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' ' mW W9 DEDICATION Page Four To Miss Gail Clay, our friend and teacher, we take great pleasure in dedicating the 1946 edi- tion of the Rhododendron. Her enthusiastic in- terest in girls ' intramural sports, her tireless efforts toward the promotion of the evening recreational program, and her genuine interest in the student body, of which she was once a part, is proof of her merit of this dedication. May this deed on our part reflect in some small way our heart-felt grati- tude to Miss Clay for the services she has rendered us in this, her first year on our faculty. Page Five ■v B. B. Dougherty J.S., Ph.B., D.Litt., Ed.D. President Page Eight ADMINISTRATION J. D. Rankin, A.B., A.M., S.T.D. Dean, English Herbert W. Wey, B.S., M.A. Principal High School John T. Howell, B.S., M.A., M.Ed. Principal Elementary School Barnard Dougherty, B.S. Bi(siucss Manager Helen Burch, A.B., M.A. Dean of Women, Educa tion Herman R. Eggers, A.B., M.A. Registrar, Education Chappell Wilson, A.B., M.A. Director Demonstration School PHYSICAL EDUCATION E. E. GAhBEE, B.S., M.A. R. W. Watkins, A.B., M.A. Francis Hoover, B.S. Cleon Hodges, A.B., M.S. Gail Clay, B.S. Page Nine D. J. Whitener, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. V. C. Howell, B.A., M.A. G. L. Sawyer, A.B., M.A. SOCIAL STUDIES W. M. GUUBBS, B.A., M.A. F. E. Warman, B.S., M.A., B.D., D.D. Edwin S. Dougherty, B.S., M.A. J. A. Williams, A.B., M.A. HOME ECONOMICS Lucy Brock, A.B.. M.S. Betty Sue Stone, B.S., M.S. Vivian Wood, B.S. Elva Spake, B.S. Page Ten ENGLISH W. Amos Abrams, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Graydon p. Eggers, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Meta Liles, A.B., M.A. Sue Bess Jones, B.S., M.A. EDUCATION Myrtle Brandon Wilson, B.S., M.A. Ralph W. House, B.S., A.M., Ed.D. John G. Barden, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. FRENCH AND SPANISH Elizabeth Craddock, B.S., M.A. GEOGRAPHY Starr N. Siacy, B.S., M.A. MATHEMATICS J. T. C. Wright, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Walter G. Hawkinson, B.S. Page Eleven Virginia Wary, B.M., M.M. Gordon Nash, A.B. MUSIC Helen Foster, B.A. Gar.nett F. Felts, B.M. ART Catherine J. Smith, B.S., M.A. PSYCHOLOGY W. F. Smith, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. BUSINESS EDUCATION Edith Hess, A.B.. A..M. Ella May Fogg, B.S.. M.A. SCIENCE A. R. Smith, A.B., M.A. A. Antonakas, B.S., M.S. Ida Belle Lebbetter, A.B., M.A. Maude Cathcart, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. R. C. Busteed, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. I ' agc Twelve LIBRARY Mrs. Emma H. Moore Louise Moore, B.S. in Library Science W. L. EURY, A.B., B.S. in Library Science Helen Clardy, A.B., M.A. Allie Austin, B.S., B.S. in Library Science Mary Alice Huff, B.S. in Library Science HOSTESSES Mrs. Hardin, Blan-Dolf Hall Mrs. Massey, White Hall Miss Bridge, Lovill Hall SECRETARIES Melba Tugman Secretai-y to Business Manager Bernice Gragg Secretary to Business Manager Mrs. Ed. Bingham Secretary to Registrar Mrs. Douglas Redmond Secretary to Business Manager Mrs. Ralph W. House Seo ' ctary to Dean Pag; Thirteen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Freda Gri ' bbs Cline President Dorothy Moore Vice-President Gloria Matkins Secretary I ' EARL Gold Treasurer Page Sixteen SENIORS Frances Blount Newport News, Va. Giammur Grade Education Helen Bruton Mt. Gilead, N. C. Primary Major v. V r. A. 1. 2; A. C. H. Vice-President 4. RosADA Bowman Taylorsville, N. C. Primary Major Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 4; A. C. E. 2. 3. 4. Third ' ice- President 4; Future Teachers 3, 4. Ellen Burris Stanfield, N. C. Grammar Grade Major White Hall Club 1, 2; Forum Club 3. 4, Officer 4; I. IJ. C. 4; Dynician 1, 2; Future Teachers 3. 4; B. S. U. 1, 2. 3, 4, Officer 3 4; B. T. U. President 3; V. W. C. A, 1, 2, 3; V. V. A. 1. 2, Officer 2; Mission Forum 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Ruth Brittain Casar, N. C. Hoyne Economics and Science Luvill Chit) 1. 2; Christian Fellowship Alliance 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. V. C. A 4; Girls Chorus 4; B. S. U. Council 1, 2, 3, 4. Lena Rivers Brown Sandy Ridge, N. C. Hovie E conomics and Science White Hall Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4, Officer 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Junior Marslial; May Queen 4. Lois Merle Butler Forest City, N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Gardner-Webb Junior College 1. 2; Baptist Trainnig Union 3, 4; Y. W. C. A, ' 3, 4; While Hall Club 3; W. A, A. 3, 4. Freda Grubbs Cline Winston-Salem, N. C. Home Economics and Science White Hall Club 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Flying Fish 2. 3. 4; Campfire Girls 3. President 3; Class Of.iccr 3. 4. President 4; W. A. A, 4; Future Teachers 4; Junior Marshal; Student Council 4, Vice-President 4; Wllo ' s Who 4; Senior Life Saving 2; Intramural Sports 1, 4, Honorary Varsity 1. Page Seventeen SENinRS Vivian Ci.ine Newton, N. C. English and History L ' lu-ir Uhviic- College 1; History riuh 2. 3. 4; V. VV. C. A. •i; Appalachian Staff 3, A, Circulation Manager 4. Inez Conner Shelby, N. C. English and French Garilncr- Wtlih Junior College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, Junior Cabinet Mctnlier 3; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, President 3, 4 Library Science Club 4; Playcrafters 3, 4; B. S. U. 3, 4 Housv [ ' resident of New Dormitory 4; Appalachian Staff 4 W ' hos Who 4. Ci. RA Cooke Westfield, N. C. Primary Education White Hall Club I. 2; A C K. 3, 4; Future Teachers 3. 4: V. W. C. A. I. 2. 3. 4. Margaret Ann Cook Richfield, N. C. English and Social Science Pfeiffer Junior College 1, 2; Lincoln Memorial l niversity 3; Erglish Majors Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; B. T. C. 4. Oren R. Counts St. Paul, Va. English and History Btrea College 1. 2: V M. C. A. 3. President 3; Social Science Club 4; Debaliti 4; W-terans Club 4. Alma Jeaneite Crowder Nebo, N. C. Home Economics and Science Y. V. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; While Hall Club 1. 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Officer 3. President 4; Future Teachers 4. Ruby Dancy North Wilkesboro, N. C. Honte Economics and Science Httme Kcoii iniics Cub 1, 2. 3, 4; Playcralters 1; Freshman Glee Club- A Cappell.i Choir 2; Girls ' Chorus 3 4; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Weslminsler Felli uship I. 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, James M. Dry Norwood, N. C. I ' hijsicnl Education and History Pfciflir Junior Ccillegr 1. 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4. Presi- dent 3; Social Science Club 4; X ' clerans ' Club 4. Page Eighteen SENIORS Mildred Eaton Cooleemee, N. C. English and History Y. V. C. A. 1, 2; I. R. C. 2. J, 4. Treasurer 4; Forum Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Social Science Club 2. 3. 4; Lovill Club I; Class Officer 3. Treasurer. Bettye Ellis Boone, N. C. Spanish and Science Carrie Lee Farthing Boone, N. C. English and French Playcratters 1; I. R C. 2, J. 4. Officer 4; Forum Club 2. 3. 4, Gificer 3; Los Picaros Espanoles 3, 4, Vice-President 3. President 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Senior Superlative. Amanda Ferebee Mocksville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. V. C. A. 1. 2, 4; Lovill Club 1; Rhododendron Staff 4. RosALYN Francis Portsmouth, Va. Primary Education Y. " . C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; A. C. E. 2. 3. 4. President 4; Vernician 2, 3 4. Officer 4; Junior Marshal; Future Teachers Club 3. 4; White Hall Club 1 ; Westminster Fellowship 2. 3. 4; Playcrafters 2; M,-.y Court Attendant 4. Wilbur Franklin Jonas Ridge, N. C. Mathematics Betty Gabriel Lincolnton, N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Student Body President 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Senior Cabinet 2. 3. 4; 1. R. C. 2. 3, 4; Vice- President 3; Forum Club 2, 3. 4, Secretary 3; Class Officer 3; . ppalachian Staff 2. 3. 4, Assistant Sports Editor 3. 4; Flying Fish 1, 2, 3. 4, President 3; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Oificer 3, 4; Intramural Manager 4; Girls ' " A ' Club 2, 3. 4; Senior Life Saving 1. 2, 3. 4; Water Safety Instructor 2. 3, 4; First Aid Instructor 3 4; Who ' s Who 3, 4; Junior Marshal; Campus Superlative 4; Senior Superlative. Nellie Gabriel .. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Primary Education Appalachian Staff 2, 3, 4. Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4; Secretary uf A. C. E. 4; Band Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader 2, 3. 4; May Court 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet Member 3. 4; Junior Marshal 3; Rhododendron Staft 3; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Campus Superlative 4; Senior Superlative; Who ' s Who 4; Flying Fish 3, 4. Page Nineteen SENIORS Pearl Gold Shelby, N. C. Home Eeonoviics and Science Il(. nu- Kc ' iiii.inics Club ], 2. i, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2. .? 4; Womt-irs Alhlclic Association i. -t; Christian Fellow- liil Alliance I, 2.; Westminster Fellowship 4; V. V. C. A. . 2 .1. 4; I ' ass Officer 4. Bonnie Jean Hamkick Ellenboro, N. C. Home Economics and Science V. VV. C. A. 1. 2, .!. 4; White Hall riuh 1; Home Kco- noinies t ' luh I. 2. .?, 4. Officer .1; Future Teachers 3, 4. Poi.LVANNA (ioRDoN Pinnacle, N. C. Home Economics and Science Lovill ( " lub 1, 2, 3. 4. Presiilent 4; Home Economics Cluli 1. 2, i. 4. Vice-President 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 2. .1. 4; V. W. C. A. 2. 3. 4. .Il;lia (;ray Greensboro, N. C. Primary Education Brcvar I J uniur ColleKe I, 2; Campfire (lirls 3; A. ( " . K. 4: Y. W. C. A. 4; While Hall Clul. 3; Youth Fellowship 3. 4; Future Teachers 4. Betty Jean Griffin Forest City, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 2. 3. 4. Officer 4; Who ' s Who 3. 4; Stuilent Council 3; I ' uture Teachers 3, 4. J ' resident 4; Api alachian Staff 3, 4; Rli.p(|..,lcni!ron Staff 4; Forum Cluh 2. 3. 4. (Jfficer 3; Internatii nal Relations Cluh 2. 3. A; Youth Fel- lowship 2. 3. 4, I ' resiilent 3. 4; May Court 4. Joyce Hayes North Wilkesboro, N. C. Eiiylisli a)id Business Education W. C. A. Lovill Cluli 1, ■ 1. 2, 3, 4; llusincss Education Cluli 2. 4: .1, 4; Floor Ueiirrven1ati rs 2. 3. Bernita HiHMiEs Bakersvillo, N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Cluh I. 2. 3, 4. Officer 2, .1; B. .S. C. 1. 2, 3; B. S. V. Council 1, 2; B. T. V. Officer; Sunday School Officer; White Hall Clul. I. 2. Officer 2; Future Teachers 3, 4; I ' laycrafii-r 4. officer 4. Mildred iNfiRAM Statesville, N. C. Home Economics and Science A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Home Ec.iiomics Cluh 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. VV. C. Lovill Cluh 1; Uynicii ' n Society I. Page Tu- ' enly SENIORS Mary Harrill Kirkham Forest City, N. C. Mathematics and Social Studies Nell R. Lewis -- Parkton, N. C. Primary Ediicatio)i Margaret Lineberger Lincolnton, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Wliile Hall Club 1; Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2; Girls ' Chnrus 4; V. V. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Cabinet 4; X ' criiician Literary Society 2 3. 4, President 4; May Court Attendant 2; Westminster Fellowship 4; Rhododendrcn Staff 4. Gloria Matkins Elon College, N. C. Physical Education and Primary Education White Hall Club L 2; Freshman Glee Club 1; Girls ' Chnrus 2. 3; Forum Club 2, 3. 4, Officer 3; International Relations Club 2. 3. 4; A. C. E. 3, 4; Future Teachers 3. 4; Y. V. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 3, 4; W. A. A. 3. 4; President of Junior Class; May Court Attendant 3; Appalachian Staff 3. Editor 4; Flying Fish Club 3, 4; Junior Marshal; Who ' s Who 3. 4; Class Officer 4; Senior Superlative. Wretha Marsh Boone, N. C. Physical Education and History V. A. A. 1. 2; History Club 1. 2 3. 4; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3 4; Plavcrafters 1; Methodist Youth Fellowship 1. 2. 3. 4. Helen Martin Broadway, N. C. Business Education and History Y. W. C. A. 1 2, 3. 4; Business Education C lub 2. 3, 4; History Club 2 3. 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2. 3. 4; ' ernician Society 1; Baton Club 1. Winnie Sue McLea:; Cricket, N. C. Primary Education Gorman Michael Lexington, N. C. History and English y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Delta Phi Sigma 1. 2, 3; History Club 4; Veterans Club 4. Page Pwenty-one SENIORS Martha Virginia Miller .. Nathans Creek, N. C. Mil I hematics and Science Y. V. C " . A. 1. 2. i. 4; White Hall Club I. 2; Christian Fellowship Alliance 2; Dynician Literary Society 2; Meth- odist Cluli 1, 2; Canii)fire Girls 3; Methodist Youth Fellow- ship I, 2. i. A, C ' luncil 2. J; Women ' s Ath ' elic Association 2. 3, 4; Intramural Snorts 1, 2. i. 4; Mathematics Club i. DdRdTiiY Lkk Mookk Galax, Va. I ' lijiniiiil Ediicatimi and Mathematics ( lass Officer 2. 4; l.ovill Hub 1, 3; Flying Fish 2. i. 4, Officer 3. President t: Future Teachers 3. 4; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3, 4, Gold Caiitain 4, Intramural Manager 3; Life Saving 2. 3, 4; Water Safety Instructor 3; May Court 3; Girls ' " A " Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 4, Treasurer 4; Who ' s Who 4. Curtis Murray Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Edncatinn I. R C 2, 3, 4. President 4; Forum Club 2. 3. 4 Officer 2. President 3; Who ' s Who 4; Rhoflotlendroii Staff 4. Busi- ness Manager: Y. M. C. A. 2. 3. 4. Chajilain 2; Baseball 3. Mrs. Una Perry Puopst Morsanton, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Future Teachers 3, 4; B. T. U. 2. 3, 4. Ellen Philbeck Shelby, N. C. Phi sieal Education (nid Hist or n Class Officer 1; ' . . C. A, 1. 2. 3, 4. Senior Cabinet Member 3, 4; Sluckni Cmnuil 4; Future Teachers 3. 4; Appalachian Staff 2, 3. 4. Sports liditor 3. 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Kditor; May Court Attendant 2; W. A. A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Officer 3, President 4; Girls ' " A " Club 2. 3. 4; History Club 4; Flying Fish 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramural S| orts I. 2. 3. 4. Gold Captain 3; Lif? Saving 1 2. 3. 4; Water Safety Instructor 2. 3. 4; Who ' s Who 3. 4; Chief Marshal 3; Mctliodist Youth Fellowship 2. 3; Campus Superlative 4. Agnes Preston Boone, N. C. Music find Primarii Education Evelyn Ray Boone, N. C. Physical Education and Science Baton Club 1. 2. 3, Presitlent 2. Leader 3; W. A. A. 1, 2. 3, Vice-President 3; Intramural Sports 2, J; Flying Fish 2. 3. Officer 3. James E. Reese Pensacola, Fla. Mathematics and Plij sical Education Wrestling 1, 2. 3, 4. Captain 4; " A " Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Mathematics Club 2. 3, President 3: Scouting Troop 1. 4; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3, 4; Senitjr Superlative. Page Twvnty-two SENIORS Mary Ellis Reese Mars Hill, N. C. Physical Education and Science Mars Hill College 1. 2; Flying Fish 3. 4; W. A. A. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; B. S. U. S, 4; Maid of Honor in May Court 4; Senior Superlative 4. Peggy Rogers Fair Bluff, N. C. Gratnviar Grade Education C. r. X. C. 1; . W. C A. 2. 3, 4 President 4; B. S. U. 2, 3, 4, President 4; X ' ernician Literary Society 2. 3; Girls ' Chorus 2 4; Future Teachers 4; Rhododendron Staff 3, 4. Associate Editor 4; Who ' s Who 4; Senior Superlative. Isabel Rollins Boone, N. C. Business Education BoNiiA Rominger Rominger, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3 4; Band 1; I. R. C. 2, 3. 4, Officer 3; Forum Club 3, 4; Playcrafters 3. 4, President 4; Junior Marshal; Spanish Club 3, Officer 3; Future Teachers 4; Methodist Youth Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Harold T. Rummage Albemarle, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Clara Rutledge Lenoir, N. C. English and Social Studies Girls ' Chorus 2; Playcrafters 2. 3, 4, Officer 3, Master Craftsman 3. Editor Playbill 4; Y. W. C. A. 3; Future Teachers 3.. 4; Social Studies 2, 3, 4; Junior and Senior Marshal; Vice-President of Senior Class. Elizabeth B. Shaw . Mooresville, N. C. Business Education and History Baton Club 3, 4; Business Education Club 3, 4; History Majors ' Club 3. 4; Lovill Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3; B. S- U. 1. 2, 3. A. J. SMITH Whiteville, N. C. Music and History A Cappella Choir 1; B. S. U 1, 2; Music Club 2; History Club 2. 3, 4; Band 3, 4. President 3; Y. M. C. A. 3. 4; Playcrafters 3; Swing Orchestra 3. 4, Leader 4; College Choir President 3, 4; Assistant Director Girls ' Chorus 4; Future Teachers 4; Who ' s Who 4; State Music Composition Con- test 4; Senior Superlative. Page Tiventy-thres SENIORS Mary Eloise Smith Charlotte, N. C. M(illi( nidlics, EnyUsh and Physical Education A. A, 1, . ' . J, ■); Black I ' .iiJtain 4; Klyiiig Kisli i. 4; . W. V. A. 1. 2. ,i. 4; Korum Cluli 2. 3, 4. Officev i; Pri-siilcnt 4; I. K. C. 2. .t, 4. Officer 4; Studcnl Council 4; Who ' s Who 4; Ai)palacliinii Staff 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2. }, President 3; Girl ' s " A " Club; Senior Life Saving 3: Junior Marshal. Helen Smith Charlotte, N. C. Physical Educutioyi and Science f)uccns Coil-Re 1; W A. A. 2. 3, 4. Officer 4; Batfn Clul. 3 4; Flying Fish 4; V. W. C. A. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Sporlf 2. .i. 1. Frances Sherrill Mooresville, N. C. Mathematics and French V. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4, Junior Caliinel Member 3. Officer 4; French Club 2, 3. 4, Officer 3; Future Teachers 4, Of ' icer 4. Madeleine Smoot Mocksville, N. C. Muthetnatics and Science Freshman Girls ' Glee Club 1. Officer; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4. Cabinet 4; Tba ' ian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, President 2; B, S. V. Council 1, 2, 3. 4; B. T. L ' . 1. 2, 3. 4. President 2, J; A Cappeila Choir 2; Girls ' Chorus 3. 4; I. K. C. 2. .1. 4 Officer 2, .1; F. rum Club 2. 3. 4, Officer 2. J, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4. Officer 4; Appalachian Staff 3, 4; Rhododen- dron Staff 4; Who ' s Who 5. 4; Student Council 3, Officer 3; Playcraftcrs 2. 3, 4; Intercollegiate Debating 3. LdRRAiNE Simpson Monroe, N. C. GnDinuar (inidc Eiliicalion H. S. r. C.uinil .1 J; . W. C. A. 1. 3; 11. T. C. I. J. 3, 4; 1. K. C; Wliii, llill Club 1. . ' . Helen Sossamon Midland, N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Kcouomics Club 1. 2, 3. 4: ■. W. t . A. 3, 4; .Meth- odist t lub 1; Girls ' Chcrus 4. Mrs. Louise Sowell Hiddenite, N. C. Grammar Grade Education George Peabody College for Teachers I (summer); X ' ni- versity of Tennessee 1; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3. 4; B. S. V. 2, 3, 4; Inlranuiril li.i-ketball 2. 3. Paul N. Siiwki.i Savannah, Ga. Ilistarii mid Physical Education V. . l. ( . . . 1. J, 3. 4, offii-i-r 3. 4; Social Studies Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Haskelball 2; Baseball 2; Intramurals 2; Chief .Marshal 3 (summer); Debating Club 4; Methodist Club 2; Rhcxlodendron Staff 4. Page Twenty-four SENIORS Worth Sweet Mt. Airy, N. C. Physical Education and History Joyce Tate Forest City, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Gardner. Webb Junior College 1, 2; B. T. U. 3; V. V. C. A. 3; White Hall Club 3; Playcraftcrs 3. Claudia Tharpe Statesville, N. C. Home Economies and Science Lovill Club 1. 2; Christian Fellowship 1. 2; Girls ' Chorus 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Anne Truitt Sparta, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Louise Upchurch Mt. Gilead, N. C. Physical Education and History W. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Flying Fish 2. 3, 4; History Club 3, 4 White Hall Club 1. 2, President 2; Girls ' " A " Club 4 Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3, 4; Water Safety Instructor 2, 3, 4 Swimming Instructor 3. 4. Eleanor Vance Huntersville, N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Westminster Fellow- ship 1, 2, 3, 4; White Hall Club 1; Vernician Literary Society 1. 2. 3, 4; Playcrafters 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Campfire Girls 1; Baton Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Lillian Wilcox Boone, N. C. Primary Education Nina Wilson Statesville, N. C. Primary Education Page Tivenly-five SENIORS Frances Holt Yarborough Lexington, N. C. Enylislx (i)id History White Hall dull 1; liat..n Club 1, Z. Officer 2; C ' liccr- leader 2, .i. 4; Plavcraftirs 1. 2, i. 4; Y. W. C. A. 1 2, i. A; Dynician Literary Society 1, 2, J: Appalachian Staff 1, 2, i; Social Studies Club 4 Officer 4; Future Teachers i, 4. Officer 4; Rhododendron Staff 2; Class Officer 4. JuvNiTA Young ... Burnsville, N. C. Home Economics and Science Asheville College I, 2; Western CaroHna (summer school) i; Home Kc.iiomics Club i. 4. Officer 4; Future Teachers " 1; Lo ill Club i. 4. Wayne Caudill North Wilkesboro, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Palmer Sleigh Blair Boone, N. C. Piisl (1 nidimlc Geor(;e Watts Slii-lby. N. C. Physical Education I{alpii Abernatiiy Hic-koiy, N. C. Special Harold Rummage Albemarle, N. C. Gnimmtir Grade EdiicKliiiii Page Twenty-six JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Rebekah Rivers President Kathleen Moore Vice-President Audrey Smith Secretary Joyce Bookshire Treasurer Page Tweniy-eight JUNIORS Edward Adelman Wilkesboro, N. C. WiLHEMiNA Ayers Burnsville, N. C. Ruth Bailey .— Toecane, N. C. Allen H. Bandy Lincolnton, N. C. Joyce Benfield Valdese, N. C. Helen Bingham Boone, N. C. Helen Bowditch Toecane, N. C. Lillian M. Bradley Boone, N. C. Hattie L. Brannon .... Spartanburg, S. C. Joyce E. Brookshire .. Taylorsville, N. C. Jean Brown Mars Hill, N. C. Naomi Ruth Brown Rockwell, N. C. Page Twentij-nine jUNinns Mary B. Buchanan Clarriasa, N. C. Eloise Beatrice Buff Valdese, N. C. ROSENA Burton ... Winston-Salem, N. C. James L. Calloway Concord, N. C. Martha Ellen Calton Bostic, N. C. Betty A. Cantrell ... Spartanburg, S. C. Betty Cline Newton, N. C. Marion Moore Cobb Rhodhiss, N. C. Melba Cornett Creston, N. C. William C. Crummett Staunton. Va. Obed Day Roono, N. C. Ada Bellinger Stanly, N. C. Page Thirty JUNinRS Rachel B. DeLancy Reidsville, N. C. Sarah Tillie Eaker Grouse, N. C. Mary Evelyn Ellis Heaton. N. C. Thelma Farthing Boone, N. C. Irene Fowler Walnut Cove, N. C. Marcia Gabriel Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Nannie L. Gentry Statesville, N. C. Rex B. Gordon Pilot Mountain, N. C. Eleanor M. Greene Spindale, N. C. Lillian Griffith Newell, N. C. Gloria Grill Valdese, N. C. Mary Jean Grose Statesville, N. C. Page Thirty-one JUNIDRS Mary E. Guy Banner Elk, N. C. Charles W. Hall Iva, S. C. Edna Harrell Forbes, N. C. William D. Harrill . Forest City, N. C. Doris Harrison Grantsboro, N. C. Mildred Hill Mt Airy, N. C. Mayo Huneycutt Indian Trail, N. C. Claude Hoyle .... Connelly Springs, N. C. Mrs. Myrtle Hoyle Connelly Springs, N. C. Eloise Mary Hughes Forbes, N. C. Mary Sue Hunter Day Book, N. C. Virginia E. Isaacs Elk Park, N. C. Page Thirty-two JUNIORS Frances P. Jackson .... Mill Spring, N. C. Pearl James Amy, N. C. Grace Jenkins Ellenboro, N. C. Lewis Jenkins .. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Nelda Cenia Jones Bakersville, N. C. Louis Joyce Sandy Ridge, N. C. Joe Kelly North Wilkesboro, N. C. J. C. Keeter Forest City, N. C. Mary Sue Keeter Cliffside, N. C. Barbara E. Kepley Salisbury, N. C. Margaret Ledbetter Marion, N. C. Katherine Lingerfeldt Bessemer City, N. C. Page Thirty-three JUNIORS Jacqueline Lowry Jefferson. N. C. Guy McCann Roaring Gap, N. C. Marion Martin Cramerton, N. C. Mildred E. Martin Rummerfield, N. C. Mrs. Madge C. Maxfield . Honaker, Va. June McBee Spruce Pine, N. C. Frances Emma McCall .... Marion, N. C. Nancy McLean Belmont, N. C. Mamie E. McNeely Morganton, N. C. Evelyn Miller State.sville, N. C. Silver Miller West Jeffer.son, N. C. Helen Irene Moore ... Weaverviiie, N. C. Page Thirty-four JUNIORS Kathleen Moore Galax, Va. Helen Grey Moxley Sparta, N. C. William Nolen Grouse, N. G. Ruby Nell Owens Ellenboro, N. C. Alta Louise Ponder .... Mars Hill, N. G. LouvENiA Presnell .... Banner Elk, N. G. Eunice Pruitt Casar, N. G. Lewis Doyle Pruitt Casar, N. G. Mary Jo Ragan Boone, N. G. Bill Rankin Salisbury, N. G. June Renfrow Gharlotte, N. G. Emmagene Reynolds ... Lincolnton, N. G. Page Thiny-five JUNIORS Rebekah Rivers .. Mountain City, Tenn. David W. Rollins Boone, N. C. Elizabeth Scism Shelby, N. C. Savannah Seagraves Roaring River, N. C. Hal Shoemaker Statesville, N. C. Oma Lee Shew Elkin, N. C. Annie Laurie Smith Wag-ram, N. C. Audrey Smith Pinnacle, N. C. Patsy Rose Smith Moorosville. N. C. Mary Ida Steele Bear Pojjlar, N. C. Rebecca Tomlinson .... Black Creek, N. C. Grace Elaine Tucker Monroe, N. C. Page Thirly-six JUNIORS Magdalene Turpin Mt. Airy, N. C. Mary Louise Watkins Morganton, N. C. Lillian Louise Weaver .... Lansing, N. C. Dorothy Whisnant Hickory, N. C. Arlene Williams Rusk, N. C. Bertha Faye Willis .... Mars Hill, N. C. Ruby Wilson Granite Falls, N. C. Jean Wolfe Pittsboro, N. C. Madge Wood Vale, N. C. Edith J. York Waynesville, N. C. James Brandon Yadkinville, N. C. Andy Dickerson Orlando, Fla. Page Thirty-seven SDPHDMDRES 4 . — ' :: j f 1 Iter ■ ' 4 V m ' S. B. White President jUirlUMUriL. Lou Rhyne Vice-President nj PC nfU ' Tr ' fDC John Honbarrier Secretary LLiAJiJ UrrlLJLriJ . . Barrett Treasurer Page Thirty-nine SDPHDMGRES MiNNiF Lou Allen Polkton. N. C. GdZELLE Andrews Boomer, N. C. Nannette Banner Nuwland. N. C. Betsy Jane Barrett Burlington, N. C. Mary Anne Barrett Burlington, N. C. Faye Barrier Jonas Ridge, N. C. Bernice Beaver China Grove, N. C. Jay Liial Benbow Oak Ridge, N. C. Floe Elizabeth Bingham Boone, N. C. Gene J. Bincham Boone, N. C. Mary Martha Bincham .. Sugar Grove, N. C. Anneri. BlviNS Hickory, N. C. Kebekah BdONE Boone, N. C. Alene Grey Bowen King, N. C. Ruby Mae Bowen King, N. C. Page Forty SDPHDMDRES Sam James Brookshire . . Taylorsville, N. C. Jewell B. Brown Moravian Falls, N. C. Janice Earle Buie Salisbury, N. C. Elizabeth Ann Busby Hickory, N. C. Lois Charlene Campbell .. Taylorsville, N. C. Madge Elizabeth Carpenter Durham, N. C. Mildred Carpenter Bostic, N. C. William L. Carpenter Rutherfordton, N. C. Helen Frances Caudill Boone, N. C. Doris Cline Kernersville, N. C. Ethelene M. Cockram Leaksville, N. C. Margaret Cole Forest City, N. C. Anna Faye Counts Honaker, Va. Hannah Elizabeth Craven Boone, N. C. Roberta Blackburn Critcher Boone, N. C. Put e Forty-one SOPHGMDRES Joy Dellinger McAdenvilk " , N. C. Dorothy .Ii ' nk Dinkins .... Yadkinvillc, N. C. Zola Grey Di.xon Yadkinvillc, N. C. Mary P;llen Earp Taylorsvilie, N. C. Betty Jean Elmore Shelby, N. C. Mary Maxine Erwin Elk Park, N. C. Francis Essie . Cana, N. C. Betty Jean Farthing Boone, N. C. Mary Nell Farthing Sugar Grove, N. C. Margaret Ferguson Clyde, N. C. John Fletcher Chester, Penn. Roscoe Dennis Franklin Sparta. N. C. Ri ' TH GoLDlNG Charlotte, N. C. Joyce E. Gragg Boone, N. C. Harold Greico Adams Center, N. Y. Page Forty-two SDPHDMDRES Ted Smith Hagaman Boone, N. C. Anna Faye Hardin Maxton, N. C. Violet Naomi Harrell Gastonia, N. C. Erma Dean Heafner Lincolnton, N. C. Helen Marianna Helton Gastonia, N. C. George Hemphill Forest City, N. C. Ruth Vaughn Hester Belew Creek, N. C. John Donald Hiatt Mount Airy, N. C. Grace Elizabeth Hollifield Bostic, N. C. John H. Honbarrier Granite Quarry, N. C. Helen Elaine Howard .. Sherrills Ford, N. C. Rita Kate Howell Boone, N. C. Mary C. Hunter Bessemer City, N. C. Jesse Hutchinson Abshers, N. C. Verlin Hutchinson Shady Valley, Tenn. Page Forly-three SOPHOMORES Sue Mae Jackson Westfield, N. C. Nellie F ' rances Jarvis Dobson, N. C. Ruby Johnson Mount Airy, N. C. Alvin Clay Joines ... Joynes, N. C. Tennyson L. Jones .... Winston-Salem, N. C. Mabel Jo Kerley Tayloi-svillu, N. C. Myrtle Elva Kiker Peachland, N. C. • ' John T. Kim; Boone, N. C. Sara Catherine Kikkley Jefferson, S. C. I • Ruby Lea Kiser Kinus Mountain. N. C. Laura Marcaret Lantz Limolnton, N. C. KUFAULA LeDBETTER Ednfyvilk ' , N. C. K. ' Betty Sue Leonard Lincolnton, N. C. Pe(;(;y Long West Jefferson, N. C. Winifred G. Lueking Bakersville, N. C. Page I ' urlyfour SOPHOMORES Jack Luttrell Shulls Mills, N. C. Eugene Lyons Boone, N. C. Elfreta McBravek Fairview, N. C. Bernice E. McCombs China Grove, N. C. Laura Virginia Martin ... Sandy Ridge, N. C. Elizabeth Wilson Medlin Polkton, N. C. Louise Rodwell Meroney .... Mocksville, N. C. Beatrice Velvia Metcalf .... Mars Hill, N. C. Blanche Imogene Moses Pittsboro, N. C. Laura Elizabeth Mundy .... Morganton, N. C. Essie Cornelia Norris Boone, N. C. Lillie Edith OnoM Boone, N. C. Ruby Eleene Osborne .... Shady Valley, Tenn. Joyce Patton Jonesboro, N. C. Mary Lou Rankin Greensboio, N. C. Page Forty-five SDPHDMDRES Robert Anderson Reid Statesville, N. C. Betty Lou Riiyne Lincolnlon, N. C. Betty Jo Robertson Statesville, N. C. Mary Jean Sentell Marion, N. C. Grace E. Sherwood Sugar Grove, N. C. Harriet Shore Charlotte, N. C. Jeanne Eleanor Shull . . Valle Crucis, N. C. BiLLiE Smith Morganton, N. C. Lula Jeanette Smith Clover, S. C. Vera Mae Smith Mount Airy, N. C. Audrey G. Sparger Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ei.neda Mae Stanaland Shallotte, N. C. Eva Mae Steelman Hamptonville, N. C. Lena Rivers Strickland .... Oak Ridfre, Tenn. Lois Thronebur(; MorKanton, N. C. Page Forty-six SDPHDMDRES George Fremont Timmons Boone, N. C. Mary Sue Tisdale Old Fort, N. C. Rebecca Geraldine Trinks Marion, N. C. Mildred Virginia Tunnell Boone, N. C. Leonard Elton Vannov Fleetwood, N. C. Mildred C. Vannoy Wilkesboro, N. C. Jack Walker Marion, N. C. James Walker Casar, N. C. Thomas Ward .... Sugar Grove, N. C. Barbara Ann Weaver Statesville, N. C. Betsy Lou Webster Murphy, N. C. Florence Weeks Clinton, N. C. Marelyn Vivian Welsh Lansing, N. C. Leslie E. Wey Terre Haute, Ind. S. B. White, Jr Union Grove, N. C. Page Forty-seven SDPHDMDRES Roger Whitener Spindale. N. C. Margaret O. Winecofk Kannapolis, N. C. Anna Faye Williams Mountain I ' aik, N. C. Virginia Ferne Williams New Hope, N. C. Irene Mildred Wilson Creston, N. C. Shelton Wilson Boone, N. C. Mary Louise Young Celo, N. C. James D. Bradford Mooresville, N. C. Stanley South Boone, N. C. Page Forty-eight FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Harley Jolley President Carl Fidler Vice-President PvOCKK HiATT Secretarii Lko iMast Treasurer Page Fifty FRESHMEN Harvey Adams Winston-Salem, N. C. Margaret Adkins Summerfield, N. C. Robert Allen Matney, N. C. Prances Allred Linwood, N. C. LORENE Amos Sandy Ridge, N. C. Louise Andrews Pittsboro, N. C. Ned Austin Boone, N. C. Sarah Bagwell Belnmnt, N. C. Mary Gage Barber Wilkesboro, N. C. Mary Frances Barker Rhodhiss, N. C. Gwen Boyce A.melie Bauguess Lomax, N. C. Geraldine Baxter Play, N. C. Margaret Beamer . .. Mount Airy, N. C. Inez Bernhardt Salisbury, N. C. Rosenda Billings Vilas, N. C. Betty C. Bingham Boone, N. C. Bonnie Belle Bingham Boone, N. C. Viola Bingham Boone, N. C. Dorothy Black Thomasville, N. C. Jane Blair High Point, N. C. Seaford, Del. Page bitty-one FRESHMEN Tommy Leroy Boyette .... Winston-Salem, N. C. J. R. Brendeu., Jr Boone, N. C. Rachel Ann Brintle .. Mt. Aii-y, N. C. Buddy Brooks Booneville, N. C. Helen Brooks Sparta, N. C. Ruby Brooks Glade Valley, N. C. Cozette Brookshire TayUnsville, N. C. Betty Lou Brown Rockwell, N. C. Bobbie Nell Brown Mooi-e.sville, N. C. Elizabeth Ann Brown ... Stoneville, N. C. Evelyn Marie Brown Lexington, N. C. Hope Brown Moiavian Falls, N. C. John p. Brown Creston, N. C. Naomi Brown Faith. N. ( ' . Frances Buchanan Minneapolis, N. C. Annie Sue Bunch Statesville, N. C. Peggy Burris Stanfield, N. C. Doris Busby Hickory. N. C. Doyle Franklin Bynum Lincolnton, N. C. Dorothy Calton Bostic, N. C. Page Fifty -tu)o FRESHMEN Clara Lee Cameron Carthage, N. C. Lucille Elizabeth Cameron Fairview, N. C. Hugh Campbell Union Grove, N. C. John Pierce Campbell Union Grove, N. C. Louise Capshaw Granite Falls, N. C. Peggy Cardwell - Mayodan, N. C. Elsie Lois Carver Washington, N. C. Elizabeth Castle Canton, Penn. Rachel Clinard High Point, N. C. Flora M. Cockerham Mountain Park, X. C. Roy M. Collins Francisco, N. C. William T. Comer Abilene, Texas Dorothy Cooke Grover, N. C. Frances Cooke Mebane, N. C. Lila Lucille Cooper Drexel, N. C. Richard Edward Corum Booneville, N. C. Betty Cornette West Jefferson, N. C. Sara Nell Craft Boone, N. C. Myrtle Evelyn Craven Mooresville, N. C. Martha Cress Salisbury, N. C. Page Fifty-lbrce FRESHMEN Jerry Crouch Mooresville, N. C. John Crowe, Jr. Ellenboio, N. C. Evelyn Norine Dale Spruce Pine, N. C. Inez Dalton Edneyville, N. C. Angelo D ' Amato West Haven, Conn. Martha Day Boone, N. C. RiTii Devtox Kannapolis, N. C. Madeline Edmisten Sugar Grove, N. C. Thomas Edmisten Boomer, N. C. Maky Lou Frazier Ruby Edwards Kannapolis, N. C. Frances Encland .Mari in, N. C. Clyde Edward Erwin, Jr. Union Mill, N. C. Barbara Sue Farthing Sugar Grove, N. C. Rhea R. Farthing Boone, N. C. Norma Fender Sparta. N. C. Carl Fidler Cornelius, N. C. Willis A. Foster Milstead, Ga. Louise Francis Francisco, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Page Fifty-four FRESHMEN Mary Wilkins Gardner Shelby, N. C. Rebecca Erline Garrison Black Mountain, N. C. Marcelle Gayle Troy, N. C. Lessie Goodman Sparta. N. C. Clara Bell Gordon Pinnacle, N. C. Jackie Gordon Cramerton, N. C. Ann Gabriel Graham Concord, N. C. H;lle Graham Sturgills, N. C. La Verne Greene Blowing Rock, N. C. Betty Coleen Greer Zionville, N. C. BiLLiE Sue Greer Fleetwood, N. C. Ruby Griffith Newell, N. C. Ruby Elizabeth Hardy Pinnacle, N. C. Margaret Harrill Forest City, N. C. Fred Harris Marion, N. C. Jack Rondall Harris Lincolnton, N. C. Martha Jane Harrison Boone, N. C. Jackie Lee Harwell Lincolnton, N. C. Rita Haskins Winston-Salem, N. C. Carolyn Claire Houfer . Westfield, N. C. Page Fifty-Hue FRESHMEN ARLENE HEDGECOCK Hijill Point. N. C. Mary Sue Hendren Moravian Falls, N. C. Frances Hennessee Granite Falls, N. C. James Albert Hiatt Mount Airy, N. C. Roger Hiatt Mount Airy, N. C. Wilbur I). Hiatt Mount Airy, N. C. Audrey Hope Grover, N. C. William S. Hopkins, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Virginia Hughes Boone, N. C. Le Roy Hunter, Day Brook, N. C. DwiGHT N. Jeffers Belwoo(l,,N. C. Charles W. Jessup Francisco, N. C. Ralph Jenkins Lawndale, N. C. Brice Johnson East Bend, N. C. Harley Jolley Boomer, N. C. Helen Jolly Polkville, N. C. Billy Jones Statesville, N. C. Madge Jones Lattimore, N. C. Erline Keaton Anderson, S. C. WiLLENE Kesler WinstoH-Salem, N. C. Elizabeth Lee Wallace, N. C. Page Fifty-six FRESHMEN Peter John Loschiavo Ambridge, Penn. Joan Lovill Boone, N. C. Leatrice Lyons Boone, N. C. Rose Christine Mabe Lawsonville, N. C. Edith Maine Boone, N. C. Edward P. Mammorella Chester, Penn. Beulah Grey Marion Pinnacle, N. C. Edith Eloise Marlowe Mai-ion, N. C. Clyde Jones Martin Booneville, N. C. Elizabeth Martin Booneville, N. C. Everette Leo Mast . Sugar Grove, N. C. Jimmy McConnell Boone, N. C. Virginia McNeill West Jefferson, N. C. Allan Miller West Jefferson, N. C. Betty Minor Winston-Salem, N. C. Lucille Mitchell Sparta, N. C. Rebecca Mitchell Cramerton, N. C. Marjorie Mitchem Belwood, N. C. Gene Modlin Lincolnton, N. C. Jeanne Moore Lexington, N. C. Page Filly seven FRESHMEN Lillian Moore Wallace, N. C. Vincent Morris, Jr Stanly, N. C. James T. Murdoch Statesville, N. C. Virginia Thurlene Murray Marion, N. C. Margaret Alma Nelson Waynesville, N. C. Daniel New McCorniick, S. C. T. W. Owens, Jr - .- Rutherfordton, N. C. Delsie Elizabeth Pack Mount Airy, N. C. Jack Allison Page Salisbury, N. C. Betty Jean Pardue Elkin, N. C. Juella Pardue Roarins River, N. C. Luther Stephen Parker Ellenboro, N. C. Carolyn Edith Parsons Berg, N. C. Jean Perryman Lexington, N. C. Elizabeth Phark Wilkesboro, N. C. Imogene Phillips ... Tolliver, N. C. Betty Jo Plyler Monroe, N. C. Conrad D. Puckett, Jr Huntersvitle, N. C. Mildred Ramsey Bakcrsville, N. C. Charles Randall, Jr Lincolnton, N. C. Page Fifiy-riybt FRESHMEN Zana M. Rary Jonesville, N. C. Bobbie Gene Ray Newland, N. C. Texie Redding - Ronda, N. C. Asa L. Reese, Jr Reese, N. C. Faye Verna Rhodes North Wilkesboro, N. C. Mrs. Malissa Richardson Boone, N. C. Rex Richardson Lexington, N. C. Sarah Lynn Rives .. Jonesboro, N. C. Doris Lee Roberts Shelby, N. C. Dorothy Marie Roberts Shelby, N. C. Josephine Robbins Blowing Rock, N. C. Merritt Robinson Burnsville, N. C. Mozelle Rodgers Thomasville, N. C. Bruce Rogers Mount Airy, N. C. Melvin Ruggles Chester, Penn. Edwyna Lee Russell Drexel, N. C. Mary Kathryn Russell Kannapolis, N. C. Fred William Scott Booneville, N. C. Robbie Kathleen Sessoms White Oak, N. C. Clara Mae Sheppard Sugar Grove, N. C. Page Fifty-nwe FRESHMEN IzoRiA Toy Sheppari) Sandy Ridge, N. C. Virginia Shuford Ellenboro, N. C. Dallas Reece Shugart Jonesville, N. C. James Harding Siske Pleasant Garden, N. C. Charles R. Smith Statesville, N. C. Rita Louise Smith Charlotte, N. C. Raymond Spaugh Winston-Salem, N. C. Britt Steelman Wilkesboro, N. C. Celeste Stephens Creston, N. C. Edna Stewart Charlotte, N. C. Sarah Catherine Stokes SuKar (irove, N. C. Katherine Swanner Washington, N. C. Carlton Swift Boone, N. C. Mary Jane Tait Boone, N. C. Helen Hudson Tallent Charlotte, N. C. Cleona Mae Taylor Westfield, N. C. Lynn Templeton Boone, N. C. Louise Tippett Salisbury, N. C. Edwin Nosker Troutman Boone, N. C. Rachel Ann Vance Boone, N. C. Page Sixly FRESHMEN Kyle Vannoy West Jefferson, N. C. Lucille Adeline Vernon Sandy Ridge, N. C. Harry Francis Villec Riverside, N. J. George Von Olsen Wilmington, N. C. Pauline Wagoner Roaring River, N. C. Ruby Walker „.. Charlotte, N. C. James M. Waugh Greensboro, N. C. Sara Frances Weast Mount Ulla, N. C. Marjorie Weathers Shelby, N. C. Anna Lee Weaver Brandon, N. C. Mildred Whiteside Lake Lure, N. C. Lee Willis Wing, N. C. Vera Louise Wicker Hickory, N. C. Mildred Wicker Sanford, N. C. Carolyn Williams New Hope, N. C. Emma Jean Wilson Boone, N. C. Mary Kathryn Wilson Boone, N. C. RuTHEL Margaret Wilson ... Apple Grove, N. C. Nancy York Jonesboro, N. C. Virginia B. Young Minneapolis, N. C. Page Sixty-one k m k BOYS ' " A " CLUB OP FICERS S. B. White, Jr President Tom Boyette Vice-Presidod Ted H. ' Vgaman Secretari Jesse Hutchinson Treasurer Eddie Adelman Sergeant at Arms Harvey Adams Chaplain Supreme Court Jack Walker, Jack Harwell Angelo D ' Amato J. ( " . Keeter, Bob Allen MEMBERS Doyle Bynum Jimmy Reese Obed Day Harold Shoemaker Bill Hopkins Britt Steelman Fred Harris Worth Sweet Pete Loschiavo (Ieorc.e Watts Page Sixty-four Francis Hoover Coach FDDTBALL RESULTS Appalachian 7 Appalachian 7 Appalachian 7 Appalachian... 7 Appalachian 12 Appalachian 7 Appalachian Appalachian 13 Milligan 26 Davidson 7 Milligan 9 Oak Ridge M.P. ' s 27 High Point 13 Guilford 6 Catawba ...55 High Point 31 Page Sixtij-fiue klP| Nil lie Had; BASKETBALL SCDBES Francis Hoover Coach Appalachian 64 Appalachian 44 Appalachian 43 Appalachian 34 Appalachian 50 Appalachian 47 Appalachian 54 Appalachian 58 Appalachian 43 Appalachian 51 Appalachian 23 Appalachian 57 Appalachian 46 Appalachian 64 Appalachian 39 Appalachian 35 Appalachian 43 Appalachian 39 Appalachian 68 Appalachian 39 Appalachian 70 Appalachian 50 Appalachian 52 Thomasville Lions 42 Boonville Stars 20 Boonville Stars 25 Milligan 38 Elon 51 High Point 54 Thomasville Lions 27 East Tennessee 55 Western Carolina 38 Catawba 43 Guilford 28 King 20 Milligan ... 47 Lenoir Rhyne 42 Moore General Hospital 37 Western Carolina 45 Catawba 39 King 27 Guilford 54 Davidson 52 Lenoir Rhyne ...: 45 Elon 42 High Point 63 A " SQUAD ErsiPHw ' 1 A « jBI £ . 7. w I fl 1 IL W jr " ; ' 3Bi • First Row, left to right: Wcy. .AJIcn, D ' Amato. Ilagsniaii, Whiti-. K.rsi-, Aililmaii. Second Row. left to right: Hialt. Shofmaker. Avers. Hroriks. Collitis. Kiillir. .Sluigarl. Page Sixty-eight HAGAMAN Guar, % COLLINS l-nrwaid AD1-:L L X Fnin ' ard DAMATO Guard " B " SQUAD First Roir. Lift fo Right: CAMPBELL, BoYETTE, Martin. Second Roir, Left to Ric ht: Bynum, Scott, Hutchison. Walker, Harris. Page Seventy WRESTLING SQUAD Front Row, left to right: Abernathy, Edmisten, Sparks, Odom. Second Row, left to right: CoACH Watkins, Brennen, Reese, Villec, Day. Third Row, left to right: Assistant Manager Morris, Timmons, Robinson, LoscHiAvo, Richardson, Ray, Mast, Head Manager McCann. WRESTLING SCORES Carolina 22 Auburn 22 Georgia Tech 24 Duke 28 Auburn lli o Appalachian 8 Appalachian 8 Appalachian 8 Appalachian Appalachian 221 0 WEIGHTS 121 Odom 145 Daye 121 Edminsten 155 Sparks 128 Abernathy 165 Reese 136 Robinson 175 Villec Hvt Loschiavo Page Seventy-one Ri:X RICHARDSON W. A. A. OFFICERS Ellen Philbeck President Evelyn Ray Vice-President Kathleen Moore Secretary Helen Smith Treasurer Betty Gabriel Intramural Manager Dorothy Moore Gold Captain Mary Smith Black Captain Gail Clay Sponsor ATHLETICS FDR WOMEN Page Seventy-three W. A. A. GOLDS BLACKS MEMBERS Mary Ann Barrett Bernice Beaver Ruby Bowen Betty Lou Brown Jean Brown Merle Butkr Elizabeth Cameron Elsie Carver Helen Caudill Freda Cline Frances Cook Ada Dellingcr June Dinkins Ruby Edwards Betty Jean Farthing Irene Fowler Louise Francis Betty Gabriel Pearl Gold Clara Belle Gordon PoUyanna (Jordon Joyce GrajfK Doris Harrison Mildred Hill Barbara K°pley Sue Leonard Bernice McCombs Evelyn McNcely Mildred Martin Gloria Matkins Martha Miller Lucille Mitchell Dorothy Moore Kathleen Moore Helen Gray Moxely Delsie Pack Joyce Patton Ellen Philbeck Mary Lou Rankin Evelyn Ray Mary Ellis Reese Emmogene Reynolds Sara Rives Doris Roberts Dorothy Roberts Mozelle Rogers Doris Smith Helen Smith Mary Smith Patsy Smith Rita Smith Mary Ida Steele Edna Steward Halen Tallent Lois Thronburg Rebecca Tomlinson Louise Upchurch Ruby Walker Sarah Frances Weast Dorothy Whisnant Deva Wilcox Bertha Willis Margaret Winecoff Jean Wolfe Nancy York Page Seventy-four GIRLS ' " A " CLUB Miss Gail Clay Slionsoi- Betty Gabriel Dorothy Moore Ellen Philbeck Emmogene Reynolds Mary Smith Louise Upchurch FLYING FISH OFFICERS Dorothy Moore President Evelyn Ray Secretary and Treasurer Miss Betty Sue Stone Sponsor Freda Cline Betty Gabriel Nellie Gabriel Sue Leonard r% — ■ — . Evelyn McNeely A. £ f)t 5 A Mildred Martin BM Vi iJ ' S l Gloria Matkins |P IP M ' fi ' M ' f -■ ' Dorothy Moore Kf rA V i MblJB Ellen Philbeck BT ' m ' : iHPj ?? J Evelyn Ray fiif - ■ M W f F T ' ' ' MaryReece S F " ' «».. I ' ' - i ' " ' " ' " Emmogene Reynolds BMlr -»l ' C -(• - " ' i . Mary Smith Helen Smith [ Louise Upchurch 3 Page Sevenly-tive Hnnorary Softball Varsity Emmogene Reynolchs .. Rebecca Tomlinson Mary Smith Helen Watson Ellen Philbeck Frances Cook Doris Harrison Ruby Walker Helen Tallent Doris Smith Jean Brown Betty Gabriel Honorary Speedball Varsity Jo Lovill Evelyn Ray Ellen Philbeck Helen Smith Mary Smith Frances Cook Mary Ann Barrett Ruby Walker Louise Upchurch Marian Cobb Sue Leonard Betty Gabriel Kathleen Moore Jean Brown Page Seventy-six Hanurary Basketball Varsity Delsa Pack Freda Cline Bertha Willis Ellen Philbeck Frances Cook Betty Gabriel Dorothy Moore Elizabeth Cameron Pearl Gold Ruby Walker Kathleen Moore Marion Cobb Hnnorary VollGyball Varsity Elizabeth Cameron Ruby Walker Gloria Matkins June Dinkeni Ellen Philbeck Frances Cook Louise Upchurch Bertha Willis Joyce Patton Mildred H 11 Marion Cobb Dorothy Moore Emmogene Reynolds Jsan Brown Merle Butler Bet;;y Gabriel Pag? S- ' Veniy -seven INTRAMURAL WINNERS TENNIS DOUBLES Ellen Phillu ' ck Betty Gabriel TENNIS SINGLES Ellen Philbeck HORSESHOE Marion Cobb BADMINTON DOUBLES Ellen Philbeck Betty Gabriel BADMINTON SINGLES .. Ellen Philbeck PING-PONG SINGLES Gloria Grill Page Seventy-eight CHEERLEADERS A SQUAD Nellie Gabriel Mary Reese Mildred Martin Marion Cobb Patsy Smith Jim Cobb B SQUAD Lois Eller Mary Kathryn Wilson Nancy York Helen Caudill Jack Harris Page Seventy-nine :---- I T VERNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY MEMBERS Joyce Berry Benfielfi Hattie Lee Brannon Elizabeth Brown Evelyn Brown Eloise Buff Doris Busby Doris Cline Margaret Cole Harriet Crutchfield Martha Day Rachel DeLancey Lois Eller Mary Evelyn Ellis Nancy Forrester Irene Fowler Rosalyn Francis Eleanor Greene Gloria Grill Doris Harrison Frances Hennessee Mary Katherine Hunter Nellie Jarvis Madge Jones Barbara Kepley OFFICERS Margaret Linebebger President Rosalyn Francis Vice-Prtsidoit Margaret Cole SecrvUiry Jacqueline Lowery Trecismer Mrs. Grubbs Sponsor Myrtle Kiker Sara Kirkley Betty Sue Leonard Margaret Lineberger Jacqu eline Lovvry Beatrice Metcalfe June McBee Nancy McLean Helen Moore Jeanne Moore Emogene Moses Eleene Osborne Alta Louise Ponder Mickey Ramsey Zana Rary Doris Roberts Dorothy Roberts Giace Sherwood Mary Ida Steele Eva Mae Steelman Lena Strickland Bettv Jean Smith Billie Smith Becky Tomlinson Mary Sue Tisdale Jerry Trinks Magdalene Turpin Rachel Vance Betsy Webster Dorothy Whisnant Feme Williams Jean Wilson Page Eighty-two OFFICERS I IRST HALF YEAR Mary Smith President Ellen Gray Burris - Vice-President Lillian Griffith Secretary Madeleine Smoot Treasurer W. M. Grubbs Sponsor SECOND HALF YEAR Mildred Eaton President Margaret Lantz Vice-President Ellen Gray Burris Secretanj Imogene Moses Treasurer FDRUM CLUB MEMBERS Betsy Barrett Mary Ann Barrett Joyce Erookshire Chirlene Campbell Betty Cline Zola Gray Dixon Carrie Lee Farthing Betty Gabriel Betty Jean Griffin Gloria Matkins Guy McCann Silver Miller Curtis Murray Lou Rhyne Bonita Roniinger Grace Sherwood Audrey Smith Patsv Smith Page Eighty-three Y. W. C. A. CABINET Peggy Rogers Pn-sidrut Betty Jean Griffin Vice-President Frances Sherrill Secretary RosADA Bowman Treasurer Nellie Gabriel Program Chairman Magdalene Turpin Chapel Chairman BiLLiE Smith Chorister Zola Grey Dixon Pianist Joyce Brookshire .... Social Service Ellen Philbeck .... Social Chainmni Betty Gabriel Membership Margaret Lineberger PuhlicUii Mrs. G. p. Eggers Sjxiusor Page Eighly-four Y. W. C. A. Minnie Lou Allen Frances Allred Lorene Amos Linda Atkins Wilhelmina Ayers Sarah Bagwell Mary Frances Barker Mary Gage Barber Inez Barnhardt Bernice Beaver Joyce Benfield Ruby Bowen Alene Bowen Rosada Bowman Dorothy Black Joyce Brookshire Naomi Brown Naomi E. Brown Hope Brown Evelyn Brown Betty Sue Brown Cozette Brookshire Jean Brown Elizabeth Ann Brown Jewell Brown Lena Brown Ruth Brittain Annie Sue Bunch Peggy Burris Rosena Burton Merle Butler Mary B. Buchanan Charlene Campbell Betty Cantrell Peggy Cardwell Elsie Carver Mildred Carpenter Louise Capshaw Clara Cameron Madge Carpenter Freda Grubbs Cline Doris Cline Marian Cobb Clara Cooke Margaret Cockerham Melba Cornett Jerry Crouch Martha Cress Alma Crowder Evelyn Dale Ada Dellinger Joy Dellinger Zola Grey Dixon Mildred Eaton Tillie Eaker Madaline Edminston Ruby Edwards Helen Elkins Lois Eller Mary Ellen Earp Frances England Mary Nell Farthing Amanda Ferebee Louise Francis Rosalyn Francis Beatrice Froneberger Betty Gabriel Nellie Garbriel Marv Gardner Pearl Gold Gloria Grill Betty Jean Griffin Lillian Griffith Mary Jean Gross Eleanor Greene Jackie Gordon Ruby Griffith Clara Belle Gordon Julia Grey Doris Harrison Margaret Harrill Joyce Haves Violet Harrill Erma Dean Heafner Ruth Hester Mary Sue Hendron Frances Hennessee Mildred Hill Grace Hollifield Audrey Hope Helen Howard Mary Catherine Hunter Mildred Ingram Frances Jackson Sue Mae Jackson Brice Johnson Ruby Johnson Earline Keaton Mary Sue Keaton Willene Kesler Myrtle Kiker Ruby Lea Kiser I ' argaret I. ant?. Jacqueline Lowery Sue Leonard Elizabeth Lee Margaret Lineberger Martha Linney Helen Martin Mildred Martin Marion Martin Laura Martin Gloria Matkins Christine Mabe Libby Martin Rebecca Mitchell Lucille Mitchem Martha Miller Betty Minor Virginia McNeil Lillian Moore Dot Moore Kathleen Moore Jeanne Moore Thurlene Murray Eleene Osborne Betty Pardue Jean Ferryman Elizabeth Pharr Ellen Philbeek Mary Jo Phyler Alta Louise Ponder Una Perry Propst Lou Rankin Zana Rary Emma Jean Reynolds Sarah Reeves Mary Elis Reese June Renfrow Mary Reese Lou Rhyne Faye Rhodes Rebekah Rivers Bonita Rominger Mozelle Rogers Betty Jo Robertson Peggy Rogers Doris Roberts Dorothy Roberts Elizabeth Seism Oma Shew Frances Sherrill Harriet Shore Izoria Sheppard Elizabeth Smith Rita Smith Jeannette Smith Marv Smith Billy Smith Patsy Smith Helen Smith Helen Sossaman Audrey Sparger Eva Mae Steelman Helen Tallent Claudia Thorpe Sue Tisdale Anne Truitt Magdalene Turpin Catherine Vannoy Lucille Vernon Marjorie Weathers Barbara Weaver Annie Lee Weaver Betsy Webster Sarah Frances Weast Dorothv Wh ' snant Mildred Whitesides Arlenc Williams Feme Williams Carolyn Williams Deva Wilcox Mildred Wicker Bertha Faye Willis Vera Workman Jean Wolfe Mad re Wood Edith York Nancy York Mary Louise Young Page Eighly-five INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Curtis Murray President Joyce Brookshire Vice-President Carrie L. Farthing Recording Secretarii Mary Smith .... Corresponding Sec7-efanj Mildred Eaton Treasurer Dr. D. J. Whitener Sponsor ROLL Betsy Barrett Ellen Gray Burris Betty Cline Charline Campbell Betty Gabriel Betty Jean Griffin Lillian Griffith Ruth Golding Margaret Lantz Gloria Matkins Imogene Moses Bonita Rominger Lou Rhyne Patsy Rose Smith Audrey Smith Lorraine Simpson Madeleine Smoot Page Eighty six STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSDCIATIGN OFFICERS Betty Gabriel President Freda Cline Vice-President Patsy Smith Secretary Magdalene Turpin Assistant Secretary Dorothy Moore — Treasurer Senior Representatives: Freda Cline Dorothy Moore Gloria Matkins Ellen Philbeck Mary Smith Junior Representatives : Lillian Griffith Patsy Smith Emmogene Reynolds Magdalene Turpin Sophomore Representatives : Alvin Joines Lou Rhyne Freshman Representatives : Roger Hiatt Harley Jolly Piigc Eighty-seven Y. M, C. A. OFFICERS FIRST QUARTER Doyle Pruitt Prcnidint Jesse Hutchinson Vicc-Presidrrit Alvin C. Joines Secretary-TreasHni- Dennis Franklin Social Chaiiwdii Paul Sowell Chaphiin G. L. Sawyer Sponsor SECOND QUARTER James Dry Prcsidoif Paul Sowell Vice-President Alvin C. Joines Secretanj-Trcusurer Lewis Jenkins Social Chairman Worth Sweet Chaplain G. L. Sawyer Sponsor Palmer Blair John Pierce Campbell William L. Carpenter Edward Corum Oren Counts John Crowe, Jr. William Crumnictt James Dry Dennis Franklin MEMBERS John D. Hiatt Wilbur Hiatt Vv ' illiam Harrill Jesse Hutchinson Lewis Jenkins Charles Jessup Alvin C. Joines Joe P. Kelly Guy McCann Gorman Michael Curtis Murray William Nolan Stephen Parker Doyle Pruitt Charles Randall Rex Richardson Worth Sweet Leonard Vannoy George Van Oesen Page Eighty-eight fa ' ■w BkS ' ' a Hr H Wji I ! t ' i! | ■B i . -JbM MIXED CHORUS Miss Virginia Wary Director Nannette Banner Billie Smith Eloise Buff Madge Jones Zana Rary Mary Evelyn Ellis Vera Workman Virginia Isaacs Jean Wilson Magdalene Turpin Martha Cress Margaret Cole Nellie Jarvis Rachel DeLancy Rachel Ann Vance Jack Luttrell James Sisk Roger Hiatt John Hiatt Stanley South A. J. Smith Palmer Blair Edwin Troutman Tennyson Jones Leo Mast William Carpenter GIRLS ' CHORUS A. J. Smith Director Rebekah Boone Ruth Brittain Jean Brown Madge Carpenter Faye Counts Ruby Dancy Grace Hollifield Margaret Lantz June McBee Betty Pardue Alta Louise Ponder Zana Rary June Renfrow Peggy Rogers Grace Sherwood Mary Ida Steele Helen Sossaman Claudia Thorpe Louise Tippett Geraldine Trinks Mildred Tunnell Marjorie Weathers Betsy Webster Ann Williams COLLEGE " ' ' Palmer Blair Prcsidcvt Jj A JN LI Agnes Preston Vice-Pifsidciit Edwin Troutman Srcreturu-Trcasiircr Gordon Nash Director DANCE ORCHESTRA OFFICERS A. J. Smith Gene Bingham, Palmer Bi.air I ' riKidciit li(Ki ii ' f!ii M(i iiiipcrs. Page Ninety AMERICAN CHILDHDDD EDUCATION OFFICERS RosALYN Francis President Clara Cook First Vice-President ROSADA Bowman ..Second Vice-President Nellie Gabriel Secretary Mrs. Wilson — Sponsor Joyce Benfield Helen Bruton Rosena Burton Rachel DeLancey Mary N. Farthing Ern-.a D. Heafner MEMBERS Mayo Huneycutt Frances Jackson Brice Johnson Barbara Kepley Nell R. Lewis Jacqueline Lowery Gloria Matkins Nancy McLean Mickey Ramsey June Renfrew Harriet Shore Page Ninety-one B. S. U. COUNCIL Peggy Rogers President Ruth Brittain Enlistment Vice-President Grace Tucker Social Vice-President Doris Harrison Devotional Vice-President Zola Grey Dixon Secretary Ruby Nell Owens Treasurer Jewell Brown Editor of Trail Doris Cline Magazine Representative Madeleine Smoot Sunday School Representative Winona Koch Ellen G. Burris Training Union Representative Arlene Williams Mission Forum President Jesse Huthinson Boys Representative Mary Lillian Wilcox Town Representative Audrey Smith Bible Study Leader Virginia Isaacs Music Director Mary Jean Grose ... E.vtension Director Edith York Librarian Madge Maxfield Publicity Director Student Secretary METHODIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP rm .- .- li fklMw£- ' Betty Jean Griffin President Jack Whitener Vice-President Kebekah Boone Secrelary-Treas-urcr Page Ninely-two LUTHERAN STUDENT UNION Ruby Lee Riser President Margaret Lantz Vice-President Dorothy Whisnant Secreiarv-Treasiirer Marcia Gabriel President Lillian Griffith Vice-President Betty Ellis Secretary-Treasurer Westminster Fellowship Page Ninety-three Carrie Lee FAiniiiNc I ' l-ofidcnt REBEKAH Rivers .. Vicr-I ' rcsidr)!! Doris Cline Secretary Essie Norris Treasiirer Miss Craddock Sponsor LDS PICARDS ESPANDLES IE CERCLE FRANCALS P fo r m . fl H Wf IP tfh V » « l l hk i l 1 y 4. M I BliHifl OFFICERS Inez Connor, Rebekaii Rivers Co-Presidents Carrie Lee Farthing Viee-l ' resident Nellie Jarvis Secreturji-Trcusnrer Elizabeth Craddock ... Sponsor Page Ninety-four WHITE HALL CLUB Evelyn Brown President LDVILL CLUB OFFICERS POLLYANNA GORDON President JUELLA Pardue Vice-President Page Ninety-five OFFICERS Ju ANITA Young rrcnidciii Joyce Brookshire Vice-President IMOGENE Moses Secretary-TreasHrer Geraldine Trinks Reporter Faye Counts Sergeant at Arms Miss Stone Simusor HOME ECDNDMICS CLUB WHO ' S WHO Ellen Philbeck Betty Gabriel Freda Grubbs C ' line PeKgy Rogers Betty Jean Griffin A. J. Smith Dorothy Lee Smith (iloria Matkins Curtis Murray Mary E. Smith Nellie Gabriel Rebekah Rivers Patsy Smith Kathleen Moore Joyce Brookshire Page Ninety-six BATON CLUB OFFICERS June McBee President Mayo Huneycutt Vice-President EmmOGENE Reynolds Secretary-Treasurer Eleene Oseorne Reporter Evelyn Ray Leader E. E. Gakeee Sponsor Peggy Burris Betty Busby Evelyn Dale Maltha Day Mary Elizabeth Guy Erma Deen Heafner Mayo Huneycutt Margaret Lantz MEMBERS Winifred Luking June McBee Helen Moxley Margaret Nelson Eleene Osborne Mildred Ramsey Betty Ray Evelyn Ray Emmogene Reynolds Lou Rhyne Doris Roberts Dorothy Roberts Elizabeth Shaw- Helen Smith Lena Strickland Eleanor Vance Page Ninety-seven APPALACHIAN VETERANS ' ASSDCIATIDN Robert Abee Ralph Abernathy Eddie Adleman James M. Anderson, Jr. Doyle Ayers Allen Bandy Gene Bingham James Bradford William Patrick Brennan F. H. Brooks, Jr. Glenn Bridges John P. Brown Robeit Burleson James Calloway Hugh Campbell Ben E. Carson William Christensen James Cobb Ben Cole Joe Comer William Comer Wayne Caudill Oren Counts E. D. Dancy Obed Day Andy Dickerson James Dry Stacy Eggers Francis Essie Leonard Eury Carl Fidler Jack Fletcher Wilbur Franklin W. C. Garvey Ed Gomedela Rexter B. Gordon George Greene Walter E. Greene Cecil Hackney Charlie W. Hall William D. Harrill Charles Harris Fred Harris Kent Haynes George Hemphill John Hiatt James M. Hill John Honbarrier Claud Hoyle Le Roy Hunter Verlin Hutchison Uwight Jeffers Ralph Jenkins Harley E. Jolly Billy Ray Jones Howard Jones Lewis Joyce J. C. Keeter Claude Kennedy John King Tom Lewis Donald Littman Edward Mamniorelhi Gorman Michael Allan Miller Jimmy Miller Gene Modlin James Murdock William F. Nolan David Odoiii Earl Penick Robert Philbeck Walter Ragan William B. Rankin Asa Reese James Reese James E. Rhodes Bruce Rogers Melvin Ruggles Har.)ld Rummage Roger Sheppard D. R. Shugart Charles Robert Smith Stanley South Max Sparks George Timmons Thomas Timmons Thomas Ward George Watts James Waugh Leslie E. Wey Roger Whitener Lee Willis Page Ninety-eight LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Jeanne Shull President WlLHBa.MiNA Ayers Vxce-Presklent Helen Moore Secretary-Treasurer Miss Moore and Miss Clardy Sponsors C. P. Eggers ... Scoutmaster E. E. Garbee Assistant Scoutmaster Wilbur Franklin Assistant Seoitfmasfer Guy McCann Scribe BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Tflnni ' Nn. 4n Page Ninety-nine OFFICERS Mildred Carpenter President Gloria Grill Vice-President Eva Mae Steelman .. Secretary Ted Hagaman Treasurer Jerry Crouch Reporter Joyce Hayes ..„ MeinhcrKliii) Chairman Miss Hess Sponsor BUSINESS CLUB HISTORY MAJORS ' CLUR r ' -iaM m. i " ' alBfv HMn d If . 1 mmM ' KV ii iliHHkt ' OFFICERS Worth Sweet President Paul Sowell Vice-President Guy McCann Secretary Betty Cline ... Treasurer W. M. Grubbs Sponsor Page One Hundred FUTURE TEACHERS Betty Jean Gripfin President Nellie Gabriel Vice-President Frances Sherrill Secretary Betty Gabriel Treasurer Madeleine Smoot ... Program Chairman Clara Cooke Librarian Gloria Matkins, Ellen Philbeck Social Chairman Mr. Wey Sponsor PLAYCRAFTERS wmmi OFFICERS MPI H BONITA ROMINGER . First Chairman f H Hal Shoemaker Second Chairman ' ' " •wl B " ' HHr - U Betsy Webster Secretary-Treasurer JtH P, - , BB|. ■ Clara Rutledge, Gloria Grill Editors of Playbill " Mt . y F KTT- B Loal Benbow Stage Manager " " k Il I ' B Bobby Gene Ray Technician ' ■ B r fVI A. Antonakas Director I 0 9 ROLL P 9R i flS ' . fll l Loal Benbow, Betty Lou Brown, Cozette Brook- V VlMi a M |t 1 shire, Paul Campbell, Inez Connor, Martha Cress, m V ■ •■ . , H Lo ' s Eller, Rhea Farthing, Gloria Grill, Jackie JS» ?t. ' I Gordon, Madge Jones, Bernita Hughes, Erma D. , . " k ' Heafnei, Christine Mabe, Betty Jo Plyler, Alta . nt Kk Louise Ponder, Conrad Puckett, Betty Ray, Bobby ■V H Gene Ray, Sarah Lynn Rives, Bonita Rominger, J " Im I Clara Rutledge, Hal Shoemaker, Jimmy Siske, Vt ) H H Catherine Stokes, Betty Webster, Deva Wilcox, m K m Bertha Willis, Frances Yarborough, Nancy York. Page One Hundred One PLAYCRAFTEHS Puyc One HunJn-d Two T r n - ' PUBLICATIONS Page One Hundred four THE RHDDODENDRDN STAFF Rebekah Rivers Photographic Editor Madeleine Smoot Managing Editor Margaret Lineberger Art Editor Tom Boyette Sports Editor Kathleen Moore ... Sports Editor Ellen Burris Senior Class Editor Lillian Griffith Junior Class Editor Ted Hagaman Sophomore Class Editor Harvey Adams Freshman Class Editor Paul Sowell Advertising Manager Wilhelmina Ayers ... Typist Bonita Rominger Typist Amanda Ferebee Circulation Manager Prof. Vance Howell Sponsor Ss " V ' Payi- Ont; Hundred Six APPALACHIAN STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Inez Connor, Margaret Lantz News Edtors Madeleine Smoot Feature Editot- Mildred Eaton Feature Editor Betty Jean Griffin Feature Writer Betsy Webster Feature Writer Gloria Grill Typist Thelma Farthing Typist Reporters: Ernia Deen Heafner, Rebekah Boone, Peggy Rogers, Mary Smith, Evelyn MeNeely, Lou Rhyne, Nellie Jarvis, Ann ie Sue Bunch, Robbie Sessoms, Rachel Ann Vance, Doris Cline. SPORTS STAFF Ellen Philbeck Editor Betty Gabriel Assistant Editor Evelyn Ray Reporter Ted Hagaman Reporter Guy McCann „... Reporter BUSINESS STAFF Vivian Cline Circulation Manager Circulation Assistants Jean Sentell, Bill Harrell, Cozette Brookshire Dr. D. J. Whitener Faculty Sponsor Page One Hundred Sei-en i " r - 4 5 c. t4. u £ena rown zMay Queen 1. oJ ary Reese Mat J of Honor ' r SENIOR ATTENDANTS Betty Jean Griffin Rosalyn Francis MAY DAY ATTENDANTS JUNIOR ATTIiNIlANTS: Kci Nmi Afooir Eniiihi Ci ' ih ' RcyiiulJs Rebekah Rivers SDPHDMDRE ATTENDANTS: Lou R by fie Feme Willunis FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS: Scini Rivcs Zana Rary 194B CAMPUS :Miss eikn ' Tht beck Miss Appalachian zMr. Worth Sweet Mr. Appalachian Page One Hundred Fourteen iUPERLATIVES cJ jj etty Qabrtel (i LfCiss Nellie Qabriel Most Valuable Most Popular Page One Hundred Fifteen 1946 SENIOR Cjlorid cy Ccitkins Most Likely lo Succeed Nellie (JjItu ' I %1ty Qcibricl Most ' crsattle Best Athlete iCirl) Jimmic Recce Best Athlete {Boy) SUPERLATIVES eggy Rogers Quric Ccc Fcirthin zM ary Reese qA. J. Smith Friendliest Most Intellectual Prettiest Most Handsome RHODDDENDRGN SPDNSDRS iMrs. J. d . " Philbeck Ellen Philbeck Editor Q rs. ( urtis (L urray Curtis Murray Business Manager Page One Hundred Eighteen APPALACHIAN SPONSORS zMr. £. Q. zMatktns Gloria Matkins Editor zMrs. W. G. Qabrtel Nellie Gabriel Business Manager Page One Hundred Nineteen jK STUDENT r GOVERNMENT w SPDNSDR oJWrs. ' Tau £. QabrieL Sr. Betty Gabriel PresidoU Y. W. C. A. SPONSOR c rs. J. Q Rogers Peggy Rogers President Page One Hundred Tucenty SENIOR CLASS SPDNSDR H. 0. Cltne F ' REDA CLINE President JUNIOR CLASS SPDNSDR zM rs. Fred Q. Hawkms Rebekah Rivers President Page One Hundred Tiventyone SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR zMr. S. ' B. Whtte. Sr. S. B. White, Jr. President FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSOR oJWiss Ruth broach Harley Jolley President Page One Hundred Tivenly-tivo New style dormitory. . . . Don ' t tell Dr. Rankin. . . . Boys, whe-e-e .... Take me back and try me one more time. ... Speaks for itself. . . . Man and wife. . . . No comment. . . . Bookstore!!! . . . Who ' s foolin ' who. . . . Typical annual snapshot. . . . Before Spud ' s time. . . . What ' s in that tree? . . . STUDENTS AND TEACHERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Hunfs Department Store Two Large Floors of Clothing and Shoes For the Fntire Family " III tlic Heart of Boone " + ALWAYS YOUR MONEY ' S WORTH Complimevfs of Boone Flower and Gilt Shop " Flowers for all occasions " Main Street " Gifta of distinction " Boone, N. C. Compliments of RAY ' S BARBER SHOP " Good Serrice Guaranteed " Under City Meat Market Boone, N. C. BARK ' S FAIR STORK Everything in Clothing and Shoes for the College Students and Teachers WE WELCOME YOU Mrs. J. L. Reese, Munuycr Compliments of DANIKL BOONK SHOK SHOP Charles C. Rogers, Oimrr M ain Street Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred lu. ' enly-fuur iVatauga Hardware Inc. Quality Merchandise at Attractive Prices " The Friendly Store " Main Street Boone, N. C. Compliments of HI-LAND CLEANERS ' ' You Must be Satisfied " Main Street Boone, N. C. Compliments of Craven Furniture Company + + J. R. Craven, Owner Main Street Boone, N. C. Compliments of R. W. Col YARD Colvard Tire and Chevrolet Company Main Street Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred T iieniy-hve Compliments of BOONK TIRE and barcjAin store Phone 152 Boone, N. C. DAGUS RADIO SHOP EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING 25 Years Experience 217 Mnin St. BooNE, N. C. There ' s a in your Winkler Motor Company Authorized Sales and Service BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA Smithkv ' s Dhpt. Store Dry Goods, Groceries, Feeds Poultry, Gasoline and Oils Phone 19 " Viait our lunch room " All Sandwiches 5c Coffee Free CoiupUmeiits of CITY BARBER SHOP BUSINESS APPRECIATED Main Street BoONE, N. C. Opposite Post Office Page Oni; Hundred Twenly-six CAROLINA COMMISSION COMPANY mCDRPDRATED k -r Wholesale FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES GROCERIES k T Hickory, North Carolina Compliments of MADBVX ESSO SERVICE WASHING, GREASING, TIRES, AND BATTERIES RECAPPING VULCANIZING Phone 9103 Boone. N. C. Compliments of WATAUGA DEMOCRAT Established 1888 Page One Hundred Tit enty -seven Compliments of B. W. STALLINGS " Your Cdlh ' i c Jeweler " Boone, N. C. Watches Diamonds Jewelry SANITARY BARBER SHOP Always Welcome and Service Guarantc ed Next to tlic Gateway Cafe Crawford — Reese — Biniiham Boone, N. C. Compliments of CREST S-IO- Sc STOHES Boone, N. G. f " Where all the little things are available all the time " LYON ' S THRIFT SHOP Bedspreads, Blankets, All Kinds of Material and Remnants Mrs. J. S. Lyons, Oioicr Main Street Boone, N. C. ANGEL ' S GAFH " Regular Di)iners, Oysters, Large Steaks and Specialties " 24 Hour Service Opposite Bus Statinn Depot Street BoONE, N. C Page One Hundred Twenty-eight The ECONOMY STORE MEN ' S, WOMEN ' S, CHILDREN ' S SHOES— DRESSES— COATS MEN ' S AND BOYS ' CLOTHING HATS AND NOTIONS June Russell, Manager Depot Street BooNE, N. C. Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE AND ASSOCIATE LINES Boone, North Carolina ARTISTIC BEAUTY SALON " We Make Loveliness Lovelier " Mrs. E. S. Qualls, Owner Phone 8 BooNE, N. C. WALKER ' S JEWELRY STORE WATCHES, DIAMONDS, RINGS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fine Watch Repairing A. S. T. C. Students Always Welcome SWOFFORD ' S TIRE STORE Goodyear Tires, Batteries And Accessories Boone, North Carolina Phone 225J Main Street HOLLAR ' S GROCERY FANCY GROCERIES NATIVE WESTERN MEATS FRESH FRUITS ANYTIME Boone, North Carolina Page One Hunilred Tit ' enty-nine GOODMAN DRESS SHOP We Specialize in DRESSES, LINGERIE, HATS, BAGS AND SPORTSWEAR Mrs. D. C. Goodman, Oniier Compliments of Frank M. Payne. Gen. Mgr. Security Life and Trust Company Office Northwestern Bank Bldg. Boone, N. C. " The sooner you plan i our fjituve the better your future irill be. " The Home ok A. S. T. C. GATEWAY GAFH " Western Carolina ' s Best " Boone, North Carolina APPALAGHIAN THHATRH Western Nortli Cai-uli)ia ' s Fi)test Boone, North Carolina BOOKS LUNCHEONETTE SCHOOL SUPPLIES A. 3. J. . vj. BOOK STORE STATIONERY— NOVELTIES OFFICIAL COLLEGE RINGS MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE APPALAGHIAN SODA SHOP Boone. North Carolina Page One Hundred Thirty Compliments of ECHERD ' S BARBER SHOP It Pays to Look Well Visit Your Barber Regularly Taylorsville, N. C. Meet Your Friends at CAROLINA PHARMACY Prescriptions Phone 47 Boone, N. C. Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Company + + OF ASHEVILLE, N. C, HiCKORY, N. G. BELK-WHITE COMPANY BOONE, N. C. V " Remember You Always Save at BELK ' S " TOWNSEND ' S GROCERY A Complete Line of Fresh Meats Fresh Vegetables and Staple Groceries Phone 159 Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred Thirty-one Compliment H of BOONE DRUG STORi: The, REXALL Store Phone 17 G. K. Moose, Owner Coinjjiiineiita of GORNHR SHOP Glf TS— SOUVENIRS WATCH REPAIRING G. G. MORETTZ, Owner Main Street BooNE, N. C. Queen City Trailways SYMBOLIZES A FRIENDLY ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE IN THE CAROLINAS WITH THE MOST DEPENDABLE BUS SERVICE POSSIBLE Queen City Coach Company (Owner-Operator) Coinijlintt ' iits of Bluh Ridgp: Music Go. Neiv and Used PHONOGRAPH RECORDS Roy Keplar, Owner King Street PSoone, N. C GriY MEAT MARKET FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS } ' (( I ' ot r iii(t(i( ■ pjin ' ci(it(d Main Str eet Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred 1 hirly-lwo Mayflower Beauty Shop " Your Nearest Hairdressers " Work clone by expert operators Phone 32 Boone, N. C. Enjoy Pet Ice Cream " A Health Food " Pet Dairy Products Company Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of Sunjlf£anL hsuouL By WALDENSIAN BAKING COMPANY Valdese, N. C. Smith ' s ESSO Station " The Station of Service " A. R. Smith, Owner Boone, N. C. Compliments of PEARCE-YOUNG- ANGEL GO. Inc. ASHEVILLE, N. C. WHOLESALE FOODS Page One Hundred Thirty-ibree lieins-Sturdivant Funeral Home Burial Association Day and Night Ambulance Service Phone 24 Appalachian State Teacliers College Boone, North Carolina devoted exclusively to teacher training for public education in the south + Specialization In Observation Work + FULL SUMMER QUARTER Patronize Our Advertisers Page One Hundted I birty-tour Just a Bunch. ... On the lookout. . . . Altar bound. . . . Going someplace. . . . All smiles. . . . It ' s a rough life!!! . . . Givin ' the orders!! . . . Just posin ' . . . . Hey, what ' s this. . . . Professor of the future. . . . Let ' s all look at the camera. . . . THE END! « " TIVC HOUSE

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