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ANNUAL IT VHiBFVHfVtf BSW IHIAtf ' krild tfF i HUNDRE 1 -kIBRTN-gAHffLIW fforace (joo3 - S£ t JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS ilnarptj A. Wtlltama An exponent of humor and whimsical philosophy — that is " Uncle Joe. " No theme, other than the one we have chosen, would fit this personality so well. Without the opportunity for presenting this man, who has been such a prominent figure in the history of Appalachian State Teachers College, this would have been an incomplete book. In " Uncle Joe " we have all found a sympathetic and trusting friend. His quaint weather observations have endeared him to us. His never-failing " Howdy " has been a constant joy and delight throughout each year. Because of these and many other things that have made you such an integral part of our college days — to you, " Uncle Joe, " we dedicate this, the Nineteen Hundred and Forty RHODODENDRON. MORE of yourself than you suspect is in this yearbook. It is not intended to be a static memorial in printer ' s ink but a symbol of another mile covered ... a little peg on which to hang your thoughts ... an epitome of part of the world you lived ... a tangible world that you will see again, some day. with an eye tempered by experiences yet to come. So, with this in mind, we have embellished this record with the words of more articulate philosophers, who, passing this way, pondered the vagaries of life. COLLEGE — Book One — As represented by the structures and administrative and academic personnel. CLASSES — Book Two — The four scholastic sub-divisions of the student body. — — Athletics — Book Three — A record of physical activities and competitions. ACTIVI- TIES — Book Four — Clubs, societies and pub- lications. Features — Book Five — May Court, superlatives, sponsors, campus. What is the first business of one who studies philosophy. ' To part with self -conceit . For it is impossible for any one to begin to learn what he thinks that he already knows. — Epictetus (Circa AD. 60). In philosophy, it is not the attainment of the goal that matters, it is the things that are met with by the way. — Havelock Ellis i 1859- ). Asked what he gained from philosophy, he answered. " To do without being commanded what others do from fear of the laws. " — Diogenes L.icnius (Circ.i AD. 200). g c3 ietorie rqake trieriunee; poets, wittu ; tt e tttatttet atk , subtle; natural pljUosophtydeep; moral, qrave; loaic at d rhetoric, aMe to contend. (Francis j3acoti- 1561-1626 Hoiv charming is divine philosophy! Not harsh and crabbed, as dull fools suppose. But musical as is Apollo ' s lute. And a perpetual feast of nectar ' d sweets Where no crude surfeit reigns. — John Milton (1608-1674). ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ■ ■ • " ¥ r. H ' ■ 2 1 ' „» ISP lifp JUSTICE HALL BLAN-DOLF HALL : 1 «. .- ., . • .• » r Vw — - ■ •, III II m- I £. M H H ' 1111) " " " " " i ' r ;. t ..j rrr .-. - mfr : ati M FACULTY APARTMENTS LIBRARY WATAUGA ACADEMY ' A teacher ivho can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he ivho fills our memory icith roics on roix ' s of natural objects, classified icith name and form. " — Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832). FACULTY B. B. Dougherty B.S.. Ph.B.. D.LITT.. D.Ed. President J. D. Rankin Herman R E( i .1 RS J. M. DOWNUM Chapell Wilson A.B.. A.M., S.T.D. A B. AM. A.B. A.B.. A.M. Dean — English Acting Registrar Registrar Emeritus Director Demonstration Schools Eighteen tfr i Mta Wiley Smith A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Psychology Zed H. Burns B.S.. M.S.. D.Ed. Education Van Hinson A.B.. M.Ed. Psychology E. S. CHRISTENBURY A.B.. M.A. Principal High School Education John Howell B.S., M.A.. M.Ed. Principal Elementary School Myrtle Brandon B.S.. M.A. Elementary Education H. B. HEFLIN A.B.. M.A. Education Kelley G. Miles B.S.. M.S. Education Lee F. Reynolds Herbert W. Wey A. Frank hamrick Mrs. J. Edwin Rivers B.S.. M.A. B.S.. M.A. A.B., M.A. A.B.. M.A. Education Education Education Education Page Nineteen V. Amos Abrams A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. English GRAVDON P. Eggers A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. English A. J. GR] 1 N English Meta Swain In i s A.B.. M.A. English E. C. Dl A.B.. M.A. English Dorothy Ellis A.B., M.A. English Gordon Nash A.B. Music J I i wood Roberts A.B. Mush Virginia Wary B.M. Music ' . I A l II PURDOM A.B. Music ANTONIUS ANTONAKOS B.S., M.S. Physics R. C. BUSTEED B S M.S., PhD Bioli Page Twenty MAUDE EOLA CATHCART B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Biology Ida Belle Ledbetter A.B.. M.A. Biology A. R. Smith A.B.. M.A. Chemistry Louise Moore B.S.. L.s. Library Science Mrs. Emma H. Mcore Librarian Leonard Eury A.B.. B.S. in L.S. Librarian ALLIE AUSTIN B.S. Librarian Mrs. Van Hinson A.B.. M.A. French Joseph A. Williams A.B.. M.A. Geography Julian S. Yode?. B.S.. M.A. Geography J. T. C. Wright A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Mathematics Starr Stacy .B M.A. Mathematics — Geography Jt z i - { D. .1 Whitener A IV. MA.. Ph.D. History and Government ,1 HAROLD Woi I I A IV. AM. Ph.D. Histi ry and Sociology VANC] HOWE1 1 B.A., A.M. History F. E. Warman B.S., A.M.. B.D.. DD. History GEORGl ! SAW. IK A B . MA. History Al II TASH1RO B.S. in L.A. Landscape Architect History Gene Wike B.s. Publicity Director History W. M. GRUBBS B.A., M.A. Economics and Government Eugene E. Gari i B.S.. MA. Physical Education I Y WATKINS A.B., M.A. Physical Education Phillip Cartwright B.S.. M.S. Physical Education I in usa Steed B.S.. M.A. Physical Education Page Twenly-two Cleon Haynes Kenneth W. Iversen Flucie Stewart Etta Mae Hargraves A.B.. M.S. B.S.. M.A. A.B. B.S.. M.A. Physical Education Physical Education Athletic Director Home Economics Glada B. walker A.B.. M.A. Art Mrs. Cullen Johnson B.S. Art Lucy Brock A.B.. M.S. Home Economics Carrie S. Smith B.A.. M.A. Supervisor of Reading Barnard Dougherty Mrs. Graydon P. Eggers Mary Williams Chloe Greer B.S. B.S. B.S. Secretary to Registrar Business Manager Secretary to Dean Secretary to Business Manager Page Twenty-three Mrs. Lili.ii; B. Hardin Jennie Todd Mrs. Viola Page Odei l William Cline Bray Hostess B.S. Hostess B.S. Supervisor of Women Custodian Mrs Rlth B. Redmond Grace S. Boyd Mrs. Maud Kelley W. H Herndon Secretary to President Secretary to Business Secretary to Business Manager of Cafeteria Manager Manager Page Twenty-four Igj g Here are tfyree classes of intellects: otie w c comprehends t ) itself ;ati6VV cr w j c [ appreciates u at o%rs comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends hi) itself tior t)u the showinq of others; ttie first- is the- tnost excellent, ttieseccmdts ooo d, tl e third is useless- NWld macUwclli - 1469 -1527 A little philosophy inclineth man ' s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth man ' s mind about to religion. — Francis Bacon (1561-1626). ' FOR as I like a young man in ivhom there is something of the old, so I like an old man in whom there is something of the young; and he who follows this maxim, in body will possibly be an old man, but he will never be an old man in mind. " — Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.). SENIORS zMiss Jean Warwick SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR ggt St . ■f+s m F : ' f t5» b» i . - -» — . • r ' r " 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Andre Nadeau President William Edwards Vice-President Margaret Greene Secretary Milton Gaskill Treasurer Ralph Adolphus Abernathy. Jr. Connelly Springs. N. C. History and Mathematics Anne Elizabeth Adams Sherwood. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Mill College (1, 2); Librarj Assist- ant (3): Junior Ministerial Alliance, Presi ■ km in plora Alexander Stoney Point. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (II; Vernician Literary Society (J. 4); V. V. ( ' . A. (I. 2. 4); Lovill Club (1. - ' ); Iredell County Chili (1. - ' I. Frances Hayden Anderson Winston-Salem. N. C. History and Physical Education Basketball Squad (- ' . .! ; Volleyball Var- sity (2); Hockey CI); Physical Education Major Club (1. 2, 3, -I i ; Cheer Leader (2, 3, 4i ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dynician Literary Society (1. 2, . ' . 4); Methodist Club (3); President White Mall Club (3). PVmsfrO$LWTL Abernathy Adams , i exander Anderson Page Thirty BAGBY ATKINS AND AREY Ascending Mountain AYRES SEtllORS ♦ 1040 Elizabeth Emma arey Statesville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Lula Atkins Ramsaytown, N. C. Primary Education Sybil Elizabeth Ayres Nichols. S. C. Primary Education Asheville Teachers College (1, 2); Play- crafters (4); Methodist Club (4); Y. V. C. A. (4). Sybil Marion Bagby Elk Park, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (1, 2). Page Thirty-one o s. Henry Baggi i i St. Stephens, S. C. Mathematics and History Intramural Boxing (1, 2); Appalachian Staff i I. 2, 3, I). Business taanagi i (4) Math Club (3, t)i Wrestling (- ' . 3, 4) Football (2, 3); Baseball Managei (3, u Delta Phi Sigma (3, n. Charles V. Baker Winston-Salem, N. C. Special Student North Carolina State College Lucille Baker Bakersville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C A. (3, 4): Lovill Club Hi; B. T. r. (i. 2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (2, 3, 4i. President (4). Margaret Barlow Crcston, N. C. Primary Education Ashe County Club (1). pv hfr0m Ti Baggett C. Baker L. Baker Barlow Page Thirty-two Barnhill T. Beam L. Beam £)ErtfOtl£ ♦ X04O 1 Eleanor Barnett Huntersville, N. C. Primary Education Presbyterian Club (3); Lovill Club (3, 4); V. W. C. A. (3, 4). George Dewey Barnhill Barium Springs, N. C. Physical Education and History Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); " A " Club (1, 2, 3); Football (1); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Soccer (2). Leitha Frances Beam Crouse, N. C. Primary Education Lovill Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dynician Lit- erary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); B. Y. P. U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Junior Ministerial Alliance (4). Thelma Beam Cherryville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education White Hall Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Vernician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Methodist Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Interna- tional Relations Club (3, 4) ; Junior Minis- terial Alliance (4). Page Thirty-three David M. Black Waco, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Glee Club (1, . ' I; V. M. C. A. (1); A Cappella Choir (3, 4); Alpha Sigma Gamma (2, 3, 4i. Secretary (3), Vice-Presi dent (4): Intramural Sports (J. 3, 41. Beatrix bi.anton Lattimore, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Itinliiiv; Splines hininr ( ' ..lle r (], J); Dynician Literary Society (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4i. Choir (3, 4 ; Junior Marshal. LEAFYBELLE BLANTON Gastonia. N. C. Primary Education V. v. C. A. (J. .1. 4i; Phila Retian Society (1, 2, .1, 4). Secretary (.1), Vice- President (3); Gaston County Chili (1); Baton Twirlers (4); .May Day (.1); Arch- ery Club (ii. Ray Russell Blanton. Jr. Forest City. N. C. Music and History Furman (1. •); Y. M. C. A. (3); Band IP; Symphony Orchestra (.1, 4); Tennis Ajpp LACtti rt % R. Blanton 1 . Blanton R. Blanton Page Thirty-four Bolick . Bostic Bradley Brake $£tlI0B.$ ♦ 1040 i Mrs. Virginia Moretz Bolick Boone. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (1, 3, 4); Boil- ing Springs Junior College (2) ; B. T. LT. (1, 3, 4); V. V. C. A. (3, 4); Lovill Club (1, 3, 4). Betty Bostic Mooresboro, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4); Lovill Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (1, 2, 3, 4); Creative English Club (1, 2. 3); B. T. U. (1, 2, 3, 4), Presi- dent (4); Playcrafters (1, 2, 3); Forensic Club (1, 2). Josephine Bradley Vilas. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Elsie Lee Brake Rocky Mount. N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Physical Education Major Club (1, 2, 3, 41; V. W. C. A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (2, 3); Mathematics Club (3, 4), Secretary (3), President (4); Campfire Organization (3); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Marshal; Junior Class Treasurer; American Red Cross Life-Saver. w Page Thirty-five Erma Bridges Moorcsboro. N. C. Grammar firm c liduiation WlLMA SYBIL BRID 11 Bostic. N. C. English and History Lutheran Student ' s Association (1. - ' . . ' . ); Forensic Club (1, - . 3, 4); Thalian Literary Society (I. J. .;, -I i ; Methodist Club (1. 2. .1. 4(; V. V. { ' . A. (.!. -II; l ' lay- crafters i.i, 4), Social Science Club. Robert w. Broome Marion. N. C. Physical Education and History Varsity Football (1. - ' . M : Baseball Hi; Boxing 111; Intramural Softball; Intramural Basketball; " A " Club (1, 2, 3). Mrs. Margaret Bumgarner Crossnorc. N- C. Grammar Grade Education PVAhfrC%LmtL ipr l E. Bridges W. Bridges Broome .Bumgarner Page Thirty -six Bunch. . .E. Burleson K. Burleson . Burns S " ErtI0ft£ ♦ X04O J Dorothy Amelia Bunch Asheville. N. C. English and History Methodist Club (3, 4); Dynician Literary Society (3, 4); Playcrafters (J. 4 ; Bre- vard junior College (1. 2); Forensic Club (3, 4), Secretary (. ' -). Edith Louise Burleson Plumtree. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Society (2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Club (41; Montreat College (1); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4), Choir (41; A Cappella Choir (3, 4). Katherine Banner Burleson Plumtree. N. C. History and Physical Education Montreat College (1); Drum Majorette (4); Band (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Baton Club (4); Thalian Literary Society- Mi: V. V. C. A. (2, 3, 4i; Physical Edu- cation Major Club (2, 3. 4). Reporter (4); A Cappella Choir (4); Plavcrafters (2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Club (2, 3, 4). Azile Burns Goldston. N. C. Grammar Grade Education V. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (1); Methodist Club (1. 2); New Dormitory Club (2. ,i. 4i: Pla ycrafters (3), Dynician Literary Society (j, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2), Critic (3 , Secretary (4); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3). Page Thirty-seven KAIHLEEN ELIZABETH BYRD Erwin, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Campbell CmIU m- (I, 2t; Thalian Literary Society (3, 4 ; V. V. C. A. (4); II. S. U. ( louncil (4 ). Vivienne Jacqueline Carico Boone, N. C. French and English 1. R. C. (I, 2, .!, 4); Playcrafters (1. J. .!. 4); Appalachian Start (.i, 41- Thalian Literary Society (I, 2). Ralph Bennett Carpenter Belwood. N. C. Special Student Edwin Carter Danville, Va. History and Physical Education Glee Club (2); A Cappella Choir (.!, 4); Boy Scouts (2); Alpha Lambda Sigma (3, 41. President (4); Y. M. C. A. (4): Box- ins (2); Intramural Athletics (I, 2, .1, 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (1, 2, .!, 4), President (3), Vice-President (1, 4). ftpvfihfrom tL Byrd Carico Carpenter in foreground Carter Page Thirty-eight CARTER CHILDERS . CHRISTENSEN, among those present . CLARK S)mi0ft£ ♦ 1240 m J Madge Carter Bald Creek. N. C. Grammar Grade Education B. T. U. (1. 2. 3, 4); B. S. U. Mi: Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, -1); Y. V. C. A. (3, 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (2, 3), Pianist (2). Mary Sue Childers Lincolnton, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (1, 2); Y. Y. C. A. (1, 21; Lincoln County Club (1, 2); White Hall Club (1); New Dormitory Club (2). Howard Middleton Christensen Banner Elk, N. C. History and Mathematics Flowers Clark Gastonia, N. C. Mathematics and History Page Thirty-nine Garnet Clark Lansing. N. C. History and Physical Education " A " Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Football (1, 2, 3); Boxing (1, 2); Intramural Basketball II. - ' . 3, 4 ; Tumbling (3, 41; A. II. S. A. Official (3, 4). Lalla Maxine Clay Boone. N. C. Primary Education Evelyn Gwendolyn Clodeelter Thomasville, N. C. Primary Education Ashury College (1. - i ; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Methodist Club (3. 4); Campfirc Organ, ization (3) ; Junior Marshal; College Orches- tra (4) ; Thalian Literary Society {3, 4) ; Appalachian] Pp uni (4 ,C pv£asfrcm rL Clark Clay Cloih i i in; Coble Page Forty Collins . Cooke . Corn . Costner SEUICftS ♦ I£40 Lloyd E. Collins Stuart, Va. History and English Alpha Sigma Gamma (1); Baseball (3). Billie Greene Ccoke Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Yernieian Literary Society (4) ; Thalian Literary Society (1); Glee Club (1). George Henry Corn Lexington, N. C. History and Physical Education Football CI, 2, 3, 4); Boxing (1, 2); Delta Phi Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4); President Junior Class (3); Student Council (3, 4); President " A " Club (4); Who ' s Who (4); Senior Superlative, Most Versatile (4). Verda Mozelle Costner Lawndale, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Boiling Springs College (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Y. VV. C. A. Choir (3, 4); A Cappella Choir (3, 4) ; Dynieian Literary Society (3, 4); B. T. U. (3, 4); Play- crafters (3, 4), Student Director (4); In- tramural Sports (3, 4). Page Forty-one ANNEBELL COUNCIL Durham, N. C. French and English Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (. . 4); Le Circle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Choir (1. 2, 3, 4); Methodist Club (3, 41, MARGARET HORTON COWl I s Lenoir, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literarj Society (2, . ' . 4); y. W. C. A. (1, - ' . 3, 4); II. T. I ' . CI, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (Ji; Lovill Club (1, 2, 3, 4i. Dolly Vesta Crawford Pikesville, N. C. Primary Education I ' .. C. T. C. (I. - 7 . 3); Thalian Literarj Society C4)i Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet in. Lanier Societ) (1. ' . ,i |. Lois Ferguson Crawford Gjstonij. N. C. Primary Education pvAh LC imL CouNi ii. M. D. Craweord Page Forty-two Cress Crisp Daugherty Davis S " ERI0ft£ ♦ X940 Vesta Louise Cress Salisbury. N. C. Primary Education Glee Club (1, 2): A Cappella Choir (3, 4); Playcrafters (1, 2, 3, 4); Thalian Lit- erary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Pianist (3); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Junior Cabinet; Choir (1, 2, 3, 4), Director (4); Forensic Club (2); White Hall Club (1. 2); Rh ■ DENDRON Staff (3, 4). John B. Crisp Candler. N. C. History and Mathematics Rudolph P. Daugherty Smithficld. N. C. Physical Education and History Football (1. 2. 3, 4); Wrestling (2); Boxing (1); Assistant Coach of Basketball at Boone High School (4) ; " A " Club (2, 3, 4). Marthalene Davis Rockford. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 41; Dynician Lit- erary Society (1, 2, 41. Secretary (2); Lovill Club (1. 2); Methodist Club (1. 2. 4 I. Page Forty-three T Sarah Rosalie dearmin Elk Park, N. C. Grammar Grade Education I ' ll. ill. in Literary Society (1. 2, . , 4); V. W. i ' . A. (i. j. .;. n. Diana Lynn DeLapp Lexington. N. C. Grammar Grade Education V. W. C. A. (1, 2. i. 4); White Hill Chili Mi: New Dormitory Club (J. 1, 1) ; Methodist Club (1, 2); Intramural Sports (1. 2. ,H: Playcrafters ! I . Dynician Lit- erary Society (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary (-1), President (4). Mary Ethyl Douglas Statesville, N. C. Primary Education Mitchell College I 1. 2); Y. W. C. A. 1 4i; Methodisl Club (4i; Phila Retian I iteran Societ) . 4), Pianist (4), Treasure! (4). Pauline Douglas Statesville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education PV : pLh CmATL DeLapp m. Douglas i Dougi s Page Forty-four Duncan . F. Edwards W. Edwards serious 1040 Gretchen Beatrice Duncan Lawndale, N. C. English and French Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); French Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C A. (4); Playcrafters (2. 3. 4); Methodist Club (1, 2); White Hall Club (1); New Dorm Club (2, 3, 4). Fred Edwards Barium Springs. N. C. English and History Delta Phi Sigma (3, 4); Wrestling (1. 2). William R. Edwards Winston-Salem. N. C. History and Mathematics Brevard College (1, 2); Football (3, 4); Boxing (3); President Student Council (4); Vice-President Senior Class; " A " Club (3, 4). Verona Martin Ervin Davidson. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill (1); Pineland Junior College (2) Vernician Literary Society (3, 4) ; B. T. U. (3, 4) ; Junior Ministerial Alliance (4). Pag: Forty-due I i izabeth Olivia Eubanks Marshville, N. C. Frernh and English Wingate Junior College (1, J ; Dynician Literary Societ} £3, 4); Playcrafters t ; . ii; It. Y. P. r. (.!); Forensic Club (3); White Hall Club 14 1: V. W. C. A. (i. 4i; Le ( ' ercle Ft ancais i 3, 4). Cecelia Ann Farlow Sophia, N. C. Home Economics Cyrus Paw Millers Creek, N. C. Mathematics and Science Lincoln Memorial University (1); Y. M. ( A. (1); B. V. I ' . U. (1. - ' . .!, 4); Scout- its Training Corps i - ' . 3, 4), Assistant Scoutmaster (4); Math Club (. ' , 4); Alpha Lambda Sigma (- . 4t. Leona Church i lory Scottville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Phila Retian Literary Society (4). cfWP L Ottl rL WKS I AKI.OW 1 AW Page 1 ' orty-six J. Francis N. Francis Franklin Gantt ££tlI0ft$ ♦ 1040 JEKOLIA REEDER FRANCIS Kannapolis. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (41: V. W. C. A. (4); French Club (3); Intramural Sports (1. 2. 3); Home Economics Clul) (2). Nola Marie Francis Crumpler, N. C. Primary Education Ashe County Club (1, 2); Intramural Volleyball (2); Home Economics Club (4); Thalian Literary Society (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). William Smith Franklin Crossnorc. N. C. Science and History .Mars Hill College (1, 2); A Cappella Choir (i, 4); The Appalachian (3); Play- crafters (3); Forensic Club (3, 4); Debat- ing Team (4); Y. M. C. A. (4). James Wesley gantt Lawndale. N. C. English and History Brevard College (1. 21; Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); Cleveland County Club; Delta Ph. Sig- ma; Supervisor of N. Y. A. (4). Page Forty-seven MARTHA DELANE GARNER Raleigh. N. C. Primary Education White II. ill Club (1, J. .! . President (2); Glee Club (2); Sophomore Class Secretary (2); Thalian Literarj Society (1, - ' . ,i. 4); i Iheei I eadei ( 1. J. . . 4); Ma) Daj A ' tendant i 2 . Y. V. ( ' . A. i 1. ' . .i. -I). Mil ION JAM1 S GASKILL Washington, N. C. History and Physical Education " A " Club il. - ' . ;. 4.; Wrestling (1. . ' . .i, 4). Captain 4 ) ; Senioi Class treasurer; i i.i. 4); Intramural Spurts (1. 2. . . 41. Iris Rose Gibson High Point. N. C. Physical Education and French Meredith College (1, J); French Major (Uil» (3, 4); Physical Education Major I ' hili l ' . 4i; Fori-nsic (lull (.!, 41. Si.t. tary (4); Dynician Literary Society I 4i; Playcrafters (3, 4). Rl th Gibson Marion. N. C. Primary Education l ' i, hi, , Junior College i 1. J i ; V. W. C. A. (I, J. .i. 4 ; Glee Club (I. 21; I.ovill Clul. (3); Intramural Si». ; is II. 2, .1. 41. PteVmsPLGWltttL Garner Gaskill I. Gibson R. Gibson, in distance Page Forty-eight Hal .e • Mm ■ » ' Good . Mary Greene . . Margaret Greene Greer s " Erao i£ ♦ iMO 1 Horace J. Good Industry. Pa. English and History Rhododendron Staff, Assistant Editor (3), Editor (4); Appalachian Staff (2, 3); Boxing (1, 21; " A " Club (2, 3, 4); Alpha Sigma Gamma Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4i; Who ' s Hlio (41; Playcrafters (2. 3, 4i. Margaret Greene Greenville, S. C. Physical Education and English W. C. U. X. C. (1, 2); Secretary Senior Class; President Lovill Club (3); B. S. U. Council (3, 4), Cabinet (4); Softball (3); Volleyball (3, 4) ; Soccer (4) ; Physical Education Major Club (3, 4). Mary Helen Greene Boone. N. C. Primary Education Glee Club (1); Playcrafters (4); B. Y. P. U. 11. 2. 3, 4i; V. Y. C. A. I 1. 2. 3). Mabel Virginia Greer Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (4); B. S. U. Council (4); B. Y. P. U. (3, 4); Y. V. C. A. (4). Page Forty-nine o A K Vt y 4 . A K fr (J V feK Mary Magdalene Griffith Winston-Salem, N. C. Primary Education Brevard Junior College (1, -M ; Methodisl Club i.;. 41; Lovill Chili Hi: Dynician Literarj Societj (4); Y. W. C. A. i 1 1. DWIGHT GRUBBS Mocksvillc. N. C. History and English Rhododendron Staff I ! . 4). Business Managei (4): 1. R. C. (2, 3, -I). President (4i; Class President Ui; Who ' s Who (3, 4); Student Council (3); Appalachian Staff (2, 3); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3); N. E. Club (2, 3)i Forum (4). Clyde Thomas Harding Chocowinity, N. C. Physical Education and History Football Manager (2, 3, 4»; Wrestling Manager , 4i; Athletic Supph Managei (4); " A " Club i 1). Rachel Harris Wake Forest. N. C. Mathematics and Science pv hfrCiimtL Griffith Grlbbs Harding Harris Page Filly Harrington Havnes Hendricks Henslev S " Eni0ft£ ♦ X£40 1 Edith Jane Harrington Taylorsville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mary Lillian Haynes Lewisville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Methodist Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary- Treasurer (4 1; Thalian Literary Society (1. 2, J, 4l; White Hall Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Alice Carr Hendricks Salisbury. N. C. Grammar Grade and Physical Education Limestone College (1): Student Council (1); Athletic Board (1); Physical Educa- tion Major Club (1, 2. 3, 4). President (4i; A Cappella Choir (1. 4): Girls ' " A " Club (4): Basketball (1. 4): Tennis (1): Vol- leyball (1. 2, 3, 4l; Softball (1, 4): Soccer il. 4i; Swimming Team (1); A. II. S. -V. (3, 4); Vernician Literarv Society i4): Y. W. C. A. (1. 41. Dellma Athleene Hensley Swiss. N. C. French and English A Cappella Choir (3, 4) ; Thalian Lit- erary Society (1, 2, 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); French Club CI, 2. 3, 41; B. S. I - . Council (4); White Hall Club (1, 2, 3, 4); B. Y. P. I ' . (1. 2. , ' . 41; Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (3, 4). Page Fifty-one Eric Wilson Hill [ " imberhke, N. C. Mathematics and History Louisburg Junior College (1, ' t : Basket ball t I. 2); Tennis I ' . I . I I . 5 M. ( ' . A. (1, 2, I. 4i ; Math Club I Si i NELL HOLLADAY Albemarle, N. C. English and I rench Louise Holland Olin. N. C. English. History and Physical Education Physical Education Major Chit ' (2, 3, 41; Iredell County Club (3); Phila Retian Lit- Societ; (2 I, 4i : Volleyball (3, 4); Soccer Varsity (4); Basketball (3, 4); In- tramural Sports (l. 2, 3, 4i; " A " Club II); Senior Life-Saving (4 1. Vivian Eursla Hollowav Mount Airy. N. C. English and History Who ' s Who (4t: Rhododendron Stafl (4i; Y. V. ( ' . A. (1. 2, .;. 4i. ice Presi- di nt (4) j B S I ' .. President (4i; Thalian Literal (2, 3, 41. pv h cm ti • " jT — HlI.I. HOLLADAY HOLLAND HOLLOWAY Page Fifty two HOLLOWELL, among onlookers HOOVER HORNEY HOUCK SERIOUS ♦ 1 40 John Edwards Hollowell Greensboro. N. C. English and Mathematics Francis Lentz Hoover Statcsville. N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3); .Math Club (3, 4); " A " Club ( ' , 3, 4); A. H. S. A. Official (I, 2. 3. 4); Intra- mural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Marshal (3); Appalachian Staff (2, 3); Gym Class Instructor (2. 3); Who ' s Who (41; Fresh- man Class President. 1 RALPH HORNEY Crossnore. N. C. Mathematics and Science ENNIS HOUCK Boone. N. C. Primary Education Campfire Cirls (4) ; Home Economics Club (4). Page Fifty-three mm. Rem Howard 1 ayetteville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education X. W. ( ' . A. (1. . ' . .;. -ii, Cabinet - ' . .;. -ii ; Playcraftei s (2, 3, 4) ; Playbill Staff (4); Girls ' Physical Education Major Club ii. J); Girls ' " A " Club (.;. i ; Appalachian Forum i ' . .;, 4) J I. R. C. (4); Junior Marshal; A Cappi-lla t ' hoir I -1 ; Rnon n dron Staff (4 ; Vernician Literary Society il. J. . . 4i, President (4i; Girls ' Ha k,-i ball Manager (3, 4); Presbyterian Club (, . 4); Forensic Club (3, 4); Campfire Girls i !, 1 1, President ti ; Who ' s Who (4). Frank Hoyle Chcrrvvillc. N. C. Mathematics and History Weaver College M, 2); Math Club (3, 4). Mary Eleanor Hudgins Winston Salem. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. . . 4i; White II. ,11 Club (li; . V» Dorm Club (2); Archery ( 1 l. Ruth Louise Hudgins Winston-Salem. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1. 2. 3, 4); Appalachian Little Symphony Orchestra (3, li ; Archery ( 3 i ; New Dorm Club (2). ttpvfihfrcm TL 7 Howard HOYLE, outside exist XI Hcdgins I. Hudgins Page Fifty Hudson Jerome Huneycutt Johnson jsnBftlOBJS ♦ X04O 1 Phil Hudson Biloxi. Miss. Physical Education and History Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4). Captain (3, 4i: Baseball 11. 3, 41; " A " Club (2, .i. 4). Vice-President (4 1; Class Treasurer (2); Intramural Sports (2, 3, 4); American Red Cross Life-Saving Service (2, 3); Gym Class Instructor 12. 3); Senior Superlative, Best Athlete (4). Charles Jerome Huneycutt Lexington. N. C. History and Science J. w. Huneycutt Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Kenneth L. Johnson Elizabethtown. N. C. History and English Alpha Sigma Gamma (1. 2. 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (1. 2); I. R. C. (3, 4); Appalachian Forum (2, 3, 4); Forensic Club (2). Page Fifty-five Loueasa Oaks Johnson Mount Airy. N. C. Mathematics and Science Meredith College (J, - ' . 3); Math Club in. rhalian s » ii i i 1 1 ; Campfire (in Is (41. Dorothy Hope Jonas Vale, N. C. Primary Education Brevard College CI, - : Forensic Club (3, 4i; Methodist Club (3, 4); Campfire Girls ; . 4i ; Dynician Societ) (3, 4i ; Y. W. C. A. (i. 4i; Playcrafters (3, 4). ANNABETH HOYLE JONES Shelby, N. C. Primary Education Playcrafters (1, 2, . " . Ii; Dynician Lit- erary Society (I. J. . . 4), President (4); Cheer Leader (I, 2, .i. 4); Campus Superla- tive i- ' i; May Queen Attendant (1); Stu- dent Council (. ' . 41. President (41; Who ' s Who (41; M, t Versatile Senioi Girl (41; Y. Y. ( ' . A. Cabinet (J, - . 3, 4). Thau Allen Jones Catawba. N. C. Physical Education and History Intramural Sports (4i; Wrestling (2. 3, 4); Softball (1, J. 3 i ; Tag Football (- ' . 3, 4 1 ; Soccei (3, 4 I. PVAh CHlAtL Johnson Jonas A. Jones T. Jones Page Fifty-six Kimel Kiser Knox gEttiotus ♦ x$40 J Rebecca Louise Kendrick Shelby, N. C. Grammar Grade Education B. Y. P. U. (1, 2, 3, 4). Howard R. Kimel Winston-Salem, N. C. History and Science Alpha Sigma Gamma (1, 2, 3, 4); Forum (2, 3, 4), President (4); I. R. C. (4); Tennis Manager (2, 3, 4); Soccer (2, 3); Debating (2, 3, 4); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3); Circulation Manager Appalachian (3); Rhododendron (4). Louise Blanche Kiser Lincolnton. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (3, 4) ; Varsity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); L. S. A. 4 . Robert B. Knox Huntersville, N. C. History and Science Page Fifty-seven Iris Landis Ncbo. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Society (2, 3, 4 I ; Methodist Club (2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (2, 3, 4); V. W, C. A. ij. .!, 4i; Intramural Sports (ii. Vista Maxinh Lawson Winston-Salem, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4 1; While Hall Cluli (1. 2); Symphony Orches- tra (1. 2. .;. 4i ; A Cappella Choir (4); Y. W. C. A. (i. II; Methodist Club (2). Hazel A. Lee L.iwndale, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Robert Pershing Long Forest City. N. C. Science and History Boiling Springs Junior College (1. 2); Y. M. ( ' . A. (.(, it, Secretary ami Treas- urer (Ii; Tennis (■ ' . 4 ) . fvevmsfrGmmL Landis Lawson .Lee Long Page Fifty-eight LOWDER MANEY AND MARTIN, in crowd . . MASSEY StetilOftSS + 1940 Eunice Idell Lowder Albemarle. N. C. Primary Education Playcrafters (2, 3, 4); Methodist Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior -Ministerial Alliance (2, 3); White Hall Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (I, 3, 4). Elva Irene Maney Burnsville. N. C. French and English Mars Hill College (1 2); White Hall Club (3, 4); French Club (4); Thalian Literary Society (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). Lisette Delous Martin Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Emma Lucienne Massey Harrisburg. N. C. English, French, and History Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4 I ; Le Cercle Francais (1, 2. 3. 4); Presby- terian Club (3. 4); Lovill Club (1); White Hall Club (2. 3); Camnfire Girls (3); Creative Writing Club (2, 3, 4) ; Social Science Club (3). Page Fifty-nine LAWSON G. MATHEWS Magnolia, N. C. English and French Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, . -4); V. C. A. (Ii; Delta Phi Sigma (1, 3). Madeline Mauney Bclwood. N. C. Primary Education Asheville Teachers College (1. - ' , 3); Y. Y, C. A. ( ' , ,i . Mary Elizabeth maynard Lenoir. N. C. Primary Education W. ( ' . A. (.!, 4); Playcrafters (3, ♦). Virginia McCall Marion. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society II. 2. . . 1 1 ; Methodisl Club (li; Lovill Club (2); I! T. U. (-li; White Hall Club 111; Play- crafters (3); Junior Ministerial Alliance Hi. pvtihfrcmfrTL Mathews Mauni -. maynard McCall Page Sixty McClure McCurry McFall ■ - i W ■ serious I940 John Marshall McClure Clifton, S. C. History and English Football Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); Base- ball (3). Mary Elizabeth McCurry Marion, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (1. 2, 3. 4); Lovill Club (1): New Dormitory Chili (2, 3. 4); Y. V. C. A. (1). Ellen Louise McFall Hickory, N. C. English and French Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); I.e Cercle Francois (1. 2, 3, 41; White Hall Club (1. 2, 3, 4). President (4); Play- crafters (2. 3, 4) ; Forensic Club (2, 3) ; B. T. U. (1, 2. 3. 4). Ruth Edwina McGuire Todd. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Page Sixty-one Thelma mcKinney Harris, N. C. Science and French Y. Y. C. A. (li; Dynician Literary So- ciety (l, J. 3, 4); Methodist Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Cnmpfire Girls (3); White Hall Club (1. 2, 3, ii. Oscar W. Miles Miles. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Debating (1); Rankin-Wilson Literary Society lit; Wilkes County Club (I). Catherine Mills Charlotte, N. C. English and History Wingate Junior College (1); Playcrafters (3, 4i : Forensic Club (-. 3, 4); Vernician Literary Society (2, 3, 4). President (4); Appalachian Forum (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2. .!. 4 ; I. R. C. (41; Junior Marshal; Debating (2, 3, 1). Mary Virginia Mitchell High Point. N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Clul) (4); Dynician Lit- erary Society (4). PVflhfrO%LmTL MCKINNEY Mil i s Mills Page Sixty -tivo Mitchell Modlin Martha Monteith Mary Monteith SEnioft ♦ x 40 m 1 William Mitchell Leaksville. N. C. English and History Editor The Appalachian (4), Staff (2, 3); Debating (4); Alpha Sigma Gamma (1, 2, 3, 4); Forensic Club (2). Betty Ernestine Modlin Lincolnton, N. C. Primary Education Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Thalian Literary Society CI, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (4) ; Junior Ministerial Alli- ance (3); New Dormitory Club (2, 3); Methodist Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President C3). Martha Monteith Huntersville. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society CI, 2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. CI, 2, 3, 4); Junior Cabinet C4); Play- crafters C3); White Hall Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Forensic Club (1). Mary Monteith Huntersville, N. C. Primary Education Y. V. ( ' . A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Play- crafters (3, 4); Presbyterian ' Club CI, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), President C4) ; White Hall Club CI, 2, 3). tst Page Sixty-three © Ann Moore Liberty. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Societ) (1, J, i; Lovill Club (1, 2), Secretarj (2), Vic President (2); Playcrafters - ' : May Court Attendant (2); Y. W. C. A. C2, 3). ARLIE E. Moretz Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education R. T. MUSSELWHITE l.umberton. N. C. French and History Campbell Junior ( ' (.Hem ' (1. 2); Soccer (3); Tumbling (3, 4); Basketball (3); Le Cercle Francais (3, 4), Vice-President (4); I. R. C. (4); Appalachian Forum (4), Vice- President (4). Andre Joseph Nadeau Claremont, N. H. French and Physical Education Delia Phi Sigma (2, 3, 4); " A " Clul (1. J, .:. 4i ; Le Cercle Francais (1. 2, . ' . 4). President (3. 4i; National Economics Clnli (3); Appalachian Forum (4), I ■ lent (4); 1. R. C. (3, 4); Boxing (1. 2); Soccer (3); Footliall and Basketball Official ( 1. ' . .i. 4); Red Cross Life Saving i 1. J. .i. 4); Junior Marshal; Student Council (4); II ho ' i Who (4) ; Mosl Influential Man (4); intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4). wevmsPLC iAtL Moore Moretz Musselwhite Nadeau f Sixty-four Nance - Norris Owens - Parrish s " Erac i£ ♦ i£40 Wayne Chester Nance Dobson. N. C. History and English Alpha Sigma Gamma Literary Society (1, 4). Mabel Ruth Norris Zionville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mrs. Dellie P. Owens Pilot Mountain. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Vernician Literary Society (1, 2). George Almond Parrish Wilson. N. C. English and Science Page Sixty- Virginia Mae Parrisii Winston-Salem, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Treasurer Sophomore Class; Y. V. C. A. (1. - 3, 4); May Queen ' s Attendant (. ' ): White Hall Club CI); -N ' t " Dormitory Club . 3). Betty barker Patton Morganton. N. C. Primary Education I 4 Anna Elizabeth Pell Pilot Mountain. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Vernician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); V. V. ( " . A. (4); B. T. I ' . (2, .i. 41; Campnre Cirls (41; Lovill Club (li; White Hall Club (- , ,i. 4). Vice- President (41. Sara Alice Penninger Lexington, N. C. Primary Education Pfeiffer Junior College (1, - ; Y. V. C. A. (. ' .]; !!. T. r. (.i. 4). Council (4). Secretary (4 1; Dynician Literary Society (41. PV£lhfrOm TL Parrisii Patton Pi i i Penninger, near press box Page Sixty-six Perry Pittman Poe Porter STERIOft ♦ xf 40 Ralph Lane Perry Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Ashe County Club (1, 2); Intramural Sports (1, 2. 3, 4); Math Club (3). Margaret B. Pittman Ruby, S. C. Grammar Grade Education Basketball (1, 2. 3); Dynician Literary Society (4); Wingate Junior College (1, 2) ; Campfire Girls (3). Cecil G. Poe Winston-Salem. N. C. Physical Education and History Delta Phi Sigma (4) ; Vice-President Freshman Class; " A " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (I, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Wrest- ling (2); Intramural Sports ' 1. 2. 3. 41; Tumbling (4). Clara Hunter Porter Lincolnton, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Pres- byterian Club (2. 3. 4); Symphony Orches- tra (2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4), Council (4) ; Playcrafters (3) ; White Hall Club (2, 3, 4); Flora Macdonald College (U. Page Sixty-seven yyf " • i y s William Howard Purgason Mayodan, N. C. History and English Bn vard I olli p (1 2); Delta Phi Sigma : , 4); A Cappella Choir (it; Appalachian Forum (4). Louise Ruth qua ki nbush Graham. N. C. Physical Education and History Y " . W. C. A. (li; Vernician Literary Societj il, ' . 3, 4); Campfire Girls (3), President; Physical Education Major Club ( I. 2, 3, 4); olleyball (1, 2, 4). Arnold Rami -y Low Gap. N. C. English and Physical Education Alpha Sigma Gamma t-t; [ntramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Rhododendron Staff (4); The Appalachian (4); A Cappella Cboir (4i; Playcrafters (3). MARY SUE RAMS! i I Bessemer Cily. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Brevard Junior College (1. 2); Dynician Literary Society (3, 1); Presbyterian Club (3, 4i; Y. W. ( ' . A. Hi. pv xJicmA ' CL Purgason. . . Quackenbush . Ramey. Ramseur Page Sixty-eight Redding Reynolds Rhyne Rogerson SERlOJlS ♦ 1940 Geraldine Redding Rural Hall. N. C. Mathematics, French and English Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Math Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Le Cercle Francais (I, 2, 3, 4); Campfire Organization (3), Secre- tary-Treasurer (3); White Hall Club (1, 2); New Dormitory Club (3). Jean Bray Reynolds Shawboro. N. C. Primary Education Elon College (1); E. C. T. C. (2); Dra- matic Club (1); Dynician Literary Society (4). Margaret Elizabeth Rhyne Lincolnton. N. C. Primary Education Secretary Junior Class; May Day Attend- ant (3); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Cheer Leader (3, 4); Student Council (4); Girls ' " A " Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Richard Solomon Rogerson Edenton, N. C. Mathematics and Science Math Club (4); Football (2, 3); Wrest- ling (1, 2, 3); Soccer (4) ; Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4). JVt Page Sixty-nine Hazel Irene Saine Vale. N. C. Primary Education Y. W. C. A. (1. J. 4i ; Junior Cabinet Member (li; Methodist Club (I. - ' . 3, 41; Y. Y. C. A. Choir (4); Playcrafters (4); Thalian Literary Society (3, 4). Beatrice Satterwhite Granite Falls, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); ovill Club (II; While Hall Club (2, 3); B. T. U. (1); Physical Education Majoi l ' luh (1, 21; Y. W. C. A. (4). CULOS MARION SETTLE North Wilkesboro. N. C. Mathematics and History Alpha Lambda Sigma (2, 3, 4), Secre tary and Treasurer (3), President (4); Y. M. C. A. (3. 4), President (4); Mathe- matics Club (3. 41; B. S. U. Council (3, 4), Vice-President (3). ■J, Geraldine Setzer ' " V - - -t— Winston-Salem, N. C. ( Vt-o i Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (2, 3); Y. VV. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 41; Archery (2, 3); L. S. A. (1, 3, 4). pv hfrcm TL saini Satterwhite si mi near center setzer Page Seventy SHAVIS, twelfth row center. . . SHORE . .. SlFFORD . SILLS s)Enioii« ♦ x 40 J GARNETT SHAVIS Bristol, Va. Grammar Grade Education Francis B. shore Cana. N. C. History and English Wake Forest College (1); Mars College (2). Jessie Sifford Stanley. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Vernician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); A Cappella Choir (3, 4); Methodist Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); V. V. C. A. (4); Intramural Sports (2, 3). C. RAY SILLS Harmony, N. C. History and Physical Education Alpha Sigma Gamma (I, 2. 3, 4); Ap- palachian Staff (1, 2. 3), Sports Editor (3); Football Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); Basket- ball .Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); " A " Club (4). Page Seventy-one Fred smiiii Linwood. N. C. Physical Education and History Football (l. J. ;. 4); Delta Phi Sigma (1. J, .;. 4); " A " Club (1. 2, .!, 41; Wrestling (- ' .!. 4 ; Freshman Basketball Mi; Sports (2, .!. 4); B. S. U. Council (3). PEARLE SURRATT SMl ' lll Southmont. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Yciimian Literary Society (1, 2, a. 4) A Canpella Choir (. ' . 4); Y. W. C. A. (4) Y. W. C. A. Choir (4i; Lovill Club (1. - ' i White Hall Oub (.!. 4). Billy Snow Pilot Mountain, N. C. French and History I ■ Cercle Francais (4); Playcrafters (1); Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, . , 4(; White Hall Club (1, ) . New Dormitory Club (.1). Ruth Dare Spoon Burlington, N. C. Grammar Grade Education I. R. C. (2. . . 4i; National Economics Club (3), Secretary t ,i I ; Appalachian Forum 141; A Cappella Choir (. , 4 ; Dynician Literary Society (1. 2, }, 4), Critic (2), So retary CO; Y. W. C. A. (1. J, .;. 4i; Playcrafters (1. - ' . 3 ; Methodist Club (1, 2); Presbyterian Club (4); White Hall Club (1). pv h emtLTL SMITH h Pearl Popular SNOW .SPOON Page Seventy-two ffl ii hi m a hi f: V! Ill W w - F Spurgeon Stacy . Starnes . Steele SEnioRss 1 40 Jennie Akard Spurgeon White Pine, Tenn. Primary Education Carson-Newman College (1, 2); Play- crafters (4). Dorothy Salena Stacy York. s. C. Grammar Grade Education Intramnral Sports (1, 2); Vernician Lit- erary Society (1, 2. 3, 4), President (3). Chorister (-1) ; Y. W. C A. (4) ; Pres- byterian Club (1, 2); Methodist Club (3, 4). Eva Lois Starnes Henderson, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3): Vernician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Methodist Club (1, 2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (1); New Dormitory Club (2); Chat- ham County Club (1, 2); Playcrafters (l f 2). Mada Steele Hickory, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Methodist Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Lovill Club (31; White Hall Club (1, 2, 4); Vernician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Creative English (1, 2, 3, 4). Page Seventy-three " 5 Charles Reitzel Stone Silcr City, N. C. English and History V. B. STRONACH Raleigh. N. C. Special Student Flora Kate Stroupe Gastonia. N. C. Grammar Grade Education B. T. U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (I. 2), Pianist (1, 2); Phila Retian Literary So- ciety (1, 2, 3, 4); Gaston County Club (1, 2). Myrtle Elisabeth Stroupe Waco. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (.t. 4); Y. Y, C. A. (2, 3, 41; B. T. l (1. 2, 3, 4); Cleveland County Club (2. 3). pvAhfrcm TL Stone Stronach M. Stroupe Page Seventy-four Stuart . - . Suggs . Swafford SEniojis X940 1 Byron Stuart Ashland. N. C. English and French Lees McRae College (1, 2); Basketball (3, 4); Tennis (3, 4); " A " Clul) (3, 4). Ruth Suggs Gastonia. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4). President (4); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Campfire Girls (3, 4); Methodist Clul) (1, 2, 3, 4); I. R. C. (2, 3, 4); Attendant to May Court (3); Who ' s Who (4); Student Council (4); A Cappella Choir (3, 4) ; Red Cross Senior Life-Saving (4). J. Lewis Swafford Spruce Pine. N. C. Mathematics, Science and History Bill Tarman Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Page Seventy-five ' % Stella Lillian Tate Marion, N C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literal-} Societ) il. . .!, 41; v. v. C. A. (i. 2); B. v. iv r. in; New Dormitory Club (2). Mildred Taylor Sparta. N. C. Primary Education Phila Retian Society (I, J. . . 4), Treas urer (.1); Home Economics Club II, J, 3, 4 1, Vice-Presideflt (2); White Hall Club (I, .i. 4); .New Dormitory Club ( - ' I ; Meth- odist Club (.il; V. V. C. A. (}); All, ghanj County Club (1). GREELY Teague Kings Creek. N. C. Mathematics and Science Hazel Teague Kings Creek. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Le Cercle Fran?ais (1. 2); It. T. I ' . II. J. 41; Intramural Sports (I. - ' . 3); t ball i l. J. .ii. PAL£L04U 1X Tate G I i v ,u II I i-.m.i i Page Seventy-six THOMPSON, very extreme right TREXLER TRIVETTE TUCKER sfctiiotis ♦ i£40 1 John Brient Thompson Antwerp, N. Y. History and Music Ruby Pearl Trexler Salisbury. N. C. Primary Education Pfciffer Junior College (1, 2); A. S. T, C. (3, 4); Lutheran Students ' Association (3, 4). Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Dynician Literary Society (4). Ruby Adams Trivette Todd, N. C. English and French Naomi Rebecca Tucker Guilford College. N. C. Primary Education Yernician Literary Society (3, 4) ; C U. N. C. CI, 2); B. Y. P. L T . (3, New Dormitory Club (3, 4). W. 41; S Page Seventy-seven Juliette Gilbert Turner Erwin. N. C. Primary Education Faye Lucille Upton Vale, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4t; V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, -41: 1!. T. I ' . (1, 2. 3, 4i ; 1!. S. U. Council (3, 4); Playcrafters (2); Lovill Club (1. - ' . 3, 41. Lorene Bobby Vance Spruce Pine, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Phila Rctian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. V. C. A. (4); Methodist Club (4). Henry H. Van Hoy Grassy Creek, N. C. History and Science A AL Cttlifm ' -■ ' p| i ri « w A Turner Upton Vanci Van Hoi Pa 7e Seventy-eight Vlrnon Wagoner walker Wall yC r S!Eni0 l£ + 1040 Frances Eugenia Vernon Stoneville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Glee Club (1, 2); A Cappella Choir (4); Thalian Society (2, 3, 4) ; Playcrafters (3); Junior Marshal; Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); Basketball (2, 3). Martha Lorena Wagoner Lexington, N. C. Primary Education Pfeiffer Junior College (1, 2); Junior Ministerial Alliance (3) ; Vernician Lit- erary Society (3, 4); A Cappella Choir (3, 4); College Band (4). Mazel Robena Walker Casar, N. C. English and French Boiling Springs Junior College (1, 2); Vernician Literary Society (3, 4) ; Lovill Club (3); Le Cercle Francais (3, 4); Intercollegiate Debate (3); B. T. U. (3). Eccles Wall Trinity, N. C. History and Mathematics Glee Club (1, 2); A Cappella Choir (3, 4), President (4); Playcrafters (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), President (4); Forensic Club (2, 3, 4); Alpha Sigma Gamma (2, 3, 4), President (4); The Appalachian (3); Bus- iness Manager Playbill (3). Page Seventy-nine Mary Wallace Athens. Ga. French, English and History C.mipW ' ll College (1. ' ' : T1i.lIi.ui Litei .ti v Society (. ' . 4 1, Via Presidi nt in. Playi rafters i 3, t); French Club C3, 4). Charles Pink Walters Mooresvillc. N. C. History and Science Football (1. 2, .1. 4); Wrestling (1); " A " Club (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3, It. Delta Phi Sigma (2); Vice-President Class (2). Ann Weaver Blowing Rock. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Ernest White Barium Springs, N. C. Grammar Grade Education j v xji blwxl Page Eighty Wallace Weaver Walters WhiteI U. •J VCf •tfT rl " ■ Iff White . Whitesides Wilkinson Willis S5M0RS + X940 Joe White Barium Springs. N. C. History and Physical Education Bernice Whitesides Shelby. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Boiling Springs Junior College (1. 2); Thalian Literary Society (3, 4) ; B. T. U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Ministerial Alliance (3, 4). Louise Wilkinson Albemarle, N. C. English and French Methodist Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (1. 4); V. W. C. A. (1); Playcrafters (4). Ralph M. Willis Spruce Pine. N. C. History and Science Mars Hill College (1, 2); Tumbling Team (3, 4). Page Eighty-one Daisy Morris Wilson Huntersville, N. C. Primury Education Montreat Junior College (1); Presby- terian Club (2, 3, 4); Intramural Sports 11. , .!. II; V. W. C. A. (J. .1. 41. Roy William Wilson Barium Springs. N. C. History and Physical Education " A " Club (3, 4); Football (1. 2, 1 4); Wrestling (1, J. 3. 4); Intramural Sports (1, ' . 3, 4); Delta Phi Sigma ( 3, 1), Vice-President (4); Junior Marshal. Mary Katherine Wish Gastonia. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Asheville Teachers College Hi; Brevard Junior College (2); Dynician Literary So- ciety (.5. 4i ; Y. V. C. A. i 3, 4i; Metho- dist Club (3, 4). John Paul Wonsavage Southport, N. C. Physical Education and History pv hficmjitL D Wilson R. Wilson Wise Wonsavage Page Eighty-two ini m V | ill m ItE! 2L Woodson Wright Wyke e]lm0R.£ ♦ i$4 i William Ernest Woodson Central. S. C. Physical Education and History Mars Hill College (1, 2); Delta Phi Sigma (3, 4). President (4); A. H. S. A. Official (3). Charles O. Wright Boone, N. C. Mathematics and Science Alpha Sigma Gamma (4); B. S. LT. (2, 3); B. T. U. (3, 4); Playcrafters (2, 3, 4) : Little Symphony Orchestra (3, 4) ; College Band (3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2); A Cappella Choir (3, 4). Sally Louise Wyke Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (4) ; Junior Ministerial Alliance (4); Playcrafters (4); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3). Dr. W. Amos Abrams Class Sponsor Page Eighty-three FACULTY ROW ' TlS the curse of service, preferment goes by letter and affection, and not by old gradation, where each second stood heir to the first. " — William Shakespeare (1564-1616). JUNIORS oJtytiss Katberine Hornfeck JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR ,L " i r A J uU- J k »V e 6 U v Otv " - €A % A , ee. Lawrence Hornfeck President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margaret English Secretary Elsie Barnette Vice-President Zenna Halsey Treasurer l EX WDI-K .1. l I IN K.AI.I IN VTKINSnN AIWA I IK (5 1 £ Q ISTIN h ;cett I Ml El BALDWIN BAMK BflHiiBBM H KM I II BEAM M. BINCJHAM S. B1NC1HAM BI.WTON CLASS OF 1941 Margaret Anne Alexander Kannapolis, Jennie Sue Allen Ellenboro, f- ' LORA Virginia Allen Peachland. Dorothy Atkinson Mullins Alfred Sidney Atwater Granite Falls. Claris Louise Austin Wingate, JUANITA BAGGETT Erwin, Doris Geraldine Bailey Summerficid. CLYDE MAE BALDWIN West Jefferson. LEOLA MARGARET BAME Salisbury. ELSIE BARNETTE Ellenboro. MARY GENE BEAM Ellenboro, Miriam I.ouretta Bingham Boone, Stella Virginia Bingham Boone. MARSDEN BURNS BLANTON Lattimore, N. C. N. C. Page Eighty-eight Raymond Franklin Brady Carrie Craft Brewer . . , Agnes Brite Mary Lou ise Brown Elizabeth Bullington . Ruby Lee Burris Ruby Lois Cain Frances Canipe Edward Clay Virginia Clodfelter Louise Comer Elene Conner Inez Mildred Cooke Anna Lena Cooper Mildred Colene Cowan Kannapolis, . . Siler City, . Bridgeton. Creston, Roebuck Oakboro. Harmony. Boone. Boone. Thomasville, Stoneville, Cherryville, Granite Falls. Clemmons. China Grove. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. S. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. CLASS OF 1941 BURRIS CAIN CANIPE CLAY CLODFELTER COMER CONNER COOKE COOPER COWAN Page Eighty-nine H. COX M. COX CRAFT CRISP wwmmm CROl SI 1)11 si DONNELLY ' DOl GHERTY l)()l (,l s OLNN CLASS OF 1941 Helen Ross Cox Mildred Cox Ruth Craft Lucy Crisp Bertha Elizabeth Crouse Margaret Alice Cuthbertson Ella Dale Bruce William Daniels Jessie Wilson Davis Muriel Odell Davis Elizabeth Harding Deese Rebekah Sue Donnei.i y John Thomas Dougherty Marjorie Douglas Dorothy Carolyn Dunn Gastonia, N. C. . Grassy Creek. N. C. , . . . Cherry villc, N. C. Grover, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Spruce Pine. N. C. Newland. N. C. Troy. N. C. Chesterfield. S. C. Mocksvillc. N. C. Creston. N. C. Mountain City. Tenn. Piney Creek, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Page Ninety STELLA MOZELL DYE Ruffin, N. C. 1 J JL T ' (fU JL JU U Ella Virginia Edwards Sparta, N. C. (- + i PjJjLu t-ift - - Minnie Edwards Ennice, N. C. ,0-e- - - P£r- " gZ B ' aI2L Virginia Edwards Winston -Salem, N. C. iyZs 0 J -M ' Willie Lou Elam Lincolnton. N. C. Bonnie Evangeline Elliott Marion, N. C. Margaret English Bumsville, N. C. Marie EPLEY Forest City, N. C. Ernest Elmore Ervin Troutman, N. C. JAMES E. ESSIC Cana, N. C. WlLMA ESSIC Cana, N. C. SOPHIA EVANS Statesville, N. C. Dorothy Farthing Boone, N. C. Mary Sudderth Farthing Cranberry, N. C. Mildred Elizabeth Farthing Boone, N. C. vd g ;la$s ' OF 1941 ELLIOTT ENGLISH F.PLF I U l .1. ESSIC D. FARTHING M S, FARTHING M. FARTHING Page Ninety-one IIHIIDM (iOOI)Mi .11 I i M. MAI SI 1 . II l SEY fa - C .1. ». IIAKK1S .1. IIAKKIS l II KKIS HYATT III IMS CLASS OF 1941 Dona KATHLEEN GANTT Margaret Helen Gili i i •, i Cecil Glenn Geneva Lee Goodman Ni ii J. Goodnight i va M l Gri:l-r Bi i i Ann Gwaltney Julia Florence Gwaltney Marii Hai si v Zenna Hai my Iai kson banard Harris ii n Harris Rheba May Harris Ar hie M. Hy a i i JAMES CHA I HAM 111 I Ms Albemarle, States ville, Vilas Gold Hill. Boone. Boone, Asheville, Hiddenite, Piney Creek. Dobson. Harris, Ri iai ing River, Chapel Hill. Windom. Wingatc. N. C. N. C. N.C. Page Ninety-two Frank Hendricks . Edna Cordelia Holloway Lawrence William Hornfeck Max Hovis Jethro Hoyle Sarah Margaret Hughes . Craig Hull Myrtle Hutchinson . Clarence Cowan Ingram Edwin William Johnson Raymond G. Johnson Helen Ruth Jonas Cleo Jones Clara Belle Kidd . Kate Kirk Salisbury. N. C. . Mount Airy. N. C. Boone. N. C. Bessemer City, N. C. Lawndale. N. C. Spartanburg. S. C. . Cherryville. N. C. . . Moxley. N. C. Statesville. N. C. . . McKeesport, Pa. Hamptonville, N. C. Vale. N. C. Furches. N. C. New Hill. N. C. Fox, Va. CLASS OF 1941 lll l)RICKS HOLLOW U HORNFECK HOVIS HOYLK III i, III HULL III fCHtNSON INGRAM E. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON nv JONAS JONES KIOI) KIRk Page Ninety-three :ki I I l-l I K I I I II LOGAN £-i V ' ' f " 3 = V MAR UN i . 1 K TIN v 4 i ) P. MARTIN McCAW 1. CI 1 RE M.COI I I M M.CRKADY CLASS OF 1941 Mary Brandon Knox Htmtersville, N. C. Virginia Lucile Lacki ■ Badin, N. C. JANE QUINN LEFLER Albemarle, N. C. Mildred Louise Little Albemarle. N. C. VIRGINIA LOGAN Kings Mountain. N. C. M I I BA LOVILL Boone, N. C. MARY LOUISE Lowery Shelby. N. C. CHARLES N. MANSHIP Rockingham. N. C. ANNE MARTIN ■ • • W.ulcsboro. N. C. George Thomas Martin, Jr. Madison. N. C. Pauline Martin High Point. N. C. ETHEL AVA McCANN Roaring Gap. N. C. Forest Oklieee McClure Clifton. S. C. MARY MARGARET McCOLLUM Monroe. N. C. LOUISE McCREADY Charlotte. N. C. Page Ninety-four Z -tC ' ydl SUH C -jl C J- t ' T J ' J RETTA McLamb Goldsb o L«ft «-« - - i xt- t £z» c Helen Louise McDonald Canaj£t-j4 £i Helen l. McKinney Hnaj£ SPURGEON EUGENE MCSWAIN Kings Mount Virginia Faye Miller Lexingt Ola Mae Moretz Boone, N. C. Catherine Morris Stanley. N. C. Virginia Dare Morris Avondale, N. C. JESSE L. MORROW Marion, N. C. LOYCE KATHERINE MYERS Yadkinville, N. C. JACK NANTZ Kannapolis, N. C. MARY ELIZABETH NEAL Reidsville, N. C. SARA, OrrJEN . Troutman, N, C. Mable Ruth Osborne Vale. N. C. ELIZABETH PADGETT Ellenboro, N. C. x- — CLASS OF 1941 Mcdonald McLAMB McKINNEY McSWAIN miller m±4k Mm MORETZ ft C. MORRIS V. MORRIS MORROW MYERS NANTZ NEAL ORREN OSBORNE PADGETT Page Ninety-five PAGE I ' M MER C I ' kki:r I l ' M kll I ' M K |3 0 ?$ PRICE PUTNAM RACK.LEY RAY ROBERTSON CLASS OF 1941 Sylvia Pace Morrisvillc. N. C Sarah Grimes Palmer A. ZfCsk A % - JXcf New 1 ondon. N. C Charlotte Parker h S.6 A ' inston-Salem. N. C i dna Isouise Parker ( Weaverville. N. C Charles Parks High Point. N.C Margaret jane: pa i con Morganton. N. C Rosa Hi Pendry Hays. N. C Irene Phillips Wilkesboro. N. C 1 AYE Poovey ( .ramie Falls. N. C i AYI POSTON Shepherds. N. C Mary Carolyn Price West Jefferson. N. C Hlizabeth Putnam Waco. N. C . RACKLEY Smithficld. N. C I r ill Ray Buckner. N. C Jess William Robertson Leaksville, N C Page Ninety-six Kate Robinson Murphy, N. C. KATIE JEAN ROWE Newton. N. C. Jack Thomas Ruffing McKeesport, Pa. Ernie Eugene Safrit Albemarle. N. C. Florence Sanders Clover. S. C. Thomas A. Seals Bridgewater. N. C. Margaret Brawley Sherrill Mooresville, N. C. Alice Evangeline Shields Murphy. N. C. Phoebe Lou Shirley Lexington. N. C. ANNIS JEANETTE SlFFORD Concord. N. C. JEAN MARVIN SINGLETON Candor. N. C. Kathryn Sue Sherwood Sugar Grove. N. C. Martha Ruth Smith .... jLaurinburg. N. C. Johnnie Wilmot Edwin Stewart N. C. CLASS OF 1941 ROBINSON ROWE RUFFING SAFRIT SANDERS SEALS SHERRILL SHIELDS SHIRLEY SlFFORD I SINGLETON SHERWOOD SMITH SPEAS STEWART Page Ninety -s ven si II IS STONESTREE l SIOKII- . I K 1 PE si l RGU 1 swoii ' oKn IAM.OR II K.M-K I Mil I VM.klR ' 1 l. WALKER WAR I MUJ AU.M.W KWICk CLASS 0,1941 L Susan Porter Stiles Boone. Ruth Virginia Stonestreet Mooresville, MRS. JACK STORIE Boone. MARTHA Louise Stroupe Alexis. Frances B. sturgill Lansing. PAUL SWOFFORD Spruce Pine, HARVEY TAYLOR Battleboro, Olive Pauline Turner Dunn. LOREE OLLIE VENABLE Dobson. JOE MAGNESS WALKER Shelby. MARGARET HELEN WALKER Shelby. LENA WARF Reidsville. CATHERINE WARD Pittsboro, ARENDALL CLINE WARMAN Boone. Jean McIntyre Warwick Laurinburg. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. Page Ninety-eight MARGARET ELIZABETH WASHAM Huntersville. N. C. Victoria Janet Watts Taylorsvilie. N. C. MUZETTE DANIEL WlLKERSON Oxford, N. C. Norman Wilson Reese. N. C. Sue Raye Wilson Zionville, N. C. BEULAH KATHRYN WOOD Hanes, N. C. Lyda Weaver Woody Spruce Pine, N. C. Frank Howard Yoder Lincolnton, N. C. JAMES YODER Lincolnton, N. C. CLASS OF 1941 w ■ WASHAM WILKERS WOODY F. YODIiR .1, YODF.R Page Ninety-mne Art Building ' Now learn, love. have. do. be the best : Each in one thing excel the rest; Strive; and hold fast this truth of heaven — To him that hath shall more be given. " — Robert Bridges (1844-1930). SOPHOMORES zMrs. oArtbur Qroff SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR Joseph Savage Vice-President Dorothy Griffith Secretary Alma Hanes Treasurer ETHA MAI I NA ADAMS Yarina. N. C. Esther Hazel Adams Conovcr. N. C. Mn es Annas Troy. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 MARGARET I AVI- ANTHONY A. B. BAREI-OOT Yadkinville, N. C. Godwin. N C. Connie i ouise Archer G. R. BAREEOOT. JR. Cornelius. N. C. Dunn. N. C. Helen Bandi Dorothy I-:. Bu IC.AR Lincolnton, N. C. Thomasville, N. c. £-1 fTl Wl IIONV U III K Clarence Beam Shelby. N. C. Ida [Catherine Beard Huntcrsville, N. C. Hal Bingham Boone. N. C. Jennie Lee Bingham Boone. N. C. Franklin d. blanton Troutmjn. N. C. Lee Bost Salisbury. N. C. Mabel Bowman Taylorsville, N. C. Mary Eleanor BOY( i Seaford. Del. Florine Melissa Brown Rockwell. N. C. Hi m Browne Marion. N. C. Rosemary Louise Buchanan Charlotte. N. C. II HIM. II l I HIM II 1 III . l( l.N lit CII N N Page One Hundred four CASHWRl 1. GA1 I ' ll I CHAMBERS Jean Cardwell Madison, N. C. Sylvia Druise Cashwell Thomasville, N. C. Ruth Marie Caudill Roaring River, N. C. Edith Marie Chambers Ronda, N. C. James Walter Church Scottville, N. C. Bill Clay Boone. N. C. Minnie Mae Cline Fallston. N. C. Avis Irene Clontz Concord. N. C. Annie Louise Cooke Boone. N. C. Gelene Coomes Galax. Va. Lorraine Crater Ronda. N. C. H I IK CRAVN I i IRD F. CRA M). Gwendolyn M. Crawford Earl, N. C. Frank Crayton Kannapolis. N. C. Ruth Elizabeth Crayton Stanfield. N. C MARTHA RACHEL CULP Mooresville, N. C. J. T. Cunningham Pensacola. Fla. George S. Davis, Jr. Clifton, S. C. Mary Willene Davis Waxhaw. N. C. Henry William Dickson Calypso. N. C. MARY ELIZABETH DOUGLAS Durham, N. C. Page One Hundred Five mark Dunn Geraldine Edwards Martha Elizabeth Ellis Charlotte. N. C. Burnsville, N. C. Mullins. S. C. Bryi i Durham Polly Edwards Cecil Elmore Lomax, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. North Wilkesboro. N. C. hi )N A EDWARDS m zy Christine Eggers Kathryn Anderson Eury Sparta. N. C. Boone. N. C. Bessemer City. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 Agnes Faggart Concord. N. C. Arthur H. Felton Rocky Mount, N. C. i rank Burke Fidler Cornelius. N. C. Margaret Edith Fisler Ivanhoe. N. C. Hilda Foreman Albemarle. N. C. ELIZABETH FORGAY Madison. N. C. Evelyn Formyduval Hallsboro, N. C. Wilbur Salem Franklin Jonas Ridge, N. C. MARZIE ARLONA Fritts Lexington. N. C. Mary Elizabeth furr Oakboro. N. C. I i rin H. Gardner Hampton, S. C. o ■wl i i mi i FORGA1 HiHMVlil V l Ml WKI.IN Page One Hundred Six I GREENE L . GREENE E. " GREENE GRIFFITH M.GRIF1 IN William Gatlin Bridgcton, N. C. Braxton Gentry Butler, Tenn. HAYDEN Gillean Woodleaf. N. C. Edna Vernell Gilliam Thomasville, N. C. Rexter Boyles Gordon Pilot Mountain. N. C. David F. Greene Boone, N. C. Doughton Lester Greene Sugar Grove, N. C. Evelyn Greene New London. N. C. Dorothy Gray Griffith Winston-Salem, N. C. Mary Edgeworth Griffin Llnionville, N. C. Frances Henley Griffin Unionville. N. C. II Ml, I I H HAM II Ill.N HANES P A A ft £J Eugene George Groff Alma Elizabeth Hanes Mary Helen Hayes Boyertown. Pa. Thomasville. N. C. Lake View, S. C. Christmas Carol Haigler Jamie Christine Harmon Billy Hedgepeth Unionville, N. C. Sherwood, N. C. Warrenton. N. C. James David Hamilton Martha Elsie Hartman JACK HEMRIC Magnolia. N. C. Advance. N. C. Cycle, N. C. Page- One Hundred Seven RUBVE JANET HENSON Carolecn. N. C. Oka Louise Hbvu i Dcrita. N. C. Gertrude Hinson Stanfield. N. C. Helen Carter Hodges Boone. N. C. JOSEPHINE HOFFMAN High Point. N. C. WATSON HOLL1E1ELD Casma, N. C. Vivian Geraldine Hoots Winston -Salem. N. C. Susie Arnaux Houser Lincolnon, N. C. Addie Mae Howard Oakboro. N. C. Louise Hutchins Mount Airy. N. C. Robert Jamison Covington, Va. JOY Johnson Randlcman. N. C. Margaret Johnson Hudson. N. C. Bill Jones Madison. N. C. Bill Jones Shelby. N. C. Doris Lee Jones Scottville. N. C. Frances Eliza Jones Caroleen. N. C. Leonard Hamilton Jon is Catawba. N. C. noil ii n i ii HOW KI M HOW KI) III DSPI I II III ll.MINs v i V i V i IOHNSON | lo|l SO D. iom S I JONES Page One Hundred Eight I QM [ C |. MUI.W I .. 1 S! M. MAST W. MILLKK LORNA LOU JORDAN Statesville. N. C. Carey Kellam Biscoe. N. C. Irvin E. Kelly Davidson, N. C. Earl King Booneville. N. C. Eva Anais King Boone, N. C. Hazel Irene Kiser Lincolnton. N. C. Jeanne Cavelle Knox Huntersville, N. C. Ruth Evelyn Koontz Lexington, N. C. Ward Laney Hildebran, N. C. DESSIE Thelma Ledbetter Black Mountain. N. C. Janice Evelyn Little Newton. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 Ens Josie Van Little Newton, N. C. Malina J. Lovelace Mooresboro, N. C. Edith Miller McMahan Mocksville, N. C. Lily Josephine Mast Patterson, N. C. Mary Moore Mast Patterson, N. C. Dan Regis Miller Swissvale, Pa. Arthur Dwight Miller North Wilkesboro, N. C. Homer Miller Mountain City, Tenn. Wayne Miller Biscoe. N. C. Page One Hundred Nine Sallie Miller Barron O. Moore IMOGENE NORRIS West Jefferson, N. C. Woodleaf, N. C. Boone. N. C. Allie Mae Mills James Leo Newmeyer James Wilson Norris Polkton. N. C. Duquesne. Pa. Boone. N. C. Alma Jlleda Moore Jane Evelyn Newsomi Allen Norton Wmston-Salem. N. C. Oakboro. N. C. Boone. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 John Novotny Braddock. Pa. Marcelino Ortega Burlington. N. C. Emma Mary Osborne West Jefferson. N. C. Phil M. Osborne Lcaksville. N. C. James O ' Toole Boone. N. C. Jeanette Parker Marion. N. C. Veo Pate Bee Log. N. C. Hobert L. Perdue Thomasville. N. C. John Perryman Lexington, N. C. J. C. Phillips Manning. S. C. Robert Woodrow Phillips Manning. S. C. i- win in £ " = ' » . " f +m iiliHi M IK IMS PAT PEROI I i-iRin i J I ' llll.l ll ' s H. i-iiii i n-s Page One Hundred Ten Ruth Poovey Granite Falls. N. C. Nancy Shelton Potts Davidson, N. C. Sara Frances Pyron Lcaksvillc. N. C. Sam Ray, Jr. Marion. Va. James Edwin Reese Pensacola. Fla. Theodore Reitzle Morrisville. Pa. James Paul Riddle Shouns. Tcnn. Dudley T. Rugeley Austin. Texas E. Pauline Sale Dover. Del. Walter McGuire Sands Walnut Cove, N. C. Joseph Austin savage Barium Springs. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 Beulah Clyde Scott Boone. N. C. Madeline Scroggs Roaring River, N. C. Willie Kate Seagle Lincolnton. N. C. Walter Henry Sellers Kings Mountain. N. C. Frances Ellen Setzer Newton. N. C. Pauline Frances Sexton Sparta. N. C. Thelma Shelton Francisco, N. C. MARLEY SlGMON Barium Springs. N. C. Ila Edna Smith Heaton, N. C. Page One Hundred Eleven Ferne Smith Bessemer City. N. C. Gerald L. Snider ? ™ " Denton. N. C. Loisnell Sparks Folly Beach. S. C. FLYNN SHERRILL SMITH Mooresville, N. C. Charles Franklin Snow Kernersville. N. C. Rachel Lee Spence Siler City. N. C. Lorna Millie Smithey Roaring River, N. C. Elizabeth South Boone. N. C. Meredith J. Spratt Caroleen. N. C. CLASS OF 1942 JACK STALEY Lexington. N. C. Evelyn Gertrude Stewart Statesville. N. C. Sarah Cleo Stone Martinsville, N. C James Milton Storie Boone, N. C. Frances Marion Stubbs Boone. N. C. Edith Sturgill Lansing. N. C. Joyce Juanita Sutherland Creston. N. C. Cora Ella Swain Winston-Salem, N. C. Arthur tashiro San Dimas. Cal. Inez teeter Oakboro, N. C. Mary Jane Tharpe Ronda. N. C. p. s ll I II v ' t - f $i SPRNCK Page One Hundred Twelve n .▲ ' V THLRM WAGNER WAl.klR wall fl V fii r r wcn f5 [ WHISNANT Mabel Vera Todd Elk Creek. Va. David Perkins Thurman Ruby, S. C. Sara Louise Trammell Fountain Inn, S. C. Vernon Dallas triplett Hendrix, N. C. Della Mae Trivette Beech Creek. N. C. Thomas Sidney Turbyfill Maiden, N. C. ALTA FAYE WADDELL Grassy Creek. N. C. Helen Irene Waddell Grassy Creek. N. C. Ruth Wagner Mocksville, N. C. Selma Frances walker Boone. N. C. Claire Elizabeth Wall Mocksville, N. C. Eloise Watson Boone. N. C. Marguerite Webb Pinetops. N. C. Jessie Lee West Mocksville. N. C. Buren Charles Whisnant Polkville, N. C CLASS OF 1942 Marie White Union Grove. N. C. Mildred Lois Whitworth Cherryville. N. C. Ray Lloyd Wiles Husk. N. C. Tula Virginia Wilson Nebo, N. C . Aubrey Miller Wrenn Danville. Va. Hazel Lee Wright Rutberfordton. N. C. Tom Carr Wright Boone, N. C. Margaret Yarbrough Hartsville. S. C. Estelle York Mount Airy, N. C. Page One Hundred Thirteen Campus Avenue ' Do not think th at what is hard for thee to master is impossible for man: but if a thing is possible and proper to man. deem it attainable by thee. " — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (A.D. 121-180). FRESHMEN oJfytiss Irene Barfteld FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSOR FRESHMAN CLASS OEFICERS Harry Barfield h Z " ' 7? ' hM ' President J j Terrence Mattern Vice-President Virginia Beck Secretary William Hornfeck Treasurer First Row: CAROLYNE RUTH ALEXANDER Second Row: Warren Harding Austin Reba Dare Adams Harmony, N. C. Violet Linda Austell Boone. N. C. Sugar Grove. N. C. Mary Sybil Allen Earl. N. C. Charles Iranklin Bailey Willie Hazfl Adkins Peachland, N. C. Lee Austin Thomasville. N. C. Ramsaytown. N. C. Alice: Frances Anthony Peachland. N. C. Lillian Faye Baird Durham. N. C. Matney, N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Eloise Mickle Barefoot Charlotte. N. C. Harry C. bareield Glendon. N. C. Fourth Row: Lloyd Sewell Barnette Ellenboro. N. C. Robert Minea Baxter Sterlingville. N. Y. JANE MOCK BEACHUM Star. N. C. PEGGY BEALE Snow Camp, N. C. Virginia B. Beck Lexington, N. C. Fifth Row: Mary E. Beddingfield Elkin. N. C. Eva Mae Bingham Boone. N. C. Dorothy V. Black Stratford. N. C. Mary Black Milton. Del. Palmer Sligh Blair Boone. N. C. Page One Hundred Eighteen First Row: FREDERICA Blakeley Cornelius, N. C. Ruth Irene Bolick Blowing Rock. N. C. William Edward Boyles Vale. N. C. Z. V. BRITT Fairmont, N. C. Clyde Ernest Brown Lincolnton, N. C. Second Row: Elizabeth Brown Cramerton. N. C. Rufus Brown Hillsboro, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Bruton Mt. Gilead, N. C. Eileen Bryant Boone. N. C. Dixie Mae Burleson Valley. N. C. Third Row: Roxie Emma Burleson Valley, N. C. Ruby Mary Burleson Valley. N. C. Gwendolyn Candler Hickory. N. C. John Clifton Canipe, Jr. Boone. N. C. James Cebron Carpenter Rutherfordton. N. C. 7 ( f CLASS OF 1943 Fourth Row: orma Virginia Carrol Boone. N. C. 5ggy O ' Neill Cashwell Thomasville. N. C. Logene Marie Caudill Piney Creek. N. C. Dixie Byrd Caudill Roaring River. N. C. Jasper Lee Cherry Washington, N. C. Fifth Row: Mary Alice Chilton Boone. N. C. Myrtle Lee Church Elk Park, N. C. Gail Clay Boone. N. C. ALTON MOESE CLODFELTER Thomasville. N. C. Helen Ruth Cochrane Concord, N. C. Page One Hundred Nineteen First Row: Grace L. Cockerham Roaring River. N. C. jane Cochran Star. N. C. Dorothy Florence Comer Cameron, N. C. Rachel Covington Rural Hall. N. C. Virginia Acnes Covington Ellerbe. N. C. Second Row: MARY BROWN CRANEO - " 5 -- Margaret e. Cox Todd. N. C. WlLFORD COX 1 ,ui re I Springs. N. C. Mary Brown Crane Thomasville. N. C.f— " v Albert Robert Crawford Boone. N. C. sam Jones Crawl i y Shelby. N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Third Row: MARIE VENZENZIA CURCIO Orlando. Fla. CLAUDE DANCY Glade Valley. N. C. Hugh Sidney Daniel Franklinton. N. C. Annie Laura Davis Todd. N. C. Johnnie Mae Davis Earl, N. C. Fourth Row: Obed Owen Day Reidsville. N. C. Mary Louise DeLapp Lexington. N. C. Fairy Elizabeth Dobbins Rusk. N. C. Walter Dick Doughton Sparta. N. C. Frances Douglas Boone. N. C. htlh Row: Mildred Ruth Dull Cana. N. C. Helen Jean hdminston Mooresville. N. C. Mary Belle Elliott Shelby, N. C. Gaye Nell Ellis Andover. Va. Mary Queen Eubanks Marshville. N. C. ' JT) f l tt i, fen Page One Hundred Twenty CM - ' VCC- ' V- y X . « » ' Jk. .vx f e v ? ,i Sou ' . ■ ikiiii a r i Firsf ftotc ' : JACQUELINE M. EVERHART Thomasville. N. C. JACK FAIRCLOTH Dunn. N. C. William Norris Farrell ) J 14 Pittsboro. N. C. Byron M. Farthing Boone. N. C. Evelyn Irma Faw North Wilkesboro. N. C. Second Row: Vernon Speight Felton Rocky Mount. N. C. MARY FLAKE Wadesboro, N. C. Mary Frances Fletcher Durham, N. C. Kate Forbes Gastonia. N. C. Mildred Formyduval Hallsboro. N. C. Third Row: Annie Margaret Foust Snow Camp. N. C. Harold Julius Fr itts Lexington. N. C. Evelyn Gwynn Galloway Derita. N. C. Dorothy Mae Gamble Independence, Va. Julian Anderson Gault Simpsonville, S. C. CLASS OF 1943 Fourth Row: eneva Hilda Gee Winston -Salem. N. Bob Henry Gibbs Mill Spring. N. C. Nellie Ruth Gilbert Lincolnton. N. C. Joseph A. Gilchrist Durham. N. C. Fifth Row: Luella Pauline Gilliam Thomasville. N. C. Olan Rhodes Goodnight Boone. N. C. Nadine Gragg Boone. N. C. Jewel Deal Graham Todd. N. C. Violet Genevieve Graham Todd. N. C. Page One Hundred Twenty-one First Row: Sarah Frances Grayson Filbert. N. C. Alvah Imogene Greene Boone. N. C. Aileen Greene Sugar Grove. N. C. Ida Mozelle Greene Globe. N. C. M. Veronica Greeni Purlear, N. C. Second Row: Ray Lee Greeni Deep Gap. N. C. Don Ray Gregory Hays. N. C. Blair Wilson Griffin Marshville, N. C. Tina Louise Grigg Albemarle. N. C. GRI ita Gene Grudbs Winston-Salem, N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Third Row: Mary Evelyn Hamrick Ellenboro. N. C. Ethel tatum Hannah Linwood. N. C. Edna Earle Harmon Sugar Grove. N. C. Zeb Jennings Harris Cramerton. N. C. Kitty Jean Hartley Blowing Rock. N. C. Fourth Row: WALTER B. HARTMAN Advance. N. C. Clyde Lillian Hartsoe Clifton. N. C. Thelma Christine Hauser Pfafftown. N. C. Hubert James Hawkins Marion. N. C. Reba Hayes Halls Mills. N. C. Fifth Row: Harvey Heavner Vale. N. C. Heath Blair Helms Marshville. N. C. James Ralph Helms Marshville. N. C. William L. Hemby. Jr. Monroe. N. C. Lillian Verona Hiatt Mount Airy. N. C. 4ifcl; A4ji. v a i fcdh Page One Hundred Twenty-two c vC tits -x . d mmfk First Row: Bill Derwood Hice Charlotte. N. C. Stella R. Hildebrand Knightdale. N. C. Byron Hill Walnut Cove, N. C. Charles Matheson Hodges Boone, N. C. James C. Holmes, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Second Row: Richard Gray Holt Troy, N. C. Hassie Lee Hopson Durham, N. C. Henry Ford Houser Bessemer City, N. C. Belva Kathleen Howard Winston-Salem, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Hughes Asheboro. N. C. Third Row. Cedric Vernon Hunter Day Book. N. C, Paige Elizabeth Idol Kernersville, N. C. Ruth West Isaacs Boone. N. C. Frances Martha Jackson Pilot Mountain, N. C. Frances Pauline Jackson Mill Spring, N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Fourth Row: iary Ross Jackson Siloam, N. C. ;athleen JARVIS Laurel Springs, N. C. Ruby Ellen Jessup Francisco, N. C. Earl Foster Johnson Ronda. N. C. Margaret Louise Johnson Kannapolis, N. C. Fifth Row: Vivian Nezbit Johnson Vale, N. C. Jessie Lois Jones Sparta. N. C. Alice Frances Joyce Mount Airy. N. C. Rush Thomas Kelley Germanton. N. C. Lillian Bernhardt Kent Lenoir, N. C. Page One Hundred Twenty-three Firs! Row: Ruth Geddie Lambeth Second Ron ' : Wn i iam Odell Leonard Sanford, N. C. Lexington. N. C. William David Killian JACK D. LAWRENCE Lincolnton. N. C. Ralph Harding Langdon Boone. N. C. Lillian Lewis Coats. N. C. Ramsaytown. N. C. Roy Kirkman Evelyn Annie Lawson Mount Airv. N. C. RALPH B. LASSITER Mount Airy. N. C. Tom D. Lewis Candor. N. C. Mountain Park, N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Third Row: Frances Ruth Loven Linville. N. C. Helen Cleo Lowe Caroleen. N. C. Helen Christine Lutz Newton. N C Lillian Florene Lutz Newton. N. C. Willie Earl Lyon Hickory. N. C Fourth Row: Frances Durcella Lynch Stony Point. N. C. Ruby Josephine Mann Gastonia. N. C. Frank T. manship Rockingham. N. C. Frank marsh Marshville. N. C. Mary Elizabeth Marsh Marshville, N. C. Fifth Row: Cora Adeline Martin Statesville. N. C. Jessie Howard Martin Ellenboro. N. C. Walter Elijah martin Mocksville. N. C. Flowers Mast Sherwood, N. C. Rebecca Sue Mast Sherwood. N. C. m j? V s f»« V 1 A I Page One Hundred Twenty-four y Ai iaijfe fc First Rou. ' : Leo Masters Tipton Hill. N. C. TERRENCE J. MATTERN Islip Terrace. N. Y. Harriette McAllister Mt. Pleasant, N. C. George Vaughn McBride Ronda. N. C. Helen Othelia McCaslin Maiden, N. C. Second Row: Rebecca Sue McCollum Winston-Salem. N. C. Henry n. McKellar Rowland, N. C. Winnie Sue McLean Cricket, N. C. Helen Louise McNeely Avondale. N. C. Everett Warren McNeilly Casar, N. C. Third Row: INA PAULINE MCRARY Lenoir, N. C. Eugenia Lorene Melton Albemarle. N. C. Gorman Lee Michael Lexington. N. C. Bruce Miles Champion. N. C. Carolyn Miller Boone. N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Fourth Row: harles Blaine Miller Boone. N. C. leta Margaret Miller Clifton. N. C. Ruth Baby Miller Sherwood. N. C. Glendrid Pauline Mills Polkton, N. C. William McK. Mitchell Appalachia, Va. Fifth Row: Edith Magedeline Moore Dobson. N. C. Lily Pearle Moore Globe. N. C. Hazel Mabel Moretz Boone, N. C. Charlene Morris Stanley, N. C. Eris Elizabeth Mounce Walnut Cove. N. C. Page One Hundred Twenty-Hoe jC - )U - First Row: Preston Alfonzo Mull Marion, N. C. Rhoda Estelle Neal Walnut Cove, N. C. Betty Ogburn Newton Winston-Salem. N. C. I dward Ralph Newton Crouse, N. C. Annie Josephine Nichols Toast. N. C. nd Ruiv Minnie Trances Nichols Durham. N. C. Joseph Perd Oliver Fig. N. C. Ruth Rebecca Orders Moorcsville. N. C. Sam Wesley Osborne Vale. N. C. Ruth Trexler Park Salisbury. N. C. CLASS OF 1943 Third Row: Naomi Ruth Parker Marshvillc. N. C. Aubrey H. Payne Mount Airy, N. C. Helen Mae Peeler Hickory. N. C. LaRue Perry Liberty, N. C. Marion Philip Petty Gastonia. N. C. Fourth Row: Margaret C. Pierce Harmony. N. C. Lee Annah Power Conovcr. N. C. Geneva powers Charlotte. N. C. Plbert June Pratt Pinnacle. N. C. Charles Edward Pugh Laurel Springs. N. C. Fifth Row: SARA RE E PYATT Nebo. N. C. Virginia Randle Kings Mountain, N. C. John Havens Ransom Oxford. N. C. Sue Ratchford Gastonia. N. C. MaryL. Redmond New Hope. N. C. . Page One Hundred Twenty-six First Row: Patyrae Reeves Sparta, N. C. John Paul Rimmer Troutman, N. C. Inez Robbins Harris, N. C. Erma Dell Robertson Snow Camp. N. C. JACK N. ROSS, JR. Gaffney. S. C. Second Row: Leonard Butler Scronce Vale. N. C. Evelyn Sealey Barnesville. N. C. Geneva F. Searcy Uree, N. C. Arnol Setzer Winston-Salem, Mary Jane Sheek Advance. N. C. Third Row: Julius Canoy Shephe Lexington. N. C Stella Madelene Shepherd Scottville. N. C. Wade H. Sigmon Newton. N. C. Charlene Hinkle Sink Winston-Salem, N. C. Belus Smawley Ellenboro, N. C. ' .., CLASS OF 1943 Fourth Row: Zharles Elliott Smith Appalachia. Va. IACQUELINE LEE SMITH Alleghany, Va. Virginia Strange Smith Lexington, N. C. Robert Alton Snow Elkin. N. C. William Judson Sparks Elkin. N. C. Fifth Row: William Harrison Spedden Cambridge. Md. Edith Roseannie Spencer Boonville, N. C. Iva Spillman Winston-Salem. N. C. Vena Dare Spillman Winston-Salem. N. C. Arveta Stafford Taylorsville. N. C. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven w y First Row: .11 AN STIRWALT Durham, N. C. Christopher Frank Stokes l.inwood, N. C. Chloe Triplett Story Boone. N. C. Eugene R. stroup, jr. Chcrryville. N. C. Jack William Strutt Maiden, N. C. Second Row: Wilda Virginia Sudderth Montezuma. N. C. f Lillian Lucille Suggs Raleigh. N. C. I. B. SUMMEV Forest City, N. C. Frances Virginia Sunn i Leaksville. N. C. ft Mary Ruth Sutj qn G reensboro, N. C r r tf V i " J ,. 6 CLASS OF 1943 Third Row: Lyda Vance Swift Boone. N. C. Curtis Franklin Tarleton Marshville, N. C. JERRIE Tashiro Boone. N. C. James Harley Taylor Corinth. N. C. Thelma Mae Taylor Westfield, N. C. Fourth Row: Virginia Sophia Tesh Clemmons. N. C. Grace Eleanor Thompson New Hope. N. C. William Roy Thompson Mt. Park. N. C. James Swain Thore Westfield. N. C. Alta Irene Tilley Mount Airy. N. C. Fifth Row: Edith Creasy Tilley Mount Airy. N. C. Alice Jane Timmons Charlotte. N. C. Mary Malinda Toms Shelby. N. C. Richard Henry tucker Newton. N. C. Lois Lorene Turpin Mount Airy. N. C. 0-s Page One Hundred Twenty-eight T - First Row: KATHERINE S. UNDERDOWN Blowing Rock. N. C. Ida Rachel Vernon Stoneville, N. C. KATHLEEN VESTAL Boonville, N. C. James Ray Walker Morganton, N. C. Claudia Marie ward Reese, N. C. Second Row: Edna Florence ward Boone, N. C. Claudine WARF Reidsville, N. C. Lillian Watts Taylorsville, N. C. Mary Elaine Wells Shelby, N. C. Walter Swindell Whitley Matthews, N. Virginia Grac e " WilKiNS ' Albemarle, N. C. Andrew Joseph Williams Boone, N. C. Dorothy E. Williams Maiden, N. C. Elerbe Herron Williams Indian Trail, N. C. Sara Maxine Williams Yadkinville, N. C. Ethel Wilson Boone. N. C. Frank Wise Vale. N. C. Grace Louella Wood Hanes. N. C. Marjorie Woodie Piney Creek. N. C. Fifth Row: Freida Esther Worrell Hillsville. Va. Mary Elizabeth Worsham Ruffin, N. C. Fred James Wright Kings Mountain, N. C. Mary Doris Wright Boone, N. C. Ruby Yoder Lincolnton. N. C. Hal Redmond York Olin, N. C. 1 V Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Appalachian From Nearby Mountain Phak ■ ■ eep coming back ?o y all they ' ve got; and take it witti a grvti — IPacn disappointment - trips uou up or f aihire barks your shin; Keep coming back — and if- at last uou Xoee the qamc of rlqHV —Cet those toho whipped u u Imou? at least they, too, hare had a figtvh BratvHaud ttt« - 1880 « Philosophy should be an energy: it should find its aim and its effect in the amelioration of mankind. — Victor Hugo (1802-1885). Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. — Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919). ATHLETICS for MEN DEPARTMENT Flucie Stewart Director of Athletics ROLL Lee Host Dewey Barn hill Robert Broome Garnett Clark I I Cunningham R. P, Daucherty William Edwards Milton Gaskill Horaci f I i 1 DE 1 1 A K I • I KG Watson Holyfield 1 ' k m is Hoover Edwin Jon nsoh (II ARLES M INSH1P Marsh u l Mi ( ' i uri Danny Miller A ndre Nadeau £5i C R Y W ATKINS 4ssisfunf Coach • fc[l r « o ▲ OF ATHLETICS Edwards Coach Stewart Captain Poe RESULTS 19 Appalachian 7 Rollins 14 Appalachian 21 Carson Newman Appalachian Newberry Appalachian 54 V C. T. C. 7 Appalachian VI High Point Appalachian 12 King College Appalachian . . 7 Elon 6 Appalachian 6 Lenoir Rhyne 6 Appalachian 59 South Georgia Appalachian 64 E. C. T. C. Hoover, En,i M inship. Tackle P uard Rei i zi e, Center Smith, Guard I ! . B(u-k Cherry, End SlGMON, 1 1 1 ■ O ' Toole, Guard Rugeley Center ' . r . Back Watts. Tackle Knu A.RDS, E tld Baker, Bat ' ■ Geoff, Back 39 SEASON Appl. Oppo. Points scored 269 33 First Downs 114 43 Yds. Gained (scrim.) . .2.639 752 Passes attempted 100 82 Passes completed 32 19 Passes intercepted 18 13 Punting average in yds.. . . 39.7 33.1 Kick-off average 55.1 43.8 Fumbles 37 39 Own recovered 24 25 Opponents ' recovered 14 13 The following are the points scored by the individual players who scored more than 1 2 points: Baker. 55 (first in North State Conference} : Broome. 48: Safrit. 36: Daugherty, 36: Hoover. 36: Hudson. 25: Corn. 24. Ann Jones. Margaret Rhyne. Dona Gantt. Dorothy Griffith, Dorothy Bau.mgardner. Martha Garner. Frances Anderson. Horn-feck, Tackle Ruffing, Guard [cClure. Manager Johnson. End Bost, Tackle Sills, Manager Broome, Back Xewmever, End Walters. Back Safrit, Back Stadium, North Stands Daugherty, Back Wilson, Guard APPALACHIAN Sc cJ XtusrttU tA. P i Hie J H6 L a ai Jo6u 0K i € U v ..J « ta (jUcdivti 6ack ' - ] - ' tr r- ' ' 4 BacJt I W ' ■■ , . — X Cft ote i ' - ' . ft A s£- lsi £ N - - -ex BASKETBALL North State Conference Champions TopRow Stevkart, Williams, Holy field, Staleyj R ■.. Mm ih SUAWLEY, SAFRIT, k mkvkr; Front Row: Daniels, Hudson (Capt.), NovotokK JiluruA lOiUZcuuA. A auxrtcnu VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS FOR SEASON 1939-40 Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian National I Kansas City cctUem.-Gifif; B " BASKETBALL MS .■ • Row: Hornfeck, Baker, Martin, Blanton ; Row NANCE, I , i k i h, Cherry, STORIEj E h. Row: Tucker, Manager, Phillips, Matter n, II irris i Row Far re) i . Wright, Dan i els, Smihi, WRESTLING RESULTS— 1940 Appalachian 33 3 6 King Knoxville T " Appalachian in A. A. U. Tournament 3 . High Scorer Appalachian ... 19 Appalachian 11 Appalachian 17 Appalachian . . . 25 ' V. M. I 9 I ranklin 8 Marshall . 19 Baltimore " Y " 9 King 4 1 ¥ " ..« Top Row: Barefoot, Clark, Sigmon, Ingram, Twin. Coach W tkins; Second Row: Baggett, G right. Sparks, Kellam, Savage, Hull; Third Row: Crawford, Smith, Turbyfill, Kelley, Abbs nethy, Day, Wilson; Front Row: Cunningham, Reese, White, Gas kill, Perdue, Parks, Aw " Crawford, Cunningham, Turbyfill, Gaskii i Perdue, Parks. Reese, W «n e . UuuduoL BASEBALL Back Row Stone. .1. Phillips, Gordon, Watts, Hagaman. Bingham Wise Gentry. Second Row, Watkins (Coach). Baggctt (Manager), Elmore. Rogcrson. Snow. Honeycutt, I ■idler. McClure. Collins, Nadeau. F. MeCIurc. Front Row: Jones, Broome. Hudson. Safrit, Holyfield, Prince, Hallyburton, Hull. SOCCER Back Roll ' : Musselwhite, Smith. Snyder. Bax- ter. Nadeau. Crawley. Smith. Robinson, Carter, Front Row: Parrish. 1 idler. Snow. Jones. Hull. Taylor. Broome. Clark. TAG FOOTBALL Back Row: Nadeau. Clark, Gaskill. Corn. Front Row: Willis. Harding. Daugherty, Broome, Musselwhite. Parrish. Carter. BOXING Back Row Martin, Rimmer, Taylor. Parrish. Front Row: Kelley, Wonsavage (Manager), Petty. • INTRAMURAL TENNIS Back Row: Iverson (Coach). Franklin Kelley. Blanton. Wonsavage. Kimel) (Manager Front Row: Essies. Brady. Ca Upper Left — Back: Hovis. Rackley, Robinson. Helms, Wonsavage. Front: Taylor. Brady, Hull. WRESTLING Above: Stronach. Austin, Parrish. Front: Rugeley. Crayton, Ingram. JONES BOYS Lower Lett — Back Row: Petty. Rackley, Wrenn, Taylor. Fronr Row: Hovis, Clark, Hull. SPORTS • 1940 INTRAMURALS WINNERS Newton Brady Novotony SNOW TUMBLING JAMISON Harding Corn Ortega Gaskill Iversen PARRISH Brady Kelley Rackley Miller Nadi Crayton Carter Taylor Willis MUSSl 1 WHITE Clark Bailey To have striven, to have made an effort, to have been true to certain ideals — this alone is worth the struggle. — Sir William Osier (1849-1919) ATHLETICS for WOMEN DEPARTMENT of ATHLETICS for WOMEN Thursa Steed Coach Ruth Howard Senior Basketball Manager Jean Warwick Junior Basketball Manager GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Appalachian 28 Appalachian 20 Appalachian 23 Appalachian 22 Appalachian . . 17 Appalachian 25 Appalachian 48 Appalachian 39 Appalachian ...... 29 Appalachian . . .251 RESULTS Emory-Henry 14 Mitchell ... 5 Hiwassee 30 Wingatc 18 Mitchell 7 Lees-McRae 20 Wingate 14 Campbell 18 National Business 28 Opponents 154 Standing: Ruth Miller, Evelyn Lawson, Charlene Morris, Mary Black, Dorothy Griffith, Agnes Fagcart; Kneeling: Dorothy Gambill, Josephine Nichols, Blanche Kiser (Captain). Kith Miller, Hazel Kiser; Seated: Joy Johnson, Geneva Goodman, Margaret Rhyne, Lucy Crisp. GIRLS ' " A " CLUB First Row: Margaret Rhvnc. Can eva Goodman. Agnes Faggart. Ha el Kiser. Margaret Pittman. Second Row: Jean Warwick. Lucy Crisp. Joy Johnson. Dorothy Griffith. Frances Anderson. Third Rotv: Blanche Kiser. Alice Carr Hendricks. Josephine Nichols. Charlene Morris. Martha Garner. Fourth Row: Mary Black. Dorothy Gambill, Evelyn Lawson. Ruth Miller. Ruth Wilson. Not in picture: Ann Jones. Ruth Howard. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR CLUB GOLDS Standing: Thelma Taylor. Mary Black. Dorothy Griffith. [Catherine Burleson. Janice Little. Jean Warwick. Kneeling: Mary Jane Thorpe. Alice Carr Hendricks, [ranees Anderson. Marie Curcio, Llsic Lee Brake, Dona Gantt. GIRLS ' LIFE SAVING CORPS Standing: Alice Carr Hendricks. Louise Holland. Iris Rose Gibson. Ruth Suggs. Seated: Frances Anderson. Jean Warwick. Ellen McFall. Martha Gar- ner. Katherine Burleson. Elsie Lee Brake. Standing: L ouise Baker. Peggy Beale. Dorothy Comer, Geneva Goodman. Johnnie Speas. Louise Quackenbush. Loisnell Sparks. Ethel Wilson. Ruth Wilson. Kneeling: Eileen Bryant. Ruth Loven. Agnes Faggart. Joy Johnson. Elizabeth South. Virginia Randall. Josephine Nichols. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR CLUB BLACKS VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Johnnie speas Dorothy GRIFFITH Elizabeth South Geneva Goodman Elsie Lee Braki Agnes Faggart Alice Carr Hendricks SOCCER VARSITY Standing : Johnnie speas Janice Little Thelma Taylor Elsie Lee Braki Louise Baker Kneeling: Geneva Goodman Alice Carr Hendrh ks Sealed : Jean Warwick Agnes Faggart Joy Johnson Intramural Tennis Champion Helen Mi Kinney Intramural Horseshoe Champion Mary Jam: Thorpe Intramural Ping Pong Champion Margaret Greene monq VKe purpose of a societvj should be to tru to arranqc for - continuous supply oK work afc all times aticUeasons. Pope Leo m 1S10-1903 Whatever philosophy may determine of material nature, it is certainly true of intellectual nature, that it abhors a vacuum. — Samuel Johnson (1709-1784). Scilurus on his death-bed. being about to leave four-score sons surviving, offered a bundle of darts to each of them, and bade them break them. When all refused, drawing out one by one. he easily broke them — thus teaching them that if they held together, they ivould continue strong; but if they fell out and were divided, they would be- come Weak. — Plutarch (A.D. 46-120). SOCIETIES and CLUBS VERNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Fall Quarter Ruth Howard President g m Catherine Mills Vice-President r Hr V J PEARLE SMITH Recording Secy. Jf t 9k ■ " H ■ " ' , i ZENNA HALSEY . Corr. Secretary w Ul T J . Jfc 1 FAYE POOVEY Treasurer fl flK B M ti| V WINTER QUARTER ■ ]F H - W W T Catherine Mills President j fc a ZENNA HALSEY Vice-President jF Tl - • 7 FAYE POOVEY Recording Sec ' y. J CAROL HAIGLER Corr. Secretary w " ji . iBTw RUTH SMITH Treasurer f, J k Spring Quarter B ] --4 PEARLE SMITH President A THELMA Beam Vice-President S Ruth Smith Recording Sec ' y. IRENE PHILLIPS . Corr. Secretary m m ZENNA HALSEY Treasurer ROLL Mora Alexander. Thelma Beam. Ruth Cochran, Poovev. Ionise Quackenbush, Virginia Randall. Billy G. Cooke. Wilma Dale. Helen Edmiston. Marie Kale Robinson, Phoebe Lou Shirley. Jessie Sifford. Epley. Verona Erwin. Geneva Goodman. Zenna n , c • , D , u c„ .u r c n r .u v ' Pcarle Smith. Ruth Smith, vena Spillman. Dorothy Halscy. Carol Haigler. Clvde Hartsol. Alice Hen- ... niii , • d ii ni Stacev. I ois Si. inns. Mada Steele. Martha Stroupe. dricks. Ruth Howard. Mary Ross Jackson. Ruth Loven. Helen I.ut . I lorine Lutz. Mary Marsh. DclU Mae Tr ' «« 1 ' N ' ' » mi Tucker, Loree Venable, Louise McCready. Helen McDonald. Catherine Mills. Lorena Wagoner, Mane White, Mildred Whitworth. Sallie Miller. Ruth Park. Naomi Parker. Anna Pell, Sue Wilson. Ma el Walker. Helen McNecly. Vivian Rosalie Pendry. Irene Phillips. Faye Poovey. Ruth Johnson. Page One Hundred Fifty-six DYNICIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Fall Quarter ANNABETH JONES President Margaret Yarbrough V .-President DIANA LYNN DELAPP . .Secretary ALMA MOORE Treasurer Winter Quarter DIANA LYNN DELAPP . President Mary B. KNOX V. -President AZILE BURNS Secretary MARY GRIFFITH Treasurer Spring Quarter RUTH SPOON President M. YARBROUGH V. -President BEATRIX BLANTON .Secretary JEANNE KNOX Treasurer ROLL Frances Anderson, Faye Ant In my, Violet .Austell, Leola Bame, Jane Beachum, Letha Beam, Helen Bandy, Virginia Beck, Frederica Blakely, Beatrix Blanton, Elizabeth Brown, Mary Elizabeth Bruton, Azile Burns, Dorothy Bunch, Ruby Lee Burris, Jean Card well, Virginia Clodfelter, Jane Cochran, Allene Connor, Louise Comer, Mozelle Costner, Mildred Cowan, Margaret Cowles, Ruth Craft, Lorene Crater, Gwendolyn Crawford, Ruth Cray ton. B tit ha Eliza- beth Crouse, Marie Curcio, Johnnie Mai Davis, Marthalene Davis, Muriel Davis, Diana Lynn DeLapp, Mary Louise DeLapp, Rebecca Donnelly, Dorothy Dunn, Mary Dunn, Mary Belle Elliot, Nell Ellis, Elizabeth Eubanks, Jacqueline Evcrhart, Becky Faw, Elizabeth Forgay, Evelyn Formy- duval, Mildred Formyduval, Evelyn Galloway, Iris Rose Gibson, Pauline Gilliam. Vernelle Gilliam, Mabel Greer, Mary Griffith, Reba Harris, Elsie Hartman, Ora Louise Hewitt, Lillian Hiatt, Rubye Hinson, Hassie Lee Hopson, Mary Elizabeth Howard, Louise Hutchens, Louise Johnson, Dorothy Jonas, Annabeth Jones, Doris Jones, Jessie Lois Jones, Suzanne Jones, Lillian Kent, Evelyn Koontz, Jeanne Knox, Mary Brandon Knox, Iris Landis, Idell Lowder, Lily Mast, Mary Mast, Harriett McAllister, Virginia McCall, Helen McKinney. Thelma McKinney, Edith McMahan, Faye Miller, Virginia Mitchell, Alma Moore, Emma Osborne, Elizabeth Padgett, Elizaheth Parsons, Sara I ' enninger, Peggy Pittman, Nancy Potts. Elizabeth Putnam, Ree Pyatt, Sara Frances Pyron, Mary Sue Ramseur, Jean Bray Reynolds, Inez Robin ns, Willie Kate Seagle, Mary Jane Sheek, Jean Singleton, Charlene Sink, Virginia Smith, Billy Snow, Elizabeth South, Lois Nell Sparks, Iva Spill- man. Frances Spillman. Meredith Spratt, Ruth Dare Spoon, Sara Stone, Ruth Stonestreet, Joyce Sutherland, Mary Ruth Sutton, Cora Swain, Lillian Suggs, Hazel Teague, Edith Tilley, Ruby Trexler, Lucille Upton, Margaret Walker, Margaret Washam, Mary Elaine Wells, Marguerite Webb, Jessie West, Louise Wilkinson, Virginia Wilkinson, Eula Wilson, Mary Karherine Wise, Beulah Wood, Louise Wike, Margaret Y ' arbrough, Ruby Yoder. Page One Hundred Fifty-seven PHILA RETIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Fall Quarter Pauline Douglas President KATE STROUPE Vice-President Virginia Morris Secretary MARY C. PRICE Treasurer Winter Quarter Mary Carolyn Price President Florence Sanders . V. -President CATHERINE Morris Secretary MARY ETHYL DOUGLAS Treasurer Spring Quarter LENA WARE President RUTH CAUDILL Vice-President ESTHER ADAMS Secretary MABEL TODD Treasurer ROLL Esther Adams. Ruth Alexander, Mary Black. Leafybelle Blanton. Dixie Caudill. Ruth Caudill. Minnie Mae Cline. Lois Crawford. Lucy Crisp. Frances Douglas. Mary Ethyl Douglas. Pauline Douglas. Leona C. Flory. Margaret Gillcland. Ailccn Greene. Ethel Hannah. Edith Harrington. Louise Holland, Sarah Hughes. Clara Martin. Catherine Morris. Charlcne Morris. Virginia Morris, Elizabeth Neal. Margaret Pierce, Faye Poston. Lee Anna Power, Carolyn Price. Florence Sanders. Arnol Setzer. Kate Slroupe. Mildred Taylor. Mabel Todd. Lorenc Vance. Claudine Warf. Lena Warf. Dorothy Wil- liams, Elizabeth Worsham. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight ALPHA SIGMA GAMMA LITERARY SOCIETY - ffl (T: r ? ' " C: :,Mtr OFFICERS Fall Quarter JEROME HuNEYCUTT President ERNEST ERVIN Vice-President DAVID BLACK Secretary Winter Quarter ECCLES WALL President WAYNE NANCE Vice-President Bernard Harris Secretary Spring Quarter WAYNE NANCE President Kenneth Johnson Vice-President TOM WRIGHT Secretary ROLL Lee Austin. Frank Hendricks. John Ransom. Hal Bingham, James Holmes, Norris Farrell, Everette McNeilly, Odell Leonard. Phil Petty, Buren Whis- nant, James Taylor, Tom Seals. June Pratt, Wilford Cox. William Hembry. Aubrey Payne, Richard Tucker, Horace Good, Ray Sills, Charles Wright, Howard Kimel, Robert Phillips, Bill Mitchell. J. C. Shepherd. Page One Hundred Fifty -nine £ . O o .o " - o C? mrrJBMlfri a) Ail OFFICERS ROLL Fall Quarthr Edwin Carter ...President Miles Annas John HOLLOWELL Vice-President Raymond Johnson Secretary Bill Boyi es Winter Quarter CULOS SETTLE President -JAMES CHURCH Flowers Clark Vice-President JOHN HOLLOWELL ... Secretary JOHN CRISP Spring Quarter c„ B , -. ,„„ „ .. Harvey Hiavner FLOWERS CLARK President Will [AM KILLIAN Vice-President CRAIG HULL Secretary GEORGE McBRIDE Page One Hundred Sixty ALPHA LAMBDA SIGMA Leonard Scronce Stone W. E. Woodson Frank Yoder James Yoder Cyrus Faw - DELTA PHI SIGMA Jfc, P ' , f ■ i strife tfc t ii OFFICERS Fall Quarter FRED SMITH President ANDRE NADEAU Vice-President JACK NANTZ ... Secretary-Treasurer Winter Quarter W. E. WOODSON ... President ROY WILSON Vice-President HUGH DANIEL Secretary -Treasurer Spring Quarter RAYMOND BRADY President JACK ' NANTZ Vice-President ROBERT JAMISON Secretary -Treasurer ROLL Ralph Aberncthy. A. B. Barefoot. G. R. Barefoot. Robert Baxter. Lee Bost. George Corn. George Davis, Wilbur Franklin. Eugene Groff, Billy Hcdge- peth. Watson Holyfield. Pete Hornfeck. Max Hovis. Clarence Ingram. W. L. Jones. Eddie Johnson. Ward Laney. Ralph Langley, Forrest McClure. Gorman Michael, James Ncwmcyer. Charles Parks. Charles Pugh, Howard Purgason, Jack Ruffing. Dudley Rugeley, Charles Smith. Harvey Taylor, George Watts (no picture), Cecil Poe. Page One Hundred Sixty-one THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Fall Quarter Margaret Rhyne President MARTHA GARNER Vice-President GERALDINE REDDING . . Recording Secretary LUCILLE BAKER Corresponding Secretary JEAN WARWICK Treasurer Ann Moore Critic CLEO JONES Censor Anna Bell Council Chaplain Josie Little Pianist Vista Lawson Choristei Winter Quarter MARTHA GARNER ■ President MARY Wallace Vice-President JOY HARRIS Recording Secretary CHARLOTTE PARKER Corresponding Secretary JOHNNIE SPEAS Treasurer Rosalie Dearman Critic BEATRICE SATTERWHITE Censor PAULINE SALE Chaplain Edith Burleson Pianist KAY BURLESON Chorister Spring Quarter Mary Wallace President KATHLEEN Byrd . . Vice-President EUGENIA VliRNON Recording Secretary FRANCES SETZER Corresponding Secretary A I MA HANES Treasu rer Olive Turner Critic JANH I 111 l I.l- Censor NDOLYN Cl.ODFELTER Pianist Hilda Foreman Chorister GERALDINE REDDING Chaplain ROLL Etha Adams jennie sue allen Lula Atkins Willie Hazel Atkins Dorothy Atkinson Doris Bailey Lucille Baker Elsie Barnett Dorothy Bumgarner Sybil Bagby Elizabeth Beddingfield Mary Gene Beam Kathryn Beard Betty Bostic Mabel Bowman Mary Eleanor Boyce Elsie Lee Brake Wilma Bridges Agnes Br 11 1 Mary Brown Edith Burleson Katherine Burleson kathleen byrd Frances Canipe Madge Carter Druise Cashwell Gwendolyn Clodeelter Anna Lena Cooper annabell Council Rachel Covington Louise Cress Martha Culp Rosalie Dearmin Gretchen Dum an Page One Hundred Sixty-two THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Stella Dye Geraldine Edwards Minnie Edwards Polly Edwards Elizabeth Ellis Margaret English Hilda Foreman Elizabeth Furr Dona gantt martha garner Hilda Gee Dorothy Griffith alma Hanes Joy Harris Mary Lillian Haynes Stella Hildebrand Dellma hensley Vivian Hoots Catherine Howard Louise Hudgins Mary Hudgins Frances Jackson Joy Johnson Loueasa Johnson Margaret Johnson Helen Jonas Cleo Jones Blanche Kiser Evelyne Lawson Vista Lawson ROLL jane lefler Lillian Lewis Mildred Little Janice Little Josie Little Virginia Logan Frances Lynch Irene Maney Ruby Mann Lucienne Massey Mary Maynard Ethel McCann Margaret McCollum Mary McCurry Ellen McFall Retta McLamb Pauline McRary Betty Modlin Martha Monteith Mary Monteith Ann Moore Evelyn Newsome Josephine Nichols Ruth Orders Sara Orren Sarah Palmer Charlotte Parker Edna Parker jan parker Virginia Parrish Veo Pate Clara Hunter Porter Geraldine Redding Margaret Rhyne Katie Jean Rowe Hazel Saine Pauline Sale Beatrice satterwhite Frances Setzer Madeline Scroggs Johnnie Speas Edith Spencer Ruth Suggs Frances Sutliff Stella tate Inez teeter Virginia tesh Jane Timmons Mary Toms Olive Turner Eugenia Vernon Rachel Vernon Claire Wall Mary Wallace Catherine Ward Jean Warwick Ruth Wagner Bernice Whitesides MUZETTE WlLKERSON Estelle York Page One Hundred Sixty-three MATHEMATICS CLUB Dr. Wright. Tarman. Annis. L. Johnson. E. Johnson. Hoover. Hornfeck. Hoyle. Webb, Canipe. Barnette. Buchanan. Set or. Little. Pyron. Brake. Redding. Cline. Hewitt. BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA B E. E. Garbee. Cyrus Fjw, Robert Jamison. Raymond Brady, Ward 1 aney. Wilbur I ranklin. James Thore. Phillip Petty. Bill Jones. Rexter Gordon. James Church. Ralph Helms. Blaine Miller. Page One Hundred Sixty-four WHITE HALL CLUB ( FFI KKS Ellen McFall An na Pell Elizabeth Putnam ....... (First Half) President I ' ' ice-President .Secretary-Treasurer Lucille Baker Tiielma Skelto Elene Connor Second Halt Mi- Year - President V ice -President Secretary-Treasurer LOVILL HALL CLUB Sara Pyron Rose mary B u c h a n an Irene Brown Mary Winter Quarter OFFICERS (Fall Quarter) Virginia Loga Gene Beau President President .....Vice-President ..Secretary-Treasurer -( ' ice-President Spring Quarter Marguerite Webb Ruth Loven Kate Forbes ..President ..Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer k II Y. M. C. A Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS Fall Quarter Culos Settle Joseph White . Robert long Wayne Miller J. C. Phillips . President .... Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Chaplain Chorister Winter Quarter Jerome Huneycutt Lawson Mathews Robert Jamison loyd barnette Edwin Carter . . Robert Long . Edwin Carter . Wayne Miller Eric Hill Raymond Brady President .... Vice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Chaplain Chorister Spring Quarter President V ice- President Secretary -Treasurer Chaplain Chorister A. B. Barefoot g. r. barefoot Hal Bingham Raymond Brady loyd barnette Clarence Beam Franklin Blanton Edwin Carter Obed Day Norris Farrell Wilbur Franklin Leslie Gerald Barnard Harris ROLL James D. Hamilton Zeb Harris Eric Hill Jerome huneycutt Robert Jamison irvin kelly Richard Kidd Robert Long i awson mathews Wayne miller George McBride Everette McNeilly Hobart Perdue Robert Phillips Phil Petty Culos Settle Charles Snow James Taylor J. C. Shepherd Greeley Teague Ebb Williams W. E. Woodson Roy Thompson Joseph White Hal York Page One Hundred Sixty-six Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS RUTH SUGGS President VIVIAN HOLLOWAY . . Vice-President BETTY MODLIN Secretary EDNA HOLLOWAY Treasurer RUTH HOWARD. . Program Chairman HELEN BANDY . - Social Service CLARA H. PORTER. Student Volunteer ANN JONES Reporter JANICE LITTLE Publicity Louise Cress Chorister Johnnie Speas Pianist Margaret Greene. . . .Social Chm. Y. W. C. A. ROLL Etha Adams, Flora Alexander. Dorothy Atkinson, Violet Austill, Sibyl Ayers, Sybil Bagby, Lucille Baker, Leola Bame, Helen Bandy, Thelma Beam, Eleanor Barnett, Ida Katherine Beard, Virginia Beck, Frederica Blakeley, Beatrix Blanton, Leafybelle Blanton, Mable Bowman, Betty Bostic, Elsie Lee Brake, Irma Bridges, Wilma Bridges, Elizabeth Brown, Mary Elizabeth Burton, Edith Burleson, Kay Burleson, Azile Burns, Kathleen Byrd, Gwen Candler, Dorothy Comer, Louise Comer, Elene Conner, Gwendolyn Clodfelter, Lois Crawford, Louise Cress, Bertha Elizabeth Crouse, Martha Culp, Johnnie Mae Davis, Marthalene Davis, Diana Lynn DeLapp, Mary DeLapp, Fairy Dobbins, Rebecca Donnelly, Mary Ethel Douglas, Pauline Douglas, Gretchen Duncan, Mary Dunn. Stella Dye. Helen Edmiston, Ella Edwards, Minnie Edwards, Virginia Edwards, Elizabeth Ellis, Elizabeth Eiibanks, Mary Flake, Kate Forbes, Betty Forgay, Mildred Formyduval, Elizabeth Furr, Iris Rose Gibson, Ruth Gilbert, Margaret Greene, Carol Haigler, Ethel Hannah, Edith Harrington, Helen Hayes, Louise Hewitt. Stella Hildebrand, Edna Hollo way, Vivian Holloway, Mary Elizabeth Howard, Ruth Howard, Joy Johnson, Vivian Johnson, Dorothy Jonas, Ann Jones, Cleo Jones, Jessie Lois Jones, Evelyn Koontz, Beulah Lee, Hazel Lee, Jane Lefler, Janice Little, Josie Little, Mildred Little, Iris Landis, Virginia Logan, Ruth Loven, Idell Lowder, Florine Lutz, Helen Lutz. Frances Lynch, Harriet McAllister, Margaret McCollum, Rebecca McCollum, Winnie Sue McLean, Helen McNeely, Pauline McRary, Ruby Mann, Cora Martin, Catherine Mills. Betty Modlin, Martha Monteith, Mary Elizabeth Monteith, Ann Moore, Catherine Morris, Virginia Morris, Josephine Nichols. Ruth Orders, Elizabeth Padgett, Ruth Park, Edna Parker, Virginia Parrish, Elizabeth Parsons, Anna Pell, Irene Phillips, Faye Poovey, Clara Hunter Porter, Elizabeth Putnam, Sarah Pyron, Virginia Randle, Sue Ratchford, Geraldine Redding, Hazel Saine, Pauline Sale, Willie Kate Seagle, Geneva Searcy, Arnol Setzer, Frances Setzer, Mary Jane Sheek. Phoebe Lou Shirley, Annis Sifford, Jessie Sifford, Jacqueline Smith, Pearl Smith, Virginia Smith, Johnnie Speas, Vera Spillman, Ruth Spoon, Dot Stacy, Arveta Stafford, Sara Stone, Ruth Stonestreet, Ruth Suggs, Inez Teeter, Virginia Tesh, Edith Tilley, Ruby Trexler, Loree Vance, Eugenia Vernon, Kathleen Vestal, Ruth Wagner, Claire Wall, Jean Warwick, Margaret Washam, Marguerite Webb, Elaine Wells, Catherine Wiles, Margaret Yarbrough. Page One Hundred Sixty-seven B. S. U. COUNCIL MEMBERS: Vivijn Holloway. Margaret Greene. Phoebe Lou Shirley. Frances Canipe. Sarah Penninger. George Parrish. Lucille Upton. Dcllma Hcnsley, Madge Carter, Vernelle Gilliam. James David Hamilton. Culos Settle, Wayne Miller, Kathleen Byrd. Geneva Searcy. Ruth Orders. JUNIOR MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Ml MBERS: Anne Adams, I eitha Beam. Thelma Beam. Mary Brown. Edwin Carter. Marie Epley. James David Hamilton. Dellma Henslcy. Virginia McCall. Wayne Miller. Kathryn Sherwood. Phoebe Lou Shirley. Johnnie Speas, I ouise Wvke. Bculah Wood. Kathleen Vestal. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ■ mm -v m w m m. . ■ i ■1 »• «• i . — « v a fel ■i — OFFICERS First Half Second Half MABEL TODD President CECELIA FARLOW President CECELIA FARLOW . . Vice-President MARJORIE DOUGLAS Vice-President MARY CAROLYN PRICE Secretary- Treasurer JESSIE WEST Secretary -Treasurer LE CERCLE FRANCAIS ' ■ fy f MT mM ' mm W mm W t -X-3M- - Iter- ' r v A v n-a K v Ipm R»ll ' ■ ANDRE NADEAU President R. T. MUSSELWHITE Vice-President MARY WALLACE Secretary CATHERINE MORRIS Treasurer Page One Hundred Sixty-nine ill ' JaJt ' Kfek « INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB D. J. WHITENER, Sponsor OFFICERS DWIGHT GRUBBS President RUTH SUGGS Vice-President FAYE POOVEY Recording Secretary CATHERINE MORRIS Corresponding Secretary LAWRENCE HORNFECK Treasurer W 1 MEMBERS » . £l» «. Till I. MA BEAM JACKIE CARICO L - 4 %» Ruth Howard A.AI W ' 1 ' . k. Kenneth Johnson flBk — H A Vruiu Howard Kimel ■fc JV CATHERINE MILLS ■ j ' • R. T. MUSSE1 WIN I I " " ( ™ » Andre Nadeau j| l k (M flt Ruth BW v 6 MARGARI I ENGLISH L - — Frank Hendrk ks A B Edna Holloway - ■ I Max Hovis . Franklin Blanton 1 |, J.T.Cunningham ' fy -r " — £ VJ V BILLY HEDGEPETH — •,, ' PAU1 IM SA1 I mmmmi ' - Page One Hundred Seventy THE FORUM OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HOWARD KlMEL President ANDRE NADEAU President ANDR£ NADEAU Vice-President R. T. MUSSELWHITE Vice-President CATHERINE MORRIS. . . Secretary- Treasurer PAULINE SALE Secretary-Treasurer PROF. W. M. GRUBBS . . Sponsor CLUB ROLL dwight grubbs lawrence hornfeck Ruth Howard Kenneth Johnson M ' V -?u B B S Catherine Mills B ■ . M ' U Ruth Spoon -J J 1 SB Ruth Suggs V B H. M. Christensen | »■ HH1 JB9IH Gwendolyn Clodfelter Frank Hendricks W - t I m i MaxHovis M S3 «i " $ ' s Mr ' M L Cleo Jones a I Jfc. - % -1 A£- John Hollowell B A WKrk Ml " Franklin Bl anton iK " J J J| Hfl ■£ ■ B 4K9H jp-. 4| , n J ■% ruthpotev C3. t3 u tAj, CLAIRE WALL •! - ' ■ L « • Page One Hundred Seventy-one • • ■in STUDENT COUNCIL William r. Edwards President Margaret Rhyne Secretary Senior Representatives: George Corn Ann Jones Andre nadeau Ruth Suggs Junior Representatives: Raymond Brady Lawrence Hornfeck Max Hovis catherine morris Sophomore Representatives: Franklin Blanton Hobart Perdue mm 44 o ' 1 r j w ifc -- MM Ait Page One Hundred Seventy-two FORENSICS Debate Coaches J. D. RANKIN, D. J. WHITENER Oratory Coach J. Harold Wolfe John Crisp Flowers Clark Howard Kimel Tom Dougherty Catherine Mills Wilma Bridges Jessie Lois Jones DEBATERS Rheba Harris Sue Ratchford Cleo Jones Dorothy Bunch Dorothy Jonas ORATORS Iris Rose Gibson Eccles Wall SPEECH WINNERS South Atlantic Tournament IRIS ROSE GIBSON — first, women ' s oratory; first, problem solving; second. Radio News Cast. JOHN CRISP — first, problem solving; second, after- dinner. FLOWERS CLARK — first, extempore; second, im- promptu. HOWARD KIMEL — first, formulating group opinion. Cleo Jones — first . impromptu. SUE RATCHFORD — first, stimulating group discussion. Catherine Mills — first, after-dinner. DOROTHY BUNCH — second, extempore. TOM DOUGHERTY — second, men ' s oratory. Appalachian Tournament HOWARD KIMEL, Student Chairman CATHERINE MILLS — first, direct clash debate; second, impromptu. FLOWERS CLARK — second, direct clash debate. IRIS ROSE GIBSON — third, after-dinner; third, extem- poraneous. RHEBA HARRIS — second, extemporaneous. ECCLES WALL — first, men ' s oratory. JESSIE LOIS JONES — first, women ' s oratory. WlLMA BRIDGES — second, women ' s oratory. During the year Appalachian debaters took part in a total of 75 intercollegiate debates. Page One Hundred Seventy-three PLAYCRAFTERS OFFICERS LALLA CLAY . . President ECCLES WALL Vice-President DONA GANTT Secretary J. C. PHILLIPS Treasurer DIRECTORS ANTONIUS ANTONAKOS KATHERINE JOHNSON Master Craftsmen Jerome Huneycutt eccles wall Dorothy Bunch George Parrish Louise Cress MEMBERS Franklin Blanton. Odell Leonard. David Green. Jr.. Mary Maynard. Pauline Sale. Betty Modlin. Vivian Johnson. Rheba Harris. Laurine Gard- ner. Jackie Carico. Margaret Harris. Lucille Lackey. Stella Dye. Akard Spurgeon. Horace Good. Faye Poston. Helen Lowe. Kathryn Eury. Helen Ross Cox, Ruth Stonestreet. Elizabeth Deese. Lorene Melton. Jessie West. Helen Greene. Ruth Howard. Sarah Pyron. Marguerite Webb. Louise Hewitt. Hilda Foreman. Philip Fletcher. Lalla Clay, Gelene Coomes. George Parrish. Hazel Saine. Virginia Randle. Sybil Ayres. Dorothy Bunch. Louise Wyke. Mary Dunn. Leola Bame. Louise Cress. J. C. Phillips. Idell Lowder, Agnes Brite. Louise Wilkinson. Jen Stirewalt, Mary Elizabeth Monteith. Annabelle Council. Willie Earl Lyon. La Rue Perry, Ellen McFall. Mary E. Douglas. Lib Ellis. Frances Setzer, Catherine Beard. Janice Little. Josie Little. Charlie Parks. Ann Jones. Frank Crayton. Dona Gantt. Elizabeth Eu- banks. Evelyn Stewart. A CAPPELLA CHOIR PERSONNEL OF THE CHOIR Sopranos: Lillian Abrams. Katberine Burleson. Louise Cress. Hilda Foreman, Ruth Howard. Eva King. Vista Lawson. Sara Orren. Johnnie Speas. Pearl Smith. Ruth Suggs, Lorena Wagoner. Tenors: David Black. Leonard Eury. Howard Purgason. Arnold Ramey. Joe Walker. Buren Whisnant. Tom Wright. Charles Wright. Alios: Edith Burleson. Mozelle Costncr. Gwendolyn Crawford. Kathryn Eury. Delma Hensley. Alice Carr Hendricks. Katharine H. Johnson. Jessie Sifford, Ruth Spoon. Eugenia Vernon. Basses: Edwin Carter, William Franklin. Jerome Huneycutt. Eugene McSwain, Ecclcs Wall. Frank Yoder. kit Miss Virginia Wary, Director ECCLES WALL President LOUISE CRESS Vice-President [] ROM! HUNEYI ri r Treasurer Page One Hundred Seventy-six FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB J. ELWOOD ROBERTS. Director HARRY BARFIELD President RUTH Orders Vice-President CAROLYN MILLER Secretary -Treasurer SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Gordon Nash. Director ' whns: Natalie Purdom. Concert Mistress. Betty Patton. Mickey Barefoot. Helen Bundy. Charlotte Parker. Anna Lena Cooper. Margaret Hardin. Lucille Nash. Clara Porter. Janice Little. Josie Little. Louise Hudgins. Cello: Mary Doris Wright. Contra-Bass: Imogene Greene. Trombone: Baxter Howell. Trumpets: Charles Wright. Harvey Taylor. Clarinets: Carolyn Miller. Laura Ruth Hagaman. Florence Sanders. Flute: Josephine Miller. Oboe: Robert Lovill. Saxophone: Geo. Davis. French Horns: A. Y. Howell. John T. King. Euphonium: Eugene McSwain. Percussion: Blaine Miller. Mildred Formyduval. Piano: Gwendolyn Clodfelter. Page One Hundred Seventy-seven SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Ralph Willis Best Groomed Man Jerome Huneycutt Biggest Bull Shooter George Corn Most Versatile Man Ruth Suggs Most Influential Woman Andre Nadeau Most Influential Man Phil Hudson Best Athlete I Man) Grip Daugherty Wittiest IM .wan Kim k Best Athlete i Woman I Ann Jones Most Versatile Woman Ann Moore Most Attroi five Woman Some impose upon the world that they believe that which they do not: others, more in number, make themselves believe that they believe, not being able to penetrate into what it is to be- lieve. — Michel de Montaigne ( 1533-1592) PUBLICATIONS RHODODENDRON Horace Good Editor DWIGHT GRUBBS Business Manager Howard KlMEL Associate Editor Frank Hendricks Assistant Editor Lawrence Horneeck Assistant Business Manager Page One Hundred Eighty STAFF Athletic Editors Ray Sills Ruth Howard Managing Editors Elsie Lee Brake Louise McCready Editorial Assistants Vivian Holloway Arnold Ramey Claire Wall Louise Cress Ruth Spoon Charles Wright 1 J y Vance Howell Faculty Advisee Page One Hundred Eightu-one APPALACHIAN William Mitchell Editor-in-Chief Henry Baggett Business Manager Max Ho vis PAU1 INI SA1 i JACK Rll 1 IN ' , 1 !l s Newmeyi r Associate Editor Manutimii Editor Sports Editor v4ssis(anl Sports Editor ' age One Hundred Eighty-two STAFF Billy Hedgepeth Circulation Manager Clarence Ingram Advertising Manager Cleo Jones Reporter Bill Killian Reporter Virginia Beck Reporter John Hollowell Reporter Arnold Ramey Reporter Miles Annis Assistant Circulation Mgr. Miller Wren Assistant Circulation Mgr. Hugh Daniel Assistant Circulation Mgr. Rufus Brown Assistant Circulation Mgr. Dr. Whitener Faculty Adviser So k, W » - x Hundred Eighty-three A-O THE PLAYBILL Wright Editor-in-Chief Jerome Huneycutt Business Manager ANTON1US ANTONAKOS Faculty Adviser I 111 l . I ORMAN Columnist Horace Good Columnist TECHNICAL STAN Mary i lizabeth Dougi as Mary Doris Wright Tom Wright Mrs. Cui.len Johnson Faculty Adviser Mickey Bareeoot u nior grei m Ruth Howard Page One Hundred Etghty-four o qct a name can happen but to few: it is one of the f cvo — thinqsthaV cannoV be bouqKt, It ie the free qirt of mankind which must he deserved before it will be qranted, and h at laet nnunlUnqlu. bestowed. Sattmel Johnson -1769 -17 4-- MAY DAY . 1940 zMiss Sybil " Bagby may queen z liss oAnn zMoore MAID OF HONOR ' Edith ' Burleson Senior 1 Do ro 7 by J 01 us Senior MAY DAY Jane Cefler y. U W tk ATTENDANTS Hazel Saine Catherine oJfytorris zMilared Little Juni or Junior Junior 1 MAY DAY ATTENDANTS Elizabeth Ellis Sophomore c fCary r Diinn Sophomon Ruth Orders Freshman Josephine Nichols Freshman ' Tis an old maxim in the schools. That flattery ' s the food of fools : Yet now and then your men of wit Will condescend to take a bit. — Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) SUPERLATIVES and SPONSORS ■■■■i ■ h s c Ippahh hum ( Martha Garner £Mr. zAppalachian oAndre Nadeau -- o.s7 ' Valuable Woman Ruth Suggs fMost " Valuable xAlan Jerome Huneycutt Most c Populai Qrip HDaugberty Sponsor Qditor Rhododendron zMrs. W. £ Qood Sponsor business Manager Rhododendron zMrs. V. G. Qrubbs Sponsor Editor Appalachian lMiss Mary Maynard Sponsor Business SManagei ■ tppalachian zfflrs. Henry ' Baggelt Sponsor Cditor " Playbill oJXCiss Mary Dons Wright Sponsor " Business UManager ' Playbill zMiss Frances r Beckne ' ■ J „ u !-££, X - k - " " -C.4-- ■« ■ Y. B, Tk i i ii i i How vki ' W. M as i Ak im ik I ' . Hudi i « s alcsmcu Cash Wholesale Grocery Wholesale Groceries Phone 2 West Jefferson. N. ( ' . LOOK- The Band Lumber and All Kinds of Building Materials Curtis Millwork Celotkx and Firm Insulation Garr Brothers Home Builders Johnson City, Tknn. ( ' ompliments P farce- Young Angel Co., Inc. Asm VII i i . N. C B. W. Stallings Credit Jeweler Boonf. N. C Exclusive Dealer for Bulova, Gruen, Hamilton Watches, King Instruments and Meek- er ' s Fine Leather G I The tintinnabulation ol the drums and the titillating trilling ol the trumpeters, blending in .1 rhythmi ensemble with the wail ol the woodwinds bring forth cheers for the team whether on the march to glory or standing in rock ribbed defense Banners to ibe b.ind. Belk-White Company Boom . N ( ( ompliments i Daniel Boonf Shoe Shop Boonf. N. C. H The fo -LOOK Uncle Joe says there are several kinds of snow. wet. dry. medium and deep. The only kind we have found in Boone is cold snow. Look across enjoyment lovers freshmen, roomies Canadian just stuff long handles, ouch even H. R. plays who said snow. Compliments of Watauga Democrat Established 1888 Compliments of Boone Drug Go. " The Rexall Store " Phone 17 G. K. Moose, Manager Boone Trail Cafe Grade " A " Institution You ' re Alivays Welcome + Tom B. Redmond Class of ' 34 We ' re Very Appreciative of The College Business W. W. Mac Go. 5c to $1.00 Boone ' s Favorite Dime Store Parkway Go. Hardware - Electrical Supplies Boone, N. C. Page Tiro Hundred Five TEACHERS ' SUPPLIES Chalk, blackboard, erasers, pencils, seatwork, helpful books, paper cutters, hectographs, and many other items for teachers. ART SUPPLIES— Water colors, crayons, brushes, drawing papns, block printing supplies, etc. PRIMARY SUPPLIES— Powdered tempera, easel brushes, primary magazines, poster portfolios, schoolroom decorations. Write for free ( ' u talog MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY of Georgia, Inc. 384 Forrest Ave. Atlanta. Ga. Go Places — See Things — Do Things Bus Travel Is SAFE— COMFORTABLE— ECONOMICAL— RELIABLE Queen City Coach Company " Queen of the South " Charlotte. N. C. Herff-Jones Company Designers and Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY. GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS. MEDALS. CUPS AND TROPHIES Indianapolis. Ind. Jewelers in Appalachian Sinti Teachers College O. E. Bass. Representative Compliments of NOLAN COMPANY Incorporated WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. LOOK-Iwuk Hen an 1 1 . ea led some ol the inner mosl secrets ol the boy ' s dormitory I ook reveals many sights seldom wit- nessed by the feminine sex I ( " ' I now and see « hal you see " Fluff ' s roommate " three muske teers more Idler hearts more bull one pipe and the editoi ' , , ,■ I u " It wuli , I Sf . LOOK— Outside Why not ' There are times when one sees things if they look down in the pines in front of Lovill. But only stooges look there, so let us not look. A twin pooches ' paradise only freshmen play in the snow teachers or housekeepers it ' s been like tins for three years why boys come to Appalachian oh joy! Compliments of General Shale Products Corporation General Sales Offices Johnson City. Tennessee Manufacturers of " SPEEDBRIK. " the New Economy Unit. Send for copy of complete catalog showing construc- tion details and other interesting information. A " SPEED- BRIK " house compares very favorably in cost with good all-frame construction. Write us today. A Taste Will Win Your Favor SELECTO " The BACON delicious " TENDER SELECTO " The HAM delicious " A Rich, Tender, Delectable Flavor All Its Own 4 y Fathom FISH " EAST TENNESSEE PACK INC CO. Page Two Hundred Seven ( i mpliments i Waldensian Tarheel Bread Waldensian Baking Company ' AI DESE. X C. Morgan Brothers, Inc. Wholesalers - Distributors CANDY - CIGARS - DRUGS - SUNDRIES PAPER PRODUCTS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phones: 5400, 5401 ASHEVILLE, N. C ( ' ,7-71 B roadway When You Wake Up . . Fresh Up ! | " () YOU find it hard to " get going " in the morn- J injr? Wake up feeling listless . . . no appetite for breakfast? Tomorrow morning, soon as you get up, get a chilled bottle of 7-Up from the refrigera- tor. Sip it slowly . . . taste each sip . . . feel 7-Up fresh up your mouth, help you enjoy a good breakfast anil starl the day awake and alert. ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Jobbers, I )istributors nils Commerce Si. ASHEVILLE, X. ( ' . LOOK— Forward Sure because il s Onward Moun taineers I ook, Do ' s pride and joy " Intramural I nglish " red moun taineers Daniel Boone his sell happ) ex mayor and other big shots Page I u i Hundred I Backward— LOOK It ' s a lot of fun sometimes, especially if it brings back pleasant thoughts. Oh my. goin ' some place just the Spanish Club oh boy. look two times Mitchell, who arranges this book said, leave this out ' ' one summer pleasure at Appalachian. SUMMERS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY Johnson City, Tennessee EAT TOASTCHEE They ' re Just Right For A Short Bite LANCE, INC. Charlotte, N. G. Page Two Hundred Nine DANIEL BOONK HOTKL In the Heart ol the Mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway " Elevation ' H ' n Feet J. B. McCoy. Manager BOONE. N. C. The Men ' s Shop A complete- stock of nationally known merchandise. Selected for the " well dressed man. " Griffon and Royal Art Suits, Flor- sheim and Freeman Shoes, Dobbs and Varsity Club Hats, Arrow and Wings Shirts, Bradley and Rugby Sweaters. Prevette ' s Men ' s Shop R. F. McDade, Mgr. Phone 162 Boone. N. C. CAROLINA PHARMACY Dependable Drug Service One of the Largest Cosmetic Stocks in Western North Carolina PHON1 4 Boone. N. C. Appalachian Western Carolina ' s Finest Theatre Extends Best Wishes to the Student Body and dusting Class. Meet Your Friends at the Appalachian Soda Shop LOOK- Hope- n ami and brains or I .ml). Hope .ind Charity. A B S degree awaits inside .1 B S 111st four vcars away who w.mis .1 B.S when there is plenty ol grub 1 1 ■ Hundred Fen LOOK- at Profology It is fitting that we record here in words the favorite expressions of many of our mentors for these expressions will conjure up a men- tal picture that no camera could ever capture. — The Editor. Dr. Daugherty: Is that culture? Young lady, what ' s your name? Young ladies and young gentle- men. Dr. abrams: Memorize the first ten lines. I wish that blasted bell wouldn ' t ring this morning, we ' re in such a beautiful passage. Miss Liles: Is anyone absent today? Do you follow me in this, class? Isn ' t that musical? Isn ' t it, isn ' t it, isn ' t it? Dr. Whitener: I dor. ' t think anyone will find this course very difficult. Now that should have been true, but no — no, it wasn ' t. There are more fools per square inch among college professors than among any other class of people. A.S.T.C BOOK STORE " Student Headquarters " Soft Drinks College Seal Jewelry and Pennants NEW RIVER LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA REIN ' S-STURDIVANT BOONE, N. C. PHONE 24 AMBULANCE SERVICE NORTH WILKESBORO SPARTA WEST JEFFERSON JOE TODD ' S ESSO SERVICE Complete One-Slop Service Main Street Phone 9105 Boone, N. C. Carolina Cafe Hotel " Boone ' s Finest " Fried Spring Chicken. Country Ham. T-Bone Steaks. Our Specialty. Milton Young, Manager Page Two Hundred E ei i n The Key-O-File System is now used by this institution to care for its keys. Fits Standard File-Cabinets, in ■ ' ! Sizes. fj ' rv d- ' r ' i 1.1 v.i ' .V Y Y .Y ' .Y ' .Y Y Y C V Y TT7 zn 1» " i8 $ SiiSOT ' tK ' tSffliffilSjiS This Size for Letter-File Drawi i P. O. Box 218 Swannanoa, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College BOONE. N. C. Devoted Exclusively to Teacher Training for Public Education in the South SPECIALIZING IN OBSERVATION WORK Full Sum mer Quarter WALKER ' S JEWELRY STORE WATCHES, DIAMONDS. RINGS. AND SCHOOl SUPPLIES Appalachian State Teachers College Students Always Welcome Dr. Wolfe: It is my belief that the Republi- can Party could have elected Charlie McCarthy president in 1928. It is my belief that the Demo- crats could have elected Charlie McCarthy president in 1932. Prof. Vance Howell: I little believe that to be the case. According to Barnes . . . Prof. John Howell: Now then let ' s see . . . . . . Average fellow has to do in life. Dr. Warman: Well now what ' s the next ()ues- tion? Our time is limited — too much picnic spirit. Miss Ellis: I have checked your papers. 1, 2, 3, 4 — push, pull; 1, 2 — loop. Dr. Eggers: Endorse a sheet of paper, please. I am not sarcastic; I am ironic. How many in here have read " Gone With the Wind " (Everyone raises hand) : Now how many have read twenty of Shakespeare ' s plays? How many in here have read twelve books of " Paradise Lust? " Miss Ledbetter: When I was at the University of Chicago. Professor Greene: Now if you don ' t know just say so. Tomorrow I am going to lock the door and if you are late you can stay out. Ha, ha, ha! Professor Daugherty: I think you will be interested in what this man has to say (fumbles through a book). Mr. Eury: Business is bad today. How is my fine-feathered friend today? Starr Stacy : She just burned me down. Dean Rankin : That reminds me of a joke I heard once. Dr. Smith : .My little girl, Rheba . . . Mus. ODELL: It ' s seven o ' clock. I believe. Two Hundred Twelve f CEREALS GO TO COLLEGE Yes, a fellow has to eat at school just the same as he does at home. And Kellogg ' s Cereals are there to satisfy his appetite in the same good, crisp, wholesome way. It would be hard to find a college in the country where Kellogg ' s Cereals are not featured. So always ask for Kellogg ' s— anyone of the delicious ce- reals — and you can be sure you ' ll get just what you want. The World ' s Most Popular Ready-to-eat Cereal CORN FLAKES J A FINAL WORD Our hope is that our ideas presented in this RHODODENDRON will meet with your approval, for after all, it is your book. We were chosen by you to do this job and are conscious of the honor that goes with the privilege. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to those people, without whose help and time, this book could not be possible: Mr. Bill Mitchell of the Observer Printing House for his efforts in laying and printing this book. Mr. M. F. Dunbar for his excellent photography and fine cooperation. Prof. A. Antonakos for his unselfish efforts in all activities and his splendid photography. Dr. W. Amos Abrams for his time and labor so altruistically devoted during campus elections. Coach Stewart and the Athletic Department for their splendid cooperation. Prof. Howell, Faculty Adviser, for the confidence he has shown in the ability of the staff and his sensible advice when needed. And to those we have missed by name MANY THANKS. Horace Good. Editor-in-Chief DwiGHT GRUBBS. Business Manager HOWARD KlMEL. Associate Editor Page Two Hundred Thirteen CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Carolina in this annual was made IJLojisk Zs by " ) DUNBAR STUDIO . CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA Specialists in Annuals Stability SlNCH time, mountain peaks have served man as landmarks: they are stable, dependable in character. To many annual staffs, through more than forty-nine years, the Observer Printing House has served as a landmark, a guide in the producing of FINE ANNUALS. Our quality, our service, the experience of trained personnel both in advisory capacity and in mechanical production, have ever been outstanding. Over forty-nine years of continuous service is proof of stability. OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE. In College Annual Department C, 204-214 W. 2ND ST CHARIOT II ' . N. C. } cJiA r JL J j cyi S — K1NGTONE

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