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l, .1 . , 'F 1 X' 'X,h- NIQLR W, 1 1' hw X, ." V J 'Q " 5 XF X Q l x I I .' Xa N V 5:1 1br1s ,Q of 'Sz' Q3 . , fm ,. A ? Qi! AX "f X. f a-Y V' C p ,eg ,, ,wQ,4,frJv' U A 1 1 -wjx' . A area fi . V' f' w ,K j f, f r , - Liu My 1 fm . .fp L,-f?fw1j '2 Y " J ,WV H if .' ,Q .V .ff ,wx if-fffyif '-if y D 5 h Y! ,ffl if f ,Tamb 2 ,"""""""" f .A- M X' ? f' ,zz ' , j V L.fg4f'7' 5 j 'jrllf' ' Af , I 5' F 5 ,W-'xi'-' '77 Q , 5 7 'i 7 'QLQXJ lulv 5 I r 5 5 N rf v S rq, 'KJV kv ll ln' , XML 4.9! f gy .ya MI f f f 1.50-7 I - ', A2 ,x E U f f , , MR U I ., g , , f M , ,V K f KJ ! I I MM W MVQQGSYKVTUV X ' ' .il 'X gg .fj?ff My Www X W ' iffefffpfiwifff KM 51 I' . xvk C, 9 Jul' DL 1 ' W , J . X.. I , x . . 1 X. ? v-. 1-,L ww f W 1 X I clarion Published I I I by Appleton l'ligl'1 School Appleton I Wisconsin 1934 Lola May Zuellce, Editor l I I Arthur Remley, Bus, Mgr. orgeword HE development oi a modern individualism in both design and page make-up has been the endeavor of the 1934 Clarion stahf. Without a change from the conventional year book theme to the incorporation of actual photo- graphs oi school lile, the high degree of artistic iniormality evidenced in this annual could not have been achieved. Not only does the otl-page placement ot the pictures give a touch of modernity to the boolf, but the artistic variations in the placement of color are a break with tradition. Through these advances we have tried to capture a touch of sophistication and uniqueness in our style ol presenting a pic- torial history ot 1933-34, Mr. Herbert H. Helble i TT' ' ' X 'T N istinction T IS Fitting that Appleton l-ligh School honor one who has brought so much honor to it and to the community of which it is a part. The extent of Mr. l-lelble's writing and speaking is more generally known throughout the state and even the nation than it is by many in our own schools and community. Besides numerous articles in local and national publications, Mr. l-lelble has crystallized his thinking on educational and sociological problems in book form. The vigorous and independent thinking which is characteristic of Mr. l-lelble has called him most recently to the presidency of the Wisconsin School Music Association, an honor hardly second to a responsibility just completed as Ninth District Commander of the American Legion. As one ofthe leading thinkers on the problems confronting American educa- tion, Mr, l-lelble has been chosen to serve the state both as a member of the Wisconsin Council of Education and as a member of the Executive Committee of Northeastern Teachers' Association. l-lis recognized leadership has also been honored by his election to the presidency of the Wisconsin l-ligh School Principals' Association. As past presi- dent ofthe Fox River Valley Schoolmasters' Club, Mr. l-lelble led the organization through a stimulating year. Mr. l-lelble is the originator of the Finance Plan for secondary schools which is gaining wider acceptance as its merits are discovered by schools failing in sound Financial management of their school activities. Mr. l-lelble's unceasing devotion to the welfare of Appleton's educational requirements has caused him to spend much time in recent years adapting the curriculum and building of an outgrown period to the requirements of an ominously increasing student load. ln addition, extensive plans have been made for that new Appleton l-ligh School which is to force itself upon us when human ingenuity is Finally taxed beyond its limits. ln the dedication of this book we are glad to honor one who neither needs nor asks this smaller tribute, Mr. l-lelble, our principal. . if Ucx mga 16 - R faculty The Appleton School Board ln Session lr l l i l i i i l l MISS CARRIE E. MORGAN Assistant Superintendent of Schools l1Ol 'l-I-l'lR0l,lGl'l lorty years ol the educational history ol Appleton has run the golden thread ol a woman's lile which has given color and distinction to its pattern .... The population ol the city has more than doubled during her years ol service, and into its lile blood have gone the ideals ol culture and of citizenship which she has given its youth."-Miss Blanche McCarthy. The Appleton Education Association presented to Miss Morgan a lile membership in the National Education Asso- ciation ol America in the lall ol 1933 as a reward for her undying devotion and service to Appleton's school system. T H E C L A R I O Cl-llEVEiVlElNlT may be indicated directly by its out- ward signs and offices or indirectly by the character and personality from which these grow. ln the nine years of his superintendency, Mr. Rohan has come to be recog- nized by his professional associates and the community at large as a civic leader whose policies are shaped on the anvil of social justice and in the heat of religious con- viction. The test of time and the tracing of differences of opinion to their true sources have only helped to bring into relief the quality that finally must appear in every social leader who stands undaunted before the fire of popular criticism. T H E C L A R MR. BEN. J. POHAN Superintendent of Schools lill I O N j12l HISTORY PPLETQN is indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding educational system and Faculty. Appleton has set a standard for educa- tion, and its school system has been highly praised by many educators. Many ol the members of our faculty are mem- bers ol various educational organizations, and several hold ortices in these dillerent associa- tions. They have strived to obtain new and modern methods ol presenting learning material to the students, lteeping our school very up-to- date. Several ol our faculty members have been with us lor many years. They have watched Appleton l'ligh School grow and flourish. They have watched classes come in and go out, talcing with them the lcnowledge and culture a highschool education atlords one, and leaving the high standards and traditions that have been instilled into our minds to the present day. The First high school in Appleton was or-, ganized in 1876 and held its classes in the I' J' l-lercules building, now the Lincoln school. ln188Q Ryan l-ligh School was built and was destroyed by Fire in 1903. The present high school was built in 1904 and has had Four principals since that time. They are: Ralph W. Pringle, Paul G. W, Keller, C. Rasey, and l-lerbert l-l. l-lelble. The history of the educational system is very interesting. A newspaper clipping from 1900 says, '1When Appleton was organized as a city in 1857, the members of the school districts were changed to correspond with the wards. ln 1869 a union system ot schools was adopted in Appleton, but owing to iealousies and other trouble the plan was abandoned at the end ol the year and the old district system was adopted and has been retained to the present dayf' Now we have progressed far in the union system oi schools. Appleton is well ltnown forthe educational advantages it atlords its citizens. ln addition to our kindergarten, art, and music depart- ments, we have a school for the deaf, a school for corrective speech, and an orthepedic school. Appleton also has a distinctive educa- tional feature in its vocational school. The total enrollment of students in the public schools in 1895 was Q,QQ1. Today it is 4,300. There were perhaps Five or ten stu- dents in the First class graduated in 1878. There are 330 students graduating in the 1934 class. With all the modern equipment and the many advantages we have, we will carry on. MR. WERNER WITTE Assistant Principal MISS MARGARET THOMPSON Secretary - fi jf! Miss i-HLDA i-ifuaivi 1 f tj Assistant Secretary 9.9! , 0 ' l f y ff r any ' 9 THE C,,LARION f :arf MARGARET ABRAHAM History EDNA BENTSON Commercial ETHEL CARTER Mathematics X T BORGHILD ANDERSON MARY BAKER English Dean of Girls LOUISE BUCHHOLZ HARRY CAMERON History Manual Arts LELAND DELFORGE ALBERT GLOCKZIN History Vocal SOPHIA HAASE ERMA HENRY German Biology li. ,KA R .Y KI. 1 K, gf' - A I 2 RV Axx N? F I if '-.1 ,K .1 ,5 RUTH BECKER Latin, English MARY CARRIER English ESTHER GRAEF Mathematics T H E C L A R I O N l13 I rr, i V l M if x -'l4.l CLEMENT KETCHUM Physics BRUNO KRUEGER Commercial RUIH LOAN English HUGH KENNEDY Mathematics, Biology KENNETH LAIRD Social Science CLARE MAROUET Ili History RUTH MCKENNAN Speech EVERETT KIRCHER ADELA KLUMB English En5lish PEARL LlNDALL LAURA LlVERMORE Domestic Science Commercial LENORA MAY BLANCFIE MCCARIHY Physical Education History RUTH MIELKE Librarian T H E C L A R I O N ERNEST MOORE Band MARGARET RITCI-IIE Biology MYRLON SEIMS Manual Arts ELSIE MUELLER Latin KATHERINE ROYCE Domestic Science, Biology JOSEPH SHIELDS Physical Education MAY WEBSTER Commercial MARY ORBISON Home Nursing RUTH SAECKER Chemistry MINNE SMITI-I English, French JAY WILLIAMS Orchestra ALICE PETERSEN English ORPHA SANDERS Art CATHERINE SPENCE Home Arts T H E C L A R I O l'l5l I 1 X ff' x C w Q II! H J' 1 , 7 K 2 , y ,f 'Sf' A .1 VJ c ' f f' f 17, f J jim? A111 ,fx ' f 2. A- fx I-X O is X 'Ni ki Q x xx QX xg 'T X X N319 ,s Q LQ K yi X X gl, X x QL X I18l WAYNE PERSKE President JAMES GMEINER Vice-President JAMES MORROW Treasurer RUTH MERKLE Secretary SENIQR CLASS MESSAGE E MAY look back with justifiable pride to the achievements of the class of "34" and hope that the fine spirit of endeavor which they have shown may be carried on into the future when the true importance of a high school education is realized. The fine example which has been set by these departing students in all the phases of school work has surely filled the requirements set by all preceding classes. Qur future success or failure in the world depends largely upon the value which we have derived from the few enjoyable hours spent in the halls of our Alma Mater. The education we have attained thus far has placed us on the threshold of golden opportunity to develop our talents and character to the highest degree. Many times we have been faced with the withering prospect of defeat during our sojourn within the halls of learning, but We are proud of the thought that our class has weathered the storm of temptation and arrived victorious at the end. ln the past year the members of our class have competed successfully in athletics, oratory, and declamation. They have also been out- standing in music, extemporaneous speech, and all the extra-curricular activities. Qur class has been highly represented on the editorial and business staffs of school publications. lnto these projects they have carried the same spirit of willingness which has been the foundation of our success. The class of "34" has endeavored to uphold the high standards which our predecessors began. We sincerely hope that future classes shall succeed where We have failed and con- tinue in their endeavor to reach the peak of success. We have reached the end of our school term, and we look back with many regrets that we are leaving. May the seniors who are now about to embark upon their respective paths through life, no matter to what level of success or fail- ure, continue to strive diligently for success. As a parting word, we should like to extend our appreciation to all those who have made our high school years pleasant by many words of encouragement, and to those who have backed all of the activities and projects with such congenial helpfulness to make these years such to be retained forever as a pleasant memory. Wayne Perske. T H E C L A R I O N X ,ga if 'B l l "1 X l v r 1 i . K QL, lr- xA XXX 1" . ff If CATHERINE ABBEY Glee Club 9. MELVIN Aut H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Stagg Hi-Y. ORLA BELLIN Commercial Course x l.. f l Q ly. kk ROMAN ALESCH Band 2, 3, 4, Talisman 3, Ger- man Club 3, 4, l-l. R. Basket- ball Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle, l-li-Y 3, 4. ELSIE BAUERNFEIND Entered from Little Wolf High School, Manawa, Wisconsin, 3. BERNICE BENTZ Basketball 9, 3, Hockey Q, Baseball Q, 3. EARL ASMAN Glee Club 3, lndustrial Arts Club Q. GEORGE BAUM Band 9, 3. BERNICE BENZ T H E C L A R I O N , . l www '59 l'l9l X IQOI GRAYCE BILTER Girl Reserves 3, 4. HELEN BOETTCHER General Course ERNA BOLDT German Club 4. 5 0441 PHIL BIXBY Band Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4. ELVIRA BOHNSACK G. A. A. Q, Volleyball Q, Basketball Q, Debater3, 4. ERVIN BOLDT General Course I n 1 I ' ff, ff' ' f I' li' III., I Y-4. l f 1 4, . We ff ' I fffflffx 'W9,j,,rIL VIOLA BOBBER College Course CATHERINE BOLDT Commercial Course WAYNE BOLTON College Course T H E C L A R I O N HENRIETTA BOYCE BETTY BUCHANAN ljfaulfbf ANNA BUCHHOLTZ General Course Clarion Q, 3, Student Council MELVIN BUESING - UH 4040 Class Cabinet 9, 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Class OFficer Q, 3, Stu- dent Council Q, 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Rockne Sophomore Triangle, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 9, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball 3, 4, H. R. Basketball 52, 3, 4, Baseball Q, 3, 4, Track 9, 3, 4, CHARLES CAMPBELL Football Q, 3, 4, Rockne Hi-Y, H. R. Basketball, Boxing Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4. 3, Declamatory 4, Junior Play, DONALD BURHANS College Course ERWIN CASEY General Course Band 2, 3, 4. MARY JANE BUTLER German Club Q, 3, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4. JOHN CASPER Football 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Banking 3, 4- T H E C L A R I O N l91l IQQI I , . f3.., CHARLES CASPERSON Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Stagg I-Ii-Y, Stage Man- ager 3. XK yi , RALPH CHADEK II JIMM ' Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman 9, 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4, Sophomore Triangle, I-Ii-V 3, 4. ETH EL CLEMENTS Commercial Course I I KARL CAST gap! H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Talis- man 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, Banking Q, Sophomore Tri- angle, I-Ii-Y, Debate 2, 3, Quill and Scroll, Tennis Q, 3, 4. GORDON CHOUDOIR Commercial Course AVIS COLLINS General Course WILLIAM CECH Football Q, 3, 4, H. R. Basket- ball Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Hockey, Sophomore Triangle, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4. KENNETH CHRISTEN Culee Club Q, 3, Boxing Q, Sophomore Triangle, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, H. R. Basketball, Cheer Leader 4. HOWARD CRABB General Course T H E C L A R I O N FRANCIS CRANE Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Box- ing, Hockey. f Lo1fW'Xi ROBERT DeLONG frp E Banking Q, 3, 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. WERNER DERFUS Football Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, Rockne Hi-V 3, 4, H. R. Basketball 3, 4, Boxing 3. HILDA DAELKE G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q, 3, 4, Volleyball Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q, 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, 4, Kickball 4. LESTER DELTGEN General Course DONALD DEXTER General Course f ROBERT DQBAUFER Awww EGF Student Council 4, Rockne Hi-Y3,4,JuniorPlay,Clarion. HAROLD DEPREY Commercial Course JOSEPH DIERMEIER Band Q, 3, 4. A R I N T H E C L O lQ3l aw few 19197 , W- - 1- lQ4l ANNETTE DOERFLER Band 3. ELLEN DRESANG Basketball Qi Volleyball Q. MILAN ENDTER Orchestra Qi H, R. Basketball Q, 3, 4i Industrial Arts Club 3, 4i Student Council Qi Hockey Qi German Club Q. wifi xso.J,', I WINIFRED DUNKEL ELI BETH DOERFLER e General Course neral Course 7, Z,-V gl MILDRED was lluvl- kll 5. Girl Reserves Q, 3, 4i Masque and Book Q, 3, 4i Declamatory 3, 4i Glee Club Q, 3, 4i Bank- ing Q, 3i Junior Playi Tennis Qi Hockey Qi Volleyball Q. RALPH EGAN Manual Arts Club Q, 4. ' if iii Q EDWARD EVERLIEN ,il W' W DELMAR ENEBAK Choir 4. Banker Q, 3. T H E C L A R l O N 57 5' 6? as-fi I 'J' '4 jj A ff Q 1 kfvxnf, I L a WILFRED FALK ALICE FEAVEL JACK FEAVEL Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, G. A. A. Q, 3, Hockey Q, H, R. Basketball 22, 3, 4, 4, Football 3, 4. Baseball Q, Basketball Q. Hockey Q, 3, 4, Sophomore I' TriangIe,Hi-Y 3,German Club 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Baseball 9, 3. ff LAf0U'LLu..Lyf 1, ,IQ . HELEN FILZ FRANKLIN FINN 9 MARIE FISHER German Club 4, Trojan Hi-Y 3, 4, Boxing General Course - Q5 I ANDREW FREDERICKS General Course Class Cabinet 3. JOHN FREUDE College Course JACK FRIES H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Cross Country Q, Track 3, Hockey 2, 3, Industrial Arts. T H E C L A R I O N f 1 l26l MILTON FUERST l-l. R. Basketball Q, 4, Track Q lndustrial Arts Q, 4, Boxing 4 Wrestling 4, Sophomore Tri angle. AGNES GEI-IRMAN Glee Club 3, 4, Hockey Q, Basketball Q. KATl-l RVN GETSFRIED General Course l ROBERT FUMAL Track Q, 3, 4, Industrial Arts, l-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Junior Play. JULIA GEHRMAN l-lockey Q, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Baseball Q, 3, Volleyball Q, 3. f UMW JAMES GMEINER tl? Football 3, 4, Rockne l-li-Y 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, l-l. R. Basketball 9, 3, 4. pf? ESTHER GARVEY College Course DONALD GERLACI-l Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Band, Trojan I-li-Y, Student Council Q, 3, Class Officer Q. JOI-lN GOEHLER Basketball Q, 3, 4, l-li-Y 3. H E C L A R I O N K . lx LEONA GRASSL Commercial Course MYRTLE GREENBERG Talisman 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Debate 4, German Club 4. ALICE MAE GRUNDEMAN Band Q, 3, 4, Q ll IL 41641 GEORGE GRAY " Rockne l-li-Y, Glee Club. ROBERT GRIESHABER Commercial Course BEVERLY GRUNERT H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, l-li-Y, Sophomore Triangle, Baseball Q, 3, 4. MARGUERITE GREB 4 ' Talisman 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, G. A, A. Q, 3, I-lockey Q, Junior Play, Declamatory 4. LUCILLE GROTI-l Commercial Course RAYMOND HABERLAND Debate 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Viking I-li-Y 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Sophomore l-li-Y, Quill and Scroll, Masque and Book, Clarion 4, Librarian 4, Tennis 4. Vwiln' Lg G'-Rf . l97l T H E C L A R I O N DONALD HAMILTON Sophomore Triangle, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Class Hockey Q, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Tennis Manager 3, 4. LUCILE HARTMAN I 93 I College Course GAYLE HAYES Glee Club 2, 3, Banker 2. l Q, REINHOLD HANNEMAN College Course KATHRYN HARTZHEIM Masque and Book 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Clarion 4, Talis- man 3. HELEN HEIDEMAN Domestic Science Course ' A Q A ,f X .HY T kf lf! i i l x LESLIE HANSON Industrial Arts Course SHELDON HAUERT Industrial Arts Major ROBERT HEINRITZ Football 2, 4, lndust Club, THE CLARION xxx rial Arts 'M-' 'Aj y 'ffeswt f 1 1' f ,,...g Vjy f , J H'-' fv""""7 ,.f2',,5i 071,31 !f,,,a.4'..g ,B Q' ,-'.,1!'..Q ff ,-'pf ' 7f""3'-7?',4.' , , ,vfff 4., Z9 f 5 jf L I . . -I Neff! fff "CL'v 1 . 1' ' 1' l If GERTRLJDE HENKEL General Course VICTOR HINTZKE H. R. Basketball 4. ORVILLE HOPPE Commercial Course X .- up XBWT f, ALDEN HENSEL Masque ancl Book 3, 4, Talis- man S2, Clarion 3, 4, Debate Club 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Band Q, Banker Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Wrestling 4. IONE HOFFMANN G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Baseball Q, 3, Bdfld ROBERT HORRIG Basketball Q. unc! ROBERT HERRMANN Talisman 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, H. R. Basketball Q, Debate 4, Stagg Hi-V 3, 4. FLORENCE HOOYMAN G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Hockey Q, Basket- ball Q, Baseball Q, Band Q, Volleyball Q. ELEANORE HOUFEK G. A. A. 9, 3, Hockey Q, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. T H E C L A R I O N l29l l3Ol GLADYS I-IOVE Hike Leader 3, Hockey Q, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball Q, 3, Baseball Q, 3, G. A. A. Q, 3. MARGARET JARCHOW G. A. A. 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Secretary 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Assistant Librarian 4, German Club 3, 4. JULIA JOLIN General Course fl f-'2 NINA HUEBNER Commercial Course AUDREY JOHNSON Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Clarion 4. STANLEY JURY Trojan Hi-Y Q, 3, Talisman 3, Student Council 3, Oratory 3. i X WALTER INGENTI-l RON Sophomore Triangle 9, Hi-Y 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Football Q, 4, Basketball 2. JANE JOLIN Masque and Book 3, 4, Basket- ball Q, Hockey 2, G. A. A. Q. VIOLA KAMBA G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Hike Leader 3, T H E C L A R I O N RUTH KAMPS Girl Reserves 3, 4. EPVIN KIRK General Course JOSEPH KNEICE Commercial Course, Football 3, Golf 3, 4. Lpuflx. L 44-Q Jursuoia KAPP 'kk' Student Council Q, Football Q, 3, 4, Basketball Q, 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Captain, Hi-Y 4, Sophomore Triangle Q, Banker 3, 4, Track 3. GERTRUDE KLEIN G. A. A. Q, 3, 4. LUCILLE KOEHNKE Hockey Q, Baseball Q, Volley- ball Q, Basketball Q. RUTH KAPP G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Hockey Q, 3, Baseball Q,3,TennisQ,Volleyball2,3 ESTHER KLIEFOTH Commercial Course I 31 ' MARY KOEHNKE Hockey Q, Baseball 2, Volley- ball Q, Basketball Q, German Club 3. T H E C L A R I O N l32l LOUISE KOEPKE G. A, A, Q, Hockey Q. CARL KOLETZKE H. R. Basketball 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY KREUTZBERG Hockey Q, German Club 3. llllwf JOHN KOFFEND ly' Talisman 9, 3, 4, Editor 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-V 3, 4, Student Council Q, Class Cabinet Q, Junior Play. GERTRUDE KOWALKE Talisman 4, Clarion 4, Hockey Q, 3, Ci. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Basket- ball Q, 3, Volleyball Q, 3, Baseball 2. ANTHONY KRONSCHNABEL Cross Country Q, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, Tennis 2, Banker 2, 3, 4. T H E C L A R I O N f f r JosEPi-i Korrmo LWGGIT Talisman 9, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle, Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council3,Masqueand Book4. NED KRAUS Hi-Y 3, 4, Banker 3, Sopho- more Triangle, Talisman 4. ELAINE KUBITZ Girl Reserves 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Hockey SZ, 3, Baseball Q, Basketball Q, 3, Volleyball Q, 3, f I ,fA5g,4-Q" Ii,44.,c,Q, ANITA KUEHN L JOHN LAEYENDECKER ROBERT LAIRD gTg NORMAN LA MARR Football 9, 3, 4, Basketball 9, 3, 4, Track 3, Banker Q, 3 Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3 4, Boxing Q, 3, Student Coun cil 4. VERNA LA PLANTE G. A. A. Q, Basketball Q, Base ball Q, Volleyball 9, Tennis 2 Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-V 3, H. R. Basketball, Sophomore 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Banker 4, Triangle, Hi-Y 4. Basketball Q, 4, H. R. Basket- ball. ' KARL LANGLOIS LORRAYNE LANSER Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y Band 9, 3, 4. 3, 4. LORRAINE LATHROP JOHN LAUER Entered from Marshfield, 4. Industrial Arts, Cross Country Q, Boxing, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4. T H E C L A R I O N l33l l34l LOUIS LE CAPITAINE Industrial Arts 4, Sophomore Triangle, I-I. R. Basketball Q. GERALDINE LEINWANDER General Course I-IARVEY LEMKE Football Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 3, 4, I-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, German Club 3, Box- ing Q, 3, 4. ,054 MAE LEECE General Course VERNA LEISERING Talisman 4, German Club 4, Volleyball Q. ROBERT LEMKE Sophomore Triangle, I-Ii-Y 3 4, Quill ancl Scroll 3, 4, Ger- man Club 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4. Jw'-M MMTMMM MJAM' SAMUEL LEETE Sophomore Triangle, I-li-Y 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 4, I-I. R. Basketball 4, Wrestling 4. ROBERT LEMBCKE German Club 3, Boxlig Q, Rockne I-li-Y Q, 3. BILL LESSELYONG , Sophomore Triangle, I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Basketball Q, I 3, 4, German Club 3, 4. T H E C L A R I O N FRED LILLGE Hi-Y 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle. ROSE MAAS General Course BERNICE MAYER V German Club 4. ROLAND LIPSKE Hi-Y 3, 4. EDWARD MAPLES General Course THOMAS MCGILLIGAN General Course FIDELIA LOEHR German Club 3, MILDRED MARTIN General Course MARY MCKENNY Girl Reserves 3, 4. 4. T H E C L A R I O N X ffslo X l 35 I 31, Q-6, 7 l36! p,,,.A' ?71-W7 ruff' A,-wir ' W . sf' WJMA VIRGINIA MEIDAM DONALD MENNING LEONARD MENNING Girl Reserves 3, 4, Band Q, 3, Track Q. Hi-V 3i TVGCI4 5-71 3' Talisman 2. LLOYD MERKL RUTI-l MERKLE CLIFFORD MEYER Declamatory 3, 4, Talisman Q, German Club 3' , QVAAXQJ JEANNE MEYER R910 G. A. A. Q, Volleyball Q, Clarion 3, Talisman 3, 4, Girl Reserves Q, 3, 4, Masque and Book Q, 3, 4, Banking Q, 4. 3, 4, Clarion Q, 3, 4, Student Council Q, 3, Masque and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Girl Re- serves 3, 4, President 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Class Cabinet Q, 3, 4, Banking Q. ERLING MILLER MARY LOU MITCHELL General Course M41 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Clarion 9, 3, 4, Banking 9, 3, 4. ER c L TA R I o N X . h K THEODORE MODER Sophomore Triangle, Hi-V 3, 4, Football 4, Glee Club 3. FERN MUELLER German Club 3. VIOLET NAGREEN Commercial Course CRYSTAL MOLLET G. A. A. Q. ALLAN MULDER Band 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. RUTH NAU Commercial Course af JAMES Moiareow f4M'V'M"1 6 GW Student Council 3, Class Cabi- net 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Talisman 3, 4, Business Man- ager 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, President 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Baseball Q, Oratory 3, Debate 3, German Club 3, Junior Play, Sophomore Tri- angle, Hi-Y 3, 4, Tennis Q, 3, 4. WILLIAM MUNCHOW WARNER NELSON Sophomore Triangle, l-li-Y 3, 4, Masque and Book 4, H. R. Basketball Q, Talisman 4. T H E C L A R I O H37l 1 l l38l WILBUR NELSON Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle, Track 3, 4, Cross Coun- try Q, Hockey Q, H. R, Basket- ball 2, 3, Football 2, Talis- man 4. MARY O'CONNOR Hockey Q, Glee Club 3, Talis- man 4, Masque and Book 3, 4. jsuywlwl . A fb ROBERT O'NEIL P Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3 4, German Club 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4. MMI., M! Myrte I BETTY NOLAN fm Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Tennis 2, Hockey Q, Volleyball Q, Basketball Q. WILLIAM OGILVIE Hockey 3, Sophomore Tri- angle, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football Manager 2, 3, 4, H. R. Basket- ball S2, 3, 4. DOROTHY OOSTERHOUS Band SZ, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. SHELTON NOYES College Course LUDWIG OLSON lndustrial Arts 4, German Club 4. GENEVIEVE PAETH Girl Reserves 4, German Club 3, 4. , T H E C L A R l O N RUSSELL PANKRATZ EUNICE PARK Track Q, Girl Reserves 4, Banking Q, 4, Volleyball Q, Basketball Q, Hockey 9. LEO PARKER WAYNE PERSKE Basketball 3, 4, Cross Country Q, Student Council SZ, 4, Class President 4, l-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, 4. General Course ANGELA PARKER Basketball 2, Baseball Q, Ger- man Club 4, Hockey Q, G. A. A. Q. ROBERT PETERSEN l-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3. Qymd. lfftlw ROBERT F. PETERSON VERNA PFLJND f7,mil,a-A-4 LAWRENCE PIETTE Band Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- Banking Q, G. A. A. Q, 3, l-li-Y 4, Track 4, Banking 4. angle, Talisman 4, Masque and Cuerman Club Q, 3, 4, Junior Book 4. Play. T H E C L A R I O i39l t . 'H-all if 4.44-af HELEN PIVONKA ANNETTE PLANK Q G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Basketball Declamatory 3, Banking 3. Q, 3, Hockey 2, 3, Baseball Q, 3. T l UUUI HOWARD POLZIN ANTON POPP German Club 4, Banking 3, 4. Football SZ, 3, 4, Basketball Q, l40l T H E 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4. MAXINE POTTER HERMAN PRUETZ G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3. Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Cross Country 2, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Orchestra Q. ELEANOR POCAN Orchestra Q, Talisman 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Assistant Librarian 4. LUCILLE POPPE G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q, 3, 4. MICHAEL OUINLN Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, 4, Track 2, Talisman 4. C L A R I O N A .x Q lllzru.. -151 Lil ' MYRNA RAY HILDA REFFKE LeRoY REINRE ,"""i '!"" Band Q. General Course Hockey Q, 3, 4, Cross Coun--nn lk ,.- , try Q. ,. , A ..Ag,f,L,,x. S 0- .L - -L' I- - W' ' M 1 I ARTHUR REMLEY CARLYLE RENNERTAM9 C., JANET RIESBERRY Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Clarion German Club 3, 4, Tazsman Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Q, 3, Masque and Book 3, Talisman 3, 4,Girl Reserves 4, l-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Talis- Forensic Q. Quill and Scroll 4. man 4, Student Council 3, Tennis Q, 3, 4, l'li-Y 3, 4, l41l Sophomore Triangle. RAYMOND RINDT GLADYS ROESCH MARY ROGERS Aw MW M W General Course Hockey 9, Volleyball 3. Band Q, 3, Student Council. T H E C L A R I O N i4Ql I ,V ' ,rw .499 VM Junsoisi ieosasusn O JOHN ieosmsiistiao H. R. Basketball Q, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Quill and Scroll. ELMER RUTH AARON SCHABO Trojan I-Ii-Y 4. DOROTHY SCHIEBLER MARION SCHEIL Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque College Course and Book 3, 4, Band Q, 3. Industrial Arts Club 3, 4. JOSEPH ROSSMEISSL H. R, Basketball Q, 3, 4, Cler- man Club 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Rockne Hi-V 3, 4, Boxing Q, Track 3, Football 4, Golf 4. HOWARD SCI-IAFER I-I. R. Basketball Q. WALTER SCHIEDERMAYER H. R. Basketball Q, Track 2, I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4, Assistant Librarian. H E C L A R I O N ORVILLE SCI-IILHABEL MARGUERITE SCI-ILINTZ General Course HAROLD SCHMIDT Sophomore Triangle, MELVIN SCHNEIDER General Course College Course VERA SCHMIDT Hi-Y3,4. General Course PI-IYLLIS SCHNEIDER G. A. A. Q, 3, 4, President 4, Hockey Q, 3, 4, Volleyball Q, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Base- ball Q, 3. ESTHER SCHMIDI' German Club 3, 4. ROBERT SCHMIT Hi-Y 3, 4. EMORY SCHOETTLER Industrial Arts Course T H E C L A R I O N i43l l44l ROBERT SCHOLL Football Q, 3, 4, Track Q. FRANK T. SCHUBERT Sophomore Triangle, l-li-Y 3, 4. MYRTLE SCHULTZ General Course ROSE SCHOLL Domestic Science Course J FGA-.ffjb FRANK sCHuBEi2T WOM? 4' R Trojan l-ll-Y 4, Track Q, 3, 4, Cross Country Q, Student Council 4, Clarion 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Talisman 3, 4. PARKER SCHULTZ Sophomore Triangle, l-'li-Y 3, 4, Talisman 3. HAZEL SCI-IROEDER G. A. A. Q, 3, Banlcing MARlON SCI-IULTZ Girl Reserves 3, 4. LESTER SCI-IULZ German Club Q, 3. T H E C L A R I O N X KATHRYN SCHWAB SUSANNA SCHWALBACH EDWARD SEEGER General Course General Course Sophomore Tfldnfiloi l'll'y 31 4, German Club 3, 4, Cross Country Q, Track Q, 3, 4, H. R. Basketball 4. RALPH SCHWERBEL DOROTHT' SELLERS U l JACK SHEEHY Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, G. A. A. Q, 3, Hockey SZ, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Tennis 3, 4, Viking Hi-Y 4, Basketball Q, 3, Baseball Q, 3, Q, 3, 4, Cross Country, Foot- H. R. Basketball Q, 4. Tennis 2, 3, Volleyball Q, 3, ball 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4. Talisman 3, Clarion 3, 4, Forensic Q, Girl Reserves 4. MILDRED SIMON INEZ SLATTERY HARLAND SMITH Commercial Course General Course Hi-Y 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle. TSHE CLARION l45l I l46l IRENE SMITH G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Student Council Q, Hockey 9, Basket- ball Q, Baseball Q, Volley- ball Q. GERTRUDE STARK Band 2, 3, 4. We an JQAN STEELE Golf 2, Student Council Q, Talisman 9, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Flag Raiser 4, Clarion 4, Junior Play. WALTER SMITH Sophomore Triangle, I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, I-I. R. Basket- ball Q, 3, 4. MARIE STARK Talisman 3, 4, Clarion 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Volleyball Q, I-Iockey Q. VIRGINIA STEFFENSEN Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Clarion 3, Editor 3, Talisman 4, Bank- ing 4, Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, 4, Hockey Q, Basketball 2, 3, G. A. A. Q. ALLAN SOLIE I-Ii-Y 4. WALTER STARK Industrial Arts C Wrestling 4. ROBERT STEGER General Course lub 4, GoIf3 T H E C L A R I O N MARJORY STEINER Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque and Book 3, Talisman l3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Assistant Librarian, Volleyball Q, Bank- ing Q, 3. LILLIAN STIEBS Commercial Course MARY STRUCK G. Q, 3, Bdhd Q, 3, 4, Banking 9, 3, 4. 5 ,aff ELNOR STENGEL BERNICE STEVER jj General Course Hockey Q, Baseball A JJ, OD! " ' li f J f J .v , J" I dx 0.15 XX-1 .55 ' Y t ' J J FRANCES STOJAKOVIC WILLARD STORCH German Club 3. H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, - 47- Track 4. MARY SULLIVAN ARLENE SWAMER Entered from Neenah High Glee Club 2. School 4. T H E C L A R I O N '5' fl by .3 1 wa l48l PEARL TESCH Commercial Course MILDRED TRACY Band Q, 3, 4. CARLSON TRITTIN H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 3, 4. NELLV TILLMAN Basketball Q, 3, G. A. A. Q, 3, Hockey,2, 3. WILLIAM TRACY H. R. Basketball Q, 3. ll W' bi lwifj' , PAUL Turnzup , QM 'f Bancl Q, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4, Sopho- more Triangle,EPep Band, Class Cabinet Q, 3, 4, Football-Q. J RUTH TRAAS Entered from North Central High, Spokane, Washington, 4, Girl Reserves 4. ELIZABETH TRETTIN College Course JOHN VANDENBERG Band Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4, Viking Hi-Y 3, German Club 4. H E C L A R l O N . EUGENE VAN GORP MARTIN VAN LIESHOUT JAMES VAN ROOV General Course General Course l-l. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, Sophomore Triangle, Band Q. udfflgpejfgcdf lf ARTHUR VAN RYZIN JOHN VAN RVZIN l-IILDEGARD VAN ZEELAND l:0Ofbdll 9, 3, 4i Basketball 9, Football 2, 4, Sophomore Tri- Commercial Course 3, 4, C0-CGPYGW1 4i l20Cl4V1C angle, Track 9, 3, 4, l-l. R. l'll'y 31 4i l:ld9 Raiser 4- Basketball Q, 3, 4, Boxing Q. LLOYD VETTER MARGARET VOSS DELBERT WACHLIN Swimming Girl Reserves 3, 4, Masque l-l. R. Basketball Q. and Book 2, 3, Basketball 52. T H E C L A R I O N l i l49l I 50l ALLAN WARNER Trojan Hi-Y 3, l-l. R. Basket- ball 3, 4, Track 3, 4. MARClLLE WEBER Commercial Course CAROLYN WELTON Entered from Berlin School 4. High T GORDON WATTS X X3 -X tw My ll Masque and Book 3, 4, Cross Country Q, Orchestra Q, 3, Junior Play, Banking Q, Trojan l-li-Y 4. RAYMOND WEBER Band Q, 3, 4, Rockn 4, l-l. R. Basketball HELEN WENZLAFF Commercial Course Q, 4. e l-li-V 3, ALICE WEBER College Course GLADYS WELSCH G. A. A. 9, 3, 4, Banking Q, 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, 4, Basket- ball 9, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. If ,i , I Cv KENNETH WHITE U wb Sophomore Triangle, Trojan l-li-V 3, 4, Cross Country, l-l. R. Basketball Q, Swimming Q, 3, 4, Assistant Librarian, Hockey Q, Track 4. T H E C L A R I O N HARVEY WHYSOL PEARL WICHMAN Viking Hi-Y 3, 4, H. R. Basket- Basketball Q, Baseball Q. ball Q, 3, 4, Talisman 3, 4. ROLAND WINTER Football 9, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Track Q, 3, 4, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, Base- ball 2, Rockne Hi-Y 4, Indus- trial Arts Club 4. f xftfufpux WILMER WITI " WJ Band Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Tri- angle, Hi-Y 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, President 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Talisman Q, 3, 4, Clarion 3, 4. RALPH WIPRLID H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4. EDWARD WITTER Football SZ, 4, Track Q, 3, Wrestling 4. WILLIAM WIEGAND Sophomore Triangle, Hi-Y 4, H. R. Basketball Q, Baseball Q, 3, 4, Basketball Manager Q, 3 4, Swimming 3, Student Coun cil 4, Banking 3. EMERY WIRTZ Swimming 3, Football Q. MELVIN WOLFGRAM Sophomore Triangle, I-li-Y 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 2, Swimming Q. T H E C L A R I O N l51l IY3 ISQI 3 ORVI LLE WONSER H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Hockey Q, 3, 4, Baseball Q, 3, 4, Trojan Hi-Y 3, Swimming Q, 3, 4, Track Q, 3, 4, Cross Country 2. EDNA ZEPHRIN Hockey Q, 3, Volleyball Q, 3, Basketball 3, Baseball SZ, 3. LAWRENCE ABEL PAUL BALLARD RUTH BIALKOWSKY Cl-IAROLOTTE WOOLEV Entered from West High, Macl- ison, Wisconsin, 3. MARION ZIMMERMAN Hockey Q, Volleyball Q, Basketball Q. OTHER GRADUATES FRED BUSS ROBERT CURTIS HARVEY DORO RALPH GILLETTE LOLA SCI-IMIDT - General Course LILA BERNHAGEN General Course HOWARD GMEINER DONALD GUMS JUNE JOHNSTON T H E C L A R I O N jfzwwf wks? ROBERT STEFFEN FRANCIS DE YOUNG JOHN FRANSWAY Student Council 2, H. R. General Course Football Q, Baseball 3, 4. Basketball Q, 3, Class Cabinet M Q. . T ' T - Rf RTM -fifwoei-'NVQ' ARTHUR ZUEHLKE I W LOLA MAY ZUELKE ,Kid MENDEL ZUSSMAN ' Orchestra 4, Rockne Hi-Y 3, 4, German Club 4. ROSELLA KERSTEN GORDON MILLS ANGUS RAY Clarion 3, 4, Editor 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Student Council Q, 3, Class Secretary Q, Class Cabi- net Q, 3, German Club 4, Junior Play, Band Q, 3, Talis- man EZ, 3, Golf Q. OTHER GRADUATES HAROLD RISSE RAMONA SCHULTZ LAWRENCE TENNIE Sophomore Triangle, Trojan Hi-Y 4, Cross Country Q, H. R. Basketball Q, 3, 4, Bank- ing 4, Baseball Q, 3, 4, Boxing Q, Wrestling 4. ARTHUR TURK ERICH VENTUR EDNA VINCENT T H E C L A R I O N l l53l l54l ROBERT TI-IOMS President ROBERT MCNIESCI-I Vice-President EDMUND MARTY Treasurer VIRGINIA BROWN Secretary JUNIOR CLASS MESSAGE O UPI-IOLD those high standards for which Appleton I-ligh School has always been noted was the duty of the class of '35. We have attempted to and very successfully have succeeded in accomplishing this duty by ful- filling certain unwritten required objectives. The new heights which have been reached in our achievements need not bring the least shame upon our heads. Wenhave been duly and honorably repre- sented in every phase of extra-curricular activ- ity. We can well be proud of the admirable way our members participated in oratory, ex- temporaneous speech, and declamatory. A great share of the athletic honors have been awarded to our class. Members have participated in and have been awarded in football, basketball, and traclc. They have also done well in swimming, hoclcey, tennis, and boxing. The class of ,35 has progressed still further into the fields of journalism and forensics. ln the worthy field of journalism we are proud to claim a large percentage of those on our news- paper and annual staffs. We must concede a great part of the success to their never ending efforts. Troubles were forgotten at the class party for which the committees functioned with ease in transforming our lower hall into a festive bower of red and white. In view of the season, hearts played an important part in the decorat- ing scheme. The friendly atmosphere and the inviting decorations contributed greatly in malc- ing the party a splendid success. The scholastic ability of the class was proven by the consistent representation of its members on the honor rolls. Even in this field we have strived to set new standards for our followers to meet. ln the behalf of the Junior Class, we wish to thanI4 our sponsors for their willing assist- ance, and to extend our deepest appreciation to the Talisman and Clarion staffs lor their un- failing co-operation in helping us malce our past year an honorable and successful one. Robert Thoms. T H E C L A R I O N I Junior CLASS I Junior CLASS I Jiimioie CLASS I JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: Schroeder, Karweiclc, Preimesberger, Shipley, Schultz, Prink l-luhn, Wichman, Moderson Middle Row: Krueger, Dunsirn, Morrow, Oestreich, Vande Bogart, Mears Fennel, Poehlman, Hagman, Mader Bottom Pow: Zschaechner, Werner, Freder, Kaphingst, Nohr, Schubert, Mzddlestead, l-lollenback, Wegenke, Wolfgram Top Row: Thoms, Hawley, Vande Walla, Lorenz, Wriston, Wolf, Brinkman Kesselhon, Vandenberg, Marty Middle Row: Van Den Bosch, Baker, Woodworth, Verrier, Morris, Kraft Solie, Knaack, Bosserman, Retson Bottom Pow: Ehllce, Ward, Smith, Schulz, Dettman, Gerlach, Brown, Rogers Voecks, Moser 1 1 Top Pow: l-leid, Theisen, Schultz, Briggs, Slattery, Luchterhand, Crabb Pecker, Van Lieshout, W'ie5and Middle Row: Schreiner, Abel, Eckes, Schimmer, Bauhs, Kersten, fkshman, l-loft, Hildebrandt, McGill Bottom Row: Eclcer, La Fontl, Schavet Queil, Bleier, Krautkraemer, Lippert, Shilcrat, Veit, Theiss Top Row: Femal, Bock, Elias, l-lammer, Kolpaclc, Prentice, Last, Driessen, Grossman, Danielson Middle Pow: Molitor, Bauer, l-leideman, Fumal, Heins, Salm, l-lobbins, Abbey, Schneider, Bieritz Bottom Row: Vanderlois, Paronto, Brandt, Groh, Kassilke. Williams, De Decker, Declchofl, Schneider, Yandre THE cLARioN F55 l lop Row: Gooding, Minton, Grimmer, llachow, Forster, Bernhardt, Mueller, Meltz, Kirchner, Lettman Junior CLASS Junior CLASS Junior CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Top Row: Murphy, Schmidt, Maynard, Heclcert, Huebner, Wankey, Blum Schmieding, Witter, Franslce, Wilson S 56 D Middle Row: Palmbach, Theisen, Meyer, Kamps, Weidman. Fannon, Ptund Middle Row: Strutz, Goe, Sager, Lyon, Flentie, Klapper, Stark, Bartmann Piebles, Noworetzlcy, lndemuehle Grace, Brunlce Bottom Row: Parker, Kenyon, Meyer, Dresely, Coon, Martin, Johnson, Bottom Pow: Schultz, De Windt, Peterson, Ertel, Uebelaclcer, Potter, Kray Kluge, Sigl, Breyer Werner, Porlier, Holtz Top Row: Van Abel, Wienendt, Zimmerman, Wolters, Fulcer, Cnrearson Top Row: Wettengel, Damsheuser, Kreiclc, Ranlfin, McNiesh l-lorton Middle Row: West, Thiel, Goodriclc, Newmann, Gray, Lappen Middle Row: Komp, Brucks, Shannon, Turkow, Madsen, Gerrits, Pierce Bottom Row: Grishaber, Courtney, Sauberlich, Gelbke, Smith, Cook Bottom Pow: Schwalbaclc, l-lerrmann, Waite, Wiese, Schneider, Lutz, Herzog r' V , 1 S T H E C L A R I O N .man 1 ,,f, 1 , "-f . . ' . ,Q .:,, a4-.1,S, ,,,,4, I Jurxiioia CLASS Juixiioia CLASS l Jumioie CLASS I JUNIOR CLASS Q ,X I L Top Pow: Nixon, Curtis, Sumnicht, Steffen, Eggert, Kablce, Long, Nicholas, Fliegel, Frank Middle Row: Lueblce, Wallace, Steffen, McCann, Pettler, Prentice, Schmidt, Lecy, Hintz Jacobson Bottom Pow: Williams, l-lein, Kemps, Nolting, Belling, Richard, Trauba l-laertel, Kasten, Schindler 'lop Row: Eggert, Gooding, l-lando, Meyer. Blazer, Catlin, Kruclceberg, Heclcert, Vogt, Ort Middle Pow: Leopold, Mitchell, Rippl, Seeger, Eiggles, l-lassmann, Newland, Balliet, Stegert, McGilligan Bottom Row: Schneider, Jung, Marshall, Petter, Mrlhaupt, Mcflone, Murphy, Bohl, Wheeler, Ottman T H E C Top Pow: Lange, Berg, Spletter, Wells, Wood, Mader, Jennings, Blalce, Schmit, Hoeppner Middle Row: Sofia, Heckel, Barnes, Rhode r, McCarey, Rock, Loose, Blinder Koclc, Devine Bottom Row: Schlintz, Gutowslci, Boehnlein, Barta, Pierre, Shove, Danielsen, Cohen, Spector, Marvin Top Row: Stevens, Gensler, Franzlce, Ritten, Kowallte, Rule. Reimer, Refflte, Brandes, Last Middle Row: Broolcs, De Noble, Befay, Lohr, Kolitsch, Diehn, Deltour Fisher, Bushey, Bellin Bottom Row: Wunderlich, Baum, Owen, Seifert, Mattson, De Lain, Zschaechner, Bomier, Dunfoid, Choucloir L A R I O N l57l -58- ti.. A 1. H - i . if - .- KENNETH BuEsiNG l ' X i President W iff' ' - fl,."fA.- ,' , , ,, W ROBERT STENGER Vice-President MARY JANE VAN RYZIN Secretary l- BILL CATLIN ' Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS MESSAGE INCE entering the doors of Appleton High School, the sophomore class has shown a willing desire to co-operate in all school activities. At first, awed by the many new faces and different facilities, they needed a short time to adjust themselves, but by the end of the first semester they had proved them- selves worthy students of the Appleton l-ligh School. The athletic contests were well supported by the sophomore class. Many boys were members of the teams, and the girls did their part by attending the games. Sophomores were well represented on the football, basketball, traclc, tennis, and boxing squads. Members of the class have participated in extra-curricular activities, also. These activities include Clarion and Talisman staffs, band, orchestra, chorus, debate, oratory, and dramatics. Two sophomore triangles were organized during the past year. Various speakers appeared before the clubs and discussed perti- nent problems, Among the accomplishments of the triangles was the aid accorded the Appleton charities during the Christmas season. lndicative of the co-operation of the sopho- more class was the presentation of an all- sophomore vaudeville before the school. Fea- tured in this program were a number of short plays, singing novelties, and selections on mus- ical instruments. Socially the year was very successful. The annual class party held on December 8, proved to be a success because of the splendid co- operation of sponsors, committees, and stu- dents. The committee in charge of decorations transformed the commonplace corridor into an attractive old-fashioned garden. Costumes worn by the attendants of the dance were both queer and amusing. Old-fashioned costumes from all sections of the country were repre- sented. The Club Society orchestra furnished the music. Some of the music was old to fit the occasion and some was new. Card playing and dancing were the forms of entertainment. It seemed, if one were to judge by the beaming faces of those who attended, that a pleasant time was had by all, Let us hope that the sophomore class will maintain the high record that it has achieved and strive to win even greater honors in their junior and senior years. Kenneth Buesing. T H E C L A R I O N I Som-ioivio12L CLASS I Soivi-iowiote CLASS l Som-LQMQRL CLASS I Sopnoiyioma CLASS Top Row: Dagen, McCoy, Starck, Bray, Tews, Jones, Riley, Ertl, Brown, Yentz, Maas, Bayer Middle Pow: Schroeder, Meltz, Tennie, Theisen, Reimer, Anderson Johnson, MacGregor, Ouclenhoyen, Wagner, Schabo, Meiers Bottom Pow: Leinwancler, Van Zummevan, Hameister, Vandelois, Behnke, Palmer, Muggenthaler, Babino, Holtz, Utschig, Herrmann, Sager Top Pow: Moore, Seelow, Bayley, Dutcher, Hoerning, Zahrt, Stevens, Chadelt, Tesch, Tesch, Nitzband, Watson Middle Pow: Bayer, Mulder, Sager, Kirlc, Gerhartz, Johnson, Schabo, Nelson, Paysant, Van Pyzin, Oslcey, Eclcer Bottom Pow: Glaser, Jahnke, Haertel, Matson. Servais, Peotter, Lohr Forloeclc, Forbeck, Horn, Nottlce, Fiebellcorn Top Row: Steiner, Mitchell, Massonet, Schubert Bannister, Gloudemans, Arps, Brasch, Perry, Swamer. Fountain, Rammer Middle Row: Hildebrandt, Beschta, Murphy, Van Gorp, Huebner, Morro W Elsner, lleitz, Lelloy, Perry, Collins, Gresens Bottom Row: Sweet, Greene, Wolf, Kirk, Tews, Lalfond, Doeplcer, Hansel- man, Riese, Forster, Janz, Nelson lop Pow: Niclcasch, Cech, Gerlach, Stenger, Boettcher, Esker, Van Alstine, Buesing, Patzman Middle Row: Gesche, Kotfend, Hotfman, Konz, Kolfend, Eggert, Belling, Juse, Wachlin Bottom Row: Fisher, Dresang, Bitter, Krieck, Hoesly, Austin, Hahn, De Noble T H E C L A R I O N l59l i60i lop Row: La Capitaine, Fiebelkorn, Junge, Dietrich, Kuchenbecker, Hawley, Ellis, Libmen Middle Row: Matteson, Eckes, Loeper, Johnson, Grootemont, Buss, Jury, Deprez, DeYoun5, DeBaufer Bottom Row: Bandy, Baumann, Lee, Beilke, Alesch, De Land, Kapp, Bergner Gill, Krueger, Lembcke Top Row: Behl, Pruetz, Vandehey, Radtke, Kirk, Delrow, Aures, Gmeiner, Manier, Griesbach, Braun, Reuter Middle Row: Bro, Minton, Abel, Fllz, Crabb, Behnke, Zapp, Pride, Pegal, Koenigseder, Mills Bottom Row: Mignon, Leisering, Getsfrled, Fulcer, Schiltz, Kohl, fqgert, Mehring, Boldt, Furstenberg, Bosser, Johnson l Sopnofvioiar CLASS Sopnowioiar CLASS f X 1 l SOPHOMORE CLASS l SoPHoMoi2E CLASS Top Pow: Parson, Vermeulen, Werner, Schwab, Fleck, Heinritz, Mortell, Elliott, Garvey, Pollard, Whitefoot Middle Row: Pekarske, Schaefer, Courtney, Smith, Dillon, Driscoll, Ross- meissl, Frieders, Dohr, Swamp, Hughes, Kenyon Bottom Row: Bentz, Campbell, Meidam, Zuehlke, McKenny, Tillman, Mielke, Smith, Solie, Knaack, Rassmussen, Miller Top Row: Theisen, Krause, Boettiger, Dreier, Hoppe, Kubitz, Curtis, Foster, Schomisch, Petznick, Schmidt, Orbison Middle Row: Decker, Dutcher, Schreiter, Koepke, Schiedermayer, Post, Yungwirth, Schilling, Everson, Grishaber, Plamann, Schneider Bottom Row: Kottler, Peterman, Rennert, Ernst, Brock, Miller, Wilson, Walt- man, O'Connor, Shebilske, Deschler, Coon T H E C L A R I O N I Som-LQMQRE CLASS I SQPHQMCJLQE CLASS I SCJPHQMQRE CLASS I Sopnoivioes CLASS Top Pow: Lenz, Paltzer, Seaborne, Ertl, Voigt, Stark, Dingeldeln, Murphy, Moder, Miller, Rahn, Milhaupt Middle Row: Werner, Palmbach, Maynard, Toonen, Belling, Kranzuseh Van Ryzin, Tilly, Walter, Wood, Brewer, Van Ryzin Bottom Row: l-loufelc, Milhaupt, Klapstein, Kline, Roehl, Holst, Miller, Tesch, Balliet, Melcher, Spoerl, Johnston Top Row: Van Alstine, Krueger, Gardner, Johnson, Koletzke, Endter, Stengel, La Marr, Gooding, Voss, Weber, Van Ryzin Middle Row: Smith, Stegert, Schwerbel, Stroebe, l-lawley, Wiclcen, Becher De Long, Rademacher, Laison, Kramlich, Schneider Bottom Row: Hopfensperger, Wettstein, Veit, Peterson, Aures, Retzlall Brandt, Jeske, Hantschel, Fischer, Delrow, Lllmen, Peitz 1 L lop Pow: Mueller, Albrecht, Mccuen, Kesselhon, Catlin, l-lantschel, Redtke, Sieg, Rydell, Rounds, White, Young Middle Row: Emmers, Stever, Schneider, Huebner, Borsche, Kray, Becker, Kluess, Lewis, Zuelke, Kuck, White Bottom Row: Schefe, Ransley, Joslin, Gerou, Frappy, Mignon, Mader, Kangas Koch, Rademacher, Schoettler, Casey Top Row: Brandt, Mehring, Baurlein, Bruehl, Maves, Moderson, Joeclcs, Helms, Berg Middle Row: Jehnlce, Brooks, Burke, Austin. Joeclcs, Koss, Moosen Kujenslci, Merlcle Bottom Row: Mattson, S. Johnson, l. Johnson, Maynard, Davidson, Munson Hughes, Mcflone, Nolflce, Horn T H E C L A R I O N I61I l69l JUNIGR i-IQIXIOR RCDLI. ..A,, First Six Weeks-Tom Catlin, Reva Cohen, Marion Dettman, John Frank, Mary Jane Mader, Robert McNiesh, Marion Rule, Kenneth Sager, William Spector, Celestine Trauba, Anna- belle Wolf. Second Six Weeks-Mary Barta, Tom Catlin, Reva Cohen, John Frank, Pearle Mears, Marion Rule, Kenneth Sager, Viola Salm, Selma Seifert, Rita Theisen, Celestine Trauba, Harriet Vanden Bosch, Third Six Weeks-Ruth Barnes, Mary Barta, Mildred Blinder, Tom Catlin, Marion Dettman, John Frank, Mary Jane Mader, Priscilla Richard, Marion Rule, Kenneth Sager, Viola Salm, William Spector. Semester-Ruth Barnes, Mildred Blinder, Tom Catlin, Marion Dettman, John Frank, Mary Jane Mader, Priscilla Richard, Marion Rule, Kenneth Sager, William Spector, Celestine lrauba. UBU First Six WeeksfRuth Barnes, Jean Fennel, Lawrence Herzog, Vivian Kasten, Margaret Reimer, Rosemary Reiter, Priscilla Richard, Selma Seifert, Rita Theisen, Harriet Vanden Bosch, Barbara Wriston. Second Six WeeksfRuth Barnes, Dorothy Blake, Rosetta Brandt, Margaret Doepker, Joseph Franzke, Douglas Heckle, Lucille Heins, Lawrence Herzog, Peggy Jennings, Dolores Kabke, Vivian Kasten, Charles Kenyon, Germaine Krautkraemer, Karlon Krieck, Mary Jane Mader, Eileen McCarey, Robert McNiesh, Helen Pierre, Rosemary Reiter, Chris Retson, Priscilla Richard, Rosemary Ritten, Dorothy Schroeder, William Spector, Lilas Stetien, Lillian Steiien, Robert Thoms, Annabelle Wolf. Third Six Weeks-Dorothy Blake, Reva Cohen, Monica Groh, Lawrence Herzog, Emily lnder- muehle, Peggy Jennings, Vivian Kasten, Robert McNiesh, Rosella Meyer, Sylvester Parker, Ramona Quell, Margaret Reimer, Rosemary Reiter, Chris Retson, Rosemary Ritten, Selma Seifert, Rita Theisen, Evelyn Thiel, Robert Thoms, Celestine Trauba, Harriet Vanden Bosch, Annabelle Wolf, Barbara Wriston. Semester-Mary Barta, Dorothy Blake, Reva Cohen, Frank Hammer, Lucille Heins, Lawrence Herzog, Peggy Jennings, Vivian Kasten, Charles Kenyon, Germaine Krautkraemer, Robert McNiesh, Sylvester Parker, Margaret Reimer, Rosemary Reiter, Viola Salm, Selma Seifert, Rita Theisen, Robert Thoms, Anthony Vandenberg, Harriet Vanden Bosch, Mary Voecks, Annabelle Wolf, Barbara Wriston. T H E C R L A R I O N SOPI-IOMORE HONOR ROLL ..A,, First Six Weelcs-Ted Gill, Lorraine Hanselman, Henry Johnson, Joan Matteson, William Mehring, Robert Stenger, Betty White, Mary White. Second Six WeelcskLorraine Hanselman, Henry Johnson, Helen Kangas, William Mehring, Florence Schiedermayer, Robert Stenger, Betty White, Mary White. Third Six Weelcs-Donald Frieders, Lorraine Hanselman, lone B. Herrman, Margaret Hughes, Henry Johnson, Geraldine Konz, William Mehring, Edgar Milhaupt, Frances Rasmussen, Ruth Ritter, Barbara Rounds, Alice Rydell, Barbara Schoettler, Robert Stenger, Betty White, Mary White. Semester-Lorraine Hanselman, Henry Johnson, Geraldine Konz, Joan Matteson, William Mehring, Edgar Milhaupt, Frances Rasmussen, Ruth Ritter, Alice Rydell, Robert Stenger, Betty White, Mary White. uBn First Six Weelcs-Kenneth Buesing, Mary Eggert, Robert Ertl, Erna Holtz, Helen Kangas, Geral- dine Konz, Bernard Kramlich, Ruth Orbison, Barbara Rounds, Alice Rydell. Second Six Weeks-Dorothy Bannister, Carol Brown, Kenneth Buesing, June Cech, George Ellis, Robert Ertl, Donald Frieders, Bob Furstenberg, Ted Gill, Frieda Helms, Lorraine Hoesly, Erna Holz, Margaret Hughes, Geraldine Konz, Wayne LeRoy, Joan Matteson, Edgar Milhaupt, Ruth Orbison, Annette Post, Frances Rasmussen, Ruth Ritter, Alice Rydell, Dorothy Schwab, Walton Steiner, Maurice Theisen, Third Six Weelcs-Dorothy Bannister, Edwin Bayley, Robert Bosser, June Cech, Robert Crabb, Mary Eggert, George Ellis, Melvin Gerhartz, Lorraine Hoesly, Grace Hotlman, Erna Holtz, Mildred Maas, Joan Matteson, Robert Orbison, Florence Schiedermayer, Ruth Schomisch, Jack Seelow, Walton Steiner, James Wood, Margaret Getstreid. Semester-Dorothy Bannister, Kenneth Buesing, June Cech, Mary Eggert, George Ellis, Robert Ertl, Donald Frieders, Bob Furstenberg, Ted Gill, Erna Holtz, Margaret Hughes, Helen Kangas, Ruth Orbison, Barbara Rounds, Florence Schiedermayer, Jack Seelow, Walton Steiner, James Wood, Florette Zuellce. T H E C L A R I O N l63i I64 I BQUT seven years ago, a new institution was established in Appleton I-Iigh School. This was the organization ol a class cabinet Ior every class. In this cabinet were the class ollicers, council members, and the class sponsors. The purpose ol this organization is to encourage class democracy, nominate worthy students lor class ollices, con- duct class meetings, and plan the class parties. The president of the class automatically becomes president of the cabinet. As the classes increase, new conditions arise For which the class government becomes responsible and must try to remedy. 4 Q 4 l stnioia CLASS cfxsintr I Juisiioie ctfxss CABINET I sopnoiyioiat cmss cwiaintr SENIOR CLASS CABINET Shubert, Perske, Munchow, DeBaufer, Gmeiner, Merkle, La Marr, Tuttrup, Jury, Wiegand, Morrow JUNIOR CLASS CABINET Traube, Dettman, Thoms, Catlin, Kamps, Frank, lVIcNiesh, Richard, Pierce, Strutz, Brown, La Fond SOP!-IOMORE CLASS CABINET Top Pow: Morrow, Stenger, Schreiter Bottom Row: Catlin, MacGregor, Palmer, Koch, Buesing, Dutcher, Johnson, Albrecht, Van Ryzin, Gerlech T H E C L A R I O N I snsiioia sponsors l Junioia spomsoizs I SOPI-IOMOIQE sporsisoi-as SENIOR SPONSORS Klumb, Loan, Abraham, McCarthy, I-Iaase, Krueger Bentson, Peterson, Smith, Becker JUNIOR SPONSORS Anderson, Carter, I-Ienry, Lindall, Ketchum, May Ritchie, Grael, Royce SOPI-IOMORE SPONSORS Mclfennan, Mueller, Buchholtz, Kennedy, Mar- quette, Laird, Kircher, Dellorge, Carrier, Sa ecke r, Livermore I I I-IE class sponsors are a valuable addition to school Iile, and due credit is not always given them. Ihe sponsors are ready to help anyone who runs up against the problems with which every student is troubled. Ihey help those who need assistance in picking the subjects that vviII benefit them, and they give helplul advice on fvocational guidance. ,A good share of the responsibility lor class projects and parties lies on the shoulders of these teachers, and with their help every student should endeavor to do his best. We vvant to thank them lor their kind help in making our high school years enjoyable. T H E C L A R I O N l65l -activities 5 1 Z 4 !68! CLASS OF '34 HONOR ROLL ORLA BELLIN KARL CAST DONALD GERLACH ALDEN HENSEL STANLEY JLIRY JOHN KOFFEND CLIFFORD MEYER ELEANOR POCAN JANET RIESBURY ARTHUR REMLEY JUDSON ROSEBUSH FRANK SCHUBERT JOAN STEELE GORDON WATTS KENNETH WHITE LOLA IVIAY ZLIELKE T H E C L A R I O N FLAG RAISERS THE class of 1934 has still clung to that time-honored tradition- that ol elecnng tvvo students vvho have exceHed in characten scholarship, leadership, and service to be the custodians ol the Flag. There vvere many candidates vvho qualihed for dns poshion, butthe class judged Joan Steele and Arthur Van Ryzin worthy of this glory andiesponmbuky Both Joan and Arthur have played an active part in school lile and have proved vvorthy ol this trust. Besides this responsibility, Joan is a member ol the Masque and Boolc Club, Girl Reserves, and is president of the Quill and Scroll Society. Arthur has been an active participant in athletics and the Roclme I-Ii-V. l'le also is co-captain of the baslcet- ballteam. The class OF1934 hands over to the class of 1935 the tasl4 of elect- ingtvvo morestudentstothh pHvHeged pomhon and hopesthey may prove to be worthy of its tradition. Joans and fhdhurs namesvvHlnovv be added kathelong hd of Hag ramera 1925, hAiHam Peabody and l1erman Brockhauw 1926, lone Steenis and Carl Schiebler, 1927, Martha Jentz and Robert Mitchell, 1928, Lynn l'landeyside and Aloysius Gage, 1929, Ruth Cohen and Chester Davis, 1930, Betty Meyer and Arthur Roemer, 1931, Dorothy Cohen and Norman Clapp, 1932, Betty Elias and l'larvey Wollgram, 1933, l-lelen Cohen and George Rooney. 1 T H E C L A R I O N :agus l7O I LOLA MAY ZUELKE CIQAFTSMANSI-IIP Sl-HELD HE annual presentation of the craftsmanship Shield is made to that student who, in the combined judgment of the faculty, has most excelled in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. It is aclcnowledged the highest honor and the most coveted award that a student of Appleton l-ligh School can command. This honor has been awarded to Lola May Zuell4e this year. Not only is it a tribute to the accomplishments of the past, it is a prophecy for the Fuller fruition of these in the future. And like all recognitions of character and of achievement, it brings not only distinction in the present, but a responsibility for the future. The editorship of the Clarion, the vice-presidency of the Girl Reserves, Quill and Scroll, National l'lonor Society, German Club, Talisman, Class Cabinet, senior class play and vaudevillef-all indica- tions that l.ola lvlay has played an active part in school activities. T H E C L A R I O N ARTHUR VAN RYZIN ROLANIU WINTERSX , , , TQNT, , ! f f X AMERICAN LEGIGN AWARQ ARTHUR VAN RYZIN and Roland Winters have both been awarded the American Legion Award this year for their out- standing worlt and activity in athletics, for their scholastic record, and for their participation in extra-curricular activities. Arthur and Roland's activity on the football and basketball teams during their three years in high school was terminated by their election to the co-captaincy of Appleton High Schools very successful baslcet- ball team ol 1933-34. Roland has taken part in track every year and is a member of the lndustrial Arts Club. Arthur was elected one of the Flag raisers For 1933-34. The recipients ol this award in previous years have been: Reed l"laven, '22, Harold Briese, '23, Arnold l-lellman, '24, Claude Bowlby, '25, Carl Voeclcs, '26, Norbert Plellerle, '27, Chester Johnson, '28, Robert Kunitz, '29, Norbert Berg, '30, Gordon l'lolter- man, '3'l, Emmet Mortell, '32, Jack Bowers, '33. T H E C L A R I O N X 1 ' l71l l72l JOAN STEELE MISS RUTH SAECKER MELVIN BLIESING LECTION to the National Honor Society is one ol the highest honors that can be attained by any senior. This society was estab- lished in Appleton High School in 19228. Qne must be scholastically in the upper third of his class, and must have shown character and leadership during his high school years for election into this organization. Taking these qualities into consideration, the faculty selects the honor students each year. We otler our sincere congratulations to these outstanding seniors who have taken such an active part in high school life. HE Student Council, an organization com- posed of thirty-tive members chosen by each home room, is the student governing body. Sponsoring such activities as the Finance plan, various school enterprises, and revoking or granting club charters are among the many duties of the organization. During the year a series ol dances are given, and the money received is used to publish, in conjunction with the Quill and Scroll, a student handbook which is of special value to new high school students. Qiticers are: Melvin Buesing, president, John Frank, vice-president, James Gmeiner, secretary-treasurer. MISS BORGHILD ANDERSON HE Appleton High School chapter ol Quill and Scroll received its charter in TQQ6. It was organized in Iowa City for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding ability in all phases ol journalism in high schools. It is a national honorary society and aims to sponsor activities of a journalistic nature. Qlficers are: Joan Steele, president, Joseph Kottend, vice-president, and Marjory Steiner, secretary-treasurer. Miss Borghild Anderson is the faculty sponsor, and Miss Ruth Saecker is one ol the seven Iaculty members who have taken an active part this year. HIS year Appleton was well represented at the National Scholastic Press Association which was held in Chicago during Qctober, 1933. The aim of the organization is to give students and sponsors an opportunity to exchange and get new and ditferent ideas for their school publications. Ctticial delegates who were sent to repre- sent Appleton High School were John Kof- lend, Joseph Kottend, Lola May Zuelke, and Arthur Remley. Qthers who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Kircher, Howard Horton, and Virginia Stetlensen. The delegates also had a chance to visit the WorId's Fair. T H E C L A R I O N I NATIONAL HQNQR SOCIETY l ouatt AND sclaott I STUDENT COUNCIL I N. 5, P. A. DELEGATES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top Pow: Gerlach, llemley, I-lensel, Morrow, Jury, Kolfend, Schubert Bottom Row: Steele, Zuelke, Reisberry, Pocan, Merlcle OUILL AND SCROLL Top Row: l-laberland, Witt, Frank, McNiesh, Herrmann, Cast, Kotlend, Kircher Middle Row: Graef, Chadek, Casperson, Jacobson, Stelfensen, Merlcle, Pocan, Lemblce, Remley Bottom Row: Zuelke, Starlc, Riesberry, Steiner, Ritten, Anderson, Spector, Posebush, Kollend STUDENT COUNCIL Top Pow: Shubert, Perslce, Thoms. Catlin, Frank, Buesing, Tuttrup, Jury, Munchow, La Marr, Wiegand, Karweick Middle Pow: Albrecht, Schreiter, Bill Catlin, Strutz, Ld Fond, Gmeiner, Dutcher, Stenger, Johnson, Van Ryzin Bottom Row: Kamps, Dettman, Middlesteadt, Bieritz, Richard, Trauba, Mor row, Gerlach Koch, Palmer N. S, P, A. DELEGATES Morrow, Remley, John Kolfend, Zuelke, Stetfensen, .Ioe Kolfend, Horton Kircher T H E C L A R I O N 1 l73l I74 I LOLA MAY ZUELKE JOHN KOFFEND ARTHUR REMLEY JOSEPH KOFFEND HIS year for the first time in its history, our high school sent representatives from the staffs oi its journalistic issues to the National Scholastic Press Association convention held at Chicago last fall. The heads ol the four statls came back with a clearer vision and new ideas for publications. The Clarion has chosen no special theme this year, but has endeavored to get away from the conventional type of year book. Lola May Zuellce, editor, and Mr. Everett Kircher, faculty sponsor, have planned and guided this publication. They have tried to carry a new mode and spirit into the year- boolc. HE Clarion business stalil employed a new system of managers this year, having one business manager, Arthur Remley, and two advertising managers, Wilmer Witt and Charles Casperson. Under the supervision of Miss Esther Grael, the stahc had a most successful year. Qur annual ditters from those of other schools in that it does not have bloclc adver- tising, but sponsorships. We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the leading mer- chants oi Appleton who have made our year boolc possible by co-operating with the staff. T H E HE T933-1934 stalt ot the Talisman en- joyed weelcly journalism classes held on Tuesday nights conducted by the sponsor, Miss Borghild Anderson. The paper was printed by The Appleton Post-Crescent this year, giv- ing the paper about twenty per cent more news space. This publication aims to give students journalistic practice, to record school activities unbiasedly, and to express student opinion. As a result of the visit to the National Press Convention, the paper has become less con- servative in its malce-up. John Kotfend is this year's editor, with Rosemary Ritten as managing editor. HE Talisman business staff is the only organi- zation in high school that gives the students business practice on the business vvorld's terms. The stalt members receive a thorough elementary training in salesmanship. One hundred inches of advertising are re- quired weekly with the new printing arrange- ment. Under the supervision of Miss Ruth Saeclcer, sponsor, James Morrow, business manager, and Joseph Kottend, advertising man- ager, this staff has again made possible the Financial success of our weelcly publication. C L A R I O N I CLARION EDITORIAL STAFF I CLARION BUSINESS STAFF I TALTSMAN EDITORIAL STAFF i TALISMAN BUSINESS STAFF CLARION EDITORIAL STAFF Top Row: Merlcle, Sauberlich, Hensel, Shubert, Catlin, Horton, I-Iaberland, Schiedermayer, Jacobson, Steele, Kircher Bottom Row: Vande Welle, Hartzheim, Ward, Barta. Schmidt, Zuellce, Cohen, Morrow, Stark, Kowallce, Sellers CLARION BUSINESS STAFF Spector, Remley, Murphy, Nixon, Miss Graef, Libman, Caspzrson, Rosebush, Retson T H E C TALISMAN EDITORIAL STAFF Top Row: Jennings, Merlcle, Koilend, I-Iorton, Franlc, Schubert, Herrmann Middle Row: Kowallce, White, Leisering, Ritten, Mears, Piesberry, Meyer, Jacobson, Kreutlcraemer, Johnson Bottom Row: O'Connor, Starlc, White, Smith, Pocan, Anderson, Richard, Kasten, Spector, Rennert TALISMAN BUSINESS STAFF Top Row: E. Morrow, Greb, Peterson, Saeclcer, McNiesh, Cast Middle Row: Nelson, Lemlce, Murphy, Libman, Fleck, Koffend, Morrow Bottom Row: Nelson, Haberland, Theiss, Witt, R. Chadelc, Casperson G. Chadelc, Bendy L A R I O N I75l l76i MISS MARY BAKER RUTH MERKLE MISS LENORA MAY PI-IYLLIS SCHNEIDER I-IE GirI Reserves is an organization of Iorty girIs vvho worIc for three purposes: to serve the school, to develop the best in girIs by aiming tovvards high ideaIs, and to serve the others. A picnic for members and aIumnae of the group was heId in the FaII. The GirI Reserve banquet Ior the IormaI initiation of new mem- bers Was heId at the I-Iearthstone. The girIs were hostesses to the I-Ii-Y members at a joint meeting, and they had a vaIentine party for their mothers. The girIs entertained the chiIdren of the orthepedic hospitaI at a I"IaIIoWe'en party, and aIso presented a program for the patients oi Rivervievv Saniatorium. Food, toys, and cIoth- ing were distributed to families at Christmas time. AII these activities were IaithIuIIy supported by the cIub sponsors: Miss Mary BaI4er, Miss Erma I'Ienry, Miss AdeIa Klumb, and Mrs. Werner Witte. Business meetings are held on every other Wednesday night, and discussion meetings on every other Tuesday night at the homes of the girIs. Griicers are: Ruth MerIcIe, president, I.oIa May ZueIIce, vice-president, Margaret Jane Jarchow, secretary, and Jeanne Meyer, treasurer. I-IE G. A, A. has a membership of 'IO3 mem- bers this year and is directed by Miss I.enora May. Some of the activities which the group sponsored this year were: the distribution of food to the needy atThanIcsgiving time, a picnic at Alicia Park for the members, and a Iarge Christmas party at the AppIeton I-IoteI. These functions were financed by the sale of candy, ice cream bars, and hot dogs at the IootbaII and basIcetbaII games. Every year a girI is eIected to head each sport and to assume all responsibility for it. I-IocIcey vvas headed this year by Irene DeWindt, voIIeybaII, Marion Solie, basIcetbaII, Margaret Williams, baseball, Bonnie Morris, and tennis, LiIIian Stetien. I'IiIce Ieaders for the First semester were: EIeanor I'IouIeI4, Bonnie Morris, Margaret WiIIiams, Irene DeWindt, I:Iorence I-Iooyman, and Marion SoIie. Second semester: Susan Dresely, Vivian Kasten, Dorothey Ertel, Mary Young, Mary White, and Ethel I:umaI. Duties of the oI'Iicers were IaithIuIIy sup- ported by I3hyIIis Schneider, president, Bonnie Morris, secretary, and 0IIie Vande Walle, treasurer. T H E C L A R I O N I GIRL RESERVES l GIRL RESERVES I G. A, A. IG. A. A. GIRL RESERVES Top Row: Jennings, Steiner, Steffensen, Scott, Eeds, Sellers, Riesberry Schultz, Vande Welle, Forster Bottom Row: Jerchow, Brown, Johnson, Kubitz, Trees, Perlcer, Fennon Berte, Cohen, Richard GIRL RESERVES Top Row: Steele, Wriston, Meyer, Henry, Ilitten, Merkle, Wells, Baker, Zuellce Bottom Row: Klumb, Bilter, I-lartzheim, Scheil, Meidem, Kemps, Mitchell Mclienny, Nolen, Pocen 1 1 G. A. A Top Row: Schmidt, Wiese, Kepp, Koch, Bash, M. Doepker, Poppe, Rounds Mccuen Third Row: Steffen, Kenges, Solie, Tesch, Pechow, Lueblce, Shefe, Emmers M. White Second Row: Gerlech, Kembe, Butler, I-loufek, Steffen, O'Connor, Lewis Koffend, Vande Welle, Moder Bottom Row: Kubitz, Bieritz, Kluge, Fisher, B, White, Schneider, Hooymen Venderl-leyden, Draft, Potter G. A. A, Top Row: Dresely, Ven Ryzin, Kenyon, DeWindt, Blinder, Klein, Kowellce, Smith Middle Row: l-lottmen, Mills, Borsche, Fumel, Fredericks, Owen, Kesten Deelke, Belling Bottom Row: Miellre, l-lotfmen, Morris, Schneider, A. Doepker, I, Herr- mann, Deckhoff, Wilz, Williems T H E C L A R I O N 1 l77l I78! MISS SOPHIA HAASE WILMER WITT MISS ALICE PETERSON JAMES MORROW . I-IE purpose of the German CIub, which has just compIeted its third successfuI year, is to betterkfacquaint the students with German cus- toms and manners, thus increasing their interest inigthe Ianguage. Meetings are heId every other Monday. The joint meetings of the first and second year students are heId at high school while the separate meetings are heId at the club members' homes. This separation is necessary because of the Iarge number of members. The programs consist of the discussion of business matters followed by some form of entertainment. The activities of the cIub incIude the singing of caroIs in the haII at Christmas time and the presentation of German pIays worked out in German dialogue. An initiation picnic is heId in the faII for all new members taken into the cIub. Another picnic is heId at the end of the school year in honor of the senior members of the cIub. The officers of the German CIub of 1933 and 1934 are: Wilmer Witt, president, Jack I:eaveI, vice-president, Genevieve Paeth, secre- tary, Walter Ingenthron, treasurer, and I-Ierman Pruetz, sergeant-at-arms. Miss Sophia I'Iaase, the German teacher, is the faculty sponsor of the cIub. I-IE Masque and Book Club, organized under the carefuI direction of the English department, has gained for itself an outstand- ing reputation among the cIubs of schooI. The aim and manifold purpose of the Masque and Book CIub is to create a stimulus to Iiterary endeavor, to ,form habits and tastes for the best Iiterature, to encourage amateur theatricals, to speak and vvrite by practice, and to become better informed about the Iives of favorite authors. This year James Morrow, president of the organization, organized a cabinet. This body carefully pIans the Work of the club and there- fore Iightens the burden which formerly feII upon the officers. The members of the Masque and Book Club have both greatly enjoyed and benefitted by the pIays which have been found or written, presented and directed by the students. Much of the cIub's success is due to the diligent Work and interest of Miss AIice Peter- son, faculty sponsor. The officers of the Masque and Book CIub are: James Morrow, presidentf Gordon Watts, vice-president, and Jeanne Meyer, secretary-treasurer. T H E C L A R I O N GERMAN CLUB GERMAN CLUB MASOUE AND BOOK CLUB MASOUE AND BOOK CLUB GERMAN CLUB Top Row: Stark, Hafeman, Recker, Vandenberg, Wolter, Bosserman, Sager, Blum, Brunlce Middle Row: Spector, Sauberlich, Gelblce, Blazer, Thoms, Voeclcs, Wriston Krautlcraemer, Junge Bottom Row: Lutz, Groth, Pierre, Fumal, Fredericlcs, Barta, Pfuncl, Rachow, Ouell GERMAN CLUB Top Row: Bixby, Witt, Pruetz, lngenthron, Polzin, Olson, Meyer, l-lasse Alesch, Paeth, Filz, Art Zuehllce Middle Row: l-laberman, Rosebush, O'Neil, Seeger, Schultz, Lemlce, Racltlce Leisering, Mayer, Balcer Bottom Row: Parker, Stoiolcovic, L. M. Zuellce, Feavel, Casperson, Rennert Greenberg, Jarchow, Butler, Loehr 1 1 1 MASOUE AND BOOK CLUB Top Row: Casperson, Marty, Vandenberg, Steele, l-lensel, Merkle, Eads Greb, Jarchoyv, Peterson Bottom Row: Herzog, Spector, Gerlach, Johnson, Scott, Nolan, Greenberg Stark, O'Connor, Barta MASOUE AND BOOK CLUB Top Row: l-laberland, Casperson, Meyer, Jennings, Watts, McNiesl1, Nelson Petersen, l-lawley Bottom Row: Fannon, Mitchell, Verrier, Vande Welle, Stetlensen, Cohen l-lartzheim, Scheil, Ritten, Jacobson THE CLARION l79l l8Ol MISS MARY CARRIER JOHN FRANK MILDRED EADS HE Debate Club under the management of Ray Haberland, forensic manager, has accom- plished a great deal this year. A series of de- bates between sophomore, junior, and senior teams took place. The winning team in each class debated the other classes. Miss Mary Carrier, faculty sponsor of the club, coached all the aifirmative teams, and Mr. Clare Mar- quette coached the negative teams. The junior atlirmative and the senior negative teams came out on top. The Appleton high school question was one of the most important debated. HERE are no contests in the school curricu- lum that test the speaking ability of the con- testant as well as the extemporaneous contests which are held annually, The Bolton-Roth Extemporary Speech Contest was held May 3 in the high school auditorium. John Erank, Alden Hensel, Lawrence Her- zog, Shelton Noyes, and William Spector took part in the contest. Each contestant was given one hour to pre- pare the topic he drew. Miss Ruth Mclfennan coached the contestants. MISS RUTI-I McKENNAN I HE thirteenth memorial William Heiss ora- torical contest took place inthe highschool auditorium on March QO. Mr. Elmer Root of the class of 'I9i6 presided at the program. John Erank won First place with the oration UModern Slaveryf' and James Morrow placed second with HWalls of Happiness." Qther contestants were: William Spector, Anthony Kronschnabel, John Kollend, and Alden Hen- sel. Miss Mary Carrier coached the orators and planned the program. Mr. B..I2. Manser, Mr. A. G. Qosterhous, and Professor A. I.. Eranzke were the ohliciating judges. HE Dame Declamatory Contest, sponsored yearly by George Dame, was won this year by Mildred Eads. Her selection was Upeggyn written by Rachel Crothers. Mildred also won the Fox River Valley League Contest which was held at Sheboygan. Second place was awarded to Ruth Merkle who presented "DeClasse." Qther contes- tants were Jane Bernhardt, Betty Buchanan, and Marguerite Greb. Judges were Mrs. John Engel, Jr., Miss Ruth Diekholf, and Mr. Theodore Cloak. Miss Ruth Mclfennan was the coach. T H E C L A R I O N Mk s 'Sf L ' i l5ECl.'AMATGRY ' l DEBATE CLUB I QEMQRV I EXTEMPORE SPEECH .,! ' K", l . ,. . X- it.. DEBATE CLUB EXTEMPORE SPEECH Top Pow: Bayer, Carrier, Kenyon, Haberland, Frank, Hafeman, Hansel, Herzog, Hensel, Frank, Miss Mcifennan, Noyes, Spector I 81 - Herrmann, Rosebush, Marquette, Stroebe Bottom Pow: Shilcrat, Spector, Greenberg, Sauberllch, Wriston, Driscoll, Bohnsack, Chadek, Schmidt ORATORY DECLAMATORY Spector, Morrow Hensel, Frank, Kotfend, Kronschnabel, Miss Carrier Eads, Bernhardt, Miss Mcifennan, Buchanan, Greb, Merkie T H E C L A R I O N ISQI I stmlola v1-xuntvlut I strsuola ctfxss my l Jursuoza PLAY oraoup DRAMATICS THE Senior Vaudeville this year attained a nevv level in the number ol people taking part and the number ol acts presented Variety Formed the lceynote ol the entire presentation For everything from comedy and jazz to classical and serious selections were presented The various acts were each under the dnrectlon ot a student coach vvho was responsible to Mass lvlcliennan The class of T934 produced lVlr Falntheart as their annual senior play The action of the drama toolc place among a group ol young sophlstocates aboard a ship The hero IS a bashlul young man vvrth an lnlerlorlty complex vvho Finally convinces everyone that he IS a somebody and vvlns his lady love Mildred Eads and John Kotfend have the leads The play vvas glven lVlay Q1 alter four vveel4s of coaching by Mass Ruth lVlcKennan The Nledlterranlan Sea IS the scene ol action The Junior Play group presented but one play thus year Nine students were chosen to present Elmer a one act comedy before the assembly The cast Included Elmer Thomas Schnelder Mrs Collier Peg Jennings Susie lVlary Loulse Barta Jeanne Dorothy Wars Janle Jane Bearhardt Fannie Belle Reva Cohen Mass Plnney Barbara Wrlston Hubert Robert Newland and Russ Jameson Douglas l-leclde lvllss Ruth Nlclfennan coached this one act comedy of tradntlonal home lute T H E C L A R I O N s 1 ' 44 . Pl . . . KK lr . . 1 ' 1 - 1 I I ' . 1 A i . 1 ' I . 1 f I i V 1 i . A 1 V i 1 f 1 ' Q ' I A. H. s, BAND f I ORCHESTQA I J 4 S .1 'C . - CHORUS i BAND, CRCHESTRA and Cl-IGRUS NE of the institutions ol our school toward which every student looks with pride is the Appleton l'ligh School Band. Led by Mr. Ernest Moore, its stril4ing appearance only dulls when it is compared to the musical ability of the musicians in it. The band entered the National Band Tournament at Chicago last summer and made an admirable showing. The band has cleared a large portion of their debts by participating jointly with the orchestra and chorus in a benefit concert in conjunction with one ol the local theaters. Another ol our musical groups has achieved no little lame lor itself by playing before various clubs and schools around the city. Mr. .lay l, Williams, an accomplished musician himself and the leader of the orchestra, has produced a musical organization of which we may be proud. This year a system ol awards was started to recognize the superior ability displayed by some of the members. The First master ol music award was given to Frances Rasmussen. A string ensemble lormed by select members has done much to popularize instrumental music in the city. Under their new leader, Mr. Glockzin, the students in the chorus have been introduced to a type of music which has been neglected in the school before, namely, the hymn. This group has sung before several audiences in the city, and it has been generally acceded that they per- formed with a slcill unusual in such a group. For the First time in the history ol the chorus, members now have their own uniforms. They have also joined the National Federation of Musicians. T H E C L A R I O N l83l l84l OR many years, through the co-operation oi the I:irst National Bank, students have been able to make weekly bank deposits. Miss May Webster and her four assistants supervised this vvork. Two cashiers are chosen Irom each home room to collect the Iunds. The spirit oi thrift stiII prevails. The Industrial Arts Club does much to make our school programs possible. The I'IaII oi Fame, a panel hanging in the Front hall stating the winners oi school contests since 1916 and providing For Winners until 1943, is one oi their contribu- tions. Many thanks to this industrious organization. The Century I-Ii-Y is a continuation oi the Trippet Sopho- more Triangle. Membership is open to junior boys only, and the club strives to promote better Iiving. Their meetings are held on every Wednesday night at the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Sidney Cotton is their leader and Thomas Schneider, their president. T H E C L A I iiiiairr BANKING I innusnaiat mars ctua I ctisnuey Hiy THRIFT BANKERS Casper, Miss Webster, Zussman, Pieite INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Top Row: Van Abel, Fumal, Winter, Feurst, Hoep- ner, Endter, Schmeiding, I-Ieinritz, Schwerbel, R. Schultz, Mr. Cameron Bottom Row: Danhauser, Preutz, Hollenbach, Sauberlich, I-Iintz, Vetter, Egan, Fries, Olson, Lappen CENTURY HI-Y Top Rovv: I-Ieckle, Theiss, Vandenberg, McNiesh, Thoms, Marty, Schneider, Retson Bottom Row: Bohl, Ehlke, McCann, Blazer, Balliet, Ottman, Moser, Mr. Cotton R I O N I sifxoo Hrv I Rocrisit Hrv l Rocrisit Hrv STAGG I-ll-Y Too Row: Pruetz, O'Neil, Lillge, Mr, Laird, Smith, Hensel, Herrmann, Laird Bottom Row: Quinn, Aul, Choudoir. Schieder- mayer, Morrow, Wiegand, Seeger, Schubert ROCKNE HIYY Top Row: Crabb, Campbell, Lesselyong, Ingen- thron, Tuttrup, DeBaufer, Moder, Buesing, Popp, Winter Bottom Row: Brooks, Lemblce, Derfus, Gmeiner, Rossmeissl, W. Nelson, Wolfgram, Lembclce, Zuelke, Van Ryzin ROCKNE l-HVY Top Row: Lillge, Peterson, Mulder, Wilson, Lillge, Cech, Weber, Hamilton, Luchterhand, Grey Bottom Row: Langlois, Hildebrandt, La Marr, Nelson, Christen, Williams, Sheehy, Hobbins- Layendeclcer, Ogilvie l-lE Stagg l-li-Y, a senior group, is an active organization. They gave several parties and their third annual picnic at the end ol the year. The Staggs and Trojans toolc charge ol the annual boolc sale. They helped the other clubs with the collection ol toys at Christmas. They again entered a team in the Older Boy League and printed schedules to hand out at the games. The otlicers are: president, Pruetz, vice-president, Schubert, secretary-treasurer, Lillge, sergeant-at-arms, Chou- doir. The Poclrne l-li-Y gave a party at the K. P. l-lall and were successful in the venture. They mimeographed Football pro- grams lor several ol the games, They have greatly enlarged their club and planned worth while projects. They started a group ol sophomores to carry on their club name next year. Qtlicers are: president, Buesing, vice-president, DeBauler, secretary, Christian, treasurer, Rossmeissl, sergeant-at-arms, LalVlarr. lVlr, C. C. Baily is their leader. T H E C L A R I O N l85l l96l I-IE Irojans, a senior Hi-Y under the leadership oi Bernie Fahres, have had many good speakers at their meetings. They have helped with the boolc sale and the Christmas program, They gave a joint party with the Staggs. The otiicers are: president, Joe Koriend, vice-president, Munchovv, secre- tary, John Koiiend, treasurer, DeLong, sergeant-at-arms, Grunert. Under the able leadership of Phil Ottman, the Viking I-Ii-V has completed its third successive year. The members have been taught to partake intelligently in meetings vvhere parli- mentary procedure is Followed. The otiicers are: president, Chadelc, vice-president, hlaberland, secretary, Schultz, treas- urer, Lemlte, sergeant-at-arms, Whysol. A junior chapter, the Badgers, sponsored a I-lallowe'en party for the younger boys at the Y. M. C. A. Their plans also called for a slcating party at the Armory. Oiiicers are: president, Jacobson, vice-president, Elias, secretary, Ham- mer, treasurer, Herzog, sergeant-at-arms, Zimmerman. Their leader is Mr. C. C. Bailey. l riaoifxiv Hiv I virirsio Hiv I BADGEI2 Hiv TROJAN I-Il-Y Top Row: DeLong, Jury, White. Cast, Remley, Koffend, Munchow, Trittin Bottom Row: Finn, Solie, Koffend, Rosebush, Ger- Iach, Perskz, Grunert, Crane VIKING I-II-Y Top Row: Witt, Chadelc, Schultz, Smith Bottom Row: Haberman, Schwerbel, Schmidt Kraus, Lemke, Whysol BADGER HIAY Top Row: Nixon, Elias, Long, Zimmerman, Frank, Rankin, Krizck, Wolters, Horton, Bosserman Bottom Row: Spector, Herzog, Murphy, Madson, Grearson, Stegert, Pierce, Hammer, Jacobson T H E C L A R I O N I SPARTON I-II-Y I Mon sow I ieoeitns soma TRIANGLE TRIANGLE SPARTON HI-Y Top Row: Schmieding, Gooding, Gooding, Recker, Hoeppner Bottom Row: Strutz, Schreiner, Bellin, Dunford, Abbey, Karweiclc MOTT SOPH TRIANGLE Top Row: Behl, Moelder, LeRoy. Tesch, Seelow, Braun, Smith, Neclcer Bottom Row: Schabo, Wettstein, Collins, Janz, Chadelc, Brewer, Bayer, Swemer ROCKNE SOPH TRIANGLE Top Row: Brasch, Libman, Van Alstine, Dutcher, Mortell, Cash Ven Alstine, Elliot, P. Murphey Middle Row: Hoerning, Bayley, Ken Buesing, Johnson, La Marr, Quinn, Moder, Elliot, Murphey Bottom Row: Stevens, Rossmeissl, Frieders, Crabb, Catlin, Furstenberg, Stenger, Ellis, Conterzo I-IE Sparton I-Ii-Y did a great deal in helping Fix over toys last Christmas. l'li-V counseling was one ol their main topics ol discussion. They also made tvvo over-night hikes to boy scout camps. Earl Miller is the club sponsor. Qtiicers are: president, Chester Gooding, vice-president, Dunlord, secretary and treasurer, Charles Gooding. The IVIott I-li-V is a group ot sophomore boys vvho have spent much time on hovv to conduct themselves in public. A baslcetball team was organized and played in the Cider Boys' League. Bud Marston is their leader. Qtiicers are: president, INIecl4er, vice-president, Braun, secretary, Behl, sergeant-at-arms, Swamer. The Roclme Sophomore Triangle was organized by the Roclcne I"li-V. The chapter presided at the meetings ol their superiors, and they tooI4 part in the Functions oi the older group. Otlicers are: president, Buesing, vice-president, Rossmeissl, secretary, Ellis, treasurer, Kerning, sergeant-at- arms, Murphy, cabinet member, Stenger. T H E C L A R I O N XNK .X-6, x XXX- 1 P f X X X if az' A N N .- XX . l X .xx . x X W . R . X J fx X 1 X Y athletics iii , W x Q 3 Q l 1 5 3, H 1 w 1 W N Is K V, , l 2 'i I ?i W i 2 il X 5, 1: -E 3 iw 5 5 E r I L R l90l NINE RAI-IS Cheerleaders Rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah Team, Team, Team, CC. I..D: Who? Ieaml CC. LQ: Who? Ieaml CC. LQ: Who? Team, Team, Ieaml QI2epeat three timesj YOUR PEP Your pep, your pep, your pep You've got it, now keep it, Dawgonit, don't lose it, Your pep, your pep, your pep. In the rolling river valley Where the Fox Flows by, I-IIT 'EM I-IARD I'Iit 'em hard, I-Iit 'em Iovv, Come on team, Iet's go. NIGGEI2 Nigger, nigger, Cold potater, I-IaII-past alligator Ram, ram, bomm-a-niclcer, Ziss, boom, bah, Appleton I-Iigh School Rah, rah, rah, "ALMA MATERH Mothers, loyal sons and daughters Scattered through the world, S I4 I told hb A famous high school rears t e anner trive to eep your g orious s an ar Appleton on high. To the breeze unlurled. Chorus: Sing her praises through the valley, Send them ringing onl Do great deeds lor Alma Mater Splendid Appleton. T H E C L A R I O N JOSZPH JHIZLDJTT A hfeenee Mn-ce fveeun Jifems Zez.,4nD Deufoeee Kenneth ZCIIBD HUGH "fW7f?2G"J' A ATHLETIC DIRECTCDRS Mr. Joseph Shields Mr. Werner Witte Mr. Myrlon Seims Athletic Coach Faculty Director of Athletics Assistant Coach Mr. Leland Delforge Mr. Kenneth Laird Mr. Hugh Kennedy - 91' Assistant Football Coach Tennis Coach Golf Coach T H E C L A R I O N i9Ql MELVIN BLIESING TONY POPP ARTHUR VAN RYZIN ROLAND WINTERS FQGTBALL QACT-l JOSEPH Sl-HELDS started the sea- son with an inexperienced team and didn't see any hopes of getting very far in the confer- ence. The team, however, developed remark- ably in their last few games. The victories of the season were over Marinette and Manito- woc. The team lost to Qshkosh by a very small margin. With such competition as Fond du Lac and both the Green Bays there was no hope for a place for Appleton. Twenty-one players received their letters this year, and only eight of these graduated. This leaves a large squad of experienced players for next year which should enabel us to rank high in the conference for 1934-35. The last game, which resulted in a tie, was between the seniors and junior-sophomore team. The underclass men played good football in this game, especially in the second half. We congratulate last year's captains, Bud Buesing and Tony Popp, for their fine work. The new captains for next year will be Karel Zimmerman and Edward l-lildebrandt. l-lere's to lots of success for the team. May it go far ln the conference, and start the season the way last year's team ended up. ly Rfk .Dix ,i 5 BASKETBALL PPLETON I-IIGI-I SCI-iOOL'S basketball team broke many Fox River Valley confer- ence records this year when it won the cham- pionship for the fourth consecutive time. ln doing this it won fifteen games. Ten of these were conference and the other five were non- conference games. This established a record of twenty straight victories for the Terrors. Roland Winter broke the individual scoring record which was held by a former Appleton player by scoring 128 points. The other half of the captaincy helped him in doing this with some remarkable passing. Van Ryzin was also judged as one of the best floormen the confer- ence has seen. Roland Winter, Arthur Van Ryzin, co-cap- tains, and Clem Rankin made the all-conference team. Anton Popp made the third team, and John Goehler was given honorable mention. The seconds under Coach Seims also had a very successful season. They lost but one game, a close one, to New London. Besides winning many games they also gave the varisty stiff competition. Clem Rankin was elected captain of the basketball team for 1934-35. T H E C L A R I O N l VARSITY FOOTBALL I ALL-AMEi2icAN FOOTBALL I VARSITY BASKETBALL l SECONDS VARSITY FOOTBALL Too Row: Seims, Shields, Delforge, Laird Middle Row: Williams. Murphy, Bruclcs, Crabb, LaMarr, Van Ryzin, Ceclc, Campbell, Bleier, Ogilvie Bottom Row: Grearson, Lemlce, Braasclw, Derfus, Moder, Buesing, Zimmerman, Possmeissl, Casper, Hildebrandt ALL-AMERICAN FOOTBALL Top Pow: Ernst, Pollack, Eggert, Kersten, Stevens, Wolters, Petson, Williams Middle Row: W. Vogt, E, Vogt, Karweiclc, Libmann, Fleigel, Frieders, Crabb, Nitzbaum, Van Pyzin, Lohr Bottom Pow: Buesing, Bauer, Porkee, Strutz, Hammer, Dutclier, Mortell, Madson, Arps, Catlin VARSlTY BASKETBALL Top Pow: Herzog, Delforge, Seims, Shields. Laird, Witte, Helble, Wiegand Bottom Pow: LaMarr, Lesselyoun5,C1oel1ler, Buesing, Rankin, Winter, Popp, I 93 - Wonser, Thoms, Van llyzin SECONDS Top Pow: Delforge, Jalwnlce, Seims Bottom Row: Jacobson, Van Alstine, Mortell, Zimmerman, Krieclc, l.iIIgt:, Dutcher, LaMarr, Hammer T H E C L A R I O N 0019 ...H A Fbnqy ffm flppfeseonl 77112 BANG 159125 t Bcfesfiva Z Vfaspee fgmre ! 94 l Appleton Appleton Appleton Appleton. .. ...- ffe-,esten Mhtef Stevens Point ...,. A... 1 Q Sheboygan ......,. . . Q West Green Bay ...., .... 3 Q Fond olu Lac ....... 4... 4 4 THAE CLARION -Br.,-,f 1 Mm 2,207 f967dweandz Pbpp C6577 ME, 7? 'j"' U72 '29ef7cff" !VUf7c2Ge2t2.5' W M' . f M l XXX A Ccvmp be-'All fyoafer Appleton.. .... O Appleton. . .... 'I8 Appleton.. .... 6 Appleton, .,.. O C,-066 Zhnmeemofy faxsfrypflgyf East Green Bay ..,. .,.. 3 Q - 95. Marinette ......... .... 6 Manitowoc. .. .... 6 Qsnlcoslw ...... .,.. 'I 3 T H E C L A R I O N VanRyzin, Popp Winters Goehler, Rankin l96! Appleton .... Appleton .... Appleton .... Appleton ..., Appleton .... Appleton .... Appleton .,.. Appleton ..,. Appleton ..., Appleton .... Appleton ..,. Appleton ..,. Appleton .,.. Appleton .... Appleton .... Qslwlcoslw ....... West Green Bay ...... Manitowoc .,.. East Green Bay. Fond du Lac .... Marinette ..,... Sheboygan. ., BASKETBALL SCORES Q1 St.lVlary's....... 12 32 Clintonville.....,. 13 16 EastGreenl3ay....... 13 QQ Qsl1l4osl1........,. 10 Q5 St.lVlary's....... 19 QQ l:onclcluLac... 11 Q6 lVlarinette..... 17 32 Neenal1......... TQ Q7 lVlanitoWoc...,.... 16 30 EastGreenl3ay....... 18 Q1 l:ondduLac:....... 14 Q8 Qslwl4oslw...... 19 48 lVlarinette..... 6 .. 30 Neenalw ..... Q0 .. 31 Manitowoc . .H 19 APPLETONS SEVEN YEAR RECCRD Appleton Appleton Victories Losses Percentage 7 5 .583 7 4 .636 7 4 .636 7 3 .700 8 Q .800 10 Q .833 1Q 0 1.000 THE CLARIEOQQN I Hocictv l HOME Room BASKETBALL I BOXING l HOCKEY Heckle, Hildebrandt, Sark, Van Lieshoui, Vogt, Luchterhand, Hobbins, Gelblce HOME ROOM BASKETBALL Rossmeissl, Popp, Pruetz, Remley, Perske, Peterson BOXING Back Row: Hildebrandt, Campbell, Crabb, Lemke, Green, Miller Front Row: DePrez, P. Mattson, V. Mattson, Glaser T H E C L A NDER the captaincy ol that brilliant player, Eddie l-lilde- brandt, the juniors copped the interclass hoclcey cham- pionship with lour wins and no deleats. The seniors Finished second with a win from and a tie with the sophomores, vvho held the cellar position with three losses and a tie. Gmeiner and Brasch captained the senior and sophomore classes. The senior home room 307, captained by Popp, are the champs ol the traditional home room basl4etball tournament. They defeated the junior home room 'l'l3, captained by Thoms, by a score ol Q8-17, By defeating the sophomore home room QO4, captained by Dutcher, this junior team was eligible lor the tournament Finals. Boxers receiving golden gloves lor the championship in their respective weights were: "Matador" Mattson in 90-TOO, "Gumshoe" Glaser in 'lO5-TT5, HlVlauler" Miller in T15-135, "Dan" Deprez in 'lQ5-135, "Lightning" Leml4e, three-year champ in the middleweight, and "The Junction Flash" l'lilde- brandt in light-heavy Weight. Campbell and Crabb vvere also given gloves. R I O N l97l IDBI FOR the First time in the history ol Appleton l-ligh School there was a fall golf tournament, coached by l'lugh Kennedy. Joseph Kneice, the only member ol last yearis team, was crowned champion. Besides Kneice, Turkow, Strutz, Dutcher, Schneider, and l'labbins will see action in the valley con- ference. Rated as the Hdarlc-horsei' throughout the i933 track season, the Appleton thin clads surprised the strong West Green Bay team by winning a decisive valley conference vic- tory at Whiting Field. Johnston, Vande Walle, and l.eete shattered records. Co-captains l.eete and Schubert, who succeeded Captain Tillman ol the i933 squad, Gmeiner, and Thoms will Form the nucleus ol the 1934 team, With tennis being recognized as a major sport in l93Q, the lall tennis tournament for 1933 was the largest in the history ol the school. Mr. Kenneth Laird was the coach. Arthur Remley, who was runner-up the year before, was crowned champion when he defeated James Morrow, DeBauler, Morrow, Remley, and Rosebush carried the colors in the spring meet. I 1933 Gott I 1933 TRACK I 1933 FALL TENNIS GOLF Top Row: Walters, Wilson, Vogt, Kneice, Dutcher, Long, Goehler Middle Row: Fries, Turlcow, Stark, Lesselyoung, Stark, Casper, Fountain Bottom Row: DeNoble, Schneider, Mr, Kennedy, Sheehy, Hamilton, LaMarr, Toonen, Weber TRACK Top Row: Nolan, Vande Walle, Hafeman, Winter, Kapp, Crabb, Krause, Schultz, Wilson Middle Row: Shields, Madson, Ruess, Parker, Schultz, Vanooyen, Posebush, Carsons, Wal, ters, Seims Bollom Row: Schubrri, l.f:etc, Pr:-renboom, lcmal, Tillman, Bowers, Thoms, Vanl2yzin, Leml-tv TENNIS lngenthron, Schwerbal, Catlin, Wonser, Pemley, DeBaufer, Morrow, Cast, Rosebush, Mr. Laird T H E C L A R I O N I votttvsfxtt I KICKBALL I BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL Mielke, Schwalbach, Stecleelberg, Daelke, Kenyon, Grootemont, Nolflce, Fiebelkorn KICKBALL Top Row: Schefe, McCuen, Mueller, Radtke, Em mers, White, llydell, Rounds, Rademacher Bottom Row: Stever, Frappy, Meder, Kangas, Koch Kluess, Vonclc, Mignon HASKLTBAI L Schneider, Abcl, Bocltigcr, Wclscli, Barche, While Shebilslce BECAUSE of unfavorable weather, the girls ol Miss May's gym classes were unable to play hoclcey this year. Kick- ball was substituted lor this sport. The champion team in- cluded K. l2adtl4e, lf. Emmers, E. Frappy, l-l. Kangos, lf. Koch, V. Kluess, T. Mader, E. Mignon, J. Mueller, J. Mccuen, A, llademacher, B. Rounds, A. Pydell, C. Vonl4, B. Schoettler, B. Stever, E. Schele, and M. White. Approximately one hundred and thirty girls participated in the intramural volleyball tourney this year. Under the direction ol Miss Lenora May, physical director, teams were selected to represent the various classes. The winning team, composed oi V. Steclcelberg, S. Kenyon, R. Notflce, M. Grootemont, E, Fiebelkorn, V. Miell4e, and l-l. Schvvalbach, was captained by Hilda Daelke. Basketball was supported as enthusiastically this year as it had been in the past. One hundred and forty girls, com- posing iourteen teams, toole part in the intramural tourney. The champion baslcetball team, captained by Gladys Welsch, vvas composed ol R. Boettiger, B. White, P. Schneider, l"l. Schebilslce, A. Borsche, and E. Abel, T H E C L A R I O N l99l m dJ W YN R X 1 A -school life l109l l-lAl.l. QF FAME JINGLES James Morrow's famed for his looks, He also ranks high in his books, And yet on the stage l-le is quite the rage Our faith in him ne'er can be shook. John Kolfend in "Tally" is chief, We've given him plenty of grief, If Vast volumes we'd write lf, For this leader so bright But his slogan isA"Please make it b There is a tall blond named Paul, For pretty dames he'd fall, L, l-le plays in the band And looks very grand This tall lanky hero named Paul. Lola May is a girl of our heart, ln school she plays a fine part, Be it pleasure or work She is never a shirk ln learning she sure is a shark. rief." There was a young man named Joe, l-lis sarcasm well did we know, l-lis favorite fad Was getting an ad But his jacket,-alasl but a blow. Each morning our Flag does unfold, Raised by a pair good as gold, ln school Joan and Art l-lave played a fine part There was a boy named Buesing, Better known as "Bud," the sizzling, Ouite a Hash with the dames But still quite insane When it comes to the part of debating Ruth Merkle's both handsome and tall For nonsense she cares not at all, The boys may look pretty And try to be witty But she for romance does not fall. Great success for them both is foretold. T H E C L A There was a boy named "Casey," Who led our cheers quite hasty, Who rolled his eyes To the opposite side Where sat a cute little lady. By KATHRYN HARTZEIM. R I O N i it M g li Jltiiillpl as ii ll' li N l x - - -ff 4155? Wfhzaa if l-low to StudyaLloyd Merltle How to Apply for a Divorce-Karl Cast l-low to Grow Flowersfflrville Wonser Secrets of Brotherly LoveaMembers of Roclcne l-li-Y My So-Called Secret Passions-Arline Swamer New Version of the Aeneid-Eleanor Pocan Perfect penmanship-Joe Kotlend l'low to Dancefcharles Casperson l-low to Play the Comb and TissueaDonald Gerlach Learn to Croon4Jacl4 Sheey Principles of Making a SpeechfArchie Van Ryzin Getting Your Boy Friend-Grayce Bilter Men Know lt All-Don Hamilton The New lnternational Dictionary-John Kol- lend l-low To Be a Dashing l-lero4Walter Schieder- mayer Floral Arrangementsflony Popp The North Pole on a Motor Cycleflfenneth Christian Loves ln My Life-Gordon Watts My Success ln Grand Qpera-Ruth Merltle Theory of the Atomic Ray-Bernice Benz Life ol a Private Secretary-Dorothy Sellers l-low to Act in Ten Easy LessonsfWilliam Munchow Perfecting the Qverhead Smash-'afArt Remley ls That So'l2obert F. Peterson Price of Being l:amous4Norman LaMarr lt's Never Too LatefAngela Parlcer Words, Just Words-Betty Buchanan Morning Bells-Milce Quinn Art of Laughing-Audry Johnson Secrets of a Kitten-Kathryn l'lartzeim Popular OratoryAJames Morrow Problems of Acquiring WitaWilmer Witt l-low To Be QuietAJoan Steele l-low to Play a Drum4Janet Riesberry Winsome BeautyaMildred Eads l-lere We Are, Now You Can Start-The Nelsons l-low to l-landle a l:ordaBumps DeBauter Boys Will Be Boys'Bobby Laird Always Waiting4Milan Endter The Small PaclcagefBill Qgilvie Exuberance and VitalityfJeanne Meyer What price Athletesaphyllis Schneider l Didnt Know -l'hat'Jaclc Fries Big StuFlal2oland Winters Let's Be YoungfBill Lessleyong Etliciency Plus-Gertrude Kowallce Qne l-lundred New Jolcesvpeggy Voss Tut-Tutvpaul luttrup Keeping My Boy Friends, From My Sister- Verna Pfund Silent Love-Marion Scheil The Secret of CharmaMary Koehnlce Chl My 0perationfMargaret Jane Jarchow l2osesaJudson Roseloush Secrets ot My Traclt CareerfSam Leete l-lorses-Virginia Stetlensen Better Check UpWBill Ceclc T H E C L A R I O N l103l !!'lO4l SCDPHOMORE VAUDEVILLE UGO 'Way, villainil' A court room scene. Marie Zapp. Three dancing ladies. See the mouth organ? ,K,,bA.J '2 ,.,...- Q.. I -- bs. - 1 . J It V Whois afraid of the big bad Wolf? cheering. When in distress, consult your lawyer. Little Caesar. Before classes. Ken Laird. T H E C L A R I O N Bill. Betty Nolan and Myrtle Green- berg. Mildred at tlie Fair, Adelaide lfluge and Mildred Blinder. Qn to tlwe Field. Entrance to our Alma Mater. Jolwn Casperl Geraldine S., Mary Lou M., and June P. A. l-l. S, Band. VQVDG dDCl l'lQl' dog. Industrial Arts class and tlieir Christmas project. T H E C L A R I O N 1105! S ? 1 R , ii E 332' 'xii L I li waz I i :ga J iii i -a f if 'WWW rwsag Y - Y "I I I VV Y -S24 Aksik WWII r w at It lx fl x 2 i fls kk, X i ,l a J 'iii 1 V 'Al1.f 0 ann o ana ,S E Qilig m "ljjjl H- 1 A ' X li 'E fif ai to 'Z ff- Ex A A 1 'a A2 Aa : I j1:...:gj Wayne l3ersl4e Priscilla Richard Edwin Shannon Douglas l-leckle Thomas Long Donald Blazer Clittord Meyer William Witter Robert lhoms Mary Louise Barta Thomas Catlin William Spector H E C L A R I O Cur gang of 1998. Looking down at the Rocknes Hod Horton and Tom Long. At the pump, Afternoon tea party. peg, Mary Lou, and Barbara Charles pierce. Lola May and Florette. Roclcne Hi-V dance. Fisherman Jim. Dan Murphy. T H E C L A R I O N l108l CLARION STAFFS Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor Managing Editor . Senior Editor . Activities Editors .... EDITORIAL STAFF . . . . . . Lola May Zuellce . Reva Cohen . Sydney Jacobson . . . . . . . Joan Steele . . . Alden I'IenseI, Ruth MerI4Ie, Dorothy Sellers Student Life Editors-Katherine I-Iartzeim, Audry Johnson, Mary Lou Mitchel, Geraldine Schmidt Boys' Athletic Editors . Girls' Athletic Editors . Llnderclass Editors Art Editors , Iypists . Financial Manager . Sponsorship Manager , Staff Members-Gerald Lipman, D William Spector Editorial Staff . Business Staff . I-Ioward I-Iorton, Franlc Schubert Mary Louise Barta, Dorothy Ward , . . . Evelyn Morrow, Olive Vande Walle Thomas Catlin, Howard Sauperlich, Walter Schiedermayer . . . . Gertrude KovvaII4e, Marie Starlc BUSINESS STAFF . . . . . . Arthur Remley . . . . . . . . Charles Casperson an Murphy, CIarI4 Nixon, Chris Retson, Judson Rosebush, FACULTY SPONSORS . . . . . . . Mr. Everett Kircher . Miss Esther M. Graei T H E C L A R I O N CLARION SPONSORS Each year the Clarion staff attempts to express an appreciation to those who make this book possible, and each year we feel that a greater tribute is owed than we can pay. Again we express our appreciation, however inadequate it may be, to those who have so generously supported this worthy project of Appleton High School. Certainly it is not asking too much ol both students and parents vvho read this book to request that they acquaint themselves with our Friends and patrons whose names appear on these Final pages. ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS E. A. Dettman and Company ASSOCIATIONS Appleton Chamber ol Commerce Y. M. C. A. AUTOMOBILE DEALERS AND SERVICE Appleton Battery and Ignition Service Kloehn-Pontiac Satterstrom Motor Company Wolter Motor Car Company BAKERIES Elm Tree Bakery Puritan Bakery BANKS First National Bank Outagamie County Bank BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Buetow's Beauty Shop Joan's Beauty Shop Northern Hotel Barber Shop Zuelke Building Barber Shop BOOKS AND' OFFICE SUPPLIES Conkey's Book Store E. W. Shannon Sylvester and Nielsen, lnc. CHIROPODISTS Dr. L. H. Dillon CANDY SI-IOPS Diana Sweet Shoppe Harvey's Candy Shoppe CLEANERS Retson and Jimos CLOTHING Appleton Army Store Behnke's Clothing Store Eerronis Hughes Matt Schmidt and Son Company Thiede Good Clothes COAL AND LUMBER SUPPLIES Hettinger Lumber Company Ideal Lumber and Coal Company Marston Brothers DAIRY PRODUCTS Appieton Pure Milk Company DANCING ACADEMIES The Beveriy Breinig School ol the Dance DENTISTS Dr. A. E. Adsit -109- Dr. M. Goeres Dr. L. H. Moore Dr. H. L. PIayman Dr. H. K. Pratt Dr. A. W. Zwerg T H E C L A R I O N l11Ol DEPARTMENT STORES Gloudemans-Gage Company J. C. Renney Company Rettibone-Reabody Company DRUGGISTS BeIIing,s SchIintz Brothers Company ENGINEERS Orbison and Orbison FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES S. S. Kresge F. W. Woolworth FLORISTS Junction Greenhouse Riverside Greenhouse FRUIT STORES Chicago Fruit Store FURNITURE STORES Brettschneider Furniture Company Diderrich Furniture Company Libman's Furniture Exchange FURRIERS A. Carstensen Grist-Erickson Furs GIFT SHOPS Ideal Rhoto and Gift Shop Treasure Box Gift Shop GROCERS First Ward Grocery ScheiI Brothers I-IARDWARE STORES I-Iauert Hardware Company Geo. Schiedermayer Sons I'Iardvv Schlafer I-Iardware Company I-IOTELS I-IoteI Appleton GTZ CO. ICE DEALERS Lutz Ice Company INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Joseph Koffend Ralph A. IVIcGowan George C. Nixon CarI A. Sherry W, E, Smith Stevens and Lange Richard J. White JEWELERS Spector's IVIarIcman's KNIT GOODS Appleton Superior Knitting WorIcs, Div Fox River VaIIey Knitting Company Weber Knitting IVIiIIs, Inc. LAWYERS Benton, Bosser and Tuttrup Bradford and Bradford C. G. Cannon Heber I-I. ReIIcey Sigman and Sigman F. F. Wheeler Jos. Witmer LOANS ReopIe's Loan and Finance Company MANUFACTURERS Appleton Wire Works Appleton Machine Company Appleton Wood Products Company John I-IeinzI4iII Soap WorIcs Jos. J. PIanIc and Company MAYOR John GoodIand, Jr. IVIEATS Bonini's Voecks Brothers T H E C L A R I O N MUSIC STORES Irving Zuellce Meyer-Seeger Music Company OIL DEALERS Buth Oil Company OPTOIVIETRISTS Dr. Wm. Keller OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Dr. Henry T. Johnson PAPER MANUFACTURERS AND JOBBERS Appleton Coated Paper Company Fox River Paper Company Kimberly-Clarlc Corporation Patten Paper Company, Ltd. Riverside Paper Corporation Tuttle Press Company Woelz Brothers, Inc. PERSIAN RUGS Yonan and Sons PHOTOGRAPHERS Froelich Studios Harwood Studio PHVSICIANS AND SURGEONS Appleton Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic Bolton and Miellce Clinic Dr. G. W, Carlson Dr, Wm. J. Harrington MacLaren, Gallaher, and Landis Clinic Dr. C. E. Ryan PLUMBERS W. S. Patterson Company Ryan and Long PRINTERS, ENGRAVERS, AND PUBLISHERS Appleton Post-Crescent Badger Printing Company RESTAURANTS AND TEA ROOMS MueIIer's Tea Room and Restaurant State Restaurant The Hearthstone SALESMEN E, S. Murphy SCHOOLS Actual Business College Lawrence College Wilson Junior High School SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS A. G. Oosterhous Ben. J. Rohan Carl J. Waterman SHOE REPAIR SHOPS Johnson Shoe Rebuilders Lyman's Shoe Rebuilders SHOE STORES Big Shoe Store Bohl and Maeser I-leclcertls Shoe Store Nu-Offer Shoes SPORTING GOODS KauFman's Sporting Goods Pond's Sport Shop Valley Sporting Goods Company TAXICABS Checlcer Cab Company Kunitz Cab Company TIRE DEALERS Appleton Tire Shop WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Langstadt Electric Company T H E C L A R I O N l111l N' .7 . XV, . 'lr . V ! 1 1 V7 E x Wg: X M' N Ty 3 EVS9 X Q x D Phr C ty N Q19 I If HARVEY SCHLINTZ jp-A APPLETON POST CRESCENT WMM ff WQW . W W U51 E vfiiifggyfgmw THE CLARION L J - x . 3 W Q 1 - 4 - N wi f. W r 5-'V f , I Q 1. Y .f ff A rj! ,. X 15 . r . . g,Li Wd ! 4 f X 5 P qA I f A L . A E ff qi ,J V K nj N H xiiV'J-Yqg VM 1 ,W -'f ' .W 4 A ' K4 P '1,vi' WffX A TL ff' 7 U X VJ M I ,7 "X'V4iL'f 1' 5' ff V J 1 . Q . , fx I 1 E49 K5 Rf ? 2 X 5 N I E ' ' 43525 ggf Q , gfgfgefjlb J, J RQ , Eff

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