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Lakeville Public Library The Francis E. and Barbara E. Rose Polarion Yearbook Collection 2007 1988 POLARION APPONEQUET REGIONAL H.S. LAKEVILLE - FREETOWN, MASSACHUSETTIS CELEBRATE 1: TO PROCLAIM OR BROADCAST FOR THE ATTENTION OF A WIDE PUBLIC The 1988 Polarion is a celebration of both individual and colective achievement. As individuals we celebrate ourselves as scholars, artisans, technicians, as humanists and scientists, as acquaintances, as strangers, as rivals and as friends. We celebrate with each photograph our own personal experiences, our best days and our worst days, our memories filled with happiness and sorrow, our times of relaxation or of worry. We are each of us, however, the contributors to the experience of each other, a role-player in one another ' s growth. It is as a class that we take the opportunity to celebrate here the impact we have on one another. We celebrate our collective gratitude to each member of this class. We recognize that for each smiling face seen in our book, there is someone responsible, for each athletic feat there is a cheering fan, for each learning experience there is some type of educator. We recognize that popularity cannot be achieved without the admiration of others, that competition cannot exist without honest rivalry and that love cannot grow in us without the hand of another. This is a celebration of what we have done for each other and what we hope to continue to do through the expperiences portrayed in these pages. The class of 1988 invites you to celebrate with us. 2 CELEBRATE 2: TO DEMONSTRATE GRATEFUL AND HAPPY SATISFACTION BY ENGAGING IN FESTIVITIES, INDULGENCE, MERRY MAKING OR OTHER SIMILAR DEVIATION FROM ACCUSTOMED ROUTINE. 3 CELEBRATE 3; TO PORTRAY WITH A HIGH i VALUATION OR IN EXALTED INTERPRETATION IN A WAY TO CONTRIBUTE PUBLIC AWARENESS, EDIFICATION OR ENJOYMENT CELEBRATE 4: TO HOLD UP FOR PUBLIC ACCALIM OR HOMAGE 5 CELEBRATE 5: TO OBSERVE THE OCCASION OF AN ACHIEVEMENT, REUNION, ANNIVERSARY OR OTHER NOTABLE OCCASION WITH GAITY. 6 7 CELEBRATE 6: TO HONOR BY CONDUCTING OR ENGAGING IN RELIGIOUS, COMMEMORATIVE, OR OTHER SOLEMN CEREMONIES 8 I 7: TO OBSERVE A HOLIDAY, REFORM A RELIGIOUS RITE, OR TAKE PART IN A FESTIVAL 9 i CELEBRATE 8: TO COMMEMORATE I IN APPRECIATIVE INTERPRETATION I FOR POSTERITY ESPECIALLY IN I SOME LITERARY OR ART FORM. JOSEPH ALVES Joe would like to be a millionaire, never work, and get married. His pet peeves are snobs, teachers. He likes blondes, hugs, fast cars, Metalica, Ozzy, and Ratt. His friends include W.D., J.A., A.J.C., and M.H. His memo- rable moment was the Halloween party in N.B. with W.D., A.J.C., and J.J. Spe- c ial thanks to Mom and Dad and my boss P.J.L. Thanks to everyone. LAURIE ABREAU Laurie;s ambition in life is to succeed cosmetology and to someday marry Billy. Laurie will never forget the good times with Phyllis and Angie. Some of her favorites are Mustangs, Chinese food, CB, Harleys. Laurie’s pet peeves are waiting, snobs -I- bad driv- ers. Betsy, " The Bee ' s like it too!” Thanks for putting up with me. Mom. " Vi e may lose and we may win but we will never be here again. " The Rose " , " Wish You Were Here " , " Hang on Snoopy " , " Amanda”, I love you, Billy JORGE AMARAL Jorge’s ambition is to be successful as an Automotive Technician. In school he is known as " Hoover " to friends, and in the shop. Hoover’s pet peeves are cold lunches, Mr. Powers, walking in crowded halls, bad drivers, and most of all speed- ing tickets. Favorite times were field trips (salt pepper shakers).. Half days, and skipping with friends, Ed- die, (Checo), Chris (Smitty), Dan (C. Knocker) and Fingers. Jorge would like to wish his friends and fellow classmates the best in the future. We’re outa here! Party at Hoovers. APPOr TODD AMARANTES Good luck Todd, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. MARC R. ANDERSON Baseball 1-4 Basketball 1 Honor Society 3, 4 (Treas.) Focus 3, 4 Marc plans to go to college and major in engineering. He remembers the MBL, Spanish w Ross, Prom Nite w Jule at SC, Hallow- een’s w MG, Mike’s mouth at Rainonis, MASCJ- BEckJCDSDC and especially the summer of 87 w Julie-l love U Julie. Memorable dates - 12 23 86 - 5 16 87-6 16 87: Aurelius hates HB at LP and the MPD but loves cookie breakfasts, LP, and BBR Massacres (trench). Thanx Julie for putting up w me. Get back soon, Giger. MICHAEL ANTUNES Mike plans on attending college for a Civil Engineering degree. Mike will al- ways remember Dedham, The Party, The Truck, Giger’s party, July 3 4 w Shawn, Prom w Christina, and good friends: MA, SC, JB, JC, DC, DS, KE. His likes are Boston, Tull, Zeppelin, parties, his race car, college girls. Mike hates snobs, boring people, hangovers. “You gotta love it! " Football 1, 2, Se- nior Council, Student Council 3, 4, Fo- cus Club 2, 3, 4 (pres.). Honor Society 3, 4. KAREN ARAUJO " The vow that binds too strictly snaps itself.” Karen ' s ambition in life is to become a successful busi- nesswoman. Fav’s; Roses, silk, Shaun, L.K.J.A.L.L., hugs. Kisses, checks, beaches, Martha. Most Memorable Times; Times w Shaun, M.C. LW. V.C. JSACBBST Mar- tha. 1 23 85. Pet Peeves: busy sig- nals, snobs, bills, rules, 2 faced people. Thanks Mom and Dad! Good Luck Jen Linda. SAB Mar- tha! I Love You Shaun. Thanks Mrs. R. Mrs. C. 4 being there. Luv you! DAWN AUKSTIKALNIS Dawn has enjoyed her time at AHS. She has made lots of friends. Her hope for the future is to go to college. Nutty People she ' ll never forget, TB, RL, SK, and TH. Her favorite per- son is Bruce Wambolt, 8-30-87. Her favorite music is Bon Jovi, Ratt, Poison 3-17-87, KJ, DL, Motley Crue, Ozzy, and Metallica. She ' ll never forget Mcfido, Butterbear, Coach, Ho- meslice, and Slippery when Wet. Het pet peeves are: Slow cars, boring movies, and Rt. 495. at 1:30 A.M. “La La” KIMBERLY AVILA Kim ' s ambition in life is to be successful in the world of fashion and own a red Lamborghini. Her fav ' s are BG, gold, shopping, clowns, ice cream, partying w the gang. Most memorable times are MBA, fresh- man yr, summer of 85, DCR, Capri, BK Nite w Ken Skiing w Sam, 1 16 87, 6 29 85, 6 19 87. Pet Peeves are waiting, being cold, cabbage Patch Kids, Driving w no radio. Kim most admires Mike and Mom Thanks! “Just Don ' t float through life . . . Make waves.” t j 3 ABIGAIL ASHLEY “Capture the moment, carry the day . .” The Innocent Age. Abby plans to study music at College. She will not forget the band exchanges stage crew, fellowship, PETRA, and times w MJ, Sha MF. Good friends are: Tim SH, SC, TL, CT. JS, BH, DC2 BJ. RF, MC the Old Gang. Pet Peeve; initials! CT The baby looks just like you! Never for- get to have a nice yesterday “AC II scene III . .” and the invisible car. Band Choir 1 - 4, S T 4, Stage Crew 1 - 4, KCP patrol 2- 4 and Lion ' s all-state Band 3. Hey Guys-Good Luck! See ya later! QUET NICHOLE D. BARRITEAU Nikki ' s future ambition is to be a child psych. She can most likely be found w M.G. the gang (Thankx Shell). She ' d like to thank her family, the Rog- ers ' esp. Mom. D Ryan (love ya), her friends Mrs. M. for all the Love support. (I love U Mem). Her special thanx goes to Mrs. Lamoureaux for al- ways being ready w love support. " I couldn ' t have done it w out you " Marg: “Theres no place like home- stain. " " I believe the children are our future; teach them well " . . . DEBRA BEDARD Well everybody, it’s been fun. Eric you ' re the best and Tracy and Jackie, you guys are the greatest. KB, TM, BB and all the " Big Guys " , thanks, for all the laughs. Some things that will never be forgotten are going for ice cream, 11 7 86, 6 25 87 and HFHS. Some- day everyone will be watching the " 6” o ' clock news w reporter Deb Bedard " Thanks goes to the whole family and all teachers who have helped. Cheering 2- 4, Student Council 3 4. Good luck to everybody and " see ya " ... in 5 years. ED BENFEITO Ed ' s ambition in life is to have fun and be succesful. His pet peeves are snobs and red heads. He enjoys being with Loel. His favorite things are the Patriots, Bruins, bikes and Camaros. He ' ll always remember partying with C.M., M.D. and J.C. Best wishes to the class of " 88 " . APPON LISA ANNE BERNARDO " Everybody ' s got to deviate from the norm " Lisa’s major ambition in life is to be happy. She is a four- year member of the swim team, and captain in her senior year. Her favorites include; Andres Segovia. Mozart, Moussorgsky, TS Eliot, Richard Bach, Writ- ing, reading, Mr. Lennon, Fingers, family, friends, the silent freeway. By-Tor, Rush, Peach, Love, Life, Laughs, meows — and Geddy Lee. " I really thought that Love would save us all. " John Lennon It will. " Time stand still.” DANIELLE M. BERCHE Danielle is the third child and third girl, born on the third day of the third month on the third day of the week and has 3 sisters. Her ambition in life is to become an international corporate lawyer. Fav ' s include: the beach, Chinese food, gold, spending $, clothes, trav- eling, her Daytona and roses. Whoever dies with most toys wins! I don’t know what side I’m on, I don ' t know my right from left or my right from wrong. " U2 Luv ya Mom, Dad, Sue, Nikki, Vinnie, Ya know what I mean! Thanks Ro! RACHEL L. BERNIER Softball 1-4. Rachel’s ambition in life is to be successful in whatever she does. She’s usually found hanging around w Kerry and the gang. Her memorable moments are 5, Hoard, go-cart, Burps, field romance, typing with Mrs. Reis, Why??, donuts w Kerry, Kel, Lynn, whips. Conn trip, JJ, orchid, mailbox w BB, KK, TM. We’re a team! Stubby, Bubbles, 6 24 86, 7 2 87. Rachel would like to thank Mrs. Reis and Case for all their help. Thanks a lot! She would also like to thank her par- ents. Good luck, gang! BETH A. BERNIER Special memories; Her Pepere’, cheer- ing buddies 85 -88, times w KD, JS, MP, RF, esp. Pete, Typing I -JJ., cra- ziness w Tray, 7 22 87 @ CC w AB DD of course “GIRLS NIGHT OUT!’’ Pet Peeves; rumors, B.C., near misses crooked corn dogs - that’s 4 U M.P.! Special thanx to “the smurfs”, Pete, Laurie, Mrs. D, Mrs. Reis, The Berry’s, friends from 87 - 89 (I’ll miss ya!) esp. Mike for always being there! Hey Karen, Dirty? Neva! Oh L.L. - MP RF, - a walk? “What the . . . ? I Luv U Mom Dad! EQUET LOUIS JOHN BEVILACQUA Baseball 1-4, St. Gov. 4 (V.P.) Jack will one- day be a corporate lawyer for COKE. Jack’s ultimate goal is to be a judge politician. Jack will always remember class w Ross, Friends MA, MA, SC, DS, DC, DM, JC. Jack’s favorites include KAREN, veal, vinegar. Flyers, Eddie, DOKKEN, CAW, MBL. His pet peeves are Hank, cigarettes. Pens w 0 INK, alcohol. Thanks to Donna, Steve, Mary, and Joan for all the support and help in choosing my fu- ture. “SAVE HEXTALL.” RYAN BERTHELETE Ryan’s ambition in life is to attend a college for engineering. Raoul can most likely be found with Stallion, Lars, Bruno, Harty, M. Naud. Douglas, Tam. Raoul’s Fav’s are the beach, boy’s nite, wife-n-it. Polo, catchin 2nd, boola, ski- ing, eating, Huey, and sprinting. Raoul’s pet peeve’s are tough guys, blown engines slow drivers and waking up. Raoul’s most memorable times were 7 25 87, G. Warn’s parties. The Boy’s ski trips, water skiing in N.H. and the summer of “87”. LAUREL-JEAN BIASIUCCI Laurel ' s ambition in life is to study law. She looks forward to going to college partying all the time. Some of her fav’s include; being w Jeff, the summer of ”87, sophomore year w Eric, partying w LV, CV, EV, KJ. She can usually be found w Jeff, CP, LV, CV, EV, DD, JM, or ES. She would like to thank Mrs. Reis, ES, CN, CP, MM for always being there. Pet peeves are; DR, KM, 12;00 curfews. I Love you, Ma! Don’t ever let the memories die, then there’s nothing left!! JULIE G. BOLLESEN Jules ambition in life is to be the best hairdresser she can own a Vette. She will never forget all her times spent w JG, KM, WM, LM, SM, SP. GF, SH, LW, JS, PHEE all the girls at Borics! Jules favorites are Pigs Elise Tina Vette ' s Lobster Kudos Coke parties hangin at the park, Jules pet peeves are DG SG Busy signals. She will never forget all the summers hangin at Glenns, especially the China Diner the Ca- maro in the ditch right Shan? Thanxs Carol, Kath, Mom Dad. Love ya! Git It, Beauty. MICHELLE BLAIS Michelle hopes to be happy and suc- cessful!. Activities: NHS, French Club, SV, class sec. SR Council. Fav ' s: dancing, good moods, good friends candy canes. Thanx: KWWGJJRDES Rach, L, Chris G, Erich I. Pet peeves: people who hate people who say " I don’t care” insecurities people who take advantage of them. Remember: The wiz’s beard. It makes no dim- frence, warm backs, our turtle, and John 4 3 87, Love you! " Happiness can only be found within yourself. " NATHAN BOTELHO Machine Shop: KMS BP Nova Aires K Beth, H Dan, Chris, BSAK 19 Da- vid Tina Labamba Kansas, Maine Lacuar = capton = Bud= Sammy co- ko = matilda = Meg Puter girls. Friends: Dan, Mike, Paul, George, Rolo. APPON MARY BOWERS Good luck Betsy, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. MARTHA LYNN BOUCHARD Martha ' s ambition in life is to become a suc- cessful accountant and open a business w Greg. Her most memorable date is 5 25 87. She will most likely be found w G.T.D, T.S, C.D, K.R, or S.S. Never forget Mickie Chickie, white vans, " Are you Clive? " tracks at 50, The Blue Bomber, " Jeep!” Litho -F Gungi, Scituate, The Pits and N.H. Special thanks to the Soares family for taking me in, putting up w me and letting me eat all their food! And thanks to Greg for standing by me through it all - I love you Hun!! CHRISTOPHER BROWN And so castles made of sand slip into the sea, eventually. -Jimi Hendrix MATT BRUNEAU Matt plans to attend Bridgewater State in the fall, majoring in Busi- ness. Matt hopes to be very suc- cessful. Memorable moments are Lorenzo ' s, M.V ' s Bug. The Beach. DD. LR. RP, BB. JP, JB. ND. FW. DC, LR, and expeclally times with SB. and NS. Matt wishes to thank his Mom and Dad for their support. " Good Luck to the CLass of 88 " KEITH BROWN Keith would like to thank his parents and his girlfriend for all the guidance they ' ve given him. " I love you Dyrene. " People he hangs around with are CT, SC, SS, MD, BC. Favorite saying; " Lead, follow or get out of my way! " Pet peeves are Mr. Noll, Brenda, wet socks and people who drive too slow. EQUET RACHEL BRYAN Rachel ' s ambition in life is to be a paralegal assistant, travel, and lead a successful, fullfill- ing life. Her pet peeves are people who spread vicious infamous Apponequet talk. Gene Bak- er and homework. She enjoys such things as; shopping. D A. freshmen year., and being with her " four friends. " Her most precious mo- ments are spent with Eddie. Love to Jen L.. Dor. B.. Wendy V., Mrs. M., Mrs. W. and Mrs. R. Give those two a raise! LISA M. CABRAL You cannot be anything if you want to be every- thing Ambition: Jo be a rich, successful lawyer and own a mazerati. Favorites: 7 31 86: Times w Da- vid: FHS: Cheering: Cherry Webb beach: study w T.R. $ J.T. :Hawk: Trudy Sharon: Cleary = Friends Academy: TR: JT: DB: TS: JR: Pet Peeves: People who think they ' re all 7 wonders of the world - people who drive down dark roads w no headlights: wait- ing Thanks mom Shawn, I Love you both (Paul, You’re allright) JEFFREY COFFIN Jeff plans to further his education and be- come an engineer. He will never forget Span- ish Class with Ross, the MBL, those wild bas- ketball games, the Malibu, all the fun times with MA. KE. JB, MN. MA, SC, DC, DS. He enjoys such things as vacationing in Fla. going to Boston, and Camping in NH. Pet peeves include Spanish, Smokefilled boysrooms. Flashing blue lights, getting up at 6 a.m. Jeff would like to thank his parents for all the support. Best of luck to the class of 1988. DANIEL L. CONSTANTINE Dan plans to attend college for electronics. Found W BJDSMASCMAJ CJB always remember: MBL, SEMSBA ' 87, Musical ' 85, The Lumberjacks the weekend on M. V. Activities include; Student Coun- cil, Choir Drama, Club, Musicals, MADD Night Sr. Council. Fav ' s are clam boils, X-Mas day, OJ snow. Pet peeves include: AHS bathrooms, being told what to do alarm clocks. Dan would like to thank his parents for all their love Support. " Good Luck in all your endeavors. Class of " 88 " . " See you in the funny pages. " AMY M. CAMARA Amy’s ambition in life is to be happy in whatever she does. Fav ' s include Cut- tyhunk, walking the beach, Mr. Bud! T- Bears, best friend JO! LWLJVCKAMC and of course Mrs. Reis! She will never forget R.S. 9 10 85 the good times they had. Cruising w the girls smr’s w Asa. P.P. are snobs, waiting, guys w an ego Insp. Hull. Amy thanks all the guys in " the crew” just for being there especially U Tom! Thanks Mom Dad I love you! I told you not to worry! JONATHAN S. CAMARA JC’s ambition in life is to be a mil- lionaire. Most likely to be found with JS. MG, CR, SV, TA. JS, LW, AB, MP RP. JC ' s fav’s are fast cars, 4xmania, fast girls, pit parties. CT w Cr radar detectors. Pet peeves are slow drivers, blue lights on a Sat. night, AHS, hangovers work- ing weekends. Thanks Mom Dad. Best of luck to the Class of ' 88 from JC. C U next Tuesday. MARTHA A. CAMARA To a young heart everything ' s fun! Martha’s ambition in life is to some- day succeed. She will never forget times spent with those special peo- ple J R 12 8 85, 7 19, 20 86. Fav’s include: Cuttyhunk, Mrs. Reis, her friends KALWAC VCLJTW TKRSRR UZJO, beaches, and hav- ing a good time. Most memorable times: TAA, Sat nights w Karen, Summers spent at Cuttyhunk “CS " . Pet Peeves: being a twin, getting busted, waiting. I did it Mom Dad, thanks for the help, I Love you. Hey Karen R U READY! SAB! APPOh CHRISTINE A. CORNELL Chris plans to live a long happy successful life. She ' ll always remember times w TS, MB. BP, JT, JD, SS, JH, SG, DD, KD, KR, Her most memorable times were 6 26 84, 12 9 86, 9 24 87, times w friends, fav’s in- clude 85 GT’s, TOM CRUISE, Twinkles, BLACK, 57 Chevy’s, " STILL Lovin ' You " , es- pecially Donny. Thanks Cheryl Avis for ev- erything! I Luv you Mom, Dad, Peg, Melissa, Steve! The answer is Yes! STEPHEN CORNELL Steve ' s ambition in life is to pursue a career in the Coast Guard. In the meantime Steve likes to party with his friends. His hobbies are drawing, listening to his favorite rock groups. Motley Crue, AC DC, Aer- osmith, and playing football on the weekends. He also wishes the best of luck to the Class of ”88. ADAM CORNELL Adam’s ambitions are to get a good job, buy a nice car, and find a place of his own and party whenever he can. His favorite music is heavy metal. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend or partying with his friends. He would like to wish good luck to the class of ' 88 for all the years to come. CANDY CORNELL Candy’s ambitions are to pursue a career in modeling and marry Matt. Her favorites include fast cars, Epi- sode, 8-9-87 and time alone with Matt. Thanks Sis, I made it Mom. Never forget nutmeg, honestly, 2- 14-87, Fort Phoenix, N.H., J.M., Ja- net, Meg, Ken and MnM’s, D.A. and Cinderella. Special times 8-7-87, 9- 12-87, 4-9-87, 7-19-87 and Prom Night. Pet peeves: liars, cheaters, busy signals and red lights. Thank you Mom and Dad I love you. I love you Matt. Good luck Class of ' 88. :quet SHAWN CONWAY Shawn plans to go to college and be- come an engineer. Things to remem- ber are the night in the truck. The Par- ty, Dedham, Prom Nite ' 87 and the MBL. He remembers times with MA, MA, DC, DS, JC, JD, JB, Brownish and Eck. Memorable moments are Giger’s party, 10-31-86 w Giger, and July 3 + 4 ' 87 w Mike. Shawn’s favorites are Chevy’s, the Cape, Boston, Aerosmith and Tull. Pet peeves are: MPD; certain girls, and you know who you are. He thanx his parents for everything. V 1 KINDRA C. DAVERN " The greatest gifts are those we cause ourselves. " Kindra plans to attend college in Boston and major In photo journalism Her favorites Include U2. Bos- ton Nightlife. Fashion, Photography, The 501 Blues. Georges Marciano Guess, and Newport Beach. Her pet peeves are small hick towns, Middleboro, crass people. Deadlines and SAT ' S. She would like to give thanx and lots-a-luv to her special friends (and you know who you are). Hey Mill, Get it together! P S Love You. Madddy and Daddy! STACY CUNHA Track 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2. 3. S T 3. 4, Drama 4. Band 2, 3. 4, " Get a clue on life " Pet Peeve: Soggy Cereal. People who hung around with TL ' H. AH. BM. KB. DC. BJ, MQ. AA. BA. JA. TV,. She ' ll never forget all the good times she ' s had in Apponequet. She never would have made it through without her friends and family. Luv ya Mom Dad " live long, happy healthy but don ' t ever forget to party! Good luck and goodbye. VICKIE CORTEZ Vic ' s ambition In life Is 2 live 1 day at a time find out what life ' s all about. Her fav ' s R Keith, hugs. Kisses, Dajs 8 years MCACLWDPKANBL WMMKK. Most memorable times R times spent w KEITH 7 2 86 I LUV U HUN " Sum- mer of 86 " RIGHT DEB! Hey Shel eggie on the cushion! Deb, Luv U Sis. Pet pevs R JS, Busy signals, citations Skips. Thanks Rob thanks Dad " U can ' t always get what U want but if U try real hard U ' ll find U get what U need " RIGHT Mom! I luv U. APPON CRAIG R. COURTEMANCHE Craig ' s ambition in life is to be rich and successful. His favorites in- clude: Lamborghini, Yamaha, Whi- tesnake, " BK " , Girls and BUD. He can be found with Glen, Scott, Eric or just out driving his car. His most memorable times are 6 29 84 and 5 16 87. Junior Year in Appono- chefs with Cliffy and Seth, the Prom. He would like to thank his Mom for being there and being un- derstanding. His pet peeves are: Old people in nice sports cars, slow drivers, No $ and DP. " See you next Tuesday " ROBERT M, COUTO Bob ' s ambition in life is to go to college and pursue a career in Po- licework. Bob can usually be found with CP, JS, SS, KB, SK, MD. Bob ' s favorites are old Mustangs. Skiing, Shrinkwrap and croutons. His Pet Peeves are Blue Lights, the Gorman way, F=MA, and Onil ' s Mother-in-Law. Bob wants to thank his family and friends for all their support, and the best of luck to the class of 88 " What a long strange trip it ' s been. " ROGER DESCHENES Good luck Roger, from everyone m the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. PETER M. DELLAROCCO Football 1-4; Basketball 1-2: Base- I ball 1-4. Peter ' s ambition in life is to someday play professional baseball. You can usually find him playing all r sports and winning at all of of them. !i He will never forget all the good t times he had with his friends at par- ! ties. His pet peeves are The Bear, I Rubber Room and not winning. He I wants to say thanks to his mother I for all the things she did for him. He also wants to wish the best of luck t to the class of ' 88 Hope you never I die. DANIELLE DEFAZIO Danielle ' s ambition in life is to become an attorney and own her own law firm, DD ' s fav ' s include CAPE COD. savage tans, J.B.J, 5 1, tennis, dancing, smurfs, HHCC, and " GIRLS NIGHT OUT! " Dan ' s memories include C.C. , " 86 " with Jen M N, the Welcraft, Spain " 85 " , England " 87 " , NY, 9 15 85, KENNY, the Quad (hello clue?), and yes, " THE GANG! " Danielle would like to thank Jen for always be- ing there, B M, Kenny, Chris, and LOU LOU, I love you all! " Ya, whatever guys. " H JOHN DEPIPPO After graduation from AH John has hopes of attending college. His favorites include the dog track with Dad and the island with Gilli- gan. but most of his time is spent skateboard- ing. snowboarding, and anything else that ends in the word " boarding, " Most impor- tantly John would like to thank his parents, friends. Mr Psycho, and Uncle Wiggley. Life ' s an endless half-pipe Ain ' t it guys? But in all seriousness, John wishes much prosperity and good fortune to the class of " 88 " . MEGAN A. Dl lORIO Meg ' s ambitions: interior designing to be a good mom. Memories: MARTHS ' S VINEYARD ' 84-86 Pem- broke Center. Sandwich, Onset, 6 87-3 88, " FALLEN INNOCENCE " Frenz: iemmaT, iebbor, Duckie, evaD, J.C., MM, M.A., C.a. Pet Peeves: 6 hour drives to Maine in a Camaro, Pickles ice cream, ana- lyzers! Eaves: HEAVY METAL, dude man! Metallica, Aerosmith, cats, kegs, Toyota 4 x 4 ' s, Lighthouse beach. Thank you Mom Dad (Love Ya ' II!) Meg thanx everybody who believed in her. :quet JULIA ANN DEUTERMANN She will remember IHS 3 yrs. Mrs. P- ILY! AV " real friend " , wild times w KG Bensons house w GVKGJC, soph yr. w JC . . prom, PN thanx! AVCTCCK- GAM-bye, good luck. Hi AHS! Mrs. C, Mrs. R. Mrs. S. - thanx, ILY! KH " weed whacker " . Prom at SC w Marc, CG smile notes, MA " dv " in SW., LP, Boston-MG, MA “raindance”, " Sean " . . oops, Summer ' 87- thanx Marc- " I love you!, KHTRSCMA CG JTWGKAKH- MA JD. She hates HL at LP. Thanx MARIAN DOMAGALA Marian’s ambition in life is to be happy and to work with animals. She remembers all the good times at Apponequet with Lisa, Chris, Wendy, Rachel, Denise, and all her other friends. Some of her favorites include Jethro Tull, Billy Squire, Chinese Food, Traveling, camp fires. Her pet peeves are two-faced people, homework and math. The best of luck to the class of ' ' SS " . ELIZABETH DONATELLI All that you touch all that you see all that you taste all you feel all that you love all that you hate all you distrust all you save all that you give all that you deal all that you buy beg. borrow or steal all you create all you destroy all that you do all that you say all that you eat all that you slight everyone you fight all that is now all that is gone all that ' s to come and every- thing under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon-PF. Mom Dad - Relax! Luv Ya Both APPON RACHAEL A. DIAZ Rachael’s life goal is to someday travel the world over as her own boss. She was involved in the French Club 1-4, Math Team 4, Dra- ma Club 1-2, Honor Society 3-4, Track 1, and Senior Council 4. Al- ways remember: Mrs. B. B-Days, Ross Rules, AP’s, The guys, gym, existence. Pet peeves: PWDOTJR, PJ. Seen w Chelle, Kar, Gomer, Jen. Erica, Chris. FAVE’S Fun, Par- ties, Work. Hang’n’ around. Spec. ppL: EP, MB, JN, Teddy. Thanks Mom, Rick, Gram, BC, RD. Smile; be happy; it’s your personal right. LAURIE DICHIARA Laurie’s ambition in life is to be- come as happy in life as possible. Some of her favorites include: Frogs, Purple, Boston, Strawberry Soda, Bob Geldof the Boomtown Rats and 6th per. Study. She will always remember the special times spent with friends. Her pet peeves are: early mornings, and taking the bus. She can usually be found with K.D., J.D. D.G. or at Papa G’s. “The friends we make today make the memories of our future.” Laurie wishes the class of ”88’’ the best of luck " " I love you. Mom Dad " . KEITH DUBE Good luck Keith, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. MIKE DUCLOS Mike’s ambition in life is to have lots of money, nice cars, and motorcy- cles. His favorites are brunettes, and Fort Phoenix, Pet peeves are Joxs, dingy blonds, and snobs. He’ll always remember the summer of •’87” with E.B. C.M. J.C. C.S. Good luck to the class of “88” [QUET KRISTINA DUFF After AHS Keena plans to drive a 280Z be happy and wealthy. She will never forget her first H.S. dance. Summer 86-87, skiing black diam., hanging with Shan, Kel, KH, Jo, Beth, Ker, Cin, CR Mike, Paula Mis. Fav’s are gold, wine, warm beds and the Pombo family. She would like to wish the best to those with whom she has shared the past 13 years. " This is the road to tomorrow this is the place called today. It’s a wonderful place to visit but no one can ever stay” Thanks, guys. Hey, we’re outa here! Hey, Kerri, you Muffin. BB, stay outta Newport! DONOVAN T. DUNN Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4,. “Tough times don’t last, tough guys do.” Donovan plans to attend college and major in business, Dunn enjoys the beach, hockey, snow, and being with Dana. His memorable moments include: The ski trip. Prom ’87, MV, Moeing w Joe, 1 29 87, 3 11 87, and times w PH. His friends include PD, GB, JT, KL, and JF. Donovan most admires his parents. He thanks his teachers and coaches and wishes the class of ’88 the best of luck. ERIN DONOVAN Erin’s future plans are to attend college and lead a successful life. Memorable moments are 10 5 84, 8 1 86, and times spent with friends. Erin can usu- ally be found with the Smurfs, laughing with Lisa, or just hugging Albie. Favor- ite things are Fall, Smurfs, Robin, Bob, Scott, 78 Mustangs, and Cheryl for always being there. Luv ya Cher! Things that make Erin jiggy are wet wool mittens, and waiting for slow peo- ple. Erin would like to thank her Mom for all her love. I love you Mom!! I love you Dad! “Oh my God’’!! JILL DURAND Thank you Mom, Dad. and Karen for teaching me right from wrong I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. Thanks Nic and 160 B for all the laundry. Jill will remember all the times with Lisa, LaSalette 86-7. skiing, and for being my BEST FRIEND! I LOVE YOU SEAN and will NEVER FOR- GET May 30, June 19! Jill remembers the SATS that never were, the cus- tomized interior and Jr. year with Lau- rie. Lastly, Jill ' s favorites include KFC, PB J, OREOS. CROWDED HOUSE. CLOWNS, CHILDREN JOHN P DUROCHER John ' s ambition in life is to become " very " wealthy. John can always be found w Paula. His favorites in- clude: " eating " , waterskiing. MPM, Wind-surfing and motorcycles. Most memorable times were w SL, JH, EW, RBT 04 28 87. John most ad- mires his parents for putting up with him. APPON KEVIN E ECONOMOS Nat Hon Soc 3. 4 FOCAS 3. 4 Eck plans to go to college and become an electrical engi- neer or something else Never 4get-the MBL (DH) (HR) 12 24 MPD, 0 JONES. SOPH YR GUIDO. 587 JUN. 31 DRV. Span II, III. PHY I. II. Typing. CMO, My Back OP, Giger SPTY. DUBLSES ' S. RDE2SCHINMALIBU, GMGRSVSMETS, BBGMS, STNHOTLINE, TAZ, SMOKEBOMBS. CHRISTMAS PTY W Ross. MAGSUBS. TCALLS. ICMASC- MADCCSDSJBMG JCK Whats up guys? Best of Luck to the Class of " 88 , and esp Giger — Come Back soon guy! See Ya! PAUL W FERFON Paul ' s ambition is to attend college and become a computer programmer Before moving to Lakeville, his family and he lived and worked in several loca- tions in the United States and Saudi Arabia, He trav- eled extensively in Europe and Asia Paul ' s favorites are pizza, video games, bowling, and movies. Paul would like to thank all his friends for all the good years he has had with them A special thanks to his parents for all they did Best to the class of " 88 MARK C. DURFEE Mark ' s ambition in life is to go to college and learn carpentry. He can always be found with JS, KB. SK, and JK. Some of Mark ' s favorites are Pizza, Hockey, good friends, and 3-wheeling. His Pet peeves are smart mouths, math, and seafood. He hopes all his friends become successful in life. Good luck guys! Special thanks to Ms. Desrosiers for helping me pass all my classes and to Mom Dad for being there when needed. ALBERT FRAWLEY " The place where I come from is a small town They think so small they use small words " PG " My life is all that concerns me not what the people think " Albie ' s ambition is to study Bio and become a Med-Tech Mr Big fondly remembers Cross Country MV, W Track ll-IV Cycling MV. Skid, Flame, Goldilocks. Prom 87 - ? Typing. Gov ' t 1 13 87 - " The grand fa- cade so soon will burn " Good times w Erin Lisa Summer 86 87 9 22 87 - U2 The Joshua Tree " I see 7 towers but I only see 1 way out " Hey I made it! ALLIN FRAWLEY " It IS only with the heart that one can see rightly. What IS essential is invisible to the eye " Alim will one day become an architect a Partner in a large firm. Goldilocks will always remember Tracie, Flame. Ramboettes. all of Casey ' s talks. Ma Dad, X-Coun- try. Winter Spring Track, Swimming, Cycling. Allins Pet Peeves are people that; spell his name wrong, call him Albie, the question " Is that a Perm? Small minds, Albie. " I ' ve had enough . . . I ' m getting out . . to the city the big big city " P. Gabriel. ROBERT FERREIRA Bob ' s ambition in life is to be a fire- man. carpenter and to own a 68 Camaro Bob likes to hang with his friends and listen to his radio. His favorite rock groups are Whites- nake. Dokken, Def Leppard. Cinder- ella. the Scorpions. Led Zeppelin. Bob would like to thank Mr. Hen- nings and Mr. Bonneau for the help in the shops over the years at AHS Good luck P G. in the future. DAVID J FERGUSON Good luck David, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. JOSHUA FRANCO Basketball 1-4, Baseball 2. 3. Track 4 Josh would like to go to college to study English, then go and write about life Favorites are Bob Dylan. Go. Jack Kerouac, Thomas Wolfe. Allen Ginsberg, James Dean and Easy Rider, Good times with Chuck. Curtis. Darin. Thad. Greg. Josh and Todd Non favorites include Cecilia, Stang and Mitch. Luv ya. Mom and Dad. " If my thought dreams could be seen they ' d probably put my head in a guillotine, but it ' s alright Ma. it ' s life and life only " Dylan QUET PAUL GALHARDO Good luck Paul, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. CRISTINA L. GALLANT Activities; Band 1-4, Jazzband 1, 2, NHS 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, GYBSO 4. Embarassing Moments: “Happy Electrons’’ “HI! Woody?” Beth. “What does that mean?” NEVER FORGET: AC, JJ, WG, MG, KW, RD, MA ES, ’’THE FLAKY PUFFS” CDIP, DIZ, DIMENTED) “Get Out!” Music Festivals, Friendly’s, AP Bio, 87-Prom, “Wendy, Wendy, Wendy” Curling Iron, the Pink Onions. Pet Peeve’s: smokers, 5 o’clock shad- ows and strong after shave. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Cindy. “Money makes the world go around but love makes it worth the trip.” SO SM-I-I- LE!! DAWN MELISSA GAGNE Drama 1-4, Stimulus 1-2, Pep Club 1-4, Student Council 2. Softball 2 3, FO- CAS 2-4, French Club 3 4, Yrbk 4, Senior Council 4. Dawn’s ambition in life is a successful career in Radio TV. Her favorites include spending time w Erik, U2, Esprit, Seventeen, Bryan Adams, Bruce, snow days Christmas. Pet Peeves are smoking, drugs Heavy Metal. Dawn will never forget 5 23 87 or all the best times she had at AHS. Dawn would like to thank fam- ily friends for all the love support they’ve given her. “Thanks Guys!” “We made it!” Best of luck 88! APPOll GLENN GAMMONS Glenn’s ambition is to go to college and study architecture. Swim Team 3 4. His favorites include, MD, SK, SS, DS, CP, BM, Florida and swim team practice with BM, MB, and SM. His pet peeves are, red lights, tests, monday mornings. Thanks, Mrs. Toal for your support. Good luck class of 88. TODD S. GARELL “Flame” “It is not what you are, it’s how you dress.” Todd will always remember Mr. Big, Goldilocks, Everlast; Dan the Man and Ramboettes. Todd won’t foget the trip to Florida with Dan. Todd’s ambition in life is to hopefully become a drill instructor for the Marine Corp. and to own a Ferrari. GREGORY GIBBS Greg’s ambition in life is to go to col- lege, get a good job and get married. He remembers the great things like 1st period Spanish with Ross, the date 6- 18-87, Sul. lawn jobs, Chem. with Hank, and stakeouts. His petpeeves are H.L., Mrs. D., Ross, Freetown cops, and community work. Just remember " this is Robin Leach yelling, I don ' t know why! CHARLES LATHAM GATES Basketball 1 - 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3. Chuck ' s ambition is to get a great job and be successful at it. He enjoys play- ing sports, loud music, nice cars, and going out with friends. Most memora- ble moments are New Years Eve 87, Doughnuts, College Fair-Boston, SMU Burners, Summer Basketball with good Friends from Stang, and all the good times with friends. He would like to thank his family and friends RW, JF, TH, GG TL, JL JG JP for all they’ve GARY GOMES Baseball 1-4, Gary ' s ambition in life is to suc- ceed in whatever he does! His favorites in- clude trips to Hyannis Mall w Dale 86-87, Pratt Farm, BK, bikes. Parties, and Hunting. Gary would most likly be Found hunting or hanging with Dale! Pet Peeves - Fourway stops, out of money. Blue Boys KG and Run- ning Bases! People to remember - KB, DS, JP, PD, DD, AC - MC JS, JH, TM, DH, Mr. C Mr. D. Gary would also like to thank Dad Mom for everything! WENDY MICHELE GOMES " Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth.” Wendy’s interests include SC (3, 4), SV (2, 3, 4), FC (1, 2, 3, 4), NHS (3, 4), Ice Cream, Pizza, Huey, Spending time w family, friends, AP Bio, and fun! She’ll always remember time spent w Eric, “GET OUT”, The Limo, " NEWT”, CG’s " WWW”, 2 18 87, 4 20 87, Prom " 87”, 8 23 87, " Labs”, " Psychin’!”, summer ' 86, JJ (you’ve been great”, AH, CG, MB, ES, RD, MP, (MA) 2, JD, JK, MG, KW, H HG, " Got any gum?”, “Awesome!” Thanks Mom Dad for everything! LOVE YOU! l MARK GIGER ' ' •y Mark’s ambition in life is to become I rich and to eventually race in the S INDY 500. He plans to pursue a ca- ' ij reer in marine biology or oceanog- ilraphy. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1. j ' Some of Mark’s favorites include weight lifting, football, fishing, the .INDY 500, BEARS, GIANTS, and ! METS. Usually foun d with JK, BV, JP, KE, SP and the football team. : He’ll always remember MBL, Guido, : Smokebombs and time spent with I friends. “Hi VLAKA” Love Ya Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything. QUET MICHELLE A. GOUDREAU Shelly hopes to live life to the fullest be successful happy. She will never forget 10 31 86, the sum- mer of ’87 w KM, LJ, EPS, Eggy on the cushion w Vick, the big pig BIM (what ' s the more?). Her fav’s are Keith, Lon, yellow carnations, balloons, Christmas, Journey, Duff, Pina Colada Tropical Islands. She can be found w KM, Little J, Smell, Vick, Boss, Bits (FM), Shell Sun (GB), her big brothers. (It was funny.) Thanks Ma Dad! I love you, Keith. Told ya. Shut up. Mutt! JEREMY GONSALVES Jeremy’s ambition m life is to attend college and pursue a career in law. Jer- emy’s favs include cruising around, choc for me pp for Jim at Peaceful Meadows, McD’s, MTV, or hanging with Jim and friends. Pet Peeves include Spanish, his teeth, and working in gen- eral. Will never forget 7 2 87. Jeremy would most like to thank his parents for their love and support. And a special thanks to Jim and all his friends for the great memories. ”lf you dream it you can achieve it. " DENISE GRANT Denise’s ambition in life is to own her own travel agency. Her favor- ites include: Junk food, jogging. Motley Crue and Dave. Her pet peeves include. Gym, People who chew loud, dirty minds and head- aches. Denise would like to thank her parents for their support and putting up with her these past years. I Love you Mom and Dad! She would also like to thank her boyfriend for always being there for her. I Love You Dave! JENNIFER A. GUARINO ■ ' Every ending is a new beginning” Jen’s ambition in life is to make the most of her life Her pet peeves are early mornings, collecting carriages at Shaw’s, curfews, and never-ending questions. Her favorites include junkfood. shopping, paychecks, weekends, and vacations. She can usually be found at Shaw’s, on the phone, or with friends. She would like to thank her parents for putting up with her. Thanks MOM and DAD! APPON MICHAEL GRIFFIN Mike thanks Mr Hennings for all the time he spent with him helping with his wood pro- jects. His hobbies are fishing, camping, and skiing v m WENDY S. HANKS Wendy plans to pursue a career in fashion merchandising and illustration. Her hopes are to travel the world and have both a career and a family. She was on the Senior Council. Some of her favorites are: going out with her boyfriend, photography, drawing, Chinese food, skiing and shopping. Wendy wants to thank Mr. Robidoux for making biology class memorable. “Thanks for making me laugh. " Wendy most admires her Mom and Dad and Mr. F. and will never forget J. G., and M.J. She’d also like to give appreciation to all her teachers. TODD HARRISON Todd hopes to go into Physical Education. Todd can usually be seen with JF, CG, GG, DM, PS, and TL, Todd ' s favorites include Areosmith, basketball, the Pats and the Red Sox. He will always remember Football talk with Brant, Darin, and Josh, Friendly ' s with Thad, Mall with Paul, and CB with Greg and Chuck. Todd’s pet peeves are the library, the lunch line, and the dent in his car. " The blue boat”, " You Meathead!”, " Thanks to my family and friends”, " See ya!” Basketball 1 -4, Tennis 3-4. JENNIFER HAMILTON Jenn’s ambition is to attend college where she will major in travel. Her favorites include getting into trou- ble w Beth. stuffed animals, cheer- ing (thanks Mrs. D), Cape Cod w Beth, seals and summer of " 87” 2 18 87.Jenn can usually be found w BPKMSSDEKBMGRGCCJT caus- ing trouble. She most admires her parents and brothers for their pa- tience and love. " Love ya Guys. " Cheering 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Choir 1-4. ANDREA L. HANELT Just Who am I, anyway? Andrea ' s ambition in life is to answer this question. " The queen is dead, boys. " Heil, Morrissey! Every silver lining’s got a Touch of grey 1 will get by I will survive. Pet peeves are un- identifiable slimy objects, closed minds " pop " esp. Bruce Spngstn. She will always rember 9 27, SEAY, and the people she loves most (You I know who you are) Remember, car- rot sticks are better than ciga- rettes. Thanx Mom-n-Dad and all the rest of my adoring fans. Music is life. Let ' s call it a day. MATTHEW J. GUARINO Matt ' s ambition in life is to go to col- lege and become a professional writer. Some of his favorites are writing, play- ing football, sportscars. and all nighters. His pet peeves include home- work, monday mornings, slow drivers, and ignorance. Matt will never forget the good times with Jay Nate, the wrecked Chevette Jen’s wrong turn, and Mitch ' s size 13. He most admires his parents for all the support they’ve given him through the hard times. ni iFT BRIAN HOWE Brian is majoring in Business Management. He won ' t forget Mom Dad. MO, MD. Mrs. Reis, NH, BJ, Lab w AA “What are we supposed to be doing " " I dunno know” Columbus Day wkend 86, the scar at Super Place. His pet peeves are: slow drivers, troublemak- ers, snobs. Life in general and writing blurbs. He likes walking by himself in the woods, walking in the rain, being alone. Death is Life w o the pain Death is the last act of Life He won ' t forget BD, RD, Dragon- seekers and especially Kelly Enos ‘..A-.- -. ' .® KELLEY ANNE HERLIHY SB 1-4, FH 1-4, NHS 3-4, “Every move you make, every step you take. I ' ll be watching you. " Police. Kelley looks forward to college and fun times ahead. Kel ' s fav’s are rice- cakes, the TC3, Boston, laughin, and the Smurfs. Memories- Holland, winning the States TWICE, JBJ 5 1 , Lincoln St. crash, and times w friends. Kel has no love for Case, snow, SAT ' s or making decisions. She would like to thank her parents-the two most special people in the world. I love you- Lynn Ker too. Miss ya Grampa. Tickets Jen? I luv’em thank you. APPOf i PETER HATHAWAY “When mountains crumble into the sea, it would still be you and me!” Pete ' s ambition in life is to be wealthy and live in Pleasure. Pete ' s favs: Long talks, sports, pool, and Stef. Pet Peeves: exams, car acci- dents, watching football, and his 87 summer. He would like to thank his parents, coaches, and anyone that helped him become this great indi- vidual. What a joke huh! Pete says bye to all his buddies. I ' m gonna miss you! especially you Steff. And I’ll miss Mill St. JOHN E. HARTFORD John’s ambition in life is to become successful in business. John’s most memorable times are 1 1 87, 7 4 87 9 18 87. John can usually be found with Mark, Seth, John, Eric, Ryan or Tad. Pet Peeves are Mondays bald sneakers. Favorites include Tom Petty, Triumph, Chinese food. Scooter and the QUAD! John would like to thank his parents for supporting him through the past four years. I love you. Good luck everyone “NICE JOB” JODY J. HASKINS Jo’s ambition in life is to be happily married to Todd and have a well paying job. She will always remem- ber the summers of 86 87 at Hor- seneck Beach, 6-21-86, 10-5-86, and 1 2-24-86. She hates rainy days, early mornings, people who use other people and busy signals. Jo will most likely be found w Todd, NS, SP, MK, BB, and JS. She would like to give a special thanks to Mom and Dad for all their support, I love you both and to Pete and Dor for always being on her side. Todd, I will always love you. m m m ON LORI A. JASINSKI Lori would like to find herself someday a rich and successful lawyer, married to Paul and have lots of children. Pet peeves: smelly feet, snakes, fish. Favorites: Paul, Shelli, JoJo, Chocolate, sunsets. Stars, dancing. She’ll al- ways remember: 10 22 85, 10 24 85, Summer in Seattle w Dad, Betty, Hanna (Miss yal). Summer of ' 87 w PS, MG KM dancing w KA. AC MC (a snake!) VC, TL, KH. Thanks for everything Mommy! PS I Love You! WILLIAM JENKINSON Bill’s ambition is to graduate from a university and become a foreign correspondent. His favorites in- clude music, dances, drama, and Fridays. He can most likely be found with D.C., B.K., A.H., T.L. and S.L. Bill will never forget the band’s exchange con- certs, and performing in MADD nights and plays. Among his Pet peeves are early morning, red lights and cold winters. He would like to thank his Mom and Step Dad for their support. Honor Society 3, 4. Drama Club 3 -4, French Club 1 -4, Student Voices 2 -4. JOHN P. HUTCHINSON John would like to thank his family, especially his brother Jim for all the encouragement he has given him. His pet peeves are people who drive slow and jerks who never give up. His favorite foods are pizza and Chi- nese food. I will always remember THE SHOT, Rob, Roy, Scott, and Daryl, and my Best friend Mr. C, Hi Fred! JENNIFER SARAH JANCZURA Jen hopes to have a successful fu- ture in business. She’ll never forget the times spend w her close friends (CG, KW, MB, ES, RD,: KK SS @API: P T and expecially AH WG (!!!) Remember Dude, Women, AP Bio? Monkees, JOJO, Huey Heart? Had a blast in PA on xchange! To the class of " 88”, " Don’t stop believin’.” To AHS fac- ulty, " Don’t give up: " We’re worth it: Thanks to Jen’s family for their love and support (love Ya Mare!) Band 1- 4, Student Voices 2 -4, French Club 2 - 4, S. Track 3 4, NHS 3 4. KELLY A. HOWLEY Most likely to be found w MG, JG, BB, KR, JD, KK, + Beep! Pet peeves: Being the youngest, Mondays, waiting, Mr. Ward. Fav’s: Partying with the gang; The Big Pig w SG-FLJ; Colorado; Cop Groupee?, Diaperman; KS=the Nova, LP’s party; jet skiing at Nasty Daves w Dave, Boopa, Spud and the crew! Kelly would like to thank her sister -I- broth- er 4 being there! Also ALL her parents 4 their support!!! I love u all! " Where there is understanding there is love.” (I did it Dad.) MICHEAL PAUL JOHNSON " A work in abstract reality. A world in an alternate universe. A place of shape w o form. A place of color m black and white. A journey . . into mind? " Mike plans to use his mind in the field of telecommunication. He will always remember 6th Art with: MG. AA. RB. MJ. JA. GB. PD. JR. His Pet peeves: being bored, bad videos. AHS bathrooms FAV ' S: Time spent with AA BK with the GS. Whodunit rehearsels with the gang. Never forget " Life is Raucous! Thanks Mom. I luv you! KIMBERLY JOHNSON Kim’s ambition is to be an interior de- signer. Her favorites include fast cars, nice guys, and partying with friends. She can be found w CO or DM. CM. WO. DC. Kim’s pet peeves include acci- dents. work, Fords, no gas. She most admires her Mother and Father. Thanx for everything. I love you both. Kim would also like to wish the class of 1988 the very best. Hey, guys, wanna go to New Bedford? KATHLEEN KANUSE " The Friends we make today are the memories of tomorrow " Kathy most enjoys spending time w Tom- my being around friends. Her fav’s include smiles, big hugs, kisses surprises. She will always remem- ber times spent w Majorettes esp. camp, 7th study N Y. Thanks Mrs. P. for all her time for putting up w so much. Gina, what can I say besides thanks for being you for all the special times we’ve shared. luv ya! " Special thanks to her family for all their love support. " I love you Mom Dad” " Smile " APPOri JACKELINE H KERSING Thanks to Apponequet for making this year a very special one in Jakie’s life The people in this school have been warm and sweet, thanks Heidi, Kathy. Abbie and Gait, and es- pecially her American Mom. Dad. Brother, and Sister! Thanks again — you’ll all be in memories that she’ll carry to Holland — Love Ya! KERRY A. KAZLAUSKI Field Hockey 1 -4, Softball 1. 3. 4 National H S 3. 4 Kerry can usually be found causing trouble w Ra- chel (STUBS). Unforgettable momemts: Go-Kart, binking, Cynthia’s football, FL w KG. talking about JJ, mail w RB, TM, BB. Donuts w RB. KH, LH CONN TRIP w RB. KH, LL. KG. B F ball w KG. FAVS: Koala Bears. Beerchasers, JBJ. Team- mates. Sayings: KART. " Rachel, we’re a team!. No clue? No need for Scarebear Hoard COW Hank. Thanx Mom Dad. 1, 2, 3. PSYCH! BRET KULAKOVICH " Beware of German Currency " says Bret and thanks to teachers G. Lagadec, R. Heinlein, E. Jorgensen. " Live and learn - or live short " Bret plans to run a HYRAX farm on Phobos, after colonizing Mars. " No time to lose " : " Stranger in a strange school " " Ealcon driv- ers ' anonymous. " Pet peeves? Racial slurs and the self-righteous. " The Righteous?! " " The Dyook shall die before the SE eyes - and he ' ll know!! . . " CUTTER 7 12 " Be 6XFUL IN EXISTANCE " " LIFE, WATER, NEST. " JOHN KYRANOS John ' s ambition is to pursue a college career in Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy or Education. Football 1234, Basketball 12, Track 1, Usually with MG, JP, BV, KE, PD, GB, EP, LW. Memories: ice cream in Canada, NJ Shore, Spain, Guido, Football Camp, Prom with Jen, MBL with Mark, 10 10 86, 1 24 87. Dislikes losers, brownnosers, snobs. Fa- vorites: Weightlifting with MG. Football, Vettes T A ' s, The sponge thanks to Coach Dias for support and confidence. I love you Mom Dad. What ' s up jVLAKA? 4 MELISSA A, KENNEY After AHS, Missy ' s plans are to attend college. Among her fav ' s include her sisters. Honey, her friends, the out- field, Whitney, Money, and sleeping. Missy will never forget the summers of ' 86 ' , ' 87 ' , Providence (Flash), Chew, Jr, Year, 3:09, and 9 19 86. Her pet peeves ' s include rainy days, early mornings, busy signals, 2 24 87, bills, Mrs. Pina, and accidents. Missy would like to wish the class of ' 88 the best. Thank you Mom and Dad, L, C, TK, I love you! Hey AQ (SLURP)! Thanks Gabby! Ain ' t that Special? PATRICK KING Patrick ' s ambition in life is to be happy and live life to the fullest and meet lots of girls. He is happiest in the outdoors hunting and fishing. He can be found with SN RS JA CP DP SS KM. He will never forget run- ning out of gas MBB. My thanks to Mom and Dad for their love and support and to my friends and my radar detector and Freetown Police Dept, for keeping me on my toes. Pet Peeve is waking up for school. Never say die. STEPHEN KNOX I Stephen was the first to be sus- pended in the 1987 -1988 school year, and wishes the best of luck to the first person to be suspended next year. He also wishes the best of luck to his best friends John S., Mark D. and Dawn A. His favorite things are deep mud, trucks. Mc- Donalds, Girls, and extending school vacations. Stephen ' s ambi- tion in life is to own his own land- scaping company. " Red Eye " EQUET LISA B. LAFLEUR Lisa ' s ambition in life is to become a successful lawyer. She will never forget freshman year w Lisa. 6th per. Typing and Daytona Beach w Brian, Her fav’s include beaches, gold, vacations, lucky charms and cricket. Memories include time spent w Big Al, Erin Kerri (N.Y.C. -pjp) 8 1 86, Thanks Mom Dad. Special thanks to Mich Skins " next time 2 weeks. Hey Chris -2 strong! 7 7 87 Love You. THERESA L ' HEUREUX Drama 1-4, Pres. Band 3, 4, V.P. Stu- dent Council 234, Newspaper 3, 4. Ed. pathways 4 Sandpipers Tribesmen 34, Choir 1-4. Always remember " Grease” DS, KS, CS, DB, MG, JC, SC, HF, NBHS 5 25 88. Winning the Acad- emy Award. Tracy hopes to become a famous actress live out the rest of her life as a " rich, bored, Playgirl " Pretty yea, you ' re wicked attractive! Best of luck to all of her friends! Let ' s face it folks there are worse things could do. LISA LANGTON Field Hockey 1-4, Lisa ' s ambition in life is to someday be a succesful secretary. She will always remem- ber the good times she ' s had with LO, KO, KY, and the field hockey team. Lisa enjoys most listening to the radio, being with her family and friends, and watching hockey. Lisa would like to thank Mom, Dad, Lori Skip for all their support. She wishes the class of 88 ' the best of luck. APPON JAMES BARRY LEBLANC Golf 2. 3. 4; Nat. Hon. Society 3, 4; Yearbook. Jim can mostly be found in room 105 or with Jeremy and friends. His favorites include Gumby, new clothes, the G ' s and especially the three T’s. Jim would like the chance to wish friends and class- mates good luck and happiness. Many thanks to all those who have made him happier and or wiser - Mom, Dad and special friends. " That which sepa- rates the elite ... is only insistence upon quality. " Thanks D E for everything. " Odd . . foolish. " Hey. I Jeremy, (he drives me crazy, Joey!) look at you! BRAD LAVENTURE Brad ' s ambition in life is to be a computer programmer and be successful in whatever he does. He remembers the College Fair 9 23 87 with CT JS SK CP. He remembers the fun times with SK DA ML. the night he went to the mall with ML DA and the chase. Some of his favorites are Raffa ' s, Locker 450, number 7, and a dollar three eighty. Brad ' s pet peeves are whinning, Mondays, and chin- cilla haters. I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD SCOTT. BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 88 ' JENNIFER LIPKA Good luck Jennifer, from everyone In the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. TIMOTHY P. LEVESQUE Tim ' s ambition In life is to be suc- cessful at whatever he does. He will always remember the trip to Flori- da, California, the Fort, 8th grade and mostly 12 23 86, 1 10 87. Pet Peeves Sheas, D.P., R.T., and getting caught. His favorites are be- ing with Kim, Led Zep, and Loud music. Tim would like to thank K.E., G.P., S, G, R, K,) D.H., C.F., and his parents for putting up with him and for always being there when he needed them. Love ya, come on Kim Hey dude. I love you Kim. SETH A. LEONARD Seth ' s ambition in life is to become an aviation engineer. He can usually be found with GG, RB, EW, DB, JH, MP, or JD. His favorites include lifting, fast cars, partying, girls. Triumph, and B.A. His pet peeves are bad drivers, week- end mornings, O.A., and homework. He will most remember 2 25 85, GW ' s parties, N.H. ski trips and the summer of 87. QUET MICHAEL R, LIZOTTE Mike plans to work in his father ' s welding business. He can usually be found with Carrie. Remembers 10 25 86, 12 25 86, crash with Paul G., and " you have to leave by 9:00. " Pet Peeves: rules, restrictions, home- work, being lectured, lazy bums. Quixote " washing his tires, and Wimpy making him sneeze. Thanks Mr. Charbonneau. He wishes the class of 88 good luck and gives special thanks to Mom and Dad. LISA J. LOONEY Lisa will never 4-get freshman year with Lisa, Kerri, Cam, bud hunting, 4th of July with Snig, overheating with Tam, Vs time, Florida with gym team, and Nate. Her fav ' s are JOJ. Eddie Murphy, PP ' s Jokes, lions, puff, and hearing what Ed did last night. Her pet peeves are sat. morning practices, SN, The yard sale. Monzaroc, and waiting. Lisa would like to thank Missy for all the great advise. " Hey B . . . M.P., R.F. - walk? " " Hey Lisa . . . grab a six. " Field Hockey 1 - 3, 4 (Capt.) Softball 1 - 4. NICOLE MAGNO Nikki ' s interests are going out partying with CS listening to the Crue. CS don ' t forget CC. MB. PA. JS. M K. Gl. ouch squirrels all those concerts Mikie stereo lineups Sat nights Ave Same Pilgrim rollercoaster Skip days C 3 letters red lights car accident " wasn ' t my fault " tripping hello! Imp dates 3 29 86. 8 16 87. 9 7 70. 8 8 87 Mom Dad you ' re great. Vince 1 Love ya Ray. Hey Sam whats in you eye now. MC (1st row) DANIEL MAHONEY Dan ' s ambition in life is to hopefully become ex- tremely wealthy, or at least own a corvette. Dan can usually be found with Megan. George. Pete. Mark, and Kory. Dan ' s most memorable moments are nights without lights, free batteries, gas. telephone poles, and the yellow Datsun. Dan gives special thanks to his parents and brother Steve. SHAWN LOPES We are bad. we are great, we are the class of " 88 " . Shawn ' s ambition in life is to be successful in what ever he does. Shawn can be found partying with ED. Mike G.. Mike D, Jay. Bob, Carl, Sherry, and Sandy. Shawn ' s fa- vorites are money, food, good times and his girl Joy. His pet peeves are homework, mondays. no money and bosses. He thanks Mr. C, and Mr. D and other teachers who helped him make it through school, expecially Mom Dad for their love and support. APPONf WILLIAM M, LYONS Football 1-4, Track 3, 4, Bills ' s am- bition is to someday purse a career in athletic training. His fav ' s include Chris R.. Football, sleeping, or being w friends. Bill can usually be found w Chris or Darin. His pet peeves are people who think they ' re better than others. Doggers. Senior Blurbs. He would like to give special thanks to his parents and aunt for all their love and support. See ya later guys, its been special!! I ' ve got it covered! THAD E. LOPES Basketball 1-4, Band 1-4, Spring Trac 3. 4, Cross Country 4. One of Thad ' s ambitions is to someday make it to the Olympics. Until then he is planning to attend college. Over his years at Apponequet he has experienced many good times and bad. Some of the most memo- rable were Friendly ' s with D.L. and T.H., Maine with D.S. and P.S., and the Smurf, but all in all Thad has had a great time in his four years at Apponequet. CARL MARTIN Carl ' s ambition in life is to have fun and to be successful. Pet peeves are cheap shots and snobs. He likes riding dirt bikes and racing cars and being with Lynn D. He ' ll always remember party- ing with E.B. J.C. MD, In Fairhaven. His Best wishes to the class of " 88 " THOMAS MASTERA Tom ' s ambition in life is to be a fam- ous musican. Tom ' s favorites are Dominoe ' s Pizza, Van Halen, ZZ Top. Pink Floyd Badcompany and playing his guitar. Tom can be found with MP. DP. DH, EM, BRI-MAN, PM, RB, JM, and AF. Tom ' s most memo- rable times are Brewster Island. Pete ' s House. Milkshakes, Amherst, D ' s Dad, Be careful Tim and your Mother. Tom would like to say thanks to Mr. C and Mr. D and his Mom and Dad for all they ' ve done. See ya Guys. DOUGLAS MAURO Doug ' s ambition in life is to some- day manage his own restaurant. The Dougster ' s favorites include racing go-carts, Alf, large parties and week-ends. He will always re- member 2nd study with RB, LL, KH, JM, EW, DB, and little L. He is most likely to be found with Raoul, Eric, Matt, Harty, Lars and Scooter. His pet peeves are slow drivers and " tuff " guys. Doug would like to thank his Mom and Dad for putting up with him. " Hey. Willy, what ' s up with the cat? " Doug will remember Mrs. C. JEN MEADOWS Jen looks forward to the " best four years” away at college. Her fav ' s include CAPE COD, sunny beach days, tans, tennis, England " 87 " , NY, Skiing new faces. Jen ' s most memorable times were spent on the Cape w Dan. Nat Mike the summer of " 86 " . She will never forget blasts w Dan " Go or Stop Jen? " , Skiing w Li, JBJ 5 1 hangin w the Smurfs. Jen most treasures her years of friendship wi Danielle (could we be less alike?) Love ya Mom Dad! Laterville QUET DAVID M. MCGINN Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Dave ' s ambition in life is to succeed his father in the concrete founda- tion business. Dave can most likely be found with JMPHDRDHBFDC GC. He most ad- mires his family and the crew at Southeastern Forms. Dave would like to wish the class of " 88 " the BEST OF LUCK MICHELLE MURDOCH Mich’s ambition is to be rich happy She can be found with JT. TR, KP. LS. CB Fav’s include Bos- ton. Newport, P Town, gold, BMW ' s. Porches, champagne, food, balloons. Jacuzzi s right bubbles! Rainy nights Pet peeves include lies, no money busy signals Most memorable dates are 9 1 84. 6 22 87. The ride in the cruiser down ERA with Jen. Newport with JT TR 4 22 86 right Lisa! Stake outs with JT Summer 87 in Fall River Thanks Mom Dad DARIN MORANO Football 1-4, Tri-Captain 4. Baseball His am- bition IS to one day become a head football coach Best times were Football. Study with P S, TH, JF. and CO. Also going to the Red Sox game Pet Peeves were Losing. Driving in GB’s car. car accidents and injuries Darin would like to say that he had a great 4 years here and wishes all his friends best of luck in the future TRACEY J. MEDEIROS Cheering, (Co-Capt.) 2-4, Tennis 2-4, Band 1-4, Yearbook 4. Tra plans to fur- ther her education and settle into a happy, successful career. Tra will al- ways remember the good times w special friends: PT, BB, SW. DB. RB. I and BV, Funny times: the topics in typ- ing, the joke JJ, ' ■2 day w S. soph, yr , and all the crazy times w Bern. Happi- ness to Tra is spending quiet times w Peter and making her Sis. and parents proud! Tracey would like to wish the class of ' 88 the best of luck. CHERYL ANN MENDONCA “Aim so high you ' ll never be bored” Cheryl ' s ambition is to have an ex- citing career in international rela- tions and to always make her Dad proud. Cheryl can usually be found laughing with the Smurfs. I love ' em thank you! Cher ' s fav ' s include sur- prises, warm smiles, pandas, CC. 87, and Smurfs. Things that make Cheryl jiggy are cats, pink, quitters, and rainy summers. Cheryl wants to thank her very best friend, love you pumpkin. I love you Dad and Lynne, and God must love me ' cause he gave me you. JONATHAN MEYER He would like to thank everone for 4 great years Pet peeves: English Spanish. Remember the weekend my parents went to Maine? APPOIN I SHANNON M. NADEAU Football 1-4, Shannon ' s ambition in life is to be successful in whatever he does. Shannon will always remember 9 8 with P.K, K.M. and Laconia with P.K. Shannon can be mostly found with C.P., P.K., E.D. and P.D. Shannon will never forget these quote ' s " Deal with it " , " Did he promise you anything " , " It was just for fun " . Pet peeves are running out of gas and the Assonet Inn. His favorites include hunting, fishing, motorcycles, skiing and girls. Thanks everyone. CHRISTIE L. NOEL Christie ' s future plans are college majoring in Fashion Merchandising and having great success and hap- piness in her life. Happiest when with SG, laughing w TS, out w close friends, shopping with Mom, spending money, traveling. She looks for trust and sincerity in a person Thanks Mom Dad for sup- port and understanding through the years and the transfers. Always re- member times spent with SG. Sum- mer 86. Acapulco 87. CAROL O ' BRIEN Life IS too short for pet peeves Rob. cheering and Mr. Coite are tops. Not thanking Shel, Sun. Deb Patti for being there would be a miscarriage of justice. Ca gives appreciation to God family, esp Mom. I love you I love you too, Rob. and hope to someday marry you More important than life itself is Gramma Fletcher. I love you w all my heart 12 20 86, 12 28 86 are most memorable. After AHS Ca plans to go to college for E Ed Thanks to the cheerleaders Mom gets richly deserved gratitude for everything she has done. MARK OLIVER " Thank God it ' s over! " Mark plans on attending col- lege to become a Marital Therapist. His loves in- clude: SADE. Madonna, The Smiths. Simply Red. U2. Dr. Ruth, Taco (his gerbil). The red-hot-whale-mo- bile, LEE, Deb. finally Mrs. Powers " Hey, eat a DORITO! " Pet Peeves; the Hooligans of the world, people who love money. " Ha! " " Leee. this is all your fault! " " WICKED! " " AWESOME " Special Hi! to DMC, BJ " Know what I ' m say ' ing? " i " [ MICHAEL B. NORTON ; Cross Country 1-4, National Honor 1 Society 3-4. Mike plans to become a I civil engineer and become rich. Fa- [ vorite times are being with friends, listening to good music; Led Zep, Bad. Co., G.F.R, Beatles, acing Mo ' s : class, and running with the x-coun- try team. Other favorites are the I Bruins, Dewey. Blackstones. and j Novas. Pet Peeves are New York 1 teams, Hextall, and Fords. Mike , would like to thank his parents and i wish the class of " 88 " the best of I luck. I :quet LISA OUELLETTE Lisa ' s ambition in life is to be happily married to Paul Viera. Her pet peeves are when people interfere in others ' lives, snobs, and arguing with Paul. Li- sa ' s favorites are being with Paul and her parents and brother and sisters. She would like to say thanks and I love you to her parents and Aunt Dawn for all the things they have done for her. Most of all Paul, remember I love .you. forever. apponI KIMBERLY PARAU Kim ' s ambition in life is to meet and marry a gor- geous blue-eyed blonde from Beverly Hills She would also like to be an airline stewardess for a private corp. Kim ' s pet peeves are RT, snobs, slow drivers, no music, school and D Powers Kim could most likely be found in N B with AP, TM. TS, TW. MS, JS. Kim ' s most memorable moment was 12 13 86 with Paul Almeida Kim would like to thank her parents and her sister for all the support + luv she needed through the years Love ya. guys! Chill out. Dad. m m CURT PARADIS Basketball (Capt 3. 4) Baseball 1-4 Curt ' s ambition is to go on to college and be suc- cessful at whatever he decides to do. Curt will never forget MP DL. SM. SR. ' The Guys " Coach Kuliga Exit 5 " Mailbox ' " Football " , BL. McB ' s party " 86 " (Jumping out the window) and especially the times he spent with Jenn His pet peeves are HoJo ' s and (yellow) cars! Curt would also like to thank his parents for all their support and for putting up with him. (I know it wasn ' t easy) Good Bye Apponequet and Good Luck. Class of " 88 " EDWARD PACHECO Ed would like to thank these people for helping him be who he is today. Mr, Haskins, Mr. Leonard, His Par- ents, and his girlfriend Amy. When he leaves Apponequet he hopes to be successful in his job and in his future plans. Some of the things he likes are working out. partying once in a while, and Mustangs! Some- times he dreams of having a red G5 convertible Mustang. MARC PAQUETTE Marc ' s ambition in life is to go on to college to pursue a career m engi- neering. Marc enjoys weekends, roosting on the Quad, smoke shows. AC DC. partying with friends. His pet peeves include the boys in blue, speeding tickets, 6 a m., and Monday mornings. Most of all. Marc would like to recognize the support and guidance that were always there- Thanks Mom and Dad Best of Luck to the Class of " 88 " JOHN PERKINS John enjoys spending time with his friends and family and he also en- joys Karate, and playing the drums. His favorites are: all his good friends at Apponequet such as DS. JH. and especially MM His pet peeves are things that don ' t work John would like to wish the class of " 88” the best in the future ahead. MATTHEW M. PATENAUDE Matt ' s ambition in life is to one day find half his lost possessions. His favorites include baseball, honor bowls, vaca- tions, the good times with Lars, Warn, Raoul, and of course " moof”. His pet peeves include late articles, leg exten- sions, hitting into double plays, and col- lege applications. Matt would like to thank his parents, grandparents, J J Therrien, F. Rose, and Noid for all they ' ve done for him. Special thanks to coach C K for all their time and ef- fort " Good Luck " 88! " See ya oil DEAN PETTY Good luck Dean, from everyone in the class of 1988 We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones KENDRA M PHELPS Teddy bears mean love. Some of Kendras favorites include T-bears, gold camaros, beaches. She can be found with KC, MM. CB. LP. JT, LW. Her most favorite times are freshman yr. 3-9-85, 5-25-86, 6- 21-87 Prom of 87 Her pet peeves include unfaith- ful guys, 2 faced girls. PW LL ' s. She’ll never forget Fla. 86 w Bo-Bo Favorite quote " Ms. Barlow you should know better " !! She’ll never forget the m m fight with CC LW. Good luck guys! Thanks Mom Dad. Luv ya Kris. JOHN ELLIS PERRY IV " Clark” Jr -Sr Class Pres . SAC, State. Breadloaf, the Northfield Ex- perience. TW-The stars look good from here DG- Don ' t forget, ever DS. Thanks for being there my brother. Kum-boy! Was I wrong! Wade, the fruitman, and the Palace 3P’s Rick-STEP ON IT! GOOP, Mark, and benching AMHERST, HERE we come! Rick, they know Kim, I’m glad I found you I Love you! Mom, Dad, Sis, thanks for keeping me! I Love You all! When a man under- stands. his world IS at peace When he doesn ' t, it is m pieces The Lion Sleeps :quet CHRISTOPHER PIERCE Good luck Christopher, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Appon- equet are fond ones. U X SHANNON M. PONTES Shan ' s ambition In life is to be suc- cessful in whatever she does own a Z28. Favs: Summer nights, bea- chin It. hugs, weekends, and Z28 ' s. She can be found w CRJBSLLR, or in Taunton Partying Shan will never forget the Camaro in the ditch, right Jules? Getting chased w Lau- ra. Most memorable dates: 9 2 85 8 23 87. Pet peeves: 5:30 A M. slow drivers, busy signals, and no- where to go HEY BEAR! Shan would like to thank Cor for always being a good friend and for bringing her when she skipped school! Thanks Mom Dad! I LUV YA. APPONE WILLIAM PUTNAM Bills ambition in life is to be filthy rich, and travel the world. His favorites are driving fast, family, friends, and partying. He can mostly be found with Derek, Rod. Chris or Matt. Pet peeves are slow drivers, cops, rules, and tough guys. Favorite places: Hor- seneck Beach, Newport The Cape, Favorite Sports: Fishing. Biking, Surfing. Water Skiing, and Down Hill Skiing. To all other classmates he wishes the best of luck in the years to follow. ROBERT PORAWSKI Rob’s favorites are cartoons, drawing, karate. Alt, " right JO " He will always remember 6 17 87, THE SHOT!, good times with JS. JN. SG. LS JS Rob ' s pet peeves are. having no money, blue lights. NEAH, DR L Rob hopes to persue a career in animation, or commercial art. Special thanks to Dad I MA M . Ma S. " Pack up the saddle boys were in the wind " . " Look at me Mom, I made it, thanks for everything I luv ya! " BETH A. PLACE Beth ' s ambition is to go to college and actually pass. Goodtimes in the Beth Mobile, skipping SS w JH R MG KB, PutPut, Buttercrunch, ice- cream, The beige bomber, Hyannis Capeing it w CR, lowflying aircraft tardiness w JT SB, Summer 87, Beatles SPWCW CC TS, The break- fast Club. Art 86 W SC GP DM CR MD Times w. Lm SA. Beth appre- ciates all the love, hope, under- standing prayers from Mom Dad I love You! Special thanks to Chris! CAROLYN RICHARD Cheering 3. 4, Tennis 2. 4; Band 2, 3. 4; " All that you touch and all that you see is all your life will ever be. " Carolyn ' s ambition in life is to be successful and happy She will al- ways cherish her special friends and the memories they have all shared. Thanx for everything, guys. Special times: summer of 86, the camp ski trip, exchange concerts and visitors in the hosp. Fav ' s are blue porches, silly moods, talks with friends and cheering. It was great! Thanx. Mrs. D Hey, You ' re a Gramma! Luv ya. Mom Dad. Ooo. wow. DEBRA RICHARDS " There ' s a first time for every- thing " Debbie ' s ambition is to someday be as rich and happy as possible. Her favorites include Bob, roses, " Big Surprises " partying She ' ll never forget. Bob. 5 22 86 " The Stang " Conn, 86 Prom, Hey Lisa Have any hard candy? Fernan- do, B.J and Mary ' s class Her pet peeves are having no money and nosey parents. Thanks Mum Dad for everything I love you Bob! QUET KRISTINE A RILEY Tina ' s ambition m life is to go to college for Travel Tourism Tina ' s fav ' s are Danny, friends, walks on beaches, yellow and spend- ing Danny ' s money Pet peeves are people who try to steal other people ' s boyfriends. J H , rumors people who think they are better than others. Tina will never forget 12 15 85. Val. Kel. Mary. John. Timm, Deb Thanks to Mom Dad I told you I ' d make it. and Danny for putting up with me I love you always Mom Dad and of course Danny " In dreams begins responsibility " MARJORIE REYNOLDS Marjie ' s ambition is to be a interior de- signer, His favorites are swimming, camping, partying, Def Leppard, Rock Concerts. Her Pet Peeves are slow drivers. Homework, snobs, liars. She would like to thank her friends y. h. t. k. f. t. d. s. r. b. g. n b. I. v. c. v. r. p. For being there. She would like to give spe- cial thanks to Mom and Dad, Mrs. Me- derios, Mrs. Lincoln. I Love You. " Nice Car Nick Where do ya Keep your battery " THERESA E ROCHA It ' s about time don ' t you think so? Ter will never forget times spent w JT, SW. MM. and RS. Her most memorable events were " Dunkin Donuts, It ' s worth the trip. Thanks dear Gary! Puddles w BULBUS. COOKIE PUSS, MAD DOG AND SUPER PIG. " Stay Down " Magoo " Omi-God. " Newport W JT and MN Time spent m F.R B-Beach There is fine. Oops I ' m OK now The U2 Concerts, Marc-to Futile! Her pet p- the Clan. I love you Mom Dad. Also thanks Mane. Cal or Bust right! Stac! I luv you Jeff C. 25 Good Luck " 88 " CHRISTINE ROGERS Chris ' s future ambition is a career in Secretarial Science. Thanks to every- one that has helped her through this year. Lots of love to her Mother and Jimmy. - Couldn ' t have done it without you guys. Jimmy, thank you for being you, and being so understanding. I love you! Both of you showed how impor- tant school IS and how not to give up Love you Both. Snuggles " 88 " CLIFF ROSE Cliff ' s ambition in life is to be happy and wealthy. He ' s most likely to be found w MP. MG, TM. JC. SM. KH, KD, NB. DR, CM. Cliff ' s fav ' s are the heights, playing in the mud (Nis- san) parked cars at 140 Pet peeve ' s are L P.D. (Spending the night), stepping on glass. school. Cliff would like to thank his family and friends, for all their love sup- port Hey Mike! " Dude! " C U next Tuesday! JULIE ROGERS Julie ' s ambition in life is to go on to college and be happy in what ever she does. Her fav ' s are food, vettes, 14K gold, teddy bears, the beach men body builders Pet Peeves are slow drivers, busy signals, getting up early. Her most memorable mo- ments are good times w Beck (the pan of lasagna) w Kris TSKAST, Mr. R ' s bio class, cruising in the cougar w WS the good times they shared " this is how wendy ar- rives (crash) " oh my goodness, the pit, mud in the car Love Ya Kay. Ma Dad, I did it!!! KORY L ROSENBERGER " With or Without You " Kory ' s ambition in life IS to be in business with his brothers and be happy in whatever he does His favorites in- clude U2. Days without legs. Days without brakes, free batteries and near misses He mostly can be found with Michelle, Dan. George. Pete, Mark and Ryan His pet peeves include Mr. Powers, night school and the ex- pression. " I ' m hot " Special thanks to family and friends KIMBERLY A ROZA Kim ' s ambition in life is to attend college and be- come a rgisitered nurse. Kim can usually be found with CR. KD. DG. JG. MB. and CS. Her favorites include spending time with her cousin Amy, going shopping with Kindra. Mike Greenwell, Spike Owen, Tieeni, Cuddles. Alice and Paul, Auntie Mo. Auntie Pat. the rest of her family. Prince, swimming, pizza. Mil. Gretch and Consuela. Well, good luck to the class of 88. PETER SAMPSON Peter’s favorite activity is running. Not only is the running fun, but also the good times that go with it such as: the adventures of the Ram- boettes: innitiations: talking with TD: and Ernie. Peter s goal, is to be just like Rowdy Roddy Piper, a man who is not afraid to tell it like it is. " This is the big one boys " D.B. Rose. Peter would like to thank his teammates, Mr. Thibeault, and his parents for trying to understand him when he was hurt, or when he just wanted to give up. TRACIE A. SAFFORD Trade ' s ambition in life is to continue her education and someday become a teacher. She can most likely be found w Eric, Sherri, Mich, CP, CY, SN, DK, JT, JS, A few of her favorites are Chinese Food., Red Roses, Time spent w Eric. Trade ' s Pet peeves are: Red lights little sisters. Times always remembered are: 1 12 87, 2 20 87, the boat w CP, the accident w SL. Trade would like to thank her family for being there. I LUV you Mom Dad. Eric I love you always! DARREN P. SCHENCK Darren plans to attend college and hopes for success in all he does. Fie was active in Senior Council 4. Newspaper 4, and Natl. Flonor So- ciety, 3, 4. His fav’s include - Boston. Double Sessions and the " T " . Darren will never for- get MA, DC, JB, MA, Eka, SC, JC, RM, lam and the TRUCK, OJ. 5 21 87, 8 6 87, and CS. His Pet Peeves-Soph. Span, D ' SDS, slow driv- ers and Chem II. Darren thanks his parents for all their support and offers best wishes to the class of " 88. " m SCOTT SENA " Everyone has their dark side to say the least!” Scott loves good music, good friends, a cool Satur- day night. Pink Floyd and SPAM! Usually seen with A.M., J.S., J.K., C M., and sometimes B.C. and C.T.! Will never forget shaving cream season! ZEN!! JOANNE D. SANTOS Jo’s ambition in life is to become a cosmetologist. Her fav ' s are palm trees, hugs, roses. Ma B her fam- ){ ily. Joe will never forget 4 yrs j w Todd, Florida w KP, Dunn the p fishing trip, ROB. her best friends s! Amy, BBKDTRVCSTAMLWMLWMC ;l U2 Kim. Her pet peeves are JT, ij waiting, people who hold grudges, il DD i Mr. Greeson. Special thanks 2 ly Kat, Amy, ROB, Mom Dad, es- p. pecially her Mom Dad (I love U 2 ,1 very much) thanks guys 4 putting up w me. Hey KP. Bo-Bo loves U 4- life. Hey Martha EMR. " TAA " 2UBB " Missychif " IQUET CHRIS A. SILVA 3 years Softball, 1 year Field Hockey. Chris ' ambi- tion In life IS to be happy. She can most likely be found with Wendy. Marian. Lisa, Kellie, and all her other friends. Fav ' s include hanging with her friends. Pizza, listening to Pink Floyd, U2, LedZep, and Heart. Chris wants to wish all her friends good luck and a happy life. " Don ' t lose touch. " Chris will al- ways remember the good times with Wendy. Good Luck class of " 88 " . " LISTEN TO THIS ONE! " 46 JENNIFER SHEEHAN Good luck Jennifer, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. DAVID J. SHIMKUS Dave ' s ambition in life is to be a successful accountant His favorites include cruising with D.G. in the prix and spending time with Patty. Most memorable moments were N.E.A.C. ' 85 ' . ' 86 ' . ' 87 ' and Virginia in the summer of " 86 " Other moments were the Stryper Concert with P.D. and riding around with Mark and Pat. Pet peeves are 6:00 wake up and car trouble Dave would like to thank his Mom and Dad for all the support they have given him. 0 D A T APPo ; PAUL SICILIANO Paul ' s ambition in life is to be successful at whatever he does School activities: Football, Baseball. Soccer Paul ' s most memorable moments are the summers he spent down the Cape, driving into Boston. Horseneck, Saturday night, skiing, trips, Halloween nights, skipping school, his years at Coyle, and just being with all his friends. Paul would like to thank his Mom and Dad for all the support they have given him. PATRICIA SENNA Good luck Tricia, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. DALE R. SIMMONS Cross Country 1 - 4, Winter Track 2 - 4, Spring Track 1 - 4. Dale ' s ambi- tion in life is to succeed in whatever he does. Dale ' s favorites include trips to Hyannis Mall w Gary, V- Cokes, My old Stang, BK parties. Most memorable moments 86 - 87 Summers C.C. Dale is most likely to be found hanging with Gary John. Pet Peeves are Blue Boys, 4 - way stops, Ken G., out of gas money. Some people to remember P.S., S.H., J.S., G.G., J.P., A.B., A.F., A.F., FI. FI., C.C., Dale would like to thank Mom Dad for hanging in. PAUL SILVEIRA W. Track 3, 4, Spring Track 3, 4, Paul ' s favorite times were S-ball, Spring Track and passing periods. He will never for- get late night games with DM, Mall Trips with TH, the “dimfrence” it was in Mo’s Class, and ketchup stains on cafeteria ceilings. Pet peeves are boat rides on windy days, not being able to open your car door on rainy days, and homework, no need. “Never forget the times we ' ve had, I know I won ' t! Spe- cial thanks to his close friends who made high school years unforgettable. Thanks Joan I owe ya. JOHN SMITH John ' s ambition is to broadcast on a radio station. He can usually be found with KB CT SS MD SK and BC. Special thanks to the A-1 staff Mr. Gidley Mr Couture for making school much more enjoyable. Some of his favorites include MTV, Mustangs, Tan VW Bugs, and F = MA (right OJ). He will never for- get the Sound Check w SS, 10 1-DB! He would like to thank his MOM and DAD for everything. I LOVE YOU! John looks forward to someday share good times with Dad again, and until then to make him proud. TAMMY A. SOARES “Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you ' re doing it wrong. " Tammy plans to further her studies in photography Art. Her fav ' s include being w her friends (MB, CC, LC, PM, SS, FA, SC, SS, DM) Hot wheels, choc, chip ice cream, sleeping late. Heart Concerts, Bun-Bun, the Celtics, and Dave. She will never forget skiing at Wildcat, parties at Aaron ' s, the beach, and 8 24 87. Her pet peeves are cops, little kids on skates, funk music, 5 a.m. She most ad- mires her family, Lee, and Dave for putting up w her. “Hey! Where ' s my Jeep?” CHRISTOPHER SMITH Chris ' s ambition in life is to be suc- cessful in the future and marry Diane. Some of his favorite are ' cars, good music, good times with ' family and friends, and of course, Diane (The Wife). He can usually be found: w Diane, at J L ' s or at ® Shaws with “The Crew " . His pet peeves include: things that don ' t go right, HORIZONS, people that can ' t drive, waiting in lines, and writing this blurb!. He most admires his ' parents for bringing him up right, ■ and most of all Diane for coming into his life: I Love You! His most memorable dates are 10 5 85, and 5 25 88. I STEFANIE SOUZA " I thank you for the times we ' ve shared, and through all that ' s hap- pened, I always knew you cared. " Stef hopes 2 have a happy, success- ful life w lots of $. She ' ll never for- get times spent w maj. PH. Favs: hugs, playin ' in the ram, dancin ' , twirlin ' , long talks w special peo- ple. Pet Peeves: phone bills ma- kin ' up her mind. Thanx Pat Mrs. P. - you ' ve helped me lots. Mom Dad - 1 Luv you. Pete - you ' re such a special person, you ' ve done more for me than you ' ll ever know. EWW! I don ' t get it! DAVID SOUCY Dave’s hobbies include painting and playing on Apponequet ' s first soccer team. Pet peeves are people who talk to much. His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. He has a great sense of humor and would like to give special thanks to his parents teach- ers for making it possible for him to graduate with the class of 1988 He will always remember the past hopes to remember all the rememberances yet to come in the future. ERICA ST. GERMAIN Secretary Drama 2-4, Yearbook, NHS. Erica ' s fav ' s include Heart, Huey, Opus, Sniglets, Boston, vaches, scruples. candy canes. She’ll always remember 8 23, 11 3 86 Friendly’s, FRANCE, Stage crew-What Curtain? 6th study. Love ya MB. RD, WG, AH, JJ. CG, AA. T et elle. AP Rach? Generic govt rules! AH-is your hair CRIMPED? p.s. I luv U? I hate peo- ple who say huh. Let’s do lunch-elle. NY eve w the wizard. Chelle “later me: Rte 44! Thanx MPEIS for all your support . . . “Each day has it ' s sunrise " APPON DANIEL ST. ROCK Good luck Dan, from everyone in the class of 1988 We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. t 11 JEFFREY ST ONGE Jeff ' s ambition is to be a successful carpenter make a lot of money Jeff can most likely be found with J.C. S V. T.A, T S. partying or play- ing pool. His fav ' s include being with Val. par- tying with the boys and playing pool. He will always remember the 79 pit with Val, Kel Rog. His pet peeves are blue lights on a Sat night and tie rods. Jeff would like to thank his parents for putting up with him even when he got a little carried away. See Ma I told you, got it covered. Football 1 2. ■ y SHELLY ANN SUNDERLAND Shelly ' s ambition is to major in Elem. Ed. Her faves are ”86 Mus- tang Gt’s, Gramma Grampa -Sun, Chocolate, Bill - Sun, twirling: Peeves include missing 1st place by 1 10 of a point, cliques, slow driv- ers, men who make empty prom- ises. Shell Sun can usually be found in the ' Stang, or with buddies Pam, CO, MD, SG, TS, MB, CC, JR, JF, EM, DM, the majorettes, his cosmic pal, or the parking lot crew. Memo- rable moments are midnight wa- ter fights, getting busted by “the boys” What are you a magnet?”. CHERIE L. SYLVIA Cherie can usually be found with N.M. Don’t forget everyone we met, especially R.T., B.A. And the S.M. Remember M. Beach, Dogs, M M, and RUI (Scamp). Hey Alice, " Ap- i preciate It.” N.M., Don ' t Forget J ' s ( camper and Limo, R.D. and his [ brother, G.M., " lose your pocket- book " ? and especially K M (Brothers). Special dates are: 5 9 87, 3 29 86, 6 20, 8 8 87, and 9 16 86. Remember the OZZY Concert, Crue and of course DOK- KEN! G.L. Rules! N.M. You’re a great Friend, I’ll never forget you. Thanks Mom Dad I love you. CHRISTOPHER D. SULLIVAN ■ Swin Team (2 - 4), Capt. NHS (3, 4). Stage Band (1 - 4) Baseball (1, 2) Treas. (1, 2) Student Council (3) SAC (4) French Club (2 - 4). Chris can most likely be found at the pool beach, w the CPP Staff, w the team, or just talking, Chris dislikes band uniforms, hwrk., 500 char, limits abrev. Chris will always remember exchanges, the sophomore teacher tortures, CYA Ski Trips, Football (broken bones) w the guys, and FURRBALL. Thanx to every- one for making High School interest- ing, Oh yeah. The Class of " 88” wishes :quet the best you STEPHEN SYLVIA will get by, I will survive” Grateful Dead. Steve’s ambition after graduation is to be sur- rounded by lots of cash and pretty girls. Inter- ests are: Fast cars. Fun weekends. Cool clothes. Sports, the sax, and crusin in Len’s T.A to S.M.U. Pet Peeves are: Monday morn- ings empty wallets. P.S. Thanks Ma Dad for putting up with me. JAMES TAYLOR I like to reminisce with people longer. don’t know, it takes WADE A THERRIEN Good luck Wade, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. SANDRA LYNN TETREAULT Sandy ' s ambition in life is to be suc- cessful in whatever she does. Her fav ' s include fullmoons, beaches, cats. Bob Seger " Turn the Page”, Stevie Nicks, and Florida. Most memorable mo- ments are the Summer of “85”, all the good times w John, Freshman yr, her 1st ski experience w Kim Ft, Lau- derdale. San’s Pet peeves are animal killers, people who yell for no reason waiting in the drive-thru line at Micky D’s. She thanks her family for every- thing they have done for her. JENNIFER THOMAS Jenn’s ambition is to attend college where she will major in social ser- vices. Her favorites include PG Piz- za, Summer of 87, 7 19 W, Joe AT DM 5 1, WRWJDGB JCCM6 1 W BP GB TA. She can usually be found getting in trouble w BP, SP, JH, CC, LL, JC, Beth Bacon on the right! Thanks for understanding Tam she most admires Mr. Lee and thanks him for his support and his wisdom. She’d like to thank her par- ents for their patience love for standing by her. She’d like to thank the rest of her family for their sup- port. Love Ya! APPONt CARRIE A. TRUESDELL Carrie plans to go to college major in Accounting. She can usually be found with Mike. Remembers trips to Florida w Teri, " No Kidding”, 10 25 86, 12 25 86, Teri, Lisa, Jody, Brenda, working at Aer- ovox. Curt H., and the shipping crew. Fav’s: Mike, pizza, M M’s sleeping. Pet Peeves: drinkers and smokers. Thanks Mrs. Reis, Mr. Furtado, and Mrs. Cousins for a job well done. Special thanks to Sandy and Mike for being there when she needed them. Good luck Class of 88. Mom - you’re the greatest. POt CHRISTOPHER TOEWS Chris’ ambition in life is to be happy. Favorites are OJ, fast cars, Martha, McD ' s, locker 101. Pet Peeves are Mondays, fighting. Conformi- ty, The answer NO, McD’s, and cops. I’ll win the bet yet John. Chris will always remember HMMH, JS, BM-K, AA, TS, MC, M in a cup, SS, KB, the G.S. SPUCK, Yunky, Stupid, Mom and Dad, OJ, and everyone else. " PPPHHBBBHHBT”, " Always remember the Stock room,” " HEHE” BRANT VENICE B.V. would like to wish his friends the best of luck in college. He would also like to thank JK, MG, and TM for everything. Will never forget typing per. 3, sports, football 4, spring and winter track. Brant would also like to thank Coach D.B.K. and especially 0 for his nick- name “Madog " and 3 great years of football - winning is great but there is so much more I ' ll always remem- ber. Brant loves flying in his spare time - hates MHS and size 12’s. :quet TEAH VAN LAARHOVEN Teah just wants to be happy and keep smiling. Favs are: Canada " How’s it going. Eh?” VT, PA, Fla. Space Mt., AL exchanges. Partying, meeting people, band, choir, Drams- " ACT 2, SCENE 4 " 80 - 44 w E, Tennis, SEMSBA, YLTS, Who’s Walt? P. bearing, Curtis b. CN Tow- er, Dancing, Shopping hugs! Luv Ya SE, DP, ES, AA, SC, DG. TL, AH, BK. JP, 2R, CG, BJ, CD. JA. BA, EA, SR, DB, Friends, teachers, every- one at PS especially Mom, Dad, D, Shan, Barry. Teah wishes every- one good luck. JENNIFER L. TUCKER Jen can be found with TRMMJB KP. Fav’s are clowns, roses, Kevin, espe- cially rainy nights w PCEB MM. She’ll never forget Crash 2 24, 3:09, 33 (what a joke), Newport, Summer- Prom 87, ride in the copcar down FRA w MM, stakeouts w MM, TR LG, stuck in the snow w LS (cookies?) Dear Gary, Capt Curt (My gascap?) 3 28-7 4! 7 5 87 C. Pond. Rambo 4 14 (Sorry, Kev.) 9 14 LMs crash the blowout. Lies, unfaithful guys, mood swings motorcycles. ERIC WARNER Eric plans to attend a respectable u niversity then pursue a career in Business. He can usu- ally be found w The Big Guys. Raoul, Lars, Harty, M. Naude Bruno. Eric’s favorites in- clude; Fri. nights w the guys, Bryan Adams, skiing spending time w Debbie. Memorable moments are 6 25 87. Summer of 87 Cali- fornia. Pet Peeves; Mon morn, waiting emp- ties. " Hey Deb, go for ice cream?” " Full? Full! Finish it! " only the good die young " Thanx Ma Dad for your love support trust. W. Track 2 -4. S Track 1 -4. SCOTT WHEELOCK Good luck Scott, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Ap- ponequet are fond ones. JOE WILSON After attending Berklee, Joe will pursue a career as a musician performer. “The Joshua Tree” May 2, 3, 4, Sep. 17, 22; 4 nights at the Centrum w Kerry for Boston’s “Third Stage . . Truro Beach w Kerry surf’n w Scott. Teaching Kerry Lu Guitar, Ro- chelle ' s snaps on the sides, making rock roll music w const. Joe ' s few pet peeves are headlights, misunder- standings broken “D” strings. “The show must go on " Bono 2, 3, 4, Why must I hide from myself when I need a crowd, bring on the crowd: KLW, The Edge, KG, U2 Bad. KARIN WINTERS Hi! “Que Sais-je? " Karin ' s activities inciude French Club, Honor Society, Class Treasurer Student Council. She can be seen with MB, RD, CG, WBG, JJJ, AH, Fille. Her favs in- clude Huey, Phil, Journey, Pizza, Mickey Mouse, Bloom County, Opus AP Bio. Her goals include figuring out her goals. Always re- member des Vaches, FRANCE, Fe- tal Pigs, Loverboy, Trinity Rep, Bos- ton, Friendly’s, diets WOFFWHSOAOTTGHITN. Her pet peeves include people who say “Huh? " Thanks to Mom Dad and JMSLDDPME. “Life Promises only opportunity. " TAD A. ZIMMERMAN Cross Country 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 2, Indoor Track 3 - 4, Spring Track 1 - 4. Tad’s ambition is to graduate from college, make a lot of money, buy a real car, and have fun! He will usually be found with Hardy, Porky, DD, CP, the BIG GUY, and the BOYS. His favorites are Boston, Triumph, Scooter, fast bikes, three wheels, deep tread, and giant doubles. He will never forget the BOYS, riding with JH, MP, ATC and the quads, and all the good times away from Appon- equet. " Seeyaa Scooter. " KIMBERLY YOUNG Good luck Kimberly, from everyone in the class of 1988. We hope your memories of time spent here at Apponequet are fond ones. STACY WILLIAMS Can you please tell me what mountain we’re on? Stacy would like to thank Tom, Mom, Dad, Deb Nan for all their support during HS. Stace will never for- get times spent w TR, TM, LP, KB. . KK. G’Out w CP, Duke Duckes, ■ Soph. Yr. W Tray, P3, there is fine Rocha! B-Beach, Puddles w J, B T Ski Patrol. Pet Peeve - the clan Bul- bis. Thanks EW! See yah in CA RockwiI! Hi JG. x-Country 1-4 (capt.) W S Track 1-4 Yrbk Staff 4. “Isn’t she predie! " “What AHH " Bow Please Mgoo! Best of Luck 1988! Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. Storm Jameson i • • • • • ' % ♦» •v % •i • • «• f • • • I FACULTY 1988 y Wtt ' Mrs. Rose Wilson is retiring from her position as Matron at Apponequet High School after more than twenty years of service. During that time, she has unfailingly helped staff members, teachers and administrators alike in vari- ous capacities. She has supervised countless dances, attended functions, prepared innumerous buffets and has been constantly available for assistance. A familiar sight to all Apponequet students and staff, Mrs. Wilson has given consistently of herself and of her time. We all remember the trips she has made to the girl ' s room during school hours and evening f unctions. Teachers in charge of buffets have relied on her for her expertise with the cranky percolator and with the cafeteria equipment. She has unlocked doors, counted money, and collected tickets for all of us. We are pleased to publicly celebrate our ap- preciation for what she has done. Mrs. Wilson has added her own dimension to the personality of our school. We have laughed with her and worried with her and now we will surely miss her. Thank you so much, Mrs. Wilson, and may your days be filled with happiness and enjoyment. Love and good luck go with you from all of us. 54 Mrs. Henrietta Lynch Chairman of the School Committee Mr. Robert Dunn Vice Chairman of the School Committee Mr. Theodore Bulis School Committee Mrs. Dolores Johnson School Committee 55 Dr. Nancy Sullivan Superintendent of Schools Dr. Raymond M. Nisby School Committee Ms. Jane Martin Mr. Edward Gibney. Jr. Director of Special Education School Committee Central Office Staff Mr. Richard Pazasis Director of Instructional Programs Mr. Dean Powers. Housemaster. B S Bridgewater State College. M Ed Bridgewa- ter State College Mr Edward Christopher, Guidance, B S Boston State College, M Ed Boston College Mrs. Sandra Knudsen, Guidance. fr.S. Bndgewate State College. M Ed. Bridgewater State College Mr Peter Abraham, Guidance Director B.S Bridgewater State College, M Ed Bridgewater State College Ms Judith Porto. Secretary Mr. Gregory Lee. Guidance. B A Bndgewa- Mrs Jane Wnghmgton. Administrative Secretary ter State College. M Ed Bridgewater State College Mr. Joseph Simas. Principal,. B.S. Bridgewater State College. M.Ed. Bridgewater State College Mr. Robert McCarthy, Housemaster. B.S. Boston University. M.Ed. Bridgewa- ter State College 56 POLARION FACULTY Mrs Phyllis Davis. English. B A Framingham State Mrs. Cynthia Cuthbertson. Health. B.S. College Springfield College. M.S, Northeastern University Mrs. Donna Dobrowsky. Foreign Language, B A. Emmanuel Col- lege, M.A.T. Boston College POLARION FACULTY 57 Mr. Onil Couture. Science, B.S. Southeastern Mas- sachusetts University M Ed University of Delaware Mrs. Joan Casey. Business. B.S. Salem State College Mrs. Amanda Cousin. English, B.A Cedar Mr. Leo Charbonneau, Industrial Arts. Crest College Fitchburg State College f Mr. Jean Bonneau, Industrial Arts. B.A. Southeastern Massachusetts I University Mrs Constance Barth. Math. B S Bridgewater State College Mr. Robert Dorsey. History. B.S. Bridgewater State College. M.A. University of Rhode Island Mr. Edmund Dobrowsky, Art. B.F.A. Southeastern Massachusetts University. M.A.T, Bridgewater State College Mr. Daniel Ducharme. Industrial Arts Mr Lloyd Dudley. English. B S. Fitchburg State College. M Ed Fitchburg State College Mr. Jose Freitas. Foreign Language. B.A. Southeast- ern Massachusetts University Mr. Joel Fernandez. Math University B S Boston Mr. Gordon Goodfellow. History. B.S. Bridgewater State College. M.A. Bridgewater State College Mr. Earle Gidley. Math. B A. Bridgewater State College Mr Stephen Furtado. History. B A Bridge- water State College. M A T Bridgewater State College Mrs. Joyce Geisler. Foreign Language. B A Bates College 58 POLARION FACULTY Mr. Robert Greeson, History. B.A. Arkansas Tech University Mr. Peter Homen, History. B.A. Bridgewa- ter State College. M.A. University of Rhode Island Ms. Elizabeth Keister. Home Economics. B.S. Framingham State College Mr. Mitchell Kuliga. Physical Education. B.S. Southern Connecti- cut State College. M.Ed Bridgewater State College Mr. Ronald Hennings. Industrial Arts. B.S. Bridgewa- ter State College Mrs. Denise Haskins. B.A. Bridgewbter State College Mr. Eric Jorgensen. B.S. North Adams State College Mr. James Grasela. Librarian. B.A. Southeastern Massachusetts University Mr. Mark Gorman, History. B.A. Colby College Mr, David Haskins. Industrial Arts POLARION FACULTY 59 Mr. Henry Laferriere. Science. B.S. University of Massachusetts Mrs. Elizabeth McSwiggin. 6. A Bridgewater State College Mr Mano Maura. Special Needs. B.S. Bridgewater State College 60 POLARION FACULTY Mr. Gerald Lagadec. English. B.A. Boston College. M.A.T. Boston College Mrs Mary Martins. Math. B A Southeastern Massachusetts Mrs. Jeannette Medeiros. Special Needs. B A Salve Regina College Mrs. Denise Lamoureux. Science. B A. Em- manuel College. M A T George Washington University Mrs Balbina Leonard. Home Economics. B S University of Massachusetts Mr Robert Liljedahl. Physical Education. B.S Springfield College Ms Marietta Leahy. English. B A Bridgewa ter State College I Mr. Richard Noll, Music, B.S. Ithaca Col- lege. M.S. State University of New York at Albany Mr. Doug Meyer, Music, B A. University of New Hampshire Mr. Philip Paulson, History, A.B. Providence College. M.A. Providence College Mrs. Mary Ann Ozug, Foreign Language, B.A. Salve Regina College Mr. Charles Moszczenski, Science. B.S. Southeastern Massachusetts Uni- versity. M.Ed Lesley College Mrs. Carol Powers. English. B.S. Bridgewater State College Mrs. Susan Pina. Math, B.A. Bridgewater State College Mr. David Peterson. Industrial Arts. B.S. Fitchburg State College. M.Ed Salem State College Mr. Robert Robidoux, Science. B.A. Bridgewater State College POLARION FACULTY 61 Mr. John Simones. History. B.A Bridgewa- ter State College Mrs Claudia Soares. Math. B.A. Southeast- ern Massachusetts University Mr. Robert Sylvia. Business. B S South- Mrs Cynthia Tinsley. Physical Education. B.S. eastern Massachusetts University Bridgewater State College Mr. Richard Tripp. English. B.S. Bridgewater State College Mrs Norma McNally. Science. B.A Anna Maria College 62 POLARION FACULTY Mrs. Barbara Rose. English. A B Colby College Mrs. Evelyn Staples. Business. B.S. Salem State College. M Ed Bridgewater State College Mr. Bruce Stark. English. B.A. Bridgewater State College r Mr. Frank Rose. Connecticut English, B.A. Boston University. M.A. University of Mrs. Claire Ward. Science. A.B. Brown University. M A T., CAGS. Rhode Island College Mrs. Marie White. Special Education. B.S. Bridgewater State College Mr. Luke Leonard. Industrial Arts. Teaching Certifi- cation. Fitchburg State College Mr. Edward Worcester, Science, B.S. Fitch- burg State College Mrs. Irene Ashley. Aide Mr. Michael Ward. Math. B.A. Rhode Island College Mrs. Eliz abeth Tassara. Aide Mrs. Pamela Welch. Special Education, B.S. Bridgewater State College Mrs. Mary Bolduc. Nurse POLARION FACULTY 63 Ms. Pauline Lincoln, Aide Mrs. Rochelle Cox, Aide Ms. Linda Lopes, Aide Mrs. Rose Wilson, Matron 64 POLARIAN FACULTY front center Sue St. Amand left to right Terry Rogers, Sandie Guidaboni, Estelle Cusson, Cheryl Carter, Ellie Andrews, and and Nancy Babineau. back row. Sue St. Amand, Barbara Soucy. I have owed to them, In hours of weariness, sensations sweet. Felt in the blood, and felt along the head. And passing even into my purer mind. With tranquil restoration: feelings too Of unremembered pleasure: such, perhaps. As have no slight or trivial influence On that best portion of a good man’s life. His little, nameless, unremembered, acts of Of kindness and of love. Wordsworth APPONEQUET 1988 - It takes two to hear the truth, one to speak, another to hear. Thoreau BEST ALL-AROUND Matt Patenaude Jen Meadows 66 67 I When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. Swift MOST TALKATIVE Todd Amarantes Stacy Williams 69 SEMSBA SEMSBAi M.M.K.A. A DO YOUR PART SlWORTTHEARTSl apponeouet lakers rF " MOST MUSICAL Thad Lopes Christina Gallant 70 Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. James MOST ARTISTIC Chris Brown Kris Duff 71 72 MOST DRAMATIC Dan Constantine Tracy L’Heureux 73 One of the pleasantest things in the world is going on a journey; but I like to go by myself. Hazitt BEST DRESSED Albie Frawley Terrie Rocha 74 75 76 77 ■ 3 The highest intellects, like the tops of mountains, are the first to catch and to reflect the dawn. Macauly MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED John Perry Karin Winters 78 79 I 87-88 scores spring track 1987-1988 dighton-rehoboth bourne wareham fairhaven seekonk case new bedford voke 82 girls’ tennis B (back)- Debbie Bedard, Erin Donovan, Cheryl Mendonca, Jen Meadows, (front)- Tracey Medeiros, Maria Vardis, Dana Medeiros. m 87-88 scores ■; girls ' tennis 1987 ■ lakers opponent HI 5 dighton-rehoboth 0 0 norton 5 2 old rochester 3 5 wareham 0 0 new bedford 5 0 bourne 5 0 seekonk 5 3 dighton-rehoboth 2 1 old rochester 4 0 seekonk 5 2 fairhaven 3 2 bourne 3 4 wareham 1 0 norton 5 2 fairhaven 3 0 new bedford 5 iiWlWl 84 i 85 I boys’ tennis Keith Lynch, Mike Giovannini, Jeff Coffin, Chris Mansfield, Eric White, Todd Harrison, Jason Waterman, (not shown)- Lance Labonte, Chris McCarthy. dighton-rehoboth bristol-plymouth bourne wareham new bedford fairhaven case dighton-rehoboth old rochester seekonk old rochester bourne wareham fairhaven 86 k MMoitn. oui(v) jirocJcoo jitn 87 88 softball back- coach looney, coach pellegrino, kelley, jill, nancy, janna, rachael lisa, coach brady front- rhonda, kris, jamie, karen, pam, kathy, kelly, denise, jen 87-88 scores win girl’s softball 1987 lose 18 conference record 2 24 overall record 2 lakers opponent 11 state tournament bishop stang 3 5 cardinal spellman 0 6 mansfield 0 2 south state title joseph case 1 3 eastern mass champi- onship bishop fenwick 2 7 state championship wahconah 1 I ' tf RE-PETE! DIVISION II STATE CHAMPS. AGAIN! I am deUght6K3 that the Polarjon Staff chose to honor The Coach ' , Mr Peter Looney During his twenty -one years at Apponequet, Mr Looney ' s hard work, pursuit of excellence, dedication and deep personal commitment helped fashion what we have come to call ' the Apponequet winning tradition " The pride of a win or the despair of a defeat served equally to develop and enhance the character of hundreds of young men and women fortunate enough to have played on a ’Looney " coached team The achievement of many " impossible dreams ' , fulfilled by this nationally recognized coach, will remain our heritage as long as Apponequet stands 89 baseball (back)- Coach Courtemache, Donovan Dunn, Peter Dellarocco, Josh Franco. Erich Ingram. Gary Gomes, Matt Patenaude. (front)- Stephen Shimp. Jason Patenaude, Curt Paradis. Don Duarte, Scott Richards, Peter Hathaway, Darin Morano. 87-88 scores lakers baseball 1987 opponent w middleboro 1 w seekonk 1 1 dighton-rehoboth w 1 voc. tech w w bourne 1 1 wareham w w old rochester 1 w fairhaven 1 1 case w 1 ” seekonk w 1 voc. tech w 1 dighton-rehoboth w w bourne 1 w Stoughton 1 1 wareham w 1 old rochester w w fairhaven 1 1 middleboro w 1 case w 90 91 winter track back- thad, eric, mike, keith, ryan, dave, bill, chris, tad, greg, keith, daryll, ben, dennis, pete, coach tebo middle- beth, cheryl, janna, lynn, jen, missy, lisa, sara front- jen, heather, kara, kim, kelli, kris, ann, debbie, colleen. 87-88 boys girls winter track 1987-1988 south coast relays voc-tech diman (boys only) boys ' meet (at havard) fairhaven frosh soph auerbach mit voc-tech invitational wareham seekonk girls meet at harvard state relavs at b.v. south coast conference meet state indoor class meet at mit state indoor class meet at mit 92 I 93 girl’s swimming girls’ swim team 1987-1988 seekonk middleboro attleboro new bedford durfee sandwich taunton duxbury I I 94 87-88 scores boy’s swimming i m i home boys’ swim team 1987-88 away 39 seekonk 117 67 middleboro 100 73 attleboro 95 66 new bedford 105 97 durfee 72 81 sandwich 93 101 taunton 69 63 duxbury 96 I , 95 oys’ x-country 87-88 scores lakers boys ' x-country 1987 opponent 22 voke tech 37 33 seekonk 26 22 case 35 20 fairhaven 43 15 dighton-rehobeth 46 15 wareham 49 18 bourne 45 15 old rochester 50 96 ! 1 lakers girl ' s cross country 1987 opponent 18 voke tech 41 36 seekonk 21 22 case 41 18 fairhaven 41 23 dr 35 15 waraham 49 15 bourne 50 20 or 43 girls’ x-country 97 field hockey I I f 87-88 scores field hockey 1987 lakers opponent 2 old rochester 1 1 seekonk 1 3 bourne 0 1 wareham 1 2 w. bridgewater 0 3 fairhaven 1 2 case 2 2 dighton-rehoboth 2 2 old rochester 0 1 seekonk 3 4 bourne 1 2 w. bridgewater 0 0 wareham 0 5 fairhaven 0 6 sacred heart 0 1 case 2 1 dighton-rehoboth 1 2 sacred heart 0 98 I soccer 87-88 scores soccer 1987 lakers opponent 4 diman vocational 1 1 new bedford vocational 0 1 dighton-rehoboth 0 new bedford h.s. freshmen 0 old rochester 0 diaan vocational 0 norton 0 case 0 old colony 0 coyle 0 stang 1 dighton-rehoboth 2 fairhaven 1 coyle 0 old rochester 0 99 football 87-88 scores lakers boys’ football 1987 opponent 0 middleboro 6 0 dighton rehoboth 13 0 fairhaven 19 19 bourne 0 0 bristol Plymouth 28 8 voc tech 20 0 seekonk 14 21 wareham 12 22 case 32 0 old rochester 14 100 k 101 girl ' s basketball 87-88 scores lakers girls ' basketball 1987-1988 opponent 40 dighton-rehoboth 49 41 norton 17 39 bourne 50 46 middleboro 50 58 wareham 74 31 orr 49 45 middleboro 39 39 fairhaven 60 39 norton 25 26 seekonk 43 43 case 49 54 new bedford voke 22 50 dighton-rehoboth 60 57 bourne 46 55 wareham 49 38 orr 53 47 fairhaven 37 32 case seekonk new bedford voke ■ 58 102 103 boy’s basketball 87-88 scores lakers boys’ basketball 1987-88 opponent 76 dighton-rehoboth 58 73 bourne 53 72 coyle 41 61 stang 43 67 warham 55 75 orr 47 50 fairhaven 55 64 case 48 62 seekonk 39 84 new bedford voke 63 68 dighton-rehoboth 44 64 bourne 55 59 wareham 57 54 orr 65 63 fairhaven 55 56 case 45 o.t. 48 canton 45 o.t. 59 milton 89 104 105 golf 87-88 scores golf 1987-1988 lakers opponent 1 seekonk 8 8 norton 1 3 dighton-rehoboth 6 3 new bedford voke 6 0 old rochester 9 8 wareham 1 3 bourne 6 7 bristol Plymouth 2 2‘ 2 seekonk 6 ' 2 7 norton 2 3 new bedford voke 6 ‘ 2 old rochester 8‘ 2 9 wareham 0 2 bourne 7 8‘ 2 bristol Plymouth 2 Vz dighton-rehoboth 8 ' 2 I I 106 cheer (cher), n. 1. state of mind; 3. a shout of joy, ap- plause or encouragement; v.t. 1, to gladden; comfort; 2. to greet, especially with shouts of welcome 3. hence to applaud; encourage: i L cheerleading 107 108 87-88 majorette drem-’ret n (1983) 1; a girl or woman who leads a marching band 2: a ba- ton twirler who accompanies a marching band. twirl (tworl), v.t. 1, to turn (something) around rapidly; whirl; as, to twirl a cane; 2, slang, in baseball, to pitch: -v.i. 1, to rotate rapidly; 2, slang to pitch: n. a quick, circular mo- tion; twist. I c f. I Kim Alexander Brenda Allerdt Peter Annichiarico Daniel Bartlett Jacqueline M. Bastoni Daniel A. Beard Marjie Beaton Andrew Beaulieu Scott E. Beaulieu Daniel P. Bedard Stephen L. Beneski Lynette M. Berche Frank Bergeron Cynthia L. Bigelow Jessica Blaine Kim M. Blanchard Jennifer A. Bolduc Elissa Bongiorno Kim S. Bonneau Paul Bonneau 110 Kimberly Bowker Marc Brassard Gregory T. Brun Aaron P. Burke Christopher Campeau Richard R. Carr Angela S. Carter Carrie A. Clymer Kathleen Coggeshall Troy Cook Heidi E. Copeland Stacey Corbin Michael P. Costa Dawn M. Cote Walter S. Crane Tamara S. Crossley Brian Darling Matthew Davignon Bonne DeMoranville Eric DeMoranville 111 i Stephen R. Donovan Daniel C. Dubois Jerome M. Duchaine Marc S. Duclos Michelle Duffany Bertrand J. Durand Kellie B. Duval Kimberly Edgell Jennifer A. Elford Randy Felts Paul J. Fernald Natalia Fernandez Casey Fisher George W. Frates David Frazier Kenneth J. Gagne Micheal Giovannini Chris A. Goodfellow David G. Goodfellow Michelle Gorman ■ Caren J. Gravel James A. Hall Karen M. Hartigan Nicole Hartley Wayne Haskins Lynn Marie Herlihy Deanna Heron Krista Heron Katherine G. Hotz Scott Houlihan Kerriann Howland Stacy E. Hutchins Lisa I. Imel Becky L. Jason Peter R. Jewell Tracey Jordan Michael A. Joubert Adam S. Kasevich Lynn M. Kitchen David Kjendal 113 Peter J. Kuliga Paul A. Ladeira Keith Lankashire Juli Annette Larson KeithM. Lauzon Gary L. LeBeau Mark Lecuyer Melanie A. Levesque Kellie Lewin Christopher Lizotte Rachel L. Lowther Keith Lynch James Machado Kathy L. Mandeville Jamie J. Marinelli Harold H. Marshall Michelle Lee Marston Derek L. Maxim James E. Mello Matthew S. Mills 114 Robert Miranda Gregory H. Mitchem James Michael Moquin Erin M. Murphy Kerry L. Murphy Shannon M. Nordeste Robyn F. Ojala Roseanne Oliveira Brooke C. O’Meara Mark Otis Heidi Pacheco Anne Parau Lisa Parent Dawn M. Pereira Michael Pfister Michael D. Piasecki Marlon S. Pina Sherry L. Pina Tammy L. Place Jill J. Plissey . 115 Sarah Anne Porter Michael J, Quintin Denise Rancourt Kelli Reagan Renee S. Robbins Daniel Roderique Lisa M. Russell Melissa Sage Marta Sala Lisa Salve Michelle F. Sampson Scott Santangelo Jamie A. Schell Cheryl A. Sherman Annmarie Shimkus Stephen M. Shimp Tammy L. Silva Melissa L. Silvia Robin Silvia Christine M. Smusz Nancy S. Sparrow Naomi J. Stahl Julie Steidinger Christopher Sylvia Amy Taylor Kerry Sue Taylor Anne Toal Barry Van Laarhoven Janna Venice Cindy A. Viana Tracie L. Vieira Jason R. Walmsiey Russell R. Warwick Tracy L. Watkinson Michael Wedge Carol E. White Eric I. White Christian Williams Jeffory Wing Wendy Woodis Tammy Woodsum Lawrence Wright Mary Yarro Kelly Kubik Deborah Adams Joel Amaral John Arruda Benjamin D. Ashley John S. Ashley, Jr. Robert Aubin John C. Avila Tammy L. Balestracci Erika Baptiste Lori Beck Arlene E. Bevilacqua Shawn Bissonnette Jennifer Blanchard Kara Ann Bochman Michael L. Boehler Heather Boling Brian L. Booth Christina Botelho Michael Boucher Sherry Brassard Elizabeth A. Brooks ' .Vciioy Lee Bury Robert Campbell Kristen Carlson Heather Mills Christopoher Chapin Lisa Marie Chor Tara Christiansen Joyce Cody Steven Collard Thomas Correia Nicole Corriveau John Craige John Crowley Lisa Cudworth Tracey Ann Daversa Monte Dawson Kerry DeMello Jennifer Demers Daniel DePippo Maryanne Depin Christopher Dewhurst Karin DiChiara Enrique Diaz Denise A. Doyle James Dube Cheryl Dutra Kelly R. Dyer Paul Economos Heather Ferfon Donna Ferguson Jayne Fernandes Darlene Ferreira Edward Ferreira Jodie Ferreira Adam Foster 118 Charles Foster Kelli Frain Abigail Franco Jason Freitas Caitlin A. French Cynthia Gallant Joshua Gates Marcus Gesner Allyson Gibbs Lynn Ann Gleason Michael T. Golarz Keri Goldman Lisa Goldsmith Holly D. Gomes Jennifer Gosciminski Melinda Grocot Michelle Hall Julie M. Hanson Scott Harrison Christopher Haskins Charles Hodges Donna-Jean Hopkins Scott Howe Heather A. Hubbard Sharon L. Ingram Mary Janczura Kenneth Jardin Daniel Johnson Michelle Jordan Robert Jose Jennifer Keenan Christopher Kelley Michael Kleiner Mark J. Knox Kimberly Kuliga Keith Ledoux Gregory LeFever Christopher Levesque Robin Lopes Scott Loria Ann Martin Neal T. McCarthy Michelle McCormack Jodie Mello Tammi A. Mello Jon Paul Messier Mary Mirgon Kahlan Mitchell Melisa Moss Shannon Murphy Jennifer Murray Michelle Neville Holli Nichelson Mark O’Brian Kerry O’Connell Loretta O’Neill Michael O’Shea Brant Oliver Daniel Ouellette April Pacheco Angela Panettieri Kristopher Peters Cynthia Peterson George Peterson Hildie Mae Pittsley Brian Polochick Robert Porter Steven Pothier Danielle Radey Michael Reedy Brian Reese Kevin Rego Rachel Riley William Robbins Steven Rocha Kelly Rogers Julie Roy Keith Roza Jason Santos Naomi Schultz Donald A. Seifert Donna Signori Joy Singleton William Smith Lisa Southworth Lynn Southworth William Sunderland Ann Marie Sylvia Sherry Szczepkowski Katherine Szpala Juan Tachna Genevieve Therrien BenjaminThibeault Raymond Thibeault Brandon Travers Kyle Tremblay Jeffrey Varley Audra Vickery Todd Wagner Christine E. Waikden Jason Waterman Milton S. Westgate Aaron Whalley Heather Wilson Liane Wilson Daniel Wood Rebecca Zilinsky 120 Suzanne Alves Dean Anderson Jeffrey Andrade Jacinta S. Arruda Jeff Ashley Stephanie Baptiste Darryl Bartlett John Bastoni Nicole Bedard Nathaniel Belliveau Corrie Borges Aaron Bornstein Kimberly Braley Leigh Brienzo Jonathan Brooks Paul Brouillette Micheal Brown Meredith Lyn Byam Richard Cabeceiras Betsy Cambra Christopehr Cardoza Cheryl Castonguay Keith Chambers Dennis Cody Micheal Connel Marie Coggeshall David Colby Micheal Collard Erik Copeland Micheal Cornell Warren Cornell Peter Costa Julie M. Couture Leon Cudworth Nathan Darling Danielle Davignon Jennifer E. Davis Derek Dean Christina DeJesus Gregory Deschenes Jonathan Dextraze Jessica Donadini Nicole Theresa Dube Matthew P. Dubois Jason S. Dunham Jessica B. Dunn Matthew M. Felts Shawn Fleck Thomas M. Forcier Tricia Foster Jennifer L. Gagne Karen J. Gagne John Gallagher William R. Garcia Audra L. Garell Eric J. Gauthier Melissa A. Gibbs Leslie Briar Gilbert Kurtis M. Gonsalves Phillip Gosson Kerie Ann Gouveia Michelle Goyette Frank Gregory 121 Jodi Hanelt Sarah Hanson Keith Hatrigan Darrin Henricksen Melissa Holodinski Rebecca Horn Hollie Jacobs Laurie Jesus Arthur Joubert Shelley Kadle Kristi Kazlauski Gayle Kennedy Brian Kenney Christine Kuthan Kelly LaBelle Richard LaCamera Brendon Lafferty Martin LaFrance Diane Lakey Nicole Laliberte Christopher Lamy Brian Langille Kimberly LaPlante Scott Laventure Aaron Lavoie Maurice Lawrence Curt LeBeau Ginger Lemieux Derek Levesque Kim Lewin Stacy Lovern Sherrie Lyonnais Jo-Ell MacDougall Christine Macedo Kathie Madeira Melissa Malatesta Jayne Mandeville Heidi Marquis Joseph Mastrosimone Lilia Matos Melissa McComb Joshua Medeiros Michael Medeiros Randall Mello Kimberly Mercier Kelly Millington Trevor Misturado Mark Monterio Lisa Montgomery Ann Morris Scott Morris Thomas Murdock Russell Nadeau Jessica Nichols Ann Nisby Bethany O ' Neil Gerald Parent Natalie Pauska Dalton Perras Daniel Perron Jennifer Pfister Edward Pimenta Wayne Pittsley Robin Porowski 122 r Robin Porowski Patricia Pringle Koleen Reagan Paul Reed Kate Rego Travis Robello Matthew Roderiques Lisa Roderiques Hugh Joseph Rogers Giuliano J. Rubini Dawn M. Rushton Anne Saltmarsh Jennifer J. Sarosiek Jennifer M. Schell Shannon Sharp Jennifer Ann Silvia Amy Katherine Simard Kevin Robert Simons James Skinner Christopher R. Smith Stephen R. Soucy Lisa Marie St. Onge Gordon Stempka Erick Owen Swanson Michael Swift Lynda J. Szczepkowski Wendy M. Szczepkowski Jennifer L. Tavares Deborah Ann Trahan Hope S. Tripp Christopher P. Ulrey Shanny VanLaarhoven Reginald B. Westgate Christian B. White Deborah White Heather Wilcox Brett B. Williams Brandon Wilson Heidi Wilson Sheryl E. Winters Scott H. Worthington Christa E. Yarro Greg Bongiorno Jason Lavoie 1 123 THE CELEBRATION CONTINUES! i] 124 • •• •• • • r • • • •• Tomorrow, you will have to play a much more difficult piece - tomorrow when the audience is listening for wrong notes, and you no longer have me in the wings. Then we shall see what you can really do. Hammarskjold SENIORS 1988 YEARBOOK STAFF Editors: Editor-in-chief: Debbie Bedard, Sports Editor: Cheryl Mendonca, Copy Editor: Erica St. Germain Front (l-r)- Cheryl Mendonca, Tracey Medeiros, Debbie Bedard, Kelley Herlihy Back (l-r)- Traci Jordan, Dawn Gagne, Jim LeBlanc Back (l-r)- Traci Jordan, Dawn Gagne, Jim LeBlanc Not present- Margie Beaton, Lisa Russell, Erica St. Germain, POLARION 127 CLUBS front (l-r)- Lynn Herlihy, George Peterson, Jody Hanelt, Jennifer Janczura, Wendy Gomes. Kaylhan Mitchell, Hope Tripp back (l-r) Nancy Sparrow, Ann Martin, Wally Crane, Matt Patenaude, Bill Jenkinson, Mr. Frank Rose not present: Sarah Porter Editors: assistant editors: Wendy Gomes, Matt Patenaude, features editor: Jennifer Janc- zura, enterainment editor: Bill Jenkinson, layout editor: Mike Quinton, newspaper artist: Tracy L’Hereux POLARION 126 CLUBS L STUDENT COUNCIL Front (L-R) Michael Quintin, Hope Tripp, Lori Beck, Kim Blanchard, Jen Tavares, Jackie Bastoni, Mike Antunes, David Goodfellow, Danielle Berch, Eric Gauthier, Kelli Frain, Wendy Gomes, Barry Vanlaarhoven, Back (L-R) Dan Constantine, Tracy L ' Heureux, Kathy Hotz, Lynn Gleason, Julie Hanson, Michelle Goyette, Kate Rego, Jenney Blanchard, Brian Kenny, Dalton Perris, Karin Winters not present: Debbie Bedard OFFICERS ' 87-88 President: Daniel Berche, Vice-President: Debbie Bedard, Treasurer: Wendy Gomes, Recording Secretary: Karin Winters, Corresponding Secretary: Michael Quintin front (l-r) Greg Mitchem, Barry VanLaarhoven, David Kjendall, Dan Beard, Janna Venice, Kathy Hotz, Missy Silvia, Richard Carr, Walter Crane, Mike Costa 2nd (l-r) Christina Gallant, Kerry Kazlauski, Stephanie Souza, Danielle Berche, Jen Janczura, Jen Meadows, Debbie Bedard, Wendy Gomes, Andrea Hanelt, Marc Anderson, Carol White, Tracey Jordan, Jackie Bastoni, Kim Blan- chard Jen Bolduc, Lynn Herlihy 3rd (l-r) Nancy Sparrow, Chris Sullivan, Heidi Copeland, Shannon Nordeste, Anne Toal, Kelly Kubik, Cheryl Gieger, Melanie Levesque, Rachael Leather, Jill Plissey, Lia Russell, Marge Beaton, Thad Godlewski, Karin Winters, Erica St. Germain 4th (l-r) Darin Morano, Chris Mansfield, Pete Sampson, Steve Donovan, Mike Norton, Mike Quinton, Bill Jenkin- son, Mike Antunes, Darren Schenck, Shawn Conway, Jeff Coffin, Dan Constantine, Jim LeBlanc Officers 87-88: President-Matt Patenaude, Vice-president- Wendy Gomes, Treasurer-Marc Ander- son, Secretary-Debbie Bedard POLARION 129 CLUBS Top (l-r) Danny Constantine, Bill Jenkinson, Mike Antunes, Jack Bevilaqua, Darren Schenck. Matt Patatunde Second row (l-r) Erica St. Germain, Daren Winters, Laurie DiChiara, Dawn Gagne, Tracy L ' Heureux, Dan Berch, Cheryl Mendonca, Kelley Herlihy, Bottom row (l-r) Wendy Gomes, Chris Gallant, Wendy Hanks, Rachel Dias, Michelle Blais Not Present: Tracey Medeiros, John Kyranos, John Perry POLARION 130 CLUBS 1st (l-r) Kathy Szpala, Heather Mills, Holli Nickelson, Nikki Hartly, Mary Janczura, Lori Beck, Cheryl Dutre 2nd (l-r) Tracy L’Heureux, Greg Mitchem, Peter Jewell, Karin DiChiara, Lisa Cudworth, Kathy Hotz, John Ashley, Eric Masaitas 3rd (l-r) Joshua Gates, Thad Lopes, Ben Ashley, Robert Porter president- Andrea Hanelt, v.p.- Cheryl Dutra, treasurer-John Ashley, secretary- Lisa Cudworth “Dear Friend” the day you left us, we felt so incomplete; we knew you weren ' t coming back, and it hurt so deep. we remember the good times that we shared, and could only cry. why couldn’t you have been spared? the next morning we awoke only to find it true- you were really gone! i guess life wasn’t fair to you. “I dedicate this poem to Peter Jewell, for a friend.” Heather Mills POLARION 131 CLUBS front (l-r) Shruti Javeri, Wendy Gomes, Becky Jason. Christina Gallant, Danielle Berch, Nancy Sparrow, Kelly Millington, Margie Beaton, back (l-r) Jennifer Schell, Robin Porawski, Greg Mit- chem. ' Dawn Gagne, Teah Vanlaarhoven, Erica St. Germain, Mike Quinton, Karin Winters, Bill Jinkinson, Ann Martin, Sharon Ingram, Heidi Copeland, Lenette Berch, Carol White, Chris Sullivan President: Michelle Blais; Treasurer; Jen Janzcura; Secretary; Jackie Bastoni POLARION 132 CLUBS ■ Front (l-r); Kelly Millington, Mike Costa, Ann Martin, Rachael Diaz. Back (l-r): Aaron Bornstein, i Guilliano Rubini, Derek Lesveque, Richard Carr, Mike Joubert, Jeff coffin, Mrs. Haskins. Captain: Richard Carr MATH TEAM POLARION 133 CLUBS I AV CLUB front (l-r)- Joshua Gates, Mary Janczura, Brant Oliver, Josh Mereiros, Wally Crane, Mr. Freitas sitting Ll-r)- Rachel Riley, Jen Blanchard, Robin Porawski, Jill Plissey, Tracy L’Hereux, Jen Linchey I POLARION 134 CLUBS FOCAS Front row (l-r); Julie Deutermann, and Mike Quintin. Second row (l-r): Marc Ander- son, Jeff Coffin, and Mike Antunes. Third row (l-r): Kevin Economos, Michelle Blais, and Jeff Conway. Fourth row (l-r): Bill Jenkinson, Darren Schenk, Dan Constantine. President: Mike Antunes; Vice President: Jeff Coffin; Treasurer; Bill Jinkinson; Secre- ■ tary: Kevin Economos POLARION 135 CLUBS front (l-r)- Aaron Lavoie, Tim Mederious, Mike Golarz, Greg Mitchem, Chris Sullivan, middle (l-r)- Mike Collard, Barry VanLaarhoven, Mary Janczura, Christina Waikden, David Goodfellow, John Ashley, Thad Lopes, back (l-r)- John Perkins, Ben Ashley, Jason Waterman, Rob Porter, Mike Giovanninni, Brant Oliver, Scott Santangelo. STAGE BAND POLARION 136 CLUBS SANDPIPERS AND TRIBESMEN front (l-r)- Nikki Hartley, Ann Toal, Rachel Riley, Kevin Rego Adam Foster, Greg Mitchem, Carol O’Brian, Caren O ' Connell, Heidi Pacheco back (l-r)- Stacey Cunha, Tracy L ' Hereux, Andrea Hanelt, Mike Quintin, John Ashley, Bill Jenkinson, Steve Beneski, Bret Kulakuvitch, Ben Ashley, Teah VanLaarhoven, Abby Ashley, Julie Larson, Becky Jason POLARION 137 CLUBS MARCHING BAND group- Andrea Hanealt, Jen Janczura, Bill Jenkinson, Jason Waterman, Brant Oliver, Steve Silvia, Chris Sullivan, Mike Quinton, Sarah Porter, Cindy Gallant, Margie Beaton, Juliano Rubini, Kim Blanchard, Christine Waikden, Thad Lopes, Rob Porter, Brendon Lafferty, Mike Giovaninni, Mary Janczura, Ben Ashley, Barry VanLaarhoven, Dave Goodfellow, Cheryl Dutra, Scott Worthington, Jen Murry, Christina Gallant, Aaron Lavoie, Lisa Cudworth, Mike Collard, Abby Ashley, Brian Kenny, Kristine Smuz, JOdy Hanealt, Joyce Cote, Sarah Hanson, Scott Santangello, Lisa Southworth, John Guarino, Tim Mederious, Carol White, Steve Donovan, John Ashley, Aaron Bornstein, Kristin Carlson, Beth Brooks, Holly Gomes, Wendy Gomes, Dereck Levesque, Darleen Ferera, Daren Hendrickson, Anne Martin, Greg Mitchem, Briar Gilbert, Tracy L’Hereux, Tracy Mederious, Carolyn Richards, and more. (P S. Mr. Noll) President: Thad Lopes: Secretary: Jen Janzcura; Band Manager: Christina Gallant; Treasurer: Bill Jinkinson; Librarian: David Goodfellow POLARION 138 CLUBS Front row: (l-r) Jonathan Brooks, Lisa Bernardo, Kerry Murphy, Sherry Pina, Ann Saltmarsh, Cheryl Tolley, Tracey Viera, Kim Mercier, Jen Tavares, Lori Beck, and Jen Arujo. Second row: (l-r) Dawn Gagne, Erin Donavan, Greg Michem, Bret Kulakovich, Ben Ashley, Jill Plissey, Rachael Riley, Joyce Cody, Sherry Lyonnaise, Nikki Laliberte, Leigh Brienzo. Third row: (l-r) Jen Sarosiek, Diane Lakey, Lisa Goldsmith, Barry VanLaarhoven, Adam Foster, John Ashley, Nikki Hartley, and Lillia Matos. Forth row: (l-r) Tracey L ' Hereux, Stacey Cunha, Jaqueline Kersing, Karen Gravel, Jodi Hanelt, Kevin Rego, Bill Jenkin- son, Steve Beneski, Dave Kjendal, Jen Elford, Becky Jason, Julie Larson, Christine Rogers. Officers: Dan Constantine (Pres), Carol O’Brien (sec). Sherry Pina (sec). Not Pre- sent.: Teah VanLaarhoven and Abby Ashley. POLARION 139 CLUBS Front (l-r)- John Ashley, Cheryl Dutra, Donna Signori, Kerry O’Connell, Mike Quinton, Abby Ashley, Teah Vanlaarhoven, Tracy L’Hereux, Marjie Beaton, Greg Mitchem, Jen Elford, Ann Martin, Kindra Davern, Julie Deuterman Second Row (l-r)- Jennifer Schell, Christine Wood House, Natalie Poska, Anne Saltmarsh, Michelle Goyette, Nikki Duby, Bethany O’Neil, Jill Plissey, Carol White, Jen Linchy, Kathy Hotz, Kelly Millington, Rachel Riley, Arlene Bevilacqua, Sarah Hanson, Back (l-r)- Shruti Jhaveri, Jodi Hanealt, Erin Donovan, Tracy Viera, Missy Silvia, John Arruda, Bret Kulakovik, Andrea Hanealt, Bill Jenkinson, Dan Constantine, Ben Ashley, Adam Foster, Chris Sullivan, Erica St. Germain, Julie Larson, Heidi Pacheco, Jonathan Brooks, Dawn Gagne, Nikki Hartley, Becky Jason, Stephen Beneski (not shown) DRAMA CLUB POLARION 140 CLUBS r • • . I have owed to them, In hours of weariness, sensations sweet. Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart. And passing even into my purer mind. With tranquil restoration: feel- ings too of unremembered pleasure: such, perhaps. As have no slight or trivial influence on that best portion of a good mans life. His little, nameless, unremembered, acts of kindness and of love. • • •• :• • Wordsworth • ' rtf ' ' t t ' k ' A «• ••a V . «•. V EVENTS 1988 . . f i I I. SENIOR DANCE 142 143 HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION 144 BONFIRE I CHRISTMAS CONCERT December 19, 1987 Band Conquest Sleighride C ' est Noel National Emblem A Christmas Festival Jazz Band Marcarena Mantilla Lace Theme from " Dallas” Honey and Spice Choir Sing Noel Westminster Carol Silent Night Carols Around Merry Christmas Sandpipers and Tribesmen Winter Wonderland Love Came Down at Christmas Song For The New Year Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas MAD.D. ACT 1 Opening act - Steve Beneski, Bret Kulako- vich, Chris Teews Choir - “Rock - n - Roll Hall of Fame” Dance - Jennifer Elford “Black Money” - Mark Oliver “Not Fade Away” - Jug Band “Movin ' Out” - Krackin’ Backyard Monologue - Ann Martin “Can We Try” - Barry VanLaarhoven, Tracy L ' Heroux “Wipe Out” - Julie Hansen, Nikki LaLiberty “You’ve Got A Friend” - Stacy Cunha “Shake Your Love” - Julie Larson + Friends Trumpet Duet - Christna Gallant, Thad Lopes Cheerleaders - “Operator” ACT 2 Stage Band “Out Here On My Onw” - Nikki Hartley “You And I” - Tea VanLaarhoven, Ben Ashley Flamenco Dance - Marta Sala “Just You And Me” - Heidi Pachecho, Bren- dan Laferty Majorettes - “Burnin’ Up” S T - “Little Shop of Horrors” Skit - “The Pet Shop” Dance - Becky Jason Suit For Flute And Jazz Piano - Sarah Porter, Cheryl Giger “Naturally” - Barry VanLaarhoven + Friends XNTRIX NIGHT 1988 149 Factory direct savings of 40 % - 70 % Store hours Mon , Tues , Wed , Fri 10-5 Thurs 10-8, Sot 10-6, Sun 12-5 Calvin Klein Outlet 100 North Front Street • New Bedford, MA 02740 • (61 7) 999-1300 Off 1 95 west, take exit 1 7, bear left, take third left. Off 1 95 east, take exit 1 6, follow signs to store. I 150 Office 295-2222 D. Beaton 888-1288 COMPLETE BOG MANAGEMENT HARVESTING (Wet Dry) AT Oi f CRANBERRY GROWERS SERVICE Specializing in • NETTING SANDING K. Beaton 295-2207 P. Beaton 947-3601 DITCHING • WEED CLIPPING Congratulations Class Of ’88 151 Congratulations From All (2k ai fi c nA luiLc do., jJnc. A DIVISION OF Distinguished Service In Music Since 1872 1598 HANCOCK STREET - QUINCY 472-7840 44 WEIR STREET -TAUNTON 823 7116 THE ALUMNI AT HOTZ REAL ESTATE Servicing Your Schools Music Needs Hotz Real Estate Inc, PH mls 65 ' Main Street - Route 105 Lakeville, Massachusetts 617-947-0169 From Old Apponequet Alumni To New Apponequet Alumni, “There Is Nothing Better Than Coming Flome.” EMILY I. BROADBENT REAL ESTATE, INC. Jet. Rtes. 18 And 105 Bedford St. Lakeville, MA 02347 947-4504 Tel. 947-0405 LAKEVILLE PHARMACY rviister Dorui£ Corner Of Main And West Grove Middleboro, MA 02347 947-9794 " X MTtWtATOtAl Congratulations! From; STEVE’S COUNTRY MARKET 78 Main St. Rt. 105 Lakeville, MA Now With New Snack Bar Open 7 Days 6 AM - 8 PM Lobster Live Cooked • Native Shellfish Lobster Ville THE LOBSTER SMACK Retail 6f Wholesale Route 28 Middleboro Ma. Just Off The Rotary Circle 947-9840 SAVAS LIQUORS Lakeville, Ma. 947-2434 Congratulations And Best Luck Class Of ' 88 WINBERG’S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Lakeville, Ma. LORENZO ' S ttalian Restaurant Route 28 Cranbery Highway Middleboro, MA 02346 Home Cooked Foods 947-5263 Total Image Salon Hair • Skin - Nails • Fashion for Men Women Diamond Plaza, Rta. 18, LakeviUa, MA 617-947-5243 Good Luck Class Of ' 88 JUNIOR’S Convienience Store Assonet MA 644-5800 Carpet Ceramic Tile Wallpaper Vinyls Vertical Blinds Village Carpet Tile 68 So. Main Street P.O Box 420 Assonett, MA 02702 BILL IRENE ALMEIDA (617) 644-5682 P. Brooks Bloomfield, D M Assonet Animal Hospital (IfiHTjl Nk’dianc and Surgcrs for Small and Larj;i‘ , mmab In Appoimmont Kuopi KimT ) i’nncn Asmmk’I ili.ij;i ' S(|iiarc I’la a • Innction of Riuiics l- K " 0 ()S I Sonlli Main Slrool • I ' O lio (I ' O Avmiik ' 1, Mas ad ll ' U U2 ().’-08‘)S Tdophoni- (61 ■ ) 6 h 4 2 ' m Tropical Sun Tanning 5 alon 947-3091 350 Bedford St. Lakeville, MA 02347 TAN AMERICA Stereo AM • FM Casette Body Cooling System ln«orp«ird(«-d Taunton Savings Bank Taunton: 12 Tiunton Crccn , Tiunton Mail, 222 Broadway Scckonk; Ct mmcrcc Way. 21 Central Avenue Lakeville: Birch wihhJ Common Rjynham: Shaw’b Pl.17,0 (617) 823-81U All CX. ' posits Insured In Full Member FDIODIFM 154 GRAHAM - MILES ANTIQUES Highland Rd. Lakeville, MA 02347 947-7385 946-0588 Lakeville- - .. Racquet ritness Club BEDFORD ST. (RTE. 18) LAKEVILLE, MA 02346 ANDREWS WOODWORKING 947-8088 947-8089 145 Pine Street Middleboro, MA 02346 Birds Houses, Doll Furniture Basket Clocks 947-3630 Paul J. Boudreau Louise Boudreau Video Cassette Sales Rentals 2025 Acu hn«l AvtniM, New Bedford MA 02745 Tel (617) 995-5304 MOVIES TO GO II 67 Alden Rd Fairhaven, MA Tel 997-8282 CURTIS HOLMES GENERAL MANAGER DAVID SILVIA HEAD PRO Tblephone 947-5717 c;.jd 3 Wa a.U,. 2 .2)S. SAVAS PLAZA BEDFORD STREET (RT. 18) LAKEVILLE. MASS. 02346 Congratulations And Best Wishes To All The Grads! From THE APPONEQUET ATHLETIC BOOSTERS CLUB 156 Roger Lamy Bus 995-1064 Res 763-3738 ADVANCE AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING CO. Servicing All Makes • Control Specialists Electric • Electronic • Pneumatic 177 Bullock Rd . E Freetown. Mass 02717 TELEPHONE: 995 - 4296 FR-HTES DAIRY " A Tradition For Generations ' fr axes ' DAIRY ICECFEAM RAOJOR SAM3MCH SHQFfE 2836 Acushnet Ave New Bedford, THE SHOE STORE 350 Bedford St Lakeville, MA 02347 947-4213 GLIDDENS 350 Bedford St Lakeville, MA 02347 BOYNTON Hardware 61 So. Main St Assonet 644-2800 Truetest Paint JRUTEST TeTTct Chief Lawnmower Levis Itaxiaiv Restaurant 995 771 1 JOANNE RAFFA 2857 ACUSHNET AVE NEW BEDFORD. MASS. 157 Jack Bevilaqua, We’re all so very, very proud of you. You’ve been a good son and brother. All our love, Mom, Dad, Peter, Mike and Ann Paul, You made it! Best of luck to you and the Appone- quet class of “88” Love, Mom and Dad Darren Schenck, Great work! We’re very proud of you. All our love. Mom, Dad and Jessica Our very best wishes to the class of 88. Mr. and Mrs McGinn rWmmmuihi Chris, Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can!! Give it your best . . . Love, Mom and Dad We wish the class of 1988 success and happi- ness in the future. Con- gratulations to all of you. Dick and Elaine Anderson tCard PHONE MESSAGE Outstanding! Congratulations! Finally... Thought you ' d never make it. Who did you bribe? We ' re proud of you! To Albie and Allin: The time has come to say good-bye to all your old friends and teachers, to bid farewell to Coach Thibeault and those cold, damp, old bleachers. New seats await both of you in God knows what new places. Here come the tu- ition costs - we just paid for your braces! Seriously guys- we ' re proud of you, and for you we ' re very happy. We wish you love, we wish you luck. From you Mom and Pappy So many of you are special to me. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your hopes and dreams. " You ' ve made me laugh, and you ' ve made me cry. " I will smile when I think of you and I will miss you. May your lives be filled with fulfillment and peace. Love, Mrs. Reis To my special friends, Marc, Allin, Albie, Rachel, Jack, Doug, Karen, Paul " Well, You came and opened me and now there’s so much more I see, and so by the way, I thank you. And then, for the times when we ' re apart, well then, close your eyes and know these words are coming from my heart. I ' ll be on your side forever more. That ' s what FRIENDS are for. " Always, J.C. -mm mnmUk i CONGRATULATIONS KIETH BROWN! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR COMPLETION OF HIGH SCHOOL. WE WISH YOU SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MAY YOUR FUTURE HOLD ALL YOUR DREAMS AND MAY YOUR LIFE BE FILLED WITH GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. LOVE ALWAYS- MOM DAD REMEMBER WHEN . Rose sat in the ink. Ross has a Christmas party. Mrs. Parker said, “When I was a little boy ...” It rained popcorn kernels. The tow truck came. Mr. Holland sang. This was a quiet study. The M.B.I. got busted. April in Paris. Purity Supreme- we ' ll PIT PARTIES!!! Mr. Mo’s dimference, tor. and ' tractor me!! never lems, forget you. angu, rulere, ' la- We sang in Spanish. We called Satan in government class. We hung up the Burger King sign that said “Two burgers for a buck.” Everybody shrink-wrapped Scott Sena’s car. “The gang " built a snowman on the front porch with snow trucked in from Taunton ice rink. XTRA MART!!! Karin’s eyelids flutt ered-SARCASMM! Teah said EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? Making points on candy canes by Erica. John, Erich, and not Michelle. THE PUB!!! Erin said. “I’m gonna plaigorize your hairdo!” Elanor and the Haunting of Hillhouse. Kelley’s brawl at Alhambra’s. Chris left pennies for a tip at Friendly’s. We played with pig intestines and other pig parts in A.P. Biology. We won back-to-back state softball titles. Jen lost Dan and Kel’s Bon Jovi tickets. Maria Consuela Gonzalles Romano “found " the tickets to JBJ. Stubby chipped her chippy tooth. P’ had an accident at the PIT the “Power Hour " freshman year. Homeroom 204 - AF,AF + TG vs DG. Grad Night 88! Joan yelled “A-S-D-F-J-K-L-sem”. Everybody except Bret and Dave skipped English. George announced the basketball game. " Pretty in Plaid " ! Tracey forgot to wear her lollipops. The police impounded the school van. We tied-died in Chemistry. “We ' re going on! " Double Sessions! Jumping the fence at the College fair. " The Gorman Way! " Congratulations: Kathy, Shelly + Jen ASSONET PHARMACY VIDEO 83S0.IUllSTREn ASSONn, MASS. 02702 PHONE: 644M5 or 644-2285 EAST FREETOWN PHARMACY CMSSBOADS COMMON 1CIACE ROAD EASTFREnOWN,MA. 02717 PNONE: 783-3884 Valu Best Wishes Class Of ‘88’ K.R. REZENDES, INC. INC. INC. James “Jim” Rezendes Telephone (617) 644-5795-6 Bus. (617) 644-2639 Sammy ' s Lane Assonet, MA 02702 General Contractor Land Development Backhoe-Shovel Bulldozer Trucking Service Water Mains And Appurtennances A Specialty 162 Congradulations Class Of “1988” JOHN MESERVE DICK RUSSELL SACHEMROCK ELECTRIC CORP COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 447 BROADWAY TAUNTON, MA 02780 PHONE 824-7201 PROFESSOR’S HOME PLATE RESTAURANT PILGRIM CLEANING SERVICE Fine Foods Middleboro, Ma 68 So. Main St Assonet, MA 02702 MELLO’S CLEANERS Insavas Plaza Rt 18, Lakeville 946-0873 “The Particular Cleaners ' Offering Same Day Service Now Located In Freetown At Crossroads Commons 163 " urpffA It would appear that our celebration nears its end. The guests have gone, the entertainers are quiet and the hosts wave good-bye. But this celebration of the class of 1988 cannot ever really end. The memories of what has taken place at this school and with these people will be with us always. We will remember what we have learned, how we have celebrated knowledge, growth and love and we will know how to celebrate in the future. We, as a class, have celebrated many things. Some of us have celebrated the acquisition of knowledge and the desire to continue our education. Some of us have celebrated our growth, our maturity and our personal relationships. We have learned who we are and what we can become and we have celebrated that understanding. This year, as a class, we have witnessed tragedy and suffering but we have been able to witness also the courage and determination of an individual. With him, we have all celebrated. And so, the process has only begun. There will be, for us, other celebrations some grand and public, others small and private. We have recognized, finally that with life there must be reason to celebrate. I ( I j POLARION 164 1988 (a ¥ t V ,T f - A ■ V

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