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3 N xi' Nix 3.9xQix ti", .MX ' Av K 1 Us 25 :rw P 1 b 2, kj ,T a J WW fl5"'W7"'V""l1 WY' ...luuawlIllW"'-' mm' """' Q M' I Wu' fi ZW? nu nu UU 1 , I g' J' A ,xxifltfsatfq L , , ' 1 ?ff?:......- , 1 ' "S-EWQXQ IV P 1 , ' ' V um muy? ' MQW ml - "' "- T q f'IlIlIlIllll gif f Ngyggyi ' L - , " l ' 311 61' H IJIWMA- OW , L 2? .4 im, w,L .T- WM ll , f v A W .mqq I' eel . ' 5 Q al f V ' s Qxxgn lv :af L - A- :N X qffg 'I Jig in 14' U If l'ix3?vl'f'5 9 I h ,gnvv . , -1 ff 'sxhsta ' H 1 E K vl Q ' 1 lil K ,tl 15' --gnxvff' f f PAXQQQWM' U 'XV K I MIX ,'1 yu Q.-"5 fn-xs?'fQaf,2v'r-'v 611111, Mal SK Xl If XKQ1 , 11 1 VW g1?0!52g'e!v.'2"5Xk' , MW! , figplc vffx SWMXX 4 hSx1lK1,,-H14 4 QQ--R -, is W A v -- Q K Vlyffl gfxf KX if Rst -L fj . 5- s - 7' - 1-M' J -' . 7 X., 47" Li W KMKHHH ll , 5 M ggjflif rm. C5535 ,fe ,f " Q w 5 igI4xilxi75"' "'s. ." fl, , 1 1 f l 'A 57' A LA ff' W -fx' f , fx X ff' X . 'gy xN 6"'xN X -4NNNN?"'WfQ QW' 'if' Qxxxxxlvfff ' - Kb' i 17 f??x 4c1L?Qg?'-76122,-?'T'. ff w ll""4 ' 1 I ff q,, My f-ffff6.uug - H - ffigdggffywrr N655 fb XNQIW h M! 2 V1-5? W' NQSQNW' ffyy yup 5, WWW- ' ill we 44-'iwlfwfaffx Ill wi lffyff c:f l'ix I Xb l -Wf f f5 i'4' !f - gag n -my 91 4 f 5 N Q 'X ' 1 f 11 .QCW7 'WfiWfffM4Q ... I :se ex ,I ,fi-tg, xg! ,M I X X11 21 I -sf 5 ua dz V I wa 1. X N' , ff , X :W 5' 1" 'i:""'J'X1-O Y A ,g:2K?f,,1AQ2gxgi ?,?qg?5yNMWfdlEaMS'P11452:bbkgikigfikbxqfgvkiliII 5 1lll4.qlQug"E-- 'Q-'S'rg,.!?wgf1 gfgylwf Sf1,,H!e'!1WvZ ' NW" ymlllfiji QW? .SQA gp 1 SQ Q QKKQ ' ....- 'NMI' "Y, 4110 N, xl ,Qfqfw u,lS?N0xV,QU6 fxQ LM f,bys,,4kKMy, '.lxN,w TIr6ui'.r 1 Xlwtwfff"xQ'2XN-xwuke.-M4-vb,-N A+- f'f'fwf""1+M 1 'NY ' 0l'lf,I 'IW' --Q-W' 'x9WM1"l"9iIf2 gm f,:,sLzw:.. ' -1'-Q.1w,lcu1.f1fff ,Leg lg '41 s-1 , 'AM i ylfkliifrzxkx Q , 'W'lfaX'f'Q9XXG? S+' I .. 1 ' 1 f .- 1 --.- f I ,-'m,i.1 'f ,' Q, L N .X 4' w. e x K A X . , .- ik' -vu Muff 1- .1 k fx f M' N fd xg X N C I if Aj Y A f' A r f 14241 '51 f-' X 73 C L ll R I 0 Il K DQNALD BOHL , ROBERT WILCH COAEDHORS s. . RGBERT QTTG BUSINYSS MANAQLR HPPLETUH HIGH SUHUUL .... HPPLETUH, lUI5CUH5IH O I C' x fv 2 E Lil DL, O QU . SO WDC So xQO Q c,,o QQ - 409' f E 53 4' Y1, 0 Q0 'J vi 5 C'JQC,2'1UkL3 ' S40 V59 QOKCOEX x09 38,6000 Qxb QXQA A,.....uf 4 Q-sv-, . "u.' Q fn o Tiff slfly'j'D' , DPC? 4 D lofi THE Appleton Board of Education . . . . photographed one Tuesday evening considering some propiems of administration - - f 0 members, left to rignt, Dr, George T. Hegner, Homer H. Benton, William Eggert, Joiwn H. Wood, Mrs, Myra Hagen, Seymour Gmeiner, Jonn F. Bennke, Emery Greunice, Mrs. Edward Lutz, and Benjamin J. Ronan, Superintendent . . . . 50121 Lxgiv ti 1406 ati? A 19, AV 1 ff 'ii My 52 wif. X' W sv ,QED you ' -Ty No APPLETQN l-llGl'l Sci-lQ0l.'S student body . . . . probably witnessing one of the many educational iyceums . . . . or listenin t b 3 o a concert y the band, orchestra, or chorus . . . . certainly acquiring an education DISCUSSING problems ol students at AT THE l'lELM Appleton High School . . . . Dean ol Girls, Miss Mary Balcer, and Dean ol Boys, Mr. Werner A. Witte, who is also assistant principal I 0 I I COOl'CllUdlOF 0 I 0 0 Moderator Q . . . Mr, Herbert H, Helble principal ol Appleton High School - v - - SECRETARIAL experts o - - - capable Miss Margaret Thompson Cleltl and Miss Hilda Harm "".-It -mr FIIQIT MATEI STUDENT CQUNCH. ol Appleton l"ligh School .... representativeschosenbylel- low students to help direct school activities . . . . part ol the American scheme ol things . - . CDFHCERSoltheStudentCouncil 0 - . . reading from top to bottom: Robert Sager, president, James Miller, vice-presidenti Da- tricia Connelly, secretary-treasurer . . . . MR. E. JCI-iN GGODRICI-l presenting material on the Appleton Credit Union at alacultysession .... meetingsheldmonth- ly to discuss school problems and related topics .... THE AMERICAN WAV DUCAUQN as it is administered the American way embodies a highly integrated program ol activity such as is Found at Appleton l-ligh School. Seldom a day passes during which the educational experiences ol the student do not reach lar beyond the classroom. More and more the value ol unity oi community and school is being realized. The increased interest ol the parents is shown by the greater attendance at school functions where they discuss mutual problems with instructors. The daily newspaper reports school news For the public, and the reporter shown at the deslc above is Hcoveringu a school board meeting .... Civic organizations and ollicials, in turn, cooperate with the school in safeguarding the students, well-being, physi- cal and dental examinations given by members ol iam-it -'mt the Appleton Medical and Dental Associations are part ol the regular health program. The Safety Council together with the police depart- ment has been active in promoting tratfic safety and eliminating unnecessary accidents, lVlr. l2. L. Swanson, shown in the center picture, has completed two movies which have made high school students realize trattic hazards .... To broaden the students' scope ol understanding and to enlarge their cultural background a varied and well-chosen lyceum season was arranged. Besides the blind lecturer, Ralph Jacltson, who is pictured here, the program included a stewardess ol the American Air- lines, a ranger from Wyoming, a company ol opera singers, and many others, SIENIDIQS 1940 HMI years have passed, and as we put on our caps and gowns, symbolic ol graduation, we come to the realization that commencement marlcs lor us both a beginning and an end. lhrough the valuable guidance ol instructors and adminis- trators we have been given the incentive to enrich our lives vocationally and avoca- tionally, At the same time we regret that we have put behind the busy yet happy hours that charatterized our high school days. We are the last class to have experienced the crowded conditions, the incon- veniences ot the "old building." Although we are grateful for the opportunity ol having worl4ed in this spacious, modern high school, still we have many memories of pleasant days spent in what is now the Carrie lVlorgan School. And no class which lollows us can experience the thrill of contrast between the new and the old which we Felt on the opening day of school in September, i938 lo all who have aided us as we grew from sophomores to seniors we extend our appreciation and gratitude. We can only hope that our past, present, and future achievements will serve as a reward for the inspiration and help that have been t3CiKQOVtlVCl US, fAxl.lfxlNl fax. FRASER Senior Class ljresirlent IDD Announcements . . . commence- ment , , . diplomas . . , these are the worries of the senior sponsors, who this year reiqned on the third lloor. The Delta l-li-V top: Ctto, Sager, Dettman, Williams, Rohan, Peter- so-i, Mead, Marston, Hayley, Scherzinger, Bliss, Bohl, bottom' fr. ,th, Fioon, Wrlch, Nolan. The Eadger l-li-V loottom: Braseh, Crabb, lunge, Stach, Thompson, l-lammer, top: Larson, Shinners, Jones, Fredericks, Wiese, Steiner, Koletzlfe, Stollel, l-leinritz, Filz, Weider. .qQ. HLI S David Bliss: XIXITNFIICGH lemon and valley orator. Senior officers: Allan Fraser, presu- dentfRobertWrlch,vuce-presudent, Robert Qtto, secretavyf lohn Hammer, treasurer Two thespmns from the semor Class: .lednne Ruhlrnq and Don-llo Bohl look penslvely Out of he window, lhelQothl-ll-V top:Wolf,l3t1prey', l3ertmann,fdldne,l?.Utscl11q,l'lol1, FClI?fSlCfIH, llllqe, Ciatzf bottom: Trezise, lmtrln, Wzrlltand, larnjwi, I-fliest. AGEN G. ALBRECHT M. ALBRECHT ALESCH ARNOLD ASHEL 'sf 4 3 'QF' AAA- T sf 4' :Q .j :K . it R l ATCHERSON BART!-l BARTLEIN BARTMANN L. BAUERNFEIND R. BAUERNFEIND BAUHS BAUM BAUMLER G. BAYER S. BAYER BAYLEY JAMES AGEN: Track 4 . . . GRACE ALBRECHT: General Course . . . MARGARET ALBRECHT: Archery Club 3, secretary 3, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, point secretary 3, president 4, Library 4, Nature Club 3. . . lONE ALESCI-l: Commercial Club 4, Nature Club 3, Talisman 4... ELLEN MAE ARNOLD: G.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, String Ensemble Q, 3, 4, Student Council 4 . . . DONALD ASI-IEL: Track 4 . . . LlSBETl-l ATCHERSON: Clarion 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Library 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Stamp Club Q, 3 . . . FERN BARTH: Chorus 4, G.A.A. 3, Orchesis 3 . . . VlVlAN BARTLEIN: Orchestra Q . . . MARGARET BARTMANN: Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4. . . LOIS BAUERNFEIND: G.A,A. Q, German Club 3, 4, Orchestra Q . . . RUTH BAUERNFEIND: Band Q, 3 . . . 3, 4 . . . MARGARET BAUMLER: G.A.A. SZ, 3, German Club 3, 4 . . . GERALD BAYER: General Course . . . SYLVESTER BAYER: Basketball 4, Clarion 4, Library 4 . . . ROBERT BAYLEV: Clarion 4, German Club 4, Delta l-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Tennis Q, 3 . . . i NORMAN BAUI-lS: General Course . . . ROSEMARY BAUM: Commercial Club 4, Talisman BERNICE BECI-IEP: Commercial Club 4, vice-president 4, Girl Reserves 4 . . .ELMYRA BEHNKE: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3 . . . EUNICE BEI-INKE: Band 9, 3, 4 . . . PAUL BEI-IRENT: Chorus 9, 3, 4, Track Q, 3 . . , BURTON BELLING: General Course . . . DELORES BELLING: G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Latin Club 4... JACK BELLING: Chorus Q, Badger I-li-V Q, Track Q . . . DALE BERGNEI2: Intramurals Q, 3, 4 . . , KATI-IIQVN BEIZINGEIQ: G.A.A. Q, 3, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . GEORGE BEPNI-IAGEN: Student Council Q . . . BETTY JANE BERZILL: Entered from Fond du Lac 3 . . . CARLTON BESCI-ITA: Chorus 3, 4 . . . KENNETH BIEBOW: Archery Club 3 . . . BENJAMIN BLACHER: Basketball 4, Mercury I-li-Y 3, president 3, Intramurals 3 . . . DAVID BLISS: Chorus Q, Curtain Call 3, 4, vice-president 4, Debate 9, German Club 3, 4, Delta I-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, Oratory 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Student Council Q, Talisman 4. . . WAYNE BOGAN: Band 4 . . . MAX BOI-IATSCI-IEK: General Course . . . DONALD BOI-IL: Band Q, 3, Clarion 2, 3, 4, co-editor 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Delta I-li-V 2, 3, 4, president 4, Junior Play 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, Oratory 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Biology Seminar 2 . . . BEHRENT BECHER E. BEHNKE E. BEHNKE J. BELLING BERGNEIE BERINGER BERNHAGEN BERZILL B, BELLING D. BELLING BESCHTA ft,,,i,5,g I T' sf rg bm-A Q... BIEBOW BLACHER BLISS BOGAN BOHATSCHEK D, BOHL MERLIN I-l. BOI-lL: General Course . . . EARL BOLDT: General Course . . . JOI-IN BOON: Band SZ, 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, Delta I-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Library 4, Masque and Book 3, 4. . . FREDERICK BOOTI-l: Lincoln Triangle Q, Intramurals 9, 3, 4. . .MARY E. BRANDENBURG: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, G.A.A. Q, Junior Play 3, Orchesis 3, Talisman Q, Glee Club 4. . .RAYMOND BRASCI-I: Archery Club 3, Chorus 4, Football 52, 3, 4, Badger l-Ii-Y Q, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, Tennis 4, Track Q, 3, 4 . . . CARLETON I-I. BRECKLIN: Archery Club 4, Mercury I-li-Y 3 . . . DONALD BRITTNACI-IER: General Course . . . MARTIN BROCK: General Course . . . ORVILLE J. BROCKMAN: Chorus Q, Talisman 3 . . . BERNICE M. BROUILLARD: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 4 . . . LEONARD BROWN: Football 4 . . . GRACE BUCI-IERT: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Stamp Club Q, 3 . . . JAMES BURKE Track 1, Q . . . VIRGINIA M. BURKE: G.A.A. Q, Student Council 3, 4 . . . CARLETON BURMASTER: Mercury Triangle Q, Intramurals 4, Track 4 . . . GLADYS BURMEISTER: G A A 3 . . . GERALD BUSSE: General Course. . . M, BOHL BOLDT BRECKLIN BRITTNACI-IER BOON BOOTH BROCK BROCKMAN BRANDENBURG BROUILLARD BRASCH BROWN BUCHERT J. BURKE V, BURKE BURMASTER BURMEISTER BUSSE Ag! J CAMPBELL CAPTAIN CASPER CHADY CHOLIDOIR B. CLARK I I I I I E. CLARK CLARKE CONNELLY COON COTTER COURTNEY CRABB CUMBER DAMSHEUSER DAVIDSON DELL DELTGEN JAMES CAMPBELL: Titan Triangle Q, Tennis 3, 4 . . . RITA CAPTAIN: G.A.A. 3, 4 . . . CARLTON CASPER: General Course, Withdrew 4 . . . BERYL CI-IADY: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4 . . . HAROLD J. CI-IOUDOIR: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Lincoln I-'li-Y 3 . . . BERNADETTETCLARK: General Course . . . EUGENE M. CLARK: General Course . . . MARLYN E. CLARKE: Basketball 4, Lincoln I-Ii-Y 3, Traclc Q, 3, 4. . . PATRICIA CONNELLV: Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, German Club 4, Girl Reserves Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, secretary-treasurer 4 . . . WOODROW COON: General Course, Withdrevv 4 . . . GORDON COTTER: General Course . . . KENNETH COURTNEY: Lincoln I-li-Y 3 . . . FRANCIS CRABB: Football Q, 3, Badger I-Ii-V 3, 4, Student Council 3, Intramurals 3 . . . M GERALDINE CUMBER: General Course . . . ROY DAMSI-IEUSER: Archery Club Q . , . MARGARET DAVIDSON: Commercial Club 4, G.A,A. Q . . . BENJAMIN DELL: General Course . , . I-IAROLD DELTGEN: General Course . . . : L DE GROAT DE GUIRE DESTEN DETTMAN DE WALL DIEHN Q3 ' y Nm' J Q f K V V A A - , was -,W , s....J'L it L . 1 ,,. ,rx 'UP' Y' DIEDRICH DIERMEIER DOHR DREIER DREXLER DUNKER DUNSIRN DUPREY EIFEALDT ELLEFSON M. ERTL R. ERTL LAURA DE GROAT: Chorus Q, Nature Club 3, 4 . . . ROSEMARY DE GUIRE: General Course . . . LLOYD DESTEN: Chorus 9, 3, 4 . . . ROBERT DETTMAN: Band Q, 3, 4, Delta l-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Library Staff 4, Masque and Boolc 3, 4 . . . LLOYD DE WALL: General Course . . . JULIUS DlEl-lN: General Course . . . FLORENCE DlEDRlCl-lx General Course . . . RITA DIERMEIER: General Course . . . RUSSELL DOI-TR: Lincoln l-li-Y 3, Track 4, Intramurals 3 . . . LEORA DREIER: General Course . . . LOIS DREXLER: General Course . . . LAWRENCE DUNKER: General Course . . . ETI-lEL DUNSIRN: General Course . . . DONALD DUPREY: Football 3, Roth I-li-Y 3, 4, Intra murals Q, 3 . . . ETHEL ElFEALDT: Archery Club 3, 4, G.A,A. 3, 4 . . . NORMAN ELLEFSON J, General Course. , . MARGARET ERTL: Archery Club 3, Chorus 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, G.A.A 1 Q, 3, Nature Club 3, Orchesis 3, Talisman 3... ROBERT ERTL: Football 4, German Club 3, 4 Lincoln l-li-Y 3, Intramurals Q, 3, Traclc Q, 3, 4... I FAHRENKRUG: General Course . . . BERNICE FARLEV: General Course . . . WILLIAM FAROUHAR: Badger Hi-Y 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 . . . EARL FETTING: Archery Club 3 . . . ROBERT FEUERSTEIN: Roth Hi-Y 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Badger Boys State 3 . . . , , 223 66 3 HAROLD EVERSON: Band Q, 3, 4, Football Q, 3, Olympic Hi-Y 2, 3, Track Q . . . GRACE f- f II MARVIN FILZ: Football 4, Badger Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, manager Q . . . DOROTHY JUNE FISCHER: Chorus Q, Commercial Club 4, president 4, G.A.A. 9, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . CHARLES FOLKES: General Course . . . JOAN FOXGROVER: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, Nature Club 3, Orchesis 3, Glee Club 4, secretary 4, Intramurals 3. . . ALLAN A. FRASER: Basketball Q, 3, 4, Class President 4, Football 9, 3, 4, Titan Triangle 9, Student Council 9, Track Q, 3, 4 . . . CARLETON A, FREDERICKS: Chorus 3, Football 3, 4, manager Q, Badger I-li-Y 4, Intramurals 3, 4 . . . LLOYD A. GATZ: Band 9, Roth Hi-Y 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4 . . . JANE GEE: German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, treasurer 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Talisman Q . . . FLORENCE GERARDEN: Commercial Club 4, Withdrew 4 . . . KENNETH GERTSCH: Band 9, 3, 4, Intramurals Q, Orchestra 4, Stamp Club 4, Track Q, 3, 4 . . . FLORENCE GETSFREID: G.A.A. Q, 3 . . .JANE GIESBERS: General Course . . . EVERSON FAHRENKRUG FARLEY FAROUHAR FETTING FEUERSTEIN FILZ FISCHER FOLKES FOXGROVER FRASER FREDERICKS rl s s ' is I itil 2- GATZ GEE GERARDEN Gerersci-4 GETSFREID osisseizs - A GERTRUDE GILBERT: Debate Q, Ouill and Scroll 3, Talisman Q, 3 . . .GLORIA G. GILL: Curtain Call 4, G.A.A. 4, Latin Club Q. , . EARL R. GITTER: Football 4. . . DWAIN GLASER: Band Q, Intramurals Q, 4, Track 4 . . .WILLIAM GMEINER: Badger Hi-Y 4 . . . RUTH GOODRICK: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, Talisman 3 . . . I W QW fa I -fb- ARLENE GREB: German Club 3, 4, Masque and Book 4, Orchesis 3, 4. . . LEO GRIESBACH: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, German Club 3 . . . RALPH GRIESBACH: Archery Club 3 . . . DORIS GRIMMER: G.A.A. Q, 3 . . . ARNOLD GRISHABER: General Course . . . CLARENCE GURNEE: Intramurals Q, 3, 4 . . . RUTH GUST: Chorus 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, German Club 3, 4, secretary 4, Library 4, Orchestra Q . . . IONE M, GUTHU: Chorus 3, 4, Withdraw 4 . . . ESTHER HALTINNER: G.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 3, 4 . . . ASTVRE HAMMER: Clarion Q, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4, editor 4. . .JOHN C. HAM- MER: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Curtain Call 4, Debate 4, Badger Hi-V 4, secretary 4, Library 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Student Council Q, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Badger Boys State 3 . . . TED HEID: Basketball 4, Chorus 3, 4, Football 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4 . . . GILBERT GILL GREB L. GRIESBACH GITTER R. GRIESBACH GLASER GMEINER GOODRICK GRIMMER GRISHABER GURNEE . T t is-3,6 I i I 'X 'Ita . GUST GUTHU HALTINNER A. HAMMER J. HAMMER HEID '18 HEIMERMANN l-IEINRITZ HEINS HELING HENCH HENDRICKS 1 6 I N I C ,. , F Z ,., ,., 433 3' x f Il 15 HENNES HERBERG HOELZER HOFFMAN L. HOFFMANN S. HOFFMANN HOFMANN HOH HOLCOMBE HORN HUEBNER HUSSEY CECILIA I-IEIMERMANN: General Course . . . DONALD J. I-IEINRITZ: Football 1, 9, 3, 4, Badger I-Ii-Y Q, 3, 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Student Council 9, 3, 4, Track 1, Q, 3, 4. . . MARJORIE I-IEINS: Commercial Club 4, Orchesis 3, 4, Curtain Call 4 . . . JUNE I-IELING: Commercial Club 4. . . ROWENA I-IENCH: G.A.A. Q, 3, Nature Club 3, 4, Orchesis 3, 4. . .RICHARD HENDRICKS: General Course . . . JULITTA I-IENNES: Commercial Club 4 . . . JACK A. I-IERBERG: Archery Club 3 . . .JEAN I-IOELZER: G.A.A. Q, 3, Latin Club 3, 4, secretary 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . DONALD HOFFMAN: Chorus 9, 3, 4 . . . LEONA I-IOFFMANN: German Club 4, Nature Club 3 , . . SI-IIRLEV I-IOFFMANN: G.A.A. Q, 3, 4... MARY E. I-IOFMANN: Nature Club 3, Stamp Club 3, 4, Talisman 4, Intramurals 3 . . . LETI-IA ' , JEAN I-lOl-I: Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3 . . . EDYTI-IE I-IOLCOMBE: G.A.A. 2, 3, Intramurals U 3, 4 . . . LaVERN I-IORN: General Course . . . BEATRICE I-ILIEBNER: Chorus Q, 4 . . , ROBERT QE Q I l AQ W. I-IUSSEV: Clarion 4, Commercial Club 4 . . . 4. Q JAEGER JANDREY JENKEL JENTZ JOCHMAN JONES mf , T' Iv A N mv 'Q' 'D' f if JUNGE KAMPS KANGAS KAPHINGST KASPAR KASTEN A. KAUFMAN R. KAUFMAN V. KAUFMAN KEL LAN KELLER KERN MARVIN JAEGER: Archery Club Q, Intramurals Q, Tennis Q, Track Q . . .ELTON C. JANDREY: Viking Hi-V 3. . .JAMES JENKEL: General Course. . . E IANOR JENTZ: Chorus 4, G.A,A. Q, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Orchesis 3, Intramurals Q, 3... MARY JOCHMAN: General Course. . . DONALD J. JONES: Archery Club Q, 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, Badger Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . r Q 11' RALPH JUNGE: Chorus 4, Football Q, 3, 4, Badger Hi-Y 3, 4, president 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Talisman Q, 3, Track 3, 4 . . . RALPH W. KAMPS: Intramurals Q, 3 . . . VERNA KANGAS: G.A.A. Q, 3, 4 . , . ROLAND KAPHINGST: Com- mercial Club 4, lntramurals Q, 3, 4 . . . CONSTANCE KASPAR: Chorus Q, Commercial Club 4, treasurer 4 . . . RALPH KASTEN: Roth Hi-Y 3, 4, Track 3, 4 . . . AUDREY KAUFMAN: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Intramurals 3 . . . ROBERT P. KAUFMAN: General A Course . . . VIRGINIA KAUFMAN: German Club 4. . . ARTHUR KELLAN: General Course. . . X cr? MILDRED KELLER: Commercial Club 4 . . . DOLORES KERN: General Course . . . 3 EDWIN KERSWILL: German Club 3, Talisman 3 . . . ROBERT KESSLER: Olympic Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . ROBERT J. KETTENHOFEN: Archery Club 3, Intramurals 4 . . . ROBERT W. KETTENHOFEN: German Club 3, Roth Hi-Y 4, Stamp Club Q . . . VERNA J. KIELGAS: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, Withdrew 4. . . HELEN KIRK: G.A.A. Q . , . DONALD KLAPSTEIN: General Course . . . PAUL KLEIST: Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Student Council 3 . . . DARLEEN KNOKE: G.A.A. 2, 3, Orchesis 3 . . . ROBERT KNOKE: General Course. . . MARY KOEHNE: G.A.A. Q . . . ROBERT KOEHNKE: Football 3, Badger Hi-Y 3, Track 2, August Graduate . . . CAROLINE I. KOESTER: General Course . . . ELIZABETH KOHL: General Course . . HENRY KOLETZKE: Football 3, 4, Badger Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council 3, Track 52, 3, 4 . ALBERT M. KOLLER: Orchestra SZ, 3, 4 . . . GREGORY KONS: Football Q, 3, 4, Track 4 . JAMES KOSS: Curtain Call 4, Stagg Hi-Y 4, Student Council 3 . . . KEIZSWILL KESSLER KETTENI-IOFEN KETTENHOFEN KIELGAS KIRK KLAPSTEIN KLEIST D. KNOKE R. KNOKE KOEHNE KOEHNKE '35 -:-'sf KOESTER KOI-IL KOLETZKE KOLLEI2 KONS KOSS :- 1 ti' , I A s .- ff' 53,1253 'fr ft 5. MARVIN M. KOTTKE: General Course . . . MARGURITE KOTZ: Student Council Q, 4 . . . DOROTI-IE KRABBE: Chorus Q, 3, 4 . . . EUNICE KRAEMER: Band Q, 3, 4, German Club Q, 3, 4. . . MARY KRAI-IN: General Course. . , CARLIE KRALIS: Nature Club Q. . . RALPH KRAUSE: General Course . . . ELEANOR KRLIEGER: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3 . . , MELVIN R. KRUEGER: General Cou'se, ARLEY KLII-IN: General Course . . . THOMAS LANDRY: Chorus Q, Track Q . . . JAMES LARSON: Football 3, 4, Badger I-Ii-Y 4, Intramurals Q, Track4 . .. KOTTKE KRAUSE f 0 if i ROBERT LATI-IROP: Basketball 4, Mercury I-Ii-Y Q, 3, Badger I-li-V 4, Intramurals Q, 3, Track 4 . . . MILDRED LEISERING: Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, Library 4, Orchestra Q . . VIRGINIA LEITI-I: General Course, Withdrew 4... MILTON LENI-IART: General Course ROBERT LEOPOLD: Chorus Q, 3, 4 . . . LORRAINE LIESCH: Chorus Q , . . KOTZ E, KRUEGER KRABBE KRAEMER KRAHN KRAUS M. KRUEGEI2 KUHN LANDRY LARSON Eg I In ,,,,, LATHROP LEISERING LEITH LENHART LEOPOLD LIESCH LIESKE LIETZ LILLGE LINDAUER LIPPERT LLEWELLYN .LQ vs -cf 1 - V 1 5 ww, vc' ' A: 'gt , . A xl Qi an QR Y ""'-uv' nf' LOCKE LUBEN LLIEBBEN LUEBKE LUTZ LYMAN MAAHS MAAS MacLENNON G. MADER M. MADER MAIER LILLIAN LIESKE: General Course . . . RUTH LIETZ: G.A.A. Q, 3, Intramurals Q, 3 . . .ROGER LILLGE: Band Q, Roth Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . ANGELINE LINDAUER: G.A.A. Q, 3, Orchesis 3 . . . DELORES Lll3PERT: Orchestra Q . . . ELEANOR LLEWELLYN: General Course . . . MARGARET LOCKE: Orchestra Q, Talisman 4 . . . EDWARD LUBEN: General Course . . . JEROME LUEBBEN: Archery Club 3, 4. . . MELDON G. LUEBKE: Chorus Q, 3, 4. . . HELEN LUTZ: Curtain Call 4, Girl Reserves 4, Student Council 3, Talisman Q, 3 . . . GERALDINE F. LVMAN: G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Orchesis 3 . . . BETTY MAAHS: Band Q, 3, 4, Talisman 4 . . . HOWARD MAAS: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 4 . . . DONALD MacLENNON: Band Q, 3, 4, Delta Hi-Y 4, Orchestra 4 . . . GORDON MADER: General Course. . . MARJORIE MADER: Chorus 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. SZ, Glee Club 4. . .LEO MAIER: General Course. .. N7 9' EE . Q3 . MAIN MANNING MARSTON MARX MAVES MCCANN 'W il I 'Xmas 23" X Ak,. A . M McCARTER McCARTHY McCLONE McGILLIGAN McHUGH MEAD B. MEIDAM J. MEIDAM MELBY MELTZ METGE A. MILHEISER JAY E. MAIN: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, Debate Q, Lincoln I-li-Y 3, Student Council 3 . .. GERALDINE MANNING: Girl Reserves 3, 4, vice-president 4, Orchesis 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4. . . JOSEPH MARSTON: Clarion 3, 4, German Club 4, Delta I-li-Y Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, corresponding secretary 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, president 4, Student Council 4 . . . ARTHUR MARX: General Course . . .MARION MAVES: Commercial Club 4, Curtain Call 3, Orchestra Q, Talisman 4 . . . ROSE MARY McCANN: Clarion 4, Commercial Club 4, G. A. A. 3, German Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Intramurals Q, Nature Club 3, Ouill and Scroll 4, Student Council 4, Talisman 3 . . . ALICE MCCARTER: Commercial Club 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, Orchestra Q, 3 . . . EMMET McCARTl-IV: General Course . . . BEATRICE MCCLONE: Clarion 4, Commercial Club 4, secretary 4, Intramurals Q, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3 . . . PATRICIA MCGILLIGAN: Archery Club 3, Chorus 4, G. A. A. 9, 3 . . . CLIFFORD Mcl-'ILIGI-I: Intramurals Q, 3, 4 . . . OLIN C. MEAD: Band 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, German Club 3, 4, treasurer 4, Delta I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Tennis 3, 4 . . . s BETTY RAE MEIDAM: Bancl Q, 3, 4, Clarion Q, 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, Girl Reserves 4, Ouill and Ti'-L Scroll 3, 4, vice-president 4 . . .JANE MEIDAM: Commercial Club 4, G. A. A. 2, Talisman 3, 4. . . I-IELEN JANE MELBY: Curtain Call 4, Orchesis 3, 4. . . LILLIAN MELTZ: Band 9, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Orchestra 4. . . LELAND METGE: Traclc 3, 4 . . . ANN MILI-IEISER: Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Withdrew 4. . . '24 atv ORVILLE MILHEISER: Orchestra 4, String Ensemble 4 . . . ROBERT P. MILLER: Entered from BERENICE MITCHELL: General Course . . . VERNON MITTLESTADT: Chorus 4 . . . MARION MORROW: German Club 3 4- Girl Reserves 3 4- Talisman Q 3 . . . ' 1 I Chicago 4 . . . CLARENCE A. MILLER: Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Student Council 9, Track 3 . . . W S 5' ' BETTY MORTENSEN: Chorus Q . . . WILLIAM J. MULLEN: Badger Boys State 3, Flag Raiser 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Badger Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Student Council 3, 4, Track 3, 4 . . . BERNARD NEMSCHOFF: German Club 3 . . . NAOMI NEUGE- BAUER: Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3 . , . RALPH NOFFKE: General Course . . . WINONA W. NOHR: General Course . . . O. MILHEISER MORTENSEN THOMAS H. NOLAN: Badger Boys State 3, Curtain Call 4, Football 3, 4, Delta Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, president 3, Junior Play 3, Masque and Book 4 . . . MARY NOTARAS: Archery Club 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Nature Club 3, Orchesis 3, Talisman Q, 3 . . l LEONA E. NOWAK: General Course . . . ROSALIE NIJSSBALIM: G.A.A. Q, 3 . . . JOYCE NUTTING: Archery Club 3, Chorus 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Intramurals 2, Orchesis 3, Glee Club 4 . . . MELVIN NYMAN: General Course . . . R. MILLER MULLEN C. MILLER MITCHELL MITTLESTADT MOREOW NEMSCHOFF NEUGEBAUER NOFFKE NOHR 25 NOLAN NOTARAS NOWAK NUSSBAUM NUTTING NYMAN U MARGARET OGILVIE: G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, German Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Masque and Boolc 4, Stamp Club Q, 3, 4, vice-president 4 . . . MARY KAY O'KEEFE: Chorus Q, Girl Reserves 3, 4, G.A,A. Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, vice-president 4, Nature Club 4, Orchesis 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3 . . . AMY O'NElLL: Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Student Council 4, Flag Raiser 4 . . . LESLIE O'NElL: Latin Club 4. . . NATHLEY ORT: Band Q, 3, 4, Orclwesis 3 . . . ROBERT OTTO: Clarion Q, 3, 4, business manager 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Curtain Call 4, Debate 3, Delta Hi-Y 4, Talisman 3, 4 . .. DELORES G. PALTZER: General Course . . . JOHN PARKS: Talisman Q, 3, 4 . . . EUGENE PEGEL: Football 3, 4, Traclc 3, 4 . . . RUSSELL PEOTTER: General Course . . . JENNEBELLE PERKINS: General Course . . . ARDYSE PETERS: Curtain Call 3, 4, Debate 4, Junior Play 3 . . . CLIFFORD PETERS: Chorus Q . . . IRMAGARD PETERS: G.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 4 . . . KENNETH PETERS: General Course , . . TALBOT PETERSON: German Club 4, Delta Hi-Y 4. . . ELDINE PETZNICK: General Course. . . HARLAND PHILLIPS: Student Council 3, 4... OGILVIE O'KEEFE O'NEILL O'NEIL ORT OTTO PALTZER PARKS PEGEL PEOTTER PERKINS A, PETERS JK' 'YQ Yi! J'--st. 'K' I 1 I I I i I v' C. PETERS I. PETERS K. PETERS PETERSON PETZNICK PHILLIPS ,..i PLAMANN PLOGER POSNIAK D. POTTER M. POTTER PIERRE Q, Q avr li, av r T' 3 as . 'P 'faamr Ei' t alll? :Sao 'S' POWERS REFFKE JEAN PIERRE: MEI S Z3 PRAS HER RADEMACHER RADTKE RANDERSON RATH REHLENDER REHMER REICHEL R. REIDER T. REIDER Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3 . . . MAE BELLE PLAMANN: Orchestra Q. . . MILDRED PLOGER: General Course. . . BERNARD POSNIAK: General Course . . . DOROTI-IY POTTER: General Course . . . MELVIN A. POTTER: General Course . . . l lr CARLTON POWERS: Basketball 4, Intramurals Q . . . ROSEMARY T, PRASI-IER: Chorus 3, 4 . . . ETI-IEL RADEMACI-IER: Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3 . . . WILLIAM RADTKE: August Graduate, Chorus Q, Roth I-Ii-V 4, Intramurals 4, Track Q, 3, 4. . . MARY RANDERSON: G.A.A. 3, 4, Intramurals Q, Talisman 3 . . . EVELYN RATI-I: G.A.A. Q, Intramurals Q . , . MARGARET REFFKE: General Course . . . MARION REI-ILENDER: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4 . . .DORIS M. REI-IMER: Curtain Call 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Orchesis 3, Tennis 3. . . LESTER F. REICI-IEL: General Course. . . ROBERT I-I. REIDER: General Course. . . THOMAS C. REIDER: Basketball 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Badger I-li-Y 3, 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Student Council Q, 3, 4. . . RETZA vi? RINDAL RISKA ROCHON ROEHL ROELAND ROEMER RUHLING Y"9 ROGERS ROHAN ROLLINS R. ROSSMEISSL R. ROSSMEISSL RUNGE A. SAGER R. SAGER ST. PIERRE SCHABO EUGENE RETZA: General Course. . . BETTE RINDAL: General Course . . . LOLIELLA RISKA: General Course . . .DORIS MARY ROCHON: G.A.A. Q, 3, Orchesis 3. . . ROBERT ROEHL: General Course . . . NORBERT ROELAND: General Course . . . ELIZABETH ROEMER: Curtain Call 3, 4, treasurer 4, German Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . HARLEY ROGERS: General Course , , , BEN J. ROHAN, JR.: Clarion 3, 4, Football 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Delta Hi-Y 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Track 3, 4, manager 4 . . . CHARLES ROLLINS: Basketball 4, Football 3, 4, German Club 3, Badger Hi-Y 3, 4, Intramurals Q, Track SZ, 3, 4, Badger Boys State 3 . . . ROBERT ROSSMEISSL: Curtain Call 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Stamp Club Q, 3, 4 . . . RUTH ROSSMEISSL: Curtain Call 3, Girl Reserves 4, Latin Club 3 . . . JEANNE RUHLING: Clarion 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Library 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, secretary 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Biology Seminary Q . . . MARION RUNGE: Chorus 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. Q, Talisman Q, Glee Club 4. . .ALBERT SAGER: Lincoln Hi-Y 3, Intramurals 4 . . . ROBERT SAGER: Band Q, 3, 4, Clarion Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, president 4, Delta Hi-Y 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Q, 3, 4, president 4, Badger Boys State 3 . , . ROLAND ST. PIERRE: General Course . . . EARL SCHABO: Basketball 4, Mercury Hi-Y 3 . . . GENEVIEVE SCHAEFER: Clarion Q, Curtain Call 3, G.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 3, 4, vice- president 4, Girl Reserves Q, 3, 4, president 4, lntramurals 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Library 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman 9, 3, 4 . . . GERTRUDE SCI-IAFHAUSER: Chorus Q, Commercial Club 4 , . . ROBERT SCI-IERZINGER: Basketball 4, Delta l-li-Y 3, 4 . . . ARMIN B. SCI-IELJRLE: 3 it , 1. gl Basketball 52, Badger l-li-Y 3, 4, Intramurals 3, Talisman 4, Cheerleader Q, 3, 4 . . . GLADYS SCHINKE: General Course . . . IRENE SCHLEITWEILER: Glee Club 4 . . . CLEMENT SCHLIMM: General Course . . . ROBERT SCF-IMIDT: Chorus 4 , . . NATHALIE SCHMIT: Band Q, 3, 4 . . . GRACE SCHNABL: General Course . . . BETTY SCHNEIDER: G.A,A. Q, 3, 4, Student Council Q, Talisman 4, Pep Club 4 . . . CURTIS SCHOOFF: Curtain Call 3, Delta l-li-Y 9, 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, Tennis 3. . . ALLAN N. SCHREINER: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. . . GORDON F. SCHROEDER: General Course Q. 'S GEORGE A. SCHUESSLER: Curtain Call 3, 4 . . . LOIS SCHULTZ: Chorus Q, Commercial Club 3, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4. . . MARY PATRICIA SCHULZE: German Club 4, Intramurals 3, Orchesis 3 . . . GILBERT SCHUMACHER: Band 2, 3, Chorus Q . . . SCHAEFER SCHAFHAUSER SCHERZINGER SCHEURLE SCHINKE SCHLEITWEILER SCHMIDT SCHMIT SCHNABL SCHNEIDER SCHOOFF l ' 4 ' 1 -has-. . SCHLIMM Snr' fs REV' i 1 'Ninn-" S CHREINER SCHROEDER SCHUESSLER SCHULTZ SCHULZE SCHUMACHER JOSEPH F. SCHWALBACH: General Course . , , LEATRICE SHERMAN: Chorus Q, Com- T. mercial Club 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A, 3, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4. . . JAMES Tennis 3, 4 . . . ISRAEL SHILCRAT: Latin Club 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . JAMES SHINNERS: I X Football 3, 4, Badger Hi-Y 4. . . JANE SIMON: G.A.A. Q, 3 . . . I gk N C SHERRY: Badger BOYS State 3, Curtain Call 3 44 Debate Q- Delta Hi-Y Q 3 4- Intramurals Q I 'Il It MABEL SIMON: General Course . . . DONALD SMITH: Curtain Call 3, 4, Delta Hi-Y 9, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Latin Club 3, 4, treasurer 3, co-consul 4, Masque and Boolc 4, Oratory 4, Talisman 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4 . . . MARIETTA ELAINE SMITH: Chorus 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, Glee Club 4. . .JEAN SMITH: G.A.A. Q. . .WARREN SMITH: lntramurals 3, 4 , . . BERTHA SMYRNEOS: Curtain Call 3, 4, president 4, Declamation 4, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4 . . . CECELIA SPEEL: Curtain Call 3, 4, secretary 4, Debate 4, Declamation 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Orchesis 3, 4 . . . ROBERT SPELLMAN: Archery Club 3, 4, Football Q, 3, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 . . . BRUCE SPINDLER: General Course . . . LEON SPLETTER: General Course . . . FRANK SPRISTER: Student Council 3, 4 . . . WILLIAM E. STACH: Chorus 3, 4, Badger Hi-Y 4, Intra- murals Q, Talisman 3, 4, Glee Club 4... SCI-IWALBACH SHERMAN SI-IERRY SHILCRAT SHINNERS J. SIMON M. SIMON D. SMITH M. SMITH J. SMITH W. SMITH SMYRNEOS ,mm . .--.7 'I' vw. i ,-A., 'rn'-me SPEEL SPELLMAN SPINDLER SPLETTER SPRISTER W. STACH STEINER STEUDEL STINGEL STOEGER STOFFEL STROBL 'QB If , 4 fi XZ' 7 Nuns? sw STUMPF STURM SLIMNICHT SUTTNER SWARTZ SYRING TANK TAUZIN TAYLOR TENNIE TESKE THIEL CHESTER STEINER: Badger Hi-Y 4, Stamp Club Q.. .ROBERT STELIDEL: Intramurals Q, 3, 4. . . MARIE STINGEL: Commercial Club 4 . . . JOHN STOEGER: General Course . . . DONALD STOFFEL: Basketball Q, 3, 4, manager Q, Football 4, Badger Hi-Y Q, 3, 4 . . . BETTY STROBL: Chorus 4, Glee Club 4, G.A.A. Q . .. HAROLD STUMPF: Commercial Club 4 . . . BERNICE STLIRM: General Course , . . FRANCIS SUMNICI-IT: General Course. . . BERNICE SUTTNER: General Course . . . DONALD SWARTZ: Stamp Club 4, Tennis 3 . . . MARJORIE SYRING: General Course . . ll! llln ilu x " fy' ,,sg3H'-.. , .ca pw, ,,--!:!-..-- 31!!!lIllux lg' irlniiui' "- Q 11221 ., as i5:"a :fu YI ' r -iii 31 ' DALLES TANK: Chorus Q, G.A,A. 9, 3 . . . ROBERT TALIZIN: Roth I-Ii-Y 4, Intramurals 3 Track 3 . . . FRANCES TAYLOR: Orchesis 3 . . . BERNICE TENNIE: General Course . . MILTON TESKE: Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 4. . . RITA C. THIEL: General Course . , . R. THOMPSON W. THOMPSON THOMS TILLMAN TILLY E. TKACHUK 4- ui!" mi? 'TRS' T. TKACHUK TOONEN TRAUBA TREZISE ULMEN UMLAND R. UTSCHIG W. UTSCHIG VAN BOMMEL VAN BOVEN VANDENBERG VANDER HEYDEN ROBERT J. Tl-IOMPSON: General Course . . . WILLIAM Tl-IOMPSON: Traclc 4 . . . MARY JAVNE Tl-IOMS: Curtain Call 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Orclwesis 4, Student Council 3, Talisman 3 . . . LaVERNE TILLMAN: General Course . . .MARIE TILLV: G.A.A. Q, 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Stamp Club Q, 3, 4, secretary 4, Talisman 3 . . . ELSIE TKACI-IUK: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. . . Q-qu Tl-IEODORE TKACI-IUK: General Course . . . GEORGE A. TOONEN: General Course . . . NORANNA TRAUBA: Student Council 3 . . . FREDERICK TREZISE: Band 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Curtain Call 3, 4, Roth I-li-Y 3, 4, Library 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, Stamp Club 3, 4, vice-president 3, president 4, Talisman 3, 4, Traclc 3, 4 . . . ALYCE ULMEN: Com- mercial Club 4, Orclwesis 3, Talisman 4 . . . GERALDINE UMLAND: Curtain Call 4, G.A.A. Q,3,4.., I RENO UTSCHIG Cliorus 3 4 Curtain Call 4 Roth I-li Y 4 Glee Club 4 WALTER C ILA MAE VAN BOVEN General Course MARY CLARE VANDENBERG Chorus Q 3 4 G AA Q 3 Girl Reserves 3 4 Orclwesis 3 Talisman 9 Glee Club 4 BERNADENE VANDER l-IEYDEN Nature Club 3 Orchesis 3 QNf! UTSCI-IIG: Curtain Call 4, Roth l-li-Y 4 . . . JOSEPH VAN BOMMEL: General Course . . . 1 , . : i T T T I as - DONALD VANDERLOIS: Band Q, Football 4, Intramurals 3, Track 4 . . . GERALDINE VAN HEESWYK: G.A.A. Q . . . DOROTHY VAN HORN: Commercial Club 3 . . . ELLEN R. VAN ROOY: Chorus SZ, 3, 4 . . . CONSTANCE VAUGHN: Chorus Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 9, 3, 4, secretary 4, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . MARY JANE VERWEY: Commercial Club 3, G.A.A. Q, Latin Club 4 . . . I I I -rj--LD IIELEN M. VIETH: General Course . . . ROLAND VOGT: Chorus 3, 4, Football 4, Library 4, Track 9, 3, 4, captain 4 . . . RUSSELL VOLKMAN: Archery Club 3, German Club 4, Mer- cury Hi-Y 3, Student Council 4, Talisman 3, Track Q, 4 . . . EUNICE WEGENKE: General Course . . . HAROLD WEILAND: Debate 4, Roth Hi-Y 3, 4, president 4, Library 4, Oratory 4, Student Council 9, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4, Badger Boys State 3 . . . JAMES WEISGERBER: Cur- tain Call 4, Mercury Hi-Y 3, Intramurals Q, 3, 4. . . AILEEN WELSON: General Course . . . BETTY WELSON: General Course . . . WILLETTE WENZEL: Curtain Call 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Intramurals 3 . . . DOROTHY WERNER: German Club 3, 4, Library 4, Talisman 3 . . . INEZ WERTH: Curtain Call 3, German Club Q, 3, 4, Intramurals 3 . . . LEONE WERTH: Entered from Menasha 3 . . . VANDERLOIS VAN I-IEESWYK VIETH VOGT VAN HORN VOLKMAN I 'E VAN ROOY WEGENKE VALIGHN WEILAND VERWEY WEISGEIEBEP YJ M1 it 13 '31 'G' A. WELSON B. WELSON WENZEL WERNER I. WERTH L. WERTH GERALDINE WEST: General Course . . . DOLORES WETTENGEL: Commercial Club 4, Orchestra 9, 3, Talisman 3 . . . ARTHUR WHEELER: Chorus Q, 3, 4 . . . MARION WIECKERT: Student Council 4 . . . JOHN WIEGAND: General Course . . . LEONARD WIELOCH: I X l Archery Club 3, Band Q, 3, 4 . . . DORIS WIESE: Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, Intramurals Q, 3, Talisman 3, 4. . . ROBERT WILCH: Band Q, 3, 4, Clarion Q, 3, 4, co-editor 4, Class Vice-President, Curtain Call 3, 4, Delta Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, president 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council 3, Badger Boys State 3 . . . ROBERT WILLIAMS: Archery Club 3, Band Q, 3, Clarion 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4 . . . BETTY WILLIAMSON: Band Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Library 4 . . . JOHN WILLIAMSON: Olympic I-Ii-Y 3, Intramurals Q, Traclc Q, 3, 4 . . . WARREN WILLIAMSON: Football 4, Intramurals Q . . . FLORENCE WINTER: Commercial Club 4, G.A.A. Q, 3, 4, vice-president 4, Library 4, Talis- man 3, 4. , .MARION WITT: Band 3, 4, C5.A.A. Q, 3, German Club 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4 . . . RAYMOND WITTER: General Course , . . HAROLD WITTHLII-IN: General Course . . . MARCELLA WITTLIN: Commercial Club 4 . . . LILA WOECKNER: Chorus Q, Commercial Club 4, Intramurals Q, Talisman 3 . . . WEST WETTENGEL WHEELER WIECKERT WIEGAND WIELOCH WIESE WILCH WILLIAMS B. WILLIAMSON J. WILLIAMSON W. WILLIAMSON V E -aff 6 '... .af 5 4 ff, Q ! ,f I ,QQ 4 I I ff WINTER WITT WITTER WITTHUHN WITTLIN WOECKNER WOEPSE WOLDT WOLF WOLFGRAM WOOD YOHR 'T' ZIMMER B. ZULEGER K. ZULEGER M. STACH LaVEl2NE WOEPSE: Commercial Club 4, G,A.A. Q, 3 . . . LESLIE WOLDT: Chorus Q, 3, 4, Glee Club 4 . . . JOHN WOLF: Roth l-li-Y 4 . . . GENEVIEVE WOLFGRAM: Commercial Club 4, Talisman 4. . . ELIZABETH WOOD: Clarion 3, 4, Curtain Call 4, Declamation 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Library 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, president 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Stamp Club 3 . . . PAMONA VOl-IR: Chorus 3, 4, G.A.A, 4, German Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4 . . . WAYNE E. ZIMMER: General Course . . . BENJAMIN ZULEGER: Football 4, Traclc 3, 4 . . . KENNETH D. ZULEGER: Football 4, Track 3, 4 , . . MILDRED STACF-l: Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 4. . . New Enrolleez FAIELLA GRUSI-l IJNIDIQS 96 591. INFORMATION PLEASE .syyx ,Y Hx 7 "F 5 A A ff l Mi 1 X iw fi 'iq 4.11 Q 'fimwivafitgii SJEQ sf- f x..9 Z f 4 AA N Q fl ' A If if 4 4 A f A f f ' 1 f s ' cm f f V A X! 1 X N 1 A x ji i Y 7 j S :QV LACE: Under the clocl4 A V XA? Time: 3:46 p.m. 7 N X Personae: Sammy Sophomore, a mentally disturbed youngster, Joey Junior, A f 1 X z - an illustrious and industrious individual Sammy Cwith pathos in his voicejz What is a junior? Joey: A junior is a hybrid marlced by a profound lcnowledge of apple polish- ing and a slight glimmer of personality plus. . x YY Sammy Cobviously impressedbz What do the juniors contribute to the school? Joey Cproudlybz We, the intellect of Appleton l-ligh school, widened the portals of this wonderful structure in the following ways: we established justice by means of the junior play, "Cn the Night of January i6th", 4' Y,- debate re-enforced our domestic tranquility Cwe debate, not quarrelD, we provided for common defense when we produced our impressive array of athletic stars, general welfare was promoted by the l-li-Y groups, Girl Reserves, and the numerous other clubs, the Talisman and Clarion secured the blessings of liberty Cfree speech, you seeli and the declama- tory recital gave us, the juniors, acclaim throughout the Valley. That, xv 3 dear sophomore, is a record which you not only must try to live up to but surpass if you canl CWith these words the scene closes, leaving an awe-stricken underclassman sq with new rays of inspiration dawning in his eyes. l-le straightens his shoulders 4 lilce a man, certain that he will live up to the reputation of his generous an 'A e i . ll- H MK W x 4 V Qs," VA ,xg at i l li ' i informant and become worthy of the title, Hjuniorf' next year.D - Ji z- gb W4 '36 JUNIORS Paul Abendroth, Roland Abitz, Arnold Abel, Fredrick Acheson, Donald Alesch, Edith Allwardt, Phyllis Anholzer Doris Ardell, Marjorie Arlt, Marie Arndt, Verlea Asman, Dorothy Bailey, William Baker, LaVahn Ballard Jeanne Anne Balliet, Janet Baril, Shirley Barker, Guy Barlow, Cletus Bartelt, Vernon Bartlein, John Bartmann Frederick Bartz, Delores Bastian, Johanna Baumler, Arthur Behrent, Charles Beilke, Jerome Berg, James Besch Wayne Besch, Mildred Beyer, Raymond Bissing, Janet Bixby, David Blacher, Laurence Blick, l-larold Bobber Doris Boldt, Mary Bongers, Eileen Botker, Robert Bowers, Jack Bradley, Robert Braman, Frank Breuer lrene Brock, Donald Bruch, Bill Burton, Charles Buxton, Roger Caldie, Diana Caramehas, Elaine Carlson Miriam Carlson, Maurice Cartier, June Cava- naugh, Grace Christensen, Dorothy Clark, Robert Coley, Betty Collins Stewart Cooper, Walter Cotton, Robert Cowan, Norma Crow, Bruce Curry, Clillord Danielsen, Eugene Dauchert Bruce Davidson, Robert Dawson, George Dear, Ruth DeBraal, Marjorie Dedecker, Lavern Kreutzman, Lorraine DeGroat June DeGuire, Robert DeGuire, Bill DeLong, Inez Deschler, Eunice DeWitt, Kenneth Dickinson, Rodney Dickinson Lucille Diermeier, John Dietz, lra Dominowski, Tom Donaldson, Arlene Dorn, Florence Downey, Rose Dresang Ralph Drexler, Maurice Drier, Birdena Dries, Jeanette Drude, Victoria Duhm, Janette Eastman, Jerome Eastman 0370 'Q' Q' ,Lv ' .- JUNIORS Merrie Ebert, Ellen Ehle, Ned Young, Willard Eichstadt, Marie Emmer, Gloria Engel, Law- rence Enger Rita Fahrenlcrug, Howard Farrand, Jean Feavel, Jane Piette, Betty Fennel, Bill Ferron, Mary Fiedler Deloris Filz, Forrest Fischer, Gordon Fish, Jim Forster, Margaret Forster, Douglas Fox, Helen Fox Betty Frederick, Beatrice Froeming, Rosemary Gabriel, Mary Gallea, Frances Galpin, Mary Gambslcy, Constance Garvey Joyce Gayhart, Betty Gehrke, Dorothy Gerlach, Jim Germanson, Walter Gevelinger, Gladys Giebisch, Sherman Given Michael Goehler, Arlene Golfin, Carl Goldbeck, Sally Gorrow, Joyce Graf, Marjorie Graff, Kenneth Gresens Cyril Griesbach, Grace Griesbach, Alma Gries- haber, Anthony Groh, Henry Grubaugh, Ranald Grunert, Jeanne Guilloyle Dorothy l-lameister, Ethel Hameister, Constantine Hamer, Betty Hansen, Waldemar Hansen, Thomas Hardy, Robert Hart Elizabeth Haug, Lawrence Hauser, Florian Heimerman, Fred Heinritz, Harley Henlte, George Herberg, Harold Hesse Ellen Hiebel, Betty Hilgendorf, Bruce Hills, Betty Hodgen, Francis Hoffman, Vera Holl- man, William Hohfman Ethel Hoffmann, Betty Mae Hoh, Jerry Loeper, Regina Hollenbaclc, Rosemary Hoplcins, Ralph Houfelc, Betty Huebner Mae Huebner, Arthur lndermuehle, Allen Inga bretson, Donald Jabas, Mary Lou Jackson, Fabian Jacobs, Robert Jacobs Lamont Jaeger, Annabelle Jahnlce, Bernhard Jahnlce, Virginia Jahnlce, Marion Jobelius, Larz Johnson, Robert Johnson 0380 JUNKDRS Janet Jones, Arlene Kahler, Morris Kain, Gladys Kampo, Evelyn Kasten, Clarence Kaufman, Elizabeth Kellan Alice Keller, Peggy Kerick, Lorraine Kern, Vir- ginia Kern, Eugene Killoren, Calvin Kippenhan, Levvis Klein Charles Kliefoth, Dorothy Klingert, Bob Klitzke, Orville Klitzke, Deris Kloes, l-lelen Kluge, Mary Bob Knapp Roman Knight, Gerald Koehler, Sylvia Koepke, William Koerner, Fred Kohl, Katherine Kohl, William Kohl Billie Kolb, Roy Komp, Alberta Korsmoe, Ray Korth, Raymond Kraft, Geraldine Dellerding, Rosalind Krug June Kuehmsted, Edvvard Kuether, Kenneth Kunstman, Duane LaBuclde, Virginia Laeyen- decker, Carol LaEond, Margaret Lally Lila Landry, Virginia Lang, Roger Langdok, Coyla Langman, Wesley Latham, Betty Leinvvander, Erna Lemke Roland Lemke, John Leonard, Dick Lesselyong, l-lenry Lieske, Doris Lodholz, Barbara Ehr, Marquette Long Kenneth Loos, Mabel Loose, Lola Mae Lorenz, Martha Luedtke, Wilbert Luedtke, Gladys Lust, Arlon Mader Dorothy Mader, Veronica Managan, Etta Mae Manning, Carol Marschall, Judy Marston, John Marx, Karl Marx Arlene Massonette, Sylvester Mauthe, Jerome May, Naomi McDonald, Nancy McKee, Beatrice McLaughlin, Gladys Mears Russell Meartz, Mae Meiers, Marjorie Meiers, Donald Melchert, Emmaline Merkel, Joe Merkes, Lilas Merkes Clarence Eichstadt, Kathleen Meyer, Robert Meyer, l-lelen Jean Mignon, John Milhaupt, l-lugh Miller, Ruth Miller .3o. . .X S -S up wt. an 9' Q '34 ft 9- : Q if ' ' ' " 3 iq, Q'- JUNIORS Walter Miller, James E. Miller, Jim Miller, Shirley Miller, Myrtle Mollet, Harold Mollon, l-larriet Moritz William Morris, lone Mortell, Irene Mueller, Lloyd Mueller, Marion Mueller, John Murphy, Virginia Nabbefeld Jerry Natrop, Lois Neuman, Beulah Newton, Don Newton, Norman Niclcasch, LaVerne Nieuwenhuis, Pat Niles Dorothy Nissen, lrmgard Nofflte, Dete Notaras, Santhe Notaras, Leon Nussbaum, LaVern Nymoen, Grace O'Dell Jermaine Oestreich, Beverley Olson, Roy O'Neill, Scholasta Oslcey, Jerry Oswalt, Constance Ottman, Leonard Palmbach Richard Palmbach, Betty Paltzer, Esther Panlcratz, Margaret Patterson, Jacob Pawer, l-loward Pekarslce, Lois Pelcel Robert Pelton, Earl Pennings, Delores Peotter, Dorothy Peters, Lois Peters, Carl Pickering, f-lelen Pierre Doris Felzer, Russell Piette, Elaine Pirner, Clare Plesser, Oliver Pollard, Ruth Preimesberger, Shirley Prinlc Jack Puller, Margaret Puth, Clifford Ramsay, Donald Randerson, Helen Raprager, Gene- vieve Rath, Donald Ray Marlc Reclcer, Arlyce Reece, Carl Rehfeldt, Murna Reichel, l-larvey Reinholz, Edward Reuter, Claramae Rhoder fred Riedi, Edward Ritger, Franklyn Ritzlce, Gardner Rogers, Barbara Rosebush, Ruth Rosenberg, John Rouse Wilbur Rudolph, Carl Salentine, Mildred Schaar, Bernice Schaefer, Mary Ann Schaefer, Marion Schefe, Roman Schmid Irving Schmidt, Mary Schneider, Norman Schnei- der, Kathryn Schreiter, Betty Schrimpf, Harold Schroeder, Lucille Schroeder 0400 JLTNIGRS Ronald Schroeder, Carol Schuh, Carole Schultz, Eugene Schultz, Shirley Schultz, George Scott, John Seaborne Alice Seeger, Elaine Sellin, Beverly Shaclcelford, Loraine Sinner, Dorothy Sipler, Helene Wolf, Barbara Small Ann Smith, Raoul Smith, Richard l-l. Smith, Richard M. Smith, Shirley Smith, George Snow, Robert Staehfler Delores Stammer, Charles Steflens, Arline Steger, Lucille Steinhauer, Mary Stiebs, Alex Strobel, Don Strutz Gordon Swamp, Rella Swamp, Mayme Tabat, Josephine Tennie, Arthur Theiss, Dolores Thiel, Edgar Thomas Lawrence Thomas, Ken Thompson, Donald Tiedt, Doris Tiedt, Joyce Timmers, Roslyn Toclc, Dolores Toonen Jerome Toonen, Raymond Treiber, Rose Mary Trettin, Roman Tschantz, Jane Turlfow, Phyllis Turney, Margaret Ullrich Janet Vandenberg, Grace Vanden Broelc, Mar- jorie Vander Linden, Ruth Vander Velden, Dolores Van Dinter, Betty Van Gorp, Donald Van l-landel Lawrence Van Rooy, Mary Van Rossum, l-lelen Van Ryzin, Dorothy Van Straten, Frank Verrier, Fred Voeclcs, Ervin Vollcman Genevieve Vonclc, Jaclc Walsh, Ruby Wanlcey, Jean Watson, Arleen Wautlet, Erwin Weber, Helen Weinberg June Weisgerber, Roxy Welch, Doris Werner, Naomi Werner, Ralph Wettengel, Frances Wheeler, Leonard Wheeler Lee Whitledge, Ernst Wieckert, Fred Wiese, Richard Wiese, Eugene Williamson, Shirley Wiesler, Robert Wilson Betty Wittlin, Ralph Woehler, Eugene Woehler, Mary Louise Wiegand, l-lelmuth Wolff, Lyle WoIH, Lyle Wolfgram 9410 JUNIORS Laymon Wonser, Ronald Wuerger, Alice Yahr, Joyce Young, Alice A Zuehllce, John Zwicker as Q 'A -4 x Robert Hoh, Betty Slattery, Delores Metz, Roy Schumacher, Dorothy it Hodge MERLE ANDERSON CLEMENT BAUMANN NATALIE BLOCK DUANE CLARK NONA COAKLEY CARL DeGUiRE -A is ' ' A OTHER JUNIORS ROBERT DeLAND ANNE MILLARD RAMSEV FORBUSH MAXINE NELSON HAROLD JOHNSON ORVILLE KOLBERG EMERY KRUEGER DONALD LAMBIE FERN McGUIRE BLANCHE READY NORMAN RUSCH NORMAN SIEVERS GERALD WELCH ln the picture at the left are the members ofthe Zephyr Hi-Y. They are, top: left to right, J, Miller, Thompson, R. Dickinson, Strutz, Piette, Davidson, May, bottom: Burton, DeLand, Thomas, DeLong, rr' Th m mbe f h S HifY ar r u ed in h r i re. The are,t D: Jaba , K Mo ns. e e rsote tagg egop tecente pctu y o s . Dickinson, W. Miller, Zwucker, Kulloren, Balliet, middle: Connelly, Heinritz, Pelton, Mulhaupt, Voecks, bottom: Fox, Houlek, Koss, Trelber, Walsh. The picture at the right shows the Century Hu-Y. The members are, top: Kohl, Germanson, Leonard, Reuter, Curry, Mullen, Farrand, Groh, Gage, lngebretson, Rntgerf bottom: Ferron, Strobl, Schmidt, Cowan, Natrop. l-lave you heard about our sophomore show? Qur little song and dance a -9 050 D i ,"hlf . F X DDHDMUDEI TAKE A LETTER! EAR SOPHS-TO-BE. Although abandoned molested, and heckled by our superiors, we have survived the onslaught. The First days were trying, it is true, but we came through the lray with all banners llying. During our period of apprenticeship we excelled in scholarship sport. dramatics journalism, and service. We have carved our niche. i 4 15- X gf , Q, , gave Broadway a fright. Why, Diclc Pardee and Ruby Loose have been turning down offers every day just to accommodate local fans. And then there was the suave M. C,-ing ol Ralph Buesing, who came just in time to carry on the family tradition. We could go on telling you how the sophomores won the interclass skating meet, how they are active on the committees of every club in school, but since we are not yet juniors, we still are rather modest about these things. Remember, Confucius say, UAS rivers into oceans Flow, so sophomores into seniors grow." Be patient. Good luclc to all ol youl SOP!-HE SOPHOMORE 0430 5 f ir? '19 vs. 'Q S 5 1 In si Q4 me I av ' , vs s vo sgbs s Al s v fi 'Q' ,-5, QM 99 N X off IN' 3' v as N EQ gf , I. 5: 525 . .X ,V 9 4, 3' :swan , vo, tis! Q!-E, , x.: RJ A if I 15, P06 Q Ov 'nys .,0., QQ fa! W- yf Q 14 f"x,z'c: z 'll W if" k A 'A' X ya 'V if 1 ij I -A jj' lj lj' stilln- SOPHQMQRES Norman Abel, James Acheson, Lois Ackman, Verna Albrecht, Gerald Arens, Elsie Arndt, Ellyn Aul Robert Aures, Robert Baehnmann, Nancy Balliet, Robert Balliet, Betty Bartz, Joan Baurain, Norman Beclcman Leland BeFay, Donald Behl, Dorothy Behn, Robert Bell, Walter Belling, Charles Benjamin, William Berrens Stanley Beschta, Pearl Bessett, Lorraine Bethe, Edwin Blaclcman, Alvin Blinder, Jennie Blong, Lewis Blong Glenn Blount, Robert Bobber, Gale Bock, Virginia Boelsen, Oscar Boldt, Robert Boldt, Roy Bongers Alice Borchardt, Marie Bosser, Howard Boyce, Dorothy Braman, Ruth Brandt, Marie Brauer, Alvin Braun Emory Broclcman, David Brolcaw, Clarence Brasch, Owen Brown, Verona Brown, Marion Bruehl, Ralph Buesing Vilas Burmeister, Rita Bushman, Rosemary Calmes, Spencer Calmes, Alice Jane Campbell, Margaret Carroll, Mary Carroll Patricia Carroll, William Cherlcaslcy, Frank Christen, Marcella Cleveland, Hazel Lemlce, Joyce Coley, Mary Lou Collins Robert Connelly, John Conway, Carroll Cook, Francis Coolc, Jaclc Courtney, Marlyn Cumber, Ruth Dau Donald Dawson, Verna DeGroat, Janis Dehne, Virginia Delrow, Arlene Dewey, Fred Dingel- dein, Mildred Dingeldein Paul Doering, Joyce Douglas, Carlon Drier, Marilyn Drier, Hubert DuChateau, Geneva Duhm, Lillian Ebben Eugene Eclcer, Walter Ehllce, Merl Eiclchofl, Hilary Emmer, Inez Endter, Corinne Engel, Nancy Errington 0440 SOPHOMQRES Betty Evenson, Shirley Ealaticlc, Stella Farquhar, Robert Fast, Dolores Favez, Doris Femal, Catherine Eilz Mary Fish, Elaine Fisher, Donald Flanigan, Betty Flynn, Shirley Eoresman, Rosemary Niclcasch, Virginia Fose Shirley Fox, Margie Eoxgrover, Marion Fredericlts, Marvin Eredricks, June Eumal, Ralph Gage, David Ciallaher Mabel Cjasper, Rita Gengler, Wayne Giesen, Clova Dell Ginnow, Priscilla Glass, Myrth Gochnauer, Shirley Golper Nicholas Gonnering, Betty Greb, Joan Green, Joseph Gregorius, Dorothy Greinert, Joseph Griesbach, Ervin Grishaber JohnGrootemont,MildredGuclcenberger,Joseph Guilloyle, Alois Guthu, Lois Hameister, Marion Hamilton, John Hanltins Leonard Hanstedt, Keith Hardaclcer, Alden Har- vey, Ronald Harvey, Elaine Hartzheim, Ethel Hauser, Kathleen Hawley Robert McCrory, Rosanne Heclcel, John Heege- man, Joseph Heigl, Shirley Heinritz, Virginia Heins, Eva Heise Mary Heiss, Joan Hendricks, Bernice Hennes, Arthur Herrmann, Charles Hervey, Geneve Hetzel, Marion Hielcinbotham Robert Hiclcinbotham, Shirley Hiebel, Helen Hietpas, Lois Hintz, Elmer Hoffman, Jane Hoffman, Henry Hotlmann Lois Hotlmann, Mathias Hoffmann, Guenther Holtz, Matthew Hoplensperger, Howard Hoppe, Howard Horn, John Hornl4e Dolores Horrrg, Florence Hove, Donald Jacobs, Elliott Jacobson, Howard Jahnlce, Rita Jamison, June Jennerjahn Dolores Joeclcs, Jerome Johnson, Bette Jones, Mildred Kain, Nicholas Karras, Jerome Kavaney, Elaine Kenyon 0450 4 , M f.. G- 5' S 44 ' Y-an ii 1 - ... . 3- , v 5 A 2- Y A i f .px I ' 8 V M N Q. , 1 L H , L g ,fa-, ' - ' .., in 'Q "ts " Q S T at rr- - . if X l .- W L L .. l- . ' f ' I X , . 4 5 .g r , , a I i K I tu N ' if F' K L 65 I. Q' ig' r s gg . vo 'Nl L. P . 'L . . an 0- SOPHOMORES Joyce Kessler, Roger Kirlceide, Glenn Kirschen- lore, Jane Klingert, James Klingert, Edna Klug, Qrison Knolce Lorna Knox, Marion Kobs, Arlene Koehler, Marguerite Koeplte, Dorothy Koepsel, Wayne Koester, Norman Kons Julius Kopplin, Donna Kostrzalc, Robert Kotz, Douglas Kranzusch, Robert Krause, Donald Kruclceberg, Kenneth Krueger Richard Krueger, Walter Krueger, Jeanette Kuenzl, Eunice Kunstman, Donald Kurey, Earl Laabs, Janet Laehn Kenneth Lang, Nathan Langdon, Kathleen La- Plante, Sheldon Larsen, Rudolph Larson, Betty Larson, LeLand Lawler Edward Leisering, Eleanor Leisering, Craig Leman, Robert Krueger, Ethel Lemlce, Mildred Lenz, Thomas Letter Caroline Lieslce, Loren Lillge, Rita Lohn, John Long, Elva Loose, Ruby Loose, June Lorenz Russell Luebben, Delores Lueblce, Ken Luedtlce, Laverne Lust, Rita Lutz, Katherine Mader, Robert Malchow LaVerne Manier, Clarence Manser, Levi Mayer, William Maynard, Betty McCarey, John McCarter, James McClone CliFford Nelson, Eugene McGill, Royal McGill, Francis Mcl-lugh, John McKenny, Joyce Meidam, Wilmer Meiers Harold Merkl, Elaine Meyer, Gerald Meyer, Merrill Meyer, Warren Meyer, Eunice Mielke, John Miellce Joan Miller, Robert l-l. Miller, Robert T. Miller, Ann Mitchell, Douglas Moericlce, Richard Mollineau, Rita Morrow Dan Moser, Esther Mueller, Norman Mueller, Kenneth Mullen, Margaret Mulvaney, Marie Murphy, Betty Myers 0460 SOPHOMCDRES Arline Nelson, Wayne Nelson, Joyce Neuman, Helen O'Keefe, Norbert Nickles, Bradley Nielson, Roger Niles Harry Noack, John Nohlke, Pearl Nollke, Lucille Nowak, Margaret 0'Connor, Jane Oesterich, Earl Palmbach Richard Pardee, Jay Parish, Leroy Patterson, Franklin Peotter, Jeanette Peotter, Jeannie Phillips, James Piette Richard Piette, Bernice Pingel, James Pirie, Emily Posniak, Ann Radtke, Paul Radtke, Lois Rahm- low Stuart Ramsay, Presocia Raney, Lois Rankin, Robert Raschig, Ruth Rechner, Jerry Rehleldt, Robert Rehleldt Carl Reider, Harley Reinholz, Edward Reiter, Chester Reitz, Donald Reitz, Robert Reitzner, Eleanor Retza Leonard Retzlall, Chester Rhodes, Jean Rindal, Arvin Ristow, Myrtle Robertson, Debra Ro- chon, Marjorie Rogers Margaret Rohan, Shirley Rohlorl, Guinevere Rooks, Dorothy Runge, Gloria Rudy, Helen Roehl, Ralph Ruechel Lugene Sager, Bernice Saiberlich, Clara Salm, Arlene Sauberlich, Gerald Sawall, Florence Schaefer, Joan Schaefer Paul Schafhauser, Lincoln Scheurle, Sally Jane Schiemann, Norman Schimmelpfennig, Eleanor Schlafer, Rose Mary Schlintz, James Schmidt Lloyd Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Vernon Schmit, Eleanor Schneider, Sherman Schneider, Robert Schommer, Geraldine Schreiber LoisSchreiter,MargaretSchreiter,DorisSchroeder, Pearl Schroeder, Regina Schroth, Trene Schueler, James Schueneman Marilyn Schuh, Virginia Schuh, Shirley Schultz, Delmar Schulze, Delmar Schwaller, Rita Schweitzer, George Seeger 0470 SOPHOMORES Fred Selig, Orville Shebilslce, Myrtle Shelley, l-larlan Sieth, Robert Sigl, Teddy Slater, Grace Slattery Carl Smith, Russell Smith, Patricia Snow, Riley Solie, Francis Sommer, Kenneth Spaay, Francis Speel llene Sprister, Joyce Steclcelberg, Ethel Steidl, Joyce Steidl, Audrey Sternard, Ruth Steudel, Bette Stevens Ruth Stever, Arlene Stojalcovic, Genevieve Storm, Kathryn Strellce, James Strellce, Sylvester Strobel, Anna Stumpl Donald Stumpl, Rita Sturm, Dorothy Sullivan, Maree Sylvester, John Taggart, Mary Taggart, Nora Talbot Robert Techlin, Alethea Terry, Shirley Thomach, Marion Thomas, Jean Thompson, Patricia Thvving, Betty Tornovv Lois Tornovv, Virginia Traas, Marye Trezise, Evelyn Ulmen, l-lenry Van Agtmael, Walter Van Caster, Earl Vande Bogart William Van Denzen, Milton Vanderlinden, Ar- nold Van Dinter, Jane Van Domelen, Richard Van Ryzin, Edgar Veit, Virginia Vogt LeRoy Wagner, Gerald Walsh, Audrey Waltman, Arthur Weber, Ruth Wells, Elaine Weiss, Betty Weinneman Charlotte Wentworth, Earl Wenzel, Geraldine Werner, Joe Werner, Roy Werner, l-larvey West, Philip West Barbara Wettengel, Carlton Wieclcert, l-lerbert Wienandt, Russell Wiesenberg, Betty Williams, Stanley Williams, Robert Winter Amil Witter, Ethel Wittlin, Sylvia Wittmann, Jean Wolfgram, Rita Wood, Bernice Vandre, Robert Yohr Bartlette Ziegler, Franlclin Zimmer, Merlin Zim- mer, Raymond Zimmermann, Raymond Zuleger, l-larlan Niclcasch, Marilyn Fose 0480 SCPI-IOMORES Mildred l-laysmer, Milford Prasher, John Puth OTHER SOPHOMORES CAROL BAP-ICALL EILEEN REINKE HERBERT LONGSINE GERD-IARD RUBBERT The Trippet Triangle, and every man a sophomore, posed lor a picture at the left. ln the top row are Scheurle, Buesing, Horn, Weber, Dreier, Jahnke, Luedtlce, Larsen, Moser, Gregorius, Blinder, bottom, Lillge, Cherlcaslry, Solie, Pardee. Ruby Loose of the dancing toes was snapped as she performed for the sophomore show Ccenter picturel Looking important at the right is the Pinnacle Triangle. Members are: top, Beschta, Nolfke, Boldt, A. Brown, Shebilslce, Hickenbotham, bottom, Holtz, Schulze, Ben- jamin, Brasch, Arens. hese heartf were woven of human joyJ and carey, Wached marvelouxbf with sorrow, Jwift to mirth. The yearx had given them kindneu. Dawn was theirx, And Junfet, and the colors of the earth. These had Jeen movement, and heard musicj known Slumher and wakingj lovedj gone proudbf friendedg Felt the quick .ftir of wonderj .rat alonej Touched flowers and fur: and cheekf. All thif if ended. There are watery hlown hy changing windy to laughter And lit hy the rich Jkief, all day. And after, FroJt, with a geyture, .rtayf the waves that dance And wandering lovelinem. He leaves a white Unhroken glory, a gathered radiance, A width, a shining peace, under the night. -Rupert Brooke DONALD HOMBLETTE '40 MADGE COURTNEY '41 WILLIAM FRAWLEY '41 MARLYN CUMBER '49 HUNDDAIBLE SENIUIQS CRAFTSMANSHIP SHIELD ROBERT SAGE? HE highest honor which any senior can attain, the Craftsmanship Shield, has been awarded this year to Robert Sager. The Shield, a tradition at Appleton High School since 'l9'l6, is given in recognition of scholarship, unselfish cooper- ation, and unusual leadership. Fashioned of bronze and mounted on solid oak, it symbolizes the true spirit of the craftsman . . . the sacrifice of personal gains that a task may be done pains- takingly and with perfection of result. Anyone who has seen Bob playing his cornet in the high school band is completely aware not only of his artistry but also of these craftsmanlike characteristics. For three years he has held the solo chair in the cornet section Blowing his horn . . . '1 vii K... Q and been the directing force of the group. This last year he presided over meetings of both the Student Council and Der Deutsche Verein, and in a quietly competent fashion carried on his executive duties. l'le is a member of Masque and Book, Quill and Scroll, and the Clarion staff. The Delta l-li-V is proud to claim him as a fellow worker. For these unmistakable evidences of leader- ship and ability, character and service the faculty of the high school has chosen Bob the most outstanding senior of his class. The Shield is given to him in recognition for work well done and as a prophecy of future success. Presiding at a committee meeting NATKDNAL HONOR SCCIETY lou Qobert Wilt'lr Poberl I5-'Hman Robert Siqer, middle lVl1rivlilly fqnvkle: Rollins ll.-ni I Qolwan lr Hrrolel Weil-and lretl lr.-zitze .e i. . x.wl Nlirmret Albrecht, bottom Autyr. Hammer Gen--viwve 'rchavttg Flizabetln Wood .lolwn llammer Nlilclrtd ltr-1.1 nm f C la br "Jen n Wr. tl. rr 'loi:i'lxx'Wtir1- r EVENTEEN seniors were lormally inducted into tlie National Honor Society in an impressive ceremony before tlwe general assembly tlwis year. llwe curtains on tlwe stage opened and revealed a large symbol, tlnat ol tlie societys lcey, against a background ot stately blaclc draperies, Seventeen cliairs were placed across true stage, and one by one Mr, Ketclwum called tlie names ol tliose students wlwo were about to receive tliis singular lwonor, one ol tlwe lwiglwest tlnat can come to a senior Mr. l-lelble explained tlie meaning ol lwonors, and Mr. Ronan, in a briel address, told tlie seniors tliat tliey must malfe tlweir own opportunity. As part ol tlie ceremony eaclw initiate signs liis name in tlie secretaryls boolc lvliss lflumb is ollicial recorder of tlne clwapterls memberslwip roll. lnstructors on tlwe liiglw sclwool faculty select members on tlie basis ol scliolarsliip, cliaracter, leaderslwip, and service. Following tlwe induction tlne National lmlonor seniors were informally welcomed into tlwe organization by tlwe faculty at a tea and recep- tion in tlwe tarly American Room. i530 llwe usual tea for two has been enlarged in tlrrs candid sluot wluclu was -,rraprwd during the tea given lor tlre National Honor initiates , 'Double or nothing H says Miss Klumb lhe otlrers look on with sheer tnvy burning tn their eyes .a-. Q.. .N AWARDS CHARLES ROLLINS 'li ii FRED TREZISE ACH year the Qney Johnston Post No. 38 of the American Legion gives to a senior boy of Appleton High School an athletic scholarship medal. In order to become eligible for this award a student must be outstanding in athletics, possess high scholarship, and be a strong leader. Charles Rollins, who has participated in football, baslcetball, and traclc was selected as the graduate who best typities the spirit oi the true athlete. HE scholarship to Lawrence College presented by the local branch of the American Association ol University Women went this year to Elizabeth Wood for her excellence in scholarship, her leadership, and her qualities ol Fine character. Elizabeth has been president of the Masque and Boolc club and active on the Clarion staff, Curtain Call, and the Girl Reserves. HIS year the winner ol the Ellcs Citizenship award was chosen on the basis ot a series of com- petitive tests administered by the social science department. Examinations, which were both oral and written, dealt with questions of American government. Fred Trezise was judged the winner and will receive a hundred dollar scholarship to be applied at any institution ol higher learning, Fred is eligible to enter the state contest. it A C545 ELIZABETH WOOD : iw.. i 5 l ,I i 6 l -f .at mai 3 AMY O'NEILL and WlLLlAM MULLEN HlS year Appleton High School will send seven junior boys who have demonstrated their ability as leaders to participate in the activities of Badger Boys State, a camp sponsored by the American Legion to teach the machinery of city, county, and state government. As in 1939, this "forty-ninth" state will be held at St. .lohn's Military Academy, Delafield, Wisconsin. This mythical state will be in existence from June 'l5 to June QQ. AWARDS HE dignity of tradition has enriched the honor of being elected flag-raisers by the senior class. This year the posts went to Amy 0'Neill and William Mullen, who faithfully raised the flag each morning and lowered it each after- noon. This careful performance of duty has proved that they are worthy of the love and respect shown them by their classmates. HE SPECTGR TROPHV this year went to Stanley Williams, who was chosen by the sophomore sponsors and Student Council repre- sentatives as the sophomore showing the most promise of future achievement. Stan has been active in the orchestra, athletics, the Latin club, and the Clarion staff. Next year he will talce over the duties of staff photographer. Badger Boys of 1940: top, left to right, James Germanson, William Burton, Charles Kliefoth, Donald Slrutz, bottom, William De Long, John Leonard, Edgar Thomas . . . . Winner of the Spector Trophy: Stanley Williams A .Xu AWARDS MARIE TILLY 57 tl RUTH GUST ACH year the Lawrence College chapter ol Eta Sigma Phi, honorary classical fraternity, presents to a graduating senior the Latin award lor out- standing worlc in the four year course. Marie Tilly, who was co-consul of Foedus Latinum, Latin Club of Appleton High School, was chosen the recipient this year by the instructors in the department. RED TREZISE has been honored as winner ol the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science award, which is presented each year to the senior who has studied biology, chemistry, and physics and has been prominent in all three subjects. ln addition to his excellent class work Fred has served as an assistant in the physics laboratory, standardizing equip- ment for group experiments. ER DEUTSCI-IE VEREIN, German club of the high school, chooses by means of a secret ballot one from its ranlcs to receive the German Club plaque as a symbol of marlced leadership in the organization and a comprehensive understanding of the language. The honor went this year to Ruth Gust, who carried one ol the leading roles in the German Christmas play and served as secretary in the club. at lt FRED TREZISE Q I I li 056: BUDDING YJOURNALISTS UPPER PICTURE, top: Miss Annabelle Wolf, Miss Ellen Sweet, Mr. Bruno Krueger, Miss Eleanor Tredinniclc, Miss Enola Brandt, bottom: Miss Irene Bosserman, Miss Esther Graef, Olson, Marston, Meidam, Crow, Miss Borghild Anderson, Mr. H. H. Helble LOWER PICTURE, top: Bohl, Carlson, Sherman, Bartman, Atcherson, Puth, Small, Wilch, G. Manning, Goldbeck, G. Schaefer, Lally, Wood, Ruhlingf bottom: Notaras, I-loelzer, Beringer, Witt, Carlson, Graff, Hammer, Jones Ouill and Scroll officers, Betty Meidam and Beverly Olson, seated, and Norma Crow and Joe Marston, standing, inspect a copy of the New York limes . . . One of the popular lecturers of the year was Prof. Warren Beck, who came from Lawrence College to tell the scribblers some of the pitfalls of creative writing and how to avoid them. He was caught unawares just as he was explaining something. 0570 HE GOAL OF HlGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS is to become a member of the Edward Weismiller chapter of the Ouill and Scroll Society, for member- ship is based upon exceptional work on the publica- tions. The local chapter, however, is not merely an honorary group, its activities are many and diversified. Talisman headlines record the annual alumni banquet on February 8, the joint sponsorship of an annual creative writing contest with the English Department, publication of Patterns of Star Dust, and the revision of the student handbook, for several consecutive years international recognition has been given the chapter for its projects in Appleton High School. Although its charter was received in 1996, this year is the anni- versary of the chapter's first decade of active service. A new venture of the group this year was the sponsor- ing ofa movie presented in the high school auditorium. The sound film of "Jane Eyre" was rented, and the high school's own projection machine was used. The large attendance proved the venture a successful one, and it may be a step in the direction of visual edu- cation. At any rate, English students who find the novel on the reading shelves enjoyed seeing Virginia Bruce as their heroine and Colin Clive as the mysterious Mr. Rochester. FOLLOWING TI-IE GLEAM gpm-Q-.f,.i,...--M-W-3 UPPER PICTURE, top: Connelly, Schultz, Rossmeissl, Speel, Atcherson, Vandenberg, Becher, Lutz, Morrow, McCann, bottom: O'Keefe, Miss Baker, Gee, G. Manning, G. Schaefer, Vaughn, Miss Klumb, Wood LOWER PICTURE, top: Kolb, Zuellte, O'NeiII, Small, Posebush, Keller, Lally, Marston, E. Manning, Knapp, Haug, Bailey, Gorrow, Graff, bottom: Fox, Ehr, Smyrneos, Poemer, Jones, Hammer, Meidam, Puhling IRL RESERVES OF APPLETON I-IIGI-I SCHQOL each year set Ior themselves the goal of service Ior others and high ideals for their organization. Their first "big sistern act was the "get acquainted" tea which they gave for students who had recently enrolled from out OI town. The cordial welcome oi the girls and the senior boys who oitered their assistance helped to establish a genuine spirit of camaraderie. New mem- bers were welcomed into the club at the traditional candle Iight service perlormed this year in the Candle Glow tea room, and they proudly toolc the pledge oi service. At Christmas time every GR. girl is busy running in and out oi Miss BaI4er's oilice with orders Ior pencils. The protits from this sale are used to pur- chase Iood, clothing, and toys for the Iess fortunate Iamilies of the city. At their social meetings held every First and third Tuesday the girls Iearn a bit ol additional Icnowledge about travel, literature, Fashion, vocations. Two of this year's speakers were Miss Mildred Nickel, who described her trip West, and Mrs, Bee Eranlc, who discussed the omnipresent problem oi clothes. A mothers and daughters party and a IareweII to the seniors brought this yearxs social season to a close. Joe Marston, big-hearted philanthropist that he is, is being talcen in bythe Christmas spirit and the charm of the GR. girls. The noble gold-diggers are Bertha Smyrneos, Elizabeth Wood, Etta Manning, and Nancy McKee, 058. Q 0 . xx? 'buqt 4Q' '--D o5Qo :nk--n rf-ro rd rvlavvd on and llwn 7 Sprung vw.: tlwr Dvomot ns Fnnr urlvsls FINE ARTS FACULTY ln the top picture Miss Ruth Mclfennan is adjusting the record for Miss Kathryn Fralish . . . Messrs. Albert A. Gloclczin, E. C. Moore, and Jay I. Williams talk over dates For future concerts . , , Mr, Peter Giovannini and Mr. Jaclr Burroughs were interrupted as they were judging the artistic merits of some student's worlc. VENUES OF SPEECH WQRK are so numerous that almost every student in school has an oppor- tunity to satisfy the universal desire to say his piece. Dramatics, oratory, declamation, debate, extemporane- ous spealting are all included in the speech program. ln addition many students Find satisfaction doing the backstage work of stage con- struction, lighting, or malce-up. HEY SHALL HAVE Ml,lSlC,' signifies the idea motivating the entire music department. All three groups, band, orchestra, and chorus, have gained city and statewide recognition. About three hundred students are receiving training in instrumental and vocal worlc. RT HAS SEVEN SERVICES with which to beneiit humanity industrial, social, cultural, eco- nomic, creative, educational, re- creative. These are the aims which direct the Worl4 in the art depart- ment ol Appleton High school. 0600 FIRST IXIIGI-ITERS UPPER PICTLRF, top' Kohl, Lally, R. Utchig, Radtlte, Jobelius, Greisbach, I-laug, Davidson, Kuehmsted, Ebert, E. Manning, Brandenburg W. Utchig, middle: Nabbeleld, Wheeler, Lutz, Jones, I. Schaefer, V. Schuh, Klieloth, D. Notaras, Hammer, C Schuh, Qalpin, Rogers, Knapp, gcottomr Leonard, Morrow, Thomas, Speel, B. Roehmer, Miss Ruth McKennan, Bliss, Smyrneos, M. Notaras, L. Scheurle, Schit-mann, Timm--is atson LGWEP PICTLIIZL, top: Rossmcissl, Sherman, Trezisc, A. Smith, Schultz, Connelly, Otto, Slater, Rehmer, Wersgerbwr, llmland, fwiclu-r, Wood Jones, Weisgerber, middle: Mader, Runge, Killoren, M GIKeefe, Peters, Mead, J, Miller, Hoplcins, Bohl, McCartt'r, Van Clorp, M Al brecht, Railcy, bottom: Peuter, Toresman, Walsh, Rademacher, Kolb, Mr. Jack Burroughs, Miss Kathryn Fralish, Wilch, Ruhling, St.-vvns, I7 Smith, Graft, Ehr, Mitchell UIQTAIN CALL IS TI-IE DIQAMATIC IVILCCA Curtain CaII'sChristmas play vvasan originalscript byJohn Hammer,"Chrrst- OI GII WIIO would taste the OI the theater' Gm IIS mas in th I-I t." Th p cturr' shows the lin I s quence as th family ' kneels arloungldlhe trece I.IIrTp5Iayer. Miss Mcliennandis eexolaining something memberslsllp 'OII dre GCIOITSI Student COGCIIQSI IIQIIIIIIQ Eboutqthc properties to Elizabeth Wood, Hammer, Mr. Burroughs and Miss technicians make-up artists Scenery pdimters back, ra is I I ' I stage crews. While Miss Ruth Mcliennan and her -Q student coaches direct a scene in rehearsal, Miss Kathryn I:raIish and Mr. Jaclc Burroughs supervise the worlc ol the backstage and lighting groups. This year Curtain Call even added a playwright to its ranlts, John I-lammer, who wrote the script lor the holiday production, 'Christmas in the I'leart." Through its bi-weelcly meetings the organization otlers theatrical training lor all its members. In addition, the club ollers its services whenever a stage production is scheduled, whether it be the sophomore show or the senior play. The last big venture that senior members ol the club tndertoolc was to Iorm a steering committee lor the Senior Vodvil. The group met Irequently to lormulate plans lor acts in order to draw out some hidden senior talent, assisted Miss IVlcKennan in directing, and were general "handy men." Qnly in its second year ol growth, the organization has already proved itsell an invaluable nucleus lor dramatic production. 061: INHGHT OF JANUARY io" REMEMBER? Here are some of the best scenes on and behind the stage of the juniors' hit of the fall season, "Night of January T6." CTD Whatever Miss Fralish's idea is, it seems per- fectly all right with Mr. Burroughs , . . CQD George Schuessler, Ed Reuter, and Curt Schooff give their spot lights a final adjustment , . . C35 The gallant stage crew vvorlcs diligently as Jean Balliet supervises them with the script. . . C4D Miracles in mal4e-up are being produced by the skillful corps . . . CSD Mah goodness! Jim Miller as the suave DA. has June Kuehmsted, the colored vvitness, all excited about some- thing. . .C6J Jean Watson, a night club hostess, is being very cute and coy, but Judge Bud Thomas merely looks amused.. .C7D The defend- ant, Mary Bob Knapp, and John Leonard, the prize witness on the left, are in deep confer- ence vvith Bill De Long, attorney for the defense, and his secretary, Franny Wheeler . . . can lndignant Marne Graff, the Swedish spin- ster, is really giving Bill De Long, who is a trifle too inquisitive, a piece of her mind . , . C95 And here are flowers for Madame Knapp and smiles from her leading men, Bill De Long and Jim Miller. Prison Matron . Bailitl . . , Judge Heath . . , District Attorney Flint , His Secretary , A . Defense Attorney Stevens His Secretary . . . Clerk ofthe Court . Karen Andre . , . Dr. Kirkland . . . Mrs. John Joseph Hutchins "NIGHT QF JANUARY Io" isyfxyniadna Staged and directed loy Miss Kathryn Fralish Friday, Novemloer 'l7, 1939 CAST OF CHARACTERS . June Weisgerber , . Douglas Fox . Edgar Thomas . .James Miller . Virginia Nabbeleld . William DeLong . Frances Wheeler A Kenneth Thompson . Mary Bob Knapp , Howard Farrand . June Kuehmsted Homer Van Fleet Elmer Sweeney . Nancy Lee Faulkner . Magda Svenson . John Graham Whitfield Jane Chandler . . Sigurd Jungquist . Larry Reagan . , Roberta Van Renselaer Court Stenographer Policemen , . . . Bruce Davidson . William Kohl . Joyce Timmers . Marne Curall . William Morris Rosemary Hopkins . John Leonard Charles Kliefoth , , . Jean Watson . . . Frances Galpin Walter Miller, John Rouse General Managers Financial Managers , Advertising Managers . .... Stah ,... Stage Managers . . . , Crew , , . LightTechnicians , Crew ..,..... Property Managers . . . . Mary Jayne Thoms, and Janet Jones BUSINESS STAFF Miss Ruth McKennan and William Burton , . . . Miss Laura Livermore, Roland Abitz, and Clare Plesser , . Mr. Peter Giovannini, Miss Mary Lou Mitchell, and Billie Kolb , Karl Marx, Florian Heimerman, Ann Smith, Mary Bongers, Mabel Loose, and Betty Paltzer PRODUCTION STAFF . Mr. Harry Cameron and Donald Jones , Robert Rossmeissl, Joseph Merkes, Russell Meartz, James Weisgerber, and Arvin Ristow Mr. Jack Burroughs and George Schuessler . . Curtis Schoofl and Edward Reuter . . . , Miss Ruth McKennan, Jean Balliet, and Katherine Kohl Make-Up Crew: Cele Speel, Mary Kay O'Keele, Margaret Lally, Mary Ellen Notaras, Leo Ciriesbach, Etta Manning, lrlrit' is the' cast ol this court room drama. Reading from left to right are John Rouse, June Weisgerber, Virginia Nabbeleld, John Leonard, Douglas lox, Bruce Davidson, Kenneth Thompson, Charles Kliefoth, Jean Watson, Edgar Thomas, William DeLong, Mary Bob Knapp, James Miller, Joyce Timmers, William Morris, Frances Galpin, June Kuehmsted, William Kohl, Howard Farrand, Marne Graff, Walter Miller, and Rosemary Hopkins. 1 V - , Q, V J ' I . ' A ' il" AN , ,fr V' , i 4" ' 2 ,ff 1' Qi If 194472 'f.4,,AfM,9.Lcw,-off", fcgifi sff--fv'4-'- I ' '91 'OVJJJ X-i'1'4fHfTfm 4 J-if fl f- ff' i . ,, Juris MAD"""' X M M .Q W f ,, ' D f ff 'LL' if 'D X f- 'i 'f ' ,vi ' , "i'LfnQ4 1' WIFT REPARTEE, EVERYDAY SITUATIONS, and sympathetic characterization made "June Mad" one of the most popular senior plays in recent years. ln fact, the 1940 audience was larger than any in the last decade. Here are some scenes that recall the exciting days ol rehearsal and preparation as well as "the nightn itself . . . CU Nary a moment is wasted when the prop girls get to worlc . . . QQD This loolcs more lilce spring cleaning than a play production . . . C35 Lightsl Actionl These are the powers behind the scenery. . Hchawmed, Miss Woodl' '... CSD "Ch, boys, please don't malce such a lussf' Lois Schultz murmurs gently as she ieigns a sprained ankle. Apparently it worlced . . .C6D "And, gee, my glider's smashed," moans Hchuclci' Bohl, forgetful of his own bruises . . . UD mlouchel There, l got you!" Jeanne Ruhling and Donald Bohl had to tal4e some fencing lessons from Miss l-lammerberg for the occasion . . . C85 'lm not interested in anything you have to say" is the line of Penny at the moment. . .fcenterl Leading lady Jeanne Ruhling and Director Miss Mclfennan tallc over the interpretation of the play. X f' x Penny Wood . ' Chuclc Harris Mrs. Wood . Elmer Tuttle . !iX T ,'jJ,uNE MAD" g ,f ,'by,Flaf'ence Ryerson and Colin Clements pf T ' i 3 li T I T Jgxaged and directed by Miss Ruth Mclfennan Thursday, March 'l4, 1940 CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeanne Ruhling . Donald Bohl . Cecelia Speel . James Koss G. Mervyn Roberts Roger Van Fleck . Mr. Harris . . Shirley Wentworth Donald Smith . David Bliss William Mullen Elizabeth Wood Dr. Wood . Thomas Nolan Ralph Wentworth. Robert Wilch Effie . Lisbeth Atcherson Julie Harris . . Lois Schultz Milly Lou . Bertha Smyrneos BUSHNIESS STAFF General Manager ...,........ Robert Otto Ticket Managers .....,..,. Mr. Harvey Gygi, Armin Scheurle, and Darleen Knolce Advertising Managers ......., Miss Ellen Sweet, Mr. Peter Giovannini, Robert Bayley StaFf: Marie Tilly, Margaret Ogilvie, Talbot Peterson, Marion Wieclcert, Patricia Connelly, Roland Vogt, and members of the Junior Art class PRODUCTION STAFF Stage Managers ...,.... Miss Kathryn Fralish, Mr. Harry Cameron, and Donald Jones Crew . . James Weisgerber, Joseph Merlces, Russell Meartz, Russell Dohr, Harold Deltgen, and Robert Rossmeissl Property Managers ........ Miss Ruth Mclfennan, Mary Jane Thoms, and Ethel Rademacher Lighting Technician ................. Mr. Jack Burroughs Crew: Fred Trezise, George Schuessler, Eugene Killoren, John Zwiclcer, Jacob Pawers, Edward Reuter, Jack Walsh, Ethel Rademacher, Robert Sigl, and Patricia Connelly Make-Up Crew: Mary Kay O'Keefe, Leo Griesbach, Margaret Lally, Janet Jones, Mary Ellen Notaras, and Germaine Oestereich The stage was crowded with enthusiastic friends after the Final curtain, but the photographer managed to calm the cast long enough to get one Final picture ofthe curtain call. The players, reading from left to right, are Robert Wilch, Elizabeth ood, James Koss, Lisbeth Atcherson, Donald Bohl, Jeanne Ruhling, Cecelia Speel, Thomas Nolan, Lois Schultz, David Bliss, Bertha Smyrneos, Donald Smith, and William Mullen. AND THERE SHALL BE WQRDS n-NF" ' Magix QQ qv K AR js. UPPER PICTURE: Joyce Timmers, Miss Mclfennan, Bertha Smyrneos, Elizabeth Wood, Marne Graff, and Mary Bob Knapp VV LOWER PICTl1RE,ion ro : Gunther l-loltz, Diana Caramehas, Ardyce Peters, James Piette, Stanley Williams, Harold Weiland, Ethel Wittlin, Edward Leisering, Richard Palmbach, Oscar Boldt, front row: Beverly Olson, Elliott Jacobson, Mr. Simon, Eleanor Schlafer, Mr. Hagrnv, Cale Speel, Emily Posniak, and Robert Krueger l-lE ANNUAL DAME DECLAMATQRY RECITAL was held on December ll. Speakers were Joyce limmers, who gave HSacriFice in Brocaden by Pricei Bertha Smyrneos, iiWhen the Sun Risesn by Allan, Elizabeth Wood, Ulhe lhresholdn by Macauleyf Marne Grail, "A l-ligh l-learti' by Rowell, and Mary Bob Knapp, Hcraigis Wife" by Kelly. Marne Grail was chosen to represent Appleton in the Valley recital. "Resolved, that the federal government should own and operate the railroadsn was the subject ol the high school debates this year. lhe team partici- pated in more than 30 debates with neighboring schools, including a tournament at Menasha. A new leature of the debate season this year was the sophomore tournament. The question ol the value of inter-scholastic athletics was debated, and Robert Yohr and John Conway were chosen champions on the basis of points. Miss Eralish, coach, is shown with the runners up in dcclamation, lheodora Slater, June Weisgerber, Rita Morrow and Shirley Fortrsman we 'VM 0660 at gs f NOW IN Tl-IE FINAL ANALYSIS 5. ks? sy. E 1 It I tr I V Q .. X xi fa-xv' IVV s vmq UPPER PICTURE: top, Donald Smith, Harold Weiland, Donald Bohl, bottom, David Bliss, Mr. Edge, James Miller LOWER PICTURE: top, Harold Weiland, Mr. Goodrich, Thomas Nolan, bottom, Guenther Holtz, Rosalind Krug, James Miller Ketchum, who presided at the oratory recital, presented t the official speech award ol Appleton High School, he partic p ts 67' I-IE WILLIAM B. I-IEISS QRATQRICAL RECITAL was held on Wednesday evening, Eeloruary 98. The Five boys who participated and their respective orations, all original compositions, Were: Donald Smith, 'Apat- terns ol Environment", David Bliss, "QI Thee I Sing", James Miller, "Quo Vadis, America?,', l-Iarold Wei- land, i'l7rospectus", and Donald Bohl, "Are You Your Brothers Keeper?". David Bliss represented Appleton in the Eox River Valley Qratorical Recital at Nlarinette and the American Legion Oratory Contest. Bliss was the state winner in the Legion contest and spolce at the regional contest in Vandalia, Illinois. The live speakers in the Bolton-Roth Extemporaneous Spealting Recital and their subjects were: Rosalind Krug, Ucan Germany Survive the Economic Pinch?H, Thomas Nolan, Hls America NeutraI'?", Guenther I-Ioltz, "The Position ol the Ballcans in the Present European Conllictnf James Miller, "Americas Prob- lem ol Delensell, and I-Iarold Weiland, "The Position ol Italy in the Present European Conllictf' Harold Weiland represented Appleton in the Eox River Valley Conference Recital at Green Bay. LIFE BEGINS IN '40 I I , IGP, it's wonderIuI," croons Don BohI to his exciting udaten as they park beneath a starIit sIcy produced by the stage in the AI-I.S. auditorium . . . "Seven come eIeven. Got to buy my baby shoes." The typicaI "Dead End" Icids go into their acts.. .HI-IeighI'Io,GoIdie,iIit's a shady deal, count me inn' -this popuIar radio program was jazzed up considerably in the Senior Vodvil. I3I7I.E-IGN I-IIGI-I SCHOOLS own brand of I'IaresIoot served to the audience in First cIass styIe . . . 'II:riendship, friendship, just a perfect bIendship"fA but it seems from their expressions that the story is a bit diFIerent. . . I-Iey, cutie, how about a date? Ch, no, our mistaI4e. II it vveren't Ior the property committee, it would only be our handsome IootbaII pIayer, Don I-Ieinritz . . . Six "corny" swingers gaIIivanted to the tune of "The Little Brown .Iug.'I SIVIIELL A RAI. It must be the cheesef' says Burlap Bones, the Boy Scout sIeuth. 'IIIII catch this cuIprit here and nowf '... Fourteen beautiIuI senior girls heId the Iarge golden Ietters speIIing out 'II.iIe Begins in '4O," the theme of the show, and the entire company gathered for the IinaIe . . . IVIaster of ceremonies, Tom Nolan, introduced the nineteen acts which comprised the senior vodviI of this year. VQCAL VARIETIES Top- Galpin, Pankratz, Behnke, Van Dinter, Feavel, Wankey, Vander Linden, Fredericlcs, Goodriclc, Dawson, Teslce, L. Griesbach, Abendroth, C. Qrivsbach, Hrid, Middlv- Stadt, J. Miller, Woldt, Beschta, Kielgas, Ertl, Mader, Vandenburg, Schulz, Gust, Brouillardf third row: Balliet, Vaughn, G. Griesbach, Slattery, Kohlvr, Drude, Jahnlte, Klovs, L. Mueller, Woehler, Leopold, Johnson, West, Stach, Brasch, R. Johnson, Cotton, Kaufman, Schleitweiler, Downey, Runge, Nutting, second row' Mr. Ljloclczin, Guilfoylv, Prasher, DeDeclrer, McLaughlin, Guthu, Stach, Milheiser, Slater, Luebke, Desten, Choudoir, H. Miller, Meyer, Hammer, Pender, Vogt, Burton, Brandenburg, Chady, Hui-bn.-1, F. Smith, Strobl, Barth, bottom: McDonald, Pehlender, Van Rooy, Shaclcelford, Foxgrover, Yohr, Hameister, Biellce, Abitz, Lltschig, Main, D Hoffman, Mwlchvrt, Vfhwli-i Maas. Schroeder, S Miller, foclc, Rhoder, Metz,Tlcachul1,Timmers 1 LUE AND GGLD RQBES OF 95 CHCRISTERS made an impressive sight as the lights dimmed, the cur- tains parted, and the chorus ushered in the Christ- mas season with a rousing Uhlowellf' at the formal concert in December. Under the direction of Mr, Gloclczin the chorus daily practiced their scales and exercises, and the soloists worried over those notes in the upper ranges at odd hours in the rehearsal rooms. The fruits of all this mental and physical effort were the Christmas concert vvhich left many pleasant memories in Appleton, the annual spring concert, and frequent appearances before the assembly. A o6Qa formal dancing party with the orchestra was thc highlight of the social calendar. ln addition to the regular chorus routine Mr. Glocltzin organized both a Boys' and a Girls, Glee Club. The girls in their crisp pastel formals that have the quaint touch of another day and the boys trim in their business suits turn out "Sympathy" and "A Stout-l-learted Man" in true professional style. Many business and pro- fessional groups in Appleton call upon them for entertainment, and their repertoire of songs is a grovving one. Ruth Gust is the faithful accompanist for all the choral groups. Informality seems to be the keynote here instead of the usual high The chorus appears in everyday life minus the formal regalia of blue robes and gold stoles. BOY MEETS HORN CLAPINETS: Schmid, Kraemer, Trezise, Mead, Fox, Maahs, Dettman Schrieter, Witt, Langman, Rouse, Lohn, Ort, Manser, FLUTES McKee, Boon, Cherlcaslmy, Pwottev, Pelton Thomas, Gerlach, QlsonfBARlTONES1Watson, DeLong, BASSOONS: MacLennon, Buesing, BASS CLAPINETS' Given Bogan, OHOES: Carlson Van Govo, ENGLISH HORN: Posebush, SAXOPHQNE: R. Hohf ALTO CLARINETS' Schmidt, Hodgenf HORNS: Wieloch, B. Miedam, Rehnlce Schlafer, Nlader, Power, Jahnlcv, Schmidt TROMBONES1. l-loh,Ebert,Barlow,Meltz, BIeick,Froeming,Everson, Ray, DRUMS: Marx, Nelson, l-lardacker, Mosi'r Lally, BASSFS Reuter, .larltobson Klvifoth, Deland Foxy CORNETS: Sager, Wilch, Gvrtsch, Dear, Baker, Ramsay, Williamson, Wuerger, Owen, Brown VERY YEAR Tl-TE BAND PEACHES l-llGl'lEl2,H says Mr. Moore, and the T940 organization is no exception. The horn-blowers and drum-beaters worked the best way they lcnew how. A successful spring concert was proof of their labors. Talcing time out for testing in Qctober, the members put on their old uniforms and sold ticlcets for the perform- ance of l-leaney, the magician. The magician's tricks and the benefit concert of the band drew a capacity audience from octogenarians to eight-year-olds. The profits have been tuclced away in a socl4 and will eventually buy new uniforms. Came Christmas and the band party at the Conway Hotel. Eine food and fun were had by all the Ubandersn and their guests. The clouds form an appropriate back- ground forthe men and their drums. No one can deny that the tooters and drum- mers do their bit to promote a victory out there between the goal posts. The new year brought new tunes. For baslcetball games there were 'Scatterbrainfi HQh, Johnnyni for concert, "Qverture l-longorisef' "Scenes from Sierraf' and the ever-beloved "Andante Cantabilef' April 14 was more than just a spring date, for the Wisconsin Bandmasters, Association came to Apple- ton that day at the invitation of Mr. Moore. The band played a concert for the occasion under the direction of several well-lcnown bandmasters. Kau- ltauna was the scene of the tournament this year. And the climax to the year was the spring party, a fitting close to a nine months, year of hard worlc and fun. .70. W GH, FIDDLE-DEE-DEE VOLAS S N k h CELLOS Ku 'S all Cow Ilollhan Rohan F IIIZST VIOLINS: Arnold l. Ritzke, Werner, Graff, Beckman, Kleisr, Schreiner, Zwicker, I ' tevens, ic asc , . t- r g, am. , I , I K L ,J WI Iiams, ILUTES' McKee Peottvr Gerlachf SECOND VIQLINS: Ginnow, Turney, Leiberlich Wentworth,Errington,f3ttman,E.Pitzkv,Nvvvton,Ialatick,Kran1ust h, C LAIZINFI S h id OBOE Carlson, BASSOON- fVlacLc'nnon, FRENCH HORNS R, Williams Powvis, TROMBONFS Harlow, Nlvltz, CORNITS Sager, Wilrh ti--vtsrh I5 HIZNSPSYS Bliss lvlilheisvr VanHandeI Junge KohIer,Lieth,TYMPANY Rohan. IOLINS SINGING, 'CELLQS VIBIQAIING the orchestra is playing Schubert's Hllnlinished Sym- phony" lor the annual Christmas concert given with the chorus lor the public. The girls in formal dresses and the boys in black and white made a striking and dignified picture vvhen the group presented its annual concert Sunday, December 'I7, and the ap- plause ol Pxppletons townspeople indicated an appreciation ol the music which was presented to them. Qnce again the orchestra vvas the First musical organization to perform before the assembly in lall. Students listened delightedly to the gay, provocative 0710 musical comedy selections lrom "Ifatinka" and to other light, semi-classical numbers. David Blissls in- terpretation ol Mendelssohnis 'Concerto in D Minoru was presented vvith artistry. The high point ol a good year vvas the venture into a new field radio. Under the skilllul direction ol Mr. Williams members took their initial step into the unknown in a Fifteen minute broadcast over station WIAQ lor a National Education Week program. All these things explain the deep satislaction with which the orchestra has completed another year ol success and high achievement. On call For any and all occasions are members of the string ensemble. They are Ellen Mae Arnold, Franklyn Pitzke, Stan Williams, Qrville Milheiser and Bette Stevens. SWEET AND LOW DAINTY and demure in their frilly formals are the members of Girls Glee Club. They are, top: Balliet, Griesbach, Van Dinter, Behnlce, Wankey, VanclerLinden, Goodrick, Kaufman, Ertl, Vandenberg, Schleitvveiler, Downey, third: Slattery, Guilloyle, Vaughn, Yohr, Slater, Feavel, Eredriclcs, Drude, Kahler, Schultz, lheil, Chade, second: Panlcratz, limmers, Galpin, Prasher, Stach, Jahnlce, Runge, Branden- burg, Huebner, Miller, lock, Metz, bottom: Van Rooy, Shackellord, Rehlander, Foxgrover, Mcl.aughlin, Delleclcer, Guthu, Hameister, Smith, Barth, Rodder, Gust. MEMBERS ol the Boys Glee Club were photographed while rehearsing. They are, top: Burton, Vogt, Hammer, Schroeder, Besch, Utschig, Meyer, Kloes, bot- tom: H. Miller, Johnson, R. Johnson, Stach, J. Miller, Abitz, Maas, lreslce. GN February 29, during one of the Frequent orchestra concerts, Don Van Handel appeared on the program playing a bass violin solo. Many in the audience were obviously surprised at the music that came from that instrument. . . As pretty as a picture Geraldine Umland, Marion Runge, Doris Rehmer, and Bette Rindal. '72 1 D DT LANG IC5, CERE' s .1 'DUCT DIC' TUS U46 IRAQ ES GEHEN SING fGAMCEf 4 as " llhmmn HV, 'OW L J LANGUAGE FACULTY "'?"" i The linguists ofthe faculty are. from left to right, Misses Irene Bosserman, Sophia Haase, Enola Brandt, and Elsie Kopplin. NOWLEDGEOFA FQRHGN LANGUAGE excellent training in conversation. Students who opens a new literature, a new culture to all who study Latin realize that it is perhaps the Hlivestn study it. Both the German and the Latin depart- ol living languages, for its influence is lelt in ments worl4 for a reading lcnowledge ol the the vocabulary, the grammar, the literature ol language and an appreciation ol the achieve- English and the Romance languages. Studies ol ments of the people who developed it. ln mythology, Roman social customs, the structure addition to learning the correct use ot the of the language itself daily prove the indebted- demonstrative pronoun German students have ness ol English to Latin and give a deeper the opportunity to hear in recording the com- understanding of language as a tool ol thought positions olgreatfierman composers, sing iamil- and a means ol perpetuating the culture ol a iar German songs, study German customs. The people. annual Christmas play ol the department gives Sing itf'fdon't swing it! Thats right f you're right' u75a WIE GET-TTS? UPPER PICTURE, top: Schulze, l.. Hoffmann, Strutz, Arnold, Rohan, Kraemer, Vollcman, Hoh, Jaeger, Meltz, Ertl, Werth, Thomas, Pollard, Kaufman, Witt, bottom: Hammer, L, Bauernfeind, Greb, B. Sager, Gust, Miss Sophia l-laase, Haltinner, Baumler LOWER PICTURE, top: Roemer, Werner, Atcherson, Marston, Bliss, Vandenburg, Connelly, Vaughn, Peterson, Gee, Sherry, Bayley, Reece Morrow, Ogilvie, bottom: Yohr, Smyrneos, Rademacher, Christianson, Schaefer, Mead, Miss lrene Bosserman, Managan, Ruhling l-lE GERMAN VERSION OF Tf-lE FAIRY TALE, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," was pro- duced for the Christmas season by the Caerman stu- dents of Appleton l'ligh school. Unusually beautiful pageantry made it one of the finest plays the group has presented. Cn the clubfs social calendar were the annual banquet, the sleighride party, a matinee dance, and meetings throughout the year when the customs and habits of German spealcing people were discussed. Now the question 'Sprechen Sie Deutschff' is answered by members of Der Deutsche Verein with a hearty "ja wohlln The entire cast of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" gathered for a curtain call after the final scene, as the upper picture shows. Qne of the most effective moments of the play was the one shown in the lower picture the dwarfs and Prince Charming grouped around the bier of Snow White. VENI, VIDI, VICI s I UPPER PICTURE, top: Meyers, Raney, Dettman, Ehle, Rankin, Jentz, Laehn, Belling, Traas, Thwing, Yohr, Mitchell, Stever, I-lewey, O'Neil, ICaramehasDMva!der,FMoser, DeBraaI, Benjamin, Courtney, Arens, Schuh, bottom: M, Foxgrover, Padtlce, Talbot, F. Schaefer, R. Morrow, Balliet, oresman, e itt, ose LOWER PICTURE, top: Graff, Wells, Brown, Long, Meiers, Bixby, Stevens, Ja:obson, Schlintz, Williams, Rath, Letter, Hansen, Connelly, Fox, Harrig, Gage, Groh, Padtlce, C. Schuh, Gabriel, Kohl, bottom: Ebert, Waltman, Trezise, D. Notaras, Mears, Eilz, Balliet, Fiedler, Knapp l:OEDUS LATINUIVI OPENED ITS MEMBERSHIP ranks to underclassmen this year and embarked on a program designed to acquaint students in and out ol the club with the ideas and customs and, most im- portant of all, the intluence ol ancient Rome. Masque and Boolc club and Der Deutsche Verein were invited to an "international teau on March 7. Latin students presented upyramus and lhisbeu scenes from Shaltespeares "Midsummer Nights Dream" to compare the burlesqued version with the story as it is told by the poet Qvid. Rounds were sung in three languages to add a truly linguistic touch. Another highlight ol the year was the tea given lor the mothers ol the Latin department in the Early American room. An extended project is the museum which was begun this winter. A Field trip to the Lawrence College Latin museum in Gctober provided an incentive for the worlt. -lhis year the club joined the German department in Christmas carolling, and strains of "Pxdeste Fidelesn and "Domine Jesuy' were heard through the halls during the holiday season. Tallcing over the policies of the Latin club are the officers, original members, and advisers. In the rear row are David Gallaher, Norma Crow, Peggy Ogilvie, Elaine Carlson, John Leonard, Israel Shilcrat, Jean Watson, and William Baker. ln the front row are Miss Brandt, Don Smith, Miss Kopplin, Alice Keller, Jean Hoelzer, Marie Tilly and Genevieve Schaefer. Merrie Ebert is shown in the bottom picture presenting a humorous reading about Pompey for a club meet- ing. i760 'YN' ITING U M up A A tix" -'. 'f 'f-. "af W 's f-54:85 X ,, , V19 Do W fi lr must be a "Stardust" winner. Just two days ovcrduv. ENGLISH FACULTY The literary lions of Appleton High School are the English faculty, They are, in the accustomed order, Misses Anna- belle Wolf, Sophia Haase, Borghilcl Anderson, Ellen Sweet, Aclela Klumb, Minne Smith, Alice Petersen, Myrtle Brooks, and Mary Lou Mitchell. N INDIVIDUALIZED STUDY PRQGPAM is one ol the distinctive Features of Appleton l-ligh School's English department. ln the sopho- more and junior years the supervised extensive reading program combined with formal units in grammar and literature is designed to meet the needs and tastes ol each student. This procedure serves the double purpose ol allowing the stu- dent to progress at his own rate ol speed and to develop his literary baclcground in Fields of his ovvn choice. Senior English students may tal4e either the college preparatory or the non- college course, depending on whether they desire a thorough grammar review and a survey ol English literature or less formal work in English usage and current literature. Madison, we are here. What, no reindeers? TI-IE LITERARY GUILD B35 UPPER PICTURE, top: Ehr, Sager, Lust, BaiIey, Dettman, Zuehlke, Weisgerber, Trezise, Smith, Nolan, Kolb, Bohl, Vaughn, Rosebush, bottom: GerIach, Graft, Wheeler, Miss Petersen, Wood, O'Keefe, Hammer, Ogilvie, Jones LGWER PICTURE, top: McKee, Greb, I-Iaug, CarIson, C. Schuh. WiIch, Gee, Connelly, Rohan, Atcherson, Rademacher, Bliss, D. Smith, Neugebauer: bottom: Watson, Lally, Ebert, Marston, Miss Mitchell, Boon, Ruhlinq, KnaDD, Smyrneos Friends of Pinocchio are these puppet figures of Pyramus and Thisbe. Voices behind the scenes are Jean Watson, Fred I-Ieinritz and RaIph Houfek . . . Eheyuellthe waiters with the water, Don Bohl, Bob Wilch, John Boon, and im i er 9790 ASQLIE AND BOOK CLUBS CI-IIEF PROJECT this year was the construction of a cast of puppets. The miniature actors made their debut at a Ieap year party which the girIs gave Ior the boys in the EarIy American room. In true punch and Judy styIe the puppets and their voices presented a translation from the French of the tragic Iove oI Pyramus and Thisbe. Qther cIub meetings were devoted to the study and interpretation of famous writers and their worIcs. James Whitcomb Riley and Stephen LeacocIc were among the Iavorites. As their Iast gesture before the new year the boys entertained the girIs at a Christmas party in the high school cafeteria. Everything was masculine from the serving to the entertainment. The presentation of a Rierrot and Rierrette fantasy, "The Wonder I-Iat," by Ben I'Iecht, was the Iast major task undertaken. The play was given for the entire school in the high school auditorium. Tom INIoIan was the grumbling I3unchineIIo, Jean Watson, the dainty Columbine, Edgar Thomas, Harlequin, a delightful scape, John Leonard, the ever-faithful Pierrot, and Mary Bob Knapp, CoIumbine's practicaI maid. Even though the members of audience had to stretch their imaginations, the pIayers did their jobs so well that the IIight into Iantasy was an easy and most enjoyabIe one. TALLY-I-IO! UPPER PICTURE, top: Goffin, Van Gorp, De Braal, Alesch, Carlson, Keller, Hoh, L. Scheurle, Hammer, Gallaher, A. Scheurle, Johnson, Bliss, Neuman, E. Manning, Weiland, Zuelke, Haug, Winter, Bixby, Stach, bottom: Olson, Crow, D. Notaras, Puth, Hammer, Miss Eleanor Tredinniclc, Miss Ellen Sweet, G. Manning, Connelly MIDDLE PICTURE, top: Rechner, Wolfgram, Fish, Errington, Trezise, Waltman, Sylvester, Rohan, Vaughn, Goldbeclc, B. Schneider, Sherman, H. Hoffman, Witt, bottom: Green, Campbell, Storm, Runge, M. Hoffman, Mr. Bruno Krueger, D. Smith, Jones, Schweicher, Drier BOTTOM PICTURE, top: V. Schuh, Foresman, Mitchell, Hansen, Small, Beringer, Hoelzer, Hervey, Schaefer, Kohl, Talbot, Radtlce, Greb, Morrow, bottom: Niclcash, Weisgerber, Schroth, Traas, Mr. Bruno Krueger, Golclbeclc, G. Schaefer, Bartmann, Otto LITTLE INK, A PRESS, SOME PAPER Y that is the Talisman, illuminating, enlightening, and entertaining. Ambitious sophomore report- ers, the go-getting business and ad stalls, and the hard-worlcing and long-suffering editors they bring forth that herald of news and gossip every Tuesday. lhe Tally staff is well trained in the art of news-writing through its weelcly dis- cussions and hours, late and long, spent in careful preparation. It is through this untiring worlc that the Talisman has won the All-American rating for the past four years. I.aureIs go, too, to the advertising and business stalls for efficient soliciting ol advertising and for convincing business men of the power of a student press. A Feature ol the year's work was the 'IQ-page Christmas issue, the first Tally ol that size ever to be published. PICTORIAL ACCQUNI OF A YEAR- this is the tasI4 which members of the Clarion stall set for themselves each Iall when they begin worlt on the annual. As a matter ol Iact, the worlt Frequently begins long before school opens, for the editors and advisers meet with their engraver in summer to plan the general character of the boolc and Iay out some ol the pages. The Iirst big job in fall is the class sec- tion. Individual pictures ol every student in school are included. About this time the Hcoopn begins to be lighted into the late hours: jars of rubber cement are used in the process ol mount- ing pictures Ior the engravers. The clubs are the next all-absorbing taslc, and so the year passes DEADLINE DODGERS into spring and even the awards section goes to press . . . the CIarion's special "scoop" This year a special etlort was made to include pictures representative of each department in school. In this way members ol the stall hope to depict the typical education of a typical high school student in America. It is the business stall, however, that in the Iinal analysis malces the publication ol the Clarion possible. With- out the solicitors who garner the sponsorships of Iriendly business and professional men through- out the city there could be no yearboolf. Qne ol the unusual and desirable features of the boolc is this method ol Financial support. . 4 gs! 'YH . , . N. ' .. I U Xt s UPPER PICTURE, top: Ruhling, S. Williams, M. Trezise, Rogers, Wilch, Bohl, Mcclone, McCann, GraFf, E Trezise, Meidam, N. Ballieti bottom: Weisgerber, J. Balliet, Coley, Fox MIDDLE PICTURE, top: Bailey, Kolb, Sager, Watson, Rohan, Fumal, Atcherson, Knapp, Wood, Smith, Bayley, Fox, Hopkins, bottom: LaIIy, Miss Wolf, Miss Brandt, Rosebush LOWER PICTURE, top: Marston, Otto, Boon, I-Ioufelc, I-Ieinritz, Reuterf bottom: Miss Graef, Fiedler, S. Notaras, McKee, Manning KEEPERS QF Tl-IE BGOKS i Miss Myrtle Brooks, Miss Ruth Mielke, and Miss Kathryn Fralish, librarians, posed at the main desk in the library. Q BE CHQSEN TG HELP IN ll-llf LIBRARY is one ol the thrills ol a chosen levv, lhe statl ol 18 student assistants learn hovv to shelve books, lile book cards, and assist students and teachers in their requests. The student librarians also attend regular statl meetings where Miss Mielke gives information about the various parts ol the library and books. Everyone who works on the stall spends an enjoyable year helping others and acquiring knowledge lor himself. Appleton High Schools library, located in the very heart ol the building, is also the heart ol all student study and research. It is recog- nized as one ol the most lully equipped and most elliciently administered high school libraries in the state. Top: Ruhling, Hammer, Boon, Weiland, Vogt, Leisering, Dettman, Winter, Albrecht, Trezise, Gust, Bailey, Wood, bottom: Williamson, Werner, Miss Fralish, Miss Mielke, Miss Brooks, Atcherson, Schaefer o8Qo 4ND li, 'W NNMS5 ww 4 3, 'wwzffix Cl MfNTl ., OW .bg in the Inna and ys lbclmvv .. . Th I1 orapatriot. N I 1 l-HSTCRY FACULTY av Q . frogs The history corridor is strictly masculine this year. The members are, reading from left to right, Messrs. Marvin Babler, Kenneth Edge, John Mack, E. John Goodrich, Harold Briese, William Blum, and Edgar Hagene. C UNDERSTAND HUMANITYS PRQB- lems is the aim of the social science department at Appleton l-ligh School. This is attained by encouraging students to read, reflect, and dis- criminate, all marlts oi a good citizen. Social science is a Hmustn subject For sophomores, World history for juniors, and American history lor seniors. For the sophomores the Work is divided into Five units: safety education, con- servation ol natural and human resources, com- munity problems, social security, cooperatives, and leisure time activities. ln world history the department tries to show the continuous struggle of manlcind for improvement. The seniors in American history are daily made aware of the conditions of a changed and changing world. The cultivation of a deep regard for democracy and the realization ol the benefits oi this lorm ol government lorm the theme for the course. 1 Of worldwide interest. . . Wit by Witte , , . W0 SCIENCE FACULTY , wr i 9 . . ' 3 5 ii ' P f' 5 I Ygf W' 9 if Nlicrobe hunters, test tube breakers, Pythagoreans, these are the members ofthe science department shown in the above picture. They are' top left to right, Messrs Jack Burroughs, John Mack Wallace Cole, bottom Mr Harvey Cnygi, Miss Margaret Ritchie, Mr. Clement Ketchum, Misses Esther Graef, and Ethel Carter. O ACQUHQE A SClElNlllFlC VATTITUDE in solving problems is the primary aim ol the lour divisions ol Appleton l-ligh Schools science department. For the study of biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics seven rooms are in use. ln the laboratory sciences the method ol study is not merely irom books but by means ol visual education and actual experimentation. Movies ol animal and plant lile, of chemical reactions, ol the planets as they move in their heavenly orbits are part ol the everyday experi- ence ol the science students. Emphasis is placed constantly on material closely related to the daily lile Ol one living in the scientific twentieth century. Mathematics illustrates a mode oi think- ing which is essential to modern living, With this thought in mind instruments ol precision and exact measurement are taught as necessary complements ol a complicated world. The nature ol the number system is studied as a mirror ol civilization, and so the abstract becomes con- crete in terms oi human advancement. Einsteins in the making . .. l Cook book chemists . , CALL CDF TI-IE WILD IT'S FINE ART UPPER PICTURE, top: Moser, Saiberlich, Salentine, Gabriel, C. Drier, Hoffman, Baker, Ciotfin, Ingebretsoni bottom: Caramehas, Ogilvie TiIIy, Trezise, Mr. Ketchum, Griesbach, Deschler, Massonette LOWER PICTURE, top: Cumber, Storm, Maynard, Retza, Schweicher, Thomas, Errington, Van Ryzin, Van Dinter, Weinneman, Young, Hench, Nymoen Ilehfeldt, Harvey, Werner, Langdok, Weise, SawaIl, Wentworth, R. Smith, Noftlre, Ilubbert, bottom: S. Notaras, M. Drier, Salentine, Mr. Gygi, Koerrier, Cartier, Van Gorp, Bongers, Weisgerber In the shadow of the Iaboratory's mascot Nature Study Club devotees make Christmas wreaths as their gift to each instructor in school , . . Taxidermists and curators ofthe club Ioolz over some fancy specimens in the tower museum. 0870 TS ANNUAL STAMP CONTEST IN SPRING cIimaxed the fourth year of AppIeton I'Iigh schooI's I3hiIateIic Society, and the cIub continued in its ad- vancement toward its goaI of better stamp collecting. AIthough the contest was the feature of the year's worIc, the group demonstrated its versatility through its programs which incIuded stamp auctions, social meetings, taIIcs by members and IocaI aduIt stamp coI- Iectors, as weII as the ever-popuIar trading sessions. ANCTUM SANCTCRUM CDF IZAAK WALTQNS of Appleton I-Iigh school is the tower museum which Nature StudyCIub members have made their speciaI care. During the year the group has taI4en FieId trips to Center Swamp and High CIiII, studied forest pIanning, cared Ior the variety of pets in the biology Iaboratory, and made Christmas wreathes for every instructor in schooI. A new camera is a recent piece of cIub equipment, and with it members may study Iiving things. W: F60 E30 N HELD E along . .. Facts and figures . COMMERCIAL FACULTY fb ,sfffsgs - g ... , 155 The efficient business experts, members of the commercial department, are, reading from left to right, Mr, Herbert Simon, Miss Eleanor Tredinnick, Mr. Bruno Krueger, Miss Laura Livermore, and Miss May Webster. CDWARD A BETTER BUSINESS WORLD" this is the motto of the commercial department. The purpose of instructors is threefold: to pro- vide information about business, to give students necessary training to Fill business obligations, and to assist them in finding their places in the world of trade and commerce. The training in the department is divided into tvvo sections. For the first group there is a general training in business, and for the second, the vocational or technical experience. After the student has successfully completed a commercial course and has graduated, every effort is made to help him find a position, ln previous years many Appleton l-ligh School students have been placed in various business locations in the valley. The department is constantly striving to increase teaching facilities, to lceep better re- cords, and to follow up the graduates in an effort to realize these objectives more fully. For the benefit of students who talte advantage of this training, the high school has put at their disposal two fine typing rooms, a boolclceeping and office practice room, and a shorthand and arithmetic room. There is every incentive for success. Kittens on the lceys . , Mechanical math , . . TAKE A LETTER! xii, "K, UPPER PICTURE, top: Meidam, Wettengel, Wolfgram, Woepse, Davidson, Stingel, Keller, Neugebauer, O'NeiIl, McCann, bottom: Mr. Simon, Schafhauser, Kaspar, Mr. Krueger, Fischer, Miss Tredinnick, Becher, McCIone LOWER PICTURE, top: Hermes, Kaphingst, Alesch, Pierre, Gerarden, Stumpl, Wittlin, McCarter, Hussey, Maves, bottom: Woeckner, Sherman Winter, Wiese, Williamson, Ulmen, Heins G PRQMGTE AN INTEREST IN BUSINESS is one of the outstanding aims of the Commercial Club, an organization vvhich consists only of students who are majoring in the commercial course, Two Mondays ol each month are set aside lor meetings, one business and one social. The "play" sessions usually are held in the homes of members, and games, short plays, or speakers provide the order of entertainment. Genuine training in business is acquired each year when the members publish the program Tor the homecoming Toot- ball game in Tall. Advertisements are solicited, arrangements made Tor printing, and profits totaled. This is a true venture into the vvorld ol commerce. Service activities ol the club include the distribution ol baskets to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Commercial Club was First organized in T936 Since that time it has served as a valuable nucleus lor promoting projects in the commercial department of the high school. Qnly seniors are privileged to join. Ruth Gust, Beatrice McCIone, Gertrude Schafhauser, Bunny Becker, and Dorothy Fischer are worrying over the homecoming program which the Commercial Club published. Miss McCIone again, Genevieve Wolfgram, Rosemary McCann and Naomi Neugebauer are being charming hostesses at an informal meeting. sQOo DME 1900158 -vv""""' "jg . Pretty does as pretty sees. As light as a fvather-tl'1at's our motto USEFUL ARTS FACULTY L....,.at.,., Home economics is the specialty of Misses Sofia Nicolazzo, Catherine Spence, and Mildred Nickel, shown in the upper picture, ln the lower picture are the members ol the manual arts department, Messrs. Myrlon Seims, l-larry Cameron, and Sidney Cotton, QME LIVING IS CQMMQN TQ EVERY- one, cliildren and adults alilce, line liome arts department believes, tlwereiore, tlwat education sliould include lnome malcing and group living, instructors center tlieir projects on iood and clotlwing, consumer buying, a place in vvlwicli to live, tlwe rearing ol clwildren, tlie management oi resources, and living vvitlw otlwers. ODERN SHQPS IN A MGDERN BUlLD- ing is tlie setup oi the manual arts department at Appleton l-liglw Scliool. lime First and foremost aim ol time worl4 is to lwelp tl'1e student Find lwis ovvn interest, aptitudes, and capabilities so that lie may malce a Wiser clwoice in luis life vvorle. Qtlier aims are to equip students to use tlieir leisure time constructively and to iielp tlmem become intelligent consumers. Turning out the hurdles ., What makes it tick? D D DME N0 S h H k y . . Tumbling Terpsichorzs PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY . E ..,,...,,... ' The guardians of the health of the high school students are the members ofthe physical education depart' merit in the above picture. They are: top, left to right, Messrs. William Pickett and Lawrence Witzlce, bottom, Misses Mary Qrbison, Carol Anderson, and Eileen Hammerberg. QUND BODIES MAKE PCR SQUND minds" is the slogan of the physical education department. The aim of the instructors is to raise the physical fitness of each student in school. To do this, every effort is made to pro- vide opportunities for physical exercise that is at once mentally stimulating and physically sound. Every student is able to find a recreative sport to his lilting. Moreover, a corrective program is carried on which is directed at improving posture and counteracting other physical defects. It is also hoped that each student may learn to care for his body and understand it as a perfect piece of machinery. The department has on file the health records of each student as they are compiled when the sophomores are given com- plete physical examinations in cooperation with the Appleton Medical Association, when each student receives a dental check-up in the fall in cooperation with the Appleton Dental Associa- tion, and when seniors are given the tuberculin slcin test vvith the assistance of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculin Association. Miss Qrbison, school nurse, assists during these examination programs, She also conducts a course in home hygiene and first aid. "Honor your partners." lt sounds familiar. Not William Tell, William Pickett. SKENALS . . . Q1-47-34 . . . i-HKE' Coach Mack, Koletzlce, Junge, Render, captain, Burton, Crabb, Rollins, Buesing, Brasch, Ertl, Larson, Coach Briese, Coach Seims, middle: Tschantz, manager, Vogt E n Pegel, Eugene Pegel, Cooper, Fraser, Miller, Kliefoth, DeLong, Gitter, Fredericks, manager, bottom: Kons, Shinners, Zuleger, Stoeffel, Filz, Mullen, Curry, B Vanderlois, Williamson l-llc TRUSTS' PIGSKIN TQTERS PCR A.l"l.S. this year did not reach the top rung, but they were not relegated to the bottom either. Al- though this season can hardly be called success- ful from the standpoint of scores, the fellows won the respect of every eleven they played. The team was lcnown as the scrappiest in the conference. Appleton started practice August 28, two weeks before school opened. The boys worlced diligently those first two weelcs and were in good physical condition when the season started. Play opened with a pre-conference game against the Boys' lech of lvlilwaulcee. Both teams were rather wild in running and passing plays, but the Blue and Grange showed possi- bilities. A place lciclm by Ray Brasch won the game for the lerrors, 3fO. For the next game the squad traveled to West Green Bay where the boys encountered some difficulty. The Bays had too much speed 095s for the home team, and the game ended with Appleton losing, 1310. Manitowocs Shipbuilders were the hosts for the third game of the season. ln this game the -lerrors were beaten in every way. The game ended, 33'-O, with 10 out of the 'll starters for Appleton injured. Staying home for the next conference tilt, the Terrors entertained Sheboygan Central. This was the most disastrous game of the season. The Blue and Orange outplayed Central throughout the whole game but laclced the power to push the ball over. The game ended with the score O '-O. The Fond du Lac game was one of those so- called moral victories with Appleton out-playing Fondy in the first half but failing to score on two chances. The second half was a different story. Fondy scored on some good brealcs, and the game ended with the lerrors on the bottom of a i3aO score. ".T.xf UPPER: Another Boys' Tech-er is about to bite the dust. . . 'IFYEY' UPPER: Fgu-m-b-lie ! ! ! ! . .. LOWER: The Terror's mascot, Wayne Gerharz, peps up Filz and Heinritz LOWER: Filz sneaks around right end for a first down. . . before they go into the game. . , The center of each panel and the center of the team: Head Coach Seims, Honorary Captain Render, and Assistant Coach Mack. . . Homecoming, which was the last home game, went over with a bang. The pep session, bonfire, and snake dance, followed by the parade the next morning, sent the colors flying high. The spirit was contagious. Even the police force assisted in clearing traffic for the students, safety while they paraded up and down the avenue. Everyone had faith in the team and its success. At two o'cloclc the gun went off, and from then on it was a battle. Qne touchdown was scored by the lerrors. The opponents rising score failed to lower the morale of the faithful Appleton High rooters, however. The final score was Q5-7. It was a defeat, but it was not hard to forget. Appleton then traveled to Sheboygan North, and it was here that the team won its first and last conference game. Filz made a brilliant pass to Mullen for a touchdown, and Heinritz suc- cessfully converted the extra point. The game ended with a score of 740 in favor of Appleton. The final game of the season was played against Qshkosh on its field. The Blue and Orange frequently outplayed Qshkosh, but because ol the cold fumbles were too much in evidence. The final tally was 7'-Q in favor of Qshlcosh. The last event of the year that concerned the team was the annual football banquet given by the Lawrence fVlen's Club for the Lawrence team with the Terrors as their guests. John Schomer, a Big len official and an alumnus ol the University ol Chicago, was the principal speaker. It was at this banquet that it was UPPER: The spirit behind the team. . . WEP: Brasch baffles opponents with fake and then skirts left end for '1Qyards, ,. Lf n... n I revealed that Tom Reider had been elected honorary captain of the 1939 squad. Those receiving football awards were: Sen- iors, Ray Brasch, Marvin Filz, Allan Fraser, Don l-leinritz, Ralph Junge, l-lenry Koletzke, Gregory Kons, Jim Larson, Bill Mullen, Tom Nolan, Eugene Pegel, Tom Reider, Charles Rollins, Ben Rohan, Jim Shinners, and Don Stotfel, juniors, Bill Burton, Stewart Cooper, Bruce Curry, Bill De Long, and Charles Klieloth, sophomore, Ralph Buesing, freshman, Evan pegel, The football manager was Carleton Fredericks. UPPER: Appleton shortens the distance to the goal. . . LOWER: Part of the Pigskin Parade, . . YOUI'-at ELQOD - 5 Y, 1. -- 1 x Top: Coach Briese, Jacobson, Williams, Ehlke, Larsen, Leemen, Strutz, Braman, Cook, Grubaugh, Bowers, Drier, Calmes, Sager, Schmidt, Burmeister, Coach Babler, middle: Ramsay, Guilfcyle, l-leigl, McCory, l-lankins, Prasher, Eastman, Karras, Stumpl, Smerzna, Schuenneman, Giesen, Long, Blackman, bottom: C. Cook, Peotter, Weber, Vanderlinden, Beschta, Horn, Jahnke, Krueger, Bell, Moeriche, Nolzlke, Moser, Cherkasky. PPLETQN l-llGl'l SCHOOLS "B" SQUADRQN closed its First season under the direction of Coach Harold "Pete" Briese with a clean record ol lour victories and no deleats. Forty-Five players turned in their suits after nearly nine weeks oi practice. With the assistance ol Coach Marvin Babler, Mr. Briese turned out a team that took top position in all its games with the high school "B" teams of neigh- boring cities. By using the opponents plays, the squad aided in preparing the varsity lor conference games, and many afternoons were spent contesting "T-E-R-R-O-R-S"-thus the cheerleaders, the sparks ol every game, sing out lustily. They contribute their verve, sparkle, and ingenuity to every game held at Appleton High School. They are shown here making plans for the next game. Seated are Dick Pardee, Armin Scheurle, and Roger Kirkeide. Stand- ing behind them are Mabel Loose, Ruby Loose, and Jean llindal. the supremacy of the First team in scrimmage. For the First time at Appleton High class numerals were given to members ol the "B" team. "'I94i" numerals vvent to seven juniors, Dominowski, Dick- enson, Eastman, Reide, Nickash, Grubaugh, and Strutz. Sophomores receiving "'l94Q" numerals were Jacobson, McGill, Blackman, Moser, Ehlke, l"l. l-lorn, Noifke, Jahnke, Karras, Larson, Williams, Drier, F. Cook, C. Cook, l-lankins, and Moericke, and one U '43H went to freshman T. l-lorn. 0980 BASKETEERS C h Briese, Reider, DeLong, Kliefoth, l-leid, Clarke, Powers, Stoelfel, Coach Seimsf bottom, Schabo, Blacher, Cooper, Bayer, Rollins, Lathrop, Scherzi g CONFERENCE SCOREBOARD Appleton 15f Appleton 95-- Appleton Q7- Appleton 18 Appleton 31 Appleton Q7 Appleton Q7 Appleton 24' Appleton Q4 Appleton Q4 Appleton 30 Appleton 31 Appleton 19 Appleton Q7 Fond du Lac Q5 Sheboygan Q8 Green Bay East 17 Qshlcosh Q4 Sheboygan North QQ Manitowoc 31 Green Bay West Q6 Fond du Q7 Sheboygan Central 3O Green Bay East QQ Oshkosh 19 Sheboygan North QQ Green Bay West 22 Manitowoc Q6 Appleton 349HOpponents 341 COACH SEIMS, NEWLY APPOINTED head baslcetball coach, laced the oncoming season with two returning lettermen and his 1938-39 undefeated "BH team. The squad was to be built around AI Fraser and Bill Burton. Members of the "B" squad who came up to the varsity were Bob Lathrop, Carleton Powers, Stewart Cooper, Chuclc Rollins, Tom Reider, Ben Blacher, Earl Schabo, Bob Scherzinger, Bill De Long, and Chuck Klieloth. led l-leid, .lohn Bartmann, and Bob Bowers were also called on as the season progressed. Hard luclc hit the -lerrors at the First practice session when AI Eraser, leading scorer lor the previous season, twisted his lcnee and could not play until the last three games. ln the First conference game Carleton Powers brolte his shoulder in a collision with a Fond du Lac player. As a result Appleton dropped the game, Q5 to 15, and felt his loss for the re- mainder ol the season. Sheboygan Central was Appleton's next opponent, and despite Burton's 15 points Appleton lost a close game, Q8 to 25. A determined Appleton live Finally brolce into the winning column by talcing the Green Bay Red Devils, Q7 to 17. The starting live played the whole game. Oshlcosh lndians proved a more experienced club and downed the local UPPER: Timelceeper Blum and Scorelceeper Mack await the verdict . . . UPPER: Somebody made a good shot . . . LOWER: Lathrop comes down with the ball . . . LOWER: There's some real linger tip control being demonstrated here .. ln the center of each panel: Head Coach Seims, Honorary Captain Blacher, and Assistant Coach Briese . . . boys, Q4 to 18. A last brealt resulted in three consecutive baslcets, which proved to be the winning marlcers. The 'lerrors then traveled to Sheboygan North where they defeated the Northsiders, 3'l to QQ. The First hall ended with North lead- ing, due to Johnny Batt's ll points and seven free throws without a miss. Appleton completely outplayed its opponents the second hall and scored 'l4 points to Sheboyganis seven. With a record of two wins and three losses, the Seimsmen failed to come through in the closing minutes ol a thrilling game played at the Manitowoc gymnasium. The Manitowoc boys started last and obtained a substantial lead during the First hall. Appleton gradually decreased this lead and Finally tied the score Q4-all with lour minutes to play. Manitowoc players toolt matters in their own hands, how- ever, and defeated the lerrors. At this stage ol the season, the boys lelt the need lor a permanent captain and elected Benny Blacher. Ben toolc the appointment to heart and scored 'lO points to lead his team to victory. West Green Bay boys were the vic- tims as Appleton came out ahead in a wild battle. The Final score was Q7 to 96. As the second round began, Appleton went into a slump, losing to Fond du Lac, Q7 to 24, and to Sheboygan, 30 to 24. Appleton de- feated Green Bay East, Q4 to QQ. The lerrors led all the way until the Final quarter when East tied the count. A Final baslcet gave Apple- ton the game, Probably the biggest upset in many seasons occurred when Appleton trounced Qshlcosh, 'WOO 30 to 19. The Terrors led throughout the game. It was the first time in five years the lndians had been defeated on their home court. Bob Lathrop, one of the five boys who played the entire game, scored 10 points and was especially effective on rebounds. North visited Appleton and was defeated. Nine of the ten Appleton boys who played in this game were listed among the scorers. At the final horn the scoreboard read, Appleton 31, Sheboygan North QQ. West received revenge for an earlier de- feat when the team turned baclc our men QQ to 19. The West boys simply had too much height. ln the last game of the season Appleton managed to squeeze out a Q7 to Q6 win. Five seniors, Fraser, Lathrop, Rollins, Powers, and Captain Ben Blacher, played for their last time in Apple- ton uniforms. Although Appleton had only an average UPPER1Tip-off inthe Manitowoc game . . . season with seven wins and seven losses, there was a spirit of good will among students and cooperation on the team. To beat Qshlcosh was the main objective, and the lerrors felt the season successful when they had accomplished this. All of the five boys who played most regularly received mention on one of the All- Conference teams. Three of these boys will return to form the nucleus of next year's team, Bill Burton, Stew Cooper, and Chuck Kliefoth. Bowers, Bartmann, and De Long also saw action, these players along with members of Coach Briese's "B" squad malne the prospects for next year loolc great. Boys who received letters are Manager Don Stoeffel, Captain Ben Blacher, led l-leid, Carleton Powers, Bob Lathrop, Chuclc Rollins, Bob Scherzinger, Earl Schabo, Al Fraser, Stewart Cooper, William Burton, and Chuclc Kliefoth. UPPER: "I pledge allegiance tothe Flag ofthe United States of Americ LOWER: Scramble under the baske! and Lathrop gets the ball on the LOWER: Blacher talces a shot from the side . . , rebound . . . TI-IE JAYVEES M Q l l.. UPPER PICTURE, Top: May, Rouse, Lesselyong, Jahnke, Buesing, Strutz, De Long, Coach Briese, bottom: Jabas, Dickenson, Morris, Newton, Meyer, Mollon, Gregorious LOWER PICTURE, Top: Baliict, Schueman, F. Cook, West, Moriecke, C. Cook, Stumpf, bottom: Weber, I-Iansted, Horn, Coach Blum, Coach I-Iagene, Luedtke, Grootemont I-IE JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD WILL offer Coach Seims some promising material Ior next year's "A" team, for aIthough the young- sters did not go through the season unscathed, the showing the boys made was good. The "B" squad Iost the First game to Neenah in a cIose battIe, Q2-21. That was made up, however, by trouncing Fond du Lac 14 to 9. The team then Iost to CentraI, and the Shipbuilders managed to run up a Q9 to 16 score. Bob Bowers paced his team with 12 points as Appleton beat East Green Bay, 19 to 15. John Bartmann also earned 12 points in a rough game at Kaukauna. Qshkosh was another Terror victim, for AppIeton won Q0 to 16. For the fourth consecutive victory the "B" team took Sheboygan North, 18 to 13. Then Manitowoc, the smoothest HBH team in the conference, took the Terror yeariings 35 to 17. When East Green Bay made a visit here Appleton won by a score of QQ to 10 to end the First half of the inter- schoIastic competition. To start the second haII in the winning spirit Appleton took Fond du Lac 18 to 14. The game was a tense one, for the score at the haif stood 10 to 10. Cut to revenge an earIier defeat, the Jayvees took the Feathers from Sheboygan CentraI's cap to the score of 31 to 19. East Green Bay took the edge ohf that victory, however, by defeating the home squad 16 to 13. After Ieading 14 to Q at the end of the First half the "B" team just managed to squeeze out an 18 to 17 win over Oshkosh. The boys then beat Sheboygan North 15 to 10 and Green Bay West Q0 to 15. Manitowoc again showed its superiority by downing Appleton Q5 to Q0 to end the season. Members who received numerals from Coach Briese were Bill Morris, I'Ioward Jahnke, Dick LesseIyoung, Donaid Strutz, Ralph Buesing, Joe Gregorious, Don Jabas, John Rouse, Bill DeLong, and Don Newton. The sophomore squad practised diIigentIy every night Iearning the iundamentaI plays of basketbaII in preparation for the junior varsity team next year. The young hopeIuIs played about 19 games with I-ii-Y teams and junior high school squads for practice. '102' CINDERS GN THEIR SQLES Top: Assistant Coach Simon, H. Miller, Koletzke, Fulcer, Clarke, Rollins, l-leinritz, Coach Shields, Vogt, Dutcher, Ertl, Larson, Kuehnl, Bohn, Assistant Coach Babler, bottom: Filz, Mullen, Klitzlre, E. Williamson, Schmidt, Rohlotl, Ehllce, Radtlce, Burke, B. Zuleger, Williams, Trezise, Rohan ERROR TRACKSTERS OF '39 CHALKED down a lair record and lelt some good ma- terial for the T940 squad. The season opened unauspiciously enough March 3l at Wisconsin Rapids, lor when the dust had cleared away it was clear that Appleton had eaten most ol it. Undiscouraged, the team went ahead to its First conlerence start at Manitowoc and came out on the long end ol a 67-46 score. The lol- lowing Friday the Terrors again came through to beat Shawano, 64-49. Cn May 5 Appleton dropped a match to East Green Bay, 72-44, and a weelc later to West Green Bay, 83-33. The thinly-clads toolc a Filth position when they were hosts to the Fox River valley schools at the con- lerence relays. West Green Bay copped the coveted First perth. ln a triangular meet with Oshkosh and Neenah, Appleton toolc the lead with Qshkosh second and Neenah third. Apple- ton did not star at either the conference or the state meets, and the season ended quietly. "Sonny" Filz was captain ol the '39 squad. l-lis successor is Roland Vogt. Around and around he goes- that's Don l-leinritz, champion putter ol the shot. lt really takes a big man to hurl that thing . . . Trophies for the winners, smiles lor the losers are given generously by Delores Filz, Frances Galpin, and Mary Ann Galpin. MODERN ATALANTAS Top: Rohan, Thwing, S. Notaras, V. Brown, Gambsky, De Witt, Runge, J. Balliet, Storm, B. Schneider, Gill, second: Feavel, Randerson, Ardell, Meyer, Knox, Hoffman, Belling, Jentz, Mulvaney, H. O'Keefe, Green, third: M. Schneider, Captain, V. Duhm, Eifealdt, Van Dinter, Nofflce, Dingeldein, Merlcel, Sylvester, Waltman, Massonette, Fischer, fourth: Bailey, Brandt, Kasten, Rehlender, Forster, Dries, L. Hoffman, Steger, O'Dell, M. Fose, B. Collins, fifth: M. O'Keefe, Rohloff, D. Notaras, Yohr, G. Duhm, Weisgerber, Piette, Umland, Hennes, Terry, Miellce, sixth: M. Notaras, Miss Hammerberg, Winter, Albrecht, Swamp, Layendecker, Miss C. Anderson, Wenzel, Lyman. UCl'l, MY l:EE-ll WAIT A MINUTE, please. l never realized before how far it is to Neenah. Wait until l get the cinders out of my shoesf' These are the wails, not of aspiring hitch-hikers Cthey wouldn't dare accept a ride even if one were offeredb, but of the girls who are earning part of their membership points for the Girls' Athletic Association by hilcing. Cther ways of acquiring the coveted 30 which mean admittance into the organization are by playing soccer, field hocl4ey, and tennis, bicycling, or selling candy at the games. The novitiates were welcomed into the club on a scavenger hunt in October. Qnce in the G.A.A. the girls continue earn- ing points by participating in various tourna- ments and service activities of the club. A blue and orange emblem is the reward for 'l50 points, a bronze medal, for 600, and the most coveted award, the official HA" of Appleton f'ligh school, for 1000. Meetings this year were presided over by Margaret Albrecht, who was assisted in her executive duties by Florence Winters, vice- president, Rella Swamp, secretary-treasurer, and Virginia Layendeclter, point secretary. Dur- ing the year sports leaders were appointed by Miss Eileen l'lammerberg and Miss Carol Anderson, advisers. ln the memory scrap boolc of the "G.A.A.- ersn are pictures of glowing fires, stealc fries, splash meets, sliding parties. Several feminine Robin f'loods were discovered in the archery tournament in Spring, and tennis and baseball brought the year-round list of activities to a close. More than just having fun is the objective of the club, however, for tired arms and empty cans of polish as well as shining trophies testify to a good deed well done. Several families had occasion to thank the club at lhanslcgiving. And no athletic contest would be complete without the familiar G.A.A. member with her tray of candy bars exhibiting her throwing slcill by tossing a bar to some customer in the top row. "IO4' HESE two matmen are practicing the famed art ol the hall-Nelson. lt doesn't look too good for Brown . . . Back to the Greeks: Cele Speel, l'lelen Jane Nlelby, Billie Kolb rehearse for orchesis. The club gave an assembly program in spring depicting the typical day ol a high school student. SPORTS CAVALCADE QUEEN Robin Hoods ol Appleton l-ligh School are members ol the archery club. Not only do the powmen train the eyes and the arms to coordinate, but they even make their own equipment down in the shops. John Leonard and Beulah Newton look mighty pleased at a near bull's eye. T looks like a wicked serve that Donald Klapstein is preparing to make . . . Gerald Bayer seems to have all the marks ol a professional ping-pong player as he waits for the return. Ping-pong is especially popular during the noon recreation hour. Tl-IE STRENUOUS LIFE l.ARZ JOHNSON AND RELLA SWAMP, the shullleboard champions ol 1940, have that smile of victory on their faces . . . With blue ribbons as their goal, Pat Connelly, Mary Lou Collins, and Joyce Kessler are preparing to swim some practice lengths . . . Eagerly watching the splashers is a balcony of swim fans. ROMAN TSCHANTZ, intramural manager, is the all-powerful lceeper of the keys. . . As graceful as ballet dancers are these girls jumping for the tip-oil in a game of baslcetball. . . Don Smith and Jim Sherry dry themselves alter a brislc shower. PING-PONG, Americas Favorite indoor sport, has its devotees at Appleton. Charlotte Wentworth is returning the white disc. . . Betty Roemer, Ethel Rade- macher, Marion Morrow were snapped in slci suits ready for some slcating at Jones's Parlc, .,, ...,,, SWINGS AND SWATS USE that old left hoolc to the jawln With this ringing in their ears, l-lugh Miller and Tom Reider are doing all right. Who l4nows, one ol them might be the "White Hope" . . .With racquets swinging and shuttle cocks Flying, this game ol badmin- ton is malcing progress. From whom did you learn that serve, Glen? Coach Pickett? DOESN,T this remind you of a trip on a luxury liner to Bermuda? My, my, I'II tell you a secret. lt,s Richard Smith and Robert l-liclcinbotham playing shuffle board in our gym hallway. . . You can't have the ball and shoot it too, can you, boys? Oh, well, what goes up must come down. . . OOD try there, Dot. Practice malces perfect, you lcnow. . . Archery has come into its own in our school and with it a whooping tribe oi Indians! 107 ' NE of the highlights of the closing days of the school year is the distribution of the Clarion. Almost every student in school eagerly receives his copy, pages it quickly for an over-view of the year's activities, seeks out the signatures of his friends, and keeps it carefully after school is dismissed for a life-long remembrance of a year spent in Appleton I"Iigh School. Yet if it were not for the faithful sponsorship year after year of business and professional men in Appleton the Clarion could never be published. To these friends of Appleton I-Iigh School the Clarion staff extends its sincere gratitude for making this publication possible, ACCOUNTANTS E. A. Dettman and Co. Willard J. Schenck ARCHITECTS Raymond N. Le Vee AUTOMOBILE DEALERS AND SERVICE Automotive Supply Co., Inc. O. R. Kloehn Puth Auto Parts Tri City Motors, Inc. BAKERIES Bestler Bakery Elm Tree Bakery Hoffmann Puritan Bakery Tastee Bakery BANKS Appleton State Bank First National Bank of Appleton Outagamie County Bank BARBER SI-IOPS Brautiganis Fourth Floor Barber Shop BEAUTY PARLORS Buetow's Beauty Shop Florence Beauty Shop Joan's Beauty Shop BOOK STORES P. M. Conkey and Co. CAP 84 GOWN SUPPLIES Collegiate Cap 84 Gown Co.!Champaign, III. CI-IIROPODISTS Dr. L. I-I. Dillon Foot I'IeaIth Clinic CIVIC AND FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS Aid Association for Lutherans Appleton Chamber of Commerce Appleton Woman's Club Catholic Order of Foresters I"Iarvey Pierre Aux. of V. F. W. Konemic Lodge No. 47, I. O. O. F. Pythian Sisters Young Men,s Christian Association CLEANERS 84 LAUNDRIES Badger Pantorium, Inc. Peoples Laundry Rechner Cleaners Zoric Cleaners CLOTHING FOR MEN Behnke's Brauer's Clothing Ferron's Inc. Matt Schmidt 84 Son Co. Thiede Good Clothes CLOTI-IING FOR WOMEN Bee Frank Four Season Shop Gracels Apparel Shop Robinhood Dress Shop I-Iilda A. Wunderlich CLOTHING CWHOLESALED La Besco Co. CONSULTING ENGINEERS Lytle 84 Smith 'IO8 CONTRACTORS Charles A. Green 84 Son, Inc. Valley Ready Mix Concrete Co. DAIRIES Appleton Rure Milk Co. Badger Milk Driessen Dairy Fairmont Creamery Co. Schaefer Dairy Verifine Dairy Products Co. DENTISTS A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend DEPARTMENT STORES Geenen Dry Goods Co. Gloudemans 84 Gage, Inc. Montgomery Ward 84 Co. J. C. Penney Co. Pettibone Peabody Co. Sears Roebuck and Co. DRUCJ STORES Bellings Drug Store Rufus C. Lowell Unmuth's Pharmacy Voigt! Drug Store ELECTRICAL COMPANIES Langstadt Electric Co. ENGINEERS 8: PAPER MACHINERY Valley Iron Works ENGRAVERS L. C. Balfour Company Jahn 84 Ollier 109' BUILDERS FINANCE COMPANIES Peoples Loan and Finance Co. FIVE 84 TEN CENT STORES S. S. Kresge Co. F. W. Woolworth Co. FLORISTS Junction Greenhouse Memorial Drive Greenhouse Riverside Greenhouses FUEL 84 ICE J. P. Laux gf Son Lutz Ice Co. Marston Brothers Co. H. Schabo 84 Son Van Dyck Coal Co. FURNITURE Brettschneiders Furniture Co. John R. Diderrich If h I , f h II f I1 b II f h hl daughter . . . Perhaps it's for the next council dance or an E but doesn't everyone look pleased? GIFT SHOPS Treasure Box GiIt Shop GROCERIES CRETAILD G. A. Lemke SchaeIer's Grocery GROCERIES CWHOLESALED S. C. Shannon HARDWARE STORES Appleton Hardware Co. SchIaIerIs Inc. HEATING 84 PLUMBING Badger Eurnace Kalamazoo Stove 84 Furnace Co. W. S. Patterson Co. Tschank and Christensen INSURANCE John A. Bergman George I-I. Cameron F. B. Groh W. J. Konrad Jr. Edwin I"I. Manning Carl S. McKee C. I'I. SchooFF Agency Carl Sherry George R. Wettengel INTERIOR DECORATORS I-Iarry G. NeIson JEWELERS I-Ienry N. Marx Estate Ritz 84 Treiber Clarence A. SchaFI KNITTING AppIeton Superior Knitting Works, Div. J. B. Courtney Woolen Mills The Eox River VaIIey Knitting Co. Weber Knitting MiIIs, Inc. Zwicker Knitting Mills LAWYERS Sarto BaIIiet Benton, Bosser, Becker, 84 RarneII AIIred S. Bradiord Edward Byrne K. S. Dickenson and Elmer I-Ionkamp WiIIiam J. Geenen Gustave KeIIer John A. Lonsdort Ratricia Ryan Thomas A. Ryan Sigman 84 Sigman Erank E. Wheeler Joseph Witmer LUMBER DEALERS Lieber Lumber Co. MANUFACTURERS Advance Car Mover Co. AppIeton Machine Co. Appleton Wire Works, Inc. Appleton Wood Products Co. Fox River Boiler Works John I-IeinzkiII Soap Works Joseph J. Rlank Standard Manufacturing Co. MANUFACTURING FURRIERS Carstensen Furs Grist Furs Krieck Eur Co. MEAT MARKETS I-Iopfensperger Bros., Inc. Voecks Meat Market MUSICAL EQUIPMENT Bieritz Max E. KoIetzke Meyer-Seeger Music Co. Wilson Music 84 Appliance Co. Irving Zuelke OFFICIALS Raymond R. Dohr, District Attorney Mayor John GoodIand, Jr. Joseph R. McCarthy, Circuit Judge B. J. Rohan, Superintendent of Schools OFFICE SUPPLIES General OFIice Supply Co. E. W. Shannon Sylvester 84 Nielsen, Inc. OIL DISTRIBUTORS CBULKD Buth Oil Co. Diclcinson Oil Co. Standard Oil Co. Wadhams Oil Co. OIL DISTRIBUTORS CRETAILD Appleton Co-op Association United Oil Co. OPTICAL SUPPLIES Riggs Optical Co. Uhlemann Optical Co. OPTOMETRISTS William Ca. Keller, Opt.D. OSTEOPATI-IIC PHYSICIANS Dr. I-Ienry T. Johnson PAPER DEALERS CWHOLESALED Marshall Paper Co. Woelz Bros., Inc. PAPER MANUFACTURERS Appleton Coated Paper Co. Combined Locks Paper Co. Fox River Paper Corp. Kimberly Clarlc Corp. CAtIas Millb Kimberly Clarlc Corp. CKimberIy Milly Kimberly Clarlc Corp. CNeenah Millsj Tuttle Press Co. PERSIAN RUG DEALERS yOI'1dI'1 Gnd SONS PI-IILATELIC SUPPLIES Appleton Stamp Shop 111 ' PHOTOGRAPHERS Froelich Studio Harwood Studio Ideal Photo 84 Gilt Shop Koch Photo Shop Sahli Studio PHVSICIANS 84 SURGEONS Appleton Clinic, Inc. Appleton Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic Dr. W. E. Archer Bolton sf Mielke Clinic Dr. Guy W. Carlson Dr. Walter GiFFin Dr. William J. Harrington Dr. George T. I-Iegner Drs. E. N. Krueger 84 A. J. Meyer Drs. MacLaren, Ciallaher, and Landis Dr. Robert T. McCarty Dr. E. F. McGrath Dr. F. J. Ranlcin Dr. Milo E. Swanton PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Appleton Post-Crescent Badger Printing Co. Petersen Press J. M. Van Rooy Printing Co. "Movies are you b t seems to be le Iikely motto for any hig school student . . . Judging from these smiles, its not school books thes girls are buying. RADIQ STATICDNS Wi-TBVQWTAQ Y x 1-2 3 REAL ESTATE Carroll and Carroll RESTAURANTS AND TEA ROQMS Candle Glow Tea Room Checlcer Lunch Copper Kettle Diana Tea Room Gordons lce Cream Co. lce Cream Shoppe La Villa Restaurant State Restaurant lnc. SCI-TQOLS Actual Business College Lawrence College Sl-ICE RERAIRING Johnson Shoe Rebuilders SHOES Big Shoe Store Bohl and Maeser l-leclcert Shoe Co. Kinney Shoe Store Knopf Shoe Shop SPORT SI-TOPS Ponds Sport Shop Valley Sporting Goods TAXICABS Oscar Kunitz Cab Co. Tl-i EATERS Appleton Theater Rio Theater TIRES Appleton Tire Shop TRAVEL GOODS SuelFlow,s Travel Goods UNCLASSIFIED SPQNSORS Charles F. Baldwin l-l. G. Boon M. G. Gorrow Charles l-lervey, Jr. lf. I-i. Jennings Arthur W. Jones Carrie E. Morgan R. A. Raulson Myron T. Ray W. i-l. Ryan C. R. Sealnorne UTILITIES Wisconsin Michigan Rower Co. if f' 4, .H 7 7 M JW P W' Mfi4rLWc jW Lui VJ Lf L! V 1 , U A 14-9 I Wm I 9 W wif ff Uv Up' iff' ,, X x, -,f Inn, L WJ, f V QM Xfxj SSW- Mfg!! if FLA? ,V x. X., . x ,. tx X . N we Xxx., 1 X X K x WMM41 Q . nl 1 r- r, Www WMI I 1 ' L' 1 fl F . -: V' ETEZ Yllllllllllll L W IIIIIII ' IIIIII lawn IYLA nr nr IH I -mmm ,FP ,gun IQ' rl 1 ,il I H H mi ' L' ir?" I' ' I 1" IIHIIIIIIHI llllllll f l II II ll III XXXXXXIIIIIIII T F V ! P :lvl Nm: v v nah 4' x w VU 9" 'QS'm':i'Zmr"S:'lIQ':'fidlliyiz 5f'v,9'1'55if5"1f'lm"2' 'v'w"':m' .4fslwlu2'z:f- ww' fro! .Jrfiiw fubzffzi 1 f Pl! NW 'Q ull!! .'l5ns2SgX'6llII'vk ,Ui l,l,yX ,j,'1n' ltk'fllwL5R,m,cJ,b!1Il"g,of NX'WfX'k'5In Mf4,0,,v"n 'NI 'r',2 . , '1 ls XXI lla Q j U XI Q' 4' ki 4 X Q Q5 if MF? wwf? my ikfiffjf VQQX n ,,,,, , ighw nuuuuu . nf' K K r WW A My 5 A E K I 'Q " V K-A 'II - K W, f 1 I jfvkgl I Wy ' . jg I li ' L r ,fx P 1 .J E. "J ff, 1' "f , . .! Z!I,,Q.,f,L 'ff ai fu? y,f,.f' lx . f. VJX ' Gr fix' ' ' f if? ff if 5 f -fm!" .Y .,.bY I, if fx -- .Wfff AN N-f W5 NV: II I ' 2 ' 6 9? Pal H12 Fla V 'WH' V7""""""'W"HIIIIIllWf77Z'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII mlm Illl UW IIII mlm IlllllllllllllllllI"""" xt9'17',aJ,51, . ., 9. ,-wg: -2 m u aqui Sw: 5Z!'sYX"W'ftix:':'7'E?1' U1 'gras-1' fi-ZBA 'ff ' ' f I W .1 "GCI, 1' , nf . 1633319 4'-'11 "l'l'g'1X'1i'l'fH'lI'a f'ul"' '1 '10 '- '.f6" 'F1""fI0ru'V",'vl'o'vUl5""'fX 'XY ul'lfe H If H 4'4'4""" I 1' l'1!0'l'x I' . Qx I I r ' 'ul l'f1fX,'f'l9 gif, 'J Qgbfllixfl uf1f1M','I1' N07 164 ki-1" su I .u mu r 1 , n .uf !?S:iZ5f4x1AfJxQk14gf1f,-s.j2M,g4Zg' fl Ii' 3, 'la ' P X F J'-'11 I V A UH 1 l :fx A I S F , . X , X! Wfqk 'HQ l X 5- My . L X ' XJXRXSX' Ifti, lfyv Q A W W Af lf, - 1 , . .fi if f fk J f HQ? it ' ' ii , F V ' ' dl f 1 ' if q I .ff f . g , R ,ff fi ,.f-n ,Ai , A '.' ir' --.fx Q 5 ' I ,--Ab? HTL., ,' I 1'

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