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Nd UC rl PT ees eC NN gullet ll ll (ll ll ( )—)—6 «= RE err rns ? — 2 ES | EE ESP SEs a a eo — ias . - ae eee ees we MY BAY. Sa “On; . irginia a | O O Ts 2 yar - 2 8 feat Tee Oss 523 ae Bie |e a ce s rs) Gs a. fe) c: — 1 PS reas iL we oO a) ” 5S U o aes — = ca ae) o 2 a 2) a. Appomattox, V THE TRAVELER STAFF Editor in Chief, Peggy Cole; Assistant Editor, Rebecca Babcock; Business Manager, Bill Jamerson; Advertising Managers, Kathryn Burkey, Peggy Smith; Assistants: Kenneth Jamerson, Billy Johnston, Betty Burks, Sylvia Burks, David Wood, Subscription Managers, Randolph Martin, Martha Nash; Assistants: Teddy Mitchell, Mary Watt Stan- ley, Jane Holt; Literary Editor, Rosa Shupe; Assistants: Mary Ellen Ramsey, Ida Belle Harvey, Ann Goad, Joan Harvey, Sylvia Burks; Club Editors, Mary Ellen Moore, Joyce McCormick; Assistants: Lora Fleshman, Mary Woods, Shirley Walton, Sports Editor, Jesse M. Rosser; Assistants: Sarah Irving, Earl Agee, Art Editor, Kendal Hunter; Assistants: Doris Lee Moore, Leon Paulette, Foreword In preparing this yearbook, the authors have attempted to give you a picture of everyday life at Appomattox High School. Our hope is that this book portrays to you, the public, our varied school activities and that it will increase your already high regard for our Alma Mater. We sincerely hope that this yearbook will ever be treasured, and that it will always recall pleasant memories of high school days. May the book be one of the corner stones of our future school editions and a monument to the " Traveler " Staff of 1952, THE STAFF DEDICATION To you, our beloved mothers and fathers, who have guided us through the narrow paths of righteousness, and always upward toward our goals of success, we, your sons and daughters, do humbly, but proudly, dedicate this Tenth Volume of THE TRAVELER. MRS, CAROLINE MRS, LOUISE BROWN MRS, FRANCES MRS, GERTRUDE MISS HARRIET MRS, MARY TAYLOR GILBERT Driver Training CHEATHAM MORRIS HOLLEY Biology, Gen. Science English, Math Physical Education English, Spanish History, Music English, Latin Driver Training Coach Guidance Appreciation Government y ‘Ve MISS WILMA ALLEN MR, H, B, PACK MISS EDITH MRS, RUTH WEBB MR, JOHN HUDSON MISS CLAUDINE Business Education Agriculture OVERST REET Math General Math O'BRIEN English Geometry Business Training Driver Training English MISS JULIA ASHER MRS, CLARA NORFLEET MR, GORDON BRAGG MISS KATE FRANKLIN © Librarian Office Secretary Coach Music Teacher MRS, MILDRED BURKEY MRS, CALDWELL Third Grade Sixth Grade MRS, GREGORY First Grade MISS ANNE HARRISON County Supervisor MISS KATE FRANKLIN Music Teacher MISS GERTRUDE RANSON County Librarian MR, R, N, ASHWORTH Shop MRS, CARSON Seventh Grade “rere 2 tg ee a Sees: MRS, THELMA MARTIN Fourth Grade MRS, ROGERS Second Grade NOT PICTURED MRS, OLA FURBUSH Sixth Grade MRS, JEAN AKERS HESSON Sixth Grade MISS DELLA INGE Third Grade MISS PAREEZA COLEMAN First Grade MISS CULLOP Fifth Grade MISS SMITH Second Grade MRS, IRVING Fifth Grade MISS NOLA BURKEY Fourth Grade MRS, BARGER Cafeteria Manager MRS, SALLIE MARTIN First Grade MISS LAURA MOTTLEY Home Economics MRS, ANNIE PAYNE Home Economics MISS LOUISE DORIES English MOTTO Today we follow; tomorrow we lead, FLOWER Rose COLORS Maroon and White Senior Officers President.) 5.8 iv ct we see Sg) ee Ora ent Vice-President’. 6 5 4s) 8s 0s. gs) sbi y ennsice Secretary. 666 fen ot «+ 4 goa a eee Treasurer. 0 af is oo lw, ee Se Ae: tects ete ana Reporter: 6. 6 fs ig: Pee sc Leen ee ee) ee Historian .. °.. se 5 eie lm, Geter eaten Advisors « 6 . « « « « « Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Gilbert THURMAN ARRINGTON Music Club 3; Agriculture 1; Bus Captain 3 ; Bus Driver 3, 4; Junior play; Music Play 3; F.F.A. Treasurer; Christmas Pageant, NINA MAE BARLOW " Squirt " Cheerleader 1,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Commercial Club 3, 4; Music Club 3; Monogram Club 2,4; Latin Club 1, 2,3,4; Reporter of Class 4; Treasurer of Commercial Club 4; Editor of Commercial Comment 5. HERMAN FLEETWOOD BLACKWELL Spanish Club 3,4; Secretary of Hi-Y 4. JOSEPH HOWARD BLANKS, JR. Agriculture 1; Reporter of Hi-Y 3; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Music Play 3. MILDRED KATHRYN BURKEY Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Classical League I,2,3,4;Spanish Club 3,4; Music Club 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer of Music Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y¥ Club 3,4; Secretary Tri- Hi-Y Club 4; Reporter of Spanish Club 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Advertising Manager of Annual 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Cheer- leader 3,4; Reporter of 4-H Club 2; Home Economics Club 2; Music Play 3; Junior Play; Senior Play. SYLVIA LORETTA BURKS Monogram Club 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Representative of S.C.A. 4; Tri-Hi- Y Club 3, 4; President of Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Treasurer of Class 3,4; Basketball Team 3,4; Softball Team 3,4; Representative to Model General Assembly 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Junior Play; Feature Writer of Commercial Comment 4. DORIS ADAIR CLADWELL " Red " Latin Club I, 2,3, 4;Junior Classical League I,2,3,4 Music Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Bus Captain 3. Ce ewe Se een oe | CE DAN CARSON Football 3,4; Music Club 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; Monogram 3,4; Hi-Y Club3,4;President of 4-H Club 2; Dramatic Club 3; President of 4-H Honor Club 3; President of County Council 2,4; F.F.A. 1,3; Dairy Judging Team. JO ANNE CATLETT " Jo " Latin Club I1,2,3,4; Junior Classical League I, 2,3,4; Music Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4; Bus Captain 3, JAMES EDWIN CAWTHORN " Ed " Football 1,2,3,4; Co-captain of Football 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; President of Monogram Club 3; An- nual Staff 3. HAZEL CHRISTIAN CHEATHAM " Susie " Music Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4;Latin Club 2,3; Music Play 3. MARY ALICE CHEATHAM Latin Club 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Music Club 3,4; Music Play 3, ROBERT SCOTT CHENAULT ketball 2,3; Music Club 3; Monogram Club 2,4; Commercial Club 3, " Scottie " Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Bas- AGNES CHRISTIAN " Sis " Softball 2,3,4; Home Economics Club 2; Music Club 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Bus Captain 3,4. MARGARET ELLEN COLE " Peggy " Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 1, 2,3; Editor of Annual 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Secre- tary of Latin Club 2; Basketball 2; Camera Club 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Home Economics Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4;Junior Play; 4-H Club 1, 2; Junior Clas- sical League I,2,3,4; Senior Play. SAMUEL ROOSEVELT COLEMAN, JR, " Sam " FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Judging Team 3; FFA Executive Com- mittee 4, LILLIAN LORETTA DOSS Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Reporter of Commercial Club 4; Music Club 3; Basketball 2,3. WADE DRINKARD " Lou " Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; FFA 1,2, 3,4; FFA Volleyball 2,3,4; FFA Basket- ball 2,3,4; Music Club 4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; A-H. Clubit, 23) 4s MILDRED LOUISE FERGUSON " Millie " Home Economics Club I, 2; Vice President of Home Ec, Club 2; Music Club 3; Tri- Hi-Y Club 3,4;Commercial Club 4; An- nual Staff 4. ANN FRANKLIN Home Economics Club 1; Bus Captain 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Reporter of 4-H Club 3; May Day Attendant 2; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3; Music Club 3; Commercial Club 4; Vice President of Commercial Club 4; Music Play 3. LEWIS CHRISTIAN GARRETT " Brooklyn " Manager of Football 2,3; Annual Staff 2,3; Mono- gtam Club 2,3,4;LatinClub1,2,3,4;Secretary and Treasurer of Science Club 3;Junior Varsity Baseball I,2; Varsity Baseball 3; Reporter of Junior Class 3; Spanish Club 3,4;S.C.A. Representative 4; Secre- tary of Hi-Y Club 4. } [ N ! | R } CHAPMAN KENDALL HUNTER, JR, " Ken " Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2, 3,4; Latin Club 1, 2,3, 4; Junior Classical League I, 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Presi- dent of Spanish Club 4; Art Editor of An- nual 4, WILLIAM E, JAMERSON " Bill " Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; President of Monogram Club 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Business Manager of Annual 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3, 4; Basketball 2, 3,4; Co-Captain of Football 4; Debating Club 3; Music Club 3, 4; Vice President of Music Club 4; Captain of Basketball 4, 1952 MARTHA ANN GOAD " Ann " S.C.A. Representative 1; Basketball 2, 3,4; Softball 2,3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Secretary of Monogram Club 4i Dramatic Club 3; Historian of Class 3,4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer of Spanish Club 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Junior Play; Music Play 3; Historian of Tri-Hi-Y 4; Bas- ketball Captain 4; Softball Captain 3. IDA BELLE HARVEY " Fuss " Music Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Bus Captain 3,4. MATTIE JOAN HARVEY Commercial Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Secretary of Commercial Club 4; Secre- tary of Class 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Bus Captain 3,4; Annual Staff 4, VIRGINIA MAE HERNDON " Ginny " Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 33 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Song Leader of 4-H Club 2,4; 4-H Honor Club 3, 4; Secretary of 4-H Honor Club 3, 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Junior Classical League I,2,3,4; Camera Club 2; May Court 2; Christmas Pageant 3, WILLIAM EMMETT JOHNSTON " Billy " Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; FFA Basketball 2,3,4; FFA Volleyball 1,2,3,4;FFA I,2,3,4; Class President 3; Class Vice President 4; S.C.A. Presi- dent 4;FFA President 4;FFA Secretary 3; Music Club 3,4; Hi-Y Club 3,4; FFA Degree Team 2,3,4; FFA Judging Team 3,4; 4-H Club 1; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Junior Play; Bus Captain 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; S.C.A. Representative 2, FAY KESTNER " Chubby " F.H.A. Club 1,2,3; Music Club 3,4, JACK DAVID LAYNE " Doc " Football 1,2,4; Monogram Club 1,2,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Music Club 4, LUCY JANE MARTIN 4-H Club 2,3; Spanish Club3,4;F.H.A. Club 2; Christmas Pageant 3, RANDOLPH MARTIN “Rudolph” Latin Club I, 2;Reporter of Latin Club 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Treas- urer of Hi-Y Club 3. DORIS LEE MOORE “Majority” Music Club 3; Latin Club I, 2,3, 4; Christ - mas Pageant 3; Lions Club Show 3; Annual Staff 4; F.H.A. 3,4. MARY ELLEN MOORE i Latin Club I,2,3,4; Junior Classical League 1, 2,3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; S.C A. Reporter 4; 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4; Annual Staff 2, 4; Softball 2; Presi- dent of F.H.A. 3,4; F.H.A. 3,4; May Court 3, SUSAN JEANNETTE MOORE " Sue " Latin Club I, 2,3,4; Junior Classical League 1, 2,3, 4;4-H Club 2;F.H.A. 3,4; Treasurer of F.H.A. 3; Secretary of F.H.A. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; May Court 1; Cheerleader 4; Monogram Club 4, MARTHA ELIZABETH NASH " Marty " 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Home Ec, Club 1, 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y Sas Junior Play; Vice president of Tri-Hi-Y 3; Music Club 4; Dramatic Club 3; S.C,.A. Secretary and Treasurer 4; An- nual Staff 4; Bus Captain 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Cheer- leader 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4. LOIS MANN NOTESTEIN " Blondie " Latin Club I, 2,3,4; Music Club 4; Library Club 4, LEON PAULETTE FFA 1,2,3,4;FFA Volleyball 2,3,4;FFA Basketball 3, 4; Football 2, 3,4;Monogram Club 3, 4; President of Class 4; Reporter of FFA 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Dramatic Club 3; Representative of FFA Chapter of Ap- pomattox High School to National FFA meeting in Kansas City, Missouri 4, MARION WAVERLY PAYNE, JR, 4-H Club 1,2,3; Hi-Y 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; FFA Club I, 2,3,4; FFA Volley- ball 3,4; FFA Basketball 3,4. WILLIAM RAYMOND PERDUE " Billy " Football 2,3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Bus Captain 2; FFA Volleyball 2,3,4; FFA Degree Team 3;FFA Basketball Team 4; Christ- mas Pageant 3. VIRGINIA MAE RAGLAND " Ginny " Dramatic Club 3; Latin Club ir ee: ey Junior Classical League 1, 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. CO awe Ge oe CO MARY ELLEN RAMSEY Junior Classical League I, 2,3,4;Latin Club 152,3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Music Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Vice President of Latin Club 1; Camera Club 2; S.C.A Representative 1,2; Secretary of Class 1, 12 JESSE MORTON ROSSER " Mote " Latin Club 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 2, 3; Music Club 3,4; Junior Varsity Baseball 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Junior Play; Football 4; Vice President of Spanish Club 4; Annual Staff 4. ROY LEE SHARP " FFA Club 3,4; Christmas Pageant 3. ROSA GERTRUDE SHUPE Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Literary Editor of Annual 4; Dramatic Club 3; 4-H Club 1; Commercial Club 3, 4; Program Chairman of Commercial Club 4; Bus Captain I, 2,3,4. i oe = Se MOSES WENDELL SMITH Christmas Pageant 3; FFA I,2,3,4. PEGGY MARIE SMITH Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Classical League I,2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; President of Commercial Club 4; Music Club 3; Cheerleader 2; Annual Staff 4; Monogram Club 2, MILDRED D, SMOOT " Smooty " 4-H Club 1; Library Club 3. EARLENE STINSON Softball 2; Bus Captain 4. FRANK CALVIN TANNER " Doc " Baseball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Vice President of FFA 4; Monogram Club 1, 2,3, 4; Vice President of Monogram Club 4; Music Club 3,4; Basketball 3,4; FFA Volleyball 2,3, 4; FFA Basketball 2,3, 4; Substitute Bus Driver 2,3, 4. 1952 JEAN MARIE TAYLOR Library Club 3. ANNA MAE THOMAS " Ann " Dramatic Club 3; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; 4-H Honor Club Re- porter 3,4;Latin Club 1,2,3,4;Junior Classical League 1, 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Bus Cap- tain 4; Camera Club 2; Christmas Pageant 3. BEATRICE TOTTY " Bea " Bus Captain I, 3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Soft- ball 2, 3,4; Latin Club 1,2, 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Dramatic Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Christmas Pageant 3. SHIRLEY MITCHELL WALTON " Mitch " Latin Club I,2,3,4; President of Latin Club 2; Junior Classical League 1625334; Spanish Club 3,4; Vice President of Class 3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4; Chaplain of Tri- Hi-Y Club 4; Dramatic Club 3; Music Club 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4;4-H Honor Club 3; Music Play 3. WILFRED ATWILL WEAKLEY, JR, " Fred " 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Volleyball and Basketball 2,3, 4; Bus Cap- tain I, 2; Bus Driver 4; Christmas Pageant 3; Junior Play, VIRGINIA DAPHINE WELLS 4-H Club 1,2; F.H.A. 3,4; Music Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Bus Captain 3,4, MARY AGNES WOODS Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 3; F,H.A, [205,44 Vice President of F.H.A. 4; Softball 3; Lions Club Show 3; Christmas Pageant 3. Co Se Se ee =| Ce DAVID WOOD, JR, " Kitten " S.C.A, Representative 3; Junior Play; Music Club 3; Vice President of S.C,A. 4; Commercial Club 4; Secretary of Class 3; Christmas Pageant 3. 1992 My s Calvin Marlha Mary Ellew Many Ellen Meeve | | HALL of MOST TALENTED Peggy Cole and Leon Paulette BEST LOOKING Martha Nash and Bill Perdue MOST ATHLETIC Beatrice Totty and Edwin Cawthorn MOST INTELLIGENT Joan Harvey and Billy Johnston BEST ALL AROUND Martha Nash and Bill Jamerson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sylvia Burks and Randolph Martin WITTIEST Ann Thomas and Thurmond Arrington CUTEST Peggy Smith and Wade Drinkard The Last Will And Testament OF THE CLASS OF '52 Being of sound mind, | hereby will on this 8th day of February, in the year of our Lord, 1952, to the faculty and high school classes, the following possessions: To Mr. Burke - A corps of teachers who are satisfied with their pay. To Mr. Kerr - A perfect student body. To Miss Harrison - Our appreciation for her tireless efforts on our behalf, To Miss Holley - A Roman Holliday. To Mrs, Orman - Continued popularity with the students at A.H.S. To Miss Overstreet - A permanent position on the faculty of A.H.S. To Miss Allen - A classroom equipped with all the latest business machines. To Mrs, Taylor - A new Ford for a driver training car. To Miss Mottley - A modern Home Economics cottage. To Mrs, Brown and Mr. Bragg - A gymnasium equipped with winning teams. To Miss Asher - Pupils who will not use the conference rooms in the library for gossip clubs. To Mrs. Payne - A light, airy classroom, not in the basement. To Mr. Hudson - More and better Chemistry students. To Miss Davis - A well-prepared eighth grade. To Mrs. Cheatham - A room full of Spanish students who really study. To Mrs. Speir - A less varied schedule. To Miss O'Brien - A pair of high heeled slippers, so that we will not mistake her for one of the students. Mrs. Norfleet - More excuse blanks, so that she'll be able to fill the needs of all the students. To Mrs. Webb - Months with more weekends, To Mr. Pack - Bigger and better brooms to keep the shop clean. To Mrs. Gilbert - The ability to keep her good disposition forever. To Miss Kate Franklin - A modern music room without disturbances. To Mr. Ashworth - A good wrench. To the Grade Faculty - An elementary school, all their own, away from the interruptions of the high school , To Thurman Arrington - A new book of jokes, To Nina Barlow - A partnership in the Casco Ice Company. To Fleetwood Blackwell - Justa little more time in whichhe can doa fewmore things first. To Howard Blanks - More radio repair work to keep him happy. To Kathryn Burkey - A life filled with music and happiness. To Sylvia Burkes - The ability to master a Tennesseean accent, To Doris Caldwell - The power to keep her pleasing personality. To Dan Carson - More time in which to express his splendid ideas. To Jo Ann Catlett - A Free airplane trip to California with an abundant supply of " Gordon's " potato chips. To Edwin Cawthorne - The position as football coach in " Johnsonville, " To Hazel Cheatham - The best of luck throughout her life, To Mary Alice Cheatham - The fulfillment of her ambitions to become a nurse. To Bobby Chenault - The honor of being the second Bing Crosby. To Agnes Christian - The right to become a secretary to the governor, To Peggy Cole - A style shop to run competition with the Vogue, To Sam Coleman - A pretty girl to go with his new Ford. 18 To Loretta Doss - A " Layne " cedar chest for her home in Spout Springs. | To Wade Drinkard - A new book of excuses. | To Mildred Ferguson - A position as a secretary in Gladys. | To Ann Franklin - Absolutely nothing, because her sweet smile and winning ways are all she | needs, To Lewis Garrett - An M.D. from the University of Virginia. To Ann Goad - The ability to overcome obstacles that may lie in her path toward further education. To Ida Belle Harvey - A happy life with a wealthy man. To Joan Harvey - Continued joy in the field of education. To Virginia Herndon - The power to remain as lovable as she is. To Kendall Hunter - A jet plane so he'll be able to travel more rapidly. To Bill Jamerson - A lunch counter all to himself. To Billy Johnston -A glass eye that won't flirt. | To Faye Kestner - A year's supply of non-fattening candy. To Jack Layne - The quotation, " In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love. " To Lucy Martin - A position at " Patterson's " Drug Store. To Randolph Martin - The combined dignity of the Senior class. To Doris Lee Moore - The honor of being the second Michel Angelo. To Sue Moore - More time to be with Charlie. To Mary Ellen Moore - A happy home on " Marshall's " farm. To Martha Nash - More friends to add to the host that she has. To Leon Paulette - The book " How to Win girls. " ; To Waverly Payne - The privilege of asking more questions, To Billy Perdue - A life of happiness, that the twinkle may never leave his eye. To Lois Notestein - A new home, all her own, in Evergreen. To Virginia Ragland - A " Long " life, filled with happiness. To Mary Ellen Ramsey - A home in which to make " Johnny " Cakes. To Roy Sharp - A " McCormick " reaper. To Rosa Shupe - A " Hudson " in the future. To Moses Smith - A " Shirley Temple " doll and a home on " Reynolds " Street. | To Peggy Smith - A special rate on stamps and telephone calls to Norfolk. To Mildred Smoot - A happy home in Clifton Forge. To Earlene Stinson - A never-dying smile. | To Calvin Tanner - A pamphlet entitled " How to Impress Stella. " To Jean Taylor - The song, " Stay as Sweet As You Are. " To Ann Thomas - Another ring to go with the one she already has. To Beatrice Totty - A ticket on the USS INGRAHAM, To Shirley Walton - A baby grand Steinway, " The instrument of the immortals. " To Fred Weakley - A " Franklin " watch, so he'll be able to get to Ann's on time. To Daphine Wells - A " Wood " home on Park Avenue. To David Wood - An ideal position for himself. To Mary Woods - Whatever she most desires. 19 The History of The 1952 Graduates It was September, 1948, and the desert was no longer a desolate region, for amid the shouting and laughter, fifty-eight travelers were climbing on camels for the first lap of a four year journey across the Desert of Learning. We looked forward toreaching, at the end of the oasis, Graduation. Sheik Peters, the most famous person in the desert country, gave us the word to move on, The camel-drivers started their camels, and, slowly but surely, our caravan started across the wind-blown, sun-dried earth, We traveled along for nine months under the leadership of Sheik Peters and camel- drivers, Gilbert, Taylor, and Cheatham, From water hole to water hole, we urged our camels on under the blazing sun. Our caravan often had minor troubles, such as the intense heat of Literature, the sand storms of Tests, the shortage of Water of Wisdom, and the lack of supplies of Information. With the aid of our able Sheik and leaders, we finally reached the Sophomore Oasis. After our three-month vacation, anew Sheik appeared to guide us on our journey; Sheik Peters had left us at the Sophomore Oasis. With new hope and brighter ideals, our caravan started out under the leadership of camel-drivers, Taylor, Allen, and Cheatham. When we saw the beautiful oasis of Graduation, we realized how hard the trip was going to be, After our leaders convinced us it was only a mirage, our spirits dropped to the lowest ebb, but finally we reached the Junior Oasis in the spring. The third summer moon waned, and once more our caravan moved over the Desert of Learning. Realizing the next oasis was Graduation, our tribe traveled with greater zest and spirit, with Morris and Holley as our camel-drivers. The fourth lap was the most difficult one. With our camel-drivers, Gilbert and Brown, and Sheik Kerr, we finally got our bearings. Over the many dunes of Study and pitfalls of Exams, our camels trudged wearily onward. Ona high dune Sheik Kerr and our camel drivers pointed out to us our last Oasis, that of Graduation. Before reaching our goal, we stopped at a waterhole, where we were entertained by our sister travelers, the Junior Caravan. On, on, and on we went, getting burnedby the hot sand, blinded by the rushing wind, and blistered by the heat of the sun. At last abanner indicated that we were nearing the last oasis, After the rush of activities to prepare for Graduation, most of us were ready, Ata call from our camel-drivers, we marched to the center of the Graduation Oasis, where we received our diplomas from Sheik Kerr. Still the wind blows, the sun blazes, and sands of time shift the fortunes of the enthusiastic travelers. Ann Goad, Class Historian 20 PRESIDENT Clarence White VICE PRESIDENT Eugene Matthewson SECRET ARY AND TREASURER Charles Trent Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS Sophomores Juniors SPONSORS Miss Allen Mr. Hudson Miss Overstreet Mrs, Payne President, Betty Burkes; Vice President, Kenneth Jamer- President, Billy Green; Vice President, Billy Martin; son; Secretary, Elizabeth Hanenkrat; Treasurer, Re- Secretary, Shirley Mitchell; Treasurer, Goldie Rush, becca Babcock; Historian, Lora Fleshman; Reporter, Sponsors: Mrs Orman, Mrs, Cheatham, Mrs, Taylor, Dorothea Colman, Sponsors: Miss Holley, Mrs, Morris. iz zl ¥ DI! Some Future Secretaries e a, = re) 2 te ro} Sey = fo] EG — — ove ed a2 © ZAG 18, ° o ply fa! rs) nae o cos e 3 ac) 22 aU c © 0 em! re a FEDS o 2 aE a Gs) 5 2-— Fe 8 te rs) Lv) JUNIORS Earl Agee Sam Almond Rebecca Babcock Bobby Burkey Betty Faye Burks Louise Burnette Bill Butt Sallie Campbell Fred Carr Dorothea Coleman Sara Cyrus Bobby Dinkins Jack Doss Lora Fleshman Barbara Gilbert Ottway Guill Elizabeth Hanenkrat Jesse Harvey Christine Herndon Sarah Irving JUNIORS Kenneth Jamerson Betty Jane Layne Joyce McCormick Shirley McCormick Gertrude Martin Anna Megginson Maymond Mitchell Hunter Moore Lucy Patteson Jacqueline Poston Richard Smith David Spiggle Jack Stratton Peggy Taylor Don Thornhill Mary Trent Bertha-Wheeler Raymond Wingfield Carter Woodson Margie Woodson SOPHOMORES Billy Almond Patricia Alvis Hester Ayers Everette Beal Benjamin Beasley Virginia Bondurant Elizabeth Cawthorn Virginia Chandler Betty Childers Sidney Coleman Ann Davidson Joyce Davis Barbara Doss Arlene Drinkard Sammy Ferguson Edward Giles Leo Godsey 1.17 Gui) Shirley Harris Mazie Harvey Lavana Hawley Mary Alice Henry Cecil Hillsman Buddy Irving Barbara Jamerson Tad Jennings Barbara Johnson Margaret Johnson NOT PICTURED: Jean Carter Ann Sterne George Buchanan Buddy Chenault Carlton Guill Bradley Mann Billy Martin Robert O'Brien Franklin Vaughn Carl Woody Vernell Bryant Kay Doss SOPHOMORES Wayne Lee Harold Martin June Martin Taylor Matthews Thelma Mayberry Shirley Mitchell Carey Moore Lewis Moore Helen Moore Peggy Moore Rebecca Moore Eloise McCormick Dorothy McFadden Martha McFadden Richard Nash Mary Lou O'Brien Joyce Paulette Frances Ragland Betty Lou Reynolds Merle Reynolds Goldie Rush Murrell Routen Ruth Shupe Opal Smith Stella Thomas Llovd Walton Paul Wilbun Lora Wilbun Sandra Wood FRESHMEN Ruben Almond Faye Ayers Garland Baber Yvonne Beale Jean Blazer Inez Blazer Richard Burge Jesse Burkes Dale Carter Mavis Carter Frank Cawthorne George Cheatham Richard Cheatham Ethel Chenault Kay Chenault Fay Chenault Mary Helen Childers Mary Jane Cole Eloise Couch Shirley Davis Carolyn Davis W. T. Deaner Nancy Doss William Doss Helen Doss Anna Bell Emmett Inez Ferguson John Garrett David Garrett Jerry George NOT PICTURED: Harold Blanks Carter Bondurant Joe Doss | FRESHMEN Betty Jean Goad Edna Gregory Shirley Grubbs | Micky Guill | Alice Gunter | Hugh Gurney JoAnn Harris Minnie Harris Ralph Harris Roberta Harvey | Barbara Herndon Jane Holt Carolyn Johnson Opal Johnson Hilda Jones Ronald Lewis Alfred Martin David Martin Violet Martin Eugene Matheson | Mildred Mayberry | Shirley Mayberry ; Ruth Maxey Pete McFadden } Orie Millner i Teddy Mitchell ; Betty Ann Moore Claude Moore Phyllis Morris Shirley Morris NOT PICT URED: J.C. Hawley Jesse Morris Jean Moore Ellis Grishaw Clinton Lucado FRESHMEN Paul Nash Dorothy Ann Paullette Lucy Perdue Alvin Phelps Lucy Rector Shirley Reynolds Betty Dale Robertson John Rothgeb Marie Routon Phillip Sale Warren Scruggs Mildred Sharp Ruth Slagle William Smith Hugh Smoot David Snow Mary Watt Stanley Bobby Stanley Larry Sterne Ray Taylor Mildred Thornhill Charles Trent Thomas Weakley Loretta Wells Clarence White Delores Williams Hazel Woody Nancy Wooldridge Curtis Wooten Jo Ann Wright NOT PICTURED: Jerry Nash Raymond Stanley W.C, Story Eugene Thompson James Tweedy Bill Woody Raymond Page Ed Patteson Lays Perdue Howard Phelps Jimmy Rogers PL i 1 2 ie ee L. — ae EIGHTH GRADE M, Beane, R. Bondurant, R, Burks, R, Carter, G. Doss, H. Doss, C. Drinkard, J, Fleshman, T. Franklin, R. Garrett, E. Guill, R. Grishaw, J. Harper, R. Matheson, W. Newcomb, C, O'Brien, G. Phelps, W. Powell, J, Puckett, A. Smith, J. Guill, J, Baber, P. Beale, E, Carter; W. Chenault, M,. Conner, A. Davidson, A. Evans, M. Evans, E. Ferguson, E. Giles, H, — Godsey, M. Guill, R, Hall, I, Henry, G. Hillsman, J. Jamerson, L. Jamer- has son, D, McIntosh, M, Millner, B, Mitchell, N. Oxford, G. Pierce,J. Prof- A fitt, P, Roberts, R. Sharp, N. Mann, B, Adams, A. Almond, A.Ashworth, D, Austin, K, Brown, J, Burks, D, Clapp, J. Conner, M. Cyrus, G. Davidson, V. Davidson, M, Deaner, N. Ferguson, G, Lucado, J. Mann, N. Mayberry, C. Myers, S. McCormick, N, O'Brien, S, O'Brien, J. Reynolds, R. Rey- nolds, B, Robertson, P. Roberston, R. Smith, P. Wooten, M., Burks, J. Burks, T. Bohannon, B, Carson, B. Cheatman, W. Eagle, L. Ferguson, F. Fleshman, F, Jamerson, T. Layne, R. Mann, J. Martin, A. Mullins, B. McFadden, L. McDearmon, J. Rothgeb, N. Smith, R. Page, R, Reynolds, J. Trent, C, Tweedy, L. Vaughn, O. Woody. JR. GARDEN CLUB President, Frank Hanenkrat; Secretary and Treasurer, Mary Harris; Reporter, Yvonne Fer- guson; Sponsor, Flora Belle Williams. John Ivey Holland, Sarah Davis, Jacklyn Cobb, Carolyn Paulette, Lois Ashworth, BettySours, Wayne Torrence, Penny Abbitt, Myron Richardson, Robbie Robertson, Larry Torrence, Diana McCormick, Peggy Louis, Carrie Gilbert, Mary Lou Jamerson, Joan Moses, JA SeaGee A: President, Bradley Babcock; Secretary, Barbara Wooldridge; Treasurer, William Earl Taylor; Reporter, Ottie Conner; Sponsor, Flora Belle Williams. Anne Abbitt, Bobby Barger, Joella Ferguson, Terrell Martain, Laura Carson, Peggy Godsey, Joyce Tyree, Bill Caldwell, Robert Mann, Hal Flood. FIRST GRADE Bill Burke, Marvin Caldwell, Allen Conner, Donald Giles, Steven Godsey, JohnGoin, Robert Goin, G. H, Jamerson, Irby King, Charles Mayberry, Danny Moon, Teddy Moore, Clifford Pugh, Randolph Smith, James Whitehead, Richard Wilkes, Marlene Barger, Doris Bass, Barbara Boyce, Amanda Burks, Patricia Cheatham, Maxine Davidson, Sue Gilbert, Suzanne Gills, Nancy Mayberry, Phyllis Mayberry, [lelen Mann, Joan Moses, Jean Page, Peggy Saunders, Patsy Waddell, Betty Watson, Watkins Abbitt, Kyle Almond, Fred Carter, Blain Carter, Harold Cawthorne, William Ferguson, Raiford Fleshman, Paul Franklin, James Johnson, Wayne Mann, Allen Mayberry, Sherman Moses, Thomas Pankey, John P, Porter, Harry Reed, Thomas Wilcox, Elmer Phelps, Mary Booth, Barbara Carter, Carson Crawley, Mildred Fields, Mary Jamerson, Carroll Justice, Dorothy Mann, Phyllis Mayberry, Brenda Nash, Linda Nash, Marvis Powell, Jacqueline Sarver, Linda Thomas, MargaretJohnson, Mary Jones, Patricia Jones, Teachers: Mrs, Gregory, Miss Coleman, SECOND GRADE L. Beard, C, Ferguson, R. Fuller, F. Grishaw, J. Johnson, J, Jones, D, Mayberry, W. Ould, B. Page, J. Sears, W. Trent, J, Weeks, R, Woody, L. Stump, V. Caldwell, N. Chandler, M, Franklin, B, Goin, B, Mann, M. Mayberry, D. McCormick, J. Paulette, P, Perdieu, C. Richardson, J. West, N, Fields, N. Harvey, H, Fields, J, Irby, R. Chester, J. Hicks, C. Mayberry, J. McFadden, G. McIntosh, S. Johnson, J. Ferguson, M, Franklin, S, Tucker, H, Almond, C, Carter, I, Robinson, J. Moon, B, Mayberry, B. King, W. Johnson, J, Davidson, C. Gilbert, J, Shirley, Teachers:Mrs, Martin, Miss Smith, Mrs. Rogers, Tommy Ashworth, Eddie Carter, Ronald Carter, Hal Flood, Richard Guill, Aubrey Gibson, Johnny Gallier, Willie Hicks, Billy Hudson, Howlett Hunter, FreddyJohnson, Layvonne May, John Nash, Robert Paulette, Bobby Shupe, Billy Slagle, Freddie Wingfield, Gerald Wilburn, Linda Anderson, Cary Carson, Mary Chenault, Martha Chenault, Patricia Doss, Nancy Ferguson, Barbara Lee, Patsy Mitchell, Jane Martin, Gayle Martin, Patricia Phelps, Robbie Robertson, Betty Wright. Teacher: Mrs. Mildred Burkey. FOURTH GRADE Randolph Almond, Robert Almond, Jaimes Bohannon, Billy Caldwell, Buddy Carter, Clark Ferguson, Wilson, Fleshman, Stuart Fuller, Wayne Giles, Charles Gills, Kenneth Lovell, Eilliam Martin, Norman Mayberry. Robert McIntosh, Broderick Pack, Ralph Robinson, Johnny Taylor, Franklin Williamson, Johnny Wright, Peuny Abbitt, Ellen Alinond, JoAnnBeamer, Emily Burke, Nancy Christian, Carole Couch, Nancy Godsey, Dianne Harvey, Linda Hunter, Mary Jones, June Martin, Sandra Matheson, Carolyn Mays, Betty McFadden, Linda Sarver, Virginia Shouse, Betty Weeks, Ray Blackwell, Dicky Chandler, Charles Chester, Gene Doss, Norman Ferguson, Carroll Franklin, Paul Goin, Robert Mann, Douglas Martin, Tommy Matthews, J. D. Mayberry, Russell Millner, David Pauletta, Mack Powell, Myron Richardson, Millard Reynolds, Ryland Tinnell, Charles Shirey, Helen Case, Nancy Davis, Audrey Evans, Patricia Gilbert, Hazel Hammock, Carolyn Jones, Joan Martin, Shirley Martin, Irene McIntosh, Myrtle Moore, Della Nash, Joe Page, Bar- bara Pierce, Betty Shirley, Barbara Tucker, Peggy Williams, Kitty Wood, Lois Stump. Teachers: Miss Nola Burkey, Mrs, Thelma Martin, S. Burks, L. Burks, K, Carter, B. Conner, D, Coleman, C, Crawley, J. Davis, C, Doss, B. Eagle, E. Ferguson, B, Franklin, J. George, K. Marshall, L. Mayberry, J. McFadden, L. Shirley, K. Tor- tence, C. Nash, R, Bars, I, Covington, H. Davidson, C. Elder, R. Johnson, T. Mayberry, V. Mullins, J, Nash, D, Page, J. Proffitt, J. Pugh, J, Tyree, L. Tyree, D, Almond, F, Burke, S, Carter, W. Doss, J. Emmitt, C, Ferguson, D, Ferguson, F. Guill, L. Godsey, W. Hancock, B, Lewis, F, Mitchell, G. Morris, L, Nash, C. Page, A, Taylor, U. Williams, I, Christian, E. Doss, V. Franklin, P. Godsey, R. Mayberry, M. McDearmon, M, McFadden, S, Nash, F, Payne, R, Shirley, B, Sale, K, White, P. Woolridge, P. Abbitt, SIXTH GRADE J. Banton, L, Edmonds, J, Evans, F, Ferguson, E, Franklin, O. Goin, A. Gurney, T, Holland, T. Martin, R. McFadden, R. McFadden, F,Seay, B. Sileo, W. Smith, O, Thompson, A, Whitehead, H. Wood, C, Woolridge, L. Ayers, B. Cunningham, H, Franklin, M. Hughes, F. Kestner, T. Mann, N. Martin, C, Pettet, L, Powell, C, Reed, N. Slagle, P. Staples, C, Thomas, E, Wilburn, N, Guill, W. Carr, G. Chenault, M,. Dinkins, L. Davidson, R. Ferguson, J, Hudson, W. Hunter, F, Johnson, N. Mann, G, Martin, T. Mayberry, W. Mayberry, D. O'Brien, T. Pugh, E. Rothgeb, R. Robinson, H. Shirley, W. Wright, R. Wooten, J. Woods, J, Williamson, J, Akers, D. Butt, J. Chenault, J. Cobbs, J. Ferguson, S, Ferguson, N, Gallier, J. Harper, J. Justice, G. Kofink, B. Morris, N, O'Brien, E. Phelps, K, Robinson, S. Watson, E. Conner, J. Carrico, J. Doss, E. Ferguson, J. Harris, O. Lovell, W. Martin, A. McGuire, J, Sale, B, Smith, G, Tucker, R. Wilburn, E. Williams, L,. Ashworth, R. Austin, M, Bondurant, L. Carson, I, Ferguson, L. Guill, C. Irby, W. Lee, P. Martin, C. McCormick, C, Paulette, S. Rosser, SEVENTH GRADE Bobby Barger, Gerald Blanks, Troy Blazer, Fred Caldwell, Eugene Carson, Ronald Coleman, Eugene Guill, Jimmy Hancock, Billy Justice, Sam Kerr, Glenn Millner, John Paulette, Ronald Perdue, Clarence Poe Jr., Roy Franklin, Lawrence Wingfield, Jean Arrington, Barbara Almond, Sarah Davis, Frankie Doss, Frances Doss, Madelyn Guill, Jean Mann, Anna Irby, Nancy Martin, Wanda Matheson, Avelina McIntosh, Dorothy Painter, Edith Pette, Barbara Robinson, Rita Rothgeb, Phyllis Ferguson, Bradley Babcock, Jack Caldwell, Fountain Conner, Buddy Conner, Harold Doss, Joe Fuller, Ted Godsey, Floyd Guill, Dickie Hamilton, Frank Hanenkrat, Donald Harper, John Holland, Garland Johnson, Thomas O'Brien, Alvin Powell, George Taylor, William Taylor, Anne Abbitt, Iris Almond, Peggy Coleman, Ottie Conner, Rosa Emette, Merlie Ferguson, Y vonne Ferguson, Betty Franklin, Mary Harris, Ruby Jones, Elsie Moore, Frances Ramsey, Peggy Rush, Natta Sears, Joan Weeks, Hilda Woody, Barbara Wooldridge, President, Billy Johnston; Vice-President, David Wood; Secretary and Treasurer, Martha Nash; Reporter, Mary Ellen Moore, Members: Bobby Burkey, Sylvia Burks, Henry Doss, Lewis Garrett, Edna Gregory, Elizabeth Hanenkrat, Mazie Harvey, Jane Holt, Thelma Mayberry, Lewis McDearmon, Sandra O'Brien, Nancy Oxford, Alton Smith, Peggy Taylor, Clarence White, Bill Woody, 4-H CLUB President, Kenneth Jamerson; Secretary, Patricia Alvis; Reporter, Taylor Matthews; National delegates, Joyce McCormick, Dan Carson, Members: V. Herndon, A. Thomas, D. Brown, S. McCormick, S. Thomas, R. Shupe, V. Bondurant, R. Smith, L. Fleshman, I, Ferguson, W,. Drinkard, J, Paulette, A. Evans, L, Wilburn, M. Woodson, B. Wheeler, C, Herndon, M. Evans, B. Johnston, C. White, P. Sail, F, Cawthorn, J, Nash, W. Smith, T. Weakley, B, Woody, W. Scruggs, D. Garr ette, J, Garrette, R, Almond, P, Baber, U. Matheson, L. Stern, C. Wooten, T. Mitchell, C, Moore, G. Cheatham, H. Blanchs, B. Stanley, J. Martin, B. Mitchell, B. Goode, R. Smith, M. Moore, M, Sharpe, S. O'Brien, M, O'Brien, J, Mann, J, Burnette, M. Harvey, M,. Reynolds, S, Ferguson, J, Paulette, P, Nash, TRI-HI-Y President, Sylvia Burks; Vice President, Lora Fleshman; Secretary, Kathryn Burkey; Reporter, Betty Burks; Historian, Ann Goad; Chaplain, Shirley Walton; Sponsors, Mrs, Brown, Dr. Williams, Miss Over- street, Members: R. Babcock, K. Burkey, S. Burks, F, Burks, D, Caldwell, P. Cole, H. Cheatham, M, Cheatham, J, Catlett, J. Davis, B. Doss, K. Doss, L. Fleshman, M, Ferguson, A, Goad, L. Hawley, J. Harvey, C, Hillsman, I. Harvey, V. Herndon, C, Herndon, M, Henry, S. Irving, B. Layne, M. Moore, S. Moore, T. Mayberry, S. Mitchell, J. McCormick, M. Nash, J, Paulette, M. Ramsey, B. Reynolds, R. Shupe, B, Totty, S. Thomas, A. Thomas, D. Wells, S. Walton, B, Adams, A. Almond, A, Ash- worth, D, Austin, P, Beal, D. Brown, M. Childress, J. Cole, J. Conner, M. Conner, E. Couch, A. Davidson, M, Deaner, A. Evans, M, Evans, N, Ferguson, N, Ferguson, B. Goad, E. Gregory, J. Harris, R. Harvey, I. Henry, G. Hillsman, J, Jamerson, G, Lucado, S. Mann, N. Mayberry, M. Millner, B. Mitchell, P, Morris, S. Morris, C, Myers, N. O'Brien, N. Oxford, D. Paulette, L, Perdue, R, Rey- nolds, B. Robertson, P, Robertson, B. Robinson, M, Stanley, P. Wooden, HI-Y President, Kenneth Jamerson; Vice President, Wade Drinkard; Secretary, Lewis Garrette; Treasurer, Robert Carter; Chaplain, Dan Carson; Advisor, Mr, Bragg. Members: P, Baber, M, Beane, G. Doss, H. Doss, S, Ferguson, J. Fleshman, T. Franklin, J, George, R. Grishaw, J. Harper, J. Harvey, B. Johnston, R. Martin, E, Matheson, W. Newcomb, R, Page, W, Payne, P. Sale, A. Smith, D, Thorn- Hil, -levtrent. MONOGRAM CLUB One of the most active clubs of the school is the Monogram Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Brown and Mr. Bragg, our physical education directors. The purpose of the Monogram club is to create, maintain, andextend throughout the school andcommunity, a greater interest in the sports and the Physical Education Department of the school. The members of the clubare those students who have earned a letter by partic- ipating in one or more of the sports of the school. In recognition of his services, the club presents each senior with the school monogram andstripes for each year he has made aletter. These are presented at the annual club banquet for the seniors. The Monogram Club sponsors various activities to provide the funds for this project. R. Babcock, N. Barlow, K, Burkey, S. Burks, B. Burks, L. Burnett, V. Chandler, P. Cole, D, Coleman, A. Goad, E. Hanenkrat, S. Mitchell, M. Nash, J, Poston B, Totty, M. Woodson, E. Agee, S. Almond, D. Carson, E. Cawthorn, B. Che- nault, H. Doss, L, Garrett, J. Guill, J, Harvey, K. Hunter, B, Jamerson, B, Johnston, B. Mann, M. Mitchell, L. Paulette, B, Perdue, C, Tanner, C, Thomas, C. Woodson, A @ oo AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President, Mary Ellen Moore; Vice President, Mary Woods; Secretary, Sue Moore; Treas- urer, Opal Johnson; Reporter, Marjie Woodson; Historian, Jackie Poston; Parliamentarian, Doris Moore; Advisor, Miss Mottlay. Members; I, Blazer, J, Blazer, L., Burnette, D, Car- ter, V. Chandler, P. Cole, E, Couch, C. Davis, B. Doss, K. Doss, N. Doss, I. Ferguson, L. Fleshman, M. Guill, A, Gunter, B, Herndon, C. Herndon, B. Johnson, M. Johnson, B. Lane, J. Martin, R. Maxey, B. Moore, B. Robinson, B, Reynolds, G. Rush, D. Wells, B, Wheeler, H. Woody, JUNIOR AND SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB President, John Garrett, Vice-President, Kay Chenault; Secretary, William Smith; Treasurer, David Martin; Reporter, Sandra O'Brien; Advisor, Mr, Hudson, Members; F, Ayers, J. Blazer, I, Blazer, R. Carter, F. Chenault, M, Cyrus, W. Doss, H. Doss, G. Doss, J. Harper, S. McCormick, L. McDearmon, J. Nash, P. Nash, W. Newcomb, L, Perdue, J, Reynolds, J, Rogers, A. Phelps, A. Smith, D. Snow, C. White, S. Coleman, W. Lee, F, Vaughn, R. Nash, B. Martin, B, Irving, M. Routon, E, Beale, L, Walton, S, Ferguson, B. Beasley, T. Matthews, C. Moore, L. Moore. —————— Wade Drinkard, Sam Coleman, Billy Johnston, Leon Paulette, Billy Perdue, Waverly Payne, Jack Stratton, Roy Sharp, Calvin Tanner, Fred Weakly, Everette Beale, Benjamin Beasley, Carter Bondurant, Richard Cheatham, Sammy Ferguson, Edward Giles, Billy Greene, Wayne Lee, Clinton Lucado, Alfred Martin, Harold Martin, Taylor Matthews, Carey Moore, Lewis Moore, Edmund Patterson, Loys Perdue, Alvin Phelps, Jimmie Rogers. Murrell Routon, Lloyd Waltou, Clarence White, Paul Wilburn, Reuben Almond, Harold Blanks, Frank Cawthorne, George Cheatham, Sidney Coleman, Payton Cumbie, Joe Doss, Benny Gallier, David. Garrett, Ellis Grishaw, Ralph Harris, J.C. Hawley, Eugene Matheson, Pete McFadden, Orie Millner, Claude Moore, Jerry Nash, Paul Nash, Warren Sc ruggs, Elmo Smith, William Smith, David Snow, Raymond Stanley, Larry Sterne, W.C. Story, James Tweedy, Thomas FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Weakley, Curtis Woten. President... - Vice President . Secretary... ° Treasurer... ; . Billy Johnston . « Calvin Tanner . . « Lloyd Walton . . «Fred Weakley Reporter. ..... +... Leon Paulette Sentinel’... -.ctae wet a's 6 Gorey meoure Advisor: ¢.s4s jen scute tet aero al FALL ag er Bae, ee yo Oe re ot exits ‘se gy = ww . We op) B a Patricia Alvis, Betty Cawthorn, Betty Childers, Mary Childers, Mary Jane Cole, Edna Gregory, Betty Goad, Shirley Grubbs, Jerry George, Hugh Gurney, Joann Harris, Mazie Harvey, Jesse Harvey, Roberta Harvey, Mary Alice Henry, Cecil Hillsman, Lavana Hawley, J.C, Hawley, Jane Holt, Willard Irving, Barbara Jamerson, Barbara Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Ronald Lewis, Violet Martin, Billy Martin, Thelma Mayberry, Shirley Mitchell, Helen Moore, Shirley Morris, Phyllis Morris, Richard Nash, Mary O'Brien, Joyce Paulette, Dorothy Paulette, Lucy Perdue, Lucy Rector, Merle Reynolds, Shirley Rey- nolds, Ruth Slagel, Mary Watt Stanley, Stella Thomas, Charles Trent, Curtis Wooten, Thomas Weakley. EL CLUB ESPANOL President, Kendall Hunter; Vice-President, Jesse Rosser; Secretary and Treasurer, Goad; Reporter, Kathryn Burkey, Mary Ellen Ramsey, Ann Goad, Martha Nash, Peggy Cole, JoAnn Catlett, Kathryn Burkey, Virginia Ragland, Lucy Martin, Rebecca Babcock, Louise Burnett, Dorothea Coleman, Elizabeth Hanenkrat, Joyce McCormick, Kendall Hunter, Jesse Rosser, Lewis Garrett, Randolph Martin, Bobby Burkey, SENIOR MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS: President, Ray Wingfield; Vice-President, Bill Jamerson; Secretary and Treasurer, Kathryn Burkey. SPONSORS: Mrs, Morris, Miss Holley. MEMBERS:E, Agee, S, Almond, P, Alvis, L, Burnett, B, Burkey, K. Burkey, R. Babcock, J, Catlett, M. Cheatman, H. Cheatman, S. Campbell, D. Coleman, F. Carr, D. Carson, D, Caldwell, A. Christian, B. Dinkins, W. Drinkard, H. Doss, L. Fleshman, B. Gilbert, L. Hawley, S, Harris, M. Harvey, J. Harvey, B, Jamerson, K, Jamerson, B. Johnston, F. Kestner, G. Martin, M. Mitchell, Il, Moore, J. McCormick, M. Nash, L. Notestein, M. O'Brien, J. Paulette, M. Ramsey, G. Rush, M,. Reynolds, J, Rosser, S. Thomas, S, Walton, D. Wells, S. Wood, C, Woodson, R. Wingfield. OFFICERS: President, Teddy Mitchell; J [J N OR MV t S CLU B Vice-President, John Rothgeb; Secretary and Treasurer, Jane Holt, | MEMBERS: B, Adams, A. Almond, A, s Ashworth, D,. Austin, J. Baber, D. . : ” Brown, J. Burks, J. Carter, D, Carter, M. Conner, E, Chernault, W, Cher- nault, M. Childers, D, Clapp, E. Car- ter, J. Cole, J. Conner, E. Couch, M. Cyrus, G. Davidson, A. Davidson, V. Davidson, M, Deaner, H. Doss, A. Evans, M, Evans, L. Ferguson, N. Fer- guson, E, Giles, B. Goad, E, Gregory, S. Grubbs, M, Guill, R. Hall, J. Har- tis, R. Harvey, P. Henry, B. Herndon, G, Hillsman, J. Holt, J, Jamerson, L, Jamerson, C. Johnson, R, Lewis, N. Mayberry, S. Mayberry, M. Mayberry, J. Mann, S. McCormick, M. Millner, B. Mitchell, T, Mitchell, P. Morris, S. Morris, C, Myers, S. O'Brien, N, O'Brien, N. Oxford, D, Paulette, L. Perdue, G. Pierce, J, Proffitt, L, Rec- tor, S, Reynolds, J. Reynolds, B, Rob- inson, P, Robinson, B. Robinson, J, Rothgeb, R, Sharpe, W, Smith, R, Smith, B, Stanley, M. Stanley, C, Trent, M. Thornhill, L, Wills, C. White, H, Woody, P, Wooten, J, Wright, COMMERCIAL CLUB President, Peggy Smith; Vice-President, Ann Franklin; Secretary, Joan Harvey; Treasurer, Nina Barlow; Reporter, Loretta Doss; Program Chairman, Rosa Shupe; Advisor, Miss Allen, Members; Nina Barlow, Sylvia Burks, Loretta Doss, Mildred Ferguson, Anna Franklin, Ida Belle Harvey, Joan Harvey, Christine Herndon, Jack Layne, Peggy Smith, Rosa Shupe, Ann Thomas, Beatrice Totty, Berthan Wheeler. David Wood. LIBRARY CLUB in NM Advisor, Miss Asher. Members: Lois Notestein, Lora Fleshman, Joyce Mc- Cormick, Betty Jean Goad, INFORMAL SCHOOL LIFE I,Martha on a summer day, 2,Wade and Virginia are going places, 3,Ann in a movie star pose. 4.Jack and Loretta together as usual, 5,Betty and Opal have just come back from a drive, 6, Nancy is just posing for the camera, 7, Martha, Kathryn, Shirley, Daphine and Jo Ann make a lovely group, 8.Fred loves Billy. 9. Martha is scolding Doris, 10.Calvin, Billy and Leon at Blacks- burg. I1, Jackie and Louise represent the junior class, 12. Fred and Annare acouple oftenseen, 13, Shirley, Nina, and Bobby are ready for the game atCharlottesville. 14. Jean was our beautiful May Queen and June her beautiful Maid of Honor, 15, Dorothea and Barbara just got up, 16. Calvin loves silly hats, 17.Mrs. Brown has just finished her tennis game, 18.Barbara is going to perform for us, Ig, The three little Burks ready fora swim, 20, Maymond and Louise another couple often see, 21, Mrs. Caldwell, our sixth grade teacher. 22,Quite a group, don't you think? 23, Marjie and “D” just in from Phy. Ed. 24. Jack and Mary on a trip, 25,Bertha and Barbara make a cute couple, a Pee eS THE CHEERLEADERS AT HOMECOMING Feqay Cale Sue Moore Ta wer Vek: Virginia Chandler Nina Barlow Ma rJie Woodson Marthe Nash KaThny x Burkey Shirley Milehell Elizabeth HaweN Kral Jackie Poston Derolhea Coleman Cs RS | a a a : Leon Paulette a Charles Ray Carter Wingfield Pete Baber Philip OUR SCORE Sale 48 26 Eugene Matthewson Carlton Thomas Maymond Mitchell . sm |. Wa Ottway Jesse James Guill Rosser Tweedy FOOTBALL 1951 ! Schedule OPPONENT OPP, SCORE en Spe 4] fe To eg, Crewe Randolph Henry Blackstone Bedford Altavista Brookville Schoolfield South Boston Farmville OPO 7S OO G'S OO s] — — Bill Jamerson Co-Captain J.T. Guill Henry Doss Billy Bud Wade Carter Johnston Chenault Drinkard Woodson Bill Woods Manager Vital Statistics A total of 283 points were scored by Appomattox while their opponents scored only 58 points. Ed. Cawthorn was the high scorer for Appomattox with 131 points. Five of our men made the all district team. Bobby Chenault End Bill Jamerson Tackle Buddy Chenault Guard Ed Cawthorn Back Wade Drinkard Center Bobby Chenault Co-Captain Kendall Benny Hunter Gallier — ) a Howard Billy Phelps Almond Teddy Mitchell Robert O'Brien George Buchanan Dan Carson Ed Cawthorne BACK ROW: Ray Wingfield, Teddy Mitchell, J.P, Harvey, Ottway Guill, Calvin Tanner, Henry Doss, FRONT ROW: Jerry George, Bill Jamerson, Leon Paulette, J. T. Guill, Earl Agee, Billy Johnston, Mr, Gordon Bragg COACH BASKETBALL 1951-52 OUR SCORE a2 Schedule OPPONENT OPTS', SCORE Pamplin Brookville Concord Naruna Pamplin New London Bedford Naruna Madison Heights Concord Madison Heights Brookville New London Bedford Phillips Faye Burks, Mrs, Brown, Coach. FRONT ROW: Betty Moore, Lucy Perdue, Stella Thomas, Ann Goad, Cap- tain; Nina Barlow, Sarah Irving. BASKETBALL 1951-52 Schedule OUR SCORE OPPONENTS OPT'S, SCORE 28 Pamplin 18 47 Brookville 38 48 Concord 29 43 Naruna 23 34 Pamplin 25 54 New London 40 BACK ROW: Virginia Chandler, Jane Holt, Beatrice Totty, Edna Gregory, Lucy Rector, Sylvia Burks, Betty 40 Bedford Naruna 56 Madison Heights 35 49 Concord 36 45 Madison Heights 31 34 Brookville 28 52 New London 22 15 Bedford oa 48 Phillips 34 Mrs, Louise Brown COACH Lewis Garrett, Carlton Thomas, Bobby Chenault, FRONT ROW: Jerry George, Manager; Bradley Mann, Ray BACK ROW: Mr, Bragg, Coach; Sam Almond, J.T. Guill, Ed Cawthorne, Bill Jamerson, Carter Woodson, Wingfield, Maymond Mitchell, Calvin Tanner, Billy Perdue, George Buchanan, Frank Cawthorne, Manager. BASEBALL 1951 ee Schedule OUR SCORE OPPONENT OPTS', SCORE a Concord 1 4 Cumberland 8 17 Pamplin 5 3 Altavista 2 7 Madison Heights 8 6 Cumberland 2 22 Brookville 0 9 Pamplin 6 1] C.H. Friend 2 14 Brookville 5 18 Altavista 6 19 Bedford 0 19 New London n 17 C. H. Friend 10 6 Madison Heights 1 Bobby Chenault Batting Average .426 Calvin Tanner, Pitcher Ed, Cawthorne Won 7. Lost 1 Batting Average .429 BACK ROW: Erna White, Betty Burks, Sylvia Burks, Beatrice Totty, Barbara Johnson, Betty Moore. FRONT ROW: Sarah Irving, Shirley Mitchell, Marjie Woodson, Ann Goad, Captain; Virginia Chandler, Dorothy Mustain, Agnes Christian, Mrs, Brown, Coach, SOFTBALL Schedule OUR SCORE OPPONENT OPTS'. SCORE Concord Pamplin Worsham Rustburg Worsham Concord Pamplin Rustburg Betty Faye and Ann have | their eyes on the ball. — OLR ON: OCR Two givls oW oWe Pretzel: Vo ; Fain: Figure This once ow. Miss Ashen Kee ps Every- Thing iv The Libpany UnNden ey web) S | KE Many and Peaay Mahe Lovely Prisoners: Hey MoM!Capy Wie Shave Now? | | | MOSES MOTOR CO APPOMATTONA g a WJ Look aeT! Wel, Leannin ¢ To Drwrave. 4 Haery Memories oF Spring Riemies, We'ne Ready To go Moke ae @y ) mt, N o Ne oF ouw : “. | J Love’ Daweers. Se I yer: We even Have SeMe@ Cowginls th - Mgt pe bes The Queen and Her Court THE QUEEN Jean Moore 4, im ' eS — The Coronation of the Queen THE LADY IN WAITING June Holt WAN, OPP The Royal Float HOMECOMING A Gala Day for All OUR KING-- Bill Jamerson OUR QUEEN-- Peggy Smith The Parade | | | | QUR PATRONS . Rutledge Mr. George Abbitt Mr. W. M, Abbitt Dr. C. G. O'Brien Judge Joel Flood “Flowers For Every Occasion " Dial 2741 or 3622 Appomattox, Virginia CONNER'S SERVICE STATION Route 460 Appomattox, Virginia Cleaners and Dyers IF. WwW. IH A RY EY Lynchburg, Virginia PHONE 8502 Appomattox, Virginia Mr. Clark will call Wednesday and Saturday AE BANK OF APPOMATTOX Appomattox, Va. Offers Complete Banking Service With Total Resources Over Two and One-Quarter Million. The Oldest And Largest Bank In Appomattox County Would Like To Serve You Too Deposits Insured By FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION $10,000 .00--Maximum Insurance--$10,000.00 For Each Depositor Canada's Premium Tomatoes Clark's Indian River Oranges Grapefruit CANADA PRODUCE CO. Lynchburg, Va. Compliments of THE JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE " We help the needy not the greedy " All Our star players And Our Coaches ‘ Select hillip BROTHERS nc. 906 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Jewelry Music Needs Sporting Goods Appomattox Hardware Co., Inc Appomattox, Virginia | ( Distributors - American Oil Company Products Electrical and Plumbing Contractors General Line Hardware § Major Appliances Sales Dial 3131 Service Dial 3322 en ss tai? Products, Inc The First National Bank of Lynchburg | ; Lynchburg, Va. | sue Se een Me oe ey INO ach ea } Since 1865, an institution for commercial and personal . banking, authorized to act in Trust and Fiduciary Capacities. Sen on faa Sepa pon a tl ecg fou ea fe ee Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " The Old, Big, Strong Bank " Grinels Motor Co. Appomattox, Va. Telephone 2121 Headquarters for all your transportation needs Ford Cars and Trucks Parts - Accessories -Services Appomattox Truck And Tractor, Inc. New Location Route 460 @ Appomattox, Virginia SYMBOL OF SERVICE Farmall Tractors and McCormick Farm Machines International Trucks and Refrigeration See us for All Your Machinery Needs INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HERFF-JONES CO. Manufacturers of Appomattox High School Class Rings and Commencement Announcements For 1952 Graduating Class Furnished Through James L. Deck 300 East Main Street Richmond 19, Virginia Compliments of BIBEES “SUPER MARKET Lynchburg, Virginia THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Prompt and Accurate Service We Invite Your Account- " Deposits are insured up to $10,000.00 Phone 3001 Appomattox, Virginia MOSES MOTOR CO. Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Genuine Parts and Accessories " Service and Sales that Satisfy " Phone 3773 tVirVa tT Appomattox, Virginia. Congratulations And Always Featuring Best Wishes Smarter Fashions For of The Younger Set HOSKINS PONTIAC " The Best Place To Shop After All " J. £. JAMERSON AND SONS Dealers in BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 2673 Appomattox, Virginia Lumber Roofing Cinder Doors Sheetrock Brick Windows Cement Builders Hd'we Paints Wall paper Millwork anemia. aan In Lynchburg It's " For Service Call " JOHN P, HUGHES MOTOR CO. INC. M{ILLNERS THE SHOPPING CENTRE Dependable, Efficient, Fair for over 35 Years Lynchburg, Virginia For Dial 2-451] Younger Crowd Fashions R. F. " Red " JAMERSON TURKEYS JOHN E. GANNAWAY CO Phone 2704 Appomattox, Virginia Hardware and Agricultural Implements 1 VA) NGS Aey WW ¢ Paints Home Appliances 1016-18 Main Street = Lynchburg, Va. After the game... Refresh with G.E. Smith, Proprietor Coca-Cola LEE RESTAURANT Regular Meals Fountain Service Sandwiches " Let Us Serve You " SOOTHE wredet AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY OF Hear Calvin Robinson Friday's 12:30 P.M, and 7:30 P.M. PHILLIPS ‘= COLLEGE WWOD Complete Business Education for e7len and Women 1000 CHURCH STREET DIAL 7-270! LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 1390 KC. Lynchburg, Virginia KASCO FEEDS For all Farm Stock APPOMATTOX FARMERS' SUPPLY CO. The " Drive-In " Feed Store Authorized KASCO Distributor FARM SERVICE CO. 1213 Church St. Lynchburg, Va. J.1. CASE QUALITY FARM MACHINERY Sales and Service CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF52 WLVA Farm Reporter Lynchburg - 590 on the Dial WEINSTEIN'S We Furnish Your Home Complete 12th Main Lynchburg, Va. Nothing But Bargains Appomattox, Va. Funeral Fifth Street at Court Lynchburg, Virginia 3, QuerioHeR INC. Established 1828 " Sporting Goods " 1024 Main Lynchburg, Va. C.H. BEASLEY BRO. CORPORATION Wholesale Grocers 915 - 917 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Va. VIRGINIAN MOTORS, INC. LYNCHBURG'S FORD DEALER 12th Court Sts. SALES AND SERVICE Austin's Dry Cleaning Shop the Convenient One Stop Way Phone 2-2363 At 2599 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia eat) " The Home of Better Values " BLANKINSHIP'S MARKET FEGOETICS Fresh and Smoked Meats DEPARTMENT STORE INC. Wholesale and Retail 1011-1017 Main Street 1108 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia THE CLEANERS Laundry and Dry Cleaning Phone 8710 Appomattox, Va. Lynchburg, Virginia MYERS RHODES EQUIPMENT CO., INC. COLEMAN'S FEED SEED STORE whl D Rag bel Si reel cite? he Bla Oliver Ferguson Farm Machinery Dealer in 1612 - 14 Main Street Southern States Feeds, Seeds, and Fertilizers Appomattox, Virginia Lynchburg, Va. Compliments of ROYAL CROWN COLA Lynchburg, Virginia Webb- Whitaker Company INCORPORATED Nen’s and Young Nen’s Clothing 909 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your Guild Optician A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Bldg. Exclusively Optical SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO. Service Department 1025-29 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments from Your Friendly WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Lynchburg, Virginia VIRGINIA COMMERCIAL COLLEGE H. W. Miller, President Wall Building Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of HICKOK WRIGHT DRY CLEANERS Lynchburg, Virginia J. E. WOOD BRO., INC. " The Live Wires " Outfitters to Men and Boys 1003 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Our Values Keep Us Growing. Where Quality is Higher Than Price. REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY, INC, " Let Us Make Your House A Home " 620-924 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK CO, PATTERSON'S SAFE SERVICE DRUG STORES 1020 Main St. and 627 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia BURNETT DISTRIBUTING CO, Tire Sales and Service -- Dial 8-2883 Sth and Court Sts. , Lynchburg, Va. " Not just a recap - a BURNETT RECAP " Sales -- U.S. Tires -- Service THE LYNCHBURG GARAGE Lynchburg's Leading Tire Store Home of The General Tire Kraft Recapping 6th and Church Streets = Lynchburg, Virginia McCARTHY 'S BAKERY Decorated Cakes for All Occasions Lynchburg, Virginia LEADING FURNITURE {YNCHBURG'S " Lynchburg's Leading Furniture Store " 920-922 Main St. - - Dial 5-2501 AUBREY THOMAS MOTOR CO., INC. " Home of Complete Oldsmobile Service " Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 72777 A. G. GAINES JEWELER Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairs Appomattox, Virginia C. S. JENKINS " The Economy Store " Appomattox, Virginia Dry Goods Notions Shoes Groceries Red Smoot " THE BEST IN USED PARTS " We Buy Old and Wrecked Cars Dial 2-4511, Ext. 6 A Cabell Sts., Lynchburg, Va. W. O. TAYLOR Manufacturer and Dealer in SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, BUILDING MATERIALS Dial 2-1781 Lynchburg, Virginia Handy Phone 6-2666 Lynchburg, Virginia BAILEY -SPENCER HARDWARE COPING, 1014 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Reach For SUNBEAM THE BREAD YOU NEED FOR ENERGY The Sign of Friendliness And Good Grocery Goods ANDERSON'S Piggly Wiggly Super Markets 1307 Main - 2480 Rivermont - 3011 Memorial Lynchburg, Virginia HAROLD Y, SPENCER Druggist Appomattox, Virginia NATURAL BEAUTY SALON Appomattox, Virginia Mrs. Clara Mitchell Miss Rosa Mae Wooldridge Phone 254] R. D, ROBINSON Furniture and Funeral Directing Phone 3331 - 2231 Appomattox, Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Auto Supplies - Hardware Appomattox, Virginia Phone 2662 T. HUNTER DICKERSON Furnishings For Men and Boys Appomattox, Virginia Visit The SANITARY BARBER SHOP " It Pays to Look Well. " G. B. Buchanan, Proprietor TURNER MOTOR CO.,, INC. 115 Oakely Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia Service Parts Used Cars LEGRAND'S ESSO SERVICE " Ned " LeGrand, Prop. Appomattox, Virginia Phone 8851 = . - a a er et i ee O o + . ——— EE 4 J Son STS TS — - - a — meant ue i a bah the it) a Te ge a aE Tae ce 2 eepe nm Oy Dee “PL es + sa | i Ht i an 7 Ai, ye ie Wo baer ify h a At fol (eit ate

Suggestions in the Appomattox High School - Traveler Yearbook (Appomattox, VA) collection:

Appomattox High School - Traveler Yearbook (Appomattox, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Appomattox High School - Traveler Yearbook (Appomattox, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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Appomattox High School - Traveler Yearbook (Appomattox, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 52

1952, pg 52

Appomattox High School - Traveler Yearbook (Appomattox, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 52

1952, pg 52

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