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COLLEGE LIBRARY APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE. N. C. f i r:? LIBRARY S pONt:. iiL LI3RARY 1 EOONE, N. C. pr L Scni, LIBRARY I , n ' A Y App -.:- :i:rs College Boone, Norlii Carolina EX. I B R I Copyright 1934 EARL HAYWORTH - - - Editor CLARENCE BRASWELL - - - Business Manager scvtirw? . ' .;-r,:;- ' " : The Rhododendron • PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS • • APF ' ALACHIAN STATE • • TEACHERS COLLEGE • • BOONE -NORTH CAROLINA • PREFACE THE HARDEST TASK THE WORLD OVER IS TO GET STARTED. HERE, HISTORY IS TO BE RECORDED. THE HIS- TORY OF APPALCHIA FOR THE YEAR NINETEEN THIRTY FOUR. IT SEEMS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK. INEXPERIENCE, A DESIRE TO EXCEL PREVIOUS YEARS. PAGE i AFTER PAGE OF WHITE SPACE ; TO BE FILLED. IT MUST BE i DONE ... SO WE BEGIN. i 1 r; DEDICATION To the Student Body of Appa- lachian State Teachers College TO THE STUDENTS OF APPA- LACHIA WHO HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES TO BE OF THAT FINER INNER SPIRIT WHICH GOES TO MAKE MEN AND WO- MEN WORTHY OF THE NAME, TO THOSE WHO HAVE SHOWN THEMSELVES TO BE HONEST, FAITHFUL, AND TRUE TO THEMSELVES AND THEIR ALMA MATER, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. THE RHODODENDRON OF 1934. FOREWORD HE purpose of the 1934 staff has been to put into pic- tonal form the events of true campus life as they have been during this year. We have endeavored to give throughout the book a touch of the real Appalachian spirit. We hope that the student body lUill feel that the book is theirs and m years to come will turn its pages, to live again some of the happy days, ice spent together during our college career. If a true picture of college life can be gleaned from the pages of the l ' ' N Rhododendron, the slatf icill be repaid for us efforts. CONTENTS Book I • The College Book II • The Classes Book III • Athletics Book IV • Acti ities Book V • Features t 1 UitiuVtd Appalachia Sonq ■ I J -1 1 .-1 p m :m 1. OitiuVtd 2. Alms •s - tgn o( the Ha - ter pit - ron Soulk - land , " ' fllma Hi- l« in the i hilli ; Thou doif £ F= = fel f- T- -r £ f f T y t J J ji J f - i3i inV our miniJ fo H4-H WIS- (tow . Til the ■Irulh Our Spi ' - i nwi of " trfd - wrt fSS , in. ' M N M « S=3t - H " , ftp fa Uth - ia Of hwrb tht lou ahd ! i L=i i i I r r J Ji « - ««» f4 l ■ on - - - worit, yanoiiti j( lh« VwroR i t — r a COLLEGE J;MM% JL ife in AppaiacJIii iia ETWEEN the icalls and in the halls of our college, have taken place many constructive things. Ideas have been promoted, lives made fuller, richer, and happier by the con- tacts and associations ive have had dur- ing our college career. As ive enter into a new profession, we will pass on the valuable things taught us by our col- lege. If in life we succeed we Will owe a greater part of our attainment . to those who have made it possible for us to attend college and to those who have taught us while here. We hope that those who follow in our footsteps, will be instilled with that finer spirit and leave the college what we are leaving — oar respect for. gratitude toward and ap- preciation of our ALMA MATER. ENTRANCE GATE GIRLS ' DORMITORY BLAN-DOLF HALL BOYS ' DORMITORY JUSTICE HALL GIRLS ' GYMNASIUM BOYS ' GYMNASIUM PROMENADE 1.- ' . ' .1 -N, ' FACULTY Dr. B. B. Dougherty. A.B.. Ph.D.. LL.D. President Page Eighteen Faculty MRS. D. D. DOUGHERTY Treasurer DR. J. D. RANKIN, A.B., A.M., S.T.D. Dean ; English CHAPELL WILSON, A.B., A.M. Director of Demonstration Work; Psychology J. M. DOWTMUM. A.B. Registrar A. R. SMITH. A.B., A,M. Chemistry IDA BELLE LEDBETTER, A.B. A.M. Biology MISS JENNIE TODD Supervisor of Women: Penmanship A. M. NORTON. A.B., A.M. English Page Nineteen Facult D. J. WHITENER. A.B.. AM . PhD. History G. L. SAWYER. A.B. Psychology J. T. C. WRIGHT. A.B.. A.M. Malhematics and Physics HERMAN R. EGGERS. A B . AM. Education J. A. WILLIAMS. A.B.. A.M. Geography V. C. HOWELL. A.B.. A.M. History ANTONIUS ANTONAKOS. B.S. Physics MISS MAUDE CATHCART. B.S,. A.M. Biology Page Twenty Faculty W. AMOS ABRAMS. A.B., A.M. Ph.D. English MRS. VAN HINSON. A.B.. A.M. French VAN HINSON. A.B.. M.ED. Education MISS LILY DALE. B.S.. A.M. Home Economics MISS THEDOCIA WATSON. B.S. Pnmaru Education JULIAN C. YODER. B.S. Assistant in Chemistry EUGENE GARBEE. B.S.. M.A. Physical Education R. V. WATKINS. A.B. Assistant m Physical Education for Men MISS MERCER JACKSON. B.S. Assistant in Physical Education for Women GRAYDON P. EGGERS. A.B.. A.M. English Page Twenty-one Faculty MRS. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. B.S. Art MISS KATHERINE HARWELL Art J. HAROLD WOLFE, A.B. A.M. History and Sociology A. J. GREENE English MISS CARRIE I. SMITH. A.B.. A.M. English and Education GUY H. HILL. A.B., A.M. Principal of Boone High School and Professor of Secondary Education MISS VIRGINIA WARY. B.M. Music " MISS CAROLYN WEAVER. BS . A.M. Primary Education MISS DOLLY LEMAY. B.S.. A.M. Physical Education for Women Page Twenty-two Faculty BERNARD D. DOUGHERTY. B.S. Assistant Business Manager MRS. EMMA MOORE Librarian LEONARD EURY. A.B. Librarian MISS MAUDE GREENE Secretary to President MISS NANCY LEWIS Secretary to Treasurer MRS. D. C. REDMOND Secretary to Registrar MRS. LILY B. HARDIN Matron Neu. ' Dormitory MISS LONA MORETZ Matron Locill Home MRS. V. V. McCONNELL Dietitian MRS. STELLA BARNES Secretary to Dean Page Twenty-three Faculty Assistants GUY ANGELL Librarian CONLEY BOST Biology Al.l.n: AUSTIN Librarian MOZLLL BALL Biology EROY SOSSAMON English MARVIN WARD Phy ics DOUGLAS WHITENER Biology Page Twenty-four CLASSES SENIORS I Ha e Buildcd A Shrine From driftwood carefully gathered along the shore I have builded a shrine; Others have more magnificent structures — and more Driftwood — their arms have been longer than mine. But four years I have gathered, and now my temple — Weak where I am weak, strong where I am strong — Is my only possession of triumph — Frozen music — my only song. No diamonds glitter there for the few passers-by: Thieves, should they enter, wouldn ' t care For the things they could find: to them, worthless — still I Find the worlds I have hidden there. It has cost me much, this temple abode — Heartache and sleepless nights and tears — This one stalwart corner is an inscribed ode To one of those building years: Yes, the cost has been great: to gather driftwood Has meant many a futile trip: I have built it slowly, as best I could: I am proud of my craftsmanship. My temple isn ' t decorated: I ' ve only begun: It can never be finished while I Have eye to sight the bits of driftwood That would pass the idler by. Forever, like the gulls. I shall haunt the shore. Bit by bit I shall add to my shrine: Driftwood is eternal: if I search out the more. Whose arms can be longer than mine. ' Leroy Sossamon. Puge Twenty-eight Davis Scruggs Barber Braswell Dr. Abrams Linney Senior Class Officers Colors: Blue and White FLOWER: Carnation Motto: " Depart to Serve. " Mark Davis President Mae Beth Scruggs Vice-President Helen Barber Secretary Clarence Braswell Treasurer Dr. Amos Abrams Sponsor ROMMY LINNEY Mascot Page Twenty-nine EVERETT ABEE MORGANTON. N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (.1); Playcrafters {i, 4); (ilec Cluh (. ' . 4). Coming to us from Mars Hill College, we are sure their loss is our gain. To one who has musical talent and a winning personality we arc wishing much success. Step by step he is attaining his goal. ALICE LEE NORA ABERNETHY Cornelius. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Treasurer o{ Phi Mu: V. V. C. A. (1). Chap- Mitchell ColIeBe. lain (1). Modest, sincere, dependable — Nora Lee is a girl of noble character and high ideals. As a reward, she has a host of friends on the campus. Like a wise man she thinks much and talks little. She has a determination which will help her as she faces the problems of life. We visualize only happiness and success for her. HELEN ELIZABETH ABERNETHY VALE. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (1. 2. 3. 4); V. V. C. A. (1. 2. .?. 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (J, 4), Vice- President (3). President (4); Presbyterian-Reformed (2. 3. 4). Council (3); Lincoln County Club (3. 4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4). Helen ' s vivaciousncss. attractive appearance and friendliness have made her one of the most popular girls on our campus. She is ever willing to do her part in an efficient way. We feel sure that she will be a success in anything she attempts. Wc wonder what it will be. Here ' s to you. Helen. ALLIE LUCILLE AUSTIN Marshville. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society ( , 2, 3, 4); B. Y. P. V. (4); Lovill Club (3, 4); Assistant Librarian (4). Along with a winsome personality goes the purity of heart, the happy disposition, and the talented capacity that make Allie the good sport, the ideal friend. We are sure she will achieve her goal, since she possesses will power and determination in unlimited quantities. Page Thirty ELLA MAE AUSTIN BCWNE. N. C. Science and Mathematics One never thinks of Ella without recalling her smile. To those of us who know her best, she is as mischievous as any- one: yet she commands our respect and loyalty by her ability to think clearly through any problem that may arise. Her conver- sation is full of enthusiasm, love of life and people, and of ambition. , OLA MOSELLE BALL Stony Point, N. C. Mathematics and Science Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (.1, 4), Treas- urer (.!). Critic (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4), Junior Cabinet (3). Cabinet (4); B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4), Council (2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (2. 3, 4); Assistant in Biology (3, 4). In Moselle we find all the qualities of a good student — de- pendability, ambition, determination, perseverance — plus a spirit of loyalty and service that endears her to her friends. If some- thing must be done at a definite time, in a definite place and manner, depend on Moselle. She believes that if a task is worth undertaking, it is worth doing well. For a person with such qualifications only success can be predicted. OSCAR VICTOR BARKER Knoxville. Tenn. Letter Club: Football (1, 2); Basketball (1, 3). Oscar began his college work here with another class but came back to be with us this year. He has proven his worth to us and we can predict for him a brilliant future because he has the material in him that goes to make an ideal fellow. HELEN ROSS BARBER Winston-Salem, N. c. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4), President (3). Censor (2). Critic (4), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Junior Cabinet (1), Cabinet (2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Assistant in Art (3); Forsyth County Club, Vice-President (4). Mix one part of beauty with two parts of intelligence, add a dash of artistic ability, a pinch of mischievousness. and com- bine all with some essence of common sense. Then place two little devils behind two grey-green eyes and you have the lov- able little scamp that we know as " Rossie. " But in Helen we have the serious — the thoughtful leader who has inspired and thrilled us with her incomparable abilities. Page Thirty-one KC!V ALTONIA BEAM Grouse, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician I.itcr.-iry Society (1. 2. ,!, 4), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4): B. V. P. U. (1. ' , J. 4), ice-Prtsiilent (.i); Y. W. C. A. Dramatic Club (4); Student olunt«-r (A); I.ovill Club (1, 2, .!, 4); Lincoln County Club (3). The red-headed girl who doesn ' t show temper is a pal among pals to her many friends. Serious sometimes, fun-loving ever, sensible always — that ' s Tony. She came to college four years in order to be the possessor of a college ring. Any reason is better than none. EVELYN BINGHAM Boone. N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Dynician Literary Society (2. 3. 4): Y. V. C. A. (2); Letter Club (,?. 4-); Ph. Ed. Major Club (.1. 4); Basketball Varsity (I. 2, .!, 4); Volley Ball " arsity (4); Tennis (1. 2, }. 4); SwimmiuK (.1); Col.l Bas- ketball Varsity (.!. 4): Cold Hockey Varsity (.i. 41; Cold Baseball X ' arsity (J. 4); Cold Volley Ball Varsity (.!, 4); Ilockev Honorary Varsity (.!, 4); PinR-Pons (4); Caj)tain of Cold Team (4): ' Volley Ball Coach (2); Watauga County Club (1); Town Club (4); Methodist Club (2). Here ' s to the best all-round member of our class, and to a winner. " Eve " is one of those rareties who puts her whole self into any task: whether it be games, studies, or campusology she is always " all " there. She is popular, jovial and a genuine ath- lete. ' V ' ith all these qualities she is well equipped to grapple with any problem. ANNA PAULINE BINGHAM Boone. N. G, Mathematics and Physical Education •Dynician Literary Society (1. 2, 3. 4); Hockey Team (}. 4); Swim- ming Team (.1. 4); Intra-Mural Volley Ball (.!, 4); Intra-Mural Basket- ball (.?, 4); Physical Education Major Club (.!, 4); Tennis Club (2)- Y. W. C. A. (2, 3), Reporter (3); Methodist Club (2); New Dormitovv Club (2). Blushes and smiles combined give " Polly " her greatest charm, and she does both on all occasions. Athletic and literary ability combined make her one of the rare few and attest lo her talent and intelligence. Thoughtful, friendly and kind must be used in describing her — and with all of these it ' s no wonder that she has been called the poUyanna of our campus. MARY LEE BINGHAM SuciAR Grove, N. C. Grammar Grade Education v. c. r. N. c. (1). Mary Lee ' s beautiful eyes tell talcs. She thinks in her mod- esty, that what she really is and docs is safely hidden, but al- ways ihey give her away. Sometimes they snap with the fun and joy of life, and again they arc filled with quiet dreams. Ihey reveal a deep earnestness of purpose, a quiet acceptance of difficulties and a generous friend-making disposition. We won- der why she docs not specialize in Home Ec, for , . . Parje Thirty-two PAUL ROBERT BLEVINS Jefferson. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Chaplain (2), Censoi (3); Ashe County Club {1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), President (4). " Poodle, " the campus pet. His ready wit and a joke for every occasion have made our would-be frowns, smiles. He is not too gay, but a good mixture of fun and frolic, with just the right spicing of seriousness. He is one of those few people who has not slighted social activities for those of a more serious nature. However, he ' s a winner. RACHEL ANNETTE BOWMAN Taylorsville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (2, 3, A): Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); B. Y. P. U. (2, 3, 4); White Hall Club (3); Xew Dormitory Club (4); Teacher Training Department (1). Rachel is a girl who possesses all the qualities that go into the making of a superior student. She is capable, dependable, and has a jolly disposition coupled with the ability to make friends and to hold them. We expect to hear from her in the future. CLARENCE A, BRASWELL COLLETTSVILLE, N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Chaplain (2), Secretary and Treasurer (4); Y, M. C. A. (2); C. R. Council (2). President (2); Intra-Mural Swimming (3. 4): Business Manager of Rhododendron (4); .Manager of Basketball (2); Treasurer of Class (4). Clarence is one of the most popular students on the campus. His studious attitude and vivacious personality have proven him to be outstanding. Friends. ' Yes. everyone with whom he comes in contact. Clarence ' s scholarship and versatility have convinced us that he is one of our best. Success is all we can see for him. FRANK HERMAN BRASWELL Newland, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Rankin- W ' ilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4). Frank reaches his highest round of satisfaction in being dif- ferent. If the masses say " Nay. " that ' s reason enough for Frank to say " Yea. " His seriousness in acquiring facts ranks him as the best student in the Senior Class. His ready wit and easy acquaintance make him desired socially. Dame Rumor has it that Frank is a victim of Cupid ' s darts. But who can tell? Page Thirty-three ETHEL BRINTLE Mount Airy. N. C. Pnmaru Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); l.ovill Club (1,2, J); New Dormitory Club (4); Methodist Club (1.2,.1). Ethel is a sincere friend for anyone. Petite and blond, with her ready smile and cheerful disposition, she has won a place in the hearts of all who know her. Her only weakness is for athletes, especially football players. For a girl so sweet, there is certain to be success. DEWEY EUSTICE BROOME Monroe. N. C. Dewey is a dependable, hard working kind of person, and may be relied upon to do his best in all that he undertakes. Although he takes his work seriously, he still takes time to be a friend. His high ideals coupled with his steady perseverance are sure to bring him success. VIRGINIA LEE BEACH WiNGATE. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (41; Y. W. C. A. (.!, 4); Union County Club (4). Virginia has won a place for herself among the students at Appalachian. Her pleasing personality and winning smile have won for her a host of friends. She has a keen sense of humor that will help her in obtaining the best things in life. We wish for her great success and happiness. EDNA VIRGINIA BROWN REIDSVILLE. N. C. Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, .!. 4), Censor (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); B. S. v.. Secretary (4). One must really know Edna to appreciate her fine qualities. She is a girl of high ideals and strength of character. She is consccntious in everything she undertakes, and works faith- fully without making a fuss over what she is accomplishing. She is a true friend, and a dependable pal. Page Thirty-four EULA MARIE BUCKNER Mars Hill. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Mars Hill Col- lege (1). Big-hearted, fun-loving, yet quiet and modest — that ' s Eula. Instead of " Dignified Senior. " her baby face has won for her the title of " Freshman. " " Come on. Eula. let ' s go to walk. " " I don ' t believe I want to: I ' ve got to study ' cat-ology ' and nutrition. " We are sure that Eula ' s pleasing personality com- bined with her love of knowledge will make a success for her. Good luck. Eula. MARY LAUNA CARENDER Matnev. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1. 2. 5, 4), Representative (2), President (41; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Intercollegiate Debater (1, 2, i); Letter Club (2, i. 41. Treasurer (2). Big words like intelligent, original and dependable may be applied to Launa. but they do not tell of the friend who has made the gay things just a little bit gayer and the difficult things just a little less difficult. She is one of that almost extinct species of people who thinks for herself and that ability has enabled her to become a real conqueror in the debating field. Incidentally, her two weaknesses are eats and men — freshmen preferred. MARY CHRISTENBURY STATESVILLE. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (i, 4): Y, W. C. A. (4); New Dormitory Club (3, 4); Mitchell College (2, 3); Presbyterian Reform Club (3, 4). Coming to us from Mitchell College in ' 32. Mary has proven to be a sweet girl and a true friend. However, she seems to have a weakness for a certain young man. We are sure Mary will make a big success in whatever field of life she chooses. We are expecting great things of you, Mary ! OLLIE COFFEY EDGEMONT. N. C. Grammar Grade Education When it comes to singing Ollie is a nightingale. She is a ardent supporter of the glee club. We often wonder how one so small can radiate so much sunshine and happiness. To know Ollie is to know one of the best, friendliest girls on our campus. Page Thirty-live JAMES HOWARD COLLINS MOORESVILLE. N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Play Craftcrs (,!. 4); Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4). Secretary and Treasurer (. " ); I.i-ltcr Club (3, 4); Wrestling (3); Treasurer of Class (3). Howard ' s theory seems to be that to have friends you must be one. He is our youngest class member. His record here indi- cates to us that he will succeed wherever he goes. Good grades, good looks, and a good personality are only a few of his ad- mirable qualities. JAMES H. COMBS HiLLSVILLE. VA. Physical Education and Mathematics Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (3, 4); Debating Club (3); Football (3, 4); Mountain Park Junior College (I, 2). " Jim " is the type of boy that is popular on the campus. Possessing a keen sense of humor, combined with an exception- ally keen mind, he is sure to make a success of anything he undertakes. " Jim. " were counting on you to make a great success. STEVE L. COON LiNCOLNTON. N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2. 3. 4). Critic (3), Chaplain (4); Football (2): Intra-Mural Sports (3, 4); Lincoln County Club (L 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (3); B. S. Club (3, 4); College Club (4); Assistant in Biology (4); Y. M. C. A. (1). To know Steve is to admire him. He has friends because he is a true friend. Dependability, intelligence, dignity and quiet- ness are qualities that will make Steve ' s life a success just as his college career has been. Congratulations. " Cass. " we have confidence in you and are betting on you. PEARL JOSEPHINE COWLES Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Take superior intellect, common sense, a bit of frivolity. charming personality, ability to do everything well from driv- ing a car to graduating rum laude. and mix well with plenty of grit. Add a spice of indifference. The result is Pearl Cowles. She will be an asset to any school unless she decides to hie away to " a little white house in the big ' Black Hills ' of Dakota. " Page Thirty-six Lv r MARJORIE CRISP Grover, N. C. Physical Education and Science Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4), Censor (2). Representa- tive (4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Physical Education Major Club (3, 4), Secretary and Treasurer (3); Letter Club (2, 31; Tennis Club (2. 3), Vice-President (3); Varsity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4), Captain (4); arsity Baseball Team (2): Varsity Volley Ball {3. 4); Varsity Hockey Team (3, 4), Captain (4); Swimming Team (3); Captain of Black Major Team (4); Sports Editor of Rhododendron (4); Manager of Baseball (2); Manager of Basketball (2); Vice-President of Class (3); H. T. O. L. Club (2, 3. 4), President (2, 3); Lovill Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2. 3, 4). Everybody knows her — everybody likes her ' With her ath- letic ability, pleasing personality, friendly disposition, and good sportsmanship, she is a typical college girl. Her place at A. S, T. C. can be filled by no one else. It is unequally her own. Best o ' luck to you. Marge, MARK DAVIS China Grove. N, C. Mathematics and Physical Education Appalachian Literary Society (2, 3, 4) ; Play Crafters (3, 4) ; Class President (4); Organization Editor of Annual (4). An outstanding man on our campus — else why is he Senior class president, ' He has added scholarship to the efficient man- agement of his class. His connection with every activity has brought him much popularity and respect. Success must neces- sarily come to a person like Mark, WATT ASA DEAL Statesville. N, C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (4). Censor (4); Baseball (31; Ruther- ford College {1. 2), Here ' s a lad who is a bit different. Quiet, unassuming, yet a forceful leader in emergencies, he doesn ' t worry about petty things or waste energy. Study hour is study hour, but it ' s time for fun when it ' s over. Take it from Justice Junior, and — of course — White Hall, he ' s all right. MARY FAYE DELLINGER Shelby. N, C, P rimary Education Dynician Literary Society (2, 3. 4), Chaplain (2). Critic (3); Y. W, C. A, (2. 3. 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (3, 4). Secretary (4); Cleveland County Club (3); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4), Sincere, lovable, a friend to all, always scattering sunshine wherever she goes. One who is admired by everyone and whose splendid qualities make a solid foundation upon which her high ideals and ambitions are built. We predict for her a future with much happiness and success. Page Thirty-seven MARY REBECCA DICKERSON Salisbury, N. C. Mathematus and Physical Education Dynician Literary Society (1. 2. i, 4). X ' icc-Prt-sideiit (-M Censor (4), President (4); Physical Education .Major Club (i. 4). Secretary and Treasurer (4): Intra-.Mural Volley Ball (3, 4); Intra-Mural Basket- ball (3. 4): Swimming Team (3, 4); Y. VV. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Metho- dist Club (1, 2, J, 4), Vice-President C2) ; New Dormitory Club (3, 4). Rebecca seldom speaks, but when she does she says some- thing worth listening to. She works quietly and capably, with- otit making a fuss over what she has accomplished. Her lovable ways have won for her many friends. ZEB VANCE KITCHIN DICKSON Helton. N. C. Science and Mathematics Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4) Operettas: Bells of Beaujolais, Count and the Coed. Pepita (Principal), Cheer Lea ler (3, 4). Intra-Mural Sports; " Junior Class Song " and " So ' cieties " in Annual 13). " Pep Song " (4); ' ice-President Clee Club (3) President Rankin-Wilson Literary Society. Winter Term (4). We shall never forget Zeb. Take music out of life and what have you? Zcb is music and full of it. His participation in Glee Club and campus activities has been outstanding. At writing verse, he excels. With Mahoney to set his lyrics to music, we feel sure he will sometime be famous. HUGH A. DOBBINS LEGERWOOD. N. C. A. (1, 2); Current Letter Club (3, 4J ; History and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (1. 2); Y. M. C. History Club (4J ; International Relations Club (4); Class Basketball (3, 4); Manager of Football (3). Hugh has been with us all along the highway of progress in our college days. His jolly smile and optimism have kept every- one who has come in contact with him in good spirits, and his helping hand has added a great part in making for him a great number of friends. EDWIN SHELL DOUGHERTY BoONE. N. C. Science and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (3, 4); Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Y. M. C. A.; Orchestra. Happy, care-free, jolly — in fact a sparkling bit of wit and humor. He is possessed with a brilliant mind and a congenial, winning personality. The biggest fault we find with him is his adoration of women. Energetic and always ready for the next thing that turns up. he ' s the same " Ed " whenever you sec him — on the campus, at home, today, tomorrow. Good natured, opti- mistic, looking for the best in everything. Page Thirty-eight NAN ELLIS Gaffney. S. C. Primary Education V ?? ' ' ' t " c ' ' ' T ' ' j ' " " " " ' ■ ■ ' ' S- ' - P- ' - (-•); I-ovill Club (3. 4) To the onlooker Nan is very quiet and reserved. To those who know her best she is a laughing, loving girl, tripping lightly through life. Everyone finds her always dependable and good natured. With her good sense of humor, practical jokes, and high ideals, we predict for her great success in life. FRIEDA FARTHING BCKDNE, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1, 41: Watauga County Club (1, 4); Town Girls ' Club (4), President (4). Frieda ' s friendly smile and fine personality have been assets to her in winning many friends at A. S. T. C. She is ambitious and always willing to undertake hard work. Her ability com- bined with these other characteristics will bring her success in whatever she tries to do. THELMA LORENA GOODE Rutherford College, N. c. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Rutherford College (I, 2); Methodist Club (3, 4); New Dormitory Club (3, 4). Thelma is a very likable girl, friendly, jolly, and good- natured, although frank and happy-go-lucky. She has made many friends during her two years with us and has proven to be a faithful friend to all. We know she will make a success wherever her ship is anchored. GORDON L. GOODSON LiNCOLNTON, N. C. Grammar Grade Education r-i ? " i ' , ' " ' ' ' ' ?° " . fr ' ' « ' ' 3ry Society (4): Letter Club (3. 4); College Club (4); Basketball (3, 4); Baseball (3, 4); Lincoln County Club (4); Rutherford College (1, 2). " Shine " has been with us only two years, coming to us from Rutherford College, but due to his personality he has be- come more prominent than many who have been with us four years. His pleasant smile, ready wit. and willingness to lend a hand make him a friend indeed, " Shine, " may the rest of your life be as it has at Appalachian — a success to you and yours. Page Thirty-nine MARTHA LEOTA GREENE Maple Springs. N. C. Primary Education Dyiiician Literary Society (2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (3, 4), ice- President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. i) ; New Dormitory Club (2, 3. 4). Faithful in duty, reserved in disposition, unaffected and kind in manner, is " Lee " to a " T. " She loves and trusts people and likes to help them. She finds the world a splendid place, and faces it optimistically. What is she interested in anyway? Serv- ing is a hobby — where will she fit in. ' Anywhere, but best in a well equipped kitchen where she can employ her skill in cooking. PLATO WHITTINGTON GREER Todd. N. C. Science and Malhemalics Some people are liabilities to a college, while others are as- sets. Plato has distinguished himself as a real asset in work or play — he has been all efficiency. He is one of those trustworthy people that can be depended on to do the work and do it well. What more can you expect of a man. ' PAUL W. GREGORY North Wilkesboro. n. C. Physical EJucalion and Sci ence Appalachian Literary .Society (1, 2. 3. 4), Chaplain (4); Y. M. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3); Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (2, 3): Wilkes County Club (2. 3. 4). Good nature, friendliness, and seriousness all mixed in cor- rect proportions make him likable by all. He has made a record of which any man could be justly proud. With his ability and personality we are sure to be hearing great things of him in the future. Luck to you. Paul. IRENE GROGAN, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Vernician Literary Society (2. 3, 4). President (2). Critic (2)- Y W. C. A. (2. 3. 4); Junior Cabinet (2). Secretary (3), Vice-President (4); Debaters ' Club (2. 4); B. S. U. Council (2, 41; Forsvth County Club (4J : ew Dormitory Club (3. 4) ; Librarian Demonstration School A dreamer of dreams, but not so vague that they do not come true. If you want to see " Rene " happy, have something around to cat. the smile that quickly closes her eyes, and the " goody " that is sure to escape from her lips give evidence of her weakness. If you are looking for a real friend, a rare pal. " Rene " fills the bill The ability, originality, and sincerity with which she has attacked problems of the Y. W. C. A. and other organizations have made us wonder how one small " nit-wit " could do so much. Page Forty MARY ANN GRIFFIN Monroe. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (3); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Student Volun- teer (3 4); B. Y. P. U. (3, 4): Lovill Club (3. 41; Wingate Junior College (1,2). Coming to us as a graduate from Wingate Junior College. Ann has won a place in the hearts of all who know her by her kind sympathetic disposition. She is an ambitious, studious girl, and makes excellent grades. Her motto is " Yesterday is gone- — forget it; tomorrow does not exist — don ' t worry; to- day is here — use it. " MATHEW H. HANNA Baghdad. Iraq. Asia Mathematics and Science ,, ' ' ' ' " K ' " " ' ' °l!,. ■ ' ' ■ " y Society (1); Appalachian Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Y. M. C. A. (4); Supervisor of Justice Annex. It is difficult to measure the content of a man ' s college years, but we shall venture that Mathew has obtained from his college life a maturity and breadth of mind that are essential to an educated man. Mathew has faced difficulties and conquered them. In his conscientious way he has done his duty, regardless of consequences, which has commanded for him the respect of all. INEZ HARRIS Harris. N. C. Physical Education and Science ,, Thalian Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4). Censor (4): Physical Education -Major Club (2. 3, 41, ice-President (4J ; Y. V. C. A (1 2 4)- Hon- 2C ' " ' , V " ' ' " ' " sity (4); Honorary Hockey Varsity (4); ' lntra- Mural Sports (I, 2, 3. 4); Xew Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Jlethodist Club (2, 3, 4). Here ' s to " Coach Harris. " one of the best all-round girls on the campus. Besides using her remarkable intelligence in her class work and extra-curricular activities, she has used it to win the cultural side of college life for herself. MARY ELIZABETH HACKNEY Chapel Hill. N. C. Primary Education , ' i " ' ' v! " T- ' - ' ' " ' ■ ' ' Society (1. 2. 3. 4), President (3); Plavcrafters (|): B S.L. Council (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4): B. Y. P. U. (1. 2. 3. 4): Y. W. A. ' d. 2, 3); (2, 3); New Dormitory Club (4). Lovill Club (1): White Hall Club In " Lib " we find a girl possessed with all the qualities of a true friend and a scholar. It is her dependability, refinement, and sweet disposition that makes all who know her love her. ■VV ' ith these we can visualize only happiness and success for her. Page Forty-one KATHARINE ROBERT HARWELL Norfolk, Va. Primary Education ' crnician Literary Society; Y. W. C. A.: N ' irjiiiiia Club; Appa- lachian Playcrafters; Intra-Mural Basketball; hitra-Mural X ' oUey Ball; Assistant Editor Rhododendron. A little difficult to catalogue of a certainty. Acceded a place in the order Homo Sapient,, however. A peculiar combination brewed of sympathy and spiciness. The possessor of a great fund of energy finding expression in numerous activities. The owner of a mind bent not on cold calculation but friendly helpfulness. EARL HAYWORTH Trade. Tenn. Science and Physical Education Apiialachian Literary Suciety (J, .1, 4). Censor (2). Critic (3). Presi- dent (-)); Letter Club (2. 3. 4); Methodist Club {}. 4): President (4); Debater (J. M ; Editor-in-Chief of Rhooodknuron (4). A man equipped with Earl ' s reasoning ability and cool head has no fear of " the cruel old world " that comes after gradu- ation. In all activities in which he has participated he has not merely been a participant, but a leader. As editor of the RHO- DODENDRON, we could have found no better. His competence, efficiency, dependability, and congeniality have won for him many lasting friendships, and at least one ardent admirer. EVELYN LUCILE HELMS Unionville, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4); V. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Cnion County Club (3, 4); Town Girls ' Club (4); Presbyterian-Reform Association (1, 2. 3, 4). Secretary (3). Evelyn comes from a place where warm breezes blow and birds sing: she is an ideal specimen from just such a place. She is quiet, calm, and has a profound liking for quiet, comfortable home life. She says she is preparing to teach. Probably so. MARY KEMP HELMS WiNGATE. N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society i3. 4); Win ate Junior College CI. 2); Union County Club (3, 4). Kemp is a sweet girl. To know her is to love her. She is rather calm and quiet, but when she becomes your friend, you have one who will never turn you down. We know that she will make good in life, and we arc wishing for her all the good luck that can come to anyone. Page Forty-two RUBY HELSABECK Rural Hall. N. C. Thallian Litcrarv Society (1. 2. ,!. 4); Town Civil) (I, 2. i. 4 J : Mclh- odist Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Ruby is a generous kind-hearted girl who fairly radiates good humor. Whether it be work or play she is always ready for her share. She is quiet and unassuming. Her kind loyal disposition has won for her many admirers and lasting friends. LUCILLE HOLLAND Marion, N. C. Primary Education Vernician Literarv Sccietv (1. 2. 3, 4), Censor (2). Chaplain (2), President (3). Secretary (4), Door Keeper (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); Lovill Club (1, 2, 3, 4); .Methodist Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Volunteer (4). Lucille is lovable and dependable, but quiet and reserved. These qualities demand for her a host of friends. She is a good student and keeps a nice balance between work and play. After working out two projects on Holland, her greatest desire is to change her surname. JAMES PAUL HOUSER Bessemer City. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (4); Letter Club (3. 4): Football (2. 3): Baseball (2); Basketball Manager (3); L ' niversity of North Carolina; Gaston County Club (2, 3, 4), President (3). Paul comes to us from U. N. C. He plays football and takes care of the ankles, charley horses and other ills of the basketball men. He has a pleasing personality, and has been a great sport in our class. Good luck in your undertakings. Paul. The class of " i-i " is backing you. JEANETTE HUBBARD HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Primary Education Thaliar Literary Society (3. 4): Y. V. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4): Erskine I ollcge (1, 2); New Dormitory Club (3. 4): Presbyterian-Reform As- sociation (3. 4). Secretary (4). Treasurer (41. Jeanette. although you joined our class late, we are glad you came: we needed someone to fill the place that you fill. Your cleverness and unusual charm have won a place in our hearts. Page Forty-three MILDRED R. HUDSON Connelly Springs. N. C. Primari Education Home Economics CInl) (4); ■1): Thatian Literary Si cictv (.1 foril CollcKc (L 2). Thanks to- Rutherford CollcKC they surely gave us a willing worker when Mildred ioined our clan. The two years she has been with us have been inarked by the noticeable things that Mildred has helped accomplish. BEN B. JAYNES Nebo. N. C. Grammar Gradf Eduualion Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, A). Here is one boy that should have the greatest of congratu- lations for the achievement he has made. To part with Ben is hard to do. but we know that the teaching world is receiving a great addition. ■■JOHNNIE " GORMAN JOHNSON Crossnorh. N. C. Malhfmalics and Physical Education Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2. 3), Secretary anil Treasurer (2); Freshman Football; ' arsity Football (2. 3. 4): Varsity Wrestling (3. 4); Captain of Football Squad (4); Intra-Mural Swimming, S|ieecl Ball, Tag Football, Playgronml Hall. I ' ing-Pong; Letter Club (2, 3, 4). ■■Johnnie ' has distinguished himself on the campus as well as on the gridiron. He leaves here a host of friends, and it is with a feeling of regret that we see him depart. Play the game of life as you have played it here and you are sure to win. Gorman. Here ' s wishing you luck. K. ODER JOINES SPARTA. N. C. Mathematics and Science A|)|)alachian Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Censor (3, 4). President (4); Intra-Mural Sports (3, 4); Alleghany County Club (L 2. 3, 4): College Club (4): B. S. Club (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. ' (4). Oder has been with us through summer heat and winter wind, and has always been a faithful and ardent worker. His achievement here in the classroom has proven to us that he can " deliver the goods. ■■ and we send him out into the educational world to do just that. Page Forty-four JOSEPHINE JONAS Vale. N. C. Mathematics and Science Dyniciar Literary Society C2, .1, (2, 3, 4); Limestone College (1). 4), Treasurer (4); V. W. C. A. " Jo " greets you with a smile that is sincere and full of assurance, and she is always the same willing worker and friend to her classmates and associates. We bid her farewell with a feeling of gratitude to Providence for allowing us to have her with us for the last four years. LAURA JOYNER Hamptonville. N. C. Primary Education Vernician Literary Society (2, 3, 4). Treasurer (i) ; Glee Club (3, 4). One of the most popular girls in the class is Laura. Her friends arc numbered by her acquaintances. She says she has never believed in letting her studies interfere with her education. She is full of pep and keeps right up with everything. Some- thing of friendliness, and genius, combined with a great many other admirable traits, make her a worth while student and a valuable friend. GLADYS KECK Snow Camp, n. C. Physical Education and Science Thalian Literary Society (2, 3. 4), President (4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (3. 4): Physical Education Major Club (2, 3. 4); Honorary Volley Ball Varsity (3. 4); Intra-iMural Sports (2. 3. 4); Xe v Dormitory Club (3, 4); Methodist Club (2, 3, 4). Keck has been an ideal student while at Appalachian. Her marked interest in sports and her executive ability, which she has been called upon to exercise frequently, have not restrained her in her scholastic achievements. Merry — yes! A laughing, " loving " girl is she. tripping lightly through life and taking all its hard knocks. We wonder how the campus will do with- out her. RAY KNIGHT Trade, Tenn. Grammar Grade Education Rankin-Wilson Literary .Society (2. 3); Debating (3); Rutherford College (1); Ashe County Club, President (3). Even in this day and age wc still find occasionally a man known as " a woman-hater. " Ray is the reserved type that doesn ' t have much to say: yet. when he speaks it counts. We predict for him a brilliant and successful future, for he is one who has made much of opportunity. Page Forty-five JOHN LACKEY Lenoir. N. C. Science and Physical Education Letter Club (. ' . ■ ). Secre- !, .1, 4) ; Basfli.ill (1); Class Raiikin-Wilsun Literary Society 13. 4); tary (4); Foolhall (. ' , o. 4); Basketliall CL Secretary (3). When the students elected John to be the most versatile per- son they made a wise selection. He has proven himself worthy of this title by his outstanding ability to make friends and by his participation in varied campus activities. Success awaits him and we bid goodbye to him with a sincere feeling of regret. BYRON W. LATHAN Monroe. N. C. History and Mathematics Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (.1. 4). Secretary and Treasurer (.1); Debating Team (.L 4): Current History Club (3. 4). President (.1). Vice- President {.!); Y. M. C. A. (4); Letter Club (4); International Rela- tions Club (41. President (41; Cnion County Club ( ,L 41. President S)■. Wesley Club (41; Cnivesity of .North Carolina 19.n-19.!J. " Whatever it is. I ' m agin it " cant always apply to Byron even though he was voted our class pessimist. He is sincere, earnest, studious and a very efficient worker. It can be truly said of him. that he never quits any task until he has done his best by it. With such perseverance we are sure to hear from him in the future. FAYE B. LEDBETTER ASHEVILLE. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (3, 4); B. Y. P. U. (3, 4): Asheville Teachers College (1, 2); White Hall Club (3); New Dormitory Club (4). Faye came to us in her Junior year. Her congenial. fri(;ndly. and magnetic personality has attracted to her hosts of friends. She is a thorough student, but never too busy for extra curricu- lar activities. She has poise and dignity, with just a touch of mischief to warrant the statement that Faye is just loads of fun. VIRGINIA LINDSEY wadesboro. N. C. Vernician l.ilerarv Society (1, 2. 3. 4). President (2). Secretary (3), Treasurer (31; B. S. l Council (1, 2); V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 41; . W C A Cabinet (3, 4). President (4); Playcrafters (3. 4); Intra- Mural Volley Ball (3. 4); Swimming Team (3, 4); Hockey Team (3); Intra-Mural PinR-Pong; Vice-President of Class (1); H. T. O. I.. (2. 31 ; Lovill Club (2. 3, 4). When we think of Virginia we always think of the best. for truly she is an ideal. Friendly, sympathetic and a jolly good sport — that ' s " Jenny " These qualities, together with her high scholastic record, have made her a capable leader. Sarcastic — but watch the home town girl make good! Page Forty -six fCS MARY DAILY LITTLE Cleveland. N. C. Physical Education and Science Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4), Pres. (2), Treas. (. ' ); Letter Club (2, 3. 4); Physical Education Major ' Club (3, 4), Pres. (4); Varsity Basketball (1. 2, 3); Volley Ball (,1. 4): Tennis (1, 2, 3. 4); Gold Basketball ' arsity (3. 4); Gold Hockey Varsity (3, 4); Gold Base- ball Varsity (3. 4) ; Gold Volley Ball Varsity (3, 4), Captain (4): Hockey Honorary X ' arsity (3); X ' olley Ball Honorary Varsity (3, 4): Honorary Basketball Varsity (3); Ping-Pong (4); Captain Gold Team (3); Director X ' olley Ball Tournament (4); Cheer Leader (2, 3. 4), Chief (3. 4); Manager Girls ' Basketball X ' arsity (3. 4); Manager Faculty Basektball (3): Manager Swimming Meet (3): Vice-President of Class (2): New Dormitory Club (2, 3. 4). Vice-President (2), Pres. (3, 4). If a vote were taken for the most popular girl, " Rusty " would surely be elected. Daily is at home in any company, and at Appalachian in all company. She is one girl who does not follow the crowd, but the crowd follows her. Happy-go-lucky though she may be. you can always count on her to take part in all extra curricular activities. With all these qualities, we ' re sure you ' ll succeed in anything you undertake. MARGIE LITTLE Peachland, N, C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (3, 4 " ); Wingate Junior College (1, 2); Town Girls ' Club (4), Margie came to us from Wingate College with her friendly smile and winning personality. We are glad to have her: she has proven to be a good student. Once you know her you have found a real friend, with high ideals and strong character. We are sure success will be yours, Margie. ROBERT SHARPE LOY Graham. N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2,3,4); Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2. 3, 4); Wrestling (3, 4), Captain (3). " Bob " has proven to us that he is a regular fellow by his success on the gridiron and the wrestling mat. He has made a host of friends, and it is with a feeling of regret that we see him leave. Loy. play the game of life as you have done things here and success is yours. MRS. BEULAH C. LYERLY Boone. N. C. Primary Education In Mrs Lyerly we have a perfect dynamo of energy. She rushes through a day of work with .i dash and sprightlines.s that is unsurpassed, and there is about her an air of unas- suming ability. She is the professor ' s delight because she never neglects her " home work. " Page Forty-seven SADIE LESTER Prosperity. S. C. Grammar Orade Education Thalian Literary Society (2, i. 4). Chaplain (2); Y. W. C. A. (2, !. 4). Cabinet (3. 4); Playcrafters (.1, 4); Student Volunteer Leader (.!. 4). Coming to us from South Carolina. Sadie has not only won friends and honors for herself but for her own state also. She was voted the most influential girl in Y. W. C. A. All the characteristics of a good student are possessed by Sadie. Appa- lachian will obtain few to equal her. PAUL E. MAHONEY Decatur. III. Mathematics and History Appalachian Literary Society (4); Glee Club {1, 2, . , 4 ; Letter Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Y. M. C. A. (4); Operetta (2. }, 4); President Glee Club (4); Football (1, 2, .!. 4); Wrestling (.1); Athletic Association Committee (4); Orchestra (1, 2. i, 4); Quartet (2, 3. 4). Mahoncy came to us as a Freshman. His activities in foot- ball, glee club work, and in the social whirl have made him outstanding. A genius at the piano — his performances have de- lighted us all. Composing music is his hobby. With Dickson to write words for his compositions, we expect him to become famous. LUCILE MAST Boone. N. C. Primary Education Lily Dale Home Economics Club (2, 4); Town Girls Club (4), Secre- tary and Treasurer (4); Watauga County Club (1). " Midget " may rank low in stature, but not in personality and ability. With her friendly disposition she has won a place in the hearts of all those with whom she has come in contact. She is always willing to undertake any task that may arise, and regardless of what the task may be. she does it well. STACY FRANCES MATTHEWS East Bend. N. C. Primary Education Phila Retian Literary Society (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 4); White Hall Club (4); Methodist Club (4); Elon College: N. C. C. W. College. Stacy comes to us from Elon. bringing her pccularitics. She talks her roommates to sleep and cries half of the time. Her mind is her only vice. Her morals a re excellent and her sympa thetic heart will help those in distress. As for the men. she likes em. loves em. and leaves ' cm. saying. " O! you trouble- some things. " Page Forty-eight HUFFMAN M. McCALL MORGANTON, N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2, 3, 4). Secretary and Treasurer (4). Censor (J); Y. M. C. A. (1, 2); Manager Intra-.Mural Sports (1. 4). " Mac. " as he is known to his friends on the campus, is quiet, dignified and dependable. Without the long face of the scholar, he has carried on his work consistently; without loss of his dignity, he has thumbed his nose at the conventions of Learning — and. even as he did it. caught and held Knowledge for his very own. Luck " Mac. " we ' ll miss you. EDITH ATWOOD McDONALD HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Primary Education Vernician Literary Society (2, 3, 41, President (j). Critic (3); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4), Cabinet (4); Playcrafters (3, 4); Swimming Team (3. 4): Lovill Club (1, 2. 3, 4), President (3, 4); Presbyterian Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Student Volunteer (4). The right person in the right place. This is true of " Mac " ; she can always be depended on. especially when it comes to mothering homesick Freshmen. We know that the teaching profession will profit by having her; so here ' s all the luck in the world. " Mac " ; you deserve it. BIDDIE MILLER LAUREL Springs. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Competent, efficient and trustworthy are words that describe Biddic. She is one of those people with whom one loves to talk. Her conversation is full of enthusiasm, of love of life and people; arid daring ambition. Her wholesome comradeship and cheerful disposition make her a worthy friend. PAUL FRANK MILLER Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Some people talk and keep on talking — but never say anythiiig. Paul believes in speaking when " one has something to say. " He is not too quiet, but a good thinker and listener. Kind, noble, a sincere friend, that ' s Paul. Page Forty -nine WAYNE GRAGG MOORE COLLETTSVILLE. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Appalachian Literary Society (1. 2); Basketball (1); Hasel.all (1, 3). Wayne is an all-round good sport. His genial personality has won for him the friendship of many students on the campus. If you want a true friend. Wayne is the fellow. With such qualities as are found in him, there is little need of forecasting his success in the world. J. MACK MOORE COLLETTSVILLE. N. C. History and English Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (4). " Mac " is one of those irresistible fell ows that you cant help but like. He has high ideals and ambitions which are built on a solid foundation. He is a good student, but not a book worm. In short, he is a born leader, and here ' s wishing him luck as he goes out to conquer life. G. WILLIAM MORGAN RUTHERFORDTON. N. C. Science and Physical Education Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Censor (1). Critic (2), ' ice-Prcsiclent (.!), President (4); Playcrafters (4); V. M. V. A. (I); Current History Club (3); International Relations Club (4), Vice-Presi- dent (4); Intra-Mural Tennis (2); Manager Intra-Mural Speed Ball (4); iManager Intra-Mural Football (4); Rutherford County Club (1, 2, 3). " Bills " keen intellectual ability, personality, seriousness and fine sense of humor has made him one of the most likeable boys on the campus. Friends — he has made hundreds of them and will continue to do so wherever he goes. To think of him is to think of the best. With these qualities his future is very bright. Luck to you, Bill. PAUL E. MOSTELLAR Vale, N, C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4): Manager Football (2); Football (4); Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 41; Lincoln County Club (1, 2, 3. 4); B. S. Club (3, 4); College Club (4); V. .M. C. A. (1); Vice-President of Letter Club (4). " Pete " has proven to us that his greatest asset is making friends. His personality and ready smile have won for him the love and admiration of the entire student body. Whether it ' s football, basketball or baseball, " Pete " is always ready to do his part. We ' re expecting great things from him in the future. Page Fifty GEORGE M. NICHOLSON East Bend. n. C. Malhematics and Science Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Secretary and Treasurer (2); Intra-Mural Sports (3. 4); Yadkin County Club (1); College Club (1, 2, 4); B. S. Club (3. 4); Y. M. C. A, (1). " Nick " has friends and more friends; men friends and especially lady friends. He doesn ' t have any fears, and he does his part of everything willingly and well. Optimism and wit are his greatest assets, and he has an abundance of both. Ex- pect an abundance from the world, and you won ' t be dis- appointed. GEORGE G. O ' NEILL. JR. RUTHERFORDTON. N. C. Science and Mathematics O ' Neill is one of those students who does his work in a quiet unassuming way; always to be relied upon. One of the finest compliments we can pay him is; that he never expects more of others than he is willing to do himself. A task of his is never slighted. He has pluck and persistence, and a person with these two qualities will surely succeed. DORIS LOUISE OSBORN Guilford College, N. C. Histori) and Mathematics Thalian Literary Society (2. . 4). Chaplain (4); Current History Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Lovill Club (1, 2, i, 4). Good nature, friendliness, and seriousness make Doris the likeable girl that she is. She enters whole heartedly into every- thing she undertakes. When the time comes for fun. Doris gets her share. We wish for you all the luck and happiness this world can give. DOROTHY LILLIAN PATTERSON Kings Mountain, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Play- crafters (4); Current History Club (4); Y. W, C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Manager of Class Teams (3); President of Class (3); Methodist Club President (4). One of the most versatile girls of the school, she was actually original in her practice teaching. If she believes anything, she sticks to it till the end. When involved in gossip she is al- ways charitable to the absentees. " So I just sez to him, I sez. " Page Fifty -one KATHRYN E. PAYNE Lenoir. N. C. Science and Historic Dynician Literary Society (4): V. C. V. N. C. (1, 2, .!). Coming to us from N. C. C. V. Kathcrinc has meant much to our class. Her pleasing personality and a smile for everyone have made her one of the most popular members of our class. She has ability in the classroom as well as outside, and we are assured of her success. Good luck, ■ ' Kitten. " we are betting on you. OSSIE PRITCHARD Marshville. N. C. Primary Education Phila Rctian Literary Society; Glee Cluh (11: Lily Dale Home Eco- nomics Club (3, 4); I ' nion County Club (1. 2. ,1. 4). Lovable, good-natured, dependable, a friend to all. that ' s Ossie. While at Appalachian she has made a splendid record. Because of her high ideals and strong character, we predict a glorious future. " She ' s not a ' Comedy of Errors ' nor a ' Mid- summer Night ' s Dream ' : but take it ' As You Like It. ' she ' s just what she seems. " JULIA PURSLEY Clover. S. C. Grammar Grade Education Phila Retian (1, 2. i. 4), Secretary (4), Treasurer (.! " ): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Association (I, 2, 3, 4). The soul of wit is not brevity but Julia. The pride of Clover is also the pride of Appalachian. She has made good in all lines, especially the masculine. Julia will be missed by many to whom she is almost essential. Luck to you, Julia; you have everything. REBECCA ELIZABETH PURSLEY Clover. S. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary .Society (2, 3. 4). Secretary (2), ' ice-President (4); Y. V. C. A. (!, 2, 3, 4); Erskine College (f). Rebecca is one of those finest combinations of true nobility, true likeability. and true reliability that we have ever known She is not big in inches, but she is big in mind and heart, and has an uncxhaustible good nature. She is the bast pal ever, a girl who can be most efficient and serious when occasion de- mands: yet a gay. charming friend to all of us. Page Fifty -two RUTH D. PROFFIT Dennv. N. C. Primary Education Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (4;; Wilkes County Club (2, 3, 4): New Dormi- tory Club (2, 3, 4J. Loyal in work, sincere in friendship, true in love — with these characteristics a happy and successful future are assured her. Her ability and determination command respect and ad- miration. Her high ideals and ambitions which are built on a solid foundation will bring the best that life has to offer. GENEVA RAGSDALE Lenoir. N. c. Grammar Grade Education " Happy and from care Lm free: Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " " Geeva " is a veritable fountain of joy, forever bubbling over with happiness. She studies hard — how to have more fun. She ' s a gay companion and a good sport. With this disposition, and her ability she is sure to succeed. TOM BROACLUS REDMOND Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Club (1, 2, 3); Foot- Intra-Mural Basketball Appalachian Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Glci hall (1, 2); Tennis (2. 4); Swimming (3. 4): (4); Volley Ball (4); Baseball (4). Those who know Tom have found him to be a hard worker, an accommodating friend, and a true gentleman. Although Tom is always faithful in his scholastic duties, he is able to devote quite a bit of his time to the ladies. Polk County may be justly proud of Tom as one of her representatives. ZELMA V. RICHARDSON Sparta. N. C. Primary Education Alleghany County Club (2. 4); Town Girls ' Club (4); U. T. T. (4). Zelma is a good student with friendly, but quiet and modest ways. Her many friends wish her success in teaching, house- keeping, or whatever she chooses to do. Page Fifty-three SIGMON TRUST ROBESON Tarheel, N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Monogram " A " Club; ' arsity Wrestling ii, 4); Fooltmll (4). " Sig " came to us from Presbytcrijn College. In him we find ability and determination to make good. Although he doesn ' t devote all his lime to books, for he must find time for football and wrestling, and especially to go to see his girl at least once a day. His greatest ambition is to get married and settle down. Luck to you. " Sig. " JEWEL ROBINSON CRESTON. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary .Society (1. 3); Lovill Club (1); Asbe County Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Jewel is jolly and full of life. She always greets people with a smile. Her personality has won for her a large number of friends. We are sure Jewel will make good in life. PAULINE ROGERS Mebane. n. c. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); V. W. C. A. (1, 2. ,!, 4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); B. Y. P. V. (1. 2, 3, 4). Probably " Polly ' s " most outstanding characteristic is her sincerity. Her friendship is valuable for " she faileth not, even in adversity. " She is a rare compound, noble and true, with plenty of good sense and humor: a good combination for suc- cess in this world. With her culinary ability we wonder why she is in a teachers ' college. MARVIN H. ROUSE Kannapolis. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Director of I!. V. P. U.; Y. . L C. A. Officer. Your competence, dependability, good judgment and fore- sight, your chief characteristics, will enable you to make a suc- cess in most any field you might choose to follow, whether it be that of a teacher or preacher. Your sincerity, determination, and good disposition enables you to make friends easily. Page Fifty -four MAE BETH SCRUGGS Henrietta. N. C. Physical Education and Science Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Censor (3), Treasurer (3), President (4): B. S. U. Council (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Junior Cabinet (3); Playcrafters (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Loville Club (2, 3. 4). President (4): Intra-Mural Volley Ball (3, 4): Intra- .Mural Basketball (3, 4); Swimming Team (3. 4); Physical Education Major Club (3, 4); Honorary Hockey ' arsity (4); Intra-Mural Ping- Pong (4) : ' ice-President of Class (4) ; Rutherford County Club (1, 2, 3): H. T. O. L. (2, 3J, President (3). " Eggie, " as she is affectionately called, is probably the best loved girl on the campus. Along with her sunny, cute ways goes a sincerity and seriousness of purpose not often found com- bined in one person. Her scholastic background, her enthusi- astic, friendly disposition, her training in extra-curricular activi- ties, plus her educational ideals predict success for her in the teaching profession — providing her career in this field is not shortened by one not quite so altruistic in nature! NETTIE F. SHARP HARMONY. N. C. Grammar Grade Education White Hall Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Harmony and beauty are necessary essentials in your life. You are capricious in your moods and like things " different. " You never cease to be entertaining to your friends. Your love for those about you enhances to a great extent your already re- freshing and sweet personality. KATE SALLIE SHORE Yadkinville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4); V. V. C. A, (4); New Dormi- tory Qub (2, 3, 4). Kate is a gem with her good-natured, friendly disposition. She is " not too serious and not too gay. but a rare good friend in a rare good way. " With these qualities we are sure she will have the best of success and happiness throughout life. JOHN D. SIMS Troutma n, N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2, 3. 4), President (2), Vice-Presi- dent (2): Intra-Mural Sports (3, 4): College Club (4); B. S. Club (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. (1). John D. is a great big handsome man with a head full of ideas that he continually e.xpresses. Serious enough to make a good student and gay enough to make friends which makes us sure that he will succeed. Best wishes John D. ; the world is waiting to be conquered. Page Fifty-five CLAUDE -RED " SMITH Decatur. III. Science and History Appalachian Literary Society (A); Letter Club (L 2. i. A); (itee Clul. (21: Y. . L C. A. (2); Football (1. 2. i. 4); Baseball (1. 2, ,i, -1); Intra-Mural S| orts (.!, 4); Basketball Maiiascr (2); Class Presiilenl (2); Out-State Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Better known as " Red. " He is an " All State Tackle. " .ind. as a sideline, he hurls baseballs and toys with the wrestling gaitie. He plays a dashing game of love. too. (Here we would refer you to certain of the fairer sex) Luck to you, " Red. " in athletics and — P. L. SMITH Todd. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Guilford Collese (1). " Preacher " is a faithful student who rattles over the hills in his Ford every morning to attend classes. He is a good preacher. and a good friend to all who come in contact with him. We expect him to do great things in the ministry. LEROY SOSSAMON Cabarrus, N. C. English and History Y. M. C. A. (1. 2); Appalachian Playcrafters (3, 4); Appalachian Literary Society (1. 2. 3. 4), President (.3); Basketball (1); Volley Ball (3): Advertising Manager Rhodode.ndro.v (4); Class President (1); English Assistant (4): Intercollegiate Debater (1, 2, 3. 4); Inter- collegiate Orator (2); Intercollegiate Extemporaneous Speaker (2, 3). " Soss " would be an asset to the life of any college campus: to ours he has been indispensable. Debater, orator, newspaper reporter, honor student, assistant in English — how could any student be more. ' Reliability, efTiciency and congeniality charac- terize our Leroy. It will be very difficult to find someone to replace him. " So long. Soss. ' you old hypnotist. " JOHN STATON Peachland. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Ajipalachian Literary Society (3. 4): Wingate Junior College (I, 2); Wake Forest (3). Mr. Stalon is planning to enter the field of ministry. He seems to have been truly molded for a preacher. He is de- pendable and sincere, always willing and ready to do his part in any task. He is considerate at all times, studious too — and a friend to all. Mrs. Staton adds " he has made a mighty good husband. " Page Fifty-six JOHNSON HOWELL STEELMAN Hamptonville. N. C. Science and History Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (4). Critic (4); Current History Club (4); International Relations Club (4). Johnson has proven his ability to make friends and be a good student — what more could a man wish for? Very seldom disturbed and never pessimistic, an ardent supporter of campus orgaiiizations — well miss a man of that type on our campus. Here ' s to you. Johnson, we predict a brilliant future. MRS. HAZEL HOPPERS TAYLOR Laurel Springs. N. c. Grammar Grade Education Alleghany County Club (2). Critic 121; Town Club (41; U T. T. (41 ; L. .M. L ' . (,ii. Hazel is unusually pretty, unusually intelligent, and we would add. unusually sarcastic. She has a personality that can- not be resisted. We predict for her a bright future, whether it be carrying on as Mrs. Taylor or as an entrancing divorcee. Motto: " Why take life so seriously. ' You ' ll never get out of it alive. " VELMA A. TAYLOR East Bend, N. C. Primary Education Phila Retian Literary Society (2 Club (4 1; White Hall Club (4). 4); V. W. C. A. (4); Methodist Higher morals and lovelier smiles you may never find on our Appalachian campus after ' Velma leaves it. She is a friend to us all and has endeared herself to us by her witty sayings; such as. " Love nobodv. trust nobody, like them all. " and " Re- member, young man. I can live without you. " ERMA ESTELLE TEAGUE - King ' s Creek, N. C. Primary Education To have a mind very much your own and be able to use it is an admirable trait. That is what we find in Erma. She is an " A " student, a talented musician, a jolly companion. and a sincere friend. Everyone on the college campus knows her as " Erma. " even to Dr. Rankin and Professor Norton. Boone will be a loser when commencement day comes and she has to be " transferred. " Page Fifty-seven EDITH MARGARET THOMAS Franklinvii.le. N. C. Physical Education and Science Dyiiiciaii I.itt ' rary Society (1, 3, 3, 4), Censor (4); Physical Edu- cation Major Club (3, 4); Hockey ' arsity (3); N ' oiley Ball X ' arsily (,I. 41: Swimming Team (.i); IntraMural Vollev Ball (.1. 4); Inlra- Mural Basketball (,!»; New Dormitory Club (4) ; ' l.ovill Club (.!); 11. T. I). L. Club {. ); V. V. C. A. (,i. ' 4). " Who ' s afraid of big tall men? " Not Tommy. In fact, we ' re afraid the teaching profession will not be lucky enough to get her. Eh. Cagle. ' She is one of the best all-round and most popular girls on the campus. An excellent student, good athlete, good in music, she excels in anything she attempts. GERTRUDE VANCE Nevvland. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society {3, 4); !-ilv U;ile Home Economics Club (. ' . 4). This girl is one of our best classmates. She works diligently and in harmony with those concerned. Her departure will be missed by the whole institution and especially the manv tricnds she has made on the campus and in the classrooms. HARRIETTE DUVALL WAGG Rutherford College. N. C. Ctrummar Grade Education Tbalian Literary Society (.1, 4); ' . W. { ' . A. (1, J(: IMaycrafters (41; Methodist Club; New Dormitory Club (.t. 4). For one so small. " Hat " Wagg possesses a great amount of energy. Her sparkling personality dispels all unhappiness in its wake. Because of her smile, friendliness, wit. ever-ready con- versation, and unselfishness, she is one of the best -liked and most admired girls on the campus. For her we predict success. GRACE WAGONER Laurel Springs. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education I ' hila Retian Literary Society (1. 2. 3. 4); Tennis Club (.!. 4); Physical Education Major Club (.!. 4); Alleghany County Club (.i, 4). Grace has been outstanding in all of her class work and as we see her leave this institution we know that the educational world and the teaching profession is gaining a valuable addi- tion. Her many friends are wishing her a great success. iLi?iiSi Page Fifty -eight Football (1, RAY WALKER Neva, Tenn. Physical Education and Science , 3, 4); Basketball (.!, 41: Letter Club (2. Walker is the same good fellow on the campus that he is on the football team, and his easy-going manner makes him a part of any gr oup. The world is gaining a splendid fellow when Ray graduates. MARVIN M. WARD EAST Bend. N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4). President (2); Basket- ball (1. 2l: Intra-Mural Sports (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. 1); Yadkin County Club (1); B. S. Club (3. 4); College Club (1. 2, 4); Assistant in Physics (4). Once you know " Peanut " you have found a friend. He is one of the best students in our class. His intellect, optimism, and friendliness are qualities that make him liked by all who know him. His record in college assures him of a successful career. Were wishing you luck, " Peanut. " X EMERSON WARDEN Laurel Springs. N. C. Science and Physical Education Handsome, reserved, intellectual and ambitious — these charac- teristics have made " Barrymore " one of the outstanding mem- bers of the Senior class . We are wishing for him the greatest success in his future undertakings. zenna warden Laurel Springs. N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4). Vice-President (3), Chap- lain (3), Vice-President (41; Physical Education Major Club (2, 3. 4); Manager Volley Ball Team (1); Alleghany County Club (1, 2, 3, 4). President (3). Vice-President (2). Secretary and Treasurer (4); Lovill Club, President (2), Vice-President (41; Presbyterian Club (1, 2), Sec- retary (1), President (2). Zenna possesses all those choice qualities found in college students. She is pretty, dignified, respected, intellectual, and with it all — common sense. Her ideas and ideals are praise- worthy. She insists upon a " preacher man " for her " better half. " Her second choice will be a college president. Good luck to you, Zenna. Page Fifty-nine LOIS PAULINE WATSON Albemarle. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Glee Clul) (1. 2. .!. -t); Thalian l.iurary Sucicty (1, 2. 3. 4). Precious things come in small packages. This is iruc of Lois. She is a real asset to our glee club — in fact one of the main springs. But there is another summary — one who has kept a spirit, wholesome, happy, unchanging, a disposition to be admired, a friend one likes and remembers and that is Lois. L RY ALLENE WOOSLEY Winston-Salem. N. C. Malhi-matics and English Thalian Literary Society (3, 4); Fhyicil Eilucatimi ?.lajor Clul (. ' . 4); Intra-Mnra! Volley Ball (.1. 4); Black Volley Ball Team (M; Black Hockey Team (.i. 4»: Honorary " arsity Hockev Team (.?. 4); Salem College (1. ' l. Allenes keen intellectual ability .ind pleasing personality have won her many friends and admirers among the students and faculty of A. S. T. C. during her two years here. She is willing to do her part in work or play, which makes her a good sport and a lovable person. IVO WORTMAN Casar, N. C. Hislury and Physuai Education Letter Club; Football (1. 2. 3. 4); Basketball (1, 2, i, 4); Baseball (1, 2. 3. 4). Reserved, athletic, good looking and intelligent: these quali- ties characterize " Bo. " and make him an outstanding student. With your physical and mental powers, we arc e. pecting to hear of your many accomplishments. Success awaits you. Ivo. MRS. J. T. C WRIGHT Boone. N. C. The Class of H feel honored by her membership. Al- though an ambitious housewife, she is a conscientious student, not being satisfied with making honor grades for herself, she is ever willing to help others. We know she is happy and her ambitions will carry her far. Page Sixty BE RTHA HARVIE WILSON Danville. Va. Primary Education Miss Wilson ' s life seems to be made up of friends, flowers, books and " As. " Although she comes to us as an experienced teacher, she has fitted into the college routine excellently. Her friendly disposition, understanding smile, and winning person- ality have made her one of the most popular students on the campus. JOHN DAVIS YORK Bottom. N. C. Appalachian Literary Society U. 4): Football (4); Basketball (1. 2, 3. 4): Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4); Intra-Miiral Swimming (i, 4); Intra-Mural Basketball (2. 3, 4). York is the handsomest boy of our class and of the campus, but he does not let that interfere with his ardent disposition and friendly manner. He will succeed in that which he under- takes, because he is a hard worker and can be depended on to do his share of that which should be done. In Retrospect T HIS part of the campus will - be remembered by every stu- dent as the place where many happy moments have passed on Sunday afternoons. Here lives have been made fuller, richer, and happier by the contacts and associ- ations of our social life. Many individuals have been instilled with the love of nature and of a companion that will last on and on through the pleasures and toils of life. Page Sixty-one Uarber York Vari)i:n F. Braswki.i. Blevins I.ACKKY SCRL ' H.S j... AS Dobbin WORTMAN C. Braswell Davis Senior Supcrlatnes John York llurnhmvcsi Paul Blfvins Wntn ' si MARJORIE Crisp Best Alhlclc {girl) MARK Davis Most Dignified Hugh Dobbin Optimist Gordon GOODSON Friendliest Claude Smith Most Popular Boy IVO WORTMAN Best Athlete (boy) Clarence Braswkli. Frank Braswhll Edwin Dougherty . John Lackey Zena Warden Katherine Harwell Helen Barber . Josephine Jonas Mae Beth Scruggs Moat Cultured Best Student Laziest Best All Round Boy Prettiest Girl Most Original Most Influential Neatest Cutest JUNIORS Junior Class Song Does the road wind upward all the way. Or through desert and moor and fen.- ' Through heat of day. or cold and gray. Or through many a dreary glen. ' But in the desert and oasis sweet On the moor a sprig of heather. A silver gleam on the fen ' s dark stream. Are our two years here together. Page Sixty-four Angell JIull Antonakos FOWLKES Junior Class Officers Guy Angell President Frances Mull Vice-President Louise Beck Secretary James Fowlkes Treasurer A. Antonakos Sponsor Colors: Blue and White FLOWER; White Rose Motto : " Climb though the rocks be rugged, for success lies at the gate of labor. " Page Sixty-fioe Al ' AMS Banner Angf.ix Beam AnTIM ' N Y Beck T,. ArsTiN Becton ' . ArsTiN Billings Hai II- BOST Juniors CLINT ADAMS VILLAS. N. C. Math shark: quiet: day student; tag football guard. GUY ANGELL IIAMPTONVILLE. N. C. " Our Squiddic " ; future librarian; easy on the fair sex: good natured. VIRGINIA ANTHONY LINCOLNTON. N. C. Lenoir Rhyne; blue eyes: up street: conscientious. LEWIS AUSTIN BOONE. N. C. Cosmopolitan man; Daniel Boone lobbv fixture: manager. VIRGINIA AUSTIN WINGATE. N. C. Wingatc Junior College; frank, good-natured, friendly, gigglcr; boxes of eats, that ' s " Gin. " JACK BALLEW BRIDGEWATER. N. C. The " Little Ca!sar " of Justice. Jr.. who soothes the brute grapplers and consoles the fair Queen ' s Chicora girls. Also the leader of the " Invincible Four. " CLARA BANNER NEWLAND. N. C. Oh ' I ' m in the wrong room! Little but loud; dramatics. CARL BEAM BESSEMER CITY, N. C. Studious; women •■ well, just a few; good na- tured: a good student. LOUISE BECK LEXINGTON. N. C. Angels set the standard, but northern guys will do. Do you think I ' ve gained? Good housekeeper. F. H. C. HENRY D. BECTON MORGANTON. N. C. " I Also ' ; clown; midnight alarm clock; wo- man shy. MABEL BILLINGS LAl ' REI. SPRINGS. N. C. No certain man preferred. Studious; cute; feminine. CONLY BOST MARION. N. C. Biology lab. Hard boiled. Freshman terror. " Mr. " Bost, please. Page Sixty-six Brawlev L. Brown F. BRir...S BULLARD T. Bricgs Brintle G. Br.MGARNER R. BUMCARN ' ER E. Brown Carpenter G. Brown Carson Juniors LENA SUE BRAWLEY MOORESVILLE. N. C. Lenoir: Thanksgiving: Songbird: Ruth Ellen; radio: good sport; third floor. FOY BRIGGS MARS HILL. N. C. Mars Hill; Meredith: sings; plays and laughs: " Prince. " TEXIE BRIGGS BUCKNER. N. C. Energetic: beads: flower gardens. MINNIE BRINTLE MT. AIRY. N. C. Mrs. Wortman: week ends; Ethel; shows. EARL BROWN CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Plays the guitar, and has ambition to be a banker. GROVER BROWN BOONVILLE. N. C. Speedy. George. Grover Brown the athletic flash from Boonville who participates in the three major sports. LUCILLE BROWN SCOTTS. N. C. Fritzy; the store. Hello Sugar Baby: Mitchell. NORMA NELLE BULLARD MIAMI. FLA. Honor grades. Future missionary. Quiet. I don ' t believe it. GUSSIE BUMGARNER TAYLORSVILLE. N. C. Curls: home: bathrooms; toast; apples: " on the farm this summer. " REX BUMGARNER VILAS. N. C. Day student: Mr. Williams ' friend; chaufl eur: girl shy; catalogy. DALE CARPENTER RUTHERFORDTON. N. C. Baby face: Paul: looking for a date. NANCY CARSON MARION. N. C. Quiet: religious: roommates: mother. Page Sixty-seven dM -. ' U Cai-di.e Clark Clink C R F 1 Croisk ( " risk Crow- Culler Davis DVKR Ea ;lb Klliott Juniors EVELYN CAUDLE WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. F. H. C: hot-plate: men: pretty: U ' inston- Sjlem. LILLIAN CROW SHELBY. N. C. Musical: Amos: charming girl: uptown dates; facility members. ' Yes. PAUL CLARK SILER CITY. N. C. Hairtonic: woman shy: Mrs. Sawyers ' boy: goocJ-natured. VINNIE CLINE NEWTON. N. C. Coaches Thesis says. Future Peabody student. Ph. Ed. shark. BEATRICE CULLER BOONE, N. C. Studious. History shark. Individual. Smithy ' s sales lady. JERRY M. DAVIS LEXINGTON N. C. Jerry is another athletically inclined youth. An- other of the " Invincible Four. " ALBERTA CRAFT LEWISVILLE. N. C. N. C. C. V. : studious: car bobs, a specialty. JUNE CROUSE BOONE. N. C. Good grades: (own guy.s; Home Ec. Club: blond. COYT DYER PURLEAR. N. C. Athletic Al. Book Worm. No. 1 grades. LOIS EAGLE RICHFIELD. N. C. Studious: cute? quiet: sensible: well dressed: dates? LONNIE CRUSE GOLD HILL. N. C. Quiet, good naturcd: studious: serious. ' SOPHIA .1. FLLIOT LAWNDAI.H. N. C. Tennis, good sport: studious. Page Sixty-eight dJM mm J. Farthing I,. Farthing Faw Fender FOWLKES GOODE Gravbeal Green Hagaman Hahn Juniors Hester Hill JAMES B. FARTHING BOONE. N. C. Pipe smoker. Chauffeur. Philosopher. LOUISE FARTHING BOONE. N. C. Quiei: studious: up town: want a buy a magazine? REBECCA FAW WlNSTON-SALEM. N. C. Winston-Salem: representative: Lovill; studious: agreeable. EUGENE C. FENDER WHITEHEAD, N. C. Rudy! Prominent waves. Freshman ' s friend. Y. M. C. A. Spats. Shadow. JAMES FOWLKES PELHAM. N. C. " Jimmy " : cheer leader: neat: loves em an ' leaves em: studious. MARGARET GOODE CONNELLY SPRINGS. N. C. Pretty: Rutherford College; Mac. W. H. GRAYBEAL BOONE. N. C. " Watch the birdie! " Hen-pecked. Jean dear, I ' ll reform. Good marks. " Hit me again. " ROY B. GREEN BOONE. N. C. Violin. Sound your A. Pipe. Good student. RALPH HAGAMAN BOONE. N. C. No " Stormy Weather " for me: I ' ll take " Sun- shine. " Another Weissmuellcr. " Chess " hound. ELIZABETH HAHN BOONE. N. C. Methodist choir: very studious: friendly: good sport. MARY ELLEN HESTER LENOIR, N. C. Small pictures and what-nuts: letters, galore! Kat made these. RAYMOND HILL PILOT MOUNTAIN. N. C. Sheik. Ladies ' man. Neat. Page Sixty-nine 1 — cji- M. IluUSuN 1 . llui; u:. HulK.,LS Ilul.tOMllL Hou i-.K iluri-i.K HORTON HOUCK Hovis Hughes HrsKiNs J ON ES Juniors MARY ELLEN HOBSON STALEY. N. C. Ed. 7A: talkie: shows; shopping Hst; kind- hearted. PAULINE HOBSON STALEY. N. C. Carolina men; serious; ncfer; shoops. my dear; Campbell College; Hat. LOVILL HODGES LOW GAP, N. C. Day student; studious; library; book-satchel. LOUISE HOLCOMBL UNION MILLS. N. C. Quiet: French teacher; good seamstress; let ' s go to South Carolina. MRS. VONNIE COFFEY HOOVER LENOIR. N. C. Quiet; congenial; good housekeeper. ROSALIE HOPPER SPARTA, N. C. Brown eyes: good sport; Howard; Benny; chief candy -maker; popular. B. H. HORTON SHELBY, N. C. Quiet. Studious. Always in girls ' gym, not sissy, just sweeping. JESSIE W. HOUCK MABEN, W. VA. Houcksie: studious; Amos ' n Andy; coal mines; early riser. SARAH HOVIS BESSEMER CITY, N. C. Lonesome; cute: volley ball; one of the best girls. MABEL HUGHES NEWLAND. N. C. Book-room; house parties: Millie: my daddy ' s a lawyer. KATE HUSKINS BURNSVILLE, N. C. Brown suede; sed books: pine trees. MAZIE JEAN JONES BOONE, N. C. Am I late? Fudge: quiet; studious: pianist. Page Seventy Kendrick KlXSLAXD Lawson Little Long Maness Martain Maultsby McAdex E. McCoknell Tvmiors L. McCONNELL McDonald MARY KENDRICK MT. HOLLY, N. C. F. H. C. ; coach; Trixie: gvm: Limestone; short- folks. RUTH ELLEN KINSLAND WEAVERVILLE, N. C. Will you sing for Y. W. ? I ' ll tell you what: music: my hot plate: asthma. JUANITA LAWSON WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Artistic: honor roll: good sport: parties: moon- light: a pal. HAZEL LITTLE ALBEMARLE. N. C. F. H. C: Mabel: music: blond: cute. Is that so? WINNIE C. LONG RUTHERFORDTON. N. C. " Sweet Jennie Lee " : ukulele: Clude: new car: Meredith. LEWIS MANESS JACKSON. N. C. Duke; woman ' s man; Sleepy-headed: Newland. CARL MARTAIN EAST BEND. N. C. Yadkin County, the garden spot of the world; Sunshine: Prof. pest. MRS. BRIANE MAULTSBY KERNERSVILLE. N. C. White Hall: summer sc hool: Mrs. CAROLINE MCADEN SEMORA. N. C. " Oscar " : asthma: S. G. S.; out. about, n round the house. EVERETT McCONNELL DERITA. N. C. McConnell is the only four-letter man on the campus. He excels not only in athletics — he is as proficient with the blushing damsels. Also a mem- ber of the " Invincible Four. " LAURA McCONNELL JEFFERSON. N. C. Phila Retian socials; dietitian ' s daughter: Mr. Eury; studious. LORENA Mcdonald BETHUNE, S. C. White collars; crazy questions: radiant smiles. Page Seventy-one Mid kd ' M Mich EM M ( I.AMB Moore .M( KoRi I MOBETZ M t.L l Ml-LL II. Mm I IK Neal . Mill hH fiiniors DOROTHY Mckenzie MULLINS. S. C. F. H. C. : candy; Hooper: good dancer: Age of Innocence: one-man woman. LOUISE MCLAMB SALEMBURG. N. C. What? No letter ' Pinebnd College: I want to tell you. WILMA McRORIE RL ' THERFORDTON. N. C. Musical: good sport: blondes preferred; clothers. ' and how! EDITH MELVIN WHITE OAK. N. C. Blonde: studious: up street: quiet. HOWARD MILLER STONY POINT, N. C. Torch singer: Stony Point ' s gift to women; high pockets; puffin. VERONA B. MILLER COMET. N. C. Cottages: late for class; smiles. GRACE MICHEM MARION. N. C. Butterflies: lab. course; victim of Eggertism. J. A. MOORE BOONE. N. C. Peanut butter: unregistered barber; Math shark. MARY MORETZ BOONE. N. C. Brickyard blonde: in love; Lord help my man. FRANCES MULL MORG ANTON. N. C. Poise: talent: intelligent: poetry; English Profs. ; house parties. FOY NEAL MOUNT AIRY, N. C. Town girls club: chink; sweet: shows. MARY FRANCES NESBIT WAXHAW. N. C. Town girl: up street shopping: red hair: neat. Page Seventy-livo Oehler Oglesby Owens Patterson Payne Perkins Perry Phifer Phillips G. Pyatte L. Pyatte QUIXN Juniors JOHN OEHLER CONCORD, N. C. Secret love affairs. Slow to get started, but now watch him go. Football. GERTRUDE PERRY BOONE. N. C. Goof; twins; unconscious; asthma; Junior man- ager; S. G. S. AGNES OGLESBY PULASKI. VA. Lces-McRae: Virginia; spontaneous combustion; home between terms. MARGARET PHIFER STATESVILLE. N, C, Mitchell; witty: sarcastic; Heck Fire! Stone walls; one of the " 3. " ERNEST OWENS MT. ULLA, N. C. Berry College; studious; woman shy; a good student. NEWELL PATTERSON BOONE, N. C. Up-town; baseball; redhead girls. ' Yes. DORMAN PAYNE SUMMIT. N. C. " How about a suit today? " Member of the Kitchen Cabinet. Awkward and full of fun. PAUL PERKINS BOONE. N. C. Studious, quiet. Girl shy or sensible, which? NAOMI PHILLIPS WINSTON-SALEM, N, C. Quiet; studious; up-street; Ph. Ed. 35. GLOSSIE PYATTE DVSARTVILLE. N. C. Nick; candy; finger wavers; neat; precise; cooking. LILLIE PYATTE DVSARTVILLE. N. C. Particular; questions; whatcha doin? My feller; " religious ' ; " baths. " GLADYS QUINN SMYRNA, S. C. Indifferent; attractive; Aunt Ruth; Ben; hair nets. Page Seventy-three ivKUMOND KkII) Shimaker Stacy Robertson ' Ki ' ss Sawnh S}iii ' ma. SxALtV SlAl.LlNGS StEWART StUART Juniors DOUGLAS REDMOND BOONE. N. C. The initials D. C. can stand for IRENE SHUMAKER NEW HOPE, N. C. more than Athletic: healthy: summer school: serious — never. Douglas Christopher, or District of Columbia. MARY REID UNION MILLS. N. C. " Bitz " : Asheville Normal: athletic: Hello, bone- head: I got a letter from " Slick. " GARNET ROBERTSON SPRAY. N. C. Indifferent: brown eyes: studious: cleanest room in dormitory: 1940. ALMERIA RUSS HENDERSONVILLH. N. C. N. C. C. W. : attractive; " Music hath charms " : so do Decatur guys. GEORGE SAWYER BOONE. N. C. ' Trosty. " Tennis, ' Yes. Women? No signs. GARNETTE SHIPMAN HENDERSONVll.I.E. N. C. Personality: Marge: Mars Hill: Spencer: hikes. STARR N. STACY CLOVER. S. C. The star student from South Carolina. JOHN W. STALEY STALEY. N. C. Ke ck: my wife; good at soap box orations. CHARLOTTE STALLINGS RUTHERFORDTON. N. C. Lovable eyes: foreigners preferred: Dale; musical. DOROl HY STEWART HUNTING CREEK. N. C. Quiet: voice; studious, but study in Grey — preferred. CARMON STUART JEFFERSON, N. C. Debater; would-be Socrates; isolation is the price of greatness. Page Seventy-four j r jSk.- ' -• - ' JA-m.m Stuart Toms Stuckey Wagoner Swan Warden B. Taylor A. Warren J. Taylor E. Warren Thomas Watson Juniors HENRY STUART MARSHVILLE, N. C. Wingate Junior College: sweaters; towel " toter. " CHARLES L. STUCKEY BANNER ELK. N. C. Tennis expert. Ping pong artist. Keep smiling. Sport coat. Hash slinger. ROBERT E. SWAN POTSDAM, N. Y. " Bob, " the man who takes care of the athletes as a profession and the Shelby girls as a pastime. B. C. TAYLOR MT. HOLLY, N. C. Speedy: shades down: women and high am- bitions. Hershy bar. Abbey. JOHNNY DALE TAYLOR WHITEHEAD, N. C. Where am I, and why? Caro-Jean. Once or twice. N. R. a. dates. MARY FRANCES THOMAS SUMMERFIELD, N. C. Weaver College; Patsy: berets; brown eyes: friendly smiles. EVERETTE C. TOMS SHELBY, N. C. " Gigglo " ; drummer: four walls make a house, but Toms needs only one. RUTH WAGONER CLEMMONS, N. C. Wake Forest: giggling; Jack-in-the-pulpit. EDNA M. WARDEN PINEY CREEK. N. C. ' I ' m it: artistic: teacher ' s pet: good natured: sewing: dolls. ANGELL WARREN TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. Twin. " Brunette or blonde — just so they ' re cute. " Neat. Little. EVELYN WARREN TAYLORSVILLE. N. C. Twin. Brunette preferred. Neat. Mole on the chin. Little. DOROTHY WATSON BRIM, N. C. Tall; quiet: industrious; good board and grades. Paqe Seventy-five J. Wilson W ' hi tk T. W ' lLSOX Will I t N KH Vl MBlSli II.LIAMS W K U; II 1 K. Wii.suN Varborolgii luniors ROBERT WEAVER WHITAKERS. N. C. " Bob. " Handsome. ' What do you think. ' Dry cleaning? Two girls at one football game his specialty. JAMES MILDRED WILSON LANCASTER. S. C. ■Jim or Gym " . ' Both! Smiles; friendly; good sport. SADIE WHITE UNION GROVE. N. C. Town girl: smiles; sweet. THOMAS WILSON VALE. N. C. Neat. Sales tax. Lincoln County tycoon. Busi- ness-like. DOUGLAS WHITENER RICHMOND. VA. " Aunt Polly. " Scientist. Lazy. Shines on Eng lish literature class. Jokes. " Doug. " LULIE WIMBISH GREENSBORO. N. C. Laughter; ear bobs and more car bobs. Georgia man. Unusual. MARY WILLIAMS BOONE. N. C. Good student; form; Jenny; H. T. O. L. C. C. WRIGHT BOONE, N. C. N. C. State. Quiet. Blondes. Chryslers. ELIZABETH WILSON LENOIR. N. C. Mayview Manor. Green Park. Dates, but not stuffed. Mr. Howell. MILDRED YARBOROUGH LEXINGTON, N. C. West Virginia guys. Cute Intellectual One man ' s girl. Page Seventy-six SOPHOMORES Morris Thompson Ra.vkin Tru ' LETT Wat kins Sophomore Class Officers John B. Morris, Jr President Clarice Thompson Vice-President WlNTON Rankin Secretary John TriPLETT Treasurer R. V. Watkins Sponsor Colors; Green and White FLOWER: While Rose Motto: " Not at the top hut climbing. " Page Seventy-eight Abrams Allran Arledge Arndt Atciilev Al ' Stin Bakkr Mauue Bandv Marg. Bandy Banner Baucom Beal Elene Beam Esther Beam R. Beam Belk Beverly A.Bingham S.BiNoiiA.M Blalock Boles Boone Bower Brake Soph( omores LOUISE ABRAMS ELENE BEAM EVELYN ALLRAN ESTHER BEAM RUTHELLA ARLEDGE RALPH H. BEAM MINNIE ARNDT WHITAKER BELK LAWRENCE ATCHLEY JACK BEVERLY SAM AUSTIN ALICE BINGHAM GENE BAKER STACY BINGHAM MAUDE BANDY VANCE BLALOCK MARGUERITE BANDY CATHERINE BOLES SUSIE BANNER ETHEL BOONE J. BOYD BAUCOM PAUL BOWER OLEN BEAL DOROTHY BRAKE Page Seventy- nine Brkeze iiRiGus E. Briitain II. Brittain H. Brown ' . Brown Browning Brovhill Bullock Burkk A. Burns M. Rtrns S. Biirns Bcrton Ryrp Cac.i.f: Case CASirroN Cass Castle B. Caublk K. Cauble Ciiaffin Ciiamiikrlain Soph omores H. P. BREEZE ALMA L. BRIGGS EDITH BRITTAIN HAZEL BRITTAIN HARRY BROWN VIRGINIA BROWN HUGH BROWNING FAYE BROYHILL CLARA DELL BULLOCK MILDRED BURKE ALMA IRENE BURNS MARY FOI.A BURNS SALLY BURNS NANCY BURTON EUGENE BYRD LINDSEY CAGLE ROBERT CASE TRESSIE MAE CASHION JUANITA S. CASS MADGE CASTLE BEULAH CAUBLE RACHEL CAUBLE GENEVA CHAFEIN LILLIAN CHAMBERLAIN Page Eighty Chapman R. Ci.ark S.Clark I , Clark Clements COBR COLLEY CoLVARD Combs Cooke Covington Cowan Craig Crousr Annie Daniels Appie Daniels Dark M.Davis S.Davis Dixon DOLINGER DuNLAP Durham Eaker s oph omores MARIE CHAPMAN LOUISE CRAIG RUTH CLARK MABEL GROUSE STELLA CLARK ANNIE DANIELS LOUISE CLARK APPIE DANIELS VIRGINIA CLEMENTS ESTELLE DARK LELIA COBB MADOLIN DAVIS MARY LULA COLLEY SUE DELL DAVIS DORA BELLE COLVARD NOVELLA DIXON RACHEL COMBS HAZEL DOLINGER RUBYE COOKE CELIA DUNLAP GRACE COVINGTON CATHERINE DURHAM KATHERINE COWAN MALLIE EAKER Page Eighty-one Eggers FU!,K Goodman England FUSSELI, Graham A. Farthing Gambill Grant C. 1 ' " ah I 111 nl ( ; A N N Graybeal (iARIlKK CiREENE (MITTYS Hall (III! IIS IIallvbiriun I- ' ham is (JOKBLE Halsev Sophomores HOMER EGGERS ANNIE LEE ENGLAND ALPHA FARTHING CLAUDE FARTHING EDWIN FLACK IRENE FLOYD MRS. J. PAUL FOX MARIE FRANCIS IRENE FULK ELIZABETH FUSSELL IRENE GAMBILL L. J. GANN HOWARD GARBLE MAUDE GETTYS VIVIAN GIBBS JUANITA GOBBLE JESSIE MAE GOODMAN HELEN GRAHAM CONNIE GRANT HERBERT GRAYBEAL FLORA GREENE IRENE HALL LOUISE HALLYBURTON CAROLYN HALSEY Page Eighty-two Halsev Hennessee Howard Edw. Hamrick Ellen Hamrick c. Harmon- S. Harmon C. Havks M. Haves Heafner E HrcKMAN Hill Hire Hoffman E. HousER T. Houser P. Houser HowEY DoMER Huffman J Don Huffman Hull HuNSUCKER J. Hunter H. Hunter s ophomores DOROTHY HALSEY MARY HOFEMAN EDWARD HAMRICK ELI HOUSER ELLEN HAMRICK THOMAS HOUSER CECIL HARMAN PRUE HOUSER STANLEY HARMON BETTY HOWARD CAROLYN HAYES SARAH HOWEY MILDRED M. HAYES DOMER HUFFMAN LENA HEAFNER DON C. HUFFMAN MARY LOU HENNESSEE AVIS HULL BLANCHE HICKMAN RUTH HUNSUCKER MOLLY HILL J. MELVIN HUNTER LILLIAN HIRE HOWARD D. HUNTER Page Eighty-three ISENHOfR J A( KSON- JkSSI I ' H. .1 (HI N SON ( . Joii Nsnx II.JoiiNSON Ketchik Kim. ' .. KiRKMAN I-. KiRKMAN F. KiSKR J. KlSER Knox KooN Lambeth K. Lank A. Lane Lawson Lkihikttkr Life LlTTERI.OH B. . L TiHK vs K. Matthews McCall Sophomores VERA M. ISENHOUR DOROTHY KNOX FRANK JACKSON EUGENE KOON ETHEL O. JESSUP ROBERTA LAMBETH BEN JOHNSON EDNA LANE CULLEN JOHNSON ALICE LANE HELEN JOHNSON DILMON LAWSON BEULAH DIXON KETCHIE HELEN LEDBETTER CHRISTEN KING MARGARET LIPE EVA KIRKMAN ELIZABETH LUTTERLOH LOUISE KIRKMAN BRUCE MATTHEWS FRED KISER RUTH MATTHEWS JEANETTE KISER MARY McCALL Page Eighty-fouc VIcCORKLE McFavuen McGee McClNNIS McKay McLaughlin A. Michael W. Michael B. Miller J. Miller K. Miller L. Miller N. Miller C. Moore FiNLEV Moore Frank Moore I. Moore J. Morris M. Morris L. Morrison R. Morrison iMoss Myers NORRIS Sophomores PAULINE McCORKLE E. BRUCE McFADYEN JACK McGEE KATHLEAN McGINNIS ANNETTE McKAY MILTON Mclaughlin ALBERT MICHAEL W. EUGENE MICHAEL BILL MILLER JOSEPHINE MILLER KATHLEEN MILLER LEXIE MILLER NANCY MILLER CAROLYN MOORE FINELY MOORE FRANK MOORE IRENE MOORE JOHN BIRCH MORRIS, JR. MINNIE LEE MORRIS LOUISE MORRISON RUTH MORRISON DELMAR MOSS ADDIE REE MYERS ALICE F. NORRIS Page Eigbty-Uve Wa NORTON Reeves c. rudisill r VKSO.N.S Regan m. rcdisill Ueiu Scott 1 1, ASTER Richards Sharps I ' ra 1 1 Rives ShII ' MAN ROHERTSON S Mil MATE K AiH I ifff: Robeson Simmons Rankin ROGURS Sims Sophomores ERVIN NORTON EDITH PARSONS AMY LEE PEELER C. C. PLASTER ELIZABETH PRATT MATTIE SUE PROPST NELSON RADCLIFFE WINTON RANKIN BEULA REEVES JOHN B. REGAN MILLARD REID ROBERT RICHARDS MARY NELL RIVES JUANITA ROBERTSON MARJORIE ROBESON EDNA ROGERS CARL RUDISILL MARIE RUDISILL CHARLES SCOTT HAZEL SHARPE HASSELTINE SHIPMAN MURIEL SHUMATE ELMA SIMMONS AGNES SIMS Page Eighty-six SiPE T. Smith V. Smith Spratt Stansbury Steele Tedder C. Thompson G. Thompson Smithey Stegall S. Thompson Snipes Stike ToWNSEND C. Snow L. Snow Straughan Swisher Triplett Trivette Speas Teague Vance Sophomores EVA SIPE RAY STIKE THELMA SMITH LOUISE STRAUGHAN VIRGINIA SMITH NORMAN SWISHER LOWELL SMITHEY VIRGINIA D. TEAGUE FRANK SNIPES JANE TEDDER CRISTINE SNOW CLARICE THOMPSON LEODA SNOW GLADYS THOMPSON RUTH SPEAS SAM THOMPSON MARY AGNES SPRA IP JOSEPH TOWNSEND RALPH STANSBURY JOHN TRIPLETT JUNE PAUL STEELE RUBY TRIVETTE FRANCES STEGALL EDNA VANCE Page Eighty-seven C. Vannoy i. annoy U. " annov Westmoreland I.. Wmitf V. Whitk Wood Worrki.i. W Wall ILHl ' RN m. Sucl) i;. Ward WlLHELM man M. Ward Wasuam Waison R. Wilson W. Wilson Wittenburg Wyant Yoder s ophomores CECIL VANNOY AVIS WlLHELM GWYN VANNOY RUBY WILSON R. P. VANNOY WILDA WILSON LESSIE WALL RUTH WITTENBURG GRACE WARD UDY WOOD MARSHALL WARD JACK WORRELL MARY ALICE WASHAM JESSIE MAE WYANT BRAINARD H. WATSON MABEL YODER SARA WESTMORELAND L. G. WHITE 3n iBrniuriam WOODROW WHITE MAYME IUCHANAN EVELYN WILBURN July 22 , 1916 January 22, 1931 Page Eighlyeiyhl FRESHMEN MlCoy Shannon Padgett Freshman Class Officers Lloyd McCoy Henry Shannon Joe Wood Sara Padgett President Vice-l ' n ' sident Secretary Treasurer Graydon p. Eggers Sponsor Colors: Blue and While Flower: Iris Motto: " The road of toil leads to ihe city of success. Page Ninety Freshmen Top Row (left to right) : Anna L. ALEXANDER, MARGUERITE Alexander, Jack Allred, John Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Rovie Angell, Kenneth Anthony, Evelyn Arthur, Dale Atwood. Second Rote: LoTTiE Mae AUSTIN, Lelia Ayers, Moir Ayers, Hadley Badgett, Helen Baker, Lois Barger, Mildred Barger, Margaret Barringer, Kenneth Barrs. Third Roiu: HELEN BEAM, VIRGINIA BEAM, HaZEL BEAVER, SARA BER- RiER, Willard Bess, Katherine Biggers. Dewey Bingham, Evelyn Blackwell, Carolyn Blair. Bottom Roiv: ESTELLE BLAKENEY, JENNIE BL ANTON, MarY SUE BL AN- TON, Agnes Boger, Ann Bollinger, Vestal Boyles, Ethel Brad- ley, Annie Clee Brake. Page Ninety-one Freshmen Top Roiv (left to right): Dewettk Briggs, Anne Brower, George Brown, Mary Frances Brown, Virginia Burlesson, Martha But- NER, Joe Canter, Beatrice Carpenter, Mattie Carpenter. Ruby Castle. Second Roic: C. EVELYN Caudill, James Cavin. Norman Chadwick. L. H. Church. Eleanor Clark. Nellie Clayton, Henry Cline. BiLLiE Coble. Ollie Jean Coffey. Samuel G. Coghill. IhirJ Roic: BETTY M. COLLINS, FOY G. CoOK, HaTTIF LEE CoSTNFR, Nora Craig. Hazel Crissman, Lema Crissman. Alfred Cromartie, Harold L. Crooks, James Crooks, Elmira Grouse. Boiiom Roic: ETHEL CuRRiE. ANNIE Davis. Clayton Davis, Glenn Davis, J. P. Davis. Jr., Thelma Davis, Eunice Dawson, Vivian Deal, Sadie Deesi:. Ruih Dhllinger. Page Ninely-tuio Fresh men Top Roa ' deft to right): MARGARET DeNT. FRANCES DOGGETT. CECIL DoLiNGER. Mary Louise Dorsey, Josie Duke, Jessie Eaker. Gladys Earl. Helen Edmisten. Swanson Edwards, Morris Eggers. Second Ron ' : Efener Eller, Marie Eller, Mildred Ellis. Lloyd El- more. Thedus Eudy, Claude Evans, Edith Evans, Inez Everhart, G. Roger Ewing, Thomas Farabow. Third Row: CLINE EARTHING, LOY EARTHING, MARGARET ElDLER, WADE Fletcher, Lucille Foster. Charles Fowler. Kathleen Frone- BERGER. Clyde Fulk. Colleen Gabriel, Mary Belle Gardner, Bottom Roll ' ; Hazel GENTRY. Willie M. Gentry. Mary Belle Givens. Evelyn Grayson. Hattie Greene, Mildred Greene, T. Greene, Thomas Greene. Elaine Greer, Frank Hagaman. Page Ninety-three Freshmen Top RoiV I left to right) ; Rf.X HaGAMAN. MARGARET HaMBY, SOLMA R. Hamrick. Joe Hardin, Martha Hardin, Ramrvl Hathcock. Mary Nell Hayes, Knox Heafner, Mrs. Lena Heavner, Kathleen Helms. Second Roif: R. L. Hensley. Jr., Robert Hewitt. Jack Hice, Jeter Hicks, Luther Hinkle, Mary Hinkle, Cornelia Hipp. Annie Maud Hire, Muriel Hodgson, Brightie Holden. Third Roiu: RUBY HoLLAR, DOROTHY HoLT, BECKIE HoLTON, HenrY Houston, Frank Howard, Marjorie; Howard, Sarah Howard, Gil- bert Hubbard, Paul Hueeman, Mary Etta Hughes. Boiiom RoiL ' : J. W. HuNEYCUTT. L. HuNTER, T. W. Hunti-.r. Rl ' TH HusKiNs, Annie Hutchison, Blanche Hutchison, Clara Hutch- ison, Martha Ingram, Woodrow Ingram, Clairbel Jackson. Page Ninety-four Freshmen Top Roa. (left to right): POLLY JAMES. W. G. JEROME JR.. RODERICK John, James M. Johnson. Louise Johnson. Donna Jones, Kermit Jones. Mabel Jones. Mary Lois Jones, Dorothy Lou Jordan. Second Row: LuCY JUSTICE. DALE KELLER. ROBERT KiLLIAN. HARLEY King. Wilbur C. Kiser, Gerald Lackey. Louise Lattimore, Ruth Lawson, G. Ledbetter. Mabel Lee. Third Row: BEATRICE Lennon, Mary Lipe, M. Jane Logan. Flora Mae Luckey. Martha Maguire. Katharine Mann. Bennie Maree, Rebecca Marlowe. Harold Massey, Eude Mast. Bottom Row: Lessie Matthews, Maxine Matthews, Daisy Mayes, Lloyd McCoy. Sam McCracken, Bruce McDaniel. Lula Marjorie McLamb. Billie McNeill, Willard H. McNeill, Louise Michael. Page Ninety-five T!SSm Freshmen Top RoiC (left to right) : PAULINE MICHAEL. BANNER I. MlI.LER. Gl.ENN Miller. Harold Miller, Claude Moretz. Kathlei-n Morris. Thomas L. Mosby, Andy Nesbitt. Fred Norman. John Ogburn. Second Roic : Ina Mae OLIVER. Gretchen Osborne. Sara Padgett. Sherman Padgett, Virgil Padgett. Ernest Painter. Beatrice Parker, Mildred Parks, James Patterson, Lucy Pearson. Third Roic: JoHNNY Peden. Joe Pell. Jr., Faye: Pennington, Frank Perkins, Vetra Perkins, Aileen Perry, Norris Perry, Wiley B. Perry, Gail Phillips, Norman A, Pickert. Bottom Roic: HiLM PlERCE, HILDA PORTER, NaNCY PoWELL. ArNIE Propst, B. Pyatte, Geneva Rector, Ella Dare: Reece, James Reece, Claire Remine, Harriette Rhinehardt. Page Ninety-six Freshmen Top RoiC I left to right l ; MYRTLE RI CHARDSON, FRANCES RiNER, LONA Robinson, Edna Rose. Karl Sawyer. Creola Schuyler. Mozelle Schuyler, Eunice Scronce, Venta Deane Seitz, Henry Shannon. Second Roicr MARY LoUISE SHELL. GEORGE SHERRILL. RUTH SHERWOOD. Rachael Shidal. Alma Shoaf. Ellis Shoaf. Johnsie Shore, Ruby Shull. Gladys Sigman, Edith Simpson. Third RoiC: ERNEST SiMS. LUCILLE SLOOP. A. L. SMITH. ANNE SMITH. Catherine Smith. Dorothy Smith, Stanford Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Lucy Snider, Lawrence M. Spaven. Bottom Roitr Mozelle Spainhour. Cornelia Speas. Fredrick Stan- ley, Charlotte Starnes, Maude H. Steele. Marnie Stokes, Vaughn Stringer, Gladys Sturdivant, Leta Tester, Elizabeth Thompson. Page Ninety-seven Sill Freshmen Top Roy (left to right); ElLA THOMPSON. LUTHER TODD. ROV TURBY- FILL. W. F. VanHoy. Jr.. Rai figh Waldrop. J. O. Waters. Melvin Waters. Ruth Watts. Grace Wellborn. Dorothy WnrrE. Middle Rou. ' : Erma White. Sally Whitf ield, Phoebe Whittlesey, Frances Wicker, Hortense Wicker, Eugene Wike, Argie Wilburn, Jack Wilson, Kate Winebarger. Bottom Row. Ola Winebarger, Mary Winkler, Opal Wolfe, Joe K. Wood, Thomas C. Wood, Kathleen Woodie, Etta Wilson Wooten, Eloise Yelton. Hall Young. Page Ninety-eight ATHLETICS Villi p ' ! a f ic ' »-« »e ;) A ' ' Coaches (Left to Right) G. L. Sawyer Tennis Eugene Garbee Head Coach. Boys Dolly Lemay Head Coach. Girls Mercer Jackson Assistant Coach. Girls Tom Cash Assistant Coach, Boys R. W. Watkins Assistant Coach. Boys Cheer Leaders Mary Daily Little, Chief Zeb Dickson, Chief Tine Shipman James Fowlkes Celia Dunlap Howard Hunter Page One Hundred One Varsity Football The football team, supervised by Coach Garbee, won seven games and lost two. while meeting the strongest teams ever played by our college. The team scored at least seven points in every game. The play of the senior line. Captain .Johnson. Loy. Wortman. Walker. Smith and Mahoncy was outstanding. In the backfield. Trippany and Tripplet carrying the ball, with Stines. Weaver and Plaster doing the blocking. In spite of the loss of seven Seniors, the college ex- pects to have a good team this season. Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian RESULTS 7 Erskine 1 13 Milligan 7 Glenville 14 , 1 5 Western Teachers 44 Piedmont 14 King 1 2 Concord 20 Tusculum 3 1 4 Eastern Teachers Page On. ' Hundred Two VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAYERS Vannoy Sherrill Guard Guard Lackey End Plaster Quarterback RUDISILL Fullback Triplett Halfback IcCoNELL. Walker Ends Smith Tackle Johnson Center Mahoney Tackle Moore Center Stines Back Trippany Halfback Weaver Halfback Davis End LOY WARTMAN Guards Taylor Guard Page One Hundred Three FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Freshman football team under the supervision ot Coach Cash, liad a very successful season. They did not win all their games, but some of the men will hold a place on the varsity this season. LETTER CLUB The Letter Club for boys and girls was organized this year. These indi- viduals liave taken part in one or more of the major sports of our college. Many students in this group are not only good athletes but are leaders in other campus activities. I ' age Unv Hundred four SWIMMING The courses offered in swimming are among the most popular in the Physical Education curriculum. The courses range from those designed for the rank beginner to training for life saving work. Although the pool has not the proper length for regulation meets, much has been done in the intra -mural field. The ultimate aim of all the courses is to develop in the students a con- sciousness of the beneficial results and the possible dangers to be encountered in swimming sports. The four experienced instructors in swimming are drawn from the regular faculty of Appalachia. TENNIS Tennis is an important sport but the unfavorable seasons makes it diffi- cult to train a team for competition with other colleges. Our team is selected by an elimination tournament, which gives the men a chance to put forth their best effort. The capablility of our coach, G. L. Sawyer, makes it possible for our boys to receive excellent training in this sport. Page One Hundred Flue VARSITY BASKETBALL Playing a new stylo of slow breaking offense, our team failed to look im- pressive until the last five or six games of the season. Co-Captain McConnell scored 228 points this season, but was not the only star. The offensive work of all the forwards was good — Brown, Oehlcr, Davis and Lackey, the latter continuing his smooth floor play that has made him a star for the past three years. Co-Captain Mostella was forced out of play early in the season by an injury. " The twins. " Baucom and Rudisill. formed a great pair at guard, with Deal and Weaver ready to take their place at any time. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL " The Baby Mountaineers " were slow at the beginning of the season, but ended the season by winning the last six games. The outstanding men on the team were Anthony, forward: Painter, guard; Pyatte. guard. Page One Hundred Six nr f " o ««» f% ; ' f mi IL. - . ,y ' ; « r " ' ' " GOODSOX RUDISILL Oehler Moore Weaver Smith WORTMAX JOHNSOX Deal Watkins Mosteller AXGELL Baseball Gordon Goodson Carl Rudisill John Oehler FiNLEY Moore Robert Weaver Claud Smith Ivo Wortman Frank Jackson Watt Deal R. W. Watkins, Coach Paul Mosteller Guy Angell, Manager Page One Hundred Seven WRESTLING The wrestling team enjoyed the best season in the history of the sport at our eollege. defeating the University of Tennessee twice, Duke, and Knox- ville Y. M. C. A., only losing two meets to Maryville. Last season they won the Northwestern North Carolina Tournament, and will compete for cham- pionship again this year. TAG FOOTBALL Tag football is one of the Intra-Mural sports that is enjoyed by every- one. Each team has its own coach and manager. The coaches of the various teams selects the players. Tournaments are held and the weaker teams are eliminated. Above is the winner of this tournament. Page Oni- Hundred Eii ht LIFE SAVERS Apple Daniels, Annie Daniels. Tine Shipman — these girls are the only three American Red Cross Senior Life Savers in school. They are excellent swimmers and have proved themselves worthy of their badges. By spring there should be others added to this list. SWIMMING The interest in this sport is keen. Many have learned to swim, swim- mers have improved and divers have been made. In the meet, the Golds won, but were hard pushed by the Blacks. Every type of stroke, race, drive, relay and stunt was put into use. bringing out our potential champions. Page One Hundred Nine gfiimiiiniinumiHiiiii Girls ' Inter-Collegiatc Basketball Appalachian 26 Appalachian 26 Appalachian 28 Appalachian 23 Appalachian 46 Appalachian 36 Appalachian 20 Appalachian 46 Appalachian 3 3 Appalachian 31 Appalachian 50 Appalachian 36 Appalachian 34 Bcmbcrg 28 Wingatc 27 Bcmberg 20 Milligan 19 Young Harris 15 Cullowhec 24 Milligan 23 Lenoir Rhyne 31 Lenoir Rhyne 24 Cullowhee 30 Piedmont 22 Wingatc , 26 Forsythe County 30 435 319 Note: Captain Marjorie Crisp scored 220 points. Won 10; lost 3. Seniors leaving: Crisp and Bingham. Best offense of season: Crisp and Bingham. Best defense of season: ChafJin and Shumakcr. Page One Hundred Ten Physical Education Major Club The Major Club, divided into the Golds and Blacks, sponsors all ath- letic programs put on by the Physical Education Department. This year its biggest feature was the presentation of the point system. This system makes it possible for every girl in college to try for a college monogram, letter and blanket, by earning so many required points in each activity. Booklets ex- plaining the system were given to each girl interested. The intra-mural tournaments have met with great success. The basket- ball tournament represented every club, society and dormitory for girls. OFFICERS Mary Daily Little President Inez Harris Vice-President Rebecca DicKERSON Secretary-Treasurer Marjorie Crisp . Captain of Blacks Evelyn Bingham Captain of Golds Page One Hundred Eleven VOLLEY BALL Sixteen teams, made up of 160 girls, turned out for the round robin tournament. From this tournament class teams were selected and on inter- class eliminations the Seniors won the silver trophy, which will be awarded each year to the winning class team. PING PONG Ping Pong was added to our list of sports this year. It is a fast game and requires speed, action and skill. These champions were selected from the student body, by elimination tournaments. These students are the best players on our campus. HOCKEY Inlra-mural hockey ended its second successful year with the Golds win- ning from the Blacks in the intramural tournament at the close of the season. The new playing space and hockey goals helped the playing situation greatly and leaves for next year great possibilities in this new sport. Patje One Hundred Tu- ' elve ACTIVITIES IppflLflCHiflN Ptfivci flrrei j THe Pa;TJC[ iPf " BOX ftND COX ' THC flpPflLt-lCHlH ) GL€€ ClU5 Thc yw.z.R. ' mfly Dfiy - 1033 " SOCIETY Phila Retian Literary Society Motto: " Cice to the icorld the best you have and the best icill come back to you. " G. P. Eggers, Sponsor Flower: White Rose Colors: Green and White OFFICERS IIRST TERM Frances MuI.I President ZINNA Warden Vice-President Julia PURSLEY Secretary Sarah HoVIS Treasurer LESSIE Wall Chaplain SECOND TERM Irene Floyd President Les.SIE Wall Vice-President APPIE Daniels Secretary LELIA Cobb Treasurer Maude GETTYS Chaplain THIRD TERM MARJORIE Crisp - President GARNETT SHIPMAN Vice-President Carolyn MCADEN Secretary LESSIE Wall Treasurer Mary Daily Little Chaplain SOCIH TV SONG Phila Phil.i Retian. You ' re the highest, you ' re the noblest: And we ' ll always the memory Of the Phila Retian. When wc leave our A. S. T. C. We ' ll remember, ne ' er forget you: And we ' ll say we ' re a member Of the Phila Retian. Page One Hundred Sixteen Phila Retian Literary Society MEMBERS Katherine Anderson Lottie Mae Austin Elaine Beam Esther Beam Helen Beam Hazel Beaver Mabel Billings Estelle Blackeney Evelyn Blockwell Katherine Boles Lena Sue Brawley Faye Brayhill Clara Dell Bullock Beulah Cauble Rachel Cauble Lillian Chamberlain Lelia Cobb Foy Cook Marjorie Crisp Annie Daniels Appie Daniels Lois Eagle Millie Eaker Jessie Eaker Anne England Alpha Farthing LoY Farthing Rebecca Faw Irene Floyd Kathleen Froneberger Maude Gettys N ' ivian Gibbs Ruby Greer Irene Hall Louise Hallyburton Ramyl Hathcock Mary Lou Hennessee Brightie Holden Sarah Hovis Avis Hull PoLLY James Clara Bell Jackson Ethel Jessup Louise Johnson Mary Louise Jones Dorothy Jordan Janette Kaiser Beulah Ketchie Edna Lane Ruth Lawson Maeel Lee Mary Daily Little Jane Logan Martha Maguire Caroline McAden Mary McCall Laura McConnell Pauline McCorkle Annette McKay Dot McKenzie Lula McLamb Caroline Moore Irene Moore Kathleen Morris Louise Morrison Frances Mull Alice Norris Agnes Oglesbv Dorothy Patterson ' erta Perkins Alleen Perry Gertrude Perry Mattie Sue Propst Gladys Quinn Beulah Reeves Garnett Robertson Marjorie Roberson Marie Rudisill Almeria Russ Eunice Scronce Mary Louise Shell Ruth Sherwood Rachael Shidal Garnette Shifman Alma Shoaf Muriel Shoemate Virginia Smith Ann Smith Leoda Snow Matthews Stacy Maude Harris Steele Dorothy Stewart Grace Taylor Velma Taylor Jane Tedder Johnie Taylor Leta Tester Ella Thompson Clarice Thompson Lessie Wall Orida Walsh Edna Warden Zenna Warden Dorothy White Francis Wicker Hortense Wicker Page One Hundred Seventeen Thalian Literary S()ciet Motto: " Not on the hfiijhts. but climbing. ' Colors: Blue and Vf Zou ' Dr. W. Amos Abrams, Sponsor OFFICERS FIRST TERM Gladys Keck . President Irene FULK , . . Vice-Presidem Hazel BRITTAIN Recording Secretary Hazel Little . . . Corresponding Secretary Frances STEGALL . Treasurer SECOND TERM LAUNA CaRENDER . . . President MOZELLE Ball Vice-President Harriet WaGG Recording Secretary Irene FULK .... Corresponding Secretary Louise Abrams Treasurer THIRD TERM MOZELLE Ball KATE HUSKINS INEZ HARRIS JUANITA LAWSON EDITH MELVIN President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer SOCIETY SONG May thy followers be as plants grown up in youth. Each maid a corner-stone polished with love and truth: A rainbow always to the storm of life. Each member never knowing hate or strife. Chorus Dear Thalian Society, how we love you: For thou didst point us to paths of truth; We ' ll always love you truly Dear Thalian Society. Master of Trutn. Page Om Hundred Eighteen 0jv£ Thalian Literary Society MEMBERS Louise Abrams Anne Lee Alexander Minnie Arndt Allie Austin Virginia Austin Helen Baker Mozelle Ball Helen Barber Lois Barger Mildred Barger Sara Barrier Rachel Bowman Edith Brittian Hazel Brittian Alma Briggs Virginia Brown Ethel Brintle Mayme Buchanan GussiE Bumgarner Virginia Burleson Nancy Burton Launa Carender Nancy Carson Evelyn Caudle Marie Chapman Mary Christenbury Stella Clark Louise Clark Virginia Clements Dora Belle Colvard Katherine Cowan Alberta Craft Vivian Deal Ruth Dellinger NouvELLA Dixon Mary Louise Dorsey Celia Dunlap Nan Ellis Edith Evans Inez Everhart Meriam Eury Irene Fulk Elizabeth Fussel CoLLEN Gabriel Irene Gambel Mary Belle Gardener Connie Grant Thelma Goode Margaret Goode Margaret Hamby Ellen Hambrick Inez Harris Kathleen Helms Evelyn Helmes Mary Kemp Helmes Lillian Hire Annie Maude Hire Mary Hinkle Cornelia Hipp Mary Hobson Rosalie Hoopers Dorothy Holt Ruby Hollar Beckie Holton Sarah Howard Jeanette Hubbard Ruth Hunsucker Ruth Huskins Kate Huskins Mary Etta Hughes Mildred Hudson Vera Isenhour Helen Johnston Gladys Keck Christine King Ellie Lane JUANITA LAWSON Helen Ledbetter Faye Ledbetter Sadie Lester Beatrice Linnon Hazel Little Mary Lipe Margaret Lipe Daisy Mayes Edith Melvin Louise Michael Josephine Miller Minnie Morris Addie Ree Myers Mary Frances Nesbit Doris Osborne Gretchen Osborne Sara Padgett Margaret Phipher Elizabeth Pratt Mary Nell Rives Pauline Rogers Venta Dean Seitz Hazel Sharp Katherine Smith Mozelle Spainhour Cornelia Speas Ruth Speas Louise Straughn Frances Stegall Mary Frances Thomas Elizabeth Thompson Harriet Wagg Evelyn Warren Angell Warren Mary Alice Washam Ruth Watts Erma White Phoebe Whittlesy Argil Wilburn Evelyn Wilburn Opal Wolfe Mrs. Ivo Wortman Etta Wooten Allene Woosley Jessie Mae Wyant Mildred Yarborough Eloise Yelton Page One Hundred Nineteen Dynician Literary Society MoTTO: " What ivc are to be ice are note becoming. " Colors: Purple and While FLOWER: Purple Ins Miss VIRGINLX Wary. Sponsor OFFICERS FIRST TERM Mae Beth Scruggs President REBBECA PURSLEY Vice-President ALTONIA Beam , , , Secretary Josephine Jonas Treasurer SECOND TERM Rebecca DickERSON President Louise Beck Vice-President Mabel Hughes Secretary HOLA Burns Treasurer THIRD TERM Edith Thomas Kathryn Payne Midred Hayes , . Mary Williams President ' ice- President . Secretary Treasurer SOCIETY SONG All hail. Dynician Society Wc sing our song of praise: May we bring honor to your name: Your banner all our days. To you we will be loyal. Anc) ever staunch and true: And give our best endeavors Dynician. dear, to you. Dear Appalachia of the hills. We lift our hearts to thee. In love and reverence ever. When we must severed be. Dynician. still the tide of love That binds our heart so true. Will serve thee through the coming years. Dynician. we love you. Page One Hundred Twenty Dvnician Literary Society MEMBERS Helen Abernethy ViRGiNMA Anthony Marguerite Bandy Maude Bandy Clara Banner Altonia Beam Virginia Beam Louise Beck Katherine Biggers Ann Billinger Evelyn Bingham Pauline Bingham Jennie Blanton Mary Sue Blantcn Ethel Bradley Dewette Briggs FOY Briggs Edna Brown Mary Frances Brown Eula Buckner Fola Burns Mildred Burke Dale Carpenter Nellie Clayton Hattie Lee Costner Mable Crouse Mary Faye Dillinger Margaret Dent Rebecca Dickerson Frances Doggett Gladys Earl Mildred Ellis Dot Etheridge Juanita Gobble Helen Graham Evelyn Grayson Leota Green Mildred Green Mary Ann Griffin Carolyn Halsey Dorothy Halsey Selma Hamrick Mildred Hayes Knox Heafner Lena Heavener Mary Ellen Hester Mary Hoffman Prue Houser Mable Hughes Blanche Hutchinson Clara Hutchinson Josephine Jonas Mazie Jean Jones Lucy Justice Dorothy Knox Louise Lattimore Rebecca Marlowe LoRENA McDonald Pauline Michael Ruth Morrison Mildred Parks Kathryn Payne Lucy Pearson Gail Phillips Nancy Powell Arnie Propst Rebecca Pursley Glossie Pyatt LiLLiE Pyatt Frances Rhiner Jewel Robinson Edna Rogers Edna Rose Mae Beth Scruggs Creola Schuyler Kate Shore Agnes Sims Lucille Sloop Thelma Smith Lucy Snider Mary Agnes Spratt Charlotte Stallings Edith Thomas Edna Vance Gertrude Vance Sallie Whitfield Mary Williams lulie wimbish WiLDA Wilson Mable Yoder Page One Hundred Tiventy-one KSEte x Vernician Literary Society Motto: " We never give up. " COLORS: Red and Grey Miss Katharine Harwell, Sponsor Flower: Rose OFFICERS fall term winter term Avis Wilhelm Tressie Mae Cashion Tressie Mae Cashion Dorothy Brake: Betty Howard Sarah H. Westmoreland Grace Ward Catherine Durham President Vice-Presidenl Secrelury . . Treasurer Evelyn Allran Evelyn Arthur Margaret Barringer Whiiaker Belk Dorothy Brake Annie Cleh Brake Alma Burns Sallie Burns Tressie Mae Cashion Rachel Combs Lema Crissman Hazel Crissman Estelle Dark MEMBERS Catherine Durham Thedeus Eudy Margaret Fidler Irene Grogan Elizabeth Hackney Lucille Holland Sara Howey Betty Howard Mariha Ingram Laura Joyner Virginia Lindshy Flora Mae Lucky Elizabeth Lutterloh Kathryn Mann Edii H Atwood McDonald Amy Lee Peeler Naomi Pipkin Geneva Rector Elma Simmons Gladys Sigmon Theoria Straughn Gladys Sturdivanl Lois Sweat Naomi Traniham Grace Ward Sarah H. Westmoreland Avis Wilhelm Page One Hundred Twenly-luJo Appalachian Literary Society OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM THIRD TERM Earl Hayworth Oder Joins Watt Deal President LEROY SOSSAMON CULLEN JOHNSON CULLEN JOHNSON Vice-President Clarence Braswell Carmon Stuart Eugene Fender Secretary Eugene Fender Winton Rankin Clarence Braswell Critic MEMBERS Lawrence Atchley Clarence Braswell Earl Brown Harry Brown George Brown Lendsey Cagle Norman Chadwrick Henry Cline Steve Coon Harold Crooks Watt Deal Edwin Dougherty James Fowlkes Eugene Fender L. J. Gann Harold Graybeal Paul Gregory Edward Hamrick Mathew Hanna Earl Hayworth Robert Hewitt Luther Hinkle Eli Houser Wesley Honeycutt Cullen Johnson Oder Joines Robert Killian Eugene Koon Paul Mahoney Fred Norman Earnest Owens James Patterson Winton Rankin Douglas Redmond Jack Smith Leroy Sossamon Carmon Stuart John Staton Roy Turbyfill J. O. Waters Douglas Whitener Thomas Wood Page One Hundred Twenty-three Rankin-WMson Litcran ' Society OFFICERS FALL QUARTER WINTER QUARTER SPRING QUARTER G. William Morgan. , Zeb Dickson Gordon Goodson President B. H. HORTON Guy ANGELL Paul BLEVINS Vice-President EVERETIE Toms HupfMAN McCALL. . , . Lowell SMITHEY. . Secretary -Treasurer JESSIE HoucK Johnson Steelman . , Frank Braswell Cnttc MEMBERS Guy ANr.ELt. MoiR Ayers Gene Bakkr Jack Ballew Boyd Baucom Henr y Bectos Dewey Bingham Vance Blaylock Paul Blevjns Frank Braswell Hugh Browning Paul Clark Samuel Coghill James Combs Gordon Goodson Jack Hice B. H. Horton Jessie Houck J. P. Houser Don Huffman Howard Hunter VVooDRow Ingram Ben Jaynes Gorman Johnson Fred Kaiser Wilbur Kaiser John Lackey Jerrell Lackey Byron Lathan DilmilR Lawson Lui HER Todd Carl Martain Benny Marie Huffman McCall Milton McLaughlin Eugene Michael Banner Miller How ARi) Miller J. A. Moore Mack Moork G. William Morgan John B. Morris Andy Nesbit George Nicholson John Oehler Carl Rudisill Ellis Shoaf John D. Sims Stanford Smith Lowell Smithey Starr Stacy John Staley June Steele Johnson Steelman Ray Stike Norman Swisher Everette Toms W. F. Van HOY Robert Vannoy Marvin Ward Melvin Waters L. G. White WooDROW White Page One Hundred Twenty-four mikj ' i i M DEBATERS AND ORATORS Rankin SOSSAMOS Carender Lath AX Stike Mull Williams Grog AX Stuart Dr. Rank Stuart Hayes Eggers Debating Team Appalachian State Teachers College is a member of the North Carolina Intercollegiate Forensic Society: the Tri-State Forensic Society: and the Southern Association of the Teachers of Speech. The debaters and orators are selected from the six Literary Societies of the college. They represent the college in all inter-collegiate debating and oratory. WiNTON Rankin Leroy Sossoman Launa Carender Carmon Stuart DEBATERS Byron Lathan Ray Stike Frances Mull Dr J. D. Rankin. Coach ORATORS Mildred Hayes Mary Williams Irene Grogan Carmon Stuart Eggers. Coach Page One Hundred Tiventy-Uve i ak. mr: ORGANIZATIONS Rhododendron Staff Earl Havworth Katherine Harwell Editor -in -Chief Assistant Edt tor-in-Chtef CLARliNCK Braswell Lhroy Sossamon Mark Davis Business Manager Advertising Manager Organization Editor Majorie Crisp Mr. Vance Howell Athletic Editor Faculty Advisor e One Hundred Twenty-eight Young Women ' s Christian Association and Cabinet Page One Hundred Twentu-ninp Young Men s Christian Association CABINET Eugene C. Fender President Vestal BOYLES Vice-President NORRIS Perry Secretary Oder JOINES Assistant Secretary JOHNNY PEDEN Treasurer Henry Shannon ' Chaplain Norman Pickert ] L. J. GANN Advisory Committee Jack Wilson J Prof. G. L. SAW -ER Sponsor J. Martin Anderson Kenneth Anthony Lawrence Atchlev MoiR Ayers Boyd Bavcom ' estal Boyles George Brown Joe Canter Pai ' l Clarke Henry Cline Samuel G. Cochill James Combs Harolo Crooks James A. Crooks Harvey Dixon Edwin Dougherty Claude Evans Thomas Farbeau Eugene C. Fender L. J. Gann Tom Greene Jack McGee Mathew H. Hanna Robert Hewitt Raymond Hill MEMBERS Wesley Honeycutt Henry Houston Eli Houser Paul Huffman WooDROw Ingram Oder Joines Wilbur Kiser Robert Killian Gerald Lackey BvRON Lathan Pai ' l Mahoney Harold Massky WiLi.iARi) McNeill Bru( K McDaniels Carlyle Martin Eugene Michael John Morris Andy Nesbitt Fred Norman- Ernest Owens Ernest I-. Painter Virgil Padgett Johnny Peden NoRRis Perry Joe Pell Will Phillits Norman Pickekt Xei.pon Radcliff Millard Reid Douglas Redmond Robert Richards Henry Shannon Ellis Shoaf T. L. Smith A. L. Smith Lowell Smithey Lawrence Spavin John Staley Henry Stuart June Steele Ralph Stansbury Robert Swisher Luther Todd W. F. Van Hoy Raleigh Waldrop John Wklborn Eugene Wike Jack Wilson Jack Worrkl Joe Wood Page One Hundred Thirty i 1 m ijS=i--JL. « R 1 iff .rri f , «f " l 1 ■L • ' i- ' - .i irf if ■ ' H| J ES f ' ' i ' —■ :s Catawba Countv Club Alleghany County Club Page One Hundred Thirty-one W iitc Hall Club Forsvth Count Club Page One Hundred Thirty-two New Dormitor Club MEMBERS Helen Abernethy Louis Abrams Evelyn Allran ' lRGINIA AnTHONV Mrs. Baird Moselle Ball Maude Bandy Marguerite Bandy Helen Barber Elene Beam Louise Beck Joyce B ess Catherine Boles Rachel Bowman Minnie Brintle Ethel Brintle [.ena Sue Browley Edna Brown Clara Delle Bullock GussiE Bumgarner Mildred Burke Ada Burt ancy Burton Laura Carender Beulah Cauble Evelyn Caudle Lillian Chamberlain XL RiE Chapman- Mary Christenbury Louise Clark Stella Clark ' iNNiE Cline Clara Bell Colvard Rachel Combs Kathbyn Cowan Louise Craig Lillian Crow Annie Daniels Appie Daniels Edith Daves L RY Faye Dellinger Rebecca Dickerson Novella Dixon L LLIE Eaker Annie Lee England Miriam Eury Irene Floyd Irene Fulk Irene Gambill Maude Gettys ' ivian Gibbs Juanita Gobble Margaret Goode Carrie Grant Leota Greene Irene Grogan Elizabeth Hackney Louise Hallyburton Dorothy Halsey Carolyn Halsey Inez Harris Sarah Harris Mildred Hayes Mary Lou Hennessee l ry hobson Pauline Hobson Rosalie Hopper Prue Houser Sarah Hovis Betty Howard Jeanette Hubbard Mildred Hudson Mabel Hughes Avis Hull Helen Johnson Josephine Jonas Gladys Keck Marv Kendrick Beulah Ketchie Ruth Ellen Kinsland Jeanette Riser Edna Lane Juanita Lawson Helen Ledbetter Faye Ledbetter Hazel Little Mary Daily Little Caroline McAden Helen ifcARTHUR LoRENE McDonald Dorothy McKenzie Rachel Maston Josephine Miller Grace Mitchem Shirley Moore Carolyn Moore Mabel Moose Louise Morrison Frances Mull Agnes Oglesby Dorothy Patterson Kathryn Payne Ida Porter Elizabeth Pratt Edith Preston Ruth Proffit Mattie Sue Propst Julia Pursley Rebecca Pursley Lillie Pyatte CIlossie Pyatte Gladys Quinn Garnet Robinson Juanita Robinson Pauline Rogers Edna Rogers Marie Rudisill Hazel Sharpe Elizabeth Shipman Hassentine Shipman Irene Shoemaker Muriel Shoemate Kate Shore Agnes Sims Virginia Smith Mary Agnes Spratt Frances Stegall Christine Snow Leoda Snow Dorothy Stewart Edith Thomas Ruth Ivey Trott Edna Vance Harriette Wagg Ruth Wagner Lessie Wall Angell Warren Evelyn Warren LULIE WlMBISH Allene Woosley Mildred Yarborough Mildred Young Page One Hundred Thirty-three Marjorie Crisp . . Zenna Warden Lois Sweatt Lo ill Chih FALl, QUARTER President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer WINTER QUARTER Edith McDonald Prt-suient JANE Logan Vue-President WlllTAKHR BEI.K Secretary-Treasurer SPRING QUARTER Lucille Holland Altonia Beam Mary Alice Washam President Vice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Page One Hundred Thirty-four Glee Club OFFICERS Miriam Fury President Paul MAHONEY Vice-President Frances STEGALL Secretary Roy Greene Treasurer WiNTON Rankin Librarian MEMBERS Tenor Bass — Everette Abee MOIR AYERS Gene Baker Vestal Boyles Edwin Dougherty Leonard Eury Roy Greene Paul Mahoney Madison Miller Ralph Hagaman Frank Hagaman Cullen Johnson Irvin Norton Norris Perry Winton Rankin Everette Toms John Triplett C. C. Wright Joe Wood Soprano — Helen Abernethy Minnie Arndt Evelyn Caudle Stella Clarke Louise Craig Lillian Crow Ollie Jean Coffey Estelle Dark Laura Joyner WiLMA McRarie Marie Rudisill Mattie Sue Propst Frances Stegall Dorothy Stewart Jane Tedder Lois Watson Alio — Lena Sue Brawley Tressie Mae Cashion Irene Fulk Helen Graham Jaunita Gobble Margaret Hamby Ruth Ellen Kinsland Leta Tester Mary Lipe Almeria Russ Page One Hundred Thirty-five " K. INTERNATIONAL RELA llONS CLUB A National Scholastic Chih OFFICERS DR, WhiTHNER Sponsor KATHRYN PAYNE first Secretary B. W. I.ATHAN President MAUDE BANDY Recording Secretary William Morgan Vice-President Johnson STEELMAN Treasurer iMfi MEMHKKS Top Ro7v (left to right): Hvgh Dobbin, Frank Braswki.i,. Bincham, Cabmo.v Stuart.. Har- old Graybeal, Jessie Houck. Middle R nv: Mary Williams, Mack Moore. James Kowlkes. Garnette Ship- man, LiLLiB Pyatt, Ray Stykes. Bottom Rou-: L. J. Ganx, Etgene Bvru. I.oimse Ac.rams. MAKr.rERiTE Bandy, Ruthella Arledge. I ' atftf One Hundred Thirty-six Home Economics Club Current History Club Page One Hundred Thirty-seven The Appalachian Playcrafters f-OUNDHD 1955 A. Antonakos, Director Apprentices — EVERETTE ABEE MOIR Ayers Clara Banner Elene Beam Helen Beam Mabel Billings Evelyn Blackwell Ollie Jean Coffee Estelle Dark Celia Dunlap JuANiTA Gobble Evelyn Grayson Elizabeth Hackney Jessie Houck Craftsmen — Marguerite Bandy Mark Davis James Fawlkes W. H. Graybeal Muster Craftsmen Candidates Katherine Harwell Pauline Hobson Po lly James Mazie Jean Jones Hazel Little Elizabeth Lutterloh PAUL Mahoney Katherine Mann Grace Mitchem Kathleen Morris Dorothy Patterson l.ucY Pearson Mary Reid Almeria Russ Elizabeth Shipman Garnette Shipman Tine Shipman Beckie Holton Sadie Lester William Morgan Frances Mull WiNTON Rankin Cullen Johnson Virginia Lindsey Charlotte stallings Ella Thompson Lessie Wall Elizabeth Wilson Mary Williams Mildred Yarborough Tressie Cashion Eloise Yelton Harriet Wagg Mary Nell Rives Mattie: Sue Propst John Morris Ralph Hagaman Lillian Crow John Triplett Julian Yoder Howard Collins Leroy Sossamon Mae Beth Scruggs Everette Toms Paqe One Hundred Thirly-eigbl FEATURES ZEB DICKSON Most Popular Page One Hundred Forty-one LILLIAN CROW Most Graceful Page One Hundred Forty-two CLARENCE BRASWELL Most Cultured Page One Hundred Forty-three JOHN YORK Most Handsome Man Page One Hundred Porly-four JOHN LACKEY Most Versatile Page One Hundred Fnrtu-five MARJORIE CRISP Best Athlete Page One Hundred Forty-six EVERETTE McCONNELL Best Athlete Page One Hundred Forty-seven MABEL HUGHES Prettiest Girl Page One Hundred Forty-eight VIRGINIA LINDSEY May Queen Page One Hundred Forty-nine ATTENDANTS TO MAY QUEEN MiLDRHD Hayes Bettie Howard Cornelia Hipp Dorothy McKenzie Evelyn Caudle Josephine Jonas Louise Beck Sarah Howard Lucille Holland Edith McDonald Virginia Smith Puye One Hundrtid Fifty ADVERTISEMENTS — 4 Compliments of l nion National Bank Lenoir, N. C. ORGANIZED 195 1 Assets Over Half A Million Dollars I SMITHEY ' S STORE I Compliments of the Great Bargain Givers I c buy your produce. We give you more : for your dollar. We handle all under one I roof for your convenience. Therefore. I Smithey ' s is bound to help everyone. We i carry a first line of groceries such as l.ihhy ' s. I Campbell ' s, Van Camp ' s. Phillips and other I stand ard brands. In dry goods, Shoes from s the largest shoe company in the U. S., I and clothing from the best fashion shops I of the country. Compliments of JOHNSON STUART COMPANY The Five and Ten BOONE, N. c. i i I I Compliments of KEPLAR ' S STYLE SHOPPE BOONE. N. C. +-.„ •!•■— uu— llll i.i. — ilil — irii — - + Compliments of SPAINHOUR ' S, INC. " Boone ' s Shopping Center " Our Aim Is To Serve You Well and Faithfully Always 4. - + Compliments of Swift Company Johnson City, Tennessee This College Uses Brookfield Butter BROA N MOUNTAIN BEACH ADAKO, N. C. (14 Miles West of Lenoir on Highway No. 171 ) ♦ Li... Swimming Htl R Diving H 2li 3 HP MI U IP ♦ -■ • .i Camping Fishing Amusements ' Spend Your Vacation Where You Can Enjoy It. ' I +- PROMPT SERVICE Quality Work and Materials Cementing a Specialty Satisfaction Guaranteed DANIEL BOONE SHOE SHOP Boone. N. C. Opposite Smithey ' s " We Serve the Public " ! I I I i I I ■+ -+ 1 D. J. COTTRELL ' S QUICK LUNCH BOONE. N. C. ' The Home of the Faryious Hamburger " + . +■■ t I ■+ -+ COMPLIMENTS OF The Pastime Theatre BOONE. N. C. I I COMPLIMENTS OF WATAUGA DRUG COMPANY BOONE. N. C. C. L. RHYNE, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL SHALE PRODl CTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FACE BRICK. COMMON BRICK AND HOLLOW BUILDING TILE " " " " " " " ' ' ' ' " ' " " " ' " " " " " " " " ' " " " ' T i THE FIVE TO FIVE STORE I I HOME OF j I Central ' s Shoes Archer ' s Beautiful Silk Hosiery I Freeman ' s Shoes — For Men — Stetson Hats I „ -, , I " An Ever Groictnc Patronage 7 ells Our Story " ! I COMPLIMENTS ' of I THE BOOK ROOM ! First [-loor Administrjtion Binldinn I I Textbooks — Stationery — Athletic Equipment I Boys ' and Girls ' School Supplies — Confections 1 •l , — 1,,. — nil— llll — DU — ail — im— Uli.— ni iu ..u ,n, — I,., i,„- -,,,, ' ., N, — i. — nil — ini — Ul. — ini — IKi — IM. — tl i — Kl. — (ilr — 111. — ..»— .»•! + EAST TENNESSEE WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD CO. LINVILLE RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY E. T. 8C W. N. C. TRANSPORTATION CO. For Dependable Service ATLANTIC GREYHOUND LINES I I +., + " ■ — + +.■ CAROLINA STORES Blue Front Stores ♦ We Save You Money BOONE, N. C. Buy in Carolina ' s Own Economy Grocery Stores I Request Greyhound iickets [ I -. .„ — ... » — .. — .... — .... — .... — .... — .... — .... — ... — ..4. •!• ' I 1 I I COMPLIMENTS OF Boone Drug Co. The Rexall Store BOONE. N. c. -+ i f With Compliments of THE GREAT ATLANTIC dc PACIFIC TEA CO. ..+ •!■ + SUMMERS HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE ONLY Hardware, Cutlery, Sporting Goods. Stoves, Ranges, Varnishes, Paints, Farm Implements, Building Materials, Railroad. Mill, Mine, Electrical. Plumbing and Heating Supplies, American Boilers and Radiators, Standard Sanitary Enamclware Johnson City, Tennessee - + I 1 4. THE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, N. C. IN THH BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS 3,333 FEET HIGH BETTER TRAINED TEACHERS FOR THE OLD NORTH STATE Where Student Activities Along Social. Intellectual. Recreational, and Religious Lines Are Fostered and Encouraged The Photographic ork In This Annual Furnished by THF BURR HARRISON STUDIO 208 4 east main street Johnson City, Tennessee Portraits of Distinction WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS •ACHIIIEVIEMIENT UN ANY ILIINIE OiF IENIDiE4VOI IIJimiE NMIUI L IMEXUllLT or AIBIIILIITY AND lExiPiEiRjiiENciEjPiyjr oiPiPOiwroNiiini: ' imilXOIMiANIIZAIIION TAIKIEjr PIKJilDIE UN iiTjjrycoEJj--jrocciEir ieajpj ieid BY TttifiE AiBiiunrr or iiirx MtMiDoy: THE rxIPIEIWIIENCIE GAIINIEID IN NiiNiEiiEiEN YiEAiKTor Erroiwr, AND TOiE oiPiPOwryNiiiinEJ oirrriMEiD iBY iiTjr ciliiientj: CtttAIKLOITIE lENGIKAVIING COM IRAN Y II NC. AKTI T -PnOTO-ENGRAVEKZ-DETIGNEPJ CHAR.LOTTE N O R T n CAP,OLI N A EJ ' TABLIJ ' ttED NINETEEN FIFTEEN RINTED BY — ■ ilstrisJ CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA Acknowledgments As vvc read the last line of proof and leave the book in the hands of our printer, we wish to gratefully acknowledge the help, patience and encouragement of those who have helped make the 9 RHODODENDRON not a dream but an actuality. Especially do we mention: Prof. Antonio Antonakos, for the division pages and art: Everette C. Toms, for photography for snapshots: Burr Harrison of the Burr Harrison Studio: Bill Mitchell and L. W. Hutchins of the Observer Print- ing House. 1 ' :AK1. ll.WW OR I 11 lidilorin-Cliirf ( ' . A. Hras ' Ki,[. Hitsiurss Mmiaticr Dat€ ' Due 1 ' • • ' ■ ' ' Iff s 1 ••, m PRINTED IN U. S. A. L I B ' i A R Y Appa ' ' ' ' " ■ ' i° Li , 4. vi— w- - --— 4 3 0346 0050422 T LIBRARY iV.V |-j. .».( ., ' ' 1-

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