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lptos Hfel aptos Htegf L, aptos lnfe, aptos hfe Infe ,aptos life I aptos is lIf,9l aptos life. apic :tos life: aptos life, ap aptos lnfe, aptos life, fe aptos life aptos In A life. aptos life, aptos os Infe, aptos Ilfe. apt t If t Ife ' apos ISIHDOSI .C e ,aptos life ,aptos Iufe Ilfe. aptos life. aptos as life, aptos Iufe, aptc Jtos life. aptos life' al aptos Iufelaptos life. fQ..21D10S "fQ.,HDf0S" Aptos life STUDENT LIFE 12 Activities 32 Seniors 68 Juniors 80 Sophomores 92 Freshmen SPORTS LIFE 3 106 Fall Sports 120 Winter Sports 134 Spring Sports ACADEMIC LIFE 150 Clubs and Organizations 174 Faculty PEOPLE LIFE 194 2:35 200 Community Affairs 204 National-International 13 ' A v 4:-H, A H fi? qw: 'V 'vm 'E Q1 ,Y,, , . ,,,'- bf V fin -Lf i 1 ? g 4 J 5i3f'5i+c,5 1 iff z?i'fii' iii, ' ' ff. 'EQKL .ff ,L 1 , A i, W 22?-1. 1,3 , if -1 , tar. nr A dr fu 3' 'jg ' . if JE .- x M Q rw 1 H24 Yr "wi i 4 3 1. . f ff? -. -' 25. ' Q' ? ' 1 A 1 , K 1 N N M " w n , .Y I Rf., A . ' Ju , i . . , 6 , 'X H f 1 2 if 55' .nm xv., - ' V-- f V .,, M, - 1 X ,NMA L' . jrfyi bf. QQ . x . x 'wg QQ? an , :N - ' F wg -A . -' k-:HL 'f Xu 'sa Vf- . -:IL 'Xfi- ms, Ky' -. . Miha H -fag, N UESTRO NUMERC UN H0 BRE 35+-sqm dk 'R it ,.a.u ne l. "No, I'm not trying to imitate my high school senior portrait- I always smile this way!" 2. "Que pasa'?" Mr. Riordan asks his newborn son, Michael. 3. Mr. Riordan's many interests include leading na- ture walks at his summer job as a park ranger. 4. Ol'Smokey the Bear Riordan, discusses the day's events with his little campers around the campfire. 5. Mr. Riordan's senior portrait fl948J- Nice hairdo, Senor! 6. Mr. Riordan flashes us his best Dick Clark smile. 7. Mr. Riordan on the campaign trail during his 1970 bid for the U.S. Congress. 8. "That guy is almost as tough as me!" Dedication-3 ack To The Books What a hot summer. We had one of the most beautiful summers ever in this so- called "foggy" Aptos area. The only prob- lem with this is we didn't have enough time to enjoy it all. School ended late and started early this yearg the first day of school was August 31, 1983. This was hard for all of us to accept, especially since it meant getting back to the daily grind of homework. Start- ing off a new year is filled with mixed emo- tions, sometimes it's very uplifting and ex- citing, but many times it can be filled with tension and frustration. Seniors were glad to get things rolling so that they could start preparing for the responsibilities of life out- side the protected shelter of school, and their parents. Some students, for example freshmen, new students, or even foreign ex- change students experienced some doubt as to what Aptos was like. However, as things got started everyone was fine. Aside from all that Aptos High School had become tougher. Stricter rules were made concerning absences, tarties, and graduation requirements. If a person would 1. While studying the Wild West in U.S. History Eric Schmidt fantasizes the great train robberies of 1883. 2. Attending art class isn't that easy, as you can see Dan Wickwire and Kirk Hirano are intensely draw- ing in their Adv. Fine A11 class. 3. Anna Marhenke is sleeping on the job in her Career Survey class taught by Mr. Tanimoto. 4. Mike Alberts and Scott Lisea show the attitude that's taken in Mrs. Leightons Anatomy!Physiol- ogy class. 5. Julie Martin is caught enjoying her science class. I 4-Back to the Books get 15 absences or 7 tardies the student would be dropped from the class with a grade of F. Not to mention that the gradu- ation requirements are to be increased in the near future. Why all these sudden changes? Well, last year Santa Cruz Coun- ty lost over Sl40,000 dollars, due to ab- sences. Because of these expensive facts ad- ministration had to tighten up the atten- dance. Now that the new rules are in effect, teachers are very pleased. This way teach- ers donlt have to worry about the tedious amount of make-up work, as it was last year. This new system pleased not only the teachers and administration, but our par- ents. Now the parents are fully notified by mail and telephone when hisfher child is not in school. Another new change at Aptos High is the bell system. For the first time in 15 years we have bells to remind us when class starts and ends, it's mainly to decrease the tardy situation. Since this improvement, students have disciplined themselves and are more conscientious about being on time. T "' is kt I N, 1 VN -.i 4-, . , f 3 ,, ,fini ig: 1 Eat, Drink, and Be Merry So many things to do and such little time. This is the feeling that many stu- dents had at lunch time. The lunch lines were so long, that by the time you got your lunch you had to shove it down your throat and run to 5th period. Not only did you get sick from eating so fast but you had no time to spend with your friends. Sometimes if you were lucky you could sit down and have a conversation with them, but even then it wasn't the same. Many may have thought lines would have gone faster since we have added 3 new lines, but the Freshmen complicated that situation. The first day of school the lines were hurendous. You were lucky to even et lunch. As the year went on went smoother. Lunch time was also a time to get in- volved in the activities put on by Student Government and the Cheerleaders. The water balloon toss certainly turned out to be a big splash. The banana eating con- test made monkeys out of some seniors and don't forget that physically demand- ing game, Twister. These times will never be forgotten by anyone. There was one day however, we could have done without. This was the day we had "Kamikaze", a rock band that per- formed on lower patio. This was not one of our better moves for they turned out to be a real flop. All in all I think that this was quite a great year and that there are more to come. 419537 M3""" S though, things improved slightly and 6-Lunch :sa N 1, Q I Q 1 2 , 3 ? S f f . 5 3 2 2 2 L if l 3 1. Anxiously awaiting to play musical chairs, Jill Cupps, Cheryl Morden, and David Braun enjoy lunch. 2. They have got to improve the salads implies Della Herschback to Jeffery Gray. 3. Why are you doing this suggests the expressions of Brian Hansen and Peter Alaga. 4. Waiting in line for lunch is not one of Lanae Ben- nett's favorite pass times. 5. How do you balance that on your knee? Susan Welch asks Beverly Sanson. Lunch-7 in , S 'E it i A f v 'E' , 1, if ,fi , mg. ww win 1 'ms- Y! 3? 3' Q, ,f 1 , -X 4 , 'Lat mf .GZ 132 ,. Q , 3 ai ., Y w el- . J ,Mn 'Q 2' V 5? ,I i' g , 4 ff' ,. J- H L L' H3 I Q, ,AA . is-lZ'R!' P451 ff, 'tw ,r Ji G5 3' Q-hm An , fu! A 5 iff X, V 5 gf 3 f' 445' 'Q -4 if , -my ,, 11 3 'g 14. : A - Aga - ' 5132521 , 1, , . ' ' ' is , 2, L -M-rwfvwig' ' 1 Q H M f 1. The rides lighted-up the sky Saturday night at the fair. 2. This is not a Pretty Intelligent Girl. 3. Many students in Drivers' Training tested their skills on the bumper cars at the fair. 4. This Buds for you Aptos High! says Mark Kanko. 5. Numerous students lost their stomach wile riding the Sea Dragon at the fair. fr 1371? Fair-9 ' 4 , 1 is "if" we ssfsqi Wang WW51?s X Y L' .1 ' ' 525' 5 . fir? - ' ' sffiisiwfwf xiii M' fw- ,- --.11 i i .. , , .. ,,f:: XE ,' ' w v X , 1 0+SLuden1,Life if N x H i 1 .eggs gm i Q' , ,, F ' -SSH! 'H 'K L H , f Z1 ,iw f- f 1 1. Patrick Goddard is off to class as Jason Senqirini tags along, 2. Margie Kanko thinks her classes are just greagt. 3. Kathy Barker and Jamilah Vittor think the sunny morning is a cheerful way to start off a new school year. . gf-'f 9" wr -1 , -of ,M-f., . 55533: Q 'ff 'Av 'X EM Q v o ' f fi-1 VD," 4 .EL HW' wav- . ff",?? .' Q"N'g I:-1531 I -: k tj., ' n I K x v .M 2 ,A gf 4 1 'v r 1 I S aifzsjrf Q fu f ,- I ' qvu Q 4, 1, ' 'fif- rin ,. ' ", .-r .,, , tllqfgf 'sf i..,'., V , 0 -a Qqrf 4. ff . 1,1 fn,.+x'y, . . Q '11 if gf ""j 1 I ,w 4 ,V 4 fx f. 1,1 o i Q' MF' X 1 rim" 1 -dem ' fc Bananas 8L Ice Cream nyone? What a bowl full of fun bananas and ice cream can be, especially when it's mixed all together to be shared with your friends. These activities are just some of the many games and social get-togethers put on by Student Government and the Cheerleaders. To make Aptos Life exciting, during lunch we've participated in silly games, such as: the balloon toss, ice cream eating, and the banana eating contest. Also, don't forget how Mr. Nielson would do a great job as an auctioneer. He used his abilities to perform the selling of the box lunch social, and the "rent a freshmen day". Enjoying the ba- nanas and ice cream events, our classmates showed just how fun and crazy lunchtime was at Aptos High. Maybe we all didnlt go for these particu- lar events, but what about all the good mu- sic on upper patio? It was so relaxing to sit on the grass and listen to music, while soak- ing up some rays. We all went to the same school, but each one of us was an individual with a complete different perspective on our school years. Lunchtime was a time to look forward to, especially when it meant seeing that special person, or just hanging out with the gang. What ever the event was we all experienced a part of those nostalgic memories at lunchtime. 1. Mike Pace isn't too sure that Linda Powell knows what shels doing. 2. Bryan Holt acts very confident that Joe McMillen, who's blind folded, will easily perform the honors as Dan Watson watches their activities. 3. Sticky fingers is clearly displayed by Kelli O'Ma- hony who's selling ice cream to Jenni Miller. 4. Nothing better than a cold ice cream on a hot sum- mer day thinks Jill Cupps. 5. Tom Sydes can't wait to taste that good ice cream as Akim Provatakis diligently waits to be served. 12-Ice Cream and Bananas s., il-f .-,XV R i His. mx 'Nl ff? -ity, .,, , Ufyi 14-RallyfJamboree l. "Will the JV football team please stand up." says Mr. Barrington, the JV coach. h Crystal Gattey and I-Ioliyliurlanic leading the Chet-:F - V ii1i,gil5:aders CFootball routine, 3. Mr. Nielsen looks at the pie with dread of whdiiis to come. ,A ',,, - , Vi i', 4. During the the f - ,, ,,,.. ban P19-Yers 'cream' g W , V, .WW .,,,, ,,,..,t , ,Q Mwfw-Q A ,Wfff NQN. XNMN. . Spirit -l- Power 2 Victory WOW, two victories in one night! Both the football team and the spirit squad came in first place at the Varsity Jamboree at Cabrillo College. There were eight other schools also competing for the trophies. The rally the day before seemed to set the pace for evening events at the Jamboree. The same excitement shown at the rally was also displayed at the Jamboree by Ap- tos fans. The interesting assortment of ac- tivities at the rally included pie throwing, skits by the cheerleaders, and a sleeping bag race. Routines were put on by JV and Varsity cheerleaders, also one by the Pom- Pom girls. This was the first of many excit- ing rallies that were to come. l 5. Football team breaks through, both sign and com- petitors at Jamboree. 6. Aptos vs. Santa Cruz. J ' . .Y , .f J -"' 7. The spirited Aptos Fans cheer on their powerful 7 J' K A J' football team with hopes of victory. Rallyf Jamboree- l 5 . . , . W- f r A . U WW WW, M M M M .www W Q mmm 1 ,wma QWwmwwwrrgggfgewgwwwwwqgqg , . ,,:wgN:E,i:s:1er 3 rf -fy WM mfr F' . :S-za, :ffrasmwf lg Q Us s wzmmww Www S 1, mWv'fwW13w2'A?i?5Wb as Mfffffziifi Q W limi Q-f32wfwv3W'f?3ZEEl,p,1E1,PW 5 YM Siiwmwgwfi ' Qgg'E.s,. ZW Q Q Wfmfiw Swgguyggfffgxmw MggQ:2gwff:ggw:47.. gggffmww JM i'HZ22224Z2Zi?'iig2f?3Q?E?525fi12?eiliwmg11fl:5331213555ifM?2H15ef?2:52522S55E:?E5235iizLE2S55sxgzsrisffgiifizeiezzsw. ' Mzaizfzzrfazrsiillm.531?g22S553gf2seg::.s.s9.uw H QM-1352 if fm... gf j W?i5'i?3E5?ZL3Vi W" ''MQ7ff57if5r5W52VYfiL5'3bEifyfiaiiiiikwmgiliflilffl 55Q5L5373w5:1fztSE'3fi3'' Q72tzgqzzfwyiifiiYWZMQRLGJkziiifkiilziifiiW 'iii-,W Wifwfyiijilifiifigv H25 ll V " U 55553512fi2'5f2fzwsi2?3 ' 3172321fpwfzfmfgfffmiqxsezsfsi f wewzgzxszzswffiitf iizisfiiffil- 1 , 5S??.iZ??5?3'35555w3f?QfggQ ' or WW 'lmh"mW"'mw 'fz V ' 4 WZS554if315g,5ii::f35i55i3l'3233 miizszzzfiiiiiisliiiuw 5,,:zn.w 1 will wifwwggggzfiizziii ' X ,P fzsgmwwwawfrwsv M593-M M xr U rwixwilr ff ,1 H Q whw 3 V X .fmfwwww Mm ,MM .wig Hzfavguzzxufzzxmzzfiweeif 1g,g9q!,..urmm:wgQgg3g,5..g.-- W 2233? ..5 v,,4 . Q uw A zrfzizsair 2 wmazzzzziizsii ww-agwgggigiiiu N fihiliuuwkmwwa glizzriwwruawgm Qiiifdiligwgigggggij Wsfiiflifffiills-lawns iiifgigzsiiagfzszzszza Smgnabvfailvbkhv-vW?'A"'V"l .,..,....W..m.Wmg,, rw um Q w:QQz::s.f Mesaba 5 Eszgszgzzzisgszfsr KS is m ' ' W Q azz: Wigwiml fgW.N,, Qiisssgfisifiigiiil Smszgszriisigrli- .,W.,.,, Eisiilkwiifk oggrggzxsk S5233 .sew .ww ?iiEZv.W,..W2.W gg....Wm.....,-.wwgmgw HPZSQSSEEWSSZ Sp Q Q vV?f:i3g12QS,S2Z:?'E'ZZ3Zvww R, hm mwwpzfiw wmv 'f -2' fwsikszss 2222122222123 33553352513 zizffsiiiiirw Egigzzzmi ., . 5 nzzzzzzrg. 9223215235551 fsgsmfzgza. zzwrssazimi wsbssfimiiw. rr.,-.Nu H wr mm asf? gEz?:3zg'EEQg wesszimgrss ,sew H ,K .,-.W 2 irfwie 4 M . , figs:i925.gf23522f1w2uiE2i5QassQ 1. Friends Kathleen Urbanic and Jessica Johnson talk about their plans for the weekend. 2. Michell Jensen and Carol Wolfgang seem to think Demiam Bezore has charm. 3. On a beautiful fall afternoon Mara Large, Karen Lyng, and Kathy Bunce picnic on the front lawn at 4. Justing Bollion relaxes by himself at lunch. 5. Thinking about lunch Kathy Kidwell walks mo- ward me cafeteria. , 141. f m.,:::.....WgZ,. 7 Qzzasswrrzgzsgsi. A Q 453 3332525 33 rr 1:2 55if35?SE:5Zz3S4:ZitaaPss 5Ei2:E2:g:::f?iaZq37::if S' Efgiiiilf ifiz. ...mi ........ M. Q 7 Eii"'5"1f.EiiiT?1???E W3 up lui? mf 13232135iSiZ5i3lF5.Z23iIS2i:SZS5Z E W 'fu www Q- pb YBHX D3 S 55 Zi VZ? vgifgrimpg wiwm .ua Q . Q... N Q. . MmrrXrzirmiicziifaszszf25:25 gamer'-wbxwgfbg was wa. wma E L A .1555:9:is:s.w:.::sz:zs:::z:- uf- sa: fiiwsl-iiiiifazzimav Wish: M: 5h?E::S:::Y5Z3?'35M5 Z?i?H?f 22 P 5: 1:2211 5 ziiiixgiizl ...itxzzzt Zlzzigik' ' ' FST swzgzrrezzzzfrgerw w.w4wy.mfr.u..Sw, wsmmlwf Q. 1 xiii .mf 2:5 bfgwwm W New Q azz: 22125535121 g 1 wav 2 rs: X 5iE5ZZiii1?QE2.i'f . gr... ..... .,.......... my Lggggxrm-N. ,W mswliiilii ZW. 3525 r. gg: ,, , .... , .,Q....,.V .......... W wmizwmzeizasswz mm ,z Qvgazzzazaw arf E 2 f ez 1 Q H M Q . M235 awful? Qu 135535 as Q iiiviiivi ' .2925 lin M511 Z .sm swag .ssh ...i1..... 1 -ffa, , ,. mr. l my ' , fm... vm.- Q 3 -hive ...arf 5 'J , . ' . . Q . 1 - -sb1"Hi . .. . K ff , iss 'G if-'K Q awww ww dam 45749-4'- .1 dw uf- Www. Www-nf 1 ........ ze, . ..,.rw Q.......... .,... . gwgwgm 3QkmW..?,..y...,,w... Hvegigwmiwgiiiilliiii X Q ., ..r.. Q., .... f ifsfrienalg. Mm MM? 'Wi Ufuggvgt vi Mm -7' iw V.,4:,,n-as ,, W QM my ff, Aw' ,-M W 4:14, fi, I 4 1 W' , Wit, W , J, W' 'vu-nn M124 2 Friends . . . . . . are an rmportant part of your school they made your day go seem excrtmg. They cheered you up you were down and they were there you needed someone to talk to In t were always rrght there to share your school memorles wrth your frrends you owe some of those great trmes to ust thmk hfe Wouldn t be the same -gym , Q Zi 'O-ew W W ' st af 5, f , . ,, 'enum , fi I I G f 3 ,,,, frm' fn, J' , 5, .,, ,,,, Q1 X cker Firecracker . . . Boom, boom, boom. This year the cheerleaders certainly did start off with a big boom by winning the Jam- boree spirit award. The cheerleaders this year gave the athletes a great deal of support not only by cheering but by making things like goodie bags and other special things of this sort, Not only do the cheerleaders support the athletes, they keep up the school spirit. All through the year they give up their free time to support the school. The pon poms have done a super job this year with their half time rou- tines. We the students of Aptos high just would like to thank you and say keep up the good work. l. The Cheerleaders show us their stuff 2. Left to right Cfront rowj Diane Yednak, Holly Furlanic, Anne Obrian, Michelle Tinsley fBack rowj Stacey Barsi, Nancy Scott, Crystal Gattey, Nicole Kamian 3. The JV cheerleaders dazzle the crowd. 4 left to right Joelle Marek Shelly Stewart, Susan McCauley Heidi Abernethy, Deann Daniel Karalee Springer irq. Fun Times at Aptos High What a year!! Activities that ranged from the ridiculous to the Bizarre. Who could forget when the ASB danced across the gym absurdly dressed as pillow peo- ple!?! There was nothing like an insane game of Twister for a break in the day to day routine. Where else but Aptos would the students be crazy enough to stick a spoon attached to a string through their clothing and intwine themselves togetl er. Also the fantastic rallies and asserr blies were always something to look foi ward to. And the highlight ofthe year renting a freshman!! Homecoming wa always a time for being foolish and fancy How about the basketball MC's wearing shorts and ties! Aptos activities in ont word means fun!! tt'1--g' 1 fl l , . N fx je' Q l. A hodge podge of bodies. a arm here. a leg there. 2. At the first homecoming barbeque Susan Wise collects the senior class profits. 3. "Susan Wise escorted by Nick Anderson .. 4. "Five live got live. want. want six. six. five. got ive want six." says Mr. Neilson. lor Rent a Freshmen. 5, Tom Newton and Rand Coniglio who have homecoming spirit. 6, "I just love to dance" thinks Alicia Killam. 7. Chris Walker and Laura Fennel cheek out the erowd. 8. Mr. Bill stands on Stacey Hedgepeth who is stiff as a board." 9. "What kind of bird do you have Sabrina'?". asks Mr. Bill. Activities-21 Homecoming Royalty L'The 1983 Football Homecoming Queen is . . Once again we all waited for the name to be announced. A mo- ment that we all waited for all week dur- ing the excitement of homecoming. Al- though all twelve girls were all worthy of the queen's crown, only one would be queen. The twelve girls who were nomi- nated by ICC and the senior class were: Crystal Gattey, Shannon Hocom, Kathy Ludeman, Sabrina Okamoto, Renee Fassbinder, Nancy Scott, Karen Pope, Anne O'Brien, Holly Furlanic, Susan Wise, Jenny Hill, Dianna August. Friday November forth each nominee and her escort were presented at the homecoming 21 rally. escorts were: Mike T- . Chris Howells, Martin Gill, Alix Gon zoles, Don Mc Caslin, Mike Munoz John Woolsey, Joe Mc Millen, Bret Bi vins, Jamie O'Mahony, Ken Wolison Brent Pierce. The M.Cfs were Kevin Pe demonte, Dan Watson and Michele Crawford. During the rally the girls wht made up the court were announced, Cry stal Gattey, Shannon Hocom, Kathy Lu deman, Sabrina Okamoto, and Renee Fassbinder. Then we waited until Nov, 5 at halftime at the game: finally the mo ment came "the 1983 Football Home coming Queen is Sabrina Okamotof' l. From Row: Dan Watson. Jenny Hill, Anne OlBrien. Shannon Hocom. Second Row: Crystal Gattey, Chris Howells. Nancy Scott. Karen Pope, Brent Pierce, Third Row: Kathy Ludeman. Mike Munoz, Holly Furlanic. Sabrina Okamoto. Fourth Row: Susan Wise. Michelle Crawford. Renee Fass- binder. Back Row: Kevin Pedemont. Ken Wolison. Alix Gonzales. Martin Gill. Jamie O'Mz1hony. Brent Bivins. Don Mc Caslin. Joe Mc Millcn. John Woolsey. Not Pictured Dianna August and Mike Totah. 2. Aptos l983 Homecoming. vs Santa Cruz High, 3. 1983 Football Homecoming Queen: Sabrina Okamoto. 4. Princess Shannon Hocom. 5. Princess Kathy Ludeman. 6. Princess Renee F assbinder. 7. Princess Crystal Gattey, 24-Homecoming Mariners Homecoming Crew This years Basketball homecoming was exciting as ever. With so many nominees deserving the honor. students had trouble voting. The nominees were Nancy Scott, Sue Wise, Holly Furlanic, Anne Obrian, Karen Pope, Michelle Tinsley, Diana August, Kristen Alberts, Susanna Hilbert, and Vicki Pelich. The escorts were Nick Anderson, Steve Brown, Nathan Nix, Tom Newton, Bryan Holt, Paul Neilsen, Bret Bivins, Craig Williams, Rand Coniglio, Eric Swetland, Scott Thomason, and Mike Hunter. The M.C.'s were Brent Chapman, Sandy Thirup, and Brad De Young. Not only did we beat Harbor in the last seconds of the game, Nancy Scott was crowned queen. l. Nancy Scott is overjoyed when she is crowned queen. 2. Mr. Obrian tells Anne OBrian to open her eyes 3. Holly Furlanic anxiously awaits the outcome. 4. Sue Wise smiles at some friends in the stands 5. Jenny Hill's escort gives her a little reasurance ''4M1'1'fa4,lLZSzf:1r:p::rLf argzzgzgzzf 3 is SAK lambs cal grass? Stephanie Vomvolakis Moselev. Register s splddy senses are lmglmg. Powell and don't you forget it says Pedemonte tries to figure out ifKelly Clif- friend or loc. ii cep Hedgpeth s quote ofthe year. Just another pccl. r not to smurfls the quesuon askud by war Chrls Rebecchl 3dVlSCS. Qu'-.--4" -st Bustin' Loose Once a year students at Aptos let is all go and show us their less serious sides for a day. This year was no different. Many students participated in the dress up day which just happen to land exactly on Hal- loween. This was also homecoming week so the nominees and escorts took a part in the fun too. There was a contest held at lunch for the best overall costume. The award went to Paul Neilsen who dressed up as Mr. Powell. Some ofthe adminis- tration even dressed up which proves your never to old to join in the fun. nun'l1 'misun- Qs P s. .ft E A 2 A night to remember, the 1983 Winter Ball. Although the weather was bad it didn't dampen the spirits of those who attended this Winter Ball on December 3rd. Once again the Ball took place at Ca- brillo Collegels Fireside Lounge. The lounge was attractively decorated and the food which was catered by the Continen- tal Deli added a pleasing touch. The mu- sic of the Substitutes sounded through the room, as the dance floor was full of people enjoying themselves. This unfor- getable was made such a success by the Winter Ball Committee: Susan Wise, Sa- brina Okamoto, Renee Fassbiner, Mi- chelle Crawford. What a Ball. l. Aptos High students boggie down. 2. Taking a breather, Ken Beard and Michell Ander son watch the dancing. 3. Substitutes band member bringing the music tc life. 4. Dancing up a stormg Tim Kerr. 5. Everyone is having a great time at the Winter Ball, including John Roth and Tawni Jensen. 6. Daniel Kamalani and Julie Fennel scope out the scene. 7. Relaxing after hours of dancing is Beverly Tren- grove, Josh Dellar, Kiere Anderson and girlfriends. 'M f f f ff f fm! M iff AW! 1 ff ffl 4? Wi W ff "" :jj 4 Q 3 Y H GI 1 'N H S s 05-'R .44 s f l. Pataogonia jackets is what keep a lot of stu- dents warm in the winter. 2. Mara Large and Paul Russeoni show us some winter fashion at Aptos High. 3. Sunglasses hide the identity of? 4. Angela Ponzini with the Flashdance look. 5. Jimmy Marical seems to enjoy wearing chains. which is a unique trend. 6. "I know a lot of people have Esprit sweat- shirts." exelaims Kelly Bregantefbut what can I say". 7. Some ofthe students' bags discuss what kind of classes they are brought to. 8. Jean Gambill shows Mike Hunter how to dress in style for spring. 9. Sabrina Everette and Alison talk about the new fashions they discovered in Santa Cruz. 30-Trends To be or not to be trendy is something everyone decides for themselves. Trends come from all over the World and everyone follows a trend wheather they know it or not. Different social groups follow different trends. There are many more fashions at Aptos than are on these pages for instanceg plastic shoes, bandanas worn around your head or leg, pinstripped pants and many more. Trends-31 95 lf? M5958 x 32-Seniors fa 'wt , I ,fm 'r Q1 ' 90 f 2 5 . w 4 in "4-F. . Z? if -f , L. 2' W' t Y 2 Q2 . 5 '55 Af 4, WF ff 27' , 'In r fa 'ef t t gf ' rg A M A 1 , - 3 , , 421315, Q Q lr 1 . is aim' It us. fgh' 'ff' 73 A f W W awww 6, 4, Ef,g,. it Q ' 47' iw " " 5 . 4 f2,,eMZ I K K ,J Q , W rf, in t ,l 551 in ,.., e gg, ' A W , ,., M W, u , M. A ,X y . , .rt A -eiw KV 14 Z ZW H i H -QV' 1. "What page are we on now?" Brad DeYoung and John Lawrence. 2. "I lub u dis much." Chris Howells and Cry- stal Gattey. 3. Anne O'Brien, Nancy Scott and Michelle Tinsley, "Did you hear about .........,.. 'i 4. Gwen Shiffrin and Kathy Ludeman finish up a little last minute homework. 5. Scott Thomasen, in a cloud of confusion. 6. "A free trip to Kirkwood, I'll go," Sandy Thirup. 7. "Romeo, Romeo, where for out thou ..... . Susanna Hilbert. 8. "The waves are so awesome today," Joe McMillen. 9. On the other hand Del ...... Nick Anderson and Mike Munoz. WV an v 5, fi WMM 1 M are e Y .ar ,X B N K' , ' ft ,-fdiflwf M H ' ' .. . .X ig. , -' : l " 1w'f. ,Q f ':qL.:Hiy , A , , I ev . ' - ,ff fff,rf17'f fig.-L c " ' I fr ,fegkfy like-vf w,g.:. t 1, . ,M . ,q5,Wg, ' lie . ., , Y X J ' ,xiii A ,S F li' it X ,i if .1 .X F It fy J M ' r fs s., 1 A ,. , ,QA 3 Q A ix k .. . 1 , Afiy, Z i s T M A fad W L. t Q 'Y 1 -5 i ki! 1 .. hi i f 1 x' ' if 3,5 A 'Q lf. X S' A A ' ' I "- ' , 6'-uf. XE ' ' 1: It e f N Li'---'551",Q 1 ., , ., I X A A i 'dues-f l tl TONY ABRAHAM DAVID ALAGA JOAQUIN ALAMEDA KRISTIN ALBERTS I will always remember Aptos High 1,11 remember good times with friends I will always remember the Flounders! I'll remember getting up at 6:00 am and and Mr. Powell. and some teachers and giving Mr. going to a freezing classroom, the easy Powell a bad time. life, and watching people make fools out of themselves. MIKE ALBERTS Nahu- RICHARD ALBRECHT JARVIS ALLEN GARY ANDERSON I'l1 remember WB, Mr. Desalezar, and I'll remember good times with friends I'll remember Basketball, not filling I'll remember not writing on my senior my friends. in and out of school, the teachers, hav- out my senior survey, and the easy life. survey. ing fun and enjoying the easy life. MIKE ANDERSON I don't remember High School. 34-Seniors wx . .JIS x , st 2 If . 7 NICK ANDERSON NINA ANSARI I'll remember pre-game warm-ups, fall- I'll remember friendliness of students I'1l remember the beautiful campus, ing backwards in my chair in the cafete- and administration, and all the friends friends and teachers and tripping up ria, and making sure I get along with I've made in my short time here. the stairs. my teacher. DIANNA AUGUST -seems 'AT - gf' f, e vi I on 'in mb lv-'H-uf E ,-1 BRAD BALASIE JILL BALDWIN DAN BARSTAD ANDREA BAUER I'll never forget to forget my senior sur- I'll never forget learning the quadratic I'll always remember Mr. Cal1's U.S. I'll remember my sister. vey. formula in Mrs. Mitchell's math class. History class, and the foxy girl across the room. iw' 'UNEP -s.. , 'efy I ryy,srysJ CYNTHIA BAUER CHRIS BEGGID I'll remember the interesting people, I'll remember Varsity cheerleaders, Sally Skirvin, always falling up or writing a five page essay on the wrong down the stairs and cutting class. topic. , AX' xx CHRIS BEGLEY SHAWN BENJAMIN I'll remember friends and volleyball. I'l1 remember the cold class rooms. WORD OF ADVICE TO LOWER CLASSMEN: GARY BOWEN Put all your time and energy into what ever you do best, as long as it's legal. NICK ANDERSON Don't act so neat, cuz you're not. RICHARD ALBRECHT Don't worry about the future. It's coming, it's here and there's nothing you can do to stop it. ANDREW MILLER Only the fool finds security in ignomace. SCOTT THOMASEN Wear dark glasses so the girls can't tell where you're looking. IAN GORDON Watch out for Sam, and don't get to close to Crab Louie. MARTIN GILL Stay away from DeSalzar, and don't let Warmer con you out of your lunch. SCOTT LISEA Don't leave clothes in the boys locker room, cuz Warmer loves hand-me-downs. MARIA EDER Complain about the attendance policy. Seniors-3 5 .-e'g-exe: fr --efsefrm. 1, ,Q . - l , , . ,. . 1 sf 7 2 A it Y L Q..-V -- X we it 1- I 3 s . A 4 M1 . A A si AMY BIERMAN BRET BIVINS I'll remember the fun of my junior I'll never forget the football seasons year, Mr. O'Brien, and having Brent and Nick calling me Biivvv. Pierce and Scott Lisea sing to me. Vg lf' ' ,, fi-ow' PATTY BLOOM ERIC BOLER Ill remember Gerome! I dont think Ill never forget breaking Kevin Pe e- I'll forget tripping in a mud puddle in montes collar bone. front of the football team. GARY BOWEN MONICA BRAUTOVICH TAMMY BRAZELTON KELLI BRONNER I'll remember seeing friends, listening I'll remember the segregation, and I'll remember all the nice people that I'll remember growing up, not having to music on upper patio and being em- walking into the wrong class as a sen- helped me through school. to work full time, friends, and falling barrassed to be seen eating a school ior. down the stairs the first day of my lunch. freshmen year. 9 "Steve Brown swears by oxy 10" 36-Seniors s Q px , t , K i 'XE X N nn: y 1 s. s . I, M 2 gy VBQQ N. 3 . X In - ft. .Q , , . e ki t sv 'E f Q., 1 xl ' ' f45"35k7'?io1 13' -ff . ,vw .df of 'HSS 5 STEVEN BROWN SUSAN BROWN I'll remember the spirit, teachers, hav- I'll remember hanging out with all the ing the nicest school in the county, Bob jocks! Goekermann, WB, and falling asleep in class and waking up in the next period. CHRIS BURKE DEBBIE BURKE I'll remember hanging out in the li- I'll remember Mr. Bjur's history class, brary. playing volleyball, singing christmas songs in Coach Mike's class, and play- ing powder puff 3-0- TODD BURKETT KRISTEN BURNS TRACY BYRD MILES CALKINS Fll remember getting caught for steal- I'll remember how slow 6th period I'll remember finishing homework the I'll remember my friends, WB, and ing a test from Mr. Tanimoto's Busi- went by, the tacky totem poles, and try- period before its due, tripping up the chemistry class. H655 Law CUSS- ing to open the wrong locker. stairs, and trying to leave without get- ting caught by Powell. Seniors-37 I Lk'+: STE 1 ' :EEKEE I ' ' ' E 5 L -sn!!! 'Z v ' as I ,4 K X l fi is Q, a wi' Rai MELINA CASTRO STEVE CAZEL I'1l remember that high school was a lot I'll remember skipping school and go- of fun. ing surfing. 3 ' BRENT CHAPMAN BILL CHARMON I'll remember the B.O.Y.S. andthe mo- I'll remember trying hard to be a rock gambie in high school. star, and regret giving the athletes a hard time. 'il' 'Ik' LOUIS CHELONE MARK CLIFTON LAURA CLOCK WILLIAM COLLINS I'l1 remembernobody, and how muchl I'll remember Anna, the B.O.Y.S. and I'll miss my friends and all the fun I'll miss Tibor and all my friends I hated the administration. "The Lugie Thrashers." times high school brought. made in high school. 38-Seniors 1 Bret Bivens chows on a cookie. - 3' YE . .. X, ' ' -, f f- .7 - -e as - - 5 - ,fy Q Q ig . Kh" if A 5 ' . ,P . 5 J RAND CONIGLIO JANETTE CONKLIN VAUGHN COOPER I'll always remember the support from I'll remember my friends, teachers, and I'll never forget the girls, Bob, Sally, my friends and the good looking girls. the lunch time activities, and meeting the girl of my dreams. MICHELLE CRAWFORD JIM DALEY ROBIN DALY and the lunch time activities. homework, and the good friends at Ap- CIOUS TATASJ tos. irq ANNETTE CORBAU I'll never forget my friends and con- ning a teacher into taking us out to lunch. Yfff? A Q T , I TANA DAVIDSON always remember the new peoplel I,ll never forget the endless hours of I'll never forget uOh Nelly" CBODA- I'll never forget Mr. Solbach, he always gave me another chance. Aditi? x s DAVID DELANEY CARA DE SIMONE SANDRA DEVAGELAERE BRAD DE YOUNG I'll never forget the friendships I've I'll always remember Sth period auto I'll remember lunchtime with Phil and I'll miss Mr. Hart and havingadip with made over the years. shop. friends. I'll miss watching the girls at my buddies. lunch. Seniors-39 . . my 5 3 QW' sei X 3? Si Q .jr l. . fe x'-1l X-1 Q Q - 1.-ww vf.. i Q . Q .e . as Q 'C ROBBIE DICKSON KEVIN DONAHUE ERIN DOYLE DEBRA DUINO I'll will always remember lunch Mr. I'll never forget the party atmosphere I'll never forget Mr. Keller and all the I'll never forget going to the games an Powell and being a freshmen at Aptos. band. Participating in clubs MIKE DWANE MARIA EDER Illl always remember the hot chicks at I'll always remember my friends and Aptos. how they made each day better. 2' ,N f I r Vt llle ,,,, . 2 ,,,s ,ylby. , -VZ ,3..,iW:.w ? A 'I 1 is I , ,,,, H . "" - ,,,, H I ,., ,ii ' I ' I if -i ' or ROBERT EDMONDS Fll always remember the people H.Q. and all my teachers. 40-Seniors J ANEEN ELMER 31 I'll always remember the fun faces and all my loving friends. s I . E if J ' ,vp If ni .K gl- K.. 7 , A if-B J IX , as is 'N' ff- 1 ,Tiff pv- we Xa Q t X bs ,Sz ie 'vie g ag? in S is fb Q Ss ls Q KEITH EMERSON BOBBY EDGLEY I'll remember going on B.B. missions. I'l1 always remember the nice friends And I'll never forget Tony Taravella, and the special people I met at Aptos. being a freshman and checking out T.P. and the twins. ,,ip. , . .Jwz . V fr, K , XM ., V - Z. 7. Robyn Groh, Tami Gambelin, and friends get pumped for the game. J s. L RONNIE EPLING MARIANNE F ARINSKY I'll remember the friendships I've Illl never forget the time the guys made at Aptos and the fun times. streaked through upper patio. JENNIFER F ARLEY RENEE FASSBINDER I'll always remember my swim season, I'l1 cherish the friends I've made, and that we won league finals. the concerts I sang in. .35- 8 n. SHANNON FEDERICO I'll never forget Mr. Brown's math I'll never forget the time I almost class, Sunny, Bunny, Tiffy or Taffy. crashed into Brian and almost killed Karen. CHUCK FISHER Seniors-4 1 N., y' , 5, vi N , 'Q 1 if 42-Seniors .. X, 1. Kimberly Miles and Carla Mc Sweeney discuss- ing the problems of life. 2. Alex Sui giving us the eye. 3. Sabrina Okamoto and Pat Newell check out the food at the senior barbeque. 4. Paul Nielson, Dan Watson, Peter Ortega, dis- cussing the Box Lunch Social. 5. One of the normal students pays close attention to his studies. . .. ,, . Seniors-43 M - , ,.L, . .g ir, X . 'L Qi R I .. - ie if - - .. . . N ,Q e - . 3- 5 Hlwwl' - , X ., Ai.. " if 5,5 BARRY FORBES NANETTE FORTIER SHAWN FRARY GARY FRY I'll remember different friends here, P11 remember all my friends and the I'll remember football and the guys! I'll remember my Advanced P.E. clas Bob Goekermann, leaving and going beautiful campus. surfing, and playing the violin in front of the whole school. and trying to get studly. HOLLY FURLANIC PRISCILLA GALLARDO I'll remember cheerleaders, partys, and I'll remember all the nice people. the easy life. 0--.N W4 -1 .W ANNA GALASSI TAMI GAMBELIN I'll remember the beautiful school, low- Adv. Alg. with Mr. Kamiar, Kath, Pee er classmen, friends, going to football Wee Jo, playing powder puff in th games, and being with Mark. mud, and as usual, falling down th stairs will be the things I will remembe most. 1. "Patty get down here!" Phil Tuf 44-Seniors l 1 GC . .. . T 3, , , W,,, 1 ,,T i Q . A . . L5 .. xv--., S- . . W X k X X X Q W gr N ,E . se QQ Q I W I li 5 5 ,V X i 4'P 1 A v.Q. Q . e 1 11' , 'L A -hi xi LEILANI GATES member friends, bumming I'll remember Bam Bam, Mr. Slate, A111 remember is Junior Statesman of with friends, doingaspeech in Dino, Tins, Lola, umidderj, Sneaky America. of class. Pen, Jenna Basketball Homecoming, 1982, HAWKM, AND the Magic Bus! CRYSTAL GATTEY BENE GATZERT E 3 3 ROBERT GEPPERT MARK GERA LISA GILCHRIST remember not knowing what to do I'l1 remember Auto shop and trying to I'll remember like sprouts and pocket I get out of High School. grow a mustache. bread and the good salad bar we had. ,mei 2? H., rai .... ,.,...,... ,.,, g MATIN GILL KRIS GODLEY SARAH GOLDSPINK LISA GONZALES I'1l remember Warmer stealing my I'll remember "Boom Boom," and all I sort of remember the parties. I'll remember switching from school to food, Hacky sack, Rosengard's History my friends. school class, WB, and "Fish Man." 4. "Is this okay?" says Rosie Herschbach. Seniors-45 , ' I b I , k NQQ ' A i , - . , I - e ' . in W A Q. . 1. A f U e A - 5 , T.-1 me if it . it..-Fw X5 ' A .AJ Vi ALEX GONZALEZ I will always remember Mr. Han, Mrs. Murray, and football. iix BETSY HENRIQUES I will miss coloring in Mr. Riordan's class and Solbach's "one more chance" W X IAN GORDON ROBYN GROH I'll remember the Revenge Mobile, go- I will remember all my friends and Mr. ing on B.B. missions, and the rail. Dis Chem class. N .A-are ROSIE HERSCHBACH CYNTHIA HESSLER I'llalways rememberall the greatteach-I will always remember my good ers and my friends, especially Mike friends, especially Kathy Munoz. 1 'Vi 1 ROBERT GURNIE I will remember the fun times I had ix advanced P.E. SUSANNA HILBERT . I will remember Mondays and Fridayl and the earthquake drills. e s .S g 5 S 2 S-Q 4 JENNY HILL SHANNON HOCOM JEFF HOFFMAN KALLA HOFFMAN Iwill remember Back-row Brains, bath- Iwill miss all my friends, the activities, I'll remember going to school every I'll miss the Math Department and Mr. room buddies, INKI, Sister Di, and the Prom, dances and student govern- day! I will miss my friends and the Keller and the band. Kath. ment. work. 46-Seniors T' ,,' f ,Qs 'L V i M- 1. 'LWhat! The sock hop is canceled?" says Andy Miller. Seniors-47 K - -1 1- V ' S5 wks yt X N ss 2 I ,N 'Q H94 3 f LVA 1 I ' V OUR RALLIES HERE AT APTOS The rallies this year have been a credit to Aptos High School. In each rally the spirit and enthusiasm, which has been nonexistent in years past, was running high! Our first rally started off football sea- son with a real BOOM!! The rally was put on by the spirit squad who ran the show. Football players Mike Pace, Mike Totah, Nick Anderson, Alex Siu, Chris Howells, Grant Smith, Brent Pierce and Steve Martin put on a little dance for the stu- dent body which proved to be very enter- taining. Damien Bezore was chosen Freshman of the year due to his participation in a game which he slithered across the gym floor in a sleeping bag. Even the faculty members got in- volved by participating in Class Compe- tition. The winning class, which turned out to be the Seniors, got to throw a cream pie in the face of our dear Mr. Cuneo. Other teachers were Mr. Chad- bome, Mr. Feitchner and Mr. Neilsen. The second rally was a task taken on by Student Government. This rally consist- ed of cheers, a few games, a routine to "Photograph" by the Pom Pon Girls and a very successful slide show. The attendance at the rallys has been great and they're really enjoyable. All in all they were a lot of fun and served their purpose to raise spirit here at Aptos High. 1 BRYAN HOLT I'll never forget Warmer or going to the cabin after games. KEN HOOD I'll never forget Mr. DeSalzar and not having a car for going out on dates. l ! . Ji . 9 s it s f .- W' gigs:-A - - f--t- 1 1 so ' l V DAVID HORBACK I'll always remember making new friends and trying to get on Mr. Powells good side. I 1 R - .f 'S . ., 2 kt f, Y 9 Q 3 Qs' 5 1 fm 'lbkf W' t, KEVIN HOWELL CHRIS HOWELLS LISA HUGHES MIKE HUNTER. I'll always remember Mr. Hart and Ti- I'1l never forget Spanish, and going out Iill always remember leaving at lunch My most favorite thing tordo IS try to bor, and havin' a dip wit Tex with Kevin, Grant, Dan, Tom, Mike and out-running Mr. Powell. talk teachers into postponing tests. 48-Seniors and the rest ofthe B.O.Y.S. DANIEL KAMALANI I will always remember playing hacky- sac and juggling at lunch. fr f . Ai , : . - f'-- Vg ' ,EQ L,.-f I f, IF LAURA J AMIAK MARK JONES PAULS JONES l'll remember my friends and all of the I'll remember the great food and all of I'll always remember my friends and homework. the studying for finals. the teachers. DAISAKU KANEKO I'll remember the nice people at Aptos and my new friends. 5. Peter Ortega tries to hold his head on. 2. Bene Gatzert thinking about that special guy. Seniors-49 Lu ,. .I I . D ' 5 A ' e lag- " is-. MARK KAN K0 4 I .Ai S I K N, U I . P Qs 9555, I I I , I., fc' QW DAN KASSAR E gat E Iwill always remember my red hot car I'll never forget Commador in the and all the fun times we had together. LRC. t ., Mews' J UNKO KATO I'll never forget the warm welcome I got from the students here. KATHY KERBY I will always remember the tennis team and all the fun times in high school. 50-Seniors BRIAN KELLEY Sorry, I forgot to fill a survey out. SHAWNIQUA KHALEEL I'll always remember how fun my years here at Aptos were. 5 lf' s g. KN Jf'e V ' S xv i s 1 ji xx X K I I, V5 I a K KOUROSH KHALLIAM KATRINA KIDWELL Itm not sure about how I feel. But I had I had a great time pulling pranks and a good time. talking to my friends. Scott Thonasen "boggies" to tunes at lunchtime. Q X j x . kk is kk . Q , - K Q : - ' 1 I 4 ' I-5 s-1 . A A fS-- A I I A A is 2 ff. X .. we ,U-.s A -u 1 A, L . ef ,ss . , .. , 3 Q .tg ij 5.5 . S ! r f E , l l qv I 1551 V. G ,Qi I W . , . f A " 5 .I :say:.m.'fvfuas5ezffg1fefg Y .f f ' ff, .s g f 5 l5?l2'V'l'. ' 4 +1 "W 1: Q I V tw 1 r 3 C. 1 "V 'N :WmZ 25f'f,Q v ' ' Y' -' b'n.5'ftv3w2'4-,h1i' :,Y" will V f f . , , ,, ffggywl - 5 'E 1Y7'?'Ti' N ' f . l Q e to A . ya . ALICIA KILLAM VESNA KIRINCIC RON KOELING I'll never forget the great friends and I'll remember the warm welcome and I'll never forget the nice teachers and the nice teachers I've met at Aptos. the friendly people I met at Aptos. the terrific auto shop class we have. . 1 X Q. M 'X sW:.l: 1 Q Li' lik f f" A K I ETilifjipfiiffi ffl p or ell osvv to rlev E fvss STEPHANIE KRIEGER ' JOHN KRICSHER CHRISTINE KUNZE V Illl remember the terrific people and F11 remember the special times and the I'll never forget the neat and special the neat friends at Aptos. nice faces. friendships I've made. ws X . -of ' M.: ,Rs 'iffy ' I CONNIE LAMB MATHEW LANEY CYNTHIA LASCA JOHN LAURANCE I'll remember the support from my I'll remember the great teachers and ad- F11 remember the friendly faces and the I'll remember the people and the great friends, and the special teachers. ministration. neat people. waves. Seniors-5 1 gf? -A - 1 Sai X STEVE LAWRENCE STEVE LEWIS SCOTT LISEA LISA LITCHFIELD I'll remember the good teachers, shop I'll never forget Mr. De Salzar. l'll remember my good friends, the an- l'll always remember excusing myseli classes, Mrs. Mitchell and driving out noying administration, the football bus from classes I cut. l of here. rides, and my pants ripping ata dance, We . Ya" TARA LOCKE PADDON KATHY LONG I'll never forget the basketball games or I'll always remember Mr. Hestand, a the rides home from cross country my classmates, and tripping over meets. plant. KATHY LUDEMAN ERIKA LUIKART I,l1 treasure the great times and the bad I'll remember the excellent teacher times, I'll remember the spirit, rallies, and the wonderful friends. dances, and falling down the stairs. 5. "Take it away Donny Mc Casli 52-Seniors f l 4 SUZANNE LUNDBERG I'll remember the dances and all the homework I had to do at this school. its ARLEN E MACTAVISH I'll always remember my good friend Shanny and all the fun we had causing trouble. EILEEN MANNING I'm gonna remember my friends, Un- cle Bob and the uwondrousw computer system. Dianna August glances across lower patio. Seniors-53 an - -if ew if 5 it .,,.. df .fs . ' V WJ 1, - .C . fy ex - Nt. . 4'-so 1 T all Ei . .5 gf I J' " 2 I a 5: E. A ., 4 'C 3 1 1. 4 ag ,Q LL ' Q S.. lf Z nik if QQ 15 4' ff N da -. -w , . I Q A Y, if N -- A A - -xl' fs . . , . . 1 .g lm. ' K .,, :,3 wg- PAUL MARSHALL SEAN MARTEN KRIS MASON MICHELLE MAXWELL I'll remember my friends and miss the I'1l never forget the friendly people at I'11 always remember how different I'll never forget the new attendance- easy life. Aptos High. people changed over the years. policy. t . A X- 5. l M 'H .i W 5, is . , -1. DON MC CASLIN I'll always remember the music depart- ment, and the people I met. I'll never forget the B.O.Y.S. initiation. t 9 5 CARLA MC SWEENEY I'll never forget the nice friends I made throughout high school. 54-Seniors 'vb- K-ir' 1 Q' I? a . , K TAMI MC CORMICK SUZETTE MC GUINESS I'll never forget my friends I've made Illl never forget the poeple who helped F11 always remember looking forwarcl and going to McDonalds for lunch. me through school. to hitting the surf after school. JOE MC MILLEN, L W 1 DONNA MC SWEENEY I'll remember the best of times. ll. Sabrina Okamoto and Mike Totah enjoyin some lunchtime activities. 4. - Y V s, 4- . ,E L 1 ' . Y ' I I ' M ,. - , 'iii JOHN MENGE I'll miss sitting on the fence on upper patio and the casual life. Q - iff. X y KIMBERLY MILES i I'll always remember the neat styles of clothes and I'm going to miss sitting in the sun on upper patio. if .V ul! 4. img- E' ' mf L -at -to f ' is e - ,Q x H . it ANDY MILLER TODD MILLER PATTY MC NULTY SUSAN MITCHELL I will miss the llth grade dance with I will remember all of my friends and I'm going to miss the casual life at Ap- My favorite thing to do was bother the Rockafellas and the social circus. all the fun at Aptos High. tos and the opportunities it offers. Fiech and I'm always going to remem- 7. Mark Clifton and Anna Gallassi always enjoy each others company at lunchtime. ber the people I grew up with. Seniors-55 i - X -f A E , . V Q A : 5 f 5 P I , --'T Y - - ' - - SLE f- l . ' 'xii i' '-is L-,fl COLIN MOODY WALTER MOODY MARLA MOORE REFUGIO MORAN I'll cherish my fond memories at Ap- I'll never forget the long lunch lines, 1'llfCm6mbCflhC 5116 DCODR? at APIOS- I will femembef DIHYUIS football with ms. and the wonderful food. my friends the m0SI. Q ,, ,QV CHERYL MORDEN MIKE MUNOZ I'll remember the neat friends I've I'll remember going to the cabin afte V, made at Aptos. the basketball games, and staying u , 2? H ,A ,VVVA V' typing the senior surveys, fm.. MICHELLE MURPHY PATRICK NEWELL TOM NEWTON PAUL NIELSEN I'll remember my freshman year and I'll remember throwing a thrasher's I'll never forget the B.O.Y.S. club and I'll never forget the music, the people all the HCW PCODIC I mel- DHITY- the special friends I've made at Aptos. or the school. I'll miss Nerbie and Mr. Becker. 56-Seniors P 1 ' X '-kk 1 ,. 'v . . N. l.. , gg - . L- A - 3 . Q' . I l x "" 3.5 'S N Q . v yi l o-If 'Lf l NATHAN NIX LINDA NUTT ANNE O'BRIEN SABRINA OKAMOTO Q I'll always remember all the friends I I had a great time peeling off registra- I'm gonna always rememberg Mr. D's Forever and ever l'l1 remember all the l made and playing soccer. tion stickers in the parking lots. chemistry class, HAWKM, the 4 T.T.'s new people I met. l and the EGG. K Q at E 'S x. 'Q ,rn it Q 9 I 3 s 2 3 3 N. ' 'hgh Q it X se we G 'W ? if r sy, sk ..l, f Q f it -...- - 2 -1. lv . ii' 1 ' x 3 ' eff is S is CASEY OLSON JAMIE O,MAHONY PETER ORTEGA KRISTINA OWSLEY Ihad a good time just hanging around Ishall never forget the excellent dictio- I'll always remember going out with I'll always remember playing Powder and waiting for the waves. nary in our school library and The Fun- my friends and just havingagood time. Puff and singing in the choir. Q damental Theorem of Calculus. l SENIOR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS I 5' Nick """"'s""' holding dm his 'unch' SCOTT LISEA GARY BOWEN EI was at a dance and my pants ripped. Being seen eating a school lunch. NANCY SCOTT PAUL NIELSEN Ask Alex. Being busted by Pops. LINDA NUTT STEVE BROWN My truck caught on fire on upper parking lot. Falling asleep and waking up in the next period. J EAN-MARIE PAXTON RENEE FASSBINDER I asked Brent Pierce to the homecoming dance During final curtain call of "Anything Goes", and he said he had a girlfriend. Andrew Singleton hung a B.A. Seniors-57 ssss A xv Y A Q N ...ig 3 1 1 1: T . 1"-1 Q L' he A 5' ...A I ' Ii ,S Elm A . . as X by 'seize' ' P MATT PALMER JENNIFER PALMIERI PATTI PARNELL BILL PASSEY I'll never forget all the girl watching I I'll remember the Backrow Brains and I'll remember the unorganized atten- I,1l remember all the times Chuck andI did. all my buddies. dance system. gave Powell a hard time. 1 JEAN MARIE PAXTON MARK PECK I'll remember Brent Pierce, he was my I'1l always remember the day I get ou first friend here. of this place. KEVIN PEDEMONTE VICKI PELICH I'll remember the bad reputation I had I'll remember 443, and keeping the foot V in High School. ball stats. 5 ,. ah Arlene MacTavish,chocking on a chicke bone. 58-Seniors Iif - -1 ff - tele at Cifst I 1 if ERIK PETERSON A if I'll never forget the time . . . I can't re- . ' member. 2 t if! I I T' em T sziwird X " fifflrx 034 ! ' 4' O' AQYQ X BRENT PIERCE CAROL PONSO KAREN POPE JOHN PRICE I loved football, laughing at Mr. Hart I'll never forget my friends and all the Forever and ever I'll remember Millie I'll remember cutting class at least once and U.L.S. cute guys. Draders, sneaky fingers, and "Go Tig- a day. ger Go." L...- PAUL PURVIN DAVID RANK KYLE REGISTER I'l1 remember all my teachers and I'll remember all the friendly faces I Ican not forget all the foxy women and friends the very most. saw here at Aptos. fun I've had here. 2. "The group" discusses old times. KEITH REICH I'l1 never forget good ole NO STUCK and Diana. Seniors-59 l ,.LL .. I . .I is 21255, is r NX f X .,. X .::' 'i fill fs fl 1 .Q '51 - I ii - I '- fi' 9 I Mt! JJ 1. b e.I as px jj . X r I SQ 5 .,.. 'S IDN-...sr-Olliv' RANDY RHODES KIMBERLEE ROBY MIKE ROGERS TODD ROUSH I remember the fun dances and all the I will always remember all the parties I'll remember all the fun I had in my I will remember all the changes m good times I had. and fun I had these past years. senior year and just kickin, back. friends and I all went through. And I, 'ie 1 3' MICHELLE REBEL LUCY SAIA I didn't get to fill out a survey. I'll never forget when the guys went steaking through upper patio. KRISSY SCOTT NANCY SCOTT I'll always remember the fun I had at I'll rememberg Pebbles, Bam Bam, Mr. Aptos and am gonna miss Leslie. Slate and HAWKM, back row brains 60-Seniors and the EGGQUACK . . . gonna miss all my younger friends. JENNY SALISBURY No survey available STEVE SCHUYLER I'll always remember staying two steps ahead of Mr. Powell. .. .Sax-. ...., I iris at Y ' W", y F Q SL ak! i Q 'Wk JAMES SELF DAWN SESS Im really gonna miss all the people I Im really gonna miss Mr. O connell met here at Aptos and playing football. and all the homework I did f f . . s. " ' 42 . I se - ' 2' is sie I 1s".- W' X' - . -Q. 117. Y . -- Q S ', ' 1' Q':? r-"'i.K5AH- -, e Q x- Q , Q .A X -3-z'j':s."es "2-'j'ff5-1 I - Q an - R -K v. 'Q ., . ' it -- QQ. N I w-A QFN: lg, .L , , , GWEN SHIFERIN I'll always remember the special people and my very dear friends. 5 sXf, Graduation Through all our years at Aptos High, we have eagerly awaited for the day of graduation. Yet now that graduation is quickly approaching, many students have faced the prospect of leaving Aptos High with mixed emotions. To many seniors, leaving high school meant continuing on to college. With the thought of college came an entirely new set of obstacles that had to be conquered. Deciding on which college to attend and filling out applications was only part of the obstacles. Seniors also had to suffer through the Scholastic Apptitude Test CSATJ and the Achievements. These tests were given periodically throughout the year and gave students tand collegesll a chance to test their knowledge and see how much they have learned. Of course, many seniors chose not to go on to college. To them, the realization of the end of high school was even more scary. It was time for them to decide what career route they would take and as the choices grew, the decisions were harder to make. Graduation was not at all faced entire- ly with gloom. As seniors slowly realized this truly was their last year here, they resolved to make it their best, and they did. We will always remember our senior year with fond memories of our friends and the great times we had together as the class of 1984. 1. Mark Jones can't wait until graduation comes. X TOM SICK ANDREW SINGLETON ALEX SIU I'll never forget the good times in I'll neverforget the good times with my I'll always remember my senior foot- woodshop. band. ball season. I'll miss the cheerleaders and the neat friends l've made. Seniors-61 S' .,., - , .. wg 1 Q W 4 is I Q .9 .4 4 R , . y DARLENE SKELLY KARYN SKEMP SHELLY SMITH JIM SPAIN I'l1 remember ditching Mr. Powell and I'1l remember Gerome. I'l1 never forget the fine friends and the I'll miss Mr. Hart and his auto shop going out to lunch with my friends. support they have given me. class. 62-Seniors f lf ' , to 3, If M Tom White tells Todd Burkett, "Get off my back, Todd! U . K :.:L .,kV. . - I M I FAI Q, g fi: 2 , g et . S A -a - A. v - 2 - , f- ,Q - ,, B.. , .. ,f""s P" 2 1' fn x . BARBARA SPURLOCK always remember the friends I hrough the years and home- Ai f O l : f A at - DEBBIE STONE l'here have been so many special imes, I can't remember any specific hings. SANDY THIRUP if ...sf - Q 5 J e Q all R Aram' EUGENE STILLER JEFF STOBAUGH HEATHER STOLL l'm gonna miss Scott, Moto, Hunter I'll miss the easy life of high school and I'l1 always remember my first day at and all my buddies. But not the home- all the friends I've made. Aptos and the beautiful campus here. work. X DEENA STYLES ERIC SWETLAND JOY TAYLOR I'll remember all the relationships I I'll remember Miles, Jenny, dressing The friends I've made are very special had in High School and the fun times. like a gorilla and all the fun I had. to me and I'll never forget them. '-is Qs' -d'2"""?' .- fl., EK., as SCOTT THOMASEN SCOTT THOMPSON MICHELLE TINSELY lI'll neverbe able to forget how sick the I'll remember girls with rad bods and I'll remember lunch, break and going The best of times, to Crystal, Anne, cafeteria lunches were, and I'm really watching girls swim in P.E. home when the day was done. Nancy, Karen, Nicole and Holly gonna miss Rexie. Seniors-63 5? ' .. t - . ' - - - - .. r xr S X is J Q 1 Fx fi - -1- - M Q ,f e ff . we N Xiiiggg 1 rrkwwt if N-. I i 1 'an i A MIKE TOTAH MAUREEN URBANIC I'l1 remember relationships and apple- I'l1 never forget counting the days unti sauce. I'll never forget how long my the next vacation. hair was my freshman year. l CAROL UTTERBACK HOLLY VERNAZZA CHRIS WADHAMS KATHY WARMERDAM I always looked forward to the sunny I'll never forget the time I got in a fight I'll never forget the BIG swell. I'll cherish the friendships I've made days and the beach. with Mr. Harrison. my years at Aptos. DANNY WATSON JUDY WEAVER J OHANNA WEGER PAM WEST I remember the mistakes I made, the I remember the good friends and fun I'll treasure the friends I've met. I'll never forget the timelslipped dow B.O.Y.S., and 143. times at Aptos. the stairs. 1 Grant Smith, Brent Chapman, Christop Howells Or Larry, Curly and Mo?? 64-Seniors Sw s . A L , - X X law.. -Q R .1 5- 'W K. ,ll .-n :J t -2-H-QM Yxxane S 1' ,gm I . 5 QT' Vs. n . ,f nn, THOM WHITE I'll remember all the fun I had and all the people I shared it with. LELLANI WILLIAMS I'll always remember all the friends I made and of course whipped cream. JOHN WOOLSEY I remember sitting on Upper and schamming with Joe and all the beauti- ful girls. MM STEVE WHITEWING REID WILKENSON What's there to remember? I'll remember to return Karenis um- brella. 'P' KRISTIN WOLFENDEN I can never forget all the friends I made and how much I've grown. SUSAN WISE I'm gonna miss all the fun during pow- der puff and volleyball season. And I can't forget Frosh initiation. i . A CRAIG WILLIAMS I'll remember my teachers, miss my friends and playing sports. .5 3 .. 'I' flu Q 1. KEN WULLESEN I will always remember all the fun I had playin' music and just being with my friends. uv' fb- I DIANE YEDNAK JULIA ZARAGOZA ADAM ZAWADSKI I'l1 always remember my cheerleading I remember not turning in my senior I remember being the last one in the days and the friends I made. survey. yearbook. Seniors-65 THE CLASS OF 19 4 if iww ff' Q Q 572 4 W 6, Q' N X7 A -,wiv 1. Crystal Gattey, Nancy Scott, Anne O'Brien, "friends forever." 2. Mike Rogers, Miles Calkins, "talking over the days activitiesf' 3. Discussing their next bid for the Box Lunch So- cial are: Bret Bivens, Gary Bowen, Tom Newton, and Brent Chapman. 4. "Gee, look at mei, Holly Furlanic. 5. "Looking for a friend." Joe McMillen. Seniors-67 68-Juniors QQHYSA 1. Dawn Miner, Monique Anguiano and Tammy Caredio contemplate their plans for the weekend. 2. Andrew Benedict shows the little boy that's inside of him. 3. Juniors purchasing their student body cards. 4. While walking across upper patio, Jeff Bellandi day dreams. 5. Michelle Keeley cracks up after hearing about what Michelle Abbot did friday night. 6. Kim Reyes says "ol' well" after giving in to the teacher. 7. Lori McElroy rushes down to lower patio to meet her friends during lunch. 8. Christine Crabtree tries to get in the conversa- tion. 9. Dino Martinez and Valerie Marcus procrasti- nates getting to class after break. ' ,ff,.55.9 Juniors-69 Miki Abbot Heidi Abemethy Keith Agosta Erin Ahem Kristin Alberts Felix Alfaro Julie Anderson Karen Anderson Michelle Anderson Whitney Anderson Monique Anquiano Stacy Aronovici Tawnia Arthur Dennis Ashley Kathleen Barker Staci Barsi John Bartch Adam Beach Karin Beach Michelle Bedsole Jeff Bellandi Karen Bemiss Alix Benedict Andy Benedict Jenny Bero Frank Berry Katie Bettencourt Cherly Blain Clark Bloom Matt Bombardieri Mike Bonano Sharon Bonnema Trisha Boyes Cara Brechler Ray Breer Sharon Bregante Jodi Bremmer Kimbel Broyles Ed Bumgamer Richard Byrd Dana Caesar 70-Juniors as N o Q C " . ci Q -sf. N 'Q f Y a w v gf: fi iw' . . X' gun 'R f as 3 N w -n X X fl X if ,X X I ES N YW? -r , 9 A 1 ti X his AK S f X , K ., .,-j+-..B':. S 1 t ,V 2, A-.Easy Q .1 A .1 .--Q--B 'S , . I' . 5- N NY X M 'Barak se , 5 N139 W, A z gi K fe J x A l X 5 f 'R is ' ,N-f i - rf ,- qw W 1 N X is A ...wi 1 K l. Brian Smart in his usual state of mind. 2. On a cold winter day Clark Bloom takes time out for a rest. 0 Q X it Q ' i x Tammy Caredio Mark Carriere Kitty Chavez Stephen Clancy Katie Clark' Larry Clark-Gonzales Kathy Coathey Michelle Cole Ian Cooke Ryo Cooke Gary Cooper Robyn Copeland Christine Crabtree Ian Crosby Ted Crotwell Karen Cryder Stephanie Cyr Jeff Dalldorf Dyan Dalton Deann Daniel Deanne Dawson Stacey Dean Scott Deason Chuck DeLorenzo Brian Dettle Greg Dibenedetto Matt Dillon David Dinsmore Greg Dirksen Frank Dlott Ian Dobbins Lee Dodson Andrew Dorosin Scott Douglas John Doyle David Duchscher Jeanette Dunn Tim Eberhart Tony Eller J uniors-7 1 Brian Elliott Jon Engelund Erik Ewbank Gordon Farquarson Mark Farrington Laura Fennell Dan Ferron Eric Fieber Scott Fiorovich Tim Fisher Rene' Fonier Rachele Franich Shawna Franks Nordy Frentz David Friel Matt Fuller Brent Garvey Tracy Gill Mike Golub Greg Grabost Jeff Gray Chris Greene Gina Grossman Mauro Gutierrez Michele Haberman James Hagen Nicki Hammond Brian Hansen Erik Hansen David Hardy Rachael Henne Chris Hemandez Della Herchbach Melinda Hietala Chuck Hiles Leslie Hiles Kirk Hirano Chris Holt David Homer Ken Hood David Hueter 72-Juniors I X'-5 Liszqi va l "g,,.x QR, Y I 1 w Y' s vi 'M . V tw-31 7512 ? ,, 'fav -Q. jf: as E, N 4 A 1.. 1. Dian Teese tries to hold in her laughter. 2. Tim Lofano's impersonation of Bugs Bunny rl .7 if 1 as a 'S I' if? if V at A X Q S , Wm, awww ,Lf f If ,M QNX! ws: , xkkik ..f' ,. 1. Attempting to clear the cobwebs from his brain Jon Engelund crosses his eyes at his friends. Steve Ivy Terri Ivy John James Adam Johnson Kathi Johnson Suzanna Johnson Nicole Kamian Sabine Karcz Jed Karp Mikky Keeley Elizabeth Keyser Joe Khalid Diane Kitayama Edward Koch Steffi Koring Chris Kramer Tina Kramer John Krischer Mike Kretsch Kelly Kubota Shelli Kuenstler Mary Laney Carol Lenheim Joseph Lester Tim Lofano Chris Long Karin Love Laura Ludeman Tony Lukin Brian Lusher Faith Lynch Roben Maddock Jody Maietta Michael Maler Tom Malmin Steve Manville Tim Maple J oelle Marek Anne Marhenke J uniors-7 3 Jimmie Maride Paul Marinelli Bryan Marks Frank Marshall Julie Manin Robin Martindale Dino Martinez Sonya Martinez Susan McCawley Tad McCormick Pat McDow Lori McElroy Bob McFarlane Rob McKie Daniel McWeeney Tia Meyer Ronnie Miceli Greta Miedecke Mark Mikaelsen Jenni Miller Rodney Miller Dawn Miner Tristan Moore Robin Morales Tyler Morgan Tim Mortenson Ben Nelson Grant Newman Yvette Noble Jeff Norris Matt Nowark Mike O'Boy Mike O'Brien Ziggy Ochala Jennifer Olson Katie Olson Maria Ortega Michael Overson Mike Pace Keith Page Paige Palmer Dave Paradiso Steve Peno Janet Perchesky Andrea Pezzoni 74-Juniors K .MMM ' 4 ix 3 1, X X ,- Q' if Y .wt 'vs x . MK . , f.,: X4 X :t.zfez?ss1S:: k- '- e" Viz ,TI Nfjf '11 4-q 1. Struttin' his stuff here's Ted Crotwell. 2. Trying to pay attention to her friend, Stephanie Taylor slowly drifts off into space. in-,rx 1. Maria Zaragoza gives the guys the eye. Tammy Pfann Rosalee Pfister Sean Phillips Christine Pickett Joey Poulos Linda Powell Akin Provatakis Vidyale Radhunadan Maxx Ramirez Uriel Rangel Matt Raymond Chris Rebele Lee Reinsimar Erik Rettner John Rhodas Kathy Richardson Mark Riolo Jon Robinson Selena Robinson Mike Rock Vince Rodriguz Cynthia Rogers Jon Roth Sean Rovai Gabriel Saia Julie Salisbury Bill Schmidt Erik Schmidt Warren Schwartz Leslie Scoppettone Laurie Sereano Rae Shadwell Devon Shaffer David Shelton Sheryl Shepley Michael Shirey Gary Shirey Leanne Shore Kathleeen Shugart Will Shuirman Aaron Sirles Brian Smart J uniors-75 Grant Smith Kristen Smith Julie So Carrie Specht Cece Specht Shari Spichtig Karalle Springer Steve Stanton Shelly Stewart Janet Stiller Michael Stolle Barbara Stout Glenn Sugimoto Audrey Summers Steve Sullivan Tom Sydes Audra Tabula Anthony Taylor Nichole Tell Beverly Trengove Melisa Ugalde Roger Upton Dave Valdez Matt Valen Judy Vaught Robert Vessey Tamee Verwer John Veysey Sherri Vitatoe Jamilah Vittor Mark Von Grey Marty Vukasovich Roger Waddell Patricia Walker Robert Wall Michelle Welk Gordon Weltheimer Gloria Wenger Nina Westfalls Don Wickwire Kathy Wilfong Holly Wilhelm Joel Wilhelm Joann Williams Brady Wilson Sheli Winans Robert Wittenberg Claudia Wittler Jeff Woolsey Aaron Worthen Maria Zarogoza Arin Zawadzki Cynthia Zerboni John Zueck 76-Juniors 4 Y S.. 1 N Q se. e 2 rf if 3- ,-1. S X . ssr,.,. as .s. -Q- -it ,fc.,.'55W f s., gi, . tg , 135 xxx, ,V- "i L ........,, .. y.-,r..y A Juniors Experience in the Woods Rene' Fortier survived 4 insane days with 7 boys ofthe sixth grade, from Juni- pero Serra, Good Shepard and San Car- los, at camp. The day began at 7:00 am where every- one was up and ready at 8:00 am for the flag ceremony and breakfast. Then Rene' and her boys met with their Naturalist for fieldstudy, which they studied about na- ture. They went on hikes in Big Basin and explored nature. At night they had a camp fire out in the woods with the other people, and the Naturalists had a show for them. After the camp fire they went on a night hike When Rene' and her boys got back to the cabin they discussed what they were going to do for their skit, on the last night there The last day they attended flag ceremo- ny and had one last get together with their Naturalist Departing was one ofthe hardest things to do Watching all the kids leave really made Rene, want to cry, and the kids too The whole week there Rene really got to know her kids, then all of a sudden it s time to go home. 1. The boss is here, Rene' Fortier! 2. Gary Cooper takes a lean at break. 3. Discussing their opinions of the guys at our school, Cindi Wion and Stephanie Cyr relax at the fountain. Juniors 77 Wav' mg , "W N 'sin Q , ' X 5?- -ii Q Wi: ot Pictured Peter Alaga Patricia Allen Le'isa Baird Jim Bedsole Robert Bemiss Donna Bowron Chad Brazil Erik Burton Rick Butler Stan Cleveland Lenny Clark-Gonzales Laili Cockshot Leah Coniglio Donovan Dean Ronna Debeneditti Sharon Delatorre Mike Elliott Brian Englen Laurie Femandes Beverly Flanter Anthony Floyd 'QM 5 if B Mark Franks Martin Fuentes Karen Gallo Gregory Garbo Jennifer Gaura Mike Goleman Gary Hagen Teresa Heavens Kevin Howell Nancy Hunter Frank Hunter Yushie Ishiguro Kenneth Johnson Peter Jones Denise Kemp Alan Lajoie Matthew Lundbeck Mark Lynch Alberto Macias Stefan Marceron Valerie Marcus John Marsh Dan McGilliguddy Dennis McKieman Daniel McWeenly Lisa Mellentina John Mutha Suzanne Olander Chad Payton William Pierce Haven Pollock Ted Purvin Gina Redfield Kim Reyes William Schmidt Jordan Shuirman Melanie Sotelo Anita Sullivan Michael Taylor Stephanie Taylor Malcolm Threat Heather Tumer Michael Walker Gary Waugaman Cindi Wion Juniors-79 W .Q 80-Sophomores D MM -M se i ,M i V 1. If school could only be a little more exciting are Diane Siri and Annette Ala- ga's thoughts. 2. What a drag lunchtime is are the thoughts of Carol Wright and Renee De- lude. 3. Karen Lyng, Kathy Bunce, and Mara Large live it up at lunchtime. 4. Stacey Hedgpeth in one of her more cheerful moods. 5. Julian Gonzales scopes lower patio. 6. Is Steve Martin looking at an enemy or at the new love of his life? 7. Jeff Jones gazes sleepily at his friends after a hard fifth period. Mae. Sophie Abed Annette Alaga Pete Alaga Ken Albert Ami Allen Andrew Anderson Lessley Anderson Michael Anderson Tamara Antonelli Jackie Ayers Kimberly Bachan Maureen Baker Jesse Baldwin Pete Bamford Deman Bamett Renea Barsi Ralph Battels Joy Baugher Lanae Bennett Ron Bingam Gary Bixler Sara Black Staci Blanton J eff Bohlin Nancy Boone Brad Bradstreet I. Can you walk eat and laugh at the same time? Samantha De Young can 2, Diane Long Gina Jensen and Renee Robert observe the sights of lower patio 3. Hey check out the new kid Debbie Heffernan says to Sally Stoik, 82-Sophomores ,QS 3 vo 'Y 1 R 5 tilt tr iiggjy 1 at ,Q . av' 3 Q, N . my f ' -f', . ff ' ' s pdf" "5 'Q .J . Amy Brewster Steven Brown David Brumiield Christina Bruno Arton Buchanan Robert Bugalski Kathy Bunce David Butcher Vincent Campanile Ruby Cariaso Michele Carini Robert Camey Sabrina Castro Tracie Castro Bryan Charters Jill Chase Jeanette Chelone Tara Christian Brent Christierson Tom Clifford Kelli Clifton Joe Cochrane Amy Connell Terri Cookson David Cordero Mar Correia Silvia Cortez Phillip Cramblet Stacy Cronk Debbie Crooks Scott Crooks Cindy Cruz Jill Cupps Peter Daly Deanna Delaney Josh Dellar Renee Delude Gordon Dent Sam Deyoung Julie Dickson Joe Dimarzio Niloofar Dinyari Tamara Douglass Todd Downing Sophomores-83 Money, Money, Money. . . . . .This is one thing the class of 86 has plenty of Last year we brought in close to 31100.00 dollars thanks to our student government represenatives. This made our class one of the few to bring in this much money in their freshmen year. This year, with old and new represena- tives, student government set a goal to raise 32000.00 dollars. This was quite a hard task but student government had many activities planned. Before the end of the first semester we had eamed be- tween S700 and S800 dollars. They man- aged this by selling treat bags for Hallow- een and Winter raffle tickets with the grand prize being a S35 dollar gift certifi- Kimberly Dray Bruoe Duane Kristen Dugger John Eberhart Darius Englen Ronda Epling Sabrina Everette Matt Feemster Dale Fendorf Julie Fennell Shawn Ferron Elizabeth Finn Joe Fleck Darin Forrest Haydee Frederiksen Rona Gager Cary Gandrup Elizabeth Garcia Lance Garman Mark Gattey J eff Gempler Chris Giggy Finney Gilbert Dan Gil Brent Gingery Sally Green Anne Gleeson Tracy Glenn Linda Golden Nickie Gomes Julian Gonzalez Cheryl Gospodretich Kelly Gracheck Tyla Gregg Gabriell Guglielmelli A 84-Sophomores cate for dinner at the Shadowbrook. Some ofthe other activities planned were a carmel apple sale and a bake sale in January and the Sadie Hawkins dance. With all these activities planned we were sure to make our goal. Not only does student government make money, but they also make memo- ries here at Aptos High. They make school more bearable by planning lunch- time activities for everyone to participate in. The class of 86 was definitely off to a good start and they planned to keep going strong to make our Senior year the most memorable year of them all. 'ffl 1' 1 N' ,g Kauai.. l v 1 ve g gi. .. gi' if l Q as ...x t missifri Mike Gumee Stacy Hames Joss Hanna J aqueline Hartman Ron Hartoon Mattew Harvey Stacey Hedgpeth Debbie Hefferman Michelle Henley Eric Henning Robby Hermanek Lara Hiers Curtis Higgins Kirsten Hilbert Laura Hoaglin Scott Holland Warren Holt Darin Homer Eric Howe Heather Huddleston Phil Hudelson Dean Ichikawa Erin Imhof Lesile Imlay Gina Jensen Michaele Jensen 1 Kenny Woods tells some friends about his hot date for 2 What a body that chick has thinks Philip Hudelson. Sophomores-85 Tawni Jenson Laura Jilka Jeff Jones Jeb Johnson Jessica Johnson Russell Johnston Cindy Kane Margie Kanko John Keller Sandy Kennedy Shawn Kennedy Tim Kerr Sean Ketchum Meryam Khayat Kathy Kitayama Joann Kxischer Matt Kurrle Tim Lane Mara Large Terah Larrick Holly Lasica Dawn Layne Michelle LeClair Brennon Leighton Pat Lesp Liz Lindaver Miles Littell Chrissy Locke-Paddon Diane Long Michael Lucas Paul Lucero Karin Luikart Jon Lundstedt Karen Lyng Kevin McAnemey Barbara Macias Tersa Macias Jeannine Madsen Cheryl Maitoza Michael Manning Amy Marinelli Max Marker Chris Marrell Robert Martinez Kevin Martin Steve Martin Qfnthia Matano 86-Sophomores as Q is qkhi-.1xs"' s . A' " 'ff I it Q tex , 'il ,S we .53 in - l. Debbie Newell can't believe Julie F ennell is actually eating the cafeteria food. 24 Where did I put my lunch money? Jesse Baldwin thinks to himseli .wise-is 2-5, I w i We V' ii a s X Q1 if New IE EE X Q R, 61- ? if 3 Richard Matys Tori McAdams Andy McConnell Barbara McGinnis Julie McKenzie Chris McKieman Debbie Meacham Albie Miles Jeff Miles Pete Minch Mike Montgomery Tiffany Morgan Jodi Myers Earl Neidhamer Debbie Newell Chase Norlin Karen Nowark Dan Nicholls Melanie Olson Kelli O'Mahony Derek Opdyke Natasha Orlins Kirk Osbom Lisa Passy Ken Peck Sonny Peck Chris Peuler Cheryl Penner Alicia Perez Chrisonda Phillips Vic Polverino Tina Pumphrey Jennifer Poodry Jennifer Proudfoot Richard Puhl Karen Putnam Joseph Ramos Doug Rank Sophomores-87 Matt Reade Chris Rebecchi Christine Reber Jeffrey Reiman Caureen Roach Kristina Robertson Renee Robert Craig Robinson Bron Roeder Larry Rogers Eric Roush Dawn Rucker Will Rushworth Angie Sanders Beverly Sanson David Schofield Daniel Schwab Risa Schwartz Bill Sendell Ron Severdia Chad Silva Diane Siri Andy Sloane Melissa Statua Sally Stoik Niel Street Joley Styles Maria Svenson Christy Tanner Michelle Tarsky Stephanie Taylor Mark Thomas Kenny Tindell Regina Tinsley Ty Tomkin 88-Sophomores ln? se? X, ,2- Y 'Z' W Refi-T55 55?:5S1F'FX 'wee-, .a Q, s 1.2-1 5 N ei it E 5 yrtht hex 'f R x is sm.. . X. 'YQ gs 'T K S . - gg: .v V' is . , Q gf r f ig Q2 C K ,K as s NSIQ YS W ' Y - 5 'W . 5 sv E. 'WF g as S Y E .Nw l. Jennifer Proudfoot's shocked expression showed she wasn't prepared for the English test. 2. Hi folks, this is Brent Christierson your friendly smurfl 3. Earl Neidham certainly isn't a squin. Ed Tonkin Paul Treseler Mark Tritenbach Michael Tumer Lisa Upton Kathleen Urbanic Varena Walewski Frank Walls Shereen Weiser Domine Welch Susan Welch Peter Whipple Tracey White Tim Whitting Robert Wickwire David Willison Trekkor Wills Melissa Wilson Renee Winchell Deborah Winter Elena Wolfenden John Wolfenden Carola Wolfgang Kenny Woods Carol Wright Julie Vetter Mark Vieira Elian Xanthus Will Zeip Shannon Ziel Sarah Zulim Sophomores-89 NOT PICTURED W Valerie Alquist Kier Anderson Sandi Anderson Buffy Appleton Steve Bashaw Buffy Burdette Mary Burson Aurelio Cervantes Sherry Davidson Trevor Dirksen Vincent Dunham Todd Engoe John Fernandez Tim Fitzpatric Mike Fox Deric Holdaway Heidi Hollen Lisa Ilse Kurt Jennings Sean Keeley Eric Lajoie Ann Litchfield Philip Mansfield Mark Mariowe Chris McClure Joel Nedeau Richard Nedeau Brenda O'Keefe Melanie Olsen Derek Opdyke Carl Perusina Kerry Reimer Lindy Rogers Mike Sabedra Danae Scurich Scott Skinner Anthony Smith Michael Smith Eric Totah Ron White 90-Sophomores S i,iiyyiiy C i'c 5 nt!!! ii. - s sin. V 1. One of Kevin McAnerney's favorite sayings is "Hey Bud lets pany!" as demonstrated here. 2. You call that a joke? David Brumiield asks his friend. 3. If Dan Nicoles could only see himself after the pie eating contest, he would die! 4. Richard Matys' nostrils have a certain flair when he's mad. 5. "No my hair is not greasy, it's just wet!" stated Jackie Ayers. 6. Varena Waleski is lost without her boyfriend. 7. Boy, what a tripy day Kelly Grachek tells her friend. E GYEESWYSE7 N Vi is-"ff XX 6:fl,:5'f'?sf'W'- Freshmen Yx , gy A6 R Q Sv' 1 .6. 5 iy?gti. 1 Q ' ,, ,, 1. "What did you get on that History exam?" Adam Bishop asks Chris Hughes. 2. "What did you say?" Saghi Khalilian asks. 3. Nichole Bollentini, Jennifer Pearce, and Katie Farley share a joke. 4. "I told you I could do it", replies Stephanie Vom- volakis while coming from P.E. 5. Chris Walker is'nt sure what he's hearing. 6. Lili Herrera is deep in thought on lower patio. 7. "I hope my eyes aren't deceiving me." says Jeanne Gambill. N V i 1 ,. .,,,,, UW'- Freshmen-93 Missy Abbott Sheri Abemethy Riv Acciaioli Kelly Alberts Joel Allen Todd Allen Anthony Anderson Jeanette Anderson David Aronovici Tiffany Arris Jim Bartch Krystal Barth Paul Bartko Katie Banlebaugh Dean Bassi Teresa Battle David Beach Michelle Beckstrom Steve Bellandi Joe Bentley Melissa Best 94-Freshmen N. XW-ot... -.l.t ... M DSN. ..,...-1' vt. . pr 1. H l. Surprised, Micah Stevens is capture 2. "Tell me a tune and I'll play it," says practicing in the music room. d by the camera Jon Dryden while 3. Eddie Lotts is asked to taste test a banana Amy Bettencourt Demian Bezore Scott Bingham Adam Bishop Gina Bixler David Black Alan Blanchette Peter Blumeniield 1, at g.,A, We Casey Bohnett Rick Bol Nicole Bollentini Eric Bono Dina Bothwell Julie Bowron Paula Brainard Kelly Bregante Andrea Bridges Allison Bristow Tami Brown Leslie Bruce Joel Brunk Justin Bullion Staci Bumgarner Nichole Burdette Kristin Burkett Krista: Burton Connie Butler Jenifer Byrd Cheralee Carr Kendall Carr Kirk Carter Trisha Castro Chris Charman Kevin Charters Mike Chasen Rachael Chatfield Larry Cheadle Jason Cinquini Athena Clarke Eric Corder Freshmen-95 Tracy Comelison Rodney Correia Angie Cromwell Michael Crosby Kris Cnxmpton Nancy Cryder Joanna Cyr Steve Daldorf Kevin Davis Quintanne Delano Rochelle DeMartini Joey DeSimone Mike Dickey Bridget Driscoll Jonathan Dryden Lori Duino Holly Duren Julie Durette Kim Eabry John Ealy Chris Earls Chris Eddy Jim Eller Deardra Englen Jonathan Entwistle Michael Eppenbach Lenore Estrade Joel Evleshin Katie Farley Allen Farrier Derrick Fisher Tim Fitzbuck 96-Freshmen Bob Fitzgerald Kevin Frank Erin Fry Richard Fugate Mike Gage Jeanne Gambill Mary Garcia Thomas Gardner Luke Gaumond Joshua Geller Michelle Gill 1 "" Patrick Goddard . Anne Godley Mark Goleman ..,, Rent- -Freshman "Going once, Going twice, Sold! To the young man in the blue for S10.00,,' was the sound most of the school heard during the Rent-a-Frosh auction. It was held on Tuesday, November 1, and Thursday, November 3. On Friday, No- vember 4, Rent-a-Frosh Day, these poor freshmen were carrying books, standing in line, and opening doors for their "mas- ters". Sophomore, Matt Reade, bought Stephanie Vomvolakis and on Friday she was standing in line and being crushed for the Homecoming Rally. The slaves were: Matt Weaver, Micah Stevens, Jen- ny Lind, Kristin Burkett, Chris Walker, Mary Garcia, Michelle Mosley, Sheri Abernethy, Amy Bettencourt, Dagmar Leguillon, Demian Bezore, Jeannie Turn- er, and Stephanie Vomvolakis. 11 of these 13 freshmen were sold. Pm sure they were relieved when 2:30 came around that Friday in November. Thanks to all the people that participated in this event and made it such a big suc- cess! 1. Steve Daldorf makes his way to 5th period. 2. "I have the feeling," says Michelle Moseley to Geoff Saccone and Danielle Kamian, "that we're going to win today." 3. Mr. Nielsen and Matt Weaver auction off Fresh- men. Freshmen-97 Heather Gordon Heather Gray Matt Gray Jodi Greeninger Mark Griffiths Shannon Gruber Greg Hagan Rick Hager Sara Halverson Debbie Hammond Jennifer Hamrick Jennifer Hanzlik Diane Harbertson Jon Hardisty Bobby Harris Leshea Hartoon Brian Hawes Michelle Hebert Marlene Henderson Matt Henne Luke Henriques Chris Herman Alysia Hernandez Matt Hemandez Lili Herrera Lisa Herschfelt Shannon Hindin Scott Hoffman fi Q- ll Mark Holmes . . . ' - . . Katherine Howard 1. Smile! Eric Richter and D8l'ld Marsh, you're on candid Chris Hughes caflfera! . Scot Hughes 2. O.K., you can take a picture, but only one," says Le- 98-Freshmen nore Estrada while finishing her Pepsi. 3. Mary Garcia stares into the distance. 4. Peter Blumeniield is asked, "How are your rats?" Scott Ikeda Eric Jacobsen Aaron Janus Danny Jean -ta ig , X5 at 5 Fx Yvx sf 3 sk Dusti Jensen Chrissy Johnson Danielle Kamian Chris Kast Jennifer Kell Jim Keller Monica Kerby Linda Ketterlin Saghar Khalilian Saghi Khalilian Kym Knight J unauro Landgrebe Anthony Lacques Peter Lee Dagmar Leguillon Rand Liljegren Caryn Limberatos Jennifer Lind Shannon Lindahl Shauna Lindahl Carl Lindsay Don Lindsay Maria Loggins Jennifer Loomis Freshmen-99 Eddie Lotts Jeff Love Daric Lucero Ted Ludeman Kate Lundquist Chris Mackie David Manville Sean Maple Kevin Marburg Jay Marek Emest Marhenke Matt Marinelli James Marks David Marsh Andy Martinez John Martinez Jennifer Mathews Davis McCawley Mary McConnell Brian McElroy David McGillicuddy Steve Mealiife Peter Mel Craig Midget Michelle Mikaelsen Derek Miller Mike Miller Yona Miller Mike Molyneux 100-Freshmen ve JI ,rw A K l."Every breath you take, Every move you make, every step you take, We'1l be watching you," says Kristin Bur- kett, Sheri Abernathy, and Kelly Bregante. 2. Matt Gray catches that Pepsi Spirit. 3. "Awe come on try it, you'll like it," says Terri-Lee Taylor to Dusti Jensen. 4. "Stop staring!" says Staci Bumgarner to Andrea Bridges Kelly Moriarty Michelle Moseley Sam Najah Joy Negrin Todd Nelson Kristy Neumann Courtney Newman Jon Nishikawa Scott Nobles David Oberst Jordan Olivier Chris Olson Eric Olson Sherryl O'Neill Stacy Parmelee Michelle Pauley Travis Payton Jennifer Pearce Tricia Pelz J eil' Persons Heidi Petralli Thane Plowman Heath Pollock Angela Ponzini David Pope David Pybrum Phillip Radonich Anne Marie Ramos Colby Reade Chris Rettner Eric Richter Greg Rocha Freshmen-101 Hugo Rodriquez Kim Rogers Michael Ross Todd Russo Geoff Saccone Janine Sahl Chris Salinas Roger Scargle Matt Schneider Eric Schnittger Stacy Sequine David Shaffer Suzette Shannon Brandon Sharpe Karen Shipley Greg Simmons Rohit Singh Magan Sirles Alex Skelson Tristen Slade Lom Smith Todd Smitherum Glennda Smith , A 1 . . M42 - A xi Aaron Sobieski Lori Sorenson J ewlia Sparks 102-Freshmen 75, r 1 JoAnn Sparks Brian Spence Thomas Spiker Angee Sprague Micah Stevens Chris Story Craig Sugimoto Dean Tartala Terilee Taylor Mike Tell Dennis Thomas Stacy Todd Cyndi Tomlinson Jason Totah Jennifer Travis Anna Tritenbach Ryan Trundle Cheryl Tupper Jeannie Turner JoAnne Ullman John Vasques Mark Verch Sandra Vicino . Mark Visomi l. "Good stuff!" says Justin Bullion aiier the pie Deke Volk eating contest. Stephanie Vomvolakis 2. "It's not as bad as I thought!" says Tami Brown. 3. Chris Rettner stops at the pit during lunch. Not Pictured Paul VonGrey Chris Walker Shern Ayers , Jason Walker Klmbefllm Baud Tim Washington Cheryl Bremmer Cham Sharom Mark Douglass Ken Friedman Jessica Gomez Timothy Hayden Steven Weltzheimer Michael Kitt Sheryl Williams Marc Lowe Gary Martinez Phillip Mc Carten George Miller Scott Monaco Katherine Olander Boo Woodson Suzan Pennington Carl Worden Mary PiCI'CC Stephen Pratt Travis Ross Brian Rotter Catherine Smith Jackie Smoleski Jeanne Turner David Wallis Michelle Watson Matthew Weaver Chris Wilson Scott Winslow Freshmen- 1 03 ff ,111 se W . 5 6 M meeseegs if Eg. wdffigfsi, s.w..w3?g1 ggi W5 Q MM .5 ,xg I . P1 ,W 1.1.1 'W U . . . 1: fe pw ef' . 155. iff N fs f R, "M ss fi-P' lf? .. We ww. ei' if 71.22 F1 . . ge fi 'S' "F " Se' M e M - e. . ' 9 Q 25122. 29 ge gg gi? f se Q 1?-nf "' V1 .MQW "?wwes'5'if' QQWTQ +f5e5'b ." ,V 'E View Y l KW. A. 425 'P 4 - 4 5 W. M' YW ,s ' lvl --S11 .. Q. . wi Ufwfixf eiizw 'iwgiilsx-M5 -5529 W 'yvkigggsgiff il2g?.zg5gf3' 5 Sw .eg aw ei 4 .W we M H as 51:5 we . If .. Yfw- ge sk fe? wigwssii gweelfgsgg :ie K fam We Egfifggwel, 355 ,. A ?sfi:?J:3 75'lff??w542'?'fb M Pai' sez lk J W WS' Q, Qi M, ggi if Sgfilg. ,ge as ,ny 331 gg . we we en. -If 'V ww , 33? M M N gag , get e:g.,,..,.,Q' ez: ' 'QMS " fRf 1??i1 W M - if , K .seiglilea ,655 iggzeixyggg vim.. 53 a iff? 15. Q -' 154123: Q. VPS iii'- 351 Q Mews, 952 la' ' Efewgege ge: w:5'Q?92YSlQ gilie gagw A is 527 K. ,., W: ...V W .- 3222 .M -. P ...M lf' . S H 1. Mike Munoz follows Jamie O'Mahony's block for a 16 yrd.ga1n aga1nstN.M.C. 353-:Qffl ek View - . . . -as Few., 2:1 5 , mm.L 2.El1sabeth Keyser, Tara Lock-Paddon, Duane K1- ,wi 'W ' - - - ... QV 4535 ' as tayama, Sophie Abed,Danlele Kamlan and Dagmar .Zim if ,gf - - ' Legunllon enjoy themselves after a race. ' ' Vis K + 3. Michelle Mosley puts one over the net. W . . we .lgifjtfi l 4. Alex Gonzalez and Jlm Self show off thexr le s. y fig? W Aw M M , . M.. -V 1 mf az 'rf'?lfx?22U 3 - N fl iii Legg.. 'X 53 ffl ...Miva ' li . aw gi? iw ' H41 1 1.11 if ef' Li: .- 51: wif ...H- ifi if 33: If! 52 alia- is li 35 'fi il ' hifi. Wi! gal 11 Ig, 104-Sports ff? 511 ,sf ,Nf,,,k QW .wg .z.g,m-D ff .... l ' f 1 4 Q 1 N -Q.-if. . g 4 is , .1 5:8 vw Q , 1 W Q Agia M' Vi., we-H mmm Q , Y W .... ,. . ..,,. 2,,,,, 5 . ,.:, mmm x N. "'M' .v Mm S A 5. s E as W W Y ...,,: In I 1 lab' Sam r ' E 'iii-fm. .. W " - , 1, . M: f " K S x if H 4 1 Q 4 Z' 523 K, 1 :Q ' '- ifs f Q, i gm ' X 45 ,W Q , A 5, .fm X Q , ' EN K .. ,, . QQ 1 Q ww X.. lzai Z gy Q-.f. S my .,,....f, f X s 4 Q , E Q M 'i L 5 1 5 X J ,S . 4 'S Q5 Q 255 E, .,,: il ,.,..,.,.... , A W 'N WW A Q ..,. ' Q ' Z ,.,, will i iw E f w A ,- . ...., A' --" " fx g 1 Sports-105 wg 2 i Q Q 'Q Q fi ii i x ' 5 m 4 if 4, 1 4 44 W N i. 1 x ,. . . kg,- V ar 'PN W 4' - v 1 , f .1 3 , X: it 2339! A Mun nforgettable Season The Mariners surprised everyone, in- cluding the coaches, by overpowering NMC, Santa Cruz, and SLV and captur- ing their 2nd straight Jamboree title. The pre-season looked promising for Aptos, shutting out Blackford 21-O, but injuries to Kevin Pedemonte, Dan Watson, and Mark Clifton, dampened Mariner chances for league. With one game left, Aptos got a much needed win, beating Fremont 14-0. Mariners luck ran out as they were shut out by NMC. But the Mariners bounced back to beat Harbor 21-6. The Mariners then suffered three hearbreaking losses to SLV, Santa Cruz and Soquel to end the season. The defense was led by senior defen- sive end Jamie O'Mahony and junior linebacker Grant "Pudgy" Smith. The of- fense was led by senior running backs Mike Munoz and Brent Pierce. Chris Howells, Nick Anderson, and Bret Bivins were also offensive standouts. Mike To- tah was the most impressive quarterback until a neck injury made him unable to play. Juniors Mike Pace and Eric Ew- banks took over the slot left by Totah. The Mariners only named two players to the all league and all county teams, Mike Munoz and Jamie O'Mahony, who also earned the Golden Helmet Award for 1983. 4, Tom Newton tum on the after burners against a stunned Santa Cruz defense. 5. Bret Bivens 1743 and Mark Clifton put heat on a Santa Cruz quarterback. 6. A pack of N.M.C. defenders run into a little prob- lem, tackling Jamie O'Mahony. 7. Football is a collision sport, as you can tell by Mike Mun0z's helmet. 8. Mike Munoz picks up some blocks for a 12 yrd. gain. Varsity Football 107 Back RowfL-RJ Shawn Frary, Gordon Farquhar- son, Alex Gonzolez, Jim Seli Dan Gil, Gary Shir- ley, Nick Anderson, Rob McKey, Bret Bivens, Mike Goleman, Keith Page, Grant Smith, Dan Watson. 2nd RowfL-RJ Coach Jim Mikaelsen, Mike Munoz, Kevin Pedemonte, Jamie O'Ma- hony, Brent Chapman, Mark Clifton, Matt Dilon, Don Kamalani, Erik Euwbank, Thomas P. Newton, Eric Boler, Coach Hog. 3rd. RowfL-RJ Walker Ver- dugo, Mark Franks, Mark Mikaelsen, Joe Khalid, Mike Pace, Brent Pierce, Scott Lisea, Franco Sulli- van, Rodger Upton, Mike Totah, Coach Mark Young. 4th RowCL-RJ Coach Eddy Kaitz, Paul Mar- inelli, Steve Martin, Chris F. Howells, Ron Miceli, Larry Clark, Lenny Clark, John Roth, Alex Sui, Refugio Moran. ill is vz l, The 1983 Aptos Varsity Football team. 2. Chris "Fuzzy" Howells gets a punt off against Santa Cruz. 108-Varsity Football Harbor APTOS 21 5L.v. OS Blackford APTQS O Santa Cruz ,ITPTYOS 0 Los Gatos APTO2 Soquel Seaside APTO APTOS 0 nt APTOS 14 APTos 0 A J J trong uture For Mariners 1 ' 4' -t 'V Ja, The Mariners FroshfSoph showed a lot ofimprovement throughout the year. Coaches Paul Barrington and Gordon Leighton had a lot of young players to work with, most of whom never played organized football before. Defensive standouts were Kevin McAnerney and Richard Matys. The offense was ran by Craig Sugimoto, but the real power came from the running backs, Phil Hudelson and Aurelio Cervantes. idofd M i , ie,, BXQC r T VS' we Gatos ' AYTOS s. 'de W AYTO5 25, Seasxmfml W APTOS vs 2655 C. K M222 S VS, Santa Cful Pzixos VS' Soquex vs. AVYOS . . J 1 to Right ffirst rowb Joel Nebelchin, Jordan Olivier, Gary Bixler, Mike Gage, Peter Minch, Chris Bergthold, Kenny Tindall, Geoff Saccone, Heath Pollock, Colby Reade, Arron Sobieski, Jeff Miles, Dean Ichikawa fsecond rowj Mark Tritenbauch, Ron Hartoon, Tom White, Mike Chasen, Peter Daly, Jesse Baldwin, Chris Walker, Ryan Trundle, Peter Alaga, Paul Tressler, Ralph Battels, Jackie Smolinski, Rodney Correia. fthird fowl Craig Sugimoto, Brent Christierson, Julian Gonzales, Victor Polverino, Richard Matys, Kevin McAner- ney, Mark Goleman, Aurelio Cervantes, Chris Peuler, David Schofield, Bill Sendell, Carl Perusina, Peter Lee, Ifourth rowl Coach Leighton, Justin Bulion, Shawn Ferron, Scott Crooks, Brent Gingery, Joss Hanna, Tim Whiting, Phil Hudelson, Neil Street, John Wolfenden, Mike Anderson, Tom Clifford, Matt Kurrle, Coach Barrington arctic in-nsveimwffl' 3. Craig Sugimoto gets a pass off against Santa Cruz. 5. Kenny Tindall and Phil Hudelson take a break for water during the Santa Cniz game. J.V. Football-109 1. Linda Ketterlin serves the ball hoping to make a pOlnI for Aptos. 2. Diane Long watches intensely as Michelle Mose- ley bumps the ball over the net. I WSW. . l' ' NMC Vg, Santa CYU1 L Aptoss VS. SLV X AQXO VS, Matex O EN M105 vs. Watsofwlm L Avlis vS- Hafboi L 'lm 502322 VS. N XL A9105 VS. S3513 Cruz L P-D105 vS- SDJ L A9105 vs. Mafexlo ,ue ig L Miss vs' Weioivl A9 VS' Hal' O i WGS VS' sequel ADYOS vs. EJ Aptog 1 10-Volleyball wink X, .,,W M... A K xl ,. i kyrkkx 1 khyk A , -Essex" I i vi 4 A N Left to Right Qfront fowl Stace Hed th Kri y gpe , sten Burkett, Michelle Moseley, Mary Garcia, Csecond r Cynthia Matano, Jeanette Stiller, Linda Ketterlin, Jennifer Poodry, Kathy Johnson, fthird FOWJ Coach Geoij Gabriel G., Diane Long, Lilly Aerrera Left to Right ffront rowj Julie So, Sue Wise, Diane Harbertson, Debbie Newell fsecond rowl Coach Bamy, Debbie Burke, Christine Reber, Lori McElroy, Jackie Ayers Setting Bump, set, spike. Aptos Volleyball cer- tainly worked hard on these skills throughout the season. The Junior Varsity Volleyball team had some very promising players this year. One of the most outstanding all around players was Cynthia Matano. She was so hard on herself and always striv- ing for perfection. One of the most inspi- rational players was Stacey Hedgpeth. No matter how bad the team was doing Stacey was always there with a positive attitude. Many of the players were not dedicated enough to the sport this year which did complicate the situation. For the Varsity Volleyball team it was a building year with only two seniors re- Future turning from last year. One of the most outstanding players was the setter, Deb- bie Newell, who only being a Sophomore, proved her skills to no end. Christine Reber was one ofthe best all around play- ers and always full of energy. Of the eight members of the team, there were two sen- iors, two juniors, three sophomores, and one freshmen. Coach Barny had a very positive attitude about the team this year and never gave up hope. He thinks that next year will be better since the team will have had more experience playing togeth- er. He has high hopes. The Volleyball teams may not have won many games but they never gave up. feiitffifwe 1 Varsity V0ll6Yball NMC L A9105 Sega Cm A9505 SL L Milos Baymomglle L A we VS wawt' W Agios vs Hafbof M TJ, p,pt0S Soqugx .,,. M105 N . L Aptos vs Salim Cruz 2 L tos vs' 3 MJ , Q, L tes Vs Baymont? eg L AP vs. onville W A9105 vs Watinor ii ' Hal' sz, L Vs' SOQUCX ll, Amos VS' ......- - Volleyball-1 l l Awesome Swimmers Come ur Wa Armed with a team numbering more than the entire varsity football squad, Jim Triplett led his girlis swim team to another triumphant season. The speed of Aptos' top swimmers along with the depth of the team com- bined to form an almost unbeatable force as Aptos suffered only one loss to Santa Cruz. The season ended on a happy note with Aptos taking 9 girls to CCS, more than any other year before. Girls qualifying for the Medally and 400 free CCS relay were Micky Abbot, Micky Keeley, Rachele Franich, Michelle Anderson, and Missy Abbot. Kathy Kitayama, Katie Farley, Faith Lynch, Jennifer Palmieri, and Shannon Hocom also qualified in indi- vidual events, with Hocom placing in both the 100 and 50 yards freestyle. l. Katie Farley plunges into the pool. 3. Lisa Upton smiles for the camera in between strokes in the individual medal- ly. 4. The group discusses strategy at the Harbor meet. 5. Coach Jim Triplett oversees his do- main. , I .1 , K . N' A .,.. -1-up it ' it:" iii ' , A i , . -.., 'Q .. MM, " ,ee xr .af 5 Y Y 09' r rs- is as J.. N ....., ,... ,.,. -,...,., , . ...aa - 5 , 112-Girls Swimming 2. lst row: Kim Dray, Rachele Franich, Leslie Bruce, Katie Farley, Heather Gordon, Anne Marie Ramos, Sally Green, Deanne Dawson, Beverley Sanson, and Jody Bremmer. 2nd row: Teri Lee Taylor. Tyla Gregg, Kate Lund- quist, Kathy Kityama. Karen Beemis, Tracy Gill, Maureen Baker, Michelle Anderson, Micky Keeley, Micky Abbott, Anita Gonsalez, Lisa Upton. 3rd row: Chris Merrill, Sara Black, Stacy Blanton. Nanette Fortier, Shannon Keyes, Debbie Heffe nen, Kim Bachen, Sandy Kennedy, Teri Ivy, an Resa Schwartz. 4th row: Jim Triplett, Cassandra Phillips, Kare Anderson, Jennifer Palmieri, Karen Nowark, Jeai nete Andersen, Chrissy Locke-Paddon, Fait Lynch, Shannon Hocom, Jenny Farley, and An nette Corbeau. i ?HQggw+5fWw I f e 4, xwegq 2232? 2 24252 2 2 2 2, iv QQ 55' - 'Q WWE wif R +R 2 IZ, Z Q w iiw, RWQQQQ 42 4 V I g5,,,5 ga? If , , ,lig .,,VV if W Z ' RQEEQ ' 113 I 1. Lisa Upton takes a breather in the 100 IM. 2. Katie Farley eagerly waits for the next set while Kathy Kitayama contemplates skipping it. 3. Diane Kitayama can't wait to get in the pool! I J '1 ' t t rtoro 34 K K l L V k i , "h' E 2 MXNG V CJRLS W ?Jlg:NtMMlNG won Q GlRLS VARSY won r Won Won I NO. saws WL X22 A Walsonvme lllcljst Won uve Clak Won f' Soillfle L st sw iff' 0 Harb0f Q-,mov Won Sanla Cruz ll4-Girls Swimming Aptos Sink pponent , ' Q55 Y i iv, at ,X if S -ni Back RowlL-RJ Bob Dunker, Martin Gil, Tom Sydes, David Hueter, Matt Lunbeck, Casey Ol- son, Rodney Miller, Akim Provatakis, Front RowfL-RJ Matt Femster, Anthony Lacques, Eric Schittger, David Pope, George Miller, Kier Anderson, David McGillicuddy. 4. Tim Fitzpatrick and Martin Gil are excited about this seasons wins. A team effort! Although the Water Polo Team had many outstanding play- ers such as. John Woolsey, Matt Lund- beck and Akim Provatakis, nobody could be singeled out as bringing the team to it's victories. If it could be any- one to be singeled out it would have to be Coach Bob Dunker. Hard practices payed off on the road to the SCCAL Finals. In the SCCAL Finals they placed second, which led them to the CCS Finals. At the CCS Finals they played Menlo and Bel- larmine, two strong teams. Aptos fought hard against Menlo. but Menlo managed to win by a few points. Being out played by Bellarmine. the best in the country, was not surprising. but Aptos played to their best ability. Well done team!! vfio 'EE X5 si aww W 3 cwl S3193 ' Q22 . 00 was M905 . afoot MW - Y AQX05 - S8193 - X05 3X5 Milo ' af Pspto - M 221 A X05 KW vs vt sis H XN QS QCX w Q5 SOQ cage V AQ 'fs' XN ON QKO5 XIS- 0,06 NN A 5 QS so ,,,t L Q L Water Polo-l 15 Mariners Net League Title Girl's Tennis Team proved their domi- nance in SCCAL tennis by capturing the league title. Led by the number l, 2, 84 3 players. Kelley Kubota, Jenny Hill, and Kathy Kerby, in singles, and Christina Bruno and Kristin in doubles, the girls achieved a 9-l league record. Their only loss was to Santa Cruz, who they later defeated in their second league match, and again in the revengeful post season tie breaker. Having won the league title, the team went on to CCS where they beat South San Francisco Q6-l J in the first round, but then lost to Gunn C7-OJ in the second round of play. In the individual league finals, Kelley Kubota Won first in singles, While Jenny Hill and Kathy Kerby also received first place in doubles. All three then went on to CCS, where Hill and Kerby lost to the first ranked doubles team and Kubota also lost to the first ranked singles player after defeating her first opponent. 2. Jenny "ace'em" Hill slams that ball across the court. 3. Kristen Dugger slams one ofher serves to a team- mate. 4. Christina Bruno pops one over the net. 5. Kelley Kubota concentrates deeply on her serve, 116-Girls Tennis Gms 'Y emxxs Amos Amos AN axsoo Amos SXN Amos Same. W1 Amos Harbor So oe AN atsoov Me XJ vs. Soquex vs, vkXXe in vs. 1:51 vs. C gz' vs. vs. q X Amos SN Amos vs. W Amos vs. SL AN Amos vs. Sama Cow. KN Amos vs. Sams Curl. vs. Scum Saxximodxsco Gum CCS AN Amos Amos s Tennis-1 I7 U51 l 18-Cross Country Back Row1L-RJ Coach Jim Beacom, Tara Locke- Paddon, Tim Eberhart, Walter Moody, Andy Doro- sin, Kelly O'Mahony, Kelly Moriarty, Front RowfL-RJ Dagmar Leguillon, Daniele Kamian, Amy Bierman, Diane Kitayama, Cheryl Tupper, Sophie Abed, Elizbeth Keyser, at-inc unning ike The Wind Champions!!! Only losing one league meet. the girls cross country team were off again to the SCCAL League Cham- pionships. These girls certainly earned their way. proving themselves by win- ning the Pacific Grove Invitational and the Stevenson Invitational. After win- ning the SCCAL League Championship for the second year in a row they were headed for the Regionals which they also won for the second year in a row. Stan- douts were Diane Kitayama, the team's best runner and two freshmen with a bright future Daniele Kamian and Dag- mar Leguillon. Tim Ebarhart as their number one run- ner the boys cross country team came in fifth place in league standings. Running to full potential the 1983 Cross Country Team had a season everyone should be proud of. Congratulations to the whole Cross Country Team! 1. Aptos' top runner Diane Kitayama, Daniele Ka- mian and Dagmar Leguillon get off to a good start. 3. Tara Locke-Paddon gets congratulations for a good race from teammates. 4. With opponents trailing Tim Ebarhart has hopes of a win. 5. With the thoughts of victory Coach Beacom watches with nmner Elizabeth Keyser. . , . .... C . . GifisVa'SlW 't'A r MMO ijiw ili ii D Boys Varsity W Aptos Harbor p,pt0S SL . Amos vs. BQZESL? YJ Aptos Watsoig-TZ W vs. p,ptoS San 8 V W vs. X L mos VS- SL viiie W Avws S Soque Aptos Watson V - MC L Aptos VS' Santa CW7' L 'zptl VS- N L p,ptOS VZ Soquel W p ,....Y A fl xg! ug' iwwafll L Aptos Cross Country-119 l l I ,Z ,.. . , Q . "' f.. ws x , ,Mx K-wr , Q n-f-'-- i Aplog P 0Wder P UH- Seniors JuniO1'5 I3 Fmaf 5 1 A, K Y MW. ..f1y+f.v .f,, g ef- N-,A:e.t.,, , . -sf ' '4' ' . ' K Z M43 . -.r - W: .. X . - . ,Vg N2 ' 4 l. With spirits flying high the Seniors make the breakthrough. 2. Senior Powder Puff team with coaches. 3. Susan Mitchell striving for the first down. 4. Susan Mitchell is slow to recovery after being tackled by Jenny Buro. 5. The Senior cheerleaders show us their better side. 6. Elizabeth Keyser runs for the Juniors only TD. 7. The Junior Powder Puff team with coaches. ' l2O-Powder Puff Powder or Power uff? Give um a left. Give um a right. Fight, tight, fight! This years Powder Puffgame certainly was one of the roughest games ever played. The players started practice a week be- fore the game. They were up bright and early each morning and at practice half asleep. Many of the girls wore their sweats through the school day. The Juniors this year, coached by Ron Miceli, Keith Page, and Paul Marinelli, looked like they would beat the Seniors for sure. Not only did they have excellent athletes. there was a feeling ofexcitement that had pulled the team together. They cheered each other on through thick and thin. They were also very aggressive, let- ting nothing get in their way. The Seniors, coached by Mike Munoz, Grant Smith, Kevin Pedemonte, and Mark Clifton, this year were not going to let underclass men beat them. They were very confident and all they had to do was put their athletes to work along with the support from their lovely cheerleaders. The Seniors took the lead first with an early touchdown. The Juniors however, came right back with Elizabeth Keyser putting her speed to use. For a while it looked as ifthe game would end in a tie but the Seniors scored in the last minutes ofthe game. The Juniors put up quite a protest. but the Referees did not relient on their decision. All in all everyone had a great time playing the game and celebrating after- wards. Of course nobody could of made it without the sexy cheerleaders support- ing them all. E i 1 7 ,N "' 1- Powder Puff-121 Qu N HMM I. Bryan Holt overpowcrs a Harbor dcfendcl' 10 make thc shot. 2. Keith Page lays il up in the ganu against Haror. Mardlo Harbor SLV Soqucl Watsonville NMC' Santa Cruz Marc-110 Harbor SLV Soqucl Walsonvillc NMC Santa Cruz Varsm Baskulball 1984 Ltdgllk ILLOld ll Vkon Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Won Won Losl Won Won Won 122 Another inning Season for Apto The Mariners had another winning season tinishing second in league play. Aptos opened up the season by taking the Dadls Club Tournament and car- ried on successfully to finish the sea- son with an ll-3 record. A large part ofthe Mariner's success was due to all-league forward Bryan Holt. Bryan was the second leading scorer in CCS and also had the state high scoring with 64 points in the game against North County. With the return of Juniors Keith Page and sophomore Warren Holt, Coach Warmerdam should be looking forward to another successful season. lst row tl to rj: Robert Wall. Greg Garbo. Jeffjones. Joe Mc Millen. 2nd row: Nick Anderson. Bret Bivins. Bryan Holt. Ian Cooke. Craig Wil- liams. 3rd row: Coach Bill Warmerdam. Warren Holt. Keith Page. Kevin Don- ahue. don Wickwire. 3. The 1984 Basketball Team 4. Keith Page and Warren Holt put pres sure on Harbor player 5. Jeff Jones puts up a 20 foot jumper. The JV basketball team put out a strong effort to finish fourth in the league. Their league record was 6-8 with Aptos beating Marello. Soquel and SLV all twice to come up with their six wins. With the practice and experience they earned on JV. standouts Andy Sloane and Steve Martin will be more than ready to conquer the challenges they will face on varsity. Back row: Matt Reade. Andy Sloane. Larry Rogers Steve Brown. Coach Ray Taninioto. Second Row: Billy Sendell, Kenny Woods. Neil Street. Mike An dcrson. David Scholfield. Front row: Jon Lund stedt. Bobby Bulgalski. Pete Bamford, Steve Mar- tin. Jeff Miles. 2. Steve Martin dribbles the ball up court. 3. Matt Reade takes a Superman leap into the air. Hoopsters 'Z ji" -Ms., . -N L sv . . . A J X if 124 Boys JV Basketball M ucllo H nboi LV Soqucl VN atson x illc Won Lost Won Won Lost JV Basketball Tc ini League Reeoid 6 8 NMC Santa C 1 ul Maicllo Harboi SLV Lost Lost Won Lost Won Soqucl Vvfttsonxillt NMC Stntt Ci ll VX on Lost Lost Lost . , aa . V .-, at-3, l he . , f . e. . - fax V ' ' i y V . i . . f L- - .. K- .CS , , S , . r . . ' ' -N .2 2 'L' v ' I ,, . , , s FPTUy 3 k?TU I3 XY-I0 n?l9s 5 Soquel Watsonville NMC No. Salinas Gilroy Santa Cruz Palma Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost Fro h Manage a Successful Year Not belonging to a league, meant the Frosh basketball team had to travel far and play many teams several times. How- ever, the Frosh managed to have a sue- cessful season, finishing the year with 10 wins and 8 losses. Back row: Paul Von Grey, Derek Fisher, Rick Bol, Jon Nishikaway, Mark Griffiths. Front row: Chris Walker, Bryan Smith, Craig Sugimoto, Rich Fu- gate, Scott Winslow, Geoffe Saccone. 5. Derek Fischer takes command ofthe ball. 6. Craig Sugimoto lays it up. Frosh Basketball Team l Record 10-8 Salinas Bellarmine Alisal Monterey 984 Lost Lost Lost Lost Soquel Watsonville No. Salinas Santa Cruz Palma Salinas Watsonville Won Won Won Won Lost Lost Lost Frosh Basketball- l 25 Girl Stumped Tough Season The second division CCS champs oflast year, Aptos, faced a tough season finishing the year with a 12-13 record. The record, however, is definitely not indicative of the great talent of the team. The team was led by all league senior Tara Locke-Paddon with seniors Susan Brown and Vicki Pelich, and sophomore Chris Reber putting in strong performances to make up for the small size of the team. With the team losing only 3 seniors and gaining many talented JV girls, Aptos will be ready to face the challenges of next season. lst row Cl to rl: Elizabeth Keyser. Tara Loke-Paddon. Julie Fcnncl. Vicki Pclich. 2nd row: Susan Brown, Chris Reber, Julie Salisbury, Sharon Bonncrna, Laura Fennel. l. Julie Salsbury is shocked at a Santa Cruz plaxer s behavior Vaisitx Gills Basketball 1984 Lcaguc iecord 9 3 Maiello Harboi SLV Soqucl Watsonx illc NMC Santa Cruz Marcllo Harbor SLV Soquel Watsonville NMC Santa Cruz Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Lost Won Won Won Won Won Lost Lost 2. The 1984 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team 126-Girls Varsity Basketball HW irl Aptos' JV girls tied for first forthe sec- ond year in a row, thus making it the sixth year that Aptos has dominated girls' JV ball. The entire team played extreme- ly well with Sheri Abernathy leading the team's offense. lst row: Tracy Castro. Mary Mc Conncl. Stephanie Vonvolakis. Tricia Castro, Debbie Newell. Jeannie Turner. 2nd row: Jeannie Turner. Kelli O'lVIahoney. Mar- lene Henderson. Debbie Winter. Sheri Abernathy l. Sheri Abernathy prepares to shoot the ball. 2. The 1984 girls' JV basketball team 3. Stephanie Vonvolakis takes the ball up the court. 4. Tricia Castro takes a shot. Girls' JV Basketball League Record IO-2 Marcllo W0rl Harbor Won SLV Won Soquel Won Watsonville Lost NMC Won Santa Cruz Won Marello WOI1 Harbor Won SLV Won Soquel Won Watsonville Lost NMC Won Santa Cruz Won ' Tie for Fir t SE PTI? S-4 4.9 B05 4 g? T05 l 0 WW' N05 Qi 1 4 XPTO B! J trim' 128-Girls' JV Basketball Boys, Soccer Team Alive and I I I The JV Boys' soccer team had a fair season with a league record of 4-3-5. JV stands outs for the team were Scott Hol- land, Steve Mealiff, and Eric Ricter. They should be a definite bonus for next yeafs varsity team. lst row: Joe Allen. Eric Ricter, Craig Robinson. Malt Marinclli. Bob Fitzgerlad. Scott Nobles. 2nd row: Ralph Battles. Derek Miller. Mike Chasen, Mike Crosby. Kurt Jennings. Rand Liljcgrine. Joe Ramos. Ken Peck. Mike Manning. Steve Mealitf. l. Matt Marinelli defends his ball against North County. 2. Steve Mealiff prepares to make a shot in the goal, 3. The l984 JV Boys' Soccer Team record 4 3 J Watsonville Lost Watsonx ille I-O51 Santa Cruz Tied Santa Cruz T105 Soquel Lost Soquel I-051 SLV Lost SLV Won NMC won NMC WOH Harbor Won l-larbor Tied JV Boys' Soccer Team League Boys, JV Soccer- l 29 Still ickin This years Varsity Soccer team had its ups and downs. With the team being mostly rookies, the team had a hard time getting off on the right foot. But with the coaching of Bob Geokermann, and the determination ofthe team they pulled out a successful season. At the beginning ofthe season it looked as though the team was going nowhere, but as the season went on the team began to work together. The team also had it's unlucky breaks with the loss of Koroush Khalilian and a few others not to mention injurys. This years veterans consist of 4 year varsity goalie, Steve Brown, 2 year varsity goalie Mike Alberts, Forward Paul Neilson, halfback Brent Chapman. and Jamie O'Mahony. f 2 ' ,P - 1i ' .- t W' if . 3 1 , . -'sf . , , ' 'f , an ., is , EQ? ,, S514 233331 fag as-fi S so i'i ' - l. Joe Khalid trying out his ballet. 2. Thcrcls Mike Alberts trying to touch the ball on his knee. l30-Varsity Boys Soccer 'st From row fleft to rightj Arelio Cervantes. Jeff Woolscy. Ian Crosby. Nathan Nix. Martin Feyates lMiddle rowj Steve Clancy. .loe Khalid. David McWeeny. Steve Stiller. Robert Wittenhurg. Paul Nielson fBacl: rowj Steve Brown. Mike Alberts. Mike Stole, Jamie O'Mahony, Brent Chapman. Coach Bob Geokermann L Aptos L Aptos L Aptos W Aptos W Aptos W Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Boys Soccer I vs. Watsonville vs. Santa Cruz vs. Soqttel vs. Marello vs. SLV vs. NMC Haibor Watsonville Santa Cruz Soquel Marello SLV NMC W ' ' vs. ' L . ' vs. V L . ' vs. L . vs. W ' ' vs. W . ' vs. W . ' vs. ' W ' vs. Harbor 3. Daniel McWeeny playing footsy with the op- ponent again. 4. 1984 Varsity Soccer Team!! 5. Robert Wittenburg pushes his opponent away telling him he's not that kind of guy. Varsity Boys Soccer-131 irl with Spirit This years Girls soccer team had a strong returning team. Being that the team has only been alive for 5 seasons, they have improved considerably over the years. This years team came back strong with forwards Kelly Kunota and Jenny Hill. Back on the defense they had standout Katie Betencourt and Stacy Hedgepeth in the midfield. This season the team might not of had a very good record, but their spirits were high. l. Stacy Hedgpeth with the fast break. 2. Cathy Coatney shows that girls have power too. 3. Page Palmer casually dribbles past the other team. 4. Kelly Kubota shows what incredible speed she has. 132-Girls Soccer 'F' i flham G. l l l 12. E is of 1' Q1 gs .gil-3-iki Us , ,-t..M Front row Cleft to rightj Shari Breganti, Julie Dickson, Anaa Glassi. Kelley Kubota. Stacey Hedgpath. Ami Marinelli ClVIiddle rowj Jenny Hill, Cathy Coatney, Beverly Trengrove, Karin Lt1ikart,StaCeyCronk.Monica Kerby lBaek rowl Anna Tritenbaeh. Page Palmer, Katie Betteneourt. Alex Benidiek. Shannon Ziel. l gEt: i la, ea. Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos Aptos E I Girls Soeeei Lise Oak Leland i' . Fremont ' . Watsonville ' . Independence vs. Watsonville vs, Gilroy vs. Gilroy Girls Soccer-133 I. Eric Swc-tland stalks his Santa Cruz opponent. Z, Brennan Leighton lacklcs his opponcni. 3. The 198-1 Mariner Wrcslling Team 4, Dan Watson pins his Sama Cruz opponent. 5. Eric Swetland lakcs his opponcm down for thc COLIUI. 134-Wrestling, Buffs Wrestling Tczim 1984 League Record I-4 Soqucl Hzirhor SLV 5811121 Cruz NMC' Szilinzis Alisul Lost Won Losl Losl Won Won Won inned to a Di appointing Season The wrestlers had a disappointing sea- son. finishing the year with a l-4 record. Despite of individuals on the squad. Mariners faced trouble with every team in the league excluding Harbor due to the lack ofdepth and experience on the team. Outstanding players for the Mariners were Eric Swetland, who finished first in league finals and fifth in CCS and Danny Watson, who placed third in league finals and eighth in CCS. With many talented young members, Coach Gordon Leigh- ton has hopes for a strong squad next year. lst row tl to rj: Vince Rodriguez. Dean ltchykawa. Tara Lyric. Mike Megummy. Scott Fiorawich. An- thony Anderson. Ted Pervin. 2nd row: Licm. Peter Lee. Jesse Baldwin. Peter Dailey, Mark Tretenbach, John Fernandez. Erin Syrals. Chris Earls. 3rd Row: Coach Gordon Leighton. Gabriel Saia. Eric Swet- land. Brian Evet. Vincent Campanely. Brent Gin- gerey. Brennan Leight. Dan Watson. Tony Harmer. l 35 Ca C342 'Q Q55 14 F14 t SC rsi l. Chris "Fuzzy" Howells warms up during prac- lice. 2. Mark Peck takes batting practice. 3. Brent Chapman handles a groundcr, Mike Tolah backs him up. 136-Varsity Baseball Coach Barrington expects another win- ning season for his Mariner ball team with many talented returning players. Bryan Holt will be manning the mound with Craig Williams and Chris Howells operating as the human vacum cleaners in the in-field. Brent Chapman will be patrolling the outfield for the Mariners. Glen Sugimoto, Bryan Holt, Brent Chapman, Dan Watson, Craig Wil- liams and Chris Howells will be the big bats in the Mariner offense. Top row: Craig Williams. Aaron Sirles, Erik Ewbanks, Robin Martindale, Mark Peck, Chris 'fFuzzy', Howells, Andy Sloane, Ronnie Micelli, Steve Martin, Kevin Mc Anerney. Mike Totah, Greg Garbo, Brian, Joe Khalid, Warren Holt, Mike 'fPachae" Pace, Brent Chapman, Syran '4Stickman,' Holt, Glen Sugimoto, Dan Watson, New Guy, James Hagen. 5. Robin Martindale, Greg Garbo, James Hagen, and Craig Williams take a break from practice while Joe Khalid wishes he was on the team. 6. Glen Sugimoto loosens up before practice. 7. Mike Pace gives a batting lesson to a couple ofhis teammate admirers. Varsity Baseball-137 E: +-3 'v"4 'V-4 +-I -4-I 138-J.V. Baseball Y"1 1 l This years J .V. baseball team has hopes of doing well. This is the second year coach Bill Burner has been here and thinks they have a good chance of getting at least second place in the SCCAL cham- pionships. This years Prize players are Neal Street, Miles Littel, Matt Reade and Doug Rank. First Row: Neil Street. Milcs Little. Trekkor Wills. Scott Winslow. Gcoffe Sacconc. David Schofield. Doug Rank. Back Row: Riv Accioli. Craig Sugi- moto. Matt Reade. Derek Fischer. Carl Purusna. Greg Rocha. Jordan Olivoer. Colby Reade. Jim Eller. The Boys Swimming team is improv- ing every year. This year they are fortu- nate enough to have returning: Clark Bloom, John Woolsey, Greg Grabost and Tom Sydes. New additions to the team that look very promising are An- thony Lax and Matt Henne. 3. Matt Henne takes a breath before finishing his event. 4. "Finally l'm done," thinks George Miller. 2 EE ' t,,i YF? V,'.tV ,. 'mph i t "tl E ,il . """ We Back Row: Coach Jim Triplett, Tom Sydes, Clark Bloom. Ruhit Sing, lan Gordan. Matt Jenkins, John Woolsey, David Wooleson. Front Row: George Miller. Kirk Hirano, Bob Bulgauski, Matt Henne, David McGillicudy, Anthony Lax, Greg Grabost, Phill Hamlet. 1, Carl Purusna hits the ball to center field during practice. 2. Miles Littel keeps his eye on the ball. Boys Swimming-139 S...v 4 1 W u YES' is 'Midi f E Q This years varsity team is pretty young. It consists of two seniors, two juniors with the rest being sophomores and fresh- man. The best all around player is senior, Tara Lock-Padden. Other stand out play- ers are: senior Becky Buldo, and juniors Laura Fennel and Karen Anderson who have been on the varsity team since their freshmen year. With such an outstanding lineup, the Mariner girls expect to have a great season. The junior varsity team looks very promising this year. The players, ability is outstanding. nThere is a good crop of Freshmen this year," says Ms. Bowden. Some of the really good players are Dian Long and Trisha Castro, who are pitch- ers, Angie Sanders and Christina Bur- kett. Row 1. Stephanie Von Valokis, Tara Lock-Padden, Stacey Hedgepeth, Jenny Proudfoot, Renee Rob- erts. Row 2: Dena Bothwell, Mara Large, Tracy Cas- tro, Jody Greninger, Jennette Anderson, Amy Bett- lincourt, Ann Marie Ramous, Angie Sanders, Lili Herrera, Kathleen Urbanic, Row 3: Michelle Mose- ley, Sherri Abernathy, Kuistin Burkett, Gina Jen- sen, Dian Long, Julie McKinsey, Jennifer Thomas. l. Shephanie Von Valockis uses her quick thinking to get the girl out on second base. 2, Tibor Schoenfeld shows Angie Sanders where to run for the play. 3. Miss Bowden tells it how it is. 4. Trisha Castro speeds the ball in on a cut off 5. Stacey Hedgepeth covers the ball while Christin Burkett hopes that she misses it. Tracing it to a tee. the 83-84 golf team looked good. Coaehed by Mr. Mikaelsen. the team played to its best ability. There is a lot to know about golf: like most sports. it takes a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. A person can't pick up a golf club and hit the course. You must prac- tice until that bogey on the fifth hole be- comes a par. and that par becomes a bird- ie on at least one hole on the back nine. Until one day an eagle comes into play. and with that putt you sink it. 1. Dan Kamalani perfeets his putt. 2. Bret Bivins takes his time and does it right. 3. "Silenee." says Grant Smith. you'll ruin my concentrationf' 4. David Hueter putts the ball with his best shot. 5. Jeff Miles uses uses his determination and aims. 6. "I've found my thrills ..., 5, says Jon Roth. 7. Mark Farrington gets ready. aims. and tires. 4- ., G- 'Z' rl lib?-Sei. -1 , -' 'Hz is -zs. ff . fi . " - -i-rss-v.m.-4-L. K. njg::'F27s::141-Ezra Ei! f- ' 2f3Z:?'tLF.5,Lii1'flJl.gf -'fi'-:Gi-lf.: flffi -- 111n:1..:i5t alll lr. ikiilllf llllf lil "lts:'ft"i1"if Ill 3421 tl: qt. it, -W ,W tg-I. 4 1-fit!-.rw lzll '?l-Qltlftilltltfil , . .,. . 51-.rw . .. ., 1 l il tl .1 H .5 lf, 5.11- ! gzip ti-1 .Mi-t.... 4 .M .ty---1 .. gi-1: ff' .A-f,LrT5ai fhgti. 'tl . fr- Golf Team Members: ln Front- Brian McElroy. Front Row- Brad Balassi. Matt Valen. Steve Crocker. Jeff Miles. Kenny Woods. Billy Sandell. Second Row- Bret Bivins. Tad lvleformiek. Mr. lvlikaelsen. Mark Farrington. Back Row- Bob Fitzgerald. Derek Miller. Jon Roth. David ?VlcC'awley. 142-Golf I ,..-,, A 1 f ,,. ,ix U sg 1 f-Owe -4, , 4. N msgs- f--. . .gm .,....V,f 3 , . 1? 3. . www at f. . 'fps -A ...H .. exert gf? I n t 0 A c t i ' F'4 'F-4 'v-4 'v-4 nf, 1 4 144-Boys Tennis 1 1 if 'QW " 3 Z MQ, J ' ff' 14. I , -m ,'.m ., ,,,, ,,,, , , W H. f. V A .fl U, ,V ,x gswfgygfmgfcwagg f -,Lv Ag ? , L N 4 -ff ff gawk Q ,gg ,,3x-'35 "" g p w : L 'H z .W ,M ,,f. 1 1' V 01 '13 f . ,,,, f 17.15 f , VZ U- Q ,ga "ff I '. v 55" Y x i Y 1 deg , ' Z i Qs i e l aff 2,2 V . , Wm - 7-'L' 4' ,, bn, -V , V ' .fm,,.,,M fe- yr :VA Z if f' . ' , fri? H 7 41: f if f f Q w ,5 9 1 ,V 1 1 Vf 1 -af' fy A M W , , ,f ,. fa! ' ff 1 f W f '73 4 1+ gh , gk f 7 3 ' v f' W ' 4 f , fa f 8 3 ' A t f ii H , - '-' X 4 ' ' . . ., 1 H5151 ' I V , ' 2 W 59 A L., i , 1 f Z K A ! ,, f ff, ' - ij? f ' 'f91f7-ffl V. 'ii' wif f"lZf'S'?1J - K f 5 f'f"r'z'Z':2' """ X w w. f' " T, rf 41 iv-,"' f' 'N'-'ff'F?'2Y,FG ffH:1S5,,,.LL', N 'f 1 w 5 The tennis players were: Top row: Dennis Meliiernan, Carl Worden, Chase Norlin, Pat Lesp, Robert Wickwire, Da- vid Butcher, Chris Eddy, Tim Fitzbuck, Brad Bradstreet, Jon Lundstedt, Dan Schwaub, Jeff Gempler, Chris McKiernan, Gary Cooper, Coach Townsend, Bottom Row: Matthew Gray, Mark Vierra, Joel Brunk, Brian Spence, Chris Earls, Kevin Davis, Kevin Frank, Adam Bish- op. The boy's tennis team was a young and talented group this year. They worked very hard in order to improve their skills. Their skills proved impor- tant in the SCCAL Championships. This season there were two juniors, six sophomores, and one freshman on the varsity team. . Robert Wickwire makes his move. . Chris Mc Kiernan swings away. . Gary Cooper goes for a score. . Don Wickwire swings at the ball. Boys Tennis-145 S C T21 ig El 146-Track The Track team had many outstanding people, including Diane Kitayama, Kathy Kitayama, and Jessica Johnson. New standouts were Lorna Thomson and Danielle Kamian. Standouts forthe boys were Brent Pierce, John Rhodas, and Kenny Tindall. W K: Na... W' 1 A " ' T hf , i is-f . h, . . , , , 'MW ,dvr 6 ' f A ea., C md Vx ,... K lt, ix N ' W, y 1 .1 5 Q. t .mamma '.1"54.e tam- 'QVYEF Front Row: Lorna Thomson, Casey Bohnett. An- gela Ponzini. Michelle. Karen Anderson. Kelli O'Mahony. Danielle Kamian. Susan McCawley. Kenny Tindall. Second Row: Diane Kitayama. Cheryl Tupper. Jennifer Poodry, Stacy Dean. Laura Jilka. Staci Blanton, Sara Black. Aaron Sobieski. Third Row: Vic Polverino. Mark Tritenbach. Paul Treseler, Mike Alberts. Andrew Dorosin. David Homer. Tim Eberhart. John Rhodas. Coach Bill Warmcrdam. Back Row: Dan Gil. Jamie O'Ma- hony. Shawn Ferron. Scott Lisea. Brent Pierce. Ju- linian Gonzalez. Gordon Farquharson, Roger Up- ton, John Garcia. Brent Gingery. Steven Brown. Richard Bole. Dan Kamalani. Martin Gill. Coach John Zadak. l. What a jump! 2. Brent Pierce sets the pace. 3. Brent Pierce practices his starts. 4. A step ahead is Lorna Thomson. 5. Coach Warmerdam checks out the track. 6. Gordie Holbert puts his all into throwing the discus. Track- 147 l, Sharing their thoughts. Mike Munoz and Nick Anderson help put together the Sandseript. 2. "Here's looking at you kid". replys Mr. Call, 3. "Practice makes perfect" are Paul Jones' thoughts. 4. Carol Ponzo stands at attention. 5. "Tiny Bubbles" sings Mr. Cuneo. 5: we 32? gy W f ., , ,. ig .Q :ram wwe Q-f .wziiiivifm wiv.. W-Q, 3.3. M iss. Wm M2335 ,, ,U Sfw Q '4 ' ' ' W ' ' Nw WW ' ,', NZB 'mm M dai '-'W .ww . ?MMi'V my 9 'Wgeiw fx A qw Q' H MW! ei-4 +0 ,S wkwlaew iii 22. gy Sz. 131, 'bm H 'lf' Si? 24. gif' X, fs. .ei .ENN .Zi 57352553 6.473 :Qi V N 5 md. f wa W4 M. 1. 1 awdgggwf iw ,W mi Wagga? 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'G-2522 f wi ,339 2 ggi :give .szzsmss we W. fs: nw- A ,ix My 25 'Q , :SEI 55:1 'fzguwgiiiif Sli are 35. 255 'E :ii W im M 22152. 3239 qw' M1225 Q W , P N wa wi MQ ff' 355 .vii WJ 3353 ,Wi .Q ww SS J Y 'N W W 1:22 mt W: Q... 5:9 ...vw fir: via im 212: 1532 fs: mES2Sx22'am:f:.zS?1w Q v vast wwgqkqms gl W gig Esifgh If YBSS6 .. .Es SSE fl is 55355 5.552 922 :ik ix: 535 'KS Qi.. ,gf :eg 35? we gs: 5:2 M 7 , ,dm :W . ggg ,age ,ggi p my A we :za l W'21232:s:::s 5552 2122 ish' 15?3sww2fiF' WMM .1 A . pw., ,Q lixsfsggeaa. S.. Hzrliiiiififfzx wgwgssaw E553 gig? mm gf85i?qEMg?E aiisifiiiiw. fmssssagf.. wzsmw S355 . lm gg gg? W .f my QW Q. W Wwsgvssz WS' ew gf 31,231 N' 'Q-H gggff Q G? 525 25? 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In Surf City they took 2nd in division, at Pacific Grove they took 3rd in division and 4th overall in percussion. Marching Band-190 Row l: Timothy Haydon, James Hagan, Debrah Winter, Cindy Hester, Ken Wollesen. Paul Jones, Gar Bowen Row 2: Carol Ponso, Renee Roberts, Kendall Carr, Erin Doyle, Michelle Henley, Elias Xanthus, Jennj Lind, Kathryn Richardson, Mr. Keller Row 3: CeCe Specht, Amy Bettencourt, Leslie Anderson, Joy Taylor Jennifer Proudfoot, Sherri Ayers, Chris Earls, Brian Charters, Carrie Specht. Row 4: David Valdez, Kin Eabry, Greg Hagen, Kenny Friedmann, Kalle Hoffman, Trekkor Wills, Liz Lindauer, Nancy Boone. Row 5 Michelle Tarsky, Suzanna Johnson, Patricia Walker, Chrissy Johnson, Dustti Jensen. Not Pictured: Richarc Albrecht, Joy Baugher, Adam Beach, Katie Bettencourt, Bill Charman, Robin Daly, Tyla Gregg, Geordit Holbert, Alan LaJoie, Philip McCarten, Donny McCaslin, Rudy Morales, Karen Nowark, Melanie Olsen Todd Roush, Risa Schwartz . -..F ,,,, . -MQ N l. All dressed up and nowhere to go, are Carrie Specht's thoughts. 2. After making a touchdown the band strikes up a song, 4. Practicing for the Christmas assembly, Jazz Band members are hard at work. 5. This could be a little more exciting, Debrah Winter thinks to herself Band is no pushover though. They practice every day, playing their instru- ments while marching to and from the field. Standouts in the band have been, Carrie and CeCe Specht for 2nd in drums at the Watsonville Festival. n Row 1: Donny McCaslin, Dave Valdez, Geordie Holbert, Elias Xanthus, Adam Beach Row 2: Trekkor Wills, Rob Dickson, Nancy Boone, Warren Schwartz Row 3: Rick Albrecht, Tyla Gregg, Greg Hagen, Dennis McKiernan Row 4: Jon Dryden, Ted Crotwell, Bill Charman, Joe Hester, Karen Nowark, Gary Bowen, Ken Wollesen. Jazz Band While taking on the challenges of Marching Band, Mr. Keller has also been very successful over the past few years with Jazz Band. This year wasnlt any ex- ception. After winning in June, the Jazz Band was invited back to the Monterey Jazz Festival. Last Year's big talk was Don Mc Caslin for his performance with the sax. This yearls bass player, Joe Les- ter, won a scholarship to a music camp called Meadowood. On November 19 they got a superior rating when they per- formed at Foothill College. Aptos is proud to have such an acknowledged band. Jazz Band-151 ,,,,, J Choir This year we only have one choir be- cause the program got cut back to one section. Everybody hopes that next year they will have two sections for more ad- vanced students. Choir is open to any- one, but this year there is a small amount of students. Considering the few stu- dents. they are very enthusiastic. They have a good variety of new members as well as old members. In December. they did a Christmas concert on the fifteenth. which included a candle light procession. They also did some caroling around the school. Some ofthe members participat- ed in the CCS festival, they were also in- cluded in the CCSjazz honor choir. That was real special because students from all over the county try out for this and only a limited number ofstudents make it. This year is Miss Bosworth's first year here. Before coming here. she taught at a high school in the midwest for three years. One new addition this year is a girls choir. that meets after school. l. Choir members warm up their vocal cords. 2. Jennifer Travis leads the bunny hop. 3. Paul Marinelli remembers he has a UN meeting at lunch which he is missing. 5. lVIr. Teastand gives us his best James Dean look. 152-Choir ,nun-Q 4? -'QQ Left to right lrow lj Todd Burkett, lan Cooke, Ei- Shawn Frary, Kevin Donahue, Paul Marinelli Crow leen Manning. Katy Kidwell frow 23 Steve Lewis, 35 David Rank, Mr. Teastand, Jarvis Allen United ations The UN club CUnited Nationsj has to act, or pretend as if they are from other nations. They meet up with other schools and discuss different topics such as: World problems, use of orbit space, the rights of political prisoners, and others. They travel quite a lot too. Sometimes they are gone for days. One of their trips was to Berkeley for three days. They did some discussing but said it was mostly fun. This year UN is representing Jama- cia and Sweden. Allin all, they have alot of fun. UN-153 xqlk wa iv 5 iw " 1 vi Theater At Aptos High setting The Theater Arts Department have been putting on great performances thoughout the years with this year as no exception. ln January theater students presented "The Crucible" by Arthor Miller. which delt with the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. killing over I9 innosent people because they were accused of being witches. The drama department once again put on a excellent spring performance with their hard work and dedication. It seems this years performances were again a success. I Andrew Singleton and Steve Peno dicuss the trial of his poor wife Elizabeth who has been accused of being a witch. 2 Michelle Welk and Erin Doyle trying to control eachother with Valerie Marcus standing close be- hind. 3 Andrew Singleton tries to think of a way to get Abigail to confess the truth. 4 Shawna Franks and Valerie Marcus amazed that their good friends Erin Doyle and Michelle Welk can fly, 5 Chad Silva looks into the distance to remember his lines. 6 Erik Hansen and Jimmie Markle very discour- aged to learn of their wives being put in jail for being accused of witches. 7 Michelle Welk and Andrew Singleton show their real feelings for eachother. 8 Shawna Franks and Michelle Welk pray that their good friend Erin Doyle gets over her illness. 9 Chad Silva tries to figure out what has caused the uproar in the little town of Salem. ut To Lunch Production OTLP is an organization that lets the stu- dents enjoy lunch hour more by letting them choose what music should be played. The music interest in this school ranges from Country to New Wave. OTLP lets the students learn about the school stereo and choose the music by personal preference. They have monthly meetings in which the members choose the days they are going to play their mu- sic. Anbody can join. The members real- ly take care ofthe stereo and besides that, they have a lot of fun. 4 N X M . 2 -ofa Row l: Scott Tamasen. Mike Hunter. Andy Miller. Bill Charman. Mr. Riorden. Chris Charman Row 2: Buffy Burdette. .lohn Vcyscy. Kier Anderson. Frank Dlott. Renee Fassbinker. Junearo Langrebe. Row 3: Todd Smitherum. Adam Johnson. Erid Hansen. Mara Large. Robin Morales. Valerie Mar- cus. Leisa Baird. Row 4: Jon James. Erik Corder. David Rank. Jarvis Allen Top: Erik Roush 156-OTLP .14 -. . f'! 1" ' . fir 4 135' A Ea sr l rv' . : 'ft vi Q-H17 tif Q' W fy i l. Setting up the speakers isjust one ofthe many things in OTLP that Scott Tamasen does. 2. Matt Nowark makes last minute adjust- ments. 3. OTLP Members. 4. As Upper patio enjoys the music that OTLP providesg they talk about the sucess of speech members Kirsten Hilbert and Cece Specht. 5. Speech Club Members. The Aptos Speech Club and Speech Team is affiliated with the National ?orensic League CN.F.L.J Club mem- Jers participate by interpreting and sometimes writing their own speeches it league tournaments. This years Speech team is a small one but as nighty as usual. Competeing with iundreds of other high school stu- ients from all over the state and some- .imes country, they have done well. Sompetitions take them to Berkeley, Stockton and Gilory. They practice iramatic or humerous or other pieces n various catagories. They have a lot nf fun, you can learn a lot and even win money. Speech Club at AHS Row 1: Shauna Lindahl, Kirsten Hilbert, Michelle Welk, Cece Specht, Kristen Alberts, Stacy Arono- vice Row 2: Buffy Burdette, Kelly Alberts, Chad Silva, Todd Downing, David Beach Speech-157 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS 158-Foreign Exchange 1. Michael Stolle, from Germany, will be visiting for one year. When asked what he liked about the U.S., he re- plied g'Everythingf' 2. Stephanie Krieger, from Germany, will be visiting for one year. When asked what she likes about the U.S., she replied, "I like the school, the peo- ple, and the weather." 3. Nina Ansari, from Pakistan, will be visiting for one school year. When asked what she likes about the U.S., she replied, 'SI like the school." 4. Junko Kato and Yoshie Ishiguro, from Japan, were asked what they liked about the U.S. They both replied, "I like the people." Junko will be visiting for one year and Yoshie for four months. 5. Daisaku Kaneko fnot picturedj, from Japan, will be visiting for one year. 6. Maria Svensson Knot picturedj, from Sweden, will be visiting for two years. E -111 gm?7TQWWQQ2Qiyg-. ,,..,, . ,.. .. Q- , ,-Wim ff. 4 AF The American Field Service is a world- wide organization oriented towards send- ing students to foreign countries where there are high school. AFS members are students who are interested in experienc- ing different cultures. In a members Ju- nior year, one may apply to go to a for- eign country of hisfher choice, Once a member is accepted, hefshe may go to the country ofhisfher choice for one summer or one year. The AFS Club meets once every other week to plan fund raisers such as raffles and candy sales. The club also acts as a host for AFS students visit- ing this country. A perfect example of an AFS student visiting this country is Vesna Kirincic. Vesna is visiting from Yugoslavia for one year. When Vesna was asked how she liked it here, she replied, ul like the change. Yugoslavia is so different from here." Three perfect examples of students from Aptos High that will be going abroad to foreign countries are Marianne Brokaw, Bill Charman, and Ted Crotwell. Marianne, who graduated last year, will be leaving for Uruguay for one year. Bill, who has been accepted, is un- sure where he will be visiting. Ted, who has also been accepted, is also unsure where he will be visiting but is hoping that he will be going to either Spain or Germany. AFS members: Front Row-Amy Bierman, Susan Welch, Kathleen Urbanic. Back Row-Jon Keller. 8, Bill Charman and Ted Crotwell discuss AFS dur- ing lunch. 9. Visna Kirincic, from Yugoslavia. will be visiting for one year. When asked what she liked most about the U.S. she replied , UI like the change." AFS-159 CSF The California Scholarship Federation was organized to recognize and promote scholarship endeavors among high school students. CSF honors those stu- dents who have achieved highly in aca- demics and who are honorable citizens. CSF members receive recognition while in high school and become eligible for many college and university scholarships throughout the United States if minimal requirements are met. These require- ments include keeping a high grade point average. CSF members: Front Row-Kathleen Urbanic. Natasha Orlins, Ro- salee Pfister, Warren Holt. Diane Kitayama, Nicole Kamian, Kelley Kubota, Robin Martindale. Katy Kidwell, Second Row-Varena Waleski, Eric Hen- ning. Pete Bamford. Jon Lundstedt. Debbie Mea- cham. Patti Parnell, Eileen Manning. Scott Ikeda. Kevin Davis. Back Row-Jon Keller. Gloria Wenger. Anna Marhcnke. Tricia Allen. Jackie Ayers. Nancy Boone. Kathryn Richardson. Susan Brown. Chris Reber. Sharon Bonnema. BU I ESS CLUB The Business Club at Aptos High is where you want to go if you want to learn about the business world or talk about current business. The Business Club or- ganizes fund raisers for business scholar- ships and field trips to various busin- esses. Learning a great deal, the club members have fun while working togeth- er as a group. Business Club members: Front Row-Darius Englen, Mr. Tanimoto, Andi Bauer, Leanne Shore, Laura Janiec, Kathryn Rich- ardson, Deardra Englen, Leslie Imlay. Back Row- Mrs. Salyer, Jenny Farley, Debbie Diran, Tammy Brazelton, Cyndi Hessler, Mr. Bruce, Kathy Long, Suzy Johnson. 162-CSF-Business SKI GULL The main purpose ofthe Ski Gulls as a club is skiing. The Ski Gulls consists of beginner through expert skiers. The club is open to any student that desires to par- ticipate on any of the ski trips. The club activities include organizing ski trips. showing ski films, and teaching general care of equipment. The Ski Gulls travel to such resorts as Sierra Ski Ranch. Squaw Valley. and Kirkwood. The nor- mal ski trip is two days. Members ofthe club have always enjoyed the trips pro- vided for them by Ski Gullsz two fun- filled days of skiing and having good times with friends. Ski Gull members: Peter Alaga. Ami Allen. Staci Barsi. Katie Bartle- baugh. Katie Betteneourt. Gary Bowen. Kristen Burns. Peter Cervantes. Deann Daniel. Deanne Dawson. Scott Deason. Josh Dellar. Chris Eddy. Jon Engelund. Dale Fendorf Scott Fiorovich. Nordy Frentz. Finney Gilbert. Anne Gleeson. Jeff Gray. Matt Gray. Debbie Hammond. Vicki Ham- mond. Scott Holland. Darin Homer, David Homer. Jon James. Kurt Jennings. Jeb Johnson. Russell Johnston. Danielle Kamian. Nieole Ka- mian. John Keller. Elizabeth Keyser, Shannon Kies, Diane Kitayama. Kelley Kubota. Mara Large. John Lauranee. Jenny Lind. Miles Littell. Laura Ludeman. Brian Lusher. Karen Lyng. Jay Marek. Ernest Marhenke. Amy Marinelli. Chris Marrell. Steve Martin. Susan McCawley. Lori McElroy. Yona Miller. Walter Moody. Michelle Moseley. Todd Nelson. Chase Norlin. Jeff Norris. Michele Pauly. Jennifer Poodry. David XL Karen Pope. Craig Robinson, Jon Roth. Dawn Rucker. Steve Schuy- ler, Will Shuirman. Alexander Skelton. Aaron So- bieski. JoAnn Sparks. Shelly Stewart. Steve Sulli- van. Teri Taylor. Tony Taylor. Sandy Thirup. Cyndi Tomlinson. Traci Tomlinson. Cheryl Tup- per. David Valdez. Stephanie Vomvolakis. Martin Vukasovich. Ski Gulls-163 N F -S Young Life Last year Young Life grew to be one of the most popular. and certainly one of the most fun on campus. This year led by leaders known only as Kathy. Steve. Lori. Todd. Jackie. Betsy. and Chris. Young Life has grown to be the largest and most enjoyable club. Young Life has no president. secretary. or treasurer. yet is a nationwide organization encouraging student participation in all it's many ac- tivities. Young Life has been a place and time for students to break away from the world's standards, and let their hair down in good. clean fun. A Christ orient- ed group. Young Life includes singing. dancing. screaming. and praying. What's Young Life? It can only be experienced! I64-Young Life -1 9 ig-Qxlty 5 -sf 1 f l, Part of Young Lite at a meeting. 2. Martin Gil can't wait to dive into his books 3, Everyone enjoys a little singing, This year Block MA" really plans to iave a good year. Under the supervi- iion of Mr. Lynch, the club plans to iave two major fund raisers. The first ine will be for the football team and he second for the cheerleaders. They go to the businesses in the area and get ids for the programs they sell at the games. Block G' M Row l: Terri Taylor, Diane Kitayama, Steve Mar- tin. Lori McElroy. Kelley Kubota. Page Palmer, Elizabeth Keyser Row 2: Scott Holland. Robert Wall, Warren Holt, Varena Walewski, Katie Betten- court. Daniel Kamian. Sandy Brown Row 3: Robin Martindale, Kathy Kitayama. Natasha Orlins. Jeff Miles. John Lundsted, Frank Lynch. Row 1: Sally Green, Jodi Meyers, Deb- bie Heffernan, Tori McAdams, Kelly Clifton, Lisa Hughes, Stacey Hedgpeth, Row 2: Joann Sparks, Jill Chase, Melin- da Hietala, Max Marker, Carol Cane, Sally Stoike, Maria Sveneen Row 3: Mr. Fiechner, Micheal Overson, Nina West- fall, Kristen Smith, Kathryn Richard- son, Tim Washington. Key Club Key Club is a nation-wide organization sponsored by the Kiwanis. Key Club In- ternational is a service committee made up ofvolunteers from schools around the country. The club is supported by the Freedom Kiwanis and supervised by Mr. Fietchner. This years club has their hands full with many activities dealing with the community. 6. Jeff Miles and Jon Lunstedt discuss block A, Block Key Club-165 The Chess Club is one ofthe new clubs here at Aptos High. The club was started by President, Grant Newman and Vice President, Akim Provatakes. The Chess Club meets every Thursday and Friday to play chess for fun and to practice their strategies. This years chess team partici- pated in the National Chess Tourna- ment, traveling all over northern Califor- nia competing against other school. Row l: Rodney Miller. Grant Newman. CJ Rogers Row 2: Ed Bumgarner. Annette Corbcau. Kathryn Richardson. Shelli Kuenstler. Akim Provatakis. Dan Kassar, ICC Aptos Highs' clubs are regulated by one club. ICC. Inter Club Council is a club composed of one represenative from every "money makingw organization on campus. The main purpose of ICC is to make sure no two fundraisers conflict with one another. Also, the needs and interest brought to the attention of ICC serves as a club organizer. Row 1: Natasha Orlins, Michelle Welk, Kelley Ku- bota. Elizabeth Kessar. Row 2: Kathryn Richard- son, John Keller, Steve Brown. 3. Steve Brown and Natasha Orlins discuss upcom- ing events for ICC. 166-Chess, ICC Chess Club Site Council R Sf Q S ' Row l: Susan Bosworth. Tim Cuneo Row 2: Cin- 3: Carolyn Jamison. Ellen Bencangy. Shawn Ben- dy Zerboni. Richard Fiechtner. Ann Miller Row jamin. Kelli O'Mahony. Sam Powell. Ron Har I. Responsible for the priortizing and dis- tribution of a State grant of nearly 590,000 each year to improve school pro- grams, the Site Council, also known as S.I.P. tSchool Improvement Programj had a tough job. They decide which school programs should acquire what amount of money. Although Site Council tries their best to be fair with grant mon- ey, some programs will still suffer be- cause ofthe lack of funds available. The job often seems tough, but the qualilifed members do the job well. Some of the programs that Site Council will be work- ing with deal aid to the Learning Re- source Center and Computer Math. These are two areas that the council feels are of great need. Another area is that of Staff Development Program. This would help with bussing, Department service and other office related projects. l. To the people involved it's not all fun and games, 3. Shawn Benjamin and Kelly O'lVIah0ny work hard at the figures. Site Council 167 JS Junior Statesman of America was formed by students many years ago. In the fall they have a political convention in San Francisco and another convention in spring in Sacramento. They debate such things as the nuclear freeze, abor- tion, drinking age, etc. Both conventions take in about fifteen hundred students and are entirely run by students them- selves. This years club includes Bane Gat- zert. as president, Scott Holland, as Vice President. Tami Gamblin as treasurer, and Kyle Register, as photographer. Ju- nior of America's main concern is to get young students oftoday active in politics of tomorrow. JSA members: Front Row- Amy Bierman. Rosalee Pfis- ter. Jodi Myers. Chris Howells. Lisa Hughes. Jenny Hill. Teri-lee Taylor. Kel- ley Kubota. Lori McElroy. Diane Ki- tayama. Eileen Manning. Katy Kidwell. Second Row- Kelly Clifton. Dana Cezar. Cindy Zerboni. Jenny Miller. Michelle Carini. Tom Newton. Akim Provatakis, Sally Green. Kelly O'Mahony. Mike Al- berts. Scott Holland. Robert Wall, Robin Martindale. Third Row- Debbie Heffer- nan. Tori McAdams. Tami Gamblin, Joy Taylor. Dyan Dalton. Shelley Kuenstler. Katie Bettencourt. Page Palmer. Jenny Lind. Martin Gill. Justin Bullion. Scott Lisea. Back Row- Steye Martin. Warren Holt. Jeff Lundsoed. JeffMiles. Don Bar- stad. Jeff Gempler. Miles Calkins. Erin Fry. CJ Rogers. LB TROSS The Albatross has worked hard this year. correcting and improving the qual- ity ofour school paper. Some believe it has been the best year yet in the history of the Albatross. The staffis kept busy writ- ing. graphing. typing and collecting arti- cles and pictures. The class demands hard work and a lot of after-school time put in. This year's staffwas busy in their dedication and led by advisor Mrs. Rank, deyeloped a perfectionist attitude. l. Being on the Albatross staffinvolvcs a lot ofhard work for Robert Wall. 2. Writing articles is only a fraction ofthe work for Wittney Anderson. 3. Mrs. Rank helps the class develop a perfectionist attitude. 4. There is little time for talk while Mike Hunter has an article to write. but after the work is done. , . 5. Scott Lisea and Crystal Gattey help each other correct the articles they're preparing, 6, Patti Parnell is busy with her dedication of re- porting to the class. 7. With the work done and the paper fresh offthe press. Andy Miller takes a break. U 'S' Q E Albatross-169 A Year To Remember . . . Thanks to Student Government 1983- 84 has been a year we will not soon forget. Starting the list of major events was the first dance of the 83-84 year on Septem- ber 9th. Soon after came the ASB card sale and a host of spirited rallies. Above all who can forget the first annual Home- coming Bar B Q, rent a freshman day, and the other various activities put on this school year. Student Government also sponsored the Winter Ball on De- cember 3rd. Spring includes such events as the Ju- 170-ASB niorfSenior Ball, school dances and many more spring activities. aid the community, donated canned foods the underprivileged, and volun- teered for the Blood Bank. mote pride in our school and communi- ty. With their hard work and effort school is much more memorable and enjoyable. we say it was a job well done! ASB Student Government, in an effort to This organization has helped to pro- To the people in Student Government t l z 9 a 5 Z l Row l: Matt Weaver. Mary Garcia. Athena Clark. Sherry Abernethy. Michele Mosley. Micah Stevens. Row 2: Kelly O'Mahony. .lill Cupps, Cheryl Mai- toza. Kelli Clifton, Tori McAdams. Jennifer Poodry. Row 3: Nicole Kamian. John James. Diane Kitayama. Karalee Sringer. Michelle Anderson. Shannon Bonnema. Row 4: Stacy Barsi. Shelly Stewart. Ron Mieeli. Karen Anderson. Susan E McCauly. Linda Powell. Laura Ludeman. Grant Smith, Row 5: Pat Newell. Shannon Holcomb. Rcene Fassbinder. Sabrina Okinioto. Karen Pope. Susan Wise, Holly Furlanic. Crystal Gattey: Row 6: Mr. Barrington. Arlene MaeTavish. Chris Howells. Toni Newton. Nich Anderson. Dan Watson. Brent Chapmen. Michelle Crawford. Chris Burke. L : 'R l. President: Dan Watson 3. Viee President: Chris Howells 4. Secretary: Diane Kitayama 5. Treasure: Ron Nlieelli 6. Class Presidents: Freshman. Matt Weaver. Soph- omore. Kelly Clifton, Junior. .Ion James. Senior. Susan Wise 7. Thanks to ASB everyone. including some Fresh- men. enjoyed the Winter Ball. ff ' 3-x or ms: 'TM , . ASB-171 l Katie Bartlebaugh works hard getting her layouts just right. 2 Advisor Pezzoni and Terri Cookson find just the right picture for a sports layout. Sandscript Staff Top Row QL-RJ Steve Brown. Nick .Anderson Middle Row: Terri Cookson. Kim Dray. .Iackic Ayers. Del Pezzoni. Mike Munoz. .lenniter Palmieri. Shari Spichtig Bottom Row: Katie Bartlebaugh. Kim- berly Miles. Tim Washington. Rosalee Pfister. Crystal Gattcy. Natasha Orlins, Karen Pope. Yvette Noble Editor-In-Chief: Natasha Orlins Production Editor: Jackie .Ayers Layout Editor: Rosalee Pfister Copy Editor: Steve Brown Advisor: Del Pezzoni 172-Sandscript """"Im--Q. 4. Jennifer Palmieri and Mike Munoz type up the finishing touches for the deadline in January. 5. Natasha Orlins and Rosalee Pfister add their own ideas to the yearbook. The Sandscript Staff agrees this year has been a great year for the i983-1984 year- book. We had a excellent staff that worked yery hard to make this yearbook a great success. It took a lot ofdedication and time to put out a good yearbook. It took a lot of time after school working late at night and on weekends to meet deadlines. It all seems worth it now. The Sandscript Staff worked well to- gether through all the rough times and made the yearbook a worth while project. With the cooperation of the yearbook staff we tried our best to make this year- book the greatest it has ever been. The Sandscript Staffreally had their work cut out for them this year. Thank You All. Sandscript-173 WW E , fb' 9 -Team l .l Qi i l l 3 l Pi 'H 'k' D L x l V T X Q ' ' lp V ii fi 'mi aw ins an Ncilsen Chuck Solbacli Jenny Annear Dorlliory Carroll Pal Eldridge Vice Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal Outside Work Experience Nurse Registrar I7-1-Administration This will be Mr. Cuneo last year at Ap- tos. Mr. Cuneo will become Assintant Su- perintendent Instruction. As for all the vice principals they will remain in their positions. Aptos High will be looking fo- ward to their new leader ofthe A-Team, someone to do as well as Mr. Cuneo has done with this school. 1. As Mr. Neilsen tries to count to five, he gets stuck at two. 2. Mr. Cuneo is upset to leave the school, but Danny Watson assures him that he will try to be as good of a principal as Mr. Cuneo was. 3. G? No, G.T.E., replies Yvette Noble. 4. Miss Hawkins asks "Why don't I have a secre- tary? 5. Rose Young is caught trying to get her morning stretch. i V If t , f + largie Zanotto- Jean Laurits Betty Lawence Hazel Marshall Rexie Watts Rose Young Hemeon Principal's Secretary Data Processing Attendence Secretary Secretafy R,N. Nurse Adminstration- l 75 You might be wondering why we have two new counselors this year. well. won- der no more. First of all our OWEfROP counselor retired so there was a position to he filled. Mrs. Danno took thatjob. so nou she works part time as a counselor and part time as the OWE counselor. Mr. Nielson is now the assistant principal and the ROP counselor. This left an opening fora full time counselor. which led to the hiring of Bonnie Wendt, a new addition to Aptos. who has a background as a Psychologist in the district. In Octo- lver Patti Hawkins met with the School Board and presented to them the infor- mation tltat counselors could provide students at a ratio of 500 students to l counselor or at 40031. The Board ap- proved a new ratio of400: l. This created zt lr time counseling position. which Mr. Elgin has filled. l. Look mom. no cavities thinks Mr. Barrington. 2. Sam Powell asks Carola Wolfgang, "What hap- pened to your foot?" Lanae Bennet wonders whats going on. 3. "What now?" thinks Bonnie Wendt. ur Helpful fiend 4. Blake Miller hears the familiar beebing sound which draws the attention to Charlene Kannely. 5. "Which should I look under. the author or the name of the book?,' thinks Leshea Harton. 6. Mr. Becker at his second home. 176-Counselors 1 si' Q55 Q- S-gf' Paul Barrington Charlotte Danno Walt Elgen Activities Director Counselor CounslerfS.S. 'Wk arolyn Jamison Sam Powell Peter Prindle CounslingfSIP Campus Super Counsler Reports. Reports. when will they ever stop? The problems ofa high school stu- dent neyer end. especially with the con- tinuous work load of homework. not to mention Finals. Thanks to our 3 special librarians we can always depend on them to help us through these times. They are reliable people. Of course we didn't always go to the library for homework. but just to laugh and talk. This didn't last long. Mr. Becker was always there to "shh" us. but that was his job. and it was only forthe consideration ofthe other students. who wanted to study. Whatever reason you had for coming into the library. l'm sure you'll agree we had some terrihc librar- ians. lfyou hayen't discovered this quiet place yet. try it-you'll like it. Library-177 Better B the Dozen ll very specialized cafeteria ladies are constantly at work preparing food for our tummies. From early in the morning. till late into the afternoon they are busy. Not only do they bake those famous einni- mon rolls. a delicious breakfast. but they don't stop Cooking until break is over. and then lunch. Behind all of this good cooking is the Head Honeho. Madeline Fioilla. who keeps the ball rolling. She doesiftjust eook. but she supervises too. l. "Lay down that tray or I'll shoot!" says Bob Woodson. 2. 'Now where did I put that reeipe'?' thinks Bonnie Orton. 3. Our Cafeteria Staff? Back row. Pat Ole, Dorothy Elmer, Elenor Murphy, Beverly Berti, Doris Oster- houdt. 2nd Row: Gerry Timberlake, Nita Fry, Madelne Fior- illa, lst Row: Bonnie Orton, Linda Tindall, Linda Ri- beiro, Ann Frank. 4. "Now, what was your question?" says Mrs. Miller to Mark Edwards. 178 Cafeteria Beverly Berti Cafeteria Dorthy Elmer Ann Frank Cafeteria Cafeteria ur elping Hand Nita Fry Gerry Timberlake Linda Tindall Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria A lot of people at this school aren't familiar with a very important place. What is this placc'? Well. it's the LRC. which is not only available ifyou get be- hind in a class. but for other necessitites. One would be that you can get all the information you need for the PSAT. SATA and the ACH tests. which can be terribly useful for those people who are preparing for college. Ann Miller doesn't just have study guides for tests. but indi- v idual attention to help you when your lost. or from falling behind in a class. There is also special. alternative studying sources such as slide shows. tapes. and individual attention. which can broaden your learning in a particular subject. or just to catch up in a class. 5. "Oh, I can't seem to remember liow to work this dumb computer." thinks Alejandro Rocha. LRC'-l 79 linded b Science From working with plants out in the garden to working with chemicals in C'lieniistry. our Science department is ii ide ranged. While niost ofthe students take Biology. it is also interesting to get into other sciences. You can learn some things that 5ou thought were unreal! l. Bob Geockerman about to head the troops down to the garden. 2. Deanne Dawson says, "I use Loreal because I'm worth it." 3. Mr. DeSalzar laughs when Caryn Limberatos asks for an A. f ,1 l Richard Fiechtner Bob Goeckerniann Barbara Leighton Elsye Beaver Don Brown Biology Garden Science! Human Biology! Anat.!Physiol. Math Math Relations 180-Science Determination The math department at our school is pretty advanced. We go from Basic Math to Calculas. Some ofthe students are de- termined to learn. For instance. our Cal- culas class starts at 7:30 in the morning just so they can learn enough to pass the Adyanced Placement test for college credits. Now that's determination! 4 Mr. Kamian welcomes you! 5 Looks like Roger Waddel has Pac-Man Fever. 6 "lsn't this insane?!" asksMr. Smith. .X f "lli 5 .'l' A95 L: 2 mes Chadbourn Geoge Kamian Thoma Mitchell Gary' Rominger Randy Smith Math Math Math Math Math Math- l Sl Engli h The English Department contains 9 teachers which help the students to read and understand the english language. English classes range from Basic Reading Skills to Shakespeare and much more. l. Mr. O'Connell shows a littler laughter after read- ing a students answer to one of his tests. 2. After scratching her forehead, C.J. Rogers real- izes that she forgot her English book. 3. We couldn't get Mr. Hagen to pose for a picture so wejust asked him to think about his most embar- rassing moment. Ellen Bcncangcy Cynthia Corrigan Norm Hagen Ken Harrison Jack Jones Mike Monahan English English English English English English 182-English l ll rs li ndustrial Arts Industrial Arts are Classes that you take for your own benifit. Learning to rebuild your own engine and to be able to know one part from another. Also being able to design your house or other things your way. Plus you can make some wood pieces the way you prefer them. 4. Mr. Hart busy in the back ofa V.W.'s engine. 5. Alan Lajoue and Greg Nickel designing their masterpiece. , f- 41 Mike O'Brien Tim O'Connell Justine 84 Nicolas Ron Hart Jim Mikaelsen Tibor Sehoenfeld English English Zanjanj Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts English Industrial Arts-183 In todays society we are faced with the never ending bother ofdoing our income tax. filling out checks. typing. and of course finding a job. All ofthese special- ities takes skill. Well. how do you get it? We were lucky to have a spectacular staff of well informed and experienced busi- ness teachers. Were you getting tired ofbeing rejected because you're not qualified? Ifthis was your problem. and you took some busi- ness classes. then you will agree that you improved in those areas. Classes such as: Ty ping. accounting. shorthand. business law. record keeping. and career survey could improve your qualifications im- mensely. All ot' these classes were de- signed to prepare you for the real world, and by taking them you might have been surprised that you learned something. l'm sure all of us have experienced career survey. either before our sophomore year. or at the last minute. senior year. Some of you might not agree, but this class was an important aspect to our lives. It not only prepared us for the busi- ness world. but it helped us get in touch with our goals. Notjust this class, but all ofthe other classes were interesting and fun. All ofthe business teachers were tre- mendously good natured. and always knew how to make their classes interest- mg. l. 'So much to do and so little time,' thinks Ray Tanimoto. 2. Putting Sophie Abed to work, Mr. Bruce pauses to remember what he was going to say. 3. Mrs. Salyer enjoys the last minutes of the class socializing with her students. l 8-1-Business -aas Business or Dave Bruce Toni Salyer Ray Tanimoto Tony Taravella Business Business Business Bus1nesS!S.S. Pleasure Language is a serious business at Aptos High. Our teachers do not take this sub- ject lightly. as you can see. They realize with the constant flow ofdifferent ethnic groups. which pour into our country year- ly. makes it incomprehensible for stu- dents not to have some introduction ofa foreign language. It should be a vital part ofour education as we see in other coun- tries. At the same token our great teach- ers still manage to make it a lot offun, by presenting slide shows. letting us color. and even dancing. Our teachers are very dedicated. and they hope we will contin- ue to apply the use ofa new language in our every day lives. 4. The sign says "Don't Disturb" thinks Mr. Doane. 5. "Excuse me, but I'm teaching a class," says Cath- erine Murray. John Doane Matt Miskic Catherine Murray O'Brien Riordan Jan Sargent Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language!P.E. Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language- l 85 Looking from the a t the Social Studies department is doing. J.S.A. these are clubs which expand the For instance. Mr. Hestand is the leader students' knowledge. ofthe UN. club. Mr. Bjur is the head of 186-Social Studies to the Future Caring forthe students' future is what A.F.S. and Mr. Rosengard is the head of I i Allen Bjur Ken Call Dena Eddlemon Walt Elgin Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies ,,,,,,. u,.....w, QU Being Creati e The Art department is well equipped with differ-ent devices used for creating different kinds ofart. The students can make their own designs of jewelry. they can learn all about photography and the camera and many other types of art. l "Say what'?!" asks Mr. Bjur. 2 "Hurry up," yells Mr. Hestand, "All my Chil- dren is on!" 3 "Hey don't make fun ofE.T., he's my brother, warns Jason Pearce. 4 Mr. Leighton and Ronda Epling disucss her next project. 5 Jeff Love tells us that next he'll take basket- weaving. S is Robert Hestand Ellen Rank Bob Rosengard Gorden Leighton Del PGZZOIU Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Ceramicsfphow JCWlfYfAl'l!YCHfb00k Art-187 Cleaning up ur et This is very true. since this is the main job of our custodians. Many times this years bulletin has read, "Clean up your campus." Our negligance has been tojust leave our trash in any old place. This is not a funny matter. since it isn't easy to clean this large. spacious campus. We are fortunate to have such a hard working and responsible team of 9 custodians. They are more than reliable. when it comes to carrying the heavy burden of cleaning up after us. 188-Custodians 1. David Dixon enjoys his group discussion with his students. 2. "Whats up doc?" says Lota Feliciano. 3. Enjoying his nice classroom, which has comfort- able furniture is Brian Mickey. syrg jf . S S 1 l l .. . N . si Q . 5 s 1 1 3 K . . s ii'r. A C ii r L ,g.- if llll 1 John .-Xllen Tim Thomas Richard Martinez Custodian Groundsman Head Custodian Special Feeling -0 ' M .rm,,M. ,t ...Q if f A ... 5, -.. nQr' V ,K A ',-.,,.,...Q ' -..r" w yV,.af'Q' F! , ef 1 Ei' J , 7 - K, 'ifagls a K, ,A4' 'S' ' X G A ,s up at Q it it S 5 Q5 Q 1 - gf ' iA'..'.:..Q.IC-'Q ri -' ii i I -as Q Q ii. 2' ! i 5 s Q f ' e . 5 l fi Q .2 '35 2' ' . Y Q 1 ix s is 2 Y if s C 3 7 4 ' S Ng f Q 1 . i ,Se ,K .51 K K' . .5 S F e .. 4 -as .. 'Q rv, i l"'f if F X all Qs 1 L Q W 5 Q A I i' it . -. g 5 4 H f .5 ' c ' if Q Q K? 1 g My ,414 Bobby Salazar Frank Lynch Luanna Rieffel Shirley Smith Custodian Special Ed. Special Ed. Aide Special Ed. Head Special Education is a very unique pro- gram. Walking into the Special Ed. room makes you feel that you walked in on a happy family. Where does this feeling come from? Well, itis from Shirley Smith, David Dixon, and Luanna Rieffel, a new aide. This program has been here for three years. David Dixon commented that, "the main purpose of our class is to expose the students to a regular environ- ment. We try to get them in regular classes as much as possiblef' The pur- pose for this is that it teaches the 1 1 stu- dents in this program to cooperate, and to deal with others, therefore, they ma- ture by their experiences. These students have many projects that benifit our school, and our surroundings, such as collecting aluminum cans, and paper pro- ducts for the administration, to recycle. They also maintain the cafeteria, busing tables. The Yearbook Staff would like to congradulate the special teachers and the students at Aptos High, for making this a successful program. 4. Ginger Lopez awaits for the bell, for she is anx- ious to go to her 3rd period class, ceramics. 5. An imponant part ofa teachers role is to listen and learn from their students, Luanna Rieffel dis- plays this well. Special Ed.-189 Fun and Fitness I Look out Jane Fonda. here I come thinks Jenny Bero. 2 You can tell that Mr. Devine and Joel Brunk are discussing grades. 3 Mr. Warmerdam: January centerfold. Physical Education is only required for two years, but is now a popular class. Ev- eryone is talking about getting in shape and what is a better place than school to do it? No cost, friends, and the best teach- ers around! Many people enjoy it all four years. 190-P.E. .lim Beacom P.E. Pat Bowden Dane Dex me Athletic Directorfl-lealth Ed. l Performances Unlimited The performing arts department con- sists of Drama, Jazz Band, Marching BandfConcert Band, and Beginning. Jazz Band goes all over the state for Jazz Festi- vals. Marching Band goes in band com- petions and play at football games. The Choir puts on an excellent Christmas concert each year. Also, the Drama class puts on a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. 4 Shannon Hindon asks Theresa Battle, "Why don't you bring your own book?", while Jennifer Travis sings along. 5 Gary Bowen, gets into the Jazz scene. 6 Don Keller contemplating what piece to play next. Iudx Leadlx Jamie Townsend Bill Warmerdam Susan Bosworth P E X Advanced P E P.E. Choir Performing Arts-191 ff Guard l. Brent Garvey gives the teacher a solemn look after telling Stacy Aronovice a joke. 2. Peter Mel listens to tunes while playing with the computer 3, Rita Hovath in deep thought. 4. Mrs. Eddlemon spaces out while trying to think of another question to add to the test. Happ Homemakers RWE i ,,., Home Economic Department has sev- eral classes like. Basic Foods which shows students preparing hisfhers own meals. plus all you need to know about nutrition. Sewing shows students how to read patterns and sew their own things. 5. Nicole Burdette and Kelly Bregante turn their faces from the onions, so that they don't get tears in their eyes. 6. Making his secret remedy Clark Bloom blends it all together. 7. Kevin Pedemonte feeding Grant Smith onions. 8. Mike Anderson caught making his own meal. Home Economics-193 .v D. 1 -- ,me -n .wp W we im W , X W ess., 'W Q51 sw' sm PSEEFWWXXH. tw Wits lisa QS' 53 li g n e M Q -A fee :gf fsi fr: M1 fit L 5551 :egg 5 '- M :Sf us: ,asf 'ref . 114 f 2:22 1: 2:5 It W., in is .. wg? 3 H 7- gn K' wt K if tg. Q v .M y wg 4 .t 1 s 2 f iff fits? - get ' ' 'W A ligggiggiil A t it? ef - W 4 f Y X st sez Q51 E252 wig W 'figs ig? F4 Q33 QM f 53 555 555 M' ,W 'W 'Sf 53' W ii . S sts, get we U .wtf we W 6' I.. ,UN 9. Y Q wt 3,-5 6 M ,Ng X 355535-, X ,M ggi gig Lgzzsm fm ESS g2SSsH?r2fw3'i'Sa.:32s .52 Qgg 55? ggi' Q Wifi lik -N. Wg ,Si :fn wx? Kg: 9353 . 5' Q gm W Si-92 vs lim X QM. 5532 vhs 222. gifts .Sw gig. 'Pg 5252 vi' yi 2 Q . tt.. I. tw. A as -M .ta 5. .4 , W-. Jill Mgt. age gg, t 'wt X Q 5515 M YW siifbtwwwg Q82 was Sew- ew S 2 Q D S' ei A ewisxif Www' Ygyggsiibtl we Sir gm wg za.. gr. ll 35555 X ix WSU acaggii ' 1 sf Q 5 3135 'iff 'W ft . is G 'FWZ s 53 , New 'I t fm. .aff .. WEA mtsszsft Y X A . we is :Sf K NYSESSP' V2 : E353 , 4 "GER X asv: 1:5 srzffifssg we 3: , me gg f.:,x Q., , Wai W warg N. 5559 L tag 42: f 35. 5 -1 . . 52 1 .Q ,Q , .. as gag.. ., Q Qi 'Sp 9 T33 F24 iw . A, W .. cgi ww 5. W gag, fm yi im ta, lil . W 1 'fm- zt 2' 'Xgigs 5 , xg? xiii? 351.5 x J ,f wsszzw- ., ' Mamie :ff 'fifigife ff H :Qt ww We 35: ' H 1. Ben Nelson enjoys a day at the beach t. X: , X with Lonesome. W . . 2. Hlust a pull ofthe ear and it will be overf, says Chuck Hiles while at the blood bank. 3. Carla McSweeney and Kim Miles . climb a tree to get a better view of the action. et' le , at H V 2:55 ...Q les. la X . ., Q , , T A 3 194-People L1fe W M W N Q ff' W tszsiiftax gg .Ziff .tfaxszsfga we aus smegtw ami: it M MW, V Wm fwfwzfw we mmm 3 W an W ,W ummm. M Qpmwgg, wavwwasm ,wgwww vzmw ww. gg 'wo 'Q W ,f M xp. Q k , aww.-W 4 , ,,,. .. 125 M Q-gm. .Z gm, WS ,K Q f Q v QW 9 4 Q , Q. 8. Q ov b , ws , ifsfi:WWSiQ2g M533 M523 SES wig 23 Z3 Q fix xiii si? 5521 Els gi? W3 'Q-2 Jim EM gisf mv ' E W Wg 2,4 fm ,Q wg 'ggf ,ish an :ag N22 M2 asia B' M gy ima- Maw B5 35 fs? A ws Ev fm fix sw wg Si if 332 iam W viz: si sw as mwwfwiia :ss as iii :zmawasmifi z .W W x M W. 2 lg , Z .Q Mw,,.WMg4 5 Q, 3 . ,D Vg, Qwb. V' W 5 , ,,,,,M,:q X Ng R . , m ,Q A W we mxwwpzwwwigk M aes cb. ,Q ,S.fyim-wma ,N wi -ggi mam ws. W. me W1 wgm , H Egg, Aw A12 W W' M Q S5 1fz1f:?VWmW"fHQ 0 Aw, ggi: W X25 5:1 'V MW'-M' 3? we :gee 323 uf: 2,23 gg WE ig .. 2 w Q wav Heh We W ig ,M J k 0 sw: 585 M, 7 New ,M 5:35 5:35 M13 wg Q 9 My gm W6 A W 5 Qs? ,sg is 5? :E :ia gg! 'gifs xi? 'ifiix ,533 32334, ,Pzzef Q25 WSG Sikh Qgsfm, wi? .1 zwgimg M5210 Swim 55:5 wyxgwv .gzszf wg may by as 25555 fsimfggwf Mggggfriz-1' 33 wiazsw' new QEMZSEW Y 'Q 1 1 Xmalw M iw. Q Q W-,N?EssQ,v ' :Sv A ' M' 37' 323 '-Wffkfwv ' ' '33 NW W' V'd'3'l2'- SW 'bf A V' -M ' B' 'M ' Q' MES A ' ' ,W awww www fe,-siw ,M Maw -2 WW L.-it wg xW - ' W ww bw: Q Q , W , by wa. . Q5 me .M M ww 1590 wg 42352535 My N2 Sh gggvm WEB, my Q , ,.w-abgggw V, , , EZ Q W 3 Q gi me K9 :2ggg1Q:2w:g gf: mm M MW EW 'TEM Eggs 13:3 3:5 3 was Qs: :N W. ww Q W ,UTS Ex W ff-1 mf W QW sag gm SE 'vii Q :ae vw 5:2 732 -Q Q Z" N ass, gf asf' , 2 ig, ii? was 34 Nazi fm Jw: 2522 in gg 25: :si isa gg. ggi 325 mf, wg 'QQ A ,, 'Z ' A vm Q if as . xg M Vw wgffm memes H ' Wag " 'Wagga 1 Sig 22225 mi? ' 255 Sm :sw im W V wg wgg g me 125' 5513: ws aw 23 'Zzfv we M 222 V 5222, QS? U N :Sem gg 1:51, gg: :aww ffisf wgggg, wif Was.. 5 1 'V' '- ,WmU.,,fz2', wwrw we W ,F 35, www WW W .of EES 5 3 1 Z - , , 0 agp -623,5 1 gi X! Q' N333 4 52 iw 22251 5 ff? 2 .S f 5 gg. Q si? . Q S2335 iw ,ga sw ggsg, -W ii 253 5 QV 32 5 I Q ? ' , g Ng. ' if' ' fi? N - I Q J 2 , 5 wa ' f ' i 3: I lLEg? 22 332 3253135 gg, ,gg New M vw 1' 3 '4 5 E32 ' ff f wg? bam 1 . 7 . ' 'iff' W ww Q 'iw wgggw www I MW 'Wig i " 35 Q2 J 5 ' as-3 K 25? L J Q ' 1 Sig s , . ,H ,Q Y 253115352 , 21 N Q 1-9- 52 Y 'fi ' weewidm ' W , ,,,fQ,f, . I of , is 5- S52 5 9 Q .Q sw ' f gms ' A 'WW 5551 ffl :za 'BEM fax? 'fuzmizm' 1 Q iv W, Q www may - Aff' W sy-2 H55 W 2315:-2 ' 232 55624 52? :es 525 SWB? iss ,W sw . ff gg vga .W-4 PSE? V. wwgbm .fgw TW' 'ws Q ,, L 4 V ,, ,Rm ,Sym M , fW'W121n W 52: QWWQQ W' 'gl' wwf' Wm rf? zzzmwgssszzzfk, 23 gi ww' 'W 1? gy 'W W 1,2 Q Sf' - may Wm S 4 Q22 if we 4 W sw 2433 ,MK FW W Wwwigzis ES E' QB? '32 .Q-if W, iw Bw .M 4 Lg i , 53 News 3-gQ gps gf ww gggvyfgggyvgwgigggk wa W M Zgigefsesemiww Lge yo 'Aw fb EQ H if v W fi uf M: 4 gg mf , W 'ifgis-my iii wget E52 552 Affsigw ggi? 5? ww 'gigmgsziiw ggwsww 52 2 A 'G gfgqwffwg Wfff L'? 5:Si5Q.,eff QRS 223 25551. Qfxaiffk E MSW W' 'F People ' 5: we im ,gi Av W V 3153 E3 3225 gg? Ek me gg V ,, G, . , mm. W ,, ' 4 W1 ,, E gg X f ff Afzifl- ,BQSSHQEQUR ,s?"i5mf?fe5 Q, :.zaH55W3?'Ak .azfwwisg 1:3 'mifaf im hqgzseszam. .wzammy smgssasssfm mywffgm A, SEE 355' M1255 W' iffy Nm? 2231 is Wm, may Q-Q zsff 45345 ,RN X .. f g ,y 4 ' fter Two-Thirty Five gives all ptos High students a chance to dknowledge the wild and crazy cts that our classmates do fter the final bell of the day. Surf- ing, skateboarding. and riding bikes are only a few ofthe things Aptos students are doing after school. Some students spend their time after school working to make money to sup- port cars or to spend on fun. Aptos High is full of people enjoying themselves after a hard day of studying and taking exams. After Two-Thirty Five shows you the fun and exciting life after thc normal high school day. Aptos high students work hard at having fun. 909 7 s-fb-'sr QE wif" , ufi'X, ""4"x., S " -J!! Going on hree ...... E Q4 1 ' 5 W Xb,- 1 Q rf ' I 1 6 A AVAA p . ' X., . 5, A x g, 'K '35 X Ki? A Q W I AA m V' A 2 LLLL K L 1, , L. A- K ' Q J bw' 2- 4 ..,,. . sg' L . - 5 K-.Aa-11. if K 'f N "' x-. ,. 'fx 3 '11-"A" E+ -' Y ' V '- . V t ., ,., K xyf, .V ' f X L . f ' , . 1' 'VX' N 1 W xv 5 ' 'ttyl - x A1 . ,z ,gg - X j,Qi. , if qv ' I . , ' X W ' 1 Mr . ' . az- , Z -' . , 9 ' W, ' ' ' , A I 1 , Lk 1 1 ,. W. - R .r --'V qv . x I 1 ' -5 A K , 5 Q Qfmh- 5 --i :rw ,,f - -. x 8' K 1 - . F' '4' s . - 1' , K , -5153. ut an I . R 5 . ' ., 4... ., , J' SCMOOXS O O ' " Q 253 '43 -,wah R21 , .. Q 197 Working Hard wg! '-'I Many people spend their time after school working. They don't get to run clown to the beach or do some ofthe things that other kids do after school but they go strait to work. Most ofthe kids are saving money for their first cars or just to pay for insurance and gas. Just the same they do have fun just like the other kids. They work from places like the gas O 'flux j - --- liyr-3' : stations to Pizza To Go. Their "Working Hard For Their Money" 198 tems For Their Money .A- EEE. SB QQ i ii lg, X 0 ea C E : 'ii - V 199 Community Affair Blood Bank The Blood Bank at Aptos High this year was a great success. People came from all over the community to join in the uGift of Love" It was held both in December and in April and the chairs were never empty. Students were told their blood types and issued blood donor cards. Stu- dents from Aptos also helped as aids helping the nurses by running errands, typing blood cards, and making sure the donors were comfortable. Students were served cookies and juice after donating blood and were given strict instructions to take it easy for the day. Many students felt it was a worthwhile cause and would surely do it again in years to come. It was a friendly atmosphere and all the nurses were very kind and understanding. Giv- ing blood is something we should all do. It gives you a-wonderful feeling. Grey Bears Every year Aptos High has a canned food drive to support the Grey Bears This year was a great success bringing in over a thousand cans for each class The Grey Bears have been running the canned Food drives for many veais giv ing the food to the elderly and the handi capped for their holiday meals and all every day meals. Next yeai -Xptos is plan ning to bring in more cans. Thanks to the Grey Bears everyone is having good hot meals. 700-Blood BankfGrey Bears 4-H 4-H is more then just raising animals. Its learning leadership skills, improving old skills and learning new ones. Not only do you learn new skills you meet new friends. There is a summer camp in which you get acquainted with new peo- ple and learn more about old ones. 4-H isnt just for elementry students. its for high school students also. So dont knock it till you try it. Its great fun for people of all ages. 2 County Fair The fair this year was one to remem- ber. It was great fun for everyone. young and old to participate in. There were rides and games for the kids and lots of music featuring Rain and The Greg Kihn Band. There were animals and people to see. The whole fair was a great success. There was lots of good food to eat and plenty ofthings to see and do. Hopefully the turn out next year will be as good. i l 4-H!County Fair-201 The Wall Storm-swept waves as high as 20 feet lashed the midcounty coastline ripping off the Capitola Wharf and crashing through homes in Rio Del Mar. Resi- dents were forced to flee on Via Gaviota in Rio Del Mar as breakers blew out win- dows and rolled through 10 beachfront homes. Its been a strange and unyielding winter, with more snow in the Sierras and flooding on the California coastline than anyone can remember. Weathermen began gathering weather data back in 1878 here in Santa Cruz, one hundred five years ago. There had never been a single year in recorded weather history when the villa villages of Capitola and Rio Del Mar were flooded three times in one year. So this wall was put up to protect the beachfront houses from damage in the following storms to come. ' f' -.f,i5- 4 Fx lk 311 td f :Ft , 'Q 1. . - . . ff-:Hz wr: -, ,tfftfs5'a4,,, - r ffl' , M if 5 ur 1 W 3 51 if ,gf , 1-4 The new retaining wall at Beercan Beach. 202 The Wall t . ,E 'Wa' t ' The Trussle March 3rd the trussle in the Aptos Sta- tion was painted with a washable base paint to stop graffitti. Aptos Hardware supplied all the paint and paint brushes needed for free. Most all ofthe work was done voluntarily by those who work for Aptos Hardware. It was an all day project that used over 10 gallons of paint. The inished product was a beautiful ocean scene done in bright colors and detailed design. 5-8 The trussle in Aptos in the process of being painted, Trussle-203 TW , c I fy A 'Z wif W. .,,,. ., f 5 E f f W V 21 f 45, f fi 4' ,A , f df W., ,R LK... 'WM' WMZQM, H, Mf..W. W..W .M W.. f W ' A ,,,, I ,ywan My a??axHffc 'Bcat Il' Michacl Jackson 204-National and Imcrnational M 'Maniac' ichacl Scmbcllo :-. ,. wi, l, Jennifer Beals gets wet in "Flashdance." 2. M"A"'S"H after eleven years. ended. 3. "Beat lt. Beat it." says Michael Jackson to the crowd. so that they won't see his 2nd and 3rd degree burns: which happened in January while doing a com- mercial near some explosives. 4. On August 7- l 4 Carl Lewis ofthe United States wins three gold metals in Helsinke by running, 5. "lt's too bad that society isn't to the point yet where the country could send up a women astronaut to space and nobody would think twice about it." Sally Ride. 5. Bob Hope went down to Grenada and entertained the soldiers by saying ajoke. "You think you guys arc lighting down here. you should see the people back home tighting for Cabbage Patch dolls." Yes. this was what all the fuss was about during Christmas time. since all the little girls. and grown ups desperately want- ed these Cabbage Patch Dolls. L 'Loveils a 'She Works Hard for the Money' 'Burning Down the House' 'Every Breath you Take' Battlefield' Donna Summers Talking Heads The Police Pat Benatar National and International-205 Q 4 l I l ,Q f ,Zig SS? K Q. ' 'B s IVAN .zgf 5 , John .loan Dan Diana Travolta Collins Rather Ross 206-National and International Le A JL: V M L L i L X X- -ff -... N- 3 -1 :x lib 3 ' " - . 's: J'r " ' fr ,, X . If - ' 'F a ' 451. 's', H Chrisline Yasser Vanessa Craft Arafat Williams W l E K Jessie Boy George Jackson and Mother 16 1 F 35 , e i i . P3 than two tons ofTNT. That's known as a "suicidle" mission. The whole building slammed to the earth. crushing its 300 occupants. The count ofall the dead wasg French, 58 paratroopersg U.S., 218 Ma- rines. l8.sailors, and 3 soldiers. A day that the world will never forget, especial- ly the families who suffered the most. l. A strucken mother trys to deal with the unfair decision made by the Soviet Union. 2. "Don't call us. we'll call you." famous last words from a playwright. Tennesse Williams, who died at 71 years. 3. Jessica Savieh 35 yrs. shocked the nation with her sudden death. in a ear accident. 4. "Why'? Why?" thinks a distressed soldier. ,, L. in , 5- The famous Karen Carpenter. at 32 died ofa heart attack after recovering fiom anorexia ner- vosa. 6. "And we were so excited about going over seas!" concerned soliders. National and International 707 -Q This year the U.S. had many promis- ing athletes going into the 1984 Winter Olympics. Not only did these athletes ex- cel in their sports, some unexpected tal- ents appeared on the slopes and ice. On the slopes Phil Mahre came in a disappointing 8th in the Giant Salomn but came back to take the gold in the Salomn. Phil's twin brother, Steve Mahre, finished 14th in the Giant Sa- lomn and took the silver in the Salomn. Phil not only got a gold medal that day. he also got a new baby son. Then we have Bill "J oe Willie" Johnson coming to the games with total confidence and taking the gold to Switzerland's surprise but not his. Even though Tamara McKinney was expected to take a medal. Debbie Arm- strongmoved up and captured the gold with Christin Cooper close behind with the silver. Our victories however, were not only on the slopes. In fact our biggest victory could of been Scott Hamilton capturing the gold in Men's Figure Skating. Scott, having Schwachmannis Syndrome as a child. was not expected to live that long. He proved everybody wrong with his super talent. Then there was Elaine Zayak, who as a child had halfofher foot cut off by a lawnmower. Even though Elaine only placed 8th, she has many years to go. Another Lady's figure skater that stole everybody's heart was Tiffany Chin, who at 16 took 4th and certainly will be back next time. U.S.'s biggest hope in Wom- en's figured skating was Rosalyn Sumners, who after the short program was knocked to 2nd and stayed there tak- ing the silver. I-low could someone adopt two silver medal skaters from the same orphanage? No one knows but the Car- rurtherses certainly did prove they had talent. While only hoping for a bronze, they took the silver overjoyed. Even though Blumberg and Seibert missed a bronze by so little they certainly did cap- ture the audience with their outstanding talent. The thrill of victory was felt by many U.S. athletes but there is that ever present agony ofdefeat that was also felt. Win or lose however. the U.S. will always be proud oftheir Olympic athletes. after all winning isn't everything. l. Thc Carrutherses soared to new heights. earning silver. 2. Phil Mahre capturing gold. 3. Debbie Armstrong surprises herself and the world by winning gold. 4. Scott Hamilton skates for U.S. Gold Medal. 5. "Top three? l'll finish in top one!" replied Bill Johnson. 6. With marvelous style Rosalyn Sumners gets a 6.0 for artistic impression from an Italian judge. 7. For it's pageantry. brilliant colors and emotion. thc opening ceremony deserved it's own medal. 708 Winter Olympics , af Q .k.,, W5 :Q -. Q wxg X l A ..--- Cqggf Lv, HMQJWW This year the yearbook editors started off on the right foot by going to Yearbook West. It was a one week conference at UCSC, to learn more about putting to- gether a yearbook and improving one. After learning all this, we brought it back to our staff and they went wild. Putting together our yearbook this year was a true challenge, and a lot of fun. We coordinat- ed new and eye catching ideas into the opening section, along with the entire book. The staff worked long, hard hours not only during school, but after school, and even on Saturday. Sometimes just to meet deadlines. Each one of our staff members had their own way of shining out in complet- ing this year,s yearbook. For instance there is Mike Munoz who was our main camera man. Mike was the one that dedi- cated his time in taking pictures and stay- ing after school to develop them. Then there was Jennifer Palmieri who dedi- cated her time to presenting the yearbook A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE staff with vocabulary words that the stu- dent body never heard of Plus the fact that she drove numerous miles each week to deliver and receive film from Bay Photo. Then there is Tim Washing- ton who dedicated his time to getting ads. Tim, a freshman at Aptos High. spent most of his weekends down town getting ads for the yearbook. not to mention spending time after school doing layouts. and preparing the ad section all by him- self Shari Spichtig was the liberalist of the group who spent her time getting pic- tures ofall types ofpeople and all types of places. She also spent time after school and added variety to this years yearbook. Of course this years elite staff would not be complete without Kim Miles. Kim Miles never complained about anything. She was the type that was quiet. worked afticiently. and took time to help others. We would also like to give a special thanks to Crystal Gatty for her extra ef- fort in putting together the Senior Section and Ads. Not only did the staff do ar excellent job. our advisor. Mr. Pezzoni was always there with his opinion anc helpful advice. Tenny Garner, our rep was also there to lighten the tension. anc make sure we had everything coverec from A-Z. Making arrangments with thc plant at the last minute seemed to be her major role. For us the Editorsg Natasha Orlins Chief Editor. Rosalee Pfister Lay out Editor, Steve Brown Copy Editor. Jackie Ayers Production Editor. we thank this energetic group that put in an extra effort to make this book for You! We, the editors ofthe Sandscript Year- book Staff. 83-84. would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the whole stafffor their dedication and outstanding work. We also hope that you. the stu- dents. enjoy this yearbook and appreciate the hard work put into making it for your enjoyment. The Editors: W Ma., ifiilfiwe- 710 S4-Mc wif- I MARINER SLNEINEISILHEIACIV 1- " I Y KAMIANT PHARMACY QJUEREFR EQFKQQENIEE -. -,h K" M QQT in COI'I'd,l-0105 sAusAGe oeuenrs 5 4 i 'G WM? www 1 I X I 5:82156 We-es, I I ff f I I I . Jn I III I I .uk . KOBASICA KASTERDINA - FRESH SAUSAGE CQDRRALITOS SAUSAGE CO. Smoked Meat Specialiies 408 722-2633 569 Corralitos Road Watsonville, Calif. 95076 XQ XQE QUALITY SPORTING EQUIPMENT CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM SPORTS MIZUNO 0 WILSON RUSSELL ADIDAS BATA ' CONVERSE 0 SAUCONY NEW BALANCE ' BROOKS ' DOLFIN EKTELON LEACH SUB 4 EASTON ' WORTH HIND 688 3700 96 Rancho del Mar Shoppmg Center Aptos, Callforma 95003 I 2 w e S 0 ' - Mahfmm. vm 1, i S i'4'S'5-iIeS' RWz,1ftf-J l"'i-3-ff,-. fmktw. I ZS -. we eww. , F I '34 I I W Iluuuh able TOIVIIE'S BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Tomie '-- Lamb 'ZIfllfff'fIIIffL'l,fI'fzA mO,Wi,, 230 BOLLINGEFI PLACE Soquell CA 95073 East Lake WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 C4085 475.8811 7,4-2264 f408j688-1361 ' ' 444444444-X ,-. 1408! 724-9766 F NOW OPEN E n 7FWDS1'CJFFWC:E t Sub-Station g M 'ffl W5 -f VANS SHOE STORE GRUCERY Mon- WU F"- 1' - 3 14 E. LAKE Ave. 444474447 HK' , 462 MAIN ST. WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 FPCSII Cul Medi-FfCSh Fish-Gl'0C8fiCS Cold Beer - Fresh Produce OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN! Mon. - Sat. 9:00 to 6:30 p.m. SI-Iors REPAIR WI-IILE You WAIT sun- 9200 to 6100 P-m- voua coIvIPI..e:'ra FAMILY sI-IoE: s'roRE In III? HEART of LA SELVA BEACH 312 Playa Blvd - 688-7667 4:9 uce place Y AI A ' "Always 1stOuallty Fruits and Vegetables" U - h U QIQAIS HALLMAQK Ji 4962 'JIM SWG-GI I '.W'UIs0mIIIe SQXIOIQ U 1 m 'fIQI3omI.fIIe QA 95576 S5 31 MGFIY .i x :E 1x CQIOI I ' ' ' HOUVS1 8 Om- ' 7 Dm- Kem Gnd BQIQQIQ GIQV AO Airport Blvd. o Freedom, CA 95019 0 724-8578 QUWIIQI5 M333 725-2749 SPECIALISYS IN. OPEN 8-B WEEKDAVS DMMONDS AND GEMSTONES a-6 SATURDAVS 9130-5 SUNDAVS ORIGINAL JEWELRY DESIGN DMMOND SE-I-1-,NG EVERYTHING AUYOMOTIVE JEWELRY REPAIR J E WE ILIEIRS, UN C. WATCH REWR 0, o AUTO - Izos PACIFIC GARDEN MALL K I R Z SANTA cnuz. CA ssoeo 3 S U P P O 4237070 VILLAGE SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER Aff NORMAN P. SHOCKLEY mo scam DR. 'ga Lf REGISTERED ,IEWELEFI JACK ECK APTOS. CA 95003 'CM ow S0 VICE PRESIDENT own I4oeI ees-STAR 214-Ads APTOS BAYVIEW HOTEL A part of Aptos history since 1870 We carry: Tools Garden Plumbing and electrical supplies DENNIS RODGERS STEVE MILES 688-1662 OWI'lCI'S ACE is the place! Paint CPittsburgh and Acej Open 7 days a week CSunday ll-53 Now featuring the finest CREOLE CUISINE west of new Orleans. bcd and breakfast. entertainment nightly. 8041 soquel drive 688-1927 im-W i 1 . 5- ,-.c .41 gt s ,. 6 9 I if . ' 7 4 2252 My ..', I I tftlu, s .sll-XM, if 6 PRUMS. lI'ROMl5lQ'5. IX f ll X ' fy RUMANUINLJ. IMNUINLI mugs, -VM 3 piiiqiis 1'unvim'.ei-s Q Q tt':itc,4i'lrt'1iuii. .mm mm r lim mb A tfillltl N 1 . ,i f , ,, i i '17 Ill 4 . -v ,gi fx t Q , 1, x' 45 5 5 A 4 j, fc I ,VI f' z in M Abqlk 7 ,Q it 25 if 7-lf' 'Zi ..,.. , A Bridal Veil Fashions Open 9:30-5:30 Mon-Sat. Thurs. Eve until 9:00p.m., 1203 4lst Avenue, Sant Cruz, 475-6777 Ads-215 atruzk jlames Durvemyor to 6entlemen 68 Rancho Del Mar Center 14081 688-0440 Aptos, California 95003 KEITH JACKSON 84 ASSOCIATES REALTORS Seventy One Deer Park Center Aptos Callfornra 14082 688 7900 APTOS SHELL SERVICE HERB BAILEY Owner Rancho Del Mar Center Aptos CA 95003 68 Sl I I atrmchjlames Ther 611551: Eullertxun CATHY I IMEN EZ Manager +8 Raneho Del 'Vhr Center Xptos Lvllfornla 91003 Phone C4087 662 3034 Soe-olorfBrown Gollery ooslers E9 fume orlrns Norm ZS- Juuy Sf' :ulor Aolos, CA 95003 l408l 6258-8.2 73 JL Aplos Slallon 80155 Soqnel Dr " P3 Ideal hair hoirslyllng for men 84 women RCI h del Mo elif ' EA 688 4212 22222 253132-Els A R 438 We Ca e ODGU VTTOU SCTI ITTUYS SVG 1:1 r-'lr THE SAVING PLACE 7600 4151 street Soquel CHIIIOIHIH 93073 Wlde Selection of Books Including Crlft Sets Children s Taped Books Large Print and Cards Bookends Posters ISCORWOFR h de M te CA 35005 40Hl 688 4554 H Mo S I I ' 0 I I I . . ' f 7 7 .- 6 I G ' I ' I A L , . . , 'L ' ' T s- - - , ' - I 1 . , , qt l , ff ,' X, I ' r V . R l arCen rAptos .6 -l ' - : - tlO-6 Sundays I l-5 ThursdaystilI9 216-Ads lLl'lll0H in Santa C ruz All ofour processing proofing poitiait printing ncga tn cs and ictouching is done locallx in Santa Cruz area Ex en most of our frames are made hcic Monex spent with us staxs hcrc in Santa C ruz C ountx We are membci s ofthe Professional Photographers of -Xmciicsi and The -Xptos Chamber of Commerce John and Judx Mark the Square 7960 Soquel Dme Aptos CA 93003 688 6777 Automotive Detailing restoiation and Sales specializing in V W Cal look Porsche Exotic and Classic car care R You name it we do it or know where to have it clone Free Advice to anyone who 4220 Soquel Ave S C takes pride in what they drive 462 4217 We inwitc sou to visit out studio Piiee lists 'irc axailablc and we hue 1 special discount price for high school seniors A diess mg room as 'txailablc tot clothing changes Wc prox ide mam difleicnt poses Ind lHdlNldLl2ll at PORTR-KITS WEDDINGS FR-XMES THEATRIC AL wionERN PORTR-KITS sENioR PORTRAITS F-XMILX GROUP UH01, 53 wm v ,., Y. f 4' A X .1 -V I I V VA . i ttt C V gg 'k' in 1 We provide last. individual serwrice by doing all our work right here Cdpy ,CND PQRTRAITS sewtfwl '--, . r - , - L , 2 vi u YQ- .. x . it ' -v X. A A ,V 1 is 2 . . , . 1 1 . . .' . . J. 7 H ' I ,S Ads-217 IT,S ABOUT TI E Our time was the best of times, it was the worst of times but through it all there was always time for 5111437 6177705151775 We always had time to take an hour here and an hour there A morning here an afternoon there an evening anywhere Sometimes we played hard Sometimes we enjoyed formally Sometimes it was zaney It was entertaining when we didnit go anyplace in particular lt was safe when we weren't Sometimes we just sat back, relaxed. secure, serene. joy filled and watched the world go by as we sipped, with ice tinkling. stereo blasting or soothing. and watched the world go by through one way tinted windows, protected from it all. privacy was abound. We were free to enjoy the smoothness. the order, the t.v.. bar. stereo. intercom. and V.C.R. protected from sound, hustle and bustle. Itis time to take that time Maybe itis time again again now. Give us a call and identify yourself as either "the class of Congratulations to "the class". From the 84" or a friend of the class of 84 and receive not only the ones that always tried to make your times time. but a free hour for every every 4 hours or a free 15 whatever you wanted them to be. minutes for every one hour. To recapture the fun and magic that was never lost, call and reserve your fantasy. 408-462-5466 21 8-Ads Th DEER PARK PAS' TAUERN'5Q if BAD NEWS FOR YOUR DIET In addition to lunch every weekday and dinner seven nights a week, we've added Sunday morning breakfast. Now, doesn't dining out sound more fun than dieting at home? We also have entertainment, cocktails, reception and banquet facilities. Call 688-5800 for reservations Highway 1 at Rio Del Mar Exit 783 Rio Del Mar Blvd., Aptos ellllfilllme E II Z2 llliilmll E: 'ml Mark? Groceries ' ' Produce Deli Sandwiches Snacks Firewood mv' lllllllll 3000 Valencia Avenue, Aptos 688-4397 A BROKEN EGG Apt moan 688-2499 Sal 14081446-0811 1 14.1 CONGRATULATIONS' TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1984 from the Sandscript staff. X I x L G gum APTOS N EE 8 OS n OSC ,f H V l 1 I Ads-219 J ' ww' " ' 'gf VESSEY DRUGS Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center SCOTT SHOE s APTOS 77 RANCHO DEL MAR SHOPPING CENTER 688 7897 R A ,J . 220-Ads LLEY' ' A2325 M D A ' G s We C Riliigqmiixeguirllgeegigrieengs vogghxfologists a ' 442 Main SI. Watsonville, C3 9507601083724-4436 We know your way around the County. HOMES ' LGTS - BEACH PROPERTY INCOME PROPERTY - ACREAGE Professional service. . . backed by experience. Established 1918 KENDALL 8 POTTER neanars Main Office? 7070 Sociucl Drive, Aptos, Ca 95003 Branch Office: 787 Rio Dei Niar Blvd, Aptos, Ca 95003 , OI-IN S SHOE STORE T f' f X: -108 f188ffv46'I Q ip mm 1 X 434 MAIN sr. 0 WATSONVILLE, cALiF. 95076 PAUL HENRICHSEN Telephone 724-7416 -e i .4095 21 912466 SIIIS e n-p-in CGNGRATULATIONS 1 9 84 P t ' M' tl ' R ' AMF Mohggzze 0 DiI:r:uond BEE: 0 Inertia I h EM. 'l F ' ' 7960 Soquel Drive 426 Main Street 1 6 U Cr ami 5 Aptos, CA 95003 Watsonville, CA 951176 S88-8650 722-8650 ees-4966 19C RANCHO DEL MAR li 5 E-I 6125 hen ef ok YC yCa-issue Feminine Footwear THE STAQXMEN S WEAR Linda Smothers gf 0 Aptos Station, 8035 Soquel Drive Enic 9' S GENEaMARsi-4A Amos' Ca' 95003 cHms'riERsoN wAoA IE C4087 588-6500 El Ads-221 7 7Ads ESX-j K ULD v1'5J?f?E UNT fgmil' FIIIA - ALL YOUR FAVORITE KINDS SPAGNETTI ' RAVIOLIS B CHICKEN I- MUSHIOOMSKWINE In IEERJ INJDY UUE BATIHUH SAIAD BAN' ACCO NS FOR PRIXATE PARTIES :JI ' I IINswsu3Av5.1'0'2rRIa.aAI OIDUIS TO G0 CALL AHEAD FOR FAS! SERVICE JISIUH Sdlll IDI. IFN! mil DY, ' . XLZTU- 9K TOOL SALES 8 SERVICE STIHL - HOMELITE - MCCULLOCH - ECHO APT05 ES 8 DIGITAL PHCTCTYPESETTINC COMPUTER GRAPHICS TELEPHONE INTERFACE EE DESIGNILAYOUTXPHOTOG RAPHY nnmmee 2731 FORTY-FIIEIST AVE HWY. TBELZEEZL DR. Acnoss Fnou K-MART 0050 VALENCIA STREET APTCS, CALIFORNIA 95003 S SE I400I 000-7474 ,,1.T, A Polished Preference Gift Certificate - You can be certain she'll use it 2 ' Sculpiurcil nails ' silk nails ' pciliciarc ' lash tmts ' european facial ' eyelnrmi' arch ' leg wax ' nail wruixs ' manicure ' lash app icalion 9 fills ' makculi cimxullatirm f application Sculptured Nails SL Silk Nails X f . , e 7 and 7f0'u4f4 fm. f , -x I . LES ROTH If Licensed Landscape Contractor 2905 FREEDOM BLVD. l408l 7245785 FIVE MILE HOUSE WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 Cabrillo Sand and Gravel Lawn and Garden Center Come see Us whenever you are doing Home Improvement Projects We have d huge selection oi Rock 0 Stone I Boulders Brick 0 Blocks 0 Siepsiones Redwood Patio Furniture and Umbrellas Railroad Ties Redwood Poles 0 Redwood Rounds Fertilizers 0 Seeds ol all kinds Come on up and have a look, You'11 be amazed We deliver i Y, Q.. M Je tta . 'W ' 1 A112 1 r YM YN Li I. 5 ' e4 -an? Nu i44i1'f3'- LL,,Q'5'liI :El o er A - LANDSCAPING mrrznuus and BUILDING surrurs 5025 Freedom Blvd . Aptos. oaliiomio 688-6211 Ol' 722-3255 OPEN Monday - SC!'hl.l'dCIY 7:00 io 5:00 Jim Keller s L 4 HOME D Redwood Village 688 6131 9099 Soquel Dr Aptos CA 95003 t A . p ll ali? Av' ,4 J, 7 HP T'lkF'E1aE'll K W mil: , Ta QL . i r Wm I my 4-...-.sqig Q i in ,r,i:...1a-T.. - vs g 0, Q I Mfg, 7 L l 11 ' qu.: Ads-223 224-Signalurcs

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1984, pg 46

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