Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC)

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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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cM ijiy-fy v- O --7 ' RHODODENDRON Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina UP EMOTIONS DOWN r.1 l ilsniik M ■ ti4»»«»— •• l-€v ' t. I ' MMMMMb) ■muhii ntiirnyy i TALL EMOTIONS SMALL . . . 10 ym«s«i«|i3|ifflCi ' -!! ! " l t;». RISE . . EMOTIONS i :-!i TABLE OF CONTENTS Highlights 18 MENTAL 49 Administration— Faculty 65 PHYSICAL 97 Athletics I I 3 SOCIAL 145 Features I 6 1 Organizations 1 84 Classes 220 Uj (» ri ris ' i H y .- " ' l! ' . . . . MOVING IN REGISTRATION ILI F-Re-shmcAj Re. ei r 21 FOOTBALL ... :-ii ' W- " -if ' a: 25 Ciompi and Withers ' The Fantastiks ' ENTERTAINMENT The Association The Tarns 10 m . ' : ' Ji rA ' •- i ■ HI Im B " . flR I m rw PI U Wff |g ' ' l BASKETBALL 36 WRESTLING Terry Sanford speaks at Winter Convocation " " ' ■ - . j(m£i% ' ' • ' ' •r , ,, , lilli::. - ' ;■ ■pi m S " =€S )tr IffiffSv iSffiJl I . As You Like It ' F. Lee Bailey ■is " tf ' -rnif liiMrkli w EMOTIONS Yes f A - 54 57 EMOTIONS 58 Yours 59 Mine Emotions-The most mental kind 62 n Si SSis 1 K .r l H I lm fi[- H 1 V 1 KmOj ' ' 1 m J M K l 1 H 1 1 n DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. Paul Sanders DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Gratis Williams 67 REGISTRAR Mr. W. Oean Meredith V DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. O. Kenneth Webb. Jr. ASSISTANT DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Peggy S. Whittaker DEAN OF MEN Mr. Ronny L. Brooks DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Maxie Edmisten ART Mr. Edwards guides artists Homer Vernon ' s antos and trees . . . Greek and Egyptian art . . . Acrylic and mat medium . . . Drawing . . . Representations of life Portraits . . . Student and faculty exhibits . . . Charcoal and oil . . . Mr. Burton ' s red beard . . . Varying ap- proaches . . . Lithograph press and etching press formu- late print program . . . Progress . . . Metier life Ihrough cullute StamiiHg: Mr. John G. Andrikopoulos. Mr. Homer Vernon. Mr. Warren C. Dennis. Mr. William B. Stephens. M ' - CawreHce Sdwards. Sealed-. Mr. James Lee Burton Sailed: Dr. Teunis Vergeer. Dr. J. Kay Derrick. Dr. Homer H Hurley. Strnding: Mr. Jack Martin. Dr Kim Miller. Dr. I. W. Carpenter. Jr.. Mr. Dannie King. Dr. F J Randall. Dr. Kent Robinson. Hurley gets his Ph.D. ... A sigh of relief as Weiser ' s visa expires . . . Fran keeps the department laughing . . . Miller adds to the population explosion . . . Derrick plants more Chapel Hill pines . . . Carpenter remains as a favorite lecturer with the students . . . Conflict of botany and zoology . . . compreheMdiHg life through its study. BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY Sink continues work on book . . . Graduate fellowships assume importance . . . Soeder fills Miles ' shoes . . . Mrs. Atwood gets degree at first A.S.U. graduation . . . Chemistry majors worry as Miles studies on post graduate fellowship among " Hippies " at Berkeley . . . Students continue to rank May Denton as " Number One Lecturer " . . . Woodrow becomes junior college M.A. candidates advisor . . . Progress, the label of science. Mr. Larry W. Woodrow. Mrs. Gelene A. Atwood. Dr. Robert Soeder. Mr. Al Overbay. Dr. James E. Johnson. Dr. Donald L. Wright. Mrs. May E. Denton. Dr. Woodford ij. Sink. Dr. Herbert L. Bowkley. Jrpitl Kcw, Mrs. Annie M. Blackburn. Miss Jane Riner. Mrs Kathy C. Tul- Mr. Carl J. ly. Mr. Robert Hopkins. Dr. Robert West. Mr. C. H. Barnes. Mrs Martha Sutton. G. Hawkinson. goi ' k Hou ' : Mr. Joseph L Mollis. Mr. Stanley A. Harris. Jr . Messere. Mr James Jones. Mr. Gene Reynolds. „4(r. Orus Chairman receives Ed.D. at U.T. . . . Messere ' s ac- counting class . . . Mrs. Hawkinson ' s math class . . . Madge Riners machines . . . Jones ' intermediate account- ing exams . . . Practicality above teckuicality. ECONOMICS % BUSINESS EDUCATION Professional education and the field of teaching . . . Dr. Ben Strickland returns to teaching . . . Largest de- partment . . . Laboratory Schools at Watauga High and Appalachian Elementary . . . Methods courses ... Six year program for education . . . Student teaching . . . Observation . . . Foundations for educational system . . . Johnny Carson look-alike departs . . . Books read for Beulah Campbell ' s Kiddy Lit . . . Shope Encourages honor in students. . Participation . . . Advancing toward Ph.D. . . . Sducat ' wH— the keeper of democracy. Miss Beulah Campbell. Mr Uberto Price. Mrs. Beatrix B. Ramey. Mrs. Grace Councill. Dr. Isabel Jones. Mr. James Layton. Mr. Robert C. Culyer, £)r. Cee KeynoUs. Dr. CM U ' »f oni and Mrs. Mamie L Hubbard. re ' c ifpthm Dr. Ben F. Strickland. Dr Nathaniel F Shope Dr Jack R. Melton. Mr. James M. Cole. Dr. Roy R. Blanton. StamiiHg: Mr Everett Widener, Dr. Ben G. Bosworth. Jr.. Mr. Bobby B. McFarland. tir. William i. Jultuer. Mr Richard Wilson. Dr. George Graham, Mr. Joseph Long Murphy. Mr. James Roberts EDUCATION Seated: Mr. John A. Pritchett. Mr. Thomas Harrill, Mr David Jenkins, Mr. Edward H. Stoddard. Stand Mr. David T. Robinson. Dr. Leiand Cooper. Dr. Harry Padgett. ENGLISH Author of JUm-Jlam Mon- Dr. Guy Owen, writer-in resi- dence . . . Freshmen term papers ... Dr. Lawrence Ed- wards leaves faculty to write ... Dr. Logan advises Liter- ary Guild . Many books read for Fiction . . . Carolina grad Carter joins faculty . . . Shakespeare and Chaucer Daisy Eggers— a member of student body . . . Ruby Akers does it again with freshmen . . . Poetry recitation by Dr. G. P. Eggers inspires students . . . Creative writing classes . Plagiarism and flunkies . . . Thomas Hardy and e.e. cummings . . . Twenty-five graduate students . . . Reading and writing . . . Canguage—the key to mterua- tioual cooperation. Sealed, Mr. Guy Owen, Mrs Daisy Eggers. Dr. John J. VanNoppen. III. Mrs. Lucy Brashear. Miss Ruby Akers. StaHd ' mg: Mr, John P. MacBryde. Dr. Mary Moore. Mr. John Higby. Dr. ijraydoH P. Sggm. Dr. Su- san Logan. Dr Henry T Lilley. Scatetl, Mrs Donna H Campbell. Mr. Johnny Wilson. Miss Janice Thompson. Mrs. Grace Edwards. Mrs Sara Wilson. Mr Robert Chastain. SlandiHg, Mr. Ralph Dillon. Mr. Wil- liam Joyner. Mrs. Ruth Brown. Mrs. Nora Howell. Mrs Sue Frye. T r. y. Koy Prince. Mr Carl H. Bredow. Mr. Eduardo Zayas-Bazan. Dr Jose Amaro. Recovering from the bon-fire . . . Life in Deutschluns, France, and Espana . . . Bredow advances German pro- gram . . . Adding Latin courses . . . Amaro adds to the Spanish faculty . . . Spanish Club wins homecoming float award . . . Language lab redevelops . . . Ca bouue vie. FOREIGN LANGUAGE 79 Mr. Paul Whippo. Mr. Harold Lee Hayes. Dr. Terry E. Epperson. Jr.. Dr. Edgar B. Heylmun. Dr. V. W. Brown. Mr. James B. Foust. ' Dr Julian i l oikr Kansas ' Kollmorgen lectures on Western United States . . . Boone weather continues to befuddle Hayes and climatology students . . . Foust praises Durand . . . Flor- ida ' s Anderson gives Yoder " go-ahead " on liberal arts M.A. . . . Soft rocker Heylmun is joined by hard rocker Brown . . . Epperson and Alpha Chi . . . Florida State loses Whippo to A.S.U. . . . Jones completes require- ments at South Carolina . . . Students want Reiman back in the classroom . . . M ns ' cnvironmeHt. the key to his utuierstaHdiHg. GEOGRAPHY % GEOLOGY HEALTH S PHYSICAL EDUCATION New instructors . . . Handsome graduate students . . . Freshmen take swimming . . . " Doc " Thomas ' gymnastics class . . . Folk and social class . . . Hard finals . . . Beckys bowling classes . . . Mrs. Hodges ' grading scale . . . Watkins specializes in " fresh " -man courses . . . New gym . . . New bowling lanes . . . Smiling Skippy . . . Athletic banquet . . . Intramurais ... Dr. Andrews ' popu- larity ranks high . . . MetUr physical fitness for better mental awareness Miss Jan Watson, Mr. Jack W. Grace. Jlr Miir - a C Waiters. Mr Carl Buchanan. Mr. William C. Church. Mrs. C. Hodges. Mr. Eric B. De- groat. Dr Carl G. Meeks. Miss Joan Askew. Mr. Roger Gildersleeve. Dr. Sidney H. Andrews. SeataL Mrs. Eloise C. Melton. Mrs. Rena C. Hoover. Mrs. William Krichner. Mrs. Karen Jones Stiwdiiicj, Mr. Stanley J. Thompson. Miss Anne M. O ' Hora. Mr. David Suleiman. Mr. Thomas D. Greenhaw. Dr Malcolm O. Partin. Mr. Joel Eastman. Mr George Antone. Mr. Stanley C. Green. Seatal: ' Dr. j. Miu D wh. Mr. Leo K. Pritchett. Dr. Ina Van Nop- pen, Mr. Edwin S. Dougherty. Dr Eugene C Drozdowski Staiitliug, Dr. Edward H. Gibson, ert W Ramsey Dr. Ramesh Gupte. Dr. Rob- HI TORY professors . . . Gupte from India . . . Harry A. Sylvester, Latin American expert from the State Depart- ment . . . Freshmen vs. Suleiman . . . Sophomores failing U.S. History ... St. Thomas Greenhaw ... No classes during Atlanta convention . . . New courses for majors . . . Liberal arts MA. added . . . Dr. Gibson ' s beret . . . Green ' s chap-stick . . . Partin gets doctorate from Duke . . . Pritchett ' s study guides . . . Dougherty ' s " informa- tive " classes . . . Rise in the number of history majors . . . Shaping the future by UHderstamiiHg the past. Silling, Miss Madge Rhyne. Miss Christine Calvert. Mrs. Juanita F. i.%enon. Miss Aiin l rowii .ill ood. Slami- iiiil: Mrs. Vivian W. Weiborn. Mrs. Celia G. Roten. Principles of home and family living . . . Lucy Brock Nursery School . . . Resident experience at Home Man- agement House . . . Nutrition ' s class . . . Time schedules for meal planning . . . Textiles . . . Home economics ' physics and chemistry . . . Foods and equipment . . . Girls learn to be homemakers or homebreakers . . . Soumi family rdations is the foundation for a sound society. HOME ECONOMICS !■ ScataL Mr. Jrmk Steeled. Mr. R. Dwight Pettus. Strndiitg, Mr. David A. Rigsby, Mr. Robert A. Banzhaf. Mr Clyde C. Owen, Mr. Roger W. Beeker. Steckel steps up to department head . . . New exten- sion is occupied . . . Owen ' s leathers class . . . Rigsby and Woods . . . Power mechanics section dropped . . . I. A. Club has February dance . . . Majors try new courses . . . Kerr Scott Hall remains exhibit center . . . Sducatm tkrcugh the dcvclopmeHt of skills. INDUSTRIAL ARTS LIBRARY SCIENCE Future librarians do research . . . Miss Query heads department . . . Books, filmstrips. magazines . . . Re- quired courses . . . Bulletin boards . . . Read . . . Miss Caudill visits campus . . . Illustrations and booklists . . . Expansion. . . Zhc key tool of education. Mrs. Ma Justice. Miss Dorothy Baird. Miss SuHice Query. Availability of materials . . . Stacks of knowledge . . . Header ' s Quide to Periodical jCiterature . . . Overdue books . . . Reference material . . . Zeb and his dogs . . . Well- staffed institution . . . Construction of new building . . . New books . . . Student librarians . . . Reserve reading room inhabited by eager students Depository of govern- mental documents . . . Cibrarianship is informatioHal science. LIBRARY ScataL Mrs. Gaye Golds. Miss Deborah Bell. M iss Mary A. Huff. Mrs. Al- lie Hodgin, Miss Gwendolen Eastridge. Mrs. Lyndia Goodwin. Sliwdiiig: Miss Faye J. Mitchell. Mrs. Vera Tunnell. Miss Mary Rhudy. Mr. Herman Bekemeyer. Mrs. Betty M. Teem. Mr. Richard Barker. Miss Susie Whis- nant. ,!( ■. U ' iUJMi C £ury. Mrs. Nancy Cook. Miss Minnie L. Oswalt. Mr. Zeb Shook. St-atal, Mr Walter A Hawkinson. Dr Paul B. Patterson. Standing, Dr. G T Buckland. Mr Arnold D. Mc- Entire, Mr. Starr N. Stacy. Jr.. Dr. Robert L. Richardson, Dr. MarKy K. Durham. Smtctl: Mr Richard J Schalk. Miss Deanna Bowman. Mrs. Frances S. Fulmer. Standing, Mr. Jack George, Mr. Clark Trivett. Mr. Glenn E. Fox. MATHEMATICS Dr. Durham receives chairmanship . . . Loss of a fine educator; Dr. Patterson ' s semi-retirement . . . Stacy ' s probability class . . . Mrs. Fulmer ' s interest in the student . . . Freshmen meet " new " math . . . Majors meet calcu- lus and differential equations . . . Upper classmen finally fulfill math requirements . . . Jtom the specific to the general as a prerequisite for reasoniug. Standing Jront-. Miss Robyn Loworn. Seated, Mrs. Virginia Linney. Dr. William ( . Speneer. Standing: Miss Elizabeth Fox. Miss Adele Justice, Mr. Hoyt Safrit. Mr. Elmer R. White, Dr. Nicholas Erneston, Mr. Charles L Isley. Dr. Joseph C. Logan. Mr. MacWilliam Disbrow, Mr Phillip M. Paul. Mr. William J Newton, Mr. Earny P Hotard, Jr , Mr Walton S. Cole. Drills of music theory . . . Individual lesson sessions . . . Orchestra concerts . . . Trip to national convention . . . Marching band performs at football games . . , Profs participate in church activities . . . William J. Newton joins faculty , . . Senior concerts . . . Production of " The Fantastiks " by students and faculty . , , Glee Club . . . Practice, practice . . . Pop midterm . , , I.G.G. Hall haunted by ex-student . . . Band workshop for high school students . . . Service as music judges in North Carolina, Kentucky. Virginia. South Carolina and Tennes- see , , , Chopsticks and Mozart . . . Some things remain a little " Foxy " . . . Zhc liarlopmmt of imak ability. MUSIC PHILOSOPHY § RELIGION Dr. Davis joins staff . . . Dean Webb ' s class in ethics . . . Dr. Strickland ' s Life of Christ class . . . Book re- views . . . Old Testament . . . Dr. Rice ' s Ancient Philoso- phy . . . Deep thought . . . Greek derivatives . . . lltuler- stauding the why of life. Dr. Charles T. Davis. III. Dean O.K. Webb. Jr.. Tlr. William C. StncklMd. Dr. Daniel F. Rice. Mr. James Watson. Mr. Karl C. Mamola. Mr. Larry Dye. Dr. Waller C. Coiuiclly. Adds Watson to staff . . . Anticipates new building . . . Educates home economics, industrial arts, biology, chemistry, and math majors . . . Connolly recognized as a leading physicist . . . Peace in atomic energy. PHYSICS 89 POLITICAL SCIENCE New chairman— Dr. Rich . . . New courses for majors . . . Allen ' s political theory class . . . chief justice Davis ' " holey " shoes . . . Martin is the " Mississippi boy " . . . Graduates go to law school . . . f ettcr government through group relations. Mr. Edward M. Allen. Mr. Phillip Martin, Mr. Hope. P. Davis. Jr.. £)r. JroMCis Kick. 90 top W Hcllom, Dr George Wesley. Dr. Basil Johnson. Mr. Guy Hubbard. Mr. George L. Kelly. Dr. Walla r Snipes. Miss Mary Welles. Mrs. Joyce Crouch. Mr. Hal E Furr. Dr. Max Dowell. Students welcome return of Wesley from Toronto . . . " Adolescent psych " — Joyce Crouch and Mary Welles . . . Furr assumes role of non-bachelor . . . Pettigrew joins U. of Michigan staff . . . Clairvoyance and reincarnation theories . . . Kelly ' s fascination with " Bonnie and Clyde " . . . Case studies . . . Dr. Murray Banks . . . Filmstrips . . . Basil Johnson ' s advanced " birds and bees " course . . . Tests and textbooks . . . Emotional development . . . Zhe development o f the whole man. PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY S ANTHROPOLOGY Kittredge ' s anthropology classes . . . New profs . . . Smith ' s moustache . . . " Rev. " Lovrichs marriage and fa- mily class . . . Sherman ' s lectures . . . Dr. Keasey enthralls students . . . B.A. ' s graduate . . . BroadeniHg kncwUdge through group relations. Dr. Alfred M- Dcntcu. -Jr. Mr. David L. Smith. Mr. Lee D. Kittredge. Dr. Frank M. Lovrich. Mr. Michael Sherman, Dr. L. D. Keasey. Mr. Michael T. Vetrie. Mrs. J. Lou Carpenter, Mr. David A. French. Mrs Carolyn Hopkins. Tr. Charles S. PalHia. Mr. Bradford L. Kinney. Mr. Steve Boyd. Charles E. Palmer joins faculty as department head . . . Outlines and speeches . . . Mr. Kinney ' s " ant talk " . . . Lou Carpenter ' s speech therapy . . . The debate team . . . Department grows with new faculty members . . . Use of visual arts . . . Phonetics . . . Articulation and vocalization . . . Occupation of new offices in CWH . . . fetter UHderstattditig through better eommumeaticn. SPEECH 93 95 EMOTIONS fe Yes ]fmi , gJkMi 99 101 EMOTIONS Hide £ ' m s m H IT " " 102 : . l im ■ ' . •j« r I ' W ) I ' -W ' HH K ' - m " vS " K TK lr! SBwSpiP B » I ViivS |yj 2 1 ,a3K W i). in rr EMOTIONS ' C t W i l . ' ' .v. ' ' BCWAREfi H ' .. 4- PHI , i Yours EMOTIONS— The most physical kind FOOTBALL ■•:■■-; BRi w M W} m :: — Lzr r aggpi. g»i |||[ rI= " S jj| ■o jpdBBji. Hmbk MM ex C7TI 9 ' mm -,r l1 f ( ■ % ' a ti - ' a . ' - •i-if --r ■Fk ' " I P i t ' «4. Ji y : ,... ' irjrap ' ---. Pi fa BASKETBALL 126 127 FOOTBALL ASU 2 Newberry 2 ASU Western Carolina 2 ASU 34 Elon 13 ASU 6 Lenoir- Rhyne 56 ASU Id Catawba 7 ASU 18 Carson-Newman 14 ASU 24 Wofford 27 ASU 57 Presbyterian S ASU 26 Emory $ Henry 25 ASU 2 Guilford 19 I SOCCER ASU 3 North Carolina State 2 ASU 1 Belmont Abbey 2 ASU 1 Duke 2 ASU 3 Rollins 1 ASU Warren Wilson 4 ASU 2 Tusculum 1 ASU 4 Davidson 2 ASU 5 Pfeiffer 2 ASU 3 Guilford 1 ASU Roanoke 2 ASU 4 Erskine 1 ASU 5 U.N.C. Frosh 1 ASU 2 King 1 ASU 1 St. Andrews 2 WRESTLING ASU 40 Maryville ASU 16 Bloomsburg State ASU 9 Indiana State ASU 7 Miami University ASU 9 Lycoming ASU 5 Wilkes ASU 27 Georgia ASU 25 Milligan ASU 21 Old Dominion ASU 27 Georgia Tech ASU 35 Wilmmgton ASU 33 Pembroke ASU 17 Citadel ASU 95 ASU 79 ASU 76 ASU 55 ASU : ' S ASU 83 ASU 90 ASU 75 ASU 72 ASU 81 ASU 93 ASU 7 3 ASU 88 ASU 77 ASU 7 5 ASU 79 ASU 79 ASU 7 5 ASU 88 ASU 66 ASU 85 ASU 76 ASU 69 Presbyterian Pfeiffer Newberry Guilford Lenoir-Rhyne Ashevilie-Biltmore Wofford Erskine Guilford High Point Pfeiffer Catawba Atlantic Christian Presbyterian Elon Lenolr-Rhyn Western Cai Elon High Point Western Carolina Catawba Belmont Abbey Lenoir Rhyne SWIMMING ASU 52 Johnson C. Smith 52 ASU 60 Berea College of Kentucky 40 ASU 43 Duke 61 ASU 41 Davidson 63 ASU 36 Wake Forest 68 ASU 30 University of Tennessee 70 BASEBALL ASU 1 Belmont Abbey ASU 1 Georgia Southern ASU 4 Erskine ASU 6 Newberry L ASU 3 Newberry ASU 8 Pembroke m ASU 4 St. Andrews ' ' aBM ASU 1 Elon 9 ASU 6 Western CaroSBi ASU 7 Western CaromH ASU 10 LenoirRhyne AbU » Catawba ASU 5 Elon ASU 1 High Point J ASU 2 Guilford m ASU 9 Pfeifter ■ ASU 7 Presbyterian " ASU 4 Presbyterian ASU 2 Pfeif ter ASU 4 Guilford ASU 5 Atlantic Christian ASU a Atlantic Christian ASU 2 High Point ASU 6 Catawba ASU 1 Lenoir- Rhyne ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU CROSS COUNTRY Mars Hill Milligan Mars Hill Western Carolina Davidson High Point Pembroke Milligan High Point ki TENNIS 6 m ASU 1 Wofford ASU ASU ASU 3 Georgia Southern 4 1 F. 7 Valdosta State ASU Oglethorpe 7 ASU 4 Erskine 5 ASU 7 Atlantic Christian ASU 6 Atlantic Christian 1 ASU 5 Furman 4 ASU Presbyterian 6 m». ASU 4 Furman 5 W| ASU 5 Pfeifter 2 ASU 4 Davidson 5 ASU 6 High Point 1 91 ASU 8 Guilford 1 ASU 5 Western Carolina %L ASU Wake Forest 9 ASU 8 Western Carolina 1 ASU 5 Guilford ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU 5! ' j 91-i 171-i 12 16 12 20 20 15 14 l9 ' 2 23! Rollins Univ. of South Carolina Atlantic Christian Elon Catawba Guilford Elon Pfeiffer Erskine Catawba Mars Hill Guilford TRACK ASU 65 ' I Presbyterian 79!6 ASU 9e Milligan 49 ASU 46 Wofford 99 ASU 50 Catawba 90 ASU 62 High Point 77 ASU 62 Elon 34 ASU 65 High Point 80 ASU 65 Milligan 67 ASU 65 Mars Hill 47 % f mi SWIMMING 134 fcy 4i.M, ' uiA , BASEBALL 1 9v| r ' ' % S i ■ jm H %-«wv- y»l tfr-: " 1 IF ' m 1 W ' B 1 ■! .-- l j ' A ' H BlSI ((y l H Hil ' » ' . ' - . Vj H T» W-l, ' - i fWii H B»i B 9 j 4 - ■ , — — - ' " IH p H L • ' ' ■ " t " iaamn mEKKk TRACK 137 138 139 mm GOLF . ' - TENNIS PHYSICAL SKILLS 142 148 152 Show «1. 7 fl - A KSJHH ' V i ir ' 155 157 Emotions-The most social kind 162 ip l II H •t ' K . if ' - jH 1 9 Bfll ilMIC ' . ■ ■ I III i tkiiA iLMe ii x i C ••- - : ; ,-. •■.■ ' 165 Jane Renegar Beverly Wilson Judy McCrary Sandra Bateman Penny Craver Chris Park 166 Queen Pat Mozingo HOMECOMING COURT Part! Beck Sue EIrod 167 168 i " i xil PEP RALLIES Harry Deal and the Galaxies 174 175 ' •i •■c t ' - k UjL l% RHI [ Tsitfv., .■: m T te 1 ! ' ■ „ - iiL • ' i (v . A... -,i a» ' 3 178 179 Jackie Hays WHO ' S WHO-AMONG STUDENTS IN 182 AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ALPHA CHI Honorary Scholastic Society Pn ' sident: Richard Miller Vice-President: Richard Mowery Secretary: Gracie McCants Xreasurer. Jose Garcia A ' l ' M ' A Julia Marilyn Alexander. Douglas Michael Allen. Larry An- drews. Sheryl Atkins, Barbara Veigh Babb. Gloria Anita Barrett. Douglas Belcher A ' lW 2-. Ronald Calvin Blue. Sheryl Boatright. Rob- bie Bost. David Bynum. Stephen Lee Canipe. Sharon Carrickhoff. Douglas Carroll. Linda Chappell AVic ■ Clay Church. Carole Clark. Rita Louise Clark. Ron Clitherow. Clyda Dawn Coffey, Sharon Con stance Costner. Susan Elizabeth Cox. Patricia Killian Cranford. Kow 4: Sherrill Curtis, Myra Evans. Brenda Earle Fisher. Brenda Ston- er Furr. Jose Aurelio Garcia. Mary Helen Goforth. Sarah Lenora Green. Laura Susan Gwyn. Kow ?■. Nancy Hawkins. Beth Hedrick. Linda Hemric. Frances Lynne Hen- ry. Brenda Hill. Brenda Hovis. John Hoyle. Ronda Hunt. Kow 6, Pamela Johnson. Dianne Martin. Georgeanna Mayhew. Gracie Ella McCants. Richard Dobbin Miller. Richard Lee Mowery. Gary Og- burn. Mabel Ann Osborne. Kow Z Judy Eileen Pittman. Gail Plott. Cassandra Pritchett. Maria Reary. Frances Brooks Renegar. Cathy Roach. John Rogers, Joseph Michael Rogers. Kow S: Brenda Shooke. Lynn Small. Jack Stallard. Linda Elaine Stoner. Shirley Ann Styers. Judy Lee Swink. Frances Goodman Triece. Kenneth Lee Walker Kow ft Sarah Helen Walk- er. Douglas Anne Warren. Gail Kathleen Watson. Beatrice Well- born, Joyce Williams, Teresa Lynn Wongrey, Michael Grant Yancey. Shannon Ashley Young. CHI LAMBDA CHI Presidents Of Campus Clubs And Organizations Prcskieiit: Douglas Allen Vicc-Prcsidait: Jay Raymer Secretary: Jo Ann Freeman Zreasurcri Kinney Rorrer Kow I: Douglas Allen. Neil Batelli. Robert Batten. Joe Bowen. David Brown, Lana Buxton. David Bynum. Kcw 2-. Steve Canipe. Douglas Carroll. Clay Church. Jo Ann Freeman. Jose Garcia. Stuart Goodwin. Gary Grant A ' l ' ic ■;, Allen Griffin. Chris Hinkle. Jim Hutchinson. Larry Ju- lian. Ken Kulp. Jackie Lye. Rivers Lynch. AVic -A Jean Milek. Richard Miller. Judy Moseley. Don Patrick. Mike Pendleton. Robert Phillips. Renee Poleet. AVic 5, Linda Propst. Jay Raymer. Kinney Rorrer. Margaret Shoaf. Gary Shroyer. Jack Stone. Joyce Suddreth. Kow o Pat Tennent. Linda Watson, Clyde Waugh. Linda Whitener. Richard Willis, Vic Winborn. Sandra Workman %L f-i Jif BETA BETA BETA Honorary Biological Society President: Clay Church Vice-President: Larry Sain Secretary: Nancy Peden Kow 1: Glenn Bohlen. Sheila Bridges. JoAnn Bumgarner. Kow 2-. Steve Canipe. Clay Church. Eleanor Conley. Beth Hedrick. Anne Major. Ray- mond Micol. Richard Miller. Kow i, Nancy Pe- den, Patricia Pitman. Larry Sain. Brenda Shu- mate. Phyllis Simpson. Robert Stamey. Donald Steele. COLLEGIATE CIVIC CLUB r it ' - ' -y © f: n a f % - President: Nolton Boan Vice-thesiiient: Richard Shepherd Secretary: Bob Crisp ireasurer Ted Potts Kow 1: Tom Adams. Robert Batten. Donnie Bax- ter. Roland Biesecker. Nolton Boan. Ron Brown. Steve Camp. Kow 2, Bob Carson. Mike Conrad, Bob Crisp. Danny Davis. Harold Doster. Jerry Ellenburg. Ikey Gardner. Kow i-. Tommy Grubb, Steve Lassiter, Louis Layne, Rivers Lynch, Joe Maier. Phil McCall. Lee McLean. Kow -f, Sam Mc- Ree. John Mitchell. Jerry Myers. Steve Newlin, John Douglas Payne. Roy Hale Phillips. Ted Potts. Kow 5: John Royall. Terry Saunders. Eddie Schoolfield. Richard Shepherd, Eddie Smith. Ray Smith. Dennis Watts. 186 KAPPA DELTA PI Honorary Educational Society President: Bob Phillips Vice- President: Jack Hodge Secretary-. Martha Patterson Zreasurer: Kenneth Walker Kow • Sheryl Atkins. Bobby Bailey. Sheryl Boat- right. Robbie Best. Sheila Bridges. Cora Brit- tain. Vena Burcham. AVir 2, Janice Cain. Sharon Carrickhoff. Douglas Carroll. Patricia Combs. Louise Conrad. Sharon Costner. Susan Cox. Kow 3, David Crawley. Derree Curry. Trudy Drum. Shirley Essick. Myra Evans. Evelyn Grigg. Sandra Haag. Mm ' 4, Jerri Hartman. Donna Hawks. Brenda Hill. Jack Hodge. Jr . Ronda Hunt. Sher- ry James. Judy Kyles A ' lW v Karen Lee. Virginia Lynch, Georgeanna Mayhew. Rosemary Mock. Joye Oakley. Gary Ogburn. Linda Oliver. A ' lW A Martha Patterson. Anita Pendergraft. Brenda Penninger. Robert Phillips. Jr . Patricia Pitman. Linda Plott. Judy Diane Poole AVm ' Z Maria Reary. Frances Renegar. John Rogers. Jr.. Julia Rogers. Marilyn Roten. Katrina Scott. Judy Sel- lers. Kcw S: Brenda Shook. Jacquelyn Small. Judy Spratt. Sara Spurling. Jack Stallard. Jr.. Shirley Styres. Frances Triece f cu- P. Kenneth Walker. Sarah Walker. Gail Watson. Vivian Watts. Beat- rice Wellborn. Kay Wilson. Teresa Wongrey. © P fl ' h ffOf £ 0AfC £flf 0 PI DELTA PHI Honorary French Society Presidatt: David Brown Vice-President: Joyce Suddreth Secretary: Cassandra Pritchett Zreasuren Wanda Burleson Kow . Jo Ann Anderson. David Brown, Wanda Burleson. Patricia Ann Combs. Patricia Killian Cranford Kow 2, Brenda Stoner Furr. Jose Garcia. Georgeanna Mayhevv. Robert Phillips. Jr.. Cassandra Lee Pritchett. Kow A Katrina Camille Scott. Judy Spratt, Joyce Suddreth. Teresa Wongrey. Michael Yancey. i-MS " SIGMA DELTA PI Honorary Spanish Society President, Jose Garcia Vice-President: Edvardo Zayas-Bazan Secretary- treasurer: Lynnette Starnes Kcw .■ Carole Clark. Jean Essick. Jose Garcia. Larry Grill. Sue Vance. Kow 2: Nina Overton. Cassandra Pritchett. Lynnette Starnes. Joyce Suddreth, Lyndall Wood. PI GAMMA MU Honorary Social Studies Society President: Margaret Shoaf Vice-President: Myra Evans Secretary: June Dunn Kaw h Douglas Belcher. Douglas Carroll. Sherrill Curtis. June Dunn. Myra Evans. Gary Grant. Kow -?. Wilson King. Daniel McHargue. Gary Ogburn. Mike Pendleton. John Rogers. Kin- ney Rorrer. Kow f, Margaret Shoaf. Jack Stallard, Kenneth Walker. Susan White. 188 VERNICIAN SOCIETY President: Pat Tennent Vice-President, Jeannine Austin Secretary-. Carolyn White Zreasurer-. Joyce Davis Kow h Jo Anne Anderson. Janet Annas. Jeannine Austin. Donna Biggs. Judy Bigham. Kow 2-. Donna Brown. Cindy Carson. Sue Church. Pat Collins. Marge Crigler. Kow f, Joyce Davis. Terry Deweese, Sara Doughtery, Carolyn Early. Helen Eicher. Kow 4, Becky Gunn. Diana Hamilton. Belinda Home. Judy Hoyle. Missy Hughes. Kow 5: Sissel Johannessen. Joyce Kidd. Gayle Koontz. Donna MacMillan. Beth Miller. Kow o, Paula Miller. Betty Mitchell. Jackie Moyers. Dreama Patrick. Patty Payne. Kow 7, Johnnie Porterfield, Jane Pratt. Gwyn Rogers. Lyn- nette Starnes. Priscilla Swaim Kow S, Pat Tennent. Joanne Tubergen. Jeanette Wagner. Sandy Weeks. Joyce Wheeler. Kow s " . Carolyn White. Anna Wil- liams. Pat Zimmerman. CvC ff 189 RHODODENDRON Pictures scheduled and rescheduled! Layouts drawn and redrawn! Pots of coffee, dozens of worn pencils, dozens of aspirins, and bundles of frayed nerves— all these things and more went into the showing of Appalachian ' s emo- tions. Temper everything with the kindness and help from all the staff members and interested ASU students— then it is all worthwhile. Cp-i ' iiilor-. Jean Milek Dinrlor of Pholography, Mike G. Davis tSusiiicss Manager: J. E. Joines Cc-SditOT, Lana Buxton Emily Lowder, Louise Conrad Doug Carroll. Sara Spurling. Gary Ogburn Gerald Clawson, Keith McGuire. Bill Moretz 2rMf - Bev Burnette. Chris Ratchford Bleeka Mendenhall. Sandie Herb Janet Masencup. Karen Beaver. Max Hutchins Sally Osborne. Jan Massey. Libbie Lambe THE APPALACHIAN ■ ' The news and editorial voice of Appalachian " . the pur- pose behind ASU ' s weekly newspaper— stressing the giving of complete and usually unbiased information, the aim- student voices heard (by all means!)— a large circulation- member of the Associated Collegiate, the Inter-Collegiate, and the Carolina Collegiate Press Associations. Sponsor: Dean Webb. Kusiness MuMgCT: James Ashcraft. Proofreaders, Phyllis Query. Holly Alford , cws Sditor, Peggy Martin JcaturiS: Phil Phillips. John Brasington. Linda Propsl. Kay Reynolds. Stiitcr: Neil Batelli Spcrts Sdiliv, John Giles KeporlaS: Linda Flowe. Sharon Jackson. Veigh Tally Babb. Gary Triggs, Myra Evans. Susan White. iircukliOH Sdilor-. Anne Randolph Executive Committee: Vicc-Prcsutcitt-. Steve Camp. Director of CommuMicathmS: Jerry Ellenburg, President: Don Patrick, treasurer-. Tommy Mascott. President Don Patrick and the other hard working Stu- dent Council members, meeting Monday nights at 7:00. installing new members, appointing new committees, creating teacher evaluation, reevaluating and improving the honor system, judiciary, participating in the Student Leadership Conference, working with the new sponsor. Dr. Shope. sponsoring successful dances, and quarterly socials— all of these things were a part of and were impor- tant in achieving recognition of the rights and privileges of the individual student through democratic processes. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Senior Representatives: Mike Yancey. Kinney Rorrer. Rick Sharpe. Larry Grill. Steve Camp. Harold Doster. Craig Duncan. Bob Crisp. Doug Allen. Mike Pendleton. Freshman Representatives: Mark Southern. Louise Lovill. Brenda Rhodes. Becky Harrell. Judiciary: Theresa Early, Louis Layne. Jr.. Kinney Rorrer. Mike Pendleton, Secretary, Barbara Barnes, Chairman: Jerry Myers, Rick Sharpe, Hugh Barnes. Douglas Carroll, Gary Ogburn, Craig Duncan. Sophomore Representatives: Gretchen Holsopple. Hugh Barnes. Louis Layne. Jr.. Phillip Heavner. Theresa Early. Robert Carson. Jr. Junior Representatives: Jerry Ellen- burg. Mary Helen Goforth. Douglas Carroll. Eddie Schoolfield. Gary Og- burn. Patsy Parker. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Kow 1: Marty Erwin, Emily McLamb, Carolyn Davis, Linda Wright AVw ' . Doug Allen. Jerry Bumbaugh, Lois Harris, Sylvia Geer, Mahala Collette, Ann Evans, Deborah Craig, Libby King, , Bryson Jones. Donnie Baxter. Kow i, Sherry Chapman. Sherrill Toney. Brenda Dobson. Carolyn Bowers. Ann McDougle. Donna Heald. Ron Foulk. Clyda Coffey. Peggy Cun- ningham. Ted Johnson. Gary Britt Kow 4-. Gaye Sig- mon. Lynn Hamerick. Jan Pittman, . Pat Clayton. Dennis Hipp. Annette Greene. Ann Abernethy, Mar- tha Whitaker, Phil Heavner. Kow 5, Lenna Lyall, Con- nie Brittain. Mac Stroupe, Jack Self, Darrell Pennell, Neal Laxton. Betsy Graham, Ruby Harrell, Sharron Royall, Brenda Whitaker, Phyllis Walsh, Anita Stepp, Suzette Rayford. Kow A- Betty Biddix, Reba Lackey, Carolyn Eury, Judy Griffith, , Ann Medlin, Marie Baggett, Brenda Hole, , Agnes Keith, Rita Justice. Donna Overcash. Jack Lawrence. Kow Z Gene West, Eddie Leagens, Carolyn Long, Laura White. John Sul- livan, Bob Phillips. CANTERBURY CLUB 5(W m! Vice-ProsuUnt: Myra Evans, Secretary: Sharon Jackson, Brenda Joyce, Vreasurer, Walter Lassiter, Susan White, John Giles. Standing, Augie Ahn, Mary Anne Brenni- son. Bill Williams. Jo Anne Jackson. Tommy Yon, President: Betsy Damerson, Stephen Proctor, Patsi Cannon LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Standing: Diedra Cline, Pam Bowman, Steve Boone, President: Wade Coffey, Jr., The Reverend David K. Keck, David Swaim, Linda Fender, Secretary: Charlene Murphy. Scaled lit Vice-President: Mary Sig- mon, Lynn Cox, Ken Sumlin, Joyce Cra- ven. Sylvia Blair. Phyllis Sowers, Marilyn Alexander. NEWMAN STUDENT FEDERATION Tommy Mascott. Kathy O ' Brien. Pat Plazo. WESLEY FOUNDATION A ' lW , Chaplain! Maurice Ritchie, Dottie Ritchie, Secretary, Silas Rose Kow 2: Libby Smith. Leon Martin. David Cox. President-. Bob Mays. Marilyn Hinson. Jane Turner. Jean Nance. Program Chairman, Sherry Atkins. Kow i, Frank Morris. David Griffith. Xrcasiira, Carter Sink. Sheila Snipes. Cooky Powell. Linda Sechler. Richard Willis. Carol Matthews. Kow 4, Sue Campbell. Diane Rose. Sue Martin. Ed Taylor. Kow 5, Sandra McCall. Wanda Matthews. Judy Miller. Kow 1, June Neal. Cindi Bosch. Susan Dixon. Phyllis Montgomery. Jane Hauser. Joyce Tesh. Kow 2, Zoe Morris. President, Mary Jim Emerson. Susan Nyenhuis. Marsha Hawkins, tst Vice-President, Jean Ander- son. Linda Bratton. 2nd Vice-President, Judy Mosely. Colleen Roudabush. Mary McElroy. Kow a, James McLean. Ronnie Sams. Steve Tarrant. Kenneth McArthur. Sponsor Mr Richard Culyer. III. Clyde Waugh. Gregg Allen, Robert Hudson. Steve Ruff. Wesley Buffaloe. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Kcw h. Barbara Clough. Janice Oakes. Linda Triplett. David Swaim. Rob- ert Hudson. Marie Baggott. Willie Beaver. Jr.. Diana Exarhos. Irene Lew- is. Chris Fields. Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Davidson. Michael Rogers. Kcw 2, Steve Shumaker. Dean Wilson. Tilden McNeilly. Jonathan Howell. James Green. Vice-President: Carolyn Whitener. Oerrie Watson. Carey Smith. Doyle Wilkins. Richard Bailey. J. B. Hodges. Hunter Hammock. Gene Duckworth. Kow 3, Charles Lee Safrit. Stephen Hesler. Mike Lynn, Judy Hoffman. Landis Bill Warren. George Fox. John Burke, Wally Brown, President, Gary Shroyer. Kow 4, Jim Simmons, Vickie Johnson. Jerry Peter- man. Clyde. Waugh. Paul Hooker. Mike O ' Dell. Ken Rudd. Joe McCargo, Barry Sloan. CONCERT BAND Vii tiiis, Maria Reary. Ken McArthur. Dale Wilson. Janet Tennent. Janice Foil Brown. Sharron Ross. Eva Danay Erneston, Donna Faye Hilton, Jane Suitt. John Sullivan. Becky Austin. Melody Henderson, Caroline Smith, Mary Frank Overcash, Kalyn Thomas, Cynthia Shoaf, June Neal. Landa Collins, David Brown. Janie Ray. Vielas, Mr. Disbrow, Doyle Wilkins, Don Bowden. Annette Gaither. Cello, Mike Rogers, Jannelyn Spratt, Corky ORCHESTRA Waugh. passes, Ron Blalock, Ricky Snead, Phil Douglas. JIutes, Barbara Clough. Janice Oakes Obpe, Georgie Henson. Clarinets. Larry Davidson. Mr. Newton. Robert Powley. bassoons Tommy Smith. Richard Bailey. Moms, Carolyn Whitener. Pat Tennent. John Howell. Mr. Paul. Zrumpets Gary Shroyer. Steve Jordan. Bonnie Wagner, trombones Harold McKinney, Gene Duckworth. Percussion, Bill Cole, Vickie Johnson. 198 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Kow I: Martin Ramsbotham. Gary Pruett. Jay Small. Ronnie Moose. Robert VanAntwerp. President, Jack Stone. Tony B. Corriher. Kow 2-. Mi- chael R. Collins. Bo Sherrill. Gerald Weathers. Ken Sumlin. J. D. McAl- lister. Jr.. Vice-Prcsidmt, Allen Griffin. Eric Troy. Bill Cole. Kow }, Sonny Willis. Charles B. Taylor. Jr., Danny L. Tutor. Ronald Whitener. Carter Sink. Doug Harris. Clyde Dean. Jr.. Sccretary-Zreasurer, Wally Carroll. MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB Kow h Sccretary-Zraisurert Susan Dixon. Kow 2- Sponsor-. Elizabeth Fox. June E. Neal. Vlcc-PresuUHl-. Larry Da- vidson. Gerrie Watson. Steve Shu- maker. Carey Smith. Randy Powley. Bonnie Wagner. Prcsidrnt, Paula Joyce. Sandra K. Bullington. Kow l: Ron Blalock. William Cole. J. D McAllister. Eric Troy. Harold McKinney. Kow 2, Cliff Robin- son. Secrdary-Xrcasurer, Larry Davidson. Eddie Raper. Stephen Jordan, Bob Roselle. Praident, Doug Harris. PHI MU ALPHA Kcw !: Steven Mowery. Carey Smith. Larry Davidson, Steve Shumaker, Dean Wilson. Tilden McNeilly. Elmer White. Kow 2, Ron Blalock. Harold STAGE BAND Van McKinney. Eddie Raper. J. B Hodges. Gene Duckworth. Kow • ' .■ Bill Cole. Steve Jordan. Gary Shroyer. Clif Robinson. Danny Austin. immmMi. mssmmmmww kW ' M Wt B - L- i wfi ' ti- r f r PA - " Iv ri V r-3. mw " ■ ■ - ■« ' ««■ Ki ' u- I, Barbara Clough. Janice Oakes. Georgie Henson. Nina A Roberts. Linda Triplett. Mac Stroupe. Chris Fields. Randy Powley. James Bingham. Larry Davidson. Jack Newton. Michael Rogers. Kow J. Steve Shumaker. Dean Wilson. Tilden NcNeilly. Charles Lee Safrit. Steve Helton. Stephen Rudicil. Gerrie Watson. Carey Smith. Richard Bailey. Tommy Smith. Jo- nathan Howell. Qsen ' i Duckworth. Kenneth Clark. Via-Vrcsiikiit: Carolyn Whitener Kow - Ed Whitener. Willie Beaver. Jr , J B Hodges. Harold Van McKinney. Eddie Raper. Clif Robinson. Danny Austin. Bonnie Wag- ner. Steve Jordan. Vrosukiit: Gary Shroyer. Kow 4, Bill Cole. Vickie Johnson. Ken Rudd. John Terry. Clyde Waugh. Doyle Wilkins. Donald Bowden. WIND ENSEMBLE CHORALE Kpw 1: Linda Hilliard. Mary Lester. Ellen Conoly. Jeani Watkins. Betsy Graham. Sylvia Coon. Paige Spoon. Kow 2: Milan Kasper. Eric Troy. Ken- neth Young. Thurman Whisnant. Ed- die Raper. John Sullivan. John Howie. , coompayiist: Jim Simmons. Sam St. Clair. ■f- « t: s. f: ' 4 j fH u ■ ■ 1 m 1 1 m ' mf ' mmi - ' Accompanist: Mary Elizabeth Norris. Kow .- Marilyn Snipes. Linda Faye King, Wanda Holcomb, Dianne Little. Carroll Shook. Jan Pittman. Martha Chappell. Joel Gerringer. II. Gary Pruett. Lee Stroupe. Herschel Powell. John Payne. Kent Burchette. Carol Smith, SccTCtary-Zrcasurcr, San- dra Bullington. Diane Turner. Shirley Lawrence. Barbara Vaurinek. Kow 2: Susan Ashley. Susan Dixon, Susan Phillips, Roxanna Carroll, Mary Jeanette McGregor, Maureen Shoaf, Michael Morgan, Wallace Carroll. Jr.. Larry Roope. Neal Laxlon. Brenda Pritchard. Pam McCaslin. Marilyn Hinson. Vicf-Prcsiikiil: Paula Joyce. Cindy Davis. Paula Bullington. Janet Cleaver. Georgie Henson Kow ■ : Judy Benson, Lynne Cox. Frieda Setzer. Dale Query. June Neal. Linda Matthews. Kenneth Young. Philip Douglas. Steven Mowery. Clyde Dean. Jr . Prcs Uciil: Bob Phillips. Mary Frank Overchash. Nancy Rogers. Jan Robinson. Jan Massey. Joann Horton. Sandra Haines. Barbara Scott UNIVERSITY SINGERS Kffif I: Sue Underwood. Barbara Ross. Marie Morrison. Deborah Craig. Gayle Sprinkle. Mar- garet Shue. Donna McKinley. Becky Smith. Patsy Ritchie. Sandra Foster. Irene O ' Neal. Marcia Davis. Linda Holland. Carole Hambright Kok 2-. Pamela Morgan. Katrina Scott. Marilyn Alex ander. Lynnette Lawson. Beverly Broach. Sally Hedrick, Molly Holmes. Secretary, Linda Faye King. Jennifer Higgins. Marta Force. Annette Fouts. Lee Barr. Elizabeth Southerland. June Kay Church. Sylvia Carrigan. Susan Hanner. Judy Page. A ' lW -f. Liz Evans. Mary Lyons, Elaine Gar ner. Phyllis Scronce. Carolyn Edge. Janet Young. Char lotte Moore. Colleen Roudabush. Judy Plummer. Joanne Bibey. Patricia Wylie. Brenda Furr. Mahala Collette. Barbara Helms. Holly Alford. AVm ' 4: Linda Kay Brittain. Carolyn Davis. Winifred Pnddy. Judy Jenkins. Elaine Wal- ker, Betty Ann Newton. Carol Wells. Judy Aplin. Jill Roberts. Caria Humphreys. Phyllis Allen. Pam Kuykendall. Mary Sigman. Renee Abernethy WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB 201 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Kow I: Roger Lail. Zremurer-. Barry Robinson. PtcsuUhI: La Baron Garris. Glennis Cantrell. Pat Frasheur. Jennifer Snider. Gydia Reeves. Connie Sprinkle. Scaetary, Phyllis Whicker. Linda Blair. Gayle Koontz, Kow 2: Patricia Hammill. Kathy O ' Brien. Jean Ed- wards. Joyce Kidd. Phyllis Walsh. Ann Lenderman. Vivian Carter. Judy Poole. Kow ■. Anne Parfitt. Shir- ley Lawrence, Sharon Fox. Mary Frances. Kistler. Martha Peninger. Barbara Ross. Linda Morris Kow 4: Ann McDougle. Vada Fidler. Nancy Webb. Ruth Pace. Martha Patterson. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Kow I: Vic Schoolfield, treasurer, James Campbell. Kecortiing Secretary: Larry Hogan. Larry Julian. Gregg Allen. Steve Carrigan. 1st Vice-President, Michael Clagg. Kow 2, President, Kenneth Klup. Ken Sumlin, Mac Mast. Mar- cell Badeau. Neil Batelli. Tom Meyers. John Donzella. Robert Phillips. Corresponding Secretary, Walter Lassiter. Kow i, Robert Carson, Ron Biesecker. Bob Dickerson, Bob Milles. John Mitchell. David Hunt. 2nd Vice-President, Bill Gary. Charles Sluder. Seated, Monroe Snider. Lyn Winebarger, Sponsor, W. G. Sink. President, Renee Poteet. Linda McKaraher. Standing, Alfred Overbay. Larry Ford. Roy Cox. Gary Shore. Fred Burgess. Sponsor, Donald Wright. Secretary, Cathy Roach. Andy Barrett. Becky Dunn. Larry Propst. APPALACHIAN CHEMISTRY SOCIETY APPALACHIAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION Kfw I, Sponsor, Mr. Thomas Green- haw. Kow 2, Judy Culp. Pam Pal- ma. Patsi Cannon, Walt McMillan. Bob Taylor. Secretary: Elaine Via. Kcw ?, Tom Pike. Barbara Bridges. Betty Dates. President: Kinney Rorrer. Sponsor, Miss Anne OHora. treasurer: Terry Saunders. Greg Mast. Kow 4, Linda Bratton. Vice-President, David Fuller. Wilson King. Margaret Shue. Mary Anne Brennison. Teresa Stephenson. Stephen Thompson. THE APPALETTES Kow I, Kathie Whitesides. Linda Sams. Susan Mullinax. Kay Redden. Wanda Correll, Kathy McKinney. Nancy Helms, Luella Prentiss, Gail Hays, Ani- ta Stepp, Elizabeth Kirby. Kow 2, Joy McCall, President, Carol Tomaino. Mar- tha Hines. Vicky Mann, Barbara Val- entine, Kathy Mullinax, Carol Brat- ford, Marsha Hawkins. Dianne Chan- cey, Sandra Workman, Linda Hefner. Vickie Welch. Sharon Burge. Vickie Whitaker, Patricia Guffey, Barbara Harris. ART GUILD Seated, Robert Rice. Fred Lee. Dennis Thornburg. Sherry Cox, President, Allen Griffin, Sheila Miller. Susan Keziah, Bill Moretz. Linda Caudle Jacques. Standing, Marianne Stevens. Evelyn Halsey. Linda Barnett. Ricky Ray. Sec- retary- Treasurer, Pam Motley. Janice Battey. Stephanie Ruedrich. Nancy Smith. Bobbie Jo Lewis. Jo Ann Dur- ham. Kay McVey. Bev Burnette. CABARET Kow I: Co-ordiMtor, Susan Keziah. Ed Lin- coln. Steve DeGroat. Kow 2-. Patricia Sper- ry. Myra Evans, Nancy Smith. Mary Anne Brennison. Camilla Suddreth. Sylvia Blair. Elaine Flippin. DEBATE UNION Kow h ,Vcws Sditor-. Gary Triggs. Vice-Prai- dail—Secretary, Robert Townsend. Kow 2: Randall Humphrey, President: Chris Curtis, Paula Coleman. Sponsor, Mr. Bradford Kin ney. Susan Keziah. Ava Creech. Kow r Maureen Maher. Susan Nyenmuis. Bailey Howard. Jr.. Terry Mitchell, Grady Frank- kin, Marion Pitts, FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Andy Whisenhunt. C. D. Smith. PresideHt-. Larry Julian. Vice-President-. Donnie Baxter. Danny Davis. wM 1 -■ ' -€fi 14 1 . ii i l - " ' ' d • ' " -5s,. — " - , .ac-- ' FLYING FISH Jii walcT: Pnsidoit, Richard Willis. John Giles, Dowzell Medford Swayngim. Jr.. Gail Roberts. Wendy Walker. Marilyn Hinson. Cindi Bosch. Xrcmum-. Joyce Craven. Sandy Davis. Karen Arhart. Out of wata, Vice-Prai kiit, Sandy Bateman. Jennifer Mauney. Helen Eicher. Sharon Goins. Angela Fritts. Secretary, Lynne Bush. Billie Bla- lock. Wendy Roberts. Wanda Beck. Judy Sweet. FRENCH CLUB Kow I-. Anita Pendergraft. Pat Roland. Kaye Kiser. Pat Combs. Teresa Won- grey. Judy Spratt. John McDonald. Secretary: Patricia Cranford. Donna He- wat. Prcsuknt: Joyce Suddreth. Katrina Scott. Pam Johnston. Betty Biddix. Kow 2, Becky Williams. David Brown. Barbara Raynor. David Seymour. Bur- lie Benge. Sandy Kiger. Xreasura, Cas- andra Pritchett GERMAN CLUB Kow Vice-President: Patsi Cannon. Stephen Mc- Corkle. Kow Z Elizabeth Howard. Presideut: Greg Mast. Kow 3, Secretary, Barbara Swicegood. Steve Bingham HIGHLAND BIOLOGISTS Kw I: Dennis Winters. Stephen Proctor. Richard Mullls. Vic£-PrcsuicHt, Beth Hedrick. Linda Ford. Carolyn Haynes. Glenn Bohlen, Scactary-Xreasum: Brenda Dickens, Tommy Yon Kow 2: Brenda Shumate. Jo Ann Bumgarner. Sterleen Bryson Kow i-. Patsy Parker. Louise Walker. Sheila Car- penter, {President, Steve Canipe. not pictured). Smtcd: PresidfHl, Linda Watson. Martha Harris, ucasurcn Andrea Hamilton. Wanda James. Jane Alexander. Pat Barnes. Standing: Rebekah Tate. Margot Campbell. Ann Weaver. Lorene McCann. Candace Barrier. Anita Allison. Reba Lackey, Elaine Toney. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Linda Middleton, Nancy Cashion, Sandy Cockerham. Becky Smith. Carolyn Little. Louise Conrad. Jo Anne Henderson. Sarah Wilson. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Kou- I: Jerry Bumbaugh. George McSwaim, Shuler Ringley, vid Reid. Bob Pickerson. Vice- President! Nick Koltun, Bruce Walter Lassiter. Warren Wetmore. Paul Greer, Larry Smith, Welsch, Craig Davies. treasurer: Steven Allen, Watt Estes Alton Bell, Dick Mento. Km ' 2: David Eggers, Jim Owens, Da- (President: Stuart Goodwin, not pictured). Seated, President, Mike Pendleton, Greg Mast, Patsi Cannon, Secretary, Barbara Swicegood, Sponsor, Mr. Ed- ward Allen. Standing, Viee-Presidcnt, Wilson King. Joe Bowen. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB LAW CLUB Kow , Vice-President, Bob Crisp. StviisiT- Dr H P Davis. Presideitl: Joe Bowen. Seeretiirij- Zrciisiirer. Mike Pendleton. A.Vii ' . ' . Neil Batelli. Jerry Taylor Bill Gilbert. Wayne Crowder. Jerry Stools. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB Seated- Audrey Hartley. Sarah Barnes. Linda Norris. Kath- ryn Redman Kow 2, Zreasurer-. Phyllis Johnson. Reba Evans. Seeretiirij- Larry Gulley. Donna Hawks, Carolyn Young. Vtee-Vresident, Jean Anderson. Linda Deaton. Presuieiit: Judy Mosely. Kow }-. Marie Morrison. Shirley Styers. Alline Smith. MATH CLUB AVh ' : Vresuleiil: Clyda Coffey. Sponsor-. Arnold Mclntire. Glenda Beck. Sccretary- Tretisurer Brenda Boyle. Jerri Sue Hart- man. Marilyn Hinson. Rosemary Sink. Kow 2: Donald Rich. Gerald Weathers. Jack Self Q MENS " A " CLUB , , 1 1 f f AVh ' ■ Danny Phillips, Mark Gustafson. Richard llsley. Craig Duncan. George Robinson, Punk Williamson. John Daurity, John Mitchell, Dowzell Medford Swayngim. Joe Stalls. A ' i ' h ' Z Sc-m-tari : Dick Bankston, Vicc ' -Presidail: Gwynn Brooks. President: Vic Winburn. treasurer: Bill Spo- sato. Jim Barnes, ow , ■ Jack Roten. David Lawrence. Jim Clement. Larry Hall. Warren Go- forth. Kron Littleton. Walt Braine. Ron Gooch. Doug Pait. Chuck Giambrone. Peter Paul. AVw V.- John Parker. Ted Johnson. Sam Adams. Paul Mance. Andy Whisenhunt. David Richardson. Phil Grau. Danny Williams. Ron Byerly A ' lW 5.- Jerry Willis. Paul Allen. Keith Nash. Ken Tread- way. Bob Agle. Zack Underwood. Gerald Trexler. Ronnie King. Kcw I, Peggy Greer. Wendy Walker. Connie Wolfe. Janet Mason. Brenda Puliam. Teresa Grubb. Rachel Vaden. Kathy Howie. Donna Mecham. Kow 2, Sue EIrod. Beth Miller. Helen Eicher. Caria Giles. Ginger Mohr. Linda Walker, Secretary: Judy Kyles, Jane Oehler. Janet Corcoran. Donna Prater, Billie 81a- lock, Jo Patton. Kow A Derree Curry, treasurer: Gail Roberts. Lynne Bush. Sandie Haag. Mark Gustafson. Joel Gerringer. Vice-Presulent: David Lawrence. Johnny Smith. Sandy Davis. Carolyn Stutts. Marion Arnold. Kay Davis. Kow 4: Paula Miller. Jerry Tay- lor. Jerry Stoots. Walt Braine. Paul Mance. Jerry El- lenburg. Donnie Baxter. Bill Eudy. C. D. Smith. PresuiCMt: Rivers Lynch. Gary Britt PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB PHI BETA LAMBDA Kow I: Sherry James. Sandra Winkler. Kow 2-. Kaye Michael. Nina Tinsley. Joyce Benfield. Kow i, Ella Mathews. Becky Carpenter, Mary McElroy Kow 4, President: Linda Whitener. Mildred Coleman. Wolfe Hudson. Kow 5, Roberta Gilstrap. Vicki May. PHYSICS CLUB KiW : Anna Williams. Pat Majors. David Swaim. Km ' 2: James Earl. Jr.. Larry Freeman. Steve Rutt. President: Roger Joyner. Robert Miller, Neal Sane. Vice- President: Rick Sharpe. PLAYCRAFTERS Janice Moore. President: Luray Sartain. Jean- nine Austin. Buck Knowles. Max Hutchins. POPULAR PROGRAMS Steve Camp. Jackie Moyers. Doug Allen. Tommy Grubb. John Smith. Richard Shepherd. ChairnmH: Jean- nine Austin. Barbara Swicegood. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB AVh ' , Buzzy Hemmings. Thomas Ardrey, AVw J.- William Wells. Anne Sanderson. Tom Pike. Mary Tim Parker, Secretary-. Ginny Cline. ZrmsuriY: Barbara Swicegood. Mike Burleson. Donald Rich. Beverly Newman. RADIO CLUB Secretary- Zreasurer: Larry Freeman. Vice-Vrcsuient-. Roger Joyner. President: David Swaim. Robert Hudson. Kow I: Judy Pittman. Kathleen Atkins. Phyllis Johnson. President, Linda Propst. Patsi Cannon. Janice Sigmon, Vicc-PresidcHt, Larry Gulley. Kow 2, Robbie Bost, Sara Spurling. READING GUILD STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Km ' : Patricia Dunn. Becky Reid. TrcasiinT: Joyce Kidd. Historiiui: Evelyn Grigg. Prcsiikiit, Jay Raymer, Spoiiicr Dr, Lee Reynolds AVic 2, Martha Patterson. Jennie Lunsford. Jean Essick. Phyllis Walsh. Connie Brittain. Elizabeth kirby Kow ?■- Nancv Cashion. Bob Bailey. Sheila Bridges. Donna Dennis. Kitty Campbell. Gerri Sue Hartman. Pat Plazo. Bettv Mace Biddix. Kow -h Rita Murdock. Becky Carpen- ter. Dianne Chaney. Nancy Helms. Jackie Hays. Barbara Harris. Kenneth Carpenter. Susan Cox AVm Connie Sprinkle. Carol Wells. Marie Peeler. Nan- cy Webb. Patsy Elmore. Linda Blair. AVir O: Andy Whisenhunt. Danny Davis. Pat Frasheur. Anne Randolph. Janice Sain. Rachel Willis. Jean Milek. AVii- " Oail Williams. Betty Poston. Karen Lee. G. Jane Marshall. Lynn Hamrick. Gaye Sigmon. Sheila Whitener. AVic .?. Martha Ann Denny. Jim Bobbitt. Nancy Myers. Kathryn Redman. Jane Pratt. Shirley Lawrence. Kay McVey A ' l ' ic .- Patricia Hammill. Janet Roland. Pam Morgan. Joyce Black. Linda Cook. Mane Morrison. AVir . ' . Barbara Ross. Sally Osborne. Sue Collins. Mary Ann Sisk. Nancy Townsend. Pam Johnston. AVw v Pat Bowden. Rebecca Wright. Judy Greene. Gwen Harris. Lynn Lawson. Pat Setzer. Joyce Lee. Martha Fine. AVir 4- Janice Miller. Pat Combs. Roberta Gilstrap. Reba Sue Miller. Sharon Nichols. Linda Pierce. Lois McRae. Rita Garner, AVic Martha Whitaker. Emily Lowder. Carmalelia Smith. Mary Ann Bradford. Betty Oates. Jane Turner. Nina Tinsley. Jean Edwards. AVic 6, Margaret Shue. Ann Short. Sharon Caudill. Anne Small. Louise Pursley. Margaret Wilkes. Sarah Kirby. AVir ' Doris Player. Anita Medlin. Betty Davis. Linda Brookshire. Kaye Michael. Lynda Wright, Pat Clayton. Judy Ferguson AVh ' : Diane Cooke. Janet Sink. Linda Oliver. Sharon Stevenson. Catherine Cuthertson. Thomas Adams. Charles Ward AVic " Sandra Sparks. Margot Campbell. Rodger Eckard. Jo Anne Parris. Marlene Henson. Patricia Griffin 212 A.Vir .- Hiihmaii: Marilyn Alexander, Phyllis Walsh. Vicc-Prcsiddtt: Sylvia Blair. Patsi Cannon AVii ' . Donna Heald. Judy Miller. Linda Bratton. SciTCIiinj: Mary Jim Emerson AV r v- Bob Mays. Guy H. Nelson. Harvey Lmeback SPANISH CLUB KiHi- I: Cathy Thompson. Sue Vance. Pro- i riiiii L ' liii riiiiW: Jean Essick. Pat Combs. Ann Davidson AVw - ' : Larry Grill. Lori Gragg. Sccrdiini: Susan Clark. Cassandra Pritchett. Patricia Burgess. A ' .w ■■.■ Melba Crisco. Richard Bailey. Diane Watson. Lyndall Wood. Kow 4, treasurer-. Eric Troy. Greg DeRock. Viee-Presldeiil, Jose Garcia. Gary Byrd. Sponsor, Eduardo Zayas-Bazan (President, Jo Ann Freeman, not pictured). AV c . treasurer, Cindy Carson. President, Pat Zimmer- man. Inez Dudley. Koie 2, Vke-Presiiient, Sabra Cope. Jeanette Wagner. Cindy Harris. Sharon Royall. Mary Tim Parker. Kathy Rodeheffer. Rosemary Wells, Sylvia Farlow. Anne Parfitt SPECIAL :i EDUCATION CLUB STUDENT RESIDENCE ASSOCIATION Louise Walker. Bleeka Mendenhall, Jeannine Austin, Gloria Barrett. PrcsicUttt, Joyce Davis. Jackie Moyers. Helen Eicher WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION AVir . Billie Blalock. Jo Patton. Gail Roberts. ZreasurtT: Sue EIrod. Donna Prater. Derree Curry. Koif 2, Donna Mecham. Wendy Walker. Connie Wolfe. Teresa Grubb. Rachel Vaden. AVic f Sandie Haag. Peggy Greer. Vonda Stroupe. SccTctani: Janet Mason. Kathy Howie. Kow 4, Sandy Davis. Vicc-Prcsukiil, Carolyn Stutts. Judy Turner. Brenda Pulliam. Eva Butler. Caria Giles. Kok 5, President! Beth Miller. Janet Corcoran. Jane Oehler. Linda Walker. YOSEF CLUB uv lo KottiW: Sharon Jackson. Marilyn Hinson. Amy Belk. Marsha Bowen. Kathy Thompson. Gerri Watson. Martha Kluttz. Kathy Rodeheffer. There- sa Vail. Nancy Rollings. Gloria Barrett. AVh ' A Sherri Carter. Pam May. Myra Evans. Cindi Bosch. Joe Cashwell. Sheila Snipes. Koui 2: Steve Ruff. Bill Eudy. Johnny Rogers. Jack Self. Ricky Fields YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB Stiitc- Vice-PnsiikHl: Bill Hester, Bob Crisp. Vicc- Prcsiiiiiit: Joe Bowen. Linda Morris. Sharon Fox. David Barnes. Catherine Cuthbertson. Kt ' w I: Kcamiiiu) Sarctanj-. Lyndall Wood. Concspoiiding Sccretani-. Pam Johnson. Myra Evans. Sharon Jackson. Barbara Barnes. Xrcasiira-. Donnie Baxter. Vkc-Vrcsideitl-. Hugh Barnes, Stephen YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB McCorkle. Brenda Hovis Kow 2-. Gary Britt. Eddie Leagans. Prcsiiknl, Douglas Carroll. Keith Armstrong. 215 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Kow I: Mikki Wilson. Sue Church. Kow 2, Gary Ogburn. John Giles, l psef: Ken Treadway. Ron Moser, Rick DuRant. Kow • Jeannine Austin. Toni Black, Chief. Belinda Home. Patty Payne. Missy Garves. MAJORETTES Kiieclimj. Cliki: Elaine Hudson. Stiuuiiiu}: Dona Flake. Debbie Webster. Nolita Fisher. 216 H M SL M ' " ' • ' ■ ■■■ ' ■ •■ ' .£ :-{ w Vii?tate ' , ' ■ ' ' ■ - ' - ■ ' -■ ' ■ imiimgkmiit iBr i iaKaii Kow I: Ed Curley. John Overcash. Phil Phillips, Chuck Dolecki, Jerry Stoots, Bo Goforth. John Daurity. Lar- Giambrone, Ronald Gooch. Jim Leigh. Dan Phillips. ry McCann. Don Patrick. Rick llsley. Dick Bankston, Gerald Trexler. Dan Williams. Kow 2, Skip Eanes. John Captain-. Wayne Byrd. Ron Simar. BASEBALL GOLF Kow I: John Parker. Tom Adams, San Adams. Kow 2, Bill Huff. Jim Cottrell, Junior Wilcox, Coach-, hrances Hoover 1967 SPRING SPORTS TENNIS Kow I: Hal Templeton, Captain-. Bobby Barbera, Rick Bailey, Louis Faquin Kow 2, Ron Moser, Jay Moore. Dan Hopkins. Coach: Jim Jones. CROSS COUNTRY TRACK A ' iW • Charles Bruce. Donnie Kennedy. James McKeithan. Steve Geiman. K ' cu- Z Manager: Stanley Clark, Doug McElroy. Richard Willis. Glen Sheratt. Robert Fun- derburke. Coach: Roger Gulldersleeve FOOTBALL ssps pgagr — iB I II j i il1 «a■■■ ■MBCTj« f ag B ■8 W=p »?r ■§ - » ' -fpc f;- r -—I 4: X AVw . Ron Byerly, Mike Hamlett. Mike Whitley. Jack Roten. David Richardson. Bobby Russell, c ' lip aii: Jim Corne. David Chandler. Wiley Ashworth. Perry Hud- speth AVh ' ' Terry Schroeder. Danny Bec k. Gwyn Brooks. John Maloney. BUI Manner. Tommy Langley. Joe Stalls. Jim Barnes. Dwight Kerr. Keith Nash A ' lW •T: Mark Gllleland. Jim Clement. John Thomas. Bill Turner, Richard Mode. Rick Sherrill. Jim Coleman. Paul Labazzetta. Jerry Hart. Wayne Clawson AVw • : Warren Julbe. Pal Murphy. Donnie Ferrell. Bill McDo- nald, Bob Agle, Ken McCoppen, Danny Hemric, Jack Underwood, Jerry Willis A ' lW 5: Gene Young, Lennie Butler, Bob Billings, Drew Wood. Bob Kime. Ralph Davis. Danny Levi. Gene Dlllard. Jim Thorpe. A.V« ' ft Glenn Alspaugh. Jerry Allen. Don Driggers. George Stivender. Ray Carroll. Mike Kimel. Bill Hager. Bill Cavany. Phil Keener. Jim Shore. A ' lW 1 David Byrd, Joe Kempher. Don Carter. Jim Coggins. David Neeld, Ed McGlammery. Mike Greene. Doug Haulk. Wayne Fletcher AVh ' •, Ed Bundy. Ray Barger. Hal Oueen. Jim Ellington. Fred Ivey. Jim Holland. Larry Jarvis. George DeBaby SOCCER KfU ' . Reed Hllderbrand. David Anderson. Jim Thomas. Steve Hopkins. Craig Duncan. Caplaiii: Chuck Giambrone. Denny Inman. Dave Lawrence. Mark Gustafson. David Thomas. Larry Mason. Douang Nophalay. Bill Taylor AV« ' 2, Sid Young. Punk Wil- liamson. Ted Johnson. Butch Luker. Larry Julian. Barry Thomas. Richard llsley. Steve Barker. Roy Johnson. Jim Robson. Ron Childress. Danny Bowman BASKETBALL Kcw h Coach, Bob Light, .Assistant Coach: Tony Gray. Kow 2, Chip Wel- lington. Co-CaptaiH: Bill Sposoto. Preston Williams. Ronnie King. Johnny Willard. Kow ?■. Co-Captaiit-. Allan Price. David Autry. Danny Beauchamp. Clarence Hart. David Mullis. Denny Key. Gary Chenevey. SWIMMING Kow : Dave Tucker. Dowzell Med- ford Swayngim, Kron Littleton. Mike Bumgardner. Gregory Derock. Kow 2: Trainer, Phil Phillips. David Aiken. Captain, Peter Paul. Glen Sheratt. John Mitchell. Bruce Bolcar. Bill Smith. Coach, Carl Buchanan, (not pictured: Captain, George Robinson.) WRESTLING A ' cH ' .• Vic Schoolfield. Co-Captain, George Sansone. Larry Hall. Andy Sidel. Allen Fritts. Ron Childress. Co-Captain, Walter Braine. Choc Par ker. Larry Stanbery. Scott Stanbery. Dennis Twiggs. Kow 2 . Coach, Steve Gabriel. Bo Lucas. Jim Fitzpatrick. nagcr, David Lawrence. Dickie Myers. Bob Dickerson. Paul Mance. Tom Strother. Bill Campbell. Mike Lovell. Assistant Coach, Jack Davis. I ' icf-Prfsuieiil: Joe Watts. Zrdmircr, Lana Brown, Prcsukiit: John Weaver. Sccrdary, Jo Ellen Fletcher. FRESHMEN ft Abee. Dale Gerald VaLksc Abernathy. Charlotte Anne Cramer ton Abernathy, Jane Adelaide Morgaiilon Absalom. Susan Ann Durham Adams. Sylvia Lea Xrapliilt Ahern. Vincent Hrow( Albertson. Dana Gail Askeboro Alderman. Charles Leslie .Ul. Dora. 3la. Aldridge. Cynthia Dee Asheboro Alexander. Joe David Slatcsvilk Alford. Holly Suzanne i okisbcro Allen. Alice Tyree XVayiicsalk Allen. Linda Sue Concord Allen. Nancy Mocksi-ilk Allen, Neil Franklin Slalqi Allen. Peggy Jean CluirL)llc Allen. Phyllis Ann Wiiislon-SakKt Alleva. Donna Sharon i rcmsboro Alley. Johnny McLean Hudson Allison. Carole Lee Oki Jon Allison. Libby Young Catar ijroir Allred. Frances Marie Kandkmaii Alspaugh. Glenn Chance WiHsloii-Salmi Anderson. Ceilia Lynn Kaimapoiis Anderson. Kristen Evelyn Mkkorji Andrews. Janet Olivia rri oii Anthony. Judie Rae Drncl Antonakos, Elene Dores High Point Arhart. Karen Louise Palatuic. M Arnold, Larry Dean Jig Arrant, Anita Angela Clyde Ashford, Karen Sue Charlotte Ashley, Susan Roberta Durham Austin, Barry Wayne Charlotte Austin, Daniel Thomas Koom 220 FRESHMEN Austin. Rebecca Sue urcemborc fc2« Averette. Sally Valeria Kakigli I 1 Ayers. Brenda Sue Ccncir iA Baggott. Alice Marie Winston-Sdlmi w pf Bailey, Brady Lee Hurmatle Bailey. Gloria Jean PagelaMd. S. C. Baird. Norena Louise Southamptou. .V. y. A Baldwin. Thomas Dwight .Wooresboro T J Ballard. Wanda Catholeen Aslim ' lle Ballenger. Glenn Louis. Jr MMkburg. Ik ' Banker. Dianne Cliarlptte Barclay. Sylvia Jane JewuuUiia. 31a. — Bare. Brenda Pawn West fleffersm ipT Barger. Frank Ray. Jr. Hickory m " W Barnes. Pricilla Kay Jay ▼i C- Barnett. Linda Lou Koom V Barney. Brenda Kaye MeoMcc Barnhardt, George Herman MocksdUe Barton. James Bryant urassy Creek mt Bass. Dorothy Gall Cueama f n Bates, Danny Floyd Shelby ji. — Bauguess. Jennifer .W ' rth U ' ilkesboro x Bayliff. Randy Vonoid Mm- Kiver Bayne. James Michael uru-HfiUe S. C. Beal. Daniel Keith . Uuieit Jf Real. Nancy Virginia CiitcclntOH JiJ -ICT. Beam. Terry Suzanne Kaiiitapcilis Beaver. Mary Elizabeth , Uvresfi le ..W. ' J Beaver, Vickie Anne Spencer Beaver, Willie Candis 1 Beddingfield. Mary Jo Klaek Mountain 0 Belk, Amy Melissa Kannapolis ' 1 Benfield, James Ernest Qraitile Jails V 1 Benge, Burlie Lee . ortli Wilkesboro A Benge, Virgil William orlli imesboro F Benton, Carolyn Juanita .Xort i Wilkesboro Benton. Velma Jacqueline Jndian trail Berry. Rebecca Dalena Cliarlptte Beshears. Sharon Jeanette West jefjersoH Bevis. Barbara Ann Spartanburg. S. C. Beyer. Lynn Hurst Charlotte Biggers. Linda Ann Charlotte Billings. Bobby Joe Bingenheimer. Katherine Bingham. Donald Edwin Bingman. Stephen Maurice Black. Loretta Elizabeth Blackard. Sybil Ann Blackwelder. Linda Carol Blackwell. Victor Steven Blanton. Cynthia Jane Blevins. Donald Eugene Bobbitt. Richard Sterling Bodenheimer. Carr Douglas Bodsford. Clyde Marshall Bolen. Stephen Dean Bolin. Janet Nira Boone. Steve Carlton Boose. Gail Lynn Booth. Gregory Wayne , orth Wilkesboro Turlington JallstoH Char kite Zhomaseille Durham Concord Davidson Shelby Purlear Henderson Hi h Point Winston-Salem Mt. Airy kings MffunlaiM Cemgtoh U ' arw ' tck. ,V. y. Kiverlon. .V. y. Ivl V a t ' r . FRESHMEN 221 £ f 11 € n «? tl P C ' ( u. r f A O © .1 o O A mJm Boozer, John Bosch, Cynthia Louise Bowen, Marsha Ann Bowers, Abi Gail Bowers, Byron Franklin Bowman, Deborah Lea Bowman, Sara Aljean Boyd, Laura Rose Boysen, Cathy Jean Bozeman, Roland Wayne Brackett, Peggy Laura Bradford. Willie Dale Bradley, Susan Linda Bradshaw, Joie Nadine Brady. Patsy Loretta Brafford. Sharon Elizabeth Branch, Carolyn June Brannon, Jo Carolyn Bratton, Nancy Lee Brewer, Theodore Raymond, Jr. Bridges, Thomas Edward, Jr. Briggs, Kathryn Elaine Brinkley, John Carl Brittain. Darrell Elbert Broach. Beverly Kay Brock. Charles. Jr Brooks. Hubert Gene Brookshire. Elaine Cornelia Brown. Jerry Mack Brown. Lana Susan Migk Point Salisbury Wilkesboro Spray Qreensboro ' Jackscmitle Charlotte Pomptoh Plains CawHfkle Hurnsnllc ijastonia Cawitdale KichficM KaHuapolis MorgantOH Shelby Maguey. Hickory £emgton Mars Hill tSoone Mickory Cenoir U ' ihstOH- Salem Hickory CcHoir . ewlttHit Zroutman Brown. Mary Coleman Brown. Peggy Ann Brown. Vivian Ann Brown. Wallace Eugene Brown. Wilma Jean Bruton. Lynda Susan Buffaloe. Wesley Birl Bumgarner, Glenda Kay Bundy, Thomas Edward Burchette, Kent Clayton Burchette, Magdalene Burge, Sharon Nadine Burgess, Connie Rebecca Burgess, Eric Leon Burgess, Linda Katherine Burgess, Pamela Jo Burke, John Joseph Burke, Quinton Ray Burkhart, Linda Susan Burnett. Aleta Karen Burns. Andria Jane Burton. Donald Ray Butler. Robert Nolan Byars. Jean Renee Byrd. David Byrd. Tony Carol Cagle. Tony Gray Caldwell. Elizabeth Ann Caldwell. Vickie Jo Callahan. Michael Lonnie Hickory Pilot ,Uountain Asheiille Salisbury McryantoM i reemboro i reemboro Statesville Wilkesboro yorth Wilkesboro .Vorth Wilkesboro OrlaHde. Jla. (freensboro Stony Point Mocksfilte Muntersi ' ilk Mooresville Kernersdlle jCetinyton Jayettenille ijrcMviUe. S. C. X homasoilk Hickory Shelby Norwood Sther Charlotte Cowell Mt. Pleasant 222 FRESHMEN Campbell. Debbie Fey Sophia Campbell. Geraldine McConnell West cjfcrsoH Campbell. Susan Beth Marion. I ' a. Campbell, William Joseph ijrove City. Pa. Canter. Ronald Gray .Xcrth IVilkeslxiro Carpenter. Cynthia Dawn Salisbury Carpitella. James Vito mooklyH. ,v. y. Carroll. Judith Ann Cohova Carroll. Roxanna Gail Kooiie Carson. Martha Raye . orth U ' ilkisboro Carson. Mary Evelyn , prth U ' ilkcsboro Carter. Margaret Carolyn Ml. Airy Carter. Martha Jean SurliMgton Carter. Sharon Elizabeth ClilftOM Casey. Guy Edward Boone Cash. Linda Gail Migli Point Cashwell. Joseph Dwight Caufmburg Casper. Janice Sue Salisbury Cassady. Georgia Anne Spartanburg. S. C. Castevens. Joseph Ashley Charlotte Cate. Larry Lou nakersville Caudill. Kathy Lynn Kernersnile Caudill. Patsy Joyce Asheboro Caudle. Judy Ann Winston-Salem Cecil. Ronnie Holland Lhomasi ' illc Chambers, Carole Andersor 1 Charlotte Chandler. Donna Francine Memtersonrille Chapman. Brenda Kaye Morganton Chapman, David Michael Morganton Cheek. James Allen Deep (Jap Cherry. Timothy Yates jCineolnton Choate. Sharon Elaine Sparta Christen, Cheryl Renee Coeoa ffeaeh. JIa. Christensen. Carol Ann Jort Pierre. 31a. Christian. Larry Joe Dallas Christy. Pamela Ann Durham Christy. Peggy Jane Durham Church. Martin Anthony Crumplcr Cleaver. Janet Louise Coneont Clifton. Sandra Lynn Weatm-ille Cline. Diedra Anne i ' enoir Cline. Tommy Ellis Hudson Clodfelter. James Kenneth Winston- Salem Clodfelter. Wanda Gail Winston-Salem Coble, Jack Randall (Jreensboro Cochran, Carolyn Elaine Miekory Cockman. Johnie Edwin Kobbins Coggins. James Carl Jre(nsboro Cole. Brenda Joyce Sanford Cole. Frances Victoria Kutherfordton Cole. Lois Diana Hostic Cole. Patricia Lou Kicgelwood Coleman. Peggy Eulene Kamseur Collins. Barry Steven Charlotte Collins. Linda Jean JCaurel Springs Collins. Michael Reid Troutman Collins, Susan Mary Asheboro Cone, Steven Reid Winston- Salem Connell, Vickie Nadine Statesville Cook, Donna Kay KandUman 1. pl u (■ e K ? i r fS3 tP FRESHMEN 223 1 (% ¥ fl i v A t 224 FRESHMEN Cook, Randy Charlotte Cooke. Hershel Frank Shelby Cooke. Phillip Watkins Apex Cooper. Ralph Frederick HtUMlct Corn. Kara Ellen Jairforest S. C. Corn. Linda Ann Jaith Cornell. Dorothy Jane Qrakam Couch. Glenda Ruth State Kood Cowhig. Mary Elizabeth Charlptte Cowhig. Stephen Alan Qreemboro Cox. James Rex. Jr. hdependence. Va. Cox. Janice Lea Qrcemboto Cox. Jerri Ann Mt. Airy Coy.. Mary Anne i oldsboro Cox. Roy Arnold Seagrone Craig. Larry Paul KakersvUk Craig. Teressa Ruth QrecHsbow Craven. Joyce Elaine CoHcord Craven. Kenneth Payne WimtoH-Salem Craven. Larry James Mickory Crawford. Clyde Richard Srwm Crawley. Linda Louise Cli ide Creasy. Carol Frances Mt. Airy Crews. Thomas Michael KenersvUle Crisco, Melba Jean Katimpolis Crisp. Charles Dennis Cemir Critcher. Wanda Mae tiOOHC Crooks. Deborah Jane Statesville Crowell, Kay Ruth CihWOOd Crowther, Linda Louise W ' ash ' mgtoH. y.j. Culp. Gloria Jane Salisbury Dages. Maria Lynne J ewlahd Darling, Kareis Laureen Jayettenlle Darnell. Sharon Isabel State Kcatt Davey. Nancy Elizabeth WimtOK-Sakm Davidson. Sally Moose Albemarle Davis. Beverly Rene Ce mgtoH Davis. Connie Elaine Charlotte Davis, Cynthia Irene Charlotte Davis, Joan Marie Sophia Davis, Rhoda Elizabeth Waoa Davis, Sarah Ann Clemmom Dayton. Charles McAvley KaUigh Deal. Charles Michael acksom ' ille Deal, Norma Diane AioravioH Jails Deaton. Mary Nell Miekory DeBrule, Haywood Scott Henrietta Decker, Jeanne Marsha Silver Spring. Aid Dedmond. Toni Marlene J cwport J ews. Va. Dellinger. Mary Ellen Cherryville Dickerson. Judith Anne U ' iHSto n-Sakm Dillard. Karen Ann Zaylorsi ' ilk Dix, Brenda Louise High Point Dobbins. Daniel Wayne U ' codbridge. Va. Dobbins. Thomas Ray Hickory Donkel. Joe Randall Hickory Donovant. Jo Patra Keidsville Dorsey, Linda Carol PcHMsaukeM. ,V.y. Douthit, Janice Ann Advance Dowdee. Jane Reynolds Menroe Downs. David Earl. Jr. Warrc-HlOH. I ' a. Drake. Frank Burney Min4eTSCHi ' ilU Duckett. Nancy Elaine Ashmlle Dukelow. Rebecca Diane SfKHca Dulin. Mary Elizabeth Xroutmm Duncan. Doris Patricia Hickory Dutton. Kathy Arranna Wadesboro Eaker. John Mark Chan vilk Eckard. Cathy Marie Hickory Eckard. Paulette Jane Hickory Edge. Carolyn Lee Jayctlciillc Edwards. Debra Cornelia UurltHgtoM Edwards. John Reid Spruce Pine Edwards. Kenneth Alton , or wood Eggers. Stacy Clyde. Ill tfoOMC Ellington. Barbara Lynn Hiyh Point Ellington. Roberta Lynn CauriMburg Ellis. Thelma Dianne Mt. Holly Englehaupt. Wanda Ellen Chapel Hill English. Jerry Michael Koanokc. Va. Ensley. Ernest Grier. Jr Qastonia Epperson. Lydia Faye Hickory Ernest. Thomas Charles Peekskill. . .y. Ervin. Bonnie Jo Salisbury Eudy. William Brantley Concord Eury. Allen Douglas J orwood Evans. Barbara Gail Smilkfield Evans. Wanda Elise Stanloj Everhart. Melva Kay kcrncrsiilk Exarhos. Marcella Bartow. 3k. Farlow. Wanda Fadine High Point Farmer. Connie Charlene . Murphy Farrington. Bonnie Kay Marion. Va Farthing. Harry Zaylcrsville Faucette. Edward Brandon Hickory Feeney. Sandra Anne i rcmsboro Felts. Margaret Ann Hickory Fender. Priscilla Lynn Winston- Salem Ferguson. Michael Thomas Zhomasville Fesperman. Wanda Eugenia KockweU Fields. Jane Christian Ashcboro Fincannon. Thomas David Statesi ' ilU Fmk. Herman Edward Candis Finley. Felicia Anne Burlington Fisher. Judy Ann KichficU Fisher. Nolita Rhea Morganton Fite. Betty Carolyn kannapolis Fleenor. Donna Gale jCciington Fleming. Deborah Lynn Winston- Salem Fletcher. Jo Ellen Charlotte Flowe. Laura Ann Midland Flowers. Linda Kay Cemgton Flynn. Chriss Hanson Chester. S.C Flynn. Linda Ann Jorest City Foil. Lee Stephen Mt- Pleasant Foley, Peggy Durham Ford. Cynthia Christine Burlington Ford. Martha Frances Shelby Foster. Barbara Diane High Point Foster. Sharon Gail Jerguson f p (Pk FRESHMEN :225 J ilk A i Asm ' h ih. 1 ©- Fox. Barbara Ann (Jriwitir Jails Fox. Janice Lee Vilas Fox. Vivian Jane £niH0lOH Francis. Ronald Paige {.yumpItT Franklin. Floyd Anthony uToliam Franklin. Grady Gilbert. Jr. .Woorcsbcrc Frazier. Linda Carole yoTik Wilkesboro Freeman. Hobert Lee Sast f!fmi Freeman. Janice Lorraine .Asheboro Frick. Joe Eldon Albcmarli Frick. Terry Nelson Old Jon Friedrichs. Suzanne Oliaa Frye. David Seth Hickcrij Funderburk. Robert Charles Draper Fuquay. Nancy Jolete Uurlmgton Gaddy. Frances Ann Mmw Gallimore. Phillip Ray DeMtPM Gamble. William Steven DttVidSOM Gantt. Janice Lynn Hickory Garner. Larry Wayne High Point Garrison, Phyllis Ann Drexel Geer. David Eugene Union Mills Gentry. Carl. Jr U ' Mm-ilk Geressy. Barbara Jean JoresI City Gill. Lawrence Sumner Kcone Gilland. Barbara Kathe . iebam Gilreath. Ronald Jerald Jaydtmlle Godfrey. Mary Lynn Charlotte Goforth. Frances Emily .Marion Goforth. Thomas Frank Kings Mountain Goins. Sharon Lea ( astonia Gooch. Larry Dean Hiyh Point Goodman. Jan Elizabeth Concord Goodnight. Jerry Allen Hickory Goodrum. Carolyn Lucille Hunterscille Gosnell. Loretta Lynn Marshall Goss. Wanda Lee Jefferson Grady. Daniel Monroe t ' rwin Grant. Maria Faith Winston-Salem Grant. Ronnie Lynn Hartsfille Grayson. Tamara Amelia Kuthafordton Green. Ellen Marie High Point Green. James Michael Kings Mountain Greene. Janice Helen Cenoir Greene. Martha Jo Dap t ap Greene. Michael M ' l cs Creek Greene. Robert Elliott Charlotte Greene. Treasure Carol Scagrooe Greene. William Morton. Ill High Point Greenwood. Joyce Faye Sanford Gregory. Judy Jenette . orth Wilkesboro Griffin. Carol Virginia Wadesboro Griffin. Judith Elizabeth Charlotte Griffin. Robert Norman , en-land Griffith. Darlene Rebecca Winston- Salem Griffith. David Earl Kannapolis Griffith. DeLois Burnette Minneapolis Grigg. Sharon Denise Shelby Grow. James Leonard .Xortheasi .IW Gullet. Marilyn Kaye MocL cdle 226 FRESHMEN Gullion. Emily Carol HW Palm Hcach. 3k. Gunn. Thomas Ellis CeaksvilU Gunnell. Doris Gaye Catta. I ' a. Gunter. Shirley Ann Jairfat. I ' a. Gwaltney. Hilda Irene Mickcry Gwyn. Sara Jane Mt. Airy Haberneck. William Spruce Pine Hajek Ellen Marie .Hollywood. 31a. Hall. Barbara Anne Spruce PiHC Hall, Celia Anne BurliiigtOH Hall. Janice Louise .Havebck Hall. Margie Sue MurliugtoM Hall. Ramah Elizabeth aiuestowH Halstead. Mary Lynn HristoL Va Hamby. Gary Herman JergusoH Hamlett. James Evon StalesnlU Hamrick. Gary Wayne SpiHtkU Haney. Ibby Katherine HuriuigtoH Hanner. Vicky Darlene Qransboro Harber. Julia Lynn i OstOHla Hardee. Marsha Gail Asheboro Hargrave. Marsha Ellen KOOHC Harrelson. Frank. Jr ueorgctown. S. C. Harrill. Marion Rebecca Jorest City Harrill. Ruby Lois Shelby Harris. Daniel Roland. Jr Stony Point Harris, Julia Anne ilkm Harris, Marcia Anne Salisbury Harris. Martha Susan Cenoir Harrison. Annie Elizabeth Ceuoir Harrison. Sharron Wyonne Spruce Pine Hartis, Phil Kanrnpolis Hartman. Libby Gold Cincolitton Hartsoe, Cynthia Elaine Kings .Uountain Hartzog, Philip Clay West Jefferson Harvel, Steve Allen , ortli U ' iliesboro Hastings. Don Leprell Connelly Springs Hatley. Richard Donald Hudson Hatley, Sharon Lee . Maiden Haulk, Douglas Paul Jorest City Hauser. Hugh U ' inston-SaleiH Hauser, Katherine Angelica Cewiseiile Haverland. Larry Robert i reensboro Hawks, Patricia Suzanne jCou ' cU Hayes, Joseph Edward Hoone Hayes, Kenneth Conrad KockweU Haynes. Paul Elkana Citicolnton Heafner. Janice Houser Crouse Hefner. Carl Brent Hickory Hefner. Elizabeth Diane Xaylorseille Hege. David Bruce £enoir Helms. Patricia Ann .Monroe Helton. Steve Andrew yewporl , ews Va. Henderson. Kathryn Jane .Miami. M Henderson. Sandra Kay Winston-Salem Henderson. Steve Odell l ynn Henkel. Gregory Charles Charlotte Herndon. Judy Carol Durham Hess. Howard William Pei;uatinock. . ' . j. Hester, Rachel Ann foiling Springs f Ck P i o n 4l % P f) ' p P fo: K- ' f - FRESHMEN 227 Hevener, Patricia MiUsbcrough Hicks, Deloris Ann , ewlaitii Hiebert, William Lawrence Jlemndria. I ' a. Higgins, James Burgin ddOUf Higgins. Jennifer Kathryn kernersi ' ille Hildebrand. Ponna Lee QrecHsboro Hill, Elizabeth Ann Boom Hill, Vickie Lynn Asluboro Hilliard. Beverly Ann ' Durham Hilliard, Linda Lee Durham Hilliard, Nita Louise U ' iHSUvi-Sakm Hilton, Boyd Robert .VcWlOH Hilton, Julia Ann , {atthtvs Hines, Martha Jane U ' iHSIOH-Salm Hinshaw, Jesse Frank i ' as! Hend Hinson, Marilyn Cornelia Pelzer. 5. C- Hipp. Nanci Marie Charlotk Hobgood. Linda Blanche Kobbinsvillc Hodge, Phyllis Janis Qastonia Hodges, Roger Dale Zripktt Hodgson, Blanford Bernard, Jr. Zodd Hoffman, Judy Elaine Salisbury Holcomb, Charles Keidsi ' ilk Holland, Alva Lynn Jorest City Hollar, Warren Lynn Xayiorsvilli Holloway, Linda Alene HiUsbcrcugh Honeycutt, Deborah Frances Kalcigh Hooker. Paul Kester U ' iHstOH-Salem Hooks, Charles IWtOH Hooks, Linda Anne Migh Point Hooper, Beverly Iris QastoHia Hornock, John Gary Palmyra. Pa. Hottinger, Leslie Alice Pmmaukoi. .V- , ' Hough, Jann Ashley kaimapolis Howard. Bailey Evan. Jr U ' iMslOH-Sakm Howell. Emily Patricia Lockcmee Howell. Jonathan Ashley Charlotte Hoyle. Larry Anderson Shelby Hubbard, Paul Chatham MoranOM Mis Hudson, Pamela Kaye Kockingham Huffines, Theresa Raynelle Brown Summit Huffman, Patricia Gail Purkar Hullender, Sandra Kay, kings .Mountain Human, Larry Ann Cramerton Humble, George Leotis Qreensboro Hunnicutt, Jack Avery Ashevilk Hunt, Anna Lucille Kutherfordton Hunt. Sarah Kathryn Cemgton Huntley. Cynthia Marcelle Jorest City Huntley. Deborah Yvette Jorest City Huntley. Rebecca Ann Jorest City Hurley. Rebecca Gail Zrinity Hutchins. Max Vernon Uarnardsvilk Hyatt. Jack Warren ijkn , lpine Hyatt. Roger Edwin Cei ' mgton Hyatt. Stanley Darryl Pickens. S. C Hyler. Don Miles Milton Idol. Brenda Joyce Qreensboro Infinger. Martha Frances Kockingham Ingram. Michael Johnson Kockingham 228 FRESHIVlEN Inman. Carol Marie U ' iHstoH- Salem Inman. Jean Rawlings Mt. Airy Isenhower. Mildred Elizabeth .Hickory Jackson. David Lester High Point Jackson, JoAnne SoutliCTH Pines Jacobs. Barbara Jo Katdgh Jakeman. Daniel Lane Srwin James. Donna Kay Clmmons Jarre!!. Mary Ann Durham Jenks, Ricky Hugh Vale Johnson. Linda Diane KaUigh Johnson. Linda May Qreehsboro Johnson. Margaret Victoria SniithfieU Johnson. William Ray uraham Jolley. Barbara Dean U ' ashington Jones Betsy Ml. Airy Jones. Evelyn Margaret Kohda Jones. Kitty Sue Cornelius Jones, Martha Ann Koone Jones, Paulette Jewell SIk Park Jones. Roy Steven Cenoir Jones. William Andrew West jeffersoH Joyce. Terry Mitchell Pilot MouHtaiH Joyner. Jerry Lee .isltaille Joyner. Phillip Keith Jayetlemlk Julian. Miriam Rebecca Seneea. S.C. Julian. Sharon Lee Hickory Justice. Rita Viola Kuthafordton Kane. Margaret Lee Carlisle. Pa. Kaylor. Daniel Ritchie Hickory Kaylor. John Kock Hill. S.C. Keeter. Violet Dianne kings Aiountain Keith. Margaret Agnes Crcalmoor Kernodle. Emily Elizabeth Salisbury Kiger. Virginia Lou (Jrceniboro Kimel. Donna Jean Winston- Salem Kimel. Michael Lee Winston- Salem Kimsey. Kila June Qastonia Kindley. Barbara Alline XriMily Kindley. Grady Roy Monroe King. Diane Lynn MoorestowH King. Dianne Verona Hickory King. Elizabeth Ellen Maysville King. Linda Anne Spartanburg, S.C Kinlaw. Barbara Kay Wilkcsboro Kirby. Evelyn Lorene Hickory Kirk. Sandra Lee , Vw Condcn Kirkman. Donald Wayne Mt. Airy Kirkman. Ronnie Ml. Airy Kirks, Wanda.Joy Kaleigk Kirton, Elsie Elise Wilmington Kistler, Herman Deaton Cliarloltc Kluttz, Martha Amelia Concord Knox, Jerry Wayne Statcsdlle Koone, Linda Diane Jorcst City Koontz, James Cleo, Jr. i ' aington Koontz. Theresa Ann i ' ctington Lacey, Stephen Guinn kannapolis Lafell, Deborah Ray Kiscoe Lail, Donna Jean (Jra«ilc Jails f f p en p FRESHMEN 129 ft f? E t ' " S fs ffl ( ■ f il Lakey, Patricia Sue Mi ' diTi k Langdon. Regina Ann mociif Lankford, Gloria Maxine .Xivtii U ' ilk(sbm Lapasnick. Susan U ' ilmiiigloii. Dd Larrimore, Carol Jean (kws Creek Larson, Daniel Richard KussfU. Pa. Lauman. Peter James UrislcL Va. Laurence. William Danny West ' Jefferson Lawrence. Catherine Sue .Mebane Layton. Norma Faye Charlotle Leach. Walter M Airy Leagans. Edward Hampton MocksdlU Leatherman. Troy Wayne Vak Ledford. Reid Grice Charlotte Lee, Vicky Coleen yewtoH Lenderman. Sarah Alice U ' ilieslHrra Lentz. Mabel Sue Turlington Leonard. Tex Allen Cemgton Lester. Mary Charlotte Leviner, Margaret Anne Hifh Point Lewis, Aaron Grady Uurlington Lewis, Elizabeth Ann U ' lHStoii- Salem Lewis, June Irene UorrL ' PImns. .V.. ' . Lewis, Ronald Barron Zroutmati Lewis, Ruth Ellen Hoone Lineberger. William Allen Maiden Lingerfelt. Cathy Anne .Hiyh Point LInville, Craig Smith Kernersvilte Linville. Martha Beth W ' instoH-Salem Little, Susan Dianne Concord Lloyd, Joan Carol Spenca Lockamy. Sandra Jean aekscnvilie Loftis, Wesley, Jr. Durham Long. Amy Sue Charlotte Long, Karen La Ray yorth U ' ilkestioro Lookabill. Lee Roy, Jr. U ' adesboro Love. Brenda Fay Pilot Mountain Love. Carl Lee Sparta Lovell. Michael Columbus. (Jo. Lovell. Myra Diane {Jastonia Lovell. Virginia Louise i reeusboro Lowe. Charles Joseph SloH College Lowe. William Vaughn Asheboro Lowery. Hilda Lee kings Mountain Lunsford. Larry Michael Slon College Lupton. Joan Frances yew Hern Luther. Max Steven China throve Lyons. Scott William Orittown. y y. Mahaffey. Sydney Alease Bristol Va. Maher. Maureen BLving Koek Maney. Evelyn Diane Marion Maney. Linda Kay Harnardsville Mann. Deborah Vicky Winston-Salem Marion. James Franklin Ml Airy Markuson. Chris Paul Clayton Marsh. Mary Anne MarshvilU Marsh. Sonja Gaye Veep ( ap Marshall. Kyra Lynn Charlotte Martin. Barry David jonesi ' ille Martin. Carol Sheila Koanoke Va 230 FRESHMEN Martin. Norma Sue U ' oodsdak Marus. Paula Jeanne Charlotte Mason. Margaret Elizabeth Kaimapolis Mason. Rebecca Sue Charlotte Massey. Janice Gail Hurliiigton Massey. Steven Michael Mt. Airy Matheny. Melissa Jane Spiiidale Matherly, Mary Jean Kacfoni Mathews. Wanda Shirley WayncsvilU Mathis, Rita Ann KoHda Matlock. Virginia Ann i ' loM College Matthews. Linda Lou PlHitatU Mauney. Janis Anita Shelby May. Pamela Tester Concord Maynard. Pam Marleen Winston- Salem Mayse. Paul Michael Jpreit City McArthur. Kenneth Barwick ijreeitsboro McCall. Joy Roxana Davidson McCall. Sandra Kaye Charlotte McCargo. Joseph Womble KeidsCilU McCaslin. Pamela Kay Mfiden McClendon. Helen Fay . Vw york. ,v. y. McClenny. Lindsay Carlton Winston-Salem McCombs. Evelyn Louise SlatesiilU McCord. Deborah Allison Muntersvillc McCrary. Patricia Ann Cexington McCuiston. Cathy Jean QretnsboTO McCullock. Mary Rebecca Uurlinyton McDaniel. Jimmie Lee Creensboro McDonald. Jean Lynn Charlotte McDonald. John Edward (Jreensboro McDougall. David Gayle Hickory McElroy. Mary Elizabeth Huntersnlle McFarland, Janice Elizabeth Charlotte McGee. Nancy Jo Kanersi ' ille McGee. Phillip Michael Wilkesboro McGhee. Glenda Marie Boone McGhinnis. Nancy Katheryn jCenpir McGlamery. David Laxton Millers Creek McGowan. Elizabeth Jane PeekskiU. .V. y. Mcintosh. Thomas Ellis Stanley Mclntyre. Donna Lee i reensboro Mclntyre. Glenda Sue Burlington Mclntyre. Linda Ann Burlington Mclntyre. Steve Alton Cibsonville McKeithan. Emmett James. J r, Jorest City McKinney. Kathryn Kay J aniirum. S.C McKinney. Sandra Joyce Burlington McLamb. Emily Carol Jayetteville McLauchlin. Marie Currie Kacfoni McMahan. Don Barry Cramerton McManus. Susan Lynn ( reensboro McMurray. Ruth Elaine Charlotte McNeill. Jo Carole Sanfont McRorie. Lucia Jones Charlotte Medlin. Bonnie Lynn Charlotte Medlin. Chloie Rose Kaleigh Medlin. Joan Arlene Monroe Mehring. Robert Mebanc Mell. Phillip Annandale. I ' a. n f p iM p ' ■ A f» f a o P fi c FRESHMEN, ' 23I Melton, Brenda Sue k ' MHllpc tS Merrill. Linda Marie U ' lHslciii-Siikm Meyers, Linda Kay McrgnntoH Middleton. Paul Kinson Sanliago. Cluif Milam, Sharon Jane UurimgUm Miller, Anna Mae Kuthafcrdtcii Miller, Deborah Kay Hickory Miller, Eleanor Jane West ' Jefferson Miller, Floyd William, Jr, Hickory Miller, Janice Leigh X rinity Miller. Nancy Louise Qreemboro Miller, Sherry Jones Hickory Mlllikan, Elizabeth Oayle Kaiidlcmaii Minto, Richard Roger Parma. Ohio Misenheimer, Ronda Gail Htyh Point Mitchell. Karen Gray Havclpck Monday, Linda Joan Mt. Airy Moody, Diana Vcu ' porl , ' cifs. I ' a. Moore, James Dudley. Jr. £aioir Moore. Jerry Robert Hickory Moore. Rebecca Jo Wilson Morgan. Albert Ray SurlinytoM Morgan. Joy Stevette (JastOHia Morgan. Michael William Kobbins Morgan. Ruth Elizabeth WayMCsnllc Morrow. Rita Carol Koi ' boro Moser. Marsha Jean Matthews Mountney. Lynn Constance Ashccille Mowery. Steven Lee Salisbury Mullinax. Kathy Marguerita SItclby Muse. Thomas Edward LOHOver Myers. Mark Bernard .Monroe Myers. Rebecca Suzanne Candor Myrick. William Lynn MeCeansi ' iltc Nachman. Louis Isadore. Ill Charlotte Nance. Cheryl Belinda Stoneville Nance, Dennis Alfred .is lie bo ro Nance, Donna Carol .isheboro Nantz, Sharon Lee Statesfille Nash, Miriam High Point Navey, Cathy Sue Charlotte Naylor. Brenda Carol Dunn Neal. Alice Rosemary HcndersoMVille Neal. David Lee Columbia. S. C. Neal. Linda Hickory Neeld. Robert David £ecittomi. Pa. Neill. Beth Morrison Zroutman Nichols. Judy Ann ,)( . .iiry Nolen. Paulette tjraliam Nolen. Rosalind Evelean Crouse Norman. James Edward ffoont ' ille Norris. Benjamin Paul ll ' instOH-Salem Norton. Linda Marie .Mockscilk Nyenhuis, Susan Kay dayettci ' ilU O ' Dell. Michael Stephen Dallas Odom. Nancy Ann Statesvilk Olah. Robert Alexander Hopelawn. . . j. O ' Neal. Gary Kent Winston-Salem O ' Neal Marsha Ann Wake Jorcst Orrell. Thomas Rocky Hoone 232 FRESHMEN Overcash. Cristal Owens. Daphne Gaye Owens, Elizabeth Ann Owens, Frances Susanne Owens. Nancy Deloris Painter, Daphne Marjorie Pannell, Athelia Dianne Paris, Jack Darnell, Jr. Parker. Robert David Parks. Rebecca Gayle Parks. Virginia Mae Parnell. Patricia Ann Paschal. Teresa Marie Pattillo. Barbara Ida Peace. Judith Ann Peacock. Thomas Patrick Pearson. Marsha LaVerne Peele. Patra Frances Peeler. Peggy Carolyn Pell. Ernest Daniel Peninger. Kiona Lynne Pennell. Walter Ralph. Jr Perry. Milton Wayne Phillips. Frances Annette Phillips. Rebecca Sue Phillips. Susan Reynolds Pinder. Susan Meredith Pittman. Clifford Von Ponder. Sherry Mae Poovey. Barbara Jean Pope. Glenn Edward Porter. Edna Lynn Powell. Lou Powers. Judith Renee Powley. Robert Randall Prentiss. Luella Esther Preslar. Judy Caroline Presnell. Wanda Marie Prichard. Madge Belle Priddy. Paul Raymond Prince. Susan Kay Pritchard. Brenda Kaye Proctor. Jane Alice Pruitt. Loretta Jean Pugh. Barbara Ann Puntch. Johnny Franklin Oueen. Harold Eward Ouinn. Judy Marie Ramsey. Cynthia Jean Randolph. WiJIiam Bascomb Redden, Kay Lorraine Redmon, Betty Sue Reedy, Charles Fredrick, III Renegar, Jacqueline Jane Revis, Ray Lee, Jr Reynolds, David Page Reynolds, Hilda Vancetene Reynolds, Lonnie Austin Reynolds, Mary Jane Rhodes. Brenda Carol Kiutmpolis Hickory Kings McmitaiH Mt. Ulla forest City SUmboro gm-nsboTO jCawHtkle Asheboro Clemiuons MorgantoH Qreemboro KrysoH City Zlwmasfille Zltoiuasi-ille jCcMoir Kateigk Vale ZltoHnisi ' ilk Qmnsboro Ciuoir SloH College Migli Point Jorcst City Cartilage MioHii. 31a. Spruce Pine i ' oce Valley .XewtoM VUHM .VeivtoH ( rot e SmithfieU Causing Ulacksburg. I ' a. Charlotte Mr ijilead Sugar ijroae Concord Marlcyi ' ilk. S.C. Spindale Cetioir CtHCOlHtOM ZraphiU Piney Creek KauHapolis Hickory MuTphy St. Augustine. JIa Jaycttecille 0 1 - ' N»!f 6 n ' • ' - P A ( hi0 FRESHMEN 2:3 ' :e l " - ! - M J Rhoney, Taltha Elaine Hickory Rhyne. Lydia Gail ifastoitia Rich, James David Cripple Creili. I ' a. Richey, Rita Kay Vale Richter. William IVtst J slip .V. y. Rickman, Joseph Craig Ceaksvilk Riddle, Ronnie Hall MvMce Riddle, Thomas Earl Kurd Hall Rikard. Dennis Michael Mickory Ritchie, Brenda Anne Hickory Ritchie, Cathy Lynn Jrakricksburg. ' a Ritchie, Ronald Wayne Limcprii Roark, Roger Lee QraysoH Robbins, John Spencer Ucione Robbins, Judy Carol Aslicboro Robbins, Kathy Ruth U ' aliiul un ' C Roberts. Carole Jane Qreem ' illi Roberts, Catherine Sue (garner Roberts, Herbert Steven Charbtk Roberts. Jill Kathleen U ' iitsliVi- Salem Robertson, Carl Edward, Jr i reeitsbcro Robinson, Janice Ellen .KlYiW Robinson, John Linwood Helmoitt Robinson, Martha Gail Charlotte Robinson, Shirley Ozema gastonia Rodeheffer. Katherine Ann Kaleigk Rogers. Kathy DurltaiH Rogers. Linda Irene Mebauc Rogers. Michael Zollie U ' iitstoH- Salem Rogers. Nancy Elizabeth Statescillc Rogers. Thelma Jean Heiidersoinille Rollins. Nancy Jane Spiiidalc Rollins, Perry Donnell Cliffsidc Rongyos. Marie Arlene i rassy Creek Roope. Larry Warren Hays Rose. Diane Catharine Kalagh Rose. Silas Elbridge. Jr. Kaleigk Roseman. Mary Beth CiHCOlHtOH Ross. Doris Fowler CoHHClly Springs Ross. Keith Oliver MorgantoH Ross. Sharon Jean Charlptte Ross. Sybil Olivia Morganton Roten. Betty Jean 3i9 Roten. Robert Dean 3ig Roupe. Peggy Ann Caurel Springs Rowe. Martha Florence DurliaHi Rucker. Richard Hemingway Jorest City Rudd. Kenneth Harold aaksvilk Ruff, Steven Franklin Hickory Rumbaugh, Patti Jo Jayettecillc Russell, Irin Frank, III .Mbeniarle Safrit. Charles Lee Winston-Salem Safrit, Gary Vern Salisbury Sain, Marsha Anne Hickory Sale. Arvil Robert Winston-Salem Sales. Beverly Ann .Asliecille Sams. Linda Marie Cenoir Satterfield. Sandra Anne Mebane Savage. Janice Ann Bessemer City Sawyer. Jeter Webb uraliam 234 FRESHMEN Sawyer. Patrick Joseph Charlotte Scercy. Norma Jean KaitHapotis Schaefermeyer. Michael John ,Mcvandria. Va. Schlegel. Bruce Dumfries. Va. Schmarkey. Roy Martin Hiekory Seism. Anita Karan Shellni Scott. Michael Eugene Seebold. Marion Elvira Self. Jackie Lee Self. Timothy Cecil Setzer. Freddie Michael Setzer. Frieda Harriett Setzer. Patricia Ann Seymour. David Charles Sharpe. Ronnie Steven Shaw. Willie Kay Shepherd. Johnny Bruce Sherrer. Edna Mae Mt. Airy KrowHS Mills. yV.y. fAart ' msviUc. Va. Haw K ' wer ' Drexel CiHCOilltOH , ewtoM Helcross Middemte Qreembcro CoHsmg , Warm Shields. Lynn Carter Shoemaker. Carolyn Yvonne Shook. Michael Lee Shook. Norma Carroll Shook. Sandra Ann Shull. Betty Louise Shumar. Deborah Lee Shumate. Marilyn Lee Sigmon. Gary Lynn Sigmon. Jacksie Faye Sigmon. Patty Ann Simerson. Dorothy Jean Simmons. Fred Allen Simmons. James Simmons. Richard Gilbert Sinclair. Sandra Cecelia Sink. Donna Jean Sink. Harriet Donese Slick. Glenn Alvin Sluder. Diana Reel Small. Jay Lionel Smallwood. Penelope Anne Smith. Alvis Warren Smith. Barbara Kaye Smith. Beverly Ann Smith. Carey Michael Smith. Charles Robert. II Smith. James David Smith. Jerry Leroy Smith. Jimmy Ray Smith. Judy Ann Smith. Linda Gail Smith. Melissa Ann Smith. Nancy Lee Smith. Nancy Rebecca Smith. Vicki Lynn Smith. William Smith. William Marshall. Jr Smithey. Margaret Geraldine Snavely. Suzanne Snead. Richard Tippett Somers. Joyce Elaine KurUHgtoM StatesviUc ewtou Hoom mo Sugar throve Jredcrica. T)eL yorth U ' iltcstioro Hickory Hickory Qremsboro KeidsviUe yadkim ' ille Koanoke. Va. t astouia ZhoiKosviUe CeviiigtoH . et o Ji rioH yoiikcrs. . .y. Kalctgh ApcK Mt. Airy Statcsville i reeitsboro Hickory Slade Valley Ashcboro U ' iHStoH-Salem IVcstficH urliHgtoM Qama HudsoH WiHStOH-Salem Durham Winston- Salem Moravian Jails JtarioH. Va. ( reensboro Statesville FRESHMEN i35 :k C © C? Jia£f South, Teresa Dare Kw« Southerland, Elizabeth Bernice U ' iMStoH-SaleiH Southern, Mark Alexander U ' imtOM-Sakm Spain, Julian Allen McHdersoH Spangler, Margaret Elaine Shdby Sparrow, David Wortham iJrMtsboro Speckhard, Stanley Eric Spencer, Linda Gail Spencer, Rhetta Jill Spoon, Robin Paige Sprinkle, Alvin Douglas Spurrier, Boyd Robert Stacy, Martha Ann Stafford, Alice Maria Stafford, Mable Alberta Stanbery, John Scott Stanton, William Thomas Starnes, Rosemary Stewart. Kathryn Marlyce Stewart. Lucy Lynn Stewart. Nola Jean Stine. Rudy Elwyn Stirewalt, Pegge Jean Stone, Harlan Wade Stone, Shirley Diane Stowers, Cynthia Leigh Strother, Lewis Thomas Stroupe, Edward McElwee Stroupe, Lee Wilcox Stroupe, William Augustus Stutts, Mary Jill Sullivan, Johnny Clinton Summerlin. Jo Ann Swicegood, Brenda Gail Swicegood, Judy Ann Swicegood, Rebecca Alice Swift, Linda Carol Swindall. Joan Swink, Kathy Loyce Tadlock, Sigsby Carlton Talbert. Jeanne O ' Neil Tamer, Mickey Stephen Tate. Rebekah Jane Taylor, Elizabeth Colleen Taylor, James Warren Taylor. Pamela Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Rene Templeton, Phyllis Ann Terrell, Patricia Lynn Terry, Barbara Lee Terry, John Thomas Thomas, Brenda Louise Thomas, Diane Linda Thomas, Geraldine Thomas, Judith Ann Thomas, Lynn Carol Thomas. Sherry Lane Thomas. Wanda Marie Thompson. Barbara Ann Thompson. Betty Angela Hickory Zrihity Qrmite Mis QrecMsboro Hickory Uoonc Winston- Salem jVewland tioonc Ashcboro Connelly Springs Clcmmons MMhews Mocksvilk Hildcbrim kannapolis Ml Airy , orllt U ' ilkesboro fSramion. dla. ' JacksondlU fSoonc Hoone Hamlet Southmont Mantkt Charlotte Mocksmlte Kaleigh Clmtwood. Va. Mctyanton Cliarlptte Mooresville IVinston-Salem U ' aynesfllle West Jefferson Cmrel Springs Spruce Pine Hamptonville Kernersvilk Durham " Durham Whitnel ChantiUy, Va. Cincinnati Ohio Cameron Winston-Sakm Moncurc yorth U ' ilkesboro Charlotte 236 FRESHMEN Thompson, Boyce Eugene Albcrmarle Thompson. Catherine Ann Spartanburg , S.C. Thompson. Daylon Allice Matthews Thompson, Gloria Jean KockmghaiH Thompson, Martricia Gale Kanersmlle Thompson, Sandra Kay Durham Thompson, Twila Joy Plumtrec Tipping, William Allen, Jr. Kock HiU. S.C. Todd, Johnny Merle Boone Toliver, Garland Randolph Zodd Toney. Katie Ann Sast Marion Townsend, Marilyn Lynette ijraiite Jails Travis. Linda Sue Hickory Travis. Raymond ArdtH Triplett. Linda Carol Ccnoir Triplett. Virginia Carol MoHcure Trivette. David Charles Fleetwood Trivette. Evelyn Sue SIk Park Trogdon. Karen Lue Kingsport, Tatn. Tucker, Avice Jean Vroutman Tucker, David Lee Qreensboro Tucker, Mary Linda Cocust Turner, Billie Diane Qransboro Turner, Brenda Julia Shelby Turner, Ellen Kaye Xampa. Jla. Turner, Johnny Scott Salisbury Turner, Mary Frances Ceaksi- ' dlc Turney, Gerald Turney i raJtam Tyler, Linda Kay Charlotte Underwood, Patricia Ann Albemarle Upchurch, Larry Vernon High Jails Vail, Theresa Jane iJreeHsboro Valentine, Barbara Ann QreiHsboro Van Dyke, Sanford Lee Hickory Vassey, Buren Roger Jlooresboro Vaughan, Lucy Camille Salem. I ' a Verble, Deborah Lou Charlotte Vess, Cornelia Kay Jorest City Waddell, Bruce Everette U ' adesboro Wagner, Bonnie Anna CemgtOM Wagner, Danny Bert i ' emgtOM Walker, Norwood William Hurdk Mills Walker, Patricia Ann WilmiitgtOH. Del Wall, Carl Mollis. Jr. AimaitdaU: I ' a. Wall. Karen LeGette Aton ' cn Wallace. James Crater Slatesville Ward. Linda Sue Kalcigh Warlick. Karen Jean CiitcolntOH Warren. Bill StatesvUle Warren. Dexter Donald Jiewton Warren. Rachel Dianne Keidsville Washam. Charles Reid Davidson Watkins. George Randall Bethune. S.C. Watson. Barbara Diane i ' emgton Watson. Gerrie Frances Albemarle Watson. James Robert Pineola Watson. Ray Carlyle Boone Watts. Frankie Xaglorsvilte Watts. Joseph Charlotte Waugh. Alta Kay Stony Po ' mt iJ ' 3 P O PS ii tk FRESHMEN 237 Yl « i « f An £ Weast. Philip Graham CoMcont Weatherford, Cynthia Ann Dam-ilk. Va. Weaver. Charles Thomas M ' CM-millc Weaver, John Jaydteville Weaver. Patricia Ann Aslieboro Wehunt. Nancy Jean Cherryville Wehunt. Sherry Yvonne Chcrryville Welch. Vickie Rena Mi h Point Wells. Cathie Lee Kaldgh Wells. Tim Rodney Cedar Qrove West. Richard Thomas Ccnoir Wheeler. Linda Jo .Hertidon. Va. Wheeler. Vincent Seth Mi ' MCc- Whisnant, Thurman Wesley mitMcl Whitaker. Cree Ann Mountain City. Zenn. White. Julia Louise Charlotte White. Nancy Ann (Jreeuvilk. S.C White. Sandra Lee Miyh PciHt White. Shaun Charlptte Whitener. Brenda Gail i kH ,Mpiite Whitener. Janice Kay troutmau Whitener. Linda Carole .Hiekory Whitesell. Margaret Carol Migh Point Whilesrdes. Kathryn Adele QastoHia Wiles. Deena Sue yortli WiUcesboro Wilkerson. Larry Lynn forest City Wilkes. Linda Carol Qastouia Wilkins. Connie Lou Walnut Coi ' e Willard. Jerry Wayne MaideH Williams. Delma Anita (JraHite Mis Williams. Judy Ann Fleetwood Williams. Rickey Earl MadisoH Williams. Roger Edward Kobbins Williams. Susan Elizabeth , Morgauton Williamson. Dale Leaton Sagle Springs Willis. Carol Jeanne jCauritfburg Wilson. Beverly Jean Asheboro Wilson. Sue Ella Srevard Wilson. Susan Marie (Jreensboro Winebarger. Dennis Gale SlkiM Winfrey. Beverly Jo Wltistoh- Salem Winstead. Gorman Carr. Jr. Sanford Wishon. David Wade Clemmoiis Wood. Andrew McLean. Ill Kaleigh Woodard. Beverly Lynn .High Point Woodruff. Richard Len .Hays Wooten. Charles Melvin Koaring Kim Wooten. Sara Allain Charlotte Wright. Paula Marie Sast Jlat Koek Wyatt. Barbara Anne Shelby Wyatt. Linda Gail Pixey Creek Wyatt. Roger Dale ZraphiU Wyatt. Terry Alan Mars Mill Yarbro. Stanley Zane Vale Yates. Elizabeth Ann Vilas Yoder Robert Leslie Crouse Yokley. Linda Gail Winston- Salem Younts. Robert Leonard CeCmgtOH Zilk. Vivien Winifred Charlotte Zimmerman. Teresa Marshall 238 FRESHMEN Secretary: Jo Anne Anderson. (kMl, Tommy Grubb Zrmsurer, Susan Nunamaker. ' ice-Prc$uioil, Dowzell Medford Swayngim. Presi- SOPHOMORES Abernathy. Donna Jane yewtOM Abernethy, Ann Fayssoux Drn-el Adams. Jennie Lee Appalixhia. I ' a. Adams. Teresa Anne U ' iits M-Su em Aldridge. Robert Donald graltam Alejandro. Eddie Jayetla ' ilU Alexander. Lola Jane HiMcHite Alexander. Sybil Diane Charlptte Allen. Billie Ann MamplPMvilk Allen. Gregg Oliver HurliMglOh Allen. Judy Carolyn Cn ' mgtOH Allen. Tommie Hoyt Shdby Allred. Jimmy Dolen BurliitglCM Anderson. Barbara Hill Stuart. Va Anderson, Bennie Robert Wilkesboro Anderson. Jo Anne Sim College Anderson. Lewis Hal BooHe Andrews. Ellen Roena Sparta Angel. Steven Jayettenik Annas. Janet Elaine Hickory Anthony. Viva Kate Roaring Kiver Armes. Monte Damon KaHnapolis Armstrong. James Michael CoHOVcr Armstrong. Tommye Alice Jails Church. X ' a. Armstrong. William Keith DuHIt Atkinson. Aleta Mae , kbaHe Atwood. Joan Charlotte Qreensbcro L f ' SOPHOMORES 239 ft ■ 1 Aubry, Sherry Lynn IVaiesbcirc Austin. Don Gordon Cmoir Ayers. Janice Melba Koouc Ayers. Martha VaUt-se Badeau, Marcel George Pascoag. K.J. Bailey. Larry William Bostic Bailey. Richard Eaton Askcboro Bailey. Sharon Sue KutkerfordtoM Ballevv. Alice Renee mo BardenT Mary Stewart Charlotte Barker. Kathy Causing Barnes. Cynthia Anne Jair Klug Barnes. Hugh William Cemir Barrier. Candace mo Barrow. Ralph Murray Qrcchsboro Bateman. Sandy Lee Charbtte Baucom. Lana Kay MutlaHd Bauguess. Linda Sue U ' imtoH-Salem Beam. Frankie Anita Cherryvilk Beard. Karen Suzanne J ewtoti Beard. Linda Annette Spencer Beck. Robyn Barbara Cemgton Benton. Diana Jane Statesfille Biesecker. Roland McKinley Cemgton Bisbee. Spaulding nc ast. . U: Bishop. Edward Hollywood. Jla. Black. Greta Sue eharktie Blades. John Carl Ckarbtte Blankenship. Nancy Louise Jairview Blevins. Brenda Louise . ortlt Witieskiro Bodenhamer. Nancy Sue Hoone Bodlien. Joyce Elizabeth Conover Bolcar. Stephen Bruce Koonton. .J. Boles. Helen Maria Charbtte Bost. Janie Paulette China Qrove Brady. Johnny Lome Sparta Bragg. Penelope Anne Hickory Brantley. Chester Hobart Spring Hope Broadbent. Kathleen Hoone Brooks. Alice Carolyn Xraphill Brooks. Rex Eugene Koone Brown. Janice Elaine Ashev ' dle Brown. Peggy Yvonne .Newknd Brown. Susan Malinda Mooresville Brown. Teresa Gail Cameron Bryan. Betty Jane i lade Valley Buchanan. Denny Morris l akersi ' ille Buckley. Angela Charbtte Bullard. Janet Faye miadenlxiro Bumgarner. Mary Elizabeth . orth Wilkesboro Burgess, Patricia Ellen Hostic Burkett. Jim Harold Hoone Burton. Janice Kirby Candler Busby. James Erman Uessemer City Bush. William Hearon. Jr doiitana Butler. Janice Yates ' impaHO Heach. Jla. Butler. Jeffrey Curn Burlington Butler. Rose Jeanette Cumberton Byars. Glenda Dale Kings Mountain Byrd. Gary Linville SlkiH 240 SOPHOMORES Caldwell. John Riley .Vcrth U ' ilkcsborc Callahan. Daniel Vincent MlisoH Park. Pa. Calloway. Bobbie Clair Wilbar Campbell. Alice Sue c ' emplc Zcrracc. Jk. Campbell. Helene Christine Union Qrm-e Campbell. James Wilson Hickory Campbell. Susan Elizabeth UmOH ijroir Campbell. Sylvia Marie IVarrcHScille Cannon. Patricia Jean Kaiwer SIk Carrick, Martha Jean CemgtoK Carrigan. Steven Harrison (JroHite Jails Carson. George Huston. Jr. Haw Kiva Carson. Robert Lee. Jr. Kostic Carter. Jane Ellen High Point Carter. Susan Elizabeth WiHStOH-SaieiK Carter. Vivian Delores CliHtOH Casey. Nancy Ann ZrapkiU Cashion. Nancy Lorraine Charlotte Caudill. Lester Wayne. Jr. Sparta Causby. Linda Kay Kuthaford College Cecile. Larry Clifford WimtOH-Salem Chafin. Rebecca Jane WayHesvUU Chaney. Dianne Rosemary U ' iMStoH-SaleiH Church. Nancy Elaine Xnikcsboro Clark. Dolores Annette Cenoir Clark. Jayne Ellen Hollywood. 31a. Clark. Judith Annette Hillsborough Clark. Kenneth Lee Hudson Clark. Nancy Louise yew Hem Clawson. Opal Elaine KooHe Clinard. Carol CuiCOlHtOM Clinard. Gayle Lambeth Xhomasville Clodfelter. Guy Richard CooleciKce Cockerham. Sandra Gaye SltiM Cockerham. Susan Ellen .Asheboro Cockrell. Judy Lucille Charlotte Coffey. Lloyd Everette jCenoir Cofield. Cheryl Lane Kalei h Coleman, Carolyn Delores Spray Coleman. Joyce Lane Durham Coleman. Paula Ann Newport Collett. Jane Carolyn Xhomasvilk Collins. Patricia Ann Kural Hall Colobro. Susan Anna minefield. U: Va. Cone. Laurence Martin Qretmboro Connell. Daria Gail Mutlaxd Connolly. Frances Lucille Hiddenite Cook. Randy Casar Cooke. Cheryl Darlene Pilot Mountain Coon. Sylvia Florine i}rahaiH Cooper. Kenneth Vaughn West Jefferson Cooper. Richard Jack Kockiiigham Copple. Judith Ann Asheboro Correll. Wanda DeLane Charlotte Cox. David Stephen .Asheboro Cox. Jonathan Stanley .Asheboro Cox. Larry Randolph Sparta Cox. Terri Lynne Kaleigh Cozart. Nancy Jane Durham Craig. Deborah Lucille Shelby c c © LikS SOPHOMORES 241 p f § p © f- d fL€ Craven. Martha Joyce tlwminri k Craver, Walter Clark JUv illltM Crenshaw. Frances Anne (. ' liiirA lte Cress, Robert Mendenhall DMoh Cropland. Joanna KOOHC Curlee. Patricia Leigh Charbtte Dale. Culyer Rufus Marion Daniel. Hugh Kent Waynesvilk Daniel. Ronald Bennett U ' akf Jorest Daniel. Shawn William U ' lHSUm-Saleni Daniels. Margo Suzanne Zaylorsi-ille Danner. Stephen Alexander Hickon Daughtry. David Rogers Qama Davidson. Lawrence Samuel i alax. Va. Davies. Craig Xmiingboro. ;V.y. Davis. Ellen Janois CiticolutoH Davis. Nancy Lee i retmboro Davis. Rebecca Ann Charlotte Davis. Sandra Lynn Davis. Steven Daniel Davis. Wyline Dayberry. Ella Jane Deal. Toby Franklin Dellinger. James Gary Denny. Margaret Ann DeRock. Gregory Robert Derrick. Richard Deyton, Larry Lee Dickerson. Cathy Ann Dickerson. Robert Earl Turlington Hickory Sltdby Cawndak Kougemotit CamytoH Charhtte mcrsnlk Sast . orthpcrt. .V. y. Winston-SaUm Dicus. Dianne Vernnette , skaHlk DiMarcantonio. Ralph Anthony PatersoM. , f. Dishman. Geraldine Sugar iJroi ' C Dixon. Susan June Charlotte Donzella. John Richard PeikskiU. .y. Dotson. Linda Gail Boone Drum. Howard Tracy Duckworth. Trudy Lee Duke. Connie Lavonne Duncan. Brenda Sue Dunlap. William Ott Dunn. Zora Rebecca Eaker. Nancy Carol Early. Theresa Ellen Eckard. Karen Marie Edwards. Judith Carol Edwards. Mary Emily Eggers. David Estel Elledge. Jack Lee Elledge. Larry Adrian Elliott. Ivory Carroll Ellis. Edwin Dean Essick. Linda Gail Estes. Walter James, Jr Eury. Carolyn Dianne Evans. Elizabeth Ann Evans. Harriet Ann Evans, Harriette Ruth Everett. Joe Mack Everhart. Frankie Lou ,VewtPK Charlotte Durham t rcensboro Jayettefilk kings Mouhtain Shelby Old Jort Conover WiHStOH-Salem CeMO ' it Statesdik Charbtte Jefferson Spimiiik CkmiMons jCenoir JWemark Mocksi ' ilU Shelby Cemgton Mocksvilk CeniHgton 242 SOPHOMORES Farlow. Sylvia Elaine Migh Point Faw. Larry Dean yorth U ' ilkesboro Paw. Martha Ann XVancMsviUe Faw. Mary Carol U ' armtSi-ilU Fender. Linda Kay Sparta Ferguson. Judith Lee KoKboro Fields. Dorothy Sue QoldstOK Finney. George Michael Sparta Flake, Dona Marie ewtOM Floyd. Janet Susan DmtoH Ford. Gary Sheldon jCcnoir Ford, James Larry kmiersiulle Forrest. Arthur Michael Mt. Airy Fox. Brenda Gail MorgaMtPM Fox. Larry Hugh Mmdersom-iile Fox. Patricia Ann ClHCOlHtOH Fox. Reba Kay Hudson Fox. Sandra Kaye Murdii . Mills Franklin. Carolyn Dolores MorgaiilOH Franks. Monica Marie Miclcory Frazier. James Rickford Kamscur Freeman. Joseph William. Jr MadisoH Furches. Jean Ann U ' insloir-Sa em Gabard. Reda Laren VadkiiKilt Galliher. Brenda Gay Statcsdlle Gallo. Frank Richard Carteret. ,V.y. Galloway. Mary Karen Charlotte Gardner. Claireece Eileen Charlotte Garner. Rita Carol iCemgtoH Garrison. Mary Kathryn Mebane Garrison. Stephen Michael Stanley Geer. John Stowe .■iberdeen Geer, Nancy Gwendolyn Charlotte Gemayel, Lois Marsha Speneer Gibson, Johnny Eugene yorwood Giles, Caria Rose MorgantOH Gilles. Robert, II Springfield. I ' a Glllis, Brenda Anne Koi-boro Glenn, Claudia Ann Spruce Pine Goble, Myra Ann yewtoH Goodman, Martha Jo gold Hill Gosnell, Hilda Dianne Marshall Gray, Donald Leroy WashiHgtoM Greene. Manilla Loretta Ashevillc Greene. Noma Sue Spruce Pine Greene. Richard Cloyd CcHoir Greene. Sylvia Annette greensboro Greer. Mack Donald Vriplctt Greer. Paul Robert ViHCCHtowh. ,v.y. Griffin, David Keith Marshvdie Griffin. Timothy Hal Qastohia Griffith. Gay Keener Charlotte Grindstaff, Billy Edward Minneapolis Grubb, Larry Thomas £emgtou Grubbs. Vicki Lynn Winston- Salem Guffey, Patricia Ann Andrews Gurley, Hilda Ann Charlotte Hagaman, Carol Soone Hager, Cheryl Dianne Matthews Hager. Richard Edwin Cleveland |iV f 1 ff W I :■■ f £ SOPHOMORES 2t3 : :h:j r Ji " ■ Mk Hall. Brenda Sue Hall, Cathy Adele Hambnght. Carole Yvonne Hammer, Doreen Ruth Hammock, Hunter Coleman Hancock, Robert Henry Harmon, Brenda Kate Harrell. Carolyn Ann Harrell, Larry Home Harris. Barbara Ann Harris, William Jackson Hart, Clarence Edward Hart. Cynthia Elaine Hart, Margaret Betsy Hartsell, Carol Karena Harvell, Peggy Ann Harwood, Sharon Harwood Hass, Steven Lee Hatley. Mary Elizabeth Hauser, Jane Welfare Hawes. Anna Lee Hawkins, Kay Ricketts Hawkins, Marsha Veronica Hawley. Elton Gale Haynes, Carolyn Joyce Hays, Jacquelyn Heavner, John Milton Heavner, Phillip McCall Hefner, Judy Kay Helms, Nancy Carol Helms. Charles Eldon Herman, Linda Sue Herman, Michael Dennis Herring. Earl Monroe Hevener, Cynthia Victoria Hewitt. Judy Ann Hicks. Elizabeth Jane Hllderbrand. Reed Franklin Hill. Mary Christine Hinson. Sherry Lynn Hipp. Dennis Charles Hodges. Betty Mae Holcomb. Raymond William Holcomb, Wanda Kay Holland, Vickie Jeanette Holmes, Molly Frances Holsopple. Gretchen Sue Holz, Theodore Stanley Hopkins, Stephen Calvin Hopper, Sharon Rose Norton, Joann Norton. Vance Bartley Nouck. Carolyn Ann Houston. Johnny Flake Howard. Elizabeth Anne Howard. William MacRae. Jr Nowell. Judy Mae Howie. Nancy Elizabeth Hoyle. Cynthia Jane Hudson. Faye Elaine Siim Migli Poutt Xhcmmdlk XValkcrtcwH jCoiig Valla . , .J. Norfolk. Va. MarioH Caioit COHCOtd ZoM ZroutiHim High Point U ' ytlteviHe. Va. Sakersi ' ille Charlotte J awHtlak Charlotte 244 SOPHOMORES Hudson, Robert Adams QrahaiK Huffman. Anna Delight Cmtidly Springs Huffman. Olivia Diane .Hickory Huffman. Victoria Gayle U ' ilkcsboro Hunstein, Phyllis Marie i ' lmimt. XV- Huntley. Sandra Jo Jorcst City Hutchins, Vickie Sue Bessemer City Hutchinson. James Franklin Salisbury Ingram. Tommy Richard CcHoir Jackson, Linda Elizabeth Salisbury Jarvis. Phillip Gene .Aslic tl ' Jenkins. Mary Jo Charlotte Jeziorski. Cheryl Jean U ' iMStOH- Salem Job. Karen Leigh Jayettei-iUe Johannessen, Sissel Durham Johnsen. Vicki Lynn Concord Johnson. Julia Lynne Kraant Johnston, Pamlyn Jean Jamestown Johnston, Patricia Joyce WinstOH-Salem Johnston, Rita Anne Oak Kittyc Jolly. Brenda Kay XaylorsdlU Jones. Joseph Ray J Joyce. Sandra Lynn Stuart. Va. Julian. Larry Glenn i reeuvilk, S.C. Jurney. Ronald Lee Union Qrove Keller. Brenda Joyce Fleetwood Keller. George Allen Zaylorsi ' ille Kennedy. Donald Earl Jaycttei-ille Kenyon. Worth Stedman Kerr. Donna Jean Valparaiso. Jnd Kiger, Sandra Gaye High Point Killian. Dennis Carroll .Hickory Killough. Johnny Wallace Charlotte Kimbrell. Judith Ann jCciingtoH Kincaid. Steve Mackie Hudson King. Charles Maxton Jraiiklim ' illc King. Terry Lynn Kannapolis Kirby. Alexis Daryl Hickory Kirk. Patricia Ann Salisbury Kluttz. Peggy Renae Salisbury Knight. Janice Lynn Summerfield Koehler. Carol Lynn Hay shore. .V. y. Kroog, Kenneth Bernard Cong Kraxch. ,V.y. Kunkel. David Cooper Asheboro Labban. George Edward Dafidson Lackey. Reba Leona Onoir Lamb. Geneva Ann Mhei-ilte Lambe. Elizabeth Anne Jsheboro Lance. Alice Fair High Point Lanning. Frank Lamont Kiehfieid Lassiter, Walter Avery Charlotte Laughlin, James Terry Cawndale Lawing, Brenda Kaye Chicago. JIL Lawrence, Jack Dean. Jr. Hoone Lawrence, William Thomas .Vw ■ Smyrna Ueach. 71a. Laxton, Neal Eugene Cenoir Layne, Louis Hugh. Jr. Charlotte Leamon. Myra Marie Xhomasoilk Ledford. Doris Jean Kings Mountain Lee. Joyce Marie Moncure f t ' - r j 3 |j fe- ' % f f» SOPHOMORES 245 ( diM OCT»f LeFever. Mary Lynn Miulsd Lefler, Larry Richard . crmv. Lentz. Rita Christine Satisbur Levi. Danny Clarence Sasi }lal Km. Lewis. James. Richard Ckarbit Lewis. Janice Dare Hooii Lewis. Jerry Scott West Hefferso, Lewis. Patricia Ann Catiitie Lingerfeldt. Chereyl Lynn Uesscmer Cit, Lingle. Alva Sue Salisbur. Littleton. Leiand Kron. Jr Smma Park. Ma Long. Bille Anne Spcncc Love. Linda Lee (Jaslivtit Love. Patsy Gail . orlli im-csbm Lowery. Susan Jane kinp , Mc ' uii aii Lucas. Warren KoMtoke. I ' ll Lyall. Everette Herman. Jr . cv i imesbou Lynch. Mary Sue i ansiiii Lynn. Michael Douglas CoweL Lyon. Hilda Gaye XrapkiL Mackey. Martha Sue Pcnrost Mackintoch. Shauna Lee Vienna. I ' a. Major. Dorothy Anne Charlotk Majors. Patricia Dianne Moi ' gaitloii Manship. Hanns Johnson mikesbcn Markrush. Jerry Brage Askvilk Marsh. Janet Faye 3leetwooa Marsh. Mary Darwin Hoom Martin. Betty Jean Hoom Martin. Janice Ruth Kutherfoniton Martm. Joann Elizabeth . Murphy Martin. Leon Bradley WiViUiiaU Martin. Susan Gail Oteen Masencup. Janet Leigh U ' iiistoH- Salem Masenior. Michael Warren U ' aslunylM. ,V.y. Mason. Larry Steven Greensboro Massey. Shellie An n Matthews Massey. Wanda Faye Uurl ' uigtoH Mast. Patricia Anne Hoone Mast. William Gregory Sugar Qrove Matheny. Linda Jeanne Mooresboro Matthews. Kenneth Fate Jayettealle Mauldin. James Stephen Aiken. S.C. Mauney. Jennifer Anne Zaylorsi ' ille McAdams, Susan Olivia UurliMgtoM McAllister. John David. Jr. Kaefont McBee Martha h ' akersiille McCann. Larene Mildred Xhurmoni McCaskill. Sherry Lynn Caiidor McCollum. Terry Mac Kamiapolis McCoppen. Kenneth Bruce Pompton Plains. . ' y. McCrary. Judy Ann O imjlon McDonald. Sharon Letitia Pmeimrst McDowell. Carol Ann Jorcst City McGinnis. Deborah Leigh McGowan. Rebecca llene McGrady. Patricia Gail McGregor. Ryland Warren McGuire. Carolyn Ruth McGuire. Keith Alvin C tier ry villi Henoir WinstcH-Salem Kichmonii. I ' a. Valikse SOOHC 246 SOPHOMORES Mclntyre. Martha Karen SUerk McKethan. James Floyd Jayatn ' iUe McKethan. Robert Neil JayMa ' ilk McKinney. Harold Van jMcrgautOH McLeod. Kenneth Whitfield Mickory McMichael. William Edward, Jr. Homestead. Jla. McRee. James Michael CoMOver McSwain. Cheryl Ann KOOHC Meade. Mike Howard Morth Wilkesboro Meffert. Patty Gail Durham Mellott. Terrance Lee Macersburg. Pa. Mieszkiewicz. Sally Ann Salisbury Miller, Barbara Gail Fleetwood Miller, Danny Rex JCeiioir Miller, Janice Carol Mickory Miller, Judith Angela CaniUcr Miller, Judith Forester mth Wilkesboro Miller, Paula Faye KeidsdlU Miller. Robert Patterson Hoone Mitchell. Betty Jean U ' iHSkm- Salem Mitchell. John Digges, Jr. Ca Plata . U. Mitchell. Ted Lee Charlotte Mitchell. Terry High Point Monday. Richard Jails Church. I ' a. Monroe. Donna Marie ,ltorgautOH Montague. Dorothy Page Kaleigh Montgomery. Phyllis Irene Charbtte Moore. Frances Sue Statesdik Moore. Jan Marlene Kauiiapolis Moore, Jared Venice Asheboro Moore, Marilyn Jennings i aithersburg M i. Moore. Terry CoHdlcr Morelli. Daniel Anthony XVimton-Salem Moretz, Garry George UOOHC Moretz, Leon McGill Koone Morgan, Cheryl Dianne China i rofc Morrill, Susan Hennrietta Sherman. Comm. Morris, Norma Zoe clknboro Morse, Sherry Ann Koekingham Moyers, Jacqueline Lee Charknte Mullis, David effasoM Mullis, Richard Monroe Murphy, Linda Lee Cenington Myers, Carolyn Jean ClemmoHS Myers, Ronald Keith U ' inston-Sakm Myers. Tom Bennett Hiakalt. Jla. Neal. June Elizabeth Ceaksi ' UU Newman. Beverly Jo ijreensboro Newsome. Molly Carol Winston- Salem Nixon. William Larry Charlotte Nolen, Linda Sue Spray Nophalay, Douang OtaHg-Prabang. Caos Norris, Vickey LaVonne Hudson Nunamaker. Susan (Gettysburg. Pa. Oakes. Janice Stockton, .y. Oakly. Myra Lynn Mil ane Oleyar. Donald Gene Jails Church. I ' a. Oliver. Richard Barnes Staunton, fit Orders. Karen Sue Mcrganton Osborne. Sally Asheboro k Aim SOPHOMORES 247 P (pl 1 p :i f.ilf f f Owen. Aleta Faye CtumpUr Owen. Freda Young M " S(m Owens. James Mis Church. I ' a. Owens. John Paul Sparta Owens. Linda Kay Kannapclis Owens. Palmer Lee i rcensboro Pait. Douglas Miller. Jr. Qnemboro Park, Linda Kiger WiHstoh-SaUm Parker. Douglass Allen Keading. Pa. Parker. Sarah Harding KaUigh Parlier. Samuel David Mickorg Parnell. Brenda CaiitgtoM Parsons. Lorene orth XViikesboro Partee. Judy Ann Charlotte Payne. David Lee Hoone Payne. Harriett Susan Chase Citg. I ' a. Peace. Bennie Jean Zhomasville Pendley. Martha Jane Spruee Pine Pennell. Darrell Clayton £emir Pepper. John William Mazelwood Perkins. William Mickorg Perry. Barbara Lee Zwm ' iUe Petty. Jessie Anne QrecHsbcro Pharr. Rosa Diane StatesmUe Phillips. Donna Gwywn Uurlmgtoh Phillips. Martha Frances Ceaksmllc Phillips. Robert Maxwell Milford. DeL Pickard. James Thomas Sugar throve Pinnix. Brenda Kay State Koad Pittman. Janis Paige HendersoHvUle Plyler. Robert Michael StatesviUe Poe. Julie Anne Altawista. Va. Poulos. Vicky Jean Moitita. Calif. Powell. Dennis Scroggs ClemiHOMS Powell. Jan Herschel Qreensboro Powell. Richard Lee VaUese Prevette. Brenda Sue KoMda Prichard. Jennifer Ann urtitigtOH Puckett. Jo Ann MuMtersville Puckett. Sandra Kay Mt. Airg Putman. Hubert Lee High Point Queen. Martha Amanda Kostk Quick. Patrick Edison. Jr. CiUiiigtOH Rader. Andrew Smyre .VewtoM Randleman. Regenia Mae Mamptamulte Ray. Trudy Elaine CiHColhtori Rayford. Joy Suzette Charlotte Reddick. Brenda Kay Helnwitt Redmon. Kathryn Elaine Mheville Reece. Carolyn Joan Z ' UHVilU Reel. Brenda Gail Marion Reep. Linda Faye JjncolutoM Reep. William Rhodney Vak Reid. Anne Fulk Pimmk Rhodes. Elizabeth Ann Some Rich. Mary Louise Asheboro Richardson. Larry Michael Hoone Rinehardt. Mary Lee Kamseur Ringley. James Shuler WiHstOH- Salem Ritchie. Carmel Koonts Koone 248 SOPHOMORES Ritchie. Patsy Ann Rivers. Jonathan Henry Roach. Gary Arthur Roberson, Vickie Jean Roberts. Wyndie Clare Robinson. Elizabeth Louise Robinson. Sandra Lee Robinson. William Baxter Robinson, William Clifton Roland. Janet Marie Ross. Roger Lane Roten. Bracel Bauguess Rudicil. Stephen Wilson Russ. Ralph Mitchell Russell. Sandra Ann Rutherford. Linda Regina Sain. Reba Ann Sams. Elizabeth Ann yVcW CoHdOM PagekHd. S.C. MccriSirilk Cei:in0toit Charlotte Qastouia Sane. Robert Neal KutiiafotdtOM Scearce. Bonita Gray KeidsviUc Schoolfield. Victor Gaylen Qrcemboro Scott. Barbara Louise MttdisoM Scott. Wanda Mae Mickory Sechler. Teresa Jean Chiua Qrovc Secrest. Emily Wallace Secrest, Samuel Wade. Jr. Seitz. Barb Jean Seley. Gwendolyn Anne Self. Mitchell Edward Sells. Iris DeLane Setzer. Thomas Dewey Shanklin. Kenneth Augustus Sharpe. Marrianne Shaver. Gary Allen Shearin. Dana Leroy Sheppard. Nancy Earl Sherrill. Samuel Kenneth Sherwood. Connie Sue Shirley. Bobby Guy Shoaf. Cynthia Maureen Shoaf. Jane Gibson Shoemaker, Janice Marie Shomaker. Sandra Reynolds Shull. Joe Leslie Shumaker. Paul Steven Shumate. Brenda Jean Sigmon. Ann Marie Silvers, Richard Ernest Simmons. Charles Franklin Simmons. Robert Dale Simpson. Linda Leigh Simpson. Steven Stanley Sink. Ray Carter Sink. Sarah Beth Sisk. Mary Ann Skidmore. Candace Lee Skiles, Joan Patricia Slate. Rodney Ellis Slate, Susan Southern Sloop, Kenneth Lee SOPHOMORES 249 LL f f • !v f! | ;f t J fr- ( C5 Sluder, Charles Hubert Smart. Stephen Wayne Smathers. Sandra Kay Smith. Alice Faye Smith. Brenda Kay Smith. Donna Eva Smith. George. Jr. Smith. Gerry George Smith. James David Smith. Janice Rae Smith. Johnny Ray Smith. Nancy Alice Smith. Paul Richard Smith. Peggy Sue Smith. Roger Clayton Smith. Sharray Rejina Smith. Tommy Ray Smith. William Byron Smoot. Sudie Nell Snipes. Lana Marilyn Snipes. Martha Ann Somers. Loresa South. Loretta Marie Sowers. Ultra Phyllis Sparks Linda Gayle Speagle. Sue Carolyn Spencer. Cheryl Bonita Spratt, Jannelyn Troxler Sprinkle. Janis Greer Sprinkle. Larry Dale Staley. Brenda Delane Stanley. Charles Esker Stanley. Marsha Dianne Steele. Donald Richard Steelman. Georgia Stepp. Karen Gail Stepp, Susan Hope Stevenson. Sharon Lee Stewart. Brenda Janelle Stewart. James William Stewart. William Daniel Stone. Jack Stout. Joyce Ann Strider. Janet Elizabeth Stroupe. Sara Kay Styron. Celia Faye Sullivan. John Stephen Sumlin. Kenneth Eugene Surrett. Judy Lee Swaim. Debbie Lauryn Swaim. Martha Lynn Swearingen. Rrenda Kay Swearingen. Janet Marcella Sweet. Judith Lothian Swicegood. Dana Sharon Talley. Larry Gene Tarrant. Steve Leighton Taylor. Bonnie Sue Taylor. Charles William, III Taylor. Donna Jean Shelby CaHlOH Kings Mountain Aiit ' aHC( MagHCiliii. .y. Hickory West Palm lUmch. 3k. Cemir HocMt CcHcir Boone Kannapolis Albemarle U ' instoH-Salem StokesdaU .VewloH Mocksvilk Maw Kiirer ' Durham HurliMgtoit Ifoone Ciiiwood Kofiboro Hiekory CawsoHviltc Charlotte Qreensboro CexiHgtcH Mheboro High Point Meson i astonia yadkinvilU Mendasonville Hickory Asheboro MuntersiilU Martsallc. S.C- Hamtet J orth U ' ilkcsboro Mendersonnlk Henoir Ueaufort Cenoir Cenoir Miyh Point High Point Kerncrsville Karber Hamletl PeekskilL ,V. y. iCinwood Migh Point Charlotte X homos iille Ml. Airy Winston-Salem 250 SOPHOMORES Taylor. Stephen Eugene Zrenloit. ,V.y. Terry, Barbara Jean Kci ' boro Terry. Carol Lynne ntiiiait. y. ' J. Terry. Reva Diane Sdm Tesh. Joyce Ann Wimlivi-Salem Thomas. Joyce Kay UurtiiigtOK Thomas, Terry Teresa Concord Thompson. Stephen Dean SpiMdaU Thorp. James Odell ArlinglOH. Va. Threatt. Sheila Anne Monroe Tilley. Mike Edward Morion Tomaino. Carol Ann aitk Sik-er. y. ' J. Toney. David Clyde HOOHC Townsend. Nancy Carolyn HildebrM Traywick. Darryl Wayne Charlotte Triggs. Clyde Gary Hickory Tubergen. Joanne Margaret MorgaiitOH Tudor. Teresa Gail Burlington Turner. Alvis Wade. Jr. Draper Tuttle. Marcus Boyles King Underwood. Jan Day HelmOKt Ussery. Nancy Jane .Albemarle Van Antwerp. Robert Hunter i ' lkiii Van Hoy. Waynna Laura Piney Creek Veasey. Harry Thomas Aberdeen Vincent. Timothy Shaw Kaleigh Volk. Claudia Jean Columbus. Ohio Von Cannon. Emily Victoria Creensboro Von Runnen. John. Jr. Jails Church. Va. Wade. Linda Carol Mebane Wadsworth. Janet Rebecca Winston- Salem Wagoner. Janice Lynn Snow Camp Waldrop. Richard Dale Jshedlk Walker. Clyde Jerry Boone Walker. Larry James Mags Walker. Tawana Leigh Asheboro Walker. Terry Claton , orth IVilki-sboro Wall. Juha Evelyn Kandleman Wallace. Emily Alice Mt Airy Wallin. Judy Edwards Mars Hill Walsh. Cynthia Kay Stalescillc Ward, Thomas Oscar Miami Jk. Warren. Steve Harley Valdese Watkins. Sara Ann Sanford Watson. Martha Lorena Xryon Watters. Joann Sigmon yewton Waugh. Clyde Miller. Jr, Moraimi Jails Weatherman. Patsy Lynn Kannapolis Weaver. Christal Jean Koseboro Webb. Rebecca Page Kamscur Webb. William Henry Southern Pines Webber. Wanda Kay Shelby Wertz. Jerry Wayne Koanoke Va. West. Blenda Kay Jerguson West, Leonard Wilson £enoir West. Milton Eugene Winston-Salem Whatley, Barbara Ann Boone Wheeler. Joyce Elizabeth Durham Wheeler. Mary Lee Cake Park. Jla Wheeler. Robert Leon Boone A f C ' ' - J: £l t - ' P SO PHOMORES , 2 5 I jf» Wheless. Dorthey Mae Whitaker, Brenda Mae Whitaker. Constance Whitaker. Glie Thomas Whitaker. Martha Faye Whitaker. Vickie DIanne White. Daniel Dee White. Ernest Arthur Whitener. Ronald Lee Whitener. Sheha Catherine Whitt. Barbara Irene Wiggins. Alvin Taylor. Jr. Wild. Susan Marie Williams. Karen Idella Williams. Rebecca Rose Willis. Roy Francis Wilson. Linda Kay Wilson. Meredith Wilson, Susan Roberts Wingler. JoAnn Gail Winters. Dennis ByrI Woody. Geraldlne Worden. Norman Randall Wright. Fredrick Nicholas Wright. Larry Nelson Wylle. Patricia Anne York. Rhonda Kay York. Ronald Gar Young. Merritt Fred Zimmerman. Kathryn Louine JrmkliHtm ZliomasfiUe OruHgfburg. S.l. ijii ai. I ' n. ZhomasfiUc Wadesboro Marshal . Va. Miami. 3la. Hickory Mickory KerHasviUi KolfSi ' iUc 3ort Monroe. I ' a. Jamestown Bopite Charlotte Miutson Qastohia Purlear i ' lk Park Hrevard Sast Haven. Vt. Da las Metiane Qreeiisboro yreeitsboro Meiaite Tiarltam Marshall JUNIORS treasurer: John Giles. Vice-President: Ricky DuRant, Secretary: Marilyn Alexander. President: John Smith. Abernethy. Gary Eugene Mickory Absher. John Stephen Koone Adams. Thomas Eugene U ' lidtmi ' Agle, Robert Edward, Jr. tfirpHe Agner, William Eddie Muitsoil Alexander, Elizabeth Anne SlatesviUe Alexander, Julia Marilyn ZhcmastiUe Alexander. Tony Reid ( reaisboro Allen, Margaret Janett J ormau Allen, Steven Miles QrUHSbow Allers, Katherine Lee Kakigk Alley. Jennifer Elaine HwisoH Anderson. David Alvin dteetwood. Pa. Anderson. Harry Kiser Hoysi. V L Aplin, Judith Ann Slfwart Mtuior. .V. | . Ardrey. Thomas Steele Jtalt ic ' us Arnold, Marion Elizabeth iltiirlclkstilk. I ' a. Atkins, Sheryl Jean Cary Austin, Donna Jeannine Ocust Austin, Sandra Murphy Mebme Babb, Barbara Veigh KcidsMe Badgett, Michael Edgar Mt. My Bailey. Bobby Wayne Hostic Bailey. Doris Clark Jpet Bain. George Briton ijKenstieiro Baird. William Omar Sugar (jrove Bandy. Judy Diane ewtoH Banner. Mary Louise Boone Barker. David Steven Wayitc-iril c- Barnes. David Cox Carlliaye Barnes. James dairkss Milk. Pa. Barnes. Sarah Emra jWoncure Barnes. Vicki Lee Qiislonia Barr. Carol Lee .Xivark. Dei. Barrett. Gloria Anita ' alitese Barrow, Elizabeth Kaii ' iyli Bartholomew. Gerald Frederick Hickory Bartlett. Patricia Dorinda AskeviUc Basinger. William McCoy Saiisbury Battey, Janice Whitney Cliariolte Beachum, Shelia Anne Oakboro Beam, Cheryl Ann Clienyviile Beam, Edwin Hugh Siieiby Beam, Thomas Merle Kamapolis Beaver, Harold Curtis Zroulman Beaver. Sarah Karen Salisbury Beck. Daniel. Jr. yadkimiile Beck. Glenda Maeree Cemgton Beck. Wanda Lorraine Zkomasviile Bedsauh. Linda Gayle cHHiee Beeker. Jean Ann Cemgton Belk. Margaret Agnes Ml. Uila Bell. James Alton WinslOH-Sakm Benfield. Joyce Ann ijaslOHia £%dM P P I ' ' P JUNIORS 253 f f) f £ f I f» f r 4- 4 Benson. Judith Lynn CcHcord Biddix. Betty Mace Spruce Pine Bingman. Charlene Armstrong Charlotte Black. Sandra Ann jCcHoir Black. Thomas Milliard. II K ' lu s .Mouiitam Black. Toni June Sniithfielii Blackburn. James Richard jejjerseu Blackburn. Joel Edward , ewtoii Blackburn. William Timothy CiicrrynlU Blalock. Billie June graliam Blalock. Ronald David Jlbemiirle Boatright. Sheryl Dianne U ' ' iistM-Sii em Bobbitt. James Talmage JterdeeM Bodenheimer. Bonnie Sue Pomt Booth. Donald Jay JlMrce Bost. Robbie Kay Jtt ' emarte Bowden. Patricia Ann i asloim Bowers. Ellen Carolyn J orwood Bradford. Mary Ann Concord Bradsher. Timothy Freeman Kovboro Brady. Rebecca Jeanne High Point Brafford. Leslie Carol Concord Bratton. Linda Dianne Kockingham Brawley. Margaret Kay Cenoir Bridges. Barbara Sue Hoiling Springs Bridges. Sheila Karen Jorest City Briley. Mary Ann Kocky Jtount Brittain. Bertha LaRae Hickory Brittain. Connie JU ' rgiiuton Brittain, Glenda Sue Hickory Brittain. Linda Kay Hickory Brookshire. Mary Linda .Moracian Jails Brown. Donna Jean Jaitli Brown. Harriett Evelyn Candler Brown. Judy Patricia Kose Hill Brown. Norma Selena Purlear Bruce. Charles Taber Brungard. Eileen Anne Bryson. Sterleen Hite Buchanan. Jerry Arthur Buck. Elizabeth Salmon Bullard. Linda Adele Bullin. Virginia Irene Bullington. Sandra Kay Burke. Kathleen Hillin Burnette. Beverly DiAnne Burt. Furman Bush. Lynne Lizbeth Aslmlle Kussclls Point. Ohio Creensboro nakersvilU tfrevard High Point Slkin Pilot Mountain M ' ilkesboro Charlotte Charlotte Mooresoille Butler. Robert Dewey ZrafcUrs Kcst, S.C Byerly. Ronald Austin Vhommville Byrd. Sylvia Elaine Hickory Byrnes. Edward Thomas . Uncola. .V. ! Caldwell. James Frell. Jr. Concord Caldwell. Jerry Palmer. Jr. Jlevandria. I ' a. Cameron. Dennis Wayne Campbell. Edith Kathryn Campbell. Margot Dale Cande. James Francis Cantrell. Glennis Marian c amcron Spencer Morion Virginia Heach. I ' a. Chesnee. S.C Carpenter. Jennifer Tarkington Winston-Salem 254 JUNIORS Carpenter. Kenneth Lander Carpenter. Linda Rebecca Carpenter. Roger Hubert Carpenter. Samuel Beech. Jr. Carr. Charlotte Holmes Carrickhoff. Sharon Jean Carrigan. Scottie Stevin Carrigan. Sylvia Louise Carroll. George Douglas Carson. Cynthia Suzanne Case. James Arthur Castevens. Wade Branson Caudill. Sharon Yolande Caviness. Patricia Ann Ceciie. Marcia Chapman. Ruth Joanne Chapman. Sherry Layne Cheek. Henrietta Ann Childers. Gary Lee Childress. Ronald Wayne Chipman, Harold Gray CiHCOlHtOH Ml. Molly .W-wlaiid . Xoriivoii Stc ' dmaii Dallas Wiliesboro Koscboro Clurryi-llle Jktcker High Point . Wlh U ' ilkcsboro Aslicboro Kural MaU . MorgaMtoM ChiHa i tove Deep (fOp Ccitiidly Springs Kcamke. Va. church. Mary Sue £emir Clardy. Janice Lynn U ' iiislOH-Salem Clark. Carole Gantt Hooite Clawson. Mackie Hagaman UOOMC Clayton. Patricia Marie Konborc Cline. Charles Howard Cohover Cline. Sherry Lane Charlotte Cline. Virginia Rae Charlotte Clitherow. Ronald Harper WiiistOH-Salem Cloninger. James Laben Cochran. William Earl. Ill Cochrane. William Joseph Cockrell. George Lewis. Jr. Coffey. Arthur Wade Coggins. Jane Elizabeth Coker. Sharon Lucille Colbert. Bonita Kay Cole. Barry Michael Cole. William Floyd. Jr. Coleman. Shirley Ann Coley, Jane Alice Collette. Mahala Jo Collins. Joycelyn Sue Colvin. Emily Ann Combs. Mary Anna Combs. Patricia Ann Combs. Sue Anna Comer. Sandra Dawn Conley. John Wayne Conoly. Ellen Eloise Conrad, Georgia Louise Cook. Connie Louise Cook. Noel Cook. Ronald Duain Cook. Ruth Maxine Cooke. Linda Diane Cooke. Martha Jane Corcoran. Janet Correll. Elizabeth Dianne Kings .Mountain Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Koom , V» ' Condon eikm CoMoiier Swords Creek. Va. Wilmington. Del Morganton Winston- Salem Westfield Kcidsvillc CihCOlHtOM Darlington. Mii- Uurlington QrahaiM makersiiille Shannon ISakersvillt Kernersvillc Martinsville. Va. Weavcrville Ml. Mrg Shelby Mt. Airy Massapegua Park. Ji. y. High Point fv Ci © p - O C ' P f A fif 9L fa K ' } JUNIORS 255 ( iP i: fc? C3 tp (- ( f ' P ft Coughenour. Pamela Ann Covington, Ralph Euclid. Jr. Coward. Margaret Janet Cox. Susan Elizabeth Craver. Patricia Lee Craver. Thomas Roland Crawley. David James Crisco. Frances Elizabeth Crisp. 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Daniel Thomas Miekory Fussell, Almon Douglas Qrecnstxiro Gaddy. John Douglas ( reensboro Gaddy. Richard Vernon Ashevilk Gamble. James Edward Summerfield Gamble. Thamer Wilson .Hickory Gantt. Wanda Rose Statcsiille Gardner. Barbara Harrison yadkinfilk Gardner. Ikey Monroe Charktte Garrard. Frances Paula Jayetteiilk Garrett. Charlotte Ann Julian Garrison. Marcia Ann Slatesvilk Geddings, Arthur Joseph. Ji Mgrtk neack. S.C. Gentry. Richard Paul Cansing Gentry. Sherley Verna XoM Gerringer. Joel Jr Draper Gettys. David Wayne Sllenboro Gibson. Janice Cole Koaring Kim Gibson. Judy Carol Migh Point ft f ' c ix £££££. Mm JUNIORS 257 Of Pi Gibson. Linda Faye HurlitigtOH Giles. John Lawrence ijraiisboro Gilliland. Laura Elizabeth JCemir Goforth. Edna Elledge .Vartk WlkesboTo Goforth. Mary Helen Kings Mountain Goodman. Derenda Sue Concord Gorman. Patrick George MlmgtoH. Va. Gossett. Johnny Michael Stowah Graham. Dell Elizabeth ZotU Grant. Carolyn Christensen IVinkr Park. M Greene. George Perry. Jr. HOOHC Greene. Judy Ann Deep Qap Greenlaw. Richard Clayton tScilast. Mi. Gregory. Oma Jean Hays Grey. Wavel Gayle Mt. Airy Griffin. Allen Vance Shelby Griffin. Patricia Diane Wadisboro Griffith. Wesley Van Claumons Groome. Linda Gail Miami 31a. Grubb. Teresa Annette CemtoH Gunn. Minnie Rebecca Kurd HaU Gunther. Martin Aaron eroHstOH. K.J. Haag. Sandra nakesik. M- Haigler. Virginia Roena MorgoHtoH Haines. Sandra Kay Winchester. Va. Hales. Gloria Paulette Koseboro Hall. Delmer Reid Pilot MountttiM Hall, Patricia Ann StatcsvlUe Halsey. Evalynn Volney. Va. Hamlett. John Michael Statesvllle Hammer. Janis Lynn XaylorscilU Hamrick. Gladys Lynn Ciigs ' uU Harmon. Charles Raymond Koone Harp. Robert Wayne U ' instoM-Sakm Harper. Keitha Lynn Weamvlllc Harpold. Clayton Austin Minneapolis Harrington. Charles David i reensboro Harrison. Robert Gordon Jefferson Hart. Laura Louise WlMston-Salan Harte. Ann Hinnant Charlotte Hartley. Audrey Wallace Koone Hartley. Jerry Daniel ewland Hartman. Jerrie Sue Cuicolnton Hartsell. Marsha Lynette .New Conilon Hartsoe. Patricia Yvonne Cincolnton Hartsoe. Wylene Louise Crunipkr Hatley. Tam ara Jean Concord Hawkins. Carol Herman Hickory Hawkins. Doris Ann Cenolr Hawkins. Elma Diane U ' lnston-SaleiK Hawkins. Nancy Ann Zraphlll Hawks. Donna Elaine Sylca Head. Jesse Milton. Jr. Winston- Salem Heald. Donna Helene Xallahassee. Jla. Heavner. Carolyn Ann kings Mountain Hedden. William Virgle Cenolr Hedrick. Mary Beth StatcscUlc Hefner. Linda Carrol Hickory Helm. Janet Roberts High Point Helms. Barbara Gail MakUH 258 JUNIORS Hemmings. Harold Dean WimtoH-Satem Hemric. Danny Walmer £ast KcHd Hemric. Linda Lee HamploMtiUi Henderson. Deborah Anne Kakigh Hendricks. William Herman Milford. Dd Henson. Marlene Glenette Jorcst City Henson, Ramona Elizabeth CrossHore Herndon. Peggy Lee yamcyvUle Hersch. William Robert. Ill nelkUhmi. Pa. Hewat, Donna Elaine Hickory Hiatt. Linda Sue Mt. Airy Higgins. Melanie Earline M ' iikcsboro Hill. Brenda Jane Hickory Hill. Carmen Loretta Columbus Hill. Robert Clyde Mt. Airy Hilton. Donna Faye High Point Hinson. Gloria Dawn StatesvUk Hite. Joseph Sidney HcTHdoH. Va. Hodge. Jack Woodrow. Jr. Rowland Hoke. Robert Fred Statesville Hoke. Terry MooresviUc Holcomb, Gay Lynn Winston- SaUm Hollingsworth. Harriet Adele Concord Honeycutt, Flora Diane HmiUt Honeycutt. Mary Ema i astonia Hood, Richard Gregory jacksonvillt Hope. Myrtle HuntcrsviUe Herd. Martha Bess kings Mountain Home. Vernon Alvin Castonia Houser. Barbara Jean Star Houston. Jerry Myron Spruce Pine Hovis. Brenda Sue Mtti K Howell. Nelda Faye Kakersv ' dk Howie. Allan Marshall Charlotte Howie. Nancy Kathryn Monroe Howie. John Gunter Hartsiilk. S.C Hoyle. Brenda Kathryn Shelby Hubbard. Diane Shoaf Ciemmons Hudock. Mike Joseph Palmerton. Pa. Huff, William Winston-Salem Huffstetler. Marjorie Elizabeth Kings Mountain Huggins. Michael Robert Cramerton Humphrey. Randall Lee SumnicrfieM Hunt. Belar Buris .Vebo Hunter. 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Rodney Lyn Hickory Kelly. Martha Celeste Charictte Kennedy, Joey Clemmer Xkomasi ' ilk Kessell. Donna Marnel W ' mstoM-Salem Kincaid. William Howard Hcom King. Lillian Parrott HartsvUk. S.C. Kirby. Elizabeth Ann Concent Kistler. Mary Frances CincoMoH Knowles. Marshall edcH Koontz. Kathryn Gayle Xhomasmlk Koontz. Tommie Kay West Jefferson Krider. Jimmy Ray Zodd Kulp. Kenneth Karl acksomilk. Jk. Kuykendall. Pamela Gail HeiuUrsoHnlk Kyles. Judy Karol Statesvilk Lackey. Thomas Stony Point Lail. Benny Eugene CohHcUy Springs Lail. Carroll Dean Cincolnlon Lail. Wanda Marie Hickory Lambert. Charles Richard Kobbins Laney, Brenda Joyce Hickory Langley. Sherry Lea Stokes Lanier, Susan Antoinette Denton Lawrence, Linda Lou Winston-SalaM Laws. Barbara Elizabeth Ml. Airy Lawson. Betty Jeanette WestfieU Lee. Albert Fitzhugh. Jr. Srwin Lee. Karen Sue AU. Holly Leitch. Terrance Mauldin Albemark Lemons. Wallace Lee Keidsdlk Lentz. John Vincent Concord Leonard. Kenneth Wayne Xkomasvilk Leonard. 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Peggy Sue U ' imton-Salait Martin. Susan Dianne High Point Martois. Karen Lynn Urooklyn. .y. Mascott. Thomas Charles HoHOver. .V.f. Mason. Mary Janet Cewir Mast. Joe McFarland BoOhC Mathis. Janet Astor KoMda Matthews. Carol Louise Pimaele Mauney. Jacob Philo kings Mountain Mayhew. Georgeanna Lynn Dafidson Mays. Harriet Louise Hildfbran McArthur. Barbara Louise Wakulla McCall. Connie Hale Jaydtnillc McCarter. Robert Eric MooresviUc McCollum. Joseph Reginald Atlanta. Qa. McCollum. Rickey Stephen yadklHtilU McCombs. Sue Alice ConovcT McCorkle. Stephen Raymond Cenoir McCormick. James Elmer Brevard McDougle. Helen Ann Pelzer. S.C McEntire. John Yancey Old Jon McGregor. Mary Jeanette Miami Jla. McHargue. Daniel Hugh. Jr. Statesfitle Mclntire. Susanne Hathorne Creensboro Mclver. Gloria Jane Hiscoe McKenna. Dianne Lane Qreensboro McKinley. Donna Louise Springfield, Pa. McLean, buzanne Castonia McNeill. Brenda Gray Purlcar McPhaul. Mary Allene Ked Springs McRae. Lois MttldOM McRorie. Deanna Elaine Charlotte McSwain. Edwin Douglas Shelby McSwain. Jerry Winfred Koone Mecham. Donna Rae Wimton-SaUm Medlin. Anita Louise Monroe Merritt. Karen Marie Kural Mall Michael. Glenda Kaye Qreensbcro Midkiff. Lucille Frances Kaleigh Miles. Fred Harvey Charlotte Miller. Andrew Jerry Morganton Miller. Gene Koekwell d V MJ JUNIORS 261 fi f A fS P ILA ' f ! V " 3 1 " f»fi Miller. Hala Diana U ' fst JeffasoM Miller. Helen Friend WmstOM-Sakm Miller. Ivy Anne CiitcolntOH Miller. Mary Judith QastOHia Miller. Robert Lee West ejfasoH Mohr. Virginia Diane ortkport. .y. Molnar. Bryan Scott Hutch. Ohio Moody. Brenda Carroll kihStOM Moore. Charlotte Anne KichmoMi, Va. Moore. Janie Sue West £itd Moose. Ronnie Keith Stony Point Morgan. Mary William Caurinburg Morris, Linda Grey Salisbury Morton. Daniel Craig Ua fem. Pa. Morton. Gwendolyn Sasser Albemarle Morton. Robert Earl aeksoHville Moser. Rita Jeanne ClaremoHt Moss, Emily Carol Rural Mall Motley. Margaret Pamela Salisbury Mullen. Martha Eve ChocowiHity Mullinax. Susan Anne SItelby Mullis. LaNita Ann Matthews Murdock. Rita Olivia XroutmOH Myers. Jerry Delbert Uoone Myers. Nancy Faye WiMstoM-Sakm Myers. Walter Lee Thomasville Nabors. Jennifer Susan Statesville Nance. Sylvia Jean Kear Creek Nash. Ronald Keith Mamlet Neal. William Arthur. Jr. Columbia. S.C. Needham. Carolyn Faye Pilot McuHtaiH Newlin. Stephen Coble CeaksvUle Newton. Betty Ann MorgautoH Newton. Glenda Jane Shelby Nichols. Janice Gayle Deep Qap Norman. Steve Larry Mt. Airy Norton. Lisa Huland Marion Oakley. Robert Lynn Winston- Salem Oates. Betty Jean Qastonia Oehler. Jane Shelby Ogburn. William Gary Winston-Salem Oliphant. Valerie Ann Mooresvllle O ' Neal. Irene CumbertOM Owens. Rebecca Ann Pilot Mountain Padgett, Jeffrey Scott Jorest City Page. Judy Ann Salisbury Palma. Pamela Miami Springs. Jla Palmer. Elizabeth Ann Wilkesboro Pardue. Janet Susan yorth Wilkesboro Park. Coy Mack. Jr. Winston- Salem Park. Virginia Christine MarshviUe Parker. Gail Elaine J ewport Parker. Norma Sue Koonnlle Parker. Patricia Ann Charlotte Parker. Thomas Wright Cedar ( rove Parris. Jo Anne Cliffsiik Patterson. Camilla Marie Keidsi ' ilk Patterson. Martha June Hickory Paynter. Pamela Dauphine Sorlina Payseur. Robbie Jean Qastonia 262 JUNIORS Peeler. Nellie Marie Joresl City Pendergraft. Anita Gail Salisbury Peninger. Martha Lee JCemgtoK Pennell. Jimmv Guy ZaylorsviUe Perry. Dennis Fred HCOHC Perry. Patricia Gray ZhoiMttsdlle Phillips. Robert William. Jr. Qraham Phillips. Roy Phil Hale i rceKsboro Phillips. Thomas Daniel QrecHsboro Phipps. Michael David jKicuth of Wilsoti. Va. Pierce. Linda Dare Miliars Creek Pitman. Patricia Kay Sostic Pittman. David Ford. Jr. Jraitk Player. Doris Sherlyn i ' ast KoekiiiyliaiH Plazo. Patricia Gay MarberlpM. Ohio Plott. Linda Gail Adi ' Mce Plummer. Judy Gayle Kanmpolis Porterfield. Johnnie Irene i rattiUH Poston. Betty Rosalyn Shelby Poteat. Wanda Erskine yUarim Potts. Ted Graham jC nuvad Powell. Matilda Maxine Vale Prater. Donna Lea Miami. 31a. Presley. Linda Mae Cartilage Prestwood. Rebecca Ann Ceioir Price. Kenneth Terry ( affney. S.C. Priddy. Winifred Spencer CtWSOhVillc Pritchett. Cassandra Lee SOOMC Privette. Jerry Edward J orth Wilkesboro Privette. Sandra Anne QastoMia Pruett. Gary Martin Mr Airy Pruitt. Lou Ella XraphiU Pulliam. Brenda Lee ( reembora Pursley. Thelma Louise Ckarlolte Putnam, Robert Dixon Cawndale Queen. Tommy David Vilas Query. Leonard Griffin. Jr. Charlotte Query, Phyllis Ann kamiapolis Ramsey Jerry Drew Warner Kobins. Qa. Randall. Fred Harvey. Jr. PolktOH Randleman. Julia Diane pHesdlU Randolph. Karen Anne Kamiapolis Raymer. David Foy .North Wilkesboro Reary. Maria Erneston Kooite Redman. Kathryn Elizabeth Pilot Mountain Redmon. Annie Lou Walnut Cove Redmond. Martha Anna Durham Reel. Floyd Edward Alemndria. Va. Reese. Horace Lee Spartanburg. S.C. Reeves. Lydia Marie Kaleigh Rego. Dennis Silva. Jr Ch.irlotte Reid. Alvin Richard. Jr. Pilot Mountain Reid. David Franklin Ceangton Reid. Dorothy Leigh Morse Shoe Renegar. Judith Marie Statesville Reynolds. Sandra Kay Hiseoe Rice, Linda Lucille Turlington Rice. Robert McConnell Jefferson Rich. Alva Irene Asheboro Rich, Donald Arthur Asheboro .e- i ilii p P i » t P ti P P fS f f L JUNIORS 263 ?■ t « ilL Richardson. David James Richardson, Judy Lynn Rickman. Mary Gayle Rightsell, William Garrett Rrtter. Mazie Inez Roach. Nancy Cathy Robbins. Sylvia Faye Robbins. Vivian Elizabeth Roberts. Charles Waitsel. Ill Robinette. Gary Nelson Robinson. George Herbert Robinson. Michael Warren Robinson. Rebecca Eloise Robson. James. Ill Rogers. John Boyce. Jr Rogers. Judy Gwendolyn Rogers. Julia Kay Rogers. Robert Carl Rogers. Susan Readling Roman. George. Jr. Rominger. Linda Arlene Ross. Donald Roten. Jack William Roth. Linda Kay Rou. Judith Ann Rowe. Claudia Ann Rowe. James Edward Royall. Sharron Rebecca Rummage. Ronnie Gene Russell. Saundra Gillion Durham Spuria Hcaksiillc KamSi-ur Kobbim Ware Slwals. S.C. Mifli Poiht Ashcboro Snka Pofcikt. S.C. i remsboro MoorcsvilU yewtoM jJacksoHi ' ille Stattsi ' ilU Mattkews StatcsalU Wilkesboro Mooresviile Pembertoh. . J. Uanna 3lk Kdmont Koone Mumii, 31a. Katdick. 31a. DurhaiH KcU-ldm. A ' .y. State Koad Oakbcro CoHeord Ruth. Rose Mary Mi h Point Sadler. William Mizell West Palm Keaek. 31a. St. Clair. Sam Edward Charlotte Sanders. Gloria Jean Miekory Sanders. Mary Catherine (freer. S.C. Sanderson. Mary Anne 3ciur Oaks Sansone. George Rocco Mcrfolk. Va Saraduke. Barbara Ann 3t. Pierce 31a. Saunders. Sara Francine Salisbury Scanlan. Sara Ann Hickory Scarlett. Linda (graham Schoolfield. Eddie Herman gibsoiii ' ille Scott. Carol Lee WilliMgboro. y. . Scott. Katrina Camille Mooresviile Scott. Linda Kay Winston- Saleju Seaford. Rod Wayne CoHcord Seagle. Dennis Fredrick Connelly SpriHgs Sebastian. Ronald (Jranite 3alls Sechler. Linda Jean China i roi ' e Self. John Perkins Cincolnton Sessoms. Nannie Carolyn 3ayettevUle Setzer. Margaret Elaine Onoir Setzer. Sue Carolyn ClareiHont Sharpe, David Rosemond t reensboro Shaw. Conrad Aldean yorth Wilkesboro Shaw. Susan Elizabeth Charlotte Sheets. Elizabeth Greer Caurel Sprmgs Shinn. Robert Taylor Mt. Ulla Shook. Carolyn Mae StatesvilU Shook. Delores Ann Pfafftou-n 264 JUNIORS Shooke. Brenda Joyce Shore. Phyllis Elaine Short. Brenda Kay Short. Martha Ann Shropshire. Phyllis Jane Shue. Margaret Elizabeth Shumaker. Rebecca Lee Shumate. Joyce Diann Shumate. William Alex Sigman. Mary Frances Sigmon. Sheila Gaye Siler. Brenda Carol Siler. Deborah Margaret Simpson. Gary Simpson. Phyllis Dean Sink. Janet Cathryn Sink. Rosemary Sitton. Domicia Louise Sledge. Townley Milton Sloop. Ben Wesley Sloop. Peggy Sue Small. Charles Lynn Small. Jacquelyn Anne Smith. Alline ifrecHsboro ijramboro Waxhaw West Palm Kaick. 3k. CaHiUs Statcsvillc .North Wilkesbpro Hickory CoHova CoHOuer Xr ' mty Sikr City Krevard Monroe Winston- SdeM CeniHgton Ciiarlotte Monroe Winston-Salem Salisbury Sophia Winston-Salem Smith. Becky Smith. Betty Starr Smith. David Hampton Smith. Donna Maraline Smith. Frances Gene Smith. Gary Franklin Smith. John Paul Smith. Lawrence Boiling Smith. Mary Alicia Smith. Michael Smith. Reba Marie Smith. Sandra Carmaletia Snider. Jennifer Jean Snipes. Sheila Elizabeth Snyder. Ruth Ann Sofley. Jerry Dean Sparks. Sandra Anne Sperry, Patricia Dare Spratt, Judy Gail Sprinkle. Janet Gayle Spurling. Sara Lou Stall. Linda Lee Stallard. Jack Edward, Jr. Stanbery. Larry Blaine Jayettei ' ille Koone King Salisbury Salisbury Winston-Salem Winston-Saiem Charleston S.C. HendersonoiUe Kings Mountain PolktOH Burlington Salisbury Statesfille Winston-Salem Salisbury Charlotte Pilot Mountain Caroleen trinity CawniiaU Charlotte Durham Starnes. Don Billue Wa haw Starr. Cyndy Park Silver Spring. Mtt- Steele. Nancy Lee Orangeburg. S.C. Stephenson. Teresa Carol Angler Stevens. Marianne Sladenboro Stewart. Frank Darrell Statesvillc Stewart. Linda Faye Stocks. Linda Grey Stoots. Jerry Kenneth Stout. Virginia Strickland. James Francis. Stoupe. Vonda Lee Hamlet WhitevUle Bristol Va. Kamseur Stedman Morganton JUNIORS 265 1 J fv " ' i fl % h i ' M ' V ip» € ' iir«. i i Styers. Shirley Ann Jia-dtrat Suddreth. Lula Gail Cemir Sutton. Bruce c ' l de Sutton. Robert Mitchei Mf tkiut Pari. MJ. Swaim. David Cletus, Jr. jCiberti Swicegood. Larry Calvin CevuigtoH Swink. Judy Lee Morgaiitoii Switzer. Margaret Rose Wilkesboro Tallent. Joyce Cail ale Tamet. Joseph George Wmston-Salcm Taylor. Barbara Ann WiHstOH-SaUm Taylor. Jerry Marlin Ccbamh. Va. Taylor. Joyce Carole HUick Mouittam Teague. Robert Lee Qastouia Teague. Sharon Ann Columbia. S.C. Tedder. James Randle J[At. Qikad Temple. Barbara Lois Jour Oaks Templeton. Barbara Christine Mooresvttk Templeton. Hal Melvin Tennent. Janet Thomas. Brenda Gail Thomas. Charles Edward Thomas. Diana Sue Thomas. William Kenneth Tillotson. Brenda Kay Tinsley. Nina Carol Toney. Barbara Ann Toney. Sherrill Durant Trexler. Connie Trexler. Gerald Trexler. Joyce Ann Triol. Myra Jean Triplett. Jean Jeanette Tucker. Virginia Sue Tugman. Mary Bingham Turner. Gloria Jane Turner, Jane Elizabeth Turner. Judy Rebecca Tuttle. Carroll Douglas Umfleet. Barbara Sue Underwood. Zack Lee. Ill Vaden. Rachel Gray Vanderveer. Sally Ann Vanhoy. Catherine Ann Verble. Frances Marguerite Wagner. Jeanette Marie Wagner. Sue Neal Walker. Brenda Gail Walker. Kenneth Lee Walker. Linda Lee Walker. Wendy Kay Cfall. Glenda Dianne Wall. Linda Permelia Wallin. Ronnie Lee Walsh. Phyllis Ann Ware. Tonnie Darryl Warlick. Philip Carl Warren. Charles Eddie Warren. Douglas Anne Waters. Brenda Kay SlkiM Charbtte Qastmla ZircoHia .Hildcbrm Kockmgham CUmmoHS Umard MooresbcTo Slknboro RockwcU XVimtOK-Saleiu Hoiting Springs Cliariottc JergusoH ClcmmoHS )io0He i affney. S.C. QastoHia Kcidsi ' ille KomcH M :CcMsnUc ( reasboM Keidsuille Hiscce Zrpy Kockwell Kootie CumbertoH CexingtOH Miami Jla. Springfield. Pa. Claylon yadkimille Mars Mill JagusoH Kings MoiHtaiH Shelby .Newton Statesi ' ille 266 JUNIORS Watson. Gail Kathleen Mavelock Waugh, Kenneth Wayne StatesvUk Weathers. Gerald Lee Shelby Weaver. Ann Newman Piney Creek Weaver. Ronald Scott WiKStOH-SakiH Weeks. Sandra Jean dayetteviUc Weeks. Vivian Ruth U ' ilittinytOH Welch. Bruce Jails Church. Va. Wells. Eunice Carol Mheville Wheeler. Sharon Lee Memdoh. Va. Whitaker. Cynthia Sue Candis Whitaker. Gary Hardin Shelby Whitaker. Kathy Virginia CIcmmoHS White. Laura Ruth Ml. Molly White. Mary Geraldine Jairfaje. Va. White. Susan Hedrick Miyh Point Whitley. Ronald George Charlotte Wilkes. Margaret Hatchett , ' ewtoM Williams. Anna Margaret Monroe Williams. Carl Wayne Sayle Springs Williams. Gail Diane Qreensboro Williams. Hiram Preston aicsvilU Williams. Norma Joyce Catawba Williams. Pamela Jane Qreemboro Williams. Robert Part MmihouHi. . ' J. Williams. Ronald Branard QrecHsboro Williams. Ronald Stephen Coitover Williams. Rose Mary U ' iMstoM- Salem Williams. William Koeky Mount Williamson. John Anderson Pinehurst Willis. Betty Jo Caurinburg Willis. Clayton Lee Shelby Willis. Floyd Reeves. Jr. Coneord Willis. Richard Otis viewport Jilews. Va. Winebarger. Lynda Carole Conorer Winkler. Sandra Jeanette £enoir Winstead. Frances Jean Charlotte Winters. Sandra Gail Marion Wittenberg. Judy Kay Hickory Wolfe. Hilliard Hudson. Ill Monroe Wongrey, Teresa Lynn Sumter. S.C. Wood. Dorothy Lyndall Union throve Wood. Wanda Gayle Mebane Woodard, Wanda Faye Mamlet Woodie. Gilda Ann Ciitvilk Jails Woods. Vera Maxine jCenoir Workman. Sandra Kaye Xhomasvillc Wright. Lynda Sue ( reensboro Wright. Rebecca Lee Dallas Yates. Patricia Elaine Vilas Yoder. Sidney Lee Cmille York. Kathryn Love Statesville Young. Janet Susan yKw A of Wilson. I ' a. Young. Terry Ray Vak Yount. 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Jr. PolktoM Lynn Austin Charlotte Martha Ann Baker Charlotte Patricia Helen Avery Crouse Michael Raymond Baker Srw K Brenda Kay Bain QrecMSboro Janice Marie Anderson Cemir %H Kathleen Gray Atkins Jean Elizabeth Baker jCemgtoH , ' « Diana Lee Banks MibletoM. Qa. tf Richard Lee Bankston Shelby Pa tsy Donnelly Barnes Carolyn Kate Barnett JcrgusoH Neil Giro Batelli Palcrsoii, f .J. Robert Daniel Batten aiesiulk SENIORS 269 Terry Bean Mudsoit Pamela Sue Beck £iMCOlnlOH Faye Carol Bennett Hakem ' ilk Harry Wilford Beane jCemnr Robin Andrew Beck Paul Bennett Kelief Barbara Elaine Beard Kahitapolis Phyllis Carol Beeker Carrie Lynda Berry VaUcsc Charles Leroy Beale U ' asliiHijIon. D.L. r ' Danny William Beauchamp Helen Adams Beam Clicrryiilk Jennie Lou Beaver Douglas Gene Belcher Douglas Harold Bennett Mmlutsvilk. I ' a. 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June Lunsford Dunn Hoom Patricia Victoria Dunn Jour Oaks William Lee Eanes. Jr Kidgeway. I ' a. James Clyde Earl. Jr . Pkasant. S.C. Jerry Wayne Earl Casar James Max Earnhardt Politon Kay Frances Eckard Zaylorsvills Nellie Jean Edwards Teresa Gale Ellington .Mill Spring i -ahrillf 276 SENIORS Shirley Sue Elrod (Jreeunlk. S.C. Marie Isley Everett HurliHgtoH Paula Susan Fisher giislonia - i " Ronald Lee Foulk Matfonl. XI J i% Ralph James Elston Dallas. Pa. Sherry Nell Flack Umoh Mills Gail Patricia Frasheur Jcrcsl City Gloria Ann Ennis r;=s Si. Norfleet Woodrow Alice Estep DiAnne Kluttz Eskridge Sparta Evans Mavelock Clima i rwe - - Brenda Jean Everhart Janice Lee Ferguson CetihgtCH Oberty o Jimmie Neal Flippin Stuart. Va. Dennis Jack Freeman Shelby t- Sherry Diane Ensogna iViuchestcr. Va. 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Ann Grace Goodson Jron Station Roberta Gilstrap Creeniillf. S.C Stuart Lind Goodwin Soiithpcrt 278 SENIORS Patricia Ann Gowan Askrilk P Etta Lori Grag Owir T Wayne Luther (jreene Margaret Carolyn Greer M ' lV r ' ViHceiihmii. y.j. Gary Thomas Grant Jcrest City Brenda Elaine Gray Miriam Hey Green Sarah Lenora Green Kockwdl LOMcont KcidsviUc Arthur Oregory .WomitaiH City. Vain. Leslie Shaw Grant Migli Point William Green Koiiboro Philip Nicholas Grau Clicstcr. Pa. Barbara Kay Greene Boohs Jerry Vernon Griffin William Joseph Griffin Marslnitk Lila Evelyn Grigg Larry Stephen Grill Clu-rryvillc I ' a osc Betty Kaye Grindstaff WiMStOH-Sn cW Maurice Hoyle Guffey, Jr Doris Ann Gulledge Kul y. S.C James Larry Gulley Kiiigsport. Xciiit Laura Susan Gwyn Rex Gray Hagaman Boone " Wanda Mae Haire BoonvUlc Brenda Joyce Halford , Uonroi ' SENIORS 279 Patricia Dolores Hand Salisbury Diane Gall Hall Jane Whiting Hall Julian Bailey Hall. Jr Andrea Louise Hamilton Diana Lynn Hamilton Hrooklyit. .y.y. Hickory . U. Holly MaUoii Woiksboro Wayne Alan Hamilton Patricia Diane Hammill J3 " e Hammond Katherine Anne Hampton Phillip Blaine Hampton Miami. Jill- ijolii Hilt Mnth Sprmgs. S.C. Smmiaiioii Hooik Susan Wilson Manner Ashcboro ft Mary Rebecca Harden Larry Edmond Hardin i}raltam Omgtoit t Peggy Reid Harrington ililMa i roi ' e Cynthia Annette Harris Lois Elaine Harris Hiyli Point Ward. S.C. k Richard Alan Havnaer Hickory :280 SENIORS Jackie Dale Hawkins QrccHsboro Vicki Starr Harris Coucoti Mary Ann Hawkins Marion Wanda Harris Brenda Louise Hass Hickory George Thomas Hayes Richard Vaughn Hayes Montezuma Piirtcar Jane Karen Heath WiHslcH-Siikm Danny Lee Holland Slaksiilk Sarah Lee Hedrick Mary Elaine Heffner John Thomas Hege Robert Owen Hemphill SlalfSdlU- Horsi- S uv Siil s i n .Viwc v Wi Linda Melton Holland S kHkVi ' Jo Anne Henderson Frances Lynne Henry Thomas Earl Henson Sandra Rae Herb Doris Lee Hicks CltarlotK Martimi-ilU; Va. ' JackscimUc { ettysbimj. Pa. Vilot Mountain Florence Louise Hicks Linda Dianne Hill Donna Burnett Hines Paul Christopher Hinkle Larry Allan Hogan KoomiUc CawlccH Kalagh . Uvksvilk .{tur i ' ii Barbara Raye Hollifield Carolyne Faye Hollifield Alice Nevada H olman Miirli ' H , tarit ' ii U ' csl jifcrsoii lames Allen Holshouser Salisbury Lillie Diana Holtsclaw MarioM Ronald James Honbarner Kaiiuapotb Dan Alan Hopkins Oastiviia Belinda Carol Home i ' harli ' ltc SENIORS 28 James Hunter Horner Richard William Horstman On ford iharlellc Janet Kay Howard Scutkcm P ' mes John Arthur Hoyle Dallas V ' Judy Idol Hoyle Kemersi ' ilk Mary Gail Hoyle SliMy Linda Sue Hudson Sharon Virginia Hudson Keith David Huffstetler Linda Katherine Hughes Dobsim Hampton. I ' a .!( . Hol i flurnsu i- Margarita Garves Hughes Richard Earle Hughes Caria Janson Humphreys Kenneth Golden Humphries Rick Stephen Hunt S i iiH. Md. ftwft- U ' iMSkm- Salon Uufab. S.C. Miyli Point Ronda Kaye Hunt Denton Albert Lee Hutchens. Jr. Richard Lee llsley Sast IVmton .V. I . Sharon Anne Ingram Chenau: S.C. k Dennis Ralph Inman ffc-t i tifm. Pa Stephen Morgan Isenberg Salisbury 282 SENIORS Linda Caudle Jacques Mocksi-ilU Michael Jeffries Warrenlon. I ' a. James Otis Jenkins. Jr jCibertj) Judith Faye Jenkins Old Jort Terry Doyle Jessup U ' estfkU Laura Louise Jones Cowir Roger Dale Joyner Migk Point Nancy Dianne Kennedy % POMI Phyllis Ann Johnson Robert Perry Johnson Ted David Johnson High Point Hays Cliffsitk f James Emory Joines, Jr Linda Kay Jolley liooHe Zai lorsfUlc- Marilyn Jones AslM-illo Barbara Ruth Jonas Hickory Mary Dana Jones ffi ' iiHy Springs John Newton Kearns Denton Robert Dean Keaton MorgMon Richard Martin Keyes Ccrioir Joyce Ann Kidd Jranklinoillc Bryson Gold Jones Moorcsboro Brenda Kay Joyce Mudison Guy Daniel Keener. Jr. CincolntOM Janice Elaine Kilby High Point Linda Carol Johnston WcstjiM. ,v.y. 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Levi Dolphus Lowtnan. Jr Hickory Howard William Luker. II .irliiigloH. I ' ll Wanda Anne Lutz Rivers Foster Lynch Virginia Dare Lynch Morse Shoe SgihgkaM. S.C. Causing Peggy Jo Mabe King Donna MacMillan SlklOM. Md. Shirley Poole Martin Barbara Ann Mascott HMeniU Hanom. y. ' J. . Jt-: ]t Donald Wayne Mason kUHHOpoliS William Howard Mast Hocne Linda Lee Mastin . ortli U ' ilicsboro Ella Mae Mathews j lariOH Janice Brian Maxwell HuHlersviUe John Yates Maxwell lenis Vicki Jean May 3orl £au(Urdalc. Jla. Robert Mays. Jr .MarliHSviUe. I ' a. Martha Elizabeth McAbee ZrculmaH Nancy Ellen McCain Sophia SENIORS 285 Philip Neil McCall SlaiiHiui Gracie Ella McCants Vuimk Colleen Joyce McCarthy Cynthia Joanne McClure Herbert Hill McCoy jCumbc-rtuit gasloma Bcohc Sherry Hilker McDonald WiHSUm-Sakm Betty Jane McGary Si. Pdersburg. Jlii- Fletcher Eugene Mclntyre Linda Kay McKaraher Boom- Walter Lee McLean i ' rmti Walter Warner McMillan Samuel McRee George Lewis McSwain, Jr. Linda Gail McSwain Crumpla ycwhm Uoom Atbmark Janie Kay McVey Cibertu Wade Lee Melton. Jr. Bleeka Joan Mendenhall Kamiapolis High Pciiit " ' ' Betty Carolyn Messick Raymond Thomas Micol U ' iHstoH-Sakm Valiksf Linda Carole Middleton Slokesdak Jean Milek MoUywood. 31a. Marlene Saunders Millen Kockmgham Bridget Carol Miller Statesi ' iUe Clara Elizabeth Miller Daniel Lee Miller CcHoir 286 SENIORS James Robert Miller Michael Reginald Miller yortli mUcc-sborc Kaiiakc. Minn. Reba Sue Miller WUkesbow Richard Dobbin Miller ■TiK!iT Mildred Ethel Montgomery Sheila Faye Mooneyham Carole Jeanne Moore WiMstoH-SaUm Lefettie Esther Moore kiHSlon M Johnny Young Moretz Joanna Morris Morgan Pamela Cooper Morgan Louise Morris HooMf Jlbcmark AllxmarU CamaoH Linda Gail Morrison tjraiiilt Jails Nancy Lee Morrison ZrculmaH Linda Lee Morton Atbemarlt Judy Diane Moseley Waxkaw % Shelia Runnelle Miller MU-kory Terry Dean Miller Virginia LaVerne Miller Roger Austin Mills Virginia Isabel Mitchell Rosemary Ayers Mock eooMe Salisbury Salisbury l essemer City Ucone f il f Brenda Kay Moran Statesdilc Alice Marie Morrison .Harrisburg Richard Lee Mowery Climat: SENIORS 2S7 Patricia Ann Mozingo Charblk Jennings Fennell Neely KiVk Hill. i.e. Elaine Oakes ShvkUm. y. ' J. Linda Ruth Oliver ijra-Hsbi ' rc f Catherine Anne Parfitt Durham 288 SENIORS Charles Bryce Murdock Eleanor Charlene Murphy Pikil .UcuHtaiii Linda Hall Myrick L(Ulli. ' ' r Kay Reece Newton Hi li Poinl fh Mabel Ann Osborne crtlt Wilkcsbcrc Mary Ann Parham ::ait Point. Jo. Sharon Ann Nichols Linda Jane Nifong U ' iiiitM-Siilim Gilmore Ott .W-wark. Dd Morris Taylor Myrick Koanoki Kapids Linda Ballard Norris Kalcifh Linda Joye Oakley Laura Arthur Gates Kathleen Marie O ' Brien Elizabeth Anne Oldham )fuTluigloii WiMil on -Salem JmnkliH Aslii iilk 4 Mary Frank Overcash Ruth Esther Pace routmiin Jiai tiock s% Linda Kay Park John Stephen Parker Mary Timberlake Parker Kockurll HooMf Kakuili William Terry Parrish U ' mfm-Sti c-m Don Ray Patrick Shelby Dreama Patrick McoresaiUe Ruby Josephine Patton SwMKama John Douglas Payne Patricia Ann Payne Roberta Gwaltney Pearson Xlwrnasi-illc Booue HuldeitUc f James Michael Pendleton CIci ' CT. S.C. © Frances Wood Pickard Sugar i rove Brenda Kay Penniger Karen Sue Pennington Char telle U ' esl jefftrscH Patricia Anne Pickup Vincent Piekarski Charhlte Pmplon Plains. V.y. William Marion Pitts JraHkliH Michael Ward Pomerantz Hoom Charles Anthony Poole Zran-krs Kesl. S. C. Nancy Clara Peden iJaslPHia Otha Eugene Perry. II M Holly Thomas Pike QrecHsboro Judy Diane Poole Salisbury Peter Paul Cape May. J l-3- Connie Pendleton CawHdale Linda Laws Phillips Purkar Judy Eileen Pittman HeiidersoHnlle Drue Renee Poteet KarHwell S.C SENIORS 239 Gary Powell Dmel Linda Kay Propst Eugene Jay Raymer Staiesn ' lk Jane Carolyn Pratt Dale Ward Query KutlicTfordloit Barbara Ann Raynor Jour Oaks Muriel Rowena Pratt Cliarbtlf William Nicholas Query (Jastma ' r Mary Arlene Rector StMg PaiMl Allan Killian Price Charlotte Lula Jane Randolph (JastoMia Ayleeza Price Catidis fP ' 1 Sally Christine Ratchford Dallas ' - " r Becky McLain Reid Frances Brooks Renegar KamapoUs , Wonroc Patri cia Kaye Reynolds yorth WHIkesboro Patricia Gail Rhodes WUkesboro James Robert Rhyne VaU William Rhyne. Jr. Charyalk Candice Rightsell Cherryutllc Richard Dale Riley Durham 290 SENIORS Hubert Grier Rimmer Schariene Brown Ringer Statcsalk Columbia. S.C. Marilyn Gail Roberts Shelby Robbie Lemuel Robertson Pa elMtL S.C. Anne Robfogel Hiakah. JIa. James Barry Robinson SkariU ' s Jord Linda Gail Robison Caiiiikr Joseph Michael Rogers Michael Richard Safrit China i roi ' C Nancy Ann Rogers MuHtcrsvilk Patricia Rola nd Clifford Kinney Rorrer Robert Roselle Barbara Jane Ross Marilyn Harmon Roten Kcmiett Square. Pa CcaksvUk yewark. DeL (fttrMa KOOHI r 1 H C ( 1 mr ' - i if UTiL- A f J i ' . rk ' - r Colleen Joy Roudabush John Alvin Royall Sharon Pruitt Royall Linda Jane Rudisill Mary Frances Russell QermaiitOH ClmtOH ZraphiU HurliMghm StatesviUc Janice Tallent Sain Larry Eugene Sain Jean Carolyn Sanderson Joe Allen Saunders Vak Vak Jour Oaks Ccmir Terry Eugene Saunders James Patrick Scott C art A ' .y. William Darrell Scott Dmlm Worley DeLane Scott, Jr. Marion. I ' a. Phyllis Hoover Scronce Vak SENIORS 2yl 1 Kenneth Gus Seaburg Sumter, S.C. Johnny Guy Secrest Judy Cathrine Sellers U ' aiesboro Wayne Sellers Kuby S.C. Priscilla Ann Setzer CoHCord Nancy Hunt Sexton Casar Fredrick Page Sharpe Carl Brent Shaw Lois Mae Shearer Richard Lee Shepherd Cimsing Sandra Leigh Shepherd Hickory Ca Glenn Stephen Sherratt Charles Rickey Sherrill uw.« Kim. V.y. Xayiorsailc Margaret Ann Shoaf Turlington Gary Lee Shroyer Ckariotte Janice Faye Sigmon Hickory Judy Faye Sigmon i roHitc Jails Randy Barron Sills James Earl Simpson. Jr. Ciiariottc Monroe John David Simpson Hickory Phyllis Diann Simpson Waicliaw 292 SENIORS Joseph Ralph Sinclair Zroutmm f Carolyn Mae Smith U ' inston-Siilcm Clarence Dupree Smith. Jr. Hilisborough Donna Gordon Smith WimtoM-SaloM %.- Edward Lee Smith HanlsoHburg. Va. Frank Raymond Smith, ill WiHstcii-Sukm Larry Young Smith CcHCord Martha Ellen Smith Charlotte Thomas Aldo Spada William Louis Sposato Jails Church. Va. Morthport. C.J.. ,V. y. Robert Kent Stamey CJHCObttOH Sarah Lynnette Starnes Hickory Joanne Smith Charlotte Sylvia Carol Smith Statcsmllc V Caria Hughes Spradley Harrisburg Susan lone Stauber Statcsvillc John William Smith i astonia Connie Raye Sprinkle jCnmgtoH Judy Lane Smith Marsln-ilk- Nancy Small Snider Joan Paulette Sowell Salisbury lauten John Stahl i recHsboro Beth Simmons Steele James Ernest Stephens ijastMia Connelly Springs Rudolph Stephenson, Jr. Ruth Elaine Stevenson Srwih Statesiiilk Grace Teresa Stiller Albemarle Jane Crowell Stokes Cinwooii Linda Elaine Stoner Concord SENIORS 293 William Charles Stout ArliHijUm. I ' ll f% Nancy Jane Suitt Cliarlvlli- Brenda Gaye Stowe Sdc ' H Judith Ann Strader Kcidsfilk Glenda Arline Sullivan Janis Kiser Sumlin Charlctk Ccmir Joyce Marie Suddreth Mary Camilla Suddreth t raiiiU- Jails Zodd Bennie Lee Sutherland Mary Priscilla Swaim Mm si. Va. U ' lHsUni-Sakm Sandra Gail Swanson Cchcir Robert Ervin Taylor HanisoMburg. Va. Barbara Louise Swicegood Terrence Kincaid Tawney StatcsviUc Uraard Betsy Ann Teague Show Camp Velma Clara Teague HOOHC Thomas Tawney Hmard Patricia Tennent Charbllc Maxine Taylor LM nelly Spriiigs Ellis Leon Tesh tiootic James Frank Thomas CliautiUy. Va. Kathy Ann Thomas Marshall Charles Joseph Thompson kcruasvilk Glenda Rae Thompson Plumtm Judy Elizabeth Thornburg Charbtte 294 SENIORS Kay Craddock Threatt Pinnacle Beverly June Timmerman Columbia. S.C. Lee Timtnons UOOHC Terry James Tipton if rail Mountain Sandra Lee Torrence Mcorcsiilk Norma Frances Townsend Robert Carroll Townsend Kenneth Ray Treadway Frances Goodman Triece Anne Catherine Tron Hanisburg Hickory Valdcu Concord Statcsvilk Gluyas Letitia Tyson Waxtiaw Sue Staton Underwood Marian Sue Vance Charlotte Gwyn Vannoy JUicmiirlt ,Ncwlamt J ortk U ' iikcsbcro f " Linda Biggers VanPelt Gloria Elaine Via William Emil Vielkanowitz Patricia Carol Vuncannon KannapoLs Wayodmt Ozone Park. ,V. ] . Ashcboro Larry Don Wagner Slim Stephen Thomas Wagoner William Larry Wagoner Kannapolis ' Joncsi ' illc Daniel Marvin Walker M(banc Faye Louise Walker Caniiicr Sarah Helen Walker Ashcboro SENIORS 295 Steven Icenhour Walker Jennie Jo Waller , orth U ' itkahTc Lindsey Grady Walser Mahala Jean Walters Slim W Agnes Faye Ward Rebeccah Lingle Ward Vickie Ann Weaver Richard Lee Warlick yewUnt f% V Nancy Louise Webb Hai ieni. ' ilk. Mass. Warren Douglas Wetmore Phyllis Ann Whicker CleKlmd Ctimai Linda Lea Watson Deep Jap Beatrice Loretta Wellborn Deep ijap Andy Whisenhunt Cemgton Dennis Lee Watts Belmont ,jv «.• V Rosemary Eury Wells kociic Carolyn Marie White Oak Kid e Carolyn Sue Whitener Union. S.L. Linda Kathryn Whitener William Lloyd Widenhouse Malinda Hyatt Wiggins Hickory Concord Murphy s:- ' Vivian Ann Watts Mickory William Steven Wells Boone Ramona Virginia White Sher rill ' s Jord Paul Lewis Wiggins Jackson elite 296 SENIORS Bonnie Ray Wiles yadkimillc Charles Stanley Wilkes Booiic Marsha Ann Wilkes Wadesboro Geraldine Williams Martha Elizabeth Williams Jesse Baxter Williamson, Jr. Hizdwood i raHilc Ouarry Ashebow Jerry Dean Willis Lillie Ruth Willis lioslic CcMoir p tsl f Rachel Diane Willis CoiimUy Springs t Danny Ray Williams Jaitli Joyce Ann Williamson murlinytOH Alice Faye Wilson HOOHC K Diane Lee Williams Jrakucksburg. Va. Charles Lee Willis KOOHC Benjamin Franklin Wilson Clara Clontz Wilson Kay Frances Wilson Skclbti Mikki Delores Wilson HeiKkrsomtUc Sarah Jones Wilson ViiLksf Joyce Ann Winburn UoOHi- ! s. 0 V Vic Winburn Scone Dorothy Perry Winebarger KaUigk Ivan Harry Winston Kpanokc Va. Linda Leigh Wohlford KmdlcmM Connie Marie Woltf XobacmiUe SENIORS 297 John Kenneth Womack Cliffsidi- Edward Clin Wood orlh U ' lifskw Michael Grant Yancey Carolyn Young HoUy MiU. Jla. Larry Gene Young Jrtmklut Shannon Ashley Young Sidney Young HlowiHg Kock HooHC Myra Louise Yow Patricia Sue Zimmerman U ' llkesbow James Warren Zweig iharlclte 298 SENIORS GRADUATE STUDENTS Ahn, Augie Wookyu Sioul. korc-a Alexander. Don William Zlwmasdile Andrews. Robert Gerald JaimwHt Barbee. Teena Lynn Concord Barnes. Cornelia Weatherford l cone Beshears. Patricia Anne Hoone Bledsoe. Linda Ashcalk Bledsoe. Ron Duane HOOHC Boyles. Monna Rita Hickory Bradley. William Freddie Dam ' ilU. Va. Broome. Cathy Elaine Qastouia Broyhi ll. Thomas Hamilton. II jiiarm Bryant. Peggie Spearman Kox HiU Burley. Marvin. Jr. jUorffMtoM Carpenter. Thomas Eugene HOOHC Chan. Julie Yu-Chiung Zaipei. Zaiu ' M. ChiMa Chen. Jane Geng Kootie Chen. Pai-Chung JoriMosa Chen. Robert ZmaM aum. Chiha Cheshire. Thomas Earl Kocky Mount Childs. Peter Hobart i mnfitt S.L. Chittam. Lester Wade Athens. Ala. Clayton. Carl Alan Suniuicrficld Clayton. Robert Wesley kannapoUs Collins. Kay Nelle . cifland Conley. Ronald Albert Andrews Cook. Roger Bill Mt. Airy Cooke. William Marcus ffOOHC Cottrell. James Albert ffoonc Cox. Gerald Floyd Koone Cox. Polly Bullard Hoonc Cranford. Betsy Nichols Kut her ford Lolleyc Crosby. John Albert Charlotte Daniel. Jean Bragg Slni City Darling. Nancyjane Coral gables. 31a. Deal. Patricia Brewer Hickory Derrick. Charles Lyman Charlotte Dickerson, Carolyn Lillian Hrulyeton. , ' .y. Donat. Nafi Meiek Jlardin Zurkey © P (f!| GRADUATES 299 f rv h ' Dueck. Alvin Clarence Edmisten. Evelyn Dare Edney. Greenwood Eller. Vella Faye Everhart. Margaret Ann Francis. Gerald Furman. Stuart John Gaston. Lewis Gibbs. Doris Walker Glavan. Frances Emily Gregory. Edna Marlene Groves. Lawrence Albert Gwaltney. Dan Rogers Gwaltney. John Maurice Hall. Judy Sharyn Manner. Jack Blaine Harward. Larry James Haworth. Richard Carlisle Hayes. Johnnie Ray Hayes. Lynn Clodfelter Hepler. Connie LaRue Hester. William Fredrick. Jr. Hicks. Glenda Mae High. Thomas O ' Connor Hill. Wallace Lamar. II Winnipeg. .Manitoba ffcviie Marshall Mays U ' iitslPH-Salem KOOHC Jlorcnce. Alt- Qastoiiia granite Jails Z re III an. .V., ' . ' Jaekspiiville, Jla. Jail Chureh. I ' a. pone Zaylorsvllle Cemir Climaie .Norwood Couisdlle. Ky. Wiiisloii- Salem WiiislCH-SaleiK ZebuloH Kaki k Pilot MouHta ' m KOOHC jaeksoiwille. Jla. Hoffman. James Allen Vhumioiit. Md Holden. Lyndon Lamar Supply Hughes. Janet Ruth HooHe Hung. Louise Chuang taipei aiuwi. China Hutto. Luther Daniel Orangeburg. S.C Ijames. Stephen Koone Jennette. Walton Carter. Jr. Elizabeth City Johnson. Jan Koonc Jones. Ray Edward Statesvillc King. Wilson Lewis QrahaiK Lentz. Walter McRay Norwood Lin. Jer Yih ua«a». Zaiwaii. China Lyons. John Doyle fSoone Mauldin. Philip Baxter China i rove McCann. Larry Gene Koaring Kim 300 GRADUATES McDaniel. Frances Torrayne MooresfUle McKecuen. George U ' ilmmgtoit McLauchlin. Ronald Burnette Charlotte McLean. James Hampton jUfitfll Monahan. James Thomas AtliiHtk ■ Mighlaiids. .V.y. Morris. Joseph Wimtcn-Saleiu Mullis. Bobbie Marie .Mbcmark Murphy. Nancy Burgaw Nelson, Guy Halliday Brewster. Mass. Overton. Nina Elizabeth ijreemu ' llt Parrish, Joseph KaitdtcniOM Patterson, Donald Walter Concord Phillips. Cecil Owen HOOHC Poplin. Toby Lane .Norwood Poteat. Bobby Gregory oone Propst. Larry Wayne Hickory Randall. Annette Mauney ewtOH Ringer. Carl Douglas Columbia. S.C. Ross. Bonnie Charlene Mxety Slf. S. C Rushing. Carolyn Ann Monroe Schrum. Howard Augustus DalLis Sexauer. June Rosalea Jt. pierce 31a. Shepherd. Carlyle McArthur Sparta Simpson. Johnnie Ree Connelly Springs Smith. Donald Edward Mlekory Smith. Jacob Archie. Jr. Koone Smith. Rose Killian Boone Snider, Albert Monroe, Jr. Denton Stainback. William Berwyn. Penn. Steelman. David Lindsay KoonvllU Sutton. Robert Clarence Sanford Tate. Dorothy Louise dorest City Vick. Shirley Marie ZraveUrs Kcst. S.C. Weaver. Wesley Maurice. Ill Winston -Salem Wolford. Larry Dove Baltimore Md- Woodell. Mel Qreensboro Wu. Helene Boone Yon. Thomas Edison. Jr Charleston. S.C. Yount. Dale Edward Conover Yu. Amanda Zmpt •I Taiwan. China GRADUATES iOl ABERNATHV, BRENDA SUE Route i Graham. N C Elem«nlarY Education Deans List I, 2. Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4. k ' JuHlalfmlrcii 3. Women s Glee Club 3. WRA 4 ABERNETHV. LEVENE RENEE Route 2. Vale. N C Hoi Lutheran Student Aatociation 1.4. Appalachian Chap- SNEA i 4. Women s Glee Club 3 ADAMS CANDV 323 ' i-A East King St Boone. N C Music Collegiate Jazz Society I. Kkcttatem im 2 ADAMS. JAMES MARION Route 2 East Bend. H C Economics and Business Intramurals I 2 VDC 2. Deans List 3. 4 ALBRIGHT WANDA COFFEY 700 Devon Dr Greensboro, N C English ALEXANDER. SHARON HAWKS Rou Shai . N ( jntary Education Lutheran Student Association 1.3 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4, ACE 4. Dean s list 4 ALFORD, JUDY HEGLAR Route 2 New London. N C Elementary Education BSU I. 2. 3. 4. Intramurals I. 3. 3. 4. Deans List 3. Pep Club i. SNEA 3. 4 ALFORD. RONALD E 417 Edward St , Durham. NC Psychology Wesley Foundation I. 3. 3. 4. Intramurals 2i Reli- gious Council 3. 3. Psychology Club 3. 4 ALLEN. DOUGLAS MICHAEL 3004 Lance Rd NW. Huntsville. Ala Biology BSU I. 3. 3. 4, Executive Council 3. 3. Deans List I. 3. 3. 4. Intramurals I. 3, 3. 4. Playcralters 1.3. 3. President 3. Alpha Psi Omega 3, 3. 4. Alpha Chi 3. 4, Beta Beta Beta 3 4. Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. President 4, Student Government Association 3, 4. Top Five in Junior Class 3. Who s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3. 4, Most Intel lectual 4 ALLEN. LINDA Route I 409 E Iowa Ave . Bessemer City. N C Elementary Education BSU I. Dean s List 3. 3. 4. SNEA 4 ALLEN. SUSAN WILSON 430 McNeil St . Gastonia. N C Psychology Transfer from Brevard College. Appalachian Chemical Society. Dean s List ALLISON. ANITA ELAINE P O Bo« 403. Old Fort. N C Home Economics Transfer from Montreat Anderson College: Home Economics Club 3. 4, House Council 3, SNEA 3. 4 ANDERSON. JANICE MARIE Route 6. Bom 350. Lenoir. N C English French Club I. 3, Women s Intramurals I. 3. 3. 4, Dean ' s list I. 3. 3. Klialalimlrm I. 3. 3. Reading Guild. 3. 4. Secretary Treasurer 4. SNEA 3. 4. State Presi dent 4. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Honor Student Teacher ANDERSON. MARTHA JEAN Route I . Moore. S C Library Scie 3. 4 ANDREWS. FREDERICK D I 3 Homewood Acres. Slier City. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Southern Pilgrim, BSU 3. 4 ANDREWS. LARRY DAIL Route 3, Liberty. N C Mathematics Concert Band I. 3. Men ' s Glee Club 3, Dean ' s Lift I. 3 3 4. Intramurals 3. Junior Marshall 3. 4. Alpha Chi 3. 4 ASHECRAFT JAMES E . JR Route I. Bo« 48. Polkton. NC Economics and Business Dean ' s List 3, Business Manager of Zke Appalaekm 4 ATKINS. KATHLEEN GRAY Box 55. Colfax N C English Transfer from Central Wesleyan College, Zii .Vj» - i a « I , Drama Club 1.3, SNEA 1.3, Library Club 3, KiKdalrmlKK 2. Literary Guild 3. 4, Playcrafters 3. 4, . Md Littrary Science Science Club 3. 3. AUSTIN. H LYNN Route 6. Box 608 K. Charlotte. N C History Track I. 3. 3. 4. Deans List 3. Soccer 3 AVERY. PATRICIA HELEN Route I . Crouse. N C Biology Highland Biologists 3. 4, Band 3. 4, Dean ' s List 3. 4, Beta Beta Beta 4 - B BAIN. BRENDA KAY Route 10. Box 814. Greensboro. NC English BSU I, SRA 3, Dean ' s List 3. 4 BAKER. JEAN E 315 W 8lh Ave. Lexington. NC. Playcrafters 3. 3. BAKER. LINDA POOLE Route I. Statesville. N C Elementary Education BAKER. MARTHA ANN 6133 Hickory Grove Road. Charlotte. NC English ily College, Library 401 East " J " St . Erwin. NC Business BANKS. DIANA LEE 1474 Lucky Lane. Mableton. Georgia Mathematics BSU 1.3. 3. 4, Deans List I. 3, College Choir Ac companift 3, House President 3, SRA 3. 4. Vice-Pres- ident 4 BANKSTON. DICK 4 I I Crawford St . Shelby. N C Physical Education Baseball I. 3. 3. 4, Intramurals I. 3, Men ' s " A ' Club 3. 4. Secretary 4, Hall Counselor 4 BARKER. MARY LOUISE 4300 Waterbury. Charlotte. N C English BARNES. PATSY DONNELLY 3308 Pineview Lane. Gaslonii. N C Home Economics Pep Club I. 3, Home Economics Club I. 3. 3. 4, House Council I. KkoMadrn I. Dean ' s List 3. 3. 4, Intramurals 3. 3. NCHEA Vice-President 4, SNEA 4 BARNETT. CAROLYN KATE Route I. Ferguson. NC Elementary Education Dean s list 3. 3. SNEA 3. 4 BATEILI. NEIL C 133 Rossiter Ave . Paterson. N J Political Science Football I. 3. Newman Club I. YDC 3. 3. 4, law Club 3. 4. President 3, Editor of Zlic Appalxkm 4, Parlia mentarian State College Federation of Young Demo, crats 4 BATTEN. ROBERT D PO Box 34. Lilesville. N C History Collegiate Civic Club 3. 3. 4. President 4, Home coming Parade Marshal 4, Chi Lambda Chi 4, Hall BAUGUESS. FREEMAN E JR Jefferson. N C Sociology BAXTER. DONNIE MAROUEX PO Box 163. Robbins. NC Physical Education BSU I. 3. 3. 4, Intramurals I. 3. 3. 4, Dean ' s list 3. 3. 4, FCA 3. 3. 4. Vice-President 4, Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4. Historian 4, Physical Education Majors Club 3. 4, YRC 3. 4. Treasurer 4 BEAL. ANNA ELIZABETH 914 Union St . Maiden. NC Elementary Education ACE 3. 4. SNEA 4 BEALE. CHARLES 3616 Albemarle St NW. Washington. DC Elementary Education Transfer from Wesley Junior College BEAM. HELEN ADAMS 404 South Mountain. Cherryville. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Gaston College BEAN. TERRY D Route 3. Box 443. Hudson. N C Mathematics BEANE. HARRY WIIFORD Route 6. Box 345. Lenoir. N C Industrial Arts Industrial Ans Club 3. 3. 4, Intramurals BEARD BARBARA ELAINE 315 Front St . Kannapolis. NC Physical Education Intramurals 1.3. 3. 4, KkaMcmlnm I, WRA 3. 3. 4, P E Majors Club 3. 4 BEAUCHAMP. DANNY W I Brown Ave . Asheville. N C Political Science Bask etball I. 3. 3. 4. Men ' s A ' Club 3. 4, Dean ' s List 3. 3 BEAVER. JENNIE LOU Route 3. Mooresville. NC. Home Economics BECK. PAMELA SUE 817 N Academy Extension, lincolnlon. N.C. Social Studies Dean ' s List 3, SNEA 4, Homecoming Court 4. BECK. ROBIN A PO Box 743. Marion. NC Business and Economics Dean s list 3 BEEKER. PHYLLIS CAROL Route 3. Lexington. N C. English Transfer from LeesMcRae BELCHER DOUGLAS GENE 1403 S Askin St . Martinsville. Va. History Transfer from Patrick Henry College of University of Virginia, Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4, Alpha Chi 4, Historical Society 4, International Relations Club 4 BENNETT. DOUGLAS HAROLD. JR Box 161. Bumsville. NC Business and Economics Intramurals 1.3.3 BENNETT. FAYE CAROL Route I. Bakersville. NC Elementary Ediication Transfer from East Tennessee State University, Cho- rale 3 BENNETT. J PAUL Bumsville. N C Business ai d Education Intramurals 1 . 3 BERRY CARRIE LYNDA Route I . Box 4 I I . Valdese. N C English Pep Club I, SNEA 3. 3. 4, Junior Counselor 3 BIBEY JOANNE Route 3. Carthage. N C Home Economics Intramurals I , Home Economics Club 3. 4, Dean ' s list 3, Glee Club 3. 3. 4 BIGGERS. ERIC LEMMOND 3117 Westmoreland Ave . Charlotte. NC Geography Transfer from Central Piedmont BIGGERSTAFF. ALTA P Box 55. Cliffside. N C Elementary Education YDC 3, SNEA 3, Deans list 3, ACE 3. 3. 4. Vice- President 3 BIGGS. DONNA REBECCA Route 9. Box 360. Greensboro. N.C. Business and EconomiCf Transfer from UNCG, Vemician Society 3. 4i Phi Beta Lambda 4 BIGHAM. JUDITH PONS 1403 Courtland Ave . Reidsville. N.C Health and Physical Education " ■ " " - - - - f 1, VerTtician Society 3. 4 BILES. TRENA GAIL Route 3. Polkton. N C Elementary Education BILLINGS. SHARON SEBASTIAN Hays. N C Elementary EdiKation Dean s list 3. 4 BINKIEY. STEVEN W Route 3. East Bend. N C Biology Hi land Biologisia 3. 4, Beta Beta Beta 3. 4, Dean ' s list 3. 3. 4, Sitident Government 3i Junior Marshal 3, Honor Teacher 4 BIVENS. MARTHA ANNE Route 4. Monroe. N C Business Education Transfer from Wingate College BLACK. BRENDA JOYCE 37 Ward Curry Rd . Lexington. N.C. Physical Education WRA 3. 3. 4, Intramurals 3, P E Majors Club 3. 4i SNEA 4 BLACKBURN. WANDA IRENE Route 3. West Jefferson. N C Political Science Dean ' s List 3. 3 BLAIR. LINDA DIANE 1137 Parrish St . Greensboro. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Western Carolina University, ACE 4i SNEA 4 BLAIR SYLVIA SUE 1338 lOlh St Blvd. NW. Hickory. NC Phi losophy. Religion College Choir I, Lutheran Student Association I. 3. 3. 4. Cabaret 3. 4, Religious Council Vice-Prc idcfll 4, Dean s list BLAKE DONALD LYNN 435 Edgemont St . Albemarle. N C Polit I Scie BLANTON. ROY ERNEST 107 Skyview Dr . Boone. N C Intramurals I. 3. 3. 4, Golf 3. 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3, Dean ' s list. Physics Society President 3. BLEVINS. GARY DALE Box 81. Deep Gap N C Business and Economics BLUE. RONALD C lapolis. N C Chi 3. 4, Dean ' s List 3. 3. BOAN. CLYDE NOLTON. JR 437 N Greenbriar Rd , Statesville. NC Economics and Business Transfer from David Lipscomb College, Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4. Vice-President 4, Dean ' s Usi 3. 4i Intramurals 3. 4, YDC 3. 4 BODEMER. JOYCE 178 Crescent Lake Dr . Fort Myers. Florida Elementary Ediicalion Transfer from Ed Junior College, SNEA 3 BOHLEN. HAROLD GLENN 430 Lee St. Shelby NC Biology Highland Biologists 3. 3. 4. President 3, Chi Lambda Chi 3, Beta Beta Beta 3. 4 BOSTIAN. TINA HUGHIENE Route I . Box 509. Kannapolis. N C Matfiematics Deans List I. 3. 3. 4. Math Club 3. 3. 4. Secretary i. 4 BOWEN. JOSEPH CAROLl Route 3. Kings. N C Political Science Intramurals I. 3, Yosef Club I, Dean ' s List 3. 4, In- ternational Relations Club 3. 4, Law Association 3. 4, President 4. YDC 3. 4. Vice-President 4. Convention Delegate 4, Chi Umbda Chi 4 BOWMAN. HIIUARD DAN Route I. Box 167. Burlington. NC Physical Education Debate Team I. 3, Pi Kappa Delta I. 3, Track .Xi. 4. Yosef Club I. 3. 3. Treasurer 3. President 3, Oil Lambda Chi 3, Soccer 3. 4 BOWMAN. PAM 3343 Randlenun Rd . Greensboro. N C Elementary Education Lutheran Student Association I. 3. 3. 4, Religiouf ( uncil 1.3, Dean ' s List, Junior Counselor 3, ACE 3. 4, SNEA 3. 4 BOYLES. PHYUSS JEAN PO Box 14. Fontana Village. NC Elementary Education SNEA 3 BRANCXJN. LINDA GETTYS Box 343. Lawndale. N C Library Science Transfer from Gardner-Webb BRENDED. GAY PETERSON 3104 Carpenter St . Greensboro. N.C. Primary Education BRENNISON. MARY ANNE 5655 Satchel Ford Rd . Columbia. S C Social Studies Canterbury Club 3. 3. 4, Appalachian Historical As sociation 3. 4, Cabaret Club 3. 4 BREWER FONDA Route 3. North Wilkesboro. N.C. Primary Education Dean ' s List 3. 3, House Council 3. BREWER. MARY JO 504 West 8th St . Siler City. N.C. Primary Education Intramurals 3. Dean ' s Ust 3, SNEA 4 BRIDGES HERMAN FLOYD. JR 98 6th St . Cramerton. N.C. Physical Education Hall Counselor 3. 4, P E Majors Club 3. 4, Dean ' s list BRIGGS. JOHN DAWSON PO Box 6307. Asheville. NC BRIGHT. JUDY CAROL 1336 Grahan St . Buriington. N C. Elementary EdiKation Dean s Ust 3, Intramurals 3. 4, ACE i. 4, BRINEGAR. STEVEN Route 3. Box 30. North Wilkeiboro. N.C. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 3. 3. 4 BRITT. GARY E Box 304. Robbins. N.C Physical Education BSU I. 3. 3. 4, Intramurals I. 3. 3. 4, Dean ' s U« i. 4, P E Maiors Club 3 4, YRC 3. 4 BROADWAY. BRENDA GAY Route 3. Kemersville. N C Transfer from Hirfi Point BROOKS. R GWYN 3800 Cameron Ave . Greensboro. N C Industrial Arts Football I. 3. 3. 4, Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4. Vice-Pml- denl 4 BROWN. DAVID G Route I. Box 693. Mooresville. NC Dean ' s List I. 3, Le Cerdc FrarKait I. 3. i. 4i Or- chestra I. 3. 3. 4, Pi Delta Phi I. }. 3. 4 BROWN. GARY M Route 3. Box 115. Boone. N C. Health and Physical Education Wrestling I. 3. 3 BROWN. GIIDA MAE Route I Claremont NC EleiTienfary Education BROWN. H MELISSA 5149 Providience Rd . Charlotte. NC Elementary Education Counselor 3 BROWN. REBECCA J 143 W McNeety Ave. Moomvilk. N.C. Eletncntary Education BROWN RONALP CRAIG Rouir i. Bo« 60. Moorrtvil Business and Economics Mai hem DULLARD W BAS(L ;R ENQUIRE J 101 Walker Ave Greensboro N C Health and Physical Education Transfer from Gardner Webb Colle Baseball 3 4. 316 ( ndusi 1 Dr Bo. I Ans Band I 2 1 BSU loorins Choir I : 3 4 Pean s Lisl 3 4- Industrial Arts Club 3 4 BUMGARPNER. WILLIAM MICHAEL Route I Arden N C Physical Education Swimming 4 BUMGARNER. JO ANN SLICK 514 Fifth St Marion NC Highland Biologists 2 3 4. Beta Beta Beta 3 4 Pean s List 3 4. SNEA 3 4 BURCHAM. VENA CAROLYN PO Box " :5 Elei . Educ. SNEA 3 Dean s List BURLESON. JOHN MICHAEL Route J. Bo. 64 Nebo N C Geography Transfer from Mitchell College. Chess Club 3 Psychol ogv Club 4. Intramurals 4. YDC 4 BURLESON WANDA JEAN Route 3 BoK 388 Spruce Pine. N C Dean s List 12 3 4 French Club I 2. 4 Pi Delta Phi J 3 4 Junior Counselor 3 BURNS BRENDA G PO Box i: W.ngate NC Elementary Education SNEA 3 4 BURRAGE. DELANE KAV I 309 Piehl St Raleigh N C Elementary Education Women s Glee Club 3 BURTON JANE ELIZABETH 3108 Kipawa St Ralrigh. NC Home Economics Club 2. 3 4 BUSICK RICHARP Box 303 Elizabeth St Ramseur Intramurals 13 4 Baseball 3. Dean s List I 3. 3 4 SNEA 3. 4. ACE 4 BUSICK RUSSELL Box 303 Elizabeth St Ramseur N C Elementary Education Pean s List I 3 3 Baseball 3 Intramurals 13.4 BUSH. SHERRY BETH Box 43 Whiinel Branch Lenoir NC Business and Economici Transfer from Lee. McRae BUTLER EVA NELL Route 7 Box 47 1. Lenoir N C Psychology BUXTON. LANA SUE Route I Bex 3. Slate Road NC Primary Education Library Assistant I 3 3. 4. A ' in stafrm 3. Co Editor 4 Deans List I 3. 3. SNEA 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4 BYNUM. WILLIAM PAVID 633 East Dixon St . Lincolnlon N C Economics and Business Deans List 13 3 4 Pi Omega Pi 3. 3 4. Phi Beta Lambda 13 3 4. SNEA 3. Junior Marshal ], Chi Lambda Chi 3. A, Alpha Chi 3. 4 C CAIN. JANICE HYNES 707 Ferndale Drive. High Point. N C English ,4 ptlarlum 3. SNEA 3. 4. Pean s List 3.3.4. French Club 3. Junior Counselor 3. Reading Guild 3. 4. Reponer 4: Kappa Delta Pi CALDWELL. JAMES F 44 1 Briarwood Drive. Charlotte. N C Political Science YDC Intramurals 1 . 3. 3. IRC 3. 3 4. La» Club 3 4 CALDWELL. WILLARD DWIGHT Route 3. Waynetville. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Wtngale College Intramurals 3. 4 CAMERON. ADDIE LEE 739 Monroe St . Roanoke Rapids. N C Home Economics Intramurals 3. 4 Home Economics Club 4 CAMERON. JAMES FAIRLEY Route 1 Cameron. N C Elusiness and EconomKS Transfer from Mitchell Colle Phi Beta Lambda 3 In- trasnurals 3 CAMERON. LARRY WAYNE Route I . Caincron, N C Business and Economics Trantfer from Mitchell Collc ; Phi Beta Lambda 3, In- (ramuralt 3 CAMP. DAN STEVEN Piedmont Drive. Lawndale. N C Political Science and History Collegiate Creic Club 3. 4. Junior Class President 3, Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4, Vice President of Student Body 4i Delegate to State Student Lejnljlure 3, Who s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universiliet CANIPE. STEPHEN LEE Route I . Box 336, Uncolnion. N C Biology Pi Kappa Delta 13 3. Vice President 3. Dean s List I 3. 3. 4, Beta Beta Beta 3. 4. Pretident 3. Distrid Presi dent 4, Highland Biologist 3. 3. 4. Pre»idcm 4, Alpha Chi 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4 CANUPP. JOHNNY Box 34. Minneapolis. N C Elementary Education CARDWELL. NANCY R Route I. Box 3. Wilkesboro. NC Elementary Education Dean ' s Utt 3. 3. 4 CARPENTER. SHELIA WHISNANT Route I. Casar. NC Biology Dean s Ust 3i Highland BiologltlsClub3. 3. 4, SNEA 3 Home Economic Home Economics Club I. 3. 3. 4, SNEA 3 CHAPPELl. CONNIE 131 Eatt McClasuhan St . Oxford. NC CHAPPELL. LINDA FAYE 7 13 Koaler Circle Fayelteville NC English Transfer from Emmanuel College. Dramatics Club 1.3. House Council I 3. Pean s List I 3. 3 «lpha Chi 3 4 CHAPPELL MARTHA JOSEY 930 Magnolia St Winston Salem. N C Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship I. SNEA 3 3 4 Univer»itw Singers 3 4 ACE 3 CHEVENEY GARY ALAN Box 4 I Apple Creek Ohio Busi i Adm Transfer from Lees McRae Junior L CHILPRES DOUTHIT GLENN Roi Intramural Football I 3 J.lntr CHILPRES liATHRYN R Route 4 Box 903 Morganton ollege. Basketball 3. , Edu. 1 Mars Hill College Tri CHURCH. BRENPA Finley Avenue North Wilkesbor, Business and Economics Phi Beta Lambda I CHURCH JUNE KAY Box 38 Moravian Falls N C Elementary Education SNEA 3 3 Pean s List I. 3. 3. CHURCH STEPHEN RAY Route I Blowing Rock N C Psychology Transfer from Western Carolina Mens Glee Club 3. Co Pi Kappa Phi 3. Psychology Club 3 CHURCH WILLIAM CLAY Route I West Jefferson. N C Biology Transfer from University of Maryland. Pean s List 1 3 3. 4 Highland Biologists 3. 4. Beta Beta Beta 3 4 Pres ident 4 Junior Marshal 3 Alpha Chi 4 Chi Lambda Chi CLARK BRENPA SUSAN 50 " Eighth St Spencer N C Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate College CLARK LEON PAUL Russell s Trailer Court. Boone N C Matf ematics CLARK MICHAEL GENE 3016 Kings Road Shelby. N C Health and Physical Education Intramural Basketball 1.33. Pean s List 3. SNEA 3, 4. Physical Education Major s Club 3. 4 CLARK RITA LOUISE 187 Southview Pnve. Winston Salem. N C Health and Physical Education WAA I 3 BSU Touring Choir I 3. Concert Band I ,3. Marching Band 13 3 Wind Ensemble 3. Intramurals 13 3 4 Dean s List 13 3 4 Junior Counselor 3 Flying Fish 3 WRA 3 4 Alpha Chi 3. 4. Physical Educa tion Maiors Club 3 4 CLAYTON, ROBERT WESLEY Kannapolis. N C Physical Education CLEMENT. NANCY LOVE Ararat Virginia Health and Physical Education House Council I Intramurals 3 3. P E Maiors Club 3. WRA 3 3 SNEA 3 4 Vice President 4 CLENDENIN WALTER KARL Route I Box 2 0 Statesville NC Health and Physical Education Intramurals I 3 3 Pean s List 3. Track 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 CLINE BARBARA BRITTAIN Route 3 Box 156 Conover NC Elementary Education CUNTON MICHAEL JAY 3400 N W 6th Terr . Eon Lauderdale, Fla Physical Education football I, 3, 3 4, Mens A Club 1,334 COCHRANE CYNTHIA FOX P O Box 36333, Charlotte, N C Elementary Education Band I 3. 3. SNEA 3. 4 COCKERHAM MARY SUSAN 133 Nonh Mam St Mt Airy. NC YDC 3. Home Economics Club 3. 3. 4 COE JAY HERMON JR 1088 Peace Haven Road. Winston Salem. N C Psychology Transfer from Wake Forest College. Dean ' s List 3, Deutsche Klub 3. Psychology Club 4 COFFEY CLYDA DAWN 304 Pinecrest Drive. Lenoir. N C Mathematics Dean s List 1 . 3. 3. 4. Mathematics Club 1 . 3. 3 4. Sec- •tary - r Man lall 3 COFFEY JUDITH SUE P O Box 383. Blowing Rock. N C Sociology Transfer from Wingate Junior College COLE. RICHARD MONROE Route 4. Deerfield Road. Boone. N C Political Science Young Republicans Club 1.3 Student Council Reorga Busi SNEA 4. Phi Beta Lambda 4 COIETTA DAVID Box 393. Bumsville. N C Economics an d Business Chemistry Club I. Newman Club I. 3i Bill of Rights Comminee 4 CONLEY ELEANOR FERGUSON Box 105. Bakirsville. NC Biology Beta Beta Beta 3. 3. 4 Hi land Biologists 3, 3, 4i Al phaChi3. 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Deal ' s List I. 3.3.4 CONNELLY, ROBERT LARRY 831 Boulevard. Statesville, NC History Transfer from Mitchell College CONRAD, JONATHAN MICHAEL Route I, Box 145, Thomasville, NC Economics and Business Dean ' s List 3, 3, 4, Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Collegiate Civic Club 1,3 3, 4 Treasurer 3, 4, Phi Beta Lasnbda COOK, FRANCES ARMSTRONG Route I, Box 6, Varat, NC Home Economics Home Economics Club 3, 3. 4 COOK, GLENN EUGENE Route 3, WeslfieM, N C History COOK. LINDA DIANN 134 Nonh Ma olla Street. Moomville. NC Elementary Education Band 13 3, Pean s List 3 House Council 3 4, NEA 4 COOKE SUSAN 339 W Park Avenue Mooresville N C Elementary Education Collegiate Jazz Society I, Intramurals 1 3, Pean ' s List COPE SABRA ELIZABETH 1448 Statesville Boulevard, Salisbury, NC Special Education A ' AixixiWr.w I 3 Pep Club I House Council 3.4, Spe cial Education Club 3 4, Vice President 4 CORN t, JIM He. I Physic I Educ. Football I 3 3 4 Captain 4, Who s Who Among St dents in American colleges and Universities 4 CORNELIUS DANNY RAY 18 " Crepe Myrtle Circle Winston Salem, NC Elementary Education Intramurals I 3 3 4. Pean s List 3 CORNELIUS. KAIHERINE GRAHAM Terrell, N C Elementary Education Wesley foundation. Pep Club I . Hall Monitor I 3; Sec- retary of House Council 3, SNCEA CORNETTE, IVAN PALE I 36 Port Tobacco Road, La Plata, Md Business and Economics Transfer from Charles County Community College Transfer from Mitchell Junior College. Men s Glee Club 3 4, College Choir 3 4 COSTNER SHARON CONSTANCE Route 1 , Lawndale. N C Elementary Education Deans List I. 3. 3. Alpha Chi 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. Business and Economics COWLES SUSAN COOPER PO Box 313. Statesville. NC • Primary Education Women s House Council 3. Deans List ; Council 3. 4- SNEA 4 COYLE. CAROLE BETH 6636 Folger Drive. Charlotte, N C Special Education ' 1 Wingate College, Special Educ, Route 6, Box 336, Hickory, N C LeCercle Francais 3, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Dean ' s List I, 3, 3, 4, Pi Delta Phi 3, 4, SNCEA 3, Alpha Chi 4 CRATER, TERRY LEE Route I, Hamptonville, NC Business and Economics Dean s List 3. 4, Intramurals 1,3,3,4, Young Republi Transfer from Peace College, Historical Association. SNEA CRIGLER MARY MARGUERITE 7 10 Evergreen Avenue Lexington, N C Elementary Education SNCEA 3, 4, Vernician Society 3, 4 CRISP ROBERT ARTHUR Lowell N C Political Science Dean s List 1,3,3 4, Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4, Law Association 3 4, Young Democrats Club 4 CRUMP, KENNETH BENSON 937 S Boulevard, Lenior, N C Biology Transfer from Emmanuel College, Dramatics Club 1,3. Dean ' s List I, 3, Intramurals I, 3 ClUP JUDY KAY 319 Spruce Street, Badin, NC Historical Association 4 CUNNINGHAM, PEGGY Route 3, Franklin, NC Sociology CURIEE EDWARD LEE 336 ' i East King Street, Boone, N C Health and Physical Education Dean s list 3, 3, Baseball 3,3.4, Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4 CURTIS. SHERRIIL DION Route I. Box 118. Asheboro. N C History Alpha Chi 3. 4. Chi Lambda Chi 3. German Club 3. 4. Pi I Mu 3. 3. 4 President 3. Who s Who Among " olleges and Universities 3. 4. . 3. 3 Busir« and Ec. Transfer from Wesley Junior College. Intramural Bas- ketball, Intramural Football DAVIS BETTY ROSE Route I , Asheboro. N C Elementary Education SNEA DAVIS. GWENDOLYN JOYCE 335 Moores Lake Road. Wadesboro, N C English DAVIS, MARCIA FAYE Route I, Box 135, Mt Ulla. NC Primary Education Deans Lisl 3 3 ACE 3. SNCEA 3 DAVIS, MICHAEL GENE Route 3, Box 543, Asheville, NC An Soccer I, 3. Art Guild I, 3, 3, 4. Vice President 3. 4. Psychology Club 3. .Appalacktai 3. 3. 4. Pkolo repka 4 Kluia mirim 3. 4. Director of Pholooraphy 4. Photogra- phy Club 4. President 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4 DAWSON, ANN BURGE Route I, Pilot Mountain, NC Home Economics Home Economics Club 3, 3. 4. SNCEA i. 4. DEAL, PHYLLIS Route 3. Box 363. China Grove. N.C Elementary Education ACE I. 3. 3. 4. Secretary 3, SNCEA 3 DEATON. LINDA KAY PO Box 1394. High Point. NC Elementary Education library Science Club, SNCEA, Dean ' s Liil 3. 3. 4. DECKER. JENNIE RUTH Route I. Summcrvield. NC Home Economics Intramurals 3. 4. Home Economics Club 4 PECSE MARWA ELAINE A22 Windemere Lane. Charlotte. N C Library Science Deans List 1.2. Library Science Club 3. 4. SNCEA 3 4 DENNIS. GEORGE E 5808 0«(ord Road, Olen Echo. Md Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 3. 4 PEWESSE TERRV Route I . Leicester. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Mars Hill College Homecoming Lourt 3. Vernician Society :!. 3. 4. SNEA 3 4 DICKENS. BRENDA JOYCE Route " " . Monroe. N C olocisl Club 1.2.3. 4. Vice Presidei Dean s list 3 DICKENS JOHN W 202 Walker Street. Morganton. N C Bust and h Transfer from Oak Ridge Military fnstitute DOBINSON. ELIZABETH 3228 Sunset Driye. Charlotte, N C Physical Education Flying Fish I . Oiri s Varsity Volleyball I . Women ' s Ath letic Association I. 2. 3. 4. Yosef Club I. 2 DORMAN. LOIS ELIZABETH Bo 236. North Wilkesboro NC . Educ. n Purdue Univ I 2. 3. SNEA Yearbook Pub eCon- e Student Legislature 2. 3 4, N C State Government Summer Intern 3. Workman Scholarship. Deans List. Senior Class President. Chi Lambda Chi 4. Collegiate Civic Club 2 3. 4aaw Club 3. Treasurer. Who s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3. 4 DOTSON. DENVER ROY Route 3. Boone. N C Mathematics Dean 5 list f DOTSON. MARIE FOSTER 93. Bo( . NC Elementary Education Dean s List 2. 3 DOUGHERTY. BARTLETT Transfer from Gardner Webb Collt DOUGHERTY. SARA CALDWELL 503 Faculty St Boone. N C , Educ. 1 Gardner Webb College. Vernician Soci ety 3. 4. SNEA 4 DRAUGHON. MARY GAIL Route I. Banner Elk N C Elementary Education Transfer from Lees McRae College Dean s List 3 DUNCAN. CRAIG 68 Grand Street. Thomaston. Conn Business and Economics Mens ' A Club I 2. 3. 4. Soccer I 2. 3 4.CoCaplain DUS Routt murals 3 JUNE LUNSFORP Dean s List 2 3 4 Pi Gamn SNEA 4 DUNN. PATRICIA VICTORIA Route 2. Four Oaks N C Elementary Education E EANES. WILUAM L . JR Route I Box S2-A. Ridgewa Physical Education Baseball. Dean s List EARL JAMES CLYDE JR Route I Box 8 ' . Mt Pleasai Physics Dean s Lis .3.4. Physic Club 2 3 4. Alpha Chi 3 EARL. JERRY WAYNE RouK Nc Geography and Geology Intramurals I. German Club 3. EARNHARDT. JAMES MAY Route 2. Box m . Polkton. N rals ■ . 2. 3 lub 2. Dean ' s List I. 2. 3.4. Intr: ECKARP. KAY Route I. Box 507. Tayloi Elementary Education Religious Coui Elementary Edu YWA 3. SNEA 2. 3. 4. ACE 3. 4 ELLINGTON. TERESA GALE I 112 W Washington St . leaksvil Pep Club I. Deans List 2. 3. Junior Counselor 3. Housi ub 3. 4 Rou He I Physi . sc I Edu Transfer from Anderson Jr CollegCi WRA 3. 4. Trea surer 4. P E Mafors Club 3. 4. Senior Homecoming At tendant 4. Coed of Month 4 ELSTON, RALPH Route I. Dallas Pa Elementary Education Transfer from Wingale College ENNIS. GLORIA ANN Old Post Road. Erwin. N C Elementary Educalion Womens Intramurals 2. 3. Glee Club 2 3 SNEA. Dean ' s List 3. 4 ENSOGNA. SHERRY DIANE Country Club Terrace. Winchester Va Business and Economics Transfer from Shenandoah College. Winter Festival Court, 4 EPLEY. WAYNE RICHARD Route 6, Box I IS, Morganton, N C Elementary Education Deans List 2, Intramurals 1 , 2, 3 ESKRIDGE, NORFLEET W 1411 Oaklahoma Avenue, Burlington. N C Physical Education Transfer from University of Maryland. Dean ' s List I . In- tramurals I. 2. 3. 4 ESTEP. ALICE Box 264. Sparta. N C English Transfer from Mitchell College EVANS. DIANNE KLUTTZ China Grove. N C Psychology and Sociology Appaletles 3; Psychology Club 3. EVANS LINDA KAY Transfer from Wingatc Junior College. BSU 3. 4 EVANS REBA LOUISE PO Box 3 " 8 Sparta. NC Library Science Library Science Club 2 4 EVERETT. MARIE ISLEY Route 6 Box 128. Burlmglon NC Elementary Education Peans List I. " 2. HlmMMlmi 3 Intramurals 2 3 EVERHART BRENDA Route 1. Box 284. Lexington. N C Elementary Education Yosef Club I. SNEA 3. ACE 2. 3 F FERGUSON. JANICE LEE Route 2. Liberty N C Sociology and History Dean ' s List 3. Intramurals 3. 4 FIDLER. VADA SUE 306 Holt Avenue. Greensboro. N C Elementary Education Yosef Club h House Council 3. 4. SNEA 4 FISHER. BRENDA Route 3. Box 195. Statesville. NC Transfer from Mitchell College. Junior Marshall. Math Club Dean s List FISHER PAULA SUSAN 1626 W Airline Avenue Gastonia. N C Mathematics Deans List I. 2. 3. 4. Math Club. Vice President 4. Ju nior Marshal in Summer School 3 BSU Choir .1 4 HERRY NELL Un Route 3. Stuart Va Mathematics Deans List 2, 3, Intramurals I, 4, Math Club 2, 3, 4. President 4 FOGLE. ROSELYN 101 Susan Street. Clinton. NC Elementary Education K tMii-iitrM I FORD. LINDA CAROL 7 16 N Grover Street. Gastonia N i. Biology Transfer from Gaston College. SNEA 3 . Highland Biolo gists 3. 4. K ftMfHilri H 3. 4. House Council 4 FOULK. RONALD LEE 90 Branch Street. Medlord N J Elementary Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4 Deans List 3 BSU FRASHEUR. GAIL PATRICIA 108 Utah Street. Forest City. NC Elementary Education Yosef Club I. 2. Dean s List 3. 4. SNEA 4. ACE 4 FREEMAN DENNIS JACK Route 5. Shelby. N I. BSU 1 2. 3 4 Dean s list Spanish Club 2 3 4 Presi dent 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4. Secretary 4 FREEMAN. MERRY ANN 324 McDonald Avenue Charlotte NC Elementary Education Transfer from Lees McRae College FREEMAN. STEVEN ARNOLD 3125 Rash Avenue. Charlotte. NC Business and Economics Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College. Football 3. Track 3. 4 FULLER DAVID RALPH 401 W Carolina Avenue Draper NC Chi Lambda Chi Appalachian Historical Association Vice President Student Traffic Organi;ation. Dorm Council Deans List FURR BRENDA STONER Route 3 Box 2rA. Concord. N C 2 3 4. Pi Delta Phi 3 4 French Club Junior Marshal 4 FURR MONTYE HARRIS 826 Maple Avenue. Salisbury. N C Elementary Edui GANTT. WILLIAM D nnelly Springs. N C GARCIA. JOSE A 821 Collins Avenue. Mia Elementary Educal GARLAND. CAROLYN LYNN Route 2 Box 30. Bakersville. N C Psychology and Sociology German Club 3. 4. Psychology Club 4 GARNER. ELAINE 609 East 3rd Avenue. Red Springs. N C Dean ' s List GARRIS. RUBERT LA-BARON 81 Craig Circle Asheville. N J Elementary Education Intramurals 2. 3. 4. ACE 3 4 President YPC 1 . Chess Club 2. Choir 1.2.3. 4, Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4. Vice President 3. 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4 GATEWOOP- JOHN L . JR Box 93 Summerfield. N L Business YPC 3. 4 GEAGAN. PATRICIA H 34 Warner Street. Springfield. Mass Physi 1 Educ, Flying Fish I 2. Hall Montior I. 2. 3, House President 4 Physical Education Majors Club; Gymnastics Club. WAA GEER. SYLVIA SAUNDERS Route 2. Union Mills. N C Elementary Education GIAMBRONE CHARLES P 491 Walton Court West Hempstead NY Health and Physical Edcuation 4. Soccer 3. 4. Co Captain 4. Men s A Club Ir rals 3, 4, Dean s List 3. 4 GIBBS. MADGE Route 5. Box 87. Shelby. NC Social Science Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior Lollege GILBERT. WILLIAM CLAY oreenhill Road. Mt Airy. N L Political Science International Relations Club 4 La Club 4 GILLESPIE. JOHN A 18 Mam Street. Great Bend. Pa Elementary Education Intramurals I. 2 GILSTRAP. ROBERT 205 Oak Street. Woodville Heights. Greenvilk Business and Economics Deans List 3 4. Phi Beta Lambda 4 GIVEN PATRICIA ANN Route 2. West Jefferson. N C Elementary Education J V Cheerleader 1 2. Collegiate Jai; Society GOFORTH. WARREN G . JR 606 East Gold Street. Kmgs Mountain. N C Physical Education Baseball I. 2. 3. 4. Mens A Club 2. 3. 4 GOODMAN. DONNA ANN I 17 Ann Street. Gastonia. N C Debate 1 2 YDC 1 . Junior Counselor 3 GOODWIN STUART LIND 306 West Moore Street Southport. N C Industrial Arts Transfer from New York State University. American In dustrial Arts Association 3. Industrial Arts Club Presi dent 4 Chi Lambda Chi 4. American Industrial College GOWAN PATRICIA A Route 4 Box 288 Asheville. I Elementary Education Deans List 2 3. 4. ACE 3 4 GRAGG ETTA LORRAINE Rou Spai N C Spamsh Club 1.2 3 4 Officer 3. Intramurals 3 Dean s List 2. 3. 4 GRANT GARY THOMAS 105 Lee Street. Forest City N C Political Science YPC I. 2. 3. 4. Vice President 3. President 4 Intern tional Relations Club 2. 3 4. Law Association 3 4. Gamma Mu 3. 4. Dean s List GRANT LESLIE SHAW 626 Colonial Drive High Point. N C Women s Glee Club I 3. Library Science Club 3 Dean s List 4 GRAU PHILIP N 6 W Chelton Road. Parkside. Pa Health and Physical Education Swimming I. 2. Men s A Club I. 2. 3 4. Dean s L 2 Physical Education Majors Club 4 GRAY. BRENDA RAINEY PO Box 412. Rockwell. NC Physical Education Women ' s Recreation Association I. 2 3 4 Physii Education Majors Club 3 4 GREEN. MIRIAM IIEY 2 1 7 Palaside Drive N E . Concord. N C Elementary Education GREEN SARAH L 402 Lawsonville Avenue Reidsville. N C History Deans List 1.2 3 4 Newman Club 3. 4. Historical S ciely 3 4. Alpha Chi 3. 4 GREEN WILLIAM W Box 208 Roxboro. N C Political Science Football I. 2 GREENE. BARBARA KAY 4 I 2 Oueen Street Boone N C Special Education Special Education Club 2. 3. 4 GREER. MARGARET Route 3 Vincentown. N J Health and Physical Education P E Majors Club Intramurals. Canterberry Club. See- on WRA Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. Deans List 3. GRIFFIN. JERRY V Route 2. Marshville. N C Business and Economics GRIFFIN. WILLIAM JOSEPH 516 S Mendenhall St . Greensboro. NC Elem Edui Dean s List SNEA 3.4. ACE 3. 4. Women s Glee Club 3. 4. Kappa Delt a Pi 4 GRILL. LARRY STEPHEN Route 2. Box I42M Valdese. N C GUFFEY. MAURICE HOYLE. JR Box 98. Forest City. N C Business and Economics Swim Team; Men s A Club 1.2.3. GULLEDGE. DORIS A Route 1 Ruby S( , Educ, GULLEY JAMES LARRY 1500 Miller St . Kingsport. Tenn Library Science Club. Secretary 4 Reading C President 4 GWYN. LAURA SUSAN Route 10. Box 891. Greensboro. N C English SNEA 3. Alpha Chi. Vice-President 4 H HAGAMAN. REX GRAY 301 Locust St . Boone. NC Mathematics BSU Executive Council 3 HAIRE. WANDA MAE Route 2. Boonville- N C Elementarv Education SNEA HALFORD. BRENU A JOYCE 800 W Franklin. Monroe. N C Elementary Education Math Club J. 3. SNEA 1. 4 HALL. DIANE GAIL 2800 Coyle St . New York. NY Elemental Education Appalachian HistoncaJ Society: SNEA. Deans List 3. 4i Dance C HAMILTON. ANDREA LOFLIN Route I. Maxton. NC Home Economics Transfer from William Jennings Bryan College. Home Econmics Chapter 3. -t. Treasurer 4. SNEA 4 HAMILTON. DIANA LYNN Route }. Box 446. Wadesboro. N C Mathematics Deans List 2. 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4, Vernician Societv 4 HAMILTON. WAYNE A 2021 SW 59th Avenue, Miami. Florida Economics and Business Transfer from William Jennings Bryan College. Cross Country I. 2. 4. Track I. 2, Intramural Football I. 2. 3 HAMMILL. PATRICIA DIANE Route 2. Gold Hill. N C Elementary Education Wesley Foundation I. 2. ACE 3. 4. Deans List 3. 4. SNEA 4 HAMMOND. JANE KIRK Route 2. Box 66. Heath Springs. S C English HAMPTON. KATHERINE ANNE Box 396, Swannanoa. N C Library Science Library Science I. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club I. SNEA 3 HAMPTON. PHILLIP BUINE Route 4. Boone. N C. Mat hematics Baseball I. 2 HAND. PATRICIA DOLORES 1214 Edgedale Drive. Salisbury. N C. Dean s List 2. 3. 4 HANNER. SUSAN 40 1 Hawthorne Drive. Asheboro. N C Elementary Education House Council I. 2. Dean s List 2. 3, SNEA 2. Coed of Month 3. Glee Club 3. 4 HARDEN. BECKY 2 1 4 West Pine St , Graham. N C Business Pep Club I. SNEA 3. Phi Beta Lambda 4. HARDIN. LARRY E 1209 White St , Lexington. NC Business Transfer from LeesMcRae College; SNEA 3 HARRINGTON. PEGGY Route 3. Box 2S3 F. Kannapolis. N C Elementary Education HARRIS. CYNTHIA ANNETTE 914 Denny St . High Point. NC Special Education Special Education Club 2. 3. 4 HARRIS. LOIS E Ward. S C Elementary Education Transfer from Anderson College: SNEA: BSU, YWA: Hall Representative: House Council HARRIS. VICKI STARR 357 Ann St N W . Concord. N C Psychology Dean s List 2, 3. 4. Dorm President 3. Dorm Vice President 3. SRA 3 HARRIS. WANDA 854 Aiken Rd . Spray. N C Business and Economics Kkcdcdmdm I. SNEA 3. 4 HASS. BRENDA Route 2. Box 325. Hickory. NC. Mathematics Deans List I. 2. SNEA 3 HAVNAER. RICHARD A I 323 8th SI N W . Hickory. N C Business Deans List 3. 4. Swim Team I. 2. 3. 4 HAWKINS. JACKIE DALE 100 Honeysuckle Dr . Greensboro. N C Sociology HAWKINS. MARY ANN Route I. Box 66B. Marion. NC Elementary Education Transfer from Lees-McRae College, Basketball Intra murals I. 2. 3. History Club 4 HAYES. GEORGE THOMAS Box III. Montezuma. NC Elementary Education Young Republican Club . SNEA 3: BSU 2. 3. 4 HAYES. RICHARD VAUGHN Intramurals I. 2, 3. 4. Dean ' s List 2. 3: International Relations Club 3. 4. Appalachian Historical Society 3. Pep Club I: BSU I: Home Econc chology Club 4 HEDRlCK. SARAH LEE Route 6 Box 82, Statesville, N (. Home Economics Home Ecomoics Club 2 HEGE. JOHN T Route I. Box 643. Salisbury. NC Sociology— Anthropology Transfer from Wingale College: Biology Club 2 HEMPHILL. ROBERT OWEN P O Box 88. Boone, N C Sociology Mens Chorus I . BSU 1.2. 3. 4, BSU Touring Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4t A SU Ping Pong Champion 3. 4. Psychology Club 4 HENDERSON, JOANNE 6400 Lake Barry Dr . Charlotte. N C Dean s List I. 2. 3. 4. Home Economics Club 2. 3. 4 HENRY. FRANCES LYNNE 801 Hazelwood Lane. Martinsville. Va English ISA I: Yosef Club I, Spanish Club 2, SNEA 3, 4, Deans List 1 . 2. 3. 4, Alpha Chi, Honor Teacher. Hoi Art Guild I: Home Economics Club 4. Cabaret A Kkdlsilliidwil 4. House Council 4. SNEA 4 HICKS. DORIS Route I. Pilot Mountain. NC Business Education HICKS. FLORENCE LOUISE Star Route. Boonville. N C Elementary Education YDC 2. Deans List 3. SNEA 4 HILL. LINDA DIANNE PO Box 464, Caroleen. NC English French Club. Dean s List MINES, DONNA BURNETT Route 6, Ralergh. N C Physrcal Education WRA I, 3, 3, 4; Physical Education Majors Club i HINKLE. PAUL CHRISTOPHER Route 4, Mocksville, N C Psychology " ' neFish I Yosef 3. Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4 HOGAN. LARRY ALLAN 164 Hoyle St Marion. N C Psychology Club. Recording Secretary. Deans List 3 Cheerleader I. 2: Flying Fish 1 , 2. 3. President 2. 3. Indu: I Arts HOLLAND. LINDA MELTON BOX 366. Ellenboro. N C Biology Intramurals I HOLLIFIELD. BARBARA 501 Yancey St . Marion. NC Business and Economics Transfer from Wingate Junior College HOLLIFIELD. CAROLYN E FAYE 501 Yancey St . Marion. N C Business and Economics Transfer from Wingate Junior College HOLMAN. ALICE NEVADA Baldwin Road. West Jefferson. NC Elementary Education Transfer from Lees-McRae College HOLSHOUSER. JAMES ALLEN Route 3. Box 225. Salisbury. N C Business and Economics Transfer from Wingate College. Intramurals 3. 4 HOLTSCLAW. LILLIE DIANA 109 Virginia Rd . Marion. NC Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner Webb College, KhMlaliKdrcn 3, 4 HONBARRIER. RONALD J 923 Oval St . Kannapolis. N C Health and Physical Education Wrestling I 2: Intramurals I 2. 3. 4. P E Maiors Club 4 HOPKINS. DAN A 507 Hawthorne Lane. Gastonia. N C Psychology Transfer from Wofford College. Tennis Team 3 HORNE. BELINDA CAROL 1241 Cheshire Ave , Charlotte N C Primary Education Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4. Chiet 3. 4: Vernician Society I, 2. 3. 4: Christmas Oueen 2. Deans List 3, May Oueen 4. Most Popular 4 HORNER. JAMES HUNTER " 09 Williamsboro St . Oxford N C HORSTMAN. RICHARD WILLIAM 1601 Academy St . Charlotte. NC Biology Transfer from Central Piedmont Community College HOWARD. JANET KAY 455 South Ridge St . Southern Pines N C Mathematics Deans List I. 2, 3, YWCA 2. SNEA 3 4 HOYLE. JOHN A Route 2. Dallas. N C Mathematics and Physics Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Chi 3, 4. Math Club 3 4: Physics Club 3. 4 HOYLE. JUDY IDOL Route 4. Kernersville. N C Primary Education House Council I. 2. 3. Wesley Foundation 1.2 3 Vernician Society 2. 3. 4: SNEA 3. 4 HOYLE. MARY GAIL Route 5. Shelby. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Gaston College. SNEA 4. HUDSON. LINDA Route 2. Dobson, N C Elementary Education SNEA 4 HUDSON. SHARON VIRGINIA I 10 Glascock Ct . Hampton. Va HUFfSTETLER. KEITH DAVID 303 Eastwood Drive. Mount Holly. N C Mathematics Transfer from Gaston College. Dean s List I , Spanish Club I: Intramurals I. 2 HUGHES. LINDA KATHERINE Route 2. Burnsville. NC French Club I. 2. 3. 4: Psychology Club 3. A ' .xf. ' - imdroit 2. 3. 4: SNEA 3 HUGHES. MARGARITA GARVtS Route I. Landing Lane. Elkton. Md Transfer from Harford Junior College: Cheerleader 3. 4. Vernician Society 3. 4 HUGHES. RICHARD EARL I 14 Oak St . Apt 7. Boone, N C Math HUMPHREYS. CARLA JANSON 828 Melrose St . Winston Salem. N C Elementary Education Appalottes 2. Women ' s Glee Club 4. SNEA 4 HUMPHRIES. KENNETH G Rock Hill. S C Physical Education Transfer from Wingate HUNT. RICK STEPHEN Route 2. Box 334. High Pomt. NC Biology Intramurals 2. 3: C C C 2. 3. 4. Vice President 3, Secretary 3 HU NT. RONDA KAYE Route 2. Box 102. Denton. N C Elementary Education SRA I: Dorm Vice. President I. Christmas Court 2. ILSLEY. RICHARD 52 Donald Street. East Williston. NY Physical Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. Baseball 2. 3. 4. Swimming 3: Dean ' s List 3. Soccer 4 INGRAM. SHARON ANNE Cheraw. S C Elementary Education Transfer from Western Carolina INMAN. DENNIS 1205 Maple St . Bethlehem, Pa Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College: Soccer 4 ISENBERG, STEPHEN MORGAN 304 Wiley Avenue. Salisbury N C Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4 An Deans List I. 2: Art Guild. Honorable Mention in Spring An Show 2 JEFFRIES. MICHAEL 28 Warrenton Blvd . Warrenton. Va Physical Ed SNEA 4. PE Club 3. 4 JENKINS. JAMES O Route 3. Liberty. N C Philosophy and Religion Transfer from Berry College: Dean s List 2. Playcraft- ers 2. Alpha Psi Omega 3 JENKINS. JUDITH Route 2. Box 193. Old Fort. NC Sociology and Psychology Psychology Club 2. 4. French Club 3. Women s Glee Club 3 JESSUP. TERRY DOYLE Route 2. Weslfield. N C Young Republicans I. Intramural Basketball I. Chem- istry Club 3. 4 JOHNSON, PHYLLIS ANN 2316 Geddie Place. High Point N C Library Science Deans List I. 2. 3, 4, Library Science Club 2, 3 4. Treasurer 4. SNEA 3, 4 JOHNSON. ROBERT PERRY Route I. Box 61. Hays. NC Political Science IRC 2. 3, 4 JOHNSON. TED DAVID Box 36 " Cliffside NC Health and Physical Education Soccer 3 4 Intramurals 2. 3 4, Dean s List. Men s A Club JOHNSTON. LINDA CAROL 412 Prospect St . Westfield. N J Elementary Education Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 JOINES J E . JR Box 388 Boone N C Business and Economics Transfer Irom Unive rsity of Tennessee. Intramurals 4: Phi Beta Lambda 4, A ' A.x .xfrm riW Business Manager 4 JOLLEY LINDA KAY Route 4, Box 40C. Taylorsville, N C , Educ. Dean s List 3 JONAS BARBARA Route 3 Box 385. Hickory, NC Elementary Education SNEA JONES BRYSON G Route 2 Forest City N C Mathematics Dramatics I BSU I 2. 3. 4 JONES. HERBERT BENSON 144 West Haven Circle. Winston Salem. N C Justice Chorus I. 2. Intramurals 2 Radio Club 3. 4: Appalachian Historical Society 4 Hall Counselor 4 JONES. LAURA LOUISE 619 W Harper Avenue Lenoir. N C Art Guil(? I. 2. 3. 4- Secretary and Treasui Dean s List 2 JONES. MARY DANA Box 67. Boiling Springs. NC Elei I Edu. Transfer Irom Gardner Webb Junior college JOYCE BRENDA KAY Route 2. Madison. N C Elementary Education BSU ' 2: SNEA 4 JOYCE. LOUISE DAVIS Rt I. Greensboro. N C Erglish and Spanish JOYNER. ROGER D I 12 Hcdgecock Road. High Point. N C Phisics Club. Radio Club. Chess Club. Intram k KEARNS. JOHN NEWTON Route 3. Denton. N C Transfer from UNC CH (EATON. ROBERT DEAN flurkemont Ave Morganton. N C ub 3 KEENER. GUY DANIEL, JR Route 5. Lincolnton. N C Mathematics Intramural Baseball I. Deans List I. 2. 3 KENNEDY. MARILYN S 3 104 Avalon Ave . Charlotte. N C Physical Education Physical Education Maiors Club KENNEDY NANCY 3603 Greenhill Drive. High Point N C Elementary Education Dean ' s List I. 2. 3, Orchestra I. 2: ACE 2, 3: Wesley Foundation 2. KEYES. RICHARD M Route 8. Box 46. Lenoir, N C Business KIDD. JOYCE A Route I. Box 325, Franklmville. NC Elementary Education Vernician Society 1 , 2. 3. 4. Chaplain 4. SNEA 3. 4. ACE 3. 4 KILBY JANICE ELAINE 1013 Grant St . High Point. N i History and Political Science kILLIAN. ELIZABETH JANE 3 ' ' 6 Beverly Or N E . Concord. N C Special Education Special Education Club KILLIAN. SUSAN ALLIuOOP 300 South Mam St , Mount Holly. N C Deans List 3. Appalachian Historical Society 3. SNEA i KING, JANIS 108 North A2 Street Wilmington, N C Women s Glee Club I. 2. Deans list I. i. College Choir 3. University Singers -1 KING, SUSAN LAMAR 20S Pitcher Avenue. Spray. N C Special Education Psychology Club 2. Dean s List 2 i. Special Educa lion Club 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 KIRBV. SARAH LOUISE 215 W 23rd St Newton N t. Elementary Education SNEA 4 KIRSCHNER. MELODY ANN 253 Shurley St . Rock Hill. SC ipe, I Edu Elei , Edu. Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Latin Club Honor I . BSU 1.2. 3. A. Band I. 2. SNEA 3. Dean 5 List 3 KISER. KAY Route 2, Vale. N C French Dean s List. French Club KISER. JOANN CANTRELL 305 South St . Davidson. N C Primary Education Transfer from UNC at Charlotte KOLIUN. NICK ROBERT 26 William St . Copiague. L I . New York Industrial Arts Transfer from SuHolk County Community college. In duslnal Arts Club. Vice President 4 KNIGHT MEREDITH Creston N C Economics SNEA Dean s List 3 KNOX. MARTHA KRIDER Route 2. Bo« 174. Cleveland. N C Home Economics Intramurals I. Home Economics Club I 2. 4. Deans List 3. Treasurer of Senior Class. May Court Atten dant 4 L LAIL, ROGER V Route 2. Box 248. Lonover. N C Elementary Education Intramurals 3. Dens List 2. 3. ACE 3. 4 LASHLEY. LINDA ANN Route I. Chapel Hill. N C Elemenlarv Education Wesley Foundation I. 2; Deans List I. 2. 3. SNEA 3. ACE: Junior Counselor LASSITER. STEVE 1512 Shadylawn Dr . Burlington. N C Political Science Collegiate Civic Club 3 4. Phi Beta Lambda 3. Deans List LAWRENCE SHIRLEY SUE Route 1 . Box 288. Mebane. N C Elementary Education Girl s Glee Club 2. 3 University Singers 4: SNEA 4. ACE 4 LAWSON. LYNETTE JARVIS Box 164. Winston Salem N C Mathematics Glee Club 2. 4. SNEA 4 LENDERMAN. JUDITH ANN Route 2. Box 499. Wilkesboro. N C Elementary Education SNEA 4, ApfiUacltuu 3. A. ACE 4 LEONARD. JOY Route 2. Lillington. N L Sociology LEWIS. LARRY GORDON Route I. Box 46. Todd. N C Mathematics Intramurals 3. 4. Dean s List 4. Math Club 4 LEWIS. ROBERT DAVID 309 Oak St . Boone. N L Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 3 4 LINCOLN. LINDA RUTH 2388 Jefferson Ave . Winston Salem. N C Primary Education BSU I. 2. 3. 4. Deans List 3 IINEBACK. HARVEY I 4842 Monte Vista. Winston-Salem. N C Library Science ipplkfkuiM 1. 2. 3. Feature Editor I. Associate Editor 2. Editor 3. Library Science Club I. 2. 3. 4. Playcralt ers I. 2. 3. Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4. Newman Fed eration 3. 4. Religious Council 4. Debate 1 LINEBERGER. WADE M Route 3 Box 146. Conover. NC Mathematics Chorus I. 2. Chorale 2 LINER. RONALD S Route 7. Winston-Salem. NC Special Education Intramural Basketball 1.2. 3. 4, Intramural Football I. 2. 3. 4i Softball 2. 3. 4. Deans List 2. 3. Specul Education Club 2. 3. 4 LITTLE. REBEKAH HOYLENE 1925 Echo Lane. Gastonia. N C English College. OitrfiTiir fi riW 3. Transfer from Deans List LIVINGSTON. JERRY ALLEN 226 Ridgeway. Ave . Statesville. N C History Intramurals 12 3 4. Election Committee 4 LOVELACE. DONALD 208 Walker Road. Morganton, N C Elementary Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4, Football Intramurals LOWDER. PHYLLIS KAY Route 1 . Cleveland. N C Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4, ACE 4. Dean s List LOWE. KAREN LOUISE 250 East Chestnut St . Asheville. N C History LSA I. 2. 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4. Deans List 3. 4; Appala chian Historical Association 3. 4. LOWMAN. LEVI DOLPHUS. JR Route 4. Box 188. Hickory. N C Mathematics Transfer from Warren Wilson College. Intramurals 3. 4: Der Deutch Klub 3. 4. Psychology Club 4 LUKER. HOWARD W II 2310 South Buchanan St . Arlington. Va Elealth and Physical Education Transfer from Wingate College; Swimming and Diving Team 2i Soccer 4. LUTZ, WANDA ANNE Route I , Horse Shoe. NC Special Education Club 3. 4. Playcrafters 3. 4 LYNCH. RIVERS FOSTER Route I. Box 44 A Effingham. SC Health and Physical Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. Track Team 2. 3. Popular Pro grams Committee i. Deans List 2. 3. 4. Physical Ed ucatlon Majors Club 3. 4, Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4. AAHPER 3. 4. FCA 3. 4 LYNCH. VIRGINIA DARE Box 27 4. Lansmg. N C English 3. Hoi :il 4. SNEA 3. 4 M ollege. BSU I. 2. SRA MABE. PEGGY JO Route 1. King. NC Elementary Education KhL lAltmlrM 2: An Guild 2. 3. YWCA 3 MacMILLAN. DONNA 400 Park Place. Elkton. Md Health and Physical Education Deans List 1. 2. 3. 4, WRA I. 2. 3. 4. PE Majors Club 3. 4 MADRY. NORMAN WORTH Box 27. Burlington. NC Business and Economics MARION. PHIL E . JR Route 7. Winston Salem. N C Psychology Transfer from Brevard Junior College MARTIN. DONNA 2257 N Nottingham St . Arlmgton. Va Health and Physical Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College MARTIN. JOYCE ANNE Box 61. Hillsville Va MARTIN. SHIRLEY POOLE Route 2. Hiddenite N C Pep Club I. Home Economics Club I. 2. 3. 4. Wesley Foundation 1.2. 3. 4. Psychology Club 2. 3. Deans List 3. SNEA 3. 4 MASCOTT. BARBARA ANNE 137 Cedar St . Hanover. N J Elementary Education Women ' s Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4, House Council 3. 4 MASON. DONALD W 107 Jackson St . Kannapolis. N C Business and Economics MAST. WILLIAM HOWARD Route 3. Boone. N C Industrial Arts MASTIN. LINDA L Route 3. North Wilkesboro. N C Elementary Education Deans List 2. 3. 4, SNEA 3. 4 MATHEWS. ELLA MAE 94 School St . Marion. NC Business and Economics International Relations Club I. KModemtm 4. Phi Beta Lambda 4 MAXWELL. JANICE BRIAN Box 665. Dallas Street. Huntersville. N C ntary Edu ACE I. Intf lal Relatic . 2. Dean s Lis MAXWELL. JOHN YATES Route I. Alexis N C Physical Education Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Band 2. Choir 2. Golf 2: Physical Education Ma|Ors Club 3. 4 MAY. VICKI JEAN 6491 Plantation Road. Ft Lauderdale. Fla Business and Economics Transfer from Junior College of Broward County: Deans List 2. 3. 4, BSU Choir 4: Education Club 4: Phi Beta Lambda 4 MAYS. ROBERT F . JR 727 Auburn Place. Martinsville. Va Industrial Arts Industnal Arts Club 4. Treasurer 4. Religious Council 4. Wesley Foundation 4. President 4 McABEE. MARTHA ELIZABETH Box 334. Troulman. N C Mathematics Math Club I. Baptist Student Union I 2. 3. 4 McCain, nancy ellen Route I. Sophia. N C Primary Education SNEA 3 4 McCALL. PHILIP NEIL Box 122. Stedman. NC Psychology— Sociology Debate Team I. German Club 3: Psychology Club 3. 4. Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4 McCANTS. GRACIE ELLA 409 Park Avenue. Pineville. N C Mathematics BSU I. 2. 3. 4: BSU Council i. Deans List 1.2 3. 4. SRA 1. 3, Sophomore Class Secretary 2. Alpha Chi 3. 4. Dorm Vice President 3 McCarthy, colleen joyce 1206 N Cedar Street. Lumberton. NC History McCLURE. CYNTHIA JOANNE 415 Lower Dallas Road. Gastonia. N C Library Science Transfer from Gaston Community College. Library Science Club McCOY. HERBERT H Route I. Boone. N C Philosophy and Religion McDonald, sherry hilker 3007 Kinnaman Road. Winston-Salem. NC Special Education McGARY. BETTY 7 105 14 Avenue South. St Petersburg. Fla Elementary Education Transfer from St Petersburg Junior College. MclNTYRE, FLET CHER EUGENE P O Box I 16. New London. N C Health and Physical Education McKARAHER. LINDA 201 Summit St . Boone. N C chemistry Appalachian Chemistry Society I. 2. 3. 4; Westmin- ster Fellowship 1. 2. 3. 4. Deans List 3 McLEAN. WALTER LEE 303 West D St . Erwin. NC Physical Education Baseball 2. 3. 4. Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4 McMillan. Walter warner History -ansfer from Lees-McRae Junior College: In lis 3. 4: Appalachian Historical As; McSWAIN. GEORGE LEWIS. JR Russell s Trailer Court. Boone. N C Industrial Arts Intramurals I. Industrial Arts Club 3. 4 McREE. SAMUEL A 6 1 6 N Deal Ave . Newton. N C Health and Physical Education Collegiate Civic Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Dean s List 1. 3. In tramurals I. 2. 3. 4 McSWAIN. LINDA GAIL 827 Mill St . Albemarle. N C Health and Physical Education Deans list 3. 4. Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. Physical Edu cation Maiors Club. Reporter 3. WRA 1.2. 3. 4: Westminster Fellowship I. 2, 3. 4. Vice President 3. Historian 2 Transfer from Elon College. Art Guild 3. 4. SNEA 4 MELTON. WADE LEE. JR 2206 Glendale Ave . Kannapolis. N L Elementary Education Yosef Club I. 2 MENDENHALL. BLEEKA JOAN Route 2. Box 215 A. High Point. NC Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4: KkakitaitiCH 3. 4i Dean ' s List. Dorm Vice President 4. House Council 4; SRA 4i May Court At tendant 4 MESSICK. BETTY CAROLYN 225 Lindbergh St , Winslon-Salem. N C Primary Education SNEA 3 MICOL. RAYMOND THOMAS Route I. Box 193. Valdese. NC Biology Deans List 2. 3. 4: Tri Beta 3. 4 MIDDLETON. LINDA CAROLE Route 2. Stokesdale. N C Hoi 1 Club 1. 2. 3 Dean ' s List: Home Ec, MILEK. JEAN 3031 Hayes St.. Hollywood. Fla Elementary Education Dean ' s List 2: Klicdxkxireit Staff 1.2, 3. 4. Co-Editor 4: SNEA 3. 4: House Council 4, Chi Lambda Chi 4 MILLEN. MARLENE S 209 Hilltop Drive. Rockingham. N C Business Transfer from Wingate Junior College. Pi Omega Pi 3. 4, Deans List MILLER. BRIDGET CAROL 906 Thomas St . Statesville. N C Elementary Education SNEA: Dean ' s List MILLER. CLARA ELIZABETH 720 Highland Ave . Landis N C Health and Physical Education Intramurals 2. 3. WRA I. 2. 3. President 3. Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team I. 2. 3. SNEA 3. Deans List 2. 3: Chi Lambda Chi 3. Vernician Society 3. Most Ath lelic Girl 4 MILLER. DANIEL LEE Route 3. Box 416. Lenoir. N C Elementary Education SNEA 2. 3. Dean s List 3. Spanish Club 3. 4. ACE 4. MILLER. JAMES ROBERT PO Box I 188. North Wilkesboro. N C Business Education Intramurals I. Phi Beta Lambda I. 2. Psychology Club 3 MILLER. MICHAEL REGINALD Box 12. Redlake. Minn Business Newman Club 1 . 2. 3. 4 MILLER. REBA SUE I 407 Westwood Lane. Wilkesboro. N C. Business and Economics Yosef Club I. Math Club I. SNEA 4 MILLER. RICHARD D Todd. N C Science Deans List I. 2. 3. Highland Biologists 3. Beta Beta Beta 3. 4: Alpha Chi 3. 4. President 4 MILLER. SHEllA RUNNELLE 233 5th St. S.E., Hickory. N C Art Art Guild: Hall Monitofi House Council: Psychology Club 3 MILLER. TERRY DEAN Russell ' s Trailer Park. Boone. N e Business MILLER. VIRGINIA LAVERNE Route 5. Box 554 A Salisbury. N C English Dean ' s List I. 2: Religious Council 2. 3: House Presi- dent 3: SRA 3. Book Club 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 MILLS. ROGER AU STIN Route 8. Salisbury. N C toeography and Geology Transfer from University ol Missouri: Baseball I. 3, Wrestling I. 2. Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4. Annual Staff 2: Hoi Pep Club I: BSU 2: Home Economics Club I. 2. 3. 4: Treasurer 3. Secretary 4. Dean ' s List 3. 3. SNEA 3. 4 MOCK. ROSEMARY AYRES Route I. Box 338. Boone. NC Elementary Education MONTGOMERY. MILDRED ETHEL Route 3. Box 660. McLeansville. N C Elementary Education International Relations Club I. 3. Classroom Teach- ers Club 3: SNEA 3. 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3. 3. 4 MOONEYHAM. SHEILA 3337 Stevens Road. Raleigh. N C Health and Physical Education WRA 3. Intramurals 3: Physical Education Majors Club 3. 4 MOORE. CAROLE JEANNE 3336 Westfield Ave . Winston Salem. N C Elementary Education Flymg Fish 2. 3: Treasurer 3: SNEA 3, 4. MOORE. LEFETTIE ESTHER 417 E Grainger, Kinston, NC Elementary Education ACE 3, 4: SNEA 3. 4 MORAN. BRENDA KAY 326 N Bosi St . Statesville. NC English Transfer from Mitchell College MORETZ. JOHNNY YOUNG Route 2. Box 314. Boone, N C, Mathematics Mens Glee Club I: BSU Choir 3 MORGAN, JOANNA MORRIS 41 1 North Fifth St , Albemarle, N C Elementary Education MORGAN. PAMELA COOPER 907 I I th St . Albemarle. N C Elementary Education Dean ' s List 3. Glee Club 3. SNEA 3 MORRIS. E LOUISE Route 2. Sanford. N C Physical Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College Elemenlarv Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb; BSU 2. Internalionai Relations Club I. 2. House Council 3, SNEA 3, -1. Secretary 4 MORRISON, NANCY Route I. Troutman. N C Elementary Education ACE 3; SNEA 3. 4; Deans List, MORTON, LINDA Route I , Box 608. Albemarle. N C English MarcVing Band I, 2. Deans List 3 MOSELY, JUDY DIANE Route 2. Box 59. A Waxtiaw. N C Deans List 1.2.3. A. Library Science Club President A. Westminister Fellowstiip I. 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4. YWCA 2. i: Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. SNEA 3 MOWERV. RICHARD LEE Route I. Climax. NC Mathematics Dean ' s List I. 3. 3. 4. Honors Convocation 1,2. 3, 4, Math Club I, 2. 3; Alpha Chi 3, 4, National Repre sentative 4; Junior Marshal 3; Physics Club 3. SNEA 3: Math Undergraduate Fellowship 4. SGA Bill of Rights Committee 4 MOZINGO, PATRICIA ANN 1808 Chatham Ave . Charlotte, N C Elementary Education ACE 3. 4: Coed of Month 3, SNEA 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 4; Most Attractive 4 MURDOCK, CHARLES BRVCE 206 N, Salem St., Lexington. N C Physical Education Jazz Club I; Physical Education Club 3. 4 MURPHY. ELEANOR CHARLENE P.O Box 726. Pilot Mounlam. N C Elementary Education Lutheran Student Association I. 2. 3. 4: SNEA 2. 3. A. Dean s List 3 MVRICK. LINDA HALL Route 2. Candor, N C, French Club I, 2. 3. 4. MYRICK. MORRIS TAYLOR Star Route. Roanoke Rapids. N.C. Physical Education Transfer from Chowan Junior College N NEELV. JENNINGS F JR Rock Hill. S C Economics and Business Transfer from Wingale College. Intramurals. Tennis Team I. 2. 4 NEWTON, KAY REECE 1625 West Lexington Ave , High Point, N C EleiTientary Education Deans List 2, 3. Intramurals 2; House Council 4 NICHOLS, SHARON ANN Route I, Box 406, Miller Creek, N C Elementary Education Yosef Club I; SNEA 4 NIFONG, LINDA JANE Route 5, Wmston-Salem, N C Health and Physical Education WRA I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2. 3, 4 SNEA 2 3, 4, Deans List 3: Physical Education Majors Club 4 NORRIS. LINDA BALLARD 3206 ' i Clark Ave , Raleigh, N C Library Science Library Club I, 2, 3, 4. Westminister Fellowship 3, 4. Council Member 3. 4 An Deans List 3. Spanish Club 3. 4. Band, OAKLEY, LINDA JOYE 2034 Woodland Ave , Burlington, N C Elementary Education Deans List 1, 2, 3, 4 OATES. LAURA ARTHUR 4052 Shamel St . Winston Salem. N C Biology Transfer from Wingate College. Intramurals I. 2: Biology I. 2 OBRIEN. KATHLEEN I 19 Hillcrest Circle. Franklin. N C Elementary Education Newman Club-J . 2. 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 OLDHAM. ELIZABETH ANNE 55 Longview Rd Asheville. N C Elementary Education Modern Dance Club 2. Intramurals 2. 3 OLIVER. LINDA RUTH Route 4, Box 5I8C-5. Greensboro. N C Elementary Education Dean ' s UsI I. 2. 3. Intramurals 2. SNEA 4 OSBORNE. MABEL ANN Route I, Box 445. North Wilkesboro. N C Home Economics Club I. 2. 3. 4. Dean ' s List 1.2. 3. 4; BSU I. 2. 3. 4. Junior Marshal 3. 4 H Club 4, Al pha Chi 3, 4. SNEA 3, 4 OTT, GILMORE 210 Delaphane Avenue, Newark, Delaware Geography Alpha Phi Omega 3 OVERCASH, MARY FRANK Route I, Troutman, NC Collegiate Jazz Society I, Dean ' s List I, 2, 3, MENC 2, 3. 4. Vice-President 3. University Smgers I, 2, 3, 4. Secretary and Treasurer 2, 3, University Orchestra 2. 3. 4. Secretary and Treasurer 4. SNEA 3. 4 PACE. RUTH E Route I. Box 348. Flat Rock. NC Elementary Education Transfer from Lees-McRae Junior College. Dean ' s Lis 3. ACE 4. SNEA 4 PARFITT. CATHERINE ANNE 2605 Carver St . Durham. N C Special Education Transfer from Western Carolina University. Choral 3. ACE. SNEA 4. Special Education Club 3. 4. Ha Representative 3. House Council 3 PARHAM. MARY ANN 2312 Manor Avenue. EasI Point. Ga Mathematics Yosel Club I. Deans List 3. SNEA 4 PARK. LINDA KAY Rockwell. N C Special Education Yosef Club I. Deans List 3. Special Education Clu 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 PARKER. JOHN Deefield Road. Boone. N C Business and Economics GoK 1. 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Mens A Club 2, 3. 4. Dean ' s List 3. Supreme court 3, 4 PARKER. MARY TIMBERLAKE 1214 Mordcchi Drive. Raleigh. N C Psychology Dean s List 3, WRA 3. Special Education Club 3. • CEC 4. PARRISH. WILLIAM TERRY 47 12 Oakridge Drive. Winston Salem. NC Biology Intramurals 1. 2. 3, Dan ' s List 3 PATRICK, DON R. 612 Kingsburg St.. Shelby. NC Physical Education Baseball I. 2. 3. 4, Mens A Club 2. 3. 4. Student Council 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. President 4. Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3. 4. SNEA 4. Dean s List 3, 4. P E Ma- jors Club 3. 4. Who s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3. 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4; Most likely to PATRICK DREAMA WALTERS 250 W Slalesville Avenue. Mooresville. N L Health and Physical Education Flying Fish Club 2. Intramurals 2. 4. Vernician Soci- ety 3. 4; Dean ' s List 3. A. Physical Education Maiors Club 3. 4 PATTON. RUBY JOSEPHINE 207 A Harrison St . Swannanoa N C Health and Physical Education Transfer from Warren Wilson College. WRA 3, 4 P E Maiors Club 3, 4 PAUL, PETER J 949 Sewell Avenue. Cape May, N J Health and Physical Education Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4, Newman Club 1,2,3,4, Intramural Football 2, 3. Mens A Club I, 2, 3, 4 PAYNE, JOHN DOUGLAS Route 4, Thomasville, N C Health and Physical Education, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: CCC 3, 4 PAYNE, PATTY Route 1, Box 18-A Boone, NC Special Education Freshman Class Treasurer i. Cheerleader 1.2. 3. 4. Vernician Society 1.2.3. 4, May Court 2, Special Ed- ucation Club 3, 4, Secretary 4 PEARSON. ROBERT GWALTNEY Rout 2. Hiddenite. N C Elementary Education LSU I. 2. ACE 3. SNEA 3. 4 PEDEN. NANCY CLARA 504 Picacilly Circle. Gastonia. N C Biolo. cil I. 2. Tri Beta 2. 3. 4, Highland Biolo PENDLETON. CONNIE Route I. Lawndale. NC Elementary Education Dean s List 2. 3. 4. International Relations Club 2 3 4. Vice-President 3. President 4. Law Club 3, 4, Secre. tary. Chi Lambda Chi 4. Pi Gamma Mu 4. Student Council 4 PENNINGER. BRENDA 2808 Athens Place. Charlotte N C Primary Education Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4: Intramurals I. Psychology Club 2. ACE 3. SNEA 3; Wesley Foundation 3. Kappa Del ta Pi 4 PENNINGTON. KAREN SUE West Jefferson. N C Special Education Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College; Special Ed. ucation Club 3. 4 PERR Y. OTHA EUGENE. II 524 Rankin Avenue Mt Holly. N C Transfer from Gaston College. Dean s List 3. Spanish Club 3, 4 PHILLIPS, LINDA LAWS Route I, Box 289 A, Purlear, NC Mathematics Deans List I, 3 PICKARD, FRANCES WOOD Route I, Sugar Grove, NC History Transfer from Anderson Junior College, Dean s List 3 PICKUP, PATRICIA ANNE 2314 Beverly Drive, Charlotte, NC Psychology Transfer from Lees-McRae Junior College, Psychology Club PIEKARSKI, VINCENT F 101 West Parkway, Pomplon Plains, N J Transfer from Coalinga Junior College, Dean ' s List PIKE, THOMAS D 7 59 Percy St . Greensboio. N C History and Psychology Transfer from Wingate Junior College, History Club 3, 4 PITTMAN, JUDY EILEEN 190 Ewart Drive, Hendersonville, N C English Dean ' s List I, 2, 3. 4, Junior Marshall 3, Alpha Chi 3. 4, Reading Guild 3. 4 PITTS. WILLIAM MARION Route 2. Pranklin. N C Transfer from Gardner Webb College. Debating Union POMERANTZ. MICHAEL W 504 Grand Blvd . Boone. N C Philosophy isfer from Delaw Valley College. Dean s POOLE CHARLES ANTHONY Route I. Travelers Rest. SC Health and Physical Education Transfer from North Greenville Junior College Intra murals 3. 4. P E Majors Club 4 POOLE. JUDY DIANE Route 5 Box 470. Salisbury. NC Elementary Education ACE I. 2, 3. Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, Deans List 1 2, 3, SNEA 3, YWA 2, 3 POTEET, DRUE RENEE Pecan Grove Barnwell, S C Chemistry Deans List 1, 2, ACS I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Presi dent 4, BSU 1 , 2, 3, 4, Council 3, Intramurals 3, 4 Chi Lambda Chi 4 POWELL, GARY A PO Box 144, Drexel, N C. Physical Education Intramurals 3 PRATT. JANE CAROLYN Box 148. Morven. NC Primary Education Wesley Foundation I. 2. Women ' s Glee Club 3. Intra mural Basketball 3, SNEA 4, Class Secretary 4. Slu dent Government 4. Vernician Society 4 PRATT, MURIEL ROWENA 1636 Lombardy Circle, Charlotte, N C, Primary Education Orchestra 1,2 3, House Council I, 2, 4; Junior Counselor 3, Deans List 2, 4, SNEA 4. PRICE. ALLAN KILUAN 1916 Little Rock Road. Charlotte. N C. Mathematics French Club I. 2. 3. 4, House Council 3, 4, PROPSJ, LINDA KAY 3412 Canterbury Street, Greensboro, NC English Lutheran Student Association I, 2. 3. 4, Secretary 1, 2; Psychology Club 2; Junior Counselor 3, The Read- ing Guild, President 4, Dean ' s List 1 , 2, 3, 4, College QUERY, DALE WARD 415 N Mam Street, Rutherfordlon, N C Transfer from Montreal Anderson College insfer from Lees-McRae Ju ollege RANDOLPH, LULA JANE 1709 Auten Road, Gastonia, N L Elementary Education BSU I 2, 3: Deans List 1 , 2, 3, 4, SNCEA 3, ,Mar. shall 3. Alpha Chi 3. 4 RATCHFORD. SALLY CHRISTINE Route 1. Box 184. Dallas. NC Mathematics Transfer from Gaston College. KlhtU ' iktiJri ' tt 3. 4. SNCEA 3. 4 RATUFFE. JOHN TIMOTHY Booi . N C RAYMER. EUGENE JAY Route 7. Box 159. Stale! Geography . NC SNEA 2. 3. 4. President 4. Men ' s Glee Club 2 President 2. Dean ' s List 3. Chi Lambda Chi 2 3 4 Vice President 4. Most Handsome 4 RAVNOR BARBARA ANN Route 2. Four Oaks. N C French French Club. SNEA RECTOR. MARY ARLENE Stony Point. N C History and Sociology REID. BECKY McLAIN 905 East 13th St . Kannapolis. N C Primary Education SNEA 4 RENEGAR. FRANCES BROOKS Route 2. Box 385. Monroe. N C Elementary Education House Council I. Deans list I. 2. 3. 4. Jumor Mar shal 3. SNEA 3. 4. ACE 3. 4. Alpha Chi 3 4, Honor ary Education Club 4 REYNOLDS, PATRICIA KAYE Route 3, Box 288, North Wilkesboro, N C English Special Education Club 1, Yosef Club, ippakfliiau Staff I, 2, 3; Junior Counselor 3: Deans List RHODES, PATRICIA GAIL 509 Overlook Place, Wilkesboro, N C Transfer from Gaston College RIGHTSELL, CANDICE ELLINGTON Route 2 Box 39B, Ramseur, N C Elementary Education Pep Club I, SRA I, Vermcian Societ Busi Phi Beta Lambda, Plavcraffers RIMMER, HUBERT Route 3 Box 163, Statesville, NC Health and Physical Education Intramural Basketball 1,2 3 4, Intramural Football I 2 3, 4 P E Maiors Club 3, 4 RINGER, SCHARLENE BROWN 1925 Boyer Drive. Columbia. S C English Transfer from University of North Carolina. Dean s List 1. 2. 3 ROBERTS. MARILYN GAIL 616 W Graham St . Shelby. NC Physical Education and Psychology Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Wom. en s Recreational Association 3 4 P E Ma|ors Club 3. 4. Treasurer 4. Intramurals 3. 4. House Council 3, 4, Floor Representative 4 surer 4; Intramurals 3, 4, House Council 3, 4, Floor Representative 4 ROBERTSON, ROBBIE LEMUEL Pageland, S C Physical Education Transfer from Wmgate Junioi College ROBFOGEL, ANNE 698 S E 1st Place, Hialeah Fla Elementary Education Dean s List 2 SNEA 3, Kk li laidnv 3 A ROBINSON, JAMES BARRY Box 20, Sherril ' s Ford N C ary Ed Deans List I, 2, 3. Intramurals 3, ACE Treasurer 4 ROBISON, LINDA GAIL Route 4, Box 400, Candler, N C French French Club 2 3, 4 ROGERS, JOSEPH MICHAEL 1210 West Fourth Avenue, Gastonia N i Music Appatone I, Deans List, Concert Band I, 3, 4, Marching Band 1 3 Men s Chorus I, Orchestra 1. 2, 3 4 Wind Ensemble 1,2 3 4, Student Council 2: Alpha Chi 3 4, Who s Who Among Students m American Colleges and Universities 3 ROGERS, NANCY ANN Box 426, Huntersville, N C Primary Education Deans List 2, 3 ROLAND, PATRICIA J Cedar Spring, Road, Kennett Square, Pa French Yosel Club I; French Club I, 2, 3, 4, SNEA 4 RORRER, CLIFFORD KINNEY 7 10 Moir St , Leaksville, NC History YDC 1, 2, Internalionai Relations Club 1 2, 3, 4; Dean s List 2, 3, 4, Historical Association 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4, Student Gov Biology Concert Band I, 3, 2. Marching Band I land Biologis • • Deans Lisl I. 2. S ROTEN. MARILYN HARMON 503 Queen Si , Boone N C ROUDABUSH COLEEN JOV ROVALL JOHN ALVIN Transfer from NC Slafe Universily, Club; Inframural Foolball 4 ROVALL, SHARON PRUITT Box 256. Traphill NC Elemenlary Education Dean s List :!, 3 RUDISILL, LINDA JANE 203 Tremonl Drive, Burlington N C Dean s List 3 4, Concert Band 2 RUSSELL, MARV FRANCES I 16 S Pattersc n Street, Stalesville, N Elementary Education Transfer Iroin Mitchell College, SNEA SAFRIT, MICHAEL RICHARD 405 N Mam Street, Chma Grove Nt Deans List 3, Intramurals 2. 3 SAIN, JANICE Route 2. Vale, N C Elemenlary Education Deans List 3 SAIN, LARRV EUGENE Route I, Vale. NC Biology Deans List I, 3, 3, 4, Highland Bioloi 3; Tn-Bcla 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4 SANDERSON. CAROLYN Box 536, Four Oaks N C Prirr , Educ, SNEA 4 SAUNDERS, JOE ALLEN Route 8, Box 340, Lenoir, N C Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Dean s List SAUNDERS, TERRY EUGENE 52 E Woodrow Avenue, Belmont, NC Intramurals 2. Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4, Appalachi an Historical Associalion 3, 4. Junior Marshal SCOTT, JAMES PATRICK I 167 Old Raritan Road, Clark, N J Political Science SCOTT, WILLIAM DARRELL Route 2 Denton NC Health and Physical Education Transfer from Gardner Webb College, Intramurals SCOTT, WORLEV DELANE, JR Marion, Va Psychology Transfer from Marion College Elei . Edu. SNEA SEABURG, KENNETH GUS I I Lakeside Court, Sumter, S C General Science SECREST, JOHNNY GUY Box 501, Drexel. NC English Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4 SELLERS. JUDY CATHRINE Route I, Box 321 A, Wadesboro, NC Primary Education Junior Counselor 3, Deans List 2. 3. Kappa Delia Pi 4, SNEA 3, 4. ACE 3, 4 SELLERS, WAYNE Roule I, Ruby, SC Business Transfer from Wingale College SETZER, PRISCILLA ANN 2905 Linker Avenue, Concord, N C Social Science Appalachian Historical Association 4. SNEA 4 SEXTON, NANCY HUNT Route I, Box 54, Casar, N C Mathematics Wesley Foundation I. German Club i. Deans List 3 SHARPE. FREDRICK PAGE 319 Trail 2. Grove Park. Burlington. N C Physics Student Council 3. 4i Dean ' s List 3. College Dance Committee 3 Traffic Appeals Board 3; Bowie Hall President 3. Physics Club 3. 4. Vice-President 4. Physics Lab Assistanl 3. 4. Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities 4 SHAW, CARL BRENT l!oute 2, Boonville, N C Industrial Arts Intramurals I, 2, Dean ' s List 3, 4 SHEARER, LOIS MAE 108 Clearwater Drive. Marietta. Ga. Music SHEPHERD. RICHARD L Route I. Box 180. Lansing. N C Business and Economics Dean ' s List I. 3. Track 2. Appalachian Chemistry So- ciety I. 2. Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4, NCACA I. 2. 3. 4. Hall Counselor 3; Assistant Dorm Manager 4 Col- legiate Civic Club 3. 4. Vice President 4, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni SHEPHERD. SANDRA 307 25th Street S W . Hickory. N C Elementary Education BSU Council 3. BSU Touring Choir 3. 4, Dean s List 3, NEA 3 SHERRATT. GLENN 105 Dewey Street. Toms River. N J Physical Education Transfer from Brevard College; Track 2. 3. 4: Physical Education Majors Club 3. 4; Psychology Club 3. 4. Cross Country 4, SHERRILL. CHARLES RICKEY Route 4. Taylorsville. N C Physical Education Dean ' s List I. 2. 3, Foolball 2. 3. 4, Mens " A ' Club 2. 3. 4 Social Science Deans List 2. 3, Pi Gamma Mu 2. 3. 4, SNEA 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. Music Appalachian Performing Band I. 2. 3. 4. President 4, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoma 3. 4. Vice President 4, Chi Lambda Chi 4, Vice President 4, Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4, Choir Director 2 4, Appalachian Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Faculty Brass Quinlel 3 4 SIGMON, JANICE Route 2, Hickory N C English Deans List I 2, 3, Dorm Officer 3, Reading Guild 3 4, SNEA 3 4 SIGMON JUDY Transfer from Brevard College, Inlramur Educational Services 3, Wesley Foundation SILLS, BANDY BARRON 3145 Sunset Drive, Charlotte, NC Social Science Transfer from Lenlral Connecticut State C SIMPSON, JAMES EARL, JR Route 3. Box 608. Monroe. N C Business and Economics Transfer from Wingale College SIMPSON JOHN DAVID 181 34th Street N W Hickory N C Industrial Arts Industrial Arls Club, Dean s List SIMPSON, PHYLLIS DIANN Roule 2, Waxhaw, N C History and Social Science Transfer from Wmgate Junior College His Nc Health and Physi Baseball I 2, Pep Club I 2, Inlramu Physical Education Majors Club 3 4 SMITH CAROLYN MAE Route 5, Redcoat Lane, Winston Salen Mu sity Singers I, 2, 3, 4. Univ Un SMITH, CLARENCE DUPREE. JR P O BOX 565- Hillsborough, N C Health and Physical Education Transler Irom Campbell College Fellowship of Chri nan Athletics Health and Physical Education Maio Club SMITH, DONNA GORDON 3514 Berchfield Drive, Wmston Salem. N C Special Education NEA 3, 4, Special Education Club 3, 4 Elei , Edu. irals I, 2, 3, 4. Collegiate Civic Club 2 Secretary 3, Chaplain 4 SMITH FRANK RAYMOND III 701 Ouarterstaff Road, Winston Salem, NC Business and Economics Phi Beta Lambda I, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 4 ub 4 legiat SMITH, JOANNE 3516 Corbell ; Physical Edu SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM 108 I 1 Stri , Ni and Economics Transfer from Lee College SMITH, JUDY LANE Route 2, Marshville, N C Physical Education Intramurals. Dean ' s List SMITH LARRY YOUNG Route 2, Box 457, Concord, N C Indu I Alls allege: Industrial Acts Transfer from Wmgate Ju Club 3, 4 SMITH, MARTHA 2701 Moores Park Drive, Charlotte, N C Home Economics SMITH, SYLVIA CAROL 140 Woodlawn Drive, Stalesville, N C Dean s List 3, SRA 3, SNEA 4 SOWELL, JOAN PAULETTE 306 52nd Avenue, Maiden, N C Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner Webb College. SNEA 3, 4 SPOSATO, WILLIAM LOUIS 44 Hillside Place Nonhpon, Long Island, N Y Physical Education Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Officer 3, 4. Men s A Club 3. 4, Treasurer 4, Mr Apn|achian 4, Most Athletic Boy 4 ' SPRADLEY, CARLA HUGHES Route I, Box 405, Harrisburg, NC Business and Economics SPRINKLE, CONNIE Route 9, Box 33. Lexington. NC Elementary Education ACE 4; SNEA 4 May Court Maid of Honor 4 SPADA, THOMAS ALDO 7231 Tyler Avenue, Falls Church, Va Geography Swimmmg I, Soccer I, 2, 3. Newman Club I, 2. 3. 4, Intramurals 3 STAHL. JOHN 1002 Onslow Drive. Greensboro. N C Elementeray Education Band h SNEA I. 2. 3. ACE 1.2. 3. Track I. 2. 3, Dean ' s List 3 STAMEY. ROBERT KENT Route 5. Lmcolnton. N C Biology Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Beta Beta Beta: Science Club STARNES. SARAH LYNNETTE 287 29lh Avenue N E . Hickory. N C Spanish Deans Lisl 2. 3. 4, Sigma Delta Pi 3. 4. Spanish Club I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2; Student Council 2. 3. 4. Re- cording Secretary i. Homecoming Court 2: May Court 3: Coed of April 2. Coed of the year 2. Fresh- man Class Secrelat I . Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3. Vernician Society I. 2. 3. 4. President 3. Chi Lambda Chi 3. Miss Appalachian 4 STAUBER. SUSAN lONE 825 Woodland Road. Statcsville. N C Home Economics House Council 3. 4; Dorm Vice-President }. Dean ' s List 3; Honor Teacher 4 STEELE. BETH SIMMONS 321 Davis Park Road. Gastonia. N C Primary Education BSU I. 2. 3i Pep Club I STEPHENS. JAMES ERNEST Route 2. Connelly Springs. NC. Psychology and Sociology Baseball I, Intramurals I. 2. Dean ' s List 3: Chi Lambda Chi 3 4 Psychology Club. President 4, Wes STEPHENSON RUDOLPH JR 108 Easl F Streel, Erwin N C Physical Education Intramural I. 2. 3. 4. Track I; Deans List. Collegiate Civic Club 3 4 Physical Education Maiors Club 3 4 STEVENSON, RUTH E Route 8 Box 44 Statesville, NC Elementary Education ACE 3, SNEA 3 4, Dean s List STILLER, GRACE TERESA Box 37 IE, Route 3, Albemarle NC ioldprir Eleme Educ. nl of Watauga Hall 4 SRA 4 od N C Women s Chorus 2 3 Dean s List 3 STONER LINDA ELAINE Route 3 Box 2 PA, Concord N C English Lutheran Student Association I, 2, 3, 4, Deans List 1,2,3, 4. Junior Marshal 3: Alpha Chi 3, 4, SNEA 4 STOUT, WILLIAM CHARLES 1423 S Greenbrier Street, Arlington. Va, Physical Education STOWE. BRENDA GAYE 404 Circle Drive. Eden, N C STRADER JUDITH ANN Route " Box 385 Reidsville N C Elementary Education Wesley Foundation I, 2, ACE 2 3, 4, Deal Le Cercle Francais I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Pi Delta Phi, Vice President 4, Los Conquisladores 3, 4, BSU, Young Women ' s Association, President 3, Vice-Presi dent 4, Chi Lambda Chi, Secretary 4 SUDDRETH, M CAMILLA G Star Route, Todd, N C Biology and History Newland 2, Highland Biologist 2, 3, Cabaret Club 3, 4, Dean s List 2 4 SUITT, JANE 2633 chesterfield Avenue Charlotte, N C , Educ, Orchestra I 2 3 4, SNEA 2 3, 4, Junior Counselor 3, Dean s List 3 SULLIVAN, GLENDA ARLINE 7219 Melody Lane, Charlotte, NC Elementary Education ACE 3, 4; SNEA, Dean s List 3, 4 SUMLIN, JANIS KISER PO Box 192, Hudson, NC Elementary Education SNEA 4, ACE 4 SUTHERLAND, BENME LEE Route 2, Bow 244, Haysi, Va Elementary Education Transfer from Clinch Valley College SWAIM, MARY PRISCILLA 7 10 Magnolia Street, Winston Salem, N C Elementary Education House Council I. Cercle Francais I, 2, May Court 2. Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2. Vernician Society 2. 3. 4. SNEA 3. 4 SW ANSON. SANDRA GAIL Route 6. Box 438, Lenoir, N C Business Education SWICEGOOD, BARBARA Roule 4, Statesville, N C Psychology BSU I, Intramurals I, Psychology Club 1 , 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 4: International Relations Club 3. 4. Secre lar 4, German Club 3. 4. Secretary 4. Popular Pro grams. Senior Representative, Secretary 4; Deans List, Delta Chi Sigma 3, 4 T TAWNEY, TERRENCE I Woodside Place, Brevard, N C Mathematics Transfer Irom Lindenwood College, Alpha Phi Omega 2: Dean s List 3 TAWNEY THOMAS K I Woodside Place, Brevard N C Psychology Transfer from Lindenwood College, Psychology Club 3, 4 TAYLOR MERTIE MAXINE Route I, Box 50, Connelly Springs. NC. Health and Physical Education Transfer from Warren Wilson College, TAYLOR, ROBERT ERVIN 721 Circle Drive, Harrisonburg, Va History Appalachian Historical Association 4 TEAGUE, BETSY Snow Camp, N C Elementary Education ACE, Intramurals TEAGUE, CLARA Route I , Box 90, Boone, N C Elemenlary Education NEA 3, 4 TENNENT, PATRICIA 37 15 Delgany Drive, Charlotte. N C Elementary Education Concert Band I. 2; Orchestra I. 2. 3. 4. Vice-Presi- dent 4: Class Secretary 3. House Council 3: Vernician Society 3. 4. President 4; French Horn Choir 3. 4; Dean s List 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- Polit I Scie ; Club 4. Law Club 4 THOMAS. JAMES FRANK. JR 4104 Lees Corner Road. Herndon. Va Health and Physical Education Young Republicans Club I. Track 2; Soccer I. 3. 4, Dean ' s List 3 THOMAS. KATHY ANN South Elm St . Marshville. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College. SNEA 3 THOMPSON. CHARLES JOSEPH 105 Mount View St.. Kernersvillc. NC Business and Economics THOMPSON. GLENDA Box 6. Plumtree. NC, Elementary Education Wesley Foundation I, K miaUmiriW 2. Dean ' s List 2. i-. Art Guild 2. YMCA 3 THORNBURG. JUDY ELIZABETH I409C Eastcrest Drive. Charlotte. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College. Intramurals 2. 3; Psychology Club 2. 3, GetTnan Club 3i Delta Chi Siptia 4 THREATT. KAY CRADDOCK P O Box 2. Pinnacle. N C Primary Education Deans List 2. 3, SNEA 3 TIMMERMAN. BEVERLY JUNE 4Q3 Sandwood Drive. Columbia. S C Special Education Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4. Special Education Cli Secretary 4, SNEA 3. 4 TIMMONS. JACK L 300 Tracy Circle. Boone. N.C Math TIPTON. TERRY Route I. Box 173, Green Mountain. NC Geography TORRENCE. SANDRA 523 North Church St . Mooresville. N C Physical Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College Intr 4, D« TOWNSEND. NORMA FRANCES Route I . Harrisburg. N C Home Economics Home Economic Club 4 TOWNSEND. ROBERT CARROLL 531 14th St SW. Hickory. N.C, Business International Relations Club I. 2, Playcrafters I, Fu ture Business Leaders of America 2; Debate Team 3. 4. Pi Kappa Delta 3 4 TREADWAY. KENNETH RAY Route 2. Bo« 128. Valdese. N C Health and Physical Education Class President I. 2. Student Council i. Baseball I. 2, Football 2, Collegiate Civic Club. Men s ' A ' Club. Yosef 4, Yosef Club 4, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and LJniversities 4. Most Versa tile 4. Friendliest 4 TRIECE. FRANCES GOODMAN Concord. N C Elementary Education Alpha Chi 3. 4. Marching Band I. Concert Band I. SNEA 4. ACE 3. 4. Kappa Delta Pi 4. Dean s List I. 2. 3. 4. Undergraduate Assistant in Geography TRON. ANNE CATHERINE 320 East End Avenue, Stalesville, N C Elementary Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College TYSON. GLUYAS Wanhaw. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College. TYSON. RICHARD S Route I. Wa«haw. NC UNDERWOOD. SUE STATON 621 N 5th St . Albemarle. N C, Cercle Francais 1 . 2. 3. 4 V VANCE. MARIAN SUE Route 2. Box 74. Newland. NC Transfer from Lees-McRae Junior College: Los Con- quistadors 3. 4 VANNOY. CHARLOTTE GWYN 101 Pine St . North Wilkesboro. N C Business and Economics Dean ' s List 3. Pi Omega Pi 3. 4; SNEA 3. 4 VIA. ELAINE 213 North 5lh Avenue. Mayodan. N.C YWCA. Secretary I. President 2. Treasurer 3, YRC I. 2. 3. 4, Religious Council I. 2. 3. Yosef Club 2. Inter national Relations Club I. 4. Appalachian Historical Association. Secretary 4 VIELKANOWITZ. WILLIAM EMIL 9201 97th Avenue. Ozone Park. N Y Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club I. 2. 3. 4. Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4 VUNCANNON. PATRICIA CAROL 1849 Raleigh Road. Asheboro. NC Elementary Education House Council 2, Junior Class Treasurer 3. SNEA. Special Education Clubi Dean ' s List W WAGNER. LARRY DON 1819 N Bridge St . Elkin. NC Economics and Business WAGONER. STEPHEN THOMAS Route 3. Box 1082 A. Kannapolis. N.C. History Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College WAGONER. WILLIAM LARRY I 17 Triplett St . Jonesville. NC Dean ' s List 3. Intramurals 3. 4 WALKER. DANIEL 304 Center Street. Mebane. N.C Industrial Ant Transfer from Wingate Junior College, Industrial Arts WALKER. FAYE LOUISE PO Box 91. Candler. NC Biology Pep Club I, YWCA 2. 3. Secretary 3i Highland Biolo- gists 2. 3. 4. Publicity Chairman 4, SNEA 3. 4, Presi- dent of Dorm 4, SRA 4 WALKER. SARAH HELEN 106 West St . Asheboro. NC Elementary Education ACEi SNEA, Psychology Club, House Council, Dean s WA LKER. STEVEN ICENHOUR Route I. Box 447. Lenoir. N C Social Science Transfer from Wingate Junior College WALLER. JENNIE JO 102 Finley Street. North Wilkesboro. N C Physical Education WRA 2. 3. 4, Dean s List 3. 4, Physical Education Majors Club 3. 4, SNEA 3. 4. WALSER. IINDSEY Route 4. Lexington. N C Social Science WALTERS. MAHAtA JEAN 529 Brookwood Drive. Elkin. N.C. Business Education Dean ' s List 3 WARD. AGNES FAYE Maggie Valley. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Montreat-Anderson Collece WARD. REBECr- " ' 114 Wall Streei Political Sclei WARLICK. RICHARD LEE dustrial Arts Float Committ WATSON. LINDA LEA Route I. Box 108. Deep Gap. N C Pep Club I, BSU 1.2. Home Economics Club I. 2. 3. 4. Reporter 2. Vice-President 3. President 4, SNEA 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 4 WATTS. DENNIS 206 Browntown Road. Belmont. N C Physical Education Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2. President 4. Intramurals 2. 3. 4, Chi Lambda Chi 3. P E Maiors Club 3 WATTS. VIVIAN A 1407 17th Avenue. N E . Hickory. NC Mathematics WAYCASTER. PRISCILLA Newland. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Berea College, SNEA I. 2. WRA I WEAVER. VICKIE ANN 7 14 North Highway 29. China Grove. NC Elementary Education Dean ' s List 3. 4, ACC 2. 3, SNEA 1 . 2. 3 WEBB. NANCY LOUISE Box 245. Haydenville. Mass Elementary Education Transfer from Brevard College, SNEA 4. ACE 4 WELLBORN. BEATRICE Deep Gap. N C Elementary Education Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4, House President 3. SRA 3, Women ' s Glee Club 3, Kappa Delta Pi 4: Alpha Chi 4 WELLS. ROSEMARY EURY Route 4. Box 22B. Boone. NC Special Educatic WELI I Edu, ,on 3. VELLS. WILLIAM S Route 4. Box 22B. Boone. N C Social Science Playcrafters I. 2. Dean ' s List 3. Psychology Club 4. Indu I Arts College. Industrial Transfer from Lees-McRae Jul Arts Club 3. 4 WHICKER. PHYLUS ANN Route I. Climax. NC Elementary Education ACE 3. 4. Secretary 4. SNEA 3. 4. YWA 3. 4. Public ity Chairman 3 WHISENHUNT. ANDY C Route 2. Box 454. Lexington. N C Physi I Educ. Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. Deans List 3. 4, Swimming 3. 4. Mens A Club 3. 4. P E Majors Club 3. 4. Fel towship of Christian Athletics 4. SNEA 4. Track 4 WHITE. CAROLYN MARIE Star Route. Oak Ridge. N C Mathematics BSU I. 2. YWCA I. Intramurals I. 2. 3. Deans List 3. House Council 3, Vernician Society 3. 4. Secretary 4 WHITE. RAMONA VIRGINIA Sherrill ' s Ford. N C Library Science Library Science 1.2. 3, Dean ' s List 3, Junior Coun- selor 3 WHITENER. CAROLYN SUE 121 Woodlawn Avenue. Unii Mu, . S C Dean s List I. 2. 3. Marching Band I. 2. 3, Concert Band I. 2. 3, 4. Wind Ensemble I. 2. 3. 4, Appalachi an Student Brass Ouinlet I. 2, Appalachian Faculty Student Brass Quintet 1 . 2. Music Educators National Conference 1.2 3, 4, Music Teachers National As sociation 3, Pressee Foundation Scholarship 2, 4, University Orchestra I, 2, 3 4, Who s Who Among Students in American College and Universities 3 4 WHITENER. LINDA KATHRYN Route I, Box 227. Hickory. NC Business Education Junior Varsity Cheerleader I. 2, House Council I. 4. Deans List 3. Phi Beta Lambda I. 3. 4. President 4. Pi Omega Pi 3. 4. Vice President 4. Chi Lambda Chi 4, SNEA 4 WIDENHOUSE. WILL; M LLOYD. JR 704 Wil Mar Street. N W . Concord. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College WIGGINS. MAUNPA HYATT Box 47 I. Murphy. N C Elementary Education WIGGINS. PAUL L 104 Cox Avenue. Jacksonville. N.C Mathematics Dean ' s List 1 . 2. 3. 4, Slate BSU President 3. Appala chian BSU I. 2. 3. 4. President 4 WILES. BONNIE RAY Route 3. Yadkinville. N C Spanish BSU I. 2. 3. 4. Council 3. Spanish Club 1.234 OHker 4, House Council 3. 4. SNEA 3. Deans List I. 3. Intramurals 3 WILKES. CHARLES STANLEY 127 Oak Street. Apt 4. Boone. N C Business Intramurals I. 2. 3 WILKES. MARSHA ANN P O Box 540. Wadesboro. N.C Yosel Club I, History Club 3. 4, SNEA 4 WILLIAMS. DANNY RAY Box 224. Faith. N C Physical Education Baseball I, 2. 3. 4. Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4, Mens " A " Club 2. 3. 4 WILLIAMS. DIANE LEE 213 Wilderness Lane. Fredericksburg. Va Elementary Education Student Council 3. Dean ' s List 2. 3 WILLIAMS. GERALDINE 124 Church St . P O Box 613. Haielwood. NC Health and Physical Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. WAA I. 2. 3. 4. Deans List 3 House Council 3. Varsity Volleyball 3, P E Majors Club 3. 4, Intercollegiate Tennis Team 3 WILLIAMS. MARTHA ELIZABETH Box 328. Granite Ouarry. N C Elementary Education Dean ' s List 2, Junior Counselor 3, ACE 3. SNEA 3. 4 WILLIAMSON. JESSE BAXTER. JR 146 W Presnell St . Asheboro. N C Physical Education Soccer I. 2. 3. 4: Men s A Club 2. 3 4. Home- coming Escort 4 WILLIAMSON. JOYCE ANN Route 4. Burlington. N C Business and Economics Dean s List 2. 3. 4. Pi Omega Pi 3. 4. Secretary 4 WILLIS. CHARLES LEE Route 1. Boone. NC Mathematics WILUS. JERRY DEAN Route 1. Bostic. N C Health and Physical Education Football I. 2. 3. 4, Deans List 3. Mens " A " Club Dean ' s List 2. 3. Pi Omega Pi 3. 4 WILLIS. RACHEL DIANE Route I. Box 159. Connelly Springs. N C Dean s List 2. 3. SRA. SNEA WILSON. AUCE FAYE 4 16 Stansbury Circle. Boone. N C. Elementary Education WILSON. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Grayson. N C Religion and Philosophy Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4, German Club 4 WILSON. CLARA CLONT2 Route 4. Box 250. Boone. N C Special Education Special Education Club 4 WILSON. KAY FRANCES Route 2. Box 2 I 6 A. Shelby. NC Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Glee WILSON. MIKKI DELORES Hendersonville. N C Elementary Education Wesley Foundation I, College Choir 2. Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4, Dean ' s List. Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4. Co-Chief 4. YDC 3, SNEA 4 WILSON. SARAH JONES 206 Rockyford St . Morganton. N C. Home Economics 2. 3. 4. Dean s List 3. SNEA 3. 4 WINBURN. JOYCE ANN Route 3. Box 51 A. Boone. NC Home Economics WINBURN. VIC Route 3. Box 5 1 -A. Boone. N C Physical Education Football Trainer I. 2. 3. 4 WINEBARGER. DOROTHY PERRY 1201 Pineview Drive. Raleigh. N C Primary Education Pep Club I. Playcrafters 2 3. Secretary, Y-Teens 2. 3. Secretary 2. Chi Lambda Chi 3. Alpha Phi Omega 2. 3. 4. Secretary WINSTON. IVAN HARRY I 182 Starmount Avenue. Roanoke. Va Political Science Wrestling I. Collegiate Civic Club 2. Dean s List 2. 3, Men ' s " A Club I. 2. 3. 4, Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4 WOHLFORD. LINDA LEIGH 417 Hillcrest Drive. Randleman. N C Business and Economics Phi Beta Lambda. Secretary. Treasurer WOLFF. CONNIE MARIE Route I . Tobaccoville. N C Physical Education Physical Education Majors Club. WRA. Volleyball 2, Tennis 3, Intramurals WOMACK. JOHN KENNETH Box 138. Cliffside. NC WOOD. EDWARD O 301 " C Street. North Wilkesboro. NC Y YANCEY. MICHAEL GRANT Route I. Box 87. Valdese. N C French and History Popular Programs Committee 2. Sophomore Class Vice-President. Junior Class Vice President. Inter- class Officers ' Council 2. 3. Junior Marshal 3. Dean s List 1. 2. 3. 4. Intramurals 2. 3. 4. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities 3. 4. Alpha Chi 3. 4, Student Government 4. Chairman of Radio Committee. Judicial Committee, International Relations Club I. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer, YRC I. 3. Appalachian Historical Association 3. 4. Le Cercle Francais 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4. Pi Delta Phi 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3 YOUNG. CAROLYN 1329 Jarecki Avenue. Holly Hill. Fla Transfer from Daylona Beach Junior College, Library Science Club 3. 4, Yosef Club 3. 4 YOUNG. LARRY GENE 322 Wayah Street. Franklin, N C Health and Physical Education Transfer from Western Carolina College. Physical Ed- ucation Club I. 2. 3. 4, Football 3, Intramurals 3. 4 YOUNG. SHANNON ASHLEY Box 444. Blowing Rock. N C English Dean ' s List I. 2. 3, SNEA 3. Alpha Chi 3. 4. Trea YOUNG. SIDNEY P 117 Morningside Drive. Boone. NC Geography Soccer I. 3. 4, Fellowship of Christian Athletes I. 2. 3. 4. Vice President 2. President 3. German Club 3. 4 YOW. MYRA LOUISE 518 Dick St . Gibsonville. N C Sociology Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. ZIMMERMAN. PATRICIA SUE 341 Forest Hill. Wilkesboro. NC Special Education Intramurals I. 2. 3. Deans List 2. 3, Special Educa- tion Club. President 4. Vernician Society 4 ZWEIG. JAMES W 300 Eastway Drive. Charlotte. N C Geography and Geology An Guild I. Hutton Humboldt Club 2, Dean ' s List 3. PATRONS Boone Supply Company B. F. Goodrich Tires Brown and Graham Motor Company Imperial, Chrsyler, Plymouth. Dodge Coca-Cola Bottling Company Sprite. Fresca. Tab King Street Pharmacy " Your Rexall Drugstore " Stamey ' s Drive-ln Curb Service— Carry Outs Town House Restaurant Serving Students and Alumni Watauga Savings £ Loan Association Boone, N.C. The Cardinal Restaurant The House of Fine Foods First National Bank of Eastern North Carolina " Call on US: you ' ll be glad you did. " Tar Heel Barbecue Pit BBQ, Sandwiches Trailway Laundry, Inc. Approved Sanitone Service American General Life Insurance Company John " Red " Royal!. Agent Pixie Cleaners Boone. N C. Antler ' s Restaura nt Seven Brands of Draft Beer Farmers Hardware and Supply Company. Inc Boone. N C Black Bear Motel Boone. N.C. Greene Buick-Pontiac. Inc. Buick. Ponliac. GMC Trucks Boone Auto Exchang Boone, N.C. Reins-Sturdivant of Boone, Inc. Boone. N.C Boone Flower Shop Florist Transworld Delivery Rivers Printing Company Publishers of the Watauga Democrat Burgess Furniture Store Boone. N.C. Smithey ' s Boone. N C. Cabana Motel Heated Pool and Sauna Bath Stale Farm Insurance Wiley C, Martin. Agent City Florist Flowers for all occasions Swinging Cellar Dancing Nightly Daniel Boone Hotel Hotel. Dining. Free Parking Witch ' s Light Pizza, Short Orders. Beer General Index Administration Baseball Basketball Entertainment Faculty Football Freshmen Golf Graduates Homecoming Homecoming Court Honorary Clubs Juniors May Court Mental Division Organizations Physical Division Seniors Senior Directory Soccer Social Division Sophomores Sports Scores Swimming Tennis Track Who ' s Who Winter Winter Festival Wrestling 66 134 36. 122 28. 41 1. 44 70 23. 113 220 140 299 161 166 184 252 181 49 190 97 268 302 34. 120 145 239 130 132 141 136 182 42. 176 180 5S. 128 311 6 mot WHS tall small Snwtlcns rise fall Smotlcits up down Snwtlciis grew where the heart abounds. High ' s only high Cow ' s only low Real ' s truly real Show ' s truly show i ' motions guide Do YOU not see Saeh moment ' s dew of reality? Emotions develop as the college student matures through his experiences. Whether these emotions are hid- den or expressed openly, they are within the character of each person every moment of the day constituting the foundation of his life. These emotions can be found in so- cial, mental and physical aspects in the life of every ASU student. We hope that the 1968 Khododendron will help de- pict what each one of you wants to remember. Jean and Lana 312

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