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Our thoughts are controlled by the pattern provoking seasons— the crisp of Autumn; the quiet of Winter; the fresh of Spring; the warm of Summer. But overshadowing all of these spans of time for each of us, is the ab- solute realization that there are many who are here now but who will be required to leave in the all too near future. There are those who came with us but who are now gone, and none of us can ever be allowed the luxury of total peace of mind as to the direc- tion of our future. Viet Nam looms large to every man and to every woman as the most discomforting of problems facing us now. Our pride is the knowledge that at ASTC we, as an institution and as individuals, have accepted rationally the necessity to serve . . . it is to this rational mind in general and to those now serving, and those soon to serve that we dedicate the 1967 RHODODEN- DRON. Appalachian State Teachers College Boone North Carolina Volume 45 V -if " , % } V- ■ , :ii-;j ?f ' • ! i. 3ffi ,.,, Springs ' promise of new life . . ! ||p55s5»«r ■ , . pervades into the realm of competition— k of creativity r bringing with it afresh awakening baseball track sv 4L wx b- tennis ■ 1 entertainment !( mp % • II entertainment 24 m HHH Tv HI I BW|P P A ■ " - " 1 4 i 1 co-eds susan Wilson— may belinda home— april mary thompson— march 25 may court caiol hudboa. u i foster, jo anne anderson, tern dewcese. beverly lawrence, lynetle stames, cindy Starr, toni black, nancy long, paige brown. 27 convocations 29 IT graduation 33 The long awaited summer .■L. 35 " •Np warm days of leisure . . . 37 without the interruption of learning 39 alumni college MB! ' «? watermelon cutting W ' ' flfr l yi M- ' in IT " nil l Hii HE ' ' : .. i:y-?3 42 For some— a beginning; renewal for others The new school year brings moods and emotions 49 , - ■-»• ' 50 The turning leases bring forth changes -w V, 52 followed by solemnity of exams first day co-eds brenda muUis— October beverly vickery— november 57 soccer 41 rallies j ■ ■■ ■ ■■!■■■ w » ' • - ' homecoming r AiA » ' ' ' ' ' 63 participants . . 1 ' i i w p ffji i L ffi, ., -{- ■ ' ■ 1 J 1 J : ' " ■ j.n 69 Sharon dodge 72 terrv deweese julie lindsey marv verble Helen eicher 73 :i:v ' 2 c[i;«fcS5it WTti cindy Starr 74 75 entertainers derek and ray John miles 79 volleyball initiation LdWfcR Food P)?ICES; DO ( WAY Wtfli I STAt ?S « ' 4: irritation 83 winter steals quietly into Appalachian . . •M bringing with it a need for action, iL» ..-» 89 contrasting the search for knowledge with the zest for living saddened by the 92 — - death of a giant tarns dionne Warwick 94 dukes of dixieland Ihe boyl ' riend 97 co-eds montye harris-january suzi I ' oster-february 99 games wrestling 103 105 basketball success BwBrtW ■ i s I S v j i H ' 1 V 1 • 1 11 i iS 1 i %, i fe O ' 4 r L i H H B ptl DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Cratis Williams DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Dr. James D. Lact ' • rr REGISTRAR Dr. Ben F. Slrick anJ DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Kenneth Webb. Jr. DEAN OF MEN Mr. Ronny L. Brooks DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Maxie Edmisten 115 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Mr. Bob Allen DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID Mr. Steve Gabriel DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS Mr. Robert Snead BUDGET OFFICER Mr. Jerry Perry PURCHASING AGENT Mr. Hoy Laning DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS AFFAIRS Mr. Ned Trivetle 117 NEWS BUREAU DIRECTOR Mr. Dick Barklev TRAFFIC CONTROL Ralph Penlev, Clyde Tester. Marvin Russell. Paul Jssacs, Ernest Roark. 118 STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE REGISTERED NURSES: Mary Shook. Nina Marlin. Lucille Hovis BOOK STORE MANAGERS Tn ' in Cotrell. General Manager, Bob Thomas. Roby Tripeletle. Ralph Esles 119 RESIDENCE COUNSELORS First Row: Bess Riichie. Maxie Edmisten, Dean of Women, Irene Laird, Ada Crisp, Dee Winkler, Mary Haralson. Second Row: Ruth German, Marjorie L. Kelley. Lucille Kilgore, Jean McDaniet, Artie Thompson. FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR DIETICIANS Mr. John Welborn Miss Jane Poole, Mrs. Linda Slate 120 ART Variety in approach and technique offers the art stu- dent a wider range of opinions and experiences. Appala- chian ' s Art Department achieves this through the differences in concepts and talents of the six faculty members. Each faculty member displays an art exhibit; these offer the student an extreme range of artistic ap- proaches. The department has purchased a large motorized htho- graph press and a large etching press under a federal grant. With these the department will be able to set up a first rate print program. Mr. Lawrence Edwards, Chairman Mr. Warren C. Dennis BIOLOGY Dr. F. Ray Derrick. Chairman For the past two years, the Biology Department has been vitahzed by the use of television as a supplement to the regular laboratory classes. This is especially im- portant in freshman labs where the instructor can point out the things that a student should see under the microscope, but often misses. An instructor uses the television camera and a special microscope in the stu- dio room; the picture is carried to a monitor in each laboratory. Television is also used to give laboratory tests, especially with reference to the identity of orga- nisms and their parts. The department has recently received several new pieces of equipment, including two station wagons for field trips and fifty films, both from a special appropri- ation in 1966 by the National Science Foundation. They have also acquired a quite modem, expensive physiograph used in physiology. Dr. Teunis Vergeer Dr. Kent Robinson Dr. J. Frank Randall Dr. Josejf Weiser Mr. Homer H. Hurley 123 CHEMISTRY Dr. Woodford G. Sink, Chairman Dr. Donald L. Wright Dr. Herbert L. Bowkley No longer will all of the graduate students in the field of chemistry have to assume teaching duties for financial assistance while in school. For the first time, the Appala- chian Chemistry Department has been named the recipi- ent of a grant from private industry for research. Of the $15,000 received from the International Resistance Com- pany, $7,200 will be used to support three research fel- lowships for master degree candidates who will be free to do research and will have no teaching duties. The re- maining $7,800 will purchase equipment to be used in conducting research on the fundamental structure of mat- ter. Mrs. Gelene A. Atwood % X .) Mrs. May E. Denton Mr. Larry W. Woodrow Dr. James E. Johnson Dr. George B. Miles ECONOMICS BUSINESS t siJtiiL i " Wjil .-. - CX " ' - i Mr. Orus Sutton, Chairman Mrs. Annie M. Blackburn There is one general major in Economics and Business. There are, however, seven fields of elec- tives for emphasis: accounting, marketing, secretarial administration, economics, finance, management, and teacher education. The department is trying to help its students reaUze the relationships of business to other fields that they may choose as their minors. The demand for teachers in this field is very great be- cause of the competition with industry. • 9 f Mr. Stanley A. Harris, Jr. Mr. James Jones 126 Mrs. Martha G. Hawkinson Mr. Clarence H. Barnes Miss Jane Riner Mrs. Kathryn C. Tully 127 EDUCATION Dr. Lee F. Reynolds Dr. Ben H. Horton. Chairman The Department of Education is devoted to the profes- sional education of men and women who intend to enter the field of teaching. A six year program which was approved in 1965 has proved to be a progressive step for the department. There will be an addition of five new staff members in the fields of Special Education, Reading, Student Teaching, Guid- ance, and Junior Colleges. In Special Education the addi- tion of demonstration classes and the awarding of special grants for prospective teachers are two recent achieve- ments. The workable relationship between the college and the two laboratory schools, Watauga and Appalachian Ele- mentary, is of special significance to students to gain " on the field " experience. Dr. C. Milton Blue Dr. Robert L. Randall Dr. John G. Barden Mr. Uberto Price Mr. Bobby B. McFarland 129 Mrs. Grace M. Councill Mr. Joseph Long Murphy Mr. John A. Pritchett Miss Beulah Campbell =nk! r 1 » V ™ Dr. Ben G. Bosworth, Jr. EDUCATION Mr Richard C. Culyer Dr. Nathaniel H. Shope 131 • • i ' • • ' • • • 2»» r • • . EDUCATION Mr. Jerry D. Lehman Mr. William Dean Meredith Dr. Isabel F. Jones Dr. Roy R. Blanton Mrs. Madeline Bradford Mr. Stanley Baran, Jr. Mr. Clarence H. Gilstrap 133 ENGLISH Dr. Graydon P. Eggers. Chairman Mr. John P. MacBryde Mrs. . ' Mice W. Brown Dr. Susan H. Logan The aim of the English Department is to give stu- dents competency in written and oral composition and in the interpretation and appreciation of literature. The department has added five courses on the senior-gradu- ate and graduate level, and there has been a steady in- crease in the number of English majors, usually with a number of students receiving fellowships. The demand for graduates can not presently be met. The department suffered great losses in the Admin- istration Building fire, in that most of the equipment and materials were lost and must be replaced. Mr. Johnrv B. Wilson ■■ ' ' la- r ■fc- Dr. John J. Van Noppen, III Mrs. Sara Scott Wilson Dr. John F. Bozard Mr. Rogers V. Whitner Mr. L. Tully Reed Mr. Johnnie D. Ragsdale 135 Mrs. Sallv S. Floyd Mrs. Betty H. McFarland 136 la Miss Ruby Akers Mrs. Daisy W. Eggers Mrs. Donna H. Campbell 137 f!tn»i FOREIGN LANGUAGE Part of the loss in the Administration Building fire was all the teaching materials, books, files, and corre- spondence with students of the Foreign Language De- partment. The department will be located in the renovated high school building for the 1967-68 school year; then it will occupy a new building in the present site of Old Lovill Hall. Next year a third-year course will be offered for the first time in German and possibly a course in ele- mentary Latin. Mr. Carl H. Bredow Dr. J. Roy Prince, Chairman Mrs, Marvo Walters Mr. Eduardo Zayas-Bazan Miss Nora Cauline Howell 138 GEOGRAPHY GEOLOGY Instruction in the Geography and Geology Department is meant to provide the basic needs in growth and devel- opment deemed necessary for college students: students should learn to become better citizens in local and inter- national affairs. In order to provide progressive educa- tional opportunities for students of geography and geolo- gy, the department has engaged additional faculty mem- bers and has introduced four new courses to the curric- ulum. These and future improvements are being made in order to help meet the shortage of college level geogra- phy teachers and public school earth science teachers. Dr. Julian C. Yoder, Chairman HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Appalachian Health and Physical Education De- partment has the largest number of undergraduate majors of any college in the South. The graduate program has more than doubled in the last six years, yet has never been able to fulfill the request for graduates. The depart- ment has a very outstanding program including courses especially designed for Elementary Education majors, and specialized courses which enrich the students scope and understanding of the human body. Through a con- tinually expanding facility, the department serves the stu- dents. Plans for a rehabilitation and adaptant room for handicapped children to be used by special education majors, a school owned golf-driving range, a weight train- ing program for both men and women, and a broader win- ter sports program which already includes skiing, are becoming more of a reality each day. Dr. Sydney H. Andrews Mr. Marshall L. Walters, Chairman Mr. Roger Gildersleeve ., . f Mr. Robert G. Light Mr. Robert W. Watkins Mr. William C. Church Mrs. Cleone H. Hodges © o ,»«.-■ « Mr. Ronald W. Kanoy Mrs. Ellen Ball Thomas Dr. Francis L. Hoover Mr. Eric B. DeGroat Dr. Carl G. Meeks Mr. Jack W. Groce Miss Rebecca M. Tomlinson HISTORY Dr. J. Max Dixon, Chairman I I I Mr. Malcolm O. Partin Mrs. Rena C Hoover Dr. Eugene C. Drozdowski Miss Anne M, O ' Hora One of the youngest departments at Appalachian is that of History, which was created only two years ago from the then Social Sciences Department. The original faculty of 12 has increased to 15 and next year will number 20. Next year for the first time, the department will offer three graduate programs: junior college, secondary, and the new non-teaching academic M.A. program. The History Department seeks to provide all students a broad introduction to the study of human affairs and to prepare its ma- jors, presently 200, for the teaching profession. Mr. Stanley C. Green 1 HOME ECONOMICS Miss Mary Brown Allgood. Chairman Miss Madge Rhyne The objectives of the Department of Home Economics are to help students become better citizens and members of society, have a work- able knowledge of principles involved in home and family livmg, prepare for teaching some phases of home and family living at the secondary level, or to work in other areas of home economics such as institutional administration, clothing and textile merchandising, or foods and equipment. The department functions in three new buildings: Lillie Shull Dougherty Hall, which contains classrooms, labs, and offices; the Lucy Brock Nursery School, which accommodates twenty children for courses in child development; and the Home Management House, which houses eight majors each quarter for residence experience. Mrs. Juanita F. Egerton INDUSTRIAL ARTS A steady increase in majors and expansion of facilities has made the Industrial Arts Depart- ment one of the best in the South and possibly 5th in the United States. It is hoped that by September, 1967, the new addition to the Industrial Arts Building, which is now under construction, will be completed. With the new building each department will be able to accommodate substantially more students and provide larger working areas and more storage space. There will be an automechanics shop which will be equipped with a car drive-in area. Graphic arts will be added to the curriculum next year and photography is included in future plans. Last year a request for 400 graduates made evident the unlimited opportunities for Industrial Arts majors. Mr. David A. Rigsby, Chairman »r " , m Mr. Frank R. Steckel Mr. R. Dwight Pettus Mr. Clvde C. Owen Mr. Robert A. Banzhaf Mr. Harold E. Holland, Chairman LIBRARY LIBRARY SCIENCE Librarianship is no longer mere custodianship and housekeeping, but is now moving into the area of infor- mational science. The expanding graduate program trains not only librarians for public schools, but also for college and special librarian work. The ultimate aim is to be- come a multi-purpose library school. The department has added several new courses, changed some existing ones, and is building a special collection of library science ma- terials to further this aim. There is presently a great inter- est in exploring new data processmg and electronics to modernize the tibrary. Students from Taiwan. South Viet Nam. and Turkey are enrolled in the graduate program. Plans are now in preparation for building a modern li- brary which will provide a growing book collection, will increase the quantity and quality of graduate materials, and will also provide individual student carrels for study- ing which will accommodate 25% of the student body at once. The present library, housing approximately 160.000 books, now has the longest hours in the state and is the depository library for government documents. The library provides part-time employment for approximately 125 students. Ji -aajs . . 1 Mrs. Allie A. Hodgin Mrs. Mildred S. Councill Miss Mary Alice Huff r mtif Mr. Zeb V. Shook Mr. William L. Eury. Head Librarian Miss Faye J. Mitchell Miss Minnie L. Oswalt f 1 m At Mr. Richard Barker Miss Deborah Bell Miss (iuciidolen I astriuiic .siiSMMW ' ' r-ii MATHEMATICS Dr. Paul B. Patterson, Chairman Mrs. Frances S. Fulmer Mr. Richard J. Schalk There has been a tremendous growth in the Mathematics Department since 1962. It recently received a prospective teachers grant of $40,000 and has applied for more aid. In 1966, 44 per- sons received a baccalaureate degree in mathe- matics, or 7.7% which compares with the national average of 2%. The department is comprised of 226 majors, 56 graduate students (30 of whom are extension students), and 16 faculty members of whom 5 have a Ph.D. degree. Mr. Thomas F. LaFone Mr. Glenn E. Fox Dr. Harvey R- Durham Mr. W. Hoyt Safrit Mrs. Virginia Linney Miss Elizabeth Fox The primary aim of the Music Department is to train music teachers. The demand is much greater than the supply, however; each major of- ten has a choice of possibly ten positions when he graduates. There are three graduate assistants in the department who teach privately or at times instruct in some classes. An increase in the number of music apprecia- tion classes from three to five indicates that the Music Department is teaching more students from the general college enrollment. Mr. Elmer R. White Mr. Walton S. Coie Mr. Earnv P. Hotard. Jr. Mr. MacWilliam Uisbrow Mr. Phili- M Paul Dr. Joseph C. Logan 1-51 PHILOSOPHY RELIGION The Department of Philosophy and Religion seeks to acquaint students with the philosophical and religious heritage of Occidental and Oriental culture. Although at present the department is young and small, it envisions for itself an increase in the number of highly qualified teachers and a dy- namic role in the total academic life of the college. Dr. William C. Strickland, Chairman Dr. Daniel F. Rice 152 PHYSICS The aim of the Physics Department is first to train better physics teachers for the high schools, where there are currently very few certified teach- ers: only 45% of the teaching positions are filled. Secondly, the department aims to develop those stu- dents who wish to go to graduate school for ad- vanced study with the goal of college teaching or research for industry or the government in mind. Dr. Walter C. Connolly, Chairman Mr. Karl C. Mamola POLITICAL SCIENCE The Political Science Department is continually grow- ing with an adequate supply of equipment and materials advancing this growth. The number of Political Science majors has almost doubled this year. With an addition of another faculty member to the staff, the department aims to provide even better educational facilities for future Po- htical Science students. Mr. Edward M. Allen 154 PSYCHOLOGY The two-year-old Department of Psychology is the only department at A.S.T.C. that offers a strictly non-teaching degree: a psychology major cannot teach in the public schools, but is well-qualified to work in personnel, social work, vocational rehabilitational counseling, or continue study in graduate school. Psychology is a two-track pro- gram; a service department for the other related depart- ments, such as educational psychology, and an area of study for majors. The department is adding six new courses for majors only and is expanding the faculty from seven to ten next year. There is great interest in establish- ing an experimental laboratory with animals in the near future and a M.A. degree will soon be available. Dr. Walter T. Snipes, Chairman Mr. Sheldon R. Jett Mr. Hal E. Fun- Mr. Van L. Morrow Dr. Brooke R. Johnson Dr. Samuel H. Pettigrew Mr. George L. Kelley Ulfr SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY The Sociology and Anthropology Department has shown growth in the past years. The department, now comprised of some 65 majors, hopes to have a Masters Degree program by the Fall of 1968. Majors in this field have a good background for entering business or any sit- uations dealing with people as groups. y f p Dr. Alfred M. Denton, Jr., Chairman Mr. David Lewis Smith Dr. Frank M. Lovrich Mr. Lee D. Kittredge SPEECH Dr. Thomas L. Tedford. Chairman Mrs. J. Lou Carpenter The Department of Speech at Appalachian was started in September. 1963. with four faculty mem- bers and eight majors. It completes its fourth year with six faculty members and forty majors. Appala- chian ' s Department of Speech has set the standard for several new speech departments in North Carol- ina, and its graduates are teaching in the public schools of the state, or are attending top graduate schools in several parts of the nation. Mr. James R. Epperson k»«i« jH Mr. David A. French Mr. Michael T. Vetrie Mr. Bradford L. Kinney V ' , Tina Diamaduros Miss Appalachian Don Sitton Mr. Appalachian CAMPUS SUPERLATIVES Wayne Byrd Most Valuable Jim Spivey Most Popular FRESHMEN ii £ki Abernethy, Ann Favssoux Abemathy. Donna Jane Adams. Jennie Lee Adams. Teresa Anne AJdndge. Rcberl Donald Alejandro, Eddie Alexander, Lola Jane Alexander, Sybil Diane Appalachia. Winston-Sa: Graham Fayeiieville Hiddenite Charlotte Allen. Bilhe Ann Hamptonville Allen. Gregg OUver Burlington Allen. Judv Carolyn Lexington Allen. Tommie Hoyi Shelby Anderson. Bennie Robert Wilkesboro Anderson. Jo Anne Elon College 160 FRESHMEN Anderson, Lewis Hal Boone Andrews. Ellen Roena Sparla Andrews. Man. Alice Chariotle Angel. Steven R. FayetteviUe Annas, Janet Elaine Hickory Anthony, Viva Kate Roaring River Armes. Monte Damon Kannapolis Armstrong. James Michael Conover Armstrong. Tommye Alice Falls Church. Va. Armstrong, Wilbam Keith Dunn Amette, David Benjamin Orlando. Fla, Ashworlh. Wiley Forrest. Jr. Danville. Va, Atkinson. Aleta Mae Mebane Atwood, Joan Charlotte Greensboro Austin. Claudia Diane Monroe Austm. Donald Gordon Lenoir Aulr . David W. Stedman Aversa. William Thomas Arhngton, Va Badeau. James William Greensboro Badeau, Marcel George Pascoag. R. I. Bailey. Larry WiUiam Bos tic Bailey. Richard Eaton Asheboro Bailey, Sharon Sue Rutherford ton Ball. Patricia Gay Winston-Salem Ballard. Forrest Gregory Falls Church. Va. Ballenger. Glenn Louis. Jr. Middleburg. Va. Ballew. Alice Renee Nebo Barden, Mary Stewart Charlotte Banker. Brenda Gale Ivanhoe, Va Barker. Kaihy Lansing Barnes. Cynlhia Anne Fair Bluff Barnes. Hugh W. Lenoir Barnette. Angela Judith Sahsbup. Bamhardt, Nayrex Franklin MocksviUe Barrier, Candace F, Nebo Barrow, Ralph Murray Greensboro Bartlelt. Adam, Jr. Bakersville Baleman. Sandra Lee Charlotte Baucom. Charles Ronald Maiden Bauguess. Lmda Sue Winston-Salem Beal. Sara Jane Lincolnlon Beam. Frankie Anita Cherryville Beard. Linda Annette Spencer Beck. Randy Lee Manon Beck. Robyn Barbara Lexington Belk. Margaret Agnes Ml. Ulla Belk, Sandra Lee Kannapohs Benton. Diana Jane Slalesulle Bisbee. Spaulding Belfast. Maine Bishop. Edward Arthur Hollywood. Fla, Biesecker. Roland McKinley Lexinglon Blades. John Carl Charloue Blankenship. Nancy Louise Fairview Blevins. Brenda Louise North Wilkesboro Bobbin. Carolyn Mane Wmston-Salem Bodenhamcr. Nancy Sue Boone Bolcar. Stephen Bruce Boonton, N.J Boles. Helen Maria Charlotte Booe. Ronnie Cleveland Winslon-Salem Bovcnder. Patsy Robin Winston-Salem FRESHMEN 161 ▲▲ h. H k n £ A Bosi. Janie Pauietle China Grove Bowman. Linda Kave Winston-Salem Brady. Johnnv Lome Sparta Bragg. Penelope Anne Hickory Brantley. Chester Hoban Spring Hope Bridges. Jeffery Lynn Asheville Bnnkley, Martha Louise Lexington Bntt. Larry Wayne Mt. Gilead Bntlain. Charles M Hickory Bnliatn. Joyce Kaye Lowell Broome. Sharon Leigh Vale Brown. Janice Elaine Asheville Brown. Paul Vincent Saco. Maine Brown. Peggy Yvonne Newland Brown. Richard Melvm Lillington Brown. Susan Melmda Mooresville Brown. Ted Allen Boone Bryan. Betty Jane Glade Valley Bryant. Larry Charles Cheshee. S.C. Buchanan. Denny Moms BakersviUe Buckley, Angela Charlotte Bullard. Janet Faye Bladenboro Bullington. Paula Louise Cayce. S.C. Bumgamer. Evelyn Rachel Lenoir Bumgamer. Mary Ehzabeth North Wilkesboro Burgess. Palncia ElJen Bostic Bums. Donnie Wayne Concord Burton. Janice Kirby Candler Busby. James Erman Bessemer City Bush. WiUiam Hearon. Jr. Fonlana Butler. JeffCurn Burhngton Butler. Rose Jeanette Lumberlon Byars. Glenda Dale Kings Mountain Byrd. Gary Lmville Elkin Caldwell, Donna Elaine Newton Caldwell. John Riley North Wilkesboro Callahan. Daniel Vmcent Allison Park. Pa. Calloway. Bobbie Clair WUbar Camp. Ronald Steve Shelbv Campbell, Alice Sue Charlotte Campbell. Helene Christine Union Grove Campbell, James Wilson. Jr. Hickory Cannon, Patricia Jean Banner Elk Cantrell. A Douglas Davidson Camck. Martha Jean Lexmgton Carrigan, Steven Hamson Granite Falls Carson. George Huston. Jr. Haw River Carson. Robert Lee. Jr. Boslic Carter. Betty Rose Newton Carter, Jane Ellen High Point Carter. Susan Elizabeth Wmston-Salem Carter. Vivian Delores Clinton Casey. Nancy Ann Traphill Cashion. Nancy Lorraine Charlotte Caudill. Lester Wayne. Jr Sparta Causby, Linda Kaye Rutherford College Chafin, Rebecca Jane WaynesviUe Chaney. Dianne Rosemarv Winston-Salem Chappell. Libb Ararat. Va Childers. Donald Wayne Statesville 162 FRESHMEN Church. Nancy Elaine WUkesboro Church. Rickey Gene Hickory Clark. Dolores Annette Lenoir Clark. Nancy Louise New Bern Clark, Judith Annele Hillsborough Clark. Susan Lynn Wilmington. Di Clawson. Nina Sue Boone Clawson. Opal Elaine Boone Clavion, Janet Elaine Roxboro Clemenl, James Robert Forest City Clinard. B, Carol Lincoln ton CUnard. Gayle Lambeth Thomasville Clodfelter. Gu Richard Cooleemee Coble. DarrellWayne Concord Cockerham, Sandra Gaye Elkm Cockerham. Susan Ellen .Asheboro CockreU. Judy Lucille Charlotte Coffey. Lloyd Evcreiie Lenoir Coggins. Jane Elizabeth New London Coleman, Carolyn Delores Spray Coleman. Joyce Lane Durham Colleit. Jane Carolyn Thomasville Collins. Patricia Ann Rural Hall Colobro, Susan Anna Bluefield. W V; Conn, Daryl Patnck Charlotte Connell. Darla Gail Midland Connolly. Frances Lucille Hiddemte Connolly. Joe Allen Statesville Cook. Randy O, C Casar Cooke. Cheryl Darlene Pilot Mountain Coon. Sylvia Florine Graham Cooper. Richard Jack Rockingham Copple. Judith Ann Asheboro Correll. Wanda DeLane Charlotte Cox. David Stephen Asheboro Cox. Douglas Edwin Triplett Cox. Jonathan Stanley Asheboro Cox. Larry Randolph Sparta Cox. Pal Gail Greensboro Cox. Teni Lynne Arden Cozart, Nancy Jane Durham Craig. Deborah Lucille Shelby Craven. Martha Joyce Thomasville Craver. Walter Clark Morgan ton Crenshaw. Frances Anne Charlotte Cress. Robert Mendenhall Denton Crews. William Austin. Jr. Thomasville Crook. Vicki Cariene Monroe Cronland, Joanna Boone Curlee. Patricia Leigh Charlotte Curtis. Michael Phillip Lenoir Dale. Culver Rufus. Jr Canton Daniel. Hugh Kent Waynesville Daniel. Ronald Bennett Wake Forest Daniel, Shawn William Winsion-Salem Daniels, Margo Suzanne Taylorsville Danner, Steve Alexander Hickory Daughiry. David Rogers Garner Davidson. Lawrence Samuel Galax. Va. Davis. Ellen Janois Lincolnion S. JMJi2 |i3J. -f h ' ; |t FRESHMEN 163 ,C«», r% ft Davis, Ralph Hampton Lansing Davis. Rebecca Ann Charlotte Davis. Robert Steve WaynesviUe Davis. Roger Allen Roxboro Davis. Sandra Lynn Burlington Davis. Steven Daniel Hickory Davis. Wyline Shelby Dayberry. Ella Jane Lawndale Daye. Gary Wayne Hickory Deal. Sylvia Jean Lenoir Deal. Toby Franklin Conover Dellinger, James Gary Catawba DeGroat, Stephen King Boone Denny. Margaret Ann Rougemont DePaul. Anthony Joseph Rutledge. Pa. DeRock. Gregory Robert Lexington Derrick. Richard Halliwanger Charlotte Detier, Carolyn Mane Maiden Dickerson. Robert Earl Wmston-Salem Dieus. Dianne Jeannette Asheville Dillard. Wilson Kendrick Wellford. S.C DiMarcantonio. Ralph Anthony Paierson, NJ. Dishman. Geraldine Sugar Grove Dixon, Stephen Ray Stalesville Dixon. Susan June Charlotte Dolson. Linda Gail Boone Drum. Howard Tracy Newton Duckworth. Trudy Lee Charlotte Duggins, Jeanette Mane Winston-Salem Duke. Connie Lavonne Durham Duncan. Brenda Sue Greensboro Dunlap, William Ott Fayetteville Dunn. Zora Rebecca Kings Mountain Eaker. Nancy Carol Shelby Eakjns, Sandra Cheryl Spencer Earlv. Theresa Ellen Old Fort Eatman. Julie Anne Charlotte Eckard. Karen Mane Conover Eckard, Judv Rebecca Conover Edwards. Donald Ralph Asheboro Edwards. Judith Carol Wmston-Salem Edwards. Judy Elaine Mars Hill Edwards. Mary Emily Salisbury Edwards, William Lawrence Winsion-Salem Eggers, David Estel Lenoir Elledge, Larry Adrian Charlotte Elledge. Jack Lee Slatesville EUis, Edwin Dean Spindale Emory. Wmola Frances Leaksville Essick, Linda Gail CI em mens Estes. Walter James. Jr Lenoir Eury, Carolyn Dianne Albemarle Evans, Billy Kennedy, Jr. Roanoke, Va. Evans. Elizabeth Ann Mocksville Evans, Frank Morris Roxboro tvans, Harriet Ann Shelby Evans. Harriette Ruth Lexington Everett. Joe Mack Mocksville Everett. Rick Cecil Raleigh Everharl. Frankie Lou Lexington 164 FRESHMEN Farlow. Sylvia Elaine Faw. Eddie Lee Faw. Larry Dean Faw, Manha Ann Faw. Mary Carol Favssoux. Tracv Euaer Felton. Ernest Eugene Fender. Linda Kay Ferguson. Judiih Lee Fields, Dorothy Sue Finley, Linda Kay Finney. George Michael Flake. Dona Marie Floyd, Janet Susan Ford. Gary Sheldon Ford, James Lany Forrest. Arthur Michael Forrest. June Schumann Fort, Janis Sheffield Foster. D. Suzanne Fowler, William Gasi Fox. Brenda Gail Fox, Larry Hugh Fox. Patricia Ann Fox. Reba Kay Fox. Sandra Kaye Franklin. Carolyn Dolores Franks. Monica Mane Frazier. Alice Joy Frazier. James Rickford Freeman. Joseph Willian Freeman. Linda Sue Freligh. Patncia Lois Furches. Jean Ann Gabard. Reda Laren Gales. Stephen Eugene Gallih-ir. Brenda Gay Gallo. Frank Richard Galloway. Mary Karen Gardner. Claireece Eileen Gamer. Rita Carol Garner. Terry Ann Garrell. John Andrew Garrison. Mar Kalhr n Gamson. Stephen Micha. Gaskins. Jerry Linn Gatiin, Judy Anne Geer. John Siowe Geer. Nancy Gwendolyn Gemayel. Lois Marsha Germaine. Eugene Joseph Gibson. Violet Fayc Giles. Caria Rose G- ' hs, Brenda Anne Glenn. Claudia Ann Goble. Myra Ann Goforlh. Steven James Golds. Zollie Russell Goodman. Martha Jo Gosnell, Hilda Diannc High Point Damascus, Va. North Wilkesboro Warrensville Warrensville Greensboro Rale; Roxboro Goldston Gastonia Newton Denton Kemersville Mt. .-Viry Charlotte Fort Pierce, Fla. Reetwood Morganton Hendersonville Hudson Hurdle MiUs Morganton HickoP, Indianpolis. Ind, Madison High Point Orlando. Fla. Winsion-Saiem YadkinviHe Anderson. S.C- Statesville Carteret. NJ Charlotte Charlotte Lexington West Jefferson Greensboro Mebane Stanley Kannapolis Greensboro Aberdeen Charlotte Middlesex. N.J. Pme Hall Morganton Roxboro Spruce Pine Newton Kings Mountain North Wilkesboro Gold Hill Marshall FRESHMEN 165 Gosnell. Sandra Lee Campobello. S.C Goward, Elaine Frances Bloomfield. N.J. Greene, James Carroll Salisbury Greene. Manilla Loretta AsheviUe Greene. Noma Sue Spruce Pine Greene. Pamela Joyce Morganion Greene. Richard Cloyd Lenoir Greene. Ronald Kent Concord Greene. Sylvia Annette Greensboro Greer, Paul Robert Vmcentown. N.J. Griffin. David Keith MarshviUe Griffith. Gay Keener Charlotte Gnndslaff. Billy Edward Minneapolis Grubb, Lany Thomas Lexington Grubbs. Vicki Lvnn Wmston-Salem Guffey. Patncia Ann Andrews Gurlev. Hilda Ann Charlotte Gustafson. Mark William Charlton. Mass. Hagaman. R, Carol Boone Hager, Cheryl Dianne Matthews Hager. Richard Edwin Cleveland Hall. Brenda Sue Asheboro Hall, Cathy Adele Cayce. S.C. Halucha. Donald Frank Toms River. NJ. Hambnght. Carole Yvonne Claremont Hammer. Doreen Ruth Winslon-Salem Hammock. Hunter Coleman Reidsville Hammonds. Manon David Lincolnton Hancock. Robert H, Norman Harmon. Brenda Kate Lenoir Harreil. Larry Home Bakers vUle Hams. Barbara .-Vnn Lincolnton Hams. Kathv Juaniia Ruiherfordton Hams, Jackson Durham Han. Clarence Edward Lenoir Hart. C Tithia Elaine Lenoir Hart. Gregorv Alien San ford Hart. Margaret Elizabeth Lansing Hansen. Carol Karena Norwood Hartsell. Marsha Lynette New London Harisoe. Patncia Yvonne Lincolnton Harvell, Peggy Ann Baxters viUe Harwood. Sharon Frances .•Mbemarle Hass, Steven Lee Slaiesville Hatley. Mar ' Elizabeth Concord Hauser. Gideon Clay. Ill Mount Airy Hauser. Jane Welfare Winston-Salem Haues. Anna Lee Rose Hill Hawkins. Marsha Veronica Matthews Hawley. Elton Gale Dunn Haynes. Carolyn Joyce Raleigh Hays. Gladys Jacquclyn Lexington Heavner. John Milton Cherryville Heavner. PhUhp McCall Valdese Hedden. Lee Charlotte Hefner. Linda Carroll Hickorv Hefner. Judy Kay Hickory Helms. Charles Eldon Maiden Helms. Nancv Carol Monroe Henderson. William Martin Wmston-Salem i 6 FRESHMEN Herman. Linda Sue Boone Herman. Michea] Dennis Lenoir Hemne. Earl Monroe Remington. Va. Hevener. Cvnthia Viclona Staunton. Va. Hewitt. Judy Ann Hallsboro Hicks. Elizabeth Jane Thorn asville Hildebran. Patsy Ruth Hickory Hilderbrand. Reed Franklin Staunton. Va. HiU. Barbara . nne Stuan. Va. HilL Mar Christine Carol een Hinson. Sherr ' Lynn Richfield Hipp, Dennis Charles Charlotte Hodges. Betty Mae Boone Holbrook. Ralph Samuel Wilkesboro Holcomb. Ra TTiond WiiUam ReidsMlle Holcomb. Wanda Kay EJkm Holland. Vickie Jeanette High Point Holmes. Molly Frances Thorn as ' ille Holsopple. Greichen Sue Walkertown Holz. Theodore Stanley Long Valley. N.J. Hopkins. Stephen CaKin Norfolk. Va. Hopper. Sharon Rose Marion Horton, Joann Lenoir Horton. Vance Bartley Concord Houck. Carolyn Ann Todd Hough. Michael Lane Pfafftown Houston. Johnnv Flake Trouiman Howard. Elizabeth Anne High Point Howard. Jane Susan Mooresville Howard. William MacRae. Jr. Mooresville HoweU. Judy Mae Bakersville Howell, Maiy Celeste Hamtel Howie. Nancy Elizabeth Charlotte Hoyle. Cynthia Jane Lawndale Hudson. Robert Adams Graham Huffman. Kathy Jane Conover Huffman, Olivia Diane Hickor) ' Humphrey. Randall Lee Summerfield Hunstein. PhyUis Mane Elmont. N.Y Hunt, David .Andrew Denton Huntley. Sandra Jo Forest City Hutchins, Vickie Sue Bessemer City Huyler, WiUiam George Paterson. N.J. Hyatt. WUliam Alex Canton Jackson. John Robert Jefferson Janke. Howard Sterling Hillsborough Jeffreys. Jimmv Dotson Raleigh Jenkins. Mar Jo Charlotte Jeziorski, Cheryl Jean Winston-Salem Johannessen, Sissil Durham Johnsen. Vicki Lynn Concord Johnson. Connie Sue Newland Johnson. Don Russell Goldsboro Johnson. Juha LN-nne Brevard Johnson. Roy Donald. Jr. Silver Spnng. Md Johnson. Sharon Elame Newland Johnston. Pamlyn Jean Jamestown Johnston. Patriaa Joyce Winston-Salem Johnston. Rita Anne Boone Joines. Larry Wilkesboro a£ a 1 1 FRESHMEN 167 Jolly. Brenda Kay Jollv. Shirley Ann Jordan, John Michael Joyce. Sandra Lynn Julbe. Warren Stanley Juiii ' Gle Jumey. Janie Levora Jurney. Ronald Lee Keller. Brenda Joyce Keller, George Allen Kennedy. Donald Earl Kenvon. Worth Dixon Kerr. Donna Jean Kessell. Donna Mamel Kiger. Sandra Gaye Ktllough. Johnny Wallace Kimbrell. Judith Ann Kincaid. Steven Mackie King, Terr) ' Lynn Kingsley. Bernard Robert Kirby, Alexis Darvl Kirk. Patncia Ann Klutu, Peggy Renae Knight. Janice Lynn Koehler, Carol Lynn Kroog. Kenneth B. Kube. Sharon Rosielet Kulp, Kenneth Karl Kunkel. David Coopei Lackey, Reba Leona Lail. Wanda Mane Lamb. Geneva Ann Lambe. Elizabeth Anne Lance. Alice Fair Langley. Robert Thomas Lanning. Frank Lamoni Lassiter. Walter Avery Laughlin. James Terry Lawing. Brenda Kave Lawrence. Jack Dean Lawrence. William Thomas Laxton. Neal Eugene ; H, Leamon. Mvra Mane Ledford. Dons Jean Lee. Joyce Mane LeFever. Mary Lynn Lefler. Larrv Richard Lentz. Rita Thrisime Levi. Danny Clarence Lewis, James Richard Lewis. Janice Dare Lewis. Jerry Scott Lewis. Palncia Ann Lieberman, Karen Lynn Lindsay. Andrew Cecil Lingerfeldt. Chereyl Lynn Lingle. Alva Sue Little, Brenda Sue Littleton. Leiand Kron Taylors ville Elkm Bnstol. Va. Stuart. Va. -Arhngton. Va. Greenville. S.C, Union Gro Fleetwood Taylorsville Favetteville Stedman Valparaiso, Ind, Winston-Salem High Point Charlotte Lexington Hudson Kannapolis Favetteville Hickory Salisbury Salisbury Summerfield Bayshore. L.L. N.Y. Wanamassa. N.J. Fredencksburg, Va. Alexandna, Va. Asheboro Hickory Asheviile Asheboro High Point Washingtoi Richfield Charlotte Lawndale Chicago. III. Boone New Smyrna Beach. Fla Lenoir Charlotte Thomasville Kings Mountain San ford Hudson Norwood East Flat Rock Charlotte West Jefferson Candler Fayetteville Lenoir Bessemer City SaUsburv Sta ille 168 FRESHMEN Long. Billie Anne Spencer Long, James Augustus. Ill Bessemer City Long. Martha Faye West Jefferson Love. Linda Lee Gastonia Love. Patsy Gail North Wilkesboro Lower) ' . Susan Jane Kings Mountain Lyall. Everetle Herman. Jr. North Wilkesboro Lynch. Mary Sue Lansing Lyon. Hilda Gaye TraphiU Lyon. William David TraphiU McAdams. Susan Olivia Burlington McArthur. Brenda Lane Wakulla McCann. Lorene Mildred Thurmond McCaskill. Sherry Lynn Candor McCollum. Terry M. Kannapolis McCrary. Judy Ann Lexington McDonald. Sharon Letitia Pinehurst McDowelL Carol Ann Forest City McGinnis. Deborah Leigh Cherryville McGowan. Sara Belle Aberdeen McGrady, Paincia Gail Winston-Salem McGregor. Ryland Warren Richmond. Va. McGuire. Carolyn Ruth Valdese McGuire. Keith A]vin Boone Mclntyre. Martha Karen Ellerbee McLeod. Kenneth Whitfield Hickory McRee. James Michael Conover Mackey. Martha Sue Penrose Mackintosh. Shauna Lee Falls Church. Va. Manship. Hanns Johnson Wilkesboro Markrush. Jerry Brage Asheville Marr. Janie Frances Thomasville Marsh. Janet Faye Fleetwood Marsh. Mary Darwin Boone Martell. Dottie Irene Miami. Fla. Martin, Beltv Jean Raleigh Martin. Leon Bradley Woodsdale Martin. Janice Ruth Rutherfordton Martin. JoAnn Elizabeth Murphy Martin. Susan Gail Asheville Masencup, Janet Leigh Winston-Salem Masenior, Michael Warren Washington. N.J. Mason. Larry Steven Greensboro Mason, Linda Anne Concord Massey. Shellie Ann Matthews Massey. Wanda Faye Burlington Mast. Patncia Anne Boone Mast. William Gregory Sugar Grove Mathenv. Linda Jeanne Mooresboro Matheson. Robert Steven Shelby Mauney. Jennifer Anne TaylorsviUe Meade. Mike Howard North Wilkesboro Meffert. Patty Gail Durham Mellott. Terrance Lee Mercersburg. Pa. Melnick. Leslie Charles Totowa Boro, N.J Menkie. Patricia Ann Reidsville Mieszkiewicz. Sally Ann Salisbury Miller. Allen Glade West Jefferson Miller. Danny Rex Lenoir l £fl FRESH MEN 1 69 «.r- if h.di Miller. Judith Angela Candler Miller, Judith Forester North Wilkesboro Miller. Paula Faye Reidsville Miller. Robert Patterson Boone Miller. Stanley Phill Laurel Spnngs Minion. Herbert L. Miami. Fla Mitchell, Betty Jean Winston-Salem Mitchell. John Digges, Jr La Plata. Md. Mitchell, Terry Grey High Point Mize. Dwight Wayne Stales ville Mode. George Richard Glen Alpine Monrofrr Donna Mane Morgan ton Montague. Dorothy Page Raleigh Montgomery. Phyllis Irene Charlotte Moore. Jan Marlene Kannapolis Moore. Jared Venice Asheboro Moore. Lewis Lindbergh. Jr, Reidsville Moore. Terry A Candler Morelli, Daniel Anthony Wmston-Salem Morelz. Garry George Boone Morelz. Leon McGill Boone Morgan. Cheryl Dianne China Grove Morrill. Susan Hennelia Sherman. Conn. Moms, Norma Zoe Ellenboro Morse. Sherry Ann Rockingham Movers. Jacqueline Lee Charlotte Mulbs. David Walter. Jr Jefferson Mulhs. Lanita Ann Matthews Mulbs. Richard M Monroe Mundhenke. Susan Dean Statesville Murphy. Linda Lee Lexington Myers. Carolyn Jean Clemmons Myers. Ronald Keith Winston-Salem Myers, Tom Bennett Hialeah, Fla, Nabors, Jennifer Susan Statesville Neal. June Elizabeth Leaksville Newman. Beverly Jo Burlington Newsome. Molly Carol Winston-Salem Newsome, Paige Allen Thomasville Newton, Kenneth Curtis Hickory Nixon. WiUiam Larr ' Charlotte Nolen, Linda Sue Spray Norris. Vickey La Vonne Hudson Nunamaker. Susan Gettysburg, Pa. Oakley. Cheryl Mane Roanoke Rapids Oakley. Myra Lynn Mebane Oleyar. Donald Gene Falls Church. Va. Oliver. Richard Barnes Staunton, Va. Orders. Karen Sue Morganton Osborne. Sally Cole Asheboro Owen. Aleta Faye Grumpier Owens. James B, Falls Church. Va. Owens, John Paul Laurel Springs Owens. Lmda Kay KannapoUs Pan, Douglas Mdler. Jr Greensboro Palal. Susan Lorraine Ashe ville Parker. Sarah Harding Raleigh Parks. Ann Carolvn Asheboro Parlier, Sam David Hickory Pamell. Brenda Ruth Lexington 170 FRESHMEN Parrv. William Edward Suffem. N.Y. Partee. Judy Ann Charlotte Patterson. Penan Independence, Va. Payne. David Lee Boone Payne. Harriett Susan Chase City, Va. Peace. Bennie Jean Thomas ville Pease. Thomas Russell Boone Pendley. Martha Jane Spruce Pine Pennell, Darrell Clayton Lenoir Pepper. John Wilbam Hazel wood Perkms. Wiiham Aubrey, Jr. Hickory Perry. Barbara Lee Zionville Perry. Frances Elaine Hamlet Pettv. Jessi e Anne Greensboro Phillips. Donna Gwynn Burlington Phillips. Martha Frances Leaks VI lie Phillips. Robert Maxwell Milford. Del. Picket. WiUiam C. Jr. Statesville Pinnix. Brenda Kay State Road Pittman. Jams Paige Henderson ville Plyler. Robert Michael Statesville Pharr. Rosa Diane Statesville Pollard. Felix Richard. Jr. Newton Pope. Donna Lee Conover Porter. Rebecca Kathleen AnsonvUIe Poulos. Vicky Jean Bom la. Cal. Powell. Dennis Scroggs Oemmons Presslev. Steven Dane Thomasville Prevette. Brenda Sue Ronda Pnchard, Jennifer Ann Burhngton Proctor, Rebecca Lea Hickory Proctor. Stephen Adams Greensboro Pucketi. Jo Ann Hunters ville Quate. Rebecca I. Greensboro Queen. Charlotte Maretta Manon Queen, Martha Amanda Bos tic Quick. Patrick Edison LilUngton Rader. Andrew Smvre Newton Ramsey, Miriam Elizabeth Chariolte Randleman. Regenia Mae HamptonviUe Rav, Helen Ann Winston-Salem Ray. Trudy Lmcolnton Rayford, Joy Suzetle Charlotte Raymer, Virginia Dare North Wilkesboro Reddick. Brenda Kay Belmont Redmon. Kalhryn Elaine AsheviUe Reece. Carolyn Joan Zionville Reel. Brenda Gail Manon Reep, Lmda Faye Lmcolnton Reep. William Rhodney Vale Reid. Donna Craig Monroe Rhodes. James Harold Graham Rich. Mary Louise As he bo ro Richardson, Larry Michael Boone Rjckelts. Leslie Kay Greensboro Rinehardt. Mary Lee Ramseur Ritchie. Ann Pfaff Troy Ritchie, Carmel Koonts Boone Ritchie. Palsy Ann New London Rivers. Jonathan Henry Pageland, S.C. f 5 Jl i FRESHMEN 171 SLS € P n -c ti V Yi Roach, Gap. ' Arthur Mooresville Roach. Nancy Cathy Ware Shoals. S.C. Roberson. Vickie Jean Lexington Roberts. Wyndell Clare Charlotte Robinson. Judy Lynn Blowing Rock Robinson, Sandra Lee Robbins Robinson. WUham Clifton Charlotte Roland. Janet Marie Hays Ro s. Roger Lane Kings Mountain Ross, Susan Lynn Bnck Town. N.J. Rudicil, Stephen Wilson Morganion Russ. Ralph Mitchael High Point RusseU. Sandra .Ann Winston-Salem Rutherford. Linda Regina Ennice Sain. Reba Ann Vale Sams. Ehzabeih Ann Stalesville Sanderson. Mar Anne Four Oaks Sane, Robert Neal Rutherford ton Sapienza, Gerard L Bellbrd. N J, Scearce. Bonita Gray Reidsvilie Schoolfield. Victor Gaylen Greensboro Scoggin. Anna Martha Spindale Scott. Barbara Louise Madison Scott. Sharon Sue Boone Scott. Terrv Nichols Mt. Airy Scott. Wanda Mae Hickory Sechler. Teresa Jean China Grove Secrest, Samuel Wade. Jr. Monroe Seidel. Andrew James Upper Nyack. NY. Self. Mhchell Edward Shelby Sells, Ins DeUne Monroe Selzer. Ronald Dean Claremonl Setzer. Thomas Dewey Stalesville Shanklm. Kenneth .Augustus Mebane Sharpe. Marrianne Spencer Shaver, Gary Allen Stalesville Shaver. Thomas Lee Winston- Salem Sheann. Dan Leroy Nashville Sheehv. Barbara .Anne Doraville Shelor. Margaret Gale Hickory Sheppard. Nancy Earl Lawsonville Shenill. Samuel Kenneth Charlotte Sherwood. Connie Sue Boone Shoaf. Cynthia Maureen Warrensville Shoaf. Earl Franklin Cooleemee Shoaf. Jane Gibson Burlington Shoemaker. Janice Mane States viUe Shomaker. Sandra Reynolds Burhnglon Shuford. Judith Louise Lincolnion Shull. Joe Leslie Burlington Shumaker. Paul Steven Whitnel Shumate. Brenda Jean McGrad) Shumate. Edward Steven North Wilkesboro Sigmon. .Ann Mane Hickory Sigmon. Jo Ann Elizabeth Hickory Sigmon. Sandie Lee Hick or. ' Silvers. Richard E Asheville Simar. Ronald Paul Aberdeen. Md. Simmons. Charles Franklm Mi. -Airy Simmons. Roben Dale Lenoir 172 FRESHMEN Simpson. Linda Leigh Raleigh Simpson, Steve Stanley Monroe Sims, Judy Lynn Bristol, Va. Sink, Ray Carter Denton Sink. Sara Beth Lexington Sipes. Julia Rebecca Troutman Sisk, Mary Ann CUffside Skidmore. Candace Lee Valdese Skiles, Joan Patricia Charioite Sioop. Kenneth Lee Yadkmville Sluder, Charles Hubert Thomas ville Smart. Stephen Wayne Shelby Smith, Alice Faye Kings Mountain Smith. Brenda Kay Advance Smith, Delia Ann Burlington Smith. Donna Eva Raleigh Smith. Frank Gamett Culpepper. Va. Smith. Gerry George Hickory Smith. James Clinton Thomasville Smith. Janice Rae Lenoir Smith. Nancy Alice Lenoir Smith, Peggy Sue Kannapolis Smith. Roger Clayton Albemarle Smith. Sharray Rejina Winslon-Salem Smith, Tommy Ray Siokesdale Smith, William Bvron Newton Smoot. Sudie Nell Mocksville Snipes. Lana Mai lyn Haw River Snipes. Martha Ann Durham Somers. Loresa Burlington South. Loretta Mane Boone Sowers. Ultra PhylUs Linwood Sparks. Linda Gayle Roxboro Speagle. Sue Carolyn Hickorv Spencer. Cheryl Bonita Lawsonville Sprinkle. Janet Gayle Trinity Sprinkle. Janis Green Greensboro Spnnkle. Larry Dale Lexington Sprinkle. Linda Ann Wmslon-Salem Staley, Brenda Delane Asheboro Stalls. Joseph Elben Washington Stanley, Charles Esker High Point Stanley. Marsha Dianne Jefferson Steele. Donald Richard Gasionia Steelman, Georgia Lee Yadkinville Slepp, Anita Gail Salisbur - Stepp. Karen Gail Hendersonville Stepp. Susan Hope Hickory Stevens. Janet Ann Fayette ville Stevenson. Sharon Lee Asheboro Stewart. Brenda Janelle Huntersville Stewart. James William Hartsville. S.C. Stewart. Philip Stephen Pfafftown Stewart. William Daniel Hamlet Stone. Jack Ray Kannapolis Stout, Joyce A. North Wilkesboro Stowe. Shirley Joan Mooresville Strider. Janet Elizabeth Hendersonville Slroupe. Sara Kay Lenoir Styron. Ceha Faye Beaufort FRESHMEN 173 Sullivan. John Stephen Lenoir Sumlin. Kenneth Eugene Lenoir Surrett. Jud Lee High Point Swaim. Debbie Laur n High Point Swaim. Manha Lynn Kemersville Swa n2im. Dowzetl Medford. J [r Kemersville Sweanngen. Brenda Kav Barber Sweanngen. Janet Marcella Hamlet Sweeney. Elizabeth Louise LeaksviUe Sweet. Judith Lothian PeekskiU. N.Y. Swicegood. Dana Sharon Linwood Swicegood. Lonnie Roben StatesviUe Tallev Larry Gene High Pomi Tallon. Marsha Glenn Lenoir Tarrant, Stephen Leighion Charlotte Taylor. Betty . nn Purlear Tavlor. Bonnie Sue Thomasville Tavlor. Charles Bertram. Jr Albemarle Taylor. Charles William Mt Airy Tavlor. Donna Jean Wmston-Salem Tavlor. Philhp Edward Morganton Taylor. Stephen Eugene Trenton. N.J. Teague. Ernest James. Jr Durham Terry, Barbara Jean Roxboro Terr . Rena Diane LeaksviUe Tesh. Joyce Ann Winston-Salem Thomas. Joyce Kay Burlington Thomas. Terry Teresa Concord Thompson. Bettv Sue Rulherfordton Thompson. Stephen Dean Spindale Thorp, James Odell Arlington Threat!. Sheila Anne Monroe Tillev. Mike Edward Manon Tomaino. Carol Ann Little Silver. N.J. Tomblm. Sandra Lee Spindale Toney. David Clyde Boone Toney. Jeannie Elizabeth Mooresboro Townsend. Nancy Carolyn Hildebran Tnggs. Clyde Gary Hickory Trogdon. Jennifer Ward Ramseur Trouten. Ross Scott Clio. Mich. Tubergen, Joanne Margaret Morganton Turner. William Lamar. Jr Danville. Va. Tuttle. Marcus Bovles King Ursillo. Peter N Massapequa Park. NY. Ussery. Nancy Jane Albemarle Van Antwerp. Robert Hunter Elkin Vance. Charles Robertson Greensboro Van Hoy. Waynna Laura Pinev Creek Vaurinek, Barbara Jean Woodbndge. Va Veasey. Harn Thomas .Aberdeen Von Cannon. Emily Victoria Greensboro Wade. Linda Carol Mebane W ' adsworth. Janet Rebecca Winston-Salem Wagoner, Barbara .Ann Rockwell Wagoner. Janice Lynn Snow Camp Walker. Kalhrvn Louise Winston-Salem Walker, Tawana Leigh Asheboro Walsh. Cynthia Kay SiatesviUe Watkins. Sara Ann San ford 174 FRESHMEN Watson. Martha Lorena Tryon Watts. Bruce Dean Roaring River Waugh. Clyde Miller. Jr. Moravian Falls Weatherman, Palsy Lynn Kannapolis Weaver. Christal Jean Rose bo ro Webb. Rebecca Page Ramseur Webb. WUliam Henry Southern Pines Webber. Wanda Kay Shelb) Welbom. Mary Nell North Wilkesbor( Wertz. Jerry Wayne Roanoke West, Blenda Kay Ferguson West. Leonard Wilson Lenoir West. Milton Eugene Winston-Salem Whalley. Barbara Ann Boone Wheeler. Joyce Elizabeth Durham Wheeler. Mary Lee Lake Park. Fla. Wheless, Dorthey Mae Louisburg Whitaker. Brenda Mae Thomasville Whitaker. Constance Mae Orangeburg, S.C. Whitaker. Glie Thomas. Jr Galax. Va. Whitaker. Martha Faye Thomasville Whitaker. Vickie Dianne Wades boro White. Charles Jeffrey Winsion-Salem White. Daniel Dee Marshall. Va. White. John Robert Cleveland White. Willa Dean Charlotte Whitener. Ronald Lee Hickory Whitley. Michael Dewene Greensboro Whilt. Barbara Irene Kernersville Wiggms. Alvin Taylor. Jr. Rolesville Wilczynski. William Joseph Wilmington. Del- Wild. Susan Mane Fort Monroe. Va. Willard. John Meredith Charlotte Williams. Daphne Kalhenne Greensboro Williams, Karen Idella Jamestown Williams. Rebecca Ann Fallston Williams, Rebecca Rose B.Hme Wilson. James William Advance Wilson. Linda Kay Hudson Wilson, Meredith Gastonia Wilson. Mike A. Boone Wilson. Susan Roberts Kannapolis Wingler. JoAnn Gail Purlear Winters. Dennis Byri Elk Park Woods. Vivian Lee Lenoir Woody. Geraldine Pisgah Forest Worden. Norman Randall East Haven. Vl Wright, Fred N Dallas Wright. Larr Nelson Mebane Wyhe. Patncia .Anne Greensboro Yales. Janice Lee Pompano. Fla. Yopp. William Dewey Jacksonville York. Kaihryn Love Stalesville York. Rhonda Kay Greensboro Young. Freda Dianne Grassy Creek Young. Janet Susan Mouth of Wilson. Young. Merritt Fred Durham Zambelli. Johnny Lee Goldsboro Zdunczyk, Richard Anthony Greensboro Zimmerman. Kaihryn Louine Marshall a £J .1 1 CTi a 111 p ft A • Mih FRESHMEN 175 SOPHOMORES Jk L - Mtk. L £ J k Abernethv. Charles Vance. Jr Forest City Abernathy. Mark Houck Charlotte Addinglon. Becky L West Jefferson Agle. Robert Edward. Jr Boone Agner. William Eddie Hudson Aiken. Kelly Lynn Valdese Aldndge. Reid Rufus Graham Alexander, Elizabeih Anne Statesvillc Alexander. Julia Marilyn Thomasville Alexander. Tony Reid Greensboro Allen. Judy Lane Charlotte n£ c Dur A »D nc Allen. Margaret Janett Allen. Steven MUes Alley. Jennifer Elaine Alligood. Alice Susan Allers. Kalhenne Lee Anderson. David .Alvrn Anderson. Joan Johnson Andrews. Daniel Clark Andrews. Donna Pauline ApUn. Judy Ann Ardrey. Thomas Steele Argo. Sandra Gayle Arnold. Marion Elizabeth Arrow ood. Joyce Ann Atkins, Shery ' l Jean Alwater. Susan Moran Austin, Donald Ray Austin, Donna Jeannine Bailey. Bobby Wayne Bailey. Larry Grover Ball. Stephen Franklin Ballard. Carl Norman Bandy. Judy Diane Banner. Marv Louise Barbee. Ann Elizabeth Barber. Sarah Jane Barker. David Steven Barnes, James J. Barnes. Sarah Emra Barnes. Vicki Lee Barr, Carol Lee Barrett. Glona Anila Bartlett. Palncia Dorinda Basinger. William McCoy Bateman, Don Wayne Batten. Barbara Ann Batten. Robert Daniel Beachum. Sheila Anne Beaver. Harold Curtis Beaver, Sarah Karen Beck, Daniel George, Jr. Beck, Glenda Maeree Beck. Wanda. Lorraine Bell. James Alton Beisler. Thomas R. Benfield, Francie Sharon Benfield. Joyce Ann Benson. Judith Lvnn Benlley. Thomas E. Biggers. Linda Kay Biggs, Donna Rebecca Biles, Trena Gail Bingman. Charlene Armstrong Bishop. Carolyn Leigh Black. Sandra Ann Black, Thomas Hilhard. II Black. Tom June Blackburn, James Richard Blackburn. Joe! Edward Blackburn. Wanda Irene Norman Greensboro Hudson Mt. Holly Raleigh Fleetwood Wilkesboro Charlotte Marion Stewart Man Matthews Kannapolis Charlottesville. Va Gastonia Gary Hudson Locust Bosiic Lenoir Elkin Asheville Newton Winston-Salem Taylorsville Waynesville Fairless Hills. Pa. Moncure Gastonia Newark, Del. Valdese Asheville Salisbury Gibsonville Babson Park. Fla Lilesville Oakboro Troutman Salisbury Yadkinville TTiomasvil Winston-S McKeespo Morgantoi Gaston ia Concord Kannapolis Greensboro Polk ton Charlotte Hickory Kings Mountair Smithfield Jefferson West Jefferson 5 J ' ti m SOPHOMORES 1 77 9 9 f Blair. Sylvia Sue Hickory Blalock. Bilbe June Graham Boainght, Sheryl Dianne Wmston-Salem Bobbin, James Talmage Aberdeen Soger, Kenneth Dare MocksviUe Bosl. Robbie Kay Albermarle Bowden. Patncia Ann Gastonia Bowers. Ellen Carolyn Norwood Brafford. Leslie Carol Concord Bradford. Mary Ann Concord Bradshaw, Junior Lenoir Brad . Dianne Davis Slier City Braine. Waller Graham Grove City. Pa. Brantley. Mary Louise Greensboro Brasmgton, John Graham. Jr. Gaffney. S.C. Bration. Linda Dianne Rockmgham Brawiey. Margaret Kay Lenoir Bridgers. Mary Douglass Rowland Bridges, Sheila Karen Forest City Bnley. Mary Ann Rocky Mount Brim. John Payne Ml. Airy Brittam. Cora Cornelia Morganton Bnttain. Glenda Sue Hickory Bntlain, Linda Kay Hickory Brookshire. Mary Linda Moravian Falls Brown. Donna Jean Faith Brown. Hamell Evelyn Candler Brown. Judv Patricia Rose HUl Broyhill. Mary Louise MiUers Creek Brungard. Eileen Anne Russells Point. Ohio Bryson, Sterleen Hite Greensboro Buchanan. Debah Wade New land Buchanan, Jerry . rthur Bakers VI lie Buff. Evan Douglas Hildebran Bullard. Larry Dean Ashe bo ro Bullard, Linda Adele High Point Bullin, Virgmia Irene Elkin BulUngton. Sandra Kay Pilot Mountain Bumette. Beverly DiAnne Charlotte Bush. Lynne Lizbeth Mooresville Butler. Emily Suzanne Forest City Butler. Nancy Regina Albemarle Butler. Robert Dewey Travelers Rest. SC. Byerh. Norman Wayne Winston-Salem Byerly, Ron Ausim ThomasviUe Caldwell. Jerry Palmer Alexandna. Va. Camp, Ronald John Chesnee. S.C. Campbell, Edith Kathryn Spencer Cande. James F Virginia Beach. Va. Cantrell. Glcnnts Manan Chesnee. S C, Carlton. Kent Robert Cleveland. Ohio Carpenter, Kenneth Lander Lincolnton Carpenter. Linda Rebecca Mount Holly Carpenter, Roger Hubert New land Carpenter, Samuel Beech Norwood Carr. Charlotte Holmes Stedman Carnckhotr. Sharon Jean Lexington Camgan, Sylvia Louise Wilkesboro Carroll. George Douglas Roseboro Carson. Cynthia Suzanne Cherryville 178 SOPHOMORES Carson, Kathryn Sinclair Carter. Judson Wade Carter. Victoria Lee Cash. Max Edward Castevens, Wade Branson Caudill, Sharon Yolande Caudle, Linda Mae Caviness. Patncia Ann Caviness, Virginia Lee Chalk, Sandra Deane Chambhn. Kimberley Anne Chandler. Linda Elizabeth Chapman. Sherr, Layne Cheek. Henrietta Ann Childress. Ronald Wayne Chnstensen. Carolyn Jean Church. June Kay Clagg. Michael Wayne Clark. Carole Gantt Clark. Susan Lorraine Clayton. Patncia Mane Cline. Barbara Bnttain Cline, Bruce Nelson Qine, Sherry Lane Clitherow, Ronald Harder Clomnger, James Laben Clough. Barbara Fay Cochrane, WilUam Joseph Coffey. Arthur Wade. Jr Coffey. Clyda Dawn Coker, Sharon Lucille Colbert. Bonita Kay Cole. Janice Mane Cole. William Floyd. Jr Coleman. Mildred CoHeile. Mahala Jo Collins. Joycelyn Sue Colvin. Emily Ann Combs. Mary Anna Combs. Patncia Ann Combs, Sue Anna Comer. Sandra Dawn Conley. John W. Conoly. Ellen E Conrad. Georgia Louise Cook. Ruth Maxine Cooke. Linda Diane Copeland, Larry Odell Corcoran, Janei Correll, Carhn Mokey Correll. Ehzabeth Dianne Coughenour. Pamela Ann Covmgton. Ralph Euchd. Jr. Coward. Margaret Janel Cowen. Mary Constanct Cox. Doyle Ben Cox. Susan Elizabeth Crandall. James Anhur Cranford. Patncia Killia Craver. Patncia Lee Jacksonville Draper Charlotte Chesnee. S.C High Point North Wilkesboro Mocksville Asheboro Ramseur Gaffney, S.C Boone Morganton China Grove Deep Gap Roanoke. Va, Maitland. Fla. WUkesboro Jacksonville High Point Roxboro Conover Elkin Charlotte Winsion-Salem Kings Mountain Annandale. Va. Charlotie Lenoir El kin Con over Roaring River Wilmington. Del Charlotte Wmston-Salem Westfield Reidsville Lincoln ton Darlington, Md. Burlington Graham Bakersville Shannon Bakersville Mt Airy Shelby SwepsonviUe Ma apequ Kannapolis High Point Launnburg Rockingham Winston-Salem Randleman ML Holly Havre de Grace. Hickory SOPHOMORES 1 79 SlILfi Crawford. Alia LaVeme Salisbury Crawford. Connje Concord Cngler, Mary Marguerite Lexington Cnsco. Frances Ebzabeih MooresvUIe Cnsp. Suzanne Carolyn Canton Crowder. L, Wayne Raeford Crowson. Laura Kaye Charlotte Cume. Jacquelvn Carol Durham Curry. Derree Ann Thomasville Curtis, Chnsiine Cocoa. Fla. D ' Angelo, Grace Hollywood. Fla. Daurity. John Thomas Charlotte Davidson. Loretta . nn S tales viUe Davidson. Martha Jo Eagle Lake. Ha, Davis. Ava Ruth Lincolnlon Davis. Betty Rose Asheboro DavTs. Carolyn Mane Chapel HUl Davis. Carolyn Moore Charlotte Davis. Dann Greer Lexmgton Dans. Patncia Gail Shelby Dans. Ruby Henrietta Glen Alpine Deal. James Hal Stales ville Deaver. Billy Fillmore Landis DeHart, Sammy James Mt. Airy Dennis. Donna Kave Chma Grove Denny. Martha Ann Pilot Mountam Desch, Sharon Ann Valley Cottage. : Dobson. Glona Joyce Jacksonville Dodson. Brenda Gayle Walnut Co G Dorsey. Brenda Jeanne Shelby Dorsey. Thomas William AsheviUe Duncan. Billie Evelyn Bumsville Draughn. Betty Sue Ml. Airy Drum. Trudy Evonne Newton Dudley. Inez Tuien Engelhard DuRant. Fredenck Frazier. Ill Laurinburg Durham. Jo Ann Concord Durham. Linda Gale Todd Earley. Carolvn Lmda Bostic Eckard. Bruce Richard Conover Edwards. James David Graham Eckard, Rodger Lee Taylors ville Eidson. Brenda Louise Salisbury Einslein, Peggv Jane Winston-Salem Elkins. Charlie H Rock HUI. S.C. Elledge. Laura Ann Purlear Ellenburg. Jerry Wayne Spencer eUott. CharUe W,. Jr. Lav ndale Elliott, Gerald Ray West Jefferson Elmore. Patncia Faye Troutman Emerson. Mar Jim Wagram Englebert. Harry Talmadge Statesville English. Jim Joseph Greensboro Emeslon. Mana Boone Erskine, Wanda Joyce Manon Erwin, Martha Jo Kannapolis Essick. Shirley Jean Lexington Eudy. Mary Melinda Kannapolis Evans. Myra Lee Lexington Exarhos, Diana Lynn Bartow, Fla. 180 SOPHOMORES Falls. James Patrick Pansier. Jerrv Dennis Farr, Audrey Lucille Farthing. Shemll Eugene Felts, Judy Mae Fields, Linda Faye Fields. Rickey Eugene Fishel, Daniel Elwood Fitzgerald. H, Thomas Flowe. Linda Ann Fouts, Annette Fouts, Glenn Douglas Fox, Betty Jean Fox. George Terrv Fox, Sharon Dale Franklin, Sara Jane Frasheur, Gail Patncia Frazier, John Kenneth Freeman. Georgia Ann Freeman. Margaret Ann Freeman. Wallace Larry Frye. Daniel Thomas Purr. Brenda Stoner Gaddy, John Douglas Gaddy. Rjchard Vernon Gamble. James Edward Gardner. Ikev Monroe Gamer. Gerald Lee Garrard. Frances Paula Garrett, Charlotte Ann Garrison. Marcia Ann Gatton. Edwin Ray Geiman. Stephen Royer Gentry. Tony David Gentry, Sherley Verna German. James Shemll Gibson. Judy Carol Gibson. Linda Faye Giles. John Lawrence Gilleland. James William. Jr. Gilliland. Laura Ehzabeth Gilstrap, Roberta Goehnng. Edward Baker. Jr. Goforth. Mary Helen Gooch. Ronald Dale Goodman. Derenda Sue Gordon. Robert Lee Graham. Dell Ehzabeth Greene. Chilo Hardin Greene. George Perry. Jr. Greene. Judy Ann Greenlaw. Richard Claytoi Gregory. Oma Jean Gregson, Meg Evelyn Grey. Wavel Gayle Griffin, Allen Vance Griffin. Patncia Diane Grigg. Linda Joyce Groome. Linda Gail Kings Mountain Winston-Salem Hudson Danville. Va. State Road Pittsboro High Point Winston-Salem Lincoln. Del. Charlotte Tho iUe Thomas vi lie Taylors viUe Hickory Hamsburg Forest City Randleman Charlotte Hendersonvil Lamar. S.C. Hickory Concord Greensboro Asheville Summerfield Charlotte Aberdeen Fayetteville Statesville Stat esvi lie Waynesboro. Va, Elkin Todd High Point Burlington Greensboro GreenviUe. S.C. Durham Kings Moi High Poin Concord Norlma Todd Mt. Airy Deep Gap Belfast. Me. Hays Hamlet Mt. Airy Shelby Wadesboro Shelby MlE , Fla SOPHOMORES 1 £ O W k fi p. a p . L £it a M £ ■• ' «5 p f5 1 it, Grubb. Teresa Annette Lexmgton Gunn. Minnie Rebecca Rural Hall Gunther. Martin Aaron Cranston. R I. Gurley. James Duke. Jr Statesville Haag. Sandra Lou Bethesda, Md. Haigler. Virginia Roena Morganton Haines, Sandra Kay ' mchester. Va Hales. Glona Pauletie Rose boro Hall. Larry R. Buchanan. Va. Hall, Palncia Ann Statesville Hammer. Jams Lynn Taylorsvnile Hampton. Shirley Ann Deep Gap Hamnck. Gladys Lv-nn Qiffside Hanna. Juta Rebecca Gastonia Hanner. WiUiam Chalmers. Jr. Durham Hardin. Garland A . Jr Hickory Harp. Robert Wayne Wmston-Salem Harper. Keitha Lynn Weave rville Harpold. Qayton Austin Mmneapolis HaireU. Judith Anne Bakers viUe Harrington. Charles David Greensboro Hams, C ' nlhia .Annette High Point Hams. Linda N, Charlotte Hart. Laura Louise Winston-Salem Hartley. Jerry D. Newland Harnian. Jerrie Sue Lincolnlon Hartman, Marsha Lynn Wmston-Salem Hartsoe. Wylene Louise Grumpier Halchetl. Margaret Rebecca Newton Hailey. Nancy Louise Conover Hatlcy, Tamara Jean Concord Hawkins. Elma Diane Winston-Salem Hawkms. Nancv A. Traphill Hawkins, Dons Ann Lenoir Hawks. Donna Elame Sylva Hawley. Bonnie Rae Nyack. NY. Hawn. Stanley Lee Ml HoUy Hawthorne, Catherine Ford Charlotte Hayes. James Edward Blowing Rock Hayes. WiUiam Donald Mayo. S.C. Heald. Donna Helene Miami. Fla. Heavner, Carolvn Ann Kings Mountain Hednck. Mary Beth Statesville Hednck. Susan Anne High Point Helm. Janet Roberts High Point Helms. Barbara Gail Maiden Hemnc. Dann Walmer East Bend Hemnc, Linda Lee HamplonvUle Henderson. Deborah Anne Raleigh Henson, Marlene Glenette Forest City Hemdon. Peggy Lee YanceyviUe Hewat. Donna Elaine Hickory Hiatt. Lmda Sue Ml- Airy Hill. Brenda Jane Hickory Hilbn. E. Kathleen WUkesboro Hilton, Donna Fave High Point Hinnant. Ann Hunter Charlotte Hinson. Glona Dawn Statesville Hite. Joseph Sidne Hemdon. Va. Hobbs. Dons Elizabeth Stedman 182 SOPHOMORES Hodge. Jack Woodrow, Jr, Rowland Hodge. Mar ' Lelha Asheboro Hodgson. Beverly Jo Havelock Hogan. Bobby Ray Gastonia Hoke, Robert Fred Statesville Holcomb, Gay Lynn Wmsion-Salem Holcombe. Janel Louise Candler Holder. Martha Bess Gastonia Holleman. John Gordon Taylorsville Hollmgsworth. Joseph Richard Morehead City Honeycutt, Mary Ema Gastonia Honeycuti, Flora Diane Hamlet Hope. MntUc Huntersville Home. Vernon Alvin Gastonia Hord. Martha Bess Kings Mountain Houser, Barbara Jean Star Houston, Jerry Mvron Spruce Pine Hovis. Brenda Sue Maiden Howell. Nelda Faye BakersviUe Howie, Allan Marshall Charlotte Howie. Nancy Kathryn Monroe Howie, John Gunter Hartsville. S.C. Hoyle. Brenda Kathryn Shelby Hubbard. Joe H. ThoraasvilJe Huff. Wilham Lincoln Wmston-Salem Huffman. Walter Alan Hildebran HuffstetJer. Marjone Elizabeth Kings Mountain Humphreys, Caria Janson Wmston-Salem Hutchens, Nancy Lynn Winsion-Salem Hutchinson. James Franklin Salisbury Ingram. George Thomas. Jr. Kanna polls Inman, Wanda Gail Mount Airy Iwerks. Sylvia Carol Forest City Jackson. Betty Ann AsheviUe Jackson. Joyce Lee Cliffside Jackson, Patricia Ann Elizabeth City Jackson. Sharon Gayle High Poml Jacob. Paul Edgar Jacksonville James. Sherry Lynn Wadesboro Jenkins. Jack Louis Lenoir Jenkms. Ollie Gray Wmston-Salem Jenkins. William Ray Boone Johnson. Carolyn Ebzabeth Newland Johnson Gait Hulchins Bessemer City Johnson. John K. Northport. N.Y, Johnson. Pamela Jeanne Lenou- Johnson. Rebecca Catherine Mount Airv Joines. Donald Jesse Traphiil Joines, James Allen Wilkesboro Jolly. Cherry Jeanetle TaylorsviUe Jolly. Gary James Statesville Jolley. Linda Kay Taylorsville Jones. Anna Mana West Jefferson Jones. J Yvonne Cary Jones. Pamela Lee Frankhnville Jordan. Helen Grant Mocksvilie Jordan, Michael Randall Troutman Jordan, Steven Miller Cooleemee Joyce. Carolyn Sue Wmston-Salem Joyce. Paula Ann KemersvJle fsfS ttiMi SOPHOMORES 183 £ ir ■i£j ' . Joynes. Albert Shelton Hampton. Va. Kane. Maryann Statesville Keller. David Roger Manon Keller. Rodney Lyn Hickory Kennedy. Joey Clemmer Thorn as vi lie Kerr. Martin Dwight LeviiiowTi. Pa. Killian. Elizabeth Jane Concord King. Charles Maxton Fran klinvi lie King. Linda Faye Gamer King, Ronald Gray Winston-Salem Kirbv. Elizabeth Ann Concord Kirby. Sarah Louise Newton Knowles, Marshall Leroy Draper Koon. Larry Stephen Rutherford ton Koonu. Kathryn Gayle ThomasviUe Knder. Jimmy Ray Todd Kuykendall. Pamela Gail Hendersonville Kyles. Judy Karol Stalesville Labazzetta. Paul E. Wayne. N.J. Laney, Brenda Joyce Hickory Langley, Sherrv Lea Stokes Lanier. Susan Antoineiie Denton Laughlm. Trena Mvra Lawndale Lavinder. Richard Martin Winston-Salem Lawrence. David Allen Charlton City, Mass. LawTence. Linda Lou Winston-Salem Lawson, Betty Jeaneite Westfield Leavitt. Courtney Elizabeth Charlotte Ledford. Robert Paul Chesnee. S.C Lee. Albert Fitzhugh Erwin Lee. Karen Sue Ml, Holly Lemons. Wallace Lee Reidsville Lenderman. Judith Ann Wilkesboro Leonard. Gerald WyUe Ramseur Leonard. Sibyl Beth Kershaw. S.C. Lewellyn. Rory Gilbert Stratford. N.J. Lewis. Bobbie Jo Candler Lindsev. Julianne Mane Wmsion-Salem Linebem. Brenda Diann East Bend Linthicum. Cheryl Brooks Randleman Littell. Dennis Dwight Burlington Little. Glenda Margaret Mt. Holly Lloyd. PrisciUa F. Boone Lockamy, Patricia Briley Durham Loftin. John Wayne ThomasviUe Loflin. Richard Wayne Great Falls , S.C. Loflin. Rodney Nyles Welcome Long. Randy Carol Durham Lorch, Linda Ann Albermarle Lovette. Marv Louise Salisbury Lowder. Emily Patncia .Albemarle LowTey, Fredenck Glenn, Jr. Winsion-Salem LovvTance, Michael Douglas Forest City Lunsford. Nina Jennie Winston-Salem LyaU, Lenna Rae Grumpier Lye. Rosa Jacqueline Durham Lyons. Mary Evelyn Charlotte McAbee. Martha Elizabeth Troutman McArthur, Barbara Louise Wakulla McCaU. Connie Hale Fayetteville 184 SOPHOMORES McClain. William Joseph Falls Church. Va, McCieUand. Ted Melvin Wmston-Salem McClure. David Ellon Charlotte McClured. Terry Lee Morganton McCombs. Sue Alice Conover McCoppen. Kenneth Bruce Pompton Plains. N.J. McCorkle, Stephen Raymond Lenoir McCormick. James Elmer. Jr. Brevard McCraw. Reginald Michael Galax. Va. McCulcheon. Robert Bruce. Jr. Martinsv ' iile. Va. McDamel. Mar Elizabeth Ellenboro McDonald. Elizabeth Gayle Fayetteville McDougle. Helen Ann Pelzer. S.C. McFemn, Rachel Ann Newton McGregor. Mary Jeanette Miami. Fla. McHargue. Daniel Hugh, Jr. Statesville Mclntire. Susanne Hathome Greensboro McKenna. Dianne Lane Greensboro McKinley. Donna L. Spnngtield. Pa. McLaurm. John P. Ill Morven McLean. Suzanne Gastonia McLeod. Joanne Anderson Laurinburg McMichen. Douglas G. Staunton, Va. McNeill, Brenda Gray Purlear McRae. Lois Maxton McSwain. Edwin Douglas Shelby Mabe, Kathryn Ann Wmston-Salem Mace. Betty Rebecca Spruce Pine Mance. Paul Eugene Alexander Bay. N.Y. Marklin. Amelia Mae Mocksville Marshall. Glona Jane Thorn asville Martm. Peggy Sue Winsion-Salem Martin. Susan Dianne High Point Martoi-s. Karen Lynn Brooklyn. N.Y. Masco It. Thomas Hanover. N.J. Mason, Mary Janet Lenoir Massey. Caria Leigh Greensboro Mast. Joe McFarland Boone Mathis. Beverly Jean Winston-Salem Matthews. Carol Louise Pinnacle Mayhew. Georgeanna Lynn Davidson Mays, Harnel Louise Hildebran Mears. Jo Ann Mt, Airy Mecham. Donna Rae Winston-Salem Memll. Karen Mane Rural Hall Messick. Betty Carolyn Winston-Salem Michael. Elizabeth Beard Kemersville Michael. Olenda Kaye Greensboro Middieion. Linda Carole Stokesdale Midkiff. Susan Ellen Mt. Airy Mileur. Barbara LaRue Annandale. Va. Miller. Bridget Carol Statesville Mi ller. Carolyn Ann Winston-Salem Miller. Clara ELzabeth Landis Miller. Mala Diana West Jefferson Miller, Harry Eugene Rockwell Miller. James B. Lansing Miller. James Stephen Lawndale Miller. Mary Judith Gastonia Miller, Robert Lee West Jefferson SOPHOMORES 185 E TZf j - Mohr. Virginia Diane Northpon. LL. N.Y. Molnar. Bryan Scott Huron. Ohio Molnar. John Luca Hasbrouck Heights. N.J. Montgomery. Donna Elaine Kannapolis Moore. Charlotte Anne Richmond, Va. Moore. Ellen Mane Hurdle Mills Moore, Sarah K- Hamngton, Det- Moore. Susan Clayton Wilnungton Moose. Brenda Kay Hickory Moose. Ronnie Keith Stony Point Morelz. Allan Jake Boone Morgan. Mary W. Launnburg Moms. Linda Grey Sahsbury Morion. Gwendolyn Sasser Albemarle Morton, Robert Earl Jacksonville Moser. Ronald Dexter Arden Moser. Rita Jeanne Claremont Moss. Emily Carol Rural Hall MoUey, Margaret Pamela Sahsbury Mulhnax. Susan Anne Shelby Munday, Donald David Mooresville Murdock. Rjta Olivia Troulman Murphy, Eleanor Charlene Pilot Mountam Murphy. Sandra Kay Charlotte Myers. Jerry Delbert North Wilkesboro Nance. Sylvia Jean Bear Creek Nash. Ronald Keith Hamlet Neal, Joseph Wilham. Jr Walnut Cove Neal. Wilham Arthur. Jr Columbia. S,C. Needham. Carolyn Faye Pilot Mountain Nemelh. Joan Belle Raleigh Newman. Lmda Ann Piney Creek Newton. Betty Ann Morganton Newton. Emily Karen Fort Pierce. Fla Nichols. Janice Gavie Dee Gap Nifong, Linda Jane Wmsion-Salem Nohrden. Luana Mana Santurce. Puerto Rico Norman. Steve LarT ' Ml. Airy Norton. Lisa Huland Marion Gates, Betty Jean Gastonia O ' Bnen. Kathleen Mane Franklin Oehler. Lucy Jane Shelby Ogbum. William Gary King Oliphani, Valene Ann Mooresville Oliver. Linda Ruth Greensboro Olhs. Jack Robert Ingalls OUis. Joe Lee Ingalls 0 " Neal. Irene Lumberton O ' Neil. Susan Jane Silver Spnng. Md. Osborne, Shirley Carole Boone Owens, Richard Thomas Irvington, N J Padgett, Carolyn Sue Boynton Beach. Fla. Paduhovich, Janet Clifton. N.J. Page. Judy Ann Sahsburv Palma, Pamela Miami Springs, Fla. Palmer. Peggy Ann Waynesville Pardue. Janet Susan North Wilkesboro Park, Virgmia Chnstine MarshviUe Park, Coy Mack. Jr, Wmston-Salem Parker, Barbara Ann Morganton 186 SOPHOMORES Parker, Ernest Sieve Madison Parker. Gail Elaine Newport Patterson. Martha June Hickory Parker, Norma Sue Boon VI lie Parker. Patncia Ann Charlotte Parker. Stanley Matthews Roanoke. Va. Parns, Jo Anne Cliffside Patterson, Camilla Mane Reidsville Payne. Douglas Gwyn King Payseur, Bobbie Jean Gastonia Pearson. Linda Kalherine Morganton Peden, Nancy Clara Gastonia Peele, AUie Maxine High Point Peeler. Nellie Marie Forest City Pendergrafi, Anita Gail Sabsbury Pendolino. Kathleen Mary Madison. N.J. Peninger, Martha Lee Lexington Pennington, Duane Gale West Jefferson Pemn, William H,. Jr Concord Perry, Dennis Fred Boone Phelps. James Wiseman MocksviUe Phillips. Gary Ensley Mooresboro Phipps, Michael David Mouth of Wilson, Va. PhiUips. Robert WilUam. Jr. Graham Phillips. Ronald Dean Dobson Phillips. Roy Hale Greensboro Phillips, Thomas Daniel Greensboro Phillips. Veronia Sue Erwm Pierce, Linda Dare MiUers Creek Pitman. Patncia Kay Bostic Pittman, David Ford, Jr. Newland Player, Dons Sherlyn East Rockingham Plazo. Patncia G. Barberton. Ohio Plott. Linda Gail Advance Plummer. Judy Gayle Kannapolis Poole. Donna Faye Franklin Poole. Judy Diane Sabsbury Porterfield. Johnnie Irene Graham Poslon. Betty Rosalyn Shelby Poteat. Kenny Regan Newland Potts. Ted Graham Linwood Powell, Matilda Maxme Vale Powers. Carolyn Lee West Jefferson Prestwood, Rebecca Ann Lenoir Price. Kenneth Terry Gaffney. S.C. Pnddy. Winifred Spencer UwsonviUe Pntchetl. Cassandra Lee Boone Pruett, Gary Martm Mt. Airy Pruiit, Lou Ella Traphill Pulliam. Brenda Lee Greensboro Pursley, Thelma Louise Charlotte Query. Leonard Gnffin, Jr Charlotte Query. Phylbs Ann Kannapolis Quaghotti. Carol Ann Cherry Point Queen. Tommy David Sherwood Ramsbotham. Manin Francis Winston-Salem Ramsey. Jerry Drew Warner Robins. Ga. Randall, Fred Harvey, Jr Polk ton Ray. Gary Chalres Bumsville Readhng. Susan McKenzie Mooresville JikdtkmJk Mmi SOPHOMORES 187 MtMA. gtA Rearv ' . James Andrew Reavis. Judy Annelle Rector. Brady David Redman. Kathryn Eltz Redman, Annie Lou Redmond. Martha Am Renegar. Anne Norman Renegar. Judith Mane Reid, David Franklin Reid. Jack Walker Reynolds, Sandra Kay Rice. Linda Lucille Rich. Donald Anhur Richardson. David James Richardson. Judy Lynn Richardson. Loma Ruth Rickman, Mary Gayle Righlsell, William Garrett Ritch. Kathy Lee Robbms, Vivian Elizabeth Roberson, James Don Roberts. Charles Waitsel. ill Robinson. George Herbert Robinson. Michael Warren Robinson. Rebecca Eloise Robinson, Sylvia Mae Robson, James Clyde Rock, Lenora Louise Rogers. Judy Gwendolyn Rogers. Robert Carl Rollins. Johnny Roy RolUns. Wanda Kay Roman. George A . Jr Ross, Barbara Jane Ross. Mary Margaret Ro(en. Jack W. Roth. Linda Kay Rowe. Claudia Ann Rowe, James Edward Royall, Sharron Rebecca Rummage. Ronnie Gene Ruppe. Lan ' Nash Russell, Saundra Gillion Ruth, Rose Mary Sanders. Gloria Jean Sanders. Mary Catherine Sansone. George Rocco Saunders. Gail R Saunders. Martha Sue Savage. Vivian Lorraine Sawyer. Danny Harold Scanlan. Sara Ann Scarlett. Linda Schoolfield. Eddie Herman Scott. Kalnna Camille Scott. Linda Kay Seaford. Rodney Wayne Sebastian, Ronald C. Sechler. Linda Jean Seitz. David Wayne Lewisville Valdese Pilot Mountair Walnut Cove Durham Boonville Statesville Lexington Pineville Burlmgton Asheboro Durham Sparta Fleetwood LeaksviUe Ramseur Harrisburg Asheboro Newland Enka Mooresville Newton Gastonia Jacksonville Concord Matthews Wilkes bo ro Mt. Holly Caroleen Pemberton. N.J Raleigh Greensboro Boone Miami. Fla. Durham Belvidere. N- J Stale Road Oakboro Rutherford ton Concord High Point Hickory Greer, S. C. Norfolk. Va. McLean. Va. Travelers Rest. S. C. Erwin Hickory Graham Gibsonville ComeUus Winston-Salem Concord Granite Falls China Grove Morgan ton 188 SOPHOMORES Self, John Perkins Sellers. Jolene Sessoms. Nannie Carolyn Selzer. Sue CarolMi Setzer. Margarei Elame Shaw, Conrad AJdean. Jr. Shaw. Susan Elizabeth Shoaf. Sonja Diane Shooke. Brenda Jovce Shore. Phyllis Elaine Short, Brenda Kay Shue. Margaret Elizabeth Shugart, Edna Ehzabeth Shumaker, Rebecca Lee Shumate, WiUiam Alex Sigman, Mary Frances Sigmon. Sheila Gaye Siler, Deborah Margaret Simpson. Bobby Dale Sink. Janet Cathryn Sink. Rosemary Sipe. Patricia Jane Sisk. Linda Ceciie Sledge. Townley Mihon Sloop. Ben Wesley Sloop, Lmda Carol Sloop. Peggy Sue Small. Charles Lynn Small. Jacquelyn Anne Smith. Alhne Smith. Caren Celeste Smith. Donna Marahnt Smith. Edward Lee Smith. Frances Gene Smith, Fred Ligon Smith, Gary Franklin Smith. Larr) Warren Smith. Linda Marie Smith. Mar ' Aliaa Smith, Man, Ellen Smith. Nettie Rebecca Smith, Paul Richard Smith. Sandra Carmeleiia Smith. Wilham Elsworth Snider. Jennifer Jean Snipes. Sheila Elizabeth Snuggs, Becky Ann Snvder. Ruth Ann Sofley. Jeny Deah Sparks. Sandra Anne Sperry. Patricia Dare Spralt. Judy Gail Spurling. Sara Lou Stafford. Sandra Jean Stall. Linda Lee Slallard. Jack Edward Slanbery. Gregory Blake Sianbery, Larry Blame Starr. Cynthia Park Siearns. Sara Elizabeth Lincolnton Charlotte Fayette vi lie Claremont North Wilkesboro Charlotte Clemmons Belmont Greensboro Greensboro Yadkinville Statesville Hickory Conover Conover Silv. Winston-Salem Lexington Hickory Winston-Salem Monroe Winston -Sal ei Salisbury Sahsbury Winston-Sale: Clyde Belmont Sahsburv Harrisonburg. Va. Salisbury Winston-Salem Kannapolis Boone Hendersonville ThomasviUe Fayetteville Newton Burlington Jacksonville Salisbury Wadesboro Winston-Salei Sahsbury Charlotte Pilot Mountair Caroleen Plumlree Charlotte Durham Silver Spring. Md Charlotte SOPHOMORES 189 Stephenson, Teresa Carol Angler Sievens. Mananne Bladenboro Stewart. Frank Darrell SiatesviUe Stewart. Linda Faye Hamlet Stiles. Mar) ' Thompson Albemarle Stocks. Linda Grey Whiteville Slocks. Lydia Mane Raleigh Stoner. Linda Elaine Concord Stools. Jerr Kenneth Bnstol. Va. Sinckland, James Francis. Jr Stedman Stroupe. Vonda Lee Morgan ton Slyers. Shirley Ann Aberdeen Siyne, Judith Ann Buchanan. Va. Swaim. David Cletus. Jr Liberty Swicegood. Larry Calvin Lexington Swicegood. Sara Ann Elkin Swiak. Judy Lee Morganton Tallent. Joyce Gail Vale Talley. Barbara Veigh Reidsville Tamer. Joseph George Wmston-Salem Taylor. Barbara Ann Winston-Salem Tavlor. Barbara Jean Kannapolis Taylor, Jack Lynn Concord Tenneni. Janet Charlotte Templeton, Barbara Christine Mooresville Templeton. Hal M. Elkin Thomas. Diana Sue Hildebran Thomas. Wilham Kenneth Rockingham Thompson. Mary Sue Lenoir Thomburg. Dennis Keith Kannapolis Tinslev. Nina Carol Brevard Toney. Barbara Ann Mooresboro Toney. Shemll Durant Ellenboro Townsend, Edward Milbum. Jr Browns MUls, NJ. Trexler. Connie Dale Rockwell Trexler. Gerald Wmston-Salem Tool. Myra Jean Charlotte Tnpleii, Jean Jeanetie Ferguson Troy. Enc Lynden Graham Tucker. Syretta Claudine Greensboro Tuckev. Virginia Sue Clemmons Turner. Jane Elizabeth Gastoma Turner. Judy Rebecca Reidsville Vaden. Rachel Gray Reidsville Valentine. Patncia Lois Winston-Salem Vance. James Frank Spruce Pme Vanderveer. Sally Ann Biscoe Vanhook, Nancv Eloise Franklin VanHoy, Catherine Ann Troy Verble. Frances Marguenle Rockwell Vernon. Sue Ellen Wmslon-Salem Vickers, Charles Edwin Maxton Wagner. Jeanelte Mane Boone Waitman, Mar Elaine Lexmgton Walker, Brenda Gail Graham WSlker, Kenneth Lee Lexington Walker, Sarah Elame High Point Walker. Wendy Kay Spnngfield, Pa. Wall. Elvis Glenn Raleigh 190 SOPHOMORES Wall. Glenda Dianne Wall. Kathenne Wallace. Audrey Ruth Wallin, Ronnie Lee Walsh. Phyllis Ann Walton, William Jefferson Ward. Paul Wayne Ware. Tonnie Darryl Warren. Charles Eddie Waters. Brenda Kay Watson, Gail Kathleen Watts. Vivian Ann Weathers. Gerald Lee Weaver. Myra Patncia Webb. Charles Sanford Weddington. Glenn Haywood Weeks. Sandra Jean Weeks, Vivian Ruth Welch. Nancy Lee Wells. Eunice Carol Wesson, Louise M. Wheeler. Sharon Lee Whitaker. Cynthia Sue Whiiaker, Gary Hardin WiUia Wilha WilUa WiMiai Williai WiHiai . Anna Margaret . Gail Diane . Hiram Preston . Norma Joyce . Pamela Jane . Ronald Stephen Williamson. John Andei Wilbs. Betty Jo Wilhs. Charles Worth Willis. Richard Otis Wilson. Carl Ronney Wilson. Judith Dianne Windham. Rufus Travis Winebarger. Lynda Carole Winkler, Sandra Jeanelle Winters. Sandra Gail Wise. Benjamin Roger Wittenberg. Judy Kay Wongrey, Teresa Lynn Wood. Dorothy Lyndall Wood. Wanda Gayle Woodard. Wanda Faye Woodie. Gilda Ann WiTOds. Vera Maxine Workman, Sandra Kaye Wnght, Lynda Sue Wright. Rebecca Lee Wynck. Daniel Kay Yoder, Sidney Lee Young. Terry Ray Yount. Deventa Jane Youni. Elsie Louise Yount, Pamela Elaine Zibelin. Marilyn Louise Zimmerman, Lucy Carolyn Zirkel. Nancy Ircen Clayton Taylorsvill Todd Mars HiU Ferg uson Raleieh Banner Elk Kmgs M Newton Shelby Havelock Hickory Chocowinity Salisbury Fayetteville Wilmington Salisbury Asheville Valdese Hemdon, Va. Landis Shelby Monroe Greensboro Lilesville Catawba Greensboro Conover Pinehursl Launnburg Forest City Newport News. Va. Mooresville Rock Hill, S.C Bishopville. S.C. Conover Newland Hickory Linville Falls £££, Tho ille Greensboro Dallas West Jefferson Linville Vale Granile Falls Newton Granile Falls Valdese SOPHOMORES 191 JUNIORS Abemalhy, Brenda Sue Abemethy, LeVene Renee Adkins. Michael Conrad Alexander. Jeffrey Hall Alexander. Sharon Hawks Alford. Ronald E. Allen, Linda Rulh Allison. Amta Elaine Anderson. Janice Mane Anderson. Martha Jean Andrews. Fredrick Duwayn Graham Vale Hickory Morganto Shannon Durham Bessemer City Old Fort Moore. S. C. Siler City 192 JUNIORS Andrews. Larry Dail Liberty Armstrong. Frances Ann Ararat Ashcraft, James E. Polk ton Allen. Douglas Michael VacaviUe, Cal. Austin, Harold Delynn Chariotte Atkins, Kathleen Gray Colfax Avery. Patncia Helen Crouse Babb. Stanley Reginald Arden Bailey. Roger L. Rutherford ton Bain. Brenda Kay Greensboro Baker, Jean Elizabeth Lexington Banks, Diana Lee Mableton. Ga. Bankston. Richard Lee Shelby Bare. Sandra Kay North Wiikesboro Barker. Mary Louise Charlotte Barnes. Barbara Ann Taylorsville Bamett. Carolyn Kate Ferguson Batelli. Neil Giro Peterson. N.J. Batten. Gary B- Biscoe Baucom. George Lee Concord Baxter, Donnie Marquex Robbins Beal. Anna Elizabeth Maiden Beane. Harry Wilford Lenoir Beauchamp. Danny William AsheviUe Beaver. Jennie Lou Mo oresMlle Beck. Pamela Sue Lincoln ton Beck. Robin Andrew Marion Beeker. Phyllis Carol Lexington Bennett. Douglas Harold Burnsviile Benge, Linda Gail Stalesville Berckman. Douglas Craig Greensboro Berry. Carrie Lynda Valdese Bibey. Joanne Carthage Biggcrs, Eric L. Charlotte Biggerstaff. Alta Patricia Cliffside Biggerstaff, Iva Jane Ellenboro Bigham. Judith Pons Reidsvi Ik- Billings. Sherry S. Hays Bmkley. Steven Wilson East Bend Bivens. Martha Anne Monroe Black. Brenda Joyce Lexington Blevins. Gary Dale Grassy Creek Boan. Clyde Nolton. Jr, Stalesville Bodemer. Joyce Lee Ft. Myers. Fla. Bohlen. Harold Glenn Shelby Boyles. Phyllis Jean Fonlana Village Bolick, Leonard Homer Lenoir Bostian. Tina Hughlene Kannapohs Boswell. Hilda Faye Whiteville Bowden. Donald Lee. Jr. Greensboro Bowen. Joseph Carroll King Bowman. Hiluard Dan Burlington Bowman. Pamela Gayle Greensboro Brandon. Linda Gettys Lawndale Brennison, Mary Anne Columbia. S. C. Brewer. Christine Ann Winslon-Salem Brewer. Fonda Kay North Wiikesboro Brewer, Marsha Louise ChaHotle Brewer. Mary Jo Slier City Brewer. Priscilla Ann Newland JUNIORS 193 P P P f a ♦: ■. Bridges, Herman Floyd. Jr. Bnggs. John Dawson . sheville Bright. Judy Carol Burhngton Bnnegar. Kyle Steven North Wilkesboro Bntt. Gary Elton Robbins Broadway. Brenda Gay Brooks. Rainey Gwy Browder. Sara Lilian Bro wn. Gar Monroi Brown. H. Melissa Brown. Rebecca Jeai Brown. Ronald Cran Bryant. Betty Lynn Bryant. Charles Spencer Buff. Daniel Lee Bullard. Willard Basil. Jr. Bumbaugh. Jerry Lee Bumgardner. William Michaei Burlesi Buries. . John Michael . Wanda Jean Burton. Jane Elizabeth Bush. Sherry Beth Busick. James Vernon Busick. Richard James Busick. Russell Wayne Buxton. Lana Sue Bynum. William David Byrd. Sandra Mae Caldwell. James F. Caldwell. Sara Ruth Caldwell. Willard Dwight Cameron. James Fairlev Cameron. Larry Wayne Camp. Dan Steven Canipe. Stephen Lee Canupp. Johnny Arthur Cardwell. Nancy Richardson Carpenter. Glenda Elizabeth Carpenter. Sheila Whisnant Carter. Billie Ann Chappell. Connie Louise Chappell. Linda Fave Chappell. Martha Jo Chenevev. Gary Alan Childres. D Glenn Childres, Kathryn Ric Church. Brenda R Clark. Brenda Susan Clark. Leon P- Clark. Michael Gene Clark. Rita Louise Clark. Tonv Lee Clement. Nancy Love Clendenin. Walter Karl Cockerham. Mary Susan Greensboro Germanton Charlotte Mooresville Mo ille Thomasville Ha iplo: -ille Morganton Greensboro Arden Marion Elkin Nebo Spruce Pi Wingate Raleigh Ramseur Stale Road Lincolnton Charlotte Spartanburg. S.C. Waynesville Cameron Cameron Lawndale Minneapolis North Wilkesboro Monroe Ha Laurel Spri Oxford Apple Creek. Ohn Drexel Morganton North Wilkesboro Boone Shelby Albemarle Statesville Mt. Airy Winston-Salem Coffey. Judith Sue Coffey. Wanda Gail Collins. Landa Elizabeth Conrad, Jonathan Michae Cook. Linda Diann Cooke. Susan Cooper, Pamela Furr Cope. Sabra Elizabeth Cornelius. Danny Ray Cornelius, Katherine Graha Comette. Ivan Dale Corriher, Tony B. Costner. Sharon Constance Cowles, Susan Cooper Craddock. Linda Kay Crisp. Robert A. Cundiff. Elizabeth Rae Cunningham, Peggy Ruth , Sherr Dabson. Wayne N. Davis. Gwendolyn Joyce Davis, Marcia Faye Davis. Michael Gene Dawson. Ann Burge Deal. Phyllis Anne Dealon. Linda Kay Decker. Jennie Ruth Deese, Martha Elaine Dennis, George Edward DeVore, Barbara Ann DeWeese. Terry Leona Dickens. Brenda Joyce Dickens. John Donnelly. Shirley Sue Dolson, Denver Roy Dotson. Marie Foster Dougherty, Bartlett Barnard Draughon. Mary Gail Dugan, John Joseph Dunn. Jane Lunsford Dunn, Patricia Victoria Eanes. William Lee. Jr Earl, James Clyde. Jr Eari, Jerry Wayne Earnhardt, James Max Eckard, Kay Frances Edwards, Nellie Jean Elledge. Billie Jean EUington, Catherine Su Ellington. Mary Candic Ellington. Teresa Gale Elrod. Shirley Sue Ennis. Gloria Ann Ensogna. Sherry Diane Eskridge. Norfleet Woodrt Essex, Linda Ann Evans. Lind a Kay Everhart, Brenda Jean Feagan, Susan Diane Ferguson, Eleanor Louise Blowmg Rock Greenville, S C Thomasville Mooresville Mooresville Albemarle Salisbury Winston-Salem Albemarle LaPlata, Md. Landis Lawndale Statesville Pinnacle Lowell Stai ille Frank hn Asheboro Wilmington, Wadesboro Mt. Ulla Candler Pilot Mount; China Grove High Point Summerfield Charlotte Glen Echo. Md. Durham Leicester Monroe Morganton Raleigh Blowing Rock Four Oaks Ridgeway. Mt, Plea! Casar Polk ton Taylorsvi Mill Spn ds Cherryville Cherryville Leaksville Greenville, S. C. Envin Winchester. Va. 195 Ferguson. Janice Lee Liberty Fidlcr. Vada Sue Greensboro Fisher. Brenda Earle Statesville Fisher. Paula Susan Gastonia Flippin, Jimmie Neal Stuart. Va. Fogle. Roselyn S. Clinton Ford. Linda Carol Gastonia Foulk. Ronald Lee Medford. NJ, Fox. Cynthia Diane Charlotte Fox. Nanci Lmda Wilkesboro Freeman. Dennis Jack Shelby Freeman. Jo Ann Shelby Freeman. Sieven Arnold Charlotte Fuller. Ralph David Leaksville Funderburk. Lesion Toleman, Jr Charlotte Gams. George Robert Charlotte Gantt. WiHiam D. Connelly Springs Garland. Carolyn Lynn Bakersville Gamer, Mary Elaine Red Springs Gams. Gayle Junior East Bend Gatewood. John Lindsay Summerfield Garves, Marganta Elkton. Md Geagan. Parlncia H Springfield. Mass. Geer. Sylvia Saunders Union Mills Goforth. Warren G, Kings Mountain Goodman. Donna Ann Gastonia Goodson, Ann Grace Iron Station Goodwin, Stuart Lind Souihpon Gordon. Donna Gail Winston-Salem Gowan. Patricia Ann AsheviUe Giambrone. Charles Paul West Hempstead. NY. Gilbert. WilUam Clay Mt Air Gillespie. John A. Great Bend. Pa, Gragg, Etta Lorraine Lenoir Grant, Gary Thomas Forest City Grant. Leslie Shaw High Point Grau. Philip Nicholas Parkside. Pa. Green, Miriam llcy Concord Green Sarah Lenora Reidsviile Green. William W Roxboro Greene. Wayne Luther Boone Greer. Jack Richard Todd Greer, Margaret C. Vincentown. N.J. Gregorv. James Thomas Kannapolis Gnffin. ' Jerry Vernon Marshville GnRin. William Joseph Greensboro Gngg, Lila Evelyn Cherryville GnU, Larry Stephen Valdese Grindsiaff. Betty Kaye Winston-Salem Guffey, Maunce Hoyle. Jr Forest City Gulledge, Doris Ann Ruby. S C. Gulley. James Larr Kingsport, Tenn, Gwaltney. Roberta Lee Hiddenite Gwyn. Laura Susan Greensboro Hagaman. Rex Gray Boone Haire. Wanda Mae BoonviUe Hall. Diane Gail Brooklyn, NY Hall. Jane Whiting Hickory Hall. Lmda Faye Candor Hamby. Pamela Jeanne Boone 196 JUNIORS Hammill. Palncia Diane Gold Hill Hamilton. Andrea Loflin Maxlon Hamilton. Diana Lynn Wadesboro Hanullon. Wayne Alan Miami. Fla. Hammond. Jane Kirk Heath Spnngs. S.C. Hampton. Katharine Anne Swannanoa Hampton. Phillip Blaine Boone Hand. Patricia Dolores SaUsbury Hardin. George Ronald Ramseur Harden. Mary Rebecca Graham Harris, Douglas Clayton Dre.xel Harris, Lois Elaine Ward. S.C. Harris. Montye Cecile Salisbury Hams. Wanda C, Spray Harris. Vicki Starr Concord Hass. Brenda Louise Hickory Havnaer. Richard Alan Hickon Hawkins. Jackie Dale Greensboro Hawkins. Mary Ann Marion Hayes. George Thomas Montezuma Hayes. Richard Vaughn Purlear Heath. Jane Karen Winston-Salem Hednck. Sarah Lee Statesville Hege. John Thomas Salisbury Heglar. Judy Shelton New London Heise. Margaret Sue AsheviUe Henderson. Jo Anne Charlotte Henry. Frances Lynne Martinsville. Va. Hemphill. Robert Owen East Flat Rock Henson. Thomas Earl Jacksonville Herb. Sandra Rae Gettysburg. Pa. Hicks. Florence Louise Boonville Hilker. Sherry Anne Winston-Salem HiH. Linda Dianne Caroleen Hinkle. Paul Christopher MocksviUe HoUifield . Barbara Rayc Marion Hollifield. Carolyne Faye Manon Holman. Alice Nevada West Jefferson Holshouser. Jimmy Allen Salisbury Holtsclaw, LiUie Diana Marion Honbarrier. Ronald James Kannapolis Hoots. Robert Daniel Winston-Salem Hopkins. Dan Alan Gaslonia Home. Belinda Carol Charlotte Homer. James Hunter Oxford Howard. Janet Kay Southern Pines Hoyle. Mary Gail Shelby Huffman. Thomas Olin Kmgs Mountain Huflslctler. Keith David Ml. Holly Hughes. Linda Kathertne Burnsville Humphnes. Kenneth Golden Boone Hunt. Nancy Diane Casar Hunt. Rick Stephen High Point Hum. Ronda Kaye Demon Hutchens, Albert Lee. Jr. Boone Hutchins. Donald Van Staley Hyatt. Mary Malinda Murphy Hynes. Janice Lee Thomasville Idol. Judy Belle Kernersville llsley, Richard Lee Wright East Williston. N.Y. 197 JUNIORS 197 Isenberg. Stephen Morgan SaUsbury Isley. Nelbe Mane Burlington Jeffnes. Michael Warrenton. Va. Jenkins. Judith Faye Old Fon Jessup. Terrv Doyle Westfield Johnson. Barbara Ann Spana Johnson. Larry Kyle Mt, Airy Johnson. Phyllis Ann High Point Johnson, Ted David Chffside Johnston. Dons Lynn Spencer Johnston. Linda Carol Westfield. N. J, Jones, Barr Randall High Point Jones. Bryson Gold Mooresboro Jones, Herbert Benson Winston-Salem Jones, Laura Louise Lenoir Jones, Mary Dana Boding Spnngs Jones. Palti Ann West Jefferson Jones. Sarah Lou Valdese Joyce. Brenda Kay Madison Joyce. James Donald Sullivans Island, S. C Joyce, Louise Davis Greensboro Joyner, Roger Dale High Point Keener, Guy Daniel, Jr. Lincolnton Kennedy, Nancv Dianne High Point Kelly, Carol Rose Carthage Keziah. Mary Susan Roanoke. Va. Kidd, Joyce Ann Franklinville Kilby. Janice Elaine High Point King, Janis Elaine Wilmington Kirschner. Melody Ann Rock Hill. S. C. Kiser, Beatrice Kaye Vale KJuttz. DiAnne Mane China Grove Knox. Manha Knder Cleveland Lail. Roger Vance Conover Lamar. Susan Carol Spray Lashley, Linda , nn Chapel Hill Lassiter. John Stephen Burlington Lawrence, Shirle) Sue Mebanc Leonard, Barr) ' Edwin Mt, Airy Leonard. Joy Jackie LiUington Leonard, Judith Johnston Cary Lewis. Larry Gordon Todd Lewis. Robert David Boone Lineback. Harvey Lee Walkenown Lineberger. Wade M Conover Lincoln. Linda Ruth Winston-Salem Liner. Ronald Sims Winston-Salem Little. Rebekah Hoylene Gastonia Livingston. Jerry Allen SlalesviUe Lowder, Phyllis Kay Cleveland Lowe, Karen Louise Salem. Va, Lowman. Levi Dolphus. Jr. Hickory Luker. Howard William. II . rlinglon, Va. Lynch, Rivers Foster Effingham. S. C, Lynch. Virginia Dare Lansing Mabe. Peggv Jo King McCall, Phibp Neil Stedman McCanis, Gracie Ella PineviUe McCain, Nancy Ellen Sophia McCarthy, Colleen Joyce Lumberton 198 JUNIORS McCoig, Barry Roger Gastonia McClure. Cvnlhia Joanne Gastonia McCrarv. Dorothy R. Bethesda McDonald. Rebecca EUen Rockingham McGary. Beitv Jane St. Petersburg. F!a Mclntyre. Fletcher Eugene New London McKaraher. Linda Kay Boone McLain. Becky Donna Kannapolis McLauchhn. Ronald Bumetle Charlotte McLean. Walter Lee Erwin McMillan. Walter Warner Crumpler McKee. Samuel A- Newion McRorie. Cyrus P-. Jr. Lawndale McSwain. Linda Gail Albemarle McSwain. George Lewis. Jr. Boone McVey. Janie Ka Liberty Maness. Phyllis Anne Asheboro Manon. Phil Earl Winston-Saicm Martens. Linda L. Southfield. Mich. Martin. Donna ArUngton Martin. Shirley Poole Hiddenite MascotL Barbara Ann Hanover. N. J. Mason. Donald Wayne Kannapolis Mastin. Linda Lee North Wilkesboro Maxwell, Janice Bnan Huniersville MaxweU. John Yaies Alexis May. Shirley Carol Gibson VI lie May. Vicki J. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Mays. Robert F.. Jr. Martinssille. Va. Melton. Wade Lee Kannapolis Mendenhall. Bleeka Joan High Point Milek. Jean Hollywood. Fla- Miller. Anita Jean Asheville Miller, Daniel Lee Lenoir Miller. Michael Reginald Redlake. Minn. Miller. Richard Dobbin Todd Miilcr. Sheha Runnelle Hickory- Miller. Terry Dean Newton Miller. Virginia LaVeme Salisburv Miller. James Robert North Wilkesboro Mills. Roger A. Salisbury Mitchell. Helen Arlene Durham Mitchell. TeiTV Lane Kannapolis MilcheU, Virginia Bessemer City Montgomery. Mildred Ethel McLeansviUe Moore. Carol Jeanne Winslon-Salem Moore. Lefellie Esther Kmston Moran. Brenda Kay States ' ille Moretz, Johnny Young Boone Morris, Eleanor Louise Sanford Morrison. Alice Marie Harrisburg Morrison, Linda Gail Granite Falls Morrison. Nancy Lee Troutman Morrow. George Reid Mooresville Morton, Linda Lee Albemarle Moseley. Judy Diane Waxhaw Mowery, Richard Lee Climax Mozingo. Patncia Ann Charioice Musard. Marsha Lee Gastonia Myers. Man, Virginia Thomasville fyrJ f itil l JUNIORS 199 Neely, Jennings Fennell Rock HilL S. C. Newion. Kay Reece High Point Newton. Joseph Wesley Winston-Salem Nichols. Sharon Ann Millers Creek Oakes. Elaine Stockton. N.J. Oakley, Linda Joye Burlington Gates. Laura Arthur Winston-Salem Osborne, Mabel Ann North Wilkesbc-o Overcash. Donna Si- . Kannapolis Overcash, Mary Frank Troulman Parfitt. Catherine Anne Durham Parham. Mary Ann East Point. Ga. Park. Linda Kay Rockwell Parker. Bobby Michael Landis Parker. John Stephen Boone Parsons. Margaret Rosemary Lenoir Patrick. Don R, Shelby Patlon, Ruby Josephine Swannanoa Payne, John Douglas Thomasville Pendleton. James Michael Clover. S. C Pendleton. Constance Agnes Lawndale Penninger. Brenda Ka Concord Perrv, James Braxton Banner Elk Peterson. Belinda Gay Greensboro Phillips. Linda Laws Purlear Piekarski. Vincent F- Pompton Plains. N. Pike. Janet Elizabeth Winston-Salem Pike, Thomas Dale Greensboro Piltman. Judy Edeen Hendersonville Puts. Wilham Manon Franklin Poole, Charles Anthony Travelers Rest. S. C. Poole. Linda Dee Statesville Powell. Gary A, Drexel Poteet. Drue Renee Barnwell, S. C. Pratt, Jane Carolyn Morven Pralt. Munel Rowena Charlotte Pnce. Allan K. Charlotte Pride. Ayleeza Landis Proffit, James Cicero. Jr. Todd Propst. Linda Kay Greensboro Quer ' . William Nicholas Gastonia Rainey. Brenda Elaine Rockwell Randolph. Lula Jane Gastonia Ratchford. S. Christine Dallas Raymer. Eugene Jay Statesville Raynor, Barbara Ann Four Oaks Rector, Mar, Arlene Stony Point Reed. Ralph Harley Black Mountain Reid. Peggy Louise Kannapolis Renegar. Frances Brooks Monroe Rhodes. Patricia Gail Wilkesboro Rhyne. James Robert Vale Rhyne. William D.. Jr. Cherryville Rimmer. Hubert G Statesville Ritey. Richard Dale Durham RoberLs. Manlvn Gail Shelby Robertson. Robbie Lemuel Pageland, S. C. Robfogel. Anne Hialeah, Fla. Robinson. James Barry Shemirs Ford Robison, Linda Gail Sandler 200 JUNIORS Rogers. Joseph Michael Gasionia Roland. Pai J, Kennett Square, Pa. Rorrer. Clifford Kinney Leaksville Roselle. Robert C. Newark, Del. Rou. Judith Ann Reddick, Fla. Roudabush, Colleen Joy Cleveland Royall. Sharon Pruitt Traphill Rudisill. Donald Claude Newton Rudisill. Linda Jane Burlmgion Russell. Mar ' Frances Stalesville Safnl. Michael Richard China Grove Sain. Janice Tallent Vale Sain. Larr Eugene Vale Sandiford, R. Ben Charlotte Satlerwhite. Patricia McFarland Boone Saunders. PaUy Marlene Rockingham Saunders. Terry Eugene Belmont Schnud. Merry Ann Charlotte Scott Jackie Darlyne Kannapolis Scott. Worley DeLane. Jr. Marion. Va. Scronce. Phyllis Hoover Vale Secrest, Johnny Guy Drexel Self. Vickie Mason North Wilkesboro Sellers. CarroUe Wayne Ruby. S. C, Sellers. Judy Cathnne Wades bo ro Setzer, Priscilla Ann Concord Sharpe. Fredrick Page Burlington Shatlerly. David Eugene Yanceyville Shaw, Carl Brent Boon vi lie Shearer. Lois Mae Marietta. Ga. Sheann. Tempie Louise Rocky Mount Shepherd. Richard Lee Lansing Shepherd, Sandra Leigh Hickory Sherratt. Glenn Stephen Toms River. N. J. Shoe. Steven Lee China Grove Shoaf. Margaret Ann Burlington Shore. Patricia Ann Winsion-Salem Shroyer. Gar Lee Charlotte Shuford. Joe Lawrence Maiden Shull. Barbara Moore Shelby Sigler. John Charles Milford. Del. Sigmon. Janice Faye Hickory Simmons, Hamei Beth Gastoma Simpson, James Earl. Jr, Monroe Sinclair. Joe Thomas Albemarle Smclair. Manlyn Ruth Charlotte Smith. Carolyn Mae Winslon-Salem Smith. Clarence Dupree. Jr- Hillsborough Smilh. Frank Ravmond. Ill Winston-Salem Smith. Joanne Charlotte Smith. John William Gastonia Smith. Judy Lane Marshvitle Smith. Larry Young Concord Smith. Mariea Dtana Mt. Holly Smith, Martha Ellen Charlotte Smith, Sylvia Carol Stalesville Sowell. Joan Paulette Maiden Speas, Richard Lee Rural Hall Sposato, William Louis Northport. L.L. N. V. © t ' « MM JUNIORS 201 ilt Spradley. Carla Hughes Hamsburg Sprinkle, Connie Rave Lexington Stahl. John Melvin Greensboro Stamev. Robert Kent Lincolnton Slarcher. Shirley Rodenia .Asheboro Slarnes. Sarah Lynnette Hickory Stauber. Susan lone Siatesville Steele. Wanda Jinx Stonesville Slegall. Margaret Ann Marshvjile Stephens. James E Connelly Springs Stephenson. Rudolph. Jr Erwin Stevenson. Ruth Elaine Staiesville SiiUer. Grace Teresa Albemarle Slokes. Jane C Linwood Siowe. Brenda Gayle Spray Strader. Judith Ann Reidsville Suddrelh. Joyce Mane Granite FaUs Suddreth. Mar Camilla Todd Suiti, Nancy Jane Charlotte Sullivan. Gtenda Arline ChaHotle Sutherland. Bennie Lee Haysi. Va. Sutton. Shirley Ann Salisbury Swaim. Mary Pnscilla Winston-Salem Swanson. Sandra Gail Lenoir Swicegood, Barbara Louise Staiesville Taylor. Merlie Maxine Connellv Springs Taylor. Robert Ervin Harrisonburg. Va, Teague. Betsy Ann Snow Camp Teague. Velma Clara Boone Tennent. Palncia Charlotte Tesh, Ellis Leon Wmston-Salem Thomas. James Frank. Jr Chantilly. Va. Thomas, Kathy Ann Marshvi ' ue Thompson. Charles Joseph Kernersville Thompson. Glenda Rae Plum tree Thornhurg, Judy Elizabeth Charlotte Timmerman. Beverly June Columbia. S.C Tipton, Teny James Green Mountain Toney. Dons Elaine Nebo Torrence. Sandra Lee Mooresville Townsend. Norma Frances Harris burg Treadway. Kenneth Rav Valdese Triece. Frances Goodman Concord Trigg, Joyce , nn Chariotte Tron. Anne Calhenne Statesville Tyson. Gluyas Letitia Waxhaw Tyson. Richard S. Waxhaw Underwood. Sue Siaton Albemarie Upnght. Herman Lester Troutman Vance, Marian Sue Newland Vannoy, Charlotte Gwyn North Wilkesboro Vielkanowitz. William Emil Ozone Park. N.Y. Voigi, David Alan. Jr. Charlotte Voncannon. Patricia Carol Asheboro Wagoner. William Larry Jonesville Walker, Fave Louise Candler Walker. Sarah Helen Asheboro Walker. Steven Icenhour Lenoir Waller. Jennie Jo North Wilkesboro Walser. Lindsey Grady Lexington 202 JUNIORS Wallers. Betly Rulh Crumpler Waiters. Dreama Elaine Mooresville Walters. Mahala Jean Elkin Wamble. Dons Lilly Troy Ward. Agnes Faye Maggie Valley Ward, Delia Dale Guanlanamo Bay. Cuba Warlick, Richard Lee Newton Waison. Billy Alexander Mooresville Watson. Linda Lea Deep Gap Watts. Dennis Lee Belmont Weaver. Vickie A China Grove Webb. Nancy Louise Haydenvilie. Mass. Weeks. Jams Lee Fayettevillc Wells. Rosemar) ' Eury Boone Wells. William Steven Boone West. Sally Kaye Caroleen Weimore. Warren Douglas Cleveland Whicker. Phyllis Ann Climax Whisnanl, Margaret Louise Salisbury White. Carolyn Mane Oak Ridge White, Ramona Virginia Shemirs Ford Whilener. Carolyn Sue Union. S.C. Whitener. Linda Kathryn Hickory Whitfield. Betiy Sue Hurdle MiUs Widenhouse. Wilbam Lloyd. J r Concord Wiggins. Paul Lewis Jacksonville Wilcox. Junior Stewart Boone Wiles, Bonnie Ray Yadkinville Wilkes. Charles Stanley Charlotte Wilkes. Marsha Ann Wades bore Wilkins. Robert Doyle Belmont Willard. Linda Diann Randleman WilUams. Claudia Dae Lumberion WiHiams. Diane Lee Fredericksburg. Va. Wilhams. Geraldine Hazel wood Wilhams. Martha Elizabeth Granite Quarry WiMiamson. Jesse Baxter. Jr Asheboro Willis. Charles Lee Boone Willis, Jerry Dean Bostic Willis. Lillie Ruth Lenoir Willis. Rachel Diane Connelly Spnngs Wilson. Benjamin Franklin Grayson Wilson. Clara Clontz Boone Wilson. MJkki Delores Hendersonville Wilson. Susan Ehza Asheboro Wilson. Susan Elizabeth Gastonia Winburn. Victor Gene Burlington Winrree. Kav Hardisun New Bern Wohlford. Linda Leigh Randleman Wood. Frances Jane Belton. S.C. Womack. John Kenneth Cliffside Wood, Virginia Mane Statesville Wnght. Jill Ilene Shelby Yancey. Michael Grant Valdese Young, Carolyn S. Holly Hill. Fla. Young. Shannon Ashley Blowing Rock Young. Sidney P. Boone Yow. Myra Louise Gibsonville Zimmerman. Patricia Sue Wilkesboro Zweig. James Warren Charlotte JUNIORS 203 Senior Class Officers Jerry Bridges Treasurer Resa Thomas Secretary Jerry Mayhew Vice-President Mike Morgan President Seniors Adams. Franklin Delano Nebo Adams, Manha Whittington Purlear Adcock. Judv S- Greensboro Alexander. Don William Thomasville " . Alexander. Mai Carolir » i, . Allen. Jern Nelson .Allen. Rachel Ann Allred. Joe Sceven Harrisbura Kershaw. S. C. Charlotte 204 SENIORS Angell. Jane Wallace Anthony. Gayle Byrd Anthony, Mary Inez Arey. Joyce Faye Hamptonvtile Ronda Roaring Rivei Statesville Arnold. Cheyrl Ruth Arnold. Randall Gene Ashley. Nancv Karen Atkinson. John AJvin Shelby Atkins. Va. Warrensville Winston-Salem Atkinson. Judy Anne Bo Austin, Gait Saber. John Everett Baker. Carolyn Sue Winston-Salem White Marsh. Md. Statesville Baldwin. Janice Davis Bangle. Sandra Inscoe Bare. Linda Roland Barber. Julie Ann Denton Louisburg Warrensville Bradley, William Freddie Barker. Jerry William Barker. Sandra Philbeck Barlow. Andrea Lee Danville. Va. Barnard. Rebecca Jane Barr. Carol Rose Barrett. Renlha Mace Barrier. Donna Jean Kannapohs Peach Bolliim, Pcnn SENIORS 205 Barrier. Joyce Elizabeth Barron. Daniel Dillard Barrow. Eleanor Franklir Bean. Alan Eueene Ml. Pleasant Bakersville Marlinsville. Va Wadesboro Beck, Dorothy Margaret Lexington Beck, Kathleen Margaret Lexington Beddinglield, Linda Carole Black Mounla Belk, Dons Elaine Monroe Benoist, Wanda Kay Rockinghai Bingham. William Sherman Boone Black. Patncia Ehzabeth Salisbury Blair. Marv Ellen Charlotte Blanton. Coda Rebecca Blevins. Blan Edwin Boardman, Jeanne Mar Ellenboro Crumpler Gastonia Charlotte Brandon. John Ma Brandon. Rose Mar Brendel. Phil B, Bridees. Jerrv Lee Vale Shelby Brut. Laura Frances Britlain, Ralph C. Jr Bnxjks, Sylvia Kay Brookshire. Sheila Ela: Charlotte HickorN 206 SENIORS . Brenda Gail , Carole Paige . Michael Dewavn . Michael ElUs Newton Leesbura. Fla Clyde Valdese Brown. Ronald O ' Neal Brunelli, Pamela Anne Buchanan. Barbara Jean Burpess. Delia Rose Asheville Miami. Fla. High Shoals Winsion-Salem Burleson. Michael Ray Burleson. Tony Guy Burress. Aleda Eva H. Burress. Myra Jeanne Albemarle Albemarle Burns. Wall Hoyle Burton. Mary Jacqulir Bustle. Nancv Geneal Ml. Pleasanl Stanley Asheville Byrd. Wayne Floyd Cabaniss. Jerry Wayne Camlin. Emily Kay Campbell. Julie Aikin Calhoun Falls. S. C Canipe. Christopher Richai Cannady. Edith Ann Canlrell. Margaret Ann Carlson. Raymond Albert SENIORS 207 Carllon. Wayne Edward Lenmr Carpenter. Phyllis Hammonds Lmcolnton Carroll, Phyllis Joan Demon Carson. Casandra Lee Charlotte Carson. Polly Gilliam Carson, Vernon Franklit Carter. Betty Jane Cash, Jerry Daniel North Wilkesborn Kings Mountain Laurel Springs Chesnec, S. C. Cassidy. Ronald Edward Castle. Eamesline H Caudle. Ruby Jean Madison Casllewood. Va. Marshnlle High Point Chambers. Joan Sharon Maggie Valley Chandler, Linda Thompson Albemarle Chandler. Robert Edward. Ill Statesville Chandler. Susan Barnes Charlotte Check. Evelyn Diane Chenery. Mollis May Childers. Pamela Ka Childers. Jerry Phillii .Asheboro Hickory Kings Mtn. Caroleen Clark. Barbara Jean Clark, Darlene Reavis Clark. Virginia Gail Clark. Wilma Lee Stanley Newland 208 SENIORS Clarke. Beverly Von Clarke. Marion Maurice, Jr. Clayton. Carl Alan Clavlon. Robert Weslev Newton Albemarle Summer field Kannapolis Clemmer. Robert Fulton Clinton. Michael Jay Cobb. Sarah Jean Coffev. Franklin Delano Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Lowell Brevard Coffey. Leroy Cleveland Colletle. Martha Ann Collins. Kay Nellc Combs. Belty Ball Winston-Salem Newland Lansing Conley. Hazel Imogene Cook, DHIard Samuel. Jr. Cook. Roger Bill Corn. Laurj Lee Shelby Mt. Airy Mt. Airy West Hollywood. Fla Cornwell. Michael Lloyd Lincolnton Costner. James Cleveland Connelly Springs Collrell. James Albert Boone Covington. Robert Wayne Pilot Mouniam Cox. Carol Jean Cox, Kenneth Lee Coyle. Carole Beth Cozart. Amanda Nell Boone Charlotte Cramerton SENIORS 209 ■W ■ ' ??■ ' Creason. Judy Ann MocksviUe I " W Creech, Margaret Frances Selma V, W ' ■ r Crisco, Floyd Eugene New London 1 " " - Cunningham, Sarah Jane HendersonviUe Davis. John David Dayvault. Judy Carol Deal. Pamela Brewer Deal. WiUard M . Jr Monroe Kannapolis Hickorv Arlinaton. Va. DeHart. James Edward Newton de KralTt. Charles WUliam Charlotte Diamaduros, Tina George Charlotte DibreU, Bellie Irene Salisbury ' I ildy. Pamela Ann Dodge. Sharon Fran Dover. LouAnn Dr e, Carolyn Man. Asheboro Fayetteville Arlmgton. Va. Gold HiD Dula. Linda Jane Duhn. WiUiam Nom: Dunn. Larry Wayne Dunn, Neal C. Blowing Rock Wesl Palm Beach, Fla. Kannapohs Durgin, Nancy . nn Dullon, Billie Gail Dyer, Mary Frances Earp, Judy Ella Wadesboro North W.lkesboro Hays 210 SENIORS Easterhng. Bellv Carole Edmisten. Evelyn Dare Edwards, Minam Lynn EUedge. Clarence Eugent Hartsville. S, C. Ansonville Ellis, James Mondell Advance Embree. Jack Raymond. Jr. Ramseur Eudy. Doris Ann Albemarle Farrington, C. Clark Cresion Farthing. William Baxter Boone Field. Clara Edwina Ft Lauderdale. Fla Fields. James H.. Ill Clover. S. C. Fitzpalrick. James Francis Edward. II Levitlown, Pa. Flippin, Euna Elaine Flow, Sara Catherine Foil. Janice Leola Foster. BilQe Weymouth Stuart. Va Monroe Kannapolis Blowing Rock Fox, Robert Stephen Frazer. Alan Ellsworth French, Ronald D. Fries. John Curtis Statesville Vineland. N. J. Burlington Salisbury Frye. John Shadrack Gabriel. Betty Sue Gdffney. Sanna Katherine Gaines, Victoria Joyce Carthage Newton Riviera Beach. Fla. Bear Creek SENIORS 211 Garavenia. Norma Jean Garcia. Jo e Aurelio Gardner. Robert Swain Garman, J Glenn Durham Manheitr Geymonl, Jerry Dougla ' Gibson, Jan Paris Gibson, Maxme Gilliam, Margaret Julia High Point Laurel Hill Goforth. Linda Schem, Goodman. Donna Elk Trenton. N J. Kings Mountain Goodson, Ronda Gail Maiden Graham. Patncia Jane Wmslon-Salem Graham, Rosa Ann Raeford Graziano. John Michael Lmdenhurst. N, Y. Greene. Karen Childres Griffin. Ann Saunders Griffin. Thomas Stephen GrinestalT. Brenda Louise Albemarle Green Mountain Grubbs. Rosemary Leigh Gryder. David Patrick. Jr Gunier, Loretia J Hall. James Edgar 212 SENIORS Hall, Samuel .Auslin Hardin. Linda Harkey. David Lee Harrelson. Donna Lvnn Waynesville Greensboro Charlotte Charlotte Harrelson. George L. Harris. Evon Virginia Harris. Jacqueline Elame Hart. Jerry Clayton JohnsonviUe. S. C. Lenoir Thomasville Claremont Hart. Martha Jane Harwood. Edilh Lucille Harwood, Elizabeth Ann Hass. James Ronald Lawsonville Albemarle Asheville Statesville Hatchcll. John Lee. Jr Hayes. Catherine Ann Hayes. Elizabeth Ann Hayes. Joseph Steven Dillon. S. C. Elkin Elkin Taylors. S, C. Hayes. Judy Henson Heavner. Helen Sue HefTernan. Bruce Floyd HefTner. Mary Elaine Boone Vale Saginaw. Mich Horse Shoe Hefner. Clydie Lucille Helms. Kathryn Ann Helms. Nina Pearl Hembree. Charles Randall Newion Wingate Marshville Valnco. Fla. f f SENIORS 213 Henley, Camillia Sue Henson, Betty Faye Hester. William F, Hill. Sandra Barrier Newton Forest City Raleigh Hendersonville Hilton. James Daniel KannapoHs Hoeflinger. Daniel Andrew Butler. N. J. Hoffman. Fred Alexander McAdenville Hoffman. James Allen Thurmont. Md. Holder, Brenda Elaine Lewisville Holder. Evelvn Sue Clemmons Holland. William Roger Forest City Honevculi. Jovce Ann Cliffside Honeycutt. Lynn Dobbin Hood. Barbara Jane Home. Sheiia Mattie Horton. Jean V. Salisbury Holly Hill. Fla Fayeiieville Hickory Howard. Kelway Oxford Howell, June Bakersvillc Hudson. Frances Carol Ennice Hudson. Wanda Yvonne Cramerlon Huffman. Judy Ann Purlear Huffman, Mer !n Nicky Gastonia Huffsieiler. Linda Rose Dallas Hughes. Janet Ruth Boone 214 SENIORS Hughes. Richard Earl Boone Hundley. Ronald Lee Reidsville Huneycutt, Charlotte Diane Albemarle Huneycutt. David Car! Rockinghan Hutchens. Linda Johns Ijames, Stephen Dudle Ingle. Rachel Alice Isenhour. Evelvn Fav Harmony Granite Falls Conover Isenhower. Janet Claire Jenkins. John Howard Jenkins. Ronnie Leroy Johnson. Bobby Lee Chem ' ville Chesnee. S. C. Statesville Johnson. Glenda Ruth Johnson. James Hemon Johnson. Mickeal Lee Johnson, Patricia Anne Denton Wadesboro Raleigh Jolly. Annie Lee Jolly. Eric Stephen Jones. Terry Hampton Jordan. Lorraine Bowie High Point Black Mountain Faith Statesville Kendrick. Carrol L. Kcnley. Barbara Stewart Kennerlv. Sandra Gail Kesler. Norleen Ann China Grovi Salisbury W r " SENIORS 215 Kiker. Doris Janet King. Wilson Lewis Kiser. Margarei Belh Polkion Graham Bessemer City Koraegay, William Burton. Jr. Wilmmgton Lackey, Linda Carolyn Hickory Lackey. Thomas Steven Taylorsville Laird. Sarah Lou Advance Lang. Karen Anne Lanier. Joretta Ann Lawine. Judv Elaine Morganion Lexington Charlotte Elkin Laws. Ravmond McKinley Leaiherman, Rachel Frances Lee. Hen E-, Jr. Matthews Lincoln ton Lee. Mike S- Leigh. James Bakei Leonhardt. Burlene Liles. Carolyn Kayi Lawndale Kings Mouniair Cherry ' ille Liles. Linda F Lilly. Dorothy Dean Link. Elizabeth Linn Link, Monila Anne Spencer Salisbury Statesvilte 216 SENIORS Llovd. Kenneth Rav Lockman. Barrv F. Lockman. Sharon Virgir Lons, Amelia Jane Winsion-Salen Iron Sidtion Long. Nancy Marie Roxboro Lewder. Helen Marie Albemarle Lowe. Linda Sue Lowgap Luiher. Amelia Ann Boone Lyerly. James Woodrow Lynn. Freida Dianne Lyons. Brenda Pence Maples. Mariha Rachel Mt. Ulla Gastonia Rockinahai Marsh. Henry Augusiir Marshall. Joseph Ray Mauldin. Billy Joe Nonh Hamplon. N H Maynard. Robert Lee. Jr. Yadkinville Mazzaferro, Kenneth E. Boone McCann. Larry Gene Roaring Rivi McConnell. Gary Benny Lincolnton McCormick. Beckv Brown Hamlet McCraw, Shirley Imojean Mount Airy McDaniel. Barbara Jean Cooleemee McDaniel. James Raymond Chester. S, C, SENIORS 217 McEver. John Tucke McKenzie. Man Sa McNair. Lucv Ann McNeil. Otis Davidst Shanno McRae. Judith Olivia McRae. Mildred Louis Meals. Ruby Pauline Meeks. Donna tCay Asheboro Wadesboro Roaring Gap Reidsville Melton. Jamc Claude Menius. Judv Ann Merreil. Charles Van Miller. Bronda Kav Burlington Kannapolis Mocksville Miller, James Robert Miller. Janice Roseman Miller. Jennifer Wallace Miller. Jane Henlev Boone Asheboro Miller. Richard Maiihe Mills Nancv Feezor Mitchell. Carolyn Ann Mitchell. Paliie Tavlor Reidsville Landis Kannapolis Mock. Rosemary Ayres Mode. Brenda Halyburton Moore. Gerald Franklin Moore. James Hubert Shelby Maiden Lmcolnlon 218 SENIORS Moore. Trov Dean Swannanoa Morgan. Ernest Wilson Morganlon Morgan. Judith Gale High Point Morgan. Maxton Liovd Asheboro Morgan. Michael Enc Morgan. Ronald Zack Morgan, Shirley Bolick Morns. Sandra Ellen Salisbury ' Candler Concord Morrow. Sandra Lee Forest City Muliis. Brenda Jane Union Grove Murray, Carolyn Hoover Boone Murray. Gloria Ann Jacksonville. Fla Nash. Willianfi Boyd Albemarle Neely. William Roland Gaslonia Neese, Sandra Lee Abingdon. Va. Neill, Lynda Sue Troutman Nelligan. Roberta Gae Nixon. Nancy Sue Oakley. Nancy Ellen Ollis. Jack Edward Charlotte Stanley Orr. Doliie Geraldine Charlotte Orr. Wendy Elizabeth Ocala. Fla. Overcash. Grady Kay Mooresville Overcash. John Gibson Charlotte SENIORS 219 Pack. Patsv Chnslina Parham. James Wilbun Paris. Janice Rigdon Parker. Janice Faye Columbus .Asheville Rockinghan Parke Parlie ish. Ann Will -ins. Jo .Ann Piney Creek North Wilkesboro Paschall. LaRue Fave Pallerson, Mary Beth Pendleton. Linda Dull Peoples. David Robert Youngsville Hiah Point Pern. ' . Malinda Bess Pesce. Brenda Joyce Pettigrew, Nancy Ruth Pettus. Linda Carolyn Boone Wadesboro Raleigh Winston-Salem P Pfann. Hannelore Elisabeth Phifer. Edward William. Ill Phillips. Carol Elizabeth Phillips. David Lee Hickory Phillips. Thomas Franklin Carthage Phipps. Betsy Ross McLeansville Plott. Nancy Karen Concord 220 SENIORS Poole. Herb Lesser Taylorsville Poole. Hubert R. Marion Poplin. G3 le Michael Ronda Posion. Jud Kaye Kannapolis Poieat. Alda Elaine Salisbury- Poieat. Bobby Gregory Boone Poieat. Burma Hoots Forest City Poteat. Sandra Holman Boone Potter. James Reid Charlotie Powell. Thompson Filmore Morganton Presson. Judy Irene Monroe Price. Roben Benjamin Cliffside Pritchelt. Martha Louise Banner Elk Purser. Wanda Kay Kannapoh. Rash. Helen Kay Olm Rattedgc. Brenda Billmgs Traphill Reavis. James Clyde, Jr Winsion-Salcm Rector. Sammy Grover Ashcville Reed. Mary Elizabeth GaMonia Rempson. Nancy Carol Asheboro Rickmjn. Palntij Ha Rider. Calhenne Riddle, Jolenc Ridae, Norma B. Lvnnelle Lihe SENIORS 221 Rikard. Evelyn M. Ritchie. Dorothy Poole Rives. Shirley Ann Roach. Marilyn Kay Winter Havf Statesville High Point Roark. Rebecca Russell Boone Robinson. Aretha Bernlce Candler Rodgers, Jane Mane Reidsvil Roofe. Sandra Kay Hamlei Rose. Glenn Erie Bear Creek Rose. William Christopher Maiden Rowland. Geraldine Gastonia Rushing. Anne Bonnell Peachland Saffo, Consianiine George Samaras. John Michael Wilmington Winston-Salem Sams. Romeita Joy Sams. Ronnie Ray Salterwhiie. Jerrv Wayn Scolt. Audrey Gray Candler Asheville Boone Pinnacle . Gerolha Kay sr, Judy Mclnnis , Kalherine Faye rs. Ley Furman 222 SENIORS Sharpe, Beatrice Wrenn Slalesville Shaver. Mickey Paul Slalesville Shaw. Ruth Anne . sheboro Shellman. David Wavne Cramcrton Shellon. Judy F- Shemll. N. Ruth Shields. Becky Sue Shinn. Dennis Lane Marshall Hickory Shuford. Judy Caldwell Shuford. Thomas Manin Sigmon. John . lvin Lincolnton Lincolnton Hickory Greensboro ££0 Simpson. Johnnie Ree Connelly Springs Sink. Samuel Duncan Boone Sipe. Judy Eleanor Ml Holly Silton. Donald McKinlev Horse Shoe Slale. James Raymond Danbury Smilh. Allen Edgar Winslon-SaU Smith. Don L Winston-Sal{ Smith. Ellen Ray Graham Smith. Euia Ediih Smith. John David Smith. Judith Ann Smith. Larry Richard SENIORS 223 Smilh. Margaret Gail Smith. Martha Margar. Smith. Sandra Cordch: Snider. Joyce Mvra Fletcher Snyder. Richard Charles Wir iston-Sale South. Judy Lorana Bor ine Spearman. Norma L. Km 2S Mount Spencer. Vicki Stone Sail shurv ' Sprmkle. Gilbert Taylor. Jr. Salisbury StalTord Marilyn Lue Winston-Sale Stafford. Shirley . nn Blacic Mounts Slalev. Sara Lvnne Shelby Steelman. David Lindsay Boonyille Steelman. Margaret Aileen Vadkinville Stephens. Nancy Woodward Raleigh Stephens. Phylhs Ann Liberty Stimson. David Samuel Stoddard. Christie Ro Stroupe. Charles Way Tate. Dorothy Louis Statesvill Hcnderst Hialeah. Fla. Hickory 224 SENIORS Taylor. Anna R. Taylor. Mynle Sue Taylor. Ronnie Cope Teaeue. Sharon Kav Greenville Connelly Sprir Templelon. Franklin Edward Boone Templeion. Wilma McDaniel Boone Tester. Jerry Virgil Boone Thomas. Doris Jean Rockingham Thomas. Jack Martin Thomas. Elizabeth Jane Thomas. Judy Adale Thomas, Resa Ann Charlolie Green Mountain Marshall Thompson. Matthew Joet TiUev. Olivia Kav Todd. James Mike Spruce Pine Mount Airv Mt. Air Travis. Ronald Elbert Tnvetle. Joe Dennis Trull. Linda Gail Turbvfill. Mar - Grace Los Banos. Calif. Wingate Maiden Turner. Jack Allison Shelby Turner. Linda Litaker Lenoir Tyner. Harold E. Kannapolis Underwood. Jerry Weir Monroe i ■ .;-- ' ■ Mr«i fj9 SENIORS 225 Venable. Joyce Arleen Cantun Verble. Mary EUzabeih Mooresville Vick. Shirley Marie Travelers Rest. S. C. Vickery. Beverly Jean Indian Trail VonCannon, Arvil Ellis. VonCannon. Charles Ba Vosi. Margaret Jane Waggoner. Michael W. Wagner. Jean Clark Wagner. Joyce Elaine Walker. Dianne Man Walsh. Carol Ue Albemarle Banner Elk Stalesvil Quarryv Mebane Walle ■rs, Eh.!abelh G Monroe Warr Connie Lou Asheville Waug :h, Donald Cecil Lexington Weav er Wesley Maunc ;e. Ill Winslon-Salem Weisner Judilh Ann Wellborn. William N West. Nelda Rachel Wesi, Shirlev Ann Whelan. Mary Elizabeth Wheless. Shirley Ann Whisenant. David Howard Whisnant. Barbara Jane Deep Gap Mooresville Morganlon Louisburg Morganton Polkville 226 SENIORS Whisnanl. Verla Mae Whitaker. Nancy Anne While. Harold Edward White, Mary Evelyn Whitmer, James Morrison Goldsboro Willterson, Linda Evelyn AsheviUe WiUcins. Judy Carolyn Salisbury Wilkinson, Patsy Ann Mt. Ulla WUliams, Regina EUiol WilUs, Virgil W, Wilson, Mary Lynn Wilson, Mickie Janell Wilson, William Gary WolTord, John G. Wood, Peggy Lee Wood, Vireinta Evelvn Woodruff, S, C. Wooden, Mel Allen Wooten, Dana Bruce Wooten, Janice Shermer Yates, Clayton Wayne Tarboro Yadkinville Yokley. Winrred Keith Young, Barbara Beaver Younger, Carol Weisner Younl, Judith Elaine SENIORS 227 Graduate Addinglon. Charles Rayn Anderson. Eugene Coeburn. Va, Mvnle Beach. S. C, Barnhan. Marta June Barren. John Andrew BaMer. Robert W. Becker, Roger Walton Garysburg Miami. Fla. Lexington A Boulware, Frank Seabrook Boyles. Garj Lulher Bransford. Robert Anthony. Brill. George Edward Rock Hill. S, C. Cherryville Jr. Greensboro Newport News. Va Brooks. John Mark Brovhill. Thomas Hamillo Campbell. William Dennis. J: Pembroke II Marion Cholon. South Viel Na Carpenter. Darrel Henr Carr. Wilbur Eldred. Jr. Chang. Lily Wei-Li Chao. Lenore Lina-Hua Republic of Chir Chen. Jane Geng Chen. Robert Yung-Kene Cheng. Fong Chi Chislaghi. Ronald A. Republic iirchir Charlotte 228 GRADUATES Students Chitiam. Lester Wade aine. William Allison. Ill Athens. Ala Salisbun Connolly. James Thoma; Cooke. Sybil Bradley Cox. Juanita Dalonas. James Ernest Jackson Dallas Columbia, S. C. DaughtP.. Rulh Ellen Durhiim Demelnades. Despina Gus Gaslonia De ine. BUly Burke Shelby Diaz. Alex Boone Duffy. Gameti Ruih Dula. Cornelia Weatherford Dunlap. Harold E. Eller. James Craic Eller. Sylvia Phelps Foster. Marjorie Gail Foster. Susan Grose Goforth. Robert Gene Boone Asheboro Morganion Wilkcsboro Summersvilk. Wesl Va Ralfigh Columbia. S C. Swannanoa Goins, Anihonv Grav. Anlonv Irvin Gntfin. Jerrv Michael Griffin. Marlon Claude. Jr. Baltimore. Md. Foresl City Marshville - GRADUATES 229 Graduate Groves, Lawrence Alberl Falls Church. Va. Hailed, Henrv Stratton Boone Hastings. James Cecil Charlotte Haworth. Priscilla L. Undis Haworth. Richard Carlisle LouisviUe. Ky. Hennize. Charles Francis. Jr. Bristol. Tenn. Hill. Iris Burleson Hollar. Thurman DeWit Herd. Joseph Beach. Jr. Hsieh. Mariivn Huang. Beatrice Fu-Mei Hungerford. Farleigh Johnson. Diane Smith King, Antony Sheng Kirkpatnck. Larrv Eu2( Klutiz. Judv Rae Kronick. Robert F. Lavelle. Thomas Charles Ledbetter. Max C. Lee, Jessie Shao-Cheng Charlotte Midland Taipei. Taiwan, Republic of Chir Tainan. Taiwan. China Charlotte Taipei. Taiwan. Republic of Chir Taipei. Taiwan. Republic of Chir Ft, Lauderdale. Fla, Kannapolis Charleston, S. C. Marion Taipei. Taiwan, Republic of Chir 230 GRADUATES Students Lehman. Emma Faye Mt. Air) ' Lin. Cathenne Herng-Ching Taiwan. 1 Lincoln. Edward Clo Lindsav. Wilheimeni; Lukaszewski. Joseph A. Winsion-Salem Charloiie WiJkesboro Bricktown, N. J. Lyons. John Doyle MacDaid. James John McCrarv. Thomas .Andrew. McDevitt. WiUiam Joseph Trenton. N. J. Gainesville, Ga. Boone McElroy. Diana Murray McNeUI. Joyce Elaine Miller. Valorie Moshcr Mock, Jacob Uiflin Marshall Wilkesboro Charlotte Morris. Cecil Arthur Newton. Mane Ellen Nordman. Frieda Lilbe Norwood, Dwight Lama; Concord Hurdles Mill Charlotte Lincolnton Padgett. DeLano McCrae Padgett, Elizabeth Diman Palmer. Carolyn Papaslefan. John James Wilmington BrooksvUle, Fla. GRADUATES 231 Graduate Payne, John C. Pearson, Jerone Don Bessemer City Wilkesboro i W Pickard, Jack L Greensboro Pumam. WaUace McBride Slrawberrv Plains, Tenn- Reece. Stephen Malo Dobson Rhudy, Mary Agnes Boone i M Rhyne. Robert Glenn Robinelle. Fred Turner, Jr Robinson, William A Roseman, Henry Quay Stanley SlalesviUe Kings Mountain Schrum, Howard Augustus Dallas See, Carolyn Lea Handley. West Va, Shearin, Nancy Delane Nashvdle Shepherd. Carlyle McArlhur Sparta SherriU, Joyce Coffield Boone Shiu, Grace Cheng-Kuei Washmgton, D. C, Sink, Harrell L, II Lexington k Smink. George Thomas. Jr. Earl Smith. Charles David Independence, Va. Stainback. WUbam C. Berwyn. Pa Styles. Douglas Eugene Boone 232 GRADUATES Students Su. Kitty Ti Su. PhUip Tzyh-Min Taiwan. Republic of China Taichung. Taiwan. China Swink. Russell Gene Tester. Phyllis Euliss Turbeville. Rudolph Walker. Anila Louise Connelly Springs Liberty Charlotte Durham Wallace, Brenda Ann Walsh. James G Warren. Sara Juanita Watson. Jan Carole Hudson Boone Candler Aiken. S, C, Webster. Sallye Louise White. Joseph Michael Wiley. Samuel Boyce Williams. Nixon Davis Boone Winslon-Salem Charlotte Glen Alpine Wilson. Hugh Walter. Ill Winkler. Wanda Lorraine Winlerslein. Edward J, Witherspoon. David Odell Charleston, S. C Lenoir Bingharaton. N, Y. Maiden Wood. William Luplon Wooldndge. Elizabeth Wu. Helen CY Wu. Mei Hsing Yadkinville Bluefleld. West Va Taipei. Taiwan. China Boone GRADUATES 233 Carol Hudson Most Allractive Don Sitton Most Inlellecnial SENIOR SUPERLATIVES SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Mike Morgan Most Likely To Succeed Jerry Barker Mosl Versatile 236 Allen Smith Mos! Handsome Hubert Poole Friendliest 237 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Sandra Barker ilk Michael Cornwell Don Alexander Douglas Allen Jerry Barker o a Linda Beddingfield Michael Brown Wayne Byrd Betty Carter ■mm ' i 4 Amanda Cozarl Sherrill Curtis Tina Diamaduros : Sharron Dodge 238 % David Shellman mrm Harold Doster Betty Gabriel Eric Jolly Norleen Kester Michael Morgan Roberta Nelligan Don Patrick Reid Potter Don Sitton Lynette Stames Mary Verble Richard Miller Joseph Rogers Michael Waggoner Wesley Weaver Carolyn Whitener Regina Williams Michael Yancey Winfred Yokley 239- JUNIOR MARSHALS Randall Arnold 1[ 5 » ' i Jerry Cash Clydie Hefner Jerry Barker Kay Collins w Annie Jolly " Mike Brown Christopher Canipe Betty Carter Michael Cornwell John Hatchell Raymond Laws Robert Maynard Carolyn Mitchell Michael Morgan Sandra Morrow Mary Parlier Judy Shelton Judy Sipe Donald Sitton. Chief Olivia Tilley Michael Waggoner Mickie Wilson Keith Yokley o ? Steve Canipe Christine Curtis Nancy Hawkins Tommy Phillips Robert Price tf dN PI KAPPA DELTA Honorary Debate Society Christine Curtis President Steve Canipe Vice-President Tomm Phillips. . . Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Bradford Kinney Sponsor NOT PICTURED Roger Lanaford SIGMA DELTA PI Honorary Spanish Society Dr. Paul Ro2ers. Sponsor NOT PICTURED Judy Canipe Nancv Moretz Jose Garcia Carol Phillips Judy Shelton Lynelte Starnes Wanda Burleson Judy Hayes Faye Henson Georgianna Mayhew Hannelore Pfann Jolene Riddle Christie Stoddard Mike Yancey Keith Yoklev PI DELTA PHI Honorary French Society Judy Hayes President Joyene Riddle , Vice-President Juanita Lewis Secretary Mike Yancey Treasurer Faye Henson Renorter Dr. J. Roy Prince . Sponsor NOT PICTURED Jo Anderson Carlene Howell 241 1 £ V flftk ii jtl . V r. ■% ALPHA CHI Honorary Scholasiic Donald SiHon ' icc-l rcMdcnl Arcllia l obinsun SL ' crciaiA Kalhcnnc Scil Rcprcscniaiiw i)r. Jolin liardcii Sponsor NOI I ' KTl Rl [) laiLiciic ClreL!or John Ha lc " .lciT Ma hc Anna ML ' C ' rar Mira Vickcrs Mai While Firsi row: Larry Andrews. Mary An- thony. Nancy Ashley. Jerry Barker, Jeanne Boardman. Carol Brown. Da- vid Bynum. Second row: Christopher Canipe. Stephen Canipe, Betty Ca- rter, Jerry Cash. Linda Chappell. Rita Clark. Kay Collins. Third row: Laura Corn. Michael Cornwell, Sherrill Curtis. Pamela Dildy. Sharon Dodge, James Earl. Jr.. etty Easterling. Fourih row: Eleanor Ferguson. Jose Garcia. Sarah Green. Laura Gwyn, Clydie Hefner. Jean Horton. Fifth row: Ronda Hunt. Glenda Johnson, Annie Jolly. Joretta Lanier. Raymond Laws. Dorothy Lilly. Robert Maynard. Sixth row: Gracie McCants. Richard Miller. Carolyn Mitchell. Sandra Morrow. Richard Mowery. Mabel Osborne. Mary Parlier. Seventh row: Judy Piltman. Lula Randolph, Frances Renegar. Aretha Robinson. Joseph Rogers. Katherine Seitz. Judy Shelton. Eipluh row: Becky Shields, Judy Sipe. Donald Sitton. Joyce Sni- der. Wanda Steele. Franklin Temple- ton. Oliyia TiUey. Ninth row: Frances Triece. Joyce Venable. Margaret Whisnant. Mickie Wilson. Virginia Wood. Keith Yokley. Shannon Young. 242 CHI LAMBDA CHI of Campus Cliths and Ori aniialion.s i ilia Di.inKiduids l rcMclciil Iikc UlKWIl X ' iLC-Pix-viilcnl lku (pabncl SccrclaiA Ddii Alexander I ' teasuier R..hh:c Nelliiian Repre eiitalivc K.iiiiie Rorrer Represcnlalive NOT PICIl RID Hob Harbera Chuck IJIaiilon Mike (ireiitirv First roiiv Don Alexander. Douglas Allen. Linda Beddingfield. Glenn Bohlen. Danny Bowman. Second row: Mike Brown, Steve Camp. Chris Canipe. Sieve Canipe, Doug Carroll. Betty Carter, Bob Chandler. Third row: Robert Clayton. Landa Collins. Jim Cotlrell. Christine Curtis. Sherrill Curtis. Tina Diamaduros. Betty Dibrell. Fourth row: Jack Dugan, Evelyn Edmisten. Betty Gabriel, Tommy Grubb, Judv Hayes. Chris Hinkle. Jean Horton. Fifth row: Eric Jolly. Norleen Kester. Harvey Lineback. Martha Maples. Michael Morgan. Ron Moser. Robbie Nelligan. Sixth row: David Phillips. Reid Potter. Jolene Riddle. Kinney Rorrer, Gail Saunders. Katherine Seitz, David Shellman. Seventh row: Lynette Starnes, Harold Tyner, Dennis Watts. Regina Williams, Virginia Wood. Keith Yokley, Sid Young. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Honorary Dranialics Society Belli Dibrell I ' leMdent .laniCN .lenkinv lee-PreMdenl Diinilhx Pen . , .Seerei,ir - Ireasurer Mr. .laiiie l-pperson . . SpoiiMir Harvey Lineback Joe Sliuford NOT IMCll RID lerrv I .wne .lames .leiikiiiN Vom inwnex D(ir(Uh Perrv L Li ij i .L . irk f»f ftp %■ f VERNICIAN SOCIETY Lynette Starnes President Linda Beddingfield Vice-President Casandra Carson Secretary Ann Murray Treasurer Mrs. Crisp Advisor NOT PICTURED Sue Byrd Sue Church Nancy Deal Helen Eicher Donna MacMillan Patty Payne Linda Smith Janice Wooten Firs! row: Jeannine Austin. Linda Beddingfield. Judy Bigham. Paige Brown. Barbara Buchanan. Cindy Carson. Second row: Mandy Cozart. Joyce Davis. Terrv DeWeese. Tina Diamaduros, Sharon Dodge. Peggy Einstein. Third Row: Candy El- hngton, Meg Gregson. Montye Harris. Kathy Helms, Behnda Home. Judy Idol. Fourth Row: Barbara Johnson. Joyce Kidd. Beverly Lawrence. Casandra Long. Ann Murray. Mary Parlier. Fifth Row: Elaine Poteat. Caren Smith. Lynnette Starnes. Prissy Swaim. Pat Tennent. Mary Verble. Sixth Row: Dreama Walters. Janice Weeks, Sandy Weeks. Carolyn White. Anna Williams. Reggie Williams. BETA BETA BETA Honorarv Biological Society Stephen Canipe. . . James Hall Eleanor Ferguson. . Dr. L W. Carpenter Carolvn See President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer-Sponsor Historian NOT PICTURED Nancy Dean Evelyn Kent First Row: Douglas Allen. Steven Binkley, Harold Bohlen, Stephen Canipe, Eleanor Ferguson. Second Row: John Frye, James Hall, Judy Menius. Broncia Miller, Larry Sain. Third Row: Rometta Sams, Carolyn See, Margaret Stegall, Michael Waggoner. 244 f Jerry Kav Joyce David Ann Wjlma Bettv David Linda Bridges Collins Gaines Phillips Taylor Templeton Walters Whisenanl Whitener PI OMEGA PI Honorary Business Education Society NOT PICTURED Caria Miller Dickie Self Joyce Williamson Brenda Modd David Dvnum David Phillips Wilma Templeton . . Ann Taylor Kay Collins Miss Jane Riner. . . . Mrs. Ann Blackburn . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Sponsor Sponsor P PI GAMMA MU Honorary Social Studies Society Sherrill Curtis . . . Arlene Venable . . Betty Carter . , , . Dr. A. M. Denton ... President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . . Sponsor NOT PICTURED Marian Neely Thomas Corbitt Harry Phillips Larrv McCrearv First Row: Betty Carter. Michael Cornwell. Sherrill Curtis. Alex Diaz. Burlene Leonhardt. Secoiut Row: Richard Miller, Clifford Rorrer. Margaret Shoaf. Tho- mas Shuford. David Smith. Third Row: Richard Sny- der. Rudolph Turheville. Arlene Venable. Samuel Wil- ey, Fred Wright. COLLEGIATE CIVIC CLUB Dennis Watts Bob Fox Rick Hunt Sam McRee Robert Batten Mike Conrad Rivers Lynch Edward Smith Dr. Andrews Dr. Lovrich President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Historian Chaplain Dietician Sponsor Sponsor NOT PICTURED . Reid Cottrell First Row: Don Bateman. Gary Batten. Robert Bat- ten, Michael Brown. Jerry Cabaniss. Steve Camp. Second Row: Ronnie Cassidy. Michael Conrad. Jim Cottrell. Bob Crisp. Bob Fox. Tommv Henson. Third Row: Rick Hunt, Mike Lee. Rivers Lynch, Lee McLean, Sam McRee, Allen Moretz. Fourth Row: Don Patrick, Doug Payne, Ebo Phifer, Glen Rose, Jerry Satlerwhite, Eddie Schooltield. Fifth Row: Edward Smith, Gan- Smith, Roland Stiles, Mike Todd. Dennis Watts. ' Virgil Willis. ft A g j e p ft e:, (t: a " i a f .1 p 05 m p. T " J |r k . L-r Fr : fe ' p P ' f? O STUDENT COUNCIL David Shellman President The Appalachian Student Council, under the lead- ership of David Shellman and Richard Miller, has worked untiringly this year to improve the Student Gov- ernment and to represent the students in all phases of campus life. The Student Council has carried on a variety of activi- ties this year including the revision of Girl ' s House Coun- cil Rules, a High School Leadership Conference, the or- ganization of a Campus Board of Elections, aiding in Freshman Orientation, dances on the weekends, and many investigations into various aspects of student life. The Appalachian Student Council sent delegates to the Associated Student Governments of the United States of America meeting in Oklahoma, the State Student Legis- lature of North Carolina in Raleigh, and the or aniza- tional meeting of the Carolinas Intercollegiate Student Government Association at Catawba. Richard Miller Vice-Presideni Harold Doster. Doug Allen, Rick Sharpe, Lynette Stames. Susan Cowles. Diane Williams Junior Class Representatives Jane Hart, Mike Morgan, Tina Diamaduros, Sandy Barker. Bobby Bar- bera, Mandy Cozart Senior Class Representatives Dean Ronny Brooks A dvisor Jo Anne Anderson, Tommy Grubb Freshman Representatives Mandy Cozart, Lynette Stames, Eric Jolly. Harold Doster, Jerry Myers Executive Council Linda Beddingfield, Kay Overcash. Joe Martin Senior Class Alternates Eddie Schoolfield, Mary Helen Goforth, Jerry Myers Sophomore Class Representatives RHODODENDRON Four thousand pictures, eight typewriter ribbons, elev- en pounds of white bond paper, three worn-out student directories, countless worn-out staff members, one and a half gallons of sweat and twice that amount of tears- such were a few of the ingredients of this years ' RHODODENDRON. We have sought innovation and accuracy. Your appreciation of this publication ten years from now will be the measure of our success. Miss Elizabeth Fox Advisor Mary Parlier Business Manager Janet Masencup. Janice Anderson. Jean Milek. Joyce Snider Student Life Editors Stan Babb Photographer Standing: Linda Ford, Jennifer Mauney. Katherine Hughes. Louise Conrad. Seated: Sarah Beth Sink. Christine Ratchford. First row: Ann Taylor, Betty GabrieL Doris Eudy, Gil Russell, Vicki Barnes, Jeanne Boardman. Second row: Vickey Norris. Donna Smith. Mary Jim Emerson. Sue Collins, Carol Hudson. Bob Phillips. Business Staff rilllJiliXdri M S 3 ■ I B n B i H 1 k Janet Strider. Jackv Burton. Bleeka Mendenhall. Nancv Zirkel ttf Sara Spurling. Gary Ogburn Emilv Lowder. Beckv Little 1 - Ann Hayes, Lana Buxton. Linda Rice 249 The Appalachian THE APPALACHIAN is the weekly newspaper pre- pared by a small group of dedicated students who are interested in both creative and journalistic writing. Called the news and editorial voice of Appalachian, the newspaper strives to give a voice to student opin- ion as well as to cover campus news. Qualifications for staff members include the mainte- nance of at least a " C " average and the desire to work. Contributions from the students in news, editorials, and creative writing are encouraged. The newspaper holds memberships in the Inter-Col- legiate, the Associated Collegiate, and the Carolina Collegiate press associations. Dr. O. K. Weeb, Jr. Sponsor Mr. Rogers Whitener Sponsor Joseph Marshall Business Manager 250 Linda Propst, Feature Editor; John Giles, Sports Editor: Peggy Martin, News Editor. Robert Weavil, Circulation Manager Richard Salo, Photographer David Brown, Melinda Hart, Gail Saunders, Reporters Firsi Row: Rivers Lynch, Jeannine Austin. Mary Verble. Steve Camp. Second Row: Mike Mor- gan, Ron Moser, Tina Diamaduros, David Shellman, Pete Ursillo, Tommy Grubb. POPULAR PROGRAMS Ste ' le Camp .... Hre: sident Riv Jea ers Lynch ... nnine .Austin . . , Vic :e-Pre Sec sident retarv .Ma ry Verble Tre; isurer nc, Sn STUDENT RESIDENCE ASSOCIATION Norma Ga Maxie Edr VALENTINES First Row: Trishia Guffey, Bea Wellborn, Doris Eudy, Linda Beddingfield, Casandra Carson, Betty Gabriel. Joyce Davis, LaVerne Miller, Dee Goodman, Janet Strider, June Neal. Second Row: Susan Colobro, Diana Banks, Linda Pettus, Paige Brown, Vickie Harris, Jeanne Boardman, Gracie Mc- Cants, Susan Stauber, Pat Zimmerman, Jackie Meyers, Louise Walker. • HOUSE PRESIDENTS -Bca VVellbourn-E.AST H.ALL-FRESHMEN Diana Banks Paige Brown Miriam Edwards Doris Eudy Helen Heavener LaVerne Miller Linda Pettus Regina Williams UGHTON HALL HO BY HALL EAST HALL OLD WING WATAUGA HALL NEW WHITE HALL NORTH HALL EAST HALL NEW WING NEW LOVILL HALL 252 fl fl JUNIOR COUNSELORS First Row: Terri Ellington, Wanda Burleson. Judy Sellers, Marlha Williams, Janice Hynes. Pam Bowman, Lynda Berry, Donna Overcash, Linda Propst, Jane Suitt, Linda Lashley. Second Row: Sylvia Smith. Muriel Pratt. Roberta Gwaltney, June Howell, Ramona White. Joyce Trigg, Rita Clark, Jane Biggerstaff. Grace Goodson. Renee Poteet. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Offi Chr ccrs: s Canipc PrcMdenl JUII Jud Dar Gai Dr. L ' Lampnell ice-ricsidcnt V Morgan Secretary ici Hoeflinaer Treasurer Saunders Reporler O, K. Webb Sponsor First Row: Chris Canipe, Julie Campbell. Judy Morgan, Dan Hoefimger. Second Row: Gail Saunders, Grace Turbyfill, Michael Clagg. LaVerne Miller. Third Row: Gail Watson, Charlene Bingman, Carol Matthews, Carole Coyle, Marilyn Alexander. Fourth Row: Jim Miller. Ron Moser. David Brown, Ronnie Sams. 253 First Row: Sarah Barnes. Shirley Wheless. Martha Whitaker, Reba Fox. Janet BuUard. Zoe Morris, LaRue Paschall, Carole Coyle, Carol Wills. AUine Smith. Edith Smith. Beverly Bumette, Marty Erwin. Kay Brooks. Second Row: Camilla Patterson. Wanda Wood. Carolvn Bowers. Brenda Lowe. Peggv Cunningham. Becky Davis. Lois Shearer. Sandy Shepherd. Brenda Dickens. Betty Mace. Phylfis Walsh. Judy Spratt. Martha Mackey. Clyda Coffey. Joyce Suddreth. Third Row: Buck Kriowles, Sylvia Iwerks. Douglas Allen. Diana Banks. Judy H ' eglar. Sherry Chapman. Trishia Guffey. Brenda Whitaker. Elizabeth Ann Hayes. Jerry Bumbaugh. Ann Abemethv. Clarence E. El- ledge. Jr., John Womack. Dennis C. Hipp. Sid Young. Karen Beaver. Dennis German. Darrell Pen- nell. Fourth Row: Bryson Jones. Donna Heald. Linda Rice. Annette Greene. Linda Lincoln. Betsy Graham. Carolyn Davis. Lenna Lyall. Martha Jane Cooke. Sharron Rovall. Linda Evans. Margaret Allen. Janice Smith. Sue Orders. Connie Brittain, Fiflh Row: Susan Clark. Beth Simmons. Judy ' Pitt- man, Gail Clark, Melody Kirschner. Sherrill Toney Douglas Carroll. Phillip Heavner. Bob Phillips, Daniel Miller. Donnie Baxter, Robert Morton, Neal Laxton, John Sullivan, Tommy Hayes. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Paul Wiiigin Preside Lli .ilxlh Ann H.. c- Vicc-Prcsidc Bdiinic Wlll.■ Sccicuir -Trea ui Hank Greer Oireci NEWMAN STUDENT FEDERATION .■1 A. Ilocllingcr Pre sidcnl HC Nclllii.Ul KC-Prc: side n I ic Warl ' Sec roUu 1 Kochlcr Trc; .isurer l:l R,.koskc Sr lonsor First Row: Pat Plazo, Barbara Mileur. Maryann Kane. Carol Tomaino. Carol Koehler, Robbie Nelligan. Susan Wild. Marvlu Barker. Linda Johnston. Second Row: Eddie Alejandro. Tom Mver ' s. Mike Masenior. Daniel A. Hoeflinger. Bill Vielkanowitz. Bruce Bolcar. Marcel Badeau. Joe Tamer. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP First Row: John Garrett. Dan Shearin. Larry Gulley. Robert Hudson. Grega Allen. Steve Tar- rant. Larry Davidson. Ronnie R. Sams. Second Row: Nancy Shearin. Susan Dixon. Jean Ander- son. Amorette Clark. Gail K. Watson. Carol Quagliotti. Phyllis Montgomery. Third Row: Marsha Hawkins. Jackie Meyers. Tawana Walker. Linda Ballard. Edith Harwood. Judy Mosel- ey. June Neal. Colleen Roundabush. Vicc-Prcsidcnl nd icc-Presidenl CANTERBURY CLUB First Row: Gail Saunders, Grace Turbyfill, Sue O ' Neil, Jim Miller. Second Row: Myra Lee Evans, Sharon Jackson, Jennifer Miller. Julie Campbell. Third Row: Michael Clagg, John Giles. Fourth Row: Paul Greer. Randall Humphrey. Walter Lassiter. Dr. Hiirrv G. Moi Dr. and Mrs. Will First Row: Wade Coffey, Martha Williams, LaVeme Miller, Sandra Kennerly, Linda King. Second Row: Lmda Kewatt, Mary Sigman, Charlene Murphy, Sherry Swicegood, Judy Sellers, Norleen Kester, Deree Curry. Third Row: Phyllis Sowers, Lynne Cox, Karen Martois, Joyce Craven, Marilyn Alexan- der, Linda Propst. Fourth Row: Ron Moser, Robert Weavil, Sam Sink, David Andersen, Harvey Line- back. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION LaVenie Miller , President Martha Williams l-irsi Vicc-Prcsidcnl Sandra Kennerly .Second Vicc-Prcsulcnl Linda King SccrcWrN Wade Colll-y . Treasurer Dr. and Mrs. W. CI. Sink WESLEY FOUNDATION First Row: Leon B. Martin, Richard Willis, Carter Sink, Jim Whitmer, Ronald Alford, Bob Mays. Second Row: Lorrie Somers, Bobbie McArthur, Becky Prestwood, Cooky Powell. She ' rry Atkins, Judy Idol, Betty Gabriel, Linda Sechler, Gail Plott, Mary Helen ' Goforth, Judy Rou, Marcia Davis, Judy Morgan, Carol Matthews, Judy Poole. Maurice Ritchie. Third Row: Jean Nance, Jane Turner, Judy Miller, Gloria Barrett, Sheila Snipes, Gretchen Holsop- ple, Brenda Penninger, Kitty Campbell, Judy Menius, Patricia Hammill, Ann Stegall, Gail Parker, Louise Lovette, Shirley Martin, Judy Gibson, Charlene Bingman, Dotty Ritchie, Le- fettie Moore. 255 First Row: Maria Erneston, Janet Tennenl. Mac William Disbow. R Dovle Wilkins, Grace Tur- byfiU, Mary Frank Overcash, Mike Griffin. Second Row: Dale Wilson, Donna Hilton. George T. Fox. Mary Jeanette McGregor. Don Bowden. Karen Lang. Michael Rogers. Lue Stafford. Carol Smith. John Howie Third Row: Dr. Nicholas Erneston. Andre Arrouet. Robert Palmer. Pat Ten- nent. Carolyn Whitener, Rosemary Parsons. Barbara Clough. Susan Readlmg. Larry Davidson. Tommy Smith. R. Mike McCraw. ' Foiirih Row: William Cole. Clif Robinson. Sherr ' ill German. Eddie Raper, Harold McKinney. Mike Russell. Fifth Row: Hal Burns, John J. Papastefan. Clyde Waugh, Ron Blalock. Susan Atwater. Gary L. Shroyer. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Dr. Nicholas Erneston CONCERT BAND Mr. Charles Islev First Row: Barbara Clough. Lue Stafford. Evelyn Nichols, Rosemary Parsons, Patricia Avery, Joy ■prazier, Linda Cook. Mike Rogers. Second Row: Dr. William T. Nichols. Keith Yoklev. Steve Shu- maker. Cathy Roach, R. Mike McCraw. Richard E. Bailey. Larry Davidson. Stephen Rudicil. David Swaim. Robert Hudson. Jan Moore. Diana Efarhos. Laura Gilliland. Molly Newsome. Third Row: Andre .Arrouet. Carolyn Whitener. Kenneth Clark. Robert Palmer. Elaine Oakes. Steve Mauldin, Richard Willis, George T. Fox, Steve Jordan, Sherrill German, Clif Robmson, Philip R. Douglas, Eddie Raper. Marion .Arnold. Harold McKinney. Mike Russell. Fourth Row: Bob Roselle. Eric Troy, Mike Lynn, John D. McAllister, Jr. Fifth Row: William Cole, James Campbell, Hal Burns. Clyde Waugh; Ron Blalock. Don Bowden. Doyle Wilkins. First Row: Rosemary Parsons. Carole Easterling. Barbara Clough. Joy Frazier. Susan Rea- dling. Michael Rogers. James Binsham. Larry Davidson. Linda Cook. Stephen Rudicil. Second Row: Keith Yokley. Steve Shumaker. Herschel Harper. R. Mike McCraw. Tommy Smith. Donna Barrier. Andre Arrouet. Robert Palmer. Carolyn Whitener. Mike Griffin. Ed- die Raper. Harold McKinney. Mike Russell. Third Row: Karen Lang. Hal Burns. Jim Welch. Clif Robinson. Steve Jordan. Jim George. Gary Shroyer. Sherrill German. George T. Fox. Fourth Row: John J. Papastefan. Clark Craver. William Cole. Susan Atwater. Clyde Waugh, Ron Blalock, Doyle Wilkins. WIND ENSEMBLE Mr. Charles Isley First Row: Andre Arrouet. Donna Barrier, Carolyn Whitener. Mr. Philip Paul. Second Row: Bob Pal- mer, Mr. Otis Strother. Pat Tennent, Mr. Jim Cole. Ken Clark. FRENCH HORN Mr. Phillip Paul CHOIR BRASS Mr. Elmer White Firsl Row: Gary Shroyer. Steve Jordan. Wes Weaver. Cliff Robinson. Sherril German Georae Fox Second Row: Donna Barrier. Bob Palmer. Ken Clark, Andre Arrouet, Carolyn Whitener Harold McKmnev. Mike Russell, Don Bowden. Third Row: Ron Blalock Doyle Wilkins Firsl Row: Mary Whelan, Herschel Harper. Dinah Lynn Lanning, Sam St. Clair, Linda Faye King. Da vid S. New, Susan June Dixon. Second Row: Ellen Conolv. Hoyt Safril, Jim Wilson . Tliird Row: John Sullivan. Candy Autry, John Howie, Margaret Cantrell, Doug Harris. Elaine Garner. Mike Grittin. f s i . ' First Row: Jeanne Boardman, Joanne Bibey, Judy Creason, Janice Mill- er. Kay Overcash. Gail K. Watson, Judy Pittman. Evelyn Grigg, Mrs. Barbara S. Kenley, Barbara Ross. Faye Carol Bennett, Elizabeth Kirby. Sylvia Coon. Second Row: Pam Johnston, Jo Anne Anderson, Molly Holmes, Diana Smith, Carol Quagliotti, Margaret Cantrell. Candy Au- try, Linda King, Elaine Garner, Nancy Rempson. Linda Sprinkle, San- dra Joyce, Cheryl Spencer, Katrina Scott, Susan Wilson, Anna Maria Jones. Carol Wells, Betsy Graham. Third Row: Loresa Somers, Joyce Davis, Leslie Grant, Billie Blalock, Deedy Burrage, Janet Young, Jac- : i.Al- ' - i I i quei Lye, Rentha Barrett, Elaine Poteat, Janis Hammer. Winifred Prid- dy. Paula Joyce. Lorraine Jordan. B. Wellborn. Fourth Row: Alline Smith. Ann Ennis. Gail Clark. Jan Gibson. Edith Smith. Nancy Whitak- er. Jill Wright. Becky Brown. Jackie Scott, Linda Hefner. Malinda Per- ry. Jane Stokes. Shirley Lawrence. Fifth Row: Pat Knox. Mary Jim Em- erson. Martha Ann Denny. Sharon Dodge. Brenda Pesce. Frances .Armstrong. Burma Poteat. Judi Yount, Linda Pettus, Pat Stiffler. Pat Freligh. Linda Flowe. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB MEN ' S CHORUS nHmJ First Row: Mr. Philip Paul, Andrew Lindsay. Tony B. Corriher. Jack R. Stone. Gary M. Pruett. Second Row: Martin Ramsbotham. Andy Hardin. Robert Van Antwerp. Larry Ju- lian. Bill Smith. Third Row: Wally Carroll. Randy Money. Allen Griffin. Neal La.xton. Jim Miller. John D. McAllister, Jr. Fourth Row: Clark Craver. Dale Simmons. Carter Sink. Ronald Whitener. Larry EUedge, Larry Andrews. First Row: Barbara Clough. Landa Collins. Paula Joyce. Mary Frank Overcash. Sandra Kay Bullington. Elizabeth Fox. Second Row: Donna Barrier. Carolyn Whitener. Margaret Can- trell. Carole Easterling. Grace Turbyfill. Elaine Garner. Anna Maria Jones. Karen Lang. Third Row: R. Mike McCraw. Harold Van McKinney. Clif Robinson. Larry Davidson. Bill Cole, Andre Arrouet. Doyle Wilkins, Robert Palmer. Robert Price. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE Landa Collins Prcsii Icnl Marv Paula Frank Overcash Joyce Vio e-Prcsi( Secrci Icni lar Sandr. i:ii ab 1 Kay Bullington cth Kox Treasi Spur .ircr isor THE APPALETTES First Row: Sandra Workman. Carol Bradford. Linda Chandler. Barbara Quessenberry. Kim Chamber- land, Clara Field, Vicki Giles, Chris Lunberg, Sharon Wheeler, Liz Kirby. Terri Johnson. Mascot. Second Row: Carla Humphries. Linda Hemrick. Maxine Cook. Jean Schlichting. Ann Haves, Tommy Kay Scott, DiAnn Kluttz. Sylvia Iwerks. Louise Joyce. Diane Johnson. THE COLLEGE CHOIR Ollicer : Joseph C. Log an Landa Collins President Marv Frank Overt a h Viec-Presiden Jerry Caldwell. Jr. Bus ness Manager Donald Lee Bowd en Librarian Diana B.inkv cconinani ' . First Row: Lois Mae Shearer. Carol Smith. Grace Turbyfield. Mary Frank Overcash. Daniel Dee White. Tony B. Corriher. Jr.. Philip R. Douglas, Robert B. Price. Eddie Shumate. J. H. Powell. Jerry P. Caldw- ell. Harry C. Phillips. Gail Russell. Landa E. Collins. Jan Pittman. Janis King, Dr. Logan. Second Row: Dianne M. Walker. Maureen Shoaf. June Elizabeth Neal, Nancy Rempson. Sandra K. Bullington. Paula Joyce. Donald Lee Bowden. Jr.. William Kays Gary. Wade Coffey. Jr.. Neal E. Laxton, Robert W. Phillips, Jr., Glenn Wall, Pam Hamby, Elaine Poteat. Wanda Holcomb, Jennifer Miller, Jane E. Turner. Third Row: Tommye . ' rmstr0n2. Marilyn Snipes. Mary Jeannette McGregor, .- nna Maria Jones. Joan Belle Nemeth. Barbara L. Scott. Barbara Vav- rinek. Lynne Cox. Jan Paris Gibson. Linda Smith. Dale Ward. Becky Snuggs, Linda Sechler, Gail Parker, Nancy Pettigrew. Doreen Hammer, Sandra Haines. Susan L. Clark. Linda K. Propst. Mary Andrews, Judy Earp. iBWi? T i M ■ I H H i 1 i 1 • • ir 1 f i i i i p 4 1 " )m iM , u .■ f all ffU . m Mff-r - Ib tifeii -.Ml: EM MEN ' S ' A " CLUB Boh Bjrho! Cenier Row: Wayne Byrd, Bill Mauldin, Jim Cottrell. Bob Barbera. Jim Whitmer. Gene Dillard. Outside row: Bob Russell. Ron Byerly. Bill Bobo. Vic Winburn. Rick Sherrill. Jack Rolen. Bill Manner. Craig Cooper. Gwyn Brooks. Jerry Willis. John Parker. Bill McCIain. Ronald Chil- dress. Warren Goforth. Ronnie Taylor. Don Patrick. Punk Williamson. Craig Duncan. Jack Un- derwood. First Row: Marty Hamilton. Jane Voss. Teresa Grubb. Linda Nifong. Gail Roberts. Joyce Black. Second Row: Karen Martois. Jan Corcoran. Jennifer Allev. Donna Pra- ter. Derree Curry. Tliird Row: Judy Kvles. Eva Butler. Nancy Clement. Kathy Howie. Beth Miller. Fourth Row: Jane Oehler. Janet Mason. Geraldine Williams. Gail Mc- Swain. Fifth Row: Sue Elrod, Gen Butler, Rachel Vaden. Sixth Row: Rita Clark. Jose- phine Patton. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION Reggie Williani ' Marts HamiUor Jane Voss, Phslli-s .Stescns Mi Tomlinson PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Dim Ri Sh.i JuJ Ci.ii Or 1 I ' amck Prcsidcnl cix L nch icc-Presidcnl H ' li (.hanibcrs .Sccrctar K lcs Treasurer ! McSwuin Reporter and Mrs. Ri.gcr Th.imav .Sponsors First Row: Sue Elrod. Pam Coughenour, Marty Hamilton. Donna Mecham. Joanne Tuber- gen. Gail Roberts. Joyce Black. Second Row: Donna MacMillan, Judy Kyles. Rita Clark. Margaret Voss. Karon Martois. Geraldine Williams. Derres Currv. Third Row: Dreama Wal- ters. Jennifer .Mlev. Donna Prater. Nancv Clement. Rachel Vaden. Beth Miller. Fourth Row: Teresa Grubb. Linda Nifong. Jane Oebler. Nancy Bodenhamer. Jo Patton. Gail McSwain. Fifth Row: Don Patrick. David .Anderson. Karl Clendenin. Janet Mason, Kathy Howie, Jan Corcoran, Genevieve Butler. Sixth Row: Chuck Giambrone. Donnie Baxter, Gene Clark, Danny Davis, Charles Murdock. Hubert Rimmer. Rivers Lvnch. FLYING FISH First Row: Richard Willis. Carole Moore. Judy Bigham Brenda McArthur L nne Bush Wvndie Roberts. Joyce Craven. Donna McKinley. Wendy Walker Da id Griffin Second Ron Linda Beddingfield. Chris Hinkle. Rita Clark, Nancy Nixon. Melissa Brown. Helen Eicher. Sandv Bateman, John Giles. Mrs. Donna Campbell. Chris Hinklc Linda Bcddin Can.lo Moore Mrs Donna C, YOSEF CLUB Da nnv Bow nan President Rk k Fields Vic e-PrcsidenI id n Sander Secretary M: ry Beth f atlerson Treasurer Pa ricia Spe ry Reporter First Row: Patricia Sperrv. Danny Bowman. Jean Sanders. Second Row: Gloria Barrett. Shar- on Jackson. Myra Evans. Joanne Tubergen. Pamela Williams. Third Row: Margaret Setzer. Sheila Snipes. Carolyn Young. Libby Chappell, Ed Townsend. Fourth Row ' : Chuck Conn. Steve Danner. Sam Secrest. Jr.. John Kenneth Frazer. Jr.. Charles Lynn Small. Daniel Wayne Seitz. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES First Row: Sydney Young, Second Row I Embree, Herb Minton. Steven Hopkins. Fmi Lynch. Donnie Baxter. .111. Chris Canipe. Third Row: Jack Perry Greene. Roy Johnson. Rivers 261 RADIO CLUB First Row: Larry Freeman. John Brasington. David Swaim. Second Row: Steven Bar- ker. Ted McClelland. Roger D. Joyner. Thomas Leo Rokoske. DEBATING UNION Thomas F. Philhp ,, GarN Triggs, Marion Pitts, Robert Townsend. Bradford L. Kinney, Coach, Randall Humphrey. Jim Rhodes. Chris Curtis. Gail Saunders, Terry G. Mitchell. LAW CLUB li.ih Chandler Presideni Neil li.ik-lli Mike Pendlclon lCe-l ' rcsKlcnI Seerel.iis Mr. II. P. D.iMs Sponsor First Row: Bob Chandler, Neil Batelli. Second Row: Mike Pendleton. Harold Doster. Third Row: Larry Smith, Libby Chappell. Jim Caldwell. Fourth Row: Gar Grant, Wilson Kina. Bill Holland, Bill Hester, YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB First Row: Bill Hester, Jim Caldwell. Libby Chappell. Gan ' Grant. Secmid Row: John Gatewood. Brenda McArthur. Bobbie McArthur. Judy Gibson. Neil Batelli. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ViLC-Presidcnl Sccrclarx Treasurer First Row: Ken Rorrer. Mike Pendleton, Larry Smith, Jim Caldwell. Second Row: Wilson King. Bill Hester. Patsy Cannon. Gail Saunders, Joe Tamer, Gary Grant. YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB First Row: Pam Johnson, Brenda Hovis, Anne Randolph, Lyndall Wood, Sharon Jackson, Myra Lee Evans. Second Row: Joe Marshall. C. E. Elledge. Jr., Janet Paduhovich. Joan Carroll, Bernard Kingsley, Sr., Hugh Barnes. Third Row: Bill Bush. Danny McHargue, Donnie Baxter. James Rowe, Joe Everett, Donald Halucha, Richard Clodfelter. 263 Firsi Row: EveKn Edmislen. Ann h c . Virginia Wood. Gail Russell, Mandy Cozart. Michael Brown, Hubert Poole, Nancv Pettigrew, Brenda Stalev, Shirlev Sutton, Linda Propst. Second Rou-: Ronda Kave Hunt, Bu ' rlene Leonhardt, Phvllis Whicker, ' Evelvn Griag, Phyllis Johnson, Jerri Sue Hartman, Pat Plazo, Brenda Hovle, Glenda Beck, Roseman, SinL Lvnda Berrv, La- Verne Miller, Martha Williams, Joyce Craven, Linda Mastin, Judy Sellers, Karen Lowe. Third Row: Clara Teague, Kay 1 eague, Nancy Oakley, Marie Morrison, Patricia Cranford, Charlene Murphy, Lois Harris, Ruth Stevenson, Nancv Morrison, Jean Edwards, Marcia Davis, Kate Bar- nett, Linda Ford, Jo Ann Bumgarner, Sheila Carpenter. Fourth Row: Joyce Kidd. Jan Gibson. Dianne Walker, Kathy Seitz, Linda Nifong, Phyllis Maness. Anita Allison, Norma Spearman, Janice Hynes, Shirlev Martin, Nancv Rempson, Janis Hammer. Joan Sowell, Sandra Bright, Carolyn Messick. Ann Davidson. Fifth Row: Robbie Nelligan. Doris Eudy. Ann Taylor. PauTine Meals. Marv Frank Overcash. Daniel Miller. Jim Busick. Wilson King. Ji ' mmy Sullivan. Brenda Penniger. Janice Anderson. Ann Rav. Linda Deaton. Linda Morrison. Jeannie Boyles. Christine Ratchford. Louise Walker. Sandra Kennerly. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Michael E. Br Hubert R. Po( Mand Co arl Nancv Peliign (iail Russell PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First Row: Sharon Kiser. Betsy Phipps. Brenda Lowe, Carol Quagliotti. Lynn Linger- feldt, Gail K. Watson. Gail Russell. Judv Morgan. Second Row: Clarence Eugene El- ledge. Jr.. Robert Clavton. Ronald Alfofd. Phil McCall. Hal Furr. First Row: Phvllis Deal, .Mta Biggerstaff. Connie Chappell. Second Row: Judy Allen, Jean Ed- wards, Brenda Whitaker, Ann Essex, Jovce Kidd, Martha Whitaker, Judy Poole, Phyllis Whick- er. Third Row: Evelyn Gri g. Evelyn Edmisten., Brenda Everhart, June Howell, Pauline Meals, Glenda Sullivan, Patsv Ritchie, Marcia Davis. Fourth Row: Martha Williams, Judy Sellers, Brenda Penninger, Sandra Kennerly, Nancy Rempson. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION lll.l W.hhI Big-erM,ilV , . Presideiu Vice-President IS Deal . . . Secretarv ic Chappell Treasurer Adcle Justice Snonsor HOME jECONOMICS I CLUB First Row: Martha Webb. Linda Watson. Virginia Mitchell, Carolyn Heavner. Second Row: Nancy Oaklev. Becky McCormick. Ann Dawson. Martha Pritchett, Jane Alexander. Renee Ab- ernethv. Gaif Parker. Third Row: Joanne Bibev. .Ann Newman. Sarah Jones, . nita Allison. Linda ' Middleton. Shirley Martin. Judy Gibson. Fourth Row: Jan Wilson. Wanda Purser, Linda Goforth. Sandy Cockerham. Betty Sue Draughn. Charlene Bingman. Pam Kuykendall. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB lid lire Shi h Soil 1 Carl nda Ra ron ki President -r Vicc-Presidciu [ledge Secrelar »er Trea ' -urer First Row: Sharon Kiser, Betty Carter, Kathy Seitz. Brenda Ratledge. Joan Carroll. Second Row: Anne Shaw. Ramona White, Marie Morrison, Linda Deaton. Jo Ann An- derson. Gail .Muslin. Terri Ellington, Lou Ann Dover, Phyllis Johnson. Third Row: Daniel Barron. Jean Anderson. Leslie Grant. Larry GuUey, Carolyn Young, Judy Moseley, Randall Hamphrey. First Row: Otis McNeil. Ellen Smith. Beverly Timmeran. Jim Miller. Second Row: Peggy Martin. Sabra Cope. Kathv Darden, Missy Jarves. Brenda Hovis. Ann Ijames. Patty Payne. Pam Yount. Third Row: Inez Dudley. Janice ' Nichols. Carole Coyle, Nancy Lono Jeanne ' tte. Shaw, Lynn Herndon. Rosemary Wells. Farleigh Hungerford. Fourth Row. ' Ann Randoph. Elizabeth Wal- ters, Ann Elledge. [Clary Alice Maness, Marv Keever, Carolyn Smith, Dr. Milton Blue, Susan O " - Meil. SPECIAL EDUCATION CLUB 265 First Row: Yoon Kun Byunn. Virginia M. Wood. Joyce Halford. Maxine Gibson. Jimmy Sulli- van. Second Row: Jerri Sue Hartman, Norma Garaventa. Clyda Coffey, Hughlene Bo.stian, Glenda Beck. Jan Moore. Brenda Hoyle. Rosemary Sink. Brenda Staley. Third Row: Robert Maynard. Sam Cook. Jack Embree, Donald Hutchins. Robert Hudson. Wes Weaver. Glenn Rose. Gerald Weathers. Jimmie Flippin, Jim Busick. MATH CLUB love Max e Hallord .ine Gibson Virg Yoo inia M. Wood CERCLE FRANCAIS Jole ne Ri ddk- President Dav id Br. .nvn Vice-Presideni Jud ' , H. 1 Haves Secrelar CaS ' iandri 1 Priicheli Treasurer Dr. J. Ro V Prince - - Sponsor liiili HniHj ■ nv If) 1 r B ft " ' ; J A A B H Firsi Row: David Brown. Judy H. Hayes, Cassandra Pritchett. Bob Phillips, Dr. J. Roy Prince. Second Row: Betsv Graham. Judy Spratt, Linda Robison. Julie Campbell. Patricia K. Cranford. Donna E. Hewat. Third Row: Katrina Scott. Jose A. Garcia. Sam Sink. Marshall Knowles, Georgeanna Mayhew. GERMAN CLUB Prevident Vice-Prosidcni Firsi Row: Phil McCall, Gail Saunders. Carl H. Bredow. Second Row: Sam Sink. Bernard R. King.sley. Sid Young, Howard A. Foster, Jay H Coe. LOS CONVESADORES DE ESPANOL Sar I.M i .1- 1 .1 11 Sir nnoit. T (i ssaiui ii:inl ik . i; Slar Irill Ira Pri 1 7av; rics icholl is-Bazan Vic c-PrcsKi Sccrcl Trcasi Hisloi Snuii Firsi Row: Eduardo Zayas-Bazan, Larry Grill, Cassandra Pritchett, Sam Sink, Harold E. Tyner. Second Row: Eric Troy. Jo Ann Freeman, Eddie Alejandro, Lyndall Wood. Jose A. Garcia, Sharon Wheeler, Carole Clark. Third Row: Daniel Miller, Carol Phillips, Sher- ry Langley, Marshall Knowles. Joyce Suddreth. Susan Clark. Richard Bailey. ■■ HHHMB9BS 91 f ' 1 BW E f - p 1 Bf nl Ek B B ar 1 1 H H H iJM " " " " " 2252 - ' sa ■■■■■ Firsl Row: Patty Blanton, Chuck Bl.inion. While Second Row: Ted McClelland, Ho- ward A. Foster, Roger D. Joyner, David C. Swain, Jr. Third Row: Steven Barker, Rick Sharpe, Larry Freeman. Thomas Rokoske. PHYSICS CLUB Clui Pall Mar Tho ck Blanton V Blanton, Vice y While mas Rokoske . Presidcni ■-President Secretary Sponsor HIGHLAND BIOLOGISTS Urcnda Dickc Shirlc McCr First Row: Jo Ann Bumgarner. Sheila Bridges. Beth Hedrick, Linda Ford. Second Row: Brenda Dickens, Louise Walker, Patricia Pitman, Shelia Carpenter, Brenda Shumate. Third Row: Richard D. Miller, Sherrill D. Toney. Steven W. Binkley, Kale W. Brown. Clayton A. Harpold. 267 APPALACHIAN CHEMISTRY SOCIETY Vljchacl Grcsor Pre siilenl RcinakI Mass Vice- Pre sidem Rone .- Pnlccl Set .Telar Jack Ollis Tre asuicr Dr. Donald VVr itflil , . . Si First Row: Dr. D. L. Wrighl. Ronald Hass. Cathy Roach. Renee Poteet. Linda McKaraher. Jack Ollis, Mike Gregory. Second Row: Dr. W. G. Sink, Dr. H. L. Bowkley. James MacDaid. Blan Blevins. Clarence Elledae. PHI BETA LAMBDA hnc F-rci Nila Ann .loan Kail S. .1 da L Lin Ta 1 Tli ir n oIK President , nn ice-President k Secrei.irs lor Treasurer imas Hisiorian C. Tully Sponsor First Row: Freida Lynn, Nita Link, Jean Thomas, Ann Taylor. Kathryn C. Tully. Eric S. Jol- ly. Second Row: James Hilton, Leslie Glass. Joyce Gaines. Barbara Buchanan. Sandie Sig- mon, Tawana Walker. Third Row: Carl Clayton. Joe Marshall. Mike Conrad. Jerry Bridges. David Bvnum, David Phillips. First Row: Doris Hawkins. Neal Dunn. Raymond M. Laws. Don Alexander. Second Row: George E. Dennis. Garry G. Moretz. Alton Bell. Walter A. Lassiter. Michael Curtis. Wilham Parry, Vernon Home. Paul Greer, Stuart L. Goodwin, Joe Sloop. Mike Masenior. Bob Mays, Robert A. Banzhaf. Third Row: Wilford Beane. Steve Danner, David Lewis, Craig Davies, S. Bruce Bolcar, Bill Vielkanowitz. Steven .Allen. Watt Estes. Jr.. James Miller. Steve Quinn, David Reid, Wayne Carlton, David Hammonds. IpR msiBxr. ' - ' ) Si i p i! ■ H wk ' CaHw HE. mm , in n WSk l HPHH INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Don Alexander Sandy HolVman Rayn ' iond M. L Elaine .McNeill PLAY GRAFTERS Jackie L c David Frcn Firs! Row: Clarence EUedge. Second Row: Jackie Lye. Gail Parker. Third Row: Norma Spearman. Victoria Carter. Trishia Guffey. Dot Perry. Buck Knowles. Foiinh Row: Paige Brown. Gail Russell. Wayne Harp. ART GUILD Lydia Paiiillo President viikc Davis . Vit e-President Marihn Jones Secrelar v-Treasurer Mr. Dennis Sponsor Sealed: R. Zack Morgan. Allen Griffin. Phil Brendel. Gay Peterson. Standing: B. K. Dorsey. Lydia Pattillo, Fred Lee. Larry Elledge. Marilyn Jones, Pam Motley. Joan Nemeth, Charles Abernethv. Denis Thornburg. Susan Keziah. Jean Sanders. Linda Caudle. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader Belinda Home . . Head Cheerleader First Row: John Giles. Gary Ogbum. Second Row: Patty Payne. Belinda Home. Sharron Dodge. Toni Black. Third Row: Julie Barber. Nancy Long, Micki Wilson. Sue Church. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS . ngie Bucklev, Pat Collins. Missy Garves. Sandra Bateman. Wyndie Roberts. Jean- nine Austin. Harrielte Evans. Ann Murray. Kav Canilin. Becky McCormick, Linda Smith. Elaine Hudson. Hal Templeton. Bill Case, Gary Boyles. Ron Moser. Louis Faquin. Mike Futche Bobby Barbara, Coach Jim Jones. Sam Adams, Freddie Einslem, John Parker. Willie Maples, Jim Cottrell GOLF .Appalachian 47S Valdovia Slate 461 -Appalachian 4 ' : Rollins , . .Appalachian y2 Allantic Christj n l()l; ■Appalachian y Calawba , IP; Appalachian 17 ' ; Flon . d ' : Appalachian IS Preiller , , . (• Appalachian 9 ' : High Point 14 ' : Appalachian 21 blon , 3 .Appalachian 20 ' : Milligan 3 ' - 20 Catawba ... 4 .Appalachian 1. ' .- Wolibid . . . S ' : .Appalachian 12 Presbyterian , 12 .Appalachian y Wofford. , 15 AppaUichian l(S High Point , . . 12 TRACK Appalachian 46 Presbsterian S5 f ' 2 Lcnoir-Rhvne 83 Appalachian 5X Milligan 96 Appalachian 76 C}uillbrd 64 Appalachian High Point X8 Firsl Row: Frank Stewart. Danny Bowman, Steve Geiman, Jim Thomas. Jerry Ma- yhew. Rivers Lynch. Jerry Hart. Donnie Baxter. SeconJ Row: Coach Eric De- Groat. Ron Childress, Jack McClure. Tonv Clark, Keith Nash. John Graziano, Lynn Austin. Steve Hopkins. Jim Reavis. Ted Potts. Joe Lukaszewski. Row One: Danny Phillips. Gerald Trexler. Chuck Giambrone. Richard Usley. John Daurity, John Dolecki, Jav Clinton, Wavne Bvrd. Warren Goforth. Ed Curlee. Row Two: Phil Phillips. Jeff Adams. Roger Mills. Jerry Tatlor. Rick Hodges. Jerry Sloots. Sherrill Farthing. Row Three: " Buddy Swicegood. Tommy Doss. Basil Bullard. George Roman. Ron Simar. Row Four: John Overcash. Don Patrick. Dick Bankston. Bill Eanes. Steve Goforth. Jim Leigh, Ron Gooch. Mike Robin- son, Wally Carroll. Firsi Row: Mark Gustal ' son. David Anderson. Lvnn .Austin. Jerry Mayhew. Jim Thomas. Craia Duncan. Dave Lawrence. Second ' Row: Sid Young. Ted Johnson. James Robson. John Graziano. Dannv Bowman. Punk Williamson. Jinks Jenkins. Third Row: Joe Lukaszewst (Assistant Coach), Larry Julian, Steve Geiman, Bo- bb Barbera, Will Deal. Eric De Groat (Coach). SOCCER Appalachian Appalachian Appalaclyan Appalachian 2 Plcilicr {•, Tiisculum 1 Duke 2 . 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Navrex Barnhardt. Wilev Ashwohh. Earl Slioaf. Ricky Everett. Dave Chandler. TeVry Scott. Mike Wilson. Bruce Sutton. Bill Turner. Dan Callahan. Don Gray. Fifth Row: Herbert Minton, Waren Juble. Frank Gallo. Roy Johnson, Terry Moore, Paul Labezzette. Jerrv Hart. Arnold Freeman. Terry Schroder. Bob Butler. Z. Miller. Sam Miller. FOOTBALL Appalachi n 14 Newberry . 15 Appalachi n . ' ' Western ( arolina - - ' Appalach, ui S Elon - Appalachi in . 7 Lenoir-Rhync 2S Appalachi m 17 Appalachi in , 14 Carson-Newman 14 Appalach, in 14 WiilVord . 12 Appalachi m 17 Preshyierian :i Appalachi 111 EmoiA i; Hcnrv 21 Appalachi in 1. Guilford !(! 272 SWIMMING p..Mlioii .:s Clcms .n. . P. 1.. Duke. L ' nivcrMlv Soiiih Carolina, Wake K.TCM. anJ DaMclv.n Mai - ppakichiaii rcoTdv were sei this season uliich hk calos a liii;hl sucCl-s-IuI vcar. Record selling perle manees were led b Georse Robinson who sei ne slandarjs m three individual e enls. Dickie Ha na loiloued in seilini; two new school records. David At fii i R iH George Robinson John Mitchell. Andy Whisenhunt, Kron Littleton, Drouzwell S» ingm Douglas Pate. John Graziano. Second Row: David Griffin, Da id Aiken Richard IKlev Dickie Havnaer, Les Melnick, Charles Councilman. Bill Henderson. Jack VonRunnen. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Ronnie King. Rod Seaford. Jack Elledge. Second Row: Tommy Bentley (Manager). Clarence Hart. Chip Weddington. David Mullis, Ed. Injaychock (Coach). WRESTLING ppalachiai 29 14 Cit.idel L ' niversiiv ol ( 14 Appalaciiiai 3-; (1 Appalachiai . " -0 lillci-s il!e 3 Xpp.iUieliiai Appalachiai l.s West (liesier l. cominii 23 Ih pp.ilachia. ■ " s) Old Dominion ( Appalachian ,,j I ' l ' eillcr M.iiAMlle 2 " (11 Gcriiia Tech Milhitan 4 First Row: Ed Winterstein (Assistant Coach), Henry Marsh, George Sansone, Lar- r Hall. Jim Whilmer. Ronald Childress, Larry Bullard. Choc Parker. Paul Mance. Garv Brown. Tom Fitzaerald. Jr. Bradshaw (Manager). Second Row: Steve Gabr- iel (Coach). J. W. Wel ' born (Assistant Coach), Allen Fritts. Danny Corda. Andy Seidel. Richard Myers. Jerry Wcrtz. Eddie Bishop. Michael Olivo. Jerry Ellenburg. Johnnv Killouch. Warren Lucas. Larrv Nixon. Bob Deniker. Robert Dickerson. 1967 TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS First Row: Preston Williams. Don Sitton. John WillarJ. Gilbert Spnn- Chenevey. Denny Key. Danny Beauchamp. Alan Price. David Autry. kle. Bill Sposato. Tommy Bentlev. Second Row: Coach Bob Light, Gar Jim Hoffman. Coach Ed Injaschock. % TEAM CAPTAINS Jerrv Mavhew Charles Councilman Jcrrv Mavlicw John Graziano Bobby Barbera Widen your horizons! Exciting things ?re happening in textiles today . . . materials for use in outer space . . . inner space . . . and on earth! Cone Mills, a major producer of high quality fabrics, is a part of this dynamic development. In this time of rapid change, we are constantly seeking imaginative, intelligent young people to help maintain our standards. Want a future with a challenge? Write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " Where fabrics of tomorrows are wroven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle, Cheraw Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PUNTS— Cliffside, Forest City, Gibsonville, Greensboro, Haw River, Henrietta, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury in North Carolina. Greenville and Whitmi ' : in South Carolina. Houston in Texas. SALES HEADQUARTERS — Cone Mills Inc., New York r CONE» 5iW« IRC, Inc. Executive Office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PRODUCTS: Resistors - Transducers - Rectifiers - Semiconductors Diodes - Digital Components - Precision Potentiometers Flat Flexible Circuitry. APPLICATIONS: Telephones - Automobiles - Radio - TV - Hi-Fi - Radar Communications - Electronics - Satellites - Missiles Con puters - Early Warning Systems. PLANTS: Boone, N. C. - Burlington, Iowa - Cleveland, Ohio - Down- ingtown. Pa. - Lynn. Mass. - Philadelphia, Pa. - St. Peters- burg, Fla. - Veja Baja, Puerto Rico - London, England. FOREIGN LICENSEES: Argentina - Australia - Brazil - Canada - Denmark England - Italy - Japan - Mexico - West Germany. In ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: If it ' s news, e«pect it first from IRC. 277 WATAUGA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 106 West Main Street Boone, North Carolina DIRECTORS: H G FARTHING WALTER H GREENE H. P HOLSHOUSER GUY W. HUNT JAMES P. MARSH HOWARD MAST DR W. M. MATHERSON W R RICHARDSON R C RIVERS jR G PERRY GREENE PAUL SMITH OFFICERS: H G. FARTHING PRESIDENT R. C- RIVERS. JR VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES P MARSH SEC -TREASURER PAUL SMITH The Watauga Savings and Loan Association has had a part in the growth of this area since 1921. We have noted with pride the growth and progress of Appalachian State Teachers College. Quality education is much more important than it was a few years ago. The administration and faculty along with the students have proven that Appalachian is the type of educational institution which is needed in this changing world of today. The people of Watauga Savings and Loan Association also feel very strongly about quality. We require quality in all the homes we finance. We offer the best rotes available on your savings. Put these together and you have a sound financial institution. Assets over $14,000,000.00 GRADUATION IS AN ACHIEVEMENT TO EACH OF THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF ' 67, WE OFFER OUR ACCLAIM IN THIS SIMPLE " WELL DONE! " BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION " PACEMAKERS IN PROGRESS " 279 COLLEGE BOOK STORE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE THE HEART OF THE CAMPUS BOONE, N. C. Stay At The Cabana Motel 35 ULTRA MODERN UNITS Room Phone— TV— Refrigerator— Coffee In Each Room Located On U. S. Route 321 Nearest To College On The Blowing Rock Road Also The ONLY Motel In Boone Featuring The True AM-Finn Sauna The Famous Finnish Health Bath Designed For Modern American Living AUTHENTIC FINNISH SAUNA The word " Sauna " (pronounced sow-nah) is a noun, just ,as the word bath is a noun. " Sauna. " however, means more than bath. It means ' heat-bath, ' also the ' hot-room ' itself wherein the heat bath is enjoyed. The closest comparison is with the steam room— but a Sauna is dry— hence far more preferable in use, home installation and enduring efficiency. Goodnight Brothers Produce Co., Inc. PACKERS AND SHIPPERS OF WATAUGA PRODUCE FERTILIZERS-SEEDS COUNTRY CURED HAMS Howard Street BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA Phone 264-8891 When you see me, don ' t think of Life Insurance— But when you think of LIFE INSURANCE-See ME. FRANK M. PAYNE FRANK M. PAYNE, JR. Northwestern Bank Building Business Phone 264-3955 Residence Phone 264-3044 BOONE, N. C. " Face the Future with Security " SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Open From 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. Specializing in Steaks, Chops, Seafoods Country Ham Hot Biscuits— Home Made Pies Short Orders— Sandwiches Highway 321 Blowing Rock Road Phone 264-9933 BOONE, N. C. SKYLINE BAKERY Blowing Rock Road BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES- OUR SPECIALTY " Try our do-nuts, cookies, buns, pies, and assorted breads and rolls Call 264-2800 for Special Party Orders ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Capital Stock $2,777,560.00 Surplus $11,222,440.00 Since 1903 Appalachian State Teac hers College has grown with the educational needs of North CaroHna and the South. Appalachian is an institution of which all the people of Western North Caro- lina are proud. Appalachian is one of Watauga County ' s greatest assets fi- nancially, educationally and culturally. Since 1937 The Northwestern Bank has supplied the complete banking needs of this section. We of The Northwestern Bank are proud to offer our services to the growth of this section. WHERE FINANCIAL SERVICE BEGINS A COMPLETE BANKING INSTITUTION OFFERING EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F. D. I. C. We appreciate the patronage of the students and faculty of Appalachian State Teachers College. 283 Tar-Heel Barbecue Pit-Cooked B-B-Q Sandwiches— Trays— Baskets TAKE-OUT ORDERS 6-10 Mon.-Sat. 2-10 Sun. 214 Hardin St. Phone 264-2673 Boone ' s Favorite Department Store HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE MIX MATES, LTD Boone, N.C. Quality and Fashion for Both Young Men and Women DANIEL BOONE INN 105 Hardin Street BOONE, N. C. Telephone 264-8657 Boone ' s Favorite Department Store Compliments of SHADOWLINE, INC. BOONE TASTEE FREEZ Sign of Wholesome Refreshment Ice Cream Delicacies Year Around 300 E. Kmg St. Boone, N.C. 284 BOONE DRUG COMPANY KING STREET PHARMACY REXALL " The Professional Store " Now at two convenient locations to serve you Four Registered Pharmacists W. R. Richardson O. K. Richardson G. K. Moose Joe C. Miller Phone 264-3766 Western North Carolina ' s Most Modern and Complete Drug Store For Good Food Eat At Our New Modern Fountain ANDREWS CHEVROLET INCORPORATED DEALERS FOR CHEVROLET CHEVY II CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE BOONE, N. C. Compliments of Motor Parts Supply Company, Inc. Wholesale Automotive Parts Accessories Phone 264-8832 Phone 264-2428 THE APPALACHIAN THEATRE ' Everybody Likes Movies in Boone ' N. Depot St. Boone, N. C. ins- turMUanl of onn , nc. Funeral Directors PHONE AMHERST 4-8888 40I EAST KING STREET oonr, ortl] (Carolina, 28507 BELK ' S " THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES " BOONE ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best in Laundry and Cleaning " Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone 264-8415 BOONE, N. C. BURGESS FURNITURE STORE Serving this area with quahty Furniture ■ ' Carpet and all Kinds of hard floor coverings " 425 West King Street Phone 264-3696 €sso CRITCHER IDOL ESSO SERVICE 900 E. King Street BOONE, N. C. 264-8588 NORTH STATE CANNING COMPANY Producers of Quality WATAUGA CHOPPED KRAUT Mode from Mountain Grown Cabbage Post Office Box 326 — BOONE, N. C. — Phone 264-3045 WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers. Owner BOONE, N. C. DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. FREE PARKING DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. C. A. Price, Resident Manager Phone 264-8815 Phone 264-01 I 1 Your Dollar Buys More At Your CREST-BEN FRANKLIN STORES Compliments of Red SWm lc Motor Lodge EACH RDDM WITH A SCENIC VIEW HEATED PDDL-TV-INN RODM COFFEE YauB HusTs U. B. 221-321 DONNA AND ALLAN LUIHN BLOWING ROCK, N. C. NEW DIMENSION: ■jiVsERVICE -jVquALITY T CREATIVITYTiVRiLIABILiTY i AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANT J » i y Representative; Cambridge, Maryland if( sSSl R ' Hannibal, Missouri af ' !s !ctt Topeka, Kansas ' r v V ' isalia, California Mr. Robert L. Anderson. Jr. Box 137 Granite Quarry, North Carolina CAROLINA PHARMACY JADE EAST ENGLISH LEATHER CHANEL Phone 264-3781 ' lerle rlornian L osmetic J tiidio MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS JEWELRY GIFTS Come by for a Free Consultation Blowing Rock Rood BROWN GRAHAM MOTOR CO., INC. IMPERIAL-CHRYSLER-DODGE PLYMOUTH-DART- VALIANT DODGE TRUCKS Tel. 264-3832 832 E. King Street BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLETE CHRYSLER LINE SALES SERVICE 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE WATAUGA BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. " Building Material — Cellar to Chimney " STATE FARM ROAD PHONE 264-2950 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA FARMERS HARDWARE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. ORGANIZED 1924 Dealer In Hardware, Housewares, Guns, And Electrical Appliances Telephone 264-8801 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA GREENE Bui€k ' Pontia€, ln€. BUICK— PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS ni5 E. King Street Dial 264-8859 P. 0. Box 487 STAMEY ' S Drive In and Carry Out Pizza— Chicken Sandwiches Fish- Shrimp Oysters CAR SERVICE Phone 264-99 12-East King Street Boone, N. C. VARSITY SHOP I CUPBOARD CASUALS BROYHILL FURNITURE INDUSTRIES LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA REPRESENTING LENIOR CHAIR CO. HARPER FURNITURE CO. LENIOR FURNITURE CORP. O. L. BROYHILL FURNITURE CO. CONOVER FURNITURE CO. RUTHERFORD FURNITURE CO. 290 The Portraits In This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO Photographers of Raleigh Official Photographers For THE 1966 RHODODENDRON You may order any type pictures from us on the portraits appearing here, for we keep these negatives in our files 14 E. HARGETT STREET RALEIGH, N. C. 291 Our sincere congratulations to all the students of Appa- lachian State Teachers College! You are most fortunate in being associated with one of the state ' s foremost and dy- namic educational institutions. Member— Federal Reserve System Member— F.D.I. C. BEST WISHES L. B. GALLIMORE, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTOR FOR NEW BLANFORD B. DOUGHERTY ADM. BLDG. 508 JACKSON ST., GREENSBORO, N.C. State License No. 991 BEAUTIFUL 0-£a mmahir FURNITURE Tables, Accent Pieces, Sofas and Chairs French and Italian Provincial Traditional and Contemporary Styling Nationally Advertised In House Beautiful, House ond Garden, Better Homes and Gardens, Decorating Guides, Brides, Bride Home and Modern Bride HAMMARY MANUFACTURING CORPORATION LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA MOHAV K CARPETS - NORMAN DRAPERIES MAVTAG SALES SERVICE - CUSTOM MADE LIVIN ' ROOM FURNITURE - ARMSTRONG FLOOR COVERII GREEME ' S EURMITURE CO. BOONE, N.C. Bl. Rock Rd PHONE AM 4-8231 VANNOY ' S DRIVE-IN MILK SHAKES SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Meet your friends at Vannoy ' s U. S. 421 293 NEWTON ' S FASHION SHOPPE Artistry is Fashion for Ladies Boone, N.C. 264-3031 Compliments of PLAZA MOTEL Boone, N.C. Telephone 264-2457 NEWTON DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Line of Ladies and Childrens Ready-To-Wear Home of Bobbie Brooks Boone, N.C. 264-8807 • nl BRAND INDUSTRIES, INC. Box 88 WILKESBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 838-2171 Compliments of T. R. HELMS CONTRACTOR HELMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 710 State Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone 392-3242 North Carolina State License 2107 really brings ' em in and sends ' em away happy! il MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO., INC Building Maintenance Supplies HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 537-0687 FREE ESTIMATES HEAT ING SERVICE 24-HOUR SERVICE-GAS or OIL BURNERS INSTALLATION and CLEANING 2801 Arnold Drive CHARLIE W. BURNETTE CHARLOTTE, N. C. things go better,! witn Coke Pause . . . Refresh IHIMMIISIS • nSTMK SUPER MARKETS. iK Pepsi-Cola cold beats any cola cold! PEPSI-COLA BOmiNG COMPANY SPRUCE PINE, N. C. SENIOR DIRECTORY Home Economics Club; Weslev ADAMS. FRANKLIN DELANO Route 2. Nebo. N, C Enslish and HiMorv Psvch Club :. 1. 4; Chess Club 2; IRC 3: Lileran Club 3; New- man Club ;, 1, 4, NEA 3. 4. ADAMS. MARTHA WHITTINGTON Roule 1, Purlear. N. C. Home Economics ADOCK- JLD ' i S ;4(I4-D Kerses Si . Greensboro. N, C. Elemenlar Education NEA 3. 4. IRC : ALEXANDER. DON WILLIAM Roule 5. Box 112. Thomasville. N. C. Industnal .Ar ts IRC: Chi Lambda Chi 4; Lutheran Student Assoc. I. 2. 4; CCC I. 2. 3; Who ' s Who Among Sludenrs in American Universiiies and Colleges; Amencan Industrial .Arts Assoc. I. 2. 3. 4. ALEXANDER. MARY CAROLINE Route 1. Box 89. Harrisburg. N. C Home Economics Transfer from UNC-G I. 2 ALLEN. JERRY NELSON Route 4. Kershaw. S. C. Women ' - Athletic Assoc ' ketba ' l 3. Softball 3, Socce ALLRED. JOE STEVEN Bov 602. Mt Airs N C Business Education Intramurals; Phi Beta Lambda. ANGELL. JANE WALLACE Route 2. Hamptonvillc. N, C. Primar Education SNEA 3.4: Band 1. 2. 3: Wmc CJS (Sec.) 2. ANTHONY, GAYLE BYRD Box 344. Ronda. N. C Mathematics ANTHONY. MARY INEZ Route 1. Roaring River. N. C Mathematics Dean ' s List: Alpha Chi. AREY. JOYCE FAYE Box 644. Statesville, N. C, Primary Education ARNOLD. CHERYL RUTH 710 W. Oak St.. Shelby. N. C. Elementary Education nble 2. 3: Orchestra 2. 3: ARNOLD. RANDALL GENE Atkins. Va. Business Education ASHLEY. NANCY KAREN Warrensville. N. C, Home Economics Home Economics 1. 2. 3. 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4: Weslev Foundation I. 2. 3. 4. ATKINSON. JOHN ALVIN 2448 Patria St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Political Science ATKINSON. JUDY ANNE BOWMAN lO. ' -B Water St . Boone. N. C. Elei Edu. SNEA: NEA: Dean ' s List AUSTIN GAIL 619 Forge Rd.. White Marsh. Md, Library Science Library Science Club. BABER. JOHN EVERETT Route 10. Box 978. Greensboro. N. C. Political Science BAKER. CAROLYN SUE 215 South Lackey St. Statesville. N, C. BALftWIN. J.ANICE DAVIS Box 194. Denton. N, C Elementarv Education NEA: Weslev Foundation. Dean ' s List. BANGLE. SANDRA INSCOE Route 2. Louisburg. N, C, Elementarv Education BARE. LINDA ROLAND Warrensville. N. C. Business Education BARBER. JULIE ANN Boone. N, C. Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4: Appalachian I. BRADLEY, WILLIAM FREDDIE 303 Plum St . Danville. Va. Phvsit.ll Education Soccer 4: Track 4: Wrestline 1. 2. 3. 4: Men ' s " A " Club 1. 2. 3 4, Chi Lambda Chi 4 BARKER, JERRY WILLIAM S84 Franklin Tpkc . Da.nille. Va Health and Phssicil Education Dean ' s List Chi LjmhJa Chi: Student Council: Popular Pro Alpha Chi: Varsity Soccer, Wrestling, Track of Freshman Class: President of Class: liho ' s Who Among Sludenrs and Colleges: Honor Teacher, Unm BARKER. SANDRA " PHILBECK 275 ' N. Lackey St.. Statesville. N C. Primary Etfucation House Council 3: Women ' s Chorus 2. 3: Co-ed of thi •63: May Court 3; Who ' s Who Among Sludends m : Universihes and Colleges 4: Student Council 4 (Corres. Sec. Exec. Council. Judiciarv Council): SNE.A; Chi Lambda Chi 3 SRA 2. 3 (President. 3) BARLOW. ANDREA LEE Box 685. Staunton. Va. English SNE.A 4: French Club I: Housf Psvcholoav Club 4, BARNaRD, REBECCA JANE 822 Pennsylvania Ave,, Kannapol Council 3: CJS 2; Pep Club I: , N, C, Pnmarv Education Junior Marshal: Psychology Club, BARR, CAROL ROSE R D 2, Box 106, Peach Bottom, Pa, Primarv Education Concert Band I, 2, 3: Women ' s Glee Club 2: SNEA 3, 4: NEA 3, 4: House Council 4: Dean ' s List 3, BARRETT, RENTHA MACE 606 Hillcrest Ave,. Gastonia. N, C, Elementarv Education SNEA 3, 4: ACE. BARRIER, DONNA JEAN Box 192, DrexeL N, C, Music Wind Ensemble 2, 3, 4: MENC 3. 4: Orchestra I, 2. 3: March- ing Band I. 2. 3: Concert Band I. 2. BARRIER. JOYCE ELIZABETH Route 1. Box 262. Mount Pleasanl. N. C, Elementary Education SNCEA 3. 4 ' : .ACE BARRON. DANIEL DILL ARD Bakei Libr: ille. N C. Club 3. 4: Library Scie 3. 4. BARROW. ELEANOR FRANKLIN Route I. Box 107. Martinsville. Va, BEAN. AL.AN EUGENE Box 691. Wadesboro. N, C, Geography and Geology Hutton Hunibolt Club BECK, DOROTHY MARGARET 801 Fairyievv Dr , Lcvinolon, N. C IRC 2: Psychology SRA I, 3: House Cou lev Foundation BECK, K.ATHLEEN MARGARET 801 Fairview Dr., Lexington. N. C, 3. 4: SNE.A: Intramurals 2: Wes- : Council 4: SNEA 3: Dean ' s List BEDDINGFIELD. LINDA CAROLE 827 Montreal Rd.. Black MounUin. N C. Elementan Education FIving Fish 1. 2. 3. 4 |V P 4): Vernician Socielv 3. 4 (V P 41 SNEA 3: Deans List 2. 3: Library Assistant 3. ' 4. Traffic Ap- peals Board 4 House Council 2. 4: Inlramurals 1; V P of East Hall 4, SRA 4 BELK. DORIS ELAINE Route 7. Box 690. Monroe, N. C Business Education BENOIST. WANDA KAY 637 W. Washington St-. Rockingham. N. C. Elementar Education BINGHAM. ' WILLIAM SHERMAN 214 Pine St.. Boone. N. C. Political Science Debate Team: FCA: Inlramurals; Wesley Foundation BLACK, PATRICIA ELIZABETH 1026 Round Knob Ave.. Salisbun,. N. C. SocioI02v BLAIR, MARY ELLEN 3515 Barringer Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Weslev Foundation 1. 2. 4: YDC 3. 4 (Sec. 4); IRC 4: Appala- chian Law .Assoc. 4: Dean ' s List 3. 4. BLANTON, CODA REBECCA Route 2. Ellenboro. N. C. English BSU 3, 4. BLEVINS. BLAN EDWIN Route 2, Box 108, Cnimpler, N, C. Chemistrv Chemistry Club 2. 3. 4. BOARDMAN. JEANNE MARIE 415 W. Third Ave.. Gastonia. N C, Elementary Education SNEA 4: Alpha Chi 3. 4; House Council 3. 4: Women ' s Glee Club 3. 4: Rhododendron: Dean ' s List BOYKIN. JAMES CASWELL 2427 Overhill Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. Psvcholosv BRANDO J; JOHN MAX Box 46. Cramenon. N. C. Political Science BRANDON. ROSE MARY 612 McKnight St.. Belmont. N. C. Edu. NEA 3. 4: Psvchologv Club 3; Rhododendron 3: House Council 3. Dean ' s List 2. 3. ' BRENDEL. PHIL B Route 2. Vale. N. C. BRIDGES. JERRY LEE Route 5. Shelby. N. C. Business and Economics BRITT. LAURA FRANCES 3020 Somerset Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. English Deans List, House Council 3: SNEA: College Choir Glee Club BRITTAIN, RALPH C, JR. 323-3rd St. N. W., Hickory. N. C. Business and Economics Men ' s " A " Club: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Soccer 3: Phi Beta Lambda 4: Dean ' s List 3. 4: Weslev Foundation: CJS 2 BROOKS. SYLVIA KAY Route 2. Box 257. Stanfield. N. C Ele; Edu Transfer from Wingate Junior College: BSU 3. 4 (Council 41: NEA 3. 4: Young Women ' s Auxiliarv 3. 4: House Council 3 BROOKSHIRE. SHEILA ELAINE ' Route I. Box 311. Lenoir. N. C, Elementarv Education BROWN. CAROLE PAIGE 1322 S, Ninth St.. Leesburg. Fla. English Alpha Chi: Vernician Socielv: College Orchestra: College Choir: Playcrafters: House President. SRA: Mav Court 2. 3: Chnstmas Court 2. BROWN. BRENDA GAIL 436 E- 20 St . Newton N C. Elementarx Education BROWN. NflCHAEL DEWAYNE . 66. CKde. N C Elc Educ, Intramurals. BSU BROWN. MICHAEL ELLIS 909 Pine Burr Ave . S, E.. Valdcse. N. C. Elementarv Education Debate Team I: CCC 2. 3. 4: Psychologv Club 3: YDC 1 SNEA 3. 4 (Pres. 4): Dean ' s List I, ' 2, 3. 4; Junior Marshal 3 Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4 (V.P. 4): Peace Corps Advisorv Council 4. Business Education BUCHANAN. BARBARA JEAN Box 178, High Shoals. N, C Business Education Vernician Socielv 1. 2. 3. 4: Christmas Court 1: May Court Ju- nior Counselor 3: Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4: SNEA 3. 4: ' Dean ' s List BURGESS. DELLA ROSE 3112 Konnoak Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Pnn Edu Psvchologv Club: ACE: SNEA. BURLESON. MICHAEL RAY 703 S Fifth St . Albermarle. N, C. Elementarv Education BURLESON. TONY GUY Route 4. Albemarle, N. C, Physical Education BURRESS, ALEDA EVA H, Route 8. Box 249. Lenoir. N. C. An BURRESS. MYRA JEANNE Route 5. Box 213. Lenoir. N. C. Elementarv Education BURRis. Watt hoyle Box 284. Mount Pleasant, N. C. Health and Phvsical Education BURTON. MARY JACQULINE Route 2. Box 190, Greensboro, N. C. Bu i Edui Transfer from Guilford Colleee: Rhododendron 2. 4: PsvcholoE Club 4. ' - - BUSTLE. NANCY GENEAL Route I. Stanley. N. C. Elementarv Education BUTLER. GENEVIEVE MARTHA 19 Overlook Circle. Asheville. N C, Phvsical Education B1 Rt). W. Y ' E FLOYD 1911 Spruce Si.. Favetteville. N C Phvsical Education Foolball 1. 2. 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3: Men ' s " A " Club I. 2. 3. 4 CABANISS. JERRY WAYNE Box 46, Calhoun Falls. S. C. Mathematics CCC 2. 3. 4. CAMLIN. EMILY KAY 602 Oak St.. Hamlet. N. C, Economics and Business Majorette I. 2. 3. 4 (Co-chief 2. 3, 4): Music Department Taleni Awards: CJS 2, 3 (Sec. 3). CAMPBELL: JULIE ATKIN 1 100 Hope Mills Road. Favetteville. N C French Canlerburv Club I. 2. 3. 4: Cercle Francais 12 3 4 Reli»iou Council I. 2. 3. 4 (Hislonan 3): SNEA ■! ' CANIPE. CHRISTOPHER RICHARD 2831 Lomond St. Winslon-Salem. N. C Health and Phvsical Education BSU 1. 2. 3. 4 (State V.P. 3. Pres, 4): Reliaious Council 3 4 (Treas. 3. Pres, 4): Alpha Chi 3, 4: FCA 2, 3, 4: Junior Marshal Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4: NEA 4 CANNADY, EDITH ANN Route 2, Franklinton, N, C. Special Education SNEA: CEC. CANTRELL, MARGARET ,ANN Route 3, Hendersonville. N. C Music BSU 2. 3: Women ' s Glee Club 1, 4: Choraae 2, 3: Orchestra 2 3 CARLSON, RAYMOND ALBERT 7643 Rusbv St., Philadelphia 50, Penn, Phvsical Education CARLTON. WAYNE EDWARD Route 2 Box 203A, Lenoir, N. C Industrial rls I A Club 3, 4: Dean ' s List CARPENTER. PHYLLIS HAMMONDS 2632 E. Mam St.. Lincolnton, N C Enohsh CARhOLL, PHYLLIS JOAN Box 385, Denton, N. C. Librarv Science BSU I. 1 3, 4 (Touring Choir I, 2, 3, 4|: Librarx Science Club 3: YRC 4 CARSON. CASANDRA LEE 3422 Meredith Ave.. Charlotte. N. C, Elementarv- Education Vernician Society 2, 3, 4 (Sec, 2. 3): SRA 2, 3. 4 (Sec. 2, 31: Rhododendron 2, 3, 4: Christmas Court 2: Women ' s Glee Club ' ' .■ CE 3 CARSON. POLLY GILLIOM Route 2. North Wilkcsboro. N. C. Phvsical Education CARSON. VERNON FRANKLIN P.O Box 652. Kinns Mountain. N. C Phvsical Education Intramurals: Football. Basketball. Softball: Dean ' s List 3 SNEA 2. 3: Psvcholosv Club 3. CARTER. BEtTY J.aNE Laurel Springs. N. C. Librarv Science Librarx Science Club I. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Chi 3. 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4: Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4: Dean ' s List I. 2, 3; NEA 1, 4 CASH, JERRY DANIEL 12 S Kenluckv Ave.. Chesnee. S C, Box 267. Stanley. N. C. Elementarv ' Education BSU 1. 2 (C ' hoir): SNEA 3. 4: Deai • List 3. 4: Librarx .Assis- Phv Educ, CASSlD ' l RONALD EDWARD Box 66, Madison. N C Phvsical Education CCC 2. 3. 4 iSec 3i. Inlramurals: FoolbalL Basketball. Softball. Tennis: SNE 4. AAHPER 4: Hall Counselor 4. CASTLE. EARNESTINE H Route I. Ca-llewood. a Elementarv Education NEA CAUDLE. RUBY JEAN Route 3. Box 451. Marshville. N. C, Elemenlarx Education Rhododendron; SNEA: ACE CECIL. ROGER FLOYD Box 381-C. Route 2. High Point. N. C. Phvsical Education " CHAMBERS. JOAN SHARON Ghost Town. Maffsie Vallev. N C Health and Phsslcal Education Women ' s Inlramurals I. 2. 3. 4: WAA I. 2. 3. 4: Varsilv Vollev- ball 1, 3. 4: Dean ' s List: House Council: Flvins Fish CHANDLER, LINDA THOMPSON ' " Route 3, Box 76, Albemarle, N, C. Health and Phvsical Education Women ' s Inlramurals: WAA I, 2, 3: Varsilv Basketball 2: Dean ' s List, CHANDLER. ROBERT EDWARD. Ill 221 N. Patterson St.. Statesvillc. N. C. Political Science Intramurals I: Dean ' s List; Appalachian Law Assck (Pres. 4), CHANDLER. SUSAN BARNES 1619 FIvnnwood Drive. Charlotte. N. C. Elemenlarx Education SNEA 3. 4: Dean ' s List. CHEEK. EVELYN DIANE 1 124 Oakdale. Asheboro. N. C Business Weslev Foundation: Appalachian; Phi Beta Lambda CHENERY. HOLLIS MAYO 227 Tenth Ave . N, W . Hickorv. N. C, Home Economics Home Ec Club 1, 2: Canlerburv Club 2, 3, 4: Religious Coun- cil: Dean ' s Lisl CHILDERS, PAMELA KAY 700 Meadowbrook Rd., Kings Mountain, N C, Social Science SNEA 3, 4: Dean ' s List I, 2, 3, 4 CHILDERS, JERRY PHILLIP Box 291. Caroleen. N. C. Mathematics Intramurals 1: Bridge Club. CLARK. BARBARA JEAN 246 Fairsiew Drive. Lexington. N, C, CLARK, VIRGINIA GAIL Route 5, Box 200. Lenoir N. C. Business Education YWA I. 3: BSU Council (Tourins Choirl. CLARK. WILMA LEE Route 3. Box 75. Ncwland N C English IRC " l: Junior Counselor 3: Dean ' s List 1 " Basketball 1. Softball 1 CLARKE. BEVERLY VON 601 S Cedar Ave . Newton. N, C Primarv Education NEA 4: SRA 4: Dean ' s List: Psvcholoev Club 3 CLARKE. MARION MAURICE. JR. " 222 Elmwood -Ave.. Albemarle. N. C. Biolosv CLAYfON. CARL ALAN Route 2. Summerfield. N. C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda: Dean ' s List: NEA. CLAYTON. ROBERT WESLEY Route 4. Box 702. Kannapolis. N, C pu- . , ,-, . De, Phvsical Educ: List: Psychology Club 3. 4 (Pres. 4): Chi Lambda Chi 4 CLEMMER. ROBERT FULTON 813 S, Chester St.. Gastonia. N. C. Socioloav CLINTOR MICHAEL JAY 2400 N. W. 5th Terr. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Phvsical Education Football I. 2. 3. 4: Men ' s --V Club- COBB. SARAH JEAN Lowell. N- C- Elemenlarv Education COFFEY. Fk.ANKLIN DELANO 509 S. Caldwell St.. Brevard- N C- Phvsical Education Basketball: Vollevball 1: Psvcholosv Club 3- COFFEY. LEROY CLEVELAND " ' Route 2. Box 284. Boone. N. C Industrial -Arts lA Club- COLLETTE. MARTHA ANN 105 Hedaecock Ave.. Winston-Salem N C Art ■ Art Guild: CJS: Intramurals: House Council COLLINS. KAY NELLE Box 117. Newland. N. C- Economics and Business COMBS- BETT1 B.ALL Route I- Lansino- N C Elementarv Education SNEA 3- 4: ' BSU 1 CONLEY. H-AZEL IMOGENE Route 5. Shelbv. N. C Elemenlarx ' Education SNEA 3. 4. SU Council (Touring Choirl: Dean ' s List COOK. DILLARD SAMUEL. JR Route I. Box 328. Ml Airx. N. C Mathematics COOK- ROGER BILL Route I- Ml Airv- N C Social Science Inlramurals; NEA 3- 4: Dean ' s List: Appalachian 4: YRC 4 Westminster Fellowship I- 2. 3. 4: Dorm Counselor CORN. LAURA LEE 710 S W 6Sth Blvd . West Hollvxvood. Fla Elementarv Education Alpha Chi } ' . 4: Band: Chorus: Weslev Foundation CORNWELL. MICHAEL LLOYD ' Route 1. Lincolnton. N C Historx Pi Gamma Mu: Alpha Chi; Junior Marshal; H ' io ' j Hhn Among Snidenn m American Lnnersiiies and Colleges; Honors Dav Student: Dean ' s List- SNEA CdSTNER- JAMES CLEVELAND Route 2- Box 95- Connellv Sprinss. N C Biologv ■ - Highland Biologist: Intramurals; Basketball. Football. Softball Dean ' s List. COTTRELL. JAMES ALBERT 404 Howard St.. Boone. N. C. Business Education Golf I. 2. 3. 4; CCC I. 2. 3. 4 (Pres. 3); Men ' s " A " Club 2. 3. 4 (Pres 4); Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. CO INGTON. ROBERT WAYNE Route 1. Pilot Mountain. N C Business Education COX. CAROL JEAN 1 1 1 Clement St.. Boone. N C Enslish COX " KENNETH LEE 1 1 1 Clement St.. Boone. N. C. English COYLE. CAROLE BETH 6626 Folger Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Special Education COZART. AMANDA NELL 510 Washington St.. Cramenon- N- C Elementarv Educalfon BSU I- 2- 3-4 (Tounng Choir Council): House Council- Intra- murals; SNEA 3- 4 (Sec 4): SRA 3- Vernician Socielv 4; Stu- dent Council 4 (Judiciary); Uho ' s Mho Among Siiidems in American L ' niverMiie and Colle e 4- CREECH- MARGARET FRANCES Route I. Box 194. Selma. N, C, English Transfer from Mount C BSU; SNEA. CREASON JUDY ANN 909 Duke St Ext,. Mocksville. N. C English SNE.A 3. 4; Dean ' s List CRISCO. FLOYD EUGENE Route I. Box 244. New London. N C Bioloev CUNNINGHAM. SARAH lANE 231 Ashewood Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C College; Colleae Cho Elei Edu DAVIS- JOHN DAVID 809 E- Franklin Si - Monroe, N. C Psvchologv DAYVAULT, JUDY CAROL 403 E, 18th St,. Kannapolis, N. C, Elementarv Education SNEA 3. 4; House Council 4; Floor Representative, DEAL, PATRICIA BREWER 337 llth St,, S. W,, Hicliorv, N. C Business Education DEAL, WILLARD M , JR. 2308 N. Illinois St.. Arlington. Va. Physical Education Dean ' s List. YDC 3; STO 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4; Swii 2; Track Manager 1. 2. 3, Spnng Water Pageant Appalachti. Deans List, Track 1. 2; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; An Guild, In- tramurals 2. 3. 4- DeKRAFFT, CHARLES WILLIAM 1833 Lombard) Circle. Charlotte. N. C, Special Education DIAMADUROS. TINA GEORGE 815 Mt- Vernon Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. Social Science Secretarv of Freshman Class; Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4 (Sec. 3. Judiciarj- 3): Popular Programs 2, 3 (Sec. 2); CCC Co-ed of the Month " Homecoming Court 3; Mav Court 3; SRA: Vemician Socictv V 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4 iPres 4) DIBRELL, BETTIE IRENE 931 Maple . ve.. Salisbur . N C Speech Plavcraflers; Alpha Psi Omega (Pres 1; College Choir: Chi Lambda Chi. DILDY. PAMELA ANN 303 Dubhn Rd., Asheboro, N. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List, SNEA: Alpha Chi 3, 4: Junior Marshal; Intramu- rals 1, 2; Weslev Foundation. DODGE. SHARON FRANCES 235 Rainier Dr., Favetteville. N. C. English Cheerleader 1. 2, 3. 4: College Choir 2. 3: Student Council 3, 4: Christmas Court 3; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Junior Mar- shal; Homecoming Queen 4; Vernician Society 2. 3. 4. DOVER, LOU ANN 2711 S Veitch St., Arlington, Va. Library Science DRYE. Carolyn marie Route 2. Gold Hill. N. C. Primary Education Pep Club 2. Women ' s Chorus 2. 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 2; In- iramurals; SNEA; Mav Court; House Council; Dean ' s List. Mary Morrow Scholarslip. DULa. LINDA J. NE Blowing Rock, N. C. English DULIN, WILLIAM NORRIS 2324 Tallahassee Dr.. West Palm Beach. Fla. Geography Intramural fiasketball DUNN. LARRY WAYNE 1215 Margaret Ave . Kannapolis. N. C. History Band I; ' Wesley Foundation 1. DUNN, NEAL C Route 3. Box 8. Boone. N. C. Industrial Arts lA Club (Historian). DURGIN, N.ANCY ANN Route 2, Box 324-A. Concord. N. C. Elementary Education House Council 1. 3; YDC 3; NEA 3; Women ' s Glee Club 3; Appalachian 3; Dean ' s List 3. 4; Honor Teaching 4. DUTTON. BILLIE GAIL Route 3. Wadesboro. N C Enehsh DYEft. MARY FRANCES Route 4, Box 269. North Wilkesboro. N. C. Highla°n d Biologists 2, 3, 4; SNEA 3. 4; Appalachian Women ' s Choir 4, ' ' EARP. JUDY ELLA Route 1. Box 1 1. Hays. N. C. Biology EASTERLING. BETTY CAROLE 1632 Bell Ave . Harlsville. S. C. Music Wind Ensemble 2, 3. 4. Concert Band 1. 2. 3; Orchestra I, 2. 3; MENC 2. 3. 4 (Treas. 3) .Alpha Chi 3. 4; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4; Songfest Director 4; Presser Fountain Music Award. Marching Band I. 2. 3. EDMISTEN. EVELYN DARE 116 Slate Farm Rd.. Boone. N. C. Elementary Education Rhododendron 3. 4 (co-editor 4); SNEA 3. 4; ACE 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Dean ' s List. EDWARDS. MARIAM LYNN Box 245. . nsonviUe. N C. Elementary Education NEA 3. 4; SR. i 3. 4; Vice-President of Doughton Hall 3; Presi- dent of East Hall 4; Weslev Foundation 1. 2; Dean ' s List 3 ELLEDGE. CLARENCE EUGENE. JR Route 2. Box 127. Valdese. N. C. Chemistry Plavcraflers ' 2. 3. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4; Chemistry Club I. 2. 4 YRC 1 2 3. 4; Psycholosv Club 3, 4 (V P 3. 4) ELLIS. JAMES MONDELC Route 1. Advance. N C Elementary Education EMBREE. JACK RAYMOND. JR Route 2, Ramseur. N C History EUDY. DORIS ANN 925 Love Street. .Mbemarle. N C Elementary Education Dorm President; SRA; SNEA; Rhododendron. FARRINGTON. C CLARK Creston. N. C. Industrial Arts I A Club. FARTHING. WILLIAM BAXTER PO Box 205. Boone, N. C. Economics and Business Phi Beta Lambda 2, 4 (V,P. 4). FIELD. CLARA EDWINA 1301 N. W. 9th Ave.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Geoaftphy and Geology YDA; Playcrafters; Alpha ' Psi Omega; Appalettes. FIELDS. JAMES H.. Ill McConnell St.. Clover. S. C, Physical Education Intratnurals; Softball 2. 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3; Football 2; Dean ' s List, FITZP. TRICK. JAMES FRANCIS EDWARD, II 337 Maynolia Dr , Levittown, Pa Phvsical Education FLIPPIN. EUNA ELAINE Route 3, Stuart. Va Business Education and Economics House Council 1. 4; Glee Club 3; Westminster Fellowship; SNEA 3. 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4 (Hist. 3 ' l ' , FLOW. SARA CATHERINE 403 W ' Jefferson St., Monroe. N. C. Health and Physical Education FOIL. JANICE LEOLA 90S Pine St.. Kannapolis. N. C Mathematics Lutheran Student Assoc. 1. 2. 3. 4 (Pres 21; Religious Council 2 Junior Counselor 3; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4; Psychology Club 3. FOSTER. BILLIE WEYMOUTH P.O. Box S93. Blowing Rock. N. C. English SNEA 3. 4, Alpha Chi; Le Cercle Francais 3; Dean ' s List. FOX. ROBERT STEPHEN Route 4. Box 116. Statesville. N. C Business and Economics CCC 3. 4. Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4; YDC 3. 4; IRC 3. 4; Baseball 1; Inlramurals 3. 4. FRAZER. ALAN ELLSWORTH 18 North Vallev Ave,. Vineland. N J Political Science IRC 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3; Law Assoc. 4 FRENCH, RONALD D 3US Watson Dr , Burlington, N.C. Business and Economics FRIES, JOHN CURTIS Route 1, Box 380, Salisbury, N. C. Elementary Education FRYE, JOHN SHADRACK Box 504. Carthage. N.C. Biology Highland Biologists; Track 1; Beta Beta Beta; Intramural Bas- ketball I. 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List GABRIEL, BETTY SUE 6.34 W Sixth St . Newton. N. C Elementary Education V P of dorni I; House Council I. 2. 3; Sec, of dorm 2; Wesley Foundation 1. 2. 3. 4; SRA 1. 2 (Sec. 3; Pres. 4). Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4 (Sec. 4); Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who Among S:udenrs m American i ' niversines and Colleges 4; Rhododendron 3. 4; .ACE 3. 4 GAFFNEY. SANNA KATHERINE 416 W 15th St . Rivers Beach. Fla. Elementary Education GAINES, VICTORIA JOYCE Route 1. Bear Creek, N C, Business Education Pep Club 2; Phi Beta Lambda 2. 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 4. BSU 2. 3. 4. NEA 3. 4; Library Assistant 1. 2. 3. 4 GARAVENTA. NORMA JEAN Route 3. Box 178. Marion. N. C. Mathematics Dean ' s List I, 2, 3, 4; House Pres, 3; SRA 3. 4 (Treas. 4): Math Club 3, 4 (Sec 4); BSU. GARCIA, JOSE AURELIO 821 Collins Ave.. Miami Beach. Fla. French and Spanish French Club; Spanish Club; Alpha Chi; Phi Beta Pi. Epsilum Omicron Newman Club. Dean ' s List GARDNER, ROBERT SWAIN 2015 Ashe St, Durham N, C. Mathematics Spanish Club 1; Dean ' s List 1. 3; Wesley Foundation 1; Dorm Counselor 3. 4; Undergraduate Assistant 3, 4; Campus Mailman GARM.AN J. GLENN R D. 4. Manherm. Pa Business Education GEYMONT. JERRY DOUGLAS Route 1. Lincolnton. N. C. Industnal Arts lA Club 2. 3. 4; Psychology Club 3. GIBSON. JAN PARIS 802 N Rorary Dr.. High Point. N. C. Home Economics College Choir 4; IRC 2. 4; SNEA 3. 4. Women ' s Glee Club 2. GIBSON. MAXINE Route 2. Box 9G. Uurel Hill. N. C Mathematics NEA 3. 4; Weslev Foundation 1. 2. 3; Math Club 3. 4 (Sec and Treas 4); Undergraduate Assistant 3. 4, GILLIAM. MARGARET JULIANNE 104 N Ridge St.. Lenoir. N, C Elementary Education SNEA; College Choir 1. 2; CJS 2; SR,A 4; Psychology Club 3. GLASS. LESLIE RUTH 3900 Oak Grove , e , Greensboro. N, C Business Education Phi Beta Lambda, Intramural Basketball GLAVAN, FRANCES EMILY 350 S. Broad St , Trenton. N J Social Studies GOFORTH. LINDA SCHENCK Route I, Kings Mt , N C. Home Economics Home Ec. Club; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4. GOODMAN. DONNA ELLER Box 344. Spencer, N. C. Elementary Education GOODSON, RONDA GAIL Route I, Maiden, N C. Elementary Education NEA 3; BSC I, 2. 3, 4; ACE 4. GRAHAM. PATRICIA JANE 2701 LuUington Dr . Winston-Salem. N. C. Elementary Education Transfer from Mars Hill; Tennis Club; Spanish: Wesley Foundation. GRAHAM. ROSA .ANN 201 Dickson St.. Raeford. N C Elementary Education SNEA 3, 4 ' GRAZIANO. JOHN MICHAEL 100 E, John St , Lindenhurst. N Y. Health and Phvsical Education Track 1. 2, 3, 4; Swimming I. 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3. 4 GREENE. KAREN CHILDRESS Box 4036. Hickory. N C, Elementary Education GRIFFIN. ANN SAUNDERS Route 2. Troy. N. C, Elementary Education Rhododendron 1. 2; Junior Counselor 3; Weslev Foundatic 2. 3. GRIFFIN. THOMAS STEPHEN Box 181. Albemarle, N, C, Elementary Education Dean ' s List; NEA: Intramural Volleyball and Softball. GRINESTAFF, BRENDA LOUISE ' Green Mountain. N. C. Home Economics Home Ec. Club; Dean ' s List, GRUBBS, ROSEMARY LEIGH 59 Arita Circle. Winston-Salem. N. C. English NEA 3. 4: Psychology Club 3. GRYDER. DAVID PATRICK. JR. Belmont. N. C Psychology History HALL. JAMES EDGAR Route 4. Box 185. Manon. N, C. Biology Highland Biologists. Beta Beta Beta: Dean ' s List; Junior Mar- shal. Intramural Basketball and Volleyball; Honor Student HALL. SAMUEL AUSTIN Route 5. Box 505. WavnesviUe. N. C. Priman Education NEA: Glee Club. Psvchologv. HARKE " ! , DAVID LEE 4422 Hobbs Hill Dr . Charlotte. N C Business Education Football 1. 2. HARRELSON. DONNA LY ' NN 2315 E Independence Blvd.. Charlotte. N. C. Elementary Education HARRELS(3N. GEORGE L Box 165. Johnsonville. N. C. Phvsical Education HARRIS. EVON VIRGINIA Route 4. Box 540. Lenoir. N. C. Elementary Education House Council 4; ACE 4; SNEA 4: YDC 3; Psychology Club 3. HARRIS. JACQUELINE ELAINE 819 Cox Ave.. Thomasville. N.C Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4. Women ' s Glee Club 3: HART. JERRY CLAYTON Route 1. Box 716. Claremont. N.C Physical Education Football 1. 2. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2: In- tramural Football 3: Wrestling 2; Soccer 3. HART. MARTHA JANE Route 1. Lawsonville. N.C. Mathematics HARWOOD. EDITH LUCILLE 215 Third Ave.. Albemarle. N.C. Elementary Education SNEA 3; BSUI; Westminster Fellowship 2. 3. 4: Junior Coun- selor: Psychology Club; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4. HARWOOD. ELIZABETH ANN 52 Dover St.. Asheville. N.C. Physical Education HASS. JAMES RONALD Route 2. Statesville. N C. Chemistry Appalachian Chemistry Society 1. 2. 3. 4 (V.P. 4): Amencan Chemistry Society 2. i. 4: Dean ' s List. HATCHELL. JOHN LEE. JR. 400 N. 14th Ave . Dillon. S.C. Political Science Law Assoc. 4; YDC 3. 4: Junior Marshal; IRC 3. 4. HAYES. CATHERINE ANN 20O3 N. Bridge St.. Elkin. N.C. Special Education Weslev Foundation; YDC 2. 3: Intramurals 1. House Council 1. 2: Women ' s Glee Club 2. 3. 4; Rhododendron 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3: SNEA 3. CEC 3. 4. Special Ed. Club 4: ACE 4. HAYES. ELIZABETH ANN 447 Oakland Dr . Elkin. N C Special Education Women ' s Glee Club I: House President 3: SRA 3; SNEA 3. 4: Appalettes 4: Dean ' s List: Special Ed. Club 3. 4: BSU 3. 4 (V.P. 4): Psychology Club 3; Rhododendron 3. 4. HAYES. JC)SEPH " STEVEN Route 2. Taylors. S C. Biology HAYES. " JUDY HENSON Cardinal Motel. Boone. N. C HEAVNER. HELEN SUE Route 2. Vale. N. C. English HEFf ERNAN. BRUCE FLOYD 3820 Hiland. Saginaw. Mich, Biology Swimming 3: German Club 4. HEFFNER. MARY ELAINE Route I. Box 36. Horse Shoe. N.C. Home Economics HEFNER. CLYDIE LUCILLE 606 E. 19th St.. Newlon. N.C Mathematics IRC 2: SNEA 3: Alpha Chi 3. 4; Junior Marshal. Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4; Top Five Scholasticallv I. 2. 4. HELMS. KATHRYN ANN Box 35. Wingate. N. C. Elementary Education Transfer from Wingale Junior College; SNEA 4; Vemician So- ciety 3. 4, HELMS. NINA PE.ARL Route 3. Marshville. N C Elei Edu SNEA HEMBREE. CHARLES RANDALL Route I. Box 353H. Valrico. Fla. Elementary Education HENLEY. CAMILLA SUE Route 2. Box 339. Newion. N. C. Social Studies SNEA 4; Intramural Basketball 2; Dean ' s List. HENSON. BETTY FAYE Route I. Forest City. N.C. Pi Delta Phi; French Club HESTER. WILLIAM F 1615 Sunnse Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. Political Science Wesley Foundation; SNEA, YDC (Trcas.); Slate Treas, of Col- lege Federation of YDC; Delegate to State Student Leg. Varsity Football I; Phi Beta Lambda 2; Inlramurals: Football 3; Softball 3 HOEFLINGER. DANIEL ANDREW 60 Carev Ave , Butler. N. J. Histofv Newman Stud. Fed. 1, 2, 3. 4; Religious Council 3, 4; Intramu- rals: Basketball. Baseball; CJS 2: SNEA 3. 4; Psychology Club 2. 3 HOFFMAN. FRED ALEXANDER Box 123, McAdenville. N. C. Industnal Arts lA Club 1. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3. V P 4) HOFFMAN. JAMES ALLEN 33 Frcdenck Rd,. Thurmont. Md. Biology Education HOLDER. EVELYN SUE Route 1. Clemmons. N. C. Home Ec Club 2. 3. 4 HOLLAND. WILLIAM ROGER Route I. Box 138 A. Forest City. N. C. Political Saence YDC; Appalachian Law Assoc; BSU Cho HONEYCUTT. JOYCE ANN Box 263. ClilTsidc. N. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List: SNEA 3. HONEYCUTT. LYNN DOBBINS 610 E, Lafayette St.. Salisbury. N, C. Edu Junior Marshal (Summer School); SNEA; YES. HOOD. BARBARA JANE 1116 llth Si,, Holly Hill. Fla Physical Education Wesley Foundation 1. 2. 3. 4 (Rec. Director 2); WAA I. 2. 3, 4 (V.R. Pres 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3; State Sec. for N. C. Assoc, of Recreation for College Women; House Council I. 3: Assist. Wo HORNE. SHEILA MATTIE 107 Holiday St.. Fayetlevme. N, C Biology HORTON. JEAN V 1 140 7th Ave , S W.. Hickory. N. C Mathematics Math Club 3, 4 (Pres 4); Alpha Chi 3, 4, Junior Counselor 3, SNEA 3, 4; Inlramurals 1, 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4. HOWARD. KELWAY LOUIE Oxford. N. C Economics and Business HOWELL. JUNE Route 3. Bakcrsville, N. C, Elementary Education Junior Counselor 3; Mountain Tutorial 3, 4; ACE 3. 4. HUDSON. FRANCES CAROL Roule I. Ennice, N C Elementary Education SNE A; Rhododendron HUDSON. WANDA YVONNE 201 Front St., Cramerton, N. C, Priman ' Education SNEA 3,4; BSU I, 2, 3. 4 (Choir); Dean ' s List. HUFFMAN. JUDY ANN Route 1. Box 310. Purlear, N, C. Mathematics HUFFMAN. MERVIN NICKY 2813 Gardner Park Dr. Gastonia. N. C, Appalachian 3. Psychology Club; SNEA, FIUFFSTETLER, ' LINDA ROSE Route I, Dallas, N. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List I. 3. 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, Pep Club 2; SNEA 3, 4; Library Assistant I. 2. 3. 4. HUGHES. JANET RUTH 114 Oak St.. »7. Boone. N C. Elementary Education Canterbury Club. Religious Council HUGHES ' . RICHARD EARL 114 Oak St. 7. Boone. N C Mathematics Canterbury Club. Religious Council. HUNDLEY. RONALD LEE Roule 3. Box 81. Reidsville. N. C. Mathematics STO; Math Club 4. HUNEYCUTT, CHARLOTTE DIANE 656 N. 6th St . Albemarle. N C. Elementary Education SNEA. HUNEYCUTT. DAVID CARL 312 Foushee St., Rockingha m, N. C. Industrial Arts lA Club 2. 3. 4 (V P. 4) HUTCHENS. LINDA JOHNSON 1 14 College Street. Boone. N, C, Elementary Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College; NBA 3, 4. IJAMES, STEPHEN DUDLEY Route 1, Harmony, N. C. Mathematics INGLE, RACHEL ALICE Roule 2. Box 1 10. Granite Falls. N. C. English Transfer from Brevard College: Phi Thela Kappa; WAA (Pres I: Spanish Club. ISENHOUR, EVELYN FAY Route I, Box 388, Conover, N. C. Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4; ACE 4; Dean ' s List. ISENHOWER. JANET CLAIRE 330 9th Ave.. N.W., Hickory. N. C. Business JENKINS, JOHN HOWARD 103 Bates Ave., Cherryville. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA 3. JENKINS. RONNIE LEROY 304 Union St.. Chesnee. S C, Physical Education JOHNSON. BOBBY LEE StalesviUe. N. C Industnal .Arts Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List: Grad, Student: Psychology Club JOHNSON. GLENDA RUTH Route 2. Denton. N, C, Primary Education Inlramurals 1; SNEA 3. 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Dean ' s List I, 2, 3. 4. JOHNSON, JAMES HERRION Route I, Wadesboro, N. C. Political Science JOHNSON. MICKEAL LEE Route 2. Box 189. Boone, N. C. Mathematics Chess Club (Sec. 3). JOHNSON. P.ATRICIA ANNE Route 3. Raleigh. N. C. Health and Physical Education SNEA 3: Intramural Sports I, 2. 3, 4; WAA I. 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2 JOLLY, ANNI£ LEE Route I, Box 103, High Point, N, C, Speech Junior Marshal 3,: Dean ' s List: Pi Delta Phi 2, 3. 4: Alpha Chi 3, 4: SNEA 4: Cercle Francais 2. 3; Freshman Assembly Chair- man 1 JOLLY, ERIC STEPHEN North Fork Rd , Black Mountain, N. C. Business and Administration Student Council 3. 4: School Council 4: Phi Beta Lambda (V P. 3, Pres, 4): State Student Legislature 3; Dean ' s List, JONES, TERRY HAMPTON Box 12, Faith, N C, Mathematics Dean ' s List I, 2; Inlramurals; Football I, 2; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Undergraduate Assistant 3. JORDAN, LORRAINE BOWLES Route 5, Box 184, StalesviUe. N, C. Primary Education College Choir I, 2, 3. 4 KENDRICK. CARROL L 215 Patlon St.. Morganton, N. C, Special Education Playcrafters, KeImLEY. BARBARA STEWART Box 3512. Akers Center. Gastonia. N, C. Music Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; College Choir 2; College Choral 3, KENNERLY. SANDRA GAIL Route I. China Grove. N. C. Elementary Education ACE 3. NE.A 3; LSA I, 2, 3. KESTER. NORLEEN ANN 720 Victors St.. Salisbury. N. C. English ■ Appalachian 3. 4 (Editor 4): Junior Counselor 3: House Council 1. 3: Summer Judiciary 4; Publications Comm. 4; Religious Council 3; Newman Stud, Fed, I. 2. 3. 4: LSA 3, 4; SNEA 3. 4: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4: Undergraduate Assistant in English Department, KIK£R. DORIS JANET Route 2, Polkton, N C English Transfer from Wingate Junior College; H ' ho ' s Who Amonp Students in American Universities and Colleges: Junior Marshal; Phi Thcta Kappa: Tnangle Staff (Typist); Literary Club (Sec); Alpha Pi Epsilon (Pres), KING. WiLsON LEWIS Box 261, Graham. N C, Pep Club 1; SNEA 3. 4: YDC 3, 4; IRC 3, 4: Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4. KISER. MARGARET BETH 412 E Dixon St.. Lincolnlon. N C, Mathematics SNEA 3. 4. KISER, SHARON SUE Route 1, Bessemer City, N, C, Library Science Psychology Club 3, 4 (Sec, 4); Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; LSA 3, 4 (Treas, 4), KORNEOAY, WILLIAM BURTON, JR 1507 S, I3lh St., Wilmmgton, N, C, Political Science LACKEY. LINDA CAROLYN 542 lOth St Dr, N. W . Hickory. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA 4, Secretary of Watauga Hall, LACKEY, THOMAS STEVEN Route I, Taylorsville. N, C, Sociology LAIRD, SARAH LOU Route I, Advance, N C, Elementary Education Dean ' s List: Psychology Club 3; Wesley Foundation I: SNEA LANG, KAREN ANNE Box 111, Morganton, N, C Music Concert Band: Varsity Band: Marching Band; Wind Ensemble; Percussion Ensemble: Piano Ensemble: Orchestra; MENC: Sophomore Recital: Senior Recital, LANIER, JORETTA ANN Route 3, Lexington, N, C, Elementary Education Pep Club 1; ACE 3, 4: Alpha Chi 3, 4: House Council I: Inlra- murals, 2, 3, LAWING, JUDY ELAINE Route 9, Box 398, Charlotte. N, C, Elementary Education SNEA 3, 4: Dean ' s List 3, LAWRENCE, BEVERLY IRENE 2135 North Bndee Si , Elkin, N C Elementary Education BSU Choir ' 2; New Lovill Hall Rep, 3: House Council 3: Rhododendron 4; Vernician Society 4; ACE 4, LAWS, RAYMOND McKINLE ' Mobile Home Acres, Route 4. Box 228, Matthews. N. C Industrial Arts Junior Marshal 3; lA Club (Sec. 4); lA Club Board of Directors 4; Alpha Chi. LEATHERMAN, RACHEL FRANCES 406 Green St., Lincolnton. N. C. Le Cercle Francais LEE. DORIS FORTUNE Route 3. Forest City. N C, Economics and Business LEE. HENRY E,, JR, 1005 Charlotte Ave., High Poin N, C, El. SNCEA (Progi Edu. 1 Chai nl; Dean ' s List. LEE. MIKE S. Route 1. Lawndale. N C, Mathematics CCC 3. 4. LEIGH. JAMES BAKER Box .i05. Kings Mountain. N C. Physical Education Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4: Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4. LEONHARDT. BURLENE Route I. Cherryville. N, C Social Science SNEA 3. 4. Women ' s Glee Club 2. 3. 4; Rhododendron 2, 3, 4; Coordinator for High School tutoring project at Watauga High 2; Phi Ganna Mu 4, " LILES. CAROLYN KAYE 115 llth St., Spencer. N. C. Elementary Education BSU I. 2, 3; NEA 3, 4: ACE 3, 4: Dean ' s List 4; Psychology Club 3. LILES. LINDA F. 115 llth St, Spencer, N. C, Elementary Education BSU 1. 2: SNEA 3. 4; ACE 3. 4; Ho 3. 4: Psychology Club 3 : Council 3: Dean ' s List LILLY. ' DOROTHY DEAN 401 Lilly St., Troy. N. C, English Pep Club I. BSU I. 2: Rhododendron 2. 3: Alpha Chi 3, 4, LINK. ELIZABETH LINN Salisbury. N C, Elementary Education Junior Marshal: NEA, LINK. MONITA ANNE Route 8. StalesviUe, N. C. Business Education SNEA 3. 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4 (Sec): Women ' s Glee Club 3. 4: iskelball Dc , List 3, LLOYD. KENNETH 1 Route 7. Boy 329. Winston-Salem, N. C. Social Studies LOCKMAN. BARRY F. Route 1. Iron Station. N, C, Psychology Psychology Club 3. 4; French Cl ub 3: Wesley Foundation I. 2, Education SNEA 3, 4: House Council 2, 3: Dean ' s List: BSU I, 2; Inlra- murals I. LONG. AMELIA JANE WATTS Taylorsville. N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club I. LONG. NANCY MARIE Box 25, Roxboro, N. C, Elementary Education Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4. Special Ed Club 4: CJS 2: SNEA 3; Council for Exceptional Children 3. 4 LOWDER. HELEN MARIE Box 932. Albemarle. N, C, Psychology Newman Federation; Chemistry Club, LOWE. LINDA SUE Lowgap. N, C Business and Economics Dean ' s List: SNEA 4: Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4: WAA I. 2. LUTHER. AMELIA ANN 106 Cherrybrook Lane. Boone. N, C Elementary Education Transfer frorn Mars Hill College: SNEA 3. 4; ACE 4. Dean ' s List 3; Honor Teacher 4; Psvchologv Club 3; Rhododendron 3, 4. LYERLY. JAMES WOODROW Route I. Mt, Ulla. N. C. Physical Education Popular Programs I; Inlramurals 2. L ' i ' NN. FREIDA DIANNE 319 S Myrtle School Rd . Gastonia. N, C, Business Education Yosef Club 2; YDC 3: SNCEA 3. 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4 (VP 4). LYONS. BRENDA PENCE 301 Hardin St.. Apt. 2, Boone, N C Mathematics Westminster Fellowship 2, 3: Math Club 2: SNEA 3; Student Wives Club 4: Psychology Club 3. MAPLES, MARTHA RACHEL Route 3, Box 506, Rockingham, N. C Home Economics Home Economics Club I. 2, 3. 4 (VP 3. Pres, 4): NCHEA 3. 4; Spring Workshop 3, 4; House Council 2. 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Nursery School Assistant 3, 4, Homecoming Refreshment Chairman 4. MARSH. HENRY AUGUSTINE Pine Rd., North Hampton, N, H, Physical Education lA Club 2; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer I, 2; Men ' s " A " Club I, 2. 3, 4: NEA 3, 4: Religious Council 2, Dean ' s List: YRC 3, 4 (VP 4), Appalachian (Bu: 41; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4, MARTIN, JOE 1317 Ins Dnve, Charlotte, N C, Student Council: Soccer, MAULDIN, BILLY JOE 224 North Broome St . Albemarle, N C Physical Education Football 1. 2. 3. 4 (Co-Caplain 4|; Men (Serg at Arms 4): Pres, of Newland Hall MAYNARD. ROBERT LEE. JR, Route 2, Yadkinville, N C, Mathematics Dean ' s List I, 2, 3; Honor Student 3, Ju Club 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4 MAZZAFERRO, KENNETH E, " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Marshal 3: Math 304 DogwtKid Dr., Boone. N. C GeolOEV and Geographv Hutlon fifumboldl Club McCANN. L, RRY GENE Roaring River. N, C. Physical Education Varsin Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Inlramural Baskelball 1, 2. 3: Intra- mural Volle ball 2; Psvchologv Club 3. McCONNELL. GARV BENNY Route 3. Lincolnton. N, C Historv Intramural Basketball, Softball. Football: Band; Pep Club: Psv- chologv Club: IRC Mccormick, becky brown 514 Oak St., Hamlet, N. C Home Economics Majorette I, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Chief 2, 3, 4): SNEA 3. 4: CJS 1. 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 1, 2. 3, 4, McCRAW, SHIRLEY IMOJEAN Route 5, Box 192, Mt, Airy, N. C. Biology Dean ' s List: SNEA 3, 4; Highland Biologist Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sec. 41. McDANIEL. BARBARA JEAN 16 Joyner St., Cooleemee, N, C. Elementarv Education Dean ' s List: Women ' s Glee Club: SNEA. McDANIEL, JAMES RAYMOND Chester, S. C. Business McEVER, JOHN TUCKER Box 13, Davidson, N. C. Economics and Business McKENZIE, MARY SUE Route 1. Shannon. N, C. Libri Scie Intramurals 1: Dean ' s List. McNAIR. LUCY ANN 405 Palm St., Hamlet, N C Business Intramurals I: SNEA 4: Phi Beta Lambda 4. McNEIL, O TIS Route I, Box 220, Purlear, N C SpeciaVEducation Special Ed Club 3, 4 (VP 4): Student Council for Exceptional Children 4: Dean ' s List, McRAE. JUDITH OLIVIA 716 Holly St. .iisheboro. N. C Elementary Education SNEA 4: Psychology Club 4 McRAE, MILDRED LOUISE 407 S Green St , Wadesboro, N. C. SNEA. MEALS, RUBY PAULINE Roaring Gap, N. C. Elementarv Education ACE: Assist. ' House Mother at Watauga Hall, 1965-66: SNEA. MEEKS, DONNA KAY 725 Baker St . ReidsviUe, N. C Home Economics MELTON. JAMES CLAUDE 1203 Hawthorne Lane. Burlington, N. C. Physical Education MENIUS, JUDY ANN 534 Patterson Ave.. Kannapolis, N. C. Biology Transfer from Wingate Junior College: Highland Biologists: Beta Beta Beta MERRELL. CHARLES VAN Route 1. Mocksvillc N C Economics and Business Education Transfer from Mitchell Collcne, Intramurals. MILLER, BRONDA KAY Landis, N C Biology Beta Bela Beta 3, 4, Band I: High land Biologists 2, 3, 4 (Sec- Treas 41: Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4: NEA 3. MILLER, JAMES ROBERT 113 Clement St, Boone, N. C. Music Marching Band I. 2, 3 4: Concert Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Wind Ensem- ble 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3: Men ' s Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Accompanist I, 2, 3, 4, Sec 2. 3): Women ' s Chorus Accomp. 4; Canterbury Club 1, 3. 4 iPres. 4): Appatones I, 2, 3: Special Ed. Club 4; Religious Council 3, 4. MILLER, JANICE ROSEMAN Route 2, China Grove, N C Elementary Education SNCEA 4: BSU Choir I ; ACE. MILLER. JENNIFER WALLACE 113 Clement St., Boone. N C Biology Hall Counselor 2: Canterbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Student Wives Club 3. MILLER, JANE HENLEY 1453 Sunset Dr., Asheboro, N C. Primary- Education Psychology Club: ACE: SNEA: Dean ' s List. MILLER, RICHARD MATTHEW 1217 S. Park Dr., Rcidsville, N. C, History VP of Student Body 4: Student Council 3. 4 (Reporter 3; Judi- ciary Council 3, 4, Chairman 4); School Council 4: Dean ' s List: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Assist, to Reference Library I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Intramurals 2. 3. 4: Who ' s Who Amon Studenis in American Universines and Colleges 4. MILLS, NANCY FEEZOR 207 Fifth St., Landis, N. C. Elementary Education BSU 1, 2, 3, 4 (Choir I, 2, 3, 4; BSU Council. Summer School. 4): Junior Counselor 3: Dean ' s List; Summer College Choir 3: Junior Marshal. Summer School 3. MITCHELL. CAROLYN ANN Box 293. Caroleen. N. C. English Alpha Chi 3. 4. Junior Marshal 3. Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4 MprCHELL. PATTIE TAYLOR 704 Murphy St.. Kannapohs. N C. Primary Education SNEA. MOCK. ROSEMARY AYRES Route 3. Box 50 E. Boone. N. C, Special Education MODE. BRENDA HALYBURTON 1593 Lackey St. Ext., Shelby, N. C. Economics and Business Transfer from Gardner-Webb College. Phi Beta Lambda 4. Pi Omega Pi 4. MOORE. GERALD FRANKLIN 115 S C Ave. Maiden. N C. Economics and Business MOORE. JAMES HUBERT Route I, Lincolnton, N. C, Mathematics Psychology Club, MOORE, TROY DEAN 123 Eastwood Ave , Swannanoa, N. C. Social Science Sigma Tau Omicron 3. MORGAN, ERNEST WILSON Route 7, Morganton, N. C. MORGAN. JUDITH GALE 723 Grand St., High Point, N. C. Sociology and Anthropology Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; ' Religious Council 2. 3; YES Tu- tor 3, ' MORGAN. MAXTON LLOYD Old Lexington Rd.. Asheboro. N. C. Political Science IRC 4: Appalachian Law Assoc. 4. MORGAN. MICHAEL ERIC 1439 N Mam St.. Salisbury, N. C Mathematics and English Student Council 2, 3, 4 ' ( Judiciary Council 2, 3, 4; Treas, of Stu- dent Council 3; Most Valuable Member of Student Council Award 2): School Council 4; Delegate to State Student Legisla- ture 2, 3; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Dean ' s List I, 2. 3, 4, VP of Junior Class; Pres. of Senior Class; Dorm Counselor 3; CCC 2, 3 (Chaplain 2): Chi Lambda Chi 4: Popular Programs 4: Who ' s Who A ' mong Sludenis in American Univenilies and College! 3; Junior Marshal; Ch Marshal and .Acting Pres. of Student Council in Summer School. MORGAN. RONALD ZACK Route 2, Box 529, Candler. N. C. An Art Build 2, 3, 4 (Pres. 2, 31: Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3; Rhododendron (,Art Editor 31. MORGAN. SHIRLEY BOLICK Box 133. Valdese. N C Mathematics MORRIS. SANDRA ELLEN 86 Winecoff Ave . N E , Concord, N C Health and Physical Education WAA. SNEA Modern Dance: Intramurals, MORROW. SANDRA LEE Route 3, Box 171. Forest City, N. C Mathematics Alpha Chi iTreas-l; SNEA: Dean ' s List, Junior Marshal MULLIS. BRENDA JANE Union Grove. N C Business and Economics SNEA; Co-ed of the Month. MURRAY, CAROLYN HOOVER 203 Edgewood Dr., Boone, N. C. Mathematics Top Five Scholastically I, 2. Majorette I, 2, 3. 4; Modem Dance Club 1, 2, 3; Vemician So- ciety 1. 2. 3. 4 (Treas. i. NASH, WILLIAM BOYD Route 3, Albemarle. N C Economics and Business NEELY. WILLIAM ROLAND 138 Church St , Gaslonia, N C Psychology Playcrafters: ' Psychology Club. Wesley Foundation NEESE. SANDRA LEE Route 4, Abingdon. Va. Physical Education Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; WAA I, SNEA 3 NEILL, LINDA SUE P O Box 4, Troutman, N. C Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4 NELLIGAN, ROBERTA GAE 5811 Amity Place, Charlotte, N. C. Primary Education Rhododendron 2. 3. 4 (Sr. class editor 3. Co-editor 4): Women ' s Glee Club 2; Newman Stud. Fed. 1. 2. 3. 4 (Sec. 3. V P 4). Chi Lambda Chi 4 (Exec. Council): SNEA 3. 4: Junior Counselor; Dean ' s List: Who ' s Who Among Sludenls in American Universities and Colleges. NIXON. NANCY SUE Route 1. Stanley. N C Physical Education Intramurals. WAA. Flying Fish OAKLEY. NANCY ELLEN 105 E Jackson St . Mebane. N C Home Economics SNEA 3. 4; Home Ec. Club 2. 3. 4 (Pub. Chairman 3. 4l; Wom- en ' s Glee Club: SRA 4. OLLIS, JACK EDWARD Gen. Del. Minneapolis. N C. Chemistry Band Clubl: Marching Band 1. 2: Varsity Band I, 2, Intramu- ral Baskelball I; Chess Club (VP. 3. Pres. 41: ASTC Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 iTreas. 4): BSU I, 2: German Club 4; Psychology Club 5: American Chemistry Society 3, 4. ORR. DOLLIE GERALDINE 1524 Briar Creek Rd . Charlotte, N C Primary Education SNEA 3. 4; Dean ' s List: Psychology Club. ORR, WENDY ELIZABETH 1424 Glenwood Dnve, Ocala, Fla. Elementary Education Teache: YDC: Transfer from Flonda; Dean ' s List; Ho Canterbury Club; Flying Fish. overc.aSh, graDykay Route 1, Box 207. Mooresville. N C English SNE. 3; Rhododendron 1. 2; Appalachian 4, House President. OVERCASH, JOHN GIBSOhT 5319 Twin Lane Rd , Charlotte, N. C. Physical Education Basketball 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List PACK, PATSY CHRISTINA Box 4, Columbus, N. C French Fench Club 2, 3. 4; SNEA 3. 4. PARHAM. JAMES WILBURN Route 4. Box 476. Asheville. N C. Mathematics Transfer from Asheville-Biltmore; Math Club 4; Intramural Basketball 3. 4 PARIS. JANICE RIGDON Box 41. Troy, N. C. Special Education Rhododendron 1. 2, 3, Junior Counselor 3: Psychology Club 3: SNEA 3. CEC 3. 4: Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; House Council 2. PARKER, JANICE FAYE Route 2, Box 288, Rockingham, N, C. Elementary Education YWCA 1, 2, ' 3. 4 (VP. 3. Pres. 4); Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; YDC 3. 4 Art Guild 4: BSU I; Religious Council 4: Women ' s Glee Club 3. SNEA 4 PARKER. SANDRA KAYE 1814 Broadstreet Rd.. Hampton. Va. Business WAA I. 2. 3. 4 (Sec 21 PARLIER MARY ALICE Piney Creek. N C. Elementarv Education Transfer from UNC-G; SNEA 3. 4: Rhododendron 3. 4 (Business Manager 4); Vemicians 3. 4; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Junior Marshal. PARRISH. ANN WILLIS Hancock Ants. 4. Boone. N. C Pnmarv Education SNEA 3.4: ACE 4, PARSON. JO ANN Route 4. Box 656. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Elementary Education SNEA 3, 4; ' Psychology 3. 4. PASCHALL, llARUE FAYE Box 27, Youngsville. N. C, Mathematics WAA I. 2; BSU 1. 2. 3. 4 (Devotional Chairman. 4. Pub Chair- man. 3): SNEA 3. 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. PATTERSON. MARY BETH 100 Valley Drive. High Point. N. C. Elementary Education Yosef Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Pres. 2. Treas. 4); BSU I, 2. 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 2. PENDLETON, LINDA DULL Route 5. Mocksville, N C Elementary Education Wesley Foundation 1, Psychology Club 2; YES Tutor 3 PEOPLES, DAVID ROBERT Route 2. Mocksville. N. C Business Transfer from Mitchell College; Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4; Intra- Englisl SNEA 3. 4; YWCA 1: Appalachian 2: Women ' s Glee Club 3. 4; Junior Marshal PESCE. BRENDA JOYCE P O Box 547. Wadesboro. N. C. Elementary Education PETTIGRE . NANCY RUTH 3625 Band St.. Raleigh, N. C, Elementary Education SNEA (Treas. and State Sec.); Mixed Chorus: Miss Future Teacher. PETTUS, LINDA CAROLYN 121 Buckingham Rd , Winston-Salem, N. C. Elementary Education House Pres 4; SRA; SNEA 4, College Glee Club 3, 4; Psycholo- gy Club 3; Dean ' s List 3; House Council 2. 3. 4. PHILLIPS. CAROL ELIZABETH 440 32nd St.. S. W . Hickory. N. C Spanish Sigma Delta Pi 3. 4: Spanish Club 4. SNEA 4: Junior Counsel- or 3 PETTY. THERESA ANNA 7116 Mailey Circle. Charlotte. N. C. Elementary Education D.„,is List; SNEA; ACE. PF.ANN. H.ANNELORE ELIZABETH 412 Green St. Boone. N C French and Psychology French Club 2. 3 " . 4, Psychology Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4: Phi Delta Phi 4 PHIFER. EDWARD WILLIAM. Ill 317 W Union. Morganton. N C Business and Economics CCC 2. 3. 4: Golf 3; Phi Beta Lambda 3. PHILLIPS. DAVID LEE Route 4. Box 74. Hickory. N. C Pi Omega Pi 3. 4 (Pres 4): Phi Beta Lambda 2. 3. 4: Chi Lambda Chi 4: Phi Beta Lambda Stale Convention 2. 3; Pi Omega Pi National Convention 4. PHILLIPS. THOMAS FRANKLIN Box 366, Carthage, N. C. Political Science Pi Kappa Delta I, 2, 3, 4; Debate I. 4: Debate Union I. 2. 4: Wesley Foundation I, 2, 4: Intramurals. PHIPPS. BETSY ROSS Route 2. McLeansville, N C. Psychology Marching Band 1; Varsity Band I; Intramurals 1: Psychology Club 3, i PLOTT, NANCY KAREN 768 S. Union. Concord. N. C. Elementary Education POOLE. HERB LESSER Route 2, Tavlorsville. N C History and Political Science YRC I Pres l; Intramural Basketball; IRC. Chi Lambda Chi: Dean ' s List. Most Outstanding Young Republican in N. C. 1964 POOLE. HUBERT R Box 1093. Marion, N C. Elementary Education Mens Chorus 1. Mixed Chorus 1. Intramurals I. 3; Student Council 2; SNEA 3. 4 (VP 4): Chi Lambda Chi. Mr Future Teacher POPLIN, GAYLE MICHAEL Route I, Box 123, Ronda. N. C. History POSTON. JUDY KAYE 1 14 McCray St . Kannapolis. N, C Elementary Education Transfer from Win»ate College; SNEA 3. 4: ACE 4 POTEAT. ALDA ELAINE Route 1. Box 170. Salisbury. N. C Mathematics SRA 3; College Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club I, 4. House Council I; House President 3; SNEA 4: BSU: Dean ' s List; Junior Mar- shal; Vernicians 3. 4. POTEAT. BOBBY GREGORY 127 Oak St-. Boone. N. C. Physical Education and Political Science SNEA 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; AAHPER 4: Law Club 4. POTEAT. BURMA HOOTS Route I. Box 134-A. Forest City, N. C. Libran Science Elen Edu SNEA 3. 4; Junior Counselor 3; Dean ' s List, POTTER. JAMES REID 6500 Sardis Rd . Charlotte. N. C. Political Science ' DC (Pres.); Appalachian (Feature Editor); IRC; Co-Founder of the Appalachian Law Association. POWELL. THOMPSON FILMORE 306 Carbon Citv Rd.. Morganton. N. C. Business Phi Beta Kappa. PRESSON. JUDY IRENE Route 2. Monroe. N. C. English Junior Counselor 3; SNEA 3. 4; Psvchologv Club 3: House Council I; Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4. PRICE. ROBERT BENJAMIN Box 83. Cliffside. N C Music College Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Men ' s Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; MENC 2. 3. 4; MarcRine Band 3- PRlTCriETT. MARTHA LOUISE P-0 Box 217. Banner Elk. N. C. Home Economics Westminster Fellowship I. 2, 3. 4; Home Economics Club I. 2. 3. 4; Psvchologv Club 3. 4: BSU Choir 2; SNEA 3. 4; Varsitv Band I ' PURSER. WANDA KAY PO Box 333. Kannapohs. N C, Home Economics Home Ec Club 1. 2. 3. 4. WAA I; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. SNEA 4. House Council I. 3, RASH. HELEN KAY Route I. Box 110. Olin. N, C. Elementarx Education Transfer from Mitchell Colleee; W. .A 4. R.ATLEDGE. BRENDA BILllNGS . 2A. Traphill. N C. Libr; . Scie Libran, Science Club (Seel; Psychology Club; Dean ' s Lis REaVTs. JAMES CLYDE. JR ' 824 Hawthorne Rd . Winslon-Salem. N. C. Physical Education Track I. 2. 3; Swimming 3; Soccer I. 2, 3. RECTOR. SAMMY GROVER 70 Tremont St.. Asheville. N, C. Psychology Transfer from Gardner-Webb; Baseball. REED. MARY ELIZABETH Route 2. Box 1. Gaslonia. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Greensboro Cotleee. NEA 3. 4; Psychology Club 3. 4. REMPSON. NANCY CAROL 938 S. Park St.. Asheboro. N C Elementary Education Glee Club i. 4. SNEA 4; ACE 4. RICKMAN. PATRICIA HAWN 785 8th Aie SE. Hickory. N C. Elei EJuc, SNE 3. 4 ACE 4, Intramural Softball and Basketball 1. 3. 4 RIDER CATHERINE LYNNETTE Route I. Liberu, N C English Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Religious Council I, 2. 3 (Sec, ll; V,P of dorm; SNEA 2, 3. Spanish Club I, RIDDLE, JOLENE Route 2, Box 1120, Spruce Pine. N, C, French French Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Treas. 3, Pres. 4); Pi Delta Phi 2. 3. 4 (V P 41. Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4: Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. RIDGE NORMA BAIN 9.51) Random RJ Winslon-Saiem. N. C. Ph siLal Education RKkARD E I.LVN M. I7,sg NW 26ih St Winter Haven. Fla. Elementary Education Transfer Irom Stetson University; BSU. RITCHIE. DOROTHY POOLE Hardin Apt . Boone. N, C. English Student Council 2; Vernician Society. RIVES. SHIRLEY ANN 124 Park St . Statesville. N. C, Elementary Education Transfer from Mitchell College; NEA 3; Psychology Club 3; ROACH. MARILYN KAY 506 Lindsay St.. High Point, N. C. Primary Education House Council I; Yosef Club 2; SNEA 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus Ele Edu Deans List I. 2. 3. 4 ROBINSON. ARETHA BERNICE Candler. N. C. Malhematics Junior Counselor 3; Alpha Chi 3. 4 (Sec 41; Rhododendron I. Mathematics Achievement Award I RODGERS. JANE MARIE Route 3. Box 348. Reidsville. N C. Home Economics Home Ec Club 2. 3. 4; SNEA 3; Westminster Fellowship 3. ROOFE. SANDRA KAY 312 Hamlet Ave.. Hamlet. N, C. Social Science SRA. Glee Club; House Council; SNEA. ROSE. GLENN ERLE Route I. Bear Creek. N, C Mathematics Math Club 2. 3. 4 (Pres 3 1. CCC 2. 3. 4. ROSE WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER 102 Railroad Ave : Maiden. N, C. History Dean ' s List. Intramural Basketball. Football. Softball. ROWLAND. GERALDINE 147 Cedar St.. Gastonia. N. C Elementan ' Education Transfer from Lee College; YES Tutor. RUSHING. ANNE BONNELL Route 1. Peachland. N-C. Elementary Education Wesley Foutidation; SNEA, RUSFIING, CAROLYN ANN Route 3, Monroe, N,C. RUSSELL, ALMA GAIL 202 Cheeks Lane, Graham, N.C. Women ' s Glee Club I, 2; JV Cheerleader 2; Playcrafters 3. 4; College Choir 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4 (Hist, 4); Wesley Foundation, SAFFO, CONSTATINE GEORGE 115 Wnghtsville Ave , Wilminoton, N,C, Physical Education SAMARAS, JOHN MICHAEL 2867 Hermitage Dr,, Winslon-Salem, N.C. Physics Political Science Club 2; Physics Club 3, 4 (V,P. 3. Pres. 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3; Lab Assistant 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List; Most Im- proved Student in Chemistry Award 3. Biology Beta Beu Beta 2. 3. 4 (Sec. 3); Junior Counselor 3. SAMS RONNIE RAY Route I. Box 75. Asheville, N. C Mathematics Baseball I; SNE.A 3; Intramurals; Ski Patrol; Weslev Founda- tion (Pres.) SATTERWHITE, JERRY WAYNE 107 Collese St., Boone, N. C Malheiiiatics CCC 3, 4 (VP. 31; BSU I, 2, 3, 4, Student in Residence BSU Student Center 3, 4. SCOTT AUDREY GRAY Route 2, Pinnacle, N C Elementary Education BSU I, 2; SNEA 3. 4; Psychology 3; ACE 4; Dean ' s List, Business Club; SNEA. SEAVER, JL Dy McINNIS 3327 Old mesard Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C Pnmarv Education Westminster Fellowship 2, 3; Rhododendron 3 (Class Editor 31; NEA 3, Dean ' s List 3, 4; Appalettes 3, SEITZ, KATHERINE FAYE Route 2. Box 133, Newton, N. C Librarv Science Alpha Chi 3, 4; Lutheran Student Assoc. (Treas.); Library Science Club 3. 4 (Pres.l; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; SNEA 3. 4; Religious Council I. 2. SELLERS. LOY FURMAN Box lir. Fallslon. N. C. Sociology SNEA 3. 4 ' ; Math Club 2; Dean ' s List. SHARPE. BEATRICEWRENN 605 N, Center St.. Statesville. N. C. English Library Science Club 4. SHAVER. MICKEY PAUL Route 8. Box 60A. Statesville. N. C. Mathematics SHAW. RUTH ANNE 2004 Pleasant St . Asheboro. N. C. Librars Science Library Science Club I. 2. 3. 4. SHELLMAN. DAVID WAYNE 246 8lh Ave . Cramcrton. N, C. Chemistrs Appalachian Chemical Society I. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 3; Ju- diciary 3. President of Student Body 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Popular Programs 4; BSU Council 1. 2. 3; W o ' v IVho Amoni; Students in American Universities and CoUet es 4; SNEA 4. School Council 4; Hall counselor 3 SHELTON. JUDY Marshall. N. C. English Dean s List; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Spanish Club 3. 4; Junior Marshal, SHERRILL. N RUTH 344 2M St SE. Hickory. N. C Primary Education ' ■lppol,i,li:aii I. NEA 3, 4. SHIELDS, BECK1 SUE 424 Sherman A e . Gastonia. N C, Elei EJuc, ; Junior Counselor 3; SNEA 3, YDC SHUFORD. JUDY CALDWELL 271. Lincolnton. N C Ele Edu SHUFORD. THOMAS MARTIN 823 N Laurel St . Lincolnton. N, C, Social Studies SNEA SIGMON. JOHN ALVIN Ri.uic 3, Box 354. Hickorv. N C Industrial Arts lA lub I. 2. 3. 4; Student Traffic Org 2. 3 (V P, 3) Elei LJu Transfer Irom Lees-McRac Junior College SIMPSON. JOHNNIE REE Box 371. Connelly Springs. N C Elementary Education BSU Council 3. Pep Club I. 2; ACE I. 2. 3. SNEA 3. 4 SINK. SAMUEL DUNCAN 210 Hillcresl Circle. Bixjne. N, C. French French Club 3. 4; Spanish Club 3. 4 (V P 4); Chemislrv Club 1. SIPE. JUDY ELEANOR Route I. Box 133. Mt Hollv. N C Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4. Alpha Chi 3. 4; ACE 4. PsvcholoBv Club 3; BSU I. 2. 3. 4; Junior Marshal 3; Dean ' s Lisi I. 2. 3. " 4 SmON. DONALD McKINLEY Box 123. Horse Shoe. N, C Mathematics and Physics Basketball I. 2. 3. 4 (Cb-captain 4); Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; BSU 1. 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Treasurer of Junior Class; IT io ' s IVho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3; Chief Junior Marshal SLATE. JAMES RAYMOND Route 1. Danbury. N C. Business Education SMITH. ALLEN EDGAR 5238 Cox Blvd.. Winston-Salera. N. C Physical Education Men ' s " A " Club 2. 3. 4; SRA 3; Baseball 2. 3; NEA 4. SMITH. DON L 1133 Academy St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Business ' Phi Beta Lambda; Intramurals; Football; Lounge Super- intendent SMITH. ELLEN RAY 801 Brookoreen Terrace. Graham. N. C. Special Education SNEA 4; SRA I ; Special Ed. Club 4; Council for Exceptional Children 3. 4. SMITH. EULA EDITH Route 1. Box 296. Elk Park. N. C Enolish BSl! I. 2. 3. 4 (Executive Council 3. 4); BSU Tourina Choir 1. 2. 3, 4; YWA I. 3. SMITH. JOHN D.AVID Route I. Troulman. N. C. Business and Economics Transfer from Mitchell Junior College. SMITH. JUDITH ANN 4700 Ridgeley Dr.. Charlotte. N C Biology Hishlan-J Biologists I. 2. 3. 4; SNEA; Dean ' s List SNIiTH. LARRY RICHARD Route 3. Box 78. Asheville. N. C History NEA 3. 4; YDC 4; IRC 4 SMITH. MARGARET GAIL Route 6. Greenville. S.C Elei Edu SMITH. MARTHA MARGARET 415 Carolyn St . Carv. N. C. English Dean List 3; Intramural Softball I SMITH. SANDRA CORDELIA Route 2. Box 310. Fletcher. N C Elementary Education Transfer from Emmanuel College; Players; Choir; Dean ' s List; Intramural Basketball I. 2. 4 " SNIDER. JOYCE MYRA Route 3. Box 47. Lexington. N C. Elen Edu ACE 3. 4; Rhododendron 2. 3. 4; Pep Club I; Alpha Chi 4; Deans List SNYDER. RICHARD CHARLES 2035 Old Salisbury Rd.. Winslon-Salem. N. C Social Science Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4. SOUTH. JUDY LORANA 1912 Perkinsville Dr.. Boone. N C, Business Transfer from Lenoir Rhvne College, SPEARMAN, NORMA L, Route 3, Kings Mountain, N C Speech SNEA 4; BSU I, 2; House Council 3; Dean ' s List; Playcrafters 3,4. SPENCER, VICKI STONE 312 Ackert Ave,, Salisbury, N, C. Library Science Library cience Club; Junior Marshal; Judiciary Council SPRINiKLE, GILBERT TAYLOR, JR 1121 Holmes St,, Salisbury, N C Mathematics Basketball 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2 STAFFORD, MARIL1 N LUE 7.30 Voss St , Winston-Salem, N C Instrumental Music Marching Band, Concert Band; Orchestra, MENC STAFF(3RD. SHIRLEY ANN 1008 Montreal Rd , Black Mountain, N C Elemeniars Education SNEA. STALEY, SARA LYNNE Box 1242, Shelbs, N. C Home Economics Home Ec, Club I, 2, 3, 4; WAA I; House Council I, 2; Wesley Foundation I, 2; CJS 2, 3; SNEA 3, 4; Flying Fish 2, 3; Psv- chologv Club 3. ' ' STEEtMAN, DAVID LINDSAY Box 22. Boonvillc, N C, Business Education Phi Bela Lambda, Intramurals; Hall Counselor, STEELMAN. MARGARET AILEEN RouK- 1 ,Hlkllnllle, N, C, I J I Ti.iii.M ir,,n, Miichell Junior College; WAA 3,4; Inlramurals; ..lkAb.,ll s l SJhl ' llLNS NANCY WOODWARD 2504 Franklin Rd,, Raleigh, N, C Home Eccmomics Home Ec Club I, 3, 4; SNEA 3. 4 STEPHENS, PHYLLIS ANN Route 2, Liberty. N C Health and Phssical Education Transfer GuillnrJ Cnllege; WAA 3. 4 (Officer 41; NEA; House Council. Intr.imurals ' ; DGWS National Basketball Official; Deans List STEVENSON. SUSAN JANE Route 3, Box 227. Statesville. N C. Ele Edu SNEA; Dean ' s List; Honor Teacher STIFFLER. PATRICIA 616 Rav Ave . Hendersonville. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA; Concert Band 2. 3 STILES. ROLAND WAYNE I02S Va. Rd,. Thomasvillc N. C Business and Economics Math Club 3; CCC 3. 4 (Pres. 4); NEA 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Student Council 4; School Council 4 STIMSON. DAVID SAMUEL Box 712. Lenoir. N C Polit I Scic YDC. YRC; IRC; Hutton Humboldt Club; Dean ' s Lis Chorus STODDARD. CHRI.STIE ROSE and: 755 W. 30lh Si,, Hialiah, Fla, Health and Physical Education, and French Modern Dance Club I. 2. 3, 4 (Officer 2. 3, 4); Cercle Francais 12 3 4; Pi Delta Phi 2. 3, 4; House Council 4; Dean ' s List. STROUPE, CHARLES WAYNE 1466 I2lh Si, Dr, N, W., Hickory, N. C, Mathematics SULLIVAN, JIMMY ROGER Route 3, Bo. 161, Lansing. N. C, Mathematics Appalachian Physics Society 3; Math Club I, 2, 3. 4 (VP 4); Men ' s Chorus I; ' SNEA 4, " TATE. DOROTHY LOUISE Route I, Box 399, Forest City. N. C. English TAYLOR. ANNA R, Route 5. Box 436. Lenoir. N, C- Business SNEA; Rhododendron: Pi Omega Pi (Sec); Phi Beta Lambda (Treas-); Dean ' s List; House Council, TAYLOR. MYRTLE SUE Route 3. Box 512-B. Greenville. N. C. Speech and Drama Plavcrafters; Psvchology Club. TA ' VLOR. RONNIE COPE Route I. Box 50, Connelly Springs. N. C. Physical Education Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4; Soccer 2. 3. TEAGUE, SHARON KAY Route I, Box 90, Boone. N. C, Elementary Education SNEA TEMPLETON, FRANKLIN EDWARD 134 W Howard, Boone, N C Induslrial Arts Alpha Chi 3, 4 TEMPLETON. WILMA McDANIEL 134 W Howard St., Boone, N. C Business Education Pi Omega Pi 3. 4 (VP 4); Dean ' s List 2, 3. 4; Junior Marshal, TESTER. JERRY VIRGIL 127 Oak St. Boone. N C Industrial Arts lA Club 3. 4 (Treas 41; Dean ' s List 3. THOMAS. DORIS JEAN Rome 3. Box 380. Rockingham. N. C, Business Education House Council I (Sec 3); Phi Beta Lambda 3 (Hist. 4); SRA 4; SNEA 3. 4, THOMAS. JACK MARTIN 214 Cherry Dr . Boone. N. C. Business and Economics THOMAS. ELIZABETH JANE 4937 Seacrofl Rd . Charlotte. N C Won , Glee Club; Ho Rhododendron 2. 3. 4; NEA 3. 4; en ' s Glee Club 2; Wesley Foundai THOMAS. JUDY ADALE Route 1. Green Mountain. N, C Home Economics Transfer from High Poinl College, Ec Club 3. 4; SNEA; Dean ' s List THOMAS. RESA ANN Route 5, Box 218. Marsha..N. C. Health and Physical Education WAA I. 2; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; SNEA 3. 4; Secretary of Se- nior Class 4; Inlerclass Officer ' s Council 4; BSU I; House Council 4. THOMPSON. MATTHEW JOET Route 2. Box 716. Spruce Pine. N, C. Industrial Arts lA Club I. 2, 3, 4 TILLEY, OLIVIA KAY Roule 2, Mount Airy, N C Home Economics SNEA 3, 4; BSU I, 2. 3; Intramural Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Alpha Chi 3; Junior Marshal 3; Dean ' s List I. 2. 3; Home Ec Club 2, 3. 4, TIMMONS, MARY JEAN Route 3, Mt Airy, N C English Transfer from Gardner-Webb itinior College TODD, JAMES MIKE Millay Rd , Bowdoinham, Maine CCC Inlr nd Business , 3, 4; Vice-President of Frt 1 Cla , 2, 3, BSU 3, 4 iCoun- TRAVIS, RONALD ELBERT 103 N, Santa Rosa. Los Banos. CaUf Biology Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College cil 41. TRIVETTE. JOE DENNIS Sugar Grove. N C Business and Economics Transfer from Lees McRae College. TRULL. LINDA GAIL Route 1. Wingate. N. C. Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate College; SNEA 4 TUCKER. VIRGIE Box 342. Troulman. N C Malhemalics French Club I. 2. BSU 1. 2. 3, 4 (Missions Chairman 3. Sum- mer School Pres, 4); Dean ' s List; Honor Teaching; SNEA 3; Na- tional Council of Teachers of Mathematics 4 TURBYFILL. MARY GRACE Route 2. Box 77. Maiden. N, C, Music MENC I. 2. 3. 4 (Sec 3); College Choir I. 3, 4; Canterbury Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Sec 2.4); SRA I. Vice Pres of North I; March- ing Band 3; Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4; Religious Council I. 3. 4; Ju- Business and Ei Phi Beta Lambda 4. TURNER. LINDA LITAKER Route 4. Box 388. Lenoir. N, C. Physical Education Intramurals 2. 3; Intramural Council 3; WAA 2. 3. TYNER. HAROLD E, 617 Ben St., Kannapolis, N, C, Spanish ASTC Band I; Spanish Club 3 (VP. 3, Pres 41; Spanish Lab Assistant 3, 4; Parade Marshal Homecoming 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Library Assistant. UNDERWOOD. JERRY WEIR 410 Hams Lane. Monroe, N, C, Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College; SNEA 3. 4 VENABLE. JOYCE ARLEEN 7 Pmman Rd . Canton. N C. History Transfer ' from Warren Wilson Junior College; Harvard-Yale- Colombia Intensive Summer Studies Program; Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4 (VP 41, VERBLE, MARY ELIZABETH 647 Ridgecresl, Mooresville, N C. Mathematics CCC Co-ed of the Month I; Vernician Society 1; Treasurer of the Sophomore Class 2; Treasurer of Popular Programs 3. 4; SNEA; May Court 2; Homecoming Count 4; House Council 1. 4, VICK, SHIRLEY MARIE 204 McEIhaney Rd.. Travelers Rest. S. C. Psychology Psycholoav Club I; Pep Club I VICKErV, BEVERLY JEAN Route I, Indian Trail. N C Elementary Education SNEA; Dean ' s List VonCANNON. ARVIL ELLIS, JR. 655 N Seventh St , Albemarle, N. C, Elementary Education VonCANON, CHARLES BANNER, JR Box 86, Banner Elk, N C Industrial Arts VOSS, MARGARET JANE 3909 Wavne St., Winston-Salem. N. C Health ' and Physical Education Transfer from Mitchell College; SNEA 3. 4; WAA 3. 4 (Sec. 4|; DGWS National Basketball Official. Intramurals: Softball 3; Track Field 3. Soccer 4; VoUeyball 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4. W AGGONER. MICHAEL W Box 31. Walkertown. N. C. Biology Undergraduate Assistant in Biology 4; Beta Beta Beta 2. 3. 4; Highland Biologists I. 2. 3. 4 (V.P. 3); SRA I; Appalachian I; Dean ' s List; Chi " Lambda Chi 3 WAGNER. JEAN CLARK 1 100 LakesidFDnve. Stalesville. N. C. :ligic Counselor; House Counselor; Wi Dean ' s List. TURNER. JACK ALLISON 600 Leander St.. Shelby. N. C. Intramurals I; SNEA. WALKER. DIANNE MARIE 304 Center St.. Mebane, N. C, Music Transfer from Wingate College; SNEA 3. 4; College Choir 3. 4, WALSH. CAROL LEE 321 S. Mulberry St.. Statesville, N. C, Elementary Education WALTERS. ELIZABETH G 1001 Memory Lane. Monroe. N. C. Special Education WARE. CONNIE LOU 7 Harvard PI . .Asheville. N C Elementary Education SNEA 3; ACE 4. House Council 2. 3; Newman Stud, Fed. 2. 3. 4. Rhododendron 4; Dean ' s List, WAUGH, DONALD CECIL 307 Washburn St . Lexington N C, Physical Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; Basketball, Intra- murals: Basketball and Softball; Chess Club. WEAVER. WESLEY MAURICE. Ill 620 Bellview St . Winston-Salem. N. C. Mathematics College Symphony Orchestra 4; Varsity Band 2; Marching Band I. 3; Concert Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Wind Ensemble I. 2. 3, 4; Student Council 2. 3. Student Council (Judiciary 3); Popular Programs 3 (Vice-Chairman). President of the Junior Class; Hall Counselor 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3 Inlerclass Officer ' s Council 3; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4. BSU 1. 2, Intramural Basketball 3; School Chorale 3. Math Club 3. 4. Who Who Amon Student:; in American Universilies and Colleges 3. 4; Dean ' s List I. SNEA 4 WEiSNER. JUDITH ANN Route I. Olin. N C Physical Education SNEA 3. 4. WAA 3. 4; Intramurals 3. 4 WELLBORN. WILLIAM NEWTON Brownwood Rd . Deep Gap. N C. Economics and Business WEST. NELDA RACHEL Route 1. Box 302. Ferguson. N C. Mathematics SNEA 3. 4. Math Club 3. 4 WEST. SHIRLEY " iNN 228 W Lowrante St , Mooresville. N C Elemeniarv Education House Council 1. Dean ' s List WHELAN. MARY ELIZABETH Apt. 209. Chateau Village. Morganlon. N C. Music WHELESS. SHIRLEY ANN Roule I. Box 44-A. Louisburg. N C Physical Education WAA I. 2. 3, 4; BSU I. 2. 3, 4 (Touring Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Execu- tive Counal 3); In WHISENANT. DAVID HOWARD Route 5. Box 154. Morganlon. N. C, Business Education Phi Beta Lambda 3; Pi Omega Pi 4; Dean ' s List. WHISNANT. BARBARA JANE Box 234. Polkville. N. C Sociology WHISNANT. VERLA MAE Box 53. Whitnel. N. C. English SNEA 3. 4; Dean ' s List 3. House Council 1. WHITAKER. NANCY ANNE 2359 Queen St., Winston-Salem. N, C, Sociology Transfer from Mars Hill College; ASTC Choir 3. 4; Psychology Club. BSU Touring Choir 4. WHITE. HAROLD EDWARD Route 2. Winston-Salem. N. C. Political Science Intramurals: Football. Basketball. Softball. WHITE. MARY EVELYN Box 493. Forest City. N, C. Physics WHITMER. JAMES MORRISON 115 N. Kornegav St., Goldsboro. N C, BioloBV WILKERSON. LINDA EVELYN 69 Round Top Rd.. Asheville. N, C Biology and Geography Intramurals 2; Yosef Club I; Highland Biologists 1. 2; Hutton- Humboh Club 3. WILKINS. JUDY CAROLYN Route 1. Box 639-A. Salisbury. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA WILKINSON. PATSY ANN Brown Rd.. Ml Ulla. N C Elementary Education SNEA 3 WILLIAMS. REGINA ELLIOTT 417 Weaver Dr.. Lexington. N C Health and Physical Education Flying Fish 1. 2. ' 3. 4 (Sec. 4|; SRA 2. 4; WAA I. 2. 3. (Sec. 1. 2. 3. Pres. 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; House Council (Pres. 4); SNEA 3. 4; Vernicians 3. 4; Intramurals; Softball I. 2. 3; Badminton 3. 4; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Track and Field; Soccer 3. 4; VoUeyball I, 2, 3. 4 WILLIS, VIRGIL W 4809 Ridgeley Dr.. Charlotte. N C. Physical Education CCC 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. WILSON. MARY LYNN Roule 3. Bakersville. N C Home Economics Home Ec. Club 3, 4; ASTC Club Reporter; Stale Officer of N. C. College Chapters 3; Psychology Club 3. 4 WILSON. MICKIE JANELL Box 127. Icard. N. C, Ho Home Ec Chapter 1. 2, 3. 4; SRA 3; Vice-Pres, of Watauga 3; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Dean ' s List, WfLSON. WILLIAM GARY 309 Bristol Drive. Stalesville. N, C. Business and Economics WOFFORD. JOHN G Woodruff. S. C. History WOOD. PEGGY LEE Route 1. Mebane. N C Business and Economics 1 WCA 1. YWA I; BSU Touring Choir 2; Junior Counselor 3; Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List; NEA 3. WOOD. VIRGINIA EVELYN 513 Early St.. Draper. N. C, Elementary Education ACE 1. 2. 3. ' 4 (VP 3. Pres, 4); Secretary of Sophomore Class; Wesley Foundation I. 2. 3; SNEA 3; Dean ' s List; Chi Lambda Chi 4; ' Alpha Chi 4; House Council I WOODELL. MEL ALLEN 5710 Cambridge Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. Sociology and Anthropology Westminster Fellowship I. 2; Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Pi Beta Lambda 2. 3. Religious Council 3; YDC; Rhododendron 3. 4 WOOTEN. DANA BRUCE 310 E. Saint John St.. Tarboro. N C, Political Science WOOTEN. JANICE STERMER Route 2. Yadkinville. N. C. Home Economics House Council 2. 3; Home Ec Club 2. 3. 4; Vernician Society 3, 4 YATES. CLAYTON WAYNE Purlear. N, C, Industrial Arts lA Club 3. 4. YOKLEY. WINFRED KEITH 3700 N. Main Ext.. High Point. N C English Alpha Chi 3. 4. Pi Delta Phi 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4 (Pres. 41; Intensive Summer Studies Program at Yale 4; SNEA 3. 4; Psvchologv Club 3 Ele Edu NEA 3 YOUNGER. CAROL WEISNER Bos 69y. Gibsonville. N. C. Elementary Education SNEA 3. 4; ACE 4; Dean ' s List; College Choir 4. YOUNT. JUDITH ELAINE Rou.e 3. Box 49. Granite Falls. N. C. Elementary Education Inlramural Softball I; Intramural Tennis 2. Psvchology Club 3. 302 General Index Administration 112 Alumni college 40 Campus Superlatives 158 Clubs 246 Co-ed of the month 25, 29 Convocations 28 Dedication 1 Entertainment Spring 20 Fall Winter Faculty Freshmen 160 Graduates 226 Graduation Sprmg 30 Summer 44 Homecoming 62 Homecoming Court 72 Honoraries Juniors Junior Marshals 240 May Court 26 Seniors 204 Senior Superlatives 234 Sophomores 176 Sports Baseball 12 Basketball 106 Football Golf Soccer Tenni Wrestlino 76 94 121 241 192 66 16 58 Swimming 104 Track I4 102 Who ' s Who 238 303 To Those of vou who have complained of our efibrts . . . To Those of ' vou who have tried so desperately to help You who have offered comfort . . . And you who ha ' e actively participated . . . Our thanks. Our performance is herem perpetuated for each of you to evaluate. If we were right, hundreds of vou so stating would not make us change . . . If we were wrong, all of ou declaring our virtues would not make it so. We have tried to: place emphasis on life and the pursuit of education eliminate copv as much as possible so that our inclina- tions and suagestions might not mar your own per- sonal remembrances of a time or an event . . . show curriculum and applicable faculty together as you remember them. We have tried NOT to embarrass anv member nor have we tried to show you at less than your best, however, we have tried to show you as you are— real people . . . Sincerelv. Evelyn and Robbie Co-responsible

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