Professor of English JOSEPH D. DE MURO Instructor in English THE REV. JOHN M. DONAHUE, O.P Instructor in Theology -,pre """' LEWIS B. CLINGMAN Associate Professor of History f yi '..., R I 3 7 2 I V? g y W5 fjsiig' 1: 1 1' ' 'a 1- 5 4 S ""' THE REV. ADRIAN T. ENGLISH, O.P Associate Professor of History and Theology 19 wr' 'Tm Qi? PETER F. ERHARDT Instructor in Chemistry 5 Sb SISTER EUGENE MARIE, O.P. Associate Professor of Library Science 5 Wi SISTER MARY GONZAGA O P -wi f ' f '-'- " Professor of En hsh and Phnloso h P Y HENRI L. GIBEAU Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Instrumental Supervision 348.298 ROBERT G. GHERING Instructor in Accounting bg, SISTER MARY HARRIET, O.P. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology SISTER HELEN LOUISE, O.P. Instructor in Mathematics FRANZ W. HOELSCHER Instructor in Organ and Chorus GERTRUDE M. HORGAN Associate Professor of English and Education THE REV. THOMAS H. KAUFMAN, O.P. Associate Professor of Sociology THE REV. THOMAS A. HENNESSY, O.P Associate Professor of Theology E 1, 5,2-: iss.. ELEANOR T. KEATING Instructor in Latin 21 SISTER MARY KEVIN, O.P. Assistant Professor of Music Education and Piano GINES M. MAIQUES Professor of Spanish 22 GEORGE F. J. LAMOUNTAIN Assistant Professor of Psychology THE REV. FREDERICK C. LEHNER, O.P Assistant Professor of Theology SISTER MARIE, O.P. Instructor in History and Philosophy THE REVEREND PAUL LOUIS Instructor in Business Administration and Sociology SISTER MARY MALACHI, O.P. Associate Professor of Library Science SISTER -MARY MARK, O.P. Associate Professor of Chemistry SHUI S, KENNETH .I. MARIN Assistant Professor of Economics mr-' assi LLOYD C. NIETLING Instructor in Mathematics Q JH-s: M., gwmz, . ,. if if I. if 6' f . l SISTER MARIS STELLA, O.P. Assistant Professor of English ELISABETH A. NOEL 5,21 Instructor in English 23 SISTER MARY NOELLA, O.P. JOHN A. POJE ASSOCLULC P"0fe550f of HiSf0"Y Associate Professor of Chemistry RAY E. NULL Assistant Professor of Physical Education DONNA L. RYDZEWSKI Instructor in Biology Y WERNER W. PRANGE THE REV. JOHN D. SCANLON, O.P Associate Professor of Philosophy Instructor in German and Geography and Theology OSCAR SCHWEIGARDT Associate Professor of Art RICHARD D. SEDLECKY Instructor in Mechanical Drawing GEORGE W. SEFTON Lecturer in Advertising MARY ANN SEWARD Instructor in English THEODORA H. SEGAR EUGENE W SMITH Instructor in Physical Education Assistant Professgr of Biology JEAN C. WILLKE Instructor in History and Political Science FACULTY NOT PICTURED: SISTER MARY CASIMIR, O.P. Instructor in Art SISTER CECILE, O.P. Instructor in Theology J. WARREN EARDLEY Instructor in Business Administration SISTER M. EMELINE, O.P. Instructor in .Mathematics SISTER MARY EVANGELISTA, O.P. Instructor in Voice and Theory WALTER J. FEDER Instructor in Russian SISTER GERTRUDE MARIE, O.P. Instructor in English LELAND N. HILL Instructor in Accounting WENCEL A. MILANOWSKI SISTER MARIE GENEVIEVE O P Lecturer in Business Law MRS. ISABEL M. SIRTAUTIS Instructor in Spanish THE RIGHT REV. MONSIGNOR JOSEPH C. WALEN Instructor in Sociology SISTER EUGENE MARIE, O.P. Assistant Librarian SISTER MARY MALACHI, O.F Librarian KATHLEEN BARBER Registrar's OtTice JUDY BARE Registrar's , C 0 MISS CATHERINE BLACK Q Secretary to the President A7 MISS MARY MALONE Secretary to the Dean MRS. GLADYS EBELS Switchboard Operator 9-wif ,,.f-fmiiwf ,g ,Exact I 3 rf JOSEPH RUSSELL BERNARD DE BOER JOHN FEUTZ Maintenance Building Engineer Maintenance ml I I ie SISTER M. ROBINA, O.P. Business Office From Germany . . . From Ireland . . . W 35 we B L x s or MQW ,ni - ,Q I S 4 .1 eip! j , j, 5, fW WDW Aren'f you sorry you did that? ,7 dn' fi 1 r Monsignor on Ice VII Ill' Wil lit lil' .ll ill ll! Ull IIS EZ! 325 3532 I!! fill Ill till Ill From Indio SYFICTIY from Hunger re must be a more philosophical soluhon E fs if S 45 Ronald Laurence Adams Farrell Wayne Bieber B.S. in Business Adminisfrorion A.B. in History Lloyd Vincent Bishop John Francis Blondin A.B. in Hisiory A.B. in Hislory -gig. A a of Robert Charles Bonczyk Maureen Marie BoY'e B,S, in Biology A.B. in HiSfOI'Y Gary Henry Brisson Ronald Edward Brooker A.B. in History B.S. in Chemistry .nl TT gf , 2 , 37 ' fi 7 of vi ' W f B Y it K io K , fr. X5 l' ' . John Francis Burns Daniel Eugene Carey B.S. in Biology A.B. in Business Administration uf--. K 40 Kathleen Ann Cashen Juanita Rosario Charfauras A.B. in History B.S. in Business Administration 4 ff-H gk Q Harry Francis Chools Milda Elvira Cuncins B.S. in Business Administration B.S. in Medical Technology ,Na-1' ,. r, MTH ' " W wma, all M .vm 1551+ a ' Q. gy PM 7""f-' JL I YQ, f ' Kr 44 iw , ' ifr:F:w..2 V .. 4- f' 5 t ' K . r " 5. - sg A f, gg 2 if fx mm, , ., -:Lg gli-gfim Patrick Charles Dolan Richard Gerard Doyle B.S. in Business Adminislration A-B- in Hislofy Beatrice Agnes Eglais Lawrence Abraham Farhat B.S. in Biology A.B. in History 'Wa Irene Marie Ferguson Jane Ellen Ford B.S. in Biology A.B. in Sociology John Robert Fuller Donald Lynn Gorman A.B. in Hislory A.B. in Psychology 216 Janet Ruth Gazella Elizabeth Anne Geller AB- in Hisfvfy A.s. in Hislory A----Hyun Loretta Frances Gezich Wallace Anihony Graves B.S. in Biology B.S. in Business Administration ,gi Nancy Yvonne Guerin Eunice Gunn A.B. in Sociology A-B- lf' Hl5l0"Y Mary Ellen Hands B.S. in Biology Ralph David Hauenstein B.S. in Business Adminislralion xywgsiso David Lee Hanks A.B. in Biology Robert William Hillary A.B. in Philosophy 1 Roy Francis Johnson A.B. in Mathematics Monika Kadikas B.S. in Chemistry Walter Thomas Jurek B.S. in Biology Paul Walter Kolinski B.S. in Business Administration Frank Richard Kosakoski Peter John Labinski B,S, in Buginegg Adminigfrqlion B.S. in Business Administration f wi' Ali" , Joan Ann Lanahan Joseph William Lang A.B. in 50955571 B.S. in Business Administraiion Donald Earl LeClair B.S. in Business Administration Richard Paul Leonard B.S. in Business Administration Arthur Albert Lee A.B. in Mathematics Kenneth Michael Lewandowski B.S. in Chemistry iw ,I nv' .l my .Q .,.. A Ausmu Linde Donna .leon Locke B.S. in Medical Technology A.B. in French Floyd Joseph McCoy Doris Suzanne Mankoski A.B. in History 8.5. in Medical Technology Patricia Sophie Mankowski Harold James Miedema A.B. in History B.S. in Business Administration Q. David Lawrence Milanowski Mary Patricia Miller A.B. in History A.B. in Biology Mary Kay Mitchell Patrick Joseph Monks A.B. in Sociology B.S, in Business Administration Robert Joseph Niedzielski Carl Anthony Nowak 8.5. in Chemistry 35, in giogogy James Roy Orgren Roberta Joan Orr A.8. in Philosophy A.B. in History ami, WM James Edmund Pelon Daniel James Pupel B.S. in Business Adminisirciion A-B- in HJSVOYY Patrick Michael Quinn Gerald Wesley Radecki B.S. in Business Adminisiralion A.B. in Hislory Francis John Rutowski Elaine Marie Sabourin A.B. in Hisiory A.B. in Hisiory 4-r 'F N532 I we t y S. 'Qi 'Se 'EW Karolyn Kay Sanders A.B. in Hisiory .,., ,355 6- g g 'gviiiw . K 5 gs 3 if 3.4, 'P Francis Vincent Schmidt B.S. in Biology E 3 x 2 A I A f P? X 14 i x f Marlene Rose Schmidt B.M. in Music Education 8. Theory John Joseph Schrems A.B. in Hisiory Joan Shuple Sheila Margaret Smith A.B. in Hislory B.S. in Biology fbi Charles Richard Solon, Jr. Elmer Harry Theodore B.S. in Business Adminigh-qgion 8.5. in Business Administration i.-3 -n-ll:-up Sandra Lee Thompson Richard Dole Wogemoker A.B. in English A.B. in History ,M Eugene Vern Word Kenneth Roy West, Jr. A.B. in Biology 8.5. in Business Administration Robert Wencel Wisz A.s. iii Biology Not Pictured: John Joseph Beckwith A.B. in History Shirley Ann Bergeron A.B. in Philosophy Charles Anthony Budnik B.S. in Business Administration Robert Hager Conn B.M. in Music Education and Theory Ricardo Camacho Duenas A.u. in English Josephine Clarice Kiel A.s. in Biology Joseph Henry Maurer A.B. in Philosophy 1 Thomas Sorrelle, Jr. A.B. in History David Bert Thompson A.B. in English Gerald Allen VanDreumel 8.5. in Mathematics Robert Lawrence Viera A.B. in History Daniel Robinson West A.B. in History Richard Charles Yahnke A.B. in Business Administration William Bertram Zuller A.B. in History Mary Catherine Meholic A.B. in Sociology Sr. Mary Annunciata Ferguson, O.P. B.M. in Music Education li Theory 5525, Alma Marie Zeigler A.B. in History I 1 ,ff -"-i 'K A W legit - ---- .. . 5 A ,.. ' . -5, l..,. :-,- - l ,,..,,. 4 . iw: Q . 4 if , S 4 l, 'X 'X f 95 ' N -Q' ,J l Wg. ,,.." As Eggs' i . Q W ., J l to ilfiitiiffw to f ffm. ii , . it ' - 5 A tfsizqigigili W -i ,A N -g f Q 4 I of l 1 , N B eiiiwi Q Y i -'---' i . ii' .J 5:5 4 , " K -i:5i'i:,:::'i-2-ii:-V .1 - ?Sigg3'NQ,':1.im4, gigwgsfii 4- i -i Joseph James Paul A.B. in Psychology VH' Jean Ann Kramer Sr. Ann Elizabeth Porter, O.P A.B. in Sociology A.B. in English Sr. Mary Jacqueline Schoenborn O P BS In Mathematics Sr. Mary Lisa Marie Lazio, O.P. Sr. Mary Llewelyn Dipzinski, O.P. A.B. in English A.B. in Biology 52 5 Sr. Mary Mercedes Marcin A.B. in English O.P. 'N' H-wsu? Robert Ann Erno, B.S. in Malhematics Sr. Mary Sharon Jablonskl, O.P. A.B. in English O.P X Sr. Mary Stanley Janowiak, O.P. 5, 'Mary Teresa Eh,-, 0 8.5. in Mathemalics A.B. in Malhemaiics .P I Eugene Andrejczak Judilh Barber Kathleen Barber Charles Budnik Thomas 59955700 John Gcrdella rv' Cav' Q5-" ,f ' T' "Hn M' NV ll is 'Q N A ' l' W Lindo Kopec Joseph Rinkeyich Mary Ellen Sloan Gerald VanDreumel Gerald Wahmhoff 54 1? Jas: R in 'P in 4, b " ggi! L 51.4 Q 1 PM , . 'he .3 11- 5- Catherine Amonte Theodore Ambrustmaker .w i -A ' Y! ...I A ' EW 52 fzfiaf ' A N., 1 Robert Benion Donald Blonfon 5 ' A ef "5'fH' ,.,:, 'ISK ' ,. , Ti" x -'fi leon Byl James Casper Q QM Tacui Avelikian Laurence Bayer Q- e X ,H r . kg 2 2 . 5 W R I in as N - A ssl Leon F. Boomgaard Donald Brown qi " X 1 Q2 ar. :.iE we Barbara Chin Roxana Coale 4 13 or 'I 'K ' 'M George Colburn 4 , as NP Sally Coughlin K , J Robert Crompton 6 QW Riley Dennett Loretta Drewes an q Richard Crampton was fi Joseph Cronley AA James Donahue ,, .t ... ti xi i. " 1, X Agnes Eick A Margaret Fitzgerald Salvatore Genovese Q vs., . if Frederick Haslem Daniel Kay 33 5 if W is , 1, 5 isa? D hx M. Q Q 6 ,.. 4, , ,,., , 5 V . A ,.... A .,,,. Q L Thomas Goeldel Sybil Klapperich 11 David Kolenda Qi Amelia lalewicz Mary Ann Hawkins , 5. 1.5 - - . 5 - -,ff f . , 'Q 'iv S 1 s Edward Kelbel iiwxkhbiib g Bruce Kline Y ff .- Q ,4- ' A 'i ff in -1 . David Lake Elizabeth Linder 21 5 N AK 'Q 4"- Judilh Margrave June Marlin Monica McConnell .iif ,. . Q w. qi. .1.. MQ' V li' X I "' 5 - I 4, , ' .xg 2125 , -:., V ' Y A 1 li' 'Ml X A Andrew Meholic John Morse Richard Nadon ,f ff-:S . ,211 ll - - li P ,,,. rg in 4 Gerald No,-man Delphine Permoda Phyllis Perry M , ia A k A R ,' '33 L Gail Peterson Geraldine Radawski A lp' 5 fig Nl A .N , R ll'- Aary Lynn Robach Margaret Salik Edwin Sfephan A-3' Madeline Sadowski Y- ? QQ?-.:' Dale Tolger Irene Vargas Charles Vogt Thaddea Wagner in "7 1 as Lu. as . I ' """,,l . .4., . Z Michael Wisnewski J 3 Paul Z mber Fi 5 ' Q .. Q .. 'K H ' 5' 1 si 8 iii if , Xw- .. F? , . .a t 'Q s if K X as xiii! 3: lv VQV, , 'V 1...g,, .V ,- jlfi ,ny Hikmet Al-Khouri Vern Armbrusvmucher Elizabeth Anderson Dawn Argile P Chad Q' TNC 'yy "'-7.7 X Robert Augustyn Thomas Barber Charlene Berry Sqlly jo glock C-HQ an-' 6 0 Q -wr E X ,N -C -if Sgr x 1 xf he Cecilia Bradley Patricia Bradley Mary Boggiano Patricia Boven Z Q 1- ,Q ...Q 5 'il r ev .- Thomas Bowles Thomas Casaletfo June Chuck I V CY. ""'..'- i tl - Jerome Conrad Charlene Cribley Peter Cybulskis Q ' lx , V L k 'Q ,ve QM' JGCQUBHHB Defdfl Thomas Deschaune -rx can wa Ln Guy Diekmon 136 ,yi MH! XA, . ek M Wm Marguerite Dombrowski ,Q CN ffuwk ,eu-1' yr Margaret Doud Th Marilyn Dowler Q1 -Ig 4 W ! Richard Drenovsky 1 M - Rosemary Eddy , Maureen Dungey Q3 l -L -2': 5 'Q Mary Ann Ellis T2 Fi ,. ,Q wf' Millicenf Euslick 'nz T r 'i-.4 '3 Mary Jane Fein .wma W, .M H, , 4 -fl'-, 'ff-'Q 5-31' F sim. at John Fennel! Rosalie Ferronle Theodore Findlay M H' 95' n 'I' Q .sv :L 5, xv? ff H Q' 'B' jg.-neg Fodqr Merlin Fritzen Judy Ann Funk b-4' X- I NM!! ,gf Joan Gamm fr '-9' nv 'A ww' ,, in wks xx 1x H. Richard Geiger Nm! 'Q' Q Mariorie Goulet Mary Jo Hackett S rv-f 9""' , I Ae, .mx Margaret Gazella T 4 ,.... 1 David Golzynski "5 L ff Ronald Grzybowski 4:19 Suzanne Hanrahan Q25 Q ' A -fl e in -as , M 5 ,fx 5 AW, 4' 19""'f+ ' . M , F N' H . ,:, if 1'-' gil M .4 QQ KH M X 'f Q A in iw wil Stanley Haraburda Margaret Hart Rita Hasse Alan Heisler iv 3 Q , - 8 , ii"' -. f ' -'ss 4 f Mary Louise Henige Irene Hill Patrick Hillary 5 , ' :nu , . . ill! ti li . Na, if v W! f 'F 2 .:,:. Kenneth Hozeski r Q, Q my John Kailunas omg QXPS.:-.. X, P , Vx rf?-s gf H., " A --be M ., K -x Us f-A W if A L Patrick Huber Martha Kaminski ,Q., Q Q Harry Hudson X ,QA K, 'Wi Stephen Kelbel + ,L 'W ' S X if ng 'l , ' '- J'-I K 1 - rf-pw' fn, , X , .N , if 121' 1 TX Zf'lN5.xXN' John Kirkwood Mary Ellen Kirkwood G. ' 1 K -sz W Y' 1 4 Q ,. ,... ' 4 tif Rita Kline Wanda Kochanek My fv- A .. .Q Ronald Kulhanek Judy lee A ..r,. f'Qfrf3',,, sw Q D RX iq JoAnn Jarosik H6 g f I" Q Albert Kessel is Richard Kleff fi Jane Kolarik -at 'Yi' t . . Q Robert Lodato in e , 'im 1 Gerald luxford Rf ? , if is W wa , Frank Magnuson Ann Mason M, , W F ,Q wus Philip Monterussa Sharon Nanzer L V 3 6 Mary Agnes McCar9y Barbara Maiewski XM me R Thomas Mayan - . , Rita Myszka N Elaine Neussendorfer 'lv Catherine McEvoy 'gm 55 naw' Henry Norder X , Gerald Pallok C Q' , wal s armela Selvaggio A 'V Us "f" in ia an lskyfw Marie Norris Stanley Ogrodzonsk Charlene Ohrgn Joseph Q,-'undo , f S , Q I '55, ' XP gy W R ' 4'-' Q.. ' E -.. ly r , 'r is John Popaski Carolyn Radawski , sf K x Eric Rikans Roberta Robinson I Q f k .' U -5 in ' : 1- ' A l Mary Sheridan Jerri Siebe , f ' '1- ,Q . .- A if- lit' My Hoi - me . , 1 iiffiiml. fi- f is :rf sis if M ,ix lxii aa S Ffmsh- Frank Simons Larry Slade 3 is Lorena O'Rourke K Q , .z'1':...3' ig L Terry Schmidt wr Richard Smith ws- 1 Carolyn Solon Mary Sullivan A- ,:k, r 'wr 'B' 1 Richard Wakvlai M. Sue Zan! Judith Spendow 4 f T 5 Joseph Suchocki B i Q .J .A W2 hi 1 Jacqueline Uzas Roy Vincent 51' 'ev-r-f 53 4 V'-"I 1 kk Carol Weatherman Richard Weber 4 Francis Zawacki at X 3 f .P 'Viv ' s. 2. gf -W 'QL Q ik 0 S Ui 'A Suzanne Agoslini Alberllne Al-Khouri Gregory Arsulowicz Diana Askins Patricia Baczewski Suzanne Baller Janice Barlo Kathleen Boll Jane Bowler John Bunek James Burns Mary Busch Rose Marie Byrne Colleen 'Carroll Nancy Casalello Karen Chopanis Ralph Coleman Luella Coulurier James Croninger Michael Cuncannan Nancy Czerney ., 4 . .- . -F. , 'QQ if . 4 af i ff "" 4 5' Y f 'YQ A . ... 4 W' 54... rl, J -.zz , 1,-0" R? sinus. . 990 Q V A,.-' 4 N 1, 5 Q, In t g Jk mx is . ,.,'- " fn E, Patricia Darr John Debelack Carol Duba Thomas Flickinger John Gentleman Mary Ja Hackett James Hickey Nancy Hoban Mary Jeleniewski Kathleen Jenks Michael Kelly Joyce Kerwin Ronald Korte Dolores Kruger Q :mage x -W .,f,-v ' A Q W' Huff, V . A as wi at Q I" W Q I -QP B? 'YQ Q 'i' Q' ff ,pvc fn, HJ s QE' Fla hh ' Q P45 I. if wwf? Qt "c. ist ,L 47 , , 3,553 WN! 3 AN A, , F1 5: , ' f fy ' .f 'W' Shirley Delongpre lois Doyle Mary Ann Gardella Gene Geller Hendrik Hamstra Kathleen Ann Hands Elizabeth Hoffman Thomas Hofmann Margaret Jones James Kelbel Barbara Kolenda John Kondziela Gregory Leestma Lois leh man ! Q ? 'N -if like W nv rf " Q In tv F .ik 'Q ' qul. 5 ,K K 5 4 it 'MP1 e eJ 5' l K G Q3 1 wr ni pr J .r ' - . .,. A f. H i,,f,,1 L: QQ if 5 in , .w 'Sf 9 K lf if ,if fo-. Mary .la Leonard Geraldine Lurtz Donald Lynch Patrick Lynch Thomas McDermott Helen McDonald E. J. McEvoy Suzanne McEvoy Dennis McWilliams Gloria Manikowski Janice Marshall Palricia Marshall Wayne Martens Julia Marlin HW is 59 ,6 I SQ :, lv 1 4, ,... . ,G 'M F VV 'NE , A I V-..1 is if , D0 s nr' 'Q 'QV i 'l fa r Q4 8 ' .,.....: s ,. X, A uv 'rl Q X . X4 . ,L 'Pu' Robert Martin Thomas Martin Barbara Meuclewski Katherine Messing Jean Newlon Eugene Nowak Vincent Paparella Hal Popma Sharolyn Purchase Ardelle Purzecki Mary Roese Joseph Saukas fufherine Schrems Dianne Schumacher ty ..--,J M . 3 f ,Quirky 4' At. . L4 -W..--. 23? "3" fn- Em' V' ll' wk ur gn "-. . ., Paz .J . 5 , Q 3. Q , , t.,i, " f V I ,.,. I ...X e"li'f24 VEQETQK ,im 531 irrc so w e .EZQ 4 I K y rivixu ,, ,Y 1 'Q A if A f, Ki W .Y " ' . 5 ,E Q 5 S l ' 1 Q Richard Maurer David Medley William Navigate Mary Neavill William O'Brien Judith Ogren Suzanne Potts Jeannine Pulte Louise Ribble Rosalie Robinelle Judith Schertzing Thomas Shields William Sommers Janet Sowle Q 'F' , 4- - in ,M 4 A l - 5 "aim M 'f in ' sg! 5 X it i ,y -Se E l llll J :Lu 'Y n-ngff . tu-gf S ..' . Q Egg' 5 A 5 'Q Q SE I l W :" - ,,,-f 5 and Lf -r 1 i .... ,.,. t, c . x gg Q f fiEz.5w f ,323 leonard Skrycki Thomas Smith Janice Stiles John Szymanslzi David Thomasma Fred Tomaszek Robert Van Bragl Jane! Vanleeuwen Edward Wagner Mary Welniak Mary Wozniak Gaylord Zeigler Robert Boyce a j: in 5- , xpfx ,Y 1' ,,... x R 'YX4 X si Fig s df r - W 4 A 1 . 1 Q E Q 5 lv H - I 'N A t i ' 3585 'Q ma xr li .QX ik 3 ., fa if 1 'SQ ' f ..,, , Q, my .,,,, io' 'H'-nr? fi s ef: .. QL Q' . was l .,2A,, Q Qf?H Er! g'1 Freshman Class President ............... Vice President ....... Secretary .......... Treasurer .,..... Junior Class Q 8. if A ...James Hickey .Joseph Maginni ..............Carol Dubai .......Mary Bush Sophomore Class '11 VU' President .............. Jacqueline Derda Vice President .... Carolyn Radowski Secretary ............ Catherine McEvoy Treasurer ................ Richard Weber Class Officers President ........................ John Morse Vice President .............. John Caruso Secretary ............... .....Irene Vargas Treasurer ............ Sybil Klapperich A sq, n i f. Q f . e , . he F Senior Class President ..................... .James Pelon Vice President .............. Sheila Smith Secretary ................,.... Treasurer ............ .Donna Locke Ralph Hauenstein 'Q Q 4- ,I W i Q Y I , Margaret Aerfs L. fb ff 5 2+ i Xi Alice Benlson Fi? Joan Bourdo n wtf, : Nancy Chapman xr gf'- y Y X Lois DeJodge 'P sr Beth Anderson Ni' A i 4 K , Zelda Arcioni Isabella Austin 'ai r 5 : if MQVCY U Cent' al Judith Bray .fa F r mg.. Glenda Chrism SCWOX urging Q. 6 r R is 'W hav Sharron Bahlhorn i , ' NUMY Black S . Joann Brenna fl an Jacqueline Conway 85 .., Ilene Benac f. I: if E Yvonne Bolsford R. Miriam Briggs R6 Marcia Courlade ., R A A ,. :fn Q. l g we A V! f" V g ' zu' , I V ,W ,.'.:. 4 V , .,. q X JoAnne Dorey June Dykgraaf virginia Ellis Leona Graczyk Judilh Grzesiuk 4 Gs if 'YU' vw ww x ' 6' if 1 'wx ... g ' f Marilyn Hager Maris Hager -ir A ff' 'V' Q pi? Rf if av KUY Haug 36 l Margaret Hunler Janet Jelens Corinne Jeske 153 Qin xi' Cheryl Hermalz vp, in Gloria Jezewski wifes, '57 141 I Mo., l'!"'3? ex Sisl Marilyn Heibel QE" Q .,,r f Bonnie Johnson QQ-3' 1 l Janice Jurumbo X if er Marie Karen O, K-ra: y 'U' fi, I Sharon Kisller P. .vs A 5 Carol Hullhen Km 'Q' Jn X Sister Ann Joseph O,P 63 64. fa-5 'Q' - Barbara Kainz S in , Mary Kellerman wv CY l Rl-Ilh Knox MQ? 'S' I Patricia Kopec wi 'fl' ir 1 "' Y Joan Kurzeriewski " i 1' ,iv 1 wwf v -ai . -0- i pr f ,rvik 4 " '3' 'Q' V 5 9 y, ' M N W 9 5 1 i X im Frances Krzykwo Carole Kubiok Patricia Lynch G90f9i0f1n0 MUY Mo"i'Yn M9Ye'5 Cecilia Mikhail sqf- P Florence Osier ,ew 4, X Lynne Polglcse t,.Qv-ng, kr F I R9 ,tr WW R fn K me K L4 . V Glll is wpifh Wm N tw' Gwendolyn Potter Dmleen Rakosky Nancy Rex Sheila Rice Anne Rickle Maureen Robinson Karen Ronan Ann Sfldlef 6 A if ,fr Y Kathryn Salogar Ga- K M M F' Charlotte Sleder men smllh ' ' Q? Teresa Sibley ff, an X! may l QW' , Kathleen Schaefer fi-fi Jennylee Stiphany P my N X 1 Marilyn Schafer Mary .lo Schneider 3 I 1,5 l X . 'W Z., - ' X H E - Kay Margie Strahle Barbara Sullivan ,fra-'saws is ,+ c, ' has -.A, , '9 - 'F , wg' ,. p Q We Nw, w ig H y X i y p Sisler Marie Thomas Barbllfd Tally Theresa Treymann Joyce Vondecevel Jacquelyn Nylen I. -',' 'f-I", N""'cY Wallace Beverly wgebm. Jdnelwinbrodl Vlfginia Wolf! Judith Zienlek APPING Cumlxfs IRST 78 Congratulations and best wishes for success go to the newly capped stu- dents-class of 1958. You earned your cap by diligent study and a sin- cere interest in becoming a graduate nurse. You have several months ahead during which time you will study various phases of nursing. Each course you study is an important part of the total curriculum. Each course will demand serious study and atten- tion to detail. You will find new ex- periences each day you enter the hos- pital. It is your responsibility to turn these experiences into learning ones. MUVY Wlliendzsk HM-fi fm x 1 'S lil E I U!-WU' A VIZ Q l ,.,, ' i ii -36 4 -A-nn 5.x-.g.v 1 79 .I IE Cam feilb 57 GMA WEEKEND 4 . - -ff YV' -vi 4.' , ir 'f"'i ', 'N' . .rw . 43 sttiik " 1 it ' .ft Q , q.?'1,-Q-' .ug ff ff- Lg, A Ei-.qi -'T Months of preparation found their climax in the Gala Weekend at Aquinas. The ability to blend work and play came in handy as students and faculty ioined forces to make money for the college building fund. Three and a half days of festive activity com- menced with an Inaugural Ball centered around the coronation of a king and queen. Mary Patricia Miller and,Robert Niedzielski, 1957 royalty, officially opened the fun- filled period and Aquinas danced. AUC BAL UEAL was a far cry from the rlotous cam s carried on by royal business man s prior to election. ie dream-spun atmosphere of the ball I . n Q X Q E at 4 l 9 tj, W, 4' t ,,.-Q .fx , ,a .. 4 .Q A n . , .nj V 4, ,,,,, W in 'i-sr. ,. -QQ-2-Fm if bf " . N' 'Q x - vf. -X-. M4 N, Q. 3, ii 1-anti il 3'l"'!Fl 4 2. Q23 'wa .QQ 1 i , ,V V ,T ,.i.Ja-Q. f Aourfv Alumni, students, visitors, all flocked to try their skill at such things as tossing "super- sonic" darts offered by Aquinas-trained barkers. There were baked goods prepared by the nuns, prizes for the lucky, laughter and activities for all. Aquinas enioyed itself. l 1 l , 31" 1 -M ff all On Monday, the Gala Weekend was col- legiate history. A broken balloon, a bent dart, hoarse voices, the iingle of coins being counted, the clack of adding machines, these were the remnants of a profitable weekend. Weary student arms pushed broom handles and pulled apart temporary carnival equipment, then Aquinas went back to work. -N ,Nix Q ' iw gn .y 3. R, 4 ,si .Q y A ' x 1 v-.,"j,- I E f I A i it e 7 iff? hw Q 4 ,JV M , 80 ll l .ffl , A Nw' ' 'Y w ,sy 5? A AW CMH L41 C eaf A quid CYOM S Dulsl nn Ocfolbztfihe momh of Ludwig OUV LZA-y 5 gciherg de ' ' ' f f C 'lla gel H250 hqctu ,QE C5 J, HHW-Nj LWCVE HOW fcllaln ' UW l' 5 QW -ftxej 1620 ag One of OUYQJerof W dx ,Am 1:-nalcyrj me QOSA9! ca elgigadxes. 0 a M 1 H wd 05 LIFE' x E. C S 0S+FefXQ1KglffLi3,gxvk.dq em e Q ,ATM 5 dnnl O5 'land M u ' Xcifffow OX CMOS! ik Q5 c Qfmq Eecone, fusedm 35 ty . , f 693525 .fm QM 'Wm E 5 N' Biuifnlni nd-s and QOH U C in B EN E D 1 CTA GN on the ylcps cj Aqulnasqafoni door A Small :grown ai the ri?-'hi X aidweg 'A Yi - k ,bl k, I 44 . .fa aiaicilszaia my And Sasha' draws oui ofihis liillg Chr of VOicgsSaxvS gfalcgx gen' wkl uJand,ar1d aiienlion mx , , , draw ejgu Q xv ll Sound BCWQUUW 5 Becaugg ll xg-lhe momh gurbav imc A I ' A lOLf,0lEe510.n Uwe wands sn a Emp 5:0 Everqmuhef, f Ve broadcasi ouvtgiih A Qenile arnaygm YH. viache-5 in Us Tho? iq Someihm about an Oui-of doOl'g Hwolicigm 3 F 61fz,q Mes ee , 'ii V v wmv -451 As co-chairmen of the 1957-58 Circles, Margaret Mary Fitzgerald and Carl A. Nowak found this particular collegiate year a busy time. Besides ne- gotiating for music, decorations, and between- dance snacks for hungry Aquinites, they helped ar- range for the original entertainment which is a feature at every Circle. The dances, held at frequent intervals throughout the year, offer hard-working students an opportunity to dance, sing, play cards or pool - in a word -- relax. The Thomist doffs its literary cap to all who have contributed time and labor for the ever-popular Circles, They have become one of the most pleasant traditions at Aquinas College. 5l-N NQQ if-:g"f5? if 5 X X T X fx X W X Q 1 X , XX X xx 89 KA YW' A if--:gm I FY wx I hrlstmas Clrc F7 WJ Q 3 fu? A, Y :K Q ff. D fx -Q f-11Q',: :,--. in ff f 'if ,, X t J, . . 3l""'v' ,pv- YM B ff w John Caruso and Agnes Eick, co- chairmen of the annual J-Hop dance. Q a k c ? 1. 4 I ,, ,J Q' 3 'H Q aw Q .gs 5. t, in Ng. kwa? 'E aa, 44 +2 :aff Homecoming Dance February I4 .44 Q ei Women's Retreat is ti The Rev. Martin D. Garry, O.P., S.T.Lr., Ph.D., conducted a closed retreat for women at the college December 6-8. Upperclass women participating displayed ad- mirable fortitude as they kept a three-day period of silence to better concentrate on spiritual real- ities often overlooked in the turmoil of day-to-day life. Another retreat, conducted by Rev. Terence O'Shaughnessy, O.P., S.T.Lr., S.T.D., was held on campus February 26-28. Y Student life can be confusing, and it often is. "Where am I going? Why am l here at all?" These are question which frequently pop into the minds of students as they rush from classes to work to meals to studies to classes again. A quiet time in which to relax, to meditate, and to ponder the future is afforded at the annual student retreat for men. This yefir the Rev, Philip Hanley, O.P., S.T.Lr., conducted both men's retreats which took place on campus February 21-23 and February 26-28. Men's Retreat Q'?hw.. ...Nm . 95 Foy 09x ow PM ogx op '05 Marian Congress ,-si? if yi i..-.Wu - ,clu-ni As the elifect of Aquinas' educational influence can be seen in her material expansion, so her spiritual influence can be seen at the annual Mar- ian Congress. Drawing increasingly large acclaim on both city and state level, the eleventh annual Marian Con- gress was directed by Rev. Paul J. D. Scanlon, O.P., student chaplain. Co-chairmen for the May ll processional were Floyd McCoy and Geraldine Radawski. - gi. pc MVN 'll' A54-3 U xi . Marian Congress queen and court for i957 were, left to right, Sheila Smith, Yvonne Greiner, Jeanne Mayan, queen Mary Jane Stachowiak, Elizabeth Linder, Jeanne Frechen and Patricia Mc- Carthy. Front: James and Donna from St. John's Home, The event finds its origin and inspiration in the promismses made by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima. It is Aquinas' attempt to fulfill the wishes she expressed there. The ceremony, witnessed by visitors from all over the state consisted ofa procession, coronation, sermon, and Benediction. A living rosary was com- posed of Catholic students chosen from the Grand Rapids diocese. The Rev, Alan Smith, O.P., dis- cussed St. Thomas as a biblical scholar in the Academic Day ad- dress. The yearly event began with high mass at St. Thomas church celebrated by Rev. Thomas Hen- nessy, O.P. The Victoria Mass, with a Credo from Missa Brevis by Palestrina, was sung by the college choir. Believe it or not, they received straight A's! Sister Celsa, M.d.c. Bert Walsh, Geraldine Radawski and Gerald WahmhoFF merited special Academic Day honors. '1"...l-l' JVIFJV "' T , Nts 5 W ' - W . ,Z Q Academic Day 1 qw fx X .XXX M ,- X V ffl. 'ef Q QW gg' W W Q wine .PBKXX ,. is iii 3 .s ww' ..., .-. M-Q Q'F"!"F" ,Quai if .a 4.4, ,bk .szcvggi fx Fellos you II never believe this onel Father Hur! pays a vlsnt. s ,WA NJ v. we -1 ow , --Q ,JM 4, !- the folks Library TE R Q B a ' Some find study distrochng 1 ,gui ,I T5 .. W "SSsshhhi1hhhhhh -" E ax Pondering postulants , i A.. 102 5 nw 3 'fx We-ww? Skowron s wnll mass you Beth x V3 Suena Hall News from home fka -. 3-qi M Clean-up time 44" - A 1-47" Q' 'CCF gem, I 1 '14 Jw' x Student 4' in "1 ii' ' N' :Z cn. A 'Qt ,,,""A'-K 'P-Q I zu. 9 , if hum Friday again. Think it's edible? 1 -.W Hausing . x ' 1 , -.F ' ti an wg im 1 M 55 'H si ...--........, MQ ,, gt.. A 'I if K ,R Ng 1 3' Ili 4 W' fn in , A 'st gl gf fgfft ft f ,Y W 2 3 'f , f W a , . K xl! ,gg 4 . V 'l,', 7iAiA, I is ' E , Another day begins. ,gi ? it ,S I, WMS. iw J gr!! Q8'fni-1-F fi? Ill- 4 'VC' W' You learn a lot at coll .aku- . Q Q V l A . K ' 2 fn .r .,, . 3 4 2 J ,ff 52513 1 f 2 ,, ege Favorite winter sport. f 103 f Q m,f,5r al' P f , fff'.e.x-cw Y: . F 5 They puzzle - E I s 5 k af 331 Y f """T"! . Aqnnv :M ,M,.f...-A they experiment lwe'P"e bv yi is! y 2' .32 .41 ...anim W: -e Q W K f NJN . , w"?'A' yin Mellow music by Jock. - -isrm ,, V ?, gil, ., I A l SM.: f WML Q ou XX: W ... WX M.- w 3' in R ig ..- galr WH "N 'K """'4""""mps ui' ffm , Joe and Carol fry a new piece, conversation without words. . 2 Music "Do you suppose if would double as c periscope?" UYOU 'mme iff "H PIUY if-H rv Aquinas in bloom-cz pciinter's holiday! -, 1, Mr. Schweigcardl, O 5' Art do you think -- " f gwigm uf KflU"'l'Ll gn S rj' Soy, now, -thcf's really something!" W Education pu-P' L fy -Qwtr saw. As any future teacher studying at Aquinas will maintain, "the block" is an exper- ience he'll never forget! An'l rightly so-for it is during this period of intensve on-the-iob training that students learn to cope with the real thing. Students in the abstract become students in the flesh. Classroom problems, duties and challenges look quite dlfferent when vicwed from the teacher's desk than when surveyed from over the pages of an education manual. In the picture above, student Donna Locke tries her hand at teaching French to a group of High School students. Below are pictures taken at a Tea given by elementary student-teachers for their critic-teachers. 0 if P 44" 'W 1 1 "2 I , hnffbd' "ff ' A .xx X1 - 3 ..- ,. S. P Elementary Surveying class takes to the field. - 3 A Some Greek students try out for parts in "Oedip Rex" by Sophocles. The production was to be pre- sented for general student attendance in the spring. US Masters of all they survey! Wow... -m- ., We had to smuggle our photographer la Liberall into the Engineering class to get this memorable shot. xii' 1 TT The Madrigal Group was m who enioyed the pleasure of s television show in the spring. Franz Hoelscher was director. hq. 'ff ade up of musically-inclined students ing- ing together. Among scheduled public appearances was to be a Mr. "My Fair Lady" was theme of the Women's League style show. Modeling college ensembles were Kathleen Hands, Delphine Per- moda, Virginia Picotte, Rita Myszka, Judy Margrave, Caroline Smith, Louise Ambro, Martha Kaminski, Sharon Nanzer and Jacqueline Derda. Some Aquinas League members pause for refreshments. The debaters: Marin, Smith, Wisz Clingman. The issue: atomic power li - " S Lt. Gov. Philip Hart was speaker following the Credit Union's supper. The audience: loves a good fight v fa X, ,. fs igh t i..1".4 l 2 A A il . Vex rs N li I Tgk mv' N The German Club has dinner. is 1 L- jir- it 5: ' 2-T . -M. as.- 01" . Q.. B52 .-. " 5 1.5 -... N 'S' 3 "-25 lln: i 1- 1: Q 1"o , E' ,I 1 K U W rfgtyl K' Norheim presents a concert to Aquinas listens as Rev. Thoralf remember. Q ghn, N. xx 3 5 1: ...MK 2541-We - Wa wg .' 5' Jr" X fl Dr and Mrs. John F. Wurz sample coltee, courtesy of Mrs. Lewis Clingmon, following a lecture by -Sir Shane Leslie, visiting Irish- man. is NN N14 W, c WM X 53 gg ' E, -Q N Bookstore This particular department sees a contant eddy and flow of customers who stop by for. notebooks, pencils, candy bars, or diversion from studies. Some one is usually found checking over the latest books or pinching teddy bears as he hunts for an appropriate gift at an appropriate price. The bookstore-where wise buyers meet-is managed by Sister Helen Louis, O.P., who is pictured lcenterl with student-helper Judy Martin. Also work- ing as part-time helpers this year were Jeanne Anne Hackett and Janet Gazella. 'Nr 59 f KQQN Q Y fd 'wx XI Q fi . -rw Qfdfffa E-xg K W I 731' X W X ..-1 K' f' fb XX xx X 'QI 4 " lf. -P - , ' .ii ' I I , Q ,Q ,. -ll 1 l is .33 15. fan 'ii lf ,ll 5 ,Q .fllayl The Joseph G. Baker Memorial trophy, pictured above, is to be awarded to 1958's top senior athlete at the Senior breakfast in June. Baker, belove Aquinite who returned to coach at his alma mater for seven years, died shortly after final exams in June, 1957. His personal warmth, his dedication to student development, both men- tal and physical, and his perseverance will always be remembered by those who have had contact with him in class or outside of it. The 33-inch high trophy has been presented by the Aquinas Alumni Association as a tribute to the deceased athletic director. Each student winner of the trophy lwhich carries more than material value with itl will receive a plaque symbolic of the award and will have his name inscribed on the trophy. The Thomist salutes the as-yet unnamed winner for 1958! Mr. Ray E. Null took over duties as basketball and baseball coach this year. Formerly University of Detroit athletic director, Null now heads the physical education department at Aquinas as an assistant professor. Under his able direction Aquinas this year saw its basketball team improve by leaps and bounds in a single season. As the Thomist went to press the baseball team was still in the formative stage, but both students and faculty expected a similar record from the Aquinite baseball nine. The Thomist salutes coach Null for the trully fine work he has done and also notes that he is a man well able to carry on and add to the development of collegiate athletics begun under coach Baker. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. 10 14 24 28 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar wi 3164 as-9 gl, ,K .Ls 12 14 18 20 24 I ag 26 30 11 SFASONS RECOR D . . . .Muskegon Community College 68 Aquinas College 67 . . . . . . . . .Assumption University 78 Aquinas College 60 . . . .Grand Rapids Junior College 54 Aqufnas College 76 .....Ferris Institute 91 Aauinas College 67 . .. ...... Calvin College 63 Aquinas College 56 . .... Assumption University 70 Aquinas College 64 . .............. Detroit Tech 74 Aquinas College 58 . . .Grand Rapids Junior College 76 Aquinas College 54 . .... Jackson Junior College 76 Aquinas College 65 . . . .... Northwestern Community College 83 Aquinas College 56 . . . . . .Alpena Community Co'lege 80 Aquinas College . ..... Cleary College Aquinas College 107 79 51 . . . ....... Soo Tech 84 Aquinas College 87 . . . ......... Soo Tech 74 Aquinas College 66 . . . .Cleary College 31 Aquinas College 85 . . . ............. Soo Tech 57 Aquinas College 74 . . . .... Northwestern Community College 73 Aquinas College 80 . . . . . .Alpena Community College 66 Aquinas College 100 .................FerisInstitute 52 Aquinas College 57 . . . .Muskegon Community College 56 Aquinas College 61 :2.-'...'--7-1T52: l' +......-., E g... Q.i".b0-v Mr. Ray E. Null "Q Us may fl 'ms 21, 5 fir, , 1 rs rs: W fb M 4 X' MJ if sys , . 1 Ms' A W A . mi? -ai-lv 1-qt-4 A, ,L . W f K f' A it A z,--1 QA' A X' ' 4 XL The 1958 Varsity Basketball Squad is pictured here. Reading from left to right, front row, are Gene Geller, Dick Drenovsky, Deb Blondin, Art Champion, Tom McCormick and Ed Wagner. Stand ing are Tom Hofmann, Gordie Leslie, Jack Kirk- wood, Ralph Coleman, Jim Kubczak, Gene Nowak and coach Ray E. Null. 1 i'w ' is 'iii 1 A Q 1 it -W2 ii T Qs fs- ' -, X xw 1 x fx . , A Basketball Aquinas' basketball season can be divided into two eras-B.C. and A.C. New coach Ray Null's Tommies finished the B.C. lBefore Colemanl era with a 1-10 record. The mark for the A.C. lAfter Colemanl era was eight wins and one loss. The huge 6 ft. 6 in. frame of Ralph Coleman turned a disastrous year into a "rags to riches" story in the 1957-58 basketball season at Aquinas. Coleman, two-time all-State center from Lansing St. Mary's who ioined the Tommies at the start of the second semester, averaged 24.4 points a game as he sparked the reiuvenated Tommies to six straight wins at the end of the season. Coleman's top performance was a 37-point eHort in the 87-84 victory over Soo Tech, Coleman scored 31 points and iump shot artist Art Champion added 30 in the team's 100-66 triumph over Alpena Community College. Aquinas broke the school scoring record with an 107-51 win over Cleary and finished the season with a 9-11 record, the second best in the school's history. w Y, ,sv G, Q3 ,EQSAAWQTY JJQLQL. S M ' ff' .4 95 Y 0 9 , L. Vg ,rang ,, A 4 ,ANI -F S '! 1 4 4. .. 'WT Eg 3 Q. , . Y r'?w' Zfwfifna' 'N 2 1 i'sx, ' Qt. xx f n ' an ...avg-tv 4 S T, if ,I ! ,ew x if lQQs?S521ix WY' Q . 'J 'D 0 ,s x u 31 w z f" i, i in :S 2 f L 4 Q - . 1 mu . x, :Vs HM MW Q ings ,, -... bf T 'i ,K M Q I H L,-,gg fat' pm Av ,ww if l Q, M, - ...I e su a S . 3 5 1 ur.. 2 I ...- 0 I A if 'I s x if wwf' 1 ff Q '-P' ,ik 6 Ralph did if again! 45 Aw hui x x..3v-fftjg f R fi' K Puzzle: find the most avid fan in lhe above phoio. 1-pw, N 5 x 2 There! We knew you could dn it! i' ff 3 4 ' 'H . . 4 ' + S su., is giwgfi. U 3 ,J I Q fsfiiznriflp, ' i t 21 fain .gil K ""' l gd, 4' g in .N A Players on the Junior Varsity team are pictured above. The fellow who looks as though he is shooting the photographer from the back row is Dfck Drenovsky. Pro- ceeding to the left are Jim Kubczak, Don Murphy and Phil Paskiewicz. Front row is from right to left, Gene Geller, Larry Slade, George Colburn and Joe McCarthy. Golf The 1958 Aquinas College Golf Team once again boasted an impressive list of veterans. Led by talented Ed Kelbel the Tommie squad hoped to continue in its winnin RE! I 9 ways by maintaining the city title for the seventh year and to complete an eight-year domination over Calvin College. Returning lettermen included Kelbel, Kolinski, John O'Donovan and Dick Doyle. Beside relying on these veteran golfers to lead the Aquinas team, coach Dan Pupil was counting on the talents of freshmen Joe McCarthy and AI Dimavicius to bolster team strenght. A fourteen-game schedule promised to keep linksmen busy through the spring. Rugged competition headed by Central Michigan College, Kalamazoo College Grand Rapids Junior College and Calvin College was to provide much action for the veteran Tommie l l.'N'?' bl "The line-up" above can be indenified as golfers Dick Doyle, far right, Paul Kolinski, John O'Donovan, Joe McCarthy, Al Dimavicius, Ed Kelbel and Dan Pupil, coach. -5' ,W Ns.. Silk., bi Q A Q ,Ai 11 ,Gi 'il -lil 5222 ll ""' Ei in wl-"'..,! Tennis l958 Tennis Team members assembled on the front steps of the Administration Building are, left to right reading from front row, Bob Hillary, Art Lee, Elmer Theodore, Dave Milanowski, Bud Stephan, Jim Huff, Chuck Budnik and Jake Fuller. - nw' K lkvj r"al!1ll' K if ' fi'-6' Q Qtx fm -iw K Q 1 ix' A ,4'5Q'oQ f Q23 Nga ig, 323: Q X'-x, li Q:- W 1,5151 far left, checks to see if her pupils are maintaining proper Table Tennis technique. Women's gym classes conducted playoffs to determine college "champs" at the popular indoor sport. Women's Sports ln its first year of active competition, the Women's Tennis Team at Aquinas entered matches with Cal- vin College, Hope College, Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University. Activities of the group are sponsored by the Women's League. Regulars on the i957 team in- cluded Sue Hanrahan, Roberta Orr, June Martin, Marilyn Pierce, Joan Gamm and Agnes Eick. Others were Rita Myska, Mary Agnes McCarty, Maggie Fitzgerald, Yvonne Greiner, Jean Kramer and Bernice Rashid. ?i 'X 43+ E, n if '.Q,,,.v""""' Comprising one ofthe women's Volley Ball teams were, front, Judy Ogren, Judy Funk, Joyce Kerwin, Mary Busch, Jean Newton, Cathy Ebers, Mary Wozniak, middle, Gloria Manikowski, Pat Marshall, Mary Jo Leonard, Sue McEvoy, Mary Jo Hackett Mary Welniak, back, Mrs. Theodora Segar, instructor ' ' P tKoIinski Carol Duba, Marlene Ley, Elaire Breler, a Shirley deLongpre. , I A swell day for skating! If there's one thing Grand Rapids has plenty of, it's winter. Making the most of a season that left everybody cold were, Betty Hoffman, standing back, Judy Martin, Mary Ann Gardella, Delores Kruger and Katie Messing. and it's back to the dorm to warm UP lc U fs . :'1"I4.,f, .Nff XQQ Lx X mf wx ,ff-3 X NNJ 3, 5 , J "W 7 ' Hx 5 xt gw gp..- ir., -X gg, --1..- -' --?h X l 'J-5' 4? . , wr - 5 -1 .qs l y i ff 'N if' , Q 1 -q,...v +A Ln Q. Q, STUDENT SENATE The student governing body of Aquinas College, known as the Student Senate, is a representative organization headed during i957-1958 by Floyd McCoy, president, John Schrerrs, vice-president, Elizabeth Geller, secretary, and Mary Ellen Sloan, treasurer. Each class and organization sends representative members to Senate sessions as college-wide proiects and problems are treated. The group cooperates with faculty members in an effort to deal more effec- tively with student matters and affairs touching on 130 the general well-being of the college. Among matters decided in the monthly sessions are proper regulation of student conduct and a rec- ognized form of procedure for classes and organiz- ations of lesser size. Most outstanding social function of the Senate is its co-sponsorship of the annual Gala Weekend with the college administration. Since the group represents the entire college mem- bership, it carries the strength of Aquinas principles into civic as well as inter-collegiate activities. NATIONAL FEDERATION OF CATHOLIC COLLEGE STUDENT Some of the most important obiectives of the National Federation of Catholic College Students lNFCCSl are: to foster Catholic principles among college students, to function as a unifying force for the lay apostolate, and to present a united Catholic front on current world affairs. The Fort Wayne Regional Workshop, held on September 28-29, l957, gathered together members from tive area colleges as Aquinas College acted as host. Dr. O. D. Roberts, Dean of Men at Purdue ,rim I 'Q-P L "N-1 University, and Mr. Joseph Hansknecht were guest speakers. NFCCS has two very active regional officers at Aquinas, John Burns, treasurer, and Beth Geller, secretary. Senior delegate representing the school is Thomas Casaletto. Junior delegates are George Colburn and Mary Ann Hawkins. ,yes v- , '73 . 1 v J JV fir? -, -ll COLLEGE CHOIR Music! music! music! - is truly evident and characteristic of the college choir when it meets for noon and evening rehearsals. With sincerity of purpose and unfaltering spirit the choir has achieved much towards its obiective-a better understanding and appreciation for the classics-under its new director Franz W. Hoelscher. Fulfilling its role of public appearances, the choir has furnished music on the following occasions: Rosary Procession, Christmas Concert, Honors Convocation, College Omnibus, Passion Concert, Marian Congress, and Commencement. Maior work presented was Johann Sebastian Bach's "Passion According to Saint John." Soloists 'for the March 30 event, presented at Saint Cecilia auditorium, were Louise lmperi Labozzetta, soprano and Aquinas graduate of '45, Robert Pratt, tenor, Oberlon Conserv- atory, Norman Bradley, bass, Western Michigan University, and Thixton Sprenger, bass, Grand Rapids resident. Otticers of the Choir were Carol Weatherman, president, Riley Dennett, vice-president-secretary, and Jeannine Pulte, treasurer. Pianists were Mr. Dennett, Yvonne Greiner and Joanne Yuhasz. il-D ENGINEERS' CLUB ln order to advance professional knowledge and enthusiasm among engineering students a club was formed in the spring of l957 at Aquinas College. Begun under the leadership of Mr. William Franzen and promoted by Richard Wakulat, the Engineers' Club has undertaken varied proiects. Among those completed to date have been the re- juvenation of the old veranda on the northeast side of the present Convent Building, operation of a booth during Gala Weekend festivities, construction of a Nativity scene near the Robinson Road entrance at Christmastime, and the publication of an anti- intellectual iournal known as The Phi Press. Technical movies, talks by prominent engineers, and tours to places of interest have been featured at the monthly sessions. Dues, collected on a se- mester basis, cover operational costs. Officers are elected in late spring by freshmen and take office the following semester. Directing activities for 1957-58 were Ron Grzybowski, presi- dent, Peter Cybulskis, vice-president, and Maureen Dungey, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisor was Mr. Richard Sedlecky. ind sm- Jnr we J' 1 P! W' as ,N ,,,.f,f-- Q 'fb fi 133 4 S N OMEN'S LEAGUE The Women's League, a campus organization which aims for unity and coordination among women students, is an active group at Aquinas College. Chief among activities this year was a iewelry sale conducted under the direction of League Presi- dent Roberta Orr. Proceeds were used to purchase equipment for the girls' tennis team and to provide funds to enable the team to attend regional 134 tournaments. Mary Lynn Robach was general chairman of the annual League fashion show, "My Fair Lady," held March 12, l958, at the Morton House. Directing and coordinating all activities were Roberta Orr, president, Mary Ann Hawkins, vice- president, Judy Lee, secretary, and Madeline Sadowski, treasurer. MEN'S UNION A rather loosely knit organization to which all mem students on campus belong is the Men's Union. The Union Room, located on the ground floor of the Administration Building, is the center of most of its activity. Members gather here between classes, after school, or in the evening to study, play the ever popular ping-pong, or to "set back". President Jake Fuller was assisted in his official duties by vice-president Bob Crampton, secretary Norman Farhat and treasurer Tom Mayan. Plans for the year were to include a ping-pong tournament for members who have devoted most of their spare time to between class practice, a smoker and a beach party. l L """Y 135 SPANISH CLUB One of the more active organizations at Aquinas is the Spanish Club which this year began its activ- ities under the direction of Dr. Gines M. Maiques. Besides fostering interest in the Spanish lan- guage and familiarizing American students with Spanish custom and tradition, the group sponsored the Sock Hop Dance and'raised money which was sent to victims of the Valencian flood. Members planned to sponsor another dance during April. George Colburn served as president with Mar- garet Gazella, vice-president, Sue Agostini, secre- taryg James Casper, treasurer. W,-M GERMAN CLUB The German Club was formed for a dual purpose, to get Aquinites together for social gatherings and to gain a clearer understanding of Germanic peoples. Officers serving for the first semester were David Lake, president, Patricia Miller, vice-president, Irene Hill, secretary, and Katherine Messing, treasurer. Since its formation in 1954, the Club has been very active. Among activities each year are an tml- - annual banquet held at the conclusion of first se- mester exams, a Christmas party, and the eagerly- awaited trip to Milwaukee in the spring. The Club also sponsors panel discussions in which various members of the faculty and guests participate. At the Gala Weekend members sponsored an "Old HeideIberg" booth which contributed to make the all-school proiect a big success. iiii ART CLUB A relatively new group at AqJinas, the Art Club began its second year of activity during 1957-58 under president Chuck Solon and secretary-treasurer Marilyn Dowler. Besides numerous painting iaunts to the country, members met regularly to hear illustrated talks on ig Mai' x 7 , 731 fl ,ww XX 'LQ f ' 1 nj It , kk. Qi :ani f R l "the masters", to criticize one another's work, or to talk about their favorite subiect-art. Among plans to be put into effect were a trip to the Chicago Art Institute and sponsorship of the annual student exhibition on campus in May. ces THIRD ORDER OF SAINT DOMINIC The Aquinas College chapter of the Third Order of St. Dominic is a spiritual organization whereby lay people may become an integral part of the Dominican family, :oartaking of its spirit, benefits and fruits in a manner conforming to their secular mode of life. Members of the Aquinas chapter, under the di- rection of Rev. Fr. John Donahue, O.P., recite the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary every Friday in addition to special meetings tor novices. During 1957-58 members participated in the Provincial Congress ofthe Third Order iOct. l2-l4l at Columbus, Ohio, the National Congress lMarch l-4-l6l in Chicago, Illinois, which was a preparation for the meeting of the International Congress ofthe Third Order of St. Dominic to be held August 25- 30, 1958, at Rome, Italy. s in chapel. Regular monthly sessions are conducted 451' Sheila Smith erved as prioress, John Caruso, sub-prior, and J ' ' ' . ean Wlllke, novice mistress li" I-G-ff' f 3.4 it U8 On November 15, 1957, s-:ience-minded students at Aquinas College formed a club for those pursuing studies in the field of biology. Support and encouragement from departmental instructors Miss Donna Rydzewski and Mr. Eugene Smith gave impetus to the organization. Robert Wisz and Mary Ellen Hands filled offices as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively. A constitutional draft was presented to members by the newly-appointed committee for ratification in a subsequent meeting. ln its final form the ratified constitution sets forth these obiectives: A. To promote greater interest in the field of biology among Aquinas students, B. To raise funds for the purchase of depart- mental equipmentg C. To make a more complete social and ed- ucational program available to all college students. ,-.. IOLOGY CLU f-af' ,An-this 5.4 ,.... A 'ss ,. .5 , ,If PR it A ii rt! I' 4 455 ,Qt Eat! is :- -Wal 5 Ei? Jie'-A W' 19 BOWLING LEAGUE The Bowling League, which was organized last year to arouse an interest in bowling and to pro- mote good sportsmanship, has gained many new friends among the students and faculty. Although comparatively new, the League has grown rapidly and now numbers fifty members. ' Qi Otticers of the League, Edward Stephan, presi- dent, Richard Crompton, vice-president, Marilyn Pierce, secretary, and Peg Hart, treasurer, preside as bowlers clash weekly in intramural competition at Northfield Lanes. ' 4 hu. sm, A agp .lui y li lt' GAMMA ALPHA Pl "Gradus ad parnassum"-always striving for the highest-is the motto of the Aquinas music society. Its obiectives are to promote a general interest and appreciation for music in all its branches, and to encourage a spirit of mutual cooperation and helpfulness among members in both instru- mental and vocal divisions through active participa- tion and performance. Officers this year were Carol Weatherman, presi- dent, Riley Dennett, vice-president-secretary, and Jeannine Pult, treasurer. Members were Joseph Westdorp, Robert Conn, Marlene Schmidt, Janet VanLeeuwen, Jack Fortner, Rosemary Eddy, James Donahue, Joseph Maurer, Richard Maurer, William Gyure, Robert Lodato Kathleen Jenks and Lois Lehman. 1 LAMBDA IOTA TAU Lambda lota Tau is a national honorary society intended to foster interest in English and foreign literature. The Aquinas Beta chapter, made up of literature and language students maintaining a better-than- average scholastic record, endeavors to exchange ideas to the profit ot its own student body as well as that of other institutions of higher learning. This year the election of the national executive secretary was carried out through efforts of Beta members. E Sheila Smith, president, Sister Ann Elizabeth, O.P., secretary-treasurer, and Miss Mary Ann Se- ward were ofticers for l957-1958. First semester members also included Sister Lisa Marie, O.P., Sis- ter M. Mercedes, O.P., Mrs. Sally Orgren, and Patricia C. Miller. New initiates were welcomed at a ioint session with the Nazareth College chapter of Lambda in the latter part of the second semester. J 'X xx , as ' X N 1 4 XML ,VIA sk I Xxx A rt., K J V ,ff Q ' g lk E iii ix ' 1 S l x Q I Xi l I gi . , XE 'z If T' 3 , 5 J 2 T 2 l G ,sw -4:3 Y? W? 1? FRENCH CLUB Aiming to acquire a more comprehensive knowl- edge of France, her people, and most especially her language, the French Club was an active or- ganization on campus during 1957-58. Besides practicing French at monthly club gather- ings, the organization fostered a happy student- instructor relationship that made for greater ease and facility in academic activities. Members participated in one of the Circles as they presented a mock style sl-ow at intermission 144 time. National Language Week was tittingly ob- served when the group spent a full day using only French to communicate with friends in the cafeteria. In May, a series of three plays lin French, of coursel was also scheduled to be presented. Officers for the French Club were Donna Locke, president, Joan Gamm, vice-president, Wanda Kochanek. secretary, Ann Mason, treasurer, and Carmela Selvaggio, publicity. VARSITY CLUB Aiming to encourage college athletics, the Versity Club this year sponsored several functions which lent money, spirit, or both to varied athletic endeavors at Aquinas. An official Club charter was prepared under the direction of coach Mr. Ray Null and club advisor Mr. Louis Clingman. Officers directing activity were Dan Pupel, president: Jim Vogel, vice-president, Chuck Budnick, secretaryg and Jake Fuller, treasurer. A very successful pep-ralley was co-sponsored with the cheer- leaders. Main feature of the event was a huge outdoor bonfire around which students gathered to be officially introduced to mem- bers of the basketball team by the new coach. Varsity members also sponsored a Homecoming Dance at the Row Hotel where Mr. Null crowned Mary Ellen Sloan as queen and Mr. Fuller as king of the affair. A banquet and possible beach party were being considered as final activities of the year. X CREDIT UNION The Credit Union- most familiar and well- known organization on campus - makes it possible for many who would normally be forced to give up their college education to continue with studies and receive degrees. Since some 70'A, of the Aquinas student body works part-time during the school year, the Credit Union provides them with a handy and safe means of drawing high interest rates on savings as well as providing loans at low rates of interest. lts members, who can be students, alumni, fac- ulty, or employees of the college, elect a Board of Directors annually to determine policies. Organized in April, 'l954, with 53,000.00 in its coffers, the Credit Union now has assets of over S25l,0O0.00. Over S600,000.00 has been loaned out to date - testimony to the number of Aquinites finding the organization useful. Board members determined in January, 1958, are Joseph L. Hansknecht, Jr., president, Mrs. Sally Orgren, vice-president, John Westerman, secretary, and Mr. Kenneth Marin, treasurer. Officers for the past year were the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur F. Bukow- ski, Robert Kranz and Thomas HuFford. Approving or reiecting all loan applications is the Credit Committee, composed this year of Joseph Murphy, Mr. Eugene Smith and Mr, Burt Kelley. E s rw SKI CLUB As the snow fluttered down upon Caberfae, Udell Hills, or Boyne Mountain, members of the Ski Club could be found enioying the fun of their favorite sport. Among activities for the past season were many trips to various ski areas around the state. Again this year, plans were being made to attend and participate in the inter-colle- giate Ski Meet at Boyne Mountain. This Ski Meet has proved to be most popular among the many college clubs in Michigan, and is the highlight of the skiing season for competition between teams. Elected officers for the past year were Ralph Hauenstein, presi- dent, Tom Gibson, vice-president, Marty Miller, secretary: and Dave Milanowski, treasurer. The club was organized to give ski enthusiasts at Aquinas a chance to enioy a worthwhile sport and to promote interest in a fast rising popular sport. Happy to report a record of no broken bones for the entire season, the club is proud of careful and conscientious skiers who continue to uphold its motto - "Down the hill, into the pines!" ' W X, li Q ' , bl. t x A J : E 5 ml Xxx 9 6 ,ex M ,f g s y ' it 2' ' i X , , . ,,,.,,., - fgyltmxk 4. F 'pg-.QQ mfr M-fr ' of ,sm Sim ' N H Www' in ,. F1937 ws V' .MM 'I -.M"0 un NM' ...Q X" ' A .,.i,L' W, :h..., , -'-1 E5 F? rf' ,.. A quinas erald 4 1'-vu-i Edifor ......... Associate Editors. . . . I Kofhleen Cashen Koinleen Cashen -Joe' Bernciciak,George Colburn, Sheila Smith Q v Bow sf Q 9' so 3 jg I s' 0 '0 x W Riio I QSS8 g lx N 9 . gl N QQ , gli' 0 N S . , Q 3' g? 5' w 5 s 5 ag, 117 S' S J fl F Q Q' Q 07 J gf Q Q7 H ,Q 0 J Q' W 47 is Q J W Q of 3 I lvl 1 , -'if' ii. 4,-. . E '3 fu fx m Sf'Ud6hts and .v.1,,,k P A afs, eo, 0 6. 0 ooZ,?+ ' l l l l l s""e'ns ol i 1' ic I Diffusing Catholic thought, providing information to students, fac- ulty, alumni and friends, recording all college events, and maintain- ing correspondence with other colleges are the aims of the Aquinas Herald, student monthly publication. The staff of 25 students is under the direction of editor Kathleen Cashen and associate editors Joel Bernaciak, George Colburn, Rita Hasse and Sheila Smith.Advisor for the paper is Sister Maris Stella, O.P. The Herald's maior proiect for the year was the sponsoring of the Arts and Science Contest for extracurricular achievement. C0nfl'lbUl0I'S --------- Elizabeth Anderson, John Burns, Thomas Casaletto, Riley Dennett, Jacqueline Derda, James Donahue, Louis Esch, Ted Findlay, Mar- garet Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Geller, Amy Lalewicz, Patricia Mankowski, Sharon Nanzer, John Schrems Photographer. . . . . .Paul Zomberg TYPlSlS ------. - - - Sybil Klapperich, Mary Sullivan Cll'CUlGll0l'1 ---- - - -Janet Gazella, Mary Kay Mitchell, Roberta Robinson, Karolyn Sanders C f" Y Y, x uf H0 MIS T SE! Elizabeth Anderson Thomas Casaletio 150 Joseph Paul lFfGPhl Roberr Augusty n Kathleen Barber Judith Barber A yearbook may be described as a happy, hectic merry-go- round of activity conducted with one eye on the clock and another on the deadline-and always a nose to the familiar grindstone. There are people to see, reports to be rounded up, layouts and drawing to be done, reporters fleeing from editors fleeing from other editors . . . nevertheless, it happens that each year a fresh squad of hard-hitting newsies somehow manages to bat out a yearbook. That's our aim: to provide Aquinites with a permanent and attrac- tive record of what may be some of the happiest days of their lives. Otificers of this year's publication Kathleen Barber ................... Editor Robert Augustyn ..... . . .Business Manager Joseph Paul lFfaphl .. ...... Photography Judith Barber ...... ......... L ayout Thomas Casaletto ............. Literary, Art Elizabeth Anderson ........ Harrassing Agent list as their future plans, lll resting quite thoroughly and l2l looking forward to saying "I told you so" to the next bunch of harried reporters fleeing from editors, fleeing from other editors, etc ..... 5 f Dolores Kruger Amelia Lalewicz Joseph Maurer' Mary Pat Miller Gail Peterson Dan Pupil Louise Ribble Judy Schertzing Dianne Schumacher Tacui Avetikian Cecilia Bradley Nancy Casalettc Kathleen Cashen Riley Dennett, Jr. Carol Duba Millicent Easlick Ted Findlay Jake Fuller Mary Ann Gardella ' Special thanks. advisor. X fx Leonard Skfycki The Thomist staff also extends sincere gratitude to Mr. Oscar Schweigardt for the cover design of this book and to Miss Gertrude M Horgan yearbook S NC E CO G U IONS O H C SS O T958 FROM AOUINAS COLLEGE STUDENT SENATE Ymv? THE SONNEVELDI COMPANY 312 Ellsworth Avenue, S.W. - Grand Rapids 2, Michigan O HOTEL and RESTAURANT FOODS BAKERS SUPPLIES PAPER MERCHANTS NQW . . . 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Satisfactory Printing Service Since 1883 Congratulations 1958 Graduates from STAN DAVIS, FLORIST Funeral Flowers a Specialty Expertly Arranged 0 FLOWERS by STAN DAVIS FLOWERS BY WIRE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME . , . 133O Leonard, N.W. RI 2-3459 Best Wishes, Graduates of 1958 MULVIHILL OLDSMOBILE In Our 38th Year 1 1OO South Division Avenue Open Evenings CH 5-9201 155 LEQNARD A l, 1 .:, BETTER PETROLEUM " PRODUCTS FOR HOME, L , ill I INDUSTRY AND f? ' is I: TRANSPORTATION . . . ng.: J - V I 1 CREATED BY LEADERSHIP I '. -NJ 'TS l l ' A" LEONARD REFINERIES, INC ALMA, MICHIGAN Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Augustyn The Most Rev, Allen J. Babcock Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur F. Bukowski Rev, John M. Donohue, O.P. Rev. Adrian T. English, O.P. Peter F. Erhardt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hansknecht Gertrude M. Horgan Rev. Thomas H. Kaufman, O.P. A. A. Korte Mr. and Mrs. T. Gerald McShane Lloyd C. Nietling Donna Rydzewski Mr. and Mrs. Renzo Rutili, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Schweiqardt Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Weil, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John F. Wurz Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Clingmon Joseph D. DeMurO Mr. and Mrs. L W, Harrington Patrons Mr. and Mrs, Thomas D. Anderson Anderson Art Sup!-'PJY Mr. and Mrs. Victor Black Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. BoncZYk Mr, Robert Boyce, Sr. Mr. John F. Burns Daniel Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. BY"ne Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Conn Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. John Cummiskey Mrs. M. E. Cuncannan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Deeb Mrs. Bert Denhof Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Devine Dr. and Mrs. Frank Doran Duncarfs Service Station Mr. Anthony J. Erhardt Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Fedewa Mr. an'-I Mrs. Edwin Flickinger Mr. and Mrs. Roloc-rt Ghering Mr. and Mrs. Walter Graves Miss Eunice Gunn A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hillary Mr. F. R. Hofmann Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kaminski Miss Eleanor Keating George F. J. LaMountain Edward T. Ludden Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maggini Mary E. Malone Mr. Harry L. Mead Mr. and Mrs. A. Milanowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Muraski Elisabeth Noel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Null A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Peirce Mr. and Mrs. John Permoda Dr. and Mrs. Werner W. Prange Mr. Joseph J. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rutowski H. E. Sandford Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Saukas Richard D. Sedlecky Miss Mary Ann Seward Dorothy L. Smazel Mr Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Andrew P. Smith Edward A. Smith and Mrs. Monroe B. Sullivan Dr. Mr S . Phyllis Sweetman and Mrs. Henry Wagner and Mrs. Shelby Wilson and Mrs. V. Wisnewski Jean C. Willke Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boggiano Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Nanzer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Doud G. Renton Worsfold, D.D.S. Judge Thomas F. McAllister Mr Mr Mr 15 , ,7 P. B. GAST AND SONS COMPANY AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU A staff of trained technicians and complete laboratory facilities 1515 Madison Avenue, S.E. Grand Rapids Compliments of Plnotographing the Aquinas College graduating class of 1958 E D S T E P H A N has been a pleasant experience for us. We wish each one of you GENERAL TRIJCKING great success in your chosen field. 'Q' Ashes and Rubbish Commercial and Residential R 0 B I N S 0 N , stunlo 1643 BURUNGAME, 5-W- 7 Jefferson Avenue, S.E. CH 5-2875 Gt. 9-zsoo NORTHFIELD LANES "Home of the Aquinas Bowling League" Completely Air-Conditioned - Ample Free Parking PHONE: EM 3-0003 2222 Plainfield Ave., N.E. RAY HANSEN, PHARMACIST Open Every Day - 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 24-HOUR PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 'I334 Lake Drive, S.E. Phone: GL 6-1491 Congratulations to the Class ot I958 from WEPMAN'S 7I South Division Men's Wear and Formal Rental 0 Smort Styles for the College Mon 0 SUITS a SPORT CLOTHES 0 SHOES Everything Thot's New in Formal Wear" Dining at Michigon's Newest and Finest WIN SCHULER'S of Grand Rapids We extend our personal invitation to enjoy Finest Foods and Hospitality in a Warm, Friendly Atmosphere. Our Hospitality is Open to You ALL DAY EVERY DAY! An evening of dining at Win Schuler's is Truly Something Worth Remembering FRANK AND ART'S SERVICE Motor Tune-up - Brake and Road Service TELEPHONE: GL I-9304 Wealthy at Giddings Grand Rapids, Michigan Sincere Congratulations to The Senior Class I Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l958 ' From Underclass Photography By AL KEIPER STUDENT MINIATURE MIC H I GA N C H A I R SERVICE COMPANY C 0 M P A N Y Francis O'Betts-Clair O'Betts 838 wealthy GL 4-4418 818 Butterworth, S.W. Grand Rapids Michigan DRESSES COATS WINDMIll FIORAI. "' A N D GIFT s H o P B l A N C Il'I E L e B A R 0 N ' I5 Jefferson, SLE. SIZES FOR EVERYONE ir su its SPORTSWEAR 160 Floral Arrangements WEDDINGS-CORSAGES O 1436 weoifhy, se. GL 9-6209 5... ' 'ARIJS BROTHER Am. Arm, M.d..g....

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