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w. , AL ai - " i .,--N-4 , - '47 -4 X' .51 ,. 52 .' -.. 9 , .q,. iasff. ,Yi , -- . W .4 .... M: V1 Q-t . w- .S'j-gggi'-1 v, ff-f' '-I'-zfzeifivl .g.-3.15, ,f Ark ,. ,i . v WE, .LI , JZ:.,g,E1.' fix QT- . QQ.: ggi L37 . ig ' g,.'.,"g,im,,,.f,'f -...W -f--w ,r 'fig 4:1 ' 'Q-??ijTf5E Bti' fy' Li.gTQ?:'i:f, 'X P-P :' -'Q ,:ff:" ' "'f.Q3l55sfA , - flf 14-siilxk A . A 'z 3' 1. YP' lizi 1 51.2" 4 -.L k 1 fig-Q2-R.: 'X visgfg Lg 5 2:11, , CII :V - 1: L., .- Win,-. - 4.1 - , 1--33, .- :D 1:5 ' , ,. . .M ,, ,V , . -,. 'Ale--.A L-J-i- A pk: I ' ve, ', gif' g F' 3 . 523' ' - p,.:?fl '4-6:1 A 'RTQQI 'Hferff ' 'iff'- '- -4 .z. vii-13' ' , f E? Q . .1 , -1.-1-Q ,1,xJ'3: 1 :F,1-'l S '4?3.j51j. 'iffif , 3,15 Q, , Q-.-KE, ' -' 1' 'LQ-4 ' 1.LQlT.' 'A 55-1133 -.' f Q' ' 553512 ,- -4:A:, Y 'e-if-1 1 Y , 133 L . . , gg, 512 mi- , V ,AQ ,. ww. A-g 2" I -W , fi 5, . H ' V A L1 T k JT . 'gg-ll ' 755: J , V W' , , ,-PI-7 M:- I ff' , 14 . ,. - 14? .:, " ' iii f 5 Ovlvi-Oelfivi-Qviwi .-f A3 6 rf 'iu ww MWA We WJ HN 4 J . pyffffff 1 J: YJ Aj , MWWMQ H, AW A 2 V ,4 , F. " L V -, X1 . Q r T22 5 , , 4 A . I ,V f ,QW V ,. if ,ik J r 1 H' , 'J 4 f e ,E , K ,E ' Q 4 1 . X J ff X The CCLJYYIBFU. Climb' oF Jfciulrz, QSCFIOGL presenfs the VERITAS We of the Camera Club have attempted to bring you through pictures THE AQUIN STORY. The real story is one of GROWTH in WISDOM, AGE, and GRACE. Recorded in this book are the visible works of MIND, HEART, and BODY. Recorded in another Book we sincerely trust are the invisible rewards of OUR DAYS AT AQUIN + lliia 'Q 'W Q Q M ,, ,, aw A 'Nun Nr I 'W ' 4 x ,L Q-, V,,A , 1 wk' ,, -Q in Q 1, 'H -sf 'i A 'W P an 4 ..... A . .f A W Q52 M -' -'if' + W Wflii f .,,1,,L , fe Oki AQ if K f' ,Q 13' r Q W ffl? J-' 5, ,,,, -Hkgf ggzggQfl,5,f2 741' f K 5 " 'iff H22 'if' 5. 'FH .W mu, 1 E? ggfgiw -.W N, 9 ff ff QQ Q , if wa . . . the Faculty Monsigner C. F. Conley Superintendent Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Reverend Arther J. O'Nei1 Reverend William F. McMahon Reverend Robert E. Schneider Reverend Edward Gillespie Reverend Leo H. Ambre M. Agnella Principal M. Laurentina M. Alphonsus Liguori M. Angelina M. Coleta M. Lucia M. Norbertus Marie Paul M. Winfrid Mr. Harry Kruse Mr. Richard DeSchriver Mrs. John Sargent Mrs. Eugene Marks . . . the Seniors TWYLA ADER Transfer from Freeport High 4 ROSE MARIE ALBER Glen Club 1,5 Library Club 1,2 CMA I , JAMES MARTIN ALLEN Glas Club 1 Class Play 4 RICHARD JGSEPH EIGELOW Basketball 2 Gln- Club 1 CAROLYN MARIE BLUE Glee Club 1,2,3 Senior Scouts 1 PATRICIA A BOOKMAN Class Plav 4 Camera Club l,2,6,4 Yelrbook Staff 4 Library Club 2,3, Secretary 4 nILLIAM BUSHELLE Bask-tball 1,2,3 Football 5,4 Class Plav 4 Nonorram Club 4 Glee Club l All Conference 4 FRANCES Co CIGANEK Yearbook Staff l,2,4 Junior Red Cross 6 Camera Club l,2,4 Glee Club 1,5,4 JON FREDERIC CLARKE Glee Club 1 Clasq Play 4 Basketball 4 Football 6 RONALD JOSEPH CONNORS Basketball Manager 4 Football Nnnag-r 1,5,4 Glee Club l Camera Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 CLARA LOUISE CONTER Camera Club l,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff l,2,5,4 Glee Club l,2,4 Librarv Club Tr. 2,6,4 Senior Scouts 1,2,5,4 Junior Red Cross 5,4 JULIE ELLEN CRAMER Glee Club 1 BARBARA ANN CREMER Cam ra Club l,3,4 Yearbook Staff 5,4 Library Club V.P. 3,4 Senior Scouts 1,2 Glee Club 1 ANN HELENE CUNNINGHAM Glee Club 1 Camera uluo l,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 1,2,6 Cheerleader 3,4 Camera Club Officer 3 Class Plav 4 ADELE JEANNE FAIST Glee Club 1 JOHN JOSEPH GRATTELO Class rlav 4 Glee Club 1 ANTHONY T. GIUFFRE JR Football 2,3,4 Glee Club 1,4 track 1 Monogram 4 MARY E. HARRENSTEIN Glee Club 1 JOHN FRANCIS KEHOE Football 2 Glef Club 1 Stage Crew 4 JAMES EDWARD LaFORGE Glee Club 1 ADELLE L. LINENFELSER Glee ulub 1 Camera Ulub 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Junior Red Cross 4 NILLIAM JOHN MCHOES Football 1,2,5,4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 2,5 Track 1 Glee Club 1 Monogram Club 4 MARILYN CLARE MCOK Glee Club 1 Senior Scouts 1, 2,5 Class Plav 4 Yearbook Staff 1 MARY ARLENE MUNDA Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Senior Scouts l,2,5,4 Senior Class Play 4 Library Club 5 DAVID J. MURRAY Football 2,5,4 Basketball 1,2 Class President 4 Class Play 4 Prom Prince 3 JUDITH MARY O'CONNELL Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Mardi Gras Royality 2 Homecoming Canditate 4 Camera Club l,2,4 Class Plav Director 4 LINDA M. OKEY Library Club l,2,6,4 Glee Club l,2,4 Camera Club 1,2 Senior Scouts 1 PATRICIA A. OSTERBERGER Junior Med Cross 4 Librarv Club 2,3 Glee Club 1,5 Future Nurses 6 MARY L. OTTENHAUSEN Cam-ra Club 1 , 2 Librarv Club 1,2 Glee Club 1 Senior Scouts 1,2 THEODORE ALLEN PETERS Basketball 2 Glee Club 1 LINDA CECIbIA PFEIFFER Glee Club 1, 2 Camera Club 1 DOLORES JEAN PFILE Glee Club l,2,3,4 Class Play 4 JOYCE ANN PURKEY Glee Club 3,4 Class Plav 4 JUDITH ANNE REITINGER Homecoming Queen 4 Camera Club 5,4, Secretary 5 Class Secretary Cheerleader l,2, ANDREN JOHN REITINGER Basketball l,2,3,4 Football 2,6,4 Baseball 2,3 Track 1,4 Class Treasurer 4 Mardi Gras Royalifv l ROSEMARY A. RHYNDERS Glee Club 2,5,4 Future Nurses Pres. 3,4 Cheerleader 3 Prom Princess 3 Homecoming Rovality 4 STEPHEN A. RODEMEYER Yearbook Staff 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 3,4 Camera Club l,2,3,4 Science Club 2,5,4 V.C.S. 4 HELEN THERESA ROHDE Homecoming Rovality 4 Class Officer 4 Library Club 3 Glee Club l,Z,5,4 hmm1LJmu4 DIANN LUCILLE SCHAUER Camera club 1,3 Librarv Club 3 Senior Scouts 1,2 Glee Club 1,2,5,4 rutute Nureses 5 ,f-""' fwy? JUDITH MAE SIEFFERT Glee Club 1,2 Senior Class Officer MARY ANN STEPHENS Camera Club 1,2,3 Girl Scouts 1 Glee Club 1,5 Library Club 1,2,5 Treasurer SUZANNE CLARE SULLIVAN Glee Club 1 Camera Club 1,2,5,4 Yearbook Staff 3 Future Nurses o STEPHEN LHAYER Football 2,3,4 A11 Conference All State Basketh 11 Z,3,4 Baseball 3 Monogram Club 4 Mwrdi Gras 2. PHILLIP JOSPEH UNDIEME Glee Club 1,4 Camera blub 1 JAMES L. VIRNICH Football 6 Glee Club 1 CHARLES A. VITTORIO Glee Club 1 Camera Club 2,5,4 Science Club 6 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Bov's State 3 Y.CoS. 4 THOMAS ANTHONY WEIMER Camera Club 1 CHARLENE KAY WILLIAMS Camera Club 4 Glee Club 1 5 4 Yearbook staff 4 MARY JO WILSON Mardi Gras 1 Homecoming Rovality 4 Glee Club 1,4 JOHN EDWARD WOODS Football 1,2,5,4, Basketball l,2,3, Track l Class President 3 Class Plav 4 Monoaram Club 4 RICHARD E. ZIEBOL Glee Club 1 Basketball 1,2,6,4 Monogram Club 4 What it means to be a Senior First to lunch- Term pa pers- Senior dances- Floor show fun- Christmas-treo rights- Superior Ad Salesman- Our own class play' GRADUATION Our class officers include: Dave Murray, Presidentg Judy Sieffert, Vice-presidentg Helen Rohde, Secretaryg and John Reitinger, Treasurer. Best dressed 0,K, from there Sister? There--got the beat? Seniors income Hummm! Pretty Tall THE GREEN MAN Apr-11 ll, 1958 in-0 ' 5 J i . 'F 21 Larry Casey Jerry Casper Judy Crowe Teresa Czervionke Corinne Dowling Gary Downing James Duffy Larry Duray Mary Lou Duray James Enzler Bill Ertmer Judy Ertmer Trina Follman Jean Giuffre Nancy Giuffre Willy Alber Adele Anderson Nick Bach Shirla Backes Charles Bailey Bruce Becker Kathleen Bender Tim Brennan Peggy Boland Sheila Boyle Joyce Carpenter Joann Casciana "NI-I O-ZCL C1375 Gretchen Goldsmith Barbara Kerlin Judy Krogull Dave LaForge Joan Lamm David Lenz Jerry Leonard Mike Macdonald Jean Marten Larry McGrath George Modica Londa Moreno Karen 0'Mara Anna Mae Oppold Loren Ostir 4 'Q :WL . L W .Es Qg,0f?Q ?!!g!IIh 3 QC' s gf: amivwee r,m oeoa , jj '33 .- 51' Mfg ff Q, if U, A so ex Mamas? 1 Carole Raih Bob Rehfeld Tom Sauer Ed Scanlon Deno Schirmer Tom Schmelzle Tom Servie Pete Shianna Linda Spielman Mary Beth Stephens Mary Jo Thayer Joe Thro Roger Weigle James Wilson Sue Wonder What it means to be a Junior Concession stand Mrs. Le1and's Butter Bits Leaves- A - Plenty Sock - Hop Ring Ceremony PROM Our class officers include: Ed Scanlon, Presidentg Karen 0'Mara, Vice-Presidentg Carole Raih, Secretaryg Larry Casey, Oh not weyre not ready! Treasurer. Our officers Won't they burn? ,,,, , wad.-4 qbigxk wanted! Two Juniors The Junior profit-eating plan x if mn:-I ODFUFOOZOIUO Karen Adams Joann Alber Carol Backes Janet Balles Mary Lou Bender Dick Bendick Alice Blum Juanita Broderick Shelly Cary Shirley Cramer Corine Cregan Larry Cremer in 6:7 fif. ' :" ' SW , , - .: ggi P y V, is a If' an Q ' 'K S . ., , Wffifif '.:1'-E'I' "'""Cr'i:::?EEZ'.IE-1:.'a:I::+.-- N gm? H : ::':?I!fa:'f.sf.Q:i2g ,1- :az ,I if -" HQ,-are w sigma s 2 we -gi r Y 5 U 1' Connie Crowe Pat Cunningham Jim DeNure Joe DeTe11um John Doseff Dennis Downing Judy Fischer Maureen Fogel Tom Franz Steve Ganshert Chuck Gastel Dick Groshans Pat Guenther Kenny Gusloff Joan Harrenstein Larry Parks A Tom Pierce Peggy Rodemeyer Judy Rhode Linda Schaney George Schirmer Ann Sheridan Betsy Sieffert Pat Sullivan Jim Sulwer Robert Sylkaitis Rita Tobin Jewel Thompson Don Tyne Dave Zahary Sue Issacs Mark Kleckner Janet Lameyer Nick Lasco Franny Marten Bernie Martin Linda Lou May Pat Mc Cool Judy Meinert Suzanne Meyers Mike Muller Doug Oberhart Ted Alher Florence Andrews Ted Bach Judy Backes Jo Baker James Barthel Cherie Bauch John Borovoy Maureen Boyle Jim Brennan Jim Cardinal Judy Casey Steve Casper Mary Connors Louis Conter Phyllis Cudia John DeTel1um Bob Downes Kathleen Downing Kay Enzler Judy Fasanella Dick Fishe Barbara Fischer Fred Franz Mary Franz Judy Gallagher Donald Glasstetter Jim Grant John Groshans Marilyn Guiffre Lorraine Gusloff Emil Handel Bill Heinen Orvill Johnson Mat Katalinich Susie Kerns Nick Kloepping Kathleen Knauff Mary Krieger Colette Kussner - V -1-w3,'1f,2:,z-.1 -5,3 5 ' 5 we -3'-me get 'C K nf I , f,,- , gm, X X w .qiI1 SSM Q W S' SW wf- an 3... ,. x QS QL L Bi 4 as if Wm? ,gif -I Paul Labinski Judy Lamm Walter Larson Mike Luecke Mary MacDonald B111 Manns Joan McCarthy Keyes McCurdy B111 McGurk Marilyn leyer Chuck Miller Sharon Modica Dan Munda Nancy Nampel Pat Oberhart Fred Ostopeik Randy Pitterle Linda Powers Pat Raders Tom Raih Catherine Rock Bob Scanlon John Schmelzle Sandra Schwarz Mary Lou Servie Maureen Smith Mike Smith Sally Smith Joe Sneesby Tim Sauer Dean Spielman Bob Stedman Tom Weigel John Weimer Jerelyn Welch Sharon Woker Stuart Wonder Charles Zvara ml--I 7071 ITIZJICDFVI C3 CD O V1 UQ p. 97 U? 1+ O 0 Ui UI F. 5 UQ CD '1 Z W I3 R U w T H s 30 4,1325 .v - , Wflmgf. :, E M wgsxflfv L 7f6'UY?E5A I , g.,,,,gjf . AJ,qf2,: swf i ' ' in ff ', , X. ...uv WISDOM Our ShininQ5tar5 Is it a debit or a credit? Future secretaries? Must be interesting! Dilligent, aren't they? Taste-test for a platynelminthe Let's see...a:s1dkfjgh 4 dry cells at work Rose among the thorns. Is it Fe2 or Fe3? Careful! Don't contaminate Mathematical Geniuses the reagents Knife, scalpel, suture.,.,, promising gragorg I was right! I before E. ' Hf.- 7 A. :QM A ' Who killed Duncan? Lost one participial phrase. Found, one participial phrase First choose your subject! Comme Je suis heureux' Don't look at the camera iirgil via Dull, Brooks 8: Metcalfe aut-utg either-or. "Equality among men .... " Time Gut! Nchristmasu is the subject Feudalism- by 3rd period serfs Not too easy! Just about done. Americans-one and all! Bonjour,mes amis! Angle Y:Ang1e S Three bumps on log X who knows how problem 14? There are more angles to this class Only 42 more problems to go! Studying European History Future Homemakers Young Picassos at work Hope it's straight! The 'Thinkern. The new nsackn ,fi Books on Parade. America Sings- The S0ng's the thing No Man is An Island Musing over the drawing board Mind and hand work together The Revival of the Unfittest 42 M 'ff'-'W'-'H' i af .sv I gi VFIQ H 2 5 Aw ill? 4 5 Mary Lou and Cmayiic Brown I ahsolve thee.... The Living Rosary RETREAT Our Retreat Master Father Fandal 0,P. Father Gilles 0.P. S I 46 48 JUNIOR - bENIvH ?HOM MAY 6, 1957 TQAHOUSE OF THE MOON N 0 U R F A L L Congratulations to Steve Rodemeyer, who won a first award at the DeKalb Science Fair. BEYOND THE CLASSROGM H0 CGIIBG 6.1. Joe Queen - Judy Reitinger Captain- John Woods Attendants: Mary Jo Wilson Helen Rohde Rosemary Rhynders Judy 0'Conne1l CHRISTMAS PRGGHAM Gifts for one and all Rudolph and Company. Santa and his helpers Music to lift the Spirit Camera Club In Actlon. Steve Rodemeyer, President Ann Cunningham, Vice- President Judy Reitinger, Secretary Bruce Becker, Treasurer ' aw K V ,. , - 3. ig - + ' V D 11 if exif 4 fi THE JUNIOR RED C8058 has snonsored five children by giving them gifts nt Christmas, Easter and their birthdays. The officers includexC1ara Conter, Fresidontg Bob Rehfcld, Vice - Preaidentg Janet Ballad, Sncretarvg Pvfrv Rodemever, Treasurer. THE SENIOR SCOUTS went dgrgljng, made Easter favors, and comnletcd the Standard First Aid Course. The officers includes Joan Cascimna, Presidentg Corinne Dowling, Vice- Fresident, Marv Munda, Secretarvg mmrilvn Mock, Treasurer THE LIBRARY CLUB cmnsists of fiftenn members. The officers HTC: Linda Okry, President, Warhara Cramer, Vice-Prasifent, Pat Rockman, Secrwtfrv, Clara Comtvr, Treasurer. 56 3 Q, -vie, my ., Qmlvwqgu - ll? 4 E s U , gBXx MGA i 31159 Q' fav QQ 4 bk-,gf Father Schneider and Coach DeSchriver inspect Aquin's new floor. A Floor, a floor, My Kingdom for a Floor. He dared to leave his shoes on Varsity Cheerleaders Ann Cunningham Judy 0'Conne11 Karen O'Mara Peggy Boland Sue Wonder L- - The Varsity Football Members include John Woods, Captaing Bill Bushelle, Tony Giuffre, Bill McHoes, Dave Murray, Bob Morgridge, John Belting- er, Steve Thayer, Tim Bren- nan, Larry Duray, Dave La- Forge, Ed Scanlon, Joe Thro, Jim Wilson, Shelley Cary, Louie Hartlieb, Bob Sylkai- tis, Chuck Gastel, and Stu Wonder. The ALL-CONFERENCE Stars include Bill Bushelle, John Reitinger and Steve Thayer. Dave Murray, Tim Brennan and Dave LaForge received HONORABLE MENTION. AQUIN O St. Mary's 6 Stockton 20 Warren 25 Galena 13 Dakota 13 St. Columbkille 0 Shullsburg 6 East Dubuque l VARSITY BASKETBALL AQUIN 58 Orangeville 47 Elizabeth 51 Hanover 82 Stillman Valley 85 Beloit Catholic 71 Dakota 53 Mt. Carroll 63 Leaf River lTourni 46 Polo CTourniJ 54 Winnebago CTourniD 75 Chaduiek 55 Franklin Center 55 Elizabeth 58 Stockton 53 Polo 61 Galena 92 Stillman Valley 50 Orangeville 65 Scales Mound 76 Aquin Alumni 72 Beloit Catholic 78 Dakota 30 Hanover 55 Winnebago 55 Stockton iTourniJ FRESH-SOPH BASKETBALL TEAR Sue Isaacs Judy Casey Kay Enzler Pat Mc Cool Equipment bought by the Athletic Assn. Equipment made by the club OUR VERITAS STAFF Phot Deve Layout and Co ography Steve Rodemeyer Clara Conter Charles Vittorio Ann Cunningham Frances Ciganek Barb Cremer Judy Reitinger Mike Macdonald Margaret Rodemeyer Juanita Broderick Jim Gullovich loping Steve Rodemeyer Charles Vittorio Bruce Becker Nick Bach Margaret Rodemeyer Jim Gullovich Ted Bach Louis Center PY Clara Conter Adele Linenfelser Susie Sullivan Judy Reitinger Typists Pat Bookman Barb Cremer Susie Sullivan Charlene Williams AUEQGRAPHS M WW My .i. S111 10 I 63? jx' , ivy. xx zf :Ri WF Ezijqu J., viz. 4 4 4 N ,N 4 nf I L-X K " mx ,Ka .-".1.:k . X--45.4 . :Y : f, J . Y : Zi- .-1 5 . 1, . V, ' HQ. My K., .uUl,,.,L , .V N, J ' ' 4 w.- ,V 5' ' 1' w k 1 ,L .Lf -Y, 'N 1 ' A 'f . f .gnu , is , - , ,-, -,..,.vxg, f- . , ,. 'i.. WL ,, 2 X ' ff 1 ,': ,.-4, :gag ' -4--npuK"' aim, , ,bin , 'lf kd. giipL,p ...Q LA. -. M. M ,.1" ,.,,,,L, A.- ..x.,.3i,,i,,-,4,..J ,. MQ, .rr

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