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xv HIV . V . N NXXN . g X V ; k x , x0 x. no u xx 0er .EKXKCFVKXKK x EKVAKNW vakaxwaN Vg $Ni RbAkNXNNxKka R? xx Published by the students of Aquinas Academy Tacoma, Washington AQUINIAN As you curiously peer within the walls of our school, you will see the Aquinian - the spirit, the laughter, and the tears of a young girl. Quizzically she slams her friend's open locket. But she hurries to her homeroom as the warning bell announces the beginning of her busy day. Unable, perhaps, to remember that difficult Latin idiom or French phrase, she keeps trying and "keeps smiling." Imagining who will be her date for the semi-formal, the Aquinian dreams of pink chiffon and dehcate corsages. Normally cramming for an exam in history or English or religion, she uses her Intellect, memorizing dates or spelling words or chemistry equations. Always on the go, she rushes through the hall. in an air of anticipation. Never forget that the Aquinian ' mmmv .535 :gRDADWAV WM mm n; m, , , $115531 3, figuzenir I ' the graduating chm: of p161an saw the first class to complete trulLQ ".1 v at years at the new Aqumnxy 16 students of Aquinas delicate our 1001 Administrators Excel in Rev. E. j. McFadden, pastor Leadership What does Aquinas mean? Take the word apart. "A" - "Admirable" - "Amiable" - but after all Mary is the "Mater Amabius." "Q" - "Quality" rather than quantity. "U" - "Ultra" - beyond what is common. "I" - "Ideals" high - what else. "N" - "Neat" - "Nice" - hackneyed perhaps but can one be nice with- out being neat - it also means pleasing, agreeable, well-mannered. HA" - And now we can use the "Admirable." "S" - The synthesis - put them all together - and we reach the goal, the natural result, "Sanctity." These are the marks we look for in a student at Aquinas. This is our aim, our purpose, our hoped-for and ptayed-for con- summation of your years at AquinaS- Sister Mary Rita, O.P., principal SR. M. ALBERTINE,O.P. Senior Home Room, Health, Biology, Chemistry SR. M. ANNETTE, O.P. Jumot Home Room, Geom- etry, Latin 1,2; Algebra 2 SR. M. DOLORITA, O.P. Junior Home Room, Reli- gion 3, Clothing, Art, Foods, Home Relations Interest and Patience of F aculty SR. M. DOMINICA, 0.13. SR- M. IMELDA. 0-P- Semor Home Room, Religion 3, English 3, Civics, U.S. History, Journalism Sophomore Home Room, English 4, French 1,2, Glee Club, Treble Choir SR. M. IMMACULATA, 0-P- MRS. SHIRLEY KINSLEY Freshman Home Room, Re- Gym Instructor, Basketball ligion 1, English 1, Alge- Coach bra 1, General Science Encourage Students Guiding the Aquinian to her chosen goal, the faculty advises and lirects her in her intellectual needs and adolescent problems. Possessing the characteristics of patience, humor, gentleness, and integ- rity, the faculty endeavors to instill love and ttuthfullness into the hearts and souls of Aquinians. These self-sacrificing women give of their time and effort that the Aquinian may grow in wisdom and in Christian ideals. MRS. KATHLEEN MANLEY World Problems, World His- tory, Typing 1 SR. M, CHELE, O.P. F teshman Home Room, Re- ligion 2, English 2, Speech, Washington State History SR. PAULITA, O.P. Sophomore Home Room, Religion 1, English 1, Typing 2, Shonhand, Gen- eral Business, Librarian Familiar Faces to Aquinians Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Hamish check T.B. notices returned by students as part of a day's work. 7t ., 1' Aqumas' head dietitian and cook, prepares lunch for hungry Aquinians. Mrs. Crawford, As the year began, Mothersh Club pre- sented their style show, HFashion U.S.A." This successful project, a rummage sale, and other fundaraising activities provided the needed funds to aid both the faculty and the girls. Behind the scenes, these women help the Aquinian in her every pursuit. Greeting the Aquinian with a cheerful HGood Morning," Mrs. Mitchell may be seen walking hurriedly through the class- rooms or working efficiently in the office. Mrs. Hamish, with a smile on her lips, performs her duties as typist and all- around secretary with understanding and perseverance. If food makes the heart grow fonder, then Mrs. Crawford has warmed the hearts of many. As chief cook and kitchen super- visor, she delights everyone with her talent for serving delectable luncheons. Her sincerity. and cheerfulness are an integral part of Aquinas. Mothers' Club officers admire books presented to Aquinas by the club. 0. to r0 seated, Mrs. A. Nordi, vice-president; Mrs. E. Krisman, presi- dent; standing, Mrs. J. Lovely, secretary, Mrs. P. Nolan, treasurer. Each day students grow in knowledge through their . . . CLASSES Seniors Cherish Memories In the Christmas assembly the littlest angels are coun- seled by Sue Glump, an under- standing angel. OFFICERS Recalling the pleasant memories of the Senior Ball are Princess Dallas Batka,Queen Sue Glump, and PtincessKatny Mullane. Pres. Vice-Pres. L Sec.-T J. Miller B. Mullin C. Rappin Four years ago the class of i61 came to Aquinas with eagerness and temerity. The school was new - so new that the smell of fresh paint was everywhere. The buzz of the drills and saws and the continuous hammering often interrupted classes. Then as Sophomores, the Seniors hit the surf with their Soph-Frosh tolo, "Coral Dreams." Their Junior year brought many mem- ories - of their style show, HUn Pue de Paris," of their exotic prom, "Shangri- la," of an evening with their mothers at OF F ICERS A-K Pres. M. A. Dickson Vice-Pres. M. K. Clark Sec.-Treas. R. Hitsh reas. Pub. Chaitxhan Pub. Chairman B. Matano 13- Jensen Steve's Gay 90is. As Seniors, the class of i61 danced with their fathers at the annual Father- Daughter Banquet. And they reigned over the formal festivities of the Senior Ball, Junior Prom, and Coronation Ball. As the Seniors departed from their Alma Mater to begin lifeis long journey, they left a small part of themselves behind. They will al- ways remain in spirit and in the friend- ships they fostered during their four mem- orable years at Aquinas. DALLAS JUDITH BATKA Sodality 2,3,4; Glee Club 1', Swim Club 4; Pep Club 2,3; Skating Club 2,3,4; Senior Ball Committee KATHRYN ANN BELVEAL Class Officer 1; Sodality Committee 4 1:21394; Torch Club; Echoes Staff 3,4; Treble Choir 2,3,4 Ski Club 1,2,3,4 ELIZABETH ANN BAILEY Sodality 2,3,4; Torch Club; Aquinian Staff 4; Glee Club 1; Swim Club 3,4; Future Nurses' Club 2,4 LINDA KAY BRADY Sodality 1,2,3,4; Jr. Style Show Committee; Tolo Com- mittee; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; President 4; Swim Club 3, 4; Skating Club 1,2,3,4 SUE CAROL BAME Class Officer 2; Sodality 2,3,4; Committee 4; Glee Club 1; Swim Club 4; Pep Club 1; Bowling Club 3 DANA MARIE BATKA Sodality 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Future Teachers3 Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Skating Club 1,2,3,4; Usherette Jr. Style Show ANGELA CAROL BONICA Sodality 1,2,3,4; Prefect 4; Class Officer 2; Treble Choir 2,3,4; Chairman Mother-Daughter Banquet; Sextet 3,4; Future Teach- ers3 Club 4 PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN A.A.A. Vice President; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Inspirational Award 3; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Future Nurses' Club 2,4 MARY CATHERINE CLARK Class Officer 3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Ski Club 4; Swim Club 3,4; De- bate Club Officer 3,4 SANDRA JEAN COOMBE Student Body Treasurer; Sodality 2,3,4; Aquinian Staff 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Ski Club l,2,3,4; V. P. 3; CAROL SUE CLEVENGER Sodality 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Ski Club 2,3,4; T. B. Board; Jr. Prom Committee; Bowling Club 3 CAROL ANN DAUS deality 1,2,3,4; Teacher 4; Torch Club; Basketball 2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Fu- ture Teachers' V. P. 4; Swim Club 3,4 Red Cross Representative 4 MARY ANN DICKSON Class Officer 4; Sodality 2,3,4; Committee 4; Bas- ketball 2,3,4; Ski Club 2, 3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Future Nuxses3 Club 2,4 MARY HELEN DEACON Sodality 1,2,3,4; Swim Club 3; Glee Club 1; Future Teachexs' Club 4 MARY MARGARET DUNFORD Sodality 3,4; Vocation Club 3,4; Cafeteria Help 3,4 JANE MARY FINCH Sodality 4; Vocation Club 4; Torch Club; Cafeteria Help 4 ANITA MARIE FERMO Glee Club 1; Pep Club 2,3; Skating Club 2,3 BRYNNE RITA FLANAGAN Torch Club; Co-Chairman Jr. Prom; Jr. Style Show Committee; Future Teach- ers' Club 4; Pep Club 4 SUSAN MARIE GALLAGHER Sodality 3,4; Aquinas Cheerleader; Treble Choir 2,3,,4; Sextet 3,4; Tolo Queen; Pep Club 1,2,3,4 KATHLEEN ANN GORDON Sodality 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Senior Ball Committee; Swim Club 4; Debate Club 3; Bowling Club 3 MAUREEN ANN GRIFFIN Sodality 2,4; Glee Club 2; Cafeteria Help 2,4 MARY ANNE HARRINGTON Sodality 3,4; Glee Club 3; Cafeteria Help 3,4 LOUISE MARIE GALLUCCI Sodality 1,2,3,4; Committee 3,4; Miss Freshman; Torch Club; Treble Choir Accom- panist 2,3,4; Chairman Jr. Prom; Chairman Father- Daughter Banquet MARY SUSAN GLUMP Student Body Secretary; Class Officer 3; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Senior Ball Chairman; President Future Teachers 4 PATRICIA EVELYN GREIWE Sodality 2,3,4; Vice Pre- fect 4; Treble Choir 3; Fu- ture Teachers' Club 4; Pep Club 4; Tennis Club 4; Senior Ball Committee MARCIA ANN HAWLEY Class Officer 1; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Glee Club 1; Swini Club 3; De- bate Club 3 MARGARET JEAN HEIM Pep Club 2,3 , ROBIN LOUISE HIRSH Class Officer 3,4; Miss Sophomore; Torch Club; Aquinian Staff 3,4; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Swim Club Of- ficer 3,4 MARYELEN VERONICA JONES Sodality 1,2,3,4; Treble Choir 4; Glee Club 1; Fu- ture Nurses' Club 2,4; Pres. 4; Skating Club 2,3 MARY KERWIN KRISMAN Student Body Vice-Presi- dent; Class Officer 1,3; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Treble Choir 3,4; Publicity Club President 4 MARY DIANE JENSEN Sodality 1,2,3,4; Jr. Style Show Committee; It. Prom Committee; Interclub Coun- cil; Publicity Club 4; Fu- ture Teachers' Club 4 KRISTINE MARIE KONONEN Class Officer 2; Sodality 1, 2,3,4; Torch Club; Aquinian Staff 4; Science Trophy 3; Basketball 1,2 MICHELE MARGARET HILKE Sodality 1,2,3,4; Committee 4; Torch Club; Aquinian Staff 4; Glee Club 1; Future Teachers' Club 4; Skating Club 1,2,3,4 BARBARA MARIE LASBY Torch Club; Tolo Commit- tee; Freshmen Tea Com- mittee; Ski Club 2; Red Cross Representative 2; Skating Club1,2,3,4; V.'P.' 3 KATHLEEN ELIZABETH LYNCH Sodality 1,2,4; Vocation Club 1,2,4; Torch Club; Glee Club 1; Cafeteria Help 2,4 JUDITH ANN LA VINE Sodality 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Treble Choir 3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Tennis Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4 BARBARA JANE MARIANNE MARANO MARTINOLICH Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Sodality 1,2,3,4; Treble Club; Echoes Staff 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Editor 4; Swim Club 4; Sextet 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Publicity Club 4; Skating Skating Club 1 Club 2,3 44W, 4 634:2 4W, M Maw: W441 '31 L4 ., LAZK " 4144442,! K cum; m4 1, L m 'L LAszK 664423-4413 ,4 m cm 2U MARY LYNN jam. cy 477 K14 MC CARTHY , jwmdm K 441k, Sodality 1,2,3,4; Bell Cheerleader 2,3,4; Treble 7i Choir 2,3,4; Sextet 3,4; Jr. Style Show; Red Cross Chairman 2 $31.43 Wang 7,, AZW 7742,4441 'C'UA M2 KW wazb Weizxu , W K M J m 141947? V4444, WWW W VMJ 54 CW 76AM xx v?uewu 740 Mo CMM Jetway . Wk; W5 : JUDITHWERXLL ! Class Officer 3 4 Aquinia Staff 3, 4; Bell Cheerleadesgyo 1L 32,, ,3, 4; Treble Choir Direc- W9C t CAROL ANN MCENTEE Jr. Style Show Committee; Ski Club 2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Tennis Club 4; Pep Club 3,4 ress 2,3,4; Sextet 3, 4, Bell Homecoming Queen 41 f 4' ' , Xx V44MM n 13 23,354 CAROL LOUISE MONTBROUSSOUS Sodality l,2,3,4; Jr. Style Show; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross Chapter Representative CAMILLE JUDITH MOREAU Usherette Jr. Style Show; Drama Club 2 BARBARA ANN MULLIN Class Officer 1,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Teacher 4; Miss Freshman; Torch Club; Aquinian Staff 4; Future Nutses' Club 2,4 MARY CLARE PETRICH Student Body President; Class Officer 3; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Committee 3,4; Miss Junior; Evergreen Girls' State; Debate Club 3,4; V. P. 3 DIANE MARIE MOORE Sodality 1,2; Glee Club 1; Style Show Model; Ski Club 1,2,4; Skating Club 1; Fu- ture Nurses4 Club 2 KATHLEEN LAMB MULLANE Sodality 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3,4; Glee Club 1; Ski Club 2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Pres- ident Tennis Club 4 JANICE PATRICIA NEAGLE Treble Choir 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Swim Club 4; Tennis Club 4; Skating Club 1,2,3,4; President 4 ANN ELIZABETH PETRICH Class Officer 2; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Echoes Staff 2,3; Aquinian Staff 3, 4; Editor 4; Ski Club 1,2, 3,4; Sec.-Treas. 2 CARYN ANN PIPER Sodality 1; Glee Club 1; Usherette Jr. Style Show; Ski Club 1; Skating Club 1,2,3 ' ' : A RE CECILIA MARY RAPPIN L ,. . CATHY CL I ' ' RAWLINGS Class Offxcer 4; Sodallty L , . : ., Aqumas Cheerleader 1, 1,2,3,4; Torch Club; Treble .T ble Choir 3 4. Jr 8: 1e Choir 2,3,4; Debate Club re . V ' Y . I Show; Dance Committee; 3, Future Teachers C1ub4 Future Nurses3 Club 4; Tennis Club 4 SHARON LOUISE - SUSAN JEANNE RENGGLI ' RICHARDS Ski Club 1,2; Swim Club 3; Sodality 2,3,4; Basketball Red Crogs 3,4; Glee Club 1 2; Treble Choir 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Pep Club'z; Red Cross Representative 4 JUDITH ANN ' '1 4 . 3 CHAROLETTE LESLIE SEIWERATH 2 SMITH A.A.A. President; Sodality l,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Future Teachers' Club 4; C.C.D. Teacher 2,3,4 Sodality l,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Treble Choir 2,3; Ski Club 4; Tennis Club 4; Swim Club 4 DARLENE ANNE SUSAN Pep Club 3,4; Red Cross 3,4 JOSEPHINE ANN TUCCI Class Office: 1.2; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Teacher 3,4; Treble Choir 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Debate Club 3,4; President 4; Pep Club; Office: 3.4 MARGARET ANNE WATTERS Sodality 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Ski Club l,2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4; Pep Club 4 Juniors Complete Successful Year OFFICERS A-L Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec.-Treas. Pub. Chairman 1- English L. Gaeth P. Fuchs J. Freeman OFFICERS M-Z xi? Pres. Vice-Pres. L. McDaniel T. Risse i ' Members of the Class cf i62 re-enact the birth of Our Lord. Sec.-Tteas. Pub. Chairman J. Owens J. McMenamin "Julius Caesar, Romeo, we've got a class that really can go . . ." Exempli- fying the zest and enthusiasm of the Junior class, this song has been their theme, uniting them in their goal of to- getherness. This year was an exciting one for the lively Juniors. Among other things, it gave them the thrilling opportunity of choosing their class rings. After success- fully beginning the year with a sweat shirt sale, they worked zealously on their Mother-Daughter Banquet and their style show. The exuberant Juniors ended their busy year by selecting a queen and her court to preside over the gala festivities of their enjoyable prom. These wonderful Rose Marie Overland, Freshman, receives her sweat- memories Of a fun-filled year Will not fade shirt from Juniors Joan English, Leslie McDaniel, and away, but will remain in the hearts of the Carol Ann Hauser as Pat Kalkus looks on. Juniors as they leaf through the pages of their class scrapbook. L. Abbott C. Antush D. Barber B. Barton J. Beckman K. Bertocchini S. Boehm S. Brosamer F. Brown R. B uc chianeri E. Burns D. Cupic L. Dallas C. Dolan K. Dunn K. Durward J. Etherington B. Falon P. Flanigan K. Fotsberg P. Froehler C. Gtignon G. Hammerschmith K. Hammerschmith, C. Hauser M. Hemphill M. Hensel C. Hill N. Johnson M. Ketell M. Kinzner D. Koenigs M. K. Kramer Kurka J. Legacy C. Ley H. Lindsttom V. Lomax N. Long E. Maloney J. Manley M. J. McFadden P. McLean A. Micheli M. B. Moore D. Motgan P. Mullan E. Murphy N. Newman M. A. Nolan J. Nordi K. Ouse C. Peaslee B. Perri C. Pharmer P. Philipsen J. Renggli M. A. Reisinger N. Robetge D. Roby N. Rossick B. St. Martin R. San: K. Schatz L. Sims T. Staeheli J. Stellbrink M. Stoffel D. Sweet L. Syslo M. Tainter J. Vlahovich C. White J. Willis K. Wojtanowicz J. Wright P. Wulfekuhle J. Yerbich K. Zydek Sophs Enjoy Busy Year OFFICERS A-L 1.; Pres. . Vice-Ptes. Sec.-Treas. Pub. Chairman P. Bevegm J. Dupas B. Coriell M. Bolvin OFFICERS M-Z Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec.-Treas. Pub. Chairman E. Smith E. Prentice K. Mullan C. Petrich Members of' the Sophomore Class planned their annual tolo for February 4: U. to IJ, M. Handran, A. LeVeque, C. McNamara, E. Smith, S. McMenamin, P. Wemick, T. O'Brien, K. Noble, P. Bevegni. No longer green, the Sophomores enthu- siastically initiated plans for their biggest social event of the year - the Soph-Frosh toio. With determination to make their semi-formal a success, they eagerly began to obtain needed funds for the important event on February 4. Their pancake and hot roll sales on first Fridays were a large success. Another successful Sophomore- sponsored project, which was not only work but also fun, was their car wash. E. Smith, 13. Bevegni, v. Habel, D. DiDenti, c. Ehteth, Sponsoring an informal dance at Aquinas and K. Noble busily work at their very successful on April 14 was an exciting climax to a cartWaSh. fun-filled year for the spirited Sophomores. 20 S. Audabin j. Bailey C. Bayer N. Bimie M. Bohnen R. Bucsko K. Bucholz B. Campbell P. Cavanaugh J. Clevenger K. Cook S. Danz F . Deacon D. Didenti E. Dille S. Dolan C. Ehreth P. Fleischmann C. Frederick L. Froelich I. Gangle R. Gawel G. Good V. Habel M. Handran J. Hoffman A. Kanick C. Knelleken P. Legacy A. LeVeque L. Lovely A. Lorraine D. Madson S. McMenamin C. McNamara K. Meehan J. Meier E. Middleton M. Mitchell M. Nagel 8. Nelson K. Noble A. Nugent D. O Brien T. O'Brien R. Powers S. Race K. Rappin N. Rehwinkel M. Rieck C. Smeall J. Smith M. Tucci J. Walsh M. Walsh K. Warren P. Wilkie 22 1 I ,AgexFreshmen Engage in Varied Activities OFFICERS A-J VicePIes. Sec.-Tteas. Pllb- Chairman J. Burke J. Griesmeyer D. Foubert OFFICERS K-Z Pres. Vice-Ptes. Sec.,-Treas. Pllb- Chairman C. Norling A. Montbroussous A, R0551 M. Monroe Young and lively and full of spifit, the green Frosh streamed through the halls on opening day. Full of hopes and dreams about their first exciting year at Aquinas, they etigaged in a frenzy of activity. These girls enthusiastically planned for their popcorn sale, and they experienced the thrill of attend- ing their first Soph-Frosh T010, "Fevriet a Paris." The Freshman Tea afforded the class of '64 an excellent opportunity to introduce the incoming Frosh to the life and activities of the Aquinian. Freshmen U. to rJ J. Markham, P. Degon, R. M. Overland, K. Harkins, and A. Brockert wait patiently for the popcorn to pop. Washington State History students 0. to rJ P. Kalkus, G. BronsonhSLKeely, and C. Ketell demonstrate a map of our state. 771 23 S. Adams B. Akins V. Armstrong J. Avery M. A. Bartenetti L. Beckman K. Bedford M. Bilsborrow L. Bonato J. Boze J. Borgert V. Boucher A. Brockert G. Bronson K. Bucsko J. Burg K. Countryman P. Danz M. Davies P. Degon I... DePolo D. DeMars C. Duren M. L. Epperson M. Fanning S. Forster J. Fuchs S. Gilich M. Glaser T. Gosselin C. Graham A P. Gray C. Green G. Griewe R. Hansen K. Harkins P. Harrison L. Hewitt L. Hill M. A. Hindery P. Hopkins L. Hubbard K. Hyatt M. Jacques S. Keely C. Ketell S. Knoll L. Krue ge 1- J. Kuciemba Absent J- Larson Y. Lewis L. Liber'to K. Lick F. Lomax L. Lindquist J. Markham M. McNamara B. Rolland B. Rossow S. Steppan A. Stevens P. Meehan P. Meyer M. E. Mihalovich J. Miller M. Murphy M. Otell L. Osborn M. Otis R. Overland C. Pasquier S. Philipsen K. Rawlings J. Risse M. L. Sturdy M. Trigg K. Turner R. Vatgo B. Vetter M. A. von Boecklin Janet Walter Judy Walter K. Wild M. Willyerd C. Winkleman V. Youngchild 26 Students Are Active in Class CEOMETRY CLASS: V. Habel demonstrates geometric designs as C. Knellekan and R. Powers observe. o GYM CLASS: ROW ONE: C. Pasquier, S. Mc- Menamin, E. Middleton, K. Turner. ROW TWO: D. Van Hoose, C. Ehreth, C. Bonica. ROW THREE: L. Lundquist, A. Stevens. Sr. M. Hita, Religion IV instructor, explains the Liturgical Cycle to inquisitive Seniors. 27 Aquinians Study . . . ART - Judy Markham and Kathy Belveal make pendants for Treble Choir gowns as two students look on. CHEMISTRY - Members of the Chemistry Class complete their experiments on lab day. BIOLOGY - Kathy Wojtanowicz, Nancy Johnson, Nancy Rossick, and Margaret McDonald study the clam as part of a biology assignment. FOODS - In the Home Economics room, Lois Dallas, Sharon Renggli, Kathy Wojtanowicz, Nancy Johnson, Betty Baily, and Joanie Stellbrink prepare cookies for the class Christmas party. 28 Leadership and cooperation are developed through Aquinas . . . ' ORGANIZATION S Interclub Council Plans Activities Organized and directed by Kim Krisman, Interclub Council became a reality this year. Once a month the school clubs.assembled to work on their main project: to procure a charter and a constitution for each group organization. Members of Publicity Club combined their artistic talents in producing colorful posters for dances, bake sales, and raffles. Each club was represented at the Interclub Council meetings by its president. Seated clockwise are S. Glump, D. Jensen, C. A. Hauser, K. Krisman, P. Kalkus, C. Montbroussous, and J. A. Tucci. Standing are L. Abbott, L. Gallucci, M. Jones, and K. Kononen. Athletic Association Thrives V Jr: Rep. L. McDaniel Pres. J. Seiwerath Ail Vice-Pres. P. Brenn an This spring brought something new to Aquinas - Olympic Games. Intramural games determined the teams to play for thechampion- ships in the Olympics. Among the featured sports were volleyball, basketball, baseball, S. Coombe referees a jump between L. Froelich, Sopho- tennis and swimming. mqre, and B. Mullin, Senior, during an intramural game. Each of the .clubs in the council was re- quired to keep a scrapbook containing write-ups and pictures bf each of their activities. The council arranged for the team, cheerleaders, and eager Pep Club members to travel 'to Seattle for basketball games. 30 Student Council Has Busy Year Vice-Ptesident Kim Krisman President Mimi Pettich Treasurer Sandy Coombe Secretary Sue Glump ROW ONE: L. McDaniel, A. Petrich, J. Seiwerath, B. Matano, Joan English, A. Bonica, C. Bonica, J. Miller. ROW TWO: P. Bevegni, C. Norling, M. A. Dickson, E. Smith. "Busy" is the word which best describes our active student council. During the year they initiated many unusual but enjoyable activities: Courtesy Week, Safety Week, open student council meetings, an exchange assem- bly with Saint Leois, Career Day, Citizenship Assembly, and Publicity Club. These are only a few of the outstanding contributions which these devoted girls made, with the hope that their school might be a little better. Under the competent leadership and unity of student council members, Aquinians grew wiser and stronger, and many hearts were filled with a greater appreciation of the high ideals of our school. Mimi Petrich presents Student Council members at the first open meeting of the year. Prayers and Activities Typify Our Lady's Sodality has been exceed- ingly active during the year. Each com- mittee had its special achievements. At Christmas time Vocation Club purchased office books to give the Postulants who graduated from Aquinas last June. Each Saturday members of Eucharistic Commit- tee took care of the altar at Saint Patrick's. uni, e V , M , They also visited the blind at the Blind Michele Hilke, chairman, and Eileen Maloney, her Center and PIOVided entertainment for assistant, work on a project for the CCD Committee. them. APOSEOIIC Commlttee decorated Christmas stockings and distributed them at Saint Ann's Home. Our Ladyhs Commit- tee supplied fresh flowers for our Blessed Mother. A new committee, C.C.D., made holy cards and flannelgraphs and gave them to the CCD. teachers to aid them in their work. Though divided in their pro- jects, the committees were united in pur- pose - "Souls for Jesus through Mary." Making Easter favors as an Apostolic Committee project are Mary Ann Dickson, chairman, and Nancy Johnson, her assistant. Mary Deacon, Member of Our Ladyhs Committee, shows Kathy Dunn the new altar for our Blessed Mother. 32 Sodalists P. Greiwe, vice-prefect, and A. Bonica, prefect, examine the Redemptorist- crucifix of retreat masters Fr. LaSalle and Fr. Schuster. Discussing their display on the Dominican Order are seated, L. Gallucci, L. Gaeth; kneeling, T. Risse; stand- ing, M. Petrich and D. Batka. Diane Jensen places religious pictures on the bulletin board for Lent, as Kathy Gordon and Sue Carol Bame assist. 33 Choral Groups Provide Entertainment ROW ONE: M. K. Clark, M. A. Reisinger, J. Neagle, M. L. McCarthy, J. Yerbich, C. Rawlings, J. A. Tucci, K. Schatz. ROW TWO: T. Risse, R. Bucchianeri, K. Forsberg, L. Abbott, J. LaVine, A. Bonica, M. Ketell. ROW THREE: M. Jones, S. Richards, P. Fuchs, M. Martinolich, A. Pettich, C. A. Hauser, K. Belveal, J. Miller. ROW FOUR: J. Beckman, S. Gallagher, S. Glump, L. Gallucci, K. Krisman, K. Bertocchini, C. Rappin. ROW ONE: M. L. Epperson, S. Nelson, D. DeMats, C. Lundquist, G. Good, C. Pasquier, M. Otis, F. Brown. Smeall, E. Byme, L. Lovely, C. Bonica, A. Stevens, ROW THREE: D. DiDenti, K. Turner, A. Lorraine, T. Y. Lewis, J. Fuchs, M. Willyerd, M. Handran. ROW Gosselin, D. Madson, P. Bevegni, M. A. vonBoecklin, TWO: 1- Miller, M- Nagel, B. Cotiell, K. Meehan, M. E. S. Steppan, M. Fanning, S. McMenamin, L. McDaniel, A. Jerkovich, T. O'Brien, E. Middleton, C. Ehreth, L. MontbrouSSOUS,P.Danz. 34 ACCOMPANIST L. Gallucci DIRECTRES; e M J. Miller 35 B. Mullin, as Angel Gabriel, watches over the infant Jesus with B. Lasby, as Blessed Mother. Bonica, Treble Choir, arrayed in their new gowns, entertained many with their melodious songs. Western State Hospital and Mothersh Club were only a few of the many organizations that were pleasured by the group. Glee Club and Treble Choir, under the direction of Sister Mary Imelda, worked tedious- ly to present the Christmas Triptych. Both groups sang the praises of God at various Masses and religious ceremonies. Providing entertainment at class banquets and other class activities, the Senior Sextet spent many hours to properly represent the "song spirit" of their class. ti . t t - i L' 3t Xx i SENIOR SEXTET, ROW ONE. M. L. McCarthy, J. Miller. ROW TWO: S. Gallagher, M. Martinolich, S. Glump. "Echoes99 Presents School News Asst; Ed. J . McMenamin Members of the "Echoes" staff are standing, J. Owens, J. McMenamin, B. Marano, S. Brosamer, M. Pettich, and seated, L. Brady and K. Belveal. Exchange Ed. 5' Brosamer "Extra! Barbara Matano, IEchoes' editor, wins trip to Detroit for essay." This exciting news began a highly successful year for the staff of our school paper. These capable news- women energetically made plans for the best paper ever. Frequent polls, interesting feature articles, more and better photos, and even a 'hgreen" Christmas issue were only some of , L the feats of these tireless journalists. I L Bus. Manager K. Belveal Standinng. McLean, K. Hill, D. Barber, L. Geeth, and seated, L. Sims, M. Bolvin, and K. Cook examine articles for journalism class. 36 Staff Works Long Hours to Present 961 Aquinian Editor A. Petrich Long, hard hours, plenty of ideas, and a Will to work, all went into presenting this book of memories to the Aquinian. Under the patient assistance of Sister Mary Dolotita and the able direction of Ann Petrich, the entire staff co- operated to present a book that would represent the life, the activities, the hopes, and the dreams of the ideal Aquinian. Lay-out R. Hirsh Am Photog. Photog. Copy COPY Lay-out K. Kononen S. Coombe B. Bailey B. Mullin J. Miller Bus. Manager M. Hilke JUNIOR EDITORS, s e a t e d, Eileen Maloney and Betsy Barton; standing, Joanne Freeman. Michele Hilke and Betty Bailey are selling Annual sub- scriptions to Margaret Handran and Mary Willyerd. 37 Torch Club Has Large Membership Pres. Vice-President L. Gallucci B. Flanagan Because of their service, character, leader- ship, and scholarship these girls were installed as members of the National Honor Society, Which at Aquinas is called Torch Club. Eager and willing, the new members began to work ardently on the Saint Thomas Aquinas Day skit. Possessing the larges; membership ever, this year's Torch Club served as an incentive to probable future members to keep trying and to strive for higher and better goals. ROW ONE: R. Hirsh, M. K. Clark. ROW TWO: B. Marano, B. Mullin. ROW THREE: B. Lasby, M. Hawley. ROW FOUR: A. Petrich, C. Rappin. ROW FIVE: K. Lynch, J. Finch. ROW SIX: B. Flanagan, M. Hilke. ROW SEVEN: K. Belveal, K. Krisman. HOW EIGHT: M. Petrich, K. Ko- nonen. ROW NINE: E. Bailey, S. Glump. ROW TEN: C. Daus, L. Gallucci. 38 Personalities are developed through participation in many . o . ACTIVITIE S F uture Nurses : e: , V V a , Club Pres. Vice-Ptes M. Jones C. Dunn A visit to St. Joseph's Hospital after school i V L or on the weekend would revegl Future Nurses from Aquinas carrying trays, talking to pa- tients, and entertaining children. These girls receive no other reward than to know they are helping the patients, and this makes them happy for they plan to dedicate their lives to h the care of the sick. Sec.-Tteas. K. Warren, S. Boehm, D. Sweet, and S. Race, standing, L. Froelich and G. Good, kneeling, prepare the bed in the health room. F uture Teachers Club Composed of girls interested in devoting their lives to teaching, Future Teachers Club opened the year with a milk shake sale, featur- ing peanut butter milk shakes. A pastry sale and a cake raffle were included among 'the achievements of this group. 3?? Pres . S. Glump PRbable future teachers of American youth are standing, ViceiPres. Sec.-Tteas. L. Gaeth, P. Fleischmann, J. Nordi, C. Pharmet, and c. Daus K. Hill seated, P. Greiwe, program chairman. Science Club With two goals in mind, the Freshmen of Sister Mary Immaculata's general science class organized their Science Club. These two goals are to enter projects in the Science Fair and to acquaint the girls with careers in the field of science. Field trips and raffles were only a few projects of the energetic club. Seated, M. Davies and S. Steppan and standing, C. Graham Vice-Pres. Sec.-Tteas. B. Akins . M. E. Mihalovich ' and M. A. Bartenetti observe a microscopic specimen. 4O e Photography ' Club Pres. I Vice-Pres. K. Kononen A. Petrich This small club, under the direction of Sister Mary Albertine, learned many interest- ing and educational skills. With able guidance, the members learned the workings of the dark room. Enlarging Seniorsi pictures was just one of the many activities in which this active club ten 3 ed. v e Sec.-Treas. g g m 5' Coombe M. A. Hensel, B. Marano, and C. Petrich check negatives for one of Photography Club's projects. Debate Club V'ice-Ptes. Sec.yk-Treals. R. Hush M. K. Clark f h a , . speaks before the Speech and Debate Class, who are learning the fundamentals of debate. Susan Richards Aquinas' Debate Club successfully-com- peted in tournaments at Seattle Pacific Col- lege, U.P.S., and P.L.U. In order to supply its treasury with necessary funds, this club spon- sored a pop sale and a raffle. Under the guidance of Sister Mary Michele, the debaters soon learned that their goal was not only to win trophies but also to develop better speak- ers and better citizens through their discus- sions of national problems. Explaining their debate cases are seated, R. Hitsh, M. K Clark, M. Petrich, K. Krisman, and standing, A. Petrich, J McMenamin, and J. A. Tucci. 41 Red Cross Pres. Vice-Pres. Cl 1, C. Montbroussous M. Petrich u Representing the Aquinas Red Cross Club, Mimi Petrich visited Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Cincinnati. Under the guidance of Sister Mary Albertine, this active club sent a "party-in-a-box" to Madigan Hospital and Buckley on Saint Valentineis Day. Sec.-Treas. J. McMenamin Representing Red Cross are standing 0. to Li M. Kinzner, S. Richards, C. Daus, and L. Syslo, and seated U. to Li J. Avery, L. Lovely, and N. Rehwinkle. Ski Club Pres. Vice-Pres. L. Brady J. Beckman In order to help Aquinas skiers to plan their skiing wardrobe, Ski Club presented a style show before the season began. During the season the slopes at Snoqualmie were filled with Aquinians. To highlight this fun-filled season, Ski Club packed their gear and invaded the slopes at White Pass. Sec.-'Treas. P. Wilke Preparing for a ski trip filled with fun and frolic are J. Clevenger, M. Watters, C. Clevenger, J. Markham, M. A. vonBoecklin, B. Petri, M. Kinzner, and E. Middleton. kneeling. Swim Club Pres. Vice-Pres. R. Hitsh P. Mullan A popular event with Aquinians was the monthly swim party at U.P.S. sponsored by the Swim Club. Amidst laughter, diving, and water games, the girls enjoyed health, happiness, relaxation, and the feeling of iitogetherness." Sec.-Treas. S. Nelson Two members of swim club sun themselves on the diving board. 42 x Pep Club PFCS- Vice-Pres. J. A. Tucci J. Gallagher The zest and vitality of Pep Club was exhibited when they went joint Christmas caroling with Bellarmine, held an informal dance, and enthusiastically cheered the varsity at Orting, Seattle, and the Catholic Northwest Basketball Tournament. Sec.-Treas. S. McMenamin Enthusiastic members of Pep Club cheer Aquinas Angels. Skating Club Pres. Vice-Pres. J. Neagle C. Hill Chills and spills greeted members of Skat- ing Club as they glided across the ice. An ice skating party at Lakewood Ice Arena every two months gave the girls an excellent opportunity to engage in their beloved pastime. Sec.-Treas. C. Petrich a Members of Skating Club, standing: D. Madson, L. i Beckman, J. Beckman, C. Ehreth; seated: C. Smeall, S. i Boehm, M. Hansel. Tennis Club Pres. Vice-Pres. K. Mullane N. Long With the first sign of spring, members of Tennis Club dug out their balls and rackets and began to practice. They planned to enter the singles and doubles of the intramural games. The winners in each group were entered in the Olympic games. Se c.-Treas. L. Lovely Tennis players P. Wilke and L. McDaniel shake hands after an exciting game, as M. K. Clark looks on. 43 Yell Staffs Lead Cheers Ann Petrich Nancy Bimie Janice Gallagher N. Bimie, J. Gallagher, D. DeMars, and A. Petrich lead cheers at an Aquinas game. "Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar. . ." These words were chantCad by the cheerleaders during the Aquinas and Bellarmine games. Instilling a spirit of loyalty in the spectators, these girls encouraged the teams to "get that ball and fight!" ' Diane DeMars Bellarmine reserve cheerleaders are Kathy.Mullan and Judy Yerbich. Bellarmine varsity cheerleading Hqueens" are Mary Lynn McCarthy and Judy Miller. 44 T eam Exhibits Much Spirit Captam J. Seiwetath Co-captain K. Mullane II Aquinas Angels are P. Wilkie, K. Mullan, E. Smith, J. Dupes, S. Danz, J. Hoffman, S. Coombe, P. Brennan, P. Jasptica, M. A. Dickson, M. Bolvin, K. Mullane, J. Burke, J. Seiwetath, and R. Hitsh. Anticipating victory, the Aquinas Angels displayed their remarkable teamwork and athletic agility when they successfully at- tempted free throws, hook shots, and lay-ins. With the aid of their coach, Mrs. Kinsley, the varsity exhibited their unity in the tournaments at Seattle and Tacoma. Pat Brennan tnumbr 13h wms a jump during a game with Franklin Pierce, as Kathy Mullane guards opponent. P. Brennan and M. A. Dickson make plans in the huddle, as team members look on. 45 Oriental Theme Chosen An Oriental theme was chosen this year for the annual Junior Style Show held March 7 by t the class of h62. The Juniors felt a sense of i achievement and joy, as the stage curtain t opened to reveal a Japanese pagoda and a beautiful cherry tree, to typify their "Teahouse of Fashions." Committee heads E. Maloney, R. Sam, and B. Barton model kimonos worn by Junior usherettes and dancers. Aquinas Wins Homecoming When Judy Miller was crowned Bellarmine's homecoming queen, her happiness was shared by 300 plus Aquinians. To Judy this honor meant the climax of cheering for the-Lions for three years, of selling tickets, of encouraging everyone to come to the games, of making many new friends. Other nominees were Ann Petrich, Senior from Aquinas, and Mary Jo Pavia and Paddy Jo Osby, Seniors from Saint Leo's. Queen Judy Princess Ann 46 W . . water's fine." "Aqmally, we're beautiful." Mrs. Kinsley, basketball coach Seen Dr. Livingston lately? Initiation can be fun-smack! Picnic time How youWe changed! Things couldn't be that bad. m "Playing sosh" Junior Sextet makes debut at Pin-ups??? ' Mother-Daughter Banquet. Patrons Mr. and Mrs. William B. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bertocchini Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bohnen Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bolvin Mrs. Norma Campbell Mr. and Mrs. GOIdQn Clark Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coriell Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Daus Mr. and Mrs. John De Polo Mr. and Mrs. Sidney T. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Dupas Mrs. Owen Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gallucci Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hammerschmith, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Blake W. Hirsh Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Koenigs Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kurka Dr. and Mrs. Joseph 0. Lasby Mr. and Mrs. C. R. La Vine Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Liberto Mr. Steinbock, custodian, assists Aquinians in many facets of the studenty activities. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lick Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Lindstrom Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lorraine Mr. and Mrs. Steve N. Mullan Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Nagel Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Nordi Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Orell Mr. and Mrs. Hervey M. Petrich Mrs. J. Sellers Roby Mr. and Mrs. John T. San: Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Seiwerath Mr. and Mrs. Cyril P. Steppan Mr. and Mrs. E. L. St. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tucci Mr. and Mrs. August von Boecklin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yerbich Library assistants K. Durward, K. Bertocchini, S. Bresamer, and P. Froehler check the card file. 48 Emu. x . ,. $- 2.... 3 .1....-. . .- . .. ..... .1 601.0. ?...$g g... . .. .. . M. M... .. , .. . .. . . .. xp . N. .Jwapw . . . ,. x .. - vn 2Q .dWaxa-Wx; d. U .. .4 1.x. ...c... .. .7. .. .. x L .. .. 3 .x x.i ....x. . .3 5.. .3E .17 . , . .. . w . . . . a M 3X43. Nd ww-dq-Q-QJJ .3302 .1413? .. x. . . .. 1... W wd. 4:6 iJ ad dggl NQd VQ-ve-d .. ... a .3 . v05; 3-0 1323:54- 9W; . . . . . . .. . .. . . . .. , . .- dd-wd . . . . . W. YVJB uj-Oxm-K; ddwbemx 9.3.V-OJJADxJ . . . . $. - - x V .T K x. n. EC. a C .x. t... I JQNQ 34W; - , ,, x . . L... . . . .. .HV. 3 , ..x. - .. x , . x J. .V J . . x , . . . a a J V, .. .H . .x . . . . . x O. I I vr " , . . .1 t I .. .x . . . . . K . . . -. . v0. Y? Q , .. .. . . . . . . l. . 3 4 I.. ?vlfx s; VJ ,. .4 v.4 v... . -, . 1.4: N L v ,4 J! J 44V AN . 9 , . .- . . . .N ,..l q k w... . X. - . . .. . Q.- ...-..x . LA... 3, ,1, .. .n. 14.....- 4:3... v . . .. . . - . .x . .- .. .. . . v . -x 4. 1 x 1 IUW I II I; IIIJIMI VIIIIII M jIWKUM MW ; 22W A , NuthWj XA . U" .1

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