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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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y4ivna vV later Cherished vision of the sonthhnd Alvia Mater in the hills, Thou dost point our minds to wisdom, Till the truth mtr spirit thrills. Teachers CoUei e, Appalachia, Of our hearts the joy and pride, Lead us ever, lead us onward, Vanguard of the hero ' s side. Ahna Mater, Patron College, Happy memories around thee cling. Friendships dear and games of Imighter All their mead of treasure hring. Words by J. D. Rankin President Emeritus Page Two j ..; ... . 5TAT TEACHERS LuLLECE -- CQ-EDUCATIONAL fCUMDED 1903 CLA530Fl95a 966 rCA ouocienciro n APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Page Three IKhododenclron S taf f Jane Davenport Editor-in-Chief Becky Berrier Business Manager Elizabeth Fox Sponsor Bruce Roberts Frank Wright John Dinkins Mrs. Paul Weston Peggy Jo Mabe Photographers Ronald Zack Morgan Art Editor Becky Berrier Sports Editor Robbie Nelligan Judy McInnis Jean Milek Louise Conrad Joyce Snider Class Editors Judy Winecoff Evelyn Edmisten Editorial Assistants Page Four L ontentd Administration Faculty Graduate Students Fall Winter Spring Page Five i uli , Fall at Appalachian State Teachers College is highlighted by football and pep rallies which touch off Mountaineer spirit. Page %ix UU inter . . . S, mrina Winter in Boone features her blanket of white. Spring brings students outside on any pretense. iifflS Page Sereu orewor J This year the 1966 Rhododendron staff has attempted to portray the prog- ress of events throughout a year at Ap- palachian State Teachers College. Each year a student spends at Appalachian will bring fond memories in years to come. Each of the four years will have some cherished meaning for the indi- vidual student. In this publication, we hope that we have portrayed some sig- nificant event — a game in which you participated, an election you won, a dance when you dated that special some- one, a favorite spot on campus— which will stir memories in years to come. Paqe ' Nine Familiar campus scenes — a break for food — recreation rather than study. Page Ten Page Tileven A new classroom hiiihltiiii is ituihr va Lurowtk The finished product— Ednin Ditncan, Senior, Hall iii» » " i mum jrawinrawni 1 Page Twelve W. Kerr Scott Hall Raiiki)! Science Buihlina, LilUe Shiill Doiiohtery Hall Doiighton Hall— The first of a series of new dormitories for tvomcn. Page Thirteen Dr. William Thomas Nichols Page Fourteen Dr. Nichols (right) during television ap- pearance with Alan Newcomh and Paid ]. Friedrich. A pensive man oLJedi Hi icauon The 1966 Rhododendron Staff proudly dedicates this edition to Dr. William Thomas Nichols— a professor whose boundless energy and enthusiasm for Appalachian and its students is unmistakable. His vi- vacious spirit is quite contagious in the classroom where he shows a sincere interest in each student. Dr. Nichols demonstrates his school spirit by participating in the Appalachian Marching Band, Concert Band, and Woodwind Ensemble and by sponsoring the International Relations Club. We feel privileged to have Dr. Nichols and do appreciate the contributions he has made to Appalachian. Page Fifteen Dr. W. H. Plemmons A.B., A.M.. Ph.D., LL.D. President i v [eddaae rom Lyur [ redldent . Greet i It is a pleasure and pri ilegc to ha c the opportunity to salute the stu- dents. Faculty, and other friends of Appalachian through the pages of the Rhododendron. In contributing to the recording for history the part the students have played in the life of the college, this publication has always had a very essential place in the student life of the campus. We look over issues of past years with a great deal of pride, and we know that the one for 1965-66 will also be a very fine contribution. As you leave Appalachian, vou will take with you the love and concern of your Alma Mater, and she will follow vour every activity with great interest and pride. Keep in touch with your institution, and " May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent, one from the other. " W. H. Plemmons Pdge Sixteen James D. Rankin A.B., A.M., D.S.T.D. President Emeritus ..ywdm in id tra lion Paul Sanders B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of histructioii O. Kenneth Webb, [r. B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Dean of Student Affairs Gratis D. Williams A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies y um in is tra lion ed R. Trivette B.S., M.A. Director of Business Affairs Robert T. Allen, Jr. A. 13. Director of Public Affairs J, m in id tra tion Ben F. Strickland B.S., M.Ed. Ed.D. Registrar James D. Lacey B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Director of Admissions Maxie G. Edmisten B.S., M.A. Dean of Women RoNNY L. Brooks B.S. Dean of Men . dm in is tra lion Jerry Perry B.A. Budget Officer Steve Gabriel B.S., M.S. Sliuleul Fiiiaucinl Aid Officei |ack Groce B.S., M.S. Director of Recreation Hoy Lanning Purchasiiii! Aiieiil rsDeijaftment J eucid ep I lowARD S. Decker B.S., M.S., M.A., Ed.D. Art, Indvstrinl Arts F. Ray Derrick B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Bioloiiv Woodford C radv Sink A.B., M.S., Ph. I). Chciiii tr] ( Riis R. SunoN B.S., M-.A., Ed.D. Economics and Business Ben H. Horton, Jr. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Gravdcjn p. Egcers B.A., A.M., Ph.D. English j. Ro Prince B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. ForeiiJn Lant uage P„r,„ T,.,„„(„.„M, s DepcLrttn en t J ecids 2p Julian Yoder B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Geogrnp ir mid Geology Marshall Walters B.S.. .M.A. Health and Physical Education J. Max Dixon A.B., M.A., Ph.D. History Mary Brown Allgood B.S., M.S. Home Economics William Leonard Eury A.B., B.S., M.S. Library Harold E. Holland B.A., M.A., M.S. Lihrary Science Paul Patterson B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Page Twenty-two rUjeijartm en t J ea ciA ep, William G. Spencer B.M.Ed., M.A., Ed.D. Music O. Kenneth Webb, Jr. B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Philosophy ami Religion Walter C. Connolly B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Physics William ThoiMas Nichols B.A., Ph.D. Political Science Samliel H. Petticrev B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Psychology A. l l. Denton, Jr. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Sociology and Anthropology Thomas L. Tedforij B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Speech %- M Page Twenty-three rt, ( 3ioloQii. K hemistr: n y Catherine Smith B.S., M.A. An Irvin Vats(;n Carpenter, B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. hiology J. Frank Randall A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Rioloay Kent Robinson B.S., M.A. Biology Teunis Vergeer A.B., M.S.. Ph.D. Biology C.ELENE . AtWOOD A.B. BiLLiE Cullivan B.S., M.A. Chemistry May Evans Denton B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry Iames E. Johnson B.S., M.S. ' , Ph.D. Cheviistrr George B. Miles B.S., Ph.D. Chemistry Ann Mae Blackburn B.S., M.A. Business Education Roger M. Clites A.B., M.A. Economics and Business Stanley A. Harris, |r. B.S., M.B.A. Econom ics and Business conomicS un d (jO udine6Sj C ducuL ion Martha G. Hawkinson B.A., B.S.S.A., M.A. business Education James F. Jones A.B., M.A. Business Ediication Carl J. Messere B.S., M.A. Business Education |ane Margaret Riner B.S., M.A. Business Education Kathryn Croft Tullv A.B., M.A. Business Education Thurston Walls B.A., M.A. Economics and Business John C. Harden A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education Lawrence Ray Berry A.B. Education Roy Russel Blanton, Jr. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education C. Milton Blue B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Education Ben G. Bosworth B.S.Ed., M.A., Ed.D. Education Madeline Bradford B.S., M.A. Education MS-J . M Jir ' k m a. tli ucaiion Beulah Campbell A.B., M.A. ¥.Ai canon Iames Monroe Cole B.S.. M.Ed. Education Grace M. Councill B.S., M.A. Ediicaiion [anet Elizabeth Cox B.A., M.A. Education William Anderson Floyd A.B., M.A., B.D., Ed.D. Education William E. Fulmer A.B., Ed.M., Ed.D. Education Clarence l{. CIilstrap B.A., M.A. Education MiGNONNE Griggs B.S., M.Ed. Education J. Edward Harrill A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Education Isabel Jones B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. Education |erry Dean Lehman B.A., M.A. Education Robert B. McFarland B.S., M.A. Education p . Jack R. Melton A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Education W. Dean Meredith A.B., M.Ed. Education Joseph Murphy A.B., M.A. Education Edwin Everitt Potter, Jr. B.A., M.Ed., D.Ed. Education Uberto Price B.S., M.A. Education John Alfred Pritchett, Jr. A.B., M.A. Education Beatrix B. Ramey B.S., M.A. Education Robert L. Randall B.S., M.A., C.A.S., Ph.D. Education Lee Francis Reynolds B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Edttcation James M. Sawyer B.S., M.A. Edtication Nollie W. Shelton B.S., M.A. Education Carolyn Meredith Smith B.S., M.A., Ed.S. Education Ruby Akers A.B., M.A. Enalish C nailshy j orcLcin r c an uaaey KJeocifaphii an apnij John F. Bozard B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English |()VCE Burnett Clites B.A., M.A. English Lawrence Edwards A.B„ M.A., Ph.D. Enojish Daisy W. Eggers B.S., M.A. English Virginia Lynn Ganim A.B., M.A. English Donna Caroline I Iavnaer B.S., M.A. English loHN Pender MacBryde A.B., M.A. English Betty Ruth McFarland B.S., M.A. English I Iarry George Merrill, III A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Enidish Paul Stanley Smith A.B., M.A., Ed.S. English )iiN J. Van Noppen, 111 A.B., M.A., Ed.D. English Rogers V. Whitener B.S., M.A. English J I Iarry B. Wilson B.A., M.A. English loaUy J ealtk and j huslcal C duccitl ' lucciuon Carl H. Bredow B.S., M.A. Foreign Language John Ward Hamilton B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Language Sheila Dale Norton B.S. Foreign Language Maryo Walters B.A. Foreign Language Terry E. Epperson, jr. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Geography William A. Imperatore B.S., M.A. Geography Marcus B. Morehead B.S. Geology Robert E. Reiman B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Geography John C. Upchurch B.S., M.S. Geography and Geology Sydney H. Andrews B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Icahh and Physical Education Joan Askew B.S., M.S. lleahh and Physical Education Vera Ellen Ball B.S., M.S. I li ' alth and Physical Education J ealth and l- kuslcal C ducati lucaiion. 1 William C. Church B.S., M.A. Physical Education James Cullivan B.S., M.A. Physical Education Eric DeGroat B.S., M.A. Physical Education Cleone H. Hodges B.A., M.S. Physical Education Francis L. I Ioover B.S., M.A., D.P.E. Physical Education Robert G. Light B.S., M.S. Physical Education Carl G. Meeks B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Physical Education Roger E. Thomas B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education Rebecca Tomlinson B.S., M.A., D.P.E. Physical Education Robert William Watkins B.S., M.A. Physical Education Edwin Shull Doligherty B.S., M.A. History Eugene Christopher Drozdowski B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Historv f ldtoruy industrial y rts Edward H. Gibson, 111 A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. History Rena C. Hoover A.B., M.A. History Joseph M. Leon B.A., M.A. History Eloise C. Melton A.B., M.A. History Malcolm O. Partin A.B., M.A. History Leo K. Pritchett A.B., M.Ed. History Vernon O. Stumpf A.B., A.M. History Ina W. Van Xoppen B.S., M.A.. Ed.D. History William Ira Young B.A., M.A. Hhtury Clyde C. Owen B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts R. DwicHT Pettiis A.B.. M.S. Industrial Arii Frank Steckel B.S.. M.S. Industrial Arts David A. Ric.sby B.S ., M.S. Industrial Arts J ome y conomicd. nfLih rar ¥ ' Christine Calvert B.S., M.S. HoDie Econoviics lllANlTA F. EgERTON B.S., M.S. Home EcoiioDiics Rachel Findley Hanson B.S., M.S. Home Econoiiiics Madge Rhyne B.S., M.S. Home Economics Vivian W. Welborn B.S., M.S. Home Economics Deborah Ellen Bell B.A.. M.L.S. Library Mrs. Nancy F. Cook B.A. Lihnirr Mildred Southerland Colincill .- .B.. M.A. Lihniry Mrs. Gaye Wagoner Golds B.S., M.A. I ihrary Mrs. Allie A. Hodgin B.S., M.S. Library Mary Alice FIuff A.B., B.S. Library Faye Juliette Mitchell A.B., M.A. Library Minnie Laura Oswalt B.S., M.A. Library Zeb V. Shook B.S., M.A. Library Betty McGee Teem B.S., iM.Ed. Library JLibi ' arii c V science. Watk emu tied Vera C. Tunnell Assistant to Periodicals Librarian Ila T. Justice A.B., B.S., M.S. Library Science Eunice Query A.B., M.A. Library Science Ralph W. Ball 3.A., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics G. T. BuCKLAND B.S., M.A., D.Ed. Mathematics YooN KuN Byunn A.B., M.A. Mathematics Harvey Ralph Durham B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Nancy Lou Ellis B.S., M.A. Mathematics Frances Stone Fulmer A.B., M.A. Mathematics Walter A. Hawkinson B.S., M.A. Mathematics Starr N. Stacy, B.S., M.A. Mathematics Jr. Richard Joseph Schalk B.S., M.S. Mathematics rf udic I kiloSopnu and iKeiiqion, f kusicS f oiiticai Walton S. Cole B.A., M.M. Music Nicholas Erneston B.M.Ed., M.M., Ph.D. Music Elizabeth Fox B.M., M.M.Ed. Music Carl F. Haenselman B.M.Ed., M.M. Music Earny p. Hotard, Jr. B.M., M.M. Music Adele Justice B.S., M.A. Music Virginia Linney B.M., M.M. Music ROBYN LOVVORN B.M., M.F.A. Music John Pious Mitchum A.B., M.A. Music MoYT W. Safrit B.S., M.A. Music Elmer R. White A.B., M.F.A. Music Daniel F. Rice A.B., B.D. PhiIo (iphv ninl Reli imi ciencCj J SucnoloaUy ocioloau and nthpopoloau, i ' n n ipoio i , p ee Eldon G. Woodcock A.B., Th.M. Karl C. Mamoi.a B.S., M.S. Physics Thomas Leo Rokoske B.S., M.S. Vhysxcs Hope P. Davis A.B., M.A. Political Science Ethel Launa Jenkins B.A.. M.A. Psychology Brooke R. Johnson B.S., M.Ed. ' , Ph.D. Psychology Walter Thomas Snipes B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Psychology George R. Wesley B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Psychology B. Gartxr Pate B.A., M.A., Ph.D., S.T.B. Sociology and Anthropology J. Lou Garpenter A.B., M.S. Speech Terry E. Epperson B.A., M.A. Speech J)avid French B.S., M.F.A. Speech C. A. Parker A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Speech |PPPP r eduieiice L oundelot ' :i Sealed: Mary Edith Bell. Jintice Hall, Irene Laird, North I tall. Ada B. Crisp, Doughton Hall. Standing: Ruth German, East Hall. Ethel G. Tyson, Lovill Hall, Arlie A. Thompson, Doughton Hall. Marjorie L. Kelley, East Hall, Dee R. V ' inkler, White Hall, Mary E. Haralson, l i((nign Hall. (Not Pictured: Emma M. rt Taylor. East Hall.l n urAed Nurse Mary Shook { e t) and Nurse Nina Martin right) TRAFFIC OFFICERS Mar in Russell, Paul Isaacs, Worth Winebargcr, Clyde Tester. {Nut Pictured: Glenn Coffey.) NEWS BUREAU DIRECTOR Moses Crutchl ' icld COLLEGE BOOKSTORE MANAGERS Wade D. Meadows and Howard ]. Cottrell FOOD SERVICE DIREC ' FOR John Welborn Page Thirty-seven Adams, JUSTIN Boone Allred, Sammy • Lee Hampti )n ille Baysden , Mart ha Ross V ' ingate Blanton, Robert Alden Gastonia llROWN, Alice Williams Banner Elk Brown, Pamel V Ann Mooi esvillc Cyf a du a te S tu den h BucKNER, Sam Levi Mars Hill Chang, Lydia Lin ;-Feng Amman, Jordan Cheek. Palil Philip Asheboro Chen, Ifi Feng Tai an, China Chli, Gen Sen Taichung, Taiwan, China Cobb, David Harrison North Wilkesboro CoRBiiT, Thomas Savage Pocomoke City, Md. Crow, Frank Heath, Jr. Nor th Wilkesboro Eaglin, Sylvia Kathleen West Memphis, Ark. Page Thirty-eight EoWiVRDS, Rosemary Sherrill ' s Ford Ervin, jack Barron Kannapolis FoLTZ, Elizabeth Ann Winston-Salem Forrest, Thomas Ward Hampton, Va. Foster, Marjorie Gail Asheboro Glenn, Margaret Carolyn Boone Cyra ciu a te tu den 16 I Iartley, Maurice P. Lenoir I Iarwood, Roger Lee New London I IiLL, Ronald Franklin Charlotte I loLMES, Barbara Allen Fayetteville I loRNE, William Maxton HoLisTON. Samuel Humes Kinos Mountain [oRDAN, Morris Lee Shelby Kent, Evelyn Bell Granite Falls Kerr, Floyd William Kannapolis Page Thirty-nine KiziAH, Ronald Lee Hickory KosTORizos, Patricia Anne Boone Lafone, Thomas F. F ickory Little, JoAnne Jefferson McSwAiN, Janice Lynn Albemarle Morrow, Van Lewis Shelby K raduate tuclentd Norton, Jack Spruce Pine O ' Tuel, Maxcy Bryant Darlington, S. C. Pao, Delphine Tine-Ling Taipei, Taiwan, China Pei, Joan Jun-Yien Taipei, Taiwan, China Powell, Steven Foster Shelby Rauch, Albert William Fleetwood, Pa. Roberts, Hugh Livingston Asheboro Rothrock, John Mark Madison See, Carolyn Lea Handlev, W. Va. k 1 k Page Forty Sexauer, June Rosalea Ft. Pierce, Fla. SiGMON, LORTON EdWARD, Jr. Rocky Mount. Va. Simmons, Robert Newell, Jr. Charlotte Simpson, William Hugh Union Mills Smith, David Lewis Banner Elk Southard, Sylvia Emmaline Dahlonega, Ga. KJra da a te tu den td Spainhour, Bettv Carol Morganton Starrett, Gary Lee Florence, S. C. Thornton, Amy Lydia Charlotte Van, Teresa Ylin-ho Tainan, Taiwan, China Vance, Kay Smith Lincolnton N ' aughn, Kenneth Oscar Greensboro VVii-soN, Mary Azalee Boone WoRTHINCTON, RebA RaE Wilmington Young, Bonnie Schmidt Burnsville Young, Glenda Ann Princeton, W. Va. Page Forty-one •-flL t - ,h • .• «s •• i dr . cTvx ;, s V-„ T . • - --.•?«% ' . s m MPi [ •- iWS : ■ " f l ' 3Jl. . . Freshmen arri c on an expanding campus— new roomies, a new home, a new way of Hfe— Freshmen become lx? vildcrecl by the routine- orien- tation for Freshmen— Freshmen become homesick— some leave before the first week is o er!— Endless registration lines— " Isn ' t there any way out of this registration line without going by the nurses and their needles? ' — a new B.A. program— old and new faces— upperclassmen arrive— " What did you do this summer? " — fire drills— " Don ' t leave the dorm for a fire drill without your shoes and coat on and a towel wrapped around your head! " —new buildings under construction— the sounds of drills and saws —a new addition to the cafeteria— confusion— " I thought the lines were going to be shorter and the f x)d better. " — the golden hue of autumn leaves— the Newberry kickoff launches the football season— pep rallies- beautiful new band uniforms— the traditional snake dance winds its way to the Daniel B(wne Hotel on a misty night— the Homecoming Queen and her court are elected— our first Homecoming weekend— the " Hot Nuts " on Friday night— the Homecoming parade on the only cold Satur- day in October— presentation of the Queen and her court at the Home- coming game with Carson Newman— the crowning to the strains of the Billy May Orchestra at the Saturday night dance— soccer games— more ]iep rallies— by November, the leaves ha e disappeared during the rains that came e ery Friday-Playcrafters production of The Brothers Me)mech- iHiii— " Who ' s Who " selected-the realization that fall quarter is almost o er— the final rush to finish the studying that you haven ' t done all quarter— eating in the room because you ' re out of mealbooks— No Doz, coffee and cigarettes while you sleep only a couple of hours every night for a week— finally they ' re over and Sophomores who were lucky passed literature with a " D " and were glad to get it!— and it ' s home for the Thanksgiving holidays and a break from the study routine. A ne i ' dorm for men is iDiderway. You didn ' t tell me that the girl-hoy ratio was three to one! Spectators cheer for a Mountaineer victory. Page Forty-four uppmz uw I i- ■i ' «Jr;Cr i. ' Ccniiplele veekend feslnitiv. Iinjilrjil oS I Idiiiccdiiiiug. Leti Li Oh iKi v " ii don ' t! Page Forty-five add srredk men Jerry Myers President Douglas Carroll Vice-F resident Caren Smith Secretary Sue Vernon Treasurer Page Forty-six FRESHMEN „ T T-H Abemathy, Mark Houck Charlotte Abemethy, Charles Vance, Jr. . . Forest City Abemethy, LeVene Renee Vale Hi k ■p;-Nfa b z: , ». , C- y . Addington, Rebecca Louise. .West Jefferson RHr 1 . B ' . K Z I B Mr Boone HIL I H % . fl ' ' A . fl V K I BX fe Asner. William Eddie Hudson ■f S M — . K M . . H B H A J i i % % B - ». k - m k. . " ■ . Allen, Margaret Janett Norman Hb K.. Bl . Hl ' H f Allen, Steve Miles Greensboro Alley, Janice Loretta Hudson — Alley, Jennifer Elaine Hudson " B Ty E . Alligood. Alice Susan Mt. Holly V V ' l Anderson, Duvid Alvin . . . Fleetwood, Pa. W. H Andrews, Daniel Clark Charlotte H El» ' ' wEti ' ' fcf F A 1 Annus. Robert Bruce Granite Falls B fc: V TlJfc W i K|L.V , " 4 ' Aplin. Judith Ann Hempstead, N. Y. " T J C B ' " ' Amies. Patsy Dianne Lenoii t tf ■J ' fh " - - ' Marion F ' :i. . AS Arrow,»,d. Joyce Ann Gastonia K Tl ■ ■I Atkins. Sheryl Jean Cary » ll ■ " " " ' ' t ' ' ' ? ' - ' ' ' Atw ater. Susan Moran Lenoir t. - Wk m " • " i,- ' w — -4. T Aultman, Charles Edward Hickor - — ' JP ■ " " i» - Ik " ' . - jkt ' ' . Austin. Donald Ray Hudson " ' Jf . ' - ' T Radger. James Michael .... W est Jelierson I 1 C£b ■ I J; 1 Badger. Melba Edwards Grumpier jB f SF ■■-. Jk ' " ' ' V f ' ■ " ? " tfi " " Q ' Bailey, Bobby Wayne Bostic W l B ' ' ' T M Bailey, Larry Grover Lenoir ' ♦ ' ' - " ' Bfc ' Baird. William Omar Sugar Grove ' TL? A ' . CL ' 01 " S IV Eikin V 0 ' . A b K K H MIr Barbare, Richard Thomas . . Homestead. Fla. F ! P F W » X PS H Barbce, Ann Elizabeth Winston-Salem 4t-- ' ij ' ' " HfeS ■ B V T — - Marker, David Steven Waynesville W ' %! ' ' .•. ' F , fc llarkley, Linda Carole Hickory JtT Wt ' . W k S ' F f. . 1 fl F m B ■ Bi. B k.1 j B5fv B B Barr, Carol Lee Newark, Del. fcC " ■ 4lA • |L B ' B i- B C Barrett, Gloria Anita Valdese t3 . Mi Mt.. " " " JiP L " f Bartlett, Patricia Dorinda Asheville B Hfe | 1 i—- ' Rasinger, William L. Pl Bassett, Barbara Ann Weavervillc ML 1 Bateman, Don Wayne Gibsonville B ' iP f, B ' T- ' Bales, Jo Ann Shelby L. R. ' T ' ' Bauconi, Lynda Sue Monroe fe . I Bauguess, Roy Lee Ncjrth Wilkesboro y t ESi Page Forty-seven FRESHMEN Beach, Andrea Gail Hickory Beachum, Shelia Anne Oakboro Beaver, Harold Curtis Troutman Beaver, Sarah Karen Salisbury Beck, Daniel George, Jr Vadkinville Beck, Glenda Maeree Lexington Beck, Wanda Lorraine Thomasville Beeson, Agnes Abigail Climax Bell, James Alton Winston-Salem Benfield, Francie Sharon Morganton Benfield, Joyce Ann Gastonia Benson. Judith Lynn Concord Berrier, R. Charles Lexington Biggers, Linda Kay Kannapolis Biggerstaff, William Doug Ellenboro Biles, Robert Michael Kemersville Biles, Trena Gail Polkton Bingham, James Lewis Boone Bingman, Charlene A Charlotte Bishop, Carolyn Leigh Hickon- Bishop, Melvia Carol Charlotte Black, Sandra Ann Lenoir Black, Thomas Hillard. II . Kings Mountain Black, Toni June Smithfield Blackburn, Joel Edward Newton Blackburn, Wanda Irene . . West Jefferson Blackburn, William Timothy . . Cherryville Blair, Sylvia Sue Hickory Blalock, Billie June Graham Blalock, Charles Alton Norwood Blalock, Ronald David Albemarle Bledsoe, Ruth . nn Hickory Blevins, Judy Kay .... North Wilkesboro Boatright, Sheryl Dianne . . Winston-Salem Bobbitt, James Talmage Aberdeen Bobis, Jodee Esta Union, N. J. Bobo. William Earl Collienille, Tenn. Booe, Diana Lynn Vadkinville Booth, Larry Douglas Raleigh Bost, Robbie Kay Albemarle Bostian, Tina Hughlene Kannapolis Bowden, Patricia Ann Gastonia Bowers, Ellen Carolyn Norwood Boyles, Phyllis Jean Fontana VUlage Bradford, Mary Ann Concord Bradshaw, Earl E., Jr Lenoir Brafford, Leslie Carol Concord Braine, Walter Graham . . . Grove City, Pa. Brantley, Mary Louise Greensboro Brasington, John Graham . . Gaffney, S. C. Bratton, Linda Dianne Rockingham Brawley. Barbara Jean Kannapolis Brawley. Margaret Kay Lenoir Bridgers, Mary Douglass Rowland Page Forty-eight FRESHMEN BrUey, Mar - Ann . . Rocky Mount Brittain, Cora Cornelia . . .Morganton Brittain, Glenda Sue .... Hickorv Brittain, Judy Lynn .... Morganton Brittain. Linda Kav Britlon. Paul Edward . . . Rock Hill, S. C. Brookshire, Mary Linda . . -Moravian Falls Faith Brown, Glenda Susan . . . Candler BrowTi, Harriett Evelvn . Candler Brown, Janice Marie .... Brown, Judy Patricia . . . Rose Hill Brown, Norma Selena . . Purlear Brown, Ronnie Lester . . . Lenoir Brown, Sharon Lynette . . . . . Miami, Fla. Brown, Timothy Elijah . Todd Broyhill, Mary Louise . . . . . .Millers Creek Bruner, Brenda Joyce . . . Bruton, Larr - Wayne . . . .... Kannapolis Buchanan, Deliah Wade . Newland Buchanan, Jerry . rlhur . BakersviUe Buff, Evan Douglas Hildcbran iJuIIard, Larry Deane .... Asheboro Hullard, Linda Adele . . . . High Poini Bullin. Virginia Irene . . . Elkin Bullington, Sandra Kay . . . Pilot Mountain Bumgamer, Carolyn Nadin e Hickory liunn. Marcia . . . . Rural H;ill liurnctte, Beverly UiAnne Charlotte Bush, Lynne Lizbeth Mooresvillc Bums, John Henry . . West Milford, iN. J. Burton, Carlton Lane . . . .... .Mocksvillc Bush, Lynne Lizbeth .... .... .Mootesville Butk-r, Emily Suzanne . . . . . Forest Cit Ilutk-r, .Marion Calvin. Ill Salisbur Butler, Robert D., Jr. . .Tr avelers Rest, S. C. Byerly, Norman Wayne . . Winston-Salem Byerly, Ronnie Austin . . . . . Thomasville .... Erwin Caldwell, Jerry Palmer, Jr . . . Alexandria CaUaway, Priscilla Ann . . .... MooresviJle Campbell, Edith Kathryn . Spencer Camp, Ronald John . Chesnee, S. C. Canlrell, Glennis Marian . . Chesnee, S. C. Cantrell, Marvin Dillon . . . DanviUe, Va. Cariness, Virginia Lee . . Ramseur Carpenter, Kenneth Lande r . . . Lincolnton Carpenter, Linda Rebecca . . Mount Holly Carpenter, Roger Hubert Newland Carpenter, Samuel Beech, Ir. ... Norwood Carr, Charlotte Holmes . . Stedman Carrickhoff, Sharon Jean . Lexington ▲ . £ |N ri 0S 0 Page Forly-nme SHHk BH . JST ga % M. M ' P ' ' FRESHMEN Carrigan, Sylvia Louise Wilkesboro Carroll, George Douglas Roseboro Carroll, Wallace A., Jr Monroe Carson, Cynthia Suzanne Cherryville Carsvvell, Gregory Owens Valdese Cash. Max Edward Chcsnee, S. C. t ' arson, Paul Lester Winston Salem Castevens, Wade Branson .... Higli Point Cato, Sharon Lynn Charlotte Caudill, Sharon Yolande . . N. Wilkesboro Caudle. Linda Mae Mocksville Caudle. Lois Faye Pleasant Garden Caviness, Patricia , nn .Asheboro Chalk, Sandra Deane Gaftney, S. C. Chamblin, Kimberley Anne Boone Chandler, Linda Elizabeth .... Morganton Chapman, Ruth Joanne Morganton Chapman, Sherry Layne .... China Grove Cheek, Henrietta Ann Deep Gap Childress, Linda Carol Lexington Childress. Ronald Wayne . . Roanoke, Va. C ' hoate, Cletra Gay Spaita Church, June Kay Moravian Falls Church, Mary Sue Lenoir Clagg, Michael Wayne Jacksonville Clark, Carole Gantt Catawba Clayton, Patricia Marie Roxboro Clayvvell, Margaret Frances . . . Morganton Cline, Barbara Ellen . . . Connelly Springs Clinc, Bruce Nelson Boomnlle Cloninger, James Laben . . Kings Mountain Clough, Barbara Fay .... Annandale, ' a. Cobb, Norma Jean Yanceyville Cobb, Patricia Elaine Boone Cochrane, William Joseph Charlotte CofFey, Arthur Wade Boone CoBey, Clyda Dawn Lenoir Coffey, Jerry Edward Hickorv Coker, Sharon Lucille Elkin Colbert, Bonita Kay Conover Cole, Janice Marie Roaring River Cole, William Floyd. Jr. . . Claymont, Del. Coleman. Mildred Mt. Holly Coley, Jane Alice Morganton Collette, Mahala Jo Winston Salem Culletii, Perry Mario.. N. Massapequa, N. Y. Collins, Joycelyn Sue Westfield Colvin, Emily Ann Reidsville Combs, Mary Anna Lincolnton Combs, Sue Anna Burlington Comer, Sandra Dawn Graham Conner, Joan Marie Leaksville Conrad, Georgia Louise BakersviUe Cook, Connie Louise Kemersnlle Page Fifty FRESHMEN Cook, Ruth Maxine Mount Airy Cooke, Linda Diane Shelby Cooke, Martha Jane Mount Airy Cooke, Suzette Marie Leaksville Cooper, Gill Craig Charlotte Copeland, Larn- Odell Swepsonville Correll. Elizabeth Dianne High Puini Coughenour, Pamela Ann .... Laurinburg Covington, James Ernest Hamlet Covington, Ralph Euclid .... Rockingham Coward, Margaret Janet Libert ' Cowen, Mary Constance - . ' inston-Salem Cox, Sherry Anna Greensboro Cox, Susan Elizabeth Mount Holly Craver, Patricia Lee Lexington Crawford, Alta La ' erne Salisbury Crawley, David James Newton Creason, Carol Jean Alocksville Creech, Margie Jean Charlotte Crigler, Mary Marguerite Lexington Crisco, Frances Elizabeth .... MooresviUe Crisp, Suzanne Carolyn Canton Critcher, Carole L Boone Cronland, Susan Phyllis Boone C rook, Vickie Amelia Salisbury Crooke, Barbara Rae Greensboro Crooks, Joanne MooresviUe Crowder, L, Wayne Raeford Crowson, Laura Kaye Statesville Cuningham, David Carrington .... Skyhind Curry, Derree Ann Thomasville C ' urtis, Christine Cocoa, Fla. D ' Angelo, Grace Hollywood. Fla. Danner, Joseph Cameron Boone Daugherty. Boyd Ralph . . Springfield, Va. Davidson, Lorctta Ann Statesville Davis. Ava Ruth Lincolnton Davis, Betty Rose Ashebom Davis, Carolyn Marie Chapel Hill Davis, Carolyn Moore Charlotte Davis, Danny Greer Lexington Davis, Dianne Siler City Davis, Evelyn Iris Sanford Davis, Janet Marie Annandale, Va. Davis, Patricia Gail Shelby Davis, R. Henrietta Glen Alpine Deal, James Hal Statesville Dean, Larry Glenn Greensboro Deaver, Billy Fillmore. Jr Landis Deck, Sharon Christine .... Bessemer City Dees, Carolyn Groome Greensboro DeHart, Sammy James Mount Airy Dellinger, Elizabeth Bernada .... Hickory Dennis, Donna Kaye China Grove kJrh .M. Page Fifty-one FRESHMEN Denny, Martha Ann Pilot Mountain Desch, Sharon Ann . . Valley Cottage, N. Y. Dodson, Brenaa Gayle Walnut Cove Di.rsey, Brenda Jeanne Shelby Dc.rsey. Thomas William Ashevillc DounhiS. Ann Milner Spring Hope Douglas. Philip Rudolph . . Winston Salem Downey, Kevin Joseph. .Falls X ' illage, Conn. Draughn. Betty Sue Mount Air Drum, Trudy Evonne Newton Duckett, Jane Elizabeth Enka Dud ley. Inez Tuten Engelhard Duncan. Billie Evelyn liuinsvillc Dunn. June Lunsford Timbcrlake DuRant. Frederick F.. Ill Laurinburg Durham, Jo Ann Concord Durham, Linda Gale Todd Dwiggins, Norma Jean Winston-Salem Dyer, Barbara Virginia Miami, Fhi. Earley, Carolyn Linda Bostic Eckard. Bruce Richard Conover Eckard, Rodger Lee Taylorsville Edwards. James Dav id Graham Eicher, Helen Alice VVarrenton. ' a. tidson, Brenda Louise Salisbury Einstein, Peggy Jane Winston-Salem Elledge, Edna Hays Elledge. Laura Ann Purlear Ellenburg. Jerry A ' ayne Spencer Elliott. Charlie Whisnant. Jr. ... Laivndalc l.lliolt, Ceroid Ray West Jefferson Elmore. Patricia Faye Troutman Emerson, .Mary Jim Laurinburg Englebert, Harry Talmadge .... Statesville English. Jim Joseph Greensboro Frneston. .Maria Boone Erskine. Wanda Joyce Marion Essick, Shirley Jean Lexington Eudy. Mary Melinda Kannapolis Euliss, Jerry Stephen Graham Evans, Barbara Ann Burnsville Evans, Myra Lee Lexington Exarhos, Diana Lynn Barton, Fla. Faquin. Louis Keith Charlotte Faircloth, Nancy Lynn .... A ' inston-Salem Falls, James Patrick Kings Mountain Fansler, Jerry Dennis Winston Salem Farr, .Audrey Lucille Hudson Farthing, John David VUas Farthing, Sherrill Eugene . . Danville, Va. Fields, Linda Faye Pittsboro Fields. Rickey Eugene High Point Fisher, Karen Ann Lake Wales, Fla. Fisher. Richard James Gold Hi ll Page Fifty-tuo FRESHMEN |P gp% ||k 0 A Fitzgerald, Huriah Thomas .. Lincoln, Del. J f ' B R " " W ' ' ' P ' ' " ' " Flack, Sheny Nell Union Mills Ifc : - MT ' Hk ' A A f lJk J Flack, Teresa Honour .... Hendersonville K , t, i H£ ' - J %p» F • fcWI i Flowe, Linda .Ann Charlotte Bir . H V» . Hik. K. . I HtfHJt H A f - ' ' " Flynn, Jovita Dawn Leaksville J l j» : %m IHB- ' ■ Bik — ■ Foil. Harriett Diana Kannapolis fi W f V | ' Foust, Ben Invin Graham WF- . P ■K ■ % ' ' VMKJK MK¥ TBI E Fonts, Glenn Douglas Thomasville Cii ..JL W k ' l - , " Fouts, Zula Annette Thomasville " W. ■W ' ' . ' IW ' f - Judi th Ann Lowell B H tfX M A fl O P " % Fox, Betty Jean Conover M ♦• ■ JBl ? ■ fc, T I ii 1 Mm, iK Fox, George Terry Taylorsville B X V W2 v V ■ IP ' T m - — W Fox, Sharon Dale Newton ft. " " A Sp " " fcl- P 1 » - ' A - " ■ Franklin, Sara Jane Harrisburg ' l » ,iftL ' ' " " " ' Jf V Frasheur, Gail Patricia Forest City ' IP ' %»i» ' ' llr ' . .. Hendersonville k k A i Fritts, George .Allen Lexington ■ ' B R tel 47 4 V Frye, Daniel Thomas Hickory B, W ' M ' I % B " ! Frye, Mary Elizabeth Forest City fe " ' TMBiy fe Fulcher, William Michael ... McLean, Va. f . ' Bfc i S? " Folk, Elizabeth Ann Pinnacle 1 . Mr!k. il . jy H k . v .A Ha I Gaddy, John Douglas Greensboro ■ | . IK a . V Caddy, Richard Vernon .Ashevillc ▼— ■9PI K Wl ■ W 1 V S Gaflney, Audrey Janet Charlotte ' ti ' y Kn L- wL " (BL i HB Sl Gamble, James Edward Summerfield .JK " Elf- fi M. iX X v. Gamer, Gerald Lee Aberdeen , V . W. k. . Kk ' J sSfr Gamer, Susan Elon ColK-gr , 1 " w B V Kk %[fW . ' ' b J V " » Geiman, Stephen Royer W H CI - M .J J BPl 1 BL B HHIH Gentry, Tony David Elkin ». - | T F f ' ' ' KX ' ' P W •»? ■ German, James Sherrill Lenoir fl k ' ? " » J! - m X. v W Gibs(m, Judy Carol High Point ' 1k % ' iT Gibson, Kathy Elizabeth Shelby V M aW P Gibson, Linda Fa)e Burlins;l,.ii jt ' ' . ' k Gibson, Mary Ann Laurinhurg B £ llv W- W ftv « ' SK C ). Gift, Gregory Albert Ambler, Pa. t Tl B W Sk ' C C;iles, John Lawrence Greensboro P " P i, T S C;illeland, Ira Glenn . .Mcchanicsburg. P;i ' . ' - ■L ' k. .Mm i- m. — H (iilleland, James William, Jr. ... C:;,tawl,, . ' T T . T k A fc r ll k m A i mmL m L i JsiM C;illespie. Tony Gene Lyman. S. C. B ' t Gilliland. Laura Elizabeth Lenoir S 9 V «. Gilstrap, Roberta Greenville, S. C. B| ' ' P B Godwin, Sherrie Cecilia Bolton K- . I WB Goehring, Edward Baker. Jr Durham fc , " I Bv " tK " " V " k. C;oforth, Mary Helen .... Kings Mountain Jfc ' Br 1 I f C;...icb. Ronald Dale High Point KmS M JP ' Goodman, Derenda Sue Concord » M 4 .A Gordon, Robert Lee Pilot Mountain i ' " - Vt r, tS " ' - " TL Gragg, Etta Lorraine Lenoii %: s J- liw • r Gragg, Virginia Ann Lenoir ?? " 1 ' ' . C:rahan,, Dell Elizabeth To.W W .k. f ' fc. W mm f- Page I ' tfiy ihrec FRESHMEN Grant, Helen Judson Mocksville Graves, Jo Anne Mount Aio ' Greene. Barbara Kay Boone Greene, George Perry, Jr Boone Greene, Judy Ann Deep Gap Greene, Kenneth Lee, Jr Albany, Ga. Greenlaw, Richard Clayton . . Belfast, Me. Greer, Levinthia Kay Lenoir Gregory, Oma Jean Hays Gregson, Meg Evelyn Hamlet Grey, Wavel Gayle Mount . iry Griffin, Allen Vance Shelby Griffin, Patricia Diane Wadesboro Grigg, Linda Joyce Shelby Grill, Larry Stephen Valdese Groome, Linda Gail Miami, Ha. Grote. Judith Lynn Winston Salem Grubb. Teresa Annette Lexington Gunn. Minnie Rebecca Rural Hall Guntber, Martin Aaron . . Cranston, R. I. Gurley. James Duke Statesville Hagaman. Julia McCartney Boone Ilailcy. Russell Lewis Greensboro Haines, Sandra Kay Winchester, Va. Hales, Gloria Paulelte Roseboro Hall, Jane Whiting Hickory Hall, Larry Ray Buchanan, Va. Hall, Patricia Ann Statesville Hamby, Mary Carolyn WUbar Hamlett, John Michael Statesville Hammer, Janis Lynn Taylorsville Hammonds, Karon Lee Concord Hamrick, Gladys Lynn Cliffside Hanner, William Chalmers Durham Hardin, Garland Andrew, Jr Hickory Hardin, George Ronald Ramseur Harding, Helen Rave Mocksville Haring, Nancy Elizabeth .... Nyack, N. Y. Harp, Robert Wayne Winston Salem Harper, Delois Kay Greensboro I larper, Keitha Lynn WeaverviUe Harold, Clayton .Xustin Minneapolis Harrell, Judith Anne Bakersville Harrington, Charles David . . . Greensboro Harrington, Charles Norton, Jr. . . Graham Harris, Cynthia Annette High Point Harris, Linda H Charlotte Harris, Mary Jayne .Mbemarle Harris, Mary Virginia Stanley I larrison, Phoebe Owen Thomas ille Hart, Laura Louise Winston-Salem Hartley, Jerry Daniel Newland Hartman, Jerrie Sue Lincolnton Hartman, Marsha Lynn . . Winston Salem Page Fifty-four FRESHMEN lliirlsoe, Wylene Louise Grumpier llatchett. Margaret Rebecca Newton Hatley, Nancy Louise Conover I latley, Tamara Jean Concord I lawkins. Elma Diane .... Winston-Salem I lawkins, George Lynn Lenoir Hawkins. Nancy .Ann Traphill iwks. Donna Elaine Sylva nvn. Stanley Lee Mount Holly ivden. James Rodney . . .Mexandria, Va. ynes, onne Rockwell aid. Donna Helenc Miami, Fla. Kings .Mountain Kings Mountain Statesville •avner. Carolyn . nn •avner, Clail . nnette •drick. Mary Beth . ■Im, Janet Roberts High Poin ■Ims. Barbara Gail Maider mmings, Harold Dean .. Winston Salen ;mric, Danny Walmer East Bend •mric. Linda Lee Hamptonville ■ndersrjn, Deborah Anne Raleigh •nson. Marlene Glenette .... Forest City ' rnian, Carol .Ann Hickory ;rman, Charles Bradley Lenoir vat, Donna Ela tt, Linda Sue ks. Dale Junior ker. .Arthur He Hickory Mount Airy Elk Park in. .Winston Salem ill. Brenda Jane Hickorv ilton, Donna Faye High Point iinnant, . nn Ilunler Charlotte linMin. Gloria Dawn Statesville Inbbs. Doris Elizabeth Stedman I ' ldge, Gary Dean Lexington lodge. Jack Woodrow Rowland lodge, , l,iry Letha .Asheboro l.idgson, Beverly Jo Havelock Ii.gan, Bobby Ray Gastonia loke, Robert Fred Statesville lokomh, C;ay Lynn Winston-Salem lolcnni.e. Janet Louise Candler lol.ler, Martha Ress Gastonia lolland, Harry Lee Marion lolleman, John Gordon Taylorsville lo ' lingsworth, Joseph R. . . .Morehead Cit - loneycutt. Flora Diane Hamlel loneycult, .Mary Ema Gastonia loneycutt, Michael Lavender. Gaffney, S. C. ope, .Myrtle Huntersville ord, Martha Bess Kings Mountain orne, Vernon Alvin Gastonia orton, Norma Jean Morganton nuser, Barbara Jean Star ouston, Jerry .Myron Spruce Pine MtflAP. P M . ' j -j . v £ inI! Jr Page Fifty-five . m gf jKtjl • " • 1 m Bl m " ' a M " ' " ' V fln 5r™ f " E ■ ' " - ' W If • " r W " p FRESHMEN 1 louslon, Piiscilla Ann Troy Hovis, Brenda Sue Maiden Hovis. Regina Mcintosh Belmont Howard, Ethel Faye Mocksville Howell, Nelda Faye Bakersville Howie. Nancy Kathryn Monroe Howie, Allan Marshall Charlotte Howie. John Gunter Hartsville Hoyle. Brenda Kathryn Shelby Hoyle. Janice Evelyn Shelby Hoyle. John Arthur Dallas Hubbard. Joe H Thomasville Ilulfman, Walter Alan Hildebran Huffstetler, Marjorie E. . . Kings Mountain Hughes, Beuna Lesta .... Bro vn Summit Humphreys, Carla Janson . . Winston-Salem Hutchens, Nancy Lynn . . . Winston-Salem I Uitchinson, Ann Elizabeth .... Kannapolis Hutson, Jo Ella Durham Hyatt, Laura Louise Morganton Ingram, George Thomas. Jr. . . Kannapolis Inman, Patricia Anne Conovcr Inman, Wanda Gail Mount Air ' Isenhower, Lucy Anne Hickory Iwerks, Sylvia Carol Forest City Jackson, Betty Ann Asheville Jackson, Joyce Lee Cliffside Jackson, Patricia Ann Elizabeth City Jackson, Patricia Gail Charlotte J.Kkson, Sharon Gayle High Point Jacob. Paul Edgar Jacksonville James, Sherry Lynn Wadesboro Johnson, Carolyn Elizabeth Newland Johnson, Pamela Jeanne Lenoir Johnson. Rebecca Catherine . . Mount Airy loll nson. Rebecca Joan Wilkesboro Joines. Donald Jesse Traphill J,.ines, James Allen Wilkesboro Jolley, Linda Kay Taylorsville JoUey, Virginia Mae Marion Joll ' , Cherry Jeanette Taylorsville J. IOCS, Anna Maria West Jefferson Jones, Laura Louise Lenoir Jones, Marian Louise Asheville Jones, Pamela Lee Franklinville Jordan, Steven Miller Cooleemec Joyce, Carolyn Sue Winston Salem Joyce. Paula Ann Kemersville Joynes, Albert Shelton Hampton, ' a. Junge, Penelope Lee Salisbury Kane, Maryann Statesville Kautz, Elizabeth Marie Bartow, Fla. Kcitli, Katheryn Lee Monticello, Fla. Keller. David Roger Marion Page Fifty-six FRESHMEN Keller, Rodney L n Hickory ■ Kennedy, Sandra Jeanne Lincolnton fe HN 9 j|iE I L V - , -«fc- ' ' - Kelly, Harold Brown Gastonia JK 1 f Bt %- " Kewatt, Linda Janelle Burlington K MT ' A H Killian, Elizabeth Jane Concord A 1 Killian, Patricia Mae Hickory ■ ' ■ L-daFaye Garrrer .. ■ pBl. ■ J i M !!l 1 1 R ' ' EmMT Kirby. Elizabeth Ann Concord JL M V 9 K wV dH ft %it- VXv Ktrby. Paula Carolyn Lenoir 1» ' - M " - " - Jr tM . « f- - MJiL ' f Kirby, Sarah Louise Newton Hk, . 1 ' K " Ikr " XL ' Klug, Robert John Northporl ' , . fc V. . P Kluttz, Dianne China Grove , k , C . ft K ., t . B k , B J kilK . Knowles, Marshall L Draper B ,,1 f K-. ■ -1 B JlilMK «v 1 B Koon. Larry Stephen Ruthertordton J ' 1 W " ■ , Wt ' at Koontz, Kathrjn Gayle Thomasville JRX. " nSfc,. ' . ►• ' ' fc- K ■ ' ' jT Krider, Jimmy Ray Todd m. . IT ' k v T " % k L. ' Kuykendall, Pamela Gail .. Hendersonville Wj J f T T " » ' Hii Pv M HY JH . w m m iflH W Paul E Bi lar I Nil K lii HiHS BBff K--. 1 Lambeth, Ruth Carol Thomasville L. flP " V H9 !W V ' Vf " ■ " ' l r Laney, Brenda Joyce Hickor ' Wm t it 2t3k H 1 % fr- N L|f- " Langley, Sherry Lea Stokes . A. ■JJ ETTI V " ! . T " JP Susan Denton . Uf HT K ' Vi Vl V fc W A Lanning, Dinah Lynn Boone M H W ft T B t fl Laughlin, Trena Myra Lawndalc k l 1 h h HWHV H B " tf. 1 Lavinder, Richard Martin . . Winston-Salem P B I BM B- H BC W HS B W ► 1 Law, Delores Ann Winston Salem J T " K2 VL i ' , - ' m. i Lawrence, Linda Lou .... Winston-Salem H| Bff S r -j ' Lawson, Betty Jeanette WestBeld 0 H Kr t Courtney Elizabeth .... C:harlotte jl . . ' tm | Ledford, Robert Paul Chesnec. S. C. T 1 1 P J t m, I Lee. .Ubert Fitzhugh, Jr Erwin NIi M ' t« " T f " Lenderman, Judith Ann Wilkesboro Kb mW ' I V WCL 7 ' S Lemons, Wallace Lee Reidsville t flf ' ■ W P " ' , V ' ' Leonard, Gerald Wylie Ramseur VV A . ■HTV W J Lindsey, Julianne Marie Shelln " Sk Lineberry, Brenda Diann East Bend B ' ' f K ' 1 M ' ' Linthicum, Cheryl Brooks Randleman g ' ■ HP) JLi Lippard, Nancy Pauline Raeford B " ' U (K X- (Sy k. — ki ' ' 1 Littell, Dennis Dwight Burlington W l, - ■L 4 ' M . . g ' - ' ' , „. Little, Glenda Margaret Mount W i wi f • . •fii fc Little, Mary Elaine Hickory Livengood, Delores Patricia . . Thomas ille Lockamy, Patricia Briley Durham I.oflin, John Wayne Thomasville I.i)(Iin. Rodney Nyles Welcome Long, Randy Carol Durham Ann BHA V k ette, Mary Louise Salisbury B ft EL -»-» V ■! . ■ " vP-ricia Albemar,;. i B M ■ ery, Secrlcy Thomas . . Kings Mountfiin K K K M - H " Mk! V K ' 1. ' 7 %0 Lowrance, Michael Douglas . . Forest Cit J • - J F KtM - H K ' " -W fe .• w ' ■ ' - S Lowrey, Frederick Cilenn . . Winston-Salem Wf » H ' S la - w ■ i .. - Page Fiftysevcti j A0 FRESHMEN Lunberg, Christine Susan .... Riislyn, Pa. Lunsford, Nina Jennie . . . Winston Salem Lutz. Wanda .Anne Horse Shoe Lyall. Lenna Rae Grumpier I.yc, Rosa Jacqueline Durham . kAhcc. Martha Eli .,heth Troutman Mc. rthur, Barbara Louise Wakulla McCall, Connie Hale Fayetteville IMcClain, William Joseph. Falls Church, Va. McClelland, Ted Melvin . . Winston-Salem MeCIure, David Elton Charlotte McChired. Terry Lee . Iorganton MeCionnell, James Craven tiirnelius McConnell, William Delbert Vale McCombs, Sue .Alice Conover McCormick. James Elmer Brevard MeCcirkle. Stephen Raymond Lenoir . lcC raw, Reginald Michael Galax. Va. McCurry. Ruth VicK.ria CUffside McCuIcheon, Robert H.. Jr. . Martinsville, Va. McDade, Juanita Lenoir MeDaniel, -Mary Elizabeth Ellenboro MeDonald. Elizabeth (Jail Fayetteville McDougle, Helen .Ann Pelzer, S. C. Metnlire. John Vancev Old Fort .McFerrin, Rachel -Ann Newton McGregor. iMar;- Jeancttc .... .Miami, Fla. McHargue, Daniel HurIi. Jr. . . Stalcsville Mclntire, Susannc llalhorne .. Greensboro MeKenna. Dianne Lane Greensboro McKinney. -Margaret ka . . W in, ton Salem .McLaurin. John P., Ill Morven McLean. Suzanne Gastonia McLcod. Joanne Laurinburg McNeil. Wayne Clyde Millers Creek McNeill. Brenda Gray Millers Creek McPhaul. Mary .Allene Red Springs McRae. Lois Maxton McSwain. Edwin Douglas Shelby Mabe. Kathryn .Ann Winston-Salem Mace. Betty Rebecca Spruce Pine Iackin. ' acqueline . nn Greensboro .Maier. Joseph Eugene Belmont Majors. Patricia Dianne Alorganton Alaloney, John Steven . West Milford. N. J. .Mance. Paul Eugene .... .Alex Bay. N. Y. Mancss, Betsy Alice Troy Marklin, Amelia Mac Mocksvillc .Marshall. Gloria Jane Thomasville .Martin, Peggy Sue Winston Salem .Martin, Susan Dianne High Point Maitois, Karen Lynn .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Martz, Carol Rebecca High Point Marus, Cecilia Anne Greensboro Page nily eight FRESHMEN Mascott, Thomas Charles . . Hanover, N. J. Mason, Mar " Janet Lenoir Massey, Carla Leigh Greensboro Mast, Joe McFarland Boone Mathis, Beverly Jean Winston-Salem Matthews, Carol Louise Pinnacle Matthews, ' ickie Elaine Catawba Maxwell, Barbara Elisabeth . . Miami, Fla. May, Patricia Ellen Wilmington Mayhew, Georgeanna Lynn .... Davidson Mays, Harriet Louise Hildebran Mears, JoAnn Mount Airy .Mecham, Donna Rae Winston-Saleni Medlin, .Anita Louise Monroe Merritt, Karen Marie Rural Hall Messick, Betty Carolyn Winston Salem Michael, Elizabeth Beard Kcrnersville Michael, Glenda Kaye Greensboro Middleton. Linda Carole Stokesdale Midkiff, Susan Ellen Mount Airy Mileur, Barbara LaRue . . . . nnandale, Va. Miller, Bridget Carol Statesvillc Miller, Clara Elizabeth Landis Miller, Gene Rockwell Miller, Hala Diana West Jefferson Miller, Helen Friend .... Winston-Salem MUler, James Bernard Lansini: Miller, James Stephen Lawndalc Miller, Robert Lee West Jefferson Miller, Sandra Lynn Hamlet Miller, lerry Dean XcvMon Mitchell, Kay Kincaid Morganton Mohr, ' irginia Diane . Northport, L. L, N. Y. Molnar, Brjan Scott Huron, Ohi(j Montgomer -, Donna Elaine . . . Marshville McKire, Charlotte Anne . . . Richmond, Va. Moore, Ellen Marie Hurdle Mills ■Moore, Susan Clayton Wilmington .Moose. Brenda Kay Hickory Moose, Ronnie Keith Stony Pi int iMorctz, Allan Jake Boone Morgan, Dclitha .Mice I.thii -Morin, Kenneth Conrad . . Sanford, Maine .Morris, Linda Grey Salisbury Morton, Patrick Halton Albemarle .Morton, Robert Earl Jacksonville Morton, Thelraa Louise Albemarle Moser, Rita Jeanne Claremont Moser, Ronald Dexter rden Moss, Emily Carol Rural Hall Moss, Virginia Kathy . . . Blacksburg, S. C:. Motley, Margaret Pamela Salisbury Mullinax, Susan Anne Shelby Mnnd iy. Donald David Mooresvillc Page Fifty-nine M% S1. FRESHMEN Murdock, Rita OUvia Troutmaii Murphy, Eleanor Charlcnc. Pilot Mountain Murphy. James Patrick . . Kings Mountain Murphy, Sandra Ka Charlotte Murphy, Zandra Mac Reidsville Muse, Marsha Kay Conover Myers, Jerrj Delbett .... North Wilkesboro N ' ab, Molly Marie Wilkesboro Xachtigall, Robert Walter. Brentwood, N. Y. Nance, Sylvia Jean Bear Creek Xash. Ronald Keith Hamlet Neal, Joseph William, Jr. . . Walnut Cove .Neal, William A., Jr Columbia. S. C. Xeedham, Carolyn Faye . . Pilot Mountain Nelson. Sandra Marie Whitnel Newton, Betty Arm Morganton Newman, Linda Ann Piney Creek Nichols, Janice Gayle Deep Gap Nifong, Linda Jane Winston-Salem Nohrden, Luana M. . Santurce, Puerto Rico Norman, Steve LarT ' Mount Airy .Norton, Lisa Huland Marion O ' Brien, Kathleen Marie Franklin O ' Neal, Irene Lumberton ONeil. Susan Jane . . . Silver Springs, Md. Oates, Betty Jean Gastonia Odom, Mar) ' Alicia Hendersonville Oehler, Lucy Jane Shelby Ogburn. William Gar - King Oliver, Linda Ruth Greensboro OIlis, Jack Robert Ingalls OUis, Joe Lee Ingalls Outen, Shirley Dianne Monroe Owens, Richard Thomas . . Iriington, N. J. Padgett. Carolyn Sue . . lioynton Beach, Fla. Page. Judy . nn Salisbury Palma, Pamela Miami Springs. Fla. Palmer, Peggy . nn Waynesville Pardue, Janet Susan .... North Wilkesboro Parham, Joyce Russell .Mhemarle Park, Coy Mack, Jr Winston Salem P irk. Virginia Chrisrine Marshville Parker, Ernest Steve Madison Parker, Gail Elaine Newport Parker, Norma Sue Boonville Parker, Patricia .Ann Charlotte Parker, Stanley Matthew s . . Roanoke, ' a. Parker, Thomas Wright Cedar Grove Parris, Jo Anne Cliffsidc Parson, Mary Virginia Lenoir Patterson. Camilla Marie Reidsville Patterson. Martha June Hickory- Payne, Dout las Gwyn King fayseur. Bobbie Jean Gastonia Page Sixty FRESHMEN Pearson, Linda Katherine .... Morganton Peden, Nancy Clara Gastonia Peele, . ' Mlie iMa-xine High Point Peeler, Nellie Marie Forest Cit Pegram, Lynda Elizabeth .... Greensboro Pendergraft. . nita Gail Salisbur Pendolino, Kathleen Mary . . Madison. N. J. Pennington. Duane Gale . . West Jefferson Peninger, Martha Lee Le. ington Perrin, William Henry. Jr Concord Perry, Dennis Fred Boone Perry, Patricia Gray Thomasville Phelps. James Wiseman .Mocksville Phillips. Madge Kay Purlear Phillips, Robert W., Jr Graham Phillips, Ronald Dean Dobson Phillips, Roy Hale Greensboro Phillips, Thomas Daniel Greensboro Phillips, Veronia Sue Erivin Phipps. Michael D. . . Mouth of Wilson, Va. Pierce. Linda Dare Millers Creek Pigg, Teena Lynn Midland Pilkington, Bobbie Janet Gastonia Pitman, Patricia Kay Bostic I ' illman, David Ford. Jr Frank I ' lttman, Vicky Jewel Wilmington Player, Doris Sherlyn East Rockingham i ' Uiio. Patricia Gay Barberton, Ohio I ' iott, Linda Gail .Advance Plummer, Judy Gayle KannapoHv Pue, . nn Rhyne Columbia. S. C. Ponder, Barbara Louise . Silver Springs, .Md. Poole. Donna Faye Franklin Poole, Judy Diane Salisbury Poole, Paula Florence Linivood Porter, Donald Lee Charlotte Porterfield, Johnnie Irene Graham Poston, Betty Rosalyn Shelby Poteat, Kenny Regan Xewland Potts, Ted Graham Linwood Powell, Matilda Maxine ale Powers, Carolyn Lee West Jefferson Pralcr, Donna Lea .Miami, Fla. Prestwood, Rebecca .Ann Lenoir Pre ette, Tamara Lexington Price, Kenneth Terry Gaffney, S. C Pruitt. Lou Ella Traphill Pulliam, Brenda Lee Greensboro Purgason, Thomas Bernard Mayodan I ' orsley, Thelma Louise Charlotte (Joeen, Tommy David Morganton Jueen, Vickie Delores Marion Query, Leonard Griffin, Jr Charlotte Qussenberr -, Barbara .Ann Raleigh Page Sixly-one FRESHMEN Rainey, Brenda Elaine Rockwell Rarasbotham, Martin Francis. Winston-Salem Ramsey, Jerr - Ehew Boone Randall, Fred Haney. Jr Polkton Randolph, Karen Anne Kannapolis Rapcr. Dewey Edward China Grove Ra , Gary Charles BurnsviUe Raymer, David Foy .... North Wilkesboro Readling, Susan McKenzie . . . Mooiesville Realini, Louis Joseph, Jr Havelock Reavis, Judy Annette Lewisville Rector. Brady David ' aldese Redman. Kathryn Eli ahclh . Pilot Mountain Reid, Alvin Richard. Jr. . . Pilot Mountain Reid, David Franklin Lexington Reid, Jack Walker Pineville Renegar, Anne Norman Boonville Renegar, Judith Marie Statesville Reynolds, Patricia Kayo . . North Wilkesboro Reynolds, Sandra Kay Biscoe Rice, Linda Lucille Burlington Rice, Robert McConnell Jefferson Rich, Donald .Arthur .Asheboro Richardson, David James Durham Richardson, Judy Lynn Sparta Richardson, Loma Ruth Fleetwood Rickman, Mary Gaylc Leaksville Rightsell. WilUam Garrett Ramseur Ring. Lennie Neil West Jefferson Ritch. Kathy Lee Harrisburg Ritchie, Kenneth Ray Concord Robbins, Vivian Elizabeth .Asheboro Roberson. James Don Newland Roberts. Charles Waitsell, III Enka Roberts, Lee C Miami Springs, Fla. Robertson, Jerry Michael BurnsviUe Robertson, Rochelle Elaine . Lynchburg, Va. Robinson. George Herbert .... Greensboro Robinson. Michael Warren . . . Mooresville Robson, James Clyde Jacksonville Rock, Lenora Louise Concord Rogers, Judy Gwendolyn Matthews Rogers, Robert Carl Wilkesboro Rohlfs. Robert Henry .... Winston-Salem Rollins, Wanda Kay Caroleen Roman, George A., Jr. . . Pemberton, N. J. Rominger, Shirley Carole .... Sugar Grove Ross, Barbara Jane Raleigh Ross, Mary Margaret Greensboro Roten, Bracel Bauguess Jefferson Roten, Jack William Boone Roth, Linda Kay Miami, Fla. Rowe, Claudia Ann Durham Rowell, Sandra Gail Hickory Page Sixty-two FRESHMEN Royall, Alice Gray Roaring Gap W 1 " J KS f U BS " K ' — - ' ' " C T YT f Royall, Shanon Rebecca State Road ■g P H m tf C I- — — S " Rozzelle, Betty JiU Charlotte M jt [© i T -i " " " ' W cJ- Rudisill, Charles Edward Mount Holly BH B ' «» Ip I V Jlt Ruppe, Larr - Nash Rulherfurdton ff S t W . ft Jl MtL i Rush. Judy Wood Candor ' - -« - - B 1 ■A. HJ ell. Robert Nelson ... Winston-Salem Ml 5 C t Hl l Bi 1 UlLs ' V isell, Sandra Gillion Concord 1 - 4 H Wl F K - V V »T ' ' " F Ruth, Rose Mary High Point W jj BK Ik ' ' ' k HBT ' M tt! " " ' i. Sain, Janice Tallent Vale ML. I A. M ETT V ' . 1 . H fci.. V ' Sanders, Gloria Jean Hickory Sanders, Katherine Jean Gastonia KA B Sanders. Mao ' Catherine .... Greer. S. C. Sanderson, Jean Carolyn Four Oaks Sansone, Cieorge Rocco Norfolk, ' a. Sassee, Gwendolyn Cevillia ... Albemarle L ' Hi Saunders, Gail Rose McLean, Va. . " TH ' ' SP ' ' ' . 9 Martha Sue Troy . E . ll H H . fi Jik Jl J r . y M ' ■ yi ™„ . m , k Hr . . F . . ' . l k. Scott, Katrina Camille West Je£Eerson k T BL ' li k f 3 F I Scott, Linda Kay Winston-Salem p; M f " " ■ W " ■ K r» 1|| lu . sy f •» " I Scott, Mary Lucille Elizabeth City M wU f J " M ■ V . -i -- W Scott, Tommie Kay West Jefferson i " " ' i B T H k W - ML W " " ' Seaford, Rodney Concord " S 1 " Qfe l W. M - Sebastian, Ronald Granite , " " J| 1 ' •Pf ■ H , W Jean 1 1 1 IPI V Seitz, Barbara Jean Orlando, Fla. M pT Sm K.,. JU «= f 1 B! Self, George Asheville BR V ' ■ T ■ ?¥ •. WT BISV . ■ W A- I Self, John Perkins Lincolnton gA V . D L - A. 1 " « -7 t V ' ' ' ' Sellers, Jolene Belmont Bp ' Tf L l . .M V %t .. Carolyn Faye.tev.lle W A Tf " - 1 ' - Selzer Lenoir M Setzer, Sue Carolyn Claremonl ts J flv i K » f Sharp, Robert Clyde Galax, Va. P ' P T WF ' Shaw, Conrad Aldean, Jr. .. N. Wilkesboro BL 1.- ■ iHt I ■ ' i A " ' Shaw, Judy Carol Greensboro L " L k Jm? " " Shaw, Susan Elizabeth Charlotte 91 ' ' W «iHr " t VK vJk T IHk iii Sheets. Elizabeth Greer .... Laurel Springs E Sheffield, John Calvin Eastwood BH aJ Sheffield, Pamela Jane Greensboro rBSfSW B l ' • F ' Shields, Brenda Sue VVinston-Salem M 4 ■ JL J vM B ' I Short, Brenda Kay Greensboro I T — - - Shore, Phyllis Elaine Greensboro " bt!! TM % i Roberta BIW L V H ■H|B|||k Hfe V w B K ™? Hr i5b V k BRIv y Shue, Margaret Elizabeth Landis RE, « M S Hb| l flK V| 1 W. SV K T Shugart, Eona Elizabeth Yadkinville H 4 ■ L X. V W l- V ga. . , ■JT J B5!3 t Wj[ Shumaker, Rebecca Lee Statfsville M %- B k ir ' M, ' ' KF ' L K - ' l Ulr W S - Shumate, William Alex Hickor ' K .. KtL jJL-- Wl , IP ' K Page Sixty-three .€ f i L .f FRESHMEN Sides, Paula Jean Aberdeen Sigmon, Donna Marie StatesviUe Sigmon, Sheila Gaye Conover Siler, Brenda Carol Trinity Siler, Deborah Margaret Siler City Sink. Janet Cathrj-n Winston-Salem Sink, Rosemar ' Lexington Sinner. Annetta Ann Burlington Sipe, Patricia Jane Hickor - Simpson, Bobby Dale Ararat Sisk, Linda Cecile Winston-Salem Sitton, Domicia Louise Charlotte Slate, Elizabeth Kaye Westfield Sledge. Townley Milton Monroe Sloop, Ben Wesley Winston-Salem Sloop, Linda Carol Salisbur - Sloop. Peggy Sue Salisbury Small, Charles L -nn Sophia Small, Jacquelyn Anne .... Winston-Saleni Smith, Alline Clyde Smith, Barbara Carol Laurinburg Smith, Caren Celeste Belmont Smith, Donna Maraline Salisbur ' Smith. Frances Gene Salisbury- Smith, Fred Ligon Laurinburg Smith, Gar ' Franklin .... Winston-Salem Smith, John Paul Winston-Salem Smith. Linda Marie Boone Smith. Mary Ellen Thomasville Smith. Nettie Rebecca Fayetteville Smith. Paul Richard Newtun Smith, Sandra Carmaletia .... Burlington Smith, Thomas Steven Graham Smith, William Elsworth .... Jacksonville Smith, William Eugene Marion Snider. Dennis Ray Welcome Snider. Jennifer Jean Spencer Snipes, Sheila Elizabeth Tyner Snuggs, Rebecca Ann Wadesboro Snyder, Ruth Ann Winston Salem Sofley, Jerry Dean Salisbury Spainhour, Gail Frances . . Winston-Salem Sparks, Jerry Bakersville Sparks, Sandra Anne Charlotte Sperr ' , Patricia Dare .... Pilot Mountain Spratt, Judy Gail EUenboro Spurling. Sara Lou Lawndale Stafford, Sandra Jean Plumtree Stall, Linda Lee Charlotte Stallard, Jack Edward Durham St. Clair, Sam Edward Charlotte Stanberr -, Gregory- Blake Boone Stanberry, Larry Blaine Boone Starr. Cynthia Park .... Silver Spring. Md. Page Sixty-four FRESHMEN Steams, Sara Elizabeth . . . .... Charlotte Stephens, Robert Wade . . . . . Tampa, Fla. Stephenson, Teresa Carol . .Angier Stewart, Frank Stewart . . . . . Statesville Hamlet Stocks, Linda Grey . . . V TiiteviUe Stocks, Lydia Marie Nakina Stoots, Jerry Kenneth .... . . Bristol, Va. Stoner, Brenda Jean Concord Stoner, Linda Elaine Concord Storie, Gerald Glenn . . Banner Elk Reidsville Stroup, Nancy Kathrjn . . . Waco Stroupe, Vonda Lee . . . Morganton Strickland, James Francis. Jr Stedman Stuart, Stephanie Shannon .... Charlotte Stjne, Judith .Ann Buchanan. Va. Suddreth. William Lee . . . Lentjir Surratt, Martha Stokes .... . Jackson Hill Sutton, Bruce David Clyde Sutton, Robert M. . . Highl and Park, N. J. Swaim, David Cletus Liberty Swicegood, Larry Calvin . . . . . Lexington Swicegood, Webster Noah . Linwood Swink, Judy Lee . . . Morganton Swinson, Sheila Ann Spencer Tadlock, Vicki Karen .... Charlotte Tallent, Joyce Gail Vale Talley. Barbara Veigh .... Reiiisvilie Tamer, Joseph George .... Winston-Salem Taylor, Barbara .- nn Winston-Salem Taylor, Jack Lynn Concord Taylor. Jerry Marlin . Lebanon, Va. Teague, Brenda Starr .... Lenoir Templeton, Barbara Christin ; . MooresviUe Templeton, Hal M Elkin Tennent, Janet Charlotte Thomas, Diana Sue . . . Hildebran Thomas, John Henry. Jr. . . Winston-Salem Thomas, William Kenneth . Rockingham Thompson, Mary Lillie . . . . . . -Albemarle Thompson. Mary Sue .... Lenoir Thompson, Rebecca Nan . . . . . Hayesville Thornburg, Dennis Keith . . . Kannapolis Tinsley, Nina Carol Brevard Toney, Sherrill Durant . . . Ellenbor , Townsend, Edward M. . . Bro wns Mills, N. J. Tucker, Julaine Georgetown, 111. 1 iKker, Sheila .Ann Winston-Salem linker, Syretta Claudine . . . Greensboro I ' lirner, Jane Elizabeth . . . Gaslooi,, lurner, Judy Rebecca .... . . . ReiiUvilk- Trexler, Connie Dale Hockuill - . .. ' w Page Sixty-five f O fci- % f % JM| i •T k " " 5 pv j ' - FRESHMEN Trexler, Gerald Odell Winston-Salem Troy, Eric Lynden Graham Twombly, Ruth Elizabeth . Barium Springs Umfleet, Barbara Sue McLeansville Underwood, Zack L Greensboro Vaden. Rachel Gray Reidsville Vance, James Frank Crossnore Vanderveer, Sally Ann Biscoe Vanhoy, Catherine Ann Troy Van Leuven, Dianne Charlotte Van Pelt, Steve Allen Kannapolis alentine, Patricia Lois . . . Winston-Salem ' erble, Frances Marguerite .... Rockwell Vernon, Sue Ellen Winston-Salem Vickers, Charles Edwin Maxton Wagner, Jearmette Marie Boone Wagner, Robert W.. Ill . Hyattsvillc, Md. Wagner, Sue Neal Lumberton Walker, Brenda Gail Graham Walker, Elizabeth Jane Statesville Walker, Kenneth Lee Lexington Walker, Linda Lee Miami, Fla. Walker, Sarah Elaine High Point Wall, Elvis Glenn Salisbury Wall, Glenda Dianne Clayton Wall, Katherine Taylorsville Wallace, Audrey Ruth Todd Wallin, Ronnie Lee Mars Hill Walsh, Phyllis .Ann Ferguson Walton. William Jefferson Raleigh Ward, Paul Wayne Banner Elk Ware, Tonnie Darryl .... Kings Mountain Warren, Charles Eddie Newton Waters, Brenda Kay Shelby Watson, Gail Kathleen Havelock Watson, Linwood A., Jr. . . Calverton, Va. Watts, Patricia Dianne Morganton Watts, Terry Wayne Hickory Watts, Vivian Ann Hickory Waugh, Donald Ray Statesville ' eaver, Myra Patricia Rutherfordton Weaver, Thomas Felkel . . Rock Hill, S. C. Weathers, Gerald Lee Shelby Webb, Charles Sanford Bakersville Weddington, Glenn Haywood . . . Salisbury Weeks, Vivian Ruth Wilmington Weeks, Sandra Jean Fayetteville Welch, Nancy Lee Salisbury Wells, Eunice Carol Asheville Wheeler, Sharon Lee Herndon, Va. Wliisnant, Susan Crowley Lawmdale WTiitaker, Cynthia Sue Landis WTiitaker, Gary Hardin Shelby White, Barry Wayne Danville, ' a. Page Sixty-six FRESHMEN White. Jonathan Doyle Columbus WTiite, Wayne Onslow Henrietta W ' hittington, Gloria Ann Wilkesboro Williams, Anna Margaret Monroe Williams, Gail Diane Greensboro Williams, Hiram Preston Lilesville Williams. Norma Joyce Catawba Williams. Ronald Stephen Conover ' illiams. Sandra Lynn Charlotte Williams. Thomas Gregory . . . Wilkesboro Williamson. John Anderson .... Pinehurst U ' illis, Betty Jo Laurinburg Willis. Charles Worth Forest City Willis. Rachel Diane . . . Connelly Springs Willis. Richard Otis . . Xe«Tort News, ' a. Wilson. Carl Rodney Mooresville Wilson. Judith Dianne . . Rock Hill. S. C. Windham, Rufus Travis . Bishopville, S, C. Winebarger, Lynda Carole Conover Winkler, Sandra Jeanette Lenoir A ' instead, Georgia Linda Raleigh Winters, Sandra Gail Marion Wise, Benjamin Roger Newland Wise, Gao- Steven Salisbury Wittenberg, Judy Kay Hickory Wongrey, Teresa Lynn .... Sumter, S. C. Wood, Dorothy Lyndall .... Union Grove Wood, Judith Marian High Point Wood, Wanda Gayle Mebane Woodard, WanJa Faye Hamlet Woods, Vera Maxine Lenoir Workman. Sandra Kaye Thomasville Wright. Frank Bumette Charlotte Wright. Juanita Elisabeth. .New York, N. Y. Wright, Lynda Sue Greensboro Wright, Rebecca Lee Dallas Wyatt, Wanda Jean Mount Holly VV yrick, Daniel Kay West Jefferson Yarbrough, ' icki Lynn Lexington Yates, Patricia Elaine Vilas Yoder, Sidney Lee Linville York, Jerel Lynn Kannapolis Young, Rebecca George Troutman Young, Terr ' Ray Vale Yount, Deventa Jane Granite Falls Yount, Pamela Elaine Granite Falls Zetelski, Barbara Jeannette . . Oradell. N. J. Zibelin, Marilyn Louise Candler Zimmerman, Lucy Carolyn Valdese Zirkel, Nancy Ireen Jamestown Lee, Karen Sue Mount Hollv 11 Page Sixty-seven First Row: Becky Shields, Robbie Nelligan, Sandy Holmaii, Edith Harwood, Norleen Kester, Clydie Hefner, Kay Smith, jnycc Gaines, Nancy Feezor. Second Row: Caroll McKinney, Janice Foil, Janice Rigdon, Barbara Buchanan, Jean Horton, W ' ilma Clark, Judy Pres- son, Ann Saunders, Rometta Sams, Aretha Robinson, Peggy V ' ood. Jwoude I redideii ts Seated: Sandra Rigsbee, Watauga; Norma Garaventa, Doughton; East. Standing: Ann Hayes, White; Mandy Cozart, North. {Not Elaine Poteat, Doiighton; Kay Overcash, Lovill; Diane Roberts, Pictured: Evelyn Lutz, Efls(.) eliaioud 9 C mpk mphctdid tp To introduce the work oF the Rehgious Council and the u■ious members of it is to reveal some of the questions which plague the Christian of the 1960 ' s. The questions and programs of this decade are different from those of the forties and fifties. No longer do we speak of " Distinctive Marks of a Methodist " or " Why I am a Baptist. " The visitor to an activity of the campus Christian Icllowships or a program of the Religious Council is more apt to hear such questions as: Is God Dead? Is the Church a kind of fossil fighting for its life? Should the Christian be doing anything about American presence in Viet Nam? Docs the " Playboy philosophy " say anything to the way the Church has treated se.x for centuries? What will the Ecumenical Council do for Christian Unity? Who is |esus Christ for us today? Will Secularism sink or sa e the " Ship of Faith " ? In the struggle with these and similar issues some students are spectators, some disciplined in study, worship and ac- tion, others blissfully ignorant and unconcerned. These pages introduce to you some of those persons who should be the more involved. Rev. Maurice Ritchie, Caiiivus Mhiisic ' ,eliaioud OFFICERS Buddy McColl President Julie Campbell Vice-President Catherine Rider Secretary Chris Canipe Treasurer LaVerne Miller Hislorian iKeualoud L oancil Seated: Catherine Rider, Julie Campbell, Buddy McColl, Norleen Kester. Standini : Jimmy Whitmer, Mary Jim Emerson, Ahin John- son, Melissa Brown, Chris Canipe, Grace Turbyfill, Judy Mori an, Hilda Everhart, Pam Bowman, LaVerne Miller, Jack Embree. Tfili ill —TSi-J J J ,Mm J J rint Rou ' : Betty Ann Jackson, Donna Eller, Carolyn Bowers. Mabel Ann Osborne. Brenda Joyce, Nancy Feczor, Sheila Bridges, Carolyn Davis, Wanda Wood. Bonnie Wiles, Sandy Shepherd, Susan Readling, Joyce Halford, Linda Lincoln, Joan Carroll. Second Rout Ronald Blue, Linda Groom, Pat Clayton, Donna Gordon, Linda Rice, Evelyn Grigg, Jane Killian, Kathy Gibson, Sam St, Clair, Margaret Cantrell, Linda Nix, Barbara Jonas, Carol Johnson, Peggy " " " Marklin, Jo .Ann Bates, Martha ngha Spangler, Jea Tin., I l . Imogene Conley, (..lil McDonald Overcash, LaRuc Pasehall. Jerry Bumbaugh Dnnna Heald, Sharon Rovall, Teres,, ' " ' ■ Brenda Hovle, Linda Beaver. I S|.,ii,,h..iii, Rita Clark, Beth Simmons, llnlin.iii, lievcrly Burnette, Edith Smith, Cii. Marty Erwin, Nanci Fox, Rachel Jolley, Wanda Douglas Allen, Sarah Barnes, Mary McGregor, Ela I .III, SI. Ill, v W ' hel, n hiu, S.ii.i Spurling. IKulsoM, Martha Hord, , Poteat, Debhy Hend, ion son, Gail Clark, Jovce Suddreth, Judy Camilla Patterson, Suzanne Wheelous Gracie McCants, Johnny Simpson, Ly Redmond, Connie Chappell, Jack Carol John Howie, Jnhnnv .Moretz, Tommv Heglar, Diana Banks. Ann MeDough. Shore. Pete Rodriguez, ;arv Shrover Cozart. Lcnna Lv.-;11. Fifth Roir: Rachel Mike Rodgers, Steve Miller. Frank ' anc Douglas Carroll, Ted Johnson, Dana Wot Mike Brown, David Shellman, Bob Poteat, Wiggins, Herman Upright, Steve Camp, J Greene, Eric Trov, C larcnce Elledge, Chris Canipe, W Pitlman. Fciirth Ron-: Pam Motley, Lavann Troutman, Jane Randolph, m Hamrick. Betty Hardison, Judith ay, Robert Hemphill, John Womack, Hayes, Marv Beth Patterson, Judy Carole Coyle, Ricky DeRant, Patsy Judy HaU, Ka Beaver, Mandy Virgie Tucker, Sidney Young, ■, Dann en, Don Bo Bob Bailev. Jones, I ' den, Bob Phillips, herrill Toney, Paul k Knowles, Skipper Eller. Barry White. VUesteu oundat " OFFICERS Judy Mohgan Nancy Webb First Vice-President Dorothy Poole Ritchie Second Vice-President .• xN ' STFf; l 1, . . Sccrefwry ion First Row: Gar - Starrett. Barbara Maxwel Judy Morgan, Barbara J. Hood, Dorothy P. rett, Sharon Kiser (standing i. Charlenc B Helen Goforth, Judy Canipe, Maurice Ritch Jim Stephens. Melissa Brown, X ' irgin Martin, Marcia Davis, Gail Plott, C Gail Parker, Kitty Campbell, :chie. Second Roir: Gloria Bar- ;man. Carol Matthews, Mary Campus Minister. Third Row: e, Bobbie McArthur, Shirley lyn Miller, Marie Morrison, Bonnie Rushing. Foiiri;! Ro .-.■ Bob Mays, Jimmy Whitmer, Judy Idol, Ed Taylo Richard Willis. Dian . ' illiams, Bettv Gabriel, Cook Powell, Sherry Atkin Jack Ollis. OFFICERS Richard Hughes Prt ' si ii:iit Daca Johnson Vice-President 1 loLLis Chenery Secretary JoHM Giles Treasurer Father Todd Ferneybough Advisor Seated: John Giles. Hollis Chener)-, Gail Saunders, Richard Hughes. Stand- ing: Father Todd Femeybough, Patrick Yen, JuHe Campbell. Janet Hughes, Sharon Desch, Grace Turbyfill, Peggy Greer, Harry Phillips, Inez T. Dudley, Sue OiNeil. l iJeAhninster eliowAnip OFHCERS Alvin Johnson President Kay Overcash First Vice-President Steve Wilson Second Vice-President Susan Miller Secretary Edith Harwood TrensiirtT Jove E Davis Ei)i(t.r Hilda Everhabt Eclimciiciil Kclatimis Co-nrdinalur V.Mi. McSw UN Historian Mary Jim Emerson Synod Representative Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sawyer Advisors Ils. l.rims l. .ill. ,1,1, Mill Juii I J .«|,l, I in, I,, . KC .ill, Kii.l.l .M(»ukx. llikLi LvLili.ul. n Clark, Brunda 1 lines, Sandra Li S.ivvMi-, Siis,in Milk ' i. Kiiih Ilar- . I in. I, I I I, mis Si,,u, m,- K.itvlee ,-.1. I ' ,.,n,l.,l..isli, l,in.- I Liiiui, ludy Dniui.i MiKinki, Kin Jolinson, .very, Dianne I ' hillips. L i eivtnaii L lul? OFFICERS Ed WiNTtBSTiii-v Prciideiit first Rotv: R.ibbic Nelligan. Connie VVarf. Second Row: Barbara Barnes, D-VN IIoEFLlNGER Vice-Prcstdent Catherine Rider, Norleen Kester, Mar iu Barker, Courtney Leavitt. Third Barbara Barnes V ' icc-Presideiil Row: Edward Wintcrstein, Bill Lonon, Jack Ougan, Harvey Lineback, David Robbie Nei.ligan Secretary Brou n, Dan Hoeflinger. Thomas Speda Ireasurer Father Ed Smith Chaplain oLutkeran student AAociation OFFICERS L I KM Mil LER Vretident Front Row: Lindy Keivatt, Lnida Faye King, Pamela Gayle Bowman, Share M m; ni X W ii i lAMS Vice-President Jean CarrickhofF, Frances Smith, LaVerne Miller, Karen Martois. Second Ron liMn I ' ljiiM Secretary Ron Moser, iS ' ancy Van Hook, Linda Propst. Sandie Herb, Barbara Dye Km, II Si 11 Treasurer Marv Sigman, Charlene Murphv. Third Row: Wade Coffey, Jr., Rosemai Pam Houmvv a d Ron .Moser Religious Councif Repre. e.itati.-cs Sink, Svlvia Blair, Janice Foil, S.imlr.i Kiiincrly. Martha Williams, Marily Dr. and .Mrs. W . C. Sinx Sponsors .Alexander, David . . . nderson. inJMi fT Ljouna UUomen 6 i nridtian -y dAociation OFFICERS Elaine ' ia President Front Row. Elaine Via, Faye Parker, Jane Bragg, Dot Perrv. Brenda Joyce. Faye Parkek Vice-President Secotirf Rou ' : Camilla Patterson, Janet Floward, Louise Walker, Judy Moselev, Jane Bragg Secretary Judv Poston, Rachel Vaden, Hilda Craver. Dot Perky Treasurer Bae Wortiii ngton Sponsor eiiowdnip of ( Itridilan . tnieted OFFICERS JiM Whitmer President Sid Young Vice-President First Ron-.- Jack Emhree. Jerrv Barker, C. Perrv Green. Jr., Jimmie Burchcllc. Wayne King Secretorj- Sid Young. Seeoiitl floir; Ti.nv G ' .ins, Wade Coffev, Jr.. Ron Mover. Bohln Jim SioTT Treasurer Barbera, Jimmy VVliitmer. (Not Pieliireri: Chris Canipc.l Clay Orsborne President tii den t (council The A.S.T.C. Student Council, under the le:ideiship of President Clay Orsborne and Vice-President Gary Poo, initiated and carried out a ariety of new projects in addition to regular Student Council acti ities. The First Annual A.S.T.C. Leadership Conference for High School Students was organized and held by the A.S.T.C. Stu- dent Council. Committees were organized to study campus recreation facilities and ofF-campus housing conditions. The Student Council re ised their constitution to be presented to the student body for their vote and also re-evaluated their judiciary system. Representatives from our student oo ernment association attended the Second Annual Conference of the Associated Student Government of the U. S. A. and the State Student Legislature in Raleigh. OFFICERS Tina Diamadurus, Secretary; Richard Miller, Director o( Coinniunicatioiis; Norma Hedrick, Cor- responding Secretary; Mike Morgan, Treasurer; Gary Poe, ' ice-President; Wallace Hill, Parlia- mentarici H ' s. 1 P 3 r . . . F 1 ' " flLf t f w r V M » W i 1 p " L 7 y B ' H L 11 p ' ' 19 i " k iJ j B f m " Ita STUDENT COUXCIL MEMBERS Iriiiu Piow: Tina Diamaduros, cs Wcaxcr, Ciaiy Poe. Secund Row. Harold Doster, Sharon Dod e, Norma Hedrick, Jud Oatcs. Third Row: Eric Jolly, Don Patrick, Da c Shcilman. first Row: Martha Drum, Liz Berry. Second Row: Carcn Smith, Gkuia Hutchison, Norma Hedrick. Third Row: Marion Car cr, Roland Stiles, Dean Ronny L. Brooks, Mike Rogers. Fourth Row: Richard Miller, Jerry Myers, Wallace Hill, Jim Spi ey. bjo5ef Page Sex enty-iix Page Sei ' entyseven First Row: Travis Windham. Bill Hanner, Bill Bobo, Dave Riciiardson, Pat Murphy, Greg Newhard, Jack line, Guy Flynt, Jack Ruten, Jim Barnes, Glen Garman, )im English, Bobby Russell, Carlton Burton, Bruce Sutton, Joe White. Secuini Row: John Maloney, Bob Agle, Pete Vassos, Gvvvn B ' rooks, )errv Price, Paul Labazzetta. Ron Byerly, Mike Hamet, Charles Elkin, Don Ferrell, Rick Sherrill, Jay Clinton, Wavne Bvrd, Wavne Clav ' Son, Bill Green, ]im Corne, Gene Dillard, Larry Simmons. Third Row: Danny Hemric, Bruce Hardin, Bill McClain, Tonv Coins, Kelly Aiken, Bill Suddreth, Jimmy Cloninger, Wayne Binsted, Bob Reardson, Danny Beck, Jack Underwood, Craig Cooper, Bill Mauldin, Paul Allen, Bob Sedford, Jerry Willis, Gene Gilleland. DL iqnt in 9 w. ountaineerA FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Appalachian 10 Appalachian Appalachian 9 Appalachian 6 Appalachian 17 Appalachian 7 Appalachian 14 Appalachian 26 Appalachian 28 Appalachian 6 Newberry 7 Western Carolina 7 Elon Lenoir Rhyne 23 Carson-Newman 7 Catawba 32 WofFord 22 Presbyterian 10 Emory and Henry 10 Southeastern Louisiana 54 Page Seventy-cis}it ooWatt Ushering in the new school year in fine style was Autumn ' s King- Football. The Apps with their new head coach, Carl Messere, roared up and down Conrad Stadium ' ith might and determination. Tlie Fight- ing Mountaineers also performed with vigor on the visiting gridixons. The team united its fifteen freshman recruits with a great deal of that " Fighting Mountaineer Spirit. " Even with the major handicap of inexpe- rienced recruits the final App record was an amazing, 5-5. At the season ' s end the Moun- taineers received their share of post season honors, putting two players on the All-Carolinas Conference Team and the NAIA All-District 26 Team. These players were Wayne Byrd and Joe White. Bill Mauldin and Jerry Price were two important facets of the team ' s leadership. Quar- terback Guy Flynt was hindered from active service by a broken leg. The highest honor of the season went to Coach Carl Messere when he was named NAIA District 26 Coach of the Year. Gilmer .Murdock. Sam Houston. Jerry Cash. ' ic Kiiceliiia,: Howard Earnhardt, Doug Mcsser. Standing: Bill Church, Jim Cullivan, Carl Messere, Jack Groce. Page Seventy-nine Larry Simmons Bruce Hardin Joe White Tony Goins Bill Mauldix Wayne B ' rd Gene Gilleland Jack Fine Tackle that mail! Co-Captain Jerry Price Page Eighty Set, Ready, Set Co-Captain Guy Flynt Jay Clinton Jerry ' illis Gene Dillard GwYN Brooks Jim Corne Wayne Clawson Rick Sherrill Bill Green CiREG NewHARD Bob Russell Bill Bobo Bill McClain Don [erreli Wayne Binstead The Miohtr Mountaineers Page Eig ilv-hro ]erry Price receives the Boh Broome Trophy. " Orders from headquarters. ' But Spiff, you are supposed in run. not f!v! Pat M URPHY Jackie ROTEN ll.MMY ClONINGER John LoFI -IN tfi S I •4 -T ' " Msi . r n rrt i i " P a k« P-.P ' AlLm JM m •» £- ; II H wKL .. J W •; |onN Underwood Ron Byerly Bobby Agle Craig Cooper Belinda Horne Julie Barber Sharon Dodge Sarah Church i keerleadi erS IJII Nancy LunM, Sharon Dodge, Belinda Horne, Judy Benton, Chief; Chris Hinkle, Sarah Church, Juhe Barber, Patty Payne. Patiy Payne Chris I Iinkle Judy Benton, Chief Nancy Long S 1 1 F, Bali. Drmn Major Kay Camlin Co-Chief I ¥ laioretteA Becky Brown Co-Chief Linda Smith nn Murray Kathy Murdock Linda Smith, Kay C ' aiiilin, Ann Murray, Becky Brown, Kathy Murdock. ' u -f - i M ioi lA omeconiina cs ueen ILIUY BENTON nil All:, ( lllh I IlhU All Guild Float JJc omecomin 9 ! ' fi J Idiiiccuiuiiii!, Queen J4. ' 65 omecotnina Tina Diamaduros Vicky Pittman Lynnette Starnes Pa e Eighty-eight J4. ' 65 oinecominci Jane Davenport Sarah Church Kathy Murdock Page Eighty-nine .•pjyK rV- First Row. Craig Duncan, Bill Bookout. Second Row. Lee Essex, Assistant Coach; Jim Robson, Jerry Mayhew, Mike Davis, Punk Williamson, Jerry Barker, John Graziano, Larry Butler, Jerry Hart. Bill Spada, Charles Bryant. Third Row. Hal Sparks, Assistnnt Coach; Ron Taylor, West Lamereaux, I inward Murph . 1 red Brad- ley, Ron Childress, Don York, Will Deal, John Current, Roger Cecil, Bill Riner, Jim Reavis, Eric DeCroat, Head Coach. Sc occer ioaclies: Lcc hssex, Eric DeGroat, Wayne Smith, 1 lal Sparks Sc occer Lack of depth hampered this year ' s soccer team. Many of the positions were manned hy freshmen, who, though they played an excellent game, lacked ital experience. However, this is not to say that the season record of 3-6-1 was indicative of the performances. Several of these games were played in driving rains and severe ' inds. Nevertheless, the Apps played a hard and fast game and should impro e greatly with the added experience. Among the new freshmen who should help strengthen the ranks of the hooters are Jim Stewart, Andy Anderson, Larry Sur- retsky, Mike Da ' is, and Da e Lawrence (who was high scorer this season). Next year promises to be a better season. With almost all of the returning lettermen and a new policv ol spring practice, the sixcer team will pro e hard to iiandle. SOCCER SCOREBOARD ASTC 2 N. C. State 4 ASTC 8 Tuscuhn 1 ASTC Duke 4 ASTC Brc ard ASTC Kings College 1 ASTC 1 Warren Wilson ASTC ■) Furman 1 ASTC 2 Belmont 3 , STC U. N. C. 2 ASTC 1 Pfeiffer 8 " Makhio the big, decision. " Thar s itsins. your head. ' Pa e Ninety-one IV leu ' -Athletic ..Association OFFICERS Fred Bradley President Bruce Hardin Vice-President Guy Flynt Secretary Wayne Byrd Treasurer Jim Whitmer Chaplain Ed Winterstein Sergeant-At-Arms Dr. Andrews and Bill Church Sponsors First Hoiv: Phil Bowers, Wayne Simmons, Henry Marsh, Mack Critcher, Philip Grau, Fred Robinette. Second Row: Ivan Winston, Ed Winterstein, Howard Murphy, John Wright. Third Row: Jimmy Whitmer, Jim Leigh, Fred Bradley, Bruce Hardin, Maurice Guffey, Jr. Fo«r( i Row: Tom Harger, Bobby Barbera, Fred White, Allen Smith. Fifth Roiv: Jerry Mills, Tony Coins. Sixth Row: Joe White, James Wilco.x, Don York. Sei ' enth Row: John Current. Page Ninety-two How iiiiich higlier do I luirc to jiDiip I didn ' t wean to hit it THAT hard! m«i -Jfi h c6 ct ' s L C OH a scavenger hunt! 1 Wc omen 6 tnletic ..y Adociatlon OFFICERS Cathy 1 Iall President Barbara Hood Vice-Preiident Regina Williams Secretary Martha Hamilton Treasurer Cornelia Asbell Intramural Chairman Ann Harwood Reporter Rebecca Tomlinson Sponsor First Row: Phyllis Stephens, Phyllis Shore, Donna Prater, Linda Harris. Second Row: Faye Hall, Martha Hamilton, Barbara Hood, Regina Williams, Kay Smith, Donna Mecham. Third Row: Sandy Parker, Linda XA ' alker, Barbara Maxwell, Genevieve Butler, Sandra Morris, Aileen Steelman, Rebecca Wilson, Christie Stoddard. W ' t ' ic }iuiuhcr one! ■1 IH r ' -. ' H BPi ' « B P RV Who i said 1 c iiidii ' i cliuih this rope? 9P 1 1 ■■ I ' .:■, " ;••;,-) 1 1.- ' — ' " . 1 ?? H fi :-- ' 1 ra rl I H r H - ffi l A i " ' 1 l fiAJ vU f 1 f Hoiv ' d that get up there ' : l Uotnen A T ' Are we going to gossip or play vollc) hull? Ill cull this game MY war! Oh. ij I were ;i s ,! liiilc ,, ( OFIK I lis First Row: Jean Saunders, Secretary; Mary Beth Pattersun, Presi- dent. Secuiid Row. Danny Bowman, Treasurer; Bob Roselle, ' ice-President. llie I-, ( cotiiinii lestiiitiei. u ' h bfoiiis He The Confederate Flag, amitses Moiiiitaliieer Spirit! I ep y tub tUete Of wur Miirv Bclh PatWr dii presents Irophy lit Alhlclc ti the Year, Austhi Aclm flo Bill Bookout Eddie iMcArveb Jerry iMayhevv Larry Harbin fomuieed UoN York Larry LLvnd Austin Adams I loWARD MURPHV Ed Winterstein Wayne Duncan OFFICERS DoDiE West Presidenl Fruiit Ruiv: Richard Willis, Dreama Walters, Melissa Brown, Carole Sharon Chambers ' ice-President Moore, Linda BeddinyHeld, Robbie Shoat, Helen Eicher. Second Regina Williams Secretary Row: John Giles, Bett Little, Chris Hinkle, George Nickle, Betty Betty Willis Treasurer Willis, Linda Walker, Sharon Chambers, Reggie XA ' illiams, Donna Donna Havnaer Sponsor Havnuer. iVloaem oDance OFFICERS Christie Stoddard Treastirer , D D • J , liss Vera Ellen Ball Sponsor Linda Ryan President ' Julie Lesniak Vice-President Kneeling: Julie Lesniak, Linda Ryan. Standing: Becki Wilson, Becki Wilson Secretary Christie Stoddard, Sandra Morris. iin going to break fifty yet Future Rockettes? ! Honest ' . It ;v iin . D. card: Ball four! MiiiiHiipdli S iiij4iiiin (hclnsii ix Theatre Dance OiMrtet f- taud and f roa Stanislaw Skrowaczewski Music Director Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra Nell Rankin MctropoUtan Opera Siivj,cr 1 lie Plaxcrs piDcluction, Romeo and Juliet. Pliucrat ' ters protliKticni nf 7;c ' Rrothcrs Mciuicchunis Playcral ' tcrs production of The Oneeu and the Rebels. Seated: Mary Verble, Linda Carver, Marion Carver. Sldiiding: Jerry Myers, Mike Yancey, Ken Treadway, U ' es Weaver, Dean Ronny L. Brooks. (Not Pictured: Sonny Tigniere.) OFFICERS Sonny Figniere Chairman Wes Weaver V ice-Chairman Linda Carver Secretary Mary Verble Treasurer Dean Ronny Brooks Spmisor K ommlttee Modern Folk Ouartct ' age One Hundred Two The Serendipity Singei ' s J iirry Elgart The Dofiy Clark Five Page One Hundred Three really should have worn my high heeled hoots! Gee. I didn ' t realize that kissing would spread so many genus! J Luaeni c lfe Thi uiakes the second time I ' ve flunked this course! With jour cxinns toniorrow. lie got t(, cram! I ' lige One Hundred Four And they lived happily ever aftei I ¥ larrieci rJLiie I ley Dad, would yuu lell Mom to hurry iij ' ivilh that bottle. I ' m starved! Please Linda. I ' d rather do it myself! Page One Hiiiidred Five c. ommu terS I chnlloige anyone whu m i llnit udiiicii die llic weaker sexl I ' ui iioino home! I ' l ' c already wailed lliree minutes on iiiy riders! Do you think ill make it home with tniU one chain? Rut officer. I had I,, park Iwrc. 1 was fifteen minutes laic Oil rt ' not suppoicci tu ilioiv the Rook if you get it! sDorm cJ ife Ills is the ivciy Dehhie Drake does it? But you ' re already an hour late! These steps seem steeper every day! Page One Hundred Seven ■M 1 1 1 rf m inier Winter quaitcr begins with the resolution to pull up those D ' s and F ' s i)ii miKJc fail quarter— the rush of Christmas parties and exchange of gifts between Thanksgiving and Christmas— unseasonably warm weather for December— the election of the Christmas Queen and her court— last minute preparations by the Student Council for a Christmas Dance— the girls finally cross the " creek " for the annual carolling at Justice Hall —girls awakened at twelve and later to the tune of " Silent Night, Holy Night " being sung by the Men ' s Chorus— the shouts of " More! " as they move from White to Lovill to East to Doughton to North— the annual presentatiiin cil ilu ' " Messiah " by the College Choir- and then " There ' s no place like home for the holidays " — but too soon the New Year has dawned and " i lope you had a nice Christmas. " — and it ' s back to cram again— January brings the first snow— the first of many that seem to begin every Saturday— girls wear slacks with the permission of the Dean of Women— sledding, but also slipping and sliding and finally falling down —the ski classes finally get their money ' s worth!— basketball games- wrestling matches— swimming meets— the Apps win their first swimming meet in five years!— Les and Larry Elgart arrive for the Winter Festival ill spile of snow and sleet— Playcrafters present The Queen and the Rebels —the Serendipity Singers are snowbound and arrive on Sunday instead of Wednesday— intramural competition in basketball is strong— Freshmen elections are held— campus and senior superlative elections are held— " Anyone for Bridge on a snowy night? " — " Ciot any mealbooks for sale? " — the May Queen and her attendants are elccted-.ind it ' s tliil time again —exams and the final fling at studying. 1 ii I ■ ' f JHIMIMHI ' J iT Piige One J iiiiJivii Eleven a Offi add icerd opk ho moiled Ken 1 readwav Mike Yancey CtRacie McCani Prissy Swaim OFFICERS PreiiAent Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pajic Que UiDhhccl Twelve Sophomores Abernathv, Brenda Sue Graham Adams, Franklin Delano Nebo Alexander, Jeffrey Hall Morganton Alford, Ronald Edwin Durham Allen, Douglas Michael Fairfield, Calif. Allen, Linda Ruth Gastonia Allison, Anita Elaine Old Fort Amos, Barbara Jane Greensboro Anderson, Janice Marie Lenoir Anderson, Jo Ann Charlotte Anderson, Martha Jean Moore, S. C. Andrews, Larry Dail Liberty Armstrong, Frances Ann Ararat Arnold. Cheyrl Ruth Shelby Arrowood, Betty Louise Nebo Ashley, Julia R ,,i Austin, Harold Delynn Charlotte Autry, Candace Elaine Raeford Bailey, Roger L. Rutherfordton Baker, Jean Elizabeth Lexington Baker, Michael Raymond Erwin Ball, Betty Ann Lansing Ballard, Linda Joyce Asheville Banks, Diana Lee Leaksvillc Bankston, Richard Lee Shelby Barrel, Shirley Deanna Albemarle Barker, Mary Louise Charlotte Barlow, Andrea Lee Staunton, Va. Barlow, Barbara Lynn Creston Barnes, Patsy Donnelly Gastonia Barnett, Carolyn Kate Ferguson Barnhardt, Betty Carole Landis Battey, Janice Whitney Charlotte Baxter. Donnie Marquex Bobbins Beal, Anna Elizabeth Maiden Beal, Harry Fred Winston-Salem Beane, Harry Wilford Lenoir Beard. Barbara Elaine Kannapolis Beauchamp, Danny William Asheville Beaver, Jennie Lou Mooresville r Fu e One Hundred Thirteen Soph omores r ' .W ' M k M Beck, Pamela Sue Lincolnton Beck, Robin Andrew Marion Belk, Jerry Steverson Hickory Bennett, Douglas Harold Burnsville Bennett, Jerry Paul Relief Bennett, Linda Gayle Winston-Salem Benson, Steven Wade Hickorj ' Berckman, Douglas Craig Greensboro Berry, Carrie Lynda Valdese BiBEY, Joanne Carthage Biggerstaff, Alta Patricia Cliffside Biggerstaff, Iva Jane Ellenboro BiGHAM. Judith Pons Reidsville BiNKLEY, Steven Wilson East Bend Bishop, Judith Ann Greensboro Black, Brenda Joyce Lexington Blake, Donald Lynn Albemarle Blalock, Dona Sue Albemarle Blevins, Gary Dale Grassy Creek Bluemel, Edward P. Charlotte BoHLEN, Harold Glenn Shelb - BoLiCK, Leonard Homer Lenoir Bollinger, Billie Ann Lincolnton Bostian, James Philip China Grove Boswell, Hilda Faye Whiteville BowEN, Joseph Carroll King Bowman, Hiluard Dan Burlington Bowman, Linda Gail Bricktown, N. J. Bowman, Lonnie Phillip Walnut Cove Bowman, Pamela Gayle Greensboro BoYLES, SONDRA KayE Hickory Brennison, Mary Anne Columbia, S. C. Brewer, Christine Ann Winston-Salem Brewer. Fonda Kay North Wilkesboro Brewer, Marsha Louise Charlotte Brewer, Mary Jo Siler City Bridges, Herman Floyd, Jr. Cramerton Briggs, John Dawson Asheville Bright, Judy Carol Burlington Brinegar, Kyle Stephen North Wilkesboro Page One Hundred Fourteen Sophomores Britt, Gary Elton Robbins Brooks. Rainey Gvvyn Greensboro Browder. Sara Lilian Germanton Brown, David George Mooresville Brown, Gary M. Boone Brown, Gilda Mae Claremont Brown, Helen Melissa Charlotte Brown, Rebecca Jean Mooresville Brown, Richard Harrison States ille Bryant, Betty Lynn ThomaswUe Bryant, Charles Spencer Hamptonville Bumbaugh, Gerald Lee Boone Burcham, Vena Carolyn Elkin Burleson, Wanda Jean Spruce Pine Burns. Brenda Gail Wingate Burrage, Delane Kay Raleigh Burton, Jane Elizabeth Raleigh Burton, Mary Jacqueline Greensboro BusicK, James Vernon Hertford BusicK, Richard James Ramseur BusicK, Russell Wayne Ramseur Butler, Eva Nell Lenoir Buxton, Lana Sue State Road Bynum, William David Lincolnton Caddell, Barbara Jane Murray Hill. N. J. Caldwell, James F. Charlotte Cameron, James Fairley Cameron Cameron. Larry Wayne Cameron Camp, Dan Steven Lawndale Canipe, Steven Lee Lincolnton Carpenter, Shelia Whisnant Casax Carter, Billie Ann Laurel Springs Carter, Michael C. Mount Airy Chappell. Connie Louise Oxford Childres, D. Glenn Drexel Church. Brenda Raye North U ' ilkesboro Clark, Leon Paul Conover Clark, Michael Gene Shelby Clark, Rita Louise Winston-Salem Clark, Sarah Patricia Gary f ft U M 31A Page One Hundred Fifteen Sophomores C ' lawson, Wayne Maurice Boone Clement, Nancy Love Ararat, Va. Clendenin, Walter Karl Statesville Cockerham, Mary Susan Mount Airy Coffey, Wanda Gail Greensboro Cole, Richard Monroe Boone Collins, Landa Elizabeth Greenville, S. C. Conrad, Jonathan Michael Thomasville Cook, Dorothy Arleen Statesville Cook, Linda Diann iVIooresville Cook, Robert Clyde Boone Cooke, Susan Mooresville Cooper, Pamela Furr Albemarle Cooper, Richard Martin Randlenian Cope, Sabra Elizabeth Salisbury CoRNE, James Thomas, Jr. Duncan, S. C. Cornelius, Danny Ray Winston-Salem C ' ORNELIUS, KaTHERINE G. Albemarle CosTNER, Sharon Constance Lavvndale CowLES, Susan Cooper Statesville Craddock. Linda Kay Pinnacle Crater, Terry Lee Hampti)n ' ine Crawford, Connie Concord Creech, Margaret Frances Selma Crisp, Robert Arthur Lowell Culbreth, Phyllis Hope Fayetteville Culbreth, Susan Grey Chapel Hill CuLP, Judy Kay Badin Cundiff, Elizabeth Rae Statesville Cunningham, Peggy Ruth Franklin Cu RLEE, Edward Lee Salisbur ' Curtis, Sherrill Dion Asheboro Davis, Gwendolyn Joyce Wadesboro Davis, Lawrence Eugene Hickory Davis, L RCIA Faye Mount Ulla Davis, Michael Gene Candler Dawson, Ann Burge Pilot Mountain Deal, Nancy Jo Burgaw Deal, Phyllis Anne China Grove Decker, Jennie Ruth Summerfield Page One Hundred Sixteen Soph omores Deese, M. Elaine Charldttc Deweese, Terry Leona Leicester Dickens, Brenda Joyce JVIonroe DiLLARD, SeaMOURE EuGENE Wellford, S. C. DiMSDALE, Carolyn Ann Newton Dobbins, Norma Lynn Salisbury DoBiNSON, Elizabeth Charlotte Donnelly, Shirley Sue Raleigh DosTER, Harold Clyde Charlotte DoTSON, Denver Roy Boone DoTSON, Mabie Jeanette Boone Driggers, Janice Lee Lumberton Dugan, John J. Boonton, N. J. Dunn, Patricia Victoria Four Oaks Dunovant, Sara Paulette Ridgevvay, Va. Eanes, William Lee, Jr. Draper Earl, James Clyde, Jr. Mount Pleasant, S. C. Earl, Jerry Wayne Casar Earnhardt, James Max Polkton Edwards, Nellie Jean Mill Spriny Elledge, Billie Jean Hays Elledge, Clarence Eugene Valdesf Ellington, Catherine Sue Cherryville Ellington, Mary Candice Cherryville Ellington, Teresa Gale Richmond, Va. Ennis, Gloria Ann Erwin Epley, Wayne Richard Morgan ton EsKRIDGE. NoRFLEET W. Burlington Essex, Linda Ann Advance EvERHART, Brenda Jean Lexington Farthing, Linda Dianne Vilas Ferguson, Eleanor Louise Bakersville Ferguson, Janice Lee Libertv FiDLER, Vada Sue Greensboro Fine, Jack Joel Vero Beach, Fla. Finley, Donna Jean Winston-Sileni Fisher, Paula Susan Gastonia Flippin, Jimmie Neal Stuart, Va. FouLK, Ronald Lee Medford, N. J. Fox, Anita Kay Burlingtt)!! Page One Hmidrcd ScveiKeeii Sophomores Fox, Cynthia Diane Charlotte Fox, Nanci Linda Wilkesboro Frederick, Gerald Lavon Greensboro Freeman, Jo Ann Shelby Gabriel, Betty Sue Newton Gardner, Verna Christine Rockingham Garland, Carolyn Lynn BakersWlle Garner, Mary Elaine Red Spring ' Garris, Gayle Junior East Bend Garris, Rubert La-Baron Asheville Gaskins, Frances Johanna Jacksonville Gatewood, John L., Jr. Summerfield Geagan, Patricia H. Springfield, Mass. Geer, Sylvia Saunders Union Mills Goforth, VA ' arren G. Kings Mountain Goodman, Donna Ann Gastonia Goodman, Frances Earlene Concord GooDSON, Ann Grace Iron Station Gordon, Donna Gail Winston-Salem GowAN, Patricia Ann Asheville Grant, Gary Thomas Forest City Grant, Leslie Shaw High Point Grau, Philip Nicholas Parkside, Pa. Green, Lynda Kaye Durham Green, Miriam Iley Concord Green, Sallie Minerva Spencer Green, Sarah Lenora Reidsville Greene, Jacqueline Frances Boone Greene, Ronald Eric Lenoir Greene, Wayne Luther Boone Greer, Jack Richard Todd Gregory, Arthur H. Neva, Tenn. Griffin, Judy Lane Marshville Grigg, Lila Evelyn Cherryville Grindstaff, Betty Kaye Winston-Salem GuFFEY, Maurice Hoyle, Jr. Forest City Gulledge, Doris Ann Ruby, S. C. Gulley, James Larry Kingsport, Tenn. Gwaltney, Roberta Lee Hiddenite GwYN, Laura Susan Greensboro Page One Hundred Eighteen Soph oniores Hagaman, Rex Gray Boone Halford, Brenda Joyce Monroe Hall, Diane Gail Brooklyn, N. Y. Hall, Linda Faye Candor Hambv, Pamela Jeanne Boone Hamilton, Diana Lynn Wadesboro Hammill, Patricia Diane Gold Hill Hampton, Frederick Charles Boone Hampton, Katherine Anne Swannanoa Hampton, Phillip Blaine Boone Hand, Patricia Dolores Sali ibur Harden, Becky Graham Harmon, Marilyn Parolea Boone Harrelson, Donna Lynn Charlotte Harris, Gwendolyn Ann Burnsville Harris, Montye Cecile Salisbury Harris, Vicki Starr Concord Harris, Wanda Carol Spray Hart, Lena Dare Lansing Harte, Donald Alexander Charlotte Hass, Brenda Louise Hickory Hawkins, Jackie Dale Greensboro Hawkins, Mary Ann Marion Hawks, Sharon Kay Shannon Hayes, George Thomas Montezuma Hayes, Richard Vaughn Purlear Haynes, Shelia Jean Millers Creek Heafner, Jane Elizabeth Charlotte Heath, Jane Karen Winston-Salem Hedrick, Sarah Lee Statesville Heise, Margaret Sue Asheville Hemphill, Robert Owen East Flatrock Henderson, Jo Anne Charlotte Henry, Frances Lynne Martinsville, Va. Hfnsley, Linda Ann Burnsville Henson, Tommy Earl Jacksonxillc Herb, Sandra Rae Chapel Hill Hicks, Florence Louise Boonville HiLKER, Sherry Anne Winston-Salem Hill, Linda Dianne Caroleen J Pl (1 jP Ml Page One lltinihed Nineteen Soph oniores HiNKLE, Paul Christopher Mocks ' illc Hoke, Charles Keith Hickory Holland, Danny Lee Statesville HoNBARRiER, Ronald James Kannapolis Hoover, Phyllis Patricia Vale HoRNE, Belinda Carol Charlotte HoRNER, James Hunter Oxford Howard, Janet Kay Southern Pines Howell, Helen Gaye Warrensville Howell, June Bakersville Hudson, Linda Sue Dobson Huffman, Judy Ann Purlear Huffman, Thomas Olin Kings Mountain Hughes, Linda Katherine Burnsville Hunt, Nancy Diane Casar Hunt, Rick Stephen High Point Hunt, Ronda Kaye Denton Hutchins, Donald Van Staley Hyatt, Mary Malinda Murph - Hvnes, Janice Lee Thomasville Idol, Judy Belle Kernersvillc Isenberg, Stephen Morgan Salisbury Isley, Nellie Marie Burlington Isley, Richard Lee Wright East Williston, N. Y. Iarvis, Lynnette Rural Hall Jeffries, Michael Warrenton, Va. Jenkins, Judith Faye Old Fort Jessup, Terry Boyle Westfield Johnson, Barbara Ann Sparta Johnson, Etta Dolores Wilkesboro Johnson, Gail Hutchins Bessemer City Johnson, Larry Kyle Mount Airy Johnson, Nancy Lee Troutman I ;hnson, Phyllis Ann High Point loHNsoN, Ted David Cliffside loHNSTON, Doris Lynn Spencer Johnston, Judith Ann Cary Johnston, Linda Carol Westfield, N. J. JoiNES, Eula Faye Blanch Jonas, Barbara Ruth Hickorv Page One Hundred Twenty Sophomores Tones, Barry Randall High Point Jones, Bryson Gold Mooresboro Jones. Herbert Benson Winston-Salem Jones, Patricia Ann West Jefferson Jones, Sarah L. Valdese Joyce, Brenda Kay Madison Joyce, Louise Davis Greensboro JoYNER, Roger Dale High Point Keener, Guy Daniel, Jr. Lincolnton Kelly, Carol Rose Carthage Kennedy, Nancy Dianne High Point Kennerly, Sandra Gail China Grove Key, Janice JoAnn North Wilkesboro KiDD, Joyce Ann Franklinvilk- KiLBY, Janice Elaine High Point King, Janis Elaine Wilmington Kirkman, Mary Suzanne Central Falls KisER, Beatrice Kaye Vale Kleinman, April Lynn Charlotte Knight, Meredith Lewis Creston Knox, Martha Krider Cleveland Koontz. Judy Ann Mocksville Lackey, Linda Carolyn Hickor Lail, Roger Vance Conover Lanier, John Thomas Statesville Lanier, Joretta Ann Lexington Lashley, Linda Ann Chapel Hill Lassiter, John Stephen Burlingtnn Lawrence, Shirley Sue Mebanc Laws, Rebecca Louise Mount Airy Leonard, Barry Edwin Mount Airy Leonard, Joy Jackie Lillington Leonhardt, Burlene Chtrry illc Lewis, Larry Gordon Todd Lewis, Robert David Boone Lincoln, Linda Ruth Kiny LiNEBACK, Harvey Lee Walkertown Liner, Ronald Sims Winston-Saleni Livingston, Jerry Allen Statesville LoFTiN, Andrea Louise Maxton Page One Hundred Twenty one ■A2 ' ..tdt Sophomores Long, Casand ra Lee Charlotte Lovelace, Donald Baxter Morganton LowDER, Phyllis Kay Cleveland Lowe, Karen Louise Salem, ' a. Lyerly, Anna Gayle Charlotte Lynch, Rivers Foster Effingham. S. C. Mare, Peggy Jo King Maness. Phyllis Anne Asheboro Martens. Linda L. Southfield, Mich. Martin, Shirley Poole Hiddenite Mascott, Barrara Ann Hanover. N. J. -Mason, Donald Wayne Kannapolis Mastin, Linda Lee North Wilkcsboro Mathews, Ella Mae Marion Maxwell, Janice Brian Huntersville Mayfield. Carla Jean Morganton Mays. Rorert F., 1r. Martinsville. Va. MacMillan. Donna Elkton, Md. McCain. Nancy Ellen Sophia McCall, Phil Neil Stedman McCants, Gracie Ella Pineville McDonald, Rebecca Ellen Rockingham McElroy, Susan Elizareth Fayetteville McEntire, Glenda Elizabeth Lawndale McFarland, Patricia Kay Greensboro McGee. Ira Mac Ramseur McKaraher, Linda Kay Boone McLain, Becky Donna Kannapolis McLean. Walter Lee Erwin McMiLLiAN, Jane Elizabeth Mount Airy McMillian, Mary Phyllis Charlotte McNeil. Otis Purlear McRee, Samuel A. Newton .McRoRiE. Cyrus P., Jr. Lawndale McSwAiN, Linda Gail Albemarle McVey ' , Janie Kay Liberty Melton, Linda Ann Ellenboro Melton, Wade Lee, Ir. Kannapolis Mendenhall, Bleeka Ioan High Point Metcalf, Walteti Michael Granite Falls Page One Hundred Twenty-two Sophomores MiLEK, Jean Hollywood, Fla. Miller, Anita Jean Asheville Miller, Daniel Lee Lenoir Miller, James Robert North Wilkesboru Miller, Michael Reginald Homestead, Fla. Miller, Nancy Sue Millers Creek Miller, Reba Sue Wilkesboro Miller, Richard Dobbin Todd Miller, Shelia Runnelle Hickor ' Miller, Virginia La Verne Salisbury Minter, Glenda Eileen Newport MiRiELLO, Ronald Lynn Erwin Mitchell, Helen Arlene Durham Mitchell, Terry Lane Kannapolis Mitchell, Virginia L Bessemer Cit Montgomery, Mildred Ethel McLeansvillc Moon, Bobby Joe Landis Mooneyham, Sheila Faye Raleigh Moore, Carole Ieanne Winston-Salem Moore, Lefettie Esther Kinston Moose, Bobbie Delane Gary Morehead, Judy Garland Shelby Moretz, Johnny Young Boone Moretz, Martha Victoria Brx)nc Morrison. Alice Marie Harrisburg Morton, Linda Lee Albemarle Moseley, Judy Diane Waxhaw Mowery, Richard Lee Clima.v MoziNGO, Patricia Ann Charlotte MuLCAHY, Daniel James East Meadow, N. Y. MuRDocK, Charles Bryce Lexington MuRDOCK, KaTHRVN AlICE Statesville Murphy, Georja Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Murray, Gloria Ann Moores ille Myers, Mary Virginia Thomasvilie Neave, Gail Patricia Newark, Del. Necessary, Thomas Howard Wilkesboro Newton, Kay Reece High Point Newton, Joseph Wesley Winston-Salem Nichols, Sharon Ann Millers Creek ' flge One Hundred Twcnlylhrec Sophomores Nixon, Nancy Suk Stanley Nusz, Paula Lynn Morganton Oakley, Linda Joyce Burlington Osborne, Linda Sue Bre ' arc! Osborne, Mabel Ann North Wilkesboru Overcash, Donna Sue Kannapolis Overcash, Mary Frank Troutman Pardue, Jean Darlene Winston-Salem Parham. Mary Ann East Point, Ga. Parrish, William Terry Winston-Salem Parker, Ellen Sue Fayetteville Parks, Judy Lane Summerfield Parsons, Margaret Rosemary Lenoir Patrick, Don R. Shelby Payne, John Douglas ThomasWlle Payne, Patricia Ann Boone Pendleton, Connie Ann Lavvndale Pendleton, James Michael Clover, S. C. Penninger, Brenda Kay Cf)ncord Perry, Dorothy Jane Raleigh Peterson, Belinda Gay Greensboro Pettit, Donald Louis Columbus Phillips, Linda Laws Purlear Phillips, Lucille Janette Bear Creek PiTTMAN, Judy Eileen Hendcrsonville Poole, Linda Dee Statesville Poteet, Drue Renee Barnwell, S. C. Powell, Gary A. Drexcl Phatt, Jane Carolyn Mor en Pratt, Muriel Rovvena Charlotte Price, Allan Killian Charlotte Price, Ayleeza Landis PnoFFiT, James Cicero, Jr. T.xkl Pr.opsT, Linda Kay Greensboro Pruitt, Sharon Kaye Traphill Raley, Patricia Ann Hickory Randolph, Lula Jane Gastonia Pi avmer, Eugene Jay Statesville Raynor, Barbara Ann Four Oaks Rector, Mary A. Stonv Point Page One Ilunclred Twenty- four Sophomores Redwine, Marcia Sue Badii Reid, Peggy Louise Kannapolis Renegar. Frances Brooks Monroe Rhodes, Patricia Gail Wilkesboro Rhy ' ne, James Robert Vale RiBBECK. Donna Lee Charlotte Richardson. Nancy J. North Wilkesboro Riddle, Patricia Faye Raleigh Riley, Richard Dale Durham RiMMER, Hubert Grier Statesville RoARK, Rebecca Russell Boone RoBFOGEL, Anne Hialeah, Fla. Robinson, James Barry Sherrills Ford Robinson, Patricia Jean Asheville Robison, Linda Gail Candler Rogers, Joseph Michael Gastonia Rogers, Nancy Ann Huntersville Roland, Patricia J. Kennett Square, Pa. Rorrer, Clifford Kinney Leaksville Roselle, Robert Carson Newark. Del. RosEMAN, Janice Elaine China Grove RouDADusH. Colleen Joy Cleveland RuDisiLL, Linda Jane Burlington RuMLEY, Jean Faye McLeansville Rushing, Anne Bonnell Peachland Rushing, Carolyn Ann Monroe Safrit, Michael Richard China Grove Sain. Larry Eugene Vale Sams, Johnny ' L. Enka Sandoval, Reginald Allan Albemarle Saunders, James Wesley Mount Gilead Saunders, Joe Allen Lenoir Saunders, Patsy Marlene Rockingham Saunders, Terry Eugene Belmont Scott, Jackie Darlyne Kannapolis Scott. James Patrick Clark, N. J. Sebastian, II. Sharon Hays Secrest, Johnny Guy Drexel Self, Vickie Mason North Wilkesboro Sellers, Judy Cathrine Wadesboro Page One llttndreil Tweiity-fire 1 Sophomores Setzer, Pris cilla Ann Concord Sharpe, Fredrick Page Burlingham Shatterly, David Eugene Yanceyville Shaw, Carl Brent Boonville Shaw, Reba LaVerne Asheboro Shaw, Ruth Anne Asheboro Shepherd, Richard Lee Lansing Shepherd, Sandra Leigh Hickory Sherrill, Charles Rickey Taylorsville Shoaf, Margaret Ann Burlington Shoe, Steven Lee China Grove Shore, Patricia Ann Winston-Salem Short, Judy Elaine Hudson Shroyer, Gary Lee Charlotte SiGLER, John Charles Milford, Del. SiGMON, Janice Faye Hickory SiGMON, Linda Sharon Claremont Simmons, Harriet Beth Gastonia Simpson, John David Hickor - Sinclair, Joe Thomas Albemarle Sinclair, Joseph Ralph Troutman Sinclair, Marilyn Ruth Charlotte Slick, Jo Ann Nebo Smith, Carolyn Mae Winston-Salem Smith, Clarence Dupree, Jr. HUlsborough Smith, Frank Raymond, III Winston-Salem Smith, Jack McNeill Laurinburg Smith, Joanne Charlotte Smith, Lestro Leonidas Hickory Smith, Mariea Diana Mount Holly Smith, Martha Ellen Charlotte Smith, Sharon Leigh Winston-Salem Smith, Sylvia Carol Statesville Snider, Joyce Myra Lexington Snipes, Anita Gayle Burlington Spada, Thomas Aldo Falls Church, Va. Spangler, Evelyn Lewis New Bern Spencer, Jeannette C. Winston-Salem Sposato, William Louis North port. Long Island, N. Y. Spradley, Carla Hughes Harrisburg Page One lUmdred Twenty-six Soph omores Sprinkle, Connie Raye Lexington Stahl, John Melvin Greensboro Starcher, Shirley Rodenia Ashebon i Starnes, Sarah Lynnette Hickory Stauber, Susan Ione StatesviUe Steele, Wanda Jinx Stoneville Steelman, Charles Stephen Winston-Salem Stegall, Margaret Ann Marshville Stephens, James Ernest Connelly Springs Stephens, Linda Gray Lillington Stephenson, Rudolph, Jr. Erwin Stevenson, Ruth Elaine StatesviUe Stewart, Jeffrey V., Jr. Newton Stokes, Jane Crowell Linwood Stone, Vickie Winona Salisbur Stout, William Charles Arlington, Va. Stowe, Brenda Gay ' le Spray Strader, Edward G. Ruffin Strader, Judith Ann Reidsville Strowd, Judith Kay Chapel Hill Suddreth, Joyce Marie Granite Falls Suddreth, Mary Camilla Todd SuiTT, Nancy Jane Charlotte Sullivan, Glenda Arline Charlotte SuMLiN, Janis Kiser Lenoir Sutton, Shirley Ann Salisbur ' SwAiM, Mary Priscilla Winston-Salem SwANsoN, Sandra Gail Lenoir SwiCEGOoD, Barbara Louise StatesviUe Talbert, Sherry Lee Albemarle Taylor, Lillie Ruth Lenoir Taylor, Robert Ervin Harrisburg, Va. Teague, Betsy Ann Snow Camp Teague, Velma Clara Boone Tennent, Patricia Charlotte Tew, Vicki Gill Haw River Thompson, Glenda Rae Plumtrec Thompson, James Thomas North Wilkesboro Thompson, Janie Lou Rutherfordton Thornburg, Judy Elizabeth Charlotte f Page One Hundred Twenty seven Sophomores TiLLOTSON, BrENDA KaY Clemmons TiLLOTSON, V ' INSTON DaLTON Fayetteville Timmerman, Beverly June Columbia, S. C. Tipton, Terry James Green Mountain Toney, Philip Arnold Bostic Townsend, Norma Frances Harrisburg Treadway, Ken Ray Valdese Trigg, Joyce Ann Charlotte UiMENHOFER, MaRK R. Banner Elk Underwood, Sue Staton Albemarle Upright, Herman Lester Troutman Van Fossen, Donna K. Staunton, Va. Vannoy, Charlotte Gwyn North W ' ilkesbnro Via, Gloria Elaine Mayodan Vielkanowitz, William E. Ozone Park, N. Y. VoiGHT, David Alan, Jr. Charlotte VuNCANNON, Patricia Carol Asheboro Wade, Anne Rogers Chapel Hill Wagner, Larry Don Elkin Wagoner, William Larry Jonesville Walker, Faye Louise Candler Walker, Sarah Helen Asheboro Walker, William C, Jr. Ellenboro Waller, Jennie Jo North Wilkesboro Walters, Betty Ruth Grumpier Walters, Dreama Elaine Mooresville A ' alters, Mahala Jean Elkin ' arlick, Richard Lee Newton Watson, Linda Lea Deep Gap Watts, Dennis Lee Belmont Weaver, Vickie A. China Grove We.wil, Robert Lewis Winston-Salem Weeks, Janis Lee Fayetteville Welch, Bruce Ronald Falls Church, Va. West, Sally- Kaye Caroleen Whicker, Phyllis Ann Greensboro Whisnant, Margaret Louise Salisbury White, Carolyn Marie Stokesdale White, Ramona Virginia Sherrill ' s Ford Whitener, Carolyn Sue Union, S. C. Page One Htindred Twenty-eight Sophomores H ' hitener, Linda Kathryn Hickory Whitfieid. Betty Sue Hurdle Mills Wiles, Bonnie Ray Yadkinville Wilkes, Charles Stanley Charlotte Wilkes, Marsha Ann Wadesboro ' ilkins, Robert Doyle Belmont WiLLARD, Linda Diann Randleman Williams, Claudia Dae Lumberton Williams, Diane Lee Quantico, Va. Williams, Geraldine Hazelwood Williams, Martha Elizabeth Granite Quarry Williamson, Jane Oliver Lumberton Williamson, Jesse B., Jr. Asheboro Williamson, Joyce Ann Burlington U ' illiard, Walter Gaither Yadkinville Willis, Betty Reed Raleigli Willis, Charles Lee Micaville Wilmoth, Janet Ann En nice Wilson, Alice Faye Boone Wilson, Benjamin Franklin Grayson Wilson, Clara Clontz Boone Wilson, Glenda June Boone Wilson, Micki Delores Edneyville Wilson, Susan Elaine Asheboro WiNBURN, Vic Burlington Wohlford, Linda Leigh Randleman Wolff, Connie Marie Tobacco ilIe ' oMACK, John Kenneth Cliffside Wood, Edward Olin North Wilkcsboro Wood, Virginia Marie Statesville Woods, Patsy Kaye Gro ' er Wright, Gary Stephen Ellenboro Wright, Jill Ilene Shelby Yancey-, Michael Grant Valdese Young, Martha Ashley Blowing Rock Young, Sidney Presswood Boone Yow, Tommy ' Ray Marion Zdunezyk. Harry Joseph Greensboro Zimmerman, Patricia Sue Wilkesboro Zweig, James Warren Charlotte f fLP. CUM ! ££f . Page One Hundred Tweiity-nine ToN ' Gr,vy, Co-Captain James U ' ilcox, Co-Captah cidkeWail Once again the Light Brigade came through with a win- ning season. With only two returning lettermen, Tony Gray and James Wilcox, the Mountaineer cagers still fin- ished 9-1 at home and with a 17-10 overall record. For the first time in Coach Bob Light ' s career at ASTC, his Brigade got to the Carolina Conference finals. The roundballers ended in second place in the conference tourney with a win over Lenoir Rhyne and Western Carolina, and a loss to Hioh Point. Chosen most valuable players by the squad were Tony Gray and James " Peanut " Wilcox. Tony and Peanut were also chosen for the North Carolina Ail Conference Team and the All Tournament Team. The Light Brigade finished in fourth place in regular season play, and even though they wcje the " shortest " team in the league, they were one of the best shooting teams in the conference. Olon Shuler Haroi D Walter Gilbert Sprinkle Danny Beauchamp A A it : T If « «: =« f.- Front Rou ' ; Bill Sposato, James Wilcox, Don Sitton, Gilbert Sprinkle, Olon Shuler, Vinnon Williams. Back Row: Rex Kilby, Jim Hoffman, Tony Gray, Danny Beauchamp, Harold Walter, Den- ny Key, Bob Light, Coach. COACHES Rex Kilby and Bob Light MANAGER Vinnon Williams Page One Hundred Thirty-one Denni ' Kev Don Sitton ILL Sposato |llM 1 ioFFMAN " Give me that haJl! " BASKETBALL Appalachian 72 Appalachian 63 Appalachian 86 Appalachian 73 Appalachian 61 Appalachian 81 Appalachian 74 Appalachian , . . 73 Appalachian 82 Appalachian 69 Appalachian 66 Appalachian 106 Appalachian 58 Appalachian 112 Appalachian 59 Appalachian 105 zAppalachian 78 Appalachian 88 Appalachian 81 Appalachian 62 Appalachian 57 Appalachian 54 Appalachian 88 Appalachian 75 Appalachian 65 Appalachian 80 Appalachian 55 SCOREBOARD Presbyterian 65 Pfeiffer 58 Newberry 51 Elon ' 80 Belmont Abby 55 Wofford ' 84 Campbell 71 High Point 77 Lenoir Rhyne 74 Newberry 67 Western Carolina 85 Pfeiffer 68 Catawba 64 Atlantic Christian 99 Presbyterian 63 Belmont Abby 78 Lenoir Rhyne 72 Mars Hill ' 71 Elon 73 High Point 67 Western Carolina 56 Erskine 71 Catavyba 80 Lenoir Rhyne 64 Western Carolina 63 Atlantic Christian 66 High Point 59 Page One Hu idred Thirty-two ' lot!) lake- ' tiic Idiii sJwt from outside. " " Rehoimd for the Apps. " " Relax, we ' re winning! ' Page One Hundred Thirty-three First Roil. C.eoryr S.ill .ilK, IIkIkihI Ahcrs, Jim Whitmer, Walter Braine, Jerry Barker, Ed W ' interbtein, Choc Parker, Larry Stanberry, Fred Bradley. Second Row: Ronald Honbarrier, Mike Olive, Don Fitzpatrick, Gary Brown, Harold Kelly, Ron Childress, Gary Bowers, Manager; Earl Bradshaw, Manager; Coach Gabriel. Third Row: Larry Hall, Harry Holand, Larry Bullard, Allen Fritts, Paul Mance, A ' illiani Walton, Leroy Coffey, James Coleman, Wa ' ne Binsted. ' ' .s ]itni ' uu tit ivhiit ire It ' iiut. lA reduln 9 The Mountaineer Wrestling Team, coached by Steve Gabriel, went through the 1965-1966 season with a 9-0 record. Captained by Fred Bradley and Ed Winterstein, the team defeated such teams as N. C. State, U.N.C, Georgia lech, Virginia Military Institute, and PFeiffer. Although all the wrestlers did a good job, there were only two un- defeated wrestlers; these were Fred Bradley (heavyweight), and Jim Whitmer (137 lbs.). Hopes for another good sea- son are high since Winterstein and Bradley are the only ones to leave the team. Winterstein ' s record was 30-3 and Brad- lev ' s was 24-2. Page One Hundred Thirty-fou Kt ' W ' Vh hafc 1 ||R T -laMlllimilpiiii I J. I BMpi ' 1 vr 4 Choc Parker Larry Bullard Walter Braine Larry Stanberry ]ipalnchian ppal ppalachian ipa ppalachian Plialacliian p]ialacliian ppalachian ppalachian WRESTLING SCOREBOARD 26 Pfeiffer 8 31 MaryviUe 5 23 Milligan 11 39 Carson-Newman 21 N. C. State 12 21 LI, N. C 11 29 V. M. 1 9 19 Georgia Tech 11 41 Knoxville Y.M.C.A. J) WiNiERSTEiN {standing), Fred Bradley [kneeling) Co-Captains I ' lC ' iiAiii) Myers C.EORC.E SaNSONE [erry Barker llM WlllTMER Diving, Board, Left to Right: Bruce HefFerman, Chalk I. .aiiiLilnidii. IV-ter Paul. Dan Mukaln. Phil Grau, Avery Henderson, George Robinson, James Rovve, John Graziano, Howard iMurphy. Standing: Fleming Straugher, Jr., Coach; Hal Sparks, Diving Coach; James Reavis, Manager. s. wimmin 9 iiilitt llplU 11 Perfect form A basket fur Gilhcrl. Discussiii ' ' the hist nine holes. The plunge for a first -don Page One Hundred Thirty-seven i ' X y- ' ' " „ ' " VrSii 5 BELINDA HORNE CASANDRA LONG WaiJofJ4c onor Belinda Home is crowned Christmas Queen hy Vice-President of the Student Body Garv Poe while Cnsandra Lorni looks on. Sara Warren Sharon Douce ' 65 L knsL mad •smt iKiiiiiftuiili I Vann Padgett Page One Hundred Forty ToNi Black RoNDA Hunt oun Linda Poteat Page One Hundred Forty-one t LYNNETTE STARNES L o-eci K f ke bjear . Mildred Gentry Miss January I Photographs hy George Flowers) Rita Shumate Miss February Tina Diamaduros Miss March Sandy Shelton Miss April L o-ecid of tke I V lontnA Lynnette Starnes Miss May Pat Gibson Miss October Sandy Stanford Miss June Charlie Scroggs Miss Noi ember Linda Hill Miss July ToNi Black Miss Deceviher I ' irst How: Carole Easterling, Barbara Clough, Rosemar Parsons, Lue Staf- ford, Mrs. Thomas Nichols, Mrs. Elmer White, Linda Cook, Joyce Trigg, Ronald Brown. Second How: Pat Stiffler, Harrv Bea!, Carol Barr, Dr. Thomas Nichols, Dr. Haenselman, Mike McCraw, James Bingham. David Swaim. Linda Rudisill, Diann Exarhos, Laura Gilliland, Sam St. Clair. Rita Clark, C ' nthia Fox. Third Row: Larrv Andrews. Charles Bverly. Phillis Shore, Pa- tricia Tennent. Carolyn Whitener. Andre Arrouet. Steve Jordan, John Bums, Oaks, William Wallace, George Fox, Sherrill German, Perry Lowr ' , John Craig, Wesley Weaver, Garv Shroyer, Larry Carmichael. fourth Row: Susan Atwater, Eric Troy, Phillip Douglas, Robert Roselle, James Wilson. Mickey Young, Richard Burkhardt, Marion Arnold. Dewev Roper, Mike Russell. Fifth Row: Karen Lang. Doris Prevette, Bill Cole, Jim Miller, Hal Bums, Conrad Shaw, Fred Smith, Ronald Blalock. David Mundy, Donald Rowden. L oncert d unci VUincl C iiAentote Elmer White ani John Mitchxim, " Direciors First Rrni ' : Rosemary Parsons, Carole Easterling, Barbara Clough, Mrs. Elmer White. James Bingham, Jane Angel. Mike Rogers. Second Rovr: John Craig, Larr ' Carmichael. Ralph Tigniere. Harrv Booth. Garv Shrover, Tom Lanier, Hershel Harper, Keith Yoklev, Dr. Haenselman, Linda Cook, Susan Read- Ung, Fred Durant. Dr. Spencer, Mike McCraiv. Thinl Ron-: Duv le Wilkins. Pat Tennent. Donna Barrier. .Andre .Arrouet, Carolvn Whitener. Richard Burkhardt. Mike Russell. Mickev Young. Found Ron-: Guv Kerlev. Karen Lang. Hal Burns. Bill Cole. Jim Miller, Jerrv Bumbaugh, Dr. Emeston. 1 63 yrppaluchlun i v larckinq (I5anci rpp 9 Carol Easterling. Barbara Cluugli, Rose- mary Parsons, Lue Stafford, Harry Beal, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Nichols, Myrtle Hope, Helen Harding, Linda Morton, Michael McCraw, James Bing- ham, Susan Readling, Ronnie Brown, Ricky DuRant, Linda Cook, Cynthia Fox, Rita Clark, Ruth Ann Bledsoe, Laura Gilliland, Diana Lynn Exarhos. Linda Rudisill, Anna Marie Jones, Da- id Suaim, Jane Morton, Keith Yokley, Charles B erly, Robert WeaN-il, Joe Moon, Sonny Tigniere, Hershel Harp- er, Gary Shroyer, Wes Weaver, Sherrill German, John Burns, Andre Arrouet, ( jrolyn Whitener, Donna Barrier, llichard Willis, Steve Jordan, George l(i , Eric Troy, Phillip Douglas, Rich- ard Fisher, Elaine Oakes, David Sieber- ling, Mike Russell, Eddie Raper, Ger- ald Frederick, Thomas Lanier, Robert Roselle, Jim Wilson, Fred Smith, Kath eryn Keith, Doyle Wilkins, Tommy Yow, Ronald Blalock, David Mundy, Tommy Blackburn, Conrad Shaw, Guy Kerley, Jim Miller, Bill Cole, Gerry Bumbaugh, Hal Burns, Carol Yow, Robert Price, Charles Lewis Edwards. Rebecca Ann Snuggs, Donna Rae Me cham, Susan Atwater, Grace Turbyfill. Stephen Ball and Robert Harp Diiim Ma]oTS Kay Camlin, Becky Brown, Kathy Mur dock, Ann Murray, Linda Smith, A « jorenes. Elmer White, Director Ill I K I lis I %M.A ( ... 1 INS P,Vs ,l, 1,1 Jim iis.,n Vicc-Prc i. (,•, ! l K 1 I ' . K OvERCAsii Secretary and TrL-u iiit ' i Miis. Viiii.iNiv LiNNilv Dir-. ' ctor First Roll ' .- Linda Smilh, Carul n Smith, Barbara Ilclmes, Elaine Poteat, Lan- cia Collins. Linda SecMt-r. Mrs. Linney. Sylvia Blair, Jane Hart, Maria Sis- ivlixea C oru6 OFFICERS Mickey W. Young PresiJewt Karen Lano yice-Presiik ' iil Grace Turbyfiel Secrctury Mike Russel Trcusurcr Miss Elizabeth Fox Sponsor t akiv ,,lk. ' ,, I , Jne Cochr Dm 1., r, Paige Brown Williv Mikki W ,1 iurbvfill, Sandra K. Bullint:l.,n. I ' uiL, lo Kclk-y. Caii Russell, Margaret Creiili. ll.,riK I ' l Wall, ' Waliv Carroll, Jim Wilson, Robert B. Pi Carlton, Don Bowden, Bob Pliillips, Tom Forrest Van Pelt, Rod Loflin, Joe Moon, Cai Butler. Second Roie: Gail Parker, Teanette .McGrcKor. Jane .ill, Frank Overeasb, II ' , Fimia Pnipst. Iu.,nila liiips. f iii. K„if: C;lenn ee, R.inald F. Hill. Tom Mieke - ' . Young, Steve m.£.nc First RoiiT Mary Frank Overtasb. . nila Rich, Carole Easterling, Landa Col- lins, Donna Barrier, Grace Turbvhll. Seco.iii Rou-: Richard Burkhardt. Doris Prevette. Lue Stafford, Karen Lang, Margaret Cantrell, Robert B. Price. Third Row: Morris Jordon. Ronald F. Hill, Harry P. Booth, John Craig, Mike Russell, Larrv Carmichael. Foiirt): Roii : Miss Elizabeth Fox. Mickey Young Page One Hundred Forty-six first Row: Dinah Lynn LGnoing, EUei King. Second Hotv: Wayne Eller, Ela Ji.lley. Lavann Troulman, Margaret Cantrell, S; ( hofaie Vyt ' cneAira Dh. Ni. ON. Conductor first Violins: Maria Emeston, Concert Mistress; Jane Suitt, Janet Tennent, Dale Wilson, Janice Foil, Donna Faye Hilton, Miss Cynthia Stiles. Helen Charbonneau, Juanita Kelley, Dr. Ralph Ball. Secoiid Violins: Ron Hill. Barbara Holmes. Grace Turbyfill, Lue Stafford. Mary Frank Overcash, Paige Willis. John Craig. Anita Snipes. Landa Collins. Steve Sanders. Violas: Doris Preiette. Doyle Wilkins, Margaret Cantrell. Donald Bowden. Candy Autiy. James Wilson. Cellos: Ralph Tigniere. Muriel Pratt. Mike Rogers. Charles erly, Karen Lang, Haro ' Beal. Basses: Susan Alwater, Gary Shroyer. flutes: semary Parsons. Mrs. Evelyn Nichols, Barbara Clough. Oboes; Pamela hilener, Becky Brown. Clarinets: Susan Readling, Jane Angell. Bassoons: ke McCraw, Dr. William Spencer. French Horns: Andre Arrouel, Donna rrier, Carolyn Whitener. Pat Tennent. Trumpets: Harry Booth, Bruce and. Larry Carmichael. Trombones: Mike Russell, Richard Burkhardt, Rob- Sharpe. Percussion: Guv Kerley. Bill Cole. Page One Hundred Forty-seven First Roil ' : Laro- Copeland, Sam St. Clair. Dcwev R.ip CJarv- Starrett, Jay Raymer, an .Abcrnathy, Hal Buias Beal, Barry While, Horris Mann. Sixth Ron-. .Mien C Robert Price, Doyle Wilkins, Marvin Cantrell. ..I r.,nv: Jim Wils.Mi. .Mi.rris Jordan. Steve Jordan, Joe Cochran. I (.i jMih. Ilarrv Booth, . lton I ' lalock, .Andy Hardin. Iiflli Row: Tom Vov Richard Fisher, Martv Ramsbotham, Seis-ulli Ron-: Ronnie Brown, Walk Wen ' , a orud l Uotnen 6 K iee i lub first Row. Thomas Forrest, Director; Elaine Fhppin, Rose Mary Ruth, Jane Bragg. Betty Samaras, Casandra Long, Betty Sue Whitfield, Billie Ann Fisher, Bettv Kaye Grindstaff, Jacquelyn Austin, Billie June Blalock, Katrina Scott, Mary Ellen Tort, Belinda Home, Sandy Philbeck. Seco.iii Rmiv Joyce Black, Susan Foster, Carolyn Barlowe, Lyndell Stewart, .lAnn Horton, Malinda Perry, Frankie Green, Linda Hardin, Jane Stokes, Nancy Oaklev, Glenda Thompson, Gail Saunders, Judith A. Hairfield, Marcia Davis, Brenda Braswell, .Anna Maria Jones, Julia A. Campbell. Third Roir: Janet Isenho«cr, Frances Armstrong. Judv Weisner, Jill Wright, Carol Johnson, Fave Parker, Ravchel Codv, Barbara McDaniel, Marilvn Roach, Dona Shore, Elizabeth Pritchard, Lvnnette Janis, Jeanne Boardman, Linda Pettus, Burlene Leonhardt, Judith Redmond. Foiirld Ron-: Janis King. Shirlev Lawrence. Alline Smith, Brenda Abemathv, Carol Kellv, Charlotte Pope, Elaine Walker, Carolyn Drye, Gaye JoUey, Pat Kno. , Nancv Jo McCullough. Monita Link, Judy Thomas, Gail Plott, Helen Harding, Becky Addinglon. Page One Hundred Forty-eigitt 00 ;za ' i J 7 »l»i- t I I M Linda Cook, Manager Steve Bai-i,, Instructor Liz Kirby, Judy Mclnnis, Vicky Giles, Barbara Jackson, Kim Chamblin, Carol BrafFord, Sandra Lockn Phyllis Shores, Linda Smith, Linda Hemric, Susan MuUinax, Sylvia Iwerks, Diane Johnson. (Not Pictured: Barbara Seitz). n e ppa letted ke r lew L roup Virst Row: Allen Griffin, Marty Ramsbotham, Van Abemathj-. Second. Row: Barry WTiitc. Amly Il.irdiii. " VLiTAin Cantrell, Alton Blalock. Page One Hundred Vorty nine C m rJLambcia L hl OFFICERS Chi Lambda Chi is composed of all presidents oF campus clubs and organizations at Appalachian. The duties of this organization are to discuss and soI ' e problems that arise within the arious clubs and organizations. Bob Braddy Patsy Smith Iane Davenport Mrs. iMaxie Edmisten President Secretary Trensurer Sponsor Bruce Annas Judith M. Banks Ken Banks Bob Braddy Janie Cranfiird Jane Davenport Patsy Deal Cornelia Dula John R. Edwards Norma Hedrick Ronald Hill Thurman Hollar Barbara J. Hood Guy Kerley Emma Jean Link Doyle Lyons Nancy Moore Nancv Moretz Ronald Zack Morgan Clay Orsborne Peaches Payne Jonathan Perryman Sandy Philbeck Hubert Poole Charlotte Pope John Ramsey Jay Raymer Glenda Reynolds Glenn Rose Linda Rvan Dennis R. Sipe Patsy Smith Sandra G. Smith Faye Spivey Roland Stiles Ken Treadwav Sara ' arren V ' es Weaver Jimmy Whitmer Mickey W. Young Mrs. Maxie Edmisten tplia L ni If, The purpose of Alpha Chi is tc promote high scholarship, to encour- age sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service, and to develop an appreciation of scholarh- endeavor in others. Alpha Chi is open to all juniors and seniors who have attained a quality point rating of 3.25, the membership not to exceed fi e percent of the class enrollment. OFFICERS John Doyle Lyons President -Mary Ann Greer . . . Vice-President Elizabeth Ann Berry . . . Secretary Mervlyn D. M ' atkins .... Treasurer Dr. John G. Barden Sponsor Nancy K. Ashley Elizabeth Ann Berry Jeanne M. Boardman Judith Ann Bowers Carole Lynn Brewer Christopher R. Canipe Betty Jane Carter Jerrv D. Cash Kay Nelle Collins Ruth Davis Connolly Michael L. Comwell Norvelle W. Craig Penny Jo Crawford Harriet K. Darden Carole Holmes Da is Billy Burke Devine Ale.x Diaz Martha E. Drum Wa Tie Clark Eller James D. Fisher Sandra C. Francis Arby Laveme Frost Mary Ann Greer Joan Wilson Griffin Linda Ashley Hamlin Sally Sue Hartzog Clydie L. Hefner Jean V. Horton Gloria V. Hutchison Marian Rachel Jolley Sandra Jean Keener John Doyle Lvons Robert L. Ma -nard, Jr. William AicGalliard Anna Wilson McRarv Carolyn A. Mitchell Michael Eric Morgan Sandra Lee Morrow Maude Murph% Margaret M. Ollis Mary Alice Parlier James B. Patterson Doris L. Pre ette Aretha B. Robinson Pamela B. Ruppe Annie L. Sampson Katherine F. Seitz Judy F. Shelton James Lynn Sills Judy Eleanor Sipe Donald M. Sitton Franklin Templeton Olivia Kay Tillev Mervlyn D. Watkins Nancy R. Webb Paige Brown Willis Mickie J. Wilson Keith Yokle Vicki Beryl Yount Dr. John G. Barden ©O Don Alexander Mike E. Brown Jerry Cabaniss Darrel Carpenter Marion Carver Ronald Cassidy Jim Connelly Mike Conrad John Current Harold Doster Jim Gordon W allace Hill Rick Hunt Doyle Lyons Sam McRee loe Miller Mike Morgan Don Patrick Johnny Powers Glenn Rose Jerry Satterwhite Ken Sink Roland Stiles Larry Stirewalt Robert Tavlor Ken Treadwa ' Eddie V ' iles Vinnon M ' illiams Dr. Andrews Dr. Wesley y oitealate L li ic i iub The Collegiate Civic Club is a civic organization. The purposes of this organization are to provide an apprenticeship type training for young men who will be e.vpected to assume the full duties and responsibilities of citizenship, to urge student participation in con- structive civic activities for school and community, to develop initiative, dependability, and responsibility, to provide actual practice in management of civic activities, to share mutual fellowship, unit -. and loyalty. OFHCERS Roland Stiles President Jim Cottrell Vice-President Mike E. Brown Secretary Robert Taylor Treasurer Dr. Andrews Sponsor Dr. Wesley Sponsor Page One Hundred Fifty-two Linda Beddingfield Judy Benton Becky Berrier Mary Emma Blanchard Judy Bovvers Jane Brandon Barbara Buchanan Jackie Davis Nancy Deal Patsy Deal Tina Diamaduros Sharon Dodge Sallie Duhling Candy Ellington Montye Harris Belinda Home Judy Idol Joyce Kidd Cassandra Long Donna MacMillan Gail Martin Kathy Murdock Ann Murray Vann Padgett u ernician Sc ociei y The purpose of the ' ernician Society is to broaden the outlook of the student through intellectual endeavor, cultural growth, social fellowship, and community service. The major projects of the club are sponsoring a program quarterly at Grandfather Home in Banner Elk, a Homecoming project or float, and giving a May Day Tea for the Mav Court and their guests. OFFICERS Patsy Smith President Paulette Van Steenbeeck ' ice-President Patsy Deal Secretary Linda Peeler Treasurer Barbara Buchanan Chaplain Mrs. Ada Crisp Sponsor Mary Parlier Patty Payne Peaches Payne Linda Peeler Elaine Poteat Linda Poteat Diane Herberts Brenda Setzer Janice Shermer Rita Shumate Ma.xine Skreen Patsy Smith Lynette Starnes Prissy Swaim Paulette Van Steenbeeck Mary Verble Janice Weeks C ' laricc West Regie Williams Paige Willis .-y ppalacli la iiion OFnCERS Brenda Wallace President Mike Life Vice-President Dr. Pabker Coach First Row: Brenda ' allace, Chris Cur- tis. Second Row. Bob Price, Danny Bi) vman. Third Row. Ron Moser, Roy Bauguess. Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary fra- organization for inter-collegiate debaters and orators and instructors teaching debate and forensic speaking. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, especially in the field of forensic speak- ing in senior American colleges and universities. f- i appa oDeita OFFICERS Brenda Wallace President Keith Stroud Vice-Prestdeiit Jo Ann Key Secretary Dn. Parker Sponsor Danny Bowman Steve Canipe Jo Ann Key Michael Lipe Bob Price Bill Robinson Keith Stroud Brenda Wallace Bob White Dr. Parker Page One Hundred Fifty-four OFFICERS Bill Henry W ' illlmms President Sandra Smith ' ice-President Nancy Moore Secretary-Treasurer Mr. James Epperson Sponsor Q ineaci 9 ' Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fraternity. The purpose of the Lambda Zeta Chapter is to honor those who have done meritorious work in the field of play production. Ste ' e Brooks hji -V Kathryn Darden P2 B 7 ' 1 dKl . Betty EHbrell Harvey Lineback Nancy Moore mT F WOk ■ ' ■ P M Sandra Smith ■ W i B .JB f Ej- f Rena Snvder B.- i H Bi ' ' ' H " 1 I Bill Henry Williams jK . W - " EJl- E - " 4|l f Mr. James Epperson . ' ' ' ' ' X ' " F ' l 1 " v ' " ' " laucrafterS OFFICERS Nancy Moore President Nancy Glenn Vice-President Kathy Darden Secretary-Treasurer Mr. David French Sponsor Front Row: Harvev Lineback, Steve Brooks, Nancv Moore, Dale Rilev. Back Row. Kathv Darden, James Jenkins. Clarence E. Elcdyc, Jr., Doualas Allen, BettN- Dibrcll. Dot Perrv. Jacqueline Lye. JL w W , ' i ' ' w;y J ••ji - l K ' ' ' V « K S B9 ' ' W ' I B Pnge One Hundred Fifty-five Pi 2)eL PL OFFICERS Ken Davis I ' rcsiilciU Faye Spivey Vice-Pre idciU Gloria Cash Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. Roy Prince Sponsor The Gamma Phi Chapter of Pi Delta Phi, national honorary French society, was established at Appalachian on May 13, 1963. The purpose oF this organization is to encourage a wider knowledge of and a greater ap- preciation for the contributions of France to world culture, to recognize and award excellence in the field of French studies in American colleges and universities, to provide on the college campus a nucleus of devoted future teachers of French who will organize and pro- mote programs and projects inspired by French studies and to foster a friendly spirit among the peoples of French and English speech. To be eligible for mem- bership a student must have completed at least one quarter ' s work in French beyond the intermediate level, and he must have earned a grade point average of 3.00 in all French courses and a minimum general average of 2.50 in all his college work. First ruw: Jo Ann Anderson, Martha Baysden, Carol Bredow, David Brown, Wanda Burleson. Second row: Gloria Cash, Ken Davis, Arby Frost, June Goforth, Judy Hayes. Third row: Faye Henson, Judy Lefler, Georganna Mayhew, Sheila Norton, Hannelore Pfann, Jolene Riddle. Fourth row: Annie Lee Sampson, Faye Spivey, Christie Stoddard, Michael Yancy, Keith Yokley, Dr. J. Roy Prince. L ercte i OFFICERS Arby Frost . . June Goforth Ken Davis . . . Jolene Riddle Gloria Cash . . . . . . VresiAent Vice-President . . . . Secretary Treasurer . . Reporter run cut A Dr. Roy Prince Sponsor Mrs. Sheila Norton Sponsor Mr. Carl Bredow Sponsor First Row: Gloria Cash, Joyce Suddreth, Judy H. Hayes, Carolyn Bowers. Second Row: Bob Phillips, Ken Davis, Arby Frost, Joyce White, Janice Anderson, Hanue Pfann, Janice Hayes, Judy Spratt, I Roy Prince, Carl H. Bredow. Page One Hundred Fifty-six oLo5 i oiiuerSacioreA JDe (L-Spanol OFFICERS Judy H. Lefler PresiWeid Vtinit fioiv: Bonnie Wiles, Judy H. Lefler, Audrey Fair. ac] . Roir: Harold Tyner ' ice-Preside iil Jane Davenport, Lynnette Starnes, Louise Joyce, Harold Tyner. Jane Heafner Secretary Betty Hardison Treasurer lama Jjelta j- l OFFICERS Nancy Moretz President Lorraine Budd Secretary Judy ' Lefler Trenstirer Dr. John Hamilton Sponsor Sij ma Delta Pi is a national Spanish honor society. Its Appalach- ian chapter is Epsiion Micron. Its purposes include cultivating a wider knowledge and better understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic contributions to the world, developing students ' in- terest in the Hispanic peoples and cultures, and selecting and giving distinction to students with higher interests and attainments. To be eligible for membership in Sigma Delta Pi, a student must be a Spanish major with a 2.70 overall average and a 3.00 average in Spanish. Lorraine Budd Judy Canipe Penny Crawford Jane Davenport Ken Davis Jane Heafner Judy Lefler Nancy Moretz Caroi Phillips Dr. John Hamilton JVol picliireJ: Patsy Braswell Puge One Hundred Fifty seven OFRCERS Jonathan Ferryman President Mike Gregory VicePreaidenl Martha Drum Seaelary Blan Blevins Treasurer Dr. Sink Sponsor y ppa tarn icin ( n First Roir: Bennv Pointer, George Holleman, Martha Drum. Second Row: Philip Rittershacher, Blan Blevins, Glenn Bohlen. Third Row: Dr. J. E. Johnson, Jonathan Ferryman. Fourth Row: D. H. Johnson, Ronnie Haas. etni6 h. V Sc ocieiL OFFICERS Glenda Reynolds President Mike Waggoner Vice-Prc ' iidenl Kay Miller Secretary-Treasurer T. W. Wall Publicity C i iir,»a» Dr. Randall Sponsor 7W-: — J- ' -nrrr ttwim — nr k lotoaldLd First Row: Judy Smith, Mary Francis Dyer, Mary Jo Griffin, Brenda Dickins, Elanor Furgerson, Jimmy Whitmer. Second Row: Brenda Vickers, Barbara Timberlake, Shirley McCraw, Louise Walker, Barbara Barnes, Jack Caraway. Third Row: Mike Waggoner, Carolyn See, Ann Stegall, Kav Miller, Sheila Carpenter, Glenn Bohlen. Fourth Row: t. W. Wall, John Frye, Bobby Braddy, James Pat- terson, John Rothrock, Dr. J. Frank Randall. Marguerite Ballard Judith M Banks Barbara Barnes VVillard Blevins Jane Bowles Bob Braddv Patricia Caldwell Ann Greer Linda Hamlin Sandra Keener James Patterson , ■Si . Gary Foe b ■■»» m B B ■ i Rometta Sams Mike Waggoner " ..J ' V er - ' m el- b - OFFICERS Beta I ' si Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established on the Ap- BoB Braddy President palachian campus on February 12, 1954. Tri Beta is an honorary Judith M. Banks ' ice-Preside)it biological society with membership restricted to those who have Sandra Keener Secretary maintained a " B " average in at least twenty-Four hours of biology. Dr. I. V. Carpenter. Jr Trensiirer-Spoiisor Pledges arc usually rushed during fall and winter quarters. .J-4iitton - y atnboiciL OFFICERS Henry I Iallett President First Row: Richard H. Davis, Charles Parker, Gilmore Ott. Henry Richard H. D.wis Vice-President Hallett. Tuna Moore. Second Row: Barry Leonard. Bill Lonon, Michael Rex Secre(ary-Tre«siirer Pauletta Reid, Dave Stimson, Michael Rex, Heath Ford, Nancy Heath Ford Historini; Covington, Kenny Mazzaerro. Pi Q The Gamma Psi Chapter of Pi Omei;a Pi, national honorary fra- ternity in business education, is open to juniors and seniors in busi- ness education. These students must have a i.OO average in business education and a 2.50 average in all other subjects. This Chapter was organized to promote and maintain a high standard of scholar- ship among those in business education and to foster ideals of good teaching and continuance of learning in the field of business and other general fields. It is also a service organization, aiding in the activities of the business department. Pl.! Beta OFFICERS Janie Cranford Preshleiil Eric Jolly Vice-Presideiil Sara Warren Secretary Jack Smith Treasurer m Johnny D. Buff Kay Collin Sue Cox Janie Cranford Rolands Baker Digh Sammy B. Oliver John C. Payne David Phillips Doris C. Poteat Ann Tavlor VVilma McDaniel Templeton Mervlyn Watkins Loraine Winkler Mrs. Ann Blackburn Miss Jane Riner P OFFICERS LuKAiNE Winkler President Janie Cranford Vice-President RoLANDA Baker Digh Secretary Doris C. Poteat Treasurer Sue Cox Historian Mrs. Ann Blackburn Sponsor Miss Jane Riner Sponsor First Row. Janie Cranford, Eric Jolly, Jack Smith, Jackie Davis. Second Rmv: Barbara Buchanan, Freida Lynn, Jean Thomas, Linda W hitener, Kay Collins. Third Row. David Phillips, David Steelman, John Payne, David Whisenant. jnecic4 Piige One Hundred Sixty OFFICtHS Ken Banks President Gene Dellingek Vice-President Kinney Rorrer Progniiii Chairman Dr. W. T. Nichols Sponsor nteniational f eiaiiond i lub Seated: Dr. W. T. Nichols, Ken Banks, Gene Dellinger. Kinney Rorrer. Standing: Roy Bauguess, David S. Stimson, John Davis, Dick Davis, Gary Grant, ]. Reid Potter, Mackie Mast, Jim Mullis. P a umma niu Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honor society, is open to all students who acquire thirty hours in the field of social studies and attain an average of 3.00 in social studies and an average of 2.50 in all other subjects. The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is to improve scholarship in the social service to humanity by an intelligent ap- proach to the solution of social problems. OFHCERS Carole Brewer President Spencer Poovey ' ice-President Wayne Craig Secretary Dr. a. M. Denton, Jr Tre.-isHrer-Spoiispr Dr. Julian Yoder Sponsor Michael Jane Alex Sandra Ruth Comwell Davenport Diaz Flynt Page One Hundred Sixty-one Walk CU OFFICERS Glenn Rose President Hilda Everhabt .... ' ice-I- ' reshleiil and PTOgri iii Cljuirnhiii Jerry Buchanan lli Uiiiaii Dr. Paul Patterson and Miss Nancy Ellis Sponsors First Row: Martha McAbce, Virginia V ' ood, Hilda Everhart. Second Row: Glenn Rose, Jimmy Sullivan, Jerry Buchanan, Jack Embree, David Rhyne. oLlbi ' uru Science i liih OFFICERS „ T P -«.;,I .,( Rrst Row: Ma. ine Gaddv, Nelta Shepherd, Kathy Collins, Patsy Patsy Deal ■■ ■ fre.iaew . Hewitt, Linda Ballard, Ruth Kathy Collins v ice-fresident j gj j . . Briggs, Mavis Snyder, Joan Carroll, Larry Yong. Nelta Shepherd Secretary Third Row: Kathy Seitz, Margaret Powers, Nancy Beck, Larr Maxine Caddy Treasurer GuUey, Gail Austin, Kay Bare. Page One Hundred Sixty-two OI 1 U 1 i;s First Row: Jean Caudle, Delia Rose Burgess. Dianne Phillips. Se nml Rou ' .- Hilda Craver, Sharon Godbee, Jane MUler, Judith Strader, ' irginia Wood, Suzanne Wheelous. .. AAociation of ( nlicihooa (-education I latlonai C duccition ..y Sdociation OFFICERS Hedrick Vresident : RuppE Vice-President lETH Berry Secretary 1 1 1 uiTT Treasurer M Wnimihis Program 1 I " M I ' N Publicity Ch, M l) %y AND Antv ' Baker Co-Social Chairmen j.L l . M)i T)v Advisor lirst Row: Lee Ri Caudle, Suzy Hedi Virginia Wood. St ' c Hardin, . udrey Sen Roip: Diane Robem Sandra Morrow, Ma Delia R. Burgess, Si rick. Fifth Rov ' i Ma Freida Lynn. Ilnrh.i Henley, in. ,1.1s. Line Bragg, Becky Shields. Sue Davant, Jean ik. I II, In Mclnnis. Pam Dildy, Elizabeth Ann Hayes, 1,1 ;,.n K,n Overcash, Jane Miller, Hilda Craver. Linda I, S.iiuK I ' hilbeck, Rebecca Wilson. Malinda Perry. Third SiiAiiiiu- Wheelous, Evelyn Edmisten. Dianne Phillips, idy Cozart, C. Ann Hayes. Found Row: Judy H. Hayes, ian Barnes, Patsy Wilkinson, Nancv Oakley, Norma Hed- V Jo Griffin, Robbie Nelligan, Connie Warf. Peggy Wood, ira Hiuhanan. Aileen Steelman. Si.Ath Ron-: Camillia S. ,,,,, lihh Si|,e. Martha Pritchetl. Sei ' cjJtlj Row: Pauline , h I I , III. I, 11,11 OFFICERS Ronald Zack Morgan President Merrill McEntire Vice-President Marilyn Jones Secretary-Treasurer Judy Oates Reporter Charlotte Green Executive Council Representative Let ' s put some life into tJiis creation. Bottom Row: Peggy J„ Mabc, Nancy Matheny, Plul Brcndcl. Middle Row: Mike Davis, R. Zack Morgan. Janice Battey. Anne Hoover, Glenda Thompson, Beck ' McDonald. Top Row: Marilyn Jones, Judy Oates. -Xrf7 Ljuild The finishing touch. Prtge One Hundred Sixty-four OFHCERS John Ramsey President IJoN Alexander Vice-President Wayne Eller Secretary Ierry Steadman Treasurer Fred Hoffman Historian Mr. Frank Steckei Advisor First Row. Fred Hoffman, Jerry Steadman. Don Ale.xander. Mr. Frank Steckei. John Ramsey, Wayne Eller. Second Row. Ed Town- send, Matt Thompson, Kemp Sigmon, Donny Joines, David Reid, Hal M. Templeton, Bruce Welch, Ahon Bell, Jerome Pearson, Jerry Tester, Harold Beaver, Jerry Geymont, Delmar Greene, John Fluff- man, Neal Dunn, Dennis WcK)dring. Third Row: W. D. Campbell, Clayton Yates, Clark Farrington, Bill Reinhardt, Richard A. Walters, Roger Bailey, Wayne Carlton, Joe Allen Saunders, David C. Hun- e cutt, Raymond McKinley Laws, Eugene Huff, Vernon Home, Leroy Coffey. Shaping up . . . OFFICERS First Roiv: t .ivindra Long, Dime Roberts, Ann Hayes. Second Sandy Philbeck Presideiil Row: Becky Berrier, Betty Gabriel, Su anne Wheeluu;., Sandy Phil- Fred Bradley Vice-Presideiii beck, Dorothy Beck, Sandra Rigsbee, Third Row: Tina Diamaduros, Betty ' Gabriel Secretary Mandy Cozart, Rita Murdock, Norma Gara enta, Judy Aplin, Dawn Suzanne Wheelous Treasurer Hinson, Dianne Martin, Kay Overcash, Elaine Poteat, Sandra Reyn- Dean Maxie Edmisten Sponsor " Ids, Jane Bragg. student I ' ediaence ... dSociation Si latna au S a O. micron (STUDENT TRAFFIC ORGANIZATION) Jack Dugan President Dean Ronny Brooks Sponsor Left to Right: Gale Brown, Jack Dugan, Bob Gordon " ' V .. Studcnl I rufjic Ofj ' iL I! tint] . ulounci oDi ' J etnocra b L lub OFFICERS Dennis Sipe . . . . Scott V ' ithrow Jim Mullis .... Kay Huffman . . Jane Bragg GwvN Elledge . Gene Dellinger President . . First ' ice-PresicletJl Second Vice-President Secretary Acting Secretary Treasiirer Reporter Seated: Kay Huflmaii, Jane Bragg, Susan Cockcrhani, Scott W ' itli- row, John Davis. Standing: C. Ann Hayes, Reid Potter, Jim Mullis, Da e S. Stimson, Bill Hester, Faye Parker, Camille lartin, Roy Bauguess, Gene Dellinger, Sarah Clark, Gary Grant, Mary Ellen Blaii, Jim Caldwell, Ken Banks, Louise Hicks, Mackie Mast. Ljouna i .epublican6 2pi i lub OFFICERS 1 Ikkb L. Poole President C ' arl Newlin V ice-Presidenl Ann Sinner Secretary MioiiAEL K. Holt Treasurer rirsi IU»v: Pain |nlmson, Joe Marshall. Second Row: Daniel II. McIIargue, |r.,Hcrl) L. Poole, Michael K. I loit. OFFICERS EvEHETTE David Allek Presidenl Clarence Elledge Vice-Presideni Sharon Kiser Secretary Hanne Pe ANN Trea-itireT Dr. Brooke Johnson and Dr. Sam Pettigrew Sponsors First Row: Linda RudisiU, Dianne Phillips. Second Row. Hanne Pfann. Martha Pritchett, Dirk Weyns. Tliird Row: Martv Gunther. Ruth Brooks, Nancy Whitaker, Audrey Scott. Fourth Row: Marcia Davis, Linda Liles, Para Bowman. Shirley Martin, Betsy Phipps. Fifth Rou-: Ann Jackson, Joe McAlister, Rosemary Grubbs, Janice Foil, Karen Childres, Carole Covle. Si.vth Ron-: Robert Cla ton. Dr. Brooke Johnson. Richard Jarrett, Everette David Allen. Sharon Kiser, Dr. Sam Pettigrew. Staiirfiiig (front to baclfe): Terrv D. Miller, ' an Morrow, Dan Hoeflingcr. Dan Barron. Aucnoloau i lub n Special C ducation i lub T First Roil-: Jim Miller. Sue O ' Neil. Nancv Long. C. Ann Hayes. Inez Dudley. Barbara Crooke, Janice Rigdon. Linda Rvan. Secoiirf Rom: Mrs. Smith, LaVann Troutman. Ann Cannadv. Thirrf Roir: Mrs. Joyce Spence, Ann Vanhov, Dr. M. Blue. Tourth Row: Linda Rice. Kay Reynolds. Fifth Rmi ' : Carole Covle, E. Ann Ha%es. Pa tricia Hall. Sixth Rm Seventh Rou-: Marv .■ Randolph. Eighll Ro Nelson Brookshire. N : Suzanne Harris. Peggv Martin, Susa: lice Maness, Lena Burns, Brenda Hovis :•: Eve Anthonv, Linda Morris, Ellen ith Roir: Earn- Dean, Buddy McCnll. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight ,L ■Mill ■ 1 I 1 OFFICERS PtA(HK , PAVNt Prcsideill ' ■ ' •- ' " " " ■: Linda Wntsi.n. J.. Anne Carlt-r, Clnria IIulJmiM.n. Mar J, , , : ■ D ■ J . ' ha .Maples. Peaches Payne. Second Row: Mabel .Ann Osborne. Mar- M.«THA Maples V ice-Pres,dent ,h Pritchett. Nancy K. . " Ashley, Linda Middleton. Judv Clarke, Gloria Hutchinson Secretary Sarah Jones, Gaye Howell, Carolyn Barlo ve. Third now: Judy To Anne CahtER Treasurer Harrell, Shirley Martin, Virginia Mitchell, Linda Gufi rth, Jan Wil Linda Watson ...■.■. ' . ' .■. ' .■. ' .■;;.■.■;;;;;;;;.;;;. Reporter ' " " • Ani ' « Allison, Mary Lynn WUson. .Jwome (L-conomlcA L iub OFFICERS Bruce Annas President Jack Ollis VicePreside it Mike Johnson Secretary Gail Parker Tre.isiircr Bill Robinson Spmisor L iub Scaled: Michael Lcc Johnson. Bob (Gordon. B,.vd U.i . nnas. Slimdhi : Jack L. Ollis. CrcK Clarsivcll. a Offi aJJ LcerS Aunt uniord OFFICERS W ' es Weaver President Mike Morgan Vice-President Marguerite Ballard Secretary Don Sitton Treasurer Pnge One Hundred Seventy JUNIORS Adcock, Judy Slawson Shelby Alexander, Don William Thomasvillc Alexander, Mary Caroline HarrisbuTg Allen, Nettie Jane Bisate Allen, Rachel Ann Charlcittc Allred, Joe Steven Mount Airy Angel, Linda Carole High Point Angell, Jane W. Hamptonville Annas, Priscella Dianne Taylorsville Anthony, Gayle Byrd Ronda Anthony ' , Mary Inez Roaring Ri LT Arey, Joyce Faye Statesvilk- Arnold, Randall Gene Atkins, Va. Ashley, Nancy Karen W ' arrensville Atkinson, John Alvin Winston-Salem Austin, Gail White Marsh, Md. Barer, John Everett Greensboro Baker, Carolyn Sue Statesville Barkee. Teena Lynn Concord Barrera, Rohert Earl Durham Barker, Jerry William Danville, Va. Barnard, Rehecca Jane Kannapolis Barnes, Barhara Helen Boone Barnes, Susan Carol Charlotte Barr, Carol Rose Peach Bottom, Pa. Barrier, Donna Jean Eh-exel Barrier, Joy ' ce Elizabeth Mount Pleasant Barrier, Sandra Faye Greensboro Barron, Daniel Dillard Bakersville Barrow, Eleanor Franklin Martinsville. Va. ISaucuess, Freeman Eugene Jefferson Bean, Alan Eugene Wadesboro Beane, Jerry Franklin Seagrove Beaver. Barbara Jean Rockwell Bi;t;K, Dorothy Margaret Lexington Page One Hundred Sevcnty-om JUNIORS Beck, Kathleen Margaret Lexington Beddincfield, Linda Carole Black Mountain Belk, Doris Elaine Monroe Benoist, Wanda Kay Rockingham Billings, Brenda Carole Traphill Bingham, Wm. Sherman. Jr. Boone Black, P.atricia Elizabeth Salisbury Blair, Mary Ellen Charlotte Blanton, Coda Rebecca Ellenboro Blanton, Evelyn McCracken Ruthcrfordton Blevins, Blan Edwin Cruinpler Boardman, Jeanne Marie Gastonia BoLicK, Arlena Mae Newton Bowman, Judy Anne Winston-Salem Branden, Susan Jean Charlotte Brandon, John Max Cranierton Brandon, Rose Mary Belmont Brendel, Phil B. Lincolnton Brewer, Patricia Gail Hickory Bridges, Jerry Lee Shelby Britt, Laura Frances Charlotte Brittain, Britt Hickory Brooks, Sylvia Kay Stanfield Brookshire, Sheila Elaine Lenoir Brown, Becky Elaine Hamlet Brown. Brenda Gail Newton Brown, Michael Dewayne Clyde Brown, Michael Ellis Valdese Brown, Ronald O ' Neal Asheville Brunetti, Paiiela Anne Miami, Fla. Buchanan, Barbara Jean High Shoals Burgess, Della Rose Winston-Salem Burleson, Michael Ray Albemarle Burleson, Tony Guy Albemarle Cabaniss, Jerry Wayne Caroleen Page One Hundred Sex ' enty-two JUNIORS Camlin, Emily Kay Hamlet Cantpe, Christopher Richard Winston-Salem Cannady, Edith Ann Franklinton Cantrell, Margaret Ann Hendersonville Carpenter, Phyllis H. Lincolnton Carroll, Phyllis Joan Denton Carson, Polly ' Gilliam North Wilkesboro Carson, Vernon Franklin Kings Mountain Carter, Betty Jane Laurel Springs Cash. Jerry Daniel Chesnee, S. C. Cashion, Jeannie Lee Wadesboni Cassidv, Ronald Edward Madison Castle, Earnestine H. Castlewood, Va. Caudle, Ruby Jean Marshville Cecil, Roger Floyd High Point Chandler, Linda Sue Albemarle Chappell, Martha Josey Winston-Saleni Cheek, Evelyn Diane Asheboro Chenery, Hollis Mayo Hickory Childers, Jerry Phillip Caroleen Guilders, Pamela Kay Kings Mountain Church, Barbara Ann Ferguson C LARK, Betty Jo Kannapolis Clark, Virginia Gail Lenoir Clark, Wilma Lee Newland Clarke, Beverly Von Newton Clarke, Marion M., Jr. Albemarle Clayton, Carl Alan Summerfield Clayton, Robert Wesley Kannapolis Clemmer, Robert Fulton Gastonia Clinton, Michael Jay Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Coffey, Franklin Delano Edgemont Coffey, Leroy Cleveland Boone Collette, Martha Ann Winston-Salem Collins, Kay Nelle Newland Page One Hundred Seventy-three JUNIORS CoNLEV, Hazel Imogene Shelby Cook, Dillard Samuel, Jr. Mount Airy Cook, John Edward Biwne Cook, Roger Bill Mount Airy Corn, Laura Lee West Hollywood. Fla. Cornwell, Michael Lloyd Lincolnton Costner. James C. Newport News, Va. Covington, Robert Wayne Pilot Mountain Cox, Kenneth Lee West Jefferson CoYLE, Carole Beth Charlotte Cozart, Amanda N. Cramerton Creason, Judy Ann Mocksville Critcher, Mack Truman Boone Crowe, Guy Neal Kannapolis Crutchfield, Donna Marie Salisbury Cunningham, Sarah Jane Hendersonville Davenport, Mollie Berry Julian Davis, Janice Kay Denton Davis. John David Monroe Davvault, Judv Carol Kannapolis Deal, W ' illard M., Jr. Arlington, Va. DeHart, James Edward Newton DiAMADUROs, Tina George Charlotte DiBRELL. Bettie Irene Salisbury Dildy, Pamela Ann Asheboro Dover. Lou Ann Arlington, Va. Dover, Nancy Susan Charlotte Drye, Carolyn Marie Gold Hill Dula, Linda Jane BUming Rock Dull, Linda Elizabeth Mocksville Dunn, Larry Wayne Kannapolis Dunn, Neal Carey Gainesville, Fla. Durgin, Nancy Ann Concord Dyer, Mary Frances North Wilkesboro Earp, Judy Ella Haves Page One Htindred Seventy-four JUNIORS Easterling, Betty Carole Shelby Edmisten, Evelyn Dare Boone Edmiston, Mary Statesville Edwards, Miriam Lynn Ansonville Eller, Donna Lynn Spencer Ellis, James Mondell Advance Embree. Jack Raymond, Jr. Ramseur EuDY, Doris Ann Albemarle Feezou. Nancy Lee Spencer Field, Clara Edwina Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Fitzpatrick, James F. E., II Levittown, Pa. Flippin, Euna Elaine Stuart, Va. Flow, Sara Catherine Monroe Flynt, Robert Hoke VVinston-Saleni I " oil, Janice Leola Kannapolis Foster, Billie Weymouth Blowing Rock Fox, Robert Stephen Statesville Frazer, Alan Ellsworth Vineland, N. J. French, Ronald Deen Burlington Fries, John Curtis Salisbury Frye, John S. Carthage Gaines, Victoria Joyce Bear Creek Garaventa, Norma Jean Marion Gardner, Robert Swain Durham (Jevmont, Jerry Douglas Lincolnton Gibbs, Madge Corrine Shelby Gibson, Jan Paris High Point Gibson, Maxine Laurel Hill Gilliam, Margaret Julianne Lenoir CiLAss, Leslie Ruth Greensboro CiLAss, Linda Joan Kannapolis Glavan, Frances Emily Trenton, N. J. Goforth, Linda Schenck Kings Mountain GooDsoN, RoNDA Gail Maiden Graham, Patricia Jane Winston-Saleni ge One llumhetl Seventy-five JUNIORS Graham, Rosa Ann Raeford Green, Frankie Darnell Hickor Gregory, Eugene Michael Statesville Griffin, Thomas Stephen Albemarle Grinestaff, Brenda Louise Green Mountain Grubhs, Jimmie Vance Winston-Salem Grubbs, Rosemary Leigh Winston-Salem Gryder, David Patrick Belmont Gunter, Lobetta Jane Nebo Gurley, Delorr Dean Lenoir Hall, James E. Marion Hamilton, A ' ayne Alan Miami, Fla. Hardin, Linda Brack Greensboro Harris, Evon Virginia Lenoir Harris, Jacqueline Elaine Thomas ' ille Hart, Jerry Clayton Claremont Hart, Martha Jane Lawsonville Harwood, Edith Lucille Albemarle Hass, James Ronald Statesville Hatchell, John LeRoy, Jr. Dillon, S. C. Havvn, Patricia Gail Hickory Hayes, Catherine Ann Elkin Hayes, Elizabeth Ann Elkin Hayes, Judy H. Boone Heavner, Helen Sue Vale Heffner, Mary Elaine Horse Shoe Hefner, Clydie Lucille Newton Helms, Kathry-n Ann Wingate Helms, Nina Pearl Marshville Henley ' , Camillia Sue Newton Henson, Betty Pave Forest City Hester, William F., Jr. Raleigh Hiatt, Billy Ray- Mount Airy Hoeflinger, Daniel A. Butler, N. J. Hoffman, Fred Alexander McAdenville Page One Hundred Sei ' enty-si JUNIORS Hoffman, James Allen Thurmont, Md. Holder, Brenda Elaine Lewisville Holder, Evelyn Sue Clemmons Holland, William Roger Forest City Holleman, George Bennett Taylorsville HoLMAN, Sandra Elizabeth Lenoir HoNEYCUTT, Joyce Ann ClifFside Hood, Barbara Jane Holly Hill, Fla. Horne, Shelia M. Fayetteville HoRTON, Jean Hiclcory HoucK, Stephen Oscar West Jefferson Howard, Kelway Louie Oxford HoYLE, JiMMiE David Shelby Hudson, Frances Carol Ennice Hudson, U ' anda Yvonne Cramerton Huff, Paul Ernest, Jr. Winston-Salem Huffman, Mervin Nicky Gastonia Huffstetler, Linda Rose Dallas Hughes, Janet Ruth Boone Hughes, Richard Earl Boone Huneycutt, Charlotte U. Albemarle Huneycutt, David Carl Rockingham JAMES, Stephen Dudley Harmony senhour, Evelyn Fay Conover SENHOWEK, Janet Claire Hickorv ACKSON, Frances Ann Mount Air ENKiNS, John Howard Cherryville ENKINS, Ronnie Leroy Chesnee, S. C. ohnson, Bobby Lee Boone OHNSON. Glenda Ruth Denton OHNSON, James Herhion Wadesboro OHNSON, MiCKEAL LeE Boone OHNSON, Patricia Anne Raleigh OLLEY, Sheldon T. Elkin oLLY, Eric Stephen Black Mountain Page One Hundred Seventy-sex ' en JUNIORS Kendrick, Carrol Lynn Morganton Kester, Norleen Ann Salisbury KiKER, Doris Janet Pclktoil King, Peggy Waters Casar KisER, Margaret Beth Lincolntun KisER, Sharon Sue Bessemer City Kornegay, William B., Jr. Wilmington Laird, Sarah Lou Advance Lambert, Charles Druey Valdese Lawing, Judy Elaine Charlotte Lawrence, Beverly Irene Elkin Laws, Raymond McKinley Matthews Leatherman, Rachel F. Lincolnton Lackey, Thomas Steven Taylorsville Lee, Henry E. High Point Lee, Michael Stephen Lawndale Lentz, Walter McRary Norwood LiLES, Carolyn Kaye Spencer LiLES, Linda F. Spencer Lilly, Dorothy Dean Troy Link, Elizabeth Linn Salisbury Link, Emma Jean Asheville Link, Monita Anne Statesville Litaker, Linda Jean Kannapolis Lockman, Sharon Virginia Lincolnton Long, Nancy Marie Roxboro Lowe, Linda Sue Lowgap Lyerly, James Woodrow Mount Ulla Lynn, Freida Dianne Gaston ia McCall, Jerry W. Stedman McCann, Larry Gene Roaring River McCoNNELL, Gary Benny Lincolnton McCraw, Shirley Imojean Mount Airy iMcDaniel, Barbara Jean Cooleemee McDaniel, James Raymond Chester, S. C. fage One Huiuirecl Sevenly-eighl JUNIORS McDonald, Joel Hayden Statesville McFakling, David Stanley Blanch McInnis, Judy Marie Southern Pines McKenzie, Mary Sue Shannon McKnight, Lena Gilbert Mount Airy McRae. Judith Olivia Asheboro McRae, Mildred Louise Wadesboro McRary, Anima Wilson Granite Falls Mace, Rentha Diana Lincolnton Maples, Martha Rachel Rockingham Marshall. Joseph Rav King Martin, Henry Hatcher Charlotte Matthews, Elaine Carolyn Thomasville Mauldin, Billy Joe Albemarle Maynard, Robert Lee. Jr. Yadkinvillc Mazzaferro, Kenneth E. Boone Meals. Ruby Pauline Roaring Gap MiiNius. JuDv Ann Kannapolis Miller. Bkonua Kay Landi Miller, James Robert BtKinc Miller, Jane Henley Asheboro Miller, Jennifer Wallace Bo jne Miller, Richard Matthew Reidsville Miller. Susan Jane Charlotte .Mitchell, Carolyn Ann Caroleen Mode, Brenda Halyburton Shelby Moore, Gerald Franklin Maiden Moore, James Hubert Lincolnton Moore, Nancy Ruth Statesville Moretz, J. B. Morc;an. Judith Gale High Point Morgan, Maxton Lloyd Asheboro Morgan, Michael Eric Salisbury Morgan. Ronald Zack Candler Morris, Ruth Ann Norwood Page One Hundred Seventy-nine JUNIORS Morris, Sandra Ellen Concord Morrow, Sandra Lee Forest City MuLLis, Brenda Jane Olin Nash, William Boyd Albemarle Neese, Sandy Lee Abingdon, Va. Neill, Lynda Sue Troutman Nelligan, Roberta Gae Charlotte XoRMAN, Martha Geneva Morganton Oakley, Nancy Ellen Mebane Ollis, Jack Edward Minneapolis Orr, Dollie Geraldine Charlotte Orr, Wendy Elizabeth Ocala, Fla. Overcash, Grady Kay Mooresville OvERCAsii, John Gibson Charlotte Owens, Barry Martin Belews Creek Pariiam, James V ' ilbiirn Ashevilie Parker, Janice Faye Rocliingliani Parks, Karen Sue Lexington Parlier, Mary Alice Piney Creek Parsons, Jo Ann North V ' ilkesboro Paschall, LaRue Faye Youngsville Pattillo, Mary Lydia Bryson City Peeler, Linda Joy Salisbury Pence, Brenda Elaine Rockingham Peoples, David Robert Mocksville Perry, Malinda Bess Shelby Perry. Sharon Layne Hickory Pesce. Brenda Joyce Wadesboro Pettigrew, Nancy Ruth Raleigh Pettus, Linda Carolyn Winston-Salem Petty, Theresa Anna Charlotte Pfann, Hannelore E. Nurnberg, Germany Philbeck, Sandra Lee Statesville Phillips, Carol Elizabeth Hickory Phillips, David Lee Hickory Piige One Iluinlred Eighty JUNIORS Phipps, Betsy Ross McLeans ' ille Plvler, Danny Lee Statesx-ille Poole. Billy King Statesvillc Poole, Hubert R. Marion Poplin. Gayle Michael Ronda POSTON. JODY KaYE Kannapolis PoTEAT. Alda Elaine Salisbury PoTEAT, Bobby Gregory Valdese PoTEAT, Burma Hoots Chesnee. S. C. Powell, Thompson Filmore Morganton Presson, Judy Irene Monroe Price. Robert Benjamin Cliffside Pritchett, Martha Louise Banner Elk Purser, Wanda Kay Kannapolis Reavis, James Clyde Winston-Salem Rector. Sammy Grover Asheville Reed, Mary Elizabeth Gaston ia Rempson, Nancy Carol Asheboni Rhyne. Reginald Jack Gastonia Riddle. Jolene Spruce Pine Rider. Catherine Lynnette Liberty RiGixjN, Janice Rhea Brevard liiKARD, Evie Winter Haven, Fla. Roach. Marilyn Kay High Point Roberts. Patricia Diane AUentown. Pa. Robinson, Aretha Bernice Candler RoDGERS, Jane Marie Reidsville Roland. Donald Ray WarrensviUc F- ooFE, Sandra Kay Hamlet Rose, Glenn Erle Bear Creek Rose. William Christopher Maiden Russell, Alma Gail Graham Russell, Evalina Asheville Ryan, Linda Jean Miami, Fla. Saffo, Dean George Wilmin " tiin gm A Page One Humlied Eighty-one p p. p JUNIORS Salo, Richard Hayden Rock Hill, S. C. Samaras, Betty Keener Greensboro Samaras, John Michael Winston-Salem Sampson, Annie Lee Greensboro Sams, Rometta Joy Candler Sams, Ronnie Ray Asheville Satterwhite, Jerry Wayne Salisbury Saunders, My rtle Ann Troy Saunders, Nancy Martin Gastonia Scott, Audrey Gray Pinnacle Scott, Gerotha Kay ' inston-Salem Seitz, Katherine Faye Newton Sellers, Loy Furman Fallston Sharpe. Beatrice Wrenn Statesville Shellman, David Wayne Cramerton Shelton, Judy Frances Marshall Shermer, Sarah Janice Yadkinville Shields, Becky Sue Gastonia Shinn, Dennis Lane Stanfield Shore, David Sanders Boonville Shuford, Judy Caldwell Lincolnton Shuford, Thomas Martin Lincolnton Simpson, Johnnie Ree Connelly Springs SiPE, Judy Eleanor Mt. Holly Sistare, Argelia Maria Charlotte Sitton, Donald McKinley Horse Shoe Smith, Allen Edgar Winston-Salem Smith. Don Lane Winston-Salem Smith, Ellen Ray Graham Smith, Eula Edith Elk Park Smith, Jane Carolyn Fuquay-Varina Smith, John David Troutman Smith, Larry Richard Asheville Smith, Margaret Gail Greenville, S. C. Smith, Martha Margaret Gary Puge One Hundred Eighty-two JUNIORS Smith, Richard Miles Lincolnton Smith, Sandra Cordelia Fletcher Snyder, Richard Charles Winston-Salem South, Judy Lorana Boone Spangler, Martha Katherine Shelby Spearman, Norma Lou Kings Mountain Sprinkle. Gilbert T., Jr. Salisbury Stephens, Phyllis Ann Liberty Stoddard, Christie Rose Miami Shores, Fla. Stafford, Marilyn Lue Winston Salem Staley, Sara Lynne Shelby Starr, Richard Worrell Mt. Airy Steelman, David Lindsay B(K)nvillc Steelman, Margaret Aileen Yadkinville Stephens, Nancy Woodward Raleigh Stevenson, Susan Jane Statesvillc Stiffler, Patricia Hendersonville Stockton, Rebecca Anne Newark, Del. Stoner, Joann Byers Lexington Sullivan, Jimmy Roger Lansing Tate, Stephen Matthew Granite Falls Taylor, Anna R. Lenoir Taylor, Myrtle Sue Greenville Taylor. Pattie Elizabeth Kannapolis Taylor, Robert Lee Newton Taylor, Ronnie Cope Connelly Springs Teague, Sharon Kay B(jone Templeton, Franklin E. Boone Templeton, Wilma M. Tester, Jerry Virgil B x)ne Boone Thomas, Doris Jean Rockingham Thomas, Elizabeth Jane Charlotte Thomas. Judy Adale Green Mountain Thomas, Resa Ann Marshall Thompson, Charles Joseph Kernersvillc i i . i! Page One Hundred Eighty-three JUNIORS TiLLEV, (Olivia Kav Mt. Aij-y TiMMONs, Mary Jean Mt. Airy Travis, Ronald Elbert Los Bancs, CaliF. Trull. Linda Gail Wingatc Tucker, Virgie Elizabeth Troutman Turbyfill, Mary Grace Maiden Turner, Jack Allison Shelby Tyner, Harold Eugene Kannapolis Underwood, Jerry Weir Monroe Venable, Joyce Arleen Canton VicKERY, Beverly Jean Indian Trail Verble, Mary Elizabeth Mooresville VonCannon, Arvil Ellis, Jr. Albemarle Voss, Margaret Jane VVinston-Salem ' aogoner, Michael W. VValkertoun Wagner, Joyce Elaine Quarryville, Pa. Waldrop, Linda Lee New Paltz, N. Y. Walker, Dianne Marie Mebane Ware, Connie Lou Asheville V ' eaver, U ' esley L, III Winston-Salem Weisner, Judith Ann Olin Wellborn, Martha E. Deep Gap West, Nelda Rachel Ferguson West, Shirley ' Ann Mooresville Wheless, Shirley Ann Louisburg Whisnant, Barbara Jane PolkWlle Whisenant, David Howard Morganton Whisnant, Verla Mae Whitnel W ' hitaker, Nancy Anne Winston-Salem White, Harold Edward Winston-Salem White, Mary ' Evelyn Forest City Whitmer, James Morrison Goldsboro ' ilkinson. Patsy Ann Mt. Ulla WiLLETT, Barbara Kay Smithfield Williams, David Ainsworth Ruthcrfordton Page One Hundred Eighty-four JUNIORS Williams, Regina Elliott Lexington Willis, Paige Brown Leesburg, Fla. Willis, Virgil W. Charlotte Wilson, Mary Lynn Bakersville Wilson, Mickie Janell Icard iLsoN. William Gary Statesville Wood, Peggy Lee Mebane Wood, Virginia Evelyn Draper Wooten, Dana Bruce Tarboro Yarborough, Henry Samuel Boone Yarborough, Linda Louise Boone Yates, Clayton Wayne Purlear Yokley, Winfred Keith High Point Younger, Carol Dianne Greensboro Yow, Carol Powell Valdese ) (III don ' t lliDik we ' ll hnvc that i[Ufst ' i iu an ihc lest, dit yni? I ct ' s put soii c iiiniij ' dtvcr behind thi (jpcniticiu! Faf e One Hundred Eijihty-five s. wrina " Eleven down and one to go. " —For Seniors, spring quarter is the end and the beginning— March winds, April showers, and more showers in May— spring quarter brings the usual number of cases of Spring Fever- boy meets girl— the beginning of a romance?— wall sitters come out of hibernation— " Where ' ll we go to sunbathe since a new dorm is being built on ' Sunshine Hill? " —flowers add color to the campus— SP week- Easter acation— the crack of the bat and the Mountaineers ha e a home run— golf— boys teed off at something besides girls— tennis matches- waiting in line for a place on the tennis court— Women " s tennis team participates in a tournament— track meets— tunes drift from the dorms as rivalry begins in the annual Song Festival preparation— Junior marshals are elected— Fine Arts Festival brings Metropolitan opera singer Nell Rankin and a rash of other cultural emissaries to the campus— suddenly we ' re " couth " " — hikes to " You ' ll Be Glad You Did " —but, " Were you really glad you did after you got there? " —the crowning of the May Queen and the presentation of her attendants— " How many would-be romances were stopped by the cops on Mis sion Road? " — and then before you realize it, it ' s exam time again— and oh, how you hate to study when you ' d rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather you ' ve dreamed about during that long, cold winter— the year is over— for those with the grades and the hours— Freshmen are rising Sophomores— Sophomores are rising Juniors —Juniors are rising Seniors— and for this year ' s Seniors, May 27th is graduation day— you don your cap and gown and with pride, accept the diploma ' ou thought at arious times during the past four years that you might ne er receive— and a future for the graduate which might hold for you a teaching position, a job in the business world, wedding bells and the role of housewife or breadwinner, graduate school— you ' re a graduate of Appalachian State Teachers College. Diagnosis: Spring Ferer. ' You ' ll see red legs in the cafeteria tonight! Skirts are getting Bl S shorter every year! .4 hut ' . ire jinally saved ei oiiy ; to order a class rmg,. Dmn jull First Row: Bo Goforth, Johnny CK ' ercash, Jim 1 i.i;,li. I ijuin W lianis, Roger Cumbie, Jerry Pierce, Wayne Sininiuns, Fred White Eddie McCarver. Second Row: Ronnie Scott, Joe Rowe, Joe Sin iJiJuL i;. Jerry Mlll , Six Henrv. Ivcn Tredwav, Don Patrick. Melvin Denton. ... ev. Allen Smith. Dou Phillips, Coach B,.b Coach Bob IIenrv (ISuAebcLil A late start and bad weather greatly hampered the young Mountaineer baseball club. Stronger than their 3-16 record indicates, the Apps made numerous errors that often cost them games. Next year ' s team, depending of course on the weather, should sport a better record with returning standouts such as Jim Leigh, Allen Smith, Bo Goforth, Don Patrick, and Fred ' hite. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD Appalachian Appalachian . , 3 2 Guilford Western Carolina .4 . 9 Appalachian 4 Western Carolina 6 .Appalachian 1 Lenoir Rhyne 4 .Appalachian Appalachian 1 4 High Point Catawba 2 S Appalachian 3 Guilford 1 Appalachian 2 Nev ' berry Appalachian 1 Atlantic Christian 3 Appalachian 1 Atlantic Christian Appalachian 2 Catawba .5 Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian 6 , ..,7 . .1 4 4 High Point . . 7 Elon Elon Newberry Lenoir Rhyne 8 6 5 8 Page One Hundred Ninety Wayne Simmons Roger Cumbie Ed McCarver [hrry Miij.s |iM Lek;ii Spencer Poovey RoNNY Scott Melvin Denton Bo (lOFORTH One HiDuhed Ninety-oite " Awaitiiiil ihe CnU. " " ST-R-E-l C-H ' mM " So this is vlu}t happtms duriiia practice Dout; Phillips Ierr ' i ' Pirnrr Fred White Allen Smith Prvge One Uuiulied Niuelyli 9 S tit I ft vi JNb First Row. Coach Eric DeGroat, West Lamereaux. Jim Horner, Van Morrow, Jim Reavis, Lynn Austin, Rudolph Stephenson. Dan Bow- man. Second Row: Jerry Barker, Richard Shepherd, Bill Riner, Don Parham, Howard Murphy, Jerry Hart, John Graziano. Third Row: John Sadhl, Jerry Mayhew, Calvin Lockridge, John Edwards, Lloyd Crisco, Brit Brittain, Dwight Morris, Harry Zdunczyk, Assistant Coach Joe Rhyne. racK Scores do not tell the tale. The high points came with individual performances. Foremost leader in the assault on school records was Lvnn Austin. He annexed three records: the 100 yards (10.0), the 220 yards (22.2), and the 440 yards (52.0). Other records included John Graziano in the triple jump and Jerry Mayhew in the 330 hurdles. There were also several records set at the Davidson Relays in which Appalachian took fifth against a field of sixteen teams. Needless to say Head Coach Eric DeGroat is optimistic when he says, " We ' re looking forward to next season. " Added experience and a greater stock of returning lettermen may prove the deciding factor for next year ' s team. DUAL MEETS Appalachian 57 Elon 74 Appalachian 62 ' ; Catawba 75% TRIANGULAR MEETS Appalachian 53 Wofford-Newberry . .83 CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS Appalachian 5th place— Davidson Relays Appalachian 10th place-NAIA District No. 26 Appalachian 6th place— Carolinas Conference Terry Barker West Lamareaux Calvin Lockridge Harry Zdunczyk lonN Edwards John Graziano Brit Brittain Lloyd Crisco " It ' s VI V t V turn now. " Look out below. " Z ' . ' ' Frank Dean Austin Adams off D. earn Left to mght: Willie Maples, Mickey Powers, Austin Adams, Joe John Parker, Sam Austin, Frank Dean, Coach Francis Hoover. Page One Hundred Ninety-six i .. AllCKtY PdUHHS ■JSkL ' -Jiy .t . • ' ..•»% ' ' . ' ■u »S: .-1 Willie Maples m John Parker The gi lf team nf Appalachian demnnj-trated the true spirit nt the Mountaineers last spring as they developed one of their best sea- sons. The Mountaineers opened their bid for the Miami Invitational tournament on March 25. Appalachian was awarded a berth in this tournament on the strength of a second place finish in the N.A.I. A. national tournament in 1964, and the known ability to dominate the Carolinas Conference. The Appalachian golfers began what ap- peared to be a losing season because they lacked practice due to the bad weather. The golfers grasped the key to the game, however, and ended the season with a record of 8 wins and 5 losses. Records tor the team last year included 9th in the Miami Invitational, 1st in the Carolinas 0)nference, 1st in the N.A.I. A. District 26, and 4th in the N.A.I. A. Tournament. Coach Francis Hoover listed Sam Adams as the team ' s medalist for the year, Austin Adams as the team ' s medalist of the conference tournament and second on the conference level, and Willie Maples as the Mountaineer medalist in the national tournament. Maples pl aced lOth in the nation and was named to the Second Team All-American. Sam Adams GOLF SCORES Appalachian 7 Appalachian 5 Appalachian 9 Appalachian 1 1 ' i Appalachian 14 Appalachian 12 Appalachian 12 Appalachian 8V2 Appalachian 25V2 Appalachian IS ' z App. ' l KbKin 16 p|m|., I5I 2 hian 27 Georgia Sou Wofford . . ithcrn 20 22 18 12 ' ' 2 Pfeifter . . . 4 High Point Pfeiffer . . . 8 1114 11 2 Elon 51 2 High Point 8 VVolford . . APPALACHIAN TENNIS SCOREBOARD Coach |im Jones Appalachian 5 Appalachian 4 Appalachian 4 Appalachian 5 Appalachian 5 Appalachian 6 Appalachian 8 Appalachian 9 Appalachian 7 Appalachian 7 Appalachian 6 Appalachian Appalachian 7 Appalachian 4 Appalachian 4 Appalachian 7 Appalachian 7 Atlantic Christian 2 Atlantic Christian 3 Wake Forest 5 WofFord 4 Erskine 4 Georgia Southern 3 Mercer Uni ' ersity 1 Georgia State Western Carolina Elon Guilford 1 Davidson 9 High Point PfeifFer 3 Guilford 3 Elon Western Carolina M en A tennis Ronnie Smarr, Joe ' hite, Bobby Barbera. Bill Case, Gary Bovles. Roney Davis. Pnge One Hundred Ninety-eight RcjiNiW S.MAiu; One oF the finest representations oF Appalaehidn ' s ath- letie ability was exhibited by the perFormanee oF the men ' s tennis team during the spring oF 1965. Appalaehian Finished with a 15-2 regular season. In May, Appalachian won the N.A.I. A. District 26 Championship and the Carolinas Con- Ference Championship. For the third conseeuti c year Ap- palachian participated in the N.A.I. A. National Tourna- ment at Kansas City. Players Ronny Smarr and Bobby Barbcra achieved extra honors For the team as the Doubles Champions oF the Caro- linas ConFerence. Both men placed in the top 16 in the Na- tionals in singles. Smarr also finished as the Singles Cham- pion oF the Carolinas ConFerence and the N.A.I. A. Dis- trict 26. Gary Bovles RoNEV Davis Bobby Barbera ' Tliat ' s a winning gronp. " " Cioing dmvn for a scoop. " " i ' lieck tluil luick-liaiid suini. ' enniA Thcus a SERVE? Rcirhcra ' s rare ' oni; hi acfinu. I I WIS Gaston, Editor Dwii) liinM-, l]u iiicss Miiiiii ' ci ne y ppa la ch la n Dr. Gratis Williams and Mr. Rocers V. Whitener Sponsors ' The Appalachian is a weekly newspaper published by A.S.T.G. students. Editor Lewis Gaston and Business Man- ager David Rhyne head the staff made up of students main- taining a " C " average and interested in journalism. Lewis Gaston and Har ey Lineback represented The Appalachian at the National Associated Collegiate Press Convention held in Chicago, Illinois. Our newspaper is a member of the Associated Collegiate, Inter-Collegiate, and Carolina Collegiate press associations. The Appalachian maintains an exchange system with the colleges and universities all over the United States and abroad. Fiige Two liuiuhed Two Seated: Peggy MiU ' tin, K.iyc RiMioldv s . w. ;;;- IacIJ Poller, Norleen Kester, Margaret Freeman. |olin C.iles. Bill Crary. " Gaston, this is the best article tJiat I ' ve written all year and you don ' t like it! " Hours of hard work are necessary for each ptihlication. 1966 f hododen at Staff ron ANE Davenport, Editor llic 1966 RnciDODENDRON staff has attempted to l iing the students a difFerent t ' pe oF yearbook. This edition has recorded 1965-66 history at A.S.T.C. The rustic colors of Fall, the white snow of winter, and the Fresh, green outlook of spring has been the path that we ha e tnxl this past year. We sincerely hope that this annual will please the student body and do justice to our fme institution. First Rou ' -. Gill Russell. Dianiif Pliillips, Bctt C ' .ahriel, Becky Laws, Robby Nelligan, C. Ann Hayes, Judy Mclnnis. Secoinl Row: Ron aid Zack Morgan, Becky Berrier, Dianne Correll, Sara Warren, Janice Anderson, Bob Phillips. Third Row: Glenda Thompson, Evelyn Edmisten, Candy Autry, Peggy Jo Mabe. Fourth Row: Mary Parlicr. Becky McDonald. Fifth How: Mary Jim Emerson, Audrey Farr, Linda Fields, Linda Poteat. Sixth Row: Jerry Caldwell, Jean Milek, Casandra Long, Joyce Snider. Seventh Row: Douglas Car- roll, Jerry Pansier. fage Two Hundred Four Becky Berrier Biisiness Mauniier Miss Elizabeth Fox Sponsor We ' re got a (.leadVtiic to t icct ' . Page Two Hundred Five tf au io i PATSY SMITH WalJ of Mo ronor PALILETTE VAN STEENBEECK L ourt Linda Hill Senior Attendant ( ouri Tina Diamaduros Junior Attendant Patty Payne Sophomore Attetidant Prissy Swaim Sophomore Atte}idniit m !f ( ourt 1965 Corouatio)! Page Two Hundred Ten [iiLiE Lindsay hreshiiHui AttendiUil Marv Thompson Freshman Attendant 1965 May Dance Page Two HiDuheti Eleven :fi:v ' ■: ?. ' 1 i ms li Senior i ic u56 OFFICERS Thurman Hollar President Marion Carver Vice-President Janie Cranford . Secretary Mike Sibley Treasurer Page Two Hundred Twelve SENIORS Adams, Victor Julian Franklinton Alexander, George David Lenoir Allen, Judy Dian Hickory Anderson, Peggy Johnson Wilkesboro Asbell, Cornelia Ann Windsor Ashley, Phillip Terry Fort Mill, S. C. Austin, Jacquelyn Causby Charlotte Baker, Margarette Ann Sparta Ballard, Iva Marguerite Lincolntoii Banks, Judith Martin Bostic Banks, Kenneth Edward Fayette ii]e Bare, Billie Kay Laurel Springs Barker, Alice Earlene Boone Barker, Betty Carol Mt. Holh ' Barlowe, Carolyn Wire Lenoir % ' 7 ' kJ M Pa e Two Hundred Thirteen SENIORS Baucom, Barbara Marlene Concord ayne, Charles Robert Greenxille. S. C. Baysden, Richard Carroll Kinston Beamer, Carol Elizabeth Beaver, Linda Jo Beck, Nancy Kay Mount Airy Salisbury Piedmont. S. C. Beck, Sammy Leon Belk, Diane Maria Benton, juDnii Lee Winston-Salcm C ' harlottc Concord Benton, Rebecca Ann iXorth A ' ilkesb( r Berrier, Rebecca Lynn Berry ' , Elizabeth Ann Lexington Greens bo Berry, Janice Hester Best, Ben E. Valdese Bessemer City Bingham, Florence Helen Lawndale Page Tivo Hundred Fourteen SENIORS Blanchard, AIarv Emma Burgav Blevins, Willard Troy North BoGER, Linda Ann Winston-Salcm BoLiCK, Mary Shelton Granite Falls Bollinger, Rebecca Lucille Morganton BooKOUT, CoY ' William, [r. Jacksonville, Fla. BoUKR, Judith Ann Jeflerson PjOWERS, Carol Grace 1 homasx ille Bowles, Sandra [ane Statcsville lioVVMAN, |eRRY BeNJAMIN l)OVLEs, Gary ' Luther I ' lOZEMAN, Wanda Genear Lawndale Gl lerrw ille Diiih Braddy, Robert A. Brac;g, Jane Frances Brandon, Jane Ann Burlington I lickory Cocoa, Florida Page Two lltiti lrcil Piflecit SENIORS Brantley, Maris Ann Brasvvell, Brenda Tamara Brawley, Brenda Kay Spring Hope Concord Kannapolis Brewer, Carole Lynn Brewer, Olivia Linney Winston-Salem Brewer, William Elkanah Raleish Star Briggs, Joyce Metters Lexington Britt, Carol Anne Myrtle Beach, S. C. Britt, Jacqueline Barbee Albemarle Brittain, June Elaine Hickory Brooks, Larry Stephen Mooresboro Brooks, Ruth Lillian Monroe Brookshire, Rebecca Anne Charlotte Brown, Bessie Ellen Bre ard Brown, Horace Alexander, Jr. Alorganton Page Two Hundred Sixteen SENIORS Brown, Nancy Sue Bryant, Lynda K ay BucKNER, Barbara Sue Fayette ' ille Thomasville Marshall BuDD, Lorraine Simmemon BuDD, Michael P. Buff, Johnny Dowd Catawba Winston-Salem 1 lickorv Bumgarner, Edward Daniel Millers Creek BURCHETTE, JiMMIE DeAN Winston-Salem Burkhardt. Richard Francis Hollywood, Fla. Burns, Lena Elizabeth Byrd, Gloria Elaine Win gate Mt. Gilead Caldwell, Patricia Annette Ashe vi He Campbell, Ellis Watt Statesvillc Campbell, William Dennis, Jr. Boone Canipe, Judith Roberts Lake Park, Fla. Page Two Hundred Sevenlccn SENIORS Carlton, Thomas Dale Lenoir Carmichael, Larry Franklin Walkertown Carpenter, Darrel Henry Lincoln ton C ' arver, Linda Snipes Carver, Marion SaiMliel C arver. Perry Lee Lauriiihur Roxbon Charlotte C sE, William Cliilord Cash, C.lohia 1 la Casiiion, Rose Ellen I-lctdicr Stallord, ' a. Charlotte Cathey, MelUonna Cahdill, Barbara Lee C iiiuK.ii, Danny Wayne Cliarlotte Waynes ilic Granite Falls Church, Sarah Ann Clark, Edna Amorette Clark, Ililia Anne Lenoir Clarkton Morgan ton Page Two Hiiiulrcd Eighteen SENIORS Clarke, [iiditu Arlene Cody, Raychel Sasanne Cole, Dennis Lee Morganton Terrell High Point Collins, Patricia Aistn Kathleen Greensboro Comer, Linda Louise CONDREY, [aMES AlBERT, Jr. Stoneville Ma C ' ONNOLLY, CIaV DaVIS Connolly, James Thomas Cooke, Fred Robah Statesvillc Statesville Mt. Airy Councilman, Charles Henry Covington, Lucinda Cox, Carlotta Sue Boone Rockinwham Sparta Cox, Garnett Dayne Mt. Airy Cox, jlIANIIA Dallas Craic, John Raymond Lenoir 1 ' iiu.c ' I ' xi ' O Iliiiiilred Nineteen SENIORS Craig, N. Wayne Cranford, Janie Fay Craver, Hilda Loretta Scottsville, Va. Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Crawford, Penny Jo Crisco, Lloyd Earl Crosby, Erik Patrick Waynesville Albemarle Harmony Current, John Robert Newton Dale, Judith Ann Opa-locka, Fla. Darden, H. Katherine West Palm Beach, Fla. Davant, Suzanne Claxton Davenport, Minnie Jane Daves, Vivian Marie Augusta, Ga. Mt. Airy Marion Davidson, Wanda Helen Davis, Brenda Kay Davis, Carole Holmes Statesville Randleman Miami, Fla. Page Two Hundred Twenty SENIORS Davis, Jackie M. Boone Davis, Kenneth Carroll Ellenboro Davis, Lucinda Faye High Point Davis, Richard Harding Monroe Dawson, Frederick William Ararat, Va. Deal, Patsy Jane Burgaw Dellinger, Alvin Gene Cherry iilc Denton, Melvin Douglas Lawndalc Devine, Billy Burke Shelby Diaz, Alex Boone DiGH, ROLANDA BaKER Morganton DiGH, Ronnie Lee Valdesc Donnelly, Jeanne Parker Rutherford Colle f Downs, Harry Odell Winston-Salcni Drum, Martha Elizabeth Statesvillc Page Two Hundred Twenty otie SENIORS DUHLING, SaLLIE RuTH DiiLA, Cornelia Weatherford Earl, Janell Meade Hickory Raleigh Lawndale Earnhardt, Joyce Ray Edwards, Charles Lewis Salisbury West Ashevilie Edwards, John Rodolphus 1 homasviile Edwards, Linda Margaret Eldreth, Lois Rosa Elledge, Herlie Gwyn Valdese Lansing Ferguson Eller, Janet Triplett Eller, Wayne Clark EuDY, Alyce Sharon Cramerton Salisbury Concord EuLiss, Phyllis Hope Evans, Jack Lee, Jr. Everhart, Hilda Marlene Liberty Boone Lexington Page Two JJunilred T wenty-two SENIORS Falls, Eunice Dlxie Fisher, Billie Ann Fisher, Gu ' nell Parker VVcKxlruff, S. C. Hickory Hickorv Fisher, James Denver Fladd, Carol Jean Flenniken, Wanda Lane Danville, Va. Wilmington Asheboro Flynt, (luv Richard Fl tsit, Sandra Ruth Ford, Daniel Heaih Winston-Salem Walnut Cove Indian I rai Ford, Kay Peoples Foster, FIoward Allen [osTER, juDv Gray Charlotte Kannapolis Ferguson Foster, Susan Grose Francis, Sandra Cim.lom Francis, Shirley Louise Morganton Iliuh Point Crumplcr Page Two Hwnlrecl Twenty three SENIORS Frost, Arby La Verne FiiTRELL, Jonathan Dale Gaddy, Linda Maxine Pulaski, Va. Denton Marshville Gale, Thomas Nelson Garrett, Tames Abbott GiBBS, Linda Charlene Morgan ton Greensboro Burnsville GoDBEE, Sharon Lee Godson, Jack Richard Godwin, Agnes Ravenel, S. C. Roslyn, N. Y. Benson GoFORTH, David Shelton Goforth, June Lane Ferguson Statesville Goforth, Robert Gene North Wilkesboro Goins, William Anthony Kings Mountain CtOmer, Richard Arnold Laurel, Mont. Goodman, Newton Glenn, Jr. Todd Page Two Hundred Twenty-four S E N I O R S Gordon, James Morris Drexel Gragg, Linda Hayes Boone Gray, Antony Irvin Bal timore, Md. Greene, Charlotte Elizabeth Huntersville Greene, Eula Bakers ille Greene, Nancy Diane Stanficld Greene, Osteen Delmas Boone Greene, Patricia Ramsey TcKld Greer, Mary Ann Boone Griffin, Joan Wilson Charlotte Griffin, Mary Jo Gastonia Grindstaff, Joyce Loretta Bakersville Grubbs, Mary Gwen Laurinburg Gurley, Wanda Elaine Hickory Hagler, Beulah Anna Concord Page Two Hundred Twenty-five SENIORS Hagler, Brenda Massey Hairfield, IiiDiTH Ann 1 Iall, Iudv Sharyn Charlotte Morgan ton Lenoir 1 Iall, Ruth Faye Hamilton, Peggy Anne Hamlin, Linda Ashley Mount Airy Salisbt Timberlake Hampton, Ierry Dean 1 Iardin. Brlice CtOrdon Hardison, Betty Jean Triplet! Forest City Chapel Hill 1 Iarger, Robert Thomas 1 Iarrelson, LoLi Alice 1 Iarris, Suzanne Danbury Cherryville Kannapolis Hartsell, Norma Jane Hartzog, Sally Sue Harwood, Linda Morris Concord Deep Gap San ford Page Two Hundred Tweiitysix SENIORS Hass, Carolyn Teague Hastings, James Cecil Hastv, Lynda Joyce Boone Charlotte Monroe Hawley, Jack C. Hedrick, Dana Sue Hedrick, Jessie Wesson Spruce Pine Boiling Springs Raleigh 1 Iedrick, Norma Mae Melms, Rodney Douglas Hensley ' , Joan Aimee Southmont Cherrvvilk Mount Hollv Herndon, Laura Lynn 1 JEss, Judy Ann I Jester, Kathy Lou Kings Mountain Salishury Durham 1 1 E WITT, Mary Diane Hic;c.iNs, James Bolen I Iildebran, Barbara Gray Shelby Sparta Newton Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven SENIORS IiLL, Linda R. C ' hailotto Mill, Wallace Lamar, II |acks(in ille, Fla. Hilton, James Daniel Kannapolis Mines, Brenda Jean Lexington HoDGENS, Ralph James Kannajx)lis 1 I()dc;e, James Larry Union Mills I loLDEN, Charles LIarvey West Palm Beach, Fla. Holder, Daniel Henry Ocala, ria. i loLDER, William Doughton Sanlorcl I lOLLAR, ThURMAN DeWiTT Holt, Michael Kent Hoover, Judith Anne Midland Graham Lineolnton I Iorton, Patricia Ann Howell, Camellia Nabors LkiDSON, Lynn Winkler Gaffnev States ' ille Boone Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight SENIORS 1 liiDSON, Richard Edmond Connelly Springs I luFF, Eugene Bernice Oxford Huffman, John Cleaborne lluFFMAN, Patricia Wilkesboro Huffman, Patricia Maureen Hicku 1 luiE, Maxine Church Winston-Sciicm I lUiMPHRIES, IJOROTHV SuE Huntley, Martha Ellen Cliffsidc Wadesbci Hutchison, Gloria Virginia Charlotte Iackson, Barbara Ann Gro er [amison, Nancy Carra Charlotte Iarrett, 1 Ielen Sue rhomas ' ill . ' [ohnson. Alvin James, Jr. Winston-Salcm loUNSON, Betty Louise Kannapolis Iohnson, Carol Ann Lovvgap % m I t ,4 - . 1 1 W 1 " 1 r Page Two II, undred I ' wenty nim SENIORS Johnson, Elizabeth Diane loHNsoN, Franklin Everette Boone Newland Johnson, James MacDonald Winston-Salem Johnson, Judith Carol Johnson, Margaret Ann Johnson, Murrell Marlin Lenoir Morven Ellenboro [oLLEY, Alicia Gay JoLLEY, Marian Rachel Jones, George H., Jr. Kings Mountain Mooresboro Mount Airy Jones, Mickie J. Keener, Sandra Jean Kelly, Betty Dixon Kings Mountain Maiden Carthage Kelly, Jeanne Lindner Kerley, Guy Lee, Jr. Klncaid, Glenda Carmen Henderson Spray Charlotte Page Two Hundred Thirty SENIORS KiNCAiD, Mary Ann King, Harold Ben, Jr. King, James Wayne Fleetwood Garner Boone KiRKLEY, DOTTIE AnN KiRKMAN, IaMES WoRTH Knight, Carl Delane Charlotte Cii Raleigh Knox, Myra Mackland Lefler, Judy Huffman Lentz, Pamela Kay Bessemer City Salisbury 1 lickorv Lentz, Rita Marcella Leonard, Rebecca Jane Leonhardt, Garry Dean Concord Salisbury Maiden Lincoln, Edward C. Lipe, Michael A. Long, Loretta Smith Winston-Salem Mooresville jW Poge Two Hundred Thirty-one SENIORS LoNON, William Don LooKABiLL, Sylvia Slie LowERY, Sandra Kay Hickory Wadesboro Gastonia Lucas, Helen Patricia Lliffman, Ka ' Key LuTZ, Evelyn Faye Gastonia Elkin Lincoln ton LvERLY, Betty Jean Lyons, John Doyle McCants, Janet Elizabeth Concord Boone Concord McCoLL, Norman Hugh, Jr. McCoRMicK, Linda Lou McCoRMicK, Miriam Statesville Dobson Gaffnev, S. C. McCuLLEN, Joan Weslie McCuLLOUGH, Nancy Jo McEntire, Merrill Joe Reids Moorcs ill(. Old Fort Page Two Hundred Thirty-two SENIORS McGalliard, William Augustus McGee, Brenda Ann McHargue, Linda Gwi ' n iXebo Boomer Statesville McKiNNis, Carolyn Ann McLemore, Diane Layton McMuRRY, Jack Kelly Statesville Charlotte Lavvndale McNuLTV ' , Tommy Lee Maners, Peggy Lois Maness, Mary Alice Winston-Salem New London Carthage Maples, William Edward Marlin, Jane Lee Boo States Marsh, Henry Augustine North Hampton, . Martin, Claudia Camille Martin, Jo Ann Martin, Joyce Wilmoth Charlotte Ellenboro Charlotte Page Tuo Huinlred Ihirlythrec SENIORS Martin, Kathie Faye Mayodan Martin, Linda Pearson Lenoir Martin, Patricia Gail Elkin ALvssEV, Kathryn Kay Mast, Gary Grey Mauney, Franda Jean Newland Morgan ton Dallas Melion, Sarah Clayton Metcalf, Roger Dale Michael, Ruby Gwy ' n Kannapoiis Candler Boone MlDDLETON, DWICHT CrAMAN, Jr. Kannapoiis Miller, Brenda Thomas Boone Mil LER, JiMMiE Anne Elkin Miller, Joe Shannon, Jr. Pearisburg, Va. Mills. |erry Wayne Mitchell, Jerald Allen Salisbury Charlotte Page Two Hundred Thirty four SENIORS Moody, Nancy Jean Charlotte Moore, Delma Marie Reidsville Moore, Sarah Elizabeth Gastonia MoRETZ, Nancy Coffey Boone Morris, Carolyn Troy Morton, Brenda Arlene Troy Morton, Mary Jane Albemarle MuLLis, James Clare Matthews MuNDY, James William Graham MuRDocK, Robert Kerry Statcsvillc Murphy, Maude Relief Nance, Brenda Anne I liekory Newsom, Mary Ann Winston-Salem Nickle, Georc;e P., Jr. Newark, Del. Nix, Linda Alice Taylors, S. C. k I ' agc 7 ' u ' O Hundred Thirty-five SENIORS i oRViLLE, Diane Marie Oates, Judy Annita Oliver, Samuel Brent, III Forest City York, S. C. Kinston Ollis, Marcaret Mohr Orsborne, Thomas Claborne North Wilkesboro Osborne, Charles W. Cycle Padcett, Greta Vann Dale Parker, Charles Brandon Gastonin Salisbury Parker, Sandra Kaye I lampton, Va. Parsons, Esker Dale Patterson, James B. Payne, John Charles Mount Airy Reidsville icssc ' incr City Payne, Patricia Brockenbroligh Charlotte Pearson, Jerone Don Penland, Barbara Jean Wilkesboro Icard Page Two Hundred Thirty-six SENIORS Penninger, Cynthia Diane ' errvman, Jonathan Keats Pettit, Martha Eugenia Concord Welcome Statesville Pettv, Charles Thomas Phillips, Douglas Neal Phillips, Sylvia Dianne Ne a, Tenn. Lexington Pierce, Ierry Michael Pierce, Raymond Ned Charlotte North W ' ilkesboro l iLCHER, Margaret Frances Lev is ille ie, CJary Dean PoovEY, JOHN Spencer Pope, Charlotte Rebecc, Granite Fal Granite I alls Charlotte Poteat, Doris Cannon Poteat, Linda Esther Potter, James Reid aniestown Charlotli Page Two Hundred Thirty-seven SENIORS Pounders, Bonnie Leah Powers, Johnny Don Powers, Margaret Jacqueline Raleigli Lansing Pineville Prevette, Doris Louvene Price, Robert Lacy Pritchard. Elizabeth Ann Ronda Cliffside Stonv Point Pruitt, Judy Karen Traphill Ragsdale, Barbara Carol New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Ramsey, Celeste Ann GafFnev, S. C. Ramsey, John Randolph Redmond, Judith Ann Reece, Stephen Malo Spencer Union Grove Dobson Reep, Minnie Fa ye Lincolnton Reid, Pauletta Lee Winston-Salem Reid, Phyllis Anne Charlotte Piige Two Hundred Thirty-eight SENIORS Reinhardt, Forney Wilson Renegar, Kathleen Morris Revell, Betty Diane Boone Statesvillc Albemarle Rex, Michael K. Reynolds, Glenda Ada RH ' iTVE, David Alton Union, S. C. Ararat Lincolnton Rhyne, Iohn Ray Richardson, Brenda Lynch Richardson, Donna Sellers Vale Forest City C ' harlottc Richardson, Jimmy Ray Richmond, Linda Lee RlCKARD. DVVIGHT EdWARD Lhomasvilk Mebanc Tliomasvillc RiGSBEE, Sandra Kaye Roberts, Linda Lee Roberts, Mayvle Diane Dur Kings Mountain Page Two Hundred Thirly-niue SENIORS RoBiNETTE, Fred Turner, Jr. Robinson, William (Iene Ross, Durham Statesvillc Gastonia Landis Ross, Lynn Carole RoYALL, Velma Lee RuppE, JAMES Hubert Morgan ton Roaring Gap Cliffside RuppE, Jennie Gail Rlippe, Pamela |oyce Gaffnev, S. C. RutherFordtc Russell, George Michael Salishur Russell, Martha Ellen Sain, Annette Sain, Cynthia Katherine Randleman Vale Kannapolis Schleifer, Joel Kenneth Scott, Brenda Thomas ScROGGS, Charlie Faye Boone Charlotte Charlotte Page Two Hundred Forty SENIORS ScRONCE, Leonard Eugene Vail Sebastian, Kenneth Eugene North Wilkesboro Setzer, Brenda Elaine Claremont Shepherd, Nelta Keatina North Wilkesboro Shields, Nancy Jane Shore, Dona 1 Iarriet Kernersville North Wilkesboro Shu FORD, Trudy Gail Shuler, L. Olon, Jr. Shumate, Rita Kay Gastonia Winston-Salem Hickory Sibley, Albin Michael Sigmon, Kemp Ikerd Sills, Jim Lynn Charlotte Newton Charlotte Simmons, Larry Gray Winston-Salem Simmons, Nancy Merck Mt. Simmons, Wayne Alden Winston-Salem Page Two Hundred Forty-one SENIORS tf A k Sink, Kenneth Ray Lexington Sink, Patoicia Ann Lexington SiPE, Dennis Roy Hickory SiPE, James William Hickory Skipper, I Ienry Keith Cainpobello, S. C. Skreen, Maxine Faye Rockingham Slate, Lynda Spencer Lawsonville Smith, Edgar Earl, Jr. Elizabethtown Smith, John Allan Granite Falls Smith, Joyce Annette Nebo Smith. Larry Arland States ille Smith. Lynda Kay Alexis Smith, Patricia E. Salisbury Smith, Sandra CtAil Lenoir Smith, Sandra Jennifer Stoneville Page Two Hundred forly-two SENIORS Smith, Wayne Lee Snead, Brenda Carolyn Snyder, Mavis Kay ' Oakboro Cordo a Winston Salem Snyder, Rena Byrd Spainhour, Iudith Ann Denton Rural h Spanc;ler, Paul Stauffer, Jr. Boone Sparks, Patsy ' Ruth Spivey, |ulia AIcCallum Starling, Stephen Darryl Bake Candor New London Steadman, jerry D. Stevens, Jeanette Stewart, Lyndell Lee Chesnce, S. C. Monnu ' Winston-Saleni Stiles, Roland Wayne Stimson, David Samuel Siirewalt, Larry Kent Tliomas ille Lenoir Waco Page Two Hundred Forty-three SENIORS Stout, Charles Lawrence Asheboro Stroud, PCeith McLendon Stroup, Brenda Simpson Mexia, Texas Lenoir Sullivan, Sandra Lee Tate, Frank Dean Tate, Larry Paul Lincolnton Cherry ' ille Bessemer City Tatham, Pallie Sue Teague, Martha Jane Thiets, Susan Jane Black Mountain Winston-Salem Gastonia Thomas, Carolitsi S. Thomas, Leslie Heustess Thomas, Sylvia Leigh Lake Toxavvay Laurinburg Hiddenite Thompson, Allan Eugene Thompson, Deanna Kay Polkton Charlotte Thompson, James Clifford, Jr. Gastonia Piige Tii ' O Hundred Forty-four SENIORS Thrasher, James Martin Tickle, Carolyn Eleanor Kannapolis Charlotte TiMBERLAKE, BARBARA ElLEN Elizabeth Citv Todd, Loretta Ann Tort, Mary Ellen Charlotte Scotch Plains, N. J. Troutiman, Rachel Lavann Concord Turner, Douglas Eugene Tuttle, Frances Gail Utley, Virginia O ' Brien Shelbv Lewisvillc Grahai Utt, Wilbur Dale Ararat, Va. Van Steenbeeck. Paulette Holl ■ voocl, Mil Waddell, Reginald Keith Spartanburg Wall, Trossie Watkins, Jr. Wallace, Brenda Ann Walter, Harold Albert Graham 1 ludson Rockwell Page Two Hundred Forty-five SENIORS Walters. Richard Arlington W ' arf, Janet Elaine Warren, Joyce Marie Boone Asheville Stonv Point Warren, Sara Juanita Washam, Ida Camille Washburn, James Marion Candler Charlotte Marion Washburn, John Sterlitsi Waters, Nancy Edgerton Watkins, Mervlyn Diana Marion Rutherfordton Raleigh Watson, Mildred Weathers Shelb Watterson, Carol Sisk Winston-Salem Watts, Christina James Castonia Webb, John Platt Webb, Nancy Renn Wesley, Patricia Carol Rockingham Charlotte Orlando, Fla. Page Two Hundred Forty-six SENIORS West, Dolores Ann Greensboro West, Nora Clarice Marble Wheelous, Suzanne Fuller Wake Forest White, Fred Sidney Salisbury White, Joyce Anne Casar White, Joseph Michael Winston-Salem White, Robert Roy High Point Wilcox, James Bradley Lenoir Wiles, Eddie Lewis Boone Wiley, Mary Lillian Kann.i polls Williams, Bill Henry I larrislnng Williams, Delmas Vinnon Pleasant Garden Williams, Julia Kay Mill Spring Willis, Iva Lee Mars Hill Willis, Mary Elizabeth Morganton Page Two Hundred Forty seven SENIORS U ' lLSON, Earline Wilson, Rebecca Ellen Wilson, Stephen Canfield Fair Bluff Meba Asheville WiNECOFF, |UDV LaNEER Winkler, Wanda Lorraine WiTHROw, Glenn Scott Statesville EUenboro Wolfe, Anna Elizabeth Winston-Salem WooDRiNG, Charles Dennis Woody, Patricia Ann Catawba Bakers ille Wooten, Elizabeth Gayle WooTEN, Patricia Dorsett Lenoir Boon ille WoRLEY, Harry Sam, 1r. Dan ' ille, Va. ' ' right, Iohn Arthur Wyant, Ida Mae Wynn, Carol Jean Caldwell, N. J. Vale Aberdeen Page Two Hundred Forty-eight SENIORS York, Donald Roy Young, Mickey W. Young, Revel Paul Winston-Salcm Boone Mt. Airv Yount, Vicki B. YouNTs, Phyllis Lane Granite Falls Pinnacle YouNTs, WooDRow Wilson, Jr. ThoiTias ilic Zangari, Carol Frances Riviera Beacli, Fla. • But he ' s tnarried! Page Two Hundred Forty-nine Don illiam AlIiXANDER lo 6 l Ulio niong S hideiits in Robert Ammon Michael Philip Bbaddy Budd Kay Nelle Collins Michael Lloyd cornwell m kk Jane Davenport Wayne Clark Eller Guy Richard Flynt Page Two Hundred Fifty A Joan Wilson Norma Mae Thurman D. Griffin Hedrick Hollar Gloria V. Hutchison MiCHAKL E. Morgan lean ly nluerditled ana L otteged Judy Annita Clay James Benson Gary Dean James Lynn Oates Sills UONALD McKiNLEY SiTTON Wesley Maurice Weaver James Morrison Whitmer Bill Henuv Williams Page Two Hundred Viflyone Wallace Hill Most Popiihr Tony Gray Mr. Appalachian i ampu6 Judy Benton Miss Appiilachiai, uneriati Gary Poe Most Valuable ip ueS AMES W ' lLCOX Must AtliJetic Bo Pam Ewing Most AtJiletic Girl Senior ( ic add Rita Shumate Most Attractive Roland Stiles Most HaudsoiiiL ' Becky Berrier Most Likely to Succeed Most hitellectual unerla tlveS Fred Rorinette Friendliest Thurman Hollar Most Versatile First Row: Jackie AuMin. IVmn ll,, lMui. I, Wu . I ' aiiKl,, I ' ,. Ruppe, Linda Beaver, Judy Bower, Carol Ann Hall. Secumt Hou-. Martha Drum, Nancy Webb, Horace Brown, Wayne Craig, Billy 111 Niii! i.i.iiii I luicliiMin. Carol Brewer. Third Row: Jim Sills, (..u H nt, ' a ne Hller, Doug Turner, Michael Budd, Chief; Bill McGalliard, Willard Blevins. Aunior i v larSnaiS Junior Marshals usher for the traditional inmch. Page Two Hvndred Fifty-six I tic ;j riin(i fniiilc . . . Happ ' Dics ' i is xvnlkiuo away with your dipicni The end niid tJie beginning Ami they tried to warn me about unJadylike conduct! 1 like the one in the red dress! The professor cut too! Page Tiro Uundred Fifty-eight i vevtlsemen IS COLLEGE BOOK STORE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE THE HEART OF THE CAMPUS BOONE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Sixty FOLTZ Concrete Pipe Co. things go better,! .With When you see me, don ' t think of Life Insurance — But when you think of LIFE INSURANCE— See ME. FRANK M. PAYNE FRANK M. PAYNE, JR. Northwestern Bonk Building Business Phone 264-3955 Residence Phone 264-3044 BOONE, N. C. " Face the Future with Security " SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY Pijj;e Two Hundred Sixty-one itLLkt- v ei ' ie rlomian L osmetic J tudi ' o MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS JEWELRY GIFTS Come by for o Free Consultotion Blowing Rock Road BOONE FLOWER SHOP Phone 264-3041 310-A E. Main St. BOONE, N. C. FLOWERS ' PHOTO SHOP " Boone ' s Photographic Center " RIGHT IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BOONE, N. C. 125 East King Street — Phone 264-2424 FILMS— PHOTO FINISHING— FRAMES— ALBUMS CAMERAS Compliments of BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION BROWN GRAHAM MOTOR CO.. INC. IMPERIAL— CHRYSLER— DODGE PLYMOUTH— DART— VALIANT DODGE TRUCKS Tel. 264-3832 832 E. King Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLETE CHRYSLER LINE SALES SERVICE Page Two Hundred Sixty-two WATAUGA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 106 West Main Street DIRECTORS: H G. FARTHING WALTER H. GREENE H P HOLSHOUSER GUY W. HUNT JAMES P. MARSH HOWARD MAST DR W- M. MATHERSON W R RICHARDSON R C RIVERS, JR- G, PERRY GREENE PAUL SMITH Boone, North Carolina OFFICERS: H. G. FARTHING PRESIDENT R, C. RIVERS. JR. VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES P MARSH SEC -TREASURER PAUL SMITH The Watauga Savings and Loan Association has had a part in the growth of this area since 1921. We have noted with pride the growth and progress of Appalachian State Teachers College. Quality education is much more important than it was a few years ago. The administration and faculty along with the students have proven that Appalachian is the type of educational institution which is needed in this changing world of today. The people of Watauga Savings and Loon Association also feel very strongly about quality. We require quality in all the homes we finance. We offer the best rates available on your savings. Put these together and you have a sound financial instituti on. Assets over $13,000,000.00 Page Two Hundred Sixty three BOONE DRUG COMPANY KING STREET PHARMACY REXALL ' The Professional Store " Now at two convenient locations to serve you Four Registered Pharmacists W. R. Richardson 0, K. Richardson G K. Moose Joe C. Miller Phone 264-3766 Western North Carolina ' s Most Modern and Complete Drug Store For Good Food Eat At Our New Modern Fountain VARSITY SHOP MEN ' S AND LADIES ' SPORTS APPAREL 225 E. King Street Phone 264-3520 % •J M (M farms. • H 1 BRAND INDUSTRIES, INC. Box 88 WILKESBORO NORTH CAROLINA Phone 838-2171 DANIEL BOONE INN 105 Hardin Street BOONE, N. C. Telephone 264-8657 MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO., INC. Building Maintenance Supplies HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of SHADOWLINE, INC. Page Two Hundred Sixty-four WINKLER MOTOR CO., INC. Depot Howard Streets Office, 264-8857 Parts Dept. 264-8856 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA ' oodniqpd. (BjwihsAA. fijwdmjL Qo., Swl. PACKERS AND SHIPPERS OF WATAUGA PRODUCE FERTILIZERS— SEEDS COUNTRY CURED HAMS Howard Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 264-8891 INTERNATIONAL RESISTANCE COMPANY Executive Office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PRODUCTS: Resistors - Transducers - Rectifiers ■ Semiconductors - Diodes - Digital Components Precision Potentiometers - Flat Flexible Circuitry. APPLICATIONS: Telephones ■ Automobiles - Radio - TV Hi-Fi - Radar - Communications - Electronics Satellites - Missiles - Computers • Early Warning Systems PLANTS: Boone, N. C. - Burlington, Iowa - Cleveland, Ohio - Downingtown, Pa. - Lynn, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. - St. Petersburg, Fla - Veja Baja, Puerto Rico London, England FOREIGN LICENSES: Argentina - Australia - Brazil ■ Canada - Denmark - England - Italy - Japan - Mexico West Germany In ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: If it ' s news, expect it first from IRC Pflge Two Hintdred Sixfy-fivc Compliments of Motor Parts Supply Company, Inc. Wholesale Automotive Parts Accessories Phone 264-8832 Phone 264-2428 N. Depot St. Boone, N. C. Compliments of T. R. HELMS CONTRACTOR HELMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 710 State Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone 392-3242 North Carolina State License 2107 THE APPALACHIAN THEATRE ' Everybody Likes Movies in Boone ' ANDREWS CHEVROLET INCORPORATED DEALERS FOR CHEVROLET CHEVY II CORVAIR CHEVELLE OLDSMOBILE OLDS F-85 BOONE, N. C. Pflge Two Hundred Sixty-six BUOyHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA REPRESENTING LENIOR CHAIR CO. HARPER FURNITURE CO. LENIOR FURNITURE CORP. 0. L BROYHILL FURNITURE CO. CONOVER FURNITURE CO. RUTHERFORD FURNITURE CO. Page Twr Hundred Sixty-seven CUPBOARD CASUALS 311 E. King Street Phone 264-2540 Tomorrow ' s Fashions Today " BURGESS FURNITURE STORE Serving this area with quaHty Furniture 425 West King Street CAROLINA PHARMACY JADE EAST ENGLISH LEATHER CHANEL Phone 264-3781 FARMERS HARDWARE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. ORGANIZED 1924 Dealer In Hardware, Housewares, Guns, And Electrical Appliances Telephone 264-8801 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA WATAUGA BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. " Building Material — Cellar to Chimney " STATE FARM ROAD BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 264-2950 Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. FREE PARKING DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. C. A. Price, Resident Manager Phone 264-8815 FRIENDLY SERVICE BELK ' S " THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES " BOONE ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT Compliments of Blue Hidge Shoe Corporation BOONE, N. C. GREENE Buick-Poniiac, inc. BUICK— PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS 1115 E. King Street Dial 264-8859 P. 0. Box 487 Page Two Hundred Sixty-nine 1 B S 3 i Bk fwf Si - Mm PEPSI-COLA BOmiNG COMPANY SPRUCE PINE, N. C. MIX MATES LTD. 115 East King Street €sso CRITCHER IDOL ESSO SERVICE 900 E. King Street BOONE, N. C. 264-8588 ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY Pnge Two Htiiidred Seventy THE lORTHHEUEIil BUM Capital Stock $2,777,560.00 Surplus $11,222,440.00 Since 1903 Appalachian State Teachers College has grown with the educational needs of North Carolina and the South. Appalachian is an insti- tution of which all the people of Western North Carolina are proud. Appalachian is one of Wa- tauga County ' s greatest assets financially, edu- cationally and culturally. Since 1937 The Northwestern Bank has supplied the complete banking needs of this section. We of The Northwestern Bank are proud to offer our services to the growth of this section. WHERE FINANCIAL SERVICE BEGINS A COMPLETE BANKING INSTITUTION OFFERING EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F D. I. C. We appreciate the patronage of the students and faculty of Appalachian State Teachers College. Page Tii ' O IiunJred Seventy-one SHIRLEY RAGAN ESSO SERVICE 201 Hardin Street BOONE, N. C. " A Full Line of Atlas Products " ' Where You And Service Meet ' VANNOY ' S DRIVE-IN MILK SHAKES SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS WV . Meet your friends at Vannoy ' s U. S. 421 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BOONE " Your full service Home-Owned Bank Serving all of Watauga County " MEMBER F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve System P. 0. Box 547 BOONE, N. C. Boone ' s Favorite Department Store HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE ®l)p ilnrk ' H irrafi liap 619 E. KING STREET BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 264-8729 GRACE |ACK MOCK, Owners Page Two Hundred Seventy-two ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES Phone 537-0687 HEATING SERVICE 24-HOUR SERVICE— GAS or OIL BURNERS INSTALLATION and CLEANING 2801 Arnold Drive CHARLIE W. BURNETTE CHARLOTTE, N. C. NEWTON ' S FASHION SHOP 123 East King Street WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers, Owner BOONE, N. C. Tar-Heel Barbecue Pit-Cooked B-B-Q Sandwiches — Trays — TAKE-OUT ORDERS 6-10 Mon.-Sat. 2-10 Sun. Baskets 214 Hardin St. Phone 264-2673 Page Two Hinulred Seventy-three BEAUTIFUL ja mmakf FURNITURE Tables, Accent Pieces, Sofos and Chairs French and Itahan Provinciol Traditional and Contemporary Styling Nationally Aclieitiseil hi House Beautiful, House and Garden, Better Homes and Gardens, Decorating Guides, Brides, Bride Home and Modern Bride HAMMARY MANUFACTURING CORPORATION LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA Meet Your Friends At SHORTY ' S SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS The Students ' Nightly Retreat " NORTH STATE CANNING COMPANY Producers of Quality WATAUGA CHOPPED KRAUT Made from Mountain Grown Cabbage Post Office Box 326 — BOONE, N. C. — Phone 264-3045 CLIFF DWELLERS MOTEL BLOWING ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA Your Dollar Buys More At Your CREST-BEN FRANKLIN STORES Compliments of Pnse Two Hundred SeveHly-fuur THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Open From 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. Specializing in Steaks, Chops, Seafoods Country Ham Hot Biscuits — Home Made Pies Short Orders — Sandwiches Highway 321 Blowing Rock Rood Phone 264-9933 BOONE, N. C. GREENERS COURT SOUTH ON U S 221 321 Phone 264-8845 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MRS. GRANT GREENE, Owner and Operator NEWTON ' S DEP ARTMENT STORE Complete Line of MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR At Popular Prices BOONE, N. C. Phone 264-8807 SKYLINE BAKERY Blowing Rock Rood " BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES— OUR SPECIALTY " Try our do-nuts, cookies, buns, pies, and assorted breads and rolls Call 264-2800 for Special Party Orders Page Two Hundred Seventy-five TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best in Laundry and Cleaning " Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone 264-8415 BOONE, N. C. nrCHARD E. KELLEY. President-Manage COUNCIL C. COOKE, Sechetarv-TrEasurer Funeral Directors PHONE AMHERST 4-8888 101 EAST KING STREET ' oans, ortl] ffiatolina, 28607 MoSFe paints llOo EAST KING STREET BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA ■204-2823 ' ( u iy Materials or Quality Homes Red SWmglc Motor Lod e EACH RQDM WITH A SCENIC VIEV HEATED PQQU - TV - INN RDDM COFFEE YauB Hosts U. B. 221-321 Ddnna AND Allan Luihn blowing rdck, n. c. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Page Tii ' o Hundred Seventy-six The Portraits In This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO Photographers of Raleigh Official Photogrophers For THE 1966 RHODODENDRON You moy order any type pictures from us on the portraits appearing here, for we keep these negatives in our files 14 E. HARCETT STREET RALEIGH, N. C. Page Two Hundred Seventy-seven OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers Off The 1966 Rhododendron Page Two Hundred Serentreighl SENIOR STATISTICS ADAMS, VICTOR JULIAN 419 E. Green St.. Franklinton, N. C. Business Education Transfer from Louisburg College. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 5, 4; Wrestling 1. ALLEN, JUDY DIAN 706 2nd .Avenue. N. W.. Hickorv. N. C. Primary Educatinn XiitioiLil Education Association 3, 4. ANDERSON. PEGGY JOHNSON Rt. 2, Box 51. Wilkesboro. X. C. Business Education ASBELL, CORNELIA ANN Route 2. Windsor, N. C. Physical Education Transfer from Wingatc Junior College; Women ' s Tntramurals; Women ' s .Athletic .Association. Ex- ecutive Council. Intramural Chairman (Vice- President, President ; Baptist Student Union. ASHLEY, PHILLIP TERRY Box- 423. Fort Mill. S. C. Social Science Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 3; N ' alional Education .Association 3: Dean ' s List. AUSTIN, JACQUELYN CAUSBY 210 Owen Blvd.. Charlotte, N. C. Malhe,natict Transfer from Mars Hill College; Women ' s Glee Club 4; Dean ' s List 3; Student National Educatinn Association 4; Tunior Marshal 3. BAKER. MARGARETTE ANN Route 4. Box 112. Sparta, N. C. Physical Education Intramural Sports; Women ' s Athletic ssoci;i Hon; Student National Education Association; House Councd. BALLARD, IVA MARGUERITE 603 North Plint Street. Lincolnton. N. C. Btologv Highland Biologists; Beta Beta Beta; College Choir; Dean ' s List; Junior Class Secretary; Na- tional Education ssociation. BANKS, JUDITH MARTIN P. O. Box 12, Bostic. N. C. Biolozy Highland Biologists 2; Beta Beta Beta 3. 4 CVice-Presidcnt 4T; Junior Alarshal. BANKS, KENNETH EDWARD 5(18 Pilot Ave.. Pavetteville. X. C. P„lilic d Science International Relations Club 3. 4 fPresident 4 " ; Soccer 1, 2. 3; Young Democrats Club 4: West- minster EelUmsbip 2. 3. 4; The Appalachian Staff 1, 2. 3. BARE, BILLIE KAY Laurel Springs, N. C. niemenunr Education Student National Education Association; Library Science Club. BARKER. ALICE EARLENE Box 1 59 C. Boone. N. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List 2, 3. BARKER, BETTY CAROL Route I. Box I IS. Mt. Ilollv, . C:. Home Economics Dean ' s List 1. 2; Council 3; Home Eco nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education As- sociati(m 4. Women ' s Glee Cliil. 4: ll.mR ' Economics Club 1. 2. 4; Xational Education Association 4; An- nual St.iir 4. BAUCOM, BARBARA MARLENE 18 Helen Drive. Concord, X. C:. Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1; National Education .Association 4; Association of Childhood Educa lion 4; Marching Band 1; Women ' s Glee CTuh 2. 3; Dean ' s List. BAYNE, CHARLES ROBERT 813 N. Franklin Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Plivsicnl EdiicritioH and lleahU Baseball Team I . BAYSOEN, RICHARD CARROLL 8 19 Dixon Street. Kinston, N. C. Philmopln and Bf igioii BEAMER, CAROL ELIZABETH Route 6. Box 64, Mount -Airy, N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association; Annual Staff. BEAVER, LINDA JO Route 1, Box 2W1. S.ihslnirv, N. C. Mullwmutics Student National Educ.ition . ssociation 3; House Council 2, 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4 (Executive Officer 4); Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3; Junior Marshal 3. BECK, NANCY KAY Route 2, Box 45, Piedmont, S. C. Liiirnrv Science Library Science Club 4; House Council 2. BECK, SAMMY LEON Rt. 3. Grubb St.. Winston Salem. N. C. Health and Physical Education BELK, DIANE MARIA 3 26 Tuckaseege Rd.. Charlotte. N. C . Elementary Education Transfer from University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Association of Childhood Education 2. 3, 4 (Treasurer 3 ; Business Staff of Rho- DonrxnnoN 2, 3, 4. BENTON. JUDITH LEE 140 Westfield Drive, Concord, N. C. Primary Educatinn Student Residence -Association 2. 3; Vice-Presi- dent of Dorm 3; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4 (Chaplain 3); Dean ' s List 3; House Council 3: ChrLstmas Queen 2; Homemmnii; ( nurt-Maid of Honor 3; Homecoming Qui in 4. ( luerlcader I, 2, 3, 4 (Chief 4); Vhn W );,, „„..ik Stu- dents in American Univer iu.s .nul ( .. .-ges 4. BENTON, REBECCA ANN 4 South Park Road. North Wilkesboro, N. C. E cnuTit.iry Ediiciilion BERRIER, REBECCA LYNN lit. 8. Box 211. Lexinglim, X. C. Elementary Education Business .Manager of Rhoikjdenbron; Student Residence .Association; National Education As- sociation; Dorm Vice-President 4; Dean ' s List. BERRY, ELIZABETH ANN Box 11134. t;reensboro. N. C. English National Education Association 3, 4 (Secre- tao- 4): Alpha Chi 3, 4. Secretary 4; Junior .Marshal; Dean ' s List; Newspaper Staff. BERRY, JANICE HESTER Route 2, Box 145, Valdese. N. C. Elemeittary Education Khoiwdexdron Staff 2, 3; Dean ' s List; Hall Monitor 2; Intramurals 2; National Education .Association 2. BEST, BEN E. Route 1. Bessemer City, N. C. Matli inatics Appalachian Chemical Society; Math Club; Young Republicans Club; Boone Bridge Club. BINGHAM, FLORENCE HELEN Houte 2. Box 146. LawnJale, N. C. Mathemalic Voung Republicans Club I. 2 (Recording Sec- retary); Math Club 1. BLANCHARD, MARY EMMA Route 2, Box 529. Burgaw. N. C. Elcmenf,.ry tdni.ilion Transfer from Wilmingtm, College; Baptist Stu- dent Union 3, 4; erniciaii 3. 4; Dean ' s List; National Education Association. BLEVINS, WILLARD TROY Route 4, Box 186, North Wilkesboro, N. C. Biology Highland Biologists Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta Club 2, 3, 4 (Historian 4); Junior Mar- shal 3. BOGER, LINDA ANN 107 Gordon Drive. Winslno Salem, X. C. PriTnory Education National Education . ssociation 4. BOLICK, MARY SHELTON 25 Forest .Avenue, Granite Falls, N. C. English BOLLINGER, REBECCA LUCILLE Route 2, Box 74. .Morgaiuon, X. C English BOOKOUT, COY WILLIAM, JR. 2822 Loran Drive East, Jacksonville, Fia. Physical Education Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling; Soccer; Track. BOWER, JUDITH ANN Jefferson. N. C. Elementary Education Freshman Class Secretary 1; Student Council 1; Coed of the Month 1; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3; " SVest- Fellowship 3; National Education Asso- 2; Queen of Clubs 2; May Court 2; Society 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Junior Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Jun- ior Counselor 3. BOWERS, CAROL GRACE Route 1. Thomasville. N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association 4. BOWLES, SANDRA JANE Route 2. Slatesville. X. C. Bw(ogy Tri-Beta 3, 4; Highland Biologists 2. 3. 4; House Council 1, 3; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff 3. BOWMAN, JERRY BENJAMIN Route 3, Lawndale. N. C. Social Science Student Traffic Organization 2 (President 2); Chi Lambda Chi 2. BOYLES, GARY LUTHER Route 1. Cherrvville. N. C. Physical Education arsity Tennis 3, 4; Gymnastics Club 2; Intra mural Basketball 1, 2. 3; Intramural Softball I. 2, 3. 4. BOZEMAN, WANDA GENEAR 211 Alexaniler Aveiuie. Durham. . C. . ational Eiluc ss,,ei. BRADDY, ROBERT A. 419 Beaumont Avenue. Burlington, X. C. Biology Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4 (President 4); High- land Biologists Club 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4 (Vice-President 4); Who ' s Who Among Slu- {lents in American Universities and CtAleges; Dean ' s List 1, 2; Honor Teacher 4; Undergradu- ate Assistant in Biology 3. BRAGG, JANE FRANCES 44 15th Street. S. E., Ilickoo ' . N. C. ElemeiitMry Ednciition Young Democrats Club 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Women ' s Glee Club 4; Young Women ' s Chris tian Association 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Student Residence Association 4; National Education -Association. BRANDON, JANE ANN Route 1. Box 351, Cocoa. Florida Elementary Education ' ernician Society 1. 2, 3, 4; Coed for July 2; Dean ' s List 3; National Education .Association 3. 4. BRANTLEY, MARIS ANN Spring Hope. North Ciirolina Elementary Educatirm Band (Marching) 1; National Education Associa- tion 4. BRASWELL, BRENDA TAMARA 203 McGUl Street, Concord, N. C. Elementary Education Junior Marshal; Intramurals; National Educa- tion .Association. BRAWLEY, BRENDA KAY Route 1. n..x 4IIN. K.ino.ii.olis. N. C. llcahli |•h u.,l IJacation Women ' s Atbklic A!,sociati " ii I, 2, 3, 4; Na- tional Education Association 3; Intramural Coun- cil 3, 4; Intramural Assistant 3, 4. BREWER, CAROLE LYNN 2911 Birchwood Dine . WniMoo Salem. N. C. S.,il,.( S. n „, , Pi Gamma Mu 2, v I s. . n i ,rv 3. President 4); Alpha Chi 4; Juni..i Mnshil; Student Resi- dence Association 4; liUero.itlcmal Relations Club 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. BREWER, OLIVIA LINNEY 4755 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh, N. C. Spanish Transfer from Peace College; Spanish Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; National Education Association. BREWER, WILLIAM ELKANAH Box 3 36. Star. N. C. Health and Physical Education BRIGGS, JOYCE METTERS R,)Ute I. I...S 215. Lexington, N. C. Library Science Library Science Club .3, 4; Natirmai Education . ssociation 3, 4 Page Two Hundred SeveiUy-ninc SENIOR STATISTICS BRITT, CAROL ANNE 706 46th Ave. N., Mvrtle Beach. S. C. Elemey lar Educatiim ational Education Association; French Club. BRITT. JACQUELINE BARBEE Route 2. Box 124 . Albemarle. N. C. EU ' un-i,lar, l-JncaUon Baptist Student llnmn 1. 2; Xational Education .Association; Dean " s List. BRITTAIN, JUNE ELAINE 323 3rd St., N. W., Hickor -, N. C. Business Edlic«ti " o« Phi Beta Lambda 4; National Education .Asso- ciation 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation. BROOKS, LARRY STEPHEN Route 1, Mooresboro. N. C. Pla afte . lpha Psi Omeaa. BROOKS, RUTH LILLIAN Route 5. Box 162. Monroe. X. C. Psychology- Club; House Council; Flying Fish. BROOKSHIRE, REBECCA ANNE 411 Woodva ' e Place. Charlotte, N. C. Socia! Studies BROWN, BESSIE ELLEN Route 2. Brevard, X. C. Eh-m itar ' Educalioi, National Education Association 4. Ele Edii National Education Association 2, 3, 4: Play crafters 3, 4; Flying Fish 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2; Track 1; Bantist Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4; BSU Touring Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Alarshal 3. BROWN, NANCY SUE 5107 McCarthy Street. Fayetteville. N. C. Elementary Education Modem Dance 3; Student Residence Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3; House Council 4. BRYANT, LYNDA KAY Route 5, Box 340, Thomasville, N. C. Librnri ' Science Library Science Club 3. 4; National Education Association 3, 4. BUCKNER, BARBARA SUE Route 2, Marshall, N. C. English National Education Association 3. BUDO, LORRAINE SIMMEMON Route 2, Catawhj. X. C . Spanish Spanish Club; Sigma Delta Phi; Dean ' s List. BUDD, MICHAEL P. Winston Salem. N. C. ; lHtJie.iialics Chief Junior Marshal 3; Soccer Team 2; Spcirts Writer for Paper 1; Who ' s W}w Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2. 3, 4. BUFF, JOHNNY OOWD 823 3rd St.. S. E., Hickory, N. C. Economics and Business Education Pi Omega Pi 4; Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Intramural Softball 1. 2. BUMGARNER, EDWARD DANIEL Route 1, Millers Creek, N. C. I.idiislrj,il .Arts Industrial Arts Club. BURCHETTE, MINNIE DEAN 2732 Edwards Street, Winston-Salem, X. C. Physical Edttcatitm Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 3, 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletics 3, 4; Gym nasties Club 3; Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 3; Tennis 3; Track 1; Newspaper Staff. Sports Writer 2, 4. Musw Concert Band 1, 2, 4; Wind Ensemble 3, 4; Varsity Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Chorus 2, 4; College Choir 2, 3; Music Educator ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3, 4. BURNS, LENA ELIZABETH Box 12, Wingate, X. C. Special Education Dean ' s List 3, 4; Association of Childhood Edu- cation 2, 4; National Education .Association 4; Young Women ' s Christian .Association (Secre- tary 2); Baptist Student Union 1. 2; Yosef Club 3. BYRD, GLORIA ELAINE Route 1, Mt. Gilead. N. C. Mathematics CALDWELL, PATRICIA ANNETTE 70 Galax Street. Asheville, N. C. Biology CAMPBELL, ELLIS WATT Route 8, Statesville, N. C. Social Studies Transfer from Mitchell College: Intramural Basketball 3; Student National Education As- sociation 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM DENNIS, JR. 25 Greenview Park, Route 4, Bi» ne, X. C. Industrial Arts CANIPE, JUDITH ROBERTS 416 .Australian Circle, Lake Park, Florida Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College; Wes- ley Foundation 3, 4; (Collegian Editor 3, 4); Chorale 3; College Theater 3, 4; Women ' s .Ath- letic Association 3, 4. CARLTON, THOMAS DALE Route 1, Box 272, Lenoir, X. C " . Business atid Ecottmnics College Choir; Alen ' s Chorus. Aliisic Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Varsity Band I. 2; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; Wind Ensemble 4; Sym- phony Orchestra 2, 3, 4; College Choir 3; Men ' s Chorus 2, 3, 4; Music Educators nf North Cam Una 3. 4. CARPENTER, OARREL HENRY Route 3, Lincolnton, N. C. Indu-itrjal Arts Industrial Arts Club 3, 4 (Historian 4j; Bap- tist Student LInion 1. 2 (Vice-President 2); CoUegiate Civic Club; Playcratters I, 2 (Sec- retary 2). CARVER, LINDA SNIPES 118 First Street. Laurinburg. N. C. Elementan ' Education House Council 1; Intramurals 1; Popular Pro grams Committee (Secretary 4); Dean ' s List. CARVER, MARION SAMUEL Route I, Roxboro, X. C. EUmetilary Education CoUegiate Civic Club 3, 4; Student Council (Judiciary- Council); School Council; Vice-Presi dent of Senior Class; Popular Programs Cnm- als; Dean ' s List. CASE, WILLIAM CLIFFORD Fletcher, N. C. Biology Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Swim ming 3, Intramurals; Highland Biologists; Ap palachian 2, 3; Hall Counselor 3, 4. CASH, GLORIA REA Box 228. Stafford, Virginia Erench Intramurals 1; French Club 2, 3, 4 (Reporter 4); Pi Delta Phi 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4); Student National Education .Association 3, 4; House Council 2; Dean ' s List 1, 3; Student Literary Magazine, Editor 3. CASHION, ROSE ELLEN 1429 Ivey Drive, Charlotte, X. C. Home Economics Student Residence Association 2, 3; House President 3; Student National Education As- sociation 4; House Council 1, 2; Home Eco nomics Club 3, 4. CATHEY, MELOONNA Route 9, Box 227-R. Charlotte Elementary Education Transfer from Meredith College; Student Na- tional Education .Association. CAUDILL, BARBARA LEE Wavnesville. N. C. Elementar ' Education Baptist Student LInion 1, 2; Association of Childhood Education 3; Student National Edu- cation Association 3. CHURCH, DANNY WAYNE Box 135, Granite Falls, X. C. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 2. CHURCH, SARAH ANN 709 Hospital .Avenue, Lenoir, N. C. Elementary Education House Council 1; ■arsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Student National Education .Association; Col- legiate Jazz Socien- 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4. CLARK, EDNA AMORETTE Box 125, Clarkton. N. C. Business Edncatioti Women ' s Chorus; Glee Club; Westminster Fel- lowship 3; Phi Beta Lambda; Young Democrats Club; Student National Education .Association. CLARK, JULIA ANNE Route 5. Box 212. .Morganton, N. C. Elem-entary Education Student National Education Association 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 2. 3, 4. CLARKE, JUDITH ARLENE 118 Oak Street. Morganton, N. C. Home Ecotiomics Home Economics Club. CODY, RAYCHEL SUSANNE Terrell. N. C. Biisiiiess Erfnciitioi! Young Women ' s Christian .Association 3; Stu- dent National Education .Association 3, 4; Wes- ley Foundation 3. 4; Women ' s Glee Club 4. COLE, DENNIS LEE 319 Stratford Road, High Point, N. C. Pla afte I. 2; Phi Beta Lambda COLLINS, PATRICIA ANN KATHLEEN 390 3 Oak Grove Avenue. C;rcensboro, N. C. Library Science Library Science Club. COMER, LINDA LOUISE Box 312. Stoneville, N. C. Elenlentar ■ Education Student National Education Assc.cMtioo. CONDREY, JAMES ALBERT, JR. Route 1, Marion, N. C. Socio! Science Alpha Chi. CONNOLLY, GAY DAVIS 529 East Broad Street, Statesville, X. C. Music Transfer from Meredith College; .Alpha Chi 3, 4; Collegiate Jazz Society 3; Music Educators of Xorth Carolina 4; College Choir 4; Young Democrats Club 3. CONNOLLY, JAMES THOMAS Route 1. Box 100, Statesville, X. C. Socioi Studies Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 4. Biisiiu-ss Ediicniioii COUNCILLMAN, CHARLES HENRY 131 Oak Street. Boone, N. C. PhMical Educatimi Swimming Team 2, 3, 4. COVINGTON, LUCINOA 117 Scales Street, Rockingham, N. C. Library Science Library Science Club; Student National Edu- cation Association. COX, CARLOTTA SUE Star Route, Sparta, X. C. Business Edtication Pi Omega Pi (Historian 4); Phi Beta Lambda; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. COX, GARNETTE DAYNE Route 8, Mt. Airv. N. C. Business Education Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. COX, JUANITA Route 1, Dallas, N. C ' . Business Education Dea 3. 4. CRAIG, JOHN RAYMOND Route 8, Box 200, Lenoir, N. C. Music Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; Wind Ensemble 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3); Chorale 3; Music Educators of Xorth Carolina 3, 4; College Choir 3. Page Two Hundred Eighty SENIOR STATISTICS CRAIG, N. WAYNE Box 191, Scottsville, Va. Social Science Treasurer of Freshman and Sophomore Classes: Intemarional Relations Club 3, 4; Student Na- tional Education Association 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Alpha Chi 4; Junior Marshal 3. CRANFORD, JANIE FAY 2940 Middleton Avenue, Winston Salem. N. C. Biiiiness Education Sophomore Assembly Chairman; Junior Coun- selor 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4 (Vice-President 4): Yosef Club 3 (Vice President); Phi Beta Lamb- da 3, 4 (President and State Secretar - 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; Executive Committee; Who ' s Who 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Secretarv- of Senior Class. GRAVER, HILDA LORETTA 5023 South Main Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education .Association 4; As- sociation of Childhood Education 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3. 4. CRAWFORD, PENNY JO Valley ' ie1v Terrace. WaynesviUe. N. C. Spanish Sigma Delta Phi 3. 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Student National Education Association 3. 4; Art Guild 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4. CRISCO, LLOYD EARL Box 534. Albemarle. N. C. Physical Educalimi Track 3. 4; Intramurals 4. CROSBY, ERIK PATRICK Route 2, Harmony, N. C. SociaJ Studies CURRENT, JOHN ROBERT 625 West 7th Street, Newton, N. C. Mathematics Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Soccer 2. 3, 4. DALE, JUDITH ANN 1216 Sesame Street. Opa Locka. Fla. OARDEN, H. KATHERINE 2444 Oswego Avenue. West Palm Beach. Tla. Special Education DAVANT, SUZANNE CLAXTON 2316 Cumming Road. Augusta, C.a. Student National Education .Association 4; Worn en ' s Athletic Association 4; Student Residence Association 3; Art Guild. DAVENPORT, MINNIE JANE 803 Old Lowgap Road. Mt. Airv, N. C. Spanish and Hislorv Rhododen-bron 2. 3. 4 (Editor 4); Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Sigma Delta Phi 3. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Student National Edu- cation .Association 3, 4; Junior Counselor 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4 (Treasurer 4); Christ mas Court 2; May Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; U ' lto ' s Who Ammig Students in Universities and Colleges 4. DAVES, VIVIAN MARIE Route 4, Bov 386. Marion. N. C. Library Science Baptist Student Union 1, 2; House Coun Librat ' Science Club 3, 4; Student Na " .Association 3, 4; Dean ' s List DAVIDSON, WANDA HELEN Route 7, Box 540. Statesville. N. C. Health and Physical Education Intramurals; Women ' s .Athletic .Association; Stu- dent National Education Association. DAVIS, BRENDA KAY Route 1, Randleman. N. C. Elcmeiitar) Education Library Scien tional Educa Union. Alph.i thi; Student Na- )ciation; Baptist Student DAVIS, KENNETH CARROLL Route 2. EUenboro. N. C. Erench and Spanish Le Cercle Francais 1. 2, 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Pi Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Spanish Club 3. 4; Sigma Delta Phi 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. DAVIS, LUCINDA FAYE Route 3. Box 214. High Point, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education .Association 3, 4. DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING 809 East Franklin Sticit, Monroe, N. C. Ceoaraph and C..v,;„gy Young Republicans Cliili 1. -1; International Relations Club 3. 4; lntr.imurals 3; iMen ' s Chorus 4; Humbnlt llulton Club 3. 4. DAWSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM Route 2, .Ararat. Va. Industrial Arts Transfer from Femim College. DEAL, PATSY JANE Box 386. Burgaw. N. C. Library Science Librarv- Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Vernician Society 3, 4 (Secretary- 4); Student National Education Association 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; House Council 3, 4. DELLINGER, ALVIN GENE Route 1. Cherr ville. N. C. Social Scietice Young Democrats Club; International Relations Club. DENTON, MELVIN DOUGLAS Box 65. Lawndale. N. C. Health and Physical Edtication Soccer 1; Football 2; Baseball 3. 4; Baptist Student LInion 1, 2, 3. 4; Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 2. 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4. DEVINE, BILLY BURKE Route 1. Shelhv, . C. Health and Physical Education Alpha Chi 4; Junior Hall Counselor 2; Base- ball 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2. 3. 4. DIAZ, ALEX 404 Howard Street. Boone. N. C. Social Stttdies Appahichian Chorale; Alpha Chi; Pi Gamma Mu. DIGH, ROLANDA BAKER Route 3. Box 309, Morganton, N. C. Business Education List; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Pi Omega Pi Intramurals 1; Vernician Society 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Student Council 3; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Yosef Club (Secretary 3). 3. 4. DIGH, RONNIE LEE Route 2, Box 117. X ' aldcsc. N. C. Plivsical Educatiim Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Student National Educa- tion .Association 4. DONNELLY, JEANNE PARKER Rutherford College, N. C. History and Geography Math Club 1; French Club I. DOWNS, HARRY ODELL Route 1. Shaltalnn I )rn c. W inMi.n-Salem. N. C. Young Democrats Club. DRUM, MARTHA ELIZABETH R.iute 6, Box 106. Statesville. N. C. Chemistn ' Appalachian Chemical Society (Secretary 3, 4); Student National Education Association; Alpha Chi; Young Republicans Club; Junior Marshal. OUHLING, SALLIE RUTH 239 5th Street. S. E., Hickors ' , N. C. English Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3. 4; Vernician Society 1. 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2; House Council 2, 3; Undergraduate .Assistant 2. 3. OULA, CORNELIA WEATHERFORD P. O. Box 212, Raleigh. N. C. Physical Education Modem Dance Club (President); Intramurals; Chi Lambda Chi. EARL, JANELL MEADE Route 3. Lawndale. N. C. Elementary ' Education EARNHARDT, JOYCE RAY 1025 N. Jackson Street. Salisbury, N. C. Elementary Editcatimt Weslev Foundation 1. 2; Student Council; Jun- ior Marshal; Student National Education Asso- 3, 4. EDWARDS, CHARLES LEWIS 161 SandhiU School Road, W. .Ashevillc. N. C. Biology Psychology- Club; Marching Band; Football Manager. EDWARDS, JOHN RUDOLPUS Route 1. Shuler Road. Thomasville, N. C. Physical E ' iiicolion Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4 (President 3); Religious Council 3, 4 (President 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4. EDWARDS, LINDA MARGARET 333 Becker Avenue. N. V ' ., X ' aldese. N. C. English Psychology Club 4; Appcdachian Staff. ELDRETH, LOIS ROSA Route 1. Lansing. N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education .Association. ELLEOGE, HERLIE GWYN Route 1, Box 124, Ferguson, N. C. Elementary Edtication Student National Education .Association 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 2. 3. 4; Chess Club 4; als 2. 3. 4. ELLER, JANET TRIPLETT 238 Eighth Avenue. Cramerton. N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association; Intra- murals; House Council 1, 2. ELLER, WAYNE CLARK 427 East Innvs Street. Salisbury. N. C. Indiislrial Arts Industrial .Arts Club 3, 4 (Secretary); Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Re- ligious Council 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3; Dean ' s List 2. 3, 4; Chorale 4. EUDY, ALYCE SHARON Route 1. Box 460 .A. Concord, N. C. Biology Beta Beta Beta; Hutton flumbolt Club; High- land Biologists; Student National Education As- sociation. EULISS, PHYLLIS HOPE Route 3. Liberty. N. C. Eng ish Wesley Foundation 1; Junior Marshal for Sum- mer School; House Council 1; Dean ' s List; Student National Education Association 4. EVERHART, HILDA MARLENE 1405 South Main Street. Lexington. N. C. Mathematics Math Club 1, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, 4); West- minster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Coun- selor 3; Dean ' s List 1, 3; Religious Council 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4. Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Dean ' s List 1; Vice-President East Hall 3; North Carolina Home Economics Education As- sociation 4. FISHER, BILLIE ANN 1519 3rd Street, N. V.. Hickory. N. C. Primary Edtication -Association for Childhood Education 3, 4; Stu- dent National Education Association 4; Wom- en ' s Glee Club 3, 4; Intramurals. FISHER, GUYNELL PARKER 2247 2nd Street, Hickory, N. C. FISHER, JAMES DENVER 50 Milton Avenue. Danville. Vj. Mulhcmatics FLADD, CAROL JEAN 20109 Rhodes .Avenue, Wilmington, N. C. Elementary Education Transfer from Wilmington College; Flying Fish 3, 4; Student National Education Association. FLENNIKEN, WANDA LANE 1103 Arrow Wood Road, Asheboro, N. C. Mathetnatics Math Club; Student National Education Asso- Wesley Foundation. Page Tiro Hundred Eighty-one SENIOR STATISTICS FLYNT, GUY RICHARD Route 8, Winston-Salem. N. C. Physical ndiicafinn Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ( ( ,. C iplon , ' ice Presi- dent of Freshman Cl.iss; Mm s ■ ' Club 1. 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, 4J; ln. W li,. .Imoiig Stu- dents in American l iiinisil cs and Colleges. FLYNT, SANDRA RUTH Route 3. Walnut Cove, N. C. Social Science International Relations Club; Dean ' s List; Pi Gamma Mu. FORD, DANIEL HEATH Route 1, Indian Trail, N. C. Geography and Geology Intramurals 1, 3; Young Democrats Club 4; Hutton Humboldt Club 3, 4. FORD, KAY PEOPLES 516 McDonald Avenue, Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association. FOSTER, HOWARD ALLEN 1400 Debbie Street, Kannapolis, N. C. Physics Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List; International Re- lations Club Treasurer 3; Appalachian Physics Society (Secretary 4). FOSTER, JUDY GRAY Box 297. Ferguson, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association 3; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Rli FOSTER, SUSAN GROSE 102 Enola Road. Morganton, N. C. Mfltli International Relations Club 1, 3; Student Na- tional Education Association 4; Dean ' s List. FRANCIS, SANDRA CULLOM 706 Old lln.ul. High Point, N. C. Dc I ' s List; Alpha Chi. FRANCIS, SHIRLEY LOUISE Route 1, Box 11, Crumpler, N. C. Student National Education Association; Library Science Club. FROST, ARBY LAVERNE Route 1, Box 99, Pulaski, Va. French Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 (Reporter 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4); Pi Delta Phi 3. 4; Student National Education Association 4. FUTRELL, JONATHAN DALE Box 415. Denton, N. C. Geography Transfer from Pfeiffer College; Dean ' s List. GADDY, LINDA MAXINE Route 3, Marshville, N. C. Lihrary Science Transfer; Library Science 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). GALE, THOMAS NELSON Route 1, Box 454, Morganton, N. C. Elementary Education Student Council Alternate 4; Hall Counselor 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Church Related Vocations 2; Student National Education Association 3, 4. GARRETT, JAMES ABBOTT 5724 High Point Road. Greensboro. N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. GIBBS, LINDA CHARLENE Route 5, Bumsville, N. C. Physical Education Intramurals; House Council 1. Young U .. :iliary 3, 4. GODSON, JACK RICHARD Roslyn, New Y ' ork Physical Education Tumbling and Gymnastics Club; Intramurals. GODWIN, AGNES Route 2. Benson, N. C. Home Economics Young Republicans Club 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4- College Ski Club 3. GOFORTH, DAVID SHELTON Route 1. Ferguson. N. C. Biology Highland Biologists Club. GOFORTH, JUNE LANE Box 647, Statesville, N. C. French Transfer from Florida State University and Ca- tawba College; Le Cercle Francais. GOFORTH, ROBERT GENE 804 " F " Street. North W ilkrsl.-,ru. N. C. Elementa,-, I ,l,uut„.u Student National Educjti.ui Association 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Chess Club 4. GOINS, WILLIAM ANTHONY 602 Phenix Street. Kings Mountain, N. C. Physical Education Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2, 3, 4 (Sec- retary 2, President 3); Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. GOMER, RfCHARO ARNOLD 111 Yellowst.uu- Aiiniu ' . I .,u,vl, Montana GOODMAN, NEWTON GLENN, JR. Route 1. Box 185. Todd. N. C. Socin! Science GORDON, JAMES MORRIS Box 215. Drexel. N. C. £(c ,u-„J.,rv Edacalion Debating Squad 1, 2; Collegiate Civic Club 3 4 (Secretary 3); Y ' osef 4. GRAGG, LINDA HAYES 252 West Brook Drive. Boone, N. C. I Iatheniatics Dean ' s List 1; Baptist Student Union - 3 4- Math Club 1; Appalachian Staff 2. GRAY, ANTHONY IRVIN 7430 Old Battle Gr.. Baltimore Md Physical Education Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; All Campus Swimming Intramurals 4; Hon- orable Mention All Conference Basketball 4- Dean ' s List 3. 4; Newman Club 4. GREENE, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH Route 2, Box 110. Huntersville, N. C. Art Student National Education Association; Art Guild; Inter-Club CouncU Representative. GREENE, EULA Route 4, Bakersville, N. C. Elementary Education Transfer from Warren Wilson College; Student National Education Association. GREENE, NANCY DIANE Route 1, Stanfield, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association " 3- Spanish Club 2, 3. ' ' GREENE, OSTEEN DELMAS Route 2. Box 306. Boone N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. GREENE, PATRICIA RAMSEY Route 1, Todd, N. C. Primary Education Transfer; Student National Education Associa- GREER, MARY ANN Route 1, Boone, N. C. Bto!og.r Tri-Beta 3, 4; Alpha Chi (Vice-President 4); Honor Pay; Who ' s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges 4. GRIFFIN, JOAN WILSON Box 23080, Charlotte, N. C. Eleinentay FdiiLalinu Student National Educilion ssotiation 3, 4; Top Five Students 1, 3; W i.. 1 ;,,, Anioiig Stu- dents in American Unix .r iius and Colleges 4; Alpha Chi (Secretan- 3. 4i; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 1, 2, 3. GRIFFIN, MARY JO 1208 Jones Street, Gastonia, N. C. Biology Transfer from Wingate Junior College; Student National Education Association 4; Highland Biologists Club 4. GRINDSTAFF, JOYCE LORETTA Route 3. Bakersville, N. C. Library Science Junior Counselor; Library Science Club. GRUBBS, MARY GWEN 518 Everett Street, Laurinburg, N. C. Primary Education Hall Monitor 1, 3; Student National Education Association. GURLEY, WANDA ELAINE 2015 First Avenue. N. W.. Hickorv, N. C. English HAGLER, BEULAH ANNA 456 Gibson Street, Concord, N. C. Elementary Edu HAGLER, BRENDA MASSEY 1408 Kennon Street, Charlotte, N. C. English Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Spanish Club. HAIRFIELD, JUDITH ANN 110 Waightstill Street, Morganton, N. C. Home Economics Club 4; Student National Education Association: House Council 1; Wom- en ' s Glee Club. HALL, JUDY SHARYN Route I, Box 654, Lenoir, N. C. Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1. 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 4; Student National Education Asso- ciation 2, 4; Y ' oung Women ' s AuxUiary 1, 3. HALL, RUTH FAYE Route 3, Box 220, Mount Airy, N. C. Physical Education Student National Education Association 4; In- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation 1, 3, 4; Y ' osef Club 1, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Y oung Women ' s Christian .Associa- tion 1, 2; Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Modern Dance Club 4. HAMILTON, PEGGY ANNE Route 3, Box 598. Salisbury, N. C. Primary Education Dean ' s List I. 2, 3, ■ ; Social Studies Assistant 2; Library Assistant 3, 4; Activities Editor of Rhododendron 2; Student National Education Association 3; Lutheran Student Association (Secretary 2). HAMLIN, LINDA ASHLEY Route 1, Timberlake, N. C. Biology Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; Highland Biologists 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Student National Education Association 4. HAMPTON, JERRY DEAN Road 1508. Triplett, N. C. Biology B aseball. HARDIN, BRUCE GORDON Route I, I oust C itv. N. C. Education Football 1, 2, 3. 4; 1 rack 1; Student Council 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3 (Vice-President 3); Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4 ( ' ice-PresJdent 3, 4); Intramurals; Dormitory Counselor 4. HARDISON, BETTY JEAN 811 Old Mill Road, Chapel Hill, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association; Bap- tist Student Union; Religious Council; Spanish Club; Dean ' s List. HARGER, ROBERT THOMAS Box 156. Danburv. N. C. Physical Education Swimming Team 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. HARRELSON, LOU ALICE Route 1, Cherryville, N. C. Library Science Library Science Club 3, 4; Literary Club 1; Dean ' s List. HARRIS, SUZANNE 1211 Thomas Avenue, Kannapolis, N. C. Special Education Student National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 2, 3, 4; Yosef Club 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian -Association 1, 2; Junior Counselor. Page Two Hundred Eighty-two SENIOR STATISTICS HARTSELL, NORMA JANE 236 Grandvievv Drive, Concord, N. C. Elententary Education Student National Education Association; Wom- en ' s Glee Club; Women ' s Intramurals. HARTZOG, SALLY SUE Deep Gap, X. C. Elementary Edtication Alpha Chi; Student National Education Asso- ciation; Dean ' s List. HARWOOD, LINDA MORRIS Route 6, Sanford, N. C. Alathetnatics Student National Education Association I; Math Club I, 2 (Secretary- 2); Intramurals. MASS, CAROLYN TEAGUE 404 Howard Street, Boone, N. C. Biismess Phi Beta Lambda. HASTINGS, JAMES CECIL 2527 Alleghany Road, Charlotte, N. C. PhYsical Education Playcrafters; Intramurals; Gymnastics Club; Bridge Club; Golf Team 1; Wrestling Team 1; Dean ' s List. HASTY, LYNDA JOYCE Box 229, Route 8, Monroe, N. C. Elementary Education Transfer; Women ' s Chorus (Secretary 4); Stu- dent National Education Association. HAWLEY, JACK C. Box 175. Spruce Pine. N. C. Biology HEDRICK, DANA SUE Box 15, Boiling Springs. N. C. Elementary Edtication Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; Student National Education Association; Bap- tist Student Union. HEDRICK, JESSIE WESSON 13 Maiden Lane. Raleigh, N. C. r- Vebb Junior College; ition Association. HEDRICK, NORMA MAE Box 151, Southmont, N. C. Elemeyttary Education Queen of Clubs Candidate I; Westminster Fel- lowship 1, 2, 3; Young Women ' s Christian As- sociation 3; Student National Education Asso- ciation 3, 4 (President 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; Student Council 4; Executive Committee (Re- potter 4); House Council 1, 3; Floor Repre- sentative 3; Who ' s Who .-ImoHg SIikIciUs in American Universities and Colleges, HELMS, RODNEY DOUGLAS Route 1, Box 20. Chernville, . . C. Economics and Business HEN5LEY, JOAN AIMEE 409 West Central .i venue. Mo unt Holly, N. C. Elementary Education Intramurals I; Women ' s Glee Club 3, 4; Col- lege Choir 3; Student National Education As- sociation 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 2, 3. HERNDON, LAURA LYNN 311 W. Gold, Kings Mountain, N. C. Ele nentary Education Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Young Women ' s .Auxiliary Dormitory President 3; Student Na- tional Education Association 4; Young Demo- crats Club 4; Transfer from Central Florida Junior CoUege. HESS, JUDY ANN 1313 N Long Street, Salisbury, N. C. Hmne Economics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Student National Education Association 4; Dean ' s List. HESTER, KATHY LOU 1007 Burch Avenue. Durham, N. C. Elementary Education Association for Childhood Education (Secre- tary); Student National Education Association; Council for Exceptional Children; Junior Coun- selor; Dean ' s List; Baptist Student Union. HEWITT, MARY DIANE 1328 Kings Circle, Shelby, N. C. Spanish Spanish Club; Library Science Club; Hal] Moni- HIG6INS, JAMES BOLEN Box 381, Sparta, N. C. Physical Education Transfer from Emory and Henry College. HILDEBRAN, BARBARA GRAY Box 453, Route 2, Newton, N. C. Engiisli Dean ' s List. HILL, LINDA R. 1600 Allen Street. Charlotte, N. C. Business Edtication Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Lutheran Student Asso- ciation 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Resident Associa- tion (Treasurer 3); Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3; Stu- dent Committee for Popular Programs 2, 3 (Vice Chairman 3); Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; President of Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; Student Government 2, 3, 4; Hall Counselor; Who ' s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges; 1964 ng Parade Marshal. HILTON, JAMES DANIEL 806 Miller Street, Kannapolis, N. C. Bitsiness and Economics Varsity Football 2. Dean ' s List; Home KmioniKs Club; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Student National Education .Association; Young Democrats Club. HODGENS, RALPH JAMES Kannapolis. N. C. Uusiness and Economics Soccer 2, 3, 4. HODGE, JAMES LARRY Route I, lliiinn MilK. . C. Induitnal . rl% Industrial Arts Club 2. 3. 4; Student National Education .Association 4. HOLDEN, CHARLES HARVEY 709 48th Street, West Palm Beach, Fla. Elementary Education Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College. HOLDER, DANIEL HENRY Route 2, Box 147. Ocala, Fhi. .ll.illii.m.ilics HOLDER, WILLIAM DOUGHTON Box 1181. Route 6. Sanford, X. C. Social Science Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4. HOLLAR, THURMAN DEWITT Route I. Bux S3. Midland. N. C. Elementary Education President of Freshman Class; President of Sen- ior Class; Collegiate Civic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 3, Treasurer 2); Popular Programs Committee 1, 2, 3. 4 (Chairman 3, Treasurer 2); Chi Lambda Chi 1, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Student Council I, 2, 3 (Judiciary 2); Delegate to First Associated Student Government Conven- tion 3; Executive Board of A.S.G.U.S.A. 3; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. HOLT, MICHAEL KENT Route 1. Graham, N. C. Social Studies Young Republicans Club 2, 3, 4; Student Na- tional Education Association 4; Intramurals. HOOVER, JUDITH ANNE 409 South Grove Street, Lincoliiton, N. C. An Art Guild. HORTON, PATRICIA ANN Route 2, Box 192-B. Gaffney, S. C. Economics ami Business Education Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Glee Club. HOWELL, CAMELLIA NABORS 439 Reynolda Drive, Statesville, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club; Women ' s Intramurals; Student Na- tional Education Association; Dean ' s List. HUDSON, LYNN WINKLER 105 Pine Street, Boone, N. C. Elementary Education HUDSON, RICHARD EDMOND Connelly Springs, N. C. Biology Flighland Biologists. HUFF, EUGENE BERNICE Route 1, Box 40, Oxford, N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial .Arts Club. HUFFMAN, JOHN CLEABORNE ute 1. Conrad R.i.,.1. liuisvillc, N. C. Induil,i d . r(s . tl» Club. Student National Education Association; Psy- cholog ' Club; Junior Marshal, Summer Session. HUFFMAN, PATRICIA MAUREEN Route 2, Box 262, Hickory, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 2, 3. HUIE, MAXINE CHURCH Route 9. Lookout Hills, Winston Salem, N. C. Elementary Edltcation Dean ' s List. HUMPHRIES, DOROTHY SUE Box 156, Cliffside, N. C. Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. HUNTLEY, MARTHA ELLEN Route 3. Box 429, W.idcsboro, N. C. EJenienfdry Eilnc.ilion Student National Education .Association; Dean ' s HUTCHISON, GLORIA VIRGINIA 524 Mammoth Oaks Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Student Residence .Association 4; Baptist Stu- dent Union 2, 3. 4; II.uiv Cmimil J; lunior Counselor 3; Junior L,isli,il ;, l].|i i ( lii 3, 4; Top Five of Class I. 1. i; h,, I,., Among Students in American;l(i s uiul I ' uUcges. JACKSON, BARBARA ANN Route 1, Crovor, X. C. English Baptist Student Union 1; Modern Dance 3; Collegiate Jazz Society 3. 4; National Educa- tion .Association 4; Newspaper Staff 4. JAMISON, NANCY CARRA 8410 Albemarle Road. Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Edu JARRETT, HELEN SUE 201 Jones Circle, Thomasville, N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association; Dean ' s List; Psychology Club. JOHNSON, ALVIN JAMES, JR. Route 9, Winston-Salem, N. C. Mathematics Playcrafters 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4 (President 4). JOHNSON, BETTY LOUISE 917 Carolyn Avenue, Kannapolis, N. C. Primary Edltcation Women ' s Glee Club; National Education Asso- JOHNSON, CAROL ANN Route I, Lowgap, N. C. Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 3, 4; National Education Association 4. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH DIANE no Blanwood Drive, Boone, N. C. Biology Lutheran Student .Association (Editor of Paper and Secretary 2, 3 ; Young Women ' s Christian Association i. 3; Drill Squad 1; Appalachian 1, 2; Intramurals: Basketball, Volleyball and Bad- JOHNSON, JAMES MacDONALD Pleasant View Drive, ' insl..n Salem, N. C. JOHNSON, JUDITH CAROL 356 Norwood Street, Lenoir, N. C. English JOHNSON, MARGARET ANN Box 143, Morven, N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association 3; House Coun- cil 3, 4. Page Two Hundred Eighty-three SENIOR STATISTICS JOHNSON, MURRELL MARLIN Route 2, Ellenboro, N. C. Biology Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Highland Biologists 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4. JOLLEY, ALICIA GAY 701 West Kings Street. Kings Mountain, N. C. English Transfer from Gardner-Webb College; College Choir 3; Chorale 4; Women ' s Glee Club (Ac- companist 4); Young Democrats Club 4. JOLLEY, MARIAN RACHEL Route 2. Box 276, Mooresboro, N. C. English Transfer from Gardncr-VVebb College; College Choir 3; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi. Dean ' s List 1; Chess Club 4; Men ' s Bowling Champion 2. JONES, MICKIE J. 405 Piedmont Avenue, Kings Mountain. N. C. Biology Transfer from Emmanuel College. BioIog.v Circulation Staff of the Appalachian 2 (Co- Circulation Manager 3); Dorm President 3: Student Residence Association 3; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Student National Education Association 3. KELLY, BETTY DIXON Route 2, Carthage, N. C. Elementary Education Student National Education Association; Stu- dent Residence Association; Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3. KELLY, JEANNE LINDNER 427 Clark Street. Henderson. N. C. Elementary Eiiuculion KERLEY, GUY LEE, JR. 101 Cascade Road, Spray. N. C. Music Collegiate Jazz Society (Board of Directors); Chi Lambda Chi; Band (Marching and Wind Ensemble); Orchestra (President). KINCAID, GLENDA CARMEN 1162 Won.lsuir m.. tlKlllnltl ' . X. C. KINCAID, MARY ANN Meetwood. N. C. Library ' Scienee Library Science Club. KING, HAROLD BEN, JR. 705 Saint Marj-s St., Gamer, N. C. Political Science International Relations Club 3, 4 (Vice-Presi- dent 3); Chi Lamlxla Chi 3; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Collegiate Jazz Society 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; National Education .Association 3, 4; Student Citizenship Association 1, 2; Play- crafters 1, 2, 3, 4. KIRKLEY, OOTTIE ANN 1541,! I ' l.Rr, , h.iilultc, X. C. Heahll ,in.l rinsual l-,(.,i ,:li,„! Women ' s Athktu Ass.n i.ili..n; Inli.inuiral Coun cil; House Council; I ' sychulogv Club. KIRKMAN, JAMES WORTH Route 1, Climax, N. C. Physical Education al Sports; Gymnastics Club. KNIGHT, CARL DELANE 242 Pecan Road. Raleigh. N. C. Business KNOX, MYRA MACKLAND 222 W. Tcx.i. ».-.. H..,MTn i t ilv. N. C. Psyth,,!,, , uiul Mullumulus Psychology Club (.luundcr and Secretary 4); Westminster Fellowship (Parliamentarian 3). LEFLER, JUDY HUFFMAN Route 5. Box 270, Salisbury, N. C. Spanish Club 1. 2, 3 (President 4); Spanish Honor Society— Sigma Delta; French Club; Pi Delta Phi 3, 4; Student National Education 2; Chi Lambda Chi 4. LENTZ, PAMELA KAY Route 1, Box 483, Hickory, N. C. Elementary Education Concert Band 1, 2; Modern Dance 2; National Education Association 3; Psychology Club 4; Collegiate Jazz Societ ' 4. LENTZ, RITA MARCELLA Route 3. Box 72, Concord, N. C. Social Studies Hall Monitor 1; National Education Associa- tion 3, 4. LEONARD, REBECCA JANE Route 4, Box 391, Salisbury. N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association 4; Council for Exceptional Children 3; Student Residence As- sociation 1; Ihiuse Council 1 (X ' icc President). LEONHARDT, GARRY DEAN Route 2, Box 345, M.nden, N. C. Social Studies National Educatioi LINCOLN, EDWARD C. 140 Rosedale Circle, Winston-Salem, N. C. Political Scienee and Sociology N. C. State Treasurer. Association of Interna- tional Relations Clubs 3, 4; International Re- lations Club 3, 4 (Programs Chairman 3, Treasurer 4); Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Collegi- ate Jazz Society 3, 4; Committee on Speaker Gag Law 2, 3; Dean ' s List 3. LIRE, MICHAEL A. 636 N. Broad St., Mooresville, N. C. Speech and English Debate Union 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 2); Out standing Debater of the Year 1; Freshman De bate Coach 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Young Republicans Club (Vice President 3); Appalachian Staff 2, 3, 4; Stu dent Citizenship Organization 2; Wesley Foun dation; College Theatre; Radio Workshop. LONG, LORETTA SMITH Box 464. Drcxel. X. C. Elementarr liducatinn Psychology Club. LONON, WILLIAM DON Route 5. Box 484. Hickory. N. C. Geography " loung Republicans Club 3; Hutton-Humbolt Club 4; Highland Biologists 3. 4; Newman Club 2. 3, 4. LOOKABILL, SYLVIA SUE Route 3, Wadesboro, N. C. EleiiicHtnry Education Transfer from Wingate; Baptist Student Union; National Education As: LOWERY, SANDRA KAY 1015 West 4th St., Gastonia, N. C. Elementarv Education Dean ' s List; Officer of National Education A; sociation 4; Westminster Fellowship 2. 3; Jun ior Counselor 3. LUCAS, HELEN PATRICIA 1022 West Fifth St.. Gastonia, N. C. Elementary Education Young Women ' s Christian Association; Nation al Education As: LUFFMAN, KAY KEY Route 2. Elkin. N. C. Elemeiilnry Education and Physical Educatimt Young Democrats Club 1. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3, 4. LUT2, EVELYN FAYE Route 2. Lincolntnn, N. C. illatheinatics Student Council; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List; Student Residence Association; Dorm President (East Hall). LYERLY, BETTY JEAN Route 1, Concord, N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; House Council 2. LYONS, JOHN DOYLE RoutL.- 3, Boone, N. C. Mathematics Dean ' s List; Lutheran Student Association I, 2, 3. 4; Alpha Chi (President); Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4 (Secretary). McCANTS, JANET ELIZABETH 175 South Spring St.. Concord. N. C. Priiiiarv Education National Education Association 3. 4. McCOLL, NORMAN HUGH, JR. Route 8, States -ille, N. C. Special Educatimi Band 1, 2; Religious Council 3, 4 (Vice-Presi- dent 4); Men ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; West- minster Fellowship 1. 2. 3, 4 (President 3); Swimming Team 2, 3. MCCORMICK, LINDA LOU Route 2, Dobson, N. C. Physical Education Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic .As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Sports; Vice-Presi- dent Intramural Council. Xat al Educ McCULLEN, JOAN WESLIE 604 Roach St., Reidsville, N. C. Elementary Edtication National Education Association; North Carolina Education Association. McCULLOUGH, NANCY JO 623 Briarwood Dr.. .Mooresville. N. C. Music College Choir; Women ' s Glee Club; Appala- chian; Wesley Foundation. McENTIRE, MERRILL JOE Route 2, Old Fort, N. C. Art Art Guild 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3. 4); Stu- dent Traffic Organization 1, 2; Chess Club 4; Collegiate Jazz Society 3. McGALLIARD, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS Route 2, Nebo, N. C. Mathematics National Education Association; Math Club; Junior Marshal. McGEE, BRENDA ANN Route I. Boomer, N. C. Elementary- Education Playcrafters 4; College theatre 3; Wesley Foun- dation 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1; National Education Association 3, 4. McHARGUE, LINDA GWYN Route S, Si,,i,-smIIc. N. C. Elc„„„t.n, I .liicalion .Association of Cliildhood Education; National Education Association; Intramurals; Junior Mar- shal. McKINNIS, CAROLYN ANN 212 Magnolia .Ave., Statesville, N. C. Biology Highland Biologists 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association I; Women ' s Intramurals; Young Democrats Ciuh 3. 4. McLEMORE, DIANE LAYTON 5308 Chedworth Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Primary Education National Education Association. McMURRY, JACK KELLY Route 3, Lawndale, N. C. Elementary Educatio7i National Education Association. McNULTY, TOMMY LEE 2636 Stockton St., Winston-Salem. N. C. Elementary Editcation Association of Childhood Education 2; National Education Association 4; House Council 3. MANERS, PEGGY LOIS New London. N. C. Physical Education House Vice-President 1; Student Residence As- sociation I; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; President Intramural Council 3; Girls ' Varsity 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. MANESS, MARY ALICE Route 2. CirtlKiKO. N. C. Sfe.iat I dncutinn House Council I; l ych,ilogy Club 3, 4; Na- tional Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 3, 4; Westminster Youth Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. MAPLES, WILLIAM EDWARD 518 Greene St.. Boone. N. C. Plivsicai Education Men ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Appalachian 2, 3. Page Two Hundred Eighty-four SENIOR STATISTICS MARLIN, JANE LEE Route 5, Statesville, N. C. Primary Education Transfer from Lees-McRae College; National Education Association 3, 4; Phychology Club 4. MARSH, HENRY AUGUSTINE Pine Road. North Hampton, N. H. Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Religious Council 2; Fellowship Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3; Men ' s Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 1. 2; National Education Association 3, 4. MARTIN, CLAUDIA CAMILLE 2001 Ashland Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Social Studies National Education Association 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 4; Appalachian State Citizen- ship Union 2. MARTIN, JO ANN EUenboro, N. C. ElenientaTV Education Baptist Student Union 1; Association for Child- hood Education 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Junior Counselor 3; Pep Club 3, 4. MARTIN, JOYCE WILMOTH 1305 N. McDowell St., Charlotte. N. C. Priiiinrv Education Association of Childhood Education 3, 4; Na- tional Education Association 3. 4; Baptist Stu- dent Union 1; PUivcraftcrs I. MARTIN, KATHIE FAYE Route 1, Mayodan, N. C. Elemenlorv Educalinn MARTIN, LINDA PEARSON 303 N. Prospect St., Lenoir, N. C. Mathematics Young Women ' s Christian Association 1; Dean ' s List; Honor Teaching. MARTIN, PATRICIA GAIL 230 A Hawthorne Rtl.. Elkin, N. C. E.,glis), Vernician Society 3. 4; Freshman Dorm Presi dent 3; Committee Chairman of Junior Class 3; Student Council 3; National Education Associa- tion 3. 4; Student Residence .Association 3; Honor Teaching. MASSEY, KATHRYN KAY . ewland. N. C. Home Economic Transfer from Virginia Intermont C ' ollege; Home Economics Club. MAST, GARY GREY 110 Buckemont m-.. M..rK, . . C. Intr.imurMi Sp..rts. Na: MAUNEY, FRANOA JEAN Route 1, Dallas. N. C. Elementary Education tional Educati.)n Association MELTON, SARAH CLAYTON 700 Bethpage Rd., Kann.ipolis, N. C. l alheiiwlics Math Club 1, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 4; Na- tional Education .Association 3. METCALF, ROGER DALE Route 4, Candler, N. C. Pofiticaf Science Intramurals; International Relations Club 4. MICHAEL, RUBY GWYN 110 Deliii.,1 Si.. 1! ,e. N. C. B.iwiirss I JuL.ilinii Women ' s Athletic AsMiLi.itmn 1, 2; Phi Beta L.imlxhl 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2. MIDDLETON, DWIGHT CRAMON, JR. Kannapolis. N. C . Lconnmics and B,lsil L■ Phi Beta L.imlxla 4; RiTciTX)nr ndiidn 4; Teacher Assistant 3. MILLER, BRENDA THOMAS Route 1, Boone, N. ( . Entili h MILLER, JIMMIE ANNE Elkin, N. C. Social Slutlifs MILLER, JOE SHANNON, JR. Route 2. Pearisburg, Va. iMiiustria! Arts Industrial Arts Club I, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary); Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Fellowship of Christian .Athletes 1, 2, 3; North Carolina In- dustrial Arts Association (Board of Directors); American Industrial Arts Association. MILLS, JERRY WAYNE Route 4, Salisbun-, N. C. Physical Education Baseball I, 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s .Athletic .Association 3, 4; Soccer 3. MITCHELL, JERALD ALLEN 225 Wallace Neal Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Business Education and Economics Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3; Westminster Fellow- ship 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Young Democrats Club 1, 2; Summer Play 2. MOODY, NANCY JEAN Route 7. Charlotte, N. C. Health and Physical Education Women ' s .Athletic Association 1, 2. 3; Intra- murals 1, 2. 3: Intramural Council 1, 2; Volley- ball Team 1; House Council 1. MOORE, DELMA MARIE RcidMille. . t . l hiLUli,,i, National Educiihin -,sociation 3, 4. MOORE, SARAH ELIZABETH Gastonia. N. C. Edticatimi Transfer from Gardner-Webb. MORETZ, NANCY COFFEY Howard St.. Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Spanish Sigma Delta Pi 3. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Language Lab Assistant 2, 3, 4. Na inn Asi MORTON, MARY JANE Rcmte I, Albemarle, N. C. EnsUsh Band; Baptist Student Union. MULLIS, JAMES CLARE Route 4, Matthews, N. V. Social Studies Young Democrats Club 2, 3, 4 ( ' ice President 4); International Relations Club 2, 3, 4 (Treas- urer 2); Student Traffic Organization 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3); Intramurals 1, 2; National Education .Association 3, 4; Student Citizenship .Association 2. MUNDY, JAMES WILLIAM 404 W. Pine St., Graham, N. C:. Polilicol Science Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3. 4; International Re- lations Club 4; National Education .Association 4. MURDOCK, ROBERT KERRY 1025 Caldwell St., Statesville, N. C. Mathematics , Iath Club; FeUowship of Christian . thletes; Track; Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List. MURPHY, MAUDE Route 1, Relief, N. C, Elementary Education Transfer from Warren Wilson College; National Education Association; Dean ' s List. NANCE, BRENOA ANNE 820 Highland . vr. S. 1... Hickory, N. C. PriiiHir,;.,,, National Education . ssoei.iti,.n; Junior Coun NEWSOM, MARY ANN 1031 Longview Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Elementary Education .National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. NICKLE, GEORGE P., JR. Ro n IX- NIX, LINDA ALICE Rcmte I, lavlcrs, S. C. ) Jiu.,li„n Baptist Student UoHm I, nun:; I hoir (3 years); YWA President on l ' ,.i|.itM sinlmt LInion Coun- cil (1 year); Natinn.,1 I.Ih, .nmo A.ssociation. NORVILLE, DIANE MARIE Route 1, Forest ( il . . C . Elementary Ediicntion Baptist Student tlnion 1; Clollege C ' hoir 1, 2; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3; National Education Asso- 4. DATES, JUDY ANNUA 229 Wilev Ave., York, S. C. Art Student Council 2, 3, 4, Judiciary Council 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; State Student Legislature 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3; Baptist Student LInion Touring Choir 1, 2, 3; Baptist Student Union Executive Co uncil 3; Art Guild 3, 4 (Reporter 41; Wlio ' s Who 4. OLIVER, SAMUEL BRENT, III 605 Wake Ave.. Kinstnn, N. C. Econotnics and Unsiu ' ss r.liicalioii Baptist Student Llninn I; pp.ilacliian 1, 2, 3 (News Editor 1, 2. Vsmsi.uu I ilitor 3); Phi Beta Lambda 1, 4; P. Oeiuh.i I ' l 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; National Education . ssiiciatinn 3; Math Club 4. OLLIS, MARGARET (MOHR) Crossnore, N. C. Elementary Education . lpha Chi; Dean ' s List (3 vears); II. .nor Stu- dent (2 years). ORSBORNE, THOMAS CLABORNE Route 2. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Sl7eeclj Student Residence .Association 1: ' ice-President Sophomore Class 2: Plavcrafters 2. 3; President of Student Body 4. OSBORNE, CHARLES W. Cycle, N. C. Business Education Soccer Team 3. PADGETT, GRETA VANN DALE Gastonia, N. C. Art May Court 1, 3; Vernician Society I, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s House Council 2, 4 CSccretary 2); Student Council 1; Art Gtiild 4. PARKER, CHARLES BRANDON Route 8, Salisbury, N. C. Socin! Science Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; FeUow- ship of Christian Athletes 3, 4; National Educa- tion Association 4; Lutheran Student Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Dorm Staff 4; In ternational Relations Cluh. PARKER, SANDRA KAYE 508 Newport News .Ave., Hampton, Va. Business Edncatj ' o« Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sec- retary 3); National Education Association 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Volleyball 1, Inti ral Softball 4; I.ilnary Staff 3. PATTERSON, JAMES B. 935 Forest Dr.. Reidsville, N. C. Biolo ' Soccer I; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Highland Bi- ologists 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4 (President of Eastern District); Beta Beta Beta Southeastern Region 3, 4; Alpha Chi . 4; XSF Undergradu- ate Summer ReseaiJi i; I ,il. ssiM:nil 3; Re- search Assistant 4; W li " l Im, iii..ui; Students . il•,■ s;l(,■ ,„i,l Cnl .-H.-s 4. PAYNE, JOHN CHARLES (oute 2, Bessemer City, N. C. Pi Omega Pi 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Na tional Education Association 4; Intramurals 2 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4. PAYNE, PATRICIA BROCKENBROUGH 301 Ridgewond m,, lli.nlniie. .N. C. Until, ' CmiiniMKA Popular Programs Commillee 1 iSeeretary); Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4); President East Uall 3; Student Residence Association 3; House Council 2; Vernician Society 3, 4; Oii LamMa Chi 4, PEARSON, JERONE DON Wilkesboro, N. C. Industrial Arts A ' oung Democrats Club 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. PENLAND, BARBARA JEAN Icard, N. C. Primary Education Transfer from V ' arren Wilson Jr. College; Na- tional Education Association 4. Page Two Hundred Eighty-fix ' e SENIOR STATISTICS PENNINGER, CYNTHIA DIANE Route 1, Concord. N. C. National Education Association 3, 4; House Council 1; Baptist Student Union 1, 4. Debating 1, 2; Intramurals 1; Appalachian Chemistry Society i. 4 f President 4); Dean ' s List I; Chi Lamtxia Chi i. 4. PETTIT, MARTHA EUGENIA 603 E. Front St.. Statesville. N. C. Physical Education Transfer from Woman ' s College of U.N.C. 1 and Mitchell College 2. i: Women ' s Varsity Volleyball Team; Intramural Volleyball. Bas- ketball. PETTY, CHARLES THOMAS 1 34 W. Howard St., Boone, N. C. hidustrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. PHILLIPS, DOUGLAS NEAL Neya. Tenn. Phvsical EducatioH Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Athletic Association 2. 3, 4. PHILLIPS, SYLVIA DIANNE 915 Fairvievv Dr.. Lexington, N. C. Elementary Edtication Rhudodkndron 4; Psychology Club 4; Inter national Relations Club 4; Presbyterian Youth Fellowship 2, 3, 4; National Education Associa tion .3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Intramurals 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 4. PIERCE, JERRY MICHAEL 4243 North Sharon Amitv, C harlotte, N. C. Physical Ediwation I ' ransfer from Wingate College; Varsity Base- ball 3, 4; Intramurals. PIERCE, RAYMOND NED Route 4. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Social Science Alpha Chi 3, 4 (President 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3 (Executive Council); Dean ' s List; Pi Gamma Mu; Junior Marshal. PILCHER, MARGARET FRANCES Route 1. Lewisville, N. C. Socio! Studies Intramurals 1; National Ed POE, GARY DEAN 10 Lakeside Ave., Granite Falls, N. C. Biology Beta Beta Beta; Student Council (Vice-Presi- dent); Chairman of Judiciar)-; Highland Biolo gist Club; Delegate of A. S. G. Convention; Delegate to State Student Legislature; Who ' s Who: Baptist Student Union; Dean ' s List; Appalachian. Pi Gamma Mu (Vice-President); The Appa- lachian; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramurals; Chief Marshal. POPE, CHARLOTTE REBECCA 2145 Highland St.. Charlotte, N. C. Elementar ' Education Association of Childhood Education 1, 2, 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 2, Secretary 3, President 4); National Education Association 4; Women ' s Glee Club 3; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; House Council 3. 4. POTEAT, DORIS CANNON Boone. N. C. Biisiiiess Education Pi Omega Pi 3. 4 (Secretar - 4); Phi Beta Lambda 3; National Education Association 3, 4. POTEAT, LINDA ESTHER Route 1, Jamestown, N. C. Elementary Education Vernician Society 2, 3. 4 (Officer 3); Dean ' s List 1, 2. 3, 4; May Court 3; Collegiate Jazz Society 4; Rhododendrox 4; House Council 2. 4; National Education Association. POTTER, JAMES REID 1030 Edgehill Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. Political Science Ttie Appalachian (Feature Editor); Young Democrats Club; International Relations Club; Men ' s Chorus. POUNDERS, BONNIE LEAH 416 Roxanne Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. Elenientar} ' Edttcation National Education Association 3, 4; Pep Club Chemistry Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4; Student Council 3, 4 (Executive Council); Appalachian Chemistry Society 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3); The Appalachian 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. POWERS, MARGARET JACQUELINE Route 1. Pineville. N. C. Library Science Librarv- Science Club. PREVETTE, DORIS LOUVENE Route 2, Ronda, N. C. illiisic Music Education of North Carolina 2, 3, 4 (Sec- retary 3); Orchestra 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 1 (.Accompanist 1); .Alpha Chi 4; Marching Band 2; Dean ' s List 1. 2. 3, 4. Debating 3, 4. PRITCHARD, ELIZABETH ANN Route 2, Stony Point, N. C. Elementary Education I Education Association; Women ' Club. PRUITT, JUDY KAREN Trapbill, N. C. Plivsicti! Ediuation Transfer from Woman ' s College of UNC; Uni yersity of Miami; .American LIniversity; X arsity Field Hockey and Basketball; Women ' s Ath- letic Association. Art Guild 4; National Education Association 4; Transfer from DBJC and FSU. RAMSEY, CELESTE ANN 441 Fourth St.. C;affnev. S. C. E emeiitiirv Eiii.ratimi RAMSEY, JOHN RANDOLPH 801 Fourth St.. Spencer, N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial .Arts Club 3. 4 (President 4); Young Democrats Club 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. REDMOND, JUDITH ANN Union Grove. N. C. Elementary Educatitm Junior Counselor 3; National Education Asso- ciation 4; Baptist Student Union 4. REECE, STEPHEN MALO Route 1. Dobson. N. C. Biology Student Traffic Organization 1; Young Demo- crats Club 1, 2; National Education Association 3; Dorm Homecoming Display 1; Intramurals 1. 2. REEP, MINNIE FAYE Route 1, Box 405. Lincolnton. N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association. REID, PAULETTA LEE 3017 Patterson Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. Geograph y-Geology Junior Counselor; Hutton-Humboldt Club (His- torian). REID, PHYLLIS ANNE 1304 Enderly Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Education . ssociation of Childhood Education 1, 2. 3. 4 (President 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3, 4. REINHARDT, FORNEY WILSON 129 Rivers St.. Boone. N. C. Indiistria( Arts Industrial Arts Club. RENEGAR, KATHLEEN NORRIS 208 Bingliam St.. St.ittsMlle. X. C. Libr.,ri ■ cieuL-- Libr;m Club; Dunn ! ire Ciptain. National Educat REX, MICHAEL K. 201 Springdale Dr.. Union, S. C. Geogrrt]; i y-Geology Hutton-Humboldt Ciuh. REYNOLDS, GLENDA ADA Ararat, N. C. Biologj ' Intramurals 1; Math Club 1; Highland Biolo- gists 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4); National Education Association 3; House Council 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Rhododendron RHYNE, DAVID ALTON Route 5, Lincolnton. N. C. ,lj 7t)iemntics Appalachian Business Manager); Math Club; Appalachian (Circulation and Sports). RHYNE, JOHN RAY Route 1. Box 260, Vale, N. C. Chemistry Debating 1; .Appalachian Chemistry Society 1, 2. 3. 4; .American ChemistiA ' Society 3, 4; In- tramurals 3, 4. RICHARDSON, BRENDA LYNCH Route 1. Box 117. Forest City, N. C. Business Education ' RICHARDSON, DONNA SELLERS Route 2, Box 61. Charlotte, N. C. English Christmas Court 1; Vernician Society 1, 2; Na- tional Education Association 2, 3, 4. RICHARDSON, JIMMY RAY 503 BassinKcr St.. Ihnmasville, N. C. PlnMcuI I ducation Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Men ' s Ath- leric .Association; Soccer; Track. RICHMOND, LINDA LEE Route 1, Mebane, N. C. Primary Education .National Education .Association 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); House Council; Dean ' s List. RICKARO. DWIGHT EDWARD K,,utc 4, IS.ix -, Ihurn.isMllr, . C. Fcui.iuus ,, „,f j;„M„. ' sv I .lucation Transfer Irom Milclicll t,.lki;c; I ' lu Beta Lamb da 4; National Educati,,n . ssocialion 4. RIGSBEE, SANDRA KAYE Route 2, Box 250, Durham, N. C. Physical Education House President 4; Floor Representative 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Na- tional Education .Association 4; Student Resi- lience -Association 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4. ROBERTS, LINDA LEE 320 N. Beaver St., Landis, N. C. Primary Education Women ' s .Athletic Association; National Educa- tion .Association; Junior Counselor; Dean ' s List. ROBERTS, MAYVLE DIANE 818 N. Piedmont, Kings .Mountain, N. C. Elementary Education Rhododendron 4; Y oung Women ' s Christian Association 3; Student Residence .Association 4; President of East Hall 4; National Education . ssociation 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4. ROBINETTE, FRED TURNER, JR. Statesville. N. C. Elementary Education Men ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Manager of Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Manager of Basketball 1. 2, 3; Man- ager of Baseball 3; National Education Associa- ROBINSON, WILLIAM GENE 1011 N. Mndena St.. Gastonia. N. C. Industrial Arts ROSS, DURHAM 409 W. Mill St., Landis. N. C. Mathematics Math Club; National Education Associa rals. ROSS, LYNN CAROLE 1305 Salem Rd.. Morganlon. N. C. Elementary Education Women ' s Glee Club 1. 2, 3; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3. 4; National Education .Association 3, 4. ROYALL, VELMA LEE Box 54. Roaring Gap. N. C. B.isiiiL ' .-is Eiliic.itioii Intramurals 1. 2; Psvcholct ' v Club 3, 4; West- minster Youth Fellowship 3. 4; Phi Beta Lambda 5. 4; Nati mal Educatiim . ssnciation 3. 4. Page Two Hundred Eighty-six SENIOR STATISTICS RUPPE. JAMES HUBERT Box 141. Cliffside. N. C. Business Edltccitwn RUPPE, JENNIE GAIL Route 2, Box 222, Gaffney, S. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List; National Education Association C Vice-President) . RUPPE, PAMELA JOYCE Railroad Ave., Rutherfordton, N. C. Mathematics Math Club 3, 4; National Education Associa- tion 3; Junior Counselor 3; House President 3; Student Residence Association 3; Junior Mar- shal 3; Alpha Chi 4. RUSSELL, GEORGE MICHAEL 426 Elm St., Salisburj " , N. C. Music Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Appatones 1, 2, 3; Music Education of North Carolina 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Men ' s Chorus 2, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2: Orchestra 3, 4; ' ice-President of Justice Hall 4. RUSSELL, MARTHA ELLEN Route 3, Box 501, Randleman, N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association; Playcrafters; Dean ' s List 3. SAIN, ANNETTE Route 2, Vale, N. C. Elementary ' Education Glee Club 1; Junior Ia shal 3; National Edu cation Association 4; Psychology Club 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. SAIN, CYNTHIA KATHERINE Route 4, Box 305-K. Kannapolis, N. C. Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association (Treasurer 3); Intramurals. SCHLEIFER, JOEL KENNETH 310 E. King Street, Boone, N. C. Social Science SCOTT, BRENDA THOMAS Route 8, Box 129-P, Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Education Young Republicans Club; National Education Association; Dean ' s List. SCROGGS, CHARLIE FAYE Route 11, Box 300. Charlotte, N, C. Elementary Education Student C:ouncil 2. SCRONCE, LEONARD EUGENE Route 1, Vale, N. C. Physical Education Intramurals: Basketball 1. 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2; Football 1, 2; Softball 2, 3, 4; Grey House 2, 3, 4. SEBASTIAN, KENNETH EUGENE Route 4, Box 254. North Wilkesboro. N. C. Indttstrial Arts Industrial Arts Club; Dean ' s List. SETZER, BRENDA ELAINE Route 2. Box 89, Claremont, N. C. Elementary Educatiwl Vernician Society 4; House Council 1, 3; Na- tional Education Association 3, 4. SHEPHERD, NELTA KEATINA Route 1. Box 518, North Wilkesboro, N. C. Library Science Library Science Club 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); National Education Association 3. SHIELDS, NANCY JANE Route 4. Kernersvilk-. N. C. Elemenlury Eihuutiotl Baptist Training LInion 1; Library Science Club 1; National Education Association 3, 4. SHORE, DONA HARRIET Route 3, Box 23, North Wilkesboro, N. C. Biismess Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Women ' s Cliorus 2. 3, 4. SHUFORD, TRUDY GAIL 314 Linden Circle. Gaslonia. N. C. Elementary Edjucation Intramurals 1. SHULER, L. OLON, JR. 2806 South Main Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Physical Education Varsity Baseball 1; Varsity Basketball 3, 4. SHUMATE, RITA KAY 253 37th Street. S. W.. Hickorj ' . N. C. English Society; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion; Student Residence Association; House Council; Coed of the Month; Appalachian Staff; National Education .Association. SIBLEY, ALBIN MICHAEL 1424 Nandina Street, Charlotte. N. C. Mathematics SIGMON, KEMP IKERD Route 2, Box 411, Newton, N. C. Industrial Arts Marching Band 1; Intramurals I; Industrial Arts Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3; Delegate AIAA, 1965. SILLS, JIM LYNN 1332 Kings Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Social Science Pi Gamma Mu 2. 3, 4; .Alpha Chi (President 3); Chi Lambda Chi 3; Assistant Chief Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4. SIMMONS, LARRY GRAY R.mte 5. Winston Salem. N. C. Pitysical Education F.iotliall 1. 2, 3. 4. SIMMONS, NANCY MERCK Route 1, Box 101-B, Mt. Holly, N. C. Business Ediwatimi Phi Beta Lambda. SIMMONS, WAYNE ALDEN 504 E. Devonshire St., Winston-Salem. N. C. Physical Education Men ' s " . ' V " Club 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. SINK, KENNETH RAY Route 10. Lexington, N. C. Mathematics Intramurals: Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2. 3; SoftbaU 1, 2, 3; Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3. SINK, PATRICIA ANN (GARDNER) Route 10, Lexington, N. C. Mathematics Baptist Student Union Touring Choir 1, 2; Mathematics Club 1. 2. SIPE, DENNIS ROY 1438 13th Avenue. N. L.. Hickory, N. C. Social Science Young Democrats Club 2, 3, 4 (First Vice- President 3, President 4); International Rela- tions Club 4; National Education Association 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 2; Psychology Club 4. SIPE, JAMES WILLIAM Route 3, Box 371, Hickory, N. C. Business and Economics Business Club 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Intramural Sports, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3. SKIPPER, HENRY KEITH Route 1. Campobello. S. C. Biisim-ss Eiiiicotio,. SKREEN, MAXINE FAYE Route 2, Rockingham, N. C. Elementary Education College Choir 1, 2, 3; National Education As- sociation 3, 4; Vernician Society 4; Art Guild 4. SMITH, EDGAR EARL, JR. P. O. Box 211. Elizabethtown, N. C. Business Edu SMITH, JOHN ALLAN Route 2, Box 303, Granite Falls, N. C. Physical Education SMITH, JOYCE ANNETTE ■ Route 1, Box 122, Ncbo, N. C. English onal Education Association; Appalachian SMITH, LARRY ARLAND 1714 Boulevard, Statesville, N. C. Pliysical Education SMITH, LYNDA KAY Box 100, Alexis, N. C. Physical Education Junior Counselor; Women ' s Athletic Asocia tion; National Education .Association; Women ' s SMITH, PATRICIA E. 328 Dunham Avenue. Salisbun-, N. C. Elementary Education X ' ernician Society 2, 3. 4 (Secretar ' 3. Presi- dent 3); May Court 2; National Education As- sociation 2, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4 (Secretary 4); House Council 2, 3. SMITH, SANDRA GAIL 570 West Harper A enue, Lenoir, N. C. Home Economics Playcrafters 1, 2. 3, 4 (Secretarv-Treasurer 3); .■Upha Psi Omega 4 (Vice President 4 : Wes- ley Foundation 3. 4. SMITH, SANDRA JENNIFER Stoneville. N. C. Elementary Education National Education Association 3; Young Wom- en ' s Christian Association 3; College Choir 4 Women ' s Glee Club 2, 3, 4; House Council 2; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Library Science Club 2, 3, College Library Assistant 2, 3, 4; Volleyball Intramurals 2. SMITH, WAYNE LEE Route 1. Box 893. Oakboro. N. C. Physical Education SNEAD, BRENDA CAROLYN 8 Church Street, Cordoia. N. C ' . Primary Education Baptist Student Union 1. 2, 3, 4; Baptist Stu dent Choir I; Dean ' s List; National Education Association 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 1, 2. SNYDER, MAVIS KAY 1490 W. Clemmnnsvillc Roail Winston Salem. N. C. Library Science Library Science Club; Women ' s Glee Club. SNYDER, RENA BYRD Route 1. Denton. N. C. Primary Education Wesley Foundation 1, 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1; National Education .Association 3, 4; Playcrafters 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4, SPAINHOUR, JUDITH ANN Box 403, Rural Hall, N. C. Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Vice- President of Dorm 1; Student Residence As- sociation 1; Women ' s Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, SPANGLER, PAUL STAUFFER, JR. 129 Rivers Street, Bocme, N. C. Matljemofics SPARKS, PATSY RUTH Route 4, Box 21, Bakersville, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List. SPIVEY, JULIA McCALLUM Route 2. Candor, N. C. French Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 2, Vice- President 3, President 4); Pi Delta Phi 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; Dean ' s List. STARLING, STEPHEN OARRYL Route 1, New London, N. C. Physics Dean ' s List. STEAOMAN. JERRY D. 2H1 l i, k.ris St,,,i. rhesnee, S. C. I ulust,u,l Arts Industrial Ails Clul) i licasurer); Young Demo- crats Club; National Industrial .Arts Association; N. C. Industrial Arts Associarion. STEVENS, JEANETTE Route 8, Box 78, Monroe, N. C. Social Studies Transfer from Wingate College; National Edu- cation Association. STEWART, LYNDELL LEE 1223 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. Elementary Education Collegiate Jazz Society 3. 4; National Educa lion Association 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fly- ing Fish 1. STILES, ROLAND WAYNE 1028 Virgini:! I!,.,ul. riioin.,-.viIle, N. C. Fiisoicis i:,i,ii„i..,i, Collegiate Civiu iub 3. 4 ( I ' lesident 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; National Education .Association 3; Math Club 3; Student Council 4; School Council 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4. Page Two Ihindred Eighty-seven SENIOR STATISTICS STIMSON, DAVID SAMUEL I ' . O. Bux 712. Len.)ir, N. C. Geognij ; i uiul Geology Band; Chorus; International Relations Club; Young Democrats Club; Hutton-Humbolt Club. National Education Association 4; Phi Beta Lambda i. 4; Collesiate C ivic Club 3. 4 fChap lain 3); Psychology Cliil. 4. STOUT, CHARLES LAWRENCE, JR. 346 Worth Street. .Asheboro, N. C. Politic.! Science Transfer from Southern Pilgrim College; Young Republicans Club 4; International Relations Club 4. STROUD, KEITH McLENOON 601 East Evergreen Street. Mexia, Texas Politicii; Science Pi Kappa Delta Forensic Society; Rhododendron Staff 2; .Appalachian Debate Union ( ' ice-Presi- dent); Library Staff; International Relations Club. STROUP, BRENDA SIMPSON Route 6, Box 160, Lenoir. N. C. Elementary Education Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3; National Education Association 3, 4. SULLIVAN, SANDRA LEE Route 4. Lincolnton. N ' . C. Elemetitary Education .National Education .Association. TATE, FRANK DEAN 1 I 1 Carlton Drive, Cherryville, N. C. Physical Education Intramurals 2, 3; Varsity Wrestling 2. 3; Men ' s •A ' Club 3; Westminster Fellowship 1. 2, 3. TATE, LARRY PAUL Route 1 I ' .ox 77. Itissemer City. N. C. Malliemutics Intramural Basketball. lHotball and Softball. TATHAM, PALLIE SUE P. O. Box 362, Black Mountain, N. C. Business and Economics National Education .Association; Phi Beta Lamb TEAGUE, MARTHA JANE 3129 South Main Street. Winston Salem. N. C. Eletnentarv Education Women ' s Chorus 2; .Association of Childhood Education 2, 3; National Education Association. THIETS, SUSAN JANE 1432 Midwood Drive. Gastonia, N. C. Primary Education House Council 1. 2. 3; Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4; National Education .Association 3, 4; Library- Science Club 4. THOMAS, CAROLYN S. Lake Toxaway, N. C. Business Edttcation Transfer from Mars Hill College; Women ' s Glee Club 3, 4; Student National Education Association 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4. THOMAS, LESLIE HEUSTESS 204 VaiKc Sl. rl, I ..uiinlmrg. N. C. Il.-,„..„l,n. l l,ual, ,n Student F,iui,iii,.ii ss,,ciation; Asso- ciation of Childhood Education. THOMAS, SYLVIA LEIGH Hiddenite. N. C. Mathematics Math Club; Baptist Student Union; Student Na- tional Education .Association; Intramurals; Hall Monitor 1 . THOMPSON, ALLAN EUGENE Route 2. Pnlkt..n. N. C. P i.vsicnl EJnc.lioii THOMPSON, DEANNA KAY R.iute 9, Box 13. Charlotte. N. t. E( .-.n,-«(,.rv E.lMc.itioi. THOMPSON, JAMES CLIFFORD, JR. 211 West 6th Avenue. Gastonia, N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. THRASHER, JAMES MARTIN P. O. Box 662. Kannapolis, N. C. Business Eiiicciition National Education Xssncialion; Wresthng Team I, 2; Phi Beta Lanibila; Intramurals: Softball 1. 2, 3; Basketball 1. 3; Wrestling 3, 4; Foot- ball 1, 2. 3; Young Republicans Club 1; Math Club 1; Baptist Student Union. TICKLE, CAROLYN ELEANOR Box 45, NVnvell. N. C. Elententary Education House Council 2, 3; May Court 3; National Education Association 3; Baptist Student Union TIMBERLAKE, BARBARA ELLEN SOI West .Main Street. Elizabeth Citv, N. C. Biology RliODoDE.NDRON Staff; Highland Biologists; Dean ' s List; Junior .Marshal. TODD, LORETTA ANN 5905 Plank Road. Charlotte, N. C. Elementary Edtication National Education ,- ssociation. TORT, MARY ELLEN 2095 Portland .Avenue. Scutch Plains. N. J. English Newman Club; Band; Glee Club; National Education Association. TROUTMAN, RACHEL LAVANN 202 Rockwell Road. Concord. N. C. Special Education Transfer from Mars Hill College; -Appalachian Chorale 3. 4; Council for Exceptional Children 3. 4; Baptist Student Union 3. 4; B.S.U. Tour- ing Choir 3, 4 (Associate Director 4). TURNER, DOUGLAS EUGENE 361 Gricc Street. Shelby, N. C. Physical Education Junior Marshal 3; Intramural Assistant 3, 4; Fellowship of Christian .Athletes 2, 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 3, 4; Intramural Football 1. 2, 3; Intramural Softball 2; Dean ' s I ist 2. 3. TUTTLE, FRANCES GAIL Route 1, Lewisville, N. C. E(ement,irv Erfncalion National Education Association 4; .Association of Childhood Educatir.n 4. UTLEY, VIRGINIA O ' BRIEN 40R Banks Street, (.raham. N. C:. Primary Fducalinn National Education . ssociation 3. Chen.isin Appalachian Chemistry Society-. VAN STEENBEECK, PAULETTE 1539 Grant Street. Hollywood, Ela. Elemetitary Education X ' ernician Society; A ' omen ' s .- thletic Associa- tion: House Council; LibraO " Science Club; Na- tional Education .- ssociation. WADDELL, REGINALD KEITH 215 Belmarc Drive. Spartanburg. S. C. Pliysic! E lircilion WALL, TROSSIE WATKINS, JR. Route 3. Graham. N. C. Biology Transfer; Highland Biologists Club 3. 4 (Re porter 4); Intramural Football 4; National Edu cation .Association 3, 4. WALLACE, BRENDA ANN P. O. B,.x 54. Iludsun. N. C. English Appalachian Debating Union 1. 2. 3. 4 CSecre tary- 1, 2, President and Captain 3, 4); Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4 (Vice President 2, Presi dent 3, 4); Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; Junior Counselor; Who ' s Who .4ino«g Students in American Universities and Colleges: Appalachian Staff. WALTER, HAROLD ALBERT Route 2, Box 201. Rockwell, N. C. Physical Educatiott Transfer from Wingate; Basketball; Intramurals. WALTERS, RICHARD ARLINGTON River Street. B.ione. N. C. Industrial Arts Chorale 3. Industrial . rts Club 3, 4. WARF, JANET ELAINE 7 Harvard Place. Asheville, N. C. Elen.enl.irv Ediicntion Young Republicans Club I; National Education Association 3; Dean ' s List; House Council. WARREN, JOYCE MARIE Route 2. Stonv Point. N. C. Physical Education WASHAM, IDA CAMILLE 6932 Daniel Lane. Charlr.tte. N. C. Elementary Educatum Transfer from Pfeiffer College; National Educa- tion .Association 1, 2, 4; .MSM 1. 2. WASHBURN, JAMES MARION Route 3, Box 267, Marion. .N. C. Mathematics .Math Club; Student National Education Asso- ciation. WASHBURN, JOHN STERLYN 713 Yancev Street. -Marion. .N. C. Business Educatim, Dean ' s List; Junior Marshal; Business Club; Intramural Football and Basketball. WATERS, NANCY EDGERTON Route 2, Rutherfordton. N. C. Elementary Eduealinn Transfer from Gardner-Webb College. WATKINS, MERVLYN DIANA 605 Pineview Drive. Raleigh. N. C. Business Education Dean ' s List I, 2, 3. 4; National Education As- sociation 3, 4; House Council 3; .Alpha Chi 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Pi Omega Pi 4. WATSON, MILDRED WEATHERS Route 5, Box 99. Shelbi. N. C. Home Economic ' . Home Lcnomics ( hih. WATTERSON, CAROL SISK ' an-Ka Apt. I. Route 1, N. C:. English Transfer from Gardner- Webb Junior College. WATTS, CHRISTINA JAMES 20 Camp Rotary Road, t;iistonia, N. C:. English WEBB, JOHN PLATT Route 3. Box 504. Rockingham, N. G. Le Ccrcle I r , C ltd,. WEBB, NANCY RENN 706 Bradford Drn c. t harlotte. N. C. Elementary Education of C ' hildhood Education; National Education .Association; Wesley Foundation (Ist X ' ice-President); - lpha Chi; Religious Council (President); Chi Lambda Chi: House Council; Junior Counselor: Juninr WESLEY, PATRICIA CAROL 1145 Utah Blvd., Orlando, Ela. Primary Education National Education .Association. WEST, DOLORES ANN 410 Hillside Drive. Greensboro. N. C. Business Education National Education Association 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Rhododen- dron Staff 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1; Dean ' s List 1; Flying Fish I. 2, 3. 4 (Vice- President 2, Treasurer 3. President 4). WEST, NORA CLARICE Box 205, Marble, N. C. Library Science Baptist Student LInion 3, 4; Library Science Club 3, 4; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 4. Primiiry Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3. 4 (Social -Ac- tions Chairman 4); BSU Touring Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; National Education .Association 2, 3, 4 (Program Chairman 4); Student Residence As- sociation 3. 4 (Treasurer 4 ' .; Dorm President 3; Glee Club 2. 3. WHITE, FRED SIDNEY 320 Mitchell Avenue. Salisbury. N. C. I hrs,cal Education Baseball 1, 2. V 4: Mens " " Club 3. 4; als I. 2. 3. 4. IVlt.i Pcla Sigma 3. 4. Rou ; Ed: Phi Beta Lambda 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; Student National Education .As- sociation 3; Christmas Court 4; Rhoix dendron Staff 4; Junior Counselor 3. WHITE, JOSEPH MICHAEL 1212 -Magnolia Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Plivsicol Education Transfer from the University of North Carolina Football 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; lonogran Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3. WHITE, JOYCE ANNE Route 1, Casir. N. C. French French Club. Page Tti ' o Hundred Eighty-eight SENIOR STATISTICS Club. WHITE, ROBERT ROY 611 Westwood Avenue. High Point. N. C. Political Science Playcrafters 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Vice President of the Junior Class: Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4; Debating Team 2; Stu dent National Education Association 3, 4. WILCOX, JAMES BRADLEY 301 Beach Street, Lenoir, N. C. Business Education Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4. WILES, EDDIE LEWIS 404 Farthing Street, Boone. N. C. Prii.i.irv Ed Collegiate Ci ' WILEY, MARY LILLIAN 1108 Lee Avenue. Kannapolis. N ' . C. Elementary Education Women ' s Glee Club 3; Xational Education As- sociation 3, 4. WILLIAMS, BILL HENRY Harrisburg. N. C. Mathematics Alpha Psi Omega; Student Council; Chi Lamb- da Chi. WILLIAMS, DELMAS VINNON Route 1. Pleasant Garden. N. C. Mathematics Basketball; Collegiate Civic Club. WILLIAMS, JULIA KAY Route 2. Mill Spring. X. C. Home Economics I lome Economics Club. WILLIS, IVA LEE Route 3. Mars HiU, N. C. Home Economics House Council 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Young Republicans Club 1, 2, 3. WILLIS, MARY ELIZABETH Route 5, Box 192 C, Morganton, N. C. Speech Appalachian Staff I; Appalachian Radio Work shop 3; College Theatre 3. WILSON, EARLINE Route I, Box 27, Fair Bluff, N. C. Mathematics lb C lull; . .ili(,n,d Education .Association. M. WILSON, REBECCA ELLEN 207 S. 3rd Street, Mebane, N. C. Physical Education .Modem Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretar - 4); Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, J, 4; Na- tional Education Association 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Pep Club 2; Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track and Field 1, 2, 3, 4; VoUeyball 1, 2, 3, 4; 1st Place Tennis Intramurals; Junior Marshal; Dean ' s List. Young Democrats Club 1, 2; Intramural Sports 1 , 2; .Moderator WF for the Svnod of Appala- chian 4; Religious Council 3; Business Club 4. WINECOFF, JUDY LANEER 632 East Front Street. Statesville. i . C. Mathematics WINKLER, WANDA LORRAINE Route 5, Box 290, Lenoir, N. C. Business Educatioti National Education -Association 4; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4 (President 4 ; Pi Beta Lambd.i 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4. WITHROW, GLENN SCOTT Box 192, Ellenboro, N. C. Social Science Young Democrats Club 2. 3. 4 (V ' ice President 3, President 4); International Relations Club 2, 3. 4; National Education Association 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Intramural Sports. murals; Glee Club; Hall Monitor. WOODRING, CHARLES DENNIS Route 1. Catawba. X. C. Arts Industrial Arts Club 3, 4; National Industrial . rts Association 3, 4; N. C. Industrial -Arts .As- sociation 4. WOODY, PATRICIA ANN Route 2, Bakersville, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, Reporter 4); Delegate to NCHEA State Con- ention 3, 4; Delegate to NCHE.A College Chapters Spring Workshop: National Education .Association 3, 4. WOOTEN, ELIZABETH GAYLE Route 2. Box 412, Lenoir, N. C. Elementary Education National Education .- ssociation. WOOTEN, PATRICIA DORSETT Route 2, Box 227, Boonville, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2: Student National Education .Association 3. 4. WORLEY, HARRY SAM, JR. 600 Burton Street. Dan ille. a. Plivsicnl Edlicatioii Itansfer from North Greenville Junior College. WRIGHT, JOHN ARTHUR 28 Westville Avenue, Caldwell, N. J. Business Education Men ' s " -A " Club; Football Manager; Newman Club (President 41; Religious Council (Secre- tary); Business Club. WYANT, IDA MAE Route 3, Box 27, Vale, N. C. Health and Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3; Intramural Assistant 3, 4; Intramural Council 3, 4. WYNN, CAROL JEAN 111 Montford St.. .Aberdeen, N. C. Social Studies Coed of the Month. 1963; Math Club 1; Intra- murals 2. 3, 4; National Education Association. YORK, DONALD ROY 442 Westcott Drive. Winston-Salem, N. C. Physical Education Baseball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2. 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Nominated by Pep Club as " Athlete of Year 1964 " for Soccer. Music Marching Band 2, 3; Varsity Band 2; Appa- tones 2. 3; Chorus 3. 4; Wind Ensemble 3, 4; Concert Band 4; MENC 2. 3 (Vice-President 4); Chi Lambda Chi 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, YOUNG, REVEL PAUL 941 Stanley Road, Mt. Airy. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda 3. 4; Intra als 1. YOUNT, VICKI B. Route 1. Box 15, Granite Falls, N. C. English Intramural Softball 1; Junior Marshal 3; A palachian 3; Psychology Club 3. YOUNTS, PHYLLIS LANE Box 260 A, Pinnacle, N. C. Elementary Education YOUNTS, WOOOROW WILSON, JR. 901 E. Sunrise Avenue. Thomasville. N. C. Education Intramurals I, 3, 4. ZANGARI, CAROL FRANCES 1201 West 26th Court, Riviera Beach, Fla. Social Studies Pane Two Hundred Eighty-mue INDEX Administration 16 d ' ertisements 259 Alpha Chi 151 Alpha Psi Omega 155 The Appalachinn 202 Appalettes 149 Appalachian Chemistry Society 158 Appalachian Debating Union .154 Art Guild 164 Association of Childh ood Education 163 Athlete of the Year 97 Baptist Student Union 70 Baseball 190 Basketball 130 Beta Beta Beta 159 Campus Superlatives 252 Canterbury Club 71 Cercle Francais 156 Cheerleaders 84 Chess Club 169 Chi Lambda Chi 150 Chorale 147 Christmas Court 138 Co-Ed of the Year 142 College Staff 37 Collegiate Civic Club 152 Commuters 106 Concert Band 144 Dedication 14 Department Heads 21 Dorm Life 107 Faculty 24 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 73 FIving Fish 98 Football 78 Freshman Class 46 Golf 196 Graduation 257 Llighland Biologists 158 flomccoming Court 86 Home Economics Club 169 House Presidents 68 Hutton Humboldt 159 Industrial Arts Club . 165 International Relations Club 161 Junior Class 172 Junior Counselors 68 Junior Marshals 256 Library Science Club 162 Lutheran Student Association 72 Majorettes 85 Married Students 105 Marching Band 145 Math Club 161 May Court Men ' s Athletic Association Men ' s Athletics Men ' s Chorus Men ' s Tennis Team Mixed Chorus Modern Dance Music Educators National Conference National Education Association 206 92 93 148 198 146 99 146 163 The New Group 149 Newman Club 72 Nurses 36 Orchestra 147 Pep Club 96 Phi Beta Lambda 160 Pi Delta Phi 156 Pi Gamma Mu 161 Pi Kappa Delta 154 Pi Omega Pi 160 Playcrafters 155 Plays and Programs 100 Popular Programs 102 Psychology Club 168 Religious Council 69 Residence Counselors 36 The Rhododendron 204 Senior Class 212 Senior Class Superlatives 254 Senior Directory 279 Sigma Delta Pi 157 Sigma Tau Omicron 166 Soccer 90 Sophomore Class 112 Spanish Club 157 Special Education Club 168 Student Council 74 Student Life 104 Student Residence Association 166 Swimming 1 36 Track 194 Vernician Stxriety 153 Wesley Foundation 70 Westminster Fellowship 71 Who ' s Who Aviono Students in American Universities and Colleges 250 Wind Ensemble 144 Women ' s Athletic Association 94 Women ' s Chorus 148 Women ' s Intramural Sports 95 Wrestling 134 Yosef 76 Young Democrats Club 167 Young Republicans Club 167 Young Women ' s Christian Association 73 ifif Two Hundred Niiifd

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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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