Apponequet High School - Polarion Yearbook (Lakeville, MA)

 - Class of 1983

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Apponequet High School - Polarion Yearbook (Lakeville, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 69 of 136
Page 69 of 136

Apponequet High School - Polarion Yearbook (Lakeville, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 68
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Page 69 text:

Amy Jean Zuber Amy ' s ambition in life is to be happy and successful. She is most happiest when listening to Bruce Springsteen while partying with Sue Sue. Some of Amy ' s favorites include: Seger, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, running, New Hampshire, Boston, skiing, MG ' s and her friends. Her pet peeves are snobs, and she most admires her parents. " No problem. " " Where ' s the party this weekend? " SENIOR DIRECTORY Gary Adams Jr. 255 Bedford Street LakeviUe " Different Circumstances envolve varied behavior, let ' s not be so darn derogatory toward our neighbors and except them as they are, smile with them, and live with them. Love and generosity are scarce today loosen up, be friendly and we will all be happier. " Donna Marie Alexander 17 Dr. Braley Road East Freetown Softball Kelly E. Alvarez 23 Parker Drive Ecist Freetown Softball, Choir If you love something set it free, if it comes comes back its yours, if it doesn ' t it never never was. " KImberly Helen Alvarez 23 Parker Drive East Freetown Choir Kevin Alves 3 Allison Avenue Assonet Yearbook Christine Margaret Ames 31 Parkhurst Drive Lakeville Honor Society, Senior Council, Class Treasurer, Pep Club, Tennis, Choir, Field Hockey, Yearbook, District Semsba Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. " Todd Michael Andrews 188 Braley Road East Freetown Football, Basketball, Baseball, Underdog Club, Treasurer. The bast kind of wrinkles indicate where smiles have been. " Lauren Beth Angus 33 North Main Street Assonet Homeroom Representative. Tennis, Choir Senior Council, Field Hockey, Honor Society, French Club, Pep Club. " Happiness is not found at the end of the road but along the way. " John Anthony Annlchlarico 306 Bedford Street Lakeville Dale Richard Aranjo 6 Ashley Avenue East Freetown Band, Goon Squad, Football, Baseball Sharron M. Arruda 53 Shace Road, EF Choir, S T, Cheering ( CO-Capt) Pepclub K-Club Semsba Drama Yearbook " Love is never having to say good-bye! " John W. Ayers Jr. 72 Bullock Road East Freetown Choir, Sandpipers Tribesmen, Yearbook, Drama Club, Apponochefs Carolyn Marie BaccI 147 South Main Street Assonet " Fight for the one you love " . Margaret P. Bacon Anacoda Drive Lakeville Class Officer, Yearbook, Red Barn Club, Stub Club " Don ' t tread on an ant he ' s done nothing to you, there might be a day when he ' s treading on you. " Kevin A. Bancroft 61 Heritage Hill Dr. Lakeville Baseball Bethany Ann Barlett Montgomery Street Lakeville Field Hockey, Honor Society, Softball, Tennis, French Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Project Excel " Get all dressed up and messed up, blow our cares away " . Katherlne Bartlett RD 5 Montgomery Street I I I Lakeville Apponochefs, Yearbook " A friend is a precious possession whose value increases with years " . Gall M. Bedard 136 Howland Road Assonet " Smile and the world smiles with you " . Pamela Jeanne Begin 72 Chace Road East Freetown Field Hockey, Yearbook Staff " Dream On " . Keith Vaughan Belken 14 Reservoir Ave. Lakeville Band, Stage Band, Student Council, F.O.C.A.S, Project Excel, S.E.M.S.B.A " Don ' t follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. Kristopher J. Belken 14 Reservoir Ave. Lakeville Band, Stage Band, Golf, Student Council, Focus, Senior Council, Yearbook " An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold on to one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth. " Joseph BeneskI III 10 Hiltz Avenue Lakeville Bcind, Chorus, (President) Sandpepers Tribesmen, Semsba District, Drama Club, Track, Swim Team, Crew, Homeroom Representative, Senior Council, Mass. State Advisory Council Lisa Michelle Bernard 7 West Public Street Assonet Majorettes, Class Represcntatue " To love and be loved is the greatest happeness of existevce " Fred Booth III 4 Evans Street Assonet Basebcill " Happines is to live out your dreams "

Page 68 text:

1 Angellne Eva Watts Angel ' s ambition is to be happy with what ever job she chooses, and to touch as many people ' s lives as possible. Some of her favorites are her family, Tilly, Lisa Juliana, also fish and chips. Chocolate chip ice cream and chinccse food. Her pet peeves is people who lie all the time. Angel can often be found at home or anywhere with Tilly. Her favorite passtime is looking for blonde men and making new friends. Her most embarrassing moment was while she was in the middle school, her bra broke in the middle of a big Softball game. I wish everyone a happy fu- ture. " Spare Me " Harry L Wetzel Jr Harry ' s ambition in life is to own his own store. His pet peeves are preppies, school food, and tags on the back of shirts. His favorites are the Cars, Eagles, Doors, Celtics and Bruins. Harry would like to thank his parents because if it wasn ' t for their pressure he wouldn ' t have made it through school. Harry wishes the class of 83 happy times In the years to come. HA Annette Marie White Annette ' s ambition in life is to get married and have a baby girl. She is most likely to be found in her Starfire at Mcdonalds, Sharrons, or babysit- ting for Jeff. Net enjoys cheering, going out with friends and partying. Some of her favorites are: stuffed animeils, music, diamonds, and puppies. While her favorite people are: her family, Shar- on ( 1), Tubby, the Murray family, Diane, Cathy, Lisa, K ' , Mike ' , Paul, Dave, Bob, Brian, Chris, Lauren, Lisa B., Mike S., Mike P., Gar- field zmd someone special. Some of her memo- rable moments are skiing with Mon, T.C., and T.T., going to the practice ro oms during 8th grade, Dec. 10 82, and Laurens party doing the Hoekey Poekcy. William M. Wong Bill ' s ambition in life is to go to college, own a SAAB live in New Hampshire, eill by the time he ' s 23. Bill will probably be found with Steve, Mike, Dale, Maureen, and Elizabeth. The date he ' ll never forget is: 4 19 82. Bill ' s other favor- ites include Rush, Led Zeppelin, Kashmir, Pink Floyd, Triumph, Running and " Your First Girl " His pet peeves are arrogant people, liver, peo- ple who make fun of others and running. People he most admires are his parents eind Mr. Tebo. " What ' s Up? " TT Claudette Wright The Class of ' 83 wishes Claudette Wright all the luck and prosperity in the future, and that her years at Apponequet were very memorable. Serge Yergeau Serge wants to become a carpenter and a pilot. His favorite music is Led Zepplin, Black Sab- bath, Rush, and the Doors. His favorite foods are Leisagna, clams and spaghetti. His pet peeves are Mrs. Powers and jocks. 64

Page 70 text:

Brian A. Botelho 123 Bullock Road East Freetown Gerald C. Bouchard 99 Main Street Lakeville Robert E. Bowers Jr. R.F.D. 1 Bedford Street " Desire nothing but Desirelessness hope for nothing but to rise above all hopes Want nothing and you will have everything " Dana M. Brayton Narrows Road Assonet " There are two roads you can go by, but in the long run, there ' s still time to change the roda you ' re on " Stacey A. Broomhead Church Hill Shores Lakeville Brian Brown 373 Lakeside Ave. Lakeville Baseball, Football, Tennis, Underdog Club (President) " Don ' t remember the bad accidents only remember the good ones " (right Lisa B. Lisa S.) Joanne Brulotte 71 A Rhode Island Road Lakeville Softball " everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough " Donald Bullock 7 Chipaway Lane East Freetown Football, Baseball Lisa Ann Buase 5 Adams Ave. Assonet Majorettes, Yearbook, Spanish club. Pep club " Life is but a tapestry of rich and royal hue an even lasting vision of the even changing vilus " Steven A Buttermore Bedford Street Lakeville Football Jacqueline Byrnes 4 Buena Vista Ave. Assonet Majoretts, Class President " Life can only be enjoy to the fullest if you take time to enjoy it " Kevin Cabral 45E Howland Road East Freetown Baseball, Football, Traffic Squad Karl A Cabuclo 3 Cranberry Drive Assonet Baseball, Basketball Susan Cambra 102 Rickmonk Road Assonet Scott A Carllng 42 County Road Eeist Freetown Phs. Ed. Major Diane E. Carrol Paul Avenue East Freetown Choir, Field Hockey, Pep Club, Pres. Pep Club, Yearbook " love is like a parade on a clear summer ' s day ride your heart and you may sail away " 66 John W. Chace 22 Howland Road Ecist Freetown Lourle Ann Charron Chipaway Road East Freetown Chior, Plays, Yearbook, Chorus Librian, Poem " Good times are the best times, the bad times Fade away " Kathryn Chisser 35 Roundsville Drive East Freetown " If helpful, kind, and caring, you ' ll realize you have won half the battle of being a success. " Beth Ann Chrlstensen 348 Taunton Street Lakeville Girls ' Room Gang, Study Club Stage Crew " These are the memories that make me a very wealthy soul. " Abby Renee Clermont 36 Middleboro Road East Freetown Apponochefs Michael T. Cody County Road Lakeville Class President, Senior Council, Honor Society, Track Cross Country " You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. " Melissa A. Cornell I Chipaway Lane East Freetown Christopher Cunningham 13 Quanapoag Road Eeist Freetown John Robert DemoranvUle 39 South Main Street Assonet Track Maurice William DemoranvUle 108 Chace Road East Freetown Deanna DIMarzIo Barstow Street Lakeville Rodney Ray Dixon 434 Plymouth Street Lakeville Choir, Apponochefs, Basketball, Art " Live today as if it were your last " . Anthony B, C. Domagala II County Road East Freetown Band Lee Ann Donovan R. F. D. 1 Bedford Street Lakeville Field Hockey, Vice President, Pep Club, Spanish Club " Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow. " Patrick James Donovan 16 Allen Street East Freetown " To wonder is to begin to understand. " Wendy Mae Durfee 3 Flag Swamp Road East Freetown Girls ' Room Gang " Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so let everyone get wasted. " David J. Duval 5 Nestles Lane East Freetown I Eva Elisabeth Ekiund 15 Washburn Road East Freetown Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis " It ' s always hard to say good-bye " Brian Lee Engstrom 54 Rhode Island Road Lakeville Swim Team, Bamd Stage Band, French Club Honor Society Senior Council Bruce Wayne Ferreira 12 Colonial Drive Assonet Football Apponochefs Rita Ferreira 5 Montgomery Street Lakeville " If you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t, it never was " . Katherlne Ann Fournier Freetown Street Lakeville French Club, Band, Pep Club, Yearbook " A kind heart belongs to a certain personality. " Ralph A. Fulglnltl Captains Way Lakeville John P. Garofalo Southworth Street Lakeville Band, Band Manager Jeffrey H. Gay Massachusetts Road Lakeville Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Crew, National Honor Society, " Take your whiskey home " Paul Gelsler Captain ' s Way Lakeville Basketball, Baseball, French Club Stage ' Crew " Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you. Shawn Robert Patrick Gibney Lakeside Ave. Lakeville Chorus. Tribesman, Band, Drama Club. Semsba Sandy Lynn Graca 2 Olivia Lane East Freetown Field Hockey. Softball, Basketball. Pep Club. Yearbook. Office Aid, FOCUS, National Honor Society. Senior Council Student Council. Senior Class Secretary. " We all can ' t be heroes, someone has to sit on the curb and clap ss they go by. " Alan G. GragnanI Bedford Street Lakeville " Rock Roll aint noise pollution " Wilton F. Gray III 547 Lakeside Avenue Lakeville Lorl Griffith 289 Bullock Rd. East Freetown, Girls ' Room Gang, Study Hall Club Apponochefs " Wild Child, full of lace. Savior of the Human race " Peter A. Gross Bedford Street Lakeville Lisa J. Gumey Gurncy Road

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