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%t. 1945 RHODODENDRON Presented By THE SENIOR CLASS APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Boone, North Carolina THESE HAVE PAID THE SUPREME SACRIFICE FOR US Hal Bingham George Lippard Carl T. Bumgarner Heath Duncan Robert B. Davis Albert Harman Fred Lowrance Ben Colvard Marshall McClure Roderick John George Parrish Henry Cline Matt Pasky George Martin John Crisp Paul Hagaman Herbert Poole J. T. Cunningham Merl Steimer Edward Ledbetter Eugene Knott Harold Jasper Stone Lindell Smith Gatewood Shipman THESE HAVE BEEN WOUNDED James D. Hamilton Ed Clay Robert Phillips Paul Summey Ray Blevins Stuart Scott Carson Coffield Vance James Orland Gabriel John Magness Warren Parrish Andy Nesbitt Tom Sinclair Paul Swofford Jasper Cherry Udy Wood John Marsh Kyle Dickson THESE ARE MISSING IN ACTION Harold Winecoff Horace Yount Bill Sparks Morris Eggers Joel Bacon THESE ARE PRISONERS OF WAR William Nolen William F. Staley Marvin Hoffman Ned Austin (liberated) Page Two D [DICUlO N To those who hold Appalachian deep in their hearts, her life is a sacred trust; her honor, a breathing spirit: her being, an inviolate personality. From those who love Appalachian there is the deepest regard, the sincerest respect, for the men who have aided in her creation. For one man the depth of this gratitude, the sincerity of this respect, the concentration of this love is greatest: for he. with the other builders, has given his strength to her creation and his power to her preservation. This man is Doctor Graydon Poe Eggers. At a time when faith is easily lost and devotion to ideals easily forgotten. Dr. Eggers has come forward to give the full power of his character and ability to strengthen Appalachian ' s faith, to preserve her from disbelief and cynicism. To him all who love Appalachian are indebted for the preservation of all that makes Appalachian great: the democratic, the American spirit of learning and teaching. This man is a scholar, an exacting student in the finest sense of the word. He is a teacher — a teacher whose students have faith in the cultural, philosophical, and moral truth which he proposes because he himself is the embodiment of that truth This man is a friend— a friend who comforts with his sympathy and perfects with his truth. This man is an American: his is an American philosophy: his is an American religion: his. an American life. To DOCTOR GRAYDON POE EGGERS the senior class of Appalachian State Teachers College is proud to dedicate the 194 5 RHODODENDRON. Page Three 3n ii mnrtam Mrs. D. D. Dougherty January 20. 1945 D. J. COTTRELL September 1 1, 1944 Page Four FOREWORD This 1945 Rhododendron is your book. We hope that it will be a source of many pleasant memories as you recall this year at Appalachian. It has been a year filled with many heartaches because of the closeness of the international conflict. However, it has been a good year filled to overflowing with happy friends and experiences. May this RHODODENDRON be your guide to the year 1945 at Appalachian. " The days are made on a loom, whereof the warp and woof are past and present time. " — EMERSON. CONTENTS BOOK i... classes + book 2 ACTIVITIES + BOOK 3 . . . ATH- LETICS + BOOK 4 . . . FEATURES Page Five Page Six GIRLS DORMITORY WHITE HALL Page Seven Page Eight B. B. Dougherty, B.S.. Ph B.. DLiit , D.Ed. President BARNARD Dougherty. B.S. Business Manager DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL OFFICIALS John Howell, B.S., M.A., M.Ed. Principal Elementary School Chapell Wilson, A.B., A.M. Director Demonstration Schools HERBERT W. WEY. B.S., M.A. Principal High School LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ELIZABETH CRADDOCK, B.S., M.A. French and Spanish Graydon p. Eggers. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. English J. D. RANKIN, A.B.. A.M., S.T.D- Dean W. Amos Abrams, A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. English META Swain Liles. A.B,. M.A. English sociAi. sriDiKs i)i:i ' ANr. ii:. T F. V. Wabma.v, B.S.. M,A„ H.I)., D.JJ. Hislory and Sociolony ' . ( ' . Howell, A.B.. A.. l. .. Cufcnimeiit and Hislur ' y Miss IIele.n Bi ' Krii. A.I).. .M.A (icoiiraphy G. I.. Sahver, A.B.. A.M. History Ph.D. .. Gm ' crnmcnt and Hixlaiy liconomics ...- History and Gcoijraphy — Ccofiraphy ». j. Whiie.nfk, A.B.. .M.A., VV. M. f;»i:BBs, B.A.. M.A. JfLIA.N VortER, B.S.. M.A. J. A. WlLLUMs, A.B.. M.A. SCIENCE l)EI " ART. IK. T Macde Stoit, B.S.. .M.A., Ph.D. R. C. Blsteed. B.S.. .M.A., Ph.D. ... Biology ... Biology A. R. S.MITII. A.I!., . I .A Antonius Antonakas. B.S.. M.S. liJA Belle I.ei)T;ettkr, A.B., M.A. . .... L licniistry Pliysicx Bioloiiy l. I llh. l. ll( S IlKI ' .NK IMKXT Ahixa, A.m.. A.. 1. Malluinati,s C., A.H., A..M.. Ph.D. Alallirmatus IIO.ME ECO.NOMICS DEPARTME.VT l.ri V Brock, A.B.. .M.S Iloine Economics ivlAN Wood, B.S Home Economics BbTTY Sue, B.S., M.S. Home Economics Page Ten PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT B.S., M.A. Dean of ll ' omen, Etlmation B.S.. M.A,. Ed.D Education M.A.. Ph.D Psychology A.B., A.M Registrar. Education LIBRARY STAFF ORE Librarian , B.S. in L.S - Library B.S.. B.S. in L.S.- - ... Library MUSIC DEPARTMENT fi RNETT Felts B M. Music Ralph V. House. V. F. Smith. A.B. Mary Alice Burns, B.M.E. Music . Music Herman R. Eggers Virginia Wary, B.M.. M.M . Music Mrs. Emma H. Mc Allie Austin, B.S Mary Alice Hlff • LIBRARY SCIENCE Frances Williams. B.S. Hf! fna Cl rdy A B AI a DEPARTMENT Library Library Page Eleven I ' ll VSR A I. i:in CATION DICrAUT.MKNT MRS. El ' i-.KNF. K. Garbf.f., H.A. I ' liysiral Hihicalioii Cleon Hayxes Hodges. A.H.. [.A. Physical P.ducaliou ART DKI ' AUTMKNT Catherine Sn ' ith. A.M.. M.A. .. Arl BTSINESS EincAIKiN DKl ' ART.MF.NT EuiTli Hess, A.B., M.A llusiiicss Rihuatimi Ella Fogg, B.S.. . I.A Business Education SECKETAklKS .Melha Tl ' GMAN Secretary to Business Manacier .liNNiE She A. IfERKiN Secretary to I ' rcsidenl Hkknick Cragg Secretary to Ihisiness Manaoer .Mrs. Ell Hingham Secretary to Kciisirar .Mr.s. Doi ' Gi.As Redmond , Secretary to liusinrss Manuiier •.Mrs. Rali ' H W. llorSE Sicritorv to Pcan ' . ' ot in picture. .MATRONS .Mrs. I,. H. Hardin Mrss Helen HcRrn .Miss BeRUINE ClIARTIER Hlanlhtll ' h Hall .. l.oV)ll Hall White Hall Page Twelve BOOK 1 • CLASSES $ E n OR cms - OFFICERS Rav W. Thomas President Meredith Duncan Vice-President Laura Alexander Secretary Pauline Cress Treasurer Page Fourteen alexander Ashley AYERS Beam Blair BOONE Laura Marie Alexander Huntersvillc. N. C. Business Education and History Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, i, 4; White Hall Club 1. 2; Presbyterian Club I, 2, President 2; Vernician Literary So- ciety i. 4, President i; Plavbill Staff 2. .!, Editor 2; Play- trailers 1. 2. 3. 4. Oflicer 4. President i: Afpalachiaii Staff 1. 2, i. 4, Circulation Manager . , Business Manager 4; Social Studies Club 3, 4; Business Majors Club .!, President; . W. C. A. 1. 2. i, 4. Cabinet Member 1, 3, 4; Future Teachers Club 3. 4; Student Council 4; Class Officer 4; H ' lw ' s H7io Attioiiif Stiidcttts ill American Universities and Colleges 4; Sen- ior Superlative; Campus Superlative. Ruby Carrie Ashley Boone. N- C. Mathematics and Science Mary June Ayers Buinsville. N. C. English and Social Studies Mars Hill Junior Colege 1, 2; Training Union Director 3; B. S. U. 3, 4. President 4; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4. President 4; I-e Cercle Francais 3. 4; Social Studies Club 3. 4; Appalaehian Staff 3, 4; RHaDODE.voRON Staff 4, Assistant Business lanager; Maid ol Honor 4; Who ' s Who Anwiifi Students in Ameriean Universities and Colleges 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Honor Teach- ing. MATTiE Sue Beam Shelby, N. C. Mathematics and Science Gardner- Webb Junior College 1. 2; Baptist Student L ' nion 3. 4. Council 4; Future Teachers Club 4. Treasurer; Forum Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; White Hall Club 3. PALMER SLEIGH BLAIR Boone. N. C. History and Science Glee Club 1; Band 1. 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. President 4; Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 2; Student Council 3; Intramural Sports 3; History Club 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Y. M. C. A. 4; Campus Superlative 4; Senior Superlative. Daffie v. Boone Asheboro. N. C. Library Science and History Y. W. C. A. 4; B. S. V. 4. Librarian. Page Fifteen BROWN BYRD CANNON carpenter Clapp CLINARD Home Economics Clult 1 liance 1, 2, 3. Oleta Brown Olin. N, C. Home Economics anil Sc:ence K 4; Christian Fellowship Al- White H.ill Cluli 1 VV. A. A. - ' . MARiiiA Bi.anc;hh carpenter Polklon. N. C. English and Physical Education -. . W. C. A. 1. .i; Playerafters 2: WlLMA DlI.lA BVRD Ncilsvillc. N. C. English and History Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2: B. S. I " . Council i. 4; RiionoDF.NORoN StatT 4. Ivlitorin-Chiif : Student Council 4: V. V. C. A. ,i. 4. Cahincl 4; Apfukichian StatT ,i, 4; H ' ho ' s Who AmoHti Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Mildred Clapp Ashcvillc. N. C. English and History Asheville CollcRc 1; Y. W. C. A. 2; Playerafters 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Social Studies Club i, 4; Afpalaeltian Staff 4. Geneva Cannon Boone. N. C. Business Education and Science FRANCES CLINARD High Point. N. C. Grammar Grade Education lliyh point College I. 2; Dynician Literary Society 3; Lovill Club 3: Christian Fellowship Alliance 3; V. W. C. A. 3, 4; B. S. V. 4. Page Sixteen Conner Cress CROWE CUTHBERTSON DAY Douglas Mrs. INEZ Connor Shelby. N. C. English and French Gardner-Webb Junior College 1, 2; Le Cercle Francais 3, President; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; B. S. U. 3. Alma Cuthbertson Glen Alpine. N. C. Business Education and History PAULINE Cress Salisbury. N. C. Music and Primary Education Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Forum Club 2. 3. 4, President 3; I. R. C. J, 4; Playcrafters . i: Y. W. C. A. 1. 4; Class OfRcer 4; A. C. E. 3, 4, President 4; Student Body President 4. Lydia m. Day Statesville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Erskine College 1. 2; W. C. U. N. C. ; White Hall Club 3, 4. jANNiE Louise Crowe Ellenboro, N. C. History and Library Science B. S. U. Council 1, 2. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. Thalian Literary Society 1. 2. Officer 2; B. T. L ' . 1, 2. 3. Christian Fellowship Alliance 3; White Hall Club 1, Social Studies Club 3, 4. Virginia Douglas Schenectady. New York English and Music Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1, 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Music Club 3; Girls " Chorus 4, Secretary. Page Seventeen Meredith brooks Duncan Trade. Tennessee Grammar Grade Education V. M. C. A. I. 2, ,!, 4. Officer 2. .1; Intramural Basketball 2. .i ; SttiHeut Council A, ' ice-President; Rhododendron Staff 4; Class Officer 4. Fish A. A. 1. 2, , 4; Glee Cluli 1 Mrs. garnett Felts Boone. N. C. Science and Physical Education 1. 2. i. 4: V. V. C. A. May Queen 4. Flyinc John W. Dunn Pinetops. N. C. Mathernalics and History N. C. .State I. 2; .Methodist Youth Fellowshili .!. 4: Metho. dist Cluh Officer .1 ; Y. .M. C. A. . ' . 4. Officer 4; Basketball .i ; " A " Cluh 4: Playcrafters .i, 4. Officer 4; .Mi.xed Chorus 4; Math Cluh 4. President: Senior Superlative; Social Science Cluh 4. Nancy Furches Mocksvillc. N. C. Home Economics and Science Y. V. C. A. 1. 2, .!. 4: Home Economics Cluh 1. 2. .1, 4: Class Officer . ; Junior .Marshal 3; May Court 3; Future Teachers Cluh 4; Lovill Cluh 1. 2. Ruth Favell Charlotte. N. C. English and History Uuccns CollcKe 1, 2; B. S. C Council . ; Dynician Literary Society 3; Y. V. C. A. 4; .Mixed Chorus 4. PAULINE FURR Oakboro. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education I. R. C. .1. 4. I ' resident 4; Forum Cluh 3, 4; Future Teach- ers Club 3. 4; Student Council 4: V. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. V. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Cabinet .Member 3, 4; Band I. 2. 3; Dynician Literary Society I. 2. .1; B. S. I ' . 3. 4: ll ' lio ' s H ' lw Amoiui Sliidt ' iUs III .4»irrifflii Vnh ' Crsitics and Coltcycs 4; Senior Superlative. Page Eighteen Grayson GRIFFIN Harmon Hodges HORNE HUDLER Evangeline Grayson Forest City. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; B. S. U. Council 4: Glee Club 3: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; B. S. U. 3. 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. Glee Club Marjorie B. Hodges Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Piaycrafters 1, 3: Future Teachers Clul) Officer 3. MRS. Ruth Robinson Griffin Charlotte. N. C. English and History Rabun Gap Junior College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3; B. S. U. HELON HORNE Forest City. N. C. Home Economics and Science Western Carolina Teachers College 1, 2; Home Economics Club 3. 4; ' ernician Literary Society 3, 4. President 4; Y. V. C. A. 3. 4; Rhododendron Staff 4; B. S. U. 3. 4; Chris- tian Fellowship Alliance 3. Mildred Harmon Elk Park. N. C. Music and Primary Education Lees-McRae Junior College 1, 2; A. C. E. 3. 4; A Cappella Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 4, Officer; Music Majors Association 3, Officer; Future Teachers Club 4; Junior Marshal 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member 4. MARIE HUDLER Grassy Creek. N. C. Music and History Glee Club 1; Y. W. C. A. 1; White Hall Club 1. 2: Methodist Club 1; Social Studies Majors Club 2; A Cappella Choir 2; Music Majors Association 2. President: I. R. C. 3; Forum Club 3; Girls ' Chorus 3, President; Band 3; Sym- phony Orchestra 3. Page Nineteen V. v. c. Chorus 4. Doris Hunter Daybook. N. C. History and Music A. S. 4; History Majors Cluh 1. 2: Girls ' Nrll Avett Kendall Norwood, N. C. Enc lish und Music filci- dull 1; A l ' .ii.|.ill.i Cliciir ' ; Music Mnjors Assnciation 2: L K. l " . 2. ,i; Forum Cluli .!; Los Picarns Espaiioles 3, President; Y. W. C. A. i Appalachian Stal? i. CAROLYN JARRETT Shelby. N. C. Primary Education Asheville College 1; V. W. C. A. 4: Phila Litcrar Society 2; A. C. E. 3. -i; .Ippalachian Staff 4. Doris Lackey K.innapolis. N. C. English and History KATHLEEN JONES Elon College. N. C. Science and Physical Education Glee Club I; Y. W. C. A. 2, .1, 4. Officer 3. Cabinet 2; May Court Attenilant 2; W. A. A. 1, 2. 1, 4; Junior Marshal. Mrs. Gretta Gene Leinbach Winston-Salem, N. C. Home Economics and Science l.nvill dull 1: While Mall dub 2; Camp Fire Girls 2, 3. iccPresiilent 2; Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4. President 4- Flying Fish 4; Y. V. C. A. 4. Page Twenty MARSHALL MAVNARD MCCOLLUM MCCOURY MClNTYRE Mcknight Edith Marshall Concord. N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club 1, 2, . , 4; Class Officer . ; White Hall Club 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3. 4; Camp Fire Girls 1. Eunice McCourv Senia. N. C. Primary Education I.ees-McRae Junior College 1; White Hall Club 2; V. W. C. A. 2, 3; A. C. E. 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3; Music Majors Association 3; Girls ' Chorus 4: B. S. U. 3, 4; Rho- DODE-VDRON 4. Durward W. MAYNARD Inez. Kentucky Social Studies W. J. Bryan I ' niversity 1, Pikeville College 2. Moreheacl State Teachers College 3; Rhododendron StatT 4, Business Manager; Appalacluan Staff 4, News Editor; Athletic Puli- licity Director 4; . M. C. A. 4. Chaplain, President; Chief Marshal 4: Social Studies Clul) 4; A. H. S. A. Basketball and Football Official 4; Baseball 4: Supervisor of Men ' s Dor- mitory 4; Honor Teaching 4; Westminster Fellowship 4; Honor Roll 4; First Kentucky student to graduate from the institution. MARGARET lONE MClNTYRE High Point. N. C. Library Science and Social Studies Methodist Club 1, 2; Christian Fellowship Alliance 2; LoviU Club ]. 2; Le Cercle Francais 1. 2, Officer 2; Y. W. C. A. 2. 3. 4. Cabinet 4; Social Studies Club 3. 4; Future Teachers 3, 4. Officer 4; Playcrafters 2. 3, 4, President 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Junior M.-irshal; Rho- dodendron " Staff 4; li ' lio ' s li ' lio Ainoiui Students in American Universities and Colteties 3; May Day Attendant 4; Class Superlative 4. JEAN MCCOLLUM Monroe. N. C. Grammar Grade Education White Hall Club 1; Y . W. C. A. 3. 4; Senior Marshal. Doris Mcknight Greensboro, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers Club 3. 4, President 4; ' ernician Literary Society 3, 4, President 4; May Court Attendant 3; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2. 3, 4. Page Twenty-one I ' ATTON I ' AVSll ' K RUSStLL SMITH SNOW Sparks Harriet Patton Joy. N. C. Business Education and Mathematics Milchfll College 1, 2; Appalat ' hitni Staff .i : Rhododendron Staff 4; Methodist Youth Fellowship -4; White Hall Club 3; Debating 3; Future Teachers Cluh 4; Math ( " lub 4; Busi- ness Education .1; Junior Marshal i. Brevard Junior ( ' ollege 1 Economics Club 4. KITTIE Lee SMITH Rutherfordton, N. C. Home Economics and Science V, C. V. . . C. i; Home CATHERINE PAYSEUR Shelby. N. C. Primary Education Mitchel Junior College I; A. C. E. 2. }, 4. Officer 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 4; Appalachian Staff 4. Associate Editor; Senior Superlative; May Court Attendant 4. White Hall Club 1. 2 4; .Methodist Club 1, 2. Doris Snow Elkin. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. i. 4; Pla -crafter5 Lucille Russell Concord. N. C. Primary Education Camp Fire Girls 1 ; A. C. E. ,1. 4. Officer 4; While Hall Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 2. 3, 4. Doris Brenda Sparks Amherst. Virginia English and History Appalachian Staff 1. 2, i. 4. Editor 4; Playcrafters I. 2. 3, 4. Officer 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3; Girls ' Chorus 4; Future Teachers Club 4; White Hall Club 1, 2; Social Studies Club 3, 4. President 4. Page Twenty-two SWAIN Sweet I. THOMAS M. Thomas R. Thomas TIMMONS Phylma Swain High Point. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Lovill Club 1. 2; Methodist Club 1. 2; Campfire Girls 1; Y. W. C. A. 4; Junior Marshal: Playcrafters 1, 4; Editor of Playbill 4. Mrs. MARY F. Thomas Boone. N. C. History and Physical Education WORTH Sweet Nathans Creek. N. C. History and Physical Education Pfeiffer Junior College 1. 2; Basketball ,1. 4; Baseball 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. 3. 4, Officer 3: Social Studies Club 3. 4: " A " Club 4. RAY W. THOMAS Boone. N. C. Mathematics and History Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Officer 1. 2; Math Club 1. 2; Social Science Club 1, 2. 3. 4; I. R. C. 2, 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2; President of Senior Class; Senior Superlative: Rhododendron StaflF 4, Advertising Manager. IRIS THOMAS Franklinville. N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2. 3: Appalachian Staff 4, Circulation Manager: Lovill Club 2; Playcrafters 4. MYRTLE MARIE TIMMONS Mt. Airy. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Pfeiffer Junior College 1, 2: IVlio ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4: I. R. C. 4: Forum Club 4: V. A. A. 3. 4, President 4: Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Appalachian Staff 4; Flying Fish 4: Campfire Girls 4. Page Twenty-three Venable ' RIC.1IT BAKNhTT Blfvins Brovhill Caldwell Edna Venable Dobson. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Lovill Club I, 2; ' eriiician Literary Society 1, 2. . Y. W. C. A. 4; Playcraflers 4; Future Teachers Club 4. Virginia Wright Rutherfordton. N. C. Music and History Band 1. 2. .! ; Symphuny Orchestra 2, 3; Music Majors Association 2; Swing Band 2. i ; Girls Chorus .! ; A Cappella Choir 2: C.Iee Club 1; History Majors Club 2. .! ; Playcrafters 2. }; Y. V. C. A. 2, 3; Methodist Youth Fellowship 2. ,). Officer 3. ESTELLA BLEVINS Lansing. N. C. Physical Education and History V. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. VV. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Social Science Club 3; Playcrafters 4; Campfire (iirls 4; Junior Mar- shal 3; Future Teachers Club 3. 4; I. K. V. 3. 4; Student Council 3. 4: Class Ofticer 4; li ho ' s li ho Atnong Studt ' nts in Ami-rwait C nirersities and Coltt ' iies 4. JESSIE Evelyn brovhill Boomer. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Wrnician Literary Society 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. MID-YEAR GRADUATES ROYSTER BARNETT Boone, N. C. History and Music i;iee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2. 3. 4. President 3; Future Teachers Club 4, Officer; li ' ho ' s H ' ho Among Students in American Vniversities and Colleges 4; B. S. L ' . 2, 3: French Club 1. MARGARET H. CALDWELL Concord. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2: Flying Fish 3. 4; V. A. 3; Y. W. C. A. 3; Presbyterian League Officer 3. Dynician Society 3; Playcrafters 3. Page Tu:enty-four Clarke COSTNER Farthing GREENE HOLCOMBE Lopp MARIE CLARK Lansing. N. C. Mustc and Primary Education Mars Hill Junior College 1; Y. V, C. A. 2, 3. 4; Whitf Hall Club 2; A. C. E. i. A; Future Teachers Club 4; A Cappella Choir - ; Mixed Chorus 4: Music Majors Associa- tion 3; Appalachian Staff 4; Playcrafters 2, 4; Dynician Lit- erary Society 2; Junior Marshal; li ' ho ' s li ' lio Among Stiidetits in American Uniz ' Crsitics and Colleges 4; Class Officer 4. Mrs. Dorothy Farthing Greene Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Minnie Faye Costner Casar. N. C. Econo and Sc Baton Club 2; B. S. I " . 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3. 4. President 4; I. R. C. 3. 4; Junior Marshal; President Senior Class. HENRIETTA HOLCOMBE Weaverville. N. C. English and History Mars Hill Junior College 1. ' . 3, 4; Social Science Club 3, 4; : B. S. U. 3. 4; Y. V. C. A. Future Teachers Club 3, 4. MABEL Kathleen farthing Boone. N. C. English and History Co-Editor Appalachian Staff 4; I. R. C. 3. 4; Forum Club 4; li ' ho ' s Who Amonii Students in American Uniz ' ersities and Colleaes 4; Future Teachers Club 4; V. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Playcrafters 1. 2. 3. 4; A Cappella Choir 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1: Social Science Club 3, 4; Dynician Literary Society 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3; Junior Marshal. OPAL LOPP Lexington. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Lovill Club 1. 2; Vernician Literary Society 2, 3. 4. Officer 4: Y. V. C. A. 3: A Cappella Choir 3; Playcrafters 4. Page Twenty-five MARSH McSWAIN Tl-MPLETON TL ' KHVI ILL W ' OOSLEY YOUNG Humt ' Kcniuiniics C ' Inl) 1 Y V. C. A. .i. -1. Katherinf Marsh Sophia. N. C. Home Economics and Science .!, -I: Whitf Hall riiiii Mildred Perry Turbyeill Sugar Grove. N. C. I ' hy!,iuil Education imd Science White Hall (lull 1. Thalian l-itt-rary Socit ' tv hilramural Athletics 1, 2. 3; 2; A. H. S. A. Official 2. JUANITA McSWAIN Kings Mountain, N. C. English and Music Clee riiih 1; White Hall Club 2: Mixed Chnriis 2. 3. 4. Officer 2; Cla s officer .! ; Junior Marshal ;, Future Teachers Cluh 3. 4; Afpalachmn .Staff 4; V. W. C. A. 2. 3; Class Officer 4; Who ' s U ' tui .-inuntit Students in American Uniz ' crsi ' tics and Culteijes 3. Florence Elizabeth Woosley Clcmmons. N. C. Grammar Crude Education FLORA Mae Templeton Olin. N. C. Grammar Grade Education White Hall Club 1. 2; Methodist Club I; Home Economics Club 1; B. T. L ' . 1. 2; Christian Fellowship 2. 3. iRi.s Young Lansing. N. C Physical Education and History W. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Y. W C. A. I. 2, 3, 4; Social Stuilies Club 4, President; Playcrafters 4; Camiifire Clirls 4; li ' lio ' s It ' ho Amonfi Students in American I ' niTersilies and Colle ies 4; Future Teachers Club 3. 4; Student Couticil 3. 4. Page Twenty-six nnOR SUPERLATIVES Mosf Likely to Succeed Ray W. Thomas Mosf Versatile Polly Furr Best Girl Athlete Myrtle Timmons jBesf Boy Athlete John W. Dunn Page Twenty-seven S E II OR SUPERLATIVES Most Inlflli ' ctual Margaret McInivrh Prettiest Catherine Payseur Friendliest Laura Alexander Most Handsome Palmer Blair Page Twvniy-eighl J U II I! CLASS OFFICERS Gloria Matkins President Freda GRUBBS Cline Vice-President Betty Gabriel . . Secretary Mildred Eaton Treasurer Page Twenty-nine JUNIORS Louise Adams Hiddcnitc. N. C. Elizabeth Blackwelder MoorcsvUlc. N. C. Gladys S. Blanton Boone. N. C. Sarah Blanton Lattimorc. N. C. MOZELLE Bloodworth Kclly. N. C. Louise Bowers Elk Park. N. C. Rosada Bowman Taylorsville. N. C. Ruth BRiriAiN Casar, N. C. Lena Brown Sandy Ridge. N. C. Helen Bruton Mt. Gilead. N. C. Ellen Burris Stanficld. N. C. Merle Butler Forest City. N. C. Billie Callahan Rutherfordton. N. C. Freda Grubbs Cline Wmston-Salcm. N. C. Vivian Cline . Newton. N. C. Page Thirty JUNIORS Clara Cooke Westfield. N. C. Elizabeth Cooper Union Grove. N. C. Alma Crowder Nebo, N. C. Carol Crowgey Wythcvillc. Va. Ruby Dancy North Wilkcsboro. N. C. Nell Davis Chesterfield. S. C. Mildred Eaton Cooleemee. N. C. Betty Ellis Boone, N. C. Carrie Lee Farthing Boone, N. C. Amanda Ferebee Mocksvillc. N. C. Dimples Fortune Nebo. N. C. RosALYN Francis Portsmouth, Va. Beatrice Froneberger Gastonia, N. C. Betty Jean Griffin Forest City. N. C. Betty Gabriel Lincolnton, N. C. Page Thirty-one JUNIORS Nellie Gabriel North Wilkesboro, N. C. Carol Glass Wilkesboro. N. C. Pearl Gold Shelby. N. C. POLLYANNA GORDON Pinnacle. N. C. Julia Grey Greensboro. N. C. Mary Elizabeth Greer Boone, N. C. LuciLE Hall Landrum. S. C. Bonnie Hamrick Ellcnboro. N. C. Mildred Harrison Boone. N. C. Helen Hayes Mount Airy, N. C. Joyce Hayes . North Wilkesboro, N. C. Margulein Holland Union Grove. N. C. Bi-RNiTA Hughes Bakcrsvilie. N. C. Mildred Ingram Statcsville, N. C. Mary Frances Kirkman Forest City, N. C. Page 1 hnni-two JUNIORS JoYE Lawson Pacolct, S. C. Margaret Lineberger Lincolnton. N. C. Helen Martin Broadway, N. C. Lillian Martin Hickory, N. C. Gloria Matkins Elon College. N. C. Guy McCann Roaring Gap, N. C. Frances McCollum Madison, N. C. Lovely Miller Boone, N. C. Martha V. Miller Nathan ' s Creek, N. C. Dorothy Lee Moore Galax, Va. Curtis Murray Boone. N. C. Frances Perry Wingate, N. C. Ellen Philbeck Shelby, N. C. Agnes Preston Boone, N. C. Una Perry Propst Morganton, N. C. Page Thirty-three JUNIORS Mary Ellis Reese Mars Hill. N. C. Una Lee Richardson Sparta. N. C. Peggy Rogers Fair Bluflf. N. C. BONITA RoMINGER Romingcr. N. C. Clara Rutledge Lenoir, N. C. Arlene Shackelford High Point, N. C. Frances Sherrill Moorcsvillc. N. C. Lorraine Simpson Monroe. N. C. A. J. Smith. Jr Whiieville. N. C. Doris Smith Greensboro, N. C. Helen Rose Smith Charlotte, N. C. Kathryn Smith Jacksonville, Fla. Mary Eloise Smith Charlotte, N. C. Helen Madeline Smoot Mocksville, N. C. HiLEN Sossamon . Midland. N. C. Page Thirlylour JUNIORS Paul Sowell Virginia Suddreth Joyce Tate Claudia Thorpe Ruth Toms Louise Upchurch Eleanor Vance Robert Wakefield George Waynick Mary Lillian Wilcox Boone. N. C Elizabeth Wilson Roland, N. C. Frances Yarborough Lexington, N. C. Kathryn Younce Boone. N. C. Juanita Young . Micaville. N. C. Mrs. Magdalene Ransdall No Picture Savannah. Ga. Morganton. N. C. Forest City. N. C. Statesville. N. C. Forest City. N. C. Mt. Gilead. N. C. Huntersville. N. C. Deland. Fla. Winston-Salem. N. C. Page Thirty-five SOPHOMORE cms OFFICERS William Wilson President Evelyn Milllr Vice-President Bruce Harrell Secretary Robert Lacey I ' reasurer Page Thirly-iix SOPHOMORES WiLHELMINA AyeRS Burnsvillc. N. C. ROSENA BuRTON , . Winston-Salem, N. C. Helen Bingham Boone, N. C. Betty Cantrell Spartanburg, S. C. Houston Blair Elizabethton. N. C. Ollie Jean Clawson Boone, N. C. Frances Blount . . Newport News, Va. Betty Cline Newton, N. C. Helen Bowditch Toecane, N. C. Marion Cobb Rhodhiss, N. C. Joyce Brookshire Taylorsville, N. C. Ruby Crowder Lattimore, N, C. Eloise Buff Valdese, N. C. Lewis Curlee . Marshville, N. C. Tillie Eaker Mary Evelyn Ellis Thelma Farthing Marcia R. Gabriel Sara J. Gilchrist Eleanor Greene Lillian Griffith Grouse, N. C. Heaton, N. C. Boone, N. C. Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Laurinburg, N. C. Spindale, N. C. Newell, N. C. Page Thiny-secen SOPHOMORES Gloria M. Grill Valdese, N. C. Mildred Hii-L Mary Jean Grose Statesville, N. C. Eloise Hughes Edith Hames Pacolet. S. C. Mayo Huneycutt Bruce Harrell Forbes, N. C. Sara Hunsucker Edna Harrell Forbes, N. C. Mary Sue Hunter Doris Harrison Grantsboro, N. C. Virginia Isaacs Kent Haynes State Road, N. C. Pearl James Mt. Airy, N. C. Forbes, N. C. Indian Trail. N. C. Maiden, N. C. Day Book, N. C, Elk Park. N. C. Amy, N. C. Grace Jenkins Li-wis Jenkins Joseph Kelly JiAN Knight Robert Lacey Allen Ledbetter Ellenboro. N. C. N. Wilkesboro. N. C. N. Wilkesboro, N. C. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Newland, N. C. Marion. N. C. Margaret Ledbetter Marion. N. C, Page Tbirt jeight SOPHOMORES Jacqueline Lowry Jefferson, S. C. Fern Martin Mt. Airy. N. C. Marian Martin Cramerton. N. C. Mildred Martin . Summerfield, N. C. H. W. Mast. Jr. . Valle Crucis. N. C. June McBee Spruce Pine. N. C. Frances McCall Marion. N. C. Evelyn McNeely . Morganton. N. C. Evelyn Miller Statesville, N. C. Kathleen Moore Galax, Va. Helen Gray Moxley Sparta. N. C. MabLE Nix Cherryville. N. C. Myrtle Nix Cherryville, N. C. Ruby Nell Owens Ellenboro. N. C. Earl Payne Boone. N. C. Doyle Pruett Casar, N. C. Eunice Pruett Casar. N. C. Mary Jo Ragan Boone. N. C. Evelyn Ray Boone. N. C. Gene Reese Boone. N. C. Lillian Reeves Pilot Mountain. N, C. Page Thirty-nine SOPHOMORES June Renfrow Charlotte. N. C. Emma Gene Reynolds Lincolnton, N. C. Sallie Ruth Rich Mocksville, N. C. REBEKAH Rivers Mountain City, Tcnn. Savannah Segraves Roaring River. N. C. Harold Shoemaker Statesville, N. C. Audrey Smith Pinnacle. N. C. GERALDINI- Smith Minneapolis. N. C. JohNISE Lee Smith Melbourne. Fla. Patsy Smith Mooresville. N. C. Frances Stephens Creston. N. C. Magdalene Turpin Mt. Airy, N. C. Nannie Van Hoy Piney Creek, N. C. Mary Louise Watkins Morganton, N. C. Dorothy Whisnant Hickory. N. C. Calvin White Louisburg. N. C. ARLENE Williams Mountain Park, N. C. Ruby Wilson . Granite Falls. N. C. William Wilson Boone. N. C. Jean Wolfe Moncure. N. C. Page Forty FR ES H MH cms OFFICERS Pierce M. Reynolds President Imogene Moses . . . . Vice-President Deane Stonestreet Secretary Charlotte Upright Treasurer Page Forty-one FRESHMEN Billy Alexander Shulls Mill. N. C. Minnie Lou Allen Polkton. N. C. GozELLE Andrews Boomer. N. C. ERNESTINE BANNER Blowing Rock. N. C. NANNETTF BANNER Ncwbnd, N. C. BmSY BARRETT Burlington. N. C. Mary Ann Barrett Burlington. N. C. Faye Barrier Jonas Ridge. N. C. POLLY BAsINGER Salisbury. N. C. Bernice Beaver Salisbury. N. C. Ruby Beaver Rockwell. N. C. ,JAY LOAL BENBOW Oak Ridge. N. C. Marjorie Bishop Ferguson. N. C ANNERL BEVINS Hickory. N. C. CLARiA Bolick Blowing Rock. N. C. Charles Boonh Boone. N. C. BETTY Sue Bost Salisbury. N. C. ALENE BOWEN King. N. C. Page Fony-lwo FRESHMEN Ruby Bowen King, N. C. Samuel Brookshire Taylorsvillc. N. C. Jewell Brown Moravian Falls. N. C. RACHEL BRVSON Greensboro. N. C. Walter Buchanan Minneapolis. N. C. Janice Buie Salisbury. N. C. ELIZABETH ANN BUSBY Hickory. N. C. L Bryan Byrd Hamlet. N. C. CHARLINE CAMPBELL Taylorsvillc. N. C. Paul Campbell Taylorsville. N. C. SIDNEY CAMPBELL Greensboro. N. C. Mildred carpenter Bostic. N. C. William L. Carpenter Rutherfordton. N. C. Doris Cline Kcrncrsville. N. C. MARGARET COLE Forest City. N. C. Ethelene Cochran Leaksville. N. C. MELBA CORNETT Warrensville. N. C. HANNAH Craven Boone. N. C. Page Forty-three FRESHMEN Roberta Critcher Boone. N. C. Veva C. Crowder Lattimorc. N. C. Jov Dei linger McAdonvillc. N. C. Wll LIAM J DlXON Nathjns Creek. N. C. Zola Grey Dixon Yadkinville. N. C. Carl Duncan Taylorsvillc. N. C. Mary Ellen earp Taylorsvillc. N. C. Betty Elmore Shelby, N. C. Mary Maxine Erwin Elk Park. N. C. Betty Jean Farthing Boone. N. C. Mary Nell Farthing Boone. N. C. MARGARET Ferguson Cl ' N. C. Hilda 1 o., . Winslon-Salem. N. C. Dennis Franklin Sparta. N. C. ADELAIDE FRYE Catawba. N. C. Ruth Golding Charlotte, N. C. JOYCE GRAGG Boone. N. C. John Graham Todd. N. C kliifil Page Forty -four FRESHMEN J. M. GRIFFITH Forbes. N. C. Doris Grose Statcsville. N. C. KATHERINE GUTHRIE Graham. N. C. Ted Hagaman Boone. N. C. Anna Fave Hardin Laxon. N. C. Thelma Harmon Gastonia. N. C. Violet Harrell Gastonia. N. C. Erma Dean Heafner Lincolnton. N. C. Helen Helton Gastonia. N. C. Gertrude Henson Vilas. N. C. Ruth Hester Belcw Creek. N. C. Rebecca Hobbs Moorcsvillf 1. Grace Hollii . att Bostic. N. C. John Honbarrier Salisbury. N. C. HELEN Howard Shcrrill ' s Ford. N. C. Rita Howell Boone. N. C. Nell Hunt Lexington. N. C. Mary Catherine Hunter Bessemer City. N. C. Page Forty-five FRESHMEN JESSE Hutchinson Abshcrs. N. C. Sue Mae Jackson Daybrook. N. C. NELLIE FRANCES JARVIS Dobson. N. C. MARILYN JOHNSON Boone. N. C. RUBY JOHNSON Mt. Airy. N. C. ALVIN JOINES Joines. N. C. JOHN THOMAS JONES Greensboro. N. C. TENNYSON JONES Winston Sjlcm. N. C. JOSEPHINE KERLEY Taylorsville. N. C. Norma kerley Boone. N. C. Myrtle Kiker PcjchUnd. N. C. Sara Kikkley Jefferson. S. C. Ruby Lee Riser Kings Mountain. N. C. Laura Margaret Lantz Lincolnton. N. C. B H LAUGHRIDGE Marion. N. C. Betty Sue Leonard Lincolnton. N. C. PEGGY Long West Jefferson. N C. Ruby lucky Charlotte. N. C. i. Page Foriy-six FRESHMEN Jack Luttrell Shulls Mill, N. C. EDITH LYLERLY Rockwell, N. C. Eugene Lyons Boone. N. C. LAURA Martin Sandy Ridge, N. C. Bernice McCombs China Grove. N. C. Agnes McDonald Erwin. N. C. Elizabeth Medlin Polkton. N. C. Louise Meroney Mocksville, N. C. Beatrice Metcalf Mars Hill. N. C. Blanton Miller Boone. N. C. J. D. Miller Boone. N. C. SILVER Miller West Jefferson. N. C. William jack Miller Nathan ' s Creek. N. C. I.MOGENE Moses Pittsboro. N. C. LAURA MUNDY Morganton. N. C. Essie Norris Boone. N. C. Edith Odom Boone, N. C. ELEENE Osborne Shady Valley. Tenn. Page Forty-seven FRESHMEN JOYCE Pa TTON Joncsboro. N. C. Opal Phillips Boone. N. C. Ruth Qukkn North Wilkcsboro. N. C. MARY Lou Rankin Greensboro. N. C. Robert A. Reed Statesville. N. C. Pierce M. Reynolds El Dorado. Ark. Betty Lou Rhyne Lincolnton. N. C. Judith Rk:hardson Lexington. N. C. Betty Jo Robertson Statesvillc. N. C. jayne Seagle Morganton. N. C. Grace Sherwood Sherwood. N. C. Edward J. Shinn Kannapolis. N. C. Harriet Ann Shore Charlotte. N. C. Dorothy shueord Hickory. N. C. JEANNE SHULL Vallc Crucis. N. C. BiLLiE Gordon Smith Jacksonville. Fla. GEORGE Robert s.mith. jr. Ruffin, N. C. Frances s.mith Lemon Springs. N. C. Page Forty-eight FRESHMEN JEANNETTE SMITH Clover. S. C. Vera Mae Smith Mt. Airy, N. C. Stanley South Boone. N. C. Audrey Sparger Pilot Mountain. N. C. Geneva Stafford Taylorsvillc. N. C. Eva Mae Steelman Hamptonville. N. C. Deane Stonestreet Mooresville. N. C. Lena Strickland Erwin. N. C. George Timmons Boone. N. C. MARY SUE TiSDALE Old Fort. N. C. Geraldine Trinks Marion. N. C. GRACE TUCKER Monroe. N. C. Mildred Tunnel Boone. N. C. Charlotte Upright Mooresville. N. C. Catherine vannoy Wilkesboro. N. C. Leonard vannoy Fleetwood, N. C. JAMES WALKER Casar. N. C. John E. Walters, jr. Greensboro. N. C. Page Forty-nine FRESHMEN MARGARET WANDS Spencer. N. C. Opal Watts Taylorsvillc. N. C. JuANiTA Weaver West Jefferson. N. C. BETSY Webster Murphy. N. C. FLORENCE WEEKS Clinton. N. C. Betty welborn Toronto. Ohio MARILYN WHLC:H Lansing. N. C. MRS. Rachel D. West Burlington. N. C. S. B. WHITE. JR. Union Grove. N. C. ANNA Faye Williams Mountain Park. N. C. VIRGINIA FERNE WILLIA.MS New Hope. N. C. FARREi.L Willis Shelby. N. C. Eugene Wilson Zionville. N. C. Irene Wilson Preston. N. C. Shelton Bradley Wilson Vilas. N. C. MARGARET WINECOFF Kannapolis. N. C. Marbeth Winkler Boone. N. C. Mary Louise Young Celo. N. C. Truett Stanley Whiteville. N. C. JOSEPHINE Brown No Picture € Page Fifty BOOK I • UH LETICS OFFICERS Ted HagAMAN President Robert LACEY Vice-President John Graham Secretary S. B. White Treasurer Kent HAYNES Sergeant -ut -Arms it fr 11 A " CLUB John W. Dunn John Graham Thd Hagaman Bruce Harrell Kent Haynes John Jones Robert Lachy Blanton Miller J. D. Miller Gene Reece Worth Sweet Calvin White S. B.White William Wilson Coach G. P. Eggers Page Fifty -two im i. SQUAD BiKk rmo: Walters (Manager). Graham. J. D. Miller. Coach Eggers. Recce. Walker. Haynes (Manager). Front roir: White. Harrel, Smith. B. Miller. Jones. Hag.mian. 1-acey. Sweet. BOYS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE A. S. T. C 26 A. S. T. C 30 A. S. T. C 22 A. S. T. C 28 A. S. T. C 47 A. S. T. C 33 A. S. T. C 35 A. S. T. C 51 A. S. T. C 30 A. S. T. C 23 A. S. T. C 48 A. S. T. C. 31 A. S. T. C. .37 A. S. T. C 21 A. S. T. C. 20 A. S. T. C 44 A. S. T. C , .47 A. S. T. C .43 A. S. T. C 47 L. M. U. 40 L. M. U. 40 Milligan 74 Carson Newman 36 High Point 36 Guilfor(d 35 Carson Newman 30 Elon 33 Catawba 53 Lenoir-Rhyne 29 Milligan 91 Lenoir-Rhyne 29 High Point 44 Catawba 53 L. M. U. 59 L. M. U. 71 Guilford 43 Elon 44 Atlantic Christian 27 Page Fifty-three BASKETBALL BRUcn Harri 1 L J. D. MiLLI ' R J. D. White ■IciiiN Jones Bl. ANTON MllT.IR Gene Reese Page Fifty four John Graham James Walker Ted Hagaman Bob Lacev Coach Eggers Worth Sweet Kent Haynes. BASKETBALL Page Fifty-five W. A. A. OFFICHRS Myrtli- Timmons Ei.i.i:n Pmi.BiiCK Bill IV GABRlliL Dorothy Moori- ESTELLA Bl-F-VINS El.LHN PhILBIiCK Betty Gabriel Mrs. Hodges President Vice-Pri ' sident Secret ary - r reasiirer Maninier Reporter Child Captain Hhiik Captain Sponsor Page Fifty-six CHEERLEADERS Back roLU: Jesse Hutchinson Judith Richardson Mary Reese Marion Cobb Farrell Willis Rebecca Hobes Veva C. Crowder Front roiv: Nellie Gabriel Patsy Smith Frances Yarborough Mildred Martin Margaret McIntyre Page Fifty-seven e?:? ' -A BLACKS Polly Basinger Bernicc Beaver Sarah Blanton lisifUa Blevins Ruby Bowcn Merle Butler Alene 1 ells Hilda F ollz Pauline lurr Betty Gabriel Joyce Gragg Lillian Griffith Mildred Martin Gloria Matkins Hvelyn McNecly Martha Miller Kathleen Moore Joyce Patton Pivelyn Ray Mary Reese [ranees Sherrill Mary E. Smith Myrtle Timmons Lleanor Vance Iris Young GOLDS Betty Sue Bost Janice Buie Margaret Caldwell Marion Cobb Mary Lou Rankin Ruth Goldinj; Polly Anna Gordon Doris Harrison Mildred Hill Marjorie Hodges Kathleen Jones Betty Sue Leonard Bernice McCombs Dorothy Moore Ellen Philbcck Emma Gene Reynolds Doris Smith [•ranees Smith Helen Smith Patsv Smith Mary V . Thomas Mildred Turbyfield Betty Welborn Dorothy Whisnant Jean Wolfe VOLl EYBALL Frances Sherrill [;mma Gene [Reynolds Pauline 1 urr Merle liutler Dorothy Moore Doris Harrison Betly (iabriel Marion Cobb mien Philbeck Myrtle Timmons SCa«EEU BASKETBALL Louise Upchurch Evelyn McNecly Gretta Gene Leinback Back roa ' ; Myrtle Timmons Front row. Betty Sue Leonard Freda Grubbs Cline Emma Gene Rev Lillian Griffith Pauline F-urr Betty Gabriel Doris Harrison nolds SPEEDBALL Back roa ' : Emma Gene Reynolds Mary Smith Helen Smith Frances Sherrill Myrtle Timmons Ellen Philbeck Dorothy Moore Betty Gabriel Alene Felts Louise Upchurch Marion Cobb Pauline Furr Mary Reese Kathleen Cobb Front row. Mildred Hill Betty Gabriel Marion Cobb FLYING FISH Betty Sue Stone. Sponsor Ellen Philbeck Mary Smith Myrtle Timmons Ellen Philbeck Nellie Gabriel PIRATES OF PENZANCE BOOK 3 • UTI VI Tl [ S i f.. m 1 ' - ' ' 9 9 ■ f 1 i " ' r " " " 7 i ' ■! r» Cl Q ( Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS FALL 1 QUAR 1 1 R CALVIN Will 11 Plcslili-iU ROBIiRT l.ACliV ' icel ' resHlenl FliWlS CURLEK Secretary -Treasurer DL ' RWARD W. MaVNARI) Chaplain WINTER QUAR I f:r DlRWARU W. MAVNARD , l ' n-i,iilenl Calvin Wiiiil Vice-President John Dunn Secretary -Treasurer Llwis Jenkins Chaplain SPRING QUARTER l.nwis Jenkins P resilient Jessh Hutchins ' ne-PresiJeni Calvin White Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Franklin Chaplain MEMBERS White Jones Maynard Jones Jenkins Laccy Bcnbow Lcdbcltcr Blair Laughridge Brookshire McCann Byrd Miller Campbell Murray Campbell Pructt Curlce Reed Carpenter Reynolds Dixon Shoemaker Duncan Smith Dunn Shinn Franklin Sowcll Griffith Sweet Graham Thomas Harrell Vannoy Walker Hutchinson Walters Hayncs Waynick Hagaman Willis Honbarricr White Joines Wilson Mr. Sawy er. Sponsor Page Sixty-two Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS SENIOR CABINET June AYERS President PAULINE FURR Vice-President Nellie Gabriel Secretary UNA Lee Richardson Treasurer MILDRED Harmon Choister Evangeline Grayson . Pianist BETTY GABRIEL Membership Chairman Laura Alexander Assembly Program Chairman WILMA BYRD Chapel Program Chairman Ellen PHILBECK Social Chairman MAGADELENE TURPIN, . Social Service Chairman Margaret MCINTYRE Publicity Chairman Mrs. GRAYDON EGGERS Sponsor JUNIOR CABINET Sarah BLANTON President Peggy Rogers Vice-President Joyce BROOKSHIRE Secretary JEWELL Brown Treasurer Virginia Isaacs . . Choister GERALDINE TRINKS . Pianist Lou RHYNE Membership Chairman Iris Thomas Assembly Program Chairman Lorraine Simpson , . Chapel Program Chairman Myrtle TIMMONS Social Chairman ARLENE Williams 5oa ' a Service Chairman MEMBERS Louise Adams. Minnie Lou Allen. Laura Alexander, June Ayers. Wilhclmina Ayers. Ernestine Banner. Betsy Barrett. Mary Ann Barrett, Bernicc Beaver. Ruby Beaver. Mattie Sue Beam. Estella Blcvins. Elizabeth Blackwelder. Sarah Blanton. Frances Blount. Clara Bolick. Alene Bowen. Ruby Bowen. Rosada Bowman. Joyce Brookshire. Jewell Brown. Lena Brown, Helen Biuton. Eloise Buff. Janice Buie, Betty Busbv. Ellen Gray Burris. Rosena Burton. Wilma Byrd. Charlene Campbell. Betty Cantrell. Mildred Carpenter. Marie Clarke. Betty Cline. Vivian Clinc. Marion Cobb, Ethe- lene Cockran. Margaret Cole. Inez Conner. Clara Cooke. Mclba Cornett. Alma Crowder. Ruby Crowdcr, Veva C. Crowder, Carrol Crowdgy. Polly Cress, Roberta Critcher. Ruby Crouch, Louise Crowe. Alma Cuthbert- son. Ruby Dancey. Nell Davis. Joy Dellinger, Zola Gray Dixon, Tillie Eaker. Mildred Eaton. Betty Elmore, Mabel Farthing. Alene Felts. Hilda Foltz. Dimples Fortune. Rosalyn Francis, Beatrice Froneberger, Nancy Furches. Pauline Furr. Betty Gabriel. Nellie Gabriel, Marcia Gabriel, Frances Gillespie, Carol Glass, Pearl Gold. Ruth Golding, Polly Anna Gordon, Doris Gross, Julia Gray. Evangeline Grayson. Eleanor Green. Betty Jean Griffin. Lillian Griffith, Mrs. Ruth Griffin, Gloria Gr ill, Kay Guthrie, Anna Faye Hardin, Bonnie Jean Hamrick, Violet Harrill, Doris Harrison, Mildred Har- mon, Thelma Harmon, Joyce Hayes, Helen Hayes, Erma Dean Heafncr, Helen Helton, Ruth Hester, Rebecca Hobbs, Margulein Holland. Grace Hollifield, Helon Hornc, Helen Howard, Eloise Hughes, Mayo Huneycutt. Mary Katherine Hunter, Doris Hunter, Sara Hunsucker, Mil- dred Ingram, Virginia Isaacs, Sue Mac Jackson, Nellie Jarvis, Grace Jenkins, Nell Kendall. Myrtle Kiker. Mary Frances Kirkham, Ruby Lea Kiser, Jean Knight, Josephine Kurley, Margaret Lantz, Joye Lawson, Mar- garet Ledbetter, Gretta Gene Leinback, Betty Sue Leon- ard, Margaret Lineberger, Peggy Long, Jackie Lowry, Ruby Lucky, Edith Lyerly, Gloria Matkins, Helen Martin, Lillian Martin, Louise Martin, Laura Martin, Mildred Martin, Katherine Marsh, Edith Marshall, Louise Meroney. Beatrice Metcalf, Elizabeth Med- lin. Evelyn Miller, Martha Miller. Dorothy Moore. Kathleen Moore, Imogene Moses, Laura Mundy, June Page Sixty-three Y. W. C. A— Continued MEMBERS McBce Jean McCollum. Margaret Mclntyrc. Agnes McDonald. Doris McKnighl. Evelyn McNccly, Eileen Osborne. Ruby Owens. Joyce Patton, Catherine Payseur. Frances Perry. Peggy Phicfcr. Ellen Philbeck. Eunice Pruett. Una Perry Propst. Ruth Queen. Mary Lou Rankin. Lillian Reeves. Emma Gene Reynolds. Lou Rhyne. Judith Richardson. Una Lee Richardson. Sallic Ruth Rich. Rebecca Rivers. Betty Jo Robertson. Peggy Rogers. Bonita Romingcr. Clara Ruthlcdgc. Lucile Rus- sell. Jaync Scaglc. Savannah Seagraves. Frances Shcr- rill. Grace Sherwood. Harriet Shore, Dorothy Shufford, Lorraine Simpson. Rumell Sisk. Billy Gordon Smith. Geraldinc Smith. I ranees Smith. Helen Smith, Johnsie Ice Smith. Judy Smith Kathcrine Smith. Mary E. Smith, Patsy Smith. Madeline Smoot. Doris Snow, Helen Sossaman. Audrey Sparger. Doris Sparks. Geneva Stafford. Eva Mac Stcelman. Frances Stephens. Deannc Stonestrcet. Philma Swain. Iris Thomas. Claudia 1 horpe. Myrtle Timmons. Mary Sue Tisdale. Grace Fucker. Magadeline Turpin. Charlotte Upright. Nan Van Hoy. Edna Vcnable. Margaret Wands. Mary Louise Watkins, Opal Watts. Juanita Weaver. Betsy Webster. IJorence Weeks, Betty Welborne, Rachel West, Margaret Winccoff. Arlenc Williams. Fern Williams, lli abcth Wilson. Ruby Wilson, Irene Wilson, Florence W ' oosely, Virginia Wright. Frances Yarborough. Kath- ryn Younce, Iris Young. B. S. U. COUNCIL Junk Avers Louise Crowe evangelinf. grayson wil.via bvrd Arlene Williams MARY jhan Grose Una Lee Richardson Ruth Brittain Madeline smoot MATTiE Sue Beam Prcsideni lirsl Vice-Presidenl Second X ' ice- Prcntdcnt Third Vice-Prentdeni Secreiaru TreasuriT 1 raining Union Director Sunday School Supl. Y. V. A. President Bible Sludu Leader Lorraine Simpson , Reporter and PiMuUu Dnalor DOKIS Harrison . , . Baptist Student Reprcsmtativ? Pi ' CidY Rogers Music Director POI.LY FURR Editor of TRAIL MAKV Lillian Wilcox Totcn Representative CALVIN White Neu-lund Enliaiment Chairman Dai-lie BOONH Librarian MAR.IORIE Toole Student Secretary DR, J. r. C. WrK.HI Lacultu Adi ' iser Page Sixty -four LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Dorothy WHISNANT President Eugene Lyons Vice-President BETTY ' CLINE . . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Bernice Beaver. Ruby Beaver. Betty Busby. Charline Campbell. Betty Cline. Vivian Cline. J. W. Cuddv. Marilyn Johnson. Jo Kerley. Norma Kerley. Ruby Lee Kiser. Margaret Lantz. Betty Sue Leonard. Edith Lyerly. Eugene Lyons. Helen Lyons. Leatrice Lyons. Bernice Mc- Combs. Mary Alice Moretz. Ralph Moretz. Virginia Moretz. Edwin Troutman. Jr.. Rev. Edwin Troutman. Mrs. Clyde Wine- bargcr. Dorothy Whisnant. Margaret Winecoff. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP WINTER QUARTER Robert Wakefield President ROSENA Burton . Vice-President MARY E. Smith . . . Secretary-Treasurer SPRING QUARTER ROSENA Burton President Bruce HARRELL Vice-Presidem MARCIA GABRIEL Secretaru -Treasurer ROLL Laura Alexander. Helen Bowditch. Rosena Burton. Lamuel B. Byrd. Paul Campbell. Mildred Clapp. Ruby Dancy. Lydia Day. Betty Ellis. Hilda Mae Foltz. Dimples Fortune. Rosalyn Frances. Marcia Gabriel. Gloria Grill. J. M. Griffin. Lillian Griffith. Bruce Harrell. Edna Harrell. Eloise Hughes. Sara Hunsucker. Doris Hunter. Mary Catherine Hunter, Mary Sue Hunter. Mayo Huneycutt. Mil- dred Ingram. John Jones, Tennyson Jones. Sara Kirkley. Jean Knight. Jacqueline Lowery. Ruby Lucky. Louise Moroney. Edith Marshall. Helen Martin. Durward W. Maynard. Evelyn Miller. Frances McCall. Frances McCollum, Agnes McDonald. Doris Mc- Knight. Catherine Pavseur. Mary Lou Rankin. Lucille Russell. Harold Shoemaker. Dorothy Shufford. Helen Smith. Mary Smith. Patsy Smith. Geneva Stafford. Lena Rivers Strickland. Eleanor Vance. Rachel West. Page Sixty -five YOUTH FELLOWSHIP PAULINE Cress Nellie Gabriel RosELVN Frances Ol I ICIiRS Prfsuli-nl l.UCIl.LI-. RUSSM.I. ' ue- President KATHRYN SMIIII Sciund VufPrcsidenl CAl IIHRINH PAVSIiUK Mrs. Wilson Sponsor I hird ' ICC- President Sixretary AMERICAN CHILDHOOD EDUCATION MLMBIiRS Rosjdj Bowmjn Helen Bruton Rozcna Burlon Pauline Cress Marie Clark Clara Cooke Nell Davis Dimples Fortune Rosclyn Frances Nellie Gabriel .lulia Grey Mildred Harmon Mayo Honcycutt Carolyn Jarrctt .Jean Knight Jacqueline I.owcry Gloria Matkins Eunice McCurry Catherine Payscur 1-ucille Russell Kathryn Smith Page Sixty-six VERNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY FALL QUARTER Helon Horne President Doris Mcknight Vice-President Margaret Lineberger Sec ' ty. Kathryn Smith Treasurer WINTER QUARTER Doris McKnight President Kathryn Smith Vice-President Edna Venable . Secretary ROSALYN Francis . Treasurer Miss Katherine Smith Sponsor HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FIRST TERM Minnie Faye Costner Alma Crowder Bernita Hughes Arlene Williams Savannah Seagraves President Vice-President Secretary- 1 reasurer Reporter Sergeant -at - Arms SECOND TERM Gretta Gene Linebach President Claudia Thorpe Bonnie J. Hamrick Imogene Moses Fern Williams Sponsors Miss Brock. Miss Wood. Miss Stonf. Vice-President Secretary -T reasurer Reporter Sergeant -at -Arms Page Sixty-seven LOS PICAROS ESPANOLES OFFICERS NELI. Kendall President Carrie Lee Farthing Vice-President BONllA ROMINGER Secretary-Treasurer MI-MBERS l.rncstinc Banner Betsy Barrett Rachel Bryson Doris Cline Melba Cornctt Lewis Curlec Mrs. Josephine Davis Carrie Lee Farthing Betty EMis Thclma Farthing Kay Guthrie Catherine Hunter Marilyn Johnson Nell Kendall Norma Kerlcy Myrtle Kikcr Peggy Long Miss Craddock. Jack Luitrtl! Laura Mundy Agnes McDonald Beatrice Metcalf Essie Norris Rcbekah Rivers Bonita Rominger Jaync Seagle Grace Sherwood Dorothy Shuford Jeanne Shull Johnise Lee Smith Stanley South Eva Mae Steclman Charlotte Upright Leonard Vannoy Betsy Webster Sponsor LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Inez Connor Kay Guthrie Frances sherrill Presx rn; . . Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Clara Bolick Sue Mac Jackson Jewell Brown Grace Jenkins Inez Connor Ruby Owens Carrie Lee Farthing Lillian Reeves Adelaide Frye Carol Cjlass Ruth Ciolding Kay Guthrie Catherine Hunter Rcbck.ih Rivers Frances Sherrill Eva Mae Steelman Mary Louise Watkins Rachel D. West Miss Craddock. Sponsor Page Sixty-eight WHITE HALL CLUB Helen Hayes President Myrtle Nix Treasurer Audrey Smith Vice-President Mabel Nix Reporter Gloria Grill Secretary Miss Chartier Sponsor LOVILL CLUB Rachel D. West Miss Burch . . President Sponsor Page Sixty-nine MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS MARIE CLARKI Pianist A. J. SMHll President Agnes Preston Vice-President MILDRED Harmon Secretary and Treasurer ELoisE Buff Librarian Virginia Wary Director Sopranos: Pauline Cress Mildred Harmon Mjgdalt ' ne Tiirpin Jujnilj MtSwjin F.loise Buff Virginia Isaacs Billie Smith Alms: Agnes Preston Royster Barnetl Thelma Harmon Sarah Blanton Ruth lavell Bettye tlhs Mabfl farthing Margaret Cole Mary Evelyn Ellis t-nors : A J Smith John Dunn Paul Camphfll Bob Wakefield Sam Brookshirc Tennyson Jones I ' d Shinn Alvin Joines ; Stanley South Bob Smith Hal Shoemaker Pierce Reynolds Jay Loal Benbow Charles Boone Robert Reed GIRLS ' CHORUS OFFICERS MARIE HUDLER President GLORIA MATKINS Vice-President Virginia Douglas Secretary and Treasurer VIRGINIA WRIGH I Librarian VIRGINIA WARY Director PAULINE CRESS Assistant Director First Sopranos Ernestine Banner Virginia Douglas Maxine Erwin Gloria Grill Mildred Hill Rita Howell Nellie Jarvis Margaret Lantz Imogene Moses Grace Sherwood Madeline Smool Doris Sparks Second Sopranits l:li abcth Ccoper Hilda lolt Marie Hudler Doris Hunter Gloria Matklns Eunice McC oury Judith Richardson Dorothy Shutord Betsy Webster A OS Margaret Cole Ruby Dancy Mary livelyn Elli i:ssie Norris Mildred lunnell Virginia Wright DANCE BAND Palmer Blair, Billie Smith, Virginia Wright, B. H. Laugh- ridge, Kathryn Smith, Agnes Preston, Tennyson Jones, A. J. Smith. Garnett Felts, Director ORCHESTRA Marie Hudler, Helen Foster, Virginia Douglas, Rachel West, Edwin Troutman, Jr., Billie Smith, Kathryn Smith, Virginia Wright, Margaret Cole. Garnett Felts. Director Page SeoeiUy ' One BATON CLUB OFFICERS Dimples Fortune Margaret Ledbetter Evelyn Ray June McBee Leader President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Elizabeth Blackwelder Eloise Buff Betty Busby Veva C. Crowder Dimples Fortune Gertrude Henson Rebecca Hobbs Mayo Huneycutt Margaret Ledbetter Ruby Lucky June McBee Helen G. Moxley Eleene Osborne Evelyn Ray Emma Gene Reynolds Lou Rhynh Geraldine Smith Helen Smith Patsy Smith Eleanor Vance Betty Welborn Page Seveniy-lu. ' o FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Doris McKnight President Nancy Furches Vice-President Margie Hodges Secretary MattiE Sue Beam Treasurer Edna VenABLE Librarian Mr. WFY Sponsor BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Dr. R. C. Busteed District Commissioner Dr. G. p. Eggers Scoutmaster Robert LaceY Junior Assistant Scoutmaster ROLL Ted Hagaman Alvin C. Joines Jack Miller Jess Hutchison Robert Lacey Worth Sweet Blanton Miller Page Seventy-three FORUM CLUB First Half Year Curtis Murray I ' residvni Carrii-: l.EK Farthing Vice -[ ' rest den I Mary E. Smith Secretary Gloria Matkins Treasurer Second Half Year Curtis Murray President Bftty Jkan GRU-riN Vice I ' residenl Una Lit-: Richardson Secretary Bi tty Gabkiix I ' reasurer Mattif Sui- Bfam Joyce Brookshire Ellen Gray Burris Bi:tty Cline Pauline Cress Mildred Eaton Carrie Lee Farthing Pauline Furr Bi-:tty Gabrii-l Betty Jean Griffin . Lillian Griffith Marif. Hudler Nfll Avett Kendall Jean Knight Gloria Matkins Curtis Murray Una Lee Richardson BONI lA ROMINGFR Mary E. Smith Madeline Smoot Myrtle Timmons Page Sevenly-iour WHO ' S WHO In American Univer- sities and Colleges LAURA ALEXANDER JUNE AYERS ROYSTER BARNETT HSTELLA BLEVINS WILMA BYRD marie clarke Pauline Cress MABEL Farthing pauline furr betty gabriel Betty Jean Griffin MARGARET MClNTYRE ellen philbeck Una Lee Richardson madeline smoot Doris Sparks myrtle timmons Iris Young Not in picture. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Pauline Cress Meredith Duncan Madeline smoot BETTY Gabriel Prcsulfiil X ' uePrt-sideni Secn ' Uini Trt ' t surtT MEMBERS LAURA ALEXANDER WILMA BYRD Pauline Furr BETTY Jean Griffin Bob Lacey Gloria Matkins Margaret McIntyrf EVELYN MCNEELY Pierce Reynolds Deane Stonestreet Page Seventy-five PLAYCRAFTERS OFFICERS Margaret McINTYRE President BlANTON Miller Vice-President Clara RUTLEDGH Secretary and Treasurer Phylma Swain Editor of Playbill John Dunn Custodian of Properties Laura Alexander Custodian of Costumes LOAL BENBOW Siaye Manager A. ANTONAKOS Director Julian YODER Business Manager MEMBERS Alexander, Laura Bishop, Marjorie Blanion, Sarah Boone, Charles Buff, Lloise Clarke, Marie Connor, Inez Cress, Pauline Crowder, Veva C. Dunn. John Eaker. Tillic Farthing. Mabel I avell. Ruth Gillespie, Frances Grill. Gloria Hobbs. Rebecca Hodges, Marjorie Hollifield. Grace Hunsucker. Sarah Jones. Tennyson Ledbetier. Allen Ledbeltcr. Margaret Lopp. Opal Martin, Mildred McBee, June McCollum, Jean Mclntyre, Margaret Miller. Blanton Miller. Evelyn Moxley. Helen Perry. Frances Ragan. Mary Jo Reeves. Lillian Rominger. Bonita Rutledge. Clara Shoemaker. Harold Shuford. Dorothy Sparks, Doris Smith. A. J. Smith. Bob Smith. F ranees Smith. Geraldine Smith. Palsy Smoot, Madeline Snow. Doris South, Stanley Stanley. Truett Swain. Phyl Tate. Joyce Thomas. Iris Vcnable. Edna Wakefield. Bob Weaver. Juanita Welborn. Betty Wright. Jean Webster. Betsy Yarborough. Frances ' oung. Iris Page Secentysix Page Sevenly-seven I. R. C. OFFICERS Pauline Furr Betiy Gabru-l Madeline Smoot Una Lee Richardson bonita rominghr President Vice-President Rixordinq Secretary Corresponding Secretary I reasurer MEMBERS ESTF LLA BLHVINS Joyce Brookshire Betty Cline Minnie Faye Costner Pauline; Cress Ruby Crowder Mildred Eaton Carrie Lee Farthing Mabel Farthing Pauline Furr Betty Gabriel Betty Jean Grii ein Marih Hudler Nell Avett Kendall Gloria Matkins Curtis Murray Una Lee Richardson Bonita Rominger Lorraine Simpson Mary Smith Johnisi; Li 1- Smith Patsy Smith Madeline Smoot Myrtle Timmons Ray Thomas Page Sevcniy-eigbl APPALACHIAN STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Doris Sparks Ediiurm-Chiet Catherine payseur Assocwie Editor Frances YARBOROUGH News Editor Nell Kendall feature Editor Madeline Smoot Feuturc Editor CAROLYN JARRETT Tl pis Geraldine Smith Typist June Ayers WlLMA BYRD Nell Hunt margaret lan! z betsy webster RHPORTERS Millie Clapp Erma Dean Heafner Bob Smith gloria matkins Betty Jean Griffin Becky Rivers SPORTS STAFF ELLEN PHILBECK . Betty Gabriel Myrtle Timmons hal shoemaker Editor Assistant Editor Reporter Reporter BUSINESS STAFF Laura Alexander . , Business Manager Nellie Gabriel Assistant Manager Iris Thomas Circulation Munaijer ASSISTANTS patsy Smith Jeanne mcCollum Vivian Cline John Dunn Frances Perry Page Seventy-nine RHODODENDRON STAFF WiLMA BYRD Editor DURWARD MaVNARD Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF VVlLMA BVRD Editor POLLV FURR Associate Editor HHLON HORNF-: h ' ciiturv Editor KtNT HAVNbS Sports Editor Nellie Gabriel Sports Editor Peggy Rogers Art Editor MARGARET MclNTYRE Literary Editor Ruth FAVELL Photography Editor John Dunn Associate Photography Editor HVANGELINE GRAYSON Associate Pholoyraphy Editor PALMER Blair Snapshot Editor BUSINESS STAF F DURWARD MAVNARD Business Manager JUNE A VERS Associate Business Manager Ray Thomas Advertising Manager Meredith Duncan Circulation Manager GERALDINE TRINKS Ereshmun Editor EVELYN Miller Sophomore Editor KATHRVN Smith Junior Smith Eunice McCOURY Senior Editor HARRIET PATTON Typist ■■,i - Page Eighty BOOK 4 • FEATURES oAlene ' Jones Felts May Queen June oAyres Maid of Honor » ii iin ' iiij i i iVii i i;. n SENIOR ATTENDANTS iMacgaret Mclntyre S 4yrtle " Ttmmons Catherine " ayseur JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Una Lee ' ' ' Richardson Qloria Catkins ' •Dorothy iMoore SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS T atsy Smith Charlotte Upright r Iayo Huneycutt " Tiebecca Hobbs CAMPUS zM yrtk Timmons iMiss •-Appalachian Calmer latr Ir. i4ppalachtan Page Eighty-six SUPERLATIVES Laura oAlexander lost Valuable %ohert Lacey iMost l opular Page Eighty-seven PUBLICATION cJ rri W. qA. " Byrd WUMA D. Byrd F.ditor. Rhododendron June dAyers DURWOOD Maynard Business Manager. Rhododfndron Page Eighiy-eigbt SPONSORS Mrs. zM. g. Sharks Doris Sparks Editor, r ppalachian zM rs. J. W (lAlexander Laura Alexander Business Mananer. Appalachian Page Eighty-nine CLASS cWrx Ray Thomas Senior Class zyiffn £. Q. (z atkins Junior Class Page Ninety SPONSORS Jean Wilson Sophomore Class zMrs. Ralph A. Reynolds Freshman Class S Page Ninety-one " THE OTHER SIDE ' I ' dye A ' ini ' (y-(a ' o Page Ninety -three Puye Ninety-four Page Ninety-Hoe m Tm HOUSE Compliments of WATAUGA DEMOCRAT Established 1888 + + Compliments of sunbi:am brp:ad By WALDENSIAN BAKING COMPANY Vai.dese, N. C. + + REINS-STORDIVANT FUNERAL HOME AND BURIAL ASSOCIATION Day and Night Ambulance Service PHONE 24 Page Ninety-seven The ECONOMY STORK Men ' s - Wome7i ' . ' i - Children ' SHOES - DRESSES - COATS June Russell, Manager Depot Street Boone, N. C. Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. EVERYTHING !N HARDWARE AND ASSOCIATE LINES Boone. N. C. ARTISTIC BEAUTY SALON " WE MAKE LOVELINESS LOVELIER " Mrs. E. S. Qualls, Owner Phone 8 BooNE, N. C. Walkhr ' s Jkwhlr Stork watches. diamonds. rings and school supplies Fine Watch Repairi)if A. S. T. C, Students Always Welcome CHARLIE ' S BOWLING CENTER + Rendezvous for Sf)orfs J. Boone. North Carolina HOLLAR ' S GROCERY % FANCY GROCERIES % NATIVE WESTERN MEATS 9 FRESH FRUITS ANYTIME Boone. N. C. I ' agc Sway ci( hl Compliments of B. W. STALLINGS " Your College Jeweler " Boone, N. C. Watches — Diamonds — Jewelry CAROLINA CAFE HOTEL " Boone ' s Finest " FRIED SPRING CHICKEN COUNTRY HAM T-BONE STEAKS Milton Young, Manager Compliments of CREST 5 - 10 - 25c STORES COMPANY Boone, North Carolina " Where all of the liftlr tltings are arailablc all the time ' BUY MORE WAR BONDS " 0U CAN FIND IT " AT HORN S CASH STORE Forest City, N. C. Mayflower Beauty Shop " Your Nearest Hairdressers " Work done by expert operators Phone 32 Boone, N. C. Page Ninelynine GOODMAN DRESS SHOP We Specialize iii DRP]SSES. LINGERIE, HATS BAGS AND SPORTSWEAR Mrs D. C. Goodman, Owner " Where Friends Meet to Eat " Suggestions and Criticisms Appreciated No Wine or Beer Sold The Home of A. S. T. C. GATEWAY CAFi: " Western Carolina ' s Best " Boone, N. C. APPALACHIAN PHHATRE WeKlern North ( ' (irolina ' s Fittest Boone, N. C. BOOKS LUNCHEONETTE SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOK STORE STATIONERY — NOVELTIES OFFICIAL COLLEGE RINGS MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE APPALACHIAN SODA SHOP Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred Smith ' s ESSO Station " The Station of Service " A. R. Smith, Owner Boone, N. C. Compliments of DANIEL BOONE SHOE SHOP Charles C. Rogers, Proprietor Main Street BooNE, N. C. David P. Lavietes Paul E. Lavietes D. P. PIPE WORKS Boone, North Carolina Sparta, North Carolina Creators o the Famous " Trapwell " Pipes Km nvn from Coast to + Coast " Boo ne Briar Resists Fire " Compliments of PEARCE, YOUNG, ANGEL COMPANY Asheville, N. C. WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Compliments of " Pop " Favfxl " Shoe Service of Character " FAVELL ' S SHOE SHOP Charlotte, N. C. Page One Hundred One C )mplime)its of BOONE DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Phone 17 (i. K. MOOSK, Owner MAIN STREET SERVICE STATION GULF OIL, RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING Phone 1)109 BOONK. N. C QUEEN CITY TRAIL WAYS SYMBOLIZES A FRIENDLY ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE IN THE CAROLINAS WITH THE MOST DEPENDABLE BUS SERVICE POSSIBLE QUEEN CITY COACH COMPANY (Owner-Operator) Complime)its of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Hume Owned iiiid Oiieialed by J. C. Clink BooNK, N. C. CITY MEAT MARKET FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS Ydiir I ' citroiiaye Appreciated Main Street BooNE, N. C. I ' ayt Orif llunJriJ 7 a i Compliments of BOONE TIRE and BARGAIN STORE Phone 152 Boone. N. C. DAGUS RADIO SHOP EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING 21 Years Experience 217 Main St. Boone, N. C. CAROLINA COMMISSION COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale FRESH FRUITS - VEGETABLES - GROGERIES Hickory, North Carolina Smithey ' s Dept. Store Dry Goods. Groceries. Feeds Poultry, Gasoline, and Oils Phone 19 " Visit our Lunch Room " All Sandwiches 5c Coffee Free Compliments of CITY BARBER SHOP BUSINESS APPRECIATED Main Street BooNE, N. C. Opposite Post Office Page One Hundred Three Studeiits Brinfi Your Parents and Frictids To The HOTEL WATAUGA • Phone 217 Main Street Boone, N. C. Coniplliiunts (if MADDUX ESSO SERVICE WASHING, GREASING, TIRES AND BATTERIES RECAPPING -:- VULCANIZING Phone 9103 Boone, N. C. Compliments of Frank M. Payne, Gcmral Manat et SECURITY LIFE TRUST CO. Office Northwestern Bank Bldg. Boone, N. C. " The Sdoiicr Yoit I ' hin Ydur Future the Better Yuur Future WiU Be " BOONE OIL COMPANY AMOCO GAS OIL, TIRES TUBES, WASH GREASING ELECTRIC MOTORS HAMMER MILLS .4 Kinds of Feeds Phone 198 BooNE, N. C. C. M Watson, ' laiirietor Page One Hundred four PARKWAY COMPANY HARDWARE— ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RADIO SERVICE Boone, N. C. CAROLINA PHARMACY Your Drufj Store Prescriptions Phone 47 BOONE, N. C. Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Of Asheville, N. G. HICKORY, N. C. BELK-WHITE COMPANY BOONE, N. C. 200 Department Stores Sell It For Less KING STREET GROGERY A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES Phone 159 Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred Five WELCOME COLLEGE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS TO TS m mm STORE IN " Thf Heart of Bixnie " Main Street Phone 188 { ' (Hnpl ' niicntu oj HI-LAND CLEANERS + + " You Must Be Satisfied " + + Main Street Boonk, N. C. Compliments of Craven Furniture Company J. R. Cravkn, Oiruvr Main Street Boonk, N. C. CtntipliituHtx of R. W. COI.VARD COLVARD TIRE I CHEVROLET COMPANY Main Street Boonk, N. C. ' iii i- Oni- llunJnJ Six Compliments of The Northwestern Bank Total Resources over $20,000,000.00 Capital, Surplus, and Undivided Profits over $750,000.00 Boone OfHce Deposits over $2,000,000.00 W. D. Farthing, Cashier Boone, N. C. WINKLER MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer We Have A Complete Stock of Parts SEE OUR USED CARS Phone 69 — Main Street Boone, North Carolina MuwivhdipniinJtA, We, the Rhododendron Staff, wish to express our sincere appreciation to Professor Antonakos and Pro- fessor Yoder for all the time and effort they have so generously given to this publication. Page One Hundred Seven AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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