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' A A JAG£R RHODODENDRON ■ 933 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA EDICATION .jtaiflH Mrs. Daulphin Disco Dougherty r •vi DEDICATION T, IP ll ll O OUR CLASS-MOTHER, MRS. DAULPHIN DISCO DOUGHERTY, AND OUR OWN MOTHERS: THE FORMER, PRESENT SINCE THE ORIGIN OF AP- PALACHIA, EVER PATIENT AND SYM- - PATHETIC, EVER WILLING TO REN- DER SERVICE, EVER EAGER TO OFFER ENCOURAGEMENT: THE LATTER, EVER PRESENT IN OUR HEARTS TO GUIDE AND INSPIRE, UNFALTERING IN THEIR CONFIDENCE AND CON- STANT IN THEIR LOVE — TO THESE. OUR MOTHERS, WE DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF " THE RHODODENDRON. ' " im Old Academy — one of the first buildings to appear on campus. i TO OUR CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS IT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE ANNUAL STAFF TO PRESENT STUDENT LIFE AS THE CAMERA SEES IT. IT IS OUR EARNEST ENDEAVOR TO MIRROR IN A COMPOSITE PORTRAIT THE SIMPLE DAILY LIFE AS IT APPEARS ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUS AND TO SUGGEST THOSE FACTORS WHICH BEST CHAR- ACTERIZE THE INVIGORATIVE AND CO-OPERATIVE SPIRIT OF APPALACHIA. N T E N T Book I College Faculty Book II Classes Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Book III Athletics Book IV ... . Organizations Societies Activities Book V Features Just one of the side attrac- tions around the college. Appalachia Song Main College Promenade College History Any thorough history of Appalachian State Teachers College must nec- essarily include a review of the early dates, undertakings, and events associated with the lives of its founders. Its success is unquestionably a result of their untiring efforts. Moreover, they planted its ideals; to raise the standards of citizenship in the state and to encourage the education of her poorest boy and girl. In 1899. two brothers. D. D. Dougherty and B. B. Dougherty, returned from a successful teaching career to their old homestead in the Appalachian Mountains. In their hearts burned the desire to establish a school of higher learning, a desire which set for them no easy task. Moved by the sincerity of these two young educators, their father. Mr. Daniel Boone Dougherty, and their neighbor. Mr. J. F. Hardin, donated the site for the prospective institu- tion. But more than a sight was necessary. In fact, funds were likewise essential. Mr. B. B. Dougherty assumed the responsibility of procuring them. He succeeded. Some gave as little as twenty- five cents, others donated lumber and their services, and the largest gift, five hundred dollars, came from Mr. Moses H. Cone of Greensboro. Mr. Dough- erty ' s zeal attracted donations from virtually every state east of the Mississippi. Justice Hall, Boys ' Dormitory i Consequently Watauga Academy, with the two brothers as co-principals, opened in the late fall of 1899. Here southern teachers were able to obtain valuable training for their profession. It was soon obvious that such an institution, privately-owned and with a limited capacity, was insufficient. Commodious quarters were in g i New Dormitory, Girls ' Home demand, and Mr. B. B. Dougherty and Captain E. F. Lovill, one Sunday in 1903, wrote the charter for the Appalachian Training School. Honorable W. C. Newland presented it to the Legislature, where it encountered fiery opposi- tion. The charter proposed to establish a school devoted entirely to the training of teachers. i Refectory, where we dine W-- i Recognizing the present and future value of a training school of this type. Superintendent Dougherty advocated its establishment so logic- ally and effectively that the opposition in the Legislature was converted intc5 support. As a result. North Carolina became the first southern state to offer specialized training to its teachers. im w u m An annual appropriation ot $2,000 for cur- rent expenses and $1,500 for buildings was granted on the condition that an equal amount be subscribed by private donations. The public- spirited mountaineers removed this condition and a period of steady development followed. In 1921 Mr. B. B. Dougherty was elected Girls ' Gymnasium where centers physical education « ' ?Kwrjs Boys ' Gymnasium here indoor ath- letic contests are staged I president and Mr. D. D. Dougherty, treasurer and busines.s manager. Legislative action in 1925 changed the name to The Appalachian State Normal School, and in 1929 to The Ap- palachian State Teachers College, authorizing it to confer such degrees as are common in Ameri- can colleges. i From a student body numbering six hundred in 1929 and a first graduating class of eleven, Appalachia has grown to have a student body of one thousand and seventy-nine in 1933 and a prospective graduating class of seventy-eight. These figures, of course, do not include the two- year normal students. The institution has ex- College InFirmary in its winter dress 1 g Power dam, the source of light for the college ip- e ' ■■ . ■• ?• ' .-«v m pericnccd nothing but progress since its foun- dation. Progressive in its various programs, athletic, scholastic, and professional, the college today is rapidly taking its place among the larger institutions of the state. Its present is encouraging: its future, auspiciou.s. i Faculty A youth essayed the heights. ' Why do you climb. ' ' " Asked one who sat at ease. 7 search for knowledge. Truth, and life. " The youth replied. ' Do you believe They lie beyond. ' ' " The doubter asked. The climber simply said. 7 know: My Teacher showed the way. " Page Twenty Dr. B. b. Dougherty. A.B.. Ph.B., LL.D. President Faculty Mrs. D. D. Dougherty Treasurer Dr. J. D. RANKIN. A.B., A.M.. S.T.D. Dean: English Chapell Wilson. A.B.. A.M. Director of Demonstration Work: Psychology J. M. DOWNUM. A.B. Registrar A. R. SMllll. A.B.. A.M. Chemistry Ida Belle Ledbetter, A.B., A.M. Biology Miss Jennie Todd Supervisor of Women: Penmanship A. M. Norton. A.B.. A.M. English Page Twenly-iwo Faculty D. J. Whitener. A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. History G. L. Sawyer. A.B. Psychology J. T. C. Wright. A.B.. A.M. Mathematics and Physics Herman R. Eggers. A.B.. A.M. Education J. A. Williams. A.B.. A.M. Geography V. C. HOWELL. A.B.. A.M. History ANTONIUS ANTONAKOS. B.S. Physics Miss Maude Cathcart, B.S.. A.M. Biology Page Twenty-three Faculty w. Amos Abrams. A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. English Mrs. Van Hinson. A.B.. A.M. French Van Hinson. A.B.. M.Ed. Educdion MISS LiLv Dale. B.S.. A.M. Home Economics G. L. Smith. A.B. English and Education Miss Theodocia Watson. B.S. Primary Education C. B. Johnston. A.B. Physical Education R. W. WATKINS. A.B. History: Assistant Physical Education Miss Merc:i:r JAf:KSON. B.S. Assistant in Physical Education for Women Page Twenty-lour Faculty Miss Elizabeth Rucker. B.S. Art Miss Katherine Harwell Art J. Harold Wolfe. A.B.. A.M. History and Sociology A. J. Greene English Miss Carrie I. Smith. A.B.. A.M. English and Education Guy H. Hill. A.B.. A.M. Principal of Boone High School and Professor of Secondary Education Miss Virginia Wary. B.M. Music Miss Carolyn Weaver. B.S.. A.M. Primary Education Miss Dolly LeMay. B.S.. A.M. Physical Education for Women Page Twenty-five Facility ' li. Bernard D. Dougherty. B.S. Assistant Business Manaqer Mrs FiMMA Moore Librarian I.KONARD EURY, A.B. Librarian Miss Maude Greene Secretary to President Miss Nancy Lewis Secretary to Treasurer Mrs. D. C. Redmond Secretary to Registrar Mrs. Lily B. Hardin Matron New Dormitory Miss Lona Moretz Matron Lovill Home Mrs. V. V. McConnell Dietitian Mrs. Stella Barnes Secretary to Dean Page Twenty-six I ' age Thirlu Seniors — A la Kipling When the last exams are ended. And our brains are empty and dry: When no professors can flunk us, No matter how hard they try: We shall rest — and how we shall need it! Just sit down and breathe for awhile; Then up. and while we ' re about it, We ' ll save the world in great style. And maybe our conscience will praise us. For everyone else will blame — But then, although one might doubt it. That ' s just a part of the game! W K. li. Miip:s J. Whitener A. Anhinakms L. Moore H. Coins D. Powlas Senior Class Officers Kelly G. Miles President Jack Whitener Mascot ANTONIUS ANTONAKOS Sponsor Louise Moore Vice-President Herbert Coins Secretary Della Powlas Treasurer Colors: Black and Silver FLOWER: American Beauty Rose MoTTO: " They conquer who believe they can. " Page Thirly-one HERMAN ASHLEY. Bristol. Va. B.S. Physical Education and Science -Motto: " Kerf cool anil you cotnmatui all. " Herman is low in stature hut hi«;li in ability. AlthouKh he is med- ically inclined, we feel that the teaching profession will «et a worthy man. He is a hinlogy shark and has a personality that will be con- tril)utory to his success in this field. RAY ALEXANDER. B.S. Mount Ulla. N. C. Mathematics and Science Presbyter ianTic form Asso- A. (2); Iiiter-nunal Sports Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3) ; ciation (1, 2): Tennis (2. 3. 4); V. M. C. Motto: " Give your life royalty. " " Aleck " is one of those who will do the job he is assigned and you can rest assured that it will he done well. He possesses that tine trait nf knowing just when to speak. With such (lualities as are found in him. there is little need of forecasting his success in the world. CLINT BIARD. B.S. Boone. N. C. Physical Education and Science . lott( ; " Hit is the suit of conversation. " Xcat, punctual, always smiling. Anatomy and chemistry authority. " Clint ' s " optimism will carry him far. Although his inclinations are toward the teaching profession, he would succeed as a banker, for he can always raise the " dough. " " Clint " has a weakness for mountain scenery, especially around Banner ' s Elk. TRACY C. BALLOU. B.S. BOONH. N. C. Mathematics and Science Member Science Club (2) ; Uankin-Wilson I-iterary Society (2, . , 4 1 , " ice- President (2). Chairman (.?, 4) ; Intercollegiate Uebater (2, i, 4) ; ' ice-President of North Carolina Intercollegiate Forensic Associ- ation (3); Representative at N. C. I. F. A. (3. 4). Motto: " To set the eausc above renoxvn; to phiy the aine beyond the price. " Neat in appearance, courteous itj maimers, efficient in work. These are the qualities that characterize Hal Ion. In graduating he leaves a host of friends among the faculty and the student liody. Here is to you, " T. C. " May you have a long and successful life and may all your troubles be " Little one ' s. " Page Thtrtytwo MRS. HESSIE DULA BENNETT. B.S. JOY. N. C. Primary Education Motto: " Speech is the }iiinor of a man ' s soul: as a man speaks, so is he. " Her strength and steady dependableness make her a very successful student. She is dignified, industrious and intelligent. Whatever she Js assigned to do she enters with such vim that she always comes out on top. We know that she will succeed. MARY GRAC E BRADFORD. B.S. Concord. N. C. Primary Education Dynecian Literary Society ( 1 , 2, 3, 4 ) , Secretary (4 ) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (3, 4), President (4); Presbyterian-Reform Association {1, 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); New Dormitory Club (2. 3. 4). Motto: " There is no better relit ion than to he happy. " Grace is the embodiment of cheerfulness — the ideal pal. 1( you want some one to laugh with you or cry with you. then Grace is the one you need. Luck will surely be yours, Grace, wherever you go. MYRTLE BRANDON. B.S. Fort Mills. S. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2); South Carolina Club (1); Lovill Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (4); Presbyterian-Reform Association (2, 3, 4); Student Assistant in Dem- onstration School (3, 4 ) . Motto: " Nothing is so difficult hut that it may be found out by seeking. " Ability is the word for Myrtle. She has won for herself first jilace as a school teacher. She will be missed by all when she leaves the campus but she will certainly be an asset to the teaching profession. LOUVELLA BRICKHOUSE. B.S. Columbia. N. C. Physical Education and Science Thalian Literary Society (I), Corresponding Secretary (1): Verni- cian Literary Society (2, 3, 4), President. Treasurer, Censor; Y. V. C. A. (2. }. 4); New Dormitory Club U, 4). Secretary and Treasurer Lily Dale Home Economics Club (4); B. Y. P. V. (1, 2); Y. W. A. (1. 2. i, 4); East Carolina Club (1): Memlier of Girls ' Athletic AssocI ation (4): Girls ' Tennis Club (4). Motto: " Our youth wc can hare but today. IVc uiay alzvay.t find time to c ro7v old. " Brick ' s ready wit. friendly smile, and song drives all care away. She takes her work seriously, however so long as it doesn ' t iiUerfere with extra-curricular activities. K : jf ' % Mi Page Thirty-three WILLIE KATE BRIGGS. B.S. Mars Hill, N. C. Grammar Grade Education 3, 4): Y. VV. I ' hila Ketian Literary Society (1. W " . A. (21. Si-cretary (2). C. A. (2); Y. Mi ' ttu: " Keep stniliiifi and (jo fonvarj. ' Willie Katf tins !)een a faitlifiil and patient nienihcr of our class ami is rt-ady t i do lit-r part. The school always takes first place in her heart, after tliat she finds room for others. It is needless to say that her future is assured. DURHAM BRACKETT. Mollis. N. C. B.S. Science and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (1. 2. 3). Critic (2); Baskethall ii). Motto: , zoord o»cc escaped can nvx ' cr he recalled. " Durham has come to us after having had much experience in the field of pedaKosy- The class of ' .l.S has found him to he ever williiiR. I)atient, kind, and anxious to roll np his scholastic record in the hi h school tield after having once prepared himself in the grammar rade field. We fetl tliat he will do e«|ually as well in this field. DELERAH BUCKNER. B.S. MARS Hill. N. C. Primary Education Motto: " Honors come by dilifieiiee. " Deltrah has only heen with us two years, but she has made a eood lecnrd. Sincere, quick and modest. She works easily without making any fuss over what she has accomplished. We know that if she con- tinues as she has here, she is bound to reach the top. BERNICE CARTER. B.S. Marshall, N. C. Primary Education Asheville Teachers College (1, 2, 3) : Thalian Literary Society (4) ; V. W. C. A. (A); New Dormitory Club (4); Music Club (4); Home Kconomics Club (4) : Y. W. A. (4). Motto: " Reason is not measured by sice or hcifjiit. but by principle. " She ' s (juiet, reserved, but when you know her, what fun! Her greatest desire is to be a friend to everyone. Wc know she ' ll succeed. Pane Thirty-four ELIZABETH CHENAULT. WiLLARD. N. C. B.S. Primary Education Motto: " A 3 ' mind is my kingdom. " Coming to us from E. C. T. C. in ' 32 " Lib ' has proven to be an energetic worker. She not only leaves a good scholastic record but a host of friends who have learned the meaning of will-power and deter- mination. We are sure success will be hers. EUGENIA CLARK. B.S. Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: " Patience is the best rctncdy for every trouble. " Eugenia has been a straight forward, upright, earnest worker, and one who will live long in our memories. She is always ready to do anything for the good of the school. She manages to get along well with everyone and has a host of friends. DANA COWLES. B.S. Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Motto: " A thing of beauty is a joy forever. " The adonis of the senior class and a student of a superior type is Dana. He hails from Watauga County, dresses immaculately, and chooses beautiful girls for his dates. Dana has not played a mighty role in extra-curricular activities, but as an earnest student and de- pendable friend he has few peers. Appalachia will miss you. Dana! JOHNSIE DARE COVINGTON. B.S. Derita. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society ( 1 ) ; President of New Dormitory Circle of Y. W. A. (1); Vice-President of the B. Y. P. U. (1). Motto : ' H ' hen duty whispers lovu. replies, ' I can ' ' Thou must ' . Youth To one who is not well acquainted with her, Johnsie may seem quiet and reserved; those of us who know her find her one of the best friends we have. Her naturally cheerful disposition is aided by an everlasting desire to be kind to others. With her ability, perseverance and charming manner we know that she will succeed. Page Thirty-five IRENE DAVIS. B.S, BOONE. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Wataiiya Cnunty Club (1, 2); Current History CIiili (4). Motto; " Why worry Life is too short. " Gock! iKitiirc, frieiulliiicss, and st-riousntss makes " Kenc " the likeable nirl that she is. She is popular with l)oth boys and k ' Is antl she will be missed by all after graduation. Our class wishes for her the best life has to offer. ROBERT DAVIS. B.S. BooNb, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4). Secretary and Treasurer (,l) ; Watauga County Club (1, 2). Motto: ' Wisely and slozv; they stumble that run fast. " ' Bob " is good natured. friendly and kind. All these blended together makes him a likeable member of our class. We find in " Hob " a per- sonality that wins an himest number of friends wherever he goes. If you want a thing dune ami done well go to " Bob. " With his natural determination success is bound to follow. ORA LEE B. DAY. B.S. BURNSVILLE. N. C. Grammar Grade Education East Tennessee Teachers College (1); Duke University Summer School ' 29; I ' niversity of Tennessee Spring and Summer ' 30, ' 31. ' S2; ernician Literary Society (3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (3) ; Class Basketball (3) ; Science Club. Motto: " To be, Jo; for the fight has just bctiun. " Ora Lee came to us with much experience and with many ideas for he ' hatl experienced college life on many of the other college campuses. She is attractive, conscienticnis, willing to work, and has high ideals. She has been an inspiration to us, and we feel that a worthy place awaits her. Here are our best wishes, Ora Lee. CLEO VIRGINIA DEAN, B.S. COLPAX. N. C. Primary Education Lovill Club (1); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Phila Rcliaii I.ilcrary Society (1. 2, i. 4). President (4)-, Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, i, 4); Home Economics Club (4). Reporter (4); Music Club (4). Motto: " ImUatioiij are seldom reliable; be yourself. " In Cieo we tinrl an unusual person. Her sincere smile reveals sweet- ness, modesty, and charm. Her colleKe life, socially and scluilastically, is sufficient indication that great success will be hers. Page Thirty-six ROY DOTSON. B.S. Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: " There is a silowc zvliich expresses ez ' ery thing. " Mr. Dotson is one of the few of our number who has a family. He is both optimistic and serious, upholds the right, and follows truth. These quah ' ties combined with vision, convictions, experience, and will- power make him an able minister, an excellent teacher and a fine scholar. MRS. OLA DOTSON FURR. B.S. Boone. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: ' ' Loyal hearted, strong of mind, a finer girl you n-ever fin-d. " A charming personality characterizes Ola. She enters whole hearted into everything she undertakes and we have never seen her fail. She is always ready for work, and adds dignity to our senior procession. MIGHT DOTSON. Boone. N. C. B.S. Science and Physical Education Freshman Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Varsity Base- ball (1. 2); Football (2); Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Tennis (4); Letter Club (3, 4); Watauga County Club (3). Motto: " Alcn of fc7V xcords arc the best men. " " Dot " is one of the best fellows that A. S. T. C. has ever pro- duced. Jolly, trustworthy, conscientious, a combination found only in the best, and in Uight we have all these plus. In work or play " Dot " has always played his part, and always with efficiency. We believe in you and expect great things of you. We know you won ' t fail us. ALICE EDWARDS. Tryon. N. C. B.S. Grammar Grade Education Motto: " True zvarth is being, net seeming. " In Alice, fun and seriousness are combined in just the right pro- portion. Her good nature is one of her outstanding characteristics. No matter how gloomy the situation. Alice will always see the brighter side. Here is to your success, Alice! Page Thirty-seven THEO EDWARDS, B.S. GlBSONVll.I.E. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Klon (1, 2); Thalian r.itcrary Society (, , ■(). icc-Prcsidcnt (.!, 4), Kcprcscnlativc (4). Chiiirister (4); New IJormitory CIuli (. ' , 4); Y. W. I " . A. (. , 4), Choir (.i. 4); Glee Club (4); Dramatic Club (4J; Music Club (4): Tennis Club (3); B. Y. P. U. O. 41, Choirister (.3), CJroup Captain (3), Choirister (4). Motto: ' There is )io truer truths obtainabtc comes of music. " man tlian Theo ' s fine (ualitics, alonp with her sweet disposition, tend to make her one of our best students. She is ambitious, dein-ndable, and capable of assuming resiKjnsibility. She will find success wherever she goes. BONNIE FORTUNE. B.S. BosTlC. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill College (1, 2); Member of Rutherford County Club. Motto: " The surest zvay iwt to fail is to determine to suceeed. " Bonnie is Rood-natured, friendly and faithful to the last. She is always ready for work, and we wish for her the best life offers. J. P. FOX. B.S. Boone. N. C. Mathematics and Science Motto: " Steam that blo7vs the jvhistle will never turn the wheel. " J. P. is the felhtw for us. He is frank, fricnfily. and a Rood sport. Iff has the determination to make Rood, lie will I)fcansf he has plenty of inspiration. Is he lucky ? Just take a Uxik at the little Rirl that makes him walk the straiRht ami narrow path. Here ' s to you, J. P, .Success will be yours. MARGARET GIVENS. B.S. Rock Hill. S. C. Grammar Grade Education y. V. C. A. (I. 2, 3); Lovill Club (3); South Carolina Club (3); .■ tuilent Assistant in Library (3, 4). Motto: " A blessed companion is a book. " Quiet, modest— these are characteristics of Margaret. She has shown by her record that she can do what is expected of her. We predict ;i glorious future. Page Thirty-eight JAMES A. GLOVER. B.S. Bailey. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4) , Chaplain (1 ), President (2). Secretary and Treasurer (2), Critic (4) ; President of Class (2) : President of Methodist Club (2); Treasurer of Y. M. C. A. (2); Inter- collegiate Debating (1, 2); Class Basketball (1, 2, 4); Editor-in-Chief of The Rhododendron (4); Honor Teaching (4). Motto: " Today ' s foundation determines tomorrow ' s destination. " James is one of those irresistible fellows that you can ' t help but like. He is small in stature but his intellectual capacity makes up for it. He is a good student, but not a book worm. He has shown aJiility in leadership and arguing. The only person to get the best of him in an argument is his wife. In short he is a born leader, and here ' s wish- ing you luck as you go out to conquer life. HERBERT COINS. B.S. VALE. N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin- Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3) ; Varsity Football (1, 2. 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Letter Club (2, 3. 4); Secretary of Class (4). Motto: " Smile, and the tcorld (ircets you with a smile. " " Will, the II " came to us in the fall of ' 29 and has been with us ever since. " Will " was A, S. T. C. ' s outstanding athlete the past year. We are looking forward to your success. Women? Just a little bit. LOUISE HAIGLER. B.S. Unionville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4). Cabinet (3), Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (1). Vice- President (2). Censor (2). President (4) : Presbyterian Reform Asso- ciation (3, 4) ; Union County Club (2, 4), President (4) ; Dramatic Club (4); Music Club (4). Motto: " Whatever is worth doing at ail is worth doing well. " A winsome personality, purity of heart, happy disposition, and a dependable faculty make up Louise. She has many friends and she is faithful to them. We know that she will have a successful future. VELVA HAMRICK. B.S. Shelby, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Boiling Springs Junior College (1, 2); Thalian Literary Society (3, 4); B. Y. P. U. f3, 4): Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Cleveland County Club (3, 4): New Dormitory Club (3, 4). Motto: " By the works one knows the workman. " Velva is the kind of a girl we like. She came to us from Boiling Springs Junior College with her friendly smile and winning personality. She has made friends with everyone. She is a girl of high ideals and strength of character and we know these will carry her to the top. ' , -vi : Page Thirty-nine c„ MYRTLE HARMON, B.S. Sugar Grove. N. C. Pnmani Education Motto: " Hitch yoiir wayon to a star. " W will truly miss Myrtle ' s friendly smile and kind tleeds. hut w r are indeed (ilad to claim iter as one of our classmates. Success al»ay.s conies to those who work while others sleep, and this is Myrtle. HERMAN HEAENER. B.S. LINCOLNTON, N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, ,1. 4), Chaplain (1). Critic (2). Chaplain (.1), President (4); Lincoln County Club (1, 4); Y. M. C. A. H. .!); B. S. Cluh (I, 2, }, 4). Motto: " A tilcosintr .imilr, and a little ' vord of kindness is ncz ' er lost. " " Liim " has a happy-so-lucky attitude at play, hut he is sincere in all work. He merits success and happiness because of his natural ability. Kood nature, and scholarship. WINNIE HEAENER. B.S. LINCOLNTON. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Dynician Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Critic (2. 3). Treasurer (.0. President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 41 President (41; Lincoln County Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (4); (ike Cbib (1. 2, i. 4). Secretary (4); Methodist Club (2. 3. 4), Presi- le7it (3, 4). Motto: " To set the cause ahvfe rciuriin. to have the fiatnc above the frrise. " Even thoukdi Winnie is small in stature she is big of heart and mind. She enters wlu.le-heartedly into everytbins she undertakes and we have never seen her fail. We are n " t worryini! aliout her succeeding. LESTER HOLLAR. B.S. New Hope. N. C. Mathematics and Science M itto: " Thorouiihly to believe in one ' s o-wnself is to do fireat things. " Lester is a good worker aiul never comes ui short. For him tile future is promisinK. lie has biKh iileals ami ambitions which are l|Uill on a solid foiinilation. lie is fond of the fairer sex, but none of Hum have found the grounds on which he surrenders. We are sure that success will be his. Luck to you, Lester. iM Page Forty MABEL HOLDEN, B.S. Yadkinville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Phila Retian Literary Society (2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (.i. 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3. 4); Yad- kin County Club (1, 2). Motto: " Laugh and the zvorld laughs zi ' itli ami yon cry alone. " Mabel is a girl of noble character and high ideals. She has the de- termination and ability to succeed. For her the future is promising. you ; cry ROOSEVELT HUNT, B.S. Boone, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Rankin Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (1), Presi- dent (2), Chaplain (4); President of Y. M. C. A. (2); Secretary of B. S. U. (1); Rutherford County Club (1), President (2). Motto: " Still water runs deepest. " Hunt is one of the finest fellows we have ever known — a good student and a pleasant companion. He has taken part in many religious activities on the campus and is a hustling merchant. The teaching pro- fession of North Carolina will find in " T. R. " a valuable asses. VIRGINIA HUNT. B.S. High Point, N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (3. 4); Dynician Literary Societv (1, 2. 3, 4), Secretary (2), Vice-Prerident (2). President (3); Tenni ' , Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Secretary of Junior Class; Annual Staff (4); Phys- ical Education Major Club. Motto: " Serve all but love only (rnc. " " Frankie " is almost all we could wish for any girl. She is sweet, attractive, cooperative, and popular. Happy-go-lucky though she seems, she may be depended uiion to take part in all extra-curricular activi- ties. Consequently she is — and, we feel will continue to be, — very much in demand. We wonder if the teaching profession will be fortunate enough to get her? Here is luck and plenty of it. MITTIE HUSKINS, B.S. BURNSVILLE, N. C. Primary Education Motto: " A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. " Mittie possesses the three qualities that are necessary to success: personality, character, and intelligence. By her being rated in the upper part of our class, is proof enough that she will make good in the teach- ing profession. Luck to you 1 .1 ' Page Forty-one RAY KANNMACHER. Marshall, III. B.S. Physical Education and Science Franklin College (1, 2); Football (.!, 4), Motto: " Tilt- rifiltt man in the right place. " " Kann " came to us from Franklin Collcpe. For two years he has proven himself a leader in athletics, always unsatisfied until his scholastic standing was among the highest. Once you know him you have found a real friend . We are cxjiecting him to make a liig mark on " The Slate, " so here ' s to you, " Kann. " J. MALCOLM LAXTON, B.S. Kings Creek. N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3); Treasurer of Junior Class; B. S. U. President (2. 3. 4); Advertising Manager of The Rhodo- DE.NDRON (4); Glee Club (1, 2). Motto: " Religion a necessity, tcachinii a prnfes.rion, dramatics a hobby. " -Malcolm is a firm l eJicver that one is lost in the worlrl if he is lacking in religious e. i)erience. lie takes much interest in church work. His record in his preparation is convincing that he is going into the field considering it as a profession and not as a stepping stone. The future will prove his success. JACOB LENTZ, B.S. SALISBURY, N, C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (2. 3, 4), President (4), Assistant .Secretary (4). .Motto: " Love yaur labor and your reward leiU come later. " Jacob has not been with us as long as some in our class but is finishing with the class that was once ahead of him. Mis scholastic record is one that all of us are proud of and at all times he has con- trilmted much to the class. Although he mastered his subjects, he has ample time for the social side of life. Here goes one who is capable. JAMES LENTZ, B.S. Salisbury, N. C. Mathematics and Science Apiial.ichian Literary Society (2, }. 4), Secretary (4); Basketball (J); Class Basketball (4). Motto: " mee it all to mother. " James has all the qualities necessary for success. His charnn ' ng personality, his character, his perseverance, and his high degree of in- telligence ' have made him outstanding on the campus. W ' e know he gf»es out to conquer. Here ' s wishing you luck, James. Page Forty-two ■«■ ' -- ti.- ' ati.:- ' HUBERT LEONHEARDT. B.S. Cherryville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: " The only 7cay to have a friend is to be one. " Hubert deserves congratulations and praise if any member of the class does. He is steady, constant, and persistent. He will be missed in the classroom and on the campus, but the teaching profession will have gained a reliable man. CARRIE MAE LOWE. B.S. Union Mills. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Censor (.1) ; Rutherford County Club (1, 2, 4J ; B. S. J. Council Secretary (4); New Dormitory Club (3). Motto: " Honor lie. ho-n-est toil. " Carrie Mae is a quiet girl with a big heart to do right and to be a friend to everyone. Her ideals are the highest and her friendship js prized by many. The class is proud of members like Carrie Mae. MRS. ZELZA McCOURY. B.S. SENIA. N. C. Primary Education Motto: " Step by step the ladder is ascended. " Dependable and loyal always, and ready to do her bit with a smile. She does not depend on books alone for her education; her charming personality grasps much for her. FRED MACDONALD. B.S. POTTSDAM. N. Y. Science and Physical Education Football (1,2,3,4). Captain (2); Outa State Club (1), President (1); Member of Letter Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Motto: " Look before or you will find yourself behind. " Fred, who hails from Pottsdam. has distinguished himself on the campus by his ability to play football and to make friends with anyone whom he meets. Bull sessions led by " Freddie " were enjoyed by all. He was never serious in his studies until he was married but now takes a great interest in them. Page Forty-three Rr iSi R».::wn i:f» i. a ■h:;:..iif ' ifh hiJW! u :. »; .B ..AM. ' .i -r. ' SlJJ itrJ t iZ- .a:: . u.. .?:v.v.--.i ' -j ty. " KATE McINTYRE. B.5. WlNGATE, N. C. Primary Education WiiiRatc Junior CollcKc (1. 2); V. W. C. A. (3. 4). Cabinet (.1. 4); (ilee C ' liib (4); Thalian Literary Society (3, 4); Music Club (4). Motto: " Be yourself. " CominR to us from Wingate, Kate has meant much to our class. o matter what hap| ens. Kate usually manages tu have a good time and causes others to do the same. Our best wishes follow her as bhe leaves. MONROE MCINTOSH. B.5. Cane River. N. C. Grammar Grade Education President of Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2), Charter Memljcr of Rankin-W ' ilsoii Literary Society. Motto: " Till- 7vHl make the Monroe is one of those sturlcnts who always has a smile for all his comrades and who is willing to take fart in any wnrthwhile activity and see it through. In him. though he has been out fur some time, we have foun l a hard antl willing worker and ever briiiyinK to our campus his experiences and willingly sharing them with tis. He has already I»roven his ability in the teaching profession and there is little to worry about his success in the future. BLAINE MILLER. Boone. N. C. B.S. Mathematics and Science Motto: " Let the mati ivho does not wish to be idle fall in love. " Blaine is an outstanding student in both mathematics and science. • Although he has been a day student, he has made many friends among the students. lie has proven assistaiue to many of his friends. His absence will be missed by all those who know him around the campus. KELLY GEORGE MILES. B.S. Miles. N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3), President (2), Critic (2) ; Y. M. C. A. (3). President (3); Student Assistant in Physics (2. .L 4 ) ; Assistant in Physics Summer Terms (Ml. M2) ; Technician for Dramatic Productions (.?, 4) ; Class President (4). Motto: " The Truth xhall make you free. " With a pleasant expression always on his face, and a very pleasing personality, Kelly is liked by all with whom he comes in contact. He has made a record of which any man could be justly nroud. In physics, his major sul)ject. he is a genius, as is shown by his oeing an instructor in the laboratory. Cood luck, " Kilogram, " we arc betting on you. Page Forty-four i LOUISE MOORE, B.S. Patterson. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (1, 2. . , 4). Critic (2), Vice-President (3), Corresponding Secretary (4) ; New Dormitory Club (2, i, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); B. S. U. Council (4) : Vice-President Class (4) ; Caldwell County Club (1) ; Librarian Demonstration School (3, 4). Motto : " Men — what foolish things they are. " In Louise we find a girl possessed with all the qualities of a true friend and a scholar. It is her dependability, refinement and sweet disposition that makes all who know her love her. With those we can visualize only happiness and success for her. PAULINE MOSTELLER. B.S. VALE. N. C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2). Censor (3), Critic (4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (2) ; Lincoln County Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Lutheran S. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Secretary (2), President (3); Tennis Club (3). Motto: " Rather be small and cast a light than large a.nd cast a shadow. " " Pean " is capable and kind, courteous and a jolly good sport. Her magnetic personality has drawn her many friends. She has made a fine record at Appalachia. We ' re expecting as much of her future. RUTH MULL, B.S. Thomasville. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: " Discretion of speech is more eloquence. " Ruth is gentle, friendly, sweet and considerate. She is loyal to her friends, her work and to herself. She has the determination and ability to succeed, and we know that she will. CHARLES NORTON. B.S. Boone. N. C. Science and Mathematics Basketball (1); Debating Team (2); Football (3). Motto: " Lofe makes men speak for themselves. " Popular, dignified, intellectual. Math shark and geography wizard. Charles is a student who delivers the goods but does not spend all his time studying. He depends on his originality and reasoning power to put him through. To know Charles is to like him. We see a bright future for him as an engineer. Page Forty-five tiiKiii. ai rfCTavc=.j: i. ' rwxv c i«D ■j.: ,rwaftVft;;;;a Mt,:?:;jtfflfc ;; BJKSaWPr; ' - " ViT Hh ' t - iM: ' Wi LOUISH PATTON. B.S. Marion. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mars Hill Collek-e (1. 2); B. Y. P. U. (3, 4); Y. W. A. (3), President (3) : Critic Tlialian Literary Society (4), Secretary (4) ; President of Mars Hill Club (3): B. S. V. (3 " ); President of McDowell Club (3): Student Assistant in Library (4); V. V. C. A. (3. 4). Motto: " l.ixittii far others, sttiHiug always; ctithusiastic ever in work or in play. " Mars Hill ' s ideal, Appalachian ' s pride. Louise, loyal in work, sincere in friendship, true in love, has won many friends by her cheerful voice and heli ful ways. If the educational world ives back to her what she has put into her college courses, we know that her future will be suc- cessful and happy. Renieniher, Louise, we will look tiack and treasure every day you have si)ent with us. KERMIT PENDLETON. B.5. VALE, N. C. Science and Physical Education Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Young Men ' s C-hristian Association; Lincoln County Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); B. S. Club (3. 4). Motto: " There is nothinp so kind as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth. " " Kermit " represents the spirit of jolly comradeship. He advocates fun. but does not permit it to assume the frinit tif the stage. He is good-natvu ' ed, kindly disposed, and consistent. In all things he is very optimistic; he has a profound feeling for others. His smile, congeniality, cheerfulness, and unselfishness command respect and admiration. EDITH PRESTON. B.S. Tryon, N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education N. C. C. W. (1): Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Critic (4); .New Dormitory Club (2, 3. 4), Vice-President (4); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3. 4); Letter Club (2. 3, A), Secretary (3); Major Club; Athletic As- sociation; Tennis Club (2, 3, 4), President (3); Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4). Captain (4); Varsity Volley Ball (4); Student Teacher in Physical Education. Motto; " Good sports are rare. " The best athlete that has ever attended A. S. T. C. Preston has won a permanent place in the hearts of those whom she has come in coTitact. She is a true example of one who takes the code of a sports- man and lives by it daily, (ioixl luck to you —Edith! DELLA POWLAS. B.S. Cleveland, N. C. Phifcical Education and Science Mitchell College (1); Phila Ketian Literary .Society (2, 3, 4), Vice- Prcs. (3), Pres. (4); New Dormitory Club (3); Lovill Club (4); Y. V. C. A. (2. 3. 4). Vice-Pres. (4); Y. V. C. A. Jr. Cabinet (3». IVes. (3); Vice-President Junior Class; Treas. Senior Class; Letter Club (2, 3, 4); C.irls ' Major Club, Prcs. (3); Cirls ' Tennis Club (2. 3. 4). Mgr. (3); N ' arsity Basketball (2. 3. 4), ( ' apt. (3); Varsity ' ollev Ball (4); Hockey Team (4); Captain Block L1jor Team (4): U. T. O. L. (4); Athletic Editor of Rhododendron (4); Sturlent Teacher in Physical Educatitm. Motto: " A shininfi smile, t olden hair, about this lady is a most lovable air. " Delia came to us from Mitchell College in 1930 and ever since she has been an outstanding athlete anil an efficient leader in athletics as well as in other campus activities. Her personality plus her red hair makes her one of the most popular girls on our campus. We are sure that she will succeed because of her al ility and determination. Here is to you, Del, may the best in life be yours. Page Forty-six BEN ROSS, B.S. Burlington, N. C. Science and Physical Education Rankin-Wilson Literarv Society (4), ' ice-President (4); Presbyterian- Reform Association (1, 2). Secretary (2); Y. M. C. A. (2); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1); Intra-Mural Sports (4); East Carolina Club (1. 2). !Motto: " zvomen interfere with wo-rk, quit zvork. " Here ' s to the friendliest boy in the Senior Class! He is a good athlete and will be greatly missed by the baseball team. His wonderful ability to make and hold friends has won for him a great distinction. There will be many heartaches when he is gone. If you want a true friend, Ben is always there with the bells on. The whole Senior Class wishes for him the greatest success in his future undertakings. BESSIE RUDISILL. B.S. Newton, N. C. Primary Education Teacher Training Farm Life School (1); Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Qub (2. 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (4); Music Club (4); Dramatic Club (4). Motto: " Give to the world a bright, sunny smile; be true to your zvord and to your friends. " A dependable, steady kind of a person with great ambition and high ideals, is Bessie. Her personality radiates among her associates. Like a wise man she thinks much and talks little. ELVA SHERMER, B.S. Yadkinville. N. C. Mathematics and Physical Education Vernician Literary Society (2, 3. 4), Critic (3), Corresponding Sec- retary (3), Vict-President (3), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (3, 4); B. Y. P. U. (2); Lily Dale Home Eco- nomics Club (4); Physical Education .Major Club (4). Motto: " Quiet dignity hides a zvcalth of zcijidoin and effieieney. " Elva, better known as " Shermer. " is admired by all. Her attractive- ness and sterling worth makes her one of the outstanding members of our class. She enters whole-heartedly into everything she undertakes and we always see her come through. ETHEL SHOOK. B.S. Memory. N. c. Mathematics and Science Motto: " Always keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadotvs urill fall behind. " Steady, never-failing, and always reliable — that ' s Ethel. We all love her and admire the splendid qualities which she possesses. Her ideals are lofty and she has a determination which " ' Ul help her as she faces the problems of life. Page Forty-seven ELIZABETH SPEERS. B.S. Bhaver Creuk. N. C. Science and Physical Eilucation Ashf County (I11I1 (1. A), TrcasuiiT {A) : I.ily Dale Home Eco- nomics Club (4), Strcrt-tary (4); Girls ' AthU-tic Club (4): (nrls ' Tennis CIul ; Xcw Dormitory Club {2, 3, 4); Phila, Rctian l,iti-rary Society (1, 2, .t. 4), Vice-President (3). President (4). Motto: " Too lo7v they build, ivho builtl beneath the stars. " " I,ib ' is a Kirl that any class miRht he proud of. She is a practical. straight-forward girl who works easily and comfortably at any task she undertakes. She iK- fr begins a task she can ' t finish. Luck to you, -Lib. " VIRGINIA DARE PHILLIPS STRO ' LHER. B.S. Sugar Grove. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto: ' Determination, self -confidence, and effort make dreams come true. " Individuality is one of Dare ' s most outstanding characteristics. She says what she thinks and is usually right. Her high scholastic record marks her as an outstanding student. ' e visualize only happiness and success for her. LOIS SWEAT. B.S. Union Mills. N. C. Physical Education and Science Vcrnecian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, A), Treasurer (4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2. .1, 4); T.ovill Club (2, . A); Rutherford County Club (2, 3, 4); Physical Kducation Club (4). Mn ' .to: ■■ am the nui. ter of my fate. " Lois ' dimiity niingieil with jollity gives hi-r a magnetic personality. With lu-i ability, 1km- noble character, and high ideals, we visualize for her always the best of things happiiie ss, success and love. WILHELMINA TRIPLETT. B.S. PURLEAR. N. C. Granimar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (3. 4); V. W. C. A. (3, 4). Motto: " It is a world of startling possibilities. " To say what Wilhelmina is, is very difficult. The best way to put it is she is a genuine, all-round girL She is nopular with all who know h(.r and has the admiration of both the students and the faculty. Pane lotly eight Q 2 KU ' t:.joaM i B. L. WALKER. B.S. Casar, N. C. Science and Physical Education Varsitv Football (1. 2, 3. 4); Varsity Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Letter Club: Cleveland County Club. Motto: " FipUt to win. " " Red " has proven his worth on the athletic field, in the gym and in the class room. His grit, determination, and natural ability assures for him a high rung in the ladder of life. KATHERINE WARLICK, B.S. LINCOLNTON. N. C. Mathematics and Science D vnician Literary Society ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) , Critic (2) , Treasurer (3) , Representative (2); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4), Cabinet (3), Business Man- ager (4) ; Presbyterian-Reform Association (.2, 3, 4) ; Lincoln County Club (1, 2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4). Motto: " A f ood disposition is more valuable than gold. " " Kat " is an all-round ROod sport. Her ability and perseverance have brought her much honor. We can ' t say all the good things there are to say about " Kat " — but we wi.-ih her much success in all her undertakings. VIRGINIA DARE WARNER. B.S. Mount Gilead. N. C. Motto: Grammar Grade Education ' That ' s the trouble — life is not a drcan but the trouble — life is not world of reality. " ' irginia has been an earnest and hard-working student. She depends upon her charming personality and cheerfulness to make and keep her many friends. She will live long in the memory of her classmates. LOIS WHITESIDE. BS. Weaverville. N. C. Primary Education Maryville College (I); Glee Club (2. 3. 4). President (4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 41, Cabinet (2, 31; Phila Retian Literary Society (2, 3. 4). Secretary (3), Critic (3), Chaplain (4); B. S. U. Council (2, 3); Cheer Leader (3); Letter Club (4); Intra-Mural Basketball and Volley Ball (4); Tennis (2, 3, 41; President of New Dormitory Club (4); Music Club (4). Motto: " Work while you work, but play often. " She ' s pretty, she ' s sweet and she ' s talented — she ' s a regular girl. We feel a twinge of sorrow when we think that this is our last year with " Liq. " Some day we expect to hear much more of her. Page Forty-nine AYERIS GENE WILLIS. B.S. Stocksville, N. C. Grammur Grade Education Mars Hill CoUeRe (1); Phila Ketian Literary Society (2, 3, 4); V. W. C. A.; New Dormitory C ' lul) (2, 3, 4). Motto; " Our friends are the best in us, and by that z ' Cry fact call forth the best from us, " Aytris is the type of pal that everyone loves. She is admired by all her friends antl fellow students. Her future is destined to be bright and full of happiness. Here is to you. AyerisI MARIE WILLIS. B.S. Stocksville, N. C. Physical Education and Science Hill College (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (.1, 4); Thalian Literary So- ciety (,i, -t). Critic (3), Chaplain (3); B. Y. P. U. (3. 4), Vice-President (3); Y. W. A. C3, 4); President of l . D. Circle (4); B. S. U. Council (4); Physical Education Major Club; Xew Dormitory Club (3, 4). Motto: " It matters tiot hoiv long zve ftv but how. " .Marie came to Appalachia from Mars Hill College. She is known I)y her good common sense and noble qualities. She has won many friends and we expect of her great success. JULIAN YODER. B.S. Danville, Va. Mathematics and Science Appalachian I.iterary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2), Vice- President (4); President of Junior Class; Assistant in Chemistry (2, ,(, 4); B. S. Club (3, 4); Outa State Club (1); Business Manager of UnODODENURON (4). Motto; " .Mystery surrounds us; -,ve are just heiiiiiniutj to learn. " When we speak of Julian we must use superlatives. As a chemist, as a biologist or as a friend, he may be summarized by one word- the best. With bis ability and personality we are sure to be hearing great things of bini in the future. Best o " luck to you. Julian. ETHEL YOUNT, B.S. LlNCOLNTON, N, C. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Y, W, C. A, (2. 3); New Dormitory Club (2, 3, 4); Ldy Dale Home Economics Club (2): Lincoln County C ' lub (i, 2, 4); Lutheran S. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Tennis Club (3). .Motto: " Be true to your word, your u-ork, and your friends. " " Kk " is a girl of whom we are all proud. She is a good student and keeps a nice balance between work and play. We know that she is quiet, capable and dependable. Time will reward her success. Pagt Fifty MRS. ERA ZIMMERMAN. B.S. Winston-Salem. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Motto; " Deeds not words. " In Mrs. Zimmerman we have found a very loyal and faithful friend and a good student. She lakes all her work seriously but she can always find time to help a friend. With her high ambitions and her perseverance she is sure to make good in whatever she undertakes. MRS. I. A. McLAIN. B.S. Bryson City. N. C. Grammar Grade Education Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Critic (2), Secretary (2, 3), President (4); V. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (3); Presbyterian-Reform Club (3, 4) ; Assistant in Biology (2). Motto: " Good sense and pood nature are nrver separated. " Good humor and good sense well combined, that ' s Kate. She is little in size but large in pleasing personality and friendliness. Unlike most of the graduates, Kate has a degree before and after her name — -Mrs. Kate Ballew McLain, B.S. BERNICE FIELDS. B.S. SEVEN Springs, N. C. Primary Education East Carolina Teachers College (1); Glee Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3) ; Dynician Literary Society (2, 3) ; New Dormitory Club (2, 3). Motto: " A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. " A jolly, fun-loving, and likeable girl is Bernice. Her winning person- ality has won the hearts of her classmates. Best wishes follow her as she leaves her friends. RALPH HORNEY. B.S. Memory, N. C. Mathematics and Science Motto: " There is a silence which expresses ez ' crything. " Among those who toiled diligently and earnestly, we found Ralph. He came to us from, one of our neighboring colleges and made a host of friends among the members of his class. We shall always remember Ralph. Page Fifty-one r-ATTjrtaonw evaBe snT-jE ' .-,- ;ii: l:Mi£m j;ii RUSSELL LACKHY. B.S. Kings Crehk. N. C. Mathematics and Science Motto: " Hi- can Xi ' ho believes he eon. " Riis::t ll is a Rood student. Pays attention to his work and to Lambert in his sjxare time. The more you know him the better you like him. So keep Koing and don ' t let anylhinK stop you. S AM MCKINNEY. B.S. CROSSNORE. N. C. Mathematics and Science David on College (I); X ' arsity Fuotball (2, . . 4); Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4). Motto: " liappypo-lucky. " Sam came to Appalachian from Davidson College. His genial per- sonali.y has won for him the friendship and admiration of every stucient on the campus. Sam has been an outstanding figure in athletics in western North Carolina for the past four years, bringing lionor to the college as well as to himself. Fight, determination, leader shii) — he has all of them. It is needless to say more! Sam, we salute you! Rankin-Wilson VANN AUSTIN. B.S. New London. N. C. Science and Physical Education Wingate College (L 2); Thalian Literary Society (3. 4). President (4); President of dirls ' Physical Education Major Club (4); Varsity Basketball (3, 4); Hockey Team (4); ' arsity N ' olley Ball Team (4): Girls ' Athletic Association (3); Letter Club (3, 4); Lovill Club (3, 4); V. V. C. A. (3). Motto: " IVhose little body lodged a mighty mind. " C.ood in everything, poor in nothing, is our girl from New London, who came to us from Wingate two years ago. A true friend, a good s|:ort. and a good fellow classmate, that ' s ' ann. Without her A. S. T. C. would be miiuis a good athlete. In other words, one of the best all-round girls on the campus. C. M. RADER, JR. COLLETTSVILLE. N. C. Science and Physical Education •I). Molto: " Better to he happy than wise ' Fnotl.,- " Slu-ritT " is a man amoiiK ' womi-n. Hf has a |n-rsoiiality that can not he rcsistf ' l hy those with whr m he cnnies in contact. He has made many acquaintances while here and we feel that he will do the same wherever he ROCS. Page Fifly-two Senior Superlatives ELECTED MARCH 8. 193 3 Mascot Jack Whitener Prettiest (girl) Cleo Dean Handsomest (boy) Dana Cowles Cutest Co-ed Pauline Mosteller Best Athlete (boy) Herbert Coins Best Athlete (girl) Edith Preston Most Popular (boy) Julian Yoder Most Popular (girl) Virginia Hunt Best Student Kelly Miles Page Fifty-thcee Senior Superlatives HLECTED MARCH 8, 1933 Wittiest Fred McDonald Nearest Elva Shermer Best Speaker James a. Glover Best Citizen Malcom Laxton Best All Around (boy) Sam McKinney Best All Around (girl) Della Powlas Most Dignified Roy Dotson Most Influential Louise Moore Friendliest Ben Ross Page Fifty-four ■ ■» i«ri» Ml — •■« o I n o I n Junior Class Song An ever broadening stretch of space Bounds knowledge with bonds limitless; Yet Lcisdom still in hiding sleeps. Men talk ivith knowledge day by day But find not wisdom: far away Her greatest secret still she keeps. A ray of light gleams through the dark To guide the traveler on: and hark! Ah. wisdom speaks and we reply, " Emblem of truth! O. lead us on: Forsake us not in nearing dawn. Just one more year for us to try! " Page Fifty-six Dorothy Patterson Marjorie Crisp John Lackey J. Howard Collins Dolly LeMay Junior Class Officers Dorothy Patterson President Marjorie Crisp Vice-President John Lackey . Secretary J. Howard Collins Treasurer Dolly LeMay Sponsor Motto: " Depart to serve. " Colors: Blue and White FLOWER: Carnation Page Fifty-seven Juniors EVERETTE ABEE MORC.ANTON, N. C. Ddii Carlos. Senior girls are my holiby. 11 EI. EX ABERNATHY VAl.K, N. C. Kavoritf drink. cotTt ' c; favorite pastime, cook- inji and t ' .itinK- (W I A E.N AX(;EL HAMl ' TONVILLE, N. C. 1.. M. U.; Maidens, here ' s yotir answ cr. ELLA Al ' STIX nOON ' E, N. c. I ' at-oloRy; mother said; school management. Al.l.IE ATSTIN MARSHVILLE, N. C. Easy Roing; Seth; Carolina; music aiipreci- ation. MOSELLE BALL STONY POINT, N. C. I ' ncle Joe; my daddy; biology lab. ; 1 1 CI + NaOM XaCl + HnO. MARY SUE BANNER banners ' elk, n. c. Art; good cook; Herman Ashley. PAULINE BANNER BA.VNERS ' ELK, N. C. Dutch; indifferent; basketball manager, HELEN ROSS BARBER WlNSTON-SALEM, N. C. Serioufi; " kurious " ; Louise and I; art; let ' s gn tn " Y. " OSCAR HAKKKk KNOXVILLE, N. C. The cosmopolitan man; naught venture, iiauk ' hl have. ALTON I A BEAM (ROUSE, N. C. Tony; Sir; red hair; evcr-faithf ul ; studious. KARR BEAM CIIERRYVILLE, N. C. Small hut loud; dry cleaning and pressing; baldy. Page Fifty -eight Juniors VIRGINIA BEAM CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Industrious; in love; influential: this is " gin. " DAISY BIGGERS CONCORD, N. C. Good natured; blonds; especially one; books; when I get home. BLANXHE BINGHAM SUGAR GROVE, N. C. Prefers blonds with bow ties or fat man with Ford, both gone. EVELYN BINGHAM BAKERSVILLE, N. C. Louis ; sweaters ; spontaneous laughter. MARY LEE BINGHAM SUGAR GROVE, N. C. My car; at home; parties; what price. PAULINE BINGHAM BAKERSVILLE, N. C. Shade green; Lees-McRae; " Evelyn, fix sup- per. " PAUL BLEVINS JEFFERSON, N. C. Gentlemen, allow me ; Poodle ; sad and dis- illusioned young man. HELEN BOWMAN TAYLORSVILLE. N. C. Good night; eating; writing letters on Sunday afternoon. RACHEL BOWMAN TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. Jokes; pranks, locked doors; men? not Rachel. CLARENCE BRASWELL COLLETTSVILLE, N. C. Nearly married; very studious but enjoys a good game of bridge. ETHEL BRINTLE WHITE PLAINS, N. C. Boy friends; hair cuts; noisy; indifferent; office; blonds; moonlight. D. E. BROOME BOONE. N. C. Barber; hard- worker; ladies, well I don ' t know. Page fifty-nine Juniors EDNA BROWN REIDSVILLE. N. C. Mot dogs; saving chairs; candy; health and hy ' icne; serious. EULA BUCKNER MARS HILL, N. C. I.avender dresses; what will make my dicams come true? CUKISTIM-: CAkl ' EXTKR CBOUSE. N. C. CAvv Ctuli star; always smiling; uptown; good sport ; dates. MARY CHRTvSTENBURY STATESVILLE, N. C. Third floor; quiet ; kink ;; Mitchell. HOWARD COLLINS MOORESVILLE, N. C. Ladies ' man; good student; hookroom cowhoy; lough grappler. COUNCIL COOKE BOONE, N. C. Handsome; linht hilt collector; gracious me, w liere is my girl. STEVE COON LINCOI.NTON, N. C. Comical; serious, never; the gang; mischief leader; Zip Coon. MACK COWLES BOONE, N. C. (lood hul)hy; henpecked? well give him time. MARJORIE CRISP GROVEP. N. (. Lexington; Jerry ; haskethall ; always smiling MARK DAVIS CHINA GROVE, N. C. ( ' illiiis and I ; dormitory or uptown girls? r wonder, he wanders. VlKtJINIA DAYVAULT CONCORD. N. C. Not a course in Ph. Ed., just the coach. WATT DEAL STATESVILLE, N. C. Lefty; Rutherford Junior College; Freshman haskethall; no " wimmln. " Page Sixty Juniors PAULINE DEDMON SHELBY, N. C. Biology; Geneva; hotplate; where I taught. MARY FAE BELLINGER SHELBY, N. C. Home Ec; Shelby; white rats; something to eat. MARY ELIZABETH DEW RUTHERFORD COLLEGE, N. C. Fannie and I; biology; study? yes, and good grades. REBECCA DICKERSON SALISBURY, N. C. Radio; well, I don ' t know as I will; Floyd. ZEB V. K. DICKSON SILAS CREEK, N. C. Great cheer leader; good singer; women? well a song will do. HUGH A. DOBBIN LEGERWOOD, N. C. Manager; now, now. my dear Kate; darling of the campus. EDWIN DOUGHERTY BOONE, N. C. Toiling ever, shirking never ; violin ; petite women preferred. NAN ELLIS GAFFNEY, S. C. Boiling Springs; frank, good-natured, friendly. ANN ELMORE LAWNDALE, N. C. Petite; spontaneous laughter; Davenport; string ' em for a dope. MIRIAM EURY BESSEMER CITY, N. C. Who is the next victim? is our question; let ' s go see my man. FRIEDA FARTHING BOONE, N. C. I like that type; singer; fire alarms. MARY FORTUNE BOSTIC, N. C. Mars Hill; tall; quiet; somersaults; indus- trious. Page Sixty-one Junior: O O i MABEL JEAN (liHBS NEBO, N. C. rp-street ; lip-stick; week -ciul parties; driiR store (iates. TllELMA (;OODE RUTHERFORD COLLEGE, N. T. Jully; happy -go-hicky; Polly told me; fiit-iully. GORDON GOODSON l.INCOLNTON, N. C. Shiiif ; Rutherford College grad ; one woman man. HADE GREGG BOONE, N, C. Geography shark; easy going; " Oh baby! " GRACE W. GREENE RONDA, N. C. Life time service of a doctor needed; debat- ing ; Wesleyan. LEOTA GREENE MAPLE SPRINGS. N. C. Heanx galore; pots and pans; sounds inter- esting, eh ? PLATO GREER TODD, N. C. Qniet; industrious; friendly; girls, one at a inie. PAUL GREGORY NORTH WILKESnORO. N. C. Masketball; ladies ' man; Wilkes; good student. ELIZABETH HACKNEY ilIAPFL HILL. N. ( . Old ham; White Hall; tall hoys; Chapel Hill. JAKE HAGAMAN BOONE, N. C. Saxiiphone; girls ' basketball trips; ojieretta; Baptist Church choir. . L ' rHEW HANNA WHITEHEAD, N. C. liiiicpfiident ; sheik; faculty shadow; pii ' c kuihI until can rhi. MRS. THELMA B. HAK.MON CRU MPLER, K. C. My man; English eleven; cat-ology ; finger wavt s. Page Sixty-tivo Juniors INEZ HARRIS HARRIS, N. C. Durham; fibber: tap dancing; physical ed. 40. NELL HAYES KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. Giggles; fifteen-minute dates; increasing ap- petite; Merk. EARL HAYWORTH TRADE, TENN. Debating; rebuttal always; chemistry; girl shy. EVELYN HELMS INIONVILLE, N. C. Nesbit; cute; baby-face. MARY KEMP HELMS WINGATE, N. C. Good dancer; dependable; friendly. MRS. T. KEMP HELMS WINGATE.- N. C. Silence is golden; self-reliant. WILLIE HERMAN NEWTON, N. C. Manager; hikes (?); devoted; reducing; ph. ed. 40. IDA HIGGINBOTHAM BELMONT, N. C. Higgle ; student volunteer ; Sadie ; red boots. LUCILE HOLLAND MARION, N. C. Quiet ; it is all right with me ; black eyes ; Mac. J. P. HOUSER BESSEMER CITY, N. C. Carolina grad; knickers; manager; woman shy. JEANNETTE HUBBARD HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Books — more books ; books ; good grades. GOR.MAN JOHNSON CROSSNORE, N. C. Johnny; strangler Johnson; Louray; football center. KV k A f -» f=T - - Page Sixty-three Jiuiion .TOSEPHINE JONAS VALE, N. C. Math class; 1 like the Oder in lab; oh, Peanie. K.VTIIRYNE JONES HOONEVILLE, N. C. johnny; music; that worries me. LAl ' KA jOYNER MAMl ' TONVILLE, N. C. Sinilfs f()r everyone; State Collesc; 1 prefer THEr.MA KKXXEnV THURMOND.. N. C. 1 )ay student; English; now, now Miss Kcn- ne.iy. RUTH KINSLEY Friends are worth having; kindness is an asset. jOliX i.ACKKV LENOIR, N. C. All red, but look out girls — don ' t let him foul you. DOROTHY LAMBETH MONCl ' RE, N. C. Ice cream; music; good cook. FAYE LEDBETTER OLD FORT, N. C. Ashe illc Normal ; isn ' t following her aunt ' s e ani|ile. IR(HNIA LINDSEY (iond student; Furnian ; ph. ed.; H. T. O. L. MARGIE LITTLE PKArin-AND. N. c. Laugh! just a little bit; a man in every port; ;i jieach from Peachland. MARY DAILY LITTLE CLEVELANM , N. C. I ' nd ' tclla; where is Katie?; the catcher; Ral- rinh; IL A. BLANtTIE LONG V.VOKINVILLE, N. C. I ' lKKlle; among my souvenirs; N. C. C. W.; blu hes; hall games. Page Sixty-four Juniors ROBERT S. LOY GRAHAM, N. C. Bob, the grappler; oh, did I throw him? MRS. BEULAH C. LYERLY BOONE, N. C. Yards; my children; warm clothing. FLEET B. MADISON OLIN, N. C. Poet; carpenter; ladies ' man; what is yonr opinion ? PAUL MAHONEY DECATUR, ILL. Stand by, girls ; it is three o ' clock in the morning and Mary is still waiting. LUCILLE MAST BOONE, N. C. Midget; A. P. Stores; chocolate pie. DONNIE MATHESON WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Bygones ; air castles ; Hickory ; Zoology en- thusiast. HUFFMAN McCALL MORGANTON, N. C. All aboard for the beer wagon ; match for a nickel. B. F. McCANN ROARING GAP, N. C. Curly hair; aggravation personified. EDITH McDonald HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Vernician; madam president; Martha; swim- ming. NELLIE SUE McNEELY CLEVELAND, N. C. Monkey-face ; Bird of Love Divine ; New York guys; cute. MARGUERITE MILLER BOONE, N. C. True to the navy ; buy it at the five-to-five. WAYNE MOORE COLLETTSVILLE,. N. C. Blondie; more Moores; bashful; up-street. Page Sixty-doe Junior: WILLIAM MORflAN RLTHERFORDTON, N. C. Hill; Miss Dale ' s friend. RUTH NICHOLS CRICKET, N. C. Studious; Nettie; English ; Wilkts County Club. CEORGE NICHOLSON EAST BtNU. N. C. ' (ni arc in the jail liouse now; I lallylmrtiiii. WILLIAM NOKKIS BOONE, N. (.-. Tennis; Mooresvflle trips; spick and span. DORIS OSBORNE GUILFORD COLLEGE, N. C. LHiict ; studious; blonde; candy; finger waves. ALTON PARDUE ROARING RIVER. N. C. (iy fond of Cooks; sleeping, no limit. LOUISE PARKS HUNTHRSVILI.K, N. C. Jiniiny crickets; Lewis; traveling salcsnu-n; well a friend lo all. DOROTHY PATTERSON KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. Dot was once his dream Rirl, but now she is president and his niKhtmare. FANNIE POPLIN NEW LONDON, N. C. I ' lietry ; morning watch; my Iieau; intellec- tual: Invahle. IDA PORTER CASTLEWOOU, VA. Candy; neat room; I declare; rockiuK chair; l)icture shows. OSSIE PRITCHARD MARSHVILLE. S. C. Pat ; smiles; home; red hair. JCLIA PCRSLEY Cl.OVtK, S. C. Uchecca, have you written tladdy?; Edith; Shelley; hot dogs. Page Sixty-six Juniors REBECCA PURSLEY CLOVER, S. C. Aw. Julia; uh, huh; down at Erskine Junior Asset. LOIS RAY MONCURE, N. C. Ex-State man and Mars Hill man; let ' s eai; pots and pans; H. A. TOM REDMOND COLUMBUS, N. C. Witty; cottage " C " ; cat-ology; B. Y. P. U.; Shumakers. ELOISE RIVES STATESVILLE,- N. C. Mitchell; English literature — Mr. Norton; tennis. SIGMON ROBESON TAR HEEL, N. C. T. N. T. on the grappling team; hails from Presbyterian Junior College. PAULINE ROGERS MEBANE, N. C. Me too; Dr. Abram ' s English class; kind; lovable. MARVIN ROUSE KANNAPOLIS, N. C. Conscientious; Cabbage and Kings; church worker. ELIZABETH RUMMAGE ALBEMARLE. N. C. Jackson ; housekeeping ; dates ; my . Ia said ; Little Orphan Annie. MAE BETH SCRUGGS MOOBESBORO, N. C. Well I Mr. Norton; dumpy; eggie; giggles. KATE SHORE YADKINVILLE, N. C. Mrs. Hardin ; coffee ; hot plate ; conservation clippings; Keats, JOHN SIMS TROUTMAN, N. C. Shoty ; the matron ' s man ; dates ? yes ; seri- ous ? no. FANNIE SLOAN MT. ULLA, N. C. Red; hey, rats; curtains; laughing; fruit. Page Sixty-seven Juniors CLAUDE SMITH UF.CATrR.. ILL. Shows; football; Hrickhrmses; Fords; My Old Kentucky llomt ' . LKKOV SOSSAMdN lAiiARRlS, X. C. rntt : Ashevillf Citizen rci ortt ' r; d(. ' l)ating; latiius ' man, ANXA SPENCER MCLKANSVILLE, N, C. Candy ; sol ; studious. P. L. SMITH TODD, N. C. Preacher, teacher, scholar; hus driver. JOHN STATON PEACHLAND, N. C. ' innate, ah-yeah; one of our red haired marrifd men. JOHNSON STEELMAN HAMI ' TONVILLK, N. C. ' ;idkin County; Chevrolets; Joyncr; future tonili-piilk-r. AUDREY TEMPLETON HAVS. N. C. 1 don ' t like that; Sunday tnorniuR Iireakfast: sink-. Theo. EDITH THOMAS FRAN KVILLE,. N. C. Tonnnie; diannmd riuR; letters; T wnn ' t he hack. KKHKCAU TOI.MKKT ADVANCE, N. C. Haskethall; J. C; Prof, told another yarn. RUTH IVEY TROTT NEW LONDON, N. C. Appetite; tire escapes; RaleiRh; my head is kiiiinK me; II. A. GERTRUDE VANCE NEWl-AND, N. C. 1 1 1 line Kc. ; Rood nalured; studious. LOTUS VANCE PLl ' MTBEE, N. C. Montreat ; hoy friend ; poetry ; good sport. Page Sixty-eight Juniors HARRIET WAGG CONNELLY SPRINGS, N. C. Chile; Dr. Foard; lesson plans; onions. NAOMI WALKER RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Gert ; picture shows ; practice teach- Edwin; ing. MARVIN WARD EAST BEND, N.C. Peanut, but not nutty; good grades; bit by a copperhead. CARRVE WARDEN LAUREL SPRINGS, N. C. Quiet, sweet, friendly — that ' s Carry e. EMERSON WARDEN LAUREL SPRINGS. N. C. Barrymore; barber; tall; mustache. ZENA WARDEN LAUREL SPRINGS, N. C. Pretty; math; May Day; I ' ve been having a good time. MARY WHITESIDES PAW CREEK, N. C. Gentle, kind, and one of our best. SADIE WILHELM CLEVELAND, N. C. Pleasingly plump; jolly; hard to forget. ALLENE WOOSLEV WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Smiles; Claude; oh, me, that Bessie; Salem. IVO WORTMAN CASAR.. N. C. Boss of Justice Junior; Minnie, the moocher; coach ' s pride. IRENE WYANT HICKORY, N, C. Speedy; blondes preferred; Lenoir Rhyne. imf2 LENA WYLIE BLACKSBURG, S. C. Theo; jokes; good sport. Page Sixty-nine Juniors KA ■nL■R ■ vki.ton FORBES. N. C. Serious ; ladies ' man ; history prof. I.orKAV ZIMMKRMAN CLEM MONS. N. C. I ' nconscious; Raleigh; Johnny; Frankie. don ' t fuss at me; 11. A. BLAINE CHIl.DERS CUERRVVILLK. N. t . Weaver: studious; mustache; fnothall ; kmI !iy. CENEVA RAGSDALE LENOIR, N. C. I want to R(» ho-o-ome; boys? no! study? yesi ODER JOINS SPARTA, N. C. Studious; chemistry shark; friendly; per- fume ; freshman rancher. T,VD1A DAVE STONV POINT, N. C. (Juiet ; reserved; conscientious; experienced. LOIS WATSON ALBEMARLE, N. C. Not so fond of piano music but a piano player; alway.s wearing that friendly smile. NANNIE FOSTER LENOIR, N. C. I ' p-town; pleasant; man shy; dates by the ] nuiid. FLOSSIE GRAVBKAI. FIG.. N. C " . Gurls; day student; hard worker ; friend I; Page Seventy Sophomore Class Song Does the road wind upicard all the way. Or through desert and moor and fen. ' ' Through the heat of day. or cold and gray. Or through many a dreary glen. ' ' But in the desert and oasis sweet. On the moor a sprig of heather. A silver gleam on the fen ' s dark stream, Are our two years here together. Page Seventy-two l U IIIM Douglas Redmond Kathleen Fulcher Pinkney Lackev Dessetta Boesser Dr. W. Amos Abrams Sophomore Class Officers Douglas Redmond President Kathleen Fulcher Vice-President Pinkney Lackey Secretary Dessetta Boesser Treasurer Dr. W. Amos Abrams Sponsor Colors: Blue and White FLOWER: White Rose Motto : " Climb though the rocks be rugged, for success lies at the gates of labor. " Page Seventy-three Sophomores Sl C . C. Adams G. Angel M. Austin M. Baker C. Bannlr J. Banner J. Ballew W. Ballou R. Barringer V. Beach . V L. Beck i A W. Bhlk ••V H. BECTON W. BlGGERS M. Billings H. Blalock Bl. ANTON D. BOESSER M. Bassinger C. BOST v. Braddv V. Brady L. S. Brawley F. Brinkley Page Seventy-four p. Brinklev M. Brintle E. Brown G. Brown L. Brown M. Brown W. Bryant R. BUCKNER E. BUMGARNER R. BUMGARNER P. Bunch L. Carender N. Carson B. Carter E. Caudile L. Church E. Clark H. Clark M. Clark P. Clark V. Cline M. Cloninger L. Miller J. Carrell ..1 Sophomores bl ■ 1 »ff C ' - Page Seventy-five Sophomores B t ' ' B- Culler J. Danikls L. Dkane G. Deadman L. Dickson B. DOLINGER R. DOWDLE S. DULA M. Dunn J. Dyer V. Kaker J. Eaves J. Hggers S. Epley E. ESTES B. Evans j, i arthing l. i arthing Louise Parti iing R. r- ARTHING M. Faw A. I-ELTS E. FENDER J. Fawlkes Page Seventy-six ,o Soph omores E. Fritts K. FULCHER C. Glenn H. Graybeal A. Greene H. Greene J. Greene Mrs. R. L. Greene R. Greene M. Grimes G. Andrews J. Hackney R. Hagaman E. Hahn M. Haire A. Hallyburton M. Harmon R. Harmon B. Hartsell E. Hatley E. Hege R. Helsabeck M. Hicks E. Hill Page Seventy-seven Sophomores ( f ' C ' -♦. rx « » ( " " 2 -1 -•■ K ii R Hill L. HiNSON M. HOBSON P. HOBSON L. HOLCOMB J. Hodges G. Holt R. Hoppers B. HORTON J. HOUCK O. HOUCK I. HOUSI-R W. HOUSER S. HOVIS M. Hubbard D. Hudson M. Hudson E. Hughes M. Hughes S. Hughes R, JARVIS J. Jessup B. JOHNSON C. Johnson Page Seventy-eight Sophomores M. JONES W. Jones J. Denny G. Keck B. Ketchie P. Keyes F. King L. KiSTLER J. Knox p. Lackey B. Lathan J. Lawson E. Ledford S. Lester G. Lewis H. Little M. Logan P. Long R. Long E. Lyon L. Mabrey P. Mace M. Maguire V. Mann r . r : { Page Seventy-nine Sophomores n f . ' D. Maklow C. Mason V. Mast E. Matthews Mrs. B. p. Maultsby K. MKI-VIN E. Michael E. Miller H. Miller N. Miller P. Miller R. Miller A. Moore J. A. Moore M. MORETZ F. Morgan V • Y ' II Morgan r ' .r J. Morrison E. Mortimer r. Mull H McArthur E. MCCONNELL M. McDonald S. McDonald Page Eighty Sophomores M. McGuiLL J. McGUIRE D. Mckenzie D. McLamb K. McLean J. MCLURD I. McNeill W. Neal M. Needham N. Nesbit Mary Nichols G. Norman N. Norman D. NORRIS T. Oakes J. Oehler A. Oglesby T. Osborne C. Parker R. Parsons N. Patterson I. Peeler D. Pell F. Pell " ' 0% - h W: i - rl il a ri i ' m,rmk Page Eighty-one Sophomores T f " r p. Perkins G. Perry M. Perry N. Pipkin F. Plott H. Potts M. Presson G. Pyatt G. QUINN G. Rankin C. Rawls D, Rl-DMOND R. Redmond V Reid C. Rhodes N. Rhodes G. Robertson A. Rudisill H. Rummage O. Scott M. Sessoms Mrs. E. R. Settle S. Shackleford B. Silver Page Eighty-two Sophomores M. Sharp C. Shatley I. shumaker R. Shumaker E. SIGMON R. SiGMON p. Sledge E. Smith M. Smith R. SMITH S. SMITH E. Snider P. Spratt J. Stale Y Jack Steele D. Stewart C. Stuart R. SWANN J. Taylor R. Taylor V. Taylor C. THOMAS M. Thompson E. Toms J. VONCANON R. Waddell G. Wagoner J. Wagoner ( jiA ir Page Eighty-three iO ' - 2M. Md i h E. Walker R. Walker J. Ward M. Ward E. Warden J. Warlick R. Weaver M. Webb L. Weisner M. White R. WHITESIDES P. WHITESIDES L. Whiteield M. Whitlock D. Wiiitner I. WiLKINS A. Wilkinson G. Williams E. Willis S. Wise I.. WiMBISH T. Wilson Mrs. J. T. C. Wright J. Wood M, WORTMAN M. Yarborough A. Young O. Young J. York Page Eighty-four Freshman Class Song We are the Freshmen: We come From hamlet and vilUiye and town. Eagerly Thirsting for knoicledge. We ape the Sophomores. Copy the Juniors. And stand in aiue of the Seniors. We sit at the feet of our Teachers. Striving to see the light. We LCork unceasingly. And some day ice. too. shall be Sophomores — Juniors — Seniors — And even Teachers. Page Eighty-six Gene Baker James Byers Shirley Moore XoRMA Xelle Bullard R. W. Watkixs Freshman Class Officers Gene Baker President James Byers Vice-President Shirley Moore Secretary Norma Nelle Bullard Treasurer R. W. Watkins Sponsor Colors; Green and Yelloiu FLOWER: Jonquil Motto ; " Honest labor bears a great reicard. " Page Eighty-sever} Freshmen p M. Abernathy 1.. Abrams V. Abrams K. Abshkr 1. M. Alexander E. Allran D. arledge R. Arledge M. Arndt A. P. Arnold L. Atchley Mrs. B. Austin S. Austin C. AVENT w. Badget E. Baker M. Baker R. Baker M. Bandy Maude Bandy M. Banner F. Barnard B. Baucom E. Beam Esther Beam R. Beam W. Beam W, BELK M. Berry J. Bess E. Beverly J. Beverly B. Billings A. Bingham S. Bingham Page ktghtyeigbt Freshmen , V. Blalock C. Bowles M. BosT W. BOWEN D. Bradford w. Bradshaw w. Brame H. Breeze R. Brinkley E. Brittain H. Brittain A. Brown H. Brown H. Browning F. Broyhill M. Bryant M. Buchanan R. Buckner C. Bullock N. BULLARD M. Burke F. Burns J. Byers E. Byrd L. Cagle F. Campbell H. Carlton M. Carter E. Cash ion T. Cashion J. Cass M. Castle B. Cauble R. Caudill G. Chaffin i m - . ' ( Page Eighty-nine Freshmen a 1 Vj i £3 L. Chamberlin W. Church L. Clark s. Clark IL Cleland V. Clements I.. Cobb H. Cochran M. Colley D. Colvard A. Cook R. Cook O. Cooper M. Covington G. Covington I.. Craig M. Crouse M. Curtis . Annie Daniels Appie Daniels E. Dark M. Davis S. Davis G. Denny D. Dixon M. Dixon N. Dixon E. Dover Y. Drum C. Durham M. Eaker R. Eaker H. Eggers P. Eggers A. Eller Page Ninety L. Eller A. England A. Farthing Alpha Farthing C, Farthing H. Farthing S. Farthing B. Finch R. Fisher S. Fitts E. Flack I. Floyd M. Fowler Mrs. J. P. Fox M. Fox M. Francis I. Fulk I. Gambill B. Galyean M. Gettys V. GIBBS L. Gilliam J. Gobble J. Goodman J. Goodnight C. Goodson V. Goodwin H. Graham C. Grant H. Grant L. Gray G. Graybeal H. Graybeal M. Graybeal R. Grayson A Freshmen ' a i% ( Page Ninety-one Freshmen 9 ' ( i ' M 1- 1 n. a " H V iGi ii ..-,. ' • A v,. D. Greene F. Greene G. Greene 1.. Greene M. Greene V. Grbi-:nwood O. Grieein E. Griggs P. Gryder I. Hall C. Halsey D. Halsey L. Hallyburton E. Hamkick Ellen Hamrick D. Hanhy C. Harmon M, Harmon S. Harmon N. Harrell A. Hayes P. Hayis B. Helms A. Hi-;nderson M. Hl-NNESSEE E. Hicks M. Hill I.. Hire B. HOLBROOK M- Hopkins M. HOUCK E. HOUSER p. HODSER B. Howard K. Howell Page Ninety-two Freshmen S. HOWEY D. Huffman DoMER Huffman E. HUGES A. Hull R. HUNSUCKER H. Hunter V. ISENHOUR J. James H. Jarvis C. Johnson H. Johnson H. Jones J. Jones M. Jones Z. Jones G. Jones J. Justice A. Keener w. Kendrick W. KINCAID C. King E. KlRKMAN L. KlRKMAN F. KlSER J. KISER E. KOON W. KOON R. Lambeth D. Lambeth E. Lane Ellie Lane D. Lawson M. Leab H. Ledbetter J. ,- Page Ninety-tnree ifi Freshmen e ( n F. Lentz D. LCXIAN L. LONc; R. I.OVKLACE J. LOVEN M. LOVEN E. LUTTERLOW F. Lyon I. Mabe M. Mackie C. Martin P. Martin Mrs. E. Martin G. Mast Grace Mast M. Mathis B. Mathews B. Meachum A. Michael Mrs. E. Mickey H. EuLA Miller H. Miller Ha el Miller J. Miller K. Miller I. Minish C. Moore B. Moore [■■. Moore I-RANK Moore I. Moore J. MCXWE S. MOORH I ' . MORETZ I ' uge Ninety-four Freshmen J. Morris R. Morrison L. Morrison D. Moss A. Myers Y. McArver J. McBride V. McBride L. MCCONNELL p. McCorkle J. McGee K. McGlNNis A. McKay M. McLaughlin w. McNeill W. McRorie A- MCKINNEY T. Nance F. Neal M. Nesbit L. Newton A. Norris E. Norton S. Oliver S. Owens M. Palmer E. Parker C. Parsons E. Parsons J. Parsons B. Phelps W. Phillips L. Phipps E. Pratt T. Presnell N 1 a at f r -.: Page Ninety-fioe Freshmen ( 4 » f O " I. Pritchette M. Propst R. Pruitt W. Rankin K. Redmond J. Regan M. Rhid G. Reid R. Richards D. Ridge M. ROBBINS J. Robertson M. Robeson E. Rogers H. Rozii-R C. RUDISILL H. RUDISILL M. RUDISILL M. Sessoms H. Settle E. Setzer H. Sharp E. Sharp L. SlIlNN r. Shoemaker M. Shumate A. Sims E. SiPE Elizabeth Sipe J. Smith M. SMI III T. Smith V. Smhh 1.. Smithey F. Snipes Page Ninety-six Freshmen C. SNOW G. Southern M. Spatt R. Stanberry A. Stanton L. Stanton F. Stegall J. Steele R. Stikes B. Stines T. Straughn E. Sturgill I. Sutherland L. Sutherland N. Swisher B. Tarman E. Taylor D Teague W. TiLLEY J. Thompson S. Thompson J. TOWNSEND C. Trivette P. Trivette R. Trivette C. V ANNOY E. Vannoy G. Vannoy R. Vannoy W. Vannoy L. Wall A. Ward G. Ward M .Ward E. Washburn ■ ' ' ' . dm -. JM Page Ninety-seven Freshmen hi M a... .i ' dk ( Mf B. Watson M. Washam ' . Webber M. Watson J. Whalky E. White L. White S. White w. White H. Wiles A. WlI.HELM A. Williams M. Williams P.Willis V. Willis E. Wilson H. Wilson J. Wilson M. Wilson R. Wilson w. Wilson K, Whitthnburg u. Wood R. Wren R. WoOTEN J. Wyant R. Welborn J. Yelton E. Burns E. Church E. SiPE R. Houser Page Ninety-eight CHEER LEADERS Left to eight — VANN AUSTIN, ZEB V. DiCKSON. MARY DAILY LITTLE. HEAD COACH Center C. B. Johnston TENNIS COACH Left G. L. SAWY ' ER ASSISTANT COACH Right R. W. WATKINS GIRLS- COACHES Miss Dolly LeMay Miss Mercer Jackson Page One Hundred C )ne ■ BilSiiSi! Kmimjimimjiasmss jiasm .£-. ' • ' « THE MOUNTAINEERS-1933 C. B. Johnston Coach R. w. Watkins Assistant Coach Page One Hundred Two MacDonald, Fred Coins, Herb McKiNNEY, Sam Walker, Red WoRTMAN, Work Left Tackle and Guard Right E.nd Left Guard Fullback Rifiht Guard 1929-.13 1929-33 1929-33 1930-33 1930-33 " Let me in there, I ' ll " Let ' em come, they " Grab grass and fight, " Give me the ball, I ' ll " Pardon me. buddy. " stop ' em. " never pn ' round. ' we ' re coming over you. " put it over. " Catawba game, 1930 Smith, Red Right Tackle 1930-33 " Boys, I ' m floatin ' . Johnson, Gorm Center 1931-33 " I ' m good for 60 minutes, boys. ' Page One Hundred Three i maL,:.- Sff Lov, Rob Center 1930-33 " The same way T had ' cm yesterday. " Harris. Kkese Halfback 1929-33 " Blood and sand-- let ' s ramble. " Mahoney, Mac Left Tackle 1930-33 " Time out Red. There is Joe from Decatur. " Kannamaciikr, Rav Left End 1931-33 " Watch Mahoney. they ' re coniinR our way ... I ' ll take ' em. " O ' Neil, Mac Fullbac k 1931-33 " Stick in there line, I ' m behind you. " Lewis, Louie Quarterback 1931-33 " Quit your gripin ' hoys, I ' m quarterback. ' Triplett, Coke Halfback 1930-33 " Boys, hold them out, they ' re smothering me. " Wai-ker, Ray J,cft End 1931-33 " Don ' t forget my suit, manager. " Page One Hundred Four Trippany, Trip Halfback 1932-33 " Long runs a si)ecialty. " Dobbins, Dobb Manager 1933 " Hey, lad. how much time to go? " — Langley Field. 1933 McCoNNELi., Mac Right End 1931-33 " Time out referee. I want a head-gear. " • Lackey, John Left End 1931-33 " Come on, give me ' 39. " Morrison, John Right Tackle 1930-33 " Give ' em more sweatshirts. " Weaver, Bob Halfback 1931-33 " A week-end, boys just 60 laps. " Oehler, John Fullback " I can play, but can ' t carry the ball. " Page One Hundred Five FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: REGAN. DtiAL. MOORE. WASHBURN. MOORH. RUDISILL. WllALEV. VAN- NOY. Long. Moore. Second Row: BAUCOM. FISHER. CLARK. BEVERLEY. JAMES, HACKNEY. MORRIS. AVENT. Third Row: AUSTIN, Manager; WATKINS, Coach: WARLICK. Manager. BOYS ' SWIMMING TEAM A. ANTONAKOS, Instructor Page One Hundred Six Girls Letter Club Front Rozv (left to right) : Della Povvlas, Marjorie Crisp, Lois Ray, Vann Austin, Launa Carender. Sccoii-d Row: Mary Baker, Frances Mull, Daily Little, Lois Whiteside, Grace Greene, Edith Preston. Girls " Swimming Team First Roxv: L. Beck, R. Dickerson, E. Preston, M. Crisp, L. Moore, E. Rives, E. Thomas, V. LiNDSEY, R. Arledge, L, Whiteside, Ap. Daniels. V. Dayvaui.t. Second Row: P. Bingham. L. Ray. M. Bost, I. Shoemaker. R. Trtvette, E. Miller, E. Bingham, E. McDonald, D. Powlas, E. Shermer, F. Stegall, O. Scott, W. Herman, M. Scruggs, An. Daniels, M. Banner. Page One Hundred Seven VARSI I Y BASKi; 1 BALI. First RdiL- (left lo right): GOINS. Guard: WAI.KHR. Furivard: McCONNl-XL. Cenlcr : Brown. Forward: WORTMAN. Guard. Second Row: MASON. Forward: GrkgORV. Forward: LACKEY. Forward: DOTSON. Guard: KlNNEY. Guard. Third Row: DOWDLE. Forward: OEHLER. Guard: KNOX. Guard: WEAVER. Guard: BARKER, Forward. " ' ' f ' -- " Ptiof One Hundred Eight VARt LLY BASLBALL S 54?-i y.. " 1 y. DOTSO s .G i£GORY A , GO A S S. M CONNFU GUAfZD ro ZWAR,D Gc AR.D CBf TER. J. Iac cev C. Maso S, M ' =a: ajaj£y J. P- ouseh o zwAi o Po wAno GuAR.0 Manaobr. Page One Hundred Nine Freshman Baskkiball Team hirst Ro-.c: D. IIanev, Forward; O. Grifun, Cciiti-r; C. Rudtsill, Ccnlcr: E. IIouskr, Center; C. AvENT, Guard. Second Rozv: Y. Drum, Fonvard; B. Baucom. Guard; G. Jonks, Guard; G. Goouson, Guard; R. Fisher, Guard; W. Deal, Ciiarrf. T iirrf i?otf.- E. Washbur.v. .Waiiaflcr; E. Flack, Fonvard; H. Carlton, Forward; D. Revnolds, Coifrr; P. Brinkley, Guard; R. V. Watkins. Coach. »isssa ' d F — ipi. : «[; «[r o :j 0. ' ' .r vi=ab Wrestling Team Firit Row: Wilson. Brinklf.y, MAiioNEy, Collins, Moore, Brvant, Vannov. Second Ro-w: Robesos. Lovelace, Swisher. Morris, Becton, Beam, Stein. Sessoms. Third Ro:v: Swann. Manager,. Moure, Parsons. Abee, Beverly, Whalev, Loy, Watkins, Coach. Page One Hundred Ten BOYS- TENNIS TEAM ]-7rsr Roll. ' : H. DOTSON. E. DULA. J. FOWLKES. W. BRAME. W. NORRIS. Second Row: G. L. Sawyer. Coach, J. Hagaman. E. McConnell. G. Sawyer. W. H. Graybeal. Manager. r - BOYS ' VOLLEY BALL TEAM First Row: SOSSOMAN. WHITE, SNIPES. Second Row: BRINKLEY. WHALEY, WHITE. Back Row: KOON, RUDISILL, FLACK, WATKINS, Coach. Page One Hundred Eleven lARLS BASKhTBALL TEAM h ' cont Ruiv: AUSTIN. Forward: PrESION. Center: POWLAS, Guard. Second Row: RAV. Guard: DANIELS. Guard: SHUMAKER. Guard: CURTIS, Guard. Hack Row: LeMay. Coach: LITTLE. Manager: BINGHAM, Forward: BAKER. Guard: CRISP. Forward: CHAFFIN. Guard: BRITTAIN. Guard: JACKSON. Coach. Girls ' Basketball Jan. 14 — Appalachian Jan. 24 — Appalachian Feb. 1 — Appalachian Feb. 3 — Appalachian Feb. 6 — Appalachian Feb. 10 — Appalachian Feb. 1 3 — Appalachian Feb. 27 — Appalachian Feb. 28 — Appalachian 42 4illigan 33 30 Lenoir Rh nc 21 44 Bemberg 8 19 Milligan 23 68 C ' ullovvhee 17 40 Lenoir Khync 30 38 Bern berg 14 42 CuUowhee . . 16 25 Young-Harris (Ga.) . . . . 31 Totals 340 193 Page One Hundred Twelve ■»- M-i ' Jt, - ..- - HOCKEY TEAM Scott, Daniels, Austin, E. Bingham, Powlas, Tho.mas, Wcosley, Dayvault, Little, Daniels. P. Binghanl Perry, Houser, Preston, Crisp. GIRLS ' volley ball TEAM Crisp Perry Keck Wcosley Thomas Austin Preston Baker Shoemaker Little Powlas Page One Hundred Thirteen GIRLS ' TKNNIS CLUB From Row: I. SHUMAKER, D. POWLAS, P. HOliSON. M. TOWLER, V. AUSTIN. E. Rivhs. AN. Daniels, Ap. Daniels. M. Baker. D. Little. Back Row: E. BINGHAM, I. HOUSER, E. PRESTON, V. BEAM, GREENE, T. EDWARDS, S. McDonald, L. Beck, G. Greene. M. Crisp. L. Whiteside. V. Dayvault. P. Bingham. Girls ' Major Club Page One Hundred Fourteen Societies Companionship icith each lUe sought, And gave to each philosophy Wilh laughter to make siceet the draught From youth ' s full cup of ecstasy. Page One Hundred Eighteen Vernician Literary Society MoTTO: " We never give up. " Colors: Red and Gray FLOWER; Rose Sponsor: Miss Katherine Harwell Fall Term Elizabeth Hackney Viola Mann ... Elva Shermer Laura Jovner OFFICERS Winler Term Spring Term Edith A. McDonald . . . Lucille Holland President Jewell Justice Ruth Smith Vice-President Annie Lee Wilkinson. . .Virginia Lindsey Secretary Ida HigGINBOTHAN .... Lois SWEATT Treasurer Evelyn Allran LOUVELLA BRICKHOUSE Desetta Boesser Tressie Mae Cashion ESTELLE Dark Catherine Durham Elizabeth Hackney Ida Higginbothan Lucille Holland Betty Howard MEMBERS laura joyner Jewell Justice Virginia Lindsey Elizabeth Lutterlow Viola Mann Edith Atwood McDonald Dellie Pell Frances Pell Naomi Pipkin Margaret Robbins Pansy Keys Lois Ray Elva Shermer Ruth Smith Theoria Straughn Lois Sweatt Grace Ward Janeverette Ward Sara Westmoreland Avis Wilhelm Annie Lee Wilkinson Page One Hundred Nineteen Phila Retian Literary Society Motto; " Gtve to the ivorld the best you have and the best will come hack to you. " Sponsors: MlSS LhMav, Miss Jackson Flower: White Rose Colors: Green and White First Term DELLA POWLAS ZiNNA Warden Kathleen Fulcher Mary Daily Little Martha F. McGii.l Lois Whitesides Ot-ITCKRS Second Term Third Term Elizabeth Spelrs Louise Dean Martha F. McGill Mrs. Virginia Eaker Dorothy Patterson ZiNNA Warden Cleo Dean Grace Greene Dorothy Patterson JUI.iA Pursley Nell Hayes Mabel Holden . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer lii-preaentative Chaptam SOCIETY SONG Phib Phila Rctijn, You ' re the highest, you ' re the noblest; And we ' ll always cherish the memory Of the Phila Retian. When we leave our A. S. T. C We ' ll remember, ne ' er forRel you: And we ' ll say we ' re a member Of the Phila Retian. Page One Hundred Twenty Phila Retian Literary Society MEMBERS Kathleen Absher Kate Briggs Pauline Banner Mary Sue Banner Lena Brawley Marian Baker Ruth Barringer Elene Beam Esther Beam Virginia Beam Marguerite Berry Daisy Biggers WiLBY Biggers Mabel Billings Katherine Boles Mary Alice Brown Faye Broyhill Clara Dell Bullock Blanche Carter Beulah Cauble Lillian Chambelilan M. Clonninger Lelia Cobb Mar.jorie Crisp Annie Daniels Appie Daniels Susan Davis Cleo Dean Louise Dean Mrs. Virginia Eaker Ann England Laura Farthing Kathleen Fulcher Irene Floyd Helen Grant Grace Greene Vivian Gibes Maude Gettys A. Hallyburton Louise Hallyburton Nellie Harrell Bessie L. Hartsell Mabel Holden Ilease Houser Nell Hayes Willie Houser Sarah Hovis Mildred Hubbard Avis Hull Earsley Hege Mary Lou Henessee Janette Kiser Beulah Ketchie Alder King Luna Kistler Ava Lane Martha Leah Daily Little Pearl Long Ruby Long Louise Morrison Laura McConnell Maxine Matthews Pauline Mace Katie McLean Pauline McCorkle Annette McKay Martha McGill Jane McGuire Mary Maguire Dot McKenzie MUREMA McLAND EuLA Miller Nellie Sue McNeely Bobby McNeil Iris Minish Amy Moore Irene Moore Carolyn Moore Shirley Moore Evelyn Mortimer Frances Mull Mary Nesbit Lucille Newton Mary Nichols Ruth Nichols Alice Norris Thelma Oakes Agnes Ogi.esby Irene Peeler Elizabeth Parker Dot Patterson Julia Pursley Faye Plott Ida Porter Della Powlas Mattie Sue Propst Ruby Pruitt Gladys Quinn Ruby Redmond Elewise Reeves Marjorie Robeson Garnet Robertson Azeleane Rudisill Marie Rudisill Virginia Smith Evelyn Sharpe Lucille Shinn Muriel Shoemate Pearl Sledge Fannie Sloan Susan Smith Eva Sipe Elizabeth Spears Dorothy Stewart Cornelia Thomas Johnny Taylor Grace Wagoner Pauline Willis Lessie Wall Carrye Warden Edna Warden Zinna Warden Margaret Webb Lois Whiteside Margaret Whitlock Inez Wilkins Ayeris Willis Lena Wylie Page One Hundred Twenty-one Dynician Literary Society Motto : " W ' hal we are to he we are now becoming. " Colors: Purple and White Fl.OWER: Purple Iris Sponsor: MiSS VIRGINIA WaRY SOCIETY SONG All hail. Dynician Society. We sing our song of praise: May we bring honor to your name: Your banner all our cjays. To you we will be loyal. And ever staunch and true: And give our best endeavors Dynician. dear, to you. Dear Appalachia of the hills. We lift our hearts to thee. In love and reverence ever. When we must severed be. Dynician. still the tide of love That binds our hearts so true. Will serve thee through the coming years, Dynician. we love you. Page One Hundred Twenty-two Dynician Literary Society OFFICERS First Term Winnie Heafner. Opal Scott . . Rebecca Pursley Mabel Hughes . . Second Term Martha McDonald , President LOURAY Zimmerman Vice-President Grace Bradford Secretary Sadie WiLHELM Treasurer Third Term Katherine Warlick President Rebecca Dickerson Vice-President Ethel YouNT Secretary Mae Beth Scruggs Treasurer Helen Abernethy Mary Abernethy Marguerite Bandy Maude Bandy Clara Banner Viola Beam Altonia Beam Louise Beck Evelyn Bingham Pauline Bingham Frances Braddy Grace Bradford Edna Brown Madeline Bryant Mildred Burke FoLA Burns Christine Carpenter Evelyn Cashion Mabel Crouse Maggie Curtis Mary Fae Dellinger Dorothy Dixon Marjorie Dixon Mabel Dixon MEMBERS Rebecca Dickerson Elsie Dover Beulah Evans Bernice Fields Mabel Gibbs Jaunita Gobble Leola Greene Mary Edna Grimes Winnie Heafner Virginia Hunt Mabel Hughes Josephine Jonas Mazie Jean Jones IMOGENE Isaacs Doris Lambert Joyce Loven Mildred Loven DoviE Moore Pauline Mosteller Martha McDonald Ruth Morrison Edith Preston Rebecca Pursley Gloss IE Py ' atte Bessie Rudisell Dorothy Ridge Edna Rogers Mae Beth Scruggs Opal Scott Stacy Shackerford Kate Shore Ethel Sigmon Agnes Sims Margaret Smith Thelma Smith Mary Smith Anna Spencer Edith Thomas Wilhemina Triplett Katherine Warlick Lois Weisner Mary Whitesides Sadie Wilhelm Wilda Wilson LULIE Wimbish Edna Wise Ethel Yount LouRAY Zimmerman Page One Hundred Twenty-three Thalian Literary Society Motto: " Not on the heights, hul climbing. " COLORS: Blue and Yelloic Sponsor: Dr. W. Amos Abrams first Term Vann Austin MozELLE Ball Louise Patton Willie Herman. , . Lavola Carender OFFICERS Second Term Third Term . LouisK Haigler Helen Barber President TllEO Edwards Marv Baker Vice-President Evelyn Caudle Vinnie CliNE Recording Secretary , VINNIE CLINE THELMA GOODE Corresponding Sec ' y Mozelle Ball Willie Herman Treasurer SOCIETY SONG May thy followers be is plants grown up in youth. Ejch maid a corner-stone polished with love and truth: A rainbow always to the storm of life. Each member never knowing hate or strife. Chorus Dear Thalian Society, how we love you; For thy didst point us to paths of truth: We ' ll always love you truly Dear Thalian Society. Master of Truth. Page One Hundred Twenty-four ' i e T, i » Thalian Literary Society Allie Austin Vann Austin Doris Arledge ILA Mae Alexendra Annie Pearl Arnold Minnie Arnett Mozelle Ball Helen Barber Helen Bowman Rachel Bowman Minnie Brintle Ethel Brintle Mary Baker Fern Barnard Lucille Blanton Gussie Bumgarner Pauline Bunch Mary Bost Edith Brittain Hazel Brittain Virginia Clements Nancy Carson Lavola Carender Evelyn Caudle Mary Lula Colley Burnice Carter Vennie Cline Stella Clar k Louise Clark Louise Craig Mary Christenbury Grace Covington Virginia Dayvault Madaline Davis Mary Dew NouvLA Dixon Geneva Dedmon Pauline Dedman Miriam Eury Theo Edwards Nann Ellis MEMBERS Ann Elmore Mary Fortune Irene Fulk Bertha Finch Margie Faw Thelma Goode Connie Grant Estelle Grieg Inez Harris Louise Haigler Willie Herman Evelyn Helms Evelyn Hughes Ruth Hunsucker Dorris Hudson jeannette Hubbard Lillian Hire Ellen Hamrick Rosaline Hoppers Mary Hobson Mildred Hudson Pauline Hobson Mary Kemp Helms Vera Isenhour Helen Johnson Gladys Keck Eva Kirkman Louise Kirkman Christine King Ellie Lane Sadie Lester Hazel Little Margie Little Helen Ledbetter Faye Ledbetter Carry Mae Lowe Empress Ledford Juanita Lawson Dot Logan Margaret Lipe Helen McArthur EVELYN Miller Ruth Miller Josephine Miller Louise Moore Edith Melvin Sallie McDonald Kate McIntyre Donnie Matherson Addie Myres Mary Frances Nesbit Brine Pinnix Maultsby Dorris Osborne Louise Patton Margarette Phelps Hazeline potts Fannie Poplin Myrtle Presson Elizabeth Pratt Nan Rhodes Pauline Rogers Juanita Robertson Irene southerland Louise Southerland Frances Stegall Edith Smith Hazel Sharp Rebekah Tolbert Audrey Templeton Ruth Ivey Trott Lotus Vance Ellie Sue Vannoy Elizabeth Walker Mary Alice Wilson Virginia Webber Irene Wyant MARY ALICE WACHAM Harriet Wagg Marill Willis Helen Wilson Mildred Yarborough Page One Hundred Twenty-five Appalachian Literary Society Motto: " With the ropes of the past we ' ll ring the bells of the future. ' Colors: Pink and White Flower: Carnation OFFICERS Firsi Term Second Term Third Term Herman Heafner . Robert Davis Jacob Lentz Julian Yoder Eugene Fender Mark Davis Robert Davis Leroy Sossamon . James Lentz President ' ice- President Secrelaru Treasurer Lawrence Atchihy Karr Beam Ralph Beam Jac:k Beverly Clarence Braswell Louis Brown BuRGWYN Carter Steve Coon Walter Coon Odell Cooper MARK Davis Robert Davis Edwin Dougherty Roy Eaker James Eaves Eugene Fender MEMBERS Sanford Fitts James Fowlkes James Glover Coleman Goodson Paul Gregory Edward Hamrick Matthew Hanna Earl Haywokih Herman Heaener Carl Johnson Cullen Johnson Oder Joines George Jones Wilson Kincaid Jacob Lentz James Lentz Fleet Madison Vance McBridi-; Kermit i endleton ciRAY Rankin Winton Rankin Millard Ri:id D. C. Redmond Dave Reynolds Ralph Shoi:maker Leroy Sossaman John Staion Carmen Stuart Robert Taylor Thomas Wilson John York Julian Yoder Page One Hundred Twenty-six iSu -■■ ' i ' - - ' mr-r A—A a Rankin-Wilson Literary Society Motto: " We accept the Best to make them Better. " Flower : Goldemod Col ors : Black and Gold SoNG; " Battle Hymn of the Republic. " W. E. Abee GiLVEN Angel Guy ANGEL Jack Ballou Tracy Ballou Henry Becton Boyd Baucom Warren Belk conley bost Grover Brown Floyd Campbell Paul Clark Howard Collins James P. Hackney Pierce Hayes Bernard Helms Howard Hunter T. R. Hunt MEMBERS B. H. Horton. Jr. Jesse Houck Bill Jones Jack Jones Fred Kaiser Don Hoffman Willie Kendrick John Lackey Pinkney Lackey Byron Lathan Huffman McCall Carl Martin Milton McLaughlin Howard Miller James McLurd Eugene Michael William Morgan John Morris George Nickleson Graham Norman John Gehler James Parsons Nelson Radcliff Flake Reid Ben Ross Carl Rudisill JOHN Sims John Staley Everette Toms Robert Vannoy Marvin Ward James Warlick Ernest White L. G. White WooDROW White Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Debaters and Orators DEBATERS Top Row Grace Greene Launa Carender Bryon Lathan WiNTON Rankin Frances Mull Grace Greene Middle Roic Earl Havworth Carmon Stuart Leroy Sossamon Max Cowles Dr. J. D. Rankin, Coach ORATORS Bottom Row Carmon Stuart H. R. Eggers. Coach Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Clubs Clubs Lchen ' ice personate, and clubs icheve ice .sine ; Clubs where we do ' must any old thing. Clubs for cooking and clubs for sewing: Clubs where we learn what the world is doing. Clubs for athletics, and clubs for fun: Sonn- club or other troni sun to sun. Flunk if We must, be nothing but dubs. Yet we must keep up with all of our clubs ' . Page One tlumln-d Thirty New Dormitory Club MOTTO: " Buttin Along. " Mary Daily Little Edith Preston LOUVELLA BRICKHOUSE OFFICERS Helen Aberxatiiy .Moselle Ball Clara Banner Mary Sue Banner Pauline Banner Helen Barder ' iRGiNiA Beam Louise Beck Lucille Blanton Mary Grace Bradford Lena Sue Brawley ' iRGiNiA Brady Frances Braddy Louvella Brickhouse Edna Broun Mary Lee Barnes Madaline Bryant Julia Bynum Lavna Carender Bernice Carter Evelyn Caudill Mary Christenbury V ' iNNIE ClINE Margaret Cloninger Virginia Dayvault Cleo Dean Dorothy Dedmond Geneva Deumond Pauline Dedmond Mary Faye Dellinger L RY Dew Rebecca Dickerson Mrs. ' irginia Eaker Theo Ed vards Anne Elmore Miriam Eury Beulah Evans Elizabeth Evans Laura Farthing Kathleen Fulcher Mabel Gibbs Thelma Goode Grace Greene Leota Greene Ursula Hage Alberta Hallyburton Velva Hamrick Bessie Hartsell Nell Hayes Winnie Heafner Pauline Hobson Rosalie Hoppers Inez Harris Willie Houser Sarah Hovis Ilease Houser Mabel Holden Mildred Hubbard Jeanette Hubbard ALabel Hughes Evelyn Hughes Virginia Hunt Mildred Hudson Josephine Jonas Katherine Jones Gladys Keck Ruth Ellen Kinsland Jaunita Lawson Empress Ledford Marjorie Little Hazel Little MASCOT: Mountain Goat President . . . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer . L RY Daily Little Ellen Matthews DONNIE ] L theson Helen McArthur Sally Pearl McDonald Mary Laguire Jane McGuire Dorothy McKenzie Kate McIntyre DuREMA McLamb Bobbie McNeil L- RV McNeil Martha Frances McGill Amy Moore Louise Mooke Evelyn Mortimer Pauline Mosteller Evelyn Miller Frances Mull . L RY Frances Nesbit Thelma Cakes Dorothy Patterson Irene Peeler Naomi Pipkin Fave Plott Hazeline Potts Fannie Poplin Edith Preston Rebecca Pursley Julia Pursley Glossie Pyatte Gladys Quinn Ruby Redmond Nan Rhodes Garnet Robeson Pauline Rogers Bessie Rudisill Elva Shermer Stacy Shackleford Kate Shore Fannie Sloan Ruth Smith Edith Smith i L RY Smith Elizabeth Speers Anne Spencer Dorothy Stewart Audrey Templeton Cornelia Thomas Wilhlemina Triplette KuTH Ivev Trott Elizabeth Walker Harriette Wagg Katherine Warlick Lois Weisner Marie Willis Ayeris Willis 1 NEZ Wilkins LULIE WiMBISH Edna Wise Annie Lee Wilkenson Lena Wiley Sadie Wilhelm Mary Whitesides Lois Whitesides Elizabeth Willis Allen e Woosley Ethel Vount Lourav Zimmerman Mrs. Era Zimmerman Page One Hundred Thirty-one I YOUNG Women ' s Christian Association Page One Hundred Thirty-two Young Women ' s Christian Association The Young Women ' s Christian Association this year has played a more important part in the life of each of its members than it ever has before. New comers upon their arrival first gained knowledge of their " whereabouts " through the Y. W. C. A. ' s information booth. Also, upon reaching their rooms, they were welcomed by a personal letter introducing their " Big Sister " who " Broke them in " to college life. The Y. W. C. A. ' s first event of the year was the " Big and Little Sister Party " when, by way of fun and frolic, all members, new and old. became well acquainted. In October the senior cabinet, with its newly-elected officers, enjoyed a de- lightfully jolly retreat to the old dam on the " rainiest " day of the term. Soon after this event, the association recognized its most outstanding members by the election of its prettiest, cutest, sweetest, and other superlatives. The world fellowship tea, sponsored by the Y. ' W. C. A., provided an imaginary visit to Japan for all who attended. Paying pledges was a joy this year, especially on " Candle Night " when refreshments were served and a candle was given to each me mber. May the Lovill girls be congratulated for winning the prize candle for their dormitory I The May Day Festival! ' What a success! The Association considers it to have been one of the greatest events of the year. The Y. ' W. C. A. may well be proud of the interest groups which were organized this year. The programs presented at the usual Sunday evening ves- per services, as well as in chapel on Friday mornings, by the art, music, and dramatic groups well verified the successful work of each club. Such are just a few of the activities of the Y. ' W. C. A. this year. May the organization of 1933-34 accomplish not only as much but more, profit by the failures of the past, and do more to realize fully the purpose of the Y. ' W. C. A. " to make full and creative life possible for every girl! " Y. W. C. A. CABINET Senior Cabinet Junior Cabinet Helen Barber President Mattie Sue Propst Della Powlas Vice-President Mae Beth Scruggs " Virginia Lindsey Secretary Lelia Cobb KaTHERINE " WarLICK Business Manager MoSELLE BALL Kate McIntYRE Musical Director RUTH IVEY TroTT Louise Dean Pianist , . Margaret ' Webb DesetTA BoesSER Program Chairman KATHLEEN FULCHER Sadie Lester World Fellowship Chairman GRACE GREENE Louise Moore Social Service Chairman NOVELLA DiXON ' Virginia Hunt Social Chairman Mabel Hughes Evelyn Miller Publicity Chairman FRANCES MULL Pauline Bingham Reporter Shirley Moore Page One Hundred Thirty-three White Hall Clul Motto: " They conquer who believe they can. " Colors: Blue and Yellow FLOWER: Forget-me-not HISTORY OF CLUB It was a Saturday night in October when a sophomore, having seen the homesickness of so many girls, suggested that a White Hall Club be organized. This club had as its purpose to give entertainment and create lasting friend- ships among the girls of White Hall Dormitory. The club has fulfilled its purpose to such an extent that memories of it will linger with us throughout our lives. Some of the happiest moments spent on A. S. T. C. campus were those in this club. We hope the girls whose future home will be in this dormitory will derive as much good from this organization as we have. Page One Hundred Thirty-four Lincoln County Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Kermit Pendleton Steve Coon Winnie HEAFNER Secretary MRS. VIRGINIA EAKER Treasurer MOTTO: " We hold fast, and ever climb upward. FLOWER: Virginia Creeper COLORS: White and Blue Helen Abernathy Mary Abernathy Karr Beam Altonia Beam Elene Beam Webb Beam Woodrow Beam Esther Beam Ralph Beam Margaret Bandy Maud Bandy Joyce Bess Evelyne Cashion Beaulah Cauble Stella Clark Steve Coon Blaine Childers Christine Carpenter Mable Crouse Paul Childers MEMBERS Louise Clark Kenneth Dellinger Mallie Eaker Ray Fisher Gordon Goodson Coleman Goodson Herbert Goins Eli Houser Willie Houser Prue Houser Cleaborn Houser ILEASE Houser Paul Hinson Avis Hull Winnie Heafner Herman Heafner Kenneth Howell Carl Johnson CuLLEN Johnson Josephine Jonas Walter Koon Alda Keener Jaunita Kiser Hubert Leonhardt Kathleen McGinnis Pauline Mosteller PAUL Mosteller James McLurd Irene Peeler Kermit Pendleton Thelma Smith Margaret smith Ethel Sigmon Brettie Sifford Pauline Willis James Wood Thomas Wilson Sarah Edna Wise M. Katherine Warlick Ethel Yount Page One Hundred Thirty-five LoviLL Club IJLV DALL Ht)Ml; tCONOMICS CLUB Page One Hundred Thirty-six CLEVELAND COUNTY CLUB BOYS Lh r LhR CLUB Front Rou. ' : ROBERT LOY, WlNTON RANKIN. GORMAN JOHNSON. J. P. HOUSER. Tracy Ballou. Ja.mes A. Glover. Sam McKinney. Second Row: PAUL MAHONEY. BRYON LATHAN, JOHN LACKEY. EVERETTE McCON- NELL. Herbert Coins. Robert Weaver. Paul Mosteller. Page One Hundred Thirty-seven Glee Club Miss Virginia Wary. Director OFFICERS Lois Whitesides Zeb Dixon Winnie Heafner Roy Greene Paul Mahoney President . . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Librarian Sopranos HKLEN ABERNETHY Mary Bost Christine Carpenter Louise Craig Theo Edwards Louise Haigler WiLMA McCroy Kate Mcintyre Frances Stegall Dorothy Stewart Lois Whitsides MEMBERS Tenors EVERETTE ABEE Edwin Dougherty Zeb Dixon Leonard Eury Altos Lena Brawley Stella Clark Meriem Eury Helen Graham Lou Greene Winnie Heafner Ruth Kinsland Maxine Mathis Thelma Oaks Myrtle Presson Lois Watson Basses Paul Gregory Jake Hagaman Baltus Holbrook Roy Greene Mathew Hanna Paul Mahoney Madison Miller George Williams CuLLEN Johnston RuFus Lee WiNTON Rankin Thomas Redman D. C. Redman Page One Hundred Thirty-eight i ' M Ben Ross Best All Round Lois Ray Prettiest i Robert Weaver Handsomest Boy EH i i »E«ju«ii!o« ,r ■- ' .■■ ' ' . " IS » ■ : " . iivt . ' ;! « ' ■ f Frances Stegall Most Graceful m 5; -v - ' :j James A. Glover Most Cultured m m . ■ Herbert Goins Best Athlete (Boy) if ' ' ., i. Edith Preston Best AtUete (Girl) Traicp g ISttI Mary Daily Little Most Versatile i Virginia Hunt May Queen, 1933 i May Queen Attendants §9 Della Powlas LouRAY Zimmerman Dorothy Patterson Irene Wyantt Cornelia Thomas Mabel Hughes Nan Rhodes Nell Hayes Pauline Bunch Lois Ray Nellie Harrell i Page One Hundred Fifty-two I i i i I EAST TENNESSEE WESTERN NORTH ! [ CAROLINA RAILROAD CO. 1 I i ! im — ■ — I I ! I LINVILLE RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY I I I I E. T. W. N. C. TRANSPORTATION 1 j COMPANY I I I i i I i I THE FIVE TO FIVE STORE | i HOME OF I Central ' s Shoes Archer ' s Beautiful Silk Hosiery • i , i j " An Ever Groicmg Patronage Tells Our Story ' j i I SPAINHOURS, INC. | ( " Boone ' s Shopping Center " I I QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT LOWER PRICES j i Ready -to-Wear — Millinery — Piece Goods — Hosiery j I Shoes — Gents ' Furnishings — Notions, Etc. j I " Our Aim Is To Serve You Well and Faithfully Alivays " " Page One Hundred Fifty-three Page One Hundred Fifty-lour SmiTHEY ' s Stores give you the advantages of mass buying for cash, direct from the mills, farm and factories. Economy in delivery. Volume distribution. Our low prices hover around zero. You ' ll find style and quality. This organization with its co-partnerships and subsidiaries covers a wide territory. We are anxious to work with you. Our best efforts are at your disposal. Visit us often — it pays. SMITHEY ' S STORE BOONE. N. C. Compliments of Boone Drug Co. The Rexall Store BOONE, N. C. i I j ( i I i I i I j ! i I i i i I Compliments of Keplar ' s Style Shoppe j BOONE, N. C. Prompt Service Quality Work and Materials Cementing a Specialty Satisfaction Guaranteed DANIEL BOONE SHOE SHOP BOONE. N. C. Opposite Smithey ' s " We Serve the Public " i I ( i i ! i ) i I i I 1 1 I I Compliments of Watauga Drug Co. BOONE. N. C. C. L. Rhyne, Prop. SUMMERS HARDWARE COMPANY wholesale only Hardware, Cutlery, Sporting Goods, Stoves, Ranges. Varnishes, Paints, Farm Implements, Building Materials, Railroad, Mill. Mine, Electrical, Plumbing, and Heating Supplies. American Boilers and Radiators. Standard Sanitary Enamelware. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Page One Hundred Fifty-five If you don ' t find your picture in the top group, don ' t give up — LOOK ON. Page One Hundred Fiflysix BOONE DEPARTMENT STORE " Where Prices Are Lower " DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES GREEN LANTERN BAR-B-Q LODGE Sandwiches - Soft Drinks Short Orders i ) i i i I I I i f i ! i I j ( i i LILLIAN MAE BEAUTY SHOPPE Corner of College and East Main Streets We Specialize in Permanent Waves Phone 49 Mrs. H. O. DowLlXG. Prop. Tel. 88-VV CARO-JEAN-INN Board by Day or Week Steam heat and running water in every room. Our COFFEE SHOP serves the best foods at a reasonable price. Open from 7 to 8:30 P.M. —SANDWICHES - Cleanliness — Quality — Service i i i I i I i I i I i I i I j I Compliments of The Pastime Theater BOONE. N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BOOK ROOM JiRST Floor Administration Building Text Books - School Supplies - Stationery - Girls and Boys Athletic Equipment - Confections Page One Hundred Fifty-seven Page One Hundred Fifly-eighl The PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK In This Annual FURNISHED BY THE BURR HARRISON STUDIO 208 ' , EAST MAIN STREET JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE Portraits of Distinction WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Page One Hundred Fifty-nine THE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COELEGE BOONE. N. C. IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS 3,333 FEET HIGH BETTER TRAINED TEACHERS FOR THE OLD NORT H STATE Where Student Activities Along Social. Intellectual. Recreational, and Religious Lines Are Fostered and Encouraged Page One Hundred Sixty ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK HARLO " ■ICOMI ANy . CHARLOTTE. N.C.- ST ENGRAVERS Page One Hundred Sixty-one X hoX is an annual? to some . . . just another printing order, to us an opportunity to record history in its making ... for an annual is a history of the school for the year in which it is published. It is made today for its value tomorrow, to bring back to mind the happy memories of school days. And with a keen appreciation of this future value, coupled with the experience of more than thirty years, we work closely with and for the school that the annual may be a complete, interesting history. It may be next term ... or a few years away in college . . . but when your thoughts turn to the publication of an annual may we have the opportunity of telling you more of the service we can render. OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE -:- North Carolina Page Onv Hundred Sixty- two Rhododendron Staff, 1933 James A. Glover Editor-in-Chief Julian C. Yoder Business Manager Virginia Hunt Organization Editor Malcolm Laxton Advertising Manager Della Powlas Athletic Editor V. C. Howell Faculty Advisor Page One Hundred Sixty-three ( Autographs Autographs QiO

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