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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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COLLEGE LIBRARY Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, N. C. .o 1. . 576 rpj. . , j. ,. LIBRARY Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, N. C. yf 1 . - LIBRARY Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, N. Gi f: :if o NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE ANNUAL i RMO EMD ROM VNnOilVD HlilON ' 3N00a ' 3031103 Sil3HDV3i A C K ' ; ' -lis M - ii-l- lliX ' P = It can ' t he raining . was out a minute asp! Empty halls await the eight o ' clock hell to hegin anew the quest for JaiowJediie. Homecoming highlights a superb ASTC Marching Band. WE LIVE, LOVE, STUDY, LAUGH, CRY, and Ha ■ 4!i FIND OURSELVES. ' ' With unrelenting crescendo, the symphony of a life replete with melodic progression hastens to its finale And a friendship that is ours to share, ivith its iargos ' and allegros ' moves eierlastino- o onnard in siveet memories " ANON. To a man and woman who have through their service, instruction, and genuine Friendly interest in e erv student, made us feel a part ot the Appalachian Family, we the 1963 Rhododendron Staff, representing the whole family, proudly present this publication to Mr. and Mrs. John Welborn. ' ci c Thirteen ADMINISTRATION n o THE SCH 0®L syoiNnI«SiioiN3S ■k jnast.. ; Dr. W. H. Plemmons, A.B, A.M, Ph.D., LLD. [H-!v. ■|ii r P . 1 ■Pr , vj.- ' H HH B B 3f 11 T n 1 , ' L 1 ■ rny H H JH ADMINISTRATION James D. Rankin A.B., A.M., D.S.T.D. President Emeritus D. Bernard Dougherty B.S. VicePresideiit and CoviptroUer I), |. W IIITENER A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of College Herman R. Egcers A.B., M.A. Registrar Gratis D. Williams A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Graduate Stuilies y 4MSW% J y y iMa. ie G. Edmisten B.S., M.A. Dean of Wovien J. Braxton Harris A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Assistant Registrar James E. Stone B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Director of Siiiinner Sessions and Extension Robert L. Breitensiein B.Ed. Dean of Me]i J. F. BOZABD B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Instruction Robert T. Allen, Jr. A.B. Director of Foundations. Public Relations and News Bureau Catherine Smith B.S., M.A.Ed. Art F. Ray Derrick B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology James F. Jones A.B., M.A. Business Edjication Orus R. Sutton B.S., M.A. Business Education Woodford G. Sink A.B., M.S., Pli.D. Chemistry Ben H. Horton, Jr. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Gra ' don p. Eggers B.A., A.M., Ph.D. English J. Roy Prince B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Marv Brown Allgood B.S., M.S. Home Econutnici David A. Rigskv B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts Ila T. Justice A.B., B.S., M.E. Library Science 0. Paul Sanders B.A., M.S.. Ph.D. Mathem.itics William G. Spencer B.M.Ed., M.A., Ed.D. Music Marshall L. Walters B.S., M.A. Physical Education Wiley F. Smith A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Psychology 1. C. Yoder B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies T O DEPARTMENT HEADS 1 Bv ' nr d M hiJt k Page Twenty F A c u L T Y ]. Paul Bagley B.S., M.A. Education John G. Barden A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education Annie Mae Blackburn B.S., M.A. Business Education Ruby Akers A.B., M.A. English Ellis G. Bo. tmon A.B., M.A. Social Studies M. Adnan Alamuddeen B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Ben G. Bosworth, ] B.S.Ed., M.A., Ed.O: Education [R. Dorothy- Atwell B.M., M.A. Music RoNNY L. Brooks B.S. Physical Education Gelene a. Atwood A.B. Chemistry Joseph E. Bryson A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. Education I. W. Carpenter, Jr. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology G. T. Buckland B.S., M.A., D.Ed. Mathematics J. Lou Carpenter A.B., M.S. English Helen Burch A.B., M.A. Social Stitdies Walton S. Cole B.A., M.M. Music Alma Burkett B.S., M.A. English Francis Cook B.A., M.A. English Robert E. Calvert A.B. Social Studies Beulah Campbell A.B., M.A. Education 19 6 3 A rm - V? John Cokey B.S., M.A. Education James H. Duncan B.S. Physical Education Grace M. Councill B.S., M.A. Education Daisy W. Eggers B.S., M.A. English Eric DeGroat B.S., M A. Physical Edncaticm Terry E. Epperson. Jr. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Social Studies Alfred M. Denton, Jr- B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Nicholas Erneston B.M.Ed., M.M., Ph.D. Music J. Max Dixon A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Robert H. Falls B.A.. M.S. Social Studies Edwin S. Dougherty B.S., M.A. Social Studies Elizabeth Fox B.M.. M.M.Ed. Music r ' - r 1 ' " - sr ' =5= V - yw r ' (T D ( k k M 4Xfedrj David French B.S., M.F.A. English Frances S. Fulmer A.B., M.A. Mathem:ttics William E. Fulmer A.B., Ed.M., Ed.D. Education Edward H. Gibson, III A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Richard X. Gurley B.Ch.E., M.S. Physics Christy D. Hale B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Education ]. Edward Harrill A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Education Martha G. Hawkinson B.S., M.A. Business Education Walter A. Hawkinson B.S., M.A. Mathematics Cleone H. Hodges A.B., M.S. Physical Education David R. Hodgin A.B., A.M. English Francis L. Hoover B.S., M.A., D.P.E. Physical Editcatimi Rena C. Hoover A.B., M.A. Social Sttidies Earny p. Hotard, 1r. B.M., M.M. Music Charles L. Isley, 1r. B.S., M.A. Music (ames E. Johnson B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chemistry ■ " ■■ ■ ' --T ' , w hdrh Isabel F. Iones B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. Ed ication John M. Justice A.B., A.M. Social Sttidies Tames D. Lacy B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Education Robert G. Light B.S., M.S. Physical Education Virginia W. Linney B.M., M.M. Music John P. MacBryde A.B., M.A. English Arnold D. McEntire B.S., M.A. Mathematics Robert B. McFarland B.S., M.A. Education Carl G. Meeks B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Physical Education Eloise C. Melton A.B., M.A. Social Studies Jack R, Melton A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education Jane Mereovth B.S., M.A. Physical Education W. Dean Meredith A.B., M.Ed. Education Carl J. Messere B.S., M.A. Business Education Frank A. Meyer B.S., M.S. Physical Education George B. Miles B.S., Ph.D. Chemistry Into your hands, young minds — some eager for knowledge, others resisting — come to be kneaded and molded into men and women with direction for life. Page Twenty-foiir LIBRARY Appaisehlafi State Teachers College Boona, N. C. Robert H. Newall B.A., M.A. English Eunice Query A.B., M.A. Library Science Clyde C. Owen B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts Beatrlx B. Ramey B.S., M.A. Education Malcolm Partin A.B., M.A. Social Studies ]. Frank Randall A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Paul B. Patterson B.S.. M.Ed., Ph.D. Mathematics Robert L. Randall B.S., M.A., C.A.S. Education Uberto Price B.S., M.A. Education Lee F. Reynolds B.S., I LA., Ed.D. Education John A. Pritchett, Jr. A.B., M.A. Education Madge Rhyne B.S., M.S. Home Economics Leo K. Pritchett A.B., M.Ed. Socio Studies Jane Riner B.S., M.A. Business Education r " 0 % r s o r ' ■ % t . . t iri »»• ir;i Janice Robertson B.S. Home Economics Hoyt W. Safrit B.S., M.A. Music Orlan Sawey B.S., i LA., Ph.D. English James W. Sawyer B.S., ALA. Erfiicntion Ci ' rles Scruggs A.B., M.A. Foreign Language NOLLIE W. Shelton B.S., ALA. Education Loris Shipman B.A., B.S., M.A. English Starr N. Stacy ' B.S., M.A. Mathematics Emmett R. Stapleton B.A., M.Com.Ed., Ed.D. Social Studies Rebecca Tomlinson B.S., M.A., D.P.E. Physical Education Frank Steckel B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts Samuel B. Travis B.S., M.A. Mathe natics Ben F. Strickland B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Education William F. Troutman, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Jr. Frederic L. Tarleton B.S.E.E. Mathematics Kathr -n Tullv A.B., M.A. Business Education Roger E. Thomas B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education Ina W. Van Noppen B.S., M.A., Ed. D. Social Studies - |onN I. Van Noppen, III A.B., M.A., Ed.D. English Teunis Vergeer A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Mary ]o W ' alkup B.S., M.S. Physical Education Maryo Walters B.S. foreign Language R. W. Watkins B.S., M.A. Physical Education iR. O. Kenneth Webb. B.A., B.D. Social Studies Vivian W. V ' elborn B.S., M.S. Home Economics Rogers V. Whitener B.S., M.A. English Elizabeth Williams B.S. Art Page Twenty-seven COLLEGE STAFF Mary Edith Bell Justice Hall Nina IM. Martin Nurse Cecil Tester Traffic Manager Plennie B. Crouch College Hall Larry Penley Piihlic Informatiou Officer Arlie H. Thompson North Hall Ruth G. German East Hall Marvin Russell Traffic Manager Ethel G. Tyson Lovill Hall Mary E. Haralson Dauph-Blan Hall Mary S. Shook Nurse John VVelborn Cafeteria Manager Marjorie Kelly East Hall Emma Mart Taylor East Hall Dee R. Winkler White Hall ACCOUNTANTS AND SECRETARIES LIBRARY STAFF William L. Eury Librarian Richard T. Barker Circulation Librarian Allie a. Hodgin Reference Librarian Mary Huff Cataloger Zeb V. Shook Acquisitions Librarian Betty Teem Curriculum Laboratory Librarian r ijjiSc -a8 ' feA k ■9 V E JBi T H r v. %U1 m ' . • ' l B ' jA—gv - ' -ijgaH B m m K - g ttf Ssf BBkJ! I Vote FOR LENTZ SENIORS J? .:M MSi hi ' H S E N 1 o R O F F C E R S Ken I low ell President Bob York Vice-President Gerri Gordon Secretary lovcE Wilson Treasurer J Z ' N O R Rebecca Charlene Adams Yadkinville Primary Education Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats Club, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 1; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3. 4; National Education Association 4. JoLENE Harris Allen Forest City Business Educution House President; Student Resident Association; Young Women s Christian Association, Treasurer; Baptist Student Union; Dean ' s List; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Omega Pi. Sandra Lee Allen Charlotte Horns Economics National Education Associat: 2, 3, 4; House Council 3; V Cail Anneal Andrews Lenoir Business Education Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 2; Junior Counselor 3. Vale Betty Jean Anthony .Mils Band: Mixed Chorus; Wo Cho Jack Martin Armistead Yorktown, Va. Physical Educatioti and Social Studies Shirley Ann Atkins Black Mountain Elementary Education Varsouvianna Club 1; National Education Association 3. 4; Librar Science Club 3, 4. James W. Bailey Warrenton, Va. Biology and Science Young Democrats Club 1, 3, 4; Science Club 1. 4; Chemical Societj ' 4. Slisan Darlington Bandy Newton Primary Education Arthur Glenn Barber Salisbury Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club. Nancy Elizabeth Barber Charlotte Primary Education Kent Wayne Barker Roaring Ri er Elementary Education Baseball 1, 2, 3; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3. Donald Leon Barnhardt Oakboro Elementary Education and Physical Education Joann B. Earnhardt Oakboro Mathematics and Science Priscilla Annette Beam Cherry ille Science Band 1, 2; Chemical Societ ' 2; National Education .Association 4: Science Club 1; Freshman Representative to Lyceum Committee; Homecoming Court 1; Westminster Fellowship 1. 2. P o r ' k ) 19 Kenneth Lawrence Beard Lenoir Biology and Science Roger Walton Beeker Lexington Industrial Arts Transfer from Lees McRae College; Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, President 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Delegate to American Indus- trial Arts Fair 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Carolyn Ann Benfield Lenoir Business Education Carol Ann Benn Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Elementary Education Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College; Playcrafters 3, 4; Na- tional Education Association 4; Intramural Sports 3; Alpha Psi Omega 4. Brenda Sue Benton Concord Mathematics and Social Studies Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Math Club 4; Appalachian Staff 2; House Council 3, 4. Eva Sue Billings Traphill Home Economics House Council 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Membership Chairman 3, President 4; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4; Delegate to State NCHEA Convention 3, 4. Larry Dean Billings Winston-Salem Social Studies Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; House President 2; Stu- dent Council 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2. Brenda F. Blackburn Todd Library Science Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 1; Young Democrats Club 2, 3: Alpha Chi 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice- President 4; House Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary ' 2; House President 4; Student Residence Association 4; Library- Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Vernician Society 4; Junior Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uiiiversitifs and Colleges 4. Marilyn Dianne Blackwelder Concord Elementary Education Band 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Chorus 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 4. Patricia M. Blackwell Asheville Elementary Education and Library Science House Council 2, 3; Vernician Society 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Library Science Club 4; National Education Association 4. Margaret Phyllis Blake Troy Elementary Editcation Westminster Fellowship 1; Young Women ' s Christian Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Vernician Society 2. 3; Junior Counselor 3; House Vice President 4; Student Resident Association 4. Linda Morris Blakely Troy Spanish Spanish Club 3, 4; House Council 3. RoNDA Duane Bledsoe Fleetwood Elementary Education Carolyn Blevins North Wilkesboro Mtisic Women ' s Chorus; Band; Orchestra; M.E.N.C.; Baptist Student Union; Junior Counselor. Tyra Edward Bowers Hays Elementary Education Rlith Boyte West Jefferson Business Education Junior Marshal 3; Pi Omega Pi 3. 4, Secretary 4; Baptist Student LInion; Scholarship Recognition Day 2, 3. James M. Boyte Carthage Social Studies President Freshman Class; Student Council I; Veterans Club I, 2, 3, President 3. Barbara Jo Bowman Marion Primary Education Bill Dean Br. dley Gaffney, S. C. Business Education Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 2, 3; Men ' s " A " Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Most Athletic Boy 4. Brenda Kay Bradley Gaffney. S. C. Business Education Homecoming Queen 4. Martha Ellen Brady Greensboro English Appalachian StafE, Business Manager 4; Vemician Society; Junior Counselor; House Council; National Education Association. Larry Brewer Boone Physical Edtication and Social Studies Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Swimming Team 1. Trainer 1. 2. 3. 4. Robert Louis Bridges Charlotte Social Studies Stanley Charles Brookes Hillside, N. J. Physical Education and Social Studies Student Council; Soccer Team; Swimming Team; Assistant Dorm Manager; House Council; Who ' s Who Among Students in Atnericmi Uiih-ersilies and Colleges. Benjamin L. Brown Rhodhiss Mathematics Transfer from North Carolina State College; Debate Team 3; Literary Society 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Math Club 4; International Relations Club 4. Bobby Wilmer Brown Elkin Elementary Education Association of Childhood Education; National Education Association. Dorothy Fort Brown Winston-Salem Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship; House President 1; Stude nt Resident .Association. President 4; National Education .Association. Jack D. Brown Fresno, Ohio S c a ' Studies Intramural Sports; Pi Gamma Mu; International Relations Club. John Brice Brown, Jr Landis English Westminster Fellowship; Mixed Chorus. Leslie M. Brown Marion Socio Stiidies Playcrafters 1. Robert Stanley Brown Charlotte Social Studies Transfer from North Texas State College; International Relations Club; National Education Association. Bett ' Jean Buchanan Bakersville Elementary Education National Education Association. Phyllis Diane Bulla Asheboro Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Wesley Foundation; House Council. Sarah A. Bunn Charlotte Library Science Library Science Club 2, 3, 4, Secretar;- 4; Rhodooendron Staff 4; National Education Association 4. Barbara Anne Burgess Ramseur Elementary Education National Education Association 2, 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Baptist Student Union 1,2, 3, 4. Rebecca J. Pugh Blirgess West Jefferson .Miisic Transfer from X ' irginia Intermont College; Vemician Society 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 4; Mixed Chorus 3. 4; MENC 4; Orchestra 4; Modern Dance Club 3. N O R Patricia Faye Burgin Asheville English House Council; National Education Association. Stergil Jerome Bush Statesville English Transfer Student. K.ATY Leigh Busic Pinev Creek Horn? Ecouomics Home Economics Club; National Education Association; Intramural Sports. Charles R. Byrd Asheboro Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Intramural Sports. Ruby Ann Byrd Elkin Primary Educaticm Mike Cagle Landis Mathematics and Science Mabel Ruth Calloway Wilber Library Science Library Science Club 1, 2, 4; Baptist Student Union 1. Charles L. Campbell , , Charlotte Science Transfer from Mars Hill Junior CollcRc. Ellen Kirk Canipe Kinston Primary Education House Council; National Education As; Barbara Louise Capps Hendersonville Hem? Economics Club; National Education Association. BoARDMAN H. Caraway, Jr. Miami Springs, Fla. Biology Intramural Sports I; Beta Beta Beta }, 4. Vice President 4. Carolyn Edward Carpenter Cherryville Biology UnderKraduate . ssistant in Biologv Department 3. 4; Chemical ScLi.iv 1, 4; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, President t; Alpli.i (hi 3, 4; irnician Society 4; Religious Council 4; rsimmsi, i I cllow- ship 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; National Ediuiinn, ss,n,,ition 4, Scholastic Recoenition Day 2, 3; Women ' s AlliKlic X s.iLiation 1; Drill Team 4; Wesley Foundation 1; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges 4. Elizabeth Ann Carpenter Dallas Primary Ediicaticm Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 1: Young Democrats Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor 3; National Education tion 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4; Pi Mu 3, 4. Gastonia Wilma Mildred Carpenter Marioi Elementary Education |ui)Y E. Carpenter Home Economics II. .me Economics Club; Westminster Fellowship; Religious Council; Association; House Council; N O R James W. Carr Danville, Va. Biology Constance LeNeil Carson Statesville Elementary Education Vemician Society 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 4; Women ' s Ath ' etic Association 1; National Education Association 4; House Council 3. Sylvia Layne Carson Cherryville Biology Chemical Society 1; Religious Council 2; National Education Asso- ciation 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3: Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 4; Orchestra 1; House Council 1, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Undergraduate Assistant in Biology Department. Peggy Diane Chappell Jonesville Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; Librar - Science Club; Association of Child hood Education. E. Franklin Childress Winston-Salem English and Socal Studies Spanish Club; National Education Association; International Re- lations Club. Lljcy Gadd Choate Charlotte Elementary Education National Education Association. James Alfred Christenbury Long Island Ala ' .hematics and Science Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3. 4; Collegiate Civic Club I. 2. 3; Math Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3, Vice-Chief. WiLLARD D. Christy Kannapolis English Young Men ' s Christian Association 1; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3. Albert Mickey Church North Wilkesboro Social Studies Lizzie Mae Church North Wilkesboro Primary Education Association of Childhood Education; Library Science Club. JuANiTA Phyllis Clark Crossnore Mathematics Math Club 2, 3, 4; Rhoix deni ron Staff 2, 3; National Education Association 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4; Bap- tist Student LInion 3, 4. Orion Michael Click, Jr Woodleaf Business Education Carole Clodfelter Cloniger Thomasville Alathematics Joseph M. Cockram Meadows of Dan, Va. Mathematics and Physical Education Virginia Ann Coe Dobson Social Studies and English Modem Dance Club 3, 4, Secretary 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2. 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 4. • Margaret Inez Coffey Granite Falls Elementary Education National Education Association; Association of Childhood Education. Nanci Carole Coggins New London Social Studies and Biology Debate Team 1; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Young RepubUcans Club 4. Marjorie Ann Cole Rutherfordton Mathematics and Science Appalachian Staff, News Editor, Reporter, Associate Editor; Junior Marshal, Chief; Math Club, Vice-President; Westminster Fellow- ship; Recipient of Freshman Math Award; House Coimcil; Dorm ' ice-President 1; Alpha Chi. Virginia Bliss Collis Chase City, Va. Elementary Education Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; Association of Childhood Education 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4. Carole Stafford Cook Black Mountain Elementary Education National Education Association 4; Appalachian Staff 2, 3: Junior Counselor 3. Gordon Michael Cook Kannapolis Social Studies Pi Gamma .Mu 2, 3; National Education .Association 3; Collegiate ( ivic Club 4. .Arvill G. Cornette West Jefferson Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College; National Education .Association; Young Republicans Club; Intramural Sports. Marv Tam. ra Cornwell Kings Mountain Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; National Education -Association; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Vemician Society 4; Mixed Chorus; College Chorale; Young Women ' s Christian .Asso- ciation. June Ridge Coward Liberty Primary Education Young Women ' s Christian Association, President 4; Religious Council 3, 4; National Education Association; Weslev Foundation; Junior Counselor 3; Women ' s Chorus 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; ' emician Society 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Bennie E. Cozort Morganton Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club; N.C.I.A.A.; A.I.A.A.; Collegiate Civic Club; Intramural Sports 4. Glenda Ann Craig Gastonia Elementary Education Transfer from Sacred Heart. A Iary Alice Craig Nebo Elementary Education Association of Childhood Education 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 3; National Education Association 4. R.amona Lee Craig Lenoir Primary Education and English Student Council 1, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretarj ' 2, 3; Freshman Class Secretar ' ; Debate Team I; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President 2; ' emician Society 1, 2. 3. 4; Young Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation 1, 2, 3. 4; Baptist Student Union; Scholastic Top Ten 1961; Junior Marshal 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Edwin Wooten Grain Greer, S. C. Physical Education Track Team; Intramural Sports. Johnsie Ann Crawford Elkin Business Education Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Historian 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2. 3, 4, Secretan- 4; House Council I; Baptist Student Union 1, 2. Victor E. Crawford Shelby Science Transfer From Gardner-Webb Junior College. W ' Eileen Creasy Pilot Mountain Primary Education Cheerleader 3; National Education .As,sociation 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary ' 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Young Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation 2, 3, Officer 3; House CouncU 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 3, 4. Betty Lou Crissman Siloam Mathematics and Social Studies .Math Club; National Education .Association. Now that we have reached the " top of the stairs " and life ' s door is awaiting our knock, we look back and wonder . . . Page Thirty-eight Martha Carol Daves Shelby Business Education National Education Association; Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omega Pi. Treasurer. Franklin Eugene Davis Pinnacle Elementary Education WiLMA Love Davis New Bern Elementary Edtication Wesley Foundation 1, 2. 3, 4; Junior Counselor i: National Edu- cation Association 4; Association of Childhotid Education 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3. Treasurer 4. Margaret Louise Deal Ferguson Elementary Edjicatioii National Education Association. Thomas Connolly Deal Wilkesboro Mathematics and Science Soccer Team: Men ' s " A " Club; Intramural Sports; Football and Basketball Official. Paul Morris Dellinger Newton Business Education Football Team I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Team 3, 4; Veterans Club 1,2, 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 2. Herbert Clinton Diggs Rockingham Physical Education Baseball Team 3, 4. Priscilla Baxley Diggs Rockingham Business Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College; Phi Beta Lamlxia 1. 2; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1, 2; Student Wives Club 4. Philip Oran Dodson Hillsboro Mathematics Ronnie Sanford Doster Charlotte Social Studies Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3, 4; Young Democrats Club. Barbara Ann Doub Winston-Salem Physical Education and Social Studies Playcrafters 1, 2; Debate Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 4. John C. Dover Clayton, Ga. Industrial Arts Transfer from Berry College; Industrial Arts Club; National Edu- cation Association. Phillip William Duke Leaksville Social Studies Dormitory Counselor 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2. Claude Edward Duncan Ellenboro Business Education Pi Omega Pi; Phi Beta Lambda. Linda Dawn Duvall Grassy Creek Business Education and Social Studies Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2; House Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2; Chi Lambda Chi 4: House President 3; Assistant Dormitory Hostess 4; Christmas Court 4. Anna Rebecca Eckard Hildcbran Elementary Education Alpha Chi. Phyllis Warren Edmiston Morrisville Elementary Education and Library Science James Robert Edwards Cedar Mountain Socio! Studies Transfer from Brevard College; National Education Association; Young Democrats Club. N O R Nancy Rebecca Edwards Union Mills Elementary Ediicatioti Appalachian Staff 1, 2, 3; Association of Childhood Education 3; Junior Marshal, Summer School 3. William B. Edwards, Jr Lexington Physical Editca ' ion and Social Studies Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3. 4. RuEY Gail Elledge Ferguson Primary Education Librar ' Science Club; National Education Association; House Council. Nora Christine Eller Purlear Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; House Council 2; Association of Childhood Education 4. Patsy Sue Eller Salisbury Primary Education National Education Association 1. 2. Recgie Hayden Eller North Wilkesboro Elementary Education Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Joe H. Elrod Boone Science and Mathematics Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Chi; Science Cluh; Junior Marshal. Carolyn Miller Ely Kannapolis Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4. Richard McCoy Ensley Winston-Salem Physical Education and Social Studies Basketball Manager 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3; Collegiate Civic Club 2. Martha Ann Ervin Newton Elementary Education and Social Studies Vemician Society 4. Tony O ' mara Ervin Kannapolis Business Education Dormitor ' Counselor 3; Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4; Student Residence Association 4. Martha McDowell Erwin Hickory Primary Education Transfer from Lenoir Rhyne College; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor 3; House Council 2. Edith Joanne Evans Sparta Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. Edna Mae Evans Mocksville Primary Education National Education Association; Young Democrats Club; West minster Fellowship. Frances Faircloth Asheboro Elementary Education Young Women ' s Christian .Association: National Education Asso- ciation; Association of Childhood Education. N O R Ron T. Fannon Beech Creek Science and Social Studies Rose Ellen Farrington Crcston Mathematics Modern Dance Club 2, 3, Publicity 3; Playcrafters !, 2. Richard Stanley Farris Bostic Science and Biology Avpalachian Staff 1, 2. 3, 4; Young Demociats Club 1, 2. 3. 4. President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3. Peggy Ann Felts North Wilkcsboro Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Baptist Student Llnion 1, 2, 3. 4; House President 4; Student Residence Association 4. Sandra Maxine Fleming Statesvillc Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4: Executive Council 3, 4; Rhoixjdexdron Staff 1,2, 3, 4, Junior Editor 3; Junior Counselor 3; Vemician Societv 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; X ' arsity BasketbaU, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Hauser Crews Flynt, Jr. W ' inston-Salcm Business Education Hand 1. 2, J. 4. Drum Major I, 2, 3, 4; Appatones 1, 2, 3, 4. lyce Mae Foard Charlotte Primary Education Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. Floyd Edward Foil Kannapolis Mathematics and Science Lutheran Student Association I. 2. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3; College Chorale 3, 4. Barbara Jane Forbes Castonia Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 2; Intramural Snorts 2. 3, 4; West- minster Fellowship 2; Flying Fish Club 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 4; Drill Team 4. Archie Dean Fowler Rock Hill, S. C. Mathematics aiid Social Studies Junior Marshal; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice President 4; ColleRiale Ci ic Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Betty B. Leonard Fowler Thomasville Social Studies and Physical Education Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Christmas Court 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Chief 2, 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2. 3; Who ' s Who in Baton Twirlers of America 1, 2, 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Amcricim llnirersities cmd CuUeaes 4. DiANNE LowRY Fowler Gaffney, S. C. Mathematics and Social Studies Junior Marshal 3. Edward Bruce Fowler Winston-Salem Social Studies Mary Loli Fowler Monroe Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship; Women ' s Chorus; Association of Child- hood Education; National Education Association. Shirley Maxine Fox Jefferson Elementary Education W omen ' s .Athletic Association; House Council. . - 1 f m -f ,1 irfe Doris iMatheny Francis EUenboro Elementary Education June Anne Franks Greensbori) Social Sliicties Betty Sue Frye Spruce Pinc Biisiness Education Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omega Pi. Ruby Jean Fuller Columbia, S. C. Music Wesley Fuundation 1, i: Secretary- Sophomore Class; B-nd 1; Alpha Lambda Sigma 1, 2; House Council 1; College Chorale 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 1. Kay Evelyn Fulp Walkertown Mathematics National Education Association. Elizabeth Rebekah Gentry Elkin English House Council 1; Baptist Student LTnion 1; AppaUichiini Staff 2; Playcrafters 2. Charles Willlam Gibbs Marion Mathematics Transfer from Brevard Junior College. Freda Jojuan Gillespie Bre ard English and Socal Studies Women ' s Athletic Association; Modern Dance; Young Democrats Club. ' ice-President; International Relations Club; Literary So- ciety; Science Club. James ThoiMas Gilmer Charlotte Social Studies and Science National Education .Association. Iames Laurence Gilreath ravlors illc Science end Physical Ediicalimi II I lA.M Robert Glasgow Longhurst Social Studies Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; Baptist Student Uniim; Intramural Sports. Donna AF Godfrey Charlotte Priiiiary Education Leonard Bradley Goodman Taylorsville Business Education Nancy Carolyn Goodnight China Grove Primary Education National Education Association 3. 4; I louse Council 1. Charles Baxter Gordon, III Monroe Social Studies N.vNCY Geraldine Gordon Monroe French 1-rcnch Club 3, 4, Secretary 3: Secretary lunior C lass; Secretary Senior Class; Inter-DormitoO " Council 3. Treasurer 3; Religious Council I. 2. 3, Secretary 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3. 4; House Council 1, 3, Secretary 1; Friendliest 4; May Court 4. Frances Maxine Grady Morganton Elem.eniary Education National Education Association 4; Association of Childhood Edu cation 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 4. Fred Daniel Gragg Boone Biology Football Team 1, 2: Baseball Team 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Junior Marshal 3; Science Club 1, 2. Sara Louise Graham Mount Ulla Elementary Education Women ' s Chorus; National Education Association; Westminster Fellowship; House Council; Junior Counselor. Eunice Irene Grant Turnersburg Eletnentary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; RHOtWDENDRON Staff 3, 4; Appalachiim Staff 2; Association of Childhood Education 2. Margaret Gail Gray Morganton Elementary Education Women ' s Chorus 1, 2, Treasurer 1; House Council 2. Betty Rene Greene Lewisville Mathematics Math Club 3, 4, Officer 4; Junior Counselor 3; Assistant Dormitory Hostess 4. Clara Lee Greene Dobson Social Studies Baptist Student Union 1; National Education Association 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4. Elizabeth Jane Greene Boone Music Transfer from Winsate Junior College; M.E.N.C. 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 4. James C. Greene Boone Science Intramural Sports; Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Chemical Society, Vice-President 4. Peter Sharpe Greene Blowing Rock Social Studies Richard Mack Greer Boone Physical Education Student Council; Intramural Sports; Baptist Student Union; Foot- ball Manager; Who ' s Who Amotig Students in Americtm Univer- sities and Colleges. Sara R. Greer Banner Elk Elementary Education Women ' s Athletic Association; National Education Association; Women ' s Chorus; Mixed Chorus. Jake F. Grigg Mars I lill Elementary Education Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. Sandra Elizabeth Grigg Shelby Elementary Ediication Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. Judy Lynn Grogan Charlotte Business Education Transfer from Brevard Junior College; Vemician Society. Mary Yoder Gurley Hickory Mathematics and Science Math Club I, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Rhododendron Staff 1. 2; Summer School Student CouncU 3. Stephen Lee Guy Maiden Mathematics and Science and Chemistry Chess Club 3, 4; Chemical Society 4; Math Club 4; Collcciatc Civic Club 4. John Maurice Gwaltney Taylorsville Science and Biology Baseball Team 1, 2; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemical Society 4. Nancy Elene Hager Statesville Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4, Assistant Intramural Director 3; Undergraduate Assistant in P. E. Department 4; Varsity Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. Earl Edward Hallman Bessemer Citv Elementary Education Student Council, Vice-President; National Education Association; .Association of Childhood Education; Young Democrats Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Mr. Appalachian 4. h k ri ' WfPP k 5 11 i k HP N O R ;j. Lynne Branch Hallyburton Valdese Library Science Library Science Club, Vice-President; National Education Associa- tion; House Council. Emma Joan Hampton Boone Priniwy Education Women ' s Chorus; Intramural Sports. Richard Eugene Hamrick Shelby Social Studies Transfer from Wake Forest College; International Relations Club 3; Intramural Sports 2; Baptist Student Union 2. Katherine Venable Hardister North VVilkesboro English and Physical Education Transfer from Columbia College. Ruby Loretta Hardy Raleigh Elementary Education National Education .Association 4; North Carolina Education Asso- ciation 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 4; House Council 1. 2; Women ' s -Athletic Association 1. Patricia DeViolet Hargette Wingate Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate College; Women ' s Chorus; Baptist Student Union. Esther Elizabeth Harmon Boone English Modem Dance Club 1. 2; Varsouvianna Club I, 2; National Edu- cation Association 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2. Robert Henry Harmon Boone English Appalachian Staff, Co-Editor Summer 1961. Steven Earle Harmon Bessemer City Science Science Club 2; Intramural Sports I, 2, 3; Baseball Team 2, 3; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3; Student Residence Association 3, 4; Dormitory Counselor 2, 3, 4. Linda Lee Harrill Lincolnton Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association; National Education Association; House Council; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Young Democrats Club; Modem Dance Club. Thomas Stearn Harrill Newton Social Studies Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; Younu Republicans Club 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Linda Marie Harris Stanley Elementary Education North Carolina Education Association; Modern Dance Club; Drill Team. Bill Harrold Hays English Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College; Intramural Sports. Charlotte Kay Hart Statesville Elementary Education Transfer from Mitchell Junior College; House Council 3, 4. Secretary 4. Carol Ann Perrell Hartley Woodleaf Primary Edjication And wonder at all that we have seen and touched and been a part of. Page Forty-six N O R Anna Belle Hartzog Deep Gap Elementary Educntioii Margaret Elizabeth Harwell Wilkesboro English Wesley Foundation. Foster Lee Hayes Mt. Airy Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Gale Haynes Barnardsville Social Studies Transfer from Anderson Junior College; National Education Ass. elation 3, 4, Co-Secretary 4. Judy Alice Hefner Catawba Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Library Science Club 3. Claude Gordon Helton Ellenboro Business Education Veterans Club. Mary Ruth Henderson Forest City Elementary Education National Education Association. Margaret Anne Hendricks Mocksville Horns Economics Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Chorus; Home Economics Club. Reita Waters Herndon I lenrietta Elementary Education Baptist Student Union: Rhoix deni ron Staff; National Education Association. Jessie Frances Hester Roxboro Primary Education Junior Counselor; North Carolina Education Association; Associa- tion of Childhood Education. Marie L. Hicks Boone Biology and Science Alpha Chi; Beta Beta Beta. Leroy Hill Thomasville Business Education Transfer from Brevard Junior CoIleRe. Peggy Ann Hill Ruthcrfordton Business Education Transfer from Mars Hill Junior ColleRe. Barbara Ann Hines RuthcrFordton £ng is i Julia Ann Hinshaw Thonias ' illc Elementary Education f H fl k ttv i ' t ], -f J James Tommy Hodges Yance) ' ' ille Physical Education and Social Studies Collegiate Civic Club 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorothy J. Hoffman Thomasville Primary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College. Judith Ann Hogsed Gastonia Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1,2, 3, 4. Pansy Elizabeth Holcomb Olin Elementary Education Spanish Club; Junior Marshal. John Phillip Holland Charlotte Social Studies and Physical Education Mary Joyce Holland Marion Library Science and Social Studies Library Science Club 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; House Council 2; RHOix DENlmON Staff 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2. Lois Holmes Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3, Intramural Manager 4; Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball Team 3. 4. Elizabeth Ann Hoover Lincolnton Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association; Modem Dance Club; National Edu- cation Association; Young Democrats Club; House Council. Peggy Jeane Hopkins North Wilkesboro Elementary Education Transfer from Emmanuel Junior College. Michael Vail Hough Leaksville Physical Education Young Democrats Club 2, 3, Vice-President 2, 3; International Relations Club 1, 2, Treasurer 2; President Junior Class; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Gloria Sue Houston Spruce Pine Music X ' ernician Society; Music Educators Club; MLxed Chorus; Band; Orchestra; Student Residence Association; Chi Lambda Chi; House President. Audrey Virginia Howell Wadesboro English National Education Association. Kenneth Kean Howell Taylors, S. C. Social Studies Transfer from North Greenville Junior College; International Re- lations Club 3, 4. Publicity Chairman 3, President 4; Junior .Marshal 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4, President 4; President of Senior Class; National Education Association 4; Dormitory Counselor 4; Who ' s Who Atnott Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; Most X ' aluable 4; Most Likely to Succeed 4. Larry Dean Howell Newdale Social Studies Joy Christine Hudson Kings Mountain Home Economics Home Economics Club. Shirley Rose Hudson Ennice Elementary Education Women ' s Chorus I, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1. Jewel Elizabeth Huffman Hickory Elementary Education Student Residence Association 4; House Council 1. 2, 4; Junior Counselor 3; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3. President 2; Religious Council 2, Secretary- 2; Vernician Society 1, 2, 3, 4; May Court 1. Barbara Jean Hughes Bakersville Elementary Education and Social Studies Women ' s Chorus. Sandra Dwiggins Hussey Kannapolis Elementary Education and Socia} Studies Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Modem Dance Club 1; National Education Association 1. Phyllis Ann Inman Canton English Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; National Education Asso ciation; ' emician Society. Nancy Jo Ivester Albemarle Social Studies and Library Science Pi Gamma Mu 3. 4, President 4; .-Vlpha Chi 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Library Science Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1; Math Club 2: Who ' s Who Amottg Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges 4. Brenda Joyce Jenkins Stony Point Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball and ' ollcyball 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 3. Ben Franklin Johnson, Jr Lexington Social Studies Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Tennis Team 2, 4. Linda Kay Johnson Statesvilie Elementary Education Modem Dance Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; National Edu- cation Association. P. Kathryn Jolly Thomasville Social Studies Transfer from Wingate Junior College. G. iL Celeste Jones Pinnacle Elementary Education National Education Association. Jerry Lee Jones Mooresville Music Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Bin 1 2; College Chorale 2; Orchestra 1, 4; M.E.N.C. 1, 2. 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 1. 2. Brenda Ann Joyce Mayodan Physic al Educa:ion and Social Studies Carolyn Jean Joyner Concord English Women ' s Chorus 3; Alpha Lambda Sigma 3; National Education Association 3; Baptist Student Union 1. 2, 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 2, 3; House Council 3. Mary Allen Keever Statesvilie Elementary Education National Education Association 2, 3, 4; Playcrafters 1. 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Janet Elizabeth Keller Lenoir Social Studies Appalachian Staff 4; Intramural Sports 3. 4. loYCE Lynette Keller Charlotte Business Education and Social Studies Carolyn Loliise Kelly Troutman Biisntess Education Phi Beta Lambda, Historian; Pi Omega Pi. Charles Kelly Statesvilie Science Intramural Sports; Collegiate Civic Club; Science Club. Sandra Lee Kendall Greensboro Elementary Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1; House Council 1: Canterbury Club 1, 2; Secretarj ' of Sophomore Class; Vemician Society- 1. 2. 3. 4, Officer 2, 3; Student Council 3. Recording Secretary Summer 3; School Council 3; Who ' s Who Amotig Students in American Universities and Colleges 3. Amy Louise Kepley ' Lexington Primary Education House Council 1; National Education .Association 3, 4; .-Mpha Chi 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Junior Marshal 3; Junior Counselor 3. N O R I ' r? ; ' ' = ? i ft ) •• . Mary Gail Kirkpatrick Waynesville Elementary Education Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3 Secretary 4; Alpha Chi 3. 4; Association of ChUdhood Education 4; Junior Marshal 3. Diane Eleanor Kuenzel North Wilkesboro Social Studies Transfer from Greensboro College; Homecoming Queen 2; Cheer- leader 3, 4, Chief 4. Georgia AnxN Landon Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4. Secretan- 4: Tennis Team 1. 2, 3, 4. Kay Frances Langston States Tlle Physical Education ' omen ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Secreta ' 3; Beta Beta Beta 3 4; Modem Dance Club 4; Varsitj- BasketbaU Manager 3; National Education Association 4. Judy Yvonne Lanier Dobson English Alpha Lambda Sigma 2. 3, 4. juANiTA Sue Lawrence Sugar Grove Primary EAucatioyt Sara Ann Lawson West Jefferson Elementary Education National Education Association; Junior Marshal. Barb. ra Joyce Leatherwood Waynesville Physical Education and Social Studies Majorette; Band; ' ernician Socict}-, Co-Publicity Chairman; Wesley Foundation; Student Residence -Association, Secretar -; Vice-Presi- dent of Dorm; Mouse Council; Christmas Queen; May Queen 4. Barron Wilson Lee Lincolnton Physical Education and Social Studies Student Council 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; State Baptist Student Union President 4; Religious Council 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3. President 4; Playcraflers 1, 2; Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4; IVIios 1(,„ , mo„n Ktudcils in American Universities mii f ulleges- 4. Betsey Hope Lee Shelby Primttry Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; Vemician Socien- 3, 4; Band 3. 4; Orchestra 3. 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. John Hilton Lester Raeford Physical Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College; National Education Asso- ciation; Intramural Sports. Rudolph Warren Lewis Saint Pauls Physical Education and Social Studies Football Team 1, 2; Swimming Team 1. William Terrell Lewis Rutherfordton Business Education James Council Lingle Conover Business Education and Social Studies Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Colltgiatc Civic Club 3, 4; Student Residence .Vssociation 4, Treasurer 4; Vice-President of Doris Litten Lincolnton Business Education Phi Beta Lambda. N O R Dorothy Irene Livingston Boomer Social Studies Dorothy Carolyn Logan Mooresboro Home Eco nomics Home Economics Club 2, Reporter; Women ' s Chorus I, 2, Reporter 2; Baptist Student Union I, 2; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3; Program Chairman 4; Assembly Committee 2, 3. Sarah Rosetta London Lavvndale Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 3; Women ' s Chorus 3, 4; Young Republicans Club 3; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4. Connie Wallace Long Union Mills Elementary Education Martha Elaine Love Concord Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3. 4; Young Women ' s Christiin Association 3. Carolyn Ray Lowder Norwood Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Women ' s Chorus; National Education Associa tion; Wesley Foundation. Cheryl Craige Lovvery New Casde, Va. Elemcn ' ary Educcaion Westmmster Fellowship 1, 2. 3, 4; Young Democrats Club I, 2- Junior Counselor 3, 4. Mary M. Lowrance Mooresville Elementary Education Women ' s Chorus. Martha Sus. n Loyd Statesvillc French and English French Club. Sarah Anne Lytton Statesville Physical Education and Math and Biology Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Vemician Society 1 2 3 4. Treasurer 2, 3; Treasurer of Freshman and Sophomore Classes; Homecoming Court 2, 3, 4; Christmas Court 2; May Court 2, 3; Student CouncU 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Unwersilies ami Colleges i, 4; Miss Appalachian 4; Most Attractive 4; May Court, Maid of Honor 4. Hal Macknight Hickorv English Transfer from Tenn. Tech. Joan Agnes Marcotte Fairless Hills, Pa. Physical Ediication Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4- Women ' s ' A ' Qub 4; Varsity Basketball and Tennis Teams 1, 2, 3, 4. Phyllis Kay Massey Statesville Elementary Education Young Women ' s Association, Treasurer; National Education Asso- ciation; Westmmster Fellowship; Women ' s Chorus; Appalachian Staff; Rhododendron Staff. Mary Carolyn Mast Marion Elementary Education Martha Lucille Mayes Statesville Home Economics Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1 3 4- Varsouvianna Club 1; Class Officer 2. . -, , , » ' - James Loftin Meadows Mooresville Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball Team 1. Betty Melchert Reidsville Primary Education Appalachian Staff 1; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 4. LoRETTA Elaine Melton Cooleemee Elementary Education Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Religious Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Vemician Society, Chaplain 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 4; Junior Counselor 3; Lutheran Student Association I, 2; Rhododendron Helen Metcalfe Asheville Social Studies Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. Margaret Lewis Metcalfe Salisbury Spanish and English Transfer from Wingate Junior College; Spanish Club; Baptist Student Union; Intramural Sports. MiNiMiE Sue Miles Sparta Home Economics Home Economics Clu b 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Associa- tion 3, 4. Judith Byrd Miller Boone Elementary Education Marianne Miller Charlotte Primary Education Appalachian Staff I, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 4; .■ lpha Lambda Sigma 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. Shirley Miller Boonville Social Studies Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation; National Education Associa- tion; Pi Gamma Mu. Anne Faye Millsaps Boone Primary Education Women ' s Chorus 1, 2. Wanda Lee Mitchell Elkin Primary Education President of Dorm 3; National Education Association 4; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4. I Ienry Cleveland Mitchum Lexington Business Education National Education Association 3. Emily Ann Moore Charlotte Primary Education Appalachian Staff 2, 3; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 4; Wesley Foundation I; Association of Childhood Education 2; Christmas Court 4. Martha Moore Charlotte Music Orchestra. AuDNA Austin Moretz Boone Elementary Education Transfer from Charlotte College. Barbara Anne Morgan Candler Elementary Education Transfer from Asheville Biltmore College. Carolyn Elaine Morgan Candler Physical Education and Social Studies Flying Fish Club 1, 2, Secretary 2; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4, Secretary 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3, 4; Undergraduate Assistant in Physical Education Departm»nt 4; Most Athletic 4. Emma Jean Morris Sanford Physical Education and Science Weslminslcr Fellowship 1, 2; Science Club 3, 4; Intramural Sports i, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 3; North Carolina Educational Association 4. Soon we will leave, striving for a new and better life beyond the realms of college. Page Pifty-fotiT Janice Carolyn Morris Albemarle Mathematics and Science Baptist Student llniim; Math Club; Women ' s Chorus; Mixed Chorus. Greta Ann Moser Mount Airy Primary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4. Joyce Dean Moton Dallas Primary Education Women ' s Chorus; Lutheran Student Association; National Educa tion Association. Frederica Dee Murphy Mocksvillc Enslisli House Council 1, 2; Women ' s Chorus 2; Rhododendkon Staff 2; Junior Counselor 3; Vemician Society 2. 3. 4. Program Chairman 3, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Phillip Troy Murray Catawba Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4. Robert Stanley McCarn Mt. Pleasant Social Studies Intramural Sports I, 2; Playcrafters 4; Young Republicans Club 3. 4. Thomas Carlisle McCartney Boone Social Studies Collegiate Civic Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Veteran ' s Club; Junior Marshal; U ' )ios Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Gene Raymond McCreary Mooresville Socio! Stttdies Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; Baptist Student Union 3. 4; Chess Club 3. Nancy Jo McCullough ClifFside Music Transfer from Brevard Junior College; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; W ' esley Fellowship 4; Appalachian Staff. Martha Faye McEntire Valdese French and English Alpha Chi 3, 4; Le cercle franeais 3, 4, Secretary ' 3; House Council 1, 2. Edith B. McKibbin Keyport, N. J. Library Science Transfer from North Greenville Junior College; Playcrafters; Women ' s Chorus; Library Science Club. Linda Carolyn McKinney Bakersville Physical Education Transfer from Warren College; Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Athletic Association 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Alodem Dance Club 3. Roger Wayne McKinney Bakersville Social Studies Intramural Sports. Ronald Bowman McKinney Bakersville Social Stttdies National Education Association 4; Veteran ' s Club 2. 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Junior Marshal 3; Intramural Sports 2, 3. 4. Patricia Raye McLamb Roseboro Eletnentary Education Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. Bobby W. McNew Meadowvievv, Va. English and Spanish Anna Catherine McSwain Shelby Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. DoNNis Amelia McSwain Shelby Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. N O R m k Patricia Anne Navey Shelby National Education Association 3, 4. George E. NeeSmith Bessemer City Physical Educa ' .ion and Social Studies National Education Association 4; Intramural Snorts; Veteran ' s Club. Marie Ellen Newton Hurdles Mill Primary Education Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; House Council 4. Rebecca Dianne Nichols Spencer Physical Edtication and Biology Women ' s Athletic Association; Intramural Sports; Varsity Basket- ball; House Council; National Education Association. Carolyn Jean Norton China Grove Home Economics Home Economics Club; Lutheran Student Association. Joyce Ann Osborne Mouth of Wilson, Va. English Alpha Lambda Sigma. Alfred Benjamin Overbay Granite Falls Chemistry and Mathematics and Science Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Wrestling Team 1, 2. F. Grace Owens Saint Pauls Business Education National Education Association 4; Drill Team 4; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2. Richard Gene Padgett Eufaula, Ala. Biology Transfer from Chowan College. Margaret Louise Parker Mt. Lllla Elementary Education Rhododendron Staff 4; National Education Association 4; Library Science Club 4. Patricia Ann Parks Kannapolis Business Edtication Rhododendron Staff 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3; Westminster Fellowship 1; National Education Association 3. E. Anne Parrish Thomasville English . rr,il,ichi(in S ' afl. Editor 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; I ' laycrafters 1, 2, 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association I; Appatones 2; Undergraduate Assistant in English IJepanment 3; Who ' s Who . ' Imoiig Students in American Vni- vcrstlics and Colleges. Frank Mast Payne, Jr Boone Business Education Transfer from University of North Carolina; Student Residence Association, Officer; National Education Association; Collegiate C ' ivic Club; Wesley Fouiidation. Norma Ann Peacock Winston-Salem Primary Education National Education Association; Vcrnician Society; Dean ' s List 3. Robert Carlton Pearman Summcrficlcl Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. N O R Mariha She Pendry Hays Biology Math Club 3; National Education Associalinn S, 4; iN ' orth C:an lin;i Education Association 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3. 4. Doris Sheila Perkins Bakers illc Home Economics Wesley Foundation 2; Home Economics Club 1 , 2. Linda Caroline Petty Shelby English! Transfer from Wingate Junior College; Debate Team 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 4; National Education Association 3. 4; Baptist Student Union . 4. Charlie Clenn Pharr I rmitmdn French and English Intramural Sports 3; Junior Marshal; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Lan guage Laborator ' Assistant 3. 4; French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3. President 4; Alpha Chi; National Education Association 3; Col- legiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3. 4; Who ' s Who Amo tg Students i i American Universities mid Colleges. Nancy Jane Phelps Winston Salem Homs Economics Rhododendron Staff 3; North Carolina Education Association 3. 4; Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4. Donald Kent Phillips Lynchburg, S. C. Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Iesse Clark Phillips Trinity Business Education Baseball Team 1, 3; Men ' s " A " Club; Intramural Sports. John Paul Phillips Neva, Tenn. Physical Education and Social Stnidies Transfer from King College; Soccer Team 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4. Peggy Ann Phillips Charlotte Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 2; Vemician Society 2; X ' arsity Basketball I. Phyllis Sue Phillips Hickory Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; House President; Student Residence Asso- John Howard Phipps Statesville Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. R. Pauline Phipps Jefferson Biisiness Education and Social Studies Transfei- from Wingate College; Phi Beta Lambda 3. State Presi dent 3; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3. Frederick Calvin Pierce Cooleemee Physical Education and Social Studies Dorm President 2; Dorm Council 2; Intramural Sports. Gail Loureid Poole Sparta Business Education and Social Studies National Education Association 4. Carolyn Louise Poteat Valdcsc Primary Education Women ' s Chorus 1; Wesley Foundation, Donald Kelly Poteat Morganton Special Education for the Deaf Transfer Student ; National Education Association. T. Karene Poteat Marion Biology Transfer from Emmanuel College; Westminster Fellowship; Na- tional Education Association. Judy Elaine Poteet Winston-Salem Social Studies National Education Association. Katheryn Smith Power Granite Falls Elementary Education Richard Ralph Powlas Rockwell Business Education Anita Grey Price Ellenboro Elementary Education Alpha Chi; Pi Gamma Mu; Junior Marshal. Carrol Hope Puckett Concord Eletnentary Education Young Democrats Club. luDiTH Lorraine Putnam Kings Mountain Eleyyientary Education Baptist Student LTnion; National Education Association. Rebecca Warlick Putnam Lawndale Elementary Education Transfer from Wingate Junior College; National Education Asso- ciation 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 4; Baptist Sjudent Union 3, 4. X ' irclnia Paulett Queen Marion French and English Licnch CInh, President 4. Auclistine Qliilici Boomer French and Physical Education Soccer Team 2, 3, 4; Football Team I. [oiiNNiE David Ragsdale, Jr Winston Salem • English Alice Mason Ramsey Wadcsboro Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Pi OmcKa Pi. TiioixiAS Heywood Ramsey Shelby Mathematics and Science National Education Association; Science Club; Math Club. Eliza Iane Ray Newland Primary Education Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; Young Women ' s Christian Associa- tinii . 4; National Education Association 4. Michael Thomas Raybon Newton Physical Education and Social Studies Student Council 4; Student Residence Association 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Collei;ialr (uh ( ImI. A. 4. ( liinhiin 4; Men ' s " A " Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Ion ,,inu i ,, I Sp,,,i. 1.2. i. 1; W K-tling Team I, 2, 3, 4; Religious CooikiI 1. Ii,,.su,i[ 4, W l, , Who AwonK Students in Amerkui, Unncisili s .oi.l CollcMcj. |()iiN Rea Matthews Social Studies Westminster Fellowship I, 2; International Relations Club 4; Wrestling Team 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3, 4. LoRETTA Lucille Reavis Moravian Falls Elementary Education Iranslcr from Mitchell College; National Education Association. Linda Lillie Rector Valdese Elementary Education Margaret Irene Reeves I lot Springs Elementary Education Transfer from Brevard Junior ColleKO. Carolyn Latham Reilly Boone Elementary Education Roy Eugene Reynolds King Business Education Wesley Foundation; Pi Omega Pi, President; Alpha Chi; Chi Lambda Chi. Mary Agnes Rhudy Boone Library Science Library Science Club; Spanish Club; International Relations Club; Junior Marshal, Summer 3. loHN Criffin Rhyne Ellenhoro Social Studies losHPH Oliver Richardson I lollister Social Studies Chess Club; International Relations t hih. Bryon Lucious Rippy Slieiby Business Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior CollcRe; A, ' ,uil,icl,um Staff 3. Barbara Ann Robbins Morganton Primary Education Weslev Foundation I; Women ' s Chorus 2. 3; National Education Association 3, 4. Glen Sanford Roberts Jones ille Elementary Education Iransfcr from Mars Hill Junior ColIcKc; Dorm Counselor. Eldon S. Rogers Pilot Mountain Spanish and English ReUgious Council, President 3. 4; Spanish Club. President 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3. 4; Language Lab Assistant 2, 3, 4. Shirlie Brady Rogers Granite Falls English Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4. President 3; M.E.N.C. John Mark Rothrock Madison Science Young Democrats Club. Treasurer 3, President 4; Science Club 3. 4; Intramural Sports I, 2. Janice Marjorie Rudisill Hickory Biology North Carolina Education Association; Chemical Society; Science Club; Playcrafters; Baptist Student Union; Rhododendbon Staff. Marie Shell Rudisill Hickory Elementary Education Marion Rush Greensboro Primary Education Rhoix)DENDRON Staff 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3. Editor 4; Flying Fish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Junior Counselor 3; Vernician Society 3, 4; Intramural Sports 4; Playcrafters 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4, Secretary 3. Executive Council 4; Under- graduate Assistant in Physical Education Department 3. 4-. M ' ho ' Who Among Students in American Univcnities iinil Colleges: May Court 4. Jerry Morris Russell Saluda Social Studies National Education Association; Dean ' s List. Vittorio Sanniota Granite 1 alls Physical Education Vice President of Freshman and Sophomore Classes; Student Coun cil 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4; Swim Team 1, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; King of Hearts 3; School Council 4; Most Popular 4; Wtio ' s Wtio , iii.,iiK SlMiiiiils in American Universities and Colleges. n c N O R Patricia Ann Saunders Albemarle Social Studies National Education Association. Larry N. Schronce Maiden Social Studies Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans Club 3, 4. Donald Gene Sebastian Spencer Business Education and Social Studies Karen Kay Shaffer Asheville English Transfer from Warren Wilson College, Berla College. Ralph Elton Shatterly Yanceyville Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Richard Eueral Shaw China Grove Biology Marion Louise Shoemaker Morganton Library Science Women ' s Chorus 1, 2; Appalachian Staff 2, 3; Library Science tlub 1. Larry Eugene Shrader Wytheville, Va. Physical Education and Social Studies il.,skitl all Team 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports; National Education ss,,ti,ition. President; State President North Carolina Education «uo.ili„n; Men ' s " A " Club; Dorm Counselor; Student Residence ssnii.iti„n; Who ' s Who .Among Sltidenls in American Univer- Mlifs a„d Colleges. Alice Faye Shliler Winston-Saleni Elementary Education House Council 3; National Education Association 4. John H. Sink Boone Business Education Collegiate Civic Club. Chaplain 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Baseball Team I; Tennis Team 2; Intramural Sports 3; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Edward Gerald Smith Greenville, S. C. Physical Education Soccer Manager; Swim Team; Track and Field Team; Intramural Sports. Joanne Smith Morganton English HiioDODENDRON Staff 1; Appalachian Staff 2; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 2, 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Sigma 3; National Education Association 4; International Relations Club 3. 4; Young Republicans Club 3. 4. JuDEE Gale Smith Boone Physical Education and English Nancy Etta Smith Denton Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4; Rhodoi endh( n Staff 4. John Denny Smitherman East Bend Social Studies .ilional Education Association; Internati.inal Relations Club, N ' ice i ' resident; Intramural Sports. We are taught that the test for every plan is the evaluation — Glean from Life the good to be your own and profit by your errors, and you will have made a success of your college education. Page Six(y-(ii ' 0 T ' fe- ' i aft ' ' — »- ■« ' - " • ;V ! 9 ± 5- 1; r.f«B N O R Richard Herman Snider Boone Elemetitary Education Thomas VV. Snider Welcome Mathematics Transfer from North Carolina State College; National Education Association. Sandra Elizabeth Snyder Charlotte Elementary Education Chess Club 2, S, President 3; Chi Lambda Chi i; House Council I. LouLA Frances Solomon Roxboro Elementary Education Christmas Court 1; National Education Associati(m 3. Jimmy South Tamarack Social Studies Intramural Sports 3; Young Democrats C kih 3. 4. Robert William Stamper Salisbiirv Physical Education and Social Studies Carol Ravonne Starnes Monroe Business Education National Education Association; Y ' oung Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation; Intramural Sports; House Council; Rhododendron Stall " ; Phi Beta Lambda; Westminster Fellowship; Women ' s Chorus. Ellen Ruth Stemen Charlotte Library Science Young Republicans Club, Treasurer; Library Science Club; Inter- national Relations Club; National Education Association. Walter Terry Stephenson Wilmington Mathematics Math Club. Michael Niel Stewart Pineola Biology National Education Association. Tony M. Stewart Creensboro Social Studies Patsy Ann Story Maiden Business Education National Education .Association. Susan Frances Strickland 1 lanikt Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2, . 4. John Rex Stuart Lincolnton Physical Education and Social Studies Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club, Sgt. at .Arms 2. 3, 4; Intramural Sports. Zula Kate Styles Biirnsville Elementary Education Udfe Bruce ]. Sudderth Lenoir Business Education Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4. Brenda Von Summerlin Lenoir Business Education Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2. Brenda Kay Swaim Cycle Elementary Ediication National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 2; Intramural Sports; Rhoix)DENDRON Staff 3, 4, Busi- ness Manager 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. Joyce Campbell Tadlock Charlotte Elementary Education and Physical Education National Education Association 4. Officer 4; Baptist Student llni..n 1. Patricia Richard Tallant Vale English and French Le cercle francais 3, 4, Vice-President 4; House Council 1, Vice- President of Dorm 1; National Education Association 4. Linda Yates Tate Harrisburg English Modern Dance Club 2. 3; Westminster Fellowship 4. Claybern Taylor Mt. Airy Physical Educatioyi Sylvia Ann Teagle Monroe French and English Le cercle francais 3, 4, Reporter 3; Appalachimi Staff 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 1. 2; May Court 4. Margaret Templeton Llnion Crove Hovfi? Economics llonu- Fconumics Club 1. 2; Homecoming Court 2; May Court 3, 4. LoNNiE Elwood Thomas East Bend Business Education Student Council 3, 4; Basketball Team I, 2. 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4; House Council 3. Sam N. Thompson Newland Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. Kaye Elmore Thornton Henrietta Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Baptis: Student Union. Barbara Lynn Tilliman Carthage Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1.2, 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 3. 4; Women ' s Chorus 3, 4. , nne Wayne Tinsley Reidsville Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Cindy Tomberlin Burns ille Prinuiry Education Rum v. Tompkins Weaverville Elementary Education Transfer from Women ' s College. University of North C:arolina. Lloyd Clifford Torrence Charlotte Matheinatics Transfer from Charlotte College; Student Traffic Organization 4; Undergraduate Assistant in Mathematics Department; Men ' s Chorus 4; Math Club 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Wanda Zee Tucker Bocne Eleme}itary Education Math Club 1, 2; Chess Club 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 4; National liJu James Henon Van Pelt Cramerton Physical Education Baseball Team 4; Basketball Team 1; Intramural Sports J. 4. Joyce Elaine Vaughn High Point Elementary Education Women ' s Chorus; Band; House Council; National Education Asso- ciation: Association of Childhood Education; Baptist Student Union. Kenneth McGeeher Vaughn Reidsxillc Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball Team 1; Soccer 2, 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4. Larry Neal Valighn Kannapolis Business Education Phi Beta Lambda 1. 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3. 4; Tennis Team 3. 4. Stephen Walton Vaughn, II Greensboro Music Band 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; ALE.N.C. President 3; Men ' s Chorus 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3; College Chorale 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; CoUege Theatre 2, 3, 4. Jesse L. Wagoner Burlington Business Education Collegiate Civic Club. Kathryn White Walker Sparta Priniitry Education Transfer from Mitchell College; National Education .Association; Basketball Team; Mixed Chorus. Laura Lynn Walkup Mineral Springs Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association; Intramural Manager. Rex Hartley Walser Lexington Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College; Soccer Team f. 4. Wanda Lynette Walters Hunters ille Primary Education Transfer from Mars Hill College; National Education Association; Association of Childhood Education. Georgia Rivers Ward Riib Elementary Education Transfer from Charlotte College; National Education .Association; Librar - Science Club. Roy Watkins Charlotte French and English Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; MLxed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Playcratters 3; College Theatre 3, 4; Le cercle francais 2. 3. 4. President 2; lunior Marshal 3; Chi Lambda Chi 2. Margaret Ann Waugh leFterson Elementary Education Linda Susan Weathersbee Norwood Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 2, 3. Bennie C. Weaver Sparta Business Education Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omega Pi; Collegiate Civic Club; National Education Association; Intramural Sports. Betty Katherine White Cooleemee Primary Education and Library Science Rhododendron Staff 2; Library Science Club 4; Weslev Founda- tion 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education .Association 3, 4. Georgia Angell White Morganton Business Education Women ' s .Athletic .Association 2; Phi Beta Lambda 2; National Education Association 3. 4; Intramural Sports 2; Young Repub- licans Club 3; Drill Team 4. Marsha Gayle White . . I Ilgh Point Prinuiry Education Women ' s Chorus; National Education Association. N O R jj , - • r- Catherine Dickey Whitesides Old Fort Horns Economics ' arsou ianna; Home Economics Club; National Education Asso- ciation; College Theatre. Jewell Brenda XA ' ike Lenoir Home Economics Appalachimi Staff I; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 4; Modern Dance Club 4. Olive Pierce Wiles Grassy Creek Elemoitary Education Student Residence Association 4. Samuel Bovce Wiley Gastonia Social Studies Dorm Council 1. 3, 4; National Education Association 3. Joyce Roseman Wilhelm Salisbury Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Priscilla Lane Wilkinson Kannapolis Library Science Librar ' Science Club 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Math Club 4; National Education Association 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus I. 2, 3, 4, President 2; Band 1. CliLBERT Kent Willard High Point Science and Social Studies Intramural Spurts 2; Collegiate Civic Club; Wesley Foundation 2, 3. lan Reece Willd ms Olin Science Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4, Sgt. at Arms 3; W ' esley Foundation 1, 2. Alice Lee Williams Statesville English Majorette I. 2. 3. 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1; Appalachian Staff 3: National Education Association 4. Barbara C. Williams Statesville Elementary Education Wcslcv Foundation; Intramural Sports. C!arolvn Marie Williams Granite Falls English Marsha Leonard Wili iams Graham Library Science Library ' Science Club. Mary Evelyn Williams Harrisburg Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship; Modern Dance Club; Chi Lambda Chi. Patricia Ann Williams Concord English and Social Studies Vimng Women ' s Christian Association 1; Appalachian Staff 1. 4; National Education .Association 2; ' estmins:er Fellowship 2. Pii-ii I IS .Ann Williams Statesville Elementary Education National Education .Association; Library Science Club. N O R Sara Helen Williams North Augusta, S. C. English and Sociiil Shiiiitfs National Education Association; Assembly Comniillee 2- Women ' s Athletic Association; House Council; Baptist Student Union. Charles Wilson Oxiord French {ind English Ves:minster Fellowship 4; Le cercJe francais 1. 2. i. -1. Shelbx Linda Jane Wilson Mus Transfei from Gardner-Webb Junior c:i lleKe; Mixed t ' ho M.E.N.C.; College Theatre. Peggy Joyce Wilson Dan illf, V; English and Spanish Council I; Women ' s .-Athletic .Association 2; Spanish Club Kannapolis 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Recording Secretar ■ 4; .Alpha Chi 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Junior Marshjl 3; Treasurer Senior Class; Who ' s Whn Among SliideHls in .Imcriniii Univer- sities and Colleges. Linda LaNell Winecoff Science Canterbury Club 3. 4, 5; Religious Council 4; tbcmical Socictv 4, 5; Science Club 4; National Education Association 4; Women ' s Chorus 1, 2; Band 1. Cora Lee Woody Pis ah Forest FJementary Education David IL Wright Lincolnton Physical Education Men ' s " A " Club; Svvim Team; Soccer Team; 15orm tlouncil; Appalachian Staff. Jacob A. Wright ALirion Biology and Science Science Club. Katyna Mae Wright Winston Salem Elementary Education Wesley Foundation; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Na tional Education Association; Women ' s Chorus; Appalachian Staff; Mary Frances Wright Aslieboro English Women ' s Chorus 2, 3; Westminster Fellnvship 1. 2. 3. 4. Wilber M.atheny Wright Ellenboni Social Studies Young Democrats Club; Intramural Sports. Annette Yarbrough Winston Salcni Physical Education and Mathematics 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4: Wesley John Alexander York Mt. Air Industrial Arts Industrial .Arts Club 3, 4; Undergraduate -Assi.stant in Audio isual Dep: Loretta Deal York China Grove Phnici ' rjiuctum and Mathema.ics Women ' s Athle.n ss,Ki,,ti.n I. 2. 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; House Council 2; Junini l,nsl,,,l ; . |pha Chi 3. 4; National Education •Association 4; erniti. n S..tiet 1. 2, 3, 4. Program Cha Honor Student Teache Robert Paul York, Jr Mocksville Physical Education and Social Sttidies Vice-President of Junior and Senior Classes; Wesley Foundation; Intramural Sports; Wlio ' s Who .Aitiong Stiideiifs in American Universities and Colleges. Samuel Bayless Zimmeriman Wilkesboro Business Education (» - JUNIORS L- ► « k .Jniii f . r tl Vi i 1 i.J k ! 1 JUNIOR OFFICERS Chet Hill President John Day Vice-President Ann McGarv Secretary Betty Davis Treasurer u N O R Abernethv, Judith Ann Vale Adams, Freddy Bryan Elkin Albright, Mary Catherine China Grove Alexander, John Robert Statesville Alexander, Judy Kay Landis Allen, Larry Floyd Shelby Allen, Melynda Louise Wadesboro Allran, Richard Graham Lincolnton Allred, Betty Ann Lexington Andrews, Robert Gerald Fairmont Arrington, Sylvia Lane Westfield Arrowood, David Bruce Wea ' er ' ille Avery, i L ry Louise Morganton Ayers, Claude V. Pinnacle Badgett, Marilyn Mt. Airy Baker, Carol Jean Charlotte Baker, Mary Jane Snow Hill Ball. Gloria Raylene Thomas ille Ballenger, Joan Lucille LIpper illc, Va. Barbee, Mary Julia Concord Bard, Barbara Evelyn Charlotte Bare, Anne Marie Jefferson Barfield, Dorothy Nell Cerro Gordo Barlowe, Sarah Ella Lenoir Page Seventy-two t : (:% o m e% % )M kM ■ " S ' :--4»4--«L%» - - , ' f . . A i MBIA J»k Barreti, Marv Lou 1 lolly Sprintjs Baucom, Frances Anne Concord Bauguess, James Richie Thurmond Beal, Drusilla Jean Cumnock Beam, Brenda Ann Cherryville Beard, Dorothy ' nn Clnirlottc Beaver, Tommy Kale China Gro c Beckett, Joseph John Lcvvcs, DeL Benson, Judv Faye Woodleaf Bentley, Gerald Everette Lenoir , Black, Linda Elizabeth Midland 1 Blevins, L Rv Ellen Grumpier Sik k fe BocGS, Robert M. Lc vis illc Bradford, William Wills I humarket, Va. Bradley, Glenda Slisan Old Fort Brande, Judy Carole Winston-Salem Brooks, Beverly Dawn Clastonia Brooks, Craig I lamptonxille Brooks, Ronnie W. Candler Brown, Betty Zane i Lidison Brown, Clara Jane A ' ero Beach, Fla. Bryan, John Harold Boone Bryant, Jerry Fred Cramerton Buchanan, Barbara Site Bakersville Page Seventy-three u N O R Buchanan, Carol Ann Bakersville Cannon, Paul Michael Kannapolis Buchanan, Etta Louise Spruce Pine Cansler, Richard Lee Hickory Bumgarner, John Willard Nebo Cantrell, Gene LI Hot Springs BUMGARNER, VlRGlNIA AnN Millers Creek Capps, Roger Carrol Asheville Burke, Judy Ann Durham Carpenter, Bonn Lynn Salisbury Burleson, Roma Gene Albemarle Carroll, William Clyde Kings Mountain Burleson, Tom Bakersville Caton, Doris Lynne Concord Burnett, John BENJA uN, Jr. Clarksville, Va. Caudill, Stephen Ross Greensboro Burns, Herbert Red Springs Chambers, Billie Sue Whiting, Indiana Caldwell, James Harold Belmont Chambers, Girard, III Hampton, Va. Campbell, William John Lineolnton Chambers, Norman Arthur Charlotte Cannon, Jerry Wayne Lenoir Childress, Carolyn Ann Linwood I ' lige Seventy-fimr Childress, Richard Allen Neuland Christoph, Marilyn Kathryn Winston-Salem Clark, Arnold Dean Drexel Clark, Nancy Carolyn Valdese Clayton, Robert George Lockport Cloninger, Rhba Elaine Charlotte Clontz, Althea Elaine Cranite Falls Clough, Martha Elizabeth Marion Cockerham, Linda Lou Eikin Coffield, Mary Joyce Oak Citv Connelly, Jerry Wallace Kannapolis Cook, Nancy Gaye I luntersvilie .w f BilBki B Ww Cooke, Brenda Kay Lawndale Cooper, Mario Vincent Circen ille, S. C. CoppLEY, Rebecca Ann Lexington CORNETTE, )aMES GolD Charlotte Corriher, Everette Feezor Mt. Ulla Covington, Frances Dockery Rockingham Cox, Gerald Floyd Asheboro Cox, Nancy Carol Camden, S. C. Crabtree, Larry W. Chapel Hill Craig, David Harold Lenoir Crisp, Steve Harding Lenoir Crow. Frank Heath, Jr. iNorth Wilkesboro I ' at le Seventy-five u N O R CuRRiE, Virginia Laurinburg Denny ' , Gerald Boyd Grumpier Dacenhardt, Dennis Wavne Hickory Dillon, Donald P., Jr. Greensboro Daces, Judith Anne Nevvland Dobbins, Douglas Joe Lenoir Daughtry, Ruth Ellen Durham Dobbins, Emma Gail Charlotte Davis, Betty Jean Waynesxille DoDGEN, Linda Thompson Gastonia I AVis, Lawrence W. Concord Douthit, Patricia Ann Rockingham Davis, Mary Faye Statcsvillc Drolette, Joanne Lucille Kannapolis Davis, William J. Charlotte Durham, Grover Dalon Elkin Dawkins, Bessie M. Rockingham EcKARD, Julia Kay Hickory Dean, Winston Joe Monroe Edmiston, James llen. Jr. Statesville Deese, Thomas Edmund Morganton Edmundson, Arnold Clifford East Flat Rock Dellinger, Douglas Lee Bakersvillc Elbel, Randall M Boone Page Seventy-six to r Llller, Mary Jane Elmore, Randy Frank Elrod, Gavin Monroe, Jr. Ennis, Tommy M. Entzminger, Louise Elizabeth Elidy, Dolores Elizabeth Purlcar Granite Falls ; larbinger, Texas Landis Monroe Goncord Fleinhni;, Donna Marie Flynn, Judith Love Francis, Hannah L. Gallen, Margaret Mary Gardner, Lynn Anne Gir I ey. Donna Elizabeth Winston-Saleni Walkertovvn I iarinonv Marion Shelln P.oone EuLiss, Julia Gayle Evans, Nancy Lee Faglie, LaFaye Fannon, jack I arrington, Clarice Elizabeti Faulkenberry, Johnny Albert Liberty VV ' aynesville Okeechobee, Fla. Beech Creek Granite Quarrv Belnidnt Gilliam, Kaihryn Vena GoFF, James Edward Gooch, Soundra Hines Goodnight, Sara Rebecca Goodwin, Donn Alan GiRAHAM, Sandra LaVonne Union Wytheville, Va. Durham Taylorsville Trucksville, Pa. Pilot MoiMitain fiige Seventy-seven u N O R Creen, Marian S Ramseur Harris, Roslyn Kav Trov Greer, James Don Lexington Hartsell, Patrick Allen Mt. Hollv Gregory, Benny Haywood Angier Harville, Rliffin Creel Chapel Hill Grigg, Donald Wayne Moi ' ganton Havnaer, Donna C Hickory Grigg, Joan Mars Hill Heath, Anne Hayes Whiteville Hagaman, Millard Cecil Boone Hedrick, Linda Sue Southmont 1 Iaigler, Joanne Rockingham Henderson, Kate Nova Moores ille Hampton, Gloria Jean Bixine Hensley, Dorothy Joyce Lincolnton Hand, Laurence Thomas Butler, N. J. Hice, Mary Louise Valdese Harkey, Kathleen Arvonla Stanfield Boone Hill, Chet A. Chandler Harmon, Carolyn Cleo Hilton, Angela Sharon Boone Harrington, Frenda Ann. San Ford Hincher, Linda Jo North VVilkesboro Page Serenty-eight t £ mh Hodges, |anis Irene Boone HuNiER, Ruth Ellen HusKEY, Laura Ann Brevard HoHN, Janet Elizabeth Randleman Forest City HoLBRooK, Donna Gay Hays Fh ' LER, WiLLLAM EarL Yanceyvill e HoLCOMBE, Betty Jean Candler IsENHOUR, Joseph William, Jr. Concord Hooper, Carolyn Louise North VX ' ilkesboro Jackson, Emma Faye Mt. Airv Horton, Ronald Howard Rock vell Jackson, Frances Carla Shelby 1 louGH, Barry Eugene Concord Jameison, Constance Anne Richmond, Va. HousER, Jimmy Gantt Hovis, Eunice Mae Vale James, Carol Lou North Wilkesboro Maiden Jenkins, Michael Eugene LInion, S. C. Hovis, Frances Ann Lincolnton Johnson, Alice Lynn Vale Howell, Martha Ann Concord Johnson, Gail DeAnn Charlotte HoYLE, Mitchell D. Forest City [oHNSON, Janet Faye Raleigh ' ((.Me Seveuly-iiiiie u N O R k W loiiNsoN, Linda Grey, . . Johnson, Mary Frances Johnson, Peggy Ann, . Johnson, Peggy Sharon Jones, Grace Marie loNES, Sylvia Ann J us 1 ICE, Rachel Elaine Kanoy, Ronald West Karriker, Gayle Anne Kates, Charles Ronald Keener, Michael Floyd Kelly, Carolyn |ane 1 liddenitc Kellev, Philip Lehiu 1 eres, Fla. Lavvndale Kerley, Lyndell Monroe IHddenite State Road Kimbro, Jack Moore Lowell Minneapolis KiNARD, Brenda Carleen Belmont Asheville KiRBY, Sarah Link Lenoir Mooresville KisER, Barbara |ean VV nston-Salem LInu.n Mills KisER, Sandra Winslo Concord Thomas ille Kluttz, Mary Loli Mt. UUa Kannapolis Knight, Jill Ann Morgan ton Micaville Knox, James Alexander Mooresville Lincolnton Knox, John L. B essemer City Charlotte Kral, ]. Michael Moruiinton Page liighl) 9 ▲ " v Kridhr, Currv Waller Spencer Lackey, Mary Rhyne Statesville Lail, Dorothy Kathleen .Co inellv Springs Lawing, Larry George Mt. HoUv Layell, Barbara Jean Thurmond Ledbetter, Gladys Alohma Shelby Lee, Ceha Ann Noi th VVilkesboro Lee, John William N evvport, Tenn. Leigh, James Houston Concord Lentz, Larry Edward Concord Lentz, Myrtle Jean China Grove Lesley, Delila Eunice Matthews Lett, John Allen, Jr. Boone Lewis, Carol Jane Red Springs Lewis, Juanita Florence Boone Lewis, Phillip Earl Jefferson LiPE, Priscilla Kay Landis LocKwooD, Sarah Ellen Charlotte LowDER, Edward L. Norwood LowERY, Richard Wells Shelby Lukaszewski, Joseph A Brick Town, N. J. LuTZ, Frances Elizabeth Maiden Lynch, Larry Wayne Lebano n, Va. Lytton, Jack Brown Surgoinsville, Tenn. Page Eighty-one u N O R Madden, Herbert Courtney Gastonia Malcolm, Joan Neill Mooresville Mann, Sharon Ramona Albemarle Maristany, Frank Thomas Miami, Fla. Martin, Judith Carole Spray Martin, Julia E Shelby Matthews, Carolyn Frances Hamlet Matthews, Mazie Sue Marion Mauldin, Donald Edward Albemarle Mayes, Billy Jay State Road Merrill, Barbara June Statesville Miller, Beverly Kay Trinity Miller, Dora Carolyn Boone Miller, Jimmie Anne Elkin Miller, Warren N. Todd Mills, Martha Rae Concord MiLSTEAD, Margaret Tavlorsville Mintz, Judith Amelia Lawndale Mitchell, Pm ' LLis Anne Durham Moore, Janet Marlene Raleigh Moore, Judy Gail Concord Moore, Kenneth C. Lenoir Moore, Lloyd Hoke Black Mountain Moore, Martha Ann Valdese Page Eighty-two JBk j JBft Moore, Sabah Jeanette Lenoir Moore, Shirley Ann Swannanoa Morgan, Geraldine Lincolnton Morrow, Wayne B. Black Mountain Moser, Carol y ' n Sue State Road Moss, Claudia Gene Charlotte Motley, Sandra Priscilla Salisbury Mover, Robert Henry La Plata, Md. Murdock, Joyce Carroll Statesville Myers, George Herbert Candor McCaslin, Jo Anne Newton McCorkle, Glenn Samuel China Grove McCurdy, James Cliffo rd Taylorsville McGary, Ann Robbins McGhee, Sula Elaine Jonesville McKinney, Ruth Myrtle Elk Park McLean, Charles Edward Lenoir McNeely, Lanny Lee Hickory McNeill, Joyce Elaine VVilkesboro Neal, Barbara Dianna Kings Mountain Neal, Judy Marshville Nemeth, John Charles Boone Newby, Patrick Gail High Point Newlin, Barbara Lynn Greenville, S. C. Page Eighty-three u N O Mi hd iU k mM Nichols, Betsy Jewell Deep Gap Phillips, Frances King Carthage Oglesby, Margaret Ann Mt. Hollv Phillips, Janice Evelyn Newton O ' Kelly, Emma Bess Drexel Pierce, Velda Horris West Jef ferson Overbay, Larry Douglas Granite Falls Plotts, Hollice H. Coral Gables, Fla. Owen, Mary Grace Seagrove Poole, Dorcas Radeanna Claremont Pardue, Helen Sue Ronda Poole, Rebekah Jane High Point Parker, Robert Clinton Hickory Pope, Linda Wrav Whiteville Parsons, Bruce David Lenoir Powell, Joyce Ann Morgan ton Patterson, Luster Carroll Greenwood Price, Judith Springs Charlotte Pearson, Gerald Underwood Upperville, Va. Price, Lorna Ellen Monroe Pennell, Jasper Dennis Lenoir Pritchard, Janice June Morganton Philbeck, Nan Melton Avondale Pritchett, Patricia Ann Banner Elk Page Eighty-four ? C ?S w 4T r PuETT, Barbara Diane Morganton Putnam, Laura Kathryn Lawndale Rankin. Xancy Lou Gastonia Ratchford, Howard Don, Jr. McAdenville Reall, Barbara Jean Albemarle Reavis, Sophrona Harris 1 liirmony Rector, Gladys Louise Andrews Reinhardt, Eloise Rosalind Raleigh Reuter, Paul Henry Saxannah, Ga. Rhoades, Lee North Wilkesboro Rhoney, Carolyn Nancy Vale Rhoney, Jerry Dean Vale Rhyne, Alvin Herman Bessemer CiU ' Richardson, Jim A. North Wilkesboro RicKER, Diane Ruth Asheville Rivers, Carolyn Loliise Waynesville Roberts, Burnace Walton Asheville Roberts, Freda Lou Lansing Robinson Robert Franklin Statesville Rollins, Robert Douglas West Caldwell, N. J. Rose, Jacquelyn Lee Spruce Pine Roseman, Henry Quay Statesville Ross. Martha Lila Wingate Royall, Hardin Joseph. Jr. Roaring Gap Page Eighty-five u N R RoYSTER, Abbie Jane RoYSTER, Linda Bane Rymer, Joyce Elaine Sacrinty, Sandra Gail Satterfield, Lawrence Lee Sauls, Catherine Lorraine Cherryville Cherryville Asheville Reidsville Rocky Mount Apex Setzer, Barbara Campbell Setzer, Juanita G. Shearin, Nancy Delane Shepherd, Patricia Carole Shoup, Elizabeth Diman Shuford, Ellen Annette Catawba Conover Nashville Deep Gap Charlotte Lincolnton Salinders, Margaret Lois Savage, Priscilla Joyce Sechler, Sylvia Dane Secrest, Eunice Joanne Seegers, Nancy Jane Sentelle, Charlotte Ann Lenoir Spray China Grove Drexel Charlotte Bre ' ard Sides, Brenda Gail Mooresville SiGMON, Margaret Jayne Connelly Springs SiLVERSTEiN, Gary Mitchell Charlotte SiisiiMONS, George M., Jr. Newton Simmons, Mollie Jane Granite Falls Singleton, William Edward . Candler Page Eighty-six tfe ik. h Sink, Charles William Boone SiPE, Daryll Tony Maiden Skreen, Danell Ethel Rockingham Smart, James Graham Gastonia Smith, Carol Joyce State Road Smith, Dwight Wayne Easley, S. C. Smith, Edna Natalie Mocksville Smith, Faynita Grace Elk Park Smith, Janice Arleen Charlotte Smith, Johnny A. Nevvland Smith, Kenneth Kirk Concord Smith, Martha Lillian Linwood Smith, Michael Robert McAdenville Smith, Mildred Barlow Lenoir Smith, Shirley Ann Troutman Smith, Thomas Cleveland Greenville, S. C. Smith, Virginia Gail Fletcher Smith, Wendell Gates Ararat, Va. Smoot, Martha Reece Salisbury Snyder, William Robert Winston-Salem Spainhour, Bett ' Carol Morganton Sparks, Sarah Jane Gastonia Spears, Janice Marie Concord Spencer, Mary Ellen Hickory Page Eighty-seven u N O S MTM h 4?r- »• . ., f :] r ( a -- ' - - --v I:. - Spicer, T. Christine Thurmond Stanton, Margaret Janis Gibson Starr, Linda Merlyn Maiden Starr, Marilyn Deanna Maiden Stephens, Brenda Doyle Connelly Springs Stephens, Geraldine Bolton Stephens, Harold Dean Connelly Springs Strange, Jimmy Cuttino Sumter, S. C. Stroup, Martha Ann Shelby SwAiM, Lloyd Gerald High Point Tate, Bobby James Gastonia Taylor, Arthur M Candler Teague, Eloise Boone Tennant, Edith Jane Charlotte Terry, Daphne E West Jefferson Thomson, Donna Lee Charlotte Thompson, Wayne Parks Landis Thornhill, William James Boone Tickle, Thomas Richard McCain Tinsley, Linda Lou Bre ' ard Tipton, Mary Lee Asheville Toney, C. Grace Ellenboro Triplett, Harold Dean North Wilkesboro Trivette, Judy Kay Elk Park Page Eighty-eight J-ws . ' as i i : Irousdell, Alan Boyd Franklin, Va. Troutman, Kathey Isabel Mt. Holly Tune, Linda Eleanor Morganton Turner, Mildred Fayssoux Greensboro Vaden, Linda Gail Reidsville Van Orden, Greg William Butler, N. ]. Vaughn, Stephen Reginald Flat Rock Virgil, Andrew Joseph Roseland, N. J. Waldrop, Freda Carolyn Asheville Walker, Frances Ellen Charlotte Walker, Nancy Louise Lenoir Walker, Rachel Brady Lowell Wall, Leslie Douglas Winston Salem Walls, Bonnie Lynn Landis Ward, Michael Ray Shelby Warden, Joyce Ann Sparta Weinberg, Rodney L Ashe ille Weisner, William Tony Statesvillc Welborn, Johnny Walter Boone West, Terrell Randall Lexington Whisnant, Elaine Marie Newton Whisnant, Susie Marcell Boiling Springs White, Mary Delores Kings Mountain Whitmore, Thomas M. Knox, Pa. Page Eighty- u N O ih jM nm ' y- s! : WiKLE, Richard Wayne WiLHELM, Victoria Susan Wilkinson, Sam Everette Williams, Mary Rebecca Willis, Katherine Aileen WiLMOTH, Sue Watts Kerners ille Wright, Frances Elizabeth Cary Mooresville Wright, Robert Andrew Caldwell, N. J. Valdese Wright, Ruhamah Jane Asheboro Kannapolis Wyant, Texie Jane Vale Laiirinburg Yelton, Terry June Spindale Lenoir Young, Linda Hope Charlotte Wilson, Albert Dillon Sugar Grove Wilson, Norman Barry Landis WiNEcoFF, Linda Lee Statesville Witherspoon, Nancy Carolyn Maiden Worthington, Reba Rae Wilmington Wray, Martha Lou Lawndalc YouNT, Dale Edward Yount, Gerald David YouNT, Jane Wilson Conover Cherryville Cherrvville Page Ninety SOPHOMORES :.; ' ■ ' ' SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Clarence Chapman Presidoit Gerald Andrews VicL ' -Presidoit Brenda Petree Secretary Bob LeFever Treasurer iHJ k 6kMlSk Art ' -•■ K- (T ' i ( ? f P Ssk d i b es j OP H Adams, Austin Alfred Boone Adams, Bonnie Margaret Bunnlevel Adkins, Carolyn Lynnette Greenville, S. C. Adkins, Linda Lee King Albert, Sondra Elizabeth Haddonfield, N. 1. Alexander, Rita Catherine . . . Thomasville Allen. Joseph Michael Liberty Allen, Sandra Diane Granite Quarry Allison, Brenda Carol Moores ille Barnett, Lathan lames Kannapolis Beach, Linda Lee Winston-Salem Bean, Terry Dean Hudson Beattie, Frances Glyn Hickor Beaver, Aloma Yvonne Moores ille Beaver, Linda Louise Hiddenite Bedwell, Barbara Neal Independence Bell, Eleanor Ann Hickory- Benfield. Arnold Richard Morganton Page Ninety-four O M .-Vllison, Sylvia Rebecca Hickory AUred, Sammy Lee Hampton ville Allred, Zedena Ann Lexington Almond, Tana Stanfield Anderson, Barbara Graham Gastonia Angel. PeggT.- Delories Mount Airy Angell. David Mitchell Mocksville Anglin, Don Joe Burnsville Arrowood, Dorothy Ann Nebo Berlin. Carol Ann Miami, Fla. Beroth. Walter Winf ield . . V ' inston-Saleni Berrier, Sherr ' Doyle Lexington Biedler. Virginia Reid Columbus Bird, Edna Carolyne St. Pauls Black. Brenda Kay Charlotte Black. Thanna BurnsxaUe Blackburn, Charlotte Gaye W ' est Jefferson Blackmon, Ronald Ashlev Charlotte O R E Atkins, Johnny Wayne Dobson .■ ultman, Brenda Elaine Hickory .Auton, Betty Lou Boomer Baird. Linda Faye Valdese Ballard. Rose Ann Jefferson Bame. Mary Jo East Spencer Banks. Kenneth Edward Fayette -ille Barber, Reba Lavern Salisbury Barnes. Harry Hendricks. . ' inston-Salem Blair. Marion Frances Stem Blanton. BetP, ' Ann Shelbs Blanton, Margaret Ellen Shelb Bodenheimer, Sandra Gail Winston-Salem Bost, Brenda Lee Kannapolis Bost, Clara Melissa Concord Bost, Ina Kathryn Statesxalle Bowers, Syl -ia Kay Albemarle Brandon, Judy Karen Morganton P P r| 9 P ' ?!!KT ib fl J» 4fA h-r fj c " p] A fiAtf d tfilSl f ... f B i ' ' O f 1 1 f " ' Q P P 19 6 3 Brawley, Thomas Oscar, III ... . Davidson Brittain, Charles Ray Dre.xel Brittain, Martha Kay Hickor) Brooks, Nathaniel Lee Roxboro Brooks, William Nelson Shelby Brookshire, John Nelson Lenoir Brown, Gilma Elizabeth Boone Brown, Hilda Nadine Forest City Brov Ti, Pamela Ann Moores illc Canipe, Stephen Thomas Jonesville Cannon, JoAnn Boone Cardwell, Bill Franklin Wilkesboro Carithers, Gary Michael Kannapolis Carlton, Bonnie Anne. . . .Winston-Salem Carpenter, Sarah Bryte Cooleemee Carrigan, Barbara Annette. . . .Mooresville Carter, Barbara Lansing Carter, Joanne Lucille Asheville Broyhill, MvTtle Ruth Millers Creek Brugnolotti, Joseph Theodore Brooklyn, N. Y. Buie, Cynthia Routh Tro Bullard, Polly Anna Bladenboro Bullington, Wanda Lou.. Pilot Mountain Bullock, Henrietta Kannapolis Bunton, Mary Claudine Hiddenite Burgin, Judith Ann Marion Burleson, Toby Roger Albemarle Carter, Nona Jeanette Tliomasville Caruso, Virginia Elizabeth Valdese Carver, Joyce Ann Rutherfordton Cauble, Sandra Shuford Hickory Chandler, Alice Gail Asheville Chapman, Barbara Ann Mocksville Chapman, Clarence Everette Valdese Chrisawn, Cynthia Anne Burnsville Church, Gloria Jeanne Fort Worth, Texas Burney, Judith Kay Clarkton Burrell, Harold Leslie Tryon Byers, Mary Frances Boone Bynum, Fred Alexander Boone B rd, Carole Ann Spruce Pine B rd, Marvorene Elkin Cable, Mary Edna Marion Campbell, Doris Jean Maiden Campbell, Ruth Kathryn Salisbur ' Clark, Barbara Jean Winston-Salem Clark, Maxine Vickie Bessemer Cit Clayton, Douglas Ray Roxboro Cline, Helen Louise Newton Cline, Norma Jean Claremont Cloniger, Doug K Boone Coble, James Thomas Hickory Connelly, Edward Lee Spruce Pine Conrad, Charles William . . Winston-Salem Page Ninety-five ■ r tbi r r f (f P- % C O ii . O O. (P 4V m kisk iikMMi k J " l r ' imk r — - O H O M o R Cooke, William Marcus Boone Cooper, Helen Eva Boone Cordell, Pegg ' Jean Newton Corlis, JNlaryann C Northport, N. Y. Crabtree, Frances Magdalene Hurdle Mills Craig, Douglas Arthur Lincolnton Crayton, Thomas Nelson Charlotte Crouch, Thomas Hamilton .... Statesville Crousc, Robert Dale Sparta Dave, ]ohnn Greer Dre.xel Deal, Barbara Ann Lenoir Deal, Sandra Lee Boone Dean, Thomas Franklin. .Kings Mountain DeBord, Hattie ]o Grassy Creek Derey. Marsha Deane Marion Derrick, Charles Lyman Charlotte Diamond, Rudy Fayetteville Dinkins, lohn Wayne Yadkinville Crowder, Joy Sue Landis Crysel, Kenneth Allen Wilkesboro Cummings, Judy Lee Ape.x Cunningham, James Marcus .... Newton Cunningham, Karen Lee Charlotte Curtis, Frank Parker, Jr Elkin Dagenhart, Terry Leon Mt. Holly Dages, Lee N ' incent, Jr Newland Dale. Martha Jane Canton Dixon, Donald Wa ne Greensboro Dobbs, John ' ardell Gastonia Dt)ckery, Mary Anne V ' inston-Salem Doub, Sandra Carol Tobaccoville Dougan. Carolyn Irene. . . .Bessemer City Duckworth, Virginia Leslie. . .Morganton Duncan, Linda Delane Monroe Duncan, Wayne Day Dan ' ille, Va. Durham, Franklin Cheney Hendersonville Dalton, Mary Rita Lincolnton Dancy, Glenn, III Hays Dancy. Mattie Sue Purlear Danner, Betty Jones Catawba Davenport, Janice Carol Newland Da ' is, Roy Charlotte Davis, Sandra Elaine Hickory Davis, Veronica Truitt Shelby Davis, ' anda Gav Dobson Dycus, Lucy Gaye Ellenboro Eaker, Linda Inez Cherr - ille Easter, Barbara Jean Thomasville Edmisten, Samuel S Lenoir Edwards, Rosemary Sherrill ' s Ford Eidson, Charlotte Rebecca. . . .Kannapolis Einstein, Fredrick Earl. . . .Winston-Salem EUedge, Patricia Joan Ferguson Eller, Janet Gail Ferguson Page Ninety-six V..:! -,-, ' f XV ?v» V- " €, ti B 9 - ,. a ? o a p Eller, Peggy Sue Ferguson Ellington, Judy Elaine Cherryville Elliot, Andrea Gail Charlotte Elliott, Doris Jean Marion Elliott, Martha Louise Shelby Ellis, Joyce Beverly Asheville Englebert, Billy L North Wilkesboro Ensley, Sybil Jessup Winston-Salem Ervin, Jack Barron Kannapolis Erwin, Tommy Eugene Asheville Farthing, Sara Esther Mebane Faucette, Mary Isla Mebane Felts, David Troy North V ' ilkesboro Ferguson, Carole Elizabeth .... Rural Hall Ferguson, John Edwin Roxboro Ferguson, Judy Lane Lenoir Fisher, Linda Diane Morganton Foltz, Elizabeth Ann Winston-Salem Fortner, Perbie Bruce Bryson City Foster, Judith Ann Carthage Foster, Marjorie Gail Asheboro Foster, Ronald Lee Greensboro Francis, Gerry L Arlington, Va. Franklin, Barbara Gayle. . . .Danville, Va. Frazier, Mar ie Dian High Point Freeman, Danette LaVonne .... Asheville French, Barbara Jeanette Reidsville Friday, Gail Bernice Dallas Furr, Jimmy Worth High Point Furr, Margaret Ann Albemarle Gentry, Barbara Louise Weavervilk- Gentry, Nancy Mildred Mount Airy Gillespie, Doris Jean Brevard Glascoe, Donnis Carolyn Shelby Glenn, Margaret Carolyn Boone Godwin, Edna Mae Cofield Ciolorth, Sammie Kaye Shelbx Golden, Opal Mae State Road Graham, Vicki Anne MooresWlle Gray, Antony I Baltimore, Md. Gray, George Bennett Morganton Graybeal, Betty Sue West Jefferson Graybeal, Thomas Carlyle Grayson Grayson, Julia Ann Le.xington Gravson, Nancv Loretta Charlotte Green, Billie Sue Ramseur Greene, Addie Irene Waxhaw Greene, Sylvia Sue Boons Greene, Willie Banks Lenoir Greer, Joyce Ruth Todd Griffin, Jerry Michael Forest City Griffin, John Earl Greensboro Grogan, Virginia M Charlotte GuUedge, Norma Jean Wadesboro Page Ninety-seven m Q i Q 9. m hdi t mMmtM f: 1 P- f ' ' -• T f- f ' f1 p Q f iS P P B iM o H O M O R Hager, Betty Ruth Statesville Hagler, Robert Todd Charlotte Hailey, Joe Thomas Matthews Hailey, Mary Frances Draper Hall, Dean Edward Marion Hallman, Garland Henrv. . . .Cherrvville Halsey, Polly Ann . . Mouth of Wilson, Va. Hamlin, Emily Louise Hillsboru Hanner, Lois [eanette Charlotte Hice, Richard Lee Valdese Higgins, Boyd Anthony Hays Hildebran, ' ade Carroll Hickory Hilderbran, Kenneth Wayne .... Conover Hill. Christine Elizabeth Lexington Hill, Ronald Franklin Charlotte Hodge. Peggy Oakley Sandy Ridge Hodgin, Bob Gene Asheboro Hoffner, Helen Elizabeth Salisbury Hare, Lynda Grace Goldsboro Harmon, Charles Raymond Boone Harmon, Joe Bill Sugar Grove Harrell, Alfred Douglas Bakersville Harrington, Jeanetta Gale Charlotte Harris, Annie Marie Mt. Gilead Harris, Judith Lee Burnsville Harris, Nancy Ellen Greensboro Harris. Patricia Lee Valdese Hoke, Helen Ruth Hickory Hoke, Shirley Marie Lenoir Hollar, Gwyn Franklin Mt. Holly Hollar, Nancy Jo Lenoir Hooker, Brenda Gayle Asheboro Hoover, Sara Camilla .... Winston-Salem Hord, Janice Marie Ma. ton Howell, Benjamin Leon Nevvdale Howell, Carolyn Frances. .Granite Quarry Harris, Wanda Jean Mebane Harwood, Roger Lee New London Hatley, Lillian Morris Albemarle Hadey, Royce Elizabeth Stanfield Hawkins, Reba Yvonne Ferguson Haynes, Oscar Henry Minden, La. Hemmings, John D Mt. Airy Henderson, Rebecca Jane Cramerton Hensley, Ellen Rachel Rutherfordton Howell, Don Ray Spruce Pine Hoyle, Brenda Ann Lenoir Hudson, Judith Oi helia Salisbury Hughes. Judy Yvonne Bakersville Hullander, Jefferson D., Jr.. .Cherrvville Humphreys, Edith Swain Garner Huneycutt, Carole Blake... New London Ireland, Alice Jane Union Grove Hunt, Billy Ray Trinity Page Ninety-eight ? fi P f O fS A -Q ' P f P f f ( . ife " CV ( -- ' L i i ' ' - , I ' ' , % " ( f ,a f - ■.. f Isaac, June Camilla Lenoir Jefferson, Gerald Ray Lenoir Jenkins, MiJdred Jonesville Jenkins, Ray Beam, Jr Cherryville Jeter, Ann Marie. . . .Big Stone Gap, Va. Johnson, Linda Elizabeth . . . Piney Creek Johnson, Mary Sue East Bend Jones, Elizabeth Carol Norlina Jones, Gerald Calvin Rhodhiss Kluttz, Margaret Sonora Salisbury KJuttz, Richard Steven Cleveland Knight, Betty Sue Stokesdale Knight, Kenneth B Hickory Koontz, Barbara Edwards Bakersvillc Kovachi, Frances Irene Lenoir Lain, Myrtle Grace High Point Lamonds, Jeanette Dunn Troy Laney, Mickey Wayne Maiden ones, Lenora Hickory ones, Nancy Gail Mount Holly ones, Ronald Kennedy. . .Winston-Salem oyce, Jenny Lynn Rural Hall oyce, Michael E Madison ulian, Glenda Rose Elk Park Kanupp, Dorothy Rose Hickory Keener, Julia Carolyn Boger City Kennedv, Robert L Batesville, Va. Laughter, Brenda Sue Spindale Lavender, Jerry Glen Marion Lawson, Marsha Lynn.. Glen Allen, Va. Ledford, Bruce R Bakersville LeFever, Robert L High Point LeFler, Carolyn Diane Albemarle Lingerfelt, W. Jacquelyn Morganton Lingle, Beverly Kay Faith Litaker, John M Mt. Pleasant 1 9 6 Kennedy, Roland Gurney. . .Thomasville Kearns, Andrew Valerius, Jr. Huntersville Keys, Sally Ruth Kannapolis Keziah, Martha Jane Hamlet Kilby, Carmon O Wilbar Kindley, Barbara Ann Thomasville King, Brenda Sue Durham Kirby, Ernest Jennings Walkertown Kiziah, Ronald Lee Hickory Little, JoAnne Jefferson Long, John Robert Cornelius Lookabill, Carol Janice Boone Lowiance, Sarah Virginia .... Mooresville Lynn, Willie Lou Durham Madison, Amy Jo Jamestown Marion, Charlcey Kaye. . .Winston-Salem Marler, Sandra Jeanette Lenoir Marlow, Charles Wayne Kannapolis Page Ninety-nine A .•e " 5i-y P " v (f .: , Q Q f» n e ! Q 9 C ( g P f% P P ' -?• f3 A f f f) ft O }-j P P P O P H Martin, Kathie Faye Mayodan Mascott, Mary Anne Hanover, N. J. Mashburn, Jerry Franklin Cliffside Mast, Linda Lee Boone Mayberry. Patricia Joe Micaville Meadows, Carroll Lowe Asheboro Messick, Patsy Marlene Harmony Miles, iMelvin Martin Glade Valley Miller, Al -ena Sue Fleetwood Munday, Linda Gale Conover Murdock, Gilmer Lethco, Jr. . . Statesville Murphy, Howard William Levittown, Pa. Murray, Marion Diane Raleigh Musten, Roy Franklin Walkertown Myers, Myrtle Geneva Salisbury McAllister, Carol Virginia Gastonia McCants, Janet Elizabeth Concord McDonald, Nancv Lee Forest Cirv " O M Miller, Billie Viola Lenoir Miller. Cherrie Lee Greensboro Miller, James Robert Salisbury Miller, Priscilla Ann Boone Miller, Rebecca Josephine. . .China Grove Miller, ' U ' illiam P., Jr. West Caldwell, N. J. Minter, Helen Gail Newport Mitchell, Jerald Allen Charlotte Mitchem, Vivian Dianne Lowell McGee, Sarah Anne Lenoir Mcintosh, Patricia Ellen. . . Rutherfordton Mcintosh, Thomas Dean Burnsville Mclntyre, Elizabeth Anne Winston-Salem McKelvey, Roger Dean High Point McKinney, Carol Jean Salisbury McKinney, ' illiam Wilson. . . .EUenboro McKnight, James Howard Boonville McLean, Randy Eugene Gastonia O R E Mitchum, Daniel Wallace . . Rutherlordton Moody, Anita Louise Winston-Salem Moore. Kenneth L North Wilkesboro Muore, Nancy Karen Lenoir Moore, Patricia Anne Boone Moore, Shirley Ann Lenoir Moretz, Barbara Jane Boone Moretz, Jerry Claude Boone Morton, Judy Carol Albemarle McMahan, Evelyn Sue Gastonia McMillan, Nancy Carol Grumpier McMurry, Joseph Crowell Boone McNeil, Edith Mildred Lansing McRae, Barbara Anne Peachland McSwain, Mary Linda Shelby Nantz, Judy Ann Charlotte Neal, George William Le. ington Neave, Patty Jane High Point Page One Hundred fi Q P f fft 1 m p P O «j Q Q fs c •) ft n tfiteiAiSfe i: Nifong, Becky Jeanette. . . V instdii-Salcni Nixon, Gwendolyn Barker Den er Norman, Linda Earlene Lincolnton Norman, Patty Lou Winston-Salem Oliver, Samuel Brent, III Kinston Oiivo, Mary Jo Asheboro Orrell, Linda Eleanor Statesville Palmieri, Virginia Ann Crossnore Panther, Cassandra Marie Shelby Pojedinec, Ronald Joseph Whippany, N. J. Pope, Terry McNeil Winston-Salem Powell, Donald Webster Draper Powell, Harriett Louise Wilmington Powell, Judith Kay Valdese Powers, Michael Scott Charlotte Prestwood, Judy Faye Lenoir Prevatte, Helen Rae Pembroke Proffitt, William Edward Burnsville Pardue, Martha Ann Elkin Parham, Donald Albert Charlotte Court House, Va. Parham, Eva Claudene Maiden Park. George Brantly Rockwell Parlier, Billy Joe Maiden Parsons, Beverly Sue Belmont Parsons, Judith Orr Jonas Ridge Parton, Glenda Lois Morganton Patterson. Murlin Monroe Pruitt. Milton Eugene Rockingham Puckette, Nancy Jeanette Danbury Quinn. Alice Kathleen Asheville Randall. Carolyn Rose Durham Ratledge, John Robert Fayetteville Reavis, Linda Lee Winston-Salem Reel, Loma Patricia Marion Reese, Herman Lynn Taylorsville Reid. Tommy Parks Winston-Salem 1 9 6 Pender, Cynthia Annette Clayton Perrell, Gloria Jean Woodleaf Petree, Brenda Joyce Winston-Salem Phillips, Emma Jane Spruce Pine Phillips, Sara Alice Spruce Pine Pierce, V ' illiam Howard . . V ' est Jefferson Pittman, Linora Kathn.n Salisbury Pittman, Patricia Ann Laurinburg Plott, Norris Clarence Concord Reynolds, Paul N ' enus Jonesville Rhyne, Linda Lee Lincolnton Rhyne, Thomas Crowell Vale Richards, Donald Ray Concord Richards, Mary Jane Mt. Air ' Rickman, Philip Albert Bryson City Riddle, Barbara Jean .... Black Mountain Ritch, Betty Crav-or Wilkesboro Ritter, Ronald Fred Vandenberg A.F.B., Calif. Page One Hundred One A f , p p fS ,p o , f%P .;;., ( P hm f (% ( f1 fS p p n f ' I p nn F M f=v - ■■ ■ " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' o H o M o R Rives, Frederick Charles, Jr Charlotte Rdbbins, Earl Franklin Marion Roberson, Georgia Fay .... Ruthertordton Roberson, Susan Hope. . .Roanoke Rapids Roberts, Jenny Lynn Shelby Roberts, Nina Thelma. . . .Laurel Springs Robinson, Jack Henry. .Connelly Springs Robinson, lustina too e Charlotte Robinson, Myrtle Lucy Burnsville Robinson, Pearl Glenda Valdese Robinson, Pegg ' Jean Newland Rogers, Glenda Kay Mt. Airy Roland, William Robert AsheWlle Ross, Donald Melvyn Morganton Ross, Marilyn Christine Morganton Rowland, lerry Dean Marion Russ, lames C Belhaven Russell, Ian Albemarle Sain, Barbara Ann Mocksville Saunders, Dennis Gerald Greensboro Sawey, Sara Catherine Boone Schell, Sandra Mundy Hickory Scoggins, Carolyn Ann .... Rutherfordton Scott, jimmy Ray Denton Scott, Linda Sue State Road Scronce, A ' anda Louise Newton Sechler, ludith Yvonne China Grove Seitz, Myra Gertrude Newton Setzer, Sally Ann Claremont Sharpe, Judith Bennette Burlington Shaw, Ola jeannette Asheboro Shehan, Kaye Frances Lawndale Shepherd, Carlyle McArthur Sparta Shepherd, Da id Eugene Ferguson Sheppard, Betsy Deane High Point Sherrill, Julia Viola Sherrill ' s Ford Sherrill, Rodney NLxon Stanley Shoaf, Reginald Lee Thomas ille Shoemake, Ezelle Elaine Boone Shunk, Katylee Hialeah, Fla. Sigmon, Doris Ann Taylorsville Simmons. Larry Gray. . . .Winston-Salem Sisk, Carol Joan Bessemer City Smith, Audrey Christine Stoneville Smith, Carl i)aniel Fayetteville Smith, Carmen Eugenia Lawsonville Smith, Constance P Hialeah, Fla. Smith, Edith P Albemarle Smith, Jacob Archie, Jr Mt. Pleasant Smith, Joyce B High Point Smith, Alary Carolyn King Smith, Mary Magdalene Elkin Smith, Rebecca Ann Minneapolis Smith, Sara Relfe Edenton Page One Hundred Two ' I I SJ - ' v v.,-f r i ' f , iF t r ' : • - v ft P © . © fi ; i A ▲ k di d C) ' D o .o i " l ' -T li iiiAi ii Smith, Shirley Ann Winston-Salem Snider, Brenda Lee Woodleaf Snider. Mary Ann Lexington Southern, Susan Jane King Sowers, Virginia Gaye Advance Spradlin, Elizabeth Ann Lenoir Stallings, lulia Ann Hickory Stallings, Sandra Jean Durham Starnes, Don Billue Waxhaw Talbott, Margaret Ann Leaks ille Tart, Carolyn Ann Newton Grove Tate, Frank Dean Cherryville Taylor, Marguerite Estelle Purlear Temples, Clarence Edwin .. Altavista, Va. Terry, Irene Ann Wadesboro Thomas, Sandra Kay Hickory Thompson, Mary Carolyn Andrews Thompson, Mary Evelyn Lenoir Starnes, Julia Gayle Monroe Starnes, Steven L Asheville St. Clair. Delores Kay Belmont Stephens, Marsha Ann Spray Stevens, Dorothy Elizabeth Garner Stewart, Mary Elizabeth Boomer Stewart. William Haskell, Jr Belmont Stiller, Judy Carol Salisbury Stone. Aubrey Davidson Thompson, Sylvia Ann Pine BlufF Thompson, Virginia Boyd Charlotte Thornburg, Brenda Ann Shelby Thronburg. Sylvia Ann Newton Tiddy. Gary Eugene Shelby Tillman. Patricia Lane Greensboro Tillman, Pricilla Leigh Greensboro Tolbert, Allen Bradley Collettsville Triplett, Betty Martha Blowing Rock 1 9 6 Stoner, Ann Elizabeth Salisbury Strickland. Linda Ellen Dunn Strickland, Thomasena Hamlet Stroupe, Mary Agnes Morganton Sudderth, Sara K.. Montezuma Sullivan, Sheila Diane Shelby Surratt, Brenda Leigh Denton Sweatt. Boyd Emerson, Jr Bethel Sweezy, Katherine Ann Fallston Trull, Jerry Carl Kannapolis Tucker, Doris Elizabeth Hamlet Tulbert, William Franklin . . Union Grove Turman, Brenda Jean Mooresville Turner. Jane Lynn Albemarle Turner. Mary Juanita Hamptonville Turner. Thomas Wayne Greensboro Tyson. Linda Moseley Waxhaw Tyson. Mitchell Douglas Waxhaw Page One Htindred Three imm it. ' - ■- ' ' t v iu[fe Bkirik4ifetf i ft - S . ; p .-- ' ' f-dV " ii---J ' • ' ' . ' V— |- fv7 f? i i iPl ft « ' ;;n -V7 igWE . ' O P H Upton, Gary Dean Cherryville Valentine, lames Paul. . . .Winston-Salem Van Hoy, Carmisha Kay Olin Vaughn, James Aubrey, ]r. Winston-Salem Vaughn, Kenneth Oscar Greensboro Walker, Betty Sue Millers Creek Walker, Jane Elizabeth Chapel Hill Walker, Margaret Jean Chandler Wall, Patricia Ann King W ' illianis, Trena Ellen Charlotte illianis, Trudy Arlene Chapel Hill Williamson, Rebecca Susan .... Asheboro W ' illiiord, Janice Marie Clarkton Wilson, Barbara Ann Burnsvillc Wilson, June Carol Charlotte Wilson, Roy Roger Shelb - Windsor, Ida Elizabeth Elkin Wingler, Carole Lea Wilkesboro O M Wallace, Van Junior Lenoir V ' allace, William L Tryon ' alters. Carolyn Jane State Road Walters, lames Duran Charlotte ' altun, Carolyn Ann Mooresville V ' are, Martha Lou Kings Mountain VA ' arren, Robert Lee Vilas Watts, Barbara Lee Landis W ' augh. Brenda Loui-e Stony Point Willie. Michael Lynn Albemarle Wdiid. Carey Thcdlord Clayton ' n(icl ' , Robbie Jean Pisgah Forest Wright, Cynthia Piccola Grover Wright, William Thomas Shelb VVyatt, Toni Jo Spencer Young, James V ' illiam Burnsville Young, Judith Neil Gastonia Young. Myrtle Virginia. .. .Grassy Creek O R E Wease, Keith Hayes Cherryville Webb, Roberta Ann Morganton Webb, Shirley Alice Pineola White, Joseph Larr - Casar Williams, Bettie Arlene Spencer Williams, Fama Joyce Elon College Williams, Margaret Louise Durham Williams, Robert C Cleveland Williams. Theodore Roosevelt . Kannapolis Younts, Janice Elaine Hi,gh Point Zinmierman, Brenda Dianne. . . . Ad ancc Page One Himdred Four T FRESHMEN r --, ' - ' . •• A ' • r -.■ ' .•• ' •■■ •••■ • -ti - .rf ■ ? " ly - ' --. fi r ..y,, •ije i --- " •5? ' ' i ♦ ' fc. ' t. :. Jt- 1 -.i n tT £ 3 ' i 1 F=FC yi }, ■ ' ■■ m , ,■ ■-: FRESHMAN OFFICERS Thurman Hollar President Guy Flynt ' ice-Preshie}it Judy Bowers Secretary Wayne Craig Treasurer f ' . ' i --f h ,: mM M is M itt Mlk P tw ' ■ ' ■■ ' " P fe ' - ' ' i? ' ' ( ' f p- fH ?! " ' rv P A i,:, f ( A ■ ' ■ ' P R H M N Abernethy, Vicki lo Belmont Adams, George Glenn .... Bessemer City Adams, Willie Mae Kannapolis Aldridgc, Sue Carolyn .. Valley Lee, Md. Alexander, George David Lenoir Allen, ludy Dian Hickory Allen, Michael Barry Shelby Allred, Elsie Elaine Charlotte Alpert. Robert Martin PineHluff Bare, Paul Harvev, Jr Crumpler Barker, Betty Carol Mt. Holly Barlow, Larry Wayne Creston Barnard, Dorris Lee Winston-Salem Barnes, Morris Nelson Orrum Earnette, Susan Evertt Charlotte Barrier, Harry Lamar Concord Bartles, Ernest Clyde LInion MilN Baucom, Barbara Marlene Concord Anderson, Frances Victoria. ... Leaksviile Arnall, Margaret Haydon Spray Arnold, Dennis Kyle Fig Ashley, Betty June Grassy Creek Ashlcv, Linda Ann Timberlake Ashlev, Phillip Terrv Fort Mill, S. C. Bailey, Ollie Mildred Bryson City Baird, Sandra Dian Dayton, Ohio Raker, lacquelvn Christeel Winst,,n-Salcni Beam, Kenneth Robert Casar Beamer, Carol Elizabeth .... Mount Air ' Beaver, Linda lo Salisburv Beck, Nancy Kay Piedmont, S. C. Belk, Janice Cornelia Hickorv Belk, Mary Beth Stony Point Bell, Alvis Rebecca Greenslwro Bell, Joan Meredith Statesville Bell, Theresa Gail Brevard Baker, Margarette Ann Sparta Baker, Rolanda Murline Morganton Baldwin, Billy Michael States ille Ballard, Neal Duane China Grove Baney, Mary Louise Lexingtem Bangle, Robert Wayne Lincolnton Banks, Carolyn Elaine Xewton Barbee, Jacqueline Albemarle Bare, Billie Kay Laurel Sjirings Benlieid, Jewell Elaine Rutherford College Benton, Judith Lee Concord Benton, Rebecca Ann. .North Wilkesboro Berrier, Becky Lynn Lexington Berry, Elizabeth Ann Greensboro Berry, Janet Mareen. . Rutherford College Best, Benjamin Edward. . . .Bessemer Citv Bingham, Florence Helen Lawndale Black, Donald Frank Shelby J ' dgc One Hundred Light r: 1, 4- i,- ;r o n f- " ' f ft fi n « ' P. -■■ ' O f jy. t 9 Black, Dorinda Lucretia Mayodan Blackburn, Jerry Douglas Elkin Blackmore, Martha Eleanor V ' inston-Salem Blackwood, Ray Norman Mt. Holly Blalock, Karen Amanda Burnsville Blankenship, Pamela Joyce . Rutherfordton Blanton, Shirley Virginia Shelby Bledsoe, Elaine Kay Winston-Salem Blevins, Willard Troy Wilkesboro Brawley, Brenda Kay Kannapolis Brewer, Carole Lynn A ' inston-Salem Bridges, Jim W Union Mills Brittain, John Tilden Hickory Brittain, June Elaine Hickory Brittain, Marilyn Maxine Connelly Springs Brooks, Ruth Lillian ionroe Brookshire, Rebecca Anne Charlotte Brown, Anne Red Springs Boger, Linda Ann Winston-Salem Bolick, Mary Shelton Granite Falls Bollinger. Rebecca Lucille. ... Morganton Bondurant, Barbara Jean . . Winston-Salem Bookout, Coy William. . Jacksonville, Fla. Bower, Judith Ann Jefferson Bowers, Carol Grace Thomasville Bowers, Phillip Eugene Jefferson Bowles, Sandra Jane Statesv-ille Brown, Bessie Ellen Brevard Brown, Betty Sue Ararat, Va. Brown, Jimmie Charles Cary Brown, Hobert Wesley, Jr. Winston-Salem Brown, Horace Alexander, Jr.. .Morganton Brown, Linda Evelyn Ellenboro Brown, Nancy Sue Fayetteville Browne, Douglas Aaron State Road Bryant, Lynda Kay Thomasville Bowman, Jerry Benjamin Lawndale Bowman, Phyllis Juanita . . . . Taylorsville Boyd. Grover Duncan Charlotte Boyles, Gary Luther Cherryville Bozeman, Wanda Genear Durham Brackett. Jean Earle Hickory Braddy, Robert Ammons Burlington Bragg, Jane Frances Hickory Brantley. Maris Ann Spring Hope Brvbon, Sara Lee Franklin Buck, George Nathan Wilmington Buckner. Barbara Sue Marshall Budd, Michael P Boone Buff, Johnny D Hickory Bumgarner, Edward Daniel . Millers Creek Bumgarner, John D Ferguson Bumgarner, Phyllis Elaine Lenoir Burcham, Judy Gad Lowgap Page One Hundred Nine f P .,, Q P P ( S (5 IJj (? f • m f fS ihdXhJik R E Burchette, Jimmie Dean . . Winston-Salem Burgess, Barbara Ann Gastonia Burkhardt, Richard Francis Hollywood, Fla. Burns, Lena Elizabeth Morganton Burwell, Beverly Jean .... Winston-Salem Bush, Martha Esther Fairfield Buxton, Mary Blowing Rock B Td, Gloria Elaine Mt. Gilead Cage, Guy Newark, Del. Caudell, Nancy Etta Sparta Caudill, Barbara Lee Waynesville Cayton, Nelda Marie Durham Cecil, Charles Richard Hickory Champion, Sue Lane Shelby Chapman, Rebecca Ann Morganton Church, Danny Wayne. .. .Granite Falls Church, Diane Elaine Millers Creek Church, Ma.xine Patricia. .Winston-Salem S H Caldwell, Charles William, Jr. . . Charlotte Caldwell, Patricia Annette Asheville Canady, Mary Sue Raeford Caraway, Jack Lee Morganton Carlton, Herbert Troy Graham Carmichael, Larry Franklin . . Walkertown Carpenter. Alma Sue Lawndale Carpenter, Jimmy Clayton Landis Carriker, Jerry Clayton Ellerbe Church, Sarah Ann Lenoir Clark, Julia Anne Morganton Clarke, Connie Gale Morganton Clarke. Judith Arlene Morganton Clayton, Sarah Louise Kannapolis Cleary, Mildred Claudine North Wilkesboro Cobler, Janet Sue Winston-Salem Cockman, Margaret Pearl Lenoir Cody, Raychel Susanne Mooresville M E Carson, Nadine Spencer Boone Carter, David Miller Chadbourn Carter, Jo Ann Greensboro Carter, Mary Jo Gastonia Car ' er, Marion Samuel Ro.xboro Carxer, Perry Lee Charlotte Case, ' illiam Clifford Fletcher Cash, Gloria Rea Spindale Cashion, Rose Ellen Charlotte Coffey, Phyllis Ann Boone Cole, Dennis Lee High Point Collins, Judy Marie Kannapolis Collins, Patricia Ann Kathleen Greensboro Combs, Alan Gray Elkin Comer, Linda Louise Stone ' ille Cook. Mack Jefferson. Ill .Winston-Salem Cooke, Fred Robah Mount Airy Cooke, Paula Grace Hickory N Page One Hundred Ten f h ' " ' iS r. ' |f) «- k k ib • f. " iiitrtfctfiirfc C. .. f ( A pj D f p .v it; ff f n p 15 2£ . -, " O Z 1 9 Cooner, Sharon Lillian Thoniasville Cooper, Michael Eugene Washington, D. C. Councilman, Charles Henry Moses Lake, Wash. Covington, Lucinda Rockingham Covington, Robert Wayne Pilot Mountain Cox, Carlotta Sue Sparta Cox, Gamett Dayne Mount Airy Cox, luanita Dallas Cox, Judith Gail West Jefferson Davis, Jackie Madelyn Ft. Bragg Davis, Kenneth Carroll EUenboro Davis, Lucinda Faye High Point Davis, Susan Moore .... Kings Mountain Dayvault, Judy Carol Kannapolis Deal, Beverly Ann Conover Deal, Patsy Jane Burgaw Deal, Teddy Yates Valdese DeBrule, Teresa Dianne Siler City Cox, Philip Martin Concord Craig, John Raymond Lenoir Craig, Norville Wayne . . . Scottsville, Va. Cranford, Janie Fay Winston-Salem Graver, Hilda Loretta. . . .Winston-Salem Crawford, Penny Jo Waynesville Crews, Rebecca Lee Winston-Salem Cridlebaugh, Thomas Tillman. High Point Crotts. Kenneth James Thomasville Dellinger, Alvin Gene Cherryville Dennis, Miriam Cheryl Gibsonville Denton, Melvin Douglas Lawndale Devine, Billy Burke Shelby Digh, Ronnie Lee Valdese Donnelly, Jeanne Parker Rutherford College Drum, Janet Elaine .... Brunswick, Ohio Drum, Martha Elizabeth Statesville Drye, David Lynn Concord Culberson, Ora Lou Snow Camp Culberson, Susan Louise Asheville Cullom, Sandra Jean High Point Current, John Robert Newton Dages, Donald Joseph Newland Daniels, Ernest Gene Scotland Neck Davant, Suzanne Claxton . . Augusta, Ga. Davenport, Minnie Jane. .. .Mount Airy Daves, Vivian Marie Marion Drve, Donald Norman Concord Duhling, Sallie Ruth Hickory Dunfee, Beth Winston-Salem Dyer, John Vernon Ferguson Eads, Bruce Wayne Sanford Eads, Ora Wilbert Charlotte Eaker, Danny Allen Cherryville Eanes, Samuel Stanford II ... . Lexington Earl, Trvon Lee Casar Page One Hundred Eleven E Uk f: Q - P r» a fs p A i O O O 9 f) f " v ' (5 ■© r a .p p lii s jr- i fe i h milk R E HdrainMon, Anne Statesville Ed« ' ards, Charles Lewis . . West Asheville Edwards, John Rudolphus Lexington Edwards, Rebecca Ann High Point Edwards, Romona Diann. . . .Union Mills Edwards, Shirley Carol Gibsonville Eisenhart. Cornelia Rose .... Rockingham EUedge, Herlie Gwyn Ferguson Eller, Janet Triplett Cramerton Foster, Judy Craig Ferguson Francis, Mary Lee West Jefferson Francis, Shirley Louise Crumpler Freeman, James Melvin Weaver ille Freeze. John Kay Mooresville Frye, Linda Irene Hickory Fulbright. Meri Ruth Newton Fulbright, Sylvia Christine Newton Gale, Thomas Nelson Morganton S H Eller, Vella Faye Hays Eudy, Alyce Sharon Concord Ex ' ans. Reba Louise Abing don, Md. E ' erhart, Ella Marie Le.xington Everhart. Hilda Marlene Lexington Falls, Eunice Dixie Woodruff, S. C. Farrington, Champ Clark Creston Farthing, Donald Dewitt, III .... Boone Faw, Paul David Mt. Airy Gantt, James Kenneth. . .Boiling Springs Gantt, Ronald Barry Conover Gardner, Joseph Rhea, Jr. North Wilkesboro Gardner, Patricia Ann Gastonia Garland. Shirley Jean Bakersville Garnett, Gayle Marie Enfield Gibbs, Linda Charlene Burns ille Gilchrist, Charles Edward .... Kernersville Glendening, Sue CarolvTi Gary M E Faw, Violet Louise Wilkesboro Finley, James Carol Nebo Fisher, Billie Ann Hickory Fletcher, James Allen Lansing Floyd, Susan Nobles Orrum Flynt, Guy Richard Winston-Salem Flynt, Sandra Ruth Walnut Cove Ford, Janet Sue Fairmont Ford, Kay Peoples Charlotte Glenn, Nancy Belle Mount Hollv Godson, John Richard Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Godwin, Agnes N Benson Coins, ' illiam Ant hony . Kings Mountain Goodman, Newton Glenn, Jr Todd Goforth, David Shelton Ferguson Goforth. Robert Gene. .North A ' ilkesboro Gopie, Deanna Phyllis Corentyne, British Guiana Gordon, James Morris Drexel N Page One Hundred Twelve p. it , (D P f i P dkii il 4i fe Ji p ( (? a - " ' 4 ; ififctfa f Q f i Gragg, Judy AOeene Lenoir Graham, Sally Jean Todd Grant, Glenda Rae Burlington Greene, Charlotte Elizabeth . . Huntersville Greene, David D Spruce Pine Greene, Judy Lorana Boone Greene, Nancy Diane Stanfield Greene, Ostenn Delmas Boone Greer. Lorene Jeanette Todd Griffith, Linda Kaye Relief Griggs, Elizabeth Ann. . . .Cheraw. S. C. Groce, Linda Jane Yadkinville Groves, William Cliff Bessemer City Guffey, Linda Lee Rutherfordton Hagaman, Frank Allen, Ir Boone Hager, Judy Elaine Alexis Hahn. Rachael Elizabeth Hildebran Hairfield, Judith Ann Morganton Hall, Carol Ann Asheboro Hall, Claudia Ruby Albemarle Hall, Doris Gail Morganton Hall, Judy Sharyn Lenoir Hall, Malinda Jane Spruce Pine Hall, Ruth Faye Mount Airy Hamilton, Peggy Anne Salisbury Hamm, Jerry Ray Grayson Hamrick, Ferrell Reece Ellenboro Hancock, Phyllis Ann Concord Handy, Margaret Hoyt Williamston Hanes, Ronald Alexander Cycle Hankins, Reid Donald . . North Wilkesboro Hardin, Bruce Gordon Forest City Hardison, Betty Jean Chapel Hill Hare, Mary A Raleigh Harkey, David Lee Charlotte Harmon. Susan Carol Kannapolis Harper, Verlyn Herschel. .VValhalla, S. C. Harrelson, Lou Alice Cherr ' % ' ille Harris, Patricia Louise Maiden Harris, Suzanne Kannapolis Harrison, Elwin Woodrow Zionville Hartley, Joe Lee, III Linville Hartsell, Norma Jane Concord Hartzog, Sally Sue Fleetwood Hartzoge, Barbara Ann Hickon.- Hastings, Adene Marie Lenoir Hasty, Lora Karen Norwood Hatley, Dallas Harold Hickory Hawley, Jack C Spruce Pine Hayes, Linda Joyce Boone Haymore, Roger Dean Mt. Airy Hayworth, Charles Alexander Boone Hedrick, Norma Mae Southmont Helton, Marvin Michael Mill Spring Page One Hundred Thirteen f . Ci p Q i fe P f R H M N Hembree, Charles Randall. . .Valrico, Fla. Hensley, Joan Aimee Mount Holly Hess, Judy Ann Salisbur Hester, Kathy Lou Durham Hester, VVilma Janice Morsanton Hewett, Teresa June. . . Jackson ille. Fla. Hewitt, Mar ' Diane Shelby Hildebran, Barbara Grav Newton Hill, Linda Ruth Charlotte Horton, Patricia Ann Gaffney, S. C. Houck, Steve Oscar West Jefferson Houston, Samuel Humes, Jr. Kings Mountain Howell, Camellia N Statesville Howell, Joyce Loretta Bakersville Howell, Iary Alice Rutherfordton Hoyle, Larry Kenneth Vale Hoyle, William A Fallston Hudson, Richard Edmond Connelly Springs Page One Hundred Fourteen Hill, Wallace Lamar. .. Jacksonville, Fla. Hines, Frieda Sue Rutherfordton Hinkle, Bruce Edward Mocksville Hodge, James Larry Union Mills Htxlgens, Ralph James, Jr Kannapolis Hoffman, Fred Alexander ... McAdenville Holder, Ralph Edward Sanford Holder, ' illiam Doughton Olivia Holland, Suzanne Shelby Hudspeth, Virginia Ann Belmont Huff, Eugene Bernice Oxford Huffman, Anne Carol Hickory Huffman, Judy Elaine Salisbury Huffman, John Cleborn Lewisville tluffman. Patricia Maureen Hickory Huntley, Martha Ellen Wadesboro Hurley. Ruby Jane West Jefferson Huss. Dorothv Lee Iron Station Hollar, Virginia Alice Hickory H ollar, Thurman Dewitt Midland HoUifield, Katherine Elizabeth. . .Candler Hollifield, Rita Yvonne .. Pilot Mountain Holmes, Carole Taylor Miami, Fla. Holt, Marjorie Loretta Albemarle Holt, Michael Kent Graham Honeycutt, Sue Carroll Mars Hill Hooper, Ruth Sherron Gastonia Hutchinson, Elizabeth Kay. . . .Peachland Hutchison, Gloria Virginia Charlotte Inabinet, Carol Sue Winston-Salem Jackson, Barbara Ann Grover James, Christina Lee Gastonia Jamison, Nancy Carra Charlotte Jarvis, ' irginia Carol Fleetwood Jenkins, Rex Hal Statesville Jenkins, Theresa Earlleen ' est Cramerton f- V— ' |1 . f -O 1 fi O fS : O 9 ( Qf) 9 a 9 C 4 -i »i- M fM O f f) Pi P t ' f ( t-s Johnson, Alis Elizabeth Newton Johnson, Alvin James. .. .Winston-Salem Johnson, Carol Ann Low Gap Johnson, Dennis Hayv ' ood Clayton Johnson, Franklin Everette Newland Johnson, Judith Carol luenuir Johnson, Margaret Ann Morven Johnson, Mary Elaine. Garner Inhnson, Murrell .Marlin Ellenboro Kins, H. Ben, Jr Garner Kinsella, Mary Helen Thomasville Kirklcy, Dottie Ann Charlotte Kirkman, James Worth Climax Knight. Anna Maria Winston-Salem Knight, Barbara Elizabeth Hickory Knight, Carl Delane Raleigh Kress. Herbert Edward Florham Park, N. J. Krites, Marv Ann Walkertown Johnson, Shirley Sue Greensboro Jones, George H., Jr Mount Airy Jones, Helen Laura Mill Spring Jones, Roger John Rhodhiss Kearns. Phyllis Ann .... Pleasant Garden Keener, Sandra Jean Maiden Keener, VA ' ayne Thomas Lincolnton Kee er, Joseph Larry Kannapolis Kee er, Joyce Patricia Gastonia Lancaster, Carolyn Louise. Winston-Salem Lankford, Lucille North Wilkesboro Lassiter, Lee Harrison Wagram Lassiter, Rebecca Sue Linwood Laughlin, Brenda Kaye Lawndale Lawrence, Michael Don Marion Layton, Diane Patricia Charlotte Lentz, Pamela Kay Hickor ' Lent . Rita Marcella Concord 1 9 6 Kelly, Betty Di. on Carthage Kemenczky, Suanna Rose Charlotte Kennedy, Brenda Elaine Thomasville Kerle -, Guy Lee, Jr Spray Key, Kay Frances Roaring River Kilpatrick, Ronald L Marble Kincaid, Glenda Carmen Charlotte Kincaid, Nancy Elizabeth .... Morganton Kincaid. Richard Clyde Fleetwood Lentz, XA ' illiam Council, Jr. Blowmg Rock Leonard, Rebecca Jane Salisbury Leonard, John Randall Spencer Leonard, Sandra Susan Lexington Lewis, Elizabeth Josephine. . . .Cooleemee Limer, Leonard Patterson Halifa.x Lindsay, Rebecca Lee .... Winston-Salem Lineberger, James , rlee Hickory Lineberger, Robbie Lafay Salisbury Page One Hundred Fifteen p p P P f: P - (5 --1 fS P it ..-. .-;. A. « e- c R H M N Lipe, Michael Alexander Mooresville Little, Quinella Loraine Conover Long, Mike Austin Rutherfordton Loven, Carey Lynn Pineola Lowery, Sandra Kay Gastonia Lowman, Victoria Gay Hildebran Lowman, Wanda Louise Charlotte Lucas, Helen Patricia Gastonia Luxton, Julia Ann Bahama Massey, Brenda Joyce Charlotte Mathis, Sharon R Trinity Matthews, Cahin F East Bend Mauney, Franoa Jean Dallas Mauney, John Loyd Cherryville May, Julia Grace West Jefferson Meade, Janell Lawndale Merck, Nancy Laura Belmont Metcalf, Ruby Katherine Valdese Lyerly, Betty Jean Concord Lyons, John Doyle Boone Macken, Linda Adale Charlotte Mackland, M T-a Ann Shelby Magness, Margaret Anne Shelby Maners, Peggy Luis New London Manning, Paul Patrick. ... Robinson. 111. Maples, William Edward. .Richmond, Va. Marley, Barbara Ann Hudson Michael, Ruby Gwyn Boone Miles, Harold Dean Sparta Miller. Beniamine Wallace Boone Miller, Joseph Shannon. .Poplar Hill, Va. Miller, Lana Kay Greensboro Miller. Virginia Claudia.. St. Louis, Mo. Millhiser, John Douglas . Waynesboro, Va. Mills, Harold Gene Statesville Mills, Jerry Wayne Salisbury Marlowe, Charlotte Ann Asheville Marsh, Henry Agustine North Hampton, N. H. Marsh, Linda Ruth Greensboro Martin, Claudia Camille Charlotte Martin, James Francis Stoneville Martin. Jo Ann Ellenboro Martin, Judith .Ann Newton Martin, Judith Annette Bostic Martin, Patricia Gail Ronda Milton. Sandy Joan Japan Misik, Sharon Frances. . . .Ft. Pierce. Fla. Mitchell. O. Crafton, III Durham Monroe, Richard Hardaway . . Rockingham Moody, Martha Anne Blowing Rock Moore, James Aubrey Matthews Moore, Wylie Mackie Granite Falls Moran, Conoy Cortez Reids ' ille Morris, Carolyn Troy Page One Hundred Sixteen . Q f? S ' f - lb k k ji A Jii h MT f ?• P ■ ' A - f- ' f )i: | ( P a Morris, Linda Faye Sanford Morrison, Richard Yount Statesville Morton, Brenda Arlene Troy Morton, Mary Jane Albemarle Moxley, Brenda Ann Boonville Mullis, Cynthia Jean Hickory Mundy, James Villiam Asheville Munt, Ann Boardman. . .Winston-Salem Murdock, Robert Kerrv Statesville McGran, Brenda Yvonne Charlotte McKaraher, Mary Lon Boone McKinney, Dianne Lynette. . . . ReidsWlle McKinney, Linda Caroll Swannanoa McMillan, James Arthur Laurinburg McMillan, Mary Alice .... V ' est Jefferson McMurray, Jack Kelly Lawndale McNulty, Tommy Lee . . . Winston-Salem McSwain, George Lewis, Jr. . . Kannapolis Murphy, Sybil Elaine Burnsville McAlexander, Gary A Mount Airy McAlpine, Benny Arnold. .Winston-Salem McCallum, Julia Faye Candor McCarn, Ellen Redfearn Kannapolis McClure, A. J Candler McClure, Julianne Alice Charlotte McCoU, Norman Hugh, Jr Statesville McCormick, Linda Lou Dobson Nance, Brenda Anne Hickory Nance, Glenn DaWd Thomasville Nelson, Thomas Eugene Lenoir Nevvlin, Carl V ' endell Leaksville Newsom, Mary Ann Winston-Salem Newton, Brenda Kaye Morganton Newton, Robert Glenn Charlotte Nichols, Carol Jean Purlear Nichols, Virginia Elaine Marion McCormick, Miriam Gaffney, S. C. McCullen, Joan Weslie Reidsville McEntire, Merrill Joe Old Fort McExer, John T Davidson McEwen, Mary Katherine. West Jefferson McFarland, Larry Clyde Swansboro McGalliard, William Augustus. ... Nebo McGee, Brenda Ann Boomer McGee, Janet Anne Winston-Salem Nicholson, Lewis Darrell High Point Nickle, George P Newark, Delaware Norville, Diane Marie Rutherfordton Gates, Judy Annita York, S. C. O ' Bryant, V ' anda Loroyne. . . .Gibsomille O ' Ham, Margaret Delores Lenoir O ' Kelley, Gene Ketchie. . . .China Grove Ollis, Margaret Mohr (Mrs.) . .Crossnore Orsborne. Tliomas Claborne North Wilkesboro Page One Hundred Seventeen |. -li , fn P p a ( 9 L t O !f O ir irife 4 " i j M i i iiA r-i r--« ' ' ' . A f% P ti A D r:. |t- P f -- ' , O ( .p I R H M N Osborne, Charles W Cycle Padgett, Greta Vann Dale Gastonia Palmer, Shirley Aleve Wilbar Paris, Martha Elaine Madison Parker, Arnold W Mount Airy Parker, Charles Brandon Salisbur Parker, Sandra Kaye Hampton, Va. Parlier. Janet Sue West ]efFerson Parrish, Tcrrv Van Kernersville Pittman, Katherine Dale Laurinburg Plonk, Marian Ruth .... Kings Mountain Poe, Gary Dean Granite Falls Poole, Conley Tonie Marion Pope, Charlotte Rebecca Charlotte Pope, ludy Meldirene Stony Point Pope, Michael Hoyle Waco Poteat, Cornelia Faye . . North Wilkesboro Poteat, Doris Cannon Boone Parsons, Esker Dale Mt. Airy Patterson, James Benson Reidsville Patterson, Pat E Lexington Pa.xton, John Clifford Charlotte Payne, John Charles Bessemer City Payne, Patricia Brockenbrough . . Charlotte Pearson. Jerone Don Wilkesboro Pearson, Linda Lea Lenoir Pearson, Wavne Douglas Morganton Poteat, Linda Esther Jamestown Pounders, Bonnie Lean Raleigh Pounds. James Robert. . . .Winston-Salem Powers, Margaret Jacqueline. .. .Pineville Prevette, Doris Louvene Ronda Price, Barry Dale Kannapolis Price, Betty Sue Hickory Price, Jerry Dean Morganton Pritchard, Elizabeth Ann . . . . Stonv Point Pendergrass, Larry Wayne Durham Penninger, Cynthia Diane Concord Pennington, Larry Gale Tryon Perkins. Sylvia Anne Valdese Perry. Evelyn Jeanne Hillsboro Perryman. Jonathan Keats Boone Phillips, Douglas N Neva, Tenn. Pierce, A is West Jefferson Pilcher. Margaret Frances Levvisvillc Proctor, Zelma Dianne Marion Ragsdale, Barbara Carol New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Ramsey. Celeste Ann Gaftney, S. C. Randall. Linda Joyce Polkton Paper, Barbara Lindsay Thomasvillc Ratliffc, Betty Joyce Wadesbom Rautiola, Kenneth Arthur Burlington Ra ' , Naomi Sherrelle Graham Reavis, James Clyde Winston Salem Page One Hundred Eighteen B (-) P P P f P ' n A P ( ' P P ( : ii tlSk MMik MmM • . ? ' ? A f P 1 P v ' - Reece, Stephen Malo Dobson Reep, Minnie Faye Lincolnton Reid, Larn " Lee Winston-Salem Reid, Pauletta Lee Winston-Salem Reid, Phyllis Anne Charlotte Reinhardt, Bill Lincolnton Revell, Betty Diane Albemarle Reynolds, Dorotha Faye Valdese Revnolds, Glenda Ada Ararat Rudisill, Aundria Carol Hickory Ruppe, Jennie Gail GafFney, S. C Russell, George Michael Salisbury Russell, Martha Ellen Randleman Ruth, Marian Ann Salisbury Sattcrxvhite, Patricia Ann McCain S.iLinders, Jerry Dean Hildebran Schiilk, Sharon Anita Fontana, Wis. Scott, Kemp Winston-Salem Rhyne, David Alton Lincolnton Rhyne, John Ray Vale Richardson, Jimmy Ray Thomasvillc Richmond, Linda Lee Mebanc Riddle, lilizabeth Spruce Pine Rigsbee, Sandra Kaye Durham Rimmer, Chesley Leroy .... Hurdle Mills Robbins, John McRay Ferguson Roberts, Glenda Sue Lincolnton Scroggs, Charlie Faye Charlotte Scronce, Leonard Eugene Vale Seaman, Douglas Wade Nebo Seaney, Earla Jean.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Seeley, Edgar George, III. . .Venice, Fla. Sellers, Donna Lei gh Charlotte Setser, Elizabeth Gayle Lenoir Settlemvre, Ann Louise McConnells, S. C. Setzer, Brenda Elaine Claremont Roberts, Linda Lee Landis Robinette, Fred Turner, Jr Statesville Robinson, Ernestine Candler Robinson, Revonda Kay Hickory Robinson, William A Bessemer City Robinson, William Gene Gastonia Rogers, Linda Carolle. . . .Lake Junaluska Roper, Dann Woodrow Marion Ross, Durham Landis Sharp, Lynn Joyce Stuart, Va. Sheehan, Martha Elaine. . .Rutherfordton Shelton, Sandra Kaye Conover Shepherd, Linda Lee Jefferson Shepherd, Nelta Keatina North Wilkesboro Shepherd, Ralph Nelson Rockwell Sherrill, Nancy Louise. . . .Winston-Salem Shoaf, Judy Garland Lexington Shomaker, Loretta Anne Purlear Page One Hundred Nineteen P Q o p p. p, p p f% ' f% p n ( R E Shore, Dona Harriet. . .North VVilkesboro Shue, Miriam Lee Taylorsville Shuler, Olon Winston-Salem Shumate, Rita Kay Hickory Sibley, Albin Michael Charlotte Sides, Robert Eugene Charlotte Sigmon, John Alvin Hickory Sigmon, Kemp Ikerd Newton Sills, James Lynn Charlotte Smith, Nancy Gayle Stoneville Smith, Patricia Eagle Salisbury Smith, Rachel Anita Shelby Smith, Sandra Gail Lenoir Smith, Sandra Jennifer Stoneville Smith, Yonina Ray Norwood Snead, Brenda Carolyn Cordova Snipes, Linda Annice Laurinburg Snyder, Mavis Kay Winston-Salem S H Simmemon, Lorraine Emma Catawba Simmons, Wayne Alden. .Winston-Salem Simms, Linda Jo Laurinburg Sink, Kenneth Ray Lexington Sipe, Dennis Roy Hickor) ' Sipe. James William Hickory Siskron, Kaye Ellen Charlotte Skaggs, Barbara Anne. . . .Trenton, N. J. Skreen, Maxine Faye Rockingham Snyder, Rena Byrd Denton Snyder, Wanda Delores Jamestown Spainhour. Judith Ann Rural Hall Sparks. Sandra Lee Portsmouth, Va. Spencer, Linda Ross Charlotte Spencer, Lynda Gayle Lawsonville Sprinkle, Caroline Vesta Greensboro Squires, Donna Delores LeaksWlle Stallings, Lazarus King, III. . . .Goldsboro M E Slate, James Raymon Danbury Smith, Constance Jane. . .Hollywood, Ra. Smith, David George Marion Smith, Delma Marie Draper Smith, Joyce Annette Nebo Smith, Larry Arland Statesvillc Smith, Laura Lane Durham Smith, Linda Faye Morganton Smith, Loretta Leah Drexe! Stanley, Donna Elaine Millers Creek Stanley, Sandra Kay. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. Stephenson, Helen Ruth Angier Stevenson, Janet Morrow Statesville Stewart, Barbara Ann Gastonia Stewart, John Alton Kings Mountain Stewart, Lyndell Lee Winston-Salem Stewart, Rita Margaret Cherryville Stiles, Roland Wayne Thomasville N Page One Hundred Twent} Stimson, David Samuel Lenoir Stirewalt, Larry Kent Waco Stone, Barbara Jane Waynesville Stone, Dennis Howard Laurinburg Stone, Gloria Faye Mount Holly Stroud, Keith McLendon Shelby Stroupe, Charles Wayne Hickory Styles, Albert Eugene Burnsville Sullivan, Brenda Gail Hudson Thompson, Linda Carol Norwood Thompson, Matt J Spruce Pine Thornton, Amy Lydia Charlotte Tickle, Carolyn Eleanor Newell Tilley, Sharon Lee lonesvillc Timmons, Mary Jean Mount Airy Tinsley, Betty Lynn Havelock Tipton, Doris Leigh Bakersville Todd, Loretta Ann Charlotte Sullivan, James Bennett Greensboro Sullivan, Sandra Lee Lincolnton Sutton, Mary Ann LaGrange Swanson, Brenda Kay Lenoir Tate, Larry Paul Bessemer City Tatham, Pallie Sue Black Mountain Taylor, Glenda Charlene Newton Taylor, Jean Carol Durham Taylor, Jerry Muck Sparta Tort, Mary Ellen ... Scotch Plains, N. J. Towell, Norma Jean Mooresville Trexler, Colleen Amelia Salisbury Triplett, Linda George. . . .Blowing Rock Triplett, Suzanne Elaine North Wilkesboro Triplett, V. Gail Boone Tucker, Myra Dianne Westfield Tucker, Ronnie Gene Danbury Tucker, Wade Dennis Dobson 1 9 6 Taylor, Ruth Sharon Stonewall Teague, Lina Carolyn Stony Point Teague, Martha Jane Winston-Salem Thiets, Susan Jane Gastonia Thomas, Brenda Arlene. . Jackson Springs Thomas, Farlern Earnest Spruce Pine Thomas, Leslie Heustess Laurinburg Thomas, Linney Craig. . . .Winston-Salem Thomas, Patricia Ann Jonesvillc Tuckwiller, Hilda Lake Boone Tudor, Judith Elaine Winston-Salem Turbyfill, Margaret Grace Maiden Turner, Douglas Eugene Shelby Tuttle, Clifton Blaine West End Tuttle, Frances Gail Lewisville Tysinger, Ila Frances Reidsville Utiey, Virginia O ' Brien Graham Vance, Isla Ann Charlotte Page One Hundred Twenty-one ■ V A = ' --i - ith f- f p jf p p ft , p R H M N Van Home, ]uhn Prcstun Conuver Van Steenbeeck, Paulette Hollywood, Fla. Vickers, Brenda lustice Lexington ' addell, Bill Joe West Jefferson A ' alker. Robert Earl Shelby ' allace, Brenda Ann Hudson Wallace, Judy Lucille Union Mills Warf, lanet Elaine Asheville ' arner, Barbara |o. Thoniasville Warren, Io cc Marie Stiin Point .irrcn, Sara luanita Candler W .isliluirn, lohn Sterlyn Marion W atkins, Martha GuUey Zebulon Watkins, Mervlyn Diana Raleigh Watson, Lola Mae West lefferson ' atts, Amelia lane Taylorsville V ' eathers, Mildred Fray Shelby ' ebb, Billie June Bakersville Webb, John Plott Rockingham Webb, Nancy Renn Charlotte Weir, Paul D N ' aldese Weisner, Rayline Olin Wellborn, Edward Donald North Wilkesboro Wells, Barbara Gay Hamptonville West, Dolores Ann Greensboro West, Evelyn Suttle Franklin Wheelous, Suzanne Fuller. . ' ake Forest V ' hite, Beth Elaine Casar White, Fred Sidney Salisbury ' hite, Larry B Statesville White, Robert Roy High Point Whitley, Rodney Harry Hickory Whittington, Martha Jayne Purlear Wike, Carolyn Sue Lenoir Wilcox, James Bradley Lenoir Wiley. jMary Lillian Kannapolis Wilfong, Susan Melinda Hickory Wilkerson, Linda Evel n Asheville Wilkinson, Howard D Farmingdale Wilkinson, Nina Hope Newton Williams, Bill Henry, ]r Harrisburg V ' illiams, [ulia Kay Mill Spring Williams, Nancy Sue Boone Williams, William Wilson . . Rockv Mount Willis, Iva Lee Mars Hill Page One Hundred Twenty-two % O ( fy ( f . © P ( C} f P Willis, Mary Elizabeth Shelby Wilmath. Joyce Kay Ennice Wilson, Earline Fair Bluff Wi lson, Hilda Ann Waxhaw Wilson, Judith Carol Boone Wilson, Lynda Joan Charlotte Wilson, Nancy Jo Hamlet Winecoff, Judy Laneer Statesville Wingler, Sharon Lee . . North Wilkesboro Winkler, Laura Lynn Boone Winkler, Wanda lx)rraine Lenoir Wise, Janet CaroKii Reidsville Wise, Philip Wayne Kannapolis Witherspoon, David Odell Maiden Withrow, Glenn Scott Ellenboro Wolfe, Anne Elizabeth . . . Winston-Salem V ' (X)dell, Melvin Allen Greensboro Woods, Danny Phillip Danbury Yates, Carol Dean Purlear Yates, Clayton Wayne . . North Wilkesboro York, Donald Ray Winston-Salem Youns, Elizabeth Rose Spray Young, Revel Paul Mt. Airy Younts, W ' oodrow Wilson, Jr. Thomasvillc Zangari, Carol Frances Riviera Beach, Fla. Zimmerman, Linda Margaret Valdesc Wuody, Patricia Ann Bakersville Wooten, Patricia Dorsett Boonville Worthington, Irma Kav Avden Wright, John A Caldwell, N. J. Wright, Scottie Sue Spruce Pine Wyant, Ida Mae Vale Wyatt, Walter Lee Stoneville Wynn, Carol Jean Aberdeen Yandle, James Woodrow Troy Oi!t» Hiiniirecl Tn ' C}tl)-three , 1 %;? . -o k r!5 " w , iP-V K s k GRADUATE Frances Marie Andrev s Graham Nell Foster Blevins Grumpier Ghristine Dora Brown Red Springs Sarah Rhuemma Carter Pisgah Forest Gerald David Causev Hendersonville Frances Ann Cook Siloam 1 Iarrv L. Cooke Mt. Pleasant Elizabeth L. Duncan Hickory Linda Helms Edwards ' a. ha ' Aubrey R. Flynt, Jr. Winston-Salem Dale E. Caddy Asheville Je ANNIE Belk Caddy Hickorv Rebecca Ann Koontz Lexington Nina Virginia Lawson Glen Allen, Va. losEPH Austin Leonard Lexington Page One Hundred Twenty-four STUDENTS Francis Montaldi Bradenton, Fla. Rose Ann McDaniel Rutherfordton SiBYi. Mae McDonald Forest City Carolyn Ruth Noell Lenoir Archie Lynn Ritchie Concord Larry Lowell Sale Cycle David N. Smith Kings Mountain Frank R. Smith Hialeah, Fla. Yvonne Olivia Smith Belmont Boyd Clark Trivett Elk Park Nellie Mae LI ' Ren Gaston ia Margaret Ann Warlick Lawndale Ron Whittaker Boone John DurhaiM Withrow Ellenboro Samuel Reeves Wooten East Bend tk X dlM rk f- ' w Ctt It 1 1 i MJih . Page One hhmihed Twenty-five GOVERNMENT = ORG ; AMI! ZATI ; S3lllilOyOS • S3lllNy31Vild o I Earl Hallman Vice-President Sandra Kiser Recording Secretary Frank Maristany Treiimrer Ramon A Craig Corresponding Secretary Mr. Ronald Brooks Sponsor Paul Lentz, President of Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council represents the voice of each student at Appalachian. Many hours are spent discussing and planning to bring about the type oF campus life which would benefit each student. SOFHOAIUKL REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Cherrie Miller. Standing: Clarence E. Chapman, Carlyle Shepherd, Terry Pope. i — V ll i» - -.- r ' i i L M JM fr M f ' W. SEMOR REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Michael Raybon, Sarah Anne Lytton, Vittoriii Sanniota. Standing: Barron Lee, Paul O. Lentz, Stanley Brookes, Earl Hallman, Richard Greer. FRESHMAN REPRESENTATn ' ES Seated: ludy Bower. Standing: Thurman Hollar. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Seated: Sandra Kiser, Jill Knight, Ramona Craig. Standing: Frank Mari.stanv, Larrv Crabtree, John Alexander, Chet Hill. REPRESENTATIVES Page One Hundred Tiventy-nine Marion Rush Editor of Rhododendron Brenda Swaim Biiiiness Manager of Rhododendron Q RHOD®DEMDROM Miss Elizabeth Fox Sponsor of Rhododendron EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Janice Spears, Gayle Eullis, Dianna Neal, Nancy Smith, Geraldine Stephens, Ann Stoner, Ann Moore, Carole McKinney. Second Row: Priscilla Savage, Elaine Melton, Patricia Parks, Frances Baucom, Margaret purr, Dnda Beach, Nancy Grayson, Brenda Bost. Third Row: Rita Alexander, Katyna Wright, Beth Stevens, Diana Frazier, June Ridge Coward, Phyllis Massey, Danette Freeman, Barbara Bedwell, Janice Younts, Edith McNeil. Fourth Row: Joyce B. Smith, Martha Stroup, Rae Worthington, Betsey Hope Lee, Joyce Williams, Sandra Flem- ing, Royce Hatley, Mary Anne Dockery, Sara Hoover, Raylene Ball. BUSINESS STAFF Pint Row: Betty Walker, Sandra Stall- ings, Katylee Shunk, Mazie Matthews. Second Row: Jane Turner, Sandra Motley, Rachael Walker, Mary Rhyne Lackey, Mary Lou Kluttz, Lois Parton. Third Row: Margaret Glenn, Jud ' Brandon, Martha V ' are, Andrea Elliot, Irene Grant. Juan Ballinger, Dorothy Beard. Fourth Row: Brenda Svvaim, Tommy Erwin, Louise Williams, Son- dra Albert, Bill RoUin. E. Anne Parrisii Editor of the Appalachian THE APPALACHIAN Martha Brady Mtntnoer of the Appalachian The Appalachian, a v ' eekly newspaper which has no facuhy or administrative censorship, is published by a staff comprised of students who ha e at least a " C " average and who hke writing. An editor and a business manager are chosen in a campus-wide election each year during the latter weeks of winter quarter. Fi e delegates represented the Appalacli ' uni at the National Associate Collegiate Press Conxention held in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to membership in the Associated Col- legiate, Inter-Collegiate, and Carolina Collegiate press associations, the A.S.T.C. paper maintains an exchange system with newspapers of other colleges and uni ersitics all o er the United States and abroad. Dr. Gratis Williams, Mr. Rogers Whitener Sponsors of the Appalachian EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Lynn Newlin, Terri Morin, Julia Eckard. Standing: Sara Williams, Joyce Wilson, Robbie Lineberger, San- dra Motley, Bee Sweatt, Lloyd Moore, Ann Harrington, Rachel Walker, Ben Brown, Sylvia Thorneburg, Ruth Hunter, Marjorie Cole, Mary Frances Hailev. CIRCULATION STAFF Dwight Smith, Pat Newby Smith. Judy Moore, Sandra Motley, Martha Brady, Jo Ann McCaslin. ALPHA CHI An honorary scholastic society, ALPHA CHI is open to all Juniors and Seniors who have attained a quality point rating of 325, the membership not to exceed five percent of the classes ' enrollment. The purpose of this society is to promote high scholarship, to encourage sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service, and to develop an appreciation of scholarly endeavor in others. id i iu OFFICERS Martha Stephens, Pres ident Sallie Todd Davis ' ice-President Ramona Craig, Secretary Bessie Dawkins, Treasurer Linda Grey Johnson, Reporter RuTW P. Boyte Coiittcil Representative Dr. John G. Barden, Sponsor Dr. Ina VV. VanNoppen Sponsor Dr. Frank Randall, Sponsor Mary Louise Avery Drusilla Beal Brenda F. Blackburn Mary Ellen Blevins Helen Ruth P. Boyte Glenda Sue Bradley Rebecca J. Burgess Carolyn E. Carpenter Sylvia Layne Carson Carol C. Cloniger Joseph M. Cockram Marjorie Ann Cole Nancy Gaye Cook Ramona Lee Craig Anita Price Davis Betty Iean Davis Bessie M. Dawkins Winston Joe Dean Anna Rebecca Eckard Winston Joe Elrod Clara Lee Greene Mary Yoder Gurley Donna C. Havnaer Marie L. Hicks Nancy Jo Ivester Linda Grey- Johnson Amy Louise Kepley Mary Gail Kirkpatrick Iohn Allen Lett, Jr. Dorothy I. Livingston Martha Faye McEntire Charlie Glenn Pharr Ruby P. Phipps Brenda Gail Sides Marilyn Deanna Starr Patsy Ann Story Cora Grace Toney Roy Henry Watkins Susie M. Whisnant Betty K. U ' hite Priscilla Wilkinson Alice Lee Williams Sue Watts Wilmoth Peggy Joyce Wilson Reba Rae Worthington ALPHA LAMBDA SIGMA OFFICERS B. E. SwEATT, Jr., President Ruth Hunter, Vice-President Mary Frances Hailey, Secretary-Treasurer First Row: Glenda Julian, Mary Frances Hailey, B. E. Sueatt, Jr., Frances Crabtree. Rebecca Smith. Second Row: Jan Stanton, Frances Wright, Danette Freeman, Charlotte Blackburn, Linda Beaver. ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS Ierry Bryant President Martha Smoot Vice-President Gail Dobbins Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Rogers Whitener Sponsor Raylene Ball Carol Benn Jerry Bryant Gail Dobbins Charles Gordon Mary Keever Anne Parrish Joyce Rymer Priscilla Savage Martha Smoot Mary Lee Tipton Rae ' orthington Not Pictured: Frank Crow, Bil Blanton, Hazel Stevens. The Lambda Zeta Chapter ot ALPHA PSI OMEGA was the first organization on campus to become a Greek letter fraternity. Their purpose is to honor those who e.xcel in play production; one must belong to the Playcrafters and be skilled In all facets of play production to be allowed to be a member of the group. - N 0k mm iM , mtk. k yjb P Q p Drusilla Beal BoARDMAN Caraway Carolyn Carpenter William C. Carroll Sylvia Carson Bessie Dawkins Linda G. Johnson Joe Elrod Kav Langston Shirley Miller Martha Mills Shirley Moore Martha P. Sebastian George Simmons Dr. 1. W. Carpenter Dr. F. Ray Derrick Not Pictured: Rhenda Houck Bolin, Libby Shoup, Marthi Stephens, Myrna Stephens, Dr. Adnan Alamuddeen, Dr. Teunis Vergeer, Mr. Kent Robinson. The Beta Psi Chapter of BETA BETA BETA is an honorar ' biological society open only to those students who have maintained a B average in at least fifteen hours of biology. During the fall and winter quarters pledges are rushed. OFFICERS Carolyn Carpenter Pre idenl Boardman Caraway Vice-President Shirley Miller Secretary-Treasurer Myra Stephens Historian Dr. I. W. Carpenter, Jr Sponsor BETA BETA BETA Pflge One Hundred Thirty-six CHI LAMBDA CHI All presidents uf all clubs and organizations on Appalachian ' s campus belong to this suciet)-; their main function is to discuss any problem that may arise within the various clubs. CHI LAMBDA CHI ' s responsibilities include organizing recrea- tions and Homecoming activities. They also serve as a pu blic relations committee between the student bi)d and the Student Coimcil. OFFICERS Chet Hill President Jim Thornhill Vice-President Jo Drolette Secretary Cl. udia Moss Executive Council Marion Rush Executive Council Mrs. Maxie Edmiston Sponsor Mr. Paul Bagley Sponsor Roger Beeker Sue Billings Brenda Blackburn DoTTiE F. Brown Jerry Bryant Carolyn Carpenter June Ridge Coward Ramona Craig Jo Drolette Dawn Duvall Randy Elbel Freda Gillespie Charles Gordon Chet Hill Ken Howell Nancy Jo Ivester Claudia Moss Freddie Murphy Ann Oglesbv Al Overby Clinton Parker Anne Parrish Jim Richardson Eldon Rogers John Rothrock Marion Rush Larry Shrader George Simmons B. E. Sweatt Jim Thornhill Roy Watkins Mary Williams Not Pictured: Paul Lentz, Eu- gene Reynolds, Martha Stephens, Stephen Vaughn. Page One Hundred Thirty-seven PHI BETA LAMBDA OFFICERS Dawn Duvall, President Larry Lentz, ' ice-Presideni OHNSiE Martin, Secretary IM LiNGLE, Treasurer iM Jones, Sponsor I inl l vu. Larry Lcnt , Juhnsie Mdrtin. Jim Jcni -.s, Dawn Duvall, Jim Lingle. Second Row: Ann Sweezy, Pat Parks, Sandra Albert, Margaret Glenn, Rosemary Edwards. Third Row: |im Edmiston, Toby Burleson, Jim Thornhill, Charles Bvrd, Harold Triplett. PI KAPPA DELTA Students who have attained high stand- ards of achievement in forensic activity compose the membership of the North Carolina Epsilon chapter of PI KAPPA DELTA. Intramural and intercollegiate debating are the important activities of the group; this has placed the sixriety in a position of outstanding leadership on campus. OFFICERS Grace Lain President William Wallace ' ice-President Tom Rhyne Secretary Jerry Roland Treasiirei Leo K. Pritchett Sponsor Ramona Lee Craig Barbara Doub Grace Lain Tom Rhyne Edwin Dougherty Daisy W. Eggers Graydon p. Eggers Leo K. Pritchett |. D. Rankin LoRis Shipman 1. D. Whitener Cr. tis Williams Not Pictjired: Don Leo, Jerry Roland, William Wallace. PI GAMMA MU This National Honor Society encourages professional growth by honoring achievements in the social studies field. It is open to juniors and seniors uho have had as much as thirty hours of social studies and have an average grade of " B " or better and have at least a 2.50 quality point rating. Nancy Jo Ivester President Archie Fowler First Vice-President Brenda Blackburn Second Vice-President Clara Lee Greene Secrefnrr Mr. J. M. Justice Treasurer .Mr. J. M. Justice Sponsor JoLENE Harris Allen Brenda Blackburn Robert Brown Elizabeth Carpenter Gordon Cook Anita P. Davis Archie Fowler Clara Lee Greene Nancy Jo Ivester Ben Johnson Thomas McCartney Courtney Madden Joyce Roseman VVilhelm Rae Worthington Helen Burch Edwin Dougherty Rena Hoover D. J. Whitener [ulian C. Yoder Not Pictured: Harry Cook, Karen Daugherty, Fern Eldreth, Ted Lcdford, Ronald Withers, J. M. lustice, Jim Jones, Carl Messere, jnmes Savvver. JoLENE Allen Ruth Boyte JoHNsiE Crawford Claude Duncan Dawn Duvall La Faye Fagile Betty Sue Frye Claude Helton Caroly-n Kelly Alice Ramsey Xancy- Shearin Johnny- Smith Patsy Ann Story William James Thornhill Larry Vaughn Andrew Virgil Bennie C. Weaver Sue W. Wilmoth Not Pictured: Estel Baird, Carol Jones, Taru Jones, Eugene Rey- nolds, and Dona Sechrest. The Gamma Phi Chapter of PI OMEGA PI is open to juniors and seniors with a 3.00 qualit - point a erage in business; their purpose is to promote ci ic betterment through good citizenship and encourage and promote high ethical standards in business and professional life. PI OMEGA PI Eugene Reynolds Presidetit Dawn Duvall Vice-President Ruth Boyte Secretary Carol Jones Treasurer JoHNsiE Crawford Historian Mrs. Ank Blackburn Sponsor Miss Jane Riner Sponsor N. E. A. OFFICERS Larry Shrader Preiideiil GiRARD Chambers ' ice-Preiident Eileen Creasy Secretary Grace Toney Treasurer Marilyn Badgett Publicity Chairman Margaret Coffey ' Social Chairnuiii Lee Reynolds Spoiisur First Row: Girard Chambers 111, M.iiihn lKnl ;L ' tt, Margaret Colley, Eileen Creasy, Grace Tonev, Sandra Kiser, Judith Abernath). Norma C.ullcd; e. Judy Putnam, Linda McKinny. Second Row: Janice Spears, Charlotte Blackburn, Linda Beaver, Natalie Smith, Becky Coppley, Dianna Neal, Geraldine Stephens. Irene Grant, Patsy Eller. Third Row: Linda Hedrick, Diane Ricker, Raylene Ball, Mary Keever, Gaye Cook, Gayle Euliss. Fourth Row: Frances Faircloth, Texie Wyant, Sharon Johnson, Trudy Williams, Donna Godfrey, Marian Greene, Betsy Nichols, Sarah Moore, Judy K. Alexander, Janice Phillips. Fifth Row: Terry Yelton, Rachel Walker, Katyna Wright, Betty Spainhour. Sixth P,ow: Gail DeAnn Johnson, Elaine Whisnant, Jacquelyn Rose, Jo Anne McCaslin, Soundra Gooch, Judy Moore, Louise Deal, Carolyn Rhoney, Janis Stanton. Seventh Row: Barbara Burgess, Mary Lou Avery, Mike Krai, Sandra Motley, Ruth Daughtry, Betty White. Eighth Row: Frances Phillips, Ken Howell, Nancy Jo Ivester, Donna Havnaer, Carole Cook. Ninth Row: Mr. Lee Reynolds, Claude V. Avers, Garvin Elrod, Jerry Rhoney, Tom Beaver, Gord in Cook. ASSOCIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS Claudia Moss, President Lizzie Mae Church, ' ice-Pres;tieH( .Mary Alice Craig, Secretary ' iLMA Davis, Treasurer Rae Worthington, Ptihlicity Chairman Nancy Harris, Project Cliairniau Priscilla Savage, Social Chairnuni First Row: Sarah Moore, Patricia Tillman, Christine Filer, Myrtle Youn . Brenda Hooker, Gave Sowers, Andrea Elliott. Second Row: Claudia Moss, Lizzie Mae Church, M.ii Alice Ciaig, Wilma Davis, Rae V ' orthington, Nancy Harris, Priscilla Savage, Betty Jean llokunihc. I hiid Row: Frances Ellen Walker, Berry Graybeal, Jenny Lynn Joyce, Lynette McKinnex. Margaret t ollcy. Sue Lawrence, Pris Tillman, Rachel Justice, Martha Lou Ware, Sarah Barlovve. Fourth Row: Jeannette Shaw, Katherine Willis, Edith Evens, Nancy McDonald, Linda Tinsley, Nancy Moore, Barbara Burgess, Linda Vaden, Paggy Felts, Margaret Furr, ' ilma Carpenter, Mary Hare, Diane Chappell. A.S.T.C. welcomes Father Craiior Grin Each oF us has a rehgion, the center of which is the worship oF God. The theme oF this year ' s ReHgious Em- phasis Week, " Who Am I?, " hoped to show how each in- di ' idual is related to his own personal religion. Father Cranor Graves, a Catholic Priest From Greensboro, North Carolina, was the main speaker. Manv varied and interesting pro- grams were presented and much was learned about the Catholic belieFs. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK A Cimdleli hting Serxnce wivs led hy Hank Greer ami the R.S.LI . Tourins, Choir, Nigjitlv dorm (iJscMSsioiis prove inforvuitive and inspirational. lint Ron-. Judie Hudson, Cunnie Jameison. Faye Jackson, Marion Blair. Second Rou ' ; Rail: Pittman, Hank Greer, Barron Lee, Marie Newton, Xorma Cline. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL OFFICERS Eldon Rogers President Connie Jameison Vice-President Elaine Melton Secretary Michael Rayeon Treasurer June Ridge Coward Historian Dr. Joe Bryson Sponsor Dr. Joe Bryson, Sponsor tXHCLl Il t LOUXCIL First Row: Virginia Collis, Gerri Gordon, Sylvia Arrington, Faye Jackson, Nancy Evans, Linda Starr, Doris Elliott. Second Rou-: Charles Gordon, Polly Phipps, Nancy Seegers, Marie Newton, Patricia Hargett, Anne Hendricks, Frank Maristany. Third Row: Barron W. Lee, Hank Greer, La« ' rence Satterfield, Wanda Mitchell. John Lett, Jr., Bob Glasgow, Gene McCrearv, Billv R. Cook. OFFRhKS Barron W. Lke President Lawrence Satterfield ' ice-President Faye Jackson Secretary Doris Elliott Religious Council Representatix ' e Marie Newton Religious Council Representative Hank Greer Campus Chaplain BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Koir; Howard Wilkinson, Radeanna Poole, Bill W. Williams, June Isaac. Second Row The Rev. W, T. Ferneyhough, Sara Bryson, Linda McLauchlin, Linda Winecoff, Andre Arrouet, J. H. Godwin. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS June Isaac, President Bill W. Williams, Vice-President Sylvia Thompson, Secretary Radeanna Poole, Treasurer The Rev. W. T. Ferney-hough Advisor Page One Hundred Forty-four First Row: Katyna Wright, Ora Lou Culberson, Mildred Bailey. Second Row: Jean Fuller, Carolyn Rhoney, Gaye Cook, Betty White, Mary Frances Hailey. Third Row: Lynn Adkins, Larry Hoyle, Beverly Miller, Bobby Robinson, Eddie Connelly, Nancy Jo Ivester. Beth Stevens, Judy Alexander. Fourth Row: Kathy Pittman, Janice Phillips, Edward Hinkle, Nancy McCullough, Jim Vaughn, George Nickle, David Rhinehart, Helen Bingham, Judie Hudson, Nancy Webb, Ernestine Robinson. WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS Mike Ravbon, President Gail Kirkp.itrick First ' ice-President Gave Cook, Second Vice-President Joyce Leatherwood, Secretary Betty White, Treasurer Kathy Pittman Religious Council Representative Diane Blackwelder Religious Council Representative Dr. and Mrs. Joe Bryson, Sponsors LUTHERAN STUDENT GROUP OFFICERS Jane Sparks, President Mvra SniTZ, 1st Vice-President Rita Alexander, 2nd Vice-President Charles Sink, 2yid Vice-President Brenda RatchFORD, Secretary Eddie Foil, Treasurer The Rev. EDwaN Troutman, Sponsor Mrs. W. G. Sink, Sponsor Fnsi iiuu: CaruKn NV,rtun. Mr.. W. G. Sink, RiLi Alexander, Brenda l atclilurd, Jane Sparks, Myra Seitz. Second Row: Doyle Lyons, Tommy Beaver, Phil Wise, Charles Sink, Don Ratchford. Third Row: Wallace Hill, Myrtle Lentz, Eddie Foil. Page One Hundred Forty-five WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS Ronnie Brooks, President Edna Evans, First Vice-President Barbara Anderson Second Vice-President Gail Harringion Secretary and Treasurer Nancy Shearin, Historian Mrs. J. K. Parker, Jr., Sponsor hirst t ' ijw: L inlcll Stewart, Katylee Sliunk, . anc Shearin, Ronnie lirdni -,, Second Row: Michael Allen, Charles A ' ilson, Hilda Everhart, Mavis Snyder, Shirley A. Smith, V. Gail, Marvarene Byrd, Joyce B. Smith, Dillon Wilson. First Roir: Greg Van Orden, Connie Jameison, Maryanne Mascott, Bob Rollins. Second How: Marion Blair, Connie Smith, Carolyn Tart. Susan Thiets, Sherry Schaek. Third Row: Howard Murphy, John A. V ' right. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS Greg ' an Orden, President Bob Rollins, Vice-President Maryanne Mascott, Secretary Ken Banks, Treasurer Connie Jameison Religious Council Representative E. P. Hotard, Sponsor Father Arnold, Chaplain Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Gail Sides, President Brenda Bost, Vice-President Sylvia Arkington, Secretary JoLENE Allen, Treasurer Frances Crabtree Religious Cotincil Representative Faye Jackson Religious Council Representative Mrs. Mary Haralson, Sponsor i . n i 0s r. jgm - mm 9 hkmm First Rotc: sancy Smith, Gail Sides, Mrs. Haralson, June R. Coward, Jolene Allen, Faye Jackson, Elaine Love, Elaine Melton. Second Row: Charlene Adams, Sylvia Arrington, Judy Cummings, Phyllis Massey. Third Row: Libby Carpenter, Sandy Bodenheimer, Frances Crabtree, Eliza Jane Ray, Phyllis Blake, Brenda Bost, Ann Moore. First Row: Frank Childress, Phil Hagler, Karen Daugherty, Charles R. True vorth , Ken Howell. Second Row: Judy Barbee. Tommy Beaver. Gene U. Cantrell. Johnny Bumgarner, Harold Flippen, Joanne Smith. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Denny Smitherman, President Frank Childress, Vice-President Karen Daugherty ' , Secretary Charles R. Trueworthy ' , Treasurer Phil Hagler Public Relations Director PLAYCRAFTERS OFFICERS Charles Gordon, President Gail Dobbins, Vice-President Martha Smoot, Secretary Bill Blanton, Treasurer Jerry Bryant, Co-Editor of Playhill Frank H. Crow, Jr. Co-Editor of Playhill Mr. David French, Sponsor First Rou ' : Charlcb. Gurdiin. .Martha SniDiit, Bill Blaiitun, Gail Dubbins, Jerry Bryant. Second Rmv. Doris Elliott, Annette Shuford, Frances Covington, Mario Cooper, Kay Campbell, DeAnn Johnson, Anne McInt Te, Barbara Buchanan. Third Row: Raylene Ball. Priscilla Savage, Wayne Thompson, Rae W ' orthington, Dennis Cole, Mary Kee er, Toby Burleson, Frank H. Crow, Jr. First Row: Jane Walker, Laura Smith, Sally Ann Setzer, Lib Foltz. Second Row: Linda Harrill, Elizabeth Hoover, W ' anda Smith. Third Roir; Catherine Albright, Kay Langston, Jane Meredith, Mary Williams. . o( Pictured: Sandy Fleming. Barbara Forbes. Bill Henry Williams. i|H . ' ih ' - ' jh 11 1 1 1 1 U 1 f . . I 4 .v. l MODERN DANCE OFFICERS Mary Williams, President Sally Ann Setzer. Vice-President Lib Foltz. Secretary Catherine Albright. Treasurer Jane Walker, Puhlicity Chairman Miss Jane Meredith, Sponsor CHORALE Mr. Hoyt Safrit. Director X Xl X r ' A • it tk « , • M ri ■ Timsi I f First Row: Ann Chandler, Tamara Cornwall, Su ie Ford. Gloria Hampton, Mary Faye Daws, Jane Brown, Joyce Rymer. Second Row: Clinton Parker, Helen Pre atte, Mary Jane EUer, Philip Kelley. Third Row: Thomas Bravvley, Toby Burleson, James Sullivan, Stephen Vaughn, Thomas Deese, Eddie Foil, Mike Griffin. First Row: Ronald F. Hill. Dan Mitchum, Tom Brawley. Clinton Parker, John Craig. Kenneth Moore, Andre Arrouet. Second Row: Frank Crow, Stephen Vaughn. Buddy McColl, Mike Cannon, Roy Davis, Toby Burleson, Mike Griffin. Phil Kelley. Third Row: Lloyd Torrence, Edward Foil, Tom Deese, Harold Dean Triplett. Robert Moyer, Robert L. LeFever, Tom Turner, Don Dages, Randy Elbel, Ron Pojedinec, Paul Reuter. Fourth Row: Wayne Coxington, Lloyd H. Moore, Donald Grigg, Jim Graeber, Wayne Davis. Ken Vaughn. Randall Hembree, Franklin Durham, Don Richards, Herb Kress. MEN ' S CHORUS OFFICERS Frank Durham, President Ierry Rowland, Vice-President Iames Miller, Secretary-Treasurer Clinton Parker Director James Miller Accompanist MIXED CHORUS First Rmv: Dorotha Reynolds. Becky Burgess, Carol McAllister, Joanne Haigler, Carolyn Blevins, Earny P. Hotard, Jr., Virginia W. Linney. Jane Greene, Wanda Lou Bullington, Brenda Laughten, Marguerite Taylor, Gloria Church, Jane Wilson. Second Row: Thomasena Strickland Frances Covington, Linda Guffey, Sylvia Sechler, Judy Nantz, Faye Davis, Nancy McCullough Diane Norville, Sandra Deal, Carol Lou James, Danell Skreen, Virginia Gail Smith, CorneUa Eisenhart, Ma.xine Skreen. ThirA Row. Howard Elam. Edwin Temples, Tommy Beaver, Frank H. Crow, Jr., Roy H. Watkins, Jerry L. Jones, Robert L. Kennedy, Clinton Parker, Dan Mitchum Phil Kelley, Michael Allen, Harold Miles. Fottrth Row. V ' illiam H. Carter. Kenneth Moore Edward Foil, Stephen W. Vaughn, Thomas Whitmore, Donald W. Grigg, Melvin M. Miles Michael Pope, Don Dages, Lloyd Torrence, Toby Burleson, Lloyd H. Moore. OFFICERS Stephen Vaughn, President Jerry Jones, Vice-President Jane Wilson, Secretary Robert Kennedy, Trensiirer Virginia W. Linney Director Earny P. Hotard, Jr. Organist First Row: Jane Greene, Elizabeth Fo, , Clinton Parker, Bob LeFever, Judy Sharpe, Carolyn Blevins. Second Row: Martha Moore, Sylvia Sechler, Faye Davis, Jane Brown, Wanda Lou Bullington, Jo Anne Little, Becky Burgess, Jane Wilson. Third Row: Douglas Craig, Dan Mitchum, Jerry Jones, Stephen Vaughn, Robert Mover, Randy Elbel, Franklin Durham, Ron Pojedinec, Don Richards. MUSIC EDUCATION OFFICERS Clinton Parker, President Bob LeFever, Vice-President Joanne Haigler Secretary and Treasurer JtiDY Sharpe, Reporter Miss Elizabeth Fox, Sponsor APPATONES J First Row: Bob LeFever, James Marlow, Carl Hanselman, William Stewart, Tom Deese, Mike Cannon. Second Row. Jim Graeber, Joe Wilson, Dougles Craig, Randy Elbel, Jim Miller. Third Rmv: Larry W. Lynch, Ron Poiedinec, Sonny Tigniere III, John Lett, Harry Booth, Lowell Dotson. first Row: Jenny Lynn Joyce, Lynn Adkins, Annette Shuford, Barbara Wilson, Radeanna Poole, Juanita Turner, Joyce Compton, Barbara Bedwell, Linda Starr, Marcelle Hamrick, Kathy Putnam, Judy Neal, Theresa Morin. Second Row: Sylvia Thompson, Donna Holbrook, Dolores Eudy, Judy K. Alexander, Barbara Leigh Watts, Betsy Sheppard, Jane Ireland, Rebecca Putnam, Patricia Hargette, Faye Jackson, Natalie Smith, Soundra Gooch, Carole Ferguson, Carolyn Howell, Christine Ross, Flora B. Friend, Gayle Euliss, Joyce Powell. Third Row: Eileen Creasy, Joey Davis, Patsy Messick, Judy Brande. Vickie Graham, Dee Jee Hensley, Latyna Wright, Hannah Francis, Billie Miller, Phyllis Mitchell, Ann McGary, Carmen Smith, Jo Anne Little, Sara Phillips, Linda Hedrick, Carole Huneycutt, Carol Jones, Sarah Barlowe. Four( r Row: Dorothy F. Brown, Wanda Mitchell. Shirley Hudson, Gail Sides, Mary Agnes Stroupe, Sarah Kirby, Margaret Kluttz, Sophrona Reavis, Linda Vaden, Katherine Willis, Mary Lou Fowler, Carolyn Keener, Reckv Copplew Susie ' hivn;int. WOMEN ' S CHORUS OFFICERS Sara Phillips, President Sandra Kiser, Vice-President Jenny Lynn Joyce Secretary-Treasurer Herman S. Bekemeyer Director Sandra Kiser Accompanist First Row: Charles Isley, Pamela Leiitz. Phylis CoUev. Linda Reavis, James Marlow, Eunice Secrest, Bob LeFever, Mr. Hanselman, Earia Seaney, Judy Sharpe, Ann Spadlin, Tom Brawley, John Freeze. Second Row: William Stewart, John Misshiser, Robert Mover, Hauser Flynt, Carolyn Rivers, Dan Mitchum, Andre Arrouet, Wayne Davis, Bonnie Walls, W. G. Spencer, Ben Miller, Randall Hembree, Nancy Moore. Third Row: Herb Kress, Dave Stimson, John Lett, Jr., Ron Pojedinec, Sonny Tigniere, Harry Booth, Dean Hall, Doug Craig, Tom Deese, Mike Cannon, Jim Graeber, Larry Lynch, Franklin Durham, Donald Grigg, J. Mike Griffin. Fourth Row: Carolyn Blevins, Dun Richards. Randy Elbe], Guy Kerley, Jr. Mr. Charles Isley Director BAND 1 ( 1 1 1 Dr. Nicholas Erneston Conductor ORCHESTRA Firs; Roil ' .- Ronald Blackmon, Maria Erneston, Betsey Hope Lee, June Carol Wilson. Second Row: Anne MacBryde, Phyllis MacBryde, Martha Moore, Robert Moyer, Sonny Tigniere III, Randy Elbel, Stephen W. Vaughn, Joanne Haigler. Third Roiv Left: Dean Hall, Ronald Hill, Faye Davis, Jerry L. Jones, Larry W. Lynch. Third Row Right: Jim Miller, Mike Griffin, Jane Brown, Helen Rae Prevatte. Fourth Row: Judy Sharpe, Tom Brawley, Earla Seaney, Mickie Turner, Eunice Secrest, Robert L. LeFever, Jr., Janie Price, Tom Deese. Page One Hundred Fifty-three CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Glenn Pharr, President Pat Tallant. ' ice-Preiident Betsy Nichols, Secretary Charles Wilson, Treasurer Joyce Compton Brown, Reporter Dr. J. Roy Prince, Sponsor First Row. Patricia Ann l.iii.mi, l.ii 1 Ikn Spencer, Reba La crn Barber, Sylvia Teagle. Second Row: Bets iXichuls, Caruljn Glascoe, Brenda Laughlin, Martha Ross, Faye McEntire, Gerri Gordon. Third Rmv: Ken Davis, Carole Wingler, Celia Ann Lee, Brenda Waugh, Beverh- Lingle, Joyce Shook, Paulette Queen, Charles Wilson. Fourth Roiv: Roy Watkins, Dr. J. Roy Prince, Janet Berry, Eunice Secrest, Martha Loyd, Bill Groves, Jim Bridges. First Roir; Duran V ' alters, Eldon S. Rogers, Joyce Wilson, Frank Maristany, John Lett, Jr. Second Row: Bcckie Crews, Sandra Motley, Earla Seaney, Marian Green, Ronald Ritter, Ken Knight, Donna Flavnaer, Grace Toney, Betsy Nichols, Doris Jean Elliott. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Eldon S. Rogers, President Frank Maristany, ' ice-President Joyce Wilson, Secretary John Lett, Jr., Treasurer Mrs. Maryo Walters, Sponsor DEBATING UNION A ik ' idL i •» 4 11 i - — J 1 ,nf i fe " , ' " t ! liiS First Row: John Rhynt. William Wallace, Brenda Wallace. James Gordon. Second Row. Jonathan Ferryman. Michael Lipe. William Robinson, [erry Rowland. Tom Rhyne. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Brenda Blackburn, President Lynne Hallybuiiton, Vice-Preiident Sarah Bunn, Secretary Gail Dobbins, Treasurer Mary Holland, Co-Piifciicit) Mabel Calloway, Co-Publicity Mrs. Ila Justice, Spomor First Row. Charlotte Blackburn. Annette Carrigan, Julia May, Betty White, Bonn Lynn Carpenter, Brenda Beam, Sarah Moore. Second Row: Gail Elledge, Lynne Hallyburton, Sarah Bunn, Gail Dobbins, Brenda Blackburn, Mary Holland, Alabel Calloway, Priscilla Savage. Third Row: Joyce Greer, Carolyn V ' alton, Kathie Chang, Ellen Stemen, Martha Smoot, Harriett Powell, Gail Carter, Betty Shen, Aileen Hsueh, Sarah Barlowe, Lizzie Mae Church. Fourth Row: Edith McKibbin, Beverly Miller, Joyce Smith, Marian Green, Bruce Arrowood. Ronald Ritter. Norman Wilson. Mary Lou Fowler. Margaret Parker. Xancy Jo Ivester. Raylene Ball. First Row. Dr. Georj o Miks, Carolyn Harmon. Alfred Overbay, Ed Johnson. Second Row: Linda Gray Johnson, Alan Trousdell, Jo Bame, Don Anglin, Dr. Charles Sink. Third Row: Lyndell Kerley, Jimmy Pounds, Elaine Clontz, Michael Pope, Robert Beach, Rodney Whidey. CHEMISTRY SOCIETY OFFICERS Alfred Overbay, President Jim Greene, ' ice-President Carolyn Harmon, Secretary William Bradford, Treasurer Dr. George Miles, Sponsor Dr. Charles Sink. Sponsor First Roil ' : Anne Mclntyre. Kathleen Harkey. Rod Weinberg, Glenda Bradley, George Simmons, Jr., Martha Clough. Ron Trueworthy. Second Row: Dr. Frank R.Hulall, Clvde Carroll. Jovcc Williams. Mitch Hovle. Mike Pope. Michael Allen. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS George Simmons, Jr., President .Martha Clough, Vice-President Jim Greene, Secretary-Treasurer Ron Trueworthy, Historian Dr. Ray " Derrick. Sponsor MATH CLUB OFFICERS Jo Drolette, President Marjobie Ann Cole, Vice-President Mary Gurley, Secretary-Treasurer Arnold D. McEntire, Sponsor Dr. Paul Sanders, Sponsor Dr. Paul Patterson, Sponsor First Koir, Cicr.ikluiL- StL■phen . Bi)nnie Walls, Linda Tune, Danette Freeman, Glenda Reynolds. Second Row: Joanne Carter, Linda Hayes, Jo Drolette, Jane Kelly, Helen Bingham, Helen Hoke. Third Row: Mary Ellen Blevins, Myra Seitz, Susie U ' hisnant, Betty Jean Davis, Frances Johnson, Hilda Everhart, Sarah Clayton. Fourth Row: Arnold D. McEntire, Dr. Paul Sanders, Lloyd Torrence, Tommy Erwin, James Richie Bauguess, Dr. Paul Patterson. First Roil ' ; Claude V. Ayers, Jimmy Lineberger, Jerry Bryant, Jimmy Furr, Frank H. Crow. Second Row: J. C. Brown, Kenneth Rautiola, Stephen Reece, Kenneth Crotts, Girard Chambers lU, Merrill McEntire, Edward Hinkle, Jimmy G. Houser. TRAFFIC ORGANIZATION OFFICERS Claude V. Ayers, President Jimmy Lineberger, Vice-President Jerry Bryant, Secrelarv-Treo. ' iiirt ' r Jimmy Furr, Const. Comm. Frank H. Crow, Const. Comm. Mr. R. L. Breitenstein, Sponsor COLLEGIATE CIVIC CLUB The Collegiate Civic Club is noted for its leadership ability. In order to give its members an opportunity to practice this principle, the club elects neu- officers e ery quarter. In this way, the members of CCC are instilled with the ideals and practices of good leadership. ' ' r U t ra cpJ- ■»■= ' =■■ .r «. mW " P mMiik H -- ttl fm, I R%. . 8S O C: a C X s Atr, John Alexander Gerald Andrews Roger Beeker Ronnie Brooks Herbert Burns Steve Caudill Clarence Chapman Gordon Cook Bennie Cozart Larry Crabtree Tom Crouch Bill Davis Archie Fowler Steve Guv Tom Harrill Chet Hill Larry Lentz Barron Lee John Lett Frank Maristany Tom McCartney Charles McLain Phil Murray Frank Payne Donnie Ratchford Mike Rayborn Eldon Rogers Lawrence Satterfield Charles Sink John Sink Ken Smith Jim Thornhill I. L. Wagoner Bennie V ' eaver Kent VVillard Allan A ' illiams Not Pictured: Fred Benfield, Clyde Hatley, Paul Lentz, Gene McCory, and Jim Reid. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight VERNICIAN SOCIETY The purpose of the Vernician Society is to broaden the outlook of the student through intellectual endeavor, cultural growth, social fellowship and community service. The major projects of the club are sponsoring a party for underprivileged children and giving a tea for the Mav Court and their guests. OFFICERS ' reddie Murphy, President ILL Knight. Vice-President .ANDRA KiSER, Secretary OAN Malcolm, Treasurer ILAINE Melton, Chaplain jLAUDiA Moss, Program Carolyn Thompson, Program Constance Carson, Publicity OYCE Leathergood, Pi ' .hlicity Ars. Daisy Eggers, Sponsor lANDRA Allen jArol Berlin iRENDA Blackburn ' at Blackvvell ' hyllis Blake Srenda Bost i4arty Brady jArolvn Carpenter Constance Carson Margaret Coffey Pamara Cornwall une Ridge Coward Iamona Craig Jetty Jean Davis •aye Davis Urbara Deal o Drolette •Iartiia Erwin Clarice Farrington Iandra Fleming !ettv Fowler )oRis Gillespie ■JovA Henderson Martha Ervin Hollar jLORiA Houston ewel Huffman ' hvllis Inman NN Jones Iandra Kiser ILL Knight arolyn Logan OYCE Leatherwood !etsy Hope Lee )ianne Lefler Iarah Lockwood lARAH Anne Lyiton OAN Malcolm xaine Melton Iartha Moore Claudia Moss OYCE Murdock •REDDIE Murphy ' atty Neave NN OgLESBY »Jorma Peacock ' eggy Phillips iIarion Rush .iBBY Shoup )anell Skreen Jeloras St. Clair UDY Stiller nn Stoner ,INDA TiNSLEY Carolyn Thompson ane Walker ,oretta D. York Ana. Daisy Eggers •lot Pictured: Nancy Carrouth, ' atsy larrett, Emma jane Phil ips, Pat Pittman, Martha Ste- ihens, Myrna Stephens, Crystal Villiains. lii b A 7 ■ ' : fif fft|i|it il m Pint Hoiv: Terry Bogle, Larry Brewer, Jim Stroup, Jim Richard- sun, Jim Goff, Larry Hand, Gerry Francis, Jack Lytton. Second How: Mike Raybon, John Phillips, Larry Shrader, Jim Hayes, Greg Van Orden, Don Mauldin, David Wright, Bob Rollins, Bill Mayhew. Third Row: Sherrill Norville, Richard Tickle, Joe Hightower, Steve Curtis, Doug Wall, Gerald Swaim, Robert Wright, Joe Lukaszewski. Fourth Row: Larry Harbin, Sandy Edwards, John Ferguson, Wayne Duncan, Bill Miller, Paul Reynolds, John Dobbs, Kent Umberger. Fifth Row: Joe Haile ' , Howard Murphy. R. L. Breitenstein, Buddy Kirby, Tom Crouch. MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Jim Richardson President Jim Stroup Vice-President Jim Goff Secretary Gerry Francis Treasurer Larry Hand Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Lytton Chaplain Mr. R. L. Breitenstein Sponsor OFFICERS Martha Stephens President Myrna Stephens Vice-President Georgia Landon Secretary Joan Marcotte Treasurer Lynn Walkup Inlratiiural Manager Rebecca Tomlinson Sponsor WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row: Carol Fazio, Collee Riddle, Myrna Stephens, Cindy Sain, Lois Holmes. Second Pow: Judy Spainhour, Catherine Albright, Pat Douthit, Peggy Maners, Lillian Smith, Pat Nevvby, Patty Neave. Third Pow. Barbara Sain, Joan Marcotte, Brenda Surratt, Linda iMast, Brenda Allison, Judy Cummings, Frances Crabtree, Georgia Landon, Maryanne Mascott. Fourth Pow: Edee Smith, Janet Johnson, Jane Henderson, Martha Stroup, Sara Smith, Georgia Roberson, Joyce Chrisholm, Brenda Brawley, Ann Snider, Amy Madison. Piine One Hundred Sixiyone FLYING FISH OFFICERS Marion Rush, President Jill Knight, ' ice-Fresident Barbara Riddle, Secretary ElLEENE ACKERMAN, SpOHSOr Miss Jane Meredith, Sponsor First l ow: Carul Iiiabinet, Laura Smith. Lyndell Stewart, Martha Blackmure. Second Row: Jane Walker, Jane Henderson, Eileene Ackerman, Jill Knight. Third Row: Patty Neave, Collee Riddle. Donna Havnaer, Marion Rush. Dodie West. Fmtrth Row: Ed Hinkle, Latham Barnett. Not Pictured: Martha Wood. Jan Hanner. HOUSE PRESIDENTS Brenda Blackburn Dauph-Blan Hall Mary Louise Avery College Hall Priscilla Savage Lovill Hall Soundra Gooch North Hall Frances Phillips White Hall Andy Virgil Neu ' hnd Hall Bill L ' VHEvv Justice Hall Betsy Nichols Locust Hall Peggy Felts East Hall Jolene Harris East Hall i JSk4t First Row: Frances Phillips, Gail Sides, Julene Allen, Revonda Robinson, Brenda Blackburn, Sara Phillips. Second Rou ' : Margaret Turbyfill, Priscilla Savage, Claudia Moss, Becky Leonard. Third Row: Jim Lingle, Andy Virgil, Claborne Osborne, Gene O ' Kelley, Frank Payne, Steve Harmon. STUDENT RESIDENCE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS DoTTiE Fort Brown President Steve Harmon Vice-President Sara Phillips Secretary Jim Lingle Treasurer Mrs. Maxie Edminston Sponsor Mb. Robert Breitenstein Sponsor rhc itculy joniied S.R.A. takes charge of l n i ' 1 imfory disvhi)S for Homecoming. Page One HiDidred Sixty-lhre.: JUNIOR COUNSELORS First fiou ' .- Linda V ' aden. Brentla C ' nnkt;, IJonna Havnaer, Dolons I inU . Saiuli.i Motley, Jane Wright. Second Row: Drusilla Beal. Carolyn Childress, Mary Ellen BIe ' ins, Linda Starr, Ann Harrington. Third Row: Betty Jean Davis, Betty Jean Holcombe, Rae VVorthington, Eunice Secrest, Martha Mills, Janice Spears, Shirley Moore. Not Pictured: Glenda Bradlev. First Row: Joe Elrod, Robert Brown, Eugene Reynolds, Fred Gragg, Richard Ensley, Ken Howell. Second Row: Marjorie Ann Cole, Ramona L. Craig, Myrna Stephens, Sylvia L. Carson, Joyce Wilson, Brenda Blackburn, Jerry Beane. Third Row: James Christenbury. Patricia Hartsell, Dianne Fowler, Mary Kirkpatrick, Ruth P. Boyte, James Graeber. Fonrih Row: Roy Watkins, Archie Fowler, Thomas McCartney, Clyde Hatley. Not Pictured: Martha Stephens and Amy Lee Kepley. JUNIOR MARSHALS Marjorie Ann Cole. Chief James Christenbuhy, ' ice-Chief YOUNG DEMOCRATS OFFICERS John Rothrock, President Freda Gillespie, ist ' ice-President Doris Gillespie, 2nd Vice-President Mag Smith, Secretary Richard Farris, Treasurer Db. Max Dixon, Sponsor First Roir; Richard Farris, Doris Gillespie, Dr. Max Dixon, John Rothrock. Second Row: Barbara Carter, Jane Ireland, James Bauguess, Kay ' anHoy, Mary Faucette. FiVsf Roir; Marie Harris, Ruth Keys. Reba Hawkins. Betty Jean Hill. Second Row: M,ir Fllcn Rlnin-.. Ikkn Bingham. Richard L. t .inslcr. Ellen Stemen. YOUNG REPUBLICANS OFFICERS Richard L. Cansler, President Gene Cantrell, Vice-President Marie Harris, Recording Secretary Mary Ellen Blevins Corresponding Secretary Ellen Stemen, Treasurer HOME ECONOMICS OFFICERS Sue Billings, President DiANNA Neal, ' ice-Presidenl C ' arolyn Norton, Secretary Chris Spicer, Treasurer Linda McSwain, Reporter Mary Brown Allgood, Sponsor lirst iiou; i ldr Broun Allguud, Dianna Ncal, Sue Billin,.;s, Chris Spiccr, Linda McSwain. Second Row: Lenora Jones. Jane Poole, Sarah McGee, Judie Hudson. Wanda Davis, Gloria Hutchison. Kathy Pittman, Marvorence Byrd. Sandra Lee All en, Janice Spears, Melissa Bost, Gail Jones. Third Row: Ann Spadlin, Lynda Spencer, Barbara Capps, Brenda A ' ike, Carolyn A ' ike, Carole Huneycutt, Carolyne Bird, Jane Wright, Lynn Adkins, Mary Lee Francis, Linda Beaver. First Roll ' .- Mr. Frank Steckel. Douglas Dobbins, Charles McLean, Mr. David O. Rigsby, Larry Allan. Bud Plotts, Mr. C. C. Owen. Second Row: Bob Clayton, Steve Houck, Larry Reid, Bob Hodges, Phillip Murray, Bob Tate, Tommy P. Reid, Jack Fannon, Steve Harris, Roger Harwoixl. Third Row: John Huffman, Fred Hoffman, Billy Joe Parlier, Garble Shepherd, John Howard Phipps, Dan Hughes, Larry W. Crabtree, Paul O. Lentz, Joe Phipps, Garvin Elrod. fourth Row: Roland Stiles, Joseph Washburn, Freddy Adams, Bill Reinhardt, John A. York, Jay Rayall. Foster L. Hayes, Bill Robinson, John Griffin, David Alexander. INDUSTRIAL ARTS OFFICERS Roger Beeker, President Douglas Dobbins, Vice-President Larry Allen, Secretary Charles McLean, Treasurer Bud Flotts, Reporter-Historian David Rigsby. Sponsor NiKKi Helms Terry IIarbin Larry Crutchfield Kent LI.mberger Dick Tickle Greg Van Orden Bill Church Paul Dellinger THE FIGHTING MOUNTAINEERS Larry Harbin Bob Rollins Mike Chandler Bill Bradley Bill iMayhew Jim Hay ' Es Sandy Edwards Sherrill Norville |im IJuncan, Head Coach. With tliL ' cDining of the Autumn season came the kinu oF all sports to the Appalachian campus— Football. The Mountaineers were rated the team to beat in the pre season selections. The Apps were off to a slow start in which they won only one of their first se ' en ball games, and tied two of them. The win was a decisive one o ' er the previously undefeated Elon Christians by the score of 27-12. Coach Jim Duncan ' s Mountaineers caught fire to win the last three ball games. They defeated Guilford, Presbyterian, and the Unixersity of Tampa to end the season with lit;ht instead of darkness. At the season ' s end the Mountaineers got their share of post season honors putting four players on the AH Conference Team, three on the NAIA All-District Team, and having one player named to an All-American berth. |oe Hightower, Greg Van Orden, Richard Tickle, and |im Hayes were named to the All-Carolinas Conference Team. Van Orden, Tickle, and Hightower were also named to the NAIA District 26 Team. The highest honor went to Van Orden when he was named to the second team Williamson All-American Team. Guv Flynt Larry Lawinc, Wesley Kell - Tom CllLBRETH Terry Pope Dennis Saunders Don Mauldin Larry Hand |()L I litanow Hii Steve Curtis Edgar Seelev (). I 1. IIavnes Robert " Toe " Young 1962-63 SCOREBOARD ,A]-)p;ilachi;in 3 Emory and Henry 6 Appalachian 6 Western Carolina 6 .Appalachian 27 Elon 12 , |i|ialachian Lenoir Uh ne 6 Ap]ialachian .Appalachian 21 Catawba 21 Carson Newman . 3 .Appalachian 16 East Carolina 29 Appalachian 28 Cuillord 6 Appalachian 21 Presbyterian Xppalachian 9 Tampa LIni ersity 7 |iM Draiighn, Larry Brewer, Ronnie Kanov Trainers Richard Greer, Jim Stroud. Am) irgil Managers First How: Bruce Harbin, Edgar Seeley, Doug Turner, Pat PatterMjn, Turn Culbreth, O. H. Haynes, Sandy Edwards, Bill Church, Steve Curtis, Sherrill Norville, Bill Mayhew, Guy Flynt, Dennis Saunders. Second Row: Greg Van Orden, unknown, Jim Hayes. Larry Lawing, Jerry Price, Leonard Limer, Bill Bradley, Mike Chandler, Paul Dellinger, Bob Rol- lins, Re. Stuart, Dick Tickle, Kent Umberger, Wesley Kelly, " Joe " Youn g. Third Row: Larry Hand, Lany Simmons, Frank Hagerman, Joe Hightower, Eddie Smith, Nikki Helms, Larry Harbin, Terry Harbin, Jim Rice, Larry Crutchfield, Marvin Harris, Terry Pope, Dj :d Harkey. Ronald Horton, Johnnv Daye. 4 ' ' » ;iM S! j(s£«uakN ».;iH After being mthont a home stadhim, the William ]. Conrad Stadium looks good— more so when ue me iiuiking TD . s this ivhiit you call " kiwckitig heads " ? This year the Broome Aw ard n ent to outstanding senior Bill Bradley. Augustine Quilici Kenneth N ' aughn Sam Zimmerman I )HN Phillips Ed Bolick |oE Lukaszewski Don Parham OHN Ferguson I lowARD Murphy Bud Brookes Tom Deal Eric DeGroat Conch Oh no you don ' t — I ' ve i t U. SavecV.l SOCCER The Appalachian Soccer Team met some very good competition in its third year ot intercollegiate play. King College of Bristol, Tenn. and Belmont Abbey were played to a tie. Soccer being a ()ung sport at A.S.T.C. thrilled many tans who watched the intense games. The A.S.T.C. goal keeper Bud Brooks was se- lected for the All-South Soccer team by the coaches and referees of the National Soccer Coaches Assn. selection system. ¥irst Row: Bill Riner, Melvin Uentun, Howard Murphy. Re. W ' alser, Augustine Quilici, loe Lukaszewski. Arthur Bolick, limmy McCurdy. Second Rmr.- Eric DeGroat. Jim Russ, lames Patterson, Marcus Cooke, Don Parham, Tom Deal, [ohn Phillips, Captain. Ronald Jones, John Ferguson, Sam Zimmerman, Ken Banks. Third Row. Dave Wright, Gerald Smith. Herby Carlton, Jim Knox. Kenneth ' aughn. Bud Brookes. Ed Bolick, Ste e Crisp, Tom Burlescjii. Tony Gray Larry Shrader |liM CioFF LoNNiE Thomas Doug Wall Wayne Duncan CIerry Francis |ack Lytion )oE IIau.ey |OHN DOBBS BASKETBALL ' 6 2- ' 6 3 Bob LicniT, Coach: Bob Dellinger, Assistant Coach Paul Reynolds Iames V ' ilcox |iM Richardson Terrell West m4: First Koir: TeircU W .i. |,iJ. L tton, Jim Goff, Jamej. Wilcox. Second Ron-: Jim Richardsdii. Paul Reynolds. Gerr - Francis, Doug Wall, Larry Shrader. Third Row: Coach Light, Lonnie Thomas, Joe Hailey. John Dobbs, Tony Gray, Wavne Duncan, Asst. Coach Dellinger, Richard Ensley, Manager. The Light Brigade, under the able direction of Coach Bob Light, ended the basketball season with a respectable record of 1412. The Carolinas Conference was the toughest this year than e er before. The Mountaineers defeated eve ry team in the conference at least once except High Point. They placed in 6th place in the final Conference standings, right behind Elon. Probably the sweetest victory of the year for the basketeers was a 77-72 victory o er the Bears of Lenoir Rhyne in Hickory. Forward Wayne Dun can was named to the All Carolinas Conference team and was 5th in the conference in scoring. Guard Jack Lytton and forward |im Richardson also averaged in the double figures for the Mountaineers. Others who were responsible for the successful season were Joe Haley, John Dobbs, Doug Wall, Jim Goff, and Paul Reynolds. The entire team per- formed well and every student at The Mountain campus can be very proud of the Mountaineers basketball team. SEASON ' S RECORD 1962-63 App. Oppo)ieuts 77 Wofford 86 81 Guilford 61 82 Atlantic Christian 66 71 Pfeiffer 57 72 Newberry 64 73 Belmont Abbev 66 55 Erskine 58 77 Campbell 70 67 Wofford 64 49 Lenoir Rhvne 68 71 Elon ■ 60 51 W. Carolina 59 48 Hioh Point 61 63 Pleifter 60 60 Catawba 62 73 Atlantic Christian 75 52 Newberry 50 60 E. Tennessee 75 77 Lenoir Rhvne 72 74 Guilford ■ 61 65 Elon 77 50 Hit;h Point 74 66 VV! Carolina 62 49 Catawba 62 Carolinas Conference Tournament 64 Catawba 57 60 High Point 72 Jim Stroup, I ' tiun t Team Manugen, Page One Htinctrcd Seventy-nine -v . VvSSi ' Appalachian entered track candidates in the Carolina and NAlA track meets for the third year. The NAIA was held at High Point College. Since both of the meets are entered by the same teams the Carolinas Meet results show the efforts of the A.S.T.C. men. Ed Crain set a new conference record 6 ' % " in the high jump. With the new running track the Apps should be able to make some showing in these events. It is hoped that home track meets will be held in the near future. TRACK |oE Bailey Gerald Swaim Allen Edwards Larry Hand |oHN Nemeth Gerald Smith Don ParhaiM lOE LUKAZEWSKI Ed Grain ]iM Stroup Khn ' alic,hn •i .V., C..» ' ' c »► ry I " ' J i : First Row: Eric DeGroat, Coach; Don Parham, Gerald Smith, John Neraeth, Terrell West, Joe Lukaszewski, Gerald Sv aim, " Dutch " Meyer, Asst. Coach. Second Row: Jim Stroup, Ed Grain, Joe Bailey, Larry Hand, Ken Vaughn, Allen Edwards. I !,st Roiv: Henn- Marsh, Gerald Swaim, Mike Raybon, Bill Bookout, Gary Tiddy, ]. W. Welborn, Bill Mayhew, I il W ' interstein, Fred Bradley, Fred Robbinette, Manager: John Rea, Asst. Coach. Second How: " Dutch " Meyer, Coach; Marcus Cooke, C. H. Necessary, Bruce Parsons, Joe Lukaszewski, Ken Coleman, Allen Tolbert. Larry Overby, Dean Tate, David Alexander, Bill Caldwell, Larry Hand. WRESTLING ' 62 - ' 6 3 Henry Marsh Mike Raybon Floyd Rheu Bill Mayhew J. W, Welborn Bill Bookout Ed Winterstein Fred Bradley ; } [ i " Dutch " Meyer, Coach; John Rea, Assistant Coach 1962-63 SCOREBOARD Appalachian 19 Mary illc 11 Appalachian 20 Milligan 10 Appalachian 21 Milligan 3 Appalachian 29 St. Andrews 5 Appalachian 33 Carson-Newman 2 Appalachian 25 Knowille " Y " 2 Appalachian 21 V.M.I. 10 Appalachian 25 St. Andrews 1 Appalachian 29 Knoxville " Y " 2 Appalachian 21 Milligan 8 Gary Tiddv Marcus Cooke Gerald Swaim DeaiN Tate I ? -5 " ' VVSA, r . C uf mgngmnjimi ; First Rmv: Terry Bogle, Jim Sides, Jack U,iii. Jun t.ull. Dale uum, O. 11. lljyncb. Second Row: Joe Key, Herbert Diggs, Fred Gragg, Tony Sipes, Bill Church. John Seagle, James Van Pelt. Third Row: Ray Oxindine, Jim Hayes, Lowell Harris, Wayne Barker, Bill Jarrett, Bill Bradley, Larry Harbin, Terry Harbin, Dr. Joe Bryson. BASEBALL Rav Oxindine, Assistant Coach; Dr. Joe Brvson. Coach The Mountaineer Baseball Team e.xperienced another rough season on the diamond in 1962. After losing the first game of the season to the Catamounts of Western Carolina the Mo untaineers battled back to win se ' en and lose eleven for their final record. Probably the high note of the season was the ictory by the Mountaineers o er the tough Pirates of East Carolina College. The Pirates were the defending National Baseball Champions and the App team defeated them in Boone by the score of 11-5. Pitchers Bill Jarrett and Bobby Dellinger were outstanding with nine of the wins to their credit. Leading hitters for the Mountaineers throughout the season were Jim Sides, |ack Barr, and Wavne Barker. Bob Dellincer Jim Havls Bill Jarrett Tony Sipes Bill Church Jim Goff Fred Gragg iILL BRADLEY Wayne Barker Page One Htiiidreii Eighty-fii ' c Lowell Harris Larry Harbin Jack Barr O. H. Haynes Terry Bogle Dale Yount Joe Key Herbert Diggs Page One Hundred. Eighty-six .2 ; nsst " ., .(i;W -i. vc -,,; . 196263 SCOREBOARD ppalachian 2 Western Carolina 9 Appalachian 8 Western Carolina 5 Appalachian Catawba 1 Appalachian 1 High Point 6 Appalachian 1 East Carolina 11 Appalachian II East Carolina 5 Appalachian 5 Atlantic Christian 4 Appalachian 5 Atlantic Christian 1 Appalachian 2 Elon 6 Appalachian 6 Catawba 5 Appalachian Lenoir Rhyne 4 Appalachian 9 Pfeiffcr 11 Appalachian 12 High Point 5 Appalachian 2 Pfeiffcr . 8 Appalachian 2 Lenoir Rhync 7 Appalachian 2 Guilford 6 Appalachian 12 Guilford 8 Appalachian , , , , 5 Elon 10 OUT! Jim Sides Who said Spring blooms forth with SUN First Rou-. Juily M.:iinn, S.vr-w. ;..,r; Judy Cummings, Sadie 1 .iiilnii Third Row: Lintla Rca is, Lauia Smith, Frances Crabtree. louilh lUjn : Lillian Smith, Barbara Jean Riddle, Myrna Stephens. Fifth Row: Georgia Roberson, Jane Royster, Betty Hill, Mary E. Thompson, Reba Hawkins. DRILL TEAM OFFICERS Lillian Smith President Barbara Jean Riddle ' ice-President Georgia Roberson Publicity Jane Meredith Sponsor Francis Hoover Condi GOLF TEAM After a slow start the App golf team fought back to win eight and lose seven and tie one for a final season ' s record. Probably the highlight of the year was the team ' s winning the Carolinas Conference and the NAIA Dis- trict 26 Tournament held in Boone. Benjy Burnett, Appalachian ace, was the top player in the tournament and copped the indi idual championship of the confer- ence. Early in June the team traveled to the National NAIA Golf Championship and came in sixth in the entire nation. Ajip star Austin Adams finished third in this tournament. Fint How: Belli) Burnett, Bruce Suddreth, Austin Adams, Mickey Powers, Second Row: Tom Sturgill, W ' illard Holden, Allen Childress, Francis Hoover, Coach. H ' " " ' ■ill First Row: Richard Gwaltney, Ben Johnson, Sam Silri. Se Chambers, Larry Nance, Jim Jones, Coach. •d Row: Ken Propst, Ni. MEN ' S TENNIS Aiiticipiitiiig the serve NT The Appalachian netters enjo ed one of their best seasons, closing with a 12-1-1 record. Norman Chambers and Larry Nance led the squad in ' ictories over opposition in three states. The two lost onlv three times between them in singles and were unbeaten in doubles. Captain Larry Nance closed his tennis career with the best record in Appalachian ' s histor with t " iFt -F )ur wins against Four losses o ' er a Four year span. Watch that ARR return! 1962 SCOREBOARD Appalachian 7 High Point Appalachian 9 East Tennessee Appalachian 4 Erskine 4 Appalachian 4 Western Carolina 3 Appalachian 6 Western Carolina 1 Appalachian 6 Pl ' eiffer . 1 Appalachian 3 Guilford 4 Appalachian 5 Pfeiffer 2 Appalachian 6 High Point 1 Appalachian 5 Davidson 2 Appalachian 7 Atlantic Christian Appalachian 6 Atlantic Christian 1 Appalachian 7 Elon I Appalachian 8 East Tennessee ,, , 1 ctkj ' ' Watch the game! Not the camera. The agility of a dancer. Jim Jones, Coach; Larry Nance. Captain Sam SiFRi Norman Chambers Ben Johnson Richard Gwaltney Ken Propst )OAN MaRCOTT Doubles Team: Martha Stephens Georgia Landon Maryann Corlis Lois Holmes WOMEN ' S TENNIS Page One Hundred Ninety-two INTRAMURAL SPORTS rhe niajor: will get me yet. 1 can ' t look! Watch tha t carry. The Championship Foothall Team. ' l « ' J l ' ' fiff . 4 ' ' ■0 CHEERLEADERS • MAJORETTES O O : HIGW ]- Gi = MTS i SAVId • S3AliViy3dnS • OHM S OHA CHEERLEADERS fV f« Don Parham Ann Oglesby John Ratledge Barbara Deal Judy Stiller James Rus Danell Skreen Rov Davis Mauser Flvnt, Dihii Mh; ■ 1 mf . .j p aA ■MHHMHMb. U ik I BhK ' 41 !■ i 1 m 3 " ■ 1 1 ■ Hi Hfl Hb s j H m 1 1 1 ' • ' •! J Bettv L. FowLLii. LUivi Muioi-ctlc Elaine Melton S andy Baihd sst. Chief Joyce Leatherwood ETTY Jean Davis Asst. Chief Bonnie Wall Alice Williams MAJORETTES HOMECOMING 1962 llSrenda au iSradiei Honiecunnng Q iieeti Danell Skreen HOMECOMING Sarah Anne Lytton Joanne Haigler COURT ' 62 Linda Marsh The culiiiiihit ' uDi of 1 loiueconiius. Festivities highlioJited Maurice WiUinxis and The Zodiacsl HOMECOMING A p p A L AC H 1 A N— Password to Progress sparks the hidtistrial Arts Chih and their winnino float. ' The Oueei! and her court welcome all . ' to tJie first Homecotning in our new •. • stadium. y ouce oLeatnerwoocl Christuujs Oiieen ■«■■■■■■■ J 1 CHRISTMAS COURT Brenda Bost Ann Moore Page Tiro iJundreil Six «ll V Dawn Duvall Donna Sellers Ufjiiihn jubilee Parade honors A.S.T.C. Christiiuis Oiieeii ami her Court. Page Two }luiidred Seven .«?raJrj ' .it- jo Ann McCaslin Sharon Mathis CHRISTMAS COURT Pdge Two Hundred Eight QUEEN OF CLUBS Brenda Bost Representative of Young Women ' s Christian As ) f «»l H Bill) Buttcrficld WHS waniily wclcdiiwd at his fall concert. PLAYS AND PROGRAMS The Italian Straw Hat, ahly presented hy college students interested in the theater, was a high spot in the fall quarter. Music, Music, and South Pacific wound its way into the hearts of all. Feelins. and emotion set to music . X With the spring comes the annual Water Faaeant. Thi year fentiirino the Modern Dance Chih. The music of the Catalnias kept Cupid rockni ' j, ni th, Valentine ' s Dance. 1 lie Danish Gym Team per- forming astounding gymnas- tics and native folk dances thrilled spectators with their ' strength and precision. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Brenda Blackburn Stanley Brooks Carolyn Carpenter Marjorie Ann Cole Larry W. Crabtree Ramona Lee Craig Betty Jean Davis Betty Leonard Fowler Richard Mack Greer Joanne Haigler Earl E. Hallman James Burton Hayes Chet a. Hill Ken Howell Nancy Jo Ivester Sandra W. Kiser Page Two Hundred Twelve i i Bob York Jill Knight Barron W. Lee Paul O. Lentz Sarah Anne Lytton Frank Maristany Thomas C. McCartney Claudia Moss E. Anne Parrish Glenn Pharr George Ragan Michael Thomas Raybon Marion Rlish Vic Sanniota Larry Eugene Shrader Peggy Joyce Wilson Crystal J. Williams WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Page Tiro Hundred Thirteen Earl Hallman Mr. AppaJachitiii CAMPUS Sarah Annh Lviio Miss Appalachian Vic Sanniota Most Popular SUPERLATIVES Bill Bradley Most Athletic Boy Carolyn Morgan Most Athletic Girl Gerri Gordon Friendliest SENIOR CLASS Sarah Anne Lytton Most Attractive u. Ramona Crak; Most Versatile SUPERLATIVES Ken Howhll Most Likely to Succeed Bob York Most Handsome Marjorie Cole Most Intellectiial ' ' f J MAY COURT The 60th Anni eisaiy of A.S.T.C. will be celebrated begin- ning with the May Day Festivities at the Coronation Ball of the iMa ' Queen and her Court will be formally presented. J am i Afnne JLijtlc ouce =J .eatnefuiood May Queen Maid of U( MAY COURT A Iargaret Templeton Senior Attendant Sylvia Teagle Senior Attendant MAY COURT MAY COURT Sarah McGee Soplwiiiore Attendant MAY COURT ( ilw ten the Uitcfii iiiid her Cuurl eujov the euiiu)n ul AJm ii ' ; ( (I lii ,ht iiir. MAY COURT Help ' . How did I ever iiet talked hitu this? A Coronation Ball at a soulheni plantation is the setting for the formal presentation of the May Court. r Anticipation mounts as a hush settles over the o- GRADUATION A.S.T.C. was proud to have Governor 1 errv San- ford deliver the commencement address. Rehearsal brings the end into reality— For souie with a himp; others a sigh of relief. ' .„ . ,::lalions and Good Luck. Page Two Hundred Twenty-fiv3 •NH i -- COLLEGE BOOK STORE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE THE HEART OF THE CAMPUS BOONE, N. C. Page Tiro Hundred Twenty-seven When your group goes together, go FIRST CLASS in modern Trailwoys diesel coaches, with uniformed, safety-trained operators. Trailwoys specially trained charter salesmen will call on you without obligation. If requested they will present trip material before your group. QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Phone AM 4-8836 — Boone, N. C. Phone ED 2-6164 — Charlotte, N. C. VARSITY SHOP MEN ' S AND LADIES ' SPORTS APPAREL 225 E. King Street Phone AM 4-3520 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. SPRUCE PINE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers, Owner BOONE, N. C. TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best in Laundry and Cleaning " Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone AM 4-8415 BOONE, N. C. 1 V r M ' Meet Your Friends At SHORTY ' S " The Students ' Nightly Retreat " SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Refreshment to You Through the Years COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HICKORY, N. C. Page Two Hundred Tventyititte Meet Your Friends At CAROLINA PHARMACY Congratulations, Graduates Phone AM 4-3781 BOONE, N. C. Boone ' s Favorite Department Store HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONE TIRE AND BARGAIN STORE FURNITURE FRICIDAIRE APPLIANCES BOONE, N. C. Phone AM 4-3801 MOUNT VIEW MOTEL ENTRANCE OF SKI AREA AND PARKWAY Tile Both— Tub, Shower— Full Vanity— T.V. Woll-to-Woll Corpet— Electric Heat Private Balcony Overlooking Lake OPEN ALL YEAR U. S. 321 By-Pass Phone 295-7483 BLOWING ROCK, N. C. ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time -Saving and Penny-Wise NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY REINS-STURDIVANT OF BOONE, INC. Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA REINS-STURDIVANT MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION, INC. NORTH WILKESBORO, BOONE, WEST JEFFERSON, SPARTA, N. C. Page Two Hundred Thirty CAUDILL ' S, INC. LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR 123 East King Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO., INC. Building Maintenance Supplies HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA BEAUTIFUL C cummak FURNITURE Tables, Accent Pieces, Sofas and Chairs French and Italian Provincial Traditional and Contemporary Styling Nati( )iaU! Adnniinvd hi House Beautiful, House and Garden, Better Homes and Gardens, Decorating Guides, and Brides Magazine HAMMARY MANUFACTURING CORPORATION LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you have a good time at the movies. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you laugh and cry at things you see on the screen. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That youngsters have come to know and love the movies as a very special treat. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That Hollywood is con- stantly searching for new ideas and bringing them to life. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That we have a part in the entertaining of the students of Appalachian State Teachers College. THE APPALACHIAN THEATRE " Everybody Likes Movies in Boone " BooiE DRUG mm REXALL " The Professional Store " Three Registered Pharmacists W. R, Richardson 0. K. Richardson G. K. Moose Phone AM 4-3766 Western North Carolina ' s Most Modern and Complete Drug Store For Good Food Eat At Our New Modern Fountain Page Two Hundred I hirly-onc THE yHTHWESTEIll Billli Capital Stock $1,924,000.00 Surplus $7,576,000.00 Since 1903 Appalachian State Teachers College has grown with the educational needs of North Carolina and the South. Appalachian is an insti- tution of which all the people of Western North Carolina are proud. Since 1937 The Northwestern Bank has supplied the complete banking needs of this section. We of The Northwestern Bank are proud to offer our services to the growth of this section. WHERE FINANCIAL SERVICE BEGINS A COMPLETE BANKING INSTITUTION OFFERING EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F. D I, C We appreciate the patronage of the students and faculty of Appalachian State Teachers College Page Two Hundred Thirty-two GREENE BUICK-PDNTIAC, INC BUICK - PONTIAC - OPEL CARS GMC TRUCKS 1115 E. King Street — Dial AM 4-3778 P. 0. Box 487 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MAULDIN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. Phone 327-8396 1018B 3rd Ave., N.W. P. 0. Box 614 HICKORY, N. C. Distributors TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS Tom ' s Peanut Butter Sandwiches Tom ' s Candies Tom ' s Potato Chips Page Two Hundred Thirty-three BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA O © Representing Lenoir Chair Co. Lenoir Furniture Corp. Conover Furniture Co. 0. L. Broyhill Furniture Co. Harper Furniture Company Page Two Hundred Thirty-four ScHraffDs " The ISation ' s Leading Candies " ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 -$2.00 Lb. Morgan Bros., Inc. wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C. fCandms Delicious Food Congratulations to A CROWING APPALACHIAN!! Shelby Comrete Produ€tSg Incorporated SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA WINKLER MOTOR CO., INC. Depot Howard Streets Office, AM 4-8857 Parts Dept., AM 4-8856 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two Hitndred Thirty-five FRIENDLY SERVICE BURGESS FURNITURE STORE Serving this area with quality Furniture 425 West King Street BELK ' S BOONE ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE " THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES " AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Open From 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. Specializing in Steaks, Chops, Seafoods Country Ham Hot Biscuits — Home Made Pies Short Orders — Sandwiches Curb Service 4 P.M.— 12 P.M. Highway 321 Blowing Rock Road Phone AM 4-9933 BOONE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Thirty-six Compliments of BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION NORTH STATE CANNING COMPANY Producers of Quality WATAUGA CHOPPED KRAUT Made from Mountain Grown Cabbage Post Office Box 326 — BOONE, N. C. — Phone AM 4-3045 VANNOrS DRIVE-IN MILK SHAKES SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Meet your friends at Vannoy ' s U. S. 421 ANDREWS CHEVROLET INCORPORATED DEALERS FOR CHEVROLET CHEVY II CORVAIR OLDSMOBILE OLDS F-85 BOONE, N. C. Page Tiro Hundred Thirty-seven WATAUGA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 106 West Main Street Boone, North Carolina DIRECTORS: OFFICERS: H. G. FARTHING H G. FARTHING WALTER H. GREENE PRESIDENT H. P. HOLSHOUSER R. c. RIVERS, JR GUY W. HUNT VICE PRESIDENT JAMES P. MARSH JAMES P. MARSH HOWARD MAST SECY -TREASURER DR. W- M. MATHERSON W R RICHARDSON R C RIVERS, JR The Watauga Savings and Loan Association has had a part in the growth of this area since 1921. We have noted with pride the growth and progress of Appalachian State Teachers College. Quality education is much more important that it was a few years ago. The administration and faculty along with the students have proven that Appalachian is the type of educational institution which is needed in this changing world of today. The people of Watauga Savings and Loan Association also feel very strongly about quality. We require quality in all the homes we finance. We offer the best rates available on your savings. Put these together and you have a sound financial institution. Assets $9,000,000.00 Page Two Hundred Thirty-eight TWO PLACES TO EAT — " HERE AND AT HOME " WHERE STUDENTS MEET KIRK ' S RESTAURANT Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. STEAKS— SEAFOODS— CHOPS— BARBECUE— PLATE LUNCHES SHORT ORDERS— SANDWICHES " COURTEOUS SERVICE " Telephone AMherst 4-3915 — 205 Hardin Street — Boone, N. C. BOONE FLOWER SHOP BOONE, N. C. 310-A E. Main St. Phone AM 4-3041 Say it with flowers from BOONE FLOWER SHOP CHURCH ' S STORE Where your dollar has more cents Men ' s Boys ' Clothing — Shoes Phone AM 4-8987 Boone, N. C. SHIRLEY RAGAN ESSO SERVICE 201 Hardin Street BOONE, N. C. ' A Full Line of Atlas Products " ' Where You And Service Meet ' Compliments of T. R. HELMS CONTRACTOR HELMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 710 State Street CHARLOTTE 8, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone EX 2-3242 North Carolina State License 2107 Page Two Hundred Thirty-nine First the clock , . . then the plant — When a customer bought 100 cigars from the wholesale grocery firm of H. Cone Sons in 1870, he received a handsome clock. Some of these clocks are still ticking away. In addition to selling cigars and groceries for their father, Moses and Ceasar Cone sold cotton plaids. Seeing a great future in fabrics, they started the Cone textile enterprises as a selling and commission house in 1891. They built the original manufacturing plant in 1896. What of Cone Mills Today? From these small beginnings has come one of the world ' s largest and most progressive textile firms. With 18 plants employing almost 13,000 men and women. Cone Mills today is the world ' s largest producer of corduroys, denims and flannels. Its modern printing and finishing operations are turning out a host of other fashion-right fabrics. Cone through its research and development activities is con- stantly seeking better ways to make better materials. Examples of Cone firsts in this country are the new, popular stretch denims and corduroys. To maintain its high standards, our company needs young people with initiative and intelligence. Cone Mills of- fers opportunities in four areas . . . production, administra- tion, sales and research. Would you be interested in joining such a progressive organization? Write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " Where fabrics of toxaorroMV are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Cliffside. Greensboro, Forest City. Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville in Soutti Carolina. Page Two Hundred Forty The Portraits In This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO Photographers of Raleigh Official Photographers For THE 1963 RHODODENDRON You may order any type pictures from us on the portraits appearing here, for we keep these negatives in our files. 14 E. HARCETT STREET RALEIGH, N. C. Page Two Hundred Forty-one BOONE TRAIL MOTEL U. S. 221 421 BOONE, N. C. Phone 264-8839 Mr, Mrs. Jake Mortez, Owners WINK ' S CAFE Gathering Place of A.S.T.C. East End of Campus on Blowing Rock Road Congratulations! KOHLER CAMPBELL, INC. PIANO MANUFACTURERS GRANITE FALLS, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone 396-3376 Page Two Hundred Forty-two OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers off Ttie 1963 Rhododendron Page Two Hundred Forty-three Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, N. C.

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