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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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%t. 1944 RHODODENDRON APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA IL ' c ' -sss s :illl i} ([B01][ia 0 keep S hc OTchoiCibcvi l?tirniu9 0or u$ and - — J ppalacliiau. nine cxie of- Jlppetlaclvlau htve given their hvU measure ot devoViotX . tU e f dlotp IrudeaH toe- the eenior oF I9i4, cUdxcaU- ihl t?olxittuJ of tttd hododeuiron, ijmbolUlug in €tmcaper u n otxrapprectaimaud pkdgm - io t hcttt our dckrmlti tiou io keet tlxat CTorclt of ClbcrV burultu 00 " tUcec dcfiA ehaU noV have died tn vain! Girl Jttm ariifr-Mti(ri5i l{ol)erVMk5DaPi frcd fotpraucc-Bkr hdOTurcHSeor cTdrrfeli Ulaii ' PAelu) -%rherV) oolc- m l) CecDtmcau IN WAR TIME have continued to practice athletics still fairly and squarely. Despite the fact that our interests have oftentimes shifted to other channels, we preserve our organi- zations and attempt to make them even stronger. Despite high costs and the many economic problems war brings, we do not wish to relinquish our features but retain them even in a more simple form. Yes, we must admit that Appalachian has changed physically, but that undying spirit still remains — remains to welcome home you sons and daughters of Ap- palachian, who are fighting to maintain such a spirit throughout the world. ' iktfi H JI R 1 iLi .. - ' u ' - wa : oi i hih bel--- ' imi M I BB Hfi yiflH th ■ ' ' ' ' ' " ' 1 .. f :- Em ttr;. ■ ' ' if ' h a Page Five APP ALACHIAN Nestled deep in the heart of the Appa- lachian hills rested a spot of quiet soli- tude and seclusion, free from the rush- ing turmoil of time ' s everflowing cur- rent. So close to and such an integral part of the beauties of God ' s firmament is this spot that one ' s very soul and nature is seemingly cleaner and more pure from the contact. Thriving by and echo- ing the merry laughter and carefree atmosphere created by the presence of youth, strong with the desire and com- mon will for a greater wisdom has been our campus — Appalachian. But now the present crisis affecting every phase of American life even the most remote and secluded places has made our Appalachian no exception. Our con- stant motto has been " to retain that tra- ditional spirit despite the inevitable " and through persistence we have succeeded. Despite troubled and confused minds, we have continued to study and gain knowl- edge. Despite innumerable handicaps, we Page Four Jt, WHITE HALL MUSIC BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING Page Six ART BUILDING BLAN-DOLPH DORMITORY SCIENCE BUILDING Page Sever) Y B. B. Dougherty. B.S., Ph B President DLiit.. D.Ed. BARNARD Dougherty, B.S. Business Manager DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL OFFICIALS John Howell, B.S., M.A.. M.Ld. Principal Elemenlarii Si hunt Chapell Wilson, a B., A.M. Director Demonstration School Herberi W Why. B.S.. MA, Principal High School LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT W. Amos Abrams. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. I-nghsh GrA don p. Eggers, AB.i M.S.. Ph.D. J. D, Rankin. A.B,. A.M.. S.T.D. Dean ELIZABETH CRADDOCK. B.S.. MA. French Meia Swain Liles. A.B. MA. English Page Eight SOCIAL STUDIES DEFAKTMENI ' ' :( " (Mf(7IIM( " ,T History Covfrnmcnt and llislory Ph.D Govcriimt ' iit atiit Histai-y M.A History and Cear raf ' liy F. E. War MA SCIEXIE AM) .MATH DEPARTMENTS W. M. Grubbs. B.A., M.A. G. L. Sawyers. A.B.. A..M. . V. C. HowF.i.L, A.B.. A.M. D. J. Whitener. A.B.. M.A. Julian Yoder, B.S., ...... .. - - , .- " WAN. B.S., M.A., B.I).. U.n... Hislpry and Socioloiiy l ( ' . BliSTKEji, H.S.. M.A., Ph.D Iii liEi.i.E Lediiktikk, A.B.. .M.A. .Maimie Cathcari Stout. B.S.. M.A.. AN ' KtNius Anto. aua.s. B..S.. .M.S A. K. Smith. A.I!.. M.A. J. T. C. Wrimit, A.H.. A.M.. I ' li.n. Ph.D. IliolvUV LUoloiiy liiuloiiy t ' hysics Clifinivtry Matlinnatirs Miss Helen Bubch. A.B.. M.A. J. A. Williams, A.B., M.A. ( (■(K ni ' iy I ii ' oorof ' lty BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPART.MENT PIIVSICAI. ClEON IlAYNK. ' i ll " li( Tm-RSA Steed. M.A, .Mrs. Eiu;ene E. IIa " EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ES. A.B.. M.A. .- Fhysu-nl lulm-atton M.A. - l- ' hysicat lidnt ' ution i:EE. B.A. l hysirat liitnttition Elaine Conlee. B.B.A., Edith Hess. A.B.. A .M .M.S. .Business f.ducation . Bnsintws llilniiltion ' Not ill picture. psvcllol.o(; ■ and education MvRTlf BBANiJii.f, U.S.. .M.A Dtan of ll ' omni lidnration Kaii-h W. Iluitsi-. B.S.. Eil.D. .... l:dn.,il,on W F Smith. AH.. .M.A.. Pli.D I ' syclioloiiy HtRMtN R. E ' .i.tRS. A.B., A..M Reii strar hilu,iUion Puye Nine LIBRARY STAFF AM) ASSISTANTS Mrs. Emma H. Moore Librarian Allie Austin, B.S., B.S. in I..S „ I.ihrtiry Louise Moore. B.S. in L.S . Library Helena Clardv, A.B., M.A. Library Mary Alice Huff, B.S.. B.S. in l.S — Library HOME ECONOMK S liKPAKTM EXT r,ucY Brock. A.B.. M.S Home Economics Mrs. Emma B. Sorensen, B.S., ALA. ..„ Home llcouomics Mabf.l Tonu, B.S Hofuc luomnuicx MLfSIC AM) AKT Anna Carstens. B.AL. B.A.. MA Mhsu uiul .-irt J. Elwood Roberts, A.B. Music Page Ten ti KNEi I Kelts, B.. L --. „ .- AUisic Helen Foster, B.S „ .... Musii- Catherine Smith, A.B., M.A „ „ Arl SECRETARIES Jennie Sue A. Herren Secretary to President Bern ICE C.racg „ Secretary to Business Manager .Melra Tugman Secretary to Bu.iincss Maiiath .Mrs. Ralph W. House Secretary to Dean .Mrs. Eu Bingham Secretary to Ref tstra Mrs. r oii(;LAS Redmond Secretary to Business . hina MATRONS . liss Helen Burch Matron, LoviU IlaU .Miss Beroine Chartier Matron, White Halt Mrs L, B. Hardin ..- Matron. Blan-DolPh Hall ' D ' . ' X f IW BOOK I CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margaret Pritchett Mae Tucker Roma Roberson Sarah Harmon President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Mid-year graduate. Page Tiveloe 1944 RHODODENDRON ALICE Adams Gainesville, Fla. Primary Education Playcrafters 2. .i. A; Y. W. C. A. 3; A Cappclla Choir 4; A. C. E. -1; Melhwlist Club 2, ,i. 4; Florida State College for Women and University of Florida 1. PAT ALLEN Marshvillc. N. C. Science and Home Economics Wingate Junior College 1, 2. MARGARET BANKS Burnsvillc. N. C. History and French Le Cercle Fran(;ais 3, 4, Officer 4. NAOMI Billings Dockcry, N. C. English and French Lovill Club 1, 2. .!; V. W. C. A. 3. 4; Le Cercle Frangais 3, 4. President 4; B. T. U. 1. 2. 3. 4, Officer 2; Y. W. A. 3. Ruby Jean Browne Waco, N. C. Primary Education Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; Lovill Club 1. 2, 3; Physical Education Club 2, 3; Softball Varsity 2; A. C. E 3, 4, Officer 3. President 4; W. A. A. 4; Student Council 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Rhododendron Staff 4. MARGARET CALDWELL Concord, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2; Y. W. A. 3; Y. W. A. Council 3; V. A. A. 3; Flying Fish Club 3; Playcrafters 3; Presbyterian League 3. President 3. KATHERINE COBLE Overhills. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Business Manager Rhododendron 4; Vice-President Stu- dent Body 4; Student Council 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 3. 4, Cabinet Member 1. 4; International Relations Club 4; Forum Clul) 3, 4, Officer 3, President 4; Vernician Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, President 4; Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Editor Playbill 4; Future Teachers Club 3, 4. Officer 4; White Hali Club 2; li ' hu ' s Hlw 4; May Day Attendant 4. Ann Corn Lexington, N. C. Physical Education and Grammar Grade White Hall Club 1, 2, President 2; Varsity Basketball 1, 2; Girls ' " A " Club; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Baton Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Officer 4; W. A. A. I, 2. 3, 4, Officer 3; Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3. 4; Flying Fish 3, 4, Officer 4; Dynician Society I, 2. 3, 4. Officer 3. 4, Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4; AppaJoi ' hian Staff 4; Rhododendron Staff 4; Choir 4; Future Teachers Club 4: A. S. H. A. Official 2. Page ThirUrn 1944 RHODODENDRON Doris Grouse Thomasville. N. C. Hume Economics and Science Y. W, C. A. 1, 2, i. 4; Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, A; Dynician r.iterary Society 1, 2, .%, 4; Home Economics Club 4, Piesklent; Methodisl Club I. JANNiE Louise Crowe Ellcnboro, N. C. History and Library Science B. S. V. 1. 2. 3. Council 1, 2, 3; V. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 Thaliaii I.iteiaiy Society 1, 2, Officer 2; B. T. ( ' . l| 2] 3 Christian Fellowship Alliance 3; White Hall Club ' 1, ' 2 History Major Club 3. LILLIAN Leona Crump Upton, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Christian Fellowship Alliance 2, 3, Playcrafters 1 Officer 3. Mary Louise Culp Badin.N. C. History and French Pfeiffer Junior College 1, 2; Riiooodenpron Editor 4; International Relations Club 3, 4, Officer 4; Forum Club 4; Student Council 4; Dynician Literary Society 3, 4, Officer 3; Apl alacliian Staff 4; Methodist Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Le Cercle Franijais 3, 4. SARA Kate Davis Forest City, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Junior College 1. 2. alice east Portsmouth, Va. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Varsity Softball Team 2; Playcrafters 3, 4; Dynician Literary Society 3, 4 B. S. V. Council 4. Mabel Arey Goodman Gold Hill, N. C. Physical Education and Science Rhodooendron Staff 4; Christian Fellowship Alliance 2, 3, 4, (Ifficer 4; Methodist Club 1, 2, 3, 4; I.ovill Club 2, 3; Future Teachers Club 3. 4, Officer 4; Physical Educa- tion Major Club 1, 2. 3; W. A. A. 4. Officer 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Instructor in First Aid 3, 4: A Capiiella Choir 4; Honorary Varsities — Softball 2, 3; Soccer 3: Volleyball 3, 4; I. R. C. 4; Honor Teaching 4. BLANCHE C. Greene Boone, N. C. Science and History Flora Macdonald 1, 2, 3, Pluiv I uurteen 1944 RHODODENDRON Rachel hamby Parlear. N. C. Math and Science St. Luke ' s Club 1,2; Lovill Club 2; White Hall Club 3; Math Club 3. Lois Hardin Laxon, N. C. French and Mathematics Luvill Club 1, 2, 3; Y. W. A. 3, 4; Math Club 2, 3; B. T. C 1. 2, 3; Thalian Literary Society 3; Playcrafters 3, 4; Le Cercle Frani;ais 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4. ELIZABETH Bingham Harmon Sherwood, N. C. English and History Mary Washington College 1, 2; Social Studies Club 4. SARAH WiLMA HARMON Sherwood. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Rhododenuron StatT 4, Assistant Business Manager; Class Officer 4; International Relations Club 3, 4, Officer 4; Forum Clul) 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Future Teachers Club 4, Officer 4; ll ' ho ' s H ' ho 4. SARAH HARPER Star, N. C. Library Science and Physical Education V- W. C. A. 3, 4; Dynician I-iterary Society 3, 4; W. A. A. 3. 4; Gold Captain 4; Flying Fish Club 3; May Court 4. Annie Mae Hunter Tobaccoville. N. C. Primary Education Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Club 1,2; Vernician Literary Society 2, 3, 4; Lovill Club 1. 2. 3; A. C. E. 3, 4; Playcrafters 4. Bessie Jones Ellenboro. N. C. Grammar Grade Education B. S. U. 3, Officer 3; Future Teachers Club 4. MARY jane King Stoneville, N. C. Primary Education Playcrafters 1; White Hall Club 1; Methodist Club 1. 2 3, Officer 3; Cheerleader 1. 2, 3; Student Council 3. Officer 3; Dynician Literary Society 1. 2. 3; Chief Junior Marshal; H ' lw ' s H ' ha: A. C. E. 3; May Court 3. Puiii- I illcen 1944 RHODODENDRON MARY Mildred mackie Granite Falls. N. C. English and History Freshman Glee Club 1; Vernician Literary Society 1. 2. .1. 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. ,1, 4. Officer J, 4; Forum Cliih 2. 3, 4. Officer 2, President 3; Flying Fish Club 3. 4; Life Saving 3; First Aid Instructor 4; Who ' s Who Senior Superlative; International Relations Club 3, 4, President 4. MARGARET Mcknight Greensboro, N. C. Grammar Grade and Physical Education Student Body President 4; Student Council 3, 4; Fresh- man Glee Club 1; Y. W. C. A. !. 2, 3. 4. Cabinet Member 4; W. A. A. 2, 3. 4: White Hall Club 1. 2: May Court 2; Camp Fire Girls 2; Intramural Sports 2. 3, 4; Senior Life Saving 1; Instructor Life Saving and First Aid 3; Flying Fish Club .!. 4, Officer 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Future Teachers Club 3, 4; Who ' s Who; May Queen. LVDIA PRESSON McMANUS Unionvillc. N. C. Primary Education Wingate Junior College I, 2; A. C. E. 4. NANCY ELIZABETH MlDDLETON Raleigh. N. C. Primary Education Peace Junior College 1.2; Methodist Club 3. 4, Officer 4; A. C. E. 3. 4. Officer 3. 4; V. W. C. A. 3; Thalian Literary Society 3. 4, Officer 3. 4, Ruth Miller Boone. N. C. English and History Cloyce Moose Statesvillc. N. C. Science and Home Economics High Point College L Ruth Nixon Mountain Park, N. C. Science and Home Economics B. S. U. 1, 2. 3. 4, Council 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3. President 4; White Hall Club 2; Appalachian Staff 4; Y. W. A. 3, 4, Officer 3. GEORGIA PARRISH Walkertown. N. C. English and French Dynician Literary Society I, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Club I. 2, 3, 4, Officer 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Playbill Editor 4; Appalachian Staff 4; French Club 2. 3 4; Future Teachers Club 3, 4; Who ' s Who. Page Sixteen 1944 RHODODENDRON Edna Payne Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education and Libracy Science B. S. U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; B. T. U. 1, 2, 4. LEOTA PAYNE Hiddenite, N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4. Officer 4; Methodist Club i. Officer 3; LoviU Cluh 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; White Hall Cluh 2. ELoisE Pitts WARE Shoals, N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club 2, 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Methodist Club 4. JANiE Ruth Pleasant Yanceyvillc. N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Methodist Club 4. MARGARET PRITCHETT Elon College, N. C. Grammar Grade and Physical Education Freshman Glee Cluh 1; I ovill Club 1. 2, President 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 2; W. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. President 4; Forum Clu!) 2, 3, Officer 3: Who ' s Who; Student Council 3, 4; Flying Fish Club 3, 4. Officer 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Appalachian .StaflF 4; Red Cross and Senior Life Saver Instructor; Class Superlative; Campus Superlative; President Senior Class. ALICE RAGAN Gastonia. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. 1, 4; Thalian Literary Society 1. 2, 3, 4; Lovill Cluh 1; Sophomore Class Officer; White Hall Clul 2; Camp Fire Girls ' Club 2; Junior Marshal; Future Teach ers Club 3, 4, President 4; May Day Attendant 4. Virginia Caroline Rakestraw Stonevillc, N. C, Grammar Grade Education Playcraftcrs !: White Hall Cluh 1 ; B. T. U. 1. 2. 3; Future Teachers Club 3; Appalachian Staff 3; Y. W. C. A. 3; Christian Fellowship Alliance 3, Officer 3; Dynician Literary Society 3. ROMA ROBERSON Leaksville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Senior .Superlative 4; May Day Attendant 3. Maid of Honor 4; Lovill Club 1; White Hall Club 2; Y. W. C. A 3, 4; Senior Class Officer; Flying Fish Club 4, President 4. Dynician Literary Society 3, 4. Page Seventeen 1944 RHODODENDRON STELLA CHLOE ROGERS Boone. N. C. History and Library Science Dorothy Lee Sharpe Cedar Grove, N. C. Primary Education Y. W. C. A. 3; A. C. E. 2; White Hall Club 1. MARY Alleta Smith Goldsboro, N. C. History and French Atlanlic Christian College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. J ; Metho (list Club .1, 4. President 4; Le Cercle Frangais 3, 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Playcrafters 3; Dynician Literary Society 3; L R. C. 4; Forum Club 4; Social Science Majors Club 4, President 4; Intercollegiate Debating 3, 4. ELVA Spake Casar, N. C. Home Economics and Science (iardner-Webb Junior College 1, 2; Home Economics Club 3; Christian Fellowship Alliance; Lovill Club 3; B. T. U. 3. 4, Officer 3. Pearl Steelman Brooks Crossroads, N. C. English, French and History Dynician Literary Society 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Forum Club 4; Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., Officer 4; B. S. U. Council, President 4; French Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; H ' ho ' s Who 4; Senior Super- lative; Appalachian Editor; Junior Class Officer; History Major Club 4; B. T. U. Director 3; Cam| us Superlative 4. Edith Tay lor Clinton, N. C, Home Economics and Science Y. W. C. A. 1; Thalian Literary Society I, 2. 3, 4, Officer 3. 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baton Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Lovill Club 1, 2. Catherine Ledbetter Taylor Marion, N. C. Music and History Band 1, 2, 3; Accompanist Freshman Glee Club 1; Lovill Club 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 3; Symphony Orchestra 1, 3; White Hall Club 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Swing Orchestra 3; Presbyterian Choir Director 3; Playcrafters 3; Officer Music Majors Association 3; History Majors Club 3; Methodist Club 1, 3, Dorothy Travis Southern Pines, N, C. Home Economics and Science Meredith College 1, 2; Science Club 3, Page Eighteen 1944 RHODODENDRON Ruby Tucker Monroe. N. C. Library Science and History Social Studies Club 4; White Hall Club 1, 2; Dynician Literary Society 2, 3. Officer 3, 4; Le Cercle Frangais 2; Playcrafters 3; Christian Fellowship Alliance 3. 4, Presi- dent 3. Officer 4: Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; History Club 1; B. S. U. Council 4. DAPHENE WADDELL Grassy Creek. N. C. Grammar Grade Education MARIE WELBORN Deep Gap, N. C. Home Economics and Science Lovill Club 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Officer 4; Y. W. C. A. 3; Playcrafters 3, 4, Officer; Y. W. A. 3, 4, Officer; B. S. U. 1, 2, 3. Officer 4. Frances Whitener Hickory. N. C. Science and Home Economics Rhododendron Staff 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 HELEN WILCOX Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade an. NELL WILLIAW Hamptonvillc. N. C Home Economics and Science B. S, U, I. 2, 3, 4, Council 3, 4; Y. W. A. 3, 4. Officer 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C, A. 2, 3. 4 Student Council 4; White Hall Club 1, 2; Appalachian. Staff 4. tit i ' Nineteen MID-YEAR GRADUATES Margaret Berrier Lexington, N. C. Music and History Music Majors Ciub 4, President; Freshman Glee Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2, i; I. R. C. i. 4, Officer 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Student Council 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Officer 4; History Club; Dynician Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. NAOMI BROYHILL Boomer. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Vernician Literary Society; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE CALL Mocksville. N. C. Physical Education and Science I. R. C; Y. W. C. A.; Thalian Literary Society; W. A. A.: Freshman Glee Club; Camp Fire Girls; Flying Fish Club; Appatiuhian Business Manager; All Girls Athletics; Senior Super- lative. HOLTEN B. CORNETT Creston. N. C. History and Science Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, i, 4, President 1, Officer i; Forensic Club 1; Social Studies Club 4; Intramural Football 1; Intramural Volley- ball 1. JANETTE Forbes Gastonia, N. C. Physical Education and Science W. A ' . A-; Camp Fire Girls; Freshman Trio; Freshman Glee Club; Flying Fish Club; Vernician Literary Society; Officer. President; Y. W. C. A.; Presbyterian Student Association; Senior Superlative. Hope Franklin Crossnore, N. C. Grammar Grade Education ALICE Elizabeth Gerald Statesville. N. C. Home Economics and Science Future Teachers Club; Forum Club; Thalian Literary Society ■ Home Economics Club; Rhododendron Staff; Student Council; Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA Goodman West Jefferson, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C- A.; Christian Fellowship Alliance; B. T. U. t ' aqe I Li ' L ' nty MID-YEAR GRADUATES JEWEL Graham Todd. N. C. English, French and History Le Cercle Fran ;ais; Forum Club; Creative Writing CIuIj. Violet Graham Todd. N. C. English, French and History Le Cercle Frangais; Forum Club; Creative Writing Club. Dorothy Sue Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Home Economics and Science Gardner-Webb 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2. Officer 3. ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON Cycle. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A.; Varsity Basketball. Louise Kiser Kings Mountain. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Future Teachers Club; V ' ernician Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. Lutheran Student Association. Edith Lucas Greensboro. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A.; Thalian Literary Society; Camp Fire Girls; A Cappella Choir; Senior Class President. Rosalind Page Boone. N. C. Home Economics and Science Home Economics Club. Evangeline Poteat Bakersville, N. C. Physical Education and Science Intramural Sports; Cheerleader; Physical Education Major Club; May Day Attendant i. Page Twenlu " ne MID-YEAR GRADUATES HELEN Sherwood Sugar Grove, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A.; Christian Fellowship Alliance: White Hall Clnli; Y. W. A. Dorcas Sigmon Newton, N. C. Mathematics and English Freshman ( lee Cluh; Mathematics Club; Y. W. C. A.; Forum Club; I. R. C; Vernician Society; Methodist Club; Playcrafters; Playbill- Future Teachers Club. Lena Smith Linwood, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A.; Basketball " B " Squad; Physical Education Major Club; Intramural Sports; Dynician Society; Future Teachers Club, Lucille templeton Olin, N. C, Primary Education A. C. E.; Methodist Club. MAE Tucker Mount Holly, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Freshman Clee Club: Forum Club; Y, W. C. A.; Methodist Club. RACHEL Tucker Monroe, N. C. Primary Education A. C. E., President; Dynician Literary Society: Baton Club President; I. R. C.; Future Teachers Club Appalachian Staff; Y. W. C. A. B. S. U. Council; IVho ' s Lutheran A. C. E. Club. Anna von Oesen Wilmington. N. C. Primary Education Who: Christian Fellowship Alliance: Editor Playhill : Student Association, President; Y. VV. C. A,, Ot cer; Officer; Vernician Literary Society; Future Teachers Henrietta waddell Rockingham, N. C. Primary Education Y. W. C. A.; Methodist Club; A. C. E. ; Dynician Literary Society: Christian Fellowship Alliance. Helen Winkler Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Band: Forum Clnli; L R. C, Officer. Robert D. warren New Orleans, La. History and Music Spartanburg Junior College 1, 2; Converse College, Music School 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Student Council 4, Officer 4; IC io ' s IVho. Puuf Tu ' enty-two SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Likely to Succeed Pearl Steelman Prettiest Roma Roberson Page T iVentu- three SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Athlete Janette Forbes Most Versatile Marjorie Call Page TiVenty-iuur JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Nancy Furches President JUANITA MCSWAIN Vice-President Mabel Farthing Secretary Edith Marshall Treasurer Page Twenry-fiue LAURA M. ALEXANDER Huntersville, N. C. Ruby c. Ashley Boone, N. C. June Ayers Burnsville, N. C. ROYSTER BARNETT Boone. N. C. MATTIE SUE BEAM Shelby. N. C. ESTELLA BLEVINS Lansing. N. C. Vera Bolick Lenoir, N. C. Frances F. Bowman Scasburg. N. C. Oleta Brown Olin. N.C. EVELYN BROYHILL Boomer. N. C. WILMA BYRD Nealsville. N. C. Geneva Cannon Boone. N. C. Doris Caudle Peachland. N. C. Mildred Clapp Morganton. N. C. MARIE Helen Clark Lansing, N C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Page Tiventy-six Mary Frances Cook Richfield. N. C. Dorcas Cornwall Shelby, N. C. MINNIE FAYE COSTNER Casar. N. C. PAULINE Cress Salisbury, N. C. Lydia M. Day Statesville, N. C. Betty Lou Dixon Mebane, N. C. Virginia Douglas Scbnectady, N. Y. John w. Dunn Pinetops, N. C. MABEL Farthing Boone, N. C. Ruth Favell Charlotte, N. C. Nancy Furches Mocksville, N. C. Pauline Furr Oakboro, N. C. Evangeline Grayson Forest City, N. C. Mildred Harmon i h ' Elk Park, N. C. J ' ' ' MARjoRiE Hodges Boone, N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Vaije Ywi-ntii-seven Li!- J ' ..«r i.. " r;V r (i. -est Qlity. r f: V.J L ' ' 6arolyAj jARairr . - , UheTby. JTC. 1 J 1 l . :- - -i WALTER JESSUP Greensboro. N. C. Z ' 1 4- Alene Jones Elon College. N. C. KATHLEEN JONES J Elon College. N. C (Lx ' i J L Doris lackey . « ' P ' Kannapolis. N. C. i ,.c y ' ' pju ■• .1 . Opal Lopp t- Lexington. N. C. Katherine Marsh Sophia. N. C. Edith Marshall Concord. N. C. Durward Maynard Inez. Ky. Eunice McCoury Senia. N. C. MARGARET MCCURRY Cranberry. N. C. MARGARET MClNTYRE High Point. N. C. Doris Mcknight Greensboro. N. C. Juanita McSwain Kings Mountain. N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Page Twenlu-vinhi Claude s. nantz Lincolnton, N. C, Harriett patton Morganton, N. C. CATHERINE PAYSEUR Shelby. N. C. Kathleen Perkins Connelly Springs. N. C MARY Una Perry Joy, N. C. Lucile Russell Concord, N. C. Doris snow Elkin. N. C. Doris Sparks Estatoe, N. C Worth Sweet Nathans Creek, N. C Flora Mae Templeton Olin. N. C. ray Thomas Lenoir. N. C. Iris Thomas Franklinville. N. C. Myrtle timmo: Edna ve ' J ■ - - Dobson. N. C Florence WoostEY Clemmp.ri. . N. yyj 44 HODODENDRO N M Paqi- TiCcn til nine mn ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Christine Zachary President Nellie Gabriel Vice-President Dorothy GouldinG Secretary Dorothy Moore Treasurer Page Thiily •; ' Louise Adams Hiddenite, N. C. KATHRYN I. Alexander Charlotte. N. C. Elizabeth Blackwelder Moorcsvillc, N. C. Haskell Blevins Laurel Springs. N. C. Louise BowerSa- - - ' : rv Elk Park. N. C. RosADA Bowman Taylorsville. N. C. Ruth Brittain Casar, N. C. LENA BROWN Sandy Ridge. N. C. Helen Bruton Mount Gilead. N. C Ellen Burris Stanfidd. N. C. Polly Carpenter Polkton. N. C. Beatrice Castevens Trap Hill. N. C. VIVIAN CLINE Newton. N. C. Clara Cooke Westficld, N. C. Mary Alice Cooke Boone. N. C. ELIZABETH Cooper Union Grove. N. C ALMA CROWDER Nebo. N. C. Ruby Dancy Melvin Hill, N. C. Mildred Eaton Cooleemec. N. C. Carrie Lee Farthing Boone, N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Page Thiiiy one AMANDA FEREBEE Mocksville. N. C. Dimples Fortune Nebo. N. C. RosALYN Francis Shelby. N. C. Betty Gabriel Lincolnton, N. C. Nellie Gabriel North Wilkesboro. N. C. Carol Glass Wilkesboro. N. C. Pearl Gold Shelby. N. C. POLLYANNA GORDON Pinnacle. N. C. Dorothy Goulding Newbern. N. C. Mary Elizabeth Greer Boone, N. C. Velda Greer Boone. N. C. Virginia Gregg Boone. N. C. Betty Jean Griffin Forest City. N. C. Freda Grubbs Winston-Salem. N. C. Bonnie Jean hamrick Ellenboro. N. C. MARY Frances Harrill Forest City. N. C. Mildred Harrison Boone. N. C. JOYCE HAYES Oakwood. N. C. Margulein Holland Union Grove. N. C. MARIE HUDLER Grassy Creek. N. C. Bernita Hughes Bakcrsville. N. C. Mildred Ingram Statesville. N. C. 1944 RHj6l!)aDENDRON Cj Pugc Thirly liLU NELL KENDALL Norwood, N. C. MARGARET LiNEBERGER Lincolnton. N. C. ANN MAGUIRE Elkin, N. C. HELEN MARTIN Broadway. N. C. MARION MARTIN Cramerton. N. C. GLORIA MATKINS Elon College. N. C. JEAN MCCOLLUM Monroe. N. C. MARY LEE McMAHAN Mocksville, N. C. JEROME Melton Ruby, S. C. LOVELY Miller Boone. N. C. MARTHA Miller Grumpier. N. C. Dorothy Moore Galax, Va. Lou WALLACE Moore Greensboro. N. C. Curtis Murray Boone. N. C. ELLEN PHILBECK Shelby, N. C. Ivy Pleasant Leasburg, N. C. Magdaline Ransdell Boone, N. C. MARGARET RHODES North Wilkesboro. N. UNA Lee Richardson Sparta. N. C. PEGGY Rogers Fair Bluff, N. C. BONITA ROMINGER Rominger, N. C. CLARA RUTLEDGE Lenoir, N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Vliqv Thinif-ihree - 5 ■ t EARL B. SEARCY Valdese. N. C. Frances Sherrill Mooresville, N. C. Lorraine Simpson Monroe, N. C. A. J. SMITH, Jr. Whiteville, N. C. Doris Smith Greensboro, N. C. Helen Rose Smith Charlotte, N. C. Kathryn Smith Morganton. N. C. MARY Smith Charlotte, N. C. 7 ' -r - . MADELINE SMOOT Mocksville, N. C. Helen Sossoamon Midland, N. C. J ' CLAUDIA Thorpe ' Statesville, N. C. f A , j 2«, J Louise Upchurch Mount Gilead, N C: ' Eleanor Vance Huntersville. N. C George Waynick Winston-Salem. N. C. MARY Lillian Wilcox Boone, N. C. ELIZABETH Wilson Roland, N. C. Virginia Wright Rutherfordton, N. C. Frances Holt Yarborough Lexington, N. C. Charles Younce Boone, N. C. Kathryn Younce Boone, N. C. Christine zachary Taylorsville, N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON Page f htrty-lour • FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Frances Welborn President William Wilson Vice-President Lewis Curlee Secretary Evelyn Miller Treasurer Page Thirly-Ht ' e Judy Faye Aldridge Boone. N. C. WILHHLMINA AYERS Burnsville, N. C. Helen Barbee , . ockwoH . N. C. Zj » , ' 3 ' titJ ELIZABETH BARTLEY Low Gap, N. C. Helen Bingham Boone. N. C Ben F. Blakewood North Wilkesboro. N. C. Helen Bowditch Toecanc, N. C. Gwyn Bowers Jefferson. N. C. i l ' oD Tcnn. 2r jaxter Boone, N. C Eloise Buff Valdesc, N. C. Carrie Rosena Burton Winston-Salem. N. C. OLLiE Jean Clawson Boone. N. C. Betty cline Newton, N. C. MARION Cobb Rhodhiss. N, C. Ruby Crowder Lattimorc. N. C. Frances Crowell Charlotte. N. C. Lewis Curlee Marshville. N. C. Henry S. Devane Kelly. N. C. a 1944 RHORODEjNDRON ' i c e Ihirly-six EvoN Dickson Silas Creek, N. C. TILLIE EAKER Crouse, N. C. MARY Evelyn Ellis Heaton, N. C. Thelma farthing Boone, N. C. Joanna Forkner Mount Airy. N. C. Rose Furr Badin, N. C. Marcia Gabriel Sherrills Ford, N. C. Eleanor Green Spindale, N. C. Lillian Griffith Newell, N. C. Mary Jean Grose Statesvillc, N. C. Ruth Hardin Laxon. N. C. Bruce Harrell Forbes, N. C, Edna mae Harrell Forbes, N. C. Doris Harrison Grantsboro, N. C. Joyce hathcock Oakboro, N. C. Kent Haynes State Road, N. C. Sara Hernsucker Maiden. N. C. Mildred Hill Mount Airy, N. C. Mayo Honeycutt Indian Trail, N. C. MARY Eloise Hughes Forbes. N. C. 1944 RHODODENDRON PtiUf Thnly-ficopn Virginia Isaacs Elk Park, N. C. Pearl James Amy. N. C. Grace Jenkins Ellcnboro. N. C. Merle Kiser Lincolnton, N. C. Frances Jean Knight Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Robert Howard Lacey Ncwland, N. C. MARGARET LEDBETTER Marion, N, C. Margaret Lynch Lincolnton, N. C. Mary Virginia Mahaffee Carolcen, N, C. Fern Martin Mount Airy, N. C Mildred Martin Crccdmore, N H. W. Mast Val» Cri cis. N, McBE£ SP, Hei en McManus Albemarle. N. C. Evelyn ' McNeely t ' -1 ' Morganton, N, C. I Evelyn Miller Statesville. N. C. KATHLEEN E. MOORE Galax. Va. Helen Grey Moxley Sparta. N. C. 1 - 1944 RHODODENDRON Paqe Thirly-ftghl |ClJK5 ' flreSi=l ' S.79g: ;t MAVEN MOXLEY Sparta. N. C. Mabel Nix Vale, N. C. Myrtle Nix Vale. N. C. Ruby Nell Owens 1 Ellenboto. N. C. Jane A. Parlier Winston-Salem. N. C. EARL B. PAYNE Boone. N. C. Peggie J. Phifer Charlotte. N. C. LAURENCE POTEAT Bakersville. N. C. Eunice Pruett asar. N. C. UETT 4 EESE ♦ 0(1, nc. N. C. J Reese Boo iLLiAN M. Reeves Pilot Mountain. N. C. EMMA Gene Reynolds Lincolnton. N. C. Sallie Ruth Rich Mocksv ' ille. N. C. Rebekah Rivers Mountain City. Tenn. Savannah Seagraves Roaring River. N. C. H. JACK Sharpe, Jr. Greensboro. N. C. Geraldine Smith Minneapolis. N. C. CA ' oUl Oci ix-r fji. 1944 RHODODENDRON Page Thirlii-nine ho- ' - " i ; - JoHNSiE Lee Smith Melbourne, Fla. Levert Lindell Smith Goldsboro, N. C. Patsy Smith Mooresville. N. C. Paul Sowell Hilltonia. Ga. Frances Stephens Creston, N. C. M. Elizabeth Swofford Ellenboro. N. C. MAGDALENE TURPIN Mount Airy. N. C. Nannie Van Hoy Piney Creek. N. C Calvin WHrw Louisburg. ? . C Frank White Cleveland. N. C Arlene Williams Rusk. N. C. Emogene Wilson Apple Grove. N. C. Ruby Wilson Granite Falls. N. C. William Wilson Boone. N. C. Robert Young Bakersville, N, C. 1944 RHODODENDRON- — Page forly ( 1 tt y z- om ' x Xx BOOK W i ATHLETICS " - " Page Forly-one GIRLS ' ATHLETICS : - v- iJ OFFICERS CAPTAINS Thursa Steed JANETTE Forbes Betty Gabriel Mabel Goodman MANAGERS sarah harper Ellen Philbeck Margaret Pritchett Thelma Taylor Coach Vice-President of W. A. A. Captain of " Blacks " Secretary-Treasurer of W . A. A., Intramural Basketball Manager Captain of " Golds " Intramural Volleyball Manager President of W. A. A. Reporter for W. A. A.. Intramural Speedball Manager Not in picture. Page Fortij-tu. ' o WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 51 Margaret Pritchett President MABEL Goodman Estella Blevins Jean Browne Margaret Caldwell Marjorie Call Marion Cobb Ann Corn Jeanette Forbes Pauline Furr Bctly Gabriel Mabel Goodman Sarah Harper Doris Harrison Mildred Hill Alene Jones Kathleen Jones Arminta Kiser Merle Kiser Mildred Martin Martha Miller Dorothy Moore Kathleen Moore Margaret McKnight Evelyn McNeely Harriet Patton Ellen Philbeck Margaret Pritchett Evangeline Poteat Evelyn Ray Fmma Gene Reynolds FLYING FISH CLUB Secretary and Treasurer Frances Sherril l Helen Smith Lena Smith Mary E. Smith Thelma Taylor Myrtle Timmons Louise Upchurch Iris Young MISS Thusa Steed Marjorie Call Margaret Caldwell Ann Corn Janetle Forbes Co- Spor7sor Betty Gerald Freda Grubbs Sarah Harper Mary M, Mackic Mrs. Hugh Daniel Dorothy Moore Margaret McKnight Ellen Philbeck Evangeline Poteat Co-Sponsor Margaret Pritchett Roma Roberson Louise Upchurch Christine Zachary Page Forty-three GIRLS " BASKETBALL BLACKS GOLDS Margaret Caldwell Marjorie Call Marion Cobb Ann Corn Sarah Harper Captain Doris Harrison Mildred Hill Marie Hodges Kathleen Jones Estella Blevins Jean Browne Janette Forbes Joana Forkner Pauline Furr Betty Gabriel Captain Mabel Goodman Alene Jones Mildred Martin Evelyn McNeely Martha Miller Kathleen Moore Margaret Pritchett Evelyn Ray Frances Sherrill Mary E. Smith Eleanor Vance Iris Young Merle Kiser Margaret McKnight Dorothy Moore Ellen Philbeck Evangeline Poteat Emma Gene Reynolds Helen Smith Lena Smith Louise Upchurch Page Forly-four ■■ i ' - Vy v: , HONORARY BASKETB Iy j)A ESTELLA BLEVINS Ann Corn Betty Gabriel Lillian Griffith Alene Jones Mildred Martin Ellen Philbeck Margaret Pritchett Myrtle Timmons Louise Upchurch fi VyW . t ; ) ' U i ig , HONORARY VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Marjorie Call Marion Cobb Ann Corn Janette Forbes Betty Gabriel Mabel Goodman Ellen Philbeck Emma Gene Reynolds Lena Smith Myrtle Timmons Louise Upchurch Page Forty-live INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL WINNERS Louise Adams Lena Brown Betty Gabriel Pearl Gold Pollyanna Gordon Dorothy Moore Ellen Philbeck Helen Smith Mary E. Smith Louise Upchurch f lS J M INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL WINNERS HONORARY SPEEDBALL VARSITY J FAN Browne Marjorie Call Ann Corn Janette Forbes Mabel Goodman Margaret McKnight Evangeline Poteat Margaret Pritchett Lena Smith Ann Corn Betty Gabriel Kathleen Moore Ellen Philbeck Margaret Pritchett Emma Gene Reynolds Helen Smith Mary E. Smith Thelma Taylor Myrtle Timmons Louise Upchurch Page Forly-six BOYS ' ATHLETICS SCHEDULE January 14-15 Catawba There 14 70-41 Catawba: 15 72-42 Catawba January 22 Guilford Here January 28-29 High Point Here February 4-5 High Point There February 9 Guilford There February 11-12 Catawba Here Coach quincv ri ...■ Viiili ' ? n " r-» -rTi V. -4 s J i-- T First raw: Frank White. Gwyii Bowers. Captain Charles Yoiince. Wcirth Sweet, Ka ter liryan. Second row: Doyle Pruett, William Wilson, Jack Sharpe, John Dimn. Third rmv : Manager Calvin White, Gene Reese, Claude Beaver. Kent llayiies. I ' aiil Suwell, W ;ihei- Jessup, Coach Quincy. I nji- ii rni-$even BASKETBALL HAYNES SHAIU ' BEAVIiK LACl.V YOUNCE Williams BRYAN BOWERS Sweet Dunn J ESS UPS WHITE I ' tiyc lonyeighl TOUCH FOOTBALL WINNERS William Wilson Jack Sharpe Frank White Charles Younce Lindell Smith GwYN Bowers Claude Beaver Paul Sowell Earl B. Searcy, Jr. Manager VOLLEYBALL WINNERS Jack Sharpe Gene Reese Lindell Smith Baxter Bryan Robert Lacey Kent Haynes Page Forly-nine BASEBALL Walter Jessup Paul Sowell DURWARD MAYNARD Gene Reese: Robert Lacey Laurence Poteat Worth Sweet Lindell Smith Kent Haynes Doyle Pruett Bruce Harrell Calvin White Manager Ray Thomas Coat ? 1.- WRESTLING Worth Sweet Lindell Smith Ray Thomas Laurence Poteat Doyle Pruett DURWARD MAYNARD Calvin White Manager Page Fifty BOOK iii-ACTIVITIES FORUM CLUB OFFICERS Pauline Cress Madeline Smoot Betty Gabriel CuRTiss Murray First Half Year KATHERINE Coble President SARAH WILMA Harmon Vice-President Betty Gerald Secreianj Dorcas SIGMON Treasurer MARY Louise Gulp Margaret Rhodes Carrie Lee Farthing Mary Alleta Smith Pauline Furr Mary Eloise Smith Mary Mildred Mackie Pearl Steelman Gloria Matkins Second Half Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Mae Tucker Rachel Tucker Helen Winkler Christine zachary Mid-year graduate. Page Fifty-two I. R. C. OFFICERS MARY Mildred Mackie Christine Zachary President Vice-President Madeline Smoot MARGARET BERRIER ESTELLA BLEVINS Marjorie Call Katherine Coble Minnie Faye Costner Pauline Cress Mildred Eaton Carrie Lee Farthing Mabel Farthing ROLL Pauline Furr Betty Gabriel Mabel Goodman Betty Jean Griffin Nell Kendall Gloria Matkins Curtiss Murray Margaret Rhodes Una Lee Richardson Mary Louise Culp Sarah Harmon Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary bonita rominger Dorcas sigmon Mary Alleta Smith Mary Eloise Smith Pearl steelman Rachel Tucker Helen Winkler Mid-year graduate. Page Fifty-three AMERICAN CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS Winter Fall Jean Browne Lou Wallace Moore Marie Clark Jean Knight , . , Myrtle Brandon President Vice-PresidenI Secretary Treasurer Sponsor RACHEL Tucker President Pauline Cress ' ice-Pres:d:nt Anna von Oesen Secretaru FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB OIIICERS ALICE RAGAN President KATHERINE COBLE Secretary Mabel Goodman ' ice-Presidenl SARAH HARMON Treasurer Page Fifty-four Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Senior Cabinet GEORGIA PARRISH President MARGARET BERRIER Vice-President Betty Gerald Secretary Pearl STEELMAN Treasurer MARJORIE Call Socio Chairman Betty Gabriel Membership Chairman Margaret Mcknight Publicity Chairman Rachel Tucker Social Service Chairman Pauline FURR Chapel Program Chairman KATHERINE Coble Assembly Program Chairman JUANITA McSWAIN Chorister Christine Zachary Pianist Mrs. G. p. EGGERS Sponsor Junior Cabinet Laura Alexander President Frances Bowman , Vice-President KATHLEEN JONES Secretary M. Mildred MACKIE Treasurer ELLEN PHILBECK Sofia Chairman Nellie Gabriel Membership Chairman Margaret Caldwell . Publicity Chairman JANE King - - Social Service Chairman Frances SHERRILL , Chapel Program Chairman ANNA VON OESEN Pianist MARY Lee McMAHAN , Pianist Mid-term graduates. ROLL Louise Adams. June Ayers. Wilhelmina Aycrs, Helen Barbee. Mattic Sue Beam. Naomi Billings. Estella Blevins, Louise Bowers, Helen Bowditch. Frances Bowman. Joyce Brookshire. Lena Brown. Jean Browne. Eloise Buff. Helen Bruton, Ellen Gray Burris. Rosena Burton. Miss Burch. Margaret Caldwell. Marie Clarke. Clare Cooke. Katherine Coble. Ann Corn. Marian Cobb. Dorcas Cornwell. Doris Crouse. Louise Crowe. Alma Crowder. Ruby Crowder. Frances Crowell. Mary Louise Culp. Evon Dickson. Alice East. Mabel Farthing. Janette Forbes. Rosalyn Francis. Dimples Fortune, Nancy Furches. Pauline Furr. Betty Gabriel, Nellie Gabriel. Marcia Gabriel. Carol Glass. Pearl Gold. Dorothy Goulding. Mary Greer. Betty Jean Griffin. Lillian Griffith. Bonnie Jean Hamrick. Doris Harrison. Sara Harper. Lois Hardin, Edna Harrill. Joyce Hayes, Mildred Hill, Helen Horn. Henriette Holcombe. Sara Hernsucker, Bernita Hughes. Mayo Honeycutt. Annie Mac Hunter. Pearl James. Grace Jenkins. Alene Jones. Kathleen Jones. Jane King. Arminta Kiser. Louise Kiser. Jean Knight. Margaret Ledbettcr, Margaret Lineberger. Opal Lopp, Margaret Lynch, Mildred Martin, Mary Mildred Mackic. Marion Martin, Edith Marshall, Gloria Matkins, Mary Lee McMahan, June McBee, Frances McCollum. Jean McCollum. Mar- garet Mclntyre. Doris McKnight. Margaret McKnight. Evelyn McNeely. Dorothy Moore. Kathleen Moore. Lou Wallace Moore. Maven Moxley. Mabel Nix. Myrtle Nix. Ruth Nixon. Ruby Owens. Jane Parlicr. Georgia Parrish. Leota Payne. Ruth Mae Pearman. Una Perry. Ellen Philbeck. Peggy Phifer. Janie Ruth Pleasant, Virginia Rakestraw. Alice Ragan. Emojene Reynolds. Sara Ruth Rich, Una Lee Richardson, Rebekah Rivers, Roma Robcrson, Peggy Rogers, Bonita Rom- inger, Lucille Russell. Savannah Segraves. Dorothy Sharpe. Frances Sherrill. Doris Smith. Kathryn Smith. Mary E. Smith, Doris Snow. Pearl Steelman. Katherine Ledbetter Taylor. Myrtle Tim- mons. Rachel Tucker, Ruby Tucker, Mae Tucker. Magdalene Turpin. Eleanor Vance. Anna von Oesen. Henrietta Waddell. Frances Welborn. Dorothy Whisnant, Nell Williams. Elizabeth Wilson, Jean Wright, F ' rances Yarborough. Iris Young. Christine Zachary. Page Fifty-five B. S. U. COUNCIL Royster Barnette Ruth Brittain Wilma Byrd Louise Crowe Ruth Favell Pauline Furr Ruth Nixon Rosalind Page Una Lee Richardson Stella Chloe Roger Madeline Sinoot Pearl Steelman Rachel Tucker Ruby Tucker Helen Wilcox Mary Lillian Wilcox Nell Williams Y. M. C A. OFFICERS Worth Sweet . . Jerome Melton Kent Haynes President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer H. B. Cornette Louis Curlce Henry Devane. Jr Kent Haynes Walter Jessup Bob Lacey Jerome Melton Curtis Murray Ivey Pleasant Lawrence Poteat Doyle Pructt Earl Searcy Jack Sharpe A. J Smith Lindell Smith Paul Sowell Worth Sweet Calvin White Frank White Bob Young Page Fifty-six LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS NAOMI Billings President Lois HARD1 4 Vice-President MARGARET BANKS Secretary and Treasurer ELIZABETH CRADDOCK Sponsor ROLL June Aycrs Margaret Banks Naomi Billings Mary Lou Culp Carrie Lee Farthing Virginia Gragg Lois Hardin Georgia Parrish Margaret Rhodes Mary Alleta Smith Frances Shcrrill Pearl Stcclman Frances Welborn HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ROLL OFFICERS Doris Crouse . . President Miss Brock Sponsor Mrs. Sorensen . Sponsor MISS Todd Sponsor Pat Allen Pines Allen Haskell Blcvins Ruth Brittain Oleta Brown Helen Bowditch Minnie Faye Costner Alma Crowder Ruby Dancy Marcia Gabriel Mary Elizabeth Greer Mary Jean Grose Dorothy Sue Hamrick Bonnie Jean Hamrick Edna Harrcll Helen Home Nannie Van Hoy Bcrnita Hughes Eloise Hughes Mary Sue Hunter Mildred Ingram Mary Lee McMahan Frances McCall , Cloyce Moose Ruth Nixon Rosalind Page Peggie Phifer Eloise Pitts Janie Ruth Pleasant Eunice Pruett Sallie Ruth Rich Savannah Segraves Elva Spake Helen Sossamon Edith Taylor Claudia Thorpe Eleanor Vance Frances Whitener Arlene Williams Nell Williams Christine ZacViary Page Fifty-seven BUSINESS EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB OFFICERS ROLL LAURA M. ALEXANDER President Laura Alexander. Wilhclmina Ayers, Elizabeth Black- welder. Geneva Cannon. Dorcas Cornwell. Frances Cro- VELDA Greer ' ice- President m d r r tj r n u ti j- i well. Kose l-urr. Velda Greer. Ruth Hardin. Joyce Jane PaRLIER Secretary Ilathcock. Joyce Hayes, Helen Martin. Ann Maguirc, FRANCES CROWELL Treasurer ' " McManus. Jane Parlier. Harriet Patton. Rebekah Rivers. Geraldine Smith. Johnsic Lee Smith. Frances Edith Hess, Elaine CONLEE Sponsors Steohens ' . ) ' SOCIAL STUDIES MAJORS ' CLUB .-- OFFICERS Mary Alleta Smith President Mabel Farthing Secretanj Henrietta Holcombe Treasurer Page Fifty-eight CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ALLIANCE OFFICERS Anna von OESF-N President Flora Mae Tempi. eton Vice Presnient Mabel Goodman Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Dorcas Cornwcll, Mabel Farthing, Rosalyn Francis. Pearl Gold. Mabel Goodman, Eleanore Green, Mary Jean Grose, Lou Wallace Moore, Anna von Oesen, Eunice Prueti, Virginia Rakestraw, Peggy Rodgers, Madeline Smoot, Flora M, Templeton, Iris Thomas, Ruby Tucker, Henrietta Waddell, Mary L. Watkins. WHITE HALL CLUB :7 Ou- — - Miss CHARTIER, Sponsor OFFICERS Louise UPCHURCH President Bernita Hughes ViVe-Prcsu erK Una Lee Richardson Secretary and Treasurer Page Fifty-nine PLAYCRAFTERS OFFICERS Laura Alexander President Georgia Parrish Vice-President Georgia Parrish Editor of Playbill Margaret McIntyre Secretary-Treas. A. Anton AKOS Director Julian Yoder Business Manager Page Sixty Alice Adams Laura Alexander Gene Bingham Helen Bingham Louise Bowers Jean Browne Eloise Buff Wilma Byrd Margaret Caldwell Polly Carpenter Katherine Coble Ann Corn Pauline Cress Doris Crouse John Dunn MEMBERS Alice East Augusta Elmore Mabel Farthing RosALYN Francis Doris Harrison Mayo Honeycutt Annie Mae Hunter Margaret Ledbetter Mildred Martin Lou Wallace Moore June McBee Frances McCollum Margaret McIntyre G eorgia Parrish Ruth Mae Pearman Jean Pipkin Lorraine Russell Clara Rutledge Dorcas Sigmon Doris Sparks Pearl Steelman Beth Swafford Catherine L. Taylor Ruby Tucker Nannie Van Hoy Anna von Oesen Edna Venable Marie Wellborn Jean Wright Frances Yarborough Piigi ' Sixty-one A CAPPELLA CHOIR Alice Adams ROYSTER BARNETTE Haskell Elevens Louise Bowers Jean Browne Eloise Buff MARIE Clark ELIZABETH Cooper Mary Alice Cooke Pauline Cress Ruby Dancy Tillie Eaker MARY E. Ellis Mabel Farthing royster barnette Pauline Cress . ALICE Adams Margaret Pritchett OFFICERS President Vice-President See re tary -Treasurer - . - Social Chairman MEMBERS Dimples Fortune Nellie Gabriel Mabel Goodman Evangeline Grayson Eleanor Green Velda Greer Betty Jean Griffin Mildred Harmon Joyce Hathcock Mildred Hill Marie Hudler Eloise Hughes Virginia Isaacs Nell Kendall Jean Knight Catherine Taylor Margaret Ledbetter Margaret Lineberger Opal Lopp Mary Virginia mahaffee Marion Martin Gloria Matkins Lou Wallace Moore June McBee Eunice McCoury Doris Mcknight Evelyn McNeely Juanita McSwain Mable Nix Myrtle Nix Margaret Pritchett Herberta Rahm Magdalene Ramsdell Lillian Reeves Peggy Rogers Clara Rutledge Kathryn Smith mary e. smith Patsy Smith MADELINE SMOOT Doris Sparks Beth Swafford Edith Taylor Magdalene Turpin Dorothy Whisnant Virginia Wright Page Sixty-two MUSIC MAJORS ' ASSOCIATION ROYSTER BARNETT Eloise Buff Marie Clark Elizabeth Cooper OFFICERS MARIE HUDLER ELOISE Buff royster barnett pauline cress Virginia Douglass MARY Ellis Mildred Harmon President Vice-President Secretaru ROLL Marie Hudler Virginia Isaacs Nell Kendall Eunice McCoury A. J. Smith Catherine L. Taylor Helen Wilcox Virginia Wright BAND Teddy Barnctt, Gene Bingham. Louise Bowers. Billy Brown. Lloise Bnff. J. B. Coffee. Dorcas Cornwell. Fred Council. Mary Evelyn Ellis. Rela Farthing. Pauline Furr. Joe Faithera, Mary Elizabeth Green. Billy Greer, Gordon Hartzog, Virginia Isaacs. Mary Virginia Mahaffee. Grady Moretz. Mary Alice Moretz. Randall Page, Lawrence Poteat. Ann Smith. Katherine Smith. Stanley South. Junior Storie. Mary Lee Stout, Katherine Taylor, Edwin Troutman. Rachel Ann Vance, Donald Warman, Jack Whitner, Helen Wilcox. Ruby Wilson, Betty Ruth Winkler, Mary Sue Winkler, Jean Wright, W. B. York. Page Sixty-three SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Gene Bingham Virginia Douglas Miss Helen Foster JoNNiE Long Lawrence Poteat " jL v Doris Smith Katherine Smith k-KATHERINE TAYLOR Edwin Troutman Helen Wilcox Ruby Wilson Jean Wright Gene Bingham Palmer Blair Lawrence Poteat DANCE BAND Spencer Qualls A. J. Smith Katherine Smith Katherine Taylor Edwin Troutman Jean Wright Page Sixty-four BATONvG-KUB — - OFFICERS Emma Gene Reynolds June McBee Dimples Fortune President Vice-President Secretary Mayo Honeycutt Ann Corn Margaret Ledbetter Mrs. Garbee Treasurer Leader Reporter Faculty Adviser ( MEMBERS FAYE ALDRIEX3E Helen Barbee Louise Bowers Thelma Farthing Merle Kiser Margaret Lynch Helen Moxley Maven Moxley Evelyn Ray Edith Taylor Rachel Tucker Eleanore Vance Mid-ycar graduate. Page Sixty tioe VERNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ■ " T •i on ICERS Fall Quarter Winter Quarter JANETTE Forbes President KATHERINE COBLE President Dorcas Sigmon Vice-President HELEN HORN Vice-President Anna von Oesen , SecrelarLi LOU WALLACE MOORE Secretary Katherine Coble Treasurer OPAL LOPP Treasurer ROLL Laura Alexander Annie Mac Hunter Peggy Rogers Evelyn Broyhill Louise Kiser Kathryn Inez Smith Naomi Broyhill Mary Mildred Mackie Mae Tucker Rosalyn Francis Doris McKnight Edna Venable Margaret Line bergcr Ellen Burris Margaret Caldwell Frances Crowell Ann Corn Mary Lou Culp Alice East Ruth Favell Polly Furr Sarah Harper Edna Harrell Doris Harrison Eloise Hughes Mary Sue Hunter Jane King Mary Mildred Mackie June McBee Mid-year graduate. Frances McCall Frances McCollum Martha Miller Maven Moxley Mable Nix Myrtle Nix Jane Parlier Ruth Mae Pearman Margaret Pritchctt DYNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS f irs( Quarter RACHEL Tucker President Doris Crouse Vice-President Peggie Phifer Virginia Rakcstraw Roma Roberson Savannah Segraves Ruby Tucker Henrietta Waddell Frances Welborn Dorothy Whisnant Frances Holt Yarborough Page Sixty-six RHODODENDRON STAFF Mary Lou Gulp Editor Katherine Coble Business Manager Mary ALLETA Smith Assistant Editor Sarah Harmon Asst. Business Manager Ann Corn Photography Editor Jean Browne Managing Editor Mabel Goodman Sports Editor Earl Searcy Sports Editor Frances Whiteni:r Senior Class Editor Pauline Cress Junior Class Editor Frances Holt Yarborough Sophomore Class Editor Frances Welborn. Freshman Class Editor Vance Howell Faculty Adviser Page Sixty-seven THE APPALACHIAN EDITORIAL STAFF Pearl STEELMAN EdUur m Chut Mary M. MACKIE Assucuitc EdUur Georgia PARRISH Feature Editor Frances YARBOROUGH Feature Writer Christine ZACHARY Feature Writer Virginia Rakestraw Typist Reporters: Ruth Nixon. Doris Sparkes. Nellie Gab- riel, Margaret Rhodes, Mary Lcc McMahan. Doris Har- rison, June Ayers. SPORTS STAFF ANN Corn . Editor Ellen PHILBECK Assistant Editor Reporters: Betty Gabriel. Bob Young. BUSINESS STAFF Margaret PRITCHETT Business Manager Laura Alexander Circulation Manager Assistants: Nell Williams. Ivcy Pleasant. Jerome Melton. Gwyn Bowers, D. J. WhITENEK . Faculty Adoiser Page Sixty-eight BOOK IV FEATURES Page Stxly-nine MAY QUEEN o o Pt i f St-Cvntii lioma ' Tioberson Maid of Honor dAltce ' ' ' Ragan Senior Auendunl Katherine C blt ' Senior AncnJunl Sarah Harper Senior AlienJuni I ' aue Seoenty-one S ancy Furches Junior Atlendunl ane King Junior Allendant ' Dons c Knight Junior Atlendunl Page Seventy-two 4argaret Lineberger Sophomore Atlcndant Freshman Attendant men Thilbeck Sophomore Allendanl oyce lirookshtvc Freshman Attendant Paqe SeCfnty-tbree Campus ' (] 0 A . i.i , b zMargaret ntchett Miss Appalachian oAnn Corn Most Popular Page Seventy -four Superlatives earl Steelman Most Valuable Woman Warren Hawkins Mr. Appalachian Page Seventy-five Publication ' Mrs. qA. F. Gulp Editor Rhododendron Mrs. C T. Coble Business Manager RHODODENDRON Page Sevenly-six sponsors c rs. W. S. Steelman Editor Appalachian zMrs. S. zM. Call Business Manager Appalachian Page Seventy-seven Class zMrs. aret ntchett Senior Class z rs. S. W. Furches Junior Class Page Scuunly-cight Sp onsors .Mrs. £ T. Za. Sophomore Class zMrs. S. W. Welborn Freshman Class Page Seventy -nine STUDENT COUNCIL Margaret McKnight Katherine Coble Jane King President Vice-President Secretary Estella Blevins Jean Browne Mary Louise Culp Louis Curlee Betty Gabriel Margaret McIntyre Margaret Pritchett Frances Welborn Nell Williams Iris Young Christine Zachary Page Eighty WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Seniors Margaret Berrier KaTherine Coble JANETTE Forbes Sarah Harmon Anna von Oesen Georgia Parrish Dorcas Sigmon Pearl Steelman Rachel Tucker Robert Warren Pauline Cress Pauline Furr Jane King Juniors Margaret McIntyre JUANITA McSWAIN Bernard Miller 1944 Not in picture. Page Eighiy-one Reminiscing The One Responsible Romeos The Most Popular Man on the Campus Poppa ' n Mamma Grubbs Vogue? Speed Limit Two of a Kind Climbin ' Up the Golden Stairs Preparing Ye Ole Editor Which One? Page Eighty- tiuo Winter at Appalachian Campus Frolics ' , )fF , f j Rhododendron a , ze ' w to acknowledge V ,A ' oM iwcere appreciation to Professor Antonakos and r } V f rofessor Yoder for their enduring and conscientious ; • ,, ' . ) t me and effort which they so freely devoted to this 1 I publication. lt[INS-STURDIVANT FUIERAL m BURIAL ASSOCI ITIOI Day and Night A mbulance Service PHONE 24 [ Compliments of CREST 5-10-25C STORES CO. Boone, North Carolina " Where all of the little things are available all the time. " BUY MORE WAR BONDS Puya Eiyhly-liuc Goodman Dress Shop We specialize in DRESSES, LINGERIE, HATS, BAGS, AND SPORTWEAR Mrs. D. C. Goodman, Owner Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company Paul A. Coffey Special Representative Office Court House Boone, N. C. PARKWAY COMPANY HARDWARE— ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Seeds of All Kinds Boone, N. C. DACUS RADIO SHOP Expert Radio Repairing 20 Years Experience 217 Main St. Boone, N. C. Belk ■White Company BOONE, N. C. 200 Department Stores Sell it for less HOLLAR ' S GROCERY • fancy GROCERIES • NATIVE WESTERN MEATS • FRESH FRUITS ANYTIME Boone, N. C. The ECONOMY STORE Men ' s - Wome7i ' s - Children ' s SHOES - DRESSES - COATS June Russell, Manager Depot Street Boone, N. C. Smithed ' s Dept. Store Boone ' s Largest New Daylight Store DRY Goods, Groceries, Feeds, Poultry, Gasoline, and Oils Phone 119 Msit Our Lunch Room All Sandwiches 5f Coffee Free Page Eighiy-six Compliments of R. W. Colvard COLVARD TIREHHEUOL[T CO. Main Street BOONE, N. C. Compliments of Frank M. Payne, General Manager Security Life Trust Co. Office Northwestern Bank Building BOONE, N. C. " The soo)ier you plan ijour future the better your future will be " Winkler Motor Company Authorized Ford Dealer We have a complete stock of parts SEE OUR USED CARS Phone 69 — Main Street Boone, North Carolina Coviplinients of WATAUGA DEMOCRAT Established 1888 Page Eighly-seven Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE CO, INC. Everything in Hardware and Associate Lines BOONE, N. C. Compliments of cm ' i CODA-COIA BOTTLIIi; CODlPA y OF ASHEVILLE, N. C. HICKORY, N. C. CompUmeyits of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Howe Oh ' IccI and Operated by J. C. Cline Boone, N. C. The Home of A. S. T. C. GATEWAY CAFE " Western Carol i)ia ' s Finest " Boone, N. C. KING STREET GROCERY A complete line of fancy and staple groceries Phone 159 Boone, N. C. Compliments of PEARCE, YOUNG, ANGEL COMPANY Asheville, N. C. Page Eighty-eight The Recreational Center of Boone CHARLIE ' S BOWLING ALLEY Coyne here to enjoy AMERICA ' S FAVORITE SPORT Main Street BOONE, N. C. Carolina Commission Co. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables • Hickory, North Carolina Page Eighty-nine V ( r S T.. G. A, S. . G. MOfjNTfCl S RELIABLE QpEEN GITY TRAIL WAYS I Oivned and Operated by y QUEEN CITY COACH COMPANY Compliments of SUNBEAM BREAD BY WALDENSIAN BAKING CD VALDESE, N. C. Page Ninety Compliments of BOONE DRUG STORE " The Rexall Store " Phone 17 G. K. Moose, Owner Burgess Antique Shop Complete Home Furnishing New and Used Furniture Antiques a Specialty Phone 195 Boone, N. C. Compliments of B. W. STALLINGS " Your College Jeweler " Boone, N. C. Watches Diamonds Jewelry Walker ' s Jewelry Store watches, diamonds, rings, and school supplies Fine Watch Repairing Appalachian State Teachers College Students Always Welcome Hunt ' s Department Store Two Large Floors of Moderate Priced Clothing and Shoes for Entire Family Phone 118 Carolina Pharmacy Your Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 47 Boone, N. C. CAROLINA CAFE HOTEL " Boone ' s Finest " FRIED spring CHICKEN COUNTRY ham t-bone steaks Milton Young, Manager APPALACHIAN THEATRE D. J. Norman, Manager Western North Carolina ' s Finest Boone, N. C. Page Ninety-one X BSERVEIl o NT V HOUSE W H d L Uj . Oji ytmC IJ A yi)Lly7 t 4t Uy U JJf(M JJAu C. l WAl M aAM - ynJl O iyCJL JyyK, l I fMynJr2A v yf -9 . J: ly ' -Jl ,. K-c i X M- .yU L oO iU. V , C ' r.. JL XKJi-.- ,1 ,3.-. J-- l oM yO r. - ' - e 4 y . X - - . - ' A x M " . .u ,., A- - ... -. .. . 4J

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