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ce C anon Annual u e X, II tl px eton g moo ua t lso t e e t 4 Ll-XZ-R-, I Appleton WICCONSID lzemg Vol rn 'v of 'me al Hi lm Sql l.3'mn l. lm ol-Q of li Class of rllw ruff- wo. 572 f. , Al l xii?-Yilfh X Y l l l XY Y',,,r ,A-r fig q, M Y 1 Alma mater IC 0111112 1 101 x 1 YK 11010 1110 Fox 110m Q1JW 111111uS 11111 Qcmo If ll 111011111n0r Xpp101on OI'l 1llQ11 1111 111u1 Q11111 1 IQ 1111 1 0111 ou1 1 1 111 1 0 UI X 'X 11 11111Q 1 1 1llLf 0 101 ox 011 111131 111ug1 Q Nc 11111111 11110111 11 1 18 1101 011110 to 110013 10u1 glormu 1 111311111 '10 1110 1110010 UIlfUf1CC1 111111111 L 1111 pill PQ 11110 gl KN PN 001111 1110111 111121113 1111 D0 H1011 110101 101 A11111 H1101 011101111111 X11111111111' Nz, 'dx , -3'-ffiljfflfffffff -"L 'Y , iff?" 1-132: . ' ,H iljglf-'. 'fig QEcf'E,'f'f i ' 4 L x A 'V.'1:'2l?'.-715fmlfigf if L '74 ff' "1 , :iff '31'1'F'gf1,r3,J- ' ' if :X ,f Fw: 3,!E-1 ., A Q "'-5,f'- . ' , , -, ,I. ,-Z7 jg ' lvzjg-Mg, G '-A fy- 3:0 "' ' 1 f f- '3 P I-" ' K1 fe. 'A f , W- P1 1, A454 4 jf 2-1! 7 jf 1- - Di 11111 1' ' k 01' A 'z110y. A11 :1'L1 . 1 1 "1 AS Q '151lCl't' 1110 1 '1. 1 . 111' 4. 'z 111112, F1 111111135 111, 11101 S11 0 111111 1 11111. F1111 ' K 110' 'A 1101. N1 11 '.1,,'a11S S 1 1 11011 Q 1 ' g 1 'r1d Sing 'A 115. 11 1 111' 1111 , I. . Y Y 'a ' s ' . . 1 '. qq r STUDENT S CREED I Belzeve ntl lwoul en eax7or ey7ery ay to prepare eac of my I1 t tlme eto myalty t l slwulcl 11tl'1 ullx in promptly meet 111 m cllool olalxgatlon fl-lwat l slwoulcl gl e my lmewrtmest support to all tlme c ool a t te lwetlwer tlmex be at etlc ocxal or otl1er-or rse matl lwould be loyal t my teic er ard r1en ly t all tlme stuclent at l slwoulcl 85006 all tlungs be a lnooster and not only refram rom m mg ault but str1y7e m ey7erQ ay to malce Appleton l'l1gl'1 qclwol the best on eartl1 94x '05, llf fyg 13, gpli' 5' 5 AQ' ing ,,4'zzgaQ:af C.: 1lt,5.,i?,.-l gfkkgkgli -1- 'alflifkfk "wb YI 'Q' Vx-A all ,f +-gi ' W , 30 ' . w f' . . li z ' C f f' dh' uf dd' f' . CTG Hou Wl1o led us m the xx aj o Latm pnzes W otaugl1ttl'1at Rornin LIFE lay lira lc language of the Romans Wlmose rxen s lp was oun e 111 alrness Whose frown was exer a smnle To you MISS Guxles We cledmcate tlus our Clanon Annual o the s., Ox CXlIXXf11Nll Zin jllilemuruam KFNNETH Bm ITRIL lx On February 22 1920 Kenneth Breltrlck one of the most promlsmg members of the class of Z2 dned leaung nn the heart of exeryone a word which has newer been filled , V' Y i W N .W ,Y -, , . , , . . , . . . , . . 1 V A V l V itll f-Iilemurnam The death of VlfglHla Pratt, on Vlay I 1922 brought a real gnef to Appleton Hlgh School Her YlV3Clty and sunny dlsposltlon had won her many frlends VIRGINIA CONSTANCE PRATT Miss CARRIE E. MORGAN Cuy Supermlendent of Schools PRINCIPAL LEE C. Rfxsm THE CLARION ANNUAL Facully ESTHLR ALSTIW In mrllr :nun LOL lsr BL LHOLI I Page I cn ORPHA BABCOCK 1111 xx 111 X ll ETHLL BLDD mm APPLETON HICH SCHOOL HARRx CAMhRov H lil ERMA CHRxsT1ANsow nm xx ltm 1 nl HI Faculty ETHE1. CARTER IA Illllfll .x CALLA A Gm LES luxnlun 1ulIv r lutm Pago Elfman X K i i 1 Uxhkuxh Nnrluzll ,Vu 1 I Tf'4lf1fIfr.11 ' lvIliYl'l'Sitf' nt' Wifm-mwlll full! r f XVI' ' 'I 'I' X1 l' :il fun!! f'f'1'111lI'n1'1, 1 V ' I- L RION ANNU Facully H: VII R HARP1 R Xm 1 x ku ws Hr RB? RT H HP LBLI 7 1 R 'TH Mm' N I APPLETOX HICH SCHOOL RLTH X1LKl Nmxx hmm VILLLLFR Facully RLTH VIIELM I MARION O NHL I4 V .1 . l'ylix:-wir-x' 'II' Wiw-fm-Ill f N7 ff llfffllf'1l1fr1Ifrr'.x, ,lyf,1w,' ,!l,f,,f, , l.:1xxl--lawFull--gl' ,,'lH'rl1'l, In - 5 ' . r nf l.:uxv.-11w- Null.-11' fl lflffrffff1'. Sulffmfw f Slffffrxf if Y I ' . . . . Vxuixw-1'Nirlv UI' NYiQ-vffmwilx I"nfff'fl fluff ffl:-flfbxff 'mf TI1' THE CLARION ANNUAL Faculty GERALDINE PLGH in HM MARGARET RITCHIE lfflllllllll RUTH SAECKER C I I 1 MINNE C QMITH I 11111 Page Fnurfrrn I VB 'A-' 7 ' 'W' 1 I I ' r 1 iq .f f ' f X , W ,A l12lXYl'l'lll'l' 'Hogs' fry l,:lwl'v114-1- fhllvgm- f- - Y Y 1 V --1 N C. l,:m'n-11m- 4' :llvgv ' w Hfnff 'Il-If IIIIII ffl: lIAN'l'.l1 V-2A rn i .7 l,IlN'l'1'll4'x' Vnllm-ggv 1- R11 APPLETOA HICH SCHOOL Faculty CATHERINE SPENCE ullf Illlll HALLIE TQRNER :lf DOROTHN VESTAL 1, nt 1 uw ul I1 ARTHUR K VINCENT sxnmq U1 :yauul lflllfflfl 1 rf Pagr P :firm 7 ------1---. 1 W NJ 1 1 4 5 H 31 1 St Inxtitutv ll Ig'wu1m1lnr'1'.w U v Hvlf 4'nlh'gLn' l'lay,w'4's um! 1'lff:m,dr.11, I.'mIiu l'luh F 77, Y . Ev f l , X X x, ' I Sf! "W Svll ml l'l1. lfffl 'rlfmff L:1'- '-Vll-gv P1 1' ' 'fm 11111 A lfrfif-.v fl CLARIOIN 4 x Facully B W XVLLLN IXIARION X OL Nc f czcuffu I I 1115. "ill ffff fl I 1 H '. lvrv',1 HIM Xxx ,YY gl Pngr' EfllItf!I'7l Februarq Come when the rams Haxe glazed the snow and clothed the trees wlth :ce Whlle the slant sun of February pours Into the bowers a Hood of lrght Approach' The mcrusted surface shall upbear thy teps And the broad arching portals of the grove Welcome thy entermg Look' the massy trunks Are cased ln the pure crystal each llglnt spray Noddlng and twlnkllng m the breath of heaven ls studded with lts trembling water drops That gllmmer wlth an amethystme lrght But round the parent stem the long low boughs Bend ln a glxttermg ring and arbors hide The glassy floor Wlllxam Cullen Bryant Q.-I A if '- f X-X fx. 4-1'-1 idx'-YQ, f ov 'M' O ry-1, I 'N O 43:1 bi' Q f' x .flue Jltque U.-llc-: F xrewell' me leawe you 'lSll1f' cl tx n rs hre nkmg A dal n mhlch promises 1 future bright X arxed but falr the pathxvns we ire taking Ton ard noble heights thelr XNll'ldlI12 ts Us mute Here were ue fitted for the trlxls of l e And as our days and llst of deeds ire lengthened Thr lI'all'l1DU xslll be helpful ln the strlfe Carrymg xslth u memory md token Of friendships Cheri hed deep Hllllltl the hent Thoughts of ldeil x hleh Vou lm ne mxcle md hroken Come to be hngered oser ns we pwrt Lenmg behind ue hope too wt our gomg Some deeds of whlch the school m xy proudly tell Somethlng besides our empty pl xces knowlng Ut ters xslll Hll ind lteep them all too x ell 5 X593 5 J L71 ,f -Q hs -2 - 'N' Q' fef2g'e N eff ei t a Nxxjgig, iz, :Sew-wwf k,4,Nw sl ' lllf N' f ,. 1? -' fl- ,,f':,g' iff-2-X Y, - ' 4 'K 3- qvlxi ,fs-f, M ,,.V5..'j'i-f'4- AY- ' . L'i' Q12 fl ,, i ,mx e 'KJV J X. wiv! X V-"V lt wg aj, f .1 Ulf . ,Lu 35, Kiel If v-y 4, 55 l -1 ll l 't, lf? lil' If fi l "J W , , . . , . , V Q , - 'iv 1 . A . ' . 1 I . 1 , EL Z . V ' . ' M ' ' , , 1 1 ' f ' 'lf RS: 7 . . '. . 'L 'V . v. I For future struggles, here our minds were strengthened. Fllrx . . ', Ok EQ' ' x ' 5 , V A , I ,. lla . , . , , Q35 1, O . 1 1 1 'V s 2 lm . i s I ' 2 ' , x Q s s' M 1 ' Q --2 45 tr t - . . . ll Ish 5 ' . A nut Jef' 1 ' 'f 'Ft L1 If' . . r V. l5J U . . .-l 'Qt til! l , ' . ' 4 v ful P 'l ' ' rll' QW. 'tj' ff xg 1 ffl ltr Wi' Qs .r 4. - -- 5 fha: " .sf-sw., ,- Fl - t esgz2ffLe.,f.5O- Y W 8 fs -Sf!"-r ffj s L3 Q54- ,1 I A v tl CI'o the Semors HF SPIRIT OF TOLTH IS ONE OF THI GREAT WHOLFSONIE INF LLENCES OF LIFE FOR ENTHUSIASVI AND LOT ALTX IT HAS NO PEER IT IS GENEROLS AND IOLERAINT AND AIVIBITIOLS ll IT HFLPS THE OLD WORLD TO ADVANCF FRONI XIAR TO H FAR IT CHFFRS WHEN THF TASK GROWS LONIC. AND XVEARISOIXIE IIS COINTACION CAIN KFLP THF OLD IIN X FARS THE XOLNG IIN LIFE QI HAIL TO IHEI WHOLI SOXIF SPIRIT OF NOLTH' WAX IHF CRABBI D NIXFR DRAC, IT DOVVNI BLT NIORI AIND NIORF LFT II FLOOD THE XVHOLI' XVORLD XVITH ITS JON LEE C RASEY T I I A T I ,' ' . I - - , ' . ,- . - . I, , . T , . , . , . , T A T A . . , . . - , . , V 4, ,- I 44 . I. , - , . , , . , , - . , - I , ' I I L I . 1 I V f APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS joHN ROACH JOHN ZUSSMAN ROSETTA SEGAL I reszdenl Vxce Presxdenl Secretary Senlor Class Hlsto The class was exceptionally large and ofcourse just as green as all freshman that enter Appleton Hugh The class electron resulted nn the followmg choice for officers Rrchard Nelson presldent Vlctor Hagen vrce presrdent and Frank ones secretary Gilbert Stevens later succeeded Victor Hagen who had resigned As IS usually the outcome of the class basketball tournament the freshmen took last place but three of the team were placed on the second all tournament team Several freshmen were subs on the school foot ball team In track the class made a poor showmg and we won but a few pomts m the meet The class gathered as much knowledge as IS posslble m the hrst year and resolved to do somethmg notrceable nn the remammg three In the sophomore electron ohn Roach was chosen presndent ohn O Leary vlce pres: dent and Rosetta Segal secretary The fellows gave l922 a good representation on the football team contrlbutlng Roach Havens Tappert and Brnese This year we fared lay 7 J . . . I. ' . : . . y . - . yn ' . . II. . J . 'J , ,.. - .- ' 6 '1L'e'u!y-nite' THE CLARION ANNUAL better in the basketball tournament securing second place No one of the class was a reg ular member of the school team but wart a year or two' The sophomores w ith the aid of Fleetfoot Purves Roach and Stevens w on the interclass track meet by a wide margin The class was beginning to show that it was a real one and thus two years of our history closes ln these two years under the guidance of the watchful teachers we managed to gain a few more helpful things to assist us in our next year s battle Th third year of the struggle was led by these class officers ohn Roach president Claire Ryan vice president and Alice Diderrich secretary Rosetta Segal was later elected as secretary because Alice left school on account of illness This year the class won second place in the basketball tournament losing the final game by one point On the foot ball squad Roach Havens Zussman Tappert Berro and Purves helped to win games for A H S ln the girl s basketball tournament the Juniors won first The state champion basketball team included several of our classmates Roach Laughlin and Brlese being on the squad ln track work we again cinched the school championship and Purves was one of the consistent point winners on the school track team The first umor Senior Banquet and the first umor Class play were sponsored by l922 and both events added to our laurels The umor Prom which had been discontinued for a number of years was re Mildred Butler ohn O Leary and Otis Welnkauf were on the staff The result of all these activities and good work was that the class succeeded in winning the school spirit cup which was heartily welcomed by all of us Three fourths of our high school life have now passed and the last year will increase our glory we hope Again ohn Roach is named president ohn Zussman elected vice president and faith ful Rosetta Segal given the job of secretary On the football field most of the men were semors with Purves Havens Kanouse Berro Roach and Zussman on the regular line up The basketball Jinx was still with us and we were not able to get first place but we tied for second place The girls again won first place in basketball The Auction was a huge success and a large sum was realized from it We had a good school basketball team which was almost all seniors Roach Laughlin Zussman Havens Kanouse and Gillespie were on the team The debate team had joe Hemzkill Rosetta Segal Mildred Butler with Ruth Hartsworm as alternate The banquet held in March was a fine way of hav mg the class show its pep Of course in these four years we were not angels and Mr Wells had to glare in classes occasionally but we also had many brilliant and well behaved scholars The Clarion staff included several seniors and many other school activities were directed by members of this class So when we leave this school about a hundred and twenty strong we can consider ourselves not only the largest but one of the best both in scholarship and school spirit Page 1 uruty tu 0 III. . I - . Y 1 . , I J ' ' Q J ' . . J . , . . . v - vived and was a decided success. Frank Jones was business manager of the Clarion and I - . 1 y J ' I ' . . . I . IV. . J r . ' . :J . 1 . . - APPLETON HICH SCHOOL Seruors KATHRYN ARNOLD Ulllllltllliil sour L Glas flnb 1 HAROLD BACHMANN 1 nun N f lar DAVID BENDER h tued hom St John s Nhlltary -Xgadenlv Sueme course Interclasw track P 4 flaw cheerleader J 4 Inter 1 ass lnuball 4 34 Clanou 5 H1 X FRED BENDT nual .nts Glumla l In 1 I baskc-tb'1ll l 4 'Z 4 faptaln I 4 H1 X btufleut mum 11 1 JOEL BENYAS Crmmuulal IUUISL Intelcli s bavball REBECCA BENYAS Xxtx pxqm IYOIX I age Tuuzty three I 1' - 51, ' - J -2-:sg G. A. A. 4. f'Ulll "Val l'0lll','l', " 'ion 4. un V -A 1 A vk, A ' ' . . v 0 '.' . 4 - 1 4 . Y -, , , . -- , ., -- . - , . . . Y . 'l . L-.-, ' - ., - .4-4. Ma ' ' .' - 1- u '12, 'lass Y , ,. - - v - - -- ' I-.J . . .. . , , -, ' 1 1. ' L-.' 1 Q., -. A-. 3-4. 4 . I. ., 4 .1 Y D Q THE CLARION ANNUAL 1111 71 ly ull YUNN HAROLD BERRO v mn 'nl ul 1 1 4 Ili 'i klilrl I lnhlullx ll mflnll DORIS BLAKE lllll 0ll0lllllN GFNEX A BLEUMILHEN N mm 1 1 40lllNl Stuun I 1 1 Ns p N 1 P 1 xx s f'li 1 'll 4 NN R v4 llwflmll MILDRED BODWAY llllll Ill llill it llh!"1lW 'INNINY Ill llTtlll'1NN Inst ri wladua nw f HARRY BOETTCHER mml 'llfi raw tml fliss r kmtlvllll 4 flaw I"lSLll'l ' MILDRED BUTLER Q mu 4 hmln 41 A N N! N n un Nbll 4 1 x running 'lx ln 1 rwml .-0 H'-Y za, -1 1 4, BIS ' :ll -1, Class 15 ' :I Zi-4. ' I-'1 . Ji-4. Hr - Ev Vx, G. A. A. 4. .'vi- -1- lurvlf1l':l1 wry - '.--, .' l- f vmnvil 2-Ii, Int -r-lux: la.-k-tlnll Z3-I5-4, Vznptzzin 4, llll'l'1'l2l.'.' h:1.'1-lnnll Sl-4, H1- filll Il, f'l. 'i an I1-4, l,l'1'.f' rlllln Il, :Allin vllll - U. .L .M l, Yin'-lr"." ' T-1. 4' A ' -- 0 cm -A-'nl - 1-.--, 1: f 2-4, 'l'ypvwriting award 4, G. A. A. 4, I .f-l.ll 39, C" T' ,. 541: Ma . . -A, l'l. '- 'li 2-3-4, Ins 1 . A2-JL , ' l..'- .ll L-I!-4. l'm11n1-rvizxl ' rw, I: -' gg 'l.s.' 21, Vluss lizuxka-tlnzlll Ii-4, 4'l:1.'.' Bzlxvlrall Il. l'lz 'ion Ii-4, Ext- I ': ry 4-onh-st JS- , D0- mn- 4, u. A. .L 4, '12, - ' . v: I 4, 1'l:nriun :nwnrfl 4,f'l:1ss l lay. A 'l'rn 1 1' APPLETON HICH SCHOOL IVIAURINE CAHAIL QOIIIIIIK 111-ll 10111 1 I'lltl 1111 funn L lltIl 9 6 Qumr Iona Ihgh N1 Imol l'xp1 Wfltlllg award 4 Gra1I111-1t1ng 111 V wan Honorable NIOIIUUII 111 S4 I1r1l'11sI11p MAXINE CAHAIL f0Illllll rm ml IUIIIN1 I- IIUIUI hom 11111 one Center, Iona gn bchuol I s111t111g award 4 A 4 1111111111 RUTH CARNCROSS lt!! I IL palatolw I0lllNl fIl'llllll'lIl, LIWIC IIN ostlgatlml 1o1111111ttu 4 IIUIIUI Ro WILLIAM CHUDACOFF ht-1 IIIIYIIHIUIX 'mal IOII ll LYMAN CLARK X 11111111 4114 lillllht LAURINE CROLL L0111111c-11111 mmnsm, stllfltllf mumxl A K 4 TSIJLWIIYIIILZ' 1111111 4., Hmmx Roll 1 Page Tu enty file 1 1 . j . g . r1 '1 -. ': 51, ' A' -- . . V ' , 3 2 .. , .Lv - L. ' 1. -,I I j 11" 1 3.1, 1 '. 1- 1. ' f ", Iii I " Z, 'l'ypu- ' " , G. A. 1 . 1 2 ing MQ years, HIlll4lI'ilIlIi' 1114-11tio11 S1'IlUIfll'SIlIIl. A.. 1.1! . .'. , .'.,' -g'. C - . ll. 'N 1 1 '1 "- 1 ' 1 ' 111 -rviul. 1 -L 1 - 1. ' " -J: . 1 R' 1 . 1' gg. G.1.1., .'.' ' , THE CLARION ANNUAL Page Tucnly .na ROBERT W CURRIE 11111110 Ir1p'1rat1nx 1011rs1 fhs-1 tra1k ra1k ' i I11t1r1la-as Bawoha 4 Int1r1lass Bqskethflll ' faptam Ihgh 511111111 fir1 sq11"11l 4 Football i MAR JORIE DAVIS 111111111 111'1l 11111151 1 ll 11111 4 l11b11p1r1tt'1 ' N 1111l1111ll1 ll'1r1o11 4 flux Il'1x G1al111t1111, Ill 51,4 ua -1 ALICE D1DERR1cH r s Pr1p'11a!11rw, flarmn 5 VN llllltl' of Good Pnghsh P05111 l0llflSt ' X111 111 t11r1'n1 GWENDOLYN DITTMER Arts Preparatorw Xaudeulle 7 Gladu 'lflllg 1n '31 wears MARION DONNELLY Arts Prepamtors 10111-11A Ba-aketball I HOWARD EBERHARDT 11u'1l Arts 11111rs1 R 111 C111 1111 palnr 1111 1111111 4 N 1 gs. 1 ,C ... ,,' vb., , I-ZZ-31, T - L-Z, - - .' . I ll 2-21- . ' ' .S 1 Z., ' 1 .- . :-:- , I. 1' - 1, VIH club I-2-Zi, ' ..lL, 'I V' .gv-1' 2-21, I'r1-s11l1f11t Glvv Vlub 24, Hydv 1-ontvst . , 1 . . . , , , .sr ..', '11 r . J'-1.. A ts 1 . ' l' ' ' 3, " 1 ' I .- Q 1' 1 L, '. -1 -- .A '1 .'v V 'u Ls ' ' 1 ., 2 D' , Ma . 1 .' - .--, :1.l' l I 4, l"".- ' '. ' . APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL RosEl.LA EGCERT Home Economncs Interclas Bawket hall 54 Interclass Baseball 6 N audeulle 5 Stvle Shon l G 4. 5. 4 EVA ENGEL Communal course PERCY ENGLER Entered from Dupont H S Nlqnmn 4 Alternate Hag bearer 4 Scxence In paratory course Honorable xI8Iltl0ll1ll Scholarshlp LORAINE FALK Arts Preparatorv course, ee Chu 1 HAROLD FINGER Commerclal course, H1 X 4 contest 4 Typewrltmg award 4 xtempore ANNA FRAHM General course, Glee Club 9, Stale Show , G A 4 Page Twenty seuen X , 7 l '.-, .r SSY A I ' ' ' 1 ' r ' Of ' . - - , , , . . . . . . 4 ' ' . J., . 1 " , XVIS., 2, Orchestra 4, Hi-Y 4, Radio Ulub . ' J ,- . , , . ' GI ' l - 2-3. . 1 . .. Y , E , . 2 . A. . . . ' ' THE CLARION ANNUAL Page Tufnty czght RAMONA GEHIN Summa Preparatorx, Student councll 7 G A X 4 01311011-1 FLORENCE G1BBoNs Cfblllllllfflfil nourw, Eutexcd from Rudsullt H S P Bam:-hall 3 G A A 4 Honmahlo xIlllfl0ll 111 Scholawhlp GLADYS GILLESPIE Home E1 onomu Q STANLEY C-ILLESPIE Intmulasb Basketball 7 54 Basketbfnll 4 Stmluxt ltrllllill 5 LAURA GILMAN tmmmlual mount, TWpLN!'ltlll award 4 B1-uktthall 4, G A A 4 EMELIA GRUENKE Holm F1 mmnm -1 1. 4 v ' t N . n 'I V x 4. A b ' "V: ', .J.2.: . 5, .. . . y ' A l 'L 1 4 ' 3 Manual Arts IIlfl'l'l'l2lSS Baseball 2-3-4 Y 7 ,., A, L.. , , r, I , Q x . .' 3 . Y xla' 1 l'x .V X ' l ' g ' , :. - . A . . . . I Aa l A.. APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL MARIE GRUENKE Hmm I'l0ll0lllli JOSEPH CONRAD HANTSCH ELL nw Basmlrall l S4 lm s kmtlmll 1 4 RUTH HARTSWORM f mmm rc 1al course Glu- fluh l Otta 4 mlvlte altunatm 4 L X REED HAVENS uk D rutm l S4 Pllil football l V S4 Claw Baskctlvlll l ' Baskotabll 4 flaws Tmck 7 1 4 Tl uk 4 H15 7 5 Treawurer I, ilattmxlll-lull pore oontut 4 I-lfxg kupu 4 Stmhnt 1 mml 4 Iusu t N nu'1l htsmuur L Xltunfntc Nllllllfllll xlllllll mrxvln 1 mn X U JOSEPH HEINZKILL Scrum IIOIVIIZHOIS Extmmpnu mmm t 'I 4 Debate 4 Tlmrl plflu l mu tcmporv l0llt0Nt DOROTHY HERRMANN 1 UllllllLlil'll course, TWp0lXlltlllg, ll l Page Tu. only nlne ' l . 3. Cl: -2-2 - , C ' :s Has- ! I. ' 4 T 1 V '.: , f ' -22,O1u-r- L,D-. -' ',l.i.A.4. Ba i 4- ' -2-I - , '-.iv 4-nt Z!-4. ' .g.: . , ' ,f - . -E-rs-4, Q , ' L..-, -2- .1- ' ' - ' ' 1. ' . . . ' ,' - --. , , . A , . , I shleld 2, Press Club 3, f'lar1011 35, lixtvnn- lt- , ' I lm .- V L' . 'Ol ' , len 4, "A " f'lul1 4. .Ia . A sg, -C: 1 an, X " -' of Am- V. ll 'gg' . I - lal. .' 4 . 1 7 - K - -'vy 1 - . I .S - - , , ' . " A 'wllvv Hx- ' ,,,'l , b. '. ..' ' ,. aw: ,I 4. l THE CLARION ANNUAL Iam 11111111 RALPH Hou Science Preparatory course, Entered from Hortonville H. S. 2, Orchestra 4. MYRTLE HOYT Pntorcd from We-et Ulm H 5 GENEVIEVI-1 HYDE hte Prvparatory, Llbrarx Esrmzn INGENTHRON lommcrual monr 1 FERN INGERSOL Home Fconomns Fntcrowl fro: lrn nnnood H 6 0 FRANK joNEs Art- Przparatorw courwm Nu 'Frca-urlr t 4 Uarlon anarfl 4 Iru flnl ll.-Q as i X Honor Ro hr 1 mug, mn 'ill warw I . 1 '. . '. 4. ' I u. 4 sl. . "S, , n B' - I- , lxg... L' . I, Clarion 2-Ii-4, Business Manager 3, Ecli- ur , ' l ' , ' 'fs ' r 2-Zi, ' z Pl .- 2, Hi- ' Ji, ll, ' a lua I I ' ' - g U' .. N P ' ' ' . Comm:-tual course flaw Baseball 3 Twpowrltlng award Gold NIOrlal auard 4 lontlrall 4 Baskctlvall 4 f0lll!lliI'f'l3l murso Typonrltlng, award 1 Xltornatc' Hag kupvr 4 Salutatorlan ommmual conrsm lfnhrul flom Anti 3,1 H S 1 1 l'wpuu1tn1gnv1r4 4 CATHERINE LANGILLE 1 mnmormml nourso Pntm rn d from Pull ull S APPLETON HICH SCHOOL JACK KANOUSE LUCILE KLINKO FRED KRONKE 0lllllli'l'1 lal l Ullrkl MABEL KUETHER LE Rov LAHMAN Page Tlurty one ' E, . A- , . A . . l ' ' 5 l l Q - 'P - . 1 .., A , 1 . , , . . ' , ' , . . ' ' , . ' 1 . Q in . ' , . , s 1 . f' .' u 'vm' I'onnm-rvial 1-onrsv. U . 9, j . . - A '. 'r . .1,H'-Y2S,'.'-"" Z1 l . 'v ,'. . l, V I , , . ,,. - . nj. 4. l l l l THE CLARION ANNUAL I ugz llmty iuo LEE LAUGHLIN Nlanual Ante Entered from Traer, wx 7 ilu'-E Baseball 7 44, Class Basket lmll 7 4 flaw Baekmtball coach 4, Class k 1 cl lf-1 LLOYD LEARNED mum 111.11 mourn Tspeu Flflllfb award ERNA LEMKE ANDREW LEITHEN fflllllllllllil touue, Football 4 V llul:-1 flass 3 LAWRENCE LYoNs - 'npalatoly mourse, Entered from nu I lun Normal model school 5 MIRIAM LYoNs l tlltl al mount Prwe Fugh-ah poster l llqs Blsmlnlll l Claws Bailtefllall 4 lf lcllu l llllr 4 l l , . l 'l ,J 3 - ' ., Io- . . . H , . . 1 . .., . . . . ..-. - - . . . , I , . ..-., , .. . Trac ZZ-354, H'-Y Il, "A" ' u . gy . A-., X , . 4. Homo Et'0ll0lllll'N, Style Show 1. v ,.,'K . .. rc! 1 ' v ' , T Pla '. Art: l '- ' ' ' .' ' E: ':"' -' ' ' 2. sf -1 - -.'-, ', , '. , '..'s z." Z, ' . , 1 l ' D , " 'n - n APPLETON HICH SCHOOL LA VAHN MAESCH Commerclal and Scxence courses, Bank rhrector 2 34 X109 presldent 3 Book keeper 3 4 Class Plav 34 Treasurer 4 Typewrxtlng award 3, Gold Nledal 4 Craftsmanshlp shleld 3 Orchestra 4 ternate X aledlctorxan ALICE MANLEY fommcrclal course MARION MATZ Arts Preparatorv course, G LORETTA MAURER Commerolal course, Glee C lub WILLIAM MEYER Nianual Xrts H13 ' LI: Rox' MORNEAU Arts I rc parators raduatlug 7 Page Tllll fy thru' . w - , .. . . . v E Q . 'I J . ' ' u I - ' 1 ' A Q . v . 1 ., , Al- , . in 315 years. ' ' , 7 L-sz, G. A. A. 4. . A '- ' L-4. A L I I vu THE CLARION ANNUAL Pug: Ilmluf an GENEVIEVE MURPHY Home Fvonomics Louis NABBEFELD RICHARD NELSON Prosnlmnt l Rc-fl Kruse montut sunner 1 Fxtemporf. contest ' 4 4 Hyde contest 4 Oratorlcal contest 4 H1gh Sahool bank 1 7 '3 4 Cashier 3 X we pre-ndent 4 Tlnrd :lame lawrence Oratornal content THERON NEMACHECK Nfanual Arts course, H1 Y 4 Class Pla? EDWIN O CoNNoR mence Preparatorv CUUISB JOHN O LEARY 1 G Xnvpruulcnt ' Claw Basmball rox- I lnlp ' i N1l'0pl'tSl1llllf l Exton: porn contest 34 Claw llm 54 0llll'l0ll 4 qtualm nt counul 4 . . , ' 1 . 1' , 7 1 i. Q' . , - . , J x I : -'I ' Y .iv In . l 7 ' 9 "" ' 1 1 - 1 I ' , " ' - . . - A -' v .V 4. . S ' ' '. . . Sc-iam-0 Preparatory, Class yell leader -I, ' - ' 1: L, - 2, .. 1 I ' " -' I ' . P .. ..-. , - -. . , , , . - - . D . - I ' . . , I .. D . , ::- , t 1 ' . f H " 11 ' APPLETON HICH SCHOOL LEON PALMER N 11111 Irqrlratms 111111 1 Fkflllllillll ITLNI 4 ss lu IIO11111 Roll IRENE PARSONS 1111111111 11 1'1l 111111-11 DOROTHY A PETERSON N II PZIIHUIW I qw IN IINIII 1O11t1st 4 PYILIIIPOIQ 11111tut ' I Lt I IIIP " JIOQ flulu 0pf'IOIfd ' 3111 n11Nt11 Ns as-1 1"LNkltIJ3II 9 1311111110 1 'INN EUGENE L PIERCE 1111111 X1tN111111s1 ARNOLD Pum IS 11111 IP 'ITITUIX 111111-1 I-1 1111 Jlll IBIYIIII II 11 I NS I S I 1 I K 1 1111111 N FRANCIS RICHARDSON r R I0 Vll'lf0IW ll4I f 111111111 lt ml 1O111Qos Page Tharty file ,-,.i. .. 1.1 . 4' . -. 1'1v1 , f'I:1.'.' Basdall 4, 1':1ptz1i11 4. A1-ts I"-1 ' t 'Vg 'I. I'l:.' Il, Y' - . 1.1 y 1. 1 - . ,-- :H Hn '1 ..-SS, C' 1 ' ' - L, '- 35, Cl I. .' - L, . -' ,, fl. I-2, Y:1111l1-ville 2, G. A. A. 4. M1 . . - - -. ' Sci- H I"p1 1 ' I1t-'-I frr - ' . S. 2, F11 tlmll Ji-4, Ii-Y Z!-4, I'1'1-:.' I'luI 14, .'t11I1-nt 11111111 -i 4, 'l'1':11'k 2-2:-4, E.f1l111I111'1- ' -st 4. A ts P' 1. '. a ,' THE CLARION ANNUAL 141111 Ilnrly sn WILLIAM RICKER 31111031 Arts course. JOHN ROACH l'11tIruI from bt Norlu rt s follegt' 2 lusl IN lI1t '44 I'ootlI'1Il'i4 p tllll 4 I III-s Bw-kmthall 0 Ba-kmthall 3 4 X Stfm Gum! i Kl'1-as Bm-hall 9 34 tam lurk 5 l11fIrIl'1w fra 9 mt'11I1 Club 4 'Iroawurer -. 3 Ihgh pomt 1111111Ir tra ERMA ROHL 0111111411131 Ioursn GERTRUDL ROHM Home I'l0ll0Ill1lQ JosEPH ROTH xl'lllll3l Tfilllllllg Ioulsm CLAIRE RYAN Arts l'11p'Ir'1tI1Iy Io11r'-0 bt114lI11t 001111 l 4 Tl0'lNllI'Cl 4 Plus I lub I Tro r lhss Bukothall 44 H I N I L 'I-.N I ax 11s XIII r I NN Nl II111t '- lilwllxlll 4' 'll".'il 'I Z.-I -. ,A ' . LL-I - , Ca fllly. '1:A2, '...', I. ..-I-, Cup ' 2, "1 - 2, 1 '. vk ..-3'4, VIII .' 2, "A" ' , ' . 4, l'l:lS.' Play I-4, ' ' " ' Uk Ii-4. I' g-.' . ..,. Ifil - h, '..' 5' I, 2-fl as- llrl' li, '..'.' :.' 2-Z - , cfs: -011- fm-it Ii, VI. 'l 5' Ii-4, 'LIS "'1-pI-si- Ilvlt Ii, YI-Il Mistru-.'.' 4, I-'lag I'1li.' -r 4, G. A. A. 4, I'l'4'Sill1'Ilt 4, IlyIlI- - I-st 4, :.' ' 1 3-4. I " ' APPLETO GEORGINA SCHAEFER Commerual courwe DoRoTHY SCHENCK DONALD SCHLAFKE Manual Arts course KARL SCHMIDT Nlanual Trauung nomsc HERMAN A ScHNn'zKEwrrz Nianual Arts course, joHN SCHUELER Nlanual Trammg course N HICH SCHOOL Page Fhuty .sf zen I f - , FU THE CLARION ANNUAL Page Thlrly nah! ROSETTA SEGAL Xrts Plc-p'1rators Student councxl 1 fl'I'-Q Qurctan 714 CraftsIuanQh1p Imlfl Nr-4111141 1311 ' fl3l'l0ll 1 Hsu LUlltl'Nt 4 Dmlmtc 4 Extunporm contest 4 KHIIN Blkkcthfll 44 lllkllllla rx lh 1' SYDNEY SHANNON 4 lOl EDITH SMALL Iiuknthxll A 4 c'iIlt'l1ll 7 X011 xI1Ntl0SN Cla -I Blwball 4 GIafhI1t1II 111 V Yl'llN EDITH SMITH -Mtg I upaxatory vomxo Baeketball Basdnll Glll s. hack mont 3 A EsTH1-:R SMITH IIOIIIL 1'l0l1OlllllN, Fllfmml fmm A HELEN SN1IJI I1 0 lllllll1l'Il ll I I 4 T4 ' 1 lr, l , LI- L-:-, ' .- . s'- Il'-L, ' ' I, 'lf . Q. , 1 K . , - . . A. , Illf"'ZS.' If 1 .l I-. "1 101' vol Is 4, NViIIII1-I', Stzlivz G. .L A. 4. , l'uIIIIII'I'vial - ll'S0. - ...fx I'IIIt1-11-cl fI'oI1I Oshkosh H. S. 2, Flass 1:1 1 L-I5-, '. .' L, ' 2-ii, ,'- 1'g':1, . . . J., . .. . . ' . , . JS, Nz 3, "' " ' -,G.-. . A. 4. ' I I' . ' ' Dc Vvru H. S. 2, G. . . A. 4. if I "". '!Ill'St'. I I I I O I APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL LILLIAN SORENSON Commerclal courae Class Baseball Class Basketball 4 Ts pow rltlng award 4 IRENE SPRISTER f0lllllI0l'1 nal courfec, TVlTl"1ll'ltlllg award GERTRUDE STEIR Xrts lourse, Pxtunpou finals thml plam SYLVERIUS STINGLE Sfllllii' Preparatory murse Class ymll loader 0 Yell leader i flaws Track 7 l1a1k i4 fontvnslvr lll Bmloxt and Nldlll sun tl uk muts " MARION STROEBE krts Pr1p'1r'1t0rV MILFORD TAYLOR Nlanual Xrts mourn l age Thuty num 1 ' ' , fr R , . . -1, , . . r ' ' w .. , ' . , . I. . ' , ' . 7 .v .1. 1 . x .' ' .' J ' " . .', - . ' -- 'l . , .. - v s -1 , x .v . . . -, ., .. ...4, "- . ' ' ' . ' 1 ' .-, . - .' ':' Hx-. I . ' C I D A 1 ,' ' 'H , l 1 '. ' :nfl THE CLARION ANNUAL ALBERT TIMME Arts I reparatory course H1 X 3 4 Pre'-:dent 4 Radm Club 4 JESS ToLLEFsoN Nlanual krt-s tourse, flass Basketball 0 'l 4 Class Baseball 7 3 4 VALERIA To1.LEFsoN Homm Etonomus REIAIIO Club 4 bnadu 'ltmg m 'EV years FLORENCE TORREY Arts Preparatory, Glee Club 1 9 J Glw 0 track 2, Clarron 3, G 4. A 4 Tvpevsrlt mg award 3 CAROLA TRITTIN Commelcxal course, Glee Club 2 Class Baseball 3 Honor Roll Graduatmg rn 314 wears Lois TRossEN btunme Preparatorv tourse, Entered from Blrnamwood H S 0 flass Basket ball 9 3 4 Captain l Class Baseball 34 Yell Nhstress 4 Cla-as vell Xhstress 'K 4 . J . . , ', ' L, . , . , . 4 ' ' lv..-. - , ,- - L' - . . . I l . ' qv . H 1 V ' ' 1 Q 2 , .,,. . A . . .iv -L-', 5 Club operetta -, Class Basketball 2, Class I 1 n Q A 4 y ' q ' ' . 1 . ,- x r ' 'Q' I I A Y 1 A1 ' ' - 1 ' . . ..., . . ' . . . , . Y "' .' 9 ' 7 ' ' ' r ' . , .. ' . 1 ' . K '11 'fx C0l'.lII18TClRl course Twpessrmng :wand 4 APPLETON HICH SCHOOL FRANK VANDERHEIDEN Lommerclal course Radlo llub 4 ls lt urltmg award 4 EMMETT VERBRICK Comme-rual course flaws Baskntl, 'l rack 4 MARGARET WADSWORTH Ons WEINKAUF General course, Class Basketba Class Baseball 2 3 Extempore context 0 Clanon 3 4 Press Club 3 IRMA WEISSGERBER Commercxal course Typewrmng awvnd HELEN WINTER Page Forty one .,l . Y . Y, Y ,.',I L ' " ' . , ' - :1ll4, Arts Preparatory, Glec Club fl. , ' .' ll 1-3, ' . . E , V D X ' , v I ' vl 1 4. ' , 'v v ' ' . 1 THE CLARION ANNUAL Page Forty tuo VERNDINE WOLFGRAM lommorual course RALPH ZACHOW lllllhfllfll Axts llabs huk 7 LAFAYETTE Z1-:H Ulllllll 'htw and ionnmrmdl L0lllNlN B1 kmtlmll 94 l-uotball 'E 4 JOHN ZUSSMAN dillt 4 54 llub, Smut-tary 4 'Flack Vu 1 group track 7 Class Bzwkeflull 9 S filltillll Chws Bawvhall I ' A , . I .- . '.-, ' -1- Lax. . : : i ' K " ' As, as f ' 2 Y , ' . - . Student l'0nn0il 243, Class Yive'pl'vsi- 5 IK 'V W , . V . . 0 Y A 1 'I 'fglt ' ' L, ' . ' L-:. '. ' zz, s -L-3-4. APPLETON HICH SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS MERRIL SCHEIL ROYAL LA Ross WILMA C THIFDE Preszdcnl Vzce Prcszdcnl Secretary llI'tlOI' Class The Juniors played a brg part rn all the school actrvxtres this year On the football held we were represented by Brrese Tappert Bonlnl Stark unge Verstegen Ashman and Moms thus contrlbutmg greatly to the success of the team In basketball we won hr t and M lls upheld the honor of the class In the grrl s basketaball tournament we won sec ond place berng defeated by the Senrors after a hard game The annual unror Class play was one of the finest class plays ever produced rn A H S and was a huge success financrally and otherwise The unror Prom was exceptionally hne and we hope the junior Senror banquet will turn out as well Wrth the splendrd sprrrt our class has shown this year we hope for strll greater achreve ments next year Page F rty three ' , ' ' . s place in the interclass tournament, and on the regular school team Captain Briese, Ashman, U . THE CLARION ANNUAL CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD NELLER MARIE VOECKS MARY THOM Presrdenl Vrce Preszdenl Secretary Sop omore Class The closmg of thrs semester has marked the end of a very successful year for the class of l924 We have been one of the leaders rn all school actlvltles and our class has been a credrt to the school The football team was well supported by the Sophs Though Gerou was the only member of the regular eleven many of the class came out and helped to make the team the success that rt was We were hed for second place nn the lnterclass Basketball Tournament havrng won from the frosh and lost to the Juniors and semors The gurls team fared better They lost to the semors rn an overtrme game We contrxbuted Hornbeck to the regular school team whale several others came out to practice Our track prospects are brrght for we have lots of good maternal Our class has been hugh rn scholarship and we have been well represented on the honor roll We have made a good try for the school spmt cup but want trl we are Juniors Though we have just fmlshecl a very successful year we expect to have a far better one next year Paar 1' orty four w v 1 n v .. . ., . n o .. .,. .. ' 1 v ,-, APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS EVELYN LONG GLADYS RABEHL RICHARD TUTTRUP Pre :dent Vrce President Secretary Freshman Class Our class of 25 with an enrollment of 329 rs the largest that has ever entered the school Not much can be expected of the Freshman Class but we have done a few thmgs of whrch we may be proud We had our party early ln the school year and we belxeve everyone that was there wrll agree that our celebratron of Hallowe n was a great success Several members of the class of 25 trred athletrcs and Vlctor Kamps made the foot ball team and won an A We had good luck ln basketball and beat the Seniors Irene Kotz and Ethel Radtke two freshman carrred off the prizes offered by the semor class for the best posters advertrsmg the Semor Auctron There ns always a large attendance at the class meetlngs and though we didn t sell as many d hate tickets as the other classes, we made qurte a showmg at the debates The freshmen kept up thelr bank pledges better than any other class We have shown the school that we can cheer m the assembly and what can be done by the Freshman Class We anxiously await next year when we hope to show the A H S that we have become acquamted and are ready to do great thmgs Page Forty fine S , . . , 1 Q . v - n , . . . , - as n - . ' u . . . , , .P . , v I-C 41 'ANNU EALENDAH IX, '5 L September Grand entry of the mne hundred Student Counctl electron Wausau defeated 21 7 Clarlon stunt for subscrtpttons October A uctory over lVlenommee' I4 0 Flrst tssue of the Clarron Antlgo gtves us a setback I9 0 Lau rence Lrghtwelghts defeated 3 0 No school Teachers Comentxon Vlfest Green Bay beaten 23 0 Hlgh School orchestra s hrst appearance Appleton mms from Vlfaupun DD 7 Nosember Kaukauna game and football banquet Oshkosh game a txe Rewenge on East Green Bay I6 6 Semor Auction Beatrxce 'Nebraska game December I Thelr Tomorrow s the Bow Scout beneht play grxen bs Rotrry Club I 3 C11 s basketball tournament starts 73 Second Student Council dlnce X xc ltlon anuary I 7 Ba ketb 111 tlcket 0 d THQ IL4 QIOA 'ff AL , - I - :YL I. ai I 3, wha t al fu , V X 0 fl !! V 'K X 7 ' . I6 A ' . 20 Football tickets sold. 23 - . 26 A - ' ' I. I 'I ' . - . 3 ' ' ' . 8 ' ' - . I7 ' ' ' ' - . ZI . ' ' 4 . 22 . - . 27 ' ' 4 . 29 f N H . W 5 . I I ' . I9 ' X . ' - . 23 ' ' . 24 ' I , I I 'n . J .. V , . ... S I A S S I . Page f"ur'Iy .' 1qP1JTUi1' X JI IN UHF ' ' ll!! The hr t mme NN on from Fond du ac Demegter exam N1an1to1s oc 1oQes to S Team 10 e to Two xer 11 0 hkoeh 'Normal Seconds vet 1 1IlINIT1ll'1 'Ncen1111C1o11ned 71 7 p cton loie to ffndx X 11ncO1n 13111116135 progrun VR c 1s1n the hr t c1e111te We defc xt Neenah 1g,111n II 9 xsnnuton JlI111C1lN 1nc1 t1 JI Qtf1111 1 1 1u111111e U111us11 79 X JM. I1 9 Another uctorw ox er Nlamtoxs oc 29 Z3 umor p1ay tunt Vffhxt 1-'IIDIJGHGC1 to one 1 1s11 tou1n1ment IIIL1 t11 1 t 5en1c11 1JdI'lqUC1 1111111 c1e11 ltl mon 115 Applcton Sprmc, 1 1C 1t1on S 11 c111mp1onS111p c1c111te Xpp1eton xx n econc IJ 1 UINOI I' TOITI 11to11c 111 c ec1 1111 1to1w Conte-Qt 1 t c 11 1 X nu1111e1d C111 11e1c1 t one p 11 umor Sen1o1 puts Commencement C1lQh AH ICQ U1 PD 6'IOIClwJX 111019111111 .All 111.12 10.11 ,llcill .N C ol I3 S ,' ' L1 . 18 A - . 20 . ' ' , A. 1-1. . 37-22. 21 ss 'Riie F-1-1. 28 H 11' ' .5 1 7 'gff-H. . Z Y 5 ' ' - --. I0 A1112 cs '11 gl'-IZ. I3 -A 15 A ' 1 . I7 'A S 1 . 18 1 AE .1 ' 11" - . .fl XXKIE i1' K1 11" 1,'1 11' 1 tg .. 1' . 1.111 c111yxf111e t 25 W11 s 1: ..'-1 -. Z8 H11 ' 11-f1IJ1ffU with 111c111 st111's. . 1111611 3 " I' ' . ' ' - '. 6 J ' 'S . ll 'A 1 1 1 -1 1 3 Second c1e1111te 11w111'c1ec1 to .eXpp1etc1n. 111 U51 111: ' 1 1 P 11 : 11pp1'111'1111c1' of 11ll' 1111s111t11111 I1 1111 I7 St. 1'11t1'1c1Q's c111y. 23 1 ' ' ' . 31 H ' 1 I ' ' I . A1 171 3 .1 3 41 '1 1 ' . l'3.'1111 1 ' .1 H1 , 1 119 1 111c' ll 1 ' ' J . X11-' 1 O1 -'11l1 c1 1 1 1 ., 111' 1111 1'.'t1ct. I9 n 1 K 17' 11 1 ill". 20 1 ' -. ' ' 1 29 1 . Sl X19 D1 1 1 1-N1.'li L1 KI s 11 ' 1157 I1LlY'. Z 1'ix1t 111111111 --H1115 1 rv." TH! CIARION ANNUAL Calendar for Aprl Saturday Aprl IJ Frnal debate between Brrllron Rryer Falls and A H S Vve o econd place rn the tate clrampron hrp Nlonday Aprrl I I Frr t announcement of Prom 'Vluch haste rn securrng dates Of course Lors and Bob drdn t lr rye to worry about that T ue day Aprrl I8 lin t tryouts for Class Play Mrcc and Men Prelrmrnary ex tempore contest Vlfednesday X1 rl I9 If thrs sprrng weather contrnues Ill just naturally pass away Thursday Aprrl 70 I xtempore bpeakrng contest prelrmrnarres held agarn Can you see Puryes upholdrng and defendrng ya113 l rrday Aprrl 7l Xlr R asey presents seyeral of hrs readrngs It certarnly was an en royable a sernbly perrod Saturday Aprrl Z7 The brg exent of the year the unror Prom Those present rn unrson Some sw ell party Monday Aprrl 73 Xlake your plans now for what studres you are gorng to take or take oyer next year Tuesday Aprrl 7-I Nlr Helble s musrcrans grye the school another concert Wednesday Aprrl 73 Nlrss Chambers from the Conservatory reads several selectrons Thursday Aprrl 26 I rograrn for commemmoratron of Grant s brrthday Last ap pearance ofthe orchestra for thrs year Frrday Aprrl 71 lqrnal extempore contest won by oseph Hernzlcrll Saturday Atprrl 78 Senrors defeat unror baseball team Zl to 6 That sort of eyens up matters somewhat Vlonday Nlay I No we dont know how many 'Way baskets were sent Debate awards gryen by Xlr Helble The report cards for thrrd quarter rssued Tuesday Nlay 7 Clarron Annual stunt Best rn vears . I - ' , ' . . . gt s I 5 S ' . rf cj, . S Q . . . . . L 2 4 ' ' . . 1 - 1- .. - ., . , S t ', . S ' . , . - . 1 ', f Jr . . . ' , ,. . t ', ' ... , L' ' . f 'A ' , ' .. . . '. L. : ' . - fs ' A . 1 ' L ', ' ... M ' - -I . - .. .. , e Q . -I Y Y I I t , .. . . 4 , , . ', ' .. . A c ' . . . , . . , J . , , . . Y ' ' A I A ' . - . . J . . . , r v rl . ' , V r , . . . , . . - .. . H ., 4 ', . 1. ' ... c ' . ' . l'ngt 1'ffr'Vtfv1jllr' APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL Lf Honor IQQI 22 The cla s produced an average honor roll thls year It consists of the ten who rank highest ln scholarshlp the hrst four being vallcllctory salutatory alternate valldlctory and alternate salutatory respectively Other years the office has been crntlclzecl for neglecting to lnclude rn this llst those ms ho entered from other schools and completed a good cholastlc record here Reallzmg the Justice of tlns crltlclsm they have made a separate lust this tnme m which the four years average and the previous average of students worthy of mentlon are Included Allce Dlderrlch 94 29 Valedlctorlan Lucille Klmko 93 25 Salutatorlan Here Four years l..aVahn lVlaesch Reed Havens Laurlne Croll Leon Palmer Rosetta Segal Carola Trlttm Ruth Carncross Maurlne Cahaxl Percy Engler 'Vlaxme Caharl Florence Glbbons 92 62 Alternate Valedlctorlan 92 56 Alternate Salutatorlan 92 21 90 83 90 35 90 34 90 Z9 Honorable Mentlon 93 OZ 91 86 9008 91 33 94 01 92 99 90 76 91 56 Pug F rfy "A i ,I I V. 1 . 1 , 1 . , . ' ,fl 1. - 1 . - L'..,.i' ' s ' . ' . , . . Frank Jones ......,.........,...........,.................. 91.58 p fl . THE CLARION ANNUAL l ...X 1-...V e Cra tsmanshlp Shleld Each year 1n Appleton Hlgh School there IS made an an ard to the student as ho has been partlcularly successful rn hr year s work Thrs IS a bronze and silver shield xxhlch becomes the permanent property of the ulnner The decrslon IS based upon the oprnlons of thelr attltude toward seruce to the school and thelr partlexpatxon rn extra curriculum actm les Those who are ranked eeond thud and fourth xre gwen lrterary A s Tlns year on account of a tle As were ns xrded to Cul Fngler 24 Reed Haxens Z7 Alden Behnke 73 and lone Krerss 74 For hrs remarkable standings rn all hrs studles the hne splrrt mamfested throughout the year and has excellent work for the hank the Crafts manshlp Shield has been gn en to Frank Hoppe 74 I a J I, ' h I. ll tl l l V ., e' 1 . w iv ' 4 - af l""'f , . A 'Ai lf? f 1 the faculty concerning the students who have excelled in scholarship, the spirit of work, tt . ' a " s , " Q 1 Q' ' 4 ' ' . l. , 'av f'.'... , I.. , lu, '.., . l c . 1 I . l c I l , ' ' 1 , 1 ' ' ' . - ,' 14 flfljl APPLETON HICH SCHOOL fl-he Ornstem Thlede Contest During the Furs! three quarters of the second semester prrzes for the purpose of pro motlng scholarship ln school were offered by Mr Ornstein and Mr Thlede A prlze of thlrty dollars value for the grrl making the best record ln scholarship was given by Mr Ornstein and a Slmllaf prlze for the boy malung the best record ln scholarship was glven by Mr Thlede The only marks whxch counted were those made during the first three quarters of the emester The contest was very close because there were many with remarkably hugh standings This fact made close figuring necessary Durmg the fourth quarter the results of the contest were announced before the assembly and the Ornsteln gift w as grven to Evelyn Palmer a member of the freshman class who won wlth a tralght average of nlnety flve m five subjects The Threde glft was given to Alden Behnlce a member of the junior class who won wlth an average of nmety four and nlnety four one hundredths Page Fzfty out l . . I - s 4 v 1 f ' Q . ., , . u u THE CLARION ANNUAL The Flag Ratsers a student The Flag Raisers are elected by the senior class from their number To them is entrusted the care of the flag and its raising and lowering in the morning and evening To this office this year Claire Ryan and Reed Havens ss ere elected as regular Flag Raisers with Luclle Kllnlto and Percy Engler as alternates Page Fifty fun , 1 I The office of Flag Raisers is considered the highest honor which can be bestowed upon HIPPLZ TOA HIGH SCHOOI 3 T e School Spmt Cup Contest The Conte t was started 1n 1913 to Stlllltll xte Interest ln Chool work md OUlS1dC 21CtlNl t1cs Fach year w 1th the CXCCDIIOH of 1919 the cup a hand ome s1lver one has been awarded to that class x ho 1n the estlmatnon of the faculty how ed the best sp1r1t ln attltude outsxde actlw 1t1es grades and promptness and the meetmg of obllgatlons Each teacher hands 1n a llst of the people who deserxe merlts and demerlts but outslde of this the gradlng IS entlrely based on stat1st1cs l-he clxsses are rwnlced ind the polnts added up and the one w 1th the low est total wlns -l he cl xss of 72 his now won the cup for the second suc cessne yelr thls t11ne haung 1 total of twelve polnts where the lowest posslble number would have been mne We are pr1nt1ng the txble of percentage below to show ynst how close to wmmng the other classes mme Semors umors Sophomores Freshman Semors umors Honor Fldllllff' O4 Debxte Tlclcet D 804 64 Sophomores 6 J Freshman 4 D TITCIJIHCSS ObllgE1tlOI1S OI33 0199 O70 107 676 7 J 2 5 4 428 Attltude 1nd C,ooperat1on Nlerlts Dements I ly Iwrty th E6 A .11 3.5 . '. 7. 5 ' .10 8.8 . " . 31. .- .01 I3 .- 1 -77 51.5 . .08 1 . .018 34.1 . l 4. ' ' 1020 18'f, 762 Z2'2 1 ' .w 31. f. 74m 3Z'2 3 27f. 62h 3I', 3 13f, 35f, Z7'2 THE CLARION ANNUAL State Declamatory Contest Frrday May 5 the League oratorlcal and declamatory contest whrch Included East Green Bay Kaukauna Menasha and Appleton hrgh schools was held rn the hrgh school auchtorxum The hrst place was won by the Kaulcauna representative who gave Toussamt L Over ture The Prophet s Tragedy given by Richard Nelson won second In the de clamatory contest Rosetta Segal who gave Ashes of Roses won first place and the Green Bay representatlve who gave Bully Brad and the Blg Lie won second These four partlcxpated rn the sub chstrlct contest XNlllCll was held here on 'Vlay I2 Rlchard Nelson failed to place rn the oratorrcal contest but Rosetta Segal agaln won flrst The wmners of fnrst and second place went to the dlstrlct contest held at Oshkosh Nor mal School May I8 where Grmdmg Seed Corn and Ashes of Roses again mon flrst places May I9 Rosetta went to the state contest ss hrch xx as held at the Umversxty Here she was almost unanlmously glven hrst place l'CCClNlIlg four flrsts and one second 'Vluch of the credit for Rosetta s success IS due to Miss lVlcKennan who gaxe up a great deal of her time to coach her Much praise should be gnen to Rosetta for brmgmg to Appleton Hugh School its one state championship ID l922 Edna Ferber of the class of 1903 won this same contest for Appleton Hrgh School wlth the squz orange story from Patsy lt rs Interesting that Rosetta should hase mon her success wrth a selection from one of 'Nllss Ferber s books Pug: lwllyf MI .. , l Y Q .. .. . .. - . a ' ' n - .. ., . . . . - .. . . - .. V . . - place. The oration "Grinding Seed Corn" won first place in oratory. . ' r A 1 l l I l q , l 'A , . A . . ' Y . . 1 f ' ' . l 14 .-Ll APPLETON HICH SCHOOL rfhe Clarlon Staff Edrlor FRANK joNEs Busmess Manager ROYAL LA ROSE Assistant Busmess Manager RICHARD NELLER Harold Bachmann Mildred Butler Annette Colvin Ramona Gehln Harlan Hackbert Mary Kanouse Stew art M1115 Beverly Murphy Almere Nehls Marjorle Neller ohn O Leary Otis Welnkauf Cathryn Wolfe Faculty Adviser Hester Harper C 8I'lOI1 Along wlth all the other actlvltles the Clarlon thls year was much more successful than It has been ln the past and we hope that lt will be even better next year Aside from all that we put out sux Issues of thlrty slx pages each and an annual which IS thls Among other little lnnovatlons we changed the cover design every month We dldn t care how much time and money were spent just so the students were pleased Some of them were but they all klckecl anyhow Some of the staff didn t do much work but they were all out to have thelr pictures taken qglllfksalollr FDU DID MADISON l92I WIS. X 'qtfssnssocusxwx Page Fzfty fue . . J , . . X it 9 . t- ux V -. !,f THE CLARION ANNUAL 5-lblwe Student Councnl The Student Council this year has been a very successful one The number of mem bers has been decreased from slxteen members to ten The senlors are represented by four students Reed Havens Clalre Ryan Arnold Purves and john O Leary the jumors by Dorothy Murphy John Voxgt and Stewart lVl1lls the sophomores by lVlell Buxton and Beverly Murphy and the freshmen by Mmam Peabody The officers are Reed Havens presrdent and Clarre Ryan secretary and treasurer The Student Council has put across two very successful dances and the Football Ban quet Besides grvmg these events they have taken over the work of arrangmg assembly programs Several speakers have been brought to the school Mass meetings and specral programs have been prepared by them also Some of their attentxon has been devoted to the care of the lawn lagc I- nfty .r . . , , . . ' ' I O I Y 9 l 0 1 l ' n 1 : ' , . ' 1 ' " APPLETON HICH SCHOOL The Baflli Durmg last summer arrangements were made for a new system of accountmg xery Slml lar to that used In the blg banks When school Opened letters were sent out to the parents of the students askIng them to co operate ID our effort to encourage savmg Soon after lt was necessary to have banklng hours at noon every day Instead of three tlmes a week Now at the close of one of the most successful years In the hlstory Of the bank there IS a large surplus to be Invested In Government bonds The changes made at the beglnnmg of the year along wlth the untlrmg efforts of lVlIss Webster as faculty advIser have been most fundamental perhaps In thIs year s success Another thlng that IS noteworthy IS the work of a commIttee of bank dIrectors Wlth Rlchard Nelson as chalrman Throughout the year they have sponsored a serles of talks and InstructIve Preszdent Vice Preszdenl Secretary Book eeper ASSISIGHI Book eeper Assrstanl Bookkeeper Cashzer Asszstant Cashxer Faculty Advlser SENIORS Reed Havens LaVahn Maesch Rlchard Nelson OFFICERS REED HAx ENS RICHARD NELSON RICHARD NELSON LAVAHN MAESCH GEORGE KETTEN HO FEN DIRECTORS JUNIORS George Kettenhofen Harry LeIth Elmer Schueller Leone WllllamS ELMER SCHUELLER HARRY LEITH LEONE WILLIAMS MISS MAX WEBSTER SOPHOMORES Carl Engler Frank Hoppe lone KTCISS I age Fzfty set en la Q 1 , Q 4 .. . ga V given to the student body by business people of the city. These were all very interesting .ff - - - - - 4 if - - - THE CLARION ANNUAL f l l The Orchestra The Appleton Hugh School Orchestra was orgamzed on September 25th l92l Begmmng with a membershxp of elght lt now totals fourteen players representmg seven different Instruments It began with two rehearsals a week later thus was changed to one rehearsal Monday nlght The membership at present mcludes the following Ralph Hoh plano Burton Manser Wallace Marshall Oscar Hoh and ohn Schlebler first vlolm Oscar Dorn and Call Engler second vlolln LaVahn Maesch clarmet Percy Engler cornet Clmton Grant Leslie Crlesser and Walter Peterman saxophone Merrill Schell trombone and Lester Curnee tympanl lVlr H H Helble dxrector The orchestra has been called upon for various lclnds of services durlng the year and lncludlng programs during the general assembly period at the annual Father and Son ban quet at the Congregational Church Class Plays community slngmg contests and dances Thus marks merely the begmnmg of this new actnvlty ln our hugh school We are malc mg greater plans for the coming year Perhaps this will be the nucleus of a school band What the orchestra especially needs rs hrst players of cello flute and clarinet second a full trme muslcal mstructor thlrd adequate equipment mcludmg a less consplcuous room for rehearsals and lastly some lcmd of ofhclal recognition on the part of school authOrltlCS I It I Hu fu has answered each call generously. It totalled approximately twenty public performances, 'ali ' 'll' v- -.1111 APPLETON HICH SCHOOL Cl-he Racho Club The Appleton Hrgh School Raclro Club has completed nts hrst year very successfully Wtth many of the Y lVl C A Radio Club as charter members the new organlzatnon was recogmzed and glven hnanclal support by the school board The club has been dlVldCd lnto a begmnmg and an advanced class The latter com posed of those who had belonged to other clubs or owned radlo sets studled theory under Mr Elnar Erickson The begmners class was mstructed by Mlss Turner rn the code and fundamentals of wxreless telegraphy and telephony The equipment of the club was Install ed entrrely by the members The begmners class conducted a code contest ln which Carl Thompson won first place Talks on dlfferent phases of radlo sclence have been given throughout the year Robert Thompson won hrst place ln these Each wlnner recelved a piece of radio apparatus FI-he Members The officers of the club have been President Vice PTCSldCDt Secretary Creneva Bluemrchen Edmund Dohr Nlurrel Hammond Reynolds Challoner Howard Eberhardt Walter Clrlffln Dallas ansen Henry ohnston HarryB Leith Anton Rank Harvey Schroeder john Ryan Albert Tlmme Carl Thompson Robert Thompson Edward Van Ryzrn Ben Wadswvorth Henry Wood Earl Wooden Harold Zue Frank Vanderhelden Dallas HIISCD Harvey Schroeder Carl Thompson oseph Dohr john Harrlman Rlchard Neller Rosetta Segal Valerla Tollefson Alfonzo WenzloH hlke Ply I' ty K l . I , ----- - J . . . J . J J . ' ' 1 e 'if 'nr e THE CLARION ANNUAL H1 Y Club Th Appleton Hr Y Club was organlzed a few years ago wxth the arm of furthermg a frlendlrer sprrlt among hlgh school students It has grown untrl rt IS one of the largest and fnnest H1 Y clubs rn the state Much of the credlt for the success of the club this year IS clue to lVlr Denmson and lVlr Cross who led the club Among other tlungs the club drstrrbuted a H1 N handbook among the boys of the hugh school gave a receptron for the faculty at the beglnnmg of the school year and helped ln orgamzmg clubs among younger boys dent Carl Engler secretary and Harry Lerth treasurer Last year s officers ws ere Albert Tlmme president Arnold Purves vlcepresrdent Harlan Hackbert secretary and La Vahn lVlaesch treasurer The membership of the club IS as follows Alden Behnlce Percy Engler Harry Lelth Howard lVlenzner Arnold Purves Harland Smlth 111511 DaVld Bender Harold Fmger Donald 'VlacCrego1 Wllllam Meyer Crordon Scluller Albert Txmme Reid Wrnsey Reynolds Challoner H xrlan Hackbert La Vahn Nlaesclm Beserly lVlurphy lVlelv1n Schnelder C-rant Wlxeeler Alun Yr erg Carl Engler ohn Harrrman Wallace Marshall Theron Nemacheclc Elmer Schueler Ward Wheeler I A g , , . . . , The ofhcers for next year are Alden Behnke, presidentg lVlelvin Schneider, vice-presi- 1 L ' I l ' , . V. 1 Y 't 5 r .' , Y APPLETON HICH SCHOOL TheGAA In the fall of l92I a girls Athletrc Assoclatron was organized for the purpose of malntammg a hlgher standard of health among the gurls and also for encouraging good sportsmanshrp and partrclpatron rn athletics Charter members were chosen from those grrls who had seemed most mterested ln ath letlcs These gurls elected the following ofhcers for the year Presrdent Clarre Ryan Vice President Geneva Bluemlchen Secretary Mary Reeve Treasurer Dorothy E. Peterson About erghty gurls were hnally elected members of the assoclatron The hrst thlng of Importance vshrch they accomplished was to glve blankets to the mem bers of the football team The money for these was ralsed by soclal hours given every Wednesday afternoon after school up to Chrlstmas vacatxon They have not done a great deal socially a hike a party and a slelghrlde being about all The second semester membership was open to all girls wlllmg to lrve up to the rules A new feature was added to Increase Interest nn outdoor actlvltles This was a system of pomt making ln which pomts are given for all partlclpatlon ln both outdoor and Indoor athletics It was decrcled to choose sponsers for the assoclatlon from the faculty and Miss Vestal Miss Spence Vllss Austln and lVllss Nlueller were elected 1 ugf Szrty one Q. ,,a',,", ' I F'f N. Pfl,-ffy . . . . , . . . . . , Y - V f - - y - , , . . , U YA I 0 I i I' - THE CLARION ANNUAL DEBATING TEAMS ALDEN BEHNKE RosET'rA S1-:GAL HARRY HOEFFEL RAY FINK 'VIILDRED BLTLI-:R JOSEPH HEINZKILL Page Svzty tuo w 1 w APPLETOA HIGH SCHOOI DEBATE The debate sea on thrs vear xx as one of the mo t successful the school has had rn manv year For the Frrst trme rn the hrstory of the school debate xxas able to pay for rtself Thrs xx as possrble because of the large attendance of students and toxxnspeople As to the results obtarned xxe xx on second place rn the Laxx rence lnterscholastrc Debate Le gue ust before Chrrstmas xacatron tryouts xx ere held and erght students srx regulars and txxo alternates xx ere elected The teams prcked xxere Alden Behnke Rosetta Segal Har rv Hoeffel afhrmatrxe Ray Frnlrc Nlrldred Butler oseph Hernzkrll neg rtrxe ohn Harrrman Ruth Hartsxxorm alternxtes Nlr Helble x ho xx as r member and coach of the Belort College debate team last year coached the team rnd to hrm much of the credrt tor success rs due The Laxx renee Coxernrng Board under xx hose ausprces the debrres xxere held placed us rn the hrs! triangle xx 1th Txxo Rrwers and Vlanrtoxxoc We xxon from the Vlanrtowoc negatrxe and lost to the Two Rrxers affrrmatrxe but won the trr rngle on pornts Agarn rn the second trrangle xxe xxon on pornts defeatrng the Waupaca afhrmatrve and losrng to the Vlanawa negatrxe ln the semr hnals xxe xxon from both Fort Atlcrnson and West Bend negatrxe lost to Rrxer Falls xx ho xx on the state champronshrp Tlrrs g rxe us second place of erghty one hrgh schools rn the state W rth three members of the regular term md one alternrte brclx next xerr and xxrth the rnterest rn debrte xx hrch has been aroused rn the student body we hope for as success ful and rf possrble a more successful season next year Forensrc Awards Instead of grxrng felt A s thrs year Vlr Helble suggested rnd carrred out the rdea of axxardrng srlxer and gold prns to all members or substrtutes on a debate team The prns whrch are grven to frrst year members are dramond shaped wrth a rough hnrsh background on xxhrch a block A rs rarsed These prns are plarn gold but an arrangement has been made xx hereby a ruby and a dramond may be rncrusted on the pm of each one xx ho shall haxe xxorked on the team for hrs second and thrrd year respectrxely A srlx er prn srmrlar to the honor A axxarded to regular debaters rs grx en to substrtutes rn debate Thrs year Nlr Helble gaxe prns to Vlrldred Butler oseph Hernikrll Rosetta Segal Ray Frnk Alden Behnke Harry Hoeffel md ohn Harrrman Img rfutr V -. s Q 1 ' s ee l , ' s. - A ' ' , , ' c ' Q . . ' , ' ' ' ' - ' a . ,' . "3 .J e":l A , . ' , i .. . . , x' 1. f ' 1 ' Q L.. ' 1 , 1 ' , 1 I l VA Y I V A l A I ' n ' . . ' " V' . -2 V ' . ' ' A V 7 l D- . v ' I This placed us in the hnals where our afhrmatrve won from the Brillion negative but our I A V . .' .., ' V ' 1 - T . V - ki ' 'A ' A . 1 r C - z 4 ' 1' z , r " , - - , ., 4. ' . c 1 ' 1 , l . E 1 . . , . K . V I 4 V . I ' T I C . I T I C I A I . 4' I 4 I I L ' . ' " ' A 2 . I , ' , ' z J 4 ' 1 . Q - Irre THE CLARION ANNUAL HYDE CONTEST Every year Mr Frank Hyde of the F C Hyde Company gnes a gold medal to the wmner of a cleclamatlon contest Ralph Mullenlx and ohn Woehler were the wlnners ln the past two years The contestants were selected after a series of tryouts from a group of twenty The final contest was held December I6 The contestants and their readings are as follows Richard Nelson Ben Hur Rosetta Segal Ashes of Rose Dorothy A Peterson A Man ln the Shadow Claire Ryan The Llttlest Rebel First place was unammously awarded to Rosetta Segal Claire Ryan and Richard Nelson txed for second place larzuf Es .1 1 Q ' ' Marjorie Davis - - - A Few Bars in the Key of CJ. - - - - - s 'llx S ,fig -I nur' APPLETON HIGH SCHOOL EXTEMPORE SPEAKING CONTEST On Aprll I I the hrst prellmmary extempore spealung contest was held Claire Ryan Gertrude Stler Mildred Butler oseph Hemzklll ohn Harriman Alden Behnke RlCh ard Nelson Leon Palmer Rosetta Segal ohn Ryan and Harlan Haclcbert took part Of these oseph Helnzklll Rosetta Segal Richard Nelson Gertrude Stler and Leon Pal mer won places The second prellmmary contest was held Aprll I3 Those who partrcl pated were Harold Zuehlke Reed Havens Arnold Purves Harold Finger Mary Ka nouse Daud Bender ohn O Leary Katherrne Pratt and Ray Funk Ray Funk Davld Bender Harold Zuehllce Arnold Purves and Reed Havens were the wlnners The Final contest w as held on Aprrl Z8 ln the assembly before the whole student body The winners of the hrst four places rn the prellmlnary contests were the speakers oseph Hemalull won hrst place Ray Fmk second Gertrude Stter thrrd Wlss NlcKennan Vlr Hugh and 'Vlr Wells were the Judges rn the three conte ts Joseph Hemzklll w 111 represent Appleton ln the Lawrence Extempore Contest w hlch rs to be held Vlay 23 The wmner of this gets a two year scholarship at Lawrence 110 S'1f!y fire LQ . ' . ' 1 WV? .' ,, x gg 1 , Z ,, g .N s .,-. 1 K . , , , J . J . . - , , .J . 1 . J . . . , - v 1 ! 1 v - , , . . . . V v 7- . . . . 1 v I - - 1 I . - - . x . ' S . I. , v . . . 1 . '1 A r ,' - ' THE CLARION ANNUAL The umor Class Play The class of 23 presented the second annual umor Class play What Happened to ones by George H Broadhurst The play was well attended and so was a success fi nancrally Bob Bonlnl as the carefree travelmg salesman ones who travels for a hymn bool: house and sells playmg cards as a sldelme attends an illegal prlze fight which IS raided He escapes followed by a pollceman to the house of Professor Ebenezer Goodly who had also been at the hght with Rlchard Heatherly who IS engaged to Goodly s daughter Mar Jorle Attemptmg to hide their escapade they dlsgulse ones ln the clothes which the Blshop of Ballarat Goodlys brother who IS expected hourly has ordered sent to the Goodly home Much laughter was caused by the mlxup which follows the arrrval of the real bishop and the escape of a lunatlc disguised as an lndlan from the asylum next door The splnster Alvlna who IS ln love wlth the real bishop although she has not seen htm for years much disturbs ones who IS fallmg m love with CISSY Goodly s ward Marjorie and Rlchard quarrel over the ldentlty of ones but all turns out right ln the end and the mlxups are finally cleared CAST OF CHARACTER ones Who Travels for a Hymn Book House A Professor of Anatomy Antony Goodly D D Bxshop of Ballarat Richard Heatherly Engaged to Marjorie Thomas Holder A Policeman William Bxgbee An lnmate of a Sanltorlum Henry Fuller Superintendent of a Santtorlum Mrs Goodly Ebenezer s Wife Crssy Ebenezer s Ward Marjorle I Minerva t Alvxna Starlight Ebenezer s Daughter Mrs Goodly s Sister Helma Swedlsh Servant Ctrl I aye Surry .snr Robert Bomm Phtlrp Sutherland Bert Fzsher l'Vallace Marshall Ray Fmlg ohn Schrebler Besste M unger Helena Koletzlge Kathryn Pratt I Annette Brrgham Dorothv Ralph Wzlma Thtede l YO , J - " J . . , , ' - 1 .- ' 1 u , . , 'i 4 . -I n s, . , ' . l J . U. . . . ,. , - ,D s . . . J ' J - - - - - - - . - , n n Ebenezer Gooclly -------- john Voigt . . ' 5 APPLETON HICH SCHOOL Mice and Men Senior Class Pla The play whrch took place at Appleton Theatre on une l was a comedy rn four acts wrrtten by Madelrne Lucette Ryley The settrng was rn England about I 785 Mark Embury a phrlosopher and scholar belrevrng that women are rn general feeble rn body and mrncl decrdes that he wrll take a grrl from the foundlrng hosprtal to trarn and educate rn tendrng afterwards to marry her and so have an rdeal wrfe The matron and Beadle who are rn charge of the hosprtal brrng ten lrttle orphans to Mark Embury s home from whom he rs to choose hrs ward He decrdes on Lrttle Brrtarn adopts her grves her the name of Peg gy and proceeds wrth hrs plans Hrs best frrend and nerghbor Roger Goodlake laughs at the possrbrlrty of the ultrmate success of Embury s scheme but enters rnto rt for pure en Joyment Although Embury rs very fond of Roger he does not approve of hrs charmrng wrfe oanne Goodlake because he rs aware that she rs carryrng on a flrrtatron wrth hrs own nephew Captarn George Lovell ln order to save Roger s feelrngs and to keep the affarr from progressrng Embury orders Captarn Lovell to take hrs departure for two years ust before gorng Captarn Lovell meets the wrnsome lrttle Peggy and becomes rnterested rn her After two years rn an lrrsh regrment he returns ln hrs absence he seems to have lost rnterest rn oanne and developed a keener one rn Peggy Embury fmally arouses enough courage to drsclose hrs plan to Peggy She rs com pletely overcome wrth news that thrs guardran whom she has always regarded as a father loves her rn a way to wrsh to make her hrs wrfe From a sense of duty she consents al though rn love wrth George Thorugh a serres of rncrdents Embury covers the real truth of affarrs and the rnevrtable happens He turns over the rdeal lrttle cottage of hrs dreams to George and Peggy and succeeds rn makrng them thrnk he meant rt for them all the trme The story closes as he walks down the garden path alone turnrng hrs back on hrs dreams The play xx as staged and drrected by Mrss Mclfennan The tryouts held late rn Aprrl revealed that the class had an abundance of materral for the play The cast selected Mark Embury A scholar screntrst and phrlosopher foseph HCIHZ rtl Roger Goocllake hrs frrend and nerghbor otrn Roach Captarn George Lovell hrs nephew La Vahn Maesch Srr Harry Trrmblestone a Hrrty gay Englrshman ohn O Leary Krt Barnrger a dancrng master fiddler and professor of deportment Theron Nemachec Peter Mr Embury s serx ant ohn 0 Leary Joanna Coodlake wrfe of Roger C-oodlake Warjorre Dams Mrs Deborah Embury s housekeeper Rosetta Segal Peggy Lrttle Brrtarn Ctarre Ryan Beadle of the Foundlrng Hosprtal Andrew Lrethen Molly a mard Dorothy A Peterson Page Qrrty eaten gg ' 77 ' r H .' r . ' , . ' . - A - I , Y ' , , , ' ,lf l I . I - - - - - - j . . . THE CLARION ANNUAL The Senior Auction The second annual senror auctron w as held this year with even greater success than last year Ex en the fact that the football team was rn Nebraska drd not dampen our ardor Rosetta Segal and Genera Bluemeschren were general chairmen of the auctron and Edrth Smrth Allce Drderrrch oseph Hem7krll Clarre Ryan Frank ones and Mrldred Butler were the other charrmen The committees were composed of seniors wrth one fac ulty advrser for each commrttee The solrcrtrng commrttee worked for about three weeks before the auctron rn asking for and gathering rn the goods whrch the merchants about town promised All the mer chants were wery lrberal and the thmgs grven were on the whole very satisfactory When rt came to the day of the auctron there w as much excrtement The pools were large numerous and rrch which was the most essential Mr Rasey and Mr Helble acted as auctroneers and they w ere surely good at lt Why Mr Helble exen went so far as to cajole money from Budd Bomm for a mirror' Mrss N estal caused qurte a commotron when she led rn her crew of comrcts Not quite as much money was taken rn this year as last but owrng to the reduced prrce of food stuffs and joe s buyrng abrlrty we were able to proude for sesen more famrlres besrdes havmg more money left to carry on thus work The baskets or rather barrels were filled wrth food and rn some cases clothrng was also put rn The splendrd coopemtron offered by the rest of the school and by the trades people was the factor that mide rt possrble for the senrors to carry the auctron through so w ell We senrors xre Nery proud of the record made by thrs auctron and hope that future ones wrll be as successful I aa Suriv erahi 1 9 Q K , ., - - , Y . .J . . . J Y , - , Y .- f - , , V , . , , , , . , , - 1 I 1 . ' , 4 ' ' I , . V Q a ' ' ' , , , . -I A ' APPLbTON HIGH SCHOOL Seruor Night Cn Saturday lVlarch 23 the Senior Class entertained itself with a banquet The party was held rn the domestic science rooms and as they had plenty of money it was made quite a lawn h affair for a school party The food itself was the worthiest feature but all the money wasn t spent on it for just lots was sunlc on the decorations napkin and place cards which w ere stamped in gold with the class seal With the aid of songs speeches and seweral short vaudeulle acts everyone w awed quite convnial and gave it as their opinion that the innovation should be made a permanent feature of high school life UIIIOI' prom It was lovely' The mus c the decorations the dresses the flowers and the punch' The second annual umor Prom April 28 at the Armory w as as much of a success as the hrst and if l werent a umor I believe l d almost be tempted to say that it w as a little better But l think it would be better to leave it all to your own judgment except for a little ard from Pat Neitzel who said that of all the eight Proms he had played at this season he thought our decorations and of course our music were the best Much credit goes to Miss Mclfennan the class sponser and to Wliss Turner Miss talent everything went off very smoothly But it would have been impossible for 'Vliss lVlcKennan to tend to everything herself so we give a lot of credit to the following committee chairman General Manager Ed unge Finance Mr Grant George Kettenhofen Programs Mr Helble Dorothy Belling Invitations Miss Hahn Miss Carter Stewart Mills Philip Sutherland Refreshments-Miss Spence Irene Rehbein Decorations Miss Turner Miss Smith Miss Pugh Dorothy Murphy Furniture Kathryn Pratt Lights Marjorie Neller Altar Harold Briese Orchestra Merril Schell Delivery Mary Kanouse Flowers umor Senior Banquet The umor Senior Banquet was held Nlay 20 Dinner was served at six thirty in the main hall Vlr Rasey gave the hrst after dinner speech talking on serw ice to others ohn Roach president of the senior class spoke briefly on past associations and Vlerrill Schell president of the Junior class responded Each senior w as then presented with a miniature diploma as a favor After the program the remainder of the evening was spent in dancing in the gym I ll 1 Sixty n . '.S . I V . I ' 1 Smith, and Miss Pugh who helped a great deal at the hall. With their ideas and their , A J - . J . i . AV . . , x M. 1 . . ' if .' - ine TH E C 1- A RION A NN UA I- Class Dag Nlay 3l, l922 'Xlarch School Actrvrtres Plantrng of lxy ohn Rmch presrdent of 77 Presentatron of Spade ohn Roach Acceptance of Spxcle Nlerrll Scherl presrdent 2 I resentutron of Key Lucrlle Klrnlfto Acceptance of Key Royal La Rose Qlass Wrll ohn Zussman 22 Senror 'Nlernornl l ercy fngler 2 Partrcrpatron of Class of l897 Readrng Mrs l drth Srlverfrrcncl Lueders Craftsmanshrp Shrelcl Awarded to Frank Hoppe Typeurrtrng Nledals aclc Kanouse and La Vahn Xlaesch Qraftsnranshrp A s Frank Hoppe 24 Carl Engler 24 Reed Hnens den Belrnlu 23 lone Krerss 74 Senror A s Valedrctorran Salutatorran and Alternates Clarron A Harold Bachmann 'X A U W Scholarslrrp Awarded to Carola Trrttrn Declarnrlory A s Rosetta Segal Rrcharcl Nelson Xlaryorre Duns Socrety of Colonral Dxughters of Arnerrca Medal Qlarre Ry an C 'rss gong Vkfords composed hy Nl rrgrret VV rdsmorth 72 Commencement Program Qrgan l relude Concert Oxerture 1 r s LA ,xrrx MA: NC rr lnxocrtron D 1 'X HOLNH 01 xtron bcttrng, RL ulte I D HAXI N btrrng Srxtcttt brnrpf Mau ur rs fro Q un Bltll r rng rn the ohrc J u nl u rrtcttt li mu 'H U1 X Hong lxonr, Rom mc 1111 lx Ifldl rtron fur r Ill Ht Ivh ra cntrtron cf Drponrr l 7 . 1 v . .hm i A. ' ', ' .' ' 3. JA . A e ' ' r 22. - ,'23. . , -MJ , , l l . lr A 3 1 ,' 2. r .... ' ' l -7 ' ' ' ' l 4 . Nl... c x- v . '. a z ' 1 ' '.. . Q 1 1- 4' - A " - . . F111-as ' 1 ' ----- 1'. . . -15 'L I --K' ll f ' 1 's A - - Rr-. '. 'S uni' lf .f 'f H ---- 1711 of 'I nr' 0 vs" ---- Ii,LlIIL'l Read' L wlllre Klan n .W 4 lown A Rcs1,1"r'..x SI-.GAL Do l e Q 1 ' ' 1 "O, ltillhr, Ir.rli.r, el 1 " ln - - - Do ':v ' j r j . vu - - A' 7. 4 ul? Orr ' "J 'Parr " - - Josr' . 'ILL Pepa 1 N r I l gf - - Y - Ll-.l. 1.-5rSl:Y lNr1"'y APPLETON HICH SCHOOL me Qllt A Word FFOITI the CO8Cl'l As l take my pen m hand to jot down a few words of farewell to the students of Ap pleton Hlgh School I am remmded that three years have qulckly slipped by slnce I had the pleasure of begmmng my work here And as this school year draws to a close I have a feehng of great apprecratlon of what A H S has meant to me durmg these three great years Much has happened to cause this span of tlme to overflow wlth lnterest excrtement work vlctory and a frlendshrp that I know shall last as long as time shall be Nothing could present more Interest and excrtement than the opportunity of working with our athletic teams teams that have been the pride of every loyal student and cltlzen of Appleton Of course all games were not won that was not hoped for yet rt rs a great satlsfactlon and pleasure to me to feel as I look backward for a moment that vrctory has come many tlmes Vlctory not because of anythmg whlch I myself as Coach have done but because Ap pleton Hugh School s teams have always been composed of players w ho learned what real sportsmanshlp IS and who always played hard and clean Flgllllflg together with these teams on the battlefield of gym and grldlron has developed many comrades Many of us have learned ln our personal relatronshrps to get at the center of the other fellow s life and to thunk and feel with hum A coach s life rs not and can never be all pleasure There are many dlscouragements and heartaches whrch come m the course of events Yet these facts are offset and many trmes compensated for by the ever growing and lastmg comradeshlp developed between coach and players For all thrs I am deeply grateful And for xt I want to thank all of you both students and faculty My land IS where the kmd folks are And where the frlends are true Where comrades brave will travel far Some kindly deed to do My land IS where the smiles are bright And where the speech IS sweet And where men clung to what rs rrght Regardless of defeat Vly land s the land of many creeds And tolerance for all It rs a land of splendid deeds Where men are seldom small And though the world should bnd me roam lts distant scenes to see My land would keep my heart enthroned And there I d always be If I have ln any small w ay helped anyone to see thxs bugger new of lrfe and to become a truer man or woman my work here has not been m tam Such rs my hope as I now bld you Adreu Page Sezenty one sb' -,- Y .. '. . A ft l A N l J I Q 5 .V V, 9. T H If C I. .-1 R I U AX' .-1X.N'L'A I. RQQIGW o the Season IQQI When Coach X ancent tssued a call for football candrdates last fall sex enty men report d There xx as enough equlpment on hand to accommodate thartw hse and practice began an earnest After two weeks of prellmmarw work the team was ready for nts season s en counters Taken all ln all the team appeared to he one of the strongest machlnes ewer de xeloped at Appleton Hlgh School Led by Capt ann ohn Roach quarterback the team lmed up ss 1th Zussman and Braese halfbacks Tappert fullback Bonrm center Berro and Stark guards unge and l-laxens tackles Purses and X erstegen ends ln the later part of the season due to lnjurles Ashman replaced X erstegen at end Nlorrls for unge at tackle and Kamps for Stark at guard Ap pleton lo t only one game on rts regular schedule l he setback ss as administered by Antxgo early ln the season lay .a core of I9 0 ln the greatest grldlron contest of the st ason Ap pleton battled Oshkosh x ho has much cl arm to the state champaonshrp a anvhody to a scoreless tae y o go down to a e eat e e game scran Ju ta need clexerne s and aggres nenc ofthe Be atrrce la ackheld xx as too much for taem rung the c a on the pl axrng of tae team x a on the xshole exce ent Roach s good untmg and dr p klckang a con lltI'lllI1fXt'fN guna H c ap aard an 1 ur t c lan 1 ' f , K .. . I , ' ' L V - e . '. A 1 2 h ,'- ' t 1 V ' . . V ' ' 1, . v V M 'Q i ' ' . ' a ' t t - Q ' - t . Y 1 6. J ' r v t . t. i R . , 1 , ' A , 2 ' L , J 1 ' - ' f ' V . Q ' .. c . I I I '- ' . , . ' J z a ' Q z c t - S 51 u. a J . ' Q J t 1 ' ' n V. A ' A . 1. ' ' s - . M 1 . ' ' 5 H. , - 1 . , s' t. 1' , 4 1 A ' as 2 V ', ln a post season game, Appleton journeyed ra thousand miles to Beatrice, Nelaraska, on- li' t ' 4 -ll-O Cl f 1 . Th turn put up aa ka at l t le sg a , ' S, L 5 ' ass t A t 'A 4. l . Du I M was 1-'A l 4 us ' .' ll C a l p ' 1 o ' V K wt s ss ' 1' I' K . '. e l s l . . d ra s e .a kler. 'Li 5, fy , APPLETOA' HICH SCHOOL He made a drop kick in nearly every game of the season. The returning of punts by Zuss- man the lme plungrng by Tappert and open field runnmg by Brrese featured rn every game Zussman showed the A H S sprrrt x hen he played for nearly a half ln the Beatrrce game x rth a broken nose The playing of Bonrnr at center was a revelatlon to football spec tators especlally ln the Oshko h ame when he broke up plays trme and txme again by breaking through on every play Purwes put up a hne exhrbrtlon of football ln the Beatrxce game Too much credxt can not be gn en to Verstegen Stark and unge for the w ork whrch they had done up untrl they x ere 1nJured In Stark Appleton has one of the best ltneman developed here rn a long trme Berro guard and Havens tackle are consistent men and no more aggressrve lmemen can be found rn the state Nlorrrs tackle and Kamps guard drd some wonderful work on the right srde of the lme both on offense and defense The prospects for next fall are exceedingly brrght Every man ln the lme will be back and only two posrtlons rn the backheld wrll hive to be frlled by new men next year An excellent second team was mamtarned by the coaching of Mr Grant Men from the second will not onl robably hll the vacancres left rn the first team but also glve some of Y P last year s regulars a great scrap for a posltlon We look forward with great conhdence and feel certarn that as another year passes by the football champlonshrp of WISCONSIN x rll be firmly frxed ln Appleton Hugh School LILTTER NIEN ohn Roach ohn Zussman Harold Berro Arnold Purves Reed Havens ack Kanouse Herman Zschaechner Andrew Llethen Harold Brrese A K Vmcent ohn Roach Harold Brrese L C Hrgh JPJPZDJPZPZDJPZDJPJP IEIEIIEIIIIIIZIIIE Wllllam Tappert Clarence Verstegen Roger Ashman George Morris Robert Bonlnr Donald Stark Edward unge Clement Gerou VlCt0f Kamps Coach Captaln Captain elect Manager RECORD Wausau Nlenommee Antlgo Lawrence Frosh Waupun West Green Bay Kaukauna Oshkosh East Green Bay Beatrlce tyr J ..r......,........,.....,,...,....... '22 ' ' ...,.,....................... '23 J ......r.,........,.,.,,.......... '22 .......,...........r...... '23 5 ................,..r....,....t... '22 ......,,....................t..... '23 ' ..............,............... '22 .....,.......................... '24 ' ...,......,........,............. '23 ' .................................. '25 J .......,,.......................t....,. ' . .S. ......,...,.,,..................,..... 21 ..................................,.... . 7 . .S. .,................,..........,.....,.. I4 rf ' ................................ O . . S. .........,..........,.....,........... O ' ..,.........................,............ . 19 . . S. ....,...,............................. 3 ' .......................... .. 0 . .S. ..,.......,...,...,................... 54 ...........,.......................... . 7 . .S. ...........,....,...,............,.... 23 .......................... . 0 . .S. ......,.....,.,............,.......... 4l .....,................,.......,...... I4 . .S. ....................,................. 0 .........................r............. , 0 . .S. ...................................... I7 ........................... . 6 . . S. ,....,................................ 0 ' ....................................... . 42 I73 95 'rgf .fr 'cu -th THE CLARION ANNUAL l A RCVICW of the Season 1922 About thirty men answered the first call for basketball Among these were the veterans Captain Brlese Roach Zussman Hagen ohnson and Laughlin Much promising mate rial was brought to light in the inter class tournament which w as won by the juniors The first blow to the team came w hen two of the most promising new men were barred for play ing professional basketball Two days later two of last year s men were lost to the team because of low scholastic standing The first game was with Depere at Depere Handicapped by the small gym our team went down to a 25 to I I defeat Coming back strong the following week Appleton defeated Fond du Lac I5 I4 in an overtime game Two weeks later the team received another blow when Roach went out because of low standings The remainder of the season until the Oshkosh Tournament was wery successful Ap pleton defeated Oshkosh Manitowoc and Neenah twice to the tournament with full intentions of gaining the championship of this district the best Appleton did was to pull fourth place The team seemed bewildered on the Oshkosh floor and was defeated in the first game by Oshkosh This took aw ay all hopes of championship and broke the heart of the team They did manage to defeat East Green Bay and Shawano only to be trounced by Neenah in the final game by a score of Z8 8 The season w as featured by the stellar playing of Captain Briese and ohn Zussman forwards Brlese has a wonderful eye for the basket and is able to score from all angles Besides being a good shot Briese is an excellent Hoof man and good on defense ln Zuss man A H S has one of the clexerest men exer dexeloped here His pnoting faking and handling of the ball x a wonderful and it would be hard to find a man in the state to equal him lllc N Iuttu The Oshkosh tournament was the big disappointment of the year for A. H. S. Going E r V. K ' . . J ' '15 .'r1'r11' '11 RN! APPLFTOA HIGH SCHOOI The Team "Ea BRI! Sh Caplan: Brlese Captain after playmg three years xx as always dependable m both guardmg and shootmg and his conslstent free throwmg dns tmgunshed ntself ln nearly every game The best part of all thas rs that he expects to come back next year Ldhlgllllfl center never failed to get the jump on hrs man xnd he also made many tune ly baskets ln most of the games Ashman guard has a xsonderful eye on long shots and newer farled to brmg the crowd to rts feet as he scored from mldfloor l-lornbeck and Haxens guards put up 1 good brand of basketball IH the games which they played They are both hghters from the hrst xwhlstle to the last second XXI Iagc Sftenty rue he v' I - I . A l i ' 1 I ' 1 xu'nn1.1x -NNIIN1-NN 3 iIC4'li Il. wgyg J v,. - ' -1: lxXXHl N '. 'NSXIXN THF CLARION ANNUAL Kanouse forward has a keen eye for the basket on side shots and he s extremely good on following up shots Mills forward is a clever floor man and has a good eye for the basket He ought to be one of the mainstays next year Gille pie and Berro are two good standing guards Either one handles the ball nicely off the bounding board and 15 a demon at guarding Roach showed up well in the beginning of the season and was the star defensne man in the Fond du Lac game During the last games he was extremely off color clue to an eight week rest from basketball Zussman is a hard and consistent player cool and collected and can always be counted on for his speed and his unerring eye for the basket. I The prospects for basketball are nearly as encouraging as football. Xvith four letter men back Appleton High School ought to be satisfied with nothing less than a state cham pionship in basketball. lug S It ly-7' Leiier Men H11olc1 Be 1 CJ Q H 1 1d B110 1 1 HH 1 Il II 11 X 111 11,1 1 Season S Record D 9111 nd 111101 f 1 o 11 'N 1111 SfLOI1C 'N 11111 111 11 o 11111 ORHROQ11 IOLRN XXII N1 O111x0 11 X0011 111 11 Il .-1f'f'f.ffY,U.X fffbff scllwul. LP+11..augf1111' . . .,,. .. '22 Q' 110 ,... ,. . 71111111 13101111 .. . . ,... .. '22 51111115 1111941716 ... RM1 1-1111f:1'1N ., . .. ,. ....,. . '22 21 o se 101111 fu2Q1111 .. .. . .......... ..., ' Z2 1g0gf'T .3111 1111 ., J11fk1'i 1Q111f111- , .. ..,. ... '22 S1l'NN2lI'1X1I111 .. VQV111111111 1-1fJl'I11 11'1' 14 .. ,. .. ... . .1-1 .VX K. X'lI1C'Il1 . . . CY111111 11111111c1 151'1c'x1'f .. ,. .. . . ..., . ...CN11 111111 1402111 .-XQ111111111 .,,.. ..,.. . ,...,., C'11p111 1 10111 1.. fi, 1'11u11 ...,. .. ,.... ..... ..11 1" , N 7 .1X.11.F,., . .. .,., ,.......,..., . .. ll 1'1 1 .1X.11.F,.. .,,, . ,.., .,,....,., . ,. I3 1'-rm C111 1.1113 ., .fX.11.5. . .. .. ...., ..,.,.... . ,. 58 X1L1- wc 11115, ,... .. .1,... ..,...., , ., I3 Two 1i1Yt'I'Q .-X. 1115... ,, ,,.,. . ,.,. ,,.1..... 2 7 51111 4 .wf7' 111 .fX.11.5... ,,.., ..... ,... ,..,.,,....., . , . ll .Vw 11 ., .,..,,. .-X. 11. 5, . .,.. ,...,.,.,.... ..,..... 1 Z 151 C1 c1111. .11' .-X. 11. 5. .....,,.,,. Il N 1"11 112111 .. ,1X.11.5. . ., ...,. ,. ......... ...,. I 3 f1S1QS11.. . .-X.11.5... .. , .... .......... . ,. .19 X11 1 11x'r1 C .. .1X.11.S. ,. ..,......., 1-1 S 'Q .-X. 11, 5. . .. . ... .,. .,........ 27 1f11StQrm111 11.1y 1111.5 . .. . .. ., .,....,.,,,,. I3 5111111111111 .. .. . .. .-X115 ., . .. ,.....,, 8 .V 1 .-X. 11. 5.. .... . ..., ...., ,..,. ...,. I f 1 11 CD11 11 1-1111 .. .. I 1 THI CIARION ANNUAL Baseball 1922 ln the first mterclass baseball game of the season the seniors defeated the Juniors by a score of ZI 6 Weinkauf pitched good ball for the semors Although hit frequently he kept the hits well scattered Tappert hurled three innings for the Juniors Walks mixed xx ith frequent hits allow ed the seniors to run up ten scores in the first three innings Ashman took the mound in the fourth inning and held the seniors down fairly vsell Following the senior Junior game the sophomores defeated the freshman in a hard fought fourteen inning battle The final score N as I4 I3 Blier pitched for the sophs while Lutz and ohnston tvsirled for the frosh All three pitchers were hit hard but the ophomores got the breaks in the fourteenth and nosed out their younger opponents by one point In the next game of the tournament the heavy hitting semors swamped the sophomores by a score of 23 0 The seniors hit Blier at will xx hich accounts for the large score Hant schel worked on the mound for the seniors Backed by almost perfect support he held tl rr sophs scoreless The Juniors is ent down to defeat for the second time at the hands of the seniors Th score was I5 I2 which indicates a close game The seniors took the lead early in the game hard in the first three innings but was effective in the pmches Tappert pitched in fine form for the Juniors Backed by miserable support half the scores made on him were on errors The Juniors defeated the freshman I6 3 in an easy contest Tappert twirled good ball for the Juniors the fro h getting all their scores on errors Gelpke started on the mound for the freshman but sw as soon relieved by Lutz because he could not find the plate Lutz is as hit fairly hard and tw elve runs were scored off him The sophomores sprang the big surprise by defeating the Juniors 8 4 It wa the best contest of any of the games Both teams played errorless ball and gave their pitcher brll liant support Hillman backed by dazzling support kept the Junior hits well scattered Tappert pitched fairly xx ell but w as very ineffective in the pmches SENIORS Palmer QCapt Roach einkau Hantschel Zussman Boettcher Pierce Schueler Currie Gillespie Puue 9 rnru 1111! Tlle Teams JUNIORS SOPHOVIORES 'Vlllls capt Hillman capt Ashman Tappert Briese Verstegen Heideman Schlebler Stillman Bohon Kranzusch D McDonough B ner Wadsvs orth Bloomer Schw eger Thompson Gallagher Rlenke Bahcal FRESHMEN Lutz Ccapt J ohnston Ko Gelpke Engle Wiggins Gerhardt Hobbins Courtney lngenthron ' ' . v - . ' ' S . . . . v . . 1 C by running up nine scores in the hrst inning. Weinkauf pitching for the victors, was hit . . . . . - . S l' ,I VV ' f ' ll . ilrl' h -r 'J APPLFTOA HIC!! SCHOOL Track 22 Appleton High School w as repre ented at only one track meet during the l922 season Slx men Purves Brxese Tappert Stlngle Havens and x1CI'bl'lCk took part rn the annual Stevens POINT track meet Appleton returned from the m ct wrth hfth place havmg obtamed nlne pomts Madl son wrth a squad of elghteen men easxly took the meet They captured nme hrsts and made seven new records Purves took Appleton s only hrst by vs mn ng the mile ln the splendid time of 4 DD He was never ln the lead durmg the hrst three lap but on the last lap by hne Spflfltlflg he hmshecl about elght yards ahead of hrs nearest competitor Verbrlck took a second lh the hugh Jump wrth a jump of five feet sx Inches Tapper! placed third rn the discus throw with a throw of nmety three feet Havens farled to place ln elther the shot put or the Javelin throw Brlese took part ln the hnals ol the 220 yard dash and the running broad jump He led the held ID the broad jump untrl the hnal Jump w hen he was elim mated by three other men Both Stmgle and Brlese falled to place II1teI'Cl8SS TFSCTK MZV The semors won the annual mter class track meet for 1922 by wxnnmg 66 pomts The Junrors were a close second wrth 57 pomts The sophomores were third wlth a total of I2 pomts Thls IS the thlrcl successive year that the class of 22 has won the mterclass track cup Roach semor w as hrgh polnt wmner of the meet mth four hrsts and one thlrd making a total of ZI pomts Brrese Junlor was second wlth two hrst and two seconds and a total of I6 pomts Purves enror was thlrd having three hrsts and a total of lb pomts The meet was held at ones Park on held day Due to wet weather and the poor track the tlme for the events was not very good The meet thus year was very close and It showed a wealth of materlal for a school track team l20 high hurdles Brxese Junror first Llethen semor second Heldeman Junror thlr 220 low hurdles Brlese jumor hrst Havens semor second Herdeman jumor 50 yard dash Rechner sophomore frrst Brrese jumor second Roach semor third l00 yard dash Roach semor First Rechner sophoomre second Stmgle senlor thrr 220 yard dash Roach semor hrst Davis jumor second Stmgle semor thlrd 440 yard run Purves semor frrst Vorgt jumor second Currie semor thlrd 880 yard run Purves semor hrst Tlmme semor second Peerenboom Junior third lmlle run Purves semor hrst VOlgt junior second Tappert JUHIOI' thlrd Hlghjump-Roach semor first Verbrrck semor second Davis junror third Pole vault Davls Junlor first Neller sophomore second Heldeman Junior and Taylor semor tred for thlrd Broad jump-Roach semor hrst Brrese Junior second Voigt junior third Discus Tappert Junlor hrst Bonml jumor second Boettcher semor thrrd Shot put Boettcher semor frrst Tappert junror second Zschaechner junior third avelm Tappert Junior hrst Laughlm semor second Scheurle sophomore thlrd Relay Won by semors Roach Purves Stlngle and Bender I dll fly rr ' s . 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1, 1 1 - c , . 1 1 - - 1 , . . . . . . .. 1 1 . , I S. 1 1 , r . 4 1 - ' 1 1 - - 1 1 , 1 . 1 . .. . . , . , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 Q 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C 1- 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 Y 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . v V . . . . . A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ,.,,.. . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 r 1 1 1 I 1 1 J H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - '- - 1 1 1 . 1 .'1 ', Lf bww -mf THE CLARION ANNUAL 'sua The American Legion Award The Oney ohnston Post of the Ameracan Legaon la as e tablaslaed an annual award of a gold medal to be gtven to the boy who best represents the splrat of tlae ade al hagh school mth lete Has successful partacapataon an sports as the first requasate Next comes has mamfesta taon of the splrat of true sportsmanshap Beside these major points the Judges consider scholarship and school actmtaes On these consaderataons the flrst medal has been aw ard ed to Reed Hayens whose hagh school record follows Football Two A s won as JUDIOI' and senlor As a suhstatute he was good enough Basketball One A Four years of mteacl ass basketball Track Two A s Four years of mterclass track Thus year he w as chosen presadent of the A Club tlae orgamzatlon of all who haae won thear A an athletics He has alw ays been prompt and regular at practice wallang to take adxace and on the held a hard but sportsmanlake player Scholastic Record 92 D6 aaerage for the four years an school General Record Pre aclent of the Student Council presadent of the school banlt two years member of the Claraon staff one year won the Craftsmanshap Shleld for general good spmt as determaned by all the teachers and w as twace more gaye the Craftsmanshap A for honorable mentaon Mentaoned by seaen teachers for conspacuous merat an school sparat an ratings for the School Sparat Cup Iaqf I-mhty D :S A W , v - Q, K . ' O V, l ,, is . as l A fs, A I I 1 ' ' ' z S . '. . ' 1 ' ' . z 2. - ' V. . . . g , v y 1 Y ' v - v I - , ' . - 4 5 , " ., to be taken each of his first two years to Madison. - . ' ' z t Q . - ' . t.. 1 . . ' z " . ' , 'A ' 2 a 'A , 5 . A - .- l V K ' I g 4 -R u - s' ' , ' . I ' Q ' . . A Q xi i Ii V, .V I K , , . , ., A"Pll7OAH1 I SCHOOI HT THE 5 cu 0 or THE DUMB BELL .S .1111 j THE SENIOR SECRETS The annual spasm gett1ng a l1ne on everyone IH the sen1or class We th1nk we ve done It th1s t1me 1n a new and 1nterest1ng way w1thout chew1ng our penc1ls and tear1ng our ha1r frantlcally th1nk1ng up somethmg to say about someone we know noth1ng about Then too we wanted to aNOld the tr1te custom of cross sect1on1ng n1ckname favonte expres 1on and all that sort of th1ng and h1t on the plan of lett1ng each student glVC h1s own 1deas of h1mself and from a l1st of twenty odd quest1ons yes you m1ght call them pe cul1ar too we p1cked three to ask each person We got just about everyone and the 1n terv1ews follow Bemg 1nqu1s1t1ve as to whom Howard Eberhardt would l1ke to be 1f he w asn t h1mself I asked l11m about lt H15 answer was Stemmetz At the t1me I d1dn t know who Stem meta IS but he IS a great radlo expert Howard s 1dea of a good t1me IS travelmg He d1d would do 1f he had charge of the assembly I dCCldCd he d enyoy someth1ng CXClllng s1nce he declared he d beat up the offenders I should th1nk Lloyd Learned would l1ke to be a lVlr Small or L1ttle s1nce he s so tall but no he decldedly stated that he should l1ke to be another lVlr H1gh when he grows up When I asked h1m what had been the happlest day of h1s H1gh hfe h1s answer was rather mdehmte for all he sa d w as my H1gh l1fe5 Maybe he never got near enough the ground to hnd out However he Sald that bookkeeplng w as the most useful th1ng he had learned 1n hlgh chool Gertrude Rohm s 1dea of a good t1me IS p1cn1ck1ng w 1th a crowd of SIX l can t 1mag 1ne why she should YNlSl'l the bunch to be an even number On belng asked why she would rather go to any other school than Appleton H1gh School she showed her good sense by saymg she wouldn t rather go to any other school Gertrude has been most surprlsed by o much bobbed ha1r and can t understand w hy lt s so elaborate when It should be s1mple I th1nk the be t answer 1s for her to bob her ha1r 'Xluch to my SUTPTISC Gertrude Strer thmks she could have had 1 better t1me 1f she had gone to 1 g1rl s boardmg school She surely w ouldn t have Wells IH hrstorv and she d m1ss havmg the fun of argurng w1th h1m Gertrude also has 1 defimte plan of takmg charge of the assembly by 1ntroduc1ng tl1e German system of order 1n that local1'y Con s1der1ng Gertrude s barbar1c allllUdC tow ard produclng order her ldea that Florence Nrght 1ngale IS her nearest parallel seems 1ncons1stent as I cannot 1mag1ne Florence Nightingale lntroducmg the German system of order for obta1n1ng her end How do you th1nk Florence Cnbbons would look as a second oan of Arc3 When I asked her whom she would l1ke to be 1f she w asn t herself she sa1d a second oan of Arc she also declared that she w as sat1sl:1ed w1th the school as 1t w as and wouldnt make any changes 1f she were runn1ng It fvve 1nd1rectly got her op1n1on of Wlr Rasey Iarr 1-1111 r f - f ' ' C I . F Y V ,lr 73? 'Lv - 1 I . YV l s, 1 XX I 1 l gg flcoo moo j - I 1 n ,' ,: A 7 -A llc.: . . U . , ,, . . ' ! 7 Y V Y 4 - . ! Y S , ' ,- ' ' . J Y . y - C ' V sc- - n t ment1on what sort of nav1gat1on l1e preferred, but from h1s answer when asked what he Y , ! , 1 C o I U ' I ' I I ' . 1 A h s . 1 I , F , 4 ' t V . z . . ' ' v tx V ' Y. ' 1 s C . ' C V , . . .Q ' - , - . . 1 . . , . l , . J : , , . , , h f' fl 1:71 TH lp C I. A R I O .Y A N N Lf' A L QQ? ffx W' 0-f,,.u lil' -1- il! JY APPLLTON HICH SCHOOL I really thrnk Id enjoy haxrng Dorrs Blake for a teacher because when I asked her x hat she wanted to be when she grew up she rmmedrately sard that she wanted to be a teacher and grre all 93 s At least she rsn t gorng to remember her good marks when she grades her puprls Her rdea of a good trme rs really human as she named for the parts essentral rn makrng up a good trme lots of movres lots to eat money musrc and a real good partner She drdn t rndrcate how long she wanted the real good partner to last but I suppose rf he s good enough she wouldn t be the one to count the trme Dorrs has de crded to go to Lawrence College and because she rs such a bashful chrld she made thrs chorce as the college rs so near home The other day rn talkrng to Vlrlclred Butler I asked her what she expected to be ten years hence Her answer was delrghtful and so romantrc She expects to be the prrvate secretary for a rrch man wrth a weak heart She drdnt say but of course he meant a heart weak w hen rt came to femrnrne charms She drd admrt howeyer that her eye would be on the mrllrons I gue s I went a lrttle too far when I asked her how she would start rf she wanted to create a sensatron for she told me very effectrvely rf she wanted to create a sensatrcn she d let ohn Vorgt start rt for her Ceorgrna Schaefer believes rt rs better to acqurre happrness than wealth or fame She also stated rather emphatrcally when asked rf she would rather spend the evenrng wrth the Radro Club or studyrng rn the lrbrary that she would surely not spend her evenrngs rn the publrc lrbrary Although she belreves she cl be able to create a sensatron by bobbrng her harr I really thmk that would be more drfhcult now than a year ago as bobbed harr rs gettrng so common Nlargaret Wadsxxorth rs of the oprnron that she would lrke to be an aesthetrc dancer w hen she grows up I ve been told that her mrddle name rs Grace That may account for her wrsh She rs also of the oprnron that acqurrrng wealth rs better than happrness or fame I dont know that I agree wrth her However I thmk she would create a con srderable sensatron rf she shaved her harr off Others mrght follow Alrce lVIanley has the concerted rdea that she has never been paralleled rn erther hrstory back when Alrce sard she would enlarge the office rf she had charge of the assembly I drdnt know we w ere qurte as bad as that She thrnks that the day she enrolled was the happrest day of her hrgh school lrfe How drfferent people are Ive known people to consrder the day they graduate the happrest day of therr lrfe rn Hrgh I also asked Alrce what change he would make rn school rf she were lVlr Rasey and she sard that she would have school rn the mornrng only I m sure her rdea would be greatly apprecrated by the student body rf worked out o Hantschel surprr ed me very much when he sard he would lrke to be Captarn Brlly s Whrzzbang rf he wasn t hrmself and would lrke to be an engrneer when he grows up I houldn t advrse h m to grow up much more but rather clown a lrttle I also hnd that oe rs rather hard to surt w hen rt comes to prckrng out a grrl Although he says he cl prefer beau ty to wrt he makes the excuse that those who have beauty are also wrtty But thrs rs not always so therefore I thmk he meant rndrrectly that he wants both Selfrsh rsn t he3 Now Reed Havens on the other hand prefers wrt And can you rmagrne thrs3 He wants rt because rt ll keep hrm good natured' He would rnstall a free lunch counter rf he were Mr Rasey He also sarcl that swrmmrng and skrrng were hrs rdea of a good trme He shows hrs good judgment don t you thrnk3 Dorothy Herrman was very frank when I asked her what of her hrgh school achreve ments she was proude t because she rmmedrately stated rt was her corffure I agreed that her curls w ere cute anythrng to trckle one s vanrty or the chrn of a dancrng partner I really thrnk rt was qurte horrrd of her to say that she would rather go somewhere else than to Appleton Hrgh becau e she was fed up on the faculty Of course we admrre her hon esty Ten years from now we may look for a new supervrsor of the commercral department for that rs where Dorothy expects to be ten years hence No doubt some changes wrll be made when she gets that job In hrgh school we frnd all types of people besrde the ones whrch attract the most at tentron and sometrmes almost shatter our belrefs rn one s fellow classmates because they are so frrwolous we also frnd therr exact opposrte Eva Engel consrders the days she rs on the la 10 lwghty time I , ' ' ' 1' ' v xv . 1 r ' I ' . v ., . , . ! 4 I I I ! ' ' ' ' v 7 . , , . . , A . . V ' I 4 ' . , . . , , 1 5 , . . , , , . . y ' I . . , ' or frction. We'll have to write a book with her as our heroine. I was really quite taken . , . . . , , V Q . . . v I - J C .S . . , . , , . s ' ' r , l . J ' . . . . . , . . , . . . ' . . V . . , ' . Y C . . . . Y - . . , . . . , . . S I . - v Q ' I - r I J' g . . Ill! Cl JRIUN 1NN'L',11l. 42 llgifgief 1 H' .l CQ 252+ APPLETOJN HICH SCHOOL honor roll the happrest days of her hrgh lrfe Srnce I we never made the honor roll I doubt rf I fully apprecrated her feelrngs and so hastily asked her where she spent her evenrngs I suppose she thought me rnqursrtrse but she sard at Esther Ingenthron s As I drdnt thrnk Esther had any brothers or cousrns stayrng there that attracted Ewa I took rt for granted that rt was Esther she really went to see and so I a ked her what her rdea of a good trme was Thrs I found to be readrng She drdnt offer me rnformatron as to what krnd of books she enjoyed best and berng afrard to rnqurre further I departed and soon ran across Esther Ingenthron I asked whom she would llke to be rf she werent herself and I found out that she rs another of our oan of Arc admrrers as she would lrke to be oan of Arc rf she wasn t her self She also offered the rnformatron that she spent her evenrngs dancrng at the Prmcess Then where does Eva Engel spend her evenrngs3 As we were tryrng to frnd out whom we should dedrcate the Annual to I asked Fsther s advrce She gave her sensrble oprnron that we should dedrcate rt to Mrss Salrsbury Arnold Purves was under the startlrng oprnron that the Annual should be dedrcated to Brll Meyer However he was unable to grve any good reason for hrs rash statement A nold admrtted that keeprng hrs mouth shut was the most useful thrng he had learned rn school It s a very useful thmg to learn too bad more haven t learned the same Harold Bachmann trred to convrnce me that hrs rdea of a good trme w as beyond cen sor and I had to accept hrs statement He wrshes that when he grows up he may be a teacher lrke Mr Hrgh I also found out that he rs another who wants all he can get for hrs money as he wants the grrl he goes wrth to be both beautrful and wrtty Imagrne Rosetta Segal scrubbrng when she grows up' But that s what she wants to do She also thrnks the Dutch Boy wrth hrs hand rn the dyke rs her nearest parallel rn frctron Although Rosetta hasn t done anythmg to rmprove matters she wrshes she went somewhere else than Appleton Hrgh because she would have a better school paper If you knew what was handed rn about you and censored Rosetta' Marlon Stroebe rs very well satrsfred with school as rt rs and wouldn t make any changes rf she were Mr Rasey IVIHTIOII rs an actrve person as her rdea of a good trme rs clrmbrng trees She also wants to wrrte plays and act ln them w hen she grows up the trme to start He would much prefer an evenrng at the Radio Club to one at the Lr brary Maybe Percy recerved good marks rn hrstory from Wells anyway he thrnks the Annual ought to be dedrcated to B W Wells Not a bad rdea I was sorry to hnd that Rosella Eggert rs not altogether satrsfred wrth thrngs as they are for she sand that she d reyuvenate the teachrng force rf she were rn Mr Rasey s place She would lrke to be Ethel Clayton Now oel Benyas rs one of these dyed rn the wool senrors And so when I asked whom the Clarron should be dedrcated to he replred that the senror class was the most deservrng because of therr rmmense brarn power ancl large number He clarmed to have expected vrolence rn hrgh school and hrs greatest surprrse was not gettmg rt And grrls! Staymg away from you he thinks rs hrs greatest achlevement both frnancrally and for keep mg out of trouble The stuclrous Davrd Bender rs proudest of a 82 rn physrcs I really thrnk he deserved 93 but the haberdashers would have to send away for large enough hats and David mrght catch cold wrth a small one Davrd would lrke to be Vlr Hrgh I wonder why I.. C doesnt wrrte a book on The Secrets of my Personalrty Davrd also thrnks he could create a sensatron by not shavmg for three weeks I agree wrth hrm perfectly He clarms that he dd rt or rather drdnt rt once and now I know who the heavrly bearded person who spoke to me on the street once was Harold Finger consrders Emerson hrs nearest parallel at least Emerson had the au dacrty or maybe Just a great enough knowledge to agree wrth hrm on everythrng H doesnt care for studyrng rn the Lrbrary as much as radro Hrs best trmes he claims are when he takes HER home from a movre whose plot was woven around an ardent admrrer And what s more you can t judge people by their looks You would never thrnk that Brll Meyer spends hrs trme admrrrng the grrls but when I asked hrm who he thought was the best looking gurl rn school he answered w rthout hesrtatron Who w as rt3 I really don t ' aw F ralrty fire I . . . . . , . , I . , Y S v . . . . . , . . . . , l . . . . ' . , ' ' . r- . - . . , . n - I . . - Percy Engler wants to be a man when he grows up. I hope he realizes that now is . . . Y . . , . . . . , I , u I ' ' - . . . , . I . . I v v ' v ' - ' ' - ' ' ' . e . . . . I , . . , r " - . THI- CL ION ANNU Pig 2 1 -mv I Pull: I' ull APPLETON HICH SCHOOL know whether I ought to tell or not I promlsed I wouldnt tell but I drdn t say anythlng about wrltmg rt But I ll tell lf you ll promlse never to let rt get out It was essle Small And yet he was greatly dlsappomted because he couldn t take more than erght studres a day When not engaged rn these roseate wandermgs or suffering long periods of educatlon Bull llkes to go camprng And llsten to this Of all her hugh school achievements Loretta Maurer rs proudest because she went to the Prom with ake Zussman 'I-hat s gratitude for you Some glrls you can take all over and they never say thanks Oh yes Loretta You would have more dances and soclal actlvrtles rf you were Mr Rasey3 I agree with you perfectly You re not going to college next year because you need a rest5 I agree wlth you agam I need a rest too E. ther Smrth says the most useful thmg she drd IS learnmg to sew to keep up with the fashions It IS an art to buy dress goods which will shrunk fast enough The entrance of Violet ohnston shattered all her dreams of ever bemg popular and caused her greatest dns appoxntment I don t see any fun m her good tlmes which she claims are working on a toplc at the Publrc Library the nrght before rt s due Possrbly wrth a great deal of practrce It can be done and nt s easy to copy other people s work Why no Esther I didn t mean that to apply to you But I sometrmes try that myself Luclle Kllnko IS our model sudent Her favorrte pastxme rs readrng By bobbmg her halr or rougmg two things which she has never done she believes she could create a sensa tron But Lucrle that prcture of you and Tom Davis rs really quite sensational Although she s an honor student she stlll would abolish finals Helen Snyder was most surprised at the cllques ln school For the sake of the fresh man she would build sand boxes and would supply gum and doughnuts for the rest of us She says she spends all her evenmgs with Tommy Am t love grand' Ive always wondered whether Helen Wlnter was as bad rn the other seasons but I found out she rsnt bad at all She would like to be Constance Talmadge but she didn t know then that Constance rs gomg to be dlvorced She wants to abollsh fmals and would rather meet the pollce woman socrally than professlonally Let s abolish all finals everyone rs against them At least Verndlne Wolfgram thmks so along wrth one hundred and seventeen other semors She would hke to be Norma Talmadge and would rather have happiness than fame or wealth fyust the same I think any one could be happy with a mrllron dollars Mabel Kuether would rather be famous and abolish the assembly ftake care you pen ny pecking prepsl and fmals At least there s one boy 1n hugh school whose parents don t have to wonder where he rs rn the evemngs for Edwin O Connor spends hrs evenings ln hrs llttle trundle bed He rs also a very ambrtrous boy because he wants to go into polltlcs and hopes to be mayor of Black Creek tn ten years Hrs happlest day of hugh lrfe has not yet arrrved graduatlon day Lawrence Lyons IS under the rmpressron that he would cause quite a sensation rf he trred to keep Harlan Hackbert out of 304 He would also much prefer wrt to beauty m the girl he goes with Either he thlnks he has beauty enough or he needs wrt to keep hrs pollshed He would dedicate the Annual to Cap Harrrs Lrlllan Sorensen would hke to be a playground director when she grows up She con slders making the basketball team the happiest experrence of her lrfe Lorame Falck spends her evenmgs socrally and consrders Florence Nrghtmgale her near est parallel As I remember Florence Nlghtmgale she wasnt much of a social butterfly She also stated that she could have a better trme where people dldn t know her That de pends on what type of a good tlme one wants She was very emphatic rn her answer when I asked her what she would do If she had charge of the assembly for all she said was Choke em' If Irene Sprlster ran this hlgh school she d have a dance every Friday nrght She would play wxth the chrldren rf she had charge of the assembly When Joy and duty clash let duty go to smash' She advocates dedlcatrng the Annual to Mr Helble Carola Trxttm would rather be happy than wealthy or famous She declared that she had been chiefly surprised that some so called students who don t know anything get good grades I we heard that her grades weren t anythlng to cry over I aye Lzghty sezen . , - v - .. . , . , . . -I . . . , . . V . . , - ' u . J , . . L. ' . . . . , S -n 1 - 1 - v v s ' , . . , . . . ., , . . . , . . , + v , . . . . . , . , . ' - , . . , . v - n . . , . . . , - - n v n . . . , . . . . . ,, . ,, . . , . . . . . , . , 1 - f 1 " l . 15 'Y ,, HY vi' x. Q r L .-A+ 1 ,E 1 ' V' ,.' q55. if? 1 :gg .V . 'iw " "' Q k g., ,X . -'.f.?v . 2:5 Af A 2 24'-'5 L .,,1J ,. . , ..5' 95' 7 '71,-'Q'..' . gl vi. :X .f -v Okada, ,- N f . I .1 APPIFTOIN HICH SCHOOL Cenewlewe Hyde sald she s most surprlsed that the more you go the less you know' She seemed to be authorlty on the subject And w hen I asked her she Sald she d rather study ln the llbrary han spend the evenlng wlth the R3dl0 Club Of course studylng at the llbrary IS a worn out excuse for other thlngs However she thlnks she could effectlvely tart a sensatlon lf she d get on the honor roll Erna Lemke would have all elght perlods ln the mornlng lf she were ln 'Vlr Rasey s place She w ants to be a teacher when she grows up I lmaglne she would be of the frno lous type as her ldea of a good tlme IS danclng Theron lxfemacheck would llke to be Ben Turpln lf he w asn t hlmself Too bad some of our wlshes can t be granted He sald that h s ldea of a good tlme w as spencllng an even lng wlth the Woman s Chrlstlan Temperance Lnlon I don t know whether he w as serlous or not He was qulte declded however that he d prefer beauty to w t ln the glrl he goes YVltl'l Nlaybe he thlnk he has enough Wll hlmself Florence Torrey would llke to be a statlon agent She dldn t state her reason w hy but of course you meet all klnds of people lh the world The llfe must be lnterestlng She IS golng to college to further her educatlon She was greatly surprlsed at the turnout at the last debate It was enough to SUYPTISC anyone Ten years from now those who wlsh to VISII Marlon 'Vlatz wlll flnd her on the South Sea Islands Her exact address wlll be glven later She would llke to be Cleopatra but so far Fate has been agalnst her Marlon doesn t feel as lf she d be satlsfled wlth happl ness wealth or fame slgnlfylng that she wants all three If Ruth Hartsworm had charge of the assembly she would let the mob have free reln and roll all the marbles they wanted to I don t thlnk I care to have her ln the assembly however I ve heard that there s a tendency not to do that whlch IS allowed She would like to be Mary Plckford lf she wa n t herself People are never satlsfled' Anna Frahm wants to help humamty She sald that she would llke to be a superln tendlng surg cal nurse She certalnly must llke llve wlres She would prefer an evenlng wlth the R3dlO Club than golng to the llbrary where all the klds make thelr dates She Sald men are sometlmes dlscussed at the llbrary and lt IS sometlmes dlsgustlng I guess she means the l brary Her Idea of a good tlme IS for a group of gurls to read go boatlng or danclng Anna seems to be a man hater as she doesn t care for boys to enter thls group Ferne Ingersoll ald that the faculty has been a contlnual SUTPTISC to her She would be easy ln the assembly as the klcls could do as they pleased The happlest day of Ferne s llfe was w hen she knew she was golng to attend Appleton Hlgh Mathemetlcs IS the most useful thlng Ralph Zachow learned ln hlgh school Ralph sald he wants to be a mechanlcal englneer and he IS golng to WISCONSIN to get a good traln lng for hls englneerlng work Good luck' Leon Palmer Sald he IS not anxlous to meet the pollcewoman Palmer wants an ex cluslvely good tlme just one companlon but he dldn t say who she IS Maybe some of us can guess Laurlne Croll sald Dedlcate the Clarlon to Mr Hugh Her evenlngs are spent at movles l ke The Shelk If she were prlnclpal she would leave out the exams Ten years from now we wlll flnd MHXIDC Cahall w alklng through Europe Probably looklng for traces of our last war or else startlng another one by falllng for another helr to the throne Little Mlss Muffet IS Maxlne s nearest parallel To create a sensatlon she would wear ankle length dresses Qprobably cause a rlot We are really gettlng some very good ldC8S as to whom the Annual should be dedl cated Emmet Verbrlck thlnks Mr Hlgh too Verbrlck IS very satlshed wlth the school as It IS at any rate he dldn t offer any suggestlons for lVlr Rasey I suppose that he feels that as long as he exlsted for four years wlth lt as It IS the rest surely can do the same Hls ldea of a good tlme IS swlmmlng Lavahn Maesch cons ders Cluzzlem hls nearest parallel ln hctlon What heroes we have ln the senlor class' l..aVahn IS golng to college he says for the purpose of dlstllllng knowledge lnto hls cerebral reglons He offers the depresslng lnformatlon that there has been no new sensatlon slnce he entered hlgh Nevertheless he managed to create much ex Cllemfhl by adoptlng so much speed' Page Elghty nule r - - r A l. 1' Y ' I . . - s - l . . I . Y. . - - r - - v S . . . . . . . 1 , . T . . . , . . , . . . . . . X ' . . , . . , . , . . f . . , . . . . , . , . S . v . I I ' Y . p f . 1 I O . . , . , . . . 1 - 1 - l , . . . 1 , , . . , . . . . , . S . ' . . - - V - R . . . J. , . , . . , . S . . . . , , . . . . . . , . 1 , . . . U . - , - n . , . . s tl - n - - l . , . v . . . . . , . . . . , . , . . , . , , - , V , THE CLARION ANNUAL Everyone knows how playful ohn O Leary rs Why he even admrtted that he drdn t want to grow up People have often wondered rf he ever would Hrs rdea of a good trme rs gorng to a country farr Chrckens3 Of course one can alrs ays get pop candy and rce cream at those places One thrng I thrnk so orrgrnal rs hrs rdea that he d lrke to be Sam Howdy rf he vsasn t hrmself Ramona Gehrn would lrke to be lVlr Helble s srster so that she could pull hrs harr I dont doubt that lVlr Helble rs delrghted that she rsnt Talkrng sassy to lVlr Helble rs her naughty rdea of a good trme And rt was unfortunate for me to have asked her so many questrons that day as she certarnly had 'Vlr Helble on the brarn but any way she thrnks to crea e a sensatron she would ask lVlr Helble a questron that he couldnt answer There are a number of senrors whose secrets have not been revealed but the shades of darkness fell many trmes whrle we were gatherrng these and one cant rs art forever even for senrors Larry Lyons Hero or A Brave Boy s Adventure Wrth a Crook Larry an orphan a brrght sturdy self relrant lad was runnrng errands rn the offrce of Fred Bendt mrllronarre broker Hrs ambrtron was to make sufhcrent money to enable hrs brother who had been a crrpple for years to have a much needed operatron Mr Bendt had taken a lrkrng to thrs honest youngster and he was trusted vrrth the securrtres and bonds every day when he went to the bank On a hot afternoon as Larry was returnrng from lunch he entered the rnterror offrce as usual He was confronted by a revolver rn the hands of a hard lookrng man lVlr Bendt was standrng behlnd the desk wrth hrs hands above hrs head young Lyons was told to do the same thmg He was so surprrsed that he drd not know what to to However he gathered hrs wrts together rn an rnstant and wrth a qurck movement prcked up an rnk bottle and hurled rt at the vrllran who forgot to use hrs revolver Young Larry sprang qurckly and caught the vrllran rrght under the Jaw wrth a rrght hook and lard hrm out lVlr Bendt rm medrately summoned the polrce and explarned the very dangerous srtuatron he had been rn The crook had just demanded the bonds whrch lVlr Bendt had taken from the safe when Larry entered The rascal who vras now handcuffed by the polrce was a thorough re probate and the polrce rmmedrately rdentrfred hrm as Sure Shot Leroy lVlorneau the lone bandrt who had a record for a large number of crrmes Upon commg to he muttered Curses I am sorled as he beheld hrmself covered wrth lnk The young man was taken to lVlr Bendt s home where he met hrs daughter a beautr ful young lady of about hrs own age The nerr spapers the next day contamed a good deal about the brave youth and rt was necessary to statron guards at the door to prevent photog raphers from enterrng the house From thrs trme on Fortune smrled on the young hero he rs as made a drrector of the company he was able to have hrs brother successfully treated he marrred hrs employer s daughter and they lrved happrly ever after A brll had just been defeated Mr Wells was for the brll ohn Ryan was smrlrng hrs approval lVlr Wells Perhaps rf Mr Ryan had heard my speech he rwouldn t be smrlrng john That s why I m smrlrng In archrtectural drarxrng class Reed Havens announced that he was gorng to make plans for a large house Stanley Crllespre sard that that would be all rrght because Reed would hare a butler Page N rnety J , . . - s - Q . . . V . . , . , - . . , . . . . , . , . . . , . . - r . . , . . , r 1 . . . , . 1 , 1 r ! ! Y ! - 7 , . . s ' - - v , f . . , , . r - - r . . . . . . ,, ,, v - v a ur - n - - - s - - , , . . , ' V . - . v - , - , . I J , , . . ' r .4 I vf Y 7 . . f V APPLETON HICH SCHOOL CAP HARRIS uly 8 1905 before thrs burldrng was completed Cap Harrrs was chosen to assume the responsrbrlrty of engmeer of the Appleton Hrgh School Every year for seventeen years he has seen new stu dents come and old ones go Thousands of students have passed through the school and there are few who have not learned the frrendly nature of Cap and none rn all thrs host but may be proud to clarm hrm as a frrend Many lrfe long frrendshrps have orrgrnated rn the engrne room Seldom a day passes that some former student does not drop rn to greet Cap and each one rn returnrng finds en trance most pleasant by way of the engrne room door they know Cap wrll be there Many the tale that Cap alone can tell of events close to the hearts of students whose rnterests years ago centered about Appleton Hrgh School lVlany are the tradrtrons the sac red spade and rts trrp to another contrnent battles won and lost the famous champronshrp basketball teams now almost forgotten events whrch rn years gone by made thrs school more than a mere hrgh school are strll vrvrd rn the mrnds of old students and to Cap HX! N For seventeen years rt has been the prrde of Cap Harrrs to have done hrs work so well that rt has never once been necessary to close school for lack of heat Tunes wrthout record he has kept an all nrght vrgrl rn order that the students mrght study rn comfort the next day On one occasron for frve days and four nrghts whrle the temperature dropped far below zero he drd not leave the engrne room Every wrnter for seventeen years he has done hrs work and whrle others have enjoyed therr Sunday rest and therr Chrrstmas and New Year holrdays he has done hrs full day s work m the engrne room Truly here rs a man who can look back over the years wrth the satrsfactron of havrng done hrs work well Cap Says The students nowadays arnt as respectful of therr elders as they used to be Why l ve seen a trme when a freshman drdnt dast look crossways at a senror for fear of gettrn hrs head knocked off but now say' the other day when l was out rn the hall thrs brg long legged Learned guy came struttrn along jest lrke a bean pole come to lrfe and thrs here young red headed krd fwhat s hrs name3 cum along and thought he was a brrdge and trred to walk thru hrs legs Say Learned sat rrght rn the mrddle of the floor and l thought that I d bust laffrng But you see these here freshman harnt ascared no more Cap has seen a good deal of the world Hrs favorrte toprc rs Florrda When I was down rn Florrda I went rn swrmmrn rn the Gulf of Mexrco Say you ought to see the sharks down there bout as brg as a horse natrves arnt frard of em though I see one feller ketch a shark wrth a crow bar You know they have oysters down there they hrre cowboys to act as drvers then they ketch the oy ters and put em rn a coral then one of these here cowboys goes down and krlls them wrth a butcher knrfe that s a fac You know rt s a crrme the way these freshmen act bout seventeen years ago when they first come rnto thrs burldrng the puprls used to apprecrate the hot water an gym but now golly' they let the showers run trl prrtnur zero Page Vlllefy one mr- . :ms " A I, ' . P CIAIRION L41 'FW Ns I 144 vga , kj-f hui S Tux T515 n BUY' EDM?-T? N 5- f ' mr i 7K T' Pau Nf U TH1 -. .' A.X',N' ', , ' -, X- " ' 7 . , ,-- 9 , Q ,Q A 'Q Q . xx' - ' . K r me , .1 , 4- .3 ' . - n x ' , .' 'f V Y' 1 - . .3 JM -.,-.. I P ' T' f ' .- 1 ' ' sf' x' f ' , , Lf:-Q .t f 2 , Y I ' --fi- ' ' f- -f o f - S 'A-4 54 Q . ' - , 7 A a I, 'Of :QV "'- ' I, 'X . A I x fl 1 .. "1-,frr -.5 . X ' .. ' 2 hfyxi 2,1 X .V b .QS V-..-vA.,,?fg 4, 5' ' -V V' ,ff -N4 'QA fix ' 4' s 0 K' A ,Y . 1. E' - - Y W 2- U' , Y 3 ' 1Y"" F. . 3' i 1 K' V I ja f ' , -I Q 9 ' ' ' , U gl QQ, X 3 X I '.. ' 'ug if r J - ,a s 1-7 U N r . fy. , 1 - 3 , if s Q Q u . ' I , '- 'VV A 'U ' -1 f? ' f " A' 8 'I 3 N 6 , ,Q " J ' ' 2' .N - 3 '5 '- . 3 V , . -.-. - . I ,W ,, fx" H ', "7 ?'f A . 4 4 AP'111OA Hlcll sc11ooL A rrtm New Yor It was a cold brtter nrght The w md was howlrng hercely and the sleet whrch had yu t begun w as beatrng mercrlessly agarnst the face of Arnold Purres a young farmer lad who was the sole support of hrs mother and frfteen chrldren who were back on the farm Arnold had come to seek employment He would peddle papers and then gradually buy cut the busrne s for hrmself he mused as he turned up the collar of hrs lrght lrttle sack coat Arnold was a brave ambrtrous unselhsh boy but what chance had thrs youth rn the large crty of New York all alone3 Ereryone pushed hrm asrde and he w as no one rn the mob whrch passed to and fro He had been lookrng rn the wrndow of a restaurant for ometrme and how he w rshed he mrght have one of those hot dogs a more fortunate youth w as devourrng for Arnold had not had anythrng to eat for three days' Suddenly he heard a yell and saw a mass of confused humanrty twenty yards away Arnold clashed to the place just rn trme to get a strangle hold on a huge Iron whrch w as attackrng an elderly w ell dressed gentleman The lron w as helpless when our boy hero exercrsed hrs wrestlrng holds on hrm and soon he w as tred down and held fast The x crous anrmal had escaped from Vladrson Square Garden where the O Leary O Rourke crrcus was performrng The well dressed man sad You have sawed my lrfe my hne lad Come home wrth me e two stepped rnto a large Rolls oyce and ped away to a magnrfrcent house Arnold w as a trmrd and very modest young chap and drd not want thrs man to make anythrng of the rncrdent The rrch man however sard I am 'Vlr Herman Snrtzkewrtz presrdent of tht thought of hrs mother and brothers and srsters at home and how poor they were He sard I want enough money to keep my famrly from starvatron for a whrle It rsn t for me that I want rt but I can t bear to see them wrthout food The generous character of the lad at once warmed the heart of the great man and he sard Here rs 1 check for a mrllron dollars Ir rs only a small amount for your courage and bravery but rf you w ant me to I ll make you x ce pres dent of the bank Purves w as speechless when the man mentroned the enormous sum but he accepted the check and refused the posrtron offered The next morn ng Purves boarded the trarn for hrs home on the farm and needless to ay the famrly all sarxrxed even though they were rn the jaws of starxatron Once upon a trme A man sard To 1 frrend At least He thought he was a frrend What do you thrnk About askrng Helen For a clate3 And hrs frrend sard She s not bad And the man sard I know rt That s w hy I hesrtated About askrng her Gee' he has on a low collar Oh yes A nArrow collar Frlbert says Beauty rs the only excuse the greater proportron of the Holly would be actresses have for berng m srck of these srlly conwentrons sard the delegate as she eloped wrth the speaker the ewenrng Pam' Nm lu Il I I fl . . , , . , S . V . . . ' I ' I ' U 9 I 5 ' ' . .' ' , , ' I . ' , ' ' . - . I , , I . A . V . - . . - Q ' ' ' , . V ." Th , ,J 5 ' D , 4 I U I I . ' . First National Bootleggers' Bank. Whatever you wish for, is yours." Young Purves u 4 - - A n . I ' 9 ' II ' , I 1 I , , . i ' . . Q ' - f' - l ' ' v ' f 1 , ll ' . .. .. , .2 ' c I. ' I r .. I . V H - of ' ' . K .M 1' l- Inf THh CLARION ANNUAL ohn Roach,Ser1lor As Summarized by ohrl Roach r Enterecl as ophomore from St Norbert s College 2 Preslclent of sophomore class 2 Presldent of Junlor class 3 Presldent of enlor class 4 Football 2 3 4 Class basketball 2 Basketball 3 4 All state guard 3 State champlonshlp team 3 Class tournament manager 4 Senlor team coach 4 Sophomore class baseball 2 umor class baseball 3 Senlor class baseball 4 Sophomore track 2 Captaln 2 unlor track 2 Hlgh POIDI wslnner Senlor track 4 Hlgh Polnt wlnner 4 School track team 3 Treasurer A Club 4 unlor Class Play 3 Senlor Class Play 4 Class Yell Leader 2 School Yell Leader 4 Protege of L C Hlgh 3 4 X R My loxe you smlle at me from out your shrlne A thlng of beauty such a ne er before I ve seen Of graces you posse s a store Aslde from beauty though true xx lt IS thlne For cleverness and keen perceptlon shlne From your blue eyes ancl so you ws oulcl not bore As beauty does sans ls lt need I say more3 One only xsorshlps s hen the two COmblnCl Ancl your expresslon cloth my hopes lnfla e From your rapt gaze l reacllly can ee That you are not the least averse to me ln fact l thlnk l d ask you for a date Tonlght cl cl you not merely lllU trate A story pUbllSl'l6d ln the S E P 'Nllss 'Nlueller Fountaln xx antecl ln the ofhce Dumbbell Lse the bubbler Some people don t care for the clotlllng stores of thls clty but they sult me personally At last l m through slghed the s eary stuclent as the :ce broke and l m just about all ln Paar X1 ftuf J ' , ' J ,J - . I - H W J Q . '31 J Q 1 f 1 3. J 3 5 to ' g A ,4-Q! . . ' , . .ltlllf o,x1'H SCINTILLATIONS OF A CYNICAL SONNETEER APPLLTOA HIGH 5CHOOl Button, Button Onct there wa a lrttle boy x ho x ouldnt hx hrs hlrt And left It open at the throat and show ed hrs neck all dnt' And w hen he grew to be a man all he could flncl to do Was just a dlggmg dxtches And nos I ll tell to you That rf m school you leave your shxrt unbuttoned at the neck When you grow up you can t get work and you wall hnd by heck That all you friends wrll haxe good jobs and you ll be down and out And just be dlggm sewers If you Don t Watch Out Onct they was a lrttle boy ud allus laugh and grm When told that going collarless wa certa nly a sm When he cl hear xt rn assembly he d Ju t set there and act w use And tell the klds when lt got hot he w ouldn t wear no tres And when that wrcked Infant dred he went to where lt s hot Where lt don t make any drfference rf you wear a tle or not And now he s shovelmg fuel all day and wanting to get out And you ll be down there also If you Don t Watclm Out D S Found W th a Bottle Children clear' What have we here3 Two lady teachers and thelr beer' Wrth bonnets set at a raknsh slant They d like to abstam but slmply can t They do not exen try to hide lt But smack thelr hps as lf they d trred rt A bottle clutched m each falr hand They totter a trlfle but still can stand The moral IS but need I draw 10 For lf you re clever my clears you saw lt There once w as a man from Duluth Who found our condltron uncouth He sand It s not had For the system you ve had But we don t call thus much m Duluth Pay N ncly file S . , ,, , S V V S , , . , - . x' . , . . . . , 's 5 '. Q , , s . , . , Y . I . U , . . . 1 , ,. . , .. , . . . ' H 6-1 -- THE CLARION .41 Xa W 35 NL 2 Ben Bolt A D 1922 1 m t mn Nve-et Alla' mo f non P M Spf xxltm 1 II'l1 1 Ufmll d II f um SMKPI f mm x Il If Q 1 xr Q x X A 1 I Q Ulf IHUIX H I I ! J f X 1 1 mn Q 1 C mr 1 ompuecl tr the nc 110 1 1 X fllxlllv them nom urQ ju I toltmnd onv 1 x 1 6 ur clelmtct m It fo CP u nc f IX Ben t CCC ful nd xo mm vcc cx f ce 1 n xx K Compu I c C the rm xx xr IL x Jellxllxc ff N lmxl X 1 1 Un x uim IN INIICNN JIDINLKJX 4 N ' XNLI xx fl 'W I mon stu on cc 1 uf PIII! IIl1IlUflCtUlCl f om found I t I nn c ext m ukct IICO I 0 nt I vx x mnx u 0 x dm I1 x L lucfcnl hoc 0 tl rw e P Cllllllll d 1 ' X 1 1 1 ,1l'1'l.l'7wx'.'llcgfl . Qffflff. , . . Ol. do ' ywu If'IIH'YI11JfW' Sw:-fit .'Xxllf". P Bult. S ' , '- wi N- lmiz' wan xr, I ' rm? flu ' . ' I df'lIL'i1tXX'il9I'lyf,L1 gnu- hm Lf Q l- .-Xnd '- J'f' 1 fx'.11m1tyJL1lA f 'n. Hui .Q ' .Xllcv 1- far Qxxemlvl' X '. 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Nut .1 party, El play, nm' il pr vm, Hui 4 'v lll1'IIl with llmw llmt tllvy put on 0 lay, .Xu 1 - mm m ry 'ould gi'1 you A 1 1K lm. lfaxclm thing tlmt the-y do i4tl1E'llt'Nl thing, Hou Bull. Sul Az ' fs rin, in 0110.5 cars. .Amd v 4 X-'ll il luv. my in '75, If 't Uwmx 's .xx lwfwlv, tllm gl llw ymnnlw? .VY f. H' 9, .XXI .NN 'Ill IIQT OF Ixll Olivlqg .' Q2 C'a"r11.xn xl11ffw1'igir.xlvcl U77 fl H. Rfb V1l'St Put Amd Xlilisf mln- 11000 H, Q11 Sa S .urls b lb'llK1x1 Y-.KI f-JU B, Cf? H n 4 1 ' 's lrsl x'111'if'Iy 157 H. C11 .-Xnt -' Q irs New H01 cle-ls wcilty 623 H. F., NI z . cstfxblislwcl lyy .-XT11'.1h.1r11 and f'qmr1c'iQ Hncrum MX. D. 73J. N12 A "ml mw Q Ll-HIM' rmrxwcl .after lnm MX. D. 1005. Q.-X. D. 3001 Ind! IV dINL'fYXk'l ixttmctlw uw wi puinl. Polly . p lls firlt N-llhtllfill 1,1 U:XlIl'lXXt'g1I7f fun" 1713 K. DJ UH x' 'S ivfm1wf+i ftudr' liilvl' 1-l'4Jllllllt'S ' ly?" UW' ll. mf- pmuphlet rlw xcluzrwl lmgxrd pub ul nys, 'Th s l.1 Arc- not lun' 4 t. THE CIARION ANNUAL lnar xii I 4' , . N4 ,-+,,-, X ! X X. mf ,. P i1 I' I fl' .Ylwfyfwglvr Q? Q.:-dst'-7-'33 fig' X APPLETON Hlclf sc Hoof Penpatetlc pathos ob w ent to hlgh school Eyery slngle day Took all tts hardshlp ln his patlent xy ay Thls rs an Incident the Blble falled to mentlon But for lts Interest please to gne lt your attentlon ob ss as a martyr Neyer had no fun ust wrote maternal For the Clarlon Chewlng on hrs fountam pen ob was a hxture lNever went dancmg nor sau a moung plcture Played round mth snapshots Paste and rags and hears Makmg the Annual Best one m years ob at least thought xt was and so he kept on ss rxtmg Though sprlng and summer pleasures were faxr and mutmg Publtcatlon found hlm ust a nervous wreck He suffered calmly Though untll by heck' ob became angry and his words are better passed here When people told hlm that the thmg was better last year What writers be :de Riley helped to make lndlana famous3 The man who ss rote H'abash Blues' m trylng to get 1 square meal sand Donald oyce is he attempted to sua ox ns Ice Dumb' He s o dumb that he thmks Blondy Nlaesch rs a halrnetl If Ewelyn Cort could haye a case on Wallace Xlarshall lt hould be 1 case of court martla ' I we made ten perfect copies rn typexs rltlng Huh the only time you exer made a perfect copy was durmg the l1st ex xms unt strmglng me salcl the banjo to the negro mmstrel ju t before the show Y ou glve me a pane rattled the mndoyw to the small boy mth the baseball bat First Virgil student Where can l get a Knapp3 Second dltto 'Vlr Helble s hlstory class rxght across the hall A thmg of beauty IS a Joy foreyer rts loylmess nn creases An old hue dollar Dl or an accordron pleated skirt? Ill N If n u J t- L , , V ' ' s .. , 4 ' ' . 1 ' s 1 .l . t J ' - 'J . , , . , . , . V . . ., 5 ., . J . . ' . 1 . . v - - l - ' t , C - ' S c ' . . f 1 , tt . . v. A , I . , 1, . .-P11 vl - , . , . . S . .. . ' ' 1. 1 1 , S 1 1 - , . . . . , . 7 ' v y v I V. i , 4. 1. r .. UQ . . . ,, . . . . Q . , c .. . E tt f - H - . p ' ' ' I C . - - A tt H V .tx , - . H T ,, . , . V . . . ,, Y - - - 'fff A7111 r fun THE CLARION ANNUAL -.Q 7' -SEV aa U APPIPTON HIGH SCHOOI SIC Volvere parcas I watched rn a letharglc slumber The assembly recedrng from new In the darkness w hrch thrckly hung o er me A dlm distant NOICC hltered through Twas the NOICC I am sure of Lee Rasey Vvho spoke as I d heard hlm before When he prophesied oft from the rostrum And here KN as one prophecy more I m wlewmg the future drstmctly nl hrough that power early glwen to me And strange are the srghts and surprlsmg Whlch the occult allows me to see On a street corner down rn Nlrlwaukee Exhortlng stands Nrlaurrne Cahall She has srnce Jomed the salvatron army Where her xorce rs of monstrous avail Ffltl Benclt rs the suaxe polrshecl ow ner Of a new up to date cabaret Xvhere Mlclge Dans prowrdes entertarnment And Kronke stands under a tray Lorraine Falk has galned qulte a fortune And shares It 1 1th Cenevleve Hyde bhe sent loxe letters into the Trrbune Who pard well for belng supplred ohn Zussman the bold boxrng be1rcrt WINS frstfulls of cash xt each bout Bull Nleyer his good turn dorng daily Is strll the same bashful boy scout In that long hatred Bohemran reglon Enwelopxng Washrngton Square Bohemian Nlrrran Lyons Runs a studlo restaurant there In the front of a carmwal side show O Leary and Nemacheck stand Regalrng the crowd '1 1th the wonders Vvrth the l1ne they '1 ell know how to hand 111 H1 1 It A. 1 I A - 0 1 1 , . , , . I 1 1 1 , . 1 .1 1 - f - f 1 A 1 1 1 1 t , , 1 I1 ' ' 1 1 Q L . V ' 1 J , , 1 2 Q 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' I 4 1 u 11 1 v , V ' I . '11, Um fflflfrr fl IHF CLARION AANUAL 'Vlrlford s a motor pollceman And often does seventy per Affection o ercame hrs ambrtron Francrs rs stlll Burns s chauffeur Helen Snyder rs happily marrled Her husband just srts and adores Esther Smith runs an orphan asylum Dons Blake demonstrates rn the stores The Amerrcan Magazrne s pay mg Leon Palmer for talks on success Gr A mrlllon through struggle and strlv ID Hrs methods can t fall to rmpress They sand that her athletrc prow ess Would help her rn gathermg cash ust so and rn Bluemlchen s restaurant Geneva rs now slrnglng hash Loretta 'Vlaurer s a barber For ladies and keeps them rn style They have to keep strll when she s cuttmg And so she can talk all the x hlle Dorothy Hermann dispenses The sodas and sundaes and such taurant Which none rn the valley can touch Gwendolyn Drttmer IS runnmg A Hourrshmg woman s exchange ess Tollefson out rn Wyornlng A cowboy IS rldlng the range Dine Bender works clown at the depot And calls forth each outgoing tram Ralph Zachow the popular dentnst Extracts people teeth wrthout pam Florence Crbbons And 44 IOO 'Xloxs snts as a model for samts Neath Ruth Carncross guidance the chlld ren Are dlscardmg therr he don ts and halnts ,. - , I . . Q . Q Q . ,. g. 1 . , , . , . , Y V . At the fountain, in lVlorneau's French Res . Q , . A ' A ' -'. Q , , , . . . .. - ,. I ll flu: llnffflfvfl 7fl"' l I LH 1 ce H1111 cl1el 1 p1eacl1111v ID Ql11111 H1 wlary IS pa1d l11m 1n xen There Dorolln 51 le1cl tl1e Qmgmsg xd Leuned l1'1lOI'l6 1l1e 111111115 I1 R 111151111 Q CllIGC 111 -Xl1l111co1po11t1o11 x1l11cl1 clre 1 Q 111' cl 1 me C11ld 1CtOI 11111111 11111 111111111 Q 11e 111121 1nve11u1 f IX 11 FW 1 1 H11 1 1 11 C111 now lyoakte 1 IILXK 111141115 11111 111ocl1i1e1Q N1 lTlOI'1 Xl 111 10 1l11nt1ly fllte 11ouncl 1111 11111111 X11 111 tl1e111 111 1111111111-1 11fl111k u 111g 11 XOICK 0 ICN 111 1 o Htllllklll non Ines 111 D l 1 1e1e l1e c1llS for1l1 ll'1 front of l11 1 1 11 XOUI 1-11111 111111111 111 1 1 ll y 1 1111 Q 1 1 Nl 111011 Donnellx s 1e1 1011111 11' Xluffm Shop l-1 epx 1111 111111 1 PK XXII e l1lS llfe occup1 ll 1 1 1 1 1 11111n 1 111 u1u11 111 rt luncle g lf R111 1 1e1c1 e1es Swlx 111 I1 f Lllffb 111 1 1 1111 ll L11 1 11c tl1111 L Nt UIXN Y I 1' ll 1 Ill 1 .M1PJl,li"O,X' fff' scflnul. V. , F:' l.lo-' Q 1 P Q K' 1. A cl 1152 1 X't,al'. A' 1' g A . E . - . X' .-51- l alv l' 1 11 -l,r' eg R1 f. l Q " ' D 1 l C1111 l11'11r l1111' 111 1l11l1'1-1 11111K Nl ,'11 J. mlkl1 v'1l111'1 xv:-.11 111.111111ls illly II1f1ll',H Hxlzdg 1' l',.gfgfl'1'lI Illlll' New H1-. lllf' l'111- lflrxv' ls1l11' 412411 l 1111g111u 1111-1 1l1e1,l11111. 1 Qui "1.l1, Wvl ilu' Q11 1'i'74, .1 cl s- 1 ' ' 1 And Slnls' 11 zlyhge. -I e 5 "' ' 11 '1-'1-, Xvl ' 2 . I s "1111Al111'1-' UF11ll1s,lz1"-' ' lil ln lo -I1--1-" fllz l'4 C-'ll1-51111151 1111111 A gf'IlllK'II11lI1,N 1111111111111- slmp: l.11111'111 ' C'1'11ll'S .1111111111'1l N11 1111111l1 l41111wl1'1ls11-, XXX -1'1'l 11 l11'1' Clllly 111Q11111. "'l'1 A ' " 1- .- - ' -111 1, ln 'Hel H. ' 1111111 H11w41' l l'4.l1e1'l111rcl1's gun '11 very slellecl. H11-11111--111-111111111 way 1v11l11l11-1'l11l1l11-11. D111' Q cl l ' lr C1111'1'1'. .-Xml ' .1 sele " 1' z11'1e11. l,111s Vl"1s:' 1 ling. l l11-.111 'lQl1 ' '. 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I Cl 111e Ruin retned Io 1 conxent And IJECHITIC 1e11 flood and clexout In fact people CaII I1e1 Simi XCII16 AI tI1eI1111ew 1sI1en qalnt XGIIIP Qeen out I1e11 HOIIODXIIIP IOUIICI QOIIII Il If Il I1 IIIGII UOXPIIIIIIU IZIOUIH Il III l ff Ill Io IIlI'll'IQ I IhIdX p0IlC?IlI HI I PX 11 f I1 I 1cII lx mouse 1nd Lee I 1UgIII And gone to II1e polek Io expIo1e XV11 e SCIlI1lIIIxCXNIIL xxo1Iv 1 1 111ocI1I In Benym Ven cIoII11ng QIo1e Q cc OIIJ no ll Cl 1 CII 'NIIQ111N 1e1e In 111111 1 1 I11 1 d1C1I deem Q f 1 1 4 II I nms 11I11I tI1e1 me And XIdYl0l'I 5t1oeI1e Q sI1II XXII 111 An actlnv I1e1 01111 I1IIIc pI IX X Il e I.1I1xeIIe 17111 SeII1n0 QI c -Xn expect to II1e 1esI of I11x QI UK 11eII X1 x Jos 1' ll NS UICI bIllI1IlOIl UOIQ Il IIIIIU OII Slllld IS Roy L1I1111.1n s a Il mg n1uk1C11n An often lm -e n OII II1e I1eeI I1o111 1 I1e1ut1fuI I1111d o1.qan v11nd111v 0 t IIIUNIC 111eIocI1oux 1nd meet I-I IIOILI c 1eI 11ougI1 II1c1 N o II1e e IX I I S UIII 0 K Rx L DILII I I f U Il 1111 IJ N 1II I II I I4 H f C'I,.1-IRIU IN' II .Y .Y I ' .-I I. 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's - " ' v' . s I Q A ' .S . Y' ' ' s le " 2 . r l r fvf ' . .' '. 1 I .I E . . V V . I. .i , ,,. 1 . I. L I . . e'sz la I, .5 7. 1' v. 5 1 ' 1, A ,, vi , ' ' ' as ' -' 1, s s , ' . , . .S v 'bf Hr, ffl. 11111 I U F-lOI'CDCC Torrey I glI'lS welfare MOflxCf 'Nlargaret Vt adsuorth a texcher of Frencn And SCl'll3flC6 ht flSlI'lg IT19Cl1'lI'llC ls l'T13SlET of pllefi and Ml'Cl'lCl1 Harold Baclmmxnn as runnmg 1 pool shwclt Bxll Chud xcoff lacks up the balls Xi hlle State repreeentatne Stelr s YOICC Resouncls through the Capttol s hills Oxts Wlnkauf IS batlboy for Qlexelancl Vlfe expect 1 sensational rlse Bung many a nhhon and pr11e Arld Wlldl MCT? llt0SE NXOlLl XNltlCll KOH muttered3 My prophesleo nexen come true 3 N ou doubt th xt l m seelng correctly 3 Well then you lcnoxs xx h it you c tn do Qffended the wotce ceased to murmur l pleaded but pleaded tn xaln l xalcecl of the text of the students But heald not the prophet ag un But I took down the raungs correctly And copied lt light on the spot But I don t dare to call lt authentic And you can bellexe lt or not L Jlr 111If11ffI'11rfNf Y' ll f C 1. tl R I O N ,fl N N '.-1 I- 1,21 And Stanley C?,illespie's hne cattle L'as . l APPLI-QTON HICH SCHOOL 49 'fl' '19 'FW 11flH1i SHERMANI HOUSIL N COFFEE SHOP SODA GRILL XIIXX IJIXX H X I umber Cement PALACE Bwldmg Xlaterlals Coal and Coke Tea Room an Hettmger Cf 1 mdx mp lumber Co I m O m ' O OO OOOO if 4 m 5 L .lfvlm KQIIIIXYZQQ I'1'fq+. 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Suggestions in the Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) collection:

Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Appleton High School - Clarion Yearbook (Appleton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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