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m M - Q ,Vf, , 7 wig-14 772000 M ffm NW W W iffy wWQW jif 0053? PT up 1 yy MW M W ff' Q' ' 45 ff W . W 'f 31 wif' 5 iff? ge-f Q in MW' ygspiwz E,,fj',,fQ A U f , ' KN? E .W- Yr N Qxv Af ,iv jQQf+ Vr yy? Kei? fi? Mffm, ,W .Jf , fmw WMM? aa W MC: J 4 N X' QM an a 25 KP xp, X PIA, 2V fx Qs W S sg W, EELNRN U M lgifwymw X? N J 5 , If N' E53 ,Q 1515 x Ni C ff . E X05 L' X Q5 . 1 QM i O' 55 M9357 if gf! y J 4 Ngfwfjjggwgfgg' AQWWMK W,yyWiGff E iii! QV? W Mfj?f ?5'1 jj W AZ. 41 'U76zf.a44 if ,QW-V--.-mA.,..,.4fJ?6p0 ,4'l'f'T, fn! 1 W - 10 lfbiilfbtfi ,L AM ff K.Q,xw Q7Z mb! ,jjlfffj ,L fmwdfv 6 M M ,VMMJ.d,,, WW fWNL'Zj:'i'LQt?lAM MF as . V'-9 C' ML M Wazffxfiifia UQ'GJCpl',,2QkM9 wx, Q wwwfl I- 2 l . . I X pl ffl 2 D fy 6 I JL' ,,Kd4lf' f V-'11 ' l vga, 1 U 1' . wwliwffwl' 'K' f'L!5l'g! rQf ,,'2nl7'f'6.u'flQ ! IZ Il NN G7 t.qflQ f We hu i 'W Xp DQ Yxsfes YS? it Si N' ll The time approaches That will with due decision make us know What we shall say we have and what we owe . . . l Dedication declare, to inscribe.. In so far as this yearbook will be held sacred in the memories of Aquin students, we dedicate it to Sister Mary Naomi, O.P. We declare that throughout the past six years she has been to us a loyal and revered friend, and that during the years to come we wish her to remember us as her friends. It is with feelings of deep devotion, therefore, that we inscribe her name upon the dedicatory leaf of this volume. le Rev. Peter Watgen - Rev. Arthur O'Nei11 2 'V Nothing takes from his high respect.' The Rt, Rev. Msgr C.F Conley The Rev. N1ChO12S Berg The Rev. John Ryan The Rev Leo Ambre The Rev. Robert Schneider ' Would thou hadst less deserved That the preparation both of thanks and payment Might have been mine! Only I have left to say More is thy due than more than all can pay.' Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister FACULTY Mary Naomi, O.P. M. Laurentina, O.P. M Eymard, O.P. M Coleta, O.P. J M. Paulinus, O.P. ,4LQlCe?W- Ciitltttra fAL:tlWj M. mar-ie Paul, o.P. TWA.. PQMJL M Francia, O.P M Cecilia, O.P M Gaetana, O.P Harry J. Kruse Mrs. Foy H. Matter Mrs. John Sargent Joseph F. Dawson 6? ! FRESHMEN fifg 5,551 gin HI dare do all that may become a man Who dares do more is none.H 'Ei' 1 N I - ' r 'rnnouou sPAcE ------ 'ro AQUIN ' Q' 5 Two rocket ships, 106 and 205, comprising the fleet HFreshman classn were launched in September 1954. Their respective pilots were Sisters Gaetana and Marie Paul. Entered in the log during this nine month tour of work, play, and general chscsi Septembeismdeneral disorder is caused by confused Freshmen, wan- dering through the nail: of Aquin, mumbling phrases such as, Hwhere is 104???T?H October--The Freshman class is well represented on the gridiram by varsity letter winnina Sim Wye, Bill McEoes, and Tom Malone. Judy Reitinger takes several trips in the helicopter to get magazine subscriptions, winning top place among the Freshman class in the contest. November--Fall Festival with novelty booths manned by volunteers from 106 and 205. ment Chosen to supply pep and encouragelfor the Fresh-Soph basket- ball team are Judy 0'Connell and Judy Reitinger. December--Christmas formal is the first attended by the Freshmen in a group. It is enjoyed by all. January--Semester exam blues are over with the start of the second temm. Tony Guiffre's and Charles Vittorio's steam turbine in science class gives Sister Paulinus and the class a real understanding of the machine AND plenty of laughs. Februar!--Mary Jo Wilson and John Reitinger carry the banners of the Freshman class in the Mardi Gras. Fresh-Soph team ends basketball season with a fovorable record. u March--A near riot occurs when Mike Steffen displays his orange sock amid the many shades of green on Saint Patrick's Day. April--Steve Rodemeyer and Marilyn Mook take a two-hour Latin test to be entered in a contest sponsored by Rosary College. Science fair and iunior Academy of Science Convention is attended by: , Steve Rodemeyer, hichard Ziebol, Mike Steffen, Sheila Bach, Bill Eel- quadrigae Gratias. Judy the first sheets of Mclloes, 'rom Nlalone and Sisters Coleta and Paulinus. -In Latin the much read about Lucius finally wraps his around Ceasar's victory column. No more Lucius. Deo 0'Connell, Helen Rohde, and Frances Ciganek are busy in aid room patching up the blisters they acquired in folding paper for the year-book. June--Freshmen have the vacation jitters. Special talents among freshmen discovered in the past year: John Woods crashed the four minute mile lhalf-mile, that isl. Future track star? Anne Cunningham seems to be quite a shutterbug. Has she put in her application for Pit Cassidy's job? We are looking forward to Dick Ziebol, John Reitinger, Billy Merchant, Dick Bendick and all the other rising young stars of the Fresh-Soph basketball team bringing home the State Championship in future years. The passengers have left ships 106 and 205 and are enroute to Satellite Sophomore, revolving on orbits 206 and 207. Can these passengers be the same Hidiotsn who registered at the Start of the trip? 7 OPERATION SOPHOMORES N 'Tenshun! All right, you guys and gals, you're no longer brash tenderfeet. Having graduated from the ranks of lowly Fresh- men I'll expect you to act like there are some brains in your heads Companies 206 and 207 are your assignments. Courses will be taken fn biblogy, religion, geometry, and English. OH! by the way, you might welcome Private Dwayne Illes who transferred from Camp St. Joseph's High in South Bend, Indiana. See that he gets acquainted with everything. That's an order. Dismiss! H HHow do you do, I'm the court recorder. Who's on trial, you ask? The Sophomores. HTheir crime?n Failure to understand geometry. The prosecution has just taken the stand. First witness Pfc. Bob Schramm.H His it true that during the month of October you were so busy getting magazine subscriptions that you had no time whatsoever to study geometry?N UIt's true that I did get a lot of subscriptions-eighty-seven dollars worth to be exact, but as for not studying geometry, well, it soon became apparent that after a month of it I, and everyone else in class were tunning into mixed-up squares trying to figure it out. All we did was go around in circles.N NAnd so it goes....Alas, the Sophomores are sentenced to a mouth of concentrated study on geometry during which time all out- side activities are forbidden.H nMy name is Sergeant 0'Rougke. I'm here to brief you on your basketball team-the puppies. It ought to be a good team, a real good team with such capable men as Jerry Munda, Jerry Cassidy, Jim Walz, Ronny Sharp, leading the field. I want you to attend all of their games and cheer them up on to victory. That's an order.n The Christmas formal is the social highllghg of the year. Karen Trunk escorted by Andy Hutmacher, and Brian Donahue squiring Carol Medley are among those attending the yuletide dance. 8 January, tentatively called NGet to work month or it's the guardhouse for you,N comes, and takes an eternity to pass. Mid- term exams bring thoughts of going A.w.O.L. to less hardy Sophomores, but, thank God, 1t's over. Congratulations are extended to Sheila Bach on her accomplish- ment of being the first of her classmates to attain a 3.0 average on the honor roll. The Villa Fund is a huge success as everyone from assistant mess boy to commanding general tries to out do each other. And shall we ever forget Father 0'Neill's wonderful Valentine party. Practically every Sophomore from Aquin shows up at one time of another during the evening. The welcoming committee is again put into action upon the arrival of Private Dave Nilles, and two weeks later Peg Heckler, at the fort. - Basketball season ends with a chorus of cheers for our fine team which was victorious in almost every game theyplayed. The fast approaching Mardi Gras engulfs us in a wave of ten- sion and excitement. Pat Downing and Bob Schramm are chosen to represent us. Decorating the gym is a great honor, and we go at it whole-heartedly. With the aid of two Seniors the gym is trans- figured into the most beautiful ballroom ever. Our Candidates weren't king and queen, but the pride in all of our exercises, soon fades away. We find ourselves left with only the month of May. Prepara- tions for the Spring musical are in full swing with Angela Vincer, Janet Duray, Joan Smith, and Sheila Bach in good voice. And how about that lucky Jim Martin getting a special preview of the Junior Senior Prom? The Senior Sophomore breakfast is eagerly awaited by all. Then we can feast in style. 'At last the day arrives when companies 206 and207 start the big push. Destination-104. Password-Juniors. Hi V :fig ,gk 13532 4 ' 2' , If ,M Vw .3-1 A- V- 'xg ,els M-' C? K1 Vg fm VV. M. ,bn . J M f 'T V -. wv V' 4 55.3, A ' e eee . 2 qi' 5 H5 SOPHOMORES 9 CZ 1:99 ,af ff'- '1' 'Sm 4 .ww 'J' ,ff 7 nwell march we on To give obedience where 'tis truly owed VZ? JUNIORS 10 4325? .aa-4' Nd -qui' .Q-91' -cm' fy f-'P' i i I i Z .,: r ,, ,.,. m 4 R , 5: A 1 5 . 5 6 ya , AQ, .t L gm' ct? '...And what needful else That calls upon us, by the grace of Grace, We will perform in measure time and placeg So, thanks to all at once, and to each one.. LABOR DAY WEEKEND MARRED BY FANATICAL WAVE OF SUICIDE ATTEMPTS AS NINE MONTHS INCARCERATION IS THREATENED BY BULLDOG FACTORYI' If-D L YQ E M li I J TE i1955i HALLOWEEN HOP At a Halloween costume party attended only by upper classmen. Ruthann Isaccs and Sheila Martin took first prize as Raggedy Ann and Andy While Gene Dougherty copped second in his Donald Duck costume. third prize was awarded to Mary Jo Starkey and Judy Grant who came as an elderly couple' which goes to prove that the Juniors are more capable of concealing their good looks than are the Seniors JOAN AND JOHN NOMINATED Unanimously nominated for king of the Mardi Gras was John O'Conna' and Joan Boland for Queen. Led by Kay McCool, the Juniors brought their candim dates to second place. 104th PRECINCT GOES TO POLLS Duly elected were Bud Franz, Ed Murray, Joan Boland, and Judy Grant to the offices of President. Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. Q t I P'- I EDITION lE CONCESSIONS STAND FRAUD BARED It has been dis- closed to us that in at least one instance the coffee sold at the Aquin football games was well watered. It seems that the stand ran out of the precious brew and a few of the girls went out to borrow some. However, only a few teaspoons of instant coffee were secured, these were mixed with a few quarts of waterg lewis lye was added for strength, and sold as Mcoffeen OVER THE TOP IN MAGAZINE DRIVE. The Juniors again proved they had what it takes when they came in first in the magazine drive and topped their quota by more than four hundred dollars. ALS one DST AND FOUND ary Ann Oppold nd Joan Marie Blunt uring the summer, in hurch. If found, give ach our best wishes or a happy and success- ul marriage. DUND: Male of the pecie, claiming to e Charles Kenneth asey. Light hair ars of medium length earing no collar or ags. We'd like to eep him he's as Good 5 Gobeln for NHa'sn JUND: At Semester. quiet little coun- ry gal from Forreston ame: Margaret arrenstein. We'd like 9 keep her too, lthough she defies ll feminine tradition y not talking constant V! SPRING FEVER EPIDEMIC CHECKED Four adventuresome Juniors, namely Jim Peters, Betty Vickrey, Carol Fasanella, and Patsy Adams, took off one sunny Friday afta' noon for Rockford. Classes for this quar- tet resumed on Saturdy PROM DECORATIONS REAL GONE Sister Paulinus and Juniors had hysterics in the barracks, got nervous from the service, and went deke halfway thru the week. But with the aid of the Lord. many aspirins. und much coffee, they all are expected to pull thru, ,Y o A In .Q . Q., CHRISTMAS CRASHES CLASSES Christmas parties were enjoyed by all in the classes of French. English, religion and history. These parties came as a complete sur- prise to the sisters. who knew nothing of them, but throughly enjoyed them. News has leaked out that James Scanlon plans to publish in the near future a scientific treatise dealing with the flammability of Keith Souders hair when heki over a bunsen burner. BULLETIN By some sneaky, under- handed maneuver Red McGuire finally got his drivers license. We strongly advise you to sell your cars, keep the kids off the streets and zig zag when running across intersections It s harder to hit a moving target CAREER DAY AT AQUIN Aquin held its second career day with some very informative talks, Orchids of sincere gratitude to all those who gave valuable time and effort to make it possible. M.J.Bangasser, Marion Tobin, Barb Modica, Barb Pfeiffer, Carme Guiffre, Judy Grant, displayed their spirit of free enterprise by grasping every oppor- tunity to manufacture and market such NIC- NACS as shamrocks and green ties for St.Pat. Yarn dollsand corsages for Mardi Gras and pricentagged Freshmen for April first. All the Juniors sur- vived a zany day gn their class picnic- Hopes that Apple Riv- er soon will recup- erate were expressed by all. Continued on page 44 12 Tomorrow and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this pretty pace from day to day To the last syllable ol recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted us The way . . . g' ' ' ' ' 7 - Eff 'f 4-U'-'-1f'1 fx..WW'wfmwmsmsmemvwmammzaN1ww:'fMn'ff22f5:mama-1 1. , , 5. i . Q fl .X X, X 1 f -X X lf. ,X ,fpx I I. .I,Q4'1g . r f i Xxx -. sw 2 , . 'D . bf 5 W if ' ?n Q:., A 1 ul f . .f he H Q XX ' Fiaay' .gli N X is X K Q1 W. i X 4 I F Q f 3 5 When we, the members of the Senior Class, set about to com- pile the memories of our final year at Aquin the haunting words of the poet come to mind: nThe earth hath bubbles, as the water has, And these are of them. Whither are they vanished? Into the airg and what seemed corporal melted As breath into the wind. would they had stayed. We undertook our pfqject with the intention of presenting in pictorial form the story of our sojourn at A Q U I N. R We have tucked within the . pages of our book the record of scholastic and extra-curricularr achievement not of our own class only, but of the other classes as well. Some day in the dusk-shadowed future we shall be glad to leaf through our volume of memories and shall find it pleasing in that day to recall the things pictured here. 14 GOAL--- ----- ---ACCOMPLISHED As we wandered slowly down the halls of Aquin our faces held a look of wonderment and astonishment. We were really in high school! e--N-Almost adults! But what was this all aboute---this changing from room to room for every class? It only helped to mix up our already confused minds a little more than before. Then some of those subjects we had to take! Especially algebra! !hat a horrible thing- didn't quite get it until we were half way through the year. Seems ages past, but looking back it was only four years ago that we were frightened freshmen who stood gawky-eyed at the big handsome senior boys or those lucious senior girls. Incrediblei! Can't you just picture Wayne sitting in algebra Hcharmingu Sister Eymard, or Art Krieger sleeping through history class? REMEMBER the coo fun we had trying to raise money for the Mardi Gras, but we found our efforts in vain, because we came out last anyway? That year we were in- troduced to that Greek language ----- Latin. REMEMBER the many times Sister Marie Paul told Karen she'd talk to a wooden pole if it say next to her---- -G! remember one of Dick Cramer's famous quips? It was the year of our first Student Council with John Lampe and Sam Cardinal elected unanimously to represent our class. REMEMBER our great poetic contribution to the world. VThe Night Before Christmasu which was written by any and everyone in the class, and was published in the school newspaper by Dick Plowman, that dashing young reporter? Then our class picnic!!!!!- ---- --the law of no X swimming was violated by several unmentionable parties ------ when 15 Clare Smith got all wet because Dolores was so interested in some of the boys---L-Leonard's noisy firecrackers sending Maribeth into a panic!i Oh, but those were the years! Sure nuf! We were promoted to Sophomoresw ---- and that unforgetf' able biology class! REMEMBER Janice's red face every time she was sent out of the class---- ----- Mike and Nthe turtlen ---- moans and groans at the sight of the grasshoppers? Couldn't forget geometry, -- all those squares and circles were too much for our pointed little heads. Then Wayne sending post cards from New York----Judy Bean squirting grapefruit in her bye at the senfof breakfast. That Stuff!! Big wheels now. Watch out you underclassmenf! REMEMBER ------ --- those parties? Janet's with Susie Goldsmith's cottonball picking -----Anita's, where Dick Cramer and Carol did a new version of the cake walt ------- Marcia's going away party ----- the Christmas party with Sister Paulinus spinning the discs ---- -the Bunny Hop across the picnic table at Dolores's house? Then the victory of the Mardi Gras with our representatives Russ and Delores crowned king and'queen. Winter ----- with a breakigg of ice by Pat Sieber ---- our operetta, starring John Lampeg our Rudolph Valentino ---- Pat Cassidy's many memory lines-119 wordsl. Then at last it was here. The big thing!! Elem What a Prom it was. We really nsaid It With Music,N the theme which was suggested by John Scanlon. The Grand March ,,,,, the prince and princess, Bob and Judy, all helped to make it a Prom never to be forgotten. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PAINT JOB! Real sharp looking study hall now ----- A lasting trademark of the Class of H55H. Our class picnic 16 where Mary Ann fell ln, and Mary Beth almost landed in Nanother worldu by way of a cliff ----- Kenny Dougherty and Mike Ciganek's chase for the unknown man with the sun glasses and Schaffer pen ----- Deanna's mud stiffened shoes, and Carol's trip across the river to retrieve her Hwalking shoes,H all helped to make the day full of fun. Well, we never thought we'd make it!! Front door at last! The first to the cafeteria at noon. Finally that big moment which every- one had been looking forward to ------ Father Berg's Religion class e--+- Dick Cramer with the Tribune mixed with a cup of Roosevelt made this an interesting brew topped with Clare's Hwalk out.H Then the crazy contest between Kay and Janet for honors ----- Mardi Gras kept us all jumping. Kay won and made a very good queen. CAN WE FORGET ----- 7 :un Geraldine's love for Macbeth ----- our Halloween party or our feeble efforts to concentrate in bookkeeping-----our Easter dance--a big success Cwe managed to come out'w1th a profitj--and the Easter Bunny! -----Pat 0'Connell's playing monkey on the rafters. REMEM ER w---- --- tryouts for our play, Song of Qernadette ----- the wonderful Prom given us by the Juniors ----- the never to be forgotten picnic at White Pines---or the noon reulnvous in 105 with Sister Cecilia presiding over our antics. These are some of the things which we will remember in the years to come. As we walk out of Aquin for the last time, our diplomas clutched tightly in our hands, we will look back over the four years we have spent at Aquin. We have reached the end of our High School Road, a long, rough, and bumpy ride, but one which all of us managed happily to survive. Good-by Aquin! Good luck--Class of H5502 COMPOSITE BOY Cramer, D. --Singing Ability Faist, E. --Mannerisms Plowman, D. --Speaking Voice Eggemeier, K. --Smile Scott,W. --Dancing Ability Eberle, B. --Casualness Yde, E. --Good Humor Petta, R. --Loyalty Lampe, J. --Physique McIntyre, T. --Complexion Price, L. --Quietness Cardinal, S. --Brains Didier, L. -- Laugh Bangasser, B. -- Clothes Cassidy, P. --Mouth Ciganek, M. --Eyes Schueth, P. --Courteousness Fleming, D. --Perseverance Krieger, A. --Ruggedness Sharp, R. --Reserve Reed, B. --Hair Bach,M. --Generosity Scanlon, J. --Friendliness Gusloff,J. --Humor Franz,L. --Athletic Ability Runda1l,L. --Height Connors,D. --Nose Dougherty,K. --Hands 17 COMPOSITE GIRL Gusloff,G. --Friendliness O'Connell,P. --Mannerisms Petta,A. --Speaking Voice Smith,C. --Quietness Cramer,K. --Figure Fischer,D. --Penmanship Puskas,A. --Cheerfulness Goldsmith,S. --Weight Cramer,J. --Poise Nye,C, --Humor Nye,K. --Athletic Ability Lamm,D. --Courteousness Sieber,P. --Perseverance Bean,J. --Singing Ability 18 Steffen,J. --Complexion Rife,C. --Personality McCurdy,M. --Mouth Bigelow,P. --Smile Layton,J. --Eyes Cunningham,M. --Nose Kilbridge,K. --Height Sieffert,C. --Hair Michael,C. --Hands Luecke,J. --Brains Henke1,M. Dancing Ability Cummings,J. --Casualness Nalz,B. --Neatness , ,I 4 f . ,. W.: .n..,..n., . .. . ,N 5x1:ffK5': H+f11xT, MICHAEL EACH BOYS' Stite 3 Jr. Academy science h Class President 3 Basketball 3,h Fbotball M ROBERT BANGASSER Prom Prince 3 Basketball l,2,3,h Fbotball h Camera Club l,2,3 operation Youth 3 Letterman h Jr. Academy Science 3 JUDITH BEAN Class secretary h Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1 Yearbook Staff h PATRICIA BIGELOW Glee Club l,2,3,h GQAQAO 192 SAM CARDINAL Camera Club l,2,3,h Student Council 2 Jr. Academy Science 3 Uperation Youth 3 Science Talent Award h Ill. Academy Science h PATRICK CASSIDY Camera Club l,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h operation Youth 3 Yearbook Staff h fEdltor kb RICHARD CONNORS Basketball U Football U Letterman h JUDY CRAMER Glee Club 1 Prom Princess 3 Homecoming queen h KAY CRAM R Glee Club 2 class Treas. 3 G.A.A. 1,2 Mardi Gras Queen h MARIB TH CUNNINGHAM Prom Queen h Glee Club 2,3,h RICHARD CRAMER Football U Camera Club l,2,3,h Yearbook Staff 2,3 Letterman h Glee Club l,2,3,h Operation Youth 3 Jr. Academy Science MICHAEL CIGANEK Camera Club l,2,3 Rifle Club 3 Glee Club 1,2 JANET CUMMINGS Glee Club 2,3 Girl Scouts 3 LEONARD DIDIER Football 3,u Basketball 3 Letterman 3,h KENN TH DOUGHERTY Basketball 2,3,h Football 3,h Yearbook Staff h Camera Club l Letterman 2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h WILLIAM EBERLE Rifle Club 3 Camera Club 2,3 Yearbook Staff h KENNETH EGGEM IER Basketball l,2,3,h Fbotball 2,h Letterman 2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h Mardi Gras King h WAYNE FAIST Basketball Mgr. 1 Glee Club l,2,3,h Oratorical Contest h Camera Club l,2,3,h fTreas.3-Pres.hj HEAN A FISCHER Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1,2 RICHARD FLEMING Freeport High 3 LEHAN FRANZ Prom King M Basketball l,2,3,h Fbotball M Camera Club 2 Letterman l,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h Mardi Gras Rep. 1 SUSAN GOLDSMITH Glee Club l,3,h G.A.A. 1,2 GERALDINE GUSLOFF Camera Club h Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 2 Yearbook Staff h JOHN GUSLOFF Football 3 Ca era Club l,2,3,h Letterman 3 Glee Club l,2,3,h Yearbook Staff h MARX ANN HENKEL Glee Club l,2,3,h GQAOAO 1,2 KAREN KILBRIDGE Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1 Homecoming Royalty h ARTHUR KRIEGER Fbotball 3,h Track 3,h Letterman 3,u CPres. hh Glee club l,2,h Jr. Academy Science h DOLORES LAMM Glee Club 2 G.A.A. 1,2 Mardi Gras Queen 3 RUSSELL PETTA Mardi Gras King 3 Camera Club 1 4 f H llQf1fR . .Q nm . Z ,, . QW img .1 rl Q 1 YW saw . iw .gb M.2.a'- 1. X. nrSQ7Q9,g:a-- . f : W vfzf f f- J. Lampe J. Bean P. Sieber D. Plowman M. Bach A x R. Connors R. Cramer J. Cramer fs ff. :Nqr ' .aL..,v ' dv' ' L. Didier K. Dougherty B. Eberle R. Fleming L. Franz S. Goldsmith R. Bangasser P. Bigelow S. Cardinal P. Cassidy M. Ciganek 5. K. Cramer J. Cummings M. Cunningham F -if Q H' K. Eggemeier W. Faist g sf'J I -nm T G. Gusloff J. Gusloff D. Fischer - ' smffwfs f S M. Henkel .155 ,i -- ,E 3fC!llilP . . K , ? .F tm x 'K K. Kilbridge A. Krieger D. Lamm J. Layton J. Luecke M. McCurdy . s !F - gE. 7 hh ik ii wWgfJ' ' .N T. McIntyre C. Michael C. Nye K. Nye P. 0'Conne11 A. Petta .,. MWVQ QE QP Q 7 E V . , s2 . J ' f9 : -1 . -. v .:' - J '93 .1 Be X 'M 3 K :L X XS Q: KA i KRW' , ii 5 C5 qtlggggli Emfwigif :', 'Hmsf . Mmwgwz Q ? ,--ggk ESQ Aiagge 2Fw.Z. . e EQ? R. Petta L, price A, puskas R, Reed C. Rife B. Rundall 31 if if l e ., . .MM Q ,4lf!!' Q .W ,JQQFSQK 7. 'V ' aa if W ggssigll 3235? AAZQEV A. - fo it .. Y J. Scanlon P. scnueth w. scott R. Sharp c. siefferr C- Smith iq- .QQ . 'A'Z'i 5, fdqun- . ,, t . ,, .V -:A . it . X C C , V 'V . ' ' Jef -we +f'JEQ?7L3. '?N4kM 55.1? '?.1V .e.. eC , ... LC ?75!F' . uzzsl g c . 2' ,505 T - Uri :1 7 J. Steffen B. Walz P. Weigel E. Yde 21 . 2 , WW. . . JOHN LAMPE Basketball l,2,3,h 1,2 ,3 pl-l Baseball l,2,3 Letterman l,2,3,h camera Club 2,3 Student Council l Glee Club l,2,3,h operation Youth 3 Class President M JANICE LAYTON Cheerleader l,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1 JANET LUECKE Camera Club h KTreas. h5 Glee Club 2,h G.A.A. 1,2 Yearbook staff U MARY HETH McCURDY camera Club 2,3,h fsecretary M5 Glee Club l,2,3,U o.A.A. 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3,h QEditor h5 THOMAS McINTYRE Football 2 CAROL MICHAEL Glee Club 1,2 Yearbook Staff h COLLEEN NYE GqAOAO 192 Qsec.-Treas. 25 Glee Club l,2,3,h KATHLEEN NYE GQAQAQ 1,2 12nd Vice Pres. 25 Glee Club l,2,3,h Yearbook Staff b LARH! PRICE Yearbook Staff h PATRICIA O'CONNELL Yearbook Staff 2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1,2 Camera Club l,2,3,h Csec. Treas. 2 Sec. 3, Vice Pres. M5 ANITA PETTA Camera Club h Class Secretary 3 Student Council 1 Yearbook Staff h G.A.A. 1,2 Mardi Gras Royalty 1 RICHARD PLOWMAN Vice President h Operation Youth 3,h Camera Club 1,2,3,h Jr. Academy Science h Yearbook Staff 2,3,h ANNA MARY PUSKAS Student council 3 GQAQA-0 1,2 ROBERT REED Football 2,h Camera Club 1,2 Letterman h Glee Club 3,h Mardi Gras Royalty 2 CONSTANCE RIFE Glee Club 3,h Elizabeth 1,2 LEE RUNDALL Basketball l Rifle Club 3 JOHN SCANLON Glee Club 2 Football 1,2 PHILLIP SCHUETH Freeport High 3 Glee Club 2 WALTER SCOTT Football u 22 Letterman u Bloomington High M ROY SHARP Football M Letterman h Vice Pres. 3 Glee Club l,3,h Operation Youth 3 PATRICIA SIEBER Glee Club l,2,3,h Class Treas.h o.A.A. 1,2 flst Vice Pres. 25 CAROL SIEFFERT Glee Club 2,3 o.A.A. 1,2 Cheerleader l,2,3,h Homecoming Candidate h CLARE SMITH G.A.A. 2 Glee Club 2,3,h Camera Club h Mardi Gras Royalty 2 Yearbook Staff h JOAN STEFFEN Glee Club 2 G.A.A. 1 BARBARA WALZ Glee Club l,2,3 Homecoming Royalty U PHILLIP WEIGEL Camera Club l,2,3,h Basketball Mgr. 2 Letterman 2 Yearbook Staff h EDWARD YHE Basketball l,2,3,h Football l,2,3,h Baseball 3 Letterman 3,h Track 3,h Boys' State 3 Jr. Academy Science 3 Camera Club 1,2 I, Do I 7 I Fa 7 I, tr I, I, I, I, I, 1, I, 1, 1, I, I, I, I m 1 1 I, I I, I, Dick Cramer, will my high position in HRoy's Pin-Ball Boysy' to Larry yle. Dick Fleming, will my headers and pipes to Jim Peters. Janice Layton, will my seat near the raditor in Hsoc.U to Carol sanella. Karen Kilbridge, will my ability to speak French to anyone who wants to y it. Ed Yde, will my steel build to James Petta. Judy Bean, will my shorthand notes to Mary Jo Starkey, Kathleen Nye, will my short stop position to Betty Kay Vickrey. Judy Cramer, will my school ring to Betty Alber. Arthur Krieger, will my yo-yo to John Petta. Walter Scott, bequeath my last name to Dorothy Truckey. John Scanlon, will my weight and height to Sheila Martin. Bob Bangasser, will my excessive altitude to Mike McGuire. Phil Schueth, will my hdragu in shop to Peter Didier. Bob Reed, will my front seat in 105 to Keith Souders. Mike Ciganek, will my old spark plugs to Larry Jenkins. Lehan Franz, will my height to Jim Kerlin. Maribeth Cunningham, will locker C5 to Ruthann Isaacs, if she doesn't nd being crushed. Jack Gusloff, will my skill in machine shop to Ed Murray. Anna Mary Puskas, do will my height to Pat Bauch. Susan Goldsmith, will my peroxide and ammonia to Judy Stukenburg. Janet Cummings, will my diet to Carmella Guiffre. 23 Q C I, Roy Sharp, will my gymnastic ability to Charles Casey. I, Colleen Nye, will my Utelephone operatorvability to Roberta Connors. I, Phil Weigel, will to John Gullo, my 50 lines of HMacbethH I, Tom McIntyre, will my curly hair to HScoop,H Connors. I, Dick Connors, will my place on the bench to John 0'Connor. I, Deanna Fischer, will my seat by the radiator in Study Hall to Carol Czervionke. Keep Warmii I, Michael Bach, will my algebra book to anyone with enough tape to put it together. I, Richard Plowman, will my Hselective servicevnumber to some enterprising Senior of 1956. I, Patricia Sieber, will my love of a picture to Virginia Bangasser. I, Kay Cramer, bequeath my ponytail to Joan Boland. I, John Lampe, will my position of class president to the most deserving Junior. I, Mary Beth McCurdy, will my little kit to Barb Pfeiffer. I, Pat Cassidy, will my physics book to Bill Downes, so that he may spend another year under the benevolent supervision of Sister Laurentina. I S fi Q' if 24 - ' 37 YW f133 1i'i '-lvwvvv 1, Geraldine Gusloff, will my parking place in front of school to 25 Margaret Harrenstein. I, Anita Petta, will my seat of high honor in Glee Club to Marian Tobin. ' 1, Pat Bigelow, will my bashfulness toward the boys to Carol Long. I, Connie Rite, will my shorthand classes after school to Kay McCool and my bus rides to Kenlynn Lowery. , I, Sam Cardinal, will my ostentatious ratiocination to uElmer Brownn I, Barbara Walz, will my ability to wash the senior blackboards to Barbara Medica. I, Larry Price, will my study hall seat to anybody who wants to study. I, Patricia 0'Connell, will to Judy Grant, my Irish gift of gab and my talents for arguments. I, Joan Steffen, will my Bookkeeping Work Book to Mary Jo Bangasser, don't lose lt. I, Mary Ann Henkel, will to Pat Adams, my ability in study halls to ..... study. I, Dolores Lamm, will my desk in the senior homeroom to Delores Hill. I, Carol Michael, will my place in typing class to Christine Weik. I, Leonard Didier, will my studious conduct and alert attention in class to Pat Kehoe. A I, Lee Rundall, will my HA'sn in machine shop to my brother Bob. I, Russell Petta will my glasses to Dado Cramer so he can see. Carol Sieffert, will my place in class next to Sister's desk Sandra Fagan. I, to I, Wayne Faist, will my Electrolux demonstrator to Buddy Franz. I, Janet Luecke, will my 35 words per minute to Barbara Imhof. I, Clare Smith, will to Donna Swift my ability to get Ninvolvedn in Religion class. I, Kenny Dougherty, will my NBeau Brummeln appearance to Eugene Dougherty. I, Bill Eberle, will my nick name, nAb!0 to a tall handsome Junior boy. I, Kenny Eggemeier, will my position on the Basketball team to any able Junior boy. 1111 IICHAEL BACH, Hwiken Favorite Pastime-Cracking knuckles Favorite Food- Blueberry Pie Pet Peeve-People who work in Standard Stations IOBERT BANGASSER, HRobbieH Favorite Pastime-Adv. Algebra ?avorite Food-Chocolate ice cream Pet Peeve- John's jokes C?D IUDI BEAN, HTuffyH Favorite Pastime-Roy Favorite Food- Swiss Steak Pet PeeveMPeop1e who use Hain'tN PAT BEGELOW, HGrouchoN Favorite Pastime-Russell Favorite Food- Black Olives Pet Peeve- My hair BAMUEL CARDINAL,nProfH f Favorite Pastime-Listening to HLong-hairedHMusic Favorite Food-Pecan Pie Pet Peeve-Girls who chew tobacco PATRICK CASSIDY, HScratchH Favorite Pastime-Riding pink elephants Pet Peeve-You MICHAEL CIGANEK,nSig'-an-nikn Favorite Pastime-Sucking on an all day sucker Favorite Food-Shrimp Pet Peeve-Petta's boast about his Mercury RICHARD C0NN0RS,H0ld Scooph Favorite Pastime-Hunting and Fishing Favorite Food-Ham Pet Peeve-White Sox fans who think they'll win the pennant. JUDY CRAMER,HJidh Favorite Pastime-Writing with a Snorkle Favorite Food-Pizza Pet Peeve-People who stare. MARIBETH Favorite Favorite PetPeeve 6 CUNNINGHAM,HSquirtH 2 Pastime-Lehan Food-Spam Barbecues Impolite people who use the telephone. KAY CRAMER, HKaSeyH Favorite Pastime-Spending money Favorite Food-Plums Pet Peeve-Warm cokes RICHARD CRAMER, HCrazy-Legsn Favorite Favorite Pastime-Kicking parked Buicks Food-Roast Beef Pet Peeve-Italian s who hate Pizza. Janet Qummings,hJanH Favorite Pastime-Writing letters Favorite to a sailor Food-Fried Chicken Pet Peeve-Boy's who call me Usquirt Leonard Didier, 'Ditu Favorite Favorite Pastime-Sleeping in class. Food-Chikken Pet PeevemJanice IILLIAM EBERLE, HAbeN Favorite Pastime-Griping Favorite FoodmSteak Pet PGGVGH 'Macbethn KENNETH DOUGHERTY, HButchH Favorite Pastime-Sheila Favorite Food-Rice pudding with raisins. Pet PeevemArguing with Pat. KENNETH EGGEMEIER, NEggieH Favorite Favorite Pastime-Sports Food-Barbecues Pet Peeve-Mike Bach WAYNE FAIST, HSchnOzu Favorite Favorite Pastime-Talking FoodUCa1oriee1essN foods. Pet Peeve-Chemistry. DEANNA FISCHER, UButchH Favorite Pastime-Cy Favorite Food-Hamburger with onions. Pet Peeve-Black Buicks. RICHARD FLEMING, HDickH Favorite Pastime-Taking Vacations. Favorite Food-Spimone Pet Peeve-Sour running cars. LEHAN FRANZ, FSamH Favorite Pastime-Maribeth Favorite Food-Bean soup and Hamburgers Pet Peeve-Flat tires. GEEALDINE GUSLOFF, tGerryH Favorite Pastime-Driving Favorite Food-Chicken Qct Peeve-Jockeys JOHN GUSLOFF, HJackH Favorite Pastime-Girls Favorite Food-Chicken Pet Peeve-Working MARY ANN HENKEL, HSusieH Favorite Pastime-Teasing Butch Favorite Food-French Fries Pet Peeve-Indecisive people. KAREN KILBRIDGE, HKarenU Favorite Pastime-Getting into trouble Favorite Food-Anything edible Pet Peeve-Wise guys. ARTHUR KRIEGER,H6ttoH Favorite Pastime-Wrestling Mike Favorite Food-Roy's Hamburgers Pet Peeve-Girls. DOLORES LAMM,HTweetieH a Favorite Pastime-Bookkeeping Favorite Food-Heath Candy Bars Pet Peeve:Juvenile Delinquents. JOHN LAMPE, nJohnH Favorite Pastime-Telling Cggodl okes J Favorite Food-7 up and potato chips Pet Peeve- Cub-fans. JANICE LAYTON, HJaniceN 27 Favorite Pastime-Dances and Plrties Favorite FoodmPizza Pet Peeve-People who worry about diets. JANET LUECKE, 'Janetn Favorite Pastime-Saving money Favorite Food-Hamburgers. Pet Peeve-People who borrow things. MARY BETH MGCURDY, HBethH Favorite Pastime-Jac Favorite Food-French Fries and shrimp Pet Peeve-Continentals TOM McINTYRE, 'Mac' Favorite Pastime-Trying to fix my car Favorite Food-Spaghetti Pet Peeve-People who brag about Mercs. CAROL MICHAEL, HCarolH Favorite Pastime-T. V, Favorite Food-Chicken Pet Peeve-People who gossip COLLEEN NYE, HColl1H Favorite Pastime-Bach's parties Favorite Food-Double choc. sodas Pet Peove-Yde's Hyou don't know do ya?N KATHLEEN NYE Hlathin Favorite Pastime-Being a twin Favorite Food-Fritos and olives Pet Peeve-Harlan cracking his knuckles. PATRICIA 0'CONNELL NPatH Favorite Pastime-Arguing about politics Favorite Food-Custard pie Pet Peeve-Scraping fingernails on the blackboard. ANITA PETTA NNeten Favorite Pastime-Scrabble 'Favorite Food-Strawberry ice cream Pet Peeve-people who giggle. m RUSSELL P TTA, HRussH Favorite Pastime-Pat - Pavorite Food-Anything Pet PeevenPeop1e who brag about Buick s IICHARD PLDIUBB, 'DickH Favorite Pastime-Tinkering with elecjuicity Favorite Food-Fried Chicken Pet Peeve-People who beat F.D.R. ANNA MARY PUSKAS, HAnnaH Favorite Pastime-Eating and sleeping Favorite Food-Cherry pie Pet Peeve-Jockeys. ROBERT REED, HBobN Favorite Pastime-Colleen Favorite Food-Pumpkin pie Pet Peeve-Krieger's muscles. CONNIE RIFE, HBlondieH Favorite Pastime-Eugene Favorite Food-Meatballs and spaghetti Pet Peeve-Shorthand after school. LEE RUNDALL, NBurtN Favorite Pastime-Getting out of school. Favorite Food-Goulash Pet Peeve- HMacbethH JOHN SCANLON HJohnH Favorite Pastime-Teasing Pat Sieber Favorite Food-Steak and French Fries. Pet Peeve-Guys who tell jokes I've heard before. PHIL SCHUETH HBuddyH Favorite Pastime-Playing pool Favorite Food-Peanut butter Pet Peeve-Loafers. WALTER SCOTT, HScottyn Favorite Pastime0Being with Dotty Favorite Food-Italian Spaghetti Pet Peeve- ROY SHARP, HBusterH Favorite Pastime-Judy Favorite Food-Sauerkraut Pet Peeve-Undecided people PAT SIEBER, HSandiH Favorite Pastime-Teasing Phil Weigel Favorite Food-Cake with lots of Chocolate frosting. Pet Peeve-Ed Yde CARIL SIEFFERT, HCarolN Favorite Pastime-Parties Favorite Food-Fried chicken Pet Peeve-Cracking knuckles CLARE SMITH, HS acavitchu Favorite Q.stime-Having fun Favorite Food-T bone steak Pet Peeve-Fried eggplant JOAN STEFFEN, NPeteH Favorite Pastime-Eating Favorite Food-Pecan Pie Pet Peeve-Working LARRY PRICE Hbarryu Favorite Pastime-Cars Favorite Food-Roast Chicken Pet Peeve-School BARBARA WALZ UBarbN Favorite Pastime-Don Favorite Food-Hamburgers Pet Peeve-Kids who call meHBow-Wow! PHIL WEIGEL UFlipH Favorite Pastime-Sleeping Favorite Food-Australian Kangaroo Burgers Pet Peeve-Pat Sieber ED YDE, NEdH Favorite Pastime-HYou don't know do ya?H Favorite Food-Potatoes Pet Peeve- People who leave their paint bottles for me to wash. SUSAN GOLDSMITH HSusieU Favorite Pastime-Being at Anna's rouse Favorite Food- Sieet corn and butter Pet Peeve-Marlon Brando Haters. . . . and I have bought Golden opinions from all sorts of people, Which would he worn now in their newest gloss L ' ' ' ' ' ' K f ' LL .ft 1'il 1,a15?? f9,',J .UW 'WW .f,9ffm?- M.'7i'fEW!l52511!kZ!'5?!!IiEi91?1!EX1R'31!s?6LEsMP?Akl9.B.H!E'3WF1'HW'2W ,'KW'-T''V- ?41?W'1 H ' 1 A ' ' - 1 ' .gig g Y? :nfl jg, I ,MP ' 1312? .15 r '.v:3f'5'7 ':1 ggfa?q,-,R-' -5-A, :-n'j-Q ,.L:.u'j,,,v- '-554, 12,6- , . 13' lf ,Q 'niQ 7a:E1'iiga::f 'f'i3fif'J. 5112, ,L,z1'5f-W2 ' J f nasrvqx Q'?4.,a,' ', . , . ..-.4 .,...f '- - .-.-,. Q, 1.43: Il- 1152: qu- ',, Q i'i?.3'r31-1 ' Q I Q' Q x ' WBC? lr? m XX Q af? 1 NX, ,fy n , 12:5 vig' V' l . ear '11 fo -4-L-if t'-,L-Ziff' if ' JL avi- 15:5-55-3 1- W Cf , ejqqyj- -If - V Lf if .f -'-0 -as A A I 4-:ci-. Cue ,Siu pn 1 ' f ' rf .ku LN :J an I Q I CI N mg, 4 XX I I X 'xf nw I -1-4 I I SA n 5 f W N . sa n d, 1 iff E+- ' Q EQ, WW L, 'X 'Half- , I x ,lf J, 30 Success has marked the efforts of the Camera C1ub,another ot our extra-curricular activities. Under the leadership of Wayne Faist, President, Pat 0'Connell, vice-president, Mary Beth McCurdy, secretary and Janet Luecke, Treasurer, we have had a lot of fun,-- fun at meetings, fun teaching the Freshmen and other new members and we have gained much valuable experience. We are already looking forward to next year's Nshutter-bugn club. A ..-..-I V w- Xi 159' fx x f , X 5 Xsgjll N 31,5 fc i v 2 1 .' ! ' -.J-.a.. ' -Q.-A 4 r 1 , XX -Q f . ' ,Tf1iT5hw KK. , SLS-.. 0 P3 My x'- 1' 4 . , Jn xg, ,N-rf -Y Nj X X q 1 '-,,,J , 7 . sh, 1 Q Kms- S-....- . N , :j'--C21 Padded covers or hard covers, a new design or an old design and troublesome, troublesome layouts were some of the decisions confronting the V E R I T A S staff. Hard work every free minute has brought about a successful solution. We the members of the staff wish to thank each ot you who has helped us so generously. .1 N N K Al - vl In r sf. mf' 'Qi This fo y ,f'el'1.1-ff'J'l H JTi?fbj ' ' 1 L0'f'L' ' sr' E 'W f .,J 1NAb X F .If 6, f ' ef, f- f Ju f 4 f ' ,lffvfwf 5 -' . '-- 'V 1 x,L4A-17 XX 1 ,., .E K A Xml K lllfg,.n.f L11- Viz :A 3 A W 1 '-' P h' 5 Y X - airy ,,,,Q,',,,wf1f X, vu K fe N. Q ef if f, wp v 1 fy QQ, TI, '-4 Q, fas., ft . n ' '- 1' H A 0 XY Sl, A' L7 M' KW. w N 'Rx ., N 'Q N ff ' 'ff r-.I fi-:FJ S., Ex L X :Llp , fb he iraq xx ,J 2-.t 1, Q Q, . A V 2- as - , a .79 ,F X - S 4 ' a an B in 2 Y, I 'ju I. .Y 'ga X X Ai! -'w CVM . lk 'ml ,Cf- 'V'JjJf'7f'!W M 'L' HWS! x rf, if 'Lf se kJ,V If 3 0 ,life L' f n q Cf-V, . .f . ln, fr K A fn ' ' .' .,x.' ' ' 'e . gf f 4 jk A 7 'fly J., . ' ' LL '- . v ' ' .h nf.. LJ Q., Eg, ZW, W 3 L CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS YEARBOOK STAFF YEARBOOK EDITORIAL STAFF we -f. ' X23 AV.. WWW ,aAv4 'lZ x 'im - f 1-ll -W1 4 3 Y Y' K bn. - R .W -3'w 5a Ql SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HSay from whence You owe this strange inte11igence...H 34 Orchids to Patricia Sieber as she re- ceives the Eta Sigma Phi award, presented by the National Honorary Classical Fraternity CRosary College Chapt erl for her achievements in Latin. 3 'sv- f Our hats off to Sam Cardinal and the terrific job he did in the annual Science Talent Search, sponsored by Westinghouse and the Science Clubs of America. Sam received an honorable mention in the national finals with his experiments and thesis on the effects of an Oxidation Reduction System on the Germination of Bacterial Spores. 35 Mike Ciganek presents the bookcase which The need, long felt, for truck for chairs in the auditorium was most competently filled by Mr. Harry Kruse and the class in Machine Shop. No more as- semblies with backless chairs! he and Kenny Dougherty made in shop for 1 the Business Department, During an impressive ceremony the senior class presented the juniors with their rings. These rings, blessed by Father Schneide stand as a constant reminder of the rich heritage they signify. Aquin students, under the guidance of Rev. Francis 0'Hara, were privileged to have a two-day retreat, on November 17-18. Father's unique ability to use 'pop' song lyrics and punch a point across in 'jive' really gave us our do's and don't's in our native tongue. Through this tech- nique he coupled our Faith with every day living in a way we could thoroughly understand. Our undying thanks to this servant of God who brought us so much closer to his Master. U..,besides, this man Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been So clear in his great office, that his virtues Will plead like angels, trumpet tongued.H Aquin became a member of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity on March 4, when Father E.C.Baumhoffer, a member of the Diocesan Education Board, explained the purpose and organization of the confra- ternity to the students in an assembly. He and Monsignor C.F. Conley KDirectorJ invested each student with the St. Thomas cord and medal of the Confraternity. The name, Angelic Warfare, is de- rived from the title given to St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor. Many popes, particularly Popes Leo X111 and Pius X1 recommended the Angelic Warfare Kits prayers and indulgencesl as a safeguard for the preservation of holy purity. Because Thomas Aquinas is the patron of their school, this enrollment held a special significance for the students of Aquin. IN THE GREAT HAND OF GOD I STAND..U Last year, 1954, was a very special year because it was a Marian Year, that is, a year dedicated particularly to the patronage of our Blessed Mother. Mary must have blessed her children at Aquin on the night of December 1 because of the honor given to her in the Marian Year Celebra- tion. The program was a living Rosary. The prayers of the Rosary were said in the darkened gym, lit solely by candles carried by the members of the glee club. Choral readings accompanied the tableaux which realistically represented the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary This celebration was a fitting sequel to the Perpetual Rosary Crecitation of the Rosary in the Chapel every day of the school year during each period of the class day by two studentsl which has prevailed at Aquiu for the past five years. Cut short all intermission 38 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IT: Mike-didn't have parties Bob Bud1dn't like Adv. Algebra Judy B-were quiet Pat Bwd1dn't giggle D. Cramer-didn't like to read the Tribune Judy C-weren't friendly Kay-were sloppy Janet C-didn't work at the Telephone Co. Kenny E-didn't know where Mike lived Wayne-weren't selling ? Deanna-didnt like Cy Dick F-d1dn't like Jaguars Mary Ann-didn't have long hair Karen-d1dn't Hwise offn Art-d1dn't sleep during school Dolores-didn't bite her fingernails Sam-were illiterate Pat C-thought someone was better than he Mike C-were 6'2H D. Connors-liked Hmacbethu Maribeth-dldn't meet HSamH Leonard-didnt crack knuckles Kenny D-cou1dn't type Bill-didn't sit in the back of the room Lehan-didn't have flat tires Susie-didn't like Anna Mary Gerry-d1dn't have a dr1ver's license Jack-couldn't draw Tom-didn't have curly hair Carol-didn't take homemaking Colleen-were bashful Kathleen-didn't have big brown eyes I Pat 0'C-weren't Irish and didn't let you know it Anitafhad long hair Russ-didn't like Hyou know whon Dick P-didn't have blue eyes Lee-didn't drag with the fellows John S-didn't have car trouble Phil S-didn't like trains Scotty-weren't engaged to Dotty Joan-didn't like clothes Barbara-didn't put up with us at Roy's Phil-had his tie on Ed-weren't so contrary John L-didn't like sports Janice-didn't write letters Janet L-were a spendthrift Mary Beth-were calm, cool, and collected Larry-liked school Anna Mary-hadn't come back to N Aquin Bob R-didn't wear Hbootsn Connie-didn't travel on a ' greyhound Roy-didn't like Bookkeeping Pat S-had laryngitis Carol S-weren't a cheerleader Clare-didn't have freckles .... honor must Not unaccompanied invest him only But signs of nobleness, like stars, still shine On all . . . . , ,. ' 'T 'f: Al Jv,q 5'lf,v5 , ' 3 CIW' ' fiHZ'55'V50IZ'5Z117-i113'i'lS'?Sl?!?h'S'fl x? Wf3.f'f-27,29 TT, ' ' V ' CD W Wi 4 5 RSL .f ' I JL fx Q3 Team spirit, sportsmanship, and in dividual performance, the heart of any game, are never tallied. As a result, the scoreboard often leaves much to be desired. But with leaders such as Foot ball Captain, Art Krieger, and most val uable gridder, John Lampe, and Bob Ban- gasser, basketball captain and most val uable player, together with this tradi- tional high spirit, the Bulldogs will llways be able to walk proudly with the champs. A J 3 Q N 1 W Z gy f f. .ar- Q J fx.. WP- JA aussi- AT He.:k - .. Ofwffafn ' Q ' 'L A' '1 'F X V I, fn, 'tn-u-Q-,. N x X K xx 'I fQ f3x'se 1lf4,,:f 2jd'Qlf,25.?5, X -fr-ll' - - ,fg,fgh-.six p4j,f2A5 A335 1 nj ' ' 3.f2fh5F'1QJ'f-fc'Q'-z'Af,f , - . f hcvfkfiv X-'Vi' L ff-1-- ..-Q R F772 1 N U L- ix I ' sax. ' 1 .,,, -if f i f f X A7fEf 'f'zl'-N!! ff 'QI I ' V--.2,, 14 -1 . f Mr ' CLASS Pacwqofg Sfzxu 0? Gagnounf-my IQ 3 ,' ,y Fx gli' UC H .:,L,J..4vf 7, J, 1, 1 ' ,j..-X '- Ax msc 4 f jp ' .. , ,M 'W' 1151 1.1.-sL:fi71xV4Lx , fi :ffm -- ' ' f wb F: ,L F ' LJ 41538125 'T-' fg2a5Qa572WC3 NaJfI! 1 BER ' TQ QQ: 'S , u f fsx f -fu-X getypua In Q 'H KN. Kg fypfgl. A ' V in H IKE. X 1 T, I 0'-ii: on Tfsfs' n 5 'I X' - ' xi, J - P, Jnwq 1,7 yr '- - - xx:-x? 'A.. R1 W 1' A - N--. . I As s-fix X K , f Q -Q5 5 -5 f Juygoi PM 4 ' ' JI! - Q t Q 4 ' 1 A A XK N 43 I ,f ,f .f ,. X f J fi,-, f X -' .X 5 f j fi ,J- xj j X, fc' N I ' f t X X' A if V? Vi Wi Af! qi ,ff A' f . S'Ffl3f?1-f os fi- 1. 'I Ti Nr' ' I 5-1' gf 6 In ' S1:Tf 1f'.'13f6ff X J' Q A N! 'f M Ii aj, srmrs. 1' 7 If Ay' Sq-' 5. .f - fm' 3 if-gf ,ef C 'lgfz-n15?,jg3-Q3L.1:7fk 'Q bi A Qf?'Z7'T A' ff' fhi ' four' , Li BALL yq fi :MCH .. 46 HIQFTBQLL WMD! 64195 I W - --qb 1 Z H 1 f ff'0Irumvy Hifi' b , E Q , , ' X x. ,' 5 AA f e a, f 'V -. ivy. ,,.gff3. , -..- -1,-, A5 I -1 To Bill Downes, Art .LES TWICE TOLD Ioll calledNFeather Linn and two guys Lled HMuttonheadU lHPuddinheadH ashed our camera l acidly told us I1 QC to the moonu an we tried for aicture--Sorry. reliableqsource re- fts thatf the mar- ad people in . . . aeport are women. as anyone remember Lch Junior girl Et rubber for half block behind the Lvers Ed. Car? Bet ach Dawson does--- FICE! No surplus evator tickets will redeemed at the 1 of the term ---- rry Freshmen- nor has it that R.A Lacs and Sheila M. an to take French!! mapa - Rnlipn 44 It has been reported that Keith Souders is having restless nighm trying to figure out how he will get his car off the flagpdle when he comes back and finds it there some noon hour. All 104 is anticipat- ing with no great de- gree of patience, Fr. Schneider's Spring Clearance Sale on nail clippers, ball pens, zip knives, and cig- arette lighters. Sales of History and ' Shorthand papers are expected to be slow. Scramgravy ain't wavy. Rolled oats is jake with goats. Franz and their many helpers we owe thanks for a successful financial report from their management of the concession stand at football games. PROM----W ---------- - SKIPPING supper to be on time then being late--getting inland out of the car with all the dress--1oad- ing the guy with such miscellaney as puree, comb, lip- stick, and dance pro- grams.--Trying to find your next dance partner-either some- one tco short to be sean in the crowd or out for a smoke.-- The gabled roof on the wishing well,-f- the military precisidm of the grand macch--- The wonderful compli- ments made about dec- orations-- The sad reluctancy of that last dance-- The spread our mothers put out at the K.of C, ----and afterwards--- All this went to make a magic night which turned a dream into reality and left it a lingering, indelible memory. We all remember the Mardi Gras which was held on February 21 ith Senior Kenny Eggemeier and Kay Cramer as the royalty. Junior ttendants were Joan Boland and John O'Connorg Sophomores elected it D0WniDE and lub Schramm as representatives while the Freshmen ut Mary Jo Wilson and John Reitinger in the running. Highlighted y R. J. Luecke's presentation of crown jewels, a truly gala affair! WAS IT SO LATE FRIEND 'ERE YOU WENT TO BEDU Here s Judy Cramer, Homecoming Queen for 1954, Her attendants: Barbara Walz, Karen Kilbridge, and Carol Sieffert. We're sure the girls won't for- get the rain on game night: nor will Russell Petta. Bill Eberle, and Phil Weigel,who built the float Will you? ,-- Em Q: MARDI GRAS 1955 45 HDoub1e, double toil and trouble 46 Aquin visits Micro Switch Mrs. Sargent -.n,wmQpy!! 'WW 'Now good digestion wait on appetite And health on both. Song of Bernadette J C127 V .F N Football Aquin-O Warren-12 LET Us SEEK our SOME DESOLATE SHADE, .. jg 352,120,236 AND THERE WEEP OUR SAD Bosoms EMPTY! .. . -20 so Beloit-41 ' -G Harlem-28 ' -12 Harvard-59 ' -7 Marengo-21 H -21 Dubuque-35 Didier, Kehoe, Yde, Bach, Reed, Malone, Lampe, Franz, Bangasser Casey, Boland, O'Connor, Eggemeier, Krieger, Cramer, Murray, Gusloff Connors, Pash, McHoes, Nye, Dougherty, Scott, Petta, Sharp, Reed, Back Row-Mr. ovnourke, Ziebol, Walt, Morgridge, Reitinger, Hunda. Center Row-Molioes, Steffen , Bendick, Sharp, Bushelle, Mr. Loring Bottom Rowdwooda, Boland, Schramm, Murray, Cassidy. Fresh-Soph Basketball Aqu:Ln-hh Orangeville -314 'H -55 Kirkland -hh W -hh So. Beloit -50 -140 Harlem -50 w -149 st. Columbkille -38 U -60 Winnebago -57 -S0 Marengo -35 -S0 Urangeville -150 -65 Harvard -ILO Aquin I! N II ll li N I! ll -59 -S8 -55 -50 -bl -68 -7h -53 -53 Hononegah Kirkland So 0 Harlem Marengo Stockton Harvard St. Columbkille Hononegah Puppies' Cheerleaders Judy Reitinger Lenore Scanlan Judy 0'Conne1l ?? 48 C3 I'-:I ii The Monsignor Conley Award for gf III ti -sportsmanship character and per- rig 11:1 ,C.'forma.nce was awarded to John Lamps, 5 Y.-:I i E-our Shark all-star, at Sterling following the Rockford Diocesan I-7 Basketball Tournament. Fr. more E presented the award. Congratulations , Johnl ' U U LET US BE BEATEN IF WE CANNOT FIG!-IT,l I I Coach Dawson, L.Franz, E.Yde, J.Lampe, B. Bangasser,, J,Reed K. Eggemeier, K.Dougherty, R.Connors, D.Connors, H...they were cannons overchanged with double cracks, so they bly redoubled strokes upon the foe.H Aquin-ls? n -63 n -56 we -59 n -72 n -70 'f -79 N -h? n -62 - -ss n .69 I -60 Orangevi lle -S7 Kirkland -SO So. Beloit -Sh Harlem -S8 St . Columbkille -66 Winnebago -67 Byron -92 Marengo -S3 Orangeville -53 Harvard -S6 Hononegah -51 Kirkland -62 Varsity Basketball Aquin-60 So . Beloit -63 W -78 Galena -62 -38 Harlem -76 -73 Marengo -Sh -70 Stockton -614 -81 Harvard -57 W -59 st. Columbkille -52 ' -57 Hononegah -56 Tournament games Aquin-774 Stockton-53 W -142 West Rockford-111 I HThis is the sergeant Who like a good and hardy soldier fought In August, 1953, Coach Dawson took up his duties as varsity coach, physical education director, and driver's training instructor at Aquin. Since that time, Mr. Dawson's gridders have racked up a l for 16 record, while the basketball squad set up an impressive record of 20 for h3. A brief glimpse into the life of our Coach, Mr. Dawson, is a diffi- cult task because of his many sporting activities. Coach Dawson attended Defiance college, Defiance, Ohio, graduating with a Bachelor of science Degree in Education. During these years he participated in all inter- collegiate sports receiving varsity letters four years in basketball and in football. Until the fall of 1953 he acted as physical education instruc- tor and football coach at the Illinois State Training School for Boys at St. Charles. we are losing Mr. Dawson this year, and we owe him a tribute for the splendid job he's done in handling the boys, both in sports and on the school premises. comenting on his two years at Aquin, Mr. Dawson stated, I have enjoyed working with the students here and hope that the boys at the next school are of as high calibre as the boys at Aquin.W our hats off to Coach DBWBORI gif '1 X I 1-J ra T eA'A I I l'N'kAHf ,M , 1 N'?f+i'B? Q , s. WA mf Aw - 'Q 5 s aliil-V,-.NAM j'6'51'fl4 Lek'-4 '-Vi? fi-k-SylLigiixikidi-'ALEAQSW-'f','clT:f5U1iif 1 Q,11i.2i.Lw4,wE..2-I E:4'.M1i LW 'ffm MSA . 4 . ,.-F ---lf ww wi,-0,1124 RW 1,-:Li,?C?'-, 'Q ..,,'.1:E,':.aEimWm -' ,cy M4 dxf W,,fV, W Aga? fkwf W WW 5 ff Ei SSE EE? JG FQ? EFSSSSEM fi? Q? 555 S5 f Q 5 U o s Q QT, 33 E I 5 Fi: Cs?EY E?'jF- g fffif J K ii F N MX Wffxf mf M W ww R fx wikk f ?w? HgQWffQQ6N?g 'K if M J Ky Awmg ,W A J Q fWZM Q f fefya KX ff Y ,aff ,f3k5gf665j5,ClwMf?,gQ Y I.. ' I , :A ki: ,M X L n ,x,Yl ,I N , 3, , A I 5 5.1, C4 s--E V. aeih ' K, ' DX, . Yea. , 41 L 'A e , - . M, , 4 'Minis-a sm'n Jw 'FW' 1 ' AH S . V' ' vymgp i' ff , Q Qijiiw ffm QW i JJ! 3 is fiiis 2 SS Livgiif EW U SR ig ' Y' yv N W 1 , X 1 1 K I , 'ef . W fx? M W M +P fqW W

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