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,f N ', I 2 ff, I1 I 1 L w , W A., P 1 The Senior Class of Appomattox High School of presents fl'!w'iyf','1 . ff? 'iw' X Q xW W f" 5 hh! I 'Q CN QJ fix QW ef for , 1959 I Il ,. . Dedication SARAH PEYTON ABBITT Because she was our friend. . . encouraging, advising, and contributing her warm understanding whenever we needed it. . . Because she was a unique figure in our class and our institute of learning and was superior to the average in her broad conception of life, love, and happiness. . . Because she was an extraordinary scholar and friend and served as a fine ex- emplar. . . Because she stood for the finest in ideals and goals and philosophies, and in- spired her fellow students to follow what is right, true, and just. . . Because of her many and varied contributions to our school and the influence she has had in our lives, we, the Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-nine Senior Class of Appomattox High School are proud, indeed, to dedicate this yearbook to Sarah Peyton Abbitt. Contents I. Foreword. . . II. Faculty. . . III. Classes. . . IV. Activities. . . V. Sports. . . VI. Advertisements. . . Foreword l stand for Appomattox High School. l possess within my leaves all your fondest and gayest and most trivial moments of learning and developing into a fine adult. When you leave my halls and walk upon my campus no longer as a student, you will reminisce and marvel at the stupendous subjects and instructors that aided in developing your mind. As the years pass and your memory seems to fail you, glance back into my leaves and contemplate the significance of your days at Appomattox High School. Read on, oh student of Appomattox High School, . . . read on. ' -IW 4 G ' ' , z Q I ,JL , 1 X gg. I z 'fini sw, P wg 756, s 7. E- so ' it J QI .ix wi I , , jg lx I Y Faculty 0 Appomattox High School MR. I- BURKE MR. E. SMITH Superintendent Supervisor of Schools 'fl - A, 17, g zf. 5 ' MR. G. RUSH MRS. M. ALVIS Principal Visiting Teacher p llilf' ,. . it to is ". i 1 :', Q Q .in B MRS. C. BEAMER MRS. C. GILBERT MRS. G. MORRIS MISS H. HOLLEY MRS. M. HOLLAND Shorthand English 11 and 12 Va. and U. S. History English 11 Algebra Typing History 8 Va. and U. S. Government Latin Plane Geometry Algebra Solid Geometry , .,.. VVIVA y rr-i V t V' , iief f tatii I' rr.. iee Seiii I R I iiei B ' rfiei ' F ' S f at B .t t .,'- I I MR. C. WILSON MRS. F. CHEATHAM MR. I. HUDSON MRS. G. MCCLENNY MRS. M. TAYLOR Distributive English 10 Algebra Typing Biology Education Spanish II General Math Bookkeeping Driver'S Training Diversified Chemistry General Business Occupations , MR. W. BUTLER English 9 MRS. N. CHAMBERS MRS. L. GREEN MRS. M. THOMAS General Science Home Ec. Home Ec. MR. G. BRAGG MR. B. BUSSEN MR. D. LE ROUX MR. I. MCLEAN Physical Education History 8 English 8 Business Math U. S. Government Math 8 Bookkeeping , r sae:ffff,'4w:11+,:-1,5 pu. :asf-iz.-if me :a as w rum.-Q., r .f ffx,fff5i:'s- I x, do W, 451 wa.. ,yes Q--we gf in le. S . ' V-t'-127. FSH' ..,Wf?:f , ff ., ' . Ag-E. is . x:EiM,,- l fgqw, A' H., .aaa 4' ,. MRS. L. MARTIN MR. I. HALL MR. L. MOTLEY MR. H. PACK MR. R. ASHWORTH Physical Education History 8 Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Spanish I General Shop Shop World History MISS J. ASHER MISS I. WINGFIELD MRS. N. IENNINGS MRS. V. CONNER School Librarian Band County Librarian Assistant County General Music l Librarian MRS. L. FERRELL Clerk A H! 19 CHARLES SAMUEL BURKS ' President. "Life is too important to take too seriously. RICHARD GLENN MORRIS Vice President "Dependable and a willing worker, " 59 ANN GAY CUNNINGHAM Secretary "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. " PEGGY FREEMAN GODSEY CHARLES F, CRAWLEY JR, VIRGINIA LEE MEGGINSON Treasurer Reporter HiS1Z0l'i3l'1 "Happiness is the result of "A Personality Of laughter "TO laugh is always better work well done, " and full. " than I0 CIY. " Seniors DAVID CLARKE AIAMOND ETTA VIRGINIA BEALE MARION SANDRA BLYTHE "Why areryt they all care- "Fine art is that in which "A friend to all, and all fl-ee like mefp- the hand, the head, and are her friends. " the heart go together. " REBECCA ELOISE BONDURANT ROBERT HARRISON BURGE SHIRLEY MAE BURGE "A merry heart maketh a "A quiet mind is nobler "A heart HS big 25 herself. cheerful countenance, " than a crown. " filled with kindness for everyone, " FRANKLIN LEIGH BURKE FRANCES RUTH CLAPP DAN GORDON COLEMAN "Life is a challenge that I 'faithfulness is Possessed NHB is noted for his touch' am ready to meet. " by those who have faith, " downs in football." OPAL MAE COLEMAN ROBERT ALLEN CONNER IDA VIRGINIA COVINGTON "Her hair shines no brighter "A very nice person to "To know her is to love her, " than her heart, " know, " ABBITT WAYNE DOSS DAVID LLOYD DOSS CECIL EUGENE D055 I "To live is to let live." "Si1ence is golden. " "A kind heart 13 3 fo'-'mam of gladness. " DENNIS WADE DRINKARD PAUL LEON EDMONDS DONALD MCKINLEY FERGUSON "Friendly to all, and all "He never thinks of the "Make hay while the sun are his friends. " futureg it comes soon shines, " enough. " HOWARD EUGENE FERGUSON RAYMOND LEWIS FERGUSON VIRGINIA GERTRUDE FRANKLIN "MCH of few words are the "Nothing ever worries me. " "Sweetness and fa ith can- best men. " not be lost. " NANCY LEE GALLIER BOBBY CHRISTIAN GARRETT LAVERNE STEVENS GARRETT "Hope well and have well, " "Ever so small in stature, " "He looks ahead to a great future. " JOEL CALVIN GEORGE BARBARA JOAN GILLIAM CLARENCE EDWARD GRISHAW "A P1e2Sing smile is a "We walk by faith and not "BY the Work, one knows SYIHPIOIII of good per- by sight. " the Workman. " sonality, " GRACIE JONES GUILL WALTER EDWARD JERRY ROBERT HARVEY "When homework will turn HANCOCK IR, "Bom with rhythm, " to housework at graduation. " "II is good Will that makes intelligence. " OMER JACKSON HENRY FRED DONALD JOHNSON RUTH ODE!-LE IOHNSON "An inspiration to all who "Cheerful and gay all "A little girl, quiet, have known him. " through the day. " demllre. " HELEN ELIZABETH MARTIN JERRY ANDERSON MARTIN MARGARET ANN MARTIN 'Truth makes life a noble "Red hair and 1Tl11Ch talent. " "Happy as the day is long. thing. " MARY ANNA MCDEARMON CLYDE FREDERICK CLYDE WILLIAM NASH "Not to know her is missing MITCHELL "Has an easy-going manner a great opportunity. " H? good- ion who gets a ong wit everyone. " JOYCE ANN NASH RALPH ELWOOD PANKEY d TERRY MAJOR PHELPS "Her lips spolre not an un- "Takes quite an interest "His personality and charm kind word. -- in his Studies. " please everyone. " JOAN MARIE PROFFITT MARY DIMPLE PUCKETTE DOROTHY FRANCES "It is a friendly heart that "A heart filled with kindness PULLIAM has plenty of friends, " for everyone. " "Blushing is the color of virtue. " CHARLENE FAYE RANSON MARY EDITH RANSON SARAH FRANCES SANDERS "Po1iteness goes far, yet , "Everything comes to those "Pep, good humor, ambi- costs nothing, " who wait, " tion, and speed. " PHILLIP WAYNE SCRUGGS ERMA LEE SHELTON CARRIE DAPHINE SMITH "Laugh and the world laughs "Constancy is the secret "Always ready to have a with you. " of success. " good time. " LOIS ANN SMITH ALBERT FORREST TAYLOR JACK EVERETTE TIBBS "Speech is silvery silence "Still waters run deep," "A little common sense is is go1den." worth a bushel of leaming. DENNIS WAYNE TORRENCE ANNA LOUISE WOOD HOICOMB THORNHILL "Knowledge comes, but "A faithful friend is better WOOD, IR, wisdom lingerg, " - than gold, " "Sma11 in size, but can play drums as no one else can CECIL GRIFFEN WOOLDRIDGE WALTER MURRELL WRIGHT "Good matured 30d full Of "Quietness indicates politeness. " fun. " Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries. - Tyndall. Senior Directory DAVID CLARKE ALMOND - Baseball: D. E. Hi- Y: Latin Club: Football: Science Club: Foren- sic Club: Music Club. ETTA VIRGINIA BEALE - FHA: Music Club: Secretary, FBLA: Annual Staff: Bus Captain. MARION SANDRA BLYTHE - Latin Club: Hist. - FHA: Annual Staff: Basketball: Newspaper. REBECCA ELOISE BONDURANT - FBLA: Music Club: 4-H Club: Tri-Hi-Y: FHA: Bus Captain: Science Club. ROBERT HARRISON BURGE - FFA: DO Club. SHIRLEY MAE BURGE - FHA: FBLA: Music Club: 4-H Club: Tri-Hi-Y. FRANKLIN LEIGH BURKE - President, School Band: Science Club: Forensic Club: Music Club: Annual Staff: SCA: Photography Club: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Hi-Y: Latin Club. CHARLES SAMUEL BURKS - President, Hi-Y: President of Senior Class: Treasurer, SCA: Beta Club: Annual Staff: Music Club: Monogram: Science Club: Football: Basketball: Baseball: Photography: Latin Club: Boys' State. FRANCES RUTH CLAPP - Latin Club: Bus Cap- tain: Music Club: Tri-Hi-Y. DAN GORDON COLEMAN - Photography: Hi- Y: Football: Baseball: Latin Club: President, Monogram Club: Science Club: Newspaper. OPAL MAE COLEMAN - FI-IA: Tri-Hi-Y: 4-H Club: FBLA. ROBERT ALLEN CONNER - Monogram: Hi-Y: Photography Club: Science Club: Basketball: Football. IDA VIRGINIA COVINGTON - Bus Captain: Treasurer, FBLA: Annual Staff: SCA: Music Club: FHA. CHARLES FRANCIS PAYNE CRAWLEY, JR. - Monogram: Latin Club: Spanish Club: Hi-Y: Annual Staff: Forensic Club: Football: Basket- ball: Baseball: Science. ANN GAY CUNNINGHAM - President, Science Club: President, Tri-Hi-Y: Music Club: Annual Staff: Latin Club: Beta Club: Newspaper: Span- ish Club: SCA: Monogram: Basketball, Co- Captain. ABBITT WAYNE DOSS - 4-H Club: FFA: Photog- raphy Club: KVG. DAVID LLOYD DOSS - KVG: 4-H Club: FFA: Junior Greenhand. CECIL EUGENE DOSS - Monogram: Photography Club: Football: Basketball. DENNIS WADE DRINKARD - FFA: Hi-Y: Baseball: Football: DE Club: 4-H Club: Science Club: Photography Club: Monogram Club. PAUL LEON EDMONDS - Monogram: Treasurer, Photography Club: Science Club: Hi-Y: Music Club: Basketball: Baseball: Football. DONALD MCKINLEY FERGUSON - 4-H Club: Hist. , DE Club: Baseball. HOWARD EUGENE FERGUSON - KVG: FFA:Science Club: Junior Greenhand. RAYMOND LEWIS FERGUSON - Music Club: Photography Club: Monogram: Baseball: Basket- ball: Football. VIRGINIA GERTRUDE FRANKLIN - Tri-Hi-Y: 4- H Club: FHA: DE - DO Clubs. NANCY LEE GALLIER - Secretary, DO Club: 4-H Club: FHA: Bus Captain: Music Club. BOBBY CHRISTIAN GARRETT - FFA: Music Club: Science Club. LAVERNE STEVENS GARRETT - FFA: Beta Club. JOEL CALVIN GEORGE - President, Hi-Y: Foot- ball: Basketball: Monogram: Photography Club: Music Club: Science Club: Newspaper: KVG. BARBARA JOAN GILLIAM - Tri-Hi-Y:FHA:FBLA: Music Club: Band: Newspaper: Basketball. PEGGY FREEMAN GODSEY - Treasurer and Vice President, Tri-Hi-Y: Treasurer, Beta Club: Presi- dent, Spanish Club: Secretary, SCA: Latin Club: Music Club: Annual Staff: Girls' State. CLARENCE EDWARD GRISHAW - Reporter and Secretary-Treasurer, Spanish Club: Annual Staff: Newspaper. WALTER EDWARD HANCOCK, IR. - Hi-Y: Science Club: Photography Club: SCA: Beta Club. JERRY ROBERT HARVEY - FFA: Band: Music Club: Hi-Y: Glee Club. OMER JACKSON HENRY - Chaplain and Vice President, FFA: Hi-Y: Beta Club: Football: School Bus Driver. FRED DONALD JOHNSON - Science Club: Latin Club. RUTH ODELLE JOHNSON - Tri-Hi-Y: FHA: FBLA. GRACIE MAE JONES - FHA: Music Club. HELEN ELIZABETH MARTIN - Tri-Hi-Y: Music Club: FBLA: 4-H Club: Latin Club: Forensic Club: Beta Club: Newspaper, Co-Ed- itor. JERRY ANDERSON MARTIN - Band: Music Club: Science Club: Basketball: SCA: Latin Club: Glee Club. MARGARET ANN MARTIN - FBLA: Beta Club: Tri-Hi-Y: FHA: Newspaper: 4-H Club: Science Club: Music Club. MARY ANNA MCDEARMON - Treasurer and President, Music Club: Reporter, Science Club: Band: President, 4-H Club: Vice Presi- dent and Reporter, Tri-Hi-Y: Latin Club: Basketball: Reporter, SCA: Spanish Club: Annual Staff, Editor-in-Chief. VIRGINIA LEE MEGGINSON - Latin Club: Tri- Hi-Y: Bus Captain: Basketball: Beta Club: FBLA: SCA: Music Club: Newspaper. CLYDE FREDERICK MITCHELL - Monogram: Football: Baseball: Basketball: President, Music Club: Forensic Club: SCA: Newspaper: Annual Staff: Photography Club: Science Club: 4-H Club. RICHARD GLENN MORRIS - I-Ii-Y: Science Club: Latin Club: Photography Club: Beta Club: Baseball. CLYDE WILLIAM NASH - DE Club. JOYCE ANN NASH - FHA: FBLA: Bus Captain. RALPH ELWOOD PANKEY - FFA. TERRY MAJOR PHELPS - Treasurer, Music Club: 4-H Club: I-Ii-Y: Science Club: Treasurer, DE Club: Football: Baseball. IOAN MARIE PROFFITT - Forensic Club: Latin Club: Music Club: Captain, Cheerleaders: Monogram: Newspaper Staff: Tri-Hi-Y: SCA. MARY DIMPLE PUCKETTE - Music Club: Latin Club: DO Club: FBLA Club: Annual Staff: Tri-Hi-Y: SCA: FHA: Forensic Club. DOROTHY FRANCES PULLIAM - 4-H Club: Music Club: Basketball: Historian, FBLA: News- paper: Forensic Club: Homecoming Queen. CHARLENE FAYE RANSON - Music Club: FHA: Tri-Hi-Y. MARY EDI'I'H RANSON - Music Club: FHA: Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y: Forensic Club: News- paper. SARAH FRANCES SANDERS - Forensic Clubs FHA: Cheerleader: Secretary-Treasurer, Mono- gram: Co-Captain, Basketball: Miss A. H. S. : FBLA: Newspaper: Tri-Hi-Y. PHILLIP WAYNE SCRUGGS - FFA: 4-H Club: Science Club. ERMA LEE SHELTON - Music Club: FHA: FBLA. CARRIE DAPHINE SMITH - FBLA: 4-H Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Music Club: FHA. LOIS ANN SMITH - Glee Club: Science Club: FHA: FBLA: Newspaper. ALBERT FORREST TAYLOR - Latin Club: Hi-Y: Photography Club. JACK EVERETTE TIBBS - Reporter and President, FFA: Basketball: Beta Club: Baseball: Annual Staff: Science Club. DENNIS WAYNE TORRENCE - Vice President and Treasurer, FFA: Vice President and Presi- dent SCA: Beta Club: Science Club. ANNA LOUISE WOOD - Treasurer and President, FHA: President, FBLA: Music Club: Secretary, Beta Club. HOLCOMB THORNHILL WOOD, IR. - Band: Baseball: Treasurer, DE Club: Vice President, Music Club: Spanish Club. CECIL GRIFFEN WOOLDRIDGE - FFA: Monogram Football: Basketball: Photography Club. WALTER MURREL WRIGHT - FFA: Science Club. Last Will and Testament We, the Seniors, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following items to the school, the faculty, and the students: Item 1: Item 1: Item 1: Item 1: Item 2: Item 3: Item 4: Item 5: Item 6: Item 7: Item 8: Item 9: Item 10 Item ll Item 12 Item 13: Item 14: Item 15: Item 16 Item 1'7 Item 18 Item 19 Item 20 Item 21 Item 22 ARTICLE I To the school we bequeath all of our permanent records, grades, and conduct cards to be disposed of within a reasonable length of time following our de- parture. ARTICLE II To the faculty we leave longer weekends, holidays every month, and students that listen and work diligently. ARTICLE III To the Junior Class we bequeath lots of "stick-fast" glue so that they will stick to their books next year and pass. We also leave them the empty seats in the front of the auditorium that were left to us by last year's seniors. A RTIC LE IV Clarence Grishaw happily leaves his "A" average to Hazel Hammock. Peggy Godsey leaves her wit and glowing personality to Linda Sue Hunter. Frances Sanders passes on her monogram A to Carole Faye Couch. Ann Cunningham wills her dignity and poise to Peggy Wooldridge. Dan Coleman leaves his class position to anyone who needs his grades. Helen Martin leaves her dependable ways to Nancy Evans. Etta Beale leaves her glasses to Io Ann Beamer to use whenever she wants to look studious. Glenn Morris turns his milk truck over to Brian Thomas, Louise Wood hands down her many worries as FBLA President to next year's president. I Virginia Megginson gives her height to Eloise Rosser and Ann Martin. Dennis Terrence bequeaths his leadership ability to Myron Richardson. Erma Shelton wills her quietness to Nancy Davis, Jack Tibbs leaves his ability to get along with people to Dickie Chandler. Walter Hancock hands down his "cat hat' to Charles Gills. Jerry Harvey bequeaths his many talents in the field of music to RussellMillner. I LaVerne Garrett leaves his position as assistant Sunday school teacher to Leon Bryant, Sandy Burks hands down his "hot rod" to Wade Rogers. ' Jack Henry leaves his iron nerves, acquired from drivingrthe school bus, to Robert Mann. L., I Barbara Gilliam takes her love of State Troopers with her. Raflph Pankey leaves his "talkativeness" to Kitty Wood. - Mary Edith Ranson hands down her shorthand tablet and pencil to Mildred Franklin Bobby Conner passes on his love of "goin' steady" to Toots Carter. Item 23 Item 24 Item 25 Item 26 Item 2'7 Item 28 Item 29 Item 30 Item 31 Item 32 Item 33 Item 34 Item 35 Item 36 Item 37 Item 38 Item 39 Item 40 Item 41 Item 42 Item 43 Item 44 Item 45 Item 46 Item 47 Item 48 Item 49 Item 50 Item 51 Item 52 Item 53 Item 54 Item 55: Item 56 Item 57 Item 58 Item 59 Item 60 Item 61 Item 62 Item 63 Item 64 Item 65 o n o - Mary Anna McDearmon leaves "Lulie" with a full tank of gas to Penny Abbitt, Doroth Pulliam wills her good looks to Linda Brooks. Ida Covington willingly leaves her many hours of hard work on the annual to Margaret Bragg. Jerry Martin bequeaths his red hair to Nell Farrar. Shirley Burge leaves her sunny smile to Joyce Cheatham. Bobby Garrett hands down his FFA projects to Henry Covington and Lewis Moore. Frank Leigh Burke leaves Brookneal to Bill Caldwell. Freddy Mitchell begrudgingly hands down his "little black book" to L, N. Garrett. Sandra Blythe leaves her - - - she just leaves school. Demp Puckette bequeaths her sweet disposition to Becky Reynolds. Eloise Bondurant wills her sparkling eyes and dark hair to Phyllis Terry. Gracie Guill passes her bashfulness on to Wayne Giles. Ann Martin leaves her talkativeness to Sandra Pillow. Dennis Drinkard bequeaths his school spirit to Joan Martin. Terry Phelps hands down his blond hair to Michael Srougi. Joan Proffitt wills her love of servicemen to Emily Burke. Charles Crawley passes his "Q Stick" down to Douglas Seamster. Joyce Nash bequeaths her sweet smile to Audrey Evans, David Almond leaves to Carol Ferguson his hidden talents in hopes that Carol will find them Ruth Clapp leaves her appealing voice to Sara Adams. Opal Coleman wills her neatness to Ruth Ranson and Wanda Morris, H. T. Wood, Jr, hands down his drumming talent to Samuel Dickerson. Robert Burge leaves his mechanical ability to Danny McFadden, Daphine Smith hands down her giggles to Myrtle Moore, Eugene Ferguson leaves his pleasantness to Randy McFadden. Phillip Scruggs gladly leaves his history outline to anyone who needs it. Charlene Ranson wills her "Tokyo Rose" voice to Patsy Tolley. David Doss leaves his rosy blush to Ruby Richardson. Virginia Franklin leaves her love of steady boyfriends to Sylvia Garrett. Ruth Johnson leaves her 105 pounds to Nancy Godsey, Cecil Wooldridge passes on ability U1 to catch passes to Brod Pack. Ray Ferguson leaves his pitching arm to James Doss. Walter Wright leaves his willingness to co -operate to Dewey Maddox, Lois Smith hands down her title as "Mrs, " to all the junior girls with diamonds, Albert Taylor bequeaths his shyness to Floyd Coleman. Joey George wills his "scholastic" and "athletic" abilities to Randy Almond, Nancy Gallier hands down her D. O, pin to Marshall Goin. Leon Edmonds leaves his broken ankle to any player who trips during the season. Wayne Doss wills his nickname "Foggy" to Johnny Taylor, Fred Johnson leaves his hillbilly music to Jimmy Mayberry. Dona ld Ferguson hands down his government book to Kenneth Lovell, Clyde Nash leaves his ability as a salesman to James Bohannon. Cecil Doss needs all he has. l 1 4 1 I i Y l Stcmchng Senzors History ofthe Senior Class It was an exciting day of orientation in early September, 1954, when one hundred twenty of us rather timorous eighth-graders converged at Appomattox High School to begin our difficult journey along the steep trail to Graduation Peak. At first we were happily oblivious of the magnitude of the task that loomed before us, but under the leadership of Captain Kerr and with the aid of our guides, Miss Carlton, Mrs. Gurney, Mrs. Holland, and Mr. Cockerill, the expedition was soon advancing in earnest toward the completion of the exploratory courses outlined for us that year. In addition, we found time to participate in many clubs and other activities of the school and even presented an assembly program on President 's Day for the entire student body. The dedication of the new gym- nasium was an important milestone that made traveling easier and more pleasant in the realm of physical education and athletics. As we finally neared the first plateau, we paused to celebrate with a festive picnic and then settled down for a rest. The climb grew ever steeper, but most of us were ready for the challenge of broader horizons in the ninth grade, and the party was augmented by fresh- men from Pamplin High School. Guided by Mrs. Runkle, Mrs. Ferrell, and Mr. Hudson, we separated into groups pursuing business, agriculture, home- economics, and college-preparatory courses, Band was included for the first time as an elective that year. Many became eligible for membership in more clubs and for participation in sports and other extracurricular activities. Mr. Godwin accompanied some of the science students on an eye -opening excursion to the zoo in Washington, D. C. After a year of strenuous marching, we were glad to stop for another class picnic and more rest on the second plateau. Taking up our burdens again, we forged ahead in our sop. nore year, this time under Captain Christopher and with the assistance of Mrs. heatham, Mrs. Beamer, and Mr. Coates. A new program of distributive education and diver- sified occupations was introduced into the curriculum, and some of us, with an eye to preparation for future careers, signed up to take the courses the following year, Promising vocalists in the party joined the choral group directed by Mr. Coates. There were many obstacles in our rocky path, but most of us had learned to use our skills in mountain -climbing, to follow the signposts - the counsel that teachers offered along the way, - and to persevere until we reached another resting place, Heartened by our success in attaining the status of Juniors, we were soon pressing on, though we were grieved by the tragic loss of a very gifted and likable fellow traveler, Kenneth Marsha ll, Mrs. Morris and Miss Holley patiently guided us through the dark forests and lush meadows of American history and literature, and there were new trails to blaze in physics and solid geometry, which our school now offered. Some of the junior girls were among the first to use the new facilities of our expanded home-economics department. Miss Riemann, an exchange teacher from Denmark, joined the faculty and brought a thrilling awareness of other lands to the country, As a sign of our progress thus far and of our hope of eventually reaching Graduation Peak, we had the privilege of receiving our class rings. Moreover, there were memorable group activities to create an exuberant ESPRIT DE CORPS - presentation ofthe Christmas pageant and the play, to which we gave our best talent and full support, and entertain- ment of the seniors with an enchantingly lovely prom that united our hearts in a glowing atmosphere of utter ecstasy. How we regretted the all-too-rapid termination of this happy adventure on the trail to the summit! Now, we, the sixty-five stout-hearted climbers who remain, face the final stretch of our long journey, and our attention is focused keenly on majestic Graduation Peak, cloaked in clouds but crowned by the rays of the rising sun. Our heartaches and triumphs, all steps toward maturity along the road we have traveled, have prepared us to accept the privileges and responsibilities of seniors as we raise our standards and goals ever higher. During our senior year we had a new captain, Mr, Rush, to lead our expedition pedition. We were divided into two groups with Mrs. Beamer and Mrs. Gilbert as guides. But our journey was suddenly halted by the death of a fellow traveler, Peyton Abbitt. After making a pilgrim age to Liberty Baptist Church to pay our la st respects to our beloved classmate, we continued our journey toward grad- uation, Early in September we put our democratic principles, which we were so diligently taught in history and government, to practical use in our senior class elections. CHINA BOY, our senior play, was a tremendous success. We all took an active part to make the play an outstanding feature of the senior year. We seniors are anxiously anticipating the arrival of the month of May during which time we are planning a trip to New York. Before finally reaching Graduation Peak, we will be entertained by our successors with an elaborate farewell party, the Junior-Senior Prom. Our greatest aspiration, that of reaching Graduation Peak will soon be realized. As we stand on the elevation just below the Peak, we look over past experiences with the realization that our expedition will soon be com- pleted and each will go his own way. We look upward toward Graduation Peak and realize that once we have reached our destination and obtained the awards of our achievement, we will become travelers on other highways lead- ing to other peaks of achievement. Historians, Peyton Abbitt Virginia Megginson President LYLE GARRETTE Vice-President SCCTCWTY BILL CALDWELL EMILY WOOD BURKE Treasurer Reporter Historian MYRON RICH A RDSQN CHARLES GILLS LUELLA MARTIN funior Class O jicers Real knowledge, like everything else of value, is not to be obtained easily. It must be worked for, studied for, thought for, and, more than all, must be prayed for. A T. Arnold P. ABBITT S. ADAMS R. ALMOND D. BALDWIN L. BALDWIN I. BEAMER R. BLACKWELL I. BOHANNON I. BOLLINGER M. BRAGG L. BROOKS L. BRYANT K. CARTER R. CHANDLER I. CHEATHAM M. CHILDRESS I. CHRISTIAN N. CHRISTIAN F. COLEMAN C. COUCH H. COVINGTON N. DAVIS S. DICKERSON G. DOSS I. DOSS T. DRINKARD A. EVANS N. EVANS G. FARRAR C. FERGUSON C. FRANKLIN M. FRANKLIN S. FULLER S. GARRETT P. GILBERT W. GILEI www M- UUIN M. com D. GREEN H. HAMMOCK M. HIGGINEOTHAM L. HUNTER C. JONES M.F. JONES R. LEWIS P. LUCADO D. MIEDOOX R. MANN A. MARTIN B. MARTIN D. MARTIN I. MARTIN I. MARTIN N. MAYBERRY R. MCFADDEN R. T. MEGGINSON R. MILLNER M. MOORE W, MORRIS B. PACK S. PILLOW R. RANSON B. REYNOLDS R. RICHARDSON E. ROSSER L. SARVER D. SEAMSTER C. SHELTON C. SHIREY A. TAYLOR G. TAYIDR I. TAYLOR P. TERRY B. THOMAS F. THORNHILL P. TOLLEY H. TOTTY M. SROUGI E. WILLIAMS B. WEBBER K. WHITE K. WOOD P- WOOLDRIDGE Huriter Tolley LHHY Torrence Sophomores Teddy Garrett Donald Gurney D. Ayers B. Alvis T. Arrington T. Ashworth D. Baldwin C. Bass G. Bergdoil L. Bingham I. Burks H. Carter R. Carter C- CHISOI1 H- C2-YSOH M- Chellaulf " 1 ...r.. it .. . " ' .A rrhh A A " , rl F V ' L ' IF " . V -.A' A .'A. F .- rhh, ,.r. W .'.'AA , L. ' f l ' ' ' + -...- f f F f L-3 'F M. Chenault P Clifton E. Coleman H Conner E. Covington L. Crowder O. Cuneo P. Davis R. Davis C. Dickerson E. Drinkard C. Ferguson N. Ferguson V. Ferguson H. Flood D. Fowler D. Franklin D. Franklin R. Franklin M. Garrett R. Garrett B. Godsey A. Greene D. Guill P. Guill I- Gunter R- GUHICI B. Henderson Vlarnerson G. Leffers B. Lee L. Lewis K. Lovell E. Mann B. Martin r. Martin G. Martin H. Martin J. Martin R. Martin T. Matthews L. May ss- maya L. rvrcraauen B. McKenna P. Mitchell D. Moore E. Moore H. Moore' L, Moore Ka Moore K. Moore T. Moore J. Nash P. Phelps P. Phelpsm , . ... ...., nu nvuvuauu H. .wt-Eers rx. rxouton W. Shelton B. Slagle R. Spiggle T. Stratton P. Thompson U. runner J. watson LJ. Webb C. Webber M. Webber D. Wells P- Wilcox D- vvumns B. Williams L. Williams F. Wingfield B. wright J. Wright President CA LVIN F ERGUSON Vice President Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA JAMERSON TOMMY MATTHEWS Reporter CAROL GILBERT Freshman Class "what we know here is very little, but what we are ignorant of is im- mense. " -Laplace C. Mayberry D. Mayberry C. Mayberry C. Mays D. McCormick J. McCormick M. Mitchell J. Moon M. Moore R. Morris W. Nash K. O'Brien A, Pankey K. Paulette C. Pelps I. Pelps A. Powell R. Powell C. Price G. Price I. Price C. Martin G. Pugh B. Ragland J. Ranson D. Repass C. Richardson J. Roach S. Saunders B. Shupe C. Slayton S. Staten B. Taylor R. Terry P. Thomas I. Thompson D. Tomlin R. Totty S. Trent B. Tucker I. Webb B. Weeks J. Weeks I. West L, Whorley G. Wilbun B. Williams D. Wooten V. Wooten D. Zentner H. Almond J, Baldwin W. Baldwin B. Beale L. Beard J. Brown V. Caldwell I. Canada J. Carnefix C. Carter N. Chandler I. Chandler D. Chenault C. Childers B. Clapp B. Franklin I. Coggins L. Doss P. Farrar N. Fields M. Franklin H. Lipscomb W. Gobble L. Goin M. Goin M. Green J. Guill I. Gunter R. Hamilton L. Hamlett C. Harris N. Harvey I. Hook M. House H. Hunter I. Inge S. Inge J. Irby W. Jamerson W. Johnson B. Kerr N. Lewis P. Lewis B. Lovell B. Mann H. Mann M. Martin I. Massie T. Maxwell B. Mayberry w. Abbitt E H. Almond K. Almond, P. Almond, J. Alvis, B. Arrington, G. Ayers, P. Baldwin, M. Barger, D. Bass, L. Batien, M. Booth, N. Burge, W. Burke, V. Burks, R. Brown, S. Bryant, D. Campbell, H. Campbell, B. Carter, R. Chandler, L. Cheatham, P. Cheatham, A. Childress, N. Childress, J. Cocks, R. Conner, C. Crawley, J. Cumbey, J. Cyrus, J. Davidson, A. Evans, M. Ferguson, H. Fields, P. Franklin, R. Fuller, J. Gallier, I. Garrett, W. Garette, R. Giles, S. Gills, J. Gobble, P. Godsey, S. Godsey, B. Goin, R. Goin, F. Grishaw, M. Grishaw, J. Gunter, J. Harrison, J. Harris, J. I-Iarse, H. Harvey, C. Hash, J. Hicks, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, P. Jones, J. Kerr, N. Kidd, l. King. P. Lucado T. Mabley J. Maddox, D. Mann, H. Mann, L. Mann, W. Mann, A. Martin, E. Martin, G. Martin, F. Martin, A. Mayberry, J. Mayberry, M. Mayberry, P. Mayberry, P. Mayberry, R. Mayberry, B. McFadden, E. McFadden, J. McCormick, M. McCleny, D. Moon, A. Moore, T. Moore, S. Moses, R. Mullins, B. Nash, L. Nash, G. Nash, C. Page, J. Page, N. Page, T. Panky, S. Phelps, R. Price, C. Pugh, E. Ranson, H. Ransom, M. Ranson, S. Richardson, T. Richardson, C. Robinson, J. Sarver, B. Scruggs, E. Sheffield, R. Smith, V. Smith, B. Stratton, I. Sykes, B. Thomas, L. Thomas, J. Tolley, S. Tucker, F. Watson, G.'Webb, P. Wells, I. Whitehead, B. Wilcox, E. Wilkins, F. Williams, V. Williams, G. Woods, M. Woody, R. Woody, D. Wright. ' Sas-s??'9T'N Here s a recipe for living A A satisfying life If you use the mixture daily It will greatly lessen strife To a goodly bit of temperance, FROM YOUR CAFETERIA: 'X ffa f I K 1 .fp I X I X ' I I . 1 Q MRS. ANNIE LAURIE BABCOCK N K D. Add a bit of self controlg Hector These with humor, grief and sympathy Are tonics for the souL Then add consideration 1 And a dash of courtesyg . g. K, H V, V You'11 find these very helpful Wherever ygu may be. M QQ, t, 1 Qi: , t .:,,, ff Be sure to add some laughter, Q1 gg And mix in a lot of song: M 't"i-V These will increase your happiness W 'A As you wend your way along, MRS- HOLLY CAWTHORNE To faith and hope and charity Add these mystic things called loveg These attributes may be obtained From the Ruler up above, Of course you should use gratitude As these goodly things you share. So learn them as each day goes With thankfulness and prayer. Mas. DORA CONNER y A 5 ffff A A f 1 -rs' .s ,! ' .L,s Z ,I 4 fr, ji. ' y ,,, 'I , , , I I ,,... ,.'V ,. ,r , , , , . 4,:rfI,I ,. .. , ,, .T I., fi ,Q If 1 , -K .I ' .---Q, .- inure? ,. . ,,'. A .L -',- g , - . I I ff IIA!- I- 'rf fr, I 55:55, , 1 rf ,, . - 1 if-fl -f--fsffhi ' '-: lr xx fs . f-, I,,,. : , .MI I I, ,In I I, ,L 3,53 I ,- i , ' , Z hz 'In MRS. MILDRED RICHARDSON MRS. GLADYS LOVELL --0 K ff-1' MRS. M. MCKENZIE e--ff' -a-" 'J rPh K I mlgfg President - Dennis Torrence Vice-President - Myron Richardsong Treasurer Sandy Burks Secretary - Peggy Godseyg Reporter - L. N Garrette Sponsor - Mrs. McClenny REPRESENTATIVES Frank Burke Walter Hancock Charles Gills Douglas Seamster Randy Almond Patsy Gilbert Anne Martin Buddy Day Robert Garrett Carolyn Mays Larry Torrence Lawrence Beard Peggy Lewis Nancy Jo Kidd Jan Sykes Gaynell Martin Eva Moore Patricia Thomas Marlene Barger Suzanne Gills 095 Of 14. 0 -Q9 Art Editors Sports Editors 1 Ann Martin - Business Manager Bafbafa Gilliam Ruth Ramon . Joey George Shirley Burge - Cir. Manager ' Clarence Gl'1Sh3W Dorothy Pulliam Joan Proffitt Freddie Mitchell Co-Editors. . .Helen Martin - Frances Sanders Assistant Editors. . .Hazel Hammock - Kitty Wood Editorial Editors Senior Spotlight Typists Patsy Tolley Mary Edith Ranson Sandra Blythe Sandra Pillow Virginia Megginson , Faye Th0If1hi1l Erma Shelton Penny's Party Line PCSSY W001dl'idge l f, , paISY Gilbert Future Farmers of America President ---- ---- - JACK TIBBS Treasurer - - - - ROBERT MANN Vice President ---- DENNIS TORRENCE RCPOTICI' ' ' ' ""' .TACK HENRY Secretary ----- MYRON RICHARDSON Sentinel - - - - - HENRY COVINGTON Advisors - MR. MOTLEY and MR. PACK HOMECOMING FLOAT Lewis Moore and his work for F.F. A. Greenhand initiation Farm show display Shop judging contest Hunter Tolley and prize beef calf Dennis Torrence and prize dairy calf Lewis Moore working on his tractor President IO ANN BEAMER LUELLA MARTIN State Secretary and Federation President tug 15,4 me 3 Y A ' S 355 Vr mf 5 if 1 fm- "" 53 I! in 3 ., ,tgrfigf Q CAROLE FAYE COUCH , Vice President Vice President .x,wi,f'i H ,I . ,, , '11, A 7 if 2 fiz ,:...., - 1,... ' A-if , d Ag! e'srf 'ii' is ! My 'X 4 llg H S2 .mst ,fi ffff ,viii .1 Kg, misssiii 'Z Mmm, fVfil..:l3Iff:il5 LINDA ANDERSON Federation and State Sponsor Cha W 5? Q X it r 1. H QC ji: X s i as f MRS. THOMA S . g ,S ws' R N 'qt ., is .WI-A at 12.123 . I rrrrrsnn , f 1 fgir-1.42 X Secretary ji it s , ,A if , , fl 1 Qi 5 .fi i f Aww i I ' ' -- P1 PATRICIA THOMAS pter Sponsor A .,.w,,,,5 ,,m mu, . f MW mtifmgt' 1 'Q .. V ..,, L.. A 'S . -"' 1 ig, "S-'W Yf"4'As1,e, 5 .:"f. is MRS, GREEN ,, . 1f"2qf"' 1 wg. ff 1 -E z ' L.. -. t 'JA ,f :CWD "'- ue. ,HQ S . ' 3895 A U H , J. fe Q 5 . 75 ,v A 92 .K 3 4 ,A 'Q WHEWBPE ,, F x W' gem BW :V 2 MOTTO: Toward New Horizons, COLORS: Red and White Treasurer if M-.LL , 3 3,31 "ff , v , gf? if ,.s'. A H , 5' f H. Z E.. W , 5 , gr 3, , K .,., , -lf - -. , -- f ' L W H P' fir an W ,f "W 'ffwaz ff f- - -.iw . f ,-ew f ,.- gm: g: V-1 .AV I If , , EM. W .V Q2 . .,,, ,Q ,KH gf., 1: , v ' , 72, , " -7,,.,f-W , ,iflye . 'A' " W , . f-h W. . - . 'K- 1 1 sv,, ,VI .E ' -1iL'?'5I-JW' i, 2 3 -f, r' W lf 3 ff W 5 4 W - my-..:,Z fb, , V- ., ' E. f -. - g' ..'. , 1. QQ ' " , 'W w w gf . Ti ef Alli - 'L Ei' :QW Q ii ji ff ' milf 3 L,.1: Z sw Ll 'ML f FQ '- :Q L . s, of X 99, ,. 3, fn 3-Mae H M545 :, - 2 W 0 'U O 2 0 v-1 'JI 5. rr O I-1 H- ll 5 B91 ,X , J, if - K :gp F .ay ,, 55 'S vig, 'gag fx 'Ii 485 '31 E X1 .- , 'N .gg "-f'?4f'4 +5 -6 L ar? 'Si M X FHA Sweetheart W R5 21545 fe f if N lf 4 9 Q Z Wu, MFT QA! ug :KWH ef Y L fag-ef, KATHRYN ROUTON KITTY V. WOOD CATHERINE RICHARDSON BROD PACK Club Mother Club Mother Sivrj . e g- MRS. MARTIN MRS, BEAMER 5 x , The Traveler Stay? H t gss f 1.?4w-1-fm, 1 ,. 1 A 152, ""'s4!1f5s4111.s-:,. 1 , .ft :e2geL,s1,1 fi s ff--, 1 1 ss :M .. 1 A 3 , ,,,!e.. W, .. 1 -", i . I , - Assistant Editor , ,. PENNY ABBITT Assistant Editor e MARGARET BRAGG f'fi'1 s 1 90,1 gm ' X lf? 11 3 Wi? ' 5' sift, 'EM 1. i 1 ,, Kl Y . Yew, 1 pgs, sail My . 3:11 5 -aaa at 1' 114, sm it f if Q ALI' P' . A Business and Advertising Editor CHARLES CRAWLEY A -Qgxf' 2 ss ,, ,S 4, A, YL W of ' 1. W 1 j, S , 1, i -QJYZ s, xg A KA. RSM, Editor-in-Chief MARY ANNA MCDEARMON 1 M1 it s 1 xgrfi 1 1 Risky 1: s kv if ek Q5 K K" ii 'ia 'H 1 tg 1 1 sm Y Subscription Editor .TACK TIBBS site "G-'W' tggif is 'egg :ff f .V 1 1 iw' Y as 1 113 Q -NB 11 1 W1 k 1 1 7 xii' 1 ,1 ii,---D1 115, ,A Jr 1 fi Z 5' 11 'gp 4 ,at if .a ff. Snapshots N' 'A K FRANK LEIGH ,fre N1 Xe 92,222+ "' 5 1 6 W I 'Q ,-E Vltt 4 3,13 ., 5 had W , 321 , 5 HH r , ,iw 1 11 1 194 1 1 4 3 41 2 ' e L Ui: 1 QW 1 A BURKE Sponsor MRS. C. GILBERT A 1 fffsksef 1gss'gf1f1ff1fw2 if,i f Qt .,. 1, We .:.. 1 1 YR' ,A tai, . EFXN 1 ,ff it 1 ' .5 1 1 11 , 11 1 11 Q Je f 1 " F 1' F' in 5 i 'I xi 'view " Q .fi' ,Q ,,, ,.n, We T 4 is K 12 , ,,,, 1 - A 'Q 'lf f Assistant Editor IO ANN BEAMER i .fil m -3 I-1 isa 1 1 iff 1, K 1 15: 1 11, 1 'G 1 sh i? 1 as Q Literary 'Editor CLARENCE GRISHAW af-ei' Y Wifi 2, 1 , 1. 3 , ..1: rr, 1 U we 11 11, riquifgki 1 ig! dk '51s Sports Editor SANDY BURKS . ,JWZLSZKE 155 ::E .. ,,sa w e ' Art Editor EMILY BURKE Clubs Senior Write-Ups sANDRA BLYTHE , E TA B ' is ,,,1 1 1s,1 ,,,, . - Senior Write-Ups IDA COVINGTON A ' Senior Write-Ups ANN MARTIN FBLA. LOU'lSE WOOD IO ANN BEAMER ETTA BEALE IDA COVINGTON PATSY GILBERT DOROTHY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter PULLIAM Historian FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Godsey, Eloise Bondurant, Ann Martin, Hazel Ham- mock, Nancy Evans, Erma Shelton, Mildred Franklin, Frances Sanders, Patsy Tolley. BACK ROW, left to right: Sponsor, Mrs. Celia Beamer, Ruth Johnson, Daphine Smith, Joyce Nash, Wanda Morris, Sylvia Garrett, Opal Coleman, Lois Smith, Nell Farrar, Virginia Megginson, Sara Adams, Helen Martin. Frances Sanders - Longwood District Secretary The Appomattox Chapter 609 of the Future Business Leaders of America is an or- ganization open to juniors and seniors who are enrolled in business subjects. The purposes of the club are to create more understanding and interest in choosing a business occupation, to develop competent, aggressive leadership, and to strengthen the confidence of the members in themselves and in their work. f7 Omcers X1 Imperator ---- - - - -DONALD GURNEY 'H' Imperator Secundus - - ROBERT GARRETTE "" scuba --------- - - PAYE MARTIN s Q -I -I I 1, . ' Nuntia ----- - - - - BENTLEY MARTIN . Pontifex Maximus ------- HAL FLOOD I, 11 , A L- l Il 51 ffl 4 V , .fn 1 3 Agli Q gf I.- l kv P-? ,. 1, 5 ,., 11-'15, . 'Law ' .fifil-:lf Wy.-WJ: V ti s Q 12 I pk, E, 11' 4 1519!- ' RJ... .. mv' 3,222 . , , A, , get "6 53.4.2 Q s..,233-in ,. A , . 13' ' Var? 'f-ZZ --' I -K 4' 1 1 '5' 'f'? ' ,wa - mf " wang: u : id. Q1 ' rj 'Vp 211'-f of ' .:Q7'g',gV ' vig 'iff' 'irq -1 , r.,.4 X 9.-I ,Il fa! Members B. Alvis, C. Carson, H. Carson, L. Crowder, M. Garrett, E. Mann, F. Martin, J. Martin, C. Mays, E. Moore, A. Ranson, J. Richardson, P. Thompson, C. Webb, R. Gaffeffe. H- Flood, D. Gurney, H. Hunter, G. Leffers, B. Martin, P. Phelps, B. Wilkins, V. Caldwell, N. Chandler, P. Farrar,. P. Lewis, N. Lewis, M. Mitchell, M. Moore, K. O'Brien S. T ' , rent, L. Beard, R. Hamilton, B. Pack, and K. Paulette. Omcers President ---- - - PEGGY GODSEY Vice President - - - - ANN MARTIN Secretary - - - - - - PENNY ABBITT Treasurer - - - - - PATSY GILBERT Reporter - - - - - - TOMMY ASHWORTH X Motto: Adelante, siempre adelantel X X f Colors: Red, white, green El Club Espanol Members T. Ashworth, G. Leffers, H. Hammock, L. Brooks, H. Conner, N. Evans, N Farrar, L. Hunter, P. Abbitt, C. Couch, E. Burke, J. Martin, A. Martin, A. Evans, P. Gilbert, D. Chandler, G. Bergdoll, E. Rosser, L. May, H. Carter, P. Guill, P. Godsey, M. McDearmon, A. Cunningham, C. Grishaw. The Appomattox High School Band OFFICERS President - - ------ Frank Leigh Burke Vice-President - - - - -Randy Almond Reporter ---- - -Sandra Pillow Assistant Conductor - - - - Jerry Martin Managers - - - - -J. Moon, S. Staten T. Matthews, T. Ashworth MEMBERS S. Adams W. Burke M. Franklin C. Martin D. Morris P. Thomas R. Almond C. Carter D. Gurney I. Martin W. Morris B. Watson T. Ashworth C. Childers I. Harvey T. Matthews S. Pillow B. Williams M. Barger B. Clapp S. Inge C. Mays E. Ranson F. Wingfield G. Bergdoll V. Ferguson P. Iamerson R. Millner C. Richardson F. Burke D. Fowler G. Leffers J. Moon J. Sykes President Assistant Conductor Conductor Frank Leigh Burke Jerry Martin Joyce Wingfield Beta Club President ---- - - -Ann Cunningham Treasurer - - - -Jack Henry Vice-President - - - - - Glenn Morris Reporter - - - - Charles Gills Secretary ---- - - - Louise Wood Chaplain - - - - Patsy Gilbert SPOHSOI' - - - - Mrs. Holland Monogram Club President ---------- Dan Coleman Vice-President - - - - - - Joey George Secretary-Treasurer ---- Frances Sanders Reporter ------- - - - Penny Abbitt D. O. Club President - - - - - Demp Puckene Secretary-Treasurer - - - - Nancy Gallier Vice-President - - - - Robert Burge Sponsor ------- - - Mr. Wilson D.E. Club President - - - - - Terry Phelps Treasurer - - - - H- T- Wood Vice-President - - - - Dennis Drinkard SPOHSOI' - - - - - Mr- Wilson Secretary ---- - - Virginia Franklin Photography Sponsor - D. Le Roux N2 '+I President, W. Hancock: Vice President, G. Morris, Secretary-Treasurer, E. Burkeg Reporter, D. Gurney. Junior Tri-Hb Y Sponsor - L. Martin President, P. Lewis: Vice President, V. Caldwell: Secretary, G. Marting Treasurer, S. Trent: Reporter, P. Tollyg Chaplain, M. Jarnerson. Hi- Y Club Sponsors, G. Rush, C. Wils on and Mr. Butler, President, S. Burksg Vice-President, J. George, Secretary, F. Mitchell, Treasurer, D. Coleman, Reporter, D. Almondg Chap- lain, D. Drinkard. Senior Tri-Hi- Y Club ta , F. Sanders: Treasur President, A. cunningham, Vice-President, P. Godseyg Secre ry 1 ' , B. Gilliamg Sponsor, G. Morris. er, M. Ransong Reporter, S. Pillow, Chap am 1 Junior Science Sponsor, Mrs. Nancy Charnbersg President, K. Paulette, Vice President, A, Martin Secretary, S. Gilbert, Treasurer, D. Fullerg Reporter, Anne Martin. Music Club Sponsor, Miss Joyce Wingfieldg President, F. Mitchell, Vice President, J. Georgeg Secretary, F. Sandersg Reporter, L. Edmonds. -w wb The parade down Main Street during Homecoming 4 453 Q 19 The Appomattox High King-and-Queen Float for Homecoming I I O06 Ola 41 School Homecoming The High School Royalty of Home coming How's this for twirling pulchritude? A.H.S. Cheerleaders V-I-C-T-O-R-Y EMILY WOOD BURKE PENNY ABBITT CAROLE FAYE COUCH LUELLA MARTIN CAPTAIN JOAN PROFFITT FRANCES SANDERS JOAN MARTIN NANCY CHANDLER SANDRA TRENT MARGARET ANN BRAGG The Hornets, Ready for Action K-'Q Group II - District 4 Champions in 1957 and 1958. Coach Bragg, Dennis Drinkard, Donald Tomlin, Leon Edmonds, Freddy Mitchell, Joey George, Carroll Ferguson, Raymond Ferguson, David Wells, Dickie Guill, Bill Caldwell, L. N. Garrette, Norman Mayberry, Gerald Price, Charles Crawley, Sandy Burks, Brain Thomas, Dan Coleman, Randy Almond, James Doss, Dickie Chandler, Stuart Fuller, Brod Pack, Donald Bald- win, Karl Carter, Johnny Canada, Bob Henderson, Robert Garrette, Bobby Conner, Sammy Inge, Percy Lucado, Dwight Greene, Freddie Wingfield, Cecil Wooldridge. Halfback Center Right End LEON EDMONDS SANDY BURKS KARL CARTER Co-Captains of The "Hornets" Quarterback Right Tackle FREDDY MITCHELL IOEY GEORGE Left Guard Hufback V Right End CHARLES CRAWLEY CECIL WOOLDRIDGE BOBBY CONNER Left End Right Guard Fullback RAY FERGUSON DENNIS DRINKARD DAN COLEMAN 1 T' LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Caldwell, M. Bragg, A. Martin, P. Thomas, P. Tolley I V. Megginson, A. Cunningham, F. Sanders, B. Gilliam, L. Martin, S. Blythe, E. Rosser, A. Ransom, J. Martin, D. Mayberry. Ann Cunningham Frances Sanders Forward Forward Co-Captains 1 1 Sandra Blythe Guard Virginia Megginson Barbara Gilliam Forward Forward LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Ferguson, R. Ferguson, S. Burks, C. Doss, K. Carter, Captain, R. Almond, J. George, F. Wingfield, F. Mitchell, and L. Garrett. K. Carter, Forward C. Burks, Forward J. George, Forward J. Tibbs, Forward l F , Mitchell. Guard L. Edmonds, Guard C. Doss, Center R. Ferguson, Guard F. Boys' I V Football R. Garrette, D. Baldwin, D. Tomlin, D. Maxwell, D. Wells, B. Henderson, B. Day, A. Reynolds, G. Leffers, B. Martin, D. Repass, S. Inge, F. Bryant, S. Phelps, S. Fuller, L. Williamson, T. Maxwell, C. Ferguson, B. Clifton, J. Phelps, W. Johnson, D. Fuller, B. Williams, H. Carter, J. Sykes, J. White head, B. Burke, W. Mann, B. Wilcox, W. Abbitt. Boys, I V Basketball J. Mayberry, I. Doss, I. Canada, D. Guill, R. Garrette, B. Pack, D. Max- well, H. Tolley, F. Johnson, B. Henderson, C. Ferguson, J. Whitehead, L. Torrence, H. Conner. 4 L 4 w l 1 I 4 i w i N w , J Congratulations , Seniors ! Your high school diploma plus an accredited PBC diploma is the formula for SUCCESS. Investigate - Visitors Welcome PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia SCHEWEL FURNITURE co. 1025-29 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia "Let Schewel's Feather Your iNest' ' PATTERSON DRUG CO. Lynchburg, Va. "Prescriptions Are Our Specialty" BARR BROTHERS Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Easy Credit Terms Lynchburg, Virginia EASTERN ELECTRIC CO, Electrical Wholesalers 920 - 922 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Va. Compliments of BAILEY-SPENCER HAR DWAR E COMPANY S. O. FISHER'S 1024 Main Street Athletic Goods Educational Goods and Toys for Over 125 Years Lynchburg, Va. CANADA PRODUCE CO. Canafdafs Premium Tomatoes Dial 2.3483 Lynchburg, Va. Compliments of BOB'S CASH STORE "The Best Buys Anywhere" J. E. JAMERSON at SONS B uilding M ate rial Appomattox , Va . W. H. LlGON'S SONS Acknowledged Leading Distributors Pamplin, Vir ginia "Star Brand" Shoes Are Better HAR OLD Y. SPENCER 1 Druggist Appomattox, Virginia WEST END MARKET We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Fresh Vegetables Route 460 Appornattox, Va. THE PARKWAY RESTAURANT Serving "Food as Good as the Best" Open 6 A.M. Until 12 P.M. We Cater to Private' Parties Football Players and Spectators Phone 88,61 BEASLEY'S TEXACO SERVICENTER GROVER CJUNIORQ BEASLEY . Prop. T A Best Prices in Town at'iBea.s'ley A Complete and Friendly Servic at All Times E Route 460 t. ' 5 In Mid-Appomattox, Va. 's e PARKWAY FUEL CO. 1 Esso Gasolines - Heating Oil Motor Oil - Accessories J. K. MARSHALL, Distributor Appornattox, Va. Route Z4 Phone 4726 1.1. Compliments Compliments of of WEBB-WHITAKER BARKER-JENNINGS CO- CORPORATION Men and Young Men's Clothes WHOLESALE 909 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia C ompliments of VOGUE'S JAMES T. DAVIS INC. Every Good Wish Buy the Package With the Big Check Mark From Dhiv . .nu JOHN E. GANNAWAY QW CW MILK AND ICE CREAM Dial VI 7-4464 QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS, 8: CO., INC. INC' 201 Oakley - Lynchburg, Va. SOUTHERN PARTS 8: BEARING CO., INC. "The Parts People" 102.2-26 Commerce St. Phone: VI54545 Lynchburg, Virginia FURNITURE COMPANY, INC Complete Home Furnishings A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration 924 - Main Street - 620 Lynchburg, Va. HAMMERSLEY MOTORS, INC. 12th and Fort Avenue Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel Continental, English Ford HOLLINS MILL DRIVE-IN Lynchburg's Oldest "Food is Our Specialty 1701 Hollins Mill Road In Lynchburg It's MILLNER'S "The Shopping Center" for Younger Crowd Fashions L. OPPLEMAN Lynchburg, Va. 825 Main Street Exclusive Dealers for: Conn and Holton Band Instruments Trumpets Clarinets Saxophones Sheet Music and Records Phonographs Gibson Guitars Mandolins Banjos C. F. Martin Guitars Fender Guitars Elgin Watches Crown Luggage Amplifiers Your Jewelry Music and Luggage Store FALWELL WELL CORPORATION WELL DRILLING Complete Water System Box 937 Phone Victor 6-27E95 3732 Campbell Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia DICKERSON BUICK CORPORATION Home of New Buicks La Sabre Invicta Electra Federal Near 5th Street Lynchburg, Virginia C. H. BEASLEY 8. BRO. CORPORATION Wholesale Grocers 915 - 917 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Va. Shop Both Stores in Lynchburg 1-l" 'INCf1 oem von: 1 V 1011- 17 Main Street 3014 Memorial Avenue BALDWlN'S Your Label for Fashion-R ightnes s 812 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. W. O. TAYLOR Manufacturer and Dealer in Sashes, Doors, Blinds Building Materials Dial 2-1718 Lynchburg, Va. Taste The PASYIURIZID , -,'v--1: .HF-' v. 4,1 A2 f , xx vasnunzn Q .. MILK A 9' Di erence .1 my it f ni' I ,: :WV ,... 1- 'i ' swam: CONGRATULATIONS! G R A D OF 1959 U A T E S You have passed an important Milestone and there will be others both rewarding and interesting in the years ahead. We Invite You to Share the Rewards of Personal Service in Your Future Banking Needs THE BANK OF APPOMATTOX PULLIAM MOTOR SALES Ford Tractors and Ford Implements Appomattox, Virginia Phone 36 6 Z Compliments of HALEY'S CASH STORE HUDSON'S ESSO SERVICE MIKE HUDSON, Proprietor Appomattox Shopping Center AVERETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE "For Thrifty People " Appomattox, Virginia Appomattox, Virginia Phone 8851 Phone 2551 APPOMATTOX POE TRUCK 8: TRACTOR, INC. Tractors - Trucks HARDWARE Farm Machinery Genuine I. H. Repairs CO. Sales Service Compliments of CALDWELL'S Hardware SERVICE STATION AND Westinghouse Appliances TOUR IST COURT e .02 J c Y, N' ' I-"Sli ' ' Y Q " ............ Q. : ,M X Ni , , ,, is K1 S, 41531195 y 1.,f6+? WW ' Cf A z JW - 5:1 Q-'LASQ - K fs Music Jewelry PHI LLI P'S BROTHERS INC , o 906 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Jewelry Silverware 4 , v 2. if ff: sew V M pf China Luggage ' 'YQ I A Music ,Y - K ,X Sporting Goods Q " f 5 N S Q-9 Q :QQ ... if E 4 'wiv X 7 . :gf ,. f Zl- mfs A'-if-1 1 P 1 1? igffiiiiiiiifif -"'f?f1f ' ' if Q i -'N i 5 Sporting Goods J. W. WOOD WHOLESALE CASH GROCER "Featuring Pocahontas and Pratt-Low" Cars Trucks Sales Service GRINELS MOTOR COMPANY Telephone 2.12.1 Appomattox, Va. MOSES MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Sales and Service That Satisfy Minneapolis -Moline Tractor Equipment Appomattox, Virginia Phone - 2663 Im 7 fb 'W x iii' M ,fl X W -7 fl 'Q M 7 X X J ' m l m 551-p sqix. R X Box 2.70 QSQA, Phone: Victor 7- 5578 g xnZf,..3, , fflxx Nl R. S. BURRUSS LUMBER COMPANY Yellow Pine - Hardwoods Manufacturers and Wholesalers Let Us Selectively Harvest Your Timber We Buy Timber, Logs, and Lumber Plants : Pamplin, Va. For Your Best Clothing Buy HENRY ROSS MEN'S STORE 815 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. Stetson Hats McGregor Sportswear For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your Guild Optician A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Bldg Exclusively Optical APPOMATTOX Compliments BEAUTY SHOP Of ROSA MAE WOOLDRIDGE, Owner J' Completely Modern and Air conditioned 82 C0- Call 4872 for Appointment Make Our Store Your Com liments "Meeting Place" Pof When in Lynchburg SNYDER 8. BERMAN A FRIEND 914 Main Street Everything for High-Schoolers at Prices You Want to Pay HARRY HAGA WILKES' JEWELERS CO. Expert, Guaranteed Watch ' k 607 Main Street Clock and Jewelry Repair Wor Lynchburg, Va. "We Back Our Sales With Service" Gifts for Every Occasion Appomattox, Va. Phone 2741 srsrm 014 PEPSI- COLA BOTTLING CO. 2.739 Fort Ave. Phone Lynchburg, Va.. VI 5-0660 SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Expert Sewing Machine Repairs "Where to Call" 709 Main St. Phone: VI 7-5281 Lynchburg, Va. HAMMERSLEY EDSEL, INC. Sales - Service Our New Modern Location Equipped for All Your Automobile Needs 2310 Fort Ave. Dial Lynchburg, Va. VI 6-6533 EG W fl w I .wwfnnlHu.'SQ sum "Lynchburg's Leading Furniture Store" 920-922 Main St. Dial VI 7-5501 Compliments Compliments of of R. 84 K. GROCERY VA. F. V. SERVICES COURT' Dealers in Staple Groceries Parnplin, Va. Call CI 8-2771 Television and Radio Repairs JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR co. Sales - Service - Parts 800 Commerce Street Phone Lynchburg, Va. VI 5-4511 D A r 4 'lllllw' THE FARMERS NATICNAL BANK "Prompt and Friendly Serv1ce D1a,1300l or 5501 Appomattox, V1rg1n1a Member F D I C T Member Federal Reserve System The Appom attox High School Band Let'sg0..-1 Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "YM Wn1Id'x Ben Yearbook: Arc hylol-nude" r jr i ml.

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1959, pg 14

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