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' ASQ--1 f ,. 5 f s 1 r-"'- - ' ' - ----f -- --W V-----A--14---X'-' -anna-nu--ffu 1'1- Awnnnru -luv -f--au-an---hun-11 -- - wr- M- N- ' X x ' ' - ---H1A-- -- - A- ' --:A sg '12 3' E X, K Q x. ,H !gy:.,Vw.5,R,4'k.,,,,-N. . K ,Nj NTQ Q V, S. X . xv,-f ,fx W.,f,,.t,F lv A, R., .V-QM, wtjyh 5, ,, 1,4 MA, . M , X-V K , . x 1 V ig 4 , 2 - lim "-far' ' X I J. ,, X ,ia x i.'ki"v' . in wi. - Q , Q.: . nk ' - ,W - 5 ' - ,- QNX 'f Q wf -NM, 4, . .,.. . Q ,i x ... .N-Q , , . if 1 ,x , ' F - K , .' ' , gig: it A r ' , . i , Y - .1 - X.,,j.j ,, - :fl 1 , f K ,f "" " ,. 'U Q ' x ,291 ' 'Q f f G "W ' V f --wax' :M . -H2 "' ,. . " L. Q1 141142 ,-Ek ' sl ' 1 fig " , 1 ' , Y' F151-Qtfl' 1 ' ' ,fx -4: Qw t ,-,. .M 4 r xl , Hx QQ . : .z U. ,. , A - if- as A , 5, - A .:, ,, lv ' 4 .Lt g 2 . 1 ' k H .sw ' bb A x Q., :X I ' ' L L is ,X ' X . Q . .Y .: .,,.,M,,M4, ,,. Vv:YQ.:.,..-ly! M, wMg,,,,, . 'M1+v,:?,,,::i lbs. any -Q1-'1f.:x,,3g.Q.-I , ww-my-N ' T, if, - lf wvsg-E-5-ffi R2-A .gwiik W ' "5'f3 'ITV' Y, . , , ,-Lw-Q15 Q mf-H -me F P P i P i i 4 Ill Q QVEDICEV3' L , I HV To praise' Cod in His glIUl1lIl'SS. In fzlvss all His holy l'f!'IlfI.0lI. In !II'l'lll'lI His lruflr by word and c'.w1l71p1ef.' lllis is ilu' molto of ilu' 1,0l'IIil1I'!'!lII Urdvr. f'xprr'ss1'r1g 11. rulv of avlion for 1111 who uspirf' to l'l'l'fllISfillg fzuppinvss. A5 fi f fwfW w "fWEWW?, M M GX 5ffL,, Qfsgmf-w L"". " .f """3' ,W ' , A W.. K,f'k ,- ,W V I f Ak Wy' -ff - W . M v Mg! N J ,1 Xxx X x MM, W, f 1 N If-f-'WQ wwf4w , iw - ,Q . ... ffw fi3,WMf .,. f V7 swrfilp-'JM' ':""" VF K' i n ,,, ' x "W" ' M -ffvzfwjwf. '. --4 K- TL U ' , af Mi- K 1 'T"'wdM f Y'h 5 , M -Y' W gc Nw BM , H f ,S 5"-:R 4 2 0.3 4 4 5 ,,.JY '57 4 ' -1 " 1 ' ' ' 5- L, . My 3? 44 xrw '+f""7"" V ' , I ga, W ,,fw,3..'-'f"""'fd FEE, -V Q af' x 1 ' -VVV V Lrf , wiv YD 5 MMA - L Q, ' fgff -P' , V2" EMQJSQ 3 K' Z' ,ff -" 4. K Mx,x,,,,,,,.MTq H U I , ,,,,,,,E-f",-f""' 'N f,.,,.,l' , 1 -ff -5 'Q' ' ,,,,,,,.,f. , K x ' W ,,,,.ff"-"""""'WMA id RL f, aM , ,N.Jf'f"'W'l" " wfwf vf"'fK"' Vwfw , H M wW'M" a ,, . ,,,,..,--f"ff4--"""""'.'J ,MJT 3,,,,.,.ffw- k warm! iM,,,,,,E ,MJ -f . ,A-aww!! , , M. ,wwf ,,,,f.,-ff".-""' 7fze I 94 7 A UINIAN AQUINAS COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL COLUMBUS, OHIO aafaifixqcfupanlfzegaafoffiaaffzafzfzineu if RF, ,. xx 773 ffmzkys :rl Ixffgg ,TFL , W f2'f6"- Hr 7? '15 R 4 'ci AV 75 'Ss 10' Ili' 'W wr, f' ui? ' Ai """? X. Rf - A -1' 3V ,af Q I 7 G1 ,y did I ,Sl 5 xl "-ll EH gqtg Ek fx: wif 'V' u Y In 14 .J X ,E 1 . , ,, I 5 ,Sig H-' Y E i. I d iv W'-'mm' Y I f gym 0' ,CM '42, 'H R R Ufgff' 7 ,f ,Wt . I, - z H Z ' V :J W 1:15 !4',"" 'f4',,'i'QL,' I? 'I . 'T lynx , V K . . I 5 ' 'I4,2g.f'Q'5' 6' 43 , rkfwx 1, -'R - ,Q Y -,ji , ,-3.554 me QW' gil R- 1 R ffm Q :R- ff11 R A 1 ,T-7 ff'-, J 5 ' 'Swim 5' , g : 1 n'g2+-'!7iE', " 2 . S 5:-jg1Q' -, Q Ln ,AK R 553341: ,N - X -I v --.1 ' ' F? D". ' ' 'L' X PPLLQ J' 1 A'- "l'k"g T f. 'T f w' IQ -. 1. rug- V-'M W. QV E19 .'i ' 1 V' 1 f , Z .. .' -Q W 4 I' X L 5 K 4 A - R- :J f milf . R ' 1,715 -' if fr, -'a W A 'ff ,- --- 1 5:" . ' ' Gun L' 1 V V' H: . 5.1 ,.da,,.I1..1 with' .5 '15, mg, 1,1 Yf, ff ?1g3ig,2i ,MV IM '. 1 f f T 5 L I L aff ' IK-" f 1 Q , 1' .si 2 ,ll W. , Ls.:-5-.' M Q .V YJ' q 1, 'Q' ' 'g':1f'f'f, 'iff 'R ,' ' ff 2, 'ff R E QL -R . X' ii 'X - "' A ' fQ- " FT -Qggihfx -jixvx .fa-Lx XX 5 V 3, iwji-5, ,, i if "'-"-72S"E-iQ r- -H ,-'T :Wah "K .ali , A " '3"J'1-- -Q R ,,, ' wi 1, w Q x wig - ., , ,-N, , X4 - ,Po-,, 4, ' mfs. 4 'M ix my ff , Rq,Vf- ' ., s M, ' ,wif-'f' R is 1311 ' R :T-' ' R . 12-wt f, ' Wy' , K " ,N A , - . -- -qv : NL ,,,J....R,.-V .V Y . ,. Rf ,.,3-A-. V 9, 3 Nl ' ' r f W.. f ' ul- V ' FX nl , 1-R . if-.H 1 ,. 121.6 N ,, . . Y ,+A L., ,A ny RQ-1 Q ,WH 'Q' U- - Q - 2. ' . , ..., f 's ' ". I l -R , :gf --t v.,11.v . 1+ .QR 1- if Q-H Q. I 'f " gg.. I. .n N -' .. -,ff . q 2 . lla am luaffzeu MRS. JOSEPH C. MCNALLY FITSI Presulent of Mothers Club 1932-33 MRS. FRANK A. BOLAND Mothers Club Presldent 1947 Here at tl1e feet ol' our Blessed Mother. we. the graduates of the class of 1917. dedicate this year hook most affectionately to our Mothers. Uur Mothers are the ones who start us along our road 'through life. They constantly give us trust- worthy guidance for successful Completion of the journey. The Aquinas Mothers Cluh is one of the means hy which our Mothers help us. Their work at Aquinas is vitally essential to the school. and shows their great loyalty and love for us. lt is al- together htting that we should. in this wav. give proof of our ap- preciation. PAST PRESIDENTS OF THE AQUINAS MOTHERS CLUB .djs X Q ww. " as ,deaf 2, W., V - - f . f '-,. Q .- gg.-153-l wsq . -L A55.. S 'Qw- Mrs. Louis F. Delbel 1934 Mrs. Raymond Foeller 1038 Mrs. Mullrice A. Ryan 1941 Mrs. Vincent P. Hannigan 1944 'N QN- 1 Mrs. Marie Woodland 1935-30 Mrs. John R. Siemer Mrs. Jei"xg9Angllm 1937 Mrs. Clem stem M""CR"'1"y S' ins.,- Iuriirnlxlflxzl B' Mrs. Forrest J 1045 Curtin 1943 Mrs. T. Ray Phillips 1940 The Most lh'v1-rm-ntl MICHAEL J. READY, D.D Page Six -vga! W1 Q , M' NA? 'Yrs W .Q s fi .Vi 1, Q' s gidfzafz f 6 The Diocese of Columbus is very fortunate in having for its leader Bishop Michael J. Ready, a nationally known figure. Bishop Ready has shown himself in every way to be a leader, not only in the spiritual care of the Diocese, but also for the temporal care of its people. For the students of Aquinas he is the main signpost pointing the way on the long and hard road to hnal happiness. Since his installation he has taken a great interest in Aquinas, always ready to co-operate with and help the faculty in their work to keep the students from the many pitfalls along the road. 14 mmujaal an 5- , E QQQGT N " o W xr: J s A ., , , X 5 ' 1- fn- .vw f-.. , 'N sw"-' - .,5f'.f!5.s5f. ff.-'Ii - . '91, Siu? is f hi- - id UH- ,:.,f'-, l17J"A,'5f -R74,,..'-zf' if - Wy.. . .'z.,, 5 1 .' ,, -g,,,c- . , 5 - Y -tif gffg,-If . . Q -'g :J',Y'v-' Y: .i1'Q'g,. , 1, ' Q. fri if ' ' ' F LZ' .Zn .. 1 A. up ,EI . 'TSM If 5 - - 13' 1, 1 fi .:, ' ' g . - 4, ' -5 .Lb W 13 ' '. f -5.57 4 1 ., -3 - 1,3-Q: 3'-f.:Q V1 " '1"'3P ' - .353 T., W ,' -r 1,1 'T . N. 4 .www ' , r. - 'A 'X -G!" . Y ' ' Q If nfs,-71:1 ' I, ,' '3,,,!...- - kxyifw ','f'T-tv.. -'L4 'f--' .:5"2'-'. 'JPN- .-cfz-,.f-..,. ,Q L. ,-.frrxhlii E. L: V , r x"f",j,e" vw 4 vw 4.1 Neff' 'l'ln- Ros 1-ri-ml JOHN F. MONROE. O.l'., S.T.Lr., Ph. Sz l.itt.IJ. l'r1'x1'1lwl1l of .IllllfVIll.Y ffnlfffgr' High SVIIINII. Wilh lin- gimd ui' .-Xquinus and its studs-nts always in mind. lfullufr Nioiiroe. sinvv his :lp- Iminllni-nl us l'ri-sidi-nl of Aquinas. has ivevollle lin- irwnd ol' lin- svlionl undvr iiiln. His viiinrls urv 'lirviess lu llc-ip lilo sludm-nls Le-vp nn liw lblliil iilili will lliiilllllitdy fiiliglftf lvad in 1-In-rnul hiv. The Ya-ry ll9l'9l't'lNl TERENCE S. MCDERMOTT. 0.P., S.T.I.l'., LL.D. Prior f'rn1'im'ir1l nf SI. fusvpfl l'fUl'ilII'4'. The final l't'SIl0llSiiliiiiY for the welfare -tml' Aquinas rests in the hands ul' lfaliwr iuI'lJt'I'Ill0ii. Prior Provilufiul ol' Sl. ,IUSUIIII l'1'm'im'e. His Cmislziiil vigilam-e carefillly si-lvrls dw Presi- dent and l'rufessurs who guide eavh Aquinas student for four ilnportant. f'il8.l'i1i'il'l'-iiiPflllillg years in mini-in he is xwll prepared fm' 'thc long mad ahead. '7fze paialz fjaauinciaf ancf ffae paedicfenl 1-wry sludvnl who has altvndvd caculliy IN rm: ADMINISTRATION or AQUINAS Father Monroe's first assistant is the Vice President, Father Taylor. ln this impor- tant post Father Taylor aids in the forma- tion of school policy and acts as head of Aquinas when other obligations make necessary the absence of Father Monroe. There is hardly ever a time when Father McGinley is not presented with problems of schedule, either of the school or of some student. His duties as prefect of studies are particularly heavy at the be- ginning of each semester. When points of discipline arise every Aquinian knows that he is headed for an interview with the N tw' ' Rox oreml J. B. TAYLOR 0 P Vice President prefect of discipline. Father Smith. There is no doubt of his eliiciency in the minds of those who have had any experience in such matters, routine or extraordinary. Many are the surprises given by the little numbers in the handwriting of the Registrar. Father Gilsenan. The report cards mailed by him six times in a school year as well as the permanent records have a personal touch which makes them quite authentic. Another record is kept by the treasurer. Father Bagley. When it comes to paying your tuition or remitting a school bill, you will find him with the numbers ready. Rev. E. C. M1-Eniry, 0.P. Rev. J. B. Shel-lmn. 0.P. Rev. ll. F. Yollmer. 0.P. Rev. J. R. Smith. OP Rev. C. R. Alger, 0.P. Rl'v. P. A. Bagley, 0.P. Rev. J. G. Preeourt. 0.I'. Rev. IG. A. Vltle, 0 I' . NR V ' '7 V A Q5 2 'L N. " . ' j ' ' in 'Y ' V gl. i li.. f F' A ttese ,I -ifx ht i f? if X iq..a4f112f" .sv n A I . k l- A , V L e K . - QL, ii. ii g 1 5 In T ,,A,,- f L., , Q. --. . , .:z1:-' Ti l Q r eret V F ew is F e or 1 , t at t -i , .. . , it . V. i . hL,. A . ,,m:.3, . . y l s t s 5 ga if Q i Pls? Ei 1 li gy- There is perfect attention on the first day of school while Father Smith, the prefect of discipline, lays down Ri-zuoiox is MOST IMPORTANT Fon ALL. The subjects taught at Aquinas are many and varied and religion is second to none. Fvery student is given the op- portunity to reap the greatest possible benent from whichever course he takes. No matter what path is sought, the best development may be obtained at Aquinas. Each faculty member seeks to give to each Aquinian in every class the principles of justice and truth. ln order that young men may be prepared to defend the faith, formal courses in religion are given by nearly all the members of the faculty. qt , amzza ENGLISH, SCIENCE AND ill.-XTHEMATICS. Without the mother tongue one cannot progress along the ladder of success. Freshmen. Sophomores, Juniors and Sen- iors receive the rules of grammar from Fathers Reichert, 0,Connell, Shanley and Sheehan. General Science, biology, physics and chemistry are expounded by Fathers Alger, Pre-court and Minichiello. Any Aquinian may be led from one to infinity and from straight line to involved trigonometric formulae- by Fathers Bagley, McGinley, Crombie, Thomas and Craig. Business mathematics is offered by Fathers Cilsenan and McAvey. The combined efforts of these depart- ments have brought many honors to Aquinas in state competitive examinations. ev. I". L. Grxuly. 0.P. Rev. H. H. M1-Iiinley. 0.l'. Rev. .I. A. Segren, 0.P. Rev. M. J. Minichlello 0 P x J. F. Gilsennn. 0.P. Rev. J. R. Nhnlvey, 0.P. Rev. J. H. 0'CZlll!lll3lll, OJ". Rev. J. IJ. Sknlko 0 P ,-ff - ' T. -..e 4 " at . ff F ' . . ' K fi ...4rs....... ,M Q W ' M if . T ...s e of ,T gy . ,IE . 4: , U M .. t. 5.,, .g,W sb., E. .5., . ,,., Ak dw r by is 1 A " Vi 1' - V K. z ' in . 9 1 ' fi ' ,,, tai A ' v. J. G. Fromhic. 0.l'. Nev. I.. P. l'l'ui1:.'. CLP. C A 4 .K A GC Q l'l0lililGN Lxxcrxorz. HIsTo1:v ,nn IN- IJISTRY. Latin is imparted hy lfathers Tay- lor. Segren and Skalko. Father Taylor and llather Nlclfniry are instructors in Spanish. while German and French llow from the lips ol' Fathers Smith and Vitie. ln history and civics Aquinians learn ahout their country from Fathers 0'Calla- han and Segren. Fathers Smith. Vitie. Grady. McAvey and Mclienna initiate the neophyte in a variety of social science. which include economics. sociology. business organiza- tion and administration. economic geog- raphy and commercial law. Fathers Crom- lrie, Thomas and Vollmer preside over mechanical drawing and industrial arts. Sriioxc NIIXDS Nrzrzn Srraovc llounzs. Our Vice President. Father Taylor. is di- t s f" t . t K t .lf ii Rev. A. ll. 'l'lunu:us. 0.I'. Rev. Rev. I.. ll. 0'i'onln-ll. 0.l'. Rev. 5 i I N John Gallucci is one among many who present problems of schedule to the prefect of studies, Father McGinley. rector of athletics. Mr. Zadworny is oc- cupied with huilding muscle after 'training our representatives on the gridiron. lfather Taylor is assisted in liaskethall hy Val lloehm. while lfather Cronihie encourages the mermen. ln the spring physical skill is turned to liasehall and golf under the athletic director and lfather Grady re- spectively. lf the advantages given are not cx- ploited the faculty cannot he blamed. Ifach member of the stall seeks to give every Aquinian a hright heginning in his quest for happiness. 'l'. Q. Sllllllh-'Iv 0.l'. Rev. J. J. lleh'll0l'i. 0.l'. F. C. Wh-lim-nnzl. 0.l'. Dlr. F. .L Zmlworny . v s .e.... e si' .f X A J 5 ,msg-f .N A 2 5 ,.!V X if '-l, tvs. if ' ' 3-A f 'H gf -n n Vp 4' sr ww, s v .' Af 4-.Y .,g 4: if l . . ' A f. rq uf- ' P 9 V -1 an ls ' ,- " f s -' 4 "Y 'Q ' 1 ,N IJ X 1 ' 1-f-GW, 'aff' .3 I yy. I V Q P A .fb all 3 ,lr . l 'll ff' ff: f iff . Community Mass, of- fered by Father Monroe, stands as a focal point in the religious life of the faculty. The day is punctuated with recitation of the ot'- ficial prayer of the Fhurch, the llivine Office. Brother Luke serves Father lllclienna at pri- vate Mass, one of the twenty-four offered cvery morning. Meditation brings the faculty to the source of truth in order that wis- dom may be imparted to others. Evening prayer is the outstanding ll0llIll1ll'Hl't cle- votlon, Our l,ady's Rosary. Father Gilsenan, husy at his desk. exemplifies the study necessary for all teachers. While the body takes nourishment. the soul is refreshed with the word of God. Lighter spirits prevail as the Fathers enjoy each other's company at recrea- tion. QCMHQ 60-lftlfftulitlly .gtfe G 92 5.,4 E 5 e 5 I Haw.. Ik V ' mx" fy' L :,,.,:.,,,.,,,,.i.,,.: f if K ff .mt , A Rm 'ff ,und 'PJKMM ,.,. M A 3'1- g' , it -'E K ,AW 3 . GN-ui if N X 5 r E im kv. S FIRST ll0VV:g,' Iiim-1111111 l'l:11114uu1l, I+I+hvz1V11 .'XllYUlli0, lflrnvst Bryant, John l'!111'liS. IIUWHVII EVIIIIS, Jzllnes lielxdelv, -lUSl'l'l1 -ICSSIIIZKII, Xvilliillll 1'l:11u-y, IA:lwre11wv Holt, Imuiel Glltillil, Louis Filll1+'l'2lll, DUHIIG VVll0lll'llf:f, Jusn-ph 3I1'f:llYQ'l'll, llivlmznd 1 . Luz-mmln-. SETON!! ROXY: 'I'hx11'mu11 Krivdu, Jznnevs l'lullaglw1', l'h2l!'ltJ!4 H:11'i:111, Olywuml InU1'1'lll', Init'h2l1'll Hll'll'IlL'l John lmlte-V. l':lul 'l'illIIt'l'H1ZIll, Alrxllriw- Trunt, lmslie Stein, Jrrsn-ph ltilf-y. THIRD ROXV: Nsrilliillll l1:ll'1'ull,.IusHIIh Kina lvl: 'I'hunms .Izum-s, John Sn-l11'uemI+'1', lidnwnd Ilurliv, Donald lllwwlu-, Dum-I VV:11lex', Stvpln-n 'l'utl1, VIVINIIHZIS 'Filslm F0l'll'l'H IHIXY: I'z1t1'i1-li Ililoy. Flwllxwis 'I'l11m1us, lluhert Yzu1Hoyde, I'uul I,imh-V, 'I'humus Iinlzllmd, .Iuhn l:l'Ult'll, l+'r:1m- Igl'4'llIl2ll!. FIRST IHNY: .IIIIIIDS Imxx'h-53 Amlrvw A1114-imw, Floyd In-11lmw, Jl'I'k'1Ni21ll 1"itzg1v1'nl4l, Hin-lu11'rl XYiSSilH2,'4'I', llivhu Murphy, .Iulm llrv-fn, .Iulm S:-Hg, 'l'hu111z1s Kllllll, llormwml .KlviQ'1'. SICFONID RUXY: I'u11l Ulu-illy, 1':llXY2ll'l1 Murplmy. lluln-n RSSIIIEIII. I':1ul hum-ill, Iiflwzxlwl lim-wh, 'IYIIUIUEIS AIvl,u1lg:'hli11, VViIli:1m Kllskowski, .I:111n-s Xxvhilltlll. 'I'llIRIl HUXY: l'z1t!'i4 r'm'lu-tt, Immnlwl Iiurns, Ilivllzwrl 3lv1'lnskv5', .Tulum-:Q ,lmlm-Klly, VVIIIYINIIS Iklllmw, .lzlmvs Allbllllhllll, .Xlln-rt Mulh. fF0l'll'l'H IIOXY: Imminim- Swuyrllnl, llulwrl 'l'h:1s-kvr, liiwllulwl Spzlll, Icllg-IUIIL' f1I'i0Sk,'l11t'I', Hirlxzlwl l'ut'I'mzln, l,2lXYl'i'!lx't' Lurkhzlllpl 1'Im1'IvsH'Nc-il. 6044 f!947. .. . . ., MJ. FIRST NOVV: llunivl l!1'iL-ker,llzlvicll'1mte,Ihvnaldtlaxllivk.John lla-ndvr, Ihxul Munras, .Izlmvs llvlldvr, Philip Aliniv, linlu-rt 1211-L-11, 'I'hmm1s Burke, John VVIIAZQIC. SICCUNIJ ROXY: .Iusvph llurlgm-l's, I.1-nw IZ1-llrum, A1131-lu Ualslu-vin. NVilli:xm ML-Qllauh-, llnlwrt Sn-hmidt, Iwo Kurpieski, l'lzl1'vm-Q Paullus, XVE!liz1m G11-im-ll. xxvilliillll Gnlmlillg, IN-tvv Soul-h. 'I'lllllll IHIXY: Lew Kraus, 'I'humas Fzllwull, l'atx'iQk Tmlli, Jusuplm llilvlxmwy, Vlmrlvs XYilhvlm, llnlwrt liopkills, .-Xrthur' Sig- n01':u-vi, Ilivl1:ll'4l lUllI'1bh1', Fr:-d McNulty. F0l'll'l'H lK0YY:L1-11 lkurus, Ilulu-Vt Ilutlm-V. Mivlluvl Fiurini. Imh- ,l3lll'lll1llL'I', Ellgwflnm- Davis, .Iusq-1:11 Miller. . . . in 7943 I"lRS'I' IHNY: .lwsnf1rh Iflsm-lla-Ilmul, Juhn Yluglws, K'l1:l1'los Svllllliillill, .Xntlxuny Ms'l,rvLlg'I1li11, XYilIi:nm l'HlH'lllt'X, XViIt'1'n-ml 14'1':111lc1-11111-ma, l'l1il!'lt'S l'1'i0sl, .lnhn l'l11-12111, VVilliz1m Mzxlwlw, ,Xnllwny l'hzln1lw1's. SECOND IIOXY: lf'1':1m-is Snlmuv, Jnhn lHZlll1'IlZll'Kl, .Iunws Hall, Vim-cnt SIIJUIPSICX, l1h2ll'l4'S Svhmitz, I4'1'z1llL-is Sll'illl1l2l1HIll', llivllzlxwl l't'vifl'v1', Ili1-l1:11':I John- son, .hum-s Ilrrvwn. 'l'llIllIl ROXV: th-111111 Ilusi, l:1llH1l't t'l:11'k, ,Xllwrt l':ll'h1'll12lllll, .lzlmvs Nm-wtun, Nil-k ,.xHlIIll1'Fl'. i'h:1l'Im-s Simon, Hxw-lwl Kriur, l:il'l12ll'Il Luft. lf'0l'll'l'H IIOXY: liulwrt Luft, lIllXY1lI'll Slqllllidlill, Alia-lmzwl illwvgzlll, .lnlm llnltzzlpfvl, IFIINSIIAI li.-rlgus, John VNU-st. fgeniaad of 1947 V The days of youthful play EDWARD M. ANTONIO ' '6The truest politeness comes of sincerityfi Intrepid RONALD E. BARKER "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." Considerale I CHARLES D. BARLAFANTE "The joy of young men is in their strength." iil'IlISf'IllilN' DANIEL R. BELL "Common sense is instinet-H C'll0lIgll of it is genius? Resollreeful BERNARDO J. BELLISARI "Large of size. large of heart." Weiglzty LAWRENCE R. BELT "Continued clleerfulness is a ibn of wisdornfi 1.f1ff'lll1l1' LEO J. BELTRAM 'LLaugl1 and the world laughs with you." Rerzozrrzffd O JAMES D. BENDELE 'Tlontentment is better than riches." jllllllflll Class Preszdelzt WILLIAM F. MCQUADE "A good head and industrious handf, Page Sixteen Popular 'S ri.. , 34 we encounter manly labors. JAMES R. BENDER "Reward is doing." Loyal JOHN C. BENDER "Nothing is impos industry." D!'1'l7fl'!1 JAMES D. BERGMANN, JR. L'DilHculties give way io diligencef, Illustrious Vivid THOMAS M. BOLAND "By the work we know the Workman." Versatile a brute." Progressive' JAMES P. BREEN '4Cod helps those who help themselves." Honorable good ihingf' A Bountiful X xi' f Q Spic and Span Page Sem enteen JOHN E. BLANCHARD "Labor conquers everythin CAYWOOD J. BORROR "A man who blushes is not qlllle FRANCIS A. BRENNAN 'lYou can't have too much of f . wifi - of 1947 Prepared to venture where . . . ' I A JAMES R. BRENNAN 'lworth makes the man." V igorous DANIEL E. BRICKER MA cheerful look makes a dish a feastf' Controvertible JAMES W. BROWN 'Wlanners are the happy way of doing things." Afable WILLIAM F. BROWN "Work and the rest will be won." Faithful A ERNEST E. BRYANT "Gentle of speech. benegcient of mind." Amiable R e - ' ' LEO T. BURNS "Every artist was at first an amateurf, Generous ROBERT J. BUTLER "Cheerful company shortens the miles." Auspicious WILLIAM J. CALHOUN '6Slow and easy." Comical ' -r. . . "l X , lf 'V 7, l Ll 1 HR I In 2? gi an-"" . F l ' . if lust made it Page Eighteen . . . God may lead us, the journey is well begun DOMINIC P. CAROLLO, JR. "Clothes make the manf' Prudent WILLIAM J. CARROLL "Your value is increased by courtesyf' Helpful ANGELO J. CASUCCIO "One cannot always be a hero, hut he can always be a manf, Sporliva EUGENE R. CHARIE uCleanliness may be defined as the emblem of purity of mind." Precise' WILLIAM F. CLANCY "Be of good cheerf, Viracious JOHN D. CLARK "Small of stature, but never of mind." Clever ROBERT L. CLARK "He that lceepeth his mouth and tongue keeueth his soul from distress." Facilv RICHARD H. COFFMAN "To work hard is to succeed." Ulzprediclable Q' O4 Q . N f 4451-113- l Y, ' A . flu, lilf '43 . -.gvhfi Q ef I I if L 3 , v X. 'Chi ',. .,. 15 I l iii gl X ' I 'I ,Nd , y 4 ,Lp If ' 5 r 3 f Necessary lie P age Nineteen Seniafut of i947 Confidence in our preparation DONALD J. CONLON "Wisdom shines from the face of the wise." ,-lllwzlirv EUGENE W. DAVIS "Cleanliness is a mark of politeness." Serene RAMON L. DE CENZO "Learning hy study must be won Original FRANCIS G. DEL COL "Success has manv friends." Em batflerl FLOYD F. DENBOW "lt's a wise heacl that makes a still tongue." Silent JOSEPH E. DOERSAM "OlJliging conduct brings esteem." Consistent JOHN F. DOTTER "Learning is better than house or landfi A lnlelllgent JAMES E. DOWLEY uBe friendly and you w want friends." Lucky , E- WK. ws- . t ,wr 1 ,-'M f""lvl', if -S, f .41 U I W WLT? ' 1' J ij, ww 1' I l 4 1 ., t --J i H a-Q91 i A Q W-,'3.Ls f ,. . Aiwa. ig,-'+ , ,f Q!!-fl ' ,'P'aJ .YN .1. V. 5? - V ' , A J' 5 ' l. if QT! 312 . - l V .- i , ,. A N,-F A Y . 'v w l 'Q il l '- . : , is - if , gg Qi. lf- L . ,pl vu ' V . ' 1 . 5- lr- H ' fa' ,. "" he ' " J fMfw":I1f '4 f -if -.'-,I-Wi: Ii ,-.1'v"- . ' ' ' 332.5 .g..:4vj,i ,,,i'f',ivg1'I W ' f' ' 9.7 ' " 2 " .111 ,'g"' - 3 lrwuff 1' X ME., A, .W ,. ,.,, , . First encounter Page Twenty deserved ill never . makes easy the way for constant progress. DALE H. DURTHALER "A youth of high ideals." Placid THOMAS O. DYE hcleanliness is next to godliness Lively ALBERT J. EICHENLAUB "Whoever perseveres will he crowneclf' Impressive' JAMES E. ENDERLE "Happy is the man that tindeth wisdom." Discreet GERARD H. ENTINGH "A man of unclerstanding i. a precious spirit." folly ROBERT A. ESSMAN "Diligence is the mother of successf' Arden! HOWARD L. EVANS "Keep smiling." ,,0l'Il1III' LOUIS E. FINNERAN "Courtesy is a business asset. Ll gain never a loss." i'7llf'llllIflI1IlP Class Vice President MICHAEL D. FIORINI "Wise to resolve, patient to perform." Accommodazing Page Twenty-orzc Seniaafi of 7947 In splte -52 LV Y W Y wrt L l , -'.-gist X. yr- L zz. es r J 'A J J-v ff l 53591155 th., J eff. H ifi ff .a. fa: 52 J' 'fv- -Y fswsfs A " Y -1' w g.: , rf, W' 1:5193 f rig 5-ig! , Page Twenty-Iwo ,V X, I ff' - Q! . . 4i,'..Hbgig'1 iQ:fg'G"ii' . Qi?- L sr tertsr i ',fyQ,,,,, 3.5. X , .I fhii f every difficulty the path . . . JEREMIAH P. FITZGERALD "Slow work produces fine goodsf' Impulsive WILFRED G. FRANKENBURG L'Nothing is more useful than silencef' Responsible DONALD E. GALLICK G'He that inquires too much, learns muchf' Talkative JOHN C. GALLUCCI 'Knowledge is a fountain of life to him that possesseth it." Persistent CHARLES P. GARISH 'AA merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." Gracious JOHN C. GETTINGER ulsearning is wealth." Scientific JOSEPH D. GIBBONEY 'fare and diligence bring reward." Constant WILLIAM H. GLEICH "An honest countenance is the best passport? Trustworthy l I- : Z l Wrong stairs . . . is smooth because of the firm foundation. WILLIAM E. GOLDING ' "Who am I to worry?" Playful ROBERT J. GREEN "Music hath charmsf, Earnest EUGENE E. GRIESEMER "Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers? Studious MICHAEL F. GROGAN "Man's best friends are his ten fingers.'7 Friendly ROBERT F. HOPKINS "The end crowns the work." Busy RICHARD L. HUEFNER "Manners often make fortunes Vlllllllblf? RICHARD J. JOHNSON f'To be rich, be diligent." V . Pleasing GUY B. JULIAN "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Considcrlzlf' 554' + . 'nr' '31, 5 If Af ' if , 3 n Ty - fit! A .4 . ,Q or ,' c 4 I w l lf. ' ,. ga ' J' f .fin 1' ff 1 g 1 ,- h - Apple polisher Page Tzvwzly-tlzree Seniafut of 7947 The ideal we pursue with DANIEL N. KING "A work well begun is half endedf, Successful CARL J. KINSTLER l'Nothing in the work is so good as usefulnessfl Peerless LEO J. KORPIESKI MA glad heart makes a cheerful countenance." fubilanl LEO J. KRAUS g'lVIusic is the poetry of the airfi Reliable ORCHEL D. KRIER Nllrevity is the Soul of witf, Quiet THURMAN J. KRIVDA "Try, try again." f0l'l'lIl JOSEPH T. KUHN i' "Friendly persons know no loneliness." VOIUIJIP PETER W. KURGUZ "A willing helper does not wait until he is asked." llf'0l7I0fil't? 1 X?Y . V Class Treasurer LAWRENCE J. ESSMAN g'Acquire not only the learning but the habit of learning." Pagf' 7'l,Uf?Hly'f0ll,l' Eylpfgptlic every step will lead us straight to Cod. WILLIAM A. KUSKOWSKI, JR. "True courage dares to do right." Regular ' " ' RICHARD F. LAEMMLE ' 1 A Q ' HA strong and mighty man wal: Y I X 'si If V. Smzuzclz 'sfifiizf Q ., "Who does not iire achieves. ' Rffnzurkable PAUL C. LINDER, JR. "ln much work there shall he abundance." Cmllrflzfvzl ANDREW J. MACIOCE "l'olileness is kindness of heart." UIIfl1'0'll'd ANTHONY 0. MAIBERGER "Live to do good an-d you will never tire of your employment." dlllSil'lI1 PAUL E. MANNS . "He hold but not 'loo hold." Droll BRUNO J. MASDEA "Confidence of sucress is uhnos! I SllCl'CSS.u .'Idl'f'IIfllf0ll1S W 3 L 1 I FFF' gg? .4tom-icing Page Tu'enty-five' Seniafui of 1947 ll 1 I l'I'I1.' ii Steadfast in the law of love . . . ' ' RICHARD J. MCCLOSKEY 4'What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanityf, Fiery JOSEPH R. MCGOVERN "The reward of a thing well done is to have done itf, Humorous JOHN P. MCMILLEN HTrue friends are the greatest V richesf, Beneficfnt FREDERICK J. MCNULTY "He hath music in his heartf, Melodious BERNARD H. MEIER "An unspoken word never does harmfl Agrvcable FRANCIS J. MERENDO HA good cause makes a stout heart and a strong armf, Clamorous JOSEPH F. MILLER "Hear much. but speak little." Resolute PHILIP L. MINIC 'glndustry is the parent of fortune." Kind ,-Wu gvggilllw ' lm' 'fat V, E3f?g5:1i.f" + ' Y .33 1. at 'Jiffy' I ' i. y 1 . g li-:il - . V, , 1 Qt .fail , . fi 415, " Q1 7 14,5 3, li 'J' ' :S 1 .-' ' ,- :J -A 4 A 4 ' .fi"f?ilt'Q Y . QQFISV' 'S X44 -v'G:dl'gfhl,:i I ' 4- A 4.55: ,tv i- . hal , . -aw.. M-qrfgglx 'K ,s l- ff' .1 A 11.3-,,," Last bell? our perseverance shall overcome all trials. JAMES J. MONAHAN "Work in youth is repose in age.'7 Charitable CHARLES R. MURPHY "'Tis better to he small and shine than big and cast a shadow? Ubliging ALBERT J. MUTH "The first element of success is determination to succeed." DI-11-gl'Hf CHARLES R. 0'NEIL "Cheerfulness and good will make labor light." T11 rifly PAUL D. 0'REILLY "What is worth doing is worth doing well." fllisrliifwozls PHILIP D. 0'ROURKE "Best things come in small pzsclcagesf Friendly CLARENCE L. PAULLUS "The only way to have a friend is to he one." Praclical HARRY I. PEARSON "True politeness is kindness of 334, wjfjifgg tif. ,lf ,-ig f92:j14lMi1r.'1'fi Q, il, .iii-1 . ff- -.M t -- L.l t w 5 I M 5 heartf' Placid ,i , -,, , 4 1 ,. " tos -- . if .tg-" 51' 'Q tffef 'J ' ' as "'ft1'ri . E. Sloppy foe Page Twenty-seven Seniafu, JOHN R. PHELAN "The man that hath friends must show himself friendlyf' RP11'Uf7lf' CHARLES P. PRIEST Our strength IS found III a stron "Duty before mleasuref' l ,4 gile MICHAEL J. PURPURA "Politeness is a combination of good nature and good sense." Taciful THOMAS P. QUINN "Silence is more eloquent words." Depvlzdablv HUGO R. QUINT "lt's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." Constant EDWARD J. RECH HA smile will go a long, way." AIIIIISIIIQ' JOSEPH E. RILEY L'Nothing so dillicult lint may he won hy industry." Self-Rfflialzl PATRICK J. RILEY "Let the world slide li Merry 5455 T ti ff I V t 'f Las! smnd Page Twenty-eight than long yin determination to seek justice and truth. JOSEPH A. RODGERS, JR. "Friend to all. foe to none." Tllouglrlful ROBERT S. SCHMIDT "Few things are impossible lu diligence and skill." .'!fflI,l'fl.l' CHARLES J. SCHMITZ "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." Tranquil JOHN C. SCHROEDER "Diligent work makes a skillful workmanf' Plvasfzlll ARTHUR R. SIGNORACCI "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." Sensible CHARLES J. SIMON f'Fortnne befriends the bold." Capricious PETER J. SOUCH, JR. "The load becomes light when it's cheerfully bornef, , Courteous DOMINIC D. SPAGNOL HAmbition has 110 rest." lnquisitire Class Secretary THOMAS C. BURKE 'LA man amiable in society shall be more friendly than a brother." focose Page Twenty-nine S Page Thirty ' of 1947 We store spiritual riches that the . . " m - ' RICHARD A. SPALL "My tastes are aristocratic my actions democratic." Handsome JAMES L. STEIN Hllheerfulness is an offshoot of goodness and wisdomf' Magnanimous REID K. TAUBE' "Upon the good contentment growsf' Lofty ROBERT M. THACKER ' '4Choice makes our friendsf, Persuading FRANCIS B. THOMAS HA bold man has luck in his train." Frolicsome THOMAS W. TILSLEY 4'Perseverance brings success Cheerful PAUL A. TINNERMAN 4'Smiles go a long way to happiness." Colorful ALFRED P. TONTI "It's our actual work which determines our value." Loquacious - V --,FM , 23. 7 mf i iff . ,gt M3 .4 ., :W i 5' - 'Li - ,fi Eli I ' ' 'w - A - ,i A 1 ff' 3 ' 1 t I.: A Y '!,f..l!.:'g? :sB?--- . -'gg' , .. . .1 --., -Me. Heads up . . . journey's end be STEPHEN P. TOTH "This man has music in his soul." Nea! MAURICE J. TRANT, JR. "All's well that ends well." Thoughtful ROBERT E. VAN HEYDE "Friendship multiplies joys and divides griefsf' Aquatic DONEL E. WALTER 'LLive to learn and ou will learn Y to livef, Useful JOHN W. WATZEK "Live and let live." Whimsical JAMES H. WHALEN 'gl-le that does good to another does ood to himself." S W my JAMES D. WOODRUFF "Men of few words are the best men." Cenial FLOYD M. YORK "They conquer who beliew canf' .4ppreciat1'1'1' I I w , . GQ r ff ftl 4 ' 'qj ,- 2 :30 Shujle 'e they met with final happiness. f, J Page Thirty-one 1 'ix ea 575 2 fy ii, ?f ,E :ALA t . f 1 in .rm gas - v' A 'pb' l U 1 1 . Viv' .5 ig? Q ' f 5 :fy I-. .1 1 The seniors have now come to the great broadening of the highway to heaven. We who remain. who are left to fit ourselves more surely for the journey, salute the class of nineteen forty-seven. Speaking for the sophomores and freshmen, we juniors hid these graduates go forth and hlaze the M N,i'Y 2 V ' 'F J, v . m- i N, ,V Y ii!- , For I i ,f .' SN Gs 'l .,,,,, A P, .Y sv, k- its . .AK 5 1 ,Q k V? 1 A s H-rt if--fy e I 1'-,Q 4, . Q ,E-" ,Q .V A " V 5 -..4.:..v,' L ' Q., ef e M W p t ,fy QA " I ,t 6 e ' Q, f"'1 Q i - r A ,p-Q A 3. iv . I I it 'fa-, .: "C?' , 6' unload, Let them light the road ahead with the torch of truth held high. We look to them as our immediate predecessors for the fine example which is expected of loyal Aquini- ans. We shall expect them to show us the finest way to prartice the training which we have received at Aquinas. an W ppit wi , our J L, ' L, L-"""' A . 1 ,, at , , 39 .f .., v, X K 'J in ii Y ' 'Q Lt .Ji liii Nj- .7 it fx -. 4- A .wt i 0-if 'g- if f J Y. 1 - J ,. J, I' 'i if , e, X 9 ' X l ff ' , L, V 5 yew. 0 Ralph Breitfeller, Rin-hard Duffield, Donald Sweeney, Emil Badurina, Patrit-k Cantwell, Carl lfalter, John Jakob Angelo Del Col, David lic-ilwl, ltohvrt Dickson, Ralph D'Erric0, Thomas Lorenz, Roland Ei:-liner, Robert 'Kellv Gerald Donohue, Edward Salser, Roy Rogers, ltogrer Houker, Joseph Fodey, ltit-hard Baker, Leo Woodruff Robert Fox, Thomas Sheehan, Robert Fitzgerald, Otto Sc-hodorf, James De Maria, ltnpert liit-henlauh, ltobt Donald Manning, Anthony Rogers, John Auer, Thomas Enright, James Groom, Itohert Smith, Donald Goodin Garrett Reilly, James Conley, SVi1liam Freas, Joseph Yoakum, John Conlon, Girard Berry, James Carroll Page Thi rty-three -rt H Lum inn Na' dx.-, ' T V5 ., ,L 1-...i ff-LZ:-ilif-ji".."" V':-f',4"'g 1-,-r ., . -1 . p",f1f1gv5.f fi Mi' , r -.+:g,, 'J.",.y,l- 121'- . s eff . , 4 I f ,lv Q , ,Y 0 1 5 J l 1' - t f z, f ,i. ,t' y' ,1 .yy , .. . . , K l " ".ThT' 5 A ' ti Ll 1 "T, X 1 J 1 ., .. H wy' ' 'n-f-i s,W- it ' ' YA 4 1 We have spent many carefree school days with the members of the senior class. All underclassmen have been edified by the forcefulness of their leadership. ln scholarship they have heen the envy of other classes. In spiritual exercise this class of forty-seven has proved that they have grown to the men of prayer we hope io he. ie- si, x G gl l l R 11-A R F15 V. . Z.- 4 , - i it N 5 ,Vi I A 1 f -13 5 'Ik si' S l. .56 X ,ig if I l Certainly the example they have given in the field of sport and social grace has been worthy of admiration. They have set the pace and we have tried to follow in support of all their elforts. We compli- ment them upon the high success to which they have lead all underclassmen. This year of hard effort will be a model for future Aquinians. Rav , Q g i, is A k X' v hl fit. i Q -its . , - .l- 'Y ,A if 5? if fa " 4 fx if Q 4 1 0 is il ni A , 4 'A' I 5 ff 3 wi '45 3 - Q. 1 W 3 il eg? l li x A 1 'S W. " 13 A af.. , 7 , , "" .' ' x A " .jf 'F s i 5 3. e fl 'i B fe.. R ,Q G ' x ' 'N Q' J Patrick Di Pcrna, John Overfield, George Kramer, John Goodburn, John Dougherty, John Karsko, Robert Sickinger William Shannon, James Strzipp, John Webb, Joseph Dedario, William Krouse, Gino Bracaloni, Richard Di Pietro Thomas Poliseno, Joseph DeCarlo, Frederick Pagura, Thomas Heilrnan, Richard Underhill, Joseph Belcher, William Baker Rith ird Morock, Edward Mead, James Devery, Patil Finnerty, Robert Mahley, Nicholas Wilhelm, William Strapp Robert Von Luhrte, Nicholas Gallagher, Richard Meier, Gerald Ryle, Robert Wanner, John Schlaecter, Richard Noon Lawrence Elder, Donald Wanner, Martin Auer, Donald Woodyard, Joseph Hausberger Page Th irty-four The standards have been set high. We have no choice but to endeavor to hold them yet higher. We look forward to the coming year with the hope that we may add in like amount to the traditions of Aquinas. ln our wishes for those who depart from the halls of our heloved school. we Glau of 1948 emphasize our promise to carry on the heritage which is given to us. We shall hear the past proudly. Our fixture at Aquinas is here dedicated to the enrich- ment of the traditions we hold so dear. So. farewell and Cod's hlessing upon each and every undertaking which you may pursue. . hfzx X, I , A' x F91 yes. an Q -. 5. Z3 Q 44. V .sl :jg 1 . .asia V' Al., e L..' A wfiisik , sf. if ' .4 is 1: -' .X K ,V N . K s , VEYA fd I - f si .J . , 2 .5 1' f- it -M - . , r K ' i . '. , , - , 1 N W 5 Y ,Maya F . A , . Q ' J ' 3 - ff . , i . ,. YR -f W' 'iil :J 'J X 9 J ' r' ' be J A ' 1 " ' vi 't X - ' I' X H it if f I ,W M Vi , ,. A up Q Ali .K f ,- W K .5 N l' 'W-, f J . is il ' ' ik. ,Hy , 1 Q: r Q if gk 1 A Us , le, ,, A, l - M 0 ,frm V., Eli: Q , --s Qu N .Inf I A I y' E f U h if 1 : Y Y 5 tg r L ,. Y fa ' jk ,fi . jr f V arg. Q I A my my V , iv J ,, Joseph Serio, Edward Wengerter, Peter Albanese, James Fuchs, Philip Corbett, Gerald Yargger, VVilliz1m llztvis Lawrence McNulty, James Maher, Terrence Garner, Orfeo Angelo, Paul Alibrando, John Varley, Patrick Ginmarco Joseph Cahill, John Bighouse, Gerald Call, Donald Butts, Joseph Hans, Paul Rukey, John Lombardo George Hannaford, John Lawless, Robert Scales, Thomas Miller, Joseph Savely, Stanton Heise, Richard Widmaier Karl Eiginger, Robert Pearson, William Laverse, Richard McDonald, Joseph Hughes, Leonard Palma, Carl Guzzo Murdith Byrne, Andrew Alexander, Albert Coughlin, Daniel Galiardi, John Neary Page Thirty-five TQ GSK NNW "'fIAs.4 QU' A zzishzz. :xi We 1: XA 4 'RB aniaa-Sapfawnowe Jfdffnligzfnla Charles Schmidt, president, and Father Skalko. moderator of the sophomore class. James Strapp, Ralph Breitfeller and John Webb are junior draftsmen. Sophomore publication "Terrier 49er", distributed by Guido Augustine. Thomas Cavanaugh, second vice president of the class of '42'. For juniors, a class ring is the thing. Class of '48 officersg president, James Devery, vice president, James Carroll, secretary, John Webb, and treasurer, Paul Finnerty. - if ,f Juniors and sophomores share th: first lunch period. Physics is the big major for juniors. The Saint Joseph Academy cheering section. Joann Bender and Ann Belt, center front, lead the loyal noise makers. 11 1 I Through the West Gate lliollnrll liunklvr lllaluuril liooh G1-orgv l,lll'l'l'lI John N4-ssc-I' 'l'hom:ns Wlnngiu ' By the East Gate llollvrt Srlwol Iloln-rt S1-holl N'illi:un l'h:lrl4-s .lzunu-s N'llli:uns .lzunos t':ir1Ii A Car is the Thing l4l'lllllIlll Fnpoziollo lla-nry lirh Jann-s lla-nry SIIIIIIIPI XYiIIi:uns Niultvr 01-hs Posed Leisure John fillllllillgjllillll l':Ilil'Ill'll lf'og'o Iloln-rt Kzlrlsln-rin-r xxvillilllll xxvilllifl' Ilia-hnrel Rupp A Flag for Aquinas llonnld Gznin llollvrl 'l'hiA-I lillllo fillllil lic-rnlcl VI4-tzgvr fQ2ll'Q Phillips The Flag of Our Country John i':llInh:nn Iain l'l'll1'l' llllllllllllllll llohn-rt llnluglu-l'ly Ilzlvicl Fonlm-5 lhu-9 llhoilrs The Forbidden Door Ilonulll Wh-llillon l,0llIlIll 0'llrivn llolwrl lion-ll Norlu-rt llonshe-3 l.:lwr1-Iwo llollidny Rail for the Weary lic-orgfv Kon yl0l'jJ,'l'll John llvluli-rson i Ih-nry R4-:lulon !YiIli:un 'I'honl:ls Jann-s Ik-vine Sa Med Sapfzamaaed e K' r , 14-vm Sli xi P9 1 . LV K. Vp: Ie it 11 f-.5'9w,3., i .. A Bar of Justice Joseph Bishop Uhester D0 lk-Ilis llifhilfll Bishop xxlllliillll Ili Sabato Jolln Latorre Wlivhnu-I Di Sabato Puzzles in Second Algebra Alfred 1-l:llllu1-i JIIIIIPS Conlon Rivhnrll sl'll'I.L'lll' Anthony fasino Louis Ili Sabato Latin by Diagrams Joseph lk-Ill-I Joseph 01-lgoetz Jann-s D4-ll'1-1 xxvillilllll lirvvn Jann-s Wh-elmn Metal Lathes Hum Charles S1'Ilil'1ZllllIl'I' Michael Foody Richard Umuly Georgrm- Sphar Jann-s P1-irano Biology through Glass Jolln Yvl'il l'lrn1-st Ya-zzi Stephen Rusht- llohert Royc-r Daniel Bros:-h History from Far Back .hulrvw Zag: llavill liisska Alex I'i1-ralnivo Jolln Snsil JUIIII llenz Mechanics of English John XVZITIIHIWV Jn-rolnv Illanvharnl t4llIll'll'S Clousv Iiolu-rt Brown lh-nry llartm-r Lockers Hold Everything .Iohn M1-lirnth XYiIli:lnl l'arIisl1- WYilli:nn Sl-'llIlN'li Jann-s Shoriulan .los. l'Illl0l'1!lNlll M 3 ,. W.. , A-islam V' ' VXA 337 sg X W5 -r A '35 . in-, .fy vi ' A a if I M ' ,w""' A K' ..... 'I Ak m ,M , i i W ' ug V .514 , SQEQSWY 'lk X A! X gtg' .is ,JN PA, . --ii, Mx, Axayurig nl Q Q VV , t ff ! " 4 Y ' ' 4 - 3 I ' ,K , 4, , ,N i 4 5 1 +23 A ' I Il r t i L i X l , .. sri ,. Mx ., "s, 3 ' V -4' ig - " ... Q La, x,..rN 6 ,A 4. - '- 'i A f" ' X - -- .f Qw- . 5 'S E we x .W ,F 1. 351 QL. ,K A s x . ,,a we 5. I Qc V: L W, L sv' Vfff ' Q,s 1"1 ' 'K if "1 AA Q-!s ' l ,f V 'KM 1 fs? risks A A QS Sf' as A? ...I-v""""""'-'M M MMMQMKN Sf Xx Nh fl k V ' ' 3 ' 5 L . J J .1 3 ' qw Q' ' ,Q F, Q '.xf.1,'A-2- K fy ,- rf- .. 3 V, V' , fl .-" I ' fiig ' s ' wa Q ,i j . A VE ' A W' V ? A "'L if 152 .. M .1 2 9 gg wi-- Safzhamaaed, Front Olfice Business llolu-rt Snyder John Keenan Joseph .hrrin-sti John Russell Rohm-rt Vzlsssuly Seldom on Rooftop Joseph Izzo lliclulrd l'l0lllllZlll .lzwoh Nl'lllll'l1l0l' John liitzmillor XYiIlium l.:luhvr Noontime Shortcut Joseph llosuti l"l'e1l0rivk lluunmnn lfll'llIll'll Ilulnlolpll .lunn-as ylfllilflll, I':ltri4'k Iizlvzlllzillgrln Physical Culture l'llIll'll'S Slqllllilll xflllllllll llornl Jzunes lin-Iloy VYIIOIIIIIS l':lutwe-ll KYilli:lln ll"N1-ill Thousandth Step lloln-rt linlp John Sapp George Palmer Donald Nlurnnne llonnlll XYihl Corner of Sighs l'1l'Illll'iS Lum-ns John lluvis Joseph Wlillljilll Paul Gull: .Iosoph llorg.:ln-so l'h:lrI1-s Flu-In Football Anytime Angelo Napolitano Charles 0'lh-illy Ili:-lnzurfl Lee Angelo M1-si Frmlvric-k llyh-nton ,li1'llill'l Zack Young Ironwoods l'1-ter Lipper! Clinton Brown Donnlcl Outlnlul Ilia-lnlrcl Fnltl-r JIIIIIPN Fross w:..'?P:ig5'f'Kvh ' Q41 fn-41:3 I, Q...f..1' ,rw 1 M'?4"' ' mg, ,mf . If'--sk If W !i ni is mg .f N ,x i 3 me-.:M' g I 7",..'V' Q 4 QM? wiv A ,T F ew F" .- m ,N 5 "' fm '5 If 1 J , , A ' '14 Q h , Alf' Qi r K is 'gi 1-A 331320 I F 2 .nf , 4. , N ' is ' U fef it H 4, , ' -0, I fi X mf L I3 vw- .. w Qy XA ., W x?,.a I Q Xl 1 f" ' 5 V - ff' if 1 X , X xx if , 1 fiflj 'Q Y., 33 Q J Y IZ, X' 5 f R al- 'Ah X 'Q A CQ 1 9 L. . l 1 aff ia RF? P x W 3 Xie, f Z ' W A .s at X , l v 5 W W '. lim i 4 :ig x A wh f X v ' I K K -in A F , Y vvw -M KJ, V ... 'L 2 2? ' 3 M ' . X s . X kkx,g ,gk ' Q N fs, 4 Y V ' 3 ki? ,, W is 4-fs aww' f"Z , Mrs. Thissen, esteemed faculty cook for Mrs. 0'Neill, beloved cafeteria cook for A 4Q.ul4 W' twenty-seven years. thirteen years. f , H 17.5. A J, 'V - A X- X, . I , .7 lift efaid 4 st 4 7 11 a 8 0' XXX -g i. " - g I ,. ""fffa':' fa z sm - ya ance r Mr. Mess, engineer for the school and Mr. Chambers, for many years our school I id' faculty house. janitor. ,' F: ,,'. -,:,Zi!?' ' F. h A - . V-14463 " .ifm1ff.:f. , . -, 'I ' ' .W ,:f,yAv?3ts? L . .-- ,... ,X 'N I 1 ski" 32,6 N3 5' F 'wu- ,J ., 'wa . Q 0 -lgfl xf- ' ' 'il 1 ' CQ , J ' 1 .?r -,f'52f'j' ,' Ar fv W' Q? QL? 4- TA 1 ,. ' -1. , - 2 'Lu , IJ: - ' 'X' ri 'iwz '. 1 -J 'L -:wi 1 L- 14 1' Af ? "'27:,. . If ,4 LY? L I ,, Y 'if'-', X x,m..,-'U' . " I ,,.',t' bc.-:Q ff r pw A5 if V gn ' 5, li -F ' '4' 'ji 1 V '1' 4 J 1 fr , . ,. ', 92',1,'u- ' - 1 . ff' -,Z SE' -L, . ' - -. z :ww ry--. -: A ' 1- 4 'Z-1'-- V i'- , 'J.'. 'Q' E 'K l.. ' 'Q I :.' 'ff' 1-: 5 'v"l'9"3". J," . Am Awe xy ' .""---H Xqxxmkm Dfnlhnr x 9? ' 45' . x rqfamy Jffze Raacf la gland .fife Resin qfffi W e "1 , ,M ,ON Of iv. UUVN ll l V4 ww: ' " y.xiK"x3:-'vw ,B 1 J.- .pgfjfewf if-W 1Q,v"'f A-ri .X 4 XX. ,,1f",.ff,,-" f -H U x, f X, ... ,,,-- ,qgv '-'fy' .nnwgwmff , mm, Q A ,,.fmg'x shaun wmv NYHX lf: N1 ,,v"' jk? ' ,5..""I - . ,- , --" 1- f- A , Lfx'u,.v"'w, C' K 4 , vf' ' .,-y5""fL:'N 'CM' .- 'f' w""" . ,. "W", :-l X Z" 4. J L, E STUDY Progress towards the end of our existence is con- ditioned hy our knowledge. The wheel of advance- ment turns with the application of our minds to the study of many subjects. livery six weeks we reeeire marks which indicate the degree of our eflorts. We are proud ol' those distinguished with scholastic honors. Our study cxtcnds lvcyond tht- classroom in study cluhs pursuing the knowledge of latin. music. air- planes and radio. All these activities in the field of study proxidc us with thc knowledge necessary for true progress in time toward cternitv. -',,.....1n. il E if X CTD lfarents listen to Father Nlonroefs advice, The students of second vear English shine while the faculty await the interviews. for Father O'Connell before interested fbenwndiaafian Robert Mulligan, Thomas Boland, Father Monroe, Robert VVanner and Charles Schmidt admire gilt-edged certificates of scholastic honors. Scfzaal t The school is a hlaze of light from end to end. The hoys can just he recognized in their Sunday hest. Classrooms are crowded with strange laces. Well. they are not complete strangers. They are the hoys' parents. hes. it is demonstration school. 'liension fairly electrities the air as the hell rings. Soon things settle down to the regular class routine. lfverything is a little more restrained than usual hecause the class is on parade. Please. lfather. call on me for something l know. Suddenly the hell signals the end ot' the hig demonstration. Worries are not over yet. After a few' words from the school president Father Monroe. the parents meet the teachers and talk things over. Nothing can he hidden tonight. Dad may have a few stern words to say when we get home. There are no worries for those who respond to Father lVlonroe's call for honor cards at the end of each six weeks period. They hring home sutlicient proof that all teachers are satisfied and report ahove average performance in study and applica- tion. Although all cannot he ahove aver- age, we should always strive to be a little hetter than we are. L , . rf. -- ' N " wt .,. ' ul , L ini' 1.1-...,,. ' "l"'.""'. 3 " "'Y5'yrf57"tf'1l- V l 5 ,Qi ,... '. -- 0 -. we -Cf,1,W1t4,tge?s-. Siucfe can f it ., , . U! ' '- . .I ' . ' .. .. W... V , S. , L .Wu get M '.: I ..-,.-...3.'n': ,rm -.., 1 .,, wwf, ww All the world will follow a strong nl the student council. many projects hate leader. llerelo nnent of leadershi i under seen ha 1 rx' fulfilhnenl. l l . the guiding influence of democratic prin- The first demands n ere made upon them eiples is the purpose of the student coun- early in the school year hy the ffoinniunily eil. This organization affords nie,1nhers. ffhest lfund. Through persuasive efforts elected from the student hotly an oppor- the student council made everyone at tunily to study and solve the prolvlems of Aquinas a eontrihutor and the proud leadership. nearer of the little red feather characteris- 'llhe sacred trust of directing fellowmen tic of the 10111 appeal. toward the eonnuon good is shown in a At the completion of the gridiron season twofold manner. The class division rep- the couneil hapluilyihonored the leant at its resentatixes are presented with the practi- non annual foothall eieningf. ltloxies and 1-al experience of leaders. They encounter an excellent talk hy Mr. Hagley. footliall the many difliculties of satisfying the de- coach at North High were featured. mands of constituents and the endless Soon after the hefrinninf-' of the second T' F' process of arousing new heights of school term an appeal came from the lied Cross spirit when occasiondemands. Constantly, and the llishops' Relief Conunitlee. The sonie worthy project is presented for sup- extended drive for funds to relieve the suf- iort. Secondlv. the student hodv is tanvht ferins: of the needv of war-torn lands was l . . z- . , the need for thoughtful use of the hallot made each week during lent. The coun- it hen they find themselves well represented cil's experience in fund collecting raised on the student council. or more forcefully the success aliore standard. when they find their particular representa- Adding the spring dance to the schedule tive indifferent to common prohlems. of the student hody. the council has helped Under the leadership of james Dowley. in great measure to make itself one of the president and Father Shanley. moderator most outstanding groups in our school life. cnrpe 4 lei, Ylneenl Snsi. Roln-rt Snsi. Lnwrl-nee Holliday. .lnhn lh-nz. l're-sid!-nt .IIIIIIPS llowley and fhnir- Innus Ilouley. llnniel King. Lawrence Corbett. N'illium Mellnude. Gino llrnen- mnn lfrunk llrennnn Iuy plains for lunl Itnlu rt Ylnlligun ure fxllthfnl llll'llllN'l'S nf the simh-nt ennneil. the spring: 1l1llll'l'. Q- 'i rf' -X T? it fi 91. lee Glad We are llLll'lIPlllL1I'ly proud ol' the ac- f'tHIlIIlISlllIll"IllS ol' the glee clull ol' Aquillas. Although tlle clull is primarily one lllill l-llIIl'lIUllS within the school. it Ilas l't'Il4lk'I'C1I ilnportallt service iltltl Ibftllltfllll pleasure to llliltly. llnder the zealous care ol' lfather Skallxo and the direction ol' Wir. I'atrick lliley. tllis group has 1lSSllIlli'fl Zltl impor- tant role. xldlly tillles during the school year we have llt'2iI'tl tllesc SlllflPIllS sing High Mass. Tllev deserve high IIUIIUI' ill so great Llll Llt'lllt'Vt'IlIPIIl. l'roud Illtlllli-'l'S have heard llll'Ill give a very enjoyallle recital at the l"ellrual'y IIIFPIIIIQL of the Mothers lilllll. 'lilleir contrillution to school life makes everyone aware ol' the IIlllI0l'lLlIli't' ol' vocal lllllSll'. l'11ge I"1'fly l"Il0N'l' IIOXI: 4' Il :l I' I or 1 tlllI4X XViIIllllll Mt--lllzlll lltlllt II tIlQ'I', 'I'tloums luv I'1'llZ. SIGFUNID IKOXY: Itlti vv lltl xxtIlLl't'I'l4'I', Iltlllitlt Wm jx ', Itlllllll I I lllvllzllwtl l!X1'Il IKOXY: l'Iu:t-lll- tirivwt-m..p I mph 1 lllllollet. lilly ling- 41N lox I Ir. hlv:llko,tII'. Molly-l':llol'. l"IllS'I' IIUYY: .I. lillllitgllvl L .' lIltIt'I', I. llllllll I ll'lfUltI'lir', I,. Sul gin. SIGFONI IHDXY: .I. sl-llllt-illt-l', W .Xlt't'Il1lH, If. KoI'l'olt, fl, lv.-f I I I st Ill-1-l If' Kllllll 'I'IIlIKID IIOYY: II, Svveelly KN. Nletlee. I-'. SIIIIIVIIIRI I lllllXX1Il, 'I' lIl'lI'li I Ol li I Il IHISY: .I. lisslnzll I lllllllhlll, Nl, tlurry, It Fl l"'l'II 51151, .I. In-llev, 'I', mtg,-5 IHDXY: 'I'. liilllltl-IPI VK, Inntz, .I. Ilvllclersoll W VVIlIlit'I', II. K:ll'IsIn-l'g'4-l', WI Iilllljllllllll. Il. I! 1- Lg l 1- ll NlX'I'Il IHHY: IC, Vogel, I- Ilutllfllt It ttulter, I.. Ilo Illl I llolliclxly. SlGYI'IN'l' 1'ol'bt-tt, di Glad 'lihe l.atin Honorary Society is PUIII- posefl of all students wllo have received ninety percent or hetter ill regular lrillitl classes. The society has no meetings hut exists for the sole purpose ol' encouraging the earnest study of the classic language. It is a part ol' the national Latin society and awards certificates issued hy tIle parent organization. It' you see a SlllClt'lll intent upoll a t'UIIl- plex diagram with C. I. Caesar written on it. you may he sure Ile is another 'xllllllliiilt who takes Ilis I,atin very seriously. AI- though there are four honor students of I,atin among juniors and Seniors. tIle Illii- jority of the lloys with a classical llent are liound ill the lower classes, IHHV: li In-rl-y, I.. tlurn lt. lXl1llll1llt-I', W. My-on-ll, v Kullkter, I "l"0lll left ln right: .lost-plt llorlgers, lllt'll1ll'tl Johnson. t':tul I.intt--r, Alike l'lll'lltll'tli lolm XYztrwlI:tw, 'ruin left lo ri1:,'llt: llenry tlnrter, llonatcl XYoottyztl'd, Hoy t:oth,:t-rs, .It-roine ttlun- hnrd, llolie-rt lirown, liillllh lireitfetlt-1-. John tlvertield, a,cZza6!aA Hand' A Any student at Aquinas may satisfy ln the rapidly adxaneing world ol to- exery eommnnieation interest lwy joining day the schools ol, Anteriea mnst keep in the radio elulv. The moderator. lfather stride with the times. .V-Xquinians hate Yollmer. has ready and praetieal answers. many opportunities ol' keeping np with 'Xt the lteginning ol' the sehool year an ex- the rest ol' the world. The Aero tilnlm ploration ol the field ol' television was eon- serves as a very important introdnetion to sidered. llnt sinee no television station is the ever ehanging field ol airltorne travel. - near enough to eorer liolnmltns. plans A major part ol' the study done liy this were ehanged. group of air enthusiasts is exercised with The projeet lor the enrrent year lmeeame model planes. Yet memliers lind time to ' the ltnilding ol' u ref-ord player. The parts inspeet thoroughly the large Allison ene used were inexpensive. ltnt with expert gine whit-lr dominates their meeting plaee, handling they produced a machine ol' eon- lfrequent moxies have lween shown lay the sideralmle power and exeellenl tone quality. moderator ol' the group. lfather l'reeourt. lilnlr memlters are rewarded in the home to explain lnlly the mysteries ol' riding the enjoyment ol' these produets of their own rather nnpredietalvle medium ol. the air. work and skill. IK KDIO fltl ll AERO l'I,l I! ,azw me amz la ezymz me ff' I EPRY liecause of the supernatural and eternal nature of the goal we seek. prayer is most necessary that we continue in hope. Aquinians grow to men of prayer as they daily dedicate their lives to Cod. The opportunity to receive the sacraments is pre- sented each morning at the students' Mass. The first class is opened with a decade of Our I.ady's rosary. No school function begins without invok- ing Saint Thomas, or ends without a Hail Mary. The work of the week is sanctified with henediction of the Blessed Sacrament. We endeavor to live a life of prayer. V L - Q V Kit.. ,if it-3:3 R IJ, My .3-8 'll il gf wif 'tl yi .t . fiqfil E? ff-ii Y x fx if lt ll TI' .1 ,f5Q?,- fl in ar i . ff vw , tm, ti I pm H .heu,,, ,, lb aw 'Y' if T ' ... TFL ., f ft T T ' Q ff 5 fi . ' if-iii,-il . ,qjgzy , N "' K ,ir fl ffi tjiii . "f, , 4:13 ., c E., " .ip M all 'S ', nv.-1 M,i' N Page Fifty-four QS. lxllc j't'2l'l'. lluily Mass in Sfllllvllli' 4-halllvl. Pwfw Xutiu- Mass of the Holy lilnml Iwgills ilu- Nl'll0hlS1il' A tl ,'lkK'iill0Mlf'1iQli1Qllli' importance of prayer in life. we lu-gin to realize the end for which we were created. happiness with Cod through all eternity. Knowing this. we turn our every moment of life towards our Master. For. to make the slightest degree ol progress towards the end ol all our hopes. we must have His help. Vlie cannot travel the narrow road without asking for His holy grace hecause Christ promised aid only to those who ask. "Ask and you shall receivefi Opening with the students, Mass. which lrrings us to the sacrifice of the Son of tlod on Calvary. each school day at Aquinas is consecrated in prayer. The ringing: of the nine oiclock hell hnds teach- ers and students ready to hegrin class work. hut first they turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary. invoking her divine Son saying a decade of the rosary. How many times have we called upon our patron Saint 'lihomas Aquinas? The lvr2lYcr "U lfllesscd Thomasu is forever im- pressed upon the memory ol' every Aquinian. Un Friday. the regular assemluly is held lor the devotion of Aqninians to the lilessed Sacrament. 'lihis one gathering ol' all students is to oller to our l'iucharistic Lord the fruits of the weekis elliorts and receive His lvcnediction. Once a month the Alumni Association ollers inspiring messages from graduates of Aquinas. who hring Aquinians proven advice concerning a choice of a vocation in life. We are indeed grateful for all these opportunities to develop as men who will seek constantly to fulfill the will of Cod. llc lllllilllllll ul' the Most Blessed s7l1'l'2lIlli'll1 is held liezxerzil lirelner. :I speaker in llu- Iiuimlzlnee hulk ur qs cr! rie U nfternnun in the selnml chu ' . pul is l'0llg'l'Ilflll2l'l'lI In the school presldeni. Sl' 7faamaA lay 14 af The traditional observance of the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas. universal doc- tor of the church. and our special patron. was on March seventh. The school presi- dent. lfather Nlonroe. assisted by Fathers Taylor and Sheehan celebrated the solemn hlass at St. l'atrick's church. The faculty formed the choir with Nlrs. Patrick Riley at the organ. Father llilsenan delivered an inspiring sermon on the glories of Saint Thomas. His title of Angelic Doctor was presented as a commanding reason for the special protection we should seek from the dilli- culties which beset our youth. Although the feast day was not a day for general communion for the student body. a great number of Aquinians did re- ceive Uur lilessed Lord. Vlie are privi- leged to have so great a Saint for the pro- tector of our school. He is for us. as for the scholars of all times. the shining ex- ample of combined learning and sanctity. Under the guiding influence of llev. l. D, Walsh the retreat was at St. l'atrick's Church on the first three days of Holy week. Father Walslrs forceful preaching led all to the true spirit of this religious exercise. By the renewal of half-forgotten wells of fervent devotion. the retreat brings a newness of spiritual life to the student body. Likening our salvation. the "game of life," to an athletic game lfather made a clear picture of our duty to Cod. He showed us that in order to secure the all important goal of eternal salvation we must "follow the rulesf' Uod's command- ments and "keep in conditionf, Grace. Father also gave inspiring sermons on how to love Cod and how to avoid sin. liach year the retreat brings something vital to Aquinas. At the close of the re- treat. the student body was served break- fast in the school cafeteria by the Mothers Club. lst row: VVilli1um Meth-v, Y-All-,win-, .Iohn Si-hnieitzel. Ikurns, XX lllizlm lxl'1IIlS , - .gat 'Y , in , - Q fl l K r .,.,,w. M ?l r I If ',', X . n-nav 4-mm .-.- mm mim- w A-ggi str :ll11-4 - gifts of vlnsu of iVK',x?AV sfvdl I l " , 3 Q' 5 .' ' l K' . f I Ns 1- :A P l . MQ I-47--+-i.l 1946 nnd 1-luss of I9-17. 01444 Smawut Glad ln order that it may always be remem- To provide adequate service at religious lxered. the Class of '-L7 is leaving to the student chapel a beautiful sterling silver nionstranee plated with gold. The Celtic' cross monstrance. designed by rnaster craftsman Joseph E. Piana. is 21 inches high and will match the chalice do- nated luv the-'Class ol i-l-fi. HIGH YICRN l'l.l' ll. Ol Jud row: XVillizuni 'l'1 1 it lil II lrql row: Ilolu-1'1 Koi-li, I..-o R S i bt 'P 3' functions, the Rev. J. organized the servers memliers of the new senior Leo Burns as The work of the clulm i ers to serve. fi .gi to if ,. . is l Ki if -f N 5 C. Cromlmie, OP.. cluli. The charter organization chose their first president. s to encourage oth- Q? Al, , X W X0 S 591 Lx. X .J Y' ! ' nam, Ram! la ezmz 1148 . 'iz-L' EW RK Unless one learns lo uork. to apply real energy in the service ol' others. one cannot hope to travel upon the highway to salvation. Uur school life provicles countless outlets for work in service ol' fellow travelers. Outstanding in servive are the orchestra. alumni and Nlothers eluh groups as well as the school pulm- lications. the llatrieian and the Aquinian. The el'- liorts of all these are primarily pointed toward ex- pressing our charity for Aquiuians. This exercise in charity prepares us for future activities offering work in service of our fellow men. 'J - i ' Sv 2 " ' llxy H ll 'ff .ik J 11 ,3i.i'i, ""' f sq, elf it 'ii " -,,-', -' - 'Pr' 1 Mm '.1 H, C-U9- 'llhere is no student organization at Aquinas which is more completely at the service of others than the school orchestra. Not only do they serve with honor and pride the orchestral needs of school func- tions hut their spirit of charitable service evtends to many social events in Columbus. Yet these appearances are hut a small part ol' their activity. The hoys spend long hours at practice under the direction of their moderator Father Vitie. Many Sun- day hours have heen devoted to making a good hand a hetter one. The music of the hand made a luig hit at the Senior masquerade. There was an ahundance of mellow music for the hegin- Rev. E. A. Vitie, 0.P. Moderator Uwhwbw, ners as well as a sprinkling of torrid jive for the initiated. A repetition of this com- lwination was enjoyed at the Junior-Sophm more dance and also the last but not least Freshman dance. Again this year the big engagement was the Mothersi Cluh Neil House Card Party, the quality of their music quickly turned wall flowers into fast steppers. From the performance at the parent- teachers meeting and other engagements the Aquinas orchestra has rounded out a very successful year. They have hrought pleasure to many and praise to themselves and Aquinas. J Moderator, Father Vitieg Pianist, Miss Audre Lennong Saxaphones, Donald Gallick, I eter Souch,Rosatl tccordian. Angelo Napolitano: Trumpetsg Bruno Masdea, Francis Sinacola, Nicholas Wilhelmg Drums Donald Gavin. rout ron .lohn tlrit't'iu, Secretziryg VVilliain Stein, President: ltoluert U'Sli:luglim-ssy. Zirtl Viet- l'rt-sitlenl. lluk ron Hurry' Stewart, 'I'rt-asurer: Jost- all Van llt-y 1 dt- I"trliainentarian: l'liarles Xlt-vt-rs Viet- i,l't'Nllll'lIl lex I li X t ill: tv l .. Motif-1'atoi'. The year l9l17 is one of superlatives. We have the biggest and best in everything from automobiles to atom srnashers. Also IQ47 has proven to he one of the biggest and best years of the Aquinas Alumni As- sociatiou. Under the forceful. sincere direction of the moderator. Father Skalko. the past president Jerry Anglim and his successor. liill Stein. the Alumni have taken a long step toward the realization of their pri- mary goal. a closer bond between the graduates and Aquinas. liecent innovations in the Association include the adoption of a constitution, the lack of which has been a long present void in the organizationis setup. and the found- ing of the Alumni News. an Alumni organ published three times a year. During the past year a whole series of religious and social programs have been developed, which includes the introduction of two an- nual alumni Masses. Une is a Memorial Mass celebrated on Armistice Day for the deceased members of the Association. while the other is a Communion Mass offered for all the graduates on March 2. ln the field of sports this year saw the formation of a bowling league. which went into action every Thursday night at the K. of C. Club. Basketball. golf and softball leagues were also initiated. Un May lst the association presented what it hopes will become an annual event. a dinner for the twenty-lifth anniversary class which this year was the Class of 1922. Add these to already familiar traditional events like the Aquinas Alumni Dance at Christmas time and the Spring Dance in June. and the result is a balanced reli- gious. social and recreational program. de- voted to the furtherance of the aims of Aquinas and the Dominican l"athers. Page S1 ily one 'l'lu- A-dilors 111' lllv l'Iltl'il'iilll nu-vt to 1lis1-uns plans fur l11'ltc-ring :1 g'm11l 1111111-r. 'I'ln- proof re-quirvs :1 1'11nsi1I1-r:1hl1- Illlllllllll ol' work In-f11l'0 pc-rf1-1'1i11u is r1-:11-In-el. l'xl'PSlllll1'll z1r1- v1-ry :11'liv4- in ilu- rt-- porting' 1I1-lmrllln-111 nl' the- s11'h1111I pups-r. o o abucacan N11 s1'111,1111 is 011111111111 11111111 1 111111-al 1111111is111-11 111' 11114 NllllKll1N S 1 1 11111 r1111- 111' 1111' 1,Ll1l'1l'1il1l .11 A111111 as 115111311 1+ig111 li1111-s 111 .1 1111111 dl f'0l1S1illl11y 111'i11gi11g 111 1111 -11111J11N ll 1111r1sli1111 IDI'1llI'1I111'S 111 1111111 111111 1111 ' 1'1l'0IIl 1111- sl111rl page- 111 1111 1111 1 1 11 1111' 1lLl1l'1l'121Il 11111111-ss1-N 1 play 111111 1111111-sly 11111111 1111 I1ll1111N 111 1111 1'1la111-rs, 111111111 11111 111111- 11i1'111'l11111 11 1' 111111 S 1eV. 1111' 1111111111'111111'. its 11111 11111 1111' N1 has 1111' s1-velul years 111111111 1111 A1111-1111111 11111111rs for 1111- 111111111-11111111 11111 Pl 1t11rx 11 11111 1l211f1C1ilIl 1111s yeal 10111 111111 we l11eir j1111 111' 111u1111ai111111f I9 1101 Nld ards 111 1'11r111er years. ru rnu 1111111 I 11111111 11111111-111 1l'11:11l11'11 1-1111111'J, 121-111'g1- 111-1'I'1-1, 'I11111111s lx N111 I11111-s 1211i1111, 1111111-1'1 M11ll1g:111. Se-1-mul ron 111'ls 1-11i1111'1. 1l1l1l4'1'1 Y:111 11115111-, 111111 N111111 1,I111lI11 1111111111 1 1xN11111l1 111111111 111wz11'1I xXVr'lIQ.1l'I'1I11'I', XV:1111-1' 1i1111:l1l1El1lll 11l111l 11111 N 1 1111111 XX111111z1i111', 1,1-11 1-1111'11s 1:11'1 1-11it111'1. 'l'l1ir1l ron 1 1 111111 '1'11llI1l1lS 1.311i1111, P1111-1' K111'g11z, XVill 1111 11111111 1X1llQ., l1l11 '111111111x 111111111 1111111il111'sJ. :lt t'nll spa-1-ll to pr 'l'Iu- .xllllilliilll 1-ulitors nork your hook promptly. Ilona-I XY:lIt1-r. Rohn-rt llut- lvr :Ind tllpnoull llorror pr:-p:ll'o tho Sa-nior sn-vtion. 'l'lu- sports tl:-pzlrtnn-nt ol' the hl nin inn is u hippu-tl into s ll il p 1- bp lkolu-rt N1-hmitll. flilllilq ..ii.g: :uni 'TIIUIIIZIN llolslntl. I'vt4-r linrgnz Zlllll Lun- l'Q'lll'l' llc-It tht- husinc-ss lllilllill-Zl'l"S of tlu- Aqninizlll. 1-xzuuinl' its liuznu-Ezul status. oelllm- tlu' 7fz rqqainian 'lilir' stall' ol' tht- .-Xqniniun siiitw-wly linpvs lic- lI't'i1Slll't'tl hy tht- slntlonts tis Ll nivint-nto that this hook fully live-s np to the high ul' thvir days at Atllllltilxl'SIN'l'l11lly hy tht- stumlurtls se-I hy liorincr emlitions of tht- year seniors who wry soon will he lt'ilYlltQI thvst' liook. Vic llavt- a'inlvax'oretl to preseiit an hulls ol' learning to go ont into il innvh 21f'I'lll'i1lt' and cmnplett- piclnrv ul' Slllflelll lftlllllltxll worlfl. lift- at .-'lqninas during classes, as well us With this always in inintl iw havv vx- in t'Xll'Ll-f'lll'l'll'lllill' uvtivity throughout llw vrtx-tl vvvry c'll'nrt to nizilw this mlition of your. tht Atltlillldll one to he long re-liic-iiilwreel It is our dvsirv that this hook will long hy tht- stndvnt hotly. Front ron: IH-tt-1' Kni'p.1nz :intl I.:twi't-n 1-+- IZ.-tt ttmnsinq-ss lIlIlIl1lgt'l'Sl. .lost-ph Kinstlt-V, Iron--I VVzlltvi', .l--ru-iniaih lfitzgw-i'zll1l, .lohn Itottt-It llnvk r arxx : I. 1-1u llnrns tZlI'l wlitorb, llolwrt St-hniitlt tslxorts wlilorl, 'I'honi:is lztrlillltl, Imniz-I King. lloht-Vt lintle-r. In-sliv Sli-in, l"iy- wond liorrni' tt-tlitort, Fzitlivi' t'i'oinlviv tmotlt-i'z1toi'l. an 'pw 1 ,v Nlollu-rs' fluh Ullic-1-rs: l'l'l'Sid1'lIf. Mrs. F. A. lloluml: Yi:-e President. Mrs. l'. S. Kesserling: Seeretury. Mrs. I'. J. Riley: Trezlsurer. Mrs. J. X. N':ulter. Jr.. and Yloderntnr, Rev. I-'. lr. Grady, 0.l Uur Xlothers are our inspiration. their undying love and prudent care guide us daily in our every activity. They do not however conline their duties to our home care alone. but come forth and work re- lentlessly under the direction of Father Grady and the faculty in order to give us better opportunities to aid in our road to eternal happiness. Their material assistance is indispen- sable: by it we obtain conveniences and improvements that otherwise might be im- possible. Gaining no recompense for their work does not impair their diligence in putting forth a successful bazaar and card partyg we can never thank them sulliciently for their noble efforts. This highly com- mendable work of our Mothers' Club is an incentive for each student to work side by side with our mothers to help make our school a better and more appreciated place for all of us. With our interests always first in their mind. they will continue their priceless endeavors through the coming years. Vive join with Abraham l,incoln in paying tribute to our Mothers as he paid tribute to his when he said. "All that I am and all that l hope to be. l owe to my an- gel motherf' Page S1'.rly-four Malhwi Glad Mothers serve the rlnnuzll llzlzzmr l,illll1'l'. Dinner erowel fort-tells ilu- ll:lz:l:ll"s slu-eess. ' ' 1 '.:: .' - - - 1'llllllQ:,l'S to the sehuol 'Y Q., n 3 vw .Q ,if rf 1 I - A 949 v' , wr Pr' AJP' Q,ral:h 3 ,, 1 ,,, ffl. 5 V X ' x 5. ' 'S 5 19 K WJ? J' I 5' T5 1, 'tif A A 'Y Q 31 .sg J I V Fl, 97 5, 1 .X., V 4 .ff ' Lf- ,' SYN ,xi- 1 Q K ff'-' ,F ll Zi-Ylf , W 'i' :Tj .L+ v if . , 9 r fix 5 ,, , ' . xv .I 3503 72 , ., I U f ff 232551 unsung - . 1 1 AQ 5. F V""'wf i , 9 1 m ii! ,, fLs 1 , 6" ' 1 5353 H if Y . , . ' , K 1 4,5 QQ", E sw ' z, 1 ng K ., .., . ,Z ., . Y 1, ,. 1 r K an X' f in 3 'A' vi ,- Jw Q v is 'VP' X. ,Off , ., 2 I , . in , I ...W , I' 1 W by W'-"-K k s ,Q i x ' . A ,"' - 12: -N '- I , . -EB X ,' v 5? , J 'R wi J X V' W I 0 xl' -Q f' 'Q 2 A 5 J ,rl Q I 'Nu' 'S Vwxig Yu I .55 - ,z 554 if 9 x Lm Q! if f: Nlanq Zine Ram! la Zlwmal .Bale WE PLAY We are proud of the athletic and social program enjoyed at Aquinas. The end we seek is an ardu- ous one to attain. lt takes a strong body to endure the labors of the upward trail. Through the sea- sons both body and spirit are exercised in prepa- ration for life-'s battles. Football. basketball. swimming. baseball. golf and intramural competition condition Aquinians for taking heaven by storm. The social graces are no less important for success. While we enjoy skating and dance parties. we realize the part they play in preparing us for life. 's Y f 7 IRA we l ll fl u s f fix, ld! '31 X, :YF ' i . ,xg f ':' -...fzfg 4 I6-s x gm X-.xfw X 'J Q2 X A ' A14-of dl! ll S' Q. gv."1-4 -2 LN ,,.. 'F 2: 5 'A' 'gif ,L f fy, X :zz l Q4 3 l .41-L" l T.. 'x 1 I 2 I iff' .E NM. ,fat '43, ll 11 'Z 'l 5 2 l' 4 -13125019 X t l 7 Q-9 ' ' f I - t,.'-af - ll J f g lf . Q-e ' " .5 " f , li "L,-ff: .. ,Q-L L Y 1 1 l I Q .Q 'H , V 1 l L '- N- -l , '- Q :a H. 1 J' X ' L , L I g N - - .. , ga x t - , Ld I , 1 7 -. - ' - I ' A: 1-14 1 'V ,' . , ' -:--'- - L. . f-E47'l: 'L' Lg- R -1 ' ' 1 f X - '4 F 3 ' '22- T 12 ,"T4-lf ""' ET' -w l 'V' 152' Txe- Z -fi... , "- +1 Q ll'l':-T - " J: 'H fpgw ' - -' ' Y-.0 --ilf .Tr -- A '-. - W! -11 54 7 - 2 .T 'rf -.-M555 , , 1 f A, ll 0, X .Y -,-az, ,, " ,A ,-11.-2-, We , , . VIL- QQBLV xy Z W ,vxgzz-il xx Q wil' - 1 .Q-4 ,, . 3 . " t"'?2tMfi..i ' iff ' 77:4 ," 1 - V. J' 1 ' --., ' .4 ,. 5--4 , f - ', 15" 'I :A 'J 1 f ' 'K sf" J' f ,X sf" pg E- y ,S a .-.Q f, e , , M be f,i.',g,ai 45.5 f,1,.-m is 12.7 ' 3, ftlifazzf, X f - - if f ffl'-Qfclsff . U .ii l f f e, 'EP to .f fe -we -Q - -- ra - ' -Y --f f Q .-. ,,, , - t M V- ' . : , ,' 'N '..,,,. -ft 5,4 .-mjff-. t - - ' Q , el M ,. 'F js-4 m y f2,i,MG':, 5-7' .ynzi ,ff A , , , ri hi ' V-lm 1 - -Y V ,I ,V - --' .2 'f' x.g.5 5.1.1 I ..-V1- - 25:1 0 3.5 --"' pl Q -Y, - ':-. 'Ga' la, ,A f 2.1- -, .3-,p -2- - -4- 1- , -" I f- vf r ' H , . .t t H E e- -- Q ...Q 3 . 1- -ru .. Y 7777 V,--fi :P ig-,y , p 3 Q I., - W, '4 A "-Y-nxt' Jul, fffgrjy , ' .A-ii l WN. .ik UI EW . Mum, Ax , L 6 M 'ww wx'- I-'rnni Row-XYilli:im All-4,J11:iaIv Vw-l'zipl.l .Im-lin lil1in1'11:ird, l-Iulwrt Svliniiall, .luliii Hzillm-vi, .lnsi-pli IM- Fzirlw, .low-pli Ssivll-51 'l'l1friii'is l':llilu--ll. H1-volnl llll11TI,Pti-'I' .Xllmzilii-Sv. .l2l!llt'S IN-X'v1'5', Hun-3 lllmfln-S, .lusi-pli llilvy, I,.-miiiwl I':ilm:i, .lzimfa ll:-nry, 'I'hiruI Ihnx--Iluiu-rt liifflu-1il:iiil,i, Miuhzu-I Fimliii, Iif-rrizii-ll lvl.-llisairi, lfrgml-is ln-l Pnl. Vu-1':i1wl., ll mil-l l14'l'QJ,'Ill2illll, lm-1'11pI.. l'1-tor Sum-li. I 1-lu-rl 'l'l1:ivlu-r Ifourlh lKlllTf.XlfI'Q'Il 'IN-ii1i. lmiiii-l llzllizirlli, .lmm s Hr mrrv m. 411-railrl Full. .lusf-pli liislwp. .Izmir-s Willizxms, Fifth lion- .Xmlrn-W All xziu- al--vg Illillilill Hlillziml lfiuiiivis Mm-rviirlw. .l2lllll'S l':irdi. ,lainie-s lwxxln-5, llfiiizilml Su r'4- llr'j'. XYilli:im lviS:ilui11'. 7fze qaallfealf 566406 R E C 0 R D Opp. Aquinas Opp. Aquinas Lumlon , 7 6 East , 22 7 West 6 0 South , ll 33 Roger Bacon , 13 12 Central , 0 0 North , 6 6 Springfield 12 7 Linden Mc-Kinley 19 0 Pugf' Sixty-right t.oniph-ting its ninctccn-forty-seven foot- liall campaign. thc Aquinas lioothall squad cndcil up with a record ol' two wins. two tics and tive losses. lfinishing one of thc worst seasons in recent years. the tcam placed sixth in the city league. Opening the scason at l,ontlon. the Irish lost a heartlwrcaker to thc lied liamhlers scvcn to six. Starting with what l00iit'tl like a powerhousc eleven the Terriers ad- vanced again and again only to have the gains nullilietl hy penalty after penalty. lfinally. thi- lrish pushed over a six pointer in the st-cond quarter heforc retiring lor the half. Playing sluggish hall during the Iead Coach Frank Zadworny, Assistant Coach Pete Mel- sccoml half the Green and Cold couldnit get started. The l.ontloners finally scored on a pass and thcn kicked thc extra point to give them the taste of victory. ln the Iirst city league encounter the Aquinas clcvcn nlct the Cowhoys ol' Wes! and again camc away with the short cntl ot' the score. as the Westsiilers gave the Illllil't'SSl0l1 ol IPOOI' ll0SiS IIUSIIIQ tllll the visiting clevcn six to notlnng. Putting up a vicious tight the 'licrricrs licll victim to a fourth quarter pass that gave the tlowhoys the margin of victory. tfonstant penalties again and again stoppctl tht- Creen and Cold from any scoring. Aquinas linesmen in action at Springfield hiorre, Athletic Director Father Taylor and Backfield Coach Green and Gold Managers. Patrick Holdrieth Roy Rovers, al Boehm. on Sweeney carries the ball around end. Paul Finnerty and John Neary. Trekking to Cincinnati the next week the tlreen and Cold lost a thriller to Hoger liacon thirteen to twelve. Playing in St. Xavieris stadium against the highly rated Cincinnati team. the Terriers played a good hrand of hall. but just coulduit pro- duce that needed extra punch that would have resulted in victory, Again the in- ahility to make extra points and inade- quate pass defense cost the fighting Irish a victory which they had in their grasp until the last quarter. Highlighting th e nineteen - forty - seven season was the annual hattle against the Il . ' T olar Bears ot North Th . . . e Aquinas line playing a championship brand of hall, Del Col piled up after short gain through West's center. . . . lll again and again ontlougltt and outcharged the North line and so frustrated the North- score and then only after a stulxhorn de- fense that held for three downs. hnally siders' backfield h ' t at only once did they gave way. The Irish then came hack and pushed over a fourth quarter score. earn- ing themselves a well deserved tie. Meeting the future city league champs, Linden McKinley. on Central's field. the Terriers lost all hopes of a share of the city league crown. After the field of hat- tle had cleared. the Panthers were on top by three touchdowns. Putting over two touchdowns in the final period. Linden dow d ne all hopes of the Terriers. Blanchard hit b y a host of tacklers at the scrimmage. I+'l R ST 'PICA M lt ilt'V I I Nlllt Finrini tlatlltn-ci ' Pg' H111 Il Q :llQ'l't'llflU ' A ' 2- 'sa Ton ' ' 1 MvQuzule . t 1 Vol .Int-It lilunc-ha I I-5, lint: Schmidt line of 1 Losing the next game to the Tigers of lfast. the Aquinians were unahle to stop a first quarter lvarrage that netted the hast- siders twenty-tw o points. The Terriers. re- gaining some of their lost prestige. tram- pled hack to seore and then held a power- fiul 'lligel' eleven scoreless for the remain- der of' the skirmish. Ylfflllllt l'lXAl.l,Y ,-X'l"l'AlNl'ill At last the flreen and flold lasted tlw, fltuits of' xi:-tori' at the expense of' the hap- less South eleven. Having a field day the lrish ran up the seore at will. The Ter- riers line opened up hole alter hole and the Irish liaeks took advantage of this op- portunity as they stormed through for seore after seore. The future stars of' to- morrow got their ehanee that day and re- eorded a splendid showing. Visiting Central in a nip and tuek liattle under the mazdas. the following Friday neither team was rewarded for their oft- taekle plays and forward passes as the game ended in a scoreless tie. Most of' the. fray was fought at midfield although Aquinas was onee on Central's two yard line and after four eraeks at Centralis line lost the hall. Playing a charity game for the Domini- can Nuns at Springfield the following week the Terriers came hack strong in the see- ond half. pushing the Springfield eleven all over the field and then giving way to the reserves who protected the lead with finesse. 'FVRAO PI.AlIl-2 HY ALI. CITY TEAM llat Tonti and llernard llellasari received first string herths on the all city team for their outstanding play all season and Bill llleQuade. who did half the seoring for the flreen and Cold. reeeived a seeond string lierth. Win or lose the true quality of sports manship eau and will prevail. as the lead- ership of the athleties will continue in the highest degree. Schmidt reverses to Meiluade on an off tackle play. Front Row: Cheerleaders Robert Fox, Rohert Buf- ler and Donald Manning. Back Row: Cheerleaders James Mahr and .Iohn Iiighouse. An Irish back breaks through a hole made for him. Page Sererzly-orzc I olnnrl, Tl Head Coach Val Boehm Baa The Aquinas cage squad wound up the current basketball season with a record of ten wins and eight losses. The Irish lost more than one heartbreaker during the five months of llying basketballs. flashing uni forms and sereaming bystanders. Leading oll' with Leesburg in Fairfield lfounty. the Green and Gold had quite a time before subduing the country boys. Because of their earlier start in the sea- son. Leesburg kept pace with the Irish until the final quarter when the superior material started to tell. Playing next at Delaware the Terriers eked out a one point victory over the Delaware cagers. After playing snappy l-all the first half. the Green and Gold en- joyed a ten point lead. only to have the l'anthers come back strong in the second nrwny 'l'4-nm. Front Row: Mgr. Roger .'- z ' .- T b '. 'N 'swf' - . -Ll ff - ,f"'m XI, lisa ' . :M . n qfffffgyv half to come within one point ol' the lrish lrefore the gun ended the game. Vlvinning this third game in as many starts the Terriers took the measure of the Aquinas grads forty to thirty-four. Staging one of the greatest Comebacks in recent league play, the Aquinians beat the Panthers of Linden McKinley forty- six to thirty-three. Behind eleven points at the end of the first half, the Terriers rallied and hitting from all angles wal- loped the Linden five. The string of five straight victories was soon to be halted as the lrish met the highly touted Pirates of Central on the Aquinas hardwood. The jitters seemed to he the Green and Gold's prime setback as the game ended fifty-five to thirty-six. U.. . . w . - f- - Pit li lltls, littnt is Del L ol, lhtnlel lung, Allred Tonti, Co-Pant, lt ell St-hniinll. Sc-eolul Row: Mgr. Paul Finnerty, .lame-s Carroll, Thomas l'olist-no, Joseph llelm-lie-V, 1 J 1 int, xvllllillll Mt-Quaelt-, 'I'InirrI Row: Mgr. .Xmlrew Alexzlmler, l.e-o Korpieski los ph IM llllltb ,. .e - 1 ' .Tlioni ionias 'l'ilsl+-y. BASKETBALL RECORD Aquinas Opponents Aquinas Opponents I1-1 "" -Delaware -17 51-North 40 -Alumni 35 47-Central -143 -Linden M-cKinlcy 2345 40--South 44 3'-J8f'fQl'S0IlVlll9 42 35-West 336 wCent1'al 231 -13-East 413 -L4-South I-35 33-Bexley 423 -West, 235 III!--Fenwick Il7 38-East -14 -17fNoi't.h 53 .37-Linalen Mt'Kinley TOURNAMENT Aquinas Zlli VVest 1.2! Korpieski and W r i g ht up high during the Aquinas North game. 'l'wo p o i n t s for North as Wright connects. Boland and Tonti scramble in m i d - c o u r t in game lg'1lll1St the Bulldogs. Poliseno set to block a south sidx-r's shot. Two for Aquinas as l'oliseno s c o r e s against East. W'ith Del Vol looking on, Poliseno and Bo- land take hall from .lohnson of East. Pogo Sr-lwzli'-rllrwv bl' Del Col and Hertz jump for ball as a host of play Jackson of t'entral on top of the heap scram ing for the ball. liack into winning form again the Irish came through in an overtime period to edge South. forty-six to forty-four. The lead changed hands several times during the game and was in doubt until the final minute. lnvading the Aquinas eourt for the next skirmish. the Cowboys of West went home on the long end of the score as they over- came a lead the Terriers had held the whole game. But before the game was over. the fans from both sides had filled the gym with roar after roar for their tram. Taking the worst beating of the year from the Tigers of Fast, the Green and Cold never had a chance to get started. The lfastsiders hit for seventy-five percent of their shots and looked like the city league champs that they were to he in the future. Tom Boland was the only bright spot in a dismal night. liefore a full house at the Mt. Vernon Avenue tlym. the Polar liears of Niorth ran riot the second half of the scheduled game to overeome a ten-point lead and go on to win fifty-one to forty-seven. Again the fans were treated to a rare game of brain. l-rzawn and speed. lflzgt' Swuerzly-lfcrzzr ers look on them. lVleeting Central for the second battle of the season. the Terriers played better l-all. but still could not stop the Pirates. Still the tlreen and tlold kept pace with the Red and lilack until the final quarter when Central pulled away to win the game. Revenge was the ery of the Southsiders as they invaded the Aquinians perch and gained that very thing. Never realized until the hnal quarter. which was a thriller. the liulldogs won out forty to thirty-six. Bill McQuade and Bob Schmidt this years to-Cap tains. Aquinas took the next game at the ex- pense ol' West. The fiowlvoys hitting from lar out and the Irish connecting from 4-lose in made one ol the lrest games ol the yea r. lzast still held a Jinx over the Irish Inf- ar they again won over the Ifreen and hold tty the seore ol' forty-three to thirty-one. Playing sluggish hall the Terriers were never in the game from the lieginning. A strong Ilexley team fell Iry tht- way- side as the Irish eame lnaeli strong after the defeat Ivy lfast the preeeding week. A nip and tnelx lmattle all the way. the Green could not Ive headed oll' and won thirty- lire to thirty-three. Hy winning the annual game at l"enwir'k. the Irish hrought the series record up to four for Aquinas and five for the lllaelt- friars. The lllaek and White enjoyed a Comfortable lead at the end of the hrst half. but the Terriers rallied and enjoyed the remaining time of their visit as they won thirty-five to thirty-three. llill Me- Qnade paved the Terriers in Chicago. Returning to Columlrus. the Irish lost the most thrilling game of the season. Again the Cree-n held the lead until the last ten seeonds when Vernon Ilarkstall Pre-game prayer for victory. hit Ivor two points to put the llolar llears ahead for the Iirst time and last time. lfnding the season triumpliantly the Ter- rier eagers hit the peak as they trouneed Linden fifty-three to thirty-seven. It was all Aquinas as they scored almost at will from the start. Tom Iloland. who ended up a strong second in the eity seoring column. reeeived a hrst team herth on the inythieal all high team. llill McQuade and Pat Tonti re- c-eived second string positions and Tom l'oIiseno gained honorable mention. Anderson hits for two as Poliseno tries in vain to Poliseno grabs the ball from the straining arms of stop him two opponents. llr:11-:1I11ni Illlll :1 Niorthsieler jump for hull in Front Row: 11111121111 S1111-111-1',l1o11:111111'1Iri1-11,l':1111.l11111 11111 1111 llliil-l'0lll't. .12l1l1t'S Sll+'I'1l12l11, 1:11111'1'1 K111-I1. 5l'1'llllll Row: 112111111 N1 1111 '1'1111n1:1s S111-1-111111. 1111-11z11'11 l-'111te1', .lz1111es U1l1l11l1l, 1'11111 1.11 1 11111111 1.11111-111. 'l'hir1I Row: .1:1n11-s VV1ll1i1l11S, 1'11es111 1111411 li Page NIIULEI111 11l11'1l, 1'11:11'1es S1'l111111l1, .I111111-s 111-1'1-1-1, 1111111111 1111111111 NK inning 0110-1111l'1'l of t11eir games for 11111 season. 1l1e lrish l1eser1'e team 91111611 111 sixth place 111 1119 City League lleserves l1ace. Hll11d1f'21I111?11 111' tl1e 1111-11 of height. the .11111ior Varsity 1'1111l1l only salvage three games 111 league play, 11111 fared hetter 111 111111-10311119 play as they were victors in two 11111 of three frays. Always ill there fighting, 1119 lieserves 11111 1111 a good 111111 tle and more tl1a11 once came away the losers 111' only o11e or two points. Here's wishing 1110111 hetter luck next year as they step 1111 to take the l1L1I111t'l' of Aquinas for- 1121111 111 1111- roles ol' varsity players. Playing 111 ancl 11111 hall all season 11111 1'ese1'1'es won once 11111111 South 111111 111111- 1.10111 lfast 111 league play 111111 won lirorn 11t'lLlW211'1' and St. Mary Nlag11ule11e. Capt. Aquinas zo .,11 Q 25, ., " , zo 1 ,' 20. lg " . 1131's 22 C ' t'g1"Y 21 1. , 1 , ' 27 YT' . h 211, ,LV - :111 1 W1 ' 1' j 4' :14 1 1 1 :111 X 1 A LL .,.1.111111-111f1i111s11111gE,1rg 24 17 51'l'1'lIf1'5I,1' 111-ne l1racalon1 and Chuck 5C11l11111l s1oo1l out for the Junior Varsity 111 t11e majority of the games while Ylillflllll Hord. 11111 DiSa11ato and Dick lfalter gave good per- 1vOI'II121Ilf'6S during the season. l,ast half rallies see1ne11 to he 1l1e main 1101111116 of the reserve hattles. Always coniing hack in the last half. the Junior cage five never had enough 111119 to ll1'011llCC that 110011811 extra poi11t to walk away wit11 a 1'i1'1o1'y. Two games 111211 were carhon copies of each other were the Central 111111 North games. The opposing teams. l1otl1 ahead 111' twelve p11i111s at the half. were held to four points 111 the seco11d half 11111 these were enough to edge out t11e Green 1.11111 1111111 who fought 1'aliantl1' lI111 1ll vain. R E C 0 R D Opp-s. ,18-Delaware 15-St. Mary Magdalene 33-Linden McKinley 41-Central 19-South 25-West ,, 24-East ' 24AN111't11 ,34fCe11t1'a1 31-South 34-West 218-East , , 234-Bexley 2164No1'th 294Linde11 McKinley 4 ll' this year's Freshman haskethall is any preview of the class of haskethall to lit- played in the future at Aquinas. the fol- lowers of the Green and Cold can set their minds at ease as the first year men came through with llying colors. Having the lest record of the three haslcethall teams representing Aquinas. the freshmen won clcvcn and lost three. Plenty of skill was shown during the season which is very un- usual for the youngsters of the school. A quantity of height was discovered at the farst night of practice and was used with Baakddall good advantage throughout the year. Many hoys who gave evidence of little ex- perience but plenty of Eght with a little support will develop into fine players dur- ing their stay at Aquinas. liill Deagen and liernard Melchiorre were constant threats to the opposition. De-agen. a pivot man. was the main cog under the hasket. while Melchiorre was a fast hreak special- ist and was the teanfs high scorer. .lint Url. l,arry Dolan and Jerry Miller made up the rest of the first team. HHIUHD Aquinas Opps. Aquinas Opps. 22 . 34-Linden McKinley 27 2tsUppe1' Arlington 27 18-Linden McKinley 28, ,. ..., 13-St. Mary's 12 , 44-Barrett 22 ..... 20-Rosary 14.. . 13-Franklin 30 V 22-Everett 35 , . 18-St. Aloysius 23 . . 19-Indianola 25. .. , 19-Indianola 12 . , , 17-Barrett H0 . 25-St. Mary Magdalene 24 . . 19-Bexley irst ton Ntgr. Thonias KoITott. IM-initrius Pzippus, Philip Sctiittingt-I. titl- w tit N iittii IN-nnis Ke-tty. I4Ictw':trfI tP'tlourlu-. Sm-mul Row: .I11 nies Url. XXII- ntf terimrtl M4-lchiorrc, xxllllitttt In-zigxtii, I,:txvr4-114-e Itotnn. tn-nzilrt nv - W llltllt I nthtt llrautv. Vout-li. 'l'hirqI Row: ttonultt Sw-epston, .lost-pit Vorie. IW0 p0'nt5 Scored fflr In nilnt Nllllll l,:1vvrct1ct- tforlvett, tit-rzitit Miller. Aquinas Freshmen State champion, Fred Mc- Nulty, stopped in a for- ward one and one-half pike. Unbeaten medley team, Bob Sickinger, Boh Van Heyde and Bill Shannon. Seniors, Fred McNulty, Bob Van Heyde, Boh Thacker and Andy Maci- oce will be missed next year. Fred McNulty demon- strated the height of his spring from the diving board which gave him many victories. S . .ng Splashing their way to a fifth Consecu- tive greater liolurnhus crown and secontl straight District title. the Aquinas tank- rnen showed their heels to all opposing swimmers in the city. The one lmlot on their record was when Arlington outscored the lrish in the first meet of the year, hut the Terriers gained their revenge two-fold 1141 N1 tv llly-eight as they won out in the District Meet, First meet of the year found the Green and Cold Corning in second after they lost to Arlington hy seven and one-halt' points. Arlington having thirty-nine points, Aquinas with thirty-two and one-half points and North having twenty-six and one-half points. -t I -Iii if M" -'i'i"i":'t, Yfl , txt Ag. .- .. 4' if -41 ,VL H... Yr tg' I A V- It .Ip 5'-5 . . ..: ' 'W ."- if 'n . it FW git, ' 5.1. 'V , ffl - ff " "' i ,-Y pg. J,-1' Q ""' '+I ' r. 1 - G4 1 - h f , :..-,-+- -. r ' ' 'T ,- 2 ' ' u . 1 I 2 r t X tr - r 1 L: A ., I t J. 1 .M ,mf 1- Vp ', '. S H' ' ln-"f ' 7' 'Q 7 iff ll 'lil ' A ' .tl ' if' ' , " F',l', .1 J gf , . During the second meet the Terriers hit their stride which no one could equal for the rest of the year. Captain Van Hyde. diver lfred Mcxulty. hackstrolier Roh Sickinger and the relay tearn came through for this meet and were constant winners for the rest of the year. Aquinas led the field with eleven and one-half points ahead of the closest competitor. which was St. Charles. and University hrought up the rear. Aquinas forty. Bexley thirty-five was the score of the next meet. A well rounded team showed up to good advantage. Boland a freshman showed good form in all the meets and ended up with seventeen points for the season which was plenty for Ll freshman w ho has three more years. Next on the list was Grandview to the tune of thirty-six to thirty. The seniors and juniors scoring three-fonrths of the points during the year took most of the first places in the meet. The Aquinians ran away from West and Rosary. at the next contest outscoring Vfiest hy seventeen points and Rosary hy thirty-five points. Aquinas gained revenge for the only de- feat of the year hy heating Arlington hy four and one-half points in the District Nleet. l"red McNulty won the diving and Bob Van Hyde won the hreast stroke. which he won all season. and the rest of the team showed strength and plenty of this strength carrie from hoys who will he returning to the team next year. Arlington was second with twenty-five points. University third with twenty-one and one-half points. St. Charles with twenty points was tied with North for fourth place. It was the second straight District title for Aquinas as they won it last year. which was the first year that the District Meet was held. run! Ron: Mgr. John Mason, Gary Phillips, Robert Sickinger, Mark ttztry. XVilli:tin Shannon, Ibnnrtlrl 'tit Ntrllen, XVilli:tni Noland, John Schmeitzel. Bm-k Row: Assistant Pouch VVilliam Taylor, Fred Mt-Nutty, I oh--rt Van ltvyrh-, Rota.-rt 'l'tiar-In-r', John ltoiiglif-1'ty, .Xmti-ew Mai-iove, Harry lirli, Roland liichnvr and roach lsiltllvl' J. ll. Uronihie, 11,12 State champion Bob Van Heyde has a perfect breast- stroke start in the second lane. X hard-working relay team with Mike Boland finish- ing and Bill Shannon, Roger Hocker and Fred Mc- lNulty in position. Bob Sickinger is starting the hundred yard back- stroke in lane three. Page Eighly Capt. Yan Hyde was the leading scorer for the season with thirty-seven and one- third points. Holm Sickinger was second with thirty-tive points and Fred McNulty was right behind Sickinger with thirty- three points. Shannon and lioland came next with the rest of the team all scoring points to help the tankmen to a most suc- cessful year. lioh Yan Hyde and Fred McNulty brought home the laurels for the Green and Cold at the state meet as Holt was crowned the State lireast stroke champion and Fred was crowned the state diving champion. Yan Hyde nosed out a Student of Cleveland liast Tech by the fast time of one minute-seven and three-tenths seconds. lfredr who is the second Aquinas man to win the State diving championship in three years heat his closest challenger hy eleven points. lfred having one-hundred twenty- four points and the next man having one hundred thirteen points. Much credit is due the Aquinas squad because of their diligent work and superior team play to make such a lvrilliant season possihle. RECORD Greater Columbus District Meet Arlington 39 Aquinas 32 North 26 Aquinas 40 St. Charles 29 University 26 Aquinas 40 Bexley 35 Aquinas 36 Grandview 33 Aquinas 50 West 33 Rosary 15 Aquinas 29 Arlington 25 University 21 St. Charles 20 North 20 West 12 Bexley 8 State Meet Cleveland Tec 344 Canton McKinley 24 Lakewood ISI Fremont 16 Akron Buchtel 14 Walnut Hills 12 Aquinas 12 Xavier 7 Hughes 6 Massillon 5 DeViIbiss 3 Sandusky 2 Elder 1 Shaker Heights 1 This is the most pleasant mo- ment in the swimming season. Father t'rombie. roach, is beaming as he accepts the central district championship trophy from Mike Peppe. swimming coach of the great Ohio State Vniversity team and manager of the district. Be- hind Mr. Peppe captain Van Heyde is no less joyful than captain-elect Sickingger or assistant coach Hill Taylor on the other side. tlnr sxxilnming team tleseryes all the to tnrn in a ln-st perliormanee and lo 1' lninnr and glory which may be heapetl hours ol' hard training. these Xfpn i npon il. 'lllie past season started with proxetl the stnll' ol' whit-li they 1 ln. liantlieaps in freestyle and the second po- Yllltt' team hill miss the lonr seniors is sitions in all events nl' competition. lliese have made their last splash for My nna ueak plaees on the team added to keen Vllllt'l'll11lllItlUllSlllllSlNlllt'lllillltht t enmpetitors lrmn nearly all seliools in Ille and lfretl hlehlllty won lor us eentral district. made the attainment ol' state competition are a litting . another eliampionsliip seem nnpossllrle. the loyalty ancl spirit they liau elun to With the xsill ol' eaeli memlier of the team Aquinas. Smooth form is consistently exhibited by Bob Sick' Mike Boland put forth a mighty but yarn etTort to Inger in every race. whether the hundred baekstroke gain points in the fifty yard Irecstyle ol the district or the second lap ot' the medley team event. meet. Mike is in lane three l '," , , N .-:VM ,lv A - . all ' - V T L ' ttf .aUfNaSg 5 , M .,t ,fill L , ' 1, Q 1 f "TH . i' J' Ti V iw 5 Rev. J. B. Taylor, 0.P., Finn' .Vg ' V.-f I Coach w , "lang Qfj:'f,'WL.l-U ,Q :i Thomas Boland. Captain. ii gaiedaf The elements lilaguecl all elliorts for Sxseeuel' got three hits for four. This har- early preparation of the Creeu and Gold rage gale the Terriers sixteeu ruus. Zack representatives ou the tliamoutl. llaiu. turuetl iu a liue performauee ou the pitch- eris mouutl. holding the Tigers ol' lfast to 1. suou autl lou temperatures houutl the eager lmasellall squad to iufloor practice our ruus. uutil the wry opeuiug game with West ou lliteher Dt-tieuzois ellorts against South April eighth. were uot as rexsarcliug. The three hits lloth West autl Afpiiuas showed the lack txllittll he alloxxetl the llullclogs seut the ol. practir-e in the opeuer. The Coulwovs Terriers home short. -l-2. t-tlgt-tl tht- Terriers. 5-l. l"aus had pleuty The tlelieutliug city ehampious. the lo lu- t-xvitetl allout iu the lfast game. how- l,iucleu Panthers. stopped the Terrier uiue. l exer. llolauclis luuuer. triple. cloulnle autl -l-l. Hayes. Liucleu sophomore. shouetl l siugle iu liour trips to the plate ereateml :1 great hurling autl hitting power. 'liauuiug st-usatiou. St-hmitlt matle a eirc-uit elout. eight aucl hitting a tlouhle with ixso ou siugle autl floulwle iu his liour tries. while hase. llllllf lion: twuzilll lflirieu. Yttllgljllll ltortl, lvoirlltl Swt-wlioy, ltollt-rt lim-li, lliuo lil'2l1'lllUlll. l'u1rit-lc Ztllil lloln-rl ,St-hmirlt. txtll. lmuulfl trutluufl, 12'-oi-aw llxtuuxlfortl, Miwliue-l Zavk ek lion: ,lost-pu ltill-yy .l2lllll'N Iwx'--ry. lfiw-1li'ivl: llytm-utou, Vzxlrivlq 'l'ou1i, ltuuiou IN-Veiixo, 4. w lliouius lwluull, 'l'l1-nuns 'Filsll-5, llrxlph Stuplt-lou, .lauiws XYilli:1u1s uufl ltivlrurtl l.u--uimlt-. 'll lll- lllltllll Infielders gather around the mound to cheer Ray De- Cenzo. Tom Boland, be- hind the catcher's mask, is set for a plate-splitter. The horsehide will be on time from Bob Schmidt to Pat Tonti at first. The whole team is absorbed in the pitcher's strategy for future refer- ence. The game with tfentral's l'irates was .11 piteheris duel hetween Mike Zack for Aquinas and Dick Malone. Zack allowed three scattered hits. The four hits whieh Aquinas eolleeted from Malone added to hut a single run for the Terriers. hut this run gave us the l-0 rietorv. B Aquinas Opponents -l .,.,, 5 Vlvest l ti -it Fast 2 Al South l I Linden hleliinley l 0 Central 7 -1- North at . ll Springfield - -lt P3 Springfield A Sunday trip to Springfield put a split of the Ter- riers. Gino liraealoni displaved surprising talent on the mound in the sec-ond gzune. pitching a two-hitter. The first round w as completed with a iietorious encounter with Aquinas Opponents South liast liinden hleliinlev Central U North Springfield West Page Eighty-flzree u 13 V i t t :W 1 . -in 1' ,tfiv Roland Eichner looks for a pass opening as the juniors beat the seniors for the touch football championship. Grunts and groans are plentiful when .lim Groom gets a near pin on Dominic Valentino. Frank Del Col drops the volleyball just over the net for a senior score. Seniors battle sophomores on the hardcourt in one of the final basketball frays. The seniors came through to win. Leather-pushers gave the crowd some tense moments in lunch hour boxing. Spring sunshine draws in- tramural competition outside to till ttf softball diamonds. No part of the athletic program at Aquinas is considered to be more im- portant than the intramural competition. Rising from the classes in physical edu- cation. a wide selection of participation is oflnered each Aquinian. lfach student is given opportunity and encouraged to enter a varied schedule spread over the entire school year. Under the capable supervision of the instructor of physical education. Frank Zadworny, the year long plan has proved enjoyable and profitable to all partici- pants. The Iirst and second lunch periods were filled with spirited contests. Shortly after the opening of school dozens of touch football teams were tossing the pigskin back and forth. Alter the dust had cleared. the outstand- ing senior team was pitted against a sup- posedly inferior junior squad. However. the juniors ran the seniors ragged and won the tussle hy a comfortalvle touch- down. The lveginning of cold weather had hardly set in w hen the gym was the mecca ot' eyery Aquinian as soon as his lunch was downed. There were many treats in the hardeourt hattles. Many students would rather forego the study of the registration periods to witness the skill of their school- mates w ith a luaslxetlvall. The lireslimen and sophomores were a little undcrsize. hut their spirit ol' tight won them many a hattle. The finals found seniors and juniors N icto rs. The seniors had a hard tight on their hands to down a plucliy junior team. The championship was deeided lay a two out ol' three series. The lirst game ended in a tie. hut the seniors eame through to win the next two. Xo sooner was the haskethall contests decided than the wrestling program was under way. Amid grunts and groans the fans were hard pressed to focus attention on one or the other of two matches which were run at the same time. The contestants who had taken part in the efforts to start a school wrestling team proyed superior tanglers. The volleyhall competition lmrought lior- ward many who were new to intraniurals. Finals in wrestling. hoxing and solitlvall will he held before the end ol' the school term. e ,. yf.. .- , ,,,.,k ,, ,c ,, Coach Father Grady, and Front Row: Francis lluarst-i, David Lisskn, .Xnthonv l.anvizL and Julian Ius. the merits of a wood. captain, L60 Korpieski, weigh lluvk lion: 4xll4ll'l'XY Zag, l'au1 lizllicizi, In-o Korpieski ani Led hy Captain Leo liorpieski the Green and Gold linksmen started a very promis- ing season hy trouncing Bexley. fourteen and a half to one and a half. The Terrier A team showed line form in the opener. Veterans liorpieski. Lancia. Zag and Mara very easily took the majority of the points. The second match was no easy win. Saint Charles Carolians stroked 358 times to I3-149 swings hy the Terrier foursome. However. the point score looked comfort- ahle with ten and a half for Aquinas and tive and a half for Saint Charles. Leo Kor- pieski was medalist for the day with a neat 79 on the Columhus Country Clulr course. Grandview was held to a three and a halt' tally in their match with the Terriers. The Aquinas foursome was proud of their captain as he tied Dick Widdoes of North for the hrst honors of the round with an 32. Un May twenty-fourth. the really hard match of the season will he held with North at the York Country Cluh. Aquinas placed second to North in the league matches last year. This time the golfers hope Aquinians will he able to H11 in the North score on the right side of the record. The Terrier ll team has done equally as well as the varsity. Their first match proved a hlank for llexley. while they squeezed an eight and a half to seven and a half victory over Hilliard in the sec- ond fray. John Blanchard captains the li squad. with Tony Lancia. Julian Jus and Dave Lisska filling up the reserve four- some. 1 lhilip Maia. ," ex . .X X? Cf, X -x -7,621 Q04 l 1 it Opponents Aquinas Opponents ' i Bexley 11,Q , . ll1,Q West -X St. Charles 515 , IOIQ South , L. 1 F- Arlington 0 . , lo East H Hilliard . Sli Linden Mcliinley i., V .linll , , i- . CI'i1lltlVi6W:ilQ . 12l,Q North ' 1" Central Page Eighty-six Aquinaa lzlcuu-ling, K A newly formed organization is the school howling league. lts newness how- ever has not hindered its popularity. livery Tuesday at three olclock the 'galley hoys" llock to the new Broad Olympic Recreation tlenter for a hearty match with an oppos- ing team. Senior teams having the ad- vantage in age and experience. placed top in the league. hut not without plenty of opposition from the Junior and Sophomore teams. Beside the student teams there was a faculty team composed of Fathers Mc- Kenna. Smith and 0'Connell which was near the top of the league listings. - dl 2.1, e f... kfi 5 iiahgp. WL rl .v . 2. . ' ' ' f' 5, J i, 3 '12, . ' L 'Q . A Auf' i - "'.wf55ff-:'.f2i4- 7... -1 A +-- , AV...-.T , Although the howling season stretches over almost the whole school year. the po- tential stars of Aquinas do not lose their enthusiasm to stay at the top of the league. All students show signs of hcing good howlers and should he valuahle material for the alumni teams in following years. The league has quite a following with rooters always on hand to cheer their fa- vorites to victory. .Adding this to the lun and exercise derived from the idea shows a strike for the howling league in its oli- jective of hringing Aquinas students closer together. I' IHNV: 'l'linn1as Mztnp:'i:t, liit-liartl I,onilunivlo, .lolin Lotnlrardo, .lohu ltusst-ll, t'liarlt-s Vlleilly. SICFUNII IHNV: ltonulrl NYoofly:lr1l, Ralph ll'E1'1'ico, If':ttlwt's Mt-Kenna, Smith aurl iell, Thomas Lori-nz. 'FIIIRD ROXV: Carl Falter, Robert Kelly. Hdwartt XVe11g'e1'te1', s Strapp, Otto Schotlorf, Roln-rt XVanner, .lohn Nt-tary. l"0l'R'I'H ROXV: tlerartl ttngh, Allie-rt l':lL'hL'lll2lllll, ltonnltl Uonlon, James Iteltlaria, Robert liutlcr, His-hartl kvllllillll Krause, I.:-o Kraus, l'cter Soueh, Robert Sit-liing.:e1', Leonard Uapiezollo, llantl liivhner. Bob Sickinger, Jim Strapp and Leo Kraus keep their eyes on the key pin as they fervently hope for a strike. f 0 .,"'Nb A-if Social .fife Senior Nlasqncratle ..,, First Skating Party .,,,, Second Skating Party ,,,, , Third Skating Party ,,,,. ,lunior-Sophomore llop Motlicris tilnh Dance ,, l'i0lll'lll Skating Party ,, Sophomore-Jnnior Hop ,lnnior-Senior Prom ,, l'll't'SllIllt'll ldrolic ,,.,i Senior Picnic , Frederick McNulty and Grace Clark Firs in outline. t Vertical Column Barbara VVies, Philip Minic, Jane Foeller and Thomas Burke at Saint Joseph's Cherry Hall. Margaret Trurn. Thomas Tilsley, Jane Carroll and John NVatzek pose nicely for the camera. Something new for juniors and sophomores to be dancing at the Knights of Columbus ballroom. Second Vertical Column Smith's Skating Rink draws a fine crowd of Aquinians. Gay couples pack the floor of Val- ley llale at the Cherry Ball. Junior-Sophomore Hop was an outstanding success. Third Vertical Column Pug William Carroll and Albert Muth pleasantly sit out one round of skating with friends. A group of Aquinians pose for a picture between dances at the Cherry Ball. Our own orchestra supplies sweet music for the pleasure of all. c hiligllfy-w1'gf1l ' 3 Q1 'KLL' -5' ii. x QA! x v ' 1 1 I, J Q XR.. . . , ' - ,:.2.sM-.2 wg , , . -1- M1 1124- M K ' 1: ,.1:-gg''f'P:aw1f-I , ,. ,,,, 'L A ' HH f- , X 9 -x ' ww mv: WM74' . +fg,,,'H 'f. f QNQW A E A- il MM Gln syn, The Senim' lllass opened the social sea- son on Uetnlver fllst hs' staging a Hal- lmieien masquerade danve: cider and other l'li1llHXXt'-t'lI rellreslimenls were served at the allair. xxhieli was held in the gym. ap- propriately decorated with Corn stalks. punipkins and other novelties synonymous with Hallowe'en. It was a gay evening of various cos- tumes ranging from an elaborate fleorge wv3SlliIlQlIl!I to just plaid shirts and jeans. A good time was had hy all. mx Q. ,.1 Q- fi 1 ,.,..n , 'fx -. 5' ' I , . Henry Holden and Bill Sickinger and their dates are pictured at. last year's prom Scene of the dinner last year was the Seneca Hotel. 2 Last year couples danced to the music of Loyd Gates and his band. paam lance llighlighting the school dances. the long ing lace the student then lml his liaxorite :mailed ,lnnior-Senior llroni was held on girl through the elnlfs portals nllere the lvluy seventh at the lioltnnlvns Country music ol' llule iililllll'llt'l' and his lvund was lllnli. The dance nas preceded lvy an din- to he heard. ner served at the llotel Virginia. which lfor Itlilllli .lnniors it nus their tirst for- mer one hundred and fifty couples at- Illill and they were ave stricken with the tended. l'eanty of the grounds. Clllll-llOtlSt' und. ol After the dinner the Aqniniuns and their course. the girls. lfor the Seniors it was dates drove the shining fznnily cars out to their lust High School littflllill and they the clnlv and with a pluytlll qnip turned nvade good use ol' every set-ond. lint Senior the cur over to one ol' tht- unfortunate UI ,lnnior it nas tht- night to ln-come u StillllUllltll'PS who cared for the parking lot. t'llt"l'iSllt'tl lltt'IllUt'y ol' our lligh School Wearing u snnnner liormal and a lweuine days. f'r1gf' fliillwly-orn' S'2b' Antonio, Edward M., 1520 Duxberry Ave., UN 6989 Barker, Ronald E., 359 E. Tompkins St., JE 5995 Barlafante, Charles D., 8982 Sunbury Rd., FA 5406 Bell, Richard D., 361 Olentangy St., JE 2453 Bellisari, Bernard J., 1069 Lexington Ave., WA 7746 Belt, Lawrence R., 358 E. Weber Rd. Beltram, Leo J., 1400 Doten Ave., UN 9889 Bendele, James D., 1356 21st Ave., WA 2286 Bender, James R., 1376 S. Champion Ave., GA 3267 Bender, John C., 1376 S. Champion Ave., CA 3267 Bergmann, Daniel J., 37 E. Markison Ave., GA 0425 Blanchard, John E., 489 E. Tulane Rd., LA 3035 Boland, Thomas M., 476 Oakland Park, LA 7483 Borror, Caywood J., 2285 Summit St., JE 2971 Breen, John P., 236 Clinton Heights, JE 1028 Brennan, Francis A., 108 Lakeview Blvd., GA 7269 Brennan, John R., 2026 Jackson Pike, GA 0975 Bricker, Daniel E., 212 Schultz Ave., RA 3831 Brown, James W., 1954 Stratford Way, FA 5153 Brown, William F., 342 Rhoads Ave., FA 8328 Bryant, Ernest E., 975 Highland St., WA 2127 Burke, Thomas C., 297 E. Moler St., CA 5353 Burns, Leo T., 1449 Strider Ave., GA 1406 Butler, Robert J., 1961 Suffolk Rd., KI 4898 Calhoun, William J., 207 E. Oakland, UN 3920 Carollo, Dominic P., 1344 Elmwood Ave., KI 3238 Carroll, William J., 668 S. 22nd St., FA 1595 Casuccio, Angelo J., 711 Henry St., MA 8150 Charie, Eugene R., 1773 Northwest Blvd., KI 4371 Clancy, William F., 31 E. Poplar Ave. Clark. John D., 1646 Franklin Ave., FA 4209 Clark, Robert L., 78 Price Ave. - Coffman, Richard H., 203 Clinton St., LA 5725 Page N i nety-two Conlon, Donald J., 2235 Oxford Rd., K1 7082 Davis, Eugene W., 329 S. High St., AD 2426 De Cenzo, Ramon L., 1440 Republic Ave., LA 3912 Del Col, Francis G., 490 Bonham Ave., UN 8205 Denbow, Floyd F., 333 N. Grant Ave., MA 93454 Doersam, Joseph E., 841 S. Champion Ave., EV 4519 Dotter, John F., 1760 Oak St., EV 2557 Dowley, James E., 783 E. 5th Ave., UN 6391 Durthaler, Dale H., 1140 Miller Ave., FA 8015 Dye, Thomas O., 2414 Berwick Blvd., DO 3591 Eichenlaub, Albert J., 100 N. Stanwood Rd., DO 1238 Enderle, James E., 1420 Lockbourne Rd., GA 7068 Entingh, Gerard H., 401 S. Front St., AD 4938 Essman, Lawrence J., 2329 Indianola Ave., LA 4374 Essman, Robert A., 1461 Briarwood Ave., LA 81651 Evans, Howard L., 2971 E. 7th Ave., DO 3017 Finneran, Louis E., 195 N. Oakley Ave., RA 8295 Fiorihi, Michael D., 139 E. Warren St. F itzgerald, Jeremiah P., 310 Brevoort Rd., LA 1666 Frankenberg, Wilfred C., 124 S. Highland Ave., RA 9688 Callick, Donald E., 2936 E. 4th Ave., EV 8239 Gallucci, John C., 88 S. Westgate Ave., JO 1121 Garish, Charles P., 270 Columbian Ave., RA 2822 Gettinger, John R., 843 S. High St., GA 0906 Gibboney, Joseph D., 778 Cassady Ave., EV 7383 Gleich, William H., 178 Acton Rd., LA 6217 Golding, William E., 1097 Neil Ave., WA 1492 Green, Robert J., 342 Hanford St., CA 2484 Griesemer, Eugene E., 1508 Wyandotte Rd., KI 1262 Grogan, Michael F., 1355 E. 22nd Ave., UN 7719 Hopkins, Robert F., 513 E. Tulane Rd., LA 1451 Huefner, Richard L., 1479 Lockbourne Ave. Johnson, Richard J., 723 Linwood Ave., FA 3568 Seniaa 2' Julian, Guy B., 846 E. 3rd Ave., WA 3561 King, Daniel N., 259 Chatham Rd., JE 1614 Kinstler, Carl J., 2403 Summit St., LA 5341 Korpieski, Leo J., 2692 Bellwood Ave., EV 8962 Kraus, Leo J., 335 Moler St., CA 1359 Krier, Orchel D., 1621 Carling Ave., RA 9600 Krivda, Thurman J., 595 Van Buren Drive Kuhn, Joseph T., 460 Cherry Drive, AD 4987 Kurguz, Peter W., 220 Hosack St., GA 9579 Kuskowski, William A., 2830 E. 5th Ave. Iaemmle, Richard F., 166 Midland Ave., RA 6310 La Ilr' ia, Patil J., 1513 Meadow Rd., K1 5256 Linder, Paul C., 460 S. Huron Ave., RA 6068 Macioce, Andrew J., 125 Barthman Ave. Mailwerger, Anthony O., 1494 Studer Ave., GA 86472 Manns, Paul E., 722 S. 17th St., GA 3573 Masdea, Bruno J., 163 Powhatan Ave., RA 0639 McCloskey, Richard J., 482 Fallis Rd., LA 3044 McC0vern, Joseph R., 1758 Mecca Rd., JE 4549 lNIcMillen, John P., 415 Brevoort Rd., JE 14251 McNulty, Frederick J., 1097 Lawrence Drive, CA 5720 McQuade, William F., 364 Hubbard Ave., WA 2131 Meier, Bernard H., 970 S. Front St., GA 3966 Merendo, Francis J., 750 E. 2nd Ave., UN 0201 Miller, Joseph F., 1990 Dartmouth Ave., EV 0508 Minic, Philip L., 369 W. Hubbard Ave., UN 7392 Monahan, James J., 394 Hanford St., GA 4883 Murphy, Charles R., 282 N. Oakley Ave., RA 12551 Muth, Albert J., 550 E. Mound St., AD 4269 O'Neil, Charles R., 498 E. North Broadway, LA 6652 O'Reilly, Paul D., 828 E. 5th Ave., UN 8940 0'Rourke, Philip D., 240 Dana Ave., RA 8789 Paullus, Clarence L., 256 E. Cates St. Pearson, Harry 1., 84 Hamilton Park, AD 2567 Phelan, John R., 3029 N. High St., JE 4318 Priest, Charles P., 1587 Aberdeen Ave., LA 7871 Purpura, Michael J., 1011 S. Champion Ave., EV 1069 Quin Quin n, Thomas P., 1388 Loretta Ave., JE 5149 t, Hugo R., 1177 W. 5th Ave., UN 5477 Rech, Edward J., 558 Stewart Ave., CA 3549 Riley, Joseph E., 667 Berkeley Rd., EV 0913 Riley, Patrick J., 49 Martin Ave., AD 1003 Rodgers, Joseph A., 2548 N. Fourth St., LA 9730 Schmidt, Robert S., 1077 W. 2nd Ave., WA 2809 Schmitz, Charles J.. 1047 E. Main St., EV 3808 Schroeder, John C., 330 Crestview Rd., LA 4685 Siguoracci, Arthur R., 1134 St. Clair Ave. Simo n, Charles J., 1289 Neil Ave., UN 6252 Souch, Peter J., 775 E. 5th Ave., UN 2201 Spagnol, Dominic D., 1369 Oxford St., WA 5744- Spall, Richard A., 94 Chittenden Ave., UN 2590 Stein, James L., 622 Berkeley Rd., EV 1773 Tauhe, Reid K., 149 Sherborne Drive, EV 7847 Thacker, Robert M., 1561 Cordell Ave., LA 7979 Thomas, Francis B., 586 S. Eureka Ave., RA 1795 Tilsley, Thomas W., 454 S. Huron Ave., RA 7081 Tinnerman, Paul A., 563 S. Burgess Ave., RA 8264 Tonti, Alfred P., 3336 Wicklow Rd., RA 8307 Toth, Stephen P., 2268 N. High St., WA 2723 Trant, Maurice J., 62 E. Poplar St., MA 1050 Van Heyde, Robert E., 300 Clinton Hts Ave., LA 175 Walter, Donel E., 225 W. 1st Ave., WA 3547 Watzek, John W., 664 Kelton Ave., EV 1805 Whalen, James H., 21 W. Patt erso n Ave., UN 3474- W00dfllf1., James D., 3090 lndianola Ave., LA 1335 York, Floyd M., 738 Siebert St., CA 2964 Page Ninety th rec ew! We are grateful to tlzese friends who so generously CO1lf1'ibllTCti to our support Tlzey extend C'01lf1,Vl?fllIf?fiO1IS and best wishes to Aqnnzni graduates Page Ninety-four AQUINAS MOTHERS' CLUB PRIOHY or ST. VINCENT FERRLZH 869 Lexington Avenue New York 21, New York PRIORY OF ST. ANTUXINUS 337 South Orange Avenue Newark 3. New Jersey PRIORY Ol" ST. MARY 5 Hillhouse Avenue New Haven 11. Connecticut PRIURY OF ST. CATHERINE UE SIENA 4411 East 68th Street New York 21, New York SACRED HEART PRIURY 183 Bayview Avenue Jersey City 5. New jersey ROSARY SHRINE OF ST. JUDE ST. DOMINICS RECTORY 14421 W. Wiarren Ave. Detroit 8, Michigan Bm The Dominicmz Fathers tfzrozxglzozlz' the Prorilzcc of St. Iosvplz slum' real interest in the affairs of fxI1llilIt1S mm' flaw helped IIS IIIIIIHSII fill, fxllllillillll AQUINAS .MLIMNI ASSOCIATIGN Hom' NANIIC Plzlom' T01 lf. Gaul Street llllilildlhllbllill 25. Pa. PIIIURY UI" ST. PHYS 55 lflmhursl AYPIIIIP I'r0x'i4h'l1rv 3. Hhomh' lsluml ST. 'l'HOM.-XS HICC'l'0RY 1:10 North 5th Slrvvl Zalrlvsville. Ohio ST. l'ATliIlIK'S HlClI'l'0HY 370 lf. Nughten Slrvvt COIIXIIIIHIS 15. Uhiu ST. DUMINHTS NIilI'l'0HY 77 lfast I,llCillS .-Xvelmlle XYOIIIIQSIUWII. Ohio DESICRVINYZ POOR BUYS I"lilICS'I'HOUIJ .-XSSUIflA'l'ION AYD l'UliCATORlAN SOCIETY 1 ,. - - V Y L V V Ill It. fmlh N.. Nmx Nork Zl. N. N. Hlfollxlzlflb ro l5mlr'.H'13 HJLING mix I-OH 'I'IIlf 1'l:llfs1l1c1cmn" HN. James T. Mc'K0nnu. 0.I'. Cmvral Director Nillvty pahwu Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baird Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Barlafante Mr. M r. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Z. Barker Jerome Bell and and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Albert Bellisari William H. Belt Joseph Beltram Othmar Bendelle Frank S. Bender Agnes Bergmann Frank Biggert, ,44 and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. C. E. Blanchard Frank Boland Harry Bonta C. B. Borror L. A. Breen J. A. Brennan Stuart Bricker The Lawless Brothers Mrs. Clem J. Brown Lt. Col. and Mrs. Harold A. Brown Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Huge Ninety-six and Mrs. Ernest Bryant and Mrs Frank Butler and Mrs. J. W. Bucky and Mrs Thomas Burke, Sr. and Mrs James A. Burns and Mrs H. N. Butterman and Mrs William J. Calhoun, Sr and Mrs. Dominic P. 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York Page Ninety se Len Congratulations - Best Wishes - To ' The Success - Class et '47 The "Nitty '5O" - ers ANDY AND TONY DILORETO DANNY AND MIKE FIORINI 20th CENTURY FOODS Fine Foods American and Italian No Liquor 630 N. High St. ADams 0884 Pllgf' Nil I CLAPROOD :S MACKAN FLORISTS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS soo S. HIGH ST. COLUMBUS, OHIO MA 2522 GREAT CENTRAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY IOSEPH DATTALO AGENT Burglary and H oldup Insurance 2108 DARTMOUTH AVE. FA 4605 ORIGINAL PIONEER LOW COST MONTHLY HOLD-UP -BURGLARY INSURANCE FOR BUSINESS AND HOME Page Une Hundred WM. G. STAI 6. SON PLUMBING - HEATING 3310 N. HIGH ST. JE 2332 For Gifts at their Best MORREY IEWELERS DIAMOND SHOP 114 North High PSG, Leading Makes of Watches Genuine Registered HKEEPSAKEW Diamond Rings Congratulations and Best W'isl1es from THE HILLTOP BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION Page One Hui ld IAS. A. BURNS PLASTERING CONTRACTOR REPAIRS ONLY GA 2676 Res. GA 1406 LINDEN FLORIST 6: GREENHOUSE 2140 DENUNE AVE. LA 1331 WHERE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS ARE DESIGNED BEAUTIFULLY MEMBERS OF TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF The Iosephinum Church Furniture Co. Designers and Builders of ECCLESIASTICAL ART FURNITURE 351-361 MERRITT ST. COLUMBUS 7, OHIO Page One Hundred Two MILO MARKET 934 CLEVELAND AVENUE HERBERT BOGGS, Prop. SELECT QUALITY MEATS-POULTRY-FISH FAMOUS BRANDS GROCERIES CHOICE FRUITS-FRESH VEGETABLES COMPLIMENTS OF SAN ESE'S RESTAURANTS 895 N. HIGH ST. 335 W. 3RD AVE. RALPH, '45 AL, '46 Page One Hundrf DEINLEIN IEWELERS FIRST NATIQNAL CLEANERS BLUE VALLEY BUTTER IS FOR GOOD 9' T GOOD BUTTER HEALTH THAT'S WHY MILLIONS USE IT JOHN L. BURNS '22, Mgr. Ig0 Hd COMPLIMENTS OF A GREATER COLUMBUS HARDWARE 8: MAINTENANCE COMPANY 1191 PARSONS AVE. CHURCH GOODS CO., Inc. 182 E. STATE ST. COLUMBUS, OHIO AD 4716 COMPLIMENTS TERRY'S PEN SHOP 515 SO. HIGH ST. AD 6054 "Glasses That Satisfy" OHIO STATE OPTICAL CO. 146 E. State St. H. T. SCHWARTZ R. E. HAGMAN 70 SOUTH FOURTH ST. MAin 5403 GENERAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CORP. JACK DORSEY, Pres. JACK 444 BOB '46 JIM '52 TOM '54 BILL '56 I O c Hundred Six R. WILKIE QUALITY MEATS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 175 E RICH ST AD 7257 COMPLIMEN TS OF LEO E. RUISINGER INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS I 0 H d Compliments of CRESCENT DRY CLEANERS 852 E. 5th Ave. AT REASONABLE PRICES-ANY TIME, ANYWHERE VIERECK, The Florist 84 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, at State ADarns 1201 oARoLLo's STEAK HOUSE STEAK, CHICKEN SPAGHETTI, SPECIALTIES 1120 N. HIGH ST. COLUMBUS, OHIO TEL. UN 0112 JAMES CAROLLO, Prop. ef Hundred Eight mem! Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. Cur 42 years in business is your assurance of sat- isfaction when you call. UNiversity 1166 Corner 3rd Ave. and N. 4th St. ' 533 ,N MEMBERS OF American Institute of Laundering a National Association of Dry Cleaners lbads I Page lpllt' Hundred Nine Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF ,'47 SANITARY BARBER SHOP 782 E. FIFTH AVE. PETER soUcH, Prop. DR. 0. J. FILLINGER and DR. GEO. O. FILLINGER D E N T I S T S 228 Thurman Ave. X-RAYS GA 3007 MY MARY'S INN SPAGHETTI DINNERS 808 E. 5th Ave. UN 0457 DOMESTIC CLEANERS INSURED AND GUARANTEED Howard and Fifth Ave. H. B. STOKES TOM DOWLEY NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY 8: CONFECTIONERY 822-824 E. 5th Ave. UN 0120 JOSEPH DE SANTIS, Prop. GROCERIES - MEATS - CONFECTIONS I 0 0 Hundred Ten C 011 Ql'fII'1l1flfi0 115 I0 the C 11155 of Foriy-.vewfz COMPLIMENTS OF THE CDADY-CDMPANY JAMES F. COADY CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS I. A. SCHICK 61 SON GROCERIES - MEATS - VEGETABLES GA 2812 1431 So. 4th St. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Pagf' One f1lU1dI'Pd lflffrrfn 76 YEARS OF SERVICE THE MUTH BROS. CO. CERTIFIED CARRIER MACHINERY MOVING-HEAVY HAULING 550 E. MOUND ST. ADams 4269 C 071 gmtulaziom' FROM THURMAN CAFE NICK T. SUCLESCY, P1-op. BEER, WINE, LIQUORS FINE FOOD 183 Thurman Ave. GA 0229 0 ne Hundred Twelve BERRY BROTHERS BOLTS, NUTS. RIVETS Since 1881 if 250 E. lst Ave. UNiversity 7454 Page One Ilundred T Congraiulai ons GENERAL CCNSTRUCTION CO v SEWERS - PAVING - EXCAVATIONS 16 E B d St C 1 b Oh AD 7823 FRENCH TAILORS CLEANERS SUITS CUSTOM TAILORED For Ladies and Gentlemen 22 24 26 S F t St MA 4063 lg0I111F IUNE-SCHAAF FLOWERS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 7 N. High St. AD 7447 DISTINCTIVE SINCE 1904 Compliments of FURNITURE NATIONALLY KNOWN FURNITURE LOW PRICES-BUDGET PLAN CHEVROLET CO. ECHENRODE 1160 W. Broad st. Columbus, ohio FURNITURE CO' 236 s. HIGH at RICH MA 1991 l'lIgf" fplll' flllIIdfl'd Fiflvvu IOHN QUINT 6. SONS3 Funeral Service - Ambulance 1177 W. 5th Ave. UN 1233 -- UN 5477 JOHN QUINT, Sr. JOHN QUINT, Jr. R. J. QUINT L. J. QUINT H. R. QUINT Our Funeral Home Complete In Every Respect-Available To All MA 3395 AD 9852 MA 3396 THE WESTWATER SUPPLY CO. KOHLER PLUMBING FIXTURES ENGINEERS' AND PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES GARDEN HOSE 150 AND 152 NORTH THIRD STREET COMPLIMENTS OF THE MCNALLY LUMBER CO. ESTABLISHED 1890 2034 LEONARD AVE. FAirfax 2158 Page One Hundred Sixteen Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to the CLASS QF 1947 W A FRIEND l50l1ll BALLOU GROCERY 1484 Oak St. at Miller Ave. FA 1148 FRESH PRODUCE, QUALITY MEATS, FINE PASTRIES FRESH DRESSED POULTRY I OHN N. SCHILLIN G ' ROOFING - HEATING SHEET METAL WORK AIR CONDITIONING 479 N. 20th St. FA 4915 STEAKS - CHOPS - SPAGHETTI WHIP GRILL 218 N. High sr. BEERS - WINES - LIQUORS NICK FRANCISCO, Proprietor Pugv Um' Hundrvd lfighlfwrz Congratulations CLASS OF 1947 TUCKER FLOWERS W. C. STONE CORSAGES AND FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Call MAin 5652 52 N. Third, Virginia Hotel Bldg. ARLINGTON MOTORS INC. FORD MOTOR PRODUCTS Z4 HOUR SERVICE - BODY REBUILDING SAM WILLIAMS, Manager 1710-24 W. FIFTH AVE. KI 1101 COLUMBUS, OHIO FRANKLIN PLATING 81 PDLISHING 00., Inc. PLATING OF ALL KINDS Hard Chromium a Specialty Q 630 S. SIXTH ST. AD 3842 COLUMBUS, OHIO lg!! Hddwf APEX MARKETS 2116 ARLINGTON AVE. KI 4937 1562 W. FIRST AVE. KI 1171 CLYDE POOL TOM TARPY '30 WILLIAMSON F AVRET F URNACE CO. Williamson Coal - Bryant Gas - Winkler Stoker FREE INSPECTION 55 E. GOODALE ST. AD 5211 Compliments of SWAN ODORLESS CLEANERS AT FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TOWN AND THIRD THIRD AND LONG TWICNTIETH AND MT. VERNON HAGUE AND BROAD OAKWOOD AND LIVINGSTON Page One Hundred Twenty LONG'S GRANDVIEW PHARMACY 1275 GRANDVIEW AVE. KI 3630 RADIO AND PHONOGRAPH SERVICE HARRY CARROLL Phone EV 5118 776 South Ohio Avenue Columbus, Ohio CLUB ALEXANDER 347 BARTHMAN AVE. GA 0135 - 0252 ALEXANDER'S PALM GARDENS 1392 NO. HIGH STREET UN 0253 LEE SHERIDAN CO. HEATING AND PLUMBING CONTRACTORS COLUMBUS, OHIO FA 8318 Compliments of GRANDVIEW HARDWARE CO. 1285 GRANDVIEW AVENUE W. H. WHISSEN C. N. ALLER Page Une Hundred Tuff' ly China, Glassware, Silverware and Specialties FOR l-IGTELS, RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, COLLEGES, INSTITUTES, HOSPITALS O HINTERSCHIED HGTEL SUPPLY CO. KARL HEISE DIAMONDS and MOUNTINGS 82 S H gh St R 201 AD l732 C mpliments of UNION RESTAURANT PAOLETTI BROS AD 3602 5 54 SOUTH THIRD ST 10HddT y Egan-Ryan Undertaking Co. 403 EAST BROAD STREET CHAPELS - SHOW ROOM M. J. RYAN MA 6665 FA 9326 MA 6666 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OTTO TAILORS MEN'S AND LADIES' FINE TAILORED SUITS AND TOPCOATS Cleaning - Pressing - Alterations -- Reweaving 169 E. State St. Joe Finneran '16 COMPLIMENTS FROM L. MASSENELLI THE STORE OF QUALITY 424 W. GOODALE ST. AD 0572 Page Om' Hundrffd Tzrffnly-I COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEERLESS SAW CO. 571 s. Third st. B. A. HODAPP, Pres. I'IOERIVILE'S ELECTRIC APPLIANCES PAINTS and HOUSEWARES 1894 Parsons Ave. GA 2708 Columbus, Ohio Phone UNiversity 2 1 1 8 I. W. WATSON 6. COMPANY FORD MOTOR CARS J. W. WATSON High at Sixth Avenue Columbus 1, Ohio McCLEERY'S ELECTRIC Sales anvil S07'L'i0e GUARANTEED APPLIANCE REPAIRING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES OF ALL KINDS ARVIN RADIOS R. "MAC" MCCLEERY 1520 W. First Ave. Phone KI 3506 COMPLIMENTS FROM PREMIER FLORAL CO. WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS ANYWHERE 1853 Parsons Avenue GArf1e1d 2748 Page One Hundred Twenty-four CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK FROM THE ROBINSON STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY RALPH ROBINSON ALEXANDER FOGEL 1011df1T fi Compliments of LISSKA BAR 2665 E. Fifth Ave. STANLEY LISSKA, Prop. Compliments of LORENZ EQUIPMENT CO. CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY 547 W. RICH ST. COLUMBUS, OHIO Page One Hundred Twenty-six TOM I OHNSON SEA FOOD GRILL BARNES PHARMACY an FISH MARKET PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 1V1AiI'1 1094 784 E. 5TH AVE. Frederick '43 Raymond '42 The Sports Center of Columbus ARROW SHIRTS - DISNEY TIES MADE TO MEASURE CLOTHES - SPORTING GOODS R. C. BATES FREEMAN SHOES BEN RATNER CO. 163 N. High Street Next to the Clock LA 1115 TRENOR MOTOR SALES 3241 NORTH HIGH STREET COLUMBUS, OHIO DODGE - PLYMOUTH CARS - TRUCKS SERVICE ALL MAKES Page One Hundred Twenty-seven GEORGE IGEL AND COMPANY, Inc. CRANE SERVICE - EXCAVATING MAIN 6601 PHILIP CAITO JOSEPH A. CAITO Compliments of CAITO BROS. WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 108 E. Town St. AD 3206 COLUMBUS AUTO SPRING CO. SALES - SERVICE Springs Retempered and Rearched-Broken Parts Quickly Replaced 553 WEST RICH ST., MA 2502 COLUMBUS, OHIO Page One Hundred Twenty-eiglzt Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1947 mall X ' 2 . Q, K Img " ff X5 iFLoWER CART S11 fl V 'V I . " U 555 East Broad Street COLUMBUS 15, OHIO Flowers For All Occasions We ADams 5455 Telegraph Flowers lVlAin 8668 JACK CANNON, Manager, '25 O'SHI-XUGHNESSY CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS SINCE 1889 375 E. TOWN STREET JERRY O'SHAUGHNESSY '2 4 BOB O'SHAUGHNESSY '36 Page One Hundred Tuwlty-nine 14 fb 8 4 9 - elm ' Ganqaalfufalfiand ancf gal' ZUi4fzeA, Seniafut Compliments of A. C. SCHODORF 5. SON Manufacturers and Designers of Commercial Truck Bodies General Repair Work Sales and Service for Garwood Truck Equipment Compliments of TOTH'S GRILL 211 l Cleveland Avenue FINE FOODS AND LIQUORS T. A. GROOM COOKED AND SMOKED MEATS CENTRAL MARKET STALLS 58-60 Page One' f1llIlfllft'd Thirty-on Books Edited by Father E. C. McEniry Saint Thomas Aquinas Meditations for Every Day 53.00 God Cares For You 3.00 Saint Thomas Explains Our Lady's Feast 1.00 The Sinner's Guide 3.00 Complete stock of Educational Books, Dictionaries, Translations Outlines, etc., New and Used, at a saving. WE BUY BOOKS LONG'S CDLLEGE BOOK CO. N. High Street at 15th Ave., University Entrance COMPLIMENTS EICHENLAUB INSURANCE 17 s. FOURTH sT. ST. IOSEPH ACADEMY 331 E. RICH ST. SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME Page One Hundred Thirty-two . 1 Sunand, Sltaaed, QUALITY MERCHANDISE-FAIR PRICES COLUMBUS 1, OHIO ir i' 10C TO 51.00 STORE GROCERY STORE 205-207 E. FIFTH AVE. 893 N. FOURTH ST. Phone UN 5493 Phone LA 0725 i' 'K' Pg0 HddTl yh LETS GO AQUINAS BOOSTERS 7an,Z'i Eu! nc ED. TONTI HENRY MELRAGON GILBERT MELRAGON BILL FINNERAN FRANK GUNNING 2364-70 W. BROAD ST. HOMES - APARTMENTS COMMERCIAL BLDG. Pugv One Hllrlldffd Tlzirly-four B. 6. A. PAINT CO. A 51 E. LONG ST. JERRY J. ANGLIM '39 JACK ANGLIM '42 COMPLIMENTS OF GRANDVIEW LUMBER CO. JOSEPH C. MCNALLY 'OT ANDY'S MARKET 228 COLLINS AVE. AD 0180 MEATS CBeer and Wine to Carry Outh GROCERIES A. CASUCCIO, Prop. BERRY'S SPORTING GOODS STATE and FOURTH STS. COLUMBUS, OHIO MA 2547 Page One Hundrvd Thirty ST. MARY OF THE SPRINGS ACADEMY RESIDENT AND DAY SCHOOL Fon GIRLS Pre-school, Elementary, and Secondary Departments Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools FOR PARTICULARS ADDRESS THE DIRECTRESS FOELLER'S DRUG STORES "Everything for the Kodakn 567 North High St. 868 East Main St. UN 0206 MA 61401 FA 0184 BOB '32 CHUCK '39 GEORGE '36 JOE '41 RAY, a4 49-er 'TN fx 'R at ,Q ' 0 I '. A wA'rc:-:Es One Hundred Thirty-six Compliments of 1-D THOMAS ANTHONY BUCKLY BARLOW DONALD BEGIEN DAVID BENDER WILLIAM BOLAND THOMAS BROWN CHARLES CAULLEY THOMAS CLARK WILLIAM DEEGEN LAWRENCE DOLAN JOSEPH DOYLE WILLIAM ENTZ JAMES GALLAGHER THOMAS GALLAGHER PATRICK HOLDRIETH JAMES JENTGEN WALTER KLINGMAN THOMAS KOFFOLT CARL LISK JAMES LORENZ WILLIAM MEEHAN FREDERICK MESSMER GERARD MILL-ER JOHN MONTONEY ALEXANDER MORRETTI GUY MCALLISTER WILLIAM MCGEE' ROBT. MULLIGAN EDWARD O'ROURKE JOHN PASKELL DINO PERZZUTTI WILLIAM POWELL JAMES QUINN RALPH ROHR PHILIP SCHILLINGER FRANCIS SINACOLA LAWRENCE SINK ROBT. SLUNDER PAUL SUTTNER DONALD SWEPSTON BRYAN SWEENEY LEO THURN Page One Hundred Thirty suen H E E R Combines ine? Pin inq with 0mpIQIQ SQPVICQS P R I N TIN G PHOTO OFFSET BOOKBINDING BLANK BOOKS LEGAL FORMS RULING - MAILING OFFICE FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES PRINTING 00 364-386 Soufh Fourfh S'I'ree+ Columbus I5 Ohio Allams 4125 Page One H zmdrvd Tlzirty-eight RAINBOW FLOWER SHOP FRESH CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS 9 E. TOWN ST. OPEN EVENINGS MA 4616 COMPLIMENTS FROM I. I. SIMONS FUNERAL HOME CONGRATULATIONS FROM SMITH 5: LEE SPALDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 120 EAST BROAD STREET MAin 3811 FORMAL COATS and TUXEDO TROUSERS FOR RENT OR SALE FRANKLIN TRANNETT 35 NORTH THIRD STREET COLUMBUS 15, OHIO K I R W I N ' S "Where East Meets West To Enjoy The Best" 2449 W. Broad sr. ' RA 0139 DINE WITH MUSIC IN PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS - WHERE THERE IS NEITHER COVER NOR MINIMUM CHARGE We Feature-Kirwinized Beefbwrgers-Deliciously Different Kirwimlzed Steaks - You Can Taste The Difference Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Sincere Best Wishes SMITH'S ROLLER RINK AND SMITH'S GARDEN BALLROOM N. Fourth St. and Northwood Ave. IVAN L GRE N g PHOTOGRAPHY . .. Rev. A. R. Thomas, O. P. and The Robinson Studio of Photography E N G R A V I N G . . . by . . . PONTIAC ENGRAVING COMPANY PRINTING . .. THE P. I. I-IEER PRINTING CO. 0 HddFy 3 . L ,. . , sf: , W 1 0 ,Nm 3 my A ' ,M " 'A ijfm -M , ,iv-,,K,, N. Q , , :www , , eff - KH .nw W.. ,,..,,,. g ,f ,Q ,gm 5512 x ., W, -Q, . v AQ:,a,vY-N Q , A , ff.. 11, New : ,F 5' M 'I ' 'lk' M. W N ........ u

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