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idnh- V - fu 3. A? Y x 1 I ' JB? MW Fw XV! rw KE, W fffiff U Q Y U 1 V x . ' Mai., ,QNX , in x '33 f QQLJQH, ' uf" pf 0 C9 f,,Ji'9"i , ft . ' ,jj ' 'A . . M id E 'fl' f , . IMA A ' rfixxt X. W n 1 .CL . y . ,?,,,.wif: :W N,,,.f N, . fiji XMQB R L- unmgii z.' gf gk 'M'Lxx x'l:fwff?1ff' V NLF ... .. 4' lags ' Z 'P JK-2:22 " '43 ms " 'X'- A . bx ax ,M ik .gill ff rf" -- , x , in-ZRTEM3 X' imgw 'ig whip' A i:"ff HX,,.:.,. A x M ajft? fy, ...rv Ns. aj, V ' E5 H., zmmwv I fax X: "Zvi-M 'un Egg-v---..K.,'! J.. ' ' 5' Q? 5'f'll4,Q9.. W VK ek Ny, K A M an ,Rav Li' Xxe- g"" 'Hi' A V' 'du . I W- X ' 2 t 1 ' 'F .. " 'S 3 sax?-h .7 tw'-xw, L-NP gf, 491' . .x X. -A .. Nh was K in ,-in .f fi.. T 317 H4 L K All Rf S. ' ,,.,- 5 W'- Q ' Nl --.. 2. 5 H: X.. 'T' 1' fb. Q. 1 Ex tm 52 m""'f in Lxfn- M' ' 'un XR 'FZ' 1-. ff 'zu -4 f M P X Tr, J. Q Q1 mm' w., 2, -- .,,, ,m ' 4' 1.1. C1 ft' wwf' :QF ' Q 5 X lx "-,ts Q? In fl, P - 5' fm R ' W- M xx unix I' :-. N , K 3 -. , E X wi? 1. .1 , X .., ,R Q Mrk X Q WM 5. V ' - ' " 3,l,, Mg, V -.. sm. , Q af 1 " 3 M- ,ff L W ft X. C7 r' . . x M. 'f A , Q I , ,aff ku'-f R , V M Y QQ, " "' A 6 5 x w"' 'E in V ,,, 'A V ,rf fibgfx W Q Q4 za A -4' +' ' N' X. A 5,.AMf,,. 2'9" gL,1f ,fa ,wf""' ix "Fi AJ .fvf if f 53 If 'A A H Rik N EP.: h 12? '-tu' bf."3?a.i ,5,f k ,JM X V ,ffl QU. '23-'X' ii ff ff ..... , X, ...M-Q. Q. - .Q mx.. , . 1 1 1 ' - s 5 ' -. " ' ,f f' mf' f J it .. TM i. 1 , r ,K W, 69 I b 'X - X Q , T1 K . P.. 2, 7.33"-..'?'m 1.2 .St- . J , ,J if """'L, I xwlx ,E ' E 'H'-' 3' A , ' fa A U QQ ww :fa 2 5 Sim - 4.. , ' i ' ii' 3 Y 5 'H H2955 N 'AI' , 27 f 1' 5' ' 'fl 6 , if A f is A if ' wi, ENN., ' Nd , A X, 5 , 5 'rx Q' 'T ,Q A if 5 af "2 "iv " 'f Q ' la' E f' SQ 11 -2 Qi -lil T . rj L 'Z 5. 'TE H if sf. '-' ,,l'qj ffl I A! Tiff . -ff w TEN if 3 1 if ,fire Q 5, 'Y EQ ?255A 2 V'?'Jw Yi L. S4 ' J!! 79" 'T 5 g 1 sg 1- L, W, we 1 f 1 J .Fl .5-1 Q Q Y ,.,w L! If f -K ' ' Ai -A i 1 Rx 'S wi L . ,.,x ...i '--5"5:.'3q,, A! ig i K.. Y -f"- 4 " 11, 1: :fx ,wwf V 13? ' f , A 5 2 , 5 F5 x w -QT .wif ,, 1 N Ri 2 x Q54 ' T 'YQ Xa -4. I. , 4 ..,, 4, --,Ji ,J I 5 . , ' .- I :- ' x 1 1 ' M gi ,' , , ' Qi , R' " ' " 1 z .va v . ,ff 3, f 15 W ,- V ,L I ,. W A , , 6' 1 ,, , . A ugxgg gf, if Wk Q?3"N4A if f W Ama Q' 1 J 3 Egger' 5 SYN? if .Y V5 'Q f x fi f 1, ,- f JM! f 1 1' X U I QM-HJC JRM 'WA ff'M'9f"7' 4,.,,,,!7, .76f-v- 7,z,4Qw1fvwM SU-ff-1 1 W " Lf' F f . 5 ,' I lf , ,f "a ,fl ,' I f f , X, , f ff 5 X f ' f XY 7 R M W rzf' 5 I. ff! ,WX , xy! Yr' ff' f 1:-f 1 V mf 1 f Q1 YU X , pb P V M - lt r Xt, ' if 1 I Xldkyj m E ,X U X X 3 IQ K ws 'V ., P' . f fy. b -f i .2 F 'I QM 'I K 'xx its Z 'Lk' ' , W 2 , lp, LX - 4 ' 'J h 'Q J XL , ,v 'LL' w J gp, 1 -J .1 - JUAN MATTESON . , Editorfin-Chief FLQREIITE ZUELKE . . Asshtumt Editor PHILIP RETSON . . Business Marnager f X Jd'Ih1 Q M X1 yffvffm X KX-. ,Z 4liHU1u9EcUufn W ,iff Mffjf 19 0 f K K lvfl'4MA f'!W f XM ywy ljrwyyl' J , UM1 1 fx X lj X UMA !f,7fZf'JVf!iJ My 1 My !,ffV fJ Q' A AMTDubli.rlwed BH yjf' IM NIH' yfenzfvr- Cfa.:-J' of On' A 49,4400 14,1 QJOOVW. M nu- CLARICDN STAFF - Eclitor-in-Clwiel ...... Assistant Editor. .. Senior Editors. . Junior Editors. . Sophomore Editors. . Administration Editor Activities Editors .... Student I.ile Editors.. Boys' Sport Editors. . Girls' Sport Editor... Art Editors.. . .. Student Photographer .... Typists ............. General Business Manager .... . Assistant Business Manager. . . Faculty Subscription Managers.. . Staff .... Editorial Advisor.. Business Advisor. . EDITORIAL BUSINESS FACULTY Joan Matteson Florette Zuellce Geraldine Dillon Donald Frieders Margaret Kuclt Jane l'IopI4inS I-larry Zerbel Maxine Kampl Cordell ZueII4e Walter Sclimidt Margaret I-Iuglwes Florence Scluiedermayer Elizabetli Wells Dorotlwy Banister Elaine Buesing Mildred Toll Robert Crabb Robert Fountain Jeanette Scliulw Jolwn DeBauFer Robert Eurstenberg Alice Rydell Ernest Moore, Jr. Annette Rost Rita Yungvvirtlw Plwilip Retson Donald Erieders Eugene Kottler Raul Reuter Robert Baird Robert I.angIois Robert Pride Jolmn Rosebuslw Walter Schmidt Mr. George Rowe Miss Estlwer Grael D E D I C A T I O N Mr. Everett J. Kircher, Former teacher in the English department of Appleton l"ligh School, has gone, but the vvorl4, personality, and spirit oi the man are not forgotten. l-le is a truly great teacher. l-le left his imprint First and loremost on the lives of the young men and Women who came under his influence. Second, he left his imprint on the teach- ing ol literature, which has been Felt not only in this high school but throughout this state and even beyond. l'le made literature throbbing, thrilling, and Fascinating for his students so much so that now thousands of books are read in and out ol class rooms. lt was his rich and charming personality, his sterling and courageous intellectual honesty, his philosophical honesty, his deep understanding and appreciation of the student mind, and the vitality and clarity oi his teaching methods that characterized his sojourn at Appleton l-ligh. Recognition oi his ability has come in his Frequent selection by col- leagues to elective positions of trust, as spealcer at educational gatherings, and as author. l-lis most recent honor was the appointment as teaching Fellow at Qhio State University, where he has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree. ln recognition ol his vvorlt in improving the Field ol literature and in gratitude For the assistance he gave the Clarion as its editorial head during the Five years he was here, the senior class dedicates the Clarion to fVlr. Everett J. Kircher. FOREWORD Autumn, Winter, Spring! Appleton l-ligh School life moves with the seasons. For this reason it was thought Fitting that the arrangement ol this year's Clarion should be in accordance with the seasonal progress of school activities. We realize that we have changed the traditional idea ol yearbook mal4e- up by placing the seniors at the back of the boolc and the underclassmen First. At the time the members ol the Class ol 1936 receive their annuals, they are no longer seniors but graduates, and since they are malcing their departure from school, we have placed them at the end ol the boolc. We are proud that the poems which introduce each section were written by one ofourown students. It is the hope of the Clarion stall that through the pages of the annual the students will re-live this school year. Qwiamwzf W A morning haze of frost to mark The far glimpsed hills, a noon of stark, Slow-drifting leaves and rhimney smoke. A sudden faltering of the oak From green to sere and wind-erisped brown Ufhile seornful of what skies may frown Are purple aster plants before fl night of frosty all these and more I knew from other days that smote To nothingness the vine that wrote Its tendrils green aeross the wall. These are the days of weather rhange, Sullen and bright, with moods of strange, Slow temper and a flash of sun. These are the days when swallows wheel flfross a sky that brings to heel The passizie sun, the falcon god. I mark the plate he walked when shoa' With swift and glowing wings of light, But now the sky bends ofver all The withered land, and slow leafves fall. find leaves fall slowly through a day 'l'hat fries its loss, defiantly. -MARGARET BROOKS, 37 7 MR, HERBERT H. HELBLE Principal MISS CARRIE E. MORGAN Assistant Superintendent MR. BEN J, ROHAN Superintendent FACULTY OUTLOOK Like Nature, Appleton High School has its seasons. When the world is full of bonfires and new fall clothes, we have our special signs of the season. Football comes first, with high hopes for a championship and new ideas on how to keep warm smartly. New faculty members get a little attention, and that cute boy from Dakota and the new blonde who dances divinely. All activities hum, but there are welcome pauses H teachers' convention, Thanksgiving. Unlike Nature, Fall here is a season of beginnings, new vigor, new hope. From New Years to Easter, hard work takes the limelight, The library is busy until late afternoon, TALISMAN and CLARION staffs toil, Girl Reserves are very serious, Masque and Book and the German Club put on plays, the French Club meets regularly. Report cards loom large, and at noon the im- provised lunchrooms are full of students unable to surmount the drifts. However, for diversion there are the Council dances, one-act plays, oratory, debate, hobbies, and basketball, which is almost as exciting in retrospect and prospect as during the actual thrilling game. Nor does athletic activity end there. Home-room basketball, ping-pong, the Rifle Club, and a dozen other sports are available to all. And there is keen ex- citement over the senior play when the snow begins to melt. Spring is fulfillment. Then we have found ourselves, our friends, our place in the school world. Then we enjoy golden days regardless of rain outside. With our sense of fulfillment there is also anticipation f of other and even better years to come, of adult life on whose threshold we stand, reluctant yet eager. Our lives are about to bloom beautifully, we hope, like the lilacs and tulips on our commencement platform. So our school year ends, with hope and with fulfillment. Miss Margaret Abraham MARGARET ABRAHAM ARDELLA ANDERSON BORGHILD ANDERSON History JANE BARCLAY Home Hygienv HARRY CAMERQN Manuel A rts Domestic Science RUTH BECKER Latin ETHEL CARTER Mathvmatlcs English DAVID BENT Biology MARY CARRIER English MARVIN BABLER History EDNA BENTSON Commercial WALLACE COLE Chemistry, Football MARY BAKER Dean of Girls MARCELLA BUESING English, Asgistant Librarian LELAND DELFORGE History ANNINI I HARM ecretary AN ish ALBERT GLOCKZIN Vocal CLEMENT KETCHUM Physics CLARE MAROUETTE Social Science ESTHER GRAEF Mathematics ADELA KLUMB English RUTH MCKENNAN Speech HARVEY GYGI Biology, Mathematics BRUNO KRUEGER Commercial RUTH MlELKE Librarian SOPHIA HAASE German LAURA LIVFRMCRE Commercial ERNEST MOORE Band is r' sill EA ELSIE MUELLEP Latin ROSEMARY ROYCE Physical Education LEONARD SPRAGUE History ALICP PETERSLN English MYRLON SEIMS Manual Arts MARGARET THOMPSON Secretary 0 MARCUS PLANT Social Science JOSEPH Sl-llELDS Physical Education MAY WEBSTER Commercial MARGARET PITCHIE Biology MINNE SMITH English, French JAY WILLIAMS Orchestra P ,Q 1 R r KATHRVN Roxlce Domestic Science , i cf-xrnnauns svslice Home wsremsre Wim Assistant Principal Economics Board ol Education Back Pow: Miss Carrie E. Morgan, Secretary of Board of Educationf Dr. George l-legner, Mr. William Eggert, Superintendent of Janitors, Mr. John Woodi Mr. C. K, Boyerf Mr. B. J. Rohan, Superintendenti Mr. Seymour Gmeiner, President. Front Row: Mrs. Mabel Shannon, Mr. John Behnkef Mr. l-lomer Benton. 1. Our talented young soph, Ed. Mumm. ls that a badge for life-saving, or is it the family crest? Q. The bea-u-tiglul blond menace, Betty Thuerer. 3. Babe. fClarence, to youb Zelie. 4. Don, can't you see that Lois doesn't want you to act like that Y at least in front of all these people. 5. Mildred Toll in such a touching pose. That's not a hair ribbon, it's an ad in the railing. 6. Kay Rogers sits one out while recovering from the last race. 7. See how boys get when no girls are around? l.aVonne Sharpe and Willis Babb. B. Not how peppy lyis Boyer, Fern Bauer, and Betty Brown are. Have you ever won- dered why girls leave home? Loolr at CQD and Find the reason and Jim Buchanan The biggest smile in C105 belongs to Gladys Frogner. 11. Oh for life on a farm, etc. At any rate, it's our up-and-coming young soph, Bob Schindler. 1Q. The little one under the bangs is Kate Pride. 13. Get behind the glasses and under the tam and Find Maxine Kamof. 14. The little child Flirting with her eyelashes isfJanice Bro. 15. Little Jaclcie Breuer smiles shyly. 16. You'ye met two of them, and the other three are Harwood Orbison, Ralph Colvin, and Dexter Wolfe. That's Roosevelt not the asylum. 17. lthn't thee thweet? lt's our own little sophomore Florence Klarner. 18. Even at this age, Cordell Canother Zuellcej is studious or something. 19. Max on slcates. The Badger Soph Triangle: Top rowfVolkman, Harmsen, Melby, Hiebel, lliedl, J. Smith, Tracy. Bottom row- P. Smith, Springer, Childs, Christianson, Cabot, l-loeponer. Top Row: Mr. Bottom Roxy: Miss Cgrae lop liow: Bch Middle Row: Bailey Bottom Row: Burmaester SOPHOMORE SPONSORS i, Mr. Ketchum, Mr, Bent, Mr. Marquette, Mr. Delforge Carter, Miss B. Anderson, Miss Buesing, Miss Ritchie, ethe, Buchanan, Colvin, Lobcrrgcr, Calmes, lDcWitt llcker, Glasheen, Franslce, fisher, Mueller, Christiansen, h, Deelke, Ashauer, Clarlc, Mortell, Fullinwider, Falk, uer Top Pow: Abendroth, Boon, Brusch, Finn, Agen, Dettman, Ellefson, Bushamn Third Row: Downey, Aures, Arens, Childs, Bergner, DeDeclcer, Arndt, Bohnsack Second Pow: Becher, Boettcher, Bro, DeVoe, Bender, Christensen, Eclter Deltgen Bottom Row: Drexler, Gevelinger, Fisher, Dale, Bradley, Fox, Endter, Frieders Too Pow: Vandenberg, Dresang, Fumal, Meinberg, Schleitwiter, Bussem Monn, Kirchner, Oestereich, Peterson Third Row: Timm, Gregarius, Mortensen, Stadler, Bessett, Schroeder, Dresang, l, Schroeder, Miller, Dunsum Second Row: Brooks, Voit, Meyer, Stiebs, London, l-lintz, Honiclc, Groth, Babcock, Brandes Bottom Pow: Bohl, Managan, Deen, Snyder, Miller, Schabo, Calkins, Dresang, Klarner, Belling , sivomsoias l Top Row: Wolfe, Smyrneos, Pride, Konrad, Zuelke, White, Berg, Seaborne Knabenbauer Third Pow: Barry, Foxgrover, Maxwell, Burns, Regenfuss, Fischer, Smith Warner, Montgomery, Mayo, Homrig Second Pow: Trettin, Waterman, Killoren, Thuerer, DeYoung, Dresang, Phillips, Murdock, O'Conner, Anderson, Meltz Bottom Row: Given, Rogers, Fredericks, Bartman, Ebben, Akens, Seir, Baum Gauz, Courtney, Boyer Top Row: Lynch, lndermuehle, Whitter, Riley, Heibl, Tracy, Thoms, Willson Teske, Weiss Third Row: Vanderlois, Schmit, Sauter, Starlc, Walsh, Lllmen, Stevens Schroeder, Reidl, Hebner Second Row: Hamilton, Simon, Wheeler, Knohl, Grunlc, Junge, Vanfxble, Grieshaber, Lausman, Wiehland Bottom Pow: Schroeder, Schrieter, P. Smith, Selig, Tillman, Shilcraft, Wachlin, Spilbauer, Stralc Top Row: Walker, Oliver, Lillge, Laux, Aclter, Lutz, Wieland, Hollenbeclc Kruclcenberg, P. Schroeder Third Pow: Thiel, Wittlin, l. Schroeder, Thomison, Taggart, Jantz, Maynard White, Peotter, Krostul Second Pow: Stiebs, Fredriclcs, Keaster, Mancl, Sassman, Sonnenberg MaGaulhlin, VanHandel, Sigl, McClone Bottom Row: Leclcer, Toll, Lenthauer, Vonclt, Vanzeeland, Raefelt, Schmidt Waite, Culligan, Schweitzer, Matteson Top Row: Leublce, Cabot, Volkman, McGregor, Zwiclcer, Dempewolfe Delrow, Vanllyzin, Heolzel, Sasmann Third Pow: Dialman, Williamson, VanGorp, Williamson, Vankooy, Hurwig Geohler, Diecken, Bastian, VanDeBogart Second Row: Sharp, Russler, Van DeHey, Sonnleiter, Stark, Timmer, Springer Spliter, H, Holtz, Ulmen Bottom Row: Keohne, Choudior, Schwartz, Zietlow, Wiclcmann, Jamison Behl, Kassillce, Johnson, Stoffel 1 1 Top Row: Mumm, Piesenweber, Frogner, Casper, Rieder, Rammer, Kirk Smith, Watson, Harmson Third Row: Peotter, Hollenbeclc, Jacobs, Duirlinger, Brandt, Powers, Hebner Winkler, Plier, Schindler Second Row: Dorman, Melby, Steager, Grieshaber, Marty, Sawadslce l-loeopner, Groh, Dohr, Wilz Bottom Row: Wulgart, Eichel, Reidl, Lawson, Kaufman, Lee, Miller, DeLand Kipp, Ripple Top Row: l-larmsen, Schmidt, Buss, DeYoung, Biedenbender, Paeth, E. Lutz Schwartzlinger, Liesering, Breane Third Row: Endter, Stark, Langdon, Vanl2yzin, McCarter, DeWaIl, Dreissen, Kruege r, Kottlce Second Row: Cannon, Baulcs, Veit, Fredriclcs, Dunbar, Wood, Cronin, Woods Davis, Orbison Bottom Row: Hoppe, Melcher, Henry, Shebilski, Brown, Dresang, Stein, Miller, Baumen 1 1 1 X, jx. ' N , J 1 X! ,NK ' 1. x 1 -X ' if , '1 W I 4 4 1 4 7 1 L .1 .XXI 4 P f 4 1 , f 1 1 ' A r 1' 1 if . 0036 3 THOMAS MAPPING JANE FRANK ELAINE BUESING RALPH VANI-IANDLE JUNIOR CLASS MESSAGE During the school year ol T35 and '36, vve the junior class have advanced Iarther along the road ol education. In its ovvn unassuming vvay, the class ol T37 has developed itself mentally, physically, and socially. It has included among its achieve- ments lorensics, journalism, music, athletics, and scholarship. Although vve have not been able to shovv our scholastic ability by having many of our members on the honor roll as in our sophomore year, vve have, you may be sure, lost none ol our aptitude lor study- ing. The serious mindedness ol the greater majority of our class, in regard to their studies, is a commendable characteristic. In turning the pages ol this annual, you will Find that, besides being prominent in scholastic activities, we were outstanding in others also. The junior play group showed its ability on the stage in a series ol one-act plays. We were well represented in oratory, debate, extempore speaking, and declamatory. Many in our class competed in the intramurals. Some reached the Finals, vvhile a Ievv became school champions. The junior members ol the varsity squads revealed their ability to cooperate vvith members ol other classes to mal4e a smooth running team. The lootball, basketball, and tracl4 teams, on which many ol our classmates earned places, made a good shovving. Music, vocal and instrumental, and journalism, by vvay ol Clarion and Talisman, were also supported by juniors. Though a great deal ol progress has been made in the past year, the class ol '37 believes that progress of a much greater magnitude will be made during its senior year, If each and every member co- operates to his lullest capacity during the Iollovving year, we will be able to achieve the goal vve have set out to reach, Thomas Mailing Top Row: Langenberg, R, Schmidt, Schiedermayer, Falk, Smyrneous, Larson Krueger, Young, Cnrishaber Third Row: Seifert, Rosebush, Bergman, l-lorrig, Kotz, Libman, Toonen Franzen, Krause, Griem Second Pow: Steger, Norenberg, Boehme, Welsch, Moore, Ertel, Smith V. Bauman, Blinder, Ruth Bottom Pow: Buesing, Boyer, Petzniclc, Wettengel, N. Bauman, Kressin, Green, C. Schmidt, Gabriel, Frank, Balck 1 i Top Row: Polzin, Springer, M. Miller, Rock, l3obbins,iLane, McKeefry Mueller ,Q Third Row: Thoms, O'Neil, Shinner, Rohloff, Roehl, Stoeg2r,ESchuh, Vogel, Schroeder, Steudel 5 ,Q Second Row: Ogilvie, Voeclrs, R. Olson, Probst, Mullefnfkisse, Lee, C Schmidt, J. Murphy, Reider 1 A7 Bottom Row: Nohr, Koss, Korte, Meidam, Krueger, Kobs,-Maas, Strover Kuntsman, Mignon, Marschall f ' 1 Top Row: Catlin, Greb, Devine, Locksmith, W. Schmidt, Lillge, Fuerst, Brooks, A, Meyer, Haferbecker Third Row: Wenzlaff, Doepker, Yentz, Lysne, Jarchow, Brockman, l-l. Olson, Berg, Pankratz, C. Johnston Second Pow: Danielson, Kowallce, Weber, Alesch, L. Schultz, Pay, Sofia, J. Smith, E. Wittlin, Zuehllte, Boyce Bottom Pow: Ryan, Ragen, M, Forster, Liegeois, l-looyman, Lemke, Wood' worth, Schmit, Landon, R. Hoffman, Devine Bottom Row: Hpolihan, Brasch, Giebisch, Hove, Jahnlce, Jens, Cohen Top Pow: A.iJbhnson, Dambruch, Jones, Hammen, Gerrits, Killoren, E Hoffman, Gqrarden, Bruyette Third Row: Downey, Hoeppner, Golden, Flannagan, Helms, Henry, Keller, Ferron, Lzhdoine, Leisering Second Row: Eggert, Fleming, Elliott, Herrmann, Fourness, Diny, Bergaclcer, Lust, Dieneri C. Hoffman Top Pow: Krieger, Abel, Winberg, Dutcher, Fellows, Macklin, Vogt Sellers, VanHandel Third Row: Schade, Walter, Schlintz, Loveland, Jacobs, Milhaupt, Steenis Kolitsch, Behrent, Bosser Second Row: Burton, Schultz, Forster, Blick, Murphy, Woempner, Speel Weyenberg, Bernhardt, Geenen, Besch Hall, Hqlcolnb, Greisch, H. Krueger Ulmen, Deltour, Quella Top Row: Hando, Weiland, Lipslce, Marfing, Giese, Green, Miller Third Pow: Meiers, Kranhold, Dohr, Galpin, Donlinger, Aures, Kraft, Ducat Zwicker Second Pow: Wonser, Vogl, Verhagen, Zussman, Woods, Hopkins, Moser, Lohr, Wallace, Fredericks, Voight Bottom Row: Eichstadt, Morrow, A. Bosser, Radtlce, Whittingham, Werner, Pelton, Meidam, Wittlin, Zietlow Bottom Row: Christl, Kray, Befay, Trauba, Hurley, Cavanaugh, Ballard J i Top Row: Schneider, Felton, Grearson, Grignon, Gochnauer, T, Slattery Wolfgram, Rettler, Heimann, Kohl Third Row: Gerarden, Blount, Smith, Lyon, Leach, Horn, Van Possum Zerbel, Merkle Second Row: Neuman, Kruclceberg, Kamps, Nemschoff, Pruchnofske, Otto, Meartz, Fischer, Hamilton, Fischer Bottom Row: May, Ehr, Wassenberg, Stroebe, Williamson, Deschler, Moyle, Patterson, Moritz, Lewis, Luedtlce EPT? 'ree :M ,Q rfws i 'f 2,-.Qi Top gonv: Xxlqiston, l-luglen, Feavel, Bixby, Sager, Pusslakglfraft, Murphy a an, ensel Third Row: Langlois, Potter, Stilp, Rossmeissl, Gmeiner, Mfling, Nieland Fralces, Williamson, Glasheen Second Row: Femal, Brock, Pingel, McGahn, Fischer, mei, Neison, Ziegler Armstrong, Abitz lyff 1,1 Bottom Pow: Wilch, Kasten, Kotz, Lemlce, KoFfarnus, Pohlmvnjln riggs, Konrad Steudel, Rehmer, Utschig al fry ff? l :ss 51.5 l "i i .fi ig -. Top Pow: Schlafer, Zschaechner, Lange, Boelter, Wells Q, Bottom Row: Hawley, Trettin, Peterson, Babcock l r l 4 1 93 J fl .5 ,- bg 3: ,S 'awf 1 SENIOR CABINET Top Row: Voss, Garvey, Seelow, Retson Buesing Bottom Row: DeBaufer, Kangas, Koch I VanRyzin, Schiedermayer, Dillon, Mas- Sonet SENIOR SPONSORS Top Row: Mr. Seims, Miss Carrier, Miss Mueller, Miss Livermore, Mr. Cole, Mr. Krueger Bottom Row: Miss Webster, Miss McKennan, Miss K. Royce, Miss R. Royce, Miss Loan JUNIOR SPONSORS Top Row: Mr. Plant, Miss Spence, Miss I'-laase, Miss A. Anderson, Mr, Babler, Bottom Row: Mr. Sprague, Miss Beclcer, Miss Petersen, Miss Klumlo, Miss Abra- ham JUNIOR CABINET Top Row: Marfing, Bixby, Young, Frank, Vanl-lanclel, Slattery Bottom Row: O'Neil, Buesing, Kranliold, T. Milhaupt I - CLASS CABINETS -"' Class cabinets were originated nine years ago when the members of the faculty felt the necessity for more intense student participation in the class government. Each year the classes at high school are confronted with problems concerning their individual Welfare and success. To solve these difficulties satisfactorily it is necessary to maintain some type of student government which represents each single class. For this purpose the members of the student council, who are elected by their respective classes, form class cabinets. With his election as president of a class a person simultaneously becomes president of the class cabinet. There are no other officers in the cabinets. Responsibilities of each succeeding cabinet increase as the class progresses through high school. The duties of the cabinet cover the many problems directly connected with the class it represents. The most important of these obligations are the nomination of suitable persons for class offices and the arrangement of projects and parties. Appleton l'ligh Schools financial and social results of the majority of class plans, because of the cabinet's work, prove the feasibility of such an organization in our school. The vvork is accomplished through cooperation between the students and class sponsors. Cabinets and sponsors both deserve the pupils, appreciation for their successful accomplishments in the years since the system was established in this high school. 'L CLASS SPONSCDRS - Because of the class sponsors, earnest support in class difficulties, Appleton l-ligh School can boast of a mutual understanding between teachers and pupils. The teachers encourage a spirit of cooperation in the students. Upon this vvork they should be congratulated, for this feeling gives harmony and a moral background to any high school. Without it needless dissensions would constantly arise. Many complications in conducting class projects are avoided by consulting the faculty members, whose duty is to direct practically all class activities. Each student has the privilege of asking the aid of the sponsors of the respective home rooms. from them he will receive all pos- sible information. ln this Way scholars are frequently relieved of the responsibility and anxiety of puzzling situations. The aid is not confined to the class projects but is extended to any confusion which a student may experience. Despite the high schoolfs large attendance the character and personality of every pupil is developed as much as possible. This is fostered by the interest of the teachers. Fevv students fully appreciate the benefits that they derive from the teachers' assistance. If they did, they would exert themselves to make these tasks easier. Nevertheless most students realize that they owe the basis of their educations to the instructors. We wish to express our gratitude for their efforts to make our school careers enjoyable and profitable. MR. WALLACE COLE LEONARD BRASCH MR. MYRLON SEIMS FOOTBALL Appleton l-ligh Schools gridmen finished a fairly successful season last fall with a tie for third place in the Fox River Valley Conference. OF the eight games played, the Grange squad lost but two, both conference battles. Green Bay East headed the league standings with five wins and one defeat. This city hasn't seen a championship football squad for many years, however, since the arrival two years ago of Coach Wallace Cole, the team has been noticeably advancing from its usual cellar position. Mr. Myrlon Seims has been of great assistance to Coach Cole especially because of his unusual ability in developing line- men. Last season the boys started slowly but ended with a string of victories to their credit. This season they played a steady brand of ball throughout, and, with fifteen lettermen returning, they give promise of a championship team next fall. Five gridders of this yearis team will be lost by graduation. They are: Captain Leonard Brasch, Milton Arps, Kenneth Buesing, John Dutcher, and Richard Garvey. Captain Brasch led his team superbly. l-lis offensive worlc was outstanding, and his exceptional defensive play made him one of the best ends in the conference and gained for him a position on the first All-conference eleven. Ken Buesing's generalship at quarter- back and Milton Arps' outstanding play in the front line earned for them a position on the second conference squad. Although John Dutcher did not gain a berth on the Conference team, his worlc was noteworthy. l-lis returning of punts netted many extra yards for the team, and he was recognized as one of the conferenceis shiftiest open-field runners. Dick Garvey did not play regularly, but while in action he gained recognition as a very strong defensive end. 'sn VARSITY FOOTBALL SOPH FOOTBALL Top Pow: Mr. Selma, Petson, Mr. Cole, Huglen Top Pow: Mr. Gygi, Dresang, Mr. Babler Third Row: Milhauot, Garvey, Srnyrneous, Rosebuslw, V. Dutcher, Helms, Third Row' Schmidt, Meltz, DeWwtt, Arndt, Hwebel, Wrtter, Boyce, R. Olson Schiedermayer, Sample, Slattery Springer Second Row: Springer, Muller, Pender, Polzln, Ollyer, Beach, Kotz, Lipske, Second Pow: Hoeppner, Calmes, Kllloren, Riedl, Bergner, Brewer, Vollcman Jones Tracy, Bethe Bottom Row: Burton, Sellers, Buesing, Arps, Brasch, Dutcher, Johnston, Bottom Pow: Ziegler, Harmsen, Siminofslcy, Colyln, J. Fisher,Cabot, Walker Flemming, Barley Eohnsack, Femal BUESING GARVEY SPRINGER Mmirowoc KO., GAME FLEMMING SELLERS BESCH JOHNSTON RETSON, MSF- DUTCHER Starting the season as underdogs, the Grange came forth with three consecutive victories. West Green Bay, the First eleven to stop the Terrors, won Q0-18 in a night battle at the Bay City. Qn Qctober Q6 the Colesmen overcame odds of being outweighed man for man and upset Qshl4osh's homecoming, Q7-'l9. Une Week later East stopped our rally with a smashing victory ol 'l8-O. Two non-conference tilts were featured. The Grange beat St. lVlary's of Menasha TQ-O and, in its last game, wallopped Kaulcauna QT-7 on Armistice Day. For the First time in many years the Appleton eleven set up a record of note. Three times it held opponents scoreless. Total scores show the Terrors with T98 points to opponents 7'l. Charles Sample, Appleton freshman, was second to Nlarohl of Qshlcosh lor Conference individual scoring. l-larvey Gygi and Marvin Babler coached the sophomores in a successful season. F i ,.. l Appleton. . . Appleton. . . Appleton. . . Appleton. . . Appleton. . . Appleton, . . Appleton. . . Appleton SLATTERY SMYRNEOUS JONES BURTON REIDER POLZIN SAMPLE FOOTBALL Q4 'I9 7 18 19 Q7 . O Q1 SCORES Sheboygan. .. Fond du Lac. .. Manitowoc ....... West Green Bay. . . Menasha St. Mary's Oshkosh .... ...... East Green Bay .... Kdulidljnd ........ Total ..,. .... 'l Q8 T LIPSKE BRASCH, Capt. ARPS SCHIEDERMAYER OSHKOSI-I GAME ., A. - Wn5if31 gi iii! STUDENT LIFE C15 The G. R. Fire truck. C95 M. Toll, L. Elleyson, A. Risse. C35 Jean Lewis is taking it easy as usual C45 At the St. Mary's game. C55 Neal Springer and Earl Mclfeefry with only pop. C65 Our best picture-a-er back view of Baby Bobby Pride, C75 On the bench, C85 Cheer- ing for our Alma Mater. C95 Laughing Sub-Debs. C105 Phil Retson just playing around with sophs Tolland Brown. C115 He- man Dick Fox. C195 Cn the train going to a band tournament.C135 Booster Day parade in full view. C145 Action! C1551 Kollfend and the Whites. C165 Ralph Colvin and 7'?? C175 More parade. C1 B5 Our Christmas scene in the hall. C195Strong Footing ofthe basketball team, C205 Underclasswomen at camp. C215 Bathing beauties. C295 Fay Cohen. CQ35 Lois and Mary Jane know something funny, C245 J. Dutcher, B. Bolliet, J. Matteson, K. Buesing-we think they're going together now. C955 Costume party back in the good old days, C965 An old friend, Jane Frank. CQ75 Betty Bosser is having her Hing while C985 Bill Fleck and Jim Bailey do a balancing act - not bad. , N l Now when the hemlofk droops beneath the weight Of snow upon its branehes, and the day Is shortened by a sun that will not stay, Ufvhen iee is polished like a seh5ol-boy's slate Dezioid of suns, and words hang in tense air Like ieieles that glitter soundlesslyf When sharp and sullen frosts lie eeaselessly Upon the land's broad length, and in his snare The rabbit, trembling, waits the trapper's tread, When, overnight, the world's wide-rutted road Is lost beneath the snow, and sharp winds goad The flattering trees front which all birds have fledf Then in the ice-looked quiet of the mind, Upon some brink of unimportant pain, My faltering thoughts renew thenzsel-ves again: He who looks close enough at ire will find Deep in the heavy sorrow of the stream, Furtiwe and finely-wrought, the warmth of dream. -MARGARET BROOKS, '37 1. j CX' f. gi . f- :- ,il .545 3' " ' j 1.i:r?m'f,x's. iv W 1-N.-' px fi ilf-..--3.22: -1 5, ...,, :x,if,i.akw f -- H pai.: V. ' ,.i'IC'21 3267? , N 'luis-iI3?"'z 1 ' K ,-xwfr-3',"2'I 'LTX'-'f1,4k-175' M. ,f .. .I ,U WG-.A H ,-w.m.g. .'-fwmg's.-- . " ' 4:1 - lE5V.a:1a+-f1fY-'-- wwf. 1 .ai Q- N- 5 ,: 2 Qhj : mjggi-5L,, H myiE..,x M'-'Jil 5 :.- ,fic FLORETTE ZUELKE MISS MARY BAKER ELAINE BUESING GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves is an organization composed of Forty girls. Educational meetings are held every First and third Tuesday evening ol the month at the home of some member, and on the second and Fourth Wednesday a business meeting is held at the high school. The aims oi the club are to develop the good qualities of girls and to serve the school and the community. The club entertained all the new girls in Appleton High School in the Iall. The new members of the club were initiated at a banquet in Qctober. At I-lalloween the members entertained students oi the Orthopedic School with a circus party at the Woman's Club. Christmas charity worlc was again spon- sored by the club, and the annual mother and daughter party was held. The sponsors oi the club are: Miss Mary Baker, Miss Adele Klumb, and Mrs. Werner Witte. The otlicers are: Florette Zuellce, president, Agatha Schmidt, vice president, Mary Jane Van Ryzin, secretary, and Joan Matteson, treasurer. STUDENT CCDLINCII. Student representation in school government oi Appleton High School is obtained through the Student Council. The principles of this organization are primarily democratic. It insures participation of every student in the schooI's various class duties and activities through the members oi the group. Members are selected in the home rooms, each room having one representative. If the home room is exceptional- ly large a student is elected as assistant council member. The Student Council sponsors several class activities, among which the Finance plan and the school dances are the most important. The council members are responsible For collection ol Finance and class dues, distribution of ticlcets and the Talisman, and announcements in the home rooms. Otlicers of this year's group were Elaine Buesing, president, Philip Retson, vice president, and Mary Jane Van Ryzin, secretary- treasurer. G R I. S T Ll D E N T R E S E R E O U N C I I. Top Row: Matteson, Bosser, Driscoll, Miss Baker, Banister, Young, White, Catlin, Zuelke Third Row: Richards, Waltman, Kolfend, Frank, Zuelhke, Boettiger, Van Ryzin, Kranhold, Young, Rydell Second Row: Miller, Moser, Hall, Kolfend, Miss Klumb, Lewis, Schuh, Brown, Hughes, Balllet Bottom Row: McKenny, Bro, Moyle, Konz, Cohen, Buesing, White, Konrad Dillon, Schmidt STUDENT COUNCIL I Top Row: K. Killoren, O'NeiI, T. Slattery, Cabot, Garvey, Massonet, K. Buesing, Seelow, Wolfe , Third Row: Johnson, J. Killoren, E. Buesing, M. Van Ryzin, Koch, Young Retson, Frank, Kranhold, Bailey V Second Row: Van I-landel, Bixby, Kangas, I-l. Van Ryzin, Schiedermayer Clark, Frank, Milhaupt, Riley, Quinn , Bottom Row: DeBaufer, MacGregor, Holtz, Schwartz, 'l.ewis, Frieders Dillon, Boon, Given, Rogers V r ALICE RYDELL MISS ALICE PETERSEN PHILIP RETSON IVIASQLIE AND BOQK The main project ol the Masque and Book Club during the year I935-36 was the production ol four one-act plays. The names ol these plays and their respective producer are as Follows: "The Call That Laid the Golden Eggs," Mary White, "Do You Believe in Luck," I-lenry Johnson, ul-lot Biscuitsf, Alice Rydell, "Soul Vibra- tions,H l-larry Stroebe. The Club bought four books this yearftwo recent novels, a collection of plays, and the Woollcott Reader. Qutside speakers included Miss Anna Iarr, librarian at Lawrence College, Mr. Theodore Cloak, professor ol dramatics at Lawrence College, and Miss Ruth Mclfennan, head ol speech department at Appleton High School. Climaxing the yearls events, the club gave its annual banquet and initiation on April 30. Qtlicers are: Alice Rydell, president, Mary White, vice president, I-larry Stroebe, recording secretary, Mary Kotlend, corresponding secretary, and I-lenry Johnson, treasurer. Miss Alice Petersen is the club sponsor. QLIILL AND SCRCLL Membership in the Appleton I-ligh School chapter of the Inter- national Quill and Scroll Society is a reward to the journalists ol the high school who have excelled in editorial or business work on the Talisman or the Clarion statls. This year the club sponsored a creative writing contest, and the publication of the winning essays, poems, short stories, and book reviews were published in the booklet Hpatterns of Stardust." Sixty-four alumni, members and guests ol honor attended the clubls annual banquet which was held in February. Guests ol honor were those 'who served as judges of the club's annual creative writing contest during the years 'I93I-I936. Qtlicers are Philip Retson, president, l'lenry Johnson, vice president, and Betty White, secretary-treasurer. Faculty members are Miss Borghild Anderson, sponsor ol the club, and Miss Margaret Abraham, Miss Marcella Buesing, Miss Esther Grael, Mr. I-I. I-I. l'lelble, and Mr. George Rowe. A N D L., Q D B K C R L L MASOUE AND BOOK Top Row: Johnson, Crabb, Collins, Retson, Driscoll, Banister, Kranhold, Brown, Catlin, Frieders, Stroebe Third Row: Fountain, Young, Rydell, M. Koffend, White, Franlc, M. White, Zerbel, K. Young, Wells, Chadelc Second Pow: Zuellce, Matteson, Mclienny, Morrow, Lewis, J. KoFlend Verrier, Schiedermayer, Hughes, Miss Peterson, Balliet Bottom Row: Konz, Jarchow, Dillon, Cohen, Schuh, Konrad, Schmidt, Lohr, Hopkins, Briggs, Moylv QUILL AND SCROLL Z , Top Row: Petson, Kottler, Frieders, Crabb, Johnson, W.fSi:hmidt, Chadelr, Rydell, Fountain 1 I Second Row: Zuelke, Matteson, Mrs. Kircher, Morrow, M. White, Verrier Furstenberg, Miss Abraham, Buesing , i Bottom Row: B, White, M. Koffend, M. Libman, J. Koflends Cqhen, Schieder mayer, Hughes, Miss Graef - 3 if ii 5 'i ipf if 4 , 4 i 3 Z ' I t MISS BORGHILD ANDERSON HENRY JOHNSON MISS MARGARET ABRAHAM GORDON CHADEK JEAN LEWIS TALISMAN EDITORIAL STAFF For the Iast eIeven years the Talisman has been the OFIiciaI vveeIcIy newspaper OI the high schOOI. This paper, written and arranged entireIy by the students, reIIects the many diIIerent phases OI schOOI IiIe and strives to give a complete and accurate account OI aII school events and activities. There are many interesting departments in the paper. Feature stories, editorials pertaining tO schOoI IiIe, and news items OI general interest combine to maIce the TaIisman a weII- baIanced schOOI paper OI interest to both the students and the mem- bers OI the IacuIty. Miss Borghild Anderson, the editoriaI sponsor, conducted cIasses in journalism Ior members OI her staII every weeI4 on Tuesday after- noon immediateIy aIter schooI. A special Christmas issue OI eight pages was made possibIe by the cooperation OI both business and editorial staIIs and the IaithIuI vvOrI4 OI I-Ienry Johnson, editor-in-chief, and Mary White, managing editor, who proved themselves to be both capabIe and industrious during the busy year. TALISMAN BUSINESS STAFF AIthough the editoriaI side OI the TaIisman is OI great importance, its work couId not be carried On successfully without the help and cooperation OI the business and advertising staFIs. The students On these staFIs receive the onIy practicaI training avaiIabIe here in Iearn- ing actual business methods by experience and contact with the business vvOrId, Members OI the advertising staII secure contracts Ior advertisements in the Talisman Irom local Firms, vvhiIe the members OI the business staFI coIIect the money owed Ior the space allotted to advertisers. At Ieast seventy inches OI advertising space each vveeIc were required to run the paper, much OI this amount being promised by Firms with contracts Ior seasonal advertising. At the beginning OI schooI, beIore the Christmas hOIidays, and at graduation time, more advertising space than usual was given to advertisers. The sponsor OI both staFIs, Miss Margaret Abraham, held meetings every Tuesday afternoon aIter schOOI. I 1 :I 4 CVT! lt E E5 TALISMAN EDITORIAL STAFF TALISMAN ADVERTISING AND BUSlNEi STAFF Top Pow? Rydell, Pussler, Smith, Hensel, Wolfe, Fountain, Crabb, Johnson, Top Row: Stark, Reuter, Steiner, Miss Abraham Comms' Bdnmer' SHIP Third Pow: Zerbel, Libman, Lohr, Koettler, Furstenberg, Eyieders, Chadelc Middle Row: Catlin, Koch, Yungwirth, Kuck, Hughes, Schiedermayer, Wells, Smith Frank, White, Post Second Row: Zelie, Konrad, Morrow, WilIiamson,, Bfhrendt, Balliet Bottom Row: Wassenberg, Hall, Dillon, Balliet, Miss Anderson, Moyle, Schwab, DriscolI,VermuIIen, Frank, Young 'Q Cohen, Hopkins, White, Stenger Bottom Row: Zussman, White, Lewis, Koffend, Verrier, Bfo,Delrow, Kolfend Courtney, Friedman 2, I I3 ,g 3 ,I I 4 I I I g 1 JOAN MATTESON MR. GEORGE ROWE PHILIP RETSON MISS ESTHEI2 GRAEF CLARICINI EDITCDRIAI. STAFF This year the Clarion staff has carried a seasonal theme throughout the entire boolc. The Annual has been divided into three parts, autumn, winter and spring. The activities which were conducted during these seasons of the current school year are included in their various sections. Advisorship of the Clarion was shared by two teachers this year, Mrs. Everett Kircher, who left at the end of the first semester, and Mr. George Rowe, who toolc over her duties. Contrary to last year's plan of having co-editors, the editorship was handled by Joan Matteson, who was assisted by Florette Zuellze. Last year the students were required to vote on whether or not they wanted to continue the school annual. The vote was in favor of its continuation. The students showed such an interest in the boolc and the financial side was handled so successfully that it was not necessary to vote on the question again this year. Each year the annual is distributed in the early part of June. CLARICN BUSINESS STAFF Again the Clarion, Appleton I-ligh Schools yearboolc, has con- cluded a successful financial year through the efforts of its business staff. ln the annual drive the members of the staff solicited local business and professional men for sponsorships, which provided one of the principal sources of revenue. Another means of income was afforded by the finance plan, in which a large percentage of the high school students participate. Some funds were also obtained from subscriptions. This year philip Retson acted as the general financial and business manager. f'le was assisted by Donald Frieders, who had charge of student subscriptions. Eugene Kottler and Paul Peuter were jointly responsible for collection of faculty subscriptions. All business staff activities were under the supervision of Miss Esther Graef, faculty advisor. CLARION EDITORIAL STAFF CLARION BUSINESSJSTAFF Top Row: Frieders, DeBaufer, Schmidt, Crabb, Fountain, Banistcr, Wells, Top Row: Ilosebush, Frizders, Langlois, Reuter, Pride RYdeIIf Cdthnf post Bottom Pow: Schmidt. Retson, Miss Graaf, Baird, KottIer Middle Row: Mrs, Kircher, Schiedermayer, Zuzllce, Buesing, DiIIon, Kuck, Zerbel, Matteson, Furstenberg Bottom Row: Zuelke, Kampf, Toll, Hopkins, Schuh, While, Hughes, Yungvvirth WILLIAM MEHRING MISS SOP!-IIA I-IAASE DONALD FRIEDEIES MISS MINNE SMITH GERMAN CLUB The German Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Sophia I-Iaase, ceIebrated its Fifth anniversary with a birthday party. During the year a number of students were admitted as members because of their excellent German grades and qualities of Ieadership. The cIub gave its annual Christmas play, Weihnachten im Puppenheim, Wednesday evening, December 'I8, 1935, at the AppIeton I'Iigh SchooI audi- torium. One of the speakers was Dr. Louis Baker, who gave a taIk on German city and viIIage IiIe. I'Ie accompanied his taIk with pictures that he took himself. The cIub has done much to increase interest in the German Ianguage through studying German customs and manners. A German movie, Ein Knopi, was made by cIub members. The officers of the cIub for the year 1935 and 'I936 were WiIIiam Mehring, president, Florence Schiedermayer, vice president, Geral- dine Konz, secretary, and Kenneth MacGregor, treasurer. FREINICI-I CLLIB En Avant has just compIeted its second successIuI year under Miss Minne Smith's direction. The cIub's purpose is to enabIe the students to IamiIiarize themseIves with French customs and atfairs, which, because ofthe Iack of time, cannot be taken up in minute detail in cIass. Cutstanding work in French is the entrance requirement. At the social meetings, held once a month in homes of members, the students give plays and special reports, sing French songs, and pIay French games. Among the outside speakers at various meetings were: Dr. Louis Baker, Mrs. Laura Stroud Bartsch, and Miss Wjsleta Nuss, who spoke on their traveIs in France. Criginal cards, contain- ing noveI ideas and verses, were exchanged at Christmas time. GirIs' AthIetic Association was assisted by En Avant in its annual gift of Thanksgiving baskets to poor families. The 'I935-36 cIub oIIicers were Donald Frieders, president, AIice I?ydeII, vice president and program chairman, EIIen DriscoII, secretary, Enid Bro, treasurer. N C L B C L B GERMAN CLUB FRENCH CLUB Top Row: Baird, Gerhartz, Riley, Mehririg, Krueger, Libman Top Row: Frieders, Weiland, Galpin, Rydell, Drisc oung, Hammer Third Row: Schabo, Zuellce, Rddemacher, Miss l-laase, Anderson, Eggert, Hansel Uecker,Stenger, Bruehl, McGregor Middle Rowzl Walsch, Morrow, Scanlon, Wells, Els Lewis, Kolfend Second Row: Matteson, Schneider, Stegert, Boettiger, Konz, Rademacher, Perry, Miss Smith McKenny, Miers, Banister, White Bottom Royv: Lohr, Radtke, Miellce, Laison, Bro, Kolten Miller, Friedman Bottom Row: Burg, Eggert, Lltschig, Deschler, White, Dillon, Balliet, Hoplunsfpetmson Schiedermayer, Kuck, Zuelke 43 MARY JANE VAN RYZIN MISS ROSEMARY ROYCE G. A. A. With capable directors, members of the Girls' Athletic Association participated in an eventful year. The project undertalcen by the club proved successful. The club was fortunate in getting energetic hilce leaders. The group has three objectives to which it aspires: CID to promote participation in intra-murals for girls, C95 to support all schooi athletics by interest and enthusiasm, and GD to malce the association a power for good living among all the girls of the school. Two initiations were held during the year, one in December at the school and the other at a banquet in May. At the latter the girls who fulfilled specific requirements received their awards. Baslcets were distributed Thanlcsgiving to many needy families in this city. A candy sale was held in the hall, and candy was sold at the football and baslcetball games, l'lil4e leaders for the year were f'lelen Williamson, Myra Kolitish, Miriam Moser, Alice Voit, Doris Korte, Maxine Kampf, Rosilyn fredericlcs, Florence Stadler, Pearl Spielbauer, Edna Murdock, Eunice Belling, Mary Jane Moore, Marjorie Patterson, June Neu- man, Katherine Reterson, Dorothy Lee, Rosalie Diny, Rita Vermeulen, Catherine l-love, Betty Lohr, Temy Zussman, Lois Koffarnus, Delores Jens, Ruth Balclc. A matinee dance was held in April in the gymnasium. The dance furnished much enjoyment for the students and proved very profitable to the organization. The officers for this year were Mary .lane Van Ryzin, president, lda Rayzant, vice president, Elaine Buesing, secretary, Geraldine Konz, treasurer. The sponsors were Miss Rosemary Royce, Miss Kathryn Royce, and Miss Marcella Buesing. The G. A. A. meets once a month, and it is an important factor in every girl's outside activities. It is an organization which the school is justified to feel proud of. We wish this club success for the future and hope it continues its splendid worlc. E lop Row. PQI:-rson, Neuman, pruchnofslci, Wr'yrlibCrg, Bosscr, Wonsor Konz, Padfmachcr, McKenny, Boettlgcr Middle Row. Holcomb, Doeplwr, Schuh, M Moser, Lust Lrtcl, M Moore Korte, M lforoster, M. Ruth Bottom Row: Williamson, Zussman, Kunstman, Patterson, Koffarnus, Balclc, Jens, E. Belling, Delrow, Ryan Top Pow: Abendroth, Kohler, S. Kenyon, M. Rademacher, R Vermulen, Y. Gerlach, Lutz, Ashauer, Frogner Third Row: D, Briggs, McKeefry, Fisher, T Zussman, Delrow, H Van Pyzin J. White, P. Sigl, B. Verruer, Eclcer, Christensen Second Row: A. Holtz, Haberman, E. Bro, M. Delrow, Schwartz, Yentz O'Connor, Steclcer, Frieders, VanHandel Bottom Row Kettenhofen, Possey, M. Kampf, llossberg, Doerlfler, J. Bro, N. Whitrngham, C. Schmidt, Mortell, Hoplensperger Top Row: VanGorp, Franlc, Jarehow, Horrrg Bergman, Speel, E Smith Zwnclcer, Daelke, Koffend Third Pow: Melcher, Spiclbauer, lishcr, Hoffman, Koch, Marty, Qussler Risse, Pegen, Muller Second Row: Blrnder, Strlp, Pelton, Bonini, Mader, Schwalbach, V:-rrizr Steclcleberg, Emmers, Meyer Bottom Row: Murdock, Williamson, Vanl?oov, Endter, Williamson, Hove Muller, Herrman, Lemke, Woodworth Top Pow: llegenfuss, Young, Koftend, Lewis, Stevens, Buesing, Finn, Stadler Ellefson, Lee Middle Row: Behrendt, White, Mccarter, Williamson, Lohr, Vanl2yzin Hatch, Kruclceberg, Delchen Bottom Pow' Kotz, Liegllos, Klamer, Stark, Manugan, Woempner, Mrgnon Deltgen, Kenyon, Eichel 45 ELLEN DRISCOLL MISS RUTH McKENNAN MISS MARY CARRIER MISS RUTH MIELKE DECLAMATORV The contestants in the Dame Declamatory Contest, which is spon- sored by Mr. George Dame, were Rosiland Boettiger, Alyce Jane DeLong, Ellen Driscoll, Jo Ann Konrad, and Agatha Schmidt. The winner ol this contest was Ellen Driscoll, Second place was given to Rosiland Boettiger, Ellen also tied for First place in the Eox River Valley contest. Miss Ruth Mclfennan is the declamatory coach. ln order to give more girls an opportunity to get experience in declamatory work, a runner-up contest was held. The participants in this were Betty Bosser, Evelyn Morrow, Lois Russler, and Doris Ryan. Mildred Eads, '34 assisted Miss Mclfennan in coaching these girls. DEBATE CLLIB lnter-class debates were held by the Debate Club at the beginning ot the school year. The winning teams in this tournament were the senior atiirmative and the junior affirmative. From the class teams the varsity debaters were chosen. These debaters engaged in several non-decision debates with dilierent schools. The debaters were coached by Miss Mary Carrier. Elizabeth Wells was elected debate manager. The question that was debated this year was "Resolved: that the several states enact legislation providing for complete medical service lor all citizens at public expense." LIBRARY STAFF Eight seniors were chosen as assistant librarians by Miss Ruth Mielke, librarian. Grades, dependability, leadership, and school spirit shown in the student's attitude are factors which enter into the selection, The duties of the staff, which center around the circulation desk, include charging books, slipping returned books, recording daily circulation, delivering notices and assisting students who make requests at the desk. Regular statl meetings are held to give instruction to the students and to help them with the ditiiculties they meet in their work. The valuable service given to the school by the Student Stall is genuinely appreciated by the faculty and the student body. D E L A M DECLAMATORY DEBATE CLUB Boettiger, Konrad, Miss Mcliennan, Schmidt, DeLong, Driscoll Top Row: Frieders, Gloudemen, Chedelc, Koetler, Bandv, Riley, Libman Bottom Row: Bentz, Schroederll-lamilton, Miss Carrier, Perry, Zerbel, Well LIBRARIAN STAFF Top Row: Steiner, Stroebe, Frieders, Collins Bottorxrnyliiwz Miss Buesing, Brown, Schiedermayer, Boettiger, Konz, Miss ie e i BAND, CDRCI-IESTRA AND Ci-IQRUS The Appleton l-ligh School Band, under the direction ol Mr. Ernest C. Moore, has long been an institution ol highest ranl4 in this school. For several years the band has talcen First place in both the district and the state tournaments. lndividual members ol the band have also Won honors at these tournaments. -lhis year the band cooperated with the orchestra and chorus in giving benefit concerts at several schools. Under the direction ol lVlr. .lay Williams the high school orchestra has done much to mal4e possible the enjoyment ol good music throughout the city. It has played on many occasions For various organizations, and at the schools throughout the city. At the annual district and state tournaments the orchestra has received many honors. Select members of the orchestra compose a string ensemble which has done much to popularize instrumental music in the city. The Appleton l-ligh School chorus has become a leading organization in the school under the direction of lvlr. Albert Gloclczin. The chorus has a large repertoire which enables it to present programs of wide variety. It has sung in several ol the schools and For various organizations ol the city. The boyis octette which was introduced by Mr. Glocltzin last year, has rapidly become a very popular leature ol the chorus. A N Q C l-l A C I-I O FLAG RAISERS The one tradition which time does not seem to change is that ol electing two seniors whose worlc and character excel all other senior students. Many worthy candidates competed for this coveted position, but the class voted Mary Jane Van Ryzin and Philip Retson capable and worthy of this activity. Both Mary .lane and Philip have played an active part in school lite and have proved worthy of this honor. Besides this responsibility, Mary Jane is secretary of Girl Reserves, secretary-treasurer of the Student Council, president of the Girls' Athletic Association, a mem- ber of the band, and a participant in the Sophomore Vaudeville. Philip has also been an active student around school. l-le is the president of Quill and Scroll, vice president of the Student Council, business man- ager of the Clarion, and a member of the orchestra and band, he was also in the cast for the junior and senior class plays. As in years gone by, the office of the flag raiser alvvays carries with it responsibility and glory. Today and in the coming years it still retains a dignity unequalled by any other. Next year the class ol '37 will pre- serve the class trust by electing its custodians oi the Flag. We feel that this duty is bestowed upon the most intelligent and loyal citizens of this school because of its patriotic symbolism. P I2 T N S K I N I S Q SPARTAN I-II-Y Top Row: Stevens,'O'NeiI, Langlois, Lipske, Besclv, Collins, Marllng, Fellows Bottom Pow: Mr. Hasselblad, Olson, Bernlwagen, Giese, Zerbel, Becker, Macklin, Moore I VIKING I-II-Y Top Pow: Bruyette, Hoffman, Kranzusclw, Schrade, Meyer, Sager, Kapp I-Idrvtsclwel Mwddle Pow: Mr. Babler, Grngnon, Brxby, Slattery, Mueller, Wolfgram Franzen, Toonen Bottom Pow: Kasten, Potter, Houfelc, Leisering, Giebisch, Boelwme, Blinder Greisclw OLYMPIC SOPHOMORE TRIANGLE Top Pow: Mann, Whute, J, Peider, Killoren, Bailey, Oliver Bottom Row: Rogers, Dorman, Schroeder, Zelie, Powers, Arczns FORDQHI-Y MOTT I-HAY Top Row: Mr. Bent, Bayley, Fountain, Johnson, Garwy, Dutcher, Buesing, Too Pow: Behl, Janz, Swamer, Pzotter, Brasch, Llecker, Brewer, Stroebz Libman, Zahn Seelow Bottom Row: McGregor, Furstenbzrg, Hoermng, Retson DautPrman,Cat14n, Bottom Qow. J. Smxth, Braun, Bayer, Spoerl, Meidam, Delrow, Johnson Stznger, Milhaupt, Jury Schabo, Mulder POST SOPHOMOPE TRIANGLE Top Pow: Acker, Fzmal, Orbison, Buchanan, Olfson, J. Smith, M. Smith Bottom Row' H. Holtz, Stark, Wlesenberg, Van Ablef, Peotter, Wlttman, Schmdler INTRAMURALS Again a successful intramural program was shown by Appleton l-ligh School for its student body during the 1935-36 school year. Under the care oi capable leaders and coaches, including Mr. Shields, assisted by Mr. Deliorge, Mr. Gygi, Mr. Cole, and Mr. l-lussner, the program of intramurals in its second year exceeded by lar that of its First year. A larger variety of sports was available to intramuralists this year, and the tournaments were divided into three groupsf namely, fall, winter, and spring. The fall tournaments extended from the beginning of the school year to Thanksgiving, winter activities started after Thanksgiving and extended to the Easter vacation, the spring tournaments lasted from Easter vacation until the expiration ol the school year. A system ol scoring was used in which the winners in each event were awarded Five points and a loser two points. Boys volunteering lor referee work also re- ceived points. l'lome rooms also competed on the point system, and interclass tournaments, to determine the champion home room teams, were also held. Those individuals receiving the greatest number oi points are awarded gold medals on Awards Day. The three leaders early this spring were Jack Seelow, Jim DeYoung, and Henry Becker. The athletic department of Appleton l-ligh School sponsored one of the most complete intramural programs in the state. The results ol all games were checked and recorded by the intramural manager, James Williamson. if V I ...vii Q1 . I , , .3597 vu. . zfftgfi - -Q INTRAMURALS Last fall Leon loonen, a senior, was crowned as golf champion. l'le defeated both junior and sophomore titlists. An early season of dismal weather made it impossible to complete the tennis schedule and crown a school champion. Earl Nlclfeefry, junior, pitched his way to a horseshoe singles championship, he shared doubles honors with a classmate, Floyd Meyers. The senior class copped high point honors at the Fall swimming meet which was held at the Alexander gym- nasium. Sherman Kapp captained the victors. The juniors won the fall baseball crown, and the fall schedule was completed with a bycicle race, which was won by Noel Smith, senior. Winter games included ping pong, bowling, homeroom baslcetball, baslqetball' golf, checlcers, volleyball, and boxing. The following are the school champions: bowling, Don Pigel, senior, ping pong, Jim DeYoung, sophomore, baslcetball golf, Jack Seelow, senior, baslqetball, senior homeroom QO4, volleyball, junior homeroom 3lQfAx, Boxing bouts and wrestling were held for the first time in an officially constructed ring. Boxing champs were named in nine weight divisions. Boxers, wrestlers, faculty teams and other champions closed the season by defeat- ing Neenah in an intramural meet there. Senior Swimmers failed to appear at the spring meet and lost the championship to the sophomores, captained by Jim Bailey. Noel Smith lost his bilqe race crown in the spring race when he was defeated by a sophomore, Walter leslce. Golf, horseshoe, and tennis were played until the close of school. MR. JOSEPH SHIELDS JOHN DUTCHER KENNETH BUESING MR. MYRLON SEIMS BASKETBALL For the first time in six years, Coach Shields varsity basketball squad failed to talce first place honors in the Fox River Valley Con- ference Race. The Orange, however, did finish fairly successfully by tying Qshlcosh l-ligh School for third position. Each team lost four conference games. Winning their first three scheduled contests of the current season against Neenah, Menasha, and Manitowoc, the Terrors appeared to be heading toward a conference pennant. The squads hopes fell rapidly after losing by the score of QO to 13 to a flashy fond du Lac team, but this was soon brightened with wins over New London and West Green Bay. The results of the Terrors' efforts during the entire season showed eleven wins as compared to six losses. Four of the losses came in conference competition, the team having lost to Fond du and Manitowoc once and East Green Bay, conference champions, twice. The five non-league games showed the Grange splitting even with Neenah and Menasha but winning its game from New London. The last game played against the Neenah Roclcets here proved to be a thriller. The Grange had led for three quarters but relinquished the lead two minutes before the game ended. Co-Captains Kenneth Buesing and John Dutcher led the Shields- men in the year's contests. They were the only two lettermen who returned for this year's play with the highs. John Dutcher, forward, was one of the leading scorers in the Valley Conference and led his team in that department. Ken Buesing was the hardest fighter on the team both offensively and defensively and never slaclced his fast type of play even though the game appeared to be lost. Assistant Coach Mrylon Seims again coached the seconds through a successful season and also assisted Coach Shields in pro- ducing a winning combination of players. For these reasons, Mr. Seims is regarded highly by his fellow worlcers. VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Coaches Seims and Shields Mnddle Row: Bayley, Sellers, Kapp, Manager Thoms, Burton, Vanllyzin Johnson Bottom Pow: Meyers, Mortell, Dutcher, Buesing, Slattery, Mclieefry SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach Seims, Bailey, Schade, Bohnsack, Schmidt, Oliver Bottom Row: Helms, Bergner, Manager Fox, Arens, Hoeppner Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton. Appleton. BASKETBALL SCORES . . . Q0 Neenalw ,.....,. . , . . . . Q9 Menaslwa CSL lVlary'SD A . Q9 Manitowoc .,,.... . 'l3 l:onclduLac... .M Q8 New London. . ... Q4 West Green Bay, . .. 18 EastGreen Bayw... . , . T8 Menaslwa CSL Mary'sD ... 31 Fonol du Lac .... ... .,. Q5 Sheboygan... .,, 30 Sl1etJoy3an..,.. ... 31 West Green Bay. . .. 18 EastGreen Bayw... 18 lVlanitovvoe.,,,.. , . . Q5 Neenalw .... A A . 0 o or, Korte, Balclc, Koehler, l-l. Van Ryzin, Patterson T p Row: Bro, Kolitsch, Kettenhofen on m Row: Zussman, Williamson, Moore, Ryan, Melcher Lawson, Boon, Frank, Pussler, Moore, Lohr VOLLEYBALL KICKBALL BASKETBALL i GIRLS' ATHLETICS The girls' intramural program was supported very enthusiastically this year. Approximately two hundred girls entered into the activities, which consisted ol baslcetball, baseball, lcicltball, and volleyball. Miss Rosemary Royce, girls' gymnastic instructor, was the advisor. Teams were selected in each ol the sports, and they played each other lor the championship. Each team was lead by a captain. This year a new event was added to the list of social activities of Appleton l-ligh School. This event was the First annual May Day. The day's activities were held lor the benefit and pleasure of all Appleton l-ligh School girls. This year's May Day was held on April Q5 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. A large number ol enthusiastic girls turned out and the event was very successlul in the estimation ol all who attended. Because ol these excellent results, the event will be repeated again next year. During the day various sports were held in which all the girls could participate. Some of these activities were volleyball, horseshoes, baseball, lciclcball, baslcetball throw, standing broad jump, and ping pong. Arrangements lor this allair were also under Miss l2oyce's direction with the aid ol various committees. l 57 g,-'gl 33' -5 if S, -x,,a,, Y-M. . is +4q,X CSX, - TQ - X - J This mountain stream that in the hungry year Wild-flashing leaps with throat of startled song To the bright rhythm of the sun with clear Insistent shout, these ere-vieed rocks and strong, Sure heights from which in pause of silver nights The certain stars with surety will sink Into the eager stream their mingled lights, Myriadjlit, link upon shining link: These your heritage--tall heights that rise To touch eternal stars with swift surmise, And moods of sun. Here where the rugged trees Touch tips to open shy without surcease The questing spirit of the mountain stream Finds in a sweep of stone the strength of dream. -MARGARET BROOKS, '37 s x. , -4 4, Q w 'X .Q N fx 1 s Q., x N CRAFTSMANSHIP SHIELD Each year the graduating senior who in the combined judgment of the faculty has excelled in scholarship, leadership, service, and char- acter is awarded the Craltsmanship Shield. It is aclcnowledged the highest honor and the most coveted award that a student of Appleton l-ligh School can command. The senior who received the award this year was Kenneth Buesing. Kenneth has been president ol his class for three consecutive years. l-le was elected president ol the Student Council in his senior year but resigned because of his class presidency. Kenneth was president ol the Rochne Sophomore Triangle in his sophomore year, president of the Ford l'li-V in his junior and senior years, and a member of the band throughout high school. ln addition he was one of the high school's most outstanding athletes. l-lis past three years have been remarkably versatile. A Fitting cul- mination to a brilliant high school career is the well-deserved award. Maxi . x K 54 f-1 U x, A ky 1 ffiyf-goto-+i'-AC, 'L ,L L. AMERICAN LEGIQN AWARD John Dutcher and Kenneth Buesing this year jointly received the American Legion Award given by the Qney Johnston Post No. 38. This award is made primarily on the basis ot outstanding activity in athletics, together with a high scholastic standing. Both John and Kenneth have taken part in all three major sports. John played on the second team in basketball during his sophomore year, First team in his junior year, and was co-captain in his senior year. l-le was a member of both the varsity football and track teams in his junior and senior years. John has also taken part in tennis and goll. Kenneth participated in varsity football and track all three years. l"le was chosen captain of the second all-conference football team. l'le played basketball in his junior and senior years and was co- captain his last year. ln addition he has played tennis. These boys have been noted for the teamwork and cooperation which they exhibited in all sports during the three years they played together. Top Row: Chadelc, Mehring, Johnson, Young, Rydell, Steiner, Bailey, Buesing Middle Row: Bayer, Brown, Schiedermayer, Driscoll, Boettiger, Cech, Matteson, Zuelke, Furstenberg Bottom Row: Lol-ir, Hanselman, Konz, Verrier, B. White, M. White, Schmidt, Rasmussen, Petson NATIONAL I-IGNGR SOCIETY Twenty-seven seniors of Appleton High School received one of the highest hon- ors the school otters when, on May 7, they were inducted into the National Honor Society on a four-fold basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year's group is the largest in the history of the society since its inauguration at the high school in 1998. To be scholastically eligible forthe Honor Society one must be in the upper third ol his class. Talcing this and the other three qualities of the Tour- lold basis into consideration, the faculty individually selects the honor students each year. At the induction ceremony, conducted by Mr. Clement Ketchum and Mr, H. H, Helble, candidates toolc the vows of the society and then were awarded either pins or lceys. Pins were awarded to the girls, lceys to the boys. The symbols ol the society are the lceystone and the Flaming torch. The lceystone, with its four letters C. S. l.. S., signified the Four cardinal principles of the organization. The torch is emblematic of the society's high ideals. After the ceremony the new members were entertained in the library at a tea given by the Faculty. Alumni of the society were present, 62 W DRAMATICS The annual Senior Vaudeville was an unusual success. It was composed ol twenty original acts: dances, songs, melodramas, and sl4its. The vaudeville was supervised by Miss Ruth Mclfennan, The various acts were directed by student coaches. The pro- ceeds lrom this performance were used to purchase the pins lor the National l'lonor Society. The class ol 1936 presented 'Kl.eave it to Psmithn as the annual senior play. The play was an adaptation from a novel ol the same title by P. G. Wodehouse. William Mehring played the title role, and Ellen Driscoll played opposite him as leading lady. Most ol the action toolc place in an old English castle near London. The interpretation was excellent, and the play was well received by the audience. This play was directed by Miss Ruth Mclfennan. Two one-act plays were presented by the Junior Play Group. They were Hlfvening Clothesf' a play by the well known Wisconsin writer, Zona Gale, and Hlhe Shadow." The former was the story ol the convention-bound villagers in a typical rural town who revolted on the occasion ol an impromptu wedding and came dressed in the gay dresses ol their grandparents. The scene ol the latter, a mystery, was laid in an old Southern mansion. ln the end the mystery ol the ghost is solved, and the owners ofthe plantation, who were about to sell their home, are able to lceep it because ol their daughters wealthy lover. These plays were directed by Miss Ruth Mclfennan. WILLIAM MEHRING MR. LEONARD SPRAGLJE WALTER WRISTON MR. MARCUS PLANT ORATQRV Each year for the last fifteen years a l-leiss Qratorical Contest is held in the school auditorium in honor of William l'leiss, who once attended Appleton f'ligh School. The contestants this year and their orations were: Gerald Libman, "The Roar of the World and Godny Robert Collins, Upseudo Patriotism", Thomas Marfing, 'The Spirit of Vouthn, Kenneth Day, "Dollars, Doctors, and Diseasen, and William Mehring, HfVlunitions Nlaltersfl William was awarded first place and Kenneth second. Mr. Leonard Sprague, history teacher, coached the orators and planned the program this year, Dr. Carl Neidhold presided at the contest. The judges, all Lawrence College professors, were Dr. Crow, professor of government, Dr. Trevor, professor of history, and Dr. Mitchell, associate professor of public spealcing. The first place winner of the local contest in Appleton enters the Fox River Valley League contest. William Mehring went to She- boygan and was awarded fourth place in competition with seven schools. EXTEMPORANECDLIS Qne of Appleton l-ligh School's traditions is the annual holding of the Bolton-Roth extemporaneous contest. lt is given every year in memory of Ted Bolton and Carlton Roth, two prominent members of the class of 'Q8 who drowned in Lalce Winnebago in 1999. The extemporaneous contest is the most difficult of high school competitive speeches, for each contestant has only one hour in which to prepare his topic. Both boys and girls are allowed to participate. The winner represents Appleton l-ligh School in the Fox River Valley extemporaneous meet. Walter Wriston was given first place in this year's contest for his speech "Congressional lnvestigationsf' l-le was awarded the silver plaque. Thomas Marfing won second place for his presentation of Hplans for Social Security." Cther contestants were John Killoren, Gerald Libman, and l-larry Zerbel. Mr. Marcus Plant, history in- structor, coached the spealcers. R A T R V E X T E M R O R E ORATORY Libman, Marling, Mr. Sprague, Mehring, Day, Collins EXTEMPORE SPEAKING Top Row: Libman, Wriston Bottom Row: Killoren, Mr. Plant, Marling, Zerbel BILL LOH2 1935 TRACK TEAM CASH VAN ALSTYNE Top Row: Blazer, l-luglen, Mr. Seims, Mr. Shields, Madson Middle Row: Pakarski, A. Gerarden, Kapp, Meyer, V. Dutcher, VanRyzin, Rankin, V. Jones, Fiebel- korh, Schacle, T. Gerarden , Kolitsch, Gmeiner Bottom Row: Manager Hoolihan, Lohr, Bixby, Mueller, J. Dutcher, LaMarre, Captain Thoms, Van Alstyne, Buesing, Slattery, Sellers, Brucks, Manager Reuter. TRACK The Appleton l-ligh School track team opened the 1935436 season by taking last place in a tri- angular track meet with West Green Bay and Manitowoc at Green Bay. The Terrors lost their next four meets, gaining only one second position in the triangular meet with Oshkosh and Neenah l-ligh Schools at the latter's track stadium. The Orange defeated West Green Bay Juniors for its only track win of the season. Robert Thoms, captain-elect, usually won his event, the half-mile, but this fact did not seem to inspire the Orange with enough energy and spirit to produce victory. William Lohr and Cash VanAlstyne led this year's track squad with a great amount of confidence and enthusiasm. Appleton started the season with a bang by posting a win at the Wisconsin Rapids invitational track meet, upsetting the predictions of the season's early dopesters. ln their next meet, the Kaukauna Dual Relay, the Terrors swept all of the events, except a third in the high hurdles, discus and hundred yard dash. East Green Bay scored 92 points to defeat our tracksters in a triangular meet with Manitowoc. Appleton garnered a second place with a 74 point total and won another triangular with West Green Bay and Shawano. The 1936-37 track team representing this school is considered by many to be the greatest squad that has ever been put on a track field by this school. Mr. Joseph Shields as track mentor deserves a great deal of credit for his painstaking work. TRACK MEETS OF 1935-36 Appleton ,... . . . 41512 West Green Bay ..... 81 Kg Manitowoc .,.. . . . 64M Appleton .,... 48 Oshkosh ........... . 60 Appleton ..... . . . 5654 East Green Bay ....... 73 Shawano .... ... 6092 Appleton ...,. ... 67 DQ Oshkosh ............ 7672 Neenah ,,..... ... 60M Appleton. .. ... Q3 West Green Bay ..... 6Ol5 Manitowoc. . . .. ... 43 Oshkosh ,........... 39 East Green Bay ....... 34,56 Appleton... .. . 67 West Green Bay l-ligh School Juniors ..... 41 Appleton - Q -At Madison State Meet Appleton - Sth - Oshkosh -1st- West - Qnd - Manitowoc 3rd - East f 4th QConferenceD Farewell editorials, features, and speeches usually start, "lt is with a deep feeling of regretnf and that is exactly how we, the class of '36, feel as we loolc baclc on the three "best years of our lives." lt was with a feeling of confusion, however, that we entered A. l-l. S. as sophomores. We were duly considered insignificant and unimportant, and how proud we felt when a sophisticated senior honored us with as much as a glancel Do you remember the sophomore party when we all dressed up in antique clothes, and Elmer Schabo came as a villain in a top hat and moustache? Then there was the sophomore vodvil. Cl hope we weren't responsible for its abolish- ment.D And how proud we were when Coach Shields announced there was a lot of promising athletic talent in our midst! And he wasn't wrong. We were very confident when we entered as juniors. lt almost went to our heads when we were allowed to go to the junior-senior assemblies and could explain to "those ignorant sophsu that even if the sign did say "Home Room," they were supposed to stay at school. We were experienced all right. The high points of that year were the junior plays. Under no "Circumstances" would we have missed the play by that name, or the Chinese one with Frank brealc- ing everybody's Zahrt Cexcuse, pleaseD with his solemn announcements. lt was through a maze of music going round and round, high elk shoes, ankle soclcs, plaid shirts, and checlced ties that we loolc back on our eventful senior year at our clear old Alma Mater. And so we bring to a close our review of three memorable and unforgettable years. 'l, Windy Glaser and Gert Forbeck are in the umbrella scene up at the top. Q, The White twins haven't changed much, have they? 3. See the big land slide. Bill Catlin's at the bottom of it. 4. OF course foot- ball again - in our OD bleachers. 5. Otto Ueclcer is all dressed up in derby and ear muffs but only going to school. 6. Paul Reuter is clowning again. 7. Remember when the team got their new jerseys. 8. Bob Furstenberg. 9. Don Frieders with another kitten, 'lO. Mary Zuehlke with Jim Smith popping up behind. Tl. Alyce Jane all dressed up. 19. Phil l2etsonfsurprised'? 13. Get away, John, we wanted a nice picture of Ellen. 14. Just waiting for doors to open. 15. A. l-l. S. band going to town. KENNETH BUESING WILLIAM LOHR MARY JANE VAN RYZIN CARLTON VOSS SENIOR CLASS MESSAGE Every year the graduating cIass at AppIeton I-Iigh SchooI has been becoming Iarger and Iarger, and the cIass of I36 is no exception. But did you ever stop to reaIize what this means? Every boy and girl who Ieaves schooI must Find a position in this worIdI It is true that some postpone this time by continuing their schooling, but in time they too wiII be thrown into the midst of the triaIs and tribulations ot this busy worId. Right now, in these United States, one out oi every Iour high schooI graduates is unempIoyed. Are you going to join these ranks? Are you going to become a parasite? Those are a Iew questions to think about, but donit Iet them worry you. Not all the IieIds oi occupation are overcrowded, not all the highest honors have been achieved. There is aIways room in this world Ior hard workers and leaders, Don't thinIc that if you were a Ieader in high schooI, however, that you wiII get aIong in IiIe. I3eopIe don't aIways judge you by your past. Many times they judge you by what you are at the present time. II you didn't do so weII in your high schooI days, maIce up your mind to do better upon your graduation. Set a goaI for yourseII and then try to reach it. Qbviously some of us didnit get as much out of high school as possible, but there are some things that we aII Iearned. We Iearned to associate with peopIe. We Iearned to co-operate and to worIc toward common goals. We were taught to thinIc and to get aIong with other peopIe. In other words, we were taught the basic Fundamentals of good citizenship and that is the prime essentiaI Ior success. So as our parting words, Iet us thanIc aII those who have guided and encouraged us with their Icind words and assistance. And as for us, Iet us go out and conquer the worId and show them their worIc was not in vainI Kenneth Buesing fhuffn H97 ,TX LC, . cuffs fm 14 - 4 ffl W' O 644144-AQQAJJM GERTRLJDE ALBRECHT Band Q, 3, Student Council Q, 3 FLORETTE ANDERSON German Club 4 OLIVE ALESCH General Course MILTON ARPS Football Q, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mott Hi-Y 3, 4, lntramurals Q, 3, 4 MARGARET AURES General Course MARGARET BABINO G. A. A, 3, 4, Junior Play ,KQ Qt' 1 afwfffk ROBERT BAlRD . Clarion 4, German Club 4 BETTE BALLIET Talisman 3, 4, Masque and Book 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, Ouill and Scroll 4 JOHN BANDY Track Q, Talisman Q, 3, Clarion Q, 3, Orchestra Q, Chorus Q, 3, 4, Mott Hi- Y 3, Debate Club 4, Sophomore Vaude- ville, Junior Play DOROTHY BANlSTER Talisman 2, 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, Senior Class Play CHARLES BASSETT Spartan Hi-Y 4, lntramurals 3, 4 WILLIAM BAUERLEIN General Course KN A ,' CL JOHN BAYER ROGER BEHL Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Mott Sophomore Tri- German Club 4, Mott Hi Y 3 4 Presi angle Q, Mott Hi-Y 3, 4, Debate Q, dent 3, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q String Ensemble 4 KENNETH BAYER Chorus 2, 3 CARL BAUMANN Manual Arts Course EDWIN BAVLEY Band 3, 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q, Ford Hi-V 3, 4, Tennis Q, 3, Basketball 4, Intramurals 3, 4 HENRY BECHER Tennis 3, Spartan Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 3, 4 JANE BECHER Band 4 EDITH BEHNKE Chorus 4, Entered from C PEARL BEHNKE Commercial Course VIOLETTE BEHNKE Chorus Q, 3, 4 CORA JANE BEILKE General Coursewwill August EUNICE BELLING G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 w AQU- RAY BENTZ Debate Club 4, lntramu MARVIN BERGNER General Course ARLINE BERINGER Orchestra 3, 4 ROLAND BERNI-IAGEN Spartan I-li-Y 3, 4 AUDREY BESCI-ITA General Course I-IARRIET BOETTCI-I ER General Course rals Q, 4 ROSALIND BOETTIGER Declamatory 4, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4, Senior Class Play ALICE BOLDT General Course I-IELEN BOMIER Chorus 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 ALICE BORSCHE G. A, A. Q ROBERT BOSSER Rifle Club 3 LEONARD BRASCI-l Traclc Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q, Football Q, 3, 4, Captain 4, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Ford I-li-Y 3, Mott I-li-V 4, Intra- murals Q, 3, 4 Rf? EL CT 'li 3 f sh fl. ffl 'tak NLP f X Q'O .Xl J QL! ,1 LL1kL'li"4'Lf F GOING RUTH BRAY General Course ROBERT BRAUN Chorus 4, Mott Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Intramurals 3 lil JAMES BREWER Mott Sophomore Triangle Q, Mott Hi- Y 3, 4 ENID BRO French Club 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Talisman 4, Girl Reserves 4 EDNA BROCK General Course CAROL BROWN Masque and Book 4, Girl Reserves 4, Assistant Librarian 4, Commercial Club 4 JEROME BRUEHL Band 3, 4, Spartan Hi-Y 3, German Club 4 KENNETH BUESING Traclc Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, Football Q, 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Class OFlicer Q, 3, 4, President Q, 3, 4, Tennis Q, 3, Student Council 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q, President Q, Ford Hi-V 3, 4, President 3, 4 DORIS BURG Chorus 4, German Club 3, 4 MARY BURKE General Course JEAN BUSSE G. A. A. 4, Entered from Kaulcauna High 3 JOHN CAMPBELL Roclcne Hi-Y 3, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 u .- UV U 'likficif QL LOD I Q , W X 'xr' u I . , N, l Q --V, Maxfb WMS E, we 'Thx'-1' ,W as -4 41. I A A 1 , ' I f - r - . -'-- 1- 'C 4 V I . 5 f-fur V., l , yY all-L -,,j,,., .K -L f.,.1XJ,J . - 4 . ,V -,V X - I FLORENCE CASEY' '1'fl'l ' J-'Aww STJQ-Je. ROBERT COLLINS Q General Course Vu! A , N , ,....,., X- Talisman 3, 4, Oratory 4, Junior Play, Y j:uL7UffL114 ' NA' K Xu- Masque and Book 3, 4, Assistant Libra- ' "NJ-AfaA2A.,. 7,L,l- J,-sa 'veei 1 V, 4 1, gf.-lf P, AYA,,,,,A 'K L., .-f, 1 4, BILL CATLIN -f M' 'r"'f" - Student Council Q, 3, Class OFIicer Q, '37 Clarion 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q, Ford I-li-Y 3, 4, Intramurals Q ROSEMARY CATLIN General Course JUNE CECI-I College Course GORDON CI-IADEK Talisman Q, 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Clarion 3, Debate Club Q, 3, 4, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q, Mott I-li-V 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, French Club 3, Ouill and Scroll 4, Senior Class Rlay EDWARD CLEMONS Chorus 4 ,-, -5, . ,.,', ,,f,,, 1 I Ng, rian 4, Mott I-li-V Q, Spartan I-Ii-Y 4, I Ouill and Scroll 4, Senior Class Play , Xu 3 I I Euviiiiz COON 5 I Commercial Course L :X ,Q , S i ' I 2 IX I VIRGINIA COURTNEY ls 'Q General Course ROBERT CRABB ,xx Q :VX Football Q, Talisman Q 3 4, Clarion 3 ' li 5 1 1 1 1 1 ,R V , X 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle 2, Roclcne XX X46 'J I-li-Y 3, Masque and Boolc 3, 4, Ouill 1 " ll and Scroll 4, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 X . lk wx I X 1 Cx x. ' DOROTI-IY CURTIS I X3 1 fi X Commercial Course ' 'Q il I N X I REX I 'xlxx il Ax QNX BERT DAGEN I ' S gl st General Course T ' N N xg X Y, v 4, i ji 1 K X 1 I 73 L HMM F Xbox df gZ .QMQQ K7 ALVQE JANXE Deiorsio ' rf Sophomore Vaudeville, Junior Play, Declamatory 3, 4, Senior Class Play EDWARD DELROW Mott I-Ii-Y 3, 4 MARY LOU DELROW Talisman 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 1 JOSEPH DeNOBLE Chorus 4, Poclcne Sophomore Triangle Q Pockne I-Ii-Y 3, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 MARION DeNOBLE General Course ELMER DePI2EZ Intramurals 2, 3, 4 r,fa,1,1EJ"tL they - Q2 3251: -.-,i .--,.s ,,, A CL KA e- f-mPiUf3T 6L,L..Q.Q71,,,9 , Q,-4.44,-llfu-Q4 U ,. L 'x " , FJMA4 71,5 :Saws-rm 07 DOROTHY DESCHLER Chorus 4, German Club 4 JOSEPl-llNE DIEHN General Course WALTER DIETRlCl-l General Course GERALDINE DILLON Student Council 4, Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 4, Masque and Book 4, German Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Junior Play ALBERTA DOEPKER G. A. A. Q, 3, Rifle Club 4 ROBERT DOHR General Course MARY YOUNG Class Officer 3, Band Q, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, French Club 3, 4, Masque ancl Book 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Junior Play MYRTLE DREIER General Course ELLEN DRISCOLL Talisman 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 4, French Club 3, 4, Debate 2, Declamatory 3, 4, Sophomore Vaude- ville, Junior Play, Senior Class Play JOl-lN,DUTCl-lER Track Q, 3, 4, Football Q, 3, 4, lntramurals Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Tennis 2, 3, Student Council 52, 3, Chorus 3, Rifle Club 3, Rockne Sophomore Tri- angle Q, Ford l-li-Y 4 RAMONA ECKER Orchestra Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 BERNICE EGGERT Commercial Course 1' QM .wi-pg 1 :-, 4 MARY EGGERT German:Club 3, 4 ROBERT ECKES General Course FRANCIS ELLIOTT Chorus 4, Rockn Roclcne I-Ii-V 3 JANE ELSNER Erench Club 3, 4 EUNICE EMMERS German Club 3, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 BERNARD ERNST Dropped School, General Course e Sophomore Triangle Q, ROBERT ERTL General Course VIRGINIA EVERSON Orchestra Q, Chorus EDNA EIEBELKORN General Course WILLIAM FIEBELKORN Track Q, 3, 4, Intramu VIOLET FILZ General Course DELORES EISI-IER I-Iome Arts Course JI ,U I O lfffhy. L - Fillitltw , 'In , V MLM ff sf Q BILL FLECK Football 3, Talisman Q, Orchestra Q, Chorus Q, 3, Sophomore Vaudeville, Junior Play ANITA FORBECK Band 3, 4, German Club 3 GERTRLIDE FORBECK Band Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4 VINCENT FORSTER Rifle Club 3 JEAN FOSTER General Course ROBERT FOUNTAIN Talisman Q, 3, 4, Clarion 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Tennis 3, Ford I-li-Y Q, 3, 4 Y. Q for"Ql Q09 gh:-eL'7lfA-'Cl . '-f 7154, H Qudijfllk x +f1MM.iL1L VIRGINIA Fox U tr fIU'MMLlf1 I I. General Course I- ,- ELLEN FRAPPY General Course DONALD FRIEDERS Football Q, Roclcne I-li-Y 3, Rocltne Sophomore Triangle Q, Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Assistant Librarian 4, Debate 3, Rifle Club 3 SARAH FRIEDMAN Commercial Club 4 ROBERT FURSTENBERG Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Ford I-li-V 3, 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q RICI-IARD GARVEY Football 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Ford I-li-Y 4, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Roclcne I-li-V 3, Senior Class Rlay 77 ffyo 7 ' JOHN GEENEN General Course DONNA GALLEA General Course ALBERT GARDNER Traclc 4, Chorus 4 MERLIN GER!-IARTZ Band 3, 4, German l-li-Y 4 YVONNE GERLACH G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Talisman 4 JANE GEROU Chorus 3, 4 lk Club 3, 4, Spartan Student Council Q, MARGARET GETSFRIED College Course WINTON GLASER Band Q, 3, 4, Chorus Q, Orchestra 3, 4 Rifle Club 3, 4, Sophomore Vaudeville Intramurals Q, 3, 4 JOAN GMElNER Commercial Course NORBERT GLOUDEMANS Intramurals 3 LEONARD GOODING Chorus Q, 3, 4 JAMES WOOD College Course ' ,L-kfl iw A' 1 l 9 jgtnboeifpif, I bl Q! sd P ., ,T RUSSELL GRESENS T MARCELLA l-lAl-lN College Course Ji, lu llrucf Chorus 4 A fir A ISABELLE GRIESBACI-l I Chorus 3, Commercial Club 4 INEZ GRISHABER HELEN l-IAMEISTER General Course RUTH HANNA Home Ang Course Girl Reserves 4, Entered from Southside MARGARET GROOTEMONT General Course DAVID GURNEE Commercial Course ERVIN l-IAERTEL Band Q, 3, 4 Junior l-ligh School, Rockville Center, New York LORRAINE HANSELMAN Student Council 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4 JANE HANTSCHEL College Course ROBERT l-lANTSCl-lEL Viking l-li-Y 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4 'z ui 'uhh' GORDON HAWLEY General CoursefWill Graduate in August Lois win I General Course CARLETON HEINRITZ Roclcne Hi-Y 3, Rifle Club 3, lntramurals Q, 4 FRIEDA HELMS Commercial Club 4 lONE HERRMANN G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4 WALTER HlLDEBRANDT Commercial Club 4 LORRAINE HOESLY General Course JOHN HOERNING Traclc Q, 3, 4, Student Council Q, 3 Class Orficer 3, Band Q, 3, Chorus 4 Pep Band Q, 3, Roclcne Sophomore Tri angle Q, Ford Hi-Y 3, 4 ALICE HOFF General Course GRACE HOFFMAN Commercial Club 4, G, A. A. Q, 3, 4 ROSE MARIE HOFFMAN Junior Play, Will Graduate in August ERNA HOLTZ Commercial Club 4 ANITA HOPPE Commercial Club 4 WILLIAM HOUFEK viking l-li-Y 4 f ELLEN HUEBNER College Course LORRAINE HUEBNER Chorus Q, Band 3 MARGARET HUGHES Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Masque and Book SZ, 3, 4, Girl Reserve 3, 4 MARY HUGHES Commercial Course WILLIAM JAHNKE Chorus 4, Basketball Manager 9 KENNETH JANZ Traclc 3, Chorus 4, Mott Hi-Y 3, 4, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q JOYCE JESKE Commercial Course HELEN JOECKS Chorus Q, 3 DOROTHY JOHNSON Commercial Course HENRY JOHNSON Student Council SZ, Tennis Q, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q, Class Office 2, Clarion 3, Pep Band Q, 3, Ford Hi-Y 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Editor 4, Band Q, 3, 4 sf ,4J.f4 4 LEGAL' YNGVE JOHNSON Student Council 4, Chorus 3, 4, Mott Hi-V 4 VIVIAN JOHNSON General Course ROBERT JONES Track 3, Industrial Arts Club Q, 3, 4, President 4, Roclcne Hi-Y Q, 3, Stage Manager Q, 3, 4 RAYMOND JURY Ford Hi-Y 3, 4 RAMONA JUSE General Course HELEN KANGAS G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Student Council 4 SHERMAN KARP Basketball 4, Traclc 3, 4, Football 9 Intramurals Q, 3, 4 I N CHARLES KENYON Chorus Q, 3, Debate Q, 3 SHIRLEY KENYON Chorus Q, 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3 CLAYTON KILLE Talisman 4 OTTO KIRK General Course--Will Graduate in August GEORGE KIRSCHENLORE French Club 3, Chorus 4, Junior Play 1 gwiw-A. iwerm vuwfruffilo a FL., kf',,w'LQ+Vf'L' e xt, xii? f MARY ALICE KLAPSTEIN General Course EDWINA KLINE General Course OSCAR KLAUSE Intramurals 22, 3, 4 VIVIAN KLUESS General Course JOSEPH KOENIGSEDER A ee , gd. Simca f' - '. Gi WL 1-vw.. JEAN KOFFEND Talisman 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Masque and Boolc 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Girl Reserves 4, Sophomore Vaudeville MARY KOFFEND Talisman 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Girl Reserves 4, Sophomore Vaudeville WlLLlAM KOEPKE Commercial Course CECELIA KOI-ll. Commercial Course DEAN KOLETZKE Chorus 4 General Course ESME KOCH GERALDINE KONZ Student Council Q, 3, 4, G. A, A. Q, 3, Talisman 3, German Club 3, 4, Masque 4, Talisman 4, Commercial Club 4 ancl Book 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Assistant Librarian 4 . GL - up ,mm W ,,,JQf,+o LUCILLE KOSS Talisman Q, 3 Pll uf? EUGENE KOTTLER Band 3, 4, Talisman 4, Clarion 4, lntra- murals Q, 3, Junior Play, Ouill and Scroll 4, Senior Class Play THEODORE KRANZLJSCI-l Orchestra Q, Viking l-li-Y 4 JANE KRAY Chorus Q, 3, 4 KATHRO KRIECK General Course - August WILLARD KRUEGER German Club 4 Will Graduate BETTY KUBITZ Commercial Club 4 MARGARET KUCK Band Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Talisman 4, Clarion 4, Junior Play, Senior Class Play CLARA KUZENSKI General Course JANETTE LaFOND Will Graduate in August, Orchestra Q, 3,4 JEANNE LAISON French Club 3, 4 MARIE LeCAPlTAlNE General Course -Q-1-'tg GF FA 1 ,lwiw KU CL 4, A wil' 5,146,411 I O ,lingua-:!LLfzu"ffF 44 L Cf ' 4 50- " KENNETH LEE if JEAN LEWIS General Course BERNICE WOLF Commercial Course EDGAR LEISERING Orchestra Q, Vilcin LAWRENCE LENZ General Course WAYNE LeROY Chorus 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle EZ, Roclcne l-li-Y 3, Senior Class Play NEVA LETTMAN l-lome Arts Course Talisman 3, 4, Advertising Manager 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, G. A. A, Q, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 GERALD LIBMAN Talisman Q, 3, Clarion Q, Chorus Q, 31 Oratory 4, Extemporaneous 3, Ford l-li- Y 3, 4, Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q, German Club 3, 4 ERNICE LOEPER Orchestra Q, Chorus 3, 4, G. A. A, Q WlLLlAM LOl-lR Traclc Q, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Football Q, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Orchestra EZ, Band Q, 3, 4, Ford l-li-V 4, Junior Play, Talisman 4 MILDRED MAAS Commercial Club 4 KENNETH MacGREGOR Student Council Q, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Ford I-li-Y 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 'U"rflUL1. , f,IWCAQl1vL0'lwL!fk Clcfflk Qi KERMIT MELTZ LEONA MERKEL General Course Commercial Club 4 LaVERNE MADER PHILIP MATTSON G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Rifle Club Q MARY LOUISE MANCI. VICTOR MATTSON Chorus 4, Entered from St. Mary's High 3 Intramurals 3, 4, Rifle Club Q BERNICE MANIER ROBERT MAVES General Course Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Pep Band Q, 3 THOMAS MASSONET JAMES MCCOY Intramurals 3, Student Council 4, Talis- General Course man 3, 4, Junior Play JOAN MATTESON KERMIT MAVNARD Student Council 3, Talisman 3, Clarion General Course+WiIl Graduate in 3, 4,Editor4,German Club 3, 4,Masque August and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 Q H I II" aa I4 L'Iwi,3,f- CU PATRICIA MCKENNV EDGAR MILI-IALIPT Talisman 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, G. A. A. Ford I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Roclcne Sophomore Tri- Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, German angle Q, Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Football 4 Club 3, 4 MILES MEIDAM LEO MILI-IAUPT Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Mott I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Cheerland 3, 4, DebateQ Tennis 3 WILLIAM MEI-IRING IRLENE MILLER Oratory 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Presi- General Course dent 4, Debate 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Class Play JOYCE MILLER Talisman Q, 3, 4, French Club 4, Girl Reserves 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 LILA MEIERS German Club 4 VIOLETTE MINTON General Course GORDON MIGNON Manual Arts Course LEONARD MITCHELL VERA MIELKE French Club 3, 4, G, A. A. Q, Junior Manual Arts Course Play W Ja tt l ull Lili ' AV Lf vigil flrff 'ccffefm C ERNEST MOORE C . Orchestra Q, 3, Band Q, 3, 4, Clarion 4, Band Librarian 3, 4, Spartan Hi-V 3, 4 EVELYN MORROW Student Council Q, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Clarion 2, 3, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4 LEO MORTELL Basketball 9, 3, 4, Football Q, 3, Student Council 3, Junior Play, Rockne Hi-V Q, 3, Sophomore Vaudeville JACK MUELLER Track 3, 4, Football 4, Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, Rockne Hi-Y Q, 3 JAYNE MUELLER General Course ROSE MUGGENTHALER Commercial Club 4 HOWARD MULDER Band Q, Student Council Q, Mott Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, lntramurals Q, 3, 4 MAXINE MUNSON Home Arts Course CHESTER NELSON Manual Arts JOHN NICKASCH Track 3, 4, Football 3, Rockne Hi-Y 3, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Stage Manager Q, 3, 4 EUGENE NITZBOND Rifle Club 3, Football Q RUTH NOFFKE Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 4 CLARE O'CONNOR Chorus Q, 3, Masque and Book Q, 3, G. A. A. Q, 3 ROSELLA OSKEY Chorus 4 GRACE OUDENHOVEN General Course MYRON PALMBACI-l Rille Club 3 ALTI-lEA PALMER Student Council Q DOROTHY PARSONS General Course RICHARD PALTZER General Course IDA PAYZANT French Club 3, G. A. A DONALD PEGEL lntramurals Q, 3, 4 MARGUERITE PEKARSKE Home Arts Course ROBERT PEOTTER Band 3, 4, Mott l-li-Y CLARENCE PERRY Roclcne l-li-Y Q, 3 3 QJO X ta Q. nf , ii,Li"l ' ' Kan'-" ' LL 7,14 LEETA PERRY gli PERRY POLLARD French Club 3, 4, Varsity Debate 4 Rifle Club 3, 4, Football Q TOM PETERMAN ANNETTE POST General Course Student Council 3, Declamatory 3, Talis man 4, Clarion 4, Commercial Club 4 Senior Class Play GORDON PETERSON ROBERT PRIDE RiFle Club, Intramurals 3 Clarion 4, Junior Play Lll.A PETZNICK PAUL PRUETZ Chorus Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 lr1dUStridl ArtS Club 4 RAYMOND PlTSCl-l JAMES OUINN Entered from Little Chute l-ligh 3 Sfudenf Council 4x ROCRH6 l-li-Y 3 Roclcne Sophomore Triangle Q MARGUERITE PLAMANN ADA RADEMACHER Chorus 9, 3, 4f Rifle Club 4 Chorus Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 1 ...url G. . Q, 3, 4j Ger Talisman Q, 3 KATHRYN RADTKE Commercial Course MARION RADTKE Commercial Course BOB RAHN Manual Arts Course JOSEPH RAMMER Track Q, 3, 4j Football 4 FRANCES RASMUSSEN Orchestra Q, 3, 4j String Ensemble 4 man Club 3, 4f JUNE RANSLEY Band 2 HOWARD RATZMAN Dropped School, General Course MARY REIMER Commercial Club 4 ELFRIEDA REl'l'Z Chorus 4 EVELVN REITZ General Course MARGARET RELIEN General Course " ,Cy PHILIP RETSON Pep Band 2, 3, Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Clarion Q, 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Orchestra 3, Band Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 4, Flag Raiser 4, Junior Play, Ford I-li-Y 3, 4, Senior Class Play EUGENE RENNERT Intramurals S2 PAUL REUTER Traclc Manager Q, 3, 4, Football Q, Talis- man 4, Clarion 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Junior Play SVLVIA RICHARD Girl Reserves 3, 4 EVELYN RIESE Commercial Course FANNIE RIGGLES General Course MATTHEW RILEY Traclc 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Chorus Q RUTI-I RITTER Orchestra 2, 3, 4, String Ensemble 4 RAMONA ROEI-IL Chorus Q, 3, 4 JAMES ROSSMEISSL Roclcne Sophomore Triangle 2, Roclcne I-li-Y 3 LOUISE RYAN Chorus Q, 4, French Club 3 ALICE RYDELL Masque and Eoolf Q, 3, 4, President 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, French Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4 T ' 215234 V L XL .L .V,wgU,,,1 att - 44 Wiffrl i WMU" A' w 1 , V -fi ' 0 KO, . Q A la :iff 144 ' ffl,- CYLVA SCANLON MARCELLA SCHlLTZ Chorus Q, French Club 3, 4 Home Arts Course ELMER SCHABO LUCILLE SCHMIDT Band 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Mott Hi-V G. A. A, E2 3, 4, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q GORDON SCHABO AGATHA SCHMIDT Commercial Course Talisman 4, Chorus 3, 4, Declamatory 3, 4, Junior Play, Sophomore Vaudeville, Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Masque and Boolc 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, Sophomore Debate Q, Ouill and Scroll 4, Senior Class Play ETHEL SCHEFE MARGARET SCHNEIDER G- A- A- 9 Band 4, German Club 3, 4 FLORENCE SCHIEDERMAYER MAGDALEN SCHNEIDER Student Council 4, Talisman 3, 4, Cldl'lOr1 Commercial Course 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, German Club 3, 4, Masque ancl Book 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4 DOROTHY SCHILLING ELMER SCHNEIDER Commercial Club 4 General Course Nr, -Q , ,aa A 13, 1 get? F2 ' 515 -. Fa f 2 ' , ,Q F32 , 5 li? ig.,-. 25,134 557-E l , 4 Q lisa lm 4 .. , ,S 2252 lui ' lk H512 .4 2 4 ti- lrf V332 ,EW t,,x BONITA SCI-IOETTLER ' G! A, A, Q RUTI-I SCI-IOMISCI-I Commercial Club 4 DONALD SCI-IREITER Student Council Q, Commercial Club MARIE SCI-IREITER Chorus 4 LESTER SCI-IROEDER General Course MARION SCI-IUBERT College Course 'fuff' T rlk. S6 M-Lg , K 'fiffifia DOROTI-IV SCI-IWAB I Talisman 4, Commercial Club 4 I-IENRIETTA SCI-IWALBACI-I G, A. A. Q, 3, 4 LeLAND SCHWERBEL General Course JACK SEELOW Intramurals Q, 3, 4, Tennis Q, 3, Student Council 4, Rifle Club 3, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q, Mott I-li-Y 3, 4 HELEN SI-IEBILSKE Chorus 9, 3, 4, Sophomore Vaudeville RUTI-I SIEG Talisman Q, 3, Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 4 EVM I If-BTI C 1 7375 Hg, MQ, KENNETH SIETH Rifle Club 3, Intramurals 4 GERALD SMITH Entered from Birnamwood High 3 JAMES SMITH Chorus 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Mott I-li-Y 3, 4 NOEL SMITH Intramurals Q, 4, Mott Hi-Y Q, 3 VICTORIA STECKELBERG G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 ROMA SOLIE Home Arts Course Ax Mu. MARGARET SPAAY ' , Speech Club 4 VINCENT SPOE 1 f?3? Q-PLZ. Q .mm if .Amr A fl! 1 'a 1 vi r ..,,-. f RL fi' A513 6:31211 :pair tiff ,, U, Mort I-Ii-Y 4 ALFRED STARCK Rifle Club 3 T BILL STARK Talisman Q, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4 SHIRLEY SMITH G. A. A. Q I WALTON STEINER Intramurals 3, 4, Talisman 4, Chorus 3, 4, Spartan Hi-Y 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Assist- ant Librarian liww 'Q' rl. SDCL' . Q , an DONALD STEGERT Badger Triangle Q ARLENE STEGERT German Club 3, 4 SYLVESTER STENGEL General Course ROBERT STENGER Student Council Q, 3, Class Officer SZ, Talisman Q, 3, Clarion 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Debate Club Q, 3, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Ford l-li-Y 3, 4 BRUCE STEVENS Track Q, 4, Football Q, Band Q, 3, 4, Chorus Q, Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Spartan l-li-Y 4, Sophomore Vaudeville BEULAH STEVER General Course l-IARRY STROEBE Intramurals 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, Mott l-li-Y 3, 4, Masque and Book 4, Debate Q, Rifle Club 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4 FREDERICH SWAMER Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Mott l-li-Y 3, Presi- dent 4, Mott Sophomore Triangle Q, Intramurals Q, 3, 4 I 'HELEN SWEET French Club 3 EVELYN TESCl-l Chorus Q, G. A. A. Q, 3 LESTER TESCl-l Orchestra 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Spartan l-li-Y 4, Pep Band 3 ROBERT TESCl-l Mott Sophomore Triangle Q, Mott l-li'Y 3 4 i -mf'-fa-xx-al' 4547240 fi 37 DOLORES TEWS Commercial Course DONALD TEWS Spartan l-li-Y Q, 3, industrial Arts Club 4 il MAURICE Tl-IEISEN Industrial Arts 4 LEON TOONEN General Course EILEEN TILLMAN Chorus Q WALTER TlLLY lntramurals 9, 3 flew-,sn-Q. O O UECKER Band 3, 4, Mott l-li-V Q, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Sophomore Debate Q, German Club 3, 4 DOROTHY ULMEN General Course MAXINE UTSCHIG German Club 3, 4 CASSIUS VAN ALSTYNE Traclc Q, 3, 4, Co'Captain 4, Football Q, 3, Roclcne Hi-Y 2, 3 DONALD VAN ALSTYNE Track 9, Basketball Q, 3, Football Q, 3, Student Council Q, 3, Chorus Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Vaudeville, Rockne l-li-Y Q ROBERT VANDEHEY Roclcne l-li-Y Q 97 .X RUTH VANDEHEV Commercial Club 4 ROBERT VAN RYZIN Track Q, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Football Q MARY JANE VAN RVZIN Class Officer Q, 4, Student Council Q, 4, Band Q, 3, Sophomore Vaucleville Q, Girl Reserves 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, President 4 MARGLIERITE VAN GORP Commercial Course JOAN VANDERHEVDEN G. A. A. Q, 3 GENEVA VANDELOIS Commercial Club 4 EMMANUEL VEIT General Course ROSEMARY WACHLIN l-lome Arts Course RITA VERMEULEN Talisman 4, Chorus Q, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4 CARLTON VOSS Rockne Sophomore Triangle Q, Rockne l-li-V 3, Class Officer 3, 4 CECILIA VONCK Commercial Course BERNADETTE VERRIER Class Officer Q, Student Council Q, Talis- man Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Band Q, 3, Sophomore Vaudeville, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4 JEAN WALTMAN Sophomore Vaudeville Q, Junior Play 3, Girl Reserves 4 MARGARET WATSON Orchestra 4, Band Q, 3, 4 EVELYNE WEILAND General Course MARCELLA WERNER General Course PHYLLIS WAGNER Chorus Q, 3, 4 RlCHARD WERNER Football Q, 3 L ll LV' ILC? Q N47 tl JQHN WEST lntramurals Q, 3, 4 ELDEE WHEELER General Course BETTY WHITE Talisman Q, 3, 4, Clarion 4, Chorus Q, 3, 4, Masque and Boolc Q, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Sopho- more Vaudeville Q MARY WHITE Talisman Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Vaudeville Q, Masque and Boolc 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, G, A. A. Q, 3, 4 ROBERT WHITEFOOT General Course RUTH WICKEN General Course V s ,AJ OO r , fi ,, tr :gi I l .'. E .-..,5 if 45224 E525 GAROLD DORSCl-INER General Course JAMES GRACE General Course JAMES HAWLEY General Course PEARL LEINWANDER l-lome Arts Course PATRICIA NELSON Orchestra Q, 3, Band MARIE PITSCI-l College Course Q,3,4 C ' Q ' 54 ' , X fl10'fK,tAf ek H 1 I I L ,VL LORETTA NX!lLLlAMS M? 0 General Course RITA YUNGWlRTH Talisman 4, Clarion 4, Commercial Club 4 FRANK ZAI-lRT Orchestra 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Rochne l-li-Y Q, Ford l-li-Y 3, 4 MARlE ZAPP Sophomore Vaudeville, Cheerleader 3, 4 MARY ZUEHLKE Chorus EZ, 3, Sophomore Vaudeville, Junior Play, Girl Reserves 4, German Club 4 FLORETTE ZUELKE Talisman 3, Clarion 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, President 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, German Club 3, 4 44 I, cu-xiaion sivoNsoi2s The spirit of cooperation which again prompted business men to Iend their Financial support to the Clarion merits especial emphasis. We hereby express our gratitude to the individuals and Firms whose names appear on this Uhonor roll" of service. ACCOUNTANTS E. A. Dettman and Company W. J. Schenclc ASSOCIATIONS Appleton Chamber oi Commerce Konemic Lodge No. 47 I. O. O. E. Y. M. C. A. AUTOMOBILE AGENCIES AND DEALERS O. R. Kloehn Company Walter Motor Company Zelie Motor Company AUTOMOBILE BATTERY SERVICE Appleton Battery Service BAKERIES Elm Tree Balcery BANKS Appleton State Bank First National Banlc oi Appleton Outagamie County Banlc BARBERS I'IooIcs, Tony, and Wally Zuellce Building Barber Shop BEAUTY PARLORS Buetovvs' Beauty Shop Joanis Beauty Shop BOOK STORES Conlceyis Boolc Store Marcy's Boolc Shop CI-IIROPODISTS Dr. L. I-I. Dillon CLEANERS Rechner Cleaners CLOTI-IING FOR MEN Behnlceis Wm. J. Eerron I-Iughes Clothing Otto Jenss .Matt Schmidt and Sons Thiede Good Clothes COUNTY OFFICIALS John E. I'IantscheI Judge Ered V. Heinemann COAL J. P. Laux and Son Marston Brothers Company DANCING ACADEMIES Beverly Breinig School of the Dance Vesper Chamberlain Studio of Dancing DENTISTS Dr. A. E. Adsit Dr. M. Goeres Dr. I-I. L. Rlayman Dr. I-I. K. Rratt Dr. J. C. Stillman Dr. A. W. Zwerg DEPARTMENT STORES Geenen Dry Goods Company Gloudeman-Gage Company J. C. Penney Company The Rettibone-Peabody Company DRUG STORES BeIIing's Drug Store Schlintz Brothers Voigt's Drug Company O2 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Arft-Killoren Electric Company Langstadt Electric Company FILLING STATIONS AND OIL CO. Wadhams Oil Company FINANCE COMPANIES PeopIe's Loan and Finance Company FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES S. S. Kresge Company F, W. Woolworth Company FURNITURE Brettschneiders John R. Diderrich Leath and Company GIFT SHOPS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES Ideal Photo and Gift Shop The Treasure Box Gift Shop GRGCERS Tillmanls First Ward Grocery HARDWARE Hauert Hardware Company George Schiedermayer and Sons Schlafer Hardware Company HOTELS Hotel Appleton, Inc. ICE Lutz Ice Company INSURANCE George C. Nixon Carl A. Sherry INVESTMENT COUNSEL Merritt M. Bacon Carl S. McKee JEWELERS Alvin W. Marlcman Henry N. Marx Pitz and Treiber KNIT GOODS Appleton Superior Knitting Worlcs, Div. Fox River Valley Knitting Company Weber Knitting Mills, Inc. LAWYERS Benton, Bosser, Beclcer, and Parnell Bradford and Derber Sigman and Sigman F. F. Wheeler Joseph Witmer LUMBER J. Fountain Lumber Company MANUFACTURERS Appleton Machine Company Appleton Wire Worlcs, Inc. Appleton Wood Products Company Joseph J. Planlc and Company The Standard Manufacturing Company MAYOR John Goodland, Jr. MEATS Schabo and Company Voeclcs Brothers MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND PICTURE FRAMING Max F. Koletzke MUSICAL INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICE Bieritz MUSICAL MERCHANDISE Meyer-Seeger Music Company Irving Zuellce OFFICE SUPPLIES E. W. Shannon Sylvester and Nielsen, Inc. OPTOMETRISTS Dr. William G. Keller OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS -SURGEONS Dr. Henry T. Johnson ORIENTAL RUGS Yonan and Sons, Inc. PAPER Appleton Coated Paper Company Fox River Paper Company Kimberly-Clarlc Corporation Tuttle Press Woelz Brothers PHOTOGRAPHERS Eroelich Studio Harwood Studio Koch Photo Shop The New Ross Studio PHVSICIANS AND SURGEONS Appleton Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic, Inc. Bolton-Miellce Clinic Dr. Guy W. Carlson Dr. William J. Harrington Dr. G. T. Hegner Drs. MacLaren, Gallaher, and Landis Dr. C. E. Ryan PLUMBERS W. S. Patterson Company Ryan and Long PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Appleton Post-Crescent Badger Printing Company J. M. Van Rooy Printing Company PUBLIC UTILITIES Wisconsin Michigan Power Company REAL ESTATE Walter E. Plamann RESTAURANTS AND TEA ROOMS Candle Glow Tea Room Checker Lunch Copper Kettle MueIIer's Tea Room SCHOOLS Actual Business College Appleton Vocational School Lawrence College SCHOOL BOARD ADMINISTRATORS Carrie E. Morgan Benj. J. Rohan SHOE REPAIRING Johnson Shoe Rebuilders SHOE STORES Bohl and Maeser Nu-OI'Ier Shoes SOAP MANUFACTURERS John Heinzlsill Soap Worlcs SPORTING GOODS Pond Sport Shop, Inc. TAXI CABS Kunitz Cab Company TIRES Appleton Tire Shop UNCLASSIFIED SPONSORS Charles E. Baldwin G. E. Buchanan W. J. Konrad, Jr. 'IO f, X, X K , . H . , NN X X E5 Ee Qi W KNQN REQ QR S I ga' ' V 1 A rf ' N . xi . .Er .V 9 . . -W' yy -lf . JM I .X . 1. fi ff Q K, 1' f - X J' xv' WJ , 954 fy .1 WVU Wx KA V f 1 . ng f x ' fx-pf! f ly 4. 1 ff M.. QV 5 . My 1 V 07X VKX! .f F455 ix' ':iv,LIAf V" kwa ' 5' W -..fc . ,f'1f" ELM "1 Y .1 . I r ,L Q 5 . . , KH. h.. .A . ,-, .,,A . . J- a A fr P Y. FJ N '- 4? ... ff' ., 5. M Y ., ' H, . , 1 ' .ffwi , W I .,. If sum 1 J' 1' .ff ,yy .-v W.. r' "fwf- , .. -' ,' + . " k --..: " -. - ,M li Myfi ff.. 1- ff-"ian-.,.7f 5 .hr A if if XJ! v' -av fl . -'M 2 fn ,- f.,L.- .1 :.- . i H if lr. i " HQ --4-"f "X' . t f f gif-5 V tg - ,max , ...L ...Vw en, ,f I .ki - Q-.. N.-9 Mdtf' "'E"'x A 2 , S ' . xi? A. .,. '1 1 if ff' 4 i? 1' f ff 1 fp", ,l f V QL ,ij D x 4 ji., V, 1 rx. ik" N Kuff-gf I A 3 ffm vb' ,517 y ' X I 4 1'QfN ' X it X. LK I 1' I, ff ff' X I 'ly , Q,,ffK f X 1 ff K ff f! fp , 1:5 :bf 'F g 'MJ 1 253. ,vt rw VA.. L, J iffy, if RQ' :V 10 .'J,,f" L l 1, X . 'J' N-VK x .m xr n ' ' i ,4 , Y N- Q ' 1 f H.-' , ,M .f , 11 f , 1 ' 'fi ' . x . ' - k ff LY RTF' jf" C ' v fl ff U 1-fi" QL? gy nfl I 'L A xt r YQ C KS' H 1 " QF V X -f r L ,AL 'ff' A I 'if I , 21 ,H X. .Jn.4,' rt- ,y , ,. v. . ,i 1 ,Y P, M 1, ., ,'1,f' it QT: 1 ff Y in ix 'M JI .,f 5 jj , ' ,w' f 5, 1' ff X kw, f, fffX w' f slff QfUaU wfLmf in :dis Al Wx, 3 V 3 , fry' M :slq Aff ' F 'EE aff: ' Xa if f - 2 , , .af Xi 'QE ff V 1-1 v X AT ' 1 5 3 f V i

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