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V KV VM ' i ( Z- iX y J •i Ke 1935 Rhododendron PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA COPYRIGHT 1935 JESSE W. HOUCK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EVERETTE C. TOMS BUSINESS MANAGER Charles B. Aycock Goz ernor of North Carolina 1901 — 190S The man who fmiRht harder and did more for universal education than any other man in the history of North Carolina. • incieen DEDICATION T. O THAT Nestor of educational evanQcIists ivho lighted the fires of enthusiasm for mass education, ivho iVas the guiding genius behind the initi- ation and development of the present public school system in North Carolina. Governor Charles B. Aycock. and to the public school teachers of the stale, the 1935 Rhododendron is respectfully dedicated. North Carolina has produced no leader whose flaming zeal for univer-vil education was more effectual than that of Governor Aycock nor one whose influence for public schools was more far-reaching and accomplishing. When public interest in this cause was either unaroused or complacent . he rode his life out over mountains and coastal plains calling upon his commonwealth to give rightful concern to the social, moral, intellectual, and spiritual values of its uouthhood through the processes of public schools. He is North Carolina ' s Immortal. Catching the spirit of educational aspirations and sacrificial service which marked the career and achievement of this illustrious leader, the public .school teachers have wrought his best dreams into reality and today they stand apart from all other groups of our citizenship for the efficiency of their labors and for the splendor of their unselfishness during the period when public education, like other public services, was having its blood drawn on the altar of an enforced economy. Clvde R. Erwin State Snperintendoit of Education 1934 — 1935 The man who is waging a com- mendable fight to raise the living standard for teachers in North Caro- lina. (;t y- ;. FOREWORD J. T HAS been the aim this year to produce a hook that would portray campus life fully at Appalachian in all of its social, athletic, and scholastic aspects. We have attempted to record this year ' s experiences in this our RHODODENDRON, so that ivhen you are far removed from Appalachian State Teachers College you may turn to it and relive some of those happy days spent here. If books are truly companions, we believe that your Annual will be the most congenial. In accordance With the definite purpose of this institution, which is teacher training, we have adopted a theme portraying the life and work of a teacher. In our theme we have attempted to rehearse the role that a teacher m the public school assumes, the responsibilities they bear and the position they hold in society. The teacher — that meets his classes every day in the week and teaches Sunday School on Sunday, moulding the child mentally and physically, repri- manding, encouraging and advising — more influential, possibly than the min- ister and oftentimes more so than the parent upon the child ' s thinking and behavior — is herein depicted. c T-. zzy J- v " » Ciic den cite Jineleen Contents Book I ■ Book II Book III - Book IV Book V ■ THE COLLEGE - - CLASSES . ATHLETICS ■ ACTIVITIES ■ FEATURES Theme Explanation A teacher to teach tirsi has ( of u learn. Tasks bia and little he just cam ' t spurn. And hix work ain ' t over at the end of the week — For the preacher may come and his other talents seek. Take the coach ' s job, it ain ' t so soft at that — Teaching, uorkmg. playing, maybe scrubbing each little brat. To make a dent on each solid little brain. You gotta shoiv, beg. plead, and explain. Then many activities you must keep in mmd Hoping, maybe, some genius you may find. H t " - J-kittu—p. vc f ' ljijyf. ' uiiu ijM A teacher lo teach first has gotta learn. Tasks big and little he ]usl cain ' t spurn. The College C T-. Cl3. J-» V . - C i oJioJiei Jix.OK. :;r-Tun(ircd. J-liitlij—iivc- The campus and shadows . . trials and vexations well . . . . to the South . . . sunlight hopes and ambitions . . . . in the end . . . all is hcAcdendtCf Jineleen " ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Page Eiiihl c . ( .L . ' -T mA ' ' - J kixiu—h. ve - B. B. Dougherty. B.S.. Ph.B.. D.Litt. President c r» c T . J- » Page Nine cdcdendtcfi Jinel eei - . i. IkL r idM Faculty Mrs. D. D. Dougherty Trec surtT J, D. Rankin, A.B.. A.M.. S.T.D. Dean — lingltsh A. M. Norton. A.B.. A.M. English J. M. DoWNUM, A.B. Registrar D. J. Whitknhr A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. History J. A. Williams, A.B,, A.M. Geographg W. Amos Abrams A. B.. A.M., Ph.D. English Chapell Wilson, A,B,. A,M. Director — Demonstration Work — Psychology Herman R. Eggers, A.B., A,M. Education V. C. Howell. A.B., A.M. History Page Ten di T-. cz . J-.K jLittf § ve Faculty Antonius Antonakos. B.S., M.S. Physics A. R. Smith. A.B., A.M. Chemistry Miss Maude Cathcart. B.S.. A.M. Biology Miss Jennie Todd. B.S. Supervisor of Women — Penmanship Bernard Dougherty. B.S. Assistant Business Manager G. L. Sawyer, A.B. Psychology Miss Ida Belle Ledbetter A.B., A.M. Biology Mrs. Van Hinson, A.B., A.M. French J. T. C. Wright, A.B., A.M. Mathematics Eugene Garble, B.S., M.A. Physical Education 4-.cS7J.Gz Page Eleven tedcdendten ■I LneieeH. 0 ' - ' J U,un J FacviltN R. W. Watkins. A.B. Assistant Physical liducation fur Men Mrs. Elizabeth Williams. B.S. Art Van Hinson. A.B.. M.Ed. Education J. Harold Wolfe. A.B.. A.M. History and Sociology Mlss Lily Dale, B.S.. A.M. Home Economics Miss Virginia Wary. B.M. Music Julian C. Yoder, B.S. Assistant in Chemistry A. J. Greene English J Miss Katharine Har vi:li.. B.S. Art Page Twelve Miss Carrie I. Smith, A.B.. A.M. English and Education c . cz . J-.K ' ive Faculty Miss Carolyn Weaver B.S., A.M. Primary Education Miss Dolly LeMay. B.S.. A.M. Physical Education for Women Mrs. Emma Moore Librarian Mrs. D. C. Redmond Secretary to Registrar Leonard Eury. A.B. Librarian Lee J. Stone, A.B., A.M. Assistant Physical Education for Men Mrs. Lily B. Hardin Matron — Neic Dormitory Miss Lona Moretz Matron — Lovill Home Miss Nancy Lewis Secretary to Treasurer Miss Thursa Steed. B.S. Assistant Physical Education for Women y r cr » . V . Page Thirteen 7 licJioJien Jb i LH.eicei ' Facult Mrs. Stella Barnes Secret aru lo Dean Virginia Strother. B.S. Assistant in Biology Mrs. V. V. McConnell Dietitian FACULTY ASSISTANTS Guy Angell Library Boyd Baucom Mathematics Homer Eggers English E. S. Christenbury. B.S., A.M. Education Margaret Fiddler Psychology Howard Collins, B.S. Purchasing Agent Page Fourteen Matthew Hanna Dormitory ■ C ( " 1 Faculty Assistants Jesse Houck History Minnie Morris French Dale Keller Physics Starr N. Stacy Dormitory Hazel Little Psychology Ray Stikes History Byron Latham History Bryan Taylor Physical Education Bruce MacFayden Chemistry Robert Taylor Biology Katherine Mann English Etta Wilson Wooten Art Edith Melvin Education Lucille Yarboro Home Economics Page Fifteen c=r . y.C . tedede id ' •t LKeieeHy Page Sixteen Why girls go to the library . . . What ' s the number on microbe hunt- ers . , . Food for thought . . . I hree hours here pre- pares a one hour recitation for Mr. Williams . . . Sorry. Anthony Adverse IS out . . . W-e-e-l-l v;e ' ll see about that . . . Nimrod . . . Proud papa . . . L r. cir5« J-» v - ' T At a ' t iu—tive ' And his ivork ain ' t over at the end of the week — For the preacher may come and his other talents seek. Classes - •f Wp tedcdendtCH A mark of early days . . . when bells tolled . . . a call to classes . . . in today s scheme . . . a laboratory for teacher training . . . prepa- ration for education ' s progress . . . Cciciicncitci incleen Midnight oil . . . Where teachers are made . . . Love ' s promenade . . . Cabbages, carrots and cus- tard . . . Calm before the storm . . . Some Sunday afternoon . . . Page Twenty W.A7e Dr. W. Amos Abrams Sponsor SENIORS c h. czr J- v . - i cdcdenM een Senior ( lass Oflf iiccrs hLOWFR: UogiL ' ooti Motto : " A neiv deal for teachers. Calvin Wricht Garnett Mabfl ; HIPMAN -I JGHF.S President Vice-President ScrrptarJP. Harold Gravblal [ ' reasi NTHONY VIRGI Pnmi r h AUSTIN ■E, N. C. Education CLARA BANNER Newland. N. C. M a thentatUs and St t onco Dynician Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4), Rep eie itative (2), Chaplain ii): Y. W. C. A. (1, , i, J)i r-lojilt Club (.1) ; N ew Dormitory LIvili 1 ' 2. A); Metliodist C ' lut detlt (2); Student ' oIunteer; Appalachian Playcrafters (.!, 4). Wingate Junior College (1, 2): Thalian Literary So- ciety (J, 4) ; LoviU Club (3, 4) ; Union County Club (3, 4); B. Y. P. U. MABEL BILLINGS Laurel Springs. N. C. Oiuiiiiiiui — GiuJe CduLUliuii Phila Ketian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Critic (2, 31; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Playcrafters (3, 4); H. T. O. L. (L 2). Treasurer (2). l JiCdcdeHd ' Lneieen Whil LUCILLE BROWN Statesville. N. C. G ran m i g r Crorf t JJuciifi ' ■Mitch e l l Cu l lggg t l. - ' ) ; V. V. L. A. {i. ■ Girls ' Club (.1, 4): Thalia!) I-itcrary Society Mclhudist L ' luh f. ' !. 4r 1.1 Town 4;; FO " Mars Prima i Mars Hill (1); Men d crary Society (3, 4J ; V. H RIGGS I -L. N. C. . : ducal tun tl Cullcge (2) ; Dynician Lit- C. A. a. 4), Cabinet (4): B. S. I ' . Council (4); Home Economics Cluh. Officer (4); White Hall Club (i); Xew Dormitory Club (4). GUSSIE BUMGARNER Tavlorsville. N. C. Cirammar i.,ratie hHurntinrT Thalian Literary Society; B. Y. P. C; Y. W. C. A ; Secretary Junior Class S. S. I y-E CARPe TER RF0KDl,6tJ N. C. Normal — 4-i — -{ — Dynie i nn fSterary Society m t e Ha il Club C.r); Fresbj O aV club (J) ' ; County Club (41; Y. V. cNasX ) ; Town NANC CARSON Marion. N. C. Grammar Grade Education EVELYN CAUDLE WlNSON-SALbM. N. C. PiuDuiii Edmuih yTT Glee Club (J. 4): V. W. C. A. (l. (4); Methodist Club (2, .i, 4), Secretary (fe Presiden t (j), Thal i nn LilLiflir r iri uictj (1, — 5, Recordir n; Sijofe i a ry f,i ' ). Co rr cniiund lT i!? Sec r m rj (4) Qabinet 4), p. 4), Critic (41 ; TTorae Economics CIuTJ TT, T, 4K Ireasurer (3), President (3); Forsyth County Club (3), Secretary (3): A ppal achian Playcrafters (4): Senior Alarshal; May Queen ht r — ' Thai VINNIE CLINE Newton, n. C. Physical Education and Science Literary Srn-iftv M 9 ! jV Ci rry cpntiHi..f Secretarj ' (i) , R a oordinm Sagrelary (! , 4 ); Y . W . C . A.; Physical Ed. Major Club: B. S. U. Council Reporter (3, 4); Catawba County Clulj Reporter (3); New Dorm- itory Club. icdadendtc JFiS i State ; IE DAVIS itLE. N. C. l-rencl ai d English Vcrnician I.itcrar) Society (■ ). Critic (4J. Prcsid ' .nt (4); I vill Club (4); Mitchell College (I, 2); Queens Chicora College (3). NOVELLA DIXON Winston-Salem. N. C. Grumm u r Cir t itio Eduf u tiun .!. 4), ( " tit Thaliaii I.itcrarv SiKicty (1 0.a,.lai. (4): Y. VV. C A (1. ' !. 41: lim.ol iT (1); n V T ' !• yr,.J,l-.t ;v ' V ■vr " ' A AppalachiaM r ia y B r attw rn tr4 I ntn i na lii nK il Arffititins Clult (4); Appuhuhuin Statt. Social Kilitnr (4); Honor TcachinK (21: White Hall Cluli (1); New I)..rmitory Cliili (2), iliiiiet (1); Hall- llni (2. .!. 4 Marshal (i i iMn y — tMr Oratorica [ ' li ir tt t — tr Tr I ' rminniicii — I ' liih — U44 — Seflior ( I ) ! B. ' . . V. (•oun ei l (3 . 4); NAN DUl.A 1-ENOIR, N. C. Primary Education Uavt-nport (2); Dynician (41. LOUI5C rARTIIING Booms . M . C , Crnmmnr CrnHp Frl,,rnl,r.r, TWT l. i tLifliJ T p Ueit tj. ruANcn ? Valle Z Grammar " atauga County Club Council (2); Y. W. C. i Dormitory Club (]. 2). P ? JCIS. N. C. rARTIIING C r ide Education 21. Secretary (1); B. S. U. " 1. . ' . 4). Salutatorian (2): e ident (2); Phila Retian Lit- erary Society (1. 2. .!, 4). Vice-President (2. .i), Treas urer (2). President (4); Swimming Club (21; Girls Base ball Chih. ULRIC RUTH FARTHING RnnMi:-- N r Eriiilmf) unit HiniD r u V. W. C. A,: Oynician Literary Society. FANNIlv CAMll.l vX POPLIN C. tcrary Socifty MARY nil.lJN UCOTCR Li:noir. N. C. G r amma e G r adv Educal t o n Dynici ' i ii l . ii iTi i ry . ' ( i H ' U ' iy is. 4 i : V. U. I. A Davfiil ' ort ( iilIi-Ki- (1, 2): Assistant in Ell ;Iish (( ■. -t): i;i IZAI.nH HAHN Boone. N. C. MARY ELLEN HOBSON Staley. N. C. Cn hih uin H t stvpif Primary Education l.t.vill Club (1. 2); New Dormitory Cluh (. ' . 4); Tlialiaii Literary Society (2, .1, 4); Y. W. C. A. LOUISE HOLCOMBE ARTANBURG, . C. rench and En Lovill Club: I LEASE HOUSHR Grouse. N. C. Primary Education I-incofl l Cl um.V du l l I ' J. . • ■. 41 ; Hame EconoA i. s (4); Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2. ,1. 4); Y C. A. (1. J. .1. 41: .New Uormitorv 1 hih I. ' A- I nvJil (3); B. ¥. P. V. (1, J, 3). Club W. Club MRS. von: i:i c. hoover Boone N. C. Grammar Grade Education SARAH EVELYN HOVIS Bessemer City. n. C. Grammar Grade Education [inrt Jii rnllpge O); Y W. C. A, I New Dormitory Club: Phila Retian Literary Society, Treasurer (3), Secretary (4). Y. W.y C A. 1- ' . .1. 41. ' i .-Presiit n iK (4): Dynician Literarv fci«ty — Ht — 3, — , — t-h — TrcwBu r c tN yT ), Secretary (3), Vfp esidciit (4); May Day (1. 2 J NSn|)crIativc (. ' ) , Hialachian Playcrafters (4); PresSy-ftrSin Club (1, 2, 3, 4). President (2), Conncil (2. 3. 4); Class Secretary (4): New Dormitory Clul) (2, .!. 4). tonal rrciit W ' INSTO «• Englisf MRS. MEI.VIN HUNTER U.HM. N. C. all Hnlory MARY KENDRICK Mount Hoi.i.v. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2. J, 4); Y. V. C. A. (1, 3). Tliali a Si I . I HT ; i r y .Siif l c t y f .t, 4 ' l ; A W Horimlory Club (.1. 4 Y. W. C. A. (J, 4); F. H. C. (J. 4); Student Volunteer (J, 4); B. Y. P. U. (3, 4). HAZK I ALBEN RLE. N. C Grammar Thalian Literary Soci t ' Home Economics Club { ) crafters (3, 4) ; MethodisJ C F. H. C. (3); H, T. O LITTLE Cride Education (2. 3. 4); Y, (1. 2, 3). (I, 2. 3, 4), Secretary (3): Vice-Presiilcnt (3); Play- ub (2, 3. 4), Secretary (2); (1. 2); New Dormitory Club W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Volunteer Phila 14); I.ctlir (■ARHI INF MrAn ' N ihemattcs and Physical Education SEMORA. N. C. Ar It (ian Literary S iiaii i.iiciaiv . ocieiv. Secretary (3). Censor Chill (3); Physical E,l. Major Cluli (3. 4) 1-+): i.etttr Lluii (,w: i ' liysical td. .Major (. luh (3. 4), icc-Pre i letj (-U Var si ty — Back e t ba ll W: 4 -?- Gobi Hockey ii rs i ty (3, 1 ). Hoiioiarj Vjnilt (J. 4), Ca ptain (4); Go Kl Vulley — Batt — (S, 41 ; — Miino r a r y — Vafsily (4); Pine Prune f4 ■ .Swimmino. Ti am- M »u. nnmifnri. r !..!. Ping Pong (4); Swimming Team; New Dormitory Cluli (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). i tcdcdend ' ten WH.MA RUTliffeRTURT McRORIE Ashevi ■ ' • ■ " I)yiii(-ia4i Tyffraiy SiK-ii ' ty (4) Kulhyn r r CmiTitv Cliili. Pr (.1): Track iS): Bascliall C.)J BEA T RICE MAb MlLLtiR Come t . N. C. fty viuf Cduiuliun uml Muiliviiiuii TS I ' hysical KiV. iMajor Llub. nOITlI MCLVIN WniTB 3i iK. N. C Primal y Thalian l.ittrary Stx c1 y Chaplain (2), Treasurer . (1, 2. .1. 4), Croup C " ip a B. S. V. Council (41, + re Secretary (2); Y. W. ( iducation (1, 2. .!, 4). Censor (2), Secretary (4); B. Y, P. U. n (II, Vice-President (3): ary (4); Y. V. A. (1, 2), r (1, 2, J, 4), Cabinet (4). Treasurer (4); Dramatic Club (2, i). Secretary (2); Lovill Club (I, 2. 3. 4), Secretary and Treasurer (21; Eastern Carolina Club (4), V ' ice-Prcsident (4). MARY MORETZ BLXJN . N. r.. Science and Mathematics Biology Cinb; Town Club. Lve FRANCES HQW LL MULL C. Phila ReHa Censor yl) , Pre=:idenT Cabine ' L ) ; ' ice-President Junior Clas (1. ■ Z 4). Mastcrcraftsman (.! : Ni (2, i, 4). 4). Critic (2), 4) ; Debating A. Junior " aycrafters iry Club MAR ' It. NESBIT Wa i- w, N. C. Prirrx r Thalian Literary Soc ie :i Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) Education (1. 2, 3. 4). Cbaplain (2): nion County Club (1, 2, 3. 4), Secretary and Treasurer (4); Lovill Club (1); New Dormitory Club (2. 4), Town Girls ' Club (3). Phila r.FRTRlinF PFRRY BOONt . N. C Physical Education and Science Ketian Literary hocietv (3. 41; t-hvsical Educa- tion Major Club (2, 3, 41; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4)] Mknager of r;irU- Ra.,l.ethan Viir i tv (3, 41; ColH vl,r.i Bali (2, 3, 4 1: VB ll i-y Ba ll HU II U I .1 I .V ' j i s i i (2. .T -Ji r,oW Hockey Team (2, 3, 4); Hockey Honorary ' arslty (2, 3. 4); Intia-mural Basketball (2, 3); Ping Pong (3. 4). Winner i (3). NAOMI PHILLIPS Winston-Salem. N. C. Cranii idi- Gfude ESucatian Town Girls ' Club (1); Forsyth County Club (1). JicdcdenM LneLeen GL OSSIE P YATT I.ILUlt Dysor Grammar Dyniciaii I-itt-rary Sici PYATT VidLi:. N. C. ( rr ide Education GLADYS QUINN SMtkNA. S. C. Primary Education Siv- refarv ol Class (11: V. V. C. A M Presbyterian Ri-fi rni Association (I. 2, .1, 4) MenihcT I ' hil:. l ,iir,.. lii,.,-,,) .. ;..,j. ( | . b. Treasure r ( -1 ) : l i l ir ii ni t ir a l Vft ll fV Ha ll (.1); , ew •f): iincil . -11. ' onni- tory Cliil) (2, ,!. 4); J. J. .1. Cliili (4); I ' layerafters (. ' . ). et ' (I. 2, 3, 4), Critic (1), ' haplain ( )■, New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Interna- tional Relations f ' lvib (3). GAKNbl ' ROBERTSON Leaksville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education I ■«iaii I I . V l.illTiiri ' s ' " -i- ' - u. -A — U ' ice- Phila Presiflent (1): Student Volunteers Club (II; New Dormitory Club (2. i, 4); Home Economics Club (4). President (41. w. c. A. n, :, . , 41 : i .wii i ciub A.--Iie illi Tsi-rmal Lolle ge " TT, Dynician LUti- " ' ■KH -ty (4): V. W. L ' . ' r ?!0; Phvs- C.lucauun ' -Major Cluh (.1, -JKNAVKHe Hall (3, 4); Presbyterian Club (,! fVAj ' lay- iffters (.1. 4); Rutherford County SliiVy4). A. II. A iL MERIA RUSS Render; c jrawmar Women ' s College of .Y e 19,U-1933: Y. W. C. A VILLE. N. C. ( ji ade Education University of North Carolina ). Junior Cabinet (3); Lovill Club (J); Home EconoihiJ: Club (J, 4); Glee Club (3. 4), Pianist (3, 4); Playcrafters (3, 4); Phila Retian Literary Society (3, 4). Critic (3), Pianist (3), Secre- tary (4), President (4). Ct AKNhl Ih ARLhUGh. SH I k-Mff W I llENDERaOi ' lVlLLE. N. C. Enaliah and HiRlnry ■Mer iJith M) : Mars Hill f.ri ■ Phila R Censor (3), ' ice-PresicIent (3), President {A sentative (3); International Relations Club (3j retary ( H. PlijLijftLiB (.1. 4 1 . Rt|j i .i i lf i {A TrJok A (3 1: New narmltftl-y llub I4I,, y ' lce-PresTHentl (4); " ice-PreSKient SeiTTor Class K IIOOOnENDRON (4). 1777 Assistant Editor of Mite i4ll Presider t dent (4 (4); Gdli Club (3 IRKNK SHUMAKER New Hope. N. C. College (1), New Dormitory Club (3. 4). ( 1) : Dynician Literary Society (3. 4). Presi- ' hysical Ed. Major Club (2. 3. 4). President Majo f Tcorn — iri-. — t — 4-h — Captain — (4 . Letter +tl — f i Liiiui — fcrfr (4 1 . Va r nliy Bilsk etball (2. 3, - n. Can t a l n (41 ; I nt ra-mui-a l Volley Ball. C aptain (4). Varsity (2. 4); Appalachian Sports Reporter; Sports Editor of Rhopodendron ; V. V. C. A. jineLeen CHARL«W§--M " ALI.INGS RL:;j f$i5eiSw N. C. " rimary Educ A ' ilipv-iU Normal l.ol]il.- - 1 iT " ?! : ' hile Hall Cltlli (i); yiM Mn ( l ull (J) ! I ' la y g r ndo r a vTOS}). Secretary and Tf ir (41; Y. W. C. A. (,!, 4) ViHur Caliimt (4) , rjy ician Literary S()cicty (3, 4), Piairt6t ( ), Secre- tary (4): Rutherford County Club (4); Afpalachian Staff, Reporter (or V. W. C. A. HELEN STANSBERRY Boone N. C. Primary Education Phila DOROTHY JEAN STEWART Hi.iNTlMr, Cp.EliK ' .. N C Mnlhomnlirs nnrt Xripnre H ftt BH lj t te r « r y K ' u ei e ty (J. -V 4 . Ciitii W. C. A. (1, . 3. 4), Secretary (.1. 4); Pr( si j teriaii (lull (1. 1. . ■) ) . (l lcf Clii l j (S. 3. 4 ); V t aynn ni - (4); ' ): Y. ew Dormitiirir — f. ' luli (?, I resideiit Ml. J, ■ ! ; ni ul y |) i C l ul i (1). RUTH KINSIANO SWAN Weaverville. N.C. Grammar Grade Education K i l ii ii Mt i T i ry S cic -ielif ( i ; H l m C ' l td i i .1, 4): I ' hi V. W. C. A. (2, }), Cabinet (J); New Dormitory Club (2. .1); Methodist Club (2. 3); Weaver College (1). f —tLve F ONA Fl .SJ VANCE Flora yJ c Pouald CuHlj l — (-H-r-T ' e JVStflvania Teachers ColleRe X j: Uynician l iterary Soclety " Ov4) ; Dynician Orchaiyy ' W ; Y. W. C. A. (i, 4); B S . U. (3, 4); CoU% t)rchestra (3); New Dormitory OyiKc ' i, 4). ftNCiEI I WARfJFN lAVLORiiVILLE. N. L. Primary Education MitJhVll College: Home Kconomirs Cliih: B. New Dormitory Club; Thalian I-iterary Societ ' ; C. A. P. U.; V. W. Grammai RUT i tVAGONER Clemhons, N. C. Z rade Education et (4); Thalian Literary S( (3, 4); Forsyth County Club (3); Y, Mars Hill College (1, 2). New Dormitory Club W. C. A. (3. 4); EVELYN WARREN Taylorsville. N. C. Primary Education ELuiiuiiiiLS — Club, — Titfljui ti , — V-: — W. C . B. Y. Pl U. : New Dormitory Club; Thalian Literary Society; Mitchell College. DOROTHY F[ T7ARFTH WATSON Thf Hnn HIJSABETH WILSON I HNOIH. N C Crnmmnr Cnnlv Fritirntfr n Oviiic fan I itftrar)! — i M«iwt y i k ' w — Do iiii ilo i Playcraftcrs (3); Davenport Collcse (1). :iub; MARY WILLIAMS Mountai n Pakk. r v r-r- Enqlisf K-1, Tritic (4): International Secretary (4); A|i| alaih Club (1, 3): White Hall t. ... Junior Cabinet (I); Swjn m (i, 4), President (4); Stu trd Htstaru : turns Club (,(. 4). Assistant Playcrafters (.1. 4); l.ovill (4); Y. VV. C. A. (I. i. 4). (.1): B. S. U. Council , , , ■ lent Volunteer (4). Vice-Presi- dent; Intercollegiate Debater (.!); Associate Editor of the Appatachiati. Dynician Literary So ii t (1. .1. 4). Treasurer (4). LUCILLb YARBORO Winston-Salkm, N. C. Gramma r G r ad t Edueatiun V. V. C. A. (1, 2. .1. 41. President (2); Phila Relian Literary Society (1. 2. .1, 4), President (2). ;:;r-i ui Jite ive Lenoir Rh (3, 4); AvV C. A.: J5r;it i, CIiil. (2 1. S 4), Critic r, ,T1.L ' ' n " i; Xi ' iialacHi;?!) Playcrafters jl.iclu.i.i n..n,c Plo.n.imics Clilli 4); Y. W. ,lu- ( liili; .u I),it( ry l ' hll.V 4); Lovill :rttary (J) ; Thalian Lite a y 50 I 0 ' (2. 3. I. Treasurer (4;, President (4 ; XjTee Club (4). Oiiirttta (4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Intra-Mural Basketball (4J ; Davidson County Club (4): ilay Dav (2, 3).- Sniierlalivi-s U) Boone MRS. lUf ESTES N. C. Grammar Grade Educatic MA RY PRANCES MCNEILL — Pike Road, Ala. Primnnj Fdiicatian SADIE WHITE IlNinN r.BnvF N r Giuwf r iU T Giudy Ed u vaiio n Town Club (3): Lily Dale Home Economics Club (4). Tennessee LAURA MCLUNNhLL " JurrcRsoN. N. C. P r ima r if Edue al ion I ' hila ' Kp il a i i — I. I HTii r y Sin ' l i iy — u. ■!. i, » Cduiity Club (1. 2, ), Secretary-Treasurer (3 I. Ashe IDA CL Cast :. Phila Retian Litera Club (I, 2. 3); New D I IE PORTER ; ooD. Va. Mathem it t " . and Science Society (1. 2, 3. A); Lovill T ftory Club (4); Virginia Club (4): Physical Ed. Major Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4). If . iNCES ELIZABETH GAMBILL AlHHNS. TENN. Grammar Grade Education laiul . cwiiian Loll ege 11. 21: l.ilv IJaTr ' Home K.ciiiimniji Clu h (il) . Vjti, Pic n idLul V. W. C. A . (3); White Hall Club (3. 4); Phila Ketian Literary Society (3, 4); B. V. P. U. (3. 4). EARL BROW f rHPPPvvTT T c NT r Grammar Grade Education App ajpoh i on L i terary — ii oc iw ty (3 , j, County Club (1, 2, i. 4), President (4); Y. (3, 4).— incoln C. A. WILLIAil (3UY ANGELL HamptIcInville, N. C. Scien e md History Rankin Wilson Lite -; r; Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice- 4»; Manager of Baseball (1, 2); Class President (3); Assistant Librarian (3, 4); Business Manager of the Appalaj:hian GROVER BROWN BOONEVILLE. N. C. History and Physical Education Variitv Has ehall M. ' J. i. 41: Varsity yoofball (2. 3): Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Letter Club (2, 3, 4). REX p RUMC. ARNFR ess: Ka.ii : C OIET DYER PlIRl FA», N f Malhpmnlim nnil Sn ' pnrp VVil i n i i — Li t w r a ry — So aiw ty — 44i — Ama a liiaii Literary Society ) ; Wilkes County Club (I. 2 ' icel ' resi icii( ( ) ; V. M. C A. (I. ai PAu; SiLKR Science and Kankin Wilson I.itera; CLARK dnv, N. C. ' pi, sical Education Society (1, 2, 3. 4); ■. M. C. A. (J. 4; ; Pemicans (4) ; Assistant Circulation Man- aner of the Apfalachian (4). J. HOMER EGGERS Boone. N. C. S f i t n tt a nd M a th r ma t i e s Appalachian Literary Society (4); (Jlee Club (4); Acjuateers (4). f —tive JAMFS R FARTHING (1, 2, EUGENE C. FENDER — Whitehead, N. C. — Englisf Y. M. C. A. (J. 4 Co-Reporter of Y. M. C lachian Playcrafters (4) palachian Literary Societ ■ tary (1), Secretary (2). ■Jlfd History aliinet (J), President (.!); to Appalacliia-n; Organiza- tion Editor of Rhododendi.l N (4); I. R. C. (4): Appa ' ; rsity Cheer Leader (4); Ap- (L 2, 3, 4). Assistant Secre- Ifr tic (3). Vice-President (3): Society Reporter to Appalacltian; Alleghany County Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (1), ' ice-President (2), President (3. 4); Wesley Club (4). JAMES H. POWLKES, JR. Pftham n r Mathematics and Science p.,fhi f,..-f) r-piiflja 1); Apj.T -tiip — I itefa r} - " Pili ciety (2, j, 41. Vice-President (4). Critic (4); Al Playcra fters (2, 3. 4). President (4); Internat lations dull H. 4), TreaSili ' tl ' C4 ' ) I VAi ' UV Che( lations Club H. 4), TreaSili ' tf 14) 1 VAi ' HV CI (3, 4), Chiel (4): Affialachian Statf. Heacf Ue So- chian o(ic 1 Re- I eaiier Let- ter Club (X 471 Class Treasurer (3) ; Honor Teacher (4); Assistant H. S. Teacher (4). Appal HAROLD GRAYBEAL Belair, Md. Mathematics and Science tl h i Qn — Vloyoraftoro — A 1-H — Intornational Re- lations Crrril — 1?; — t; — T e nn i s — ManafiLi — 63 -: — Tit asme r of Senior Class; Editor-in-Chief of Appalachian (4); Member of .Student Council (4). Fr ;sidcnt " ollege RALPh Bc M ; Appalachian Literar; 4AGAMAN N. C. Matben o ' I ' l s and Science Society (4); Appalachian Aqua- teers (4), President (-4); Playcrafters (3); Glee Club (i): B. Y. P. U. (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (4). K H HOR T L - JN. . I R Shelby. N. C. English and History Wilson I-itt-rary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Vice- NT— a«rtm-y—W+r- H«—eW»--(++1—Phl7eT a f t e r s Presidei t (4); i-iiv ' ,.i;„.,i IV,,,. .tv fi.,i, rrr (3). President (3); MorninK B. Y. P. U. (1, 2. 3. 4), Official f„r,-pnf H, tnry Cluh Watch Director (3, 4); 3), Critic .Sigma (4), International Relations Club " WTS V President hian Playcrafters (3, 4) ; rfeinia- ' est Virginia ' Club (3). Secretary and Treasurer (J) ; Com- mencement ATarshal (3); Assistant in History (3, 4); Feature Editor .■if palacliian (4 ) ; Editor-in-Chief Rho- DODE N P H ' O tT ■ ( 4 ). HOWARP Stony EnglisI f 5. HUNTER FlCINT. N. C. a id History Rankin Wilson Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Chaiilain (4); Cheer Leader (3); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4); Class Volley Ball (2, 3); Class Basketball (2); Class Ping Pong (2, 3). Al I.VN .IhSCTTP- Cast Bend, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Va rs ty FftStfta ll 1 ' 4); Basketba l l O, 4 ' ) i Vif ii y ball (1, 4); Tennis (1); Rankin Wilson Literam ' (1. 4), l.ridc 11). Kenresentative Ml: H. V. P Glee C vi — H-h — Claaa nnjl ie tball : — Plajeiuu r iiJ — Mseball Base- i ociety (1); (4); Assistant Teacher Mural Volley Ball. in Demonstration School; Intra- LOWELL GLOVER Ellenboro, N. C. B , S , Malhomatice and Hietor t f Weaver College (1, Connty Club. 2); Wesleyan Club; Rutherford Kclations Chili (3, 4). Prcsidt-nt (.?); Union fdiinty C ' lnli (2. , ■ ■)). I ' r sj.lenl (I), Vin-Prisiil.iil (2); Wesley Chill ( i i i — l i — A iit m l no l i i tm . IMiiyu r nf ti r i — (-4-H — J+wtory As- sistant (A); Lnivtisity | f :ioith Carolina E. v. ,OVETT BoONr. N. C. History unit Mathematics EUGENE MICHAEL Brown Summit. N. C. English and History Vilson Literary Society (1. 2. .!. 4). Chaii- M. L. A. II. :i. 41. ' r,-.;,!,-. (3). Hankifi lain (21 Presidenll ( 4 1. CBhintl (J, ■ ). Ci) (4 ) . B. . S . U . ( I ) : B. Y. P. r. (IJ; Wesley Cluli (.t, 4): 1.. I. I). (.!), ' ice-Presi(lent. Var CONNIE G . MOREFIELD Neva. Tcnn. Fnglish and Hittoty hi FuuLbdl l (I): LelUT du l l ( 1. 1 ) . JAMES A J3 EY MOORE Dob ()?[. N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin Wilson Literary Society (3, 4). JOHN OEHLER Concord. N. C. ' a ' hematics and Physical Education Fresh la A Bnjlcctl i a l l — (ll! Vo r a it y Fnothjll (1, ' 2, i. -t): Varjity BasKetOall tJ. i. 41: arsitv Kas h:,ll l o, i. 4): Rankin Wilson Literary Society (2, J, 4); Letter Club (2, i, 4); Physical Ed. Major Club (4). President (4). U Chaplain (2). Critic ' C ) y f rc s irtrn t — H+1 — Im c ic o M cgi aU -Xp iater (1, 2, 4) : S M|(Vy (»f (. ' lass (2) ; Plavcrafters C3s) Tcchniciaii f2) uiV t " liih (1. 2); Letter Club (1. iS HNj.ibrarian (2) ; International Relations Chib (4) ; vesrey Club Treastircr ( I ). F ' rc ijrlcnt (2) ; Delegate to Student Con- ference ( 1 . 2, A). DOUGLA i Englis Husband of Mrs. I9ii h Bo ): Ji REDMOND , N. C. a id History HarluT Redmond ; President RICHARD SHAW — S p arta. N. C. — of Sophomore Class (2); Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Assistant Secretary (i); r;lec Chih (1, 2); Y. M. C. A. (3); First Critic Teacher at H. S. Grammar Grade Education Alpha Sigma (.lamnia; Alleghany County Cluh (1. 2, 3). STA RR N STA rV JR Appa CARMOM STUART JF.FFFRSON. N. ( : " English and Htstoru arhjaii [ itirarv nriyty " H -U. (.!). Vice-President (4). President (4); Internat lations Clnh O , ii l . " ire Pr i ffiiUnt (H j Orator Debater {S. 4); Honor J eacher (4). etary :l Re- 2J , 4); jOHn Science and ° $TALEY N. C. 7 isical Education Rankin Wilson Literal ■ , ■ ociety (1. 2, , 4), Secretary 2). Vice-President (4); Ji ' j [. C. A. (3. 41; Appalachian Playcrafters (4); Pemicans (4). Reporter (4); Circula- tion Manager of the Appaiachian - Tennis Manager (- ); Basketball (3); Baseball (4). ROBERT C. GWAN Potsdam. N. Y. History and Physical Education A ' iison I,iterar Society (4 1; Manager of L; Man.ii.|.r nf Ra l- lliall ij i Mimgfr of Ranki i Wrestlint Football (2, .i. 4): Letter Club (,i Rhododen-dbon. i ». r i nj kLLbjII m. Ola !, Bask etball 4); Advertising Manager of hi Signn — U ). rr w c iilwi it — (4-H — l l wn liin Literary Society (1. 2, ,M : Appalachian I ' layci-; Prcsiilciit (1). Okc Club (.1). I ' ic.MiU ii i rin rl a iiil Chlb ( 1 ) ; •fr.-a.;iir.-r Kr.. l ni-.» ' U. ; H... i . ;if ,.p t n ilty RllolKint viiRnv (41; Assciciatr Editrir Appuhirhuui {i, 4); liatKl ami (Vchcsira (I. - ' . .!. 41; Chief Marshal (.!)■ ROBERT " I.AURFI 5 PR falhemat Appalachian Literary " AYLOR ISGS. N. C. nd Science ty (2, 4). President (4). Censor (4); Ai)palachian rta -c -afters (2. 4); International Relations Cluh (4); Alleghanv County CInb CI. 2. 4), President (1, 4): Assistant in Biolnev (4); Biology Chih (4). President (4), MARSHALL WARD SucAR Grovh. N. C. irtmimur fjr t uf tf EUuc a lion Current History Cluh (I); Inlra-.Mural SiHjrts (1, 2. .1); Volley Ball (1); Appalachian Literary Society (4). East Carolina Club (4 Varsity Basketball (1. 2, .?, 4); Letter Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Advertising Manager of 4PPol(LcUian (4). and Treasurer (.4J, L-ensor (.4) ; l.incoln L ' ounty Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4). icdcdendtc ineleen C. C. WRIGHT Hunting Creek, n. C. English and History X. C. S. f.; Senior Class President: Wilkes County Club (J. 4), I ' resident (.1); Rankin Wilson Literary Society (4). LEWIS MANESS Jackson. N. C. History and English Duke •.!] : l.ooislMirn •.!. ' . WHEWEl.I. I. YARBORO Winston-Sai.em. N. C. English and History Moravian Collene (1. 2. .M. HENRY STUART WiNCATH. N. C. Physical Edmalivn and Science A ' u Incite IdtU - l ve- Mr. Antonius Antonakos Spon or JUNIORS 4-.S .G li cdcdeftdtCH tneleefi. r ■ - y) , Junior Class Officers Colors: Green unci White FLOWER: White Rose Motto: " Not on the lop hut climbing. " Boyd Baucom Pre ndent Bltty Howard Vice-President Vera IsENHOUR Secretary L. J. Gann Treasurer Page hilly four - y unJi ' i Louise Abrams Pine Tops, N. C. Good grades; personality: I ' ve been to Lil- lians and Brothers. Clyde Adams Boonville. N. C. Classes — front seat; where do barbers get their information? gap in his razor. Brown AMMONS Boone. N. C. Mars Hill: big he-man; " Hardrock " : Dew Drop Inn, Ida Mae Alexander Thomasviile. N. C. Cheese crackers: good sport. RUTHELLA ARLEDGE Hendersonville. N. C. Not the paper, just the editor; first floor: " Kat " and Beanie. Lawrence Atchley Union Mills, N. C. Reserved: church worker: janitor: woman shy. Adolph Atkins Gastonia. N. C. Good speaker: psychology and heredity: Alpha Sigma Gamma debater. Minnie ARNDT Claremont, N. C. Cute: attractive; always smiling: Glee Club, Gene Baker Mooresville. N. C. Caro — Jean song bird: girls at the " Big Five " football games. Wendell Ballou , Boone, N, C, Day student: law books preferred: outstand ing chemist; fun and friends. ■ -e- ' ' - -K J, c " r. CIl5» . . Page Fifty-five --V i ' icdcdendtCf lU Alma Bakni:s I avlorsvillc, N. C. B.irbcr: b.iskcth.ill : whcro ' s mv hov friends picture? Boyd Baucom Unionville, N. C. Grasshopper spit: leader and agitator: basket- ball: in love. Ruby Black Boone. N. C. Twice is too much: drug store; studious. Carl Beam Bessemer City. N. C. Serious but frivolous: smiles: drifts with the tide. Esther BLAM Cherry ville. N. C. Quiet: studious: White Hall: Mamie. Ralph Beam Chcrryviiic. N. C. New Dorm; parasite; red headed women preferred: manager. THELMA Berry Boone, N. C. Congenial: raspberries: studious. Joyce Bess Vale. N. C. Mae West: joyous Joyce; Guilford; " Bunny. " Alice Binciiam Vilas. N. C. friendly: town girl. Vance Blalock . . Hurdle Mills. N. C. " Vanny " : wrestler and Kat " trainer: cap- tain; 1 5 seconds. Pui e Iihy-iix r» cr » J-» » ve Dorothy Brake Rocky Mount. N. C. Small of statue; big of mind; easily heard — that ' s Dot. BERNIECE BRAWLEY . . Statesville. N. C. Glistening bracelets, but Gene Baker doesn t mind. H. P. Breeze Hillsboro. N. c. Breeze crashes in — pictures; " Bashful Buddy. ■• Bertie Bridges Mooresboro, N. c. Studious; ' tater bug " ; quiet and friendly. Hugh Browning Stony Point. N. C. Porter reformer; motto, live plain; flower. " Daisy. " Catherine Brown . . Mooresviiie. N. C. Power house; week-ends; Eloise; I cant get along without Jimmy — for Jimmys a — . ' you guess. Virginia Brown Charlotte. N. C. Over to Grandmothers; Glee Club; Lorena; ham sandwiches; sweet. FAYfc BroYHILL Lenoir. N. C. Blonde curls; Connie and I; well. I cant decide which man I like best. Alma Burns Newton. N. C. Musical: interested in debating — also a de- bater. Mary Fola Burns Goldston. N. C. Honor grades; good sport; sweet; Pat and I. Page Fifly-seven tcdcdendtCM. •i V LH.eieeH. Willie K. Bunn Zcbulon, N. C. Artistic: B. Y. I ' U.; W ' .ikc Forest: growny: well dressed: Pinel.ind. David Bunch Boone, N. C. Town boy: pianist and frjt leader: likes initiation. MILDRLD BfKKt: Goldston. N. C. Good physical education student: very stylish: cute: Hdna. Eugene ByrD Black Mountain, N, C, Poet: ambitious: " here is a bouquet, teacher. Lindsay Cacle Carthage. N. C. Iranklin ' ille : no sunshine without " Tom- ni ' LAVOLA CARENDI:R Mafney, N. C, Neat: dependable: I.auna ' s sister: quiet: blushes: man shy: " let ' s cook " : " I ' m going home " : crocheted purse. GhNl-VA Carter Boone, N. C. Lots of appeal: modest and cheerlul MR.S. MANLEY CARSUELE . Boone, N, C. .Married: no dates for me: studious, ROUERl CASE Oak Ridge, N, C, W. C, U. N, C: unsettled: •chef " : Win ston Salem sucker: Kcplar deal, ■TR1:ssI1-. MAH CASHION Winston Salem, N, C, Happv go luckv : musical. Page Fifly-eighl c n. cz: . J- » n t( ie ve ' M. Castle Boone. N. C. Industrious; always serious. Geneva CHAFFIN Union Grove, N. C. Basketball star: " Red " shoe; Johnny: quiet and reserved. John Church Boone, N. C. Sleepy-headed; dizzy on the gridiron: bucks initiation. Lillian Chamberlain, .Yadkinviiie. N. C. First floor; quiet; week-ends: petite. Ollie Jean Coffey Boone, N. C. A songster; town; braided hair; individual. Mary Lula COLLEY Abingdon. Va. Mary Belle; long hair: good-natured: quiet Ruby Cooke Boone, N. C. Full of life; dormitory — no: talks and laughs; boy friends. Louise Cooper Peiham. N. c. Good seamstress; sensitive: quiet; conscien- tious. K. THRINE Cowan Statesville. N. C. Vannie; book room: Coca-Cola ' s; sewing on buttons on the side line. ALBERTA Craft Lewisville. N. C. Petite; Carolina men; the twins: Mabel. Dorothy HaLSEY. . Mouth of Wilson. Va. I ' m from Virginia: likable. Gladys Klutz Gold Hill. N. C. Quiet: religious: boy shy; good-natured. 4.S.J.(S: Page Ftfttf-nine { licdcdericitcn Jinclee i Clarice Deese Monroe. N. C. Dignified; true lo the boy friend Jt home. Cl:Ll. DUNl.AP Anson. N. C. Trixie: " Peg " : cheer leader: W. C. U. N. C; What cha doin honey. ' I ' crdinand. C ATHKINE Durham Pitlsboro. N. C. Blue eyes and curls: White Hall: Pittsboro. MALLIE EAKER Chcrryville. N. C. Pretty: Trivettes: Hdwin ' Cherry ville belle: neat. Claude Eastridge Boone. N. C. Day student: sees lot of fun in Hd. 18: not .1 worr ' . SwANsoN Edwards Todd. N. C. Mountain boy: " Hill Billy " economy: parks lo save gas. Gilbert Falls . . Kings Mountain. N. C. U. N. C. Isaacs Emporium: falls about Lin- ville: Lexington house parties. Claude Farthini. Boone. N. C. Tough grappler: day student: conservation: goo-se berries. Cornelia Felmet Asheville. N. C. " Mac " : basketball: fur coat: book room: red hair: song bird. M. O. Fox New Hope. N. C. U. N. C. transfer: town: night hawk: novelty shop boy. Mrs. J. P. Fox Boone. N. C. M. R. S. degree a specialty; cute; attractive; sweet even with red hair. I., J. GANN Rockingham. N. C. U. N. C. love ' s conceit; historian; " preach- er " : vote for Sinclair. Page Sixty cz: . .L . ; n u Ji ' vc - Cecil Glen Vilas. N. C. Rural pedagog: woman shy: mamma ' s boy: note books; Ford. JUANITA Gobble. . Winston-SaUm. N. C. Glee Club: Beverly: sleepy head: Methodist Sunday School. Connie Grant Statesviiic. N. C. Tall: friendly: Faye: first floor. Herbert Graybeal Fig. N. C. West Virginia women: " test 2 may be harder than mine. " Helen Green Cliffside. N. C. Honor student: publicity: ringlets: a friend to all. Matilda Hair Godwin. N. C. Conscientious: singing games: likes her studies: sweet. Edward Hamrick Shelby. N. C. Automobile and knickers: Red seen Mar- garet? " Let ' s be friends. Red. " Ellen Hamrick Ellenboro. N. C. Serious — never: pleasingly plump: man shy. Cecil Harmon Sugar Grove. N. C. " Woman shy: day student: bashful. JiMMIE HIATT Mt. Airy. N. C. Handsome: crack basketball man: hard worker. RHEBA HinSON Monroe. N. C. Wingate transfer: kiddy carts and love let- ters: friends. Lillian Hire " Winston-Salem. N. C. " Sister " : finger waves: brown eyes: Guil- ford: " Lets go hear Nancy sing. " cz n-. dr . J-» v . Page Sixty -one ■ edcdend ' I- i Pauline Hobson Stalcy. N. C. Mullins; a friend indeed is Polly " : Northern Riiys; dramatic talent. i K Hoi PMAN Lenoir, N. C. Clayton or ' Lenoir: Cclia: C.itawl-va: Lon- nie: ideal girl. Dorothy Holt Boone. N. C. I inds fun in work: modest and cheerful. IIIURMAN Holt Spencer. N. C. Railroad dick: gripes and Lipes: wants pic- tures each quarter. BRUNER HONEVCUTT Forest City, N. C. N. R. L. W P. service boy: radios: women and automobiles: neat. LlJ HOLiSFR Vale. N. C. linger nail polish: " sissy " : disloyal to Siler City. Prue HOUSER Lincolnton. N. C. Speedy: Carolina; Carolyn: maybe it ' s from Charlotte. Clyde Cloy Howle Morvcn. N. C. Up street; Agnes: Winston guys; talks and l.uighs; restless. Don C. Huffman Vale. N. C. Horse trader? No! Woman trader! High school preferred: freckles. Vera IsENHOUR New London. N C A man in every port — but may the best man win; attractive: sweet: Pete: Mussolini. CuLLEN Johnson Vale. N. C. " Dog-gone " ; U. S. Mail playboy; perculator. Dale Keller Boone. N. C. Gimme little .limmic: lab. parasite; Aris- totle — ah balony. Page Sixty- two r-» czny A. v « riui A ' ive ' Beaulah Ketchie Mt. UlU, N. C. First floor preferred: Virginia: a pal: a good student. Christine King Pinnacle. N. C. Town girl: Bill only: good basketball player: independent. Blanche Kistler Boone. N. C. Quiet: good student: room-mate: boys — well. Dorothy Knox I.enoir. N. C, In love: curls: Gail: home economics stu- dent. Lois Long Forest City, N. C. Boiling Springs: easy going: Helen: prefers red-headed men. Ellie Lane Pinnacle. N. C. Studies: track: very friendly: first floor. DiLMON LAWSON Pinnacle. N. C " Athlete " : member of kitchen cabinet: trans- parent. Helen Ledbetter Asheviiic. N. C. Finger- waves: librarian: indifferent: stu- dious. Annie Lee Lawndale. N. C. Weaver: jolly: friendly: make life easier. Mabel Lee Monroe. N. C. " Lm so hungry " : exercise: coffee: West Vir- ginia: summer school. Gene Lewis West Jcfl ' erson. N. C. West Jefl ' erson for the week-ends: automobile and kid brother. Margaret Life Lexington. N. C. Knows her English: Spencer: well. Mary! housekeeping — no. c T-. cz£ » J-» » Page Sixty-three v. CiicAcuci tCti Luclee ti VaLLIE MALTBA Boone. N. C. No men — just education; first aid: Boone: dark eyes. Grace Marshall White Plains. N. C. Good helper: interest for others; Thalian; grey eyes. Carl Martin East Bend. N. C. Mustache; dentistry: women: pray on. brother! Earl May Sparks. Ga. Young Harriss; " Ed ' s " pal; Red met his Waterloo: consider me. Margaret. ALBLRT MICHAFI Boone. N. C. High school bus driver: conservative; sincere. Edna MiLLLR Boone. N. C. " Miss Miller " ; loves to be teased, but she get: mad sometimes. Lester Miller Boone, N. c. Nonchalant; long strides; roams the hills, bashful: radical. Lexie Miller Clifton. N. C. The latest project. ' Dale. ' Stays in town; quiet. Hessie J. Morgan Norwood. N. C. Norwood: boys back home: Lovill: quiet: grey eyes. Carolyn Moore Milton. N. C. Manus: Ad, building: Moore ' s: balconies: third floor. I-INLEY Moore I.enoir. N. C. " Little Goon " : " Nig " : twin grappler: town dates: cookie. I-RANK Moore Lenoir. N. C. Twin grappler: Gail: sports editor: versatile. Page Sixly-four . . . - ' C " rn i i Ji ea -- J-ltutu—j:LVC Irene Moore. . . Granite Falls, N. C. Scrapbook and pictures — of Hall; studies; Brown. Minnie Lee Morris Southmont, N. C. Beauty specialists; Lexington; French. Louise Morrison Statcsville. N. C. Attractive, but reserved; unassuming; what a break. Mary McCALL Marion. N. C. Very quiet; neat; blonde with blue eyes. Georgia McCall Asheviiic, N. C. President of society; dependable; good speak er; a pal; sweet; N. D. ; Shirley. Jack McGEE Minneapolis. N. C. Popcorn boy; lost razor; late to classes. Kathleen McGinnis Grouse. N. C. Never serious: South Carolina men; Lovill; Vetra; no letter today. Milton MacLaugHLIN . . Cleveland, N. C. " Pitt " ; noise producer; basketball bench warmer. Mary Nichols Cricket. N. C. Tomatoes — no; programs; dark eyes; quiet. Erwin Norton Boone. N. c. Philosopher: Dad ' s ideal — maybe; music; ball park dates. Wallace O ' Neil . Mullms, N. C. Book room: gym supervisor: manager. Edith Parsons Boone. N. C. Small; light hair and eyes; town girl; good student. cr . CZ . . . Page Sixty-five ( licdcdauitcu 1 lucIccu Amy L. Peeler Shelby. N. C. Another blonde: studious; ambitious; quiet; sincere: blue eyes. Paul Perkins Nathans Creek. N. C. A good old roomie: what a man: summer dates: old meanie. PAYE V. PlOTT Concord. N. C. Daring blue eyes; second floor; Foy. Nancy Powell A good nurse: big brown eyes: lives to her- self: ■Lib. " MliRPHY PREVETTE, . . , Peach Gap, N. C. U. S. A. mail boy: many followers: girls. ' no! philosopher. Arnold Ramey Low Gap. N. C. Plays and games: Hi Lcmay ; hot shot: red sweaters: Surry. Ja.MES Reece Booncville. N. C. East Main — big house; conceals his dates; clever and blonde. Jlanita Robertson Statesviiie. N. C. Noisy: likes candy; locks doors: friendly: onions. Ll.iNA Ro .;lrs Concord, N. C. Men — oh. my! What eyes! A smile for everyone. Carl Rudisill Vale. N. C. ■Justice. Jr.. candy kitchen ' : four-letter .ithlcte: sailor. ' Charles Scott Boone. N. C. Calls cows home at eventide: quiet and par- ticular but friendly. HA FL SHARPE Cedar Grove. N. C. Hamburgers! let ' s study: bus romances. Page Sixty-six ;;r iiitJi ve Elizabeth Shipman HcndcrsonvUlc. N. c. " F " Furman or fooled? Y. W. C. A. Presi- dent: Mars Hill: football heroes. HassELTINE Shipman . Hendersonvillc. N. C- Chapel Hill week-end: Curt: let ' s go to the book room: Mars Hill. Muriel Shumate Abshers. N. C. Enjoys life: oh — Sam! Muriel ' s gift of gab! it ' s blasting. ELMA Simmons ' Winston-Salem. N. C. Boyish: Meredith College; " Navy Blues " : Rosie and little ' un. Agnes SIMMS Harrisburg. N. C. Maybe it ' s Arthur. ' If not eating — sleeping: my best bow. Jack Singletary Winston-Salem. N. C. Rutherford College: " My date is going to ruin me " : poet. JOHNSIE S.MITH Hiddcnite. N. C. Dignity plus: cunning: Ammons: smiles: White Hall: mysterious. Ralph STANSBERRV JefTcrson. N. C. Carc-frce: wrestler chauffeur: cranberry. ' Jack Steele Boone. N. C. Lightning rod salesman: triple " C " man: Pinnacle bound. Paul Steele Marston. N. c. " Flossie " : slave to Ncwiand: training table and rolls: friendly. Ray STIKE . Matoka. W. Va. Coal miner: Epworth League: staunch: bash- ful; woman shy. Edward STURGILL West Jefferson. N. C. Prc-med. course; can he take it? House parties and diamonds. Page Sixty-seven 1 licAcJienatc ineteeM.y ' NhRMAN SWISHPR West Grove. Pcnna. " l-urrincr " : picture crazy; not conceit — liohliv. Sm KMAN Taylor McGrady. N. C. Salesman — old clothes, watches, auto acces- sories, retreading. VlRCINIA TEAGUE Very merry; in town: friendly; intellectual; peanut butter. Janh- Ti:ddi-:r Popular; sings well: drug store; geography — no. Clarice Thompson , Glade Valley. N. C. Jack. ' " As " preferred; personality. Joseph TOWNSEND Boone. N. C. Typical mountaineer; woman chaser; no luck. John TRIPLETTE Jonesville. N. C. ColTec: " Boys. I swigger " ; office. Paul TrIVETTE Boone. N. C. Ex-confectionery; lucid; great jester; indis- pensable. Ruby TRIVETTE Boone. N. C. Moore or more. ' sews; " Rube " ; Ernestine; Oscar. R. P. VANNOY West Jcffer.son. N. C. Girl teaser; auctioneer — Swisher ' s duds for sale; Dew Drop Inn. CHRISTINI- WACONER Gold Hill. N. C. Quiet; studious; brown eyes. Helen Waconer Gold Hill. N. C. Mr. Williams; giggles; sister; on time. Page Sixty-eight A unA.te v GLENARD WARLICK Lawndale, N. C. Newland disturber: show on you: cigarette ducks: pennies. Mary Alice Washam. . .Huntersville, N. c. Cute: happy-go-lucky: work while you work, but play often. Margaret Webb Studies first and last: serious: grins: bru- nette: happy. Sara Westmoreland Huntersville. N. C. Frank: good-natured: slow to get started, but watch her go. HoYLE White Vale. N. C. White — tush. tush, ask his roomie: eyes the V anitij Fair. WOODROW White Statesvilk. N. C. Old smoothie: ham: good dancer: just one Rhync. Ruby WhiteSIDES Bessemer City. N. C. Margaret Sanger type: shows — c a n d y wrapped in cellulose. Evelyn WilBURN Wadesboro. N. C, Calvin: Glee Club: Lula ' n Argie: " Tweet- H ' ' sie " : golly pete! Twins. H Jewell Wilson Boone. N. C. r m Jewels admired by Jewel : blondes preferred ' - ' " yj but I will take another. - W WlLDA Wilson Lexington. N. C. Small and cute: West Virginia. Jessie Mae Wyant Catawba. N. C. k ,| Brown eyes: rhird floor; not man shy: ener- l getic. Mabel YODER Lincolnton. N. C. Good sport: studies: hikes. cr . cz: . .v . Page Sixty-nine -X- tcdcacndtiVi • Bnn Y Howard Cornelius, N. C. Shine; sweets pjsser; .ispirin: Miss Appa- Inchinn. BliL ' i [: MACl-AYDnN 1-jyeltcville. N. C. West Jefferson: chemislrv; hot pljte. HIS HONOR THt MAYOR AT PRESIDENTS BALL THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT JUST JUNIORS SPRING LS HI RL Page Seventy cL T-. czr » J- y -i-iiiiXteA litiij—tiVky Lee J. Stone Spon or SOPHOMORES • w » -- ' • -A icdcdenM LnelecH 1 J Sophomore Class Officers Colors: Yelluic and While Fl.OVVER: Yellou. ' Chrysanihemun) Motto : " B- ' . " Kenneth Barrs President Webster Ward Vice-President Polly James Secretary Clarinh Duke Treasurer Page Seventy- two kitiu — TL ve — Faye Adams Annie Lee Alexander Marguerite Alexander RoviE Angell John Anderson Mary K. Anderson Kenneth Anthony Nicholas Antonakos Evelyn Arthur Dale Atwood LiLLiE Mae Austin Lelia Ayers MoiR Ayers Helen Baker Mildred Barger Morris Barnett Margaret Barrenger Kenneth Barrs Helen Beam LiLLiE Beam Hazel Beaver Ruth Beaver Willard Best Catherine Biggers Beatrice Bingham Dewey Bingham Evelyn Blackwell Caroline Blair Mary Sue Blanton Agnes Boger :imtM c- r» cir » J-» . Page Sevenly-three --■V in dee ft liTHlil. BKADI.LY Annih Brake N ' lRi.iNiA Brooks Anni Bkowi-i; M. in 1 KANCIS Bkown Sue Burns MARIliA Blhner Eugene Byrd James Byers BiATRiCE Carpenter Matt Carpenter Robert Carrico Nora Case Ruby Castle LvEi.YN Caudle Muriel Caudle Norman Ciiadwick Marie Chapman Denver Church I.. H. Church liLEANOR Clark RriH Olizabi iH Clark Neu.lie Clayton Virginia Clements Henry Cline BiLLii- Coble: Ben Colvard I ' oY Cook Ha I tie: Lee Costner JiNLMii- Coui " ie:r Page Seventy-four - Ittli — tit IVC (I Nora Craig Dan Cranford Hazel Crissman Lena Crissman Alfred Cromartie James Crooks Mary Jo Curry Anne Davis Clayton Davis Glen Davis J. P. Davis Thelma Davis Vivian Deal Sadie Deece Ruth Dellenger SuDiE Lee Dildy Frances Dogget Louise Dorsay Clarine Duke JosEPHENE Duke Jessie Eaker Gladys Earle Helen Edminister Morris Eggers Lucy Marie Eller L L. Epperly Thedus Eudy Claude Evans Inez Everhart Roger Ewing ' .S .G . Page Seventy-Hoe icdcdendtcn ■I iiHeLeef - .s. Tv r Cline Farthing Margaret Fiddler Noah Fox Grace Franklin George Fry Martha Furches Elizabeth Gamble Mary Belle Gard ner Ethel Gilliam Mary Belle Givens Jessie May Goodman Gladys Graybeal Annie Greene Mildred Greene Mildred Green Thomas Greene Elaine Greer Knox Heafner Margaret Hamby Selma Hamrick Cloyce Harmon Katherine Hand f a iyrl Hathcock Herbert Hawkins Acus Hayes Arlene E. Hayes Mary Hut. Hayes RuEus Hayes Kathleen Helms Ethel Hemby Page SeDenly-six L r cz£ « -.v . v ; -r tAl4 ' ve ' ' R. L. Hensley Mary Hinkle Ruth Huskins Cornelia Hipp Annie Maude Hire Muriel Hodgeson Brightie Holden Becky Holton Ruby Hollars j. w. honeycutt Frank Howard Sara Howard Gilbert Hubbard Paul Huffman Mary Ellen Hughes Henry Houston Blanche Hutchinson Clara Hutchinson Mildred Iley Polly James Roderick John Louise Johnson Beuford Jones Donna Jones Kermit Jones Mary Lois Jones Ben Johnson Dorothy Jordon Lucy Justice Frank Killian c. r» CZy J-» v - . Page Seventy-seven { liccicdeiu{tci fi Robert Killian Willie Kendrick Lucille King Wilbur Kiser Eugene Koon Walter Koon Gerald Lackey Louise Laitimore Ruth Lawson Beatrice Lennon Fred Lhntz Mary Life Jane Logan i lora mae luckey Katherine Mann Bennie Marie Rebecca Marlowe Harold Massey Lessie Matthews Vance McBride Jennie McCombs Sam McCracken Bruce McDaniel AciE Vay McGinnis LULA McLAMB Paschal McLaurin Willard McNeil William McNeil Ruth Mhacham Louise Michael Page Scvcniy-cight . c3. J-. - w iitiil—j:Lve Kathleen Morris Pauline Michael Banner Miller Gave M. Miller Glenn Miller Harold Miller ANDY Nesbit Fred Norman INA Mae Oliver Mae Oliver James Parsons Mary Parks Agnes Porter Beatrice Parker Virgil Padgett Ernest Painter Aleen Perry James Patterson Johnny Peden Thomas Presnell Gail Phillips Mildred Parks HiLMA Pierce Norman A. Pickert Geneva Rector Ella Reece Frances Riner Myrtle Richardson Aleene Robbins Irene Rollins 4: ,J.(Z7. Page Seventy-nine --V u ioAoJienA ' •t ii teiee y Edna Rose Katherine Rudisill Karl Sawyer MOZELI.E SCHULER Creola Schuler Henry Shannon George Sherrill Rum She;rwood Rachel Shidal Alma Shoaf Johnsie Shore Ruby Shull Gladys Sigmon Edith Simpson Emogen Sitzer A. I.. Smith Catherine Smith DoRoiHY Smith Jack Smith Ma il: Smith T. L. Smith I.ucY Snider MOZHM.E SPAINHOUR I AWERENCE SPAVEN Cornelia Speas Rlhh Speas Charlotte Starnes Maude Harris Steele Venta Dean Seitz Vaughn Stringer Page Eighty =U. . J. y :7 ui Ated Itittu—jri ve Marnie Stokes L EUR AH Stroud Elizabeth Taylor James Teague Leta Tester Ella W. Thompson Sam Thompson Luther Todd Verna Tolbert Naomi Trantham Roy Turbyfill Anna B. ward Grace Ward Webster Ward Lucille warlick Nora Warren J. O. Waters Ruth Watts Hortense Wicker Dorothy White Emma White Sallie Whitfield Phoeba Whitlesey Frances Wicker Grace Welborn Argie Wilburn Mary Alice Wilcox Avis Wilhelm Rachel Williams Kate Winebarger Page Eighly-one - ' O y licJicdencitc tneleett MARY Winkler Jack Wilson Sara Wilson Sammie Lee Wolfe Joe Wood Katleen Woodie Thomas Wood Etta Wilson Woosley Eugene Wyke Louise Wyantt Eloise Yelton Leo York Alton Young Hall Young Mrs Lena W. Heafner 7 ' 6 ' V. -i ' fi. 3n iUpmuriam JAMES BANNER Martinsville, Va. Junior Class ROBERT RIVES Mount Airy. N. C. Freshman Class -— i Page Eighty-two A ' id ta te Itittu — TL ve Van Hinson Sponsof FRESH MEN ( ' icdCciciuitClL Luclccn Freshman Class Officers Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Pansy Motto: " The past forever gone, the future still our oit ' n. " WiNFIELD Smith President Hazel Plaster Vice-President Ruby WoodARD Secretary J B. Crow Treasurer Page Eighlyfour — .S iin Frank Adams Donely Aldridge Ray Aldridge Vernelle AUrcd Lucille AUv James Anderson Marjie Annas Vergie Atkins Morris Baxley Jean Baker William Ba Ruth Barker Robert Baucom Kathleen Beach Marion Beach Hazel Beam Virginia Beam Lottie Beam Carole Beasley Alfred Best Ralph Beshears Beatrice Bingham Billie Black Rester Blackburn Wilma Blackburn Gladys Blakely Marshall Blanton Dean Blevins Gilmer D. Blevins Mary E. Boone Eupha Bowman Rachel Brooks Naomi Brandon Cline Bray Plato Brewer Neta Bridges Minnie Laura Brown Sara Brower Beulah Bryan t May Bryant LViy ?• o n ri i cr: c . J- K y. Page Eighty-five i liCiiccieniitCL iiO ,JL ' Si Pa e Eighly-six V: Lucille Bycrly Nannie Bunting Laura Mae Borders Nelle Braswcll Jean Buchannon Euala Burrus Mary H. Burns Beatrice Cagle Leola Cagle Viola Cagle Paul Carpenter Elizabeth Carver Mary Sue Childers Virginia Clay Edna Earlc Cline 2 r Ray Clinc Elizabeth Cooke Geneva Cooke Ray Coon Jack Copeland Marie Copeland Neil Cornaire Mathie Covington Harriet Craven J. B. Crowe. Jr. Eloye Cottrell Nellie Curtis Paul Cashion John Dalton Robert Davenport Marthalene Davis Grace Davis Willie E. Davis Irene Di. on Margaret Di.xon Lottie Di. on Maurice Dobbins Lena Dowell Verna Dunn ¥ t M. : " x -. . J. yy ri d ' Charles Durham Carrie Edministen Bob Elliott Laurine Elliott Ruth Epps Johnie Evans Rena Mac Farthing Daisy Floyd Amos Fortenbury J. C. Folger f • . Beverly Fowler f g, .Martha Furches . L m • . n t tj. Hi r MLO Gabriel t ' LJUi, • iJ- l-f I ' tf ' " " " ' ' ' ' Galloway d.Oo. C ylf, ' ' ' ' ' " " ' Galloway -- J Virgini, ia Gamble Franklin Gault Alton Gentry i T ifttte i, - Blaine Gibbs Jack Gibbs Herlom Gilliam . , - Howard Goodman eX " ' J I Gertrude Graybeal -- " " Mabel Greer Edna Griegs Hattic Gross Lucy GuUidge Edwin Gu y Frank Hagaman Ruby Lee Hamrick Martha Hardin Mattie Lou Harmon Roslyn Hartsell James Hawthorne Ray Hayes Mildred Henry Mabel Henshaw Dorothy Herman Stella Hiatt til lijl .. 1 1 . mer, .jffsfeA W-a-riT Q you. M 1 1 s J a- p «. y " 6 . M-t . A J , fl. N. C. i - cr: . Cl3» J-m . Page Eighty-seven cdcdend ten I- I Of " P " rf f f) f hU ffU y ' J did! iiii Page Eighty eight E.ul Hinson Kate Hinson Lloyd Hobbs Pauline Holmes Paul Hoover Virginia Houck Willard Houck Blanche Houscr P. W. Hooper Leema Houser Morcnce Hughes forest Ingle Elizabeth Isbell Margaret Isenhour Graham Jackson Lillian Johnson Daphne Jones Hale Jones f , Helen Jones Vi C Loui aise Jones Nina Jones Florine G. King Geneva Kirkman Wade Lackey Reid Laney Ethel Lassiter George Ledford Cullen Lentz Edwinna Lemley Carson Lewis Lucy Little L. M. Logan, Jr. Edward Love Edna Mabe Rebecca Mabe Avis Virginia Morefield Valcta Martin Olga Marion Louise Martin Coy Matkins - undte tit u t L ve John Matthews Troy Matthews Evelyn Melvin Cloc Michael Elizabeth Miller Elmer G. Miller Violet Miller Mary Anna Mills Howard McCann Susie McConnell Annette McClure Jean McMillian Madge McMillian Elizabeth McNeel Nelle McSwain Addie Montgomery Edna Moody Anna Mae Moore Con Moore Dermont Moore Faye Moore Fred Moore Ruby Morriss Elizabeth Morton Dora Morton Nellie Moxley Jean Mundy Bernard Murdoch William Norris Benjamin Norri Algernon Neal Wayne Nance J Myrtle Nance J 17 David Odom ui j Gretchen Osborne Mary Eunice Osborne Nellie Overcash Ovelia Owens Lucille Parker John Passage 4-.S .(3: Page Eighty-nine cdcdendtiVi . Luel ecu A A 4k i ' l ' - HMUUMI|Mi BUMMM H HMMMB w - Poye Ninety Sybil Patterson K.ithcrinc P.itlon Ivan Pearson Ha el Plaster Ralph Pollard Pauline Pope Kenneth Poteat Kathleene Porter Margaret Porter Douglas Portcrficld La Vonnc Putnam Eunice Quinn Margaret Ray Kermit Reece Robert Reeves Odessa Richardson Mabel Rhyne William Rcid Hdna Riggs Marvin Rogers Harry B. Rowe Edith Rudisill Faye Sale Iva Sale Fred Sappenficld Audrey Saunders Johnson Saunders Kempt Savage Ruth Scarborough Alma Seaford Mary Kate Seagle Thelma Shepherd Rebecca Sigmon Mary Sharpe Glen Shidal Galewood Sliipman Sam Sims Elizabeth Sinclair lilmcr Sinclair Manly Smaihers . u tdxe Stuart Scott Alice Smith Bonnie Smith Christine Smith Clarence Smith Irvin Smith Ma ge Smith y Smith uth Smith field Smith Virginia South Florence Sparrow Frances Spillman Roscoe Staley Howard Stanley George Stamey Hugh Steele George Steere David Stokes Nona Stout George Sherman Jessie Strickland Margaret Strickland Thelma Suddrith Gladys Sturgill Jack SulH% ' an June Swain Katherine Styers Pansy Talent Helen Taylor Mildred Taylor Virginia Taylor Mozelle Templeton Dwayne Thompson Lillie Blanche Thompson Reddin Thompson Karl Throneburg Stella Tilley Vance Tilley Elizabeth Tillct ve c=: . C3 . J- . Page Ninety-one cdcdenAtci Jinciea - (H „ufi AM LliLJ Ndl Todd Lois Tolbcrt Foy Trantham Ralph I ugman 1-innic Rulh Upriglu Avis Vance Jcannettc Van Hoy Cov Wall Van Wall Rebecca May Warden Woodrow Worrell Mary Watkins EstcUe Watson iJ Wilson Weaver Grace Wcavil Vcvette Wehunt lilA .t- ' I m . «fnWelcH ' ' ' . " Albert Wellons Z " f U} A V g i Winebargcr V Vanda Wicker ' Hugh White Claude Whittley Daisy Williams ' in jW Gurncy Wilmouth J » f Sijsafr Vinkler •jt L } I ' llary Lee Wood C --Ruhv Wc.odw rd u largatct Wray Glenn Yount Isabelle Yount Martha Arthur ' — 1r " -«- -M(Clifton Bumgarner ' ' ' - argaret Allison Lrtle Watson Page Ninely-livo 4:C .J-.( . Take the coach ' s job. it ain ' t so soft at that — Teaching, working, playing, maybe scrubbing each little brat. y thletics - c C tcdcdcndtO n iUncieen ;:r ' H ' uncitca J nitlii--j:ivc= The padding of jeet . . . the thud of leather . . . yells of victory . . . sighs of defeat . . . here men and women achieve physical perfection. cAcAcuiitc Jiiieieeiu • i - » - H iti ltel - J-kWtu--tive ' - Coaches (Left to Right) EUGENE GARBEE •f ,™ ' ° ' " ' ( ' — °H ' Dolly LeMay ■ Z ' " ' " ' c;oacft— Gtr s THURSA Steed , Assistant Coach— Girls R W WatkiNS ■ Assistant Coach — Hoys J. ' Lee STONE .. Assistant Coach— Boys G. L. Sawyer ( no picture) ' " " ' Cheer Leaders Hazel Plaster Eugene Fender Lois Barger Cullen Johnson HASSELTINE SHIPMAN. Chief JrMMIE FOWLKES. Chief CELIA DUNLAP (no picture) crU.c . Page Ninety-seven r C oJioAei Jitcn jineiecn ' The Mountaineers J ■ J 1934 FOOTBALL SCHHDULH Sept. 2Q— A. S. T. C. 6 Milligan 13 (Night. Elizabcthton. Tenn. ) Oct. 6— A. S. T. C. Erskine 2 ( Boone, N. Q.. Oct. n— A. S. T. C 6 W. C. T. C (Boone. N. C. ) Oct. 20— A. S. T. C 26 E. C. T. C ( Boone. N. C. ) Oct. 26— A. S. T. C. n S. G. T. C 22 (CoUegcboro. Ga. ) Nov. 3— A. S. T. C 13 Concord State 26 (Athens. West Virginia) Nov. 1 7— A. S. T. C. Tusculum 10 ( Boone. N. C. ) Nov. 24— A. S. T. C 7 Southern 6 (Lakeland. Florida ) I. ■■■ " -r tmi Monogram Club Page Ninety-eight - At t X - llLttu — Ti ve. Varsit ' Football GUARDS: Len Wilson, Cline Farthing. Page VanNoy. BACKFIELD: Bob Weaver. Bruce MacFayden. Webb Ward. Boyd Baucom, Rovie Angell. Carl Trippany. TACKLES: GEORGE SHERRILL. BROWN. A.MMONS ENDS: EVERETTE McCONNELL, CARL RUDISILL. ALLEN JESSUP. Page Ninely-nine 4-. c3. . { licciccicndtc jLuelecn ARbii Y BA KLlbALL Forwards: GROVER BROWN. KENNETH ANTHONY, THURMAN HOLr. WFBSTER WARD. Centers: EVERETTE MCCONNELL. ERNEST PAINTER. Guards: BOVD BALCOM. CARI. RuDI- sii.i,. ,IOHN, Bob Weaver. George Sawyer Jack Copeland TENNIS L. Sawyer. Coach Carl Throneburg Karl Sawyer Bill Norrls Andy Nesbitt Page One Hundred unAte ' iV W restling Team 1935 RESULTS Jan. 12 — Appalachian 19 (At Draper, N. C. ) Jan. 19 — Appalachian 40 (At Boone, N. C.) Jan. 25 — Appalachian 15 ' 7 (At High Point, N. C.) Feb. 2 — Appalachian 25 (At Boone. N. C.) Feb. 16 — Appalachian 26 (At Boone, N. C. ) Feb. 23 — Appalachian 18 (At Boone. N. C. ) Feb. 27 — Appalachian 30 (At Maryville. Tenn.) Feb. 26 — Appalachian 17 (At Knoxville, Tenn.) Feb. 28 — Appalachian 22 (At Knoxville, Tenn.) Mar. 1 — Appalachian ,11 (At Winston-Salem, N. C.) Total — Appalachian 223J 2 Draper Y. M. C. A. , 11 Spray Y. M. C. A. High Point Wi Univ. of Tennessee 5 Draper Y. M. C. A. 6 High Point Y. M. C. A. 14 Maryville 13 Univ. of Tennessee Knoxville Y. M. C. A. ,8 Davidson 17 Opponents 84J Page One Hundred One d- T-. dzy -.v -A. tcdcdendtCi inelee u 1 ' . p Pn Hir ' fiTiBiiiii I ' ll I iiNii liVnii ' CilKLS BASKHI Ball. THAM liolUim l ' i,.Uire: GIRLS ' VOLLHV BALL 1 liAM Girls ' Basket Ball and VoHcn Ball Teams GIRLS ' BASKET BALL lliAM Cornelia Felmlt RUTLl HUSKINS Mildred Barger Geneva Chaefin Irene Shumaker Carolyn McAden Page One Hundred Two Right Forward Left Forward Center Forward Center Guard Right Guard Left Guard Edith Rudisill Vanda Wicker Cornelia Speas Ruth Dellinger wilma McRorie Lett Chuiid Lett Guard Lett Forward Right Forward Left Guard d. . y n u Ji ' ittu—TLve f AQUATEERS First Row HARMON. YOUNT. MILLER. Second Rou. ' : BiNGHAM, STALEY. MURDOCH, J PASSAGE. HAGAMAN. T hird Row. WEAVER. STEELE. O. FOX. G. PASSAGE. N. FOX. McBRIDE. Fourth Rou. ' : WRIGHT. STAGEY. EGGERS. ANTONAKOS. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR CLUB Page One Hundred Three L r. czy» J- L . hcdcdeftdtcn i ielecfu HHHF 1 Shot put . . . Discus . . . ■Pat " . . . -Red ' . . . Ha ' em hard . . . Athens bound . . . The snake ' s hips . . . Our swan sont . . . Favorite intramural . . . When the " cut ' s " ichiskers icere sinc ed . . . Page One Hundred Four 4-. .J.(z7. ve ' mfif ' To make a denl on each solid little brain. You gotta shoic, beg. plead, and explain. ylctivities — ii ieucK To books we look for learning . . . for his- tory . . . and inspiration . . . iCiicdencitcn tncleen Men of iron . . . Good sport . . . You get the idea . . . Zero hour . . . Plum business . . . Hou ' dja vote: ' J- Page One Hundred Eight ; t £ A littu — TLVe ' ' Guy Angell Chief Marshal. 1934 SOCIETY d koJioJie Ji ' t LneLeei i Thalian L iterarv Society MOTTO; " Nol on the heights hut climhing. " Colors: Klue and Yellou- Dr. W. Amos AbrAMS. Sponsor OFFICERS First Thrm Louise ABRAMS President JUANITA I.AWSON Vice-President VINNIE CLINE Recording Secretary Evelyn Caudle Corresponding Secretary Mildred YARBOROUGH Treasurer Second Term Mildred YARBOROUGH President Lillian Hire Vice-President Edith MELVIN Recording Secretary Minnie ARNDT Corresponding Secretary Mary Alice Washam Treasurer Third Term .iL ' ANirA LAWSON President VINNIE CLINE Vice-President Vera LSENHOUR , Recording Secretary LAVOLA CARENDER Corresponding Secy Ruby Hollar Treasurer SOCIETY SONG May thy followers be as plants grown up in youth Each maid a corner-stone polished with love and truth; A rainbow always to the storm of life. Each member never knowing h.itc or strife. Chorus Dear Thalian Society, how we love you; For thou didst point us to paths of truth; We ' ll always love you truly Dear Thalian Society. Master of Truth. Page One Hundred Te n - w ' r ' t ' ' uttu—rive ' Thalian Literary Society MEMBERS Louise Abrams Annie Louise Alexander Ida Mae Alexander RUTHELLA ARLEDGE Minnie Arndt ' ergie Atkins Helen Baker Miliired Barger I.ois Barger Thelma Berrv Eupha Brawley Berntce Brawlev Anne Brower ' iRGiNiA Brow N Katherine Brown (lUSSIt BUMGARNEB Martha Butneb Beulah Bryant Lavola Cabender Nancy Carson Evelyn Caudle Marie Chapman Vinnie Cline Mary Lula Colley Jimmy Coulter Katherine Cowan Alberta Craft June Crouse Pauline Deadmon Vivian Deal Ruth Dcllinger SuDiE Lee Diddy Novella Dixon Mary Louise Dorsey Celia Dunlap ' erna Lee Dunn LvRiE Eller Laurine Elliot Ruth Epps Inez Everiiart Daisy Floyd Frances Galloway Mary Belle Gardner Ethel Gilliam Connie Grant Margaret Hamby Ruby Hamrick Ellen Hambick Matilda Hare Helen Harrell Kathleen Helms Ethel Hemby Mildred Henry Dorothy Herman Mary Hinkle Rheba Hinson Cornelia Hipp Lillian Hire Annie Maude Hire Mary Hobson Pauline Hobson Elizabeth Holden Ruby Hollar Dorothy Holt Beckie Holton Virginia Houck Sarah Howard Mary Etta Hughes Ruth Huskins ' eba ISENHOL ' R Margaret Isenhour Helen Jones Ellie Lane Juanita Lawson Helen Ledbetter Beatrice Lennon Margaret Life Mary Life Lucy Little Rebecca Mabe Grace Marshall Edith Melvin Louise Michael Minnie Morris Mary Frances Nesbtt Gretchen Osborne OvELiA Owens Beatrice Parker Hazel Plaster Fannie Poplin Eunice Quinn Juanita Robertson IvA Sale Ruth Scarborough Venta Dean Seitz Hazel Sharpe Rebecca Sigmon Dorothy Smith JoHNsiE Smith MOZELLE SpAINHOUR Cornelia Speas Ruth Speas Marnie Stokes Nona Stout Gladys Sturgill Katherine Stvebs Ruth Wagoner Angell Warren Evelyn Warren- Mary Alice Washam Mary Watkins Dorothy Watson Ebtle Watson Ruth Watts Grace Weavil Erma White Phoeba Whittlesy Argie Wilburn Evelyn Wilburn Mary Alice Wilson Sam M IE Lee Wolfe Etta Wilson Wooten Louise Wyantt Jessie Mae Wyantt Mildred Yarborouch Eloise Yelton Isabel Vount c hm CZr5. J V . Page One Hundred Eleven c " tcdcdc uitC inCLCCt u Phila Return Literary Society H. R. HggeRS. Spomoc MOTTO: " Give to the World ihc best t ou have and the best will come back to you. ' FLOWER: White Rose COLORS: Green and White OFFICERS Garnette Shipman Car SET ROBKRTSON Almeri A Rl ' SS (Il.ADVS QriNN . Sarah Hovis FIRST TERM Katherixe Andkrson Lottie Mae Aistin Helen Beam Joyce Bess Virginia Beam Hazel Beaver Htth Beaver Mahel Billincs KVKLVN BlACKWELI. Billy Black Fvvt: Broyhill MiNNiF . I.AfBA Brown Kvi-AI- Bl ' RRfS Willie Kay Bl ' nn Rachel Caubi.e Lillian Chamberlain Faye Cooke Mary Jo Curry Clarise Duke Lois Eagle Mallie Eaker Jessie Eaker Francis Farthing Beverly Fowler .-. . . PrcsidctU I ' icc-Presidctil Secretary - Treasurer Chaplain Almkhia Rl ' SS Clarice Thompson Sarah Hovis Polly Jamks Crrtrt ' iik Perry .. SECOND TERM MEMBERS Elizabeth Camki li Ram VRi. Hatih ocK Clovck Harmon Brightik Holdkn Sara Hovis BlAN( HE HOIISER Leona Houser Ilkase HorsER Polly James Nina Jonrs Mary Lois JoNns Bfi ' lah Ketchie (m.auvs Kli ' tz Ruth Lawson Mabel Lef Jane Loc;an Carolyn McAden Mary MtCALi, Laura McConnell Susie McConnel LuLA McLamb Louise Martin Valeta Martin Carolyn Moore Kavk Moork Irknf. Moore Kathleen Morris Loi ' isE Morrison Francis Mull Annie Mae Moore Hessie Jane Morgan Madgf McMillian Mary Nichols Xellik Overcash Alleen Pkrry Gertrude Perry Faye Plott ' itra Perkins Mary Ensice Osborne ( Iladys Quinn Lucille Parker (Iarnet Robertson Mabel Rhyne Almpria Russ Ruth Sherwood Rachel Shiual Alma Seaford Tine Shipman Prcsidrnt ..Vice-President «™ Secretary Trcasttrer Chaplain third term Frances Farthinc; „ .. President Polly James Vice-President Willie Kay Bunn Secretary Muriel Shumate ., Treasurer . Lary Lois Jones Chaplain Carnettk Shipman Alm Shoaf Muriel Shumate NIauhe Steele Dot Stewart Jack Sullivan N ' lRGiNiA Taylor l ANS Talent Leta Tester Clarice Thompson Ella Thompson Rebrecca L k Warden Helen Welch Dot White Frances Wicker HoRTENSF. Wicker Mary Lke Wood Betty Whhunt Lucille Variioro Dot McKensie Hi ' nter La ' onne Putnam Louise Johnson Mary Jane Parks Page One Hundred Twelve - c Dv nician Literary Society Miss LylES. Sponsor MOTTO: " What tt ' e are to be we are noiv becoming. " COLORS: Purple and White OFFICERS FIRST QUARTER SECOND QUARTER LoREXA McDonald President Irene Shumakf.r „ „. President Gail Phillips „ Vice-President (ieorgia McCall Vice-President Marv Hoffman- Secretary Charlotte Stallings — Secretary Mildred Burke Treasurer Louise Lattimore - - - Treasurer Mary Williams Critic CIail Phillips .„ ..- - Critic Mary F. Burns Censor Juamta Gobble Censor Wilda Williams Chaplain FoY Briggs Representative THIRD QL ' ARTER Georgia McCall President Mary Hoffman -. Chaplain Geneva Chaffin Vice-President Elizabeth Tsabell - Chorister Cornelia Felmet Secretary Mary Williams Representative Mary Ellen Hester Treasurer Martha Furches . - . Pianist LoREXA McDonald Critic Mary Fola Burns ...Chairman Program Committee Gladys Earle Censor MEMBERS Lucille Alley, ' irginia Anthony. Margie Annas, Lilia Ayers, Lucille Byerly, C lara Banner, Carole Beasley, Katherine Biggers, Mary Sue Blanton, Agnes Boger. Mary Elizabeth Boone. Laura May Borders, Ethel Bradley. Xell Braswell. Dwett Briggs. irginia Brooks, Mary Francis Brown, Jean Buchanan, Mildred Burke. Mary Fola Burns. Bertie Bridges. Xeta Bridges. Dale Carpenter. Genieva Chaffin, Mary Sue Childers, Nellie Clayton, Elizabeth Cooke. Marie Coi eland. Hattie Lee Costner, Floye Cottrell, Nola Craig. Nell Curtis, Marthalene Davis. Grace Davis, Thelma Davis. Maurice Dobbins. Francis Doggett. Nan Dula. (Gladys Earle, Louise Farthing, Martha Furches. Cornelia Felmet. Erma Gabrille, ' irginia Gambill. Juanita Gobble, Helen Greene, Mildred Green. Mabel Greer. Lucy Gullege. Selma Hamrick Rosalyn Hartsell. Arlene Hayes. Mary Hill Hayes, Knox Heafner, Mary Ellen Hester, Stella Hiatt, Mary Hoffman, Clyde Houser. Florence Hughes. Mabel Huges, Blanche Hutchinson. Clara Hutchinson. Mildred Iley. Elizabeth Isabell. Louise Jones. Mazie Jean Jones Lucy Justice, Blanche Kistler. Dorothy Knox. Ethel Lassiter. Louise Lattimore, Lois Long, Mary Helen Madlin, Rebecca Marlow, Georgia McCall. Annette McClure. Jimmie McCombs. Lorena McDonald, Jean McMillan. Wilma McRorie. Nell McSwain, Ruth Meachum. Pauline Micheal, Elizabeth Miller, Dora Morton. Elizabeth Morton. Mildred Parks. Catherine Patton, Lucy Pearson. Lois Phipps. Gail Phillips, Pauline Pope. Nancy Powell. Glossie Pyatt. Lilly Pyatt. Aleine Robbins. Edna Rogers. Edna Rose. Catherine Rudisell. Frances Rhyner, Edna Riggs. Fay Sale. Audre Saunders, Creola Schuler. Mozelle Schuler, ilay Kate Seagle, Irine Shumaker. Edith Simi son. Agnes Sims. Elizabeth Sinclair. Lucille Sloop, Christine Smith. Ruth Smith. Lucy Snider, Florence Sparrow. Francis Spillman. Charlotte Stallings, Jessie Strickland. Thelma Suddreth. Helen Taylor. Lillie Blanche Thompson. Mildred Taylor. Lynnie Ruth L ' i right, Avis ' ance. Edna " ance. Jeanette an Hoy, Lucille Warlick. Salley Whitfield. Daisy May Williams. Mary Williams, Rachel Williams. Elizabeth Wilson, Wilda Wilson. Margaret Wray, Mabel Yoder, ' anda Whicker. y Page One Hundred Thirteen cr . CZ . . . ; ( ' ' llCcicAcilci ten Jluclccil - Vernician Literary Society KATHARINB Harwell. Sponsor MOTTO; " We never give up. " Colors; Red and Grev FLOWER: Rose OFFICERS Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Dorothy Brake President Jessie Davis President Evelyn Arthur Vice-President Anna CLEE Brake Vice-President Margaret Fiddler Secretary Sue Burns Secretary TRESSIE M. CASHION Treasurer SARA WESTMORELAND Treasurer Spring Quarter Grace Ward President Sara Westmoreland Vice-President Sarah Wilson Secretary FAYE Adams ■ Treasurer MEMBERS Fave Adams Xelle Carpenter Ann-ie Lee Margaret STmrKi.Axr Verselle Tressie Mae Cashios Flora Mae T.uckey Leirah Stroid Evelyn Artiur Ollie Jean Coffey Katiierine Mann Jlne Swain MARr.ARET Barrinler H azel Cri ssm AN I.ESSi E Mathew s StellaTillev Hazel Bean Lema Crissman Elizabeth McXeely Naomi Tranth am Thelma Blackiurs Jessie Davis Jean MiNnv Grace Vari Gladys Blakeley Catherine Diriiam Myrtle Nance Sarah Westmoreland Annie Clee Brake ThedisEidy Acnes Porter AvisWilhelm Dorothy Brake Mar ;aret Fiddler Geneva Rector Hazel Wilson Naomi Brandon Martha Hardin Gladys Sicmon Jewel Wilson Alma Burns I,orlsE Holcomhe Elma Simmons Sarah Wilson Mary Elizaheth BiRNs Betty Howard Bonnie Smith Riby WoonwARn SvE Burns Donna Jones Virginia South Page One Hundred Fourteen n ui J kl iu ' -j:lv Delta Phi Sigma OFFICERS Fall Quarter Guy Angell Boyd Baucum . . , WooDROw White. Winter Quarter EvERETTE Toms -John Staley. , . , , Don Huffman. . , Spring Quarter Gilbert Falls President John OeHLER Vice-President Ray StikES Secretary-Treasurer Guy Angell Kenxeth Anthony MoiK Ayebs Jene Hakfk BovD Baictm VlLL M BaNPV Dean Blevins Vance Blalock Hugh Browning Dewey Bingii m Jimmie Bvers Morris Boxley WiLLARD Bess Alfred Bess Harry Breeze Paul Clark Jack Copeland James Crooks Dan Cranford Johnnie Evans Gilbert Falls Amos Fortenbury M. O. Fox Herbert Graybeal Jesse Houck B. H. Horton MEMBERS D. C. Huffman Howard Hunter Lloyd Hobbs Acus Hayes Ralph Haves Willie Kf.ndrick Wilbur Kiser B. W. Latham DiLMON- Lawson Rfid Laney Gerald Lackey Wade Lackey fiEORGE LedFORD pRUCE McDaniel Jack McGee John Matthews Bernard Murdoch Banner Miller Milton McLaughin Carl Martin Earl May J. A. Moore Andy Nesbit Algernon Neal John Oehler Virgil Padgette Ralph Pollard John Passage Carl Rudisill William Reed John Staley T. L. Smith A. L. Smith Clarence Smith Irvin Smith Glenn Shidal George Sherman W. S. Shipman Lawrence Spaven George Sherrill Luther Todd Bert Weaver Ray Stikes C. C. Wright Joe Wood WooDRow White Kenneth Quernell L. H. Church Allen Jessup P. A. Hooper KowARO Miller Robert Swan y Page One Hundred Fifteen r cdcd en Jit en inctecny Appalachian Literary Society OFFICERS Fall Term WiNTON Rankin, . James Fowlkes. . . Thomas Wilson, . Douglas Redmond Carmon Stuart John Triplette. . Robert Taylor CuLLEN Johnson Winter Term Spring Term Robert Taylor Carmon Stuart I ' rcmdi ' nt Carmon Stuart Thomas Wood Vice- President Eugene KOON CULLEN Johnson , Secretarii -Treasurer Walter Koon Johnson Sanders , Asst. Sec ' y-Treas. James Fowlkes John Triplett . , Crmc CuLLEN Johnson Coiet Dyer Chaplain Thomas Wood Edward Hamrick Censor WiNTON Rankin Bob Taylor . Janitor L- J- C.ANN Reporter Clint Adams J. E. Anderson Nick Antonakos Lawrence Atchley Clifton Bumgarner Eugene Byrd Lindsa y Cagle Norman Chadwick Ray Cline Ray Coon J. B. Crow Coiet Dyer Homer Eggers Bob Elliot Eugene C. Fender JAMES Fowlkes L. J. Gann MEMBERS Blaine Gibbs Jack Gibbs Cec:il Gi.een Ralph Hagaman Edward Hamrick Cecil Harmon Paul Huffman Graham Jackson CuLLEN Johnson Frank Killian Robert Killian Eugene Koon Coy Matkins Vance McBride Howard McCann Fred Norman James Paterson Winton Rankin Douglas Redmond Johnson Saunders Jack Smith WiNFiELD Smith Carmon Stuart Bryan Taylor Robert Taylor Dwane Thompson John Triplette Paul Trivette Roy Turbyfifld J. O. Waters Wilson Weaver HoYLE White Thomas Wilson Thomas Wood Page One Hundred Sixteen c- f-m cir5. -. v . un i Alpha Sigma Gamma Literary Society MOTTO: " Green but growing. COLORS; Blue and Gold Fall Quarter Jake Harrill . Douglas Whitener Starr N. Stacy. . . . Adolph Atkins . , . Clyde Adams Adolph Atkins RoviE Angell Dale Atwood Robert Baucom Clyne Bray Grover Brown David Bunch Robert Carrico Robert Case Paul Cashion John Church Willie Davis Ike Epperly Hal Farthing Flower; Sweet Pea OFFICERS Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Adolph Atkins David Bunch President GLENARD WARLICK , Starr Stacy Vice-President Douglas Whitener . , Murphy Privette Secretary David Bunch Glenard Warlick Censor MEMBERS George Fry Franklin Gault Harlon Gilliam Howard Goodman Jake Harrill Jimmie Hiatt Paul Hoover Henry Houston Gilbert Hubbard J. W. Hunicutt Hale Jones William McNeill Paschal McLaurin Dermont Moore Wayne Nance David Odom PAUL Perkins Murphy Privette Arnold Ramey Richard Shaw Starr N. Stacy ROSCOE Staley June Steele Howard Stanley Norman Swisher Reddin Thompson Cecil Vannoy Glenard Warlick Douglas Whitener Gernie Wilmuth WooDROW Worrell Page One Hundred Seventeen c r c y J-m v . - c icdciieniitcn 11 DHBA IhRS Dr. J. D, Rankin. Cuut:h Eugene Bvrd Frances Mull Elizabeth Siiipman Robert M. Carrk:o Winton Rankin Ray Stikh Carmon Stuart Thomas Wood ORATORS Mary Williams Carmon Stuart Page One Hundred Eighteen Or W. Amos ABRAMS. Coach J Harold Wolfe. Coach . . . y n-ii Axci y ri ' v Frank Moore Chairman Student Council ORGANIZATIONS L r» CZT . A.L . - icdcdeftM • The Rhododendron Staff Jesse W. Houck EvERETTE C. Toms Garnette Shipman Robert Swan Eugene C. Fender Irene Shumaker Mr. Vance C. Howell SlIIPMAX Swan Page One Hundred Tivenli Fknukr Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager . . . Assistant Editor Advertising Manager Organization Editor Athletic Editor . . [acuity Adviser SnrMAKKR Mr. Hovvf.1.1. d T " . czr » • m - Uld ive ' The Appalachian Staff W, Harold GrAYBEAL Editor-in-Chief Guy ANGELL Business Manager Mary Williams Associate Editor EVERETTE C. Toms Associate Editor Novella Dixon Social Editor Frank Moore Sports Editor LORENA McDonald (not in picture) Acticities Editor Jesse HoucK Feature Editor Bryan Taylor Alumni Editor Elizabeth SHIPMAN Exchange Editor James FOWLKES Chief ' Reporter John STALEY Cir culation Manager Robert Weaver Advertising Manager R. L. Williamson (not in picture) Technical Adviser f t ' - ' Page One Hundred Twenty-one c T-. czr?» J-m . ' I ll ll A ll cdcdaiiirci inelcen r " Al tiiil il Mi lillii ,o.,t e International Relations Club Dr Whitener Jesse w. Houck Carmon Stuart Ol [ ICfiRS Sponsor GARNETTE SHIPMAN President ' uf - President Mary W:lijams James Fowlkes First Secretary Recording Secretary J reusurer Lou I St A BRA MS RUTHEI.LA ArleDGE Kenneth Barrs Err.ENE BvRn Novella Uixon Eugene C. Fender I.. .1. Gann llAROI.n (iRAVnEAL MHMBIiRS Mazik Jkax Josks Dai.k Kki.i.kk Robert Killian bvron i.atham Krancks Mull Brvan Taylor WiNTON Rankin KotiKRT Taylor Elizabeth Siitpman ]ohn Tru ' letik Hay Stikk Thomas Wood Page One Hundred Twenty-two .sj.e. undte Glee Club OFFICERS CuLLEN Johnson President Lillian Abrams Vice-President Ollie Jean Coffey Secretary Joe Wood Treasurer Trfssie Mae Cashion I tbrartan Dorothy Stewart and Moir Ayres . . Collectors Almeria Russ Pianist John Triplette Reporter MEMBERS Soprano Alio — George Ledford Lillian Abrams Minnie Arndt Helen Beam Mildred Barger Tressie Mae Cashion Cornelia Felmet Juanita Gobble John Passage A. L. Smith Winfield Smith Wilson weaver Virginia Brown Evelyn Caudle Ollie Jean Coffey Margaret Hamby Mary Lipe Almeria Russ Leta Tester Bass — Nick Antonakos Ralph Beshears Ruth Epps James Byres Lucy Little Catheryn Mann Tenor — Clyde Adams J. B Crow Cullen Johnson Irving Norton Wilma McRorie Moir Ayers John Matthew Gretchen Osborne Gene Baker Eugene Michael Dorothy Stewart Leonard Eury WiNTON Rankin Argie Wilburn Evelyn Wilburn Jack Gibbs Roy Greene Graham Jackson John Triplette Calvin Wright Joe Wood Page One Hundred Twenty-three kcAcJien • LueieeH.- Y. W C. A. Cabinets SENIOR CABINET Elizabeth Shipmax - Mabel Hi ' ghes DoROT H V Stewart Editi{ Mf-lvin , UoROTHv Brake „ Novella Dixon Avis Wilhelm „.„ Evelyn Caudle .Iuanita Lawson Tressie Mak Cashion FoY Briggs Charlotte Stallincs JUNIOR CABINET Lore N A McDonald Kathkrine Styers . KrciLi-E Warlick Bonnie Smith Daisy Williams — Florence Hughes Maye Warden Betty Howard Leta Tester - Lucy Little Minnie Arndt Page One Hundred Twentq-four President Vice-President Seeretary . Treasurer .„ " .. Social Scrficc Social Chairman World FcUoxcship „- Profirani Chairman -..Publicity Chairman .,- Pianist Choir Leader Reporter President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Serz-iee Social Chairman ... IVorld Fellozvship .. Program Chairman ..Publicity Chairman Pianist Choir Leader c=U. . Young Men ' s Christian Association CABINET Eugene Michael President Norman PICKERT Vice-President L. J. GANN Secretary -Treasurer Jack Gibbs 1 Dan Huffman RALPH Beam J Program Committee G. L. Sawyer Sponsor John Anderson Boyd Baucom Ralph Beam Norman Chadwick Henry Cline Dan Cranford J. B. Crow Charley Durham CoiET Dyer Eugene Fender j. c. folger L. J. GANN Jack Gibbs Cecil Glenn Henry Houston Howard Hunter MEMBERS Donald Huffman Paul Huffman Cecil Harmon Wesley Honeycutt Frank Killian Wilbur Kiser Eugene Koon Walter Koon Gerald Lackey Reid Lackey L. M. Logan Harold Massey Eugene Michael Carlyle Martin Andy Nesbitt Fred Norman Johnny Paden Kenneth Poteat James Patterson Norman Pickert Murphy Privette William Reid Johnson Sanders Henry Shannon WiNFiELD Smith June Steele Norman Swisher Jack Smith Luther Todd Paul Trivette J. O. Waters Jack Wilson Glenn Yount =U. . J. Page One Hundred Ticenty-five Ciiciiciuitci - New l)()rmit()r Club OFFICERS Irene Shumaker , , , Garnetth Shipman Vera Isenhour President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS RfTH Ella X ' rRoiNiA Anthony MiNNiF. Arndt I-Ol ' ISF. AnRAMS .MaB(;IJRITK AtF.XANriKR Ac.NF.S BOGER Favf Broyiull Mary Brown JovrF, Bfss A HA Bt ' rt Clara Ban nnkr Martha Bi-tner MlLnRFD Bt ' RKK EVFI.VN Bl.ACKWELL Sallik Bi ' Rns Kathfrink Brown Willie K. Binn Margfrite Barringir F THFL Bradley I.ois Barger Mildreo Barger i.ILJ.IAN f ' HAMRFRLAIN IIati if Costner Kathfrink Cowan N ' iNNiE Cmne LovoLA Carender Kvelyn Caldlf, Marie Chapman Rachel Caublf liENEVA CHAFKIN Mary Jo Ctrry FoY Cook Mary Louise Dorsfv ovFLLA Dixon Cklia Dunlap Xanik Dula Lois Kagle Jfssie Eakeb Clapvs Earle Connie Grant Mir riRKii Greene I V N I I A (iOBBI-E Mar Hoffman I ' vri.I NE HOBSON Mary Hobson Mary Etta Hvghfs Sara Hovis Anna Maldf Hire Lillian Hire Knox Hfafnfr Bftty Howard Clyde Howell MaRLE Hi ' GHES Margaret HamiiY Pritf. HorsER Mary Hinkle Lena Hfafnfr Vera Isfnhoi ' r I,rcY JliSTICF Lois Jones Louise Johnston Bula Ketchie M ARY KfNDRICK DoRoi H Y Knox IIelfn Ledrftter JlANITA LaWSON Mabel Lee Hazel Little Mary Lipe M arcaret Lipf F.iMF Lane H ' ramfs M I ' l I. Irene MoRh Willie McRorie Mary McCall LoRFNA M( Donald LuLA M( Lamb Carolyn Moore louisf morison Mary F. Nesbit (Iretchfn Osbornf LiLLIE PyATT iLOSSIE PyATT Lois Phipps Mildred Parks Fayf Plott Gladys (Jui nn FraN IS Rl NER CaI HFRINK Rl DISILl Geneva Rector Juanita Robertson (iarnette Robertson Edna Rogers Ri TK Speas Tine Shipman Elizabeth Shipman Ei.MA Sim mons Irene Shu maker Alm Shoaf Mozellf Spain HOi ' R Dorothy Stewart Hazel Sharp Muriel Shi ' mate AgNFS SlMMS Garnftte Shipman Cornelia Spfas Lfta Tester Clarice Thompson F LLA Thompson Edna ' ance Sally Whitfield Frances Wicker Hortfnse Wicker Erma White Rachel Williams Dorothy White I HOEBE Whittlesey Elizabeth Wilson Angell Warren Evelyn Warren Evelyn Wilburn Argie Wilburn Mabel Voder Mildred Yarborough ElOISE ' KLTON Pape One Hundred Twenty-six . . lilt tit h (I 5 Lve- Home Economics Club OFFICERS FALL TERM Evelyn Caudle - . . Catherine Styers Florence Hughes Mabel Rhyne winter term Garnet Robertson President FOY BRIGGS Vice-President Betty Howard . Secretary Evelyn Warren , Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPRING TERM Gail Phillips President ALMERIA RUSS Vice-President Hazel SHARPE Secretary Catherine Styers Treasurer BiLLiE Black FOY Briggs Martha Butner Evelyn Caudle Miss Dale Katherine Durham Virginia Gamble Ellen Hamrick Ruby Hamrick Mary Hinkle Prue Houser MEMBERS Florence Hughes JUANITA LAWSON Mary Osborne Garnet Robertson Hazel Sharpe Catherine Styers Almeria Russ Angell Warren Evelyn Warren Dorothy Watson Mildred Yarborough Dorothy Knox Gail Phillips Mabel Rhyne Grace Weavil June Crouse Betty Howard ILEASE Houser Esther Beam Mildred Taylor Sadie White Mozelle Templeton Page One Hundred Twenty-seven c r. Cir5» A. V . ■A 1 ,- j , • " - :. tw ed cdenJitc eei WHiite Hall Club Fall Grace Weavil Lema Crissman Annie Lee Alexander Ida Mae Alexander Lucille Alley Mar- .ie Annas Esther Beam Hazel Beaver Rtth Beaver BiLLiE Black Tmelma Blackbtrn Mary Boone P ' l ' pHA Bowman Dewettk BRir.r.s FoY Brikgs FoLA Burns Mary Elizabeth Btrns LlTII-LE BVERLV Anne Browkr Nora Case Mary Sue Childers Jim mie Coulter Hazel Crissman Lema Crissman Nell Curtis Anne Davis Margaret Dixon OFFICERS Term Spring Term President CATHERINE DURHAM President Secretary MABLE RHYNE Secretary WiLDA Wilson Treasurer Miss Todd. Sponsor MEMBERS Maurice Dobbins Katherine Mann Lucille Sloop Catherine Dirham Kerecia Marlowe Johnsie Smith Inez Everhart X ' eleta Martin Florence Sparrow Daisy Floyd Annette McCi.ure Maude Steele Beverly Fowler Susie McConnell Marnie Stokes Cracf, Franklin Jean McMillan Catherine Styers ' iRr,iN-iA Cambill Helen Madelin Thelma Suddreth Elizabeth (Iambill Faye Moore Ivey Sale IrmaCabriki. Myrtle Nance Faye Sale Mabel Greer Mary Nichols (Iladys Sic.mon Ethei (Jilliam Mary Eunice Osborne Marcaret Stru klanh LUCV CUI.LEDGE AfiN ' KS I ORl ER MaIZIE SmITH Martha Hardin La ' onne Futman Pansy Talent RiisivN Hartski.l Lu( Parker Mildred Taylor Mary Hh.i. Ha ks . L rkl Khyne Lilly Blanche Thompson Stella Hiatt Edna Crace Ward Ethel Hemby Marik Reid Lucille Warlu k Florence Hughes Allene Robuins Cirace Weavil Lfona Houser Audrey Saunders ' kvette Wehunt Mrs. Hai.sey Ri ' th Scarboroi ' gh ' anua Wicker Blanche Houser Creoi Sciu ' ler Hazel Wilson ' ir ;inia Houck Mozelle Schi ' ler Jewel Wilson Loi ' iSE Jones Mary Kate Seagle W ' ilda Wilson Ruth Lawson Rachel Shidal Sammie Lee Wolf Annie Lee Elizabeth Sinclair Mary Lee Wood Jessie Mae Wyantt Page One Hundred Twenty-eight c h czr5» J-» » y ' f 14.1 1 J-kl iu—live j Lovill Club Fall Quarter Ellen Hamrick. . Sara Howard . . , Lucy Little . . . Faye Adams Evelyn Arthur Martha Cooper Arthur ' iRGiE Atkins Alma Pauline Barnes Helen Baker Virginia Beam Hazel Beam Helen Beam Thelma Berry Bertie Bridges Xeta Bridges Gladys Blakley Mary Sue Blanton Dorothy Brake Annie Clee Brake Naomi Brandon Minnie Laura Brown Beulah Bryant Jean Buchanan Alma Burns Nelle Carpenter Nancy Carson Tressie Mae Cashion Nellie Clayton Mary Lula Colley Marie Copeland Nora Craig June Crouse Jessie Davis Marthelene Davis Ruth Dellinger SuDiE Lee Dildy OFFICERS Winter Quarter . Flora Mae Luckev .Kathleen McGinnis . , Gladys Blakley Spring Quarter Ruth Watts President Helen Baker , .Vice-President KVBY Hollar , Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Francis Doggett Clarine-Duke Verna Lee Dunn Laurine Elliott Ruih Epps Thedi s Eudy Francis Farthing Margaret Fiddler Martha Furches Frances Galloway Mary Belle Gardner Mary Belle Givens Helen Greene Ellen Hamrick Ruby Hamrick Clovce Harmon Helen Harrell Arlene Haves Mildred Henry Kathleen Helms Dorothy Herman Rheba Hinson Cornelia Hipp Louise Holcombe Ruby Ho llar Beckie Holton Sara Howard Clara Hutchison Polly James Helen Jones Nina Jones Blanche Kistler Gladys Klutz Louise Lattimore Lucy Little Beatrice Lennon Jane Logan Lois Long Flora Mae Luckey Rebecca Mabe Grace Marshall Louise Martin Kathleen McGinnis Elizabeth McNeely- Edith Melvin Evelyn Melvin Louise Michael Pauline Michael Elizabeth Miller Anne Mae Moore Kathleen Morris Minnie Lee Morris Hessie Jane Morgan Nellie Overcash OvELiA Owens Beatrice Parker Catherine Patton Sybil Patterson Vetra Perkins Pauline Pope Eunice Quinn Edith Rudisell Alma Seaford Rebecca Sigmon Edith Simpson Ruby Smith Bonnie Smith Dorothy Smith Lucy Snider Frances Spillman Leurah Stroud Jessie Strickland Gladys Sturgill Jack Sullivan June Swain Helen Taylor Virginia Taylor Stella Tilley Naomi Trantham Rebecca Mave Warden Mary Alice Washam Mary Watkins Ertle Watson Dorothy Watson Ruth Watts Helen Welsh Sara Westmoreland Avis Wilhelm Sara Wilson Mahy Alice Wilson ( LA Winebarger Ruby Woodward Etta Wilson Wooten Margaret Wray Louise Wyantt Isabelle Yount Page One Hundred Twenty-ninc cr: . cir . . (I 1 licdcJienJi ten d Lneicen Orchestra and Rand ORCHESTRA MKS. Ruth COFTHY PORTEK. Director [RED Moore. Asatmant Director I.UCV LlTTLE, President I. eft to Right— • ' ! .« Roie: ' ioIins. Hklk.n Taylor. Kaciiki, Williams, Jack (»iiiiiS. l.i ' iv I.ittlk: Reeds, Rav Mavks. Second Rene: Fred .Moork, Blaine Oiniis: B,iss Trumpets, Frank 1Iai;aman. Krwin Norton, Hon Elliot; Piano. Polly Jamks; Baritone, Brrnaku MrKnotii Jeanette ' an Hoy, Sue Bvrns, Virginia Brown Not ictnre: .MvRiilA Hitner, BAND Fred Moore. Director I-eft to Rfght — First Rffxe: Kay Hayes. John Matthews. Blaine Gibbs, I-. . I. I.or.AN, Jr., Bernarp Ml ' RK OcH, George I.euforu. Villia.m Banpy, Bon Elliott, Erwin Norton. Fred Moork. Second Row: Frank Hai.aman. Ja(K Gifm ' .s. Everette C. Toms. Page One Hundred I hirty • cir . J. ;rn i n.(i eJi -- J-kixiu—h. v Playcrafters Founded 193 3 A. ANTONAKOS. Director OFFICERS James Fowlkes President Frances Mull Vice-President Charlotte Stallings Secretary -Treasurer Bi MEMBERS Apprentices J. B. (?row Kditli Simpson Mary Jo Curry WinfieM Smith Ruth Epps Lucille Warlick Dorothy Herman W ' ilsrm Weavei " Donna Jones Marsaret Wray Lucy Little I-abelle " ovlnt Reliccca Sicmon Master Craftsmen Candidates Hcnvanl Collins James Fowlkes Jesse Houck Frances .Mull J.ihn Triplette Master Craftsmen Katharine Harwell Pauline HnI)Son Cullen Johnson Dorothy Stewart Elizaheth Wilson Everett Toms Julian Yoder Craftsmen Nicholas Antonakos Ruthella Arledge Kathleen Anderson Moir Ayers I elia Ayers Evelyn Blackwell Catherine Brown Martha Bntner Tressie Cashion Evelyn Caudle Hattie Lee Costner Novella Dixon Mary Dorsey Frances Farthin; ' Eugene Fender Juanita Col ble Edward Hamrick Knox Heafner Mary Hinkle B. H. Horton Betty Howard Mabel Hughes Ruth Huskins Mazie Jean Jones Mabel Lee Byron Lathan Dilmon Lawson Katherine Mann Mary Nichols Lucy Pearson Almeria Russ Elizabeth Shipman (Jarnette Shipman Tine Shipman Charlotte Stallings Bryan Taylor Boh Taylor Ella Thompson Mary Williams Mildred Yarhorough Eloise Yelton Page One Hundred Thirty-one ; ' licAcAenA ten Lnei een STUDENT COUNCIL Frank Moore chairman Harold GrAYBEAL Senior RepresenlatnY DAN Cranvord . Sophnmore Representative JUANITA LAWSON Senior Representative MARY LiPE Sophomore Representative RUTHELLA ARLEDGE Junior Representative MAI ' II Rll NI " rrcshman Representative ' l(IIIIIMIIIIIIIMlll ' ' ' " 1 •M.L I.INCOI N COUN I V CLUB Page One Hundred Thirty-two -I ' ui Jited J kitlu—ti ve Then many activities you must keep in mind Hoping, maybe, some genius you may find. Features ' • » v • - ' V ve Here stand trees . . . ever reaching up- wards . . . ever beckoning for a pause from work or play . . . Senior Superlati es Bob Weaver A osf Popular Bkvan Taylor Muii lniAli%iuat BVRON LATHAN , Most Pessimislic MABEL BlLLINGS Cutest Girl KVERETTE Toms Most Likely to Succeed HUGENE MICHAEL rnenjtiesi EVERETTE McCONNELL Most Athletic JESSE HOUCK liest Politician Dorothy Hunter Prettiest GiW Harold GrayBEal Most Valuable Eugene Fender Most Optimistic JIMMIE FOWLKES Best Dressed Irene SHUMAKER Most Athletic Gladys QUINN Most Popular BETTY HOWARD Miss Appalachian VV. HAROLD GRAYBLiAl. Mosl Valuable Young Man ALMERIA RUSS Most Valuable Young Woman FRANK MOORE Most Popular Boy IRENE SHUMAKER Most Popular Ctrl 1 J EVELYN CAUDLE May Queen : Sponsors Mildred Yarborough Editor Rhododendron LeSSIE Wall Business Manager RHODODENDRON RUTHELLA ArLEDGE Editor Appalachian WiLMA McRORIE Business Manager Appalachian Sponsors Floy Cottrell Grach Davis Mrs. Pansy Joynhr Katharine Cowan Captain Football Co-Captum Baskethall Co-Captatn Basketball . Captain Wrestling Sponsors Evelyn Wilburn Gertrude Moore Mary Ethel Parker Florence Hughes President Senior Class - - President Junior Class President Sophomore Class President Freshman Class I PPALACHIAN HOLIDAY FAMOUS COUPLES POWER OF THE BALLOT DRY LAND SUCKERS EMBRYONIC TEACHERS POWER JUST GIRLS BROADWAY POSE LIKE THIS UP AND UP WHATAMA AT APPALACHIAN A DOG ' S LIFE ANY WASHEE TODAY SMILE-GIRLS ONE RING CIRCUS CHILDREN-CHILDREN— SIGN MY BOOK r icdcdctuirc n jLticlcen COMPLIMENTS OF THE BOOK ROOM First Floor Administration Building TEXT BOOKS— STATIONERY— ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOTIONS— CONFECTIONS REINS-STURDIVANT A 1 UNERAL HOMl: LICENSED EMBALMERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service — Day and Nighl PHONE BOONE 2-» THE FIVE TO FIVE STORE HOME OF Central Shoes Archer ' s Beautiful Silk Hosiery Freeman ' s Shoes for Men — Stetson Hats An Ever Ciroiving I ' alronagt- I ' t ' lls Our Slory Page One Hundred Forly-eight T 4rt ' l. When Hungry or Thirsty -+ make a bee line to COTTRELL ' S QUICK LUNCH The Home ot the Famous Hamburger Courteous Treatment To All D. J. COTTRELL. Prop. -•+ + . , 1 COMPLIMENTS OF WATAUGA DRUG CO. BOONE. N. C. C. L. RhYNE, Prop. I ■■+ THOMPSON ' S SHOE SHOP The place to get quality ivork done at fair prices + I I Just Above the Theater T " w. R. CHEVROLET CO. The Aristocrat of Loiv Priced Cars " SERVICE SUPREME . .J, ■+ + Compliments of RUDEMAR BEAUTY SHOP Tel. 91 Boone. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Pat. McQuire Students! Your business is appreciated. -- + COMPLIMENTS OF HODGES TIRE CO. We Tire Watauga County Boone. N. C. +■- + Compliments of THE WATAUGA HARDWARE Boone. N. C. J. R. TOLBERT. Prop. +- +- Compliments of JOHNSON STUART COMPANY THE FIVE AND TEN Boone. N. C. + 4. Page One Hundred Forty-nine - kcdcJ.en(i ineleefi i COMPLIMENTS OF ] BOONE DRUG I COMPANY The Rexall Store Boone. N. C. I PROMPT SERVICE Ou.ility Work and Materijls Cementing A Specialty Satisfaction Guaranteed I 1 DANIEL BOONE SHOE SHOP Bo one. N. C. Opposite Smithcy.s " ' i Serve the Public " + + •t ' " " " " " " " " " " ' ' ' T " Compliments of WATAUGA DEMOCRAT Leading Newspaper of the Northwest Since 1888 I I ! ! — + WALKERS JEWELRY STORE Near Theater Special Prices to Students + + + ■ RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Phiico— R. C. A.— G. E. General Electric All Steel Refrigerators and Electric Ranges Radius fur Rent NEW RIVER LIGHT POWER CO. Boone. N. C. + CompHments of SPAINHOUR ' S, INC. j Boone ' s Leading Department j Store I We Especially Appreciate the ! Student Patronage 1 I i ! I 1 i I Compliments of the DANIEL BOONE HOTEL BOONE. N. C. ' In the Land of the Sky " THE WILKES HOTEL North Wii.kesboro. N. C. I + Page One Hundred Fifty . C . rn ui iJi ' IV e ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS PET ICE CREAM Candy is food in its most palatable form. The candies we distribute arc carefully selected. We are proud to recommend Schrafft ' s chocolates. These candies are made from the finest in- gredients MORGAN CANDY CO. Wholesale Dealers ASHEVILLE. N. C. + — J BERN-MAR ' S LITTLE JEWELRY STORE BOONE, N. C. College Rings Class Jewelry Watch Repairing B. W. STALLINGS. Prop. +-„. THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK IN THIS ANNUAL Furnished by THE BURR HARRISON STUDIO 208i ' 2 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE « PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISHING Commercial Photographers Page One Hundred Fifty-one r czr » J-» » - ' O { ' liCciciie Hilton Lnele en Aerial V ' ifw op the Campi ' s Appalachian State Teachers College DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO TEACHER TRAINING IN THE SOUTH BOONE. N. C. The three boys ' dormitories and the college inHrmary are not shown in the above photograph. + Page One Hundred Fiity-two ive- ' - +.. Watauga County Bank Boone. N. C. A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE $5,000 Deposits Guaranteed I I EAST TENNESSEE WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD CO. LINVILLE RIVER RAILWAY CO. +— ■ — SMITHEY ' S STORE BUYERS OF EVERYTHING SELLERS OF ALL When in Boone Give Us A Call The Great Bargain Givers -+ I I + I CAROLINA STORES Blue Front Stores WE SAVE YOU MONEY Buy in Carolina ' s Ou:n Economy Grocery Stores i I Boone. N. C. , — . — 4. +• THE PASTIME THEATRE The Place of Good Shows Boone. N. C. I ! Keplars Style Shop BOONE. N. C. ..+ +.... Page One Hundred Fifty-three - M6 . Organization Prepared ko serve the most exacting annual staff. An organization with a thor- ough knowledge of printing and binding achieved through years F of experience in the production of college and high school annuals . . . Observer Printing Houf CHARLOTTE N.C. ESTABLISHED 1895 ■fc« ACtHtllEVIEMIENT UN ANY ILIINL Of lENIDIEAVOIR. IIJTMIE NAJyiRAJL IRJEXyiLT or AIBIILIITY AND EXIPIEIKJHENOEJPLyjr OIPIPOIWrONIITY TttliJOIRiiANIIZATIION TAIKEJ IPIKIIIDIE IN IITJjyCCIEiJ--jyCCIEJTr RNIEID BY TWIE AlBIIIUnhY Of IITX MIEMIBIEIKX TItllE lEXIPIEIfUIIENCIE GAIINIED UN WIEHW YIEAIKf OIE lEIEIEOlKJE AMID imiEOiPiPOiRjryNiiTiiiEjr oieieiei ieid iby iiTjr cliiientj: CWAII LOITIE lENGIKAVIING COM IRAN Y II NC. AKTIXTJ ' -PnOTO-ENGRAVEPj ' ' -DmGNEFLr CHAR-LOTTE N O R.T tt CAB-OLIN A N IN ETEEN FIFTEEN EUSTIS =!. LflNCflST£R,JR. j EQUIPMENT- SUPPLIES Bm BUIL DING - SPECiqLTl " ES I 1 CNGINEERING - SALES - SERVICE- CONTRACTING T JonnsonCitu. lennessee John B. Steele. Special Re present at ice j BOONE. N. C Acknowledgments The publication of a Yearbook requires the coordination of many forces. A staff cannot produce an annual within itself. We have been very fortunate in securing cooperation from many friends. We wish to acknowledge the assistance of: Bill Mitchell and Harrv Curlee of the Observer Printing House : V. C. Howell, our Faculty Adviser: A. Antonakos. Katharine Harwell and ' ick Antonakos for Art Work; Burr Harrison of the Burr Harrison Studios; Julian Miller of the Charlotte Observer. Jesse W. Houck, Editor. EVERETTE C. Toms, Business Manager. 1935 RHODODENDRON.

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