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CJ LO az : ' A ' • ' ■ ' ■ " ' ■■y ■ , S.»,rt,V .V- . ,: :,v??.ST;Vv.--.-,- . ! .vr? ..b.? ' ::o.. ' ;v.. ■. ' . . .■■■ ' ■ ' i " .-!v-V.v Published by Students of Appalachian State Teachers College Boone, North Carolina EVELYN WASHBURN, Editor ROBERT DOWNS, Business Manager c n T E n T Book I-THE COLLEGE Administration Classes Book II-ACTIMTIES Organizations Athletics Book III-FEATURES F R E UU R D This is your book— a hook ol memories tliat is perhaps more revealing h)r the things it omits than for those it iiKkides. 1 lovvever, we liope that as you turn its pages, a snapshot, a word, an impression will eon ey to you in some intangible way a glad reminder of your college days at Appalachian. Page Four 1K t t m Wjx ' W ' -d i I f D E D I C R T I n To one who stands constantly ready to aid those who call upon him; to one whose understanding of the students and whose genuineness and humility have made him beloved by the student body and faculty alike; to James T. Thompson, our true friend, we the staff proudly dedicate this 1954 Rhododendron. BOOK ONE l J mwlMlm mc m RDininiSTRRTion 15. B. Dougherty B.S., Pli.r-., D.Litt., D.Hd Prcs ' ulciit |. I). R;VNKIN A.I5., A.M., S.T.D. Dean of CullL ' j,e Leo K. PiiiiciiKii A.M., M.Ed. Dcnii of Men I Ielen Buiu II A.R., M.A. Demi of Wdiiieii Pafie Twelve DEPRRTmEni HERDS Catherine Smith, B.S., M. A. Art Rav Derrick. B.S., M.S. Bio ooy James T. Thompson, A.B.. M.B.A. Business Educntion Arlie Raymond Smith. A.B.. A.M. Cheinistry CiUPPELL Wilson, B.A.. M.A.. Ed. D. Education Lucy Ellen Brock, B.S.. A.B.. M.S. Home Economics Graydon p. Eggers, A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Lcinauiiaes Ila Mae Taylor, A.B., B.S. in L. S. Library Sciejice err) i FACULTY J. T. C. Wright, A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. Mathematics Gordon A. Nash. A.B.. M.A. Music Max R. Raines, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Personnel attd Guidance Frederick Kirchner B.S., M.S., Ph.D. P ivs!ch! Education Starr N. Stacy, B.S., M.A. Physics Wiley F. Smith, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Psycholoay D. ]. Whitener, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Bernard Dougherty, B.S. Business Manaoer Pfloe Thirteen FRCULTY - . Marion Bailiy Adams, B.S., M.S. Hume I cotwtiiics Dit K M. Allen A.15., M.A., B.S. in I.S. Lihriiricin RoscoE J. Allen, U.S., .M.S. Typing loilN G. nARDEN, A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. licliiCiJtio}! r.diu r, 1 UMAM Broomi;, B.S., M.A. I ' liysiciil l:diiciili )ii Golden II. Bulkland, B.S., M.A. MutJieitiatics Ihvin Watson Carpenter, Jr. B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. liioloiiy Elizabeth Chaddock Casale B.S., M.A., Ph.D. liiiijisli Gail Cl. y, B.S. , M.A. Pliy ktil hducdtidii PaulClim, A.B.,M.A. Director OffCumpiis Student Teachers Walton S. Cole, B.. ., M.A. Music Francis Cook, B.A., M.A. Enalish Leon Coulter, B.S., M,A. Bioloay Warren G. Cutts, Jr. A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Editciitioii .MiLDRi I) A. Dawson B.A.M.A., Ed.D. kdttciUioii M.A. M.A. M.S. Edwin S. Dougherty-, B.S Social Studies Herman R. Eggers, A.B., M.A Registrar Audrey Eichelbehger, B.A English Nellie Hope Ellison, B.S. Business Educiilioii Nicholas Erneston B.M.E., M.M., M.E. Music Leonard Eury A.B., B.S., in L.S.. M.S. in L.S. Librarian Peter W. Everett, B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Education John Bowen Hamilton B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Enalish V ' inette Langeurd I Iahghdve B., L, i LA, AJtisic Walter G. Hawklnson, B.S. Mathematics Cleone H. Hodges, A.B., M.S. }ieahh and Pliysical Education a. Hodgin, B.S., 1!.S. in L.S. Reference Librarian David Hodgin, B.A., LA. Francis L. Hoover, B.S., i LA. Physical Education Lillian R. Horner, A.B. C ieiiiistrv Ben H. HoRTON, B.S.. ALA. Supervisor Off-Campus Student- Teachers John T. 1 Iovvell, B.S., M.A., NLEih Principal of Elementary School Vance C ' . }1owell, B.A., M. . Social Studies Mary Alk e 1 Iuff, A.B., A.B. in L.S. Library Cataloguer Worth R. Jones, A.B., M.A. Psycholo2.y John Mitchell Justice, A.B., A.AL Social Studies Dorothy E. Kemp, B.S., ALA. Music FRCULTY Joy Miller Kirchner, B.S., M.A. Health and Physiciil Education John Kirk, B.S., M.A. Physical Education Ida Belle Ledhetter, A.B., M.A. Biology Virginia Wary Linney, B.M., M.M. Music Robert Eugene Lott, A.B., A.M. Spanish J. R. Melton, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Education William Henky Morgan, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. English Emma H. Moore Librarian Em-eritus Preston Mull, B.S., M.A. Physical Education Lee J. Reynolds, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Madge M. Rhyne, B.S., M.S. Home Economics Leroy Rogers, B.S., M.A. Acting Assistant Higli School Principal James W. Rooker, B.M., M.M. Music W. HoYT Safrit, B.S., M.A. Mitsic George L. Sawyer, B.S., M.A. Social Studies John R. Shaffer, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Acting High School Principal LoRis Shipman, B.S., A.B., M.A. English Jean Ann Smith, B.S. Home Economics William G. Spencer, B.M., M.A. Music Grace Storm, B.A., M.A. Educatio i Roger E. Thomas, B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education Vera C.Tunnell Librarian Periodicals Ina Woestemerfer VanNoppen B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Social Studies John J. VanNoppen A.B., M.A., Ed.D. English Arnold F. Van Pelt, Jr. B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Biology R. W. Watkins, A.B., M.A. Physical Education Vivian Wood Welborn, B.S., M.S. Dietitian Gratis D. Williams, A.B., M.A. English Elizabeth Rucker Williams, B.S. Art Myrtle B. Wilson, B.S., M.A. Education John H. Workm. ' Vn, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Econoniii:s ]. C. Yoder, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Mary S. Shook Registered Nurse Mrs. J. E. Baskin Dauph-Blan Dormitory Hostess Mrs. J. W. Massey While Hall Hostess Mrs. Annie S. Majette Lovill Hall Hostess Mrs. Lillie B. Hardin East Hall Hostess ( ya LWu ' JJ l uic mJ c SiiiMm . . . GRRDUflTE STUDEHTS JDiiN W ' kslev Alexander C nuoal Ai HEHT l.EE Bradley Forest City jo Anne C.ravbeal Civstoii JANE Stuart Howell Greensboro I Ilnrv CIkady Lane, Jr. Bainhridgc, Ga. Van Roberson Layson Eatonton, ( a. Carl A. Litaker Statcsxille Mary Jane Matthews Galax, Va. Richard Leon Mize Statesville C ' oRKY Owsley Boone Marvin tlas Pk kard Durluim Zer V. Shook Boone OFFICERS Left to right: Robert Clendenin Vice-President Betty Ann Robinson Secretary Bob Huffman . . President Rebecca Moover (Not Pictured) Treasurer Page Nineteen Gerald Clark Adams Salisbury Physical Educatiun and Social Studies . . . Football 1. 2, 3; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3. 4; Resident Manager Justice Hall 3, 4; Varsouvianna 2. 3, 4; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Jane Alexainder Iluntcrsville Primary Education . . . .W ' .C.A.; Pep Club; 1-ulure Teachers of America. Mary Rlum Avers Boone (•raniniar Grade Educatiun Bobby Joe Baker Rocky Mount Phvsical Eilucaliim ami Maihematics . . . Football; Men ' s " A " Club, Treasurer; Ph sical Education Club; Senior Superlaiiye. Daphne Dare Baldwin Lansing C.rammar Grade Education . . . A.C.E.L I, 2, 3, 4, Second Vice- President 3. President 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 3. 4; V.W.C.A. 3, 4; Resident Assistant 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4. , ( Doris Janet Bare JefTorson Primjry r.ducution . . . V.W ' .C ' .A.; Pep C lilli. William Wiley Blackburn Boone Science and Mathematics . . . Men ' s " A " Club i, 4; N ' arsily Basketball 3. 4; J. Basketball 1, 2; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3. •»; Forensic Club 1, 2. i. 4: Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Varsouvianna 2, 3: B.S.Ll. 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 3. Samuel Ralph Blake Cnulor Physical Educatiun and Sucial Studies Coy Bolick Boone Grammar Grade Education and Social Studies . . . Baseball 2. Mildred T. Bolick Boone Primary Education , . . W.A.A. 4. Morris Lee Branch Hickory Physical Education and Mathematics . . . Modern Dance; Var- souvianna; Physical Education Club; Men ' s " A " Club, President 4; X ' arsity Football 4, Co-Captain 4: Who ' s Who Antony Students ill American Universities and Colleges 4. Bobbie Glenn Bridges Caroleen Primary ' Education . . . Bre ard Junior College 1, 2; Y.W.C.A, 4; Future Teachers of America 4. Boyce Ed.mond Bridges Ellenboro Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Gardner-Webb Junior College 1; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 2, 3, 4; V.M.C.A. 2, 3, 4. Barbara Carol Brooks North Wilkesboro CC o Physical Education and Social Studies . . . ' .A.A. 1, 2. 3, Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, Catherine Brown Huntersville Primary Education ... Pep Club 1; V.W.C..Y. 2, 3; Future Teachers of America 4. CO klfeM il Chancel T. Brown Winston-Salem English and Physical Education ... Science Club 1; Pep Club 3; Student Council 4; Appalachian Spoils Editor 2. 3, 4; Rhodo DENDRON sports Editor 3, 4; Physical Education Club 1, 2, i; Varsouvianna 4; Y.M.C.A. 1, 2; Junior Marshal 3; U ' io ' s Who Amon Students in American Vniversities and Colleges 4. Bruce J. Buchanan Minneapolis Science and Physical Education Jane Bullock Albemarle English and Physical Education . . . LR.C. 2. 3. 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3; B.S.U. 1. 2. 3. 4. Secretar - 2, B.T.U. Representatiye 4; Rhododendro t Staff 4; Physical Education Club 2. 3. 4; May court 1, Herald 2, 3; ' emician Societ ' 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2; W.A.A. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4. Jean Bullock Albemarle English and Physical Education . . . Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3; LR.C. 2. 3, 4, Secretan ' 3; Pep Club 1, 2; B.S.U. 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretar - 3, S.S. Representatiye 4; Rhododendron Staff 4; W.A.A. 4; May Court 1, Herald 2, 3; ' emician Society 2, 3, 4. Ernestine Claire Calloway ... Southern Pines Grammar Grade Education ... A.C.E.I. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 3, President 4; Resident Assistant 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4. CO O LO Daphne Campbell China Gro c Business Educaiion ... Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor PU hili■, Business Club 2. 3. 4, Secretan- 4; Chi Liimbda Chi 4. Sccr(. ' t;trv 4; Band 2; ' arsnu ianna 2. ; Ujuph Blan President 4; Bii( ik - DLNDRON Stall " 3, 4, Assistant Business Man.iuer 3. Bobbie Mae Carnes Monroe Business Education ... Wingatc Junior College 1. 2; Business Club 3, 4; Y. V.C.. . 3. 4; arsouvianna 4; 1 uture leathers of .America 4. Alma Mae Carpenter Shclh Grammar Grade Education . . . Gardner Webb Junior Colleac 1. 2; Y.W.A. 4. Barbara Myers Carpenter Mount 1 lolK Primary Education I Iaroi D TowNEs Carter Winston-Snlcm Social Studies and Enylish . . . Intramurals. Iris Love Champion Blacksburs, S. C. C-r mmar CJrade Education . . . Y.W.C.A. i, ■». Helen Gavnei.le Chandler Alhcm;irlc Music ... Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2; While Hall I ' resiilent i, ■»; Music Education Club J. 4; C ' olleKC C ' l-ir i, 4; House C ' ouncil iy 4. Mitchell G. Clark, Jr Marion Phvsical Education and Social Studies ... Ilii;li Point Collci;c 1; Plivsical Education Club 4. Robert A. Clendenin Greensboro Physical Education and Social Studies . . . H ' ljos Wlm .Amrjiig Sttidenfs iti AmeTicn Universities and CoUeRes 4. Leonard E. Cline Gastonia Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Gardner-Webb Junior ColleRe I. 2; Dance Band 3, 4. Peggy Cline Kernersville English and Physical Education Jeanne Coble Burlington Grammar Grade Education . . . Warren Wilson Junior College 1, 2; Christian Teachers Club 4; Future Teachers of America , 4, Librarian 4; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; A.C.E.L 4; Y.W.C.A. 4. Jerry Clarke Coble Greensboro Library Science ... Library Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sara Mae Coble Burlington Grammar Grade Education . . . Warren Wilson Junior College I, 2; Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Secretary 4; A.C.E.L 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4. May Frances Cochrane Charlotte Home Economics and Science . . . Pep Club 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Weslminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. Madeline Ruth Coffey Banner Elk Business Education ... Lees-McRae College I, 2; Majorette 3; Business Club 4; Varsouvianna 4. Ben J. Connell Concord English and Mathematics . . . American Youth Foundation Scholarship 1; Future Teachers of America 2. 4; B.S.LI. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3; I.R.C. 2; Forensic Club 1, 2; Male Octet 1, 2; Double Octet 2, 3, 4; College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Playcrafters 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Orientation Assistant 3. John Phillip Coulter, Jr Catawba Science and Mathematics . . . Math Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Wesley Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3; Religious Council 1, 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Chief Marshal 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Truman A. Critcher Blowing Rock Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Lees-McRae College 1. Rita Faye Crowell Charlotte Grammar Grade Education . . . Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; B.S.IL 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 4. Barbara -Ann Danenpoivi Mmun I hilK Grammar Grade Eduialion . . . Gardner il l) Juniur G ilki;c I, 2. C C. Davis, Jr. Winston S;ilcm l-nolish and Stii-nie ... .V(i|Ml.u)ii.iii Stall 2. . . 4. Sporls 1 ditiir . -tTlVp Club 2. i. President . ; iee President Juniur Class; Student Gouneil 4; ' iee President Student IIikIv 4; Science Club 2: Ghi Lambda C hi i: Senior Superlative; H ir. ' s Whn .Imr.iii; Sftidettts ht Antfricuu Uuiversilies utid ColU ' c 4. Mauv Jean Dewese I)d idson Business Education ... V.W.C.A. I, 2; Pep Club 1; Business Club 2. Betty Dixon Fallston Moine Economics and Science ... Home Economics Club 1, 2, i. 4: Vernician Lilcrarv Society 2, }. 4; Riiiii i i)i vokon Stall ' 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4. Lucy Lovveky Dixon Marion Librar ' Science . . . Library Science Club 2. i. 4. r Nor ma Arlene Douglas l ' int. Cark Grammar C;rade Education ... Home Icooomics Club 1. Lenna Duncan Xottinyliam, Pa. Business Education . . . Business Club 2, i, 4; Y.W.C .. . 2, i; l.R.C. 3; Future Teachers of America 4; House Council 4. Mary Ann Edmisten Boone Science and Physical Education . . . W.A.A. 3, 4; Mvini; Eish 3, 4; College Chorus 3, 4. Isabel Ann Eggers BcKine Enelish and Library Science ... Band I. 2. 3; Collei;e Chorus I, 2. 3; B.S.U. Executiyc Council 2. 3. 4; Apltaliichiiiii StalT I. 2. 3. 4; junior .Marshal 3; U ' lio s Who Ammin Slllilciils i« . iHericim l »iieersitics itttd Colleges 4. Laura Nan Eller Lansing i lomc Hcdnomics and Science . . . W ' .CII.N ' .C. !, 2; Home Hconomics Club 3, 4; Pep Club 3. Jane Grigg Eure Lincolnton Piimarv Education . . . V.W.C.A. 3, 4; Lovill House President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Tuiurc Teachers of America 3, 4. Russell Ray Flinchum Danbury Science and Social Studies Rachel Mae Franklin Spear C.raniniar Grade Education . . . Brc ard Junior College 1, 2; Spanish Club 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Appahichian Staff " 3, 4 YAV.C.A. 4. Shirley Goodson Gabriel Iron Station Ph ' sical Education and Mathematics . . . Football 1, 2. 3. 4, North State Conference 4, Most Outstanding Plaver 4, N. C. Highest Scorer 4; Men ' s " A " Club I. 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3; Co-President of Freshman Class; President of Junior Class; President of Student Council 4; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Varsouvianna 3; Y.M.C.A. 3: Physical Education Club 2; Chi Lambda Chi 3. 4; Most Popu- lar Superlative 3; Senior Superlative; U ' io ' s Who Amoua Students in Anicricnti Uuiversitics mill Calicoes 3, 4. John H. Gamble Shelby Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Gardner Webb Junior College 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4. O Ul Virginia Lea Golson Danville, Va. Primary Education . . . Spartanburg Junior College 1, 2; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Christian Teachers Club 4. Carol Ann Goodrum Belmont Primary Education . . . YAV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Westminster Fellovvship 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsouvianna I, 2, 3, 4. Sec- retary 3; Junior Marshal 3; A.C.E.I. 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Cheerleader, Junior X ' arsitv 1. ' arsit ' 2, 3. 4, Chief 4; May Court 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Relioinus Council 4; Chorus 2; Christmas Queen 4; W io ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and CoHeges 4. Wade G. Hampton, Jr. Winston-Salem Business Education . . . Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; Business Club 4. Patricia Ann Hankley Galax, Va. Home Economics and Science ... Flome Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Cheerleader 2, 3. 4; Homecoming Court 2; Christmas Queen 2; May Court 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Var- souvianna 4; Orientation Xssistant 3; House Council 2, 3; W.A.A. I, 2. JoAnn Hardin Boone English and Mathematics ... Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3; Forensic Club I, 2, 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4. Michael A. 1 Iarrei son Waco Science ... Ciiirtlncr Wchh junior Colleee 1. 2; Plavcrafters . , 4; Science Club i. 4; V.M.C.A. i, 4; Weslcv Fellowship i. 4. cc O Nancy G. i Iaynes ' adkinxillc C.rammar Crude Education . . . College Choir 1; . ' .C., . 1. 2. 3; X ' ernician Society I, 2, i, 4; HiiotxiDENDRON Stafl " 4; Pep Cluh . Eleanor I li i ms Charlotte Music ... Orchestra 1, 2. i, 4; Octet 3, 4; College Chorus .3; Music Education Club 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2; Future Teachers of .America 4. VViLLA Dean Herman Rhodhiss C raniniar Cirade . . . V.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Future leachers of America 3, 4; IVp Club 3, 4; A.C.E.L 2, 3. Ul M Ail I HA , M 1 Imuunc: r I() vinu Rock l ' riiiiar Lilut;ilion . . . Future Tcuchcrs of America 3, 4, Presi- dent 4; X ' arsouvianna 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ice-Presidenl 4; Chi Lambda C ' hi 4; Junior Marshal i. Calvin Ravvon 1 Iilmard Linwood CJramniar (irade lidiication . . . Y.M.C.A.; Christian Teachers Cluli: Weslcv rellowsliip; Heli ;ious Council. Betty [une I Ioli ander Edgemont Ciramniar C.rade Ldutation Billy Lee I Iolsclavv Lenoir Ciranimar Cirade Education C HARLEs Molt Moorcsvillc Business Education . . . Business Club 2, 3, 4. Rebecca . I Ioover Lenoir Grammar (rraik- and Pli sic al Education ... W.A.A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Women ' s " A " Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; VAWC.A. 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2; Senior Supcrlati c. Jean Graham Hopkins Beaufort Science and Social Studies . . . Baton Club 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2; Appalachian Staff 2, 3; Forensic Club 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 4; Debate Team 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4, President 4; I.R.C. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Social Affairs Committee 4. Bryan Houck Todd Grammar Grade Education . . . I.R.C. 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3. Bob Huffman Kannapolis Grammar Grade Education . . . Class President 2, 4; Wrestling 1, 2; Student Council 3; Chi Lambda Chi 4; Canterbury Club 2, President 2. Agnas Sue Hunter Winston-Salem Grammar Grade and Physical Education . . . W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Flying Fish 1, 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance, Varsouyianna. Kathryn Griffin James Marshville Business Education . . . Wingate Junior College 1, 2; Business Club 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4. Frances Civila Jeffreys Creedmoor Library Science and Grammar Grade Education . . . Lees-McRae College 1, 2; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Religious Council 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Librar ' Science Club 3. 4, President 4; A.C.E.I. 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Christian Teachers Club 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4. HoNORii E. Jenkins Polkville Grammar Grade Education Virginia Jennings Pores Knob Library Science . . . Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Library Science Club; I.R.C. Leonard L. Johnson Randleman Library Science and Social Studies . . . Library ' Science Club. Bert Edward Joines Trap Hill Mathematics and Science . . . Science Club I. 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3. Marilyn Cothran JoNts Sparta Grammar Grade Educatiun . . . Western Carolina College 1, 2. Patiie |ean Jones r)rlnu)iu Gramniai Grade Educaliun . . . Y.W ' .CA. 2. Betty Ann Keller Lake Lure Business Education ... Business Club 3. 4; V.A.. . 1, 1, }; I uturc Teachers of America 4. MAin ' I RANCES KiLl ' AiniCK AshcN illc Grammar Cirade Education ... Mars Hill Junior Colleae 1. 2; W.A.A. S, 4; Appahichian Staff 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Sarah Lii ai ea Kimball C liin.i Croxc l rimar ' Education ... Lutheran Student Association I, 2; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Religious Council 2; YAV.C.A. 2, 3; A.C.E.l. 1. 2; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2. Marvin Craig King Kannapolis Grammar Grade Education and Social Studies . . . Pfciffer Junior Colleec 1, 2; Y.M.C.A. 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4; A.C.E.L 3. Buddy C. A. Kluttz Concord Ph sic. ' »l Education and Social Studies ... Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball Manager 3. 4; iMen ' s " A " Club: Y.M.C.A.; Physical Education Club; Intramurals, Soccer 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Track. Bonnie LaFone Hickory Primary Educatitm ... Lenoir Rhvne 1, 2; Vernician Society 3. 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Mav Court 3; Appalachian Staff, Business Assistant. A. C. Larrimore Winston-Salcm .Mathematics and Physical Education . . . Who ' s Who Amuna Students in American Universities and CoUcg es 4. lohLN !L Lasley . . Walnut C() c Cirammar Cirade Education . . . B.S.LI. I. 2, 3. 4. Executive Council 3, 4; Religious Council 3. Sara Faye Lassiter Troy Business Education . . . Plavcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Business Club 2, 3, 4; House Council 3. Peggy Laughlin Marion Primary Education . . . Brevard Junior College 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 4; Lovill ' ice-President 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4; House Council 4. Arch Lee Polk ille Science and Physical Education . . . Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; W ' estminsier Fellowship 4; Y.M.C.A. 2. Edward D. Lee Polk ille Physical Education and Mathematics ... J. W Basketball 1; Ph sical Education Club 2, 3, 4. Jean Lineback Winston-Salem Primary Education ... Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; A.C.E.I. 1. 2, 3, 4; ' emician Societ ' 2, 3, 4; House Council 3. CO cc O Ul George Littman Elkin CiramiiKir Cirade Education . . . Georgia Tech 1; Colleoe Chorus 2; Double Octet 2; Study Adviser 4. Beverly Ann Lonon Marion Grammar Grade Education ... W.C.U.N.C. 1; W.. .. ' . 2. 3. 4; Women ' s " .A " Club 4; Pep Club 4: Y.W.C-V. 4. Barbara Ann Lovvder New London Physical Education and .Mathematics . . . Physical Education Club 2. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 2; Women ' s " A " Club 4; Chi Lambda C:hi 4; Appalachian Staff 2, 3, 4; W.. ..A. 2, 3, 4, President 4; Social -VH ' airs Committee 4; Senior Superlati ' e. EuzEL McGiNNis Chesnee, S. C. Home Economics and Science . . . Spartanburt; Junior Colleoe 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4. Sue Withers McMillan Lenoir English and Social Studies ... W.C.U.N.C. 1; Playcrafters 2, 3, 4; Appalachian StaH ' 2, 3; J.V. Cheerleader 3; Pep Club 2, 3; V ' arsouvianna 4. O LT) JiMMiE Edwin Martin Gastonia Physical Iiducution and Social Studies ... Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3. 4; ' arsouvianna 2, 3, 4; Mndcrn Dance 3, 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3. Arlene Mast Boone Library Science ... Bi:nd .Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4; College Chorus !, 2; Baton Club 1. Varsouvianna 3, 4; Library Science Club 4; B.S.ll. !. Carolyn Mast Vallc Crucis English and Business Education ... Business Cluh 1, 2. 3, 4; Plavcrafiers. Jt)Hi I loRioN Miller 1 auicl Springs Cirammar Grade Education Sara Iilizabeih Miller rxmiuillc Grammar (.rade I ' ducation . . . Aptwliiciiiuii Staff 2. 3. 4, Cir- culation Manjyer 4; Plavcrat ' ters 1, 2; V ' esle Ixllowship 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 3, 4; Futuic Teachers of American 3; X ' arsouvianna 4. Raymond Paul Miller M.iihematics and Science . Apple (ho c Math Cluh I. :. 3. 4. James Mark Moi iei r Cliaiiottc English and Social Studies . . . Spanish Cluh 3; AfypiilucUian Staff 3, 4; LR.C. 3, 4, President 4; Chi Lamhda Chi 4; Social Affairs Committee 4; Science Club 3, 4; V ' ijo ' s U ' m Ai)i mii Students in American Universities aud Collefies 4. CiLADYs Rebecca Moore Filoi Mnnni.iin Business Education ... Business Cluh I, 2. 3; Ijnuse Cnuncil 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3. Treasurer 3. William I Iohaci: Morgan 1 iiurinhuri; Miilhemalics and Physical Education . . . Ph sic;il Iduc.iliun Cluh 1. 2. 3: Math Cluh 2; Y.M.C.A., Vice-President 3; Pep Cluh. ' ice President 3; Student C ' ouncil 1 , 2, 3, 4; Fresh man CLiss President; W ' resiling 2; Treasurer of Student Council 3; t ' ampus Superlative, Most aluahle; Junior Marshal 3; W io ' s Who liiioMg Stii( eii(s )» . ' tHt ' ric »i iltiiversities and College 3, 4. Ann Moses Cioklston Primar - E.ducation . . . Vernician Society 2, 3, 4; House Council 3; RHODODiiNimoN Staff 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4. Mary Alice Moses Pittsboro Primarj ' Education . . . A. C.E.I. 1, 2, 3, 4. Barbara Anna Nance Cornelius Primary Education . . . Future Teachers of America 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; A.C.E.I. 1. 2; House Council 4. Peggy Bennette Neel Cherry ' ille Home Economics and Science ... Spanish Club 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3; W.A.. ' . 2; Yarsouvianna 2. Clara Christine Neill Bald Creek Primary Education . . . Future Teachers of America 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. Martin Eugene Nichols East Bend Mathematics and Science . . . Gardner- Webb Junior College 1, 2; B.S.U. E.xecutire Council 4; Science Club 4. Neva Ann Norris Boone Grammar Grade Education . . . College Chorus 1, 2; Play- crafters 1, 2, 3; Band 1. Lawrence Lee Oldaker Norfolk, Va. Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Norfolk Diyision, College of William and Man 1; Wrestling 2; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; X ' arsouyianna 2, 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Assistant Intramural Director 3. Jack B. Pennell Lenoir Physical Education and Science . . . Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4. Joe B. Perry Banner Elk Grammar Grade Education . . . Lees-McRae College 1, 2; Y.M.C.A. 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4. Violet M ' ' rtle Phillips Greenville, S. C. Primar - Education . . . Lynchburg College 1, 2, 3. Ira Jane Plott Concord Business Educalion ... Pfciffer Junior CoIU ' wc 1. 2; Band . . 4; Future Teachers of .-Xmcriea 4; Business Club 4. loilN NlCIIOI AS PVHCIIA Joncsvillc Malhemalits and Fhvsical hdutaluin ... Basketball 1. 2. . . 4; .Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2. i. 4; I ' hvsieal lulueation Club 2. . 4. President •. Who ' s Who Amuua Stiutcuts in Aitiericun U»iietTsitie.s iiml C ' i leijes 4. Frances . 1. I Vmns Elizulxilunn. Icnn. Business liducati un C.ATHERINE RaV Mars Hill Music ... Mars Hill Junior Colleue 1. 2; Dorm ice I ' resiilent i. 4; Music Club i. 4; Cnllei;e Chorus A. 4; House Council 3, 4. 1 ihWtLLVN Rav I ' uniisxilk ' Home Economics and Science ... Cireenshoro Collesje 1; Home Economics Club i. 4; Plavcrafters 2. i; Aitpiiliwhiun Stall 2, ; I ' e| Club 2, i. Ru lii Yancey Ray New land Grammar Grade Education ... l-iorida State lliiiversit ' I. 2. Betsy Rea iMatthcw s Home Economics and Science ... Home Economics Club I, 2. 3, 4, ' ice I resident 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, . , 4, Secre- tary 4: Reliyious Council i, 4; Dorm C ' ounselor i; Christmas Queen i; Treasurer of Junior Class. Thomas Richardson Rikhh ' Science and Social Studies Sadie Robbins I larris Cirammar Ciradc Educalion . . . Pep Club i. 4; X ' emician So cietv 2, i, 4. Rodney W ' li i iam Roberts . s1k ' ilk ' Business Education ... llniversilv of Marxhuul I. 2; Business Club 3, 4. Rebekah Lee Robertson Winston-Salem Physical Education and Spanish . . . Flying Fish 1, 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Club 3, 4; Varsouvianna 3. 4; Modern Dance Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; W.A.A, 2, 3. Betty Ann Robinson Hickory English and Spanish . . . Lenoir Rhyne College 1, 2; Avpa- Juchian Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3; May Day Court 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Class Secretary 4. Peggy Shannon Rogers Hcndersonville Grammar Grade Education ... Cieorge Peahodv C ' oUege 1, 2; College Chorus 3, 4; Future Teachers ui ' America 4; V.W ' .C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4. az O Mary Louise Ross Spruce Pine Grammar Grade Education ... Y.W.. .; Pep Clubi B.S.II. Edgar B. Routh Franklinville Mathematics and Physical Education . . . Physical Education Club 1, 2. 3; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. CO Ruth Scott Lewisville Business Education . . . Vernician Society 3, 4; Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsouvianna 3. Bill E. Shoaf Winston-Salem Mathematics and Physical Education . . . Physical Education C ' lub; Math Club; Intramurals. Claude Ray Shrum Newton Business Education . . . Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4. President 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, President 3; Wrestling ], 2; Football 1; Student Council 3, Secretary 3; Chi I .MiilKia Chi 3, 4, President 4; Religous Council 3; Class Vice- President 3; W io ' s Who Anioii} Students in Americmi Universities iDiil CaUeoes 3. Margaret Smith Silver Micaville Grammar Grade Education ... Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; House Council 2, 3, 4, President 4; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4; Vernician Society 3, 4: Wesley Fellowship 1, 2; Chi Lambda Chi 4. Mary Jane Sisk Bessemer City Primary Education . . . Gardner- Webb Junior College I. 2; Future Teachers of America 3; B.S.U. 3, 4. cc O Ul I Iarold S. Songer Sherwood liiiilish :ind Sucial Studies . . . Debating; Pi Kappa Delta 2; Scniur Superlati f; l ' iif ' s Who Amon Stttdcuts iu American Universities and Cnllcnes 4. Samuel Cai.moun Snipes Torcst C ' it Business Educaliun ... Mars Mill Junior CuUeiit- I. 2; liusincss Club ?. 4. Maiu ' Ann Stamev P()lk illo Primary Education ... V.W ' .C.A. 1; Pip Club 1; A.C.I . I. .V, I ' uturc Teachers of America 4. MvzEi.LE Rosa Stanley I Ikin (irainmar (irade liducaiion , . . U.S. LI. 1. 2, .1. 4, Clrealcr Council 2. 4; A.C.P.I. 2, 4; Future Teachers ol " America 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 4; V. V.C.. . 2; I louse Council 1, 2, Secre- tary 2; Student Tutor 4; V. V.. . Secretary 4. Mar ' iiia Emily Stevens Ashc illc Lnylish and Social Stuilies . . . Orchestra 2, ?, 4; Aypidachiuu StaH ' 2. News Editor . , Business Manager 4; Chi Lambda Chi 4, Social .Affairs C ' ommiitee 4; W ' iio ' s Vho Amoni Students in Americttn Universities arid CoUe es 4. Patsy Rlith Stubbs Shelbv (frammar Grade Education ... Mais I Mil Junuir C ' olli ' yc 1, 2; Plavcraftcrs i, 4; A. C.E.I. 3, 4, I reasurcr 4; B.S.LI. Executive C ' ciuncil 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Future Teachers of America 4. W 11 I lAM Euc;ene Sweezv Kings Mountain Ciranimar Grade Education ... Piavcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 2. President 3; Alpha Psi Omeca 4; Chi Lamhda Chi 3; Weslcv Fellowship I, 2. 3, 4, Editor " Challcnac " 2. Co Editor 3, Council 3; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3, 4. l.ois I . SuiCLc:ooD WoocllcLil Primary ' Education ... Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1; Westminster Fellowship ! 2, 3, 4. Nancy Ann Tathm China Grove Cirammar Grade lulucation ... College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Pop Clul) 1, 2. 3. 4. li i I ' M S. Thompson Boone Grammar Grade Education Jerry Clyde Trammell Shelby Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Gardner W ebb Junior Colleoe 1. 2; Basketball 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4, President 4; Varsouvianna 4; Appalachian Staff 4. Ray Spencer Triplett Wilkesboro Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball I; Men ' s " A " Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Chaplain 1, 2, 3; Marshal in Summers of 1952. 1953; Physical Education Club I, 2, 3, 4. Vera Bernice Troutman Barium Springs Grammar Grade Education . . . Mitchell Junior College 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Lutheran Students Association 3, 4; Religious Council 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Christian Teachers Club 3, 4. Robert Mims Wakefield Deland, Fla. Science and Social Studies O. D. Wallace, Jr Carthage Physical Education and Social Studies ... Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3. Albert C. Walsh Purlear Business Education and Social Studies . . . Spanish Club 1; Business Club 2, 3, 4. Evelyn Washburn Shelby Grammar Grade Education . . . Vernician Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Y.W.C.A. 2; Future Teachers of America 2, 3; Business Club 4; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4, Editor 4; U ' ho ' s Who Atuott Stiidetits in American Universities and Colleges 4. Roy Thomas Waters Morganton Physical Education and Science . . . University of North Caro- lina 1, 2; Rhododendron Staff 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4; Christian Teachers Club 4. Elizabeth Jean Weast Mount Lllla Grammar Grade Education . . . Westminster Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; Christian Teachers Club 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Library Science Club 2; Appalachian Staff 3; President of Religious Council 4. Paul E. Welborn North Wilkesboro Social Studies and Physical Education ... Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; Varsouvianna 3, 4. THE SEniORS MaRI.ViN iMlLLHR HITENER Ralci ll Home Economics and Science . . . Home Economics Club i, 4. Ch vrles Wayne Whitesides Ciaffney, S. C Physical Education and Social Studies ... Footbll 1. S. 4, 5 Phvsic;il Education Club 2. 3. 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2. i, 4. Scrneant at . rms 4. Alice Anne W ilde Asheville Ent lish ;ind Gram mar Clrade Education ... Chi Lanibtla Chi 3. 4; ApyuJiichitin Staff 1. 2. 3. 4, News Editor 2, .Associate Editor 3. Editor 4; I.R.C. 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4; Future Teachers of America 3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Orientation Assistant 3; Wiio ' s W ' jo Antony Students in American Uttiversities and Colleges 4. Iacqueline a. Williams Physical E:Iucation and Social Studies . . . ' ini»ate Junior Cul leye I, 2; W ' .A.A. 3, 4; ' arsouyianna 4; Physical Education Club 3. 4. Eva Joan Wood Winston-Sal Cirammar C rade Education . . . High Point College I, 2; Appu- Uicbiun StatF 3. 4; X ' ernician Society 3, 4; Varsouyianna 4; Nice President Oauph Blan 4; Pep Club 3. loHN Franklin Woodruff Laurel Springs Science and Social Studie V..M.C.A. 3. 4; Science Club 4. Pfciffcr Junior College 1 , 2 RlCll. HD Lee ZuBER I lick- Mathematics and Social Studies . . . Math Club Secretary Treas- urer 2: I.R.C. 2. 3. 4, President 3; Forensic Club 3. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4, Reporter 4; Orientation Assistant 3; V.M.C.A. 2, 3. Secretary-Treasurer 3; Student Council 3. 4; Chi Lambda Chi 3; Class ' ice President 1; W io ' s Who Amon Students in -4»jeric«H ( tiirersities and Colleges 3, 4. OFFICERS Left to right: Bobby Snead President Mary Hudson Treasurer Jean McNeil Secretory Harold Lakey A ' ice-President Pae,e ThirtX ' Seveii Joanne Brannon Aldridce Boone Rachel Marie Anderson Wilkesboro Rebecca Annelle Austin Monroe Dorothy Mae Barber Charlotte Richard Thomas Barker Mooresville David Franklin Bahmiardt Oakboro David Wood Barreih Amherst, ' a. Carolyn Baucom Concord Harold Bennett North V ' ilkesbori) Anne Bigham Morganton Edward I.i e Black . . Edith Adelaide Blair Jeanette Blanton . . . . Joan Frances Blevins . Mary Miller Blevins Lenoir Jonesboro Shelby .North Wilkesboro Crumpler Nancy Ann Mocksville Jean Alice Boiter Pelzer, S. C. Cleo Elizabeth Bolick Boone Laura Jewel Borders Shelbv Elizabeth Ann Brawley Mooresville George W. Brawley, Jr Mooresville Helen Brazil Mars Hill Bobby Stanley Bridges Rulherfordtoii CIeorge Donald Bright 1 ligh Point Bill L. Brown Mooresville J u n R J u n R S Gladys Nell Brown Belmont Mary Jeanne Brown Alexander Wayne David Burris Oakboro Dorothy Louise Byers Forest City Billy Bryan Cansler Troutman Rosa Lee Cantrell Walnut Burmah Kelly Carpenter Mount Holly Martha Kate Cashion Cornelius Georgia M. Cheek Deep Gap Clara Rebecca Church Granite Falls Mary Shaw Clement Salisbury Helen Jean Coffey ' Banner Elk Sarah Cook Collins Boone Carol B. Corbett Spring Hope Lenore Greene Critcher Blowing Rock Nancy Jacqueline Dickerson .... Winston-Salem Julia E. DuBose Arden Hope L. Dyson Tavlorsville Roddy P. Eaves Charlotte Joe Allen Edminsten Boone Martelia Elizabeth Edw. rds Marshville Joan Eller Landis Paul Davis Eller Statesville Allen Ralph Ellington Belmont Elizabeth Ann Elliott Polkville AAA rj - r I Frances June Evans Statcsville Faylene Falls King Mountain Dorothy Fearrincton Pfafftown Sibyl Constance Feimster Union Grove Betta- Lou Finch Rubv, S. C. Patricia Ann Finger Maidiii Robert Lee Fleming Yadkinvillc William Charles Fletcher Elkin John Robert Foster North Wilkcsboro F.verette B. Fox, Jr Boone Norma Smith Gabriel North Wilkcsboro Lydia Faye Geouge Micaville Charles Luther Graeber China Grove Betty Lee Gragc Ncwhind Dannie Lee Gray Kannapolis George P. Grill ' aldesc Jim H. Grissom State Road Jo Anne Grose Harmony Charles L. Hales Warsaw Samuel Scott Hamrick Shelbv Joan Hahhelson Cherrv illc Ora Lee Helms Monroe Helen Jeretta Hemphill Rutherfordton Mary Lucille Hemphili Nebo Frances Josephine I Ii noiiix Havs J u n R J u n R s Carl Henry Conover A nME E. Henson Sherwood Don W. Hiatt Mount Airy Buster M. Hicks Newland Mary Elizabeth Higgins Hays Barbara Anne Hine Winston-Salem Betty Faye Hines Rutherfordton Betty Jean Hollar Yadkinville Sarah Nell Hoots Union Grove Jacob G. Hord Kings Mountain Loretta M. Howe . Mary J. Hudson . . . Betsy June Hughes Ina Ruth Hurley . Eliza Mae Jarvis . . .Burlington . Greensboro Boone . . . Jefferson ..Mars Hill John Broadus Johnson, Jr Belmont Mary Ann Johnson Greensboro Mary Ellen Johnson Hays Franklin M. Jones Reidsville Jackie Jones Winston-Salem Shirley Neal Jones Belmont Sarah Emily Keaton Anderson, S. C. Peggy Cole Keller Ashevillc Harold Dean Lakey Boonville Ioyce Lamb Ashevillc Helen Kathebine Lancley I aurinhurg Mary Ann Lantz Lincolnton Nancy Jean Latham Mucksville Phyllis Ray Lattimore Ellenboro Jack Leonard Lawing Linculnton Mary Magdalene Little Peggy Sue Little Kathryn Ann Lott I loPE LoWMAN Mariiia a. McAulev . . . James Kirk McBee Spruce Pine Malcolm Worth McDonald Carthage Betty Marie McGee Lenoir Ina Jean McNiel Purlear Annie Rae Martin Lenoir Reginald Lavon Lave Belmont Tess Ledbetter Hendersonville Clarence Henry Lee, Jr RcidsviUc Donald R. Lineberger Gastonia Betty Rose Little Denver Stanf ield Monroe .North V ' ilkesboro I lickory Statcsvillc Ben Mast Sugar Grove Marjorie Ann Mast Sherwood Ruby Faye Mast Rominger Janet Matthews Boonville Doris Lorena Medlin Monroe J u n R J u n R s Thelma Elaine Medlin Monroe Delmas Vermel Mendenhall Lewisville Carol M. Milks Wadesboro Dent Miller Statesville Myhtle Iris Miller Mount Airy Rebecca Moxley . . . David Colon Nifong Betty Ann N oland . CoiLA Ann Ollis . . . . Magnolia Oxendine . James R. Pace Saluda William E. Page Belmont Janice Rebecca Parker Havesville Nelda Yvonne Perry Morganton Polly Anna Plummer Cleveland Kathryn Anne Millsaps Hiddenite Louise Jeanette Mitchell Zionsville Esther Moore Lenoir Metta Elizabeth Moore Hoffman John W. Moretz Boone . . Laurel Springs Morganton .... Waynesville Morganton Pembroke Lee C. Poe Elk Park Alene Queen Shelbv GwYNN William Ramsey Dre.xel iMarie Reavis Yadkinville Jerry Glenn Reid Granite Falls George Lou Reins North Wilkesboro Doris Kay Rhyne Spruce Pine Margie Jean Rhyne Gastonia Billie Sue Richardson Bessemer City DuANE Robinson Charlotte Margaret Jane Robinson I lickurv Phyllis Roseman China Cirove Ellen Grace Routh Robbins Betty Joy Shellem Denver Fred L. Shoaf Cooleemee Eleanor Faye Shull . . . NiRA O. Sledge Ina Smith James William Smith . loANNE Cornelia Smith .... Drcxcl . Burhngton . . .Lowgap ' " ri . Forest Citv Edith Louise Sm «)t I lavs Jacqueline Snyder W ' inston-Salem MiNYONNE Sojourner Drexel Lottie Lawrence Stout Vilas Betty Joanne Suddreth Lenoir 1 ' atpicia Irene Sumrovv Charlotte Alice Elizabeth Swann Icard Belva Lee Taylor Mt. Pleasant, S. C. Coy E. Temple Lexington I Iilda Thompson Mooresville J u n R J u n R Bruce J. Trammell Shelby Ned R. Trivette Reese Carolyn Frances Turner Greensboro Janice H. Upchurch Knightdale Sue Vance Boone Susie Jeanette Vannoy Millers Creek Marie Vaught Winston-Salem Rosetta Mae Walsh Purlear Alice Elizabeth Walker Morganton Anne Carroll Walker Morganton Nancy Lou Walker . . Hazel Virginia Wall . William R. Warlick . Betty Ann Warren . . Nancy Amelia Waters . . Hillsboro . . . Spindale . Lincolnton . . . Roxboro . Forest City Martha Ann Watkins Cliffside Lora Jacqueline Weathers Lattimore Harry Lee Welch ' inston-Salem Doris Jean Wells Hamptonville Robert B. V ' estbrook Rock Hill, S. C. Ben Knox White Salisbury Mary Jane White Concord Audrey Leigh Whittington Purlear Betty- Sue Williams Matthews Mildred Genela ' illiams Hudson J u n 1 R Gaynelle B. Wilson Maude Wilson Sandra Lee Wilson Buone Reese Ashevillo Ann Oleta Wiiiciir Frances Elizabuiii on NO . . . Greenville .... Grassy Creek Harold Donald Wood High Point Grkta Jane Wooten Joncsvillc s OFFICERS Left to right: Johnny Matthews President Elizabeth Eargle Vice-President Pete Lovett Treasurer Ernestine Ross Secretarr Page Forty-seven Er iill SOPHOmORES Kathleen Abee Vale Wayne 1 1. Abernethy I lildcbran Nancy Anne Alexander 1 larrisbiirj; Ben , li.en SIk ' 1I) Suzanne rrc) vc)c)D Kings Moimi.iiii I Aitin Auien Ikliiidiu Peccv ]o Badgett Dohsoii I iic ' Y Beitv Barker Roaiini; Ri or l)Oiiiiiii liiAN Baiiu Kini; W ' li I I AM 1 lAHDiNf. Benson . MocksNilli. ' Ilianha Beroth Winston Salcni Nina Lee Boswell Cii.ilumi Nancy Louise Bovven Pinnacle Betty June Boyd Kings iMouniain Margaret Edith Bracv Ahoskie Ferne Brandon Lexington I ' uu, 1. Brooksiiire rmone Betty Jane Brown Wvd Springs Alfred Bumdarner Shelby Peggy Rose Bumgarner Millers Creek I ranges Virc;inia Bin cii Bat Ca e Lnuly Jo Burges l ocky Mount Nancy Catherine Caldwell Charlotte I 1 ATTiE Faye Calton Bostic Melvin Carpenter Three Mile Jean Carter ClaH ' ney, S. C. Elizabeth Ann Chambers Winston-Salem (ioi DA Chapman llildehran Ila Louise CiiiniCH Millers Creek Mary Lucille Church lenoii r.H.i.Y Clark Millers Creek JOHN I I. Clontz I enoir Pfltje rorly-ei ht SOPHOmORES Jeanna Mae Coffey Hudson Edward Randolph Collins Rockingham Peggy Conrad Winston-Salem Margaret Ann Cozart Mocksville James Marshall Craig Charlotte Martha Janeiie Crump ... Lenoir Robert Eugene Culbreth . . Ellenboro R. E. CUMMINGS . . Winston-Salem WiLLARD DanCY Wilkesboro Barbara Ann Davis Winston-Salem Eugenia Ruth Davis Biltmore Joe Lloyd Davis, Jr. 1 laits ille, S. C. Don Allen Deaton Morganton Marjorie Dellinger Crossnore Doris Jean Dixon Ramseur Marlene Docker y Wilkesboro Sara Lind Dowling Boone Dorothy Mae Eades Catawba Elizareth Ann Eargle Salisburv Beulah G. Edwards Sparta Doris D. Edwards Cliffside Jeannette Louise Edwards . Winston-Salem Norma Jean Edwards Sparta Chris Elliott Murphy Eddie E. Epley Morganton WiLMA Caroline Everhart Winston-Salem Elizabeth Jane Ewing Belmont Bill Max Ferree Badin Annie Virginia Flippin Francisco Mary Elizabeth Foster Ronda Thomas Glenn Foster Mocksville Zetta Lou Freeman Elkin Page Forty-nine o ( r SOPHOmORES I ' miucia Ann Gabriel , Nmih W ' ilkcsbdro I Il.nky B. Gaither lloonc Marguerite Chase Gambi e AsIicx illc W ' u-LiE Carolyn C entrv 1 Ikin Aiiin liiNL Gibson RoBERl 1 IIOMAS C.OIORIII Maiu;ai et |ane CJoodman CiEivMi) Glenn Greene ( ■ihscm Kinvs Miuint.iin llnidii Ijooik ' Kenneth R. CiREENE Cdiuiutl Bobbie Greer X ' ilas Tee. l n Presley 1 1 aithcock Rcibliins LvDL 1 Iall Yadkinx illi- Edith Mae I Iampton S]xirtn Charles William Hancock . Slulln Ioseph Eucene Hardister llailiii 1:mi)c;l, i- I I aiimon SIiciwckkI Iliamia 1 I 1!I ' ,i I 1 Bakcrsxillc k NE Harrison Dt ' iUun BET • Maxine Hart. l n Walnut Co c Sarah Pauline I Iayes Kiiiijs Mduntain Marc;aret Mac-.lorl Hedrick Demon l.oLiisE Hefner Statcs ille l:)A Sue Hendrl Mocksxillc C ARL I Iennessee Moiganton Melba Dare I Iinshaw Graham Frances Louise 1 Iinson Landis BoBBV Jean Holland Statesvillc Peggy nn 1 lorr and Marsliall Reynolds I Ion hmeld Spruce Pine Bessie . Hen i iNcswouni Boone 1 iH,i I Iolshouser kaitli 1 Ri;iDA -Ann I Ioover Boone Page Fifty SOPHOmORES Henry Hayes Hoover Boone Janet Sue Houck West Jefferson Alverta Eunice Houston Harrisburg Nancy Lucile Houston Troutman Carol Howell Todd Edward Leon Howell Todd GwEN Huntley Lenoir Julian Liles Huntley Starr Anna Yvonne Hyatt Lexington L D. Ingram Bakersville Catherine Jackson Dobson Joan Jarett Marion Peggy Lorene Jabvis Wilkesboro Mary Evelyn Jennings Banner Elk Eleanor Dare Johnson Burlington Jo Anne Johnson Walnut Cove Patricia Ann Jones Granite Quarry Edith Sue Jordon Mooresville Bobby Lindley Kanoy Thomasville Fulton Swann King Kannapolis Mary Kathleen King Littlestown, Pa. Earl Meacham Kipka Mooresville JiMMiE Ray Kiser Shelby Barbara Ann Lackey Hiddenite Billy Charles Landreth Sparta Virginia Elizabeth Lasley ' Walnut Cove William Max Lawson Mount Airy Howard Patton Ledbetter Marion William F. Lee Polkville Ruby Jean Lewis Creston George Belk Linker Charlotte Peggy Lee Long Matthews S M M.2 i ( ! Page Fifty-one Pm2» SOPHOmORES John Maurice LovETTE Millers CroL-k IxKiiARD Laurence Lowder Star Mary Marshai.ene McCants Concord Bei rv CIrav MtC ' ASKiEr Ik ' tluine, S. C. Ilussi 1 1, 1 uoMAS McUdnald 1 orcst liiiiii Elizabeth McFadyen Fayetteville Doris Anne McXeu i West KHVrsoii jo L. Madhon X ' ihis Larry Dean Mann Siirucc Piiu ' 1)ETTv Virginia Mars ion Old 1 mi 1 rances NLvriin Stat(.s illc Jo Ann Mathis Ronda louNNY C Matthews Galax, Va. I ' Et.cY Jane Mitchell North W ' ilkcshoro Olive Moretz B u ' Joanne Lanuis Morris ALirioji Hay Dale Morris Lenoir Frances Anna Morrison Iones illc Clyde Elliott Morrow Moorcs illc BoiiBY Lee Myers 1 lays Sarah Lucille Nannev SpiiuLiU ' Betiv M. iS ' iciiOLS Monroe W ' li LiAM Jerry Nichols Catawba I KANKiE Eloise Norman East Bend 1 Iarold Edward Norris Mabel Martha Jane Odom 1 lickory Iames Bruce Ollis Inijalls l Ls ( )rozco C ' ilonihia, S. A. 1 uANKi IN Delano Owens Francisco Sharon 1). Ouings K, nnap ilis Charles Eugene Painter Kings Mountain Carolyn |eaneite Parker Shalloite Page Fiftxtu ' o SOPHOmORES Peggy Jo Ann Parker Taylorsville Norma Laura Patton Bumsville Lois Faye Payne Elkin Nelda Elaine Peterson Burns ille Bobby Elliott Phillips Whlteville Bobby Lee Poteat North W ' ilkesboro Betty |ean Presnell Burnsville Betty Slie Presson Kannapolis Barbara Ann Proctor Boger City Mary Gay Redding Ronda Jeanette Dean Reid Mooresville Iacqueline Richardson Lilesville Betty Jean Roberson Jonesville Julia Ann Ross Charlotte Peggy Ernestine Ross Spruce Pine Edward Barry Ruth High Point Pauline Sapp Lansing Sarah Lou Schuyler Lowgap Frances Ann Selvey Forest City Dorothy Grey Sharpe Burlington Mary June Sheets Laurel Springs Emma Jean Shields Murphy Bob Sigmon Catawba William Coleman Sigmon Lumberport, W. ' a. Elizabeth Lucille Sisk Bessemer City Helen Frances Sisk Bessemer City Nancy Lee Snider Eagle Springs Billy Ray Sofley Mocks illc Shirley Mae Spangler RutherFordton Dwight Coleman Speece Statesville Jo Nell Starnes Monroe Patsy Allen Starnes Chesnee, S. C. 1 ' ;V O Pnge Fifty-three SOPHOmORES Paui Richard Stewari Spruce Pine IxK HARD Edward Swain Walkcrtown iNONA Elizabeth Swaim Lexington J ANKii Hay Swift Reese Ihma Iris Ianner Elk l uk I ' lOi AND Ellis Tate Grover Dillard Clayton Taylor Mciuiit Aii Jean Templeton Bdoiu ' ClwEN Moore Thompson I eimir CiEo ToTTEN . Yaneeyvillc Dorothy Rebecca Travis Cranite Falls Espy T. Trolitman States ille Teddy Dean Vaden . Franeisco jo nne R. Vannoy West Jcfl ' erson Doris Eugenia Wall Spiiulalc Mary She Walsh Sherwood Marietta Estelle Ward Mount I lolly Betty Joan Water s Lineolnton Shirley CtAy Waters . lillcnhoni Avery Thomas Watkins Winston Salem Ro cE Ieroline Watts Kanna]iolis Lois Ann Weast Mount Lllla Nancy Jane Weathers l.attimore Mae Weaver Grassy Creek Camilla Welborn . .Mountain Park Margaret Carol Westbrook . Albemarle Walter Eugene Wiielchel GafTney, S. C. Betia- Carol Wilson 1 kiiuers ' ille Carole Doi.orls Wilson Kanna|)olis John L. Wood Mount Airy James Monroe Yelton, Jr. B.ikers ille Puirn Yli ion Bostie Pa e Fifty-four OFFICERS Left to right: Buddy Miller Clara Stott . Ed Lakey Grady Lewis , Treasurer Secretary Vice-President President f .:: O mi K " - m F R E S H m E n Ua id W ' avnc Abfrnathy Catawba Richard Paul Absher McGrady Doris Glvnn Adams I.aurinburg Eve Sue Adams Mountain C ' itv. Tcnn. Myra Jean Adkins Monrosvillc Cirovcr D. Alexander Cberrv illc Margaret Lucinda Alexander Gastonia Betty Louise Allison Caroleen Nancv Jane Allison I luntersville Aliee W ' illixlenc Allred Mcmni Airy I ' eogv Joyce Almond C oncord Hilda Anzola Colombia, S. A. Emilv A. Atwoixl Winston-Salem Johnnie Robert Austin I ludsoii Jackie McKav Avant . . . .XA ' aherboro, S. C. Ida Edna Bailev Rakersvillc Preston Gwvn Baker. Jr Drexel Wanda V ' adine Bandv Newton Marv Roberta Barefoot Dunn Robert Franklin Barker . . Big Stone Gap, Va. Carolvn Barnettc Union Grove Joyce Alene Barnette Ellenboro Irvin Sherwood Batchelor Greensboro Bettv Lynn Bavnard Forest City Ruth Jacquoline Beck Pilot Mountain Jiinniv Shelton Bellamy Shallntte Margaret Bellamv Greensboro Kitty Joan Bennett Glen Alpine Laura Patricia Billings I lays Meredith Joyce Biser Kings Mountain |nlin Ibcimas Bingham Sugar (Jrove Karen Bishop Millers Creek Sherley Blackburn Mountain Park Frances N. Blanton Spindalc Alice Y. Bodenhcimer Boone limmv T. Bowman Winston-Salem Earl A. Bright Marion Frank Joseph Brown Blowing Rock Jack 1). Brown Bobbins Jov lemple Brown Boone Libbv Lee Brown Mount Airy John D. Broyhill Blowing Rock Betlv Louise Buic Denton Bettie Ann Burch Graham Emogene Calilian Bakersville FR ESH m En Mary Kay Callahan Laurinburg Frances Elizabeth Capel Salisbury Jo Anne Carlton Kannapolis Margaret Ann Carpenter Marion Rosemary Carpenter Faith Otis Ward Carroll Raleigh Carol Joyce Carter Gastonia Joseph B. Carter Shallotte Julius George Carter Raleigh T. D. Carter Roaring River Carlton Eugene Gates Burlington John L. Ca e Boonville William Richard Caviness Ramseur Ruth Irene Cherry Gastonia Martha Long Christopher Newton Sarah Marie Clayton Albemarle Jim Curtis Cline Boone James Albert Collins Francisco Martha Louise Colvard Boone Sarah Ellen Conrad Lexington Joe Reid Cook Lenoir Joe William Cook Kannapolis Betty Jane Cooke Hiddenitc Joanne Cooke Shulls Mills Barbara Alice Cooper Marion Jackie Lou Correll V ' inston-Salem Charles R. Crabtree Charlotte Nancy Jane Craven Asheboro Alayne Graver Yadkinville Sa ra Crawford Statesville Charles C. Crisp Grossnore Carolyn Eugenia Crowe Newton Thomas D ' Armi, Jr Federalsburg, Md. Millie Carolyn Davis Mooresboro Myron Whitener Deal Hickory Jack David Dellinger Bakersville Billy Jackson Denton Morganton Mary Louise Dobbins Charlotte Margaret Sparks Dobson Nebo Edward Therman Doler .... Pepperell, Ala. Frances Camilla Douglas Statesville Wilmer Dove Lake View, S. C. Carl Draughon Boonville Mary Frances Duckworth Morganton Mary Lizzie Dunn Laurinburg A At F R ES H m E n Cilulys Hill Eastridge .Mountain Citv, Tenn. John Paul Edniistcn Boone Eloise Elizabeth Edniondson Grayson Hctsy Jo Edwards West Jefferson Robert Edwards VV ' hitehcail I li .ibetli Honb.nn Eggers Boone Aubrey Elam Nile, Mieh. Joann Rebecca Eller Purlcar Joe ' ance Eller Cramcrlon Iboinas Franklin Eller I ' urlear Honald Charles Elliott Marion (iuy Eugene Ervin C ' atawba William J. Feimster Union Grove Betty Ellen Fletcher State Road C ' hristinc Foster Millers Creek Francis Donald Foster Dunbar, Va. Jo Ann Foster Gastonia Mary Lou Fox BiirnsMlle Barbara Ann Francis Slieibv James Ray Freeman Jones illc Jerry Max Fryc Concord William Alfred Caddis Gastonia William Anderson Gardner Shelby Nancv Elizabeth Garrison Charlotte Joseph Lemuel Garwood ..iXorth Wilkesboro Maxwell George Francisco W inlbnip llenr ' Gcrmainc . . . . Mooresville Mericl Ailene C ibbs Old Fort Rex Lee Gilley Pilot Mountain Bonnie Inez Godfrey Marion Elizabeth Jane tiolorth ....Kings Mount.iin William Clarence Goings Mount Airy June Croaff Go(xl Mount Airy H(]bbv Dean Gore Vilas 1 )oris .Ann Ciore Tabor City I ouise Caroline Ciraham 1 uckerdalc Audrey Ruth Grass Kannapolis Barbara Ann Greene Spencer ISobbv Hamp Greene Deep Gap I bomas Taylor Cireene Blowing Rock Sherrill Eugene Greer Newland William Arthur Groce, Jr Wilkesboro Peggy Lee Gross Boone George Harold Gunter Gastonia Carrie Mae Gwyn Mount Airy F R ES H m E n Cassie Louise Gwyn Mount Airy Bettv Jean Haley Kannapolis Elizabeth Anne Hallyburton Drexel Ella Ruth Hampton Piney Creek Kenneth Miller Hansel McAdenville Helen Edna Hardin Boone Jacqueline L. Hardy ..Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Benny Leonard Harris Granite Falls Carolyn Elliott Harris Mooresboro Hazel Marie Harris Mill Springs Tommie Elwood Harris Thomasville William Eugene Harris Ro.xboro Carolyn Gray Hart Clemmons Jakie Curtis Hart Hickory Flora Cecilia Hartsell Concord Joe Calvin Hathcock Stanfield Bobby Miller Hauser Yadkinvillc Dewey Dale Hawkins Ferguson Billy Gray Hawks Mount Airy Theodore Calvin Hayes . . North Wilkesbcro Carolyn Anne Haynes Lewisville James Robert Heavner Vale Mary Alice Heavner Lincolnton Faye O. Hege Le.xington Mary Roberta Hensley Burnsville Garry Roland Herman Rhodhiss Philip Gorden Hester Roxboro Jerry Randolph Hill Shelby Patsy Jane Hill Avondale Gretchen Ann Hinc Lumber Bridge Jimmy Edward Hinson Concord Theda Clarine Holder Blowing Rock Max Grey Holland Gastonia Cora Anne Hollingsworth High Point Peggy Joyce Honeycutt Kannapolis William Eugene Honeycutt Concord Margaret M. Hopkins Beaufort Patricia Lee Hoover Charlotte Julia Ellen Hough Lilesville Wanda Lee Houser Vale Barbara Jean Hughes Concord Norma Jean Hull Morganton Margaret Huneycutt Monroe Betty Lee Hunt Polkville Dorothy Jean Hunter Bessemer Citv a ff r w j F R E SH m En luitli 1 Ivder Hutlicrlurdtun M.irv Elizabeth Hvler Yanceyville Janii ' s McDowell Idol IX ' i ' p Cap Bettv Lou Ijamcs Mocksvillc Letty Sue Ijanies Mocksvillc Cov Ucaii Isaacs ' ilas Jack Brinkley Isaacs Elk Park Rov Cone Isaacs Vilas Iris M. Jackson Winston-Salem IJobbv Carl James Castonia Glenda Faye James Graham Bohbv Greene Johnson Mount Airy lini lohnson Boone Billve Norma Jones Scottville Carol Elizabeth Jones Enka Joseph Victor Jones Thoniasville Marv Sue Jones Lansing Pauline Jones Lansing Curlce Joyce Sandy Ridge Joyce Maxine Joyner Kernersville Joyce Keller Aslic illc Carol Sue Kennedy Piney Creek Gypsy Lee Kennerly Kannapolis Jennie Irene Kerr Kannapolis Ira Raymond Kincaid, Jr Bessemer City Margaret Kincaid Morganton Joe Claude Kirhy Rhodhiss Bettv Kivett Ashcboro Fllen Kate Ktxmcc Raeford Mozelle Kuykendall Hendcrsonville Kicliar l Boyd Lackey, Jr Bessemer City Garcia Long Lail Newton Edward Ray Lakey Boonville David Elwood Landis Lexington Burl McKinlcy I anktnrd . . Xortli Wilkesboro Wallace James Lankford Tryon Mary J. Lanning Boone Polly Ann Lasley Belew Creek Dick Redmond Lavender Btxme 1 larold Dean Lawing NLirion Earl James Leathcrwond Belmont Grady Lewis Troutman Shirley Lingerfelt Boone Nan Lathan Linker Mount Molly Pattv Ann Lon " Yadkinville F R ES H m En Manuel Lorenzo Boone William Howard Love Vilas Sue Carolyn Lutz Newton Nancy Lyerly Rockwell John Angus McAulay Rockingham Colie Lee iMcCarty Charlotte Hilda Essie McCoUum Mount Gilead Douglas Lee McCraw Marion Gene Odell McGarr Statesville Kenneth C. McGee Statesville Patricia Ellen McGuire Boone Nancy Lee McKinney Sanford Neil VV. McKinnev Spruce Pine Dorothy Gail McLain Statesville Rex McNiel Purlear George Washington Marion, Jr Dobson Bobbie Jean Marshall Charlotte Doris Elizabeth Martin Troutman Willis Carlton Martin Francisco Sylvia Gray Massey WinstimSalem Doris Greene Mathis Ronda Margaret Mathis Ronda Joanne Harris Matthews Lenoir Patrick Worth Matthews . . . .Winston-Salem Jo Anne Merrill Statesville Leon Arrowood Miller Shelby Nancy Lee Mills Concord Richard Bryan Minish Elkin Sybil Louise Minish Marion Betty Jane Mitchell Sparta C harles Calvin Moore Hoffman Mary Jane Moore Stanley Ruxie Elinor Moorhead Shelby Robert Gordon Morris Marion Bill M. Morrison Charlotte Maud Marie Morrison Morganton Robert Melvin Morrison Statesville Valorie Florence Mosher Charlotte Ann H. Murray Broadway Frances Othelia Nichols Wilkesboro Francine Nolen Crouse Betty Sue Norris Boone Norman Sidney Norton Stony Point Rav Edward Osborne Boone Barbara Ann Pendleton Charlotte E£i:r lifekiAllM FRES H m ED Don Milton Pendleton Vale C ' liarlie Fisher Peninger Castonia Joseph Charles Perkins Hakersville Evelvn Guldie Peters Mount Airv Patti Sue Petrea Kannapolis Patsanna Phillips Ingalls Betty Frances Poindexter Cana Clarence R. Poindexter . . . . VV ' inston-Salem Edwina Fern Pope Stonv Point Ruby Jean Putts Advance Johnnie Da id Raj sdale, Jr. . V ' inston Salem Norval J. Ramev, Jr Warrenton, Va. Carolvn Sue Ramsey Gaf fney, S. C. Erma Lee Ramsey Bee Log James Earl Rector Conover John Emorv Reece Boonvillc Joan Rhyne Lincolnton Marv Frances Rich Charlotte Billie Ann Roberts Shelbv Ethel Robinson Hickory Janet Gaynor Rogers Hendersonville Juel Lee Rogers Greensboro Catherine Claudette SanFord . . . .Laurinburg Wayne Henry Seckler China Grove Raniona Ruth Seibert Cannelton, Ind. Shirley Mona Sharpe Kannapolis Barbara Ellen Shaw Liberty Mary Ethel Shearin Red Oak Jo Ann Shoup Charlotte Tyre Abraham Sidden . . . North VV ' ilkesboro Larry Simmons Lake View. S. C. Billy Hayes Simpson Boonviiie C arol Lee Sloan Winston-Salem I lal Tee Smith Drexel Paul jar is Smith Granite Falls Vivian Christine Smith Monroe Wanda Smith Moravian Falls Billy Dean Smithcrnian Yadkinville Betty Jane Sneed Mount Gilead Carroll Cliiton Snuggs Concord Ralph Lewis Snyder Millers Creek Edith CJeraldine Staley Lenoir N ' ancv Marie Stilwell Thomasville Clara Lou Stott Bailey Charles Eugene Summers .North Wilkesboro FRESH m ED Joseph Gayden Swann, Jr Old Fort Bobby James Tate Gastonia Betty Jean Taylor Beech Creek Catherine Agnes Taylor Hamlet Charles Gordon Taylor Boone Frances D. Taylor Charlotte Gerald C. Taylor Forest City James Howell Taylor Todd Ruby Lee Taylor Union Mills Clara Mae Teague Boone Nancy Lou Teague Winston-Salem Peggy Joyce Teague Boone Fayni tia Teaster Minneapolis J. C. Tester Boone Joe E. Thomas Kannapolis Obie Scott Thomas, Jr Salisbury Irma June Thompson Wadeyille Vernon Da id Thompson .... Mount Gilead Joyce Ann Thornton Gastonia Linda Z. Townsend Yalle Crucis Ernie Creston Triplett Banner Elk Bobbie Joy Trivette Beech Creek Mattie Gaye Wagoner Stale Road Uoris Faye Walsh Ferguson Margaret Ann Warlick Lawndale William J. Waters Lincolnton John Malcolm Watlington Yanceyville Lena Faye Watts Morganton Feme Rebecca Wavcaster Asheville Grace Elizabeth Weeks Clinton Joann Elizabeth Wellborn Stcmy Fork Elizabeth White Cornelius Rachel Joanne White Hiddenitc Ancil Dean Williams Boone Betsy Ray Williams Charlotte Wade Franklin Wilmoth Dobson Betty Jo Wilson Trade, Tenn. Richard Truett Wilson Marion Joseph Charles Winkler Boone Harold Witherspoon Hickory Mary Jocelyn Wittner Asheboro Tony Dalton Woods Lenoir Nancy Gale Wooten Charlotte Thomas Yancey Wooten East Bend Doris Anne Yarbrough Gastonia Jerry T. Young Marion James B. Yount Vale lames Danny Yount Granite Falls Johnny A. Yount Columbia, Tenn. BOOK TWO r A wmi (Admtu STUDEriT GOVERnmEni C C. Davis, Jr. Don Linebercer Chancel Brown ' icL -Pycsidci!l Secretary Trciisurcr Page Sixty-ei ht REPRESEniflTIVES A. C. Larrimore Rill Rich.- rd Zuber Bill Brown Joan Eller Senior Representative Senior Representative Senior Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative Martha Watkins Jane Harrison Russell McDonald Grady Lewis Clara Stott Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Sophomore Revresentative Freshman Representative Freshman Representative Pasfi Sixty-nine EDITORIAI SIAFF Alice Svvann Managing Editor Esther Mooue Feature Editor IMaRY 1 luDSON . Activity Editor Chancel Brown . Sports Editor Nancy I iiiam Sports Editor Ben Masi Art Editor Pat Finger Art Editor |ean McNiel Picture Editor RoDDEY Eaves lacitlty Editor Margaret Silver . Snapshot Editor C ' .eorge ( " .rill Trpist Ed 1 ()uth ... Assistant Sports Editor livELYN Washburn Editor THE 1954 kododoidMtt Ina Smiih Associate Editor )()N LiNEBERc;i;n Assistant Business Ma)!ager BUSINESS STAFF IklSILR FIlCKS . . Bobby Snead . . Ned Trivette Roy Waters Betty Noland Ann Lantz Minyonne Sojourner Mary 1 Iiggins Jane Harrison Mary Little CiLADYs Moore Advertising Manager Advertising Staff Advertising Staff . . . Advertising Staff Circulation Manager Circulation Staff .... Circidation Staff . . Circidation Staff Circulation Staff Typist Typist lloHiHi Downs Jjis Kfss Manager BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Bobby Snead, Ann Lantz, Mary Higgins. Standing: Jane Harri- son, Ned Trive tte, Mary Little, Betty Noland, Gladys Moore, Roddey Eaves, Minyonne Sojourner, Buster Hicks. STAFF EDITORS Left to right: Roddev Eaves, Chan- cel Brown, Margaret Silver, Ben Mast, Nancy Latham, Esther Moore, Pat Finger, Jean McNiel, Mary Hudson, Alice Swann. CLASS EDITORS Seated: Catherine Tavlor, Doris Adams, Nira Sledge, Gladys Brown; Standing: Martha Cashion, Betty Dixon, Nancy Haynes, Camilla Wel- born, Jean Shields, Rov Waters, George Grill, Ann Moses. EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Betty McGee. Standing: Jean Bullock, Sharon Owens, Chris Elliott, Rachel Anderson, Phyllis Rose- man, Estelle Ward, Nancy Snyder, Grace Routh, Frieda Williamson, Jane Bullock. EDITORIAL SlAl 1- 1 ioPE Dyson Assoc nlf Lditur Jane ILvrrison News Editor Russell McDonald Assistniit Sports Editor Alice U ' Editor T H E laiSIXESS STAl-r James SiMrm Assistant Business ](iiui:j,cr Bonnie LaIone Business Assistant Ann Moses Business Assistant Carolyn Baucom Business Assistant Lib Mmi er Circulation ]aua ' j,er Ann Lantz Circulation Assistant Betty Noland Circtdation Assistant MaIUIIA SlEVENS Business M(niaiier G. C. Davis, Chancel IJrovvn Sports Editors EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: ' ilnia Excrhart, Rachel Franklin, Mary Frances Kilpatrick, Alice Wilde, Frieda Williamson. Standing, First row. JoAnn Johnson, Margaret Bellamv, Mary Little, Jo Ann Hardin, Hope Dyson, Mary Mc- Cants, Betty Brown, Kathryn Millsaps. Standing, Second row: Eunice Hous- ton, Bettv Snead, Jane Harrison, Wanda Houser, Helen Hardin, Chris- tine Elliott, Elizabeth Elliott. Ellen Koonce, Margaret Hedrick, James Moffett, Belva Taylor. SPORTS STAFF Left to right: Roy Waters, Barbara Lowder, Chancel Brown, Russell Mc- Donald, G. C. Davis. CIRCULATION STAFF First roil ' : Ann Lantz, Frances Mar- tin, Pat Finger, Elizabeth Miller, Joan Wood, Betty Noland, Minvonne So- journer. Second roiv; George Grill, Barbara Proctor, Sue Presson, Iris Jack- son. BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Ann Moses, Carolyn Baucom, Martha Stevens. James Smith, Bonnie LaFone. i i rr UUESLEY FELLOUUSHIP First row: Kenneth McGee, Scott Thomas, Abbv June Gibson, Pat Matthews, Eugenia Davis. Nancv Latham, Janet Rocjers, Ben U ' hite. Second roir: Rev. Joseph Shackfurd, Marv EH abetb Hvder. Bettv Sncad. Jovcc Thornton, Bettv Halev, Doris Ann Gore, limmv Bollamv, .Margaret Bellamv, Deon Standland. Mil- ton Barden. 7 jir rciir: Marvin Culbrelh, Dot Bvers, Joan Har- relson, Mike I larrelson, Edith Blair, riimnir GiKltrev, Betsv Edwards, EHzabeth Elhott, Jane GoCorth, Bobbv Snead. Fourth ro c: John Howard. Phihp Hester. Diekie La ender, Fran Nolen, Mo eile Kuvkcndall, hirv Kay Callahan, X ' alorie Mosher. Pat- sanna Phillips, Bob Barker, Susie Dobbins, Don Lineberger. OFFICERS BoBiiv Snead Preihlcnl Don Linebercer ....First V ' ice-Pres. jo.XN Harrelson ..Secoiiri ' ice-Pres. Dot Bvers Secret«rv Bob Fle.ming Treasurer OFFICERS Irnestine Calloway ... .President Martha Cashion ... . ' ice-President Betsy Rea Secretary Bobby Phillips Treazurer Mrs. a. R. Smith Adviser E. Ford King, Jr Adi ' iser y o ' ' UJESTmmSTER FELLOUUSHIP White. Nancv Allison, Jennie Kerr, Doris Yarbroush. Marv F- Martin, Kathcrinc Mtllsaps, Evclvn Washhiirn. Frncstinc Cnliowav, Carnlvn Crowe, C;eori;c C;riII. Robbv Phillips, lljrhiir.i Piltillo. Mcttii Mr.i.ri-. Sue Presson, Magnolia O.xendinc. S.-.ndra Wilson. Hetkv M( . lfv. fourth roir: Louise Bouen, .Maryie Iliinevciitt, Jane Harrison. . Ijriorie l)ellini;er, Sara Craw- ford. Jim Craiu. Jean Hunter. Jean Coble, Hob Sii;mon. Peccv Lonj;, Walter (iiles, Hdward Lee, Mrs. A. R. Smith, L. lord Kiny, Jr., Melicent I luncMiiII. OFHCERS Peggy Keller President Joyce Keller Vice-President Ethel Robinson Secretary Charles Taylor Treasurer Miss Madge Rhyne Sponsor LUTHERfln STUDEriT flSSOCIflTIOn First row: Louise Mitchell, Peggy Keller, Charles Taylor, Buck Hall, Joyce Keller. Seco}id row. Bernice Troutman, Charles Lyons, Ethel Robinson, Juel Rogers, Margaret Goodman. Third row: Ernest Lyons, Jerry Troutman, Harris Greene, Mr. U ' alton Cole, Mary Alva White, Miss Madge Rhyne. B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUDCIL Seated: Jean Bullock, Ina Smith, Jo Anne Johnson, Loretta Howe, Jo Anne Smith, Nelda Peterson, Jane Bullock. Second row: Louise Church, Dot Barber, Ora Lee Helms, Isabel Eggers, Camilla VVelborn, Betrv Mc- Gee, Phyllis Lattimore, Patsy Stubbs, Dot Travis, Mary Little. Tliird row: Martin Nichols, John Laslev, Coy Temple, Richard Barker, Ben Connell, Bill Sofley, John Davis. Not Pictured: Bill Benson, Joe Davis, Louise Graham, Wade Wilmoth, Frances Sisk. OFFICERS Betty McGee President Dot Barber Vice-President Ben Connell ' ice-President Patsy Stubbs Vice-President Camilla Welborn Secretary Mary Little Secretary John Davis Sponsor OFFICERS I av Shrum President Alice Wilde Vice-President Daphne Campbell Secretary Phccy Keller . . . .Assistant Secretari Mr. Worth Jones Sponsor CHI LRmBDR CHI First row. Daphne Baldwin, Doris iMcdlin, Po(;i;v Lauijhlin. Jean Wcast, Ina Smith, Jean Hopkins. Second row: Loretta Howe, Harold Bennett, Joanne Aldridye. Buster Hicks, Bettv McGee, Ernestine Cal- lowav. Gwen Thompson. Third row: Peooy Keller. Russell .McDonald, .Marie ' aus;ht, Don Lineberoer, Alice Wilde, Richard Barker, Evelvn Washburn. James Craiy, Rebecca Austin, Swann Kiny, Mr. Worth Jones, Martha Stevens, Eleanor Helms. Not Pictured: Gerald Adams, Daphne Campbell, Gavnellc Chandler, Bunk Carpenter, Ben C ' onnell. John Coulter, Robert Downs, Jane Eure. Carol Cioodrum, Pattv Hanklev, Martha Herring, Rebecca H(H)ver, Sue Hunter, Bob Hultman, Frances Jeffreys. A. C. Larrimore. Barbara Lowder, Jim Marks, James Moffett, Rav Shruni, .Maroaret Silver. Bobby Snead. Barry Rutli, Alice Swann, Rachel Tea- oue, Gene Wilson. Patsy McGuire, Johnny Matthews, Grady Lewis. HOUSE mniRons rhd presiderts HOUSE PRESIDENTS |i i Mauks Justice llcdl P.XTSY Stubbs Daiip i-B a» Peggy Lauohlin LoviU Hall Doris Medlin East }laU Ora Lee Helms W ii(e Hall RESIDENT MANAGER Morris Branch Newland Hall HOUSE M.XIP.ONS Mrs. Ethel Baskin . . . .Daui ' ltBhni .Mrs. J. B. Majette LoviU Hall Mrs. Jessie R. Stephens ..Assistant Mrs. Lillie B. Hardin . . . .East Hall Mrs. J. W. Massey ....White Hall flSSOCIRTIOn FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCflTIOR Seated: Nelda Peterson, Patsy Stubbs, Man- Blevins, Mrs. Joe Crawford, Daphne Baldwin, Dorothv Barber, Edith Hamp- ton, Frances Jeffreys. Secottd roir; Doris Yarbrough, Joyce Ann Thornton, Jean Wall, Jo Nell Starnes. Shirley Sharpe, Jennie Kerr, Jean Coble, Betsy Williams, Eloise Edmondson, Camilla Welbom, Mary Frances Martin, £rma Lee Ramsey. Third row; Polly Moses, Patty Billinas, Sara Coble, Libby Miite. Betsy Edwards, Edith Smoot, Jean Lewis, Doris Edwards, Ernestine Calloway, Flora Hartsell. Fourth tow: Julia Hough, Ethel Robin- son. Nancy Garrison, Margaret Warlick, Louise Bowen, Lucy Barker, Man ' Dunn, Jean Hunter. Jean Weast. Not pictured: Ruth Beck, Norma Douglas, Jo Anne Johnson, Peggv Holland, Bernice Troutman. OFFICERS Daphne Baldwin Presideut Dot Barber ....First Vice-President Edith Hampton ..Second Vice-Pres. Frances Jeffreys ..Third Vice-Pres. Mary Blevins Secretary Patsy ' Stubbs Treasurer Nelda Peterson Reporter Peggy Holland Piihlicatioiis Jo Johnson . . . .Puhlicity Chairman Mrs. Joe Crawford Sponsor OFFICERS Martha Herring President Richard Barker Vice-President Sarah Coble Secretary Rita Crowell Treasurer Dr. John G. B. rden Sponsor FUTURE TEACHERS OF RmERICfl First row. Dr. John Harden. Rachel Franklin. Dean Herman, Martha Herring, Bobby Bridges. Richard Barker. Second row: Janice Upchurch. Pesg ' Laughlin, Betty Sue Williams, Bobbie Bridges, Bernice Troutman. Gladys Moore, Sue Presson. Third row: Ben Connell. Peggy Rogers. Patsy Stubbs, Nanc - Snider, Ann Lantz, Minyonne Sojourner, Betty Noland, Christine Neill, Jean Well. Fourth row: Jean Coble, Peggy Little. Betty Finch. Man ' Bleyins, Joanne Smith, Lenna Duncan. Elizabeth Elliott, Kathryn Griffin, Bobbie Carnes. Riii Crowell. Myzelle Stanley, Billie Sue Richardson, Sara Coble. Camilla Welhorn. Jacqueline Snyder. Richard Swain. Not pictured: John Coulter, Carol Goodrum. Eleanor Helms. Mary Higgins. Betty Keller, Peggy Keller, Man- Frances Kilpa trick, Rub ' Mast, Barbara Nance, Joe Perry. Mildred Williams, Faylene Falls, Carol Wilson, Betsy Rea, Fayc Geouge, Lea Golson, Alice Wilde, Doris Rh ' ne. SPONSORS Barbara Stephenson Not Pictured Marv S. Shook Y. UU. C. fl. CABINET MEMBERS Carol Goodrum ■ Pn ' sideiit Ina Smith VicePrcsidc}!! Betty Jane Brown Secretary Gladys Moore Treasurer Sandra Wilson Religious Council Representative Ieanna Coffey Religiotts Council Representative Rebecca Moxley Prayer Group Chainiian |ean Bullock Social Vice-Presiilcnl |ane Bullock Social Sen ' ice Chairman Betty Jean Roberson Puhlicity Director Ernestine Calloway Meinhership Chairman Betty McGee Chapel Prooram Chair]i!(ni Mary Church Reporter Becky Austin Bobbie Greer Pia)iist Chorister First tow: Louise Graham, Bt ' tsv Edwards. Edith Smoiil. Bcllv McCite. Man- Ellen Johnson, Irene Che ■, Lucinda Alexander, Doris Yarbrouyh, Hf)nnie Ciodfrev. Second row: Patsanna Phillips. ' alorie Mosher, Bernice Troulman, Carol Jones, Man ' Little, Ciladvs Moore, Doris A. Gore, Elinor More- head, Dot Travis, Jovce Hunevcutt, Nancv Allistm, Doris Martin. Third row: Jeanna CofFcv, Ernestine Calloway, Margaret Good- man, .Mar ' Frances Rich. Jcj . nne Merrill. Carol Carter. Jo .- nn Foster, Susie Dobbins, Julia Ross, Bettv J. Hulier on, Jean Bullock, Ina Smith, Jane Bullock, Bettv Hollar, Xbbv J. Gibson, Gail McClain, Frances Tavlor, Sarah Coble. Sue Jones. THE RELIGIOUS COUnCIL First row: Jean Weast, Phyllis Lattimore, Jeanna Coffey. Peggy Keller, Margaret Goodman, Sandra Wil- son, Betty McGee, Eugenia Davis. Second row. Frances Jeffreys, Ernestine Calloway, Bernice Trout- man. Nelda Peterson. Not Pictured: David Barrett, Julia DuBose, Carol Goodrum, Juanita Harrell, Bobby Phillips, Bobby Snead, Danny Gray, Swann King. OFFICERS Jean Weast President Phyllis Lattimore ..Vice-President Nelda Peterson Secretary Eugenia Davis Treasurer John Davis Sponsor Marvin Culbreth Sponsor OFFICERS Jim Craig Chairniav Margie Huneycutt Recorder CHRISTIRD TEACHERS CLUB First row: Jim Craig. Margie Huneycutt, Bob Phillips, Mar- garet Goodman, Roy Waters, Barbara Green, Betty Brown, rrances Jeffreys, Nancy Jane Allison, Libby White, Carol Jones. Second row: Nancy Lyerly, Joyce Keller, Betty McGee, Dot Barber, Lois Weast, Bernice Troutman, Mary Blevins, Jean Coble, Sara Coble, Ann Henson, Patsy Starnes, Wesley Alex- ander, Ernestine Calloway, Gene Harris, Lucinda Alexander. Third row: Elaine Medlin, Joyce Thornton, Doris Yarbrough, Erma Ramsey, Julia Ross, Vivian Smith, Martha Kate Cashion, Jean Weast, Daphne Baldwin, EtheJ Robinson, Irene Cherry, Carol Cartel. Joan Foster. PHYSICRL EDUCRTlOn CLUB OFFICERS |. C. 1 hammei I Prcs ' uh ' iit C ' a1!()1 . IjAllCONr ice Preside )tl |iiii Ross St ' crclary Hilda Thompson Treasurer Dr. G. F. KiRCiiNER Sponsor First row : Barbara Louder, lini OIlis, Nancy Latham, Betty Jean Roherson, Marie Rea is, Connie Feimster, . hir Cliurcli, Eleanor Shull, Elizabeth Earglc, Sue I leiv drix, CaroK n Baucom, Swann Kino, Bill I Iiitchinson. Second row: Faylene Falls, Hilda Thompson, Jackie Cor- rell, Sylvia Masscy, Lucille Xanney, Edith Sue Jordon, Iris Tanner. Molly 1 lopkins, Letty Ijamcs, Mary Bare- loot, Doris Dixon, Bob VVestbrook, Reynolds I loUifield, Guy Er ' in. Third roiv: Jerry Staley, R. E. Cummings, Marjorie Mast, Colon NiFong, Sarah Conrad, Lloyd Simpson, Jean Bullock, Jane Bullock, Gay Waters, Neil McKinney, Joan Eller, Julia Ross, Bill Ferree, Ed Lakcy, Paul Sisk. Fourth row: Lawrence Oldaker, Bob Jones, Al 1 loniesley, Roy Waters, J. C. Trammell, Fred Shoaf, Harold Lakey, Arch Lee, Worth McDonald, Wallace LangFord, Tony Wood, Iruett Wilson, Edward Lee, Joy Wliilncr. N(J( pictured: llichaid AIisIkt, Don Alexander, nn Bigham, Boyce Bridges, Wayne Burris, Bill Craw- Ford, Joy Madron, Bill Morgan, Ken Murray, Jack Ramey, Barbara Pendleton, Wanda Smith, Jean Temple- ton, Bruce Trammell, John Woodruff, Jo Anne Merrill, Carl Henncssee, Al Bumgarner, Larr - Mann, George Linker, Sue Hunter, Charles Painter, 1 liomas Foster, l a on La c, 1 ro ' Neal, Sara WinecoB ' , Mar Ka (Calla- han, CaroKn Crowe, l iidd Kluttz. ■■■ IP " ! Page Eighty THE BUSmESS CLUB OFFICERS Ray ShruiM Buster Hicks Daphne Campbell Max Brannon . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer First roiv: Buster I licks, Magnolia Oxendine, Bobbie Carnes, June Boyd, Marjorie Dellinger. Second row: Kathleen Abee, Sue Presson, Kathnn Millsaps, Betty Cooke, Ann Haynes, Mary Lou Fox. Third row: George Grill, Scott Thomas, Don Lineberger, Allen Ellington, Rex McNiel, Curlee Joyce. Fourth row: Karen Bishop, Nancy Houston, Rodney Roberts, Norma Hull, Chris- tine Foster, Betty Snead, Dot Byers, Mary Sue Jones, Doris Martin, Iris Jackson, Janet Sue Houck, Wade Hampton, Dick Minish, Don Deaton, Theda Holder, Carol Kennedy, Billye Jones, Nancy Stilvvell, Frances Tavlor, Gladys Moore, Marv Little. lS!ot pictured: Wayne Abernathy, Alice Allred, Jerry Allred, Libby Bravvley, Daphne Campbell, Carlton Gates, Madeline Coffey, Lenna Duncan, Thomas Edmisten, Beulah Edwards, W ' ilma Everhart, ' irginia Fiippin, Don Foster, Barbara Francis, Henry Germaine, Walter Giles, Clarence Goings, Bobbie Greer, Hazel Harris, Pollv Haves, Alice Heavner, Sam Hefner, William Honeycutt, Hayes Hoover, Bar- bara Hughes, Coy Isaacs, Roy Isaacs, Bill Jones, J. V. Jones, Betty Keller, Mozelle Kuykendall, William Lane, Faye Lassiter, Henry Lee, Patty Long, Maurice Lovette, Martha McAuley, Mary McCants, Lib McFadyen, Jean McNiel, Bobbie Marshall, Carolyn Mast, Buddy Miller, Nancy Mills, Frankie Morrison, Bob Myers, Frances Nichols, Ira Jane Plott, Joan Rhyne, Ray Shrum, Sam Snipes, Bill Sofley, Coleman Speece, Cleo Totten, Ned Tri ette, Albert Walsh. E elvn ' ashburn. Bettv Wil son, John Wood. Page Eig itv-one HomE Economics club OFFICERS Patt ' Hankley Presideut Esther Moore Secretary Treasurer Annie Rae Martin Vice-President Rick Ckump Reporter Joan Waters Reporter First row: Julia DuBosc, Belsv Rca, Iris MilJer. Lvdia Hall. Second row: Ruth Hvder. Huh Tavlur. Laura Elk-r. iilainc Medlin, . ucire Cirass, Marv June Sheets. Phvllis Lattimoie, Nancv AHison, Jo Anne C ' arltun, Rick Crump, (Jretchen I line. Thirtl row: .Maryarei tlunevcutt. Ina Smith, Annie Rae Martin, Janice Swift, Miss Jean Smith, Rachel Teaijue, Jo Anne Mathis, Mav I ranees Cochrane, Marv G. Reddiny, Joan Waters. Eleanor Johnson, Cora Ann Hoi- linysworih, Rubv Mast. Fourth ran-: Sarah Crawford, Miss Marion Adams, Martha Kate Cashion, Heltv Dixon, Maxine Ilarlman, .M.iri;aret Cozari, LIcwellvn Rav, Jeroline Walls. Bettv Laslev. Carol Weslbruok. Sara I Uxjts, Juanila Harrell. Jean C arter. Fifth row: Janice Parker. Miss Lucv Brock, Esther M(K»re, . ira Sledye, Peyyv Neel. Jovce Lamb, Jean Wells. Jean Rh ne, Eu ell Mc (tinnis. . of jyict tired: Jeanelte Reid. Pativ Ilanklev, Barbara Davis. Pat Finyer. Ida Bailev. Libb Lee Bmwn, Frances Douglas, Elizabeth Jane Cuforth. Ella Ruth Hampton. C aruh n I larris. Mar Flenslev, Bettv Lou Ijames, Ctarcia Lonu Lai!, Sue Carolyn Lutz, IJoris Mathis. Maud Morrison. Ruby Lee ra lor, Nancv Woolen. First row: 11a Mae Taylor, Olive Moretz. Frances Jeffreys, Peogy Keller, Eunice Quer ' . Second row. Tess Led- beiler. Jackie Snvder, Mary Ellen |t)hn- sun. Jeanna Coffey, Gwcn Thompson, Betty Jane Broun, Bettv Pave Hincs, Betty Alarslon, Jo Anne V ' elborn, Jerry Coble. Third row: Leonard Lee John- son. Carol Jones, Isabel Eggers, Sandra Wilson, Arlene Mast. Louise Mitchell. Jane Howell, Joan Jarrett. Bettv Mc- Gec. Not Pictured: Robert Hoffman, Virginia Jennings. Frances Young. Linda Townsend, Corky Ouslcy. BeJva Calloway. LIBRARY SCIEDCE CLUB OFFICERS Frances Jeffreys President Peggy Keller SecrelaryTrea iurer Olive Moretz Vice-Presiilent Miss Eunice Query Sponsor OFFICERS John Coulter President Phyllis Roseman .... Vice-President Margaret Goodman . . . .Sec.-Treas. Dot Travis Program Chairmayi Dr. J. T. C. Wright Sponsor mflTH CLUB First row. Nancy Waters, Mary Ellen Johnson, Mar- garet Goodman, Hope Lowman, Dot Travis, Barbara Green. Standing : Phyllis Roseman, Nancy Snider, John Coulter, Mary Ethel Shearin, Doris Ann Gore, Betty HaJev, Kenneth McGee. Not Pictured: Ray- mond Miller. Mary Elizabeth Hyler, Melvin Carpen- ter, Joe Davis, Larry Mann, Reynolds Hollifield, Franklin Jones. SCIEnCE CLUB First row. Chris Elliot, Metta Moore, Jean Hopkins. Edith Blair, Mary June Sheets, Maxine Hartman. Doris Ann Gore. Second row. Leon Coulter, Donald Foster, Hope Dyson, Carol Westbrook, Dorothy Travis, Margaret Hedrick, Freida Williamson. Tliird row. Mike Harrelson, Martin Nichols, Franklin Jones, Julian Huntley, Lee Poe, Bill Lawing, Dr. Irwin Car- penter, Dr. Arnold Van Pelt. Not Pictured: Charles Hancock, May Francis Cochrane, David Barnhardt, James Ziglar, James Moffett, Betty Haley. OFnCERS Jean Hopkins President Metta Moore Vice-President Edith Blair .... Secretary-Treasurer Dr. a. F. Van Pelt Sponsor OFFICERS Joanne Aldridce Presideni William Blackburn . . ' ice-President 1 lopE Dyson Sec.Treas. Richard Zuber Reporter Dr. D. J. Whiteneh Sponsor Leo K. Pritchett .... Debate Coach and Director of Forettsics PI KRPPR DELTR MEMBERS Jean Hopkins James Craig Jim Marks Martha Kate Cashion Alice Swann Sara Lind Dowling loHN Howard Dan You NT Mary Jane White Belva Taylor Jo Ann Hardin Julia Hough FOREnSIC CLUB Standing: lim Marks. First roir: Leo K. Pritchett. Jo Ann Hardin. Bill Blackhiirii, Hopv Dysc John Howarcl. Second row: Jcanna CoJtev, Richard Zuber, Joanne Aldriilye, Jean Hopkins. Ma son, arv Jane White. Not Pictured: Janet Sue Houck. AMcc Svvann. Belva Tavlor, Dan ' ounl. Sara lind Dowling. Jeanette Reid. Martha Kate Cashion, Julia Houyh, James Craiu. OFFICERS James Marks President Hope Dyson ' ice-President Alice Swann Secrelarv Leo K. Pbitciieit Sponsor vERnicmn society Rachel Teague Joan Eller . . . . Mary Hudson . . OFFICERS Presiden t ' ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Alice Swann Prog ram Chairman Joanne Supdreth Chaplain Mrs. Max Raines Sponsor First row: Jeroline Watts, Jeanna Coffev, Joan Waters. Inez Orozco, Marie Reavis, Iris Milier, Bonnie LaFone, Jeanette Reid, Nelda Peterson. Second row: Esther Moore, Martha Kate Cashion, Joan Suddreth. Alice Swann, Marv Hudson. Rachel Teague. Joan Eller. Annie Rae Martin, Pat Finger. Martha McAulev, Ann Lantz. Third row: Grace Routh, Carolyn Dauss, Martha Watkins, Kathleen Abee, Julia Ross, Jean Bullock, Jane Bullock, Norma Gabriel, Dot Sharp. Fourth row: Jean Lineback, Bettv Noland, Phyllis Roseman, Evelyn Washburn, Jane Harrison, Marjorie Mast. Barbara Davis. Jane Robinson. Janet Matthews. Ann Lott. Sara Hoots. ISIot pictured: Becky Austin. Ann Bigham, Jean Bolter, Margaret Cozart. Rick Crump, Betty Dixon. Fayleen Falls. Nancy Haynes, Louise Hefner, Eleanor Johnson, Joyce Lamb, Elizabeth McFadyen, Ann Moses, Sadie Bobbins, Margaret Silver, Bettv Warren, Joan Wood, Hilda Anzola, Marie Vaught, Bobbie Brooks. J. V. CHEERLERDERS Left to right: Betsy Hughes, Katy King, Julia Ross, Bill Honeycutt, Rachel Ander- son, Wilma Everhart, Katherine Langley, Nelda Peterson, Faylene Falls. PLRYCRRFTERS EXECUTIVE BOARD Left to riohf. janft Sue Houck, Ciistodia}7; Harold Bennett, Prcs ' ulciil: Richard Barker, Historian; Fa e Lassiter, Secretarv; Audrev Eieliclber er, Spoiisor; Charles Hancock, ' icc-Prcsidciil: Daphne Camphcll, Editor " P m I ' ; ' : Ed Collins, Custodian. CRflFTSmEn RRD mRSTER CRRFTSmED First roil ' : Daphne Campbell, Charles Hancock, Audrey Eichelberoer, Faye Lassiter, Harold Bennett, Janet Houck. Second row. Alene Queen, Richard Barker, Jacqueline Snyder, Nancy Dickerson, Jeanna Coffey, Neva Norris, Patsy Stubbs, Sue McMillan. Third row. Michael Har- relson, Ed Collins, Carl Henry, Larry Auten, Coy Temple. RPPRERTICES Seated: Dorothy Travis, Bob Meyers, Myra Adkins, Betty Norris, Belva Taylor, Loretta Howe. Standing: Katherine Langley, Betty Haley, Susie Dobbins, Patsy McGuire, Wade Wilmoth, Jane Goforth, Valerie Mosher, Jim McGee, Joyce Honeycutt, Elizabeth Elliott, Mary Little, Jerry Young, Otis Carroll, Charles Hales, Jane Robinson, Scamp McMillan, Lottie Stout. COLLEGE CHORUS on ICLRS Ben Connell Prciidenl Bob C.illlv Vice-Preside}! I CIaynelle W retary-Treasurer Becky Mom Becky Austin II SON Alene Queen Sec IV First Sopranos First Altos First Bass Myra Adkins Becky Austin Pat Matthews Sara Lini Dowling Carolyn Baucom John McAui ay Beth Eggers June Good Elizabeth Hallyburton Alene Queen Carol Sloan N ' ancy Tatum Nancy Dickerson Zetta Freeman Gloria Gattis Carolyn Green Frances Sisk Marvin Pickard Frank Widenhouse Gene McGarr Second Bass Ben Connell Marie V ' aught Gaynelle Wilson Sylvia Massey Frances Wood Anne Haynes Bon GiLLEY David Landis Dick Lavender Mr. Gordon Nash Second Sopranos Second Alios Bahkv Rumi Suzanne Arrowood Catherine Ray Tenors Gaynelle Chandler Becky Moxley JiiEL Rogers Eleanor Helms Mary Alva White Neva Norris Betty Sue Norris Jerry Hill Bill Honeycutt Lavon Laye Gene Wilson Jackie ' eathers Evelyn Peters John Idol Betsy Williams Peggy- Rogers Charlie Crabtree Reporter ihrariaii I ihrnriat! 0f " D Page Eightyei ht Mr. Nicholas Erneston, Conductor I ' ioVius Eleanor Helms Martha Stevens Cynthia Stiles Betty Sue Norris Joyce Ann Thornton Pat Matthews Ethel Robinson Carol Sloan Betty ' Swain |o Anne Hardin J. M. Cullers Rebecca Moxley Zetta Freeman June Good Slizanne Arrowood Eva Adams Gladys Eastridge Violas Jerry Hill Mrs. Marvin Pickard Carmen Guy Betty Calloway Cellos Beth Eggers Myra Adkins Marvin Pick vrd String Bass Barry Ruth Gene McGarr Clarinets Pat Slimrow Carol Milks Fhites Gloria Gattis Jackie Weathers Oboe Mary Hlidson Bassoon William Spencer French Horns Dorothy Kemp Paul Simpson Don Wood Joy Brown Truiupets Dickie Hunt Frank Widenhouse Gerald Taylor Truinho}ie foHN Clontz Percussion Ed Cullers Tyinpani Gordon Nash SYmPHOnY ORCHESTRR P«ge Ei hty-uine mRRCHinC BRRD OFFICERS Barry Hiriii Pat SiiMuow iM i! I liinsoN Mii. II I I AM Spencer President ' iccPrcsiilciit Sccrctary-lrccisiircr Director ' % t »- 4 .-» First roil ' : George Grill, Clco Bolick, Grace Weeks, Mr. Nicholas Erncston, Mary Hudson, Tyre Siclden, Ed Culler, Juel Rogers, Jeanette Rcid, .Ariene Mast, Lenore Critchcr. Second row. Mr. William Spencer, Suzanne Arrowood, Jean Hopkins, Betty Calloway, Eva Adams, Betty Swain, Jackie Weathers, Betty Sue Norris, Wanda Smith, Myra Adkins, Martha Christopher, Freida 1 loover, June Goode, Ed Collins. Tliird row. Jean Templcton, Elizabeth Eargle, Gladys Eastridgc, Joe Da is, Clerald Taylor, Buddy Miller. Frank Widenhouse, Pat Sumrow, jdhn McAiihn, |() Hrown, Ira lane Ploll. I nurth row. Ann Selvy, Don Wood, 1 layes 1 loover. Gene McClarr, Jerry Smith, Calvin i laycs, Danny Yount, Barry Ruili, Frances Blanton, Fern Waycastcr, Joyce Cowells. Page Ninety OFFICERS Gene Wilson President Barry Ruth Vice-President Fran Sisk Secretary Gay Wilson Treasurer Rebecca Moxley Reporter Freida Hoover . . Program Chairman Mr. Gordon Nash . . Faculty Adviser music EDUCRTORS CLUB First row: Gene Wilson, Barrv Ruth, Fran Sisk, Gav Wilson, Rebecca Moxlev. Freida Hoo ' er, Mr. Gordon Nash. Second row. BetU ' Sue Norris, Frances Wood, Rebecca Austin, Jackie Weathers, Frank ' idenhouse, Eleanor Helms, Carol Sloan, Mvra Adkins, June Good, Eva Adams. Third row. Zctta Freeman, Pat Sumrow, Alene Queen, Don Wood, Jcrrv Hill, Beth Eggers, Juel Rogers, Gladvs Eastridge, Pat iMatthews, John McAulav. Fourth roir: Marvin Pickard, Gene McGarr, Gerald Tavlor, David Landis, Don Knowland, Mr. W. S. Cole, Mrs. Winnie Hargrove, Gloria Gattis, Mr. J. W. Rooker, Bob Gillev. Not Pictured: Mrs. Dorothy E. Kemp, Mr. N. G. Erneston, Mrs. Virginia W. Lin- nev, Mr. Hoyt Safrit, Mr. W. M. Spencer, Suzanne Arrowood, Gavnelle Chandler, Bob Goforth, Joanne Graybeal, Catherine Ray. Mary Alva White. DOUBLE OCTET Firs! roil ' : Jackie Snyder, Gloria Gattis, Jerry Hill, Bill Honcycutt, James Rucker, Jack Isaacs, Marie Vaught, Beth Eggers. Second roir: Eleanor Helms, Jean Boiter, Pat Matthews, Ed Collins, Bob Gilley, Gene Wilson, Gaynelle Wilson, Becky Austin. 0C. r) B Mr. Hoyt Safrit Conductor Fran Sisk Pianist OFFICERS BuRMAii Carpenter Prcs ' ulciii Martha Herring . . . A ' icePresideiil Katv King Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence Oi.oaker Piib icih Chairman Mrs. Jov Kirciinu ' . . . , .Co-Sponsor Miss Janie Maiiiuvvs ..Co-Sponsor vRRSOuvmnnfl club First roiv: Mary Clement. Morris Branch. Nancv Dickersim. Gene Ross, Favlene Falls. Rennv Mast, Katv Kinw, Burmah Carpenter. Secoinl row: [uanita Beroth. Rav Morris, Jov Madron. ec! Trivette. Marv Sue Walsh. Joe Garwoixl, Hilda Thompson, Trov Neal. Third row: Julia Ross, Bill Sotlev. Betsv C apel. Ed Doler. Annie Rae Martin. Howard Ledbetter. Marth Christopher. Junior Groce. Members Sot Pictured: Marjorie Mast. Colon Nitono, Martha Herriny, Joan Ellcr, Al Bumgarner, Jerry Young, Carol Goodrum. mODERn DRDCE Firs! row: Joe Edmisten. liurmah Carpenter. Second row: I rov Neal. Janie lMatthe . Katv King, Clarence Cascv. TItird row: Morris ISranch. Hilda Thompson, Julia Ross, Favlene I nils. Edward Lee. .Members Not Pictured: Lucille Nannev, Marv Church. OFFICERS Joe Edmesten President Katy King ' ice-President Favlene Falls . . Secretar) -TreosKrer Mrs. Joy Kirchner ....Co-Sponsor Miss Janie Matthews ..Co-Sponsor COACHES lohn Kirk. Bob Broome, E. C. Duggins, Francis Hoo er, Preston Mull. mRnRGERS Jack Parks, Bunk Carpenter, Jake Herd, Garl Drauehon, Wilmar Dove. S E n I R s Morris Branch Bob Clendenin rioitm loL P.AKl l Siimi F. ■ CiAnniEi Jim Maui in Mack 1 Iavnes Jack Pennell John (iAmui.e I an llll ' l KIT Paul Welborn Pnge Nitietysix J u n I R s Don I IiATT Bob Jones I Iarold Lakev Colon Nifonc. Ben Quinn Joe Edmisten Ned Pennell Jim Marks Page Nineiyseven ,iJ SOPHOmORES Mac Smith Jim Kiser Jim Ollis Buck I Iall Ray Morris i PiUmciarner R. E. CuMMiNGS Cene Welchel Johnny Matthews Pa e Ninety-ei hl F R E S H m E n Orb Elam Melvin Morrison George Gunter Larry Davis Joe Garwood Ed Doler W. J. Waters Franklin Eller Junior Groce Ed Lakey Bill Smitherman T. D. Carter Joe Eller Charles Taylor Larry Simmons Kenneth Hansel Pa e Ninety-nine BRSKETBRLL 1953- ' 54 Francis I loox bu Bob Broom l Coaches First row. O. D. V;ill;icc, Caplaiii; Al I I mine )n, Tommy McNeill, Ilowaid Letlbcttcr. Second row: 15ill 151ackbiirii, Tom D ' Armi, Tec Haitlicock, Martin Banner, Myron Deal, Bill Bill I erree. Third row: I larry Welch, Jake I ranimell. Bob Sebastian. l)a t ' bcr- nathv, Bill Brown, 1 oni WiKilin, Bub Campbell. Appalachian 66— Milligan 81 f¥l .V ilU »- ' ;,»-, •r . v ' " ' O. D. U ' allace Captain Jake Trammell Bob Campbell Dave Abernathy Martin Banner Bill Brown Appai ACMiiAN 62— East Tennessee 66 Tee Haithcock Bill Blackburn Harry Welch Bill Crawford Myron Deal Bob Sebastian Tom Wooten Appalachian 81— Elon 74 Howard Ledbetter To.M D ' Armi Bill Ferree Tom McNeill Al Harmon Bill Lee Jake Hord Manager Dent Miller Manager i J ; ' ' ' 3 Ai - ' ; . • » - - - i.A BflSEBflLL Left to right: Troy Bridges Buddy Kluttz Don Hi ATT Fred Ashford Fred Shoaf Dent Miller Richard Lapish Frank Wilson Bill Hutchinson R. A. Downs Coach Bob Broome Harold Lakey Don Lineberger, Manager m E n ' s Morris Branch President John Pyeciia ' ice-President George Holmes (No( Pictured) Secretary Gerald Adams Bob Clendenin John Gamble 1a kii: Iones Bill Blackburn Bob Culbreth Joe Garwood Jim Kisir Bill Brown R. E. Cummings " 1 ' h;man I Iaithcock IUiddv Kluttz BillCansler R. a. Downs OonIIiatt 1 I( hard Lapish Burmah Carpenter OiunliiAM I aki I loim Jim Martin Shirley Gabriel Bob Jones R " CLUB Bobby Jo Baker Treasurer Harold Lakey Seraeant-at-Arms Don LiNEBERGER Chaplain Dent Miller Colon Nifong Lawrence Oldaker Jim Ollis Jack Pennell Ned Pennell Ben Quinn Fred Shoaf Ray Shrum J. C. Trammell Ray Triplett O. D. Wallace Paul Welborn Harry Welch Wayne Whitesides Robert Whitlock Not Pictured: Buck Hall Donald Haynes Jack Park Dave Pierce Mack Smith uu. R. fl. CHRmpions Barbara Louder Table Tennis Singles Clunupiii}i I AIiH AHA I () 1)1 R. lais I ANNIK Tabic Iciniis Doul ' lcs CJuivipious Barbara Lowder, Janie Matthews Tciniis Doubles Chavipioris Ann l5i(;riA i Badvii)it())i Si»i; c ' i C ' hiiwpio}! Miss Gau. Ci.av Women ' s Atlilctic Director Ted Haucom y rchcry ( ' hiniipKiii 1)AIU!AI!A loWDER rciniis Siiii lcs Chiiuipio]) nn Hu;iiam. Donis Dixox Pnidillilltnii DoiiIjIcs (. limiipioUS Page One Hundred Eight UUomen ' s " fl " Club OFFICERS Rebecca Hoovtis President Sue Hunter VicePresidenl Left to right: Janie Matthews, Sue Hunter, Nancy Latham, Barbara Low- der, Marjorie Mast, Rebecca Hoover, Joan EUer. The Flying Fish OFFICERS Sue Hunter President Reeekah Robertson ..Vice-President Marjorie Mast Secretar) ' Joan Eller Treasurer Nancy Latham . .Publicity Chairman Left to right: Metta Moore, Joan Eller, Julia DuBose, Janie Matthews, Rebekah Robertson, Nancy Latham, Sue Hunter, Lucille Nanney, Mar- jorie Mast, Jean Boiter, Joy Whitner, Joy Madron. Not Pictured: E elyn Peters, Joyce Lamb. UUomen ' s Rthletic Rssociation OFFICERS Left to riglit: Barbara Lowder President Iris Tanner Secretary Lucille Nanney . . . . V ' ice-Presitieiit Marjorie Mast . . lulnmniral Manager Elizabeth Eargle Trensiirer Nancy Latham . .hilraniurnl Manager mflJOR IDTRRIT VOLLEYBALL jliAN I L.MPLHION, LAipln ' ui Left to i;y ((: Jane BulloL ' k, Faylcnc lalls, Janic Matthews, Rolu ' Lca I I )(i t ' r, SiR ' 1 lenilrix. lackie Williams, K ' .in 1 cmpk-Uiii, M.ii Ka C ' all.iiian, Mil died Bolick. BASKETBALL Left to r jltt: Mcll Sluill, Jackie C ' oi- rell, Ann Bisham, Doris Dixon, Mar- garet Warliek, Patsanna Phillips, l uciile Nanney, Mary Church, Wanda flauser. Lib Eargle, Winona Swain, Marjorie Mast, Barbara Lowder, Becky Robert- son, Nanc ' Walker, Nanc Latham. non-mmoR irtf VOLLEYBALL Io nne Vannoy, Ciiptaui I eft to r ' fj,ht. first row: L dia I lall, |ii niu- .innii , |ane I ' .wing. Second row. Margaret Co art, l Luide Wilson, Doris Dixon, Coach; Cieorgia Cheek, lean I t ' w is. iL cHflmpions SOCCER Ted Baucom, Captain Left to right, first row. Doris Dixon, Sue Hunter, Ted Baucom, Margaret Warlick. Second row. Lib Eargle, Jackie Correll, Jean Tcmpleton, Wanda Hauser. SOFTBALL Sylvia Massey, Captain Left to right: Sylvia Massey, Ted Bau- com, Wanda Hauser, Nancy Latham, Sue Hunter, Joy Whitner, Joy Madron. URRL CHRmpions BASKETBALL Nancy Haynes, Captain Kneeling: Joan Eller, Coach. Stand- ing: Pat Finger, Maude Wilson, Geor- gia Cheek, Metta Moore, Magnolia Oxendine, Edith Blair, JoAnne Vannoy. ■ •• •■..•■ ' r ' -::o- ' -: ' , ;.-?J. r! ' . ' .vA BOOK THREE • ' ;.-• :■•■.■ -- - ;x ' .• •, Vri . ■ :.--:--. " - ..v-.:,. ' :.;UsV;-:v- ' - ' ' •■ ■■.■■: ■ •V.V■ ' ■.■. • " • ' :X ;nv;•. ' v ' ? «5S .•. z.- ' ' . •;? " ; ' ' :!■ . • ' ■. ;« f ' VNi ' ic ' ■ ■. ■ ; ' .•■.• -Vv - ■• ' i»vv.:.- ' ' 2- ' .-i3S?i3 • . . •• : I •: : ' • • •■.-•V,.v;i■;itv J w llSfe •;S--.--;V-;- ' . .? ? ' ' , r e becca -J oouer Queen Jz k . f ' L arol Ljoodrum Maid uf Honor . . And Her Attendants . . . an l)Hi lY Anne Robinson Senior Altemitiiil l.K;ii SVVANN liiiiior Altciidiiiit cour Martha Watkins ]itiiior Attendant Nancy Stilwell j Freshman Attendant Inez Orozco Sophomore Attendant Peggy Lonc: Sophomore Attendant Rosemary Carpenter Fresh nan Attendant omecomina COURT fjartlta WatLlnS nOMIXOMlNC. QUEEN Left to liyij : Marjorie MA ,l, I ' lcgy Jarvis, Martha Watkins, Martha Christopher, Alice Swann, Rosemary Carpenter. Page One Hundred Eighteen COURT Left to right: Jacqueline Snvder, Jean McNiel, Carol Goodrum, Jean BoiTER, Betty Anne Robinson. Page Ofie Hundred Nineteen LD a= LD LD CE Miss Apptihich ' uni Patty i 1 ankle v Mr. Aj ' ihihicliiiiii Don Most ' (diiiihlc Smii ' .ley Gabriel Must I ' djuihir Jake 1 ' rammi i l Pane One Hitndred Twenty Most Attractive Rebecca Hoover Most Handsome Bobby Joe Baker Most Athletic Boy Shirley Gabriel Most Athletic Girl Barbara Lowder SEDIOR SUPERLRTIVES Friendliest Robert Downs Most Versatile G. C. Davis Most Intellectual Harold Songer Most Likely To Succeei loHN Pyecha Page One Hundred Twenty-otie r v. ' iS: i ■ T- ' r Joanne Aldridce Morris Branch Chancel Brown Bob Clendenin G. C. Davis Isabel Eggers Shirley Gabriel Carol Goodrum A. C. Larrimore Don Lineberger Mary Jane Matthews James Moffett Bill Morgan John Pyecha Bobby Snead Harold Songer Martha Stevens Evelyn Washburn Alice Wilde Richard Zuber O o m ID ID ID CO =3 O en O ID O cn O m CO O ID rj. 2). p. WaM. ini Evelyn asiiblihn. Editor THE RHODOD ({ tier Liiiei Evelyn Washburn, Editor Robert Downs, Eus ' inea Wauager DROn STRFF MJ C iizabeth Jjc Joivni Robert Downs, Emniea [auai er -S impson J. J Jildi r. — Simpson Alice Wilde, Editor of Apinihicli ' uiii ri. 4. . J tepkeni M.MvniA SiEPiiENS, ' s-.s- .M(7j;(7 ;t ' r of Appulncliuiii V V- ettu yuabnel Shirley Gabriel, President of Student Body cJLee -J uttn Bob Huffman, President Senior Class W«. 3 J. W.ffU, Johnny Mai i hlw s, Prcsick ' iit uphuuiorc Class ulfS. 4essc nead Ijdb SNiiAi), ' ii ' .siilt ' i; liiii ' iDr CAiiss S ' I • WAun WkclJf JL Grady Lewis, President FresJnuaii Class 3 C. Weait Jean Weast, President Re igioiis Council 1 1. Calija 2. Oh! AHuntmW ' c VVillCic 3. Ain ' t Life Grand? 4. I Wanna Be Evil 5. The Last Mile 6. I Didn ' t Know Ihc Ciun Was Loaded 7. Easter Parade 8. And Babv Makes Three 9. If I Were King 10. Home Sweet Home n . I ' m Sitting On Top of The World 12. I Wanna Be Loved Bv You 13. Carry Me Back to Ole ' Virginia 14. Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. 15. Cement Mixer, Putty, Putty 16. Darktown Strutters Ball 1. VV ' (,. I ' m .liliiiu Just lor You 2. Sleepy Time C.als 7. llail. Mail, The Gangs All 1 lore 3. We Three 8. 1 Ciot Plenty () ' Nuttin ' 4. Three Little Words 9. Whiskey, Women (Men), and Loaded 5. Let ' s Have A Party! Dice 10. Show Me The Way To Go Home 11. Don ' t Fence Me In 12. Aw, Come On, lohn! 13. Totem Pole 14. Down By The Riverside 15. Winter Wonderland 16. Put Some Monev In the Pot, Bov! 17. Darktown Poker Club kJ! li A ?PA IACHIAM STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Boone, North Carolina ' e DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO IMPROVING INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICE IN NORTH CAROLINA AND THE SOUTH ' g lD Graduate and Undergraduate Work Regular and Summer Terms Page One Hundred Thirtyiix Compliments of GEOERHl SHHLE PRODUCTS CORPORHTIOD JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Page One Hundred Thirly-seven Hughes Equipment Company School, Church, and Institutional Furnishings f HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY Safe For Your Savings Since 1921 WATAUGA BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION " Assets Over $2,000,000 " CURRENT DIVIDENDS 3% We Believe The American Home Safeguards The American Liberty Page One Hundred Thirty-eight REACH FOR$i waldensiaKF bakeries, inc. BAKERS OF Sunbeam readandCake WALDENSIAN BAKERIES, INC. VALDESE, N. C. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. ASHEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA D I ST RI BUTO RS LIGHTING SUPPLIES ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT THE NORTHWESTERN BANK BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA The only complete financial institution in Watauga County offering a complete financial service. Every banking service in consistent with sound banking. CAPITAL $500,000.00 SURPLUS $2,000,000.00 Vaoe One Htiudred Thirty-nine Meet Your FRIENDS At BILL ' S SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE APPAMACHIAM THEATRE f " Everybody Likes Boone, N. C. " WATAUGA DEMOCRAT " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers, Owner BOONE, N. C. Home-Owned and Home-Operated HILLSIDE DAIRY PRODUCTS, Inc. PHONE 194 BOONE, N. C. Page One Hundred Forty Always Planning To Serve More People Better Be Sure With Pure THE BURKE OIL COMPANY, INC. VALDESE, N. C. Central Electric Supply Company Wholesale Distributors of ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND APPARATUS 29 North Center Street P. 0. Box 2348 HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA COME BACK THIS SUMMER TO SEE Presented by The Southern Appalachian Historical Asso., Inc. BOONE, N. C. Meet Your Friends At CAROLINA PHARMACY Phone 47 BOONE, N. C. Page One Hundred Forty-one Compliments of North Wilkesboro Candy Company NORTH WILKESBORO, NORTH CAROLINA " The Friendly Folks From a Friendly Town " Who Supply Havatampa Cigars Schrafft ' s Chocolates Cigarettes and Tobaccos Candies, Cum, and Sundries Sc IRAFfT)5 ' The Nation ' s Leading Candies " ON SALE AT (JOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 - $2.00 Lb. Morgan Bros., Inc. H ' Itolesale Dtstrihutors 67 IJroadvvay, Asheville, N. C. [CandOis Delicious Food f »7oy same tvery day. ' Compliments of Geitner Feed Seed Company, Inc. Phone 7106 13 Moin, N, E. Box 686 HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Page One fiundred FoTlytwo SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Meet Your Friends At SHORTY ' S " The Students ' Nightly Retreat 1 North Wilkesboro Highway Boone, North Carolina BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONE, N. C. " The Home of Better Values " NEWTON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Line of MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR At Popular Prices BOONE, N. C. GOODNIGHT BROTHERS " Packers and Shippers of Watauga Produce " FERTILIZERS-SEEDS PHONE 135 Page One Hundred Forty-three EUSTIS L 1NC 1STER yiSSOCMTES JOMM SeviCM MOTCL BLDC. NOfi£W JOHNSON MOTCL BLOC €NGIN£€RS jtND DISTRIBUTORS I DIRECT M INUf iCTURERS XGENTS JOHNSON ClfY PHONt 3200 KNOKVILLE 01 Al 4 4623 CAUDILL ' S, Inc. THE SHOP FOR LADIES AND MEN 123 East King Street BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE CO., INC. " Everything in Hardware and Associate Lines " BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA TRAILWAY LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, Inc. " The Best In Laundry and Cleaning " Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone 79 BOONE, N. C. Pa e One Hundred forty fotir REINS-STURDIVANT OF BOONE, INC. Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Reins-Sturdivant Mutual Burial Association, Inc. North Wilkesboro, Boone, West Jefferson, Sparta, N. C. ANDREW ' S CHEVROLET, INC. BOONE, N. C. Office Phone P-26 Shop Phone 27 MECHANICAL REPAIRS TO ANY MAKE CAR Bare Frame Machine Body Repairs and Painting Radiato r Repair REFRESHES WITHOUT FILLING Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company SPRUCE PINE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of A. F. HUDSON REAL ESTATE 2412 Spring Garden Street GREENSBORO, N. C. Compliments of ' Manufacturers of Fine Paper And College Supplies " Pflge One Hundred Fortyfii ' e THE CHILDREN ' S SHOP Complete Outfitters for INFANTS TO PRE-TEENS BOONE, N. C. BOONE DRUG COMPANY REXALL " The Professional Store " Three Registered Pharmacists W R. Richardsor 1 K Richardson G. K. Moose Phone 17 Listen WATA 12:15 Compliments of HICKORY PACKING COMPANY HICKORY, N. C. PORK AND BEEF PACKERS " Unexcelled For Daily Freshness " Boone Tire and Bargain Store Furniture Frigidaire Appliances BOONE, N. C. Phone 152 B. W. STALLINGS " Your College Jeweler " BOONE, N. C. DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. C. A. Price, Resident Manager Phone 246-M (YJa V) BOONE TRAIL MOTEL Mr. and Mrs. Jake Moretz, Owners and Operators NEW - BRICK - HEATED PRIVATE BATHS BEAUTYREST BEDS One Half Mile From " Horn In The West ' • 820 Ea 5t Main St. Boone, N. C. Compliments of The North State Canning Co. " Makers of Watauga Chopped Kraut " BOONE, N. C. Page One Hundred Forty-six Compliments of CITY BARBER SHOP " It Pays To Look Well " BOONE, N. C. Boone ' s Favorite HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of Champion Knitwear Company, Inc. A.S.T.C. Processed SPORTSWEAR ROCHESTER 4, NEW YORK Harold J. Schefter, Representative Compliments of VANCE RECAPPING CO. BOONE, N. C. " We Handle Lee Tires " RHODODENDRON PHOTOGRAPHY BY Palmer ' s Studio BOONE, N. C. CT a " Boone ' s Leading Photographic Center " Page One Hundred Forty-seven orkinq TOGETHER.., orking together is the theme of the OBSERVER PRinTinC HOUSE publications department. UUe cannot do our best work without your assistance— you cannot expect to get the best results from your efforts without willing assistance and cooperation from your printer. ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATINE IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOOR YEARS IN SCHOOL- PHIHWE HOUSE N. C.

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