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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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1987 " li A ' PPA.L.A.CHIA N -TA-TE TEjACI-IEFl BETTY AORIENNE DAYVAULT. Editor CYNTHIA PAULINE COOK Business Monoger ANNUAL PUBLICATION APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, BOONE, N. C. fvai 0eA M uiteX jao ( I am a part ol all that 1 liaxc met: Yet all c ' xpt ' iicncc is an arch wlicictliro Gleams that iinti ' a iH cl world whose margin fades For e er and lor e er when I mo e. I low tkill it is to pause, to make an end. To rust iinlnirnishcl, not to shine in use! Tennvson Ulysses b f M M 45a tf «•? ••?5V ' , ' .wl 1 m X I (► ' ■.-JC, 7 Nii.-;t . M Each one of us arrives at Appalachian with old experiences and departs with new ones. Anv one profits from manv experiences; classes, attending conxocation, extracurricular acti ities, dorm life, friends, consultations with professors, isits to the hookstore, veiling for Appalachian ' s Black and Ciold, worrving about grades- all become a precious part of us. A person cannot realize his full potential if he lives in a narrow, " sit-on-the-sidelines " world. We here at Appalachian are preparing to enter the world of teaching. All the acti ities and interests we follow are part of our education in learn ino to be of serxice to others. It ' :- Does it seem possible that one day we ivill watch as altivim? We proudly present Ralph Martcri. Wc gain iwjv friends and mitch the groirth of our college trith pride. Beiiieiid ' er those screatiiiiiii stands? Page Nine IV ' bear iinr sounds aiid attempt to jstet ' new skills, both for our own enjoyment and for the pleasure of others Let us forgef those firstof-the-quarter lines. Page Thirteen - - - J% ii • t -i-3 ' ' •iiJ i4l V .l .S. , A.B, A.M, Ph.D., LL.D. m r m A orfe and fiiiaUr realiie tlie attnitnucut oj a two thousand word reading rate. Wc hiiyc oii y to look nhout to see a busy, energetic fiuiilty Awake the retueud rance of a special Cotirocatioii. " Doc " is one of tiiojiy with brains and good hitnior rolled into one. liik-staiiied hands and tireless eneroy are well represented. iding, guiding, attd setting an example for us iu professional ethies and praetiees The touch of an artistic hand ouides others. Many of his kind instill their knowledge in oitr minds |. D. Rankin A.B., A.M.. D.S.T.D. President Emeritus ADMINISTRATION D. J. ' hitener A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of College Bernard DnuGHERTv B.S. Vice-President and Comptroller Maxie G. Edmisten B.S., M.A. Dean of oiueii Robert Breitenstein B.Ed. Dean of Men Gratis D. Williams A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studie James E. Stone B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Director of Summer Sessio Catherine Smith B.S., M.A.Ed. Art F. Ray Uerbick B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology James E. Stone B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Extension Orrus Sutton B.S., M.S. Business Education J. Roy Prince B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Languages Woodford G. Sink A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Chemistry Mary Brown Allgood B.S., M.A. Home Economics Ben H. Horton B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Education Howard S. Decker B.S., M.S., M.A., Ed.D. Industrial Arts Dr. G. p. Egge A.B., A.M., Ph.: English DEPARTMENT HEADS Ila T. Justice A.B., B.S., M.S. l.ihrary Science Starr N. Stacy B.S., M.A. Mathematics ' iLLiAM G. Spencer B.M.Ed,, M.A.. Ph.D. Music Marshall L. Walters B.S.. M.A. Physical Ednca:ion Wiley F. Smith A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Psychology I. C. Yoder B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Page Twenty four FACULTY Rlibv Akers A.B., M.A. English M. Adnon Alamuddeen B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Gelene a. Atwood A.B. CJieniistry ]. P.MiL Bagley B.S.. M.A. nducitlfon John G. Barden A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education Richard Thomas Barker B.S., M.A. Annie Mae Blackburn B.S., M.A. Business Education Ellis G. Boatman A.B., M.A. Social Studies Ben G. Bosworth B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Ronald Brooks B.S. Physical Education Joseph E. Bryson A.B., M.Ed., D.Ed. Education G. T. BUCKLAND B.S., M.A., D.Ed. Mathematics Page Twenty-five lid HtLEN BlIRCH William H. Burdick Beulah Campbell I. W. Carpenter ]. Lou Carpen ter Walton b. Cole A.B., M.A. B.S.C., M.B.A. A.B., M.A. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., M.S. B.A., M.M. Social Studies Social Studies Education Biology Speech Mtisic Francis Cook John R. Corey Grace Councill Eric B. DeGroat F. Ray Derrick J. Max Dexon B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S.. M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., M.A., PhD English Education Education Physical Education Biology Social Studies FACULTY Page Twenty-six FACULTY Edwin Dougherty B.S., M.A. Social Studies Iames H. Duncan B.S. Physical Edtication Daisy W. Eggers B.S., M.A. E ig!is G. P. Eggers B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English Nicholas Erneston B.M., M.M., M.Ed., Ph.D. Music William L. Eury A.B., B.S., M.S. Librarian Elizabeth Fox B.M., M.M.Ed. Music Robert G. Fracker B.S., M.A. Education David French B.S., M.F.A. Speech William E. Fulmer A.B., Ed.M., Ed.D. Education Edward H. Gibson, 111 A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies NoLLiE Lee Gilbert A.B., M.A. French Page Twenty-seven Dr. J. Edgar Harrill Martha Hawkinson Walter Haukinson Cleone H. Hodges Atlie a. Hodgin David R. Hodgin A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., B.S.S.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. A.B., M.S. B.S.. B.S. in L.S. A.B., A.M. Education Business Edncntinn Mathematics Physical Educatimt Librarian English Franus Hoover Rhna Hoover Ben H. Horton E. P. Hotard loHN T. Howell V. C. Howell B.S., M.A., D.P.E. A.13., M.A. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. B.M., M.M. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. A.B., A.M. Phraical Education Social Studies Education Music Education Social Studies FACULTY Page Twenty-eight FACULTY Mary Alice Huff A.B., B.S. IJhrmhui Charles Islev B.S., M.A. Music H. Broadus loNES B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English Isabel F. Jones B.S., M.Ed. Ed.D. Education James F. Jones A.B., M.A. Business Education John M. Justice A.B., A.M. Social Studies Robert Light B.S., M.S. Physical Educalion Virginia W. Linney B.M., M.M. Music Carl G. Meeks B.S., M.A., Ed.p. Physical Education Eloise Melton A.B., M.A. Social Studies John R. Melton A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Education Jane Meredith B.S., M.A. Physical Educalion Page Twenty nine k ' -ST i David John Miudleton A.B., M.Ed.D., Ph.D. Extension and Research John A. Pritchett, Jr. A.B., M.A. Education P. UL O. Orr B.S., M.S. Education Leo K. Pritchett A.B., M.Ed. Social Studies Eunice Query A.B., M.A. Library Science FACULTY Lee F. Reynolds B.S., ALA., Ed.D. Education Madge Rhyne B.S., ALS. Home Economics Jane Riner B.S.. ALA. Business Education John Rouche B.S., M.A. Socio Studies HoYT W. Safrit B.S., ALA. Music G. L. Sawyer A.B., M.A. Social Sttidies f r Earl L. Petrey B.S., ALA. Education Beatrix Ramey B.S., M.A. Education LIberto Price B.S., ALA. Education Robert L. Randall B.S., M.A., C.A.S. Extension and Research ]. Roy Prince B.A., ALA., Ph.D. Foreign Languages J. Frank Randall A.B., ALS., Ph.D. Biology » hd M f Page Thirty James M. Sawyer B.S., M.A. Educatiofi N. W. Shelton B.S., M.A. Extemioii ami Research LoRis Shipman A.B., B.S., M.A. Enelkh Zeb ' . Shook B.S.. M.A. Librarian W. G. Sink A.B., Ph.D. Chemistry Catherine Smith B.S., M.A.Ed. Art FACULTY eBrun N. Smith .S., M.S. :ience and Geology M Travis S.. M.A. a:hctihilics William G. Spencer B.M.Ed., M.A., Ed.D. Music Kathryn C. Tully A.B.. M.A. Biisines ' i Education Orrus Sutton B.S., M.A. Business Education Ina VanXoppen B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D. Social Studies Fred L. Tarleton B.S., E.E. Mathematics John J. VanNoppen, III A.B., M.A., Ed.D. English Roger E. Thomas B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education .Mary Jo Walkup B.S., M.S. Physical Education Rebecca Tomlinson B.S., M.A., P.E. Dir. Physical Education Maryo Walters B.S., M.A. Spanish ' jt ' . ' " ' 1 .r t 4 1 - - Page Thirty-one r If Uw- Mkh iM FACULTY Marshall L. Waltlrs B.S., M.A. Pliysical Education R. W. Watkins B.S., M.A. Pliysical Education N ' lVIAN Welborn B.S., M.S. Home Economics Rogers V. Whitener B.S., M.A. English Elizabeth Williams B.S. Art J. C. YODER B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies .reSCP M Bob Allen Br. xton IIakiu Nina . Maktin Mary S. Shook Marvin Russell Director of Public Relations Assistant Registrar Nurse Nurse Traffic Manager John W ' elborn Mary Edith Bell Mary E. Haralson Ruth G. German Marjorie Kelly Cafeteria Manager Nexvhnd Hall Dauph-Blan Hall East Hall East Hall Emma Mart Taylor Arlie H. Thompson Ethel G. Tyson Dee R. Winkler Larry Penley 7s( Hall North Hall Lovill Hall White Hall College Photographer STAFF Page Thirty-three M !. 1J SENIOR OFFICERS Larry Nance . . . President Bob Dellinger Vice-President Linda Dorse Secretary Ralph R. Powell, Jr. Treasurer SENIORS Elizabeth Caroline Abel Lenoir Elemetitarr Education Junior Counselor. Doris Ann Adderholdt Lenoir Home Ecofiomics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 2; National Education Association 4. Patricia Ann Alexander Statesville Primary Education National Education Association 4; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Dauph Blan Vice-President 3, President 4; Wesley Founda- tion 4. Sara Hane Allen Canton Primary Ediicatiott Young Women ' s Christian Association; National Education Association; Association of Childhood Education; College Band, College Orchestra. Mavis Knight Allred Lenoir Primary Education Modern Dance 2. Brenda J. Anglin Burns ille Business Education Appalachian Staff; Phi Beta Lambda. William Brlice Arrovvood Rutherfordton BiisiHess Education Collegiate Civic Club; Phi Beta Lambda; National Education .Association; ' eterans Organization. LoLiisE Irene .Atkins Nebo BiisiHCSs Education Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omegi Pi; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Chi. Mary Jo Austin Hudson BiisiMess Education and Social Studies Pi Omega Pi 3, 4. Historian 4; Dauph Blan Young Women ' s Auxiliarj- 3, 4; National Education .Association 4; Y ' oung A ' omen ' s Cliristian Association 1; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4; House Council 1. Joe B. Bailey, Jr Lexington Physical Education and Social Studies Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4. Bobby Edwin Baker Lenoir Business Education Future Business Leaders of America; Collegiate Civic Club; Appalachian Staff. Lydia Alice Ballard Hickory Library Science House Council 4; .Alpha Chi 4; .-Assembly Committee 1, 2, 3; Librar ' Science Club 3, 4. Secrelarv 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Secretary- 4; Junior Counselor 3; Lutheran Student .As- sociation 1, 2; Rhoixjdexdrox Staff 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Linda Ann Banks Burns illc Bitsiness Education Future Business Leaders of .America 1. 2, 3. 4. Joan Bard Grumpier Elementary Edtication Westminster Fellowship 2; Intem.itional Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 4. Graham Barnhardt Boone Science ChemistO ' Club 3, 4; Student Laboratory ' .Assistant 4; Intra- mural Softball 1, 2, 3. Page Thirty-seven SENIORS Tracy Bass Chadbourn Mathematics and Physical Education Chess Club; Football; Softball. Carolyn Rebecca Beam Troutman Home Economics Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. Donald C. Beaver Troutman Business Edjtcation Future Business Leaders of An Marcia Jeannie Belk Hickory Elementary Education Mouse Council 1, 2; Homecoming Court 2; Christmas Court 2; May Court 2, 3; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Assembly Committee 2; Junior Counselor 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Assistant Chief 3, President 4; Student Council 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; School Council 4; Delegate to N.C.S.S.L. 3: Delegate to N.S.S.G.. ' . 3; Student Representative to " Committee for a Better North Carolina " 4; Speakers Bureau 4; Rhododendron Staff 4; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges atld Unil ' ersities. Mildred Ann Benfield Morganton Home Economics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; National Education Associa- tion 3, 4, Social Chairman 4; College Chour 1, 2, 3, 4. Ray Benfield Newland Elementary Education Melissa Benton Monroe Elementary Education Candace Barbara Berry ' Drexel English and Physical Education Max a. Blackburn Elkin Social Studies Nell Foster Blevins Grumpier Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Internationa! Re uns C:luh 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretar ' 3; Ju Co Rhodhiss Barbara Moffitt Bliss Etiglish and French Junior Marshal 3; French Club 3, 4, Secretary 4; National Ejucation Association 4; Student Assistant— N.D.E. A. Language Institute. I e ANNE Cashwell Booe Coolcemee Elementary Education Glee Club Ensemble; Dance Club; Varsouvianna; Modem John Klenner Boyte Carthage Business Education Junior Marshal; Future Business Leaders of America; Pi Omega Pi; Veterans Club. Barbara Jane Brackett Lawndale Home Economics Women ' s Athletic Association 2, 3; Home Economics Club 3, 4. C. Don Bridges Shelby Science and Social Studies Bonnie Sue Brown Winston-Salem Elementary Education Christine Dora Brown Red Springs Btisiness Education Phi Beta Lambda; National Education Association; Pi Omega Pi; Junior Marshal; House Council; Baptist Student Union. Clarene Saulmon Brown Morganton Spanish and English Junior Marshal; Spanish Club; Rhododendron Staff. Dean Wayne Brown Mt. Airy Elementary Education Young Men ' s Christian .Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Religious Council 1, 2; Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4; Student Chairman of Public Programs Committee 1, 2; Delegate to Model United Nations Assembly at Duke University in I960 and University of North Carolina in 1958; Who ' s Who Among Stttdents in American Colleges and Universities. Joseph Tatum Brown, Jr Todd Science and Social Studies Lucy Carol Brown Elkin Business Education and Social Studies Pi Omega Pi 3, 4. Brenda Koontz Bruton Lexington Elementary Education Homer Glen Bullard Fayetteville Social Studies Mary Fern Bullard Chadbourn Elementary Education and Social Studies .Association for Childhood Education; National Education Association; Young Women ' s Christian .Auxiliary; International Relations Club; Trans- fer from Campbell College. Christine Bullman Marshall Biology and Social Studies VA ' arren Wilson College. Page Thiny-niji ' 7 1 K 7si M 1 i mJHB iL . SENIORS Nancy Iris Burleson French and English Linda Nell Butler Business Education Ellcnboro ris ' C;lee Club; Baptist Student Union; Executive Council; Religious )uncil; Phi Beta Lambda; National Education Association. Elaine Staley Buaigarner Wilbar Business Education and Social Studies Wayne Ray Burgess West Jefferson Mathematics and Science Golf Team 2. 3; Math Club 3, 4; Science Club 3. 4. Carolyn Hope Burleson Minneapolis Elementary Edticaticnt Richard Franklin Byers Statesville Science and Social Studies Hubert Glenvvood Byrd Coats Physical Education Baseball Team; Soccer Team; High School Basketball Official. Larry Steven Bykd Cliffside Science and Physical Education Intramural Sports. Margaret L E B •RD Horse Shoe Mathematics and Social Studies Math Club; Baptist Student Union; Transfer from Wingate College. Ronnie Dills Byrd Castonia Physical Education and Social Studies Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4. Trainer 2. 3. 4; Intramural Co uncil 3. Page Forty Betty Anne Campbell Mt. Holly Business Education Sacred Heart College; Rhododeni ron Staff. Elizabeth Mann Carnes Laurinburg Elementary Education Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Religious Council 4; Appalachia7t Staff 3; Varsouvianna Dance Club 2, 3; National Education Association. Janice C. Caroway Collettsville Elementary Education College Chorale 1, 2, 3. Sharon Areitta Carpenter Norwood Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; Junior Council; Executive Council; Touring Choir; Women ' s Glee Club. Nancy Ann Carter Elkin Primary Edtication Transfer from Gardner-Webb College. Lela Juanita Cartner China Grove Elementary Education N.C.E.A. Raymond Keith Cash Charlotte Social Studies Gale Teague Champion Leicester Business Edtication Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Secretar ' 4; Vemician Societ - 2, 3; Future Business Leaders of America 1, 2, 3. Mike M. Chandler Avondale Estates, Ga. Mathematics and Science Football 1. 2. 3, 4; BasebaU 1, 2. 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club; .Appalachian Chemistr ' Society- 4. I AMES Ralph Cherry Gastonia Social Studies Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Cheerleader 3, 4. CoChicf 4; Religious Council 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. William C. Church Purlear Mathematics and Physical Education Transfer from Western Carolina College; Football 3, 4; Base- ball 3, 4; Dormitory ' Council 3; Men ' s " A " Club 4. L RRY Richard Clark Gastonia Social Studies Science Club 1, 2; Young Democrats Club 1; Appalachian Staff I, 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Lutheran Student Association 4; College Theatre 3, 4. Robert Thomas Clark Morganton Social Studies Wingate Junior College. jiiLiA Ann Clarke Kannapolis English W . A. Cline Salisbury Physical Education and Social Studies Football 3, 4; Dormitory Council 1, 2. || f A Page Eorty-uiie Caroll Dean Clodfelter Kannapolis Social Studies and Elementary Education Transftr from Pfeiffcr CoUckc; Intramural Activities. Ina Louise Cloer Morganton Elementary Education Band 1; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; Vemician Society 3, 4; Library Science Club , 4; Junior C ' ounselr)r 3; Religious Council 4; Riioix den- DRON Staff 4. LoRNA Eloise Cockman Bobbins Elementary Education and Social Studies Young Democrats Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; North Carolina Student l-egislature 2, Secretary of House of Representatives; Appalachian Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3; Appalcttes 1: House Council 2; Junior Counselor 3; Pi Gamma Alu 3, 4; Debating Team 3; Playcrafters 2; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 3, 4. SENIORS iiANCEs Reio Coffey Education Queens College, N.C.E.A. Iack Edward Coffey Business Educaticm Pi Omega Pi; Junior Marshal; Pi C.i Boone Lin illc Falls Janice Carlton Coffey Lenoir Science Science C:lub 1, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Mouse C ' ouncil 3; Honor Teaching. [iMMv PtOGER Collins Elkin Business Education Veterans Oub 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 4; luture Business Leaders of America 2, 3. Carolyn Jane Cook Forest City Music Education Band; Orchestra; Chorus; Music Education Club; Junior Counselor. Cynthia Pauline Cook Charlotte Englis t, Spanish and Physical Education Special Honors Group I; Appalettes 1; Flying Fish I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 2; State Student Legislature 2; Women ' s . thlctic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Intramurals 4, Team Captain 4; Dormitory House Council I; Spanish Club 4; Christmas Court 3; Rliolx)DFNi n x Staff 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Man- ager 4. Edna Hudson Cook Hickory Elementary Education National Education Association 3; Vemician Societv 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary; Christmas Court 3; May Court 3 Page Forty-two Pegcv Troutman Cook Statesville Home Ecoticmiics Home Economics Club. William B. Cook Boone Math and Science Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3; Wrestlins 1. 2, 3. 4. I Iahrv L. Cooke Mt. Pleasant Elementary Education Iniramurals 2, 3, 4; Phi Gamma Mu 3, 4; CoUeKiale Civic Club 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3. Lena Rose Couch Elkin Elementary Education Varsouvianna 1; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. Greater Council 1, 2, Executive Council 3, 4. Sara Jane Cox Sanford English and Social Stiidies Appalachian Staff; Appalettcs; Intcr-Dormitory House Council; Transfer from Elon College. Sarah Ann Cox Greensboro Home Economics Alpha Chi; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4, Training Union Director 3; Chorale 2; Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4; Varsouvianna 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Play Productions 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Junior Marshal, Summer Session 3; Who ' s Who AmonR Sttiilenu in American CnUcgcs and Universities. Martha , nn Craver CIcmmons Primary Education Ollie Mae Crutchfield Union Mills Elementary Education Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra I; House Council 1; Baptist Student Union Greater Council 1; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 4; Choir I, 4. loiiN Paul Davenport Nevvland Elementary Education Methodist Student Pastor. Nancv Jewel Davenport Nit. Holly Elementary Education National Education Association 3, 4, Officer 4: Association Icjr C;biliibood Page Forty-three SENIORS Betty Joyce Davis Winston-Salem Physical Educalioii and Social Studies Superlative-Most Athletic Girl; Freshman Class Treas- urer: Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4. Vice-President it; Intramural Manager 4; Flving Fish 1. 2, 3, 4, President S, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; Cheerleader, Secretary- 4; Ver nician Society 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Stiuievts in American Colleges anil Uniyersilies. Linda Jane Davis Evergreen Elementary Education National Education Association; International Relations Club; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Westminster Fellow- ship; Transfer from Campbell College. James Thomas Davis Monroe Business Education and Social Studies Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats Club I, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3. 4; Future Business Leaders of America 2. 3. 4: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; National Education Association 2; Junior Marshal. Summer Session 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4. Otha Kenneth Dawkins Newdale Science Brevard College 1, 2; .Appalachian Chemical Society. Betty Adrienne Dayvault Statesville Elementary Education Alpha Chi 4; Vernician Society 2. 3, 4. Officer 3; Rhodo- dendron Staff I, 2. 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3. Editor 4; Student C iuncil 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Recording Secretary 3; Junior Marshal 3; Junior Counselor 3; Chi Lambda Chi ' . 4; House Council, Floor Representative 1, 2: Student Hand- bonk Editorial Committee 4; Delegate to N.S.S.G.A. 3, 4; Student Committee for Better North Carolina 4; School Coun- cil 4; National Education -Association 1, 2; Participant in Scholarship Recognition Day I, 2; Women ' s Chorus 1, 2, 3; Freshman Orientation 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Vnii ' ersities 3, 4; Miss - ' Xppalachian. Bobby Lee Dellinger Gastonia Physical Education and Science Men ' s " A " Club; Vice President of Senior Class; Basketball; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4. Barbara Ann Dennis Landis Physical Education and Social Studies Appalachian Staff 1; Chess Club 2; Women ' s Tennis Team 3. Rebecca Ann Dezern Winston-Salem Library Science Librar ' Science Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Secretary- 3; National Edu- cation .Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary- 3, President 4; House Council, Secretary 4. Evelyn Bruce Dillard Jefferson Math and Science Junior Marshal; National Education Association; Math Club. Linda S. Dorse Boonville FJeniciiUiry Education Cl,.s- Sii|u-il,itiM lrn-iunK-.t; Secretar - of Senior Class; .inu-ii XlhUlK ss,,i.,ii n 1, 2; House Council 1, 2, 3, Pr.-Milciit V X.Miiil.h t inniitee Co-chairman 3; Rhododen- DiiciN St.,11 4; S .tn-t 4; Who ' s Wh„ Amrmg Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Charles Lowell Dotson Rutherfordton Music Education Playcrafters; Band; College Choir; Appalachian Chorale, Patricia Ann Dowling Boone Primary Education Majorette 1; Homecoming Court I; Band 1; Rhododendron Staff 3; National Education Association 3; House Council 3; Debate Team 3; Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4, President 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4, LIazel Jane Dry ' E Concord Math and Science Lutheran Student Association I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, Area Vice-President 3, Regional Secretary 4; Math Club 1, 2. 3; Rhoix dendron Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3. Tempie Janese Easter Trinity Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; Girls ' Chorus; B.S.U. Choir. Linda Helms Edwards Waxhaw Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; House Council. Page Forty-four 9 Sharon Edwards Asheville Social Studies Baptist Student Union; B.S.U. Choir; Playcrafters; Alpha Psi Omega. Lynda Jay Ellington Reidsville Elementary Education Women ' s Glee Club. Barbara Mildred Elliott Shelby Music Education Chorus 1, 2. ?, 4; Orchestra 2. i. 4; Intramurals I; Music Education Club i. 4. Doris Jean Elrod Gastonia Elementary Education Women ' s Glee Club; Transfer from Mars Hill College. Brenda Sue Engle Cherryville Business Education Women ' s Glee Club 3; Future Business Leaders of America 1, 2; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3, 4; National Education Association 4. George Roland Ernst Winston-Salem Business Education Dorothy Dale Fagge Stoneville Elementary Education Association for Childhood Education. j«lj S|g| l ««rf - James Joseph Farish Sommerdale Physical Education and Social Studies Swimming Team; Newman Club; Religious Council; Vice-President Intramural Council. Martha Ann Featherstone Llncolnton Business Education and Social Studies Appalachian Staff, Business Manager 4; Pi Omega Pi, 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4, Vice-President; House Council 3; National Education Asso- ciation 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. Sally Ann Flytsit Winston-Salem Elementary Education and Social Studies National Education Association 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Librar ' Science Club 3. 4; Association for Childhood Education 4. P«ge Forty-five Richard Wyatt Fogleman Charlotte Business Education and Social Studies Future Business Leaders of America. Jean Loftis Ford Fairmont Primary Education William Boyd Ford Fairmont Phrsical Educatioti and Social Studies SENIORS Virginia Ruth Fox Taylorsville English Playcrafters; National Education Association. Roy Bradford Franklin Social Studies Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Chi. Svvannanoa FoY Lentz Frazier Statesville Social Stitdies V ' esley Foundation 3. 4; International Relations Club 3; Mitchell Col- IcRe 1. 2. Phyllis Annette Fulghum Spring Hope Elementary Education Association tor Childhood Education; Women ' s Chorus; Westminster Fellowship. Elizabeth Walker Furr Turnersburg Library Science Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Library ' Science Club. President 4; Band 1; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Vemician Society 3. 4; Junior Counselor 3; Assembly Committee 3; Who ' s Who AmoiiR Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Dale E. Gaddy Asheville Social Studies ' estminster Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 2, 3, President 2, 3; Flying Fish 1; Appalachian Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4; Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4; Associate Col- legiate Press Conventions, Chicago 3, Miami 4; Literary Club; Presby- terian Quadrennial. Texas 3; Student Committee for a Better North Carolina; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Campus Superlative-Most Valuable. Faye Annette Garrison Dallas Home Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. Reporter; Lutheran Student Association; Junior Marshal. Page Forty-six Nancy Louise Gentry Boonville Primary Education Transfer from Campbell Junior College. Barbara Gladys Geouge Burnsvillc Primary Education Varsouvianna; Student National Education Association. Linda Sue Gero Candor Home Economics Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. Charmaine Austin Gibson Charlotu Primary Education Transfer from Gardne •V ' ebb Junior College. Robert Jack Gibson, Jr. Spartanburg, S. C. Social Studies Transfer from Gardner Webb Junior College. Alice Lee Gilbert Lexington Grammar Grade Education Student National Education Association; Association Childhood Education: Women ' s Athletic Association; Varsouvianna; Rho DODENi RON Staff; House Council. Alice Victoria Gilley Boone Library Science Betty Sue Goforth Olin HojKe Economics Home Economics Club, President 4; Baptist Student Union 1. 2, 3, 4; Dormitor - President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Intra Elizabeth Ann Goings Mt. Airy Business Editcation Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Intramurals. Patricia Hope Graham Ashe ii Grammar Grade Education Student National Education .Association 3; Varsouvianna . . 4; International Relations Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Baptist Student Union 3; Westminster Fellowship 4. Shirley Ann Green Mooresboro Grammar Grade Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College; House Council 2. Betsy Greene Boone Business Education Leaders of America; Pi Omega Pi. Secretary; IT Athletic Club. Carol Ann Greene Millers Creek Primary Education .Association for Childhood Education; Internaticnal Re!;iticjns Club. Edgar Dudley Greene, 1r. Science I I. Louise Greene Home Economics Home Economics Club. Boone Monroe Page Forty-seven John Keith Greene Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Physical Education Club; Intramurals; Wrestling; Soccer. Priscilla Jane Greene Troy Social Studies and English Student National Education Association; House CouncU; Young Demo- crats Club; Transfer from Lees McRae Junior College. Richard Eugene Greene Asheville Science and Social Studies Transfer from Brevard College. SENIORS Richard Brent Gregory Hays Business Education Transfer from University of North Carolina; Chorus I. 2; Phi Beta Lambda 4; National Education Association 4; Pi Omega Pi 4. Larry Crawford Griffie Charlotte Social Studies Transfer from Lees McRae College; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4. Presi- dent 4; Religious Council 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Veterans Club 4. Susan Hunt Groce Winston-Salem Mathematics and Science International Relations Club; Tri Beta, Historian, Vice-President; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Chi Lambda Chi, Executive Council; Religious Council, President; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; House Council; Who ' s Wlio Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Alpha Chi, President; Junior Marshal; Chemistry Club; Class Superlative— Most Intellectual. Edgar Reid Gwaltney Mortjantim Business Education Margaret Sherrill Hagaman Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Manager 3; Modern Dance Club 1, 2; Young Women ' s Christian Association 1. Daniel T. Hallman Springfield, S. C. Physical Education and Social Studies House Council 3; Official of N. C. A. D. A. 3, 4. Glenna Sue Halsey Mouth of Wilson, Va, English Appalachian Staff 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Intramurals 3; Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. Page Forty -eight David Stanley Hamby Black Mountain Physical Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb College; Football Letter Club; Music Club; Intraraurals; Future Teachers of America. Phyllis Brooks Hamilton Lenoir Business Education and Social Studies Phi Beta Lambda; Junior Marshal; Pi Omega Pi. A. Elizabeth Hampton Davidson Primary Education Betty B. Hardin Linville Falls Elementary Educatioti Patricia A. Hardin Lenoir English AppaJachiatt Staff I, 2, Associate Editor 3. Assistant Editor 4; International Relations Club I, Treasurer 2; Rhododexdron Staff 1; Young Democrats Club, Secretary 4; Literar ' Societ ' , Vice-President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; H ' io ' s Who Aviottg Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. Betty Lou Harper Marble Home Economics Transfer from Brevard Junior College; Home Economics Club; Student National Education Association; Young Democrats Club; Baptist Student Union. Ernest Lowell Harris Troy Physical Edttcation and Social Studies Baseball; Collegiate Civic Club; Intramural Sports; Transfer from Wingate Junior College. Julia Anne Harris Valdese Science and Social Studies Mary Frances Harris North Wilkesboro Business Education Rich.ard Williams Harris Cliffside Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. Page Forty-nine SENIORS Troy Sidney Harrison Hot Springs Social Studies Transfer from Warren Wilson Junior College. Adeloide Hartsog Creston Primary Education NoRRis Gene Hastings Lawndale Grammar Grade Education Bertie B. Hatfield St. Pertersburg, Fla. Elementary Education Kenneth Lee Hayes Winston-Salem Physical Education and Social Studies Student Resident Manager of College Hall; President Men ' s Intramural Council; Dormitory Counselor; Flying Fish Club, Vice-President; Swimming Team. V ' icKi Harritt Helms Belmont Primary Edtication Vernician Society; House Council. Frank A. Helseth Boone Science Maryon Gail Hendrix Mocksville Primary and Grammar Grade Education Playcrafters; Women ' s Glee Club; Women ' s Athletic Asso- Nancy Mae Henson Sherwood Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Library Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4; Student National Education -Association; Wesley Foundation. Linda Woodruff Henson Hays Grammar Grade Edtication Homecoming Court I. Leon Grant Hiatt Mountain City Mathematics and Science Intramural Sporls. Larry O. I Iill Brown Summit Science Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Appalachian Chemical Society 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3; Student Assistant. Peggy Jean Hill Spindaie Elementary Education Transfer from Mars Hill College; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, Devotional Chairman 4; Baptist Student Union Touring Choir 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 3, 4; House Council, Secretary 4. William Wesley Hill Hendersonville Physical Education and Social Studies Baptist Student Union; Religious Council, Representative; Intramural Sports; Playcrafters. Mary Angeline Hilton Charlotte Primary Edtication Transfer from Charlotte College; Baptist Student Union, Execu- tive Council; Young Women ' s Christian .Association, President 4; Baptist Student Union Touring Choir 3, 4; Young Demo- crats Club 3, 4; Vernician Society 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 3, 4. Page Fifty Priscilla Jane Hinson Locust Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4. Margaret Fay Hobson Winston-Salem Elementary Ediicaticm Pi Gamma Mu; Young Women ' s Christian Association, Vice-President; Association Childhood Education, Vice-President; Student National Edu- cation Association; House Council; Junior Counselor; Baptist Student Union. Margaret Delphine Holcoimb Hamptonville Grammar Grade Education Student National Education Association; Association Childhood Education. WiLLABD Edgar Holden Linville Physical Education Transfer from Lees McRae College; Golf Team 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 4. R. V. Holder, Jr Elkin Physical Edztcation and Social Studies Deleta Ann Holland Statesville Primary Education Transfer from Mitchell College; Student National Education Association; Association Childhood Education; International Relations Club; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Wesley Foundation. Noel Holman West Jefferson Elementary Educatioti Rhododendron Staff 3; Vemician Society 3, 4; National Education 3, 4; Association for Childhood Education 4; House Council 3. Evelyn Frances Holt Forest City Business Education Future Business Leaders of America. Julia Rebekah Honeycutt Stanfield Library Science Library Science Club; Student National Education Association; Women ' s Glee Club; Wesley Foundation. Mary Ann Hooper Marshville Grammar Grade Education Baptist Student LInion 1, 2; Student National Education .- ssociation 1; Women ' s .Athletic Association 1, 2. Page Fi(ty-one J ii T. . ..l , J SENIORS Nathan E. Houser Vale Science Junior Marshal; Tri Beta Club; Collegiate Civic Club; Cheerleader; Science Club. Gloria Sue Houston Spruce Pine Miisic Collese Choir; Girls ' Glee Club; Band; House President of East Hall; Chi Lambda Chi; Music Educators Club; Vemician Sociery. Maggie Mae Hubbard Lumbcrton Elementary Education Young Women ' s Christian Association; Baptist Student Union; Cireater Council. Jane Huggins Charlotte Physical Hducation Flying Fish 1; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 3, 4; House Council 2, 3. ZoRA Eloise Huie Olin Grammar Grade Education Association Childhood Education 1, 2. 3, 4. Susan Wakefield Hunt Gastonia Elementary Education Transfer from Brevard College; Phi Theta Kappa; Dramatics Club; Student National Education Association. Bobby Wayne Hussev Seagrove Physicid Education and Social Studies Frances Loretta Hyatt Marion Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Young Women ' s Association; President of East; Baptist Student Union Choir 1, 2. Daniel Gray Isaacs Vilas Physical Education and Social Stttdies William C. Isaacs, Jr. Lenoir Mathematics and Physical Education Foothall 1, 2. 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4. : ys Page Fifty-two Patti )ea ! Jackson Mount Airy Primary Education Association for Childhood Education; Young Women ' s Chris- tian Association; Chi Lambda Chi; Library Science Club. Patsy Berry Jarrett Valdese Business Education Cheerleader 2; Vemician Society 2, 3, 4; Future Business Leaders of America 1. 2, 3, 4; Rhododexbron Staff 2; Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Hall Monitor 2. Lee Oval Jaynes Morganton Mathematics and Physical Education Football I. 2, i. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3; Student Council 4; Who ' s Who Among Students ht American Colleges and Universities 4. Priscilla Sink Jay ' nes Thomasville Science Vemician Society 2. 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; House Council 3; Cheerleader 2. 3. Betty Jane Johnson Charlotte Elementary Edtication and Social Studies Transfer from Charlotte College; Student N.E.A.; Chess Club. Nan Perry Johnson Hildebran English and Physical Education House Council 1, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Junior Counselor 3. Sherrill Lee Johnson Envin Social Studies Transfer from Campbell College. Pattia Augusta Jones Ashcvillc Grammar Grade Education Traii ' .fcr Berea College; Young Women ' s Christian .Asso- ciatiiin; H.iptist Student LInion; Women ' s .Athletic Association: B.S.U. Ch.iu; Student National Education .Association; Inter nati. Club. Robert O. Jones JcfFerson Social Studies Donald Wayne [ohnston Marion Social Studies Leonard Thompson Keever Lincolnton Elementary Education |oHN Bernard Kelly Bellmawr, i . J. Social Sttidies Collegiate Civic Club; Religious Council; Pi CJamma .Mu, 1st Vice-President; Newman Club; Alpha Chi. Margaret Ann Kendall Greensboro Elementary Educatimt Yarsouvianna I; Women ' s Athletic .Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. 4; Vernician Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4; House Council 1; Assembly Com- mittee 1; Women ' s Glee Club 4; National Education Asso- ciation 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 4. Joe Thomas Key Roaring River Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball I, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3. AL RGARET LoMAx KiRSTEiN Ashevillc Elementary Educatimt Transfer from Lincoln Memorial LIniversity. V Page Fifty-three SENIORS Jakup R. Koonts Lexington Business Education Future Business Leaders of America. Hazel Ardell Lail Marion Elementary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Greater Council 2, 3. 4; Extension Chairman 4; Executive Council 4; Choil 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Women ' s Association 2. Ann Thomas Lambert Raleigh Social Studies and Physical Education Flvins Fish 1, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi; Modem Dance Club 1; House Council 1; Women ' s " A " Club. Linda Lou Lambert Jefferson Grammar Grade Education Student National Education Association; House Council. Thomas Michael Lassiter Burlington Physical Education and Social Studies Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Co-Captain of Wrestling Team and Carolinas AAU Champ. Patricia Anne Laws Lenoir Elementary Educatimi Peggy Joan Leazer Salisbury Elementary Education Lutheran Student Association; Association of Childhood Education. Ted Roland Ledford Spruce Pine Social Studies and English Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, President 4; Junior Marshal 3. Jack H. Linker Charlotte Physica l Education and Social Studies Soccer. Judith Elaine Long Candler Mathematics Mathematics Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation I. I viK ' ' «r Page Fifty-four Nancy Mona Love Richfield ElementaTy Education Wesley Foundation 1; Association for Childhood Education 2, 3; Appaluchimi Staff 2, 3. Mitchell Ann Lynn Kings Mountain Primary Education Baptist Student Union; Association for Childhood Education; Junior Mar- shal; Junior Counselor. WiLMA Inez Ly ' tle Marion Elementary Education Appalachian Staff 2; Association of Childhood Education 3; Vemician Society 3, 4, Orrin Curtis Mahaffey Salisbury Mathematics Clara Estelle Malcolm Troutman Mathematics Luther Eugene Marlar Fountain Inn, S. C. Science Carol Ruth Martin Concord English and Social Studies Appalachian Staff 1, 2, J, 4; Varsouvianna 1, 2; Cheerleader 3; Canter- bury Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Brenda Gail Mason Kannapolis Social Studies Nancy Jones Mathis North Wilkesboro Grammar Grade Education Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, President 4: Chi Lambda Chi 4; Religious Council 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 3, 4; Band 1, 4; Junior Marshal, Summer School; Pi Gamma Mu 4. Billy Edward Mauldin Concord Elementary Education Student Council 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, President 4, Legislative, Judicial, Execu- tive Branches 2, 3, 4; NSSGA 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, Chief 3; Cheerleaders Club 3, President 3; Baptist Student Union, Officer 1, 2; Dorm Council; Dormitory Counselor; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; School Council 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4; Varsouvianna Dance Club 1; Rhododenbron Staff 4; Editorial Committee for Student Handbook 4; Dean ' s List 1, 3; Representative to Raleigh for Conunittee for Better North Carolina; Chair- man of Freshman Elections 2, Co-Chairman 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3. 4; Collegiate Civics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; Mr. Appalachian. Page Fifty-five k h ■ SENIORS Edward Dean May Lansing Socinl Studies Football Manager 2, 3, 4: Collegiate Civits Club 4. Ida Isabell Barnett Maynard Paint Rock Grammar Grade Ediicntioii Transfer from Warren Wilson Junior CoUeRe: ' arsou ianna 3, Women ' s Glee Club 3. Darryl Wilson Moffett Rhodhiss Social Studies Student National Education Association; Young Democrats Club. Intrai nural Sports; William W. Mlieller St. Louis, Mo. Physical Education and Social Studies Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club. Nellie Jane Murray Bostic Elementary Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. Carolyn Marie Murray ' Raleigh Physical Education " Yosefine, " I, 2, 3; Miss Appalachian; Vemician Societv 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Women ' s " . " Club 4; Modem Dance 3, 4. President 4; Honor System Committee 3; Freshman Assembly Committee, May Day Dance Committee 3, 4; Var- souvianna I; P.E. Club 2; Co-Ed Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Dance Chairman 4. Concord George Brittain McClellan Social Studies Miriam Elizabeth McConnell Ellenboro Grammar Grade Education Douglas L. McCravv Business Education Collegiate Civic Club, Secretary; Vi Marion Club. Ruth C. McClilloch Burlington English and Mathematics Appcilnchian Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship I, 2, 3. 4. Thomas Dennis McClirry Burns illc Science William Frank McDaniel Elementary Education Henrietta Ierry Thomas McFall Hot Springs Social Studies Transfer from Warren Wilson Junior College. Mary Jane McFarland Forest City Business Education Young Women ' s Christian Association 3, 4, Reporter 4; Bap- tist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory House Council 1, 4; Pi Omega Pi 4; Junior Marshal, Summer 1961. Patricia Ann McGee Huntersville Physical Education and Socinl Studies Page Fifty-six Glenda Brim McIver Salisbury Social Studies and English House Council 2, 3; Vemician Society 4. Sylvia Gail McLean Lexington English Rhododendron Staff 1, 2, 3. 4; Appalachian Staff 3: College Chorus 1. Larry Thomas Nance Asheboro Physical Education Class President 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Dormitory President 1; Academic Scholarship 2, 3, 4; Basketball Team 1, 2; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Studmti in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4. Isabella Newton Wagram Science V.W.C.A. 2. 3, Officer 2: I.R.C. 1. 2, 3. Officer 3; W.A.A. 1; West- minster Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1. 2, 3. 4; Religious Council 1, 2, 3; Tri Beta 3, 4, Officer 4. District Officer 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3. 4; Chemistr - Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Student Council 3, 4, Officer 4; Junior Counselor; Library Assistant 2. 3; Assistant in Biology Department 3, 4; Academic Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4; Top Five of Class 1, 2. 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Marshal; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Joyce Ann Newton Charlotte Elementary Education Transfer; B.S.U. |oHN Fred Norman, Jr Mt. Airy Science Shelia Dale Norton Spruce Pine English and Social Studies Pi Gamma iMu; Student NEA; Alpha Chi. Harold Getting St. Charles, Mo. Physical Education and Social Studies Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4, Captain 3, 4; NEA 4; Intiamurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Alen ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4. CIertrude Potter Orr Boone Primary Education Earl Samliel Owens Crainerton Elementary Education Collegiate Civic Club 3, 4; NEA 4; ACE 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Page Fifty-seven SENIORS ■ ■ ■ f HK " ? Rl |oAN Gail Patterson Dcntdn ' " " -A JPI Jf l Tl ■ ' ' ■ ' ' H Social Studies ' ' ■■ f m » - " )rK - ' B Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. 4; House Council 1. 4 fl l TiiELMA Fisher Patterson China Gro ' e KBP r K j H BP Elementary Education mH ¥i B H- ' H » WAA; Rhododendron Staff; NEA; ACE. Priscilla Ann Patton Morganton Primary Education Mitchell Junior CoUege I, 2; NEA 3, 4; ACE i. Sheila Gilley Perry Boone Grammar Grade Education Chorale 2, 4. Carolyn Frances Pickett Winston-Salem Elementary Ediication NEA 1; Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Earl D. Paisley Lansing ■». President 4; chi Lambda chi 4. Mathematics and Science Intramural BasketbaU and Volleyball; Math Club; YMCA, Secretary; NaNCY PiNNIX State Road Religious Council; Young Democrats Club. English Brevard CoUege; NEA; Appalachian Staff. Bobby Leonard Parrish St. Pauls Social Studies Margaret Alice Pitman Spruce Pine Westminster Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 4. Economics Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4; Executive Council 3; Baptist Student William Ray Parrish Draper V° °° choir 2, 3; Home Economics Club l, 2, 3, 4; National Education - . t Association 3, 4; oung Women s Christian Association 2, 3; Junior Science Counselor 3. Page Fifty-eight Selenah Ann Pons Valdese English and Social Studies House Council 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Vice-President 3, 4; National Education Association 4. Dave Rawson Porter Greensboro Business Education Debating Team; Pi Kappa Delta; Playcraflers; Intramurals. Ralph Robertson Powell, Jr. Concord Science and Physical Education Intramurals; Collegiate Civic Club; Senior Class Treasurer. Nancy Steelman Powlas Boon ille Primary Edtication Baptist Student Union 1; Flying Fish 2; Women ' s Athletic Association I, 2; May Court 3; Christmas Queen 3; Class Superlative— Alost Attractive. Kenneth Lanier Propst Conover English and Social Studies Transferred from Lenoir Rhyne; Tennis; Men ' s " A " Club. LoRis Darlene Randolph Green Mountain Primary Education Association of Childhood Education. Shirley Jean Redwine Shallotte Primary Education Julia Ann Reece Boonville Elementary Education Yates Wayne Reep Lincolnton Elementary Education [immy Michael Reeves Mt. Airy Business Education Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, President 3; Chi Lambtia Chi 2. V ' eterans Club 1; Junior Marshal 3; Collegiate Civic Cluli 3. James Dowell Ricker Paint Rock Social Studies Transferred from Warren W ' ilson Junior College. Archie Lynn Ritchie Concord Mathematics Jerry Alexander Ritchie China Gro c Business Education r; Phi Beta Lambda; Soccer; Eva Sue Robinson Ashevillc Elementary Education Norma Joy Rogers Gastonia Mathematics and Social Studies National Education Association; Math Club; Baptist Student Page Fifty-nine Edna Ray Rose Reidsville Elementary Education and Social Studies Associaticm of Childhood Education 3; National Education Association i, 4. Ben Franklin Saine Cherryvillc Busiuess Education Larry Lowell Sale Cycle Grammar Grade Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Junior Marshal 3: ■ ■ of Childhood Education 1, 2, 3, 4; AppaUchimi Staff 1. 2. SENIORS James Lee Sands Lawsonville Physical Education and Social Studies Intramural Football; Library Assistant; Avpalachiiiit Staff. Darrell Brittian Saunders Candor Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball 2. 3; Soccer 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3. 4; AvpnUichimi Staff 3, 4; Yosef; President of Justice Hall 4. Margaret Barbara Savelle Charlotte Elementary Edjication House Council 1; Junior Counselor 3; Public Program Committee 3, 4; National Education Association 1, 2. Officer 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, Officer 3; Religious Council 3; Westminster Fellowship I, Officer 2, 3, 4; Plavcrafters I. 2, Officer 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi, Vice- President 4; Who ' s Who Anwug Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. William L. Sechrest Kernersville Physical Education and Mathematics Alma Ann Secrest Monroe Business Education Women ' s Athletic Association; Girls ' Chorus. Patrick Alan Secrest Monroe Elementary Education Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3. Clenn Chatman Sellers Kings Mountain Mathematics and Science Math Club 2, 3, President 4; Baptist Student Union I, 3; . thletic Chairman 4; Intramural Softball 1, 2; Intramural Basl etball 2, 3; Collegiate Civic Club 4. i Page Sixty William Loyd Settlemyre Valdese MatheDiatics and Chemistry Chtss Club. ice President; Young Democrats Club, Treasurer; Repre- sentative to N. C. State Student Legislature; Soccer; Track; Math Club; Chemistry Club; Veterans Club; Neuman Club; Chorus. Leonard Severt West Jefferson Physical Education and Social Studies Transferred from Lees McRae Junior College; Intramurals. Phillip L. Sexton Sparta Mathematics and Chemistry Transferred from North Carolina S tate; Math Club; Chemistry Club; Science Club, Secretar) ' . Rebecca Faggert Shaw Rockwell Mathematics and Science Lutheran Student .Association 1, 2; Vernician Society 1. 2, 3; Summer School Marshal i: Alpha Chi. James Kenneth Shelton Danville, Va. Physical Education and Social Studies Football 3; Wrestling 1. 2, 3, 4; Soccer 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Intramurals I. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Wrestling Director 2, 3. 4; Appatachian Staff, Sports Editor 4; Official of NCOA 4; Newland Hall Choii 2, 3; Collegiate Quartet, " The Exits " 3, 4. Lawrence F. Shepherd Winston-Salem Mathematics and Physical Education Yvonne Olivia Sherer Belmont Business Education and Social Studies Future Business Leaders of America Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Modem Dance Club I, 2, 3. 4. Secretary and Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Freshman Assembly Committee; . ' cademic Scholarship 2, 3, 4; Library .Assistant 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; .Appalettes 1. Gary Thomas Sherrill Statesville Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Erskine College; National Education Association; Intra- murals. Ronnie Scott Shoemaker North Wilkesboro Business Education and Social Studies Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Phi Beta Lambda 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 4; Class Superlative-Most Handsome. Jean Foster Shumaker Millers Creek Primary Education Modern Dance; Junior Marshal-Summer School. W Page Sixty-one SENIORS Audrey iMae Sidden Traphill Library Science Library Science Club, Vice-President 4. Maurice Smart Forest City Social Stiidies Cullegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Student Council 2; Gol£ Team 1. Audrey Jean Smith Lexington Primary Education House Council 1; Junior Counselor 3. David N. Smith Kings Mountain Business Education and Social Studies Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4, President 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, President 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. 3; Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Librarj- Assistant 2. 3, 4; Justice Hall Dormitory Council 3. 4; Junior Marshal; Who ' s Who Ammig Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; Student Homecoming Co-Ordinator 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4; Alpha Chi 4. Frank Raymond Smith Hialeah, Fla. Business Edttcation Student Council; Men ' s " A " Club, Sergeant-at-Arms; Co- Captain Football; Pi Omega Pi: Future Business Leaders of America; Intramurals in Basketball and Wrestling; Collegiate Civic Club, All-American Honorable Mention, All Conference, All District, -AH Conference Football; Academic Scholarship; U ' io ' s Who Among Students in Americiitj Colleges and Uni- versities; Class Superlative-Most Athletic. Helen Bolena Smith Elk Park Elementary Education Lees McRae 1, 2; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Baptist Student Union CouncU 4. Janice Gayle Smith Morganton Elementary Education Modern Dance Club 3; Rhoix deni ron Staff 4; Flouse Coun- cil 4. Omar Grey Smith Mayodan Elementary Education Intramurals 2, 3. J LINE Franklin Sofley Elkin Grammar Grade Education Shelby Austin Donald Spangler Business Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb College; Intramurals 3, 4. Melba Jean Squires Leaksville English House Council. Charles Bell Stanley Hillsboro Physical Education and Social Stttdies Student Council 1, 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3, 4, Chap- lain 2, 3; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3. 4, President 3, 4; ' ice-President North Carolina Methodist Student Movement 3; Religious Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Counselor 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Un Jerry A. Starnes Asheville English Class Superlative— Most Versatile; Wesley Foundation, Officer 3 years; College Choir, Vice-President; Representative to Re- ligious Council, ' ice-President; Collegiate Civic Club, His- torian; Flying Fish. Appalachian Staff; Student Council, Treas- urer; Representative to NSSGA; Dormitory House Council; Assistant Dormitory Manager; Intramurals; Freshman Assem- bly Committee; Honor Roll; Libran ' Assistant; Methodist Church Choir; Honor Svstera Committee; College Scouter Reserve (BS.A); Student Committee for a Better North Caro- lina; Chief Junior Alarshal; Inter-Dormitory Council Commit- tee; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Lhiii ' ersities. Nancy Lee Starr Raleigh Physical Education and Science Women ' s Athletic Association 2, 3; Women ' s Intramurals 4. James T. Steele Dobson Science al Society; Page Sixty-two Sara Jacquelyn Steele Winston-Salem Primary Education ' emician Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Rhododendron Staff 2; Canterbury Club 3, 4. Frances Yvonne Stepp Hendersonville Home Econoinics Science Club; Home Economics Club. Mary Ruth Stewart Catawba Elementary Education and Social Studies Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union Choir 1, 2. 3, 4; Executive Council 3; Student National Education Association 2; Association of Childhood Education 3, 4; Librar ' Science Club 2; Inter- national Relations Club 4. Frances Leona Stokes Winston-Salem Primary Education Band; Chorale. Nancy Armes Stokes Charlotte Hmne Economics Westminster Fellowship I, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4, Officer 4. Anne Marie Stultz Draper Social Studies Vernician Society 1. 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Vice-President 4; Chi Lamlxla Chi 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Rhoixjdendron Staff 2. Thomas Earl Sturgill Linville Physical Education and Social Studies Lees McRae Junior College 1, 2; Golf Team 3, 4; Intramural Basketball, N ' olleyball and Football 3, 4. Douglas Eugene Styles Franklin Mathematics and Physical Education Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Counselor 2, 3, 4; College Quartet " The Exits " 3, 4; Newland Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Barbara Ann Sullivan Hudson Home Economics Home Economics Club; National Education Association; Rhododendron Staff; Y ' oung Women ' s Association; Baptist Student Union. Samuel Mason Sy ' kes Efland Physical Education and Social Studies Soccer Team 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. n.. y% w ' sa • m Page Sixty-three S E N O R S Beverly Anne Taylor Charlotte Music Education Transfer from Wingate College I, 2; Baptist Student Union 3, 4, Execu- tive Council 4; College Choir 3; College Chorale 4; Playcrafters 3, 4. Carol Ann Taylor Kannapolis Elementary Education Playcrafters 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Baptist Student Union 4. Dean Matthew Taylor Newland French liiDiTH Rogers Taylor Hudson Science and Social Studies Baptist Student Union; Young Women ' s Association, Executive Committee 1, 3, 4; May Day Committee 2; Women ' s Glee Club 2; College Choir 3, 4; House Council 4; Fire Captain 1; Homecoming Committee 4; Intramurals 1. Janie Lea Teague Granite Falls Elementary Education Homer Walter Tennant Crossnore Science and Social Studies Science Club. June Carol Tharpe Rhonda Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Dormitory President 3; Women ' s " A " Club 3, 4, President 4; Vemician Society 4. Jackie Maurice Thomas Monroe English and Social Studies Wingate Junior C ' oUege 1; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3. Olivia Carolyn Tippett Greensboro Business Education Women ' s Athletic Association; Future Business Leaders of America. Frankie Carr Tomberlin Matthews Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s -Athletic Association; Vemician Society; National Education .Association. Page Sixty four Beverly Toms Forest City Elementary Education House President 3. BiLLiE Marie Triplett Lenoir Eletnentary Education National Education Association I; Association of Childhood Education i, 4, Publicitj- Chairman 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4. Boyd Clark Trivett Elk Park Mathematics and Science ' ice Ptesident of Appalachian Chemical Society; ' ice-Piesident of Westminster Fellowship, Amelia Rachel Tuttle Lenoir Elementary Education National Education Association; Junior Marshal. Sherry Jeanelle Tuttle West End Elementary Education College Band; Association of Childhood Education; National Education Association; Junior Counselor. Kate Tyson Waxhaw Science and Social Studies Nellie Mae U ' Ren Gastonia Mathematics, Business Education and Social Studies Sacred Heart Junior College 1. 2; Math Club 3, 4; Vatsou; vianna 4; Student National Education .Association 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 4; Rhododendhon Staff 3; ' oung Democrats Club 4. Joseph Keith Van Dyke Boone Social Studies Brenda Faye VonCannon shcboro Mathematics and English Student Council 2. 3. 4, Reporter 2. Historian 3; Math Club 1. 2: Appalachian Staff 4; Alpha Chi; Junior Marshal; Ver- nician Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholastic Honor Day 1, 2; French Club 4; National Education .Association 1; Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities 4. Hhoda Beatrice Ward Rt)ck cll English and Social Studies Appalachian Staff 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4. Joseph Richard Warwick, Jr. Laurinburt; Physical Education and Social Studies Soccer; Swimming. James W. Watlington Yanceyville Social Studies Dickie Lee Welborn Wilkesboro Science and Physical Education Collegiate Civic Club; Science Club; Intramural Sports. Elizabeth Kearns Welborn Denton Primary Education mm John Steven Welch Social Studii La nsing Page Sixty-five SENIORS Jerrv Lee West Boone Science Ti-i Beta 3, 4. President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Junior Marshal; Parade Marshal; Who ' s Who Ammig Stmh-nts in American Colleges and Universities, Jane Westbrook Edgemoor, S. C. Business Education Future Business Leaders of America; National Education Asso- ciation; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Glee Club. Joan Carol Whisnant Salisbury Elementary Education and Social Studies Class Secretary 2, 3; Junior Marshal 3; Junior Counselor 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Vernician Society 3. 4. Glenn Jackson White Woodleaf Business Education Soccer. Joyce Ann Whitley Stanfield Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 1; National Education -Association 4. Ronald Whittaker Boone Physical Educatioti and Social Studies Football 1; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Assistant 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3; Sports Editor Appalachian Alvis Monroe Whitted, Jr. Charleston, S. C. Social Studies Norma Gay ' Whitlow Lexington Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Cathryn Elaine Wire Charlotte Primary Education Rhodode.n ' dbo.n Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education 2; National Education .Yssociation 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; House Council 1. James Wesley Willard Winston-Salem Science Band 1; Westminster Fellowship 1. .Andrea Ruth Williams Primarv Education Gastonia of Childhood Education 2, 3, 4, Project Chairman 3, Secretary 4; National Education Association 4; ' omen ' s C.lce Club; English Assistant; .Alpha Chi; Pi Gamma .Mu. Robert Louis Williams Drexcl Music Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Band 1, 2. 3, President 2, 3; Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3; Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Class Superlative-Most Likely to Succeed; Who ' s Who Among Students ii Colleges and llniversities 3, 4. Martha Emma Willis Trov Primary Education Glenn Graham Wilson Marion Physical Education and Social St udies Football; Men ' s " A " Club. Linda Young Wilson Salisbury Elementary Educatioi Page Sixty-six Robert Earl Withrow Ellenboro S ocial Studies and English Young Democrats Club 1, 2, Vice-President I. President 2; Student Council 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, Executive Council 1, 2; Junior Marshal; Chi Lambda Chi 2. Brenda Dare Wood Thomasville English House Council 1, Vice-President 1; Cercle Francais 4; National Educa- tion Association 4. Samuel Reeves Wooten East Bend Social Studies Donald Theleert Wright Charlotte Physical Education and Social Studies Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhododexdrox Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; tipalachian 1, 2; Lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Judith Anne Wright Charlotte Primary Education Martha Lane Wright Asheboro Business Education and Social Studies Women ' s Glee Club 2; Librar ' Science Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretar - 3; Vice-President of North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America; junior Counselor 3. Sarah B. Wyant Vale Mathematics Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretar ' 3. Earl William York Elementary Education Veterans Club 1, 2. Harmonv Randy Sue Yn Chunju Chunpuk, Korea Chemistry and Mathematics Linda Jean Harwood Asheville Music Music Educators of North Carolina 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2 3, 4; Chorale 3; Band 3; Orchestra 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Gills ' Glee Club 1, 2; Accompanist 1, 2. Pitsa Maheras Gastonia Science Appalachian Chemical Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Math Club 1; Junior Counselor 3: Alpha Lambda Sigma 3, 4; Appalachian 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4. Brenda Carolyn Penley Gastonia English and Chemistry Appalachian Chemical Societ - 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Aloha Lambda Sigma 3. 4, President 3. 4; Assistant in English Department: Dormitor ' Presic ' ent 3; Junior Marshal 3; AppaUchiaii 3, 4, Assistant Editor 4; Alpha Chi 4. Secretar ' 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Honor Teaching 4. Ramelle Rea Matthews French ' emician Society; French Club. JUNIOR OFFICERS Jim Hayes President Bob York Vice-President Gerri Medlin Secretary Crystal Williams Treasurer J U N Adams, Rebecca Charlene Yadkinville Alexander, Robert Linwood Wilkesboro Allen, Sandra Lee Charlotte Andrews, Gail Anneal Lenoir Anthony, Betty Jean Vale Arrowood, Tillie Elizabeth Kings Mountain Atkins, Shirley Ann Black Mountain Bailey, Betty Reidsville Bailey, James W. Warrenton, Virginia Barbee, Joseph Fields Maysville Barber, Arthur Glenn Salisbury Barber, Nancy Elizabeth Charlotte O R S Barker, Kent Wayne Roaring River Barlow, Boyd Alan Boone Barr, Nancy Reeves West JeFferson Beam, Henry Bryan, Jr Cherryville Beane, Jerry W. Granite Falls Beard, Kenneth Lawrence Lenoir Benton, Brenda Sue Concord Billings, Eva Sue Traphill Billings, Larry Dean North Wilkesboro Bishop, Jim Thomas Roanoke, Virginia Bishop, William Lynn Taylors. South Carolina Blackburn, Brenda F Todd I Ai kM H- p-- , frs ' Vage Sixtj-ttiiie S M i diM L ? " . ' )f kd XMi tt k " • • r . d,mJfk£i £im k lK M Blackwelder, Marilyn Dianne Concord Blackwell, Patricia Marie Ashe ' ille Blake, Margaret Phyllis Troy Blalock, Robert A. Norwood Bledsoe, Ronda Duane Fleetwood Blevins, Carolyn North Wilkesboro Bollinger, Clay ' B. Granite Falls Bowman, Barbara Jo Marion Bowman, Patsy Anne Greensboro BoY ' TE, James Monroe Carthage BoYTE, Ruth West Jefferson Brady, Martha Ellen Greensboro Branch, Lynne Douglas Morganton Brittain, Margaret Gail Morganton Brookes, Stanley Charles Hillside, New Jersey Brown, Benjamen Boone Brown, Bobby W ' ilmer Elkin Brown, jack David Fresno, Ohio Brown, John Brice, Jr. Landis Brown, Leslie Morris Marion Brown, Robert Stanley Charlotte Bulla, Phyllis Asheboro BuiMGARNER, FiNNIE ElLEN Taylorsville BuNN, Sarah A. Charlotte Page Seventy J U N Burgess, Rebecca Pugh West Jefferson BuRGiN, Patricia Faye West Asheville Burleson, Miriam Billings Boone Bush, Stergil Jerome States alle Busic, Katy Leigh Piney Creek B-iTiD, Charles R Asheboro Byrd, Ruby Ann Elkin Cagle, Michael HA-i vooD Landis Calloway, Mabel Ruth Wilbar Campbell, Billy Joe Gastonia Campbell, Charles Charlotte Caraway, Boardman H Miami Springs, Florida O R S Carpenter, C arolyn Edward Cherryville Carpenter, Elizabeth Ann Dallas Carpenter, Judy Gastonia Carpenter, Wilma Mildred Marion Carson, Sylvia Layne Cherryville Chappell, Peggy Diane Jonesville Childress, E. Franklin Winston-Salem Christenbury ' , James Long Island Christy, Willard Duval Kannapolis Church, Albert Mickey North Wilkesboro Church, Lizzie Mae , , North Wilkesboro Clark, Juanita Phyllis Crossnore o Page Seventy-one T fe g r 1 t © t - i T i P Click, Orion Michael, Jr. Woodleaf Clifton, Charles McKaye Martins ' ille, Virginia Cockram, Joseph Melvin Meadows of Dan, Virginia CoE, Virginia Ann Dobson Coggins, Nanci Carole New London Cole, Marjorie Ann Ruthertordton CoLLis, Bliss Virginia Chase City, Virginia Coram, Helen Winanne Boon ' ille Cornette, Arvill Gwyn West Jefferson Cornwell, Mary Tamara Kings Mountain Coward, Jline Ridge Liberty Cox, Nancy Nell Sparta CozoRT, Bennie Ervin Morganton Craig, Dennis F. Granite Falls Craig, Glenda Ann Gastonia Craig, Mary Alice Nebo Crawford, Victor E. Shelby Creasy, Wilma Eileen Pilot Mountain Crissman, Betty Lou Siloam Crowson, William States ille Current, Pansy Elizabeth Olin Daly, Robert Patrick Con ent, New Jersey Daligherty, Karen Grayson Daves, Martha Carol Shelbv Page Seventy-tu ' o J U N Davis, Franklin Eugene Pinnacle Davis, Wayne Mitchell Boone Davis, Wilma Love New Bern Deal, Loretta Jean China Grove Deal, Nancy Carolyn China Grove Dellinger, Paul M Newton Diggs, Herbert Clinton, |r. Rockingham Diggs, Priscilla Ba xley Rockingham Dodson, Philip Oran Hillsboro Doster, Ronnie Sanford Charlotte DouB, Barbara Ann Winston-Salem Douglas, Jane Charlotte O R S Duff, Virc;inia Barbara Ormond Beach, Florida Duke, Philip William Leaksville Dunn, Margaret Louise Ferguson DuvALL, Dawn Grassy Creek Dwiggins, Frances Parker Newton Easter, Mary Lynne Trinity EcKARD, Anna Rebecca Connelly Springs Edmiston, Phyllis Warren Morrisville Edwards, James Robert Jackson ille, Florida Edwards, Patricia Ann Columbus Edwards, William Ray Lexington Eldreth, Fern Ellen Lansing Page Scvcuty-three ElLEDGE, RuEY CiAIL Ferguson Eller, L. Loretta Purlear Eller, Nora Christine Purlear Eller, Patsy Sue Salisbury Eller, Reggie Hayden North Wilkesboro Ellington, Patricia Dian Cherryville Elmore, Martha Kaye Henrietta Elrod, Joseph H. Boone Ely, Carolyn Miller Spruce Pine Ensley, Richard Jones ille Ervin, Martha Ann Newton Ervin, Tony O. Kannapolis Erwin, Martha McDowell Hickory Evans, Edith Joanne Sparta Evans, Edna Mae Mocksville Fannon, Ron Thomas Beech Creek Farrington, Rose Ellen Creston Farris, Richard Stanley Bostic Felts, Peggy Ann North Wilkesboro Fleming, Sandra Maxine Statesviile Flippen, Harold Lee Mount Airy Flvnt, Hauser Crews, |r. W ' inston-Salem Foil, Floyd Edward Kannapolis Forbes, Barbara Jane Gaston ia Page Seventy-four u N O R Fort, Dorothy Lou Winston-Salem Fowler, Archie Dean Rock Hill, S. C. Fowler, Betty Leonard Thomasville Fowler, Dlanne Lowry GaFfney, S. C. Fowler, Edward Bruce Winston-Salem Fox, Shirley Maxine JeFferson Franks, June Anne Greensboro FuLP, Kay Evelyn Walkertown Gadd, Lucy W vring Charlotte Gajmrill, Vernon George Flays Gentry, Elizabeth Rebekah Elkin Gillespie, Freda Jojwan Brevard Gilreath, James Lawrence Taylorsville Glasgow, William Robert Longhurst Godfrey, Donna M Charlotte Goodman, Leonard Bradley Taylorsville Gordon, Charles Baxter, III Monroe Gordon, Katy R RutherFordton Grady, Frances Maxine Morganton Grabber, James Louis Concord Gragg, Fred Daniel Boone Graham, Sara Louise Mount Ulla Grant, Eunice Irene Turnersburg Greene, Betty Rene Lewisville C% Cl Page Seventy-five Greene, Clara Lee Dobson Greene, Hannah Rebecca Deep Gap Greene, James Boone Greene, Jane E. Boone Greer, Callie Vilas Greer, Richard Mack Boone Grigg, Iake Franklin Mars " Hill Grigg, Sandra Elizabeth Shelby Grogan, Judith Lynn Charlotte Gliv, Stephen Lee Maiden GWALTNEY, lOHN MaLIRICE Taylorsville Hager, Nancy Elene Statesville 1 IalliMan, Earl Edward Bessemer City Haimrick, Richard Shelby Hardin, Carol Ann West Jefferson I Iardy, Loretta Raleigh Hargette, Patricia Deviolet Wingate flARiMON, Steven Earle Bessemer City 1 Iarrill, Thomas Stearn Newton Harris, Linda Marie Stanley Harrold, Bill Hays I Iart, Charlotte Kay ' Statesyille Hartsell, Patricia Elaine Concord Hartzog. Anna Bell Deep Gap Page Sex ' cnly-six 5s, wr ' r r r. l i kilk F2 S 1 n A r tfrJ J u N Harwell, Margaret Elizabeth VVilkesboro Hatley, Clyde James McAdenville Haves, Foster Lee Mount Airv Hayes, Lois T. Boone Haynes, Mary Gale Barnardsville Hefner, Judy Alice Catawba Henderson, NL rv Ruth Forest City Hendricks, Margaret Anne Mocksville Hester, Jessie Frances Roxboro Hicks, Marie L. Boone Hill, Donald Hamilton Mooresville Hill, Peggy Ann Ruthcrfordton O R S Hodges, James Tommy Yanceyville Hoffman, Dorothy Jean Thomasville Hogsed, Judith Ann Gastonia Holland, Mary Joyce Marion Holmes, Lois Ann Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Hopkins, Peggy Jeane Marion Houck, Mary Rhenda Oakboro Howell, Audrey V. Wadesboro FlowELL, Kenneth Dean Taylors, S. C. Howell, Larry Dean Burnsville HowERTON, Patricia Ann Greensboro Hudson, |oy Christine Kings Mountain Page Seventy-seven tk Huffman, Jewel Elizabeth M ickory Hlighes, Barbara Jean Bakersville Huss, Joyce Kay Vale Huss, Sarah Mae Iron Station Inman, Phyllis Ann Canton IvESTER, Nancy Jo Albemarle Jenkins, Brenda Joyce Stony Point Johnson, Ben Franklin, Jr. Lexington Johnson, Linda Kay Statesville Jolly, Nancy Ialeen Elkin Jolly, P. Kathryn Thomasvilie Joyce, Brenda Ann Mavodan Joyner, Carolyn Jean Concord Keever, NL ry Allen Statesville Keller, Janet Elizabeth Lenoir Kelly, Charles S. Statesville Kendall, Sandra Lee Greensboro Kepley, Amy Louise Lexington KiLLiAN, Elizabeth Ann Newton KiNCAiD, Larry Lee Fleetwood KiRKPATRICK, AL RY GaIL VV ' aynesville KozuB, Charlotte Antonie Luthevvs Kurtz, Lydia Jefferson Lackey, Brenda Valeria Fallston Page Seventy-eight J U N Lakey, Fbedrick Harx ' ey Boonville Landon, Georgia Ann Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Langston, Kay Frances States dlle Lanier, Judy Yvonne Dodson Lawrence, Juanita Sue Sugar Grove Leatherwood, Barbara Joyce ' aynes ' i]le Lee, Baekon Wilson Lincolnton Lee, Betsey Hope Shelby Lentz, Paul O Concord Lester, John Hilton Raeford Letterman, Mary Ann Green Mountain Lewis, Margaret Lorraine Salisbury O R S Lewis, Martha Jean Red Springs Lingle, James Council Conover Logan, Carolyn Mooresboro London, Sarah Rosetta Lawndale Long, Connie Deane LInion Mills Long, Edward Gary ' Jonesville Love, Martha Elaine Concord Lowery, Cheryl Cleveland Lowman, Jean Ruby Rutherford College Lowt ance, Mary Miller Mooresville LoYT), Martha Susan Statesville Lytton, Sarah Anne Long Island P € © P © ii4 i V 1 ftk tfB J mA Page Seventy-nine iTiMr ask ik. d A Sk Fagu Eighty Marcotte, Joan Agnes Fairless Hills, Pa. Martin, johnsie Ann Elkin Massey, Phyllis Kay Statesville Matthews, Fave J. Matthews Mayes, Martha Lucille Statesville Maynard, Howard Allen, Jr. Matthews Meadows, James Loftin Mooresville Medlin, Nancy Geraldine Monroe Melton, Loretta Elaine Cooleemee Metzger, Gail S. Cycle Miles, Minnie Sue Sparta Miller, Shirley Marie Bo()n ille Millsaps, Anne Faye Boone Mitchell, Wanda Lee Elkin Mock, Lynda Lee Pfafftown Moore, Charlotte Elizabeth Hot Springs Moore, Emily Ann Charlotte Morgan, Barbara Anne Candler Morgan, Carolyn Elaine Candler MoRiN, Theresa A. Dracut, Mass. Morris, Emma Iean Sanford Morris, Janice Carolyn Albemarle Morris, Linda Mae Troy Morrison, Loretta Ann Pinnacle x f p?t 1p ' iLltfT iTii ?5 © P J U N MosER, Greta Ann Mt. Airy MoTON, Joyce Dean Dallas Murphy, Frederica Dee Mocksville Murray, Phillip Troy Catawba McCarn, Robert Stanley Mt. Pleasant McCartney, Thomas C Boone McCreary, Gene Raymond Mooresville McCuLLOUGH, Nancy Jo Cliffside McEntire, Martha Faye Valdese McKiBBiN, Edith B. Boone McKinney, Linda Carolyn Bakersville McKiNNEY, Roger Wayne Bakers ille O R S McLamb, Patricia Raye Roseboro McLaltghlin, Linda Charlotte McNew, Bobby Wayne Meadowview, Va. McSwAiN, Anne Catherine Shelby McSwAiN, DoNNis Amelia Shelby Navey, Patricia Anne Shelbv Newton, Marie Ellen Mocksville Norton, Carolyn Jean China Grove Norton, Robert Douglas Salemburg Osborne, Joyce Ann Mouth of Wilson, Va. Owens, Floya Grace St. Pauls Parrish, E. Anne Thomasville Page Eighty-one Payne, Frank Mast, Jr. Boone Peacock, Norma Ann Winston-Salem Pearman, Robert Cariton Summerfield Pendry, Martha Sue I ludson Perkins, Doris Sheila Bakers ' ille Petty, Linda Caroline Shelby Pharr, Glenn Troutman Phelps, Jean C. Winston-Salem Phelps, Nancy Jane Winston-Salem Phillips, Donald Kent Lynchburg, S. C. Phillips, Jesse Clark Trinity Phillips, John Neva, Tenn. Phillips, Peggy Ann Charlotte Phillips, Phyllis Sue Hickory Phipps, John LIoward Statesville Phipps, Ruby Pauline Crumplcr Pierce, Fred Calvin Coolecmee PiTTiLLO, Frances Haynes Hendersonville PoTEAT, T. Karene Marion PovvLAS, Richard Ralph Rockwell I ' nicE, Anita Grey Ellenboro Price, Mildred Mill Spring PucKETT, Carol Hope Concord Putnam, Judith Lorraine Kings Mountain Page Eighty-two J U N Putnam, Rebecca Warlick Lawndale Queen, Virginia Paulette Marion Ragan, George C, Ir. Boone Ragan, John C Boone Ragsdale, Johnnie David, Jr. A ' inston-Salem Ray, Eliza Jane Nevvland Raybon, Michael Thomas Newton Rea, John R Matthews Reavis, Carolyn Louise Troutman Reavis, Loretta Lucille Moravian Falls Reynolds, Roy E. King Rh tme, John Ellenboro O R S Rivers, Georgia Mae Ruby, S. C. Robbins, Barbara Ann Morganton Roberts, Glen Sanford Jonesville Robinson, Emma Rebecca Burnsville Rogers, Eldon S Pilot Mountain Roseman, Joyce Brenda Salisbury Rothrock, John Mark Madison Rush, Marion Greensboro Russell, Jerry Morris Saluda Sanniota, Vittorio Granite Falls Salinders, Patricia Ann Albemarle Schronce, Larry N. Maiden - frr f vf A " ; r? - h i 4 fe Page Eighty-three Si Sk M iV iMih P P c Searcy, Mary Carolyn Marion Sebastian, Donald Gene Spencer Shatterly, Ralph Elton Yanceyville Shaw, Richard China Grove Shoemaker, Marion Louise Newton Shope, T. Cecil Bessemer City Shuler, Alice Faye Winston-Salem Sink, John H. Boone Smith, Edward Gerald Greenville, S. C. Smith joAnne Morganton Smith, Nancy Etta Denton Smitherman, John Denny East Bend Snider, Richard Herman Boone Snyder, S, ndra Charlotte Solomon, Loula Frances Roxboro South, Jimmy Tamarack Stafford, Carole Black Mountain Stamper, Robert William Salisbury Stanley ' , Barbara Ly ' nn Robbins ille Stephens, Martha Spray Stephenson, Walter Terry Wilmington Stewart, Michael Niel Pineola Stewart, Tony M. Greensboro Strickland, Susan Frances I lamlet Page Eighty- four u N O R Styles, Zula Kate Burnsville SuDDERTH, Bruce | Lenoir SuMMERLiN, Brenda Von Lenoir SwAiM, Brenda Kay Cj ' cle Taylor, Clay ' bern | Mount Airy Teagle, Sy ' lvia Ann Monroe Teague, James Stuakt Hickory Templeton, Phil Anthony Boone Thomas, Lonnie Elwood East Bend Tillman, Barbara Ly ' nn Carthage Tinsley, Anne Wayne Reidsville Tomberlin, Cindy Burnsville Tompkins, Ruth F Weaverville Torrence, Lloyd Clifford Charlotte Tucker, Wanda Zee Gantt, Alabama Vaughn, Joyce Elaine High Point Vaughn, Larry ' Neal Kannapolis Von Canon, Fred J. Banner Elk Walker, Kathryn ' HITE Sparta Walkup, Laura Ly nn M ineral Springs Wallace, Betty Lou Mountain Park Walser, Rex Hartley Lexington Walters, Wanda Lynette Huntersville Waters, Reita Annette Henrietta ' " N Ji 4m wtr 1 J M£ i JS Page Eighty-five Watkins, Roy Henry Charlotte Watts, Minnie Sue Taylors ' ille ' augh, Margaret Ann Jefferson Weathersbee, Linda Susan Norwood Weaver, Bennie Carl Sparta Webster, Glenda Phyllis Fairmont White, Angell Morganton White, Linda Kaye Guilford College White, Marsha Gayle High Point Whitesides, Catherine Old Fort WiKE, Jewell Brenda Lenoir Wiley, Samuel Boyce Gastonia Wilkinson, Priscilla Lane Kannapolis Willard, Gilbert Kent High Point A iLLiAMs, Alan R. Boone Willl ms, Barbara Boone Williams. Crystal Johnston Spencer ' ILLIAMs, Marsha Leonard Graham Williams, Mary Evelyn Harrisburg Williams, Malirice C. Homestead, Florida WiLLLAMS, Rebecca Ann Morganton Williams, Sara Helen North Augusta, S. C. Wilson, Jane Shelby ■ Wilson, Peggy Ioyce Danxille, Va. Page EigJjty-suc u N O R VV ' iNECoFF, Linda LaNell Kannapolis Wright, Mary Frances Asheboro Withers, Ronald S. Gastonia Wright, Wilbur Matheny ' Ellenboro Woody, Cora Lee Pisgah Forest Yarbroligh, Fannie Annette . . Winston-Salem ' right, Iacob a. Marion Yates, Linda Sue Harrisburg Wright, Katyna Mae Winston-Salem Yatsko, Joseph Paul Levittown, Pa. York, Robert Paul Mocksville Youngblood, Peggy Cecile Forest Citj ' Zimmerman, Samuel Bayless Wilkesboro A , k . iM 8 -.. £4tf I- — -- SOPHOMORE OFFICERS John Alexander Prei,ide)it Chet a. Hill Vice-President Jean Fuller Secretary Mary Carpenter Treasurer SOPHOMORES Cli f% C r » 4- " . % W ■- % " w ■ ' Adams, Freddy Bryan Elkin a . " " — - F " • " " Albright, Mary Catherine Jfcfc . fejC Y " Aldridge, Bettv Anderson It H lBB IfiH Vl IH RS k Kf ' 1 Alexander, John Robert ..StatesviUe ■■ " « M H HK Alexander, Judy Kay Landis HL . fefe i f ' ' ' ' jdlk «!k Allen, Larry Floyd Shelby r 1 M I 1 «F«| Allran. Richard Graham . . Lincolnton gr- W — . " " ' ' — f Br AUred, Betty Ann Lexington . i - - - r IHr ' . » Robert Gerald . . L « tO M 1 . HH fe B . B ' i A ii HJH ■ H J BIH HBn B HSC A Avery, Marv Louise Morganton . m . , mr . P Badgett, Marilyn Mt. Airy SB J " ! ||| I fjt - " Bailey. Benjamin Pinnix . Walnut Cove W i " W ' t| X ►- S " Bailey, William A Lexington Wfc VC " -■ ' " A. " Baird, Estel Lov Boone jL ' K V k. JLfc i J ' . L Carol Jean Charlotte m9 B ■SBB k H B i H Scott ■ ' HHi J I HBH B HB H l l Baker, Mary Jane Snow Hill mimr - . ■•■V , P " ft M ii ar It T. . r Ball. Gloria Raylene . . . . Thomasville Ballenger, Joan Lucille Upperville, Va. Bandy, Susan Darlington .... Newton Banks, Harlon Thomas Meadows of Dan, ' a. Banner, Darrell Joe Germanton Banner, Reginald Jones ' ille Barbee, Mary Julia Concord Bard, Barbara Evelyn Charlotte Bare, Anne Marie Jefferson Barker. Gary Thomas Statesvillc Barlowe. Sarah Ella Lenoir Barnwell. Carroll Edward ...Fletcher Barrett, Mary Louise . . Holly Springs Baucom, Frances Anne .... Concord Beal, Drusilla Jean Cumnock Beal, Peggy Joy Lincolnton Beam, Brcnda Ann Cherryville Beam, I larry Richard Shelby Beard, Dorothy Ann Charlotte Bea er, Tommy Kale ...China Grove Belk. Joe T Hickory Benfield, Carolyn Ann Lenoir Benfield, Ernest F Lenoir Bentley, Gerald Everette Lenoir Berrier, Clifton Ray, Jr. . .Greensboro Black, Linda Elizabeth Midland Black, Patsy Jo Burnsville Blevins, Mary Ellen Grumpier Boone, Shelby Jean Asheboro Bradford. William Wills Baltimore, Md. Bradley, Glcnda Susan ....Old Fort Brande, Judy C Winston-Salem Braswell, Linda Gail . . . Spruce Pine Brewer, L Tida Ophelia .... Hillsboro BrofjLs, Beverly Dawn Gastonia Brooks, Craig Hamptonville 0 ' E: ' dfi i k to jta i r - m m Page Eight) nine Q: 9 p. O J A ■ fi a f p »ii» iTii MJiiikiiki " 5 •» ' r. k e i ifeCiiiA ' : ik SOPHOMORES Brooks, Ronnie W Candler Brown, Betty Zane Madison Brown, Clara Jane . .Vero Beach, Fla. Bryan, John Harold Boone Br ant, Jerry Fred Cramerton Buchanan, Betty Jean .... Bakersvillc Buchanan, Carol Ann .... Bakersville Buchanan, Etta Louise . . Spruce Pine Bumgarner, John Willard Neho Bumgarner, Virginia Ann Millers Creek Bunch, Bonnie Mae ...New London Burchette, William Jerry Roaring River Burgess, Barbara Anne Ramseur Burke, Kenneth Wayne . . Kannapolis Burleson, Roma Gene ....Albemarle Burnett, John Benjamin, Jr. Clarksville, Va. Burnley, Lynn Boone Burns, Herbert Red Springs Campbell, William John . .Lincolnton Cannon. Jerry Wayne Lenoir Cannon, Paul Michael .... Kannapolis Cansler, Richard Hickor, ' Capps, Barbara Louise Hendersonville Carpenter, Bonn Lvnn ....Salisbury Carroll, ' U ' illiam Clyde Kings Mountain Carson, Constance LeNeil . . States ' ille Carter, Gail Norris Raleigh Caton, Doris Lynne Concord Chambers, Girard, III . .Hampton, Va. Cheek. Jackie Mebane Childress, Carolyn Ann Linwo jd Childress, Richard Allen . . . Newl and Christoph, Marilyn Kathryn Winston-Salem Cloninger, Reba Elaine ....Charlotte Clough, Martha Elizabeth . . . Marion Cockerham, Linda Lou Elkin Coffer, Charles Delaney .... Danbury Coffey, Margaret Inez . .Granite Falls Coffield, Harriett Stew-art Rutherfordton Collins, Mary Elizabeth Elkin Cook, Gordon Michael . . . Kannapolis Cook, Nancy Gaye .... Huntersville Cooke, Brenda Kay Lawndale Coppley, Rebecca Ann .... Lexington Corriher, Everette Feezor . . . .Mt. Ulla Covington, Frances Docket) ' Rockingham Covington, John Larry Pilot Mountain Cox. Bill Dickey Grassy Creek Crabtrce, Larr; ' Wilson . .Chapel Hill Craig, Ramona Lee Lenoir Crisp, Steve Harding Lenoir Crotts, Henderson Hayes .Thomasvillc Crowder, Milton Larr ' Landis Crowgey, Henr ' Gundr ' , III Tavlorsville " age Nincly 19 6 2 Currie, Virginia Laurinburg Curtis, Steve Evans Shelby Dages, Judith Anne Newland Davis, Betty Jean Waynesville Davis, Jean Mnoresville Davis, Lawrence William . . . Concord Davis, Lynda Faye Rockingham Davis, Mary Faye Statesville Davis, Sallie Todd Hickory Daughtry, Ruth Ellen Durham Dawkins, Bessie Madora .Rockingham Deal, David Arrauld .Winston-Salem Deal, TTiomas Connolly . . ' ilkesboro Dean, Winston Joe Monroe Delp, Geneva Ann . .Laurel Springs Dennis, Eleanor Jo Star Denny, Gerald B Grumpier Derrick, Charles L Charlotte Dillon, Donald Pegg, Jr. ...Guilford Dobbins, Douglas Joe Lenoir Dobbins, Emma Gail Charlotte Douthit, Patricia Ann . . Rockingham Dover, John Carlton . . . .Clayton, Ga. Drolette, Joanne Lucille . .Kannapolis Duncan, Claude Edward . . Ellenboro Duncan, Harvey D Timberlake Durham, Grover Dalon Elkin Eckard, Julia Kay Hickory Edmiston, James Allen, Jr. .Statesville Edmundson, Arnold Clifford East Flat Rock Edwards, Branton Bladenboro Edwards, Nancy Rebecca Union Mills Efird, Mary Peggy Ann Concord Eller, Mary Jane Purlear Erwin, Brenda Salisbury Eudy, Dolores Elizabeth . . . .Concord Euliss, Julia Gaylc Liberty Evans, Nancy Lee Waynesville Everidge, Nancy Ann Jonesville Faglie, LaFaye .... Okeechobee, Fla. Faircloth, Lillie Frances . . .Asheboro Fannon, Jack M Beech Creek Farrington, Clarice Elizabeth Granite Quarry Fleming, Donna Marie V ' inston-Salem Flynn, Judith Love Walkertown Foard, Alyce Mae Charlotte Forner, Ronald Stanley Maiden Fowler, Mary Lou Monroe Frady, Helen Kay .... Rutherfordton Francis, Hannah Littlewood .Harmony Freeman, Carolyn R Biscoe Freeman, William Ralph, Jr. Weaverville Frye, Betty Sue Spruce Pine Fuller, Ruby Jean Gastonia JtMJihJ hm Tj bmM - J .1 J s UtM dkii i k i l Page Ninety-one f ( f P ' Q SOPHOMORES Gantt, Charles Steve Boger City Gardner, Lynn Anne Shelby Gibson, Charles Gordon .Danville, Va. Gibson, Eleanor Frances. ... Mt. Airv Gilley, Donna Elizabeth Boone Gilliam, Kathryn Vena Marion Goff, James Edward . V ' ytheville, Va. Gooch, Soundra Hines Durham Goode, James Monroe Hickory Goodman, Thomas Blackburn West Jefferson Goodnight, Sara Rebecca . Taylorsville Gordon, Walter Lynn Monroe Graeber, Linda Elaine . . China Grove Graham, Sandra Lavonne Pilot Mountain Green, Marian Stone Ramseur Greene, Frances R Norwood Greer, Alice Cain Boone Greer, James Don Lexington Grigg, Donald Wayne .... Morganton Grigg, Joan U ' alton Mars Hill Gwaltncy, Richard Lem . .Taylorsville Hagaman, Millard Cecil . . .Zionville Hagler, Philip Wylie Raleigh Haigler, Joanne Rockingham Hampton, Gloria Jean Boone Hand, Laurence Thomas, Jr. Butler, N. J. Hanning, John Cooper Crosslake, Minn. Harkey, Kathleen A Stanfield Harrill, Linda Lee Lincolnton Harrington, Frenda Ann .... Sanford Harris, Carolyn Jolene . . . Forest City Harris, Dorothy Stanley Harris, Frank Burkhead Candor Harrison, Mary Agnes Bethania Hartsell, Patrick Allen Mt. Holly Harvey, Wayne A Yardley, Pa. Harward, Brenda Gail Oakboro Havnaer, Donna C Hickory Hawkins, Mary Lou Kannapolis Hayes, Julia Ann LInion Grove Hedden, William Virgil Lenoir Hedrick, Linda Sue Southmont Helms, Connie Jean Kannapolis Helms, J. B Monroe Helms, Tonita Ann . . Granite Quarry Helton, Claude Gordon . . . Ellenboro Hembree, Bettye Anne .... Belmont Henderson, Emma Joan .Union Grove Henderson, Nova Mooresvillc Hensley, Dorothy Joyce . . Lincolnton Hensi n, Dora Jane Sherwood Henson, Leslie Carroll Vilas High tower, Joe Walton Lenoir Hill, Chester Candler Page Ninety-two 19 6 2 Hill. Jean Elizabeth Gold Hill Hilton, Angela Sharon Okeechobee, Fla. Hincher, Linda Jo . North VVilkesboro Hines, Barbara Ann . . Rutherfordton Hines, Billy Columbus Hinshavv, Julia Ann .... Thomasville Hohn, Janet Elizabeth . . . Randleman Holcombe, Bett ' Jean Candler Hooper, CarolTO Louise North Wilkesboro Hoover, Betty Louise Statesville Hoover, Elizabeth Ann . . .Lincolnton Horton, Warren James, Jr. . .Ferguson Hovis, Eunice Mae Maiden Hovis, Frances Ann Lincolnton Howell, Carolyn Ann .... Burnsrille Howell, Martha Ann Concord Hoyle, Mitchell Dan Forest Cit ' Hudson, Shirley Rose Ennice Hughes, Nancy Caroh n . . Bakersville Hunt, Sandra L Charlotte Hunter, Glenda Anne .Pilot Mountain Hunter, Ruth Ellen Brevard Hussey, Sandra Dvviggins .Kannapolis Hyler. William Earl Yancevville Irwin, James Ronald . . Ale.xandria, Va. Isenhour, Joseph William, Jr. Concord Jackson, Emma Faye .... Mount Air ' Jameison, Constance Anne Richmond, Va. James, Carol Lou . . North Wilkesboro Jenkins, Gail Patricia Maiden Johnson, Alice Lynn Vale Johnson, Gail Deann Charlotte Johnson, Linda Grey Hiddenite Johnson, Mary Frances .... Lawndale Johnson, Pegg - Ann State Road Johnson, Pegg ' Sharon . . Minneapolis Jones, Gail Celesta Pinnacle Jones, Grace Marie Ashe ille Jones, Guy Rockwell Jones. Sylvia Ann Mooresx ' ille Julian, Rebecca Sides .Winston-Salem Julian, Terry Lynn Elk Park Jung, Patricia Anne Asheville Justice, Rachel Elaine . . Union Mills Kanoy, Ronald West .... Thomasville Kates, Charles Ronald Micaville Keener, Michael Floyd . . . Lincolnton Kellv. Carolyn Jane Charlotte Kinard, Brenda Carleen Belmont Kirby, Sarah Link Lenoir Kiser, Barbara Jean ..Winston-Salem Kiser, Sandra Winslo Concord Knight, Jill Ann Morganton Krider. Curr)- W Spencer fe P f i f tfSki iTiMlft tfik a 9 9 f i fik .m Page Ninety-three ?rt P (% (? f! J ' K i % % Jl B ■ 1 ' f3 B (T5 jl A O ■ ■■ " ■ ) IGh til M ' fc rfc«l (? - " ' VV tk Ti SOPHOMORES Kurt ' ees, Eleanor Marie . . . JMoclcsville Lanier, Edmond B Lexington Latham, Lorna Ellen Monroe Lawing, Judith A Marion Lawing, Larry George Mt. Holly Lawrence, Brenda Frances West Jefferson Laws, Patricia Gail Hudson Lawson, Sara Ann .... West Jefferson Layell, Claudia Carol Eikin Leatherman, Harold Valdese Ledbetter, Gladys Alohma .... Shelby Lentz, Larry Edward Concord Leonhart, Garry Dean . . . Lincolnton Lesley, Delila Eunice Matthews Lett, John Allen, Jr Boone Lewis, Carol Jane Red Springs Lewis, Juanita Florence Boone Lewis, Phillip Earl Jefferson Lindsay, Sylvia Ann ..Winston-Salem Linker, Rebecca Ann Concord Lipe, Priscilla Kay Landis Litten, Doris Jean Lincolnton Little, Sara Kathryn . . West Jefferson Lockwood, Sarah Ellen ....Charlotte Loftus, Dennis Lee Raeford Lovette, Andrew Mitchell Winston-Salem Lowder, Carolyn Ray Norwood Lowder, Edward L Norwood Lowery, Richard Wells Shelby Luck, Emma Joyce Asheboro Ludwig, Mary Ann Gold Hill Lukaszewski, Joseph Anthony Brick Town, N. J. Lutz, Frances Elizabeth Maiden Lynch, Larry ' U ' ayne .Castlewood, Va. Mabry, Joyce Diane .... China Grove Madden, Herbert Courtney .Gastonia Malcom. Joan Neill Mooresville Mann, Sharon Ramona . . . .Albemarle Maristany, Frank T Miami, Fla. Marshall, Barbara Elizabeth .Hickory Martin, James Ir ' ing Concord Martin, Judith Carole Spray Matthews, CarohTi Frances ..Hamlet Matthews, Mazie Sue Marion Mauldin, Don Albemarle Merill. Barbara June Statesville Miller, Dora Carolyn Boone Miller, Judith Byrd Boone Miller, Marcia Chaney . . . . Asheville Miller, Sharon Jane Pineola Mills, Martha Rae Concord Mitchell, Phyllis Anne Durham Monroe, Helen Frances ....Salisbury Moore, Alice Eugenia Stanley Page Ninety-four 19 6 2 ' . Moore, Bett ' Mooresboro ■ Moore, Lloyd Hoke . .Black Mountain Moore, lartha Ann Valdese Moore, Sarah Jeanette Lenoir Moore, Shirley Ann Swannanoa Morgan, Geraldine Lincolnton ' Morrison, Wilma Joan Washington, D. C. Moss, Claudia Gene Charlotte Motley, Sandra Priscilla .... Salisbun.- Mover, Robert Henr - ..LaPlata, Md. Munday, Howard Reginald .Troutman Murdock, Joyce Troutman McCorkle, Glenn Samuel China Grove McElhattan, Thomas Paul Ft. Lauderdale, F!a. i McGary, Ann Robbins ! McGee, Ella Mae Hickory , McGuire, Nancy Jane . . . Robbinsrille McLean, Charles Edward ....Lenoir McXeely, Lanny Lee Hickor - McNeill, Joyce Elaine . . . VVilkesboro Nanney, Florence Azalea Dallas Neal, Barbara Dianna Kings Mountain Neal, Judy Louise Marshville Nemeth. John Charles New York. N. Y. Newby, Patrick Gail High Point Newlin. Barbara Lynn Greenville, S. C. Nichols, Betsy Jewell Deep Gap Oglesby, Ann Mt. Holly Oldham, Sara Goldston Owen, Mary Grace Seagrove Padgette, Pegg ' Elizabeth . .Statesville Pardue, Helen Sue Ronda Parks, Patricia Ann Kannapolis Parrish, E. Kay . .Daytona Beach, Fla. Parsons, Bruce David Lenoir Pennell, J. D Lenoir Perkins, Claude William ' arrensville Perry, Electa W Hildebran Perry, Margaret Ann .... Piney Creek Philbeck, Nan Melton Avondale Phillips, Frances King Carthage Phillips, Janice Newton Phipps, Joe ... Mouth of Wilson, Va. Pierce, Velda Horris . . West Jefferson Plotts, Hollice H. . .Coral Gables, Fla. ■ Poole, Dorcas Radeanna . . .Claremont oole, Rebekah Jane High Point Pope, Linda V ' ray Whiteville Poteat, Carolyn Louise Valdese Powell, Joyce Ann Morganton Price, Judith Springs Charlotte Pritchard, Janice June ...Morganton Puett, Barbara Morganton Putnam, Laura Kathryn . . .Lawndale (5 r? ' 1 ft t o I LM tt ' i . P f f Q- O " MfM M k iAm. sA tt Page Ninety-five f t t - rr Kfe tf Mlr} J .) p, p ,p. ii mkj f£i t k k SOPHOMORES Ramsey, Alice Mason . . . . Wadesboro Ray, Carolyn Eleanor Hickory Rector, Gladys L Andrews Rector, Linda Valdese Reece, Earl James Jonesville Reeves, Carolyn Anne . . Greer, S. C. Reid, Sara Frances Hickory Reynolds, Arcy Mae .... Wilkesboro Rhinehart, David Allen West Jefferson Rhoades, Lee North ' ilkesboro Rhoney, Carolyn Nancy Vale Rhudy, Mary Boone Rhyne, Charles Gvvyn Elkin Richard, Patricia Ann ' ale Richardson, Jim A. .North ' ilkesboro Rickard. Hearne F., II . . .Kannapolis Rivers, Carol Ti Louise . .Waynesville Roark, Larry Alden Zionville Roberts, Freda Lou Lansing Robillard, Albert Frank Cranston, R. I. Rollins, Robert Douglas ' cst Caldwell, N. J. Rose. Jacquelyn Lee . . . .Spruce Pine Rowe. Joe S., Jr Newton Royall, Hardin Joseph, Jr. Roaring Gap Rudi,sill, Janice Hickory Rudisill, Marie Shell Hickory Rudisill, Robert Padgett .China Grove Rushing, Larry Joe Candor Sacrinty, Sandra Gail Reidsville Satterfield, Lawrence Lee Boone Sauls, Catherine Lorraine Ape.v Saunders, Lois Lenoir Savage, Priscilla Joyce Spray Sebastian, James T. North Wilkesboro Sechler, Don B China Grove Sechler. Sylvia Dane . . .China Grove Sechrest, Dona Lou . . Pilot Mountain Secrest, Eunice Joanne Drexel Seegers, Nancy Jane Charlotte SettlemvTe, Emma Bess Dre. el Setzer, Barbara Anne Catawba Set er, Juanita Catawba Setzer, Lonnie Fay Claremont Setzer, Ronnie Ray Claremont Shearin, Nancy Nashville Shepherd, Patricia Carole . . Deep Gap Shoup, Elizabeth Diman . .Charlotte Shuford, Ellen Annette ..Lincolnton Sides, Brenda Gail Mooresville Sides. Jim Salisbur - Sigmon, Margaret Jayne ConnelK- Springs Simmons, George Matthew. Jr. Newton Sink, Charles William Boone Sipe, Daryll Tony Maiden Page Ninety six 19 6 2 Skreen, Danell Ethel .... Rockingham Smith, Carol Joyce State Road Smith, Edna Natalie iVlocksville Smith, Florence Louise .... Le. ington Smith, Johnny A Newland Smith, Kenneth Kirk Concord Smith, Martha Lillian Linwood Smith, Shirley Ann Troutman Smoot, Martha Reece Salisbury Smosky, Jerry .... s ' o thpo t, N. Y. Snyder, Dorothy Ann .... Wilkesboro Snyder, William Robert Winston-Salem Spainhour, Betty C Morganton Sparks, Kenny Ross Micaville Sparks, Sarah Jane Gastonia Spears, Janice Marie Concord Spicer, Christine Thurmond Spires, Yvonne Spring Lake Stanford, Sandra June .Winston-Salem Stanton, Margaret Janis Gibson Starnes, Carol Ravonne Monroe Starr, Linda Merlyn Lincolnton Stemen, Ellen Ruth Charlotte Stephens, Brenda Doyle Connelly Springs Stephens, Geraldine Bolton Stephens, Joe Park Hickory Stone, Wayne Douglas .... Mayodan Story, Patsy Ann Maiden Stowe, Jacqueline Kay Gastonia Strutt, Shirley Anne . . Bessemer City Summers, Mary Elizabeth . . Statesville Swaim, Lloyd Gerald .... High Point Tadlock, Joyce Campbell . . .Charlotte Taylor, Carolyn Lenoir Taylor, Charlotte Gary Taylor, Max G Lenoir Teague, Eloise Boone Thomas, Sandra Kay Newton Thomas, Troy Elbert, Jr. .Cherryville Thompson, Eloise Union Mills Thompson, Linda Gail .... Gastonia Thomson, Donna Lee Charlotte Thornhill, William James Boone Tickle, Thomas Richard .... McCain Tolbert, Nanci Lee Charlotte Toney, Grace C EUenboro Townsend, Robert Carroll . . , Hickory Triplett, Harold Dean North Wilkesboro Trivette, Judy Kay Elk Park Trousdell, Alan Boyd .Franklin, Va. Troutman, Kathey Isabel . . Mt. Holly Tucker, Catherine L Charlotte Tune, Linda E Morganton Umberger, Kent . . . . Wytheville, Va. IT 1S5. a sM tt i % " it ' ' •1 J } p «? ,P P J5 ? f y • ' ' ) a f MgtM £iM M£Sm JA£i Page Ninety-seven P a P P P 1 tfti mMdit i- P f «■■ ii fe : IS t 15I - ' » SOPHOMORES Vaden, Linda Gail Reidsville Van Orden, Greg V ' illiam Butler, N. J. Vaughn, Stephen R Flat Rock Virgil, Andrew Joseph Roseland, N. J. Walker, Mary Frances Archdale ' alker. Nancy Louise Lenoir Wall, Leslie Douglas .Winston-Salem Walls, Bonnie Lynn Landis Walters, Charles China Grove Warden, Joyce Sparta Ware, David Hoyle Boone Washburn, Billy Joe Marion Watson, Patricia Gayle Lenoir Watts, Peggy Jean Landis Watts, Troy Clyde Taylorsville ' eathersbee, Wm. Stanley . Norwood Weaver, Hazel Leigh . . Grassy Creek Weinberg, Rodney L Asheville X ' eisner, W. Tony Statesville West, Terrell Randall . . . Lexington Whisnant, Darryl Morganton Whisnant, Donald Wilson .Morganton Whisnant, Elaine Marie ....Newton Whisnant, Laura A ' ithrow Morganton Whisnant, Susie Marcell Boiling Springs White, Betty Katherine . .Cooleemee Whittington, Linda Sue North Wilkesboro Wilhelm, Vicki Susan Jonesville Williams, Alice Lee Statesville Williams, Carolyn Marie .Granite Falls Williams, Carolyn R. . .Eagle Springs Williams, Hazel Thomasville Williams, Jo Ann Ocala, Fla. Williams, Patricia Ann Concord ' illiams, Phyllis Ann .... Statesville Wilkinson, Sam Valdese V ' illis, Katherine Aileen .Laurinburg Wilson, Albert Dillon . . .Sugar Grove Wilson, Patricia Anne Hudson Wilson, Trela Charles Oxford Winecoff, Linda Lee Statesville Witherspoon, Nancy Maiden Wood, Martha Ellen Spencer Worthington, Reba Rae .Wilmington Wray, Martha Lou Lawndale Wright, Frances Elizabeth Can ' VA ' right, Robert Andrew Caldwell, N. J. Wright, Ruhamah Jane .... Asheboro Wyant, Texie Jane Vale Yelton, Terry June Spindale Yoder, Mary ' ilmot Hickory York, Margaret Smith ....Morganton Young, Linda Hope Charlotte Yount, Dale Conover Page Ninety-eight FRESHMAN OFFICERS Joe Minor Carlyle Shepherd Cherrie Miller Rudy Diamond FRESHMEN JTS t f - Abernethy, Judith Ann Vale | " " , g Ackerman, Eileen Greensboro ' ' Jir . t lj t, . Adams. Austin Alfred Boone . HHH fe HBlV . ff fe Hfll rf Adams, Nancy Ann . . Winston-Salem ,.j b»v . M k. . Adldns, Carolvnn Lvnnette PH W . ' . jppS jJ M fli fc y - -t- c.„„,„..c. r P ' - IC Adkins, Linda Lee King M ' l ' V ' ' ' f 31 - t Akin, Kenneth Mel k . L B S. C. HiiU ' Wa . In . Haddonfield, N. J. ■ ■ ■ ■ A HHI Albright. Bryan Gene Hillsboro jfttj jlRu 4t £ 1 jP " - di Aldridge. Mary Kathea fll r M f dp Nt Hw. Leonardtown, Md. f - »i -tS W |,«Rw M, S f l Alexander. Avis Dean Gastonia 4, ■ ' . ' . . ' m " w «. - » «■ " IL ■f ' t B ■ V " Alexander. Rita Catherine A " h. i aF L I . b iw ik. Allen, Sandra Diane . .Granite Quarry tf ' flW % R . ? . :« . tfk Allison, Brenda Carol .... Mooresville T i P Q BlB S | % : Allison, Sylvia Rebecca ....Hickory Jj9» . ll tI W J § i Allman, Sharon Kay Marion Am, U l " I ' ' ' " I Allred, Sammv Lee . . . . Hamptonville . B k If jM Mi: ' ' W ' W;- - w Tana Ai ■II JlB Hl HSH B IHHiliHI BBHIIH 1 Hi Anderson, Barbara Graham .Gastonia . Btt . . i . .. a h. a.. , Angel, Peggy Delories . . Mount Airy Ir ' H BBEok, !SM.«ilt k Angell. David Mitchell . . . Mocksville j J R. W } (V f -f r ' -B fi r Anglin, Donald Joe Burnsvillc - - , :? HZ Hd — Apple, Norma Sue Hillsboro ' ■; S . %»- ' . W Arrowood. Dorothv Ann Nebo j k . ki- Mm k . IH Rebecca 1 i flSO I KSU k jflBf HI L X H MS k Atkins, Johnny Wayne Dobson Aultman, Brenda Elaine ....Hickory SsH ' - ' . . Auton, Betty Lou Boomer W ■• W ■ — " " f W " " ■ «» M ' Avers, Houston V ' aync Boone ' V x— -■ » ■ - F " " ■ Bacon, Bronwen Ann Bre ' ard V ■ .»- iwl w - . Bagu-ell, Joan Lorrine Brevard . Ba ■ H Ml H W . " A. mZ Baldwin. Thomas V • ■ ■H M MM Bna H Mi H Ballard, Rose Ann Jefferson 4 Jt f I P ' IL I - Ballew, Ruby Jannett Havelock " W Msc. - »» ■ • fil T » « ' . W vW Bame, Mary Jo East Spencer V - , " - , . r ■ ' • ' H Banks, Kenneth Edward . . Fayetteville j ' " :r- . ■ ' t ] ' . Barber, Pamela Laraine .... Spencer . ISBh . . tSf . tf H h it K k ' Barker, Colon Wade ..Roaring River ' l! . t B Bftk. Barnes, Harry Hendricks f j 1 V ' inston-Salem mP ' J! ' ' fftSk — Barnett, Lathan James . . . Kannapolis L fe. JV-TVlT " ' Barrier, Edward Lee . . . . Mt. Pleasant J!l. ' " , " - . " " Baucom, Sandra Grace ....Hillsboro . 1 JL |y l , % A IHr " J w . Beach, Linda Lee ....Winston-Salem . dU 4 WtV.t»- j m jC ' ■■ ' ' • ' • Beard, Freeman Howard ....Maiden B H f " fP Mt ' Au Beattie, Frances Glyn Hickory jF- A !» :;. J t. - Sk ' W ' Beaver, Aloma Mooresville S - • " » -T " 1 ' » ' ot-W:. ' ' Beaver, Linda Louise Hiddenite ' Jf ' - % — I 5 - - i " Bedwcll, Barbara Neal 1 A V - il ' ' One Hundred One It y T Ll f- ' -v. } t ' i f i pj c iT?. P )fn ,0 Oi a i a iSik mM t FRESHMEN Bell, Eleanor Ann Hickory Benton, Arleen Luray .... Kannapolis Berlin, Carol Ann Miami, Fla. Beroth. Walter Winfield Winston-Salem Berrier, Sherry Doyle Le.xington Bicknell. Ruth Ann Indianhead Biddi. , Edwin Tommy . . Spruce Pine Biedler, Virginia Reid .... Columbus Bird, Edna Carolyne St. Pauls Black, Brenda Kay Charlotte Black, Thanna Burnsville Blackburn, Charlotte Gave ' est Jefferson Blackmon, Ronald Ashley . .Charlotte Blair, Marion Frances Stem Blanton, Betty Jean Shelb Blanton, Emily Rose Shelbv Blanton, Margaret Ellen Shelb Bodenhcimer, Sandra Gail Winston-Salem Bolick, Gilbert Link Claremont Bolin, Sybil Kaye Belmont Bost, Brenda Lee Kannapolis Bost, Ina Kathryn Statesville Bowers, Sylvia Kay Albemarle Bowman, Janice Rebecca ...Franklin Boyd, William Thomas . . . . Asheboro Bradford, Judith Ashlin . . Mooresville Brady, Rachel Margrace Lowell Brandon, Judy Karen .... Morganton Breitenstein, Patricia Anne ....Boone Briggs, Thomas Hamilton Kill Devil Hills Brittain, Charles Ray Drexel Brittain, Martha Kay Hickory Brooks, James Thomas Lenoir Brooks, Nat Lee Roxboro Brooks, Nelson Shelby Brookshire, John Nelson .... Lenoir Broome, Bonnie Beth . . . . ' ilkesboro Brown, James Wilson, Jr. . .Mt. Lllla Brown, Pamela Ann .... Mooresville Broyhill, Myrtle Ruth . . Millers Creek Brungard, Janet Olive ..LaBelle, Fla. Buchanan, Barbara Sue . . Bakersville Buie, Cynthia Routh Troy BuUington, Wanda Lou Pilot Mountain Bullock, Henrietta Kannapolis Bumgarner, Lena Pipes .... Ferguson Bunce, Doris Annette Stedman Bunton, Mary Claudine . . Hiddenite Burgin, Judy Ann Marion Burleson, Thomas W. ...Bakersville Burleson, Toby Roger ...Albemarle Burncy, Judith Kay Council Burns, Phillip Lee Valdese Burrell, Harold Tryon Page One Hundred Two 19 6 2 Burris, Houston Michael . . . .Concord Burrows, Bessie Ruth Candler B ers, Mary Frances Boone Byrd, Carole Ann Spruce Pine ByTd, Marvorene Elkin Cable, Mary Edna Marion Calloway, Dottie Dean .... Newland Campbell. Ruth Kathryn ..Salisbury Cannon, Jo Ann . . .Connelly Springs Cardwell, William Franklin Wilkesboro Carithers, Gary Michael . . Kannapolis Carlton, Bonnie Anne .Winston-Salem Carpenter, Sarah Bryte . . . Cooleemee Carrigan, Barbara Annette Mooresville Carter, Barbara Lansing Carter, Joanne Lucile Ashe ille Carter, Nona Jeanette . . TTiomasville Caruso, Virginia Elizabeth . . .Valdese Carver, Joyce Ann .... Rutherfordton Casstevens, John Rondal . . Boonville Cauble. Sandra Shuford Hickory Chandler, Alice Gail Asheville Chapman, Barbara Ann . . Mocksville Chapman, Clarence E. ...Morganton Chappell, Elizabeth Wray .... Elkin Chavis, Rebecca Gail .... Laurinburg Cherry, Marion Rose Durham Childress, Charles Morgan . .Mt. Airy Chisholm, Brenda Joyce ..Lexington Chrisawn, Cynthia Anne . . Burnsville Church, Gloria Jeanne Fort Worth, Texas Clark, Barbara Jean . . Winston-Salem Clark, Barbara Jean Clarkesville Clayton, Ray Roxboro Cline, Helen Louise Newton Cline, Norma Jean Dre.xel Cloniger, Douglas Kermit Thomasville Coble, James Thomas Hickory Cockerham, Frances Lee Elkin Condell, Pegg ' Jean Newton Connelly, Edward Lee . . Spruce Pine Conrad, Charles William Winston-Salem Conrad, Linda Lou Ptaff town Cooke, William Marcus Boone Cooper, Gloria Jean .... Union Grove Corlis, Maryann Christine Northport, N. Y. Cox, Lavenia Rae Gastonia Cox, Sandra Lee .... Winston-Salem Crabtree, Frances Magalene Hurdle Mills Craig, Douglas Arthur .... Lincolnton Crawford, Judith Ann .... High Point C rayton, Thomas Nelson . .Charlotte Crouch, Thomas H Statesville Crouse, Robert Dale Sparta O h . . ' . fi 5 O P f f r ti .-) ■ " iBft ii i J tfii J iti k mM J . p p. p % J J p ( ( , Page One Hundred Three Pi P m h 0i r " ' i o r n ' h h ' C ' l A P FRESHMEN Crutchfield. Donna Lynn Winston-Salem Crysel. Kenneth Allen . . . ' ilkesbo o Cummings, Judy Lee Apex Cunningham, James Marcus .Newton Cunningham. Karen Lee .Cramerton Curtis, Frank Parker, Jr Elkin Dagenhart, Terry Leon Mount Holly Dale, Albert Nelson, III .Union Mills Dale, Martha Jane Spruce Pine Dalton, Mary Rita Lincolnton Dancy, Glenn, III Hays Dancy, Mattie Sue Purlear Danner, Betty Jones Catawba Davenport, Janice Carol . . .Newland Davis, Brenda States ' illc Davis, Joey Patricia Charlotte Davis, Roy, Jr Charlotte Davis, Sandra Elaine Hickory Davis, Veronica Truitt Shelby Davis, A anda Gay Dobson Daye. Johnny Greer Drexel Deal, Barbara Ann Lenoir Dean, TTiomas Franklin Kings Mountain Deason, Zoe Alice Ashe ille Derey, Marsha Deane Marion Diamond, Emanuel Rudolph Fayette ille Dinkins, John Wayne . . . .Yadkinville Dixon, Donald Wayne . . Greensboro Dobbs, John Wardell Gastonia Dockery, Mary Anne .Winston-Salem Dotson, William Franklin .... Boone Doub, Sandra Carol . . . . TobaccoWlle Dougan, Carolyn Irene Bessemer City Draughn. Linda Lou . .White Plains Duckworth, Virginia Leslie Morganton Duncan, Linda Delane Monroe Dunn, Jeanette Faye Troy Dunn, Patricia Elizabeth ....Maxton Durham, Franklin Cheney Hendersonville Dycus, Lucy Gaye Ellenboro Dyson, Carol Grant Taylors ille Fades, Nancy Diane Catawba Eaker, Linda Inez Cherryville Earp, Mary Joyce Traphill Farley, Fay Horace Bostic Easter, Barbara Jean .... Thomasville Edmisten, Samuel S Lenoir Edwards, Allan Mitchell .Miami, Fla. Edwards, Barbara Sue .... Bakersville Edwards, Eddy Carole .... Bakersville Edwards, Rosemary . . . Sherrill ' s Ford Eidson, Charlotte Rebecca . Kannapolis Elkins, Howard Roy Clarkton Elledge, Patricia Joan Ferguson Page One Hundred Fou 19 6 2 EUer, Janet Gail Ferguson Eller, Pegg ' Sue Ferguson Ellington, Judy Elaine . . . Cherrwille Elliott, Andrea Gail Charlotte Elliott, Doris Jean Marion Elliott, Martha Louise Shelby Englebert, Billy L. ...N. Wilkesboro Epps, Doris Fort Mill, S. C. Er -in, Jackie Barron .... Kannapolis Erwin, Tommy Eugene . . . . Asheville Farthing, Sara Esther Mebane Faucette, Marv Isla Mebane Feaser, William J. Staten Island, X. Y. Felts, David Troy . . . . N. Wilkesboro Ferguson, Carole Elizabeth Rural Hall Ferguson, John E Roxboro Ferguson, Judy Lane Lenoir Fisher, Linda Diane Morganton Finello, Robert Stanley .Butler. X. J. Fleenor, James Lee .... Danville, Va. Foltz, Elizabeth Ann . .M ' inston-Salem Ford, Joyce Martena . . . . Cherryville Forester, James Caudill X. Wilkesbor., Forrest, Patricia Elaine .... Hillsboro Former, Perbie Bruce .... Bryson City Foster, Judith Ann Carthage Foster, Marjorie Gail Asheboro Foster, Ronald Lee Spray Fox, Nancy Carole Statesville Francis, Jim Harley .... Waynesvillc Franklin, Barbara Gayle .Dan illc, ' a. Frazier, Mar ' ie Dian .... High Point Freeland, Brenda Kay .... Charlotte Freeman, Danette LaVonne W. Asheville French, Barbara Jeanette ..Reidsville Friday, Gail Bemice Dallas Funderburk, Jannette Matthews Furr, Margaret Ann Albemarle Gardner, Charles V ' ellington Aiken, S. C. Garland, Carol Robbinsville Garrison, Ned Thomas . . Morganton Gentry, Nancy Mildred . .Mount Airy Gibson, Janet Sue Madison Gillespie, Doris Jean Brevard Gillespie, Jerry Warren Winston-Salcm Gillespie, Karen Gail . . . . Moorcsvillc Gilrcath, Patricia Lee Shelby ' ' Glascoe, Donnis Carolyn Shelby Glenn, Margaret Carolyn Boone Godwin, Carolyn Regina .... Benson Godwin, Edna Mae Cofield Goforth, Sammie Kaye Shelby Goings, Linda Mt. Airy Golden, Opal Mae State Road •v- JEkiiSk M P P f!| B f) Ci f.A ip (- ' . iS Idk Mk. I ' ligc One Hundred li p r ta ft ft o l fiH FRESHMEN Gouge, Susie Evelyn .... Bakersville Graham, Vicki Anne .... Mooresville Gray, George Benwett . . Morganton Gray, Antony I Baltimore, Md. Graybeal, Betty Sue . .West Jefferson Gravbeal, Thomas Carlvle . . Grayson Grayson, Julia Ann Lexington Grayson, Nancy Loretta . . . .Charlotte Green, Billie Sue Ramseur Green, Harvey Miller Hollister Greene, Addie Irene Waxhaw Greene. Sylvia Sue Boone Greene, Willie Banks Lenoir Greer, Bill Franklin Boone Greer, Elizabeth Boone Greer, Joyce Ruth Todd Griffin, Jerry Michael . . . Forest City Griffin, John Earl Greensboro Grogan, Virginia May ....Charlotte GuUedge, Norma Jean . . . V ' adesboro Hagler, Robert Todd Charlotte Haigler, Anzonette Gertrude . . Lenoir Hailey, Mar - Frances Draper Haire, Wanda Mae Boonville Hall, Dean Edward Marion Hallman, Garland Henry .Cherryville Halsey, Polly Ann Mouth of Wilson, Va. Halstead, Sammie Rhea Big Stone Gap, Va. Hamlin, Emily Louise .... Hillsboro Hammersmith, Francis Cecil Cumberland, Md. Hampton, Mary Helen Boone Haney, Mina Duke Rural Hall Hanks, Nancy Ann Boonville Hanner, Lois Jeanette . . .Greensboro Harbin, Brenda Lee Statesville Hardison, Iris Josie Morven Hare, Lynda Grace Goldsboro Harger, Robert Thomas .... Danbury Harmon, Carolyn Cleo Boone Harmon, Charles Raymond . . . .Boone Harmon, Joe Bill Sugar Grove Harrell, Alfred Douglas . . Bakersville Harris, Ann Rita . . North Wilkesboro Harris, Annie Marie . . Mount Gilead Harris, Gloria Jean Abingdon Harris, Judith Lee Burnsville Harris, Nancy Ellen Greensboro Harris, Robert Baynes Roxboro Harris, Sophiona J Harmony Harris, Wanda Jean Mebane Harrington, Jeannetta Gale .Charlotte Harrison, Elizabeth Jane ...Pineville Hartley, Betsy ' ictoria North ' ilkesboro Harwood, Roger Lee . . New London Page One Hundred Six Hatley, Lillian Morris ...Albemarle " .- -?• »| ,-X ' " - - ' f k Hatley, Royce Elizabeth ...Stanfield S ' V ' ' W ' . . . W. ,». llr k Hauser, Susan Kay Morganton , KmW . K . tf ' hUH . ' ta. . I V 1 Rose flHSlH KS HRH HB I IflH SHai l Hawkins, Reba Yvonne .... Ferguson Havnes, Oscar Henry, III t 4 " " " pT ■ ' ■ W ' ' . M t ' - iMinden, La. m? ' ' ' ' " ' i: . % - ' " ' ' A ii i . Heath, Anne Hayes Whiteville Itl « ,A..W . t ' VjW J m S 9 Bi iHSili tfnn , HQ i H { " J l Gloria Ann . . . j l Hffi fllHBIA IQ B HSHH HbAH Helms, Janet Kay Mount Airy . i HMk . . «7 . i Kv Helms, Rodney Douglas . . Cherrwille JPlllR A it P .i - W P-r i? " L«% f- ' - " --f I-- ' Hemmings, John D Mount Airy vi T L- ' v " " I " 5 ■ 0 " - Henderson, Joyce Ann . . . Henderson Wt " l J " . " ' - r . k " . W . ' Henderson, Rebecca Jane .Cramerton w ' ' ' ' . .Jl ' ' ' " . . J ± f j W . " Si fe Henslev, Ellen Rachel . Rutherfordton | A | BOl . k k HS k B H ' l Lee Valdese H f B id B ■VQH HAhI Hi A flMIAl IH Higgins, Boyd Anthony Hays - bb -kK--. . H .-»» - .rtHlltii , , ■ ;, . % Cl H.ldebran, Linda Joan 13 T ' ' i ' ll ' IkX - " fVC Connelly Springs ' •- A , Q. •rr- ' ' » - IJI ' ' Hildebran, Wade Carroll ..Hickory L — MU S ' ' = ' ' •» ' » ' . Hilderbran, Kenneth Wavne W ' mL HST B .-A -P , M M N. c. ABr w Wfc HI B Jean Randleman B ■ H fl B H Hi I HB BB A ■■i H H Ai Hill, Christine Elizabeth ..Lexington . fch. . ttk j l HHK. Hill, Ronald Franklin Charlotte . . K Ik flB BH - i- ' J ' fni ir r 1 1 Hinscm, Bobbie Ann Whiteville - " f f ' " F - — ' Hodge, Pamela Ruth Charlotte jj ' , X ' - ' - - - — Hcxlge, Peggy Oakley ..Sandy Ridge ■JS ' , . . " . 4 0 . Lr . " .W IH H B tfnlB flSH H in Hi HlnB Hodges, Martha Jane I H BMi H mlWj M KmO ■SH!! i R Hof fner, Helen Elizabeth . . Salisbury . Hf «t « " » . ■ fes JL, wJl! r Ti f ? T - " Hoke, Helen Ruth Hickory M " . ' " % " W -« ■ " ' I ■ ' 1 «rk t, Hope, Shirley Marie Boone r . » " . ' 1 " . •« ' ' , .rt- ' Holden, Lila Dovie Horse Shoe ' sT " V ' tl " fcHl £ V . . W j .. . v Holder, Blanche Wanda . . Leunsville ML . Lm RH M Bm M HR I Bfi fe B H US H Kh B k jf fl| Hollar. Gwvn ■Hi k H A H IM B ■K M ■M M Hollar, Nancy Jo Lenoir I ' ' ' | j ' , Holleman, John G TaylorsviUe I »• jB Hooker, Brenda Gayle .... Asheboro i ' 9 . ■ •»,- • w ■ — Hoover, Sara Camilla . Winston-Salem ' i k iwl ' k. •f ' ! ! Hord, Janice Marie Maxton . 1« . K ' " " IL I Steve HR H it H HHB H liB A H A i l Howell. Carolyn Frances . Bi B Granite Quarry Howell, Don Ray Spruce Pine B Howell, Nancy Carolyn ....Marion J 3 Hoylc, Elizabeth Kelly ...Morganton i v A l iL :i l , ' Hudson, Judith Ophelia ...Salisbury tfCL T Vfe fe Lltf kl tfB Loretta HH H 1 ■ 1 iBU m HSBI Hughes, Judy Yvonne .... Bakersville JSit SS 3 alu3t0 i jBB k o ' Hughes, Miriam Jane Tabor City |K " 1 wS 1 p T? " " Hull, Sara Anne Fallston Bl« f Kt ' ' 1 ' ' W ffi ' Ikillander, Jefferson Davis, Jr. jL t t " r- t- •. ' Cherryville L ' j tar ' k I lijtiiphrevs, Edith Swain ....Garner . ? . KI MI . , Wi i dHR A Pnge One Hundred Seven H-J ( . 1 1 p :V o FRESHMEN Huneycutt, Carole Blake New London Hunt, Billy Ray Trinity Huskins, Shirlene Frances .Bakersville Hutchens, Rachel Ann . . . .East Bend Hutchins, William Howard A ' inston-Salem Ireland. Alice Jane ....Union Grove Laac, June Camilla Lenoir James, John Roach Lincolnton Jarrett, Eddie Jo Bakersville Jenkins, James Lester . . . .Cherryville Jenkins, Mildred Jonesville Jenkins, Ray Beam, Jr. ..Cherryville Jessup, Sybil Fern . .Winston-Salem Jeter, Ann Marie . . Big Stone Gap, Va. Jetton, Roby Dean Lincolnton Johnson, Bobby Banks . .Walnut Cove Johnson, James MacDonald Winston-Salem Johnson, Linda Carolene Dobson Johnson. Linda E Piney Creek Johnson. Mary Sue East Bend Johnson, Rita Lee . . .Winston-Salem Jones, Carolyn Gail Lake Lure Jones, Elizabeth Carol Norlina Jones, Gerald Calvin Rhfxlhiss Jones, Lenora Hickory Jones, Nancy Gail Mount Holly Jones, Yvonne Marie Newton Jo ce, F. Caroh ' n Madison Joyce, Jenny Lynn Rural Hall Joyce, Michael E Madison Julian, Glenda Rose Elk Park Kanupp, Dorothy Rose Hickor Keener. Julia Carolyn Roger Kelly, Dianne Haywood .Rockingham Kennedy, Roland Gurney TTiomasvillc Kennedy, Sandra Jane . . . High Point Kennerly, Howard V ' ayne . . Salisbury Kepley, Jimmy Dale Salisbury Kerns, Andrew Valorius .Huntersville Kerley. Lyndell Monroe . . Hiddenite Kerr. Floyd William Kannapolis Keys, Sally Ruth Kannapolis Keziah, Martha Jane Hamlet Kiker. Julia Mae Rockingham Kilby, Carmon Odell V ' ilbar Kincaid, Penny Bessemer Kindley, Barbara Ann . .Thomasville King, Brenda Sue Durham Kirby, Ernest Jennings . . ' alkertown Kirk, Iris Vaughn Lexington Kluttz, Margaret Sonora ...Salisbury Kluttz, Mary Lou Mount Ulla Kluttz, Richard Steven .... Woodleaf Knight, Betty Sue Stokesdale Page One Hiiyidred Eight 19 2 ::■ P fS fi , 5- Knight, Kenny B Hickory ?- ' ' . - — - - fi ■ r Knox, John Law Stony Point iSt W t . . k fc fcKjk S » . B IT II B H IB I Im IHIIBS H h H Lail, Dorothy K. . . Connelly Springs Lain. Myrtle Grace High Point . fl 01 J H j|||| Laney, Mickey Wayne Maiden %| " 1? F fer " « ' - ll- ' W ' Lanier, Zana Lou High Point Jk " " " - x " W ' ' — J Laughter, Brenda Sue Spindale a. ,». .- Glen Allen, Va. Lee, Celia Ann Wilkeshoro Lee, Charlene Charlotte 1 " — ' ■ - LeFever, Robert L., Jr. .. High Point L Jl. ' i ' - — — Lefler, CarohTi Diane .... Albemarle j r -r . iim k. . T v Leon, Robert Angelo ..Winston-Salem . ' E ' T . - L ' ' Grady ■■BMI H MM fl H AA H B V Lewis, Jerry Mason Jefferson P I j ft i H ,-| L - Lincoln, Edward Closd J i- " ! ' K ' i» ♦ . W ' ! ( Winston-Salem Mi l!fc W ' % .::= ' •J Lingerfelt, Willie Jacquelyn pl Jf fc. " ' . j ' John Pleasant H i iBH AA H K H Bfi H I IHII KKM Little, Jo Anne Jefferson KS KS M Ki Littlejohn, Judy Gail ....Burlington Wt . | I ' •■ " ' Mlj, 1 •I ' : «rf B .- . Long, John Robert Cornelius k " | ' • - ■ ' W ■T ' Long, Lynda Lou Forest City Bt " ' i - " " 1 j ' — ' " " x Long, Thomas Anderson . k. ' trf . . fcn . B W Winston-Salem R ft f Ml (« t M •% if I ' l • ' l M Boone H i I Hl AHI Jk HJHHBQBB ifliil Hlil H Lowman, Sallv Fave Conover ., ' ni iP ri Lowrance, Sarah Virginia . Mooresville f ■ tr- • W T M ■ If ■» ai " ! " Lusk, Sue Carolyn Marion m ' ? B " •■ B ' l ' ' ' ' t 1 ' ' -- Lynn, Willie Lou Durham [fe ' k M .? ' • • ' -V Mabe, Brenda Kay Morganton " X ' ' fc te w • ' ' Amy Jo Jamestown . MS . K JW . H ! . Hl k . E Hl B 1 un l Hfl H B k HIBI H HSH H Hfi l Mann, Bob Sheldon " J -i ' West Caldwell, N, J. L | JjL li l ' rf Marion, Charlcey Kaye ■ ' I 4 " ' " 5 Winston-Salem «- ■ ' M X. ir „ . larler, Sandra Jeanette Lenoir .i .. . . i ' " ' .. Martin, Kathie Faye Mayodan " t . 1 1 . Bm. IT ' . BKjW k«v ..Cliffside ■ S B R lA B Mast, Linda Lee Boone P %tf i tj ' I f- — Master, Howard Ivan ...Miami, Fla. B - " 1 4T ' " M If = C " | M " " " ■ Mathis, Sara Ellen Elkin i-- - " «k " " a ' J - " T- Mauldin, Ann Dale Greensboro Ik jl y - ' " ' ' " •m k , - Mauldin, James Gary ....Albemarle JDI " Ak ' » a S ,. »- . k ' L ife i Joe B b b . flBS HHH B Bi 1 B B Melton. Dean Ellenboro MtKll tt fi . . HB Mercer, Ann Wilson Albemarle f t P fc QB I Sk Messick, Patsy Marlene .Hamptonville IS i ' M. H W " ■ M - X. L g? -V . Iiddlesw ,rth. Brenda Carol -S ■ ' ' -B " ' • ■-? M " » " T N- " ' " " P Statesville T , 1 - T " - - -- - " ' r Miles, Melvin Martin ..Glade Valley Jfc W Miller, Alverna Sue Fleetwood st n , . B B . l Page Otie Hundred Nine f m. p k H jj i ... J u ? b ri ' ' ' 3 pr o. tfTk Ali FRESHMEN Miller, Billie Viola Lenoir Miller, Brenda Kay Charlotte Miller, Cherrie Lee Greensboro Miller, Ethel Eleanor . . Rutherfordton Miller, James Robert Salisbury Miller, Mary Karl Charlotte Miller, Priscilla Ann Boone Miller, Rebecca Josephine China Grove Miller, Thaddeus Layfatte Lenoir Miller, William Philip, Jr. West Caldwell, N. J. Minter, Helen Gail Neurport Mitcheni, Vivian Dianne Lowell Mitchum, Danny Wallace Rutherfordton Moody, Anita Louise .Winston-Salem Moore, Gladys Louise Stokesdale Moore, Judy Rebecca Matthews Moore, Kenneth . . North Wilkesboro Moore, Nancy Karen Lenoir Moore, Shirley Ann Lenoir Moretz, Barbara Jane Boone Morgan, Patricia Ann Concord Morgan, Rebecca Carolyn . . Gold Hill Morton, Judy Carol Albemarle Morton, Linda L Danbury Moseley, Linda Ellen Waxhaw Munday, Linda Gale Conover Murdock, Gilmer Lethco ..Statesville .Murphy, Edgar Lane, Jr. ..Statesville Murphy. Floyd Ray Sparta .Murphy, Howard W. . Levittown, Pa. Murray, George Stephen . . .Catawba .Murray, Marion Diane Raleigh Musten, Roy Franklin ..Walkertown Myers, George Herbert Canton Myers, Myrtle Geneva .... Salisbury McAllister, Carol Virginia . .Gastonia McAlister, Susan Ann .... Reidsville McArver, Emma J ane Gastonia McCants, Janet Elizabeth . . .Concord McDonald, Nancy Lee ..Forest City McGee, Sarah Anne Lenoir Mclniosh. Patricia Ellen Rutherfordton Mcintosh, Thomas Dean . . Burnsvillc Mclntwe, Elizabeth Anne Winston-Salem McKinney, Carol Jean Salisbury McKnight, James Howard .Boonville .McLauchlin, Ronald Burnette Charlotte McLcad, Paul Richard . . . Cherr Tille McLean, Randy Eugene . . . .Gastonia .McMahan, Evelyn Sue ....Gastonia McMurray, Joseph Crowell ...Boone McNair, Linda Jean .Winston-Salem McNeil, Edith Mildred ....Lansing McNeil, Marolyn Kay . . Millers Creek Page One Hundred Ten 19 6 2 McPherson, Sharon Jane . .Clarendon McRae, Barbara Anne . . . . Peachland McSwain, Mary Linda Shelby Nance, Linda Dale Charlotte Nantz, Judy Ann Charlotte Neave, Patty J High Point Nesbitt, Linda Carol . . . Rockingham Newton, Nancy Kay Hickory Nichols, Jane Marie . . . Miller Creek Nifong, Becky Jeanette Winston-Salem Nixon, Gwendolyn Barker . . . Denver Norman, Linda Earlene . . Lincolnton Norman, Patty Lou . .Winston-Salem Norris, Patricia Alice Hickory O ' Briant, James Carroll ..High Point Olivo, Mary Jo Asheboro Orrell, Linda Eleanor Statesville Pait. Ronald Gregg Lumberton Panther, Cassandra Marie ....Shelby Pardue, Martha Ann Elkin Parham, Donald Albert Charlotte Court House, Va. Parham, Eva Claudene Maiden Park, George Brantly .... Rockwell Parker, Kennith Wayne Chattanooga, Tenn. Parker, Richard Allen .Winston-Salem Parlier. Bill Joe Maiden Parsons, Beverly Sue Belmont Parsons, Judith Orr Jonas Ridge Parton, Glenda Lois Morganton Patterson, Murlin Monroe Payseur, James William Dallas Peele, Tern ' Eugene .... Kannapolis Peeler, Teresa June Kannapolis Pender, Cynthia Annette .... Clayton Perrell, Gloria Jean Woodleaf Petree, Brenda Joyce . .Winston-Salem Phillips, Emma Jane . . . .Spruce Pine Phillips, Sa ra Alice Spruce Pine Piercy, Charles Stephen Maiden Pittman, Linora Kathr ' n . . Salisbury Pittman, Patricia Ann . . . .Laurel Hill Plott, Norris Clarence Concord Pojedincc, Ronald Joseph Whippany, N. J. Poteate, V ' illiam Edwin . .Yadkinville Powell, Harriett Louise ..Wilmington Powell. Judith Kay Morganton Powers, Michael Scott ....Charlotte ' Pratt, Rosalyn Gene ..Winston-Salem Pratt, Susan Marie . . .Winston-Salem Prestwood, Judy Faye Lenoir Prevatte, Helen Rae Pembroke Price, James Thomas Whitnel Proffitt, William Edward . . Burnsville Proff itt, Robert Harold .... Burnsville : rj - fS Qi -- " ' 4 feJiU. iu Page One Hundred Eleven 9g i iT f::i A P),; -y t- ' f ' 1 ? C| fi iTfeJ d k fek UJ. { r J 1 Kfe4i ktf Page One Hundred Twelve FRESHMEN Pryor, Sandra Annette . . Mount Holly Puckette, Nancy Jeanette . . . Danbury Pulliam. Betty Jo Mount Airy Quinn, Morris Steven . . . .Cherryville Radford, Donald Lee Mars Hill Ramsey, Nancy Dare Belmont Ramsey, Thomas Bernard . . Charlotte Randall, Carolyn Rose Durham Rankin, Karen Anne Salisbury ' Ratledge, John Robert . . . Fayetteville Reavis, Linda Lee . . .Winston-Salem Rector, Mary Ann Belmont Reel, Loma Patricia Marion Reese, Herman Lynn . . . Taylorsville Reid. Tommy Parks .Winston-Salem Rhyne, Al in Herman . Bessemer City Rhyne, Linda Lee Crouse Rhyne, Thomas Crowell Vale Rickman, Phil Albert . . . Bnison City Riddle. Barbara Jean .Black Mountain Ritch, Betty Craver Wilkesboro Ritter, Wayne Mitchell . . .Aberdeen Robbins, Cornelia Elizabeth Ft. Hancock, N. J. Robbins, Earl Franklin Marion Robbins, Gayle Winston-Salem Roberson, Georgia Fay . Rutherfordton Roberson, Susan Hope Roanoke Rapids Roberts, Jenny Lynn Shelby Roberts, Joy Bell . Miami Springs, Fla. Roberts, Reba Mae Lansing Robinson, Jack H. . .Connelly Springs Robinson, Justina Moore . . .Charlotte Robinson. M Ttle Lucy . . . . Burns ille Robinson, Pearl Glenda . . Morganton Robinson. Peggy Jean Newland Rodgers, Gail Marie . . . .Robbinsville Rogers, Glenda Kay Mt. Airy Roland, William Robert . . .Asheville Ross, Donald MeK-yn .... Morganton Ross, Marib-n Christine . . Morganton Rowland, Jerry Dean Marion Rozzelle, Patricia Mount Holly Russ, James Cecil Belhaven Russell, Jan Albemarle Russell. Jodie Elizabeth . Dallas, Texas Safrit, James Jeff Kannapolis Schell, Sandra Mundy Hickory Schnepp, Janet Florence . Glade Valley Schwartz, Harr) ' Martin . . Greensboro Scoggins, Carolyn Ann . Rutherfordton Scott, Barbara Ann Morganton Scott, Jimmy Ray Denton Scott, Linda Sue Elkin Scroggs, Glenda Marie Candler 19 6 2 Scronce, Wanda Louise .... Newton Scruggs, Eleanor Ann Spencer Seagle, John Carpenter .... Lawndale Sechler, Judith Yvonne . .China Grove Seitz, Myra Gertrude Newton Sellers, Ronnie Lee Cherr Tille Settlemyre, Thomas Patrick . .Valdese Setzer, Sally Ann Claremont Sharpe, Ida Kay Gastonia Sharpe, Judith Bennette . .Burlington Sharpe, Virginia Kay Mayodan Sha er, Teresa La Tie .... Rockingham Shaw, Doris Jean Lincolnton Shaw, Ola Jeanette Asheboro Shehan, Kaye Frances ....Lawndale Shepherd. Carlyle McArthur . . Sparta Shepherd, Carol Madge North Wilkesboro Shepherd, David Eugene . . .Ferguson Sheppard, Betsy Deane . . . High Point Sherrill, Julia Viola ...Sherrill ' s Ford Sherrill, Rodney Nixon Stanley Shoaf, Reginald Lee . . . .Thomasville Shcemake, Ezelle Elaine Boone Shoemaker, Ralph Colin .Miller Creek Shook, Helen Joyce Banner Elk Short, Cassandra Dianne .Mount Airy Shuford. Mickey Joe Marion Shunk, Katylee Hialeah, Fla. Sigmon, Doris Ann Taylorsville Sigmon, Frances Elaine . . .Claremont Sigmon, Jack Denny Maiden Sigmon, Janie Carol Claremont Silverstein, Gary Mitchell . .Charlotte Sisk, Carol Joan Bessemer City Sludcr, Nancy Elizabeth ...Asheville Smith, Audrey Christine ...Mayodan Smith, Belinda Ernestine ..Norwood Smith, Carl Daniel Fayetteville Smith, Carmen Eugenia . .Lawsonville Smith, Connie P Hialeah, Fla. Smith, Edith P Albemarle Smith. Frances Evelyn Charlotte Smith, Jacob Archie, Jr. Mt. Pleasant Smith, Janice Arleen Charlotte Smith, Joyce Byrel High Point Smith, Mary Carolyn King Smith, Mary Magdalene Elkin mith, Paula Gail Lenoir Smith, Rebecca Ann ....Minneapolis Smith, Robert Wayne Concord Smith, Sara Relfe Edenton Smith, Shirley Ann . .Winston-Salem Smith, Shirley Earlene ..Aiken, S. C. Smyre, Betty Jean Newton ( f% (5 P S " " ' P fP p 1 c? iv r Page One Hundred lUnlev Q f f f P f " ) f f% o C fV 1 J? 5 fTj .t jflfek j{jP%i B% iP ■ O " FRESHMEN Snider, Brenda Lee Woodleaf Snider, Mary Ann Lexington Southern, Susan Jane King Sowers, Virginia Gave Advance Spangler, Janet Theresa Shelby Spencer, iMary Ellen Hickory Spencer, William Earl Kinstan Spradlin, Elizabeth Ann Lenoir Spurrier, Peggy Elizabeth . . Charlotte Stallings, Julia Ann Hickory Stallings, Sandra Jean Durham Stansel, Charles Ronald . . Lumberton Starnes, Don Billue VVaxhavv Starnes, Julia Gayle Monroe Starnes, Steven Louis Candler Starr, Marilyn Deanna . . . Lincolnton Starr, William Andrew ....Gastonia St. Clair, Delores Kay Belmont St. Clair, Joseph Robert Denver St. Clair, Judith Carol Belmont Stephens, Aiarsha Ann Spray Stephens, William Paul, Jr. Clarendon Stevens, Dorothy Elizabeth . . .Garner Stewart, Mary Elizabeth Boomer Stewart, William Haskell, Jr. Belmont Stiller. Judy Carol Salisbury Stone, Cecil Aubrey Da ' idson Storie, Martha Janette Boone Strickland, Linda Ellen Dunn Strickland, Thomasena Hamlet Stoner, Ann Elizabeth Salisbury Stroupe, Francis Lee Morgantnn Stroupe, Mary Agnes . . . . Morganton Styles, Catherine Marie . . Bryson City Sudderth, Sara Katherine .Montezuma Sullivan, Sheila Diane Shelby Sumlin, Howard Steven Lenoir Summers, Patricia Lee Valdese Suratt, Brenda Leigh Denton Sweezy, Katherine Ann Fallston Talbert, Sara Kearns Albemarle Talbott, Margaret Ann . . . .Leaksville Tart, Carolyn Ann . . . Newton Grove Tate, Frank Dean Cherryville Taylor. John Wiley Newland Taylor, Kelly Ray . . North Wilkesboro Taylor, Marguerite Estelle . . . Purlear Teague, Janice Rita Lenoir Terry, Daphne Elisabeth West Jefferson Terry, Irene Ann V ' adesboro Thomas, Sandra Kay Hickory Thompson, Mary Carolyn . . Andrews Thompson, Patricia Diane . Newland Thompson, Sylvia Ann . . . .Pinebluff Page One Hundred Fourteen Thompson, Virginia Boyd . .Charlotte Thornburg, Brenda Morehead .Shelby- Thrasher, James Martin ..Kannapolis Throneburg, Sylvia Ann .... Newton Tiddy, Gary Eugene Shaw Air Force Base, S. C. Tillev, Linda Gertrude .Walnut Cove f rn . V — n Tillman, Patricia Lane ....Charlotte ' " - " - Tillman, Priscilla Leigh ...Charlotte . Lj ' . y " ' i i HlH ft k KBk B H H tfSH . Tolbert, Barbara Diane . . .Morganton . j.»Pi»» . mm ■- ' - Tre.xler, Donna Alice Candler ijP ' Ak r r JfEj ' Triplett, Betty Martha .Blowing Rock W ' » ' F ' - — " , mT ' ' f Trueworthy, Charles R. vlT " " " ' ' ' « ' " • ,.. Tucker, Doris Elizabeth ....Hamlet , 1 . " " " " ■ ■ Tulbert, William Franklin t P f - ' f " r Pr % r f ,,UJ f - ' - Turner, Jane Lynn Albemarle k - T - " J t - — ' . ' — Turner, Marian Annette .Laurel Hill t . . i . BmW . r k. .J f Turner. Thomas . H S I li S I H A V I H m k Tyson, Mitchell Douglas ...Waxhaw Kks» . Bk. -, Upton, Gary Dean Cherry ville .- ' HMfi l ' 1 l ' Ulk u l v ' ,Ly . ; , it; 4 Valentine, James Paul .Winston-Salem % i»- . - i .».. M ' ' ' " - W VanHoy, Carmisha Kay Olin ' ' J fT . Vaughn, James Aubrey, Jr. JW a w , % " L J l ifc — - x " - i 1 % . . » Oscar . B J H HR B i M L HIHL i J I HQ B H B Walden, Linda Alfreda Monroe g ( k. . k. — Walker. Bettv Sue ....Millers Creek IIm . k. iM ' r A Hk fn CTi wlI k-i w 5 ' k!i Walker, Jane Elizabeth ..Chapel Hill 1 - ' V . PpS I - V ' VL F Walker. Margaret Jean Candler . - r « ' ' . ■ ' " VTy " V » r Wall. Patricia Ann King . - ■ fcr " . JSL ' ■ . li Bi . Hln ki B B fl li jw. Ladson d KI B i M HI HB HI I !f ' H H 1 H HOR Walters, Carolyn Jane . . . State Road « t k V ' alters, James Duran Charlotte W ' M ' Sii ' ■ W B J - W J ' W - Walton, Carolyn Ann . . . Mooresville , , ' i». P 4 v T W " « ••• Ward. Patricia Ann Mt. Holly W " ' " " " " ' " L " .A T Ware, Martha Lou ..Kings Mountain . ' ' . » ' . ' James f R BSl HIB B feHfl l f H Watts, Barbara L Landis fflf i ' h W " A 0 ' ' .■ Waugh, Brenda Louise . .Stony Point Mi ' S m H - • ■ w ' - £i 3: - " ' 5; ' t ■ Wease, Keith Hayes Cherryville © ' -- ' » -7 ' ' M ' " ' ' " 1- ' " 1 Webb. Roberta Ann Morganton ■.. ■ - - - » -r- ' - • ' — — V ' ebb, Shirley Alice Pineola l r IT ' ' " tt " W " w v jg k H ' B ' HSl Welch, Lois Janette Boone . rfCsW IL . fl j J|. . V « Wcnz, Linda Dorothy .. Kendall, Fla. m " • RNU ' ' ■ West, Frances Ann Boone » , S W ? V Th M- ; " t ( " West, Janet Brenda Lexington 7 - ' • f- m ' f i " w- 1 ' " iVestall. Carolyn Faye Marion V ' ' .. « , " , - V " « Z ' ' Wheeling, Marv Elizabeth jh .i W W- w , ,N « ■»■ y K„.,... 1 g H Page One Hundred Fifteen J t (•..- ' M AIfedi .d iTi d ' jp.- -»• f fc " r e. c, o r, O A P Q f «r n ii i FRESHMEN W ' hisnant, Kay Elizabeth . .Charlotte White, Barbara Wren . . Wilkesboro White, Joseph Larry Casar Whitener, Martha R Hickorx Whitener, Pamela Dianne ...Hick(ji Whitley, James Larry Candor Whitson, Recia Roe Relief Whittington, Dianna Gail Taylorsville Whritenour, Louis H. ..Butler, N. J. Wilkerson, Martha Elizabeth Asheville Willard, Patricia Ann Salisbury V ' illiams, Bettie Arlene ....Spencer Williams, Fama Joyce ..Elon College Williams, Irene Ellen Charlotte Williams, Margaret Louise ..Durham V ' illiams, Theixlore Rixjsevelt Kannapolis V ' iniams, Trudy Arlene .Chapel Hill Williamson, Myrtle Carolyn Lumberton Williamson, Rebecca Susan .Ashcboro WilliFord, Janice Marie ....Clarkton Wilson. Carolyn Iva Nelle VWaverville Wilson, June Carol Charlotte Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Boone Wingler, Carole Lea Wilkesboro Wolfe. Marshall N Greensboro Wolfe, Michael Lynn ....Albemarle Wood, Garey Thedford Clayton Wixjdward, Shelby J Statesville Woody, Robbie Jean . . . Pisgah Forest Wright, Cynthia Piccola Grover Wright, William Thomas ....Shelby Wyatt, Toni Jo Spencer York, Barbara Sue Yadkin ille York, Horace Buford Harmony Yount, Gerald David . . . .Cherryville Yount, Nancy Jane Cherryville Younts, Janice Elaine . . . .High Point Young, Judith Neil Gastonia Young, Myrtle Virginia .Grassy Creek Young, Robert Joseph, Jr. Danville, Va. Zimmerman, Brenda Dianna, Advance Bnnvn. Pat Bocme Page One Hundred Sixteen GRADUATE STUDENTS Allen, Alice Andrea BuFord, Georgia Chandler, Martha Hope Lincolnton Gardiner, Donald S. Takoma Park, Md. Austin, Sue Fletcher Boone Cline, Catherine Sykes Stony Point Garner, Don Roger Pinehurst Giles, Katherine V. Harden, Milton B. Boone Cooke, Ralph Clyde, Jr. Mount Airy Forest City Gunter, Mary Anne Ninety Six, S. C. Bell, Ianice BeauFoit, S. C. Darlington, Doris Mooresville Hamilton, William Walter Merritt Island, Florida Boone, J. C, ]r. Boone DoRTON, Donald Lynn Boone Hatcher, John R., Jr. Lowell Page One Hundred Eighteen ' . » i«: M rm h ' 0 • J T1», .1 GRADUATE STUDENTS I lowARD, Betty Bostic Denver Howe, Richard Davis Latham, Illinois Jackson, Lynn R. Beulahville Kanipe, Donald Robert Charlotte KiRSTEiN, Jack Ashe ille LuiHN, S. Allan Miami, Florida Messere, Carl J. Paterson, N. J. Moore, Talmos Roger Boone Murphy, David L. Eagle Springs Norton, Baxter Laurel Hill Palmer, Morton Kent Elizabeth City Pokyak, Luke Wayne Boone PoNis, John Joseph Boone Shumaker, James K. Wilkesboro Vance, Jean Hicks Kings Mountain Vance, Thomas Mariin Marion Page One Hundred Nineteen .a nipj jif g i. h M. j 9 » ' [ - ' A STUDENT COUNCIL LIndcr the leadership of its president Bill Mauldin, the Student Council assumed and carried out many new and worthwhile projects. Included in these projects were sponsoring huses to our " home " games, presenting two campus-wide talent shows, sponsoring a Queen of Clubs Re ' iew, and conducting all campus-wide elections. All of this work was done in addition tti the regular Student Council acti ities. Our Council has worked long and hard this year and the students of Appalachian owe them a special vote of thanks, for they have set an excellent example of indus- try and responsibility for us. Senior Representatives Seated: Jeannie Belk. Isabella Newton. Bett ' Dayvault. Sumding: Frank Smith. Jerry Starnes, Bob Williams. Bill Maul- din, Oval Jaynes, and Charles Stanley. Junior Representatives Seat ed: Brenda VonCannon, Brenda Lackey, Sandra Kendall. Standing: Maurice Williams, Lonnie Thomas, Bill Fowler, and Vittorio Sanniota. Sophomore Representatives Seated: Ramona Craig, Sandra Kiser. Standing: John Alexander, Frank Maristanv. Freshman Representatives Tne Minor nnd Cherrie Mill. " BliTTY Day VAULT, Editor of Rhododendron Cynthia Cook, Business Manager of R HODODENDRON Business Staff Seated: Carol Berlin, Julia Eck- ard, Cynthia Cook, Barbara Till- man, Rosetta London, Brenda Swaim. Standing: Katylee Shunk, Beth Stevens, Ann Marie Jeter, Edith Humphreys, Louise Williams, Margaret Furr, Joan Hildebran, Louise Smith. Editor:al Staff First Roiv: Vena Gilliam, Patricia Wilson, Nancy Everidge, Judy K. Alexander, Alice Lee Gilbert, Patt Blackuell. Second Row: Catherine Sauls, Rebecca Linker, Patricia Parks, Frances Anne Baucom, Sandra Sacrinty, Judith Dages, Gail Sides, Priscilla Savage. Third Row: Linda Dorse, Karen Rankin, Clarol McKinney, Diane Murray, Carolyn Ran- dall, Barbara Bedwell, Lynn Newlin, juanita Clark, Joyce Smith, Philip Lawing. Fourth Row: Ruth Hunter, Mary Jo Austin, Barbara Sullivan, Nancy Phelps, Irene Grant, Rae Worthington, Marion Rush, Buddy Kerns. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven THE APPALACHIAN The Appalachian, a weekly newspaper which has no Faculty or aclministrati e censorship, is published by a stafF comprised of students who have at least a " C " aver- age and who like writing. An editor and a business man- ager are chosen in a campus-wide election each year during the latter weeks of winter quarter. Five delegates represented the publication at a national press con cntion held at Miami Beach, Florida, in No- ' ember. Dale Gaddv Editor of the Appahich ' ian In addition to membership in the Associated Collegiate, Inter-Collegiate, and Carolina Collegiate press associa- tions, the A.S.T.C. paper maintains an exchange system with newspapers of other colleges and uni crsities all ii er the United States and abroad. The Appalachian received a Class I honor rating last year, the highest distinction possible in its di ision of national competition. Martha Featherstone Business Manager of the Appalachian Mr. Rogers Whitener Dr. Gratis Wiilliams Sponsors of the Appalachian Seated: Treccia Ward and Ruth McCulloch- Co-News Editors. Standing: Pat Hardin, As- sistant Editor; Ronnie Brooks, Circulation Manager. Not Pictured: Ken Shelton, Sports Editor. Staff First Roir: Judith B. Miller, Bettye Hembree, Second Row: Nancy L. Walker, S Kia Teague, Nanci Tolbert. Deanna Starr, Mar- jorie Cole, Joyce ' ilson. Third Roxv: Larry R. Clark, Dillon Wilson, Maurice Thomas, Glenna Halsey, Joe Stephens, Brenda Von- Cannon, T. Cecil Shope. Staff Alice Williams, Marty Brady, Sandra Motley, Helen Monroe, Harriet Coffield, Joyce Wil- liams. . week thai beaiiii like niiy other week, hut yd one semes the difference. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK ilE 7% H M u 1 H " Who and Where is God? " was the theme for Religious Emphasis Week which was obser ed on the A.S.T.C. campus during February 4-7. Father Rodney Kirk, an Episcopal minister from Newton, was the main speaker for the entire week. Manv varied and interesting programs were presented h the various groups represented b ' the Religious Council which was under Barron Lee. I . L i. WHO and WHERE IS GOD A i]ue!,tion for study and thought. Nightly Dorm discussions ntake lis avarc nf the theme of HeUi ious Emphasis Week. Page One Hundred Thirty I lie rciiioii joy ilic uccc i of Religious Emphasis Week— everyone work ' i together. Barroti extends the campus ' ini ' itatio to " come again. " ■ .1 i OFFICERS Susan Groce Bette Carnes Gerri Medlin Barron Lee Mrs. Daisy W. Eggers Presidoit Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor First huw: Bette Carnes, iVkb. J. k. Parker, Jr., Mary E. Haralson, Mrs. Daisy V. Eggers, Gerri Medlin, Susan Groce. Second Row: Elaine Melton, Barbara L. Stanley, Nancy Mathis, Ina Cluer, Radeanna Ptmle, Patricia Hartsell, June Ridge Coward. Third Roil ' : John B. Kelly, David Andrews, Cliet A. Hill, Barron W. Lee, Henry W ' m. Greer, Frank T. Maristany, Tommy K. Bea er, Jimmy Martin. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The Relioious Council is the co ordinatino body of the ' arious student religious groujis. Its members are elected and ser ' e for a year ' s term. The main project of the Religious Council is sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week on the Appalachian Campus. During this week an outside speaker is invited to A.S.T.C. and xariotis programs are presented by each religious group on campus. Father Kirk, inx ' ited here hy the Religious Cotmcil, formed the niicletis of a iveek of open discussion on questions of religion. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First Roil ' Elizabeth Furr— Sunday School Superintendent Beveri-y Taylor— Traifnng Union Director Sharon Carpb tur— Enlistment Chairman Lena Couch— Ptihlicity Chairman Second Row Helen Smith— .Mission Chairman Gerri Medlik— Religious Council Xancy Lee Evans— Y ' . W. A. President Virginia Collis— Trai Editor Susan Weathersbee— z4( iJe(ic Chairtnan Third Ron- ' an ' da Mitchell— Co-Socin! Chairman Linda Butler— Forum Chairman Hazel Lail— ExfeHsio)! Chairman Tamara Cornwell— Music Chairman Anne Hendricks— Co-Socin Chairt}ian Fourth Row Foster Hayes— Sunda) ' School Superintendent Barron Lee— Presideul Henry Wm. (Hank) Greer— Director First Row: Don Parham, Foster Hayes, Janice Morris, Sharon Carpenter, Elaine Love. Virginia Collis, Nancy Lee Evans, Helen Smith, Hazel Lail. Lena Couch, Gerri Medlin, Wanda Mitchell, Henry W. Greer, Director. Barron W. Lee. Second Row: Sammie Rhea Halstead, Sandra Stallings, Eunice Hovis, Barbara Pollard, Mary Jane McFarland, Judith Ann Abernathy, Margaret Blanton, Geraldine Stephens, Ollie Mae Crutchficld. Lindi McKinney. y Third Row: Patt ' Norman. Brenda Benton, Faye Jackson, Brenda Snider, Billie Miller, Carolyn Glascoe, Linda Nesbitt, Addie Greene, Patricia Hargette, Kay Whisnant. Fourth Row: Joyce Smith, Mary Ellen Ble ins, Wanda Lou Bullington, Sylvia Arring- ton, Martha Dale, Claudine Bunton, Marion Cherry, Linda Dun- can, Martha Kay Brittain, J. D. Pennell, Eldon Rogers. Fifth Row: John Lett, Jr., Charles Gordon, Gene McCreary, Dan Mitchum. N ' i CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS: Jim Martin, President James Goode, ] ' ice-President Radeanna Poole, Secretary-Treasurer Rev. W ' . T. Ferneyhough, Advisor LeBrun N. Smith. Student Advisor First Row: Xanc Shearin, Radeanna Poole, Linda McLauchlin. Carol Puckett. Second Roir; Rev. W. T. Ferneyhough. James Goode, Jim Martin. Firsf Roil ' : Patricia Hartsell, Elaine U ' hisnant, Jane Sparks. Brenda Engle, Carolyn Norton. Second Row. Rita Alexander, Vicki Graham, Joyce Moton, Brenda Rash, Annette Garrison, Joyce Huss. Third Row: Reverend Edv n Troutman, Te.xie Wyant, Ann McGary, Myra Seitz, Betty Smyre, Nancy Henson, Sarah Lockwood, Sara WVant, Mrs. Donna Sink. Fourth Row: Kennet h Hilderbran. Charles Sink, Clarice Farrington, Tonita Helms, Tony Sipc, Linda Graeber, John Sink, Don Ratchford. LUTHERAN STUDENT GROUP OFFICERS: Patricia H.artsell, President Elaine VVhisnant, 1st ' ice-President Jane Sparks, 2nd ' ice-Prcsident Brenii. Engle, Secretary Carolyn Norton, Treasurer Reverend Edwin Troutman, Sponsor .Mrs. Donna Sink, Sponsor ill si ion. Mary Williams, Marienne Miller, Edna Evans, Carolyn Carpenter, Lila Holden, Lynda Mock, Gloria Perrell. Second Row: Michael Allen, Karene Poteat, Brenda Sue King, Sylvia Carson, Sara Graham, Sandra Allen, Norma Cline, Cheryl Lowery. Third Row; Larry Griffie, Nancy Shearin, Virginia Coe, Sarah Bunn, Harriett Powell, Isabella Newton, Jan Rudisill, Randy Sue Yu, Marcus Cooke. FmiTth Row. Dean Tate, Carolyn Dougan, Gale Harrington, Mrs. J. K. Parker, Rev. ]. K. Parker, Jr., and Joyce Williams. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS: Larry Griffie, President Clark Trivette, 1st ' ice-President Shirley Smith, 2nd X ' ice-Preiident Barbara Savelle, Secretary Sara Graham, Trensiirer Isabella Newton, Synod Moderator Mrs. J. K. Parker, Sponsor WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS: Charles Stanley, President Lucille Mayes Isl ice-President JovcE Leatherwood 2nd ' ice-President Nancy Jo Ivester, Secretary Nancy Smith, Treasurer Barbara L. Stanley Representative to Religions Council l) vii) .AiMJiitws, Director First Roir: David .-Xndrews, Charles B. Stanley. Lucille Mayes, Joyce Leatherwood, Barbara L. Stanley, Nancy Jo Ivester, Nancy Smith. Second Roiv: Gail Kirkpatrick, Dianne Blackwelder, Ina Cloer. Phyllis Bulla, Mike Raybon, Linda Eaker, Kathy Pittman. Third Roir: Glenn Pharr, Jill Knight, Gayle Euliss, Judy K. Alexander, Alice Johnson, Janice E. Phillips, Judie Hudson, Carolyn Rhoney. Fourth Roxv: Steve Starnes, Brenda Stephens. Beverly Miller, Gaye Cook, Lynn Adkins, Lynda Brewer, Betty UTiite, Emily Blanton, Sue Dancy. Fifth Rcnv: Robert Townsend, Don Greer, Carolyn Beam, Eugene Reynolds, Linda Sue Gero, Ann Mercer, James Christenburv. Fred C. Pierce. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS: Isabella Newton, President Janice Coffey, Vice-President Susan Groce, Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ray Derrick, Sponsor First Ron ' : Martha Clough, Emma Jean Morris, Jiiiu I .1 Roil ' .- Ray Derrick, George Simmons. Rhenda Hnuck. Isal rock. |,M...r C .11. A, .ccu,nt a . e t(iii. lohn Roth- Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS: Nancy Mafhis, President Jill Knight, Vice-President Phy ' llis Blake, Secretary Phyllis Massey, Trensiirer Mary Jane McFarland, Reporter Peggy Gregson Religious Council Reporter Mrs. Mary Haralson, Sponsor First Rmv: Phylhs Blake, Jill Knight, Mrs. Haralson, Nancy Mathis, June Coward. Phyllis Massey, Mary Jane McFarland. Second Row: Mary BuUard, Elaine Love, Nancy Smith, Jeanette Dunn, Patricia Wilson, Emma Faye Jackson, Sylvia Arrington. Third Rmv: Linda Davis, Deleta Holland, Jolene Harris, Gail Sides, Carolyn Joyncr. Sandra Sacrinty, Gail Friday, Elaine Melton, Ann Moore. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS: Dean Brown, President Pat Graham, Vice-President Denni ' Smitherman, Secretary James Teague, Treasurer Ken Howell, Piihlicity Chttirman Clyde Ingle, Sponsor First Roil ' .- Denny Smitherman, Clyde Ingle, Pat Graha Howell. Second Row: Deleta Holland, Thomas Da - Townsend, Ralph Cooke, Mary Fern Bullard. Kami l)iuJiLit , Ken Robert Brown, Robert Fi ' rsf Roir: Ernie Hotard, Connie Jameison, Bob Daly. Second Row: Marion Blair, Linda Wenz, Maryannc Corlis, Father Ralph Monk, Father William McSweeney, Maryann Mascott, Greg Van Orden, Ken Banks, Bob Rollins. Carolyn Tart, Carolyn Godwin. Third Row: Bob Wright, Al Robillard. Jane Harrison. Bob Fincllo, Patty Jung, Carol Berlin, Bill Miller. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS: Joe Yatsko. President John Kelly, Vice-President Connie Jameison, Secretary Bob Daly, Treasurer E. P. Hotard, Sponsor Father Ralph Monk, Chaplain N. E. A, First Row: Ruth Daughtry, Pat Ellington, Millie Benfield, Eileen Creasy, Becky Dezern. SalK Flynt, Deleta Holland, Nancy Phelps, Juanita Clark, Lee Reynolds. Second Row: Barbara Burgess, Christine Eller, Peggy Felts, Clara Greene, Barbara L. Stanley, Grace Toney, Carol Lou James, Mary Keever, Sandra Lee Allen, Marsha White, Soundra Gooch. Phyllis Mitchell. Third Row: Edith Evans, Nancy Goodnight, Sue Goforth, Margaret Hobson, Margaret Pitman, Angell White, Martha Sue Pendry, Greta Moser, Evelyn Dillard. Kay Fula, Priscilla Greene, Martha Feather- stone, Charlotte Kozub. Fourth Row: Betty Spainhour, Natalie Smith. Jessie Hester, Amy Kepley, Mary Jo Austin, Betty U ' hite. Judy Hefner, Shirley Atkins, Sara Williams, Margaret Coffey, Eleanor Gibson, Linda Jane Davis, Patricia Graham, Mary Fern Bullard, Charlotte Eidson. Fiftli Row: Rebecca Coppley, June Coward, Phyllis Massey, Ann Moore, Girar d Chambers, III, Ear! Owens, Bobby Wilmer Brown, Rosetta London, Barbara Tillman, Nancy Smith, Katyna Wright, Elaine Vaughn, Jan Rudisill, Sara Graham. OFFICERS: Becky Dezern, President Eileen Creasy, Secretary Sally Flynt, Treasurer Deleta Holland, Program Chairman Pat Ellington, PuhJicity Cliairman Millie Benfield, Social Chairman Lee Reynolds, Sponsor ? .. PHI BETA LAMBDA First Row: Dawn Duvall, Charlotte Kozub, Ph liis Hamilton, Rosemary Edwards, Carol Daves, Ann Sweezy. Second Row: Larry Lentz, INIartha Featherstone, Yvonne Sherer, Jim Reeves, Jim Jones. Third Row: Gail Andrews, Carolyn Low- dcr, Margaret York. Bonnie Broome. Pat Jarrett, Martha Wright, Brenda Black, Xell U ' Ren, Carolyn Reavis, Polly Phipps, Judy Ellington. Fourth Row: Jakup R. Koonts, James C. Lingle, Sam B. Zimmerman, Bennie C. Weaver, J. Thomas Davis, George McClelJan. David N. Smith, Rem Shoemaker, Melvin M. Miles, Richard B. Gregory, Frank R. Smith, Jim Edmiston. PHI BETA LAMBDA, lormcrly the 1 utuiL ' Business Lead- ers of America, is a business fraternity endea ' oring to stim- ulate an interest in business education and a career either in the business world or in teaching commercial courses. ITie club is sponsored b - James Jones and is open to all business education majors v ith a quality point rating of 250. One major vearly project of the club is noted participation in Homecoming. Congratulations to Jim Reeves, club president, for a job well done. Sealed: Martha Featherstone ' ice-President Yvonne Sherer, Secretary Martha Wright Slate CoUegiate ' ice-President Pauline Phipps, State President Standing: jiM Reeves, President Lahhv Lentz. Treasurer CHORALE Firsf row: Mary C V ' helancl, Brenda IJavis, Jean Fuller, Fa e IJa is, Sheila Ci. Perr ' , Beverly Taylor. Second row: Clinton Parker, Susie Ford, Mr. Hoyt Safrit, Director; Jane Brown, Tom Deese. Third row: Jim King, Stephen Vaughn, Buddy Hatcher, Lowell Uotsnn. Edward Foil, Toby Burleson. WOMEN ' S CHORUS Mr. Jim King, Director Sanora Kiser, Accompanist First row: Annette Shuford, Ruth Ann Bicknell, Peggy Jean ' atts, Judy Carpenter. Linda Starr, Sarah Barlowe, Elaine X ' aughn, Mary Alice Craig, Andrea Ruth ' illiains, Eloise Thomp- son, Barbara Ann Bobbins, Catherine Sauls, Louise Smith, Carol Jones, Becky F. Shaw, Joyce D. Moton, Lucy Brown, Sue Billings, Rebekah Honeycutt. Second row: Peggy Flill, Ann Hilton, Barbara Bedwell, Anne Parrish, Dee Jee Hensley, Patricia Wilson, Janice Stewart, Carolyn Godwin, Billie Triplett, Becky Burgess, Bettie V ' illiams, Pat Thompson, Dolores Eudy, Judy K. Alexander, Emma Faye Jackson, Edith McKibbin, Patricia Ann Edwards, Carol Ann Hardin, Sara Graham, Helen Smith, Iva Nelle Wilson, Patricia Hargette, Joey Davis. Third row: Flannah Francis, Joan Henderson, Bettyc Hembree, Sue M. Whisnant, Sandy Sacrinty, Tina Robinson, Jane P(X)le, Rebecca Williams, Sharon Carpenter, Mary Lib Collins, Eileen Creasy, JoAnn Williams, Rosetta London, Claudia Layell, Susan Weathersbee, Priscilla Wilkinson, Joan Morrison, Claudine Bunton, June Isaac, Jane Brown, Helen Prevattc, Marsha White, Wanda Lou Bullington, Margaret Kluttz. Fourth row: Linda Yates. Cheryl Lovvery, Linda Butler, Anne Hendricks, Sarah Oldham, Jovce Newton, Jan Easter. Gail Sides. Shirlev Hudson. Marv Leu Fowler. Sari Phillips. Sylvia ' Sechler. BAND C( First row. Eunice ScltlvI, liob LeFever, Joyce Henderson, Pam Whitener, Max Smith, Elaine Melton, Babs King, Judy Sharpe, Carolyn Cook, Ann Spradlin. Second row: Martha Dale, Joyce Leatherwood, Geneva Myers, Crystal Williams, Archie Ritchie, Linda Reavis, Bob Daly, Barbara Stanley, Nancy Moore, Kaye Sharpe, Marsha Derey, Carl Haenselman, Dr. ' U ' illiam Spencer, Bonnie V ' alls, Betsey Lee. Third row: Jerry Mashburn, Carolyn Rhoney, Janice Phillips, Jan Russell. Betty Jean Davis, Tom Turner, Carolyn Rivers, Jerry Rowland, Wayne Davis, Bill Stewart, Audrey Smith, Gail Rodgers, Carolyn Scoggins, Nancy Mathis, Hauser Flynt. Fotirth row: Dean Hall, Doug Craig, Ed Johnson, Bob Moyer, John Lett, Ron Pojedinec, Mike Cagle, Harry Booth, Danny Mitchum, Becky Burgess, Sharon Johnson. Fifth row: Keith Elvin, James Graeber, Larry Lynch, Tom Deese, Don Grigg, ' an Wallace, Mike Griffith, Franklin Durham, Martha Moore, Mike Cannon, Dale Mauldin, Carolyn Blevins, Brenda Zimmerman, Gloria Cooper, Larry Allen. Randall Elbel, Jim Miller. Standing: left, Tom Naylor, assistant director; n ' g i , Charles Isley, director. Mr. Charles Isley Director S .B First Violins: Mary Gail Kirkpatrick, Concert-Mistress; Maria Ernestun, C iv thia Stiles, Ronald Blackmon, June Canjl Wilson, Betsy Hope Lee. Second ' iolins: Eva Uanay Erneston, Faye Davis, Joanne Haigler, Stephen Vaughn, Azalee Wilson. ' io ns.- Martha Ann Moore, Robert Mover, Larry Lynch. Linda Harwood. Celli: Shirley Rogers, Randy Elbel, Robert Daly, Millie Elliott, Shirley Jackson. String Basses: Michael Cannon, Thomas Deese. Percussion: Larry Allen, Gloria Houston, Carolyn Blevins. Flutes: Carolyn Cook, Judith Sharpe. Oboes: Pamela Whitener, Alice Cain Greer. C art«e(s: Eunice Secrest, Robert LeFever. Bassoon: William G. Spencer, Janie Price (Absent for picture). French Horns: Wayne Davis, Jerry Rowland, Carolyn Rivers, Charles Isley. Triimpefs: Ron Pojedinec, Harry Booth, Thomas Naylor. Trombones: |ames Graeber, Keith Elvin, Douglas Craig. ORCHESTRA Dr. Nicholas Erneston Conductor APPATONES First row. Jim Miller, Randy Elbel, Jane Brown, vocalist; Bob LeFever, Carl Haensel- man, William Stewart, Lowell Dotson, Hauser Flynt. Second row: Jim Graeber, Larry Lynch, Keith Elvin, Tom Deese. Third rem-. Jan Russell, Danny Mitchuni, Harry Booth, John Lett, Ron Pojedinec. First row: Faye Davis, Linda Harwood, Azalee Wilson, Wanda Lou Bullington, Clara Jane Brown, Carolyn Blevins. Second row: Becky Burgess, Douglas A. Craig, Gloria Houston, Jerry Rowland, Judy Sharpe, Jane Greene, Joanne Haigler, Martha Ann Moore. Third row: Ron Pojedinec, Robert LeFever, Millie Elliott, Mike Can- non, Jim Graeber, Wayne Davis. Stephen Vaughn. Jerry Mashburn, Carolyn Cook, Elizabeth Fox. MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB OFFICERS Stephen Vaughn President Gloria Houston Vice-President Martha Ann Moore Sec.-Treas. Faye Davis Reporter Elizabeth Fox Sponsor MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS Buddy Hatcher President Stephen X ' aughn . . . .Mc- ' Pres ' uieiit Clinton Parker . . . . ... .Secretary Lowell Dotson Treasurer X ' lRGlNlA LiNNEY SpOllSOr and Director ? 3 7 R m r- 1 m r a I »j ' " I " ♦• jif j -a ,- i ' " ! ■»- Firs, row: Jane W ' ikon, Juanne Haigler, Shirley Jacksun, Elizabeth Greer, Judy Nantz, Virginia Wary Linney, Director, Marguerite Taylor, Carol Lou James, Brenda Laughter, Carol Ann Benn, Gloria Jeanne Church. Second row: Frances Covington, Jane Greene, Jane Hodges, Mary Ann Gunter, Gloria Houston, Judith R. Taylor, Janice Carolyn Morris, Tamara Cornvveil, Sylvia Sechler, Flora Friend, Sylvia Ann Thompson, Shirley Hoke. Third row: Millie Elliott, Gayle Watson, Tommy Beaver, Clinton Parker, Roy V ' atkins, Stephen Vaughn, John B. Brown, Jr., Frank H. Crow, Jr., Tom Deese, Millie Benfield, Wanda Lou Bullington, Sammie Rhea Halstcad. Fourth row: Ronald Hill, Buddy Hatcher, Earl Owens, Melvin Miles, Donald Grigg, Edward Foil, Lowell Dotson, Tobv Burleson, Llovd H. Moore, Michael Allen. First roil.- Jo Drolette, Mary Ellen Blevins, Sarah Ellen Lockwood, Betty Lou Criss- man, Mary Yoder, Sandra Motley, Juanita Clark. Second row: Terry Stephenson, Marjorie Cole, Nell U ' Ren, Betty Greene, Ann Yarbrough, Catherine Tucker, Julia Sherrill, Earl Paisley. ? 1 ■ ■ ■■ ' ' 1 iiiaaiiiifj R MATH CLUB OFHCERS Glenn Sellers President Jo Drolette ' ice-President Pat Hartsell Sec.-Treas. Catherine Tucker Correspoiidiua Secretary Mary Ellen Blevins Publicity Chairman Dr. Golden Buckland Sponsor LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Elizabeth Furr, President Audrey Sidden, Vice-President Lydia Ballard, Secretary Becky Honeycutt, Treasurer First il ' i., l ' ,.iL W 1.1 ilimu. I ' . Martha Smoot, Jan Hanner, iMarcia Miller, Carolyn XA ' alton. Secund Huw: Shirley Atkins, Priscilla Savage, Gail Dobbins, Judy Hefner, Lydia Ballard, Elizabeth Furr, Rebecca Huneycutt, Ina Cloer. Third Row: Miriam B. Burleson, Rebecca Williams, Sarah Bunn, Becky Rivers, Sally Fh-nt, Lynne Branch, Barbara Stanley, Beverly Miller, Sarah Moore. Fourth Row: Brenda Black- burn, Becky Dezern, Nancy Jo Ivester, Ann Letterman, Annette Carrigan. Mary Joyce Holland, Betsy Cumby, Gladys Rector, Mary Rhudy. I Iot Pictured: Jean Phelps, Marian Green, Kay Sharpe, Audrey Sidden, Mable Calloway. Connie Helms. First Roir: ' ilma Davis, Mary Fern Bullard, Claudia Moss. Second Row: Rae W ' orthington, Priscilla Savage. Mary Alice Craig, Deleta Holland, Lizzie Mae Church, Diane Chappell. A. C. E. OFFICERS Pat Iackson, President W ' ilma D.wis, Vice-President Claudia Moss, Secretary Ann Green, Treasurer irsf Row: Paul Lentz, Bennie Cozort, George Ragan, Ed Barnwell. Second Row: I luward S. Decker, Phillip Murray, Roger Harwood, William E. Proffitt, Foster L. Hayes, Al Robillard, Charles McLean, David H. Rigsby. Third Rmv: John A. York, Larry Allen, Carlyle Shepherd. John Howard Phipps, John C. Dover, Warren Hor- tun, Larry Crabtree, Bud Plotts. ruurth Ron-; Douglas Dobbins, James Willard, Ma.x Taylor, Hardin J. Rayall. John Ciiitfin. Billy C. Baird, Tim Howell, David Shepherd. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS Paul Lentz, President Bennie Cozort, Vice-President CiEORGE Ragan, Secretory Ed Barnwell, Treasurer Howard S. Decker, Co-Sponsor David H. Rigsey, Co-Spousor First Row: Dr. W. G. Sink, Brenda Penley, Isabella Newton, Pitsa Maheras. Second Row: Mrs. Gelene A. Atwood, Phil Sexton. Charles Sink. Third Row: James Greene, (... lu, r, Miles. Al Overbav. Bill Settlemyre. APPALACHIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Isabella Newton. President Clark Trivette, Vice-President Brenda Penley, Secretary Pitsa Maheras, Treasurer Dr. W. G. Sink, Sponsor MEN ' S " A " CLUB Left Side: Mike Rayb.n. Runnie Byrd, Bill Cook, Bill Bradley, Bill Church, Rex Stuart, Mike Chandler, Darrell Saunders, Wayne Barker, Doug Wall, Maurice Smart, Jr., Jim Richardson, Bill Mueller. Right Side: Lonnie Thomas, Larry Shrader, Eddie Lanier, Jim Hayes, Larry Nance, Gene Styles, Harold Getting, Sandy Edwards, Bill Jarrett, Bruce Suddreth, Joe Yatsko, Sherrill Norville, Bill Mayhew. Across: Frank Smith, Mike Lassiter, Ron Whittaker, Robert Breitenstein, Sponsor, Glenn Wilson, Don Gardiner, Ken Shelton. OFFICERS liM Hayes President Bill Jarrett Mce-Presideiit Bill Mayhew Secretary Maurice Smart Treasurer Sherrill Norville Chaplain Rex Stuart Sergeaut-at-Arms PLAYCRAFTERS IJarbara Savelle Preiideut Carolyn Pickett Vice-President Anne Parrish Secrejary Carol Taylor Treasurer loE Stephens Editor of Playbill Beverly Taylor Ciistodinii Ierry Bryant Custodian Behind the scenes people. AU work and no play. ■ One Hundred Forty-eight First Ron-. Raylenc Ball. Gay White, Duris Elliott. Martha Siiinot, Gail Dobbins, Beverly Taylor. Second Row: Rae W ' orthington. Carolyn Pickett. Sharon Palmer. Hazel Weaver, Louise Smith, Connie Jameison, Marcia Miller, Carol Taylor. Third Row: Steve Wells, Robert Townsend, Joe Stephens, Jerry Bryant, Charles Gordon, ClifF Berrier, Mary Keever, Barbara Savelle. OKLAHOMA! and its campus- wide stars. Page One Huitdred Forly-nine VARSOUVIANNA OFFICERS Bill Ford, President CvNTHL Cook. Vice-President Sarah Ann Cox, Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Jim Sawyer, Sponsor Kneeling: Pat Graham. First Ron-.- Cynthia Cook, Bill Ford, Mary Williams. Second Row. Al Robillard, Nell U ' Ren, Sarah Ann Cox, Nancy Shearin, David Rhinehart. MODERN DANCE OFFICERS Mary Williams, President Yvonne Sherer, Vice-President Virginia Coe, Secretary Linda Yates, Treasurer Rose Ellen Farrington, Publicity Bettye Hembree, Piihlicitv First Row. Janie Sigmon, Sandy Schell, Bettye Hembree, Rose Ellen Farrington, Mary Williams. Second Ron-: Linda Yates, Virginia Coe, Doris Gillespie, Yvonne Sherer, Ann Stoner. Third Row. Sall ' Ann Setzer, Imogene Lowman, Freda Gilles- pie, Dorothy Kanupp, Emma Jean Morris. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Sue Goforth, President Sarah Ann Cox, Vice-President Nancy Henson, Secretary-Treasurer Linda Gero, Reporter Carolyn Norton, Reporter Miss Mary Brown Allgood, Sponsor First Row: Sue Got ' orth, Sarah Ann Cox, Nancy llcnson. Sccaiul Ron Eloim Thompson, Sue BilHngs, Lynn Adkins, Juanita 1 lawkins, Linda Geru, Ann Spralhn, Doris Ann Adderholdt, Judy Carpenter, Annette Garrison, Jane Henson Third Rmv: Jane Wright, lean Stephenson, Louise Greene, Dianna Neal, Anne Tinslev, Linda McSwain, Lynda Mock, Linda Sue Whittington. Fourth Row: Wanda Davis, Suzie Apple, Yvonne Stepp, Carolyn Norton, Millie Benlield, Barbara Sullivan, Judie Hudson, Kathy Pittman, Margaret Pitman. The Lambda Zeta Chapter of ALPHA PSI OMEGA was the first organization on campus to become a Greek letter fraternity. Their purpose is to honor those who excel in play production; one must belong to the Playcrafters and be skilled in all facets of play production to be allowed to be a member of the group. f grh ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFHCERS Carolyn Pickett, President Barbara Savelle, Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Roger Whitener, Sponsor MEiVIBERS : Sharon Edwards Charles Gordon Anne Parrish Carolyn Pickett Barbara Savelle Carol Taylor CHI LAMBDA CHI AH presidents of all clubs and organizations on Appalachian ' s campus belong to this society; their main function is to discuss any problem that may arise within the various clubs. CHI LAMBDA CHI ' s responsibilities include organizing Saturda ' night recreation and conducting the Homecoming parade. They also .serve as a public relations committee between the student body and the Student Council. David Smith, President Barb. ra Savelle. ' ice-President Isabella Newton, Secretary Mrs. Maxie Edminston, Sponsor Mr. Paul Bagley, Sponsor .MEMBERS: John Alexander Jeannie Belk Dean Brown Cynthia Cook Betty- Davis Wayne Davis Betty- Dayvault Becky Dezern Richard Farris Elizabeth Furr Dale Caddy- Sue Goforth Susan Groce James Hay-es Pat Jackson Bob Jarrett Oval Jaynes Ann Lambert Ted Ledford Paul Lentz Nancy- Mathis Bill Mauldin Larry Nance Isabella Newton Brenda Penley- Carolyn Pickett Jim Reeves Barbara Savelle Glenn Sellers Yvonne Sherer David Smith Sandra Snyder J. cQUELYN Steele Jerby ' West Crystal Williams Mary ' ILLI.■VMs Robert Williams MEMBERS: BoARDMAN Caraway Carolyn Carpenter S x A Carson Joseph Elrod Susan Groce Nathan Hauser Rhenda Houck Priscilla Jaynes Shirley Miller Isabella Newton Martha Stephens Mvrna Stephens Jerry West Dr. I. W. Carpenter Dr. F. Ray Derrick Not pictured: Ianice Coffey The Beta Psi Chapter of BETA BETA BETA is an honorary biologi- cal society open only for those students who have maintained a B average in at least fifteen hours of biology. During fall and winter quarters pledges are rushed. BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS Jerry West President Susan Groce Vice-President Priscilla Jaynes Secrefarr and Treasurer Isabella Newton Historian Dr. I. W. Carpenter and Dr. Ray Derrick Sponsors Page One Htindred Fifty-three PI OMEGA PI The Gamma Psi Chapter of PI OMEGA PI is open to juniors and seniors with a 3.00 quality point average in business; their purpose is to promote interest and high ideals in business and teaching. Being a serv- ice organization, they are important in aiding the activities in the busi- ness department. OFFICERS David Smith President Yvonne Shereh Vice President Betsv Greene Secretary Jerry Ritchie Treasurer KIary Jo Austin Historiati Mrs. Ann Blackburn Sponsor Miss Jane Riner Sponsor MEMBERS Louise Atkins Mary Jo Austin John K. Boyte Ruth Parlier Boyte Christine Brown rt L JiM tftJiN Lucy Brown Jack Coffey Carol Daves Thomas Davis Dawn Duvall Martha Featherstone Katy Gordon Betsy Rogers Greene Richard Gregory Phy ' llis Hamilton Imogene Lowman Johnsie Martin Mary Jane McFarland Roy- Eugene Reynolds Jerry Ritchie Yvonne Sherer David Smith Frank Smith James Matt Smith Nell U ' Ren This National Honor Society encourages professional growth hy hon- oring achievements in the social studies; acknowledgment is also given to those who have a 250 quality point rating and to those who have a B average. Only juniors and seniors are permitted to join. OFFICERS Ted Ledford President John Kelly First Vice-President Sheila Norton Second Vice-President Lydia Ballard Secretary Mr. John Justice Treasurer Mr. John Justice Sponsor PI GAMMA MU MEMBERS Lydia Ballard Brent5A Blackburn Harry ' Cooke Roy Franklin Don Garner Clara Green Margaret Hobson Nancy ' Jo Ivester John Kelly Ted Ledford Sheila Norton Helen Burch Edwin Dougherty Rena Hoover Vance Howell John Rouche G. L. Sawyer D. J. W ' hitener J. C. YoDER Not Pictured: I Iarry Sherwood Mr. John Justice Mr. James Sawyer Page One Hundred Fifty-five PI KAPPA DELTA Students ulici have attained higli standards of achievement in forensic ac- tivity compose the membership of the Xorth Carolina Epsilon chapter of PI KAPPA DELTA. Intramural and inter- collegiate debating are the important activities of the group; this has placed the society in a position of outstanding leadership on campus. OFFICERS P. TRiciA DowuNG, President R. MONA Craig, " ice-President Barbara Doub, Secretary Leo K. Pritchett, Sponsor Ramona Craig Barbara Doub Edwin Dougherty Pat Dowling Daisy W. Eggers G. P. Eggers Leo K. Pritchett ]. D. Rankin Loris Shipman I. D. Whitener Cratis Williams Lorn.4 Cockman DEBATORS Staudhig: Jerry Rouland. Ben Brown, Tom Rhyne, Steve Starnes, Bill Wal- lace, Ellis Boatman. Sealed: Frances Phillips, Linda Petty, Barbara Doub, Grace Toney, Barbara Deal. Grace Lain. Lcjt Side: Cynthia Cook, Jane Walker, Jud EUingtun, Joanne Carter, Janet Holin, Jan Hanner, Jill Knight. Right Side: " B " Zimmerman, Barbara Riddle, Donna Havnaer, Libby Shoup, Martha Wood, Carol McAllister. Across: Gerald Swaim, Marion Rush, Joe Lukazewski. Not Pictured: Betty Davis, Martha Stephens, Barbara Forbes, Avis Alexander, Eileen Ackerman. Ka Thomas. FLYING FISH OFFICERS Betty Davis President Marion Rush ' ice-President Marth.i Stephens Secretary Jill Knight Treasurer Cynthia Cook Reporter Page One Hundred Fifty-seven Ann Lambert, President Martha Stephens, Vice-President Kay Langston, Secretary Lois Holmes, Treasurer Rebecca Tomlinson, Sponsor WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row. Dorothy Lail, Linda Vaden, Pat Newby, Louise Walker, Judy Cummings, Joan Marcotte, Judy Flynn, Maryanne Mascott, Brenda Allison, Linda Moste, Myrna Stephens. Second Row: Miss Tomlinson, Susan Strickland, Diane Nichols, Nancy Hager, Tommye Strickland, Lois Holtnes, Georgia Landon, Patty Neave, Kay Thomas, Amy Madison, Mazie Matthews. Third Row: Emma Jean Morris, Martha Stephens, Mary Ann Corlis, Collen Riddle. Barbara Deal, Ann Snider, Joan Bal- lenger, Janet Keller, June Merrill. Fourth Bow: Marolyn McNeil, Peggy Phillips, Nelda Clifton, Loretta Deal, Brenda Jenkins, Ann Yarbrough, Sandra Fleming, Sara Smith, Lynn W ' alkup, CaroKn Morgan. Kay Langston. t ft COLLEGIATE CIVIC CLUB The Collegiate Civic Club is noted for its leadership abilit ' . In order to give its members an opportunity to practice this principle, the club elects new officers every quarter. In this way, the members of CCC are instilled with the ideals and practices of good leadership. ME.MBERS John Alex. nder Bruce Arrowood Bob Baker Ronnie Brooks James Christenbury Jimmy Collins Harry Cooke Tom Harrill Lowell Harris [oHN Hatcher Larry Hill Tom Hodges Bob Jarbett John Kelly Barron Lee Paul Lentz Jim Lincle Frank Maristany Bill Mauldin Ed May Tom McCartney Douglas McCravv Larry Nance Earl Owens Glenn Pharr Ralph Powell George Ragan Don Ratchfop.d Jim Reeves Eldon Rogers VlTTORIO SaNNIOTA Glenn Sellers Ron Shoemaker John Sink Maurice Smart Charles Stanley Jerry Starnes Jim Thornhill |. L. Wagoner Dick Welborn Kent Willard Allan Williams Bob Williams Cz . P Cvi f C ,«-- ' , P Q ( 9 P Q P, k- d COf P 9 Q ' (? p p p p w ft:M ,k i Pat Alexander Jeannie Belk Patt Blackwell Phyllis Blake Constance Carson Ina Cloer Edna H. Cook Clarice Harrington Sandra Fleming Elizabeth Purr Vickie Helms Noel Holman Gloria Houston- Pat HOWERTON Jill Knigiii Bbenda Lackey Joyce Leathehwood Sara Lockwood Carolyn Logan Inez Lytle Sarah Anne Lytton Norma Peacock Marion Rush Jackie Steele Martha Stephens Myrna Stephens Anne Marie Stultz VERNICIAN OFFICERS Seated: Anne Marie Stultz, Vice-Presi- dent: Jackie Steele, President: Sarah Anne Lytton, Ttreasiirer. Standing: Sandra Kendall, Puhlicity Chairman; Elaine Melton, Chaplain; Freddie Murphy, Program Chairman; Jewell Huffman, Scraphook Keeper. Not pictured: Edn:; H. Cook. Secretary. Ramona Craig Bettv Davis Betty Dayvault LoRETTA Deal Linda Dorse Lynn Easter Martha Erwin Jewell Huffman Priscilla Ja ' nes Gail Jenkins Ann Jones Peggy Kendall Sandra Kendall Sandra Kiser Joan Malcolm Elaine Melton Claudia Moss Joyce Murdock Freddie Murphy Gl enda McIver Ann Oglesby June Tharpe FrANKIE ToMnERLIN Erenda VonCannon Crystal Williams Mrs. G. p. Eggers, Sponsor SOCIETY Making, Plans for the St. Pat ' s Dance? FRENCH CLUB OFHCERS Roy Watkins, President Crystal Williams, Vice-Presidenl Faye McEntire, Secretary Glenn Pharr. Treasurer Sylvia Teagle. Reporter Dr. J. Roy Prince, Sponsor First How: Brenda Sue King. Annette Sliulurd, Ann Stmiei. S Ui,i li.AMi , L..ui c Walker, Carol McAllister, Judy Neal. Second How: Barbara Bliss, Glenn Pharr, Crystal Williams, Roy Watkins, Five McEntire, Sylvia Teagle, j. Roy Prince. Third How: Patricia Ann Richard, Gerri Medlin, Bettye Hembree, Brenda Wood, Paulette Queen, Marilyn Badgett, Theresa Morin, Carole Wingler, Betsy Nichols, Juanita Lewis. Fourth How: Charles Wilson, Dillon Wilson, Joyce Compton, June Isaac, Brenda VonCannon, Eunice Secrest, Martha Loyd, Catherine Tucker, Gail Sides, Claudine Bunton, Eldon Rog ers, Toby Burleson. First How: Richard Farris, Edna Evans, Doris Gillespie, Freda Gillespie, John Roth- r(x:k. Secotid How: Janice Rudisill, Brenda Blackburn, Barbara Stanley, Brenda Ben- ton. Third Row: Jim South, Tom Crayton, Mitchell D. Hoyle, Rudy Diamond, Thomas Davis. YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB OFFICERS Richard Farris, President Freda Gillespie, ' ice-President Edna Evans, Second ' ice-President Pat Hardin, Secretiiry John Rothrock, Treasurer hut,! lioiv: Elizabeth Green. Grace liiney, i inda White, Sandra Motley. Doris Jean Elliott, Gave Cook, Barbara Buchanan. Second Ro r: Carolyn Bird. Karen Daugh- erty, Pat Moore, Margaret Lewis, Joyce ' ilson, Susie Gouge, Pamela Brown, Kay Whisnant, Sara Little. Third Rmv: Bill Gonzales, Raleigh Wright, Frank Maris- tany. Jack Fannon, John Lett, Jr., Eldon Rogers, Gary Silverstein. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Eldon Rogers, President Frank Maristan -, Vice-President Cynthia Cook, Recording Secretary Joyce Wilson, Corresponding Secretary John Lett, Jr., Treasurer Jane Douglas, Historian Mrs. Maryo Walters, Sponsor William Gonzales, Sponsor VETERANS CLUB James M. Boyte, President Bruce Arrowood, Vice-President Thomas C. McCartney, Secretary John Boyte, Chaplain Dr. John VanNoppen, Sponsor Mr. William L. Eury, Sponsor Bruce Arrowood James Boyte John Boyte Jim Collins Paul Dellinger Gerald B. Denny ' Donald Dorton Claude Helton Robert Jarrett Ronald B. McKinney James T. Price James Thornhill William L. Eury John VanNoppen rB 6 n ! r.- Cabole Huneycutt College Hall I ' at Alexander Daiiph-Blau DoTTiE Fort Freshmen of East Gloria Houston iVt ' ii ' Wing of East ANDA Mitchell Old Wing of East Phyllis Phillips Lovill Hall Darrell Saunders fiistice Hall Frank Smith Newland Hall Dawn Duvall North Hall Linda Wenz North Hall Annex Brenda Lackey White Hall HOUSE PRESIDENTS ALPHA CHI OFFICERS Susan Groce, President Isabella Newton, Vice-President Brenda Penley, Secretary Rhenda Houck, Treasurer Francis Montaldi, Council Representative Dr. Iohn G. Harden, Sponsor Dr. Ina W. VanNoppen, Sponsor Foster Park. Sponsor First Row: Rhenda Houck, Brenda Penley. Francis Montaldi, Isabella Newton, Faye McEntire, Foster Park, Ina W. VanNoppen, John G. Barden. Second Row: Loretta Jean Deal, Crystal J. Williams, Nancy Jo Ivcster, Amy Kepley, Gail Kirkpatrick, Barbara Bliss, Carolyn Carpenter. Third Row: Patricia Hartsell, Roy H. W ' atkins, Peggy Joyce Wilson, Marie Leach Hicks, Clara Lee Greene, Lydia Ballard, Myrna Stephens, Nancy iathis, Marjorie Cole. Fourth Row: Eugene Reynolds, Sheila Norton, Betty Dayvault, David Smith. Brenda Blackburn, Janice Coffey, Brenda VonCannon, Martha Stephens, Glenn Pharr. JUNIOR COUNSELORS First Roir; Marty Brady. Freddie Murphy, Martha Erwin, Sara Graham. Elaine Mel- ton, June R. Coward. Second Bon-. Audrey Smith. Jessie Hester, Cheryl Lowery, Carole Stafford, Libby Carpenter. Third Row: Mickie Lynn, Betty Greene, Marion Rush, Amy Kepley, Sandra Fleming, V ' ilma Davis. Phyllis Blake. Jewel f uffman. j o( Pictured: Carolvn Blevins, Gail Andrews, Fave Matthews. First Row: Margaret Jo Harpe, Mary Martin, Sara Goodnight, Mary Ellen Blevins. Second Row: Martha Wray, Sara Williams, Brenda Rash, Grace Jones, Margaret E. Harwell, June Franks. Third Row: Reba Hawkins. Billie Miller. Mary Lib Collins. Bob Baker. Margaret Sigmim, Ellen Stemcn, Marie Harris, Charlene Adams. Fourth Row: Uon Ratchlord, Dickie W ' elborn, Robert McCarn, Richard Cansler, Larry X. Schronce. Maurice Sm?rt, Jr.. Ron Shoemaker. Tom Harrill, Foy Frazier. YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB OFFICERS M.vuRicE Sm.ap.t. Preiideut John Holleman, ' ice-Presideut Tom Haerih, Corresponding Secretary June Franks, Recording Secretary Cob Baker, Treasurer W . II. BiiiiDicK. Sponsor JUNIOR MARSHALS First row Brenda Penley Brenda VonCannon Isabella Newton Iris B. Hill Betty Dayvault Brenda Lackey LoRETTA Deal Second row Glenn Pharr JiiM Boyte Barbara Bliss Joan Whisnant S LI SAN Groce JERRY Starnes, Chief Marsha} Ierry West Third row John Boyte Nathan Hauser David Smith Robert Withrow Maurice Thomas Larry Hill Page One Hundred Sixty-six John Kirk was a man whom each of us remember because of his unselfishness and good will. He has been deeply missed as a friend and counselor to the students of Appalachian State Teachers Colleoe. We can never foroet this man, for he has become a part of us that cannot be torootten. Page One Uumired Sixly-scveu STATE } m 1 ' V THE FIGHTING MOUNTAINEERS 1961 SCOREBOARD Appalachian 22 Emory Henry 6 Appalachian 25 Western Carolina 12 Appalachian Appalachian . 23 Elon 6 Lenoir Rhyne 19 Appalachian 13 Catawba Appalachian , 22 Carson-Newman , 7 Appalachian Appalachian 16 East Carolina 14 22 Guilford Appalachian 7 Presbyterian 21 Appalachian Tampa (Fla.) , , 14 loE Bailey Co-Captain Frank Smith Co-Captain IiiM Duncan Head Coach " B S dHHBHUbkKl Appalach ' mn forces n punt. Homecoining Highlight. Oval Javnes Eugene Styles Joe Bailey Don Gardiner Frank Smith W. A. Cline Bill Isaacs jiM Hayes Pint Row: Don Gardiner, Eugene Styles, CK-al Jaynes, Larry Crutchlield, Rex Stuart. Bill Isaacs, Frank Smith, Joe Bailey, |ne Hightower, Jim Hayes, Bill Bradley. Second Roar: Ron Foster, Mike Chandler. Larry Harbin, Ken Umberger, Steve Curtis, Paul Dellinger, Bob Rollins, Greg Van Orden, Don Maulden, Bill Mayhew, Sherrill Norville. Third Rmv: Tom Culbruth. Tom Price. Glen Wilson. Dick Tickle, W. A. Cline, Jim Rice, Terry Harbin. Bill Church, Wesley Kelly, Nikki Helms, Larry Hand. Sandv Edwards. Mike Chandler Larry Crutchfield Bill Bradley Greg Van Orden Bill Church |oE Hightower A talent-laden backtield and a heavy forward wall powered Appalachian State to a 7-3 record during the 1960 football campaign. In conference play the Apps claimed the second spot with a 5-1 record, losing onl to arch-ri al Lenoir Rhyne. Performing in the nev ly formed Carolinas Conference, the Mountaineers piled up se en wins in their first eight games before dropping the final two contests. Sexeral App players were named to honorary teams, co-captain Frank Smith topping the list by being named to the Greensboro Daily News All-State team. Those making .All Conference included end Oval Jaynes, guard Frank Smith, tackle Joe Bjilex , center Bill Isaacs and halfback Don Gardiner. Bill Mayhew Larry Hand Sherrill Norville Tom Price s,9iRr AA Ronnie Bvrd . nd L.akrv Brewer, Tenin Tn Andy Virgil. Richard Greer, Jim Si Ed May, Bill Baillv, Miina ci:. Sandy Edwards Paul Dellinger Glen Wilson Steve Curtis Bob Rollins Don Mauldin Larry Harbin Terry Harbin Wesley Kelly NiKKi Helms Tom Culbrlith Dennis Saunders li.M Rice ' ' -m t -rr Robert Light Basketball Coach THE LIGHT BRIGADE Bob Dellinger Assistant Coach |l.M StROUP Team Manager Starting off poorly, the Appalachian Mountaint ' crs hit a hot streak after the Christmas holidays and soared to as high as fourth place in the ll-team Carolinas Confer- ence. However, losses on the road tumbled the App cagers to se enth place, where they rested with a week of the season remaining. The high point of the season was a 64-58 ictory over Lenoir Rhyne in a game marred by a near riot. Stars for the Mountaineers were numerous, but fresh- man Wayne Duncan and sophomore Jim Richardson shone the brightest. With only four games left, Richard son was averaging 16.1 points per game and Duncan 16.6 points. Only senior on the young team was captain and guard Harold Getting. Richard Ensley V. And Richanhun fights for the rebound. rm 11 Harold Getting LoNNiE Thomas Larry Shr. der Doug ' all 1961-1962 SCOREBOARD Appalachian . 63 Appalachian . 60 Appalachian 66 Appalachian 68 Appalachian . 84 Appalachian . 75 ji.M Richardson Appalachian Appalachian 51 . 75 Jack Lytton Appalachian . 76 Jim Goff Appalachian. . . 58 Wayne Duncan Appalachian 100 Appalachian 61 Appalachian. . . 81 Appalachian. . . . 81 Appalachian 61 Appalachian . 71 Appalachian . . . . 64 Appalachian. . . . 64 Appalachian . 72 Guilford 64 East Tennessee 74 Pfeiffer 63 East Carolina 74 Guilford 58 Lenoir Rhyne 85 Elon 78 Western Carolina 73 High Point 70 Pfeiffer 65 Newberry 79 Catawba 58 Atlantic Christian 61 Wofford (Double 0 ' ertime) 77 Atlantic Christian 70 East Carolina 74 Lenoir Rhyne 58 Newberry 67 Elon 45 PI John Dobbs Ierry Francis Paul Reynolds loE Hailey DwiGHT Witty, Assistant Coach " Dutch " Meyer, Coach WRESTLING SCOREBOARD 1961-1962 Appalachi Appalachi Appalachi Appalachi Appalachi Appalachi Appalachi 3 William Mary (NorFolk) 29 27 Knox ille YiMCA 8 25 Maryville 8 26 Pfeiffer 8 7 Lockhaven (Pa.) 22 29 Knox ille YMCA 2 14 iNorth Carolina 14 (Tie) Bill Cook Ken Shelton iirs( Rmv: Mike Raybon. I -in C r .uji. (ur.KI Sv .Mm, Bill Co.jk, Vatsk... Ken Shelton, Mike Lassiter, Bill Mayhew, Gary liddN ' , Bub Rullins. Second row. Dwight Witty, Bruce Parsons, Bob Wright, Marcus Cooke, John Rea. Joe Lukaszewski, Allen Tolbert, Robert Young, Jim Bishop, Bennett Gray, Larry Hand, Coach " Dutch " Meyer. Tom Crouch Gerald Swaim Mike Lassiter Gary Tiddv Form that takes first place in any meet. M i mmn First Row: Vittorio Sanniota, George NeSmith, Gerald Smith, Howard Murphy, Buddy Kirby, Eric DeGroat, Coach. Second How. Maurice Williams, Da ' id Wright, Bill Miller, Bud Brooks, Butch Hammersmith, John Fer- Huson. Dave Mclntyre, Coach. SWIMMING TEAM Prenieet planning session Practice swings make perfect. GOLF TEAM Left to right: Bruce Suddreth, Tom Sturgill, Willard Huldcii. Benjy Burnett, Francis Hoover, Coach. M0 % r,ili, ' r rain, nor snow . , . ' --f:y iMjiO First Row: Steve Harmon, Bob Dellinger, Tommy Wilson, Bob Morrison, Lci lII I, a nc Barker, John Day. Second Roir: Bill Jarrett, Lowell Harris, Glenvvood Bs-rd, Uarrell Saunders, Jim Kinney, Joe Key, Bob Burris. Third Row: Glenwood ' ilson, John Gwaltney, Robert Mot- tram, Fred Gragg, Clayburn Tavlor, Ken Metzer, Terry Bogle, Don Hill. BASEBALL With the pitching arms of Tommy Wilson, Boh Dellinger, and Bill Church and the heavy bats of Glenwood Wilson, Bob Morrison, and others, the Appalachian baseball team ended the season with a better than fifty-fifty score of nine wins and seven losses. Next year should also be good year for the App team as only a few key players will be lost through graduation. Post seasonal honors went to Bob Dellinger who was named to the 1961 All North State Baseball team. Congratulations to Coach Joe Bryson and the team. Page One Hundred Eighty-four BASEBALL SCOREBOARD, 1961 Home Opponents Western Carolina 11 9 Western Carolina 13 4 Catawba 1 2 East Carolina 6 East Carolina 13 Atlantic Christian 6 4 Elon 1 High Point 5 2 Lenoir Rhyne 9 6 Lenoir Rhyne Rained Out Pfeiffcr 4 2 High Point 3 4 Pfeiffer 2 3 Guilford 10 2 I V- p Bob Burris |iM Kinney Glenwood Bvrd Bob Morrison Fred Gragg Lowell Thomas " %, J iOrf¥ Glenwood Wilson Terry Bogle Tommy Wilson Bob Dellinger John Gwaltney Wayne Barker Bill jarrett Joe Bkvson, Coach Bill Barr, Assistant Coach l ipF » Spring practice begins. First Row: Joe Lukaszewski, Ken Mauer, Terry Bean, Tom Beaver, Curry Krider. Second Rorr: Dennis Oliver, Charles Walters, Robert York, Don Mauldin, Terrell West, Eric DeCoat, Coach. TRACK Despite inadequate facilities, the A.S.T.C. track team, initiated bv Eric DeGroat and now in its sec- ond year, has represented Ap- palachian well. Last spring the team attended both the National Association Inter-Collegiate Ath- letics Track Meet and the North State Conference Track Meet. In the NAIA Meet, Don Mauldin and Ken Mauer placed in the dis- cus and 220 Low Hurdles respec- ti ely. In the North State Con- ference Meet, Joe Lukaszewski placed in the two mile run and Terrell West tied for fifth place in the pole ault e ent. SOCCER First Row: Richard Gwaltney, Joe Yatsko, Augustine Quilici, Dar- ryl Saunders, Co-Captain; Jack Linker, Co-Captain; Glenwood Byrd, Joe Lukaszewski, Sam Zimmerman. Second Bo v: Mason Sykes, Jack Ritchie, Ronald Blackmun, John Green, Bud Brooks, Howard Murphy, Rex Walser, Milton Barden. Third Row: Tom Settlemyve, Manager; Fred Lakey, Joe Warwick, Bill Wampler, Bill Feaser, John Casstevens, Ken Vaughn, Ron Kanoy, Harold Triplett. Fourth Roiv: John Phillips, Jim McCurdy, Jack White, Guy Jones, Bill Settlemyre, Curry Krider, Tom Deal, Eric De- Groat, Coach. -•Mr- :; Martha Stephens. Georgia Landon, Tommie Lambert, Lois Holmes, loan Marcott. WOMEN ' S TENNIS The state-wide, one-day. Collegiate Tennis Tournament was held this year on the cam- pus of the University of North Carolina with fourteen colleges represented. The girls rep- resenting A.S.T.C. were Martha Stephens, Georgia Landon, Lois Holmes, Joan Marcott. Tommie Lambert, and Myrna Stephens, Man- ager. In the absence of " Doc " Thomas, women ' s tennis coach. Miss Margaret Law- son and Mrs. James Jones traveled with the team. Martha Stephens and Georgia Landon, defending doubles champions, brought back the championship once again by defeating Guilford, ECC, and Queens. This was the first time in the history of the tournament that this had been done. The finals were the regu- lation two out of three sets, but all other matches were one set only. Lois Holmes won a first close round, but lost to Jo Ann Cooper who was the final runner-up of the tourna- ment. Joan Marcott was beaten in the second round. FirSi Row. Larry Nance. Bin |iilinson, Ken Propst. Second How: Ronnie Smarr, Eddie Lanier. MEN ' S TENNIS .... , Slow and Easy—n rare iiiovemeiit for Nance. Xppulachian North Georgia 3 Appalachian 4 Charleston 5 Appalachian 4 Erskine 5 b m m n j t, Appalachian ( ' ) « ■ Western Carolin.i . 1 Appalachian 6 Miliigan . H V " i W " t Appalachian 3 B|k -J m mSl, GuilFord p V ' ]gKlh Appalachian 7 HHHKT M ■■ - ai»-«s High Point £S3U V •KiRT,.,., Appalachian 5 Pfeiffer 2 Appalachian 4 Milhgan 5 " — • Appalachian 7 Western Carolina Mi 4tt ' , Larry Nance wnn the C ' onFerence Championship in the third Flight. Larry Nance and Ronnie Smarr were runners-up in the douhJes cham]5ionship in the first (light. w m m WffiM. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Lydia Ballard Jeannie Belk Dean Brown Martha Chandler Iames Cherry Sarah Ann Cox Betty Davis Betty Dayvaitlt Bob Dellincer Linda Dorse Elizabeth Furr Dale Caddy Susan Croce Patricia Hardin Iames B. Hayes Richard D. Howe ( val Jaynes Page One Hundred Ninety-four Sandra Kendall Brenda Lackey Sarah Anne Lytton Bill Mauldin Larry Nance Isabella Newton ViTTORio Sanniota Barbara Savelle David Smith Frank Smith Charles Stanley )errv Starnes Eocene St -les Brenda VonCannon Jerry West Crystal Williams ' - •km Robert L. Williams Sk WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Page One Hundred Ninely-f ' n Mrs. ]. C. Dayvault Sponsored by Betty Dayvault Editor of the Rhododendron RHODODENDRON SPONSORS Mr. ]. C. Dayvault Sponsored by Betty Dayvault Editor of the Rhododendron Mrs. B. H. Cook Sponsored by Cynthia Cook Business Manai er of the Rhododendron Mr. B. H. Cook Sponsored by Cynthia Cook Business Manager of the Rhododendron I ' agc One Uiindrcd Ninety-seven Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Gaddy Sponsored by Dale Gaddy Editor of the Appalachian RHODODENDRON SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. P . D. Featherstoue Sponsored b} ' Martha Featherstone Business of the AppaJacliian Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Mauldhi Sponsored by Bill Mauldin President of Student Covenivient Mrs. Robert L. WiUiauis Sponsored by Robert Williams Vice-President of Student Government Air. and Mrs. T. B. Nance Sponsored by Larry Nance President of tlic Senior Class Mrs. ] allies B. Hayes Sponsored by James Hayes President of the Junior Class RHODODENDRON SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Alexander Sponsored by Iohn Alexander President of the Sophomore Class Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Minor Sponsored by Ioe Minor President of the Freshman Chiss RHODODENDRON SPONSORS The Rev. and Mrs. W. Harold Grace Sponsored by Susan Groce President of Relioions Cojincil Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Smith Sponsored by David L. Smith President of Chi Lnwhda Chi P 1 ] Air. and Mrs. Lonnie Saunders Sponsored by Darrell Saunders " Yosef " Mr. Larry Penley College Photographer Sponsored by the Rhododendron Staff RHODODENDRON SPONSORS Page Two Hxindred Three Dr. John VonNoppen Sponsor »1 - ' " [ames Cherry Bill Fowler Co-Chief Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS i Uliiv Dams Ed Barnweli, Dlxnl Klie.nzll Eileen Creasy Clenn Pi 1 ark Bob Moss ToNi Webster Ann Oglesby Page Two Hundred Fotir Cli I Jean Davis Elaine Melto.n Joyce Leathervvood Bonnie Walls Dale Mauldin Alice Williams MAJORETTES f Tauser Flynt Drum Major Betty L. Fowler (Uiicf Miijari ' lle HOMECOMING ' 61 I land olben ' t liiuwcoiiiiiio Queen Page Twn Hundred Seven ' ( 3K Donna Crutchfield Jane Hodges HOMECOMING COURT Sarah Anne Lytton Martha Pardue CHRISTMAS COURT L tance arnnaton Christmas Queen Sandy Stanford Brenda Lackey Carol Lewis CHRISTMAS COURT Donna Thompson Faye Matthews Martha Ellen Wood % f •t;- • " - ' ' V ,T [ hHH PoPh, |()11. ALhXAiNUhR, IC Sa.N.MOIA, »ti. BlLL MaULDI.N. KING OF HEARTS and COURT Page Tiro Hundred Fourteen f V Alice Deason Represeinatire of Phi Beta Lambda QUEEN OF CLUBS Page Two Hundred Fifteen Bill Mauldin Mr. Appalachian Betty Dayvault Miss Appalachian CAMPUS SUPERLATIVES Page Two Hundred Sixteen Bob Williams Must Likelv to Succeed Jerry Starnes Most Versatile SiTSAN Groce Most Intellectual Linda Dorse Friendliest SENIOR CLASS SUPERLATIVES Vai!,e Tiro Hundred Eighteen Nancy S. Fowl as Most Attractive %.:z li . v. MAY COURT jeannie (ls elh AlrtV Qiieeu The traditional May Day Ceremony here at A.S.T.C. remained the same in its elegance and simplicity. I his year, for the Hrst time, the traditional afternoon presentation was done away with, and the court was presented at the Coronation Ball. ranhie om benin Maid of Honor Page Two Huiuired Tweiiiy-one I I i i f CYNTHIA Cook Senior Attendant MAY COURT Sue Goforth Senior Attendant Senior Atteiuiaut Sarah Anne Lytton junior Atteudcnit MAY COURT Margaret Templeton ]iiiiior Attendant !i — 1 p J- Crystal Williams junior Atteiidaut Clarice Farrington Sophomore Attendant Page Two Hundred Twenty-four Danell Skreen Sophomore Attendant Brenda Bost Freshman Attendant MAY COURT Dale Mauldin Freshman Attendant fm l wf Liy nik ' MAY COURT Spring in Boone means many thinus to man ' different people, but to many it means the culmination of a year ' s ac- ixities highlighted by the presentation of the May Queen and her Court. Ihroiigh the combined efforts of many different jicople, this year ' s court was ]-resL ' nted in the grandest manner ]W)s- sible. INDEX ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Page A.C.E 152 Alpha Chi 152 Alpha Psi Omega 151 Appalachian 128-129 Appalachian Chemical Society 146 Appatones 143 Band 141 Baptist Student Union 133 Beta Beta Beta 155 Canterbury Club 134 Chi Lambda Chi 154 Chorale 140 Collegiate Civic Club 161 Debate Team 158 Flying Fish 159 French Club 164 Home Economics Club 151 House Presidents 152 Industrial Arts Club 146 In Memoriam 167 International Relations Club 137 Junior Counselors 153 Junior Marshals 166 Library Science Club 145 Lutheran Student Association 134 Math Club 144 Men ' s " A " Club 147 Mixed Chorus 144 Modern Dance 150 Music Educators Club 143 N.E.A 138 Orchestra 142 Newman Club 137 Phi Beta Lambda 139 Pi Gamma Mu 157 Pi Kappa Delta 158 Pi Omega Pi 156 Playcrafters 148, 149 Religious Council 132 Religious Emphasis Week 130, 131 Rhododendron 126, 127 Science Club 136 Spanish Club 165 Student Council 124, 125 Varsouvianna 150 Vernician Society 162, 163 Page Veterans Club 165 Wesley Foundation 135 Westminster Fellowship 135 Women ' s Athletic Association 160 Wo men ' s Chorus 140 Y.W.C.A 136 Young Democrats Club 164 Young Republicans Club 153 ATHLETICS Baseball Basketball Football Golf Men ' s Tennis Soccer Swimming Team Track Women ' s Tennis Wrestling 184, 187 .. , . 185 170-175 183 191 189 182 188 190 180, 181 CLASSES Freshman 100-116 Junior 68-87 Senior 36-67 Sophomore 88-98 FEATURES Campus Superlatives 216, 217 Cheerleaders 204 Christmas Court 210-213 Homecoming Court 206-209 King of Hearts and Court 214 Majorettes 205 May Court 220-226 Queen of Clubs 215 Rhododendron Sponsors 196-203 Senior Superlatives 218-219 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 194, 195 Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven COLLEGE BOOK STORE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE THE HEART OF THE CAMPUS BOONE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight When your group goes together, go FIRST CLASS in modern Trailways diesel coaches, with uniformed, safety-trained operators. Trailways specially trained charter salesmen will call on you without obligation. If requested they will present trip material before your group. QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Phone AM 4-8836 — Boone, N. C. Phone ED 2-6164 — Charlotte, N. C. Everything You ' ll Need To Be Well-Dressed for TOWN or CAMPUS VARSITY MEN ' S WEAR 225 E. King St. Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. " Everything in Hardware and Associate Lines " BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone AM 4-8801 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. 1 SPRUCE PINE N. C. Page Two Hundred Twenty-nine WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers, Owner BOONE, N. C. TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best in Laundry and Cleaning " Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone AM 4-8415 BOONE, N. C. Meet Your Friends At SHORTY ' S " The Students ' Nightly Retreat " SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Refreshment to You Through the Years COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HICKORY, N. C. Page Two Hundred Thirty Meet Your Friends At CAROLINA PHARMACY Congratulations, Graduates Phone AM 4-3781 BOONE, N. C. Boone ' s Favorite Department Store HUNrS DEPARTMENT STORE BOONE TIRE AND BARGAIN STORE FURNITURE FRICIDAIRE APPLIANCES BOONE, N. C. Phone AM 4-3801 DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. FREE PARKING DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. C. A. Price, Resident Manager Phone AM 4-8815 NEW ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY REINS-STURDIVANT OF BOONE, INC. Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA REINS-STURDIVANT MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION, INC. NORTH WILKESBORO, BOONE, WEST JEFFERSON, SPARTA, N. C. Page Two Hundred I ' ltirty-oiic CAUDILL ' S, INC. LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR 123 East King Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO., INC. Building Maintenance Supplies HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you have a good time at the movies. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you laugh and cry at things you see on the screen. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That youngsters have come to know and love the movies as a very special treat. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That Hollywood is con- stantly searching for new ideas and bringing them to life. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That we have a port in the entertaining of the students of Appalachian State Teachers College. THE APPALACHIAN THEATRE ' Everybody Likes Movies in Boone " 01 MAN UFAC TU RING CORPORATION FURNITURE LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA BOONE DRUG COMPANY REXALL " The Professional Store " Three Registered Pharmacists W R, Riclnardson O. K. Richardson G. K, Moose Phone AM 4-3766 Listen WATA 12:15 For Good Food Eat At Our New Modern Fountain Page Tu ' o Hundred Thirty-two TH[ PRTHlVEHEy BAIK Capital Stock $1,500,000.00 Surplus $4,500,000.00 Since 1903 Appalachian State Teachers College has grown with the educational needs of North Carolina and the South. Appalachian is an insti- tution of which all the people of Western North Carolina are proud. Since 1937 The Northwestern Bank has supplied the complete banking needs of this section. We of The Northwestern Bank are proud to offer our services to the growth of this section. WHERE FINANCIAL SERVICE BEGINS A COMPLETE BANKING INSTITUTION OFFERING EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F, D. I. C. We appreciate the patronage of the students and faculty of Appalachian State Teachers College. Page Two Hundred Thirty-three GREENE BUICK-PDNTIAC , INC BUICK - PONTIAC - OPEL CARS GMC TRUCKS 1115 E. King Street — Dial AM 4-3778 P. 0. Box 487 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MAULDIN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Phone DAvis 7-8396 1018B 3rd Ave., N.W. P. 0. Box 614 HICKORY, N. C. Distributors TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS Tom ' s Peanut Butter Sandwiches Tom ' s Candies Tom ' s Potato Chips Page Two Hundred Thirty-foii Compliments of LILY MILLS COMPANY SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two Hundred Thirty-five SchRAFprs " The Nation ' s Leading Candies " ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 - $2.00 Lb. Morgan Bros., Inc. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C [Cand })is Delic ious Food HVfJl ' f.l ' Ifc Compliments of GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY, TENN. South ' s Largest Makers of Brick, Cinder Block Concrete Block WINKLER MOTOR CO., INC. Depot Howard Streets Office, AM 4-8857 Parts Dept., AM 4-8856 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA THUNDERBIRD SPORTS ROADSTER Page Two Hundred Thirty-six Shop where you always get Quality, BURGESS FURNITURE STORE Serving this area with quality Furniture 425 West King Street BELK ' S BOONE ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE " THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES " AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT LSn Open From 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. Specializing in Steaks, Chops, Seafoods C ountry Ham Hot Biscuits — Home Made Pies Short Orders — Sandwiches Curb Service 4 P.M.— 12 P.M. Highway 321 Blowing Rock Rood Phone AM 4-9933 BOONE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Thirty-ieveit Compliments of BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Courtesy of MOUNTAIN VILLA MOTOR LODGE Mr. Mrs. H. R. Shearon Owners and Operotors Blowing Rock Highway 264-8867 Compiliments of FRANK M. PAYNE, General Agent Rooms 102 103 Northwestern Bank Building Business Phone Residence Phone AMherst 4-3955 AMherst 4-3044 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Security Life and Trust Company BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA Representing Lenoir Chair Co. Lenoir Furniture Corp. Conover Furniture Co. O. L. Broyhill Furniture Co. Harper Furnit ure Company I ' age Two Hiiiicireci Thirly-eighl THE MOCK ' S DRESS SHOPPE THE SHOPPE WITH A HOMELIKE ATMOSPHERE Grace and Jack Mock 619 East King Street At Hardin MAYFLOWER BEAUTY SHOPPE " We curl up and dye for you! " East King Street AM 4-8401 NORTH STATE CANNING COMPANY Producers of Quality WATAUGA CHOPPED KRAUT Made from Mountain Grown Cabbage Post Office Box 326 — BOONE, N. C. — Phone AM 4-3045 Congratulations to A GROWING APPALACHIAN!! SHELBY CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two Hundred Thirtyninc The Portraits In This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO Photographers of Raleigh Official Photographers For THE 1962 RHODODENDRON You may order any type pictures from us on the portraits appearing here, for we keep these negatives in our files. 14 E. HARCETT STREET RALEIGH, N. C. Page Tii ' o Hundred Forty ANDREWS CHEVROLET, INC. DEALERS FOR CHEVROLET CHEVY II CORVAIR OLDSMOBILE OLDS F-85 BOONE, N. C. Qbriten FURNITURE COMPANY lENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA P AT RO N I OUR A D V E RT I S Page Two Hundred Foilyone OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers of Tlie 1962 Rhododendron Page Twu Hundred horlytwo

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