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Maxine Hawks Editor Rita Dare McNeal Business Manager Rnnual Publication of RPPRLRCHIRn STRTE TERCHERS COLLEGE Boone, Rorth Carolina 1950 VI 5 r YOSlfF! King of the North State Conference. Born in ;the land of imagination, and nurtured in the hsarts of every Mountaineer since 1903. The impelling force that inspires every student and cor spires against our opponents — BEAT CATAWBA— he is, was, and shall remain, OUR Y|)sef, the spirit of Appalachian! r ■: 5Sb L» « ;: ' ' . Foreword e present — The 1950 Rhododendron — an informal review of faces, activities, and events that live now, and our hopes are that through the me(i| im of this publication they will remaii vivid siilong as the spirit of " YOSEF " exists.. tribute to — Mrs. LiLLiE Belle Hardin For her years ol ser ice tli rough guidanee and understanding, we, tlie staff of the l ' ' )5() Rhododendron, do humbly dedieate this xohime to a dear and lo ' able hid . °rii;e Six I). B. DoiR-.iiEniv 13. S., Ph.B.. D.Litt., D.lul. President RDminisTRRTion |. I). Rankin A. 15., A.M., S.r.I). Dean, i.ii ' lish ll I 1 N hlliu 11 All.. 1. A. Dean (i inin ' ti. I ilueatiou Herman R. Eggers, A.B., M.A. Registrar, Education Barnard Dougherty, B.S. Business Manager CuAPPELL Wilson, B.A., M.A. Director of Crraduate Study Herbert W. Wey, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Principal High School John T. Howell, B.S., M.A., M.Ed. Principal Elementary School Myrtle Brandon Wilson, B.S., M.A. Primary Education ART Catherine I. S.mith, B.S., M.A.Ed. BIOLOGY Ida Belle Ledbetter, A.B., .A.M. F. Ray Derrick, B.S., M.S. Paul W Graff, B.S., A.M.. Ph.D. BUSINESS EDUCATION Ella Mae Fogg, B.S., M.A. Vera Smith Spears, B.S., M.A. James T. Thompson, A.B., M.B.A. CHEMISTRY A. R. SiNUTH, A. B., A.M. Lillian Reeves Horner, .B. Laboratory Assistant EDUCATION John G. Barden, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Lee J. Reynolds, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Mildred Babcock, B.A., M.A., D.Ed. FACULTY , CHJ ENGLISH C.RAVDON P. ECGERS, A.B., A.M., I ' ll. I). CvTMHRiNH A. Burns, A.B., A.M.. Ph.l " ). Elizabehi C ' r.mmxk ' k C sale B.S., MA., Ph.D. Renato Casale, B.A., B.I).. M.A. I)a ii) I l()ix;iN, . .l!., A.. l. Peari S. McCariv, A.B., A., ].. Fdl). William II. Morc a.n, B.S., M.S., Pli.l). LoRis Siiii .NL N, A.B., B.S., M,A, loiiN |. Van iX ' oppen. . .B.. M.. ., Ld.D. HOME ECO OMKN LiKv Brock. , .|]., M.S. Poi LVANNA CiORDO.N, B. S. C ' .nACE I loLLlFIELl). ]).S., M.. . Maix;e Rhyne, B.S., M.S. ' i L N Wool) Welborn. B,S., M.S. Dielitiaii IIEAL1II AND PIIYSiC. E EDUC MIOX RoiiiRi W. Brooml;, ll.S., M., . Gail Clay, B,S. lllNE DiNKlNS, B,S„ M.S. Gdon lIoDCEs, A.B., M.S. FRCULTY Francis L. Hoover, B.S., M.A. Frederick Kirciiner, B.S., M.S. Joy Miller Kirchner. B.S. A. Madeleine McCain, B.S., M.P.I 1. R. W. Watkins, A.B., M.A. LIBRARY SCIENCE Emma H. Moore Librarian Dick Allen, A.B., M.A.. B.S. in L.S. Leonard Fury, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Nina Garvey, A.B. Allie a. Hodgin, B.S., B.S. in L.S. Mary Alice Huff, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Eunice Query, A.B., A.B. in L.S. Ila Mae Taylor, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Vera C. Tunnell Lihraria)! MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS J. T. C. Wright, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Allen G. Montgomery B.A., B.S., LL.B., M.A., M.S. Walter G. I Iawkinson, B.S. Golden T. Buckland, B.S., M.A. FRCULTY SlARR l . SlACV, Jh., B.S., M.A. MLISIC ' 11U;1MA W ' Ain I.INNFV, 1].M., 1.M o l . 1)1, ANION, JR., 15. S. |]()i!i!v Wayne Cox. B.M.. M.M. Hlsie II. 1). Ernfston, B.M. Nicholas Erneston, B.M., M.M. O. M. IIartsell, A.B.. M.A. Lii-iit B. Perry, B.M. PSYCIIOEOCY Wiley P. Smmii, A.P,., M.A., Ph.D. Charles W. Simms, B.S.. M.A., Pli.l). SOCIAL S 111 DIES 1). I. Whliener, A.B.. M.A.. Pli.l). Edwin Douc.iirm ' i ' , B.S., M.A. E. C. Dugcins, B.A.. 1. . Vance C. 1 Iovvm l, A. 15., A.M. John Mllchell Justice, A.B., A.M. Leo K. PRiTcnrn, A. I ' ,., ALltl.D. Ceorge L. Sawyer, A.B., A.M., M.A. Ina W. Van ' oi i kn. r,.S., M.A.. lul.D. FRCULTY Julian C. Yoder, B.S., iM.A., Ph.D. John . Workman, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Mrs. Lillie B. Hardin Hotise Mother of New Dorvi Mrs. J. W. Massey House Mother of White Hall Mrs. Jethro Barnes Majette House Mother of Lovill Hall William Ira Halstead Graduate Assistant in Physical Education Robert E. Jenkins Graduate Assistant in Enojish James F. Parks Graduate Assistant in Social Studies Mozelle Rogers Graduate Assistant in Physical Education Rachel Anne Vance Graduate Assistant in English Imogene De Vaughan Graduate Assistant in Social Studies William Ross Graduate Assistant in Education FACULTY Pa e Fifteen GRRDUflTE STUDERTS Ray Lewis Alston Asliclioio Clarence Marion Butler, Jr Spindalc [oHN Vance Carver I lickorx John . Caskey iMoorcsville Andy D. Dickerson Los Angeles, C;il. Cyrus Faw Wilkcsboro Worth Elijah 1 hadv luitlu ' i Icircltdn Thomas B. Freeman Spartiinbur , S. C. Bryce L Gordon Winston-Salem John Rasper L l LTON ' riiomas ' illc Kenneth E. Heffner Shelby iM.WEY Leo Johnson, Jr Chcraw, S. C. Page Sixteen 4 CiEORc;E SiLw Ann Kimsv 1 liidson John Z. Kirk Lexington Glenn C. Maui.ovv Wilkesboro Wallace W. Mari in Diyson City Albert Newland Monic.omerv Ta l()is iilc Mazon MuRi ' HY Stanley Li SI in |. I ' noi ' s I , jp, iS ' ewlon Iesse i amor Kannapolis Wn I I M IiKKER Clifton Forge, Va. Pa e Seventeen Back wava Four years. Years of perspiring over exams, term papers and athletic events . . . Reflections? Sure. The freshman e}i minations that unnerve the Stoics . . . knowing harc0y anyone each other . . . trying to di inguish between the Twp |i| store ... we settle for " TwS " . . . the numerous " cot ducive to chapel-cuts . . . vrW i ' t paths aero into thoroughfares . . . dreadiia |Mf for releasing the clutches of another . . . parallel reading that thrived for the first quarter only . . . baseball team playing during a blizzard 7 ance history in the making . . . influx of more professors — progress? " The Rats ' D£,n. " . . " The Floradpra 4 " . . . Playcrafters . . . eight ennui of some classes ... a dent written productions . . . liverse attitudes toward grad- enigma . . . the destructive of victory and the stench of defeat . . . and now we coin . . . " Faith, Hope, Graduation; The greatest of these is GRADUATION. " OFFICERS Gi.ENN C ' aiishy I ' rcsidciil Flay Sellers Vice-I ' rcsidciii 111 T A Dare McNeal Secretary William Rk:hardson Treasurer I ' af e Twenty TZmTm m moi hop . " " we dancTp THIS YOUN ER GENERATION. HOVtf YOy ' 1950 RHODODEnDROn Abebnathy. Habrv IIoyle. ]u. Ai -BEA, Johnny B. Alfobi). W ' u son I). AnC;! l.N. W OODBOW .M . Statesvillc Winston-Saleni Laurinburi; Burnsville English and Social Studies . . . ll.S.C. 1: Milchcll Junior tolK-i;t- 2. Ashby, Blanche Irene Music and Social Studies . . . Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Publicity Manauer 1. 2, 3, Secrelarv 4; Chiirus 3, 4; Dance Band 1. 2. 3, 4; rioradora " 4 " ; Modern Dance Club 2, 3. 4. President 3, 4; Varsouvianna Club 3, 4; Plav crafters 2. Physical Education and S(tcial Studies. Bauguess, Ameue Social Studies and Physical Ldii cation. Bauguess. Audrey Concord Loma.x Loma.x Social Studies and Physical Edu- cation ... W.. .. . 1, 2. 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 2. 3. 4; Baton Club 3. Treasurer 3; Women ' s " A " Club 3. 4; Varsitv Basketball 3. 4; Dorm Council 2. 3. 4; White Hall Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Bates, Eugene Boone Mathematics and Science. Home Economics and Science . . . Home Economics Club 1, 2. 4; Playcrafters 3; Loyill Club 1. Bishop, Mary Evely ' N Brown Summit English and Library Science . . . Loyill Club 1; Spanish Club 1. 2, ' ice-Presidcnt 2; Library Science Club 3. 4. ' ice President 4; Play- crafters 3, 4; May Court .Attendant 3. Blackburn, Charles Bingham. John Boone Science and Social Studies . . . French Club 3; Aptmlachiun Staff 2. Sc: Chec Bingham. Richard Boone ience and Social Studies . rieader 2. Physical Education and Social Studies ... W.. .. . 1. 2, 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; crnician Lit erar - Society 2; Future Teachers of -America 2, 3, 4. Boone Business Education and Social Studies ... Dayidson College 1; Business Club 4. S enior ic BoLicK, Cloyd S. Boone Mathematics and Physical Educa- tion . . . Math Club 3, ' 4. Bradley, Mildred Charlotte Physical Education and Science . . . Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Flying Fish 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary- 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Bbandon, James Yadkinville Science and Social Studies. Braswell, Ted Spruce Pine and Physical Education Studies. Social Brintle, Rachel White Plains Business Education and Social Studies . . . Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4. Brown, Bobby Hillsboro Physical Education and Social Studies . . . U.N.C. 1, 2. Brown, Margaret Huntersville Business Education and Social Studies . . . Business Club 4; Pep Club 3. Brown, Mary M.adeline North ' ilkesboro Home Economics and Science . . . Mars Hill College 1, 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Y.W.C.A. 4; Pep Club ' 4; B.S.U. 3, 4. Bryson, Herman Winston-Salem Physical Education and Social Studies . . . " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Care, Julian Wylie Hillsboro English and Social Studies . . . Playcrafters 1, 2, 3; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2; Future Teachers of America 2, 3; Y.M.C.A. 1; Alpha Psi Omega, Lambda Zeta Cast 2, 3. Cashion, Leonard Mooresville Education and Social Physical Studies. add Causey, George Glenn Greensboro Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Basketball 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 2. 3, 4. Secretary 4; Var- souvianna Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Class Offi- cer 3, President 4; Senior Superlative. Chilton, Robert Elwood Winston-Salem English and Social Studies . . . News Editor Appuiachian 3, Sports Editor 4; Associate Editor Rhododen- DROX 3; Associate E.litor Humlhook 3; Who ' s Who Amott Students in Americiin Vniversities mid Colleges i, 4; Spanish Club 3; Student Coun- cil 3. 4. Treasurer 3; President Stu dent Body 4; North State Student Council 4; Pep Club I. Clarke, Betty Ruth Morgan ton Primary Education . . . ' . " .C A. 1. 2. 3, 4; A.C:.E. 1, 2. 3. 4; B.S.ll. 2. 3. Clarke, Robert T. Albemarle (irammar Cirade Education. Clendenin. Harry Eugene Greensboro Physical Education and Mathe matics . . . Varsouvianna 3, 4; Mod- em Dance Club 4; Football " B " Team 3, 4. Cline, Ralph Collettsville Physical Education and Social Studies. Clontz. Charles ERVI Lenoir Mathematics and Science. Coffey, Roy Boone Physical Education and Social Studies. Coleman, Elton B. Whiteville English and Social Studies Spanish Club 2, 3; Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Conrad, Ralph H. Thomasville Social Studies and Science. COOLEY, RUFUS E. Hillsville. Va. Grammar Grade Education. Cook, Lyle Boone Physical Education and Social Studies. Cooper, Edward II.. Jr. Minneapolis Physical Education and Social Studies. S. enior a add 1950 RHODODEnOROn Cox, Eugene M. Gox, John A., Jr. Davidson, Curtis R. Davidson, Dewey Whiteville Todd Monroe Le.xington Mathematics and Science . . . Math Physical Education and Social Physical Education and Science. Physical Education and Social Club 2. i, 4. President 4; VVrestlini; Studies. Studies. 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4; Student Council 4; U ' do ' s Whn Amou Students in American Universities and Colleges 3. 4; Fu- ture Teachers oF . nierica 4. Davis, Laura Louise Day, Robert Carl DeLaney, James Robert Davis, Frances Gary East Bend Boone Winston-Salem Uurliam Physical Education inj Social Studies ... W.C.U.N.C. 1, 2; y.W.C.. . 3; ' ars )uvianna 4; W.A.A. Physical Educatit:n and Social Studies . . . Mars Hill College 1 . 2; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 1. 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4: V.A.. . 3, 4; Vernician Literary Society 4. Science and Social Studies . . . I.R.C. 2. 3. 4, President 4. Mathematics an-1 Science . . . N.C. State 1, 2; Spanish Club 3; Cheer leader 3, 4; Aj pnlachiitn Staff 3, 4; Pep Clul) 3, 4; Rhoijodendro Statr 4. 3, 4. Dixon, Joseph M. Pleasant Garden Dukes, Willodeen Gibson Edwards, Ellis F. Social Studies and Library Science Dove, Guy Thomas Morganton . . . Library Science Club 2, 3. 4; Roland Business Education and Social Playcrafters 2. 3, 4, Publicity Mana- X LV-Zlu-llVl Studies . . , Montreal College 1. 2; Physical Education and Science . . . ger 3, 4; Rhododen ' drox Staff 4. Science and Physical Education. Business Club 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. N ' arsouyianna 3, 4. 1950 RHODODEnOROn EVEBHART. V ' aYNE FrANKLIN Lexington Physical Educulion and Social Studies. EwART, Jane Bowie I luntcrsville Gramnuir (iradc Education FaIIHOW. CATIlinuNE Shclbv Home rcoiiuniics and Science ... Associate Business Manager RllODo- DENUUON 4; iMav Court .Attendant 2. 4; Y. V.C.. . 1, 2, 3. 4; ernician Literary Society 3. 4. Felton, Elizabeth Rockingham Prinutry l ducation . . . Tuture Teachers of .America 4; .A.C.K. 4; Business Chlh 4. Fernandez, Francisco Puerto Rico Mathematics and Science. Physical Studies. Freeman. Henry VV. Vienna. V ' a. Education and Sticial Fischer Lenore Ellenton, Fla. Physical Education and Social Studies ... riyinu Fish 1. 2, i. 4, Secretary 2; V.. .. . 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4; AyiuiUahiun Stair 2. 3. 4: Baskclhall 3. Gentle, Evelyn Fletcher English and Library Science Lees i IcRae College 1, 2. FoLCER, Eunice Blanche Dobson Business Education and Social StutJies . . . Business Club 3. 4. Offi- cer 4: Class Officer 3: Y.W.C.-A. 1. 2. 3. GiNNiNGS, XA ' kndell .Mac Greensboro .Mathematics and Science. Foreman, Thomas Salisbury Mathematics and Science . . . lie Collei:c I, 2. Grant. Juanita Mozelle Wood leaf Ciranimar Cirade Education and Library Science . . . .A.C.E. 1,2, 3. 4; Fiirum Club 3, 4; l- ' uture Teachers of .America 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4; Library Science Club 1. 3. 4. President 3; B.S.U. Council 2. 3. 4; N.C.B.S.ll. ice President 3; Religious Council 4. Griffith, William R. Davidson Physical Education and Social Studies . . . P.J.C. I; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 2, 3, 4. Grimes, Reid China Grove Social Studies and Physical Edu- cation. Hanson, Coleman Lancaster, S. C. Business Education and Social Studies . . . Appalachian Editor 4; President B.S.U. 3; N.C.B.S.U. Offi- cer 4; Rhododendron Staff 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4; Junior Marshal. Hardin, Fred Harold V ' est Jefferson Science and Social Studies. Hauser Eleanor Mavis High Point Science and Physical Education . . . High Point College 1; Dorm Council 2; Chorus 2; W.A.A. 2. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Modem Dance 2; Varsouvianna 3; Lovill Club 2; Pep Club 2. 3, 4; May Court 4. Hawks, jMaxine E. Greensboro English and Social Studies . . . Rhododendron Staff 3, Editor 4; Playcrafters 1. 2, 3, 4; I ' layhill Staff 1. 2, Elitor 3; Alpha Psi Omega, Lambda Zeta Cast 2, 3, 4, President 4; Appa- lachian Staff 2; Stiideiil Handbook Staff 4; French Club 1, 2; Vemician Literary Society 3, 4; Junior Marshal; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Who ' s Who Atnong Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; Maid of Honor 4. Haynie, Cabroll Tangier, Va. Social Studies and Physical Edu- cation. HoLcoMBE, Hazel E. Mars Hill Business Education and Social Studies . . . Mars Hill College 1, 2; ' ernician Literary Society 3, 4; Business Club 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4. HoLLiFiELD, Betty Lou Dre. el Primary Education . . . Y ' .W.C.A. 1, 2, 4; A.C.E. 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 4; Pep Club 1. 2. HoLYFiELD, Watson Casma Physical Education and History. Honeycutt, J. C. Kannapohs Physical Education and Social Studies . . . " A " Club 2, 3, 4. enioi ' ( ic add Hope, Charles Ellenboro Physical Education and Social Studies. HoRTDN, BeiTIA AnNE Ellerbc Music and Siicial Sluilies. Howell, Robert C. Bumsvillc Social Studies and Grammar Grade ... Lees McRae Gnllcue 1, 2; Plav crafters . . 4. HiiNNiciiTT, Ben C hickamaui;a. Ga. Fhvsical K lucalion and Social Studies . . . Football 2, 3, 4; Base- ball 2. Hunter, Robert R. Huntersville Physical Education and Social Studies. Hunter, Ihomas E. Winston-Salem Business Education and Social Studies . . . Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Business Glub , , 4, Treasurer . , President 4; BllODOUtNDRON Stall 4. Huskey Troy Rufus Avondale Physical Education anil Social Studies. Jarreti , Barbara Ann Shelbv Primary Education . . . Limestone C-.-Meue 1. 2; .A.C.E. i. 4, ice Presi (lent 4; X ' emician Literary Societ ' 4. Jarrett, Claude Marion Music and Social Studies. Jarvis, Charles Winston-Salem Entilish and Social Studies. James, Noah ' ilkesboro Cirammar C radc Educatioti Eorum Cluh 2. i, 4; LR.C. ii, 4. Secretary 4. Johnson, W ' illum Favetteville .Mathematics and Science . . . Math Club 2, 3. 4, Officer 2. 3, 4; Dc- batinK Club 2. 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Tennis Team 3; Pep Club 2. 3, 4, Officer 4; B.S.ll. 4; V,M.C.. . 3, 4. Johnston, Albert Crier I luntersvilje Mathematics and Physical Educali ii s. enior a a55 1950 RHODODEnOROn JoiNES, Imogene Covington Troy Home Economics and Science . . . Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Plavcrafters 1, 2; Wesley Youth Fel- lo vship 2. 3. 4. JoiNES, Wesley Boone English and Social Studies . . . Y.M.C.A. 1, 2, President 2; B.S.LI. I; Weslev Youth Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Ilistor - Club 1. Keller. Verdola Boone Librar " Science and Social Studies . . . B.S.II. I, 2, 3, 4; Library Science Club 3, 4, Officer 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Who ' s Who Amojig Students in Amcriciin Universities and Colleges 4. Kerley, Robert North Wilkesboro Business Education and Social Studies. KiRKPATRicK, Gene Irvin Shelby Physical Educatiun and Social Studies . . . " A " Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Treasurer 4. Linker, William Wade Davidson Science and Physical liducatiun . . V.M.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ]. c. Lamm Bailev Social Studies and Ph siciil E:lu- caiion . . . X ' eteran ' s Club i, 2; Y.M.C.A. 3. LiNNEY, Joseph Wilkesboro Ph ■sical Education and So Studies. Lane. Carl Allen Charlotte English and Social Studies . . . Feature Writer Appalachiun 3, 4, Business Manager 4; French Club 1; Playcrafters 1. 2; A Cappelia Choir 1, 2, 3. President 3; Rhododendron Staff 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and CoHegt ' s 4; Cheerleader 3, 4, Chief 4; Chief Junior Marshal; North State Student Council 4; Student Council 4, Vice- President 4; Floradora " 4 " 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Senior Superlative. Long, William Earl Raleigh Social Studies and Physical Edu- cation. Lanning, Iris Fletcher Home Economics and Science . Home Economics Club 3, 4, ' i President 4. Lowe, Frank Pores Knob Science and Mathematics. 1950 RHODODERDROn Lowe, Roger Low Gap Social Studies and Phvsical Edu- LuTHER, William H. Todd Studies and Physical lidu- catinn. Mac I ' m hson, James C amoron lulucation and Social Studies. Marsh, Kov Boone Ciramrnar Grade Education, .Marii.n. John B, Blaclcsburg, S. C, Science and Social Stu dies. Martin Leo Evansvillc. Ind, Physical Education and Social Studies. Martin, Robert Summcrfickl French and Social Studies . . . Ircnch Cluh I, 2, i. 4; Pep Club 1, 2, i, 4, Matthews, Sarah Miller Lenoir Enolish and Library Science . . . Y. V.C " .. . 1. 2. .?, 4; Playcraftcrs 1: Rand . . 4; Raton Club 2. .1. 4. Presiilcnt . ; Library Science Club i. 4, President 4; LR.C. i. 4; French Club 3; ' ernician Literary Society . , 4; May Court .Attendant 1. 4: Student ( )uncil 4; Class Oilicer 3; l r Club 4; ' )ir s- Whn AmtMU. Slii- ilcjits in Anicriciin Unii ' crsilics «ml CuUewi ?.. 4. McBrayer, Charles Fairview Science and Social Studies. Physical Studies. McCall, ed Ray Den er ducation and Social McClure, James Ruthertordtcin Science and Social Studies Wake Forest College 1, 2, . McCreigiit, Sarah Alice Moroantim Home Economics and Science ... Home Economics Club 1, 2. . , 4; V.W.C.A. 1. . 4; Phncraflers 3; V.. .. . li Li yill Club 1. Senior ( Ic udd McGalhaed, Emma Marion Primar} ' Education . . . A.C.E. 3, 4. McLean, Frederick Cricket Phvsical Education and Mathematics. McNeal, Rita Dare Ridley Park, Pa. Home Economics and Science . . . Business Manager Rhododendron 4; Class Officer 4; Student Council 3, Officer 4; May Court Attendant 2; U ' Jio ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Vemician Literary- Society 3, 4; Plavcrafters 3 Home Econotnics Club 1 ' , 2, 3, 4 Junior Marshal; Senior Superlative; Lovill Club 1, 2; Dorm Council 4 Mav Queen 4. Miller, Ernest Ellwood Lake View, S. C. Business Education and Social Studies ... A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4, President 3; T.V. Basketball 2. Mills, Carlos Lee Henderson Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Football 1, 2, 3 4 ' Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 3, 4; " A " Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Mills, Hurley Henderson Social Studies and Phvsical Edu- cation. Moore, Mary Ruth Low Gap English and Business Education . . . I.R.C. 3; Forum Club 3; Busi- ness Club 3. 4; Dorm President 4- B.S.LI. 2, 3; French Club 2. Moose, Miriam Juanita Concord Home Economics and Science . . . Playcrafters I; W.A.A. 1; Varsouvi- anna 2, 3, 4; Home Economics 2, 3, 4, Vice-President. Moretz, Herbert C, Jr. Boone Business Education and Socjal Studies. Moss, Mary Boone Grammar Grade Education. Norman, Mary Sue Dobson Home Economics and Science . . . Elon College 1, 2; Home Economics Club 3, 4. NoRRis, Merrill Todd Science and Phvsical Education. Oliver, Joseph Fir Science and Social Sludies. Padgett. Oscar, Jr. Ellcnboro Science. Pabdue, Hobeb Lee W ' instimSalem Business [i.lticatii)n ;inil Siiciiil Studies . . . C heerleader 2, . . 4; H;isebilll M;in;jjjer I, 2, 3, 4; Apjtii- hichiun Staff 3: " . " Club 4: I ' ep llub 3, 4; Business Club i. 4: Cam pus Superlative 3. Parker, Phyllis Clahie Charlotte Pbvsical liducaliun and Siieial Studies. Payne Anthony Rural Hall Science and Siicial Studies . . . ll.N ' .C. I. 2., illia.m T. Sugar Grove Social Sludies and PInsical Iv.Ul cation. Penic ' k, William Eaiu BtKine Physical Hducntion and Social Studies ... " A " Club I, 2, 3, 4. Powers, Preston Henderson Physical Fducalion and S«)cial Sludies ... Football I, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club I, 2, 3, 4. PsoMADAKis. Arthur Piim lip Covinj;ton, a. Physical liducaliun anJ Social Sludies. QiiiNCY, Jean Catherine Boone P imar • EJucation. Ragan, Walter Boone Physical Education and Social Sludies ... " A " Club I. 2, 3. 4; roolball I. 2, 3, 4; Baseball I. Ray, Ross Fort Mill, S. C. Science ;iml Mnlhcmntics. S. emor a add 1950 RHODODEnOROn Richardson. William R. Galax, Va. Science and Social Studies . . . Football 1 ; Future Teachers of America 4; Forensic Club 4, Vice- President 4; Class Officer 4; Weslev Youth Fellowship 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 1. Saunders, A. ]., Jr. Gastonia Physical Education and Mathe- matics. Robinson, Jay Banciana Mathematics cation. and Physical Edu- ScoTT, John Boone Physical Education Studies. and Social Robinson, Kent Reese Science and Social Studies. Sellers, Flay William Cherm ille Mathematics and Physical Educa- tion ... " A " Club 2, ' 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Varsouyianna 2, 3, 4; I.R.C. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4. President 3; Math Club 2; Wrestlino I, 2. 3, 4. Captain 4; Junior Marshal; Class Officer 4. Safrit, Hoyt China Grove Music and Social Studies Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Soloist 3, 4. Sides, John O. Paw Creek Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Simmons. Jerry Marion Social Studies and Physical Edu- cation; Y.M.C.A. I; Api alachian Sports Staff 3, 4; Varsou ' ianna 4. Small. John Cumberland, Md. Physical Education and Studies. Sowers, Norma Lexington and Business Education Studies. Thompson, Donald Mills Spring Mathematics and Science . . . Spar- tanburg Junior College 1, 2, 1950 RHODODERDROn ToMiCK, Emil Baltimore, iMd. Physical Education and Mathe- matics ... W ' rcslIinH I, 2, 3. 4; ••. " Club 1, 2. i. 4: Student Council 2. i, 4; Class Olficcr 2. Voss, Thomas Winston-Salem Social Studies and Physical l£du- calion . . . Wrestling ManajJcr 3, 4; X ' arsouvianna 2, i; Band 1, 2. Troutman, HoMin I nt;. Jr. Concord Physical liducatiun and Social Studies. Warrick, May Elizabeth Mars Hill Primary H:lucatiun. Turner, Jonnh Rum Hii;h Point Social Studies and Physical Edu cation . . . V.. .. . I. 2. i. 4: .Modern Dance 1: Y.W.C.A. I. 2. i. 4: Baton Club 2, .3. 4, President 4; .May Court .Attendant i; History Club 1; White Mall Club 1, 2; Dorm Coun cil 2. Waison. JuNioii Donald Albemarle Social Studies and Library Science . . A Cappella Choir 3, 4. ' ()ss Martha Ann Winston-Salem 1 Mulish and Physic d Education . . . C lass Oilicer I. 2. Class President 3; Sludenl touncil I, 2. 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4: i Kin;; 1 ish I, 2, 3, 4. Presi deni 3; Y.W.C.A. I, 2. 3, 4; orni cian Literary Society 2. 3; Who ' s Who Atttini Stmleuts in American Universities and Colleges 3, 4. AUC.Il, 1!)0R1S Greensboro Library Science anl Social Studies . . . Y.W.C.A. I. 2, 3. 4: llistorv Club 1; l.ibrarv Science Club 1, 3, 4. Physical Studies. Webb, Thomas C Florence, S. C. Education and Social V ' ells. Eva Nell Murphv Primary Education . . . Y.W.C.A. I. 2, 3, 4; A.C.U. 1. 2. 3. 4. Wilson, Klmu Walker Davidson Physical Studies . . . Education and Social •■A " Club 3. 4. W ' l Mii i) v, Robert L. Ilullis Physical Education and Social Studies . . . Baseball I. 2, 3. 4; Class President I, Class Officer 2; l.R.C. 3, 4; " A " Club 2. . 4. Wood, ' ANDA North Wilkesboro Mathematics and Science . . , I.R.C. 2. 3. 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Woodson, Harry D. Alexander Physical Education and Social Studies. Senior ( ic add Page Thirty-five First meal, ptomaine . . . boy friends in girls ' dormitory . . . Boys forced to leave . . . first " A " initiation . . . Duggins makes head coach . . . lost to Catawba, per usi, go over big . . . foreigner ej failures ... at last, May 18. Back again . . . looking do i |p || | tjE|n|hg)|[7 ... in love . . . out of love . . . lost Burley Bowl ... in love again . . . same oT " A " Club initiation . . . hurt, out of love again . . . Homecoming, ' m. I I - another drunk . . . Appalachianized Macbeth . . . more bags for the May Court . . . good ol ' " S. P. Week " . . . Freedom again! atriculation, thank gosh! . . . ain to Catawba " . . . Pythian ition stale . . . back to renting . . . Business Club presents )ld Freshmen . . . being big- I, baseball, and wrestling with women . . . spring and love . . . looking forward to next year and practice teaching . . . failures and summer school. junixAdu OFFICERS Norman Piu)i s i President ToiM Weber Yke-Presideut Poll ' ! ' W ' ohhei.l Secretary Cecelia Warlick I reasurer Pujl e 1 liirly eii tit , bernethv, Luther Lincolnton Alexander, Bettye Huntersville Alexander, Coleen Kannapolis Alexander, Josephine .... Stonv Point Alexander, Lewey Vass Alexander, William . . . .Shulls Mills Annas, Nina Trov Armstrong, James .... Hendersonville Arthurs, Martha Troutman Alistell, Maynard . .Blacksburo, S. C. f Babson, Hyton W Ash Bagwell, Ramona Asheville Baker, Connie Maxton Baker, Helen Boon ille Baker, Lewis Wiggins, Miss. Bame, Harry Lee China Grove Earnhardt, Helen Advance Beach, Charles Moroanton Berry, Betty Sue Drexcl Bingham, Bonnie Boone Blanton, Elizabeth Lattimore BosT, Edward Henrietta Bost, Catherine Kannapolis Braswell, Margaret Monroe Brewer, Marion Jo . . . Winston-Salem Brown, Loren Crumpler Brown, Marjorie Fayetteville Broyhill, Anne Pores Knob BLiNcyi, John Milton Statesville Burleson, Lou Ann Plumtree RHODODERDROn 1950 t ' cii e Tliiity- IJyrd, Carolyn W ' ilkesboro BvRD, CliLBERT Marion Cannon, Mildred Banner Elk Carnes, Mildred Cramcrton Carroll, Annie Mae Boone Cheek, Don Ralcij h Christy, Billy Concord Ci.AU ' SON, Betty Lou Boone C LEARY, William Savannah, Ga. Cochrane, Hilton Ether CocKERiiAM, Thomas Elkin Colletie, Elizahkih (Kistoni.i Collins, CEonc;E I I., |ii. . .Mount Airs Conner, I lucii Lincolnion CosTON. Onha Winston Salem Cox, Frances La Rlie labor Cits Cox, Vergie Frances Crumpler Craig, Eula Mae Charlotte Crissman, Robert Oxloril Dancy, Hubert Wilkesboro Dwtdson, Josepei Statesvillc IJams, Doris Peaehhmcl Davis, June Ciuirlotte Davis, Robert Fairmont Day, Savannah Roaring l i er Dea ton, Denny Maiden Dedmond, James ClilTside Di-:LLiNc:En, Charles Altamont Dellinger, Hazel Lee ....Mica iile DeSorcy, Louise Lexint;ion Piigt lorly Deviney, George Spindale Dixon, Ann Pleasant Garden Dixon, Buford Marion Dunn, Catherine Charlotte Eastridge, Charles Clifton Edmisten, Clifford Boone Edmisten, Lilllan Sugar Grove Eldridge, Claude State Road Elliott, Eleana Dare Durham Epting, Betty High Point Evans, James Bladenboro Farthing, Rhea Boone Faulkner, Ruth Peachland Felton, FioRACE Rocky Mount Felton, James Rocky Mount FoRBis, Yates Matthews FoRMYDUVAL, Eldiweiss . . . .Old Dock Garris, Edward Sumter, S. C. Giles, Jessie Linden Graham, James Todd Granger, Mazie Hickorv Graybeal, Mary West Jefferson Grayson, Melba Forest City Greene, Harlan Deep Gap Greene, Mary Sue Boone Greene, Nannie Sherwood Greer, Doris Lexington Griffith, Dorothy Da idson Griffith, Temple Reidsviile Hall, James Spruce Pine RHODODEnDROn 1950 Pii e Forty-one mi Iamilton. Stokes Charlotte I nc;R, vu. Marv Laurel ! lill I ARREi.soN. Henry Hullin lARrzoG, Robert nrnwiiwuotl Iavvpe, James Greenxiile. Va. I AYES, Betty Yadkinvillc li£NDRicK, Thomas Chcrrvvillc Iendrix, Tom Charlotte ilt;C;lNS, CiLENNA I la s loDGES, Betty Sue Caroleen .-ill I Iolcombe, Claude Candler I loLT, Carolyn New London I loNEYcuTT, L KE i liekorv I ioii.NH, Ruth Polkton I iovvARD, Lindsay Oakhoro 1 IiiciiiEs. I Iarold Boone Munt, Ray Charlotte i liisKEY. Cleo Boomer 1 liiTciiisoN, NLsry Ahshcrs 1 Iyder, Charles Miami, Fla. Jaynes, Omeca Marion Ieffreys, Maui II Mehane Jenkins, Bohhil Statcsville Jenkins, L RCIA Cramerton Jenkins, Madeline Cramerton Johnson, Charles . . . .Winston Salem Johnson, Clenwood I icaton Johnson, Worth Sjiindale loNES. LvELYN Shelby |oNES, RoBER I Winston-Salem I ' unc Fnrly two [oRDON, Jean Raleioh KiSER, Ruth Concord Kluttz, Janie Concord KuYKENDALL, Ellis C, Jr Trvon Lancaster, Marian .... Rutherfordton Lawing, Annie Glen wood Laws, Martha Brentwood, Md. Lawson, Martha Mount Airv Le. theriman, Dorothy . . . Lincolnton Ledbetter, Otis Marion Lee, John IL, Jr Polkville Ligon, Walter Spindale Lippard, Eugene Statesxille Lopp, Imogene Lexington LowDER, Bradie Albemarle Mack, Lewis Cramerton Maples, Dwight Rockingham Marsh, John Boone Martin, Dollie Unaka Martin, Gordon Stonv Point Mathis, John Jonesxille McCall, Aljma Marion McClure, Annie Rutherfordton McClltre, Rufus Hioh Point McGiNNis, Betty ClifFside McGrady, Sue Sparta McGuiRE, Frances Heaton McLendon, Joel Badin McSwAiN, Pauline Shelby Meacham, Jeannine Lexington RHODODEnDROn 1950 Page Forty-three MbOLIN, MaRCARET MoniDL ' MiDKiFF, Marv Lou Mount , ir Miller, [ames Sil ;im Miller, Powell L;insiny Miller, Ririii Cruniplcr Mills, t:DHi! Paoclancl. S. C. MisiioE, Charles Conuaw S. C. MisiioE, Peggy Richfield MrrciiELL, Evelyn Sparta Moore. Lewis Charles i h)()iu , I ' liiiii Mdiiiil ir Morei , Willis Hodnc Morrow. 1 Iubert Statesxillc- MoxLEv. loMMY SiiE . .Laiircl Sjirinys MoxLEY. WiLLARo Sparta Murray. William Rostk Myers. I Iarry I huniasville Nanney. Laura Llnion Mills iNelson, Liic;ene MciDresvillf NoRRis, Erma BoolH ' NvE. Dewey I .lirmcuit () I eai,. loiINNIF Miillins, S. C. OviiRiiY, Marion Cieenshoro ()v ' EN. Billy Castonia ACKARD, Clittsitle ARLIER. MoZELLE BoorU ' KELE. Pairicia Norwicli, Conn. i;eli;r. Ruby Casar i-NicK. Sallie Boone HPi ' ER, Henry . . . .Sumniersv ille, K . I ' iue Foil) juiir Perrou, Jo Valdese Phipps, David Nathans Creek Pleasant, James Yancevville Prestwood, Betty Lenoir Propst, Norman Newton QuALLS, Edward S., Jr Boone Rhodes, Charles Thomasvillc Richardson, Mozelle Ha re Dc Grace, l ld. RiEVES, Max Greensboro Roberts, Julia Stokesdale Robinson, William . .Castelwood, Va. Rlidd, Anne Reidsville Rlissell, Jane Mt. Gilead Samford, Josephine . . . .Union Mills Savage, Imogene Willard ScOGGiNS, Betty Union, S. C. Scott, Betty Raleigh Shaw, Dwight Edoewood, Md. Shepherd, Thompson . .Laurel Springs Shore, Ralph East Bend Simmons, Lois Mt. Airv Sims, Fay Waxhaw Sink, 1AXINE Lexington Sloan, Katherine Statesxillc Smith, Dorothy Mt. ir - Smith, Roy Boone Smith, Ruth Rockingham Smith, Wayne Pinnacle Stallings, Nancy Erwin Stradley, James Statesville RHODODEnOROn 1950 Paf e Forty-five Succs, AiiniE Loiis, S. C SiiM.MEv, John I lenclcrson illc SiiNc;. Mini; Yanc; . . .Shanghai. China Sweeney, William Statesxillc SwicEtiOOD. Clayton Lcxini ton Sykes, Vic pf ' S ' ' " I " - ' Tait, Regina Boone Taylor, Jeanette Mooreshoro I ESTER, Kenneth Vallc Criicis Iriplett, RoBERr VN ' ilkcslioro True 11. Wanda Sparta Tritll, James Monroe V ' iCK, Robert IJailev Wallace, Ezra Franklin ille Ward, James Canton Warlick, Cecelia Belwoocl Waits, Joseph Morj anton Weber. Charles Siates ille Welborn. Kathleen I)ee|i Cia|i Wenzel. tsiHLR . . . .Coiiiloit, I e.vas ] Whitesides, Dorothy . . . . Lineolnton Williams, John W., Jr Marion Wilson, James i e |)ort, lenn. Winkler, Clelle Boone Worrell, Polly Low gap ahbfrry. Ralph Asliclioro Yelion. I helma I lonevLUtt ODER, RoBERi Richmond, ' a. oRK, Clinion I ligh Point N ()iiNc;ER. John i c I lopc ' oiiNc., Wood i Iall . . . . MiniiiMpolis Piige Forty six RHODODEHDROn 1950 Page Forty-seven First moments . . . " Everybody likes Boone " . . . Strangers . . . " And, joe, I didn ' t know you woul descending ... " I beg your Look, World! Here we com . . . years of yearning . . . " V8 grinding effort . . . " My sled for a holiday! " . . . Yet, laughing years " The parlor, the Gym, Curneyburgers " . . . Thrilling years . . . " Two t. ci- t- -ijjJ B j Look J rld! Here we are — already remi- imn leaves, winter snowflakes, Ifrojjj pur toil and grinding effort . . . lughing years . . . " Thanks for Jalachian . . . Cod help us — Sophomores OFFICERS James Crawfoixd Prcs ' ulciii PecX.Y BlANTON l ' ' icX ' - Vt ' .S ' ( c ' H Bill Rmineiiart Sacretciry Laura Beck Trcanircr ' y2v; fv- - ) ' ii;c Ti h Adams, Elizabeth Lenora Four Oaks Adams, Loretta Hiddenite Alley, Eugenia Kannapolis Anthony, Catherine Belle Yadkin ille Armfield, Bob Troy Arner, Jeanne Marie Charlotte Atkinson, Ruth Lorraine Norwood Baldwin, Agnes Marie Becklcy Harden, Vista Fairmont Barlowe, Marshall L Lenoir Barnette, Betty Sue Ellenboro Barrett, Clifford E Burlington Berber, Ray Taylorsville Beck, Laura Marie Spencer Beroth, Annie Lee Winston-Salem BiDDix, Pansy Elizabeth Marion Biles, Earl F Concord Blair, Frederick Eugene Vilas Blanton, Peggy Lawrence Cliffside Bolejack, Mona Lee Rural Hall Brantley, Herbert Spring Hope Bridges, Maynard Harold Ellenboro Brock, William Monroe, Jr Henderson ille Brown, Dorothy Jean Avondale Bryson, Mildred K Winston-Salem Buff, Virginia Jane Lincolnton Bumgarner, Earl Douglas Belmont Bumgarner, Ola Mae Morganton Burns, Jane Granite Falls Calloway, John Southern Pines Campbell, Floyd Spindale Carpenter, Estelle Three Miles RHODODEHDROn 1950 C ' aupkn I Fn, |han L I iiunlnidn C ' Aii.Hir, Alhlivi W Colmnhi.i, S. C C ' aumi i;, V.WIL HVELEEN S.lllslnUX ' C ' aiidi u, Biiioiin Pilot Mnunl.iin t iiApi ' hi.i., An i:ne Dohsiin C iiiusi ENBiiRY, James E (Instonii C ' l-ARKE, Carl Lewis l)i.lniimt Ci.or.R, (;nes MoruniUnn Cor., iJon iM Cikiilr SpriiiL;. Vn. CoMI- ' i-, Sll ANNF UIiiWIIIL; Ivuk C ()i r, I I. I looviiR nooiH- Collins. llO L s Clenn I ' nincisco CosTNER, Joe Dean Idicst Cit CoTTEN, Max C. I itlsliori) C RAic;, Willl m U W ' ilkcsboro (Crawford, [ames 1 Ienry Cliffsiclc Crawley. Anne Powell iMnn ;,iniun CrMCIIER, rRlIi L N IJIdwilli; PmkL Criimi ' LER, Irei) Cicniianlon Dale, CJlen Fred S|irim ' Piin ' Dalion, Ida Cai merine Lew i illc Daniels, I]lanc:he Cli.ninlti ' Davis, Mary Ciii.ES CIcii Alpine Derh -, |oel Llton I i (iii Devlin, Elizabeth C;int(in Dixon. Clarence I ester I .lilsioii DolSON, L ,MES LlNLEY l ' )(innC DiinRARD. lui HIS Wiikcshcuo DiK-KwoRin. Pairk-ia Elizahfiii . . . .Mori nnlon l)u ( N, Doyle Leon Si,iirs illc I ) ic;c.iNS. Marjory- nn W ' inslim S.ilcni Laion. Carotin Elizabeih Moiksxilk Edwards, Mary Elizabeth West letterson ■■1 » I English, Leroy W Marshall B H C 1. ., |ji EuRE, Coral Brinkley Rocuco Wg " J IT 1 Earthing, John H Boone | |fl|H H Far I HiNc, Peggy Anne Sugar Clnne Bb. |B k ' L M Eaucette, Gene D Brown Summit 1 t I I TI Eerrell, Jimmy Moores ' ille | 8 H |fl liH i B Fesperman, Carolyn Charlotte Bk - H ■P ' ■ -■■ ■ m ' - Si l Finger. Michael Neil Maiden Ha , l rtf- J m Floyd, C ' arolyn Fairmont ' ' " ' Floyd, Dorothy Fairmont I lfl| Foster, Llara She rurlcar W » » Bt! K F Foster, Sar. Elizabeth Mill S|)ring Freeze, I Ioyt Ciiina Croxe , BKl ' .T ' ' ' ' ; fl k Gabriel, Richard Steve Lincolnton Gardner, Ernest A., Jr Shelby ., Garwood, Nancy Jane Wilkesboro ; P % " K l.- , 1 IFTs JR j Gefrich, John Joseph Spruce Pine " Coble, Claudine Lenoir , BUi ' iv m m T ■ « ClooD, Mary Frances Motint ; ir Gragg, Bobby Jean Newland »3Lv CiREENE, Blanche Marie Sugar Gro c BWj r- I CiREENE, KaTHRYN NFuion ji Gri ffith, Melvin S Davidson . .. . ' •t CJRiLL, Doris Llicille Vaidese 1 Ialstead, Virginia Rhea . Pennington Gap, Va. 1 Iamby, Max Gardner Purleu 1 FuiijiN, Lester Raleiyh m I I FuiMoN. IvA Jean Sugar Ciro ' e I mK K H K fe I JARMON, Lena Mae Lenoir 1 Iarmon, Raymond E Sugar Ciroxe — RHODODEnDROn 1950 I. iuu;i.i.. I iioMAS Lee Gastciniii Iaiuiii 1 . Maiviha S|iiiul,il . ' 1 All! 1 1 , JosHiMi ' nnE Lenoir Iahiman, James Alex Ciastonia I AUVEY, William Harry . . . Jdhnson Cit , IVnn. Iahiaway, Charles CiLEnn pring Hope Ialiser, Katie Winston-Salem Iay.nes, Mack Mount Airv Hemric, Guy B State Road Hemrick, George Everette . . . AVinston Sak ' ni Henderson, Betty Jo Cantdji Hendricks, Earl 1 Iarding Mock xillc } Iester, John Robert Roxboro I Iodge. C. Herbert Rutherfordton I loDGES, Dean Bradford Boone I loDGEs, Ralph M Boone I looKS, , l tn Ray Rock ' Mount 1 loRNER. lmR L N Oxloid I lui fman, Gtrace Aline Salisbury 1 luNT, |()i-: i Iarvey Matthews 1 liisKEY, WoFFORD Trhette Avondale I liiK HENS, Bti lY jo Y.ulkinxillc Idol, Kenneth Jack Deep Gap IsoM, Rosalind Mary Miami, I la. Johnson, Allen Monroe Mebane loHNSON, Emogene Four Oaks Johnson, 1 1 i Ray Mebane loHNsoN. Lucille Reese loHNsoN. W ' h J lAM Roy Boone loNi-s, 1 iiii) Gharles Purlcu ' |()M s. Ij)ua B West Jefferson Key, Ievvel Lee I lavs ' KiRKLAND. loYCE Clinton Riser, Kenneth King Concord 1 ' M i-it- MH W l ' " KisER, Robert Glenn Castelvvood, Va. pi . y ■ - ' ' il B bW- Lambeth, Sybil Guilford College •■■ ' ' ' • a H ' . . Lassiter, Bobby Roger Troy m 1 , Lewis. Ray Madison Walnut Grove F » - 1 " ,j|| VJ , i ' ' ' Long, William L Concord K W P ' H . ■V ' Hl d IMangum, William Bradley Bahama j S H l - Ih H S H l ft Marion, Sue Ann Boone V g|] ' ,., t .r. 1 ■Ik Marlowe, Ruby Rebecca Glenwood K H Bl S " V I m L- Marshall, Robert C St. Paul, Va. JK- Mast, Lames B., ]r Sherwood ii ■ V ll McEntire, Bill Spindale McNeill, Roy ' ce Marion n 4.- H Mitchell, Joe S Hillsboro y m HW I Moretz, Elmo Earl Boone ft ATfT H b HH E Mi l ji Morgan, I L Ray Laurinburg W I I f P hI K ' 1BH| Myers, Clyde Vance Havs , - 1 f r H Neal, Jack D Fort Mill, S. C. j W ' S Northington, Emily- J Charlotte 1 B A M KwB BtmytS M m-Mi- X Orr, Boyce Eugene Henderson ille , m Ostwalt, p. D Statcs ille 5 ' B ' ■■ B -i . 1 1 Owens, Cornelia Rutherfordton .. Al. m tt - Page, Alice Mitchell Belmont B A Bl , Parks, Jack Edwards Elkin p ■ ¥ Patton, Dorothy Ray Llrion HH v isr ' ' M -» " ' Payne, Bonnie Jean Westfield ' ( BS ' fliifl -i Payne. J. Ralph. Jr Granite Fails f " | 1 I K ' PiNNix, Joe C Cycle MF 1 — ,. , Poole, Mary Gertrude Ta -lorsville ' " ' Hl idl . ■ B Jm i ' T .Jfl A J l " Privette. Lloyd Edwin Statesville » ' ' " Hr ' » H J " QiLVLLS. Martha Jane Boone H siff JUi IB i . un RHODODERDROn 1950 mm Rader, Jill Ills l.ENN Collettsville Ramshv, Suf. Caroi Winston Siilcni lv NKlN, 1)11 LIE Ninth IkllllDIlt 11 , Boiiiiv Gene Ncwiaiul RiiiNLiiuu, 1)11 1 Cicistonia i IC II Alios, iXoHMAN SmITII ClilVsicIc Rkiiaiids, Swanson Mount . ir Rii)iiNc;s, OscAU Martin Slulln RiVKS, W ' ll 1 1AM Ll in Siinloicl RoliUlNS, W ' ll LIS C lidOlU ' RoHEHsoN, James William C ' lillsidc liOHiHis, SiiiAiii l)i ()N Winston Salem RoiiiNsoN, RiiBv Leu Catawlxi Roland, Ied A West Ifitirson Rose, Freddie C Winston Salciii Rose, Cliiv F r Ikih Roseman, Kenneth Walker I iillshoro Ross, loiiUEsi Eugene Lincolnton Sanders, Mary Hilleen irson ScRocc.s, Joe iliomasv illr Settlemyre, Eleanor Nliree Dicxcl SiiELTON, Colleen Francisco Sherwood, Carolyn Siiijar (iro c SiinioiiD, Marilyn Elizabeih Lincolnlon Si.Mi ' soN, Mark Bernard Winston Salcm Smuh, Hei iy nne Liinillc Smlih, C ' harles P Winston Sakni Smuh, F.thel M Bostic Smuh, [eanei te Fave Wcstliek! Smiih, l lARi;Aiu;r M LinwiMnl Snov ' , |i:annl Dohson Si ' arc.i:r, IvM . N .Arlene Moimt . ii Sparks, Betty Lou Mocks ille Speaks, Ruby Helen West lefferson Stewart, Jack Wayne Kannapolis Storie, Dwight B Blowing Rock Stout, Mary Lee Boone Stowe, Donald Lee Belmont Surratt, Marilyn Virginl Salisburx SwicEcooD, iMalid Lee Woodleaf Tatum, Frank M Cooleemee Walker, William S Statesville Washam, Merritt F Da idson Waynick, Albert Frank Jamestown Weisner, Martha Joan Winston Salem WesTBROOK, JlMMlE Wylie Rock 1 lill Whisnant, FL l Palmer Polk ille Wilkes, Bob Ray Winston-Salem Williams, Lorae Fleetwood Wingate, Patsy Ann Charlotte Winkler, I Ielen L Lenoir Wilson, Floyd FI Kannapolis Wilson, Sara Nell Granite Falls Winecoff, Christine Concord Veale, Nancy Jane 1 luntcrsville Young, Grace Celo Zachary, Nancy Hertford Zimmerman, Billye 1o North Wilkesboro RHODODEHDROn 1950 Entrance exams ... Dr. t g %fel ill rain . . . seeing all those cu teen-a came to College " . . . wolf cafeteria three times in line J get out. . . what is 318? . . . the " know-how " feeling at second quarter few C.l. ' s left . . . Sophomores? " for something . . . going crush on Dr. Walker . . . " S. P. Week? " . . . town tudent Council . . . dreary pelling . . . grades going home Maybe! OFFICERS I onER " i ' i els in ' Presidoit C iiAiiLis Pahhoi I ' ice-PresuU ' i!t ] I Iai ik;ock Sccrettiry li II 11 Mf.N ' ETT Trciisiircr Abernathv, Emma Alice Maiden Absher, Mary Zell Nathan ' s Creek Adams, Jo C.ibst)n Adams, Robert Lee Sparta Adams, Susie M Kannapolis Alexander. James Lafayette . . . I larrisburg Alexander, John Wesley Concord Allred, Cyrlis a., Jr Winston-Salem Anderson, Virginia A Wilkesboro AsnFORD, Fred Lethan Paw Creek Ashley, Clifford Blaine . . . .Montross, Va. Atkins, Mary Jo Black Mountain Atwell. Sue Evelyn China Grove Austell, Gailya Elizabeth Shelb Austin, Cora Estelle Marslnille Austin, Nora Caroline Boone Bailey, Lucy LIadley Burnsville Baird, Bobby J High P int Baird, |oan Statcsvillc Baity, Jlilia Joan Thomasville Baker, James Walter Spencer Barbee, Rosemary Greensboro Barber, Leonard B., Jr I lendcrsonxille Barnett, Ted ALarshall Boone Barnhardt, Mary Ann Adxancc Barringer, Bessie Jennie . . .Granite Ouarrv Baynard, ' illiam Lee Forest Citv Beachum, XA ' anda Louise Oakboro Beamer, Mildred Mount Airv Beeker, Lela i Lae Lexington Berry, Betty Lee Spruce Pine Bevill, Patricia Mae Brown Summit Billings, Marjorie J North Wilkesboro BiNKLEY, Joseph Gilmer I louston ' ille Bishop, Donald Lee Lexington BoBBETT, Jennie Sue Aberdeen Bodenheimer, F. p., Jr Granite Falls Bolch, Betty ' Carolyn Gastonia BoLicK, Coy LI Boone BoLiN. Mariel Janice Newton RHODODEnDROn 1 950 rxisiic, BiLLiE Adrienne Ellcnboro l!() I), I MEs Clifton Canel l ' H i)i.i;v, Jean Cari Charlotte l)RANN()N, Max Lee Moorcsx illo |]HAV, JOSEIMI P AUl . |u Cll.l lie ItlC IjiiiMiiv. Jean Louise Wiiislcm S.ik ' ni IliuNN, Barbara Jean Ikirlinuton Ijrooks, Shirley Jean I lot Sjnings Brooks, Wendell Burleson Pliimtree Brown, Lrnest D Boone Brown, Mariha Moorcsx illc Brown, Mary Monica K,iiiiia|i(ilis Brown, Rosco, Jr Bjooiu- Buchanan, William Boonc BuRcii, John I Ihuh I lillslioro BiiRi EsoN, Kenneth Deryl Scnia BimioN, Paul Ray I uins illc Bhrney, L RY Claikton Pjhtcher, NLxrvin E Winston Salem iiiiTLER, Marie Ruiliertordton C ' ameron, Rogers II Salislniiv Canady, Billye Rose Clarendon Canter, Patty L North Wilkesboro Canih ' , Alice Joyce Kannapolis Carpenter, Burmaii K 1 lount 1 lolK Casey, Charles Marvin Boone Ctieek, i Ial Duane Graham Cheek, Kay Frances Elkin Chii ' man, James E North Wilkeshoro CunisiLAN, W ' liiiAM B Westfielcl Clark, Ruth Ellen C ' anton Clowers, Robert B Wilkesboro Coble, loiix 1 low iti) Cireenshoro Cole, I Ielen Fay Forest Cit CoLEY, Janice Ci airi; Roekwell C oMiis, I III DA Marie Stonc Point ConNiiri, I Iazel Lee X ' ilas Correil, i an B C ' hiiia Cro e Craven, J ac ouhline F I ro Cn . i). W Statcsvillc Cox, Carolyn Aljean dumpier Cox, Lindsay Wheeler . . . .Winston-Salem Cox, Marion Albert Whiteville Cox, Willie Lou Crumpler Davidson, John Statesxille Davis, Doreen Avilla Franklinville Davis, Glenn Eugene Charlotte Davis, James Clifton Glen Alpine Day, Roy ' AL Palmer Roaring River Dewese, Mary Jean Davidson Dickson, Mary Ann Gastonia Dickson, Martha Gastonia Dillingham, Bobby H Cliffside ' Dillon, Dliane Marceline . . . .High Point Di.xoN, Dora Joanne Reidsville Dixon, Lucy Lowery Marion Dixon, Zeno H Pleasant Garden DoRSEv, DoLiGLAS Forest City Durham, Nancy Ann Mocks ' ille Eagle, Bobby Ray China Groxe Edmisten, David Jones Boone Edmiston, Mary Lee Ferguson Ellis, Alta Jo Marion Elkins, Millicent L Asheville Everidge, James Edgar Jonesviile Farmer. John Ira Salisbury Farthing, Benjamin Adams . . . Valle Crucis Fink, Gay Madeline Faith Flinchum. Russell Ray Danburv Flowers, Joyce Lake View, S. C. FoLTZ, Nancy Ruth Winston-Salem Foster, James Randall Blowing Rock Fowler, Juanita Mill Spring Freeman, Clara Ann Greensboro Frye, Philip Alfred Catawba Fulbright, Evelyn Rebecca . . . .Lexinoton Garmon, William Martin Concord i Gibson, Harold S Winston-Salem GoMEDELLA, Helen R Ervvin CiooDMAN, Irving Bittle Salisburx RHODODERDROn 1950 ei o f) ' ' 9 ' .Jt (iooi), William 1 Ierbert . . .Barium Springs t.oHL. Llizabeth R labor Citv C ' .oiiGE, Rogers Sherwood Bakersxillc CinAH iM, 1 Illln Iean loclcl (.HAM, Paihuia Mocksvilk- C ' .RELN, Franklin M Ihowii Suminii CiREENE, James Andrew liooiK ' C ' .REENWOOD, Evelyn Faye Mount ir CiREER, Marjorie EliNKL. Wirlli W ' ilkcsboro Career, Mary Rum lA ini;toii CiRii riN, Doris Olynn Monroe CiRiFEiMi, Elena Forbes CiRii-FiTH, Mary Lee Daxidson (iuNN, Peie Pnown Summit I JAi.AMAN, W ' ai 111! I iiicii . . A. ilk ' C ' rueis I ACER, Calvin J Alexis Iaigler, Laura Deane Monroe Ialsey, Alden H Crassx Creek JAMBY, CiRAcE Lea Purlear JAMRic K, Bette Catherine Spindale JANES. I Iarold State RoatI Ianey, Doris C.ibson Iarris, Donald C.ilberi sbe ille Iarrison, Sara Ivey Denton Iartlev, Granville K Blowiiii; Rock I arms, I Ienry CIeorge Mattliews JABVEY. R. Wallace . . jdbnsoii Cit , I enn. Iaiiicock, Blevyn Cladys Oaklioro Iauser, Betiy I obaeeo ille Iahser, Fred E I obaeeo ille I.miser, Joe L Winston Salem Iauss, CtEorge I homas Shclbv Iaxes, Marc;aret Lena Bonne Iayes, Nancy Elaine Winston-Salem JAYES. Nancy Ellen Randleman Iaynes. Jasper Earl Salisbur Ieaton. Paul CJentry 1 leaton Ieers, Creichen Ann Marion li Mi ' iiii I , Paisx- Sue Canton li MI ' IIII 1 . P ui II (ilen Alpine 1 Ienderson, Carroll L Gastonia 1 licGiNS, Helen Elizabeth Lenoir I loDGES, Fred C Boone Hodges, Lewis D Boone HoLCOMB, Catherine E Candler HoLCOMBE, Margaret B. . . . Winston-Salem I loLDER, I AMES Edwin Blowing Rock Holland, Ruby Elizabeth Glcnvvood Holmes, Elizabeth Kent Councils Holt, Betty Louise Asheboro Holt, Ivonia Lillie New London Honeycutt, Betty Opal Mocksville HoRNE, Nancy Speas Pfafftown Hoyle, Myrtle L Kings Mountain Huffman, Lillian Odessia Salisbury 1 luc;nES, Betty Anne Asheville IIutchins, Carol E Winston-Salem Iackson. Betty Jean Asheboro Iackson, Bennie Sue Gastonia Jackson, Iris Rose Mill Spring Jennings, Charles W Minneapolis Johnson, Billy Gaydon Roxboro loHNsoN, Delores Mae . . . .Winston-Salem Johnson, John Clayton . . . .Winston-Salem Johnston, Phillip Carroll . . . .Mooresville JoLLEY, Paul Wisemar Mooresboro Jones, Barbara Jean Boone Kennedy, William S Wilkesboro Kirk, Deward A Hillsboro KisER, Betty Joyce Kings Mountain Kivett, Sally Anne Asheboro Kluttz, Miles Joe Granite Quarrv- KooNTZ, Clifford Bina KooNTZ, Pearl Elizabeth Mocksville Lackey, Susanna M Davidson Ladd, Barbara Sue Gastonia Ladd, Billie Jean Gastonia Lail, Martha Jane Hickorv Lanier, Nancy P Norwood Lassiter, Carl A Henderson RHODODEnOROn 1950 Lassi I Ln. Laiuw 1 iio.MAS 1 Icndcisoii Latimer, Benjamin Butler CKdc Lav s )n, Sam.nh a Mount , ir Lindsay. Norma C iiarlotte she illc LiPi ' Ani), C ' liAiu 1 s Donald Lincolnton I iPi ' ARD, Frederick 11 Biirium Spiiiiijs Long, Nina Ruth Vatlkin illc Love, Bob J Lenoir Lov ' DER, JoNsiE M, E Ncvv LondoD Lll I HELL, LlK ' .ENlA l III Sluills Mills Lyerly, Peggy Nix SalisWirv i L BE, Peggy Joy ' ce Moorcsxiilc Marlowe, Eulalia Marion Maiviin, Marx ' Elizabeth Laurinhury Maui IN. Oluia Ei.a ira .ulkin illc Mai I hews. Mary Jane Gala.x, Va. Maihis, Sarah Nell Joiicsvillc McAfee, Lawrence V Moroanton McCall, Joseph Wayne i Lirion McCoy, John Ai iu hi Concord McCracken, Donald Wayne Boone McFarland, Bobby B Forest City McIntosh, Nellie C.rac-e . . . l iithcrfordton McRae, Joan Pioctonillc McSwain, Bobby Joe Shelbv Melton. K. C Jr Rubv. S. C. Meyers. Pairkta Jeane Union Mills MicKLE, Marc:aret Ann Marion Milan, I Lxrold Dean Creston Miller, Albert Bynum Cricket Miller, .Albertine Rose Cruinpler Mil I III. iiLrn Sue Canton Mills. Carolyn Elizabeth Polkton MisENiiEiMER, Robert S Concord Mitchell, Louisa Clarice Sparta M()oi) . J AMI s iv Y Wa ' nes ille Moore. R. i L rvin Clearwater, Fla. iMorc;an, , n I oiiisi rroutman Morgan, Inez Marion Morris, L R HA Newman . . .Kerners illc 1 Weaves, Richard Darwin CiumpIer Nelson, Robert A Mooresville Nixon, Jack H Elkin Norman, Vernon Gray . . . .Winston-Salem Norris, Nell Edith Boone Olsby. Iane a Shelbv Osborne, Frances Vannov Osborne, Marvin Boone OvERCASH, Doris Louise . . . .China Grove Padgett, Dorcas L Union Mills Parker, Raymond D Glen Alpine Parrish, Lewis Talmadge Ash Parrott, Aubrey M., Jr Hanes Parrott, Charles Rufus Hanes Parsons, Myrtle Ray Mount Gilead i Pennell, Jack B Lenoir Phillips, Lawrence E Boone Pitts, Barbara Ann Blowing Rock PoE, Robert Allen Durham PoiNDEXTER, Martha E East Bend Porter, Eleanor Norwood Benson Queen, Hetty Casar Raney, Doris Jean Faith Readling, Charles Eugene Concord Reath, Betty ' Ann LInion Mills Reep, Jacob Eli Lincolnton Reid, Peggy Doris Granite Falls Rhea, Barbara Ann Weaverville | Rhyne, Billy Gene Lincolnton Richardson, Allen David Sparta Richie, Jo Ann Hickorv Rimer, Bob Alan Spencer Roberts, Betty Sue Shelbv Robinson, Elizabeth Ann Hickorv RosEMAN, Veda Madge China Grove Rouse, 1 Ierbert Carson Robbins Rucker, Doris Shelbv Saine, Joyce Lincolnton Sanford, Beatrice Laurinburg Savage, Burea J., Jr Germanton = RHODOD EHDROn 1 950 9j m Sawyer, James Marlowe Asht ' xillc Scott, Floyd F Bdonc Seacraves, Barbara Jean Mount Airy Sebastian, Claude B Spencer Sells, Admiral Wayne West Jefferson Siieek, Marc.aret Brandon , . . A ' . clkin ille SnoAF, Fed Lexington Shook, Zeb Banner Flk Shore, Betty Lorene East Bend SmiLL, Merlin Drexel Simpson, F. R • Louise Mimrne Sink, Martha Evelyn Lexington SiSK, Paul I Ienry Bessemer Citv Smith, Belle Racford Smith, Reba Ann Boone Snider, James Earl Linwood Stanley, Arville .... Meadows of Dan, Va. Steed, Myra Janet Asheboro Stephens, Wiima Creston SioNE, Murle I3ean I lioniasN ille Story, Janet .Asliehoro Sturuill, Edra Olene Grassy Creek Styers, Thomas Eugene . . . Winston-Salem SwANN, Bettie Lou Spruce Pine Swain, Iessie Aliene Winston Salem Swicegood, Kenneth V Cle ehmd Sykes, Mildred Ann Spring 1 lope 1 AYLOR, Jane Kerners ille Terrell. David Edwin CKde 1 homas. Fjorhy Eu(;ene Roliliins I iio.MAS, Ci;or(;e R., Ju Wing I hj.ey, Kelly O Mount , ir I iMMONS, Jack Frost Mount ir 1 oRREN( ' E, Sara J ant, Castonia lowNsiND, Lois Virimnia Boone Troutman, Irene Statesville 1 URNER, Columbus James Lincolnton Tysinger, Mary Frances Lexington Underwood, Sally Loliise Boonville Vance, Teddy Norton Crossnore Vannoy, Hal Sherrill Shulls Mills Vannoy, Jo Anna Jefferson Vines, Vance Charles Sugar Grove Walker, Mitchell Hillsboro Wall, Anne Joy ' CE Danbury Walser, Dale Lexington Warrick, Willie M Mars Hill Watson, Jerline Kannapolis Weinstock, Bernard S Winston-Salem V ells, Abram Hamptonville West, Herbert Milton Boone Kenneth, Norman ClifFside Wheeling, Joan Hartley Ferguson Whitaker, Mack Lee Forest City Whitesides, William Lee Gastonia Whittington, Clalidine Purlear Whittington, Rex W Millers Creek Whittington, William F Wilkesboro Whitley, Joyce Charlotte WiLHELM, Lou Ray East Bend Wilhelm, Virginia M Statesville Williams, Ralph Rusk Wilson, Gene, Jr Spruce Pine Wilson, Georgie Aleen Newton Wirtz, Mary Jo Pittsboro Wolfe, Robert Ellsworth Charlotte Yelton, Mildred Bakersville Young, Fairy Hodges Boone Young, I Ioward Gastonia YouNc:, Jerry Keesler Barium Springs RHODODEHDROn 1950 . oouo r«t t)ftNC»WG « en 6 OFFICERS |. C. HoNEYCUTT . President Flay Sellers Vice-President Glenn Causey Secretary Gene Kirkpatrick . . . Treasurer Bill Long y eroeaHt-at-Arms Alford Austell Harry Bame Herbert Brantley Glenn Causey Bill Clear Gene Cos» Bill Ci ss HLiBEDfr Dancy BARiiWRD Davis CiAuvE Elderidge Don Felton Clyde Green Blois Grissom [ack Gr(5CE Lhmmk I LvRuim Mack Haynes Tom Hendrix J. C. Honeycutt Alvin Hooks ARLE3 1 lOFE Ben Hunnicutt Gene Kirkpatrick George Lancaster Bill Long Pete Martin Pete Mills Charles Moir Jack Neal RoBER Pardue William Pennick Presion Powaas Norman Propsi Walter Ragan Flay Sellers John Small Emos y Stephens Jesse aylor Emil TmilCK James WXbd Frank Wa- )ick Tom Webb ( Clifton Wey EiTH Wilson OB WiTHROW Wayne York Pijs e Seventy-five FOOTB R LL RESUmE I Ik ' I ' - ' 4 ' - ' Idiitlxill season was a succossl ill one lor ilic ppalaLliia!i MoLHilaincc ' is. Iwo earK ' season losses to eonterenee teams eost tlu ' iii the eonk ' icnce ehanipionsliip, a title thcv held lor one year. I he Mountaineers eanie haek alter tlieir two losses and won se en straight S:;anies, wliieh netted the runnerup spot in the eonlerenee standings. The climax came when Apjxilachian was inxited to meet the C ' atawha Indians in the first annual Pvthian Bowl. Not to he denied, the men Ironi the mountains scored a resoundini); ' ietor o er C atawha, 21-7. 1 he ' ietor ' () er the Indians maile the season doul)l ' successlul, since it was the second win ol the l ' )44 season lor the Mountaineers o er their traditional ri al. ' ' f » Ir. nc:is I loovF.n End C.oacli . C. DucciNS Icaii Coach John Kihk ]ayvee C,nach lloi! IjROO.NU- Backficld Coach Page Seventy-six RESULTS ]. C. HONEYCUTT Appalachian Opponent Appalachian 35 Apprentice School 21 12 Guilford 13 41 6 Western Carolina 13 35 14 Elon 34 19 Lenoir Rhvne 6 21 12 Catawba . ' 6 21 Pete Mills Opponent High Point 7 Newberry 6 Eastern Carolina 18 Atlantic Christian Morris Harvev 12 Catawba 7 Pvthian Bowl Left to Right: Front row. Pete Milk, Tom Webb, Wick Alford, Bill Cross, Lester Hardin, Bill Long, Herman Bryson. Norman Propst, Earl Pcnnick, Paul Blackburn. Second row: Johnny O ' Neal, Don Felton, Bill Cleary, Fred Boger, Alvin Hooks, J. O, Lassiter, Mack Haynes, Walter Ragan, Flovd Wilson. Third row: Jack Neal, Blois Grissom, Tom Hendrix, J. C. Honeycutt, Ed Bost, Gabe Austell, John Small, John Caskey, Jesse Taylor. Pntje Seventy-seven MOOKS S K eNT CE SCHOOL B cy . ' ' 550M SKey Ne Page SeveHlyeigJi USTER HAROm MCEW|S PASS ASAINST WEiTEHn CftROLINAi. TooKsTeT JJ ; cAROt r R G H PfWNlCK At FORD ? v Pnge Sei ' eiify- f- ARY AVN£, HOOKS + O ' NEAL " RDlt PROP Ross OQCfi t vLO l + HUHNICUTV ' ' ARKS- f ANAGBR Page Eig,hty First row. Pennel, Moore, Henson, Derby. Lippard. McNeil, Rimer, Harmon. Second tow: Sisk. Davis. Sebastian. Bumgarner. Wilson. Lassiter, Gabriel. Poe, Wilkes. Third row: Boden- heimer, McCov, Swiceoood, Tatum, Lippard. Clendenin. Edmisten. Clark, Storie. BRSKETBRLL Francis Hoover Varsity Coach RESULTS Aj jmlacliuiii ()]i}u iiciii 81 K.mnapolis Y.M.C:. S5 62 Kannapolis Y.M.C.A 49 73 East Tennessee State 48 69 Guilford 52 41 East Carolina 42 47 Atlantic Christian 51 58 East Tennessee State 41 60 Lenoir Rhvnc 50 63 VA ' estcrn Carolina 51 59 Guilford 47 60 Adantic Christian 34 50 High Point 82 Erskine 84 Catawba 78. 57. 57. 60. 63. 58. 51. 52. .60 .56 .71 .48 .69 . Elon .Erskine . South Georgia 77 .Hioh Point 71 . East Carolina 53 . Lenoir Rh ne 48 .McCrarv 54 .Elon 54 McCrary 90 Western Carolina 76 Catawba 70 Guill.ird 84 Lenoir Rhvne ... 67 Elon .50 .64 .64 .71 .59 .76 .53 1585 1376 four jnt Ga Page Eighlylwo Charlie Hope Glenn Causey Pete Martin RESUmE The Appalachian Mountaineers had one of their best basketball seasons in years. Their record for the year was 21 wins as against 8 losses. They copped the North State Tournament in three successi e wins o er the toughest competition the conference had to offer. As a result of the championship and a playoff win o er the FKing Fleet of Erskine, the Mountaineers were selected to represent the Carolinas at Kansas City. George Lancaster Cliff W ' ey Emory Stephens Page Eighty-three Jimmy Mast Ed Garris Charlie Mom Tommy Hendrix Joe IIauser Joe Hunt t t t t t t t J: tfm First row: Klutz, Hartis, Baker. Muorc, Hooks, Bowcn, Stanlev, Oswalt. Second row. Roberson, Mimns,er; Smith, W ' hittinotun, Rouse, Tatum, Lippard, Norman, Gibson, Green, Manaaer. ii B Team JAYVEE BASKETBALL RESULTS y ppalach ' uii! Opponent 56 . .East Tennessee State " B " 50 58 .. Guilford " B " 41 58 . . East Tennessee State " B " 81 49 . . Lenoir Rhvne " B " 50 57 . .Western Carolina " B " 39 32 ..Guilford " B " 36 60 . .Hiah Point " B " 48 63 . . Lees-lMacRae 49 70 . .Elon " B " 59 53 . . High Point " B " 34 48 . . Lees-MacRae 56 64 . . Lenoir Rhvne " B " 58 58 . . iMcCrarv " B " 45 60 ..Elon " B " 53 61 . .Western Carolina " B " 36 847 735 Won 11 -Lost 4 Page Eighty- five rirsi roiv: Cox, W ' avnick, Dancv, Sellers. GritVnli, Jciines, Uavis. Second row. Toiiiick, York, Calliiwav, Ashelcv, Dunn, Martin, Roberts, Reeves, Hann. Third row. Morgan, Evans, West brook, Clabriel, Finger, Crissman, Hartman, Gillis, Manager XA ' olfe, Coach Watkins. Fourth TOW. Manager X ' oss, Freeze, Christian, Lippard, Barhani. Wilson, Warsbam. LURESTLinC riie 1950 wrestling season was one ot the most successFul in the history of the sport at p|ia- l.ichian. C ' oaeh Watkins called this si]uacl one of the hest he has c er coached, and that in itself should pro e the strenoth of this year ' s team. The schedule for this year showed thirteen teams, Amono them were three conference champions, all o( which were soundU defeated h the Mountaineers. lo add a still oreater touch to the scison the pps set a new scorino record when the totaled .• 68 points to eclipse the old mark of 360 held In Lehioh. RESULTS Aj ' j ' alcichiaii Opponent 31 High Point Y.iM.C.A 2 32 i ligh Point Y.M.C.A 29 Auburn 5 36 Atlanta Y.M.C.A 28 Western Carolina 22 Cherry Point Marines 6 16 Kansas State 11 36 Emorv LIni ersity 38 Presbyterian 19 Washington Lee 9 20 Arkansas State 11 36 Presbyterian 29 Western Carolina 2 Coach . . Watkins 368 New National .scorinu record 45 Page Eighty-six Flay Sellers and Steve Gabriel Emil Tomick Bernard Davis and Hann Wayne York and Michael Finger FIuBERT Dancy Frank Waynick and Lou Dunn BRSEBRLL Coach I ois Broome Pete Mills B(JB VViiiiiunv C.hiNL KiRKPATRICK IJAH.NLI OlOI ILLIJ Keith Wilson Bill Long Baseball Squad First roiv: Barncv Oldfield, Gene Kirkpatrick, Whitev Propst, Emorv Stephens, Bob Withrow, Bill Lunjj, Pete Mills. Second row. Harrv Bame. Charlie Moir. Gerald Pickler, Keith Wilson, V ' ilmer Brantley. Herbert Brantley, Clyde Green, John Withrow. uuomEn ' s rthletic RSSOCIflTIOn First WW. Marlii ' l.iiws, ticasLirci; I ' nlU unill, ice- |)icsiclcnt. Second row: Lcnow lisclu ' r, |ircsiclcnl; Cecelia NV ' arlick, intr.iiiuiial inaiiai;ei-; Jcamiine iMeaeluim, sec- letaiv . uuonriEn ' s " fl " club First roiv. Lois Simmons, setretarv; Lcnore lischcr, Annie Mae Carroll, treasurer; Martv Voss, Cecelia War lick, president. Second row. Martie Laws, Blanche Ashbv, Pollv Worrell. Mo ellc Roducrs, Mildred P.rvson. PolK Mishoe. Page Ninety Coach Clay Lois Simmons Mildred Bryson and Peggy Mishoe Polly Worrell Lenore Fischer JVIartie Laws Lib Adams Emma Faulkner and Mary Lou Midriff Blanche Ashby and Annie Mae Carroll Cecelia Warlick BRSKETBRLL lirsl rou ' : i liiu Miilkill ' . DI.iikIk ' Asliliv, Annie M.k ' Car- Kill, Maitic Laws, limm.i i anlkncr, l(. cllc Roclucrs, Poll ' VVoncll. Sccu)id row: Mildred Brvson, Lcnore Fischer, CVvclia W ' arlick. Lois Simmons, IJi ahclli Ad.uiis, VOLLEYBRLL I he hiuhlii;ht of the I all Sports program was llu ' dilc hall lour namcnts. Sc L ' nl ciylu members ()l the Women s , lhletie Associa- tion took part in a roinnl niliin tournament in lIu ' earl part ol ihe |)ro ram, while the class tourna- ment climaxed the season, heini; won hy the Juniors. SOFTBRLL I ournaments lor m.ijois and non majors were held in the sprins . Or ani ed teams from each class p.utici|iated in one ol the larijcst sollhall tournaments ewr con- ducti ' d on the campus. I his ear jiersonal awards were i en In tlu ' Plnsical Education De|iarimeni. iluis creatino s|)irited ri alr amon llu ' i;iou|is. FLYinC FISH CLUB First row. Poll ' Worrell, Jean- nine iMeachum, Carol Hutchins, Marv Jane Matthews, Mozelle Rodders, Elizabeth Collette, rice- president; Annie Mae Carroll, Marv Lou Midkiff. Second row: Martha Ann Voss, president; " Mickex " Bradlev, sec- retary; Jessie Giles, treasurer, Dorothy Flovd, Cecelia Warlick, Martha Lail, Lenore Fischer, Marion Overbv. vflRSOuvmnnR One of the most imjiortant oroups on the campus is the Var- souvianna Club, composed of those people who are interested in danc- ino. These peppv ones are especi- alK talented in lolk dancino and square dancing. A ' er ' enjoyable program is presented bv this club on Mav Day. moDERn DRncE CLUB First roil ' : Joe Davidson, Joy Kirchner, adviser; Horace Felton, Lib Collette, honia flolt. Second roiv: Johnny Albea, Bur- mah Carpenter, Annie B. Mc- Clure, Harry Clendenin, Alice Pase. I DIIORIAL STAFF MAXiNt Hawks Editor-in-Chief Fuc.KNE D. Nelson Associate Editor Robert E. Yoder l(ii; i ;ii!« Editor Joseph M. Dixon Art Editor Andrew Grady Sports Editor Dixon Roberts Assistant Sports Editor Mildred Bradley Assistant Sports Editor She McGrady Activity Editor Mary Giles Davis Acfivilv Editor Carl Clarke Fentiirc Editor Robert A. Nelson Feature Editor Elton B. Coleman Senior Class Editor Charles Rhodes Junior Class Editor Fred Jones Sop ioiiiore Class Editor Tommy Graham Fres iiiiflii Class Editor Bill Riiinehart Snapshot Editor Maxine Hawks Editor liiiA Daiu; Mc eal Busine3s Manager Rhododendron Staff BUSINESS STAFF Rita Dare McNeal . , Catherine Farrow . . Thomas Hunter . . . . John B. Martin . . . . Robert DeLaney . . . Iris Lanninc Mozelle Richardson Business Manaacr . Assistnnl Business Manaacr Advertising Manager Advertising Assistdiil Advertisini( AssislnnI Advertising Assistdnt Advertising Assistiiiit Keith A ' ilson Adi ' ertising Assistant Guy Rose Circulation Manager Ernest Miller Typist Nina Annas Typist Dorothy W ' hitesides Typist Bftty Prestwood Typist Peggy Mabe Typist v. C. Howell F«cii fi Adviser 1 ' JftH n t: ' - ' o ,X r i i f Eugene Nelson, Joe Dixon, Robert Yoder. Dixon Roberts, Andrew Grady, Mickey Bradlc Seated: Mary Davis. Sue McGradv. Standing,: Bill Rhinehart. Carl Clarke, Robert Nelson. Tommy Graham, Fred Jones, Max Hawks, Charles Rhodes. Seated: Catherine Farrow, Rita Dare McNeal. Mozellc Rich- ardson. Standing: John Martin, Guy Rose, Iris Lanning, Bob DeLaney. Seated: Dorothy Whiteside;, Nina Annas. Pcgyv Mabc Standing,: Betty Prestwood. Ernest Miller. 1 Coleman Hanson Editor Carl A. Lane Business Manai er nniTOllIAI STMT Coleman 1 Ianson .Jiloi in ( hief Madeline Jenkins Associate lulitor Blevyn Hathcoi ' K Assistmit I mes Evans Assistaiil jo Alexandeh Assistaiil Jamhs E. Snider Assistaiil l oDERT DeLanev Feature Writer Nina Annas Feature Writer Robert Crissman Feature Writer EuoENE Xelson Feature Writer Bernard Davis Feature Writer Robert Chilton Feature l ' rilfr Douo DoRSEV Feature Writer Andrew Crady Sjwrls }-.ditor Jim I Iavvpe Assistant Sports Flditor Charles Misiioe News F.ditor Dixon Roberts Picture Flditor Tommy Si yers Reimrter Lenore 1 isciier Heporlcr Appalachian Staff Carl A. Lane Nina Annas Dorothy ' hitesides Robert Voder Eugene Nelson BUSINESS STAFF .Business Manager Betty Prestwood . Norman Richards Robert Kiser . . . . Anna Morgan . . . . Doris Rucker .Assistant Business Manaaer Circulation Manager Circii «(ioi! AssislfliK Circidation Assislant . Circii ntioii Assistant . Circulation ssis((i)i( .Circtdation Assistant .Circtdation AssisdiiK . Circii!ii(ioii Issisloiil BIcvvn Hathcock, Josephine Alexander, James Snider, Coleman Hanson, Madeline Jenkins, James Evans. Bob DeLaney, Nina Annas, Eugene Nelson, Bernard Davis. Seated: Andrew Grady. Standiiis,- Tommy Stycr, Jim Hawpe, Dixon Roberts, Lenore Fischer. Seated: Dorothy Whitesides, Nina Annas. Standing: Doris Rucker, Betty Prestwood, Anna Morgan, Robert Yoder, Robert Kiser, Norman Richards, Eugene Nelson. First 6 Page Edition! The Unsung— Ernie, Bill and Joe. I liiriirtirumffr OFFICERS l)()li Cllll.lON President Carl Lane Vice-Presideut Tommy Sue Moxley Secretary Don Cheek Trcnsurer Student Council Senior Pxcprcsoitatives Eugene Cox Carl Lane Sarah Matthews Emil Tomick Martha Voss jiDiior Represoitatires William Alexander Don Cheek Cordon Martin Tommy Sue Moxley Soj lionioic P)Cj ' rcsciitatives Bill Craig Carolyn Fesperman Freshman Representatives Blevyn Haih ()ck Bob Nelson House Presidents Margaret Braswell Neii ' Dorm Sara Nell Wilson White Hall Mary Ruth Page Lor; Hall Religious Council OFFICERS Victor Sykes President James Evans Vice-President Grace Huffman Secretary-Treasurer Mr. II. R. Eggers Facidty Adviser Miss Marjorie Toole Coordinator Menthers: Virginia Buff, Eula Mae Craiw, June Da is, James E ans, Juanita Grant, Claude Holcombe, Grace Huffman, Fredrick Lippard, Euoene Nelson, Sallie Penick, Charles Ransom, Guy Rose, Clayton Swicegood, Victor Svkes. Y. UU. C. fl. SEDIOR CRBinET OFFICERS JuANiTA Gran r President Rachel Brinti.e Vice-President Marjorie Dvvicgins Secretary Mickey Bradley Treasurer Peggy Blanton Meiidwrshij ' ChiiiniKiii Betty McGinnis Pitr.iisI Eleanor I Iahser (hmisler Martha Jeffreys Socicd ( luiininni Margaret Braswell Social Service Cluiinutiii Tommy Sue Moxley CItapel Pnn rani Cluiiniiuii Nina Annas PidAicity Director Miss Madeline McCain Sj ' oiisor Mrs. Mary Shook Syomur Paee One lluiuired Two Y. UU. C. R. mEmBERS Jo Adams LoRETTA Adams Virginia Anderson Nina Annas Martha Arthurs Mary Jo Atkins Sue Atwell Gailya Austell Cora Austin Sue Babbitt Vista Barden Betty Barnett Bessie Barringer Patricia Bevill Wanda Beecham Laura Beck Su e Berry Evelyn Bishop Peggy Blanton Mariel Bobin Catherine Bost Jean Bradley Mickey Bradley Margaret Braswell Jean Brimley Rachel Brintle Virginia Buff Dorothy Brown Madeline Brown Jane Burns Mildred Cannon Pat Carter EsTELLE Carpenter Faye Calible Ruth Clark Ruth Ellen Clark Nan Correll Frances Cox Ann Crawley Blanche Daniels Mary Davis Elizabeth Devlin Martha Dickson Mary Ann Dickson Marceline Dillon Pat Duckworth Nancy Durham Marjorie Dwiggins Shirley Eaton Eleanor Elliott Catherine Farrow Madeline Fink Joyce Flowers Eldiweiss Formvduval Nancy Garwood Bobby Gragg Juanita Grant Elizabeth Gore Ruth Greer Evelyn Greenwood Elena Griffith Martha Harrill Sara Harrison Betty FIauser Katie Hauser Maxine Hawks Nancy Ellen Hayes Betty Haynes Patsy Sue Hemphill Betty Jo Henderson Helen Higgins Catherine Holcombe Ruby ' Holland Betty Loli Hollifield IvoNiA Holt Nancy Horne Mary Hlitchinson Betty Jackson Sue Jackson Martha Jeffrey Madeline Jenkins Marcia Jenkins Emogene Johnson Evelyn Jones Verdola Keller Jewel Key Joyce Kirkland Sally ' Ann Kivett Martha Laws Joyce Lawson Imogene Lopp Peggy Lyerly Margaret Mason Sarah Nell Mathis Sarah Matthews Margaret Medlin Rlith Ann Miller Sue Miller Carolyn Mills Martha Morris Alma McCall Betty McGinnis Sue McGrady Rita McNeal Joan McRae Sue Norman Jane Olsby Doris Overcash Marjorie Packard DoRCUs Padgett Eleanor Porter Sue Ramsey Elizabeth Robinson Jean Burney Eleanor Settlemyer Coleen Shelton Anne Sherrill Carolyn Sherwood Dimples Simmons Maxine Sink Belle Smith Janet Story Mildred Sykes Johnnie Ruth Turner Frances Tysinger Nancy Veal Cecilia Warlick Nell Wells Dorothy Whitesides Sarah Wilson Jo WiRTZ Wanda Wood Polly Worrell Betty Ann Wreath P« e One Hundred Three Lovill Club UUhite Hal Club Page One iiwifiei! Fou Baptist Student Union: Executive Counci OFFICERS James Evans President Laura Davis Vice-President Elizabeth Devlin Secretary Imogene Lopp Treasurer Mr. H. R. Eggers Sponsor Miss Marjorie Toole Sponsor Dr. W. G. Bond Sponsor Members: Mildred Beamer, Margaret Braswell, Maynard Bridges, Floyd Campbell, Tom Foreman, Evelyn Gen- tle, Juanita Grant, Melba Grayson, Coleman Hanson, Dollie Martin, Gor- don Martin, Erma Norris, Josephine Sanford, Eleanor Settlemyer, Carolyn Sherwood, Wayne Smith, Vick Sykes, Frank Tatum, Sara Nell Wilson, Grace Young. OFFICERS Clayton Swicegood President Eugene Nelson Vice-President Maxine Sink .... Secretary-Treasurer Members: Martha Arthurs, Patricia Bevil, Mariel Bolin, Virginia Buff, Jane Burns, Onita Coston, Ma. Cotton, Jacqueline Craven, Ida Dalton, Bobby Dillingham, Ann Dixon, Joe Dixon, Lester Dixon, Zeno Di.xon, Marjory Dwiggins, Carolyn Eaton, Mary Ed- wards, Millicent Elkins, Sarah Ann Elliott, Ruth Faulkner, Carolyn Floyd, William Garmon, Ernest Gardner, Jr., Steve Gabriel, Sara Harrison, Catherine Holcombe, Claude Holcombe, Nancy Hayes, Betty Holt, Delores Johnson, Paul Jolly, Robert Kiser, Kenneth Kiser, Janie Kluttz, Nancy Lanier, Benjamin Latimer, Nina Ruth Long. William L. Long, Jonsie Lowder, Peggv Mabe, Mary Jane Matthews, Delores McGuire, Ruth Ann Miller, Mary Moss, Eugene Nelson, Robert Nelson, Cornelia Owens, Ruby Peeler, Norman Richards, Oscar Ridings, Julia Roberts, Ruby Robison, Maxine Sink, Katherine Sloan, Belle Smith, Betty Ann Smith, Jean Stallings, Clayton Swicegood, Ted Trull, Mary Frances Tysinger, Sally Underwood, Doris Waugh, Frank Way- nick, J. W. Westbrook, Hal Whisnant, Bob Wilkes. UUesley Fellowship Pnge One Hundred Five UUestminster Fellowship OFFICERS June Davis PresiJeiil Eugene Cox VicePresideni EuLA Mae Craig. .Secretary-Treasurer Betty Jo Henderson Pianist Helen Cox Sons; I eader Pansy Biddix. .Comii issioii Cluiirmau John Calloway CoiiMiiissioii Cluurnuni Howard Cobli; Commissioii Clwirmmi Blanche Daniels Comiii ' -ssioii Cluiininiii Mary Jeanette Hargraves Commission Chairman Grace 1 1ui " iman President Jean Raney ' ice-President Faye Cauble Secretary Lois Townsend Treasurer Miss Riivni iiiii fv Adviser Members: Bessie Barrinyor, Mdiiica Brown, Joyce Canup, Jean Carpenter, Fave Cauble, Madeline Fink, Mary Goud, Irvin Giiodman. Grace Huffman, Lillian 1 luffman, Bettv Kiscr. Frederick Lippard. Jean Ranev, Miss Rhvne, Lois Tiavhsi ' ikI. Pii;i;v Lverlv, Irene Triiut- 111. Ml. Ke . l-AJuin Troutman, Mrs. I ilw ill I rotitnuin. Lutheran Student Rssociation Page One Hundred Six Canterbury Club OFFICERS Guv Rose President Bob Crissman Vice-President Pat Ellis Secretary-Treasurer Members: Kathryn Greene, Blythe Hampton. Gretchen Hears, Maxine Hawks, Bill Rives, Jesse Swain, Eddie Edwards, Bruce Tucker, Pat Peele. OFFICERS Evelyn Mitchell President Robert Martin Vice President Temple Griffith, Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Elizabeth Casale Sponsor Members: Lewis Baker, Agnes Bald- win, Ed Barrett, Maynard Bridges, Floyd Campbell, Billve Canadv, Ailene Chappell, Janice Coley, Elizabeth Dev- lin, Marjorie Greer, Temple Griffith, Julius Hubbard, Clifford Koontz, Rob- ert Martin, Evelyn Mitchell, Sue Mc- Grady, Elmo Moretz, Jack Norris, John- nie O ' Neal, Martha Quails, Oscar Rid- ings, Dean Stone, William Sweeney, Vera Wenzel, Sara Nell Wilson. Le Cercle Francais Piige One Hundred Seven Forum Club OFFICERS 1-AFi.A Mae C ' rak; I ' rrs ' ulciii C ' l AYTON SwicKcoon . A ' lce Presicleiil June Davis Secretary lUiFus McClure Treasurer Metiibers: Bettv Liiu Clavvson, Ed Garris, Juanita Grant. Bcttv Sue Hodges. Noah James. Gordon Martin, Marv Moss, Tomniie Sue Moxlev, Hitl Preslwnoil. Marv Lou Sicjut. Ol IIGliRS l i)i!i 11 r C . Day I ' reshleiit Hill lis McC ' i.iiiti: ' ice-President NoAii James Secrefnry 1 LAY Sellers Treasurer Meiiihers: Homer Hrown. Virginia I ' liill. Jane Burns, Mildreil Games, Jean C ' arpenter, Alene C ' liappell. Bettv C lavv- siin, June Davis, Robert Day, Noah J, lines, Gharles Jarvis, Madehne Jen- kins, Marcia Jenkins, Ellis Kuvkcndall, M.irtha Laws. Sarali Matthews, Rulus MeC:lure, Pauline McSwain, NLirv Moore, Bettv I ' restwood, Flay Sellers, r.ilpli Shore. Dorothy Smith. Brute I taker. Bill Walker. Rohert W ' ithrow, W ' anil.i Wood. Piolicrt Noder. nternational Relations Club Page One Hundred Eigjit fl. C. E. OFFICERS Margaret Braswell President Barbara Jarrett. .First Vice-President Betty Lou Hollifield Second Vice-President ' Betty Prestwood Secretary Betty Sue Berry Treasurer Iuanita Grant Reporter Miss Mary Walker Sponsor Members: Euginia Allen, Martha Arthurs, Sue Evelyn At well, Bettv Barnette. Mary Ann Earnhardt, Betty Sue Berry, Betty Blan- ton, Sue Bobbitt, Margaret Braswell. Joyce Canup, Faye Cauble, Kaye Cheek, Ruth Clarke, Frances Cox, Ann Dixon, Lillian Edmisten, Mary Edwards, Elizabeth Felton, Eldeweiss Formvduval, Mary Good, Juaniia Grant, Doris Greer, ' irt inia Flalstead, Lena Mae Harmon, Rubv Holland. Betty Lou Hollifield, Lillian I luff man. Belly Jackson, Barbara Jarrett, Omej a Jaynes, Sally Ann Kivett. Billie Ladd, Fa e Lawino, Joyce Law- son, Imooene Lopp, Margaret Medlin, Alma McCall, Grace Mcintosh. Pauline McSwain, Emily Northinoton, Alice Page, Jean Payne, Betty Prestwood. Julia Roberts. Ruby Robin- son, Coleen Shelton, Lorene Shore, Dimples Simmons, Maxine Sink, Jeannetie Taylor, Sarah Torrence, Jerline Watson, Nell Wells, Dorothy WTiitesides, Lou Ray Wilhelm, Grace Young. ■P iP OFFICERS Martha Ann Voss President Don Cheek ' ice-Presideiit Cecelia Warlick Secretary Polly Worrell Treasurer Miss Helen Burch Sponsor Members: Evelyn Bishop, Herbert Brantley, Mildred Carncs, Julian Carr, Faye Cauble, Glenn Causey, Don Cheek, Pete Clark, Elton Coleman, Eugene Cox, Elizabeth Felton, Phil Gouge, Juanita Grant, Dorothy Griffith, Coleman Hanson, Betty Jo Henderson, Charles Jarvis, Marcia Jenkins, Verdola Keller, Marty Laws, DoUie Martin, Mary Moss, Erma Norris, James Parks, William Richardson, Eleanor Settle- myre, Rachel Anne Vance, Martha Ann Voss, Cecelia Warlick, Sarah Nell Wil- son, Polly Worrell. Future Teachers of Rmerica Page One Hundred Nine Forensic Club OFFICERS William J. Johnson President Iack Idol Vice-President Virginia Buff .. .Secretary-Treasurer Dr. D. J. Whitener. .Factilty Adviser Mr. John M. Justice . Facu!t .Advi.ser Leo K. PniTciiETT . . .FactiUy Adviser leiii »t ' rs: ' irginia liuH. Pat Duck worth. Jack Idol, William Johnson, Brady Lewder, Elmo Moretz, Tom Summers, Vic Svkes. OFFICERS Marjorie Brown President Bett - Sue Berry ... . ' ice President Blanche Daniel. .Secretary Treasurer Dr. Pearl S. McCarty Sjmiisor Aleiiiliers; Susie Adams, Jo Alexan- der, Laura Beck, Bcttv Sue Berry. Peggy Bianton, Margaret Braswell, Dorothy Brown, Marjorie Brown, Kay Cheek. Blanche Daniel, Laura Da- vis, Elizabeth Devlin, Carolyn Fesper- man, Catherine Farrow, Carolyn Floyd, Nancy Garwood, Dorothy Griffith, Doris Grill, Ma.xine Hawks, Betty Jo Henderson, Helen Higgins, Hazel Hol- combc, Barbara Jarrett, Marty Laws, Joyce Lawson, Betty Jean McGinnis, Sarah Matthews, Rita McNeal, Jane Olsby, Marion Overby, Margie Pack- ard, Mary Poole, Betty Prestwood, Sue Ramsey, Ann Rudd, Jane Russell, Jeanne Snow. Joan V ' irtz. Vernician Literary Society Page One Hundred Ten math Club OFFICERS VA ' iLLiAM Johnson President V ' ayne Smith Vice-Presidenf Dorothy Brown . . Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. T. C. Wright Sponsor Members: Lorretta Adams, Pansy Biddix, Dorothy Broun. Anne Broyhill, Jean Carpenter, Charles Clontz, Gene Co.x, James Crawford, Bobby DiUing- ham, Roy EngHsh, VViUiam Johnson, Gordon Martin, Norman Richards, Guy Rose, Dwioht Shaw, Thompson Shep- herd, Wayne Smith, ' anda Wood. OFFICERS Sarah Miller Matthews. .Presidciil Audrey B-iuguess ....Vice-President Betty Jo Henderson Secretary-Treasitrer Betty Sue Hodges Publicity Cbairnian Miss Eunice Query Sponsor Miss Ila Tay ' lor Sponsor Members: Audrey Bauguess, Cather- ine Bost, ' irginia Buff, Mildred Carnes, Ailene Chappell, Janice Colev, June Da is, Yates Forbis, Evelyn Gentle, Juanita Grant, Betty Jo Henderson, Betty Sue Hodges, Madeline Jenkins, Verdola Keller, Sarah Miller Matthews, Ruth Anne Miller, Jane Russell, Doro- thy Smith, Doris Waugh. Library Science Club Page One Hundred Eleven Miss Lucy Brock Sponsor Miss Pollyanna Gordon Sponsor Miss Gpace Hollifield Sponsor Home Economics Club OFFICERS ToMMiE Sue Moxlev President Iris Lanning ' ice ' Presideut Members: Ramona Baywcll. Jean Baird, Connie Baker, Amelic Bauguess, Mildred Beamer, Marv Lou Bowcn, Madeline Brown, Marv Burnev, Pat Carter, Hilda Combs, Eula Mac Craig, Blanche Dan ' cls, Dorecn Davis, Ruth Moore Edwards, Carolyn Floyd, Juanita Fowler, Bobby Jean DoLLiE Maktin Secrelnry Trciisiirer Nancy Garwood Serjeant nl Anns Gragi;, Betty I lavncs, Mary Hutchinson, Evelyn Jones, Jean Jordan, Susanna Lackey, Nancy Lanier, Nina Ruth Long, Eugeni.i luttrcll, Albertinc Miller, Mar ' Sue Nor- man, Ruby Peeler, Kathcrine Sloan, hclvn Sparger, Wanda Truett, Loray Williams, Alcne Wilson. Page One Hundred Thirteen Playcrafters OFFICERS Haurv Myers Prcs ' niciil Charles Jarvis ' icc Vrcsidviil Betty Prestuood Secretary Trcamrcr Carl Clarke P}a hiU fdilnr Members: Susif Adams. Bob Arnilukl, Riitli Atkinson. Aiulnv Baugucss, Laura Beck, Marjorii- Billings. Jim 15randon, Jean Brimk ' v. Marie Butler. Marion Butk ' r. Carol n Hvrd. Julian Carr. Carl Clarke. Jackie Craven. Hilton Cochrane. Onita Cciston, Bernard Davis, Marv Da is, Joe Uixon, Zeno Dixon. Millie Elkins, Yates Forbis, Evelyn Fullbriyht, Maxine Hawks, Claude Hol- combe. Carolyn Holdt. Rosalind Isom, Charles Jarvis, Emojjene Johnson. Fred Jones, Joyce kirkland, Elizabeth Koont , Pcooy Mabe, Alma McCall. Sue McGradv. Albert Miller, Anne Miller, Martha Morris, Harry Myers, Eugene Nelson, Robert Nelson, Emily Northington, Betty Prestwood, Bill Rhinehart, Charles Rhode-;, Clint Scoggins, Marilyn Sbuftord, Clayton Swicegood. Hal ' hisnant, Dorotlu W ' hitesides, Robert Voder. Mr. David Hodgin. Sponsor RIpha Psi Omega LAMBA ZETA CAST Maxine Hawks Cast Director Charles Jarvis Assistant Cast Director Nina Annas Cast Business Manager MEMBERS Nina Annas Maxine Hawks Julian Carr Charles Jarvis Sue McGrady Pa e One Htiniired Fift een Business Club OI-IICERS liioMAS L. I liiNiKU President liiiNiCE FoLCER ' icc-Prcsidcut Colleen Alexander Secretary jovcE Lavvson rrccisitrer Colleen Alexander James Armstronc; Charles Blackburn Peggy Blanton C ' aimerine Bost l- At:iiEL Brintle Margaret Brown lolIN liUNCH EsTELLE Carpenter Annie Mae Carroll Agnes Cloer Hugh Connor Denny Deaton BuHORD Dlxon WiLLODEEN Dukes Elizabeth Felton Eunic;e Folger Clara Sue Foster Coleman I Ianson CiRAGE FIuFFMAN 1 iio. L s L. I Iunter Joyce Lawson Lewis Mack Ernest Miller Pi;g(, Mishoe l oBER I ' ardue W. T. Payne (iLoRGL Ram in MoZELLE RkiIARDSON William I obinson (iuY Rose Anne Rudd Betty Scoggins Cl INI Scocic-.iNs John Scxvit DwiGirr Shaw Jack Stewart BiLLiE Jo Zimmerman nriixed Chorus OFFICERS Charles Johnson President BoYCE Orr Vice-President Sara Nell Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Mary Poole Lihrarian Ted Barnett Librarian Nina Annas Reporter MEMBERS Wesley Alexander Betty Horton Martha Qlialls Nina Annas Wofford FIuskey Charles Readling Ted Barnett Carol Hutchins Jane Russell Jimmy Blanton Charles Johnson Hoyt Safrit Betty Brickhouse Barbara Jones Charles Smith Monica Brown Kenneth Kiser Reba S TH Lou Ann Burleson Donald McCracken Ruth Smith Marvin Casey Ernest Miller Lois Townsend Bob Coe Jane Naylor Jimmy Westbrook Helen Cole Erma Norris Bill Whitesides Onita Coston Nell Norris Virginia Wilhelm Marceline Dillon Boyce Orr J. W. Williams, Jr. Pat Ellis Doris Overcash Sara Wilson Yates Forbis Alice Page Clelle Winkler William Garmon Mary Poole Bob Wolfe ,, , J Fairy Hodges Young Kathryn Harris Pflge One Hundred Seventeen Symphony Orchestra m I Violins: Oboe: 4 ' Cynthia Stiles Doris Smith Douglas Dorsly r J Bobby Coe Clarinets: jk Elizabhih Devlin Harry Farthing Lynn Brown George Wilson Bill Brock itfT Betty Brkkhouse Onita Coston Betty Sue Norris Bassoon: Helen Cole r mlC k Flutes: Trumpets: Al H 1 Gordon Hartzog Bill Lawson I Bi mm Betty Rae Green Louie Deviney Nicholas Erneston, Director French Horns: Trombones: Violas: Bob DeLaney Thomas Hunter Robert Love Agnes Baldwin Fairy Young Nell Norris Clifton Bovd Sara Nell Wilson Busses: Alice Page PerciissUiit : Cellos: J. W. William Johnny lbea Mickey Casey Hal Vannoy George Wilson Bill Brock Delores Johnson Johnny Farmer Jean Bradley Agnes Baldwin Sara Wilson Marjorie Dwiggins Bobhy jMcFarland Lawrence Phillips Rhea Farthing Lois Townsend Gene Wilson Johnny Albea Charlie Johnson Bobby McSwain Martha Harrell Mary Graybeal Band Bill Armstrong Reba Smith Martha Qualls Ted Barnett Bobby Coe Gailya Austell Douglas Dorsey Helen Cole Thomas Hunter Nell Norris Bill Bay ' nard Barbara Rhea Louie Deviney Bill Lawson Earl Haynes Kenneth West Martha Council Tom Hendricks RoY ' Blanton, Director DuANE Cheek Wayne Sells Donald McCracken Claude Jarrett Harry Farthing Bob Love Clifton Boyd Charles Clontz Hal Vannoy ' RoscoE Brown Bill Robinson Otis Ledbetter Tommy Hauss Sonny Williams Helen Winkler BoYCE Orr Mickey Casey Dick Allred Jimmy Blanton Mary Giles Davis Dean Stone Marie Butler ISABELLE EgGERS Evelyn McCracken Alice Page Page One Hundred Nineteen Octet First Tenors James Blanion Vii) V HNHrr Second I eiiors Earl I Iaynes Lawrence Piiillips P arito}ics Hal Vannoy Clifton Bovn Basses William Walker Robert Wolfe Director Mr. O. iM. 1 Iartsell OFFICERS JoNNiE RiiTii TuiiNHR PrdUleiil Nancy Zaciiaiu- ' ice I ' rcsideiil Nancy Veale . . .Secrelciry-l ' re isure!- Metiihers: Eli al)c ' tli Adams, Dick Aldridge, Rose Marv 15arl)cr, Dot Brown, Marie Butler, Onita C ' oston, Marcelinc Dillon. Martha Di.von, Marv Dixon, Doun Dorsev. Tomniv Hauss, Sarah Mattiiews, ISolibie lu■.i, Mcilc Dean Stone, Hillie |o Zininuiinan. Baton Club Page One Hundred Twenty Cheerleaders Collette, Hauser, Brewer, Garwood, Morris. McGradv, Rhinehart, Hemric, Rhodes, Flow- ers, Surratte, Combs, Brimm. " Shady " , Chief " BoLo " ' Marty " Bob Paae One Htiudred Tweiityniie (mi Vita Pah M ' Tlm ■•Jsv. 1950 Wau 2)a Sar, h Miller Matthews Seiiior Attendattt Margaret Braswell Junior Attendant Eleanor I Iauser Senior Attcndnnt Catherlne Farrow Senior Attendant Madeline Jenkins liiiiior Attendant attendants Martha Laws Sara Nell Wilson Junior Attendant Sara Nell iMathis Freshman Attendant Suphoiuore Attendant Peggy Blanton Betty Jackson Sophomore Attendant Fresh niau Atteiidant .■K -J c ampu5 " S uperlatlveS ipi A ;.ss Appdltichiiiu Margaret Braswell Ail " . Apjhliiicll ' uill Glenn Causey Most PdjuiJar Caul y . Lane MnsI iilitithlf lloDI I! I C HILTON Senior S uperlati ueS Robert C hilton Most Likely to Succeed Carl A. Lane Most Versatile Rita Dare McNeal Most Attractive John Scott Most Handsome Kent Robinson Most luteUcctual Glenn Causey Friendliest Mildred Bradley Most Athletic Girl J. C. HONEYCUTT Most Athletic Bov UUho ' s LUho Among Students I ft Martha Ann Voss Eugene Cox John Caskey Verdola Keller Sarah Miller Ma ' ihews Rita Dare McNeal American Universities Rnd Colleges Maxine Hawks Robert E. Chilton Carl A. Lane Don Cheek Tomjniie Sue Moxley Coleman Hanson William Halstead (1949) Jean Quincy (Not pictured) Wk Jee inM.odh JJnuLes RHODODEnDROn STRFF AIaxim; Hawks. Editor r. taleit rl laAin U4cnvhs. r. RHODODEnOROn STAFF Rita Dare McNeal, Business Manager ri. IrJ Ward J! U%J, S r. %J WlardJI WcYiJ, . Wrs. C. C. J4a nion RPPflLRCHIRn STRFF Coleman Hanson. Editor A ' J. l williani " Jlien cLane Carl Allen Lane, Ihisiuess Manager STUDERT council :j - i .-v ' ri. fKobeft L tn ' ood L kuion Robert Elwood Chilton, President «. 3 W. Cant JuANiTA Grant, President Y. UU. C. R Whi tti, 2)can Cat iSeij Glenn Causev. Clasa President SEniOR CLRSS JUniOR CLRSS XoRMAN Propst, Class Presidoil SOPHOmORE CLRSS r6. f . - A . L rawford James Crawford, Class President Robert A. Nelson, Class President FRESHmRn CLRSS i o ddvQJdiMmjmtdu C x c I u slue l noaodendron f hotoarapnu by Palmer ' s Studio Boone, N. G. PORTRAITURE OF DISTINCTION f " Boone ' s Leading Photographic Center " Paoe One Uuiuhed Tliirly nine MADDUX ESSO SERVICE •COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR " Willvs-Jkkp Dealer City Meat Market FRESH AND CURED MEATS " ir( Try To Please " Phone 29 121 Main Street BooNE, N. C TmiL 9a. 9{sudJthSjuL Gradk " A " Hillside Products at Better Stores, Cafes and Hotels MILK, BUTTERMILK, CREAM BUTTER, AND ICE CREAM HILLSIDE DAIRY Telephone 194-M Boonf, N. G. " Your Leading Dairy " Home-Owned and Home Operated PARKWAY COMPANY HARDWARE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Phone 46-J Boone, N. C. Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Every Banking Service Consistent with Sound Banking W. D. Farthing, Cashier BOONE, N. C. Vaf e One Ilimdred Forty Compliments of FRRmERS HRRDUUARE CO., IRC. " Everything in Hardware and Associate Lines " BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Appalachian State Teachers College BooNE, North Carolina DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO TEACHER TRAINING FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION IN THE SOUTH Newton ' s Department Store Complete Line of MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO WEAR At Popular Prices BOONE, N. C. BOONE FLOWER SHOP " Flowers For All Occasions " students Headquarters For Flowers Authorized Member of Florist Telegraph Deliverij Service Phone 214-J Boone, N. C. ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU Time-Saving and Penny-Wise m RIVER LIGHT M POWER COMPLY Pa e One Hundred Forty-one c raven Furnit ure Com P any Complete Home Furnishings Main street BOONE N. C. Phone 95 + + APPALACHIAN THEATRE + + Boone, N. G. Everyhody Likes Boone " PET ICECREAM " a AeaM footf ' PET DHIRY PRODUCTS JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Meet Your • Friends A t CAROT INA PHARMACY Phone 47 BOONE, N. C. Page One Uiiiulred Forty-two ScHrafft The Nation ' s Leading Candies " ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 — $2.00 Morgan Bros., Inc. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. G. (Candy is Delicious Food ENJOY SOME, EVERY DAY! CREST STORES COMPANY Boone ' s Modern Shopping Center " Service with a Smile " D. A. Starnes, Manager BOONE, N. C. BOONE BODY SHOP REBUILDING WRECKED BODIES OUR SPECIALTY Expert Refinishiny Phone 144 GOODNIGHT BROTHERS " Packers, Shippers, and Distributors of Mountain Produce " Boone Gastonia Newton HOLLARS GROCERY Fresh Vegetables, Local and Western Meats, Frozen Foods, Fancy Groceries, Feeds Free Delivery in City Phone 52 B. W. Ellis Watauga Sales and Service BUICKS AND G.M.C. ' s. " When Better Cars Are Built Buick Will Build Them " Stuart Winkler, Manage)- Phone 124-J Page One Hundred Forty-three Reins-Sturdivant of Boone, Inc. Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers Phone 24 — Day and Night boone, north carolina Reins-Sturdinant Mutual Burial Association, Inc. North Wilkesboro, Boone, Newland, West Jefferson, Sparta, Lenoir, N. C. TRHILUJHY LHUDDRY and ClEHflERS, Inc. " The Best In Latin dry and Cleaning " Rick-up and I) elivery Service Phone 79 BOONE, N. C. Compliments of General Shale Products Corporation JOHNSON CITY, TKNNHSSEE Manufacturers of artistic facing brick, common brick, high quality cinder blocks and concrete blocks. Pa e One Hundred Forty-fmir WAIDENSIAN Sunbeam Waldensian Baking Company VALDESE. N. C. Bill Norris Invites You To THE DRIVE-IN Sandwiches. Fountain Service Ice Cream Boone, N. C. DANIEL BOONE HOTEL Elevation 3333 Boone, N. C. DINING ROOM SERVICE J. B. McCoy, Mgr. Compliments of Sustis jC ncaster oAssociates Johnson City, Tennessee Pii e One Hundred Forty-five BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Boone, N. C. " The Home of Better Values ' C. C. Faw, I ' lfsiilcil C. C. Favv, Jr., Srcrvtarii FAW INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. The Northwestern Bank Buildino: Phone 368 North Wilkesboro Safe For Your Savings Since 1921 Watauga Bui ding and Loan Association CURRENT DIVIDEND 3% O We Believe The American Home Safeguards The American Liberty SKYLINE muum " Boone ' s Nciresf and Mntif Modern " BOONE, N. C. Mr. Mr.s. W. H. Gragg Owtivis " Your nnonoi Friend and OTnniin Neighbor " nnmnnni liOCOCIi STROUD In r lunirnni WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. " The Sportsman ' s Pa radise " Page One Hundred. Forty-six Watauga Democrat " Established 1888 " R. C. Rivers. Oivner BOONE, N. C. Boone Drug Company REXALL " The Professional Store " W. R. Richardson O. K. Richardson G. K. Moose Owners Three Registered Pharmacists Phone 17 HOME JEWELRY STORE Watch Repairing WATCHES— DIAMONDS— GIFTS BOONE, N. C. Boone Tire and Bargain Store Furniture Electric Appliances BOONE, N. C. Phone 152 At Less Cost CHARTERED COACH ES Provide ideal transportation for groups, featuring comfort, economy and the convenience of going and returning when desired. QUEEN CITY TRAIL WAYS CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Puqe One Hundred Forty-seven Bring Your Parents and Friends to (Uarnltna f ntfl BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA James 0. Cook, Jr., Mgr. Phone 259 Security Life and Trust Go. Noithwestein Bank Bldgr. Frank M. Payne. Gini. Agent " The sooner you plan t oitr future the better your future will be " Office Phone 228-W Resident 55 TOMLINSON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Always Dependable Merchandise North Wilkesboro, N. C. Phone 406 Compliments of SoUlifuj Qompamj. HICKORY. N. C. BARNETT MOTOR CO. PONTIAC CARS International Trucks Farm Equipment Boone, N. C. Phone 237 CO-ED SNACK BAR WINKLER ' S GROCERIES " When if.s eats, call at Winkler ' s (Jrocery " " When it ' s snacks — Co-Ed Snack Bar is the Place " Joe Irene Winkler, Owners Phone 316-R Delivery Service Page One lluudred Forty-eight BOONE SUPER MARKET The Store Of Friendly Service And Everyday Low Prices QUALITY GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS WESTERN MEATS Phone 156 Compliments of FAUL S, CHYMES, INC. Sporting Goods 415 S. Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. LioLA Gurney ' s LUNCHEONETTE E. King Street ( arolun d Slower noppe Corr iplete Flower Service Mrs. and Mrs. Ralph Proprietors Whatley Phone 301 BOONE, N. Howard St. C. GATEWAY CAFE Fine Food To Suit Your Taste C. K. Marion, Owner Phone 5-J Boone, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Pflge One Hundred Forty-nine f We Are Headquarters for Clothing and Shoes for A. J. L. v-(. HUNT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Boone ' s Favorite Department Store f FORD— MERCURY -LINCOLN Sales and Service PHONE 69— 235-W UUinkler ITIotor Company Page One Hundred Fifty Paae One Hundred Fifty-one Work M TOGETHin... orking together is the theme of the OBSERVER PRiniinG HOUSE publications department. LUe cannot do our best work without your assistance— you cannot expect to get the best results from your efforts without willing assistance and cooperation from your printer. ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOUR YEARS IN SCHOOL- PHINTIHE HOUSE N. C.

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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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