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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1982 volume:

POLARION LAKEVILLE FREETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS VOL. XXIII 1982 The Polorion is rhe symbol on o compass rhor hos helped ro guide novigorors rhroughour rhe cenrunes. This symbol inscribed in rhe mosaic rile on rhe floor of rhe main foyer, greers visirors ro Apponequer Alrhough ir has been a porr of our school for mony years, rhe Polorion has drifred inro oblivion. We, rhe sroff of rhe 1982 Polorion, hove decided ro bring bocK rhe ideals ir symbolizes and give ir former recogninon We believe rhor rhe Polorion reflecrs rhe philosophy of Apponequer by serving os a guide ro help rhe srudenr novigore his or her woy rhrough A H S and inro rhe furure The rheme of rhe 1982 Polonon is " Looking Forword, Looking Dock end iis purpose is ro help us, rhe Closs of 1982, reflect upon our posr occomplish menrs and all rhe good rimes we hove experienced It also reflects upon our hopes and dreanns for rhe future os we embark upon our own individuol od venrures We hove rned to copture rhe spirit of the Class of 1982, a spirit we will olwoys carry in our hearts, and we hope rhor you will be able ro pick up book in furure yeors, look bocki rtie spirit, and smiie Mr. Robert Dorsey Mr. Gordon Goodfellow Mr. Eric Jorgensen Social Srudies Social Studies Social Studies Mr. Robert Greeson Mrs. Jone DeChombeou Mr. Peter Homen Mr. Stephen Furtodo Social Srudies Social Srudies Social Srudies Social Srudies Mr. David Peterson Indusrriol Arrs Mr. Ronald Hennings Indusrriol Arrs Mr. Luke Leonard Occupononol Educorion Mr. Leo Chorbonneou Occupononol Educorion Mr. Daniel Ducharme Occuporionol Educorion TEXACO Mr. Dennis Andrade Occupononol Educorion Mrs Rita Danis Teacher Aide Mrs. Irene Ashley Teacher Aide Mrs. Myrtle Simos Morh Mrs. Claudia Scares Morh Mr. David Courtemonche Mrs. Shoshonoh Gorshick Physical Educorion Foreign Language Mrs. Donna Dobrowsky Foreign Longuage Mrs. Joyce Geisler Foreign Longuage Mr. Peter Looney Physical Educorion Mrs. Cynthia Tinsley Physicol Educorion Deborah Alers Dullock Rood Freerown " The rime ro be hoppy is now, rhe place ro be happy is here, rhe woy ro be hoppy is ro moke orhers so " Debbie ' s ombinon in life is ro some doy be o special educonon reocher She likes roller skonng, working ond driving her cor ' Her fovorires ore pizzo, iasogno, Billy Joel, Par Deneror and Foreigner Her per peeve is gernng up early for school porenrs The people she mosr odmires ore Liso, Joner, ond her Robin Alexander 17 Droley Road Eosr Freerown Field Hockey 2, 3, Doskerbail 2, 3, Sofrboi! 2, 3 The poor mon is nor he who is wirhour a cenr, bur he who is wirhour o dreom " Robin enjoys being wirh Mark, going our for Chinese food, horsebock riding, sporrs, going ro rhe beech, and going on picnics Her dream is ro someday rrovel ro Europe ond rhe Virgin Islands Robin ' s furure plans ore ro go ro college and ro someday ger married and hove o family Her fovonre people include Mork, Corolyn, Jean, April, Mrs Tinsley, her porenrs, ond J S J 6 S Her per peeves ore people who chew wirh rheir mourhs open, rhe girl ' s room gong, and prissies Rob will never forger Dob Gleoson ' s parry or Ocrober 24, 1980 " Wicked " Diono Lynne Almeida 57 Anocondo Drive Lokeville French Club 2, 3, Arr Club 3, Sroge Crew 1, Nononol Honor Sociery 3, 4, Yearbook sroff 3 ' Happiness is found nor in hoving whor you wonr, bur in wonnng whor you hove " Di ' s ombirion in life is ro see rhe world and ro live o life wirh friends as good as rhe ones she hos now Among her fovorires are unicorns, peonur burrer, muppers, Sryx, P, Simon and rhe crew from Chanrerwood Di will olwoys remember ond never forger rhe summer of ' 81, rhe gong or home, and of course " 21 " . She leaves wishing her class rhe besr of rimes ond Mr D wirh lors of ponence Michael Joseph Alvarez 23 Parker Drive Eosr Freerown Golf 1, Focus 2, Deco 3 Mike ' s ombinon in life is ro become a low enforcemenr officer and o reocher for rhe handicopped Mike con be found or George ' s ploying pool or or work wirh rhe kids Mike likes chicken, pizza, pork chops, Eogles, Foreigner, Par Denoror, and pool Mike ' s per peeve is Mrs Dorrh " Srop roaolking " " Hove fun rhe resr of yo! " Jeffrey R Androde 51 Chipawoy Rood Eosr Freerown Class Presidenr 3, 4, Honor Society 0, 4, Senior Council (Presidenr) 4, Traffic Squod 3, 4, Yearbook (Sports Editor) 3, 4, Golf 1 If I need o cause for celebration, or a comfort I con use to ease my mind, I rely on my imagination, ond I dreom of on imaginary time Jeff ' s ambition is to be happy, prosperous, and ro travel the world He con usually be found in N D , oround town, or at Horseneck His favorite " ears " are ' za, brew, posta, and seafood Jeff enjoys carousing (abstemiously, of course ' ), girls, arguing politics with Tina, and stealing Wilson ' sjokes His pet peeves ore the Moral Majority, Ronald Reogon, C T ' s, upright people, and homework Jeff ' s fovonre groups include J Geils, Styx, Dob Seger, Billy Squire, Dilly Joel, Pot Deneror, and Neil Young After A H S , Jeff hopes to go to college in D C , and work in rhe government. He wishes the best to the Class of ' 82 (Go for it ' ) Robin Morie Androde 15 Deech DIuff Road Eost Freerown Drama Club 3 Robin ' s ambition in life is to be wealthy and never be bored A few of Robin ' s fovorites ore Strawberry Doqulnes, Molsens, huge parties, 10 34, Kim, and lost, bur nor at all least, Jock Her most memorable moment was bock in 4th grode when she moved ro Dubsville She is most likely ro be found with Jack listening ro new wove music. Rob ' s pet peeve is people who domoge or steal other people ' s property because of jealousy Robin hopes to somedoy own a Ferrori like the one on Magnum Lisa A Anroyo 5 Mortin Drive Assonet Field Hodsey 1, Softball 1 , " If you love something set it free, if it comes bock ro you it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t it never was, " Lisa ' s ambition in life is to become o hairstylist. Her most memorable moment wos May 3. Among Lisa ' s favorites are pizza, french fries, and seafood. She olso enjoys listening ro Journey, The people she most admires are Brian, Debbie ond her parents Her pet peeves are when people ore influenced by their friends to hate a person because rhey do. Thonnos Paul Arbec 8 James Avenue East Freetown Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Tom ' s main ambition in life is to find on enjoyable coreer His per peeves ore snobs His favorites are summer, Molly Hatchet, Journey, Rush, Skynyrd, weight lifting, MocDonold ' s, his parents, and being wirh friends He hopes ro see dossmores frequently ofrer groduotion ' Marianne Elisabeth Ashley 24 Keene Rood Eosr Freerown Bond (Presidenr 4) 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3,, Srogebord 2, 3, 4, 5EMSDA 2, 3, 4, Lions All Srore Dond 3, 4. Focus 1, Yearbook 3, 4, ,DrQmo Club 1, 2, Musicol 1, New Englond Bond 3, 4. Senior Council 4, Disrricr 4 " Beoury changes wirh rhe passing seasons, except in rhe hearr, where rrue beoury remoins " Mcrionne ' s ombinon is ro reach music and someday perform Mom is happiesr when wirh her fomily ond friends She mosr admires her forher, Mr Noll, MorU, and Muffin Marianne would like ro rrovel ro Scorlond and live in rhe mounroins of New Hampshire Among her fovorires ore her friends, especially Mark, Cheryl, Bryan, Jodie, Loune, Korhy, Shown, Al, and Irene. She olso likes ro cook, Abborr and Cosrello, being wirh her sisrer and ZIGGY She will olwoys remember rhe Sporsy Exchange ond all rhe fun and mischevious rimes in bond Besr of Luck ro rhe Class of " 82 " " KEEP SMILIN ' " Colleen S Doker 207 Counry P,oad Eosr Freerown Pep Club 2, 3 " A smile con never be kepr, ir con only be given owoy " Colleen ' s ombinon in life is ro be rich and happy Her fovorires include Bob Seger, The Doors, eonng sreok, sleeping and 130 Her per peeves ore boring people ond homework Colleen somedoy nopes ro own a Mazda RX7 and rrovel across rhe counrry Lone Ann Dolonis 12 Joaquin Avenue Assoner Sroge Bond 3, Ploys 1, French Club 1, Bond 1, Mojorerres 2, 3, 4 " A friend is one who comes in when rhe resr of rhe world has gone our. " Lorie ' s ombirion is ro become on orrhodonnsr ofrer she compleres her rroining as o denrol speciolisr in rhe Army She mosr enjoys being wirh Jodi, Firz, Shown, Scorr, Kenny, ond Michelle She is mosr likely ro be found or rhe recruiring office or or home procricing. Some of her fovorires ore " Imagine " , B O C , pizza, parries, and S C. Her per peeves ore eggs, speed limirs. Freshmen, and cops She ' ll never forger rhe rimes wirh Jodi, especially or rhe Swansea Moll She will miss everyone, and wishes all good lud in wherever you do, " SAY WHAT? " Michael Edward Dorbozo 24 Gromp Deone Rood Assoner Choir 2, 3. Dromo Club 2, 3, 4, Ploys, Sroge Door 3, Man Who Come ro Dimmer 4, Troffic Squad 3, 4 " We don ' r remember days, we remember momenrs. " Michael would someday like ro rrovel ro Swirzerlond and become o filrhy rich psychologisr or lowyer His fovorires ore losogno, Chinese food, skiing, and lisrening ro Par Benoror, Billy Joel, and Sryx His mosr memorable experience was going ro Hawaii. Michael mosr admires his forher. His per peeves ore rhe mojorerres ond juckers Valerie K Dorboza 75 No Mom Srreer Assoner Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 " If You believe rhor n my heorr you ' ll know rhor no-or e con change rhe porh you must go " Valerie ' s life ombinon is to further her coreer in rhe performing orrs while rooming wirh Smock ond Qui in norsob Her favorites include chocolote and peanut-butter ice cream, Ma ' s mocoroni, cheering, dancing, and Tommy Although she would like to forget knobyob, she ' ll never forget Jockie ' s snokesocs. Journey with Qui, dancing with Chris, and walking in the roin with Pooh Dear Valerie loves and admires her parents and the O ' Drien family very much " The good times are rhe best times " Carol Lynne Begin 72 Choce Rood Eost Freetown Cheerleading 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, Spanish Club 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, Honor Society 3, 4 Carol ' s gool is to travel around the world and be happy The two people she most admires ore her mother ond grandmother Carol is most likely to be found at McDonolds or cheering. Among her favorites ate Kitty, Lisa, " Pooh 6 Tigger " , rollerskoting and the JCK triangle Monica Begin Lakeside Avenue Lol ' ;eville Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Bond 1, Damn Yankees 1, Sandpipers 4, Yearbook 4 " DSUr S UCSIM JT " Deeg ' s ambition in life is to become rich fosti Mon ' s favorites include CHKMDT, Suzy Q ' s, Deeg, JT , Gussy, the beach, CACIC, soiling to M V , Deou 6 Ami, 5, J-bird, G H , and mom ' s sauce ' AAon will always remember July 1, " the blue beast " , oil rhe fun times spent with her field hockey buddies, December 19th, doing W C,C with Linda, and summer days at taunt ' s Deeg is most likely to be found at Friendly ' s " munching out " on a hot fudge sundoe or with o very special person. Among her pet peeves are peas, underwear wirh no elastic, fake people, ond a person who mokes ugly faces! " Think pink! " Whendie Marie Benoir 4 Howes Drive East Freetown Softball 1, 2, Drama Club 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, " When " con usually be found jamming in her bug with Sue, or just soaking up the roys or Horseneck Her pet peeves ore preppies, spiders, and collow people Amoung her favorites ore Do, lollipops, unicorns, Lowenbrou, and D S Whendie ' s most memorable moment was a stormy night last summer when she cruised around in o yellow " toy " (oto) wirh someone special. She most odmires her mom and dad for understanding " That ' s wild ' " Aoron Timorhy Derndr Doker Lone Lokeville " Sojusr remember pleose, pleose, ir ' sjusr o grond illusion, and deep inside we ' re oil rhe some Aoron most enjoys being wirh friends ond hoving o great rime His furure ombinon is ro own o 928 Porsche If you ore looking for Aaron, you ' ll probably find him working or mellowing our ro Sryx, Dosron, Por Denerar, or Led Zeppelin Aoron also enjoys Flondo, driving, riding his bike, and spending money Aoron ' s per peeves ore homework, Mondays, 6 00 A M , lozy people, and real lore frosrs " If you soy so, " Jeonine Besserre 366 Bedford Rood Lokeville " Love in your heorr wosn ' r pur there ro sroy, love is ' nr love ' til you give it owoy " Jeonine ' s ambition is to become a nurse and ro travel to Ireland, She likes going out with speciol people and having a good time Some of Jeonine ' s favorires ore jeans, sneakers, Oliver Mill, ond M 6 M ice cream Her pet peeve is a cold morning Moureen Cynrhio Besserre 366 D Bedford Street Lokeville Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sponish Club 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4 Maureen loves dec M V D F , Yurok, kittens Class of 82, friends that core, summer, vacations, laughing, sunsets, bonfires, and S,P Maureen dislikes Authoriry, working, studying, winter, onions, peppers, mushrooms, H L G physics, slush, neks, lying, being grounded, getting up early, ond college decisions Her pet peeve is getting cought in the act. She ' ll olwoys remember rhe " Good Old Times, " Her ombinon is ro go to college and then hopefully become a flight attendant Jodie Berrs 46 Horcourr Avenue Lokeville Dosketboll 1, 2, Softboll 1, 2; Field Hockey 2, Bond 1, 2, 3, 4 " If you do not understand my silence, you will never understand my words " Jodie ' s ambition in life is to live in Colorado and own a horse ranch Hoppiness ro her is listening to her radio, riding horses, and going ro New Hampshire Pizza, sports, orr, music, Cheryl and Marianne are omong her favorites. Her pet peeve is SNOBS, She will miss her friends the most ond she wishes them los she wishes them lots of hoppiness for the rest of their lives. Linda Morgorer Devilocquo 22 Porkhursr Drive Lokeville Yearbook Sroff 4 Linda ' s ombirion n life is ro work wirh onimols, rrovel, end be happy She mosr odmires her mom and dad, grandporenrs, and her brorher Danny Her fovorires are her dog Sugar, London, Chinese food, Italian subs, fifle, Mops, P, E O , a Triumph Spirfire, The Deach Doys, D A C , D C I , ice creom, blue eyes, and G M W Linda most enjoys being with Sugar, family, friends, and Gory Lindo is most likely to be found ot D A C practice Linda ' s per peeves are going into the girls ' room, being colled Lynn, and scary movies Linda will always remember her trip ro Englond Holland " 81 " Mrs Nunn, August 15, 1980, the Corribeon Cruise, Dove and Augusr 12, 1981 " Life ' s a Wedgie " Chrisrine Anne Dock 137 Bullock Rood East Freetown Pep Club 1, 2, Yeorbook 3, 4 " A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work " Chris ' ambition in life is ro be a nurse, rich, ond happy Her idea of happiness is Horseneck Beach wirh lots of guys Chris ' favorites ore tocos, hot fudge sundoes, her parents, her friends, Mrs Teves, The Polling Stones, and The Who. Her per peeve is phony people Thomas Gorges Assonet The Class of ' 82 sincerely wishes Tom good luck, prosperity, and happiness in the future Riro Louise Dernoderre Dosse PFD 6 Tounron Streer Lokeville Honor Society 3, 4 " Thar which is striking and beoutiful is not olways good, but that which is good is olwoys beounful " Happiness ro Pito is being with her fomily and friends. Her ombirion in life is ro olwoys try her besr ot everything she does. Her favorites ore: pizza, Greer Gorson, traveling, beaches, and her friends She most odmires her parents, Pope John Paul II, ond Morher Theresa She ' ll never forget her friends and all the good times they shared Roger M Bourgeois 6 Paul Avenue Eosr Freerown " The limiring focror in rhe developmenr of mosr friendships is rhor roo many people allow rheir peers ro choose their friends " Senior Council 4, Yearbook 0, 4, Computer Club 0, 4. Homeroom Rep 3, 4 Roger ' s ulnmore cmbirion in life ' s lo become o computer progromer ond ro someday move ro ColiforniQ His fovonre people include David, X47 — (JDAUYFMFE), Mr Lofernere, Mr Sreworr, Ms Paulino, Ms Lyons, Ms Perko, and Mr Coipos Roger enjoys dirt bike nding, soccer, volleyball, s w soiling, water skiing, and swimming Roger also enjoys science fiction, exploring, music, ESP, ouromaric doors, scronfered eggs, and Ms. Paulino ' s eyebrows Roger is mosr happy when he is either wirh his friends, progromming, flying, or dreaming Roger ' s dislikes ore malevolence, enrropy, buzzers. Glen Fitzgibbons. and norchy things Roger most admires Apollo (DG) and Freeman Lowel " No, I don ' r play boskerball " Lynne Elizoberh Dowmon 7 Pierce Voy Eosr Freerown Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4. Dosketboll 2, Senior Council 4 Lynne ' s ambinon in life is ro become o successful child core reocher and ro always be happy. Happiness ro her is being wirh " TIGGER " , Higgy, Chong and all her orher friends Her fovorlres are April 29, 1981, Sryx. tocos, her fomily and Iralion foods Her per peeves ore people who look down on others ond CGR words Paul Sronley Drody Hillrop Acres Lakeville Footboll 1, 2, Doskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2 " We cherish our friends nor for rheir ability to amuse us, bur for our obiliry ro amuse rhemi " Poul ' s ombirion in life is ro finish school, be heolrhy, weolrhy, and hoppy He con usually be found anywhere wirh anyone His fovonres include Mooseheod, Molson, prime rib, lobsrer, chicken, ice cream. Von Holen, Rush, Foreigner, and Led Zep, snow skiing, ond his porenrs His per peeves include people who don ' r lifr up rhe sear ond 1 oil over iri He likes mosr ro moke people lough He will always remember rhe wild times with his friends or parries, concerrs, and social gorhenngs He mosr remembers rhe summers of 79 81 ' , Sept. 23, May 24, and Ocr. 11. Don ' t go out in rhe ram wirh your socks on ' Whot Jorno Drogo Algonquin Way Eost Freerown Yeorbook 4 " Lord what fools these morrols be. " " LAD " Joe ' s favorites are Tim, unicorns, money, G,H,, Mon, Sue, Jeanne, worermelon sherber, and losogno Her furure ombirions include going ro Swirzerlond wirh T P. in search of o unicorn ond moking her second million before age 35, She con usually be found or Round Hill or on Horseneck Deoch Two dares Jorno will never forger ore 2 14 81 and 9 24 81. Her per peeves are preppies ond waiting in long lines " Hello Herb, " David Dronco 21 Droley Rood Eosr Freerown Foorboll 1, Doskerboll 1 David ' s goal in life is ro become o chiroprocror David is happiesr ourside of school end v irh his special friends, Sunni, and Joy His per peeves ore lazy people, gossipers, and srudenrs who bully underclassmen His fovonre music is from Eorrh, Wind and Fire, Commodores, Rick James, and USM 91 He IS mosr rhankful ro God ond his porenrs His plans ore ro go on ro college Danielle Dreauir 9 Poinr of Pines East Freerown Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1, 2, 0, 4, Sofrboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4 " If onyone seeks greorness, ler him forger greorness and ask for rrurh and he will ger both " Donielle hopes ro find hoppiness ond be successful or on early age Some of her favonres ore Billy Joel, Dearies, sofrboll, McDonald ' s, macaroni salad, LCNPJS, friends, or Don Her mosr memorable momenrs v ere on the sofrboll rnp and Ocr 24, 1980 She mosr admires her godforher ond parenrs Her mosr embarrossing momenr wos wolking in on Mr P in rhe shower Her per peeve is rhe girls ' room gong She wishes rhe besr of luck ro rhe Class of ' 82 Sorry Garry Porricia A Drighrman 181 Sourh Mom Srreer Assoner Pep Club 2 " Ler rhere be spaces in your rogerherness — and ler rhe winds of heaven donee berween you " Par ' s ombirion in life is ro go ro college for horsemanship and ro become a successful riding reocher Par will remember 9 18 81 as a mosr memorable momenr Her favonres include chocolore ice cream, M 6 M ' s, ond lobsrer Her fovonre ploces include Horseneck Deoch and rhe mounrains Par con usuolly be found nding horses and being wirh MR, D V , Dob, Rachel, Koryn, and oil rhe gong Mosr admired by Par are her porenrs and Mrs Teves People who don ' r ger olong wirh orhers are Par ' s per peeves She wishes congrors and good luck ro rhe doss of ' 82 Donna Man e Drousseau 16 Highland Ridge Road Assoner Field Hockey 1, Doskerboll 2, 4 Donna ' s furure ambirions are ro work, rrovel ond marry Her per peeves ore people who use orher people, and T L F Her favonres ore her parenrs, her friends, Lome, Rhonda, Mork, Michell, Mary, Aion, Ricky, Missy, Joey, Mr ond Mrs Sylvia, Mr and Mrs Fournier, P E Majors, Mr Looney, boskerboll, rhe Srones, Cars, Doors She mosr admires Druce ond Shown ond her god porenrs She ' ll never forger rhe summer of 80 ond 81 or June 30, 1981 Hi Gumsi Lor ' s of luck ro rhe class of " 82 " We ' re 1 Lynn Drown 96 High Srreer Assoner DosKerboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Sofrboll 1, 2, 0, 4, Yearbook Commirree 4 Lynn ' s cmbirion in life is ro pursue o successful career in rhe field of orr Hoppiness ro Lynn is being wirh ner friends Lynn ' s per peeve is rhe girls ' roonn gong Some of her fovonres ore P, C, N, J, G D, Pele, sofrboll, McChicKens, Por Denoror, The Who, and rhe Srones Lynn most odmires her porenrs, Mr Looney, ond Mr Piosecki Lynn ' s nnosr memorable momenr wos July 19, 1980 and rhe sofrboll rrips Her mosr embarrasing momenr was gerring ponrsed in fronr of Mike Pineauir Lynn will never forger all rhe parries or T C ' s ond all rhe fun she had wirh rhe doss of ' 81 " Sorry Gorry " John Foresr Drownell III 218 Slabridge Rood Assoner Daskerball 1 Foorboll 1, " Whar do ya gor rhor ' s big ' " While John hopes ro become a civil engineer, he ' s sonsfied wirh serving in rhe armed forces John will olwoys remember Dennis C , Shown A , Paul W . rhe joy ride wirh Tim, and Mr Looney ' s sense of humor Alrhough he somerimes gers annoyed wirh Jeff M , he ' s enjoyed oil rhe good rimes wirh rhe gang John hopes oil his friends rhe besr of luck in rhe furure " Ir wosn ' r me Mr D Jeffery Compeau 72 High Srreer Assoner Jeff enjoys playing rhe guiror and hopes ro someday beconne a rock sror. His per peeves ore Dino ond Derry Jeff ' s fovonres ore Columbian Gold, Mooseheod Deer, ond sexy ladies " When rhe frosnng gers on rhe pumpkin, ir ' s rime for dunky dunkin ' " Scorr Allen CoromoniCQ P,hode Island Rood Lokeville Scorr ' s ombinon in life is ro be rich by rhe age of 25 ond somedoy rrovel ro differenr counrries. Hoppiness ro him is hoving a nice cor, money, rrovelling, and girls His per peeve is being lore ro doss His fovonres are pizza, McDonald ' s food, weekends, and her rods Scorr Cordin 5 Pierce Way Eosr Freedom Scorr ' s ombinon in life is ro rrovel ro Colorado His fovonres ore Rush, Neil Young, and Led Zeppelin He also likes Mooseheod, concerrs, and skiing Rosemary Corey Foresr Pork Drive Lol eville French Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3; Yearbook 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Cheering 4 " The greoresr happiness in rhe world is being loved for yourself, or more correcrly being loved in spire of your self " Ro enjoys lisrening ro Dilly Joel, Tom Perry, and Jomes Taylor, Some of her fovonres include Julie, cheering, skiing, and McDonald ' s She is mosr likely ro be found rolking on rhe phone, or our wirh friends. In rhe furure Ro hopes ro be happy ond successful in whorever she does She will always remember rhe summer of ' 81 and never forger rhe friends she hos mode or Apponequer Colleen Corner 14 AAoson Rood Eosr Freerown French Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sofrboll 1, 2, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3. Honor 5ociery 3, 4, Choir 3. Troffic Squad 3, 4, Senior Council 4 Colleen is hcppiesr while running wirh Deb, hoving loughing firs wirh Don, being wirh her family, friends (D, J, L D) ond of course Kenny Her fovonres include TAF ice creom, opples, chocolare chip cookies, rhe beach, ond rolking on rhe phone Coll will never forger oil rhe good rimes or AHS, Ocrober 30, 1980, her friends, and mosr of oil her Dod, Colleen wishes everyone success and happiness ofrer groduorion " Go oround pleose " Michele Mone Corner 14 Moson Rood Eosr Freerown Dromo Club 1, 2, 3, Choir 4 Michele ' s ombirions ore ro hove o good senior yeor, ro ger o good job, and ro rrovel ro rhe mosr beounful places in rhe world Her fovonres ore chicken, pizza, Eorrh, Wind Fire, Hall G Oores, Dee Gees, REO, ELO, STYX. Police, Porrick Duffy, and Jon Selleck, Dy rhe age of rwenry five, Michele hopes ro be married ond hove o fomily Her per peeve is smoking in rhe girls ' room Chrisrir e Lee Carter 17 Quonopoog Rood Eosr Freerown Honor Sociery 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Sofrboll 2. Drama Club 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Yearbook 3, 4 " Sove rhe olligoror Chris IS mosr likely ro be found in Newporr, McDonald ' s, worchmg G H , or over Kolchrholer ' s, Her fovonres ore boskerboll gomes, Scorr, Mooseheod, pornes or Heidi ' s, ond KHMDMT She hares Physics, suirs, orid fQl ;e preppies ' She will never forger decorormg rhe Chnsrmos rree, " Soiling " , mopeding, rhe weekend or Villonova, T Ping Scorr ' s, Jimmy ' s, Gibbo ' s, Drion ' s, and Mork ' s houses, ond Mrs Rose Jomes Choce La! ' ,eville The Class of ' 82 sincerely wishes Jomes good luck, prospenry, and happiness in rhe furure. Susan G. Choce Choce Drive Lokeville Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 4, Dromo Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4 " If I were ro begin life ogam, I should wonr ir as ir was I would only open my eyes o lirrle more " Sue ' s ambinon in life is ro do whor she wonrs and ler norhing ger in her way Some of Sue ' s fovonres ore Sryx, Springsreen, Led Zeppelin, hor Irolion Grinders (from Everybody ' s), Musrongs, Liso, Mark, Sue, Bobby, and Garfield You con find Sue skiing or parrying wirh her friends (never wirhour a Molson in hand) Her per peeves ore cliques (especially P Y C ) and Mondays She mosr admires her grondforher " Ear mice ond die " Donno Marie Chousse 50 r hode Islond Rood Lokeville Honor Sociery 3, 4, " If you love somerhing, ser ir free, if ir comes bock, ir ' s yours If ir doesn ' r, ir never was. " Donna ' s fovonres ore kohluo, summer, Horseneck Beach, weekends, G,H , Plymourh, Soger, Zeppelin, Springsreen, and parrying wirh good friends Chouss ' s fovorire people include Lisa, John, Paul, Scorr, Bob, Kelley, Mom, and Mr Coire Thor special day Donno will olswoys remember is March 4, 1980 Her furure ombinons ore ro go ro college, become rich, ger married, and be happy forever Her per peeves ore guys who lie and cheor ond rwo faced people " Even rhe losers ger lucky somerimes Turn rhe page April r enee Clermonr 36 Middleboro f ood Eosr Freerown 2, 3 Sofrboll 1, 2, Choir 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, " The besr way ro know life is ro love many rhings " April con mosr likely be found wirh Jimmy or or Friendly ' s She dreams o lor obour owning on M G B and designing her own resrouronr She will olwoys be happy if you hove o dish of cheese and crackers near by April will always remember rhe special memories of July 4, 1980 She enjoys lisrening ro jQd ' ;son Brown and Bruce Springsreen Her fovonres include heorrs, rainbows, smiling faces, and mosr of oil beouriful summer days on rhe beach wirh Jimmy. Colleen E. Cobb Pickens Srreer Lokeville Colleen ' s ombirions in life ore ro morry Joe and sonneday be a model She would also like ro live in ColiforniG end be happy Her per peeves ore jocks ond sruck up people. Some of her fovonres ore pizzG, Joe, Von Holen, The Slop, and Joe ' s foorboll shirr. Her mosr memorable momenrs ore berween rhe lokes, Afrer groduorion she hopes all her friends v ill sroy in rouch Tine Marie Anr e Comolli Sourhworrh Srreer Lokeville Choir 1, 2, Closs Secrerory 2; Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, 4, Doskerboll 2, 4, Senior Council 4, Norionol Honor Sociery 4, Red Dorn Club 1, 2, 4 " I rhink, therefore I om, " If Tino IS nor v andering rhe halls vi irh her friends, rhen she is or rhe Cope vi irh her family Her fovonres include founroins, Hyonnis, and Sverige She enjoys orguing vi irh Jeff obour polirics ond earing srrowbernes in champagne over Heidi ' s. Tina mosr admires Mr Greeson and her forher She dislikes liberols ond disorder. Tino con ' r woir unril romorrow comes, olrhough she ' ll never forger rodoy Debro Louise Conrordo 35 Winfield Srreer Eosr Freerown Field Hockey 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dromo Club 3, 4, Honor Society 4 Debbie ' s ombirion in life is ro moke orhers hoppy rhrough her coreer Debbie is mosr likely ro be found off on onorher odvenrure wirh Mish in her orange bug Some of Deb ' s fovorires ore E W ond F , peanur burrer ond crockers, ond her brorher. She mosr enjoys being wirh Mish ond rhe minorerres, bur always sees eye ro eye wirh Donna She ' ll always remember rhe Fishermen ' s Doll, T-Ping, and when Joey dropped dumbbells in rhe deep end She hopes rhor all her friends find happiness in whorever rhey moy do " No problem " Scorr Copelond Forge Road Assoner Foorboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4 Life IS for love, love is for life Scorr ' s ombirion in life is ro become a weolrhy orrorney, ond ro rrovel rhe world Scorr ' s fovorires ore rwinkies and coke He is mosr likely ro be found or parries drinking Heinekin Scorr mosr admires Mr Looney ond Coach P His fovorire groups ore rhe Srones, rhe Deorles, Sryx, Led Zeppelin, and Ronnie Wood. Cheryl Ann Cordeiro RFD 6 North Precincr Street Lokovillc Cheryl s ombition in life is to be o nurse Her favorites ore taming and riding her horse, " Holiday " , Roy, Jodie, Sue, Marianne, motorcycles, cars, and nnusic Cheryl ' s pet peeve is stuck up people She wishes the best of luck to her friends in yeors to come Anrhony L Cornell 44 Chipav oy Rd Eost Freetown Football 3, 4, Cheerleoding 3, 4 Dutch ' s ambition in life is to inherit thousands and rhousonds of dollars from his great, great uncle, the one he has not found yet, but someday will You con usually find Dutch at his cousins house listening to little feet ot U H His favorite foods ore pizzo ond spogetti His favorite word is " WAM ' " Virginio A Correio 6 Dryonr Street Assonei Pep Club 1, 2 Virginia ' s ombition in life is to become o physical therapist Happiness to her is being with her friends ond her niece Heather She is most likely to be found in study with her friends She most admires her porents and pet Her favorites are vanilla ice cream, P,ush, and working with kids Anroinerre Cosro 517 Droley Rood East Freetown Dond 1, 2, 3, Dromo Club 2, Ploy 2, Traffic Squad 3, 4 " The greatest thing you ' ll ever learn is just ro love and be loved in rerurn " " Ant " IS likely to be found in New Dedford with friends, Noomie ond P enee Her most memorable moment will be ro finolly groduote from high school She mosr admires her father for his love, and her sister for her ombition " Ant " will always remember rhe year of 1980 and the fun wirh L R on Locusr Her pet peeves consist of people who pretend ro ocr like those they ' re really nor Antoinette ' s ambition in life is to help those who ore more unforrunore than her, by becoming a professional teacher for the handicapped She hopes to someday become rich ond famous ond to live in New York Cityi Renee Susan Cosro 82 Droley Rood Lokeville SofrbQil 1, Daskerball 2 Renee ' s ombirion in life is ro move our of Mossochuserrs Happiness ro her is hanging wirh Anroinerre, 1 30, weekends, and her fomily Her per peeve is school Her fovonres ore Commo dores, D J , ond Tamiks Thank God I ' m leaving Apponequer ' " Douglas Wayne Cox 10 Ashley Avenue Eosr Freerov n Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Srogebond 1, 2, 3, 4, Disrricr 1, SEMSDA 1, Honor Sociery 3, 4 " Educorion is nor whor you hove learned, bur v hor you hove remembered " Doug ' s ombirion in life is ro rrovel around rhe counrry ofrer complering college ond someday find Normondie Happiness ro Doug is being alone, riding his bike, or jomming vi irh his oxe His per peeve is morching bond Doug ' s fovonres include skiing, soiling, Porsches, Dosron, Sreely Don, ond rhe Drecker Drorhers " " Give me o breok ' " Korhryn Ann Dovis 107 Crooked Lone Lokeville Pep Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3; Field Hockey 2, Cheerleoders (Co-Coproin 4) 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Council 4. " He v ho is wrapped up in himself is wrapped up in o smoll pockoge " Korhy ' s ombirions ore ro pursue o career in a pharmacy and ro someday hove a happy, heolrhy family Fovonres include Momo-son, Popo-son, rhe " Dukes " , Mr. Greeson, Pooh and Tigger, 7-4-81, wirh rhe Dirry Bikers, 11-27-80 ond 12 25-80, cheering, losogno, cheese, rocos, Vih ers wirh cheese, and Riunire Her per peeves ore people who ask her how roll she is and rhose who don ' r believe how old she is Korhy mosr odmires her Mom and respecrs Srephen Trips she will never forger ore ro DC ond ro N H (I ' m gernng so Tor ' ) " Wicked excellenr " Bonnie Jean Deorden 8 Chose Rood Eosr Freerown Mojorerre (Co copr 4) 1, 2, 3, 4, Srudenr Council 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 " D J " would likely be found fighring wirh Keirh Delken, or our wirh rhe KFC GANG She enjoys Tab, Klibon cars, gronolo, fudge brownies, rhe Belkens, and spending money wirh Debi BJ hopes ro become a srewordess and find o woy ro surgicolly remove her dimples Her per peeves ore " JOHN " , people rhor srop shorr in rhe halls, and rhose rhor rouch her food, (guess who) She mosr odmires Mr Silvio and will never forger Leonords Pond " I don ' r ger mod, I ger even " besr describes her Roy O, Delano III 1 Vaughn Srreer LoUeville Tennis 3, 4 Roy ' s goal in life is ro become o professional rennis player and be a muln millionaire by rhe age of 27 He IS most likely ro be found playing rennis or Middleboro High or Lokeville Tennis Club Roy likes duck, sreak, James Taylor, The Doobies, and of course Djorn Dorg His per peeves ore warning cards and worki Doug Dellorocco 16 Coombs Srreer Lokeville Baseball 1, 2, Red Darn Club 1, 2, 3, 4 " The more I srudy, rhe more I know The more I know, rhe more I forger The more I forger, rhe less I know so why srudy ' " Doug ' s ombirion in life is ro be happy in whorever he does He is mosr likely ro be found wirh his friends looking for a good rime Doug ' s fovorire people ore Tim D , Al M , Scorr H , Pom D., and his Mom and Dad Some of Doug ' s fovonres are pizza, crobmeor, lobsrer, mororcycles, Rolling Srones, ere Doug hopes ro do olor of rroveling in rhe furure, Doug will olwoys remember rhe good rimes spenr wirh his friends " Shoy Doy " i Timorhy Robert Dellorocco 167 Mom Srreer Lokeville Foorboll 1, 2, 3, 4 (Tri- Coproin), Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Tn-Coproin), Red Born Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-coproin) " Those who do rhe besr rhey con, know rhor rhey con do berrer " Tim (Duper) con always be found wirh his friends earing o big moc or McDonold ' s His fovorires ore Popo Ginos, Dr Pepper, sporrs, and rhe beach. Tim mosr admires his morher, his grondporenrs, Joe, Joey, and rhe resr of his friends Someday Tim hopes ro rrovel and own land Tim will olwoys remember " leon-ro " parries, pumpkin, ond rhe summer of ' 81. " Whor ' s up ' " Dovid A. Demello 48 Winfield Srreer Eosr Freerown " The prolerorior will rule " Dove ' s ombirion is ro be on only child He con usually be found being bQcchonolion wirh his friends when he ' s nor hanging banners oround rown His fovonres ore rhe Sex Pisrols, The Prolerorior, baked sruffed shrimp, and rhe Rocky Horror Picrure Show His dislikes include The Gluons, chemisrry reochers, cor wred- s, and uracil. Dovid Depin 22 Locusi Srrcet Assoner Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Sroge Bond 1, 2, 3, 4 Dovid ' s ombirion in life is ro be o successful businessman and musician Dovid would someday liKe ro rrovel around rhe world His per peeves are p reppies, morching in rhe bond, end English first period. Dave would liKe ro Keep in rouch wirh oil rhe kids in rhe doss of " 82 " " Down rhe Cope " Sharon Louise Des Roches 5 Howland Rood Assoner Pep Club 1, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Yearbook 4 Sharon ' s ombirion in life is ro marry Danny, become a Cerrified Public Accounronr and ro some day move up ro Vermonr Some of her fovonres ore lasagna, pizza, roasr beef, REO Speedwogon, Eogles, and gray Shoy will never forger Augusr 22, 1978 The people Shoron odmires rhe mosr ore Danny, her morher, Helen, Mr Mrs Moniz ond Mrs Reis Her per peeve is people who never smile " Keep Smilini " John Joseph Dicorlo Sourhworrh Srreer Lakeville John ' s ombirion in life is ro marry Lori ond ger super rich His fovorires ore hunring, scuba diving, Neil Young, Jomes Toylor, Duffy, and mosr of all his porenrs, while John mosr odmires Mo Teves Some dares John will always remember are April 28, 1979 ond October 3, 1981 Cecilia Ann Dias Counry P,ood Lokeville Cecilia ' s ombirion in life is to be married ro Andy and parry their lives together Her most memorable moments were or Veronico ' s parry Cecilia ' s pet peeves ore getting kicked out of the girl ' s room and Mr. Powers. Her fovorires ore Andy, her mom. Dob Seger, Led Zepplin, parrying She mosr odmires her brorher Manny, Deonna, and mom for all rhe rimes they ' ve shared rogerher Her hopes are thor all rhe " hood people " sroy burnr forever. Lourie Jane Dodge Porkhursr Drive Lokeville Srudenr Council 1, Pep Club 2, 4, Tennis 2, Bond 1, Year Book 4, Red Born Club 4 " The good rimes ore rhe besr rimes, rhe bod rimes fade owoy Lourie ' s hoppiesr when eoring ice creom, going ro pomes, lisrening ro J-Geils, Neil Young, Deorles, and Lynord Skynord, being wirh Bob, Jim and Julie, while she mosr odmires Karen Someday Lourie hopes ro be old ond happy, birrying our wirh o few good buddies (K, J, B) " Go for rhe wah Lindes ' " Valerie Dolon 16 Adams Ave. Assoner Vol ' s ombinon is ro go ro college ond moke somerhing our of her life and ro also own o monkey. Her fovorire people ore her friends and family Vol ' s per peeves are snobby people and being colled Vollie She ' ll always remember rhe summer of ' 80 and her friends. " Whor ' s Up. " Perer Donoro 0 Glod Srreer Assoner Perer ' s ombirion in life is ro rrovel ro differenr places. He likes ro go ro new places and meer differenr people He con mosriy be found parrying wirh friends or anyone who wonrs ro Perer ' s per peeves ore preppies. General Hospirol freaks, and " WEB " . His fovorires ore Molson, Moose- heod, ond Heffenreffer, Von Holen, AC DC and Wendy. His mosr memoroble limes were oil of rhe summer of ' 81 and his 4 yeors or Apponequer. Good Moonin Ann Siobhon Donegon Sourhworrh Srreer Lokeville Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Daskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4, sofrboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Senior Council 4 " Memory is rhe diory we all carry wirh us " Siobhon hopes ro olwoys be hoppy ond sorisfied wirh her life. Among her fovorires ore J.J,, C C, T.C., rhe sofrboll reom, Dusry, bike riding, Normon Rockwell, Ireland, ond ourumn. Her per peeves ore exclusive cliques, and people who consisrenrly mispronounce her name. Somedoy Siobhon hopes ro rrovel ocross Europe by bike. She mosr admires her porenrs and oppreciores oil rhe opporruniries rhor rhey ' ve given her. In rhe furure, Siobhon hopes ro hold on ro old friendships and esroblish mony new ones " I don ' r ger ir. " William James Dow 5 Srerson Srreer Lokeville Honor Sociery 0, 4, Senior Council 4 Dill ' s ombinon in life is ro find o high paying job rhor doesn ' r require roo much work He finds happiness in good music and company His per peeve is riding rhe school bus Duffoio ' s fovonres ore gronolo bars, rhe beach, Journey, Free Me, and Mr Coire ' s long chemisrry doss " Keep smiling in rhe roin, loughing or rhe pom, flowing wirh rhe changes, ond jusr keep on smiling " MorK Dube 245 Bullock Rood Easr Freerown Mork ' s ombinon in life is ro be hoppy and explore around rhe U S also ro be wirh Rono Mork dislikes people who rolk behind his bock. He mosr admires Doreen, Vol, Tim T and Mr, Sylvia His fovonres include AC DC, Dilly Squire, and money. Mork wonrs ro sroy hoppy wirh Rono, serrle down and achieve in life. Mark is mosr likely ro be found in his lirrle blue buggy or hanging on Websrer Courr while working or Food Morr Mork wishes good luck ond much happiness ro oil his clossmares Morrhew D. Dube 11 Porker Drive Eosr Freerown Freehand Drowing 0, 4, Dromo Club 4 " Turn off your mind, relax, and floor downsrreom " Morr ' s ombinon is ro srudy nuclear medicine because he likes ro shoor people up wirh rodioocrive moreriol When he ' s nor drawing or ploying music, Morr likes ro go cruising ond ger bocchonolion wirh his friends or else hong banners oround rown. Morr ' s fovonres include rhe Sex Pisrols, The Dearies, and rhe Placebos. Someday Morr would like ro form his own bond Psycophonrs and Nirwirs ore nor his fovonre people Morr will remember his Apponequer years as o greor experience wirh mony differenr people Dionne Jeanne Ducharme 95 Counry Rood Eosr Freerown Sofrboll 1, 2, Dond 1, 2, Choir 2, 3 Dionne enjoys going ro rhe beach, horseback riding, skiing, ond being wirh her friends She enjoys lisrening ro Sryx, Rush, and Dilly Joel She is mosr likely ro be found cruising wirh Vhendie Someday she would lil- e ro rrovel ro Colorodo ond live in rhe mounroins. She mosr admires her porenrs and Michael. Her fovorire dare is Augusr 15 Her goal in life is ro become o nurse " Never give up on onyrhing you wonr " Joyme Duff 3 Gerard Avenue Eosr Freerown Joyme ' s ombinon in life is ro ger rich quick ond live in Coliformo His per peeves ore non parrying weekends and freshmen Sonne of his favorlres ore Dad Company, The Kinks, The Doobie Brorhers, fried clams, weekends, mooseheod and his parenrs He enjoys lifnng weighrs, parrying, skiing ond fishing " Tuna " Michelle Lynn Dufour 23 Clear Pond Rood Lokeviile Michelle ' s ombinon in life is ro become a child core worker, and be o good morher Happiness ro her 15 being wirh David, her family, and her friends Her per peeve is people who rhink rhey ore berrer rhon orher people She mosr admires her parenrs, her sisrer, Linda, and Mrs Knudsen When she groduores from school she hopes ro be soon married ro Dovid Michael Abn Dunham 160 Precincr Srreer Lokeviile " The world is my oshrroy " Among Mike ' s favorite posrimes ore having a bosh or rhe lean ro, going hunnng, brighr and early, and working or rhe srorion " boy " His listening pleasures include C, S, N, 6 Y, Supertromp, J T , The Stones, The Dearies, ond rjne D 52 ' s This monrh ' s ombinon is ro be srudenr of rhe monrh His fovorite people ore Mr Srork ond Mr Dobrowsky Mike ' s life ombinon is to live up norrh in o log cabin and lead o life of laziness " Coke odds Life " William C Dunhom Lilac Sr Duena Visro Shores Lokeviile " Dox car ' s " ombinon in life is rojoin rhe oirforce to become a professionol dog trainer, after which he would like to explore Europe His favorlres include Mr Jorgenson, Rich, Horry, Roger, Voshingron (srote). Dungeons and Dragons, ond fonrosy, dinosaurs, and mythology His dislikes include, bur ore nor limited to people who moke fun of orhers, nurs in chocolate brownies, and peppers Chnsrol Theresa Dupuis 259 Middleboro Rood Eosr Freerown Pep Club 2, 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Daskerboll 2, 3, Ploys 3, 4, Trock 2, Choir 1, 2, 3 " To moke people laugh is rhe greoresr success in life " Chrisrol ' s ambinon is ro become o high fashion model She con mosr likely be found with Doug and lisrening ro Billy Joel, Par Beneror, Boz Scogqs, and Allen Porson Some of Dup ' s fovonres ore McDonalds, Pu Pu Plarrers, lobsrer, N Y Ciry, ploying baskerboll, and modeling while she mosr admires Mrs B , Memere, Pepere, and Dougie. Chrisrol ' s per peeve is people who rry ro be whor rhey ' re nor Kevin r . Durfee 36 Reservoir Rood Lakeville Golf 1, 2, 4 Kevin ' s ambinon in life is ro be rich by rhe age of 23 " Shoes " likes pizzo, losogno, homburgers, and all good rock Kevin ' s per peeves ore preppies, jocks, ond " Clinr " ' s classes Kevin ' s plons are ro rravel ro California, rhen ro Bermuda ond oil oround rhe world. Kevin ' s favorite people ore " Dig Al " , D G , D G , and D S All Kevin wanrs ro do is roke ir easy and be wirh friends Kevin will miss all of his class and hopes rhey will all sroy around Kevin hopes ro see oil rhe doss of ' 82 ' down rhe Cape Lir do J. Ellior R F D 1 Long Poinr Rood Lakeville Field Hockey 1, 2, Doskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4, (manager 2, 3, 4), French Club 1, Pep Club 2, Sandpipers ond Tribesmen 3, Honor Sociery 3, 4; Senior Council 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3. " To everything there is a season, ond o time for every purpose under heaven " Linda ' s ombition In life is to become o psychologist, live in New Hampshire, raise a family, and be happy Her fovorites include her family, outumn, sincere people, " Poc man " , ond chocolate milk Her per peeve is people colling her " Linder " , and she is hopp iest when she is spending money, listening to Elton John, or eating tuna-fish with pickles Undo would like to wish everyone in the class of ' 82 a good ond healthy life " Really " " Go for the woh. " Leonard Foulkner Freetown Street Lakeville Lenny ' s ombition in life is to become o Medicol Laboratory Technologist. His favorites ore seafood, Rush, and the Cars Lenny most odmires his parents, Mr. Greeson, and rhe Bruins. His per peeves are homework ond goot jokes. Michele Fee 12 High Plain Sr Assoner " Peer " would like ro rhonk oil rhe greor kids who mode her feel welcome when she was rhe new kid on rhe block and wishes rhar rhey oil reoch rheir dreams Her goals ore ro see as much of rhe world OS she con, ond ro someday beor Linda Ellior or rennis Sherry Ann Ferreiro Monrgomery Srreer Lokeville Track 1, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 4 Sherry ' s ombinon in life is ro hove o coreer by rhe age of 24 and somedoy rrovel ro Hawaii Happiness ro Sherry is hoving good rimes, meering people and hoving many hobbies. Sherry ' s per peeves ore sruck up people and Dosron, Sherry ' s fovorires ore Chinese dishes, pizzo, any sporr, Dob Seger, The Cars, Don, The Dooleys and her family Afrer groduorion. Sherry hopes rhor oil her dossmores ore successful and happy Thomas L Ferris 25 Poinr of Pines Rood Eosr Freerown " Don ' r soy oil you know, bur know oil you soy, " Tom ' s goal in life is ro be happy He mosr enjoy ' s being wirh friends ond having o good nme. His fovorires include Tosho, Julie, The Cars, Von Helen, and P E, Mojor He mosr remembers rhe summer of " 81 " , Von Holen, and gernng chased our of M H,S, Two faced people and Web. ore his per peeves, " Good Moonin " William Fields 17 Middleborough Rood Eosr Freerown Doskerboll 1, 4 Foorboll 1, 4 Will ' s ombirion in life is ro be a plumber and ro own o Corverre Happiness is being wirh his fomily and Traveling ro Californio His per peeve is people who don ' r mind rheir own affairs His fovorires ore his grondmorher ' s fish cokes, summer, boskerboll, and gerring our of school early Porricio Anne Lynn Fleer Box 564 Eosr Freerown Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Apponochefs 3 Porry is planning ro orrend college in P, I and someday hopes ro become o hero In her own right. Par mosr enjoys swimming, horsebock riding, and listening to E.L.O Her pet peeve is getting in o fight with Vondo, her best friend Those thot gain her respect include her parents, Kyle, and Mrs Teves Bonnie Jean Flercher 22 Woshburn Road Eosr Freerown Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, Field Hockey 2, 3, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Choir 3 " A smile unlocks the door to happiness, while laughter fills the room with love " Bonnie enjoys going to the beoch, talking on the phone, skiing, and of course peonut butter Gjelly sandwiches. Happiness to het is being with Coll (having laughing fits), Jul, Lin, Lis, and the rest of the gong. Her favorites ore fomily friends, D P, OJ, The Who, Tom Petty, and Dermudo Bonnie will always remember the great times she hos had at A H S ond her super friends, whom she will miss. Bon hopes to be happy, successful ond own o Z28. Robert Follis 51 Jeonine Street Lokeviile Football 1, 2, Baseball 1 We ' re searching for the latest thing, o breok in this routine We ' re talking some new kicks, ones like you ain ' t nevet seen ' " Foir Warning " Michelle Forcier 265A Middleboro Rood Eosr Freetown Pep Club 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Sandpipers and Tribesmen 4, Track Team 2, Dromo Club 4, Spanish Club 3, Stage Crew 4 " Just remember please, please. It ' s o Grand Illusion and deep inside we ' re oil the some " Michelle ' s ambition in life is to become o medical secretary ond live in Colorado She enjoys listening to Styx, Journey, Jethro Tull, Reo Speedwogon, and AC DC Her pet peeves are two faced people and Mononne Ashley. Her favorites include Bruce, Christine, John, Lisa, lobster, Oct. 6, ond Dec 25 She most admires Penny Dolento, Ed, and Mrs Reis She will olwoys remember moking S 6 T, pep rallies, footboll and basketball gomes, " Sid " , and the N.H. exchange. Also she would like to trovel ro Swirzerlond and Ausrno Mark C Fosrer 2 Howlond Rood Eosr Freerown " There ore more things in heaven and eorrh rhon ore dreomr of in your philosophy. " Mark ' s ombinon in life is ro ger o well-paying job, rhor isn ' t tedious and in time hove o home and family His favorites ore family and friends His pet peeves ore conceited people and alarm clocks Mark is hoppiest when he ' s with the people he likes, listening to music from Fleetwood Mac ro Led Zep and just being himself Lorrie Ann Fournier 5 Highland Ridge Rood Assonet Dosketboll 2 Lome ' s ambition in life is to become o writer, ond own a resrurount, and travel around rhe world twice Happiness to her is being with her friends Her pet peeve is people who put other people down Her favorite people ore her parents, Donno, Kim, Joy, Mr Mrs Frozer, Heidi, Eleanor, Peter, Linda, Lorroine, Renee, Jason, Linda D ond Pauline, She most odmires her grondmother and Mr Looney Lorrie will olwoys remember May 22, 1981 ond the summer of " 79 " She wishes her graduating class the best of luck always Villiom John Fronzoglio 17 Porkhurst Drive Lokeville Football 3, 4, Basketball 3 " Mediocrity hos no greater consolation rhon in the thought that genius is not immortal IBID " Bill ' s ombitions in life are to do some heovy skiing in Colorado and to cruise around in his Porsche Turbo Bill can usually be found portying with Scott, Gib, Gleo, Mark, Jim, and Andy Mel lowing out to T P , Led Zep, Doors, and smokin ' em up, usuolly fill up the rest of Bill ' s schedule Wild Bill ' s most memorable day was August 8 He ' ll never forger the summer of ' 81, rhe class of ' 82, or any of the good rimes at AHS. Edward A. Furrodo 21 Bueno Visro Shores Assonet Golf 1, 2 " Ingredients of success attitude, fortitude, aptitude " Ed has plans of becoming o criminal or corporate lawyer once he has completed his education He would like to travel to Switzerland and continue his education in California Someday he would like to help people understand their bodies in a physiological sense Ed ' s pet peeve is the woodtick, however he enjoys bodybuilding and health food " L U N C H " PornciQ Gollogher 0 NVorer Srreer Assoner Sofrboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Doskerboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Class Presidenr 2, Class Treasurer 3; Yearbook 4 " Progress alwoys involves risks You can ' r keep one foor on firsr bose while sreoling second " Par ' s ombinon in life is ro hove a successful career in rhe field of science Some of her favorites ore sofrboll, boskerboll, Tom Perrey, Chinese food, horror movies and LJNDCS. She mosr admires her porenrs, grondforher. Mr Looney and Mr Piosecki She is mosr likely ro be found anywhere bur rhe girls ' room, since her per peeve is rhe girls room gongi Though her mosr memorob ' e momenrs were on rhe sofrboll rnps, she will never forger rhe fun nmes or Apponequer " Sorry Gorry " John Woyne Gollonr 269 Middleboro Rood Eosr Freetown Doskerboll 1, 3, 4 John ' s ombinon in life is ro be o rich fishermon and travel around the world His favorites include Lindo, worerskiing, boskerboll, and Pa Roffo ' s His per peeve is people who do rheir homework John most admires his parents He is mosr likely ro be found with Lindo (somewhere) " I value efforr above everything " Wendy A. Gorvey Montgomery St Lokevilie Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (presidenr 4), Yeorbook 4; Dromo Club 2, Sponish Club 3, C C I Club 3, 4 " People who ore free ore free from themselves " Wen ' s ambition in life is to become successful and later to settle down with o fomily Happiness to her IS being with her friends. She mosr remembers rhe Foil P iver D ' Angelo ' s Wen ' s pet peeves ore rhe P Y C gong and untruthful people She most odmires her porenrs ond her brorher Her favorites ore pizzo, Dilly Joel, Styx, " dukes " , " mom dod " , snickers, pep rollies, ond going our Best wishes to oil! " sure " Scorr Anthony Geisler Captains Woy Lokevilie " Stand Head ond Antlers above rhe P-est " After high school Geis would like to remain single and enjoy life os much as possible When not studying laboriously, Scott enjoys listening to T P , shooting hoops and hoisting ' em with Gib, Gleo, Mc, Mark, ond Dill He fovors most, the time he shores wirh Chris ond the guys oiong with Kothy, Mish ond Deb Wotchmg the Celts destroy the 76 ' ers and roppmg with Buddy ond Jim ore among Scott ' s favorite hobbies He would like to wish everyone the best of luck Micheol Edward Gibney Lakeside Avenue Lokeville Foorball 1, 2, 3, 4, Doseboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Senior Council 4 " Oxen oren ' r born, rhey ' re mode " Mike ' s ombinon in life is ro ger our of Lokeville, fosr His per peeve is PREPPIES He con be found or rhe orcode or Rose ' s circle wirh Scorr, Dnon, Mark, Jim, Monica, and Tina His mosr memoroble momenr wos 4 22 80 His favorires include ' 60 ' s music and rhe Celrics. He hopes ro see you oil or rhe Tricenrennial Douglas E Girouard 8 Vordell Sr Eosr Freerov n Tennis 2, 3, 4 Doug ' s ombinon is ro hove a furure in rhe compurer elecrronics field He enjoys roosr beef grinders, skiing, ond Journey Doug ' s per peeves are Mr Gorman, megepreps, jocks ond geomerry He can be found on the ski slopes, parrying wirh friends, or or concerrs. He will mosr remember going our for breakfosr and Spanish . " Seriously " Dnon E Gleoson 28 Rounsevell Drive Eosr Freerown Foorboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Doskerboll 1, Honor Sociery 3, 4 " Look for ir ' cause ir ' s rhere " One of Brian ' s ombirions in life is nor ro ger roo caughr up in his ambitions ond ro hove o good rime " Gleo " hos fun shoorm ' hoobo and rurnin ' our His favorires ore good ocnon, Brinsh rock, and roppin ' wirh Gib, Mc, Mark, Scorr Chris, Kar, and Mon Brian will always rry ro remember rhe summer of " 81 He likes surprises and spur of rhe momenr decisions Gleoson ' s per peeves ore PREPPIES, old cliches, ond people who con ' r mellow our Brian hopes rhor his clossmores ger by any way rhey con " Whoa! " Suzanne Mane Graca 2 Olivia Lane Eosr Freerown Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 CCaprom 4), French Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4), Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 4 Yearbook 3, 4, FOCAS Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secrerory 2, Vice Presidenr 4), Honor Sociery 3, 4, Srudenr Council 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, Vice Presidenr 4), Senior Council 4, Class Treasurer 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Srudenr Turoring 3 " Happiness is rhe reflecnon of a smile " Sue will olwoys remember rhe four greor years spenr or A H S and will carry rhese memories wirh her rhrough college and medical school Suzie ' s favorires ore cheering, dancing, McDonald ' s french fries, pink sweerheort roses, " 21 " , and being wirh oil her friends When she ' s nor working, cheering, or or a club meering, you may find her lisrening ro Sryx, REO Speedwogon, or Air Supply Groc mosr admires her porenrs, Mrs Word, ond Mr Greeson, bur Mr G ' s orange striped shirr has gor ro goi She will never forger winning rhe cheering championship though people who never smile is her per peeve Drion Woyde Gronr Anocondo Drive Lokeville Trod-; 3, 4 (CoCopr ), Cross Counrry 3, 4 (CoCopr ), Doskerboll 1, Yearbook commirree 4 Alfie, Lou, Ulysses, President, or Jimmy con be found driving around wosring gos in rhe Lead Sled or rhe rrud-; He con be found lisrening ro Foreigner, rhe Who, Sryx, ond J Geils Brians ' fovonres ore 10 3 81, 5 16 81, bacon, running, and his porenrs Alfie will miss rhe Cross Counrry ream, rhe Trod ream, and Mr Tebo " Suss Deboroh Ann Grenier 202 Pine Avenue ' Lokeville Debbie ' s greoresr ombirion is ro ov n o Trans Am or a camper ond be able ro travel around rhe world Her joyous rimes ore wirh friends from Lokeville, Dorrmourh, Eosr Freetown, and New Bedford Her per peeves ore homework ond study period She likes ro listen ro Von Holen ond Billy Squire Deb also loves animals You con find her wirh Donno and Liso or rhe Dartmouth Mall either walking around or in rhe movies. George L Grenier Eosr Freetown The doss of ' 82 sincerely wishes George good luck, prospenry ond hoppiness in the future Lisa Anne Grunwold 5 Jeffery Lone Assonet Tennis 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. French Club 3 Lisa ' s ambition is to live a happy heolrhy life and ro find on excinng, mteresring career Among Lisa ' s favorites ore Pot Senator, Foreigner, her dog Somontho, family, friends, ond Andy Also, she enjoys Chinese food, nding through the mountoins, walking along beoches, and cozy houses Her pet peeves ore clowns, getting up in the morning. Physics, double lobs, and dishonest people Lisa IS most likely to be found with B C C , J M , L , or Andy She most odmires her parents and her uncle Dennis Liso will never forger rhe summer of ' 81 ' Mary Corherine Hodley 64 Howlond Road Assoner DecQ 3, Home Ec 1 AAory ' s ombirions in life are ro own her own home and ro rravel cross counrry in rhe summer of " 82 " Her per peeves are Lisa, Morcio, Mrs Worson, and 1 30 Her fovonres are Jennifer, Mrs Teves, her mother, her grondforher, Eorl, and her lore grondmorher, Edirh Mary mosr admires her father Susan T, Hague 8 Simmons Street Assonet Chair 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Dromo Club 2, FOCAS Club 2, Sandpipers and Tribesmen 3, Senior Council 4, Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4 Sue ' s ambition in life is to make it through college, get married, and go ro Flondo Her fovorites include Allan, his family, T C , Deau, rainbows, chicken. Ma ' s cookies, weekends. Auntie, Free dom, February 23, " Papa Pig " , D D Dinks, ond the Swansea Mall She also likes music, ond when she IS not ploying the piono or singing in choir, you con be sure she ' s lisrening to Dorry Manilow, FLO, The Doobies, or Dorbera Streisond While she most admires Mr Furtodo and Mrs Word, her per peeves ore the girl ' s room gong, gym, moth homework, and Mrs Hackett She ' ll never forget the time Groc slid down the snow bonk and crashed inro the well, " 21 " , or the time she ond Kothy threw jelly be ans or Pvichie when he come out of the bathroom on the Woshington trip She wishes everyone good luck in rhe future " Gimme a break " Andrev 5 Homilron Freetown Stteet Lokeville Football 1, 2, 3 Yeorbook Staff 4 Andy ' s ombition in life is to become a successful businessmen His favorites ore Journey, Foreigner, filer mignon, lobster, and pizza His pet peeves ore Mrs Pino, 7rh period geometry, ond Freshmen, while his fovonre dare is February 26, 1984 " Oh no " " Mutt mutt " Joon A, Hampsron 3 Water Sr Assonet French Club 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Dosketboll 1, 2, Yearbook 4, Pep Club 1, Joon ' s ambition is to go on to college and successfully play softboll Her fovorites ore Chinese food, Softball, CLSPND, summer of ' 81, the oceon, her best friend and softboll trips Joon most admires her parents, Mr Looney and Mr P Her pet peeves ore College Grammar Review, CEED morh review, PT and milk musroches She hopes rhor rhe sofrboll ream will win the 1982 store championship title Korhleen Dridger Hanson Lakeside Ave Lokeville French Club 1, 3,, Yearbook: 3, 4, Sruderir Office Aide 3, 4, " Ve do nor remember days, we remember momenrs " Korhy ' s furure plans ore ro orrend college in Vermonr ond become a physicol rheropisr She ' d like ro see rhe counrry by Traveling on foor Korhy mosr admires her grondforher ond Aunr Joclsie Some orher imporronr people in her life ore her porenrs, and Frs Moron, Morrel, and Hughes If nor wirh Laurie and Mom, Korhy con mosr likely be found wriring lerrers or reading She ' ll never forger rhe weekend of Nov. 1-9, 1980. Susan Elizoberh Herman Lakeside Avenue Lokeville Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Sandpiper 1, 2, 3, 4, Sofrboll 1; Musical 2 " The innocenr child is no longer here " Sue ' s dream in life is ro be o singer, rhough her ombinon is ro become a secrerory Hoppiness ro her IS being wirh friends such os Whendie, Jorno, and Chrisrol, bur she ' s mosr likely ro be found wirh Billy Sue ' s per peeves ore rwo-foced people and rhose who rry ro rule her Her fovorires ore Dilly, Jayme, Dobby, Von Holen, roosrbeef grinders, Doriros, and parrying Sue ' s fovonre dares ore April 24, 1981 and June 19, 1981 Sue Hilron Lokeville " Be Yourself " Sue would like someday ro open her own cosmorology shop and rrovel around rhe world She con usuolly be found eormg, or wirh Dovid, Joon, Michele, and Srocey, Her fovorires ore parrying, Rush, Journey, spending rime wirh B G , ond weekends. She hores snobs, hoving no money, 5 45 0 m , ond people who ore ofroid ro be Themselves Her mosr memorable momenrs ore 5 20 81 She hopes everyone will ger whor rhey deserve! " Remember guys " Chrisropher Daniel (Hinckley) Dabineau Freetown Srreer Lokeville Chris ' ombinon in life is ro be able ro renre or rhe age of 29 He regrers nor gerring involved wirh his dassmores — nor ploying sporrs wirh rhem and nor gerring involved in school ocnvines wirh rhem. His fovorires ore norhing unusual, pizza, hor dogs, foorboll, summer, winrer, ond rhe Beorles Joseph Edword Hixon 04 Morrows Rood Assonet Foorboll 1, 2, 4, Doseboll 1, 2 Joe ' s ombirion in life isn ' r direcred roword any one thing ir has voriery and its days off Happiness ro him IS close friends, close family, ond pizzo His per peeves are mosquitoes, nghr underweor, ond odolescence His fovorites ore boseboll, football, ond women Joe would like ro wish rhe best of luck to the entire senior class and oil the studenrs of Apponequet Paul Christopher Hogon Gerard Avenue East Freetown Senior Council 4 Traffic Squod 3, 4 (Coproin) Paul ' s ambition is to groduote from college, get a good job. and live in the mountains of Vermounr or Colorodo Happiness to Poul is being with Paula, ond rhe guys ot school, especiolly Drion and Joe Paul enjoys snowmobiling, worer skiing, ice hockey, weighrlifting and boot rocing Poul mosr odmires his parents and his brother, Mike Poul ' s favorites include losogno, roostbeef, Springsteen, Dad Compony, and the Dearies Deonnc Hollihor Gramp Deone f oad Assonet " Time IS o woste of life, life is o wosre of time, so get wosied and hove the time of your life " Deonno ' s ambition is to spend the rest of her life happily married ro Manny She is mosr likely ro be found partying with Cecilia and Manny Her pet peeves ore Mr Powers, Sue Vickery, and getting kicked out of the girl ' s roo ' m Some of her fovonres ore Monny, C C , The Doors, Coke, and blackberry brondy Kimberly Hood Anocondo Drive Lokeville " True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost " Kim ' s ombirion in life is to attain happiness in whatever she does Some of her fovonres ore pizzo, The Srones, fXobin, Softball, summer, ond weekends She enjoys going to porries, rhe beoch, and being with Pete Her most memoroble momenr wos on October 18, 1980 Her pet peeve is two foced people Michael Humphreys 38 Old Powderhouse Rood Lokeville Bond 1, 2, 3, Sroge Bond 1, 2, 3, Honor Sociery 3, 4 Afrer high school, Mike plans ro do onyrhmg bur work or McDonold ' s His nnoin gool in life is ro own o Porsche Mike ' s fovonres ore money, concerrs, fosr cors, loud music, ond being wirh people His per peeves ore comploiners, cars rhor overhear, rhe monogemenr or McD ' s, people wirh no common sense, and gernng losr Unless he changes his mind, Mike is going ro be rich by rhe end of rhe summer of ' 82 so he won ' r have ro go ro college Jodi Lynne Jackson 2 Cranberry drive Assoner Sofrboll 1, 2, Choir 1, Apponochefs 3 " I musr lough and dance and sing, yourh is such o lovely rhing " Jodl ' s ombirion in life is ro live like " Laverne 6 Shirley " wirh Par In Calif, Happiness ro her is money, biking, parrying, dancing, and love. Her per peeve is Lloyd Daley ' s homework, rhough her fovonres ore summer, rhe Eagles, Dob Seger, General Hospirol, concerrs, McDonolds, ond her friends Afrer groduarion she hopes all her friends keep in rouch 6 " keep smilin " Take core and roke ir easy Heidi Anne Pornce Johnson 4 Mill Srreer Assonei Closs VP 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep dub 1, 2, 3, 4, Field hockey 1, 2, 3, Drama club 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, rres 3, Pres. 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Senior Council 4; Red Born club 4 " Love IS like a parade on o clear summer ' s day Ride your heorr and you may soilowoy " " H A P A J " when nor drinking Pepsi lighr and rriunching srrowbernes, is mosr likely ro be found in rhe K ' s orange choir woiring for Glenn Some of Heid ' s fovonres ore Eorrh, Wind and Fire, Ron Bacardi, Newporr, skiing, and of course her friends Besides yesrerdoy Heidi will never forger France " 79 " , MGM , Halloween, Augusr 12, 1981, Woshingron, ond oil rhe pomes Sonwo, you drive home Gordon Dennis Jones 41 Droley Rood Eosr Freerown Bond 1, 2 jjtk Gordon ' s ombirion in life is ro be o successful corpenrer and ro live in Colifornio You con find him M eirher lifring or running His per peeve are rhose who moke fun of people wirh handicaps His jjl l odvice ro rhe Class of ' 82 is ro ser your goals ond nor ro srop unnl rhey ore reoched Juliene Jorgensen 27 No Mom Srreer Assoner Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Honor Sociery 3, 4,, Sofrbcll 1 Juliene ' s goal is ro be successful Among her fovorires are her fannily and friends, going ro gomes, Cape Cod, walking along beoches, green apples, burrer-crunch ice cream, singing, skaring, and loughing Juliene is most likely ro be found wirh D C L M S or rolking on rhe phone She ' ll always remember ploying field hockey and rhe fun rimes cheering for rhe Lakers in rhe sronds Juliene ' s per peeve is gaming weighr and she mosr admires her grondporenrs and mom and dod. Korhleen Joyce Kolchrholer 4 King Philip P,ood Lokeville Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, Honor Sociery (Secrerory 4) 3 4, Tennis ream 2, Sofrboll ream 1, Traffic Squod 3, 4, Yeorbook 3, 4, Senior Council 4, Closs Secrerory 1, Class Treasurer 2 Karhy can usually be found wirh Chris, eonng, in rhe halls or AHS, or worching G H Among her fovorires ore her family Don, foorball and baskerball gomes, pomes or Heidi ' s, Mopeding, " Soiling " , Dyron von Brian, Scorr (S S ), N 6 P. Mac, and CHMDMT. She will olwoys remember rhe CYO ski rrips, hounred houses. Superman, decororing rhe Chrisrmos rree, France, DC, rhe weekend or VillonovQ, Mrs Rose, T Ping Scorr ' s, Jimmy ' s, Gibbo ' s, Brian ' s ond Mark ' s houses, and all rhe fun rimes wirh rhe Class of ' 82. Allan Kir sley Highland Rood Lakeville Drama Club 1, " Our Town " 1, Choir 2, 3 " A man wirhour Freedom is a man wirhour hoppiness " Al ' s ombirion in life is ro be happy and never grow up Among his fovorires ore Susan, TC, his good friends Deon and Sreye, mororcycles, Bruce Springsreen, long wolks wirh Sue, Mo, and Ma ' s good cookin ' While he mosr admires Mrs Word and his grondporenrs, his per peeves are crunching, jock-snobs, gum, Deco Bubs, and people who don ' t brush rheir reerh Al hopes ro someday marry Sue and never lose touch wirh his good friends Michelle LoCroix 5 Sossamon Drive Assoner Srudent Council 1 Mikki ' s ambition in life is ro be happy or whatever she chooses to do. Some of her fovorires include REO Speedwogon, Eagles, pizza, horse. Miss Piggy ond hoving o good rime wirh people she cores obour. She will most remember March 26, 1980 Her mosr embarrassing moment was being pushed into the boy ' s room while it was being occupied Her per peeves ore sruck up people ond rainy days. She mosr admires her parents. " Hove a good one " Phyllis Ann LoMonrogne Longlois Pines Lokeville Phyl IS most likely ro be found wirh Poul or or rhe Weorhervone Among Phyl ' s fovonres ore Paul, Nancy, burrerscorch sundaes, creme filled donurs, rhe Supro, ond roses Some dores rhor are very special ro her are April 25 and August 8, 1980 Her mosr memorable occasion was her junior prom, Phyl hopes ro become o successful execunve in rhe business field She wishes rhe besr of luck ro all her friends " Ir ' s good ro have a friend " Chorlene AAone LoPoinre 5 Jackie Lone Eosr Freetown " Where do we go from here now rhor all of our children ore growing up — ond how do we spend our days, knowing rhor nobody gives o damn? " Chorlene ' s ambirion in life is ro become a medicol rechnologisr She mosr admires her mom, while her fovonres ore running, parrying. Von Holen, and being wirh friends Chorlene ' s per peeves ore G F , plain donurs, preppies, disco, and rudeness She con mosr likely be found in New Bedford Chor will never forger rhe good rimes in rrock ond wishes everyone in rhe class of ' 82 rhe besr of luck always " Live and ler live " Michael Lq Poinre Easr Freetown The doss of ' 82 sincerely wishes Michoel good luck, prosperiry and happiness in the future Lisa Mone Lovoie One Leonord Avenue Assonet Lisa ' s ambitions in life are ro go ro college and ro be hoppy Happiness to Lisa is being with people she lil-ies While her pet peeve is nosy people, her favorites ore Kevin, April 5, and summer Jane Marie Lawrence 116 Howlond Rood Assoner French Club 1, Dromo Club 2, 3, 4, Musical , Drama Producrion 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Tennis Club 4 Jone wants ro do somerhing with her life bur she ' s nor sure whor. She does know rhor she wonrs ro live ir up while she con and rhen serrle down ro lead a reasonable, comforroble life Her per peeves ore alorm clocks and homework Her fovorires ore lobsrer, " 21 " , eyes, srereo head- phones, " Kashmir, " her dog, George, and rhe sky She wishes everyone rhe best of luck ofrer groduonon and hopes ro keep in rouch Fronsje Leor ord Howlond Rood Lokeville Senior Council 4, Srudenr Council 2, 3 (Vice President), 4 (Presidenr), Srudenr Senoror Rep. 3; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dromo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President), Chorus 1, 2, 3, Sandpipers and Tribesmen 2, 3, Stage Band 3, 4, S E M S B A 1, 3, S E District 3, Ploys and Musicals 1, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4 (Vice-President) Fransje hopes to be successful, to remain happy, ond become " rich ond famous " She looks forward ro leaving Lokeville, going to college, and traveling. She loves music and drama, and will always remember musicals and ploys, Ms D and Ms P , S. T., rhe Milford and Germonrown exchanges, and choir Food is something she con ' r do without and chocolate, cheesecake, and gourmet cooking are her favorites She enjoys rennis, playing rhe piano, reading, earing, and music, especiolly rhe Doobies, Poblo Cruise, Dilly Joel, and E.W.6F She will never forger " 21 " , oudirions, Domn Yankees, Popo Gino ' s, the Hallelujah Chorus, ond 1982 ' Alfred J, Levesque 3 Highlond Ridge Rood Assonet Bond 1, 2 Al ' s ombirion in life is to be successful m whatever he does, and to travel ro Howon and Bermuda " Big Al ' s " fovorires ore chocolate creom pie, steak, " Macs " , and french fries while his pet peeves ore preppies and jocks Al ' s mosr memorable moments in A H S ore the food fFght and getting kicked out of band Al hopes he will keep in rouch with all his school pals after groduonon " Go for it. " Chrisrine Claire Levesque 220 Old Mom Street Lokeville French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Ploy 1 " Within me lies rhe power to seize the hour and live my dreams " Chris ' ombition is to become a dancer and someday rrovel around the world with o d onee company Her fovorires are Boston, P-nut butrer ice creom, Styx, pizzo, Tim, " 21 " and her friends Although she is most likely to be found going to dancing with Vol, her fovonre place is rhe beach on a summer night. Chris most admires her Mom and Dod and will never forget the summer of " 81 " Guess whot i Maureen Lopes 30 Droley Pvood Eosr Freetown Apponochefs 3 Maureen ' s goal in life Is ro become o professional hair sryllsr She is hopplesr when she is doing rhe rhings she liKes ro do. Her per peeve is people who rhink rhey ore berrer rhon others Some of her fovorires indude meering people, ond lisrening ro ' USM FM 91 Moureen is mosr likely ro be found in N.D wirh Peggy and Dren and wirh her ounrs She is mosriy rhonkful ro her porenrs Afrer graduorion she will be orrending LeDaron Halrdressing School Lourie Lucas Kingman Srreer Lokeville Loune ' s ambinon in life is ro ger married ro Donald She mosr admires Donald Her favonres include Donald, DJ, Dob Seger, and Bruce Spnngsreen She will alwoys remember June 23, 1979 ond July 22, 1981 Her pep peeve is jocks Laurie would like ro rrovel ro mony different places someday Joan Anne Lynch 20 Simpson Lone Assoner Boy ' s Vorsiry Boskerbcll manager 1, 2 Joon ' s ambinon is ro someday be o successful horse rrainer no suprise since she is mosr likely ro be found riding on Morrho ' s Vineyard wirh Dovid, Besides horses, some of her fovorires ore David, Sue, Michele, boors, Billy Squier, Heovy Merol, ond Von Holen Joan will mosr remember weekends on rhe Island and August 30, 1982 " Sue your drooling again. " r Jacqueline Maccameau 228 Bullock Rood Eosr Freerown Jackie ' s ambinon in life is ro be on EKG rechnicion She would also like ro rrovel to the Pocono Mts and Hawaii She also plans ro ger her block beir in korore. Her fovorires ore pizza, Chinese food and Led Zeppelin. Her favorite saying is " Take ir slow. " She wishes rhe class of ' 82 rhe besr. Charles J Mocomber Assoner The doss of ' 82 sincerely wishes Charles good luck, prospenry and happiness in rhe furure Sheryl Madeira 15 Howes Dr Eosr Freetown Pep Club 1. 2, 3 French Club 3 Sheryl ' s ombinon is ro become o hoirsrylisr ond somedoy own her own shop Happiness ro her is having a lor of money ond spending ir oil on clorhes Her favonres ore dancing, Chinese food, Heavenly Hosh Ice cream, concerrs, and going our cruising wirh her friends. She mostly likes ro listen to Dob Soger, Blue Oyster Cult, Foreigner, and Styx Her pep peeves ore taking the school bus and gym dosses She will always remember the good times she ' s hod going out with her friends Sondro L Monr 50 Clear Pond Rd Lokeville Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Yearbook 4, Senior Council 4 " Conceit IS on odd disease, it mokes everyone sick but he who has it " Sondy most admires her sister Col. Among her favorites ore " Dad " , Maine, the " Dukes, " Miss Piggy, REO, Billy Joel, ond the Hopkins, Her most memorable moment is riding o rubber rofr down o river without paddles Sandy ' s pet peeve Is people who look down on others She looks forword to meeting Ellen and 6 5 82 She will never forget when Wendy hit her with her cor, the 1981 trip to Washington and the Dirty Bikers After groduotion she will miss seeing all her friends, " C C I " Pvoger M, Monny 23 Mason P oad East Freetown Track 2, Traffic Squad 3, 4 " If everything seems to be going well, you ' ve obviously overlooked something " Roger ' s future ambitions ore to become rich and move out of M.ossochusetts, He has the most fun woter skiing with his friends He will most remember teoching Bonnie how ro water ski His fovorites ore The Who, Von Holen, The Beatles, his parents, ond steok During the summer he is most likely to be found on his bike or on Long Pond After graduation Roger will miss his friends from Apponequet His pet peeve is waking up for school, " Good Moonin " Linda M, Moson 174 Dndge Rood Assoner Pep Club 1, 2 Linda ' s ombirions in life ore ro. become on occounronr ond somedoy live m Vermonr Her per peeves ore people who rhink rhey ore berrer rhon everyone else Some of Linda ' s fovorires include ice cream, pizza, AC DC, Dlue Oysrer Cuir, Sryx, Journey, and her friends She mosr odmires her parenrs You con olways find Linda wirh family and friends " Today is rhe firsr doy of rhe resr of your life " Dono J Moxim Lokeville The doss of ' 82 sincerely wishes Dono good luck, prosperiry, and happiness in rhe furure. Andrew C. McGuire 239 Mom Srreer Lokeville " The roors of educorion ore birrer, bur rhe fruirs are sweer " Doskerbal! 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 7, Daseboll 1, To be happy, never miss an opporruniry, and enjoy all rhe good rhings in life are Andy ' s ombinons Happiness ro Andy is rime spenr wirh Lisa, and having o cosuol conversorion wirh friends. Andy ' s fovorires include Tom Perry, Sreely Don, Von Holen, boskerball, DLT ' s, The Celtics, and roor beer Andy can usually be found wirh Lisa, on rhe boskerball courr, and basically wherever rhere ' s good food, good friends ond good music. Andy ' s per peeve is homework and gloomy days Andy mosr admires his parenrs, ond Cooch Kuligo. The summer ' 81, 3 28 81, and rhe doss of 82 will never be fprgorron " Awesome " David Medeiros Easr Freetown The class of ' 82 sincerely wishes David good luck, prosperiry and happiness in rhe furure Jocquelin Ann Medeiros Howlond r ood Lokeville Cheerleader 3, 4, Drama Club 0. 4, Choir (Treasurer 4) 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, Ploys 3, 4; Yearbook 4, Senior Council 4 Hey Keii " Qui " plans ro orrend a school for photography ond become exrremely successful in rhor field The besr rimes of her AHS years hove included cheering wirh Kel and Schmal, going ro church wirh Dri, working wirh Mike, and goofing wirh rhe gong In orr She mosr admires her Mom and Dod Her favorites include Woodstock, Kel, Schmal, " the good kind " , yogurt, and chocolote wolnut ice cream Jackie will never forget snake socks, the JCK triangle, rhe Journey concert and Bird ' " The good rimes ore the best times Kelley Heorher Medeiros 7 Jackie Lone East Freetown Honor Society 1, Track team 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, Cheerleader 4, Pep Club 1, 4 " If you con imagine it, you con achieve it, if you con dreom it, you con become it, " Hey Quii Kelley ' s mam goal is to graduate from college ond become borh very successful ond happy She is happiest when cheering wirh Qui, goofing with Schmal, and funnin ' with Michoel Her favorite people ore Qui, Schmal, Michael, rhe Vickery ' s, ond Mom, while she mosr admires Chouss Kelley will always remember her good friends, eoring french toast with Qui, the JCK triangle, and cheering " The good times ore rhe besr times " Sreven E, Medeiros 13 Paul Ave Easr Freerown Swimming 1, 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, Lib 4, Track 2, Ploys 2, 3, Tribesmen 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Tennis 4 " Our memories of yesterday will lost o lifetime We ' ll rake the best, forger rhe resr and somedoy we ' ll find these ore rhe best of rimes " Styx Steve ' s ombition in life is ro become o disc jockey in o Florida rock srorion He enjoys lisrening ro Styx, Dilly Joel, Foreigner, Por Denotor, Journey, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem His favorite foods include boked sruffed shrimp, green apples, and butrer crunch ice cream His per peeves ore Disco, Miss Piggy, ond veggies The people Sreve most odmires ore Penny Dolenro and Chevy Chose He ' ll always remember Augusr " 79 " , N.H exchange concert, Chinese firedrills, Acopuico cliff diving, rhe tuba, Sid, and oil the friends he mode in AHS " Soy What ' " " John Michoel Meleedy 267 Bedford Srreer Lokeville John ' s ambitions in life ore ro rrovel ond be rich. Happiness ro him Is being wirh his friends, Pennsylvania, and working Some more of his fovorires ore pizza, weekends, McDonald ' s, and riding around and having a nice car Koryn Lynne Mello 18 Paul Avenue Eosr Freerown Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, Senior Council 4. YeorbooU 4 " Use whor ralenrs you possess, rhe woods would be very silenr if no birds song rhere excepr rhose who song besr " Koryn ' s ombinon in life is ro groduore fronn college ond become o successful Engineer Among Koryn ' s fovorires ore her brorher ' s, friends, peonurburrer, chocolore icecreom, gropes and HorsenecK Deoch She con usuolly be found wirh Por, Jocki, Wendy or Bonnie, while lisrening ro Foreigner, The Dearies, Rolling Srones or Druce Springsrein The rnp ro Woshingron D C and noler popering rhe bus ore a couple of rhe things Koryn will remember mosr She admires her parents, grandporenrs, Aunr Lee G Mrs Hockerr A few of her per peeves ore snobs and rwo faced people Much Luck, Happiness and Success ro rhe cioss of ' 82 ' Pamela Mello 67 So Mom Srreer Assoner Pom ' s ombinon in life is ro become a zoologisr and own o monlsey. Pom will always remember rhe summer of ' 81 Her fovonre people ore her mom ond dad and special friends Her per peeve is being called Pommy Jeonne Pickles " You ' re ugly ond your mother dresses you funny " " Your mother loves yo " Richard Joseph Mendes 5 Olivio Lone East Freetown Golf 1, Doskerboll 2, 4, Doseboll 3, 4 Rich ' s ombinon is ro go through college and become very rich. His fovorires ore rock and roll, his family, being with his friends, John, Vol, and Donna Rich con usuolly be found honging out wirh his friends or home listening ro his srereo He will olwoys remember his clossmores ond wishes rhem all the luck in the world Jeffrey Meninno 85 Vaughn Streer Lokeville Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4, Daskerboll 1, Jeff ' s ambition In life is ro go ro college after high school, and ro major in low, ond someday become rich. Jeff would also like ro continue to ploy baseball os long as possible. Jeff ' s parents, Mr 6 Mrs Houlihon, and Chrisrine ore rhe people who mean rhe mosr ro him Jeff ' s favorite groups ore Springsteen, Seger, and Skynord Jeff also enjoys going out with friends and having o good time Jeff most admires Mr H Jeff ' s mosr memorable moments ore Augusr 5, " 80 ' ond " 81 " , April 28, 1981 Carolyn Monr 07 PriscillQ Rood Lokeville Sofrboll 1, 2, 0,, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Doskerboll 1, 2, 0 Carolyn ' s onnbirion in life is ro be hoppy end successful, and sonnedoy rrovel ro Dermudo Carolyn is hoppy when she is wirh Rick, Jeon, Robin, ond her friends. Her fovonre foods ore sreok. Dig Macs, and french fries Corolyn ' s mosr memorable momenr is June 20, 1980 and November 26, 1980 Corolyn ' s per peeve is rhe girls ' gong Someday Carolyn would like ro ger married and live in New Hompshire She mosr admires her family " Whor ' s rhe marrer? " Franklin C. Monr Jr. 37 Priscillo rood Lokeville Foorboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Trock 1, 2, 3 Tri copr 4, Swim Team 1, 3, Cheering 4 Frank con olwoys be found working wirh wood or ploying sports His ombinons ore ro own lond and roise o form, Frank ' s per peeves ore people who smoke and " Druggies " His fovonres ore Seofood, Irolion food, mounroins, and wood working He mosr odmires Mom 6 Dod, His family, and Dorry His mosr embarrassing momenr was when he hung oround wirh Barry Porncio L. Mooney 77 Locusr Srreer Assoner Par ' s ombirion is ro go on ro Business school and become o secretary Her per peeves ore snobs ond people who rhink rhey ore berrer rhon everyone else Par is mosr likely ro be found wandering rhe holls wirh Jodi or in rhe girls ' room Her fovonres ore pizza, The Cars, The Rinks, parrying wirh friends, Jodi, Foreigner, Von Holen, and Lenny ' Por mosr admires her porenrs and Mrs Staples " Go for It ' " Regino Mone Morency One Broley Rd East Freetown Year Book Staff 3, 4 Gymnastics 1, 2 Regino ' s ambitions ore ro groduare from college and be hoppy Among her fovonres ore her family, Becky, friends, and Mrs Teves Her per peeve is people who think she ' s 12 Jeffrey R Munroe 10 Hoyes Srreer Easr Freerown Jeff ' s ombinon in life is ro own his own business and nor ro hove ro worry about money His per peeves ore people who con ' r roKe o good joKe and rhe " Lome DucK " Some of his fovorire rhings ore chocclore end seafood He mosr enjoys being wirh Michelle ond having o good rime He can usually be found listening ro Ozzy Osbourne, f ush, and Journey He will always remember seeing the P ocl-;y Horror Picrure Show wirh Michelle, Marr, Dave, and Tom, " Urocyl " VicroriQ Ann Murdoch 171 Mom Srreer Lokeville Pep Club 1 Vicky ' s ombinon is ro someday visir Hawaii and live in Colifornia Vicky ' s fovonres include Dilly, her morher, pizza, rocos, summer. The Who, and Led Zeppelin Vicky ' s per peeve is phony people Her mosr memorable momenr is April 18, 1980 Afrer groduonon, her plans include college Richord F. NqcquIq Jr 72 Locusr Srreer Assoner I Swim Team 1. 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4, Senior Council 4, Yearbook STaff 3, 4 " If everyrhing seems ro be going well, you obviously don ' r know whor rhe hell is going on " Rich ' s plans afrer high school include going ro college, ' becoming on occounranr or a lawyer, rroveling ro Europe, Calif , ond evenruoiiy moving ro Ausrrolio His fovonres are Ken, Sreve, Dove. ADDA, Foreigner, R,olling Srones, Par Denoror, pizza, lasagne, and swimming You con usually find " Rich or McDonald ' s, Horseneck, or cruising in his Mus rong He mosr admires Mr Sylvio, Mrs Dobrowsky, and of course, his morher His per peeve is someone who drives or less rhon 20 m p h Rich hopes ro be RICH ond hopes rhor his friends will be prosperous roo " You lirrle swine " Stephen Newcomb 20A Clear Pond Rood Lokeville " Ir IS fine ro work yourself up in life, bur always look before crossing a busy rood " Sreve ' s ombirion in life is rojoin rhe Navy fighr o war and keep this country sofe Sreve ' s fovonres include rhe Sreelers, rhe Canadians, The Phillies, rhe " 76 " ers, winrer, ADDA, guns, ond rhe ocean Sreve mosr admires Dean, Al, Ron, and William Sreve ' s per peeves ore drugs ond orher rhings of rhor norure Joe O ' Drien 2 Orchards Srreer Assoner " There ' s five doors in rhis house, roke one " Foorboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Doskerboli 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, TrocU 1, Doseboll 2, Umpire 3, 4, Wed Darn Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres , Troffic Squad 0, 4, Joe mosr admires his morher and rhe resr of his family. His fovonres ore pizza, Dosron, N Y , clams, spare ribs, Journey ond rhe Doobies Joe con be found wirh his friends, Rick, Daper, John, Drion, Timmy ond others Joe ' s mosr memorable momenr is washing police cars and rhe D P, gome, Joe wonrs ro become exrremely rich and never ger married Joe ' s per peeves ore for people G people who cry or porries. Michael Sean O ' Keefe 11 Friend Srreer Assoner Mike ' s ombinon is ro become a head shrink He likes ro go cruising ond ger bacchanalian wirh his friends or else hong banners oround rown Mike ' s fovonres ore rhe Closh, Bruce Spnngsreen, and rhe Decries Anne Morie Ouimer 4 Kevin Drive, Assoner Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Club 1. 2, Drama Club 1, 2 Anne ' s ombinon in life is ro be happy ond moke her fomily and friends hoppy, marry Norm, and hove 0 family She would also like ro live in o log cabin in New Hampshire Among Anne ' s fovonres ore Norm, her fomily, Chrisrmos, snow, log cobins, winrer, Chinese food, seafood, cooking, plonrs, ond old houses Anne is mosr likely ro be found wirh Norm Her mosr memorable momenrs were June 29, 1980 ond November 11, 1980 Anne mosr odmires her mom and dod, and Norm, Anne ' s per peeves ore snobs and rhe girl ' s room gong Shannon Perrey Lokeville The doss of ' 82 sincerely wishes Shannon good luck, prosperity, and hoppiness in rhe furure Kris Ellen Piosecki Old Mom Srreer Lokeville Pep Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice Pres 4), French Club 2, Cheerleoding (olrernare) 3, Sofrboll 1, Nanonol Honor Sociery 3, 4, Yeorbook Commirree 4 K P ' s ombinon in life is ro furrher her educorion in business, ger Hnorned, end raise o heolrhy family She mosr admires end respecrs her mom and dad Her favorires are rhe " Dukes " , skiing. Journey. Tom Perrey, Foreigner, Lasagne, Mrs Soores, Chrisrmas and spending money Her per peeve is people who think rhor rhey are berrer rhon orhers She is mosr likely ro be found wirh rhe " Dukes " " Yeah, nghr! " Rachel L Pilorre 150 South Mom Street Assonet Softball 2, Pep Club 2 " After all is said and done — along comes somebody who wonts to know what happened " Rachel ' s ambition is to be rich by rhe age of 24 and ro rrovel rhe world Happiness is going out With the gong, ond among her favorites ore her porenrs, itolion food, seofood, Dob Seger, boskerboli, ond Fall, Her pet peeves are snobs ond Chemistry f ochel con usually be found with Lori, Pat, and rhe gong Lena Marie Pino 40 Droley P,oad East Freetown Apponochefs 3 Lena ' s ambition in life is to travel, own a Trans Am, and become o secretory Her favorires include pizzQ, fish G chips, summer, usmfmPI, and The Commodores Lena mosr admires her family and friends Happiness to her is watching her nieces ond nephew (Joson, Shan, ond Jonel) Lena is mosr likely ro be found wirh her friends in srudy holL Korhy Marie Pirrsley Kingman Srreer Lokeville Karhy ' s ombinon in life is ro finish high school and go find o good job ro help her porenrs our Happiness ro her is reading horse srories ond roking core of her animols While her per peeves ore coming ro school and roking resrs, her fovonres ore ponies, puppies, roosr beef, ham, subs, Cracker Jacks, soda, ond Counrry ond Wesrern music Her fovorire people ore her porenrs, Mrs Whire, ond Mrs Hurchinson. Lawrence H Kingmon Srreer Lokeville Pirrsley Jr. Lorry ' s ombinon in life is ro finish high school and ger o job os a woodworker Happiness ro him is being wirh his family ond being on rhe fire deparrmenr, while his per peeve is people who rhink rhey ' re berrer rhcn onyone else. His favorires ore horses, cows, dogs, ond robbirs His fovorire people are Mom, Dod, his sisrer Wanda, his Godporenrs, and Mr Hennings He con mosr likely be found going ro fires wirh his Dad Roberr Dradford Pirrsley Kingman Srreer Lokeville Dobby ' s ombirion in life is ro rrovel rhe world ond meer facinonng people His per peeve is an orrogonr and bumprious person, Dobby mosr admires Mr. Hennings ond con be found in rhe woodshop during school His fovorire foods include Dig Macs and pizzo Dob ' s mosr rewording ocnvines ore boseboll ond deerhunring. " If you don ' r undersrond my silence you won ' r under srond my words Wondo L Pirrsley Kingmon Srreer Lokeville Wanda ' s ombirion in life is ro finish high school ond ger a job as o secrerory Hoppiness ro her is reading srories obour Lizzie Dorden, riding her horse, being wirh Dnon, ond being wirh people who care Her per peeve is people who rhink rhey ' re berrer rhon orhers, while her fovorires ore horses, dogs, robbirs, and owls Wanda ' s fovorire people ore Mom, Dad, her brorher Lorry, her boyfriend Dnon, Mr Jogenson, her Godporenrs, and Mrs Teves She con mosr likely be found wirh Drion Michele M Ponsorr Second Avenue LoUeville " Our Town " 1, Drama Club 1, 2, Srudenr Council 1, Yearbook 4 " The one rhing on rhis changing earrh rhor can neither change nor end is rhe love of a friend for o friend " Miche hopes rhar she will remain in conrocr wirh oil her friends or Apponequer, she will miss rhem ofrer graduorion Some of her fovonres include Mice, " Cyrus Zone " , Deon, Suzie, Lone, Joan, chicken, mushrooms, ond 4rh period srudy You can most likely find her or work or our wirh friends. Skip Day 1981 was her mosr emborrassing momenr — " I con drive, Guys ' " Her furure plans oren ' r roo definite yet, bur she would like ro ger o license in mixology ond try a few other fields os well Michele most admires Mom A ond Mrs Teves, ond wishes the class of ' 82 everything it deserves " Hey Kenny — rweek, tweek " Bruce Raymond Pullono 14 Coombs St Lokeville Doseball 1, Track 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociery 0, 4, Ski Club 1 " It IS better to be small and shine, than to be great and cost a shadow " Among Druce ' s ombinons are earning his Ph D , ond traveling to Europe to ski the Alps " Cubby " most enjoys running, skiing, and partying while listening ro The Who, James Taylor, Neil Young, ond Rush He is most likely to be found in the gym, ot the White Banks, or in New York eating Losogno and drinking Mooseheod Druce likes jusr obout anyone, but his favorites are Heidi, Greg, ond Mork He mosr admires Ion Anderson Druce ' s favorite moments are Aug 26, 1981, June ' 82, ond 1 30 Bnon Paul RopozQ County Rood Lokeville Dosketboll 1, Red Dorn Club 1, 2, 3, 4 " Life IS too short to be doing nothing " After groduoting from Apponequer, Drion plans to trav el the world He enjoys listening to rhe Beatles, Crosby. Srills, Nosh ond Young, rhe Kinks, ond rhe Stones Bnon olso enjoys eating pizza, going out wirh his friends, and Holloween His favorites include his fomily, Mr Sylvia, J M , B B , RA,JO,TD,PH,TT,JD, ond oil of his other friends Orion will never forget parties or the lean- to ond the joy ride with Tim T Corhy Ann Reed 16 Dr Broley rood East Freetown Field hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Dasketboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Softboll 1, 2, 3, 4 " Determination is the root of success " Cothy ' s ombition is to go to college and be successful Cothy most admires her porents ond Mr Looney Some of Cathy ' s favorites ore LPDSNSJ, The r volling Stones, Kinks, Beatles, Celtics, Coffee shokes, Chinese food, softboll, and summer Carhy ' s per peeves ore CG ' S ond passing out the books in College Grammar Review Soy Sorry Gorry Lori Jean Pveed 90 Sourh Mom Srreer Assoner Sofrboll 1, 2 " If I were ro begin life ogoin, I should wonr ir as ir was, I would only open my eyes o lirrle more " Lon ' s ombirion is ro marry John and get rich Her fovorires ore John, her porenrs, Morr, Neil Young, and Iralian subs Her per peeves ore snobs and Biology Lori con usually be found wirh Rachel end rhe gong. Michelle Rego 54 Winfield Eosr Freetown Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Yearbook 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 Senior Council 4 Michelle ' s ombinon in life is ro be successful in everything she does Some of her fovorires ore french fries, pizza, and Jeff Her per peeves ore people rhor smoke in rhe girl ' s room ond show offs She ' ll always remember April 22 Carolyn Ann Reilly 141 Howlond Rood Assoner Pep Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Council 4 " Gentleness is a divine trait: nothing is so strong as gentleness, ond norhing is so genrle as reol srrength " Corolyn ' s ambition is to be happy ond successful Her future plons include going to college, obtaining a degree in Business Adrriinistrorion and doing a great deol of traveling Some of her favorites indude summer, the beach, clothes, skiing. Foreigner, Tom Petty, and movies. She most admires her parents Her pet peeves ore S A T ' s ond studying for rests. Carolyn will olwoys remember her friends at Apponequer and the summer of ' 81 Michael Reynolds 8CH Clark Drive Assoner " Guitonsrs know all rhe positions " Mickey ' s ambitions ore to become rich and famous and ro get married someday Among his friends ore Robin ond John His favorites include playing the guitor, pizza, tequila sunrise, music, and Cadillacs, while his pet peeves ore gerting up for school, cutting wood, and working or the mall He most admires rich and famous people and is most likely to be found on stage ploying guitar He will never forget rollerskating porties, Jon, 19, 1981. food fights at Popo Gino ' s, and rhe time Mike put his arm through the gloss door Sandra Jean Rezendes 3 Sammy ' s Lone Assoner Sofrboll 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 3, Pep Club 4, Doskerboll 2, 3, Srudenr council 1, Red Dorn Club 4, Yeorbool-; 4 " The only way ro leorn is through your own experiences, " Sandy ' s ambirions ore ro go ro college, be successful, and ro merry rhor someone special. Her fovonres ore P,H, fried cloms, hor fudge sundoes sunrise, rhe foil, JJNPLHCO, Horry Chopin, E. W F, and Donros Sondy mosr admires her grand parents ond her parents Her per peeve is people who don ' r mind rheir own business She will olwoys remember June 9, 1979, Augusr 23, 1980, ond July 15, 1981 " I ' m sorry " Lindo M. Richards 957 Axoleo Srreer Lakeville Pep Club 2, 3, French 1, 2 Spanish Club 3, Honor Society 4 Linda ' s ambition in life is to be hoppy ond hove on interesting career Her favorites include Don, Lisa, Colleen, Juliene, spoghetti, Dob Seger, oats, bosketboll gomes, skiing, and being with John. Linda mosr admires her mom ond rhe Gollonrs Her pet peeves ore work, phonies. Chemistry and bills. Lindo will olwoys remember April 5, 1979 Dorryl niver 11 Dr Draley Rood East Freerown Dorryl ' s ambition in life is to become a successful drummer His fovonres ore lobster, Lowenbrou, Led Zeppelin, Rush, DIock Sobboth, Robin Trower, and jomming with Johnny T Dorryl ' s per peeves ore snobby girls. Chrisrine M. Robbins 22 Dridge Street Lokeville Deco 3 " Remember yesterdoy, dreom obout tomorrow, but live rodoy " Chris ' s ombirion in life is ro be hoppy ond free ro do os she ' d like. Also she ' d like ro do some travelling to see what ' s going on around rhe world Led Zeppelin, " T " , The Who, Dearies, parrying, ond being with friends are some of her fovorires Her number 1 per peeve is Mr Powers " Lisren ro no one — be your own guide. " Jocqueline Ann Roberts 475 Dedford Srreer Lokeville Field hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Sofrboll 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4. (Secrerory 4), Dond 2, 3, Choir 3, YeorbooK 3, 4, Dromo Club 4 " Those crozy nighrs, I do remember in my yourh, I do recoil, rhose were rhe best rimes mosr of oil " Jocki ' s ombinor-i is ro mojor in nursing She enjoys going our wirh her friends bur is opr ro be found causing rrouble wirh Karen Her favorites include The Kinks, Journey, Irolion foods, Cheryl, Karyn, Pina Colodos, ond pornes, (rhey go rogerher, righr K n ?) Jock ' s per peeves ore rhe C K M gong and cynicol Sue The besr memories include 10 17 81, rhe Woshingron rrip, and summers wirh rhe MP gong Hey SHI Jocki mosr admires her mother, " Yo, nghr, tell me about ir " Peter Rockwood Lokeville The doss of ' 82 wishes Peter good luck, prospenry, ond happiness in rhe furure. Michael Roderick Pierce Avenue Lokeville Mike ' s gool in life is ro someday travel oround rhe world and have his own house. You would mosr likely find Mike working on his firebird. Some of his fovorites include: pizza, hord rock music, parrying, 1 30 and WCOZ. Mike ' s mosr memorable momenr is when Mike, George, and Chris decided ro skip school, bur rhe cor didn ' ri Koren Rousseau Wing Avenue Assoner Office Aide 3, 4, French Club 3; Yeorbook 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (rreosurer 4), " Loughrer is rhe sun that drives winter from the humon face " Karen ' s ombinon is to go ro college and major in rhe heolrh field. Her fovonres ore Jeff, her friends, her fomily. Dob Seger, Joe Walsh, The Kinks, Irolion food, honeydew, chicken fingers, pizza, Riunire pomes (rhey go Together righr J.R?), weekends, ond 11 10 80 Karen con mosr likely be found with Jeff or with Jackie causing trouble She most admires dod and con ' t srond C.K.M., J.D., morh, and rhem freaky greenhorns " Quebie, " Chrisropher James Sonrongelo 16 Rounsevell Drive Eosr Freerown Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Counrry 3, 4, Swim ream 3, 4, Class Secrerory 3, 4, Srudenr Council 3 (Secrerory 4), Dramo Club 3 (Secrerory 4), SEMSDA 3, 4, Disrricr 4, FOCAS Club 3 (Treasurer 4), Yeorbook Ediror 3 (Ediror in-chief 4), Honor Sociery 3 (Presidenr 4); Tribesman 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Finol Exam Commirree 3, 4, Discipline Commirree 4, Senior Council Secrerory 4 Jello con usually be found or school carrying o ron of books, orrending meerings, or running around comploining obour somerhing Running inro rhe sroge door during ploy rehearsal, rhe fun rimes wirh his fellow runners, Joisey, Jucker, Sid, and Dryon ore SH ' s mosr vivid memories He ' ll never forger how readily rhe Apponequer Class of ' 82 occepred him and is groreful ro ir for changing his life He wishes all rhe besr in rhe furure ro rhe fobulous Class of ' 82 " Mego " " Hey Jucker I " Alberr J Sonros 6 Glad Srreer Assoner Al ' s ombinon in life is ro go inro business wirh forhe r ond evenruolly move our of Assoner inro o more excinng rown Al mosr enjoys parrying wirh his friends (or wirh anyone else whojusr likes ro parry) Al ' s per peeves ore PPvEPPIES, General Hospirol freoks, and rhe " duck " Al ' s fovorires ore AC DC, Van Hoien, Molson, AAooseheod, Cheech £ Chong, ond girls Afrer groduorion, he hopes ro move our of his house and ger on oporrmenr wirh some " friends " " Good Moonin ' ! " Srephen Charles Sanros 7 Dryonr Srreer Assoner Foorball 1, 2, 3, 4 Sreve ' s ombinon in life is ro become one of rhe besr weighrlifrers in rhe world Happiness ro him is having big muscles, lifnng werghrs, ond winning conresrs Sreve ' s per peeve is for people Fovorires indude chicken, runo fish, and high prorein foods. He plons ro go inro rhe oirforce ond become a pilor. Korhleen Scanlon 9 Pounee Ave Eosr Freerown " You only li ve once, bur if you do ir righr once is enough. " Korhy ' s ombinon in life is ro be happy, ro hove her own house wirh lors of plonrs, and ro hove her parenrs be proud Her per peeves ore Being lied ro, being ripped off, ond hoving curfues Korhy ' s fovorires ore: Lobsrer, Dob Seger, Dad Compony, Heidi, being wirh Tony and summer rime. She will always remember rhe summer of " 79 " ond Scorr. Cheryl Ann Silvo 1 Morey Avenue Eosr Freerown French Club 3, 4, Sofrbal! 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociery 3, 4 " My life IS for irself end nor for o specrocle Whor I nnusr do is oil rhor concerns me, nor whor rhe people rhink " Cheryl ' s ombirion is ro live o happy, heolrhful life She con mosr likely be found Carolyn, Chico, Cripple, or Guirs Some of her fovonres are Iralion food, morinored chicken wings, sofrboll, movies, James Taylor, and Dob Seger Cheryl will miss her friends or Apponequer and wishes rhe besr of luck ro rhe doss of " 82 " Donno Sylvia 28 Winfield Srreer Eosr Freerown Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3 Donno ' s ombirion is ro moke rhe mosr of her obilines and ro become rich She enjoys spending rime wirh Kevin, Deb, and Sreve she loves sweers and doing norhing She is always sure ro see " eye ro eye " wirh Debbie Her mosr embarrassing momenr was when she was running for rhe bus ond her shirr come undone Edword Charles Smirh 114 Mom Srreer Lokeville " Only rhe good die young " Ed ' s favorires include bunros, Seger, rhe boss, raking a chance Oregon, Huskee, ond going ro perries wirh his friends. Ed mosr admires Dennis, Moggie, Sreve, Johnny Mosr, and his porenrs His per peeves ore losers, rough guys, ond rough necks Afrer groduorion, Ed hopes ro keep in rouch wirh oil of his friends Lori Sowrer 84 High Srreer Assoner Chorus 2, 3 Lon ' s ombirion in life is ro be happy Her favorires are minr-chocolore chip ice cream, losogno, Heinekens, weekends, Augusr 8, 1980, and Bruce Springsreen. Her per peeve is snobby people Lori is hoppiesr when she is wirh Kevin She mosr admires her morher Lori would like ro rrovel rravel ro Bermuda ond rour Europe She will remember oil rhe good rimes rhor she hos hod or Apponequer wirh her friends and she will miss rhem oil Nancy A, SrYves 97 High Srreer Assoner Sofrboll 1, 2, Doskerboll 2 Nancy ' s ombirion is ro be rich and successful. Some of her fovorires are Kenrucky Fried Chicken, The Srones, The Kinks, Chinese food, LJPDC5D and Neol Noncy con mosr likely be found wirh Neol, her friends, or buying shoes She mosr admires her porenrs and her per peeve is rhe girls room gang Nancy ' s mosr memoroble moments were October of 80 and December 29, 1980. " Sorry Garry " Roberr Scorr Sroples Dliss Rood Lckeville Dob ' s ombirion is ro be heolrhy, weolrhy, and wise, ro meer new people and find o good job He likes pizza, sreak, lobsrer, junk food, no school, Maine, good music, riding his motorcycle, water skiing, four wheeling, and IPSC shooting. His most memorable moments ore attending Gunsire, winning his first pistol match, parricipoting in the U S. IPSC Nationals, and graduation from basic troining His pet peeves ore having to work and people who lie He most odmires his parents ond his friends. Chrisrine Ann Srone 438D Cortage Lone Drama Club 1, 2, Yearbook Stoff 4. Lokeville Spanish Club 3, Pep Club 2, Notional Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Council 4, Photography Club 1; Student Council 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1; " A smile IS a curve that stroighrens things out. " Jones ' mom ambition in life is to become o child psychologist. She loves rroveling, meering new people, and being with her friends. Some of Jones ' favorites include Jockie C , her family and friends, children, clothes, pigs, and purple, (right Mrs. Rose !!). " Hey Down remember all rhe fun rimes in Dio and Chemii ' Chorlene Swifr 8 Flog Swamp Rood East Freetown Choir 1, 2,, Pep Club 2, Apponochef ' s 3 " Life IS a waste of time, rime is a wosre of life, so let ' s get wasted and hove the time of our lives. " Chorlene ' s ombirion in life is to be happily married ro Glenn. Happiness to her is porrying with Glenn, Wen Wen, Drucie, Lennie, and Sue Some of Cho ' s favorites include Glenn, pizza. Dud ' s rum and coke, the Doors, Kinks, Zeppelin, rhe girls room, and August 24, 1981, Chorl ' s per peeves are Chris Corter, Karen La Fleur, jocks, and preppies " Kinda basic " Michael Shown Sylvia Deechwood Avenue Lakeville Foorboll (Tri-CoprQin 4) 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleoding 3, 4 " Don ' r fear rhe reaper " Mike ' s ombinon in life is to be o srore trooper and elimonore whimps, preppies, and queers He likes messing around wirh Roland and Fronk, ploying foorboll, J D and munching our He enjoys lisrening ro Dad Company, Molly Horcher, end Pink Floyd Mike most odmires Animal on rhe Mupper Show and Donald Duck His per peeve ore C reases, Ironions, and disco He will always remember Durch, " 80 " foorboll banquet, 69, his foorboll cooches, cheerleoding " 80 " , rhe D P Doskerboll away gome and THE MAD TURK Jennifer Lee Terry : 9 Pleasant St Assonet Jennifer ' s ombinon in life is ro become an occounronr Some of her fovorires ore June 20rh, Mary, Mrs Teves, rroveling, Dermudo, ond oil of her parents Someday she hopes ro travel around rhe world Her pet peeves ore Mrs Worson, Mr McCorrhy, ond Mrs Hockerr Jennifer ' s mosr memorable moment will be graduarion ' 82 Christine Louise Terreouir 10 Lucie Avenue East Freerown " Let there be such oneness berween you rhar when one cries, rhe orher will taste solt " Christine ' s ombition in life is, to live in o log cabin with her love, ond live happily ever ofrer. Having a good rime, porrying wirh good friends ond sleeping lore will always moke her happy Chris ' fovorires ore Troy and Doe, rhe color purple, Zeppelin, Heorr, Persion cors, green eyes and orange moons Her per peeves ore Pvonold Pveogon ond McDonald ' s food Afrer graduation she plans ro become a legal secretory She will olwoys admire her morher Suson J, Thomas 95 Mom Street Lokeville " One of the reol joys of our lives is having friends ond keeping in rouch " Sue ' s ombinon in life is ro be hoppy and work wirh disabled children Her ombinon in life is to live with Arne in rhe mounroms Among her favorites ore Kohluo, lobsters, Rolling Stones, Dob Segor, T V New Hampshire, drowing and sleep She mosr admires her morher Sue ' s per peeves ore Mr Powers and people who rhink that rhey know berrer rhon orhers " lorer " George Thompson 35 E Howlond Rood Eosr Freerown We may some day find George in rhe Air Force, rrovellng Through Colifornio camping, swimming and listening ro hard rock Alrhough George favors New Hom pshire, Cope Cod, pizza, beer, seofood and 1 30 He hares 7 30, jocks, and snobs George could also do wirhour Mrs Dorrh always relling him ro srop rolking His mosr memorable momenr was when he and his friends decided ro skip school bur rhe cor didn ' r! David James Tool 14 Dean Srreer, Assoner " Belief IS your only limiranon, " Honor Sociery 3, 4, Swim Teom 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Commirree 4, Compurer Club 3, 4 Dovid ' s ambirion in life is ro find on enjoyable career in compurer science, preferably in California or rhe Caribbean Happiness ro him meons freedom and being wirh his friends. His favorires ore S.F., Roger, Ken, Rich, Sreve, Harrison Ford, summer, rhe ocean, and rhe full moon David mosr admires his parenrs and Mr. Courremonche His per peeves ore Murphy, poronoio, and occepring second besr David will never forger February 13, 1981, and ofrer groduorion he hopes ro keep in rouch wirh all his old friends and moke many new ones. " Wicked excellenrl " Timorhy Torres 6 Forge Rood Assoner " Live free or die " Tim ' s ombirions in life ore ro be successful in whatever he does and ro someday live up in rhe mounrains. Timmy ' s favorires include Mom ' s losogno, Monico, CSN 6 Y, CCC ' s and milk, prime rib, Grampo G , triples wirh cheese, ond being our wirh rhe guys Tim will olways remember December 19rh, Mr Sylvia, rhe summer of ' 81 ' , Moro X, and rhe nighr Billy rook a wrong rurn inro rhe cranberry bog He ' s mosr likely ro be found or Mike ' s wirh Monica or wirh Dunham and DiCorlo Among Tim ' s per peeves ore running our of gas, fake people, being broke, o person who mokes ugly faces, ond roiny days Brian Van Nosrrand Gromp Deane Road Assoner Drion ' s ambirion in life is ro inherit a million dollars. He ' s mosr likely ro be found with Kelly and friends He likes lisrening ro Jackson Browne, Fleerwood Mac, Groreful Dead, Fee Castles, and Moody Blues He also likes rhem and iri His per peeves ore Fiors, principals, drags and M B C The one thing Brian will miss when he graduates ore the people he has met over rhe yeors John Voyo 45 Choce Rood Eosr Freerown Apponochefs 3, Daseboll 1 John ' s ombirion in life is ro someday live in Colorado in o chaler, and own a Ferrori His per peeves ore school food, preppies, jocks, Mossochuserrs, and rhe admisisrrarion. His favorites ore Srones, Skynyrd, Doors, Hendrix, lobsrers, Heineken, Doccordi, and seafood. John Vickery P,FD 5 Counry Rd Lokeville Football 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4 Vick ' s ambition in life is to get a good Job and be happy ot it He wonts to meet people and to moke money Vick ' s favorites include Italian food, lobster. Von Helen, Newport, Taunton, Led Zepplin, partying with friends, playing football and beouriful girls His pet peeves are people who brown nose for something they want and pets Vick ' s favorite people are Mike and Joe, his family. Donna, Dob, Dutch, Kelley, Tim, Diane D , Sue 5 , Rich and others Vick wishes the best of luck to rhe Seniors of ' 82. Michele Marie Whire 459D Lakeside Avenue Lol eville Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, Yeorbook 4 " Friendship is a sheltering tree " Mish IS most likely to be found in her orange bug going ro Deb ' s or our wirh CKHDMT Some of her favorites include J T , E F , D C, emeralds, Lynne, her family, coke, and tights Her per peeves ore the Dig " D " , late people ond Suits She con always rely on Scott, Deb, and Mrs. C ro moke her smile. She ' ll never forget, T-Ping M P ' s house, going to M V with Mom, Mike, going ro the Cope to lay in the fog, Heidi ' s pomes, clipping M V during the P C trip and decoroting the Christmas tree Deborah Ann Williams 8 Choce Rood East Freerown Mojorerre (Cp coptoin 3, Feoture twirler 4 ) 1, 2, 3, 4 " If they were right, I ' d agree, bur ir ' s they, they know not me " Debbie ' s ambition in life is to further her education, succeed, and to be hoppy She most admires her Mom Happiness to her is being with her friends, twirling, and having o good time. Some of her favorites are Drenda, Mrs D , Holly, pizza, lobsters, McDonald ' s french fries, horses, Reo Speedwo- gon. The Stones, and Majorettes. Her most emborrossing moment was gerring her boron sruck in the streomers at the Christmas concerr. Her pet peeves are people who over exaggerate and being colled " Deborah " She would like to thank the Deordens for making her senior year possible " Thanks " Debbie will always remember 4 18 81, getting the spirit award for mojorertes, and " Crispy Critter " Mark Wilson 4 Green Lone Assoner " Moy you hove oil rhe happiness your life con srond and only enough sorrow ro know rhe difference " Mark ' s ambirion in life is ro become o commercial arrisr Happiness ro him is rime spenr wirh Melisso, loughing or preps ond jocks, and eating! His per peeves ore freshmon, jocks and preps His fovorires ore losogno, escorgor, Sryx, Dod Company, Don Felder (Heavy Meroi), Foreigner, Journey, Molsen, ond " Sid rhe Ror " . Mark con be found lisrening ro runes, parrying, or wirh Melissa He hopes his friends don ' r lose rhor " parrying fever " or corch rhe " porried-our bug " " MEGAi " Down Morie Wood 4 Wordell Srreer Eosr Freerown French Club 1, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Focux 2, 4, Yearbook 2, 3, 4, " Frienship is o special kind of love " Dawn ' s ambirion in life is ro become a physical rheropisr and rrovel as much os possible A few of her fovorires ore Journey, Chris Cross, pizza, boskerboil, ond hoving o good rime wirh her friends. She mosr odmires Mr Greeson and Mrs Reis Her per peeves ore people who ore always lore Thomas J. Wood 18 Elm Srreer Assoner Foorboll 1, 2 Tom ' s ambirion in life is ro be on airplane pilor His fovorires ore Jerhro Tull, The Deorles, canoeing, ond flying Tom olso likes ro go ro Moine and Dosron Dryon Alon Young 181 Mom Sr Lokeville Dond 1, 2, 3,. 4 (rreos 3, 4), Sroge bond 1, 2. 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4 (rreos 4), FOCAS 2, 3, 4 (sec 3, pres 4), Honor Sociery 3, 4, Yearbook 4, SEMSDA 2, 3, 4. Disrncr 3, 4, New England 4, All-Srore 4, Ploys 1, 3. 4 " Music gives soul ro rhe universe, wings ro rhe mind, and on enjoymenr ro one ' s self Bryan ' s ombinon in life is ro be o professional performer He is mosr likely ro be found in rhe music room or wondering rhe halls wirh Mononne Among some of Bryan ' s fovorires ore: Mononne, music, his porenrs, dormer, oiro sax, Chris, Corly Simon, Mozarr, Mr Noll, Porsy, Penny, Miss Sreworr, and spending rime wirh good friends Bryon ' s pep peeves ore Gernng angry, gerring our of conrrol, and HoJo ' s He will always remember rhe good rimes or Apponequer Dryon would somedoy like ro rrovel and live in Europe " We don ' r remember days, we remember momenrs " 89 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLA SSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN . UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN CL UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLAS SMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDEPvCLASSMEN JNDEPvCLASSMEN JNDERCLA55MEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDEPvCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN . ' UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN JNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN REMEMDERv WHEN . When Danielle walked in on Mr. Piasecki while he was in rhe shower? . Diono opened up her Christmas present? . Everyone bur Heidi sow Par Deneror? . Dob Gorriich grabbed Michelle Carrier ' s book bog and dragged her across Mr. Furrodo ' s room? . Pam pur o worm in Mrs. Ingoll ' s record book? . Uncle Weasel was born? . Cecelia fell in rhe roller . We made chocolate eggs in Apponechefs? . We hooked oil our bras together and stopped troffic on North Main Street? . When Jeff A. song " Slock People " to Mrs. Slock on the lost day of her class? . We hod Gangster Day? . Tim put a banana on Mr. Thornton ' s choir and blamed Fronsje? . Karen and Jocki went through K-Mort dressed up as turkeys after the Pep Rally? . The choir locked Sid out of the room? . The cheering squad went to camp and won the Grand Championship- . Jane ' s blind pimple? . Donnie tipped over the microphones during the concert and everybody started loughing? . Wendy G, fell over the cliff in Canada and it took the ski patrol half on hour to get her off it? . Going neor the shower at the Middle School science lob was " automatic death " ? . Fronsje ' s New Year ' s Eve porty . the " birds " in Adv. Chemistry all signed o Christmas card for Mr. Mitchell? LAKERS PEP CL HALLOWEEN DANCE THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER upper left: Whor could she be saying ro him now? upper right: When Sheridan Whireside rolks Lower left: ond when Horner Sronley speaks, people foil asleep middle left: Shove ir, Donjo? Middle right: Whireside rhinking of onorhersorcosnc commenr lower right: The orher sides of Mr, Rose and Mr, Robidoux 115 117 V A grouo of enmu5C5nc young Iccitee : : " " e eocr year r " : - - or " Te ine ot - : r e Doro Junior The winners -eceve college sooiarsnics and tne ' oo winne je " " e 7 - - - - -e M c . T - - - Code Coc The year Aoooneoue ' " gins AQikec cwcy wir- ' -ne " nree ' oc nor- ors CnrsTine Le rescue ' ecevec nonor of AA(55 Greore " MiCdieooro wir second oioce gang ro F on Leonorc ' - ' Z oiQce ' o Voje e I ' . . Cnr ' 5 ' ■ece ' vec " ne - r ArxDearonce or " ne srore comoennor. Congrorjiarions dl Tie gms for jocs I i SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS o FOOTBALL 1981 wQs o disoppoinr- ing and yer rewording year Disoppoinnng in rhor we failed ro win some gomes rhor were wirhin our reach ond rewarding in rhor rhe players refused ro quir and come on strong wirh rheir besr efforrs lore in rhe yeor ro solvoge rhe season. The coaches were pleased wirh rhe fine character displayed by coproins Gleoson, Syl- vio, ond Dellorocco ond rheir reommores and commend rhem for rheir perseverance. 1961 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM BOTTOM: J Hixon, D Gorrlich, J Vicl ery, D Fields, T Cornell, T. Dellorocco, D Fronzoglio, J O ' Dnen, M Sylvia, S Sonros, SECOND: D Fronzoglio, S Copelond, C Cunninghonn, F Monr, D Sheredy, D Bullock, D Silvio, D LoUey, D Gleoson THIRD: T Arbec. T Andrews, M Moquin, J Roberge, D. Horron, D Ferreiro, S Durr, M. Gibney TOP: D Roy, E Person 1 120 Go Lokersn LAKERS — 37 Wesrie — 15 Block rhor punr! 121 1981 Laker Cross Country Team Top: Chris Sonrongelo, Dove Pvousseou, Morr Lecuyer, Gory DlCorlo, Chris Smirh, Dill Wong, Mike Cody (copr ), Brian Gronr (copr ), Sreve Tolley Bottom: Chris Taylor, Scorr Looney, Mork Mognerr, Kevin Dono- van, Morr Riro, Ken Droodbenr This season of rhe 1981 Cross Country ream has broughr rhe Lakers ro rhe rop of rhe Moyflov er Leqgue once again This year v os ro be o rebuilding yeor for a ream rhor losr o few fine runners losr seoson The next seoson will keep rhe Lakers or rhe forefronr of rhe Moyflower League becouse we ore only losing rwo Seniors rhis yeor ond hope ro hove our presenr runners grow and improve os nexr season ap- proaches . • t V AB OVE: Mike, Chris, and Gory leading rhe pock. RIGHT: Cheryl Vesey, rhe Lokers ' only female runner. COUNTRY LEFT: Chris running ro o meer o yearbook deodline or onorher meering FIELD HOCKEY 124 . 1981 LAKER FIELD HOCKEY TEAM TOP: Joline Dreauir, Derhony Dorrlerr, Lauren Angus, Morlene Yergeou, Jocelyn Violenre, Becky Simos, Rhonda Chrisrolini, Colleen Kenney, Coach Gollanre MIDDLE: Sracy Pinro, Chris Ames, Lourie Piosecki, Judy Silvio, Joner Silvo, Leoro Tucker Decky Andrews BOTTOM: Corhy Reed, Monica Begin, Danielle Breauir, Jacki Roberts, Siobhon Donegon SWIMMING 1981 Laker Swim Team Top: D Freidoy, I Tool, D Kinsley, D Gorrlich, D. Tool, K Nocoulo, S Medeiros, J. Beneski. Doffom; D Engsrrom, J Dreoulr, T Rose, S Olsrhoorn, D. Dreoulr, C Sonrongelo, Not pictured: J. Beneski, P . Nocoulo, S. Vesey, Cooch Lyn TooL This year was rhe firsr year rhor rhe Apponequer swim reom hod o regular dual meer schedule which upgroded rhe level of compenrion conslderobly We no longer swim ogoinsr ream who ore considered " eosy " In our firsr season in rhe Sourheosrern Conference League, we faced rge disodvonroge of o lock of numbers. Deocuse Appone- quer is a very small school, more Freshmen and Sophomores ore needed if we ore ever ro pose o serious rhreor ro reams such as New Bedford, and Durfee, This yeor ' s ream hod several gifred swimmers who even in " rhe big rime " won races ond surprised rhe opposinon Senior David Tool, Juniors Roy Nocoulo and Brion Engsrrom and Freshman Ion Tool were oil srrong compererors ro be recl ;oned wirh Unforrunorely, we locked rhe deprh ro bock up our leod swimmers The diving rrio of Bob Gorrlich, Joe Beneski, ond Sreve Medeiros surprised everyone (including rhemselves) as rheir hord work or proc- rice payed off, Porriciporion in secrionol and srore comperirion is our goal for os many of rhe reams os possible; rhough ir is exrremely difficuir for rhe girls of rhe ream ro ochieve rime srondords which mony boys Connor. Alrhough rhis seoson seemed ro hove been plogued wirh illness — from chicken pox ro broken shoulders, we were oil very pleosed wirh our final record of 4 wins ond 4 losses (which included wins over arch rival Middleboro in dual meer ond secrionol comperi- rions). Hopefully, everyone will sroy healrhy, work hard, ond respond ro rhe chollenge os we srrive ro experience rhe " rhrill of vicrory, " nor rhe " agony of defeor. " 125 126 BASKETBALL WINNING WAYS TENNIS i I BASEBALL 1961 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM 1981 JV BASEBALL TEAM TOP: Al Meninno, Mike Gurney, Al Rorh, Sreve Seoblom, Roland Manny BACK: Cooch Courrennanche, Kevin Dancrofr, Rich Mendes, Jeff Men- MIDDLE: Poul Geisler, Don Dullock, Ken Engsrrom, Orion Gleoson BOT- Inno, Todd Andrews, Dob Poulln, Dove Perrone, Mark Seynnour FRONT: TOM: Dob Silvio, Tony Docon, Dob Gleoson, Mark Bullock. Kevin Cobrol, Kevin Mello, Mike Krouzek, Mike Gibney, Tony shows Dob, Mark ond Paul how ro field a ground boll RIGHT: Brian Gleoson In GcrlonI 130 1961 SOFTBALL TEAM Top: Anne Donegon, Colleen Kenny, Slobhon Donegon, Ponn Lobonre, Sandy Rezendes, Becky Simos. Middle: Debbie Mornn, Rhondo Chrisrolini, Par Gollogher, Lynn Drown, Robin Alexonder, Corhy Reed, Coach Perer Looney, Bottom: Laurie Piasecki, Donielle Dreauir, Leoh Simas, Marilyn Vesey, Jenny Sparrow, Carolyn Monr, Joon Hampsron TRACK " SUSS " I Coaches ' Philosophy I Cooch Coulombe: To win is secondary, rhe goal is consronr improvemenr, ochievemenr and consequently winning will follow. f Coach Pineoulr: In order ro srrive in rhe world of hare knocks, one musr learn ro work hard and sacrifice very early in life This comes rhrough sporrs and will help lorer on in life. 1980 Apponequet Track Teom Bottom Row: D Gronr, S Weldon, J Leonard, P NVesrgore, J Dios, R Lopoinre, E Srofford Coaches: D Thibeoulr, M Pineoulr, M. Coulombe Second Row: C Taylor, J Deneski, F Monr, T Dellarocco, J Demoronville, R Secarore, M Sonrongelo, M. Cody Third Row: C Snnirh, P Chose, D Oulerre, D Sheredy, D Koonrz, M. Lecuyer, 5 Tolley, G DiCorlo Fourth Row: C Sonrongelo, S. Looney, D Rousseau, J Jonok, J Dosroni, C Lopoinre, M Cody Coach Thibeaulr: Rennennber rhis your liferinne rhrough; Tomorrow rhere will be nnore ro do . . . For failure woirs for all who sroy Wirh Sonne success mode yesrerday John Wooden Above: " Fly STRETCH Fly ' " Right: " NiUimo, jusr monlseying around 134 I CLASS COUPLE CLASS FLIPvT MOST ARTISTIC -■ MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL-APvOUND MOST STUDIOUS MOST ATHLETIC CLASS CLOWN MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT I f1 MOST MASCULINE FEMININE 141 Mosr School Spinr Heidi G Mike Mosr Arhlenc Corhy 6 Joe Desr in Procncol Arrs Lisa G Dnon Mosr Radical Deonno George Mosr likely ro Succeed Jone Chris Mosr Musicol Fransje Doug Class Clowns Heidi G Mike Mosr Arrisnc Debbie G Morr Mosr Srudious Jone G Dovid Mosr Mosculine Feminine Carolyn G Ed Closs Couple Lori G John Mosr Arrrocrive Monica G Joe Mosr Shy Carhy G Dono Desr Ail -Around Suzanne G Tony Class Flirrs Whendie G Joe Mosr Talkorive Kelley G Mark Groduorion is one of rhe best and worsr rimes of our senior year. Alrhough ir represenrs rhe spring of rhe resr of our lives, rhis birrer-sweer day brings ro o close rhe winrer of our high school years. Ir is rhe day we finally realize rhor a nnojor parr of our lives is over, one v hose memories v e will rreasure forever. The friendships, rhe rivolries, rhe alliances, and rhe horreds of school hove all been a parr of our lives, ond rhe gaps rhey leave when we go our seporore ways will be always presenr. We will forever hove a place in our heorrs for a special friend or a favorire reacher, one whose memories will never fade. Looking bock, rhen, is always a major parr of our senior year, as we recall every evenr in our lives rhor offecred us and rry ro relore rhem ro rhe kind of people we are now. Jusr as imporronr in our senior year is looking forward. To succeed in our lives, we should always keep on eye on rhe horizon, ever ready ro relinquish our occuporion for a berrer or more rewording one. For us, rhe dass of 1982, rhis means college and conrinuing ro build on rhe foundarions of learning rhor our high school has given us. We musr always srrive ro improve ourselves, for wirhour jmprovemenr comes sragnarion, borh menrol and physical, and rhor should nor be rhe fore of ony of us. We all have rhe porenrial ro become whorever we choose, bur only by dinr of conrinued efforr and effecrive foresighr and rhe willingness ro achieve in whorever field we choose for ourselves. Wirh on eye ro rhe furure, rhen, we wish us all rhe very besr of luck, conrinued healrh, and prosperiry. Free Estimates Tel. 763-2698 24 Hour Towing HOWARD ' S AUTO BODY All Work Guaranteed And At Low Overhead Prices Complete Body Fender Shop Howard Bullock 63 Chipaway Road Freetown, MA Touch Up Or Complete Paint Job Wrecks Rebuilt Glass Installation FREETOWN AUTO Slab Bridge Road P.O. Box 67 Assonet, MA TRI-CITY REALTY 69 South Main St. Assonet, MA Tel.: 644-5252 G G HARLEY-DAVIDSO 159 County Rd E. Freetown, MA 02717 Tel.: 763-8500 Congratulations Seniors!!! BOYTON HARDWARE AND GRAIN 33 Locust St. Assonet, MA i CAL ' S ENTERPRISES Compactor Service And On-Site Containers Recycling Services Berkley, MA 02780 Tel. 823-5133 Good Luck! NATURE ' S PANTRY 69 Main Sr. Lokeville, MA 947-1266 Wishes Desr Of LucK To The Class Of 1982 Desr of Luck To The Class Of ' 82 TODSCO CONSTRUCTION Main Sr. Lokeville CORTES PACKAGE GROCERY 31 Middleboro Road East Freetown, MA Congratulations Qirchuood f aliii BASIL W BARTLETT, JR Savas Plaza RTES 18 105 BROKER LAKEVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02346 everything you need a bank for •••and then some MIDDLEBOROUGH TRUST COMPANY MTC 10 Centre Street 1 1 South Main Street John Glass Jr. Square • Middleboro Plaza •Cranberry Plaza, East Wareham Telephone all offices 947-1313 — Wareham only 295-6900 JAYSAN GAS SERVICE, INC. 45 Middleboro Rd. E. Freetown, MA 763-2729 Come For LP Bottled Gas, Gas Appliances And Service For Your Home And Recreational Needs. BIRCHWOOD REALTY 947-2396 Basil W. Barlett, Jr. Broker Congratulations Graduates! EAST FREETOWN, GARAGE 54 Middleboro Rd. E. Freetown, MA 763-2422 Good Luck To The Class Of 1982 bank luhere it counts! Plymouth-Home National Bank 77 Centi ' i Street, Middleboro • 47-ool 1 • Mcmbci FDK I ' I Pi V Lei s Gel i • 30 South Main Street, Middleboro Phone 947-4343 • Rockland Plaza Phone 878-1403 and 878-1405 • 94 Court Street, Plymouth Phone 746-8515 Congratulations With Best Wishes For Future Success And Happiness PRIESTS AND PARISHIONERS SAINTS MARTHA AND MARY PARISH Lakcville Hush Puppies Clarks Converse Walkovers rimberland STILES ' SHOE STORE 48 Center Street Middleboro, MA 02346 Tel.: 947-0102 MIA Daniel Green Dexter Clinics Herman ' s Congratulations Seniors!!! Office 947-6487 FARMS BUY WITH CONFICENCE COMPLETE LINE OF DAIRY PRODUCTS GEORGE F ROSE IRY US ■ YOU LL LIKE US 294 BEDFORD STREET LAKEVILLE ma 02346 Try Our Specialties: Anyone Who Tastes Them Once Will Always Remember Them. ROYAL PIZZA 947-6650 70 Main St., Rte. 105 Lakeville, MA LAKEVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL INC. Vaughn St. Lakeville, MA 02346 Tel.: 947-1309 Congratulations Seniors!!! MBii,. Desr Wishes From THE B OSTON STORE 59 Cenrer Sr. Middleboro, MA Quoliry - Fashion - Volue EGGERS FURNITURE Middleboro Quality, Value And Service Since 1900 Desr Wishes To The Closs Of 1982 J 6 J SEAFOOD DRIVE-IN Counry Sr. Lokevilie, MA 02046 760 5977 67 Good Luck Class Of ' 82 DON AYOTTE PHOTOGRAPHY 0 N. Mom Sr Middleboro, MA 02045 MIDDLEBORO CLOTHING CO. 38 Center Street Middleboro, MA Headquarters For Levi ' s And Rent-A-Tux Formals Desr Wishes EMILY I. DROADDENT REAL ESTATE INC Jur crion Rrs 18 105 Lokeville 947 4504 P P PET FOOD 5HOPPE Rre 44 Lokeville. MA 02346 DAIRY QUEEN 7 E Grove Sr Middleboro, MA BASS SHOES TEXAS BOOTS THE SHOE STORE LEONARD PRATT, PROP. BEDFORD STREET LAKEVILLE, MA 02346 (617) 947-9841 GLIDDEN ' S Middleboro, MA ' Clorhing For The Eririre Family " COLONIAL OFFICE SUPPLY 53 Cenrer Sr Middleboro, MA Tel. (617) 947 7991 LAKEVILLE NURSERIES P re 44 Lokeville, MA MOSKOFF ' S SUPERMARKET Bedford Sr Middleboro R.S. BOBOLA GENERAL CONTRACTOR Lakeside Ave. Lakeville. MA Tel. 947 4200 Congratulations And Best Wishes!! II ..r V StRVM I L. H. CHACE AND SONS CHEVROLET 161 S Mom Sr Middleboro Tel 763 4001 947 2600 " 55 Years Service, Our Mosr Precious Commodiry. " Telephone 947-5717 residence 763-4746 derail D. Wa.a.U., 2).2)S. Early morning. Evening AND weekend Appointments Available SAVAS PLAZA BEDFORD STREET (RT . 18) LAKEVILLE. MASS. 02346 PRINCES THE WIFE AND I Bedford 5r Lokeville, MA 02346 MERLE J. E. STETSON AGWAY REPRESENTATIVE r re 79 Berkley 822 6748 Feed Per Supplies Gorder Shop Good Luck To The Class Of ' 82 T. D. SUPPLY INC. 42 Middleboro Rd, E Freerown MACOMDER BROS. Fuel Deolers Congrorulorions To The Class Of 1982! LAKEVILLE ' S ip JOE HOOKER BAR and LOUNGE " OPEN Daily 10 AM " Staples Shore Rd. 947-9862 WINEDERG ' 5 TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Deoford Sr. Lolseville AGWAY LUMBER Pvoure 18 Freerown, MA 02717 Tel 763 8856 Desr Wishes To The Closs Of 1982 A550NET PHARMACY INC 61 S. Mom Sr. Assoner, MA 644 5455 NVilliom C. Prenrice, R.Ph. " Where You Meer Your Frierids ' Good Luck To The Closs Of 1982! WOODLAND ANIMAL CLINIC 6 Middleboro Pvd. E. Freerown, MA 7638029 Best Wishes KINYON-CAMPBELL BUSINESS SCHOOL Corner Of County Lincoln St ' s. New Bedford 997-3154 Or 992-5448 ASSONET COFFEE SHOP 69 South Main Street Assonet, MA 02702 Tel.: 644-5252 THE MIDDLEBORO GAZETTE Serving Lakeville And Middleboro Since 1852 Desr Wishes To The Class Of 1982 Cor nenrol • Cor Leasing Any Moke Or Model Possenger Vons For r enr SILVER CITY LEASING CORP. Tel. 823-1781 LAKEVILLE TENNIS CLUD " Junior Programs " " Open Tennis " " League Ploy " ' Rocher Doll And Firness Room ' LAKEVILLE PHARMACY Edward F, Carey, Reg. Phorm. 69 Main Srreer Lolseville 947-0405 Free Delivery Congrorulorions Class Of ' 82 CONGRATULATIONS ond BEST WISHES ro THE GRADUATING CLASS of 1982 Ba Bank Merchants Member: FDIC Feoruring . . . • Alden • Doss Weejuns • Dosronians • Converse All Srors • Frye • Herman • Nursemores • Old Moine Trorrers Assonet Viila e BooteYy RICHARD P. JOHNSON Mill Srreer - Rre. 79 Assoner, Mass. 644-5824 Open Weeknighrs 6-10, Sor. 10-6 • Puma Sneakers • Red Wing Doors • Survivors • Texas Doors • Timberlond • Wolk-Over • Willers Kids • Wrighr Arch Preservers ■III! 1 ■ J. JUNIOR CONVENIENCE STORE 60 Sourh Main Sr. Assoner, MA Good Luck Closs Of " 82 ' ! Congrorulorions Class Of ' 82 • " From MOLLY McGEE ' 5 OLD FASHIONED ICE CPvEAM PARLOR Serving Hershey ' s Eorly Americon Sryle Ice Cream 16% Piich h Durrerfor Conrenr 8 r ear Woreham Srreer Middleboro, Mo 947-5250 Dirrhdoy Parries A Specioiry Desr Wishes Class Of ' 82 From MIDDLEBORO FAMIL FUN CENTER 4i 8 Worehom Srreer Middleboro, Ma 947-5250 25 Of The Loresr Video Gomes Avoiloble For Dirrhdays, Groupes, Clubs, And Orgonizarions 0%- Congrorulorions From CIRCLE FARM PRODUCE 5HOPPE Sovos Plozo Form Fresh Fruirs And Vegerobles Old Foshioned Condy Frores Ice Creom ibles ft GOLDEN TOUCH HAIRSTYLISTS Mon.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-4 HAIR CARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Terry A liber ti Gloria Perperas 34 County Rd. E. Freetown, MA (In the County Plaza] 998-5033 Bus. (61 7) 763-5927 Res. (61 7) 763-8745 24 Hour Towing BOB FOUQUETTE BIG WHEEL TRUCK SALES REPAIR 42 Quanapoag Rd. E. Freetown, MA 02717 162 The exploding boys ' room roiler? yisorhy D, wore gropefruir ' Lynn D dronk fish worer? Dione end Chrisroi went ro rhe movies onPgor bombed? Chris H gor excired in Mr, Furrodo ' s doss whenever anyone mentioned girls? The " Mr, Mirchell " effigy come ro school The pu-pu piorrer blew up? The Woshingron rapes? Milford, N.H , 1981? Lourie D didn ' r ger off rhe sM lift? Mr Courremonche hod o beard? Joe ' s designer jeons? John ' s " 9 " in Psychology? Scruffy ond Spider-Monhey? Hey Irshay Eodhoyi Chinese fire-drills on fridoy rhe 13rh? Love ro ear rhose Snickers! The Yeorbook pizza porry The Norrh Dorrmourh Moll was builr on q golTo Korhy and Jod-si woll-;ed in rhe boys ' locker room when rhe boys were chonging? " peonur burrer " ? Korhy screamed rhor she hod no dorhes on and chosed Allon our of rhe room? Mr Noll asked. Scorr if he wos queer? We were undecided obour " rexos " or Lokeville ' Woshingron Trip ' P. ' s on everyone ' s cars ' Mr McCarthy gor niclviamed Denny HilP Mrs, Parker always soid " Whor ' s your problem? " Mr Capone kepr crab shompoo in his closer in case of emergency? We were oil KiSS fons? Chris S was wonted by rhe F D,l ' oda " rhe janitor ' Jeff ' s jokes Of the h Eve f arty ' uck Mocomber fell in the puddle in the parking lot ' 1k REMEMBER WHEN Mork, Sreve, Dnon, John, ond Joe pid ;ed up Mr. Thornron ' s cor end moved Ir? SAE ' we used ro diose Joon wirh frogs? Sondy Cepeci punched Mr Thibeouir in rhe head? The 1981 ski trip when Mike forger his boors? Decker wos rhe Biology moscor ' " Weebeebeebeebeebeebeebeebee ' " Silenr Lunch or rhe Middle School when everyone coughed and booed or Mr Pozosis? Mrs Word and " wee beosries " ' Sue H broke her roe in Fransje ' s borhroom? dL HT H Mrs Porker olwoys soid, " The libron is for srudying If you wonred ro rolk you should hove gone ro lounge " QuizzorinosS H Mrs Hockerr ond " pancalo " ' Korhy shorr sheered Mr Furrodo ' s bed on rhe D C rnp ond he yelled, " VHAT THE I " ? Ms Dolenro? We losr Mrs Garshick or rhe World ' s Exhibir and Mrs Geisler hod ro go on find her? P Dehind rhe rock or Milford ' Mrs Gorshick olwoys rripped over rhe gorboge con and sold " oh, I ' m sorry? " [Dob F cQughr o boseboll m his mourh ploying firsr bose? iDione goofed up rhe Sue-Dill Dill-Sue orrongemenr? Throw-up ond Dr Plocebo shirrs were rhe loresr fod? Chris won Junior Miss? . Hisrory of Algebra reporr ' . France 79? . The food fighr rhe Seniors hod when we were in renrh grodl . Lou Gronr passed our or rhe leon-ro? Michelle ond Chris rhoughr rhey were berrer rhon everyone € . May 8, 1981, when mosr of rhe doss from ' 81 and ' 82 porned rogerher or Hors Sue hored Allon? Mr: Garshick hod ro run across rhe srreer from Quincy morker ro corch rhe bus on rhe French Club rrip ' MiKe, Frank, ond John dressed up os toppers on Gongsrer Doy? , John and Frank pulled a moon on rhff way home from o rrock meer — ro on ok) lady ' . " 69 " wos jusr 0 number? Mr Gollogher would roke us our ml Jane and " rhe Dug? " " 21? " Chris Jones soid " E M ? " 1 Apponequer gor kicked our of PoPo Gir Mrs Garshick wore o blue polka dorred Lenny ' s locker gor filled wirh puffed rice? Slock Arrocte? Sid rhe IXor mode his debur in rhe library? Dnon sand AC DC or rhe New Year ' s Eve Porry? cold wearher ro relieve us of our menrol consriporion when we wouldn ' r answer ony question in doss? id was rold never ro come bock? Energy Auditing Srorm Windows Insulorion ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEMS Tel: 947-3065 947-5242 181 Mom Srreer P O Box 750 Lokeville, Mossochuserrs 02346 FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE ALL WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED ALL MATERIAL WARRANTEED Certified by rhe Comm. of Moss, INSULATION SPECIALISTS HANDLING ALL TYPES OF INSULATION Specializing in blown cellulose To the Class of 1982 May you go for in oil you endeavor May you be rrue — ro you May happiness and heolrh be yours forever May oil your dreams come rrue We wanr ro wish, ro eoch and everyone of you, rhe besr of luck. EDITOR ' S LAST WORDS I would be remissonr os Ediror-in-Chief of rhis book if I did nor rake rhis opporrumry ro rhonk rhe members of fhis year ' s staff who gove so much of rhemselves rhis year ro make rhis book o success Wirhour people like Fronsje, Jeff, Mike. Amolic, Brian, Suzanne, Down, Chris, Sandy, Bryan, Heidi, Sandy, Karhy, Sue, Mononne, Mr Copone, and our school commirree, o book like rhis could nor be possible I am grareful ro rhese people for " sticking ir our ro rhe end. " Also, o special rhonte ro Dr Comali for his continued supporr of rhe Apponequet Yearbook I ' d also like to rhonk my parenrs for purring up with rhe busy schedule I ' ve hod this year because of Yearbook and other activities I love you both very much and thonk you for oil the supporr you ' ve given me We ' ve walked rhese halls many rimes before, bur as we walk rhem for rhe lasr, we remember our posr or Apponequer — rhe good and bad, joyful and depressing, happy and sad. Who ever rhoughr rhor 4 yeors would pass by so quickly. Ir seems rhorjusr yesrerday we were Freshmen — fearful of rhe greor unknowns of high school. As we deporr from rhese halls for rhe finol rime, we reolize rhor we are now filled wirh some fears — facing rhe unknowns of rhe reol world These walls of securiry have served us well bur now we musr leave and grow inro individuals ready ro face roday ' s problems. Because I know rhor rhe Class of 1982 has been (and will always be) rhe besr class ro ever leove rhese walls, we will be able ro face Tomorrow ' s challenges berrer rhan ony orher doss in Apponequer ' s hisrory. So warch our world here comes rhe Class of 1982.

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