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Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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EDIT OR ' MARION BUSINESS MGR. " CAROL ,-w- I r ',", -R.S f SPORTS ' IAMMIE ART - CALVIN ' W H , "' A me S ,, MRS. CLARK, ADVISOR Published by, Seniors 1961-62 Aquilla High School Aquilla, Texas OTCBWOT We the SENIORS of '62 wish to express our sincere thanks to every- one who has helped us throughout the years. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Clark for without her advice and wonderful sense of humor, we cou1dn't have had this edition of the "COUGAR. " Now that your "COUGAR' has arrived and you have relived the past year, we hope you'l1 think that the hard work of the entire staff has been worth-while. The staff Marion Myers, Editor REPORTER - MARTHA ' REPORTER ' SANDRA CO-EDITOR ' EDDIE ASST. MGR. - TROY SPORTS ' MYRA PHOTO - LAN NY Dedication We, the Seniors of 1962, proudly dedicate this edition of the Cougar to the newly organized P. T. O. We believe that this association of Parents and Teach- ers will greatly aid our school in the years to come. So it is with great sincerity that we recognize this organization. Our thanks to each and every one of you. THE COUGAR STAFF Uur Mr, Eston Bauftonys Message to the S6Illi0lI'S of 1961-1962 It is our earnest hope that, down through the years, each of you will thrive a little more, live a fuller and more useful life, and know a greater happiness because of your participation in this school year in our School. So live that we can always have the great pride in you that we now hold for you as one of our cherished own. And please try to remember us as tenderly, as fond ly, and as gratefully as we shall al- ways remember you. Respectfully and affectionately yours, Eston Batton 444444444444 We thank you for this message, Mr. Barton. We shall miss you, and all through the years we shall always remember you for your kindness, friendliness, and consideration. "Seniors" High Scclhiooll Faculty WR 5 if MR. ESTON BATTON MRS. KENNETH CLARK English - Typing Mathematics ff' . , , , bb, A I A f A O ... , MR. CARL DARNELL MRS. HERMAN EASTLAND Social Studies - Science English - Spanish f 1 NX X . BOARD OF EDUCATION George' Bailey Arvel Daniel W. O. Gibson Bohus Chupik Jerry Gerik A. J. Steele J. D. Vanderford Sponsored by DOUG'S SERVICE STATION - Aquillag W. C. JOHNSON GULF SERVICE STATION - Hillsborog and AQUILLA FARM BUREAU CHAPTER. CBJIRIEUTS EDDIE BAKER JAMES CALLAWAY 2 , my Y 'N' .ga W, Z f MARTHA CROW MARION MYERS TROY NICHOLS CAROL ONDREJ MYRA PUSTEIOVSKY Z uf LANNY STEELE SANDRA SULAK CALVIN WALLER Jw , ,. if , :',, Q Glass QDTHFITCQTS , "K - we CLASS PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Baker MARTHA CROW - President EDDIE BAKER - Secretary JAMES CALLOWAY - Vice President CAROL ONDREJ ' Treasurer SONG - "Mountain High" COLORS - Blue and White FLOWER - White Rose MOTTO - "We're on Our Way and Gaining Speed" . 'Dip ,fv ib - 'Y I ' ' " ly cenioiru Glass Wiiu We, the Seniors of the graduating class of 1961-1962, being of reasonably sound mind do hereby make this our LAST WILL and TESTAMENT. To the members of the faculty, we will our spelling and penmanship abil- ities, even though they are a trifle different - real "crazy. " Wild! I, Eddie Baker, will my ability to get into some of the gosh-awfulest pre- dicaments to Ruth Daniel, and to Glenda Hartis, my ability to get along with other managers. I, Iammie Callaway, leave my ability to sneak out of study hall to Jim- my Chupik - however, it does "provoke" the teacher. l, Martha Crow, will my ability to say witty remarks to Doris Hutyra and Gayle Herring. Dig me! I, Marion Myers, wish to will my wide variety of nicknames to Peggy Uoloj Worley, alias, P. I. Possum. I, Troy Nichols, will my ability to Jerry Willis to "play monster" and scare the girls out of their minds. I, Carol Ondrej, will my ability to be serious minded in Biology Class to Rose Sulak and Linda Hartis. I, Myra Pustejovsky, wish to will my ability to be a graceful dancer - not counting the "fall" to Betty Alexander and Larry Reese. I. Lanny Steele, will my ability to do the "Twist" to Billy Montgomery. It's fun, Billy! I, Sandy Sulak, will my ability to get along with the West girls to Eva Shelton. It can be done! I, Calvin Waller, leave my ability to sleep on the bus during English Class to Alan Hoelscher. It does get cold on the bus, Alan - Class might be better! Seniofzs Ramen beg Whffffg? xm... 4 Ar QFAQJKNRJEN Davy lag Pgificonf PAR:-'AE DNJ Las 6 Ri L i - GMJ- f,,-1a?fg,-iw. L K 1, K K 2 S L M xx , , 1 1, 5 -A 21 K 1 Q K fffg-vmffeifw-e f f L Q J H mg , J , , .L lyw-W Q Q Q 2 , , Mes 'EW' Mmm and Miss AHS LANNY STEELE MARION MYERS Compllments of EASTLAND TITLE GUARANTY CO. MARSHALL and MARSHALL, Hillsboro ikgkff., -:1g:.Q.-',- f Most Likely than Sruncccfece CALVIN WALLER MYRA JEAN PUSTEIOVSKY This page sponsored by STATE REPRESENTATIVE RONALD ROBERTS 5 4 Y Han SCDUUIIIB TROY NICHOLS Sponsored by REA, Itasca Qntuzenslunp GLENDA HARTIS CALVIN WALLER Sponsored- by THE STATE NATIONAL BANK, West - THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Whitney fo" Most Athletic CAROL ONDREI BOB WITT Sponsored by THE WEST NATIONAL BANK Best Aroun JANET SPARKS TROY NICHOLS Comphments of TEXACO INC West L. J. Urbauovsky, Mgr. Frmiemmiesff RUTH DANIEL JIMMY CHUPIK Sponsored by WHIGI-IAM DRUG , Whitney Wittiest MARTHA cnow BILLY MONTGOMERY Compliments of PAT 85 LOUISE'S GROCERY, Gholson Hiway SCBJIIIIICUJIF' favorites MARTHA CROW CALVIN WALLER Sponsored by JACK S FEED STORE: FRANCES BRIGGS, INS, - Whitney RUTH DANIEL LARRY REESE E H HARTIS GROCERY THE SLICK CHICKS Aqullla QIITIIIIUIIIOII' aworiifes fi F II'CSl'11IUI1lfHL1Ul Favorites MARTHA HUTYRA JERRY REESE CASH MEAT MARKETg SCOTT CHEVROLET CO. West Sophomore Favorites JUDY WORLEY BOBBY BUCHANAN Comphments of URBANOVSKY STUDIO West fMw4QL,., . Zygggisig X tt Xxx ,,f A Basketball Sweethearts im 11 N l I D Fi E f-'EHQN aj!! Af a f i Q IAMMIE CALLAWAY x x Ei .E N gd X ' , '53, I .,-, . -aa' L ,fi Neff Compliments of: WHITNEY WRECKING COMPANYQ I. D. BARNS CAFE, Whitneyg GANT S FLOWER SHOP, Whitneyg BUCKHORN BAIT AND TACKLE, Whitneyg and MRS. JACK MILLER, Aquilla ',-4? ,f,: 1"'l" ,4, ,:l2f-'-':':i"x A A' f ,.... , X 1 A W' t ' 75' 4' Q MARION MYERS 'g ' f X 'f V 'Q ,. Ama... ,fi .1- f ,ggi " Af X fyfaflig ff!" an YJG73' O UIJIHHOTS 5k ,,: I,-if Q V, UllU1lzlCOJlF'S Berry Alexander Jim Chupik Ruth Daniel Glenda Hartis Linda Harris AM Gayle Herring Alan Hoelscher Doris Hutyra Bill Montgomery Larry Reese Eva Shelton Rose Sulak Jerry Willis Peggy Worley COLORS - Orchid and White FLOWER - White Carnation SONG - "Sometimes" MOTTO - "Smile and the world smiles with you" CLASS PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. Alexander This page sponsored by AUSTEN SHOE STORE, Hillsboro and HILL COUNTY COTTON OIL COMPANY ,X 715133 3'W'12if' Tff' ww H raw: 11Wzv3f3f3ig22rPW4G?WiiiP?3H'm w9Hf93X'4Mw:efwgi15i5jf7 fa'QWgS'5Eqsev2f3g 455, 335552ffQfi'wf'c2x11??1gS5?fL1ffI?tlilzllvi-152565225 93125255132 A, bn- wx.I.Qi-H2iwL13-fsxqgm-Lffsqg,.b4f.W ima wx , ,gr X Jfm-,gal 245 ,35Smfw1,,,,nM.,.,15f.,a,sg,L,fa-CM sw-slag ml Q9.wzffwhfw':w1.wML1,.s'fzMws??gff?mIysqffvwif Qsj'2k2wf2'5+' 'aff f1Hz3?fXz9W3vY"W95'. JQW-Waefvfea Q , gi? ' A K if 'Q aggmvffwaaz we 25 kivifliff- a'.f'M3gwff-:+f 5HX+?iEE733iTKifi.lHi33f?di'eM?.??v2!HwT3H2f?Q53E23i2!Q'fl?J46?5HW3?5i su x X v fiaiifwi'ffssW1JfW'f?'sffK?wif Q ff + 9 'lk V F2 ,ff . H1 w L , V , HN , MM sf1Xfiz35W3W??,fQf'5Qc"'?26Q?XQisWuf5'If'F'fKQfPf75EifB2?QMJ2f1u3Q'?am33W'J53Ti5'YQv'12?fsaWM91?Pf5?f???w:!4?LW-5:55554 an fm W K L if -fit fwffwiggmm-iid: M1 as ',gf54LT3f M1-1,.w.,4 f4ff9jgpQ3sfML,N-Sis qgfgiff, Haggis,:',5f,gs,ggL?325g5.:Lg-ff,wE1,wE'Z:s5,gw,s'fv4:4 f .1 f'z1f,r,l,'fffggfl11fifif'35 mf- 1-'f?.w"-15 I2 weif-Sw'-iff?f'a'.5:4',g1n.2mfii1f1p'.'flwf,-,Lg ff, , L 2 ' f 1,ffa-w2gLwgQ,3+iff,-'MwfiwmzefffsEmmfgigwigg, 'fix Y, W,ff,,g,,I,Q,5w -. fQ3E1Wfv.Gyeg2gQ,f'v.f'a13ff3ffw,iw,f'4Q'if Q IW-13:'5w251fmff1,'f+efwffC?ga?A fffg.44s1'g14 W JW mw,kgQ,f ggwgfis. 3555: lmmisaxg, ,'QQHmg'2 4 w.,nWs,, 3 E gi 72,6-:za-.w,?fg35,g QWQJ-wylimi www11jkEsiiX5fQvi"'R1QfgHs1g2,Ls'w's5'f:9rwW's',f i um J , ' ,A-fA:5w:L M, , ,wr 4 ,M 1 A wwgfwwsifqf-l,1,.LS, ,Q an sw -151T,',ssxfPF- -Sfw-g,mgf,, V3 i Q " 5 'fl wxmnm'awxm-xzffsezzwssxegaewzz 29, ' X -1 ,f5,mwsLW'SQi1-.w:J2Q3f xifsiga S 'J 2 J -' ,f , - 2 H T ' Q fl -ff1,gz.Lwgazaifivf-.1V'4s,3rzf?X?m3?fgf,,2?r?FffQvifwf3,r3f,+?Ma5iikQ'5aPW7ibfQS3,?k:1pimgpg3Zg3H5f2Qffg.f,.s'gmgfg5g3:wa4',:1yff 5 1 W,,. 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Ma5fa0.,.m?we Kwmmaixfsaiss 415525245 if V97 MIM f?'f?15'W' ,' I Sxgiaguwiif vWi12'S'i21!'ZfW'1Lf'fQ VQ5?+i9WW'3H5,fW"mg, Q43 ,.,,,.? . ..,...,, W A, , ,- N .. , ni' LL' -P24 4, : A MQJILJSAQQQEEQJ Ba ,?L5?!'9f5jg2 f21fLifi5if5sfi1LE2gfaQiff+iQW3?f "ff f?'ff'fg51ffEZ W . E3iiJ5?'Qi2?TMZn4wsM :?2s1Ti?iQ525QamiffiEiQw4sffgf2giaa?ffi41ekiQ A JIJIHOTCES 5 , E 1 r 5 f 3 5 Q i , .go - frm-mf 2- I fm: I 7,13 .,,-1. X x - i Z Y E 3 5 2 3 3 3 5 3 2 5 F' X 2 k 5 is Q 5 5 ,E 3 5 i if? f E s mi if ? Q Q51 iwwsimwwsmenfig afl,KWMLW,,WMM,,f E . ,tsz,,fpt - K was ' gwwzv f M, ':tz3?'7 , V it i Q , S wk t fig- ,Q Q Donald Crow Mama Hill Martha Huryta SOPHHOHHOTOS Q? X Q I Jerry Reese Bruce Stevens 8 Y-Ml I A, "ng .KFF Richard Urbanovsky Bob Witt FLOWER - Blue Bonnet COLOR - Pink and White MOTTO - "Preparation today Security tomorrow" at t V s , 14 lx - - Q r W T o Vj'C SONG ' "I Know" CLASS PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ondrej Sponsored by: HILLSBORO AUTOMOTIVEQ TOMLINSON'S3 T. B. BOND DRUGS: MONTE SUMNER SERVICE STATION - Hillsboro 2534 AK T 'viii' X4., Rx TCSS HBCU Bobby Buchanan Elaine Lambert Anna Montgomery James Sohm Janet Sparks Paul Strickland Thomas Wallace Judy Worley Q . Ov .L-LK. -A gal! Ihceslblmniff-Bn SONG: "High Hopes" FLOWER: Lily MOTTO: "Never Hate Anyone as Much as You Think You Shou1d" COLORS: Turquoise and Black CLASS PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Sparks Sponsored by: S. H. KRESS AND CO., LINTZ,'S DEPT. STORE, GEORGE F. RAYMAR Justice of Peace - I-Iillsborog CENTRAL BUTANE CO., WEST FLOUR MILL ' West S Q 5 Q 5 .2 X , wx., , ' '1 4 Nw:-1 , w iiice ' K lug, .V ,fx High Scumu ing and Queen 66UmmHer the Big Topvg KING TROY NICHOLS QUEEN EDDIE LOIS BAKER Sponsored by ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. , COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. , and PURE MILK CO. - Waco Under the Big Tlepw hurt Sephomores Duchess MARITA HILL Duke JERRY REESE 1 ' , A fk Junnors Duchess f A ,WE fi LINDA I-IARTIS Q ary -3 'Zu 2 fs -f Duke if Q N fax, A ALAN HOELSCHER ' 3m 4 J' A29-W-'f'Z2fD Q A 'UIIPH jj FTCSHHIMCM Duchess JANET SPARKS Duke PAUL STRICKLAND Compliments of HILLSBORO FED- ERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN and DONALD EASTLAND, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW - Hillsboro quiman High Royalty Announcers - - - Ushers ----- Flower Girls - - Train Be arers ---- Sophomore Royalty Crown Bearer ----- Junior Royalty - - - Freshman Royalty - - DEBRA - - MARTHA CROW, LANNY STEELE - - PEGGY WORLEY, GAYLE HERRING DEBORAH BAILEY, LINDA WILLIAMS WOODROFF, RONALD PUSTEJOVSKY - - - - - - MARITA HILL, JERRY REESE --------------RONALDGEPJK - LINDA HARTIS, ALAN HOELSCHER JANET SPARKS, PAUL STRICKLAND as 99 TLB Nervous TGC JUNIOR PLAY - 1961 Francis Witt, Lynn Willis, Ann Sulak, Ann Ondrej, Ellen Crow, Eldon Nichols, Arthur Steele, Jean Pustejovsky, Lou Myers, Thomas Callaway, Lois Baker, Milton Waller Compliments Of: ITASCA FIRST NATIONAL BANK, BURLESON'S GROCERY, Aquilla and AQUILLA GIN COMPANY Juniorggenior Banquetfs April 29, 1961 DEL-MAR HOTEL HILLSBORO, TEXAS 11:9 If, X9 Basnsetfbaam Banquet MARCH 27, 1961 AOUILLA GYM, AQUILLA -ff 1 ,g?r9"T??if fs X Compliments of HILLSBORO ABSTRACT, ANDREWS CAFE, DOBBS MOTOR CO. ' Hillsboro placed First Cwtton "Miss Cotton of Aqui11a" SANDRA SULAK Attendants: CAROL ONDREI MARTHA CROW MYRA PUSTEJOVSKY EDDIE BAKER MARION MYERS icesibam - IHIIMSIBUTQ Compliments of JULIUS CRANE SINCLAIR PRODUCTS, IIM FORD MOTOR COMPANY and INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Hillsboro L l fn? iq..Ag:Ai:f,A,,1A,2 , ee A 0-f.: B +-JS L C.,HiLL Q., Rfin MCDONALD Hiudlboae A ES a sb R 1 u ELLS DRESS SBGYJ HPLLSBMKG, R . + Dm-'31 H.m.x.sboao, Hemmings Mm 4 Boy, SMP, Hsu-Sham Wihds WL 0 AQHOS1, EDDIE BAKER Bookkeeping MARION MYERS English MYRA PUSTEJOVSKY History CAROL ONDREJ Typing CALVIN WALLER Mathematics and Science v-ouvw.-1 NY-ke. Clan If xi ,ff Q, X 14 9 'Y-wel?-ff 9530 To 32430 U5 knveygs ,Swag Kean-'f' Wklfng ra: Q Ne. RQ5+1-ADVW-5' 'De cp WU OJ AJ-LS. .Sfmfc Faub- Oo. Clb . , , Ou- Ln+'Hc .S ooffg C145 'focll' c3.,n.5 ' , ,, 1 R f fif' I 4-in ou.s nl Sekoo I Pa. x-'hes BBCPQC 12--P 'ff e , Q g , 5 C ' . 's1 r'4"'X ,AX p ffm .xx J fxgfsx-X"l2f'f.,,, 1 f' ffff' 5-f?.'r??x1""W . 'W 0 ' vcgx IQ' 1' ?ff'? Vi' 'K ,L ,g72f, l xiii? ' Qpullxi? 1?f'Q!b W Qi' WEWD' GVHM 'f Q , ETP' :4?9Yf,xf,?'Q ' 0 Uv- 0...S.S' . ij '4 0, Ai 4, Y 'nn V Qxvwfffj 4, 4 E I ' " :53'g352e"S 'A ljiif ' l. ill " "" Qilatss Uffieers JUNIORS PRESIDENT: Glenda Harris, VICE-PRESIDENT: Larry Reese, SECRETARY: Betty Alexander, TREASURER: Jerry Willis SOPHOMORES PRESIDENT: Richard Urbanovsky, VICE-PRESIDENT: Bruce Stevens SECRETARY-TREASURER: Marita Hill FRESHMEN PRESIDENT: Judy Worley, VICE-PRESIDENT: Bobby Buchanan, SECRETARY: Anna Montgemery, TREASURER: Elaine Lambert Compliments of F. G. GERIK AND SON APPLIANCES5 WHALENS CLEANERS: WESTERN AUTOQ NEMECEK BROS. - West mm-x o'5 wx-xo,f-,E :LN 9.1-!.5. YY BQBBQ Q Kwik l ,' ' ' f H ?' iii 7 , ,..,., Ligue-tr. Ndm QBZH n -r :,q,,.1 4 3'o.e.Ky Ianni Lswdw Kenna-3: h YLAAIQ, Kruwein, mmmvkme, 5 Obtmv X X J, E- Baker, Mr. Darnell, G. Hartis, Pustejovsky, Crow, Ondrej, Sulak, Myers, Hutyra, P. Worley L. Harris, Shelton, Herring, I. Worley, Hill, M. Hutyra, Lambert, Montgomery, Alexander, Sparks. Chupik, Stevens, Waller, Callaway, Crow, Montgomery, Witt, Reese, Hoelscher, Nichols, Urbanovsky, Mr. Barton, Steele. 1 N I J I -1 1 l r Q? .W - HL , W, nf W' A " 5-Y fn ,Q " X ' "4" " , 'X 2 1 5.1 it fffi ,ia k i. , N . H ei is! ef ' 55" is f b A ., , ' ' ' gm I Q n " 'z " My N H':'w,,, W af ' ,.,,, w Q 'L N - V 1 ' ' '-.,. 2, ' 'Fw' , "W ', " x W" N " , ,mi WL, -73, N, AH "MMM ww, W ' ' , . 'IW ',1,,,5m 4? nl 'P W! "" J' mt in V Y1,V.- xxv, , , :il-Q-I-. ' VJJ,L.,, . ., if gan., ,,,, .N4,,r,qm A I 4 .M-wi" X ' t ' 513' 1 ' ' ' Q 'WH fe' s. ,,. W. , . . X, fa -, 55 Q M. I W 'W ' '-1 u, .sg, 5 2 fi fyw w " " Je! , , . am v . A Bfi ii kw v Qt Flower Gul ' M f N M M 'T .. V .- 5 'N M ,Y-11 , X' , "ww, ,, ' fm W rd Ag ' J A ' Ju ' 9 ' ' i LE' -' 'f f . ..Fw f- 'G' 5 'f 'Mlm "df f' f. 1 1' - .W ' , V ' . 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Suggestions in the Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) collection:

Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 12

1962, pg 12

Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 29

1962, pg 29

Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 39

1962, pg 39

Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 69

1962, pg 69

Aquilla High School - Cougar Yearbook (Aquilla, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 53

1962, pg 53

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