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Superintendenfs Message I am happy to offer congratulations to the graduating class of 1961 and to express the hope that you will be able to achieve those goals which are still before you as you take your place in adult life. Regardless of what you do. now that you have completed the secondary school pro- gram, you cannot afford to stop studying and learning. No person today can af- ford to stop studying and understanding. Never before has it been more necessary for an individual to pursue a continuing program of education, either in the formal sense through more organized schooling or by the informal efforts to achieve per- sonal growth through individual studv and reading. The young citizen of today is called upon to express opinions through his vote on problems which were never even thought of when his parents were at a similar age. Although it took man the span of thousands of years of recorded history to learn how to get off the ground and fly. it has only been during the last fifty years that he has considered inter- planetary travel feasible. The contrast found in the time span of these two periods of the age of man is beyond human comprehension. Even so, we who live in these times cannot afford to be lax in our mental habits and admit we have finished our education. We have actually only begun. You. and the hundreds of thousands of young people like you in the schools of America, will have to find your place in an increasingly smaller world. We commend you for your effort to this point. We commit you to continued effort for the future. Superintendent 2 I PrincipaVs Message " The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight. But they while their companions slept Were toiling upward in the night. " — Longfellow — Our thanks to you, the class of 1961, for the contributions you have made to the Apponequet School. Although your stay with us has been of short duration, your enthusiastic leadership has set a high standard for future classes to follow. Conversely, I would hope that Apponequet has made a contribution to each of you. Obviously, you have been exposed to certain knowledges and skills here, but these alone will not guarantee a useful, successful life. I hope that beyond these knowl- edges and skills you have been given a sense of your obligations and responsibilities as young citizens. For, if you are to realize the full extent of happiness through peace of mind, you must also realize the importance of individual resolution and determination. I urge that each of you be a leader, anxious to face difficult tasks; I implore each of you to be an individual, strong in your convictions and unafraid to defend them even when to do so means being unpopular for the moment. I earnestly wish for all of you the best of everything in the years to come, and, above all, it is my fervent hope that you will continue to demonstrate the competent leadership you have shown here . . . that you will come to know the satisfaction of " ... toiling upward in the night. " Principal Administration ALBERT DUSEAULT Assistant Principal MARY MANNING Guidance Counselor ROBERT JEFFERY Director of Guidance SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Mrs. Louise C. Welch, Secretary-Treasurer; Robert S. Rounsevell, George R. Austin, Superintendent; John F. Usher, Jr., Principal; Harold L. Griffith, Jr., Chairman; Donald B. Copeland, Mrs. Pauline E. Walker, Lawrence E. Terr -, Howell G. DeMoranviUe. This year Apponequet ' s Senior Class would like to honor a happy, carefree little Indian spirit . . . Tequee. This spirit at Apponequet was only found in our Senior year and has made our last year here one always to be remembered and cherished. Throughout our yearbook he hunts and works and plays to his heart ' s content, just as we have here at Apponequet. He has been with us in all our activities and may have even encouraged us to do better in the things that we did. His name was derived from the last five letters of Apponequet, and we owe his present form to Dan Gibbons, our yearbook artist. Since he must stay at Apponequet after we are graduated, we would like to leave him to all future Senior classes hoping that they will come to appreciate him as much as we have . . . Apponequet ' s class of ' 61. 1 I SITTING: Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Thomassen, Mrs. Crampton, Mrs. Gabriel, Mr. Usher, Miss Banta, Mrs. Parker, Miss Billington, Miss SITTING: Mr. Genovese, Mrs. Babbitt, Miss Rudinski, Mrs. Porter, Mr. Duseault, Mrs. Leonard, Miss Somes, Mrs. Wilkie, Mr. Shaw. STANDING: Mr. Girard, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Mavor, Mrs. Main, Mr. Chace, Mr. Bissonnette, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Bradley. 6 Someday GARY ADAMS " Technical " Quiet and industrious, but just watch him in Chem. Phys. Lab! Middleboro Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 4, Mechanical Drawing 4. LYNN VICTORIA ALLAN " Commercial " " Be a live wire and you won ' t get stepped on. " Vicky intends to be a private secretary; Watch those electric typewriters! Dighton: Girls ' Glee Club 1, Girls ' Athletic Council 1, 2, Beacon 2, Library Club 2. Apponequet: Art Club 3, Softball 3, Girls ' Choir 4, Student Secretary 4, Mechanical Drawing 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Drivers ' Ed. 4. ROGER LEONARD ALVES " Commercial " Alvesie will have to learn to wait for clients when he has a business of his own . . . Good Luck! New Bedford: Track 2, Cross Country 2. Apponequet: Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, Varsity Club Secretary 3, 4, Chef Plus 4, Student Coun- cil 4. BEVERLY EDITH ASHLEY " College " Bev sees red when commercials interrupt the Late Show! Taunton: Basketball 1, Volleyball 2. Apponequet: Art Club 3, Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, Pep Club 4. DIANE FRANCES BAKER " College " Dee will make an A-1 back seat driver. Please observe speed limits while pushing wheel chairs! New Bedford: Music Appreciation 1, Ping Pong Club 1, Tin Can Club L Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, Student Secretary 3, Pep Club 4, Varsity Basketball 4. DAVID NORMAN BARTON " Commercial " Dave is ready for a discussion anytime; this should be a terrific help in the future as he has his eye on the business world. New Bedford: Band 1, R.O.T.C. 1. Apponequet: Band 3, 4. 8 EDWARD HENRY BEGIN " General " Butch ' s pet peeve is unannounced quizzes . . . quite, quite! New Bedford: Football 1, Music 1. Apponequet: Basketball 3, Drama Club 3, Operetta 3, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Chef Plus 4, Football 4, Music Appreciation 4. ESTELLE A. BOLDUC " Commercial " Tiny should make a big hit in her chosen field as a secretary. Durfee: Girls ' Choir 1. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Student Secretary 4, Teller 4. JACQUELINE NANCY BOLDUC " Commercial " Jackie ' s pet peeve is soup slurpers ... no wonder, she ' s our cafeteria cashier! Durjee Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Student Secretary 4, Student Council 3, 4, Teller 4. JULIA LOUISE CAMPEAU " Commercial " Julie aspires to be a private secretary and deserves a cheer for her school spirit. Durfee: Glee Club 1, Basketball 2. Apponequet: Band 3, Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, Yearbook Staff 4. RICHARD B. CASWELL JR. " College " People who use poor English really irk Richie! Fall River Christian School : Choir 1. 2. Apponequet: Band 3. PAMELA HESTER CHACE " College " Just ask Pam what she thinks of drivers who neglect to use directionals. New Bedford: Cheerleader Captain 1, Future Teachers ' Club. Fashion Design. Apponequet: Art Club 3, Class Secretary 3, Dance Band 3, Russian Club 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mixed Choir 4, Co-Editor of Yearbook 4, Class Vice Presi- dent 4, Girls ' Choir 4. GLENNA LUCILLE CHASE " Commercial " Chasey should be a good beautician. Watch those scissors ... we can ' t all be Yul Bryners! Middleboro: Red Cross 1, Basketball 1, 2, Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: Mixed Choir 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, Class Treas- urer 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Year- book Staff 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, All-District Choir " 4, Apponequet Trio 3, 4, Bank Teller 3, 4. CAROLINE LOUISE DEMORANVILLE " Commercial " Carrie intends to take a post graduate course . . . what a riot! Middleboro: Basketball 1, 2, Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Student Secretary 4, Basketball 4. DONNA ROSE DEMORANVILLE " College " Our junior entomologist ... Is teaching biology her goal? New Bedford: Cheerleader 1, Fashion Designing 1, First Aid Club 1, Softball 1, Art Club 2, BasketbaU 2. Apponequet: Art Club 3, Drama Club 3, Student Council 3, Basketball 3, Softball 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Captain 4. SUSAN MAY FERNANDES " General " Susie ' s a working girl. Her favorite foods include pizza and French Fries . . . fortunately there ' s a snack bar at Berks! Dighton: Girls ' Choir 1, Basketball 1, 2, Drama Club 2. Apponequet: Home Economics Club 3, Pep Club 4. MARGARET MARY FOLEY " Commercial " Peg should fulfill her desire to travel in her chosen career as an airline stewardess. Middleboro: Volleyball 1, Girls ' League 1, 2, Girls ' Glee Club 2, Newswriters ' Qub 2. Apponequet: Teller 3, Student Secretary 4, Softball 3, Basket- ball 3, Yearbook 4. RALPH ERNEST FREEMAN " Vocational " Ralph can usually be found under the hood of a car . . . What is it this time, sticky valves? Taunton Vocational Apponequet: Football 4. 10 L. BARRY FRENCH " General " Frenchie, the shutter-bug of our class . . . just smiles and says taxes ! Durfee: Camera Club 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. DANIEL R. GIBBONS " College " Gabby, the temperamental artist who is never afraid to state his opinion ! MiddleboTo: Football 1, Student Council 2. Apponequet: Operetta 3, Student Council 3, 4, Student Council President 4, Mixed Choir 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 3, Football 4. ROBERT D. GRAY " College " Bob can be seen wearing his favorite color as he rides in pursuit of the hounds. New Bedford Apponequet: Student Council 3. DIANE IRENE GURNEY " General ' Gurnesey — What are we going to do in P.O.D. today? New Bedford Vocational: Girls ' Choir 1, 2, Nurses ' Aid 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4. FLOYD E. GUTOWSKI " College " Pretty Boy is a sports enthusiast. Ambition: Physical Education Instructor and Coach. Middleboro: Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2. Apponequet: Mixed Choir 3, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Club Vice-President 3, President 4, Science Club President 4. CHARLES HADSELL " General " Favorite food is chicken ... a fortunate coincidence! Middleboro: Baseball 1, Basketball 1. Apponequet: Football 4. GAIL KINSLEY HASKINS " College " Haskie has served efficiently as our class secretary for two years. With this invaluable experience, she should be a suc- cess in her chosen career. " You better beUeve it! " MiddleboTO : Basketball 1, Girls ' Glee Qub 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, Representative 2, Hockey Mgr. 2, Red Cross Representa- tive 2, Softball 2. Apponequet: Art Club 3, French Club 3, Russian Club 3, Choir Secretary 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Student Council 4. JAMES DENIS HOLDEN " General " Jimmy will have to give the Air Force his recipe for pork chops smothered in mushrooms along with his enlistment forms. Middleboro : Freehand Drawing 1, 2. Apponequet: Chef Plus 4. WILHMA JEANNETTE HOWARD " Commercial " Willie ' s pet peeve is late people — a valid complaint shared by many of the faculty! East Bridgewater: Choir 1, Field Hockey 2. Webster High (Tulsa, Okla) : Junior Red Cross 3, Pep Squad 3, Volleyball 3. Apponequet KATHERINE ANDREA JORDAN " College " Kathy ' s pleasing personality should make her popular as a col- lege home economics teacher. Middleboro: Girls ' Glee Club 1, Silver " M " 2, Student Coun- cil 2. Apponequet: Class Vice-President 3, Student Council 3, Choir 3, 4, Apponequet Trio 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, Choir President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Operetta 3, Yearbook Staff 4. CHRISTINE LANGLOIS " College " Armed with rubber stamps and white ink, Chris can usually be found in the library, performing duties from A to Z. New Bedford: GAMS 2. Apponequet : Choir 3, Drivers ' Ed. 3. THERESA VICTORIA LAROCHELLE " College " Terry ' s choice gripe is people who say " Guess what? . . . Oh, never mind! " Aggravating, isn ' t it? Middleboro: Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: French Qub 3, Home Ec. Club 3, Choir 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4. 12 CAROL JOYCE LOPES " General " Lopesie ' s favorite remark is " I ' m lookin ' good! " and her future plans include the Cape Cod School of Nursing. New Bedford: Music Appreciation 1. Apponequet: Home Ec. Club 3, 4, Basketball 4, Choir 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, 4. VERONICA MARY LYONS " General " Ronnie ' s ambition is to be a police woman — too bad we don ' t have a traffic squad ! Durfee: Basketball 2. Apponequet DANIEL ANTHONY MEDEIROS " College " Tiger would like to be a physical education teacher . . . like Mrs. Roberts ! MiddleboTo: Baseball 1, Basketball 1. Apponequet: Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Chef Plus 4, Yearbook Staff 4. SUSAN JOSEPHINE MONIZ " Commercial " Debates by junior politicians annoy Sue. She hopes to be a private secretary. Durfee: Basketball 1, Home Room Director 1. Apponequet: Bank Teller 3, Drivers ' Ed. 3, Girls ' Choir 4, Secretary of National Honor Society 4. NANCY GLADYS MORLAND " Commercial " Sugar ' s favorite color is pink and she should make a sweet stenographer. Jamaica Plain (Boston): Badminton 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, Volley- ball 1, 2. Apponequet ALFRED S. NELSON " College " Bud ' s pet peeve is girls who wear too much make-up . . . Why not? Middleboro: Red Cross 1, Basketball 1, 2, Track 2, Traffic Squad 2. Apponequet: Student Council 3, Basketball 3, Track 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, Class Council 4, Manager of Student Council 4. CECELIA CATHERINE NEPINI " Commercial " Bunny, perhaps better known as Sam, helps brighten those long classes with an infectious smile. Middleboro: Basketball 1, Art Club 1, 2, Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2, Field Hockey 2. Apponequet: Basketball 3, Art Club 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, 4. WILLIAM H. NORRIS " College " Those outlines which require meticulous concentration are Bill ' s pet peeves. Middleboro: Baseball 1, Class Vice President 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Cross Country 2, Red Cross Representative 2. Apponequet: Choir 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Business Manager 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. LAWRENCE OLIVEIRA " General " Olive ' s worthy ambition is to be successful in life. Middleboro Apponequet : Chef Plus 4. SHARON LEE PEABODY ' Colleee ' Sharon ' s industriousness wiU appeal to her college profs. Her life ' s ambition is teaching. Middleboro: Basketball 1, Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. CAROLYN ANNE PEARSON " Commercial " Carol ' s quiet ways are a blessing to all teachers, but she ' s not so quiet when you get to know her! Brockton: Basketball L Apponequet: Student Secretary 4. JOSEPH MARK SAWICKI " College " Joe eats lots of steak, pizza, and ice cream to maintain the energy needed to make those touchdowns! Middleboro: Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Chef Plus 4, Football 4. 14 JOSEPH D. SCHAUER III " College " Joe would make a good politician . . . too bad his ambition is civil engineering. Plymouth Jr. High School New Bedford: R.O.T.C. 2. Apponequet: Baseball 3, French Club 3, Slide Rule 3, Drivers ' Ed. 4, Science Clu b 4. Foxboro " College " JAMES ARTHUR SHERIDAN Jim is well known for his musical talents and plans on a career as a music teacher. Middleboro: Band 1, 2, Dance Band 1, 2, Orchestra 2. Apponequet: Choir 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. LINDA LOUISE SYLVAN " College " Linda is always ready for a good time. Future plans include I.B.M. School. Mount Saint Mary Academy: Bowling 1, Athletic Association 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Sodality 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, Choir 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Student Secretary 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 4, Secretary of Student Council 4. IRENE MILDRED SINGSTER " General " Hot Cross plans to be a nurse . . . Watch those needles for air bubbles! Durfee: Girls ' Choir 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, Art Club 3, Choir 3, 4. CAROLYN ESTHER SMITH " College " Angel ' s pet peeve is her locker, 596, and the individual who tampers with the set combination . . . Who worries? Middleboro: Basketball 1, 2; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2, Field Hockey 2, Red Cross Representative 3. Apponequet: French Club 3, Russian Club 3, Choir 3, 4, Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4, Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Music Appreciation 4, Yearbook Staff 4. LOIS M. SULLIVAN " College " Sully ' s favorite color is yellow, but don ' t give her any hard butter! Durfee: Basketball 2, Glee Club 2. Apponequet: Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4, Pep Club 4. 15 ELIZABETH JEAN TOWNSEND " College " Betty ' s neatness and friendly manner make her popular with teachers and classmates, alike. New Bedford: Art 1, Clothing 1, Fashion Drawing 1, Social Club, Art 2, Dramatic Club 2, Newspaper 2. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, Art Club 3, 4, Class CouncU 4, Choir 4, Cheerleader 4, Drivers ' Ed. 4. SUSAN J. VERA " Commercial " Sue ' s- ambition is to be an Airline Hostess. Aboard, she ' ll serve her favorite foods . . . chicken and steak to passengers. MiddleboTo: Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Cheerleader 4. DAVID LAWRENCE WHITE Dave ' s favorite food is jried everything! His ambition is to be a draftsman. New Bedford: Chess Club 1. Apponequet : Drivers ' Ed. 3, 4. " General " BRYN ESTHER WILLIAMS " Commercial " Bryn ' s pet peeve is people who are late — especially when pizza and French fries are on hand. Middleboro: Girls ' Choir 1, 2, Girls ' League 1, 2. Apponequet: Girls ' Choir 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 3, Student Secretary 4, Basketball 4. TEQUEE " Senior Spirit " Tequee doesn ' t like people who have no school spirit. He loves to attend all school functions and hopes that the Appone- quet students will always be with him. Apponequet: Yearbook ' 61, Athletics ' 61, All Senior Activi- ties . . . Senior Class Council STANDING: Bud Nelson, Glen- na Chase, Gail Haskins, James Sheridan. SITTING: Pamela Chace, Roger Alves, Betty Townsend. Senior Class Officers Pamela Chace, vice-president Roger Alves, president Glenna Chase, treasurer Gail Haskins, secretary A Typical Class Meeting 17 Class Will The Qass of 1961, being completely unstable in all respects, after thorough investiga- tion of faculty and underclassmen who have been found worthy to receive these valuable gifts, do hereby declare this our Last Will and Testament. Diane Gurney leaves her beanie and hiccups to Mr. Brown. Donna DeMoranville leaves speech class stamping her feet. Danny Gibbons leaves his Fabulous Works of Art to be enjoyed by incoming Seniors. " Dee " Baker and Carol Lopes leave for " Old Cape Cod. " " Razzes " Caswell leaves his fan club on bus 6. Sue Vera, Irene Singster, " Terry " LaRochelle, Bryn Williams, Ronnie Lyons, and Sharon Peabody leave all those wasted X periods in 104. Dave White leaves for a leading role in " The Thin Man. " Bev Ashley leaves through that window in 202 which she ' s been " eying. " Gary Adams leaves for home ... on County Street. Julie Campeau leaves muttering " knit one purl two. " Caroline DeMoranville wills her enthusiasm to the Pep Club. To the shop, Ralph Freeman bequeaths his " body. " Susie Femandes and Peggy Foley leave school for the scholars. " Tiger " Medeiros wills his growl to next year ' s basketball team. Nancy Morland leaves her " goldie locks " . . . well, maybe an inch! Carolyn Pearson leaves that dent in her Pontiac to a certain Junior High teacher! Bud Nelson and " Knobs " Norris bequeath their " Norrelsons ' " membership cards to imaginative underclassmen. Lois Sullivan wills her quiet ways to Brenda Gagnon. To Mr. French, Dave Barton leaves his precious " skins. " " Jackie " Boldue, Kathy Jordan, and Pam Chace leave the cafeteria AND all those quart- ers! Lynn Allan leaves typing 60 knots per minute. Roger Alves leaves his executive duties at Apponequet for a business of his own! Betty Townsend leaves Mrs. Roberts ' gym class muscle-bound ... we sympathize! Linda Silvan bequeaths her " green " hair to Cindy Hunter. Jim Holden leaves on his " Bad Motorcycle . . . Broom, Broom, Broom. " To Mrs. Parker " Willie " Howard leaves her overdue books. " Butch " Begin leaves blowing his nose. Bob Gray leaves cherished memories of his quiet way to all teachers. To Mr. Brown, Gail Haskins bequeaths a copy of her latest bank statement. " Pretty Boy " Gutowski wills his " line " to Bobby Nelson. Glenna Chase reluctantly leaves the " money box " to next year ' s Class Treasurer. Barry French leaves his gift of gab to a deserving ( ? ) person. " Sam " Nepini leaves her " Bunny. " Joe Sawicki leaves his athletic equipment to next year ' s football team. Sue Moniz and " Tiny " Bolduc leave the adding machine struggling with the quadratic formula. Larry Oliveira leaves in search of the $1000 he misplaced in bookkeeping. James Sheridan wills his trumpet to Holly Dawson. Chris Langlois leaves for the U. of M. singing " I ' m coming " ! " Chuck-o " Hadsell leaves his current mystery: Who Took The Key to The Church? to Brad Neilson. To Mr. Mitchell, Carolyn Smith bequeaths a season ' s supply of Alka Seltzer for his polH- wogs! The Senior Choir members leave Miss Trombley in peace ... at last! Best Dancers: Roger and Linda Most Sophisticated: Richard and Carolyn ■■pig! I MM Diane and Danny Quietest: David and Lois Most Athletic: Carol and Joe Best Natured: Chris and Ro; ger Most Talkative: Barry and D lane Thk SfisJcmiSQi - ' by ' TfetSyWfil SAND GRAVEL CO., INC., South Main Street, Assonet, Mass. 21 Tequee February 28, 1971 English 12-D Composition 69 MY TRIP TO HAWAII During the February vacation. I was sponsored by the Apponequet Reservation So- ciety for a tour of any one of the 50 states of my choice. I chose Hawaii, because . . . Well, if you don ' t know. I ain ' t a gonna tell you! By the way. my eligibility consists of my being the only Indian attending A.H.S. Also I am in the top 99 per cent of my class. As we prepared for take-off at the Circle Airport, I remarked to pilots " Jim Holden " and " Larry Oliveira " that the runway was circular. They politely informed me that it had been designed and built by world famous " Dave White " and " Gary Adams " to avoid collisions. After allowing stewardess " Sue Vera " to fasten my seat belt, I recogniz- ed " Sue Fernandes " , who was making the trip in order to purchase grass skirts at a discount for Berk ' s and " Danny Gibbons, " who was planning to enter a water skiing contest. At that point " Peggy Foley, " also a stewardess, offered me the light menu. My choice, rare beef steak, was served five minutes later, still glowing softly, by former Chef major, " Tiger Medeiros. " After a satisfactory flight, I was met at the airport by nurses " Dee Baker, " " Carol Lopes, " " Terry LaRochelle, " and " Irene Singster, " who were checking on a rumored air sickness epidemic. After my luggage was searched by policewoman " Ronnie Lyons, " who was hot on the trail of a narcotics jjeddler. I decided to check into the Aloha Hotel, owned by " Barry French " and operated by " Bob Gray. " Ahead of me, attending a secretarial convention, were " Lynn Allan. " " Jackie " and " Tiny Bolduc. " " Julie Cam- peau, " " Caroline DeMoranville, " " Sue Moniz, " " Nancy Morland, " " Carolyn Pear- son " and " Byrn Williams. " Before attending the night ' s floor show featuring " Glenna Chase " and " Kathy Jordan " and a special number, " Jingle Bells, " sung by " Linda Silvan, " " Gail Haskins, " " Carolyn Smith, " and " Butch Begin, " and arranged by " James Sheridan, " I decided to have my pigtails trimmed by hotel barber, " Roger Alves. " While in the barber shop. I noticed a wanted poster for the capture of " Charles Hadsell, " alias " Chuck-o, " " Puddy " and " Franny. " The charge was taking candy from a baby, filed by governess " Diane Gurney. " While wandering through the streets, I came upon " Pam Chace, " " Donna DeMoranville, " " Chris Langlois, " " Sharon Peabody, " and " Lois Sullivan, " who were teaching the natives to shred coconut fcr commercial benefits. After returning to the hotel, I was told that elevator operator, " Razzes Caswell, " had been stranded between floors, but that " Ralph Freeman " had freed him by cutting the cable. After climbing the stairs to the 69th floor, I noticed a light under the door of the room next to mine. Inside was Professor " Knobs Norris, " who was burning the midnight oil in order to perfect his new and better mouse trap. I was awakened next morning by " Willie Howard " collecting for the Hawaiian March of Dimes and who had already received S27.10 in donations. On the way down to the beach I observed " Pretty Boy Gutowski, " " Bud Nelson, " and " Joe Sawicki " coaching Hula girls while " Dave Barton " accompanied them on his bongos. Further on, I met renowned artist, " Sam Nepini, " who was under contract to paint the town. On the beach, I listened to " Bev Ashley " who was translating " Betty Townsend ' s " latest script for Hawaiian I into " French " for sale abroad, until I fell asleep. I awoke in my own teepee on Long Pond to discover it was all a dream, but dreams sometimes come true! OUR BEST WISHES . . . " Scratch the green rind of a sapling, or wantonly twist it in the soil, and a scarred or crooked oak will tell of the act for centuries to come. So it is with the teachings of youth, which make impressions on the mind and heart that are to last forever. " Amiel MISS ANNE ANDREWS MRS. MARGARET PORTER Bristol Ferry School, Portsmouth, R. I. Grades 1-5 1918-21 Broad Cove School, Dighton, Mass. Grades 1-5 1925-28 1928-46 South School, Dighton, Mass. Grades 4, 5, 6 Freetown Elementary School, Freetown Grades 7, 8 English 1953-59 Apponequet Regional High School Grades 7, 8 English 1959-61 School Street School, Middleboro, Mass. Grades 4, 5 1911-21 Assawompset School, Lakeville, Mass. Grades 7, 8 English, Math 1921-59 Principal 1921-38 Supervisor of Music Supervisor of Dramatics Apponequet Regional High School. Grade 7 English, Math 1959-61 Apponequet ' s Class of 1961 wishes to extend to Miss Andrews and Mrs. Porter its deepest appreciation for the fruitful years of service dedic ated to the education of youth. We know that we speak not only for ourselves but for the entire school and community when we say that to have known them is a privilege; to have studied with them, an in- spiration; and to invoke for them continued happiness, our most sincere wish. 24 Polarion Staff Your high school years are full of mem- ories — victorious moments, sad failures, carefree fun and laughter. We, your co- editors, have tried to gather as many mem- ories as possible for you to store in your yearbook. Of course we couldn ' t include them all. but we tried our best! When you read the Polarion a few years after you are graduated, we are sure many wonderful memories of Apponequet will be recalled. New ordeals and experiences have faced you continuously in your last two years here; you have shouldered them well. We hope, as you face the world, that you meet it with the same vigor and determination. (2a Katherine Jordan, Business Manager; Glenna Chase, Subscriptions; Sharon Peabody, Copy; Mrs. Crampton, Advisor; Carolyn Smith, Gail Haskins, Special Features; Daniel Gibbons, Art; I?arry French, William Norris, Advertising; Julia Campeau, Photog- raphy. 26 FIRST ROW: Mary Rezendes, Edith Murdoch, Miss Manning, Daniel Gibbons, Linda Silvan. SECOND ROW: Linda Darling, Susan Moniz, Joanne Mitchell, Gail Haskins, Gail Walker, Sandra Gudewicz, Jacqueline Bolduc, Sandra Isenor. THIRD ROW: William Armstrong, Kenneth Perry, Robert Nelson, Roger Alves, Gary Crook. Student Councils ON FLOOR: Herbert Perry. SITTING: Kathleen Donaghy, Nancy Townsend, Linda Warrington, Charlene Chace, Donna Wilcoxen. SECOND ROW: William Hogan, Rita Woodis, Jacqueline Guimares, Mr. Usher, Donna Bassett, Joan Ashley, Robert Henderson. 27 Senior National Honor Society SITTING: Susan Moniz, James Sheridan, Mr. Mitchell, Katherine Jordan, WiUiam Norris. STANDING: Dianne French, Natalie Scibilia, Pamela Chace, Marilyn Ashley, Edith Murdoch. Junior National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Adriane Porto, Leona Rocheleau, Jane Brightman, Christine Dalphine, Mrs. Wilkie, John Donovan, Kathleen Freitas, Lorraine Pearson, Ejnalie O ' Brien. SECOND ROW: Bradford Gumey, Joan Ashley, Carol Maranville, Elizabeth Gladu. Lesley Richmond, Suzcinne Starling, Charlene Ashley, Elizabeth Pace, Donna Wilcoxen, John Frechette. THIRD ROW: Rita Giberti, JoAnne Souza, Susan Walker, Robert Clark, Gail Walker, Charlene Chace, Linda Warrington. 28 Varsity Club SITTING: David Richards, Earl Tolley, Daniel Medeiros, Floyd Gutowski, Timothy Terry, Roger Alves, Albert Wilson, Robert Reed. SECOND ROW: Paul Johnson, Kenneth HalJ, John McDermott, Nonnan Horton. Robert Nelson, George Forbes, Mr. Matthews. THIRD ROW: Alfred Ferry, Dennis Thibeault, Cass Santos, Joseph Sawicki, William Norris, Edward St. Yves. Pep Club Officers Dennis Thibeault President Lynne Wyatt Secretary- Linda Hill Treasurer Fred Morse Vice-President Band Dance Band SITTING: Carl Ashley, Richard McDonald, Robert Stetson, Linda Silvan, John Ely, Rodney Perry, Brian Ashley. STANDING: Donald Copeland, Michael Nagi, James Sheridan, Robert Matheson, Stanley Perry. 33 Senior Choir Junior Choir 34 38 40 Claire Corti, president; Patricia Pacheco, treasurer; Joan Ashley, ■t i iaire LX)rti, presiaent; raincia ra I LCISS kJTTICSVSI vice-president; Robine Qark, secreteuy. Eighth Grade 41 " What a day we ' ve had! " exclaim the busy secretaries. At the typewriter is Mrs. Wilcoxen, standing behind her are Mrs. Brightman and Mrs. Suter. At the telephone is Mrs. Chamber- lain, and at the intercom, Mrs. Ashley. " Can I have a bandaid? " inquires Ted Hadley of Mrs. Thomassen, school nurse. Cafeteria Staff FIRST ROW: D. Rice, Manager; R. Robinson; R. DeMoranville ; T. Terian; A. Wilson; R. Peabody; D. Gibbons; E. ToUey; C. Hadsell; R. Frazier: J. Boyd; R. Roberts, Manager. SECOND ROW: F. Gutowski; B. Nelson; M. Rice; D. Hultstrom; J. McDermott; N. Horton; B. Neilson; R. Brown; D. Petty; P. Gunnerson; P. Camber. „ r. t- • i THIRD ROW: Coach Bissonette; A. Nelson; D. Thibeault; M. Nagey; F. Morse; T. Terry; E. Begin; J. bawicki; K. Perry; R. Enckson; J. Madden; T. Gimpel; Coach Matthews. Joe sweeps around end 48 Basketball VARSITY FIRST ROW: Floyd Gutowski, Daniel Medeiros, Paul Johnson, David Richards, William Norris, Alfred Ferry, Roger Alves. SECOND ROW: Coach Bissonnette, Dennis Thibeault, Fred Morse, Timothy Terry, Joseph Sawicki, Cas Santos, Robert Nelson, Bud Nelson, Manager. JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: John Donavon, Robert Reed, Edward Santos, Brian Barrows, John Campeau, Kenneth Hall, John Bly, Fred Heywood. SECOND ROW: Dale Cunningham, Armand Lovoie, Robert Peabody, Coach Hanna, Leslie Staples, Gary Norwood, Richard McDonald. Tennis Team FRONT ROW: Gene Marshall, Brad Copeland, Tommy Hotz. BACK ROW: Curtis Blair, Paul Johnson, Kenneth Hall, Gary Norwood, John Bly. Tap-off 55 Cheerleaders VARSITY Donna DeMoranviDe, Captain. On Left: Doreen Paska; On Right: Pamela Chace. FRONT ROW: Betty Townsend; Rosemary HeadJey; Carol Gunnerson; Julia Campeau, Assistant Captain. STANDING: Nancy Townsend; Charlene Chace; Kathleen Freitas; Jacqueline Gui- mares; Christine Dalphin, Assistant Cap- tain. KNEELING: Gail Griffith; Linda Warrington, Captain; Donna Wilcoxen. Basketball Eugenia Alves, Sandra Reynolds, Susan Perry, Judy Duffy, Glenna Chase, Cynthia Hunter, Captain Carol Lopes, Caroline DeMoranviUe, Cecelia Nepini, Sharon Peabody, Diane Baker, Donna Sheets, Mary Tolley, Rose- mary Headley. BACK ROW: Judy Duffy, Donna De- MoranviUe, Peggy Foley, Lynn Allan, Cynthia Hunter. FRONT ROW: Mary Tolley, Donna Sheets, Betty Ann Terry, Bernice White. S o f t b a I I Spom WRIGHTS BARBER SHOP GIBBS FLOWER SHOP PERRY ' S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GOODHUE LUMBER COMPANY LEO ' S TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE CENTRAL PHARMACY LORETTA ' S LUNCHEONETTE AND GROCERY H. AND H. RADIO— TV- ELECTRONICS NEW BARN GENERAL STORE BOULEVARD FURNITURE MONUMENT MANUFACTURING CO. ASSONET GARAGE A FRIEND JAMES F. McCAULEY PLYMOUTH PRINTING COMPANY, INC. CASWELL POULTRY FARM THE WORK BASKET TRIPFS CANDY SHOP BERKLEY DOOR AND WINDOW BISHOFS STORE MY WIFE AND I GENERAL STORE Compliments of MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY TERPAH Compliments of MR. AND MRS, A. P. CHASE Compliments of A FRIEND ANTONIO CORTEZ GROCERIES FREETOWN GAS AND APPLIANCE CO. Sponsors FLINTS MONUMENT WORKS Alger ine Street Berkley FLINTS AUTO WRECKING Locust Street Berkley TOWNLEY ' S DAIRY 211 Berkley Street Berkley MOSKOFFS SUPER MARKET Bedford Street Middlehoro S S LUMBER COMPANY Highland Road Lakeville Compliments of THE MIDDLEBORO GAZETTE Established 1852 SHAWS. INC. Center Street Middlehoro LAKEVILLE ALUMINUM CO. 10 Main Street Lakeville CENTER CARD SHOP Cards and Gifts Middlehoro MIDDLEBORO OFFICE SUPPLY CO. South Main Street Middlehoro MIDDLEBORO CLOTHING COMPANY Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 38 Center Street, Middlehoro M. H. HINCKLEY SON Center Street Middlehoro Compliments of DELIA ' S AUTO SCHOOL Fall River, Mass. AUCTION BARN AND TRADING POST Water Street Assonet RICHARDS MOTORS Rt. 18, Middle Road, Tel. RO 3-8822 East Freetown WINTHROP ATKINS CO., INC. 151 Pierce Street Middlehoro JOHN MITCHELL CO. Main Street Lakeville MID-TOWN AUTO BODY Padelford Street, Tel. Midd. 2000 Berkley 62 Sponsors Compliments of HOTZ BROTHERS MINK FARM Lakeville . F. SIMMONS SONS General Contractor Assonet, Mass, BERN ICE ' S POTTERY 3313 Achushnet Ave., Tel. WY 5-0307 New Bedford, Mass. ASSONET STAR MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Assonet, Mass. DEAN ' S ELECTRONIC CENTER Route 44 — Near Expressway Raynham, Mass. BOEHLER ' S GARAGE Middleboro Road, Rt. 18 East Freetown, Mass. STEVE ' S SPORT DEN 143 Center Street Middleboro, Mass. SILVER RANGE RES. New Bedford, Mass. AS A FRIEND MACOMBER BROTHERS Kerosene and Fuel Oils Oil Burner Service and Sales ASSONET NURSERY High Street Assonet, Mass. TROY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Air Conditioning, Ventilation 994 Jefferson St., Fall River MACKENZIE WINSLOW, INC. Grain — Lumber Fall River, Mass. MARIE ' S CLEANERS 1867 Acushnet Ave. — Bet. Shaw and Clifford New Bedford, Mass. P AND S BURNER SERVICE Lakeville, Mass. M. MALONSON, FLORIST 3304 Acushnet Avenue— WY 54S77 New Bedford, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND AS A FRIEND 63 Sponsors ST. YVES MOTOR SALES New and Used Cars County Street, Berkley, Mass. Tel. 2-3642 CAUS MOTOR TRANS. Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet You ' ll See My Trucks on the Street Berkley, Mass. Best Wishes to the THE BOSTON STORE Class of ' 61 Middleboro, Mass. ROBERT DARLING Contractor and Builder Lakeville, Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of WIRTHMORE RESEARCH FARM JOHN W. CAIN SON Insurance — Realtor 462 Spring Street, Fall River Res. Assonet, Freetown — MI 4-2501 SMITHS ATHLETIC SUPPLY STORE Sporting Goods of All Kinds 1875 Achushnet Avenue New Bedford, Mass. MIDDLEBORO TRUST COMPANY " Commercial and Savings Department " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Middleboro, Mass. LAKE-VUE DRIVE IN County Road — On Long Pond Lakeville, Mass. Compliments of MIDDLEBORO COOPERATIVE BANK McNEIVS DRY GOODS Center Street Middleboro, Mass. Compliments of WILLIAM EGGER COMPANY, INC. 61 Pearl Street Middleboro, Mass. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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