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LAKEVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY 3577 00057 5967 Lakeville Public Library The Francis E. and Barbara E. Rose Polarion Yearbook Collection 2007 Lakeville Public Library 4 Precinct St. Lakeville, MA 02347 REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Lakeville, Massachuesefts 1986 POLARION VOLUME XXVI This day breathed first: TIME is come round. And where I did begin, there shall end; My life is run his compass. Shakespeare 2 AH, STIRRNG TIMES WE LIVE N - SIRRING TIMES. HARDY A TIME present and TIME past and both perhaps present in TIME future .... T.S. Eliot But TIME, to make me grieve. Part steals, lets part abide; And shakes this fragile frame at eve With throbbings of noontide. Hardy 6 7 8 Many TIMES I ' ve been alone and many TIMES I ' ve cried. Anyway, you ' ll never know the many ways I ' ve tried But still they lead me back to the long and winding road. You left me standing here, a long, long TIME ago. Don ' t leave me waiting here. Lead me to your door. McCartney Love, all alike, no season knows, nor dime. Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of TIME. Donne 12 14 15 NCIENT " The TIME has come, " the Walrus said, " To talk of many things: of shoes - and ships - and sealing-wax- of cabbages -and - kings- and why the sea is boiling hot- and whether pigs have wings. " Lewis Carroll Wvi™ oV ' ffP wen» V • 16 1 Y Y Y Y Y Y cY cY Y ' ■X tY er tY tY ec tY tY e6 ?6 ?6 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 SENIORS MICHAEL S. ALMEIDA Simulus 1. 2, 3. 4 Mike likes computers, cooking, astronomy, Monty Python, Robin Williams, Sci Fi, Douglas Adams, Dr. Who, and Bloom County. Mike ' s pet peeves are homework, slow drivers, and Mondays. After graduation, Mike plans to go to Johnson and Wales for a culinary degree. Mike will always remember morning announcements, Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Greeson ' s class, and the Tao. Mike would like to thank Mr. Lagadec for all his help, and Don " the spas " Pullano. " DON ' T PANIC . " JAMES H. ALMOND Jimmy ' s ambition in life is to go to college for something in the computer field. Someday he would like to own his own business and make lots of money. He won ' t forget Wendy, Laura, and Karen in 6th period study, and all the boring days they spent. He is most likely to be found cruising around with Bill. His favorites are Van Halen, pizza, Z-28 ' s, and Me Donalds. His pet peeves are Mr. Worcester, Mr. Powers, people who think they are better than others, sitting in Mr. Laferriere ' s class, Mondays, and Freshmen. FRANK AL VILHEIRA Frank can be found at the Continental with Musky, Granville, and Goober, or with Leanne cruising in the red Comoro, listening to George Thorogood. Frank will always remember the junior finals with Bud and Jack and Horseneck nights. Frank ' s favorite places include the Channel, The Tavern, and Cherry Street. " One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. " G. T. PATRICIA A ARBEC " In those dreams that no one knows of my destiny says that I am destined to run. " Patty ' s future ambition is to be happy and a successful R.N. Among her favorites are Paul, sunny days, laying on the beach, long walks, back rubs, night movies, CC, working out, cruising in her candy apple red Camaro, Newport, the times spent with Lee, Chey, Jul, Missy, and Bon. But most of all the four special years spent with Paul. " f -17-83. " She most admires her Mom and Dad for putting up with so much but also for giving so much in return. MANUEL ARRUDA Manny ' s plans for the future are to attend college and study business management with concentration in Accounting. Upon graduation, he plans to lead a happy and prosperous life. His favorites include meeting new people, taking a journey. C , C, S-4, " Summer of 85 " . Oooeee AUrriteH, the beach, and G.l.T.G. Most admired are friends J.M., K.K.A, G.D., P.A.. ■ Manny would also like to thank his Mom I and family for their time and encouragement. God bless you Dad. 18 LAURIE DEAN ASHLEY ! Choir 1. 2. 3, 4. S T 3. 4, Band 2. 3, 4. Drama 1. 2. 3, 4. Yearbook Staff. Laurie ' likes to believe that life is what yau make I ' l of it. She hopes in the future to go to college, get married, and live happily ever after. She loves singing, traveling. Pad. 3 1 Sha ron. Hugs Kisses, and making friends. % She hates being told what to do and being toid she ' s wrong. " I ' m the luckiest girl alive. " " That ' s Jo-hann! " " Do I know you? " MELISSA J. ASHLEY Choir 3, LeBaron 3, 4. Melissa ' s ambition in life is to someday marry Matthew. She enjoys being with Matthew, Sue. Dad D., Patty. Wendy. Charlene. Kim, Kathy, her friends at work, Maria, Brenda. Kim, Marianne, and Lisa. Her favorites are MA TTHEW, Sue, her nephew. Mr. Furtado. and Mr. Kobak. She most admires her parents for ait fheir love and supporf. Her most memorable day is 5 6 84. Her pet peeves are C.R.. two-faced liars, and people who use others. " Keep Smiling Class of 86. " PAUL AUDET Paul likes cruising around while listening to Rush, AC DC, or ZZ Top. Pizza, steak, and chocolate chip cookies are among his favorite foods. His pet peeves are Mondays, homework, and people screaming at him. Pad plans to go to college and go into business management. PHILIP BAKER The class af 1986 would like to wish Phil the very best. JO- ANN BARROW Jo-ann ' s ambition is to be happy and successful in life and work with children. Some of her favorites are Sha. S.F., Gi, L.A., her friends, C.S., J.T., Sr. F.. and nights at the beach. Her pet peeves are snobs, liars, and spam! She ' ll never froget R.B.. " 88 " . Gary, 9 21 85. and her years at AHS! She thanks her aunt and unde far their support but especially her parents for raising her right and pushing her to be the best she can be! SA. " Oh-well, whatever " " Smile! " Honor Society. Yearbook. Office Aid. DAVID A. BEARD David ' s ambition in life is to become a marine biologist. His favorites include swimming, AC DC, running around on Mark ' s roof, and partying, but not at Frank ' s. David was on the Apponequet High Swim Team all four of his years at Apponequet. He collected four letters and was co-captain of the team his senior year. JOHN BEAUDOIN John ' s ambition in life is to attend college and become filthy rich. John ' s favorites include partying with Jay, Paul, Kevin, Shayne, 16 ounce curls, Coors, “S.Y.N. " , Bryan Adams, The Boss. His most memorable moments include running from Cliff, Sadeck ' s raid, Freetown Beach, Shayne ' s facecloth and the Summer of " 85 " . His pet peeves are snobby girls, liars, 6:00 a m. . He mostly admires his parents. John wishes the class of " 86 " the best of luck. KURT PA TRICK BELKEN Kurt ' s ambition in life is to become a lawyer, and someday travel to Switzerland and the Soviet Union. Among his favorites are Hampton Beach N.H., Thompson Twins, stormy nights, Howard Jones, Eurythmics, and Christmas. Kurt would like to wish R.F., K.N, K.G.. S.D., R.R., M.R.. J.H. L.F., C.R., C. W., M. T„ and the rest of his friends the best of tuck and success in the future. National Honor Society (Treas.), Band, Stage Band, Senior Council. " Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much. Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. " PAUL BENA Paul ' s ambition in life is fo be successful in whatever he does. His favorites include sleeping late, pretty girls, cold brewskies. skiing. Mustang ' s, going to the beach, listening to Segar, the Boss, and Pat Benatar, and most of ait parting with Squatty, Goph, Flipper, Turtle, Jabes, and Johnny Y. Paul ' s pet peeves are snobby girls, misers, Mitch, and tough guys. Paul will never forget getting kicked out of the Inn with Squatty, and Goph, playing Flipper, nights at the Tavern, running from Cliff, and hiding from Officer Sadeck under Jay ' s bed. Paul mosf admires his parents for not giving up and putting up with all his B.S. " Where ' s the party? " Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2 SHA WN DA VID BERNARD Shawn ' s ambition in life is to become a successful businessman and own a Porsche 911. His favorites include Michelle, partying, football, skiing. Bud, AC DC, his bike, B.K.. NAM, and the Hooters. He ' s most likely found with Michelle or partying with Do, Eggy, Johnny O and Dostain. Shawns pet peeves are R. T. and 6 a m. He will always remember times shared with Michelle, Do and Cabby. Over the Years, Football 3-4 MICHAEL ROBERT BERNARDO Mike ' s immediate plans after high school are to go on to college and major in outdoor recreation. His most memorable high school moments were in his four years of playing football for the Lakers. People he most admires are Coach Dias and his j parents. He would like to state " It ' s fine to build your castles In the sky as long as your ; foundations are on the ground. " Mike | would like to wish the best of luck to all future graduating classess at Apponequet. DENNIS J. BIGELOW • Dennis ' s ambition in life is to be successful j in whatever he does. A lot of thanks to I Mom + Dad for all they put up with. His I favorites include B.K., the T Palace. ' partying with Paul, Gil. Todd, and Ken, 6th study with L.G. and C.B. . His pet peeves are B. dancing, misers, and the Rink. He will always remember all his friends from AHS. SHARON BLACKBURN " Capture the moment, carry the day, stay with the chase as long as you may. Follow the dreamer, the foot, and the sage, back to the days of the innocent age. " High school has brought Sharon a lot of love and a lot of dreams. Some of her dreams came true. She has grown and seen others grow, and she has learned, gained love, respect, and most of all, she has gained confidence in herself. She ' ll always remember the Australian Guide, and the Tall Dark Stranger, and those special horseback rides. JOHN P. BOLDUC : John can usually be found with Steve J.. Tom W.. Mike T.. Scott B., Mike W. or sitting at the " real man ' s table. " His favorites i i include Deep Purple, Neil Young, Rush and Chinese food. Pet Peeves are Chemistry , the Pledge. Mrs. Marganean, S. T M, ' s and ' car talk. Special thanks to Mom Dad for 1 their patience. Best of luck to Class of ' 86. " It is better to have nothing to do, than to do nothing. " SCOTT BONNEAU Bluto can usually be found w Joe and Lou or listening to some Steve Miller or BTC. His favorites are good tunes 8c Satuday nights with the crew and ice-cold Bud. His pet peeves are GB ' s, Mitch, wet football equipment and Mondays. Scott will never forget the night in the trailer with Bill, Chowder, and Lisa Lightweight. Scotty most admires his parents for putting up with his BS and for not throwing him out when he got carried away. Football 2-4. Spring track 3, 4. KA THLEEN M. BCSSE Kathy ' s ambition is to become well-known in the fashion world and provide her son, Jonathon, w ith the best. Her favorites: linguica, eggrolls, the Doors. JT. taking on a chailenge, MA, MM. MS the fags, Ms. Halstead, Mr. Greeson, and big tips. Her pet peeves: writing, people who don ' t care, LW. and Ms. Hilton. She ' ll always remember the 3 types of hair found on the body, her lectures, 1982-83, and 1- 1-85. She ' d like to give special thanks to her family. " So yah wanna sit on my tap? " Cosmetology 3, 4 PAUL CHRISTIAN BCCK Paul ' s future ambition in life is to attend college and become rich. He will always remember going out in the " ReesemobUe " and partying at Napalm ' s with his friends. Paul enjoys food, partying, girls, good music, etc ... His pet peeves are working, ignorant people, and Burger Chef parking lots. He will never forget the good times he had at school with his friends and wishes them the best of luck In the years to come. " Is it Friday yet? " Baseball 3. 4. 21 JESSICA BRAGA Jess ' favs include food. Metal!, NH, ski- dooing. Blazing through FSF, being with CJ . the Crue, Canada the Beast. Some of her peeves are being lied to, homework. Barb, no gas, work No, you can ' t go. Jessi won ' t forget Band X-changes, 12 15 82, 8 10 85, 10 2 85, all her friends. Her main ambitions are to become a marine biologist, 8c to own a Counfach 8c a Cougar (the cat). Thanx, Mom 8c Dad, I love you! Goob! Whell! What? Sure. Psych! Whenever you dream, you ' re holding the key ... C, ILY .. . TDDUPI, J. Band 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 4 RACHEL BRANCO " Love in the heart wasn ' t put there to stay. Love isn ' t love til you give if away. " Rach ' d like to manage an NFL Team after college. Enjoys Hwood, skiing, scary movies, balloons, Horseneck, satin sheet waferbeds. Bon Jovi, shopping, Lowies, Madonna, Dancing, leaving school early and wild summer-nights OH Baby! Never Forget: London and scoping-Ker, Marie and Vat Pet peeves: people who stare, breaking a fingernail, her laugh and sneeze and lousy signals. She ' d like to thank sis Kris-best friend. Mom-understanding, Dad-supporting, and Mark -love and care. " Scary. " MICHELLE A. BROUSSEAU Michelle ' s future ambitions are to be a hairdresser, travel, and to own a black Ferrari. Her pet peeves are stuck-up people, and people that use others. Her favorites are her sister Donna, C D., M S., C.G., S.T., H.C., D.G., Boston Bruins, Van Halen, Pizza, and Ferrari cars. She most admires her Mom and Dad for all they have done for her. Love Ya, Mom and Dad. Lots of Luck to the class of 86. " I Know. " LaBaron 3 ERIC BROWN " A true friend is someone who likes you even when you act like yourself . . . There are too many things to mention them . . . good or bad . . What happened . . . They are inside . . . My love is sent to my mother . . . and . . . what will happen next . . . Anything, Everything . . . Follow all dreams ... It matters not where you have been, but where you are going . . . Make it good! . . . " Hey Brat -What ' s that s ' posed to mean? " RICHARD BUTLER The class of 1986 would like to wish Richard the very best. ROBERT BUTLER i When Bob graduates he will be continuing i his work in landscaping. Bob enjoys ; ; spending time working on his car and I being with his girlfriend. Bob ' s favorite I pasttime is listening to rock music and I eating at Mickey D ' s. The people Bob ( admires the most are his family, Michelle, I Mike, and Flood. Bob ' s pet peeves are liars i and people who don ' t help themselves or j others. T.W.A. GIA GIL CHASE " The Best is Yet to Come! " Gi ' s ambition in j life is to have a healthy and happy t marriage with Eddie. Her favorites are " Eddie " , L.F., the rest of her friends, shopping and spending all of her time with Eddie! GIgi ' s pet peeves are thunder storms and people who drive slow. She most admires her Mom Dad for ! everything they have done. I love you! Gig will never forget her friendship with Squeaky freshman year, and the trouble they got into together. " Believing is the begining of a dream come true. " ! love ! you, ED.!! DANA T. CARUNG Dana can be found either at work, or home sleeping. His favorites are pizza, beautiful blondes, fast cars and racing Frank ' s Camaro. His pet peeves are ugly women, stuck-up girls, Algebra, and Mrs. Pina. Dana will always remember skip-day, in-school suspension, and study hail. His ambition in life is to be rich, happy, and to own a Ferrari. Dana eventually plans to go to B.C.C. (Beer Cans College) and U.B. (University of Bud weiser). " It ' s Casual! " KRIS ANTHCNY CABRAL The class of 1986 would like to wish Kris the very best. MELINDA CLARK Mindy ' s ambition in life is to become a photographer. She ' ll always remember her friends: Kerrie, Scott, Greg, Mike, Eric, Woody, Kelly, Steve, and the rest. She ' ll never forget July 4 85, summer of ' 85, and her senior year. Her likes are collecting unicorn items. Motley Crue, and Dire Straits. Her pet peeves are cars without radios, which don ' t go fast, and cops. She ' d like to her teachers for making class She ' d like to say it ' s been real, it ' s been nice, but it hasn ' t been real nice. I love Woody. 23 MARC CLERC Class President 4. Track 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Cross Country 1-4. Senior Council 4, NHS 3 . 4 Marc ' s ambition is to graduate from a respectable college and to make a lot of money. People that mean a lot in Marc ' s life are Chris (THE STINGER), Lulu. Sal (THE CAPTAIN), The Mope, S.M.. Herbie, Himie, S.L., Moonpie, and Kerry. He will always remember going out with Chris and stop signs with Sal. Some important dates for Marc are 3 29 85 and 6 29 85. Marc would especially like to thank his parents for everything. JILL R. COOK Jill hopes to become Scott ' s wife in the near future, be an accountant. see the world! Best times are with Scott, at parties. 8i playing softball Her favorites include her friends during these school years, who are R.C.. M.D.. R.R. Her favorite teacher in school is Mr. Freitas. She wishes the best of luck to the Class of " 86 " . CHRISTINA CLIFFORD Field hockey 1-4, Basketball 1-4. St. Council 1-4. Secretary 2. 3. Tina plans to further her education and live a happy and successful life. She enjoys sailing. Fla. Granny s. Phil Collins, and spending time with friends (Nat. Cel Fitz, LL. L IV. TS. P. DN. RS). Teen will always remember England with Paula and Tom, Ft Laud. 85 with Kenny, the Jr. Prom, interviews and her bro. Eric. Her pet peeves are SATS.. Mondays, and mornings. Hey Tom. Watch your elbows! Appono- what? Dad. you graduated! Good luck class of 86 . . PEGGY ANN CORNELL Peg ' s ambition is to go on to college to pursue a career in nursing and live a long and happy life w Ray. She most admires her Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything! Some of her favorites include: Ray, her " vette " . roses. Mom ' s lasagna. m and m ' s. " RCC " . her family, dancing, and teddy bears Peg ' s memories: 5 15 83- 1 LOVE YOU. RA Yl, summer of 83. M. V. and F. 7 " Stairway to Heaven " , proms 84 -y 85. times with her friends: (LL. CW, MH, LL. LG), sailing ' 85 ' and 507. Track 1. 2. 4, Best of Luck - ' 86 ' , Keep Smiling! WILLIAM COGGESHALL Bill ' s ambitions are to graduate and go to college. His favorites are eating, girls. Mustang ' s, having a good time and being with his friends D.M.-J.B.-D.P.-K.W.-B.F. His pet peeves are losers, VW bug. School, lunch. M.A.. Dino, Fred. Barny. The Rack. His favorite classes are study, lunch, woodshop with Mr. H. Mr. Stark. ROBERT M. CORREIA Bob ' s ambition in life is to be wealthy and raise a family. He can most likely be found with Billy, Mark. Tracy, or Alien. His favorites are karate, wrestling, skating, and food. He enjoys listening to Blue Oyster Cult. Van Halen. Aerosmith, and Bruce Springsteen. His pet peeves are snobby people, smokers, and the word no . His outlook on life is to live one day at a time. " Good luck to the class of 86. " 24 DEBRA J. COSTA Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. Debbie ' s ambition in life is I to be happy and successful. Her favorites include softball, Aerosmith, skiing, Mrs. Andrews and Joe. Debbie ' s most memorable moments are the summer of 84, crossing the highway from 195 east to 195 west, and the good times with her friends. Her pet peeves are liars, 6:00 am, and people who think they are better than others. Debbie would like to thank her friends L.L, H.C, M.M, M.B, R.K, L.F, and even S.M, for all the goad times, and especially her parents, ' love Ya, Mom 8c Dad " GARY CUNNINGHAM Gary is most likely found w AC, BRAT, JAC, BC, K, WD, MH, CJ. He most admires Mom, people who stand alone, people who don ' t care what others think. Favorite times include V66 at noon, the stumble gang, green meanies, snow storms, Conn trips. Pet peeves include out of date people, teasers, obesity, boring days, 8c impolite people. Favorites include tears, U2, INXS, FIXX, STING, THOMPSON TWINS, skiing, tofouti, making his own fun 8c solitude w a friend. " That ' s what I ' ll do! " " Hey, can you hear this? " RONALD COSTA The class of " 1986 " wishes Ronald the very best. RYAN ALAN COSTA Ryan hopes to work his way into a college with a commercial art program so he can further his artistic talents as an illistrator. Most memorable year: 1982. friends: B.F., D.P., K.D. Ryan believes that even though there is a lot of peer-pressure, you should be able to fight it. There is an old saying, " Right is right if only one person is for it and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it. " CAROL YN CUSSON Carolyn ' s ambition in life is to be happy and someday have a family. She is happiest when with Jeannie, Michelle, 8c Chrissie, but most of all, Denny! Some of her favorites include her family, Nancy, Leanne, Sharon, " the boys " . Tom Petty and Chinese food. Carolyn will never forget crazy times w Jeannie, Chrissie, 8c " Jack " , and she ' ll always remember the good times spent w Denny, Shawn, and Michelle. PATRICIA A. DAWSON Patty ' s ambition in life is to be an RN, get married 8c have 2 kids. Her favorites are: gold, skiing, being w ARC. weekends w Suruscos 8c ice cream fights. Pet peeves: 2 faced people. SF, 8c snobs. Patty will always remember, 6-6-85, 8-26-85. Roxanne (thanks for always being there, sis), JG, KB . RB. She can usually be found hanging w the crew. Love ya AJ. Patty most admires 8c respects Mrs. Barth, the Suruscos 8c her parents, thanks for putting up w me. " Nice Lie. " " Good luck class of ' 86 . " 25 CHRISTINA L DeFAZIO Chris ' ambition in life is to go to MCP and become a successful pharmacist. Her favorites include Chris. Hag. NH. quiet times, skiing, penguins, sunsets, summers, roses, spending $, and smiles! Her pet peeves are snobs. LEB, and decisions. Chris ' s most memorable moments are 10 14 84, 6 6 84. summers of ' 84 ' 85. 9 26 84. 12 29-31 84. Chris can usually be found vv Chris, Hag. SLKKSMKMMT + MM. Thanks Mom Uncle Mike. I couldn ' t have made it w out yal DFJ. " The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart. MARY E. Dl CHIARA Band 1-4. Stimulus 1-4. Senior Council 4. Yearbook Staff. Student Voices 3 4. Mary ' s ambition in life is to be a computer programmer. Her hobbies are using the computer and having a good time. Her favorites are Bryan Adams and Phil Collins. Her pet peeve is snobs. Mary will remember Kris. Kim. Jen. and Mike. Mary most admires her parents. Mr. Gorman, and Mr. Freitas. Her most memorable moments are the exchange concerts and 8 4 85-8 9 85. Mary wishes the Class of 86 the best of luck! FABIAN DE JESUS The Class of 1986 wishes Fabian the very best. BRENDA DIMARZIO LeBaron 3 Brenda ' s ambition in life is to go to college take a walk on the wild side w ANDY. You usually can find Brenda w A. T. P.M.. D.D. or at B.K Most memorable moments were w R.C.. 3 8 85 w P.M.. V.H. S.L.. 5 2 85 w J.L. 6 6 85. Favorites are Z28 ' s. Jeeps, beaches, sunsets. Chinese food, hearts Aerosmith Pet peeves: snobs, slow drivers. R.R. MR. guys who think they own the world. Thanks Mom Dad. Love ya! She wishes the Class of " 86 " the best of luck. BRYAN S. DODGE Basketball 1. Football 1-4. Stewy ' s ambition in life is to go to school, meet some real party satallite ' s. and make a lot of money. His most memorable times include the scavenger Hunt (35 dollars wasted on that deal), rockin ' parties with no law and order (Franky ' s and Nelson ' s). Stewy will never forget " the crazyHimes with Dave. Tim. Chris. Kevin. " Hey dudes let ' s PARTY! " 26 f i MICHELLE ANN DOMA GALA I Tennis, Band. Senior Council, Choir. S T, J Stimulus Club, Drama Club. " A smile reflects ; a contented soul, which radiates goodness, I am told. " Michelle ' s goal is to be (j successful and expand her horizons. Her )! favorites are good times with friends, (i tennis, ocean waves, Billy Squire. The f Eagles, singing, water skiing. using time (I wisely. Most memorable moments were spent with friends, 9-24-85 8t. the exchange I concerts. Michelle most admires Mom Dad. for being the best parents anyone could have. She also admires Mrs. Barth and Mr. Lagadec. Enjoy Life! JOHN R. DONAHUE John ' s future is undecided. His favorites are girls, Loverboy. Horseneck beach, lobster and being with his friends. He will never forget the summer of 85 cruising with Keith ' in his " Stangs " . roast beef and meatball grinders. " Whafs Happeninin? " His favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. His pet peeves are getting up early, having no money, and homework. He won ' t forget the many happy moments at A.H.S. with Mr. D, Mr. C.. and all of hi friends. Good Luck class of " 86 " . Thanks. Mom and Dad. SCOTT J. DOOLEY Football 1. 2, Baseball 1-4. Scott wants to be sucessful at whatever he does, be wealthy, and live in a big house with a lot of grass and drive a nice car. He can be found with D.G.. SB.. J.Y., E.B. Scott ' s pet peeves are 6 am, Monday mornings, working Friday nights. Mr. Powers, 4 long years at Apponequet, and brown noses. His favorites are bargin row, 1:30. Mr. McCarthy, wrestling, Paul Orndoff. rowdy Piper, the Hulkster. Best of Luck to the Class of ' 86 " . " It happens " . CHARLENE M. DROZ Cosmetology 3, 4. " Char " Charlene ' s ambition is to pursue a career in cosmetology and attend college. Her favorites include Chinese food. Heart. u2, Zepplin, beaches, sunset, money and MA. SF. KM, KF. AC, LT, MB. She will always remember Tues. nights and when Shoo forgot to put her car in park. " Wanna Cookie! " 9 16 83. Her pet peeves inc. 6:00 am, alarm docks C.R. Special thanks to Ma. Doo, Dad . Grams for helping me through the tough times. " Some say its holding on that makes you strong, sometimes its letting go. " SURE KID! JAMES A. DUBE Football 1-4, Baseball 1-3. Jay ' s ambition in life is to make a Coors comercial, play college football . become successful. Jay win always remember the summer of 85, his party. Officer Sadek ' s raid Canada. Favorites are the beach, studio parties, 12oz curls. Mint Choc. Chip, lasagna, golf pins, Bryan Adams, the Steelers, 8n out w Shayne, Paul, Kev, John, Mike. Pet peeves are digging graves, agilities, cleaning kitchen, up overs, liars, A.D.. J.R. Jay most admires his parents and Grandfather. Special thanks to Coach Dias. H.L.M.F! MARIA DUFFANY S T 2. 3 Maria hopes to marry Darrin live a happy life Some of her favo ' s are spending time with Darrin, going to the beach, sunsets, rainbows, teddybears, clowns, Newport, cocoa, Chinese food. She can usually be found with Darrin or causing trouble with Deb. She will always remember 7 13 85, 8 16 85, 12 25 85, K.R., E.B., M.A., J.M., Fier pet peeves are snobs, Mr. P., getting up early. Maria would like to give her love to Mr. 8c Mrs. O. Thanks Mom Dad 8r Shelly I Preety ! I ' m so tired!!! SUSAN M. DULONG Band 1-4: Stage Band 2-4: Choir 1-4: Drama Club 1-4, Majorettes 1-4, Fr. Club 4, NFIS 3, 4 " Whatever you do, work at it as if working for God, not men. " Sue plans to further her education in music. Favs. are Mom, Dad, Bren, the Animals, music, and Flowers. She ' ll never forget times w Stacy, classes w KB, BF, KG, and LH, Washington ' 85, exchange concerts, comps, parties after work, good labs, LS, KS, Papa Sc Bunna, and musicals. Thanks, Mom 8c Dad for everything! WILLIAM H. DUNHAM JR. Bill hopes to someday attend college, find a Job he likes, work for himself and make some bucks. Among his favorites are football, CP, Celtics, concerts, listening to some Steve Miller, and being with some friends. Bill will never forget at! the good times, the BM, the bugler, or the camping trip. Bill probably can be found with Mark, Tom, Tit, and Bluto. Bill most admires his mother and father and N+ G for all they ' ve done for him. " Belly? " " Headin! " ROBIN E DUROCHER Once I loved you. sometimes I miss you. always I ' ll care for you, never will I forget you Robin ' s ambition in life is to see the world. She someday wishes to ski the Alps w a skier (right Jude). Her favorites are snowskiing, sleeping, sunny beaches, " f ready bears " and weekends Robin will always remember 8 10 85, New Years ' 85 w Jen. Brian Adams w JS, FM. and DL, camming home w SV. and KW from Mike M. and the summer of ' 85 with Donna. Special thanks to Marybeth. Thanks for everything. Mom. I love you RUSSEL EDGELL CHERIE PAULINE FAFARD The Class of 1986 wishes Russel the very When she graduates Cherie plans on best working with animals. Her favorites Include ® her parents, Beth. Kim. Keith, Mike, Michelle and Kathy. Her pet peeves are cold mornings, snobs, and people who call her C Cher Her most memorable things are Bo- " Bo, P.L.. and the summer of ' 85. Best of luck to the class of " 86 " . 28 SHERRIE FERGUSON Sherrie ' s ambition in life is to be happy and live life to the fullest. Her favorites include shopping, eating, going to the beach, grammy. U2, sunsets, her friends and her Dad. Her pet peeves are people who act tough, cheese, 6:00am, snobs, and Shoo Shoo. Some of her most memorable moments are the pit, 2- 14-84, Tuesday nights w C.D., out w S.M., 9-21-85. Fergy, going to the beach, w P.M., getting in trouble w J.B., and Spinner, and being w J.D. Thanks DadI " Weno " " NO WAY! " KA THLEEN MARY FITZGIBBONS Cross Country 1, 2 Field Hockey 3. 4 Basketball 1-4 Track 1-4 Fitzy ' s plans to go to college and major in education. Some of her favorifes are Mr. H ' s world history + government. Mr. R ' s homeroom. + weekend javelin competitions with Weasy. Fitzy can usually be found with Pokie, Cliff le. Coll, M.K.. Pammy, Weasy, and Karina. She would like to thank her Mom + Dad for all there support. Fitzy ' s pet peeves are trucks that take up more than one parking space (M.P.). and mornings. " Where ' s the social event?? " " Puke I think the general Grant is a Lemon! " JUDY SUZANNE FERNANDES Softball 1-3, Field Hockey 1-3. Judy ' s ambition in life is to own her own travel agency + to travel to the most exotic and beautiful countries in the world. She most admires her parents + thanks them for all their love + support. Her favorites include being with good friends. Disney World, Smiles, The Police, sunsets + thunderstorms. Her most memorable moments are Annie ' s parties Florida vacations, skiing with Robin + times spent with Carmine. ANNETTE CHRISTINE FCNTENEAU Majorettes 1-4, Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Council. Annie is happiest when she is with special friends Shiela, John, Bob, Mich., Kathy, and Leanne. Annette ' s most memorable experiences were DE, N.Y.. ski " 84 " , Canada and VA exchange, camping with Shiela. FMUMA in the Farm-a-Rams, Sting, watcher in the band, all childhood experiences with Kathy and Gina, football face and experience 5 1Z 85. Her favorites include. 14k. The Police, the Vickery ' s and all the majorettes! Her pet peeve is Mrs. Dobrowsky. RCBERT WARREN FCRD Someday Bob hopes to be a reporter and a successful writer. ATways good times with EB MD KB LT SC RW RS JPTH CM ED DS RB JH CR SD LH and KN. Bob fav ' s Brady Bunch, writing, penguins, B-52 ' s, Euryth ' s, Eapoe. Andy Warhol, Molly R.. Waa Pwaa, ponytails to avoid susp., all-nighters, and Zephyrs. Bob dislikes The Elf Crew. Undying thanks to Mrs. Rose, Mom and Dad, and Dora. laughed. I cried, it became a part Qf me. That ' s the clincher! Pretty? The Dreaded " What If ' s. " Love ya Erin and Cheryl! ECHT, ECHT WEEEE! KIM M. FINCCHIC Kim ' s ambition in life is to marry Steve, and live a long and happy life. Her favorite foods are pizza, lasagna. Big Macs, and steak dinners. Her favorite groups are Zeppelin, Seger. and Bad Company. Kims ' s pet peeve is when a teacher won ' t let her go to the girl ' s room. Kim most admires her parents far all their support. Thanx Ma + Dad! Her favorite people are STEVE. Beth, Sha. Cha, Donna, Cor, Kelly. Nancy, and Kim. Kim ' s most memorable date is 5 25 84. " luv ya. Steve " 29 LISA FOSKEY Someday you ' ll see Lisa dancing on Broadway-and she ' ll still complain that her legs hurt! Her favorites are dancing, pink, dance conventions + being with friends. Her most memorable times were W.A.. winning 2nd place in a dance competition, h.r. with B.F.. + Cathedral Camp. Some of Lisa ' s favorite people are Weasy. Jen, Pam, Carin, Laurie, and of course Mom + Dad. Lisa would like to wish the class of 86 much success + happiness. Drama dub 3, F.O.C.U.S. Club 3. 4 National Honor Society 3. 4. " No Kidding! " BRIAN M. FREEMAN Brian ' s ambition in life is to become a successful writer and editor. Brian ' s friends are Kevin, Wild Bill, Mr. Wonderful and Evil Norman Brian will always remember backing up at the boat ramp, going to the " theater " for the first time and going to Spain Brian ' s favorites are Neil Young, Genesis. Yes. The Celtics and The Bruins. Pet peeves are Michael Jackson. The Sixers and The Canadians. Brian wishes the class of 86 success on it ' s journey through life. " Find the cost of freedom buried in the grou nd! Mother Earth will swallow you: lay your body down! " -Crosby. Stills. Nash and Young. N.H.S. 3, 4. Senior Council 4. LINDA FOUQUETTE Linda ' s future consists of working at her parents ' business. She can mostly be found wifh Jimmy. Linda ' s special friends are: Maryanne. Frank, Kimberly Deet-Deet, Kelly. Nikolas, Gigi, Deb H. Sharon, Deb C.. and Mo-Fo. A very special person to Linda is her MEMERE. Her pet peeves are busy numbers and Sunday drivers. Her favorite dates are 5 5 85, the summer of " 84 85 " , 8 18 85-63. Her favorites are megabucks, unicorns. E. T,. Chinese food. Corvettes, and MADONNA. " I hear that. " I love you. Mom 8t. DaD. iove you. Jimmy. SUSAN M. FREDA Y Sue ' s future plans include a college education and a happy successful career. Her fav ' s include sunny days, beaches. Newport, fine restaurants, sunsets, ballet, music, smiles, white roses, and especially Jen. MR.. S.C.. Mun. R.D., Lau, T. D.A.. T. W.. Missy! Her most memorable moments were summer of ' 82. 2 4 84. moby w Jen. dancin w Mun. strawberry w Sherri, driving w Jen. a grand entrance full moons w P.J. Sue most admires her family for being a little crazy at times when she needed them to be. " To reach from inside is to find, and never die . " DEBORAH LEE GAMMONS Softball 1-4 Field Hockey 2-4 Basketball 1. 2. Debbies ambition in life is to someday marry Gene, and raise a happy family. Deb ' s future plans include child care. Her most memorable moments are 10 20 83. 6 27 84. going to beach parties, softball trips, and being with her teammates + friends. Her pet peeves are 5:30 a m., long practices, and B.J.D.N.C. Deb can be found with Gene, love ya! Deb most admires Gene, family, especially her Mom and Dad for putting up with her. love ya! 30 RONALD GAUTHIER " It ' s better to be burned out. then fade away. " Ron ' s only ambition in life is to be happy at anything he tries. You ' ll most likely find Ron somewhere on the planet earth having a great time. Among his favorites are good friends, w. w.l, beaches + music. His pet peeves include snobs, rainy days, and school. Things Ron will never forget are N.Y.C., drama, and talks with his soul sister. Ron would like to thank all his friends for being there and wishes everyone the best of luck. " Where ' s the party? " KEVIN C. GLEASON Kevin ' s future ambition is to become a successful businessman. He can usually be found hanging out with Paul. Mike, Shayne, Jay, John. His most memorable moments were nights at the tavern with Rog and Mike ' s parties. Kevin will never forget the night Paul and John were playing flipper. His favorites are pizza, Chinese food, playing hoop, and doing 12 oz. curls of Bud. Kevin ' s pet peeves include: 5th period math class, and being home early. Kevin most admires his parents for puffing up with him. FELIX GARCIA Felix ' s ambitions in life are to keep in touch with his friends, and also fo be in the elite force of the Marines. Felix ' s favorites are Zeppelin, Floyd. C.C.R., Triumph, Claptin, Beck, The Who, and Hendrix. Felix would to wish all of his friends good luck in fhier life offer high school. DCNNA L YNN C. GARCIA Donna ' s ambition is to go to college to pursue a career in the business field, and live a long happy life with John. Donna ' s favorites include: JCHN, her friends, 14 kt. gold, shopping, Christmas, dancing, pizza and Chinese food. Donna ' s pet peeves are two-faced people, people who are fake, waiting, and Mondays. She will always remember the great times spent with Tenley and Carolyn. Donna ' s most memorable date is 4- 13-84. the day she met John. Field Hocky Manager 2. 3 MARK JCHN GAMMCNS Baseball 1-4. Mark ' s ambition in life is too become a self-made millionaire. His favorites are weightlifting, music, baseball, and the parties at the Hadeau. Mark can be found out in the Reese mobile with Chris. Ray. Paul, and Harry Hangover. Mark most admires his parents and grandparents. Mark wishes the best ot luck to all his classmates. ■1 ELISA GONZALEZ-VADILLO SOTO Elisa would like to give her thanks to all the teachers that she has had and for all that they have helped her with, and to her friends that she has made. This year has been one of the most happiest years and when she goes back to Spain she will never forget Apponequet! i Hasta siempre genial Apponequet! HEIDI GOODFELLOW Heidi ' s dream is to attend college . major in P. T. Some favorites include piggy-backs, smigles, stars, sunsets, long walks, teddies, hugs, Pierre, huey, weekends, CD especially KM. Her most memorable moments are 5 17 85, 10 26 84, 12 31 84, Fridays @ Wl 8( she ' s happiest when w MT CD SL SM KO KM AB, dancing, at home or bangin ' w Kev—Luv yai Her pet peeves include waiting saying good- bye. Heidi most admires her parents for their strength support- Thanx guys! KA THRYN ANNE GOODFELLOW Katie ' s ambition is to have a sucessful career in journalism and own a red Porche. Her favorites include buttercrunch ice cream, lobster. Sting, Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Holland, traveling, and her friends, W.P., K.B., K.U., K.S, C.G.. S.D.. J.P., and M. T.i Her pet peeves are math and not being 3 feet taller. Special thanks to her parents and Mr. Rose. I love you. Mom and Dad. " You are now dismissed. " Vice President 4, Drama Club 1-4. Student Council 1-4. (PRES.) Band 1-4, Senior Council 4, Yearbook. I I i » WENDY J. GOODWIN Cosmetology 11. 12 Wendy ' s ambition in life is to be happy and to live lilfe one day at a time. Wendy ' s favorites include beaches. Budweisers. and island parties. She most admires Mom + Dad T„ MA, MS. DT. OR. CT. Greg and. most of all. Mom and Dad for all the help and independence they have given her. Most memorable moments: 3-4-85. 11-12-84, the Warf dance, and the run of 84 Pef peeves include JS, people who think they are better than others. Love ya. Mom. Dad, Greg. Dennis. Good luck 86. " Sounds good to me. " L YNNE MARIE GRA VEL Lynne ' s ambition in life is fo travel and be happy. She most admires Mom and Jack for being the best parents. Her favorites include all the good times with Lisa M, " Smoking to the left " , Chrissie M, Chrissy B, " Hey Chrissy, can !? " , " Chris, the towel? " , DB, SP, " Cops Shan " , MR, LR, LT -y , most of all. Gilly! Her most memorable date is 4- 12- 85. She can most likely be found with Gilly. " the VCR " . Her pet peeves are ugly feet, dented nails + riding in the back! Love ya. Mom! CA THERINE T. GRA Y Cathy ' s ambition in life is to be happy. Cathy can mostly be found down the bay w Heidi, Bruce + Cecil. Her favorites are parties, Horseneck, weekends, paydays, Budweisers + good friends like Hi. Mick, Sherrie, Missy, Shelley, Yuk, Dennis, John, Gilly + of course, Darren-Snob. Cafhy ' s pet peeves are working, having no money. Mustangs, people who use other people- PL. Cathy will always remember 11-11-84, Sherrie, drive-ins + Spanish. Cathy mostly admires her parents + friends. Best of luck 86. luv ya! " AH right. " it 0 k k n • ' I : fo I J ' t 32 5 f? S ' CHRISTOPHER GREENE Denny ' s ambition in life is to become a state trooper. His favorites include NAM with the boys, Carolyn, Vitamin M, Bernie, Eggy. Varro, do-stain, M.D., Bud, AC DC, late night B.K., fishing and skiing. His pet peeves include R.T., 6:30 am and Black Label. Denny will never forget the good times spent with Carolyn, Michelle M., and Shawn. Tang adds life. USA M. HANELT Lisa would like to thank all of her friends and teachers at Apponequet as well as her parents for their love and Denise for her friendship. She hopes to become a veterinarian and make her corner of the •‘world better for people and their pets. Her favorites include her clarinet, choir, horseback riding. Bandit, skiing, the Far Side, SD, KG, SB, BE, KB + " iab day " ! Her activities include Cross Country, Band, Choir, Sandpipers, NHS, SEMSBA, District, All State, New England, PCC + musicals. VALERIE A. HADLEY Valerie plans to pursue a career in travel tourism. She enjoys being w Noel, pumpkin stealing, cruising Taunton (Hey, where ' s Ray) or just bangin ' w her friends. Val ' s pet peeves are ugly toes + Mr. Greeson. She will most remember 1- 12-85, Troy, drooling over Mark Kitchen, crazy times w Rach, N. Mexico, 85, The Toots, " Kendra Beep " , SMU parties + all the love from the Riley ' s- " Love ya Teen + Kel. " Val most admires her sister + brother in-law. But that doesn ' t take away from Mom + Dad! " You ' re so queer " MARA L YNNE HA YES Mara ' s ambition is to major in accounting + to live in Fla. She can usually be found w Suzanne, Kim, Shel, Lisa + Babe. Among her favorites are sailing, Monte Carlo, SS, Bryan Adams, Bangles, Summers w P + D, volley- ball + Carnations. She ' ll never forget " MD " + sundaes; Nwpt. + Hsnk.; K + A; U2 w G; WL; " Say Goodbye to our luggage! ' ' ; 12 5 84-3 24 85 w Rich’; Mum S; the Lang ' s; Summer of ' 85; late night walks. Her pet peeves are nubbles, lint -t- slobs. " We ' re having some fun now " . I luv ya Mum, Dad + Suz (10), You ' re the best! LEANNE HALL Leanne ' s ambition is to go to college and pursue a career in law enforcement. Leanne will always remember the summer of 83 w Del 84 w Seagull and exspecially the summer of 85 w Prank, 3- 25-83, 6-9-85, 6-11-85, 6-13-85, 9-20-22-85, Horseneck, Newport. Maine +, most of all, the fun she ' s had w Frank (Thanks). Leanne ' s favorites include Frank, Guii, Del Deb + Tom Petty. Leanne wauld like to thank Mom, Dad, Dell + , especially, the Bull + Frank. I love ya ' Sweetiebum, whole bunches! MARK EDWARD HE A TH Mark ' s ambition in life is to find a good job working with people. Mark enjoys spending time with his real family. His pet peeves are bossy people and those who won ' t help themselves. Mark ' s favorite foods are spaghetti, potato chips and french fries. Mark admires his foster parents for supporting him during his years at Apponequet. He wiil miss his teachers and the friends he leaves behind. 33 JENNIFER L. HIRSHLAG Jen plans to study to be an editor + someday create a magazine iv Chris. She can always be found listening to the Twins, Police, INXS, TFF,H. Jones + U2, " artsying " , being devious or divine w Chris + dancing in the rain. Her delights include her pets, exquisite men, small pleasures, true individuals + her skepticism. She ' ll never forget meeting musicians, seeing concerts, singing, being in Lust + her travels. Jen thanx her family, Chris, Lisa, Kurt, Bob + Mrs. Rose for helping her enjoy life + for being human. Best of luck! DEBORAH HUTCHINSON Some of Debbie ' s favorites include furs, seafood, fast cars (Z28 Camaros and transoms). Mom, Dad, and Justin. Debbie is mostly seen with David F., Michelle H.. Leanne H., and Kellie R. Her Pet Peeves include Hers, buzy signals, and backstabbers. ' T LOVE YOU DA VE F. AL WA YSi! " MICHAEL S. HORTON Football 12 3 4: Spring track 234 Michael ' s ambition in Hfe is to pursue a career in business management and he hopes to own a business someday. Mike most admires his parents, unde and D. Roy. Mike will never forget all the great times he had with his close friends (Larry, Stinger, the Captain, the Toe, Jaime Jose, Moonpie + Porkchop). Mike ' s pet peeves are red lights, snobby girls + agilities. Mike will always remember " Pole Vault City ' ' w Kyle + " Scoopin ' " . Best of luck, " fhe Mope " . k lo a k fci k ¥ Kf k If V STEPHEN J. JANCZURA Steve ' s ambition is to succeed in the field of engineering and to travel the world. His favorites include hanging around with his friends, listening to Zeppelin, U2 + Deep Purple. Steve will never forget the summer of 85, playing hangman in Politics or dropping the cymbals in the Christmas concert. Pet peeves include substitute teachers, AM radio and S. T.M. ' s. Steve thanks his parents for their support and wishes luck to the class of ' 86. " I don ' t live today. " SANDRA LEE JEFFERSON ' Sandra ' s ambition in Hfe is to go on to j; college. She plans to enter a career working with people. Her favorite hobbies sl are softball, roller skating, and grange. Her favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican, and Italian. She enjoys all kinds of music. Sandy, q will most remember building a house for ■ Plymouth Plantation and some of her I (k teachers. She can mast likely be found c with Robin, Vic, Caroline, Tiff, and Ed. IH n, Sandra plans to travel and start her own I , business. Best of tuck fo the class of ' 86! I 34 • ROBERT J. JEWELL Bob ' s ambition in life is to become a famous designer or become a race car i driver. His favorite things are playing hockey, loud music, the night out with his friends + his parents. You can usually find him with Tom. DJ. MW. DR. OB. RS. and PS. The things he will remember the most are J the fort, the bench. Mr.B.. the buglar. I speeding tickets. OB ' s party. Peggy ' s party. ' I Keri. 6 6 85. Patty. Driver ' s Ed. 4 26 85. !, Bob ' s pet peeves are cops, teachers, and j The Rat. " We ' ll know for the first time if i ' we ' re evil of divine, we ' re the last in line. " || The class of ' 86 will be remembered. DERRON E. JORGENSEN Football 1; Basketball 1 " Whenever you dream you ' re holding the key. it opens the door to let you free. " Derron ' s ambition in life is to be happy and successful. He ' s most likely to be found with Nicole or out with friends enjoying life. His favorites are concerts, pizza. BUD. CO. Vt.. and Boston. Derron most admires Mr. Durand. Mr. Hennings and his grandparents. His pet peeves are liars, misers and people who brag. Derron will never forget the NYC trip. TP in 83 and BJ ' s keg party. " Thanks, guys!” ROBIN T. KIDD Robin ' s ambition in life is to be a medical secretary and to be happy. She can most likely be found with Jan: her friend, neighbor, and cousin. Her best times were spent with Matt and Jan 9 7 85. She enjoys listening to Stevie Nicks. Billy Squire and Bob Seger. Thanks Unde Joe and Mom for getting me through school. Her pet peeves are people who think they ' re better than others, if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you. it ' s yours. Good luck to the Class of 86. k MARK S. KITCHEN Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4 Football 1. 2. 3 N.H.S. 4. Mark ' s ambition in life is to become successful in life and make a lot of money. Mark ' s friend ' s include Herbie. Tit. Lulu. Larry " The Mope”. " CAPTAIN”. P.B.L.. Polga. • Granville. Turtle. Flipper, and Dubois. Mark will always remember golfing with Lulu and 1 Herbie. Halloween with Granville. Monte I Carlo night with the Gleasons, camping at the channel. 7 10 85. and 6 8 85. " AH that you touch and all that you see is all that your life will ever be. " Floyd ROBERT KITCHEN The class of 1986 would like to wish Bob the very best. 35 ROBERT A. LAMBERT Robert ' s ambitions in life are to go on to college and to major in electrical engineering He would like to thank Annette. Michelle. Carol. Joey. Brad, and Mike for making his school days bearable. His favorite T. V. shows are Miami Vice and The Cosby Show. His favorite rock groups are Van Halen and the Scorpions. " What are you. lame? " He would also like to thank Pam Bailey for all the good times Ih Junior year NANCY J. LANDERS Nancy ' s future plans are to go on to college and travel as much as possible. She will always remember camp 84-85. F.C.L.. s. practices, pies, diet coke, mountain climbs. Exchange Concerts, trip to California-Screen Test, the " People Mover " , and Diamond Jim. Nancy ' s favorites include taking pictures, spending money, music. Nova Scotia. Danish Cookies. Muffin, Chris, and Debbie. She most admires her family — they ' re the best. " This is very dangerous " G.l. SUZANNE LANG Suzanne plans to go to college for psychology. She will never forget cruisin ' Taunton w SP CR. late night walks w MH. summer of 84 w KC, Penn. Prospect. " BK " , beatings from SD (Hey bebee), LS (MD). Horseneck. np w KU, AF. PBD iv SC, the rink 81-84, " wave goodbye to our luggage. " . her friends in Taunton. Joe. Joe Joe (ha. ha). 69 Camaro, Someday. Her pet peeves are liars and unfriendly people. A special thanx to Mara for being there ( 10 years, chick o) " Smile, it ' s good for you " . LCRI ANN LANGTCN Field Hockey 1, 2. 3. 4 Softball 1, 2 Focus Club 3. 4. Lori ' s ambition in life is to further her education, pursue a successful career and live a happy life. Among her favorites are Corvettes, scuba diving, the Bruins, sunsets, the ocean and listening ta the radio. She will never forget the great times she shared with TC CW LG PC LW PS FM TE AM. and the guys. (Dynamite.) Special thanks to Mom. Dad. Lisa. 8r Skip. I Love You. Best wishes to the class of 86. " The friends we make today are the memories of tomorrow. " LCUISE ANN LARSEN Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Track 1. 2, 3. 4 National Honor Society 3, 4. Weasy ' s future plans are to one day finish college as a major in education and from there live a long, happy, prosperous life. Her favorites include Mrs. D ' s stories. Pa Raffas, Friendly ' s, b-ball. Snorks. the Celtics, and javelin competitions with Fitz. Weasy can usually be found clowning with Pammy, Lisa. Fitzy. Pokie. Coll, Peg. and M.K.. She would like to give special thanks to MOM for the special care and love she has always given. " Let ' s go, Shmo " CHRISTOPHER G. LA VOIE Football 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 (Capt) Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4. Chris ' ambition in life is to further his educaation ahd become successful In whatever he chooses to do. People that mean a lot in Chris ' life are Larry. Lulu. The Mope. Moonple. Herbie. Sal. " The Captain " , and especially PAULA, whom he will always remember. Chris will never forget 3 15 85, the ski trip, the never-ending battles with Lulu, 4-2. 10-2. going out with Larry, and his Junior summer with Paula Chris would like to thank his parents for everything. 36 f SHERRY A. LEONARD Cosmetology. Sherry ' s ambition is to be a successful hairdresser. Sherrys favorites include McDonalds, friends like Sandy Young. K.M., M.B.. M.M.. C.M.. Ken L. Sherry ' s favorite groups are Bryan Adams, Led Zep. and Survivor. Her pet peeves are snobs and people who think they are better than others. She most admires her Mom and Dad, Russ and Char, Richie H. and Shawn L.. She will always remember the B.S. on March 8th. 1985 and also Sept. 1, 1985, and October 18th and 19th of " 85 " . PAULA MARIE LOPES Drama 1, Choir 1. 2, 3. 4 S T 3. 4 Musical Productions Ochestra 2, 3. 4 Stimulus 2, 3 " To live without loving is not really live. " Paula plans to attend college and major in performing arts. Favorites are pizza, funk, piano, art, and her friendship with Sue. Paula most admires her Aunt Regina. (Love Ya) Her most memorable moments were times spent with friends. She would like fo thank her parents and Miss Stewart for their time and encouragement. THANX SUE for always being there. SUZANNE J. LUBIN H.R. Rep, Drama Choir 1-4, SSrT, NHS, SAC 3, 4 SC 4 Track 2, Class Sec 1. " Yesterday is but today ' s memory, tomorrow is today ' s dream. " Sue can be found with friends CD HG KM KC MC GL or partying w Net a Sher. She loves angora, gold, friends, music, donuts. Bud it., teddy bears, long walks the beach. Pet peeves are spiders, mayo, being lost in Taunton (right Sher?). leaky sunroofs, stone walls, perfect people w blond strt hair. She ' ll never forget the summers of 84-85, M.V. w Net. Godspell. Sugarloaf, 1 1 85. I love you. Mom Dad. KENNETH J. LCPES JR. Ken ' s ambitions are to be successful, happy, and rich. His favorites are friends, partying, music, and dancing. He can be found partying with his friends Bob Kitchen, Re Rousseau, and Don Duarte. He wants to thank his parents for their support and help. He win always remember Baker Lane, high school dances, and the Junior Prom. Ken ' s ■ pet peeves are rainy days, running out of gas, and getting caught in a He. Ken also wants to wish the Class of 1986 good luck and much happiness in the future. ' Keep on Smiling. " MELISSA M. LCCNEY Missy is happiest being with a special friend. Some of her favorites are: sunsets on Daytona Beach, tong weekends, the beach, summertine. Springsteing. and especially John. The times she will most remember are: 1 24 85, 2 22 84. 6 6 85, tennis w Erin and Florida w the gymnastics team. Missy ' s pet peeves include: P.H.. Sat. morning practices, and double dates. Missy would tike to thank her special friend for always being there for her. FHCA? Good luck to the class of " 86 " . j LEANNE LEBLANC j " A dream is a wish your heart makes. " . Leanne hopes to live life to the fullest, and j not dwell on the past. Her favorites include: t JA Y. beaches. Newport, the circus, hot tubs, Maxda-Rx-Z ' s, partying, hugs, and " Pearls and Lace. " Leanne will always remember the good times; the cow incident with Sheila, laughs with Sherrie in Mr. C ' s, the furry bicycle seats. Nett ' s late nite party, the head-board. 2 15 85. 5 4 85; Martie and especially the times with P.A. and M.M. and C.C. " I knew that. " 37 JAN-MARIE LUCAS Jan ' s ambition in life is to do well in whatever she chooses to do. be wealthy and happy. Favorites are being with her friends, going out at night and on weekends. She also enjoys eating Chinese food, sports, and going up to the N.E. Dragway. Her most memorable moment was 10 3 85. Jan Is most likely to be found with Robin or B.P.. M.T., K.B., L.T.. and J.C. Her pet peeves are people who think they are better than others. " Yeah Sure” " hey, Lori- " High . " PAMELA A. MACHADO Pam ' s favorites include DG. (pool table), partying. ACDC, Aerosmith. the Crue, . all her friends expecially Jay. JS. VO. JB. CS, RW. KV, Marti, Donny. On and the gang A few of Pam ' s pet peebes are M.H. . . (coffeemilk). snobs. OTR. people playing favorites being grounded. Her ambitions are to live it up while she still can, to be filthy rich. to own a red Fiero. She would just like to say " Thanks. Mom Dad. I love you both. " If you can ' t be w the ones you love, love the ones you ' re with. Hey. Sis. Thanx. S.M. GREGORY F. LUIZ Football 1. 3. 4 Track 3, 4 NHS 3. 4 Greg ' s ambition in life is to love, spend money, and some day own a station wagon. Some important people in Greg ' s life are " Stinger”. Larry. Mope, Moonie, " OAPTAIN”, and especially Jennifer, whom he cares for a great deal. Greg will always remember, but mostly try to forget, the wrong exit. NBA battles w Stinger, sundaes with Jen, and the moped incident. Special dates include 3 29 85 and 9 29 85. " Don ' t worry, it gets better than this. ” THANKS. MOM AND DAD. JOHN MADEIRA John ' s future plans are to attend college, majoring in business administration. His goal in life is to be successful, happy and prosperous. John enjoys going out with friends, taking a journey, the skydiver, G.l. T.G. and will never forget the summer of 85. Oooee-ALLRRITE John admires his parents, sister Sher and would like to thank them for their time and encouragement. MA TTHEW E. MAJURI " Musky ' s” favorites are: hunting, trapping. Nov. 1, shooting ducks w Goober, and Frank and being with MARY. He can most i often be found cruisin ' in the beast, brewin i w Frank. Granville, and Goober, and In the field. He will always remember partying I with G. T. " Bad to the Bone”. " What a i Bargain” I i I 38 SUZANNE DENISE MANNY " As the sun colors flowers, so does art color Me. " Sue ' s ambitions In Me are to someday become a famous artist, design her own home, and to own a porsche. Among her favorites are Paula, Mick Jagger, black panthers, the Celtics, and most anything that has to do with art. She most admires Mr. Dobrowsky, Leonardo da Vinci, and most cherishes her friendship with Paula, (thanx, Plopes) Sue wishes all the best for the class of 1986. " WHAT?? " BRIAN E. MARQUIS Brian ' s ambition in Me is to be successful in whatever he does. His favorites include football, skiing, vitamin M, Newport, and wild parties. He can usually be found with Sherri or out partying with Bernie, J. V., Denny and Mikey D. Brian ' s pet peeves are 6:00 A.M., rude people, and R. T. His most memorable date is 7-28-85. Brian wishes the class of " 86 " the best of luck. GENE A. MARSHALL Gene ' s future plans are to be wealthy and be with Debbie. He most admires his Mom and Dad for their understanding and help. Gene will never forget 6 26 84, 6 27 84, the beach, the moon in Framingham, Debbie and P.F., and when his car rolled through Middleboro center. His favorites are Debbie, Jen W., Dave F. James Taylor, Bad Company, motorcycles, and weightlifting. Gene ' s pet peeves are people who tell you what to do, work, and liars. I LOVE YOU, DEBBIE. PAULETTE M. MARCHAND , La Baron 3, 4. Paulette ' s ambition is to live Me every moment to its fullest, to own a MONTE. " A smile is a whisper of a laugh. " Good times w PT, MJ, BB. 3 8 85 w BD, SL, VH. She enjoys the beach, Neil Young, Boston, sunsets Mickey Mouse, Cape w Alice S Gienn, Malibu Rum, Martha ' s Vinyard w Sue, leaving rubber on County Road w SF. BB, remember the BLUE STAR? 11 18 83 w PT. Thanks, Dad 8( Elaine. TW is fine. Keep Smiling. Hi Sis. SHERI LEE MARTIN " Dreams cannot be taken from you, cherish them and keep them dose to your heart. " Sheri wants to take Me a day at a time. She hopes to become a sports therapist. She loves gymnastics, skiing, partying, beachin ' it quiet times. She loves having fun w friends MTCDHGKOGLMCKCSRDBRRNW especially Sue Kel. Her pet peeves are feet and lost in Taunton w Wab. She ' ll never forget 1 1 85, summer 84, 85 the cottage. She admires MQH, sis 8c Gramma M. Thanks, Mom 8c Dad, love you I Good luck class of 86 ' I 39 BRENDA M. MAXIM LaBaron 3, 4 " Go for all you can get until all you got is gone . " Brenda ' s ambition is to go on in the field of cosmetology and to someday move out of Lakeville. Some of her favorites include Good Brownies. M M ' s (especially the green ones). Playing Grass seeing good concerts. Her pet peeves include waking up early, " APPON- A-TRAZ. " boring classes, getting kicked out of the Girls Rm, Preps, " PIGS. " . " Benny Hill. " She mostly admires Cheech Chong. Brenda will always remember all the goodtimes she ' s had with all her friends. " There IS an Escape from APPON-A-TRAZ " ! SHARON J. MCKA Y Band I, II, and III. Sha ' s ambition in life is to live each day to the fullest and to be happy. She enjoys skiing, music, drums. Heffenreifer. Zep, Sabbath. Pink Floyd, and being with her friends: Shoo, Deb. Jo. Lin. and the neighborhood gang. Sha ' s pet peeves are K.A., Beady snobs, and liars. Sha will always remember 2 8 85. The U.S.S. Bennett, Wayne L.. 85, the Sagamore Bridge. Sha most admires Billy, The Washburns, P.G.. " S.U. " . and her Mon and Dad for always being there. I love you both! Thanks, Billy! " Welllllll " MICHELLE MARIE MEADOWS Michelle plans to continue her education and live a happy, successful life. Happiness to her is being with her friends Carolyn. Chrlssie, Leanne, Christina and " the boys " but she especially treasures time spent with Shawn! Among her favorites are the beach, tans, sportscars. Cape Cod. shopping. 14 kt. gold. B.K., Tom Petty and skiing. Michelle will always remember being together with Shawn, Carolyn and Denny, the wild adventures with Chrissie. laughs with Leanne. and the understanding from her parents. PEECOI THOMAS MEDEIROS When Tom is not getting up at six to go to school or chasing kids out of the toy department he spends most of his time converting his Mom ' s VW Rabbit to a Porsche 911. The most memorable moment must have been the time he and John had a run-in with a certain opossum. Tom plans to enter college in the fall and sfudy fo become a systems analyst. His favorite quote: ' Wos a bad boy. Grandma? " MICHELLE CHRISTINE MELEO LaBaron 11, 12. Michelle ' s ambition in life is to be successful in Cal. and be successful as a mother. Michelle ' s most memorable moments were 2-6-84, the bus rides to LaBaron, and her secret rendezvous with M.P and her fantasies of S O. Michelle ' s favorife foods are: Chinese food and pizza. Her pet peeves are C.R. and guys that don ' t spend money on you. Good luck 86, and always remember the moons! KENNETH JOHN MELLO Ken ' s future ambition is to become a wealthy businessman. Ken is mostly found either w Danielle or with his buddies: Steve. Patty. John, Kris, Tom, Todd. Duane, Chrissy at the Dawsons and of course " syl " . Kenny most admires his parents but also Kevin —it Rona. " Thanks, Guys " ! Ken ' s pet peeves: KM. CT ' s. moody girls, GWM. His favorites: Danielle, eating, girls, sleeping. Coors, and kinky girls. Memorable times: " The Crash " . 9 15 85. 6 6 85. " WELL. ALRIGHT " " If you can ' t be w the one you love, love the one you ' re with. " 40 JAMES J. MITCHEM S-Track 1-4, W-Track 2-4, X-Country 1-2, Basketball 1, NHS 3-4, Senior Council. Jim ' s ambition in life is to become filthy rich, so he never has to work, and also to own a " real " car. Some people in Jim ' s life are " The Mope " , " Larry " , " Stinger " , " Lulu " , " Captain " , " Herbie " , and " Moonpie. " Jim will always remember racking on the Mope, the summer at M.A.S.P., and car- tipping. To future classes about App. life- " Somewhere, somehow, someone ' s going to pay. " SAL [ A TORE A. MONDELLO Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis: 1, 2, 3, 4. Sal ' s ambition is to be successful in whatever he decides to do. Some of Sal ' s close friends include Larry, Lulu, Raisin Bag, The Mope, JM, L lA , SV, PS, TS. Sal can usually be found crusing with one of the above (especially Larry). Sal will always remember the ski trip, 4-2, 10-2, and friends fron the class of " 87 " . Sal ' s pet peeve is people who still call him Torry. Sal would most like to thank Mom for seeing him through high school. KIMBERL Y A. MELLO Cosmetology 11 12. Kim ' s ambition is to own a brand new Camaro and become successful as a cosmetologist. She can be found with Sharon and Donna cruising around. Her favorites are SS, DM, CD, and MA. She most admires her parents for their support, understanding, and patience with her through good and bad times. THANKS, MA AND DAD! Her most memorable moments are 4 19 85, 8 20 85. and going to Fairhaven with Donna. Her pet peeves are LB, slow drivers, and liars. Good Luck, Class of " 86 " . DONNA M. MESSIER Donna ' s ambition in life is to be successful and happy. She can most likely be found w Cor, Sha, Kim, Deb, Val, Richie, and Jimmy. Donna ' s usually out partying with her friends, or at the beach w Cor. She admires her parents for all their love and support, and her sister Michelle for being there when she needed her, ' T Love You, Beesh! " Donna ' s favorites include The Doors, Budweiser, Kahlua and Chinese food. Donna ' s pet peeves are people who use other people and snobs. Donna ' s most memorable dates are 6 15 84 and 7 19 85. KELLEY ANN MORAIS Choir 1; Spring Track 3: National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 4: Senior Council 4;. Kelley ' s ambition in life is to someday own her own chain of hotel restaurants. Her favorites include Bryan Adams, Italian food, and good times with SM, WP, CO, SL, LO, MT, and JLS Her pet peeves are people who don ' t smile and having to say, " No, I ' m not related to Mike. " She would especially like to thank her Mom and Dad for being the best parents in the world. " Keep Smilin ' . " PAUL D. MELLO " Mr. WonderfuT ' would like to thank the friends that he made at Apponequet for sharing the good times with him as well as the bad. The things that he cherishes the most are his family, friends, and his individuality. His favorites include. Van Halen, Rush, wrestling, camping and just being Mr. Wonderful. His ambitions in life are to become a cop or a wrestler. " You ' re a farmer! " " Scope " He hates C. C. ' s and snobs. 41 MICHAEL J. MORAIS Football 1-4, Baseball 1, 2, 4. Squatty ' s ambition is to become a rich tycoon in business. Among his favorites are the times with Lori, partying with good friends (K.G.. P.B.. S.W., J.Y.. S.B., B.M.. D.G., J.D.. and J.B.) playing Rambo, BPB ' s and VH. He will always remember the summer of " 85 " , the crash crew, studio parties, and Baker Lane. His pet peeves are CT ' s 6:30 A.M.. rainy football practices, and Iw ' s. He most admires his parents for putting up with his " BS " . Best of tuck to the class of " 86 " " Partying Dudes " CHRISTINE L. MURPHY Chrissie ' s ambition is to become a fashion merchandiser. Some of her favorites are lobster, black roses, vettes, Pat Benatar, Pink Floyd, the Cussons and just being with her friends Michelle. Carolyn. Lyn. " THE BOYS " and Jeannie. She will never forget the special times with Jeannie and Jack " Oh Baby " or skiing with Michelle " I ' m walking the rest " and eating ice cream with Carolyn " 5 unleaded! " She will always remember sophomore year. With CC. DG. MM, SB. MJ, and the tang room. Hey Ramrod! Luv ya Mom and Dad! Train! LISA MARIE MOYNIHAN Lisa ' s future plans are to be married to Alan, someday go to California and hopefully have twin girls. When she is not found with Alan, you ' d find her with Lynne or Cathy. Her favorites include ALAN, Lynne. C.L.. P.M.. S O.. S.P.. and drinking California coolers. Her most memorable moments are 9 18 83, 10 21 83, A.P.M.C.. 11 15 84. and 12 23 84 when she and Alan were engaged. She most admires her mother for all that she ' s done all these years. Thanks Ma. Love Ya! I miss ya. DadI! I love you, Alan. GREGORY S. NEWCOMB Greg ' s ambition in life is to avoid college at all costs. He most admires his parents. Norm. Mike, and Mr. Wonderful (P.M.). He most enjoys Mr. Peterson ' s classes. His likes include food and CHEVROLET, while his dislikes include foreign vehicles and school. Greg wishes the class of ' 86 good luck in everything they do. Honor Society 3+4. ERIC NILSEN The class of 1986 would like to wish Eric the very best. 42 STEVE O ' BRIAN Steve ' s ambition in life is to become wealthy and to have a nice family life. Steve can usually be found with L.L.. R.S., K.M.. P.S., or D.B. Some of Steve ' s most memorable moments are partying with the Awesome Foursome and the summer of ' 85 in Florida with K.S. Steve admires his parents for putting up with him through his high school years. Steve wants to thank the students for a great time at Apponequeti! " told you not to worry about it. Mom! " TAMMY LEE NORCROSS Tammy can mostly be found with Tee. Her favorites include her family and hanging wifh friends. Pet peeves are school, the jerks who say " the goat " and MH (that ' s for you. Pam). She remembers Sept. 13, 1984. Her friends are DG, PM, KS. NB, and. BM. (but especially Tee.) " Oh. My God " " Beefy " if you love something set it free, if it comes back, its yours, if it doesn ' t, hunt it down and kill it. I Love You, Tee! Track-1 KERRY A. NORTON Majorettes 2, 3 (Capt.), 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Student Council 3. 4; Senior Council 4. Kerry plans to go on to college and have a happy future w Billy. Some unforgettables in her life are Billy. Ft. Laud. ' 85 w Tina. her family, twirling, figure skating. Cats, music (B.A.), B, E. R, M. B. Freshman yr. at Durfee. the farm guys, the Gray ' s, Aug. 20. Apr. ' 85. Her pet peeves are gossip, chemistry, and high heels. Thank you ' 85- ' 86 Majorette squad! Love you all! Hey Tina - Open Monday. Wan? Q + Z! I NORMAN J. ORRALL Band 1-4. Stage Band 1-4. Hon. Society 3, 4. Norman ' s ambition is to get his degree in electrical engineering 8n find a high paying job. His favorites include good food. Led Zeppelin, Hendrix. Canada, puns, Greg, MW. Ml. SJ, Rat Hymen. His pet peeves . are broken strings, bad singers, runners and GO ' S. The good times at AHS will be remembered with a smile. He would like to his parents teachers. " Ait that you touch all that you see is all your life will ever be. " KAREN E. O ' SHEA Class V-Pres 1. 2: Band 1. 2, 3 (Lib). 4 (Pres): NHS 3, 4 (V-Pres): Drama 3. 4. Karen hopes to pursue a career in the health field be successful happy. She ' s likely to be found w CD. MK (Go away!) the rest of the rest of the bunch — HG, KM. SL, SM, Karen ' s favorites include playing the flute, skiing (Sugarloaf), S + 7, McD ' s. She will never forget period 6 Geometry, the summers of ' 84 ' 85 (NH), " Garfield, " waking up to Journey in Wash.. 8r. Can. exchange w CZ. Thanks M D. " Angora from frees, huh, Chris? " " Can i have some? " 43 I THERESA J. OUELLETTE Theresa would like to bid farewell to the hallowed halls of fair Apponequet. She sincerely hopes that she will have a chance to bronze not only her graduation cap, but also the school. She wishes to make it and all enshrined within a temple where ex-students may pay homage to their peers. Her pet peeves are Spam sandwiches, granola bars, and giant mutant ants who terrorize Lakeville. Her favorites are Arby. Snow, and Wombats. " Did you know there was a time when no one watched channel 6 News? " ir SHA WN M. PARADIS Shawn ' s ambition in life is to pursue a career in the business field. Shawn ' s pet peeves are crashing cars, working on the farm, and sitting on the bench. Shawn ' s favorites are girls, playing sports, and his friends. Mitch. Larry, Chris, Sal. Paula, and Lori. Shawn most admires his parents, coaches and teachers for pushing him along. Cross Country 1, Basketball 1, 2. 3, and Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4. MA TTHEW PA TNAUDE The class of 1986 would like to wish Matt the very best. I I f MARIE PELLEGRINO Marie plans to go to college and to be happy. Favorites Include traveling, spending money, Holland, summers, horses, softball, field hockey, family, nice cars. California. She will always remember good times with Ann. Linda, Amy. J.H. and friends from A.H.S. Her pet peeves are two-faced people, friends who aren ' t, and losing. She most admires her parents for the sacrifices they ' ve made. Thanks Coach Looney. Love and thanks to Mom and Dad. MARK PERRY Mark ' s ambition in life is to be rich, successful, and to own a nice car. His most memorable moments are 12 23 83. 4 14 84. partying with Robato (Rambo). Tom. Chillout. Vickie. Rick, Shabbit, Glen, and Wendy and times spent with Mindie. He most enjoys listening to Aerosmith and Pink Floyd, cruising in M.C., Cardi, and food. His pet peeves are people who think they ' re always right and D.P. Later A.H.S. !i PENNY LEE PERRY Penny ' s ambitions in life are to finish her house with John and Tarsha, become an L.P.N., and to watch her daughter grow up. Her favorite dates are July 2. 198 1 when she met John and August 19. 1982 when her daughter Tarsha Lee Veiga was born. Her happy moments in life are to be with John. Tarsha, and Sandy. She ' d tike to thank John and her parents for loving her, having faith in her, and always saying you can do it. She also admires Ms. Keister for teaching her the values of life. I love you. John and Tarsha. I did it! S h i ' 0 ' r 44 II SEAN PHILLIPS Sean ' s ambitions in life are to own his own construction co. and a 1965 Shelbie GT 350. Among Sean ' s favorites are Moosehead, lobster, Jenn. J.C.. Yohann, puffhead, Mary, playing his guitar, and of course. Mom and Dad. Sean can most likely be found anywhere doing anything. His pet peeve is Apponequet. Sean ' s favorite music includes Jeff Beck, E.C., CSN Y, Rush, Pink Floyd, and the Who. His most memorable moments are 1 26 85 and throwing an apple at Mr. Capone. ROBIN S. PIMENTA After high school Robin hopes to pursue a career in business, marry Danny, and have a family. Among her favorites are ' 69 Mustangs, Mr. Freitas. Mr. Lagadec (Stimulus), and her friends CA, SL. and MD. Pet peeves: DC, snobs, and gym. Will always remember Hot Wheels with Cor, Paul L., Risky Business, and the day she met Dan. Special thanks to all her family— Mom. Dad, Aunt " Nene " , and her grandparents. I love you, Danny! Good luck class of ' 86. " Smile. " " That ' s life. " TENLEY JEAN PINTO Field Hackly 1, Softball 2, 3, 4. Tenley ' s ambitions in life are to go to college in the business field and marry Jimmy. Her favorites include: Jimmy, friends, dancing, money. Porches, expensive restaurants, the beach, and shopping for ciothes. Her most memorabie moment is Aprii 6, 1984. She will never forget her friends and all those great times with Donna. SANDRA LEE PITTSLEY Sandra would like to get married someday. Her favorite past times are being with friends and cooking. Sandra aiso likes pizza and all kinds of music. Her family is a very important part of her iife. The ones Sandra most admires are Ron. Penny, Mrs. White. Mrs. Hutchinson, Ms. Keister, and her family. Sandra ' s pet peeve is going to gym. Thank you for your support. Mom and Dad. DOUGLAS B. PLISSEY Choir 1. 2, 3, 4; S 8( T 1, 2. 3, 4; Drama Club 3. 4: History Club 4. Doug would like to someday become a US History teacher. His favorites include: Air Supply, Phil Collins, horses, US History, phones. He will always remember 1 23 85, 6 6 85. 6 21 85, 8r X- country trip. His pet peeves include Canada Sr telling time. His friends are Sha, Randy, Frank, Eit, Lau, Tico. He most admires Teah. Wes. his parents (believe it or not). " Cherish yesterday, dream of tomorrow. A live for today. " Neat, Do it! That ' s what I ' d do! -Me WENDY E. PORTO " If cannot do great things. I ' ll do small things in a great way. " Wendy intends to go to college, meet a gorgeous guy, and head a huge company. She ' ll remember most the summers of ' 84 and ' 85, Honor Society. Senior Council, cheering. Business Week Minimum Security Prison. Washington, D.C., and the headaches of making a yearbook. Wendy will never forget Kelley, Melissa, Greg, Marc. Jim. Sheri, (B.C.). Special thanks to her teachers who gave support and laughs. I ' ll miss you. Mr. Furtado and Mrs. Rose! Thanks, Mom! 45 SCOTT JAMES POUTRE Scoff ' s ambifion in life is fo fravel around fhe world. His favorifes are wafer-skiing, being wifh friends, parfying. Van Halen, Eric Clap f on. Rolling Sfones, Chinese food, sfeak, and lobsfer. He mosf admires Todd, Bobby, Scoffer, Michelle. Mosf memorable fimes are going fo Horseneck Beach, going fo Florida, dafes. " Whaf ' s up? " STEVEN E. REGO ' Tve really gof fo rumble, I can hear if calling me fhe way if used fo do . " Sf eve ' s ambifions are fo affend Easf Coasf AeroTech and become an aircraff mechanic for a major airline. Some of his favorifes include Led Zep, Yes, Whifesnake, and playing his bass guifar. His pef peeves are people who pick on ofher people, red lighfs, and people who never call back. He Is mosf likely fo be seen wifh NO, SJ, MT, DP. TV, LA, PM, JJ, WG, AH, JB, GN and Pam He will never forgef fhe summer of ' 84 ' , fhe exchange of ' 85 ' , and fhe fime he drove fhe ' 53 ' Chevy Info fhe wall. DONALD JOSEPH PULLANO Don ' s ambifions are fo race cars and someday fo find fhe righf woman. His favorifes are Chinese food, Musfangs, having a good fime, and such rock groups as Rush, The Who, Don Henley and Bryan Adams. His pef peeves are people who make fun of his weakness for women and people who don ' f lisfen fo him. One of his memorable momenfs has fo be fhe infamous Jeanna sfory. His favorife classes were Gym, Fufurisfics, Compufers, Physics, and Polfics. Don has no long range plans: he Is going fo live one day af a fime. I CORINNE RICHARDS Corinne ' s ambifion is fo go fo college and someday own her own business. Her favorifes include RICHIE, Mom + Dad K., D.R., Bob Segar, parfies, walking on fhe beaches, Camaros, dancing. She ' s mosf likely fo be found w Richie or parfying wifh Donna, S.L, S.P., W.G., S.S., K.M.. K.F. Her mosf memorable dafes are 1 1-2-83, 6- 22-85, summer of 85, S.L. parfy. Remember DONNA! Her pef peeve is slow drivers. She mosf admires her parenfs for always being fhere for her when she needed fhem. THANKS MOM + DAD, I LOVE YOU, RICH. 46 DAVID ALAN RINKUS ' David ' s ambition in life is to become very I wealthy. Dave is most likely to be found : with MW, TS. Bob and we can ' t forget Sherri. His favorites include his " 69 " firechicken. partying, with friends and ; spending time with Sherri. Dave will always I remember the mormoma ski trip of 83 and [ 4 6 84. He would also like fo thank the I Vieira ' s for putting up with him and ■ espe cially his parents whom he admires and cares about a great deal. CHRISTINE MARE ROUSSEAU Chris looks forward to studying visual arts and journalism and someday hopes to design a magazine with Jen. Simple pleasures include INKS, Howard Jones, The Twins, U2, Billy Joel, Elton John, Berlin, Police, and TEE. Newport, quiche, Boston. DC, people with character, meeting Berlin with Jen, Brass, Renoir, Monet, and Degas. These years would have been unbearable without her PARENTS and FAMIL Y and special friends: Nancy. Beth. Bob. the Hirshlags, and Jonathan B. ’ " He looks different, she looks different, but we ' re ail Just the same. " MARIE C. ROCHA Marie plans to pursue a fashion career. She most admires her parents for all their love and support. Some of her favorites include Mastercard, Visa. Lifeguards, beaches, parties, friends, hockey games, summers, " 84 " . and U2. She ' ll never forget the special times spent with Rachell, Kerry, Sue (am I driving alright?) She ' ll always remember the friends she made at Apponequet as weli as at Durfee. Unforgetable times are iunch w Bobby. Eric, and Kris, ski trip " 85 " , getting carded at Olivers, Europe, and times with Samya. REAL ROUSSEAU Football 1. 2. Track 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Drama 2. 3 Re ' s ambition in life is to have a successful career in engineering and have a happy family, living in Soufhern Cal. Re most remembers BPB ' s. freshmen yr.. Baker Ln. 8i Prom weekend. His pet peeves are Mr. Powers, rainy days and snobby girls. He can be found partyin ' w SL, KL, RG, JY, DD. BK, or out w the females. Re loves Me D ' s, Zep. sunny days 8c 4 x 4 ' s. He most admires his parents boss. Re wishes the class of ' 86 best of luck. Later! L YNN RUSSELL Lynn ' s ambition in life is to be successful and happy. She thanks her friends Elaine, Laura, and esecially Bonnie. Lynn will never forget " home " , and her friends JS, MS, AT, and best friend Rita. She will never forget the summer of ' 85 with Lee. Suebee, the D-n-A ' s. Billiard, and ivory. 6. 31, and 78 are " fine " . Love always to Mom and Dad . . thanks for everything, (it ' s not so bad here after all.) Lynn will always remember Billy. 8-28-85. 1-4-3 BS. 47 WENDY RUSSELL Band 1, 2. 3. 4. Wendy ' s ambition in life Is to travel, be successful, and pursue a career in cosmetology. Some of her favorites: Gretta, stuffed animals, family. Mr. Sylvia. Gumby. sunsets, partying and weekends. Pet peeves Mondays, J.S., getting grounded She ' ll never forget Accounting II, and all the friends she ' s made through the years Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their support. I love you I Also thanks to Mr. Silvia. I finally made it. AH! SHUT UP! ALLEN SCOTT Allen would like to express his thanks to all his teachers, friends, and those not so friendly. So long everybody, its been good to know you (at least most of you). Take It easy, but take it! ALAN SAMPSON The class of 1986 would like to wish Alan the very best. PAULA SECATORE Pep Club 1-3. Stu. Council 1-4. Senior Council. Cheerleading. 2-4. Paula plans to pursue a life of happiness and success. Her favorites include BC. ice cream, lobster, family, dose friends (CL, SM, LW, TS) and hugs. When not cheering with Lori or laughing with Teen, she can be found with Chris. Paula will always remember fun fimes at AHS and will always be grateful to her parents for the love and support they have given her. love you. Dad and Judy. Best of luck to the class of 86! MARYBETH SANTANGELO Band 1. 2 Swim team 1 -Manager 2 LaBaron 3, 4 Senior Council 4 Mary ' s future ambition is to become a successful cosmetologist. Mary most admires WG 8c GJ. Some of Murray ' s favorites are family, MM. WG, SP, RG, JW, GH, Choc-chip cookies, m-chip ice cream. Riunite. body builders. Mary ' s memories are 5th per. study w MM RR. muskrat. Little Juan. Little Chief, fugly. 7th grade wrestling, BOOP BOOP SOB. summer of ' 85 ' , special talks w s8d. Her pet peeves are lint SIW. I love you. Mom Dad Yeh! KIM ANN SEIFERT Track 1. Pep Club 1. Kim ' s ambition in life is to be a child care consultant. She can be found wifh Jenn. Lisa and Tammy. Her favorites include pizza. Me D ' s w Dawn. Bryan Adams and Aerosmith. Kim ' s pet peeves are snobs and slow drivers. She thanks her family and friends for supporting her through all her school years Her most memorable date 8 30 85. Kim would like to wish the class of 86 good luck. " Go for it. " 48 SHARON ANN SEIFERT Sha ' s ambition in life is to marry John. Her favorites are JOHN, Donna, Cor, Kim, Kim, Kitty, and Meesh. Aiso, Poe Gramps, Mo Dad Mess and Ma Wilson. Sha ' s favorite groups are Doors, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, and Bob Seger. She most admires her mother and John for ali their love and support. Her favorite things are Big Macs, Bud, pizza, and chocoiate. Sha ' s pet pee ves are LB and two-faced people. Her most memorable dates are 2 3 83 and 9 20 86. ' T Love you John!” JENNIFER SENNA ' Don ' t go to where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trait " Jennifer plans to leave her trail in the world of business. She someday hopes to head a multi-billion dollar corporation. Some of her favorites include ballons, Carebears, Madonna, gold. Chelsey, Idughter, presents, and especially Chris!! Jenn will never forget working at JScJ ' s, summers on the pond. New Hampshire, ali of her FRIENDS, and the Macomber ' s. Jenn would like to thank her parents who have done so much for her in the last four years. I love you both! BONNIE J. SHURTLEFF Bonnie ' s future plans are to go on to college and pursue a successful career in psychology. Some of her favorites include her family, Buffy, and Tom Petty. Her pet peeve is people who are not always on time. Bonnie will always remember the Tom Petty Concert and special times spent with Jenny, Patty, Renee ' , Sheiia, Lynn R. and the rest af her friends. " Get it . " DEBBIE ANN SILVEIRA Stimulus-Senior Council- Yeorbook. Debbie ' s memories of Apponequet will be filled with the times she had with Kim S., (her B.F.) Debbie ' s 28(ft3, and J.S, K.U. with spot the spy adventures. Never forget those , bodies! She sends a big Hello to Mum, Auntie Jane Judy, and of course Sherri (60?) Debbie ' s pet peeves are liars(P) and n people who hate kids! She plans ta study in PartugdI and become an elementary school teacher. Thanks Mom Dad! Build tall a dream beyond the flight of birds. Hold close the ectasy of love-there is no need for words. Adeus! RICHARD PATRICK SCUCY Rich ' s ambition is to be successful in whatever he does. His favorites include eating, fast cars, partys, girls, a good chase, hanging, arguing, and a quiet evening walking the beach alone w Deb. Most memorable times were summer of ”85 ' ' , Fla. w SCB. DB, Bruce, the bugler, MH. freshman yr. Mac, TK. L W. MR. TW. TC. PS, KM. KC. DL. KH. TS. the fort. 6 3 85. His pet peeves are know it alls, snobs, liars, L W ' s. Rich would like to give special thanx to the support that was given to him by friends 8c especially MCM DAD Bro. Deb. " No Doubt. 86 " THCMAS JCHN STEIDINGER Tom ' s ambition in life is to become a corporate or commercial pilot, drive a Lamborghini, and own fly a Lear Jet. His favarifes include: " Loud Heavy Meta! Music”, skiing, concerts, arguing, and being with close friends. You can usually see him hanging around with MW, Bob, DJ, DR. PS, RS. The things he will remember most are the mormon, the Fort, the B.M.. Horse neck, rolling the truth, " T.C.”, getting chased, 6 6 85. 6 7 85,10 5 84. Tom ' s pet peeves ore snobs, L.W ' s, Teachers. Best af luck to the class af ”86” " That ' s Cool”. 49 ERIN ELIZABETH STILL " Remember yesterday, dream for tommorow, but live for today . " Softball 1. 2 Basketball 1-4 Senior Council 4. Erin ' s goal in life is to see the world and find out what it Is all about. Some of Pokie ' s favorites are being with the Gang (Eitz, Weaz. Grace. Paula, Chic), playing B-ball. roamin in the Chunk Mobile (Froota-Tootal), and all the interviews. Poke ' s peeves are empty gas tanks, stalling at green tights, and pinheads Much love and special thanks to Cha Bruce and the siblings When you ' re ninety. Que Ganga. Muy Aburido! N. KARENA STRAUCH Honor Society 4. Karena ' s ambition is to meet the Chip-n-dale Dancers. After extensive traveling, she plans on trying her luck at Formula- 1 driving and become very successful in the fashion industry. She wishes the class of ' 86 ' the best of luck in achieving all their dreams. " I love you. Mom and Dad I " KIM MARIE STONGE Honor Society 3. 4 Stimulus 2, 3 Kim will always remember all the good times with Deb 1. 2. + 3. Kara. Erin. Kathy. Jan. Judy. Jane. Rochelle. Joe. Dave. Todd, and of course Bruce. She will never forget 12-21- 84. her trip to France, and 6th per. study ' 83 ' . Her pet peeves are stow drivers and boulders. Kim wants to thank Mom. Dad. Bruce, and Debbie S. for helping her through her 4 yrs. Love ya! Her ambitions in life are to marry Bruce and become a vet ' s assistant. Best of luck to the class of 1986! We FINALL Y made it! MICHAEL W SURREY Mike ' s ambition in life is to own his automotive machine shop. Some of his favorites are McDonalds. HJY. Fast cars, R.W.. S.R., T.K.. all the good times in shop, and Van Halen. Mike ' s pet peeves are Opels, jocks, and Mrs Powers Mike admires most of all his parents. Mr. Leonard, and Mr. Haskins MICHELLE ANN SURREY Missy ' s ambitions in life are to be a photographer, to travel around the world to be rich. Among her favorites are Bob Seger. Motley Crue. MB. RK. ST, SL. MS. JS. McDonalds. Chinese food. She can usually be found w Dawn. Jimmy. Kitty Heidi. Her pet peeves are people who think they are better than others, snobs. Her most memorables are working at LDT. going to Horseneck in ' 85 ' . Special thanks to Mom Dad for being there during her four years. “That ' s ok. " Class of ' 86 ' -Good Luck! 50 PAUL E. SYL VIA Paul ' s ambition in life is to be rich, successful, and happy! Paul enjoys weekends, loud music, and partying with the guys. His favorites include LJ. CB. PD. SOB. MB. the dudes in Mr. Tripp ' s HR. the twins, and without a doubt-partying with Ken. " CM " , and Mr. B. His pet peeves are gym. OTR. and Mondays. Paul most admires his parents and friends. He will never forget the great times @ AHS. " Why is it that everything fun is illegal, immoral, or impossible? " MICHAEL S. SZCZEPKOWSKI Mike ' s ambition in life is to be happy at whatever he does. He enjoys hunting, fishing, fast cars, and being with his friends, but most of all. being with Andrea. His pet peeves are being called Polack and waking up In the morning to go to school. CAROL YN TA VARES Field Hockey 1-3. Carolyn ' s ambition in life is to attend college and become an R.N. She is happiest being away spending time with Jimil Her favorites include going to the Cape and Newport on the GPZ. roastbeef subs. 14k. RX-7 ' s. Donna. Diz. her Mom (Wease). but most of all JIMI! She would like to wish her classmates the best of luck in the future. ROXANNE SURRUSCO Majorettes 1-3 Stimulus 2. 3. Roxanne ' s ambition in life is to be an RN. Her favorites include: parties ice cream fights. She could be found with Patty. Wendy. Mr. Freitas the majorettes. Rox will always remember 3-24-85. 6-6-85. the last 2 wks. in June. She most admires her family, the Dawsons. Joe O ' Shea. Rox will never forget AHS or the crew. Someday she hopes to own a Porche get a degree. Thanks. Mom Dad. for putting up w me . thanks. Patty, for being my best friend. " It ' s Casual " " Good Luck Class of ' 66. ANNEMARIE SWANSON Annemarie will always remember Apponequet. Some of her most memorable years were not at Apponequet. She didn ' t participate in any activities or sports and she coutdn ' t care less. She will never forget Theresa ' s obsession with " Spam " . She will always remember Mr. Homen ' s history and government classes as being her favorite. Her favorites include Bon Jovi. unicorns, purple, and Dr. Pepper. Her per peeves are Donwaldo. gym. flourescent colors, and riding the bus. " I want to go home! " SHERRIE L. TAYLOR ' living well is life ' s best revenge " . Sherrie ' s best times are spent w Scott. Her favorites are Chevy 4x4. Lowenbrau, and 300zx. Sherrie ' s ambition in life is to marry Scott, own a 300zx and a ranch. She most admires her family and Scott for always being there. She most remembers her joy ride w Jan. 11-1 1-84. 12-26-84. and the drive-in. Her favorite people are Scott, Sheri, Tracy, Jan, Donna. Cathy, Mickey, and Missy. " I love you. Scott! " MELISSA A. K. TORRES National Honor Society 3. 4 (President 4) Senior Council 4. Melissa wishes to thank all the teachers who have givin so much to their students every year, and to the people who have made her four years at Apponequet special. Her most memorable times were 9 28 84 and 12 25 84. She looks forward to all the surprises ahead, and lots of time with Phil. She would like to thank her parents and Trisha for everything, and she hopes she never lets them down " You can handle it. " PETER C. TITCCMBJR. Football 1-4 Track 3, 4. " Speedy ' s " favorites include Zeppelin. C, S. N. and Y. and swilling down brews in the Bugler. He can most likely be found with Duck, Paul, Danny, or Willie. He most admires G. T. for putting up with him. " Got no time to spend en route. The time has come to be gone. And though our health we drank a thousand times, it ' s time to ramble on. " Jimmy Page DEBRA ANN TCUPIN Band 1-4. Lions All State Band 3 Business Week 4. NHS 4. " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " Deb ' s ambition is to be a successful accountant She will never forget Summer 84-KU DM- What ' s that noise? Bill ' s 69 Mustang. Gretta (DW DV WR SL MH KS SV DS KU A T) Deb is happiest spending time at the Protamis. being w her family (Luv ya Mom) 8c being w BIII (6- 1-85) I Luv You! Her biggest pet peeve, are oil cans, accidents, and Lincons! MICHAEL J. TCAL Mike can usually be found among his friends, such as John, Norm, Steve, Greg, or at home fixing up his Firebird. His favorites include Chinese Food. 67 Firebirds, Lifting weights. Quiticas, Bon Jovi. Night Ranger, and the Scorpions. His pet peeves are Ma- Mows, and " Tough Guys " . Mike most admires people who are strong of character, stand up for what they believe . in, and never quit. Mike would like to wish all his friends, and the class of ' 86 ' the best j of luck. I ANDREA MARIE TREMBLA Y Stimulus 2 Andrea will always remember the times spent with all of her friends and wishes them the best of luck in the future, " miss you guys " . Her future ambitions are to become a very rich and well known accountant, travel a lot and be happy. She most enjoys dancin. flowers, sleeping late, listening to Tom Petty and shopping. Andre most admires and thanks her Mom (love you) and loves to be with Mike all the time. Her pet peeves are snobs, drugs, 8c winter. Good Luck ' 86 ' ! 52 LUKE TUPLIN " Lukey ' s " ambition is to pursue a career in law enforcement and join the Coast Guard. His favorites include U2 1, Stones, Apples. Zepplin. iazagna. liking people, Jaguar es. C.F. S.M. C.D, D.D. M. T. He will always remember Mrs. Zuber ' s class, the waterworks, Heaven. Pet peeves include mean people and hate. Thanks Emmet the Pollocks for putting up with me. " Lose your dream and you will lose your mind. " Sure! RICHARD BORDEN TURNER JR. Tennis 2-4. Newspaper Staff 4. " Through the trailing times in life, remember the good times you have had and it will wash away all the bad things you ' ve encountered. ' ' KARA W. UPHAM Yearbook, Senior Council. Kara ' s ambitions are to become a surgical nurse and to get the most she can out of life. She can usually be found goofing off w A. F. D 1. 2, 3. GNU. K.S. S.V. M.H. S.L, of course, Danny. Her mosf memorable times have been embarassing Anne, spy adventures . the baby pictures w Deb 3. V66 @ noon, the summer of ' 84 ' the gun w Deb 1, 6-6-85, 9- 15-84, 12-22-84 8r just being CRAZY! I love you dearly. Dad . you 2 Jo! " Check ya later. ' ' love you, Danny! Live it up. ciass of ' 86 ' , we deserve it! " TOOTLES " ! SHIELA MARIE VICKERY Band 1-4, HR Rep. 1-3, Senior Council 4. Shiela ' s future ambitions are to become Pres, of a Lg. Corporation 8r have an affair w Stewart Copeland. Shiela ' s most memorable moments were 7 6 84. summer of 84 w nac. camping w Annette, FMUMA w Capt in Farmarama. modeling for Field 8i Stream. Sting 9- 19, DE. VA Canada, Ski Trip 84, George Track, you-know- what-Aris. Cobra, noogas w Camper, Business Week. Shiela ' s favorites include AF, NAC. The Police, MO. WIG. JC. Rocholle. pearls, x-mas, 8c special people. SHERRI ELIZABETH VIERA Fleldhockey 1-4, Softball 1-4. Sherri ' s ambition is to lead a happy and successful life and someday own a black Lamborghini Her favorites include choc., weekends and good friends like ML, SM. and especially DA VE. Sherri will always remember the softball gang, Horseneck " 85 " thank T.S., caokouts with the " R ' s " . Sherri would like to thank Mr. Looney and her parents for everything they ' ve put up with. Happiness to Sherri is spending time with Dave and making her Dad proud. DENISE J. VILLA Band 1. Labaron 3, 4 " Dennis ' " ambition in life is to travel, be successful, own a Mustang convertible, and marry Karl! Some of her favorites: KARL, the pink panther, Gumby. MScM ' s. sunsets, weekends, St. Bernards, 4 wheelin ' , camping, snow. The Doors. Pink Floyd, The Eagles, and James Taylor. Pet peeves Mondays, B.D.. rainy days, getting grounded, and people who put others down. She ' ll never forget all the great friends she made, especially J and G for putting up with her. and 1 11 85. WE MADE IT GUYS! 53 JAN-EUZABETH VIOLANTE Beth plans to pursue a career in the secretarial field and marry John. Among Beth ' s favorites are JOHN, B.G., Josseiyn. Debbi. Mom Dad C.. Cherie. Chris, white Z28 ' s. Beth most admires her parents. She is happiest when she is w John. Her most memorable dates are 7 27 84, 8 4 84, and 3 23 85, Beth can most likely be found w John or talking on the phone w him. She will never forget all of her friends from Apponequet and she wishes the class of " 86 " the best of luck. " I LOVE YOU, JOHN! " LORI LEE WALMSLEY Cheerleading (Capt.), Homeroom Rep., Pep Club, Senior Council. Lori ' s ambition in life is fo become very rich successful. Some of her favorites are teddybears, stars, beaches, the awesome foursome, and laughing w friendsi PS, TO, LL, RS, MH, CYY, DM, SM, she ' ll never forget the summer of " 85 " all the special times spent w Michael. Her pet peeves are early mornings, cleaning house, and air heads. Special thanks to Kris 8c Jo the Viana family. She wishes the class of " 86 " the best. I love you. Mom 8c Dad 8c Shayne Jay. ELAINE MARIE VURPILLA TTE Elaine ' s ambition in life is to be successful, but most of all be happy. Her favorites are pizza, partying, Aerosmith, the Crue, 8c the weekend. Elaine ' s most memorable times were spent with JV, L V. CV, KJ. LB, BS, 8c DO. She win always remember the summer of " 85 " , 1-4-85, 6th study freshman year, Friday nights! Her pet peeves are people who think they are better than others. Elaine most admires her parents for all their understanding through the years. " I LOVE YOU, MOM 8c DAD! " SHAYNE T. WALMSLEY Football 1-4, Track 3, 4. Shayne ' s ambition is to become wealthy and have a good time doing it. He can mostly be found with Gopher, Brewser, Flipper, Squatty, Troy and the Suicide Kid. Shayne ' s pet peeves include greenbays, up-n-overs, doggers and misers. He will most remember days at the beach with Squatty and Brewser, skipping at Jay ' s house, and boating at Sandy ' s cottage. Shayne most admires his parents and Coach Dias. Good Luck to the Class of " 86 " COLLEEN L. WESTGATE Field hockey 1-4, basketball 1-4, track 1-4 " What lies behind us and what lies in front of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " After graduation Colleen plans to attend college and major in secondary education. Her favorites inciude tears for fears, running, italian food, stars, hugs, ice cream, sunsets and long walks on the beach. She will never forget the good times she shared with TO, LL, PC, MK, LL, KF, ES, and Steve P! Coll would like to wish the Class of ' 86 the best of luck! Thanks Mom, Dad and Pam! k 54 KEVIN WESTGATE The class of 1986 would like to wish Kevin the very best. ROGER WESTGATE JR. Rog ' s ambition is to be happy and successful in life with whatever he does. Some of his favorite times were spent with: Eddy, Todd. Jeff, Val and of course KEL. He wiil most remember May 1. 1985 (Right Kei?!) Rog ' s pet peeves are bad drivers and Swiss cheese. Roger would like to thank Kel for the great times they had and the ones to come! Best wishes to the Class of " 86“ I love you Kelly I THOMAS WESTGATE Tom hopes to be successful at whatever he does. After graduation he hopes to get a job in his trade. Many thanks to his teachers, famiiy, and friends. Tom can be found hanging with K.C, T.K, R.S, P.S, S.O. M S. K.M. Special friends and favorites are C.B. A M. C. fast cars, motorcycles, and parties. Pet peeves are slow drivers. Hers, girls who tease, and people who gossip. Best wishes ' 86 ' ! Keep the good times coming. I MICHAEL J. WINTERS Mike ' s ambtion in life is to excell in the field of engineering. Favorites include: 67 Cararos, Baker ' s Beach, riding, racing. Triumph. Rainbow. Foreigner. His pet peeves inciude Yamahas. 69 Camaros. people who are stuck up and 5th period math. He can usually be found with John. Tom, Mark. Greg, Norm, or Mike. Thanks, Mom and Dad for all of the support through the years. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the class of " 86“. Good luck in the years to come. " Never lose sight of your dreams, no matter how distant they seem. “ DEBORAH L YN WOOD Office 3. Debbie ' s ambition in life is to become a legal secretary for a large firm. Her favorites include Bryan Adams. Bruce Springstein, ring dings, and good friends like NB. CT. OS. KS. ES. WR. KU, DT, SB. and DA. Debbie would like to thank her family and — especially her Mom. Debbie ' s pet peeve is people who are always late. Debbie wili always remember the good times she had with her friends. Good Luck. " Friendship is a special kind of love. “ S5 MARK WORDELL The class of 1986 would like to wish Mark the very best. KEVIN W. WORTHINGTON Cross Country 1-4 (Copt.), Indoor Track 2-4 (Copt.), Spring Track 2-4 (Capf.) Kevin ' s ambition in life is to pursue a career in physical education and to become a track coach. He thanks all his classmates who called him ' Ernie " . He will always remember Mrs. Haskins. S.P. and the Cross Country Team. Special thanks to Coach Tebo for his dedication and guidance. Kevin ' s favorites include listening to the radio, watching the Los Angeles Dodgers and speed workouts. Thanks. Mom and Dad. He wishes the class of ' ' 86 " the best of luck. JCHN YARRC Football 1-3 John can usually be found crusing around with Danny. Eggy, Denny. John ' s favorites include going to Newport. Vitamin M, eating. Aerasmith. AC DC. girls. Van Halen, and TANG. He will never forget going to Newport with DG, SB. BM. B.L. with Shawn B. and of course BAKER LANE! His pet peeves are D. Powers, J.S. and people who think they ' re good for other people. John most admires his parents for sticking with him through everything and for all of their help. Best of luck to the class of ' ' 86 " . MICHELLE L. YCUNGBLCCD Bandl, 3. 4 Choir 3, 4 Softball 2-4. Michelle ' s ambition is to study photography and dance She can most likely be found with Kelly. S P. Rhonda, C.L .C. D A and Tracye. She most admires her parents for ■ ' i being patient and understanding Her favorites include Tears For Fears. PaPa Freitas-Que Pasa?. Mr Lagadec for being himself. Sarelle and her parents She will always remember 5 11 84. 9 18 84, I r 10 27 84. fun times w ARCHY and ANNE, s Sharoo " L " Hi. Raechele Thanks, Mom Dad ' ' God must love me. he gave me you! " 56 HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT THINGS WILL BE LIKE TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW? HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT KIND OF LIVES YOUR OLASSMATES WILL LIVE? WHAT KIND OF JOBS THEY WILL HOLD? THE PEOPLE AND BIOGRAPHIES OONTAINED ON THESE NEXT FEW PAGES ARE PREDIOTIONS ON THE OOOUPATIONS OF RANDOMLY OHOSEN SENIORS. LET ' S HOPE (IF WE DARE!) THAT THESE PREDICTIONS OOME TRUE SEE F YOUR GUESSES ARE CLOSE ACTRESS Lisa is now pursuing an ambitious career as a budding actress. Not only has she done numerous Sealy Posturepedic Mattress commercials, but she has also played the mystery lady on ZVWs evening hit. " Murder, He Gloats . " Her sophisticated seductiveness has put her face on the covers of such prestigious pubiications as International Images, Glimpes of Glamour, Undercover, AND Les Deux Chiens Dans La Rue and has compelled producers and agents known worldwide to beg for her talents. In the future, she will star in Sliver, an acredited documentary showing the gross reality of modern man ' s obsession with metal architecture. TRAVEL AGENT Lori, after restless years of wandering from job to Job. finally settled down into the profession that seemed made for her, a travel agent for the moon shuttle. Her bubbly personality has convinced thousands to roam the dunes of the moon, swim in its crater-like pools, and to sleep and dine in the luxurious Endor Inn Mote! chain. If you are interested in visiting our neighbor, the moon. Just contact Lori and she ' ll be happy to send you on your way! MALE NURSE After his football years tormenting victimized opponents. Shawn attended a prestigious college of nursing, finishing 1201 out of 1202. He is now employed at the U- Break- ' em-l-flx- ' em up Hospital. His ambition is to one day successfully break and set every bone of his b ody using no anesthesia. On his few days off he likes to pick flowers and give blood for needy lab mice. MECHANIC Marie suddenly fell in love with a grease monkey after high school. She and her boy-friend went to New England Tech, where they learned the ins and outs of fixing cars. She now has her own garage on 5th Ave. N. Y.. N. Y. and can be found changing oil for her former classmates for V 2 price. Her only set-back was trendy New Yorkers who couldn ' t understand her Fall River accent. NUCLEAR SCIENTIST Chrissy graduated from MIT with honors and went on to become the head scientist at Three Mile Island. She has led the nuclear power plant to the greatest efficiency ever achieved. She has won many honors and awards and is in great demand around the world to speak at prominent colleges. She presently resides in Middletown. Pennsylvania, is married, and has seven little Chrissies. CASTLE CONSTRUCTOR After several years of day dreaming in class Allen decided to put his brain to use and attended Harvard, graduating first in his class. He set up a successful business and has made sizeable profits from it. Those interested in seeing Allen again just have to let their fingers do the walking in the yellow pages, under Building Castles in the Clouds. He can make your royal dreams come true. HIGH TECH DESIGNER Nancy is riding high on fame. Her new product- ' Earring Radio " is selling in technically developed countries everywhere. As one English Punk rocker said. " They come in all these funky colors like, they are way out there, and they fit right in my earUU!” However. Nancy questions the longevity of her successful creation. Already doctors are cautioning users to avoid this harsh invasion to the ear. and already schools are complaining that they can ' t tell when a student is innocently wearing jewelry. HOUSEWIFE The day after graduating from high school Margie was married and soon after found herself with five no-neck-monsters. She quickly mastered the technique of collecting coupons and washing truck loads of dirty laundry. She can now be found at the local Shaws supermarket, counting her food stamps and chasing her monsters with rusted-out shopping carts. J. 58 CRUSADER After graduating from the top of his ciass, Eric became one of the most famous rebels without a cause. He is worid renowned for his crusade against the harvest of seaweed because he found that the periwinkies perished without its protection. As a protest, he spent two weeks on an ocean shore protecting the poor little things. Among his lesser known accomplishments Is his involvement with N.E.R.D.S. (National Enviornmental Rehabilitation of Dirty Socks). MALE STRIPPER Mike has put his years of heavy work-outs in the gym to good use. With the help of Rudolph Nureyev. he has become the top Chip-n-Dale Dancer. He has selected the Hard Hat Routine, for he feels muscular men turn women on. He Is famous for his suggestive routines. Since he is so fantastic, he earns about $1,000 a night. MALE MODEL Don graduated from Apponequet High to continue his education in the Army. He later realized that the Army was not his cup of tea. One day, in a department store, he witnessed a fashion show and decided that he would try his hand at modeling. To his suprise he became an outstanding success. Women all over the world were screaming ' DonI " , Don!, Don! " . But, having one woman after another became boring and he returned to Mum. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR With her rebellious years of high school behind her, Sharon took the straight road that led her to become Apponequet ' s future school administrator. There Is complete discipline and order with her new . , and successful programs. Teachers are no longer harried and rooms are always In perfect order. Thanks to Sharon the school 1 1 Isn ' t what it used to be. CIA AGENT While maintaing the preppy image here at Apponequet, Paul has gone undercover in search of Russian spies. He specializes In cartoon theft and fraud since humor is not permitted in the U.S.S.R.. It must be stolen from America, franslated and reprinted in underground newspapers. 59 77 ME BGHTY SIX TIIYE , CHEERS • HORSENECK • COKE • OPUS • BOB SEGER • TAILS • ET. • OLYMPICS • ROB LOWE • PARTYING • COSBY — SHOW • MOUSSE • BRYAN ADAMS • LIVEAID I i 60 EIGHTY SIX II VCR • CAGNEY LACEY • CRUSLN • PREPPIES • VAN HALEN • TRIVIAL PURSUIT • BREAK DANCING • OLYMPICS • 02 • MR. B» WALKMANS • GREMLINS • DONX)hNSC AfsKEL BRACE- LETS • SAMANTHA SMITH • EDDE MURPHY • STEVE MLLER BAND • MADDMGHT • PORSCHE 911 • PUNK STYLES • HUEY LEWIS • SUNRISES • PHI COLLINS • JET- SONS • WRESTLING • BORIS BECKER • 20 M 0 ?DS A NIGHT EIGHTY SIX- LOON MOUNTAIN • NIK E • HORSE NECK • MA DONNA • VANS • DOU G FLUTE • YOU LOOK MARVELOUS TALS • DAYGLO • WBRU • AE ROBCS • DET 7UP • 77 Wf EIGHTY SIX 64 REEBOKS TOMPETTEY V-66 • GLORIA • STING • GEL • REAGAN • HJY • LACE • WHAM • Vf4M WC£ • RAMBO • SPRINGSTEEN • MCD ) 5 ENIOR MOST UKEL Y TO BE FOUND PARTYNG CLASS OF " 86 " BEST ALL-AROUND MARC CLERC SHERRI MARTIN hAIKE MORAIS MARY SANTANGELO MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED GREG NEWCOMB SHERRI MARTIN MELISSA TORRES JIM MITCHUM 65 MOST MUSICAL USA HANELT PAULA LOPES ERIC BROWN TOM WHITMAN MOST ATHLETIC KATHY FITZGIBBONS CHRIS LAVOIE SHERRI VIERA MARC CLERC MOST ARTISTIC SUE MANNY CHRISTINE ROUSSEAU JOHN MADIERA CHRIS HEAL Y 66 II MOST MISCHIEVOUS CHRIS MURPHY STEVE O ' BRIAN GARY CUNNINGHAM PA T DA WSON MOST STYLISH ERIC BROWN MARIE ROCHA JENN SENNA MANNY ARRUDA MOST SOCIABLE RE ' ROUSSEAU STEVE O ' BRIAN KARA UPHAM MARYBETH SANTANGELO 1 67 CLASS COUPLES MICHELLE MEADOWS SHAWN BERNARD SHERRI VIERA DAVDRINKUS CLASS TREND SETTERS BOBBY FORD CHRISTINE ROUSSEAU JENN SENNA MIKE MORAIS CLASS DAY DREAMERS USA FOSKEY HEIDI GOODFELLOW BRYAN DODGE ALLEN SCOTT 68 ' 4 i ! t I ! I I I i CLASS BROWN NOSER KERRY NORTON GREG LUZ RICH SOUCY SUE LUBIN MOST TALKATIVE SAL MONDELLO SUE LUBIN DONNA MESSIER RICH SOUCY MOST SERENE ELISA GONZALEZ- VADILLO DOUG PLISSEY ANNE-MARIE SWANSON PAUL AUDET !■ 1 , 69 MOST HU6GABLE LAURIE LANGTON MARK KITCHEN RACHAEL BRANCO KENNY MELLOW MOST CONSERVATIVE JIM MITCHEM KAREN O SHEA JOHN MADEIRA JENNIFER HIRSHLAG MOST LIBERAL RON GAUTHIER MELISSA TORRES KARENA STRAUGH TOM WHITMAN L 14 . 70 MOST CYNICAL LOUISE LARSEN BILL DUNHAM GARY CUNNINGHAM KAREN O ' SHEA MOST MATERIALISTIC BOBBY FORD MARIE ROCHA MANNY ARRUDA CHRIS MURPHY MOST STUDIOUS MIKE ALMEIDA LISA HANELT GREG NEWCOMB JENNIFER HIRSHLAG 71 73 White in the moon the long road lies. The moon stands blank above; White in the moon the long road lies That leads me from my love. Still hangs the hedge without a gust. Still, still the shadows stay: My feet upon the moonlit dust Pursue the ceaseless way. The world is round, so travlers tell. And straight through reach the track. Trudge on trudge on. Twill all be well. The way will guide one back. But ere the circle homeward hies Far, far must remove: White in the moon the long road lies That leads me from my love. A.E. Housman fa. 1 1 1 I Y Y Y Y Y Y ' ■X ‘Y ' ■X Y Y tY 86 86 86 86 tY 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 FACULTY 1 : HARRIETT PARKER Harriett Parker began her teaching career in the one room country school teaching all grades. 1-8. She was the arithmetic teacher, the reading teacher, the gym instructor, the music teacher, the disciplinarian and the wood stove stoker. Harriett Parker was part of the transition in education. She moved on to the graded, self-contained classrooms of Freetown Elementary School. Here, change was prevalent. As the town ' s population grew, more space was needed. Freetown Elementary grew two-fold, three-fold. Harriett Parker was part of this transition, this change. Two towns united to form a regional school district. It was necessary if either town was to have a high school. Harriett Parker was a part of this change, this transition in education. Moving on to the High School. Harriett Parker became its first iibrarian. Through her twenty six years as High School librarian. Harriett Parker saw many changes. She was a part of it all. from fhe junior-senior high school with its double sessions to the formation of a middle school complex, from the turbulence of the late sixties and early seventies to the fiscal restraints of the late seventies and the early eighties. We stand today with another set of problems, albeit not new: the problems of rapid growth, overcrowding, and the need for expanded facilities and services. Although now retired. Harriett Parker continues to play a role toward the solution of these problems. Her service to education has not ended with retirement. Retirement is but a change, a transition. The sociologist Max Weber wrote that Freedom is the ability of one to stop in one ' s tracks, to be able to assess a situation, and to change. If one holds to this belief, then Harriett Parker ' s career is the epitomy of Freedom in Education. We salute you, Harriett Parker, the basket-toting, liberal Conservative, the antithesis of the stereotyped librarian, the lady who corrected our grammar as we spoke, the friend who made us angry and made us laugh and fhe country school teacher dedicated to progress. Dr. Perrone Superintendent Mr. Dupuis Business Manager Mrs. McCarthy Director of Special Needs Mrs. Macomber Regionai Schooi Committee Mrs. Chausse, Mr. Dias, Mrs. Johnson Mr. Gibney. and Mr. Garvey Mrs. Contois Ms. Gregory Mrs. Gomes Mrs. Paquette 77 Mr. Robert McCarthy Mr. Dean Powers Mr. Joseph Simas. Jr. MR. Peter Abraham Mr. Edward Christopher Mrs. Sandra Knudsen Mr. Gregory Lee Mrs. Jane Wrightington 79 80 81 Mr. Peter Homen Mr. Eric Jorgensen Ms. Elizabeth Keister Mr Joseph Kobak Mr Mitchell Kullga Mr Henry Laferriere Mr Gerald Lagadec ‘Mr. Rondid Hennings Mrs. Elizabeth McSwiggin 84 Mr. Daniel. Rose Mrs. Barbara Rose Mr. Robert Robidoux Mr. Frank Rose Mrs. Claudia Soares Mrs. Evelyn Staples tytr. Bruce Stark Ms. Carolee Stewart Mr. Robert Sylvia Mrs. Claire Ward Mrs. Rita Watson Mrs. Patricia Zuber Mrs. Mane White Mr. Edward Worchester hArs. Cynthia Tinsley Mr. Richard Tripp Mrs. Mary Boldoc Mr. James Grasela Mrs. Lillian Brulotte Mrs. Judith Porta Mrs. Rochelle Cox Mrs. Irene Ashley Mr. Leonard Pittsley Mrs. Rose Wilson " Go ahead, make my day! " " Got a problem? " " Oo. Solo mioU " 1 1 1 1 1 X X X ' ■x ‘Y % tX tY Y Y Y ' ■X Y ‘Y tY tY ?6 ?6 ?6 ?6 ?6 tY 86 86 86 86 86 86 UNDERCLASSMEN A. Alves R. Andrews E. Ashley P. Ashley D. August J. Babineau P. Bailey K. Baird C. Barboza C. Barlow M. Bartlett A. Bedard N. Berche M. Bernardo R. Bissonette D. Bachman J. Bolduc M. Boucher R. Boucher M. Boulay K. Brady L. Brown P. Busse V. Camarc K. Carey D. Costa S. Carr S. Costa N. Chausse M. Couture D. Christen D. Clerc M. Coggeshali J. Cox M. Crane S. Cunha A. Cunningham D. Daley M. Davis - ci T. Dawson M. Depin D. Drewniak N. Durand S. Erickson M. Forth G. Galhardo L. Gilbert N. Dawson G. Depippo D. Duarte S. Dutra R. Fabrick P. Prates A. Garbitt J. Goodfellow D. DeMello B. Dooley W. Dube D. Duval K. Faria J. Freiday J. Garofolo S. Gould B. Egan B. Ferreira M. Freiday K. Gaudette S. Gouveia B. Egan S. Ferris J. Gagne C. Gauthier P. Han P. Engstrom S. Flanagan D. Gajewski P. Gauthier J. Hancock M. Hanson M. Jussuame T. Leary P. Manley D. Medeiros J. Miller G. Milosek R. Nadeau J. Hutchins D. Kallstrom S. Levesque K. Maura D. Medeiros T. Miller G. Moniz K. Norton E. Ingram L. LoFountain E. Long L. Maxim K. Melanson D. Mills J. Morris J. Nuttall M. Jhaveri M. LaPoints L. Lucas M. McBride K. Mellen W. Johnson S. Larsen D. Lynch S. McCarthy J. Mello S. Jorge M. Lavigne K. MacNeill K. McGowan S. Meninno 92 i V. O ' Connell P. Olsthoorn D. Ouimef R. Pacheco J. Patenaude D. Perreira E. Pettey J. Piasecki D. Pilkington K. Pina L. Pitta D. Pontes B. Pothier L. Proc S. Richards D. Robbins L. Roberts I. Rodriquez M. Rodriquez M. Rogers J. Ross M. Roughneen R. Rubini R. Rushton S. Ryiands K. Santangeio R. Santos R. Shanks J. Shaw T. Sherman J. Simas F. Singieton G. Smith M. Smith J. Snow B. Souza L. Stapies E. Stock well D. Stonehouse 93 B. Sullivan F. Tavares L. Terrien J. Thibeaulf T. Torres K. Viera T. Young D. Swanson D. Taylor R. Terry A. Tisdelle M. Toupin L White G. Silvia K. Taylor K. Therrien J. Torres M. Vardis S. White 94 L. Abreau J. Alves T. Amaranfes M. Anderson M. Antunes K. Araujo A. Ashley S. Audeffe K. Avila N. Barrifeau G. Bafchelder D. Bedard E. Benfeito D. Berche L. Benardo B. Bernier R. Bernier L. Bevilacqua L. Biasuicci M. Blais J. Bolleson D. Bowman K. Brown A. Camara J. Camara M. Camara B. Chace D. Clermont J. Coffin D. Constantine S. Conway A. Cormell C. Cornell C. Cornell V. Cortes C. Courtemanche R. Couto K. Davern D. Defazio J. Depippo R. Diaz L. Dichiara M. Domagla E. Donateili E. Donovan M. Duclos K. Duff D. Dunn J. Durand M. Durfee J. Durocher K. Ecanomos D. Fergusan L. Ferreira R. Ferreira E. Foquette J. Franco A. Frawley A. Frawley D. Gagne T. Gagne G. Gammons L. Garcia 95 4 T. Garell C. Got s G. Gibbs M. Giger G. Gom6s W. Gomes . Gonsalves G. Goodrum M. Goudreau E. Griffin J. Guarino S. Gurney J. Hamilfon A. Hanelt T. Harrison J. Hartford J. Haskins P. Hathaway K. Herlihy B. Howe K. Howley T. Hudson J. Hutchinson D. Hutt J. Janczura L. Jasinski W. Jenkinson K. Johnsen K. Kanuse K. Kasevich K. Kazlauski M. Kenney J. Koval J. Kyranos L. Lafleur L. Langton B. Laventure J. Leblanc C. Leonard S. Leonard T. Levesque J. Long L. Looney S. Lopes T. Lopes W. Lyons N. Magno D. Mahoney B. Mastroddi D. Mauro J. Meadows T. Medeiros C. Mendonca W. Moniz D. Morano S. Nadeau M. Norton C. O ' Brien D. Ostrander C. Paradis K. Parau M. Patenaude J. Perkins I I ( % K. Phelps S. Pontes ?. Porawski R. Preston C. Regan C. Richards K. Riley T. Rocha J. Rogers C. Rose K. Roza T. Safford A. Salpietro P. Sampson J. Santos R. Santos D. Schenck J. Seymour C. Silva P. Silveira D. Simmons J. Smith J. Smith K. Smith R. Redicon T. Soares D. Soucy S. Souza D. St. Rock C. Sullivan J. Sylvester S. Sylvia J. Thomas C. Toews C. Truesdell J. Tucker T. Vantaarhoven B. Venice L. Vermette S. Viera E. Warner L. Westgate J. Whaiiey S. Wheelock S. Williams K. Winters K. Young T. Zimmerman 97 D. Adams T. Adams K. Alexander D. Almeida P. Annichiarico J. Ashley T. Ashley R. Avila D. Azevedo M. Barboza D. Bartlett J. Bastoni D. Beard M. Beaton S. Beaulieu D. Bedard W. Bedient S. Beneski L. Berche C. Bigelow K. Blanchard J. Bolduc K. Bonneau P. Bonneau M. Brassard K. Brooks G. Brun A. Burke K. Buzzell C. Campeou G. Caron R. Carr A. Carter K. Cavaca M. Christen C. Clymer K. Coggeshall T. Cook H. Copeland S. Corbin R. Correia G. Costa M. Costa D. Cote W. Crane T. Crossley J. Crowley M. Davignon K. DeMello E. DeMoranville B. DeMoranville L. DeMoranville K. DeTerra D. DIMarzio D. Dimeo P. Donahue S. Donovan D. Doyle J. Drewniak D. Dubois J. Duchaine M. Duclos M. Duffany 98 B. Durand K. Duval K. Edgell J. Elford R. Rabrick P. Fernald C. Ferreira D. Ferreira C. Fisher L. Flint G. Frates D. Frazier J. Freitas K. Gagne m. Gammons K. Garcia P. Giasson C. Giger M. Giovannini C. Good fellow D. Good fellow M. Gorman R. Gould R. Gouveia J. Hall K. Hartigan N. Hartley C. Haskins M. Haskins W. Haskins L. Herlihy D. Heyes J. Hollihan K. Hotz S. Houlihan D. Ho worth K. Howland S. Hutchins L. Imel B. Jason P. Jewell P. Jewell R. Jordan M. Joubert A. Kasevich L. Kinsley L. Kitchen K. Kubik L. Labonte P. Ladeira K. Lancashire J. Larson K. Lauzon G. LeBeau M. Lecuyer M. Levesque K. Lewin C. Lizotte J. Lynchy K. Monde ville A. Manoli C. Mansfield J. Marinelli H. Marshall 99 M. Marston G. Blais D. Maxim G. Maxim C. McCarthy C. McKenna K. Medeiros S. Medeiros S. Medeiros T. Medeiros B. Mello J. Mello R. Michaud H. Mills M. Mills K. Milosek R. Miranda G. Misturasdo G. Mitchem P. Monte J. Moquin C. Marais £ Murphy D. Norcross S. Nordeste P. O ' Brien R. Ojala R. Oliveira B. O ' Meara M. Otis A. Pacheco A. Pacheco C. Pacheco A. Panettieri A. Parau S. Porter D. Pereira R. Perry M. Pfister M. Piasecki J. Pierce M. Pina S. Pina M. Pittsley T. Place J. Plissey K. Pombo L. Parent M. Quintin L. Ralph J. Rathbun M. Reposa C. Robbins R. Robbins A. Russell L. Russell M. Sampson J. Sarosiek C Basse J. Schell C Sherman S. Shimp T. Silva 100 M. Silvia J. Smith C. Smusz N. Sparrow C. St. Don T. St. Don N. Stahl J. Stec J. Steidinger J. Still K. Strauch C. Sylvia C. Sylvia K. Taylor A. Tool B. VanLaarhoven J. Venice C. Vermette C. Viana T. Vieira P. Viera J. Walmsiey P. Warren T. Watkinson C. White E. White J. Wing J. Wood I. Wordell M. Worster L. Wright M. Yarro 4 ii 101 1 1 1 1 1 Y Y Y Y Y T " Y ' ■X X X T ' ■X tY tY tY ?6 tY tY 86 86 86 86 86 86 SPORTS VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW L TOR: K KAZLAUSKI. L. LOONEY. C. WESTGATE. K. FITZGIBBONS. L. LANGTON. M. LOONEY. D. GAMMONS. S VIEIRA. T. CLIFFORD. M. PELLEGRINO. K. BRADY. J. BOLDUC SECOND ROW L TO R: COACH PELLEGRINO. K. HERLIHY. L LAFLEUR. K. GAUDETTE. K. THERRIEN. D. CHRISTEN. K. MELLEN. K. CAREY. M. VARDES. J. SIMAS. COACH LOONEY 104 DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 9 10 0 Case 3 9 12 1 Digh. -Rehob. 3 9 16 1 Dartmouth 2 9 17 1 Old Rochester 2 9 19 3 Seekonk 1 9 24 1 Bourne 1 9 26 1 Wareham 2 10 1 2 Fairhaven 0 10 3 1 Case 2 10 8 2 Digh. -Rehab. 3 10 10 1 Old Rochester 4 10 15 1 Seekonk 3 10 17 1 Bourne 0 10 21 1 Dartmouth 4 10 22 2 Wareham 0 10 24 2 Fairhaven 0 11 1 3 New Bedford 2 I ! I i ! H FRONT ROW L TOR: T. VIEIRA. K. ALEXANDER. L LANGTON. J. STEIDINGER. H. COPELAND BACK ROW L TO R: C BIGELOW. J. DUTRA. N SPARROW. J. VENICE. L HERLIHY. M. LEVESQUE. B. PELLIGRINO 105 FIRST ROW L TOR: L. PARENT. C. ROSE. A. FRAWLEY. T. GARRELL. P. JEWELL. M. OTIS. A. FRAWLEY. K. BONNEAU SECOND ROW L TO R: S GOULD. C. GIGER. T ZIMMERMAN. S. WHITE, M. CLERC. K. WORTHINGTON. B. EAGAN. P. SAMSON. D. SIMMONS. M. NORTON. S. PORTER. B. O ' MEARA BACK ROW L TO R: D. THIBEAUL T, M. K. ROUGHNEEN. K. TA YLOR. C. MANSFIELD. M. PINA. J. ASHLEY. D. GOODFELLOW. J. STILL. S. SANTANGELO. B. VANLAARHOVEN. A. TOEL. K. KULIGA 106 B’h I DATE BOYS GIRLS OPPONENT 9 10 27-28 W 38-191 Seekonk 9 17 19-43 W 16-39 W N.B. Voke-Tech 9 23 27-31 W 18-39 W Digh. -Rehob. 9 26 15-48 W 20-39 W Bourne 10 1 17-45 W 19-44 W YYareham 10 8 21-40 W 18-44 W Old Rochester 10 15 15-50 W 16-46 YY Fairhaven 10 23 18-40 W 19-44 YY Case 107 Football VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW L TO R: C. LAVOIE. B. DODGE. M. BERNARDO. G. LUIZ. P. TITCOMB. M. HORTON. B. DUNHAM. S BONNE AU. S WALMSLEY. J. DUBE. S BERNARD. M. MORAIS SECOND ROW L TO R: J. THIBEAULT. M. TOUPIN. J. SHAW. J. GOODFELLOW. D. BOCHMAN. J. MILLER. C. OLIVER. D. DUARTE THIRD ROW L TO RIGHT: COACH OTTOVIANELLI. COACH WALSH. M. GIGER. D. MCGINN. E. PETTEY. J. FREIDAY. P HATHAWAY. . DELLARROCCO FOURTH ROW L TO R: COACH CANASTRA. B. VENICE. D. MARANO. J. KYRANOS. D. DUNN. COACH DIAS. COACH BERRY 108 DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 9 20 0 MIDDLEBORO 34 9 28 0 CASE 24 10 5 27 FAIRHA VEN 26 10 12 6 DIGH. -REHOB 34 10 18 7 WAREHAM 21 10 26 7 BOURNE 20 11 2 7 DENNIS YARMOUTH 35 11 9 27 VOKE-TECH 9 11 16 10 SEEKONK 12 11 28 7 OLD ROCHESTER 0 FIRST ROW: L TO R S. RICHARDS. C. LAVOIE. M. CLERC SECOND ROW: L TO R COACH OTTOVIANELLI. S. MONDELLO. K. GLEASON. T. LOPES. J. FRANCO. P. ENGSTROM. D. LYNCH. C. PARADISE. COACH KULIGA T 1 DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 12 17 12 20 51 Seekonk Diman 80 12 23 56 N.B. Voke 46 12 30 55 Dighton-Reho- both 59 1 3 56 Bourne 58 1 7 42 Wareham 78 1 10 56 Old Rochester 63 1 14 48 Fairhaven 71 1 17 53 Case 37 1 24 69 Seekonk 62 1 28 58 N.B. Voke 57 1 31 52 Dighton-Reho- both 60 2 4 42 Bourne 56 2 7 48 Wareham 64 2 11 66 Old Rochester 53 2 14 56 Fairhaven 50 2 18 50 Case 43 2 20 77 Mibbleboro 57 111 I ' JlH FIRST ROW L TO R: T. CLIFFORD. K. FITZGIBBONS. L. LARSEN. P. STILL SECOND ROW L TO R: COACH GREESON. J. PLISSEY. N SPARROW. V. CAMARA. K. BRADY. R ANDREWS DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 12 16 41 Seekonk 36 12 20 37 N.B. Yoke 31 12 23 52 Holbrook 37 12 30 33 Dighton-Reho- both 44 1 3 53 Bourne 41 1 7 52 Wareham 47 1 10 28 Old Rochester 51 1 13 44 Fairhaven 24 1 16 44 Case 42 1 24 23 Seekonk 62 1 27 42 N.B. Yoke 32 1 30 47 Dighton-Reho- both 34 2 4 49 Bourne 47 2 7 59 Wareham 34 2 10 38 Old Rochester 37 2 14 47 Fairhaven 27 2 18 47 Case 37 2 20 52 Middleboro 34 FIRST ROW L TO R: J. STEIDINGER. N. SPARROW, J. LINCHY, S. GOULD SECOND ROW L TO R: S. CUNHA. J. PLISSEY. S. YOUNG. H. MILLS. COACH SILVA a 113 FIRST ROW: L TO R C. ROSE. J. FRIETAS. M. OTIS. M. PINA. J. HALL SECOND ROW L TO R D. GOODFELLOW. A. FRAWLEY. D. SIMMONS. B. EAGAN. A. FRAWLEY. K. WORTHINGTON. M. NORTON. S. WHITE BACK ROW L TO R COACH THIBEAULT. K. LAUZON. D. ALMEIDA. E. WARNER. S. JANZURA. J. DUBE. J. MITCHEM. F TAVARES. P. BUSSE. J. THIBEAULT. B. DUNHAM. L WRIGHT. P. TITCOMB. COACH BONNAR . DATE BOYS GIRLS OPPONENT 12 17 56-30 w 48-38 IV Taunton 12 19 52-34 w 68-11 w N.B. Yoke 12 30 56-30 w 56-28 w Dartmouth 1 9 28-58 1 16-70 Seekonk 1 16 50-36 IV Diman 1 16 19-67 1 Norwell 1 23 46-40 IV 45-41 IV Fairhaven 1 27 51-29 w 65-9 IV Wareham 2 6 50-35 IV 51-35 IV Old Rochester FIRST ROW: L TO R C. GIGER. S. PORTER. J. VENICE. S.WIUAMS. K. BONNEAU. L PARENT SECOND ROW: L TO R COACH THIBEAULT. T DAWSON. B. O ' MEARA. K. SANT ANGELO. M.K. ROUGHNEEN. K. KULIGA. J. DUTRA. M. EREIDAY. V. CORTEZ. COACH BONNAR FIRST ROW: L TO R C. GAUTHIER. A. TOAL. D. BEARD. L BERNARDO. R. PERRY SECOND ROW L TO R M. BERNARDO. C. SULLIVAN. J. STILL. M. BERNARDO. D. BEARD BACK ROW: L TO R D. WHITE. B. SULLIVAN. M. TOAL. J. SNOW. S. BENESKI DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 1 8 50 Seekonk 118 1 10 77 Durfee 94 1 17 96 Sandwich 75 1 24 63 Duxbury 106 1 29 70 New Bedford 101 1 31 68 A ttleboro 87 2 5 81 Middleboro 88 117 ;onvERsn DATE LAKERS OPPONENT 9 9 1 1 2 Bourne 7 1 2 9 16 1 Seekonk 8 9 19 1 Digh. -Rehob 8 9 23 2 NB. Voke 7 9 24 0 Old Rochester 9 9 26 4 1 2 Wareham 4 1 2 9 30 2 1 2 Bourne 6 1 2 10 7 1 1 2 Seekonk 7 1 2 10 8 1 Digh. -Rehob. 8 10 10 3 1 2 N.B. Voke 5 1 2 10 14 1 2 Old Rochester 8 1 2 10 17 3 Wareham 6 FIRST ROW L TO R: P. JEWELL, M. JOUBERT. P. LADEREIRA, J. HUTCHINSON SECOND ROW L TO R: J. LEBLANC, J. HUTCHINS, P DONATO, COACH SIL UA .1 Y Y Y Y Y Y I tY ?6 tY tY ?6 tY 86 86 86 86 86 86 CLUBS I APPONEQUET MARCHING BAND row 1: S. Janczura. J. Cox. D. Ouimet. J. Perkins. B. Durand. S. Santangelo. C. St. Don. row 2: L. Ashley. T. Medeiros. S. Donovan. T. McKenna. J. Bastoni. L. Roberts. C. Richard. Mr. Noll, row 3: K. Santangelo. M. Quintin. L. Hanelt. B. Sullivan. M. Rodrigues. S. Young. C. White. S. Porter. K. Blanchard, row 4 ; T. Vanhaarhoven. S. Blackburn. A. Ashley. M. DiChiara. J. Janczura. W. Gomes. A. Hanelt. row 5: D. Clermont. L. DiChiara. D. Gagne. M. Beaton. J. Graofolo. D. Berche. L. Donat elli. M. Youngblood. C. Towes. row 6: K. O.Shea. S. Vickery. D. Toupin. A. Carter. C. Gallant. B. Vanlaarhoven. C. Giger. N. Sparrow. J. Venice, row 7; t. LOpes B. Jenkinson. N. Orall. S. Silva. C. Sullivan. D. Goodfellow. K. Brown. M. Giovannini. M. Otis. ■ MAMREUES Front Row: Left to Right: P. Gauthier. M. Duffany, K. Therrien. G. DePippo, K. Norton. S. Sunderland. D. Periera. Second Row. Left to Right: S. Souza. K. Kanuse. J. Staples. L. Stockwell. A. Forteneau. S. Dulong. M. Yarro. K. Norton. 121 Row 1; C Norton. M. Blais. K. Maua. L. L. Stockwell. D. Stonehouse. L. Labonte. S. Sanfangelo. P. Jewel. .K. Pina. S. Pina. S. Blachburn. L. Parent, T. Hudson. Row 2; S. Jorge. C. O ' Brien. A. Ashley. T. Vaniaarhoven. T. Viera. D. Piissey. D. Constantine. G. Mitchem. M. Quinten. M. Arruda, M Youngblood. M. Friday. K. Brady. M. Sylvia. B. O ' Mera. Row 3: S. Erickson. J. Hailton, J. Larson. B. Jason, J. Eiford. T. Place. T Whitman. J. Bolduc. E. Brown. J. Seymour. E. Donovan. C. Mendonca. J. Wood. J. Garafalo, Row 4, P. Lopes. M. Domagala. N. Stahl. J. Plyssey. A. Toal. L. Gramlich. S. Friday. C. Strauch, M. Pina. S. Cunha. S. Beneski, D. Goodfellow, S. Cunha. A. Hanlet, K. Gravel. A Garbet. 122 A Sandpipers AND esmen s + r Row 1, Ms. Stewart. Kelly. Lisa. Sue. Sharon Row 2: Mechelle. Carol. Jen. Laurie Row 3: Paula. Mike. Eric. Sue Row 4: Doug. Tom. Steve. Danny Percussion; Scott Cunha Guitar Steve Rego Senior Councl Senior Counol S EMOR Councl Senior Councl Senior Councl SENKDR COUNOL Pictured L-R Mara. Kety. Sue. Kerry. Debbie. Micheile. Annette. Erin. Laurie. Wendy. Kara. Katie. Lori. Sherri. Paula. Mary. Chris. Marc, and Jm. 124 The National Honor Society is a group of students who have been selected to participate because of ther outstanctig academic acNevement. But the organization is more than that. It is comprised of indviduds who hove demonstrated high levels of leadersNp, service, character and scholarshp, both here at Apponequet and h the community. Its members participate in fund rasing activities to award schoiarsh s and sponsor a colection drive for Oxfam America. H onor S ociety Honor Society H onor S ociety Honor Society H onor S ociety C. NORTON. C. WESTGATE. D. CHRISTEN. M. VARDIS. L. GAUTHIER. M. JHAVERI. J. PIASECKI. K. BELKEN. W. PORTO. M. TORRES. K. O ' SHEA. J. J BOLDUC. K. HUGES K. THERIAN. D. TOUPIN. P. LOPES. K. STONGE. J. HIRSLAG. J. REGO, M. PELLIGRINO. E. INGRAHM. E. ENGSTRUM. J. MELLO. S. ERICKSON. J. SENNA. S. LUBIN. K. MORAIS. K. KULIGA. C. DEFAZIO. H. GOODFELLOW. S. DULONG. K. NORTON. L HANELT. S. BLACKBURN. J. NUTALL. M. BERNARDO. M. COUTURE. G. NEWCOMB. N. ORRAL. B. FREEMAN. B. DUBE. R. RUBINI. M. LAPOINTE, S. MARTIN, S. CARR. J. MITCHEM. M. CLERC. W. DUNHAM, G. LUIZ, M. KITCHEN. M. TOUPIN, B. SULLIVAN, J. PATNAUDE, A. TISDELLE. S. FLANNAGAN 1 earbook S taff Deadlines, typing, lost pictures, late nights in room 101 are just a small list of what it takes to put together the Poiarion each year. Is it fun? Does the staff enjoy making the dramatic choice between a period or a comma or should the picture be one and one half or two inches? The Poiarion trys to reflect what student life at A.H.S. is all about. Each year some people love us and some people don ' t but the job falls on the shoulders of the Poiarion staff. We hope this year ' s edition gives you some pleasure and will be a source of information and enjoyment in the years ahead. L V Row 1: Laurie, Jennifer row 2: Wendy. Gary, Christine row 3: Louise. Kathy, Katie. Kara Not shown: Jo-ann. Mary, and Debbie 126 Stimulus Stimulus is an organization of high school students and teachers that is devoted to providing cultural enrichment programs of oil types for our school and community. Our goal is to stimulate the POSITIVE ENERGIES in ourselves and others, thereby " rising above " the negative circumstances that are contrary to the human imagination. Our goal is to create NETWORK SYSTEMS that will stimulate the flow of creative energy. We hope to " link up " with other organizations and people who share our philosophy of " rise above it. " We hope to sound a chord in the minds and hearts of our " friends in spirit " who feel that it is time for action — that is time to take responsibility for the quality of life, not only in our schools, but in our communities and our world. Row 1: Mike Almeida, Ron Rushfon, Kim Meianson, Robin Pimento. Jill Ross, Nicole Chausse, Row 2: Mary Dichiara, Tracy Sears. Mona Jhaveri, Dawn Gagne heerleaders A cheerleader is not just a bubble brain who can only repeat a few cheers on a Saturday afternoon. Cheering takes work, physical agility, and dedication, with a little goofing off thrown in for good measure. Apponequet cheerleaders work to improve school spirit and provide visible support for the varsity teams. Cheering encourages good citizenship and caring from its members and they give willingly of their time and energy. THE SQUAD row one Tracy M., Wendy P., Jamie P., Lori W., Pauia 5 ., Beth B., Debbie B. row two Micheiie Y.. Micheile B., Cheryi M.. Kristian K„ Dana M., Valerie H„ Laurie G., Coach: Mrs. D. Be daring, be different, be hipracticd; be aiyth ' ng that wiii assert integrity of purpose and hnaghative vision agahst the piay-it-safers, the creatures of the commonpiace, the staves of the ordhary. Routines have their purposes, but the merety routine is the hidden enemy of high art. Cedi Beaton FIRST ROW: K. Blanchard, T. Jorden, N. Hartley, S. Dulong, B. Ford, R. Fabrick, K. Goodfellow, S. Frieday, D. Stonehouse, T. Whitman, K. Strauch, M. Pina, L. Ashley, K. Hotz, D. Constantine, M. Kenny. SECOND ROW: C. White. G. Mitchem, J. Plissey. S. Blackburn. J. Elford. K. Kaliga. H. Goodfellow. S. Lubin, J. Jansura, C. Sullivan. J. Bastoni. K. Hartigan, R. Gould. C. Santangelo, J. Mederios. THIRD ROW: A. Tool. M. Quintin. A. Ashley, R. Diaz. K. Winters. W. Gomes. A. Hanelt, B. Jenkinson. J. Larsen. M. Youngblood, M. Arruda. C. O ' Brien. S Pina K. Pina T Sylva, C. Silva DRAMA CLUB DIRECTOR: Mrs. Cousins 129 FOCAS Sue Erickson. Mona Jhaveri. Nicole Chausse, Maria Vardis 1st row: C. White. K. Blanchard. A. Toal. S. Erickson, K. Kuligs, C. Gauthier, M. Vardis, M. Jhaveri, S. Carr, S. Flanagan, E. Ingram 2nd row: J. P issey, G. Mitchem, R. Dias, W. Gomes, K. Winters, B. Jenkinsen, M. Lapoint, J. Goodfellow 3rd row: M. Quintin, C. Sullivan, A. Tisdelle, J. Patemaude, M. Toupin, B. Ford, M. Costa, R. Carr F ' ' ench Club 131 S tudent O ouncil I ,y ' I it xCXr iir " i 1 Front Row: Left to Right: W. Porto, K. Goodfellow. P. Secatore. Third Row: Left to Right: P. Ingstom, M. Roughneen. K. Morais. K. Norton, M. Vardis, J. Bastoni. Third Row, Left to Right: Mr. Goodfellow, S. Martin, K. Mellon, D. Gagne, T. Clifford, G. MItchem. Officers: T. Clifford, P. Secatore, M. Vardis, K. Goodfellow, S. Martin 132 5 tudent dees row 1 J. Hirshlag. W. Gomes, J. Bolduc. M. Jhaveri, J. Patnaude row 2 S. McCarthy. A. Hanelt, S. Audette ii Row I N Orrall. B. Jenkinson. T. Mederios. S. Silvia B Sullivan. C. Sullivan Row 2. S Sanfangelo. P Handlock M. Rodrigues. M. Coture. S Dulong. W . Russel. C. Gallant. B. Venice. M. Giovinnin. B. Vanlaarhoven. M. Otis. Row 3. G. Mitchem. J. Perkins. J. Cox. T. Lopes. S. Cunha. S. Janczura Kj£ 134 1 1 ?6 ?6 ?6 ?6 C 6 ?6 86 86 86 86 86 86 SPECIAL EVENTS Music. Art, Drama, Dance all are apart of everyones favorite night at Apponequet. Traditionally MADD NIGHT is a sell out! Singing, dance, twirling, skits, comedy and all types of surprises are just a few of the things that are apart of this crazy evening. MADD NIGHT offers everyone at Apponequet the opportunity to perform for their friends and family. 136 137 13a r V DANCES VAN HALEN BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN THE POLICE BOB SEGAR U2 BRYAN ADAMS MR. MISTER THE WHO EURYMTHICS THE TUBES TEARS FOR FEARS DURAN DURAN STEVE NICKS NIGHT RANGER HEART JOHN COUGAR DIRE STRAITS 139 ii Spain Left: Plaza de Toros: below: countryside of Granada: bottom left: Statue of Columbus (Madrid): bottom right: Plaza Mayor (Madrid) Top left: Capital Building; top right: Liberty Bell (Philadelphia); center: Vietnam Memorial— Granite Wall; bottom: the group iOM.AS F FLANIGAN ii Y • RICHARD GREEN jr DOUGLAS G IMPSON E • WILLIAM M MIH JR... :1CH • EDDIE LEE r: . jr- BRADLEY KWA STEVEN C GASSEN • I ' JAMES R HOCKE • WfLUE t ' • CHARLIE L PARTIl • THURMAN t jERALOACAHI JBERTWHARRL 141 ASSONET ' S VILLAGE PIZZA 68 South Man St. Assonet Open Sunday- Thursday 11AM-9PM Friday-Saturday 11 AM- 11PM A.R. GLDDEN AND SON Lakeville, Mass " Clothing For The Entire Family” Good Luck To The Class Of 1986 Birch wood Commons Bedford Street 947-0281 Furniture Appliance Floor Covering Gifts SHAW ' S INC. HOME FURNISHINGS SINCE 1936 617-947-0227 ARTHUR G. SHA W JR. 133 CENTER ST. Owner MIDDLEBORO, MA 02346 USED AUTOS TRUCKS PARTS B0RC€ BA0 ..inC. 71 So. Main St. COMPLETE AUTO Assonet, MA 02702 and TRUCK REPAIRING 044-5621 044-5657 TOWING GAS, OIL. DIESEL Tel. 763-2729 Gas Appliances JaySan Gas Service, Inc. 45 Middleboro Road Our personalized .services are free " East Freetown, Mass. 02717 50 Center Street Middleboro, MA 02346 L.P. Gas c6 ' — • Service V. SAT. 9 - 1 DAtLY 9:30 - 5 ( 617 ) 947-5165 WHITAKER ' S LOCK KEY LOCKSMtTH KEYS - LOCKS - SAFE WORK " Good Luck " From HERITAGE MODULAR HOMES Middleboro, Mass. 02346 21 SO MAIN STREET MIDDLEBORO. MA 02346 TELEPHONE JAMES GRACIE. PROP 947-1736 143 PATRICK J. DONEGAL M.D., P.C. 69 Main Street Lakeville, MA 02346 Telephone 947-4770 STEPHEN R. COVET D.D.S Office Hours Raven Brook One By 43 East Grove St. Appointment P.O. Box 656 Middleboro, MA 02346 Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 86 THE BOSTON STORE 59 Oenter St. Middleboro, MA Qudty-FasNon- Value WINBERG ' S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE LakeviUe, Mass 947-5263 ASSONET PHARMACY INC. " Where You Meet Your Friends " 61 South Main St Assonet, MA 02702 DAIRY QUEEN INC 7 East Grove St. Middleboro, MA 02346 CongratUations To The Class Of 1986 144 jOUi. xoaJ oj- [ij-s, [js,£,d uaitfi jo and ±ucc£±±. tfi£. o(j±tac[s.i jjou £.ncount£.x cau±£ £-Xce[ in tjour zndzatjoxi. jy a j jjou undEiitand tfiat (jij i(jincj o! jjou xlceLlte tfis. XEOjaxd vjfiicfL ti [ij-E. ddou tafzE (Ajitk jjou, oux fioj E tfiat tfixoacjfl jjOU, tflE (MOX u vjL [ic.. a fjEttEX lD.[acE j-ox a[[. ood ucfzl Middleborough ( Bank PRECISION HANDELNG DEVICES, INC TOWN BOOKBNDERY East Freetown, MA 02717 6 17 Airport Rd. Foil River, MA 679-5282 Class Of 86, Welcome To The Real World! DRAPERIES ETC. Restoring And Preserving Records And Documents 997-0523 Raymond Decosta 763-2713 CLARK THE FLORIST Located At Milltowne Marketplace 52 Centre St. P.O. Box 68 Buy Factory Direct And Save Master Card And Visa Accepted Middleboro, MA 0346 Phone 947-7730 Roger A. Clark LAKEVILLE PHARMACY 69 MAIN ST. LAKEVILLE, MA 02346 Russe Stover Candy — Free Delivery Telephone 947-0405 Convalescent, Surgical and Medical Appliances 146 JOHN RILEY I I WELDING SERVICE i ( 35 Howland Road Assonet MA 02702 644-5737 Good Luck And Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986 JOHN ASHLEY 68 Keene Road E. Freetown, MA Backhoe Service 763-4382 STLLWATER Fasteners VDIO VISION Main Street Lakeville MA Good Luck in The Future! East Freetown 763-8044 ALGONQUIN GAS CO. Wishes The Class Of 1986 Good Luck! 147 VIANA HOMES Assonet MA. 02702 644-5264 644-5381 GREENS-N-THNGS Village Square 68 South Main Street Assonet MA 02702 (617) 644-2135 Good Luck To The Of 1986 Tel. 644-5061 MACOMBER BROTHERS. INC. Kerosene And Fuel Oi ls Oil Burner Sales And Service 2 Howland Rd. Assonet, MA. 02702 JUNIORS Wishes The Apponequet Class Of 86 The Best Of Luck! 633 S. Main St Assonet MA. 02702 NATURE ' S PANTRY 69 Main St Lakeville, MA 947-1266 Wishes Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1986 BANK OF BOSTON Bristol N.A. With The Eagle Servhg The Needs Of The Commuity. We Wish The Class Of 86 The Best Of LuckI 148 Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 From CHAMPEGNY ' S SHOE STORE Acushnef Ave, New Bedford POYANT SHOE REPAIR 1494 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, MA. 02746 THE MDDLEBORO GAZETTE Serving Lakeville And Middleboro Since 1852 Law Offices Of DEOAS, MURRAY 87 DEOAS (Next To Middleboro Public Library) George C. Decas, Esqure Daniel F. Mwray, Esqite WMam C. Decas, Esqure FUSARO Transportation Inc. Ridge Hill Road, Assonef, MA Specializing In Textile Hauling General Commodities Tel (617) 644-5244 Or 800-225-8522 Best Wishes To The Class Of 86 T.M. RDER NSURANCE AGENCY INC. 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JR " Pre-Hung Doors County Rd. £ Freetown, MA. 02717 763-5608 CORTES PACKAGE 3 1 Middleboro Rd. 763-8870 Congratulations To Class Of 86 Good Luck Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986 From JOHN RILEY Tel. (617) 763-2152 SPRINGER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC. 245 Keene Rd. Acushnet, MA 02743 Edwin A. Springer a ' 1 Do You Need A Qualified Expert To Present Evidence In Court? Fraudulent Checks Disputed Wills Disputed Deeds Lobster Live Cooked ' Native Shelifish Lobsferville THE LOBSTER SHACK Retail Wholesale Property Transfers Route 28 Just Off The Rofary Circle Middleboro Mass 947-9840 LAKEVLLE RAQUET FITNESS CLUB Bedford St. (Rte 18) Lakeville, MA 02346 947-8089 UPHAM Handwriting Document Laboratory International, Federal State Certified Forensic Expert Kenneth W. Upham, M.A. Forensic Document Examiner Good Luck From SAVAS LIQUORS Lakeville, Mass 947-2434 Office: Laboratory: (617) 479-6288 (617) 763-3008 152 THE HAIRCUT STORE The Village Square Plaza BIRCHWOOD REALTY Hairstyling For Men-Women Children 1-644-5000 Good Luck! 68 S. Main St. Assonet 02702 Jeff Wood Walk-Ins Tues-Fri: 9-5 Sat 9-4 Closed Mondays (617) 763-4600 ID. SUPPLY CO., INC Bedford St. Rtes. 18 105 Lakeville MA 02346 947-2396 Industrial Janitorial Supplies Painf-Hardware-Makifa Tools Cranberry Highway Rt. 28 Middleboro, 02346 (617) 947-8338 164 Middleboro Rd. E. Freetown 02717 i jiimiiiLS Great American Favorites Served Everyday 5-9 PM Sundays 11:30-9 PM Luncheon Banquet Menu THE SHOE STORE RICK A BETTY FORD, Prop$. BEDFORD STREET LAKEVILLE. MA 02346 (617) 947-3447 Senior Citizens Group Menu Dine Dance Every Sat. Night Dancing 8:30- 12:30 AM 153 MDDLEBORO CLOTHING CO. Men ' s And Boy ' s Wear 38 Centre Street Headquarters For Levis And Rent A Tux Formals MELLO ' S CLEANERS h Savas Plaza Route 18, Lakev e 946-0873 " The Particular Cleaners " Offering Same Day Service On AH Garments DANIEL F. McNEARNEY hsurance Agency Inc. Of Middleboro 20 South Man Street Middleboro, MA 947-3300 763-4004 JOHN ' S AUTO BODY Of Freetown Inc. 26 Gurney Road P.O. Box 105 £ Freetown, Mass. John Larondo, Jr. President CHUCK ' S IMPORT VLLAGE Volvo Repdr And Parts Tel. 763-2248 Sprinkler Systems Fire Protection Devices PPNG SYSTEMS INC. 32 MSI Street Assonet, MA 02702 Tel. (617) 644-2222 Dry Pipe Valves Soles Service 154 MARIA ' S Specializing In Cards And Gifts 1 Center Street Middleboro, MA E.W. GOODHUE LUMBER CO. Incorporated 1966 Phone 617-947-0786 Mike And Judy Plenfus LORENZO ' S Itdlan Restaurcnt Route 28 Cranbery Highway Middleboro, MA 02346 Home Cooked Foods BOYNTON GRAIN AND SUPPLY TRUE VALUE Hardware Stores MIddeboro Road East Freetawn, MA 02717 ' ' Where There ' s A Materid Difference " CHS Corgratdatlons To The Class Of 1986 33 Locust Street Assonet MA 02702 Blue Seal Feed SHRLE FASHIONS, INC. Bridal Fashions And CURLEY ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 69 Centre Street Middleboro, MA 02346 947-6131 Gowns For All Ocasions Middleboro 947-8400 Plymouth 746-7679 Shirley Thompson Timothy Thompson " Yow A! Occasion Bora! Service. ' ' 155 30 South Main Street, Middleboro Phone 947-4343 • Rockland Plaza Phone 878-1403 and 878-1405 • 94 Court Street, Plymouth Phone 746-8515 ICNOC 156 9|l ' FORMS GRAPHICS INC., PO Box 128 1 2 Rice St. • Middleboro Computer Forms Multipart Forms Letterheads, Invoices, Billheads • Labels Tags Advertising Specialties Multi-Color Work, Brochures And Much More! We Can Provide All Your Printing Needs Call Or Stop By For A Free Estimate Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986! TM RYDER INSURANCE AGENCY INC Middleboro. Mass. 947-7600 " Insurance Service Since 1877 " Congratulations To The Class Of 1986! From EVERYBODY ' S PIZZA (617) 947-7899 (617) 947-6142 Design Consultations 4241 Acushnet Av. New Bedford. 02745 Pharmacy Marc Mathieu, B.S, R.Ph. 995-1421 " Specializing In Unique Gifts " 2 Middleboro Road E. Freetawn. MA 763-5933 Good Luck And Wishes From EGGER’S FURNITURE CO. Middleboro, Mass. May We Help You With Your Next Adventure In Furniture IN THE SASSAOUIN PROFESSIONAL PLAZA. NEW BEDFORD JANICE SURPRENANT Opposite Parkwood Hospital 157 Efhopia: A mission of mercy Homeless People - The displaced of America , Bishop Tufu-Carrying on f he dream Marfin Luther King - A man of dreams Mengele-Nazi Angel of Death Summit Meeting-Can Reagan Leader of a nation Kaddafi Madman of Libya Challenger Explodes-A nation mourns Spies! Spies! Everywhere! Rock Hudson-Victim of AID S. Madonna: Look of the eighties Bruce Sprinsfeen: Voice of America Sting: Riding on a 7th wave Crockett Tubbs: Miami ' s hottest Vice Uniting the world with music Eddie Murphy: Beverly Hills comic cop Dave Maddie: Moonlighting partners Wham: British invasion of the 80 ' s 159 Patriots: AFC Champions Pete Rose: Breaks Ty Cobb ' s record The Bears: Super Bow! Champs O cxn i as V we, waved forever. SoMe of ujcre. dnVejTiofp 6oMe of U6 wcAf d»-i vinq otc- Oknd were. Were fhose who jou(dn ' -f do or wouldn’-f do ■ , , Whof -fho e who ymyed behind were le-ft -ha do . SoMe of U5 chased shadows dreaMj QMbitions Thoh ' s r of- fo say -Hiftt we were special s oporf frOK| hof ' ujho stayed- i We were Movers 1 — - — bof ofourown selves onl Nof unliKe the. cobbt H vn -for citw MarKeV e caMe a flKie. to beS . . j Am and trucKcd aWayll And we wer f wiilmqlyr t| 5omc of us went a« y jus+ to q itavya SONC bexause hon eyond each Mil a nivy one wiaits «nd pulls us UKt the ' ht ' ddeN heiid of jovej Some of us thouahh we’d Wcxl a Irthcfallf f we wall Qway Me +heHrvvere. wh«M ;vcd in whMi stops how deserted but jer the vvecKly train- 6oivte had never seeha-frain and ttuMbed their way alono dirt roads ' or slrcK riew WPA highways But whether rode otf m coaches or ca4fle cars .rouched beneath cabooses Shittinq railroad ties that choines up aheo had only just We were le . now eaten, ;avin - of us without excepfidr had no pre -determined dcsfinafibo There were jobs m Tonopah loqging to tre done oufsiSe and heodinq East you always coMebacXnc I kt of Qll ItVina be done J even I Knew that, ever since they bui t the rood shroqqed Mofua shruaqe - pnac . f .A huen It Hie pny, i 1 -

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