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r--.- d, x"'fEi.iu. . f if 7 lfifffifiy af 1...4 4 ,fiiiihggziai GL- Lf g3e.g5i3"g-' ,lg M f , ,," ,,. 1- 1 x ,Q 9, : -545 Q-59ffs:LW3'131- Q?'f,'m1Q-,.4f'j. s'1S'Ix?"W" Q-'zaekwf ww- 'rf-w2'4f' : , x lj-IFB L-- ' - H ze,-x. nu- 'f' X. ' '31f'.-QTFZ,-.g.i. 'egg-,Q-,.1.AU gkgfvb-rx Y: ,"a0"Z- 'isf!'.--L3'4,C':.4.l+ 1' ,' in we-ffQffa4,1'aQIf'N'2 2 X ,iw , 'Fifa'4'-f'fra,:1,v15:2ff 7 0 V , , . , 1 ' 1 Can! new I u i U cj? ,ww 7m 3' ! ,Ll A vt ' of , W7 VUL! L JA, 1 f' 0 .!.7'.!.7' 5 .f.7'.A'!'..A'f'.4'!' ' .AVJAVRZ Be lation 121116155 nf 192 7 Vol. XII Qppletun Zlaigb Scbnul H M -17--H ' ' 17- , 1 1 1 1 1 1 Qlpplrtnn, misrunain 1 Y .A7'.A'l '.A'f'.A'f!.7J' .!Sf'J.7'J' .47 ff V X XXX XXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX XX XXXX XXXX XXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX XX X X X X XX XXXX . R 2 F x d YU. if 'I l f 6 gl 5 F152 f gqrsiie . Qf4i"777 Q , -35-7-can 4 7 ""I':....'4'4v , x Q . 2 O: zfxTa-53l . if T1k'c,'7e:.:E y Q '75 '7144 2 Mg QCNQ x 5 52752.33 U ,sfk C vars x EC '03 x 5 55' E-Qc C0 l Q QE 401 Q-I N 77 ' CBT'-M s O -,-19. .-. S? 0 J,.', 7 -3 1:-' Q3 f-f-. 0 Q3 f 0 in , xl-1 ...Q, f nm. o f Y X '1 U74. 7 -F" go' 6 4 gg 3,5 5 r . X I r"2'5'Q . 5. ! TQ- iii? 0 , ,C HQ-if si 3 ri: :sb ,Q-1 rv O FH 'C G ' . rc PJ' 5 723, gg? ' 7 :.:- CE 'o dl sf , 3 x C . W Q BN 7 f I 7 " X 4 bf!!! fflf ffl! ffff ffff ff!! ffff ffff ffl! ff!! ff!! ff!! ff!! ff!! fl!! f I . VUE! -me-Ra fesam, . x Ad , U aj- , A I I - 4 OQ Y 'gg M? R ' ' 6E7 'lj 'NJ' 'J v iw 0 3 x S x S x ' N The Clarion Staff Q Editor-in-Chief . . CARL NELSON X Associate Editor . . ALICE GETSCHOW S Faculty Editor . . HELEN XVOLF Class Editor . MARGARET HECZKLE Senior Editor . . . LLIELLA GIESE S Activities Editor . . ETHEL STALLMAN Boys' Athletic Editor . , ABRAM COHEN X Associate Editor . . . . DAN STEINBERG S Girls' Athletic Editor . .... GWEN VANDAWARKA Humor Editors .... MARK CATLIN, XVILLIAM MEYER X Snapshot Editors .,.. CARLTON ROTH, ART SMITH Q Art Editors . CUTIIBERT RYAN, ILEEN DUTCIIER, NORMAN ZANZIG N Civic Editor ...,.... CLEMENT STEIDL X Typists , . , . EMMA GRAEF, VORA OELKE, MARIE HOBBINS Q Business Manager ........ ROBERT EADS X Assistant Business Manager ..... ALOYSIUS CAGE X Circulation Manager ......., ORVILLE MYSE Q Solicitors . RUSSELL DENYES, ROBERT MITCHELL, XVILLIAM LYONS X S ,FACULTY ADVISORS X DORA IQELLEY ESTI-IER GRAEF Q 5 Q E Q E S xxxxuxxxwxxxuxxxuxxxuxxxuxxxuxxxWWxwx - - ' f ' wav'- 'Yi X C 0.0 KP X L A I 1 435 0' 9 vgv vp, s 1 P ' 1 , n W C as ,o 1x v 4' I Q 3 A ,P lr' 1 O., c 5 V 9, s 1 Foreword "l leur Ye ihixl All heur ye"' Softly the heavy euruiinx parted. 'lihe tiny pugex their elurions started. Hlleiiore entering into lifes CCSIQICX -f .Xn honored liarwell we decree." . . . Slowly then they Nepumted. . . lintered the knights ol' .l7, l.eud by ai youth uiuxt knighted, Whom you eould see was delighted, .XX he told ol' his tmvelx in the pmt. V Ui' when in the Qfuxtle Education they were ez , . . Now iuxt zi memory to he ruled, . . . il hix Ntorx' he told ol' their lile, OI the huppiexl dnyx ol' their youth When gzilluntry, und lxnighlhood, in lllllll. Sueeeeded in their purpoxe, And well tell lt again tu you helore our lurewell. . , . . lhis ix how it ww NI21lCL,l, . . , -flXflAiu:.fxlzi-,i lliriaii GQ 'rf' NKL C4 5 lx' . xx Table of Contents OUR SCHOOL f.-xcuL'rY .if CLASSES 'Ja HONORS 'Q .. Q SCHOOL LIFE ATHLETICS H Li M 0 R APPI E'l'ONf Our Mutual Frfend 9. pq. l l l 3 i 3 i x Q 5 ' l l X l l l l x i Q i i l Q l Q l 5 l I l.1.oYn Win l'l'IIf0O'1' W S , i i Elnjllllemnrnam l l 'llhere is no Death! What seems so is transition: Q This lilc of mortal lwreath 1 ls hut a suhtirb ol the life elysian, i l Whose portal we call Death. i 3 X 1 He is not tleatlfthe chiltl ol our affection- 5 l But gone unto that school Q l Where he no longer needs our poor protection, 5 Q Ami ctmisf himself tloth mic. l l i efffrom l,ongfell0rv's Resignation. k l i i X ffff .ffff fffffff .ffff Q .ga-s-1 ,Q 4 1 1 .- 1 Q ROM afar the aspiring towers of the gigantic castle are seen-appearing to the thrall and the unproved, of lineage, to be the very semblance of opportunity itself. For, across the drawbridge topping the deep moat and incompassed within Ihose gray walls rests the secrets of life's success. Training is there-a training requisite for the journey through life, a training which facilitates, aids, and acclaims. And thus unto his court come the untrained-they throng its halls, its armory, its apartments, they gain knowledge social, and practical, to go forth equipped with an armor of virtues and merits which shall serve them in their quest. , xlqif-'pc f c " 1 W' Wy 1, , . F. 1IEI5EZ5I55"FI'TQ' zliiiiiiiififlfilllil IIEIEIECEE NW ' - ! in , 1 I I X ............... Page seven 00 I5 . I I I , i I i ! ! ! I 3 a . I ! A I Q ! 3 I T ! I r E I l E I I fax E I E I I i ! L ' I IQIIIIJ 'gg V-' '-Q gg' . A X aflwirgsllwgakwd- , I AEINQ-42,157 to .Q 9 fit Wx. o I ff f S 5 5 Q , X f S 5 X Q X QE'ur Qlma Allllatet f X Z ln the rolling river valley, S Where the Fox flows by, 2 A famous high school rears the banner y 5 f "Appleton" on high. N Q . . . . Q 7 There the thin blue smoke is trailing Q From the altar's Ere, 5 Incense to our Alma Mater, S f Floating ever higher. X 5 Mother, loyal sons and daughters g Scattered through the world, f Strive to keep your glorious standard Q To the breeze unfurled. S Chorus: S Sing her praises through the valley Send them ringing on! S 7 Do great deeds for Alma Mater, X Splendid Appleton. f Q 2 Q x S f Q 2 E 4 S x XXxxvxxxHxxxuxxxtxxxxuxxxaxxxwxxuxxxuxxxuxwxw vt, -.1 ., S. X37QQQQ7gf J , nflla Img , , Null' IV- ' I .ull . . I VI ,MWQHB q + mama HEEQBBE ,Asa .n nl.. il I EEUU UI D 'W,wEWEE I 'I BRE ED I I KMmEHz5E5 I ' r A,mAn we RN l Jai W N I llwlll , Ning? 'IF fum-fv:::f'If' gg,gssug9IlI MF T' 4 aw tg qlu ' ' " ' '. Q J., - AJ 1 :if Page lrwvlw The mariah l'l'HlN the walls ol the Castle ol' liducation dwell the sages, versed in folk-lore and in wisdom, To fashion and direct the knight crrantry that is attracted hy the hrilliancy of the court is the task that falls to them. Nor is it simple, easy toil to mold and teach these lusty youths to wield battle axe and lance, to play at tourney and at jousts. lfor 'tis only a lad, be he from sheep cot or king's hall, ol' strong, nohle, and skilled nature who can carry out vows of utter hardihood and ohedience, As the pupil springs from ensign to page, to squire and then to knight his wisdom and skill are increased manifold as is the pride ol his instructor in work well done. 'llhus when he he- comes the mighty hero ol' the field the faculty look on with profound pleasure and approval f lor theirs was the making! The Marion HERBERT H. HELBLE, Principal 'lo 'riiii QiRADUA'1'lNG CjL,ASSZ This, the twelfth volume of the Clarion, marks the first sponsorship by the Graduating Class. This is Your Book. Members of Your Class have edited and helped finance it. I think you will agree with me that the book reflects this increased interest and support on the part of the Graduating Class. It is distinctly our finest Clarion. And it has been made to pay for itself financially. May I congratulate the Class of 19277 May you continue to put forth your best as you enter the life of the world. Ivly sincere wishes for happiness accompany you. 7M'.12f7,LM+Q JW! ll H n i Pagezhirleen 1 J, fl fl. U52 Qffurion ' elf TX1.xlu.,xlu l ,'XI3R,Xll.-XM V, Q V ADM1 ,-XIICHIS-ON llmturv - , l1nglzxl1 jfarultp 1927 vf , ' -I ANL. B,x1Lm' C'un1r1wr1'z'uI 9 ' . RUTH 15:-.rznr R LDNA BliN'I'SON' Latin . 'CxUI7ll7ll?VCI:GI l , , ' Pune fawfFu11 'A ,ff V' - 4 jk V s r' U ' , fl nv .4 f 1 .. : . ' 1 , 1 f wb' kt -,xc It ,If v f 5X " I X xx 4 K - ' , ' ,I V I 1. V -7 . 1 - K UBB mariah 1 I 4 is 'fx ff 'TI 1' M 1-,uk M 1 ' A l . I Z, " 4 EDITH BRUNSCHWEILER A English Louisa BUCHOLZ History Jfacultp 1927 HARRY CAMERON .L Manual Arts 1- 4. ETHEL CARTER LELAND DELFORGE " ' Mathematics History Page jifleen 'O' Vx U62 Gnurion XY lgxlm-lc C1n.-xl',l- A1L1l'IL'l7lL1IiL'N jfacultp 1 Hx Q . 4. i X 5 RN NWNX A X 5 , N. XX N 1 44 X LIIII-.I, I Imuzls Alullwlmll im X 'S rx Ri1l3l'flll' GRAN1 Afunuul Arlx 1927 IiRN1.X III-mln' linux lil-l,I I-Y Iimluvgy lfnglixh Imgu u I x W X The GVIM-ion CI1.IiMl2N'l' IQIYICHLJM Physics jfacultp l,AuRA I-lvlcRMoRxi cN0l7'lfT'lt'fL'fL1l 'W ' 'l ADELA KLLIMB 1927 Bmmczl ua Mc:CI,xm'1 lY CtARL Ml1I4l'Il2 flixlury lWusic Page .wr I 1' 1 UBB mariah Rum Mc:KriNN,xN Expression , jfacultp EEBSXE IVIULZLLER Lalin ' X, XX 'X Y X 'X s Q . Rum M1ra1.1xu lilvmrian 1927 x x . m I x, 1 1 5 . -r W E-,',,,.3,. Nlismub ,V X y NA.-XIlR1.fXllI"l' RI'l'ClllE L Ifnglish TN : Blvlvgy 5 Ny? E Ulm Gflurion - I Rum SA ECKISR Chem islry jfacultp MIN C. SMITH English JOSEPH SHHELDS Physical Education 1927 ClA'l'HIiRINli Smzmua MARGARET 'IQHIEURER Home Economics Home Economics Page nin I cu H. 1, .. mv urn. . ' ,Q . , 5 Ufbv Gffurwn ' -f.'4- 1441--' - ' sow, 71. f ngxfu 9lJ, f,+. fr- ' Q img, ,Af -,, Y f Lg,c..L,.,, - ilHk44,Y QQ, L MiLahgfJ X24-7J:uQ v.. -47 yj- J44-L.. 1 -3-bu. - g - fam gBf,vvgJ+L .lflgfd fL,g,.f t fjud IGI, L -A .r. , f . 1 xJJr,.VJ'..LJ.u 7144-JJA. . 7 5 ., W , 4. ,- s. f144A4-j Us-.klmmr-. 'Ikuuam l7rvm'l1 and LIYII1 jfacultp TXTAYZE. XVIJESI l-.R Clvrmlvruicxl I gc luwnly .I . vii, I a D , 6 'S .gl ta fi T n'MoNn WAI su .qwml I l'NlWla'l7I.Y 2 i fi Fff- Xal- QL allvahiillf fun L9 f 'Mfr tbxru, ll. XvAl.KIiR Manual Arm 1927 XV.-NRRIAQN W'Rlc:m' I li vlvry J-fix ff ,.4,iA.. - W The Gflurion 1 'Q - JI Emm YIAZAGIQR A'lARU.-Xlllilk 'lmmvsow Physical Dirccior jfacultp p R :X'1lNNIE RADHR Comnwrcial 9 v - xl ll D14.c1lM,x CI. SALISBURY C 'ommcrcial 1927 I fl u y -' Q f A B f 4 4.. f Q f sm ' X . L 1 JI"-1JeI1uer1.'y'vl1r , - w , ' ' Q x- ' ' L K I '4 ' rp f X- K -6 P " f' .. 4, W i 93. xxx xxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx x x xx xxx Q X 5 I f ?4A- F, -' i ai 6' 'PZDUTZ-EOC?-4-44-4-4444' xg 33g:O3""'w3',3OOOg0C'3'OC3: -5 LL-"f-'fD:sS'.C---3-m-,79-Q55 . f -OHQDO-,220-sa-Haag Q ' Oomzs-' f"f,,Q,50mf?n-rv ' ,fC!D..vv'3-3-O Om 2.06: 6 4 r6-,Q.'4-'ofv3ows:PTm7f3r'S'5-':- 'A 5 Og: HERYQDQWSQHQDQ Q9 .L X 'sfo wf'o'D2D'Oo25'23 fi H035-77'3Cd 5f"C7l.u:m 3 ,-, 6 4 E33'2E,O'3gQ,:foEQ'f:Qd05"1E kugf gf 91,,9U23+25,f,fsg2fg:aafDi,4 E. Wx -14 - QQ- an ""..4.5-Qlfx, IWELQODB-"fi-'f?i:ew2-ix: if Q 'r1:sHQr3d2'3m3Q4g563g5C-g22'D x 736. 3 V' Q,--U-1 ...mfr Q' o,,r?f',.,3?57'E',Q4f.:9-95:5'm2,df'h A C 0 ,- ""'1"'cn' -s T3 ,Wm .- Z QJTO as C--- oyg -Q. m C5 Qmwz .,-.5 4,-5-4 .m:23,,.35,'ff2,fv2-.25g0'5vB's' f 'TW -5"Q.m cn HH.. 07... Q f Nswwxgf-afgm-gazwz A D-Z cameo ' 'J'mQ1f7f"':F3i "" f '5 f if?-W5 F"Kg2ffx':?,'We'i'Q5.5:Y 71 . X69 r-wmfvfi' 32? :Q-' 4"'3m:tT' Q f "O77'9'E3CD4I3-C-..'Tq98"i?-O rv guy- QZQB wgingogm- -11 O 0 Y XS. Xp S-. - mg , :Sgr-1 U,-.Dfw m I sr , Mmm- i5 fr- - TFL N 5 D . f r O' J' MTU' Q1 4 'Q 3 El '21 Q D In 2 gg fn 2 U Q '. Q , 5- ' 2' gg A I 7 '1 .O X -. K . f f C .N 4 xx x 5 - tg ff!! fffA dfflf ffff ff!! ffl! ffff ff!! ff!! ffff ffff ffl! ffl! ff!! ff!! ff!! 0 'I .0 . I .9',Z,?4:-Slialfov-6Cf,a-4.2. 4- 77"-0-'le.y,af.4,df . Q, . ,I "zZw7Q"'7w""" H ,AWAI 4 ? 5 ,1 ,1 , ,JL - J fix. I 21,4 ,N . J, 1 'jf' AMQU' 'ZD'tb'!'i!g,,g t ,fQ.3f",. ill jamub . I - 9 f5,wf,w-ff dnyfe. 94 I . 'ii' , ', Q +2 ggdw' - Lu if . W' ,4alIluluvAr42lWfItllIIus wuuammli ' ww' -"A" th' ' ' ' ' i' Z W Q ,I ,,...o4-v .,g,..,L..7 W., MJ. juzhpwfwnwm, ,g1MvLuM1-ZQ,1, - Mixi- ,9 f- f2-4Mf4-'?f-'- Lt t9 ,f! KQ:L725""'AfmQ'A?"'ea"'?"':fM' A , M44,k0 nga-440. r XM G .W-L3d7""V 'af P-Af'bZL64.Qr6Z71-bffgf-'ff ZHMH, UNJ4 Jdfumf ---v,!J'75wvm!'7W-f Aft gf! ' ' , I- r " ' '5- , vmarion v ' ight! JZ Qqjfzvbqif A - mfg? MM. 22.27 " lvl, we .7 fy ,500-4'-7 f 1 Z , .- 7 Q .4 , if 141. dl- io Mi ' VILNI 'Cl ln the stern Castle of Education z , the shades of night hegin to fall and the once ,LQ , Knight lirrant realizes the attainment of one f M' more step in his quest for Knowledge. Sir Senior is ' 0 depressed with the thought of leaving the Court of CAL pnkz liducation hut the star on the horizon, the comple- Q tion of his quest, still shines brightly as he ventures y ' th into the outer world to beset himself with L stronger and sterner tasks. Earth and all its treas- A-ala.. - , e 7 ures glide hefore his eyes as he gazes forward into W ' the dim darkness of futurity. Speed thee, knight and conqueror in the lists: you are ahout to K I , e ter the real strife of Lif I Z E EAL wfqjggo -9LlJ4,,Q, 020 wwf ' PQ gint! DL, 7644! Clare.. CL-,haf bflflfiff- W7 QU' lti Jw WNW? ii. 4 ui K , rl V,L-v-L,V--, +- J, mx . Sta... g Ubi? mation ' J " "' 'E g' f Q ij-,.,..L ,rdf . Lee Ifads X Cooney lX4anicr f X .F ' I In funk' '7 ' Q 5 OTAX' T ff ff . .ff it ML- L .twvMfJef.L4Z, ' v . ' rf! f- I Senior Gfficers fwwew any .-:.E,,f',.gI f President .....,.., XNILLIAMXLEE ' Vice-President , , . ROBERT EADS ' " V7 Secretary . . . KATHLEEN COONEY ' Treasurer ........ ALEX MANIER The class of '27 has thoroughly profited by its four years of high school life. It was a pleasure for all of us to be members of a class of its kind. Democracy was its outstanding purpose with its definition dehned as: "Not, I am better than you areg but you are as good as I." With this in mind we enjoyed everything we attempted to do. The organization of class cabinets was due to the seniors during their junior year, and now the other classes have adopted this requisite for systematic class government. Members of this class have won distinction as responsible leaders of this institution. The adoption of the Clarion as a personal class project was the first movement of its kind attempted in this high school and is indicative of the service program which has been followed since the freshman year. In order to make A. H. S. a better school, let our record challenge others to raise the standard of our Alma Mater to its highest. HBILLH LEE. Page twenty-five Ubi? mation ' Senior Memories And thus unto the court spake the bard: Hark Ye! List to a tale of times told of that glorious knight errantry that left the friendly portals of the old castle of A. H, S. in 1927, tutored in divers arts and trained in many jousts in preparation for the great tournament of life. They were 3oo strong, young and courageous when hrst they entered the castle gates, This unproved knight errantry rose in spite of its handicaps and participated in every contest and activity of the court. Three hardy youths were their leaders: president, Cuthbert Ryan, vice-president, William Leeg and Secretary and Treasurer, Francis Rooneyg the class by means of personal merits proved its mettle and was a close contestant in the school spirit race. But the third year will never be forgotten. The class decreed that it would abide by the principles of democracy, and foster a truly representative adminis- tration. With this aim in mind, a class cabinet was organized which directed many projects. The junior play, "Seven Chances" was produced with splendid success. The administrators, who themselves worked hard, and inspired the class were: lfrancis Rooney, president, Beatrice Segal, vice-president: Barbara Shinners, secretary and treasurer. Then came the last and most glorious year. With a reputation for plant- ing the seed of democracy and for volunteering projects, the seniors then pro- ceeded to greater and higher attainments. The class sponsored the Clarion. and thereby attained a new honor and established a new custom. The faithful officers, William Lee, presidentg Robert Eads, vice-president, Kathleen Cooney, secretaryg and Alex Manier, treasurer, loyally worked for the glory of the class, staunchly supported by every member. Then came the departure and each sallied forth on class day to a bigger and broader task, the winning of the world. Amidst complete silence the minstrel sang the valedictory of the class. Never had the court heard such beautiful music as then rang through every bower and hall of the castle. But the music appeared to go up and on-and oh, so faintly seemed swelled by many older voices from the four corners of the globe. And when the last verse began the music welled into a tremendous avalanche of harmony. "Mothers loyal sons and daughters Scattered through the world Strive to keep her glorious standard To the breeze unfurledf' Page lu -enty-six , 4 QF' "Ll ll' Lily sf' 1 P : . U- ' . Lon 4 t 4 1 A F, 3 LI I . Ns vi. i .E . vi , A1 4 W JI, . W I-'!,"1' - - '- fyjlif lil, Alva! rig! E 1 SARAH BAHCALL "Babe" Domestic Science Glee Club 2, 3, 4Q Nautical Knot 1.3 Bells Of Beaujolais 33 Belle of Bar- celona 4. EDNA BALLINGER "Eddie" General Course Volley Ball 3. HELEN BEACH "Bea" General Course G. A. A. 4Q Volley Ball 1, 1., 3, 42 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Cvlee Club 1, ZQ Nautical Knot 1.. GEORGE BECKLEY "Beck" General Course Debate 41 Phi Chi 42 Bank Cashier 2, 3, 4Q Glee Club 42 Belle of Bar- celona 4Q Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY BELL "Dol Home Economics Course Wreck of the Hesperus IQ Volley Ball 1., 3. VIOLA BEHNKE "Babe Home Economics Course Wreck of the l-lesperus IQ Volley Ball 2, 31 Baseball 2. MARIE BEYE "Mala Commercial and Art Courses Wreck of the I-lesperus IQ Typing Award 42 Bank Cashier 1. MAME Buck "Blickie" Home Economics Course Wreck of the Hesperus IQ Typing Award 4. Page ' , 12 ion l 1 1 N Bill Brllsv lX'lAllli C,111.1N "Burl C tm ral C mru Arlx Pruparalary Colarxv . W rccl ol the llupcius 1 C X X llonor Roll 1, 1, 3. .11 Debate 3, 41 1 Q l b 1 Iarion 3, 4, Triangle Clu s , 13 Class Cabinet 1, 3: Class Play 3: llydcCon1cst 3, Bank Cashier 1, 1, 31 Band z, 21 Ulcc Club 1, 1, 3, 4, lli-Y 3, 41 Opcrcttas 1, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, liasketball 4. WMC' of tm Hckpcmx 1 V1 S1-14311 C11,xM1s1::1u.1N N "Dolly General Course G. A. A. 1, 1, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 3, Volley Ball 1, 1, 3: Track 1, 1, 3, Clee Club 1, 1, Nautical Knot 1. K I C l AV11.A C1.oss "Dimples Lmm guru General Course G. A. A. 1, 1, Basketball 1. 1, 3Q Baseball 1, 1, 3, KA 11f11.1a1zN CooN1gY "Kate Arts Prepuralory Course Class Secretary 41 School Spirit Cup Committee 1, 1, 3, 41 Talisman 1, 3, 4, Copy Desk Editor 4.3 Radio Club 4, rpf' .fo MNH' . f'- II I7 O ,. 'W ,-.N 0 A V I L 5 U, h, NL, km' je A j Flirt, l A L ' -- "v"' 'lr 1 , 3 1 A eaflurmon l -1.1 f M . ll ,Q-vfx 1 AJ "y 1' A 1. 1-'lf N QAYA vlv If ff 'J 8. 1 "' fy 'e l rn .J l A1xR,xM -I. ClOHliN "Abreu Arts Preparatory Course Class Cabinet 42 Student Council 4, Clarion 41 Hyde Contest 3. Louisa 11111411111 "Biht1.1 Commercial Cotuzve Wreck ol' thc Hcsperus IQ G. A. A. 1, z, 3, 43 Bank Cashier 3: Baseball 1, 2, 32 Basketball 1, 2, 3. Gw1iNoo1-YN IDANKIC A'Gwen Commercial Course Honor Roll 1, z, 3. RLlSSIil.L DrfNY12s "Rus ' Arts Preparatory Course Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 41 Triangle Clubs 1, zg Clarion 45 Debate 41 Hi-Y 3, 43 Phi Chi 4, Bank Cashier 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH DEW'1No'r "joe Manual Arts Course L Locker Tender 3, 4. CiHARLE5 DEYOUNG Hchuck' General Co1.1r.xt Wreck of the Hesperus 1. DoRo'1'11Y IDRAHHIM "Dol General Courxe Honor Roll 1, z, 3, 43 'l'alis1nan 4, D. A. R. Certihcate 11Clee Club 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4: Belle of Barcelona 4, Rose Maiden Cantata 4. Es 111511 IJRHWS ufslltltlj' Commercial Course Cv. A. A. 3, 4, Wreck of the Hes- perus IQ Bank Cashier 35 Typing Award 3, 4, Volley Ball 1, z, QQ Baseball 1, 7., 3. Page twenty-n in e 4 3 Ulm GUM-ion I l' A- ful' ,. l . ,..f . . , , V. ll.l-ll-LN l7L1'1'c1111a1z "Sill Cienerul Course Clarion 41 Glcc Club 3, .ig Bells ol' Beaujolais 35 Belle ui' Barcelona .13 Radio Club 4. R111x1i1L'1' Elms "l3,1l1 Arts Preparatory Course Class Vice-President 41 Clarion 3, 43 Business lvlanagcr 45 Triangle Clubs 1, 2, Prcsidcnt 1, Secretary zp Glec Cllub 1, 31 Bells of Beaujolais 3, Bank 1, 35 Director 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Aviation Club 4. lborsiiiim Fiifwiii. "Dun Arls Preparatory Course Wreck of the Hcsperus 1. TONIC FICAVICI. "Bouts" Commercial Course G. A. A. 3, 41 Wreck of the Hesperus IQ Basketball 2, 32 Typing Awards 3- 44 Page lhirly Eizwm Flfl.DllAHN "En: Commercial Course XVreck ol the Hesperus IQ Class Basketball 3, Typing Awards 3, Gizmaviifivii Fieorow "Gan General Course Wreck of the Hcspcrus lQ Typing Award 4. Oscxmz FORBIZCK "Furl: General Course FRED Fox "Fritze Commercial Course NVreck of the I-lesperus 1. 1 jg, The mariah , . Y, 4 x' - JEAN FRAMMON "jingle" LILLIAN GABRIEL "Lil" Arts Preparatory Course 1 General Course Class Cheer Leader 4Q Taliynfgin 41 C-lee Club 23 Nautical Knot zg Radio Club 42 Entered f m' Olzggfri N 'Wreck of the Hesperus 1. lin, Ohio 3. R -V 1 J " J L V L - ' W JOHN FRAMPTON X , -fr U I ANS pC,,a,05q,fQ,U,Sd 1 v xRUDoLP1-I GAUERKE Rudw Talisman 2 Debiyz Apt hi Cai JL - Manual Arts Course Score arya d Tr Surety FY 3, 4- .1 Bank' Cashier 41 Clee Club 2, 3,44Q . LJ Irleuticegzl ffnoggg Bells of Beaujo- ,V , aisgg eeo arceona4. ED RD FRHI .RS j"'Eddie" U ndustriv Course' F ' C cctyleeadergif z, 3, I3 Football ' M nager 39Hl1otball Zllasls Elasket- ,J GERANA GEHL Hgannie ll 3157, HAH Clblb - 43 Ba? erbalijl General Course M i anagpl 3 3 Clas rack 3, .1,QxVlI'1tCk Honor R011 4. Lagnfval 4. ' H J F! Y X -' J MARIE FSDLIIJFAIN "Foamy" Art.: Preparatory Course ALFRED GELBKE "Al Cvlee Cl b 1, 1., 3, 41 Pianist 4Q Nauticeblalinot 1.1 Bells of Beaujo- lais 35 Belle of Barcelona 4. Science Course Football 3, 41 Class Track 3 Q Hockey 4Q Boxing 4. Page thirty-one . -an ,f'A4L fy-41,11-,.JLx'1x.4 d of 10144 , f 1. 4 2 ' F 1 N,.... r,"gf . A,. HL.. u.. Q, Ufbv Marion .' C11-lsczmmw "Bum" lvlmzuc Goss 'ullmrx Arm Cuursc r- Commvrciul and Arm l'n','wralury Bunk I. z, Xl liircctorg Cluricm 3. 4. , A C0ur.w.v Class Play '51 RudioCIlub 4Q5tl,lLIlCf'1f l yplng Awards 1, 4. Ciuuncil ll lulismzm 1. ldlullvm Ulm.. -,l'UH-- ILMMA Slum- H tfklllllllld . . Comrmvlml um! llumu l-4ununm.x ln.'m'rl1I C uurxv ummm Claw Plux' 5' Cllcc Club z 11 Nuuti- M . 1 ' . M . cnl lxnnt zq Bells of l3CZlLlkl2llUlS 31 llpmg Emifdfa l""'n, Ulm 4 cllilflllll 4. ,- , ' ' ' f Mr' . ' ' 1 - ' ' , - f u A Q 4 H , l, F liAI'hmo-C,1mVul- -' Ixay lLl3llll Qrll sum h K lzlu x K A,yls1Jr'7,U,-uhlry CDU,-M. I Q f'l"'L'fUl L UN'-V' Glcc Club 3-3 Bgmk Cluxlwicr zg lzllis- Wlfflx "I llw l lCNPC"l'N '- man 43 Bells ul Bcuujoluis 3. . Mmm-. G1.AsN,w "jimmic" C'un1mcrcial and Home lLmrwmiu.v l.ll.l.lAN CJRIMMUQ Lzl C' Home l:wnon1ic'x Cuzlrse lyping Awards 3, 4. Wrccli of thc ldlcspcrus 1. Pugu Illirly-lwu G Ulm mariah i 4. 1 GEORCTLI HAAG "Shorty" General Course Football 4g Radio Club .gg Class Basketball 4 Gamiii l'lAB1iRMAN "Gracie" Arls Preparatory and Commercial Courses Talisman Typist 41 Typing Awards 3, ESTHER HARM Commercial and Arts Preparalory Courses Typing Awards 3Q Wreck of the Hesperus 1. XVILLIAM HAWKES "Chief" General Course Radio Club 4Q Wreck of the Hes- perus 1. lVlARGARIiT HECKLE "Hedda" Arts Preparalory Course Class Play 31 Glee Club 1, z, 3, 41 Nautical Knot 21 Bells of Beaujolais 31 Belle of Barcelona 4Q Dame De- clamatory Contest 41 Aviation Club 4Q Bank Cashier 32 Radio Club 4Q Rose Maiden 4. BONNIE HEINZL "Bon General Course Wreck of the Hesperus. Roaripqr Hiiiss "Bob Nlanual Arls Courxi, lcc Hockey 41 Winter Carnival 4. DONNA HERRMAN "Don General Course Glee Club z, 3, 4, Vice-President 1.3 Class Play 3 3 Nautical Knot zg Bells of Beaujolais 3 g Belle of Barcelona 4. Page lhirly-three , -UBB murioh l. lRYIN l ll-.RZlfl:l,D I' "Spark" Manual Arm Coarsv Aviation Club 41 Wreck of the Hcspcrus 1, Mviuua l lll.4il'.NDORF General Cuurxc MARIE l-lonisims "llolvbie" Commercial Courxe Glcc Club 23 Nautical Knot 21 llawkctball 1, 2, 31 Vullcy Ball z, 31 Class C Ihccr Lcadcr 2 3 Silver Typing Award 3. fXRLli'l 'l'A l'lou:OMis "Leila" ' Commercial Course Baseball i, 2, 31 Vollcy Ball 1, 2 Page thirty-four Viiimom l lui 1'l4.RM,xN nllulily hlanual Arls Course Football 2, 3, 42 Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 41 Class Basket- ball i, 21 Winter Carnival 42 Aviation Club 4. lil.Mlill llORN "Fug Manual Arts Course Track 3Q Radio Club 3, 4. Bi-Liwlczia l llliiN Uliunnic Clam ral CYUIIIIYL' Short Hand Award 11 Wrcclx ul' thc l lcsperua i. EDWARD lluN'i'z "lid Science Course Freshman Triangle Club ig Radio Club 2. I A , R l F" Tiepgv IL 3 mm Marion R, Sis CZARL jiiisig Ujvlnsn General Course Orchestra z, 3 3 Band 7, 3 Bank Cashier 3. lVlARl'HA licwiz 'Wild' F' . N5 Arts Preparatory Course Talisman z, 3, 41 Orchestra 1., 31 Glee Club 23 Nautical Knot 23 Stu- dent Council 43 Flag Raiser 4Q Quill and Scroll 3, 4Q Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. XVILMHR SJILNNIQRJAHN "jenny V A General Course NN reck oi the l lcsperus I 3 Football 4. NORMAN JOHNSON '-Julius" Commercial Course Glee Club 3, 43 Radio Club i 3 Bank Cashier i, zg Hi-Y 3, 43 Bells of Beaujolais 33 Belle of Barcelona 43 Rose Maiden 4. Roisram' joNEs "Bob General Course Wreck of the Hesperus 1 3 Clarion 4, RICHARD -IOYCE 'illamper Arts Preparatory Course Band 33 Glee Club 41 Belle of Bar- celona 4. A .1 ' ' f ...f ," I fl GRAX'iIli l4iiNYON . "K Arlx Preparalary C,' Wreck ol' the Hesperus I 3 Radio Club 43 Aviation Club 41 Phi Chi 4. ROLAND KIPl'ENHAN "Kip,by Science Course Wreck of the Hesperus. Page thirty-ji VB f if -1-, ' 4, jf v A! ,I F' 1 1 Q u , - ,V T ,f H .t-4 - w, . ,f J ,. , 11 J r K -if "sf 6, ,,- , mivmmgncc , , , 4 'W -' .XV 'K L V 'T' A 2 , If , 1 ,, 'Y 4, ' "..- A. W1i.1.Aim Kl.lN4l uliill Alanuul Arts Courxc Wreck ol' thc l-lcsperua 1. Lois liromiw "Darla" Arm Pruparulory Cmir.w Dame Declamatory Contest 4, Talis- man 3, 4, Class Play 33 Banl: Cashier 1, 31 Phi Chi 42 Aviation Club 4. Mfxiuia Komz "Kanzy" General Coiirxc Honor Roll 41 Typing Awards 42 Glcc Cluh 1, z, 3, 4Q Nautical Knot 23 Bells of Bcaujolais 3Q Belle of Barcelona 4. Girarzar Kizmctic "Gil Science Course Freshman Triangle 1 3 Basketball 3, 41 Aviation Club 4Q Hockey 4. Page thirty-six TRICNIZ liRANHOl,D "Ike Home Ffcononiicx Cuur.w Typing Award 4, Wrccli ol' the llcspcrus IQ Volley Ball L. l.LJi.i1.1.1'1 lillANl4Ul.D Ufffllllfij' Commcruial Course Clce Club 1, z, 3, 4, Nautical Knot L. Wll.Mlill liRUlillliR "Wire Arm Prupurulur-v Cuizrsc Radio Club 4, Triangle Clubs 1, zg Bank Cashier 1. EVELYN KRFISS "Babu Arrs Preparatory Course Bank Cashier 1, 1, 33 Glee Club z, 3, 4Q Nautical Knot zg Bells of Beau- jolais 3 3 Belle of Barcelona 4. 'P t The mariah LAURA KRONZ 'ALal General Course Typing Award 33 Wreck ofthe Hes- perus I. HILIJA KUcIIIcNIsIgckIIR 'Kuckie Commercial Course Wreck ol the Hesperus I. KENNIi'I'I-I LAIRD "Lani" Arts Preparatory Course Football 2, 3, 43 "A" Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Talisman 41 Track 3,'lAI'l3f'lglC Qllub 23 Hi-Y 3, 45 Tennis 33 Winter Carnival 4. WILLIAM LFE "Billy General Course Vice-President I1 President 2, 43 Class Basketball I, 2. Class Track I, 23 Football 23 Clarion 2, 33 "A" Award 23 Hi-Y 33 Cabinet 3, 41 Student Council 2, 3. I LEONE LEMBERG jf "Curl,g"Jv 3,4 Commercial Course 0 Cv, A. A. 43 Cvlee Club I, 2, 33 Nautical Knot 23 Bells of Beaujo- lais 33 Baseball 2, 3, 4Q Volley Ball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. PHYLISS LIND "KitIy" Commercial Course Wreck of the Hesperus I3 Typing Award 3. AI YDA LEMKE "Lid General Course G. A. A. 43 Winter Carnival 41 Volley Ball I, 2, 3 3 Typing Award 4. ARTHUR LEMKE "Art General Course Wreck of the Hesperus I. Page thirty-xeven The Qflurion A1015 l.IliIIlliN 'Tilly Arts Preparatory Course Fooiball 1, z, 3, 4, Track z, 3, llockey 4: "A" Club z, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Class Play 33 Class Basket- ball I, z, 3. MMU:-. Lows "l.auic" C'mnnwrcial Cazlrsc Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4Q Baseball 3, 41 Wreck of thc Hcspcrus I 3 Basketball 3, 4gTrack I, 2, 3. 4gBank Cashier ig Typing Award 4 lVlYR'll.If l.l1laot-Las "M,vrt Clvnertll C'a1.zr.w Clee Club 4 Wll.l.!,AM LYoNs "Tiger" Science Course Talisman zg Triangle Club 1.3 l-li-Y 3, 4, Track z, 21 Phi Chi 41 Bank Cashier 4Q Debate 4Q Clarion 41 Glee Club 3, 41 Bells of Beaujolais 33 33 Belle of Barcelona 42 Radio Club 4Q Honor Roll 3. Page tlurty-eng ht RCll5lill 1' lvl,-xc1Glu-:tank "Bah Scicnse Course Wreck of the Hcspcrus I Q Band 3, 4. Aucxtxwmgla lXlANll1.ll "Alex General Cuurzw Class 'Treasurer 43 Talisman 3, 43 lli-Y 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Bank Cashier 3, 4 Inulsl-. M.txi4snoN "Lua Arts Pru,tu1rutur',v C'uur.w Ueelamatory Contest 45 Class Play ZQSCTTOOT Spirit Commitfec 1. z, 3, 4, Bank Cashier 1, 1.. 4Q Lincoln Essay Prize 41 Talisman 3 4. Romain' MHZ "Mat Arts Preparatory Course Class Basketball 1, z, 3, 4Q Bells of Bcaujolais 3Q Belle of Barcelona 41 Class Play 31 Glec Club 3, 4. The Qlflurioh 1, , ,, . EDWARD lVlAURER "Ed Manztal Arts Course XVreck of the Hespcrus 1. FRANr:1s lVl4lAl.LlSl'liR "Mac Arts Preparatory Course Triangle Club I, 21 Hi-Y 3, 4, Clec Club 2, 33 Nautical Knot zg Bells of Beaujolais 3Q Track z, 3: Basketball 2, 3. RfNYM1bNl5 Mmax "Ray" Commercial Course Wreck of the Hesperus 1. MARJORLE MCCAREY "Marge" General Course Honor Roll 1, z, 3, 4, Typing Awards 3Q Glee Club zg Nautical Knot 23 History Essay Contest 33 Post- Cfrescent Essay Contest 4. I-. .X 3 V --v CLX'DE lXflC2CABE "Mad" Arts Preparatory Course Wreck of the Hesperus I. Rum lVlCQ:ANNA "Ruthie" Arts Preparatory Course Talisman 42 Typing Award 32 Entered from Neenah High 3. Bl-:RN1c:E MEARS "Burnie" General Course Wreck of the Hesperus I. HELEN MENNINC "Hal' Home Economics Course Glee Club 1., 3, Nautical Knot 7.3 Bells of Barcelona 43 G. A. A, 1, zg Rose Maiden 4 Page lhirly-nin u C' I l 'r' 'N 'L f N .JV Ji, I X X , f EVEN f I ! 1 : I-F P 3 . , QT' if '- fbi, " V I' a uv 'x J K4 r? U fi 4, ljll MA XVII. llil. M1a1zk1,1s "Merks Conimerriul Course Physical Education Assistant 41 C. A. A, Award 3, 4, Typing Award 3, 41 Winter Carnival 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 41 Vollcy Ball 1, z, 3, 41 Cleo Club 2, ll Nautical Knot 11 Bells of Beau- jolais 3165. A. A. 3, 42 Basketball 3, 4. 1u:A111-51 M1aY1414 "Peggy General Cailrxt' Clce Club 2, 3, 41 Nautical Knot 2, Bells ol' Beaujolais 3, Belle of Bar- celona 4, G. A. A. 1, School Spirit Committee 41 Rose Maiden 4. Arts Preptiralury Course Class Chccr Lcadcr 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Operettas 2, 3, 4, Triangle Club 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Bank 2, 3, 42 Orchestra 3, 4, Talisman 31 Clarion 4, Rose Maiden 4, Heiss Oratorical Contest 4. Btafrrizicia Mituaix "Bee Arts Preparatory Course Phi Chi 4, Glee Club IQ Debate 4, Talisman 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Page furly LIAM M1-LY1-QR ulrllffyu " ROBIZRT lVll'l'Cl 1151.12 "Bob Arts Preparatory Course Student Council President 4, Clarion 3, 4, Glec Club 2, 3, 41OpCfCffkiS 2. 3, 4, Flag Raiser 4, Bank 1, 3, 41 President 4, Director 3, School Spirit Pleadcr 2, 3. 42 Class Cabinet 4, Rose Maiden 4, Talisman 2. DUWA 1'N1f: MoRN1zAU ' "Duc Arls Preparatory Course Wreclq of the Hcspcrus 1. FRANK Mu R121 lY "Mike Science Course Student Council 1, 2, Bank 1, 2, Clarion 2, 3, Class Plav 3, Triangle Club 2, School Spirit Committee 1, 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Class Basket- ball 3, 4. " RAYMOND Munpiw "Ray Science Course Golf Team 1, 2, 3, Wreck of the Hesperus 1. ,f 1 1 A U ' 41' 'L I , , 'Irvs' v ,f ,f - 1 K o v' 4Jl,fF'-A 1 ,- rf ll ,H",NY,f!1- A 'I Av. It .A 4 3,1-' : " . ' ' 1, ,J AWYW , . 1 5' ff .l :Wil X x K - 1 X 1 1 1 -3,3 Wifi co Wil - SJW. M' ' il I 5 3 f' A The Marion J " - fl' fl Il i C ,I Qu' Commercial Course '-tilee Club 3, 41 Clarion 3, 43 Triangle Club 7.3 Radio Club Z3 Aviation Club 43 Bank Director 33 Bank Cashier 2, 43 Rose lvlaiden 42 Bells of Beaujolais 3 3 Belle of Barcelona 4. GEORCIE NAX'ARRli "Nm1vy lnduslliczl Artv Course Track 31 Aviation Club 43 Wreck of the Hesperus 1. CARL NELSON "Tony General Course T1 iangle Club 7.3 Clarion 4Q Editor 41 School Spirit Committee 2, 3, 42 Talisman 2, 33 Heiss Contest 3, 43 Debate 3Q Student Council 3, 43 School Spirit Pleader 3, 4Q Co-Editor Hand Book 43 Glee Club Z1 Phi Chi 43 Class Cabinet 3, 43 Radio Club 33 Honor Roll 2, 33 Belle of Barcelona 4 3 Hyde Contest 32 Hi-Y 3, 4. BERNICE NIERHOOD "Bee Arts Preparalory Course Volley Ball 41 Entered from Nicholas Senn High, Chicago 3. CHARLOTTE NEWBY "Chuck" General Course Wreck of the Hesperus 1. VORA OELKE "Vorchen General Course Bank Cashier 33 Typing Award 41 Clarion 43 Home Economics Prize 3Q Wreck of the Hesperus 1 3 Volley Ball 1, 23 Honor Roll 3, 4. l-lLLlAN ONDRACIEK "Lil Commercial Course School Spirit Committee 32 Honor Roll 41 Typing Award 3Q Shorthand Certificate 3. Fmwcras PERRINE "Pat General Course C-lee Club 2, 3, 43 Nautical Knot 23 Bells of Beaujolais 33 Belle of Bar- celona 43 Rose Maiden 4. Pagefarly-one l. f . .mf li Univ mariah f "LJ, 4. Luc If " NIYIZIZI-Ill PM I-Ill-Ill! "l"ifu" I'lYIil.YN RH-.l7I. "iff Kimura! lbzzrw QIUIPUYICFIILII LIUHFNL' I muh 3. 3. 4. I7nulImII 1, 3. 41 'I'ypir1g,IXxx'urd 31I Iur1urIluII Z, 3- 41 Iinpluin 4. l':uxIXctINzIIl L. 3. .11 XYVCQIQ sw! thc I Icxpcrm 1, K Iulv 1, g. 4, ISQIIQ wt Bm'ccImm.1. 1.3 H , N p,,,,,., "pup" l.l-.uN.x Illlzlil. "hum llumu lfmrzmnicx Cuzcrsc , , , C""I""I'fII'I cI'f'I"W . x'.,1lQy mn 1, 1. ciupluin Bull 1. lvvmrl --Wllfd 11 NN Mk +11 Ilw I I-um' Ifcwnmnicx I'ri:c 3. I IUNPVVUN I- . A , b .. , lm! mmm s rx I LILRXI x i 4 I :mm IIIQHIVN l,XI4VINM1K HRM wncrul Cuzlrw c.Um,mI Cmrw 7'I"1z"z"1'1h . -' I' I hu C hu 4.4! lnjx Pl IN, lf-IWC IU t Vvrcclq uf l'I'1CI'IC9PCI'LlS 1. 4. Bunk Luxhucr I1 lulwman 3, 4, .Xviznticm Klub 4. Vim A Roma SI.-KH!-It RI'.I'5I. '4.S'lalw" C'un1rm'ruialC'n14r.w Clcmrul C'uur.w Iyping Award ll XYr'ccI4 Wrcclx ul the I Icxpcrm I. I Icxpcrux I. l'.1,gu!w1vm.w "'l'.wrs" ut' thc Stabesp 1 3 x 4 l x , ,1. ,. f 'I I 1' 'I . .... P ..- T fx' The Qflurwn P 6 i k t V 3-' ling. . Lf" -43' " 3- 1 f ' -K ' V , 5 . ' L ' V A I 9 lv 1,4 F i Q. V A ' A 1 J ' ' A' Y 1 ' " I J ' . 3 .1 , MJ A . l l e ,, 0,93 ns 3 - -af ff' Q27 J N qy T n fb' , ROONIZY "Bud CAROLYN SCHAEL, "Drastic" M Arts Preparatory Course Arts Preparatory Course - N. Triangle Club 1, 23 Honor Roll r, 2, Glee Club r, 33 Band 2. 3, 41 Talis- ' 43 Class President 33 Secretary and man 3, 41 Cv. A. A. 3, 43 Radio Club X ,, Treasurer 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 Student 3. 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4182180 ,WPC lvlanager Football 43 Student Coun- Ball 33 Volley Ball 43 Literary "A" Qy-f ya cil 4: Class Cabinet 3, 43 General Chairman ,lunior Prom 32 Club 41 Talisman 3, 43 Business lNlanager 4. jostaeiimia Ruisraatz "joe General Course Basketball 2, 31 Baseball 23 Volley Ball 33 Entered from St. Petersburg, Florida 2. C:LJ'lillBIiR'li RYAN --c.Rll.YSj' Science Course Class President IQ Triangle Club I, 23 Clarion I, 2, 3, 42 Bank Cashier 1, 2, 3, 43 Director 23Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Valley Meet 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Aviation Club 43 Winter Carnival 41 Boxing 43 Bantam Champion 43 Talisman 4. MARIE SANLQM "Sunny Arts Preparatory Course Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 NVreck of the Hesperus 1. Award 31 Essay Prize 41 Bells of Beaujolais 3. lXfl,xaY Sczmamtik u1StIl7'tu S'l'fiRI.INC SCHMALZ ".S'1erx'f Industrial Course 4 N Wit. Arts Prqbaralory Course Honor Roll, Talisman 3, 43 uill Q and Scroll 3, 43 VolleyBal1 1. V Glee Club 2, 33 Nautical Knot 23' Q I Bells of Beauiolais 33 Band 2, 3, 41 1 Track 2, 33 Orchestra 3, 41 Bank , A Cashier 4Q Radio Club 4. DER SCHMALZ "Wild" Arts Preparatory Course Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 C-lee Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Nautical Knot 23 Student Council 42 Class Cabinet 3, 43 Bank Cashier 31 Director 41 Talisman 23 Bells of Beaujolais 31 Belle of Barcelona 43 Rose Maiden 4. Page forty-three l I U! R MMM K We ,MW ,MA C' U52 Qflurion A' 1' lli4.1.i-LN SCIIMIDT A "SmitIy Home lzfonomirs Cuursr Wreck ol the llesperua 1. l.LSIlll'.R Scziiomlsczii Hlixly Cunumvrial Courxc Ci. A. A. 1, zg Basketball QQ Typing Award 3. l.ii.i.mN SCIIROICDER "Lil Arlx Pruparalory Course l lonor Roll ll Talisman 4g Library Assistant 43 C. A. A. 7,3 3, 43 Radio Club 3. Wmufiucn Sanur.: "Win" General Course Glcc Club 4Q Belle of Barcelona 42 Rose Maiden 4Q Wreck of the lles- perus IQ Typing Award 3. Page lofty-four BiiA'rRlcia Stacml. "Bee Arts Preparalury Course Debate 1, 2, 3, 41 Declamatory Con- test 41 Vice-President 31 Phi Chi 43 Aviation Club .43 School Spirit Pleader 1, 1. Radio Club 3, 43 Glec Club 41 Belle of Barcelona 43 Bank Cashier 1, z, 3. Eumczia SLQGAL Uliun Arla Preparatory Course Student Council 31 Class Cabinet 31 Declamatory Contest 3, 43 Valley Forensic Contest 41 Class Play 31 Debate I 3 Radio Club 3, 43 Aviation Club 41 School Spirit Pleacler l, z, 3. RALPH Suu. "Senator Science Course Wreck of the Hesperus 1 3 Chemistry Lab. Assistant 4. LORRAINE SHAW "l,ur Home Economics Course Glee Club 41 Belle of Barcelona 41 Rose Maiden 4. 3 l 1 1 ii 3 yt 3 ' The Qflurion 3 ROBERT SHEPHERD "Bob Maniaal Arls Course Aviation Club 43 President3 Class Cabinet 33 Radio Club IQ Clarion 1, 3. ARTHUR SMITH "Arc General Course Triangle Club 1, 2' Hi-Y 3, 43 Presi- dent 4j Classwice-President z , Class Play 31 Heiss Contest 4Q Cvlee Club 41 Phi Chi 42 Bank Cashier i, 7., 3, 43 Rose Maiden 4. ELIZABHTII SMITH Mfielly Prls Preparalury Course Phi Chi 43 Honor Roll 42 Entered from Niagara High, Wisconsin. HowARD SMITH "Hou ie" General Course Wreck of the Hesperus I. ETHEL STALLMAN "Stubby Arts Preparatory Course G. A. A. 42 Phi Chi 41 Debate 43 Library Assistant 4: Basketball 33 Clarion 43 Honor Roll, DoRo'rHY STARR "Daz Commercial Cuurxe Typing Award 3 3 Baseball 7,3 Wreck of the Hesperus x. .- EVERET STECKER "Ev General Course Debate 41 Band 41 Cvlee Club 31 Bells of Beaujolais 33 Bank Cashier 13 Phi Chi 4. GILBER'l' STECKER "Gil" Arts Preparatory Course Triangle Club 1, 7.3 Bank Cashier z, 3, 41 Track 1, 7.3 3, 41 Class Basket- ball 31 Cvlee Club QQ Bells of Beau- jolais SQ Typing Award 4. Page forty-five lr. The Qfluriony i 1 X . , . . 1 ., I X X. TDANIVI. S11-miainiua "Dun Cfulwrul Cuursu Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 41 HA" Club 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 41 lli-Y 3, 41 Belle of Barcelona 42 Class Track 1, 2, 3, 42 Clarion 41 Bank Cashier 1, ZQ Golf Team 3, 42 Winter Carnival 4. Ciaoiusic S'l'liWAllT "Peanuts General Course Wreck ol the Hesperus 1. Mxiuow SIIWVAIKI ".S'1c1v1c Arlx Prufulralivljv f'Ulll'SL' XX rccli ul llie I lcxperus- 1. IXNN S1141-.1141-Q "Kill I lomv lfuviuniics C'tmr.w Basketball 1, 32 Wreck of the Hes- perus 1. Page lofty-.six ' 7 - 1 fu QUT. .0 my iyiai MNH Nga . "l ' 11-14 if li, ' .. 3 ' ' lgliliii. iXlllil.liNx Q VA 'liublviu l1,Xf..,iTl nf x 1 Cumnicrcial Courxc Typing Award 41 Wieck of the . ig Hesperus 1. J fwxltq . . - upul.. K .1.A1m I 111411111114 C'un1nu'rt'iql Course Typing Award 4, Wieck of the Hespcrus 1. Do1xo'1'11Y 'liRI'l"llN Nlilackic Cimurizl Cliizrxv Ta1lis111anTypist .11'l'ypir1gAwa1'd 3, Wreck ol' the I lexpcrux 1. f:Wl-LNDLHYN V1xN1mxvA1ui,x "Given" General Cuurxt' G. A. A. 1, 1., 3, 4, President 41 Phi Chi 41 Clarion 4, Library Assist- ant 4Q Typing Award 4. Ulm mation 1 5? VIQRONA xlANl lliLlKl,ON "Rome" JAMES WA'l'5oN "Whittie" Commercial Course Science Course Typing Award 3Q Wreck of the Radio Club 1 5 Aviation Club 4. Hesperus 1. Evickm' Wiccsmzk "Wag" I 'MGHIIGI Arts Course CONRAD VERBRICK --Conn Radio Club 1, -Lg Class Basketball I. Manual Arts Course Track 1 3 Golf 3, 4. TRUDY WEBER "Tru" Arts Preparatory Course Property Manager Class Play 31 Bank Cashier 41 Glee Club z, 3, 43 Opcrettas 2, 3, 41 Radio Club 42 Aviation Club 43 Entcrcd from Ivlarinettc High 7.. Guoiuzlf: Vismmiczk "Gnd" Manual Artx Cuurxu Coll zg Class Basketball 4. lVlAR'l'HA Wiilcm' "Mal" NORBERT VETTE "Norb" Arts Preparatory Course 'Manual Arts Course Wreck of the Hesperus IQ Honor Wreck of the Hesperus 1. Roll 3, 4. Page forty-seven Q 1 4 v""'1 X Q J f 9 'ki' A - n by Ulm urion 1: ..,. ' Q AJ l . .1-in .jay X Xlxisi i. XXVI-.Nil .ui "Mahi" Clmirncrriul C'uur.w lyping .Nwzirds 31 Wrcclx nl thc l lCNPl'iAllN i. I li-i i-N XVI-RN!!-Il "Ilan" Arlx Prvparulory Coizrxu Radio Clluh 41 Cllcc Clluh 41 Quill and Scroll 3, 42 Talisman 3, 41 Bank Clawhicr 11 Bcllc of Barcelona 41 Rose lklaidcn 41 Honor Roll 1, L. 4. l..xwiu-.xr.i- Wiiziui 'Nnzzpv Alanna! Arts C' lfoolhall 3, 4Zf1laSsBasl4Ctl12lll 3, 41 Cilaw 'lirack 3, 41 Clluh 3, 41 .Xvialion Cfluh 4. l li-,i.i-N Wol I-' "AfIuI:" Cfenvral C'0l.lf.Y:' Bank Cashier IQ Clarion 41 Radio Club 41 Glcc Club 1, 32 Bells ol' Bcaujolais 31 C. l, P. A. Conven- tion 41 G. A. A. I, 1. Page Lsrlv-tight ll.xRoi.o XvOliIll.l-'R "Hal Ciwwral C'o11r.w Radio Ciluh 41 .Xviation tilulw 45 Wrccl. ol' thc l lwpcrux 1. lXlii,mzi4iv Ziii-izi-x' "Milly C'mmm'ri'iul C'o1u'.w lyping Award 3, 41 Wreck of thc llcspcrux I. lX'lifRi,.i-L Zvi-.1 lil-' "Cli1a'k limrrzzl Clmrxu Bank Ciashicr 31 Clarion 22 lli-Y 3, 4, Secretary 41 Radio Clluh 3, 4, Prcxidcnr 41l lcigsflonlcw 33l3chatc 3, 41 Co-Editor lland Book 41 School Spirit Plcadcr 3, 41 Phi Chi 4QSlLIClCl'1t Council 42 Class Cfahinct 3. 41l,0CliCl"liCi'1dCr3, 4. lxlmu' Ziissixivxx "Mmm , CiUQl71l7'lL'7'L'l'L1lPlUllfSL' l'aliSman lypist41 lypingAward 4. my f ' ! K A Wfjgif , V. K ,X .ll -l I" 3 ,fl 'E X mf fi5X y W i 1 Stgfjgx x f g-'H 3 K ff nf'4Qf' S fkf Agn ff ff! ffg? ZZ? I f W 'Ly' 3 ' N ' IP f fab? N, f -X x Q ,gpagzi -: , A if M-'Z i " Q4 P v2M F3gfQwf-ww wf' 1 1 v -f,aff-waffwy 5135? Wigan: V af,-, -4. ff I : ff .J '-'-" ' ir.'m:'Mq . 1. f I 5' ' lm u Il I gf . , , . ' I ' l mm m Q m ,L unwr " N 1 flffggjwfgy. J ifiysfwgfxp Siffk may QW wffggS P I Ir I Ili num" 'lll. 'll zu !l".lIl, Ulm Qfhrwn v Page fifty ID DAY! The heralds announce the new- comer with ringing trumpets and proclaim his desire for showing his skill and valour in the tourney of School Life. The challenge is accepted and the heralds withdraw to their stations. The knights, Sir Senior, Sir junior, and Sir Sopho- more enter the lists. The trumpets sound! The spears of the champions are loweredg the spurs are dashed into the flanks of the steeds and the adversaries rush forward to show their prowess. The consequences of the encounter are not instantly seen for the field of "School Term" is long and expansive and the comhatants cannot extricate themselves from the fray hefore they have shown merits sufhcient to gain the "School Spirit Cup." So the tide of battle prevails with alternate successwbut the spectators acclaim Sir Sophomore for his feats of gallantry- Sir junior. The tournament concluded, Sir Junior, spurred on hy his ideal, the attainment of a diploma Us-strives for greater awards of Chivalry. . The Gammon r Gage Stiedl Rechner Carncross Iumor Qfficers President . . ..... ALoYs1Us GAGE Vice-President . . CLEMENT STIEDL Secretary , . . ROBERT RECHNER Treasurer ........ JANET CARNCROSS When, as sophomores, the class of '28 adopted for its motto what is also the sloganofthe Ford-Rent-A-Car Company, "Drive it yourself," the unprecedented advancement in class spirit was not taken into due consideration. So at the very outset of the year 1926-17 a new type of transportation towards its ulti- mate goal, good citizenship, was invented, and since then the class has flown "Sky-High" in their airship, "The Redoubtablef' In the coming year, when they will be, as the saying goes, "August Seniors" the class members will, no doubt, find some still more efficient means of locomo- tion, but they now join whole-hearteclly in praising that smooth running mechanism which carried them so safely through the air-currents of the class play, the winning of the inter-class basketball tournament, the annual junior prom, and more important the liveliest participation in school affairs. There- fore: God speed "The Redoubtablef' ULUKEH GAGE. Page fifty-one , . XI ,UBB Qnurion WHA! RUN fnlslvvr. Ilvlllll, Ilww. XUIIICIN, XVIIIIW, Ilclcrx. Pzllmcr, Uxxcn, -XII1l'L'cI1l, MIm11ln, Ilul-vll, 'XIfnnc, Illilflf Rm rf. Hmm Ilwx, NIvmIwr1.: .Xl-Inrnl Run SIL-IIN-I. NIcIxL'l'. Iulxkx, SL'I1l'lIlkIl, I5ccl1L'l', NIcCfux', IXIun1um.5, Slccnlx, Cfnlwlw, 5yI1uIIIcr, Hcxcr, II I In-X-X1-I, MMIII, l'rIwI.nuIwr, NI-n1lgm1u'1'v, IQLWTILIIIIT, Iicunku, Zluglvr, Iumm'rmun Ihml Run Iiuwln. I Inmh-x xlLIc.II:1l11ll1n'l1, Yk'FI7I'ICIi,I''l', Iililllhll. I IiIIxI-xx IIT, Md 'I-x , Scaxmzxn.N'Iu'1IcIIw. I :uh X .,,IwxI, UNNI, 5cI1:nIL'. Iiumlr, I. I,uuclyuL1ng, l.ul:, 5cImuIcr. Slurlxlwzuiull lmurll Hun Nvxxlurl, Nlxlzsh-1, Xllllvl, lh'r'wxx. IXI11rw, I'urrlm'. SQIIUIIT, Slnvxrx, NIm4'lIu'lI. I I.nw:n, Smllwulull Ixllwpvxl- I, IM Lglnugru, I'.u lu-1, 'XI.1l Inu. I .4-lplxc, Iimuruwll, lffrrl Run X1uIucp.:, Iiznxcr, Illuck, Ciurncruss, Krueger. Pacwlur, Imcswl, Ciluudcmzms, XX4I'lX'nI0INI4I, Qiucrcx, Drrxlcr IjL'Yulll1lA. firulwlw .N'w..vruI Run Iiunwpx, Kllllvxun, Imcewl, Nuygs, Ulxon, Yucckw, illaxxymp' Kkxllwum, Su-ndl, IIcIms, IirLlcg.zcr I3-alum, N1cxcr,'IxI1u1I 'lhml Row Sccgvr, Ilnwslu-rg, Schmiege, Plamann. Ivicldzmm, Wl'IICfY, VV1rl:, Vhwud, Pccrcnlmwm, Kfunmpshurc, Qucllu Snug, Slrulz, N4urpI1y, Ilusc-good. Slattery. llluulh Rm:-: Keller. Schrelter, Krarvuich. Uuchenherg, Iluesemann, Ilcrlel, IIurn, :LlN5I111lI1, Rundlw, Ixienning Vwggl, Slnllmnn, Spector. Muller. D U52 mariah 1 14. I-'nxl Run' llumruz, Vow, Wcrm'r, l'slNl1, Gu-xcnz, llclglcmzm, Rzldtkc, lfrzmck, Knoll, Wull-xml, Llclwcluclxur, l lcrilclnll Sfnmul Run- l.lxnur, liuulwcr, Smnlh, Rcchncr, lllllli, Gage, jcrmcrjuhn, Brown, Prushvzr, lfruwr, Juhnsum, Kruse. liF21UlSClT, julmwn. 'I'lm4l Rum. llwmlrlch, Van llcuklun, Post, Zahrl, Kugglcr, Culbertson, Licse, Brandt, Schmidt, Sclxiclwlcr, Drucfzcr, llmlglur, l lurrxmun, Clark. Schaclcr lfuzullx Rnuu' Pcwwlci, Peters, Rohm, DcVwc, Ruemcr, Gcticlmw. Hurlung, Plcllcrlc, lX1cl:cr, jnrum, lX1m:l1uIdcr. ltlklltf, Uccl-:1:r, lXllcr. 1 i lfzml Run ll l,lwwlx'uL1x11g, If I uuxsclxuumg, Nzrfcl, Brwchnlcm, Hays. .Srmrnl Run' lklalllxuxxw, lhlcs, Schllmm, Rcllkc, Ruth, Plcllc, l.ol1r0n:, lxlgycrs, Zullqry 'I'lunl Run- lxl. lgfilllkll. Julmslon, Scl1ult:, Resmmn, lfllw, lxflclicnny. l,m,lrwcl1, l':1yIur, l Inlrlxlur 1411111111 Run Marx, P1-xxcri, Hiller, Cfalrlcr, Baker, Zurlwl, Vfurncr, Palm. llugu jljly-llu vw EQ Q 4 xi I L' will A gg CQ , 2 ff D X XXX XX XX X XXXX XXXX XXXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXQXXXX XXXX XX X X X X XX X 1 Z I q 3 v 1 if C Q Zz:-AJP g1bbbC4C K 5 C323 ::91cLc.?f'5f2-55, 7 UIQ' 3-,-s'-1"4f "'f-v45 mf'12f'Yf-fOf"O .D-3-5-O g:.,.,C-JL3--as-, 4 2'."5'f 453330943 4 mgbm Qiggg-Qmgmgj gf-wo" Ofvrfmgfgc.-fa 1 iornogmagi' 5 Tzvrgwfv --'wi-somvvxrv 1 'mg Fw mk4C3 2 . W -32 fc'-E202 y fflff OG'O.OO f'f4cnQ, F5172 0 , Za-,-wg 3---C-.,N4D n.:. 7 C,,,rgmO G'f'Sf-fgc.3Tim?e-z 1 T- EEC-gmaVD4g. 09 -,ig CII N,-"'rom3353:m Z X OU' Of.,--. Q. f-rQ-39 -Z can 1 '14""'S 0. 93- .-110-1 1 ...3 -- U' --- 715. 3 , ,U .asm 63,05 A, rn Q OZ D' Q.. nog ' k Q0 Neo gocmw 4 ffm: 29-S O-' 50 f ' W2 5 5 1 Q 27 fi F UE 2. C 1 O K " is H 3 2 ! 1 1 t 11 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1 1 1111 1111 1111 111 1111 1111 ffl! .fu X f J Y. 's Kg E 'ii 'I v' ff 'A dl ' wg' M19 I 1 Wwlwwfffzwl nf' 'nw ll!" 1 1 'Il Q- iff' .g'i" ll ur - N II W", If -Anbi L - E "' msgs f ..1'1mll1'ql l!"'. 1 I ln,'ll,'l Ip lula lilllljuqhq I 1 I' 5UPhnmurt2 S The Qnurion IHUJV jifly-.ia t ORNINCI' Antl the Knight errant Sopho- more enters the Castle of Education to be ulwsorlwetl in the routine of the quest for Knowletlge, Armetl lwy previous training, he sets himsell' to the task and hopes for success and the luurels to he guinetl hy strictly following the coun- sels ol' his instructors. The future grows intriguing in anticipation ol' the strength to he gathered for tleetls yet untlonei lor u greater life, yet undreamed! H Ulm Marion Davis Stark Dix Eggert Sophomore Officers President ......... CHESTER DAVIS Vice-President . . CARLTON STARK .Secretary . . . CLARANCE EGGERT Treasurer ......... CILADYS Dlx The class of 'ZQ entered Appleton High School last fall, 4oo strong, We were the first class to graduate from the -junior High Schools. Immediately we began to take an active part in all school affairs. We have done our bit to make this year successful. Our class has tried to do its best and has made mis- takes, but we hope to benefit by our experience in the next few years. The splendid spirit of co-operation among the sophomores has been a great boon to the class and its leaders. Our first year at A. H. S. has been enjoyed by all and we hope to make the next years as pleasant and as prohtable, not only for our class, but for all Appleton High School. A'CHET" DAVIS. Page fiflyaseven who Gflurion Q ifm F ' lflrsl Run" Ncmlumi, Nmnrrc, I5uIxIl, lilcwmzm. Rcick, Shade, Ifulk, Dwllxc, lkxmv, I lcxlwlc, I'vndIcr, Brock, Starck. I Icnning. Iimiuwr, Iir.mI1uIxI, llulcy. Iiyxpxurl. .Yemmi Rau- Slmnuw, Wnnwrx, l.c'vpuld, DcY0ung. I IUI1, Burgess. Spccuwr, Tuck, IJ-wlwlverslcin, Mayer. Bcukcr. Aul. Cfrnwc, Wflxx. Clurncs, Iilllcrsmi. Iiluchn 'fhml Rum Dcllgcr, 'I'rulIwcr, Iiucpkc, D:-hcurly, IQEIFXYCICIQ, Iiranzusch. Lutz, WNOchIcr. KIICY. Vfugncr, Iiuzilske. W"nrncr Ncxxlw Ikrumll NICIIHINI-X. Drcwnng, Iilias. lfm:rlh-Rmr I I,uunIwIuL. XVcLluIu1cl, Ilumkc, I Iumc, Zunziyz, 'I4cQch, Hcimcrmcnn. Clifforkl, Cfnhl. Zimmermann, johnson, Snvdur, lluxhcy, Ncmuvlwck, Ruhm, Ildtlac, I.ul::nw, IX1mmrrm I I I lflrxl Run" bmrk, Iluswk-, Slwr, Vunl'uwLcr. Beck, Simon, Coleman, S1-mm! Roux' IiupInnp1xI1, bnmlcrx, Selig, Ihlnsun, Suldlcr, Lousman, Siefert. 'Hnml Rmv- Jurclmw Scimwaboclm. Vnnderhuiden. Lullungc, Marsum. Iingel, Butler. limrllx Rmu Cihnlds, DcWulIc. Krueger, Weiss, Tuck, Cubont, Schwabock. Bentlc. Page filly-eng!!! Ti jf ,,f.,-..-.,.-Q .f rv' f f ff .4 4 4 I e L ' ax x 1' 5 , Ulm Marion First Row: Ranier, , Herriman, Fuller, Malucfz. Tracy, Hintz. lvlcflarey, Radtkc, Parker. Koclclcr. Scholl. Russel. Wenzloff, Walthers, Stock. Roth. Heckerr, Wanke. Verrier, Thiede Secund Row: Lueders, Letter. Knight, Kiohnkc, Karwcick, Mark. Peters, Reed, lvlelzer, Main. Roemer, Ruesch, Wood. Witman, Wettstein, Gochner, Shannon, Shubert, Parker. Third Row: Nckls. Owen, Harm, Henkle, Keich, Krueger. Kuclcenberg. Shumann, Smith. Stilp. Shultz. Shultz Simon. Zinzer, Wilson. Mclvlahon. Verbrick, Stubbe, Ruth. Fourth Row: Haye, Larkin, Laird. Holcomb, Kohl. Kubitz. Rammer, Johnston. Heckle. Pitt, Koss. Verrier, Witzke. Schafer. Karweicl-', Manier. Smit. I Furs! Row: Froehlich, Merkel. Benyas. Colburn, Bethke. Doine, Killorcn, Hatch, London, l leinritz, Summers. Kurerl. Rafoth. Schlcgcl, Downer, Mueller, Whitrock, .Second Row: Crabbe. Solie. MeClone, Zanzig, Wiedmon, Miller, Heckel. Drysdale. Hansenp, Trentlage, Hilkowilz. Kampo. Jansen. Rubert. Lutz. Harwood. Yankee, Van Bussem. Third Row: Hart. Kobussen. Ellenbecker, Shannon, Waltman, Kochuch. Mamm. Ziegler. Kitzinger, Schubert. Koppe. Schultz. Kunitz, Burgess, Poole, Eichstadt, Miller. Fourth Row: Boettcher. Hurt. Van Ryzin, Coon, Warner, Schmeichel. Mader, Krucgar. Cameron, Deitrick. Schmidt. Rehfeldt, School. Ness. Moore. Lyman, Gosha. ,:' """ '. H7512 Gflm-ion Ifrml Run- I7nlm:1r,Chllc1l, 4Xllw'cv.:h1,f1Ul1cn,K1rulwlw, ShUllZ,l,LlI1NCI'. 5lru1z,ScI11-ucxlcr, liuulxur. Durn, Wwl, l.:nPlmuu Hrulclxlux. I'1ol:uh, .fXl1rcm,iil,uk. .Ymuml Rau' TYIJKUIN. lwxllcr. limp, Zlnlmcrnlam, Slcnuhuucr. NVurl11l15.1, Dunkel, Scl111zlsNr, , Ilmllkc, Xlcl:cr Sclmlwunxclw, Schucnlcc, Ncllur, Hull, Prmk, lfcrrun, Zlcglcr. 'I lun! Rum , Br: 14 flu, l"uxxc1,L1.-l', :XH'cri, limhry, liluhorsl, I Iuwks. Puruh, XVrcuk, Rchlcldl. I lnclxlwcrl, Rcufx Nuvurrc, lhfppc, Dumlqc. Yun Wxclc I'luu'lHs Run' Hcuknmn, lfnh. Hlxcr, Dux. Davis, Dcrfab. Puach, Heller, Sclmupgcr. Schlllhuulwlcs, Arndl, lEum.:cx'l liulungcr. l,cw5clyuunp.:. Runknn, ilrulwlt 1 Ihr,1w.nnly UUUYS INALLY the king spake unto his court and made known by proclamation that certain days were to be set aside to confer awards upon his knighthood and to heap honors on the worthy. Upon thc advent of these gala days thrall, yeomen, knight, lord, and vassal assemble in the great throne room. On the noble, on the worthy, on the strong in spirit, honors for quests fulfilled and deeds well done are heaped. Blank shields are blazoned with a resplendent "A" and divers precious gifts are given in just accord. Upon being called to the throne, forth strides the victor and, in the admiring silence of the court and multitude, receives his well earned award, And thus it is ever-to those who attain, to those who accomplish, to those who win ultimately belongs the glory! The mariah fl IF? ,Jil N! i f 23, lit-,U f ft, fri 5 +25 ' ' 'JJ ag -, ,J F tx if "rp, 'U s l r ' ,' if fx - . 'J 1 Y J . gr ' . XJ X ij xy 'XJ K . V ff f' Q' N ' . ILLIAM EE 'xy :qv-Y' X? W L YJ ., xljl ff i ,J Q Craftsmanship Shield Award Many are the honors that may be won during the four years of high school life. But highest of all honors which can come to any student is to be awarded the craftsmanship shield. This bronze and silver shield, established by the class of IQIO, is given annually to the student who is most outstanding in his crafts- manship. This year, because of his splendid spirit of co-operation, his generous at- titude, his excellent work as president of his class, and his outstanding leader- ship in extra curricular activities, William Lee ofthe class of '27 was awarded the shield. Page sixty Ubi: Marion Atorsius GAGE ROBERT MITCHELL Craftsmanship A's To be able to wear an "A" means that Appleton High School has conferred upon that student an honor. All A's are honors, indeed, but the most coveted letter is the Craftmanship VA", This "A" is given for high scholarship, outstanding work in extra curricular activities, and unusually fine school spirit and citizenship. To Aloysius Cage, 'zo and Robert Mitchell, '27, the Craftmanship A's were awarded this year. Luke Cage, throughout the entire year, has been a most valuable student, always on the honor roll, captain of his debate team, Clarion staff member, winner of the extemporaneous speech contest, and presi- dent of his class. These are but a few of the honors which he has earned. Bob Mitchell is known by the student body and faculty alike as a most depend- able and industrious student. Bob in his senior year alone was president of the Student Council, Bank President, Flag Raiser, and a Clarion staff member. Page sixty-two Ulm GVIM-ion WMM Jyiwff CM Q-'of Keepers of the Flag American ideals are daily brought to mind by the greatest of all symbols of Americanism, our Flag. Floating as it does over our school, the very spirit of patriotism and reverence seems to impregnate the hearts and minds of every student. It has always been customary for the youngest class in school, the sophomores, to present a Hag each year and it is the special duty and honor of the senior class to elect the "Keepers of the Flag." The class chooses these two members on the basis of four square character,scholarship,and participation in school activities. This year Martha jentz and Robert Mitchell were selected for this, the highest honor in the power of their class to bestow. Page .sixty-three l fgQ gfszwf M' Ubv Gnurion Mttchell Nelson I' has Cohen Rot h Ornstein Roeiner School Spirit Contest .X I I S has had the tradition of the School Spirit Contest since tot 3, but each year brought changes in the methods of choosing the winner. Formerly, the faculty chose the best class1 now, the students collect the material, and a faculty committee compiles a report and acts as iury. The faculty committee for this year is composed of Miss Smith, Chairman. lN4iss Harrison, lX1iss Iiuchholz. hir. Walsh, lX4r. Cameron, and lX4r. Grant. On September 15, the contest began, the first hearing was held February 4. The contest ended .Xpril zi and the award was made at the end of the second six weelts of the last semester. This year tryouts for pleaders were held and the three best speakers were chosen to represent their class These pleaders were: sophomores4Ruth Cohen, Robert Elias, and Robert IN4ueIler3 juniors Carlton Roth, Phyllis Ornstein, and Robert Roemer, seniors-Carl Nelson, Robert Mitchell, and Merle Zuehlke. The representatives presented their reasons and statistics in favor of each class, without false boasts or rancor on the part of the speakers, according to the following outline made out by the faculty committee: I, Scholarship. II. .Xttendance at school activities. Ill Participation in school activities. IY, Cfharaeter forming habits. Y. Class projects. YI. Teachers' vote on the general attitude. A certain number of points is given for each part of the outline-three for first place, two for second place, one for third place. Because of this method class rivalry was not so intense and a general atmosphere of co-operation was noticeable among the students, The class of IQZ7 won the cup. Page .vrrly-fiviir The mariah Cooney Schcnck Rooney Marston .Ientz Werner Carncross Quill and Scroll OFFICERS JANET CARNcRoss .... . . President FRANCIS ROONEY . . Vice-President LOUISE IVIARSTON . . Secretary FACULTY ADVISORS MR. HELBLE Miss NESTHUS Miss SAECKER In IQZQ the Quill and Scroll, the only national society in our high school, was organized. Although it exists mainly for journalists, anyone who shows talent in writing is eligible. Because of its recent advent in school, only a few students have attained the standards. However, this organization with an increase in membership can accomplish much next year. The requirements for entrance include high scholarship and outstanding work in some phase of journalism. The main purpose of the organization is to promote better journalism among high school students. A party was given in the spring to the entire Talisman staff. Since it was held in the Carncross attic it was, of course, a success. One edition of the Talisman, the "Nonsense Issue," was taken over by the Quill and Scroll. Page .sixty-,Eve Ubv Tic.:-ion n," X , 9 .-I ,ef will 1 , i A NORBERT PFEFFERLE Legion Athletic Award For six consecutive years the Cney Johnston Post of the American Legion has presented a medal to the boy who best represents the spirit of the ideal high school athlete. This year Norbert Pfefferle, outstanding throughout his four years in football, basketball, and track and a winner of letters in all three sports was awarded the gold medal. Because he has successfully participated in school activities, is outstanding as a true Sportsman and a genuine athlete, is scholastically superior, and above all is in character four square, Norbert was selected from among other meritous athletes for this outstanding honor. Page .sixty-.t 1 -Jn G wb? GVIQVTOU Lcmlwurg Beyc Kranhold Drews Harm Feltlhalin Gold Medal Winners in Typewriting The Commercial Department has awarded gold and silver medals for speed in typewriting for many years. More gold medals were won this year than any previous year. These medals are given to all schools hy the Remington Typewriter Company for proficiency in typewriting. Every student mL1St win the silver award in order to graduate from the commercial department. That means each must write at least 40 net words per minute for Fifteen minutes, with a limit of seven errors. The gold medal winners must write a minimum of 55 net words a minute for fifteen minutes with a maximum of six errors. Two tied for first placeg Esther Harm and Lucille Kranhold each wrote 59 net words with only four errors. The record of the other winners is as follows: Marie Beye, 555 Esther Drews, 553 Erwin Eeldhahn, 575 and Leona Lemburg, 55. Besides typewriting, the commercial graduates complete strong courses in shorthand, Library Bureau oi iiling and ofhce practice, bookkeeping and co-operative salesmanship. Commercial students have done all the routine work in the school officeg typed the copy for the Talisman and Clariong cut all the stencils for the Biology contract work, as well as much stencil work for teachers and school activitiesg and worked out filing systems for the following departments: Physics, Commercial, Principals Office, Chemistry, Manual Arts, and Home Economics. Page sixty-xeiien mm Gflurion 1 f Essay Contests One of the primary activities supervised by the Ilnglish Department is essay contest worlz. Ifour contests were offered this year, the first among these was the Lincoln Ifssay Contest sponsored by the Illinois Watch Company. Springfield, Illinois. The purpose of this contest is to encourage the study ofthe life and character of Abraham Lincoln. juniors and Seniors are eligible to compete for the bronze medal awarded by the company. The winner is announced by the Iinglish Deparrment on Lincoln's birthday. This year Louise Marston was awarded first place with the essay "The Man for the Ages". Honorable mention was given to Wilder Schmalz, lvlarie Sanem, and William' Lyons. The contestants and their respective essays submitted were: Marthfl Weight, "Lincoln, the Friend", Dorothy Draheim, "lXIaster of Wordsng Marie Sanem, "Lincoln, the Ideal for All Ages", Wilder Schmalz, "Spirit ol Lincoln", -lohn Frampton, "His Creat Love of Humorng Carolyn Schael, "Lincoln, the I7riend"g Marjorie lX'IcCary, "Abraham Lincoln, the Immortalng Robert Iiads, "The Challenge of Lincoln's Life", lvlartha klentz, 'Abraham Lincoln, the Immortal" 3 Louise Marston, "The Man for the Ages". The judges stated that the essays submitted were of an unusually good type, and that they were well pleased with all of them. Another opportunity offered to Appleton High School students for the first time this year is the Ceorge Baldwin Contest. Any bonande student may enter. The subject must be one of historical interest to Appleton or Outagamie county. The prizes of fligo, Sligo, and flizo are awarded class day. The Pettibont Peabody Ifabric Iissay Contest was held for the 1 ' ' ' 'ear. The con test was opened to junior and Senior girls. 'as awardet first prize, fliio in gold, and Diana Ressman was given seconc prize, 5, merchandise. The Post-Crescent for three consecutive weeks c - ring Qctober and Novem ber held a civic news story-essay contestg all of the . ' in ' ' were pub lished in the paper. The essays of janet Carncross, artha jentz, were adjudged of greatest interest to Post-Crescen rea ers and were awarded the prize offered each week for the best article. I "in Page .muy-erglit 4 The Qflurwn 9 APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL FOUR YEAR HONOR MARTHA JENTZ. . . . ALICE GETSCIIOW, . , . . , , MARK LZATLIN ...,,. HELEN WERNER ..,,... . MARQIORIE MCCARIZY' IDOROTIIY LDRAHEIM. . . . GERANA GEHL ....,. ARY SCHENCK. . . MARIE SANEM. . . ROLL 84 1.6 GWENDOLYN VANDARWORKA ....... Q2 . zo MARTHA WEIGT ...... ,. 9I.48 Q4 LOUISE MARSTON ,... . QI .47 52 ETHEL STALLMAN. . . QI . 35 EVELYN RIEDL ..... . . QI . Z3 EMMA GRAF ........ . . QI .06 be 57 34 KATHLEEN COONEY. . LILLIAN ONDRACEK MARIE GLYXSNAP ...,. RUSSELL DENYES , . . 91.03 .. QI.O3 .. 90.62 90.61 SPECIAL HONOR ROLL STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT ATTENDED THE APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL FOUR YEARS JEAN CANNON ...,............, , 95.00 ELIZABETH SMITH. .,......... . QI .62 SCHOOL YEAR HONOR ROLL Those Who Have Been On "A" Honor Roll More Than Once Seniors: HELEN TOTZKE JEAN CANNON CLARENCE Voss DOROTHY DRAHEIM LEONA ZEFFREY GERANA GEHL MERTON ZAHRT ALICE GETSCHOW MARTHA JENTZ Sophomorcs: MARIE SANEM MARTHA WEIGT un iors .' TED BOLTON ZORA COLBURN ALOYSIUS GAOE LYNN HANDEYSIDE PERCY MENNING PAULINE NOYES ETHEL PERRINE ARNOLD SIEG VIOLA SCHLIMM BERNICE SCHMIEGE EVELYN STALLMAN VERONICA BECKER MARCELLA BERG RUTH COHEN JEAN DRYSDALE ROBERT ELIAS HILDA HARM ANNETTE HELI.ER MILDRED KOEHNKE ROBERT MADER ESTHER MERKL LAWRENCE MORRIS JEAN OWEN GLADYS SHAUGER GERTRUDE SCHULTZ THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE "A" HONOR ROLL THROUGHOUT GERANA GEHI., '27 MARTHA WEIGT, '27 TED BOLTON, '28 LYNN HANDEYSIDE, '28 THE YEAR PERCY MENNINO, '28 VERONICA BECKER, '29 HILDA HARM, '29 ANNETTE HELLER, '29 Page sixty-nine 1 N x lx- 1 - Ufiv murion KV YN Page sv:-vniy Sfhunl 'life TRIVINC always forward, the dwellers in the Castle of Education turn their cramped routine into a joy of doing and of serving which makes irksome tasks easy and small joys real happiness. And thus is it accomplished. Afour square train- ing must be attained in order to produce a perfect knight errantry. Therefore a tutorship in practical and theoretical work and in social life is dwelled upon until all have learned not only the funda- mentals but a score of arts, not necessary for pro- motion but requisite for symmetrical development. These special activities constitute the castle life and inestimably benefit those partaking. A min- gling in the sports of the field, an eagerness to pos- sess the best trained falcons and the fleetest grey- hounds, an ability to impress others with respectg and with all a sense of decorum and department make the life in the gray halls of the castle one of happiness indeed. wg .av Q Q I .....,.. :K t UB Qffurmon Rooney Ncllcr Nelson Cohen Strut: Schmalz Rocmer Bolton lX1ilchcll l lcllwlc Roth Zuchllxe fohcn Handeyside Jenlz Russel Student Council With an aim for service, the Student Council of Appleton High School carried out an interesting and varied program this year. The questionaires sent out to the student body by that organization brought a wealth of suggestions and ideas which were advantageously incor- porated into the Councils program of work. An entirely new system of repre- sentation and provisions for a student court were worked out and will be used next year. A Forensic Club was sponsored and establishedg a weekly Activities Day for assembly programs was very successfully adoptedg a committee worked out plans for setting standard awards for school contestsg and several all school dances were given. This year the membership of the Council was increased to include seven seniors, five juniors, and three sponsors, with Mr. Helble as faculty advisor. Page seventy-one iw :gl-'x I1 U52 Marion Smith Sticdl Nelson Lyons Steinberg liads Gage Catlin Graef Jones 'lf Meyer Roth Mitchell Uelkc Graaf W. Meyer I lolrlwins Kelley Ryan Zanzig Cohen Denycs Mysc l leekel Segal Vandawarka Slallman Wolf Dutchur Cetschow Giese The Clarion For the first time in A. H. S, the Clarion was sponsored by the senior class. The responsi- bility was dehnitely placed by undertaking the work as a class project. The staff composed mainly of seniors worked faithfully all year. Starting with the CI. l. P. A. convention at Madiscnn where many new ideas were secured, the aim of the staff has been to put out a book which would emphasize originality in both the art and editorial work in the theme of the book. The subscription drive with the theme as a basis began with posters and ended with a short skit in the assembly. After this successfully venture, again with the' same aim of originality the Clarion with the help of the other classes, put on a carnival which proved a great hnancial success. During the year the staff had a number of social gatherings and many business meetings. If the Clarion has been a success this year it is due to the faithful work of Miss Kelley, editorial expert and Miss Graef, financial advisor, who, in co-operation with the staff, succeeded in putting out this yearbook. Page .seventy-Iwo 0 i QI U52 mation Peercnboom McMahc1n Hertzfelt Manier Rooney Rechner Purvis Zussman Schenk Cooney Kessler Cohen Schroeder Werner Ritlen Miller Schubert Johnston Doeherty Davis Frampton Wettengal Schael QNeshus Szicckcr Laird Marston Drahcim Kenyon Mader Cuckcnberg Fieweger Frampton Larncross Drysdale Handeyside Hitchlcr Jeni: X Kloehn lrillin .Ma 724, ,W V, f., . 4 ' 1- TS' xi u. W ' 1 RZMA W ' x - 1 " .- .g 1 A W 1 1' rg T' I J N The Talisman 1 Scrrratch! Scraaatch! Hist! What was that? A mouse? Eeeel Eeee!! Reseatx your- selves dear readers, there is no vermin in sight! QDO I hear a sigh of relief from the female portion of the audience?J No! It is only the "hard-working" Talisman members at their usual job in room 307. The Talisman, the weekly newspaper of Appleton High School, has an editorial and business staff of over nfty students. The paper sent Hfteen members to the State journalistic Convention which was held at Madison over the Thanksgiving vacation. The publication has not only done the necessary journalistic work required of it but it has also carried out several extra projects, including an entertaining assembly stunt called "Love in A. H. S." and the publishing of a page in the Post-Crescent. Due to the earnest work of the business staff headed by Miss Ruth Saecker and Francis Rooney, the Talisman has come out on top Financially. The hne editorial success has been due in a large part to Miss Ethel Nesthus. Page seventy-zlire: Ufbv murion lit-tl xx1x-x' Siwlll I'e1lxIt-x XY n'x'u11'u' l,x-nix Gage XY lxiext-1' l'11el1 I.11l- I7 L,1x. 1. lui-lille I Nlwcr 'Xl1NI.1I1-111 IH-uit-iilwi -lzux l'r.1111p11111 Nliinier Ilrvlll XYQIIXI1 I 1 :nlg I Xelw-11 Xl1,XlI1x1t'r Slellilwipl RIHI xrxwmmll S IIIII I1 i'.11I111 Xlilclicll I-Ii-Y Olfl-'ICIZRS ,fX11'1'11L'1z SM1111 ,.... . . Pre.v1'dent A1.1ax,xN1n1i1z fXl,xN11a1z . . . l'1't'e-Pre.s1'dc111 Nl1a1z1.u :L'liIIl.Iili . . . Retvrding Sucrclary Roiziiizi' M1'1'1:1 11i1.1. Co1'1'e.vpund1'ng SL'L'fL'fLlI'j' Illllililll' limbs , . . . ilil'L'ClSlll't!I' Rl'SSIiI.l. l51i:xn'1is . . . . .S'w'gt'a11t-at-.AXrms SPONSORS Miz. WA1-s11 Miz, IDUGII 'lihc Ili-Y Cfluh completetl a well rountletl antl xariecl service program this year hy sponsoring "Courtesy Week" in the Senior lligh School. illhe lirst service ol' the cluh to the school was the annual second-hantl hook sale which is always swampetl with customers. Another group ol' six boys composing a tleputation team concluctetl Sunday evening services in several churches ol the lfox River Valley, A large clelegation ol' boys attended the State Oltler Boys' Conference at Racine in November. As a school project in l"ehruary the cluh sponsored the Necnah haslaethall game. 'l'he social program ol' the cluh inclutletl a Faculty Banquet, a Ili-Y llal- loween Party, lfathers' Night, Mothers' Night, and Co-etl Night. img.-. 1.', 10.11-1.11, 2 The Tfurioh l Lirwood lilessinan lflias Goewhnauer TYTUFNTHI1 Dax ls Wellengel fXleNlahon Q Sioll Q Dohcariy Iii iss N latlcr lsurgcss lliictlc Shzinni in Hurigi Sophomore Triangle Olfl7lCliRS Ciiiis'i'ER 'TQITIEDE . . . . . President Yotxei' PJVRGESS . Vice-President CARI, XYE'r'ruNoEL . . Secretary VINCENT BLRGESS . . . . Sergeanl-at-Arnix Miz. Ptoii, Sponsor The Sophomore Triangle or the junior Hi-Y introduces its members into Hi-Y service. ln lXlay the lioys were voted into the senior Hi-Y whose records had lwcen satisl'aetory. During the year teams were organized for the sport of the season: basket- hall, howling. swimming, and hasehall. In the spring the club sponsored a lfeneiit movie to procure funds for purchasing a motion picture machine for the Y. lXl, Cf. KX. Round-table discussions were part ofthe regular meetings at which several well known men talked to the boys. The cluh aims to create lietter school spirit and to develop members for a four-square life. With such motives the hoys entered for the year upon an extensive service program. Pure' xvi erilyffii-e .Wav Marion Lyons lxlzirston 'lhicl Pucrcnbnom Denycs Cage Roth Slcckcr liccklcv Klochn Cannon Z. Colburn Kessler Kubil: johnson Vandarwarliu Hlrchler lxfliller li Colburn Nlurslon Ailchison Fraser Stccnis Smith Segal Zuclilkc Slallmzm Keller Ornstein Drahcim DeWolfc Frampton OFFICERS Atorsius CAGE . . . . . President jE.AN CANNON . . . Vice-President kjouN FRAMPTON .,.... Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS MR. WVALSII Miss SMITH MR. A1'1'cH1soN A lforensic Club open to all students was organized for the hrst time in high school under the name Phi Chi. The group has distinguished itself and has shown that a club for students interested in debate, Oratory, and declamation is a necessity. Members are given opportunities to learn the rules of parlia- mentary order as well as to speak before an audience. The group undertook several worth-while projects. The Lawrence-Carroll debate was sponsored as well as the High School Triangular debate. The club's contribution to the activities program was a humorous debate of the students vs. faculty. Regular meetings were made interesting by surprise programs, readings, a mock trial, debates, and dramatization. The social side was by no means neglected, for pleasure was often mixed withbusiness. An even more exten- sive program is planned for the coming year. I ,age .sciienl y-si 1: I f , 1 Ulm Gfluvivn Haag Cetschow E. Segal Ketchum Newton Clark Wcrncr Krueger Earle Brandt Totzkc Schael Weber Hawkes Smith Brock Arnold Ziegler Zimmerman Horn Lyons Holrerman Wochler Zuchlkc Seeger Hitchlcr Spector Kessler B. Segal Frampton Cooney NVerner Dutchcr Purvcs Spector Radio Club OFFICERS IVIERLE ZUELKE ..... . President VERNON I-IOLTERMAN . . . Vice-President CAROLYN SCHAEL ..... Secretary-Treasurer MR. KETCHUM, Faculty Advisor Hello, everybody! QANI-I Appleton High School broadcasting! Let us tell you what a live organization the Radio Club is. The club activities started early in October with fifty people applying for membership. The club has held sixteen meetings during the seasong one for organization, twelve for instruction, and three for entertainment. These social events in- cluded a Thanksgiving party, a sleighride to Kaukauna, and a final election party in February. Two special projects sponsored by the club are worthy of mention. First, a column of radio instruction published in the Talisman for ten weeks. As a second project, radio club members erected a new latticed-tower aerial mast supporting the three-wire cage aerial constructed two years ago. The high school now has one of the highest and best systems in Appleton. Station QANH is now signing off for the club year. We'll be "on the air" again next October with a bigger and better program. ' Page .seventy-seven Ufbv Qnurion qi IVII J lienxes Cailliii lunge iiannoii lS,1wt-gal 5l.illmtii Philippine Question Resolved: 'lllial llic Philippine Islands be granlcd t'onijmlt'lt' tlml flllllltlfltlft' flltft'f7L'l'ltft'I1t't'. After many weeks of intensive study delving into piles of Philippine litera- ture and practicing delivery. the negative team met liast Green Bay at Green Bay. and the affirmative against Manitowoc on the home floor defended its convictions. The negative team won the decision but the affirmative was defeated. This was true of each school in the triangle. Because of this fact the final decision was based on the judges' percentages. liast Green Bay won over Appleton by a very small margin. Beatrice Segal has the unique honor of being the only. graduate of Appleton High School who has been on the regular debate team for four years, No one can ever attain this record again because of the institution of the Alunior ltligh School. A vote of thanks should be extended to lvlr. Aitehison who gave so generously of his time in coaching both teams. Page seventy-eight The Tlurion Zuelke liranipton lXlarsmn Sxeeker Beckley Miller Lyons School Question Debate Resolved: 'llhal Appleton should build a new senior high scliool immediately. Since an unusually large number of students tried out for debate this year, two regular teams were organized instead ol one. A new system, the "Oregon Plan," was used by the debators of the school question. Under this plan the first speakers for each side present the entire case. The second speakers cross- examine the first, and the third speakers refute the opposing arguments and summarize their own. Mr. Aitchison. who coached both teams, arranged programs at the Y's Mens Club. the Roosevelt junior High School, and our own assembly, Al- though the school question was not included in the triangular debate schedule, the members felt the subject well worth their time and study. Awards were presented to these debators as well as to the Philippine team. Page Seventy-nine ,MIP mariah lilochn I lcckle rxilimm I-1 semi is Segal' Dame Declamatory Contest ' T . The annual Dame Deelamatory Contest sponsored by George Dame, 'ib. which is open to all girls ,was held in the high school auditorium before a large and appreciative audience on November 19. The Hnal contestants chosen from a preliminary contest were the following: liunice Segal reading "The Doll in the Pink Silk Dress" g Louise Marston, "The Phantom Airplaneng Beatrice Segal, 'lThe Laughter of Leen"g Lois Kloehn, 'AThe Alienng and Margaret Heckle, 'AYellow Butterflies." liunice Segal, who took first honors, was awarded the beautiful silver loving cup. She showed exquisite appreciation and interpretation of her selection. Lois Kloehn, whose reading, 'lThe Alien," ccnsisted entirely of Italian dialect performed her task very ably and was given second place. Beatrice Segal who placed third with "The Laughter of Leenf' showed a sincere feeling of deep emotion throughout. The contest was judged by Mrs. Bertha Berry, Mrs. xl. F. Bannister, and Miss Lucile Welty. Miss McKennan deserves much commendation for her splendid work with the girls. The contest was deemed one of the closest that has ever been held in Appleton High School. Pug: eighty Y 0 Ulm GVIM-ion l . ! , uf 41 I 'AA f Nelson Smith Beckley Meyer McMahon Wright Mitchell fi.- y,.,.gv'A . f 'L' X ,. r The Heiss Gratorieal Contest Ever year since IQIQ, the class of 'io has awarded a silver loving cup to the winner of the Heiss Oratorical Contest. This contest is held in honor of William Heiss, '16, who lost his life in the XVorld War. The winner represents Appleton at the district oratorical contest. This year William Meyer won the cup with the oration by Griffin, 'AThe Cry of the Children." This oration tells a bitter story and ends with a poetic entreaty. William delivered his selection most sincerely and appealingly. He also placed third in the district contest. George Beckley and Carl Nelson tied for second honors. George gave 'AThe Meaning of Americanismu by William Verhage and Carl delivered "The Prophets Tragedy" a great tribute to a great man by Carl Trever. Robert Mitchell gave "The New Frontier" by Nevin jamesg Donald McMahon, "Mechanism and the Present Crisisng and Arthur Smith "Christianity in Business" by John Boyer. Mr, F. I-Ioltzman, Harry Snider, and Miss Lucille Welty, acted as judges. Mr. Vwfenzel Albrecht and J. Raymond Walsh entertained the audience before the contest and during the intermission. The six boys who participated in their hnal contest were chosen from a preliminary trial several weeks before. All the contestants feel that they owe Mr. Warren Wright a real debt of gratitude for his generous interest in coaching them. Page eighty- one G' Ulm 0710.1-ion Frampton Gage Draheim Came ross Peerenboom The Hyde Extemporaneous Contest 'I he llyde lixtemporary Contest was held in the assembly April 29. Al- though this is prohahly the last llyde Contest, lvlr. lfiseher, who purchased lvlr. l lyde's lnusiness, has offered to continue giving the contest award. Aloysius Gage carried off hrst honors speaking on "What Price Peace?" john Frampton won second place with "The Vogue of the Black Shirts." Dorothy Draheim spoke on "Casting Out Fear," janet Carncross on A"l'he Imperial Child Crows Up," and Charles Peerenhoom on "Concessions and Consequences." Donna Herrman and the string trio composed of Carl hlehe, Wilmar Schlae- fer, and Marie Fountain entertained the audience with music. The judges were kloseph Koflend, vlr., Mr. H. L. Post, and Mr. H. l.. Plummer. f f Q04 I i- KHAIL 50, o-M 0255 . rm 'Y-'-ffl' '1,Ue,,,,,JH I The murivn 5 " "' 'E T Miller Bolton Schmalz Eads Mitchell Webster Bailey Menning Student Banking DIRECTORS ROBERT lVlITCHELL, President TED BOLTON WILDER Sc:HMALz PERCY MENNING ROBERT EADS EARL MILLER - I"ACUL'l'Y SPONSORS Miss MAY WEBSTER MISSJANE BAILEY The banking system this year proved one of the most outstanding enter- prises in school. The records show the highest percentage attained since we joined the Thrift Incorporated several years ago. About 650 students banked each week and deposited a final total running into the thousands of dollars. This fine record can be attributed to the co-operation of the home room teachers and students as well as to the competent staff of officers and cashiers. The seniors maintained a record of iooczp practically all year. The sopho- mores were never far behind the juniors with an average of about 951729. The rating of Appleton High School among other schools of the same en- rollment in the United States was first in the number of people having books and fourth in the number of people using books. Page eighty-Ilnrn' 15- 1 UBB mation . . , . , . - . , . . Iinrl Mix Ryan lock Nan Rvzin llolicrmzm lxerrigan Shepnerd XVochlcr Watson Sehaeler'cron Nievur Smith llcrzfcldi Schlcgel Parker XVcrncr 5. lvlaclviahon llads Slcidl D lX1cN1ahon Sicp.: Uclplte lX1ysc Zuninermiin Joram Zuchlke Nlillcr IB. Segal llccldc Welvcr Purves Richmond Morse- Reuss Verriti Aviation Club OFFICERS ROBERT SiiEPi-iERo . . . . President DONALD lX4ClVlAllON . . Vice-President JAMES NVATSON . . . . Treasurer WAL'I'EIl JORAM . . . . . . Secretary MR. CAMERON, Faculty Sponsor Under the able leadership of l-larry Cameron, sponsor, and Bob Shepherd, president and promoter, the Aviation Club carried out an interesting and in- structive program throughout the year. This club, the first of its kind in any high school in the United States, aims to stimulate interest in aeronautics in the school and city. As its main project the club painted the name "Appleton" on the roofof the high school and also an arrow pointing due north. The word is sixteen feet high and one hundred and fifty feet long. The paint for this sign was donated to the club by the General Paint Company. During the year each member of the club was required to give a special topic. Under this plan the students were informed concerning many fields of aeronautics. Plans for the summer include a committee to keep the sign on the roof fresh and to assist visiting aviators. Paula' ciglily-four Ubi? mariah T l Bulk Row: Dorothy Bell. Emma Graf. lvlarjorie McCarey, lrene Kranhold. Alyda Leml-ce, Verona Van Heuklon. Flplyllis Lind, Mable XVcnzlaff, Mildred Zeffery, Mary Ricker, Evalyn Reidl, Marie Goss, Erwin Felnlhahn. Dexter ' 1 . a ee, Center Row' Alice Arndt, Genevieve Flotow, Lillian Ondracek. Dorothy Stark, Marie Bye, Vora Oelke, Gertrude Sievert. Viola Robe. Ethel Thelen. Esther Drews. Florence Kuether, Leona Reidl. Fred Fox, Raymond Marx. Orville Myse. Everett Wegner. Front Raw' Marie Loos, Arletta Holcomb, Grace Habcrman, Lillian Gabriel, Marie Hobbins, Clara Treiber. Esther Schomisch, Louise Currie, lone Feavcl, Ethel Merkel, Leona Lemburg, Esther Harm, Marie Glasnap. Commercial Senior Group The Commercial Senior Group is made up of senions in the commercial department. These students are prepared to Fill stenographic, typing, filing, bookkeeping or salesmanship positions, and by the end of the summer most of them will be placed in permanent positions. The co-operative work in stores and offices gives them actual practice and strengthens the theoretical work of the class room. An employment and information card is made out for each student, and kept by Miss D. J. Salisbury, head of the commercial department, who is working with the merchants and business men ofthe city, and is able to select students for positions which they can best fill. Page eighty-fri' I E712 Uno.:-ion acyl- 1 Vim Parker Wcrncr Ilcchiicr I',iiIxcr k..iy,c I'-girl: I Iandcysitlc Urnslciii Ixiclicnnaii Ii-:llcr :ussmaii XIcXI:iIun1 "I3h'I' G t I h " Iinwuxizn P.-'XlII.'IlJN J I rcscntcd at Fischcrs Applctun 'Ihcatcr By the Class UI '18 lDR.'XIvIA'I'lS PERSON Ali I Iilgc. a Swcdish parlor maid ...,.....,..,,..,,.,...,..,, . Ira Bandur, millionaire art cullcctur. , l,uIa Smith .......,4.,,..,,..... tlhristinc Smith. ., I.inncI, Irais son ..,.. Isahcl, Ira's youngest ............., Iindicatc Byng, an eccentric puseur .... Phil Carter ,.........,,..,.,,..... . Dura, Ira's daughtcr ........,... , Ilcrnicc Iiriiwncll, an art curator. . . . timint .Xrmarid dc Cfhziullcui' ...... .MX IIltLINl.'X IS.xi4i-it l7tmN.ixi iv Txitixlxiitm ..I7i-:if:N,x :tssixixs .Pm' Oizxsii-is ,tm i-is Pi-,i-'izissiwtm M.'xms,xiu-i IYlI'I i ilu ,...-Xi cwsitis Cuisi- ,..Rntztci1i Ri-,tziimii-,iz .LYNN I I.xNm-iYsiivi-. . .litviziwitzit Ilxitiiiiia ., Rum-izi thx C Il'UUIi..Y Iiiii llixii i Y M.-xi -lmmi-. I:RANIil.lN XVVRNI-'Il Xliii vm lixiziz JXMIlUI.ANlllz Diuviek Wil.t.lAivi IVIoN'it:oMicRY Roisiiizi- Ruifmiak Ihc action takes place in Ira I3randon's summer home, just out of New York. Ihc cast as wcII as thc whole junior class appreciate thc wurk ul' IXIiss IXIcIicrinz1ri, which, in ii Iarge dcgrcc, matic the play thc succcss it was, Ikzgr mghlv in Ulm Marion R Catlin Meyer lX4atz Leithan Beckley Mitchell Smith Hee kle Marston Murphy Segal Giese The Four Flusher jerry Dean, cashier . Caesar Dunn DRAMATIS PERSONAE Evangeline Gay, reporter . Horace Riggs . . Andy Whittaker . . Mrs. Dwight Allen , june Allen, her daughter Dr. Giles Faraday . P. Hannerton, banker Robert Riggs . . Ira Whittaker , Mr. Rogers . . . Mr. Gateson, jeweler . EUNICE SEGAL . LUELLA GIESE . ALOIS LEITHEN FRANK MURPHY l.ouIsE lVlARS'I'ON MARGARET HECKLE ROBERT MITCHELL WILLIAM MEYER MARK CATLIN . ARTHUR SMITH . ROBERT MATZ GEORGE BECKLEY . . . . . . . , GWEN PuRvI2s The Maid . . . The annual Senior Class Flaye-The Four-FlusherAa three-act comedy by Caesar Dunn, was presented May 1.4 at Fischers Appleton Theatre, The scenes for first and third acts were laid in Riggs' Shoe Storeg the second act at the home of the Allens. The high school orchestra, under the direction of Mr. McKee, generously offered its services. Miss MeKennan, as she always does, made this play a real success. Espeeial credit and appreciation is due Miss McKennan because she had an unusually short time for preparing the cast. Page eiglnly-.revert , , O I Ulm Gflurion D . EI.vIRA BIZCLINGIER TJOROTI IY BRANIJI' I.I-:ONA c:Al"I'AINlZ RLl'l'Il C:0MMliN'l'Z DOIlOTl IY IJRAI II-:IM ANITA TEHLKIZ RUTH CIl.l.l-1'I"I4 MAROARIJI' HIac:RI,I4: RUIII llII.ROwII'z lVlARGARli'!' BIQERIIR MARCIaI,I,A PJLIZIICR MAROUIiRI'I'E BURKE TJOROTI lY CIALNIN MARGARET CRAIBB Cirl's Glee Club SOPRANOS GERTRUDE KOPISCPIKE EVIQLYN KRIIZSS ROSELLA KRUEGER RUTH LYMAN LUCILLE MATHES HELEN MENNING MARGARET MEYER WINIERED MEYER FLORENCE NELSON PIIYLLIS ORNSTEIN lXflARIIi FOUNTAIN, Pianisr ALTOS BEATRICE HARTI-I ANNE'I"I'E HIiLLIiR DONNA HIiRRMAN LUCILLE KRANHOLD MARGARET LAPLANTE BERNICE PARKER FRANCES PIZRRINE SYBEL PLANR MARY RIERER MARIE SCHMID1' LDOROTHY SCHUIAERT ELEANOR STEENIS TTRUDY WIQBFLR VlV'IAN MEAD AGNES SCIIUBERT LORRAINE SHAW HELEN WERNER ADELINE WE1'TSTEIN HIl.DEC3ARD WETZLER The Cirls' Clee Club, coached by Mr. Carl McKee and Miss Ruth McKennan, took part in the operetta, "The Bells of Barcelona," and the can tata, "The Rose Maiden," which was given at Lawrence Chapel and at the Methodist Vesper Service. Toward the end of the year the glee club worked on secular songs and were given some experience in singing in quartets. Puge aighly-eight Ulm mariah - I 4 li fjyp CARL BABCOCK MARK CATLIN CLARENCE LEMKE KENNETH DOWNER CHARLES EARLE NORMAN JOHNSON RICHARD JOYCE WIl.l.IAM LYONS Boys' Cilee Club TENORS DONALD MCMAHON RUDOLPH GAUERKE STEPHEN MCMAHON ROBERT MITCHELL BASSES ROBERT METZ WILLIAM MEYER ROBERT MUELLER ORVILLE MYSE KAREL RICHMOND MERLIN PITT CARL WETTENGEL ROBERT RECHNER WILDER SCHMALZ WINFRIED SCHULZ ARTHUR SMITH NATHAN SPECTOR CARLTON STARK The Boys' Clee Club did its share in producing the annual operetta and Cantata, co-operating with the girls' glee club, the band, and the orchestra. Although a much smaller group than the girls, the boys showed their ability to hold their own in vocal work. They were placed in quartet formation toward the end of the year and sang several secular songs. Both glee clubs are intra- curricular activities which meet during the regular school days. Page eighty-nine Mm Qffurion Cornet: WIl.LlAM Mievi-:iz HliRBliR'l' l-Lri'z STEVE MAcMAHoN JOHN CAMERON JlZANliT'IiIi JOHNSON I IIiLIiN McCoY Dcmoniv Rrpiliifiawi' HARLEY Couc I3 lflal Clarinclf RAMONA HIiUSIiMAN CZHARLI-iS Pi3iaRuNi3ooM IlriLxaN IQITZINGER CAROLYN SCHAEL clLARI5NClL Goss ANITA Tiiim' Band If Flat Clarinet XVILLIAM lN4oN'l'ooMi'5RY Saxophone: CILEMEN1' STEIDL CZARL Siziioiia IVIARCELLA Bram: lX4r5i1'l'oN ZAHRT PAUL IAIACIQISERI' Piccolo: FLORENCIAZ I'4liR'I'lfL Oboe: XVILDER SCHMALZ 'l'rombonc.' S'1'uRLiNc SCHMALZ C:A'l'IIliRINli Vamziicu Eviiiufrr Suzciuza AUDI VIIIKIINIIX RANIMEIK IYIARIIS Kicssuan IYIARIIE I Ii icziiiiiix Roisievxi' CIAMi'sHuRE IDONALD IN1Acilxf1AHoN Snare Drum: CIIIARLHS Bu1Nm.i2Y Bass Drum: CIl,ARisNc:ia RIilIIfIiI.l7Ik I li-:Rui-Liu' Mossuorui-QR IQA'lIIl,lil-LN IIAMM The High School Band is recognized by students and townspeople alike as a live musical organization. Mr. McKee indeed deserves much praise for his Gne work with the group. Throughout the year the band has been ready to play on many and varied occasions, at the luncheon cluhs, in assemhlies. and at all the haskethall and foothall games. Pugr mnlvv Ulm Qflurioh First Violin: XVILMER SCHLAFER JANET CARNCROSS Lois KLQEHN ELEANOR VOECKS ClIES'l'ER LUAVIS Oboe: XVILDER SCIIMALZ Drums: CHARLES BRINKLEY Clarinet: RAMLUNA HLIESEMAN l"lERB!iRT Mossi IOLDER Qrchestra Second Violin: HOWARD STARK BEATRICIZ lVllLLIiR DUANE FIsH WlLBER'l4 Tizscii IRVIN Rooias Trombone: STERLING SCI-IMALZ Cornet: BILLY MEYER Cello: CARL JEBE WILMER FRANK The orchestra, under Mr. lVIcKee's able management, has had an especially profitable year. At several school entertainments, as well as the operetta, '- the Rose Maiden cantata, and the two class plays, the organization generously furnished accompaniments and interludes. Page ri Inely-alle wb? mutton "The Belle of Barcelona" By CHARLES Ross CHENEY DRAMATIS PERSONAE Luis de Montero, a wealthy plantation owner ......,...,,... ,... R ICHARD JOYCE Gloria Montero, his wife ..........,......,.. ..... B EATRICE SEGAL Margarita, an accomplished daughter ...,.... .... .,.. M f NRGARET HECKLE Mercedes, her sister ..............................................,..... EVELYN KREISS Francisco dc la Vega, chief inspector at the customs house who claims to be a nobleman ,... ..................................................,... W iLL1AM MEY ER Pedro, manager of de Montero's plantation .... ..... R OBERT MUELLER Emilio, a Toreador, suitor of Mercedes ....,...,..,............ ,....,... C ARL N!iLSON Martha Matilda Ayers, an English governess ..,....,....,...,.... .,.. D ONNA HERRMANN Lieutenant Harold Wright, custom inspector for the United States .... ....... M ARK CATLIN Patrick Malone, companion of Hal ..............,........,..... ,,.... R OBERT MA'rz Captain Calton of the cruiser, Montana .....,................. ....... C :ARLTON STARK DON JUAN Student friends of Emilio .,... , . . ROBERT M'TC"EL" DON Josie GEORGE BECKLEY DONA MARCELLA Friends of Margarita ......., . . . . . . . . . . PHILLIS ORNSTEIN DONA ANITA DOROTHY DRAHEIM The scene of the operetta was Plaza del Rey, Barcelona, Spain, during Festival of the Toreadors. The operetta, the musical event of the year, was produced through the combined efforts of the orchestra and the buys' and girls' glee clubs, un:ler the efficient direction of Mr. Carl McKee Miss McKennan generously gave her time to the dramatic coaching. Page ninely-two Ulm mariah Butler Helble Cameron Bethe Haasc Zcrbel Richmond Schuman Rudtke Zcrbel Parker Booster Club OFF I CERS KAREL RICHMOND ........ President The Booster Club, the first group of its kind, was organized at the beginning of the basketball season! by Mr. I-lelble. The club was composed of boys who, although they were not on the team, were especially interested in supporting athletics. The members of the club set up and took down the bleachers at the Armory for each home basketball game. The boys were given season tickets and enjoyed treats after each game in recognition of their services. Next year the club plans to carry on similar work during the football as well as the basketball season. Page ninety-three .5 jk 'rx , -PUB? Marion J i41lf'lllHLZ W'right Uelvelackcr Walsh Shields Steinberg Schaclcr l lelble Lui: Popp Plellcrlc Cox Rooncv Strut: Laird Fricders ijctschow Kunitz I leinrit' Witzke Dcllorgc Johnston 6 t W 1 A Club All7llNhlUN. . . . , Football, Basketball S'l'lilNm4itts. . . , ..,. Foot ball, Basketball I,Aiim ..,. . . Football Baskctball Lliaisilzimzkizit .,.. .... l football Luiz ...,. . . Football Basketball Fiulcoi-:its ..,.. ,... I football llAltiUNtQ. .. .. Football Basketball l'llzlNRl'l'Z. .. ,... Football lQlINl'lZ .... . . Football Basketball l,llc'1luaN. .... Football Srzimici-ian. . . . . Football Mooiuc. . .... Basketball Wrtzktc ..., . . Football MURPHY. .... Basketball S'rRu'tz ...., . . Football Basketball REETZ. . . ,... Basketball POPP ......,. . . Football COX ...... .... ' l'rack blanagcr Grirscziiow ...., . . Football RooN1iY .... . ..,. Football Manager pFliFl"liRl.l-1 .... . Football Basketball HtLKowi'rz. . . .... Basketball Manager FACULTY SPONSORS MR. WAl.slt lxlk. Wklczirl' MR. lllil, Mit. lim.:-oittzic Ciofxtiil Simarns Athletic honor men who have reccivctl their letters in one or more major sports are eligible to the "A" Club. The group aims to maintain a high standard ol sportmanship for athletes as well as to assist the athletic association. lhiigi' riiriwlx'-lniir 1 who Qnuriov 1 15.1 Noyes Albrecht Beyer Brandi Pierce Kubn: licach Radtke Brown Ross lxlerlsle W'z1rning Currie Drews Tiedt Thiess Rossluerg Saubcrlich lfingcr l'l111'111 L. Schultz Zimmerman Colburn Fcavel Sehafelkc Vandarwarka Stallman Clouclemans Voccks Lcmburg If Schultz Drueger Devoe Miss Yeager Kranzusch Pasche Wullmun Calnin Girls' Athletic Association OFFICERS Gwumootrw VAN1J,x11wA1zKA . . , President TXTARIE liimwzustzii . . X"ice-P1'e.wiclw1z RL1111 RA1111413 . . 'l'rca.wurcr AN1'r,x ll-lliD'l' i...... Secretary lfACIUl-'l'Y ADVISORS ' Miss YAEGE11 M1ss SPENCE MISS l514t'Nsc11w'1511.E1z This year was a banner year for the C. A. A. Since lvliss Dorothy Vestal organized the association in IQZI, it has steadily grown. The girls' aim is to promote good sportsmanship. good health, and clean living. In September, the G. A. A. began a campaign for new members with a stunt in the assembly, which resulted satisfactorily in December when fourteen new members were initiated at the annual birthday party. ln November, the Salvation Army called on the G. A. A, to help them in their Christmas Drive. The girls took up the campaign with such enthusiasm that they raised 315.1 in one day. This is unusual and the workers were well- praised for their efforts. At the end of the basketball season a Testimonial Banquet was given in honor of the outstanding students of the different activities. l'41,1Jf' 11 1'r11'!y3fI1'c 'AS wb P QV! avian ation GUI v UI, 'AS UB P QV! ation 'IS the gala day! The high arched walls of the Castle of Education are bedecked with banners, pennants, and streamers. The very atmosphere speaks the advent ofa crucial joust. Assembled on the tourney field fair dames watch the orange clad warriors in their heroic games. And amidst the passage of arms and the din of strife can be heard the yells if the multitude thundering over thefield to give strength and spirit to thefaltering knights. And lo! The trumpets give the signal and the teams close in the center of the lists. The lances burst into shivers up to the very hilts and the adversaries recoil. Loud shouts from the spectators, waving of scarfs, and general acclamations attest the interest of the multitude in the orange clad team which strikes fairly and squarely-and plays the game! Q Wh? mariah l Shields Rooney Dclfonge lllgzleernian Bmzllelmwkc l,ugmbl1Johnwrl1l:1lpP Witzlllzl Ku?ili:mcrJcnnlljlal1jm?n llartung Schaefer Getschow Kunit : Liclhun Laird Pfcffcrlc Cookson VHFSICY Football Coach . , . . JOSEPH SHIELDS Assistant Coach . LELAND DELFORGE Captain . . . NORBERT PFEFFERLE Captain-Elect . RUEBEN GETscHow Faculty Manager . sl. RAYMOND WALSPI Student Manager. . . . . FRANCIS RooNEY 1926 SCHEDULE Appleton .... . . 33 Shawano . ,. . . o Appleton .... . I3 Manitowoc . 1. . . 7 Appleton .... 6 Fond du Lac .... . IQ Appleton .... . 21 Oshkosh .... ..... . 7 Appleton. ,. . I4 West Green Bay . . . . 14 Appleton .... . 6 Iiast Green Bay .... . 7 Appleton .... . go Kaukauna ...... . o Appleton ..,. . . 123 Opponents .... . . S4 Page ninety-nina Elie mariah Leland Dclforge J. Raymond Wfalsh ,loscpli Shields Football Season lfootball has returned to its own in Appleton l-ligh School. The effect of the disastrous grid season of last year has been overcome and a team of high conference caliber has been produced. Through persistent drilling of the squad by Coaches Shields and Delforge a team was placed on the held that more than regained the Oranges prestige on the gridiron. In fact the Horange clad tack- ling terrors" were one of the most feared aggregations in the conference. This year Appleton was victor of four games, lost two, one of these by one point, and succeeded in battling the conference champions to a tie. The Shieldsmen used a varied method of attack in battle. ln some games they employed a dazzling ariel attack and in others mixed a passing game with line plunges, end runs, and off tackle slashes. One cannot justly praise in- dividual members of the aggregation without overlooking the work of the team as a whole. The terrors opened the IQZ7 grid season September 25 by a decided win over the Shawano huskies, 33-o. The following week they had the privilege of dedicating the new athletic field at Manitowoc by defeating them 13-7. This was one of the most closely contested games of the conference season. Although the Orange suffered a loss to Fond du Lac the next week end, that game proved to be the making of the team. On October 23 when the West Green Bay gridmen invaded the local field there were considerable misgivings Page one hundred Ulm muvion r "'- 1 "' "' ei , 'ith 'ilu' THE TACKING TERRORS IN ACTION as to the outcome of the battle. The orange clearly outplayed the Baymen, scoring 13 first downs to their og but the game ended in a tie, 14-1 4. The orange clad warriors completed the grid season of 1927 on Armistice Day by defeating the Galloping Ghosts, Kaukauna, to the tune of 3o-o. When Coach Shields and Assistant Coach Delforge accepted the responsi- bility of directing the destiny of Appleton High they were confronted with a difficult problem, that of developing a "cellar" championship team into an all conference calibre team. Did they do it? We'll say they did! And if the dope holds true they'll turn out a bumper squad in '28, Throughout the grid season of '27 there was one man whose dependability and nack of getting a good attendance at a game made him the most popular faculty athletic manager in the history of A. H. S. Mr. Walsh is responsible in a great measure for the success of this season. There were few accidents on the field this year for student manager Rooney was always on the job. The orange clad gridmen always went on the field well equipped for battleg from the beginning of the season to the end "Bud" was always there with his iodine. T It was the untiring efforts and cheerful co-operation of these individuals that helped make the gridiron year of '27 the year of years. Page one hundred one .af-Pgf is Ulm Marion , CAPTAIN PFEFFERLE "Fife" "Fife," through a gruel- ling season, proved an able leader, liked by both team-mates and students. Although not a spectacu- lar player he was noted for his consistency. Hmuanizr Luiz "Herbie" "Herbie" led the Orange offensive with his dazzling end runs and his return of punts. The versatile "Herbie" also ranked among the nrst in drop- kicking. if , Wirzks Z 5 y!!4,0,2K9chnapps" His excellent blocking and tackling won "Sch- napps" many honors. An expert in tearing through the opponents' line, he aso repulsed all on- augbfts centered at him, 4 Kumrz "Oscar" After playing fullback and end "Oscar" was shifted to guard where he showed up at his best, His performance was par- ticularly brilliant in the West Green Bay game. Page one himilreif two Srnurz "Organ Due to his unusual blocking of passes, "Organ kept his opponent from making many gains in his territory. His excellent line plunging will prove an asset to next year's team. JOHNSTON "Swede" Excellency in punting, line plunging and end- running macle Swede a unanimous choice for the all-conference team, All the opponents' defense was concentrated against "Swede" but to no avail. Gizrsci-row "RLllf4."' Possessed of plenty of pep and nerve, "Rube" was the backbone of the famous Shields' "Tack- ling 'I'errors" combina- tion. His talents for ath- letic leadership combined with a likeable disposi- tion won him next year's captaincy. AI. CooKsoN "A Nah" "Allah" was a fast driving end, adept at nab- bing passes. He blocked all attempts to circle his flank and was the shining light of the Orange de-- fense. UBI? mation HEINRITZ "Mel" Although hindered from playing his best by con- stant iniuries, "Mel" fou ht his way against to the guard berth. A stellar brand of football is expected of him next year. PoPP "Piledriver" Playing his first year of football, Popp earned his name "Piledriver" by his consistent line plunging. Much is expected of him in his next two years of varsity competition. HARTUNC "Kike" After almost faultless playing "Kike" concluded the season with a bril- liant game against the "Galloping Ghosts." He should be a big force in the forward wall next year. W21 , Lip ROONEY "Bud" By his unceasing efforts in keeping the equipment in order, "Bud' helped to hold up the morale of the "Tackling Terrorsf' He certainly earned his letter. - SCHAEFFER "Chuck" By his snappy and peppy defensive work, "Chuck" helped A. H. S. to many a victory. Much is expected of him in the next two years. LAIRD "Kenny" After starting the sea- son at end, Kenny was shifted to guard. There he performed well and made the center of the line nearly impregnable. He is a two year man. LIETHEN NAI., A nifty defensive player and an expert passer. "Al" filled the center job admirably. After playing for four years, Al will be missed next year. Page one hundred three Ulm murion l lclble Reel: i Laird Wzilsli Catlin Johnston Shields Dellorge Murphy Strut: Plcfferle Steinberg Lutz liunit: Moore l lilkoxx it: 1927 Basketball Season The Appleton High School cage squad, under the able direction of Coach Joseph Shields and Assistant Coach Leland Delforge, completed one of the most successful basketball seasons in the annals ofthe A, H. S. athletic history. Several weeks were required during the early part of the season for Coach Shields to discover a winning combination, but when it was formed the Orange came through with nine consecutive victories, Appleton totalled eleven victories and two defeats in the entire conference season. The Shieldsmen opened the season, january 7, by a decisive win over the Oshkosh High dark horse team, io to o, at Armory G. The following week the team met Sheboygan. at that time considered one of the most dangerous foes of the conference. This game, one of the most sensational of the year, kept the audience on its feet most of the time. The next two weeks witnessed the only defeats of the season. The team was decidedly "off" at lvlanitowoc and due to poor officiating Fondy beat the Orange by free throws. From that time on Coach Shields put an aggregation on the floor that swept everything before them. They gave Fondy the only trouncing of the year, and whipped NVest Green Bay on their home floor! The Orange averaged zi points for every game to their opponents' is and accumulated a total of z8g points to the zzo points of the other teams which they played. Throughout the entire season Coach Shields kept the Appleton High quintet in the run for the top of the valley conference. The close of the conference season of '27 found Appleton hold- ing second place while Fond du Lac, veteran cage squad, topped the list with 9 victories and i defeat. Page one lmndrml four . fda' y -'J 'VI . -J, .s M J I I I Y . ' ,WJ if if Wx f msmmon . .,, sk .1 'I' sq" ' 1 ,JV , 4 .J J iv JUNIOR Cmss TOURNAMENT Vicrroas The success ofthe season was due in large degree to the co-operation and hard work of Coaches Shields and Delforge and the able assistance of Mr. Wright. Infinite praise is due Mr. Walsh for his splendid financial management. SEASONS RECORD Appleton ...., .... 1 6 Oshkosh ...., . . 9 Appleton ..... . Z7 Sheboygan .... . . 25 Appleton .,... , . . 1 1 Neenah ....... . , I3 Appleton ..... . . , I3 Manitowoc .,.. , . 25 Appleton ..... . ZI Fond du Lac .,... . . I7 Appleton ...,. . . . 29 Kaulcauna .....,. . . I7 Appleton ..... . , , 29 Oshkosh .......... , , 18 Appleton ...., . 2o West Green Bay '... , . . . io Appleton ...., . Z1 Fond du Lac ...... , . IQ Appleton ...., , . . 22 West Green Bay .... , , I3 Appleton ...., , . . Z3 Neenah ....,..... . . IQ Appleton ..... . . . 18 East Green Bay ...,. . . 9 Appleton ..... , . . 23 Marinette ,.....,. . . 12 Appleton ..... . . . 10 Kaukauna ..... . . II Appleton ............... .... 2 89 Opponents .,............. . . . 220 Appleton Cper gamej ..... .... 2 HZ, Opponents Cper game! .... . . . 15'QQ1 Page one hundred fue Ulm Marion s SAMUEL Hll,KOWlTZ "Sammey" Hilkowitz has won a place in the hearts of all the boys by his thoughtfulness throughout the season. He would have given the shirt off his back to any of the fellows if he thought it would improve their game. He surely has the old Appleton spirit. FRANK MURPHY "Mike" Murphy played his first and last year for Appleton High. "Murph" alternated with Lutz at left forward and played bang-up ball He was an accurate passer and al- ways had plenty of fight, as his name would indi- cate. Page one hundred xix NORBER1' PFEFFERLE "Norb" Pfefferle, the only three year man on the squad, topped off an- other successful season for A. H. S. A cleaner ath- lete never played for any school than this la'd Pfef- ferle. A real true sports- man, he is always willing to do his best. We take off our hats to "Norb." CARL KUNITZ "Wheeler" Kunitz, a great athlete, a fighter from the word "go," proved one of the best defensive men in the con- ference. "Oscar" stood as the bulwarla of the Orange team. He surely will be missed next year. ljANll-ll. S'rEiNiaERc: Captain "Danny" Steinberg played a great brand of ball. A fast player, a good dribbler, a thinker. and a real inspirational leader, Dan never be- came excited or rattled whatever the score or how important the game might be. Great things are ex- pected from him in some college or UU". Ulm mariah - KENNETH LAIRD "Bones" Laird, throughout his athletic career has been a great player, not flashy, but a necessary part to any successful team. Thinking always of the other fellow and the school first, was one of the reasons Apple- ton was up in the select class in conference stand- ing this year. RONA LD REETZ Alternating at center with Laird and also play- ing forward, "Tip" was always in the thick of the battle. It was due largely to his brilliant floor work that the Orange defeated Sheboygan. ORJILLE STRUTZ "Pa" Strutz, playing his second year of varsity ball, is old man reliable himself, always where he should be and fighting all the time. "Pa" will be with us again, and, be- lieve it or not. that boy will burn up the confer- ence. watch and see. CHESTER Al OHN5TON "Swede," What an ath- lete! During his first year in basketball he developed faster than a mushroom. "Swede" had plenty of drive, speed, and weight. 197.8 should be a banner year for Appleton if "Swede" keeps going strong. HERBERT Lt TZ A wizard at shooting, dribbling, and faking. "Herby" was one of the best forwards in the con- ference. With plenty of chance for individual play- ing he had more assists than any of his team- mates. ROBERT MOORE Although this was "Dinty's" first on the Appleton team, he showed a lot of fight and pep. He played a bang-up game at lvlarinette where he couldn't be stopped. Page one hundred seven Ulm Marion Intramural Sports for Girls Throughout the entire year Miss Yeager has carried on an extensive sport program among the girls. Skating, golf, track, and baseball were the sports at the head of the list. The girls' part of the Winter Carnival was held as a skate-meet. Dorothy Bell, senior, was high point-winner for the girls, and Charlotte Devoe, junior, ranked second These two carried off most of the points in the individual races, but Lucille Kranhold, senior, was also a high point winner, For the girls only there were four-forty, two-twenty, and one hundred yard dashes and a relay race. ln the early spring Miss Yeager had an indoor-golf board made and gave instructions to a large group of interested boys and girls in the proper use of golf-clubs and in the art of putting. This sport proved very popular and many, no doubt, will have found this study very valuable, An extensive track program was put on in May. Every member of all the gym classes went out for at least two events. Each class had a separate meet which lasted two days. Then the finals were held in which the winners of the individual meets competed. One hundred- and Hfty- yard dashes, relays. high jump, standing broad jump, and running broad jump were included in the events. ln connection with the track meet a series of baseball games were also run off. Each gym class had two teams which played togetherg the victors of the Grst games competed with the other winners. Page one hundred eight t The mariah ' Boys' Intramural Athletics Athletics as a means to an end, rather than an end in themselves was the keynote of Coach Shields intramural schedule. The program which extended throughout the year included basket- ball, baseball, tennis, and golf. During the winter a basketball league was organized of teams from the gym classes. Each adopted the name of a "big ten" university, such as "Wiscor1sin," "Notre Dame," and "Leland Stanford." At the end of the season the "Leland Stanford" aggrega- tion was awarded badges for heading the league. This team was also victor in the baseball series. The first annual winter carnival was instituted by Coach Shields. Events for both boys and girls, including skating, skiing, and hockey were staged at jones' Park. The juniors carried away the first honors, Seniors second, and the Sophomores third. Robert Roemer, junior captain, was awarded a medal for high point winner for the boys and Dorothy Bell was given the girls' individ- ual badge. Among other class meets were the inter-class basketball and track tournaments. The three classes and a team composed of faculty members furnished plenty of competition. The track meet was held in connection with the Appleton-Wausau telegraphic meet at the George Whiting field. Both the basketball and track meets were won by the juniors. Page one hundred nine l U52 mation Nlcrklc Beach liuckcnlwckcr Stark Vundzxrwzirku Lcmberg Girls' Basketball The 1927 season of basketball can be rightfully called a success. Everyone worked as hard as she could under a new system which was used for the First time. No regular practice was held, it was all individual work. The seniors won the Championship Award and the juniors the Sportsmanship Banner. The players who worked the hardest were: Hilda Kuckenbecker, the best captain they could have had, Leone Lemburg, who made the most field goals, both seniorsg Marie Kranzusch, the junior captain and mainstay, and Ruth Radtke, junior, the best held goalerg Monica Van Ryzin, the sophomore back- bone, and Mildred Carwcight, the best guard for the sophomore team. SENIOR BASKETBALL L I NEUP l1ILDA KUCKENBECKER QCaptainD, C. HELEN BEACH, G. LEONE LEMBURG, F. CAROLYN SCHAEL, G. JOSEPIIINE RUBERG, lf. DoRoTiiY STARK, G. ETHEL MERKLE, F. CNVENDOLIN VANDARWARKA. G. Page om' humlrrd len i fl - QI Ulm GVIM-ion ' A Merkle Kuckenbcckcr Yacgcr Capt. Lcmburg Schael Loos Bodmer Ncrhood Beach Girls' Volleyball The 1926 season of girls' volley ball was very peppyg for this reason it was especially hard to decide who should receive the Sportsmanship honor. The seniors won this and also the Championship honor. Special mention should be given to some of the players: Ethel Merkle and Hilda Kuckenbecker, seniors, because of their unique methods of attackg Anita Tiedt and Marie Kranzusch, juniors, for their excellent techniqueg Catherine Verrier, sophomore, for her energy and enthusiasmg and Monica Van Ryzin, sophomore, for her unitiring zeal. SENIOR VGLLEY BALL LINEUP ETHEL MERKLE LEONE LEMBURG, Captain VIOLET BODMER HELEN BEACH l-llLDA KUCKENBECKER CAROLYN SCHAEL MARIE Loos BERNICE NERHOOD Page one hundred eleven f The mariah r sei' Q' .' 4,0 v Q' ' 1. is GV!!! X tx 09' Winners of thxg' The greatest award that a G. A. A. girl can earn is an "A", Since this letter is so very difheult to obtain a girl knows that she has earned the honor when she wears this coveted The rules of the C. A. A, require a iooo points before a letter may be given. The second award is a small blue and gold pin given on the basis of soo points. The majority of C. A. A. girls have re- ceived this attractive insignia. Credit is given for various activities: for social dancing, for leading in gym work, and for non- absence on account of sickness. Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity among the girls, and for this reason hikes were arranged every Friday that the weather permitted. This spring swimming became a regular sport for a large number of girls. The aims of the G. A. A. are as follows. 1. To maintain the best possible health of mind and body by sane care ofthe body and clean living. 1. To enter into athletics, games, and outdoor activities as much as possible and to support athletics in school by our interest, enthusiasm, and co-operation. 3. To endeavor at all times to show good sportsmanship. 4. To work for a democratic and loyal G. A. A. and to make it a strong power for clean, wholesome, happy living among all the girls of the high school. Page one Iiunilrud twelve ' The Gflurion ' I, . ,, - -.L 1 Track When Coach Shields sent out the first call for track men a large number reported for duty. The first test of the mettle of the team was the telegraphic meet with Wausau. Several conference records broken at this meet showed up a wealth of strong material to follow up the '27 schedule. Appleton had little difficulty in trouncing Wausau 67 to 45. Johnston proved his worth on the cinders as well as the gridiron and the basketball fioor by breaking three conference records. Roemer broke the record for the half-mile. The representatives of the squad who will carry the banner of A, H. S. are: loo yard dash, Johnston, Rooney, zzo yard dash, Lutz, 440 yard dash, McAllister, Liese, Rooney, 880 yard race, Roemer, Kunitz, Horn, mile, Navarre, Van Ryzing low hurdles, Steinberg, Strutzg high jump, Kruse, Ryan, broad jump, Johnston, Ryan, discus, Kruse, Pfefferle, Popp, shot, Pfefferle, Johnston, Popp, javelin, Strutz, Kunitz. Another important feature of the spring athletic program was the tennis tournament. Mark Catlin, '27, copped the individual championship and Tam and Laird were runners up in the eli- mination sets. The intramural golf tournament this year will be held at Riverview Golf Course. Twenty entries have already been received by Coach Shields. The winners of the meet will probably go to Madison the first week in June to participate in the State Cvolf Tournament. Page one hundred thirteen , - -I Ulm Gfhx-ion nge one hundred fourteen Zlmiumur FT times a sullen, deep depression broods over the courlg and then 'tis the jester who is called upon-for wit and humor may do much to make fair weather out of poor and to sweeten a dull moment, hlayhap in the great throne room a stunt is performed for all to watch, enjoy, and acclaim. A lusty carol, or comic ditty is always well received for excitement does not always run high in this castle where stern tasks are more plentiful than pleasures. FEI The Marion Ctlnurt Qllumits Up rose the clever jester, and Unto the king he said, "The world was made for fun and mirth So here's where black is read. I strove by day, I strove by night, These laughs to make complete, And now 'tis done, hurrah what fun! Read on-it is a treat!" IN FQ. 4 ww I l Jul' 5 .li I X V I I f O O WHAT APPLETON HIGH WILL DO FOR A PERSON The Sophomore stood on the railroad track The train was coming fast The Sophomore jumped off the railroad track And let the train go past. A junior stood on a railroad track The train was coming fast The junior lay down on the railroad track And let the train go past. A Senior stood on a railroad track The train was coming fast The train got off the railroad track And let the Senior pass. Page one humlrvtl jiflvcn Jg .'f:,3r?ff WI ' L f-x E712 Marion jfwl Pugu um' lxumlrml sucleun The Qflurion 1 A. H. S. From the Readers' Guide The Call ol' the Wild .... Barney Fleischner Tarzan ol' the Apes .,.,.... "Chuck" -johnson The Plastic Age ......,...., "Bob" Mitchell The Reckless Lady ...,..., Ruth Mcfanna Sandy ....,,.,.........,.... "Red" Smith The Mind in the Making .... ,Iohn Frampton Seventeen ......,.......,..., Gwen Furves So Big. f'Sig" johnson and Delmar Newton School lor Scandal ..,..........,., A. H. S. Flower of Old -Japan ....., Dorothy Trittien Men of Destiny ,....,...... Purity League 'l he Beloved Vagabond ...... "Sleepy" Kruse Alice for Short .,..,,....,. Alice Getschow The Three Musketeers. . .Ruben Getschow. "Kike" Hartung and "Bumps" Eowlby Our Mutual Friend ..........,,.. H. H, H. captains Courageous ........ Dan Steinberg The Music Master ..........,. Carl McKee Happy Though Married .... Clem Ketchum Travels with a Donkey ........ Kunitz Taxis Moby Dick ..,..,,..... ...,.. L Uick Joyce Good llouse Keeping ...,. ..Trudy Vsfeber American Boy, . . . . . .... Paul Hackbert Boys' Life ,.... ...... l -ouise Marston The Scholastic .... . . . Desmond Schade True Story ....,.......,....... Al Liethen l Confess ............,.... Flora Harriman Literary KLiteralD Digest .... john Dohearty Peppy Stories ,.,, .......... M artha Weight American Girl .... . . ..... Ethel Merkel Physical Culture, . . .... Beatrice Segal Vanity Fair ....... ...... E unice Segal Life ......,............. Nona Nemacheck Youths Companion ..,..... l. .Sybelle Plank Girls Companion .... ..George Uebelacker Everybody's ,....,.,..,..,.... Babe Kriess Modern Priscilla .......,.... .Luella Giese Sporting Youth .... Denote Choice Between "Pa" Strutz and Norb Pfefferle Womans Home Companion .... Herb Lutz Liberty.. .,.,........,....... Carl Nelson Police Gazette ..... . . .George Beckley Current History ............... Abe Cohen Theological journal ..... Dewayne Morneau Delineator CDelinquentl ..... Thomas Butler SEEING THINGS: A cowslip under a fence. A horse-ily in the store, A board-walk up the street. A stone-step by the door. A mill-race up the road. A morning break the gloom. A night-fall on the gloom. A clock-run in the room. A peanut-stand up high. A sardine-box in town. A bed-spring at the gate. An ink-stand on the ground. Page nne hundred seventeen 1 ff - E132 Qnurron D - - ng I1 Q H M lllllllllll I3I:I5IC..'XII1I3 IU MISS n I I n I n l I n r A 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 'glilglgll ull.: lung g 1 n Ivlasierpiece No. I No 1 i. 'lhis is a picture of three convicts css z. A freckled-face,l artist in a twce.I suit caping on :ebras over a railroad trcstlep or painting a picture of a potato bug on a leo- it could be a family of skunks eating water- pards back who is eating speckled trout in a melons. hail storm IIOW COME? Basketball is a funny game It turned lvliss Cfarter purple. She couldnt see how there could be 'Iwo centers ina circle. IiI.liGAIC1 SIA,-XNZAS ON 'lllli SKIiI,Ii'I'ON IN BIOLOGY Dear lady, what, if any. I Iath brought you thus to this? What could have made you sell your 'lo education, lXIiss7 I'Il grant the act was noble, And possibly worth-while, But when I die I tell you, I'll be laid away in style. You are useful -for its certain lhat in biology You teach the high school students I low a well-built girl should be. But I'yc always loved the ladies, And it moves my tender soul to tears To see a beauty strung up thus With hay-wire through her ears. Wcruld it not have been far better, I.ittle girl, could you have found A restful roomy box of cedar Lying six feet under ground. l'iu:1'nlii' Iiiilnffmf t'n1li1i't'f1 bones Where the little birds would twitter Sad songs above your head, And the evergreens about you Pine that you are dead? Is there no one left behind No children, who, forlorn And weeping at your passing, Grieve all the night and mourn, lhcn let me weep your passing, Gentle lady of my heart, Sing sadly a song of parting Ere we, too, must part. For I must leave you alone in the comer 'lo rattle your poor bones at will, It is sad that though I may travel You must lie buried here still. So, with a lily clasped tightly In hands lightly crossed on your breast And a rose in your teeth, rest away, dear, And may you peacefully rest. lion ylosilfs 4 . U52 mario 5 'Er n . fi--.h gig. '7 .LCD V 2 1... ' , - IJ, i .X . X l hnx Q. . if 1' .4 f H 1 '4, I ,Wa ' . ,yzjsll I , Miss Bucholtz: "What kind of stoves did the Romans use?" Soph: "Mountain ranges." SOME APPLETON HIGH STUDES AND MERE FACULTY MEMBERS IN THE VAGUE FUTURE We Believe That Some Day- Nathan Spector will be the "Red" Grange of his day and the idol of the weaker sex. Mr. Delforge will really have two more words to say. Someone will Find Mr. Atchison. Merle Zuelke will be a Bolshevik. One of our schools rostrum speakers will really speak before an intelligent looking audience. Mr. Helble and Mr. McKee will be taller than Clem CDD Ketchum. lOn each others shouldersl Flora Harriman's eyes will be an advertisement for Podunk's Eye Beautifier. john Frampton will have red hair. Eunice Segal will catch on to the joke about the traveling salesman. The Clarion will have a humor section. That Paul Hackbert will be a gang boss over a crew of Irish workmen on the Northern Pacihc. Eleanor Marx will be an advertisement for Fleischmanns Yeast. Ronald Smiths hair will be red. Chester Davis will be Mayor of Appleton. Abram J. Cohen will be President of the Anti-Saloon League. Vesper Chamberlain will be in the ZiegHeld's Follies. Carl Kunitz and "Sis" Bushey will raise little taxis. Page one hundred nineleer m'bP Qnurioh I vnu IILIIUIITLI lwunly Ulm GVIM-ion My O Page one hundred twenty-on J 1 ff - wb? Qlnurw " gr .K X. mmm, 43? tilibwfcl T .V "ill, iff , 'Q K' ' l W I .' ' "il ' ' ',: '1iiiv.a?g?2' . f i . T0 K I it 1 I ' V 1 Taz'-:T T K 4,81 Y linuiuf hmm Ein fe T g -'Coaches Orricsl- That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That That Page une liundrcil lsn't lt Too Bad-- Coach Shields isn't good looking. Mr. l lelble and lX4r. McKee smoked at an early age thu Margaret lleckle is so fat at the age of sixteen. l lerby Lut: cant smile. Dan Steinberg's doctor makes him wear mittens at all Popp turned out to be such a weakling. Bernice Parker has such fat legs. Raymond Marx is going to be lost to the school. .lohn Dohearty cant put on weight. Miss Becher and Miss Mueller canit be friends. Louise lXlarston is such a puny little thing. Nona Nemacheck is so very bashful and backward. lX4r. Wright cant be sarcastic. lX4r. Delforge can't develop a sense of humor. the Clarion has such a terrible humor staff. lleen Dutcher is not a football player. Clem Ketchum got married. Paul l lackbert was ineligible for football and wrestling. we havent a new Senior High School. Swede ,lohnson spends so much time reading the Wom the Segals can't catch on to a joke. lwir. llelble goes out to the Cinderella so often. the Purity League started a reform movement in A. H. Miss Salisbury continuously chews gum. lvlr. Walsh has to usher at the Bijou. Grace Kenyon doesnt use powder? Miss lilumb reads so many Diamond Dick Novels. Carl Kunitz drives so slow. lll'A'llfX ll s stunting their growth school dances. ans Home Companion S Ulm mariah THE FACULTY BASKETBALL TEAM 3 5 Q. ' f3"fHmlinHMBV 1 If I -".: ' x h if "TEffgfg Paul Revere Up To Date Now listen, my children, and you shall hear, Of a famous racer named Paul Revere. At Concord he jumped in his Ford machine, Then bought a few gallons of gasoline. He stepped on the gas, and away he spun. And in Gfteen minutes reached Lexington. A cop held up a detaining hand, But Paul kept going to beat the band. "The British are coming," he shouted back. "They're after me in a Cadillac. They offered to trade, with something to boot' But l won't part with my old Ford Coupe." OH HENRY! Don Maclvlahon has installed in his Ford "Car" a carburetor that is guaranteed to save 1.0917 fuel. Then he put in special spark plugs that were guaranteed to save 101723. Then he added a superheater that will save 201729. He next added a special rear axle and cords that promise a zo'72, saving. Now with a fuel economy of 1102, he has to stop every hundred miles and bail out fuel from the gas tank to keep it from running over. Honest! Page one hundred liuunty-lhree wb? Qnurion Aphroditds Applesauce ,'Xl.l- X'.'Xl.l.liY ClONlfliRliNl1li I"OO'I'l3.Xl.I. 'IILXIXI as llitieix . .. . Mlind IRI Tayle lfntl tl 1 lfiseh . . . lacklc tlll lvludd. .. iuarel IRI llluekan .laekle tl,l Shinn Cluartl tl 1 l'11nkin.. Center I Iind. Quai-ie Wav. . Iiaek tlfulll Green llaek tl 1 l'ullman, ..C'uaeh Dirty liaek illl Stage. . Nlanagei' I-'IC1'IiAll.S BY IXIARY CIA1u11.vN ID.-xvii-'es WVULI were a creature in pigtailv unee And I wivh that I xvere, lui' the next hallfl ll ll With lreeklex aenkx your nnseg lhe hwy that I used tu he .Xml I wax a lad in knickers once For I wasnt at allal'1'aid11l'yt11t then With knakex and tuadx in my eluthes! And that! vvhy I envy me' .Xn,l I eliint quite lung lur the pigtails still: But shut your eyex an.l pretentl vvith m I can go vvithuut lrecklcs, ton! There are pigtails nmv as then, Xml I elunt quite lung lor the knickers still- And that we've been playing all alternat n Iiut tiielay l'm alraid til' you! And let's kiw at tht gate again! ,fXl3.'XlXfl .-NNI? EVE AND llnllf .fXPl9l.lj fxliwi peuple think :Xelam and live atc but une apple. I Itmwever. tin luuking up the laetx ieie ix what we lind: live ate 1 and .Xdam ate 1 making a total of three applew. liut. liguring c.Iill'erently. xve Nay live 8 and .-Xdam z, giving a total til' ten. Yet il live 8 and .-Xdam 8 alw, the total is sixteen. And yet lhexe ligurex are entirely xii lui' il live 8 and .Xelani 8-2, eertainly the tutal would he ninety. Seientilie men, however. tin the hash ul' the theory that Hliarnum wax right." reawn Nil t thing like thix: live H-1 and .Nelam 871 giving us 1113. Xyrung again. lor il' live 8-1 and Adam 8-1-1 yvoulel not the total he Sag. Il lite N-1-txt and Adam 8-l-2, l,UZ3 wuulel he the t I lfiyvex er. I helieve the ltwlluvving tu be a lair wlution: otal. Il live H-1-.1 .Xelam and .Xdam 81-1-.l live, the total would he Xtygti. I lere ix anuther wlutiun. ll' live 8-14.1 Aelani, and Adam 3-I-Z-4-1 tihlig' Q ' ?'41,c1it1. fe l ye the ttitili I luvvever, live when xhe 8-1 -A8-1-7. many, so Atlam to relieve her guilt. ti-1-z making a tu t1l.l4Z,h1 4' liut il' live 8- -- Oh! XVl'iat's the LIYCI FUR lv'lliN ONLY lllctztl l3t11'l4z1' I xvenlt utiy elluuyv elaei' Niht. You t'ndIuuxv eh a lrig li uny L'ntli1.l Xlr. Iietehum: "What ix a vacuum?" -le'1n l"1'a1nptun1 "I ean't recall iuwt nmv hut I have it in my head " l'.1g.-.nie liuritlrctl lii't'r1lv'!aiir -1 . The mariah A Prophecy THE PRELUDE 'llhe tournament has ended Many had attended-. And here and there was shed a tear For these fetes would close the year. But then to close it all, King Arthur called a ball. "This year before we part Some fun we'll have," said Art, And on that sad yet happy night There appeared an awful sight, For all did turn as someone cried: "Look-over there on the other side." And they with fear did stand and stare, Not a soul a move did dare, For there in Arthurs Banquet Hall A hand did write upon the wall! Of the Knights and Ladies all, it wrote And from this prophecy I will quote. Of the criminal lawyers of the middle west "Abe" Cohen is rated the best, And "Bud" Catlin as an attorney-at-law Suffers from an overworked jaw. Alice and Al, alas, have parted Since college days they had startedg Carolyn Schael as Humorist gay ls entertainer on the Great White Way. Wilder and Sterling, the dear Schmaltz brothers, Are widely known as music loversg Norbert Pfefferle our handsome Apollo- Doughnut making he will follow. Donna Herrmann and "Billy" Meyer To be great singers they aspire, While "Cussy" as a circus clown In this blase world gains renown. "Bud" Rooney as a dispenser of pills l Iclps cure Helen Bushey's ills, While Charlotte as his dutiful spouse Spends her time in keeping house. "Dolly" Chamberlin is vaudevilles claim, Staber is her partner in fameg William Lyons-"Billy" for short Has shown "Lou" Marston how to court. When James Watson gets the cash He'll go to Navarre to get a Nash, And Bobby jones on a foreign shore Will write sweet poetry galore. Among those journalists who seek the Amon' Will be Helen Werner and .lean Framptong While among great coaches Witzke ranks, And we find Bob Eads interested in banks. ln a cabaret is Ethel lhelan As an entertainer she's "appelin'.' Lillian Gabriels light fantastic Is many admirers making plastic. Art and Lillian in wedded bliss Go to a musical to hear "Babe" Kreiss. And Margaret Heckle on the silver screen By an appreciative audience will be seen. Because "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" We End "Bob" Mitchell selling bonds, While Gilbert Stecker as a matinee idol Has Winfred Schulz as a coming rival. Beatrice Miller though not a debateress ls the next thing to it-a hrst class waitress George Stewert reigns in a near-by cabaret With Ann Strelke as his entertainer gay. Francis McAllister leads an orchestravhey, hey! But individually to Alyda Lemke does he play. Margaret Meyer is a kindergarten teacher And her friend, Marjorie McCary, has married a preacher. Ruth McCanna is married to--you know his name! But Bernice Nerhood is still a single dame. Lillian Ondrasik I see, prefers a career And with Marie Sanem as a nurse will appear. Page one hundred twenty-five joe l5eWindt. thc millionaire. As usual is popular with the lair. l lclen Schmidt is a creditable stenographer While Martha Weight is quite a biographer. lvlerle Zuehlke found business tame So he's back again at the orating game. Conrad Verhrick and Everett Sell ln the role of doctors do excel. Elizebeth Smith a nurse will be. Lorraine Shaw pushes a telephone key, And quite a nursemaid is Phillis Lind When the children she must tend. Marion Stewart as a nurse, we see, With Aloscphine Ruberg for companvg Marguerite Russel and Ella NVhitrock Drive their taxis around the block. An engineer is Irvin Eeldhahn And glean Cannon will visit Milan. Bachelor maid is lone Fcavel While john Frampton writes a lable. Arthur Lemke and Rudolph Gauerke Ply their trade across the sea. lXlarie Ulasnap is teaching school Where Alaskas weather keeps her cool. An elilicient seamstress is Emma Graelf As a comedian Ray lwlarx gets a real laugh. An auctioneer is Elmer llorn Selling Bob l lciss's blue ribbon corn. lXlartha blcntz our foremost authorcss Goes to Esther l larm for an evening dress. A lirst-rate teacher is Lillian Grimmer leaching children to read the primer. Clara 'lireiber and Esther Schomish As stenographers, keys will punish. lrene Kranhold in an artist smoek Runs a clever antique shop. An artists model is Myrtle l lilgendorf While Wilmer jenneriohn polices a wharf. A milliner is Doneda Feavel. And Allred Gelpke will send your cable. Gen lflotow as a wizard of the loom lvlost ofthe elites she will groom! Page one hundred twenty-six The Gflurion ' l- Eddie Hunt: will sail the ocean loam, While Helen Wolf publishes her lirst poem. A diligent tailor is Edward lvlaurer. Russel Denyes as a preacher has power, And Mildred Zeffrey and Verona VanHeuklen Will be model clerks in hectic Brooklyn. When Grace Haberman is lady cop Clulprits' progress she will stop, And Alex Manier, a faultless printer, Has as assistant-Robert McGregor, Gwen Vanderwarka as a librarian does excel As with skating honors does Dorothy Bell, Frank Murphy in the manufacturing game Attends an entertainment by Lois Kloehn. Carl klebc his musical ability enhances With grind organ and monkey at High School dancesg Evelyn and Leona Riedl lndustriously ply the providential needle. Dorothy Draheims golden voice ls heard in the Salvation Armyg Dan Steinberg has a Rolls-Royce Earned by handing out the blarney. ln 'ilin Pan Alley" we iind Bob lylatz lndustriously murdering sharps and flats, And Mary Schenk in distant climes ls noted lor her lilting rhymes. Bill Lee as usual is popular with all, And so, as a governor, he has answered his call. Vernon llolterman and Leo Campshure Run a "chicken" farm in green New Hamp- shire. Marie l lobbins has conquered the ocean Swimming along without much motionq lxlany have tried lor this swimming belt And none have succeeded except lrvin Hertz- felt. Leone Schmidt as a housewife aide Money by the Tribune is paid. Hilda Kuckenbecker, a baseball fan, Teaches the natives of Hindustan. I -5,1 Ulm GVIM-ion A lingerie agent is Lucille Kranholdg Candy kisses by Arletta Holcomb are sold, Grace Kenyon a very competent nurse-maid By Leone Lemburg, for her work, is paid. William Hawkes in the druggist profession Sells pretty pink pills to Edith Gilson, Kathleen Cooney in a retired nook Of our modern youth writes a book. Fred Fox, a painless dentist, Marie Blick's teeth will extract. Norman Johnston-hard-fisted pugilist Dempsey's title intends to attack. When Nelson of orating fame In African wilds seeks big game, DeYoung and Forbeck, missioners mild, Are converting many savages wild. ln Ziegfields Follies very first line Marie Goss and Gwen Danke are stepping fine, While Bernice Huhn and Laura Kronz Run a shop devoted to bronze. DeWayne his future will intrigue As president of the Anti-Saloon League. Eunice and Beatrice, the Segal twins, Will be pursued by many hims. "Humper" Joyce in western states, Who as a rancher highly rates, Will be visited by "Eddie" Frieders Selling pick-up vacuum cleaners. Orvil lvlyse, a jolly butcher, Guarantees some sweet girls future. Luella Giese, avowed man-hater, Will succumb sooner or later. Myrtle Lueders as a model fair Gives lleen's creations an elite air, "Gillie" Kriek at the Hortonville Fair Proudly displays an Old Gray Mare. Clyde McCabe as a business man Will hire "Ray" Ivlurphy's moving van, And Kathro in the nursing profession Will keep her many patients "guessin'." The Ken-Gwen romance Will lead to the altarg Soon children will enhance And tighten the halter. In a candy shop is Esther Drews Howard Smith for the "Post" gathers news. And a clever "Drummer" is tall Ralph Sell At selling tooth-picks he does well. Everett Wegner is a skilful plumber And Wilmer Kreuger deals in lumber. That scenario writer Gerena Gehl Has Dorothy Stark assist with the mail. Marie Loos as a business maid Displays her wares in distant Port-Said. As principal of a Boarding School Vora Oelke supports the golden rule. LaVila Cloos behind a business desk will dimple While Everet Stecker will orate in rhetoric far from simple. Helen lvlenning a follies girl petite Will win Harold Wheeler with her twinkling feet. George Beckley a senator of fame Has changed Ethel Stallman's maiden name. Marie Bye and Helen Briese as teachers austere Help Marie Konz' children on their career. George Haag is a butcher debonair While Helen Beach gathers antiques rare. A portly drum major is Williard Kling And Norbert Vette gives lwlable Wenzlaff a ring. Edna Ballinger, an art designer, Goes to Europe on an ocean liner Where Viola Behnke a famous modiste Produces clothes for the woi'ld's elite. A society woman is Sarah Bachall While Ethel Merkel teaches volley ball. Louise Curry is the best of secretaries To Roland Kippenhan-a merchant of cran- berries. Page one hundred twenty-seven -. ...... . 4 9 if : Marlon George Yerhrielv as president of a bank POS'lll,lll3l1 ljielates to Dorothy 'lirittien a steno of ranli lilla Ciaurke waits hehind a lunch stand. The hund did SUPP Und l'2llfCf IWCVC, Ivliiric lfountain is ofthe ,Nrtiste Series grand, The CUUII WHS NPUll'l"UUV1Cl Wiih fC11F And slowly as it faded away When not visiting the Pharaoh tomhs IIIWCFC Wflfdg 3 VUICC WHY hcilfd U' WY? lrudy will decorate our rooms. lyrirh Shepherd we see on a day hiight and i'What further happens l cannot see clear For to my 'Future Book' I have not the key lfloaling around in the atmosphere, liut what l've told is truly true . . ........ So until the reunion l.uel4 and adieu"' "Please laugh on the dotted line. . . Mr. Walshi "Have you got a ruler?" Nlr. l lelhle: "No, l'm my own master." Cioaeh Shields thoastingbi 'Uh yes, I have a great many rieh relations. I have an unele in oil, a grandfather in honds, and a father in formaldehyde." Hill Ivleyeri "Do you run your ear?" Don hlaehlahon: i'Nope, let the engine do that," Reporter: "What shall l say ahout the two peroxide hlondes who made sueh a fuss at the game?" klanetg "Why, just the hleachers went wild." Mr. Walsh: Ullvolutionists are never satisliedfein last nights paper there was an advertisement for a eow hand." I-AOLIND ON SOME IiXAIXfl PAPIiRSe OI? DliI-lfORGli'S General Paraddoeli was killed in the Revolution. 'lihree horses were shot under him and a fourth went through his clothes. Pompeii was an ancient city destroyed hy an eruption of saliva from the vatican. Sam Ililltowitz: "Dont worry heeause the tides going out, it always eomes haeltf' Adieu lihese ,jokes are great inventionsg lihe school gets all the fameg lihe printer gets the moneyg And we get all the hlame. Pug: uric fllllltflfd liucrily-aight Qppletun 419111: :mutual Jfriznh Ubi? mariah SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' lXflEMORIAL BRlDCii Appleton---Qur City It has been the purpose of this. the ioz7 edition of the Clarion, to picture to the best of our ability, life of the Appleton Senior High School as it exists, but this book would not seem com- plete without at least a few pages devoted to Appleton-Our City. Besides receiving the whole-hearted co-operation of the student body throughout the year, the 1927 Clarion pays due homage to its great understanding friends-Appleton proper for its aid and good will not only for assisting in the production of this booki but for carefully and wisely guarding the welfare of the student body as a whole. Time and time again we have called upon the citizens and merchants of Appleton to rally to our cause and projects, and time and time again they have answeredgenlisted their resources and many times their personal services. Page one hundred l11'enly-nine vb Z .....,.. 1 -1- I yn The Uno.:-ion r Y, M. C. A. BUILDING Our thanks are sincere and manifold, and thus we have instituted this Civic section as a token ofour appreciation-and that we may more firmly unite that bond of mutual understanding which now exists between the Appleton Senior High School and the citizens and merchants of Appleton. High on the lofty banks over-hanging the Fox River is located a city which serves as a center of culture and of manufacturing to the surrounding community. Appleton, with a population of 7.3,000, is known as a delightful city in which to reside, and people whose business takes them to other cities leave with regret. "Youll like Appleton," its slogan is indicative of civic pride and sounds the key-note of our city's bountiful virtues. Of the many thousands of visitors who throng to Northern Wisconsin to enjoy their summer vacations, too few have stopped in our valley long enough to enjoy its beauty and to admire its general thrift, to study its industry, and to visit the many places and scenes which abound in romantic history. Those who have done so never fail to speak with enthusiasm of these things- for the impression, happily, is unforgetable. The brightest link in the chain of cities in the Fox River Valley is Appleton-a source of charm, cleanliness, natural beauty. and civic pride. Page om' liimilrctl lliirly Q The GVIM-ion 1 15,1 L,vvvRr2NctE MEMoRifv1- CHAPEL. In the recent better city contest in Wisconsin, Appleton was rated third highest from the standpoint of being the best place to live, work, and bring up children. Crime in the city is negli- gible and the fire losses are among the lowest in the middle west, There are no tenements or dis- tricts of ramshackle homes, no foreign colonies or unwelcome racial groups. Poverty is so small in extent that no charity work, especially of an organized character, is necessary, Two features of Appleton are of special civic pride and favorable comment by visitors-its good streets and its beautiful trees. Appletons fame, progressiveness, and activity is largely based on the excellence of its edu- cational institutions. Lawrence College, founded when Appleton was in its infancy, ranks one of the largest and most important colleges in the middle west. lt has an enrollment of about 1,300 students in its four departments. The college proper is housed in fifteen splendid buildingsg among them are extensive laboratories, a splendid library, and an excellent museum. Lawrence Conservatory of lX1usic with .goo pupils is acknowledged as one of the foremost in the country. Pugv one humired thirty-one The Qffurion lsoesiixv osx 'iiii-1 Fox One of its most outstanding buildings, the Lawrence lvlemorial Chapel, was built by public subscription at a cost of more than 5lSizs,000. lt seats 1,050 persons and is used continually for community gatherings, musical and other entertainment events, lectures, political meetings, and public forums. Appleton! public school system is thought to rank second to none in the state. lt has a vvell organized Senior l ligh School supplemented by two new, beautiful -1 unior High Schools, There are eight grade schools, five parochial schools of various denominations, and one of the best busi- ness colleges in the state. ln addition a Vocational School the first of its ltind in Wisconsin, en- ables more than 1,100 people opportunities to devote their leisure time to their academic education. Two well equipped libraries provide the citizens of Appleton with excellent reading facilities. Appleton Public Library and the Carnegie Library of Lawrence College together own more than 5 -5 ,ooo volumes. Ample opportunities for religious devotions are offered in Appleton. Nearly all of the religious denominations are represented by congregations with church homes. Five congregations have parochial schools and three have church halls. 'lihere is a large and attractive Y. TNI. lf, A. located near the heart of the city. lt is equipped with dormatories, facilities for various indoor sports, and other pleasing features. lhe finances ofthe city are cared for by four banks and one trust company, 'lihev have total deposits of nearly Sl 1,000,000 and annual clearings of approximately Ti-1 1,000,000 large one limiilreil lliirlvslu u 4 Ulm mariah BUSINESS SECTION-COLLEGE Av ENUE Besides Appletons great paper making industry, the manufacturing of wood products is important. ln addition to these two industries many factories make products closely related to paper manufacturing. Besides these there are three automobile body plants, four knitting mills, two tractor plants, an ice cream factory, two granite and stone works, three car mover manufacturers, a hair pin company, and numerous minor industries. Because of Appleton's progressive spirit the location is being considered by several new industriesg ample opportunities and concessions will be given to new manufacturers. The editors of this book realize that we have not and cannot treat the history of Appleton completely and in detail. Thus we have presented only a sketch of "Our City" to serve as an inspiration, perhaps,.to further investigation. QM! L ' Page one hundred thirty-lhrre ' Ufbv Marion Clarion Sponsors As an evidence ol their co-operation and good will toward the High School these Appleton Iwusiness and professional men have sponsored our IQZ, Clarion us show our appreciation hy giving them our patronage and support ixlavor ol' Appleton, Albert C. Rule Appleton Chamber of Commerce Aitfziiili-ms, CoN1'RAc1'lolts, 81 Ewtairsiatsa Oscar Boldt Green Bay and hlississippi Canal Co. liarl lf. Miller Orbison and Orbison lg,-XNKICIKN ,iso 'l1Rl'S'I Coixiimm' Appleton State Bank Citizens National Bank First National Bank First Trust Company I lori-1 s ,mo Ri-:sl ixtilmrsls Congress Cale l Iorcl Appleton lvlaells Restaurant Snider's Restaurant Young lX1en's Christian Association lX'lANL'lfAC'lllRl'.RS Appleton Coated Paper Co. Appleton Machine Co. Appleton Toy and Furniture Co. Appleton Wire Works Appleton Woolen lX4ills Fox River Paper Co. Fox River Valley Knitting Co. Fraser l.umher and Nianufacturing Co. Gochnauer Concrete Products Co. Patten Paper Co. Riverside Fiher and Paper Co. Standard Tvlanufaeturing Co Toy Corporation oi' America Valley iron NVorl4s XVisconsin Wire Vforlts Mi-.iuzimwis liuolcx, iAX'6Il'S, ami Office Supplies P. lvl. Conltey BZ Co. E. XV, Shannon Sylvester of Nielsen Candy Dealers Burt's Candy Shop I'tr,41em1i' himilrixl lliirry-jour A. L. Gmeiner The Palace Traas Candy Co. Carbanaletl Bez'erage.v Hamm E32 Son H. Koester 51 Son Clothiers Behnlte 62 ,lens Co. Cameron 61 Schulz Continental Clothing Co. Hughes Clothing Co. Ornstein Cloak CD Suit Co. Matt Schmidt by Son Thiede Good Clothes DFIQLIQIIVSIX Bellings Drug Store Schlint: Brothers Union Pharmacy Voight's Drug Store Dry Cfoutls-Slore.r The Fair Dry Goods Co. Gecnen's Gloudemans-Gage Co. J. C. Penney Co. Pettibone-Peabody Co. Florists Junction Greenhouse Riverside Greenhouse Furniture Dealers Brettsehneider Furniture A. l-Catl'1 Co. Wichman Furniture Co. Garages August Brandt Co, Central lvlotor Car Co. Herrmann Motor Co. O. R. Kloehn Co. Oscar Kunit: Taxi Line S. H O. Chevrolet Co. St. .John lwiotor Car Co. NVolter lviotor Co. Grocer Scheil Brothers Co The mation I. ..,... .21 4 ' Hardware Dealers Appleton Hardware CO. A. Galpin's 82 Sons Groth's Tire and Bicycle Shop Schlafer Hardware CO. jewelers W. H. Hackleman F. C. Hyde 82 CO. Henry N. Marx M. Spector Lumber and Fuel Dealers Balliet Supply Co. D. A. Gardner, Fuel Ideal Lumber Sz Coal CO. Marston Brothers CO. Meal Markets Myse Meat Market Voecks Brothers Music Stores Meyer-Seeger Music Co. Irving Zuehlke Photographers and Photo Supplies Froelich Studio E. H. Harwood Ideal Photo 82 Gift Shop Frank F. Koch Sykes Studio Plumbers W. S. Patterson 81 CO. Ryan 81 Long Shoe Dealers Bohl 82 Maeser Heckert Shoe Co. Schweitzer BZ Langenberg Sporting Goods Dealers BaSing's Sport Shop Valley Sporting Goods 81 Appliance Co. 'Tailors James McKenney 82 CO, Karl A. Schuetter Wholesale Houses DeBaufer Oil Co. Lutz Ice CO. Segal CO. Woelz Brothers Paper Co. Printers, Engravers and Sign Painters Appleton Engraving Co. Appleton Post-Crescent Badger Printing Co. Ganzen Sign CO. Mandel Engraving Co. Peterson 82 Bauer Valley Sign CO. PROFESSIONAL MEN P. O. Keicher, Scout Executive F. S, Murphy, Salesman Dentisls Dr. M. Goeres Dr. S. J. Kloehn Dr. E. J. Ladner Dr. H. L. Playman Lawyers Judge Theodore Berg F. S. Bradford J. L. Johns F. Rooney Joseph Witmer Physicians and Surgeons Dr. Joseph L. Benton Drs. Bolton Sz Mielke Dr. E. H, Brooks Dr. G. W. Carlson Dr. W. J. Erawley Dr. William Keller O. D. Dr. Wm. Moore Dr. Carl Neidhold Dr. A. E. Rector Dr. J. S. Reeve Dr. C. E. Ryan REALTORS 82 INSURANCE DEALERS Baldwin Corporation George H. Beckley C. H. Huesemann Laabs 82 Shepherd New York Life Insurance Co., McGowan and Baker Smith-Packard Life Insurance Co. Daniel P. Steinberg Stevens 82 Lange "Ask" Wettengel Walthers State and Local Insurance Agency SCHOOLS Actual Business College Wilson Junior High School THEATRES Elite Theatre Fischer's Appleton Theatre Page one hundred thirty-five mwwfw M Tgwwwa JM

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