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N15 ,s43y V fi Ja My Q yfiiyffffgmfy Qffffiy pgw'-W 'Me llmudl, 1 -, , jM'7'MJ'f fi' Mu A ,Dm 'iff MW fl' W W . 1' M' Giamb- Q. Q X ,L .f O .xg X . ,. A ! Z5 C-PLJ3 S , if ' ' rd 5 I . '27 M , , i 4 , 2 1 , M as , v is i f Q ' ' N K .. L. f I ,V I ix -I ,X X , ,J D.,e,ffw774O'C2 J Q-4WfuzfSWfQf4QA,Zl,,, WMJMMNJMAMH7 Oyyuwfowvfl WJ WJQM-eafgo fy 7 Mi, M2 2,576.2 M QL , 2 .L exif.. It - 'kg - Q' -w. ' ,4 N824 K ' 1 . , I 5 1 ! 1 I a : 1 E Veritas Aquin High School Freeport, Illinois 1956 , r TU Right Reverend Monsignor C.F. Conley The farseeing founder of our school, who has diligently and fervently devoted so much of his time and energy to the molding of our characters, we, the students of Aquin High School, do solemnly dedicate this 1955 edition of HVeritaSH TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Classes Activities Years Program Sports Seniors Ne are born to inquire after truthg it belong to a greater power to possess it. De Ronsard Our Staff Page 5 9 27 37 39 49 Co-Editors Judy Stukenberg Barbara Pfeiffer Photography Andrew Hutmacker Tom Malone Paste-up Clara Conter Michaele Bauch Judy G'Connell Shiela Boyle Business managers Kay McCool Steve Rodemeyer Editorial Board Zee OEey Jerry Casper Charles Bailey Bill Moeller Charles Vittorio Copy Angela Vincer Lynn Jensen Ed Murray Joseph Thro Typists Judy Imhof Mary Modica Sandra Fagan Art --Tim Munda Mike Henry XX? FACULTY JALZI-+7a, , QP Principal Jam 21. af--'M-YW-f,a'f' Biology qLw52eChW44+.f31Lf-Q.f? English Eusineas education! 5' gy 1A, i7,aaNc150 H Library, Mathematics 4L'53 52,573 ' l0.f? Chemistry, Science , . A P. Languages ggillzl 2bJ2Q?' fcici? History Jim 22, kMwJ,9n 'M WWW Music Homemaking ,4Lgg5c,zW- y oiQaqyvL XA fx. xLA+hAH-ff English bhop ,mo K y khysical education l The Rev. Nicholas Berg The Rev. Peter Watgen The Rev.R.E.Schneider he Rev. Arthur 0'Nei The Rev. Leo Ambre The Rev. John Ryan RETREAT The Rev. George Anthony Brown, a Chicago diocesan missionary, preached our annual retreat on Dec. 15 and 16. HFather G. A. B.n, as we remember him, spoke with a fervor that stirred all of us. Champion of the teen-agers, he showed us how to meet the everyday problems in life with courage and strength. Thank you, Father Brown, for one of the best retreats ever held at Aquin. L Alber A. Anderson N. Back S. Backes Boyle B. Becker P, Boland ' D, Boshela Bailey T. Brennan J. Casciana L. Casey W. .fs - J oas,er J. Crowe T. Czervionke C. Dowling Duffy M, Duray L. Duray J. Enzler Ertmer T. Follmann G. Goldsmith N. Guiffre Guiffre E. Kerlin J. Krogull D. La Forge Lameyer C, Lamm J. Lamm D. Lenz J. Leonard B. Long M. Macdonald J. Marten . L. Mc Grath G. Modica P, Murphy K, 0'Mara A. Oppold L. Ostir C. Raih R. Reed R. Rehfeld J. Rickert T. Sauer E. Scanlon T. Schmelzle L. Spielman J. Starkey K. Stephens J. Stephenson M. Stevens . Taylor M. Thayer J. Thro R. Weigel J. Wilson J , Tlolife Alber, J. Allen, J. Allen, T. Bendick, R. Bigelow, C. Blum Bonjour, J. Bonjour Bookman, B. Bushelle, F. Ciganek, J. Clark, R. Connors, Conter, J. Cramer, B. Cremer Cunningham, G. Downing, A. Faist, B. Frende, J. Grattelo, Hall, M. Harrenstein, T. Guiffre Kehoe, S. Kerr, T. Knipschield, J. Malatacca, T. Malone, B. Merchant Michael, M. Mook, B. Morgridge LaForge, A. Linenfelser, Munda, M. Munda, D. Murray McHoes, J. Nye, J. O'Connell, L. Okey, A. Olesen, Osterberger, M. Ottenhausen, T. Peters Pfeiffer, D. Pfile, J. Reitinger, R. Rhynders, Rodemeyer, H. Rohde, P. Scanlon Schauer, M. Sharp, J. Sieffert, M. Steffen, M. Stevens, Sullivan, S. Sullivan, S. Thayer Undieme, J. Virnich, C. Vittorio, T. Weimer, C. Williams, J. Wilson, J. Woods, R. Ziebol JUNIORS Andrus, S. Bach, Bauch, B. Leick, Cardina1,J. Cassidy, Donahue, P. Downing, Dowling, J. Duray Fahy, N. Fishe, Haney, M. Henry, Hutmacker, J.Imhof, Jensen, M. Kussner, Lameyer, W. Lamm Lamm, J. Lamm, Liddle, D. Manns, Marten, P. Martin, Medley, P. Michel, Modica, W. Moeller Mullarky, M. Murray, Munda, T. Munda, Nilles, L. Okey, Olesen, P. Pash, Raders, J. Reed Scanlon, B. Schramm, Sieber, J. Smith, Steffen, K. Trunck, Verdeyen, A. Vincer, Walz, S. Wilson Junior Class Officers Mickey Bauch, Sheila Bach, Ed Steffen, Mary Murray WT ri ' -, V W A ..,4 , e ,vi if' -:sw ' 5 X we X 1 4 Y 1 'e,- K 'ww w 9. Mix if Nh 'N H iw? e wave? iwwwifp, ,J ,A Q Qi Magix E , ix IE ,,, .k., L 3 95 X' 2 'img .N 1' f M f A3 5 M -,V , 4 sb 5- v 5 1 Y , ,k:,' .,'- 1 s i .H 3235 gggfaggg . . k' H- 'J' a -M .' w a' e,e' ' 'V 1 aff K si Q , y , ,I i , ' i ,gg W QQ,fE,ii1f. - My ' ,M,1,,, ,-:.,,.,, LA ,j ig 1- H .L,, 'ii U , J x we Q we g ,- 1' 2-'f f.-, W5 xiii? 'ff ee,, . MV Q ,A f , e 5 hee., S who can guage the importance of the religion class in the life of an Aquin student? Here, that TRUTH is learned which permeates all other fields of endeavor. Our heartfelt gratitude, then, is given to those who give this TRUTH to us. This VERITAS, also, we carry with us into the future. sg :QP History 1g1ish I II i PHYSICS GENERAL SCIENCE Biology Chemistry Chemistry Shorthand Business Education Typing Shop iechanical Drawing Home Economics French I French II Latin I Geometry Study Algebra at islam 1' S. Wilson P. Michel Juniors receive their rings in an impressive ceremony. The rings blessed by Msgr. Conley stand as constant reminder of a rich herit ,lu Chemistry classes await their chances to do honors to St. Albert the Great, patron of scientists through demonstration. 231 age. Scientist David Manns Joe Taylor Sheila Bach Ed Scanlan Orchids to these members of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science who each came back with First Awards. Each individual research project deserved the space it gained at the Senior Academy meeting at Spring- field . Congratulations I 3... F-,ew Mike Steffen Steve Rodemeyer XM Mardi Gras was held February 13 in the Hgymn which was gaily decorated for the evening by the Juniors. The Freshman class was ably represented at the festivi- ties by Dave LaForge and Karen O'Mara, who led the procession of Royalty, King and Queen, Pat Martin and Carol Mullarky from the Junior class, and attendants Shelia Martin and Dado Cramer Seniors, Steve Thayer and Judy O'Conne1l, Sophomores to their places of honor. The representatives all received mementos of the occasion from Mr. C.J. Scanlon Mardi Gras King and Queen. Pat Martin and Carol Mullarkey Homecoming The team was primed and ready. Expectation ran high. Alumni were home wen massen for the week-end. The attractive and deserving candidates for queen were Sandie Fagan, Judy Grant, Ginger Bangasser, and Mary Jo Bangasser. The first half ended with Aquin holding a scant VMO margin. At the half time ceremony, the team captain crowned Sandie Fagan Homem coming Queen. The Bulldogs roared hack in the second half to win 19-G. The celebration was carried over to a victory dance the next night. It was a wonderful week-end we'l1 find hard to forget. May 7 195415 Junior Senior Prom CAROUSEL 2 Q Prom Royalty 4x1 James Reed rf, 2 Qxffsm Pat Kehoe F Ruth Ann Isaacs f Barabara Leick 5 N pl x K , 11 .rx rs. John Sargent Homemaking Mrs. Mary Fritzgerald Cafeteria Volker Stratz, an exchange student from Germany, was with us this year. He arrived in August of 1955 and will return in August 1956. He has been living with the William Lamm family. what a wonderful class- mate Volker has been- talking about his country, expressing his views on America and its ways. Volker graduated with the Senior class of '56 and will return to Germany for another year of high-school It was a wonderful experience having him with us and we hope to see him again some day. Camera Club Officers Andrew Hutmacker Pres, Judy Stukenberg Vice Pres, Barbara Pfeiffer Sec. Steve Rodemeyer Tres. CAMERA CLUB Back Row: J.O'Conne11, J.Starkey, C.Bai1ey, B.Moe1ler, C.Victoria, M.Otteuhausen, J.Casianna Middle Row: C.Conter, K.McCool, N.Bach, J.Thro, J.CaSper, P.Bookmau, S.Boy1e, L.Ustir First Row: T.Neimer, J.Stukenberg, A.Hutmacker, S.Rodemeyer, E.Pfeiffer, T.Ma1one Library Club The Library Club was organized in March, 1955. Members must have the ideal of service, must main- tain good scholastic standing, and must be free to give needed help. They help prepare new books, mend old ones, put magazines in circulation and check books in at the desk. Back Row: Irene Micheal, Rose Alber, Kay McCool, Mary Ann Stephens, Barbara Cramer, Pat Eookman, Pat Ottenhauser, Betty alber, Clara Conter Front: Colette Sullivan, Angela Vincer, Barb Modica, Helen Rhode, Linda Okey, Judy O'Connell I Q .4 ' 0 Yearbook Staff Back Row: Joe Thro, Jerry Caspar, Charles Bailey, Tom Malone, Bill Moeller, Charles Victoria Middle Row: Sheila Boyle, Mickey Bauch, Andrew Hutmacker, Judy 0'Conne1l, Clara Conter First Row: Steve Rodemeyer, Kay McCool, Judy Stukenberg, Barbara Pfeiffer, Lee Okey The glee club, under the wonderful direction of Sister Romana gave a special Christmas program this year. Some of the seasonal songs included were NJesu Bambinon, HTwe1fth Day of Christmasn and NCarol of the Bellsn. Later in the program, Santa.Claus, with a German accent CVolker Stratzl, presented the gifts to the faculty and led everyone in a chorus of HJing1e Bellsn. September October November December January February March April May June AQUIN HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR 1955-1955 School opens Merry Mixer Football season opens Career Lectures--Teaching and Nursing Pictures taken for yearbook Assembly--Fire Prevention Launching of Magazine Drive Assembly--Safety--Racetrack expert presents Driver's Ed with board National Merit Scholarship Test Halloween Dance All Saint's Day--Free Juniors' rings ordered Homecoming Armistice Day--Free Student Pictures taken for the yearbook Thanksgiving Vacation Immaculate Conception--Free Sophomore assembly Students' Retreat Pre-Christmas Assembly Christmas Vacation School re-opens ' Musical Program End of First Semester Beginning of Second Semester T.B. test in the gym Mardi Gras Deaconess Hospital tea Career Day Washington's Birthday--Free Business Education tours Assembly to honor the Holy Father Saint Thomas Aquinas--Free Junior Ring Ceremony Group Mass at St. Mary's Sung by the Glee Club Beginning of Easter Vacation End of Easter vacation Senior Class Play--Congratulations! Jr. Academy of Science--five winners Prom--night to remember Ascension Day--Free Spring Concert--Glee Club a big success Memorial Day--Free Homemaking Class Style Show Baccalaureate Commencement 7- Career Day Noon Hour Magazine Drive Winner Clara Conter Freshman Booth Mardi Gras E V, ,,,wW,,,,.. W M... W... . 5 E , Mr. Hirst: Since you came last fall to assume the position of varsity coach, you have competently coached Football, Basketball, and Baseball, as well as con- ducted the finest inter mural basketball program we have ever seen at Aquin. This, plus your fine work in driver's training and Civics constitute Ha job well doneu. A sincere welcome to you, coachw- may the years to come be equally as happy. Varsity Cheerleaders Mary Jo Bangasser Carol Medley Virginia Bangasser Lenora Scanlon 'Fresh-Soph. Cheerleaders Judy Reitinger Judy O'Connel1 Karen G'Mara Peggy Boland 1 2 R. R. 3 R. . 4 R.- . Football Aquin G 0 0 8 0 21 O 12 19 as Brennan, Mund Q a, nartln, Merchant Okey, Scanlan, Thayer, Pash, Hutmacker, Rodemeyer Guiffre, Sieber, Coach Mlller Morgridge, Wa Malone, Woods Coach Hirst, O'Connor, Mur Dakota CJ.V .D St. Mary s Mt. Carroll Mt. Carroll CJ. St. Columbkille Shullsburg Wisc East Dubuque Stockton Warren lz, Murray, Qteffen, 'unda, Reltlnger , Cassldy MCGUITG, Downes, Franz, Petta, Petta, ray Kehoe V lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Congratulations are in order for Ed Murray, winner of the Monsignor Conley Award. This award, which is based on sportsmanship, character, and performance was given at Sterling following the Rockford Diocesan Tournament. Charles Casey, Bob Connors, Bud Franz, Peter Shianna John Reitinger, Roger Weigel Philip Pash, Jerry Cassidy, Jim Walz, Bob Schramn, Mr. Hurst Larry Casey, Bill Merchant, Bill McHoes, Charles Bailey, Dave Murray, Larry McGrath Mr. Bob Miller Frosh-Soph Coach Mr. Jack O'Rourke Fresh-Soph. Coach Varsity Basketball Aquin 46 Orangeville 77 91 Stillman Valley 95 69 Leaf River 46 51 Stockton G3 G0 St. Columbkille 79 82 Chadwick 70 62 Newman 74 71 Scales Mound 66 82 Franklin Grove 54 85 Lee Center 37 67 Stockton 70 98 Scales Mound 85 Harlem Franklin Grove Winnebago Lee Center Polo Leaf River St. Columbkille Winnebago Orangeville Galena Hanover 81 63 69 57 57 49 77 82 78 92 G9 Back Row: Phil Pash, Bob Schramm, Charles Casey, Bill Downes, Jim Nalz Front Row: Pat Martin, Bob Connors, Art Franz, Jerry Cassidy Aquin 55 Cl 58 77 54 E2 61 56 63 45 52 71 Back Row: Connors, Merchant, Murray, Thayer, Hoods, Bendick, Scanlan Front Row: Bushelle, LaForge, Reitinger, Ziebol, Morgridze Fresh-Soph Orangeville 40 Stillman Valley 50 Leaf River 56 Stockton 46 St. Columbkille 37 Chadwick 36 Newman 55 Scales Mound 34 Franklin Grove 38 Lee Center 25 Stockton 47 Scales Mound 34 Basketball 44 Harlem 67 Franklin Grove Winnebago Lee Center 80 Polo C2 Leaf River 49 St. Columbkille 61 Winnebago 59 Orangeville 62 Galena 82 Hanover 70 48 E Senior Class Officers Ed Murray Virginia Bangasser Jim Scanlon Mary Jo Bangasser E. ALSER Glee Club Library Club 1-2m3-Q P . ADA?-'I S Glee Club 1-2 Camera Club 1 G.A.A. 1 M. J. BANGASSER Glee Club 1-2 G.A.A. 1 Cheerleader 1-243-4 Class Play 4 Class Secretary 4 Homecoming Royalty 4 V. BANGASSER Glee Club 1-2-344 G.A.A. 1 Cheerleader 1-243-4 Class Treasurer 4 Homecoming Royalty 4 P. BAUCH Glee Club lw2-3m4 , s G.A.11. 1 J. BOLAND Glee Club 1-2-344 G.A.A. 1 Mardi Gras Royalty 3 Class Secretary 3 R. BROWN Glee Club 1-2 Football 1 C. CASEY Glee Club 3-4 Football 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 4 Track 3 Class PHY 4 R. CONNORS Glee Club 142 Camera Club l B. CONNORS Glee Club l-2 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 2-4 Boy's State 3 D. CRAMER Glee Club 1-2 Football 2 Mardi Gras Royalty 4 C. CZSRVIONRE Glee Club 1-2-3e4 R. DETERMAH future Homemakers of America ln2-3 Jorld Explorers 2 Future Teachers of America 2 4eH 2 Unified Servants of History 3 Typers of Tomorrow 3 Gregg s Greek Grammar 3 Driver Trainer's Club 3 P. DIDIER GIGS Club la? 21. DOUGHERTY Basketball l Glee Club 1K2 Class Play 4 Operation Youth 3 Class Play Q . UOHVIIES Glee Club 102 Camera Club l Football 4 Basketball 2-4 Gperation Youth 3 Class Play 4 L DOYL7 Glee Club 1 S. FAGAN Glee Club l-2-3-4 Camera Club l G.A.A. l Class Play 4 Homecoming Queen 4 C FASANELLA Glee Club 1,2 y G A A 1 A. FRANZ N' ' ' Glee Club l-2-3e4 dass Play 4 Football 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 2-4 Track 2 Mardi Gras Royalty 2 Class Play 4 Operation Youth 3 Class President 3 J' GULLO Glee Club lw2w4 Basketball 2N3 Class Play 4 J. GRANT Glee Club l-2 Mardi Gras Royalty 2 Class Play 4 Class Treasurer 3 Homecoming Royalty 4 M. HARRENSTEIN C. GUIFFRE Glee Club l-2m4 Camera Club l G.A.A. 1 Yearbook staff Forreston High 1h2-3 E . IMHOF Glee Club 2 L. JENKINS Glee Club 1-2 J. KERLIN Glee Club 1-2 Football 2 Basketball l Eoy's State 3 D. HILL Glee Club l-2h3m4 G.A.A. 1 R. ISAACS mee Club l-2,-3-M4 Camera Club 1 G A A l P . KEHOE Glee Club l-2 Football 3-4 Class Play 4 Yearbook staff 3 C. LUNG Glee Club l-2 GUAOAO 1 ii . LOQVELRY Glee Club 142 G.A.A, 1 s . .A.m11:T1N Glee Club le2 Camera Club l G.A.A. 1 Mardi Gras Royalty 4 K. MCCOOL Glee Club l Library Club 344 Camera Club 4 Yearbook staff 4 B. MODICA Glee Club 1w2 Library Club 3-4 Class Play 4 Yearbook staff 344 E, MURRAY Intermural Award l Glee Club 1-2 Camera Club 1 Football 142 344 Basketball l-2 Mardi Gras Royalty l Class Play 4 Yearbook staff 3 Class Vice President Class President 4 J. PETERS J. O'CONNOR Glee Club 1-2 Glee Club 3-4 Track 2 Football 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 2 Track 2 Mardi Gras Royalty 3 Yearbook staff 3 Glee Club 1-2 Football 1-2- Baseball 2 Track 2 JACK PETTA Glee Club 1-2 Football l-2-4 Basketball l B. PFEIFFER Baseball 2 Camera Club 2-4 Track 2 QSec. 41 G.A.A. 1 Class Play 4 Yearbook staff 3 CEditor 45 B. RUNDALL Glee Club l-2 J. SCANLON Glee Club 1-2-3 Football 1 Class Play 4 Yearbook staff 3 Boy's State 3 Class Vice President 4 M. J. STARKEY Glee Club 1-2 Camera Club 1-3 G.A.A. 1 Yearbook staff 3 V. STRATZ Exchange Student from Germany 4 D. SWIFT Glee Club l-2 B. VICKREY Glee Club 1-2 Library Club 3 G.A.A. l Prom Royalty 3 K. SOUDERS Glee Club l-2-3-4 Camera Club 1-2 Football l-2 Track 2 J. STUKENBERG Glee Club 1-2 Camera Club 4 Cvice Pres. 47 G.A.A. 1 Yearbook staff 4 CEditor 41 M. A. TOBIN Glee Club 1-2 Library Club 3 G.A.A. l C. WEIK Glee Club 1-2 Library Club 2 G.A.A. 1 Class Play 4 The H ,, '7'-31:3 Senior Class 1956 Presents .r:A'4,,,,Z f,lN,f5m,.,,, April 8-10 1955 Seven Keys Baldpateu NY -gin A 8 3 4 -l' p 57 V Fagan Kerlin Brown A. Isaacs Bauch Peters Connors Murray Bangasser Alber Downes Didier Grant Guiffre Jenkins J. Starkey Franz J. Bangasser McCoo1 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 v. 1 . liz o o Q I 0 Tobin Pfeiffer Stukenberg Connors Cramer Imhof Hill Scanlon Casey Neik Lowery Determan Dougherty Fasanella Czervionke Modica Rundall Boland K. Vickrey AUTOGRAPHS X' WL ,YL ' fggjw-fl' 1 121144. gowfd f of-oefu fl, 4,y,0 12,6141 faa-ALJ 311,040 WM ,hx ff QLpJ'H9',,gfJ,f3Lv ,c4,q JJjJ5QJ.r9-J WW N' Wy 4' Qfgjyhwfifbf wif W .www iQf:22,, f!'4f9!dnM7 ' 'L X . w'fV'Mf W wg, ,Q WW! 1, W W 23? ffwwaff aj2fffW?5 Www s 1 iw 1 - x 5 '45 C WLM, fy qvwm 4 MJMJXMJ W? VM ,ff 1 QM M V wff ff- 3,1 if ! N I Mdwjwxifv' MQW A if WMM! of QM gwfjwjgff EW irfffiif sis? Aff 3, Q if Es W3 y,.,Hwm,,1.vq'..f, , ,.,.,. I . A ,, . 5. X W5 ESM 4 S3 35 K? MM VW wwf 2 W MQAWMM Qifffyifi wwf? M by Wm pgfjfw, fmff W e Mgifffw ,Q A if if 431555, K .1

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