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Q on a. - The M m oF4ppaLAcHIAn f i.[;....PRLSL!iT PJ DODEftg, A VIEW FROM THE CAMPUS With a melancholy but contented oche deep inside, we view the post year, which has been shrouded in memories as the changing seasons work their wonders. After a long, lazy summer, students return to school with reluctance or eagerness, whichever be their lots. Jack Frost from his magic palette paints o blaze of color and nips at laughing faces as they enthusiastically urge the gridders on to victory. Snowflokes sift down through the towering trees and kiss the cheeks of carolers winding their way from Newland to East. Finally the sun peeps through and greets the crocuses os spring once again makes her grand entrance as the year draws to a rapid close. Caps and gowns are brought out, and seniors bid fond farewell to the campus, taking with them the golden treasure chest of memories accumulated throughout 1961. FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER, ' 0 ' THE CAMPUS VIBRATES WITH ACTIVITY New faces appear and Familiar ones are wel- comed again as the students start the year off with a hang— from Yosef s gun. MIUiii MiMaMliiH Page Six 1 i- , . - r . V C I After classes end for the dav, groups with a common interest or goal meet to form the co-curricular clubs and organizations. In the X ' ariety of activities offered, any student can find something to suit his fancy. wf wmmifi i — N Bobbing cheerleaders brightly dressed and resounding cheers add color as the lighting Mountaineers defend their Alma Mater on the athletic scene, with all the vim and ' igor typical of energetic college students. Athletics has become an integral part of Appalachian for spectators and players alike. 1 r us As e ' ery cake must have its frosting, so Appa lachian must have a httle extra spice to round out the hves of its students. Mav Day, Homecoming, Campus Superlatives, and Who ' s Wlw complete the picture and gi e credit for beauty, brains, and popularitv. } Page Thirteen J " wwi To a woman who has endeared herself to students and Facuhv ahke bv her tireless ef- fort, unfailino patience, and strong desire to help others, we, the 1961 staff, dedicate with pride and devotion this Rhododendron. In retiiin lor all xou ha c tlone for Appalachian, we salute you, ' n Mrs. IMa.xie G. Edmisten Dean of Women MU Forni ' nig the nucleus for tlie scholastic aspect of Appahi- ch ' uui life is tlie ALhiiiiiistra- tion building, around which the hasic purpose of the college —learning—springs up. It is here that xi ' c tneel iJic faculty s I) .W|lLiAM hoWaRp Pngc Tweniy 5 William Howard Plemmons A.B., M.A., Ph.D. President Dr. and Mrs. William Plemmons tVhoNS Page Twenty-one |. D. Rankin A.B., A.M., S.T.D. President Emeritus ADMINISTRATION Bernard Dougherty B.S. Vice-President and Coviptrollcr D. |. Whitener A.B.; M.A., Ph.D. Dean of College RMAN R. EgC.ERS Maxie G. Edmisten John Kirk A.B., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. Registrar Dean of Wnjueii Demi of Men I K A 1 IS 1). W ' iMIAMS lA.Mfcs L. SlONh .1- ¥. BozARD A.R., M.A. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Director of C ' raduatc Studies Director of Summer Sessions Dean of Instruction Page Twenty-three Ti Catherine Smith Graydon p. Eggers |. T. C. Wright B.S., M.A.Ed. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Art English Mathematics F. Ray Derrick James E. Stone William G. Spencer B.S., M.S., Ph.D. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. B.M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. Biology Extension Music DEPARTMENT Orrus Sutton J. Roy Prince Marshall L. V ' alters B.S., M.S. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. B.S., M.A. HEADS Business Educiilion Foreign Language Physical Education Woodford G. Sink Madge Rhyne Wiley F. Smith A.B., M.S., Ph.D. B.S., M.S. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry Home Economics Psychology Ben H. Hoi ton Ila T. Justice ]. C. YODER B.S., M.A., Ed.D. A.B., B.S., M.S. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Education Library Science Social Studies Page Twenty-four FACULTY Ruby Akers A.B., M.A. EttgUsh M. Adnon Alamuddeen B.S., M.S. Biology Gelene a. Atwood B.S. Chemistry ]. Paul Bagley B.S., M.A. Education John Glenn Barden B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Education Dorothy Barker B.S., M.A. Lihrarian Richard Thomas Barker B.S., M.A. Librarian Annie Mae Blackburn B.S., M.A. Business Education Ben G. Bosworth B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Ronald Brooks B.S. Physical Education G. T. Buckland B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Mathematics Helen Burch A.B., M.A. Social Studies William H. Burdick B.S., M.A. Social Studies Beulah Campbell A.B., M.A. Education I. W. Carpenter B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology ]. Lou Carpenter A.B., M.S. Speech Walton S. Cole A.B., M.M. Music Francis Cook B.A., M.A. English John R. Corey B.S., M.A. Education Grace Councill B.S., M.A. Education r k ' iT o o Try- «l Howard S. Decker B.S., M.S., M.A., Ed.D. Daisy Eggers B.S., M.A. David French B.S., M.F.A. ludustrial Arts English Speech Err: 15. UeGroai B.S.. M.A. C;. p. Eggers A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. U ' lLLIAM E. FULMER A.B., Ed.M., Ed.D. PItysiccd Ediictiliun English Education F. Ray Derrick B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Nicholas Erneston B.M., M.M., M.Ed. Edward H. Gibson A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. FACULTY Hiology J. Max Dixon A.B., . I.A., Ph.D. Music William L. Eury A.B., B.S., M.S. Social Studies NoLiE Lee Gilbert A.B., M.A. Socin Sli« ic.s Lihrarian French Edwin Dougherty B.S., M.A. Elizabeth Fox B.M., M.M.Ed. Martha Hawkinson A.B., B.S.S.A., M.A. Social S ' .udics Music Business Edncation |ami;s 11. Duncan n.s. Robert G. Fracker O.S., M.A. Walter Hawkinson B.S., M.A. ' Iducalion I ' ducalion Mathematics ige Twenty-six FACULTY Walter Heeb B.S., M.A. Educntioii C LEONE H. Hodges A.B., M.A. Physical Education Allie a. Hodgin B.S., B.S. in L.S. Librarian Uavid R. Hodgin A.B., A.M. English Francis Hoover B.S., M.S., D.P.E. Physical Education Rena Hoover A.B., M.A. Social Studies Ben H. Hortok B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Earny p. Hotard B.S., M.M. Alt! sic John T. Howell B.S.. M.A., Ed.D. Education V. C. Howell A.B., M.A. Social Studies Mary Alice Huff A.B., B.S. Librarian Charles Isley B.S.. M.A. Music H. BnoADlTS loNL ' . B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English Isabel F. Jones B.S. , M.Ed. , Ed.D. Education James F. Jones A.B., M.A, Ihisitiess Education William J. Jones B.A., B.S.Ed.. M.A., Ph.D. Music John M, Jusiici: A.B., A.M. Social Studies John Z. Kirk B.S., M.A. Social Studies Verna Lagrone A.B., M.A. lonie Economics Robert Light R.S., M.S. I ' hy.ical Iducalion ¥ " .■=s9% -4?,- - r Virginia W. Linney B.M., M.M. Frank Brackett Northup B.S., M.A. |onN Pritchett A.B., M.A. Music Mathematics Education Carl G. Meeks B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Paul O. Orr B.S., M.S. Leo K. Pritchett B.A., M.Ed. Physical Education Education Social Studies Eloise Melton A.B., IM.A. Foster Park A.B., M.A. Eunice Query A.B., M.A. FACULTY Social Studies John R. Melton B.S., M.A., Ph.D. English Earl L. Petrey B.S.. M.A. Library Science Beatrix Ramey B.S., M.A. Education Education Education David John Middleton A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. LJberto Price B.S., M.A. Robert L. Randall B.S., M.A. Extension and Research Education Extension and Research Allen G. Montgomery B.A., B.S., LL.B., M.A., M.S. ]. Roy Prince B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. J. Frank Randall A.B.. M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics foreign Languages Biology Page Twenty-eight FACULTY Lee F. Reynolds R S.. M.A., Ed.O. Nr u ' ' i i tft e? ' V v c c|t: I ' hxsicm r r • t 4ii aBr HF . - 4, i ii A Kathryn C. Tin ly A.B., M.A. W. W. Watkins B.S., M.A. J. T. C V ' right A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Biis Hess Eihiciitiuii Physical Edncaliiiii Mathematics Ina V ' anNoppen B.S., M.A., Ed.D. ' iviAN W ' elborn B.S., M.A. J. C. Voder B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies oiii, ' Ecoiwmics Social Studies John J. VanNoppen A.B., M.A., Ed.D. D. J. VVhitener A.B., M.A., Ph.D. FACULTY liiiiiVish Mary Jo Walkiip B.S., M.S. Social Studies Rogers V. U ' hitener B.S., M.A. Physical Fihicalioii English Makyo Wai.ikrs B.S., M.A. Gratis U ' illiams A.B., M.A. Spanish Eiii lish Marshai.i, I,, B.S., M.A. Fi.izABEiH Williams B.S. Physical Idncation Art i ' dge TItirly STAFF Mary Edith Bell Newland Hall Mary E. Haralson Datiph-Blan Hall Ruth G. German Eflst Hall Marjorie Kelley East Hall Emma Mart Taylor Edsl Hall Arlie II. Thompson North Hall Ethel G. Tyson Lovill Hall Dee R. Winkler White Hall Nina M. Martin Nurse Mary S. Shook Nurse Bob Allen Direclor oj Public Ih-lalio,, ' . BiiAxroN I Iarris AsiistaiU Retiislrar Marvin Russell Traffic Manager |()HN VV ' elborn Ciileleriii Manaiier hi M A i f jr- f7 AdKk Edge Thirty one GRADUATE STUDENTS 4fk Joe Cleamon Allen Concord Patricia Ellen Brht Laurinburg Samuel K. K. Chen Taipei, Taiwan Kenneth Clawson Boone Ann Culp Edgemoor, S. C. Barbara Watkins Dayl Forest City Lloyd Clay Dotson Kelsa, Va. Bobby Lee Dunnigan Boone Richard Dennis Fadgen VVoonsocket, R. L James Wardlaw Glenn, ]i . Summerville, S. C. Charles Agustus Helms Cherryville Bobby Russell 1 Iimes Hartford, Kv. Nelda Lee Joyce Reids ille Lincoln S. H. Kan Robert Lee King Supply Page Thirty two GRADUATE STUDENTS [ack Ray Kirstein Asheville William Henry Koon Charlotte Claude V. Leffingvvell Boone Jerry R. McKeithan B x)ne Jane Meredith La Porte, Texas Sally W. Pantages Miami Beach. Fla. John Edward Roueche, Jr. Boone James Garland Saulmon Morganton Lillian Elizabeth Sherman LavvTenceville, Va. James Kenneth Shlimaker Wilkesboro Bonnie Matthews Stamey Canton Jack Edward VVilkie Valdese Ruth McKibben Williams Boone Erwin Burwell Wingfield Boone k , h vkd J Page Thirty-thiee imMiir«Bii». iMi M m Appalachian ;s more than just a cluster of huihlijigs nes- tled in the hills. It is a state of iiiiud, an attitiidcy and, more important. the students themselves Jim Daye Presidevt S fts Lliza 1-r. sier Treasurer Martha Chandlhu Secretary CLASS OF ' 61 BoBBv E. Adams Jones ille Physical Education and Social Studies Collegiate CiWc Club 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 3; Football 1, 2; Men ' s " A " Club 4; Tennis 3, 4; Dormitory Counselor 3. Kennith Dean Adams Kershaw, S. C. Music Transfer from Wingate Junior College; Chorus 3, 4; Chorale 3. 4; Baptist Student Union Executive Council 4. Pamela Lee Aldridge Concord Mathematics and Scieiu:e House Council 1, 2; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 4, Vice-President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3, Secretar - 4; Junior Class Treasurer; Junior Marshal; ' emician Society 4; Rhodo- dendron Staff, Business 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Who ' s Who Anions Students in American Universities anil Colleges 3, 4. Betty Jean Alexander Monroe Social Studies Transfer from ' ingate Junior College; Baptist Student Union 3, 4. James Ervin Allen Walnut Business Education Veterans Club; Future Business Leaders of America; Collegiate Civic Club. Farrell Gray Anderson Ellerbe Physical Education and Social Studies Wrestling; Soccer; Pi Gamma Mu; Collegiate Civic Club. Kay Frances Archer Salisbury English and Social Sttidies Transfer Student; Junior Marshal. Rebecca E. Arledge Trvon Library Sciettcc Librar ' Science Club 3; Rhoix dendron Staff 3. Charlotte Janice Arnold . Waynes ilic Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill College 1, 2. Roslyn Sue Arthur Primary Education Troy Monroe Julia Ellen Austin Business Educatioti Pi Omega Pi 3. 4; Future Br 3. 4; Junior Marshal-Summer; Union 1, 2. 3. 4. Dorothy Ruth Beamon North W ' ilkesboro Primary Education Association fo. ' ChUdhood Ed George Thomas Beck Science St. Pauls Lynda Dianne Beck Lexington Grammar Grade Education Women ' s Glee Club. Thomas L. Blackburn, Jr. Linxillc Social Studies Lees-McRae Junior College; Track 3, 4; Golf 4. mtM£:i 1 Page I hirl) SkMrM£k mmtk SENIORS Francisco Roger Blanco Chiapas, Mexico Social Studies and. Spanish ' a sou anna: Soccer Team. James D. Blanton Rutherfordton Social Studies Robert Alden Blanton Social Studies I ransfer from Mars Hill Junior College; Vi Student Union; Baptist Student Union Che Business Manager of the Appalachian; Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges. Gastonia ; Pi Gamma Mu: Junior Marshal; Uttirersifies and Robert Eugene Bliss Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Wingate Junior College. Joseph Lee Boyte, Jr. Carthage Mathematics Math Club; Veterans Club; Westminster Fellowship; Transfer from Elon College. Lawndale Leonard Tim Brackett Business Education Veterans Club 3. 4; Coll egiate Civic Club 3, 4; Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, President 4; Junior Marshal 3; Parade Marshal 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; President of North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Whos Who Among. Students in .Xmerican Universities and Colleges 4. Bobby Wayne Brendell Boone Physical Education and Science Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Intramural Football 1; Physi- cal Education Club 3; Trampoline Club. Walter S. Brewer, Jr North Wilkesboro AI T( je»i)fl((cs and Science John Carroll Bridges Caroleen Scieticc aud Physical Education Glenna Lee Brinkley Burnsville Home Ecoijomics Ilnme Economics Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Paul Britton Hollywood, Fla. Physical Education and Social Studies Football; Wrestling; Men ' s " A " Club. Danny Clalide Brooks Oakboro Social Studies .Arthur Brown Ahoskie Social Studies Band; Baptist Student Union; Young Democrats Club; Inter- national Relations Club; Student National Education Associa James T. Brown Bobbins Mathematics and Science Jean Murdock Brown Troutman Grammar Grade Education Student National Education Association 2. 3, Vice-President 4. Page Forty CLASS OF ' 61 Robert D. Brown Belmont Physical Education and Social Studies Student Council; School Mascot. ■■Yosef; Who ' s Wlio AiiiuiiK Students in Americatt Universities and Cnlleges. Lawrence C. Broyhill Moravian Falls Mathematics and Science Linda Ruth Bryant Marble Elementary Edticntion Robert Randolph Burns Belmont Business Education Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Swimminfi Team 3. Bob Burris Mt. Pleasant Busitiess Education Cnllegiate Civic Club I. Secretan- 2. ' ice-President 3, Presi dent 4. Treaiurer 4; Pi OmeEa Pi 2. 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 4; Future Business Leaders of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Intramural Football, Softball, and Basketball; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Elizabeth Arey Burton Salisbury Grammar Grade and Social Studies Association of Childhood Education 2; National Education .As- sociation 3. 4; Junior Counselor; Rhododeivbron Staff 2. 3. 4; Lutheran Student Asiociation 2. 3. 4, Vice President 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3. 4. [erry Dean Butler Cilcn Alpine Social Studies International Relations Club 3; YounR Democrats Club 3. LoRNA Jean Byers Charlotte Gramtnar Grade Education Herbert Glenwood Byrd Coats Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Campbell Junior CoIIeKe; Baseball; Soccer; Swi ling Team; Official for N.C.O.A. Lynn Cagle Granite I alls Social Studies Aurelia Heyward Cannon Lancaster, S. C. lusic Methodist Church Choir; Methodist Youth Federation; Music Educator ' s Club; College Choir; Summer Band. [oHN Carroll Carpenter Cherryx ille Business Education and Social Studies limirc Business Leaders of America; Collegiate Civic Ckili. Ron Alan Carrouth Kannapolis Mathematics and Science Math Club . Vice President 4; Appalachian Chemical Sucietv ?. President 4; Science Club 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 4; Chi Lambdi Chi 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Iames F. Carter Albemarle Physical Education and Social Studies Varsouvianna 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Nina Loraine Carter Weavcr ille Business Education r Pijoe Forty one SENIORS Iames Bryan Gates Buies Creek Business Education Campbell College 1, 2: Future Business Leaders of America i. 4; Cheerleader 4; Varsouvianna 3; Appalachim Staff 3; Intramural Sports 3, 4. LIral Ronald Champion Forest City Mathematics and Science ■MMMpif ' Collegiate Civic Club 2, 3, 4; Appatones 2. 3; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Tennis Team 2. 3; President of Junior Class; Chief Marshal 3; President of Student Body; Whos Vhi Amung Stiirfeiifs ill Aiiipricnii Unhersities and Colleges 3, 4. Ml- I a H OPE L HANDLER Lincoln ton English Vice-President of Freshman Class: House Council; President of ' emician Society; Secretary of Senior Class: Chi Lambda Chi; Sophomore Assembly Committee; Christmas Court; Mav Court: U ' ho ' s Who Among Stiiiletits i« American Univenitics and Colleges, Charles A. Childers Lincolnton Mathematics and Science Math Club. Margaret Sylvia Church W ' ilkesboro Grammar Grade Education National Education Association; Association of C hildhood Hdu cation; Playcraflers; Baptist Student Union. Elizabeth Anne Clear Salt ille, Va. Social Studies nal Relations JLiDY Anne Cline Lenoir Primary Education Honor Teacher. Linda Mae Cline Rhodhiss Grammar Grade Education May Day Court 1. SiDRA Elaine Coe Saltville, Va. Primary Education Band: Orchestra: House Council; Association of Childhood Education. Philip McDonald Coleman VVoodsdale Mathematics Baseball 1 : Soccer I . Phyllis Snow Collins VA ' inston-Salem Prinuiry Education Rachel .Ann Collins Ashc ille Science and Social Studies Pi Kappa Delta 1, 3. Secretary 2. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3. X ' ice President 4: . ppalachian Chemical Societv 3, 4; Young Women ' s Christian .Association 2, 3; Student National Educa tion Association 4; Debate Team 1 , 2, 4. Howard Lewis Combs Vilas Physical Education and Mathematics Wanda Fay Compton Laurinburi; Primary Education Jane Conley Morganton Physical Education and Social Studies Page Eorty-tMiO CLASS OF ' 61 RosELiN Ann Cornwell Shelby Gramnmr Grade Education Transfer Student; Baptist Student Union. Carol Elizabeth Corriher China Grove Primary Education President of North Hall i; Association of Childhood Education - ' . President 4; National Education Association 3, Librarian 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Glenda Carol Cox Fairmont Business Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2; Future Business Leaders :f An ca 1, 2. Tommy ]. Cox North XA ' ilkesboro Business Education Future Business Leaders of America. Ray Edward Crawford Boone Business Education and Social Studies ness Leaders of . n Mary Elmira Crouse Lexington Grammar Grade Education Greensboro College 1; Rhododendron Staff; House Council. Carol Louise Crow West Palm Beach, Fla. Science Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 4; Beta Beta Beta 2. 4; Science tlub 2. 4; Appalachian Chemical Society 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Who ' s Who Amrmg Students in American Universities mid Colleges 4. Peggy Sue Curd Charlotte Primary Education Rebecca Sue Daniels States ille Primary Education Carolyn Lowman Davis Drexel Music Orchestra Fairylee Mildred Davis Kings Mountain Grammar Grade Education Carson Newman College i; Gardner Webb 1, 2. Laura Elizabeth Davis Asheville Grammar Grade Education Peggy Ioyce Davis English West lefFerson Shelbv Wanda Jean Davis English C hi Lambda Chi 4; Editor of the Appalachian; Jun emician Society 4; Who ' s Who Among Students Universities atid CoUeges 4. James David Daye Drexel Physical Education and Mathematics Senior Class President; Student Council 3, 4; Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Americmt Universities uiid Culh-ges 4. Pa e Forty three SENIORS BiLLiE JEAN Deaton Asheville Grammar Grade Education Transfer from Spartanburg Junior College; Girls ' Chorus. Janice Lynne Dellinger Hendersonville Business Education ' ernician Societv; Future Business Leaders of America; House Council. Roger Allen DeMont High Point English and Social Studies Pi Gamma Mu i, 4, President 4; International Relations Club ■t. 4. ' icc-President 4; Assistant Dormitory- Manager; Junior Marshal; Co Chairman Junior Assembly Committee; Chi Lambda Ijarbara nn Dobson Nebo Grammar GraAe Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3, 4, Officer 1 and 4; Junior Counselor 3; Student National Education Association i. 4. Officer 4. Donald Lynn Dorton Boone Grammar Grade and Social Studies CollcKiale Civic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President of Veterans Club 1; ' ice-President of Student Council; Who ' s Who Among Stiidc ' uts in American Universities and Colleges. Shirley Mast Doty Boone Library Science Wirsouvianna Club 1; Librarj- Science Club 1. 2. Elizabeth Ann Douglas Statesville Business Education Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Future Business Leaders of America 1, 2; Concert Band 3. Elisabeth Loretta Duncan Hickory English College Chorus 3; Baptist Student Union. Librarian 3. Secre- tary-Treasurer 4; ' ernician Societv 3, 4; Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College. JOHN Allen Dlivall Todd Social Studies Sibyl Crews Dwiggins Kerners ille Home Economics Wcslcv Ioundali m I. 2; Religious Council 2; Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Ai ' puhidiian Staff 1. 2; Home Economics Club 2. 3. 4. Richard A. Edmiston Mount Lllla Business Education Cnllesiate C ' vic Club 3, 4: Westminster Fellowship 3. 4; 1 ulure Business Leaders of America 4; Veterans Organization 3. 4, Secretarv- 3, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Sarah Lou Edwards Marshvillc Business Education Wingate College I. 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1. 2; Baptist Student Union 3. 4; Pi Omega Pi 4. IiniN Robert Ellington, |r Belmont Social Studies Apiwlnchitni Staff; Intramurals; Transfer from Catawba Col- lege. Lou Jane Elliott Lake Lure Social Studies .l) ' l ' " l«c)Hnii Staff; Young Women ' s Christian Association; H. use Council; Baptist Student Union. loHNSiE Ruth Ellis Advance French and English Wesley Foundation 1; Student National Education Association 1, 2, 3, Program Committee, Social Chairman 2, Secretarj ' 3; ' ernician Society 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 3; Representative to . ' ssemblv Committee 2; May Court 2, 3; Junior Marshal; Junior Counselor; Cheerleader 3; Christmas Court 3. 4; Class Secretary 3; Spring Dance Committee 3; Student Council, Cor- responding Secretary 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Page Forty-four CLASS OF ' 61 Robert A. Ely Hightstown, N. J. Mathematics and Physical Education Math Club; Soccer Team. Mack Eugene Everette St. Pauls Business Education and Social Studies Pi Omega Pi 2, 3. 4, Historian; Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3, 4; Men ' s " .A " Club 3. 4; Future Business Leaders of America 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer; Golf Team 1. 2. 3, 4. Allen Wayne Everhart Thomasville Business Education 2, 3, 4; Future Jackie Gwyn Fender Mocksville Mathematics, Science, and Chemistry iMath Club; Science Club; -Appalachian Chemical Society; ' arsouvianna. Smith Jeryl Ferguson St. Pauls Business Education BETTi- Carole Fleming Hickon,- English Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; University of Tampa; Pi Ciamma Mu. Archie L. Foltz WinstonSalem Business Education and Social Studies Anna Sue Ford Cramerton Music Education John C. Fowler Boone Social Studies Veterans Club 3, 4; Collegiate Civic Club 4. Sarah Eliza Frazier Lenoir English Senior Class Treasurer. Lee Norma Freeman Kernersville Physical Educatiott and Social Studies Sandra Stubbs Galyean Ashexille Mathematics Appalnchiau Staff 3, 4; Math Club 2. 3, 4. Secretary 4. Barbara 1 Iopper Gammons Business Education Spray Draper Samuel Carroll Gammons Business Education Intramurals; Future Business Leaders of America. Donald S. Gardiner Silver Spring, M Physical Education and Social Studies Football; Men ' s " A " Club. Pfloe rurly-five SENIORS Don Roger Garner Pinehurst English and Social Studies Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3. 4, President 4: Pi Kappa Delta, Vice President. Violet Anne Garrett Woodruff, S. C. Business Education Gardner- Webb 1, 2. Faye Carmen Garrison Stanle English and Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2. i. 4; Women ' s A Club 4. David H. Gebhardt Oaks, Pa. Physical Education and Social Studies Student Council; Football; Men ' s A Club. Chuck Giannotti Low Gap Business Education Future Business Leaders of America I, 2, 3. 4, President 4: Collegiate Civic Club 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3; Intramurals. Betty Jo Perkins Gilley Kannapolis English Band 1; Modem Dance Club 1, 2; Appalachian Staff 1; Bap tist Student Llnion 1, 2; Central Michigan University 3. Sandra Lou Ginn Snow Hill Library Science Mount Olive Junior College I. 2. Nancy Lee Goings Mt. Airy Business Education Baptist Student Union; Intramurals. Ted V. Goodman West Jefferson Mathematics and Science Math Club 2, 3, 4; Appalachian Chemical Society 3. 4. Marolyn Kay Gragg Newland Home Economics Home Economics Club 2. 4. John Anderson Green Roxboro Physical Education and Social Studies Men ' s A Club 2. 3. 4; Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3; Phvsical Education Club 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Tennis 2, 3, 4. Beverly Gail Guffee Lowell English and Social Studies Gardner Webb 1, 2; Baptist Student Union. James L. Hall, Jr. Rutherfordton Physical Education and Mathematics Young Democrats Club 1; Football Manager 2, 3, 4; Student Resident Manager of Justice Hall 4. Frank M. Hamilton Boone Physi cal Education and Science Science Club 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Club 2; Basketball Intramurals 3. Carolyn Jane Hamlin Dobson Primary Education .Association; Y ' oung Women ' s iHHi J Page Forty SIX CLASS OF ' 61 Eleanor Frances Hamrick Charlotte Primary Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Association of Childhood Education 4; Young Women ' s Christian Association 4. Max Ray Hamrick Spindale Business Edttcation Sarah Frances Hamrick Cliffside English Gardner Webb Junior College 1. 2. Norma Jean Harbin Lewisville Physical Educaticni and English Women ' s Ahletic Association 1, i. 4; Junior Counselor 4; Intramurals 2. Bobby Edward Harmon Banner Elk Business Ediicatio)i Baseball; Intramurals, Vivian Kay Harrington Taylorsviile Grammar Grade Education JAMES Spencer Hartley North Wilkesboro Social Studies Ann Triplett Hartley Wilkesboro Grammar Grade Education TiFFNEY Laxton FIartley Linville Prinmry Education Association for Childhood Education 4; Student National Edu cation Association 4; Berea College 1. I Ielen Kathehine Hartung Lexington Grammar Grade Edtication AyiMhichum 1; Playcrafters 1. 2, 4; Canterbur Club 1, 2. 4. Mary Linette Harwood Asheviile Primary Education Transfer from iMars Hill Junior College. Kenneth Frank Hauser East Bend Math and Social Studies Student National Education Association 2, 3. 4, President 3; Club 3, 4; Mary I Ielen Hayes Mount Airy Home Ecmjomics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4. President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4. Sonja Bess Hedrick Boiling Springs Primary Education Transfer from Gardner-Webb Junior College. 1 Ienrietta M. Hensley Hendersonville Home Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Pa e Forty-seven . M SENIORS Freddie Donald Hickman Shallotte English AppaUidiuin Staff 3, 4. Gloria Jean Hicks Kings Mountain English and Library Science ice President of White Hall; Playcrafters 1. 2, 3, 4. President 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, Vice-President i, 4; Library Science Club 3. 4. Becky Jo Hodgens Kannapolis Grammar Grade Education Alpha Psi Omega 3; Playcrafters I, 2, 3, Playbill Editor 2; I Itimecoming Play Cast; Spring Festival Play Cast; Usherette tor Winter Quarter Play; Chorus 3. John Waitstel Hodges, III Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Rebecca Ann Hodgin Ramseur Primary Educatimi David Michael Holcombe Weaverville English and Social Studies Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3. 4; Baptist Student Union C;eneral Council I, 2, 3; Baptist Student Union Executive Council 2. 3; Religious Council 2, 3, Vice President 3; Young Democrats Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Junior Marshal. Thomas Franklin Holland Shelby Social Studies Inlramurals; Young Democrats Club; Band. Cleve Cordell Hollar Yadkinville Physical Education and Science Science Club; Intramurals. Betty Joann Hollow ay- Lincolnton Home Economics Home Economics Club. Charles William Holman Lenoir Business Education ice-President of Sophomore Class; Future Business Leaders of .America 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Baseball 3; Men ' s A Club 4; President Men ' s Intramurals 3. Cornelia Ann Holmes Badin Grammar Grade Education Student National Education .Association 3, 4, Publicity Chair- man 4; Association for Childhood Education i. 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Junior Counselor. Edith Melissa Houck Cramerton Music Education Chorus; Music Education Club; Brevard Junior College I, 2. James Mack Houston Bear Poplar Gramnuir Grade Education Lutheran Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2; Association for Childhood Education: Student National Education Association. Richard Davis Howe Latham, 111. Physical Edticatioti and Social Studies Weslev Foundation 1, 2; Secretary of Newland Hall 2; Young Democrats Club 3, 4, President 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Junior Marehal 3; Student Council 4; School Coun- cil 4. Judicial Branch 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; AH Conference 2, 3; AllDistrict 26 First Team 3; Little All-American Nominee 3; Who ' s Who Among Students In Attierican llniversities and Colleges 4. Barbara Ann Hudson Dobson Primwy Education for Childhood Education I, 2, Treasurer; Young Christian Association 1, 2. Page Forty-eight CLASS OF ' 61 Mavin 1 luDSON Vale Science cmd Mathematics Association for Childhood Education 1; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Ida Patricia Humphries Cliffside Primary Education Varsouvianna; Girls ' Glee Club, Junior Counselor. Beverly Ann Hunnicutt Morgan ton Primary Education Vinga:e Junior College 1. 2; Baptist Student Union 3. ■). Nancy Louise Hunter Lexington Grammar Grade Education College Choir 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2. 3, 4. Charles Eugene Ivey Norwood Mathematics and Physical Education Mens " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3: Dormitory Council 2. 3. 4; Intramurals. Dorothy Gail Jackson Cliffside Gardner-Webb Junior College 1, 2; Junior Marshal. Lynn Randall Jackson Beula ille Xlathematics and Science Robert G. Jarrett, Jr. Business Education M. irion Collegiate Civ of America. ic Club; Veteran s Club; Fun J re Bus incss Leaders Ronald C ARLOs Jenkins Gate Citv , Va. Social Studies Soccer Team. Elizabeth Ann Johnson Asiieboro Primary Education Association for Childhood Education; House Cou-.icil. Jarvis Eugene Johnson, Jr Graham Physical Education and Socitd Studies Peggy Louise Jolly Taylors ille Gramnuir Grade Education and English House Council 1; Young Women ' s Christian Associalion i; Lutheran Student Association I. 2, 3. 4; Junior M;irsh;il. Betty Carol Jones Scott ille Physical Education and Social Studies Women ' s Athletic Association; Student National Education Association; House Council. Martha Jean Jones Ramseur Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2. Joyce Helen Jordan Kannapoli English and Spanish iiii Pane Tort V nine iJ ' t- : 1lfe - V " y. ' ' 3» ' - • ' ' S SENIORS Doris Marie Kazlouski Shelby Grammar Grade Education Playcraflers 1. 2. 3. -1; Alpha Pii Omega i. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Julia Ann Kesler Salisbury English Vernician Society; Appalachian Staff. Iames H. Kinney Magnolia, 111. Science Basketball I. 2, 3, 4-, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain i; Men ' s A Club; Science Club; Appalachian Chemical Society; Lutheran Student Association. Herbert E. Koon RutherFordton Mathematics and Science Betty Lou Koontz Lexington Primary Education Women ' s Athletic .-Association I; Junior Counselor 3; V.Rinn U ' omen ' s Christian Association 3. Kenneth Eugene Langley Forest Cit Physical Education and Social Studies Veterans Club. John C. Lantz Lincolnton Science Math Club; Science Club. Helen Jane Latham Monroe Primary Education Everette Michael Latta Social Studies Student National Education . ' Oxford Effie Jean Lawson Danburv Grammar Grade Educati ' jn Harold Wayne Ledford Morganton Social Studies Intramurals 3, 4. Polly Ann Lee Oakboro Business Education VVingate Junior College 1, 2; Vernician Society; Baptist StuJenl Mary Alice Lentz Concord Primary Edjication Catawba College 1, 2. John Woodrow Leonard, Jr. Belmont English and Social Studies Collegiate Civic Club; Intramurals. Frank Howard Lewis Burns ilie Social Studies Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2. Page Fifty-two CLASS OF ' 61 Helen Louise Lineh Hillsboro Primary Education U ' esley Foundation 1; House Council 2; Intramurals 2. Dorothy Margaret Little West Jefferson Business Education Pi Omesa Pi; Future Business Leaders of America. Frederick Lee Little Marshville Socta! Studies Linda S. Little Jefferson Business Edtication and Social Studies Patricia A. Lonon Grammar Grade Education Marion Garland Clarence Lyalls West Jefferson Mathematics and Science Brevard Junior College 1; Junior Marshal. loHN Wilson Marsh Scien Jefferson Charlotte Connie Rhae Martin Science and Social Studies Science Club; International Relations Club. Esther M. Martin Eagle Springs Grammar Grade Education Student National Education Association. Carol Walser Matthews Primary Education The ille Kenneth Arlie Mauer Chapel Hill Mathematics and Physical Education Track i. 4; Intramural Baske.ball 3, 4; Intramural Softball 3, 4, Mary Elizabeth Maulden Greensboro Home Economics Home Economics Club; R Bobby Mac Mauldin Concord Physical Education and Social Studies S ' udent Council 4; Men ' s A Club 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Vice President 4: Collegiate Civic Club 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 2; VVrestlinR Manager 2. 3; Football Manager 3, 4; Baptist Student Union; Sunday School Superintendent 4; Soccer Team 4; Track Team 3. 4; Intramurals; Baptist Student Union Choir 3. Nantahala Margaret Sue May Home Economics Home Economics Club 3. 4; 3, 4. ohn Aaron McAlexander Meadows of Dan, Va. Science and Mathematics Is 1. 2; Playcrafters 1. 2; Young Democrats Club 1. 2; Math Club 3. 4; Appalachian Chemical Society 4. In Page Fifty-three MiM tMSt ItMiM SENIORS Daisy Lucille McAlister Lincnlnton Grammar Grade Education Na 1 iioMAS Dennis McCurry Burnsville Science Transfer from Mars Hill Junior CoUeRc; Science Club; Ap ralachian Chemical Society. Rose Ann McDaniel Ruthertordton English and Social Studies Baptist Student Union I. 2; Modem Dance Club 1; Inter national Relations Club 2, i: Appalachian Staff 4; R DRON Staff 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Russell Micks McEntire RutherFdidton English and Erench liinioi Marshal; Chorus 4; Chorale 4; Lihrarx Assistant; At ' pahwhian Staff 4. I ESSE I. McKinney Spiiice Pine Business Education Collegiate Civic Club; Veterans Club; Future Business Leaders of An Carl 1. Messere Pate rson, N. Business Educatiou I ' i Cianima iMu; Pi Omega Pi; Mens " A " Club; Football, Co Captain; Who ' s Who Among Studetits in American Universi tics and Colleges, Kenneth Edward Metzger Bessemer City Science and Social Studies I Ierman Clayton Middleton Kannapolis Business Education and Social Studies Ler Frieda Mae Miller Business Education Henry Harrison Miller West Jefferson Mathematics and Science Junior Marshal-Summer School. MAR Wood Miller States ille Primary Education Clay Jackson Mitchell Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Phyllis Powell Mize Social Studies Shelby ■President; Junior Counsel.) Callie Laurean Moore Dobsor Primary Education Student National Education Association; Younj; Women ' Christian Association; Baptist Student Union; Religious Cnun cil; Baptist Student Union Choir. Talmos Roger Moore Mathematics and Science Gardner Webb Junior College 1. Ellenbo Page Fifty-four CLASS OF ' 61 Shirley Sue Mose Cloxer, S. C. Grammar Grade Ediicatioti Transfer from Brevard Junior ColleKe. Jack Elbert Nance Chadbourn Crrammar Grade Education Barbara Ellen Nichols Alathemittics Band 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4. Ashe Roger W. Nixon Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Sarah Lou Norman Winston-Salem Grammar Grade Education House Council 1; Association of Childhood Edu Grace Elizabeth Palmer Primary Education Playcrafters. Lexington Emma Jean Patton Morganton Primary Education Student National Education Association; Appulnchiaii Staff. Alda Rebecca Perkins Valdesc Primary Education YounR Women ' s Christian Association; House Council; Appalachian Staff; Student National Education Association. Robert Marsh Phillips English and Social Studies 3. Prcsiden- 4; Bap Elkin Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3. 4. ' ice Presid. Student Union 1. 2. 3. 4, President 3, T. Extension 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in versities and Colleges 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4 II. Dii Judith Ann Poindexter Winston Salem Primary Education Association of Childhood Education 2. 3; Appalettes 2; House Council 3; Rhododendron Staff 4. John Joseph Ponis Phoenix ille, Pa. Physical Education and Social Studies Football I, 3. 4; Men ' s " .A " Club; Vi Class; President of Sophomore Class; Class; Vice President of Senior ( Who ' s Who Among Students in An Colleges. Ralph Beal Poole Mathematics and Science ident of Freshman resident of Junior Junior Marshal; Sparta Carol Yvonne Ragland Kernersxille Mathematics and Science Math Club 1, Secretary 2, 3, Treasure 2, 3. 4; Vemician Society ' 3, 4; Sopho Flouse Council 1, 4, Secretary I. ' ic Counselor 3. Science Club I , ■ Class Secretary; ■sident 4; Junior John Spencer Reep Mathematics NoRRis C. Reitzel Business Education Future Business Leaders of An Valde Newton Manager 2. 3; Lutheran Student Association. Vice President 4; Veterans Club; Collegiate Civic Club; . [i)itil,ic ii,in Staff; Junior Marshal-Summer School. i ti Page Eiftyjive SENIORS Larry Ralph Riggs Kannapolis Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 4; Collegiate Civic Club . 4. MiDGiE Roberts Lincolnton Business Education Junior Marshal; Pi Omega Pi; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary; Younu Women ' s Christian Association, President; Chi Lambda Chi. Charlotte Lee Ross Oakboro English BaptiM Student Union; Transfer frum Wingatc Junior ColleBc. Ralph Roten Creston Mathematics and Physical Education Cynthia Lee Schryver Orlando, Fla. Sociiil Stttdies International Relations Club; Editor of Baptist Student Union Newspaper; Transfer from Mars Hill Junior CollcRe. Katherine Jane Scruggs Mooresboio English Gardner- Webb Junior College 1, 2. Mary Margaret Seago Maiston Science and Physical Education Wesley Foundation 1, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association 1. 2. 3; Rhododendron Staff 2, 4. )udith Louise Shedd OxFord, NUiss. Grammar Grade Education Ieanette Shelton Leaks ille Mathematics and Science Rhododendron Staff 1; Appahichian Staff 1. 2; Science Club 2, 4, Secretary 3; Beta Beta Beta 2, 4, Secretary 3; Math Club 3, 4; Regional Secretary of Beta Beta Beta 4. Barbara Susan Shepard Burns illc Mathematics and French Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; Math Club 3, 4. Joe Shepard North Wilkesboro Physical Education and Social Studies Baseball, Football, Basketball, anJ Wrestling Manager. Head Manager; Vice-President of Newland Hall. C.ARY Thomas Sherrill States ille Physical Education and Social Studies Transfer from Erskine College. Doris Joleen Shoe China Gro e Primary Edttcation Catawba Ma Mary Glen Sigmon Grammar Grade Educatioji Charles Hal Silver Science Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Young Men ' s Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, President 3; Religious Council 1. 2, 3; Science Club 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 4; Appalachian Chemical Society 3, 4; Colle giate Civic Club 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students i Universities and Colleges 4. ibM ' il Page Fifty-six ' 1-1 — ■ CLASS OF ' 61 Carol Ann Silvev Durham Phrrical Education and English Wimtn ' s Athletic Association 1. 2, i. 4; Flvins Fisli . 4; Junior Counselor 3; House President 4; Women ' s ' ■A " Club 4. Mary Elizabeth Sixiathers Greensboro Social Studies Gardner Webb 1. 2; Women ' s Glee Club. I Iarry R. Smith Greensboro Grammar Grade Education Patricia Ann Smith Charlotte Business Education Fu ' .ure Business Leaders of America I, 2. 3, 4, Vice President 4; Rhododendron S ' aff 2; Appalachian Staff 3. 4; Modern Dance Club 2; Varsouvianna 3, 4. Phifer Allen Smith, Jr Marion Business Education Future Business Leaders of America 2; Pi OmcRa Pi 3. 4. Vivian Elizabeth Smith Ashe ' ille Social Studies Wintlirop College 1. 2; International Relations Club; Women ' s i;lee Club, Gwendolyn Jane Snyder Lcaksx-ille Library Science Rhododendron Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3; Library Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 3. President 4; Weslev Foundation 1: House Council 3; President of Lovill Hall 3; Assistant Dormitorv- Counselor 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3, 4. Treasurer 4. Lucile N. Sprinkle Mars Hill Home Economics Mars Hill Junior Collese 1; Flome Economics Club 2, 3, 4. William Gregg Stamev Canton Physical Education and Social Studies Football; Men ' s " A " Club. Doris Jeanette Starkey Winston Salem Grammar Grade Education LeesMcRae Junior CoUeKe 1; Women ' s Glee Club 4. Alton Louis Stephenson, Jr Erwin Physical Education and Social Studies Campbell Junior ColieKe 1, 2; S vimming Team. Ernest Ray Stout Reese Science and Mathematics iieta Beta Beta 3, 4, President 4; Science Club 2, President 4; Chi Lambda Chi, Vice President 4; App; Chemical Society 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3: Who ' s Who Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Laura Ruth Swicegood 3, 4, lachian Among Library Science and English Edwin Bingfiam Taylor Boone Physical Education and Social Studies Harold Dean Teague Asheboro Mathematics and English Elon CollcKc 1. 2; Math ( lub; Intramural Baseball. Page Fifty-seven im — — - := I SENIORS Gail Templeton Mooresville Physical Education and Science Junior Counselor 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2. . Intramural Manager 4; Physical Education Club 2; Women ' s " A " Club 4. Lowell Matthew Thomas Walkertown Physical Education and Socia! Studies Russell Thomas ' alnut Physical Education and Social Studies Ieddy J. Tipton Green Mountain Physical Education and Social Studies Sheila Dianne Todd Yadkin ille Primary Educatioii Student National Education Association 1. 2. Treasurer 3. President 4; Association of Childhood Education 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Inez Octavia Tolbert Collettsville Grammar Grade Education Baptist Student Union 1. 2, i; Baptist S:udcnt llni.ui Choir 1; A).ii.i(uc)m.7,i Staff 2. )errv Delain Townsend Banner Elk Social Studies Transfer from l es-McRae Junior C .llcRC. Barbara Jane Triplett Blowing Rock Home Economics Hume Economics Club 4; Transfer from Wingate luni,,r Col IcBC. Rachel Marie Triplett Lenoir English and French Rn )lX)ntNDRON 1. 2. S. Business Manager 4; Junior Marshal: WJios Wtiu .A.iio.iK SliKlc.ils in .l.iicricm Uiijiersilies im.l CfW eses 4. Laura Jane Troutman Statesvillc Gramtnar Grade Education Student National Education Association 2, i, 4, Treasurer 4. Margaret F. Wagoner Charlotte Business Education Treasurer of Freshman Class; ' emician Society, Secretar - 3; Varsouvianna, President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 3: Cheerleader 3: Christmas Court 2. Frances Elaine Walker Valdese Grammar Grade Education Weslev Foundation 1, 2. 3: Association of Childhood Educa- tion 3, 4; Junior Marshal 3. Katv G. W alker Boone English Raymond Cleatus Walker Casar Physical Education and Social Studies Men ' s " A " Club; Baseball. Steve Curtis Ward Thomas ille Social Studies Page Sixty CLASS OF ' 61 Ruby Jane Waters Lincolnton Primary Education Varsouvianna 3; Association of Childhood Education 3; Lu- theran Student Association 3, 4; Student National Educalit)n Association 4. Jean Watts Landis English Baptist Student Union 1, 2. 3. 4; Flving Fish Treasurer 2; Future Business Leaders of America 4; Vice-President of East Hall 3; House Council 3; May Court 3; Inter- Dorm Council 3. Saundra Brevard Way Union, S. C. Grammar Grade Education House Council 3; Lutheran Student Association 2, 3; Religious Council 3. James A. Welborn North Wilkesboro Physical Education and Social Studies Marilyn Ann West Warne Grammar Grade Education Transfer from Mars Hill lunior College. James Wheeler Buins ille Physical Education and Science Iniramurals; Physical Education Club 2; Soccer 4. Robert E. White Bryson City Physical Education and Social Studies Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club I. 2. 3. 4. Peggy Smith Whittaker Concord English and Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association 1; X ' emician Society I, 4. ' ice- President 2, President 3; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Flying Fish 2; Student Council Recording Secretary 3; May Court 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. George Aubrey Williams Boone Social Studies Martha Carolyn Willis Rooiu ' Science Playcrafters 1. 2: Beta Beta Beta 3; Junior Marshal 3. Glenwood Wilson Lenoir Physical Education and Social Studies Football I, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 2, All Conference Baseball 2; Student Council 2; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2. 4. Secretary 3; H ' lio ' s Who Among Students in .-bmricoi llniversilies and Colleges 3, 4. Ivan D. Wilson Boone Business Education ' eterans Club; Future Business Leaders of America. Tommy Lee Wilson Belmont Physical Education and Social Studies Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3. 4, President 4; Varsity Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. WvENNE Eyvonne WiNEcoFF Concord English Appulacliiiin 2. Sports Editor 3. Assistant Editor 4; House Council 2. 3; Intramurals I; Rhododendron Staff 4. William Clay Wood Warrenton, Va. Social Studies and Physical Education Baseball; Men ' s " A " Club. 1 1 -v. i iKf Sn .i SENIORS Iames B. Woodruff Elkin Business Education ic Club: Futiirt- Business Le.niler- Janice Lee Wrav Drapci Grammar Grade Educatioyi Barbara Ieanette Wright AsIicn illc Mathematics and Spanish Mars Hill luniur Collese 1, 2. CiEORGiA Ayers Yates Boone Primary Education Ji.M Wayne Yates Blowing Rock French and English AvvlMllimi Staff. Page Sixty-two L , tmtm mM ' Kmmkwm.i-iMumm Larry Nance President JiV OAN WinSNANT Secretary Gayle Meacham Treasurer i M h k ik .h s JUNIORS Elizabeth Caroline Abel Lenoir James Herbert Acuff Morgan ton Doris Ann Adderholdt Lenoir Patricia Ann Alexander Statesville Nancy Gail Armes Lenoir William Bruce Arrowood Rutherfordton Louise Irene Atkins Marion Charmaine Iva Austin Charlotte Mary Jo Austin Hudson Joe Bernan Bailey Lexington Jimmy Stralie Ball Thomasville Lydia Alice Ballard Hickory Linda Ann Banks Burnsville Ida Isabell Barnett Paint Rock Paul Graham Barnhardt Oakboro Donald C. Beaver Trout man Marcia Jeannie Belk Hickory Walter Henry Bell Denmark, S. C. William Arnold Bell Deep Gap Mildred Ann Benfield Morganton Melissa Benton Monroe Max a. Blackburn Elkin Sherlyn Jeanne Blevins Crumpier Jeanne Cashwell Booe Cooleemee Page Si. v fire JUNIORS Martha Lou Bostic Mt. Holly Betty Ann Bowman Marion Barbara Jane Brackett Lavvndale Frank Garner Brackett Bostic David Daniel Briscoe Rutherfordton Margaret Jane Brock Forest City Delores Anne Brookshire Taylorsviile Bonnie Sue Brown Winston-Salem Dean W. Brown Mt. Airy Joseph Tatum Brown, Jr. Todd Homer Glen Bullard Fayetteville Mary Fern Bullard Chadbourn Elaine Stalev Bumoarner Wilbar Patricia Ann Burgess Ramseur Carolyn Hope Burleson Minneapolis Nancy Iris Burleson Albemarle Joncye Leigh Burton Spencer Richard Franklin Bvers Statesville Larry Steven Byrd Cliffside Ronnie Dills Byrd Gastonia Betty Anne Campbell Mt. Holly Janice Dallene Carlton Lenoir Bette Mann Carnes Laurinburg Nancy Ann Carter Elkin Page Sixty- x r t tdr (TS O f hMih rM S ' n t tff :r tik JUNIORS Mik e M. Chandler Decatur, Ga. James Ralph Cherry Gastonia WiLLL M Charles Church Purlear Larry Richard Clark Gastonia Robert Thomas Clark Morganton jiiLiA Ann Clarke Kannapolis Lilly Prue Clay Lenoir Nelda a. Clifton Mt. Airv W. A. Cline Salisbury Caroll Dean Clodfelter Kannapolis Ina Louise Cloer Morganton LoRNA Eloise Cockman Robbins Iack Edward Coffey Linville Falls Janice Colene Coffey Collettsville Patricia Hardin Coffey Lenoir [lminue Roger Collins Eikin Neal Eugene Coltrane Randleman Bill Cook Boone Carolyn Jane Cook Forest City Cynthia Pauline Cook Charlotte Harry L. Cooke Mt. Pleasant Lena Rose Couch Elkin Sara Jane Cox Sanford Sarah Ann Cox Greensboro Page Sixty-seven JUNIORS Martha Ann Craver Clemmons Frederick Ted Crump Gastonia Ollie Mae Crutchfield Marion John Paul Davenport Newland Nancy Jewel Davenport Mt. Holly Betty Joyce Davis Winston-Salem Linda Jane Davis Evergreen Betty Adrienne Dayvault Statesville Y Lee Dellinger Gastonia Rebecca Ann Dezern Winston-Salem Bonnie Dices Kannapolis Linda Sue Dorse Boonville Charles Lowell Dotson Rutherfordton Barbara Borders Dover Earl Patricia Ann Dowling Boone Hazel Jane Drye Concord Kathryn Brendle Duckworth Morganton Tempie Janese Easter Trinity Sharon Lee Edwards Asheville Brent Fletcher Eller Purlear Barbara Mildred Elliott Shelby Doris Jean Elrod Gastonia Dorothy Dale Fagge Stoneville Rebecca Ann Faggert Rockwell Page Sixty-eight JUNIORS James Joseph Parish Somerdale, N. J. Martha Ann Featherstone Mt. Holly Sally Ann Flynt Winston-Salem Richard Wyatt Fogleman Charlotte Virginia Ruth Fox Taylorsville FoY Lentz Frazier Statesville Albert Arthur Freeman Marshall Phyllis Annette Fulghus Spring Hope Elizabeth Furr Turnersburg Barbara Gladys Geouge Burnsville Robert Jack Gibson Spartanburg, S. C. -Alice Lee Gilbert Lexington Betty June Godfrey Asheville Elizabeth Ann Goings Mt. Airy Patricia Hope Graham Asheville Shirley Ann Green Mooresboro C ' arol Ann Greene Millers Creek Hazel Louise Greene Monroe Priscilla Jane Greene Troy Richard Eugene Greene Ashe ille Richard Brent Gregory Hays Larry Crawford Griffie Charlotte Susan Hunt Groce Winston-Salem Carolyn Sue Hagaman Vilas Page Sixty-nine JUNIORS Margaret Sherrill Hagaman Boone Daniel Tilden Hallman Springfield, S. C. Glenna Sue Halsey Mouth of Wilson, Va. David Stanley Hamby Black Mountain Frances Champion Haney Forest City Betty Hardin Linville Falls Margaret Jo Harpe Mocksville Ernest Lowell Harris Troy Julia Anne Harris Valdese Mary Frances Harris North Wilkesboro Troy Sidney Harrison Hot Springs Linda Jean Harwood Asheville NoRRis Gene P astings Lawndale Laura F. Hatley Hudson Linda Jane Helms Waxhaw ViCKi Harriett Helms Belmont Maryon Gail Hendrix Mocksville Nancy Mae Henson Sherwod James Errol Hewitt Gable, S. C. Peggy Jean Hill Spindale William Wesley Hill Hendersonville Mary Angeline Hilton Charlotte Priscilla Jane Hinson Locust Margaret Fay Hobson Winston-Salem Page Seventy % t % ' " S JUNIORS D. Glenn Hodges Boone Shirley Mae Hoke Catawba R. V. Holder, Ir. Elkin David Leevone Hole Lawsonville Phyllis Moore Hole Lawsonville Deleta Ann Holland Statesville Noel Ellen Holman West Jefferson Mary Ann Hooper Marshville Nancy Jane Houck West Jefferson Glorla Sue Houston Spruce Pine Laura Lynn Howell Todd Maggie Mae Hubbard Lumberton Edna Elaine Hudson Hickory Vera Jane Huggins Charlotte Zora Eloise Huie Olin Susan Wakefield Hunt Gaston ia Bobby Wayne Hussey Bobbins Frances Loretta Hyatt Marion Patti Jean Jackson Mt. Airy Shirley Lee Jackson Forest City Lee Oval Jaynes, Jr. Morganton Betty Jane Johnson Charlotte Donald W. Johnson Marion Patty Augusta Jones Asheville Page Seventy-one JUNIORS Rodney Jordan Concord Betsy Dean Kearns Denton Leonard Thompson Keever Lincolnton John B. Kelly Bellmawr, N. J. Margaret Ann Kendall Greensboro Joe Thomas Key Roaring River Margaret Lomax KIRSTEI Sugar Grove Brenda Marticia Koonts Lexington Jakup R. Koonts Lexington Hazel A. Lail Marion Ann Lambert Raleigh Don Earl Lance Arden Richard Landreth Sparta Mike Lassiter Burlington Peggy Joan Leazer Salisbury Sheila Elizabeth Lemmond Matthews Judith Christine Lewis Cooleemec Richard Elliott Lineberger Concord Jack H. Linker Charlotte Judith Elaine Long Candler Mitchell Ann Lynn Kings Mountain W. Inez Lytle Marion Orrin Curtis Mahaffey Salisbury Pitsa Maheras Gastonia Page Seventy-two iMdi - (5 ,o 4% ' fT 1 }k : fkdtk JUNIORS Clara Estelle Malcolm Troutman Luther Eugene Marlar Fountain Inn, S. C. Carol Ruth Martin Concord Mary Elizabeth Martin ' estfield Billy Edward Mauldin Concord Edward Dean May Lansing Ruth McClilloch Burlington William Frank McDaniel Henrietta Ierrv Lhomas McFall I lot Springs jiiDN Ann McGee Millers Creek Patricia Ann McGee Hunters ' ille Clenda Brim xMcIver Salisbury Doliglas Frank McKinne Spruce Pine Svi lA CiAiL McLean Lexington C.AYLE Rogers Meacham Charlotte I Iarold Van Metcalfe Shelbv I Iarold David Miller iXewton Darryl Wilson Moffitt Rhodhiss Nellie Jane Murray Bostic Larry Thomas Nance Xsheboro loYCE Ann Newton Charlotte M. Isabella Newton Wagram |oHN Fred Norman, |r. Mt. Airy I I nni I) Ray Oeitini; St. Charles, Mo. Page Seventy-three JUNIORS Gertrude Orr Boone Earl Samuel Owens Cramerton Jane Livina Oxford Valdese Earl Dale Paislev Lansing Bobby Leonard Parrish St. Pauls William Ray Parrish Draper Joan Gail Patterson Denton Priscilla Ann Patton Morgan ton Bliss Legrand Payne Statesville Brenda Carolyn Penley Gastonia R. Nan Perry Hildebran Alice Victoria Phillips Ingalls Carolyn Frances Pickett Winston-Salem Margaret Alice Pitman Spruce Pine Selenah Ann Pons Valdese Ralph Robertson Powell, |r. Concord Kenneth Lanier Propst Con over George C. Ragan, |r. Boone Loris Darlene Randolph Green Mountain Julia Ann Reece Boonville Yates Wayne Reep Lincolnton Joan Carolyn Richardson Danville, Va. Archie Lynn Ritchie Concord Jerry Alexander Ritchie China Grove Pane Seventy-fouT M. r tl k fk JUNIORS Betsy Ann Rogers Deep Gap Norma Joy Rogers Gastonia Edna Ray Rose Reidsville Benny Franklin Saine Cherrvville Larry Lowell Sale Cycle Esther Clarene Saulmon Morgan ton Darrell Brittian Saunders Candor Margaret Barbara Savelle Charlotte Irene Bertha Schmidt Cherrvville Alma Ann Secrest Monroe Patrick Alan Secrest Monroe Glenn Chatman Sellers Kings Mountain William Loyd Settlemyre Valdese Leonard Severt West Jefferson Phillip Lawrence Sexton Sparta Iames Kenneth Shelton Danville, Va. Yvonne Olivia Sherer Belmont Ronnie Scott Shoemaker Millers Creek Wilbur Darrell Short Hudson Audrey Mae Sidden Traphill Priscilla Ann Sink Thomasville Audrey Jean Smith Lexington David N. Smith Kings Mountain Frank Raymond Smith Hialeah, Fla. Pa e Seventy-five JUNIORS Helen Bolena Smith Elk Park Janice Gayle Smith Morganton Omar Grey Smith Mayodan June F. Sofley Elkin Charles B. Stanley Hillsboro Jerry Arthur Starnes Candler Nancy Lee Starr Raleigh Sara Jacquelyn Steele Winston-Salem Nancy Bowman Steelman Boonville Jean Parker Stephenson SmithFicId Frances Yvonne Stepp Henderson ille Mary Rltth Stewart Catawba Frances Leona Stokes Winston-Salem Shelly Anne Stone Thomasville Anne Marie Stliltz Draper Douglas Eugene Styles Dillard, Ga. Barbara Ann Sullivan Hudson Samuel Mason Sykes Mebane Beverly Anne Taylor Charlotte Carol Ann Taylor Kan n a polls Judith Rogers Taylor Hudson Evalee Gale Teague Leicester Janie Lea Teague Granite Falls June Carol Tharpe Ron da Page Seventy-six rr d i di: JUNIORS Iackie Maurice Thomas Monroe Olivia Carolyn Tippett CTreensboro Beverly Louise Toms Forest City Billie Marie Triplett Lenoir Boyd Claek Trivett Elk Park Peggy Ree Troutman Statesville Sherry ' Jeanelle Tuttle West End Kate Greene Tyson Waxhaw Nellie Mae LI ' Ren Gastonia E. William Wampler, ]r. Charlotte Rhonda Beatrice Ward Rockwell joE Richard Warwick Laurinburg Iames White Watlington Yanceyville Martha Irene Webb Morganton loHN S. Welch Lansing Shirley Ann Wentworth Science Llill, Ky. Ierry Lee West Boone Joan Carol Whisnant Salisbury Carole Suzanne White Harmony Frances Elizabeth White Casar Glenn Jackson White Wood I eat ' Joyce Ann Whitley Albemarle Norma Gay Whitlow Lexington Ronald Everett Whittaker Arlington, Va. Pagfi Seventy-seveu JUNIORS Al Monroe Whitted Charleston, S. C. Cathryn Elaine Wike Charlotte James Wesley VVillard Winston-Salem Alan R. Williams Olin Andrea Ruth Williams Gastonia Barbara Ann Williams Statesville Robert Louis Williams Drexel Glenn Graham Wilson Marion Linda Young Wilson Salisbury Mary Azalee Wilson Zionville Phyllis Lucinda Wilson Belmont Tony D. Winkler Boone Robert Moses Wood Jacksonville, Fla. Samuel Reeves Wooten East Bend Donald Thelbert Wright Charlotte Judith Anne Wright Charlotte Martha Lane Wright Asheboro Sarah B. Wyant Vale Earl William York Harmonv r n Page Sei ' enty-eight Sandra Kendall Secretary J iZ SaRAIJ M I SI TON Treasjirer Jim Hayes President oRoM fJ SOPHOMORES Rebecca Charlene Adams . Yadkinville Benny Samuel Alexander Hays Sandra Lee Allen Charlotte Elaine Anderson Wilkesboro Charles B. Andrews . . Lake ' accamaw Gail Anneal Andrews Lenoir Brenda Joyce Anglin Bumsville Betty Jean Anthony Vale Tillie Elizabeth Arrowoo d Kings Mountain Betty Bailey Reidsville James V. Bailey Warrenton, Va. Bobby Edwin Barker Lenoir Joann Elizabeth Barbee Oakboro Joseph Fields Barbee Maysville Xancy Elizabeth Barber . . . .Charlotte Bo d Alan Barlow Boone Linda Barnes Marion Cynthia Evelyn Barrier ..Mt. Pleasant Carolyn Rebecca Beam .... Troutman Priscilla Annette Beam . . . .Cherryville Brenda Sue Benton Concord Patsy Rebecca Berry Valdese Mel Bienstock Bayside, N. Y. Eva Sue Billings Traphill Brenda F. Blackburn Todd Marilyn Dianne Blackwelder .Concord Patricia Marie Blackwell . . . .Asheville Margaret Phyllis Blake Troy Robert A. Blalock Norwood Ronda Duane Bledsoe Fleetwood Carohn Blevins . . .North Wilkesboro Barbara Moffitt Bliss Rhodhiss Robert Marshall Boggs . . . . Lewisville James TerT - Bogle Salisbury Nadine Frances Bolick Boone Clay B. Bollinger Granite Falls Patsy Anne Bowman Greensboro James Monroe Boyte Carthage John KJenner Boyte Carthage ' irginia Ann Bradshaw Relief Martha Ellen Brady Greensboro Lynne Douglas Branch . . . .Morganton Larry Allan Brewer ..Hollywood, Fla. Sandra Joyce Brewer . . . .Thomasville Margaret Gail Brittain . . . .Morganton Stanley Charles Brookes .Hillside, N. J. V ' ayne Pinkney Brooks Shelby Bobby W ' ilmer Bruwn Elkin Christine Dora Brown .... Red Springs Jack David Brown Fresno, Ohio John Brice Brown, Jr Landis Leslie Morris Brown Marion Lucy Carol Brown Elkin Merita Buchanan . . .Green Mountain CV f ry - r-? rr O h i K. ( V- if- ' SOPHOMORES Phyllis Diane Bulla Asheboro Sarah A. Bunn Charlotte Miriam B. Burleson Boone Katy Leigh Busic Piney Creek Georgia Mae Bustle Jonas Ridge Linda Nell Butler Ellenboro Jerry S. Butler Erwin Michael Cagle Landis Ellen Kirk Canipe Kinston Boardman Homer Caraway Miami Springs, Fla. CarohTi Edward Carpenter . Cherry ' i]le Darrel H. Carpenter Lincolnton Elizabeth Ann Carpenter Dallas Judy Earleen Carpenter Gastonia Sharon Areitta Carpenter . . . Norwood Wilma Mildred Carpenter .... Marion James Wallace Carr . . . .Danville, Va. Jacqualyn Mavis Carroll Hudson Sylvia Layne Carson .... Cherr Tille Georgia K. Gates Morganton Peggy Diane Chappell Jonesville Alice Mosteller Childers Vale Willard Christy Kannapolis Juanita Phyllis Clark Crossnore Joseph M. Cockram Vesta, Va. Virginia Ann Coe Dobson Charles Delaney Coffer .... Danbun.- Nanci Carole Coggins . . New London Marjorie Ann Cole .... Rutherfordton Gary Wayne Conner Lincolnton Helen Winanne Coram .... Boonville June Ridge Coward Liberty Nancy Nell Cox Sparta David Harold Craig Lenoir Man. ' Alice Craig Nebo Wilma Eileen Creasy . .Pilot Mountain Betty Lou Crissman Siloam Martha Carol Daves Shelby James Thomas Davis Monroe Wayne Mitchell Davis North V ' ilkesboro Wilma Love Da ' is New Bern Loretta Jean Deal China Grove Nancy Carolyn Deal .... China Gro ' e Patricia Edwards Dellinger . . . Brevard Paul Morris Dellinger Newton Barbara Anne Dennis Landis Bennett Richard DeVine . . Cherryville Evelyn B. Dillard Jefferson Jane Douglas Charlotte Jo Anne Dowell Greensboro Phillip William Duke Leaksville Linda Dawn Duvall .... Grassy Creek Carl Edward Dwiggins .... Mocksville Mary Lynne Easter Trinity ( r P P f? P 1 1 P :iidi M SOPHOMORES Bill Edwards Lexington Patricia Ann Edwards Columbus Fern E. Eldreth Boone Richard Douglas Elledge Hays Ruey Gail Elledge Ferguson Nora Christine Eller Purlear Patsy Sue Eller Salisbury Reggie Hayden Eller Ferguson Patricia Dian Ellington . . . CherrjTille Martha Kaye Elmore Newport News, Va. Joe H . Elrod Boone Brenda Sue Engle Cherryville Richard McCoy Ensley Jonesville Martha Ann Ervin Newton Tony Ervin Kannapolis Martha McDowell Erwin .... Hickory Rosemary Elaine Eury Raleigh Edith Joanne Evans Sparta Edna Mae Evans Mocksville Freddie Shea Evans .... Danville, Va. Ron Thomas Fannon .... Beech Creek Rose Ellen Farrington Creston Richard Stanley Farris Bostic Peggy Ann Felts . . . North Wilkesboro Sandra Maxine Fleming . . .Statesville Sheila Karen Florance . . . .Greensboro Hauser Crews Flynt ..Winston-Salem Alyce Mae Foard Charlotte Floyd Edward Foil Kannapolis Barbara Jane Forbes Gastonia Dorothy Lou Fort .... Winston-Salem Judith Gale Foster . . North Wilkesboro Archie Dean Fowler Boone Dianne Lowry Fowler Boone William Lee Fowler Dallas Shirley Maxine Fox Jefferson William Larry Francis Caroleen Ellen Craig Frye Charlotte Kay Evelyn Fulp Walkertown Lucy Waring Gadd Charlotte Lynda Jayne Garmon Midland Faye Annette Garrison Dallas Linda Sue Gero Candor Freda Jojuan Gillespie Brevard James Lawrence Gilreath . . Taylorsville Donna M. Godfrey Charlotte Leonard Bradley Goodman Taylorsville Bettie Lou Goodnight Salisbury Charles Baxter Gordon, III ... Monroe Katy Rose Gordon .... Rutherfordton Frances Maxine Grady .... Morganton Fred Daniel Gragg Boone Walter Edward Gragg . . . Minneapolis Sara Louise Graham Mt. Ulla SOPHOMORES Eunice Irene Grant Tumersburg Betty Rene Greene Lewisville Clara Lee Greene Dobson James C. Greene Boone Jane E. Greene Boone Richard Mack Greer Boone Peggy Elaine Gregson Liberty Stephen Lee Guy Maiden John Maurice Gwaltney . . Taylors ille Nancy Elene Hager Statesville Earl Edward Hallman . . Bessemer Cit ' Phyllis Brooks Hamilton Lenoir A. Elizabeth Hampton Davidson Richard Eugene Hamrick Shelby Carol Ann Hardin .... West Jefferson Katherine Venable Hardister North Wilkesboro Robert Henry Harmon Boone Steven Earle Harmon . . Bessemer City Norman Monroe Harrington . . Landis Linda Marie Harris Stanley Patricia Elaine Hartsell Concord Anna Belle Hartzog Deep Gap Clyde James Hatley McAdenville Foster Lee Hayes Mt. Airy James Burton Hayes Boone Lois T. Hayes Boone Frances Lee Haynes Dobson Jerelyn Laura Hechler Arden Mary Ruth Henderson .... Forest City Margaret Anne Hendricks . Mocksville Philip Morris Herman .... Lincolnton Jessie Frances Hester Roxboro Leon Grant Hiatt Mt. Air ' Donald Hamilton Hill . . . Mooresville Larry Hill Brown Summit Patricia Ann Hobson East Bend James Tommy Hodges .... Yanceyville Judith Ann Hogsed Gastonia Mary Joyce Holland Marion Larry Eugene Hollar Statesville Lois Ann Holmes .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Julia Rebekah Honeycutt .... Stanfield Mary Rhenda Houck Oakboro Nathan Eli Houser Vale Audrey Virginia Howell . .Wadesboro Patricia Ann Howerton . . . Greensboro Joy Christine Hudson Kings Mountain Jewel Elizabeth Huffman . . . Hickory Barbara Jean Hughes Bakersville Sarah Mae Huss Iron Station Paul Ryan Irvin Charlotte Jerry Edgar Ivester Shelby Nancy Jo Ivester Albemarle Ray Barry Ivey Charlotte :i .( O. t .k i ' ' v 0 •::-. o p SOPHOMORES Brenda Joyce Jenkins .... Stony Point Ben Franklin Johnson, Jr. . .Lexington Bobby Johnson St. Pauls Larry Warner Johnson Ararat Linda Kay Johnson Statesville Eddie Glenn Jones Grassy Creek Brenda Ann Joyce Mayodan Carolyn Jean Joyner Concord Gayle Karriker Kannapolis Charles S. Kelly Statesville Sandra Lee Kendall Greensboro Jessie Faye Kennedy . . . .Thomasville Amy Louise Kepley Lexington Elizabeth Ann Killian Newton Larry Lee Kincaid Fleetwood Mary Gail Kirkpatrick . . . Waynesville Charlotte Antonie Kozub . . .Matthews Diane Eleanor Kuenzel North Wilkesboro Don Paul Kyles Maiden Brenda Valeria Lackey Fallston Linda Lou Lambert Jefferson Georgia Ann Landon Ft. Lauderdale, I-la. Kay Frances Langston Statesville Judy Yvonne Lanier Thurmond J. Sue Lawrence Sugar Gro e Barbara Joyce Leatherwood ' aynes •iUe Ted Roland Ledford Spruce Pine Garland T. Ledwell Raleigh Barron Wilson Lee Lincolnton Myrtle Jean Lentz China Grove Paul O. Lentz Concord Bett ' Brown Leonard . . . .Thomas ille John Hilton Lester Raeford Mary Ann Letterman Green Mountain Rudolph Warren Lewis .... St. Pauls William Terrell Lewis . . Rutherfordton James Council Lingle Conover James Frank Little Warrensville Dorothy Carolyn Logan . . . Mooresboro Sarah Rosetta London Polkville Martha Elaine Love Concord Nancy Mona Love Richfield Cher l C. Lower) ' Cle eland Imogene Ruby Lowman Rutherford College .Martha Susan Loyd Troutman Myrna Leak Luther Boone Ruth Ann Lyerly High Point Brenda Joyce L nch Forest City Sarah Anne Lytton Long Island Joan Agnes Marcotte Fairless Hills, Pa. Johnsie Ann Martin Elkin Nancy Elizabeth Martin Tryon Frances Douglas Mashburn .Gastonia Brenda Gail Mason Kannapolis SOPHOMORES Phyllis Kay Massey Statesville Nancy J. Mathis VVilkesboro Faye J. Matthews Matthews M. Lucille Mayes Statesville Billy Mitchell Mayhew . . . .Troutman Robert Stanley McCarn . . Mt. Pleasant Thomas Carlisle McCartney .... Boone Kenneth Eugene McClure Hartford, Ky. Shirley Gray McDuffie ..Chapel Hill Martha Faye McEntire Valdese Mary Jane McFarland . . . .Forest City William Ray McGinnis . . .Cherryville Roger Wayne McKinney . . Bakers ille Ronald Bowman McKinney Bakersville Ruth Myrtle McKinney Elk Park Evelyn Oneida McKnight Winston-Salem Linda McLauchlin Charlotte Bobby ' a ne McNew Meadowvievv, Va. Mary Magdalene McNiel Purlear James Loftin Meadows . . .Mooresville Nancy Geraldine Medlin Monroe Dennis W. Mee . . .Tonawanda, N. Y. Chivous Ma. Melton EUenboro Loretta Elaine Melton .... Cooleemee Minnie Sue Miles Sparta Frances Carolyn Miller .... Lawndale Marianne Miller Charlotte Phillip Rudd Miller North Wilkesboro Shirley Marie Miller Boon ille Wanda Lee Mitchell Elkin Jerry Lee Monday Gastonia Barbara Webb Moore Caroleen Emily Ann Moore Charlotte Howard M. Moore Shelby Audna Austin Moretz Lenoir Carolyn Elaine Morgan Candler Emma Jean Morris Sanford Janice Carolyn Morris .... Albemarle Linda Mae Morris Troy Loretta Ann Morrison Pinnacle Greta Ann Moser Mt. Airy Joyce Dean Moton Gastonia Frederica Dee Murphy . . . .Mocksvillc Patricia Anne Navey Shelby George E. NeeSmith Gastonia Eddie O ' Neal Newsome King Carol Anne Nicholas . .Winston-Salem Rebecca Dianne Nichols Spencer Lynda Faith Norman Mt. Airy Carolyn Jean Norton .... China Grove Sheila Ann Norton Spruce Pine Barbara Ann Oakley Danburv- Dennis Evans Oliver Lenoir Joyce Ann Osborne Grassv Creek ry f f h:; tr: ' - t4 G» P f f% i : Ci) s , 1 9 9 P 3 P SOPHOMORES Alfred Benjamin Overbay Granite Falls Buddy Ray Owens Boone Floya Grace Owens St. Pauls Bob Earl Palmer Hickory Margaret Louise Parker ....Mt. Ulla Helen Ruth Parlier . . . .West Jefferson Elizabeth Anne Parrish . . . Thomasville Thelma p. Patterson . . . .China Grove Norma Ann Peacock . . A ' inston-Salem Robert Carlton Pearman . Summerfield Martha Sue Pendry Hudson Patricia Anne Penick West Palm Beach, Fla. Tellis Dexter Penley Morganton Doris Sheila Perkins BakersviJle Margaret Ellen Perr - Valdese Charlie Glenn Pharr Troutman Jean Carolyn Phelps . . Winston-Salem Nancy Jane Phelps . . . Winston-Salem Donald Kent Phillips Lynchburg, S. C. Jesse Clark Phillips Trinity John Paul Phillips Neva, Tenn. Phyllis Sue Phillips Hickory Frederick Calvin Pierce .... Cooleemee Alma Delores Pierson Maxton Nancy Pinnix State Road William Russell Pipes Lenoir James Edward Poarch Valdese Carrol Hope Puckett Concord Virginia Paulette Queen Marion Augustine Frank Quilici North ' ilkesboro Johnnie David Ragsdale, Jr. Winston-Salem Eliza Jane Ray Newland Michael Thomas Raybon . . . .Newton Barbara Jean Reall Albemarle Carolyn Louise Reavis . . . .Troutman Jimmy Micheal Reeves ....Mt. Airy Joseph O. Richardson Hollister Barbara Ann Robbins .... Morganton Emma Rebecca Robinson . . Burnsville Eldon Sykes Rogers . . Pilot Mountain Joyce Brenda Roseman Salisbury John Mark Rothrock Madison Nelda Watts Roueche Boone Janice Marjorie Rudisill Hickory Marion Rush Greensboro Vittorio Sanniota Granite Falls Patricia Ann Saunders .... Albemarle Emily Ann Schindler . . . ' ilmington Larry Neal Schronce Maiden Mary Carolyn Searcy Marion Gayle Baucom Secrest Monroe Linda Hope Setzer Cherryville Ann Elizabeth Sharpless V ' est Palm Beach, Fla. Richard Everol Shaw . . . .China Grove SOPHOMORES Marion Louise Shoemaker .... Newton Larry Eugene Shrader . Wytheville, Va. Alice Faye Shuler .... Winston-Salem Gloria Jean Shumaker . . Millers Creek John H. Sink Boone Maurice Smart, Jr Forest City Nancy Etta Smith Denton John Denny Smitherman . . East Bend Richard Herman Snider . . .Lexington Sandra Elizabeth Snyder . . . .Charlotte Loula Frances Solomon Roxboro Jimmy South Tamarack Mary Ann Sprinkle Hudson M. Carole Stafford ..Black Mountain Robert William Stamper .... Salisbury Barbara Lynn Stanley . . . . Robbinsville Betty McNeill Stanley Lansing Martha Frances Stephens Spray Myrna Lewis Stephens Spray Michael Niel Stewart Pineola Tony Myteso Stewart .... Greensboro Katherine O. Storie Lenoir Susan Frances Strickland Hamlet James Re. Stroup Reddick. Fla. John Rex Stuart Lincolnton Zula Kate Styles Bumsville Bruce J. Sudderth Lenoir Brenda Von Summerlin Lenoir Brenda Kay Swaim Cycle Linda Gail Swaim Cycle Claybern Taylor Mt. Airj ' Sylvia Ann Teague Monroe James Stuart Teague Hickor - Edgar Marshall Teeter . . . . Mooresville Lonnie Elwood Thomas .... East Bend Wayne Parks Thompson Landis Barbara Lynn Tillman Carthage Anne Wayne Tinsley Reidsville Frankie Carr Tomberlin .... Matthews Jean McNeal Troutman . . . .Charlotte Margie Erlene Troutman . . .Rockwell V ' anda Zee Tucker Gantt, Ala. Amelia Rachel Tuttle Lenoir Lillian Loretta Vannoy Purlear Joyce Elaine Vaughn ....High Point Kenneth McGehee Vaughn .Reidsville Stephen Walton Vaughn . .Greensboro Brenda Fave VonCannon . . .Asheboro Donald Worth Wagoner Winston-Salem Betty Lou Wallace Thurmond Laura Lynn Walkup . . Mineral Springs Jill Karen Walters . . . .Winston-Salem Don Melvin Ward Spencer Kathryn Alice Warren .... Statesville MJ(M MA . SOPHOMORES Phyllis Ann Warren Morrisville Reita Annette Waters Henrietta Roy Henry Watkins Charlotte Linda Susan Weathersbee . . .Norwood Bennie Carl Weaver Sparta Glenda Phyllis V- ' ebster .... Fairmont Jane ' estbrook . . . . Edgemoor, S. C. Barbara Lou Gail White Dobson Georgia Angell White . . . Morganton Linda Kaye White . .Guilford College Catherine Dickey Whitesides . Old Fort Robert Lee WTiitt, Jr Spray Priscilla Lane Wilkinson . .Kannapolis G. Kent ' illard High Point Crystal Johnston Williams Boone Marsha Leonard Williams . . . .Graham Mary Evelyn Williams . . . Harrisburg Maurice C. Williams Buckroe Beach, Va. Patricia Anne Williams .... Concord Rebecca Ann Williams .... Morganton Ste e Douglas Williams . . Morganton Norman Barry Wilson Landis Peggy Joyce Wilson . . . .Danville, Va. Linda LaNell Winccoff . . Kannapolis Linda Nell Woodruff Hays David H. Wright Lincolnton E elyn Sue Wright Fort Bragg Jacob Arnold ' right Marion Mary Frances Wright Asheboro Wilbur Matheny Wright . . .Ellenboro Fannie Annette Yarbrough Winston-Salem Linda Sue Yates Harrisburg Joseph Paul Yatsko . . . .Levittown, Pa. Robert Paul York Mocksville Peggy C. Youngblood .... Forest City Samuel B. Zimmerman North Wilkesboro Pa e Eigjity-nine John Alexander President f Es Mti Ramona Craig Secretary David Williams Treasurer FRESHMEN Freddy Bryan Adams Elkin Mary Catherine Albright . China Grove John Robert Alexander .... Statesville Tudy Kay Alexander Landis Patsy Ward Alexander Newton Larry Floyd Allen Shelb ' Richard Graham Allran . . . Lincolnton Betty Ann Allred Lexington Robert Gerald Andrews Orrum William James Andrews .... Concord Barbara Jean Armstrong . . Kannapolis Carolyn Elizabeth Arndt Sherrills Ford Sylvia Lane Arrington Westfield Mary Louise Avery Morganton Claude Vernon Ayers Pinnacle Marilyn Badgett Mt. Ain Benjamin Pinnix Bailey Walnut Cove Bettye Jayne Bailey Shelby V ' illiam Authar Bailey ....Lexington Estel Lou Baird Boone Carol Jean Baker Charlotte Mary Jane Baker Snow Hill Gloria Raylene Ball Thomasviile Joan Lucille Ballenger .Upperville, Va. David Joseph Balzer Elkin Susan Darlington Bandy .... Newton Darrell Joe Banner Germanton Mary Julia Barbee Concord Barbara Evelyn Bard Fleetwood Anne Marie Bare Jefferson Bronnia Diane Barker .... High Point Gary Thomas Barker Statesville Sarah Ella Barlowe Lenoir George Hamihon Barnett . . . .Ferguson Carroll Edward Barnwell . . . .Fletcher Mary Louise Barrett .... Holly Springs Martin James Barrier . . . .Jonas Ridge John Garland Batchelor .... Hallsboro Frances Anne Baucom Concord Drusilla Jean Bcal Cummock Peggie Joy Beal Lincolnton Brenda Ann Beam Cherryville Harry Richard Beam Shelby Terry Dean Bean Hudson Dorothy Ann Beard Charlotte Tommy Kale Beaver .... China Grove Joe Thomas Belk Hickory Arnold Richard Benfield . . Morganton I rncst Frederick Benfield Lenoir Paul Roger Benoy Gastonia Gerald Everctte Bentlcy Lenoir Mamie Lee Bentley Boone Chfton Ray Berrier, Jr. . . .Greensboro Larry Dean Bingham Fallston •5 -urn «r ' ' o ' FRESHMEN Linda Elizabeth Black Midland Patsy Jo Black Burnsville Mary Ellen Blevins Grumpier Mildred Alane Bolick . .La Plata, Md. Shelby Jean Boone Asheboro Clara Melissa Best Concord Earl Wayne Bowers Charlotte Barbara Jo Bowman Marion U ' illiam Wills Bradford Haymarket, Va. Glenda Susan Bradley Old Fort Sarah Faye Bradley Saluda Jack Phillip Brammer Peaksville Judy Carole Brande . . Winston-Salem Linda Gail Braswell Spruce Pine Glenda Lorena Bray . . Winston-Salem Lynda Ophelia Brewer Hillsboro John Carl Brinkley Elk Park Ronnie WcxkIhiw Brooks ....Candler Solomon Craig Brooks . . Hamptonville Betty Zane Brown Madison Clara Jane Brown . . .Vero Beach, Fla. Hilda Nadine Brown Forest City William Asbury Brown, Jr. .Cramerton John Harold Bryan BiK)ne lerry Fred Bryant Cramerton Betty Jean Buchanan Bakersville Carol Ann Buchanan Bakersville Etta Louise Buchanan .... Spruce Pine Joe Raymond Buchanan . .Minneapolis |( hn Willard Bumgarner Nebo Virginia Ann Bumgarner Millers Creek Bonnie Mae Bunch .... New London Barbara Anne Burgess Ramseur Phyllis Angie Burleson . . .Spruce Pine Roma Gene Burleson Albemarle John Benjamen Burnett Clarks ' ille, Va. Clyde Russell Burnette . .Cascade, Va. Patricia Lynn Burnley Boone Herbert Burns Red Springs Patricia Ann Byers Statesville Judith Agnes Byrd . . Black Mountain Mabel Ruth Calloway Wilbar Barbara Anne Camjibell .... Catawba William John Campbell . . . Lincolnton Jerry Wayne Cannon Lenoir Paul Michael Cannon .... Kannapolis Linda Mary Cansler Vale Richard Lee Cansler Hickory Barbara Louise Capps . . Hendersonville Bonn Lynn Carpenter Salisbury Mary Jacqueline Carpenter . . Mt. Airy James Ralph Carriker Ellerbe William Clyde Carroll Kings Mountain Constance LeNeil Carson . . Statesville FRESHMEN Gail Norris Carter Rockingham Stephen Ross Caudill Boone Girard Chambers III ... Hampton, Va. Jackie Renee Cheek Mebane Carolyn Ann Childress Linwood Marilyn Kathryn Christoph r I Winston-Salem Lizzie Mae Church .North Wilkesboro Carolyn Sally Clark . . Dade City, Fla. Cornelius Ward Clark, Jr. Bessemer City Kenneth Harold Clark .... Morganton Lynda Lou Clark Fallston Sandra Lee Clark Hamlet Barry Nelson Claywell Statesville Reba Elaine Cloninger Charlotte Martha Elizabeth Clough .... Marion Chesley Joseph Cobb Draper Linda Joyce Cochran Franklin Linda Lou Cockerham Elkin Thomas Montgomery Cockrell Stony Point Larry Wayne Coffey Edgemont Margaret Inez Coffey . . . Granite Falls Patricia Ann Coffey . . . Blowing Rock Harriet Stewart Coffield Rutherfordton Arlton Graham Cole Vilas Mary Elizabeth Collins Elkin Nancy Carol Collins Elkin Joyce Diann Compton .... Troutman Charles Boyd Cook Boone Gordon Michael Cook .... Kannapolis Nancy Gave Cook Huntersville Brenda Kay Cooke Lawndale Dorothy Larrette Cope Gastonia Rebecca Anne Coppley .... Lexington Larry Dean Comwell Lincolnton Rosalind Marie Correll Lenoir Everette Feezor Corriher .... Mt. Ulla Frances Dockery Covington Rockingham John Larry Covington .Pilot Mountain Bill Dickey Co. Grassy Creek Nancy Carolyn Cox Mt. Airy Larry Wilson Crabtree . . . Chapel Hill Ramona Lee Craig Lenoir Judy Belle Cranford Le.xington Jimmy Keith Graver Clemmons Jilda Jo Creed Boone Steve Harding Crisp Lenoir Henderson Hayes Crotts . . Thomasville Hildreth Jo Crowder Raleigh Joy Sue Crowder Landis Milton Larry Crowder Landis Henry Gundry Crowgey, Jr. Taylorsville Sylvia Ann Crutchfield . . . .Burlington Pansy Elizabeth Current Olin Virginia Currie Laurinburg FRESHMEN Steve Evans Curtis Shelby Dennis Wayne Dagenhardt . . Hickory Judith Anne Dages Nevvland Lee Vincent Dages, Jr Newland Albert Nelson Dale III.. Union Mills Linda Jo Darby . . . .Honolulu, Hawaii Ruth Ellen Daughtry Durham Betty Kern David Kannapolis Betty Jean Davis Waynesville Kay Elaine Davis Lincolnton Lawrence W. Davis Concord Martha Jean Davis Mooresville Mary Faye Davis Statesville Sallie Todd Davis Hickory Bessie Madora Dawkins ..Rockingham David Arrauld Deal . . Winston-Salem Winston Joe Dean Monroe Geneva Ann Delp .... Laurel Springs Donald Pegg Dillon, Jr Guilford Douglas Joe Dobbins Lenoir Emma Gail Dobbins Charlotte Patricia Ann Douthit . . . .Rockingham Joanne Lucille Drolette . . . Kannapolis Steve Wilson Drum Newton Brenda Gail Dula Blowing Rock Claude Edward Duncan . . . .Ellenboro Glenda Kay Duncan High Point Harvey David Duncan . . .Timberlake Olivia Lynn Duncan Drexcl Margaret Louise Dunn Ferguson Grover Dalon Durham Elkin Sandra Kay Dwiggins .... Kannapolis James William Fades Catawba Elizabeth Scott Eagle Charlotte Anna Rebecca Eckard Connelly Springs lulia Kay Eckard Hickory James Allen Edmiston, Jr. . .Statesville Berta Carolyn Edmondson . . .Grayson Arnold Clifford Edmundson East Flat Rock Barbara Elaine Edwards .... Grumpier Libby Jean Edwards . . West Jefferson Nancv Rebecca Edwards .Union Mills Mary Peggy Ann Ef ird Concord Mary Jane Filer Purlear Tommy Moore Ennis Landis Brenda Erwin Salisbury Dolores Elizabeth Eudy Concord Julia Gayle Euliss Liberty Nancy Lee Evans Waynesville Nancy Ann Everidge Jonesville LaFaye Faglie Okeechobee, Fla. Lillie Frances Faircloth Asheboro Jack Marion Fannon .... Beech Creek Clarice Elizabeth Farrington Granite Quany to as - a . B mSi k B Dm S k ff Q p, 1 .) Wl FRESHMEN Authur Glendale Faulk Lake Waccamaw Paulette Faulkenbeny . . . Greensboro Carol Marini Fazio .Springfield, Mass. Shiela Dannette Fish Maiden Donna Marie Fleming . Winston-Salem Joyce Marie Fletcher Asheville Judith Love Flynn Walkertown Ronald Stanley Forner Maiden Elizabeth Anne Fowler . Rutherf ordton JMary Lou Fowler Monroe Helen Kay Frady Rutherfordton Hannah Littlewood Francis .Harmony Carolyn Ruth Freeman Robbins Mary Karen Freeman . . . .Thomasville William Ralph Freeman, Jr. W ' eaverville Betty Sue Frye Spruce Pine Ruby Jean Fuller Gastonia Janet Marie Furr Concord Jimmy Worth Furr High Point John Joseph Gaghan Somerdale, N. J. Lynn Anne Gardner Shelby Elizabeth Rebekah Gentry Elkin Charles Gordon Gibson . . Danville, Va. Eleanor Francis Gibson Mt. Airy Brenda Yvonne Gilbert . . .Lincolnton Donna Elizabeth Gilley Boone Katbryn Vena Gilliam Marion Mary Elizabeth Godfrey Spartanburg, S. C. Soundra Hines Gooch Durham Sara Rebecca Goodnight . . Taylorsville Patsy Jack Goolsby Madison Walter Lynn Gordon Monroe Linda Elaine Graeber . . . China Grove Sandra LaYonne Graham Pilot Mountain Bobby Lee Graybeal . . . .Grassy Creek Marian Stone Green Ramseur Frances Ruth Greene Norwood Raymond Henry Greene Boone Alice Cain Greer Boone James Don Greer Le.xington Juanita Jean Gregory Catawba Donald Wayne Grigg Morganton James Luke Gryder Asheville Edgar Tuttle Guy Maiden Richard Lem Gwaltney . . . Taylors ille Millard Cecil Hagaman Zionville Philip Wylie Hagler Raleigh Ida Joanne Haigler Rockingham Janice Temple Hall Leaksville Gloria Jean Hampton Boone Shirley Ann Hampton Deep Gap Laurence Thomas Hand . . Butler N. J. John C. Hanning Ft. Bragg Kathleen Arvonia Harkev . . Stanfield FRESHMEN Linda Lee Harrill Lincolntan Frenda Ann Harrington .Ringgold, Va. Carolyn Jolene Harris .... Forest Cir ' Frank Burkhead Harris Candor Ronald L. Harris Hickor ' Mary Agnes Harrison Bethania Louvenia Ellen Hart Greensboro Ruth Ann Hartley Apopka, Fla. Brenda Gail Harward Oakboro Ronnie Nelson Harvvood . . Albemarle Clifford Lee Hatley, Jr Concord Donna Caroline Havnaer . . . .Hickory Mary Lou Hawkins Kannapolis Marguerite Frances Hayes ..Ferguson Roy Blaine Hayes Vilas Harriet Hayter Gate City, Va. Linda Sue Hedrick Southmont Judy Alice Hefner Catawba Connie Jean Helms Kannapolis J. B. Helms Monroe Tonita Ann Helms . . .Granite Quarry Bettye Anne Hembree Belmont Emma Joan Henderson . . Union Grove Kay Marilyn Henderson Faith Dora Jane Henson Sherwood Leslie Carroll Henson Vilas Chester Alexander Hill Candler Jean Elizabeth Hill Gold Hill Joan Beth Hill Fairmont Jerry Wayne Hilliard Rockwell Angela Sharon Hilton Okeechobee, Fla. Linda Jo Hincher . . North Wilkesboro Barbara Ann Hines . . . Rutherfordton Billy Barnett Hines Columbus Julia Ann Hinshaw Thomas ille Linda Karen Hinson Stanfield Janet Elizabeth Hohn .... Randleman Betty Jean Holcombe Candler Kennie Arlen Holdaway Blowing Rock Cora Lea Holder Blowing Rock Carolyn Louise Hooper North V ' ilkesboro Geraldine Frances Hooper Winston-Salem Betty Louise Hoover Statesville Elizabeth Ann Hoover . . . Lincolnton Warren James Horton Ferguson Jimmy Gantt Houser Vale Eunice Mae Hovis Maiden Frances Ann Hovis Lincolnton Carolyn Ann Howell Burnsville Martha Ann Howell Concord Melanie Howell Charlotte Mitchell Dan Hoyle Forest City Shirley Rose Hudson Eunice Billie Ann Huffman Vale ?. O " A il FRESHMEN Nancy Carolyn Hughes Boone Robert Frank Hunt Pinehurst Sandra La Verne Hunt Charlotte Glenda Anne Hunter . . Pilot Mountain Ruth Ellen Hunter Brevard Joyce Kay Huss Vale Buck Van Hyler Danville, Va. William Earl Hyler Yancej-ville Robert Lee Ingle Greensboro James Ronald Irwin Sparta Emma Faye Jackson Mt. Airy Constance Anne Jameison Richmond, Va. Carol Lou James . . . North VVilkesboro Gail Patricia Jenkins Maiden Jan Knox Jenkins Greensboro LawTence Michael Jenkins .Cherryville Alice Lynn Johnson Vale Gail DeAnn Johnson Albuquerque, N. M. Judy Ellen Johnson Bakersville Julia Ann Johnson Union Grove Linda Grey Johnson Hiddenite Margaret Jo Ann Johnson .... Marion Mary Frances Johnson .... Lavvndale Peggy Ann Johnson State Road Peggy Sharon Johnson ..Minneapolis Nancy laleen Jolly Elkin Gail Celeste Jones Pinnacle Grace Marie Jones Asheville Janet Perkins Jones Scottville Patricia Ann Jones Charlotte Sylvia Ann Jones Mooresville Brenda Marie Joyce . . Pilot Mountain Terry Lynn Julian Elk Park Patricia Anne Jung Asheville Rachel Elaine Justice .... Union Mills Carolyn Hester Kallam Leaksville Ronald West Kanoy Thomasville James Darr ' l Keeter Stanley Mary Allen Kee er Statesville Andrew Jackson Kelly . . . .Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Jane Kelly Charlotte Jesse Dean Kennedy Traphill Dorothy Virginia Kerr Hickor) ' Alice Ilene Kilby Cherryville Mildred Kylene Kilgore .Coebum, Va. Pegg ' Ruth Kimball .... China Grove Brenda Carleen Kinard Belmont Sarah Link Kirby Lenoir Barbara Jean Kiser . . Winston-Salem Sandra Winslo Kiser Concord Ella Joe Knight Pineville Jill Ann Knight Morganton Donna Ann Koontz Jefferson Curry Waller Krider Spencer FRESHMEN Tamara Ann Krimminger . . . .Midland Eleanor Marie Kurfees .... Mocksville Albert Kenton Lands Charlotte Edmond B. Lanier Le. ington Lorna Ellen Latham Monroe Jerry Glen Lavender Marion Larry George Lawing Mt. Holly Brenda Frances Lawrence West Jefferson Patricia Gail Laws Hudson Sara Ann Lawson West Jefferson Claudia Carse Layell Elkin Janice Ruby Ledford Bakersville Vickie Ann Lemmons . . . .Thomasville Larry Edward Lentz Concord Garry Dean Leonhardt .... Lincolnton Delila Eunice Lesley Matthews John Allen Lett, Jr Boone Carol Jane Lewis Red Springs Juanita Florence Lewis B(X)ne Sylvia Ann Lindsay . . Winston-Salem Rebecca Ann Linker Concord Priscilla Kay Lipe Landis Doris Jean Litten Lincolnton Sara Kathnn Little . . .West Jefferson Sarah Ellen Lockwood Gastonia Betty Lou Loftis ' alnut Cove Dennis Lee Loftus Raeford George Winston Lovelace Rutherfordton Andrew Mitchell Lovette Winston-Salem Carolyn Ra - Lowder Norwood Edward L. Lowder Norwood Richard Wells Lowery Shelby Emma Joyce Luck Asheboro Mary Ann Ludwig Gold Hill Joseph Anthony Lukaszewski Brick Town, N. J. Doris Eloise Luther Asheburu Frances Elizabeth Lutz Maiden Larry Wayne Lynch Wise, Va. Jack Brown Lytton Surgoinsville, Tenn. Melba Carolyn Mabe .... Walkertown Joyce Diane Mabry China Grove Herbert Courtney Madden . .Gastonia Joan Neill Malcolm Mooresville Betty Ruth Maness Fayetteville Sharon Ramona Mann .... Albemarle Frank Thomas Maristany .Miami, Fla. Brenda Carol Marlow North ' ilkesboro Barbara Elizabeth Marshall ..Hickor - Arthur Ray Martin Elkin James Irving Martin Concord Judith Carole Martin Draper Donald Ray Mathis Marion Donald Edward Mauldin . . Albemarle Howard Allen Maynard, Jr. .Matthews p 9 p n r - m J w 1 ' " f - p p C C P p p f = r f p JUt a mi (?H l P f , A fi FRESHMEN Judy Carol iMcCoin Elkin Glenn Samuel McCorkle . China Grove Mary Catherine McCormick ..Gibson Dickie AlcCoury Newland Daniel S. McCrary . . . . Hendersonville Brenda Anne McCulloh Old Fort James Clifford McCurdy . . Taylorsville Richard Bryon McDonouHh . .Charlotte Thomas Paul McElhattan Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ann iMcGary Robbins Ella iMae McGee Hickory Nancy Jane McGuire . . . Robbinsville James Martin McKenzie .... Pinehurst Kenneth Gibson McKenzie Laurinburg Rose Lee McMullen Yanceyville Barbara June Merrill Statesville Beverly Kay Miller Trinity Charles Nelson Miller .... Kannapolis Marcia Chaney Miller Asheville Margaret Hampton Miller Todd Sharon Jane Miller . . Plant City, Fla. Warren Niel Miller Todd Martha Rae Mills Concord Judith Elizabeth Minis Brevard Phyllis Ann Mitchell Durham Helen Frances Monroe Salisbury Lloyd Hoke Moore . . Black Mountain Margaret Elizabeth Moore ..Charlotte Martha Ann Moore Valdese Muriel Abbie Moore Mt. Holly Sarah Jeanette Moore Lenoir Shirley Ann Moore Swannanoa William Mitchell Moore Winston-Salem Mary Etta Moretz Deep Gap Rachel Lee Moretz Millers Creek Anita Irene Morgan Candler Terry Lee Morgan Kannapolis Melba Jean Morrison Lilesville Wilma Joan Morrison Washington, D. C. George Reid Morrow Mooresville Claudia Gene Moss Charlotte Martha Jane Motley Concord Sandra Priscilla Motley Salisbury Robert Henry Moyer ..La Plata, Md. Howard Reggie Munday ..Troutman Joyce Carroll Murdock . . . .Troutman Florence Azalea Nanney Dallas Barbara Dianna Neal .Kings Mountain Judy Louise Neal Marshville Jcihn Charles Nemeth .... Fort Bragg Patrick Gail Newby High Point Barbara Lynn Newlin Greenville, S. C. Betsy Jewell Nichols Deep Gap V ' illiam C. Nichols . . .Levittown, Pa. FRESHMEN Sarah Jean Nicks Elon College Janet Graham Nixon Kannapolis Mary Joy Nowell Wendell Grover Cleveland Odom III. . .Gibson Margaret Ann Oglesby Mt. Holly Sarah Margaret Oldham .... Goldston Mary Margarett Orr . . Hendersonville Lynn Voight Osborne . . Randolph, Va. Larry Douglas Overbay . . Granite Falls Mary Grace Owen Seagrove Joanna Martin Padgette . . . .EUenboro Pegg ' Elizabeth Padgette . . Statesville Helen Sue Pardue Ronda Linda Lee Pardue Jonesville Marleen Stroupe Parker . . . Morganton Mary Frances Parker Mt. Airy Patricia Ann Parks Kannapolis Roberta Gayle Parks Hickory Edna Kay Parrish .Daytona Beach, Fla. Bruce David Parsons Lenoir Larry Dean Parsons Todd Murray Wilson Pender Charlotte Jasper Dennis Pennell Lenoir Claude William Perkins . Warrensville Fleeta White Perry . .Connelly Springs Margaret Ann Perry Piney Creek Nan Melton Philbeck Avondale Eunice Elaine Phillips Candor Frances King Phillips Carthage Fred Columbus Phillips Shelby Janice Evelyn Phillips . Holly Hill, Fla. Joe Campbell Phillips .West Jefferson Joe Phipps . . . .Mouth of Wilson, Va. Hollice H. Plotts . . .Coral Gables, Fla. Gloria Penny Plyler Statesville Dorcas Radeanna Poole . . . .Claremont Rebekah Jane Poole High Point Linda Wray Pope Whiteville Carolyn Louise Poteat Valdese Joyce Ann Powell Morganton Phillip Earl Powell Shelby Anita Grey Price EUenboro Judith Springs Price Charlotte Janice June Pritchard .... Morganton Catherine Evelyn Pruett Casar Barbara Diane Puett Morganton Laura Kathryn Putnam .... Lawndale Alice Mason Ramsey . . . . Wadesboro Judith Gaylen Ramsey Burnsville Brenda Sue Rash Gastonia Howard Don Ratchford . . McAden dlle Carolyn Eleanor Ray Hickory Gladys Louise Rector Andrews Linda Lillie Rector Valdese f 1 f Aktfii f 0 ( fi.-;r ' 4 f FRESHMEN Earl James Reece Jonesville Carohii Anne Reeves . . . .Greer, S. C. Ralph Royal Reeves . . Laurel Springs Sara Frances Reid Hickory David Allen Rhinehart .West Jefferson Lee Rhoades North Wilkesboro Carolyn Nancy Rhoney Vale Tavvanna INIae Rhoney Vale Mary Agnes Rhudy . . North East, Md. Charles Gwyn Rhyne Elldn Patricia Ann Richard Vale Jerry Darrell Richardson Walnut Cove Jim Richardson .... North Wilkesboro Mollie Harriett Richey . . . Thomasville Hearne Franklin Rickard, Jr. Kannapolis Carolyn Louise Rivers .... Waynesville Larry Alden Roark Zionville James Buddy Robbins . . . . Mooresboro Brenda Lee Roberts Sparta Freda Lou Roberts Lansing Nina Thelma Roberts . . Laurel Springs Albert Frank Robillard .Cranston, R. L Tricy Nathaniel Rodgers . . Kannapolis Jacquelyn Lee Rose Spruce Pine Marion Dwight Roseman . . . .Catawba Robert Ben Rosenbalm, Jr Boone Anita Carolyn Ross Durham Jack Ross, Jr Landis Joe Sigmon Rowe Newton Georgia Lee Royall Jonesville Hardin Joseph Royall, Jr. Roaring Gap Marie Shell Rudisill Hickory Robert Padgett Rudisill . .China Grove Larry Joe Rushing Candor Sandra Gail Sacrinty Reidsville Barry Rudisill Sain Vale Martha Sain Mooresville Catherine Lorraine Sauls Apex CaroK ' n Dee Saunders . . . Kernersville Margaret Lois Saunders Lenoir Priscilla Joyce Savage Spray James Tyrone Sebastian North Wilkesboro Don B. Sechler China Grove S lvia Dane Sechler China Grove Dona Lou Sechrest . . .Pilot Mountain Eunice Joanne Secrest Drexel Nancy Jane Seegers Charlotte Emma Bess Settlemyre Drexel Lonnie Fay Setzer Claremont Ronnie Ray Setzer Claremont Billie Irene Sharpe Spencer Nancy Delane Shearin .... Nashville Patricia Carole Shepherd . . Deep Gap ' illiam Vernard Sheppard . . Madison FRESHMEN Elizabeth Dimar Shoup ....Charlotte Ellen Annette Shuford . . . . Lincolnton Roy Wayne Shultz Lincolnton Rebecca Ann Sidden Traphill Brenda Gail Sides Mooresville James L. Sides Salisbury Rebecca Louise Sides . . Winston-Salem Margaret Jayne Sigmon Connelly Sprinsjs George Matthew Simmons, Jr. Newton Darryll Tony Sipe Maiden Danell Ethel Skreen .... Rockingham Ronnie Taylor Smarr Charlotte Ronald Wayne Smart Ellenboro Carol Joyce Smith State Road Edna Natalie Smith Mocksville Florence Louise Smith Lexington JoAnne Smith Morganton Johnny Ashley Smith Newland Kenneth Kirk Smith Concord Margaret Elizabeth Smith .Morganton Martha Lillian Smith Linvvood Michael Robert Smith Charlotte Myra Ellen Smith Thomasville Shirley Ann Smith Troutman Martha Reece Smoot Salisbury Jerry Smosky Northport. N. Y. Nancy Hall Snead Marion William Robert Snyder Winston-Salem Betty Carol Spainhour .... Morganton Kenny Ros s Sparks Micaville Sarah Jane Sparks Gastonia Janice Marie Spears Concord Thelnia Christine Spicer ..Thurmond Yvonne Spires Spring Lake John Wayne Spivey Colon Arcy Mae Staley A ' ilkesboro Barbara Eloise Stamey Drexel Sandra June Stanford .Winston-Salem Margaret Janis Stanton Gibson Carol Ravonne Starnes Monroe Linda Merlyn Starr Lincolnton Gray Lee Steele Lenoir Ellen Ruth Stenien Charlotte Brenda Do le Stephens Connelly Springs Geraldine Stephens Bolton Joe Park Stephens Hickory Melba Jean Stinnett Durham Wayne Douglas Stone Mayodan Patsy Ann Story Maiden Jacqueline Kay Stowe Gastonia Steve Strick Lenoir Shirley Anne Strutt .... Bessemer City Mary Elizabeth Summers . . Statesville Lloyd Gerald Swaim High Point f . o. p 4t-S khA mdtk FRESHMEN Joyce Campbell Tadlock . . . .Charlotte Carolyn Barbara Taylor Lenoir Charlotte Marie Taylor Cary Max Gerald Taylor Lenoir Eloise Teague Boone Edward A. P. Thomas . . .Bryson City Troy Elbert Thomas, Jr. . . Cherr ' -ille Eloise Thompson Union Mills Donna Lee Thomson Charlotte V ' illiam James Thornbill Boone Thomas Richard Tickle McCain Nancy Lee Tolbert Charlotte Betty Sue Toney Mooresboro Cora Grace Toney Ellenboro Tonita Ann Torrence .... Mooresville Elarold Dean Triplett North Wilkesboro Grady Marshall Trivette . Union Grove Judy Kay Trivette Elk Park Kathey Isabel Troutman . . .Mt. Holly Catherine Louise Tucker. . . .Charlotte Linda Eleanor Tune Morganton Mildred Fayssoux Turner .Greensboro Troy XA ' eldon Tysinger . . Thomasville Linda Gail Vaden Reidsville Gre ' xorv William Van Orden Butler, N. J. Betty Lou Van Hoy Piney Creek Charles Kay Van Hoy . . Walkertown Jerry Wayne Vaughn . . . .Walkertown Stephen Reginald Vaughn . .Flat Rock Andrew Joseph Virgil .Roseland, N. J. Kay Anne Walden Wingate Mary Frances Walker Archdale Nancy Louise Walker Lenoir Bonnie Lynn Walls Landis Nancy Orene Walsh Lenoir Charles Edward Walters . China Grove Barbara Ann Ward Beech Creek Joyce Ann Warden Sparta Billy Joe Washburn Marion Jeraldine Watson Claudville, Va. Patricia Gayle Watson Lenoir Pegg ' Jean Watts Landis U ' illiam Stanley Weathersbee Norwood Hazel Leigh Weaver .... Grassy Creek John M ' illiam Weir Jamestown William Tony Weisner Statesville Jerry Junior Welch Banner Elk Nancy Elizabeth Welch Mt. Airy William Steven Wells Kings Mountain James Thomas West Maxton Terrell Randall West Lexington Carolyn Whisnant Vale Darr l Edward Whisnant .Morganton Elaine Marie Whisnant Newton FRESHMEN Susie Marcell Whisnant Boiling Springs Betty Katharine White . . .Cooleemee Mary Elizabeth White Reidsville Jackie Turner Whittington Millers Creek Jewell Brenda Wike Lenoir Ronnie Clay Wiles .... Danville. Va. Victoria Susan Wilhelm . . Mooresville Elizabeth Kate Willard Gastonia Alice Lee Williams Statesville Carolyn Marie Williams .Granite Falls Carolyn Ruth Williams . Eagle Springs Celestial Ruth Williams Dunn David Curry Williams . . . .Greensboro Hazel Williams Thomasville Jo Ann Williams Ocala, Fla. Phyllis Ann Williams Statesville Sara Helen Williams North Augusta, S. C. Sylvia Elaine Williamson . . . .Wilson Katherine Aileen Willis . . Laurinburg Charles Harold Wills .... Hot Springs Albert Dillon Wilson . . . Sugar Grove Carroll Dean Wilson Boone Patricia Anne Wilson Hudson T. Charles Wilson Oxford Linda Lee Winecoff Statesville Phillip B. Wise Salisbury Nancy Carolyn Witherspoon . . Maiden Martha Ellen Wood Spencer William Arthur Woods . . . Moores ' ille Reba Rae Worthington . .Wilmington Martha Lou Wray Lawndalc Sue Anne Wrenn Greensboro Frances Elizabeth Wright Cary Texie Jane Wyant Vale Mary Wilmot Yoder Hickor ' John Alexander York Mt. Airy Judy Anne Young Minneapolis Linda Hope Young Charlotte Dale Edward Yount Conovcr Q n O 1 . . Page One Ihimlrcd Four nwpiiii ' wwmiiimiiwiiii Opportiiiiiiies to exliihit special tale)!ts and to develop partictdar interests as well as the chance to share fun and comradeship outside classes are offered in the ]]uin cliihs and oromii- zations STUDENT Ronald Champion President Mh. Ronald Brooks Spousor Operating for the first time this year under a three-part system consisting of a judiciary, an Assembly, and an Execu- tive Committeee, The Student Council has worked untiringly as the voice of the students at Appalachian. Much time has been spent by the members to bring about impro ements and inncnations in campus life. Donald Dorton Vice-President JoHNSiE Ellis Recording Secretary Betty DA-i " ' AuLT Corresponding Secretary |errv Starnes Treasurer Piige One Hundred Ten GOVERNMENT Senior Representatives Bob Mauldin, Dave Gebhardt, Bobby Brown, Jim Daye Junior Representatives Isabella Newton, Betty Dayvault )eannie Belk, Jerry Starnes, Bob Williams, Charles Stanley, Bill Malildin Sophomore Represoitatives Vittorio Sanniota, Brenda Von Cannon, 5renda Lackey, Bill Fowler l rc ' ihiuaii Represeiitati i ' es John Alexander, Ramona Craic Page One Hundred Eleven First row: Hazel Drye, Noel Holman, Libby Arey, Cynthia Cook, Elaine VMke. Second row. Marion Rush, Betty Ann Campbell, Patsy Berry, Nell U ' Ren, Irene Webb. Pat Dowling, Margaret Seago, ludy Poindexter, JoAnne Smith. Third ro r: Diane Barker, Jane Snyder, George Cates, Thelma Patterson, Rose Ann Mc- Daniel, Phyllis Holland, Gay Whitlow, Julia Eckard, juanita Clark, Betty Maulden. Ellen Stemen, Don ' ight. Fourth row. Richard Cansler, Barbara Sullivan, Mary Jo Austin, Elmira Crouse, Nancy Jones, Sandra Fleming, Nancy Armes, Lynda Brewer, Mary Yoder, Phyllis Collins. Pamela Aldridge Rachel Iriplett rT |M)CDSPfN I. . I . ' . ' . . • ' ' ' . • ; tJ C TMTHiA Cook and Don Wright Assistant Business Managers Hazel Diue and Betty Davvault Assistant Editors Page One Hundred Thirteen THE APPALACH IAN The Appalachian, a weekly newspaper, is published by a staff comprised of students who have a " C " average and who are interested in writing. Heading the staff arc an editor and a business manager who arc chosen each spring in a campus-wide election. In addition to membership in the Associated Collegiate Press and the North State Press Conference, The Appalachian maintains an exchange system with other colleges and universities all o er the United States. Wanda Davis Editor Robert Blanton Business Manaiicr Carol Martin Circulation Manager W ' i ' ENNE WiNECOFF News Editor Pat Coffey Feature Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Sheila Lemmon, Treccia Ward. Standing: Ruth McCulloch, Darrell Saun- ders, Brenda Penlev, Rebecca Edwards, Bobby Harmon, Ruth Hunter, Dale Gadd) ' , Cynthia Barrier, Marjorie Cole, Maurice Thomas. 3 Mr. Roger Whitener Mr. Gratis Williams Sponsors of The Appa]achia)i BUSINESS AND GIRCULATION STAFF Seated: Martha Featherstone, Lorna Cock- man. Standing: Bob Baker, Harriett Cof- field, Richard Farrish, Ellen Frye, Nancy Love, Carole Stafford, Lee Sands, Ann Moore. ri. i Mr. II. G. Anderson Speaker RELIGION: FAD flP FACT? RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK RELIGION: FAD OR FACT? Each of us has a religion, regardless of the name by which we call it. The question around which the Religious Council centered that week ' s pro- grams was, " Is religion a fad or a fact? " W ' iiy do we choose religion nicrcK because it is a hid, or do we belie e it to b e factual? A donii disciissiuii hi Justice is. led hr Mr. Audersau. The Chorus adds luiisical contrihutioiis to Pxelimous Evivhasis Week. Boys in Nexvland take fart in a discussion. Page One Hundred Seventeen RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Dale Gaddy President Jerry Starnes Vice-President Jewel Huffman Secretary Barron Lee Treasurer First row: Isabel Newton, Linda Butler, Barbara Stanley. Sylvia Carson, Susan Groce. Second row: Jewel Huffman, Elaine Melton, Mrs. G. P. Eggers, faculty advisor, Mrs. Parker, sponsor, Gerry Medlin, Barbara Savelle. Third row: Charles Stanley, Barron Lee, Dale Gaddy, David Andrews, sponsor, Eddie Foil, James Cherry. Page One Hitndred Eighteen First row: Ruth Stewart, Lena Oiuch. Margaret Pitman. Kennitli Adams, Sarah Ann Cox, Charlotte Ross. Kay Archer, Cynthia Schryver, Gerri Medhn, Mary Martin, Mary Carpenter, Dottie Dellinger, Bob Phillips. Barron Lee. Second row: Margaret B Td, Joyce Newton, Jan Easter, Emily Schindler. Johnsie Martin. Betsy Nichols, Gloria Hampton. Mary Fern Bullard. Linda Jane Davis, Bettye Hembree, Jim Carter, Patricia Graham, Hayes Crotts. Third row: Carolyn Clark, Gladys Rector. Linda Cocker- ham, Phyllis Mitchell, Ruth Daughtry, Betty Loftis, Soundra Gooch, Ann McGary, Clifton R. Berrier, Judy McCoin, Peggy- Johnson, Judy Neal, Wanda Zee Tucker. Fourth row: Charles Isley, Ramona Craig, Elaine Love, Betty Jean Davis, Lois Saun- ders, Irene Grant, Wanda Mitchell, Charlene Adams, Larry Sale, Katherine Willis, Ruth Williams, Jo Harpe, Darrel Carpenter. Fifth row: Pegg ' Jean Watts, Nancy Louise Walker, Frances Covington, Mary Alice Craig, Diane Chappell, Jane O.vford, Philip M. Herman, Linda Starr, Eunice Hovis, Nancy Lee Evans, Joyce Tadlock, Brenda Beam, JoAnne Smith, Jan Rudisill. Sixth row: J. U. Pennell, Murray Pender, Jimmy Furr, Hazel Lail, Dorcas Henley, Claudia Layell, Sara Williams, Frances Johnson, Joanne Haigler, Earl Hallman, Grace Jones, Pattie Jones, Marian Green. Seventh row: Max A. Blackburn, Bill Edwards, Linda Helms, Grace Toney, Barbara Burgess, Natahe Smith, Eleanor Kurfees, Barbara Stamey, Larry Lynch, Wesley Hill, Clifton Arnold, Judith Taylor, John Lett. Eighth row: Shar- on Carpenter, Mickie Lynn, Helen Smith, Glenna Sue Halsey, Eloise Thompson, Anne Hendricks, Ruth McKinney, Peggy Hill, Ann Hilton, Ann Yarbrough, Lloyd H. Moore, Jane Brown, Benjy Burnett. Ninth rorv: Doris EIrod, Brenda Swaim, Janice Morris, Linda Butler, Foster Hayes. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Seated: Kay Archer, Charlotte Ross, Lena Couch, Ruth Stewart, Margaret Pitman, Mary Martin, Loretta Duncan. Secretary, Dottie Dellinger, Helen Hayes, Gerry Medlin. Standing: Barron Lee, Don Garner, President, Bob Phillips, Cynthia Schryver. Bob Mauldin, Hank Greer, Director. Y. W. C. A. Seated: Alda Perkins. Lucille McAlister, Jean Davis, Jill Knight, Norma Freeman, Mar- garet Hobson. Isabella Newton. Stniuiiiig; Shirley Moore, Drusilla Beal. Lois Saunders, Nancy Mathis, Margaret Pitman, usan Groce. Barbara Savelle, Midgie Roberts. f f fy O r P Isabella Newton President Margaret Hobson ' ice-Preiideiit Barbara Hudson Secretiir} Norma Freeman Treasurer Jewel Huffman President oRRIS ReITZEL Vice-President Sarah V ' vant Secretnrr John Sink Treasurer Mr. and Mr. W. G. Sink Sponsors LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION First roiv: xMyrtle Lcntz, Carolyn Norton, Jewel Huffman, Norris Reitzel, Sarah W ' yant, Patricia Hartsell. Second row: Reverend Edwin Troutinan, Tonita Helms, Clarice Far- rington, Joyce Moton, Elaine Melton. Third rmr: Tommy Beaver, Ann Hovis, Louise Smith, Hazel Drye, Jane Sparks. Fourth row: Edward Foil, Te.xie U ' yant, limes Kinney, Elaine VVhisnant, Brenda Engle, Harold Getting. Poge One Hundred Twenty Seated: Hal Sil cr, Philip 1 Icrman, Ricliaixl Blackburn. Staudino: Earl Paisley, Dr. [ohn Van iXoppcn, sponsor. Y. M. C. A. Dean Brown President Hal Silver Vice-Presiiieiil Earl Paisley Secretary David Smith Religimis Council Represciitntive James Cherry President Isabella Newton First Vice-President Larry Clark Second Vice-President Carol Crow Secretary and Treasurer First row: Rev. Parker, Elaine Wike, Judy Carpenler, Jnmcs Clicrrv, ( Summers. Evelyn McKnight. Second row: Brenda , nglin, Dotty Icird, . Ann Lettcrman, Sylvia Carson, Beltv Godfiev, Joe BoMc. LariA (.nil Angle Burleson, Sandra Clark, DeAnn Johnson, Phyllis Massey. ( , Elbel. Ken Hauser. Fourth row: Mrs. Parker, Phyllis Blake, Chen I Frances Wright, Carol Nicholas, Jane Ray, Phyllis Fulghum, Janice Collc . ' Linker, Barbara Tillman. Bobby Parrish, Dennis Loftus. Fifth tow: Mar) ' Lot; Patii Byers. Shirley Smith, Wavne Spivey, Linda Setzer, Dale Gaddy, Linda Barbara Forbes, Patricia Ellington, Judy Price. . Larry Clark. Libby ilh. Patricia Williams, n. " -: Barbara Savelle, , irginia Coe, Randy ill.jrd Christy, Mary man Smith, Jack H. Fowler. Edna Evans, larris, Priscilla Beam, WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Page One Hundred Twenty-one WESLEY FOUNDATION FtTSt row; David Andrews, Charles Stanley, Ina Cloer, Prank Brackctt, Susan Gruce, LucUle Mayes. Second row: Max Dixon, Pete DLxon, Barbara Stanley, Foy L. Frazier, Sylvia Crutchfield, Dorothy Cope, Penny Plyer. Tliird row: Sandra Kiser, Carrol Puckctt, Lib Hampton, Delorcs Brookshire, Bob York, Fred Pierce, Pat Alexander, Roy Watkins, Larry Covington. Fourth row: Joyce Grady, Nancy Cox, Wihna Carpenter, Wilma Davis, June Ridge Coward, Nancy Smith, Janice PhUIips, Carolj-n Rhoney, Betty White, Gayle Euliss. Fifth row: Dawn Duvall, Joyce Huss, Stephen Vaughn, Ruth Ann Hartley, Gaye Cook, Carolyn Childress, Gail Kirkpatrick, Dianne Blackwelder, Jeanette Wright, Jovce Leather- wood, Phyllis Bulla. Sixth rmv: Eugene Rej-nolds, Mike Ravbon. Alyce Foard, Linda McLa ' uchHn, Jean Troutman, Catherine Sauls. Sharon Mann, Sharon Hilton, Lynda Brewer, LaFaye Faglie. Brenda VonCannon. Sereiith row: Wayne Cannon, Thomas Daiis, Glenda Bradley, Martha Clough. Erlene Troutman. Nancy Jo Ivester, Pat Jones, Doris Luther, Sara Goodnight, Carolyn Freeman. Carolvn Poteat, EUa Mae McGee, Beverly Miller. Eighth row: Carolyn Beam, James Christenbury, Bill Fowler, Betty Leonard, Jerrv Stames, Beverly Toms. John Alexander, Kav Parrish. Glenn Pharr. Linda Sue Gero, Annette Garrison, Shirley Miller, Libby Carpenter, Sarah Nicks, Jack Kellv. Charles Stanley President Ina Cloer First ' ice ' President Frank Br. ckett Second ' ice-President Susan Groce S::cretarr Lucille Mayes Treasurer Jimmy Martin President Peggv Kendall Vice-President iMary Yoder Secretary Linda Darby Treasurer CANTERBURY CLUB First row: Jimmy Martin, Radeanna Poole, Mary Godfrey, Bette Carnes, Carol Mai in, Mary Yoder, Peggy Kendall, Lillian Sherman. Second row: Rev. W. T. Farneyhough, Jackie Steele, Kay Hartung, Patsy Alexander, Glenn McCorkle, John Charles Nemeth, Sandy Kendall, Ann Sharpless. Page One Hundred Twenty-two First row: Jim parish, Marilyn Christoph, Connie Jameison, Patt ' Jung, Nancy Starr, Joan Marcotte, Barbara Teall. Second row: Bob Wright, Carl Messere, Bill Nichols, John Kelly, Greg Van Orden, Joe Yatsko, Bob Daly, Father James McSweeney. Third row: Father Frank Connelly, Andy Virgil, John Marmora, Larry Hand, Paul Lentz, Richard Cansler, Bob Rollins, Ernie Hotard. NEWMAN CLUB Joe Yatsko President John Kelly Vice-President Connie Jameison Secretary Bob Daly Treasurer Ernie Hotard Faculty Advisor Q On d v, n Hal Silver President Roger DeMont Vice-President Nell Blevins Secretary Seated: Susan Groce, Roger DeMont, Barbara Savelle, Pat Coffey, Pat Graham, Nell Blevins, Carole White, Treccia Ward. Standing: Bob Himes, Sponsor, Irene Webb, Hal Silver, James Steed, Jo Anne Bard, Thomas Davis. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Page One Hundred Twenty-three Beverly Toms North llaU 1 b iiik»- - Carol Silvev Dauph-Bhiii -RED Pierce justice llall Linda Dorse White Hall HOUSE PRESIDENTS Glenw(x)d W ' iison Ncu-lmu! llall Brenda Penley ]nriU J nll Sue Goforth and |une Fharpe East Hall Ken I Iayes Colleoe Hall CHORUS Kennith .Adams Stephen Vaughn President CIloria Houston Secrelarr and I reastiier Vice-President Mus. ' irc;inia Linney Director First row: Kylene Kilgore, Frances Coxington, Bessie Davvkins, Sylxia Williams, Sylvia Sechler, Caro- lyn Ble ins. Mrs. Virginia Linney, Carol Lou James, Dorcas Henley, Linda Harwood, Joanne LUiigler, Azalee Wilson. Second rmv: Edith Houck, Jane Greene, Beverly Taylor, Ann Culp, Gloria Houston, Millie Elliott. Susie Ford, Carolyn Cook, Danell Skreen, Lynda Davis, Janice Morris. Third row. Faye Davis, Elaine Anderson, Ruth Ann Hartley, Judith Taylor, Clifton Arnold, George Benoy, Clin- ton Parker, Roy Watkins. Samuel Chen, Millie Benfield, Lois C. Isley, Betty Jean Anthony, Shirley Hoke. Fourth row. Gerald Bentley, Kennith Adams, W illiam Settlemyre, David Williams, Donald Grigg, Stephen Vaughn, Lowell Dotson, John B. Broun, Norman Wilson, Archie Ritchie, Fommy Beaver. Page One Hundred Twenty-five BAND First row. E elvn McKniylit, Jill Knight, Betty Leonard, Crystal Williams, Sherry Tuttle, Joyce Leathervvood, Norman Wilson, Archie Ritchie, Lowell Dotson, Bob Daly, Eunice Secrest, Caro- lyn Cook, Elaine Melton, Dr. William Jones. Second row. Ollie May Crutchfield, Patricia Douthit, Sharon Johnson, Lillian Smith, Jerry Morgan, John Lett, Alice Greer, Tillie Arrowood, Barbara Stanley, Houser Flynt, Linda Harwood, Ann Parrish, Diana Rockett, Sylvia Williamson, Charles Isley. Third row: L nda Smith, Janice Phillips, Carolyn Rhoney, Mike Cagle, Bob Mottram, Bob Williams, Carolyn Rivers, Betty J. Davis, Shirley Jackson, Jerry Bean, Martha Sain, Don Griggs, Barry Claywell, Keith Elvin, Bob Mayer. Fourth roiv: Randy Elbel, Jim Williams, Alice Williams, Judy Trivette, Larry Allen, Bruce Parsons, Clifton Arnold, Gary Chastine, Martha Moore, Tom Deese, Mike Cannon, Larry Lynch, Jim Graeber. Charles Isley Director Page One IhimireJ Twenty-six VioJins: Cynthia Stiles, Gail Kirkpatrick, Carol Ann Nicholas, Maria Erneston, Martha Ann Moore, Mrs. James Bayne, Eva Danay Erneston, Mary Faye Davis, Stephen Vaughn, Joanne Haigler, Kylene Kilgore, Linda Smith. Violas: Linda Harvvood, Carohai Blevins, Robert Mover. Celli: Shirley B. Rogers, Shirley Jackson, Robert Daly, Mildred Elliott, Clinton Parker, Miss Elizabeth Fox, Samuel Chen. Basses: Michael Cannon, Thomas Deese, Flutes: Carolyn Cook, Sara Jane Allen, Sidra Coe, Dr. William Jones. Ohoes: Alice Greer, Mildred Turner. Clarinets: Eunice Secrest, Crystal Williams. Bassoon: Dr. William Spencer. French Horns: Wayne Davis, Carolyn Rivers , Martha Sain. Triiwpets: Robert Williams, Robert Mottram. Trombones: James Ciracbcr, Larrv Lvnch. Triupmii: Randv Elbcl. Nicholas G. Erneston Conductor ORCHESTRA Page One Hundred Twenty-seven First row: Frances Stokes, Mary Godfrey, Mr. Hoyt Satrit, directur, Shirley Jackson, Margaret Lomax Kirstein. Second row: Jean Fuller, Alice C. Greer, Susie Ford, Glinton Parker, Clifton Arnold, Linda Harwood, Janice Coffey, Donna Gilley. Tliird row: Rick Rickard, Stephen Vaughn, Lowell Dotson, Bob Williams, Kennith Adams. c H O R A L E A P P A T O N E S First row: Ed Kesler, I!)aisy Rubinette, Bea er Robinettc Second ro •: Bob Mottrani, George Benoy, Bcjbby 1 ay Cannon. Di. William Spencer, Hauser Fhiit. or, Tom Deese, John Mauny, Mike Pnge One Ihindred Tweiity-eight First roil-; Laura Hatlev, Nancy CoUins, Mar - Martin. Eloise Thompson, Dottie Dellinger. Billie Deaton, Marion Shoemaker. Barbara Edwards. Carolyn Poteat. Lynda Clark. Pegg - eaL Rebecca Willian Gradv. Jovce Moton. Patricia Wilsi - - ... Oldham. Ann Gulp. Hill. Gail Andn Hensle Ml Judy Garpente Wilk Hodgens. Bi Brown, Joyc( Johnson, Ly Fourth row: Gavle A ' atson, Marj ' dricks, Susan « ' eatherb( Frances ' right, Gail Bri n, Lucv Brown. Third J :v Bailey, Bette Games, ilabry, Bettve Hembree, la ElUngton, Mary Goll Margaret Jo Harpe, Anne Sandra Kiser. Carolyn Lowder. Millie Bolick, Pat Jones. Sarah Margaret Clark. Mar - Alice Craig, Barbara Smith. Carolyn Edmondson, Peggy via Sechler. Dorcas Henley, Margaret Orr, Susie WTiisnant, Dorothy ..., Judv Kav Alexander. Annette Shuford. Louise Walker, Pris- Shirlev Hudson. Virginia Ann Bradshaw. Carolyn Logan. Becky Phvllis Fulghum. Sara Graham. Anne Parrish, Brenda Wike. Jane Erlene Troutman. Lvnda Beck. Mickie Lynn, Brenda Jenkins. Jo Ann OS. Brenda Lackey, Diane Barker, Jane Westbrook, Marsha White. VanNoppen. Martha Moore. Lirida Vaden, Gail Hendrix, Ja Ba Brenda Engle, Judith Bur Sha Carpenti Anne Hen- WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB iiJi-JL ii.ii.Ji iiv-ir a 11. li J H j,ii-i.ii Priscilla Wilkinson President Jane Brown Vice-President Dorothy Hensley Secretary and Treasurer Sandra Kiser Accompanist Ann Cui.p Director Dot Benov President Susie Ford ' ice-President Carolyn Cook Secretary and Treasure Miss Elizabeth Fox Sponsor Seated: Dot Benoy, Susie Ford. Standing: Bob Williams, Ann Gulp, Wayne Davis, Aurelia Can- non, Elizabeth Fox, Martha Moore, Edith Houck, Millie Elliott, Azalea Wilson, Carolyn Cook, Carulvn Blevins, Samuel Chen. MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB Page One Hundred Twenty nini CHI LAMBDA CHI Hal Silver President Erntest Stout Vice-President Pamela Aldridge Secretary Jane Snyder Treasurer Pamela Aldridge Roger DeMont Carolyn Murray Tim Brackett Richard Edmiston Larry Nance Dean Brown Susan Groce Isabel Newton Ronald Champion Helen Hayes Bob Philups Ron Carrouth Jim Hayes Ralph Poole Martha Chandler Richard Howe George Raqan Carol Crow Jean Hicks Hal Silver Cakol Corriher Oval Jaynes Ernest Stout Betty Davis Doris Kazlouski Jane Snyder Wanda Davis Bill Mauldin Shelia Todd Jim Daye Bob Williams Page One Hundred Thirty P P P P DCTA RFTA RFTA ° Carrouth Wilbur short DLl A DtlM DLl - Kenneth Clawson Hal Silver r, „ Ti . , Carol Crow Priscilla Sink hRNEST Stout President o , no Susan Croce Lrnest Stout Wilbur Short Vice-President Nancy Houck Jerry West Carol Crow Secretary and Treasurer Mavin Hudson Carolyn Willis „ J,. Robert King Burwell Wingfield Susan Cr(x:;e Historian t m i t a a Isabel Newton M. A. Alamuddeen James Saulmon I. W. Carpenter, Sponsor Jeanette Shelton F. Ray Derrick Page One Hundred Thirty one - Ti - --jf ' ' - ' B PI OMEGA PI David Smith President Carl Messere Vice-President Gale Teague Secretary Gene Everett Treasurer Julia Austin Jesse McKinney Mary Jo Austin Carl Messere Tim Brackett Jerry Ritchie Patricia Britt MiDGiE Roberts Bob Burris Betsy Rogers Elizabeth Ann Douglas David Smith Sarah Lou Edwards Phifer Smith Gene Everett Yvonne Sherer Martha Featherstone Gale Teague Frances Champion Haney Mrs. Ann Blackburn Dorothy Little Sponsor Linda Little Miss Jane Riner, Sponsor Page One Hundred Tliirty livo Rachel Collins ED N Dougherty Roger DeMont Rena Hoover Linda Little I )HN JUSTICE Bobby Mauldin John Kirk MiDGiE Roberts G. L. Sawyer Harry Sherwood Hal Silver D. L Whitener Helen Burch J. C. Yoder PI GAMMA MU Roger DeMont President Bobby Mauldin Vice-President Rachel Collins Secretary MiDGiE Roberts Treastirer Page One Huudred Thirty-three ALPHA PSI OMEGA Doris Kazlouski President Jean Hicks Vice-President Barbara Savelle Secretary and Treasurer Jean Hicks Doris Kazlouski Carolyn Pickett Becky Hodgens Barbara Savelle PI KAPPA DELTA Robert Phillips President Don Garner Vice-President Georgia Bustle Secretary Georgia Bustle Patricia Dowling Leo K. Pritchett Carolyn Clark Don Garner Sponsor LORNA COCKMAN RoBERT PhILLIPS G. P. EgGERS Rachel Collins Ann Sharpless J. D. Rankin Ramona Craig Loris Shipman r.fed " Page One Hundred Thirty-four Carol Silvey President BiLLiE Sue Goodman Vice-President Faye Garrison Secretary Norma Harbin Treasurer Norma Freeman Reporter Betti ' Davis Norma Harbin Carolyn Murray Norma Freeman Phyllis Holland Carol Silvey Faye Garrison Ann Lambert Gail Templeton Jan McNeely Billie Sue Willis WOMEN ' S " A " CLUB First row: Sherry Tuttle, Elizabeth Furr, Lydia Ballard, Ina Cloer, Jeannic Belk. Sec- ond row. Lx rna Cockman, Elizabeth Abel, Joan Whisnant, Mary Martin, Margaret Holeson, Audrey Sidden, Nell Blevins, Pitsa Maheras. Third row. Jo Harpe, Gayle Meacham, Betty Davvault, Carolyn Cook, Brenda Penley, Nan Perry, Barbara Savelle, Isabella Newton, Martha Wright. Junior Counselors Page One Hundred Thirty-five » D C ; Charlene Adams Gerald Andrews Jo Ann Barbee Cynthia Barrier Brenda Benton ' irgini Ann Bradshaw Patit Bvers Elizabeth Carpenter lorna cockman C ' NTHLA Cook Thomas Davis Edna Evans Richard Iarris Ruth Ann Hartley Peggy Hill Ann Hilton Bill Holman Rhenda Houck Richard Howe Robert Ingle Carol Lou James Cheryl Lowery Charlotte Ross ' illiam Settlemyre Barbara Stanley James Teague Joanne Williams Mrs. Earleen Pritchett Sponscrr Dr. Max Dixon Dr. Ina VanNoppen YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB Richard EIowe Iohnny Marr Richard Earris LoRNA CoCKMAN William Settlemyre Preshiciil First Vice-President Seco77cl Vice-Presideiil Secretary Treasurer p ; - f - - Q P ' ( ' - Richard Ed.miston President Jim Acuff Vice-President Jesse McKinney Secretary Donald Dorton ... Thomas McCartney Assistant Secretary James E. Allen Treasurer James Woodruff Sergeant-at-Arms Chaplain VETERANS CLUB Jim Acuff James E. Allen W. Bruce Arrowood |lM BOVTE John Boyte Tim Brackett Jim Collins Donald Dorton RicH. RX) Edmiston John Eowxer Rob Jarrett Lincoln Kan I Ierb Koon Thomas McCartnev Jesse McKinney I ' hed Phillips NoRRis Reitzel James Robbfns William SEnLEMYRE l AN Wilson James Woodruff Willlam L. Eury Sponsor John VanNoppen Sponsor Page One Hundred Thirty-seven OFFICERS Martha Chandler Presidevt Gayle Meacham Vice-President Nancy Houck Sec retary Sarah Anne Lytton Treasurer Janice Bellinger Co-Puhlicity Chairman Bett - Da ' Ault Co-Pxihhcity Chairman VERNICIAN SOCIETY Pamela Aldridge Patricia Alexander Jeannie Belk Patsy Berry loNCYE Burton Martha Chandler Ina Cloer Betty Davis Wanda Davis Bett ' Daya ' ault LoRETTA Deal JANICE DeLLINGER Patricia Dellinger LoRETTA Duncan loHNsiE Ellis Becky Faggert Sandra Fleming Elizabeth Furr Vickie Helms Phyllis Holland Noel Holman Nancy Houck Edna Hudson Jewel Hliffman Peggy Kendall Sandra Kendall Julia Kesler Polly Lee Betty Leonard Linda Little Carol TSi Logan Ruth Ann L-iTRLY Inez Little Sarah Anne Lytton Gayle Meacham Elaine Melton Ian McNeely Phyllis Mize Freddie Murphy Carolyn Murray Ramelle Rae Carol Ragland Iackie Steele Martha Stephens Anne Stultz Gale Teague Priscilla Sink Brenda Von Cannon Margaret Wagoner Joan Whisnant Peggy Whittaker Crystal Williams Mrs. Mary Edith Bell Sponsor f SCIENCE CLUB Seated: Janice Carlton, Susan Groce, Isabella Newton, Carol Crow, Carol Ragland, Jeanette Shelton, Pamela Aldridge. Standing: Dr. Ray Derrick, sponsor, Ernest Stout, Jackie Fender, Kent Robinson, sponsor, John Rotbrock, Hal Silver. Ernest Stoui President Isabella Newton ' ice-Presuient Susan Groce Secretary and Treasurer Sheila Todd President Jean Brown ' ice President Becky Dezern Secretary Laura Jane Troutman rrcasnrer STUDENT N. B. A. First row: Esther A artin, Barbara Dobson, Laura Jane Troutman, Jean Brown. Sheila Todd, Kecky Dezern, Carol Cornher, Connie Holmes, Janice Wrav. Second row: Pat Dowlino Kath- leen Harkey, Flmt, Dr. Lee Reynolds, sponsor, Bettv Tonev, Frances Greene. Priscilla J atton hileen Creasy. Margaret Jo Harpe, Mary Martin. Third roiv: Pesgv Efird, Nancv Shearin. Sarah Lmk Kirby. Darryl Moffitt. Alda Perkins, Rachel Collins, Nancv ' Armes, Biily Benfield Julia Reece, Nancy Davenport. Fourth rrnr: Jimmy Houston, Edna Rav Rose, Mike Latta, Lorna overs. Page One Hundred Forty First rrnt ' ; Xorris Reitzel, Dun Ward, Tim Brackett. Larry ' aughn. Larry Lentz, Ray Crawford. Second roir: Kay Elmore, Judy Austin, Phyllis Bulla, Pat Berry, Angell White, Pat Smith, Yvonne Sherer, Imo- gene Lowman, Johnsie Martin, Dawn Du- vajl. Third row: Clarice Farrington, Sam Zimmerman, Bob Jarrett, Ron Shoemaker, James Allen, James Woodruff, Jim Gates, Carrol! Carpenter, Richard Edmiston. Chuck Gianotti, Jim Jones. Foiirlh rmt ' : Kay Henderson, Katy Gordon, Margaret Smith, Martha Featherstone, Dee Saun- ders, Catherine Sauls, Brenda Summerlin, Brenda Anglin, Evelyn McKnight, Georgia Gates, Phyllis Hamilton, Jan Dellinger, Martha Wright, Gale Teague, Judy La- nier. Seated: Pat Smith, Mce-Presideiil, Tim Brackett, President, Jim Jones, Sponsor. Standing: Martha Wright, Secretary, Nor ris Reitzel, Treasurer. PHI BETA LAMBDA HOME ECONOMICS CLUB w: Christine Spicer, Dianne Neal, Carolyn N m , Linda Moclt, Carolvn Logan. Second row: T;ki| 1, Betty Toney, Sandra Allen, Margaret Sue M,i , Kathleen Harkey, Carolvn Beam. Barbara l!r,]i : Garrison, Joy Hudson, Vivian Clark, Glenii a, Henrietta Henslev. fourth row: Helen Hay Triplett, Carolyn Miller, Brenda Wike, Nancy itnn, 7mm, r U ' Inllc , Sui . HilliiiKs. urlmr Si. iwr Sill li ni 1 C i) , Sm IV , 1 mill, S,,iinl,U , I ' .iii Ml,, s ' lilln Jane Hinson, Ann r Goforth, Margaret :m. Third row: Pat vilt, 1 M.iNi ' ., (..IN Wliitl.iw. Linda Sue Gere, Brinkley. Ann Hendricks. Jean Stephenson, Betty ;, Peggy Efird, Judy Carpenter, .Anne ' anNoppen, innes, Rlildred Benfield, Katy Busic, Nancy Henson, Helen Haves President Rachel Peterson ' ice-Preshieiit Pat Hobson Secretary ami Treasurer Ralph Poole President Ron Carrouth ' ice-President Sandra Galyean Secretary and Treasurer MATH CLUB First roil ' .- Ralph Poole, Ron Carrouth, Sandra Galyean, Pam . ldridge, Dr. G. T. Buckland. Second roir: Jackie Fender, Charles Childers. Jeanette Shelton, Carol Ragland, Kenneth Hauser, Earl Paisley, Glenn Sellers. TliiTd roiv: Beverly Miller, Radeanna Poole, Sandra Motley, Geraldinc Stephens, Betty Jean Da s, Mary Agnes Rliudy, Catherine Tucker. Fourth row: Barbara Nichols, Wanda Zee Tucker, Patricia Hartsell, Brenda Von Catmon, Ixjretta Deal, Nancy Jo Ivester, Shirley Miller, Fifth row; Joseph Cockram, Bill Woods, Juanita Clark, Janice Morris, Joanne Drolette, Sarah Lockwood. Sixth row: Aaron MoAlexander, Mary Yoder, Janice Pritchard, Joseph L. Boyte, Ted Goodman, Herb Koon. Seventh row: Phil Sexton, Ruth McCuIloch, Elaine Long, Hazel Drye, William Bradford, Murray Pender. Page One Hundred Forty-two F(rsf roil-; Shirley Moore, Connie Helms. Delores Brookshire, Bonn Lynn Carpenter. Sallv Flvnt, i mn A n r irK i r Drusilla Beal. Second ro.r; Jane Snyder, Lydia Ballard. Ina Cloer, Diane Chappell, Beckv Dezern, LlbKAKY bCIENCE Martha Wright. Third row: Audrey Sidden, Priscilla Savage, Elizabeth Furr, Wilma Carpenter Mabel Calloway, Jovce Smith. ' CLUB Jane Snvder Preside »f Ruth Swicegood Vice-Presideiit Becky Dezern Secretary Martha Wright Treasurer } : Carol Corriher President Connie Holmes Vice-PresidenI SiDRA CoE Secretary Barbara Hudson Trensiirer First n Mickie Second Holmes Third 1 , ..„ Owens, Jimmy Houston, Carol Coniher, SheUa Todd, Barba u ' : Priscilla Patton. J Lynn, Nancy Lee Eva roil ' : Ann Wright, Ela . Inez Lytle, Pat Jackson, Aniie G Sarah Norman, Eleanor Hamrick, Edna Ray Ro; BuUard. Alary Lou Avery, Delita Holland, Ann Hovis, Phyllis Fulghum, Sherry Tuttle, Sidra Coe, Dorothy Beamon, Margaret Hobson. Nancy Love. ghn Elaine Wike, Louise Smith, Andrea Williams, Janice Wray, Connie Peggy Lcazer, Ruth Stewart, Mar;- Alice Craig, Ann Moore. Elaine Walker, Loma Byers, Larry Sale, Earl Hudson, Wilma Davis, Linda Vaden, Jo Crowder. A. C. E. Page One Hundred Forty-three INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Seated: George Ragan, Glenn Hodges, Brent Eller, Don Lance. Standing: Norman Harrington, Carroll Barnwell, Tellis Penle y, Paul Lentz, Bill Woods, Don Kyles, Edward Gragg. Ci P George Ragan President Glenn Hodges ' ice-President Brent Eller Secretary and rreasurer Don Lance Publicity Dr. Howard Decker Sponsor Ron Carrouth President Tommy Beck Vice-President ;. BEL Newton Secretary Dennis McCurry Treasurer CHEMICAL SOCIETY First row: Linda Setzer, Susan Groce, Mrs. Gelena Atwood, Sponsor; Brenda Penley, Isabel New- ton, Ron Carrouth, Pitsa Maheras, Sylvia Carson, Bill Settlemeyer, Clark Trivett, Ted Goodman, Carolyn Carpenter, Dr. U ' . G. Sink, Sponsor. Second row: Nancy Houck, Carol Crow, Tim Brewer, Jackie Fender, Aaron McAlexander, Ben C) erba ' , William Bradford. Phil Sexton, Dennis McCurry, Ernest Stout, Donald Sink, Sponsor. Pige One Hundred Forty-four Don Dorton, President Bob Jarrett, Vice-President Ron Shoemaker, Secretary Tim Brackett, Treasurer Charles Stanley, Chaplain Ray Crawford, Sergeaut-at-Arms Bob Williams, Historian Jack Leonard, Dietitian Jim Jones, Sponsor Bobby Adams Jim Allen Farrell Anderson Bob Burris Tim Br- ckett Carroll Carpenter Ron Champion Harry Cooke Ray Crawford Don Dorton Richard Edmiston Brent Eller Gene Everette Gerald Ferguson John Fowler Chuck Giannotti Steve Harmon Larry Hill Nathan Houser Bob Jarrett John Kelly Jack Leonard Bill Mauldin Bob Mauldin Iesse McKinney H. D. Miller Larry Nance Bliddy Ray Owens Earl Owens Glenn Pharr Ralph Powell Norris Reitzel Larry Riggs Vittorio Sanniota Ron Shoemaker I Ial Silver Maurice Smart Ch; rles Stanley Jerry Starnes Ron Whittaker Alan Williams Bob Williams Jim Woodruff COLLEGIATE CIVIC CLUB Jim Jones f C i ' ) f d C p ' w Q - Q c p ' • n jT PLAYCRAFTERS To meet interest in dramatics, the Playcrafters stage se eral productions each year. This year the group presented " The Male Animal, " " Romeo and Juliet, " and " Oklahoma. " Jean Hicks Barbara Savelle Carolyn Pickett President Vice-Preside)it Secrelarv and Treasurer f? » ' •• -» ' " f First row: Carol Taylor, Anne Parrish, Doris Kazlouski, Jean Hicks, Darrel Carpenter, Bar- bara Savelle, Carolyn Pickett. Second row: Becky Hodges, Rose Ellen Farrington, Lynn Jackson, Betty Godfrey, Jan Rudisiil, Barron Lee. Fran Mashburn, Leslie Brown, Barbara Doule. VARSOUVIANNA First row: Sarah Ann Cox, Alice Phillips, Connie Jameison, Bill Ford, Carol Martin, Barbara Geouge, Jean Booe. Second row: Cindy Cook, Francisco Blanco, Isabell Barnett, Jackie Fender, Betty Hembree, James Carter, Patricia Graham, Bob Blanton. Third roii ' : Lynda Hinson, Da e Vanden Bosch, Jessie Kennedy, Angle Burleson. Bill Ford President James Carter Vice-President Jean Booe Secretary and Treasurer First row: Mary Williams, Linda Clark, Kay Warren, Linda Johnson, Betty Leonard, Peggy Beal, Linda QK-kerham. Lynne Easter, Catherine Stone, Janice Smith. Second row: Carolyn Murray, Nancy Everidge, Betty Maness, Annette Shuford, Linda Harris, Betty Hembree, Susan Hunt, Virginia Coe, Freda Gillespie, Rose Ellen Farrington. MODERN DANCE Carolyn Miirrav President Mary Williams Vice-President Yvonne Clearv Secretary and Treasurer WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Carol ' vn Murray President Betty Davis Vice-PresicJent Carolyn Morgan Secretary Carol Silx ' Ey Treasurer DiANNE Nichols Reporter Gail Templeton hitranniral Director Martha Bostic Nelda Clifton Angle Burleson Jane Conley ].X)RNA B ' ERS Cynthia Cook Jackie Carroll Betti ' DA s Constance Carson Jean Davis Georgia Gates Dawn Duvall Maril ' n Christoph Carol Fazio Sandra Fleming ancy 1 Iager Judy Fl tvn Norma Harbin Barbara Forbes Phyllis Holland Norma Freeman Lois Holmes FA-i-E Garrison Jane Huggins Freda Gillespie Linda Johnson Sherrill Hagaman Peggy Kendall Page One Hundred Fifty Sandr. Kendall Ann Lambert Georgia Landon Kay Langston Claudia Layell Ruth Ann Lyerly Sarah Lytton Joan Marcotte Carolyn Morgan Joyce Murdock Carolyn Murray DiANNE Nichols Anne Oglesby Peggy Padgette Joan Richardson Joyce Roseman Carol Silvey Yvonne Spires Nancy Starr Martha Stephens Myrna Stephens Sue Strickland Gail Templeton June Tharpe L TsrN Walkup Sara Wllliams Joyce Wilson Linda Winecoff Sue Anne Wrenn Page One Huvdred fifty-one If A MEN ' S " A " CLUB Across: Jim Hayes, Carl Messere, John Kirk, Don Gardiner. Paul Britton. Sxan( iu j left to riaht: Glenwood Wilson, Frank Smith, Bill Cook, Mike Chandler, Gene Ivey, Bill Issacs, Eugene Styles, Tommy Wilson, Bob White, Don King, Ron Champion, Bill Mueller, George Demko, Boh Morrison, Jim Daye, Dave Gebhardt, Joe Bailey, 0 al Invncs, Bob Dellinger, Larry Nance, John Cirecn. jim Kinney, Mike Lassiter, Ken Shelton. Standiiifi riijlit to left: 0 al Jaynes, President; lim Hayes, Vice-President; Larrv Nance, Secre- tary; John Kirk, Sponsor; Joe Bailey, Treasurer; George Demko, Seroeant-at-Anns; Eugene Styles, Chaplain. FLYING Beity Davis FISH President Johnny Brjnkley Jane Brock Bud Brooks Cynthlv Cook Betty Davis ]iM Parish Barbara Forbes Johnny Gaghan Donna Havnear Jerry Julian Nancy Steelman Carolyn Morgan Carol Silvey Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Jill Knight Barbara Marshall Carolyn Morgan LiBBY Shoup Carol Silvey Nancy Steelman Cynthia Cook Reporter Bill Nichols Marian Rush Martha Stephens Page One Hiindred Fifty-three ,:y . t ' .: ' ' iy ' C ' :- f r; n Pride in pliysicaJ strength mid perso}!aI achievement did not die witli the Greeks, hut is continued as a large nuiid er of men and women at Appahv chian seek to excel in the program of ath- letics lk h: Ushering in the new school year in fine style was Autumn ' s King, football. The Fighting Mountaineers, under head coach lim Duncan for the first time, roared up and down the gridiron with might and de- termination and finished the season with a 5-1 conference record and 8-2 overall, the best season since 1950. Post-season hont)rs were shed graciously and generousK on team members and head coach alike. Duncan was elected Coach of the Year in both the North State Confer- ence and NAIA District 26, Tackle Bob White made All-State and second team Alb NAIA. On the AU-American academic team was Carl Messere, co-captain. White, Messere, Bob Morrison, George Demko and co-captain I omm ilson were all on the All-North State C ' onference dream team. THE SCOREBOARD IN 1960 Emory S; Henry Western Carolina Elon Lenoir Rhyne Catawba Carson-Newman East Carolina Guilford W ' oHord Tampa 6 13 26 7 17 23 Carl Messere Tommy Wh.son Center Oiiartcrhnck Co-Captains 85 ; 2 24 3 i;l 2I: P4j 5 41. ,65.154 ' , l. Page One Httndred Sixty First row: Bob White, Joe Bailey, Wayne Everhart, Oval Jaynes, Bob Morrison, Carl Messere, Tommy Wilson, Don Gardiner, Frank Smith, Mike Chand- ler, Jim Hayes. Second rou ' : Jim Dave, Bill Isaacs, Bill Bradley, Rex Stuart, Al Huntsinger, Ken Shel- ton, Glenwood Wilson, John Ponis, Eugene Styles, Tom McElhattan, Paul Britten, George Demko, Roger Melton. Third row: Jack Williams, Bobby Watkins, Paul Dellinger, Sandy Edwards, Glen Wilson, Clyde Burnette, Sherrill Norville, Al Robil- lard, Ron Dollyhigh, HoUice Plotts, Kent Umberg- er, Don Mauldin, Jack Edwards, Larry Crutchfield. ' ' ' i S II? X Jim Duncan Head Coach .» " mHA ' Page One Hundred Sixty-one Carl Messere, Center Waytvte Everhart, Tackle Tommy Wilson, Qitarterhack Jim Daye, End Bob White, Guard Paul Britton, Guard Bob Morrison, End Glenwood Wilson, Half Coaching S n — Jim Duncan, John Kirk, Buddy Chandler, Bob Breitenstein )n C.AKWisrER, Halfback JOHN PoNis, End George Demko, litLidt- Joe Bailey, Tackle Jim Draughn, Bob Duntvigan Jack Mitchell, Trainers Bill Bailey— Joe Shepard— Jim Hall Managers i, r ' ' ' n:. s mm:;k . Rex Stuart Guard Mike Chandler Quarterback Frank Smith Guard Eugene Sty-les Quarterback Oval Jaynes End Bill Isaacs Center Bill Bradley Halfback Ken Shelton Fullback liM Hayes ■ Halfback Larry Crutchfield Tackle Sherrill Norville Halfback Sandy Edwards Halfback Page One Hid ltdred Sixty -four € :JLK M Ieannie Belk Assistant Chief CHEERLEADERS Glenda ' " ebster James Cherry Priscilla Sink Jim Gates Garol tsi Murray Bill Fowler Garol Martin Nathan Houser i Patsy Berry OHN VanNoppen Sponsor MAJORETTES Bonnie Wall Elaine Melton Betty Jean Davis Joyce Leatherwood Alice Williams Betty Leonard Hauser Flynt Dnim Major i ' II H I A I ETbMLL ;f] Dii cn onward b xixacious, enthusias- tic tans, the able Mountaineer eagers came out runner-up in regular conference play and were in the semi-tinals in the post-sea- son tournament. Two stand-outs. Rick I lowe and Don King, represented the Light Brigade in all- conference selection. In addition to being honorar captain of the dream team, Howe was named All-State. Rick Howe Bill Mueller Larry Schrader THE SCOREBOARD Appalachian 71 Guilford 56 Appalachian 62 East Tennessee 62 ]i|iilachian 66 Lincoln Memorial 59 Appalachian 84 Presbyterian 56 Appalachian 50 Carson-Newman 48 .Appalachian 60 PfeiFFer 42 Appalachian 79 East Carolina 73 Appalachian 83 GuilFord 58 Appalachian 80 Lenoir Rhvne 82 Appalachian 89 Elon ' 66 A]i]ialachian 64 Western Carolina 58 Appalachian 84 High Point 61 Appalachian 74 W ' oFFord 65 Appalachian 71 Catawba 70 Jim Kinney Bobby Dellinger Harold Beam m Don King Tim RichatxDSOn Harold Oetting IN 1960-1961 Appalachian 86 Atlantic Christian 76 mu Appalachian 78 Pfeiffer 63 rt (( Appalachian 70 Belmont Abbey 75 l V Appalachian 70 East Carolina 72 Appalachian 68 Atlantic Christian 89 Appalachian 80 Lenoir Rhvnc 93 Appalachian 68 High Point 80 Appalachian 68 Elon 66 Appalachian 85 Western Carolina 75 Appalachian 73 Catawba 67 NORTH STATE TOURX. ME T Appalachian 107 Western Carolina 8 Appalachian 73 High Point .84 Jimmy Goff Lonnie Thomas Doug Wall A. Robert Light Coach i Where did it ' u? Joe Shepherd Maii(ia,er Jim Stroup Manager Teeman Hathcock Assistant Coach Lrub that hall! Get that rehnnvd! Piige One Hundred Sevetilylhree WRESTLING ' 60- ' 61 Mike Lassiter Mike Rabon Joe Yatsko Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian THE RESULTS IN 1960-1961 34 Maryville 24 William and Mary 6 15 V. M. I. 20 19 University of North Carolina 8 6 Wilsons College 24 10 Bloomsburg 17 2 Lockhaven 25 a Knoxville YMCA 5 Joe Bailey Farrell Anderson Charles Boyer Dennis Oliver First row: Gerald Svvaim Mike Rabon Ben 0 erbay Bill Cook Charles Boyer Ken Shelton Mike Lassiter Bill Mayhew Bill Bailey, Manager Second row: Joe Yatsko Bob Wright Bill Sheppard Dennis Oliver Greg Van Orden Farrell Anderson Joe Bailey Bill Cook Ken Shelton Bob Wright Gerald Swaim Sniiie o( the temn perform their specialty. SWIMMING TEAM Kiiecliiiii: Vittoiio Snnniot;!, James Parish, Stanley Brooks, Winston Lovelace, Bill Brooks. Standing: Eric DeGroat, Coach, David Wright, Jack Hanning, Maurice Williams, Manager, Dick Fadgen, Coach. Gene Everett tees off while Maurice Smart lines up a putt. Kneeling: Francis Hoover, Coach. Standing: Bruce Sudderth, Gene Everett, Maurice Smart, I larold Bebber, Tommv Dav. OHN , Ul.t ' Hon Champion Lahry Nance TENNIS IHE SCOREBOARD IN 1960 Appalachian 5 High Point 2 Appalachian 6 Atlantic Christian 1 Appalachian 6 Atlantic Christian 1 Appalachian 4 Erskine 5 Appalachian 3 College oF Charleston 5 Appalachian 5 Western Carolina 2 Lefl to riolit: |ohn Nolcs, Bobb Adams, Larry Nance, Ron Champion, Morris Whitson, John Green, Jim Jones. Bobby Adams JOHN Green Jim Jones, Coach Appalachian 3 Milligan C-ollege 5 Appalachian 7 High Point Appalachian 3 Guilford 4 Appalachian t Elon 2 Appalachian 4 Guilford 3 Appalachian 4 Elon 3 .Appalachian 7 Western Carolina A]-)palachian 7 Milligan College 2 7 4f ,t SOCCER F rsf roir: Darrell Saunders, Bill iNichcils, Pete Marth, Ken Metzger, Francisco Blanco, Bob Ely, Glenwood Byrd, Richard Gvvaltney, Philip Coleman. Second row: Eric De- Ciroat, Coach, Frank Quilici, Jimmy Houser, Connie Clark, Joe Yatsko, Jack Lincoln, Ivmakl Jenkins. Third row: Jerry Ritchie, Ken Vaughn, William Settlemyre, Andy Anderson, Johnny Brinkley, John Phillips, Bob Mauldin, Jack White. T itHmisMKfiCS mi0i )tr - ' ' As is the usual case, bad weather hampered the base- ball team from an early and extensive practice. Composed of mostly freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, the team had a rcoiitl of 3 wins against 12 losses. IHE SCOREBOARD IN 1959-1960 .Appalachian 6 Lenoir Rhyne 5 Appalachian 8 Guilford 12 Appalachian 6 Guilford 11 Appalachian 10 Catawba 4 Appalachian East Carolina 12 Appalachian 2 East Carolina 11 Appalachian 1 Catawba 6 Appalachian 6 Western Carolina 12 Appalachian 14 Western Carolina 5 Appalachian 3 Elon 6 Appalachian 3 High Point 12 Appalachian 3 High Point 1 Appalachian 1 Atlantic Christain 3 Appalachian 5 Atlantic Christian 6 Appalachian 1 Elon 13 6 6 1 Bill Wood Bill Holman L. RRY RiGGS First row: Parker, J. Walker, Riggs, Burris, Dellingcr. Kinney, Ledwell, Phillips. Secuiid roil ' ; Woods, Chandler, Jarrett, Bogle, Gwaltne)-, Saunders, Byrd, Brackett. Third row: Holman, R. Walker, Slavton, Pavne, Barker, McKeithan, Pierce. BASEBALL Bob Burris Terry Bogle Bill Slayton Bob Dellinger Garland Ledwell IM KINNEY ' W ' avne Barker MiKF Chandler Bill Fariiiing and Icje Shepard, Wanagers Assistant Coach Jerry McKeithan AND Coach Dave Pierce loHN GWALTNEY Raymond Walker Jim Parker Bill Jarrett K I -W Jf s 1 ' ' r. - uluu S rtjs ' tsussL- u - JB . jar m 1 ■ HL. - Special events and spcc ' ud people add the coiiipleiiieiitarr touches to tJiis total view of our caDiptis. So, this chapter in our college life is devoted to recoi iiiziiig these canipns jeatiires Pamela Aldridge Jeannie Belk Robert Blanton Tim BrjVckett Robert Brown Bob Burris Ron Carrouiii Ronald Champion Martha Chandler Carol Crow Wanda Davis Jim Daye Betty Dayvault Donald Dorton JoiiNSiE Ellis WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN Page One Hundred Eighty-eight Dale Caddy Susan Groce Nancy Houck Richard Howe Larry Nance Isabella Newton Bill Mauldin Carl Messere Robert Phillips Hal Silver Jerry Starnes Ernest Stout Rachel Triplett Robert Williams Glenwood Wilson AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Page One Hundred Eighty-nine ' I r i Mfk ffH IN G £o . JJiane iienzei Oneen Ptiiie 0 ie }{undrccl Ninety 1 4 1 Kay Warren Margaret Templeton Sarah Anne Lytton Vickie Lemmons Margaret Templeton Kay Warren Diane Kuenzel Page Que Huuched Ninety-iwo Vickie Lemmons t Sarah Anne Lytton SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Pxohert Lee Davis Wanda Davis Editor of Appalachui}! Mr. ami Mrs. B. W. Blaiitoii Robert Blanton Ensiiu ' sf Maiiaoer of Appalachhin . ■-m00 " 9 19 6 1 Mr. cnul Mrs. LI. A. Champion Ronald Champion President of Stuchnit Body Mr. and Mrs. M. 1. Gaddy Dale Gaddy President of Religious Council Mr. Roy Aldridge Pamela Aldridge, Editor RHODODENDRON SPONSORS i Mrs. Bryant Triplett Rachel rRiPLETT, Business Maiiciaer Mr. Bryant Triplett Rachel rniPLEiT, Business Mauaoer Mrs. Jim Daye Jim Daye Prt ' sident of Senior Class Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Nance Larry Nance President of Junior Class SPONSORS Page One Hundred Ninety-eight 19 6 1 Miss Betty Cooke Jl.M H.WES President of Sophcniiore Class Mr. aiicl Mrs. R. W. Aleyauder John Alexander President of Freshman Class QiT iS-THAS if lancii S teeiman Q iieen Page Two Hundred % CHRISTMAS COURT JoHNSiE Ellis Cynthia Cook Kay W arrex Edna Hudson Sarah Anne Lytton Faye Davis J..-: •.:{ ' ; ' ' ' ::iX ' . ' " fUc ' : ' " ;- ' ,« . CAMPUS SUPERLATIVES Caroli-n Murray Miss Appalachian Pam Aldridge Most WiliKible Bobby Brown Most Popular Page Two Htindred Five Barbara Triplett Most Attractive Don Hickman Most Versatile Tim Brackett Most Ilainhoiiic lidBBY Br()v ;n Most rriciully SENIOR SUP Carol Silvey Most Athletic Girl Bob Blanton Most hitelU ' ctiial Tommy Wilson Most Athletic Boy Jim Daye Most Likely to Succeed R L A T I V E S . " " Da lartlia L handler May Oueeii 4ean AJatti Ma ' ni of Honor Page Tivo Hundred Nine ) h JoHNSiE Ellis Senior Attendant Henrietta Hensley Senior Attendant Sue Daniels Senior Attendant Jeannie Belk Jimior Attendant .ii Linda Cline Senior Attendant Nancy Steelmax jitnioy Attendant V • ' A Edna Hudson junior Attendant Sarah Anne Lytton Sophomore Attendant Brenda Lackey Sophomore Attendant Gail Jenkins Freshnuni Attendant Abbie Moore Frcsliiihiu Atteuthint m , v... V fs First roir: Linda Cline, Sarah Anne Lxtton. Second row: 1 Icnrietta Hcnslcy, lean Watts, Martha Chandler, Queen, Sue Daniels, Johnsie EUis. Third row: Nancy Steelman, Jeannie Belk, Abbie Moore, Gail Jenkins, Edna Hudson, Brenda Lackey. Page Two Hundred Fourteen Page Two Hundred Fifteen ADVERTISEMENTS COLLEGE BOOK STORE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE THE HEART OF THE CAMPUS BOONE, N. C. Page Two Hundred Eighteen The Portraits In This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO Photographers of Raleigh Official Photographers For THE 1961 RHODODENDRON You may order any type pictures from us on the portraits appearing here, for we keep these negatives in our files. 14 E. HARCETT STREET RALEIGH, N. C. Page Two Hundred Nineteen When your group goes together, go FIRST CLASS in modern Trailways diesel coaches, with uniformed, sofety-troiled operators. Trailways specially trained charter salesmen will call on you without obligation. If requested they will present trip material before your group. QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Phone AM 4-8836 — Boone, N. C. Phone ED 2-6164 — Charlotte, N. C. Everything You ' ll Need To Be Well-Dressed for TOWN or CAMPUS VARSITY MEN ' S WEAR 225 E. King St. Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. " Everything in Hardware and Associate Lines " BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone AM 4-8801 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. SPRUCE PINE N. C. Page Two Hundred Twenty NEWTON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Line of MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR At Popular Prices BOONE, N C Phone AM 4 8807 SANDWICHES— FOUNTAIN SERVICE SUNDRIES KEPLAR ' S SODA SHOP 108 East King BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA " Courteous Service " IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you hove a good time at the movies. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — When you laugh ond cry at things you see on the screen. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That youngsters have come to know and love the movies as a very special treat. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That Hollywood is con stantly searching for new ideas and bringing them to life. IT IS OUR PLEASURE — That we hove a part in the entertoining of the students of Appalachian State Teochers College. THE APPALACHIAN THEATRE ' Everybody Likes Movies in Boone " amn(m 0n MANUFACTURING CORPORATION FURNITURE LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA BOONE DRUG COMPANY REXALL " The Professional Store " Three Registered Pharmocists W. R Richardson K Richardson G K Moose Phone AM 4-3766 Listen WATA 12:15 For Good Food Eat At Our New Modern Fountain Page Two Hundred Twenty-one BURGESS FURNITURE STORE NEW AND USED FURNITURE 425 West King Street Boone ' s Favorite Department Store HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONE TIRE AND BARGAIN STORE FURNITURE FRICIDAIRE APPLIANCES BOONE, N. C. Phone AM 4-3801 DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. FREE PARKING DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. C. A. Price. Resident Manager Phone AM 4-8815 ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY REINS-STURDIVANT OF BOONE, INC. Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA REINS-STURDIVANT MUTUAL BURSAL ASSOCIATION, INC. NORTH WILKESBORO, BOONE, WEST JEFFERSON, SPARTA, N. C. Page Two Hundred Twenty-two ScHrafftIs " The Nation ' s Leading Candies " ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 - $2.00 Lb. Morgan Bros., Inc. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C. (Candyjis Delicious Food Compliments of GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY, TENN. South ' s Largest Makers of Brick, Cinder Block Concrete Block WINKLER MOTOR CO., INC. Depot Howard Streets Office, AM 4-8857 Ports Dept., AM 4-8856 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Pflge Two Hundred Twenty-three THE lORTHHEnEHI BAM Capital Stock $1,500,000.00 Surplus $4,500,000.00 Since 1903 Appalachian State Teachers College has grown with the educational needs of North Carolina and the South. Appalachian is an insti- tution of which all the people of Western North Carolina are proud. Since 1937 The Northwestern Bank has supplied the complete banking needs of this section. We of The Northwestern Bank are proud to offer our services to the growth of this section. WHERE FINANCIAL SERVICE BEGINS A COMPLETE BANKING INSTITUTION OFFERING EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F D I C, We appreciate the patronage of the students and faculty of Appalachian State Teachers College. Page Two Hundred Twenty-four GREENE BUICK-PDNTIAC, INC BUICK - PONTIAC - OPEL CARS CMC TRUCKS 1115 E. King Street — Dial AM 4-3778 P. 0. Box 487 BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA MAULDIN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Phone DAvis 7-8396 243 2nd Ave., S.W. P. 0. Box 614 HICKORY, N. C. Distributors TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS Tom ' s Peanut Butter Sandwiches Tom ' s Candies Page Two Hundred Twenty-five Sate For Your Savings Since 1921 WATAUGA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION " ASSETS OVER $6,000,000 " CURRENT DIVIDENDS 4% We Believe The American Home Safeguards The American Liberty H. G. Farthirg, President James P. Marsh, Secretary Treasurer DANIEL BOONE INN Specia izing in Family Style Meals and Country Ham Mrs. S. L. Whifaker, Manager AM 4-8657 BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONE, N. C. " The Home of Better Values " Congratulations to A GROWING APPALACHIAN!! SHELBY CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two Hundred Twenty-six TWO PLACES TO EAT — " HERE AND AT HOME " WHERE STUDENTS MEET KIRK ' S RESTAURANT Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. STEAKS— SEAFOODS— CHOPS— BARBECUE— PLATE LUNCHES SHORT ORDERS— SANDWICHES " COURTEOUS SERVICE " Telephone AMherst 4-3915 — 205 Hardin Street — Boone, N. C. CHURCH ' S STORE Where your dollar has more cents Men ' s Boys ' Clothing — Shoes Phone AM 4-8787 Boone, N. C. You sparkle together. . . with ice-c old Coke. | lOTTlED UUDU AUTHOIITY Of TKI COCA-COLA COMfAMT IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HICKORY, N. C. GRAY BROS. FURNITURE CO. •EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME " Phone 607 Wilkesboro, N. C. Dial 4227 West Jefferson, N. C. SHIRLEY RAGAN ESSO SERVICE 201 Hardin Street BOONE, N. C. A Full Line of Atlas Products " Where You And Service Meet " Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven Compliments of BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best in Laundry and Cleaning ' ' Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone AM 4-8415 BOONE, N. C. BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA Representing Lenoir Chair Co. Lenoir Furniture Corp. Conover Furniture Co. O. L. Broyhill Furniture Co. Harper Furniture Company Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight BOOIE TRAIL RESMUm 106 West King Street BOONE, N. C. AM 4-9910 J. A. Wells, Manager 24 HOUR PHOTO SERVICE CAMERAS — SUPPLIES — FRAMES — PORTRAITS Flowers ' Photo Shop " Boone ' s Photographic Center " 125 East King Street — P. O. Box 588 BOONE, N. C. George A. Flowers, Jr. Telephones Office: AM 4-8425 Home: AM 4-8539 Paze Two Hundred Twentv-nine ■M-burc(r: I " " Meet Your Friends At SHORTY ' S " The Students ' Nightly Retreat " SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO., INC. Building Maintenance Supplies HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone AMherst 4-3638 Approved BLUE RIDGE MOTOR COURT 20 Units — New and Attractive Beautyrest Beds — Playground For Children 2 Kitchen Apartments Highway 221 421 1 Mi. E. of Boone, N. C. Compliments of COIN-OP SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Page Two Hundred Thirty WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R- C. Rivers, Owner BOONE, N. C. CAUDILL ' S, Inc. LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 123 East King Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA BOONE TRAIL MOTEL 820 E est King Street BOONE, MORTH CAROLINA Phone AM 4-8839 AAA Approval PARKSIDE CAFE Across from College Entrance DINING ROOM SANDWICHES PLATE LUNCHES Meet Your Friends At CAROLINA PHARMACY Congratulations Graduates Phone AM 4-3781 BOONE, N. C. SMITHEY ' S STORE DRY GOODS— GROCERIES CLOTHING— SHOES Modern Cafe In Connection Page Two Hundred Thirty-one APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Boone, North Carolina O S- DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO IMPROVING INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICE IN NORTH CAROLINA AND THE SOUTH CT a Graduate and Undergraduate Work Regular and Summer Terms Page Two Hundred Thirty-two

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