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Lakeville Public Library The Francis E. and Barbara E. Rose Polarion Yearbook Collection 2007 APFOnEQUET REQionAL mon school VOLUME XXIX " AFOOT AfiD LIGHTHEARTED I TAKE TO THE OFEH ROAD, HEALTHY, FREE, THE WORLD BEFORE ME, LEADIHG WHEREVER I CHOOSE. " -WALT WHITMAH EXFLORinO 2 " WE SHALL HOT CEASE FROM EXFLORATIOH AHD THE EHD OF ALL OUR EXFLORIHG WILL BE TO ARRIVE WHERE WE STARTED AHD KHOW THE FLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME. " —T. S. ELIOT— Much have 1 traveled in the realms of gold. And many goodly states and kingdoms seen; Round many western islands have 1 been Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold. Oft of one wide expanse had 1 been told That deep-browed Homer ruled as his demesne; Yet did 1 never breathe its pure serene Till 1 heard Chapman speak out loud and bold: Then felt 1 like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He stared at the Pacific — and all his men Looked at each other with a wild surmise — Silent, upon a peak in Darien. — JOHH KEATS— 3 EMOTIOn " WE ARE SOMETIMES STIRRED BY EMOTIOPI APID TAKE IT FOR ZEAL. " —THOMAS A ' KEMFIS — He asked me what Love was; I could not reply, 1 was too busy Thinking of friends gone by. He asked me what Hate was; 1 could not reply 1 was too busy Fighting my foes to try. He asked me what Emotion was; 1 could not reply, 1 was too busy wiping a tear from my eye. — anonymous — POSSIBILITIES " THE MORE ALTERMATIVES, THE MORE DIFFICULT THE CHOICE. " —ABBE D ' ALLAIHVAL— " So what do you want to do with your life?” " I don ' t know. Go to college I guess.” " Where?” " I ' m not really sure. " " All right, for what then? " " 1 don ' t know, maybe English. " " What, don ' t you speak good enough English yet? " " Well ...” Come on. I ' m seventeen years old. How do I know what 1 want to do for the rest of my life? 1 mean, there ' s so much out there. Maybe 1 do want to go to school, but then again, maybe 1 don ' t. What do 1 do if I go to college for something and then find out four years later that it isn ' t what 1 wanted to do? Or what if I forsake college, but can ' t find a job 1 really like? Why is there so much to do? With so many opportunities for work, travel, and growth, how do 1 pick just one thing? nothing seems to be set. We can do whatever we want to do. And Isn ' t that the beauty of it? FAST " YOUTH IS WHOLLY EXFERIMEHTAL " —ROBERT LOUIS STEVEHSOri— OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THIS IS NEVER GONNA WORK I WANNA TRANSFER It ' s too big. There are too many people. I can ' t see anyone I know. I can ' t even see the room numbers. Everybody just pushes . . . One hundreds here . . . Two hundreds ... I don ' t see any two hundreds?!? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THIS ISN ' T GONNA WORK I WANNA . . . Stairs Second floor. Two hundreds. Oh, okay. Now if I can just get there without falling . . . Made it. No problem. Who says getting around this place is hard. Hi Sheila! Okay how ' re you doin ' ? Great! Well, I ' ve got G ym next. Room 303 . . . Three? Third floor? We don ' t HAVE a third floor. Do we? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD . . . PRESEFiT " LET EARLY EDUCATION BE A SORT OF AMUSEMEFIT, YOU WILL TMEFi BE BETTER ABLE TO FlfiD OUT THE HATURAL BEHT. " -FLATO- The myth. The mystery. The senior. There ' s no more prized position to the high school teen than the megastatus of the senior. For the most part, the " lower life forms " have a right to be jealous; se- niors drive, seniors are " Big Man on cam- pus " and " Homecoming Queen " . and, most importantly, seniors are getting out. Hot Just leaving school a month early, that ' s a mere thirty days, but getting out, period. For seniors, high school is over. Ho longer will they need permission to go to the bathroom or bring in a note for being absent. Unfortunately for the senior, there is anoth- er side to this that the underclassmen don ' t see. Seniors may be leaving, but what to? Ho junior has to fill out his name, address, and field of academic Interest eighty times in one night. It is highly un- likely to meet a sophomore who spends his free time trying to figure out how many reading comprehension questions he can skip and still get a 600 on the SAT. Like getting out in May, these activities are re- served exclusively for seniors. Poised on the edge of the greatest freedom they will probably have in their lives, seniors are also confronted with the great task of trying to plan their lives and succeed with this plan. Being a senior means having the greatest — the greatest pleasure, and the greatest pressure. FUTURE ” THE OriLY LIMIT TO OUR REALIZATIOHS OF TOMORROW WILL BE OUR DOUBTS OF TODAY ' —FRAriKLIPi DELAHO ROOSEVELT— In the year 2037, our class will hold its 50th reunion. Many of us will be there, but unfortunately, some of us will not. Mo matter what, we will all have come down the " road of life " and have discovered the future to make it our present. While many things will have changed (less hair, more wrinkles, and stooped posture), many things will still be the same. E.I. will still be " E.I. " , Cynde will still sneeze with a " pting " , and we all will still be the class of ' 87. Whatever the future holds in store for us, whether we become doctors, teachers, or construction workers, we will always be Apponequet alumni, and we look toward to the future with wonder and great expectation. UniTY " OniY THROUGH UHITY WITH OTHERS CAH OHE DISCOVER HIMSELF ' —AHOHYMOUS Friends are funny things. They come in all shapes, sizes, forms. A ted- dy bear can be a friend. So can a favorite comer. Human beings. Yeah, they can be friends too. They ' re tricky though. They talk too much. I think that ' s the problem. Your teddy has only one mind, one opinion — yours. People, on the other hand, have their own opinions, and they ' re not afraid to voice them. You can ' t just nod their heads back and forth, expecting glassy eyed agreement. Human friends can hurt you with the truth, teddy can ' t — he knows no truth other than yours. But what really makes human friends unique is that with the same words that hurt you, a friend can heal you. The same person, the same words. 1 guess that ' s what makes friends so funny. And so special. riOT in THE CLAMOUR OF THE CROWDED STREET, MOT in THE SHOUTS AHD PLAUDITS OF THE THROnO, BUT in OURSELVES, ARE TRIUMPH AHD DEFEAT. — HEnRY WADSWORTH LOnGFELLOW— OURSELVES We’ve finally made it. After twelve years of endless classes and moun- tains of homework were finally free to go out into the real world. But just what kind of world is it? 1987 saw its share of the political power plays, sports triumphs and entertainment block busters that mark every year, but there was something else, something stronger, that made this time special. This has been a time of social awakening, a time when the musicians of the world formed Live Aid to help the starving people of Africa, when thousands of West Germans formed a human chain to protest nuclear weapons, and the first time in nearly a decade that the world ' s two super powers met to improve relations. Ironically, this type of social activism hasn ' t been as widewpread in America since the 1960 ' s, the decade in which we were born. Though there will probably never be a time as painful or as profound as the Sixties, its interesting to see Just how much of what was old is new again . . . . . . THEM ... ... MOW . . . . . . Meil Armstrong ' s one small step " on the moon sent America into the forefront of technology and put be- hind the ghosts of the Gemini trad- gedy ... ... the Space Shuttle series keeps making leaps in space technology that will hopefully overcome its trad- gedy and continue to fly high . . . ... it was Hippies ... ... it ' s Yuppies . . . . . . Viet Mam brought home the hor- rors of war . . . situations in [Nicaragua and El Salvador threaten to do the same . . . . . the Boston Celtics were the sports dynasty of the Decade, win- ning seven world championships the Boston Celtics are one of the most dominant teams in profession- al sports, . . . participating in four world championships, winning three . . . Martin Luther King marched to attain black equality in America Bishop Desmond Tutu is trying to repeat King ' s success in his native South Africa . . . . . . the 1967 Red Sox were that year ' s dream team, going to the World Series, only to lose the 1987 Red Sox led the Ameri- can League since May but still lost in the World Series . . . . . . Bob Dylan described his genera- tion through his music ... ... Bruce Springsteen continues Dy- lan ' s quest for social conscience . . . Many things have changed in twenty years. The Brady kids have become the Cosby kids and Joe Mamath has become Jim McMahon, but when one really takes a close look, they realize that people never change, only the names do. Let ' s Just hope that, twenty years from now, we can still see progress that existed in the Sixties and still exists today. i ALAn L. ALVES, JR. The Class of 1987 would like to wish Alan the best of luck for the future. PAUL S. ASHLEY The Class of 1987 would like to wish Paul the best of luck for the future. RHOriDA L. AHDREWS " Failure is not in the fall, but in the lack to get up . " Success is Rhonda ' s main goal. She thanks Tam and Karen, her school pals, best buddy " Smile " , " Don ' t Cat and Drive " Right Kell? (THAhX). She remembers Case games w flM KILL, 3 day stay at the " Bloe- mink " . Co-champ B-ball, and State Champs Softball! She admires Mom, Dad, and Mam- ma. Her pet peeve is people who smoke! She wishes her friends the best of luck! See ya at the reunion. DAWn MARIE AUGUST Dawn ' s ambition in life is to be happy Sk live life one day at a time. Dawn can mostly be found cruising and partying with friends. (Hey Dudes!) Her favorites are parties. Bud, AC DC, Ozzy, weekends, magoo and good friends like Kit, Bren, Lori, Fay, + Hi. Dawn s pet peeves include bad tempers, pushy people, liars, and M.S. Dawn will al- ways remember the bay and partying in F.R. Mom + Dad you ' re the best! Love Ya! POLAR!On SCniORS ELTOn E. ASHLEY III Drama 2,3,4. CIton ' s ambition is to become an C.M.T. and be happy and successful. His favorites include all foods, the Blues Broth- ers, skiing, hunting, and his friends. He is most likely to be found with TL, BK, DR, JB, TV, and CQ. His most memorable moment was at McDonald ' s with AH, SL, JL, ; MS. He wishes the Class of 87 ' the best. JAMES A. BABIHEAU Jim ' s ambition in life is to be extremely wealthy and famous. He can usually be found w R.B. + the gang or eating crackers w E.P. Some of Jim ' s favorites include tak- ing tests in Mrs. Martin ' s class, women, L.M., L.D., Halen, Journey, and Jello w L .L. His Pet Peeves are needles, snobs, typing. He hopes his friends stick together + that he never has to bail any of them out of jail. He wants to say thanks to them and to his Mom and Dad. PAMELA Anri BAILEY Pam is happiest making her Dad proud. Her fav ' s are sunsets, full moons, pandas, hus- kies, football games, hugs, smiles, fuzzy i sweaters, softball close friends. Unforget- I tables are knowing Trap, her junior yr. with j the crew, laughing with Danny, State Champs 86 ' , Paula fit Krista, all the love from the L ' s W ' s friends from ' 88 ' - ' 90 ' . She most admires her family coaches for all they ' ve done. She wishes the Class of 87 ' the best! LORI JOY BARBOZA ) Lori ' s ambition in life is to go to college, find . a devoted man, marry, own her own busi- 1 ness, be wealthy and have a family. Lori most admires her sister Marlene. Among ' her favorites are Camaros ' s, Mark R., C.C., and S.F. Lori will always remember her I friends, freshman year and all the support I she has gotten. Lori can always be found on I the phone. Pet Peeves are snobs, two-faced j people , and Pam Q. " Life in Apponequet I has been an experience. " I RAREn E. BAIRD Karen ' s future ambition is to go to college and work with pre-elementary kids. She can most likely be found with Jack, with friends n.D., D.C., and C.Q., or sleeping. Her favor- ites include rainy days, gray. Hikes, the city, P.Q. Pizza, and listening to HR. Her pet peeves are dentists, seafood, gym, C.E., and 5:30 A.M. Karen ' s most memorable times were Maine ' 84 and ' 85, second study junior year, and Algebra II. Special thanks to M.M., J.Q. and D.D. (for the rides), and Mom and Dad. MARFilE BARTLETT Mamie hopes to travel, be successful -l- someday have a family. She enjoys: being with Mark, good friends, hugs, a single rose, Christmas, skiing -I- Cape Cod! Hever For- get: 2 8 84, 4 18 84, Hew York, BJ -I- TC ' s parties, Yom Kippur- right Dawn? TOOT- TOOT, the great times with T2, B2, S2, fresh- man, soph, years -I- her friendship with Dawn. Pet Peeves: broken promises, waiting, and being short. She admires: Dad, Mom, Papa, Gram + Hana! Love ya all! LI-2 R, J -(- P! CHRISTinE L. BARBOZA ' If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it you can become it. " Chris pains to attend college and major in adver- tisement and communication. Fav ' s: sunny days, beaches, blue eyes, and roses. Chris will always remember summer of ' 84, and all the fun times spent with Johnnie. Pet Peeves: Rainy days, 5:30 AM, and the girls ' room. She most admires her parents for all they ' ve done and would someday like to make them very proud. I Love You Mom Dad. niCOLE REMEE BERCHE Hicole plans to attend college, majoring in elementary education. Her best times are spent with Trisha, DW, TD, KQ, -I- KB. Her favorites include chocolate, potato chips, wrinkly dogs, going out to eat, and spending time with Keith. She would also like to thank her family and her best friend Trisha for al- ways being there when she needed them. " Ya Know. " POLARIOH SEHIORS MOST CLASS SPIRIT Paul Engstrom Dana Medeiros MARK JAMES BERHARDO A four year member of the swim team and a short term member of the national Honor Society, Mark ' s ambitions are to go to the Olympics, open up for AC DC, and win the Mobel Prize. Me wishes that Sesame Street and Monty Python were on prime time. His favorites include swimming, bass, THE JACK, reds, blues, and friends. Me hates smoke, drugs, and hairy legs. This blurb was brought to you by the Letter 8 and the Hum- ber K. Thanks to Mom and Dad. Special thanks to Dave " Always one for causing a good riot Mouse. MOST ATHLETIC Kelly Brady Jeff Miller ROLAHD BISSOnnETTE Roland ' s favorite times include machine shop, AC DC, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Rush, etc... His ambitions are to be rich, success- ful, to own a machine shop and to have a better car than a Ford Pinto. He admires Mr. C and Mr.D for teaching him everything he can use in later years to become a machin- ist. He ' ll remember all his friends in high school, the good times and the bad times. " The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. " Polarion Senior DAVID Q. BOCHMAH Track 1 - 4 , Basketball 1 + 2, Football 3 + 4. David would like to wish all his friends the best of luck in whatever they do. Me plans to pursue a business career once out of col- lege, which will hopefully retire him early, maybe picking up a wife and kids along the way. Dave can usually be found with a few of his close friends: Arny, Lie, Chowder, or Chet. Me wants to tell all his friends he ' ll keep their memories for life, especially S.Q. Dave most admires his parents. " Mey, Qo nuts " . MICHELLE Ann BOUCHER Class Secretary 1-4 Cheerleading 2-4 Senior Council. Michelle plans to further her educa- tion and live a happpy and successful life. Mer favorites include time spent with KM KC DT DM BS LQ JP, Florida, ice cream, and Misty. Mer pet peeves are empty gas tanks, early mornings, and AM radios. She will al- ways remember ' that night " , the Cape with KM, looking for red lights with KC (neutral?), I and long talks with BS. Michelle would like to thank her parents for always being there. I love you both! JEAnnE MICHELLE BOLDUC " To love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, otherwise we love only the re- flection of ourselves we Find in them. " Stu- dent Voices 1-4 (Editor); Field Mockey 1-4; Drama Club 3 4. Jeanne ' s ambition in life is to go on to college and someday be editor of a major newspaper, but most of all, to be happy. Mer favorites include Mom Dad, Beth, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Rose, hugs Sf kisses, babysitting for Andy Willie, Aunt Em, Jen, Mona, Jamie, Kris, Kerry and especially John. I LOVE YOU, BABE! 7 22 86. MARC D. BOULAY " All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. " -FLOYD- and the rest " Du-Me- " ... Lucky huh?...’ Sleez Crew " ... " Frank Mall " ... " ' McFun Time " ...R.T., P.E., J.M., L.P.,E.E.,M.F.,D.M.,A.Q., Forege and the rest, right? Mo way! Dave let with Ingy... " You O.K. Len! " Mot Mot!...Mardi Gras T. and D... .Quicksand at 12:00. Mo return from Wa- chuset...With Coweyes...REAL MICE... " 87 " POLARIOM SEMIORS PAULA BOnriEAU The Class of 1987 would like to wish Paula the best of luck for the future. KELLY A. BRADY MMS 3,4 Basketball 1-4 Softball 1-4 Field Mockey 2-4 X-Country 1 Choir 1,3,4 S.E.M.S.B.A. 3. Kelly " s plans for the future include a successful, healthy and happy life. Some of her favorites are smiles, Muey Lew- is, singing. The Celtics (D.A.) and hugs. Kel- ly will never forget Molland, Jr. OLympics (BC), winning the States, The Boosters, and all the good times spent with those special people. She most admires her family. She ' d like to thank Coach Looney + Libby for ev- erything . K.A.R.T. Psych! SMU KC? LiriDA S. BROWn Linda ' s ambition in life is to become a suc- cesssful hairdresser and to someday travel to Switzerland. Just a few of her favorites include Pat Benatar, Billy Joel, Billy Squire, Mazda RX7 ' s, pink, diamonds and gold. Lin- da will never forget 10 29 85, TD, PW, LR, MB, TV, DP, Jodie, Steve, or all the great times spent with them. Linda would like to thank her best friend Jodie for her friend- ship and her mom for all the love and sup- port she has given. " I couldn t have made it without you. " RRISTEH B. CAREY SOFTBALL 1-4 BASKETBALL 1,2,4 FIELD FIOCKEY 3 Kris looks forward to college and the fun times ahead. Mer favorites include eating, skiing, Florida, Softball, and spend- ing time w KB, MB, and KM. She will always remember the good times in Holland (dis- co), red lights w MB, laughing fits, summer of 86, and the STATES. Her pet peeves are " Whitey ' , talking when one shouldn t be, and SAT ' S. Thanks to Mrs. Pel, Mr. Looney, and her parents for their love and support. " SMU KB? " " Hey Kate, hit me with a handshake! " PAUL A. BUSSE FOOTBALL 1, 2 BASEBALL 1, 2 TRACK 3, 4 Paul ' s ambition in life is to be very rich and happy. Busman will always remember the good times at the Madeau with Mato, Hank, Clerky, Len, Reeseman, Tebo, Gamma, Bocka, Rich 2 and Kerry. Paul ' s favorites in- clude J.C.K., Qenerra, The Camping Trip, riding around in the Reesemobile, Chinese firedrills, fast cars, weekends, and just hav- ing fun. Paul would like to thank the Big Guy and his Mom for everything. VICTORIA LYnn CAMARA BASKETBALL 1, 2,3,4 STIMULUS 1,2 PEP CLUB 1,2 MR REP 1,2 SEHIOR COUPiCIL. Vicki ' s future plans are to finish college as an education major and go on to lead a happy and successful life. Mer favorites in- clude Dad, Mom, Sue, Darlene, Sharon, Lori , Ami, " the guys " , Vo ' s cooking and soccer. She can usually be found at practice w Dad or around the pool w Darlene. She will nev- er forget the times spent w Sharon or the 85-86 basketball season. Best of luck to the Class of " 87 " . Oh Baixin " STEVEPi A. CARR FREhCH CLUB 2,3 (Sec); MOMOR SOCIETY 3,4; GOLF 4 Steve ' s ambition in life is to study medicine and become a surgeon. Mis favorites include the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Patriots, computers, and good friends like SF, ML, and JR. Mis pet peeves are peo- ple who think they are better than others and liars. Steve would like to thank his friends, his teachers, and especially his par- ents for all their love and support. " Good Luck to the Class of 87 ' MEIDI CARREIRO Heidi ' s ambition in life is to go to college and meet a nice guy (keepdreaming). She can mostly be found down the bay or going WILD with B.P., D.A., C.G., L.T., and F.S.. never forget the summer of " 86 " ( " Chu Chu " ) Mer pet peeves include C.B., W.D., and Amazon. Heidi ' s favorites include BUD, AC DC, fine guys, DAVID L. ROTH, Sn her sisters. ..This one s 4 U MOM, YOU RE THE BEST!!! GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF " 87 " . POLAR!On SEniORS HAROLD L. CHACE Harold plans to continue proving to the world that you can beat the odds and ac- complish anything you set your heart and mind to. He ' ll always remember 10 30 85 for coming home from the hospital, all the good times with Kelly, and the 4-wheeling, head banging, beer spilling ride with Dick. His pet peeves include Ma s mouth, R.B., and S.P. . His favorites include Hugent, U.H. and sexy women. Thanks to Marybeth, Mrs. White, Mrs. Zuber, my true friends, Ma, and Carol, for all your help, thanks again. mCOLE M. CHAUSSE FOCAS 1-4, TEMHIS 2-4, YRBK. " Good Mourning " . Hicole ' s pet peeve is human na- ture. " And now for something completely different " Hicole ' s ambition in life is to be- come a neuroscientist and to own a tropical island and a Jaguar. Important things: fam- ily, Dragon Seekers, Quitticus, music. Bran- dy. riicole will never forget " IT " and all her other friends that have come and stayed or gone: MC(2), SE, MU, TS(2), JR, RF, KF. JOSEPH M. CHACE Joey ' s ambition in life is to be happy and successfu l in whatever comes his way. His favorites include Debbie, money, pizza, and Debbie ' s mom ' s cooking. He can usually be found with Debbie or partying with Mike and the usual crew. His pet peeves include cold showers, being broke, and Ma s teeth. Joe would like to give many thanks to Debbie and his family for always being there. Told you I ' d make it! Love Ya Deb JILLL K. CHOQUETTE Jill ' s goal is to be a good a wife mother as she can be, be successful at work and be happy. FAV ' s: H. F., sundaes, holidays, and Heart. Favorite dates: 10 81, 10 26 85, and 11 12 86. Times are spent at home with Kev, at Reanne ' s, or at Qrannys. Most mem- orable times in 85-86: Heart concert, first Thanksgiving with Kev, and our honey- moon. Thanks Mom for everything. I love you. Thanks Granny, Ginny, Stan, Kyle, and Jess. I love you. I love you little one! I ' ll love you always, Kevin!!! ELI A. CHARROH, JR. Eli ' s ambition in life is to be a successful diesel mechanic. His favorites are Mr. Paul- son, and Mrs. Cousin ' s English class with Abby A. His pet peeves are being stupid enough to smash up your nice car, getting suspended for telling a teacher the way it is, and certain dumb, stupid football jocks. Eli wishes to commend Mr. Paulson, Mrs. Cous- ins, Mr. Couture, and Mr. Furtado on a Job well done. See ya later. Class of 1987 DEMISE R. CHRISTEM SOFTBALL 1-4 FIELD HOCKEY 2-4 HOHOR SOCIETY 3,4 " Decisions are easy; living with the choice is the hard part. " Denise ' s ambi- tion is to become a successful C.P.A. She can most likely be found with Don, her friends, or playing softball. Things she will always rem ember are softball at A.H.S., Holland, the Dartmouth Gang, 9 21 86, the barn, friends, the B.S.B., and Coach Looney. The people she most admires are her par- ents and Joan Allison. Thanks for the love and support. Luv ya Mom Dad. Thanks Jen. " PSYCHE " POLARIOn SENIORS MOST DEPEriDABLE Brian Souza Maria Vardis MELIPiDA CLARK ' Mindy ' s ambition is to be successful and f someday to get married. Her likes are party- ing and drinking where you ' re not supposed i to. bars. Policeman ' s Balls, beaches, and Biology. Her dislikes are long days that never end and fighting with people (Except L.J.B.) Dates to remember: Eeb. 7th, Oct. 7- 10, 86. Summer of 86, meeting EDDIE Jan. 31, 1986. I Love You Eddie! Lisa " You know [ it! " (Remember!) WORST DRIVER Gina DePippo Marc Boulay . •- ' (a DAniEL CLERC Dan s ambition in life is to have a good time. Dan would most likely be found with one of the elite members of the club. Hank, Bus- man, Rambo, Euzzbuster, Teeboski, Ha- deau-Badoni and Reesum. Dan will always remember Whoa! Whoa!, wet rides in the " Z s and all the great times spent with hump in 86 and not counting out the great advice from Bus-man, camping with Bus-man, Bocker-Rocker and Madeau-Ba- doni. Dan will never forget the wonderful evening spent in Omniville with Len. Thanks Mom and Dad, Get the Job Done! POLARIOn SEhlORS I t MARGIE COQGESHALL MAJORETTE 1, 2,3,4 (CO-CAPTAIh) " We each create what we are. " Margie plans to go on to college amd lead a normal, happy I life. Her favorites include twirling, going out with friends, the wild and crazy summer of , ' 85 down the shores, JS, LS, QD, PQ, KR, I SS(2), Sti, MS, TM, PE, CC and Mrs. P. She ' ll i remember most 7th Study. She ' d like to thank her parents for all the love and sup- port they have given her throughout her high school years. Thanks for the memories! MARC COUTURE Marc will soon be working for a degree in electrical engineering with music as his ever present hobby. Favorite bands include: Rush, Yes, The Police, U2, and CARBOn 14. Favorite people include family, John 8r Glen from the band, friends not mentioned, and Chris. Favorite things include Monty Python, PPQ ' s, The Lemonade Gang, and flawless jam sesions. Pet peeves include O.J. ' s Jokes, Cynde ' s sneezing, Jamie ' s laugh, and E.l. all around. STAGEBAhD FIOhOR SO- CIETY SHERRI COSTA Sherri plans to further her education.. She hopes to be successful in the field of travel and tourism, tier favorites include: Jetskiing, snowskiing, Lamboughini ' s, tiorseneck, FLA, Alhambra ' s, and partying with friends. She is most likely to be found working at J J ' s or out shopping. Pet peeves are slow drivers, rainy days, 5:30 AM and snobs. Sherri is grateful to her mom and dad for their support and understanding through- out her high school years. She also would like to wish the class of 87 the best of luck. MARY E. CRAHE " OVERUnDERSIDEWAYSDOWn " Mary ' s ambition in life is to someday die. She likes 60 s (psychedelia), Monty Python (Mr. Keith Maniac), Dr. WHO, 8r James Patrick Page. She dislikes school spirit, college, cheerleaders, " that ' s too funny and fash- ion. Fun times with DS, D A -)- l-F MT, HC, TS, LB, AU, MB -t- C. " You don ' t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows " , " With a Melon?!? " , " Forget about today until tomorrow " , " Life. ..don ' t talk to me about life. " DAHIELLE COSTA Danielle enjoys sleeping, eating and shop- ping. She dislikes goodbyes. She spends most of her time with A.G., P.H., M.H., D.M., J.M., and D.M. Unforgettable times are the wine bottle and thriller, the weekend at Dawn ' s with the soup ladel, Saturday nite supper at my house, cranberry Juice, whoa Paula and time spent with Alan- 1 MISS YOU! Danielle most admires her family, seven special people. Uncle Bobby, Aunt Lynne, and Uncle Mike. Don ' t forget our mansion DB. I LOVE YOU MOM AHD DAD, Thanks for everything! JOHH C. COX John ' s future ambitions include a world tour with Sting, breaking away in the Tour de France and a BB-Q a t David Letterman ' s. His fav ' s include the Big A, Sonor, Paiste, Rush, fireworks amd of course the conspiracy of CARBOH 14. His annoyances are and al- ways will be people who smoke, drink and take drugs, brown grapes, driving, broken sticks, cats and telephones. " Rhythm is the stuff of life and it pervades every element of our existence. " BAHD 1-4 STAGE BAND 1-4 CHUTES AhD LADDERS 2,3,4 (PRES) POLARIOn SEHIORS SCOTT CUriHA The class of 1987 would like to wish Scott the best of luck for the future. MICHAEL QLEPi DAVIS " Know the conflict within before facing the conflict without. Mike would like to thank his parents, J.Q., M.M., S.M., J.S., M.L., D.L., R.F., O.P., B.W., and D.Q. for making his four years in high school enjoyable and more memorable. His most memorable moments are a record 32 " O.K. ' s by DF, Mr. Furtado, and Typing class with Jim and Mrs. Casey. Bruce, the Dark Knight will never be forgot- ten. Preta-na-ma. " Observe everything, re- member even more. " HHS 4, H.C. 3,4. AAROn CUHHiriQHAM Aaron can most likely be found with his axe, Gary C, Don 0, Todd A, or John R. Most memorable experiences are with Q.E. and the green monsters, and Hew Haven with Don G was a trip. Aaron s objective is to go on to Berklee. Pet Peeves are RT., 6:00 am, nobody out at Prezy, and last but definitely not least, Mr. Powers. Special Thanx to Mom and Dad. I love you both very much. To the Class of ' 87, always remember " The evil that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred in their bones. Stage Band 3, Base- ball 3. TAMMY DAWSOH " How high I aim, how much I see, how far I reach, depends on me. Tammy aims to give life all she s got. She s happiest when with family and friends (J.B. K.G. L.B. R.A. T.T. n.B.) Tammy will always remember the " Sweat Hogs " , Summer of 85, skiing w K, and movies w J. She most admires her par- ents, and would like to thank Jimmy and Blondie for all their advice. W S track 1-4, X- country 1-4. POLARIOn SEHIOR DEniSE M. DALEY Denise ' s ambition is to go on to college and become succesful in the business field. Her most memorable moments are study with B.E., C.G., L.G., Algebra II class with M.M. and especially 5-24-85. Her favorites include Mr. Freitas, long weekends, Boston, Mew- port, Bon Jovi, and U2. " Party Girl " . Some of her pet peeves are Mondays, tests, changing for g ym, and cars that stall at stop signs. Best of luck 87 You ' re welcome, K.B. Bas- ketball 1, Track 3. WILLIAM DAWSOri Bill s ambition in life is to own his own busi- ness and become rich. His favorites include pizza, Chinese food, the beach, nice girls, and cruising in his Z. Bill most admires his parents for always being there. His pet peeves include stuck-up girls getting up early. He wishes the Class of 1987 the best of luck. 1 DUAPiE DEMELLO The Class of 1987 would like to wish Duane the best of luck for the future. QiriA A. DEPIPPO " The most important thing is this: to be able to risk what you are for what you might be- come. " Qina hopes to acquire the strength wisdom to make her dreams come true. She ' d like to thank her family friends for their tolerance throughout the years, es- pecially Kathy whose honesty under- standing have been more than proof of a best friend. " Just carry that truth into the night there ' ll be no darkness, only light. " GARY DEMORAHVILLE Gary ' s ambition in life is to win Megabucks spend it all in one day. He enjoys drinking with his friends fit spending time with Tammy. He would like to thank his parents, Mrs. Zuber, Mr. C. Mr. D. JASOn EDWARD DESSERT -J- ' s ambition in life is to be a Hew York bag lady, play his guitar, and have a blast. His fav ' s are Kahana shotgunnin , smashface, Jammin ' , Bob Dylan, Boogies and his guitar. His pet peeve is pet peeves. -J- will never forget his friends Rick, Bobster, Erin Dave, J.R.Q., Cherry, Heidi, Skuff and Wendee. Also 4th of July weekend, the 14th, sum- mers ' 85 ' 86 and the best of times spent with Kahlan and The Bruise Bros. " I am what I am and that ' s all what I am. " MATTHEW DEPIH Matt ' s Ambition in life is to become one of the finest chefs. He will be attending college in the fall. His major will be Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. His pet peeves are homework and English classes. He would like to thank all the teachers that had to deal with him. And, he would like to thank his parents who made him do his homework. BILLY JEAn E. DOOLEY Do not walk in front of me because I will not follow. Do not walk behind me because I will not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend. B.J. can be found working, getting in trouble w Rita, Robin, Jace, or just going. Her fav ' s are the beach, talking, roses, being w people she loves. She will never forget LRT trips, getting friendly at Friendly ' s, pp parties, times w Kim. She will always remember all the love and support she has received from her family. I love u Mom Dad. POLARIOn SEHIOR QUIETEST Scott White Lori Gilbert DOnALD DUARTE " Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat! ' Don plans to go on to college and someday own his own business. Don ' s fa- vorites include pretty girls, Meineken, sports and fast cars. Don will never forget his friends at A.H.S., partying with the classes of 86 87, and of course, all the coaches of A.H.S. Pet peeves include: LW ' s, losing, and a boring night. Don wishes to thank his mother for all her courage and love. ' 87 gets it done! Eootball 1,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Win- ter Track 3. MOST TALKATIVE Pam Gauthier Erik Petty WEMDEE LEE DUBE Gwen ' s fav ' s are Grover, hugs, smiles. Jour- ney, dreams, M M ' s, DJ yuckies ' . Mey Deh, miss me? Mee, SMT! Eric, BooBoo made it! I luv ya J. Pet Peeves are Linda Mae, peas, RT Bob Dillian, ats 4 u J. Hi RA, TL, MC! Wen won ' t ever 4get Prom of 86, July 4 at RB ' s, Summer of 86 w DJ. Hi Duck! Keep smiling wee gee! Thanx Mom Dad, I love you ! " Realize your fantasy, you live the dream with every step you take. " Don ' t Stop Believin! Class of 87, KOSI! POLARlOh SEHIOR mcoLE LYnri DURArio Micole ' s ambition in life is to go to school and become a social worker with Mark. Some of her favorites include Mark, sleeping late. Coke, the Mafia, and pizza. Her pet peeves are St. Louis, red baskets, seafood, and " the Gorman Way " . Her most memora- ble moments include Maine ' 84- ' 85 with Ka- ren, the Wednesday night, and times spent with Mark. BREriDEM EQAn Brendan ' s ambitions are to attend U Mass Amherst to become a fishery biologist. He most remembers Chem. class junior year with Sean John, and Physics class with Jon, Jill, Laurie. Favorites include Pink Floyd, The Xntrix, fishing running. " Duty now for the future! " Cross Country 4, Winter Track 4, Spring Track 4. DALE R. DUVAL The Class of 1987 would like to wish Dale the best of luck for the future. BRIDGET EQAn Bridget ' s ambitions are to attend college go on to teach children. She is her happiest w Paul her best friend, Chris. Favorites include Crescent Beach, Randolph friends, the fall, vacations, ice cream! Pet peeves are heavy metal, loud people and red bas- kets, (right, Hicole?) Most memorable mo- ments are second study junior year w D.D., R.R., R.S., Algebra II w M.M. She would most like to thank her mother for " Keeping Me! " " Are we all HAPPY CAMPERS? " ERIC RICHARD EARLE Pet Peeve: Getting to school on time. Life ' s ambition: To be filthy rich. Favorite Times: B.K., St. John s, J.C.K., the Z, Gettin ' the job done, driving with Bulay, Gettin ' juiced, de- sentdos, going to Newport, pumpkining, Boston, Drunken water skiing, skippin ' school, the beach. Never Forget: the point, 7 4 86, R.H., M.B., D.M., M.A., L.P., M.F., R.B., Boo Boo, " hitting Gina ' s car " , 6th study, no return from Wachusett, the port-a- john caper. Eric would like to thank his par- ents for putting up with him, and to wish the Class of ' 87 the best of luck. " Can t wait for the reunion. " PAUL EnOSTROM Paul ' s ambition in life is to major in finance 6f work on Wall Street. His favorites include going out with his friends and spending time with Bridget. Paul will never forget 4 18 86, times over Ray ' s house, the 10 o ' clock drill with Mitch and never ending bottles with Millzy. Engy ' s pet peeves are Lorenzo ' s, sui- cides and rhyme schemes. Paul would like to thank his mother and father for everything. POLARION SENIOR susAn j. ERiCKSori Sue will always remember the good ti mes she had at Apponequet w CGMVnCMCMJJQRrRRJR etc.-esp. FREPtCH IVl She thanks her teachers for their time and guidance. Sue thanks Mom Dad for everything. Love you! Mer family, grand- mother and Jill are special people in her life. She plans to enter a liberal arts college. She loves music, sunny days, cool breezes, for- ests, animals, riESDC and her teddy. Best wishes for the class of 19871 MHS 3 4, French Club 2-4, FOCAS 1,2 (Sec), 3 4 (Pres) Yrbk, Stimulus 2. AriDY FERhAriDES Andy s future ambition is to be successful in whatever he does. He can most often be found partying at D.F. D.M. ' s apartment and at the pit. Andy’s most memorable mo- ment was introducing his car to the guard- rail. Mis favorites include blondes, bud, and Friday nights. Andy most admires his grand- parents and Q.P. Life ' s too short for pet peeves. Andy wishes the Class of 87 the best of luck. Live long and prosper. RICHARD W. FABRICK " Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they ' re yours. " Rick ' s ambition in life is to be successful in the field of science. He ' ll always remember K.R. ' s Faire with the DRAGOM SEEKERS, Quiticus, MM, MD, DD, KD, MJ, KM, times with Hicole C, Sue E, Mary C, Sue M, the Stage Crew, Chem. with Mr. Coite, HY with the D.C. Rick ' s favorites include full moons, windy nights. Journey, and the White Witch. Tlo, no, you ' re wrong! " Drama Club 1, 2,3,4 (Tres. 3,4), Yearbook Staff. BRIAPi FERREIRA Brian ' s ambition in life is to be successful in whatever he does. Me would like to thank Mr. Leonard, Mrs. Zuber, Mr. Haskins and his parents. Mis most memorable date is 1 5 86. Me will most likely be found with Jen. His favorites are french fries. Led Zep- pelin, Aerosmith. His pet peeves are, skips, the main office, people who brag and mopars. KRISTY LYnri FARIA Kristy ' s ambition in life is to become rich. She can usually be found w Racey, B.M.B.B. L.A. fit S.B. She ' ll always remember all the good times in Fairhaven (M.J.D.P.) Summer of " 86 " . Joe beating on D.Q. Good friends like Chrissie, S.F. K.V. S.R. S.M. Mer fav. in- clude vettes, AC DC, Zepplin, Springsteen, skiing. Her pet peeves: warnings, H.S, Gym, H.H. Thanks Mom Dad for everything. I love ya! Hey Tracey, wanna take the AVE? Hooter. Tm on a highway way to hell. " Lat- er Dudes! " OOQA " STACY IREME FERRIS Stacy ' s ambition in life is to be a successful hairdresser and to be happy. Mer favorites include her brother Tom, 6th study in her Jr. year, and of course Duane. She will always remember the good times with TF, RB, KB, KU, KF, TS, MV, DD, and being with Duane, the Prom of ' 85. 4 23 85 5 24 85 10 3 86. Stacy ' s pet peeves are the goat, MD. DB. MB. JL. I love you Mom, Dad, and Tom. POLARIOH SEHIOR I SCOTT T. FLAriAGAH Unless Chem II proves too difficult, Scott plans to pursue a career in pharmacy. In the meantime, he enjoys listening to HELIX, BLACK Ti BLUE, and ICOn (thanks " Rik ' ); playing DfifD; and drinking coffee milk. Oth- er interests are fast cars, slow dances, and women somewhere in between. Life-long ambitions are to own a 944 and to be a test driver for Road Track. Thanks Mom Dad, ES, ML, JR, SC et al. (and the Warden) for your help and support. HHS 3 6r 4, French Club 1-4, newspaper. JAmCE AMPi FRAZIER The Class of 1987 would like to wish Janice the best of luck for the future. MICHAEL FORTH Mike ' s ambition is to pursue a career in ar- chitecture and to be successful in whatever he does. Most memorable moments are Sat. nights over D.C., having a " Mcgood " time, pink bikinies over A.Q., Fri. nights with the greenmonsters, field trips with Ms. Pete., breakfast, Horseneck beach with the Class of 86, and Soph, year with Amy C. Pet Peeves are Mondays, stolen Cars " and loy- alty. Thanks to Mom Dad and Q P for all their support. Special thanks to the Class of " 87 " . Swim Team 3-4, Ice Hockey 1-4. JOSEPH THOMAS FREIDAY Basketball 1-2, Football 3-4, Track 3-4. Joe can usually be found with Dave, Kyle, or Jeff . Joe ' s ambition in life is to be as rich as possible and to retire early. Joe most ad- mires his parents. After high school he plans to attend college and major in busi- ness management. Among Joe ' s favorites are McDonald ' s chow, hydrosliding, skiing, and Mustangs. Joe wishes the Class of 87 success and happiness. PAULA M. FRATES Paula ' s ambition in life is to pursue a career in business and win " Megabucks " . Her fa- vorites include Trans-ams, Hew Hampshire, bon-Jovi, M M ' s, Cal. Coolers and especial- ly DAVE!! Her most memorable dates are 4- 28-84, 8-10-84, 5-1-86, 2-28-86, the gas sta- tion w D.C, L.P and D.C, " WHOA " , watch out for the cranberry juice. Pin St. with L.M and D. C, prospect and all the fun with the Taunton Gang. She can most likely be found with Danielle, Lis, Dean and David! Best of luck to the Class of " 87 ' . MELISSA FREIDAY Winter 8f Spring Track 1-4, Drama 3, 4. Missy is happiest when just being herself with close friends. In the future she hopes to be successful pursuing some sort of a career. Mis enjoys those weekends with Steve, trips and holidays spent with family and meeting new people. Mis will always remember UMASS, getting lost, secrets with Sue, F.R. with T.R. and the car (Love ya Joe). Thanks Big Bro! Mom Dad, I love you, you ' ve done more for me than you ' ll ever know. POLARIOH SEHIOR MOST LIBERAL hicole Chausse Mike Rodrigues DAVID QAJEWSKl Dave ' s ambition in life is to be happy and successful at whatever he does. Some of his favorites include A.T.C. ' s, bikes, Deuces, Model T ' s and A s. The groups he thinks are decent are Crosby, Stills, hash and Young, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, ZZ-ToP, Rush and Pink Floyd, fie will never forget MR. D and MR. C. He remembers D.S., R.B., S.D., A.F., T.R. and who could ever forget Hate and Smitty. Remember you ' re entering the adult world, beware of the B.S. MOST COHSERVATIVE Steven Carr Martha Hanson ALISOn MAY QARBITT Gloria can usually be found w DD, DC, PH, DR, DM. Al ' s ambition in life is to become very very rich drive a very fast car. Favs: MOHEY, M.V., SHOPPIHQ, VISA MASTER CARD. Pet peeves: bounced checks, 3 month summers snobs. Alison would like to thank her family friends for all their help support. " So don ' t be afraid to let them show . . . your true colors . . . " POLARIOH SEHIOR JEnniFER QAROFALO I Jen ' s future ambition is to be happy and I work with the young in rehabilitation. Some of Jen ' s best times have been spent with ' 1 Wendy, Julie, Laura, Linda, Karen, St Bon- nie. Some of her favorites are SEAM, being with her friends, ice cream. Heart, beach- 1 es. Her most memorable moment was I 1 26 85. Her pet peeves are people who . think they are better than others, and peo- j; pie who are always late. Jen most admires St j respects her parents. Best of luck class of ;■ 87! Enjoy life!! PAMELA C. GAUTHIER Thanks to all who have put up w me, espe- cially Mom, Dad St Ken, Thanks Shell, Mrs. I " P " St majorettes (I wouldn ' t have made it w o U!) I will never have a better bunch of |- friends in my life again. Special memories . include: " girltalks " , 7th study, Elisa 1985- I 86, Remember MY city Qina?, oops I mean I PUDDLES!, the mystery underwear at prac- j tice. A blurb is nothing to the memories I ' ll I treasure! GOOD LUCK BUDDY!! Majorettes I l-4(cocapt 1, flagtwirl inst 4). KAREH D. QAUDETTE " The thrill is not just in winning, but in the courage to join the race. " Some of Karen ' s favorites include softball, ice-cream, " the Rebel " , summers, her family and close friends (Tam, Rhonda, MB, TT, Kel, Kaz, PL, JD)(THAMKS T St Rl). She most admires her grandmothers. She will always remember being state champs, skiing w T, " Binking " , softball camp and " sledding " . Thanks Mom St Dad for always being there. Softball 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, Track 1,2,4. LORI BETH GILBERT Lori ' s ambition in life is to work with chil- dren after she finishes college. She most admires her mother for all the love and sup- port she ' s given her. Her favorites include ice-cream, shopping, long walks, traveling, and being with family and friends. Her pet peeves are rainy days and being late. She ' ll always remember the friends she made at Apponequet and wishes everyone there the best of luck. " Happiness isn ' t something you experience, it ' s something you remember. " POLARIOM SEMIOR CYHDE GAUTHIER Cynde ' s ambitions are to be happy, success- ful, own a red Fiero and live in San Diego. Cynde will always remember the good times w D.C. K.B. M.D. D.D. S.E. St M.T. Cynde most enjoys spending time in Swansea w K St would like to thank T R for their love and generosity. Cynde thanks her parents for all the love and support they ' ve given her over the years— I love you Mom St Dad! " I am part of all that I have met " -Tennyson. Swimming 2-4 (or was I?), Pep Club 2, French 3 4, MHS 3 8f 4. JOHM A. GOODFELLOW John plans a career in corperate law, but for now enjoys athletics, Friday St Saturday nights ■ playing the guitar. Much thanks to Mom St Dad, MT, AT, MC, JM, JS, BS and the French IV class. Pet peeves are MM, RR, KM, EL, and extra-smart people. Football 1-4, Track 2-4, W. Track 4, Student Council 3-4, French Club 1-4. SUSAH JAHE GOULD Susan plans to go on to college and live a long prosperous life. Some of her favorites include Mr. J. History, Flintstones, Peter Cet- era, Air Supply, Z.Q., 5 6 86. Susan can usually be found with Liz, Kel, KM, Eddie, Jen L. Trudy. Her pet peeve is her sister Rose, " thanks Mom, I love ya! ' Sue would like to wish the class of 87 the best of luck. Farewell! DOriALD GREEPi Donny ' s ambition is to become a musician and be in a famous band. Mis favorites in- clude partying, Chinese food, palm trees and his drums. He can be found with Lynette or partying with Petey, and Aaron, Dustin, Shawn, Mike P.n.L. MADMAH Harold. He ' ll never forget ramboing with Mike, Andy and J.D. Going to Hew Haven with Aaron and their little purple friends. Thank s to Mr Stark, Mr. " D and Mom Dad. Good Luck Class of " 87 ' . Peace. STACEY APiPi GOUVEIA " In dreams and in love there are no impossi- bilities. " Stacy ' s ambition is to live a happy and successful life. Some of her favorites are black raspberry ice cream, Chinese food, cool whip, and her little Omni! She ' ll always remember the fun times w C.C., R.W.fmy bro!), K.M. (member computers? Tramp!!), and especially times w Sue!(love Veg!) Stacy would like to wish all her friends the best! Hi wimp gared! Her pet peeves are getting up at 5:30 a.m., fake people, and Chemistry. STEPHANIE GROCOTT Remember yesterday... plan for tomorrow... cherish today... Steph plans on pursuing a career working with children. Her favorites include Prince, Dawn, CO, Kris, Lori and Paula. She likes dancin at the Car Palace, skiing, funk, hairs- pray, the phone, clothes, my little gold Su- baru, and especially her friends. She loves waking up eary in the pm and stayin ' out late till the am. To all my teachers - Thank you for guiding me through the Purple Rain. To Mom, Dad and Mel - Thanks and I love you! LAURIE BETH GRAMLICH Laurie can usually be found w DS, JP, MF. MB. DM. TM. DT KM. AHS has given " Gremlin ' some very special friends mem- ories. Cheering was great! Thanx to Mrs. D! Funny moments; DDA, 2:30 being, lost w KM ■ classes w DAWH. Lau ' s likes include: EJ, roses R S, AT, laughs w D. 12-13-85. for-real-smiles, JT, big hugs summer nites. Only 1 pet peeve: s ' ekid. (Ha! Dee!) Following AMS it ' s off to college. Much luck to the Class of 87! What can I say Mum Dad? I love you both! Cheering 2,3,4 (CO- Capt), Sr. Council, Mmrm Rep. Pep Club. PETER HAHCOCR The Class of 1987 would like to wish Peter the best of luck for the future. POLARIOH SEHIOR MARTHA HAHSOn " If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the mu- sic he hears, however measured or far away. " Marth ' s goal in life is to become a successful psychologist. She most values love, life, God and her individuality. Those who have marked her life are her family, Mrs. Mitchem and Fr. Moran. Martha will nev- er forget the fun times with the Gang, tier favorites inciude Middle Earth, her cats, food and Koosbanian fighting. ERICH B. iriQRAM Erich is looking towards attending college and then going into the law profession. Erich can usually be found with J.G., P.E., A.T., M.T., J.M., and M.C. Some of Erich ' s favorite things include cars, baseball cards, sports, and Kristen M. Important dates include 4 13 86, 9 20 86, and the summer of 86. Erich would like to thank his parents for all their support throughout high school. Erich would like to wish his friends and the rest of the Class of 87 good luck. AMI ALISHA HARTE " To have love is to give love. " Ami would like to thank her mom 4 everthing. " I Love You! " She will never 4get 2-5-86, Feb. vac., 6:55 Fri. nite, acct. class, the movies, the beach all the times w RITCHIE. Her pet peeves are two-faced people " car pay- ment time " . A few favs are the phone, BABY HUGO, the green monkey , the Daytona, fall nites Sf being w CH!E. Ami would like to make RITCHIE happy have a good life. The best to everyone. " I LOVE YOU CHIE! EHDLESSLY! " MOriA M. JHAVERI Mona would like to thank everyone at Ap- ponequet who has meant so much to her over the past four years. She ' ll never forget French IV with Mrs. Geisler (excuse me! Eh bien, traduisez) and her summer at Milton. To the Class of ' 87: Best of luck in their endeavors. Pep Club 1-2,4, French Club 1- 4(Pres. 3-4), FOCUS l-2(Treas. 2, V. Pres. 3,4, Stimulus 2,3(Sec. 3), newspaper Staff2- 4, Golf 3, Treas. of Class 4, Student Council 4, national Honor Society 3,4{Pres. 4), Year- book Staff 4, Band 4. JOHn DAVID HUTCHIHS " Ground control to Major Tom " . ..Jon ' s fu- ture plans are to attend college and lead a happy and prosperous life. He can be found with friends, cycling or listening to music. Simple pleasures include shopping in Bos- ton, Rodin, Europe, John Julian Lennon, Slade, Lou Reed, Ziggy Stardust, IHXS, M, Paisleys Generra... " I am floating in a most peculiar way the stars look very dif- ferent today " ... " Space is like the heaven- s " ... " IMAGIHE " ... Thanx Mom ■ Dad Luv Ya! " Strange days " ... " Hello Goodbye " DB JL ' s BILL JOHnSOn Bill ' s ambition in life is to find a nice girl, make money and live life to the fullest. Among Bill ' s favorites are Laurie, JCSPAMBSLMKMSM and Warg. Some of Bill ' s memories are the barell barn prom, 3 day vacation, B in B, and the horse. Some of Bill ' s pet peeves are Powers, 6 AM, periods 1-7 and homework. Bill would like to thank his parents for putting up with him for 17 years. POLARIOM SEHIOR MOST OPTIMISTIC Kristen Kuliga Dave Bochman SHAROn ALISHA JORGE After grad, Sharon would like to pursue a career in music. Some of her favorites in- clude music, truffles, cup-cakes, roses, bal- loons on B-days, and a certain bear named Ernie. Times to remember are 6-21-85, 12- 21-85, prison, finding driftwood, shopping for wardrobes, some proms, the hurricane. Jungle E., Joseph, MADD nights, the Wiz- ard of Oz ( " Are you a good witch or a bad witch? ' ) Special thanks to Mom for all of her understanding support. (More today than yesterday St less than tomorrow) The Best is yet to come! MOST CVrilCAL Jeff Thibeault Cynde Gauthier MICHELLE D. JUSSAUME Michelle ' s ambition in life is to become a successful computer programmer. She plans to attend S.M.U. in the fall. Her pet peeves include the arm forces and prom- ises. She is most likely to be found with J.C., B.E., the Shaws Gang, and of course Hathy (Flytrap). Live each day like it was your last day on earth. " Michelle will never forget 8 31 86 or Rich. " I admire my parents most in life and thank them for all their love and support. Psyched! " POLARIOH SEMIOR TIMOTHY R. Kino Tim ' s ambition in life is to trade in his 77 Monte. He enjoys Spring Break, Little Willy ' s, Unadilla, and his mother ' s MasterCard. Tim wishes he could remember July 3 4 of 86. His pet peeves are no money, getting up for school, not to mention school itself. People who knew him in high school thought he was in the wrong place. Tim can be found with JQ, DB, RC, DQ, MH, MC. Thanks to Mr. D. and Mr. C., and especially to Mom and Dad. MARK E. LAPOIMTE " Practical people would be a lot more prac- tical if they were Just a little more dreamy. " Mark plans to attend college and earn de- grees in English Lit. He will always remem- ber A.H.S. and his many friends. His favor- ites include long walks, talks, time with friends. His pet peeves are people who don ' t signal. Calculus tests wet grass. Mark thanks his parents, Mr. Mrs. R. J.R. French Club 2-4, Hat ! Honor Society 3-4, newspaper 3-4, Yearbook 4, Senior Coun- cil 4. . KRISTEH A. RULIQA " Life is not a having and a getting, but a being 6r a becoming. " Kristen aspires to fur- ther her education settle into a successful 6f satisfying career. Kris will always treasure the memories of summers at the Cape, run- ning w Sis, XC, track, cheering, classes, talks w buddies, Dana and all her special friends who made these memories possible. Much appreciation goes to her coaches, teachers, Mrs. D, Han. Kris most admires her family thanks them for everything. " Luv ya Mom Dad! " SHERRI AMPi LARSOH " Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently. " Sherri ' s ambition in life is to become the " richest " at whatever she does. The best times of her life are Fresh. 7th study, parties, times spent w Bob, his gang, and the rest of her great friends. Her favorites are walking the beach and " MUSTAhQS " . J.T. don ' t point, T.S. and the accident, A.H.M,S,E.A. at McD ' s play- ground. Her pet peeves are men w egos. She would like to thank her family for their support, I LOVE YOU, especially Mom Dad! 0 LEOH D. LAFOUHTAin The Class of 1987 would like to wish Leon the best of luck for the future. RYLE M. LAUZOH " CiC " . A.H.S. memories include the football and track fields 2,3,4. Partying with Romo, Sire, Harry 6f Twister . Classics are J.C.K., hitting cars, IHXS and Outfield with Lerch, Bud, wind surfing, Horseneck " 86 " , 5 14 84, Prom. " 86 " , C.C, and Class of " 87 " . Kyle also gives special tribute to his parents for their help and understanding over the years, and although A.H.S. has been no heaven we had fun " The Class of ' 87 " POLARIOn SEPilOR TIMOTHY BRIAH LEARY The Class of 1987 would like to wish Tim the best of luck for the future. LinOA M. LUCAS After M.S. Linda plans to attend college and receive a degree in computers. Some other favorites are junk food, John Cougar, good parties, hugs, snow, and the beach. Her pet peeves are busy signals, snobs, and liars. She will never forget good and bad times spent with Arthur, and hanging around with the Assonet Crew. Linda s most memorable dates are 3-10-85 and 3-22-85. She would like to thank her family for the love and support they have given her, and wish the Class of 87 ' good luck! SCOTT LEVESQUE Scott plans to succeed in the carpentry field with his father. Favorites include, girls, ski- ing, flirting. Rock Roll, partying with the class of 86 87, Pet peeves; 6 AM, snobs, dry spells, Friday nights without a party. Always remember 86 ' s senior ski trip. Bally class boy ' s room mistake soph more year. Me mostly admires his father, and would like to thank his parents for putting up with all his B.S. over the years. Me wishes the Class of 87 good luck in the future. EDWARD LOHQ Thanks gang for everything. When Eddie graduates he plans to go on to college and live a long and prosperous life. Mis most memorable moment was marching 15 miles in 104 degree weather in Basic. He d like to wish the Class of 87 the best of luck. " Be all that you can be! " DAVID A. LYPiCH " Always look for the best within yourself to achieve the goals in your life. " Dave ad- mires appreciates competitors, innova- tors Raiders fans!? Mis friends are: Scott, Sean, Craig, Guido, Ingy, Kris, KS. He en- joyed playing basketball 1,2, 3, 4 with the great CP. Mis pet peeves are fanatic com- plainers, the non-adventurous type, ridi- culers, also Mondays. Final note: " Mever be diverted from the truth by what you would like to believe. Good luck ' 87, enjoy life to the fullest, or it ' s really not living MICHAEL MACHADO " I received a message from my brother across the water, he sat there laughing as he wrote the end in sight, so I said good bye to all my friends and packed my hopes in- side a matchbox, ' cause I know it ' s time to fly. " Jimmy Page POLARIOn SEMIOR KAREFi LEIGH MACHEILL Karen ' s ambition is to go on to college and live a happy life w her son David. She will never forget all the good times w J.B., J.Q.,, B.J., L.M., S.M., W.M. fif D.S. Some of her favorites are: parties, Chinese food, Hampton Beach, Led Zep, Maine, spend- ing time w David. Her pet peeves are: rainy days, D.H., Dino, busy signals, people who think they ' re great. Her most memora- ble moments are 8 11 85 6f 5 29 86. Karen most admires her brother John. Thanx Mom and Dad for all of your love and support. WEMDY A. MARSHALL Wendy ' s ambition in life is to be happy and successful in everything she does. She en- joys being with her friends HM, JQ, JB, KM, LM, SM, BH, BS, especially Will. Her favor- ites include Sunny days, smiles, weekends, Italian Chinese food. She ' ll never forget all of Laura ' s parties, cooler, Mall, Park, your buttocks is brass, of course. Hew York. Her pet peeves are Rainy days, break- ing a nail, and late people. Wendy most ad- mires and respects her parents. Thanks for always being there. I love you. Mom and Dad. AHDY MAJURl Andy ' s ambitions include joining the mili- tary and going into the law enforcement field. Some of his favorites include hunting, fishing, RAMBOIHQ, barrel bargin with Sean, Bill, and Johnny C. Andy also likes Fridays and partying with Donny, Mike, and the rest of the Freetown boys. Special thanks to parents and friends. ' The only constant in change " JOHn MAHLEY Jack ' s ambition is to become succesful and live life to its fullest. Among his favorites are partying, hunting, Maine, and weekends. His pet peeves are Monday mornings, light weights, and people who think they ' re bad. Jack would like to thank his parents for their support. Best of Luck to the Class of ' 87. SHAUri MARTIH Shaun ' s ambition in life is to become a good carpenter and settle down and raise a fam- ily. His favorites include: partying, being a punk, sleeping, his family, his Araujo family, especially Karen, and the casual Appone- quet crew. His pet peeves are: nerds, school, Chevette power, and The Dean. The most memorable moments were: Sept. 23, Hg Heist, ' 84 fireworks, and summers in M.U. JEFF MASTERA Jeff ' s ambition in life is to someday be suc- cessful in owning his own business. He can usually be found partying in the pit or in pup ' s house. The people he most admires are Mr. C., Mr. D., and his parents. His most memorable experience was when he tried to show Cathy how to load a shotgun. Most of the time he can be found with AF, DH, EM, DP, BO, and AP. Jeff wishes The Class of ' 87 the best of luck. POLARIOH SEHIOR CLASS TREhDSETTERS Mary Ray Roughneen Kyle Lauzon KRISTA MAURO Sta s ambition is to become a C.P.A. Her fav ' s include getting in trouble with Pau- la, unicorns, roses, stuffed animals, sunsets- ,big fluffy sweatersffor the gang at IH),and friends from " 88 She will always remem- ber the summer of ' 85 ' ,8 16 86, meeting Deanna, talking about everything with SQ,JM, BB,and talking about SW in per. 1,3, 5 with Pam. She most admires her parents for their patience and love. She would like to wish the Class of ' 87 ' the best. There ' s no place like home. ' MOST ARTISTIC Mary Crane Sean McCarthy LAURA MAXIM Laura s ambition is to attend business school and live life to its fullest. She most admires her family Tim. Laura ' s pet peeves include unshaven faces, busy sig- nals,KB,and snobs. Her favorites include the beach, wild parties, Chinese food, Dutch choc, almond ice cream, and Tim. Her most memorable times are the mall, the apple building,the park, 2 28 86. She will al- ways remember all the good times w JB,JQ,BH,BJ,LL,KM,WM, SM. Laura wishes happiness to the Class of 1987. POLARIOn SEMIOR DAriA M. MEDEIROS Dana ' s ambition is to attend college where she will major in business. Dana will always cherish her special friends and the close- ness they all shared. Some of her favorites include Dawn.Cheeering, Mrs. D, Cape Cod w Kristen, snow, Phil Collins, Porsches, Chinese food with Dawn, C.M. stories and silly moods. Dana will never forget riYC, the summer of ' 85, the 8th grade, E-S, (the B.S. Crew) riPT, Florida with Dad Dawn, Jun- gle-J, " that night " , or driving lessons from Dawn. Dana would like to wish the Class of ' 87 the best of luck in their pursuit of happi- ness. Love ya Mom Dad! KERRY Am MELLEn Kerry ' s ambition in life is to go on to college live a happy and successful life. She is happiest when making Ray proud, w friends MBKKJSDMLQJBFTDBPBJTDCDT espe- cially Marc. She will always remember 3 29 85, Lau ' s sleepovers, Fri. w Paul, Frank, Jeff, the Cape w Michelle most of all time spent w Marc. She most admires her grand parents, the Clerc ' s, 6f her mother for being the way she is. Class Treas. 2-1-3, Student Council 2-4(Treas.), Track 2, Drama Club 1-1-2, Senior Council, Field Hockey 2-1-3. DARREH MEDEIROS The Class of 1987 would like to thank Dar- ren for his four years at Apponequet and to wish him the best of luck in the future. SEAM McCarthy Success is what you have in relation to what you want. Sean ' s favorites are Xntrix, Jello Biafra, neighborhoods, DLR, thought, draw- ing, music, smiling c laughing. Several hours or several years of waiting is all the same when you lose the vision of being eter- nal. " It ' s so hard to grow up when there ' s so much to live down. " Most memorable date: 2 29 86; " I ' d start a revolution, but I don ' t have the time. " Sean wishes to show his respect and appreciation for his parents who successfully dealt w all of the things he did AMD DIDh ' T do throughout the past years. Hey, Chris Meal!! XMTRIX 1,2,3,4 KIMBERLY A. MELAHSOH Thanks for everything TS, RD, LP, EL, RR, MW, MO, and MM. Special thanks to Kris Drewniak. Remember third study? R.R. re- member your crushed Doritos? Thanks to Ma and Dad for everything. Meh Guys! We finally made it!!! MICHAEL J. McBRIDE " People who know what they want in life are those who will succeed. " Mike ' s ambition in life is to be a high school teacher. Mis favor- ites include MTV, good friends (Peter D, Mike D, PJ O, Dave S, Rick F), ZZ-top, Power Sta- tion and the " Boss ' . His pet peeves are obe- sity, and Mondays. Mike will never forget 6- 12-86 (the party) and Dave L ' s moped manuvers vs the LPD. Mike most admires his parents for all their help and patience. " Ya gotta love it!! " POLARIOM SEMIOR JOCELYM M. MELLO Jocleyn ' s plans are to go to college and to pursue a carrer in international business. She also hopes to someday work for the government. Her favorites include spending time with her friends, dancing, Florida, Hem- ingway, and the Police. Most memorable moments were 10 21 84, 10 24 84, getting stranded in Swansea, and 7 7 85, 7 10 85. Special thanx to her family, BJ, Robin, Rita and Mrs. D. " Ho Comment " Field Hockey 2, Hat I Honor Society 3-4. TAPiYA R. MILLER " What I seem to touch these days turns to gold-What I seem to want -you know I II Find a way. ' Tanya ' s goal is to be successful in business. Thanks for being there Mindie! Best times were spent with Mike in the Ca- maro ( " The Bump " ) and Mindie. Date never to forget are 3-18-86, 11-28-85 and 2- 14-86. Besides Mike, Tanyua loves 14 K, shoes, Friday nights, and clothes. Luv ya Cuddle Buns! SHAROri MARIE MEFiirino Sharon ' s ambition is to be successful at whatever she does 8f remain happy. She most admires her parents Mrs. Denis. Her fav ' s include spending money, the beach, horses, hugs, choc., parties. Her pet peeves are people who thing they are better than others, busy signals, waiting, saying good-bye. Peen will never forget all the great times spent w ' The Gang " , B.F, T.L, L.S, L.M, B.H, M.M, W.M, K.M, B.J, S.P, B.W, P.J, " The Old Combo ' . Sharon wishes the Class of 87 " the best. DAVID Q. MILLS Dave ' s plans after graduation are to go to college and become a computer tech. Dave also plans to do photography. His pet peeves are gremlins and office det. His favor- ite groups are Pink Floyd, Rush and AC DC. Dave ' s most memorable things are being with his friends and going to rock concerts. See you later Gary, Paul and Ed. Thanks a lot Mom, Dad, and the whole family for al- ways being there when I needed you. JEFFREY S. MILLER Football 1-4 (capt), S. Track 1-4. Jeff ' s future plans are to attend college be happy successful w whatever he does. Memorable moments were beating Voke battles w Engy. Some favorite things include almost any kind of food, Pat Benatar, football sleeping late. Jeff ' s pet peeves are injuries, slow drivers, waking up for school, G-Boys, dishonesty 6f the Beast. Jeff would like to thank his coaches give a special thanks to his parents family. If it wasn ' t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. " Right Dad? GARY ALAFi MOhlZ The Class of 1987 would like to wish Gary the best of luck in the future. POLARIOH SEHIOR JOSEPH MORRIS III Mis plans for the future are to become a chiropractor, and marry Tracie Bertrand. His favorites include spending time w TM PR El SD, bowling, reading, school. He will always remember moments w TB, ' Tio I told you so jokes " , " Rumors " , 6 23 86, 7 27 86. This is a poem he wrote on 7 24 86. If only your warmth... If only your smile... If only your laugh... If only... If only your look... And understanding, and love... If only you knew... I love you Mom Dad, familly. RRISTIHE ELIZABETH HORTOri Kris plans on attending college and leading a happy life. Her dream is to travel to Paris and to go to Dublin to meet Larry and bono. Her favorites include singing, twirling, new wave, shopping I Boston, inxs, U2, Billy Joel, Simple Minds, Elton John, and JT. Kris can mostly be found w Stacy, B.S., S.J., M.R., T.T., and S.Q. Her pet peeves include people who hawk and BEAMS. Kris would like to thank her parents for all of their sup- port. " Watch the World Argue " " -7 24 86. Bye S-D-R-Q. ROBERT M. MURPHY III Rob s ambition in life is to be successful in whatever he does. Rob can be found party- ing with Party Marty, Q.S, S.P, D.M, P.M. Rob will always remember Hancock s Party, T, P.D.B s, 3rd period fire alarm, and the 4 sup- ply raids in the summer of 86. Somne of his favorites are AC DC, PDB s, 63 " S.G " s, and everything else. Some of his pet peeves are Dean Powers, French class, ambulances, the back seat of a police cruiser, community work, and Lakeville Police Force. RAYMOHD P. HADEAU Ray s ambition in life is to be successful and happy. Ray can mostly be found with his good friends Bussman, Frank, Len, Teboski, Reese, Clerkster, Gamma, and Bocka. Ma- deau baddonie will always remember the parites at the Hadeau s, wet ride in the Ree- semobile, J.C.K., sophmore baseball and the summer camping trips. Ray and friends from the Class of " 87 " would like to thank his parents for leaving on the weekends. " Pass me a cold frosty one. " JOSEPH C. nUTTALL Joe s future plans are to attend college for electrical engineering and to have a suc- cessful carrer. Me most admires his mother. Good times will always be remembered with M.C., A.T., M.T., J.G., and E.T. His favorites include Bryan Adams, Van Halen, The Cars, Mackysack, dirt-bike riding, HJY, (water and snow) skiing, and Patriots " games, national Honor Society 3, 4, Math Team 4. VALERIE O ' COHriELL " Almost Paradise. " Vai s ambitions are to be a math major and to lead a successful life. She will always remember the summber of " 86 with the guys, 1 29 84, her freshman year w Jimmy, her S J years w JefF, Pups house, the Pit, and of course her times w Kelly P! She d also like to thank Ray for standing by her through the rough times. Good luck Class of " 87! Love you Mom and Dad! POLARIOn SEMIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mona Jhaveri Jeff Rego BRIAPi OLIVEIRA Brian ' s ambition in life is to be rich and suc- cessful in whatever he does. Me also wishes to someday own a blue Z-28. Pet peeves are slow drivers, strict parents, Mr. Homen, Class, Cavemen, and Brown Qranadas. He wants to thank all his friends who helped him through high school, Eric P, Jeff M, Ray B, Tom M, Eric M, Cliff R and Mikki B, Martha and Amy C. Keep partying AMS. CLASS CLOWn Jim Babineau Rhonda Andrews PHILIP J. OLSTHOORH Pj ' s ambition is to go to college and have a successful career (as a cheO and to enjoy life. Me likes listening to David Lee Roth, playing tennis, watching the Edmonton Oil- ers, ri.Y. Mets, Celtics and traveling to Eu- rope. Me admires Boris Becker, Wayne Gretzky, and Larry Bird. He dislikes fish and geometry. POLARlOn SEMIOR DAniEL OUIMET Dan will never forget his unfair Apponequet. Though he disliked school, he had a great time with his friends. Dan also dislikes teachers and school administrators who abuse their powers and court systems. Dan ' s likes include music, jamming with Paul, and getting in trouble with Mildoe. Dan would like to wish his friends the best of lives and hopes life stays as easy as it used to be. ERIK PETTEY Erik ' s ambition in life is to be filthy rich. Erik is most likely to be found with Jim, Ray, Brian, Jeff, Tom and Eric, and partying with them in Pup ' s house. Erik ' s favorites are weekends, food, cars, Hendrix, girls and partying. His pet peeves are homework, mornings, empty beer cans, misers and snobby girls. Erik wants to thank his parents I for everything, and wishes the Class of ' 87 I the best. " Do you have any money I can borrow? ' Jim break your pencil so I can 1 take Mrs. Martin ' s test. " 1 RICH PACHECO Rich ' s ambition in life is to become success- ful in anything he does. He likes good music 6f good friends. His far-out groups are AC DC, Billy Squire, Bon Jovi Aerosmith. He can usually be found with Jayce, Dopey Bobster. Rich will never forget the 4th of July weekend or the Summer of 86 with the Bruise Bros. He most respects his mother father. He ' ll never forget his friends from Ap- ponequet. Good Luck! JAMIE LYnn PIASECKI Jamie ' s future plans include going to col- lege and becoming successful in ALW. Ja- mie will always remember the good times with special friends: LQ DH KK KB JB DS MB PB. Favorites include: EB, smiles, hugs, Qrampy, Michael, Boston, cheering in the rain, softball, laughing. Funniest times were 6th study, DDA, 2:30. Jamie highly respects her mom dad, I love you both! Hey Lau, " Eeexcuse me! " Good luck to the Class of ' 87. " Keep smilin ' ! " Cheering 2-4, Softball 1,3,4, Honor Society, Pep Club, Se- nior Council. POLARIOn SEHIOR JASOn M. PATEHAUDE J ' s ambiton in life is to meet a deadline or make the headlines of the Hat ' l Enquirer. His fav ' s include Hagel, Stoppard, D ' nA, -F Generra. His not quite fav ' s inc. Cow-G, socks, shaving, -I- CR. He ' d like to thank Mrs. G, Mr. D, Mrs. W, MTV, JS, KB, -I- esp. B + F. I ' ll never meet two kinder people or two softer touches. He admires his parents for their support. MATT buy some shoes! J would like to wish all his friends luck in the future and those who aren ' t friends slow, painful death. (Just kidding) " What say we never do this again? " KELLY J. PIHA After graduation Kelly plans to attend col- lege studying fashion merchandizing. She will never forget her 4 years at AHS w spe- cial friends MK, DS, KS, CM, ED, and espe- cially Rhonda (thanks). Kelly can usually be found hangin ' w Rhonda, Sherry Mi- chelle. She most remembers 10 21 84, leaving skiing up to the gente brancs, and jammin ' at the CP. Thanks MOM for being a best friend! Thonda, 27, 27, oh oh oh 27. To the CP crew " Same way you did MF " . LISA M. PITTA Lee ' s fav ' s include Bowie, Duran Duran Arcadia (esp. Mick), Madonna, 007 cats. Best moments spent with best buddie Mark. She loves listening playing music esp. her drums. Best times spent with MO, TS, KM, RR, MW, MC, MM, KM.... Fav. words said- ; " Quite " , " Fine " , ' so muffuna! " " But Mark? " Lee plans to go to SMU for business music. Drama I, Music I, Stimulis I. JEFFREY M. REQO " You wanna save humanity But it ' s people that you just can t stand ' (John Lennon). Jeff plans to pursue a career in broadcast- ing, marine biology, or maybe a combina- tion of them. Mis favorites include comic books, D D, Monty Python, the Beatles, and the Who. Me ' ll never forget the trip to Spain, the Prom, or the other great times he ' s had at Apponequet. Jeff thanks his par- ents, teachers, and friends for all their help and support. Drama 1, newspaper 3 4, MMS 3 4 (Sec. 4), Yearbook 4, Math Team 4, Senior Council 4. BREriDA POTHIER Brenda ' s ambition in life is to meet a nice guy and have a family of her own. Brenda will most likely be found partying down the Bay w M.C., D.A., C.Q., etc. or out w F.S., and L.T. never forget the Summer of 86 ' (chu, chu), or double dates w F.S. and B.K. Brenda s pet peeves include people that think they ' re betteer than others, and school! Mer favorites include BUD, Coke, fine guys, partying, and going WILD! Good luck to the Class of 87 and I love you Mom, Dad, and Bro. KEEP PARTYinQ! SCOTT RICHARDS Someday Scott hopes to become an athletic trainer. Me can most likely be found getting into trouble with Eric or " BL " . Great mo- ments at App. include driving through the field and 7 26 84. Scott would like to thank Mom Warner for all her loving support (I love ya). Mis favorites are the eqais and BL on fri night. Pet peeve is worring about wasted time. FMA brother. I ' m out of here. " Mey Eric 1 can ' t find the door! Mi Angel. I love you Mom and Dad! Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4. LEOHARD E. PROC Len plans to go to college and become rich. Me can most likely be seen w his girlfriend Kris or Frank, Dan, Paul, Jeff, Rich, Reese, and Ray. Len will always remember the wet rides in the Z28 ' s, Portuguese wine at Avilas, Madiau parties, J.C.K, omniville w Dan, get the job done, and especially cherish the times spent together with Kris. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kara for your love. " What will they do when I ' m gone " What are you looking at? Football 1-2. DIAHA ROBBIHS Diana ' s future ambition is to make a lot of money, travel around to see whats going on in other parts of the world. She likes: C.B., playing quarters, weekends, bonfires, her car, a special someone, 8f most of all she loves her mom dad. She dislikes: Monday mornings, rainy days, people who think they ' re better than others, boring days, working, being broke being told what to do. She can most likely be found in Wareham partying with M.R., C.R., R.R., J.B. R.B. Love them weekends. POLARIOn SEMIOR i LORI ROBERTS I Lori ' s future is undecided. Her favorites in- i elude driving fast, guys, sleeping late, cruis- ing, Pleasant and Water street with June, buying clothes, dancing at C.P., and of ‘ course hugs 6t kisses. Her most memorable j dates include 1 11 85, 8 29 86, and all the ! crazy times spent with JB, SB, TOMMY, SH, i PK, PO, JA, SQ, AO, JD. Her pet peeves are I rumors, curfews, and doing homework, i Some of her favorite groups include ZZ Top, I Van Halen, and Run D.M.C. A special thanks ! to her sister and parents for all their love j and support. Good luck to the Class of " 87 I Dry up! I KARA ROSEMBERQER I " To dream a person you would like to be is to waste the person you are. " Kara ' s ambi- tion is to go to school and become a fashion merchandiser. Her favorites are fast cars, going out w the girls,, smiles, hugs, walking on the beach friends. Her most memora- 1 ble times are 1 1 86, 8 28 86, 7 4 86, 10 4 86, and the Cape. She will most likely be found w AC, MC, BA, JS, KS D.M. She would like to give special thanks to Mom, Dad and David for all their love support. Good luck Class of ' 87 " i MICHAEL J. RODRIQUES Mike will be going on to college to study something. Mike has had great times with Brad, Dawn, Kris, Shelly, John Labs w Mark B. " Remember the good times and learn from the bad " . Sarah, what can I say? I love you! Thanks. Mike would also like to thank his parents for putting up with him. Oh, by the way, I hate cheerleading. Swim- ming 1-4 (Capt.), Band 1-4, Shoots 6f Lad- ders Team, Coach 2-4, Stage Band 1-4. MARY CATHERIHE ROUGHHEEn Mary Kay plans to become an interior de- signer have her own business. Wherever she goes, she can be found laughing hav- ing fun. Her pet peeves are insincere people, SAT ' s people who don ' t smile. MK loves drawing, playing sports, muscles bein g phy. fit. Special thanks to her brother John for his advice support, also her parents for their love guidance. Best wishes to the Class of ' 87. ' I must say " " And all that stuff " God bless! POLARIOH SEMIOR MARK ROGERS Hollywood can be found hanging with Rich Master, Dopy, Jay, Buba, Dicky, Brian and Paul. He will never forget the night at Daves Beach with Jay, Dicky, Kathy, Gina, Dopy, Aron, April, and the Lone Ranger. Also the summer of ' 86, Rich ' s house unidilla, Pam D.S. Rub-A-Dub, Fillman ' s ball, the Comaro, Shannon Wonder Bowl, Bob ' s camper, and Borges Bros. His favorite foods are H.P., Chi- nese food, and strawberries. He will always love Pam. RITA RUBini To my parents, bros, Robin, BS, BJ MK: never comply totally with conformity for those who established it aren ' t infallible. A generation without name ripped and torn nothing to lose nothing to gain nothing at all and if you can ' t help yourself well take a look around you you say it ' s time to go it ' s your time angry words won ' t stop the fight two wrongs won ' t make it right a new heart is what we need-oh God make it bleed is there nothing left--yes U-2. Thanks SSD. Love Rita. Bye Guys! (HO!) MOST EASY GOlhQ Mark Bernardo Jen Qarofolo ROriALD RICHARD RUSHTOH Thanks to Mom Dad. Hey K.M. M.W. C.M. L. P. R.R. R.D. P.F. E.L. When ' S your next par- ty? ' no problem I ' ll take care of it! " Alright everyone " Go Away! " Remember 9 31 86 Sf pictures of M.W. Dynasty ' . Ron likes cycling, archery, swimming, chocolate Duran Duran. " Be serious ' . Also Hi to M.H T.J. K.T. M. O. T.S. Stimulus 1-4 (V.P. 2, Pres. 3), Dra- ma Club 4. MOST DRAMATIC John Cox Sharon Jorge SETH RYLAHDS Seth ' s ambition in life is to be happy and to have a well paying job. He can mostly be found with Glen Phil, Rob Sf Darren. He ' ll always remember the times with A.B., R.B., K.F., also 1st study with D.D. Sf J.S. Seth ' s fav ' s are the m-men, the Falcon, Loud mu- sic, Budlight and the graveyard. His pet peeves are H.h.T.L, getting busted, working weekends, Sf D. P. .. " Later " ! POLARIOn SEniOR KATHLEEn SAPiTAnGELO Leen would like to thank her parents and family for putting up with all that she has dished out over the past four years. I love you all. Chris you ' re the best. Friends like DEE, KOT, ED, CM, KP, MK, VC, and most recently Bill have made her high school years the best they could have been. She hopes to someday travel to the land down under, AUSTRALIA, to re-define the meaning of vacation. She will never forget the sum- mers of 85 86 at CC. Kathy wishes the Class of ' 87 the best of all the future has to offer. RICHARD PAUL SAHTOS Rich ' s goal in life is to own a bar, night club and a retail store, tie then hopes to reach total happiness and leisure. His favorites in- clude York, Florida, Vettes, slip-ons, Levis, Fireballs, catching rays at Morseneck and the ' napalm frat house " . Rich ' s pet peeves are socks and red lights. Rich ' ll always re- member rockin ' with RB, FT, RH, CR, MG, PB, TT, PB, and the rest of the crew. He would like to thank his parents and wish the best for the Class with the class! Baseball 1,2, Basketball 1,2, Tennis 3,4. ROBIH LISA SMAPiKS " You need no convictions, you can ' t live on sympathy, you just need to go the distance, that ' s all you need to be free... " Robin ' s am- bition in life is to go the distance. She wants to be happy and to teach others. She is hap- piest when she is with her friends. She will never forget the times spent with RITA, BJ, BE, JM, and her other friends. She would most like to thank her family, teachers, and Rita for all that they have given her through- out the years. Thanks Mom! (HUM!) TRACEY A. SHERMAPI Tracey wants to be happy and successful at whatever she chooses to do. She wants to be well off and own a new car. Her favorites are shopping, being wi th Scott (Lov ya Scott) and Chinese food. She will never for- get the spring and summer of 85 with K.L. C.S. and friends, or driving to Labaron every day with K.F. Some of her pet peeves are spelling and mornings. Special thanks to Mom and Dad. " You get first prize, 1 made it! " Lov Ya! " Good luck to the Class of ' 87. TRACEY Ann SEARS After graduation Tracey plans to go to col- lege. In order to get paid to travel, she is going to be a travel agent. Some of the things she loves to do most are riding her horse, hanging around with all her friends, and listening to music. " Today was tomor- row ' s yesterday, it ' s funny how the time can slip away... " JEPiPilFER MARIE SIMAS Pres. 1-3, Student Council 1-4 (Vice-Pres), Field Hockey l-4(Capt 4), Softball 1-4, SAC 1,2 Honor Society 3,4 Jen inetends to go to college and someday live in the deepest part of Maine. Some of her favorites include Fall, cold weather, Maine,Joel and sleeping. She has no love for S-morn. prac ' s, pressure. Case and HM. Jen will never forget DC, JB,KT,KH,GL, ML, KB, JP, Holland, Sta- tes,SB trips, prom ' 85, and the summer of ' 86 w D. She ' d like to thank her sisters, her grandmother and esp. her parents for their love and support. " You only live once! " Right D? POLARIOn SEHIOR FAITH MAY SIMQLETOH Faith ' s ambition in life is to be happy. Her favorites include Mom, Dad, Seth, Joy, weekends, kittens, Aerosmith, AC DC, Jour- ney, Ozzy, friends, and Mr. Mrs. P. Her pet peeves include busy signals, saying good- bye, and sitting home. She will always re- member the times spent with L.T., B.P., D.A.„ H.C., and everyone else, but most of all R.J.K. (10 23 85, 12 7 85). I love you Bobby. ..forever. " jASon snow Jason enjoys swimming. He was on the swim team 1,2, 3,4. He also enjoys bike rac- ing with his team. He would like to thank his parents and his coaches for all the support they gave him. He can be most likely found on his road bike, in a pool or hanging with the Chutes and Ladders Gang. MinDIE SMITH " You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need. " Mindie plans to further her education in the field of business and to someday own a huge corporation. Her pet peeves include bad cooking, bad attitudes, and elderly drivers. Fav ' s are pasta. Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, beaches, spending mon- ey, and hair. She ' ll never forget times spent with Tanya and Mark, 12-23-83, 2-14-86. I LOVE YOU MARK. ERIC SOUZA The class of 1987 would like to wish Eric the best of luck for the future. GEORGE SMITH George has been a student in the machine shop for 3 years. His hobbies include me- chanics, electricity and carpentry. He would very much like to own a business when he gets out of school. The one thing he will always remember is that God will guide us. BRIAPi J. SOUZA Brian enjoys going for long rides down the Cape, being with special people, (you know who you are) and coming home early in the morning w out getting in trouble. Wedge ' s pet peeves are Fieros, HAV s, and Clones. Red will always remember the Stupid Pace foursome, hour-breaks. Lemonade Gang, al- most Ruch night, 10 5 85 Cape 7 86. the pool H.H. 8 86, Horseneck at night. Old Sil- ver Beach, and esp. Renee. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! POLARIOH SEHIOR LISA B. STAPLES Lisa ' s ambition in life is to be successful, but most of all happy. Some of her favorites include Hewport, P-Town, Boston, going shopping and chocolate. She can usually be found with CB, KM, MB, MM, SM, CW, and " The Combo. ' tier most memorable mo- ments include Freshman year with CB, and KM, P-Town with Chris, 7-16-84 and 4-22-86, right Michelle! Her pet peeves include busy signals, waiting and making decisions. She most admires her Mom and Dad for putting up with so much but also for giving so much in return. DEArihA STOriEMOUSE Pretty! D hopes to someday be able to sing in heaven... thanx to her two L ' s and LS CM ED BF DC CL RW BB RS CC ML JS KP and Bet Bop. I hate s ' ekid. Be still and know that I am Qod... " THAPiX A LOT ADAM " D ' s fav ' s are " LEEM " long laughs with Lau (Thanx Lau) and Cheryl Erin. D ' s love to all at the C.P. See ya round ' 87! " Put your Bally ' s on " !! JULIE Ann STAPLES " A true friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. " Thanks Liz! Julie ' s ambition in life is to become a per- sonal secretary. She most enjoys lobster, waterskiing, twirling, having a good time, laughing w Liz esp. being w Pieil. She will never forget Mrs. P, ADAP, 8 6 85, 5 16 86 the special times shared w Liz. She would like to thank the majorette squad for 4 hap- py fun years together. Happiness always to my Mom 8f Dad for being supportive loving. " Love Ya " . ELIZABETH STOCKWELL Majorettes (Capt.) " A true friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. " Thanks Julie! Great memories always shared w Julie, friends since 7th grade, and all the majorettes. Mr. Freitas, Mrs. Staples, and esp. Mrs. Pazasis! Most happy w Peter, Julie, and Pam. Thanks for being there for me guys! Some favs. include twirling, eating, dancing, and smiles. Liz would also like to thank her Mom -I- Dad for everything, I love you Mom + Dad! BRADFORD JOHM SULLIVAH Brad plans to go to college and major in business. Me will never forget the fun times on x-changes, 12 13 85 6 14 86. Brad would like to thank M.R., M.B., S.S., K.H., J.C., L.S. 6r D.T. for the memories. His pet peeves are boring teachers, Chris, and insip- id, bad-breathed band directors! Brad would like to thank M.B. M.R. for the long talks at the right times and he ' ll never forget Shelly! Band 1-4 (Pres.), Swimming 2-4 (Capt.), Mat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Yearbook (layout ed.), Chutes-n-Ladders Co-Capt. 2-4. DAVID SWAHSOn I want to thank my friends and teachers for making my four long years at Apponequet as memorable as possible. In appreciation, I would especially like to thank my teachers Mr Charbonneau and Mr. Ducharme for giv- ing me something to live up to. POLARIOH SEHIOR MOST MATERIALISTIC Paul Busse Alison Qarbit GLEPi E. SYLVIA Glen ' s ambition in life is to become a suc- cessful musician, flis favorites include the Q L " , the Band, and the Vette. Me will always remember the times with Kris R., The M-Men, and the Band. Mis pet peeves are working weekends, broken strings, and 6:00 a.m. CLASS COUPLE Bridget Egan Paul Engstrom ERAHK TAVARES Football 1, Track 1,3, 4, Frank s ambition in life is to be happy and successful. Mank will never forget partying with Buss, Len, Dan, Tebo, Kerry, Rich, Mato, Reeseman, and ev- eryone else. Frank most admires his parents for all their love and support. Mank ' s favor- ites include Con, all his friends, Chinese fire- drills and JCK. Mank can most likely be found driving at high speeds and on the wrong side of the road. What are you look- ing at Geek! " Luv ya, Ma fir Dad. POLARIOn SEniORS DAWri MARCIA TAYLOR Dawn ' s future plans are to attend college and to someday own her own business. Some of her favorites include her friendship w Dana, snow, porsches, laug hing, classes w Qremlin, the circus, Chinese food. Lover- boy, balloons and Shakey. Dawn will never forget 6 7 86, MYC, all her special friends (The B.S. Crew), " That night, " E-S, the Lo- verboy concert, Florida w Dana Dad, the summers and proms of 85 fir ' 86, teaching Dana to drive and driving in a boat w Tricia. Dawn would like to wish the class of 87 the best of luck in the future. Love You Dad fir Sue. LORI AMM TERRIEM Lori ' s ambition in life is to be happy. Her favorites include Ozzy, Van Malen, Sunsets, Camaro ' s, and being out with friends. Lori is most likely to be found with F.S., B.P., M.C., D.A., or at B.M ' s with E.B., F.S., fir D.O. Her pet peeves are snobs, people who think they are better than everyone else, busy signals fir saying goodbye. Lori will never forget the Dinner Dance fir the party after. Hey Guys, don ' t forget the " Chocolate Frosting. " Best Wishes to the Class of 87 ' ! I Love you. Mom fir Dad. KELLEY A. TAYLOR Track 1,2,4 Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4 Indoor Track 1,4. Kelley ' s ambition in life is to pur- sue a career as a C.P.A. or a child psycholo- gist. Her favorites include piggies, Tom Cruise, jelly beans, being w close friends and hanging w the gang-KR, MW, PF, PJ, KR, MR. She will always remember the black towel, 9th grade French class, " Puff " and cross country practices. Ugh, I dunno , " " chew the gum, I ' m a little blonder today than usual! " Tio way. " Thank you. Mom and Dad, Love ya lots! KIMBERLY TEAQE Kim wants to be a hair stylist in the future. Her pet peeve is not being able to get up in the morning. She would like to thank Kim E., Michelle M., Robyn M., Kim P., Ann P., Dean P., Ray B., Brian O., Mark L., Jeff B., Kevin B., Marjie R., Zack S., Mike F., Stacy S., Tracy B., Kelly T., all the rest of her good friends and last but not least, her Mom, Dad, and all of her brothers and relatives. She couldn ' t do anything without all of them. RICHARD DEREK TERRY Baseball 2-4; Rich s ambition in life is to live long fir succesfully. Rambo can be found mostly w elite members of the club (Dan, Len, Bussman, Hank, and Tebo). Favorites include good music (U2, Eddie Money, Bos- ton, ect), chowing at John s Country Kitch- en, the Rambo mobile and all his friends. His pet peeves are Beef the Theif fic Bwoo- Bookwets. Rich wishes to thank his parents for putting up w all his B.S. fic wishes the Class of 87 the best of luck. KATHY AHM THERRIEM Kathy ' s ambition in life is to go on to college and live a happy and successful life, hever forget: times spent with KB, KC, JS, DC, RP, and Michelle, climbing Profile Rock w Kelly and Kris, handshakes w Kris, Pee-Wee w Kelly, softball trips, STATES, the Cruise, rod runs, fir Holland. Fav ' s: Jaguars, Mer- cedes, Rio fic beaches. Pet peeve; Case. Most admires her parents, Jen, Jane fic Eve, fir esp. Mrs. Pell fic Coach Looney. Softb. 1-4, Field Hockey 1-4, Basketb. 4, H. Society 3-4, Majorettes 1-4, Student Coun. 1. POLARIOM SEMIORS JEFFREY M. THIBEAULT Jeff ' s ambition in life is to go on to college, graduate and become very rich. Mis favorites include TME BOZ, football, lifting. Me D ' s, The Sooners, and partying with friends at the riadeau. Jeff most adm ires his parents and Coach Dias. Me will always remember the ski trip, beating h.B. Voke 27-9, the S ' Daquiri Club, all the crazy things he did with Joe. Oh, by the way coach its not nice on the hill! LAKER PRIDE! ATTEriTlOh PLEASE, GET TME JOB DOME!! Football 1-4 Capt. Winter Spring Track 1-4 MICHAEL A. TOUPin Mike ' s ambition is to attend a military col- lege and major in engineering. Mis fav ' s in- clude: Monty Python, Dr. Who, and D 8r D, w RT,MB,JR,SF,RC, and the Margni. Remem- bers good times w MC,JM,AT,JQ,JP,BS,LS,CQ,JT, and JD, runs to Randolf w BS and The Lemonade Gang. Mis pet peeves are: Mon. films w Mitch, people who smoke, unfair DM s, girls who carry hairspray, and Christine. Thanks to CT, Dad, Dan, Sue, and Mom Dad. Football 1-4 Monor Society 3-4 French Club 2-4. AHDRE TISDELLE Andy plans to attend a college for electrical engineering and hopefully to win Mega- bucks. Mis favorites are heavy metal, Coors, and Friday nights. Me remembers the good times with M.T., J.G., J.M., M.C., and E.L, but especially the moments with L.F. and Miche C. in his Camaro. The dates that will stay with him forever are 4 19 86 and 9 5 86. Football 1. French Club 2,3. national Monor Society 3.4. TRISHA Ann TORRES " You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm " Trish would like to thank Mi- cole, TD, KG, MRK, KM fif BS for their friend- ship. She would also like to thank Micole and Phil for always being there. She will al- ways remember U turns, Gumby, Tom Petty, 12 18 85, 8 2 86 and special times spent with Mike C. Trish admires and loves her parents " Thanks Mom Dad for all the CMAMCES " " What a goof " " That ' s foolish! " MARIA T. VARDIS Maria s goal in life is to make an impact on the world through political science or inter- national relations. Mer favorites include KB, MC, MC, SE, CG, 2MJ, JP, Greece, MASP(ers), 2W, seatbelts icecream, sun- rises over A.P., and Aspects. She most appreciates the love and support of Mom, Dad, and Yian-EUXAPISTO! AMS ' s Mid- day Afternoon voice from above says, " That ' s all for now, have a great life! " " Think about it! ' Student Council l-4(Pres) Field Mockey 1-3 Tennis 1-4 MMS(VP) KELLY AHH VIERA Kel s ambitions in life are to pursue a career in early childhood education and to marry Rob! Friends Kel will never forget are Stacy, Pat, Steve, Jeff, W.D., K.B., P.B., and B.B. " Mey B.B. -Sagitory Sagitory...! ' Kel ' s favor- ite passtimes are being with Rob, spending money and making every day count! Kel ' s most memorable days were 5-1-85 and 7-31- 86! " Look guys, he Just red a ranlight! ' " Thank You Ma Dad for everything-l Love You! ' " PM Love You Forever Rob! " POLARIOn SEHIORS LAWTOM DAHA lAM WHITE " Real men shave their legs. " LAWTOM shall always remember: Karate, Swim team, cy- cling, mountain bike trips, life-guarding (BURR), and being captain of the Chutes and Ladders Team. DAMA hates blurbs, smoke, drugs, gluin ' tires, flats, crashes, hospitals, and road rash. Mis fav ' s are Monty Python, punk, rock, Mozart, and donuts, ect. lAM thanks his friends and family for everything esp. his brother, Jon, Jay, and Mark. " Don ' t just float through life, make waves! " RODHEY WHITE " If you believe in success you will succeed, if you believe in failing you will fail. " Rodney ' s most memorable moment is the bash at Cape Cod dunes. Pet peeves include snobs, child killers, marks, heartbreaks and starv- ing people. Fav ' s are long quiet nights, a night out with " Meather " , drawing, his friends and skiing. To all my friends, good luck in your future and that of your children. SCOTT STEPHEN WHITE The Class of 1987 would like to wish Scott the best of luck for the future. TIMOTHY ROBERT YOUMQ Tim hopes to go to college and pursue a career in accounting or engineering. His hobbies are camping and going out with his friends. He also enjoys listening to Phil Col- lins and Billy Joel. He enjoyed a trip to Scot- land during his freshman year and hopes to travel in the future. POLARIOn SEniORS CLASS FLIRT Wendy Dube Donny Green MOST MUSICAL Marc Couture Deanna Stonehouse BEST DRESSED Rita Rubini Jason Patenaude POLARIOn ■ 56l SEMIORS CLASS BROWn MOSERS Jeannie Bolduc Joe Morris i I n " Uhhhhhhhhh grown, from some sadistic stork) The fact that they have first names still blows me away. Seeing them as human beings has really given me a change in attitude torwards them, no longer are they heartless zombies who feed on spelling er- rors and who must fail one child a day to survive, now they ' re human beings, who are to be liked or dis- liked for their individual personal- ities, and respected for trying to teach us both about a subject and about ourselves, not bad insight from a person who used to believe in Santa Claus. VIEWS As we ' ve grown up, we ' ve changed, physically, mentally, emotionally. A change I ' ve always found amus- ing is the change in a person ' s views, the way they see things. For instance, remember when snow was something to have fun in and not something to shovel? Or when Christmas meant Santa Claus and toys- not crowded malls and mass riots over the last shirt in Medium? Obviously, a lot has changed since those days. One change that has always shocked me was the change in my view towards teachers. I re- member when 1 first discovered teachers didn ' t live in school. Or that they were kids once, too. (1 thought they were brought, fully Is reform needed? Is it through you? The greater the reform needed, the greater the Personality you need to accomplish it. You! do you not see how it would serve to have eyes, blood, complexion, clean and sweet? Do you not see how it would serve to have such a body and such a soul that when you enter a crowd an atmo- sphere of desire and command enters with you and every one is impressed with your personality? O the magnet the flesh over and over Go dear friend, if need be give up all else, and commence today to endure yourself to pluck reality, self-esteem, defi- niteness, elevatedness. Rest not till you rivet and publish yourself of your own personality. Walt Whitman POLARIOn |59| FACULTY THAfmS MR. K MR. JOSEPH KOBAR Mr. Joseph Kobak, well loved teacher and former basketball coach and athletic director, retired in June, 1986 from Ap- ponequet High School. Students and faculty members alike have vivid recollections of Mr. Kobak ' s caring and dedicated approach to the teaching of mathematics and of his enthusi- astic attendance at Apponequet ' s athletic events. We hold dear the memory of a warm, sensitive teacher and an avid sportsman who loved his kids, his players and his profes- sion. Mr. Kobak, we at Apponequet speak for our present community and for those who came before us. We wish you love, happiness and an ace every day. Fore! POLARIOn FACULTY CEHTRAL ADMimSTRA TIOn Mr. Pazasis Director of Instructional Programs Mr. Dupuis Business Manager Ms. McCarthy Director of Special Meeds Dr. Sullivan Superintendent of Schools ! I t Central Office Staff, Mrs. Gomes, Mrs. Clarey, Mrs. Helme, Regional School Committee, Mr. Qibney, Mr. Garvey, Mr. Bulls, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Macomber, Mrs. Paquette, Ms. Gregory, Ms. McRae Mrs. Chausse POLARIOM I 61 1 FACULTY MR. ROBERT MCCARTHY, Housemaster " Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men. " MR. JOSEPH SIMAS, JR. Principal " The worth of a state in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it. " MR. DEAN POWERS Housemaster. " It is a man ' s peculiar duty to love even those who wrong him.” MR. PETER ABRAHAM, DIRECTOR OF GUID- ANCE " No army can withstand an idea whose time has come. " MR. EDWARD CHRISTOPHER " All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and success is sure.” MRS. SANDRA KNUDSEN " The loss of our illusions is the only loss from which we never recover.” MR. GREGORY LEE " Anything can be made to work if you fiddle with it long enough.” brains.” POLARIOM FACULTY MRS. LILLIAN BRULOnE " A handfull of pa tience is worth more than a bushel of MRS. AMANDA COUSIN " Keep passing the open window. " MR. RONALD COITE " What s all the shootin for? " MR. LEO CHARBONNEAU " When you call me that, smile. " MS. DIANE DESROSIERS " Man is the mea sure of all things. " ' MRS. PHYLLIS DAVIS " Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. " MR. ONIL COUTURE " If a man insisted al- ways on being serious ... he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it. " POLARION FACULTY MRS. JOAN CASEY " We must laugh before we are happy, for fear we die before we laugh at all. " MR. JEAN BONNEAU " let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to MRS. CONSTANCE BARTH " What is our praise or pride but to imagine excellence and try to make itf ' ■ T % V “11 MR. GORDON GOODFELLOW ' I travel nought but move away and take along what is here today. Devouring all that man has done: I save it from oblivion. " MR. EARLE GIDIEY " There is nothing so powerful as the truth. POLARIOM FACULTY MR. MARK GORMAN “Do it the Gorman MR. JAMES GRASELA " Knowledges comes but wisdom lingers.” MR. ROBERT GREESON " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” MR. DAVID HASKINS " If I had not been there I should have been very much bored. " MRS. DENISE HASKINS " There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. MR. RONALD HENNINGS " Labor, if it were not neccessary for existence, would be in- dispensable for the happiness of man.” MR. ERIC JORGENSEN TIGHT BULB " MRS. ELIZABETH KEISTER " He that has pa- tience may compass anything. " MR. GERALD LAGADEC " No matter where you go-there you are. " MRS. DENISE LAMOUREUX " May each of us be enough of a dreamer to set high goals, yet enough of a realist to work to obtain them. " MS. MARIEnA LEAHY " We know what we are but not what we may be. " MRS. BALBINA LEONARD " Ah. but a man ' s research should exceed his grasp or what ' s a heaven for. " MR. LUKE LEONARD " A great actor can bring tears to our eyes. But then, so can an auto mechanic. " FACULTY POLARIOM Lf-I MR. CHRISTOPHER LOWRIE ' In the scale of the destinies brawn will never weigh so much as brain.” MR. PETER LOONEY ‘Ability is of little ac count without opportunity. " POLARIOn FACULTY MRS. MARY ANN OZUG ' Lose your dreams and you may lose your mind. " MR. RICHARD NOLL " Music never changes, only tempos do in creating moods. The posi tive harvest of these becomes the celebra- tion of life. " MR. MARIO MAURA " It ' s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. " MRS. MARY MARTINS " Cherish yesterday, dream tor tomorrow, and live for today. " MRS. JEANNETTE MEDEIROS " Human im provement is from within outward. MRS. ELIZABETH MC SWIGGIN " He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise. " wiH. rniLiir rnuLdun i musi siuoy pomics and war, that my sons may have liberty to MR. DAVID PETERSON " They are able be- cause they think they are able.” MRS. SUSAN PINA " Teach your children well ... let the children’s laughter remind us of how it used to be.” MRS. DEVENEY REIS " I am part of all I have met.” MR. ROBERT ROBIDOUX " We must laugh at man to avoid crying for him. " MR. FRANK ROSE " Time worships language and forgives Everyone by whom it lives. " MRS. CAROL POWERS ' The advantage of doing one’s praising for oneself is that one can lay it on so thick and exactly in the right MRS. BARBARA ROSE “When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more of you than you did before. " MR. JOHN SIMONES " If at first you dont succeed, blame someone! " POLARIOM FACULTY MR. BRUCE STARK " Nil Admiratus” MR. MICHAEL WARD " Knock yourself out. " MRS. CLAIRE WARD " We are flesh and blood but also stardust. POLARION FACULTY MRS. CLAUDIA SOARES " What we need most is not so much to realize the ideal as to idealize the real.” MRS. EVELYN STAPLES " Nine tenths of wis- dom consists in being wise in time. MIS. CYNTHIA TINSLEY " He who has imagi- nation without learning has wings but no feet.” MS. CAROLEE STEWART " The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds Is fit for treasons, ...Let no such man be trusted.” : MRS. MARIE WHITE " There is no educa- tion like adversity. " MR. EDWARD WORCESTER " The wonder is always new that any sane man can be a sailor. " MRS. MARY BOLDUC " Common sense ' s instinct and enough ot it is genius. " MRS. IRENE ASHLEY " Our knowledge is MRS. BETTY HUTCHINSON " I respect faith but doubt is what gets you an education. " the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds. " MRS. ROCHELLE COX " Training is everything. " MS. LINDA LORES " The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make MRS. JUDITH PORTO " You must look into people as well as at them. " POLARIOM MRS. DARLENE RAPOZA " Experience is the best school master only the school- fees are heavy " FACULTY I I MRS. ELIZABETH TASSARA “Every man is the architect of his own fortune. " MS. PAULINE LINCOLN " The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do. " MRS. DARLENE RAPOZA " If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new.” MRS. ROSE WILSON “He that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends. " MR. LEONARD PITTSLEY “On both sides, more respect. " CArETERIA STAFF MS. BABIMEAU, MS. ANDREWS, MS. CUSSON, MS. ST. AMAND, MS. CARTER, MR. FAWCETT AND MS. GUIDABONI 11 He is no fugitive - escaped, escaping. Ho one has seen him stumble looking back. His fear is not behind him beside him On either hand to make his course perhaps A crooked straightness yet no less a straightness. He runs face forward. He is a pursuer. He seeks a seeker who in his turn seeks Another still, lost far into the distance. Any who seek him seek in him the seeker. His life is a pursuit of a pursuit forever. It is the future that creates his present. All is an interminable chain of ionging. ROBERT FROST Marc Anderson Michael Antunes Karen Araujo Abigail Ashley Kimberly Avila Debra Bedard Emily Bell Danielle Berche Lisa Bernardo Beth Bernier Rachel Bernier Ryan Berthelette Louis Bevilacqua Julie Bolleson Keith Brown Matthew Bruneau Amy Camara Jonathan Camara Martha Camara Jeffrey CofTin Daniel Constantine Adam Cornell Christine Cornell Stephen Cornell Lisa Cabral Vic kie Cortes Craig Courtemanche Robert Couto Danielle DeFazio John DePippo Rachael Diaz Laurie DiChiara Elizabeth Donatelli Erin Donovan Kristina Duff Jill Durand Mark Durfee John Durocher Paula Eckert Kevin Economos Paul Ferfon David Fergurson 74 Robert D. Ferreira Joshua A. Franco Albert J. Frawley Allin J. Frawley Dawn Melissa Qagne Paul Qalhardo Jr. Christina L. Gallant Glenn A. Gammons Lisa Garcia Todd Stephen Garell Charles Latham Gates Gregory Gibbs Mark Giger Gary Gomes Wendy Gomes Jeremy Gonsalves George Goodrum Michelle Goudreau Jennifer Guarino Jennifer Hamilton Andrea Hanelt Wendy Hanks Todd Harrison John Hartford Jody Haskins helley Herlihy Brian Howe Kelly Howley Tammie Hudson John Hutchinson David Hutt Jennifer Janczura Lori Jasinski William Jenkinson Kimberly Johnsen Kathleen Kanuse 75 Kimberly Kasevich Mathew Guarino Kerry Kazlauski Melissa Kenney Richard Knowies Stephen Knox John Kyranos Teressa L ' Meureux Lisa Lafleur Lisa Langton James Leblanc Seth Leonard Timothy Levesque Lisa Looney Thad Lopes William Lyons nicoie Magno Daniel Mahoney Thomas Mastera Bret Mastroddi Douglas Mauro David McGinn Jennifer Meadows Tracey Medeiros Derek Meleo Cheryl Mendonca Jonathan Meyer Darin Morano Michael Morton Carol O Brian Mark Oliver Marc Paquette Curt Paradis Matthew Patenaude John Perkins John Perry Robert Peterson Kendra Pheips Shannon Pontes Dean Pilkington Robert Porawski Richard Preston 76 William Putnam Christine Regan Carolyn Richard Debra Richards Kristine Riley Julie Rogers Cliff Rose Kimberly Roza Trade Safford Peter Sampson Joanne Santos Rodney Santos Darren Schenck Scott Sena Patricia Senna Jennifer Sheehan David Shimkus Christine Silva Paul Silveira Dale Simmons John Smith Tammy Soares David Soucy Stefanie Souza Erica St. Germain Jeffrey St. Onge Daniel St. Rock Marc Sturtevant Christopher Sullivan Shelley Sunderland Cherie Sylvia Stephen Sylvia Sandra Tetreault Jennifer Thomas Christopher Toews Carrie Truesdell 77 Jennifer Tucker Teah VanLaarhoven Brant Venice Linda Lee Vermette Shane Viera Eric Warner Lori Ann Westgate Scott Wheelock Stacey Williams Jennifer Wilson Joseph Wilson Karin Winters Daniel Woodsum Kimbley Young Tad Zimmerman 78 Todd Adams Kim Alexander Brenda Allerdt Dennis Almeida Peter Annichiarico Thomas Ashley Rebecca Avila Gene Baker Michelle Barboza Daniel Bartlett Jacqueline Bastoni Daniel Beard Marjorie Beaton Scott Beaulieu Daniel Bedard Stephen Beneski Lynette Berche Cynthia Bigelow Jessica Blaine Kim Blanchard Jennifer Bolduc Kim Bonneau Paul Bonneau Kimberly Bowker Marc Brassard Kimberly Brooks Gregory Brun Aaron Burke Jennifer Burke Christopher Campeau Gregory Caron Jay Carr Richard Carr Angela Carter Keith Cavaca Scott Charron Carrie Clymer Kathleen Coggeshall Troy Cook Heidi Copeland Stacey Corbin Robert Correia Michael Costa Dawn Cote Walter Crane Tamara Crossley Brian Darling John Crowley Matthew Davignon Robin DeCosta Kerry DeMello Eric DeMoranville Bonni DeMoranville Paul Donahue Steven Donovan Sherry Dooley 79 Denise Doyle Daniel Dubois Jerome Duchaine Michelle Duffany Bertrand Durand Kellie Duval Kimberly Edgell Jennifer Elford Robert Fabrick Raymond Felts Paul Fernald Carol Ferreira Dennis Ferreira Casey Fisher George Frates David Frazier Kenneth Gagne Paul Giasson Cheryl Giger Michael Giovannini Thad Godlewski Chris Goodfellow David Goodfellow Michelle Gorman Rose Gould Richard Gouveia Caren Gravel John Guarino 80 I James Hall Karen Hartigan Micole Hartley Christopher Haskins Wayne Haskins Lynn Herlihy Krista Heron Jenni Hollihan Diana Hoimstrom Katherine Hotz Scott Houlihan Donald Howarth Kerriann Howland Stacy Hutchins Lisa Imei Becky Jason Paul Jewell Peter Jewell Tracey Jordan Michael Joubert Adam Kasevich Lynn Kitchen David KJendai Keliy Kubik Peter Kuliga Lance Labonte Paul Ladeira Keith Lancashire Juli Larson Keith Lauzon Gary LeBeau Marcei Lecuyer Melanie Levesque Kellie Lewin Christopher Lizotte Rachel Lowther James Machado Christopher Malatesta Kathy Mandeville Aimee Manoli Jamie Marineili Harold Marshall Michelle Marston Derek Maxim Glenn Maxim Christopher McCarthy Christina McKenna Scott Medeiros Timothy Medeiros James Mello Tammi Mello Ryan Michaud Heather Mills Robert Miranda Glen Misturado Gregory Mitchem 81 Peter Monte James Moquin Christopher Morals Eric Moynihan Erin Murphy Kerry Murphy David horcross Shannon nordeste Cheri riorman Robyn OJala Roseanne Oliveira Tammy Oliveira Brooke O ' Meara Mark Otis Adam Pacheco Heidi Pacheco Angela Panettieri Anne Parau Lisa Parent Dawn Pereira Gregory Perkins Michael Pfister Michael Piasecki Marlon Pina Sherry Pina Tammy Place Jill Plissey Kelly Pombo The night has a thousand eyes. And the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies With the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes. And the heart but one; Yet the light of a whole life dies When love is done. Bourdillon 82 Sarah Anne Porter Michael J. Quintin Denise Rancourt Jonathan Rathbun Kelli Reagan Mark Reposa Charles Robbins Renee Robbins Daniel Roderique Allen Russell Lisa Russell Michelle Sampson Julius Sarosiek Craig Sasse Jamie Schell Cheryl Sherman Annmarie Shimkus Stephen Shimp Tammy Silva Melissa Silvia Jay Smith Christine Smusz Mancy Sparrow Christopher St.Don Tammy St.Don Maomi Stahl Julie Steidinger Jeffrey Still Christine Sylvia Christopher Sylvia Kraig Strauch Kerry Taylor Anne Toal Alfred Torres Barry VanLaarhoven Janna Venice Christina Vermette Cindy Viana Tracie Vieira Jason Walmsiey Pamela Warren Russell Warwick Tracey Watkinson Michael Wedge Amy Westcott Larry Westgate Carol White Eric White Christian Williams Sean Wilson Jeffory Wing Wendy Woodis Tammy Woodsum Mark Worster Mary Yarro Stacey Young 83 Patrick Alexander Joel Amaral John Arruda Benjamin Ashley John Ashley Jr. Robert Aubin John Avila Tammy Balestracci Dawn Bankowski norman Barton Andrew Beech Troy Bennett Arlene Bevilacqua Shawn Bissonnette Jennifer Blanchard Kara Ann Bochman Michael Boehler Heather Boling Leeroy Bonia Brian Booth William Botelho Christina Botelho Jean-Pierre Bouchard Sherry Brassard Elizabeth Brooks Wendy Bury Robert Campbell Kristen Carlson 1 wish I could remember the first day. First hour, first moment of your meeting me; If bright or dim the season, it might be Summer or winter for aught I can say. So unrecorded did slip away. So blind was I to see and forsee. So dull to mark the budding of my tree That would not blossom yet for many a May. If only I could recollect it! Such A day of days! I let it go As traceless as a thaw of bygone snow. It seemed to mean so little, meant so much! If only now I could recall that touch. First touch of hand in hand! Did one but know! 84 Christopher Chapin Tara Christiansen Joyce Cody Michael Coelho Steven Collard Carolyn Correia Thomas Correia Micole Corriveau John Craig Lisa Cudworth Monte Dawson Christina DeJesus Daniel DePippo Maryanne Depin Christopher Dewhurst Karin DiChiara Enrique Diaz Kevin Dixon Patricia Donato James Dube Cheryl Dutra Paul Economos Heather Eerfon Donna Ferguson Jayne Fernandes Jodie Ferreira John Fisher Charles Foster Linda Foster Kelli Frain Abigail Franco Jason Freitas Caitlin French Wayne Qalhardo Cynthia Gallant Joshua Gates Marcus Gesner Allyson Gibbs Michael Golarz Keri Goldman Holly Gomes Joseph Gonsalves Jennifer Gosciminski Michelle Hall Julie Hanson Scott Harrison Brian Hathon Elizabeth Healy Danielle Hicks Charles Hodges Glen Hogan Donna-Jean Hopkins Scott Howe Heather Hubbard Jeffrey Hussein Denise Imel 85 Sharon Ingram Mary Janczura Kenneth Jardin Daniel Johnson Daryl Johnson Tammy Johnson Michelle Jordan Jennifer Kimble Mark Knox Kimberly Kuliga Keith Ledoux Brandon Levasseur Christopher Levesque Amy MacDonald Meidi Marquis Ann Martin Wayne Martowska Heidi McBride heal McCarthy Michelle McCormack Jason Mello Jodie Mello Ronald Merkman Kahlan Mitchell Melisa Moss Shannon Murphy Jennifer Murray Michelle Meville 86 Molli nickelson Chris riogueira Loretta O ' Neill Michael O ' Shea Kerry O ' Connell Denis O ' Driscoll Dennis Oliveira Fernando Oliveira Brant J. Oliver Daniel Ouellette Kim Pereira Jillian A. Perry Kristopher Peters Cynthia Peterson George Peterson Hildie Mae Pittsley Robert Porter Steven Pothier Vicky L. Puljanowski Danielle Radey Michael Reedy Brian Reese Kevin Rego Dino Resendes April Reynolds Bill Reynolds Eric Alan Reynolds Rachel Riley William Robbins Kelly Rogers Qretchen A. Rousseau Julie Roy Keith Roza Jason Santos Donald A. Siefert Donna Signori George Silvia Wendy Smith Stephen J. Snarsky Jason Sorelle Lisa Southworth Lynn Southworth Ann Marie Sylvia Sherry Szczepkowski Katherine Szpala Genevieve Therrien Benjamin Thibeault Everett Thompson Terry Threlfall Cheryl Tolley Brandon Travers Kyle Tremblay Jeffrey Varley Audra Vickery Todd Wagner Christine Waikden 87 Jason Waterman Lora Westgate Milton Westgate John Whalen Aaron Whalley Heather Wilson Liane Wilson Daniel Wood Daniel Wood Rebecca Zilinsky I ' d like to get away from earth for awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate willfully misunderstand me And grant what I wish and snatch me away Mot to return. Earth ' s the right place for love: I don ' t know where Its likely to get better. I ' d like to go climbing a birch tree. And climb black branches up a snow white trunk Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more. But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches. FROST 88 He slowly paced his distance off, and turned. Took poise, and darted forward at full speed; Before the bar the heavy earth he spumed. Himself an arrow. They who saw his deed Tensed muscles, poised and ran and leaped, and burned With close drawn breath, helping him succeed: How is over, they are over too; Foemen and friend were flying when he flew, AHOHYMOUS POLARION Q SPORTS BOYS CROSS-COUMTRY LAKERS OPPOMEhT 20 SEEKOHK 42 16 VOKE-TECH 45 15 FAIRHAVEn 47 24 DIGH.-REHOB. 33 17 BOURHE 45 21 SAFiDWICH 35 19 CASE 44 20 OLD ROCHESTER 43 16 WAREHAM 47 FROni ROW: ERICR MAISA ITIS, CHRIS HOQUEIRA, AL FRAWLEY, PETE SAMPSOH, SCOTT WHITE, BREMDAH EGAH, TAD ZIMMERMAH, AL FRAWLEY, JASOH FREITAS. SECOHD ROW: BRAMT OLIVER, SCOTT SAHTAnOELLO, ADAM WEST, PAT ALEXANDER, DAVE QOODFELLOW, CHRIS MAHSFIELD, PAT SIMMOHS, MARLOH PIHA, TODD GARELL, MARK OTIS. POLARIOH I 90 I SPORTS ll I li 1 ' j FROMT ROW: JOYCE CODY, TAMMY DAWSOH, MARY KAY ROUGHriEEn, KRISTEPI KULIQA, SUE GOULD, MARY JAMCZURA. SECOhD ROW: KIM BOMMEAU, STACY WILLIAMS, JEFini BLAM- CMARD, CHERYL GIGER, KIM KULIGA, BROOKE O MEARA, LYPin GLEASOh, SARAH PORTER, LISA PAREMT. POLARIOn SPORTS GIRLS CROSS-COUHTRY LAKERS OPPOHEHT 20 SEEKOHK 43 15 VOKE-TECH 50 19 FAIRHAVEH 40 19 DIGH. -REHOB. 43 15 BOURHE 47 22 SAHDWICH 39 17 CASE 46 15 OLD ROCHESTER 46 19 WAREHAM 38 I FIELD HOCKEY Br IMP A FROni ROW; JAMHA VEMICE, PAM BAILEY, KELLY BRADY, JEriHIFER SIMAS, KATHY THERRIEH, DEMISE CHRISTEH, MELAMIE LEVESQUE, SECOMD ROW: COACH PETER LOOMEY, LISA LOOMEY, KERRY KAZLOWSKI, LYMM HERLIHY, MAMCY SPARROW, TRACY VIEIRA, TAMMY BALESTRACCI, LISA LAMQTOM. LAKERS OPPOMEMT 0 CASE 1 0 DIQH.-REHOB. 2 0 OLD ROCHESTER 1 1 SEEKOMK 0 7 BOURME 0 0 WAREHAM 0 1 W. BRIDGEWATER 1 1 MEW BEDFORD 1 4 FAIRHAVEM 1 1 CASE 1 1 DIQH.-REHOB. 4 1 OLD ROCHESTER 1 2 W. BRIDGEWATER 0 3 SEEKOMK l 6 BOURME 1 MEW BEDFORD 0 WAREHAM 7 FAIRHAVEM tN rH CN O FROMT ROW: MIKKI CORRIVEAU, BECKY AVILA, HEIDE COFLAriD, KIM ALEXAMDER, JEM THERRIEM. SECOMD ROW: KARA BOCHMAM, JAMMIE FERMAMDES, DOMMA JEAM MOPKIMS, SHERRIE BROUSSARD, CIMDY BIQALOW, KAREM HARIQAM, JULIE STIEDEMQER, KERRY O ' COMMELL POLARIOM SPORTS ROW OME; R. Pacheco, D. Duarte, J. Qoodfellow, M. Toupin, J. Thibeault, J. Freiday, E. Petty, D. Bochman,J. Torres ROW TWO: P. Hathaway, M. Qiger, D. Mcginn, J. Kyranos, M. Patenaude, P. Dellarocco, K. Lauzon, D. Petty, D. Dunn, B. Venice, ROW THREE: Q, Batchelder, P. Kuliga, P. Annicharico, K. Lauzon, B. Durand, J. Sarosiek, W. Lyons, J. Hall, D, Morano ROW FOURH. Marshall, 5. Donovan, C. Qoodfellow, S, Beneski, D. Bartlett, A. Pacheo, J. Perkins, A. Torres, C. Sylvia ROW FIVE: Coach huliga, E.Demoranville, J. Walmsiey, L, Wright, W. Therrien, J, Freitas, Coach Ottavianelli, Coach Dias FOOTBALL MIDDLEBORO CASE FAJRHAVEH DIQH. -REHOB. WAREHAM BOURliE DEHMIS-YARMOUTH 27 ,40 OLD ROCHESTER - 0 SEEROHR - - Co-Captains Mike Toupin and Jeff Thibeault, Coach Dias, Coach " Otto " and Coach Kuliga SEMIORS Don, John, Mike, Jeff, Eric, Rich, Joey, Joe, Kyle, and Dave. I 7 7 J POLARIOn I 94 ■ SPORTS Front Row Marc Qesner Paul Laderia, Mike Joubert, Paul Jewell Back Row Sharon Ingram, Greg Gibbs, Rich Carr, Steve Carr, Jim Leblanc, Marc Paquette, John Hartford, John Hutchinson lakers’? OPPOHEMT J: GOLF BOUraiE 2.5 SEEKOMK 5.5 HORTOM 3.5 3.5 DIQH.-REHOB. 5.5 5.5 VOKE ' TECH 3.5 0 OLD ROCHESTER 9 7 WAREHAM 2 6.5 BOURHE MORTOM 2.5 4 5 1.5 SEEROHK 7.5 2.5 DIGH.-REHOB. 6.5 8.5 VORE-TECH .5 7.5 WAREHAM 1.5 1.5 OLD ROCHESTER 7.5 Boys ' Basketball 1st row (I. to r.): R. Phelps, C. Paradis, P. Engstrom, S. Richards, J. Walmsiey. 2nd row: Coach Ruliga, P. Ruliga, C. Williams, R. Michaud, D. Lynch, J. Franco, T. Lopes, S. Schimp, C. Mansfield, C. Oates, T. Harrison, Coach Rose. BOYS ' BASRETBALL Lakers Opponent 66 Seekonk 43 59 Diman 48 65 Mew Bedford Voc. 35 70 Dartmouth 55 51 Bishop Stang 41 67 Middleboro 36 61 Dighton 49 72 Bourne 65 63 Wareham 87 75 Old Rochester 64 66 Fairhaven 55 63 Case 59 83 Seekonk 41 87 Mew Bedford Voc. 59 61 Dighton 66 57 Bourne 51 45 Wareham 67 73 Old Rochester 54 53 Fairhaven 74 55 Case 65 POLARIOM SPORTS POLARIOM I 99 I SPORTS Lakers Girl ' s Basketball 86-87 Opponent 17 Old Colony 15 34 Seekonk 54 53 Mew Bedford Voc. 28 38 Dartmouth 66 46 Middleboro 38 51 Sacred Heart 14 41 Dighton-Rehobeth 49 48 Bourne 41 40 Wareham 35 49 Old Rochester 51 38 Fairhaven 40 50 Case 56 36 Seekonk 53 67 hew Bedford Voc. 18 50 Dighton-Rehobeth 48 35 Bourne 44 57 Wareham 48 39 Old Rochester 53 POLARIOn POLARIOn JUNIOR VARSITY SPORTS SWIM TEAM ' 86- ' 87 LAKERS OPPOnEMT 114 TAUMTOn 38 103 DURFEE 66 61 DUXBURY 105 56 MEW BEDFORD 115 88 ATTLEBORO 84 13 SEEKOMK 60 99 ST. SEBASTIAM 59 78 MIDDLEBORO 91 Row one; Erik Masaitis, Mark Bernardo, D.J. Hopkins, Lisa Bernardo, Mary Janzura, Mike Rodriques, Dan Beard Row two: Pam Gauthier, Dian Molstrom, Shannon Murphy, Jackie Bas- toni, Mary Mirgan, Ann Toal, Cindy Gauthier, Mike Hartiy, Scott Whelock, Marc Brassard Row three: Steve Beneski, Dave Mejndoi, Jason Snow, Chris Sullivan, Glenn Gammons, Kraig Strauch, Mark Otis, Alan Frawley Row four: Bret Mastrodi, Jeff Still, Brad Sullivan POLARIOH SPORTS 1 Winter Track ' 87 Front: K. Reagan, W. Smith, J. Murray, M. Ferfon, C. Bochman, S. Mordeste, J. Venice, S. Williams, L. Parent, S. Porter, P. Bailey Rear: B. Brooks, L. Gleason, T. Dawson, M. Yarro, C. Qiger, K. Kuliga, K. Hartigan, R. Kuliga, M. Sylvia, J. Blanchard, C. Clymer, R. Qaudette, R. Bonneau Winter Track ' 87- ' 86 Girls Lakers Opponent 49 Fairhaven 57 65 Mew Bedford Voc. 17 77 Wareham 2 34 Seekonk 52 60 Whitman-Hanson 22 50 Morwell 36 Winter Track ' 86- ' 87 Boys Opponent Fairhaven 37 Mew Bedford Voc. 54 Wareham 25 Seekonk 52 ' h Diman 38 Morwell 38 ' 2 Winter Track ' 87 Front: B. VanLaarhoven, P. Economos, D. Johnson, R. Berthelette, K. Lauzon, K. Lauzon, J. Perkins, J. Freitas, B. Venice Rear: C. Mogueira, D. Mahoney, A. Frawley, T. Zimmerman, D. Simmons, J. Qoodfellow, C. Qoodfellow, D. Qoodfellow, E. Warner, P. Silvera, J. Shaw POLARIOri 1 106 1 SPORTS POLARIOn Il07| SPORTS SOFTBALL 1986 STATE CHAMPIOMS FROriT: P. Bailey, K. Merlihy, J. Venice, S. Vieira, M. Looney, M. Pellegrino, K. Brady, K. Therrien, Coach P. Looney. REAR: Coach J. Allison, J. Plissey, J. Simas, D. Christen, R. Andrews, K. Qaudette, J. Piasecki, .1. Dutra. R. Bernier, n. Sparrow, R. Carey. LAKERS OFFOrtEMT 8 SEEKOMK 1 17 riEW BEDFORD VOC. 1 21 BRISTOL-FLYMOUTY 0 23 WAREHAM 0 18 DIQHTOn-REHOBETH 1 21 BOURNE 0 9 OLD ROCHESTER 0 11 FAIRHAVEN 8 2 CASE 0 17 SEERONK 0 15 BOURNE 3 9 NEW BEDFORD VOC 0 21 WAREHAM 3 6 OLD ROCHESTER 0 11 DIQHTON-REHOBOTH 10 11 MIDDLEBORO 1 0 CASE 3 14 FAIRHAVEN 1 GRAND SLAM SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT 13 MIDDLEBORO 0 3 DARTMOUTH 1 STATE TOURNAMENT 6 ARCH BISHOF WILLIAMS 0 11 NAUSET 0 SOUTH STATE TITLE 1 CASE 0 EASTERN MASS CHAMFIONSHIF 3 STONEHAM 2 STATE CHAMFIONSHIF 10 GREENFIELD 0 POLARIOn I no I SPORTS WERE 1 QIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM WIMS STATE TITLE!!!! THE LADY LAKERS WERE AWESOME! POLARIOn lull SPORTS Okay, let ' s see . . . Tuesday the third — Honor Society meeting. Wednesday the fourth — newspaper layout. Thursday the fifth is Student Council . . . Hold it. FOCAS is meeting on Thursday. Or is it French Club on Thursday and FOCAS on Friday? Well, it doesn ' t matter. I ' ll just schedule it next Monday . . . the day that MADD niQHT auditions are being held. Why do I do this? I ' ve never had any other masochistic tendencies, yet still subject myself to endless meetings every day of the week. And for what? To sell candy bars four times in one year, or try to get Mom to buy an Apponequet calendar or dish towel? I mean, all these clubs I belong to and none of them do anything worthwhile .... All right, all of them except one do nothing worthwhile. The yearbook does something important. But that ' s it, the rest of them are zero . . Okay, maybe the drama club ' s important too. Everyone likes to see MADD MIGHT and Grease. And I guess the newspaper ' s pretty important too. Student Council ' s not bad when they do the Blood Drive and Honor Society ' s good when they raise money for Oxfam America, and . . . So maybe I was a little bit hasty in my summing up the worth of our clubs. I guess they all contribute to the school in some way, and despite the schedule I ' ve gotten quite a bit out of the organizations I ' ve belonged to. I Just wish I could find a place for this Student Council meeting . . . Hey, next Friday ' s open. All right. Student Council meeting, Friday the thirteenth .... Maybe there ' s an opening the week after .... FREnCH CLUB " Bon Courage " 1st row (I to r)-E. St. Germain, C. Gallant, M. Blais, J. Janczura, W. Gomes, S. Carr, M, Jhaveri, S. Flanagan, M. Jussaume, and C. Gauthier. 2nd row (I to r)-D. Gagne, K. Winters, C. White, C. McKenna, R. Dias, D. Molmstrom, C. Sullivan, R. Kuliga, S. Erickson. 3rd row (I to r)-R. Carr, M. Quintin, P. Sampson, J. Patenaude, B. Jenkinson, M. Toupin, E. Ingram, A. Tisdelle, J. Goodfellow, M. LaPointe, G. Mitchem. POLARIOn CLUBS Each year the Apponequet French Club at- tempts to offer opportunities to encourage cross-cultural understanding. We have enjoyed exchanging information with foreign students as well as Apponequet graduates who have studied abroad. Students have been intro- duced to the art, music, theater and cuisine of the Francophone World through both in-build- ing activities and field trips. In addition, our limited fund-raising has allowed us to present small monetary awards to those students who aspire to utilize French in their future endeavors. To our senior members; Maria, Steve, Mona, Kristen, Sue, Jason, Erich, John, Mark and Mike: FIRST ROW: Kelly Frain, Kelly Dyer, Michelle Duffany, Leanne Wilson, Dawn Ferreira, Jenni- fer Bolduc, Julie Roy SECOMD ROW: Pamela Gauthier, Chris horton, Margie Coggeshall, Julie Staples, Liz Stockwell, Gina DePippo, Shelly Sunderland, Kathy Kanuse, Stefanie Souza U STAGE BAfiD , i ROW OriE: D. Qoodfellow, J. Cox, M. Couture, B. Sullivan, M. Rodriques, M. Janczura, C. Sullivan, M. Giovannini. ROW TWO: M. Quintin, Q. Mitchem, B. Oliver, M. Qolarz, J. Waterman, R. Porter, B. VanLaarhoven. ROW THREE: T. Medeiros, A. Burke, S. Santangelo, S. Cunha. POLARIOri CLUBS ■ TRIBESMEn ‘ Wm Sandpipers and Tribesmen is the select performance group of the Apponequet choir. Its members meet with director Ms. Stewart ev- ery Wednesday evening to rehearse music ranging from the 16th century to modem times. The senior members appearing in the 1986-87 concerts are: Kelly Pina and Kristine notion, altos; Deanne Stonehouse and Sharon Jorge, sopra- nos; and Scott Cunha, bass. Along with appearances in Apponequet ' s Christmas concert. Pops concert and MADD night, the members of the Sandpipers and Tribesmen participate in community performances and annually perform on Martha ' s Vineyard in May. FROMT: A. Hanelt, A. Westcott, C. O ' Brien, D. Stonehouse, K. Pina, T. L ' Heureux, S. Cunha, K. Morton, S. Jorge. BACK: D. Constantine, M. Quintin, M. Pina, S. Cunha, S. Beneski, J. Ashley, Q. Mitchem, B. Ashley. POLARIOM CLUBS {] STUDENT VOICES ' ‘ " ' ' rfiTf III ' ' iiii11ililiiiTliiiirii ii1 ' ' II I " 1 Brainstorming, writing, typing, editing, meet- ing deadlines, endless migraine headaches and late nights in " the office ' are just a small example of the hard work, tedious tasks and time-consuming hours that go into publishing Student Voices every other month. Student Voices represents precisely what its name suggests — the voices and opinions of the students of Apponequet High School. Why do we do this? Well, it certainly isn ' t for the money or the recognition of seeing our hard work thrown carelessly about the school, but rather to spark reactions wheth- er they be positive or negative. If one article in each issue causes one eyebrow to be raised or one lower jaw to be dropped, then we ' ve accomplished our goal. The staff of Student Voices does its best to reflect the opinions and to deal with the in- terests of Apponequet High School student. We hope this years issues have sparked some reactions. After all, that ' s what the newspaper business is all about. FIRST ROW (I to r): W. Gomes and J. Bolduc SECOHD ROW: J. Patenaude, N. Costa, W. Crane, A, Manelt, J. Waterman, M. Quinton and M. Jhaveri THIRD ROW: M. LaPointe, M. Vardis, B. Jenkinson, D. Rodrigues, J. Janczura and S. McCarthy POLARIOH I 118 I CLUBS HOnOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: C. Gallant, M. Blais, R. Kuliga, J. Piasecki, J. Bolduc, D. Holstrom, P. Engstrom (Treas.), M. Jhaveri (Pres.), J. Rego (Sec.), M. Couture, J. riuttal, M. LaPointe, M. Smith SECOHD ROW: K. Kazlauski, R. Herlihy, S. Souza, D. Berche, D. Bedard, R. Winters, W. Gomes, J. Janczura, A. Hanelt, E. St. Germain, B.J. Dooley, J. Mello, R. Rubini, M. Anderson, R. Economos, D. Morano, C. Gauthier, S. Erick- son, S. Larson. THIRD ROW: R. Diaz, D. Constantine, C. Sullivan, P. Sampson, A. Tisdelle, J. LeBlanc, R. Brady, D. Christen, M. Jussame, M. Patenaude, R. Therrien, J. Simas, B. Sullivan FOURTH ROW: W. Jenkinson, J. Patenaude, M. Horton, D Schenk, M. Giger, E. Ingram, M. Toupin, M. Antunes, M. Davis, S. Carr, S. Flanagan HOHOR BOWL TEAM FIRST ROW: E. Ingram (Capt.), M. Jhaveri, P. Engstrom, J. Rego SECOHD ROW: S. Flanagan, R. Winters, M. Patenaude, S. Carr, J. Mello, J. Patenaude POLARIOH CLUBS YEARBOOK STAEE TME POLARlOh STAFF would like to give special thanks to . . . . . . Rick " Magic Fingers ' Fabrick, whose computer expertise and typing ability helped out on the blurbs immeasurably . . . Scott C. and Jeannie B. for their ad support . . . Big Dave for his " smokin ' illustrations . . . Jeff Miller for his unparalleled patience . . . Missy Jen and Jeff for helping when they could . . . Katy Q. for her infinite wisdom . . . the club advisors for their ID s . . . Joe Shaw . . . and to everyone we ' ve forgotten . . . hey gang, we did it. on THE POLARIOn . . . A Polarion is actually a compass point. The Polarion is also the name of our yearbook. So if you re ever stuck in the woods and have your yearbook . . . Contrary to popular belief, yearbook is not easy. This is the first year that blurbs were typed into a computer instead of on paper. This is the last year that blurbs were typed into a computer instead of on paper. This is the year of the happy face. Sean s happy face. This is the year that mutiny was nearly declared over a club that doesn t even exist. This is the year the written word creeped back into the yearbook. This is the year that you, yes you, get to hear what yearbook really is all about: It s about, basically, a lot of work. It ' s staying after school until three or four five days a week from October to February. It s coming in to school the day after Christmas to finish up a layout for the deadline. It s also a little bit frus- trating. It s spelling four thousand names cor- rectly, missing the spelling on the 4001 and being called incompetent. It ' s writing 10,000 words of blurb print, omitting two of those 1st row (I to r): Mike, Mona 2nd row: (I to r): Sean, Mark, Maria, Hicole, Sue, Jason (Editor) Mot pictured: Gremlin, Sue words and causing a near riot over censorship. It ' s not satisfying any person who doesn ' t get their picture in the book. It ' s finishing the book in February and having everything exciting in the world happening in March. It ' s also deep debates upon whether full frontal nudity will really boost yearbook sales enough to make a difference, but we re getting off the track. To sum up, as a great man once said, the " whole ball of wax in a nut shell ' , yearbook ' s a hassle, it ' s sometimes fun, but most of all it ' s done. The Math Team 1st row (It.-rt.): M. Jhaveri, J. Huttall, S. Ingram, Mrs. Haskins. 2nd row: D. Constantine, J. Rego, E. Ingram, M. Joubert, W. Crane, F. Torres. 3rd row: S. Carr, R. Carr. POLARlOh CLUBS CHEERLEADERS ■■mam FIRST ROW: K. Pina, S. Pina, J. Piasecki, K. Bonneau, B. Bernier, T. Medeiros. SECOriD ROW: K. Kuliga, C. Mendonca, (Capt.) L. Qramlich, (Capt.) D. Medeiros, M. Boucher, M. Silvia, D. Bedard, C. O Brien. POLARIOn Il22i CLUBS CLUB 1st row (I to r)- B. Jason, E. Long, S. Qould, A. Ashley, K. Blanchard, K. Santangelo, D. Stonehouse, E. St. Germain, R. Fabrick, M. Freiday, J. Bolduc, S. Pina. 2nd row (I to r)- T. VanLaarhoven, C. Botelho, C. White, M. Bouchard, K. Davern, K. Rosa, R. Melanson, D. Gagne, K. Kuliga, M. Janczura, E. Donovan, T. Viera, C. Mendonca, J. Bastoni, T. L ' Meureux, C. Dutra, J. Elford, and Mrs. Cousin. 3rd rov (I to r)- t1. Marquis, P. Jewell, M. Pacheco, M. Worster, J. Linchy, P. Dawson, L. Pitta, A. Foster, S. McCarthy, A. Hanelt, E. Ashley, M. Quintin, D. Constantine, B. Jenkinson, C. Sullivan, S. Cunha, B. Sullivan, L. Stockwell, C. Strauch, M. Roderiques, J. Arruda, K. Pina, G. Smith, R. Gould, J. Larson, A. Westcott. Drama Club is an organization that promotes creativity, cooperation, and fun. It enables anyone involved to have a great time, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime. Although it involves hard work, long hours, and beloved Saturdays as sacrifices, the elation one feels when performing or helping with a production is unbeatable. Major activities of the year include MADD night and the annual Musical, which this year is Grease. Officers of the Drama Club are Deanna Stonehouse-President, Kathy Santangelo-Vice-President, Erica St. Qermain-Secretary, Rick Fabrick-Treasurer, and Kim Blanchard-Historian. Senior members include: Deanna, Kathy, Rick, Jeanne, Sean, Missy, Elton, Sharon, Kristen, Sue and Ed. CLUBS i 7 CHOIR The Apponequet High School Chorus is made up of students who are interest- ed in expanding their musical talents. The chorus participates in the high school Christmas and Pops concerts and MADD night. Students in the chorus may try out for SEMSBA and District which are held every year throughout the South- eastern Massachusetts area. This year John Ashley, Ben Ashley and Deanna Stonehouse were accepted into District. Choir officers include: Kelly Pina, Presi- dent; Cheryl Mendonca, Treasurer; and Librarians, Deanna Stonehouse, Kelly Pina, Dan Constantine, and Kathy Santangelo. 1987A.H.S. CHOIR POLARIOrt The following people were selected to partici- pate in the 1987 Southeastern Massachusetts School Band Masters Association (SEMSBA). Chorus: Heidi Pacheco, Teah VanLaahoven, and Amy Westcott, sopranos; Kelly Brady, Stacy Cunha, and Kelly Pina, altos; Ben Ashley, John Ashley, Dan Constantine, and Qreg Mitchem, tenors; and Stephen Beneski, Scott Cunha, Marlon Pina, and Michael Quintin, basses. De- anna Stonehouse was selected to participate in the Massachusetts All-State Festival in Worcester. CLUBS 1987 AFFOMEQUET MARCHIFIG BAFID POLARlOn ■ l25i CLUBS STUDEFIT council student Council Advisor; Q. Qoodfcilow 1st row (I. tor.): M. Roughneen, B. VanLaarhoven, J. Bastoni, M. Vardis, M. Jhavcri, D. Barker. 2nd row: K. Mellen, C. McCarthy, C. Sullivan, K. Mitchell, D. Berche, W. Gomes, S. McCarthy. 3rd row: B. Oliver, J. Blanchard, K. Hotz, K. Blanchard, D. Constantine, M. Antunes. 4th row: G. Peterson, R. Riley, K. Winters. The Student Council works to initiate programs which will improve the student life at Apponequet. This year it sponsored such events as the Blood Drive, SADD campaign. Candy Cane Sale, Save a Sweet Heart Smoking Prevention campaign, and the National Forum. The main goal, aside from educating fellow students about these issues, is to encourage student involvement. At a time when apathy is seen in so many Apponequet students, the Student Council wants to help them become aware of their surroundings and to spark their desire to take the active role in issues which affect them. George Bernard Shaw once said, " The right to know is like the right to live. It is fundamental and unconditional in its assumption that knowledge is, like life, a desirable thing. " People should never become passive to the opportunities and knowledge the world can give simply because they do not care. The purpose of student government is to reach out and grasp what the world has to offer, but this can not be done without support. Students need to care enough to speak their mind and support their views with pos f Ve actions. Perhaps in the future, high school students will learn to take advantage of this opportunity. The Student Council would like to wish Maria, Jennifer, Sean, Kerry, Mona, Mary Ray, and John the best of luck in all future endeavors. POLARIOH CLUBS SEfilOR council Senior Council 1st row (I. to r.): K. Mellen, V. Camara, J. Piasecki, K. riorton. 2nd row: M. Roughneen, M. Jhaveri, P. Bailey, S. McCarthy. 3rd row: K. Kuliga, M. Boucher, S. Jorge, L. Qramlich, J. Bolduc, M. LaPointe, S. Carr. 7 rOCAS The Future Occupa- tions Club of Appone- quet Students is an orga- nization dedicated to exploring career inter- ests and opportunities. Each year the group plans to take field trips to local colleges and busi- nesses, to invite speak- ers and to present schol- arships to senior members. Mrs. Barth has been the advisor since the group ' s beginning. The senior members are Sue Erickson, Mona Jha- veri, Maria Vardis, nicole Chausse, Mike Davis, Joe Shaw, Michelle Jus- saume, and Erich Ingram. First row (1-r): M. Quintin (sec.), S. Erickson (pres.), B. Jenkinson (treas.), M. Jhaveri (vice pres.) Second row (l-r): K. Economos, D. Shenck, J. Coffin, M. Antunes, M. Anderson, M. Jussaume, M. Chausse. Third row (l-r): M. Davis, J. Shaw, E. Ingram, D. Gagne. POLARIOn |l28| CLUBS POLARIOn 1 129 POLARIOM 1 130 M USIC Art D RAMA D AMCE PUGHT 1987 MADD Might Program Act 1 Kelly Pina Rhonda Andrews — Opening Act Choir — " Get Happy " Kristen Kuliga — Gymnastic Routine Scott Cunha Tracy L ' Heureux — " The Mext Time I Fall " Missy Freiday Friends — " The Dating Game " Heidi Pacheco — " Second Hand Rose " Jamie, Scott, Joe — " Yankee Rose " Stacy Cunha Sharon Jorge — " I Will Always Love You " Drama Club — " Doctor ' s Office " Kelly, Sherry, 8r Cheryl — Dance Routine Sean McCarthy — " Comfortably Mumb " Jennifer Elford — Dance Routine Sandpipers Tribesmen — " Grapevine " Act II Stage Band Deanna Stonehouse — " Love Will Always Find a Way ' Majorettes — Dance Routine Jason Dessert — " Sounds of Silence " Carbon 14 — " Mew World Man " Sharon Jorge — " Can You Read My Mind " The Synx — " Soul Man " Sandpipers fir Tribesmen — " Little Old Lady from Pasedena " Micki Hartley fir Becky Jason — Dance Routine Greg Mitchem — " Chopin in Blue ' Drama Club — " Goldman ' s Boy " Thad, John, Erich, fir Marlon — " Pee Wee ' s Dance " Scott, Jason fir Mark — " House " MATIOnAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION The national Honor Society This year, the national Honor Society turned sixty-five years old. The organization started in 1921 when the world was still recovering from the first world war, Edward Rynearson, the founder and father of the national Honor Society thought about the many qualifications it would take to belong to such a prestigious group. He established the four qualifications: character, service, leadership and scholarship. These vir- tues are recognized as the basis for selection into the nation- al Honor Society whether it be at its founding in 1921 or now in 1986. Many aspects of life were different then. The radio had just been introduced. The world was rebuilding after the devasta- tion of World War I, Woodrow Wilson ' s presidency had just ended and Warren Harding ' s presidency had just begun. Women all over the world had just rallied to earn the right to vote. The country was divided on the morality of drinking. We now live in the age of the computer and the VCR. The world Is trying to control the threat of nuclear warfare. Ron- ald Reagan is nearing the end of a two-term presidency. Women are now running for the Senate and the Vice-Presi- dency. The country is divided on the morality of abortion. The world has changed in a great many ways but the values of the national Honor Society have not. The four virtues are still the basis for selection. Character, service, leadership and scholarship are still val uable assets to the community and the national Honor Society pays tribute to the students who exemplify these virtues. POLARIOM PROM Ik {gy p- iLafyUr nJ 1 1 1 . , f ■ l H K J .4 ■• HBCn - ' fi i! sr- ' SEniOR DAPiCE Senior Class Officers Mona Jahveri, Treasurer, Mary Kay Roughneen, President, Kris Kuliga, Vice President, Michelle Boucher, Secretary POLARIOri EVEMTS ■ ■ SPIRIT WEEK “Everyone who ' s anyone " knows that Apponequet annually holds " Spirit Week " , the week of Thanksgiving. However, most students haven ' t the slightest clue as to what it ' s all about. Just what is Spirit Week? Contrary to popular belief, it ' s not just a bunch of clowns prancing around the school in togas. The costumes are a way for the students to express their interest and enthusiasm for the Thanksgiving game. Spirit Week began on Monday with Blue and White day, continued on Tuesday with Beach Day and wound down Wednesday with the students getting a little crazy. The freshmen dressed as nerds, the sophomores wore their clothing backwards, the Juniors donned their p.j. ' s and the " high and mighty seniors " came to school in togas. Spirit Week concluded with a pep rally Wednesday evening. Whether through the rally or through their clothes, everyone helped show their spirit and support for the Lakers. POLARIOH 0 CHRISTMAS COHCERT The following musical selection were included in this years concert. Symphonic Band: Second Century March Sleigh Ride Christmas Favorites A Christmas Festival Jazz Band: For Once In My Life M. O. T. Count on It Qoldfrost Choir: Fanfare for Christmas Day Masters in This Hall Jazz Qloria Sandpipers and Tribesmen: Sherburne White Christmas Qlory Hallelu Choir: Sacred Yodelling Song Troika Let It Snow Hallellujah Chorus 8 7 BLOOD DRIVE January 30, 1987 marked the date when our gymnasium was trans- formed to host the annual Blood Drive sponsored by the Student Coun- cil. The event owes its success mainly to those who took the time to perform " the ten minute miracle ' of donating blood. These people certainly earn the right to be admired for their sacri- fice which benefits others in need. In a world which is frequently overrun by selfish motives it is good to see peo- ple go out of their way to share some of themselves with others. 1 FLAYERS Hr PF ' PRESEFiT W li ' A ,SE I r ' Miss Lynch Fatt Simcox Eugene Florezyk Jan Marty Betty Rizzo Doody Roger Fenickie Sonny La Tierre Frenchy Sandy Dumbrowsky Danny Zu ko Johnny Casino Cha Cha Digregorio John Arruda Abby Ashley Becky Avila Stephen Beneski Jessica Blaine Dan Constantine Jason Dessert Jennifer Elford Missy Freiday Jennifer Qarofalo Caren Gravel Micki Hartley Kathy Hotz Mary Janczura Becky Jason Bill Jenkinson Paul Jewell Juli Larson Edward Long Billy Lyons Liz Stockwell Julie Hanson Mike Quintin Margie Beaton Heidi Pacheco Tracy L ' Heareux John Ashley Adam Foster Scott Cunha Bret Kulakovich Jeanne Bolduc Deanna Stonehouse Sean McCarthy Ben Ashley Kelly Pina Ann Martin Kahlen Mitchell Holli Hickelson Kris Horton Carol O ' Brien Kerry O ' Connell Marlon Pina Sherry Pina Lisa Pitta Sarah Porter Kevin Rego Mary Kay Rougheen Brad Sullivan Chris Sullivan Anne Toal Cheryl Tolley Barry Vanlaarhoven Teah Vanlaarhoven Amy Westcott Carol White DISMEY WORLD turns 1 5 in style. Though MEARTBURM had people reaching for Alka-Seltzer, JACK PIICH- OLSOn MERYL STREEP continued to shine. Eighties FLASH: KEITH RICHARDS and ARETHA FRAHKLin revamped the the Stones ' classic for the soundtrack and WHOOPI GOLDBERG starred in the hit film JUMPIH ' JACK FLASH. Attorney General MEESE " un- veils " his policy against por- nography in front of his chief opponent ADY JUSTICE. CORAZOri AQUIMO continues the struggle to hold onto her country. Sixties Survivors: The smash summer tours of BOB DYLAH (above) and THE MOHKEES (left) proved that some things never really " a-change. " DOH JOHHSOM: Ahem, Rock n Roll star. DOUG FLUTIE changes species from college Eagle to big-time Bear. POLARIOH ■ l42l , CLUBS SYLVESTER STALLOFiE strikes a sensitive pose in his latest film COBRA. TALRIMQ MEADS have Stopped Mak- ing Sense " and become one of Ameri- ca ' s favorite bands. PAUL SIMOM had a successful comeback with his critically ac- claimed album QRACELAMD. In yet another wedding, PRIMCE ANDREW married commoner SARAM FERGUSON, and the world yawned for more. MIKHAIL GORBACHEV: " Propos- ing " new relations with US? RONALD REAGAN: Could the Iran scandal be the thing that sticks to his Teflon armor? 5? Mi- Triumph and T ragedy: LARRY BIRD and the Celtics won their 16th World Champi- onship (left) but lost first round draft pick LEN BIAS (above) to a co- caine overdose. TOM CRUISE showed us who was TOP GUN in ' 86. POLARION I Sam and Diane; Something to ■ ' cheer” about but will they go through with it? MADOnriA (above): Graduated from Material Girl to Marilyn clone. (Right) VOYAGER: Around the world in nine days and no refueling. Terrorist: Portrait of a Red Sox fan after the seventh game of the world series Max Headroom: HE made it hip to stutter, (left) The Bangles: Gave new perspective to Mondays and walking, (above) Greg LeMond: An American finally rides to victory in the Tour de France. Mew England Patriots: What about the Pats? Ask Denver. Sigourney Weaver: Rambo ' s futur- istic female counterpart. Cary Grant: Handsome, charming, and sophisticated- he had it all. WE LL MISS HIM. POLARIOM 1 144 1 CLUBS (Contra scandal) Iran Contra Scandal: Between beuraucratic red tape and the Fifth Ammend- ment the scandal may never become complete- ly clear. STARS STRIPES: The Yanks prove who ' s best and bring the American ' s Cup back to its real home. m Fievel: Mickey goes ethnic. Take it easy, JIM. There ' s always next year. MICHAEL J. FOX has THE LIGHT OF DAY but still keeps his FAMILY TIES. First round jinx strikes again. Will the BRUIHS ever get to the Stanley Cup finals? CYBIL SHEPARD BRUCE WILLIS show it takes two to tangle. MARIA ARHIE: What a combination! TIHA TURNER breaks every rule and is as sexy as ever doing it. POLARION 1 145 Best Of Luck To Class Of 1987 FAPFA TIMMY ' S South Main St. Middleboro Gyros Call 947-8529 Pizza For The Rock Occasion . . . CARBOn 14 Good Luck From SAVAS LIQUORS We Do; You Pay We Play Clubs Etc Parties Weddings Call 763-5153 Lakeville, Ma. 947-2434 Tel. 644-5061 Congratulations And Best Luck Class Of ' 87 MACOMBER BROTHERS inc. WIHB ERG ' S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Kerosene And Fuel Oils Oil Burner Sales And Service 2 Howland Rd. Assonet, Ma. 02702 Mike Hughes Broker CHERRYEIELD REALTY Bus. 947-5285 Res. 826-4760 Lakeville, Ma. 947-5263 147 • Residential • Commercial • Land • Management • Financing Arranged • MLS • Complete Personal Service Middleboro Center COLOniAL OFFICE SUFFLY 947-7991 The Full Line Office Supplies Interior Design Space Planning 53 Centre St., Middleboro V. Our personalized services are free ' 50 Center Street Middleboro. MA 02346 ( 617 ) 947-5165 DAIRY QUEEPi IHC. 7 East Grove St. Middleboro, MA 02346 Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 Tel. 763-5544 Envelopes Letterheads nCR Forms WILBUR PRESS Letter Press And Offset Printing 123 Chace Road East Freetown, Ma. BOYnron TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 61 So. Main Street Assonet, MA 02702 THE BOSTOn STORE 59 Center St. Middleboro, Ma. 644-2800 riear Post Office 148 StrideRite COUriTRY STORE ( 617 ) 947-9013 LAKEVILLE NURSERIES FLORIST AND GARDEN CENTER JANET BEN HANELT RT. 44, HARDiriQ ST. LAKEVILLE, MA 02347 LORENZO ' S tfaSan Restaurcnt Route 28 Cranbery Hghway Middleboro, MA 02346 Home Cooked Foods LAW OFFICES OF CALLAIi MATHER 20 S. Main St. Middleboro Paul R. Callan, Esq. Robert J. Mather, Esq. 6 South Main Street Assonet, Ma. 02702 Congratulations 87 Grads! 2991 Telephone (617) 644-5550 AHH StRAYS HOME ELATE RESTAURAHT Fine Foods 68 South Main Street Assonet, MA 02702 Mon - Thurs. 10 - 5:30 shoe store the shoe. COn VERSE J BAPIK OF BOSTOn South Eastern Region n.A. With The Eagle Serving The needs Of The Community. We Wish The Class Of ' 87 The Best Of Luck Phone 947-1909 FRESCRIFTIOn FHARMACY CLARK THE FLORIST 52 Center St. P.O. Box 68 Middleboro, Ma. 02346 Phone 947-7730 Roger A. Clark The Store . . . With Fashion Galore! SHIRLE Fashions Inc. Middleboro 947-8400 Plymouth 746-7679 Women ' s Wearing Apparel For All Occasions Bridal Fashions And Gowns Good Luck And Wishes From 374 Centre Street Middleboro, Mass. 02346 MIDDLEBORO CLOTH I HG STORE EGGERS FURPilTURE CO. Middleboro, Ma. Men ' s And Boy ' s Wear 38 Center St. Headquarters For Levis And Rent A Tux Formals May We Help You With Your next Adventure In Furniture There ' s A Convenient MTC Office riear You Call 947-1313 MTC MIDDLEBOROUQtl TRUST COMFAHY Member Federal Insurance Corporation William F. Leonard Vice President MAtlOnEY WRIGHT IHSURAHCE AGEHCY OF MIDDLEBORO, IHC. 44 Pearl St. Middleboro Ma. 02346 947-2058 BREHDAS FIHE JEWELRY Center Street Middleboro, Ma. Congratulations ...... 2987 BIRCnWOOD REAL TY Birchwood Common, Route 18, Lakeville 947-2396 152 Lobster Live Cooked • native Shellfish Lobster Ville TME LOBSTER SHACK Retail Wholesale Route 28 Mi ddleboro Ma. Just Off The Rotary Circle 947-9840 R. Brooks Bloomfield, DVM Assonet Animal Hospital General Medicine and Surgery for Small and Large Animals by Appointment Except Emergencies Assonet Village Square Plaza • Junction of Routes 24 79 68 I South Main Street • P.O. Box 670 Assonet, Massachusetts 02702-0898 Telephone (6l7) 644-2744 Telephone 947-1216 Area Code 617 STEVES SFORT DEFi All Types Of Sporting Equipment Team Outfitters 143 Center St. Middleboro, Ma. NOW 2 SUPER Locations SUPER CUT GfiEAT PRICE SAY IT - N - WEAR IT Customized Screen Printing Tee Shins Hats Shorts Athletic Wear LISA DOUG BERRY • Proprietors KIM BERRY - Mascot Uniforms Jackets BamilpIIairCeiiteK. 15 North Main St MIddteOoro, MA 02346 617-947-55 87 PPPIV fC $0050 COMPLETE XJlViTlO hO ILONG hair EXTRA! NO APPOINTMENTS Center St. 947-0786 DARTMOUTH ST. (At Bliss Corner) 997-0393 441 TARKILN HILL RD. (Just Above Ashley Blvd.) 995-9913 MARIA ' S HALLMARK SHOES Middleboro Square 947-0968 % riarb arbens Jim Morris Bill Belliveau Herbalist Mgr. - Designer Savas Plaza - Bedford Street - Lakeville 947-7596 Good Luck! BIRCMWOOD COMMOn 350 Bedford St., Lakeville, MA 947-0281 MELLO ' S CLEANERS In Savas Plaza Route 18, Lakeville 946-0873 " The Particular Cleaners " Offering Same Day Service On All Garments NATURE ' S PANTRY 69 Main St. Lakeville, MA 947-1266 Wishes Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1987 MCnEARMY inSURAnCE AGEFiCY IPiC. ( 617 ) 947-4700 TIRE MART BRAKE MUFFLER CENTER Front End Alignment • Shocks Custom Pipe Bending • Batteries 523 West Grove Street. Rte. 28 Middleboro, MA 02346 20 South Main St. Middleboro THE HAIRCUT STORE The Village Square Plaza Hair Styling For: Men - Women - Children Appointments: Tues. - Fri. 9 - 5, Sat. 9 - 4 Two Full Time Barber- Stylists On Duty Jeff Wood Pat Chace 644-5000 155 Carrying On A Tradition Of Serving Delicious Frates Ice Cream! 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REALTOR® MeMBER NORTHERN MVI RELO RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL • LAND • APPRAISALS MORTGAGES • INSURANCE Middleboro Rotary Middleboro MA 02346 Telephone (617) 946-0400 ASSONET ' S VILLAGE PIZZA 66 South Main St. Assonet Open Sunday- Thursday 11AM-9PM Frkday-Saturday 11AM- 11PM Tel 644-2062 Pizza Grinders ASSOriET FHARMACY 63 South Main St. Assonet MA 02702 644-5455 644-2285 Home Of The A.P.I. Video Movies 89 Michael J. Correia, R. Ph William C. Prentice, R. Ph Kelly, Kris, and Denise ' Practice . . . ? " Rocky Mook!!l Jason actuaily passed an essay in on time? Mr. Qorman spilled coffee on his pants? We sang the E.l. rap? Paul tried to do rhyme schemes? Holland 85 ' and 86 ? " PofFertjes " " A voice from above ... " “Mrs. Rose? " Mr. Rose ' s problem with buses — driving and abrupt stops? Mrs. Dobrowsky kicked her entire class out? Mrs. Qeisler received the “Qolden Screw Award? " K.A.R.T.? Apponequet beat Case in game 3? Kris said, “My, wouldn ' t she taste good? " “Conan the Librarian? " Marc ' s imitation of Scott? Mr. Homen ' s “Quite frankiy " s and Mr. Furtado ' s “O.K. ' " s? Mrs. Haskins did doughnuts in the school parking iot? The Senior Biurbs were edited? Maria wasn ' t in any group pictures? Mona was in ali the group pictures? Mr. Furtado ' s hot water heater burst? Frank got arrested for stealing pumpkins? Mrs. Casey didn ' t get involved? Paul flashed on Rte. 79? Mrs. Powers sang to her 6th period freshmen English ciass? Double sessions invaded A.H.S.? Mr. Troupin ran on to the fleid and yelled at the referees? Mary Kay shaved " MK " in her hair? D. C. hid Mr. Coite ' s whistle? The seniors did the " wave " in 5th study? Mrs. Soares ' “fun " quizzes and tests in computer ciass? Erik had “bowel problems " every day at 8:45? Laura got caught imitating the way Mrs. Powers walks? Laurie walked into the boys ' locker room at Hew Bedford High? Cynde slapped Bridget across the face in English class? We wrote the Roses ' term papers? John moved the " Rosemobile? " The basketball team had to stay until 10:00 shooting foul shots? Jim B. got thrown out of Mrs. Casey ' s class? E. L. was caught in the maii while skipping school? The Earth moved every time Jamie cackled? The Polish yearbook advisor said, “Blurbs are a privilege, not a right. " ? POLARiOH |l59| REMEMBERS " We re on a road to nowhere . . . Mo, that ' s not true, but it seems like it. How you doin ' over there? " " All right, just tying my shoe. " " Oh, yeah, got it. Mold up. I ' ll catch up to you . . . Hey, look at those kids back there. " " Who, the freshman? " " Yeah. Look at ' em trying to leg it up to us. Don ' t they know they can ' t get past their guard posts? " " ho. Theyjust started this stretch of the road. They don ' t know what ' s going on yet. But you should know better. You ' ve got to get going. These posts don ' t last forever, you know. After the next one coming up it ' s open road for the rest of the way. There ' s no catch up time, ho one ' s going to wait up for you or help you. On the open road, you re on your own. " " My, aren ' t we ominous today! " They walk on-one steadily, eyes forward. He continues to stop occasionally and let his meandering partner catch up to him. They reach the post together. Unlike the other posts they had arrived at at otherjunctures of the road, this one did not block out the other side of the road. They both gasped at the scene which stood on the other side of the expanse. The road had widened incredibly, making the one they had just finished travelling seem like a footpath. There were hundreds of people travelling the road, all at various distances from the guard post; yet, despite the larger number of people travelling, none were together. Each walks his own path, alone. One particular traveller catches the interest of the two walkers about to cross over. " Isn ' t that . . . " " Smith! Hey, wasn ' t he supposed to have gotten here like three years ago? " " Four, and he did. " " But, he ' s like only a hundred yards down the road. I ' ve seen slow, but four years . . . ' " He ' s going in a circle. " " Hey, right. That ' s ... " ARE YOU READY? The voice over the intercom, cold and ominous has taken them both by surprise. ARE YOU READY TO PASS? " Yes. " " Oh, absolutely. ' PASS. The gate lifts and they both begin their courses. The first one starts quickly, walking in brisk, even steps, pass- ing Smith in a few moments. The other watches the first in amusement. Me begins to leisurely stroll down the road. " Hey, Smith buddy, how ' re you doin ' ? That ' s a wild way to walk. It ' s like this right? " He follows Smith ' s circuit, while his original col- league ' s figure disappears in the distance. They have begun.

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Apponequet High School - Polarion Yearbook (Lakeville, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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