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X Y, Avg- w - Y' -if ',.,4:,,, ,, . f,,r-gbgz . .. vw --- 45 ? "" ,...:,Y1'L.,, 1' , A i'z,: 1...f 4 I I 4 . Y . -,,,,AY -, X Y A - ,,,, ,.,h- - fag.- Q .- , f,-:rw if v -,.' H - . , 'F'-"'l'i"" - if-,f.,f,w .iffb .L , ' , . , gfw 5 ,qvq 1, f x f ' . . Y U vm?-'51 E ":fF2LZfi. L "1 . ' W'-L-, 331.1 ' .aww 5.4.3 Y ,5jM:z53Lh.i1A'il -gffff-Q-rjjjfyl2'i3,--f,.g4'f:ff-j',-'.'1.-,.' W 1 1..- f 1 THE TMYELER Published by The Class of Golden Fifty of APPOMATTOX HIGH SCHOOL Appornattox, Virginia Pa A , HIEIHUHIHIH MARY ADAMS SAVEDGE September Z9, 1882 - December 3, 1949 Always in our hearts will remain the memory of our dear friend and supervisor, Miss Mary Adams Savedge, who left us on December 3, 1949. Her life radiated her great service and love for mankind. No problem was too large or too small for her to undertake. She constantly held before the students the ideal of doing nothing less than their best. The results of her untiring efforts will still be seen in years to come. Z X SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: JOIOE CHRISTIAN, ALICE HAMILTON, PAYE WOOD, DAVID FERGUSON. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: DICK MARKS, SAM FERGUSON, HARRY GORDON LAwSON, REBECCA RUSH, FLORENCE ROBERTSON. STAFF MEMBERS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - JOICE CHRISTIAN: LITERARY EDITORS - ALICE HAMILTON, FAYE WOOD: SPORTS - DAVID FERGUSON, BARBARA ANN JOHNSON! ASSISTANTS - BILLY BOBBITT, PEGGY COLE, CLIFTON CABELL, SENIOR WRITE-UPS - VIRGINIA CARTER3 ASSISTANTS - ANN CABELL, JUNE HOLT, LEWIS HARVEY, RUBY FERGUSON3 CLUBS - AUDREY PAGE, EVELYN CHERNAULT, FLORENCE ROBERTSON,- ASSISTANTS - BETTY WINGFIELD, MARY ELLEN MOORE, FRED CARRZ ART EDITOR - BYRON BABCOCKS ASSISTANTS - HELEN MAE POE, BETTY STERNE, CARLTON ARTHUR, PHOTOGRAPHY - REBECCA RUSH, J. C. LEWIS, DAVID AUSTIN, LORA FLESHMAN, GWEN SHUFORD: BUSINESS MANAGER - DICK MARKS! ADVERTISEMENTS - SAM FERGUSON: ASSISTANTS - VERTA MARTIN, LOIS WOOD, PHYLLIS WRIGHT, CHARLES HARVEY, KENNETH JAMERSONQ SUBSCRIPTIONS - HARRY GORDON LAWSONJ ASSISTANTS - EULELIA ROBERTSON, ALFRED RAY GORDON, MARY ELLEN RAMSEY, HOWLETTE MARTIN, ANN STERNE. U15 IJUHE IT I I E , 1 T ,.z'Aflx'L'. A ' I i m I... - I ' wwxxxxy . f-' It I MR. BURKE MRS. ALvIS MR. KERR COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT COUNTY VISITING PRINCIPAL OF SCHOOLS TEACHER FHIIUHU C MRS. GILBERT ENGLISH, ALGEBRA MRS. CRAWLEY SODIAL STUDIES MRS. MORRIS MUSIC, HISTORY MISS HOLLEY ENGLISH, LATIN MRS. CHEATHAM ENGLISH, SPANISH MRS. TAYLOR SCIENCE MRS. BRowN PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. BRAGG CoACH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. JOSE MATHEMATICS, CIVICS MRS. WEBB I ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS MISS ALLEN BUSINESS EDUCATION MR. HUDSON MATHEMATICS, CHEMISTRY I MISS CARSON HOME ECONOMICS MISS SHUFORD HOME ECONOMICS MR. PACK AGRICULTURE MISS KATE FRANKLIN MUSIC 'MISS ASHER SCHOOL'LIBRARIAN MISS BURNETTE COUNTY LIBRARIAN MRS. ROSSER SECRETARY MRS. BABCOCK CAFETERIA HOSTESS MR. ASHwoRTH SHOP KNO PICTURE, GRHDE FHCUHU 459 Miss FLORA B WILLIAMS MRS. CALDWELL Miss CULLOP M S lRvl G M155 BURKEY 7TH GRADE TH GRADE 5TH GRADE MTH GRADE gan-fu, P91 ,ANR MRS. BURR:-:w 3RD GRADE MRS. FURBUSH MRS. HESSON 55 xl' sf' J -l 577' President ...... Dick.Marks Vice-President . . Charles Harvey Secretary .... Eulelia- Robertson Treasurer. . . Florence Robertson Reporters ........... . . Eyelyn Chernault, Le.wis Harvey Historians.......... . . Virginia Carter, Byron Babcock Sponsors . Mrs. Louise S. Crawley, . . . Q . .Mrs. Carrie P. Gilbert X FLOWER SEIIIIIHS ERVIN WINSTON ALMOND HRABBITH SPANISH CLUB 3,N. WILLIAM BYRON BABCOCK BYRON LATIN CLUB l,2,3,Hg SPANISH CLUB 3,43 SECRETARY OF LATIN CLUB 3: REPORTER OF LATIN CLUB 25 PRESIDENT or SPANISH CLUB 3,M3 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE l,2,3,M3 ART EDITOR ANNUAL STAFF U3 Bovs' STATE 25 CLASS HISTORIAN M. MYRTLE CORDELIA BEANE MYRTLEY H-H CLUB I. VERNON HALL BEASLEY VERNON F.F.A. I,2,3,NS U-H CLUB I,2,3,N5 MEMBER OF KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN CLUB 2,3,Nj F.F.A. JUDOING TEAM 21 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IN F.F.A. My DEGREE TEAM 3. WILLIE GUTHRIE BOBBITT, JR. HCUEH BASEBALL l,2,3,Hg FOOTBALL 2,3,U5 BASKETBALL Mg MONOGRAM CLUB 2,3,4g ANNUAL STAFF N3 LATIN CLUB I9 A-H CLUB I,2,3,N. ANNE CABELL IIRANDYII SPANISH CLUB 3,U3 A-H CLUB I,2,33 ANNUAL STAFF N5 REPORTER OF U-H CLUB 3,33 TREASURER OF COUNTY COUNCIL 3. CLIFTON CABELL CLIFTON F.F.A. lg FooTBALL 3,35 LATIN CLUB 2,3,Ng N-H CLUB l,25 ANNUAL STAFF U5 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE 2,3,U5 MONOGRAM CLUB 3,H. EDITH CALDWELL IIREDII U-H CLUB I,2,3,uQ F.H.A. 3,kg BUS CAPTAIN 3,H. MATTIE VIRGINIA CARTER HJENNYH LATIN CLUB I,2,3,NS JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,N5 CLASS HISTORIAN U9 S.C.A. SECRETARY AND TREASURER 3,Ug GIRLS' STATE 25 ANNUAL STAFF, SENIOR WRITE-UP EDITOR U. 7 SEHIUHS RED BASEBALL hi BASKETBALL U3 CHEERLEADER co-cAPTAIN My MONO- GRAM CLUB U: SPANISH CLUB 3,U. EVELYN CLAUDINE CHERNAULT HCLAUDIEN M-H CLUB I,2,3,NQ F.H.A. I,2: SECRETARY AND TREASURER OF U-H CLUB 25 ANNUAL STAFF Mg CLASS REPORTER U: WINNER OF TRIP TO CHICAGO 23 REPORTER OF F.H.A. CLUB 33 4-H CLUB NATIONAL CONVENTION 2: STATE SHORT COURSE V.P.I. 3. JOICE HAMNER CHRISTIAN JOICE LATIN CLUB I,2,3,N5 ANNUAL STAFF 23 SECRETARY SPANISH CLUB 3,43 EDITOR-IN-cHIEF OF ANNUAL Us JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Ig2,3,M3 VICE-PRESIDENT OF S.C.A. 3: BASKETBALL U5 PRESIDENT OF LATIN CLUB 25 S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE li CAPTAIN OF CHEER- LEADERS 2,Ug CHEERLEADER l,2,3,U5 VICE-PRESIDENT OF MONO- GRAM CLUB 2,U. ALVA BRAXTON COLEMAN HBRACKH F.F.A. I,2,3,N. DAVID ALEXANDER FERGUSON IIJOEII CLASS REPORTER Ig FOOTBALL 3,N3 BASEBALL l,2,3,hj SPANISH CLUB 3,43 SECRETARY OF MONOGRAM CLUB 3,45 MONOGRAM 2.3,Mg BASKETBALL U: ANNUAL SPORT EDITOR Us S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE U. ESSIE MAXINE FERGUSON MAXINE F.H.A. M. RUBY LEE FERGUSON RUBY F.H.A. l,2,3,u1 SPANISH CLUB 3,35 N-H CLUB 2,3,U3 ANNUAL STAFF 4. SAMUEL LEWIS FERGUSON LITTLE FERGYH BASEBALL l,2,3,U3 S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE 3: JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,U5 LATIN CLUB l,2,3,N: PRESIDENT OF MONOGRAM CLUB 2,3,Ug FOOTBALL I,2,3,Mg CO-CAPTAIN OF FOOTBALL TEAM l,U: BASKETBALL U3 ANNUAL STAFF 2,43 U-H CLUB I,2,3,U. DOROTHY LEE GARRETT HDOTU SPANISH CLUB 3,Mg ANNUAL STAFF U. W w V 8 SEIITIUHS EUNICE ANN GARRETT EUNICE N-H CLUB 3,N. ALFRED RAY GORDON HMATEH N-H CLUB REPORTER I: LATIN CLUB l,2,3,Mg FOOTBALL 2,3,Ng SPANISH CLUB 3,U5 REPORTER or S.C.A. 3,U: MBNOGRAM CLUB 2,3,ui'VICE-PRESIDENT MONOGRAM CLUB 3. TERRY DUVAL GUILL DUvAL F.F.A TREASURER 3,N5 SENTINEL F.F.A. Is REPORTER OF HUB- FEDERATION 35 VoLLEY BALL TEAM 33 F.F.A. I,2,3,U5 DEGREE TEAM 29 MEMBER or KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN CLUB 2,3,U5 F.F.A. CHAIRMAN OF EARNING AND SAVING COMMITTEE Ns F.F.A. CHAIR- MAN or COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE 2. EARL RANDOLPH HALL HRANDH ALICE MILDRED HAMILTON ALICE LATIN CLUB l,2,3,N: JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,k: CHEER- LEADER I,2.33 ANNUAL STAFF 23 MONOGRAM CLUB 2,3,N3 CHEER- LEADER CO-CAPTAIN 33 BASKETBALL Us SPANISH CLUB 3,33 ANNUAL LITERARY CO-EDITOR U. BESSIE JEAN HARDING RSHORTYH U-H CLUB I,2,3,U: PROGRAM CHAIRMAN or U-H CLUB 2,35 JUNIOR LEADER or N-H CLUB 3,Ug F.H.A. 3,k. CHARLES ANDRE HARVEY HCHARLIEN F.F.A. l,2,3,HQ REPORTER or F.F.A. I: VIcE-PRESIDENT or F,F.A. 3: VIcE-PRESIDENT or CLASS Us CHAIRMAN OF F.F.A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 25 U-H CLUB I,2,3,U: F.F.A. DEGREE TEAM 33 F.F.A. VOLLEY BALL TEAM 23 PRESIDENT OF U-H CLUB 3,41 F.F.A. JUDGING TEAM l,2g ANNUAL STAFF N3 CREWLEADER or KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN CLUB 2. DANIEL PERRY HARVEY IIDANU BASKETBALL U3 FOOTBALL Us Musuc PLAY 3. LEWIS GLOVER HARVEY LEWIS F.F.A. l,2,3,N5 JUDGING TEAM l,2,33 STATE JUDGING TEAM 3g DEGREE TEAM I,2,3,Hg HUB FEDERATION PRESIDENT U5 VOLLEY BALL TEAM 3,U: S.C.A. VICE-PRESIDENT hi VoLLEY BALL TEAM 4: S.C.A. VICE-PRESIDENT Us CLASS REPORTER U. 9 SEIIIIIHS HELEN LORRAINE LANE HELEN F.H.A. I5 SPANISH CLUB 3,U5 VICE-PRESIDENT SPANISH CLUB U5 ANNUAL STAFF H. HARRY GORDON LAWSON HARRY BASEBALL I,2,3,U5 FOOTBALL l,2,3,U5 MDNDGRAM CLUB 2,3,U5 CO-CAPTAIN OF FOOTBALL TEAM 35 BASKETBALL U5 TREASURER OF MONOGRAM CLUB 35 LATIN CLUB I,2,3,U5 SPANISH CLUB 3,U5 U-H CLUB PRESIDENT I3 LIBRARY CLUB 35 S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE I9 ANNUAL STAFF 2,N. PHYLLIS ANNE LEGRANDE PHYLLIS M-H CLUB 3,N. THELMA LUCADO F.H.A. 2,3,U. DUDLEY WATTS MAJOR uDUDn MILDRED ELIZABETH MANN HMI LII LATIN CLUB I,2,3,U5 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,U5 U-H CLUB I,2,3,U5 F.H.A. 3,M5 REPORTER OF F.H.A. U. RICHARD DUNN MARKS, JR. HDI CK!! CLASS PRESIDENT 3,35 S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE I5 S.C.A. PRESI- DENT 3,U5 SPANISH CLUB 3,U5 LATIN CLUB I,2,3,N5 FOOTBALL TEAM l,2,3-'CO-CAPTAIN My BASEBALL MANAGER I5 SCOREKEEPER 2,3,U5 MDNDSRAM TREASURER 39 ANNUAL ASSISTANT EDITOR 25 ANNUAL BUSINESS EDITOR H. JAMES DOUGLAS MARSHALL HJIMMYU F.F.A. I,2,3,M5 VoLLEv BALL TEAM U5 STATE JUDGING TEAM 35 DALRY JUDGING TEAM 35 F.F.A. CHAIRMAN OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 3, - VERTA ROBERTSON MARTIN TOOTSIEH F.H.A. I,2,3,U5 TREASURER OF F.H.A. I5 BUS CAPTAIN N5 ANNUAL Il I STAFF M. I.. ,-, I 10 SEIIIUIIS MURRELL MILLNER HMULEH M-H CLUB I,2,3,Ug F.H.A. I,2,3,U5 BUS CAPTAIN l,2,3,M. CHARLES MITCHELL CHARLIE MUSIC PLAY 3: MONDGRAM CLUB 2,3,U: BASEBALL TEAM 2,3,U. MINNIE EVALENA MOORE uLENAn F.H.A. I,2,3,M: ANNUAL STAFF U5 F.H.A. TREASURER 3. THOMAS BENJAMIN MOORE IITOMII VDLLEY BALL TEAM 23 F.F.A. I,2,3,U5 DEGREE TEAM 2: MEMBER OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 35 SENTINEL F.F.A. I5 MEMBER or KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN CLUB 2,3,U5 F.F.A. CHAIRMAN or PROGRAM WORK COMMITTEE U. JAMES C. OULD NBUDDYH FOOTBALL TEAM 2,3,45 BASEBALL 2,3,uS MONOGRAM CLUB 2,3,U. AUDREY GLENNE PAGE HTOOTSIEN A-H CLUB I,2,3,U5 F H.A. I,23 ANNUAL STAFF My VICE PRESI- DENT or F.H.A. 2. HAZEL VIRGINIA PAULETTE HBUTCHH F.H.A. 3,Ug N-H CLUB I,2,3,U3 BUS CAPTAIN 2,N. RICHARD MERTHEN ROBBINS RICHARD' F.F.A. I,2,3,U5 M-H CLUB I,2,3,U: REPORTER or F.F.A. MI VQLLEY BALL TEAM My JUDGING TEAM 35 F.F.A. CHAIRMAN or RECREATION COMMITTEE 35 F.F.A. CHAIRMAN or COOPERATIVE COMMITTEE N. GRACE EULELIA ROBERTSDN EULELIA LATIN CLUB I,2,3,Ng SPANISH CLUB 3,Ng CLASS SECRETARY 3g ANNUAL STAFF Us GIRLS STATE 25 VIcE PRESIDENT OF CLASS 25 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,N. 11 F'! SEIIIURS FLORENCE KATIE ROBERTSON FLORENCE LATIN CLUB l,2,3,N3 SPANISH CLUB 3,M: JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I,2,3,Hg CLASS TREASURER My ANNUAL STAFF H. LUCILLE REBECCA RUSH HBECKYH GLEE CLUB I: PRESIDENT or F.H.A. 3g S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVE 3: PARLIAMENTARIAN or F.H.A. U3 SECRETARY OF HOME RooM 25 F.H.A. I,2,3,U5 VICE-PRESIDENT or F.H.A. LONGWOOD FEDERA- TION 33 SECRETARY AND TREASURER or U-H CLUB U. GWYNDOLYN SHUFORD IIGWYNII F.H.A. I,2,3,Ug F.H.A. SECRETARY I3 F.H.A. PRESIDENT 2g SPANISH CLUB 3,Ng CLASS SECRETARY 29 CLASS TREASURER 33 CHEERLEADER 3,43 ANNUAL STAFF H: MONOGRAM CLUB 3,N3 NATIONAL F.H.A. CONVENTIONAL DELEGATE U. HAROLD TAYLOR STRATTON HAROLD F F.A. l,2,3,Ug F.F.A. SENTINEL I: F.F A. REPORTER 25 F.F.A. SECRETARY 3,33 F.F.A. JUDGING TEAM 2,3,N5 F.F.A. DEGREE TEAM I,2. GEORGE RALEIGH WATSON HGEORGIEH CHEERLEADER U5 MoNoCRAM CLUB N. CONSTANCE FAYE WOOD FAYE SPANISH CLUB 3,U3 CHEERLEABER 2.35 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADER N: MoNoCRAM CLUB 2,3QH5 CHEERLEADER CAPTAIN 39 PRESIDENT OF GIRLS' MCNOGRAM CLUB 23 LITERARY CO-EDITOR OF ANNUAL H. ELEANOR BISHOP WOOLDRIDGE ll SQUIRTH F.H.A. l,2,3,U. DERELYS PHYLLIS WRIGHT IIPHILII F.H.A. Ii BUS CAPTAIN Nj ANNUAL STAFF. 12 ' f" ,M -T J-ll f- "Lv1",9-Zeif . 1 7 x. an "Mill " ,,, L+- -f .44 ' . 1 K' J M 1 Q . I Y V s Sl i 1 ing ,X ' Y 1 -1 . Y . 4 A " I li T L , . fp. A - if .M it ,g'vn gl in mix All elim fi SENIOR SNAPS - 1. The Beauties. Z. Ain't they cute. 3. Could it be love ? 4. Glamour. 5. Fil1'er up. 6. One of the best. 7. The three Stooges. 8. The sweet trio. 9. Having trouble ? 10, The Skunks. ll. Hungry? 12. The other best. 13. Preparing the homecoming float. 13 CLHSS HISTUHU THE ADVENTURES OF THE GOLDEN GRADUATES STORY BY: Virginia Carter and Byron Babcock PRODUCED BY: A.H.S. Studios DIRECTED BY: LindsayCrawley, .Tohn Peters, and Howard Kerr SCENE I TIME: 1946-47 SETTING: Appomattox High School STARS: Frank McCann, MarshallMayberry, DavidFerguson, and Herbert Cawthorne SUPPORTINE CAST: Eighty-nine shy, bewildered, "wouldbe"actors and actresses approached the A.H.S. studios seeking roles in the production, The Adventures of The Golden Graduates." ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Frances Cheatham and Mary Taylor Lights! Camera! Action! Eachmember of the cast,working exceedinglyhard, learned his lines from night to night in order to be prepared for shooting the scenes each succeeding day. This was the most gigantic production ever filrned by A.H.S., since its making required five, long years.After the filrning of the first scene, the company disbanded in June retiring to favorite surnmer resorts for sorely needed vacations SCENE II TIME: 1947-1948 SETTING: A. H. S STARS: Frank McCann, Eulelia Robertson, Faye Wood, and Gwyndolyn Shuford SUPPORTING CAST: The vacation ended and, while most of the cast reported to the studio, a few accepted jobs with other companies SYNOPSIS OF THE SCENE Our former director, L. Crawley, having retired, the cast began work under a new director, JohnPeters. The cast, being more experienced, was able to complete ntucnerous interesting scenes, such as the Music and Latin Plays. Those in the Latin Play even learned to design their own costurnes. Thus the magnificent production progressed. SCENE Ill TIME: 1948-1949 SETTING: A. H. S STARS: Dick Marks, Joice Christian, Eulelia Robertson, Gwyndolyn Shuford, and Byron Babcock. SUPPORTING CAST: Fifty-nine enthusiastic and faithful players returned to the studio as the film passed the half-way mark toward completion ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Harriett Holley and Gertrude Morris SYNOPSIS OF THE SCENE By this time, the cast realized the importance of the production and so worked diligently to gain recognition as stars. Many showed their ability to act and sing in the scene which included the Christmas Pageant SCENE IV TIME: 1949-1950 SETTING: Our beloved A.H.S STARS: Dick Marks, Eulelia Roberts on, Charlie Harvey, Florence Robertson, Evelyn Chernault, Lewis Harvey, Virginia Carter, and Byron Babcock SUPPORTING CAST: Twenty-eight actresses and twenty-five actors, who had weathered the storm and finally achieved positions as stars were now senior players ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Caroline Gilbert and Louise Crawley THE CLIMAX OF THE PRODUCTION "The Adventures of the Golden Graduates" is nearly completed: however, the best is yet to come--the glorious day when the cast will receive diplomas from Director Kerr. 3 14 " 1 ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Alice Weinberg and Vernon Spence f V , J, lf I 1 Iffllys NAMMX A"QXu .QS x x X- 'L X x X 'JMX M wx! W I HXXQQWM pf ' wxljy f , ,. P My 4 vi J 'lfflil 'ff' X ,-:lag PUDREY RUCE vlRC-'Nm " EVELYN LEVHS Z X C1299 I - D Fggwsom HELEN Lune 9 Q BERSLEY NR XINE FERGUSON MOST BRD!-IFUL W . .-.. qg5y.qpuL, Q Q B D 1 Q Q l u RRNDDLPH I I n , ""'-'- vnu mmmn F, .. , -e, f , J, 1 'ul ' ' Ep- " ?4QHq::! ' F-PA mv W M it yN'TELLECYX5RL PIUST ELLEQTUQL ygnggea-y . , 551- - - - - - - - - - NQIHIEST S RN FERC USDN - - - - Q - Vfaeiulg mania mu. NNW'- swvn GH'-'Fong .4-' ...V L 1 3 G rc Q 9 C H QRLK ' H 0 " ee?-T 50" 'Ro , . Q EDLELW 1 Q ' v BYRDNB "' xy FRYE ' ,1 was-ass KESSQD BEST - - A rv D -f 32510165 Q R e,eST w-is lo R- 5 RCWRES 0 N 422:-vnx.eN'YE S E TIVES Q 1 if' 5 UYERLR 1 s ll I 'U ' REBaccn Ru-sn F RIFNDLIEST v 1 1 I 1 1 1 Qgnnue unvwsy nuee 1-me-ucron FRXENDL-YE - Q Q RLFRED GORD ! f .f 1 f - fL"' 51- r3u:,'r n.mT QEST BIG nl! N EST L00 KI NC, 1 1 1 KS HRRVEY 'I an .lance e.HR1sT - BEST LOQIQHQG MGST Po PULAQA M RT OST C C HLETIC. l IQN Sf? f -4: X EJ? N t"' wx 4 I :Lap Zffgf 1 ff' 5 , HYIP ,J fx? 14 14:5 A546 O ' 40" -ff DX ggi 21' gf: Q' 0 CLHSS PHUPHECU Diplomas give to us, we pray As we set out on life's broad way. And bring to us our scroll of Fate That will reveal to each classmate What he will do and when and where As he leaves this, his school so rare. .-ff .--"" T, Ann and Evelyn are designers true, They have their wishesg so why can't you? Joyce is an honored laboratory technician. Murrell and Eleanor have proved their talents as beauticians. Sam Ferguson as a lawyer has won fame: Our air-line hostess, Eulelia, has finally changed her name. Charlie and Lewis Harvey are farmers now, But Harold, Richard, Thomas and Braxton also follow a plow. Billy Bobbitt is swinging his bat hard To gain some fame as a St. Louis Card. In this romantic world, there seems to be one flaw: Instead of his wife, Alice is Charlie's sister-in-law. Ervin has acquired the job of a cable splicer, Could you ever think. of anything nicer? Rebecca has stopped talking and is sticking to her pilot's workg Mildred, Gwen and Phyllis their Home Ec. teaching duties neve Dorothy and Byron are teachers fineg They never waste a 'mornent's time. Maxine is a garment factory employee, And Buddy is a bookkeeper, don't you see ? That's not all--we have state troopers, too: George, Randolph and James guard our red, white and blue. There are three carpenters: Charlie, Duval and Dan. To be a good carpenter, one must be la real man. Verta is now teaching Physical Ed. Sometimes she thinks she would rather be dead. Uncle Sam has three of our boys on land and sea: Dudley is in the armyg Vernon in the Navyg And Dick, our naval officer will be. Alfred Ray and Clifton are both engineersg Harry Gordonis a coach hzappears. 18 shirk CLHSS PHUPHEIIU IIIIIIIIIIIIIIKQII-Illllll-llllll Virginia, Jean, Evelena and Myrtle are secretaries While Eunice and Florence are foreign missionaries. A public accountant now is John, David for a boss, he has won. Thelma, Audrey and Phyllis are nurses fine, If there's sickness anywhere, then they're on time. Edith is teaching typing, each key goes down with a bi-ng. Hazel keeps time dancing, and as always Faye will si What is this we're bending over? sm Oh! We've found a four leaf clover. Now let's see--What do we crave? Not a handsome, daring knave Oh! We know what we shall do We'll wish to have our visions come true. Class Prophets - Ruby Ferguson, Helen Lane CLASS POEM School, which we enter at the age of six, Learning to read, write, and work arithmeticg The place where we practice and not in vain To play a tougher and harder game. Not baseball, not football--no, never! But the game of life which is played forever. Twelve years have ticked by on the old clock's face, Since we began our school life race. The clock is beginning to strike--the time is drawing near, When we must leave the school that we love so dear, To reach the goal toward which we endeavor, That is "Backward never Onward ever," To the teachers whose classes we have attended, Who our rights have always defended. Our thanks in words we Cannot say, For teaching us to face our future in a braver way. To the oncoming students of A.H.S.: Make use of all your opportunities This is our only request. An now, dear Classmates, the clock's striking has come to an endg We will not say good-by, but "God be with you till we meet again." 19 Lewis Harvey n-Q Rf- .QNX X-. HMP f-SS f- f-S T I f-4' PRESIDENT, SAM DAVIDSONI VICE-PRESIDENT, JIMMY HARRISL SECRETARY, JUNE HOLT5 TREAS- URER, HELEN MAE PoEg REPORTER, BARBARA ANN JOHNSON2 H1sToRnAN, ANN WALLER. FLEETWOOD BLACKWELL MALCOLM BLACKWELL BOBBY BRYANT DAN CARSON BARBARA CARTER CLHSS UF '51 EDWIN CAWTHORNE JEAN CHEATHAM Boaav CHERNAULT SALLY Lou CHERNAULT HELEN CYRUS SAM DAVIDSON BETTY FERGUSON MARIE FERGUSON EULALIA GLOVER EDNA MAE GOAD INEZ HANENKRAT ANNA HARRIS JIMMY HARRIS MARSHALL HARRIS TANDY HARRIS PHYLLIS HARVEY CARRIE HODGES JUNE HoLT GAYNELLE IRBY BETTYE JANE JENNINGS J CLARENCE JONES ANN JONES UNA LANE JACK LAYNE J. C. LEWIS VIRGINIA LEWIS KNDT PICTUREDI BARBARA ANN JOHNSON class UF '51 How lette Ma rtin Louise Maybe rry James Slagle Ralph Smith Annie Ruth McFadden Dorothy Megginson Ve rna Smith B etty Ste rne Eloise Moore Jean Moore Maxine Thomas Mary Ann Thompson Ray Page Ellen Paulette Laura Thornhill Ann Waller Loraine Paulette Mary Payne Josephine Walton Betsy Wheeler Nellie Perdieu Phyllis Perdieu E rna White Betty Jane Wingfield Bobby Phelps Helen Mae Poe Lois Wood fNot Pictured Carlene Robbins L .sal 225532 2 F3 'A "' I A. ,, ,J ! o'1:'. v. 'D " iff iff, 1' iN'1'. x-I. ' 'I 1 I I 1 . WH. V. Ivwww 'YI . 1- - L YJ- ' ' I 4 '- if 4 I. 'Ju N .Do NN' li Y, "Q f 'gn 900 3 I . I .- rg 8,0 1 '3 I 5 39- ff. .5 9. ,.Qf i f- I-IMP svfi K., I I N--.. II -..AAG P SAM ALMOND M'4 THURMOND ARRINGTON ' CWLWNAWHW NINA BARLow HowARD BLANKS KATHERINE BURKEY SYLVIA BURKS DORIS CALDWELL CHARLIE CARTER Jo ANN CATLETT HAZEL CHEATHAM MARY ALICE CHEATHAM AGNES CHRISTIAN PEGGY ELLEN COLE SAM COLEMAN HENRY Doss LORETTA Doss WADE DRINKARD EVELYN DURIE ALICE EAGLE JEAN FERGUSON MILDRED FERGUSON TERRY FERGUSON I1 " I II' ANN FRANKLIN NANCY FRANKLIN GENEVA GARRETT LEWIS GARRETT ANN GOAD BETTY GOIN IDA BELL HARVEY JOAN HARVEY VIRGINIA HERNDON KENDALL HUNTER, JR. WILLIAM JOHNSTON LOIS MANN LucY MARTIN ILENE MCCANN ORMAND MCCANN MAOKIE MCCORMICK DORIS LEE MOORE EDDIE MOORE MARY ELLEN MOORE SUE MOORE MARTHA NASH LucY PATTERSON LEON PAULETTE WAVERLY PAYNE BILLY PERDIEU VIRGINIA RAGLAND MARY ELLEN RAMSEY CURTIS ROBERTSON, JR. JESSE MORTON RossER ROY SHARP ' ROSA SHUPE MOSES SMITH PEGGY SMITH MILDRED SMOOT LORINE STANLEY RACHEL SWANLEY EARLINE STINSON CALVIN TANNER JEAN TAYLOR ANN THOMAS CARLTON THOMAS BEATRICE TOTTY SHIRLEY WALTON ROBERT WATSON FRED WEAKLEY DAPHINE WELLS MELVA WILLIAMSON JEAN WOMACN MARY WOODS IILHSS UF 52 'if' ' fAm,n,fA -L 5 -HJ' T IIN' -' i fi I E " -' -N - I- gfg? I ' L IW I'I ' . li 'g -' P5?1,,- ,L ,I S.- I '9 . J I 'db 1: I I I , . E " -f I , f I sw f my ,. LI 'fiig ' 'i T Q ' lg Wg. gf YL ff .,z.1EN. 1 '4 3 II Af, -. Q 'fr 'I Q, 'E' V O. I X I , E?gh A I W:-',. . . v - a. .lf N' f , ,J .Al fn ,A ' f' I A I 4 I Ill L ' iv A 5, V ll.. " EWQW rp f1?f N iqix A Jraa'-N QE' - -rP,p Img' Y 1 ' lmhwf - x I ,.j ,- ad. ij KNOT PlCTURED, ELNORA GLOVER RANDOLPH MARTIN WILLIAM JAMERSON TEMPLE PAULETTE FAYE KESTNER Z5 -1-r"' ,,,.-,,-.4,f,iq.' qw ' A A A I' -.vis , is , ' it y -a Sy m 9 F-- '6 K ,N - fsfjdp, QQR: ,-,f 5 - -. ,E-, vkeg A A Earl Ages -. faq - Q- .ew M l B wa - ego. ggi' ykxgsziee . "' X , 'f ' ' ' x f I ' , ' 963 KQV! 64' fs' 1 ' I was av.w,gaf,e l nf ' , X l ' 'vQ3Z."R:Q2af'7 5 1 . 1' - ..-..... '5',SO: 'Abi' r W.. Robert Ayers a C038 95 A JV ' Q X Ks' AKD! X C 7 - WM ska nf ' iff' 5'g'L,:uB. i , F 33'59oQ99o' -V in Rebecfra mv" l' 009201 V A """- Fe' ' ' W 9.Q,9,x 'R Q' Babcock ' , G' '1' 1 r,g,!es -1 A Q In yr R. it o n ' Q." L -I A' A 'V Xu J f.. I- 1 r . 'L' Morley Beane Virginia Bondurant Billy Bondurant Bobby Burkey Irene Bryant Berta Burge Betty Faye Burks Louise Burnette Sallie Campbell Jesse Campbell Fred Carr Dorothea Coleman Sara Cyrus Ann Davidson Bobby Dinkins NJ.. Kenneth Doss Jack Doss l Shirley Doss v -S rl Nancy Ferguson Lora Fleshman la 26 Barbara Gilbert Ocie Mae Grishaw J. T. Guill Ottway Guill Mollie Guill M P M C13 CID M -I-5 i CAD 1-Trix pl 3, V T f- 'if if " u 1'9- . Z- is E 6 l ' bf 'v :gm :.'. the ' l - ' A 'V Q.. ,:-- W 3125 ' ' '-H. T - it ' T V W3-i7F?i l X l lm . . 144-""'w - . -- Elizabeth Hanenkrat ff wi?" I I. P. Harvey ' li'-w Christine Herndon t Sara Irving Kenneth Jarnerson Betty Layne Gertrude Martin Russell Mayberry .Toyce McCormick Shirley McCormick Ray McFadden Edith McEntosh Anna Megginson Maymond Mitchell Hunter Moore Dorothy Mustian Binford Nash Marion Phelps Jackie Poston Richard Smith David Spiggle Jack Stratton Edmund Tegethoff Don Thornhill Mary Trent Bertha Wheeler Harold White Harold Wingfield Ray Wingfield Carter Woodson Margie Woodson 1 'P Q. ' ff? 1 v Sw.. ,', 'Ni' NOT -PICTURED lift? . Buddy Chenault A . ful A lai' Vernelle Smith James Fred Elder ' - t ' Bill Williamson I-nan ' mx F X iii NT WT S0 OOL Q-SD GRD Z8 Un!!! , H matt' -uf M53 7 Vg: 1 , Jw. 9 . 1 ,5 -,.. , , Q A CQ ggqb. "'f,1 . J ' :Q-A 'v . U , .gs-N 'f. , 5-4 ll!!! L Q. S I Q ' m if -Av EW 3 49 '13 A QE. ISE 2 -I I, .Il-E". ,uv 44 . rin- . -as Y' ' iff v w R 'r 4 'L Qi" ya'1" , f ., ,7 .ff ' '-i.f:Si?1' eifffii' 8' L 3 KZ: 'ff W -' .J 'Q . - ' 'fi .ph WRU ,, ,fl +V-.,,,unv"!"'Yl wif Q-1 4 I K Y ,-wwf :haf I' ufmfnmau 'Y W s 4Ih ELEMEHTHHU 3rd BRHDE Ist GRHDE ll! llllllll llf lllllllm E 4 DJ M STUDENT UUUPEHHTIVE Dnnl i President .... . Richard Marks Vice President . . . Lewis Harvey Sec. 8: Treas. . .Virginia Carter Reporter ...... Alfred Gordon Sponsors . . . Mrs. Carrie Gilbert, . . . . . . Mrs. Frances Cheatham Verta Martin, David Ferguson, Barbara Carter, Helen Mae Poe, June Holt, Howlette Martin, Jearline Martin, Mary Ellen Ramsey, Billy Johnson, Clinton -Lucado,xShir1ey Mitchell, Barbara Doss, Lora Fleshman, Ray Wingfield, Billy Almond. 33 4 'V -1:1 X Vid,-W H L.. lx: 2 fn? MLS I ' f gf? ls:-5 4-f-'f PHEPHHIHG FUR THE INSIDE Inez Blazer Katherine Burkey Louise Burnette Edith Caldwell Shirley Davis Alice Eagle Betty Ferguson Iviarie Ferguson Maxine Ferguson Mildred Ferguson Nancy Ferguson Ruby Ferguson Lora Fleshman Eulalia Glover Jean Harding Anna Harris Phyllis Harvey Mackie McCormick Edith McIntosh Martha Nash Rebecca Rush Mildred Sharpe Thelma Lucado nuns fun mf nu Murrell Millner Jean Moore Ilene McCann Hazel Paulette Jackie Poston Gwendolyn Shuford Ruth Shupe Bertha Wheeler Betsy Wheeler Christine Herndon Melva Williamson Hilda J' ones Virginia Lewis Eleanor Wooldrige MEMBER SHIP Billy Bondurant Vernon Beasley Braxton Coleman Sam Coleman Sam Davidson Wade Drinkard James Elder Duvall Guill Roy Gunter Ivlarshall Harris Tandy Harris Charlie Harvey Jesse Harvey Lewis Harvey Irvin Hudson Russell Hudson D4 B. Irby Billy Johnston Clarence .Tones .Tarnes Marshall F F A OFFICERS President Lewis Harvey Sam Davidson Secretary Harold Stratton Vice President Reporter Richard Robbins Sentinel Ralph Smith Adviser Mr H B Pack Treasurer. . . . . Duvall Guill Thomas Moore Binford Nash Buford Nash Ray Page Leo Paulette Temple Paulette Waverly Payne Billy Perdue Loys Perdue Richard Robbins James Slagle Moses Smith Ralph Smith J'ay Stewart Harold Stratton Jack Stratton Calvin Tanner .Tack Vaughan Ford Weakley Billy Williamson Robert Wright 35 is JUNIOR 4-H OFFICERS President ..... Teddy Mitchell Vice-President . Thelma Mayberry Secretary and Treasurer . Jane Holt Reporter ..... Shirley Mitchell Song Leaders ......... . . Betty Mitchell, Jackie Jarnerson Sponsor . . Mrs. Ella S. Anderson '5- SENIOR 4-H OFFICERS President ..... Charles Harvey Vice-President . . . Jay Stewart Secretary and Treasurer ...,, . Rebecca Rush Reporter ....... Ann Cabell Song Leaders ......... . Virginia Herndon, Ray Wingfield Sponsor . . Mrs. Ella S. Anderson .fax 4-H CLUBS M if' T 36 ,A CIVITHS HUIHHHH Irnperator. ' ......... Shirley Walton Secundus Irnperator . . . .Rebecca Babcock Scriba ...... . . . Peggy Cole Nuntius. . . Randolph Martin Sponsor . . ......... Miss Holley MOTTO: "Labor Omnia Vincit" COLORS: Purple and Gold El CLUB ESPHHUL E1 Presidente ........ Bryon Babcock La Vice Presidenta ...... Helen Lane La Secretaria .... . Joice Christian La Repoter .......... Faye Wood MEMBERS OF THE MONOGRAM CLUB Carlton Arthur Nina Barlow Billy Bobbitt Bobby Bryant Louise Burnette Joice Christian Peggy Cole Erwin Cawthorn John Chandler Bobby Chenault Barbara Carter Clifton Cabell Henry Doss Sam Davidson David Ferguson Sam Ferguson Lewis Garrett Alfred Ray Gordon Alice Hamilton Kindall Hunter Jirnrny Harris Dan Harvey Inez Hanenkrat IHUHUGHHIH CLUB President ...... Sam Ferguson Vice-President . . .Joice Christian S6CI'el3a1'Y . . . . David Ferguson Treasurer ...... Helen Mae Poe Reporter . . . . Barbara Johnson Sponsors . . Mrs. Brown, Mr. Bragg Elizabeth Hanenkrat Billy Johnston Bill Jamferson Barbara Johnson Harry Lawson Jack Layne J. C. Lewis Ormand McCann Mackie McCormick 38 Dick Marks Maymond Mitchell Buddy Ould Helen Mae Poe Bobby Phelps Peggy Smith Gwen Shuford Calvin Tanner Betty Wingfield Harold Wingfield Faye Wood Lois Wood Ann Waller George Watson THE PHUSIUHL EDUIIHTIUH GLHSSES V, . . V, -. ,- J . J, 'X 0 nfgn .1 What--no explosion? How many words a minute? 40 -- - -Ixv ....,-, . School Library QUIET PLEASE! County Library . 4 I Wx ln 41 IHHHBITHHTS UHFETEHIH ' fi? ,UHFETEHIH CUHSUWERS yr ul :QC -9 .n '1 is. N 'v-ed 1, . 1- -914,45 . U - XT.. - 15.5 "1 "M" r ' -' ,L. f5 '. b X' V " HN? Alfred R. Gordon Buddy Ould David Ferguson Bobby Chenault Bobby Phelps Guard Back Center End End LINE- UP Bobby Phelps. . . Left End Ormand McCann. . Right Tackle Dick Marks . . Left Tackle Bobby Chenault . . . Right End Alfred Gordon . . Left Guard Sam Ferguson. . Quarter Back David Ferguson .... Center Harry Lawson .... Half Back Bill Iamerson . . Right Guard Ed Cawthorne .... Half Back Buddy Ould ..... Full Back rglwon. Ba-Ck? if ' MS. Qq qawi fgl. L ', A 'JK Dick Marks "' VA 7 Tackleg Co-Captain X . Q ,.., 1 ., 1 Xr""+Al' lm .K ..-1--an 4 P ' 1 P ii 37 I ra Q! ! -2. Dan Harvey Clifton Cabell .Timmy Harris ' Orrnand McCann Bill .Tamerson Guard Tackle End Tackle Guard W - 44 f' TT' Sam Davidson Ray Wingfield W Henry Doss Wade Drinkard Kendall Hunter Guard End Back Center Back Schedule ' Our Opp's. Our 0pP'S- Score Opponent Score Score Opponent SCOIS 28 Presbyterian Home O 25 Altavista 0 58 Brookville o o c. H. Friend o 'Q'- Z0 Randolph Henry 0 62 South Hill 0 12 Kenbridge 0 33 Amherst 0 34 Bedford 6 50 Powhatan 0 Billy Bobbin The Appomatox High School Football Team socred 322 points during the 1949 football season. They had 12 points scored against them. Their rec- ord of 9 games won to 1 game lost was the best record in the history of the school. The only game the team lost was the championship game with C. H. Friend of South Boston. The score of this game was 6 to 0. The team will lose 9 players this year. They are Alfred Gordon, Buddy Ould, David Ferguson, Sam Ferguson, Dick Marks, Clifton Cabell, Dan Harvey, Harry Lawson, and Billy Bobbitt. The high scorer for the team was EdCaWthorne Back who scored a total number of 106 points. Carlton Thomas Terry Ferguson Billy Johnson Billy Perdue End Guard Back Guard 99 45 Ed Ca Wth Back 01716 I A355552 ' axmuizi , ii Harry La Wson -Back Carlton Arthur Tackle CHEEMEHIJEHS .. ...X . nil, ,HHH . ...A Head Cheerleader - Joice Christian Sponsor - Miss Wilma Allen Louise Burnette J'. C. Lewis John Chandler Gwendolyn Shuford Peggy Cole Peggy Smith Elizabeth Hanenkrat Ann Waller Inez Hanenkrat George Watson Barbara .Tohnson HOMECOMING ROYALTY HOMECOMING PARADE 46 THE BUUS' BHSHETBHH TEHIH IST ROW KLEFT 'ro RIGHTJ: JAMES SLAGLE, J. T. GUKLL, BILLY BOBBITT, HARRY LAWSON, SAM FER- GUSON, BILLY JOHNSON, EARL AGEE. 2ND ROW: HENRY Doss, JOHN CHANDLER, CARLTON THoMAs, BUDDY OULD, BILL JAMERsoN, LEON PAULETTE, DoN CARSON, BOBBY CHENAULT. RAY WINGFIELD QNOT PICTUREDJ. SCHEDULE December December December December January January January January January January February February February February February February 13 13 19 Z4 25 31 14 17 21 Z8 1 Concord 6 Robert E. Lee 8 Pamplin Concord 5 Pamplin Bedford Phillips Secretarial College Virginia Commercial College Altavista Bedford 7 Brookville 8 Buckingham Court House New London New London Buckingham Court House Altavista H 47 LINE-UP John Chandler . Harry Lawson . Buddy Ould . Sam Ferguson Bill Jamerson . . 51 . Guard . Guard Forward Forward Forward ,r p 01 '.'?? l I ' i s Il . if I 4 f 4 gp +J + f I I X THE 6lHlS' BHSHETBHLL TEHIH FRONT ROW ILEI-'T TO RIGI-ITJ: MARY ANN THOMPSON, HELEN MAE POE, BARBARA CARTER, BARBARA ANN JOHNSON KCAPTAIND, BEATRICE TDTTY, ANN GOAD, AND JoIcE CHRISTIAN. SECOND ROW KLEFT TO RIGI-ITD: VIRGINIA CHANDLER, NINA BARLOW, PEGGY COLE, ALICE HAMILTON, JUNE HoLT, AND MRS. BROWN KCOACHI. NOT PICTURED: LoRr-:TTA Doss AND BETTY FAY BURKS LINE UP Barbara Ann Johnson ...... Beatrice Totty . Barbara Carter . Helen Mae Poe . Ann Goad . . Ioice Christian . SCHEDULE Our Opp. Score Opponent Score 45 Concord 63 13 Robert E. Lee 33 25 Parnplin 35 30 Concord 23 31 Pamplin 38 37 Bedford , 38 36 Phillips Secretarial 38 42 Virginia Commercial 38 32 Altavista ' 17 33 Bedford 47 38 Brookville 31 61 Buckingham Court House 17 38 New London 31 35 New London 41 Concord Altavista . Center Forward . Right Forward . . Left Forward . Center Guard . Right Guard . . . Left Guard gihng 48 FRONT ROW QLEF1' TO RIGHTJ: JoHN CHANDLER, ED CAw'rHoRNE, HARRY LAwsoN, SAM FERGUSON, CHARLES Mlrcl-IELL, CALVIN TANNER, MAYMOND MITCHELL. SECOND ROW: MR. BRAGG fCOACHl, BILLY PERDIEU, HAROLD WINGFIELD lMANAGERl.NOT PICTURED: JAMES PAULETTE, BILLY BOBBITT, BUDDY OuLD. In the.l949 season Appomattox High School had a record of 14 wins and 3 losses. ln GTOUPZ, D1Sf1'iCt 4, Appomattox was co-champion with Schoolfield High School, both having 8 wins Z losses. RECORD FOR THE YEAR App omattox Opp one nt App omattox Opponent 3 Amherst Z 5 Madison Hgts. 4 3 Madison Hgts . 4 l 9 Brookville ll 6 Buckingham 5 13 Pamplin O 16 Altavista 9 15 Bedford Z 12 Curnberland 5 4 Bediord 1 1 1 Pamplin 2 7 New London 1 12. Brookville 13 7 Cu.mberland Z l Amherst 5 Z New London l 13 Altavista Z "All Products Laboratory Controlled' QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. Grade "A" 8: Homogenized Milk - Cream- "Golden Flake" Buttermilk - Ice Cream 49 2 c.: AC PUNI NS HUSK 'L,. f 1 f-4-....,,,., 41 w L + . 4 , ,1 A. F ., ,- P. -I ' ,,.. ' "'i'Q:4-'- 43 , v.. E We 1 ' , -. '82 5 I lil' :5ff,,,.,-3 lg-V. in 1 my ll u 4 1.7: fe is rn W ji .13 A -fr' -f"':1 V 1-J Q f-6 . K. if-'11, 4? ,.f1,4'n4...n I "4 ra tg? -Q1 ' fig -.11laiii?f3g - ',L5fT1f'g I 1 uwfu-L ,, ff.,,.rx-.. H'-32' , jvfzggfrgf. .v ' 1 - " 3,51 fiijfhslb' '. A 535, -L.-J' 511.5 '-.1- ,, L, urn .my . 5.51 13142 ' ' ' ' J-e+2.w'E---rf ,r?f5:'Q.u , 31291-1L31'fN42"' ' , wg Q-vftff 1 , Rf -hf-cs? 11, 151:53 f- - -1 A -H f. , .5.i,g'-Q. - v :Q-Ig V ---1'-.5 11 J f4-, Tff . Eh' 54 va. J. u Lynchburg, Virginia RMHIS AHO Al BA K Prompt and Accurate Service - We Invite Your Account Deposits Are Insured Up To 55,000 BIBIVS "SlIPHl" Lynchburg, Va. NIA THE CLEANERS Laundry and Dry Cleaning Phone 8701 Appomattox, Va. Agents For Bulova and Elgin Watches General Electric Radios 1847 "Rogers Silvers" Sold on Easiest Terms 51.00 down S 1.00 weekly .TOE OPPLEMAN 1012 Main PATTERSON'S SAFE SERVICE DRUG STORES 1020 Main St. and 627 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. AIVINIA LEE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Arnma Lee Godsey, Manager Seventeen year's experience Expert Hair Styling and Manicuring Visit The SANITARY BARBER SHOP "It Pays to Look Well." G. B. Buchanan, Proprietor LE GRAND'S ESSO SERVICE 'Ned' LeGrand, Proprietor Appomattox, Virginia R. L. BURKE, IR. Plumbing and Heating APPOMATTOX GARMENT COMPANY I-II-WAY SERVICE STATION Gas and Oil poultry and me dicines E. T. GUILL ESSO Products and Staple Groceries Manufacturers and Dealers In . , . Building Materials Royster Guano Fertilizer - Ohio Salt Local Seed Cleaned and Treated Grinding and Mixing Service Appomattox, Virginia Appomattox, Virginia CALDWELLHS Service Station and Tourist Court Route 460 Appomattox, Virginia POE HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware and Electrical Supplies Appornattox, Virginia For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your Guild Optician A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Bldg. Exclusively Optical DEPOSl'l'OR'S BANK Mairi Street At Eleventh Lynchburg, Virginia Ixdernber F. D. l. C. Complete Banking Service MAUD'S HOT SHOP Headquarters of Good Food "lt's A Must For The Students of A. H. S." U. S. Route 460 Appomattox, Virginia APPOMATTOX RESTAURANT Mrs. Fannie Mae Waller Proprietor i I W EfS'I,'5f.RN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Auto Supplies - I'iF!,I'd'WE11'C Apnornattox, Virginia '12 HU NT 1:12 Di C KER SO N F1:r1'11si1i.rg1 Loi' NL:-11 and Boys Apporrmziiwx, Virginia RICHARD D. ROBINSON Furniture and Funeral Directing Phone - 85 and 1872. Appornattox, Virginia R. W. and M. B. FOSTER General Merchandise Prompt Settlements Make Long Friends D gl D RESTAURANT Good Food Route 460 Appomattox, Virginia WEBB'S ESSO SERVICE Route - 460 Appomattox, Virginia UL EPSIZWW if an slot!-FR umm' Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Lynchburg, Virginia .IHH P. HUGHES IH. MHTHH CH. Dependable, Efficient, Fair for over 35 Years Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 2-4511 JOHN E. GANNAWAY 8: CO. Hardware and Agricultural Implements Paints iz Photography on Chinaware by FOTOWARE Appomattox, Virginia A Decorative Remembrance AUBRIY IHIIMAS NIUIURS CU. Ili. We Specialize In Oldsmobile Service and Used Cars. See Us Before You Buy. We Have A Large Selection of UsedCars. We do our own financing. Proprietors - Aubrey Tlxorrxas Frank H. Jones C. S. JENKINS Groceries Dry Goods Notions Shoes Appornattox, Virginia TIBBS MOTOR CO., INC. Kaiser - Frazer Automobiles Guaranteed Used Cars 1716 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. Nuts - Peanuts - Candy Freshness Guaranteed We Roast the Nuts We Sell" THE NUT SHOP 713 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia M. W. CALLAHAM 81 SONS, INC Wholesale Grocers Lynchburg, Virginia MUSIS NIUHIR EIIMPAY Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Genuine Parts and Accessories "'Service and Sales That Satisfy' Phone 7 702 App omattox, Vir ginia In Lynchburg Younger Crowd Fashions D' f eco. Always Featuring Smarter Fashions For The Younger Set MOSES 81 CO. The Best Place to Shop After A William J. Trent, Ir. MAIN STREET SERVICE STATION Appomattox, Virginia HAROLD Y. SPENCER Druggist Appornattox, Virginia J. E. JAMERSON Sz SONS Retail Building Material Dealers Lee Theatre Office Building Appomattox, Virginia ROYAL CROWN COLA Best By Taste-Test REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY, INCx 'Let Us Make Your House A Home" 620-924 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia I BLANKINSI-I1P'S MARKET ' , Fresh and Smoked Meats Wholesale and Retail 1108 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE CO., INC. 1014 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia l APPOMATTOX HARDWARE CO., INC Exclusive Hardware and Implement Dealers Phone 70 Appomattox, Virginia PULLIAM MOTOR SALES Ford Tractor and Implements Ford Service Appomattox, Virginia COLEMAN'S FEED Sz SEED STORE W. Twyman Coleman, Proprietor Dealer In Southern States Feeds, Seeds, and Fertilizers Appomattox, Virginia WATSON SANDWICH SHOP Sandwiches and Regular Meals Appomattox, Virginia T O R C O M P A N Y Ford Telephone 2121 nur transportation needs C81OY.M.C.A. Gladstone, Virginia PHILLIP'S BROS. 906 Main Street Lynchburg, Va Jewelry Sporting Goods . Musical Needs HHIH-JU ES EU. Manufacturers of Appomattox High School Class Rings and Cornmencement Announcements For 1950 Graduating Class Furnished Through James L. Deck 403 East Franklin Street Richmond 1 9, Virginia Shown above, left, Julian Adams of Adams Plantation, Lynchburg, and his herdsrnan, Adam Reid, Ir., with his choice bull, Prince Eric Esquire, reserve grand champion and reserve senior champion of the Angus breeding bulls at the International Live stock Exposition in Chicago. The anirnalis two years old andhas been declared grand champion at livestock shows in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Ten- nessee. I' CTUHIAL YE BOOKS cusrom vans MYERS C A. n I sv A ' Q mzollrolurrn mum. Kms. 537 1 ll K, v W i I . n r I I N ,X W Y N IH . , gg, E, -,+,.4Q 4 ,,-H, J. id, Mzgzfl ., . ---L X f - .- .i .1 1. 1: , . n Aa..,?.-,.. ,,. ,..., ... . -......:, . .- . ,.--.i,.f. vw l u V A r u a I I a- Q f 1 I A l 2 .1 - 1 N 3, L r L ' f 'L F 5 11--if - V:-, 1 . . .1 bi K LI 41' I v. 'f-5 J , r 1.51 X ., . 1 X .L i i E23 0 I ,Q 5 1 S ,.s , -Li 5 1 if wr 1 'Q '.- ik S s -1 1 f 3 Qffif Q-33: :gr gf " f,jf'f1f-jk ft. , .- M-' n A I , ,,- , ,. . .534 , ,E Q f. , . ,.R df -3 . -Ag, if in -A 9 1 4 I 1 1 I ll il ,grit "H L' X , I 1- 5 l 1 . YN ,. f ' AI' ' f r -.. ...,,....,.....- .....1..,..' 1-11,3-1.,, -. l4.:.'1:.:411:A bf." .aJLvge.av:---H-- Q-1-1.n-mv 'L'-:A

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