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' . ,. " ,.%» u a %F ' ■Wm ■• ■ ' .•■ « ■■ ' ' ' m . ' v, k-?. ' ; r; V ■■;V■ • Appalachiph State UniW t Boone sJortW rolin -:rN .; ' ' ' Carol Shannon - Editor Woody Williams - Business Manager ' Volume 52 SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE 1974 RHODODENDRON PRINTING - Jostens American Yearbook Company; Mr. Al Dexter, representative 6000 copies 464 pages 8 1 2x11 trim size PA PER Champion Wedgewood, coated off-set dull, 100 pound ENDSHEETS AND DIVISION PAGES - 65 pound embossed cover BINDING - Smythe sewn, rounded and backed, cased into cover with headbands COVER - 160 point binders board, custom embossed on Red Cordoba with black rub COPY - Univers-text, Avant Garde - headlines CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY Stevens Studios, Bangor, Maine PHOTOGRAPHY - ASU Photographic Services; News Bureau TYPESETTING - ASU Typesetting Services SPECIAL EFFECTS - ASU Printing Services ART WORK - Susan Jones; News Bureau 2 SPECIFICATIONS To the reader. ..a book is usually composed of a beginning and an end. This year, however; there are two beginnings - because I feel that there is more than one way to relive a past experience. The 1974 RHODODENDRON staff has worked numerous hours in order to bring to you, the stude nts, faculty, and administration of Appalachian State University, a book that is both relevant and enjoyable to read. The book was ours for one year as we carefully transferred our ideas onto paper. the 1974 RHODODENDRON belongs to you. dCjJU S Kc TunfUJYV EDITOR ' S NOTE 3 Beginning ... of a book, or of a story, true or fictitious ... By taking individual letters and combining them to form words, by grouping these words into sentences, and arranging these sentences into some type of pattern- and individual life can be relived. With the visual aid of pictures, the year 1973-74 can be viewed as many times and in as many different ways as each person ' s imagination will let it be seen. Emotions reappear, and change, as the seasons drift from one to another, or as a competitive game comes to a close, with some rejoicing and others feeling the pain of defeat. Maybe the senses can once again hear music, smell the flowers or feel someone ' s touch. To some people at ASU, the year was filled with life, interaction, and emotion. For those people, use your imagination to recapture and enjoy the year 1973-74. abc 6 INTRODUCTlON k f Spring Sumnner Fall Winter People Departments Club Activities Intramurals Scenics Features Athletics Concerts INTRODUCTION 7 - - m-E .. ' .,! ' ' i ' K 8 TREES , ' , - ' - ' - s ni« i 0: .! It " - ft? " 5 ' - . ' » !H V ' " Mnrr " ■ ' H « ■ ' 4l ' S- • • L, • ■ TREES 9 On Campus Living To 3500 students at ASU home is now a single room tucked away in a maze of hallways. There is security and companionship from a roommate or from an endless number of dorm inhabitants. Different origins, religions, races, ages, personalities, and interests provide challenges for the individual. There are always people to talk to and to listen to, play paddleball with, eat with, socialize and study with. No hassles of electric bills, water bills, transportation to classes, groceries, and cooking. For some it is a comfort to be assured of being provided with food, shelter, and clean laundry. For others, it would be a relief to get away from the close quarters, institutional food, and the rest of on-campus requirements. 10 ON CAMPUS ON CAMPUS 11 To work, to help, and to be helped, to learn sympathy through suffering, to learn faith by perplexity, is to reach truth through wonder, behold! - this is what it means to prosper, this is what it is to live. Phillip Brooks iMii 12 PEOPLE PEOPLE 13 14 OFF CAMPUS Off Campus Living The other 4000 at ASU usually find themselves moving away from campus at the first convenient moment. Now it is possible to eat breakfast at noon, lunch at 3;00, and dinner at 8:00 that night. No more hunting up the campus police when it is after curfew. No more hearing your next door neighbor through the electric socket. No more traffic tickets because you forgot to move your car from the stadium parking lot. Now it is possible to stay in Boone after the tourists are gone, when there is snow on the ground during holidays, or when you just want some time to be alone. But with this new freedom comes a new type of loneliness for some people. When you need people they are not always around. The feeling of being a part of the university can tend to fade. There are more bills and responsibilities. But to most of these " others " , the new problems and situations are a welcome challenge. OFF CAMPUS 15 Q: What Has 18 Legs and Catches Flies? A: 16 BASEBALL BASEBALL 17 Under the leadership of Dr. Frank Lovrich, the Mountaineer Baseball teann ended the 1973 season by win- ning the Southern Conference title. The de- fending SC titlists, who split two games dur- ing last season ' s District III playoffs in their first appearance in an NCAA post-season tournament, have four AII-SC players-two who were All-District Ill-back in the fold to form the nucleus of another possible cham- pionship squad. Going into the 1974 season, ASU has a new coach, Jim Morris, who joined the staff this past fall after working as an assistant coach at North Carolina. Returning to the ASU staff is Jim Timmons as assistant coach. " Sure, we probably rate as favorites to re- peat as conference champion this year. " said Morris, " but the league will be better bal- anced this season, and there will be stronger competition within the conference-which I think is great. " ? " t U 18 BASEBALL BASEBALL 19 20 S.G.A. ELECTIONS Elections Elections ' 73 marked another year of campaigning. Malcolm Carroll ran against Barry Ritchie, Randy Shaver and Robert Leak while Jeff Morgan campaigned against Lynn Murphy and Earl Sheridan. Ron Tuttle tried successfully against Dan Crookshank while Sue Eccles was unopposed. The different campaign factions posed issues from cable television to a more liberal mealbook program. Apathy was shown by the student body as usual but for those who were campaigning, the elections were close. S.G.A. ELECTIONS 21 Tennis is Their Racket 22 TENNIS 24 TENNIS TENNIS 25 26 MAY DAY May Day MAY DAY 27 |ynT1lifMWiffiT 28 GOLF Putt GOLF 29 30 GOLF GOLF 31 Doobie Brothers Billy Preston Albert King Tom Rush Whole Oats Stoney Creek SpriggsondBringie Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth 32 RALLY RALLY 33 Rally weekend offered something for each student. There was everything from the rock and roll of the Doobie Brothers to the soft sound of Whole Oats. There was something for each student to enjoy. Many say that this was the best Rally ever. 34 RALLY 1 1 ' 1 1. " 1 1 •V 1 .--• 4 , RALLY 35 36 TRACK TRACK 37 Exams 38 EXAIVlS m - -:r - " 1= 4 y " iv ' wT START 40 GRADUATION V GRADUATION 41 Graduation 42 GRADUATION GRADUATION 43 44 GRADUATE SCHOOL Graduate School GRADUATE SCHOOL 45 ' A I College of Continuing Education T he College of Continuing Education, under the direction of Dean Jim Jackson, is divided into five diverse The office of Summer Sessions is responsible for all academic program activities taking place during the summer months. The Camp Program coordinates all activities that take place at Camp Broadstone. The Office of Extension and Field Services coordinates the development of extension Courses that extends as far south as Florida. The Student Internship Program enables students to evaluate and put into practice their classroom work. The fifth and last, the Continuing Education Center which will host a wide variety of professional, business and academic organizations. COLLEGE OF CONTINUING EUDCATION 47 Summer 48 SUI lMER Si SUMMER 49 The End of The Ho-Hum Summer Workshop in Modern Dance Summer Debate Workshops for Teachers and Students New Social Studies Approach In North Carolina A Field School in Archaeological Techniques 52 SUMMER SCHOOL Cannon Music Camp The Southern Appalachians: Industrial and Regional Planning THE DRUG SCENE A Graduate Program For Selected Graduates of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College SUMMER SCHOOL 53 The MOUNTAINEER PLAYHOUSE 54 PLAY PLAY 55 -rt Mji: ' Race the River Call it " Deliverance, " Grand Prix or a test of bravery. For those who experienced the Inner-tube River Race, directed by the Intramural Department, it was a conglomerate of them all. During the summer and again in the fall, students gathered to challenge Watauga River. The course, beginning at highway 105 and running parallel to 194 toward Valle Crusis, proved to be more than just Kraut Creek. Back on shore, comments ranged from " idiots! " to " it just wasn ' t long enough! " TUBE RACE 57 58 NEW DORMITORY progress NEW DORMITORY 59 Visitors 60 SUMMER WORKSHOPS SUMMER WORKSHOPS 61 ;; . i5fc srs ' f v 4 ? : mmZ- ' ' ,x ,rr - " ' V HA: : I. .1 ■r¥A m t ; m M ,if f ' ' K •- i U l - ' - m . ri f : ■■- ' -•• " i« i . . .A. - ' . l5f LAND OF OZ 63 64 BICYCLE BICYCLES 65 66 BICYCLES BICYCLES 67 color 68 FALLSCENICS ,• .• . --. v ' -■ ■ ' .-■• ' -.V - , ' .. - ' fi5. ' FALLSCENICS 69 70 FALLSCENICS FALLSCENICS 71 72 PEOPLE PEOPLE 73 74 PEOPLE rd jf " r " ..y. • vvJ i: ' S. 4 ; S :: .HsJ - - PEOPLE 75 A.S.U. Marching Band 5D 4|d 3(0 2|o ■- ' i " - - Iff - ■ ' i II If-.- A 76 IVlARCHING BAND i ' s? E«SBS «S i?S.-?i. ■ efe-Vw ' ■ nee again the color and sound-power of North Carolina ' s " Band of Distinction " has filled Appalachian ' s Conrad Stadium. This year the band went through its usual rugged week of band camp before school, putting in over forty hours of rehearsal time. All that could not be accomplished here had to be done in the band ' s regular rehearsal time or early on Saturday mornings before games. This year the band performed at all home football games and traveled to three away games: Furman University, East Tennessee State University, and the University of South Carolina. At the Homecoming and Christmas parades the Marching Band filled the occasion with the appropriate spirit, and topped that off with that genuine Mountaineer spirit that belongs to every ASU student. All the long hours and headaches that go into getting ready for a successful performance have paid off. Directed by Mr. Joe F. Phelps, the core of the Marching Band ' s success, and led on the field by Drum Major John Alexander, the 108 playing members, 16 flaggers, and 6 majorettes of the Marching Band entertained the crowds and did their best to build that " good old Mountaineer spirit. " The pride that flowed from the Marching Band was evident from each of its 130 members as the band exemplified the spirit of the " profession " . There is something mystic about how 130 people, each doing a different pattern of movement, can form into a kaleidoscope of sound and color. But if there is one band that does it well, it is ASU ' s own North Carolina ' s " Band of Distinction " ! MARCHING BAND 77 Football 78 FOOTBALL Inexperience, injuries to key starters, and youthful mistakes due to that inexperience plagued ASU throughout the season. However, despite what head coach Jim Brakefield described as a " disappointing season, " Appalachian ' s 1973 football team made some rather significant strides in its growth to major college status. In only its second season as a member of the Southern Conference, ASU climbed from the league cellar to a tie for fourth place in the eight-team loop, setting no less than a dozen new records in the process. 80 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 81 82 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 83 84 GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY Goose Creek " After three appearances in four years you ' d think they ' d worn out their welcome but they proved otherwise by bringing out 2800 people— their largest crowd yet. " Jeff Aaron Popular Programs GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY 85 86 CLUBS CLUBS 87 SS HOMECOMING i SEIS sv |n| k9 i rl E. 1 Pi 1 ■ft iH f gg i 1 S ■ m P 1 y|S fr m |e E E jflBK ▼ K B flf r c.r B E l v3 R Homecoming HOMECOMING Sg 90 BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS Blood, Sweat and Tears Crowd reaction to Blood, Sweat and Tears varied. Many felt that more old hits should be played but there were those who enjoyed the percussion. The concert drew over 4000 and proved to be very profitable. Blood, Sweat and Tears is almost a different group now, so the crowd realized that they are a group of talented performers. BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS 91 Military Science X " D 92 MILITARY SCIENCE MILITARY SCIENCE 93 Home Economics 94 HOME ECONOMICS HOME ECONOMICS 95 Industrial Arts Sigma Tau Epsilon 98 SIGMA TAU EPSI LON a. tm.- At Bass Lake: " -r " f ' ' ' c. . JWff ' • . ■ ■• - w. J . " « ' - " ' V • ' " ' ' ■ ' ' ' -- JASnBSk-L v V. - V ,v ... -■ ?s;t5» ,: ' ■€■■ • r ■ ' . r -: .-s- V- . ' f p " ■• -- H H H v -vti B ' - IE ' ' i ' SgBc Bft -Ji HS i u SEbj 4 J HB Hi - H PglB Q n: p B3 BpB?vr ' ' 100 CROSS COUNTRY Endurance - a quality characteristic of the ASU Cross Country team. Running along city streets, in all kinds of weather, requires the determination which team members have shown during the year. The united effort of the runners creates a team worthy of distinction. CROSSCOUNTRY 101 ' - ll iil . ' f i r| | to »V » | x (. Fast. Fantastic. Fun. These three words describe the sport of field hockey. This year ' s ASU Women ' s Field Hockey Team put these words into action. Although the season ' s record was 5-2-5, the Lady Apps showed well the entire season. Spirit, teamwork and enthusiasm increased with each game. Coach Vi Clark, in her second season as head mastermind, guided the team through regular season and tournament play and was closely aided by captain Lil Fesperman. Coach Clark ' s efforts were rewarded by the placement of four players on the two Deep South teams. Pat Dunn, Patti Hart, Lynn Kearney and Sherry Salyer represented the Deep South Association in the Southeastern tournament in Virginia. Sherry was chosen for one of the Southeast teams and thus participated in the National Tournament in Boston. 102 FIELD HOCKEY FIELD HOCKEY 103 Deep South Appalachian was proud to host the 1973 Deep South Field Hockey Tournament this year. There were 14 schools from the Southern region participating in this three-day tournament. With the weather cooperating to our liking, the excitement of first-time turf play for many schools, and an excellent display of the skills required for good hockey, this year ' s tournament was a tremendous success. FIELD HOCKEY TOURNAMENT 105 L For Those Less Fortunate Than Ourselves 106 SERVICE Circle K— Radiothon Gamma Sigma Sigma— Bloodmobile Vernicians— Grandfather Home Golden Capers— Underprivileged Children CCC-Foster Parents SERVICE 107 io8a:rosby and nash Crosbv and Nash Rumors flew that Young and Stills would be there. ..crowds came at 4:00 to wait outside. ..People huddled against the doors pushing to get in... A group numbering 6200 came to the concert.. .Then Crosby and Nash performed. CROSBY AND NASH 109 I i ! . f i ' i : ;■ ;. (s .- s si si %. .-, %. ' i n association with the North Carolina School of the Arts and The Rockefeller Foundation, The North Carolina Dance Theatre presented a program in four parts on October 24 in Chapell Wilson Auditoriunn. The N. C. Dance Theatre is under the direction of Robert Lindgren and general management of Janet Spencer. 110 DANCE THEATRE DANCE THEATRE 1 11 112 OUTWARD BOUND OUTWARD BOUND 113 c D E 114 POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Science POLITICALSCIENCE 115 History 116 HISTORY HISTORY 117 History Club 118 HISTORYCLUB HISTORY CLUB 1 19 Under the direction of Dr. Fox, Educational Psychology 302 has been redesigned to cater to the individual. The student is allowed to work at his own pace. During the quarter, each student listens to tapes, completes the FOKITS (kits containing work materials), reads a few paperbacks and attends rap sessions. In addition, he can choose whether or not he wishes to attend the informal lectures and has at his fingertips various means of obtaining help. 120 PSYCHOLOGY Psychology PSYCHOLOGY 121 122 ENCOUNTERS Interactions ENCOUNTERS 123 124 WATAUGA COLLEGE Watauga College WATAUGA COLLEGE 125 Sociology - Anthropology 126 SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY r g faM( T - ¥ r - hlW Kfw jj k ••. • Ell Nir ' i 7 ' ■|p l m w H ife V . 128 SOCCER 129 SOCCER As the soccer team opened its 1973 season, the team was faced with the formidable task of repeating as Southern Conference Champions. To overcome the problems of inexperience and the pressure that comes in a game situation, the team had to rely on conditioning, leadership, desire, and superior coaching to hold it together. When a team is on the top, everyone tries to shoot it down. This was another problem the ASU soccer team had to face. To stay ahead of these teams was up to the individual himself. This included working hours after soccer practice and conditioning during the off-season as well. By following these conditions, each player was able to play their best and develop a championship attitude. Accompanying any championship team is a superior coach. Dr. V. Christian gave the soccer team the desire to win, which has to come in being a champion. Without Coach Christian ' s leadership and knowledge of the game, the ASU soccer team would just be another soccer team. Because each player gave 110% during each game, the ASU soccer team became a winner. As defending champion, the team will have to face more pressure and better teams in the 1974 season than it had to face last season. Now the goal in the mind of every ASU soccer player is to keep the winning tradition. 130 SOCCER SOCCER 131 Rotate! The women ' s 1973 volleyball team had an up and down season. It gained in consistancy during the final matches of the season and by the state tournament was molded into a strong offensive and defensive unit. The Lady Apps reached the quarter finals of the state tournament by upsetting East Carolina University, defeating High Point soundly and narrowly losing to Elon. Duke University beat the team in the quarter finals and eventually played Western Carolina for the championship. The spirit and willingness of each individual to work as a team made this season a success. As for next year, the team anticipates another rewarding and exciting experience. 132 VOLLEYBALL ) :i-; i ' Very Vigorous, Variable Volieyball Appalachian hosted its annual invitational Volleyball Tournament this October, there were 16 schools in Boone for the competition. The two day tournament was thrilling and the teams exhibited a fine performance of how power volleyball is played. In the round robin and single elimination tournament, the winner was the University of Tennessee, beating West Georgia in a very exciting, dynamic match. This tournament, led by Dr. Judy Clarke and Lil Fesperman, was a great success and provided much fun and excellence in power volleyball. VOLLEYBALL T0URNAI 1ENT 135 Registration = - . 136 REGISTRATION REGISTRATION 137 L ' ilAbn or 138 L ' IL ABNER L ' lL ABNER 139 the! of Winter Quarter : at Appalachian State University is for Appalachian State University, the Appalachian Trail, the Appalachian Mountains, Athletics, Apples for professors; Academics, Accountants, and Accidents on ice. A is for Acid, Acne, Action, and all Actors and Actresses in " Blood Wedding " ; Addiction, Addition, Adieu, and Adios. A is for Abraham Lincoln ' s birthday. Advent, Art classes, and Aquarius; Animal Craci ers, Antlers, ABCO, and Appalachian Ski Mountain. A is for All Nighter, Alpha Phi Omega, Administration, and Alpen House; Applications for jobs, " All in the Family " , Alpha Chi, Anthropology, and " American Graffiti " . A is for Answers, Agriculture, Agencies, and Advertisements; Achievement, Allocations, and Appalettes. A is for Attendance, Absence, anger, and Arguments with roommates; Appoliday Players, Air pollution, Apartments, and stranded Automobiles. A is for Ann Landers, Dear Abbey, " As the World Turns " , and the American Red Cross; Agony, Animosity, Animation, and Automation. 140 WmTER QUARTER is for Boone Basketball, " Bonnie and Clyde " , and Birthdays; Blizzards, Broken Bones, and Billiards. B is for Blowing Rock, Beer, Booze, Barbell club, Beethooven, and Bach; Biology, Bavarian Inn, Bologna sandwiches, and Boredom. B is for Bacardi Rum, Bluegrass, Bibliographies for term papers. Big Bill ' s and Bowling; Bridge, Beech Mountain, Bands, and Burger King. B is for Stephen Bell, John Barth, the BSU, and Count Basie; Ball point pens, Belk Library, Bowie, and " The Boston Strangler " . B is for Bottles, Bananas, " Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid " , Barbecue, and " Baby Maker " . B is for Bruises. B is for Baccalaureate degrees. Banking, Business, and Bills; Banking, Budgets, Broadcasting, and Boxes. B is for Breakfast, Brunch, Botany, and overdue Books; Bookstore, Broome-Kirk gym, and Bartenders. B is for Blackboards, Bulletin boards. Beads, and Beans; Bids, Ballots, and Blisters on the feet. B is for Battery, Baggage, Bandanas, and Beetle Bailey; Bus station. Blunders, and Better weather. B is for Body, Beards, Beliefs, and Burdens; Bubblegum, Bread, Balance, and the Bahai faith. is for College, Classrooms, Coughs, and Colds; Crafts Fair, Capricorn, Candles, Cramming for exams, and Cupid. C is for Christmas, Celebration, Curtain Call, and Curfew in the women ' s dormitories; Charlie Chaplin, John Chappel, CCC, and Cards. C is for Competition, Calculus, Concerts; Center for Continuing Education, Classes, Cars, and Clubs. C is for Cafeteria, Chili, Coffee, and Cocoa; Cheese House, " Camelot " , and Committees. C is for Creativity, Clouds, Cannon, Coltrane, and Cone; C is for the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Fine and Applied Arts; Counseling, and Cultural Affairs. C is for Courage, Comfort, Crowds, and Calisthenics; Cartoons, Comics, and Courses to drop or add. C is for COSMOPOLITAN, Chemistry, Cigarettes, and Compassion; Canasta, Catalogues, Cameras, and Cinema Appreciation. C is for Co-curricular, Communication, Competency tests, and Computers; Champions, Cheerleaders, Colors, and Classical music. C is for Confidence, Credits, Cooperation, and Careers; Counselor Education, Childhood Education, and movies at the Chalet I and II. C is for Community, Challenges, Circle K, and Checkbooks that do not balance. is for Students, Sociology, Spanish, Speech, and Science; Sugar Mountain, Skiing, and Skating. S is for Snow, Swimming, Steps, Squash, and Sweaters; Sunshine, Streaking, Sundays, and Saturday s, S is for Sigma Tau Epsilon, St. Valentine ' s Day, Seals and Croft, and Sophomores; Shortages of gas, energy, and money. S is for Safety, Sadness, Soup, and Sandwiches; Satisfaction, Scarves, and Schedules to fill out. S is for Secondary Education, Secretaries, and Sentences; Sensitivity, Sex, and the kitchen Sink. S is for Silence, Skinner, Schizophrenia, and Sky; Smoke, Speed and Smiles. S is for Start, Stop, and Slow down; Service Stations, Strategy, Striking a match, and Stringing a guitar. S is for Santa Claus, Earl Scruggs, and " Shaft " ; Student Union, " Slaughterhouse Five " , and Southern Conference. S is for Student Research Union, Special Student Projects, and uncomfortable Situations; Stockings at Christmas, Stars, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. S is for Student Employment Service, Student Government Association, and the Steam plant; Sanford mall. Senior lifesaving, and a game of Solitaire. S is for Student Typesetting Services, Student Photographic Service, Singing telegrams, and Snuffy Smith; Sleep, Sound, Scars from Skinned knees, and Seniors. WINTER QUARTER 141 I am a gymnast. I work four hours per day six days a week. I know that if I am going to reach the goals that I have set for myself that I must continue my practice schedule twelve months a year. At times I am held together by tape about my wrist and my ankle. I wear tape on my hands under my hand grips so that the calluses and raw flesh on my palms does not tear. My back sometimes gets sore and the pulled muscle in my leg hasn ' t felt right for days. I sometimes get depressed. I have been working on a trick for weeks and I still find that it is not quite within my grasp. No one understands me. Even with all my problems the coach keeps yelling, " try it one more time and do it right. " I don ' t expect to become famous or even real good. I don ' t expect five or ten thousand people to show-up at a meet and watch me perform. I know that if I quit few people will ever know and even fewer people really care. Why do I do this? I am a gymnast. 142 GYMNASTICS NISSEN K!9 n ■Maw.. ?! i BLJ M .. . ' ■ ' ■ ' " " ' ■ ' «a» 144 GYMNASTICS GYMNASTICS 145 lu ij y. M What ' s Really Happening? Pulled muscles, taped knees, and bruises are only a few of the souvenirs an athlete receives in preparing for competition. The days, weeks, and months preceeding THE event, each individual is training his body and mind to perform at the peak of his ability. But what are the players actually doing behind the scenes to achieve this goal? This is a frequently asked question which several coaches have answered. As one may expect, each has his personal philosophy concerning the objectives of his sport and the training techniques employed to reach them. A common primary consideration of training among the coaches is the time involved. However, the length of pre-season training varies among the sports. Coach Bill Clinebell, for example, encourages the gymnasts to work-out all year-round. His reason is that once a person has acquired the flexibility necessary for gymnastics, it can be lost qu ickly if he does not maintain it. In addition to flexibility, strength is essential for the men ' s events in order to execute the moves. Thus, Coach Clinebell recommends that the team members spend time in the weight room during post season practice. Swimming, like gymnastics requires a great deal of flexibility and strength. Probably more important, though, is a swimmer ' s endurance. In order to achieve these goals. Coach Ole Larson has the swimmers start pre-season training by working on the mechanics of the various strokes, weight training and flexibility. From there, they begin swimming two miles a day, six days a week to increase their endurance. To maintain these abilities, swimming too, requires year-round workouts. In contrast to these sports, the Baseball team members begin individually working-out in November rather than all year. During the winter months, the players can be seen on the Varsity Gym balcony working at the nine stations Coach Jim Morris has planned as part of his training program which include the pitchout, toss ball, and batting cage. These areas provide an opportunity for the players to develop and practice all of the skills involved in the sport. The exercises emphasized in the total training program focus on the shoulders, wrists, and legs as these areas of the body must be flexible, agile, and capable of quick movements. Some elements of each of these spwrts are combined in soccer; the flexibility of gymnastics, the endurance of swimming, and the quickness of baseball. To achieve these goals. Coach Vaughn Christian has designed a program which emphasizes the abilities equally and allows each player to 146 TRAINING IK« mmm PMSfMnam 148 TRAINING progress at his own rate. Individual exercises in stretching and agility may open a day of practice followed by each player working to build his endurance. Coach Christian does not have the team members run continually but, instead he suggests individual running programs related to each player ' s heart rate, which allows for periods of rest. From these few sports, it appears that there is much more to athletics than just running or hitting a ball. A variety of abilities are necessary to perform well before the spectators and each team member is encouraged to develop these at his personal rate. Thus, a new approach to training is emerging which emphasizes this individuality. Therefore, in training and regular practice the athletes are allowed greater freedom to work in areas that they feel will be most beneficial to themselves. According to Coach Morris, individualization combined with variety keeps the players busy and prevents boredom during practice. As a result, their enthusiasm is not allowed to die. This new approach raises another question concerning the coaches ' training programs. What are the psychological needs of each player in practice and during competition? All of the coaches interviewed agree that the self-confidence of the team members is most important and once this is accomplished, the physical training is much easier. Also vital to good performance is self-discipline, especially during the rough moments encountered by the athletes. The mental training therefore plays a very important role in the moments of performance. As stated in a comment by Sgt. Maj. Harvey Webber, Coach of the Rifle team, a single, universal element necessary for athletic success is " an individual ' s desire to excel " . TRAINING 149 Speech o 150 SPEECH SPEECH 151 Forensics 152 FORENSICS FORENSICS 153 154 WASU-TV WASU-TV WASU-TV 155 WASU-FM 156 WASU-FIVI WASU-FlVI 157 158 ART ART 159 Health - Physical Education 160 HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION 161 Barbell Club 162 BARBELLCLUB BARBELL CLUB 163 164 GYMNASTICSCLUB Gymnastics Club Music Activities 166 MUSIC ACTIVITIES MUSIC ACTIVITIES 167 168 MUSIC ACTIVITIES MUSIC ACTlVlTIES 169 Phi Mu Alpha 170 PHI MU ALPHA PHI MU ALPHA 171 Music MUSIC 173 Track It Indoors 174 INDOOR TRACK INDOOR TRACK 175 176 MARKSMANSHIP Bull ' s-eye J MARKSMANSHIP 177 178 CRAFTSFAIR D " ' 1— m( ' Lc art of the Student Union Christmas Package included the Mountain Crafts Fair held in the -ounge and Assembly Area of the Student Union. For five days, mountain craftsmen demonstrated, displayed and sold their original crafts. Live Mountain music provided an effective background for the events. The fair has become an annual event at Appalachian and attracts much attention. CRAFTS FAIR 179 180 CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS 181 182 CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS 183 184 LECTURE SERIES John Chappel ■ (Mark Twain) Stephen Bell (Classical Guitar) North Carolina Dance Theatre Maynard Ferguson (Jazz) Gemini Ensemble (Netherlands) National Players (Chamber Music) Count Basie (Jazz) Alard String Quartet Indianapolis Symplnony Frank Gallo (sculptor) Raymond Schoder (Historian) Louis Dollarhide (Art Critic) John Canady (N. Y. TIMES) Dr. Rhodes Holliman (Medicine) Heywood Hale Brown Charles Duke Martin Duberman (Historian) Jonathan Williams (poet) George Wood Kathrine Stripling (poets) John Barth (novelist) Bernie Casey (athlete, actor, sociologist) LECTURE SERIES 185 186 FILMS FILMS SHOWN ON CAMPUS DURING THE YEAR 1973-74: MONKEY BUSINESS BUTCH CASSIDY THE SUNDANCE KID BECKET AFRICAN QUEEN SILENCE, EXILE CUNNING AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY REEFER MADNESS KING KONG THE POINT YELLOW SUBMARINE 1984 ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE ASYLUM THE ILLUSTRATED MAN MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN SHAFT KING RAT GREAT CATHERINE CAMELOT THE BABY MAKER THE SELLING OF THE PENTAGON THE PENTAGON PAPERS AMERICAN DEMOCRACY THE BAD SEED VANISHING POINT TAKE THE MONEY RUN FAHRENHEIT 451 CROMWELL THE BOSTON STRANGLER LONG DAY ' S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER ROSEMARY ' S BABY MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY OTHELLO DIRTY DOZEN FRIENDS IF STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY KELLY ' S HEROES FILMS 187 c o 188 ENGLISH English T he writer in residence for winter quarter was Mr. Tom Cunningham. IVIr. Cunningham is a graduate of Temple University In Philadelphia, and he received his M. A. at St. Joseph ' s College, also in Philadelphia. For seven years, Mr. Cunningham worked as a reporter for United Press International. He then worked as a free lance writer before becoming the Sports Editor for the DAILY INTELLIGENCE. Aside from teaching several courses in journalism, Mr. Cunningham also became involved with our own newspaper staff here at Appalachian. ENGLISH 189 Foreign Language li 190 FOREIGN LANGUAGES ' France FOREIGN LANGUAGES 191 French Club 192 FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB 193 Ln ru tArrcicnttiA 194 SPANISHCLUB Spa nish C lub SPANISH CLUB 195 Man - grasping, groping, seeking the key to religious truth. 196 PHILOSOPHY RELIGION Philosophy - Religion S |0w! t 198 RELIGION THE CAMPUS RELIGION THE CAMPUS 199 200 RELIGION THE CAMPUS RELIGION THE CAMPUS 201 Rebound 202 BASKETBALL 1 4 T 204 BASKETBALL ! 54 ESTERliv 33 ki 44 1 i V 208 GREEKS GREEKS 209 ■■ r j» -. ■ , — " Srtr- ' JS.-ii i;- ' - 210 VET ' SCLUB STREAK VET ' S CLUB 211 o c Administration, Supervision 8c Higher Education ADMINISTRATION, SUPERVISION HIGHER EDUCATION 213 Childhood Education 214 CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ■2 H fldi . IP %, ' : JN i ■L ' ISm pf ■■ " ' " RHI m:% ■■ " , ; H 1 ■■ ' ' " v. L Sr .., -.. v AA : -- " ipv CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 215 Secondary Education 216 SECONDARY EDUCATION SECONDARY EDUCATION 217 Educational Media 218 EDUCATIONAL MEDIA The Earl Scruggs Revue performed at Appalachian on January 11th. Preceding the main attraction was Mike Williams a talented performer who has followed mainly a coffeehouse circuit. Earl Scruggs can be described as a soft-spoken man and a kind person. These were Al Harris ' comments after he met the head of the country-rock group. Harris, co-chairman of Popular Programs, commented that the Earl Scruggs Revue has been the easiest group to work with. 220 EARL SCRUGGS EARL SCRUGGS 221 Happy Birthday The Student Center held a Happy Birthday Party on January 16th for the ASU student body. Refreshments were served; but the best part was the largest birthday cake ever. There were games, activities and drawings for free gifts. The Student Center Committees, especially the Fine Arts Committee, worked hard preparing for this successful event. 222 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 223 Coffeehouse 224 COFFEEHOUSE COFFEEHOUSE 7 225 All Nighter 226 ALLNIGHTER ALLNIGHTER 227 Accounting O c o 228 ACCOUNTING Business Education 230 BUSINESS EDUCATION The multi-media Individualized Learning Laboratory, in the Business Education Department, is located on the third floor of Smith-Wright Hall. This innovative addition to the learning equipment was established in the Fall of 1973 as a result of the allocation of funds made available through the Ford Venture Fund. When fully developed, the facilities there will offer students and staff the opportunity to learn new skills for self-improvement in typewriting, key-punch and language skills. BUSINESS EDUCATION 231 Business Administration 232 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STMOW? 234 WINTER fijK r yTTf: m. ' • ' S H WINTER 235 SKI I I 236 SKI SKI 237 238 WINTER APPALACHIAN SKI MOUNTAIN SUGAR MOUNTAIN BEECH MOUNTAIN SEVEN DEVILS HOUND EARS MILL RIDGE WINTER 239 240 WINTER WINTER 241 Valentine ' s Day IVI flrrj WQ OflT 242 VALENTINES VALENTINES 243 Blood Wedding 244 BLOOD WEDDING BLOOD WEDDING 245 There were many complaints as to the long wait, but the concert proved worthwhile. This concert was, according to Hugh Franklin, future chairman of Popular Programs, and Al Harris, present co-chairman, undoubtably the hardest to work due to unforeseable circumstances. However, it was most representative of groups students wanted to see. 246 SEALS AND CROFTS SEALS AND CROFTS 247 Splash 248 SWIMMING SWII IMING 249 250 SWIMMING SWIMIVIING 251 Mat Men 252 WRESTLING 0 - r K » i| ■ i WRESTLING 253 254 WRESTLING Q.:W:- c o a 256 MATH Mathematics MATH 257 ' „ " .i!r ' : ' •9 ' r « -tt 258 BIOLOGY Biology This past summer, thirty students from the Biology Department along with two professors, Dr. Richard Henson and Dr. I. W. Carpenter, Jr., traveled 12,000 miles across the country. They passed through twenty six states, one foreign country, and twelve national parks. Each student received nine hours credit and was graded on their active participation during the trip as well as on a rather lengthy paper summarizing their studies. On their way across the country, the group was able to do a study on the ecological elevations from sea level up to 12,000 feet. They ran water samples from one area to the next and studied the marine environments in Florida, Texas, Mexico and California. All the major biomes of the United States were visited and studied. The entire trip was not all work. Many of the students were able to see for the first time such cities as New Orleans and San Francisco. They also made a visit to several universities; the University of Arizona, the University of Montana, the University of California at Berkley and Oregon State University to mention a few. BIOLOGY 259 Chemistry 4. 1 " - Y " " T -R-- " -1 H i 1 -♦— - — • — r ' I T ' BB fliL . JL IHHK . — i 1 260 CHEMISTRY Chemistry and Society is a new course being taught for the first time this year. It has been designed specifically for non-science majors. The course is structured to cover topics within the area of chemistry that illustrate the fundamental concepts and how these concepts have and currently affect our daily lives. The material content includes an investigation of atomic and molecular theory, the significance of chemical bonding, the physical states of matter, commercial chemicals, man-made polymers and fibers, ethical and non-ethical drugs and nuclear chemistry. The course will conclude with a look at the interaction of chemistry and civilization. CHEMISTRY 261 Physics 262 PHYSICS Physics is the study of natural science in which man attempts to understand and analyze the behavior of natural phenomena. Since most people believe it to be a very difficult subject to understand, members of the Physics Department have been performing experiments and holding discussions in the public school system. There, they have shown to people from nursery school on up such demonstrations as freezing bananas in liquid nitrogen and the effects of ultraviolet light on different types of dye in clothing. The Physics Department hopes these demonstrations will show that Physics can be an interesting subject that is not too very difficult. PHYSICS 263 Geology - Geography 264 NO GAS TODAY GAS SHORTAGE 266 ENERGY CRISIS WJ.ViSK ' •1 1 m4 ■ SPsHcT ■ y •B (•■ ' . .-, ■■■■■II HHK gg K gHHg 2 TURN LEVER ' ON ' 3 PUT GASOLINE IN TANK ■1 TURN LEVER -OFF ' L, RETURN NOZZLE TO PUMP J PyiNTRY ' k 7 OcssV Ui REGULAR I ENERGY CRISIS 267 r i 268 INTRAMURALS Anything You Want The intramural program at ASU is designed to serve the needs and interests of every student, regardless of individual levels of physical ability. Using the format: " For the enjoyment and benefit of the student, " the intramural sports program experienced a more than successful year. This success can be exemplified by the fact that over 2500 students participated in one way or another, up 25% over last year. Under the direction of Dr. Wayne Edwards and Miss Colette Garrison, 1973-74 has been the best year ever for intramurals at A.S.U. INTRAMURALS 269 September, beautiful crisp blue skies. Flag Football. " Hey, you ' re supposed to grab the flag, not my shirt!: " Whatsa off-tackle play? " Women ' s lib, the men come watch the women! Volleyball. New found friends. " Who knows how to play Power Volleyball? " Championships game, sportsmanship, fun. Winter and THE sport. Heard thru the dorm halls, " Hey, who wants to play intramural basketball? " A break from the dorm routine and a new champion. The rest of the year filled with badminton, co-ed volleyball, Softball and tennis. Great fun, good exercise, friendships. That ' s intramurals. Everyone knows that games can be emotional things and the men ' s intramural program at ASU is no exception. Enjoyment and self-satisfaction are two main goals of the intramural department and both of these goals can be and are captured in competition and a true desire to win. Competition, this year, was conducted under two catagories: individual and team, where pride, teamwork, and just plain fun all combined to satisfy a variety of student interests. ASU students were given the opportunity to display their skills in areas such as one-on-one basketball, horseshoes, handball, paddleball, Softball, wrestling, and track and field. Competition in these areas was conducted in 3 divisions; residence hall, club fraternity, and graduate independent, with divisional champions competing for all-campus championships. Thrills, excitement, victory, defeat, rules, refs, competition, enjoyment, awards. These are the components of the total intramural program. ASU has one. 270 INTRAMURALS Co-Rec Program 4 Main Objective: Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy , ' Secondary Objective; Participants to have 99% fun while learning Participants: IVIen, Women, (Students, Faculty, Staff) Events: Fall quarter allowed the participants to engage in body-trying and tiring activity. The fall schedule was as follows: A " Survival " Inner Tube River Race. Racket fans enjoyed mixed tennis and paddleball. The ever Popular " Run-for-the-Turkey " Race, held in late November. Spring quarter offered a totally new activity; Inner-Tube Water Basketball. Returning spring sports were: co-rec badminton, and the ever popular co-rec volleyball. i ' Sm Students and faculty of ASU should consider thennselves lucky. They have enjoyed the privilege of being able to check out a wide variety of athletic equipment on a no-charge basis. Basketballs, tennis rackets, paddle rackets, and balls, handball gloves and balls, are available. The Free-Play System, as does the intramural program, serves the students ' needs and interests. 272 INTRAMURALS INTRAMURALS 273 SPRING 73 Softball - Men CLUB DIVISION Gold League W L TKE Aces 7 Kappa Sigma 6 1 Pi Kappa Phi " B " 4 3 ROTC 3 4 Barbell Hornets 3 4 BSU 2 5 Circle K Kougars 2 5 CCC Red Hots 1 6 Black League W L Barbell Golden Bombers 5 1 TKE Kings 5 1 CCC Blue Chips 5 1 Pi Kappa Phi " A " 5 1 TKE Jokers 2 4 Pi Kappa 1 5 APO 6 INDEPENDENT DIVISION Hillbilly League Chinese Bandits Deliverance H T Chair Co. The Rednecks Qver-The-Hill-Gang McBad ' s Baddest RESIDENCE HALL DIVISION Alleghany League W L Justice Funks 6 1 North League Coltrane Mules 6 1 Gardner Bears Eggers Warlords 6 1 Eggers Gunners Bowie Braves 4 3 Coltrane Scrappers Eggers Rookies 2 5 Bowie Randoms Bowie Bongs 2 5 Gardner Bulldogs Bowie A ' s 1 6 Eggers White Lightning Gardner ' s No Names 1 6 Bowie Bombers Justice Jayhawks Appalachian League W L Justice Gomer Pals 6 1 South league Watauga Warthogs 5 2 Bowie Russo ' s Raiders Ruby The Romantics 4 3 Gardner Dorm Coltrane Spikers 4 3 Justice Jocks Bowie Sloops 4 3 Coltrane Heels Bowie Alcoholics 4 3 Eggers Ole Mill Maulers Eggers Barking Spiders Eggers Jivener Blue Ridge League W Gardner Express 5 Bowie Gang 5 Russo ' s Raiders 4 The Confederates 3 Eggers D. W. 3 Justice Family 2 Snoopy ' s Wonders Barbell Golden Bombers Softball - Women League A W Wild Bunch 4 Marf ' s No Names 4 East Eggs 4 Ding Bats 2 Gamma Sigs Rolling Stones League B W Little People Dinkers 4 White Zippers 3 Vernician Blinds 2 Justice Jockettes 1 Sluggers Little People Dinkers FALL 73 RESIDENCE HALL DIVISION Eggers Aces Bowie Quicksilver 3 5 2 6 CLUB DIVISION W L 9 6 3 5 4 4 5 W L 5 4 1 3 2 2 3 1 4 5 East League Pi Kappa Phi Blues CCC Blue Chips ROTC Minute Men TKE Kings West League MTC Kappa Sigma TKE Aces Pi Kappa Phi Pilots Appoliday Players Pi Kappa INDEPENDENT DIVISION Sons Lovers II 9 1 Patriots 8 2 Redskins 7 2 Ramblin Rogues 5 4 Maggots 4 5 Misfits 4 5 Fluff ' s Monkeys 2 7 MTC vs. Son ' s Lovers II Soccer - Men RESIDENCE HALL DIVISION Pioneer League Watauga Wetsu Gardner Alcoholics Bowie Mistakes Mountaineer League Bowie Russo ' s Raiders Eggers UTD Bowie Rebels Justice Mogan David CLUB DIVISION MTC 5 1 Pi Kappa Phi 5 2 ROTC 4 2 CCC Adidus 2 3 INDEPENDENT DIVISION Sutzll 3 w L 4 3 1 2 2 W L 3 2 1 1 2 3 274 INTRAMURAL SCOREBOARD Sutz II vs. Watauga Wetsu Coltrane Gunners 5 3 Gardner Beaver Creek Critters 2 6 INDEPENDENT DIVISION Flag Football -Women Bowie Brown Baggers 2 6 North League W L Watauga Blue 8 Experience 7 1 R Gang 5 1 Lincoln County Partners 6 2 Conquistadores 5 1 Pacific Coast League W L Tarheels 5 2 Ebony Angels 4 2 Eggers Bongo Dogs 7 Whoopees 4 3 App Packers 4 2 Justice Jayhawk s 6 1 Math Dept. 3 4 Watauga 2 4 Coltrane Fantastic 5 5 2 Zoo Bunch 2 5 Gee Whiz 1 5 Gardner Bullets Bowie Rebels 3 4 3 Mountaineer Apts. 2 5 R Gang vs. Conquistadores Gardner Dogs 2 5 South League W L Coltrane Mules 2 5 Boys of Summer 6 Volleyball -Women Justice Clan 7 Haney ' s Hotdogs Rookies 4 3 2 3 Apple League W L American League W L Shoney ' s Big Boys 2 4 App Spikers 6 1 Justice Others 7 The Wizards 2 4 Hoey Hustlers 6 1 Coltrane Cool Ones 6 1 Grand Blvd. Bombers 6 Patty ' s Punchers 5 2 Bowie Blimp-Eared Puppets 4 3 The Spikers 4 3 Gardner Roofs 3 4 Midwest League W L Ruths Robots 3 4 Watauga Red 3 4 Boone Review 6 Volley Dollies 3 4 Eggers Effacers 3 4 E -8 5 1 Ebony Angels 1 6 Coltrane 5 2 5 Patriots II 3 3 Gardner Gumps 7 Spikers 3 3 Banana League W L Loves Legion 2 4 Doc ' s Brats 7 CLUB DIVISION Animals 2 4 Little People Dinkers 6 1 The Right Guards 6 Over-The-Hill-Gang 5 2 East League W L R Gang 4 3 Pi Kappa Phi Superstars 6 Justice Pack vs. Boys of Summer Medler Maulers 3 4 Kappa Sigma Emerald 4 2 The Beeps 1 6 ABCO Terror MTC Striders 4 3 2 3 Basketball - Women Doc ' s Brats vs. Little People Dinkers • BSU Buzzards 3 3 Appalachian League w L A K i " rn r TKE Kings 1 5 White Lightning 6 W NTE R CCC Midgets 6 Shooting Stars Masters Girls 4 4 2 2 7 7 I West League W L The Hot Shots 3 3 7ri- 7 A Kappa Sigma Crimson 6 Circle K Lemons 2 4 i J — r TKE Aces 5 1 ABCO Sisters 2 4 RESIDENCE HALL DIVISION Reek ' s Wrecks 3 3 Circle K 3 3 Western League w L International League w L Pi Kappa Phi Hatchets 3 3 App Globe Trotters 5 Gardner Ducks 7 CCC Pumas 1 5 Little People Dinkers 4 1 Justice Jocks 5 2 Pi Kappa Hotshots 6 Over-The-Hill-Gang 3 2 Bowie Bruins 4 3 Boone Bombers 2 3 Coltrane Zoo 4 3 Central League w L Bertha and the Butt Sisters 1 4 Gardner Monkberries 4 3 MTC Track 5 Watauga Winners 5 Coltrane Zappers 2 5 Pi Kappa Trotters 4 1 Justice Cheese Bunch 1 6 ROTC Rejects 3 2 Little People Dinkers vs. Eggers 5 by 5 1 6 CCC Blue Chips Pi Kappa Phi " B " 2 1 3 4 App Globe Trotters National League W L TKE Jokers 5 Justice Pack 8 Coltrane Midnight Tokers 7 1 Bowie Bruins 5 3 Gardner Bruins 5 3 INTRAMURAL SCOREBOARD 275 - X 3 :i 7 zn : I : c 1 r . M M ' ' aK ' TT. g53 5 1 i liMHIilii CAMPUS BUILDINGS 277 278 BUILDINGS BUILDINGS 279 ABCDEFGHIJKL MNOPQRSTUVW1X2Y3Z 280 THE END ' : ' :; - :A ■■ ' ' ;■ : ' dm.:. ,v ■■ •? : V, ' ' ' , ■ ' ■, ' ■} ' ' . ' . . ' ' :v . ■ .,..4, ■:■•; v .n: . ■ . ' ; ' r :: ' l -Mm ' : 11 .- ' •-4irf5» r.- y 3i7 ■;. ' .% :-;,T ' : ' fv mi i » ' i - n-T ■•. ' . ' ft •H I •.-■••. V f Appalacl an State lini: Bc|)ne, NorttfG6rolin|j ol Shannon -Editor Business Manager Volume 52 .-SSf J A beginning. ..of a book, an index, or of a different view of life. It consists of a systematically organized collection of relevant infornnation for nnost everyone on the cannpus of Appalachian State University. By taking objects or people and identifying thenn with numbers, this practical and necessary section of the book takes shape. The story told by numbers can be read quickly. It can be glanced at as many times as desired and will always remain constant. To some people at ASU the year was just another year— no changes. For those people, find your number, and then relive and enjoy the year 1973-74. 2 INTRODUCTION m INTRODUCTION 3 Administration University Services Clubs Teams Who ' s who Student Development Faculty Classes Administration 6 ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION 7 DR. HERBERT WEY, CHANCELLOR DEAN OF INNOVATION AND CHANGE Dr. James Jackson GRANTS PLANNING Mr. Bruce Boyle ATHLETICS Ir. Roy Clogston VICE CHANCELLOR FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr Paul Sanders ADMISSIONS Mr. C. H, Gilstrap REGISTRAR Mr. Dave Smith RESEARCH SERVICES Dr. Robert Reiman GENERAL COLLEGE Dr. O.K. Webb GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Gratis Williams LEARNING RESOURCES Dr. AlvisCorum ■ COLLEGE OF CONTINUING EDUCATION-Dr. James Jackson COLLEGE OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Dr. Nicholas Erneston COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Dr Richard Sorensen 1 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Dr. Joseph Logan COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. William Strickland VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Braxton Harris DEAN OF STUDENTS Mr. Ronny Brooks LIVING LEARNING PROGRAMS Mr. Bob Dunnigan STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Mr. Lee McCaskey COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES-Dr. Jack Mulgrew MEDICAL SERVICES Dr. Evan Ashby STUDENT UNION Mr. Ron Whittaker FINANCIAL AID Mr. Steve Gabriel CULTURAL AFFAIRS Mr. Rogers Whitener INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAM-Dr. Leiand Cooper 8 ADMINISTRATION APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY ASSISTANT TO THE CHANCELLOR Dr. Richard Howe DATA PROCESSING Mr. Art Gloster SPECIAL PROJECTS Dr. W. H. Plemmons VICE CHANCELLOR FOR BUSINESS AFFAIRS Mr. Ned Trivette AUDIT AND SYSTEMS Mr. Carroll Brookshire FINANCIAL SERVICES Mr. Lynn Holaday PERSONNEL SERVICES Mr. Larry Nance STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Mr. Jairy Hunter FACILITIES SUPPORT SERVICES Mr. Charlie Braswell UTILITY-SERVICES Mr. Grant Ayers SER ICES-Mr. TedHag aman VICE CHANCELLOR FOR DEVELOPMEN AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS-Mr. Bob Snead D PUBLIC AFFAIRS Mr. Lee Adams ALUMNI AFFAIRS Mr. Fred Robmette PLACEMENT Dr. Robert Randall NEWS BUREAU Mr. Tom Corbitt APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATION FOR ADMINISTRATION 19731974 Prepared by Office of University Research Services July, 1973 ADMINISTRATION 9 University Services University Services provide a valuable resource for the student. The prices are very fair for the student as well as helpful. Within the services are the laundry, the infirnnary, the cafeteria, food services, the library and the bookstore. 10 UNIVERSITY SERVICES JUDY BAILEY. M.A. DIRECTOR OF TESTING UNIVERSITY SERVICES 1 1 12 BOOKSTORE Bookstore Whether it ' s paper or pens or textbooks you ' re needing, the bookstore is sure to have an able supply, plus enough clothing, food, and health aides to get you through a Boone winter. Somewhat like a general store, it can satisfy any want - from a sweet tooth to a card for your sweetheart, (suitey even) Students make frequent trips to this handy establishment. BOOKSTORE 13 E r p T O Z- L P E D- P E C F D E D F C Z P ■ 4 5 6 : r E L O P Z D DEFPOTEC ■ 7 8 J LsrosrcT : rtrLTcco 9 10 14 UNIVERSITY SERVICES € ' yi - .4 r «j i. ,:mim % M iiij ' f ■ A s 3 UNIVERSITY SERVICES 15 16 LAUNDRY UNIVERSITY SERVICES 17 Belk Library Study? Sleep? Talk to friends or just browse. Whatever they do, the library always seems to be filled with people all day and half the night. The library has material of all sizes and descriptions. Staff members of the library include not only professional librarians but also student aides. No matter what the opinion of the library is, each student will probably use it during their college career. y .- k: jV ' 18 UNIVERSITY SERVICES UNIVERSITY SERVICES 19 1 1NTEREST I Barbell Club 20 MOBS I Lacrosse Club MOBS 21 ABCOl International Relations Club 22 MOBS MOBS 23 24 IVlOBS Young Republicans I Young Democrats MOBS 25 SERVICE r n Gamma Sigma Sigma 26 MOBS MOBS 27 I Pi Kappa Phi L [GREEK 28 IVlOBS MOBS 29 RELIGIOUS Westminister Fellowship 30 MOBS MOBS 31 DEPARTMENTAL Phi Mu Alpha! 32 MOBS Sigma Alpha Iota MOBS 33 34 MOBS I Alpha Chip Highland Biologists 36 MOBS Kappa Delta Pi " I Phi Beta Lambda | MOBS 37 38 MOBS German Club IVIOBS 39 I Pershing Rifles 40 MOBS Scabbard and Blade MOBS 41 ' ' Z Yi %) " Sji y :€ t H ii » «3 • ON m ' Wh ' MiSi m ' r (% h iSt t 4!Sm m M 1 t [ HI . 3 ' " ' m fgjiJi j F- y aIlS i£ki.% ikA m 1973-74 J. V. Cheerleaders 1973-74 Varsity Cheerleaders -f- MfS 48 TEAMS Due to problems we encountered, some team pictures are not presented 1973 Baseball team TEAMS 49 1973 Women ' s Golf team B. Hodges, P. Parris, F. Allen, P. Tipton, B. Jano, B. English, B. Morrisey 1973 Men ' s Golf team R. Bingham, R. Hall, D. Graver, T. Dudley, D. Newell, R. Benson, M. Marley, T. Francis, C. Deaton, D. Sigmon, J. Yelton, W. Deck, L. Tucker, W. Petty 50 TEAMS 1973 Women ' s Tennis team 1973 Men ' s Tennis team K. Richardson, D. Eason, R. Neely, R. Keller, D. Rouse, E. Alonzo TEAI IS 51 ' r i V e « f 1973 Football ASU-7 Western Kentuckv-42 ASU-0 Furman-17 ASU-14 Western Carolina-23 ASU-24 Davidson-8 ASU-14 Lenoir Rhyne-14 ASU-11 East Tennessee State-19 ASU-28 Wofford-21 ASU-31 The Citadel-6 ASU-7 Florence State-21 ASU-14 South Carolina-35 ASU-14 East Carolina-49 52 TEAMS 1973 Cross Country ASU-21 Wake Forest-34 ASU-19 VMI-41 ASU-38 East Tennessee State-1 7 ASU-31 East Carolina-25 ASU-26 Western Carolina-29 ASU-17 The Citadel -40 ASU-2nd-Davidson Invitational Meet ASU-8th-North Carolina State Championships ASU-2nd-Southern Conference Meet 1973 Soccer ASU-1 North Carolina-3 ASU-7 South Carolina-8 ASU-7 UNC Asheville-0 ASU-5 Davidson-3 ASU-33 Belmont Abbev-2 ASU-2 Duke-4 ASU-9 East Carolina-0 ASU-2 Furman-2 ASU-1 Ciemson-10 ASU-3 The Citadel-0 ASU4 Western Carolina-1 ASU-5 Warren Wilson-1 ASU-3 VMI-2 ASU-3 East C:arolina-2 ASU- Southern Conference Champions 1973 Soccer team TEAMS 53 1973-74 Basketball ASU-63 William Marv-100 ASU-60 Richmond-78 ASU-65 VIVII-74 ASU-53 East Tennessee State-78 ASU-78 Western Carolina-71 ASU-74 East Tennessee State-89 ASU-71 Furman-1 IT ASU-90 The Citadel-72 ASU-52 East Carolina-53 ASU-71 Georgia Southern-83 ASU-76 The Citadel-77 ASU-92 Carson-Newman-93 ASU-77 Lenoir Rhyne-82 ASU-73 UNC Charlotte-85 ASU-80 UNC Asheville-78 ASU-83 Richmond-93 ASU-72 Furman-89 ASU-79 Western CArolina-73 ASU-68 East Carolina-76 ASU-59 VMI-62 ASU- Lenoir Rhyne- Davidson Wake Forest 1973- ' 74 J. V. Basketball team 54 TEAMS 1973-74 Indoor track team 1973-74 Wrestling ASU-20 N.C. State-23 ASU-31 Georgia Tech-15 ASU-43 N.C. A T-3 ASU-23 Shippenburg State-13 ASU-9 West Chester State-30 ASU-42 Western Carolina-5 ASU-4 East Carolina-36 ASU-28 Pembroke State-1 1 ASU-37 South Carolina-13 ASU-32 Duke-11 V.T.-Chattanooga Maryville College Southern Conference Tournament TEAMS 55 1973 Field Hockey team 1973-74 Volleyball team f ' ' !:U3 H f] jj V V .J N 1 ■« [ 3 s - m ■ 56 TEAMS 1973- ' 74 Women ' s Gymnastics team 1973- ' 74 Men ' s Gymnastics team TEAMS 57 1973- ' 74 Men ' s Swimming team 58 TEAMS 1973-74 Rifle team 1973- ' 74 Ski team TEAMS 59 Who ' s Who Lynn Murphy Mike Long Malcolm Carroll Ron Tuttle Roy Marlar Russell Helms Hazel Scott Mike Colling Sandy Schmierer John McMillan Ken Weast Doug Little Steve Colyer Ron Branch Julia Spillman Romell Ritchie Randy Shaver Connie Holt Donna Brummitt Steve Means Pat Dominik Brett Day Charlie Beck Ron Reynolds Jo Anne Yeats John Meadows Tanya Shook Paul Ragan Kent Cave Dianne Smart Gail Lentz Marian O ' Neal Denise Clark Robin Clark Cynthia Culbreth Robert Day Luisa Lorenzo Steve Means Tanya Shook 60 WHO ' S WHO Malcolm Carroll WHO ' S WHO 61 Lynn Murphy Steve Colyer Doug Little Sandy Schmierer Mike Long Randy Shaver Romell Ritchie 62 WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO 63 64 WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO 65 Mike Collins Hazel Scott Ronnie Branch 66 WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO 67 student Development 68 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 69 This year, the president of the Student Government has been IVlalcolm Carroll, the vice-president— Jeff Morgan, the treasurer— Ron Tuttle and secretary— Sue Eccles. Perhaps two of the largest accomplishments have been the Student Transit Service and the proposed January Resolution. A closed door policy has been initiated for visitation. For next year, differential housing has been proposed. The Tutorial Services have also been offered this year. As stated in many platforms S.G.A. is only what you make it. So from here, form your opinions. 70 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 71 72 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 73 74 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 75 76 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Editor - Carol Shannon Classes and Clubs - Mary Ramsey Business Mgr. ■ Woody Williams Academics - Judy Fruh STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 77 Features Margaret Hobbs Grady Swicegood Susan Baity Debra Harrell Billie Darby Sports Terry Jones Greg Wood Joy White 78 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT THE APPALACHIAN STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 79 80 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Donna Brummitt Editor Connie Holt Managing Editor Bill McRae Advertising Manager David Richard Asst. Adv. Mgr. Beryl Cox News Editor Tony Patterson Production Mgr. Mike Long Editorial Assistant Mark Bumgarner Business Manager Rhonda Peyton . . Past Business Manager Steve Bostian Sports Editor Paula Stanley Copy Editor David Ariedge Rewrite Editor Sarah Minnis Subscription Manager Buddy Hedrick Circulation Amelia Sloop Ad. Prod. Mgr. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 81 82 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Carlton Peyton Director of Photography John Borney Rhododendron Photographer John Craft Rhododendron Photographer Sid Carpenter Rhododendron Photographer Marty Cooper Rhododendron Photographer Mike Murray Darkroom Technician James McKinney .... Head Darkroom Technician Len Jenkins .... Head Appalachian Photographer Travis Holland Appalachian Photographer Shelly Dixon Appalachian Photographer Susan Tannewitz Appalachian Photographer John Heffren Appalachian Photographer Ernest Tedder Darkroom Tech. Trainee Robert Smyre Rhododendron Photographer 83 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Student Typesetting is headed by Mrs. Betty Jo Shore. Typesetting is done for the RHODODENDRON, THE APPALACHIAN, brochures, pamphlets, and music programs which have a departmental and campus use, are prepared by Student Typesetting. There are nine people working regularly, various others, and those who are trainees from Watauga High School. 84 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 85 The Student Center houses everything from committees to ping pong tables. Every student can find an activity for himself there. Com mittees include the Fine Arts, Popular Programs, Films, Dance, Coffeehouse, and ABCO. Evidence of these committee ' s working can be seen with concerts, all-nighters, and the many films shown. There is a bowling league among various other groups. The above group participates in inner-collegiate competition. Ron Whittaker is the Executive Director of the Student Union. IVIike Etu is Assistant Director, while Ann Toney is the Program Director. Secretaries are Betty Home and Paulette Proffitt. Whatever your activities may be, the Student Center includes at least one of them. 86 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 87 88 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 89 Faculty ACCOUNTING Dr. Larry R. Trussell, Chairman Dr. Albert L. Craven Mr. Dale L. Flesher Mr. Stanley A. Harris, Jr. Mr. James F. Jones Mr. Kyle C. Jones Mr. Ray G. Jones, Jr. Dr. Raymond Larson Miss Martha Marshall Mr. Carl J. Messere Mr. Harris Prevost Dr. R. Cranstoun Reinoso Mr. Charles C. Spear ADMINISTRATION, SUPERVISION AND HIGHER EDUCATION Dr. Alvin R. Hooks, Acting Chairman Dr. W. G. Anderson Mr. William Armfield, III Dr. Thomas Eugene Carpenter Dr. Leiand R. Cooper Dr. Tom Cottingham Dr. Spencer E. Durante Dr. Patricia E. Gaynor Dr. Ben H. Horton, Jr. Dr. John S. Reynolds Dr. Nathaniel H. Shope Dr. Dan Stallings Mrs. Dorothy Steele Dr. Guy T. Swain Dr. Joe W. Widenhouse, Jr. ART Mr. Lawrence F. Edwards, Chairman Mr. Dean M. Aydelott Dr. Harold W. Carrin Mr. Warren C. Dennis Mr. William Ralph Dunlap Dr. Lorraine Force Miss Judy L. Humphrey Mr. Noyes C. Long Dr. Henry G. Michaux Miss Margaret Ruth Poison Mrs. Marianne S. Suggs Mrs. Sherry Waterworth BIOLOGY Dr. 1. W. Carpenter, Jr., Chairman Dr. John J. Bond Dr. F. Ray Derrick Mrs. Ruth Ann Dewel Dr. William C. Dewel Dr. Sandra Jean Glover Dr. Edgar D. Greene, Jr. Dr. Frank A. Helseth Mr. Vaughan T. Hendrix Dr. Richard N. Henson Dr. Marie L. Hicks Dr. William R. Hubbard Dr. Homer H. Hurley Dr. Francis Montaldi Dr. J. Frank Randall Dr. Ken Robinson BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dr. Richard E. Sorensen, Chairman Mr. Oscar R. Aylor Dr. Robert L. Brown Mrs. Roberta Counihan Mrs. Bobbye K. Dunlap Mr. Henry Flarsheim Mr. G. Creighton Frampton, Jr. Mr. Albert F. Green Mr. W. Robert Harkins Mr. Richard E. Harwell Mr. James W. Hathaway Mr. Lloyd J. Hughlett Mr. William E. Loftin Mr. George E. Lyne, Jr. Mr. Ronald D. McCullagh Dr. Shan Mahmoud Mr. Carlton Maile Mr. Stephen W. Millsaps Dr. Wallace Daniel Rountree Mr. William C. Weaver Mr. John B. Wilson BUSINESS EDUCATION AND OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Dr. Orus R. Sutton, Chairman Mrs. Ann Blackburn Mrs. Martha G. Hawkinson Miss Jane M. Riner Dr. Melvin Roy Mrs. Kathryn C. Tully Dr. William S. Vanderpool, Jr. Dr. Robert H. West CHEMISTRY Dr. George B. Miles, Chairman Mrs. Gelene A. Atwood Dr. Herbert L. Bowkley Dr. James Edwin Johnson Dr. Donald P. Olander Mr. Alfred B. Overbay Dr. Thomas C. Rhyne Dr. Donald W. Sink Dr. Robert W. Soeder Mr. Albert B.Suttle CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Mrs. Grace T. Lilly, Chairman Mr. Larry D. Allred Dr. Nevin S. Alwine Dr. Bruce Bachelder Mrs. Madeline E. Bradford Miss Carolyn Bunting Miss Beulah C. Campbell 90 FACULTY Mrs. Carolyn L. Farquhar Dr. Robert S. Jones Dr. Joseph Pat Knight Dr. Lawrence A. Larsen Dr. Joyce V. Lawrence Dr. Charles K. McEwin, Jr. Mrs. Janet S. Mears Mr. William Dean Meredith Mrs. Beatrix B. Ramey Dr. Virginia F. Ritter Mr. Fred T. Robinette, Jr. Mr. Richard B.Wilson Dr. Larry W. Woodrow COUNSELOR EDUCATION AND READING Dr. Lester L. VanGilder, Chairman Dr. Fred T. Badders Mrs. Dorothy B. Barker Mr. Bruce M. Boyle Dr. Marjorie F. Farris Mrs. Donna W. Helseth Dr. Isabel F. Jones Dr. John Mulgrew Dr. Harry G. Padgett Dr. Gerald L. Parker Mr. Uberto Price Dr. David T. Robinson Dr. R. Terry Sack Mr. C. David Smith Mrs. Peggy S. Whittaker Mrs. Myrtle B. Wilson ECONOMICS Dr. Dean A. Dudley, Chairman Mr. John H. Brashear Mr. John P. Combs Dr. Barry Elledge Dr. Lila Flory Dr. Charles J. Haulk Dr. Richard B. McKenzie Dr. Tridib K. Mukherjee Mr. Gilroy J. Zuckerman EDUCATIONAL MEDIA Mrs. Ila T. Justice, Chairman Mr. Robert B. McFarland Dr. Nancy W. Bush Dr. Doris Cox Mr. V. Roger Gaither Mr. Thomas Joe Ligget Mrs. Lois B. McGirt Mr. John A. Pritchett, Jr. Miss Mary A. Rhudy ENGLISH Dr. Loyd H. Hilton, Chairman Miss Ruby L. Akers Dr. Lucy M. Brashear Mrs. Donna H. Campbell Dr. A. Ronald Coulthard Mr. Thomas Cunningham Dr. Mary M. Dunlap Mrs. Grace T. Edwards Mrs. Daisy W. Eggers Dr. Donald H. Frantz, Jr. Dr. Miriam Herin Dr. Hans G. Heymann Dr. Robert G. Higbie Dr. M. John Higby Dr. Oscar D. Holton Dr. Daniel F. Hurley Dr. Leon H. Lewis Dr. Susan H. Logan Dr. Doris Lucas Mr. Robert J. Lysiak Mrs. Betty H. McFarland Mr. Thomas A. McGowan Dr. Emory V. Maiden, Jr. Dr. Mary R. Moore Mr. L. Tully Reed Dr. Sam G. Terry Dr. John E. Trimpey Dr. Wilber Henry Ward, III Dr. Charles F. Waterworth Mr. John Foster West Mr. Rogers V. Whitener Dr. Hubertien H. Williams Dr. Jerry W. Williamson FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. J. Roy Prince, Chairman Dr. Jose Antonio Amaro Mr. Carl H. Bredow Dr. Ramon Diaz Dr. Patricia B. Eargle Miss Mia Grosz Dr. Peggy J. Hartley Mrs. Jane F. Kauffman Dr. Helen Latour Dr. Elton G. Powell GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY Dr. Fred Webb, Jr., Chairman Mr. John Edward Callahan Dr. Terry E. Epperson, Jr. Dr. Ole Gade Dr. William Imperatore Dr. F. Kenneth McKinney Dr. Leiand L. Nicholls Dr. Darryl T. Pederson Dr. Loren A. Raymond Dr. H. Daniel Stillwell Mr. Roger A. Winsor Dr. Julian C. Voder HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION Dr. Lawrence E. Horine, Chairman Miss Joan Askew Mr. Russell Bergman Mr. James A. Brakefield Mr. William G. Buchanan FACULTY 91 Mr. George Carmignani Dr. Vaughn Kyle Christian Miss Viola Ann Clarke Mr. William C.CIinebell Mr. Fisher DeBerry Mr. Eric B. DeGroat Dr. R. Wayne Edwards Miss Colette Sue Garrison Mr. Melvin H. Gruensfelder Mrs. Cleone H. Hodges Dr. Francis L. Hoover Mr. Ronald West Kanoy Mr. Jay T. Kearney Dr. Ernest K. Lange Dr. Edgar 0. Larson Mr. Robert G. Light Dr. Charles E. McDaniel Dr. Harry L. McDonald Mr. Press Maravich Dr. Carl G. Meeks Mr. James S. Morris, Jr. Mr. Raymond Joseph Ochs Dr. William L. Steinbrecher Mrs. Ellen B. Thomas Mr. Roger E. Thomas Miss Rebecca Tomlinson Dr. Edward T. Turner Mr. Robert Ward Dr. John H.Williams HISTORY Dr. Roy Carroll, Chairman Dr. George P. Antone Dr. Charles B. Blackburn Dr. Hugh L. Bond Dr. Rennie W. Brantz Dr. J. Max Dixon Dr. Eugene C. Drozdowski Dr. Lowell C. Green Dr. Sheldon Hanft Dr. Richard H. Haunton Dr. David Heisser Mrs. Rena C. Hoover Dr. Sandra Ann Horvath Dr. Peter Karavites Dr. Winston L. Kinsey Dr. Helena F. Lewis Mrs. Eloise C. Melton Dr. Michael J. Moore Miss Anne M. O ' Hora Dr. Peter Petschauer Dr. Judith P. Pulley Dr. Raymond H. Pulley Dr. Carl A. Ross, Jr. Dr. Donald B. Saunders Dr. Leighton R. Scott, Jr. Mr. Robert D. Simmons Dr. Stephen Joseph Simon Mr. Thomas M. Williamsen Mr. Frank E. Wozniak HOME ECONOMICS Dr. Josephine A. Foster, Chairman Mrs. Frances Virginia Irons Miss Alice J. Lewis Mrs. Celia Sue Roten INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION Mr. Frank R. Steckel, Chairman Dr. Robert A. Banzhaf Dr. William David Graham Mr. William C. Hanner Dr. Carl A. Moeller Mr. Clyde C. Owen Dr. Alfred V. Rapp Mr. Eric F. Feichard Mr. Joseph G. Sloop MATHEMATICS Dr. Lynn M. Perry, Acting Chairman Dr. James M. Boyte Dr. Golden T. Buckland Dr. Michael C. Carter Dr. Donald Cook Dr. Rudy L. Curd Dr. Marvin G. Eargle Dr. Ronald J. Ensey Dr. Gerald L. Francis Mrs. Frances S. Fulmer Dr. Ray L. Graham Mrs. Anita N. Kitchens Dr. Larry J. Kitchens Dr. Ernest Paul Lane Mr. Arnold D. McEntire Dr. H.William Paul Dr. Robert L. Richardson Mr. Richard J. Schalk Mr. David Shepherd Dr. James R. Smith Mr. Starr N. Stacy, Jr. Dr. Beauregard Stubblefield Dr. John F. Williams MILITARY SCIENCE LTC William Thomas Palmer, Chairman Major John F. Bobbit Captain David Campbell Major Richard S. Daum Captain Richard H. Torovsky MUSIC Dr. Wayne M. Sheley, Chairman Mrs. Joanne Bell Mr. Walton Smith Cole Mr. James E. Dellinger Mr. MacWilliam Disbrow Dr. Nicholas Erneston Miss Elizabeth Fox Dr. Charles Lee Isley Mr. Dennis A.Johnston 92 FACULTY Miss Barbara Adele Justice Dr. Allen F. Kindt Dr. Gregory Kosteck Dr. William J. Newton Dr. Phillip IVI. Paul IVlr. Joe F. Phelps Miss Sandra Robertson Mr. W. Hayt Safrit Mr. Eugene Paul Schweiger Dr. H. Max Smith Dr. William G. Spencer Miss Annette Watkins Dr. Elmer R. White Mrs. Joan Lynn White PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Dr. James W. Stines, Chairman Dr. Charles T. Davis, III Dr. Alan Jon Mauser Dr. Richard Alan Humphrey Dr. O ' Hyun Park Dr. Mary Ann Richter Dr. Raymond S. Ruble Dr. Frans van der Bogert PHYSICS Dr. Walter Connolly, Chairman Dr. J. Gordon Linsay, Jr. Dr. Karl C. Mamola Dr. Robert C. Nicklin Dr. Thomas Leo Rokoske POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Richter H. Moore, Jr. Dr. Edward M. Allen, Jr. Dr. Jawad I. Barghothi Dr. Daniel B. German Dr. Marvin K. Hoffman Dr. Roland F. Moy Dr. As ' as Adib Rahhal Mr. John W. Shore Dr. Carl David Sutton Dr. Matt W. Williamson PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Walter T. Snipes, Chairman Dr. Willard L. Brigner Dr. Donald L. Clark Dr. Joyce G. Crouch Dr. James R. Deni Dr. Boyd Max Dowell Dr. J. Daniel Duke Dr. Paul A. Fox Dr. Basil G. Johnson, Jr. Dr. William H. Knight Dr. Richard H. Levin Dr. James D. Long Dr. Alexander A. Manning Dr. Roberts. Maris Dr. William W. May Dr. William T. Moss Dr. Gertrude M. Neis Mrs. Mary Louise Powell Dr. Henry G. Schneider Dr. Frank R. Terrant, Jr. Dr. George R. Wesley Dr. Fred Allen Wilson SECONDARY EDUCATION Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Dr. Mr. N. A. Miller, Chairman Ben G. Bosworth, Jr. James M. Cole William M. Cooper William Edmund Fulmer W. Thomas Jamison . Clara Z. Mamola William M. Martin Jack R. Melton David N. Mieike Joseph L. Murphy James R. Roberts George F. Sasser Keener Smathers Roland L. Tuttle, Jr. Erwing W. Wadsworth SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Dr. A.M. Denton, Jr., Chairman Dr. Harvard G. Ayers Dr. B rian C. Bennett Dr. Louie A. Brown Mr. Jeffrey E. Cosnow Mr. Stephen F. Hall Dr. Peyton A. Hughes Dr. Lester D. Keasey Dr. Larry G. Keeter Dr. Frank M. Lovrich Dr. Burton L. Purrington Dr. Gregory G. Reck Miss Janice G. Rienerth Mr. George Michael Wise DIVISION OF HUMAN RESOURCES Dr. Benjamin L. Brooks, Director Mrs. Tricia M. Bradford Mr. Erin Kent Caldwell Mrs. Jessie L. Carpenter Dr. Hewitt B. Clark Dr. William R. Elmore Miss Betty Gales Mr. James B. Gray Mrs. Susan Gray Mr. James A. Greene Dr. E. Stanley Hunter Dr. Raymond J. Hyer Mr. F. W. Kirchberg Dr. Karen B. Maloney Dr. Millard M. Meador Mrs. Edna Mulgrew Mr. J. David Reid FACULTY 93 5 John Alexander Ed Alton Andy Anderson Cathy Austin Don Barker S. Barnette Gib Beaver Stephen Benfield 8-VZ-644Z Z Z-3 94 MUGS Judy Boles Edward Bost Harold Bowlin Dan Bowman Margaret Bradburn Gail Brantley Barbara L. Buck Andrew Burgess Jan Burgess S. W. Busko Mary Campbell Rebecca Carroll Helen Cloninger Robert Clyde Richard Cole Robert Conley Patricia Cooper Ronald Daves Debbie Decker Raymond Delp Kay Dixon Nancy Dowdy Ronald Dowdy Mary Edmiston Wiley Elliott Kenneth Evans Sharon Farlow Glenn Fluharty Eugene Fuller John Garrett Jerry George Harriett Gilbert Carolyn Greenwood Peggy Haynes Horace Hayworth Phillip W. Helms J. Roger Hinshaw Warren Hinson Bob Hodgin Kenneth Hubbard Ida Hudson Roy Huffsteller Kenneth Hollar Gary A. Huss Carolyn Jones M. Sharron Jones Jim P. Kelly Linda Kewatt Janice Kiilian 5 -4900 242-92-37 MUGS 95 Stephen Killian Michael Kirby Warunee Kongsuwan Ralph Kornegay Beverly Lancaster Phyllis Laney E. Lara bee Jerry W. Little Nilo Lowman Philip Maness Elaine Mayes Vicki McCall Lynn McCorkle Tommy McKnight Julia McNabb Peter IVtiench Bobby Morrow Raymond Muzika Johnny R. Nance Vickie OIlis Terry Pardew Pat Pennington George Pope Ruby Quilter Steve Rainwater Brent Reeves David Richardson James Ringley David Rovins Sandra Ruppe John H. Saylors Sharon Seitz Pamela Sides Eugene Smith, Jr. Joy W. Smith P. Spencer Janet Teague Jenille Temple David Thomas Paulette Thomas Harold Tyner Judith C.Ward Patricia Ward Betty White William Whitehead Jessie Williamson Cindy Winslow P. C. Zamora, Jr. Teresa Zimmerman I 246-vb-u936 2 96 MUGS 4 Jeff Aaron Benny Adams -2221 244-7 2-5 MUGS 97 4 Bonnie Adams Deane Adcock Sharon Albertson Carl Alexander Jr. Tod Allen Vicki Allen Glenn Allison Margaret Allison Paul Anderson Phill Anderson Becky Andrews Jane E. Anthony Wanda Anthony Becky Arndt Bobby Arrington Sharon Ashburn Rodney Ashby Cheryl Ashworth Gail Atkinson Pamela Atkinson Larry Austell Dianne Austin Dwight Austin Belinda Auman Michael Avery Edward Baer Brenda Bailey Janice Bailey Patricia Bailey Peggy L. Baird Denise Baker Libby Baker Mark Baker William Baker Cathy Baldwin Vikki A. Baldwin Cindy Ball Becky Bancroft Brenda Bankhead Judy Banner Michael Banner Earl Barber, Jr. Demaris Barksdale Vicki Barnett George Barnhardt Irene Barr Sue Barrett David Bartley Karen Bass )6 212- 0- 98 MUGS Garry Beam Emory Bearden Debbie E. Beasley Jimmy Beck Charles Beddingfield Diane BeDen Carolyn Beeker Dianne Benfieid Lois Berger Kathy Berry Tim Biesecker Chris Blackburn Mary Blackburn Susan Blackey Deborah Blair John Blalock James Blankenship Jane Blanton Jennifer Blevins Joe Blevins, Jr. Karen Bodenheimer Danny Bogue Molly Bonds Kathryn Boob Dennis Bowen Ray Bowen Mary Bowman Artis G. Boyd John R. Boyd Joyce Boyette Jane Bracken Mickey Brackett Blaka Bradley Zerle Bradshaw Vicky Brady George Brake Larry Branch Teri Branch Daniel Brannock Gary Branon Leonard Brantley Gary Bray Karen Brinegar Lanny Brockmeier Mabel Brooks Susan Broome Margaret Brothers Vance Brothers Clanie Brown 4 ?6-4591 241-84-12 MUGS 99 Debra Baucom Debra Beam David Brown James Brown, Jr. Mardy Brown Mary Brown Robert Brown Vivian Brown Alice Browning Stephen Broughman Mac Bryant Gary K. Bryson Randall Buchanan Herman Bullins Beth Bunn Calvin Bunn Mike Burgess Phillip Burgess Marcia Burke Robah Burke John Burleson Rebecca Burleson John M. Burney Coley Burton Donald Burton Robert Bush George Burler Jackson Butler Kay Butler Samuel Butler Veronica Byers Margie Byrd Marvin Byrd Sarah Byrd Candy Caldwell Paul Callanan Charles Cameron, Jr. William Cameron Harold Campbell Joe Campbell Linda Campbell Lynn Campbell Dann Carnes Malcolm Carroll Riely L. Carroll Roland Carroll Brenda Carswell Rick Campbell Nancy Canter 193-52-3135 ' l ' 100 MUGS Tamara Carter Carlton Caruso Ronald Case Brenda Cauble Debbie Caudill Joroyce Carter Marsha Carter Gail Caudill James Caudill Rachel Caudill Robert Caudill, Jr. Eddie Causey Ken Causey Monty Cauthen Jan Caviness Lawrence Caviness Jane Chamblee Crystal Champion T. Max Champion William Chappell Keith Charles Mary Charles Peggy Childers Tim Childers Susan Childress Larry Christenbury R. Keith Christopher Janet Church Beverly Clark Cecelia Clark Greg Clark Mack D. Clark Rose Marie Clary David Clay Kathy Clay Glenn Cline Guy Cline Jane Cline Rita Cline Gerry Cloninger Butch Clopton Bonnie Cobb Marie Coggins Gregory Cole Laura Cole Richard Cole Donald Collins Ernie Collins Mike L. Collins 4 -989 MUGS 101 4 Willie Collins Sandra Collins Charlene Colvard Linda Colvard Bill Combs Robert Combs, Jr. Libby Comer William Compton Marsha Conrad David Copper Doug Core Robert Corey Judy Cornett Michael Coston Diane Cothran Paget Cothren Betty Cotton Helen Cotton David Cottreli Roger Covington Peggy Cowdrey Beryl Jean Cox Steve Coyler Kathy Coyner John Craft Debbie Craven Dow Craver George Crawford Ann Creech Cathy Cress Mark Crissman Evans Crocker D. Crookshank Martha Crooke Steven Crouch Trina Crowder Cindy Culbreth Joseph Cummings Brenda Cunningham Gary H. Cyrus John Cyrus Randy Daniels Eddie V. Daves Anne Davis Lloyd Davis, Jr. Marvin Davis Walter Davis Kimberiy Dawkins Elizabeth Dawson 39-7 6-7516 J 102 IVIUGS Brett Day Michael Deal Michael Dean Danny Dehart Jenny Delorme David Demster Diane Dennehy Larry Denton Carol DeRhodes Cathy Dibello Kay Dixon Vickie Dobbins Dede Dodd Jack Dollard, Jr. Pat Dominik Caran Downing Lecia Ann Drye Bobby Duncan Larry Dudas Darryl Dudley Keith Dudley Daniel Duggan Teresa Duncan Robert Du Rant Herman Eagle Donald Eason Janet Eason John Eaton Christopher Eckard Doris Eckard Gary Edwards Kim Edwards Marsha Edwards Thomas Edwards Douglas Efland Nadine Elledge Jackson Elliott Bonnie Ellis Patricia Ellis Michael Elium Dottie C. Eudy Rickey Eudy Suzanne Eudy Jan E. Ezzell Mona Faggart Ramsey B. Farmer Ernie Faw Richard Ferrell Lillian Fesperman 1212 621-31-1135 2 MUGS 103 Robin Fesperman Don Ferguson John Fidler Frank Fields James Finger Kathy Flack Clay Fleming Susan Florence Patrice Flythe Kathie J. Ford Mark Ford Reggie Francis Linda Frazier Richard French Lowell Fritts Elissa Fritz Ajay Fry Beverly Frye Bob Fuller Portia Fulp Ruth Furches Douglas P. Furman Keith Futrell Corbett Gaines III Cynthia Gardner Sandra Gardner Susan Gardner Gary Garrison Sharon Garver Robert George Jackie Gerringer Joe Gibbons Lee S. Gibson Lu J Gibson Charles P. Ginn Shirley Glasson Martha Goodman Larry Gordon Carolina Grady Kathy Graham Danny Graybeal Arnold Green Robin Green Denise Greene Janet Greene Lowell Greene Susan Greene Linda Greenwell Katrina Greer 36-4900 104 MUGS Sheila Gregg Archie Gregory Beverly Griffin Keith Griffin Vaunda K. Griffin Jim Grkman Charles Gunn Jim Gurley Charles Gwaltwey Janet Haggard Ronald Hales James Hall Kent Hamilton Gary Hammer Jane Hamrick Barbara M. Hands Dennis Hands Beverly Hanes Kathy Harbinson John Harmon Al Harris Libbie L. Hart Joseph Hartley Charles Hartman Mary Harward Jo Ann Hassell Bill Hatcher Cynthia Hauss Joseph Hauser Nancy Hauser Amy Hawkins Mary Hawkins Phillip Hawkins Randy Hawkins Ava Hawley Dan Hayes Deborah Hayes Lowell Hayes Diane S. Haynes Joyce Hearn Cynthia Hearren Emily Heath Patricia Heavner Susan Hedrick Terry Hedrick Russell Helms Marion Hendrik Ann Henkle Lynn Hensley 4 7925 MUGS lOB 4 Richard Hensley Cathy Henson Wayne Henson Michael Henry Kimberley Hertweck Quintina Hiatt S. Hibbits Ann Hicks Donald Hicks Mary Ellen Hicks Anne Hileman Harry Hilewitz Anne M. Hine Jennifer E. Hix Ralph Hobby, Jr. Ronnie Hodge Susan Hodge Beryl E. Hodgin Hank Hodgin Ellyn Hoffman William Hoffman Jack Hoke Travis Holland Eva Holloway Mary B. Hoipp Connie Holt Judy Honeycutt Mike Honeycutt Donna J. Hood Teresa Hoover Trudy Hoover Eldon L. Hopkins Pat Hopkins Thomas Hopkins Johnny Hora Vicky Hornady Earle Home, Jr. Hollis Horton Judy Houser Marcia Houston Alda Howard Cynthia Howard Charlie Howell Keith Howey Kenneth Howey Kenneth Howey Rich Hrenko Lynn Hubbard Shirley Hudson yo 106 MUGS Bobby Hudspeth Joan Huffman Kathy Hull Douglas Humble Warren Huneycutt Marsha Hunt Rick T. Hunt Brenda Hunter Cindy Huntley Dana Husband Jeanne Huston Brenda Hutchinson Cindy Hubbard Teddy Ingraham Michael Ingrum Sherry Ingwersen Deborah Inman Sandy Jablonski Jay Jacobs Mary Jacobs Ralph Jacobsen John James Leon Jaynes Bonnie Jefferson David Jeffries Billie Jenkins Franklin Jenkins Philip Jenkins Charles Jessup Ronny Jester Tommy C. Jester Leslie Johnson Walter Johnson, Jr. Cynthia Jones Dan Jones Debbie Jones Dianne Jones Foard F. Jones Hugh Jones Jennifer Jones John Jones Karen Jones Larry Jones Lin Jones Lynne Jones Sallie Jordan Mary Joseph Roland Jones Susan Josey 4 936 243-96-2221 2 OUGS IO? Paul W. Joyner Ronnie Joyce Donna Julian Tereasa Kapp Kathleen Kaylos P. Lynn Kearney Karry Keefer Charles Keel Mary H. Keel Rick Keller William Keller Alan Kennedy Gregory Kennedy JoAnne Kenworthy Barbara Kerr Dennis Kerr Perry Kerr, Jr. E. Ketchie Carol Keys John Kilby Tim Kimble Anne Kimel Karol Kincaid Pat Kincheloe Charles King, Jr. Patricia King Ann Kinkins Janice B. Kirk Mike Kirkpatrick Donna R. Kirby Robert Kirby Sherry Kirby Vicki Kiser Kim Kohut Jim Kneas Edward Knight Marshall Knowles Karen Knox Barbara Lambert Peggy Lambert Paul Lambine Day Lancaster Kay Lancaster Linda Landrum Rich Landwehr Pat Lane Linda Laney Rusty Laremore Don Lawecki -92-6442 2lz- 108 MUGS Phvllis Lawecki Richard D. Laws Carol Leach Gary W, Ledford Vicky Ledwell Loella Leggett Keith Lentz Betsy Leonard Carol Leute Margaret Lewis Susan Lewis Margaret Ligon Edwinn Lingg Patricia Link Susan Linker David Linville Deborah Little Douglas Little Anne Livengood Sheila LaCount Pamela Loflin Joe Loftis Gail Long Michael Long Luisa Lorenzo Jack Love Terry Love Jack Lowe James Lowe Kenneth Ludwig Lou Lutz Gordon Lye Patrick J. Lyons Mary-A. Maa s Linda Maloy Michael Maness Larry Mankins Susan Mankins Darcus Manning Robert Markman Roy Marlar Max Marley, Jr. Johnnie Marshall Peggy Marshall Debra Martin Gary Martin James Martin Mary E. Martin Patrick Martin 4 i4 242-96-4591 22 IVlUGS 109 A. Massengill Nancy Mattocks Cindy Mauney J. May Sharon McCachren Sheila IVIcCain Brenda McCann Debbie McCarn Dianne McCarn Lonnie McCaskill, III Betty McCrae Otis McCraw Ronald McCreary Cathrine McDougald H. Tate McKee James McKinney Dwight McKnight Thomas McLean, Jr. Deborah McLain John McMillan Bob McMurray James McNeill Phil McNeill Thomas McNeill Charles McPherson Karen McPeters Margaret McPherson Bill McRae Jon E. Meadows Susan Meadows Steve Means Nancy Mercer Debra Merritt Chris Mickey Chris Miller David Miller Frances Miller Lynne Miller Wanda Milligan Sarah Minnis Dennie Mitchell Steve Mitchell Landy Mitchen Fred Mock Monte Modlin Doris Money Gary B. Money Patricia Money Libby Moody 76-7516 5-4 ■i 110 MUGS Stephen Moody Carol Moore Debra Moore Dennis Moore Diane M. Moore Ricky Moore Sherry Moore Steve Mooring Mary Moose David Morgan Rilla Morgan John Morris Lori Morgan Roberta Morton Carolyn Moss Stephen Moss Andrea Mull Kenneth Mullinax Lynn Murphy Wanka Muzika Nancy Myers Rebecca Nail Rosemary Nance Mary Neal Gary Neely Michael Nelson David Newell Freida Newell Rita Newell Susan E. Newlin Kristine Newman Karen Newton Niatt Paul Alan Nichols Jan Nicholson Patricia Nix Peggy Nolte Deborah Oakes Paula O ' Brien Thomas O ' Hare Nancy Oliver Jackson OIlis Edward Osteen Douglas Otts Susan Owens Melissa J. Pace Tamra Padgett Danny Page Phillio L. Page 4 I 621-31-1135 244-7 MUGS 111 Jeffery Palmer James Pardue Fred Park Billie Parkhurst Patty Parks Jerry Parrish Roy Parton Jeanne Pascal Sam Patterson Jr. John Pavlich Sherry Payseur Don Peiffer David Penley Michael Penn Myra Pennell Steven Pettigrew P. Carlton Peyton Rhonda Peyton Richard Phelps Beverly Phifer Sandy Phillips Donna Pittman Ken Pittman Victor Plyler Rebecca Poer Hampton Poole Gary Poovey D. R. Porter Mary F. Porter Russ Pom ell E. Sherlene Powell Debra Presler Steve Preston Dianne Price Gene Price Ralph Price Audrey Pridgen Louise A. Pritchard Glad Pritchett Kyle Prufer Brenda Pruitt Ronnie Punch L. Scott Quails Nancy F. Quinn Grace Rabb Susan Rainey Susan Ramsey Alex Randall Amanda Randall 5296 112 MUGS Patty Ratchford Susan Ratledge Elaine Ray Shirley Ray Steve Raynor Wayne Raynor Randy Reavis John v. Redden Wanda Redden Ellen Reece Janet Reger Debbie Render Bill Revis Debbie Reynolds Clayton Reynolds Ron Reynolds Sue Reynolds Michael Rhoney Mark D. Richard Alec Richardson David Richardson Karen Richardson Linda Richardson Patsy Riddle Pat Ridenhour Catherine Riley Debbie Rimmer Charles D. Rippy Gary W. Ritchie Robert Roane Jr. Dorothy Roark Juanita Robbins William Roberts Daniel Robertson Diane Robertson Philip Robertson Debbie Robinson Gina Robinson Rodney Robinson Kathryn Roessel Steve Rogers Sheila Roper Doug Rorrer Arlene Rosers Kenneth Rothrock Larry Rousseau Frank Rudisill Denise Russell Ann M. Ruthledge 4 12-01-9892 242- MUGS 113 Sherry Ryan William Rymer III Geri Safrit Debbie Sain Regina St. Clair Huston Sally Janice Salmons Phyllis Salmons Curt Salthouse Sherry Salyer Robert Sapp Dawn Sauls Kenneth Sauls Mike Saunders Samuel Saunders Clif Saylor Sandy Schmierer Hazel A. Scott C. Frank Scott Patricia Scott Gales Scroggs Frankie Scronce Bobbie Seagle Donald Searcy J. Rodney Seay Sammy Sebastian Cathy Secreast J. B. Self Tricia Self Vicki Sellers Judy Senn John Serafini Jr. Ronnie Shadd Pete Shankle Charles Sharpe Jr. Janice Sharpe Jonathan Sharpe Robbie Sharrett Emily Shaver Kathy Shaver Randy Shaver Richard Shelton Michael Sherrill Trista Shirley Tanya Shook Ralph D. Shore Gary Shull Vincent Shumate Connie Sigmon 1900 242-92-379: 114 MUGS Marcia Siler Carol Sinski Eddy Sipe Susan Siphers Annette Sisk James E. Slate Harriet Sloop Betty Smith Carolyn Smith Debrah Smith Debra J. Smith Ellen J. Smith G. Bruce Smith Grace Smith Jo Ann Smith Juanita Smith Katherine Smith Mary E. Smith Phil Smith Sharon Smith Teddi J. Smith Tony Ray Smith Steve Snipes Deborah Snyder George Somers Linda South C. J. Sparks Anthony Spencer Linda Spencer Nancy Spencer Ricky Spencer Wally Spencer Julia Spillman David Spittle Leslie Spivey Cindie Staack Alice Stafford Edvuard Stamey Anthony Stanfield Paula Stanley Chuck Starnes Jane Steed Debra Sterken Tom L. Stevens Michael Stewart Denise Stiff D. Stikeleather Albert Stone Ferdinand Stout II 4 38-92-6442 193- MUGS 115 Sandy Streeter Pat Strickland Rhonda Strickland Barbara Sturgill Sheilah Styers Jane Sutton John Swajkoski Kathy Swaney Carolyn Swicegood Donna Swicegood Grady Seicegood Vanessa Swicegood Susan Swing Lantz Sykes II Amy Talbert Frank Talley Vicki Tarlton Johnnie Taylor Jr. Lanny Tayloe Thomas Taylor David Tedder Terry Teeter John Terrell III Debbie Tew James Thomas Janice Thomas Jim Thomas Joy M. Thomas Cathy Thomas Kathy Thomas Deborah Thompson Hilda Thompson Linda Thompson Mary Throneburg W.John Tinker III Ben Toler Victoria Toler Mary Toomey Debra Townsend Sheilia Townsend Wayne Triplett Deborah Trogdon Judy Truitt Tom Tudor Tracey Turnmire Patricia Tuttle Robert Twitchell Karen Tyson Fred Underwood -3135 1-V6-222 116 MUGS Olivia Upright Nancy VanHoy Phyllis J. Vann Beverly Vaughan Mickey Venable Ron Tuttle Adelaide Verble Donald P, Vest Elizabeth Viets Bruce VonBiehl Gwendolyn Waddell Wes Wagoner Ken Walker Neal Walker Sharon L. Walker Freddie Wall Gary Wallace Linda Wallace Margaret Wallace Jackie Walter Terry Walter David Ward Debbie Ward Jake Ward Jane Warlick Barry Warren Ruth E. Warren Steve Warren Donna Water Gary Waters Homer Watkins Tim Watkins Larry Waugh Donna Weaver Pat Weaver Alan E. Webb Donna Webb Frederick Webb Robert Webb Ann Webster Glenn M.Wells Lynnette Wells Duffy Westmoreland Monica Wetzler Frank Wey Randall White ker Deborah White Terry White Susan Whitener 4 Z4 98-0936 239 MUGS 117 4 Carol Whitesell Anna L. Wicker Shelton E. Wilder Bonnie Wilkins Doyle Wilkins Rich Wilki nson Edward W. Willett Betsy Williams Donna Williams Elizabeth Williams Kaye Williams Marcus Williams Sandra Williams Zebulon Williams Bob Williamson Elizabeth Willis Bobby Wilson Brenda Wilson Charmaine Wilson Janet Wilson John Wilson Lewis Wilson Phyllis Wilson Joe Wingfield Debbie Winkler Ernest Winslow Phillip Winter Jane Wise Donald Wolfe Jo Ann Wood Joan Wood Paulette Wood Nanci Woodruff Kenneth Wooten Jr. Benjamin Wright Ruth Wright Debra Wright Jim Wright Phyllis Wright Christy Yarbrough Jane Yates Jo Anne Yates Carol Yeatts Donna Young Gregory Young J. Henry Young Jr. Era S. Younger Patricia Yount Angela Zachary 6-7516 Z41-84-123 118 MUGS 3 Jan Adams Steve Adams Mary Adderholdt Dana Addison Becky Agnew Karen Aiken Benjamin Albright Cathy Aldridge Elizabeth Aldridge Kathy Aldridge David Alexander Nancy Alexander Nancy Allen Ottis Allen Patricia Alien Britt Alley William Allison Joyce Andrews Ted Andrews Becky Angeli Steven Anglin Kathy Armstrong William Armstrong Amy Atkinson Christy Atkinson Deborah Atkins Judy Atkins Mike Atkins n2-25-1914 242-96 MUGS 119 Jane Audry Doug Austin Kathy Austin Sandra Auton Janice Bailey Wilfred Bailey Mary Ann Bain Alice Baker Aaron Ball Aundra Barger Julius Barkley Donna Barnwell Mike Bartles Sandra Baucom Linda Bauguess Albert Bearden David Beaudry Tom Beaver Michael Beck Rachael Beck Lynda Beeson Jill Behringer Ray D. Benfield Eddie Bennett Susan Bennett William Benson J. S. Benton Sandy Benton Ronni Berndt Randy Biggers Jeanne Biggerstaff Kathy Birke Tawn Bizzell D. Blackwelder Paul Blackwell David Blakley Debbie Blalock Donna Blalock Eric Blevins Doug Blizard Harold Blizzard Kathy Blount Jim Boggs Diana Boguslawski Frances Bolick David M. Boone Phyllis Boone Penny Borneman Melinda Borum 591 -o VO 120 MUGS Judy Bost Steve Bostian Vanessa Bostic Carol Boswell Christine Bowers Donnie Bradley Jane Bradley Jimmy Bradley Sherry Bradley Clinton Bradshaw Mona Brandon R. A. Braswell Walter Bray Linda Brendle Robin Bridgers William Bridges Everette Brinkley Mary Brinkley Robert Broadfoot Judy Brock Susan Broome Bob Brown Brian Brown Carol Brown Connie Brown Jack T. Brown S. Mark Brown Teddie Brown Shirley Brumble Steve Bryan Brenda Bryant David Bryant Frank Bryant Kim Bryant Terrie Bryson Vandel Bullman Pam Bullock Jimmy Bumgarner M. Bumgarner Sandra Bumgarner Joy Bundy Linda Burr Ann Burton Cathy Busby Douglas G. Bush Robert Busko Gay Butler W. C. Butler Joni Bynum 3 tO-44-1212 02 1-0 1-11 MUGS 121 3 Brenda Byrd Linda Byrd Nell Byrd Wanda Byrd Sandy Caldwell Jeannie Calhoun Robert Calhoun Teresa Call Judy Calloway Nancy Calloway Patti Cannady Patricia Cannon Michael Carleton Phil Carmac Angela Carnes Chris Carpender Charlene Carpenter Mark Carpenter Sid Carpenter Tina Carpenter Fleming Carroll Betsy Carter G. Allen Carter Carol L. Carver Dolian Carver Dana H. Cash Sandy Cates Mary Caudill Christopher Cawthon Sue Cessna Vicki Chalifour Debra Chandler Gail Chandler June Cherry Ronald E. Cherry Althea Childers Doug Childers T. B. Childress Liz Chowka Mike Christopher Arlie Church Phyllis Church Becky Jo Clark Jenny Clark Susan Clarke Ernest Clarida Gail Clayton Jacqueline Clemmer Janet Clinard 122 MUGS Mitchell Clontz Suzanne Clute Phillip Coccioletti Barbara Coe C. Lynn Coffey Rick Coffey Karen Coffey Juanita Cole Rickye Collie Susan Collins Kennis Comer Carol Conrad Jane Cook Lois Cook Sheila Cook Teresa Cook Ed Copeland Robert Copple Gretchen Corbitt John Cornell Denis Cotten James Coston Norma S. Gragg Carol Craig Cindy Craig Debbie Craft Susan Cranford Walter Crawford Johnny Crenshaw Tim Cress Vickie Crissman Donna J. Cronce Bill Cross Margaret Cross Nancy Cross Danny A. Crump Laura Crump Terry Culler Gayle Currie Judith Dalton Wendy Daniel David Dannehl Billie Darby Lawrence Dark Phil Darnell Myra Davidson Brenda Davis Carol Davis David Davis 3 -7516 241-84-1235 : MUGS 123 3 Portia Davis Roger Davis A! Deal Tinka Deal Julie Deese Karen Dehne Fred Dellinger Phyllis Denny Bob Desautels Danny Devine Charles Deviney Michael Dickens Laura Dickenson Willie Dildy Terry Dinker Gale Dixon Julia Dixon Rickey Dobbins Marilyn Doby James Dotson Diane Downing Bobby Drye Perry Duke Brenda Duncan Craig Dupree Stewart Duval Wanda Duval Gary W. Dyer Linda Dyson Jacquline Eagle Caria Early Russell Early Sue Eccles Kevin Eckardt Riper Edwards Rebecca Edwards Ronald Edwards Nancy Efird Claudia Eller Connie Eller Alfred Ellington Robert Elmore David Emmons Randy Epiey Wayne Erickson M. Vivian Erwin Patricia Espinosa Katherine Espenshade Clay Essick 5-44- 12 212-zo-i 124 MUGS Nancy Evans Rebecca Evaul Paulette Everhart Deborah Eudy Kathy Fallin Mike Farrell Bobby Faulkner Deborah Fee Andrea Fenn Donna Ferguson Leigh Finch John Finger Keith Fink Charles Fite Lois Flack Charles Fogleman Veronica Forbes Maria Ford Patsy Ford Deborah Fortenberry Janet Foster Janet Fowlkes Janet Fox Debra Franklin Janet K. Frazer Alice Fredrick Eugene Freeman Vicki Freeman Sara Frick Jean Fries Judith Fruh Denise Fullbright Linda Furr Robert Fussell Karen Futch Becky Gaines Corbeet Gaines III Johnny S. Gainey Danny Galyean Tommy Gambill Carl Gammon Alice Gardner David Garrison Patsy Garrison Sharon Garrison Stephen Garrison Karen Gawler Denise Gentry John Gentry 3 14 z4: -yo-4oyi MUGS 125 R. Chris Gentry Elaine German Michael Gill Barbara Godfrey IMadine Godwin Renee D. Goins Vernon Goode Sarah Goodwyn Patricia Graham Wanda Grant Geraldine Gregg Paulette Gregory William Green Nancy Greene Virginia Greene Nancy Greer Steve Greer Karen Grigg Walter Grimsley Judy Grobe Mary A. Groger Leslie Grubb Vickie Grubb Joseph Guffey John Gustafson Betty Hager Betty Hager Bill Hagler C. Douglas Hahn Ann Hall Teresa Hall Willie Harbinson Pamela Hardee John Hardison William Hardon James Harper Jane Harwell Cynthia Harmon Jerry Harmon Marilyn Harmon Sherry Harmon Terry Harper Victoria Harrington Alycia Harris Carol Harris William Harris Barbara Harrison Michael Harrison Peggy Harrison 7 2-5296 242-36-4 126 MUGS Elaine Hartley Michael Harvell Stanley Harwood Barry Hastings Joyce Hatchett Gregg Hauser Larry Haverland Debbie Hawkins Janet Hawkins Elissa Hawley Ellis Hayes Maria Hayes Jessica Haynes William E. Hayworth Emily Heath Mark Heath Barbara Hedrick Everette Hedrick Millie Hedrick D. Hefner Thomas Hemphill David Hensley Michael Hester Serrell Hevenor Anne Hicks Mike Hildebrand Cheryl Hill Dennis Hill Diane Hill Harvey Hill Margaret Hobbs Marcia Hocutt Jane Hodges Brenda Hoffman Susan Holbrook Steve Holesclaw Libby Hollifield Ellen Holmes Larry Holt Robert Holton Cindy Hood Mary J. Hook Peggy Hopkins Debbie Home Cynthia Horton Teresa Horton Grover Houck Sheron Howell Debra Hubbard 3 OO 51 9892 MUGS 127 Deborah Hudgins Sandra Huffman Dawn Huffstetler Richard Huitt Carol Hunphries Betty Hunt Susan Hunter Sally Hussey Teresa Hutchens Linda Hutchinson Jim Ingold Joshua Ingold Deborah Insc ore Robbie Isenhour Bobbie James IVIike Jamison Susan Janney Bonnie Jans Tinga Jaynes Sandra Jenkins Betty Johnson Dwight Johnson Franklin Johnson Herbie Johnson Janet Johnson Mike Johnson Pam Johnson Rick Johnson Sherry Johnson Albert Jones Jr. Carol Jones Danny Jones Dwight R. Jones Earl Jones Ellen Jones Randall Jones Terry Jones Thomas Jones Linda Jordan Patricia Jordan K. Suzette Justice Kate Magrath Jayne Kaylor Elbert C. Keith Susan Keith Sherry Keller Deborah Kelly Diane Kent Terry Kent 2-92-3792 238-92- 128 MUGS Emogene Kernodle Kenneth W. Kidd Ruth Kiker Joel Kimball Thomas Kilpatrick Jim King Kate King Kathy King Kathy King Stephen King Susan King Tom Kinlaw Marion Kirchler William Kirkman Michael Kirkpatrick Robbie Kirkpatrick Steve H. Kiser Maretta Kiser Tony Kiser Penny Kisiah Gregory Kivett Thomas Klabbatz Kathryn Knight Paula Koch Terry Kolbe Gregory Kornegay Martin Kramer Walter Lackey Vernon Laney Brenda Laramie Bart Lassiter Mollie Lassiter Barbara Laster Karen Lathan Marilyn Laughrun Talton Lawrence Valerie Layton Jerry Leaird Robert Leak Sherrye Leazer Jan Lee Rodney Lee Linda Leigh Debbi Lentz Jean Lentz Jean Lentz Ralph Leonard April Lewis Gloria Lindsay 3 IVlUGS 129 3 Beckie Lindsey Beckie Lindsey Daniel Lipe Doug Lipscomb Dwight Little Terry Lockamy Daisy Logan Ranee Logan Ranee Logan Belinda Long Martha Lorch Anna Lore Bee key Lott Dana Lowder Dennis Lowe Paul Lucas George Lupton David Luther Michael Lutz Larry Lynch Alice Lyons Wendy Mace Tommy Macon Ann Maiden Mike Waller Debra Maness Eugene Mangum Jim Marlowe Gregg H. Martin Joanne Martin S. Delane Marsh Elizabeth Martin Debbie Maske Steve Massey Karen Masters Wanda Mathis James Matthews Bill Mauney Mary May Doris Mayberry Janie Mayberry Nancy Mayes Patricia McAllister Kelley McAuliffe Joan McBrayer Deborah McBride Gale McBride Barry McCall Randy McCall voc fflMiaBiiiii ISO MUGS fss Randy McCarn Susan McClain Judy McCoy Wayne McDaniel Kathy McDonald Doris McGarity Joseph McGee Ron McGinn Brenda McGrit Ronald McGuirt Elliott McKlnnon Debbie McKittrick Gary McLean Tommie McLeymore Betty McNeely Kathy McNeely Jim McRae Timothy McRee Jeanie Medlin Jeffrey Mendenhall Suzan Mensel Clydia Metcalf Brent Miller Darrell K. Miller Denise Miller Isabella Miller Jim Miller Joe Miller Lyn S. Miller Nancy Miller Steve Miller Sybil Miller Verna Miller David Milligan Debbie Mills John Milner Donna Minor Martha Misenheimer Sandy Mishoe Sandy Mitcham Andrea Mitchell Bill Mitchell Rick Mitchell Daniel Montaldi Tim Montgomery Allen Moody Diane Moody Vickie Moore Delia Moorefield 3 P I M M 23 MUGS 131 Janet Morrison Nellie Moretz Susan Morgan Pam Morphis Lu Ann Morris Peggy Morton Ellen Mowery Donna Mozeley Debra Murray Wynetta Murray Rebecca Musser Susan Myers Susan Myers Larry Needham Nettie Neville Gary Newsome Jay Nichols Carlton Niven Reggie Nixon Debra Norris Dennis Norris Carolyn Norton Robert Norwood Alma Odom Andy Odronese Joe L. OIlis Brantley Orren Steve Osborne Barry Ostwalt Laurie Over Shirly Overbey Eric Overcash Michael Overtelt Caria Owen Jan Oxentine Debbie Pace Sandra Padgett Mary Palmer Susan Parker Sharon Parleir Pam Parris Vicky Parrish Carolyn Parsons Mike Patrick Anthony Patterson C. Moore Patterson Pam Peeler Wesley Perdue Ron Perry 7 6-7516 245- 132 MUGS Marcia Perryman Michael Peterson Bobby Phillips Gwen Phillips William Phillips Robert Pickett Amy Pitts Peggv Plyler Bud Poole Donna Pope John Pope Steve Porter Jane Poteat Anne M. Potter Greg Potter Gail Potts Jane Potts Edith Price Richard Price Rick Price Janice Propst Phyllis Propst Susan Provo Ram Puckett Dorinda Quarterman Jane S. Quick Billie Quinn Jennifer Quinn Mary Ramsey George Ratchford Tommy Ratledge Martha Ray Jackie Refour Jane Regan Donna Reid Lorretta Reinhardt William Revelle John Rhodes David Rhyne David Richard Mike Richards Craig Richardson Danny Richardson Kenny Richardson Keith Richardson Ronald Richardson Landon Riddle Sharon Riddle Clarence Ridge, Jr. 3 4 242- ; IVIUGS 133 3 Donna Riggs Judy Riggs Janet Ritchie Robert Rivers William Rivers Cherry Robbins Katherine Robbins Tricia Roberts James Robertson Mike Robinson David Roddick Angie Robinson Deborah Robinson Frank Rogers Kathy Rogers Phil Rollins Hank Roofe Johnny Roselli Amelia Rumley Lydia Ruppe Deborah Russ Glaum Russ Becca Russell Beverly Russ Phillip Russell Vicki Russell Lynn Sain Brenda Salmons Stephen Sanders Judith Sapp Norma Scales Jule Scarborough Karen Schock Sharon Schultz Ann Scott Gary Scott Harry Scott William Scull Donald Seatz Daniel Secrist Amy Sellars Pam Setliff 3ob Setliff Carol Shannon Barbara Sharoe Richard Sharpe Steven Sharpe James Shatterly David Shaver -459 134 MUGS Jean Shaver Aretta Shaw Judy Shaw Rodney Shelburn Joan Shelton Sandra Shelton Earl Sheridan Teresa Shinauit Cindy Shinn Susan Shoaf Mary Shue Jill Shuford Philip Shultie Brenda Shumate Pam Sidden Daniel Sinski Sandra Simmons William Simmons Gioia Simmis Andy Simpson Steve Simpson James Sizemore Amelia A. Sloop Kevin Smathers A. Gayle Smith Anne Smith David Smith Debra Smith Debra Smith Hugh Smith Melinda Smith Miriam Smith Ricky Smith Ronald Smith Sandra Smith Sandra Smith Steven Smith Teddi J. Smith Thomas W. Smith Kathy A. Smoot J. J. Snatherly Fred Snipes Joyce Snow Judy Sossamon John 0. Spain Karen Sparks Andre Sparrow Margaret Spicer Richard Spivey 3 dt» I j£. T ' « IVlUGS 135 Brent Stabler Kathv Stalev William Stallings Thomas Stalvey Danny Stafford Susan Stanley Mary Staton Norma Stegall David Stephens Harriett Stevens Andy Stewart Cynthia Stewart Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Jane Stiles Greg Stoltz Tim Stout Charmaine Strong David Stout Mark Stout Brent Stroud Susan Stroupe Pam Sturdivant Lorene Stutts Diana Styles Sarah Suddreth Linda Suggs John Summey Gary Suttles Jane Sutton Samuel Swain Adrienne Swarr Becky Swift Thomas Sykes Glenda Tallent Kathy Tart Sharon Tart James N. Tate Daniel Tatum Donna Tatum Ann Taylor Jan Taylor Kiowa Taylor Patricia Taylor Bill Teague Ronnie Teague Beth Thompson Carolyn Thompson John T. Thompson 3936 r 2 136 MUGS L. Keith Thompson Robert Thompson Becky Thorne Paula Tillotson Steve Tipton Kathryn Tobey Jacl ie Tompkins Jan Townsend Mary Transou Edward Treadway Carlla Trilett Bonnie Trivette Daniel Trivette Barry Troutman Barbara Tucker Shelia Tucker Johnny Turbyfill Sherry Teeter Charles Tutterrow Charles Tutterrow Danny Tyndall Nanette Underwood Sara UpChurch William Vance Elizabeth VanHorn Edie Viverette Susan Vogler Andy Wade William Wulkeman Beverly Walker Beverly Walker Christopher Walker David L. Wall Deborah Wall Billy Wails Phillip Wallace Donna Walsh Brenda Walters Frances Ward Herbie Ward Steven Ward Harry Watkins Janice Watson Chris Weant Tim Wease Jeanne Webb Jigger Webb Tony Weisner Janet Wells 3 4Z-V2-3 . 242-0 MUGS 137 3 Kathy Wentzel David West Vivian West Martha Westmoreland Aleta Wheeler Fred Wheeless Donna O. White Judy White Mossy White Pamela White Phyllis White Vicki White Doris A. Whitener Gary Whitley Kenneth Whitley Freddy Whitt Susan Whittington Susan Whittington Anne Whitehurst Pamela Whisnant M ' cile Wilcox Delores Wilder Kelly Wilkinson Teresa Wilkins Ben Williams Deborah Williams Michael Williams Michael Williams Woody Williams Betsy Williamson Brad Wilson Dan Wilson Janis Wilson Vickey Winchester Julia A. Winfrey Mary Joan Winter David Womble Frank Wonsavage Audrey Wood Kaye Wood Debbie Woodell Martha Woodlieff Linda Woody Betty Wright Joni Wright Jim Wroton Anne Wyatt Sandy Younts Chris Yow 490u o z- 138 MUGS 2 Vertha Abernathy Diana Absher Charlotte Adams Ellen D. Adams Jack Adams Mary Adams Kathy Aldridge 1 193-52-3135 245- MUGS 139 2 David Alexander Kathv Alexander Doug Alford Billy Allen Brenda Allen Fran Allen James Allen Roger Allen Rita Allender Lee A. Allison Debbie Allred Dan Alman Elizabeth Anderson Lisa Anderson Pamela Anderson Susan Andrew Art Andrews Debbie Arnold Maribeth Arnold Rebecca Arrowood Billie Ashley Terry Atkins Charles Austin Jerry Ayscue Patricia Bagwell Ed Baity Kent T. Baity Lou Ann Baker Sherri Baker Jan Ballard Marcile Ballard Carlan Barber Franklin Barber Lynne Bard Terry Barefoot John Barker Laura Barnes Brant Barnwell Jerry Barton Cindi Baxter Susan R. Beal Robin Beam Moe Beane Martha Beard Steve Beard Donna Beck Paul Beck William Becker Robin Beckett [-1212 zo 140 MUGS Richard Benbow Kathy Benfield Darlene Benge Frank Bennett Kathy Bevcos Jacqueline Biddix Marsha Bigham Julia Bingham Crissie Bizzell Camilla Blackburn Ellen Blair Kathryn Blanton Mary Blanton Cindy Bledsoe Nancy Blue Karen Boger Stephen Bolick Nancy Bost Reidie Bostain Keith Boughman Elizabeth Bowen Joan Bowie Charles Bowling Pam Boyce William Boyles Stanley Bracey Karon Bradley Leigh Brannock Carolyn Branson Susan Braswell Steeve Breece Renee Brewer Edwin Bridges Barbara Briggs Delea Brittain Nena Brittain Annette Brown John B. Brown Karen Brown Mike Brown Ruth Brown Barry Lee Bryant Cindy Bryant Ava Buchanan Vicki Buchanan Cathy Bullman Pamela Burge Karen Burgess Rick Burke 2 MUGS 141 2 Diane Burnside John Burnett Paul Burnette Eddie Burris Larry Burton Chariyne Butler Barbara Burwell David Cabaniss Denby W. Cadick Melba Cameron William Cameron William Cameron Jan Campbell Nancy Campbell Jackie Cannon Sandy Canter Melanie Carleton Sheila Carmody Lonnie Carpenter Cathy Carr Gary Carr Pam Carraway Marsha Carson Margaret Carter Chuck Cartwright Connee Carver Catherine G. Caskey Martha Chandler Joni Chastain Bill Cheek Ron Cheek Amy Cherry Terry Cherry Trudy Childers Terry Choate Bob Christy Bonnie Clapp Mark D. Clapp Rebecca Clark Glenda Cline Bobby Cloninger Jean Collette Buddy Collins E. Anne Comer Deborah Cook Pamela Cook Rebecca Cooper Joan Elizabeth Core Steve Corell 142 MUGS Jeanne Cornett Robin Costner Vickie Council Vickie Council Ginger Covington Jayn Cox Tim Cox Cathy Crabtree Denise Craig Maryangela Crane Priscilla Cranford Neil Craver David Crawford Jackie Crisp Jennie Critcher Valeria Crite John Crotts James Culbreth Linda Cuthbertson Terry Cuns Judy Dail Brenda Dale Harold Daniel Sara Davidson Carolyn Davis Daniel R. Davis Jan Davis Karia Davis Mary B. Davis Richard Davis W. Bennett Davis Melanie Dawkins Terry Deakle Janie Deal Anna Dean Marlene Deaton Hank DeBragga Hank DeBragga Melissa Decker David DeHart Peggy DeSautels Ina Dillard Kendra Dillard Robin E. Dotson Bryan Dowd Cynthia Drinkard Rick Dunbar Craig Duncan Catherine Dunham 2 -31- 1 i3e ' -76-75 MUGS 143 2 Reva Eagle Pamela Early Erna Earnhardt Ann Eddy Joy Edmondson Lucy Edwards Claudia Eller Linda Elliott Wilma Elliott Charlynn Ellis Norma R. Elson Steve Emsley Gloria Ennett Ronnie Erwin Amelia Estes Danny Evans Jamie Everhart Skip Fader Libby Fair Nancy Falls Melissa Faucette Samuel Feemster Anne Ferrell Susan Fineblum Melinda Fisher Julia Fitzpatrick Janet Flippin John Flowe Marie Flowe Marian Ford Kay Foreman Danny Fox Janice Fox Mary A. Fox Dennis France Melanie Frazier Joy Freeman Donna Fulk Diane Fulton Marilyn Furr Ted Futrelle Robert Gallen Robyn Gardner Pam Garrett Nevin Geiman Glenda C. Gentry Judy Gentry Michael Gentry Shan Gentry 243-90- 144 MUGS Charles Gibbs William Gibbs William Gietz Vickey Gilgo Libby Gillis Letitia Givens Leslie Glenn Eddy Godfrey Sharon Goodfellow Carol A. Gooch Tricia Goodpasture N. Gothard Charlie Grafton Doris Gragg Joanna Grantham Debby Graves Michael Graves Jakie Gray Arnold Gregory Karen Gregory Joe Griffin Vernon Griffin Donna Groce Rhoda Gunter David Gurgainus Libby Gurley Beth Haines Debbie Haley John Hall Leslie Hamby Becky Hamill Betsy Hamilton Betsy Hamrick Lee Hamrick David Hanson Yuvonda Hardee Jeff Harmon David Harris Elizabeth Harris Evelyn Harris Roger Harris Judy Hartley Charleston Haugabrook Lynn Hauser Vaness Hawkins Allison Hayes Steve Heavner Donna Hedrick Flip Henson 2 od-92-64 MUGS 145 2 Joseph Henson Diane Henderson Judy Henderson Lydia Herman Rebecca Herman Carol Herron Susan Herron Kim Hewitt Susan Hiatt Bedford Hicks Lynn Hicks Mary Highfill Mischa Hill Teresa Hinshaw Prisca Hines Beverly Hinson Jeanette Hodgson Edward Hoeg Alan Holcombe Donna Holder Angle Holler Gary Holmes Larry Holyfield Martha Hopper James Horton Dale Howard Lebert Howes, Jr. Tim Howie Lesia Hudson Karen Huey Vicki Huffstetler Marian Hughes Greg Humble Janice Hunter Jill Hurley Lee Hurley Tommy Huskey Susan Huskins Randy Huss Jilda Hutches Becky Hutchison D. Icenhour Annette Ingram Bill Ingram Charles Inman Jay Jackson Jenny James Sandra James Teri James 146 MUGS Ricky Jessup Peggy Jester Lillian Joe Debbie Johnson Henry Johnson Karen Johnson Kathy Johnson Mark Johnson Jan Johnstone Darlene Jolly Glenn Jones Jennie Jones John Jones Margaret Jones Rhonda Jones Susan Jones Waynena Jones Gene Jones Woody Jordan Susie Justice Garry Kearns Carolyn Keller Alice Kennerly Randy Kerr Ann Key Karen Kimsey Joan Kincaid Patsy King Kerry Knapp Sammy Knight Frank Knott Peggy Kresge Franklin Lamm Marie Lamoureaux Janet Lane Sarah Lane Stephen Lane Chris Langerfeldt Wanda Lankford Ellen Lasley Sam Lawrence Peggy Lawson Tim Lawson Debbie Leach Chuck Ledford Lewie R. Ledford Linda Lee Thomas E. Lee E. Len Leggette 2 ji-voyz z. MUGS 147 Mary Leinweber Roger LeII Terry Lentz Michael Lewis Cheryl Lineberry Susan Linville Ann Little Susan Lockamy Susan Lockridge Ben Long Debra Long Anthony Lorie Buck Loy Eric Loy Russell Lyday Mack Lynch Vicky Mabe Tnsh MacDonald Nan MacFadyen Brenda Malone Jack Maness Michael Maney Marcia Mangum Teresa Mangum Jim Mann Richard Manson John Marlowe Johnny Martin Ananette Mason C. Massey Steve Matheny Pam Maxwell Elizabeth Mayo Myra Mayse Ronald McAdams Barbara McAllister Cherly McClure Kay McCullum Renee McCorkle Terry McCoy Chuck McDougal Janice McDowell Pamela McFalls Freddy McGee Daniel McKinney Donna McKinney Malloy McKinney 148 MUGS Deborah McLaurin Donald McMilliam Carol McNeill Martha McNeill Linda McRorie Mary Melton Caria Merritt Jackie Messer Rick Millen Carol Miller Donnie Miller James Miller Jon Miller Robert Miller Thomas Miller Van Miller Cynthia Mishoe Joanne Mitchell Harry Mock John Moncznski Robert Money Penny Mora Martha Moretz Annette Morgan Sue Morgan Douglas Morris Gayle Morris Sally Morris Ritchie Moody Barbara Moore David V. Moore Kathy Moore Mimi Moore Susan Moore Vickie Moore Gabrielle Moses Suzanne Mowery Deborah Mull Cynthia Mullen Gary Murphy Margy Murphy Jack T. Murray Ann Myers Beverly Myers Nancy Myers Wayne Myers Kathy Nance Debbra Neaves Charlotte Nelson 2 -72-5296 241-84-12 MUGS 149 2 Rebecca Nelson Wanda Nesbitt Martha Noggle Susan Noles James Nordfors Jim Norris Bonita K. OIlis Jerry OIlis Robert Osborne William O ' Shields Jeff Osman Cindy Overby Keith Overcash Ronda Overton Teresa Owens Kay Pace Matilda Patrick Jane Elizabeth Patterson Cynthia Patton Donald Pearce D. Peariman Catherine Pearsall S. Pederson Donna Peebles E. Pelt Tom Peterson Mary Pharr Elizabeth Phillips M. Phillips Sommers Pierce James Pippin Christopher Pittman Evan Poindexter Steven Y. Porter John W. Potts Michelle Powell Roger Powell David Pressley Nancy Preston Millard Prevette Debra Price Stephen Price Timothy Price Eddie Proctor Patrick Pruitt Hugh Pursley Anita Purvis Julia Quick Linda Ragan 150 MUGS Jeffrey Rankin Beverly Ratchford Beverly Ratchford Colette Rawls Drexel Rayford Tom Rednnond Marcia Reynolds Ron Reynolds R. Jupp Rice Sandy Richardson Thomas Richbourg Pat Rickert Sherry Riggs Michelle Riggsbee Pat Rigsbee David Ring Anthony Roach M. A. Roberson Rick Roberts Robin Roberts David Rogers Deborah Rogers Tim Rogers Patsy Roten Charlotte Rouse Karen Rowe Martha Rowe Richard Rowe June Russell Wanda Saine Ronald S. Sale Allan Samchok Carol Samila Christy Sanders Renee Saunders Ben Saylor Jeb Seagle Betsy Summerfield Vickie Sweat Henry Scarboro Marion Scarboro Glenn G. Scott Danny Scruggs Dan Seaver Mary Lou Sechler Theresa Seitz Carolyn Self Jay Sellers Dann Serrill 2 5-4591 -.0-44-121: MUGS 151 Annie Sessoms Connie Sessoms Cathy Shaw Bobbie Sherrill Dann Sherrill P. Eddie Shirley Sandy Shore William Shuford Beverly Shuler Reba Shumaker Malane Siegrist Susan Siler Norman Silver Claudia Simms Sheila Sims Susan Sink Rick Sluder Al Smith Beth Smith Carl F. Smith Janice Smith Kathryn Smith Lin S. Smith Lynn Smith Miriam Smith Ruby Smith Sandra Smith Stan Smith Terri Smith William Smith Robert Smyre Steve Snaidman Teresa Southard Teddy Spain Joe Sparks Richard Sparks Scott Spear Sandy Speer Barry Spencer J. A. Sprinkle Reid Squires John Stack Susan Stallings Debra Stanfield Carolyn Stanley Tony Stanley Rhonda Starnes Andre Staton Wanda Steele 5 242-92 152 MUGS Genevieve Steelman Robert Stec Anna Stephens Tim Stewart Sandra Stokes Carol Stol es Sammy Stone Robin Story Amry Stout Sheryl Stout Valerie Stribling Sandra Stickland Jane Talbert Susan Tannewitz Sharon Tart Patty Taylor Jeffrey Teague B. Park Terrell Thomas Tester Andy Thomas Barbara Thomas Jane Thomas Margaret Thomas Mary Ann Thomas John Tippett Karen Todd Lana Tomlinson Donna Tooley George Townsend Teresa Tracy Claudine Trexler Risa Troxler Nan Truesdale Larry Tucker Daphne Turner T. Turner Tim Turner Regena Turner Domingo Varona Andy Vaughan David Vaughn Jeanette Verley Tim Vestal Philip Vincent Bill Wade Paula Wade Sandra Wagstaff Karen Waisner Darrell Walker 2 792 193-52-3135 51 MUGS 153 2 Amy Ward Rick Warren Debra Waterfield Alan Waters Teresa Watson Teresa Watts Tim Watts Karen Weaver Dave Webb Sidney Weel s Debbie Wells Donna Wells Robert Wells Miriam West Patricia D. West Harriet Wheelous Betty White Cynthia White Donald White Roy White Sharon E. White Susan White Luellen Whitener Mike Whitener E. Whittington Sandra Wicker Mike Wilhelm Donna Williams Janet Williams Janice Williams Peggy Williams Cynthia Wilson Jeanifer Wilson Wanda Winchester Kathryn Winfrey Jan Wise Deborah Wishon Lori Wood Michael Woods Kolouia Woodring Linda Wortman Suzanne Wrenn Gail Wynn Janice Young Janelle Young Melanie Young Theresa Young Bruce Younts Barbara Zimmerman r %» 154 MUGS Laura Abdallah Tony Abernathy Gary Abernethy William Abernethy Nancy Abrams Deborah Adams Kathy Adams Karen Albertson Jane Albright Charles Aldridge Jr. Velma Aldridge Amy Jo Alford Anne Allen Joyce S. Allen Linda Allen Rocky Allen Robert Allen Ronnie Allen Nancy Alexander Arlene Allison Debra Allison Richard Alspaugh Kim Anders Wanda Anderson William Arledge Kathy Ashley Barbara Askey Stephen Athans Allen Austin Darlene Austin Sandra Austin Paul Auten Joyce Autry Bess Avery Wendy Badgett Deborah Baier Pam Bailey Woody Bailey Arlton H. Baird Anita Baker Becky Jo Baker Terry Ball 42 MUGS 155 1 Levanne Banks Sherry Banks Chris Barbee Stephanie Barbee Jennifer Bare Libby Bare Carmen M. Barlow Barbara Barnaby Corrinne Barnes Pat Barnes Michael Barnett Norma Barnwell Debbie Barringer Pam Barringer Leslie Bartholomew Cam Bass Fran Baugh Jill Baugham Lynn Bazemore Grayson Beane David Beard Aubrey Bearden Nancy Beasley Ken Beaton Cathy Beaver Loretta Bebber Jack BeDen Hansel Beeson III Cindy Belk Brenda Bell John Benbow Gina Bennett Patricia Benton Michael Beretsky J. Dan Berger Ladonna Bernard Jan Berry Debbie Beshears Vicki Billings Janice Bingham Mary Birch Susan Bizzeli Hugh Black Kay Blackard Laurie Blackburn Jane Blackwell Charles Blackwood LuAnn Blackwood Mary Blalock -9b-( 156 MUGS Susan Blalock Debbie Bledsoe Louis Blount J. Paul Bobal William Boggs Lara Bolick Gregory Bonn David J. Boone Mary Bostian Gary Bowen Kathryn Bovuers Betty Boyd Betty Boyd Leslie Boyd Warren Boyd Debbie Boykin Janet Boykin Angela Bracey Lynn Brackett Karen Brady Ruth Branch Donna Braswell Dianne Bray Leslie Brazelle Sherry Brewer Laura Bridgeman John Bridgers Alan Bridges Bill Bright Mike Bright David Britt Elizabeth Brock Marian Brooks Paula Brooks Betsy Brown David Brown Scott Brown Karen Brown Mary Brown Terri Brown Melanie Bruce Laura Bryan Mike Bryan Barbara Bryant Charlene Bryant David Bryson Diane Buchanan Charles Buckle Jimmy Buice 1 -2221 239-7 6-7516 MUGS 157 1 Chuck Bullings Nancy Bullock Alisa Bumgarner Jim Bumgarner Debra Burchette Belinda Burgess Billie Burgess Rhonda Burgess Steve Burkhead Rosa Burnette Kathryn Burrage Brenda Burris Victor Buscaino Jr Libbv Bush Cheryl Busick Jo Anna Butler Anita Byerly Charlotte Byers Berry Bynum Beverly Byrd Cindy Byrd Lu Anne Byrum Sheila Caddell David Caldwell Patti Caldwell Rita Caldwell Sarah Caldwell Andrea Calloway David Campbell Elyse Campbell Nancy Campbell Eve Carmen Robin Carpenter Denise Carroll Ronnie Carson Alan Carter Michael Carter Nelda Cartner June Carver Vivian Carwile John Cash Jennifer Caskey Joy Cates Katie Cauble June Caudill Joe Caudle Karen Cawthon Joyce Chadwick Jimmy Chambers 1-31-1135 245-44- 158 MUGS Debbie Chappell Daniel Cheei Joe Cheel Joseph Chesson Cheryl Cheyne Rogers Chilton David Church Karen Church Sonny Church Debra Childers Deborah Clark Deborah Clark Linda K. Clark Maxine Clark Paul Clark Anne Clary Linda Clawson Rick Clayton Nancy Cleetwood David Clifton Don Clinard Diana Cobb Vickie Coble Bob Cocker Ann Cockman Carol Colclough Linda Cole Chuck Collins Terry Combs Angela Comer Mary Comer Jim Conley Tim Congleton Regina Connelly Janet Copley Linda Cooke Kari Cooper Teresa Coor Pam Corl Debra Cornett Florence Corpening Steve Coston Autumn Cothran Julie Cox Teresa Cox Jack Craig Roger Craig Sue A nn Crandell Jed Cranfill 1 ;V : t :;4:uxi«x««inw »r MUGS 159 1 Kathy Cranford Donna Craven Randy L. Craven Cindy Crawford Adrlenne Crisp Cromer L. Crisp Penn Croom Beverly Crouch Susan Crowder Linda Crowe!! Kevin Cu!!er Aiice Cuipepper IVlichael Cumbie [ awanna Curtis Susan Dallas Patty Daniel Robert Daniel Kimberly Daniels Johnny Davidson Jr. Ed Davis Katherine Davis Martha Davis Pam Davis Robert Davis Scott Davis Nancy Dawson Gary H. Day Phyllis Day Ann E. Deaton Martha Deaton Lynn Dellinger Phoebe Dellinger Shelia Dellinger Cindy Delisi Cindae Denby Frances D. Dennis Ricky Detter Linda S. Dick Pam Dilen Dawn Dixion Wanda Doby Lorinda Dodson Dianne Dollar Johnny Donovant Dave Dorris Amy Dorton Drip Dreibelbis Rickey Dula Sherron Dull 160 IVlUGS Lisa Duncan Donna Dunn Steve Dunn Ted Durham David Dyson Deborah Dyson Aline Eades Julie Eanes Roger Eaton Patti Eberle Debbie Echerd Sherry Eckard Steve Eckard Jeff Eddinger Samuel Edelman Karen Edmisten Sharon Edmiston Todd Edmiston Douglas Edward Sarah Edwards Janet Efird Kathy Eldridge Linda Elias Dennis Elledge Lovelace Eller Dessie Elliot Dan Ellis Thomas Ellis Larry Elmore Debbie England Don Essenberg Randy Farthing Shirley Faw E. Ferguson Mike Ferguson Franklin Fischer Nancy Fischer Kathy Fleming Texie Fleming Bill Fletcher James Flynn Pam Flythe Joy Foltz Ellen Forrest Carol Forrester Ginger Fortner Sherry Foster Donna Fowler Linda Franklin 1 Z41-84-1235 2l IVIUGS 161 1 Deborah Frazier Mona Frederick Marty Freeman Jan Finger Anita Freeze Mark Freeze Barbara Fritchman Steven Fry Day! Frye Kenneth Frye Rick Fulbright Kathy Gailey James Galloway Sarah Gantt Kim Garapic F. Gardner Fay R. Gardner Jan Garner Ann Garrison Fred Garvey II I Caria J. Gay Donna Gay Dennis Gay Keith Gay Berry Gentry Jimmy Gentry Jack Gentry Randall Gentry John Geraghty Randy Gillespie Jack Gibson Edward Gill, Jr. Catherine Gipson Scott Gladden Joseph Glovier Paul Godfrey Jim Godwin John Godwin Sherry Godwin Cathy Goff Phil Goins Sarah Goins Deanna Good Sissy Goforth Richard Gosnell Doug Gouge Gaye Gough John Gourley Janey Grant 1 : 46-v 162 IVIUGS Jill Graves Billy Gray Paul L. Gray Wayne Gray Heidi Green Martha Greene Ralph S. Grier Robert Grier Michael Griffin Benjamin Griffith Barbara Grimes Ruth Grigg Toni Grimes Tom Garrisom James Guignard Suzanne Hass Virginia Hall Deborah Ham Pam Hamlet David Nance Cindy Hand Becky Hannah Freddy Hardiman Charlis Hardin Scott Harding Robert Hark Tony Harper Rodney Harrelson Dale Harrington Joel Harris Martha Harris Mickey Harris Patricia Harrison Diana Hartley Gvuen Hartsell Gail Hartsook Anita Harward Brenda Hathaway Jerry Hatley Leah Hatley Tim Hatley Billie Hauser Jimmy Hawley Keonard Hawkins Randy Hawkins Vickie Hawkins Lynne Hayes Tony Haywood Kim Heath 1 ) 242-92-3792 193- MUGS 163 1 John Heffren Ricky Helderman Alice Helms Pamela Helms Conrad Helms III Teresa Hendren Ricky Hendrix Carl Henry Dwight Henson Jayne Henson Marian Herbert Jimmy Hesley Lisa Hester June Hester Barbara Hill Sharon Hilliard Joseph Hilton Renee Hilton Lori Hine Suzanne Hines David Hinson Larry Hipps Ronald Hix Phillip Hobson Marc S. Hodges Karen Hogan Tracy Hogan Diana Holland Ivan Holleman Darnell Holler Benjamin Hopkins Wendy Hoover Vickie Howard Cathy Howard Stephanie Howe Darryl Howell Teresa Hoyle Susan Hrabanek Dale Hubbard Susan Hudspeth James Huffman Susan Huneycutt Thomas Huneycutt Joyce Hunike Paula Huntley Janice Humphries Vivian Hurley Jeff Hutchins Karen Hutchins 3135 5 164 MUGS Nathaniel Hyde Pam Hypes Robby Isenhour Robin Jamison Anthony Johnson Betsy Johnson Carol Johnson David Johnson Christopher Johnson Kathy Johnson Carolyn Jackson Debbie Jackson Brenda James Edward James Lynn Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Jill Jonas David Jones Kathryn Jones Linda Jones Malcolm Jones Melissa Jones Denise Jordan Mark Jordan Deborah Joyce J. Keith Keck Martha Keever Teresa Keith Evelyn Kelly Jennifer Kelly Farrell Kennedy Suzanne Keplar Diane Kessing June Kight John Kilgore Ellen Kincaid Bobbie King Gall King Reid King W. Steven King Joan Kirby Ronny Kirby Cindy Kirkman Debbie Kirkpatrick Barry Kiser Kathy Knight Alfred Klingenschmidt Joy Klingler 1 238-92-6442 2 MUGS 165 1 Lori Klutts Sheree Kuykendall Bonnie Kyle Amy Lake Yvonne Lambe Connie Lambert Penny Lambert Sylvia Lambert Roseann Lambeth Katie Lane Stephanie Lanier Tom LaSalle Danny Lassiter John Lattimore George Laughrun Sharon Laws Deborah Lawson Rebecca Lawson Susan Leach Hank F. Ledford James Lee Sidney LeFevers Mike Lentz Joy Levi Teresa Leviner Craig Lewis Nancy Lewis Teresa Lilly Scott Linder Mike Linker Marie Little Elizabeth Livingston Mary Lockhart David Long Patrice Long Stephen Long Patrice Lovette Carolyn Lovlngood Rodney Lowder Debbi Lucas Robert Lumadue James Lunsford Bill Lyall Doris Lyda Nancy Lyday Lynn Lyies Lynn Lyndon David Mabe Rhonda Mackey 12-25-19 166 MUGS Michael Magnan Stan Mahaffey Mary Mandanis Micky Manning Becky Manning Debbie Maret Debra Markley Beth Marshall Debbie Martin Joyce Martin Linda Martin Nancy Martin Renee Martin Ruth Martin B. Franklin Mason Charlene Mason Cary Mason Gretchen Master Theresa Matthews James Mattox Reba Mauney Kathy Mayberry William McAulay Michael McCarmick Myra McClure Joetta McConnell Nancy McCord Terri McCormick Joyce McCormick Kent McCorry Denise McDonald Frank McDonald Sueann McElhannon Joy McFarland D. Welsey McGee Susan McGee Cynthia Mclntyre Deena Mclntyre Jan McKeithan Dawn McLaughlin Karia McLean Charles McKinney Cynthia McPherson William McPeters Tim McRee Nancy McRorie Madelyn Meadows Art Merrick Keith Merrill 1 ■ 242-96-4591 621-: MUGS 167 1 Randy Merritt Shelia Merritt Robert Middleton Lynn Milholen Christopher IVliller Janet Miller Judy Miller Karen Miller Randy Miller Pamela Mincy William Miller Monty Minton Andrea Mitchell Steven Monk Mary Montegomery Jane Montooth Holly Mooney Ben Moore Evelyn M. Moore Jeana Moore Larry Moore Mare Moore Mimi Moore Susan Moore Pam Moran John Morcock Beverly Morgan Derrick Morgan Beth Morris Cindy Ann Morrow Liz Morton Ray Morton Sharon Morton Bobbie Moxley David Mullinix Linda Murphy Robert Murrah Nancy Murray Martha Muse Jeanie Myers Joyce Myers Steve Myers Vickey Nash Debrah Newell Becky Newnam Chip Nicholson Carolina Niven Sherry Norman Sandra Norris 44-1212 168 MUGS Sandra Norris Jimmy Oakley Patty O ' Connor Margaret O ' Doherty Stan O ' Grady Carol O ' Hara Joy O ' Neill Beth Orr Candy Orrell Evelyn Osborne Jackie Osborne Becca Ostar Frank Overcash David Overcash Bentley Own Cherlyn Owen Kim Owen Sherrie Owens Kim Owens Gary Page Susan Pait Linda Pamplin Joel Papp Robert Pardue Bo Parham Susan Parlier Susan Parton Denise Patterson James Patterson Helen Patterson Andi Payne Amy Paythress Debbie Peacock Connie Pearman Nona Pease James Pegram Tonya Pendergraft Susan Pennington George Penny Susie Perry Jeanie J. Phelps Virlyn Phelps Katha Phillips Nancy Phillips Pattie Phillips William Piatt Fred Piercy Dewey Pinyan Ronnie Pinyan 1 , MUGS 169 1 Terry Pittman Rosalie Pleasant Patricia Pless Terri Poison Debra Poole Ron Poor Ann Pore Susan Potts Mary Prevost Sharon Pressnell Timothy Presnell Kathy Prestwood Randy Prevette Joyce Price Rob Price Amy Priddy John Privette Francis Procter Charles Putman Barry Queen Sarah Quick Mike Quinn Clarence Raby David Ralston Jaime Rankin Page Rasar Kathy Roscoe Cathy Ray Bradford Rayl Terri Ranson Catherine Read Lester RedFearn Susan Reeder Andrea Reid Vicky Reid Virginia Reid Randall Reins Phyllis Reynolds Victoria Reynolds Mona Rhyne Wanda Rhyne Douglas Rice Sarah Richardson Sherrie Rich Carolyn Richardson Sherry Richardson Jessie Ridenhour Susan Ridenhour Phil Rierson I - 170 MUGS Jack Riggs Ken Ripley Melissa Ritchie Kathyanne Roach Garry L. Roarl Donna Robbins Lisa Robbins Sara Robbins Yvonne Robbins Sandra Roberts Rickey Roberts Caria Roberson Donna Roberts Thomas Roberts Sally Roberts Dorothy N. Robertson Carl Robinson Kelly Robinson Lynn Robinson Dee Rogers Susan Roggenkamp John Roper Kathie Roper Suzanne Ross Bobby Ross Cynthia Ross Virginia Rott Carol Routh Mary Routh Lee Rumple Harold Rush Thomas W. Russ Jayne Russell Terry Russell Debbie Rutland Susan Stuart Martha Styers Beverly Suggs India Sutherland Beth Sutton Andrea C. Swaim Tom Swaim Sheila Svuicegood Jill Sweezy Marilyn Swofford Karen Talbert Perry Tallent Annette Sasser Melloe Satchell 1 5 vD- l " 0 loO O Z. Ky l MUGS 171 1 Clifford Saunders Mark Savage Edie Scarboro Mara Scharff Nancy Schell Ronnie Schmertzler Brenda Scott Gary Scott Elizabeth Seawell Jan Seawell Brian Seebeck PattI Sellars Howie Seppi IMorris Settlennyre Cynthia Setzer Cathy Shambley Jeanne Sharp Billy Shaw Nancy Sheets Carolyn Shelton Suzanne Sherrill Teressa Sherrill Lynn Shoemake Stan Shumolis John Shute Terri Shute Donna Sides Grace Sides Avis Sigman Sandy Siler Timothy Silver Mike Simko Randy Simmons Becky Simpson Charles Sizemore Susan Sizemore Joe Skelton Odie Skidmore Janet Slate Pamela Sloop Caria Small L. Phillip Smart Barbie Smith Christy Smith Debbie J. Smith Denise Smith Dennis Smith Diane Smith Roger Smith -0936 172 MUGS Donna Smith Kathy Smith Marian Smith Marilyn Smith Michael G. Smith Nancy Smith Peggy Smith Rusty Snow Joy Sorrell Lynn Soundiey David Sparks Toni Sparks David P. Sparrow Janice Speight Daryl Spencer Kathy Spencer Ruth Srednicki Ricky Stack Cindy Stager Bruce Stahle Anne Stallings Teresa Stamey Jeanie Stanbery Charles J. Stancil Jo Ann Stancil Bryan Stanley Susan Starnes Tina Starnes Scotti Staton Dick Steelman Dorothy Stewart Frances Stewart Hank Stewart Pandora Stewart Jack Stewart Paula Stewart Deborah Stocks Cheryl Stoker E. Stoitzfus Lynn B. Storey Carol Storie Deborah Stout Sharon Stowe Debra Stradley Angie Strickland Claudia Strickland Lynn Strickland Charles Strider William Tart, Jr. 1 5-92-6442 245-44- MUGS 173 1 Robby Tatum Lauren Taylor Cheryl Teachey Glen Teague Kathy Tedder Dorca Templeton Jody Tester David Tew Jeanne Thomas Donna Thompson Gay Tilley James Tilley Patty Tilley Marty Todd Judy Toussel Timothy S. Townsend Nancy Trammell Robin Trexler Gus Triantis Debby Troutman Karen Turner Kathyrn Turner Matthew Turner Phyllis Turner Vickie Turner Sam Underwood Randi Vanhoy Benjamin Vannoy Billie Vaughn Dannie Vaughn Laura Veach Vickie Verbyla Connie Vernon Randy Wade Cundi Wadsworth Lyn Wagner Beth Walker Cynthia Walker Sheryl Walker Kaye Wall Tony Wall Mike Walsh Catherine Walters Mike Walters Jewel Ward Karen Ward Kathy Ward Timothy Ward Brent Warner 2 3t rfm ' 0-1914 174 IVIUGS Susan Warren Rosemary Washam Kent Washburn Debra Waters John Watson Sandra G. Watts Lynn Weatherman Randall Welborn Jim Westmoreland Richard Wheeler Mary Whewell Joy White Samuel Whitson Debra Wilcox William Wilkinson Linda Williams Nancy Williams Bonnie Wilson Lisa Wilson Luther Wilson William Wilson Janet Wineinger William Winkler, Sr. Jan Winstead Liz Witte Roxanna Wofford Theron Womble Greg Wood Cheryl Woods Carol Woodring Daniel Woodyard Deanne Wright John Wright Peggy Wright Ricki Wright Nancy Wyant William Wyatt Jenny Yarborough IVlike Yelton Laurie York Patricia York David Young iVlellissa Young Tommy Young Rodney Young Mary Youngblood Becky Zufall Deanna Saleeby Paula Sanchez 1 MUGS 175 X V fK r MACHINES I 79 A- J ' ■: ' In memory of- Jerry Michael Smith IVIarcia Kay Houston Ginger Gay Parker Thomas G. Jefferson James Thompson 180 MEMORIAIVI -- i-- ' MEMORIAM ISI 182 CLOSING I AM only one. But still I cm one. I cannot do everything. But still I con do something; And because I cannot do everything I YJ not refuse to do the something that I can do. EDWARD EVERETTE HALE CLOSING 183 1234567A8B9CO 184 THE END x - : : ' . 1 r ' ' ..- .-A li. ri • ' f I

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