Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1959 volume:

Lu Lu J 5 :L ,I , .muwr Class - Apple Springs iilgh 5u11,ful ' a I hrs annual records many PICCIOUS memorles of our school days We shall reallze some day that these were the most happy and preclous days of our ltfe We are here strlvmg to get wlsdom and under standlng so we may be able to enjoy the fruits of th1s llfe let every one realtze that he should butld hrs house upon the rock so that tt w1ll wrthstand any of the drffrcultles whrch mrght come hrs way Get know ledge while you are young so tt w1ll g1ve you power when you are older Thls IS but another step along our way to eternrty May tt ever be a step III the rrght dxrectton for a happy and successful future alwwrf Elmer l-I Gtbson Superlntendent We the Semors of Apple Spr1ngs Hlgh School of the year 1959 wxsh to dedrcate our yearbook The Eagle to our wonderful parents and also to the teachers of the Apple bprrngs Hrgh school ?9auu'4 W Salou! 76464014 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs C W Keeshan M L Rrchards C W Battxse Mrs Mtlvra Weeks Wesley Wltt and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Maxme and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Davrs Kmg Joe B Davls Eldred Duncan Whrte S L Tarwater C A Graham Carl Hogg Archle Luce Bud Madden Wade McMullen Eldred Tullos Mrs M P Hutson W Batt1se Mrs L Thomas B Stewart H Grbson I Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. C. . ' gh Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lee Mr. B. L. Lenior Mr. . . . ' . . . ' ' Mr. C. . Mr. ' Mr. E. . ' Mr. . R. L. ' Mr. . R. F. ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ceae4f4wanc!Z4e GYMNASIUM HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING W-I SHOP GRA MMAR SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS LUNCH ROOM f l- 5 l IV 'Qx Q rv 43 fucul 346' far PM ,nuff ELMER H GIBSON CALVIN BATTISE EVELYN HUTSON Supermtendem: Coach Math Er1g11Sh B S M d M 'IR i B L LENOIR CARLTON STEWART LAWASA THOMAS B L MCCLAIN Busmess Voc Ag Homemakmg Seventh and B B A M Erghth Grades WW ANNIE MCCROREY MAUDELENE GIBSON LYDIA MCCLAIN ANN EVANS Fxfth and Thxrd and Fourth Fnst and School Nurse Srxth Grades Grades Second Grades , R,N. B.S. B. S., M.Ed. B.S. Sw!! STANDING left to right Roy M White John C Graham Judson Battise Betty Nell Davis Virginia Luce Bobbie Duncan Lynn Tullos and Omerle McMullen SITTING left to right JoAnn Giles Betty R Madden Wanda Lee Mary Lee Richards Barba ra Witt Loretta Hogg and Mrs I-lurson SW! STANDING left to right Clarence Davis Edwin Tullos Joe Bob Tullos Paula Rho den Judy Allred Mike White Lewis Davis J W Madden SITTING left to rlght Mrs Thomas Bobbie Warren Maur1ne Watson Betty Watson Ronald Taylor and Mr Lenoir SITTING, left to right: Clinton Williams, Mary Madden, Jolene King, Paula Rhoden Judy Allred, Loretta Hogg, Omerle McMullen, Barbara Witt, Cecil Hawthorn, Mary Lee Richards, Mary Jane Due, Ronnie Tullos. STANDING: Mr. Lenoir. rv 3,12 La, 4 ' a Ol' Class Reporter Senior Play FHA Parlramentanan Annual staff FFA Sweetheart Class Favorlte Student Councrl Treasurer ROY MACK WHITE Basketball Annual staff Semor Play Halloween Ktng OMERLE MCMULLEN Basketball Semor Play Class Presrdent Most Athlettc Annual Staff Most Representattve Student Councrl Presrdent BOBBIE DUNCAN Most Beaunful Semor Play Annual Staff Basketball Manager BARBARA WITT Cheerleader Volleyball Basketball FHA Song Leader Class Treasurer Annual Staff Semor Play Most Representanve Student Councrl Secretary IOE DON DA VIS Class Favonte Semor Play Annual Staff LORETTA Hoes P BET TY SUE KING Cheerleader Basketball Most Athletlc Volleyball Semor Play Annual Staff CHARLES KEESHAN Annual staff Semor Play Mr Apple Spnngs Student C0l1IlCll Member MA RY LEE RICHARDS Cheerleader Basketball Volleyball FHA Presrdent Semor Play Edltor of Annual Mrss Apple Sprrngs Homemaker of Tomorrow Student Councrl Member LYNN TULLOS Annual staff WA NDA LEE Cheerleader Basketball Semor Play Annual Staff Volleyball Class V1ce Pres1dent JOHN C HA RLES GRA HA M Semor Play Annual Staff Basketball EE Senior Play VIRGINIA LUCE Basketball Volleyball Semor Play Annual Staff BETTY NELL DAVIS Annual Staff 5611101 Play FHA Reporter BETTY RUTH MADDEN Most Lrkely to Succeed Halloween Queen FHA Treasurer Class Secretary Ammual Staff Semor Play Most Lrkely to Succeed Annual szaff Semor Play I0 ANN GILES Annual Staff DOROTHY LEE Annual Staff IUDSON BA TTISE STANDING left to nght Judson Batuse John Charles Graham Joe Don Dav1s Charles Keeshan Roy Mack Wh1te Omerle McMullen Lynn Tullos SITTING left to nght Barbara Wrtt Mary Lee Rlchards Wanda Lee V1rgm1a Luce Betty Sue Kmg Betty Nell Dav1s Betty Ruth Madden Loretta Hogg an Secretary President K "LAW BETTY RUTH MADDEN OMERLE MCMULLEN Treasurer ViC6 BA RBA RA President W1TT WANDA Reporter LEE LORETTA HOGG 1 .,,. K 1.g-e , .Qqf-vsnpvi., M M. 4, I K nn wk . Ol' "9 EDWIN TULLOS - President I In QWQQ WAYNE HOLLIS Vlce Presldent PAULA RHODEN Secretary BETTY WATSON Treasurer LEWIS DAVIS Reporter BOBBIE WARREN Re porter RONALD TAYLOR MAURINE WATSON CLARENCE DAVIS JOE BOB TULLOS J W MADDEN MIKE WHITE TOMMY WELLS AQHA!! Q,gL?'T 7 sop YES X Mira' 9 K .Mx Vi X Q!! Clarence Lawson M1ke Glles J1mm1e Hathorn Brlly Davenport Cecll Hathom Wayne Madden Mary Jane Due Iudrth Allred Melba Madden Joy Beth Stewart Audrey Rhoden W1111mae Tullos ww' lil Lourse Duncan 5:77552 ,et ' Q ' if . ' , . fieshmen , h.w w,,,..y.' Raw Rayford Davrs Maycel Due Clmton Wxllrams Kay Foster if cv! , fl FRO Carolyn Green Harold Faver Loursrana Ragland James A Madden Mary Madden Tommre Rrce Joyce Wells SZ Dwayne Tullos Bobble Lee Gordon Norsworthy Robert Smrth I fx .el Jim Ed Smith F' 5 9 - " " ' , 'f . M : 7 f f. NX XX 2 i 5 4 I Swan!! Johnny Holhs Barbara Whrtaker Lrnda Jo Tullos Peggy Rhoden Ronald Tullos Joe Smrth Tom Lee Ragland Bobby Kendrrck 1 B L McCla1n Sandra Wells Teacher James Madden Eagan M1010 fill! Jolene Kmg Marlene Davrs James Whlte Roy Lynn Tullos Jlmmy Tullos Thomas Dav1s Kenneth Farley John Duncan Carroll Wells Elame Luce R L Luce Annre Hogg Frances Duncan Jeanme Hendry Ihonny Wells James Luce 'ifffat 43 'Q-fr 5' A' -NAR -Ry Audrey Madden Charles Elhsor James Due ,hmmy Pate Leon Madden Jerry Luce Edna Foreman PHIIICI8 Faver Hmmm al' rv-cf bp. Lynda Lee Wmda Kendnck Annle B McCrorey Loy M Oneal Nell Davrs James Redd Earl Whlte Rosle Foreman Betty Pate Kayla Moore Hugh Tomhnson Star Keeshau Larry Carswell Alma Marshbum 151+ S7 Saud Wmcze Eddrngton Martha Davenport 'Mfiui Tommy Carswell Larry Davenport Rrcky Hendry Stanley Kendnck Jesse Lee Sherman Lee Davrd Luce John Luce Harvey Rhoden Ben Wells Jack Nrchols Lourse Bell Molly Blakeway Iene C Davxs Carolyn Due Beverly McC lam Threcra Rune: Sherry W arson Redd Maudelene Gibson Wayne Bell Stevie Carwvell Earl Duncan Linnwood Faver Carroll Lee Roy Lynn Madden .hmmy Marshbum Gary Stewart James Whue Betty Blakeway Lmda Kay Davls Sandra Ellrsor Arlene Johnson Marrlyn Kendnck hornton 'arren J Ui 'fcntl 9 o .69 Lydra oe Ph1l1p Wendell Ra Mrlda Kay McC1a1n Madden W atson Redd Kendnck Donnell Aim ll IX TY Effxe ue Dxana Gary Lxnda Deborah Foreman Madden C arolyn C onme Tullos Tullos 'H gn sf-Q ,X ao 9 P 7" b PCSSY Wells Ben Foster Boyd Taylor Buddy Whlte L econdQ'zade Dxane Madden Samantha Nlchols Paula Wells Russel Steele Smxtherman 0 . I . . y . 3 fm' ' I ww, ,AS . S . . W 7 - 2' - , 323223 A 7 '11-f',.a ' ' ' O 0" 1 ,gz-, 1 , I , Z F3 I - .5 ' I 4 622 ,4,e,ue S 1959 Barbara W1tt Betty Watson Wanda Lee Coach Battlse Betty Kmg Mary R1chards Maycel Due OPPONENT Glover Centervxlle Kennard Glover Lovelady Centervllle Latexo Kennard Lovelady DISTRICT RECORD Won 10 Lost 0 48 THEY D . . O WE 40 29 ' 54 13 Latexo 48 32 58 35 50 30 39 30 ' 56 17 59 39 26 fa ites by ' . 14. , 'f3mew.3,,gf:w ff-Mg wry' . - , g LQ-A-U,gA,5f.Q,,.. s f xii Jfkfff 4, V' Wfife .- V ., A M -,,w:.n, E5 .,.. X ., - - A .fer ' im H. ,.-M-1 mi? - 'H QE 55' K NS, Y " 2 Wg ' I I f - 'K-' , A , .. , . ,. . .. 'K my R Jgnwmfmr- -..L--1.15 Mr and MISS Apple Sprmgs MARY LEE RICHARDS CHARLES KEESHAN Most Representauve BA RBA RA W IT T OMERLE MCMU LLEN .....1iX Ma 1 .N mmm 1 Q fm? gm a , Y A QggyKhggQYsvf?mf?faks mK 3535? j , Q 4 W Q S-K :W s gin QSM 3 L fm Mx if 3 v, W aw M lkffffgfw X W My HW K X wig EVEN X eff? ' sy A 31. ww flaws? ' v Kmg and Queen BETTY RUTH MADDEN ROY MACK WHITE 551 'Kwai a E ' ,- f- , -W. ,- ' if , W- 5,334-5W','2 A my 2 " iv .. ,gmigil ij" 1 f 5 ' w 1v1w,1gf1Q::g, A ' 1, A ' M1 1 -yr i - ' 1, 'snr ggi -K f , ' A , ' - -. V W -sf.fzgq3zfi:1':',f w . gf, 1 .X 5 , , ,vtwry,X.,-.,w,f.f5ge'ffyrf: ,ga -'.':F2,1m'?.fmfqw , fw , - ' M, HK Lf ,saw , - , my . f , A .vg1f,-e4g5,'gwq, ggnsglf skwfngg if 5 51 K A ' ' --ff if ,. I - X i?ibgyqfwzv'ffkgisffzwgswif '1t5',.s5m,g14:7, 72 iz' f . u k x , . 1- A ' .551 5 f 1 - . A-y.w,i,,i, v.'1::.Q1,gg5!,Q, f ' ' ' . 4. , - J: Q. f 1 7 Hzfi ' f ' .f ' -'QJY:-Valk.,fl-'Hgfr'QWfsziikz . m m . ,A , . , T A' wb V . . , -5 me .1':.'sgyfw A ' 'Q ' - f -' ' k 5 .- '- ' . v .- ' wgfQ, wgZ!'3z,fv i lg, ,L,, A Ar , A V ,L A , K V k.,AV: LL AVLZV ,L,AV, VLV,L., V AV , A , , , S 4 -LL,,Z'l,, Eiffiyiiissif , TY A . - . , , f K. f , ' 1' 'l 5 ,s . 'f - ' If f- ' ' N 3 I ' 1 ,fl 'igfA"S'i' :' :2i5:'2!:4'2Zz:1Li,siiii I A X - .QW N - .f -A-,LW g,L,,-,- 1 yen: gk f, 9:51. ff 1, ,lggfw , ., ' '- ' I' H 'S Most A thleuc BETTY SUE KING OMERLE MCMULLEN ll W1 Kmg and Queen Runner Up STAR KEESHAN VID LUCE U-ml. I I I Freshman F avontes BOBBIE LEE RAYFORD DAVIS Sophomore F avorltes MA RY JANE DUE HMMY HATHORN 4.1.4.- r'-"y,,,,. Iumor Senlor F a vontes Favontes LORETTA HOGG BET TY WATSON WAYNE HOLLIS I OE DON DAVIS afhktics l l?5X 1959 Barbara Witt Betty Watson Wanda Lee Coach Battrse Betty King Mary Richards Maycel Due 6400 Coach Battise, Kay Foster, Maycel Due, Virginia Luce, Melba Madden, Carolyn Green Wanda Lee, Mary Richards, Barbara Witt, Betty Watson, Joyce Wells, Judy Allred, Mary Jane Due, Betty Sue KingQNot Showny. MARY RICHARDS BETTY SUE KING MAYCEL DUE Forward Forward Forward BETTY WATSON BARBARA WITT WANDA LEE Guard Guard Guard A TEAM los and Coach Battise OMERLE MCMULLEN CHARLES GRAHAM ROY MACK WHITE EDWIN TULLOS JIMMY HATHORN MIKE GILES Clinton Williams, Omerle McMullen, Charles Graham, Jimmy Hathorn, Edwin Tul- 56' Zaye? Coach Bamse EdwmTu1los Cl1ntonW11l1ams Cec1l Hathorn hmmy Hathom John Graham Roy Whlte Omerle McMullen LewLsDav1s M1keG1les Rayford Dav1s Wayne Hollxs Bllly Davenport Robert Smnh Tommy R1ce Wanda Lee Mary Rlchards Barbara Wm cauhzqfcydg cam CAROLYN GREEN Basketball Sweetheart 1959 in ,U W y..1,,,, u M iss W1 yy W X w Ji P11 Y Edd ties J ,. z E r gg. WA? BACK ROW Lewts Davts Cec1l Hathom Robert Smtth Omerle McMullen Joe Bob Tullos Roy Wlute Lynn Tullos Clrnton W1ll1ams Ronald Taylor MIDDLE ROW Wayne Madden Dwayne Tullos Edw1nTullos Jummy Hathom Clarence Davus I W Clarence Lawson M1keG1les Mlke Whlte Loretta Hogg B1lly Davenport James Madden Harold Faver Chapter 0fflCeIS FFA Sweetheart Qulz Team LORETTA HOGG 0 Left to nght: Robert Smtth, Rayford Davls, Tommy Rrce, Clmton Wrlltams, Gordan Norsworthy, Dwayne Tullos, James Madden. I I 5 Six S 1' I Madden, Gordon Norsworthy, Tommy Rice, Rayford,Davis, C. B. Stewart. SITTING: it o. 5 8 I MARY RICHARDS LAWASA THOMAS F H A Sweethgart President Sponsor WAYNE HOLLIS 3' Oggwefw LEFT TO RIGHT Barbara Wttt Mary Jane Due Lorrtta Hogg Betty Watson Mary Lee Rich ards Paula Rhoden Betty Ruth Madden Judy Allred JoAnn Giles STANDING, left to right Barbara Witt Joann Giles Betty Nell Davis Wanda Lee Mary Lee Richards, Maycel Due, Kay Foster, Audrey Rhoden, Maurine Watson, Betty Watson, Judy Allred, Joy Stewart, Carolyn Green, Willie Mae Tullos, Virginia Luce, Bobbie Warren, Mrs. Lawasa Thomas, Sponsor. SEATED: Penny Nichols, Mary Madden, Paula Rhoden, Loretta Hogg, Mary Jane Due, Melba Madden, Joyce Wells, Betty Mad- den, Bobbie Lee. fi? 1 F5 0 5? 1-K4 , -L,A,..,,-. 0 z i 5 is Q I s fx V f X K AE, fi' 7 ' is 3 k - 5 ,-s -u Q ti A X 1376 AH fl' QM ,igdvertlsers SCUTHERN PINE LUMBER CCMPANY SPIB 77 Southe rn Diboll, Te xa s Pine Lurnber Templetreat Posts SP Supreme Oak Flooring The Flne st Bu11d1ng Mate r1al Money Can Buy Produced by East Texas Sk111 From East Texas Forests SUM J 9 IS , ff f t o !j!5!'.!4N' PIEEFFSQ LET US H ELP I i ram 'I' Qffggg' MHHHII WHTWWTT fm' W' MW Off1cers ROLLAND SMITH Pre s1dent A J HUTSON Vlce Presldent EDWIN MCCLAIN VICC Pres1dent and Cash1er PAULINE BROWDER Asslstant Cashler OUIDA STARKEY Assxstant Cash1er L1ab1l1t1es 000 Cap1ta1 Stock S 50 O00 Surplus Undlvlded Prof1ts 240 Deposlts 450 L """7LZ..,1- OOO 000 TH FIRST NATIONAL A 'MW W1 my nhl I5 SIZE 14 HIE T Mg, ITT TT TH 1I lm. - X-W I l ..-. Groveton Texas W MW U In. ' ------------- ----- , .00 ----------------------50, .00 ' ' ' ..------------ - - , . 00 ' .......--.--- -------- , .00 'f"?fi"f"H'?f?"', ., E , 'hi.iJaiqi.iai-T11 L 3 M L '21 1 . Q T , I'GV 1!if " , if ' g 9 1iT' Il - wh HY Eff - v Tm Ihr TIT j , ..1.'J E, Q, A 'T' HI? x T + 1 Il T T IT 1 T ' T ,GN 'l .p j 'IT - 5 -Q G P SCOGGINS Pres1denL Off1ce Phone 3 7822 and Duector of Personnel Resldence Phone 3 7939 PINEYWOOD BUSINESS COLLEGE School of Buslness Admlnlstratlon and Secretarlal Sclence Fully Approved by the Texas Educat1onal Agency Lufkln Texas The management and the faculty of The Pmeywood Busl ness Junlor College 1n Lufkln congratulates the members of the Senlor Class of 1958 1959 of the Apple Sprmgs H1gh School upon thelr approachmg graduatlon We encourage you to accept your opportunltyto make prep ara'C1Or1S for an excellent paylng pos1t1on ln Stenographlc Secretarlal Executlve Secretarlal Work .Iun1orAccount1ng and Buslness Adm1n1strat1on or Traff1c Management The P1DSyWOOd Buslness College has the approval of the Veterans Adm1n1strat1on the Nat1ona1 Counc1l of Busmess Schools and the State Department of Educatlon 1n Austln Wrlte, telephone or v1s1t the College Off1Ce for 1nformat1on or for a conference G P SC OGGINS Pre s1dent . . , - ' i D D 3 I , u u a 3 ,V 6- f X1 .f XXX E SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS INC Y? EZ? f wk ,filimf Q W , . SQ Q76 5? Q- Q 65 W M' ff ,ffxff-srofrz-G'ssg,,.X OM! C E 15333 IS ouk ug!!! Y rmsr THOUGHT Butane Propane Sf CONSUMERS FUEL 8: APPLIANCE COMPANY Phone 4280 Phone 85 Grapeland Kenna rd Groveton Tr1n1ty Z33w3 Cente rvllle Crockett ZOIJ Phone 2.85 'Your Bus1ness Apprec1ated" Call BILL MOCHMAN Phone 4280 Groveton, Texas J C SYNDER gl SON HUMBLE STATION Road Servlce 'Tl 73: cn wil ff.-4 1-v-C5 843 ,-3'-1 "1 cn? wo o.o 71" F' 5 UQ 'Cf' 08 Q 2 2' Hn F1rst Intra Tread Bumpers F1rst Un1 Cush1on Contour Y XX 3 Z 3 Z P! Z C Z C! eff is S1 i F1rst S11ent Tractlon Desl n Llfetlme Road Hazard Groveton, Texas AIIMSYFUIIE PREMIUM JJ-r.u .rv JJ. I PIX: Z.. X GX O .1 1 , .5 A O 5 Q25 'ar A - - 'RO , GJ 1 J 5 . - I R 4 ,, k Q . I I K . . - x, n I' I l 18 Q C, N ' ,. ,' ,A A '-I , h ew' , 12-X XSQX A .Uh If Q A' :Q -A Xi 5 .I ox egg A ' h H1 Comphments of AND MRS M L RICHARDS Apple Sprmgs Texas Hlghway 94 uccess to the graduating class Fash1ons for the Farrnly f? V7 Lufk1n's Fmest Department Store Lufkm Texas '7f we K3 GooDFooD you :wwf EVISIT CHUCK S LOUNGE Everyone Is Talkmg About the Good Food' N!! 4 Z I s Completely A1r Cond1t1oned CHUCK AND LOLA KEESHAN Proprletors Across Neches R1ver on H1ghway 94 West of Lufkm Texas MR. . . . xf N1 . If Q lg? 47' fu x , , WW I N 1 ljngrutulufluus to the graduating class COCA COLA BOTTLING CO Lu.fk1n Texas L w xi xlhl I -, 'I' me rg vm VE ARNOLD GIN CO Groveton Texas 1 en GRocEPl 2:53-'S'L?E'l1M fn u A -wg ,y 4 THRIFT FOOD MARKET Manager J C WHITTLESEY Shop and Save Here or Grocemes Feed and Meat Phone 2071 Groveton Texa s MR AND MRS J E DUBOSE Apple Spr1ngs Texas Washmg and Greasmg Armstrong Tlres '09 Exlde Batterles All Major Brands Motor O11 Candy Gum Tobacco ' MeChaHlC on Duty" , X t K7 ACD K L ear A 15 T- 2 - A V I ff ei L- I ,- 4 l VV ff Q f. ' Uv vm , , , W A V N v az: 1 I f,..:,.I.w: 1, , , ' 1 .M " f -O ,. ,, ,- ,H -Q-3 Qsx n-,ns f. S -,is-it - - ia- in A . A he - 'fb if . Y f'- 'ff , -arg: A' JJKE. 4:3 .- U 4' ' , i Q 5' 4' If 4 xilml yx V Qt -Q ix 1 -"Jn ' 1 "X iw S A Y hx! . . - . .. ' X 5 "' . "H fy - , t.1,, 4. s ...w P' --:J-ni' ' 1 ' 1 f D , . i 'v ig .Xl atthe SOUTHERN CLUB I-hghway 94 Managers MR AND MRS A L FOSTER -1+ 5 6 i WLM Congratulatmns to the Senlors of 1959 From MR AND MRS J C LEE H1ghway94 To 1959 Graduates Congratulatlons From MR. A. J. HUTSON Groveton, Texas Comphm ents of RANDY GATES .TAX BEER DISTRIBUTING CO Tr1n1t'y, Texas I X vl l LF. ATX A Dine and Dance .fr 'lf 7 A 'I 'v 1 1, f l . ST by AH Z ,ml 1+ w xxx . . . . A V U La 3 fs A , 3,1 1' IF, - 72 . 15 1 A f ig. Congratulauons Senlors of 1959 Compllrnents of FLOURNOY FLORIST 218 East Kerr Lu.fk1n Texas Also Atk1DS Parakeets QThe Blrd That Talksj Telephone NE 4 7226 mum War, niiVT 1 -1 ,E V Q43-aaa X X 0 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS DEPOT Parts for A11 Cars Ph NE4 7757 Lufkln Texas RUSSELLS 8. WEEKS GULF SERVICE STATION 3 O4 Frank Lufk1n TeXa S XMG-if 2 TIMBERLINE SAW COMPANY 915 Atk1nson Lufk1n Texas VARIETY STORE PERRY BROTHERS Groveton Texas School Supplles Dry Goods I LUMBIIIG T L HILL PLUMBING CO Phone NE 4 4551 SCPLIC Tank Clean Out Servlce Dltch D1gg1ng Servlce 1316 N Raguet Lufkm Texas' BU RGESS Quahty Meats We Spec1a11ze 1n Home K111ed Meats Hlghway 94 Lufkm, Texas V 1 .-" . 1 GP G15 f I . -':s:::: Q , f - 1-.... + A C, ff' A fs , -' 7 " -' .4-1, 'Q f 'Y iq 1' .f X555 p X ' I 1 . un . , as - ly 4, X Qs' HB E' f 1 1111 " f f 1 .1 . . 2 , a , I U r ' 1 ' 1 T HILTON COLLINS Dry Goods and Ready Wear for the Whole Fam11y THE GREAT SHOE STORE Boots Shoes and ACCCSSOIISS Over 7 OOO Pa1TS Groveton Texas IMOGENE S BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beauty Se rv1ce Grove ton Texas of' ' V X I A1r Condltloned 1 W9 Llcensed Operator WQTEEXW 'SFQIR THOUGH! M TURNER SHOE SHOP Groveton Texas A11 Work Guaranteed TL ILL PLUMBING CO Phone NE 4 4551 Septlc Tank Clean Out and Dltch Dlgglng Se rvlce 1316 N Raguet PLUMBING Lufkm, Texas ld fzed B cs mem MAsslNolLL Meats Beef and Pork We Wlll K111 Cut and Wrap Your Calves and Hogs for Your Deep Freeze Phone NE 4 9211 Lufkm Texas Comp11ments of MR AND MRS W L GIBSON Off1C6 3081 H0 Groveton, Texas GROVETON NEWS Pr 1nt1ng and e 347 1 Pub11sh1ng Phone 4151 Groveton, Texas , o ,J , 0 Q9 f J 1' 4' . , 1' Q. 5 ,PIIIII 'X ' -Q M IA ' O ' 5 A - Phone 4521 K -2 O xml . . . Q, fi . Ix X- X I . . I'I 2 ANGELINA LARUE'S GLASS INC PHARMACY M1rrorS Shower Doors Tub Installauons Quahty and Accuracy Auto Glass Wmdow Glass 518 Angehna Street Phone 771 Lufkln Texas Crockett Texas Phone NE 4 3044 YELLOW CAB Luflxm Tex 3 5551 JOY SfUdIO BROWNIE'S Lufkln Texas 4 4100 Fllrn Developlng Flne Portra1ts Reasonab1e Pr1ces 119 S Cotton Square Phone 3 3933 Super Compllrnents of LX V AI' Serv1ce I. U ,X Allred s A-N EDDINGTON BARBER SHOP GROCERY Apple Spr1ngs Tex Appfeiifngs Barber S hop ,X For C 1 Hardwearmg Hardware 2 Omp lments See Abney 8g Medford MR AND MRS TRAVIS TULLOS HARDWARE The Tullos Cafe Ap le S T Phone 4 4567 P pnngs exas Lufkm Texas 5 1 . r 0.5, N JP 7 "1 "' . , .' fi A T I r,Cr, Q at ' .' E:5.,:.1,' v'fv'-v 1 f .V-- WINSTON t I R .-,.'.. . , "' , 0 ' , L 1 , ?: 1 I 1? 9 ' 2 ' 'A x E 3. S-N . T"1T?' T f Cf f f of H li . - I Q if Go to IN THE DAVE S WHEN DRIVE INN Munn run mae mon Ill 420 T1mbe rland Drlve I ufkln Texas I' sk B nurannl Wm 2'- Compllments of BEAMS MR AND MRS L W ADKINSON Lufk1n, Texas .N JEWELRY STORE KENNEDYS F f l I Oldest and Best 110 North F1rst Street MRS R A KENNEDY and A C KENNEDY f ff Z .0 LUFKIN ff I ' ,f MUSIC AWGN!! CENTER KAW! Eve ryth1ng 1n Mus 1C 106 West Shepherd Avenue Lu.fk1n, Texas Phone NE 4 3143 E 4 MADDUX 5'-ME BUILDING n n MATERIALS IE num E ff C Everyth1ng to Bu11d Anythlng P O Box 562 NE4 4117 415 Atklnson Drlve Lufkm, Texas Comp11ments f 'W B 32 BEEFBURGER The Flnest of Foods De11c1ous Coffee and P1e at A11 TIIDCS North Second Street Lufkln, Texas iii, ' READS Q l Q BROILBURGER U4 Lb Cho1ce Beef on 5" Bun 112 Spr1ng Chlcken S1 00 HARGROVE 8. HOOKS Major Appllance O d r ers to Go Sales and Serv1ce 110 E GO11ad Phone 226 Phone 4 6118 Lufkm, Texas Crockett, Texas S J I i TT' 5 'H A L I . 2' 9 N A 0 - . ls, ' A . , . f T335 5 f f HW A I j f . an 4 lwf mv I 7 ' ' . ' 10,1 . , . iijfxgip IH ff A Ilia' f . THE FIRST STATE BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Lufkln Texas muanmmmmmuunm sill Ynun H-All BA C1113 YUIIIZA KNIFE FRIEND IJV ' The Bank of Personal Serv1ce for Over a Quarter of a Century PAUL HART'S ART W Q1 M RADIO 81 TV SERVICE CCFHIDICS G1ftS I11f3.I'1tS' w UIHHQ Rglgggu NAPPY ear KEQQ I 'fl E I3 rffd 92 ERVICE We GIVC S 8: H Green Stamps Lufkln Texas Lufkln Texas Pho 4 7295 Phone NE4 7729 Nlght NE4 6500 910 Abney ne 214 East Lufk1n Avenue LUFKIN FOUNDRY AND MACHINE COMPANY .I H KURTH JR , V1ce Pres E P TROUT V1ce Pres A E CUDLIPP V1ce Pres M L WILKINSON Sec L A LITTLE V1ce Pres W A KIRKLAND Treas W W TROUT Pres1dent Manufacturers of O11 F1e1d Pumpmg Equ1p ment Speed Reducers and Increasers, A11 Klnds of Truck Tra11ers and D1str1butors of M111 Industr1a1 and Automotlve Supphes Parts and Equ1pment Lufk1n, Texas Telephone Adm Offlces NE 4 4421 M111 Supp11es D1v1s1on NE 4 4428 Tra11er D1v1s1on NE 4-4425 1 I - - Q - I I , . Il -L. QQQ A 'P tg: f 0' ' ' sf o FLORIST at GIFT sHoP . -I ,lfsv iw' ' ' D a Q , o ' a n Q , . o 0 I , . O O I , l 0 o , . o s a , u o Q 3 . 3 1 . ' Compliments of 2 Compliments of 0- PALACE I DICK CHRISTY BARBER SHOP Lufkin Texas ' Accommodating Rexall Druggist Phone 7S Crockett Texas Compliments of LYNN EVANS Groveton Texas BUICK 'C' Compllrnents PIAZZA BUICK COMPANY 509 South Flrst Lufkm Texas Compl1ments of J V PRICE Groveton Texas IF IT S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT Wdddf rg DRIVE INN Curb Se rv1ce Groveton Texas ROBB MOTORS surge Comphments of DWIRE FLORIST Elegant Flo ral De s1gns Sales f Servlce Fme Ceranucs Prompt Se IV1C6 Groveton Texas Phone 3436 Groveton Texas V 0, C 7 ,' ' Y I ! U V I I A in 4 If 4 I 1 I 2 '. , , I 4 Nffsff ' w -gifs!! nf , . 9 l T DAvE's as f, ' ' X anna .1 0 0 fi Q 9 .BMJ h . 4 ,V-x I 2 Compliments of L O Qoopy MOORE TEXACO SERVICE STATION Phone 3 6231 Lufk1n Texas Emma Q LUFKIN FROZEN FOODS AUBREY JONES Manager 307 Herndon Phone NE 4 6714 Lufkln Texas Trucks Equ1pped W1th Two Way Radlos SERVICE BUTANE GAS CO INC P O Box 860 D1a1 3 7613 Dependable Butane Ser .I R BURKE Manager SERVICE BUTANE GAS CO INC Lufkln, Texas 1 9' G R""'b iaigrggizffm If siS 'g 4 fzy Meat Feed ALBERT S TERRY Central1a, Texas DRIVE IN PAINT STORE Lufkln, Texas PQI IQTS MXN BIG JOB CONSU LT US ""rr3r is Compllments of LILLY ICE CREAM Bryan, Texas MURRELL S PHARMACY ' Store of Personal Serv1ce Let Us Help You Save Compl1ments , MARGUERITE AVERY 101 N Elrst Phone 3 3306 Gulf Conslsnee Lufkm, Texas Groveton, Texas . 1'-,fx o o Q ' D 1 h 2 - ' Q fl l 9 3 A , 'Q . li " arm' " .I I ' ...-I ' ' . ,' - QQ w I . ,,.. ,,l, nu m . 1 " IJ if . s o ' II,L fm' 'H' .',, ,'.:5,u- ' 1 . X-II., I "' '-'lva:1f- . . , :' 5 ' W " If Q15 I ' be , ' f ' 11- K - A A E -'f'-1f-111f11111111111 H "-- - L ff l ' ' ' . , . GULF of GULF IA ' I CASH DRUG STORES Quahty Servlce and Pr1ce Prescr1pt1on Drugglsts Phone NE4 5525 Lufkm D1bo11, Texas Your Rexa11 Drug Stores ere You Buy for Less W A ROACH GROCERY Grocerles and Feeds H1ghway 94 Lufkm Texas Compllments of LOY O NEAL Apple Sprmgs Texas Hlghway 94 -mm -me Best For Les, M FURNITURE "1 ' rl PEARSON FURNITURE CO 306 East Dozler Ave D1a1 3 5223 Lufk1n Texas Hot Po1nt App11ances E1ectr1ca1 Supp11es L1ght1ng F1XtuTeS E1ectr1ca1 Contractlng Day Phone 3 4113 N1ght Phone 3 4662 QLECTRIC LUFKIN VAU G H N XCO NN 213 North F1ISt Lu.fk1n Texas SALES SERVICE Cars Trucks and Serv1ce HENDERSON MEDFORD MOTOR CO Author1zed Ford Dealers Lufk1n Texas DURHAM 'S SHOE SHOP Cowboy Boots B111fo1ds Hand Tooled Lad1es Purses Name Belts The Home of Good Shoe Repa1r1ng 214 North F1TSt St Lufkm Texas G H DURHAM Phone 3 9612 . , . . Wh ' n , l 9 - 1 ,, ' ' 1' ' 0 . . 1 . ' 'Q f 4 A. V 1 , ,gg 1 I , M, '- 4"'4".' '4 1-1--'F '4' , N. , ' - ' ' , . . , , ,, . . u U . , D 3 a n ' Congratulatlons to the Sernors of 1959 From PLUSS TEX POULTRY Lufk1n Texa s F, Win Nav Tiff-5 Groce r1es and Feeds X MR AND MRS J T ODOM Apple Sprmg s Texas Say It Wlth Flowers THE FLOWER SHOP Member of F T D MRS W P BERRY Proprletress 503 Mantooth D1al NE 4 4021 P O Box 237 Lufkln Texas HOLLEMAN S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Cleanmg and Pre s s mg Phone NE 4 5531 Lufkm Texas LIBERTY BEAUTY SHOP Charle ston Street ,-N Lufkm Texas N2 M 9 SY'-5 Comphments of Mr. 81 Mrs. Darwin Cr easy GROVE THEATER Compllments of Mr. 8K Mrs. Ben Delofosse DELAFOSSE BEAUTY SHOP and DELAFOSSE DRY CLEANING jp Gr0vet0n rove on, exas Q I exas m U G t T 51 Q T 1 1 1 af y 4? .W -'W ' , -1" XV ,it - if I Tiaujip? - - . A "u ' - POULTRY san Y ow.. I l s 1 . ll ' ll 4 f A . . ' . I . - . . , 1 ,m if ' .QARGLX ., ' vs, X T . , V . , 7' - s O. L. Finley TIRE COMPANY Wholesale Reta11 Auto Supphes Home Apphances North Raguet and Abney Ave Lufk1n Texas JACK W. WILLIAMS GROCERY AND MARKET Groveton Texas Compllm ents of ROY BRANNEN Groveton Texas W CHAPMAN Grove ton Te xa s Pa 1nts Ha rdwa re X 00000 af Eff Uwe GRUCERIES MAGEE BEND GROCERY Route 1 Groveton Texa s BUDY ndffllll REPAIRS NP JQR ' S S DELK BODY SHOP Groveton Texas ff? Ford Tractor and Eqmpment up PADGETT TRAC TOR CO fx- :O We CATES TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT ' 4 Groveton, Texas L 1:9 1 Groveton Tex Sale and SCIVICG 1 Q Phone 2821 Phone Day 2531 Nlghc 2416 . , I 3 0 K Q 3 Q hal 5 Y'-sf , ' ' , 5.-y 5 D ffl ' qt. - T - H r,- ,L D ' ' 1' n 2.4 1- ' , . SCOTT TIRE 81 SUPPLY Wholesale Retarl U S Royal 102 East Go11ad Telephone 935 Crockett Texas Tlres and Tubes DUKE 8: AYRES Good Quahty Mdse Low Pr1ces Crockett, Texas KENNEDY'S MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE Crockett Texas Fme Food bi 'H COUNTRY K1TcHEN Lufk1n, Texa S TRINITY CO ,ii FEED 8: SUPPLY Groveton Texa s Pur1na Chows and San1tat1on Seeds and Fert1l1zer Fa rm Supplles Ch1CkS Comphrnents of D D DOMINEY GROVE TON INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 2551 Groveton, Texas Complunents of 101 N T1mberland Drwe Lufkln, Texas Phone NE 4 762.2 fi Comphments of M. D. HUTSON Groveton, Texas F Buy Your 1' Feed H U PURINA JHOWS. wsl.u.l,'ul7 sl . , n GROVETON MILLS 8: GRAIN CO. Groveton, Texas sae ' A I , 'M I r j, V ' at !,1'11ff.lImf'7i Q n -I : , 1 T A L' LOU'S I . s a F1 'J ' - s I - . --w X1 ' I f ' I A . 2 ff' v ' V 518- V- , , at I I . - n If W C ROYLE TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewmters Add1ngMach1nes Offlce Supphes Sales Serv1ces Rentals Th1rd and Laurel Avenue Lufkln Texas YOUNG S PHARMAC Y Phone 2621 Groveton Texas THRIFTY CORNER GROCERY Manager ARCHIE CRAWFORD Crockett Texas Thr1fty Novelty SC to S51 OO Store Phone 800 Crockett Texas 414799 Y Biiiills Y Q52 E24 ORMAND s DRY GOODS STORE Q, C rockett T exas genie: Wadxee PRYOR'S MEN'S STORE Locat1ons Crockett Pale st1ne J C DICKEY GROCERY 8: MARKET FEED STORE Phone 274 1 Groveton Texas GROVETON MANUFACTURING co D C BARTON Pme and Hardwood Lumber Phone 2911 Box 575 Groveton, T exas Cornphrnents of MR C E BALCH Hlghway 94 Apple Sprmgs, Texas 0 0 I n , I - , nel? -. : - E 1-2 --Q, at L X i S , ' f , f A , ,637 9 I at X 1 . , IDEAL FURNITURE COMPANY Qsfl Always 'Your Best Deal Is at the Ideal Nacogdoches and Lufkm In Texas of Course Complmments r 8. Mrs Walter Smith H1ghway 94 Apple Spr1r1gs Texas GROVE CAFE We Serve U S Good Armour Steaks Muon FDR FINE FDUU df' Groveton T exas ps? Cornphments F CHEVROLET 0 2 'lx QPVNC' Groveton Texas New and Used Cars CHEVROLET Comphments of MR AND MRS SAM CREWS SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Apple Sprmgs Texas C'-ff,-. Complmrnents of MR WOODY LUCE Apple Spr1ngs Texas I-hghway 94 Compllments of MR W M JONES Hlghway 94 Apple Sprmgs, Texas Congratulatlons to the Semors 5 9 LEON PRICE GRAND PRIZE DIST CO Trlrnty, Texas M X I of Q eu I ' ?-W so T, 9 RWHENIN1-Hifi A SCOTT CHEVROLET I- -...J l- 4- , i . u X. 69' o fo ' 52555 Asoums 8: ENGINE , EN GABLE SAW Q J RE SERVICE Sales and Service Mall, Lfmdian , Mono, Choremaster, Strunk Dis ston, and Poulan Chain Saw Ram Electric Tools " BOYNTON, SR. R R "BUDDY Manager Highway 59 South Phone NE 4 5235 Lufkin, Texa X le ix 'V O HH ' CLEANERS NO. 1 . J J v Pick Up and Deliver Service Twice a Week Laundry, Drycleaning and Alterations D C CO Lufkin, Texas OK Manager Compliments of R CROCKETT A BUTANE GAS CO Manager 4935: TW I W CONARROE Ma tag Sales and Servlce Y nd Butane Gas Propane a Nlght 431 1 Phone 2 14 1 Groveton Tex as P L RAMEY Groveton, Texas UTSON'S TEXACO H S TA TION P O Box 446 Complime GENE GILBERT Owner of nts of SUNSET CLUB Highway 94 Apple Springs, Texas SERVICE 612 Timberline at Denman Expert on Batteries Starter Generators C ot We Give Black S AM? C0 Gold Stamps Phone NE4 7 3 1 3 GRCCE BAV I NG Compliments ITH S Haag, SM 'Q GROCERY . ' -i n Lufkln, Texas 6" K YB? 9 Pawtkvfllm mv, Sm fy 'fix we W E MAGEE RY AND MARKET Pe nnington Texas GROCE . " o o 9 .. - ' 5 m - - . TE CO 5 - Bll K G . A . . 'pl . ' T 5 E I . ul I . t M , ... Q . A of i 4 Q 'S' Q PM . Q AA 1 ui S V ' ...I me 1 ' 4 " ' ' W ' , lf ? 2- .mm 'X ' , Aff D UL. , ..-15' . M5 M... --" 'lm W "f?'fffi1'23lu if I 1 l I b I I l 9 SA LES S' N 1 Compliments of SDR VICE T R 0 R I Acr : W. A. DUBOSE 8: SON "Industrial Equipment and Service" F S. S Highway 94 Q .74 ' APP1-e SP1'1n8Sv TCXBS I Lufkin, Texas Hwy. 94 a GPO: ROGERS 46 ' 1 1' SERVICE STATION Q A AND GROC1-:RY ' ,Sm I 4' f Vi fur Used Cars and Tires Meat Gas Highway 94 Phone 2 8069 Talkm Parrots MARBERRY GROCERY S for Sale Hlghway 94 IF IT S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT Lufkin Texas Q SADLER S G' Compliments of SMOKE HOUSE Compliments of MITCHELL MOTORS J'ACK'S BARGAIN STORE Timberland Drlve Lu.fk1n, Texas Lufkin, Texas Comphments of H L TAYLOR LUMBER COMPANY 32 A tu Q 5-5 0 .I G1-oveton, Texas I t 7 1 Q e ff ., 'is- 9 -v . 'M 'inn' y - X , X 1 -,gli H , ,' QW? J -:ff y , 5 9' . l, k.4,,.w "' ':53'jff,'fHi C . 1 T, 3 I I Ag IQQO' 1 . J , to 1 A . . X- .x A - S I X: T . , O ,L - Q B o s 5: . ,N Q - ' JV :Ng - 1 . p swf-R.. - Y -a s iii?-5 T Q '12 , Y f i: -.- - --' so .he -- .. ...,,, gf. -' . -fy -if ' 'x W". 1 'S' 5- l I 0 In QI ll , A Q, H' T I ' h Comp11ments of t e Comphments of BUCK S MR AND MRS DRUG STORE EARL SMITHERMAN 12 V Hlghway 94 Groveton, Texas Apple Sprlngs, Texas THE RANCH CLUB Sad1e Hawklns Dance 'fd Every Wed N1ght Dancmg N1te1y P1t Bar B Que H1ghway 94 Owned and Operated by WAYNE HOLLIS Congratulatmns Cornp11ments of Sen1ors of 1959 KING MOTOR COMPANY MR W 'I' Crockett, Texas B U I C K we H1 ghway 94 We Wlflsh to thank all of those who made th1s 1ssue of "The Eagle posslble pec1a11y do we thank our advert1sers for the1r co operat1on and f1nanc1a.1 ass1st ance Let's patron1ze them! THE SENIORS OF 1958 1959 . . . 9 I f ,, . . SJ . . . - - qu 8 Miles West of Lufkin XSL! A ' ' " ' . Es- X If . - . . . . - -.-xp Q 1, ff i O F ' f 6 XTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMP W ff 6 The odds Besf Yearuoou Are Tay!-:nr-r"v ff OK? X f PA f , f 2 'L -ig, ff LVL W W W 99525 if -MMV J? ww awlkfuv IWC Q2 M XJ NPR WQLJOXM M DJJ! Wbww A N MM ww if E jqfv-L MM m M ' Www ,E W fb ' y ff' MW f M , Zia, , hjfwffiwap ,Q wwf 31,6 K ,gfffpfwfp fg Qvw, Adj Q sr". Q12 I' fda QL ' X ffwd Q1 3 3 ff K, 155.03 N6 fa ?0z???3QiQ?f3'31g 5 fffEiQ5 19 62 -T515 fgf-2 25 ffm Ng 4 .A V bzV, , VV ' V . k : . -- , .,

Suggestions in the Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) collection:

Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 42

1959, pg 42

Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 71

1959, pg 71

Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 62

1959, pg 62

Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 53

1959, pg 53

Apple Springs High School - Eagle Yearbook (Apple Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 12

1959, pg 12

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