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COLLEGE LIBRARY PP L CHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE. N. C. ' COST % BOONE. N. C, jg ' m. :tUi J V - t Z. EX LI r L l B R ARY mimmi state mm college BQ-QNE...N....C, , Rhododendron IQ5X ♦ Copyright 1932 Dessa Mai- TKii ' ij-ri Edilor-in-Chief Reece Harris Husinexs Manager z Rhododendron PUBLISHED BYTHE SENIOR CLASS APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Boone, North Carolina DEDICATION This lQ l- ' 32 volume of ThH RHODODENDRON wc dedi- cate, jointly, to Hon. W. C. Nevvland and to Mr. J. M. Bern- hardt of Lenoir, North Carolina, in sincere appreciation for their invaluable service to the Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege and to the cause of higher education in North Carolina. HON. W. C. NEWLAND In 90 . Hon. W. C. Newland introduced the hill in the Legislature of North Carolina creating the Appalachian Train- ing School which has developed through due processes into the Appalachian State Teachers College. As chairman of the Board of Trustees through the years of most rapid development he has given unstintingly of his time and wisdom. MR. J. M. BERNHARDT Mr. J. M. Bernhardt, as a member of the original Board of Trustees and as Chairman of the Executive Committee dur- ing the phenomenal growing period of the college has given unsparingly of his judgment and business experience. He has helped to make and has signed the contracts for all the im- portant buildings. HH DEDICATION Mmniaw i MBS Hon. C. w. Newland Mr. J. M. Bernhardt FOREWORD The play ends: The actors pass: The curtain drops: Time does not stand still But bears us aicay upon its toaming crest. A new play begins: New actors come; The curt ain rises. And less we should forget The former play. The past actors. And the old stage. We have caught their passing .shadows. In silent moods. In working poses. In playful moods. And assembled them within this the Tenth volume of The Rhododhndron, Which we present to you. CONTENTS COLLEGE FACULTY CLASSES SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES 3n illemoriam FRANK DABBS Jan. 31, 1908— May, 19 30 This tribute, by the Class of ' 32, is made with infi- nite reverence and sorrow. His faithful ideals made him genuine, though cut off in the flower of his ambition. " God ' s finger touched him: and he sleeps. " COLLEGE ' S! ' . s s •%j;« ' S8i4j, (ss : " smyj ' y W ?s0§ 0 W « f jma ' y.i; ; ' 0 w W ? FA.GULTY Dr. B. B. Dougherty President ' ' ' «v t ' »« ir ,y,x- =s s ; Page Nineteen MKS D. D. DOLCllIRTY Treasurer Dr. J. D. Rankin. A.B.. A.M.. S.T D. Dean : English Chapell Wilson. A.B.. A.M. Director of Demonstration Work . Psychology J. M. Downu.m. A.B. Registrar A. R. S.MITH. A.B.. A.M. Chemistry Miss Ida Bille Ledbettih. A.B.. A.M. Biology Miss Ji-NNii- Tonn Supervisor of Women: Penmanship A. M Norton. A.B . A.M. English Page Twenty !it ; ; vO ' ' yMy i6 ' ' ««1W ' ' ' = « " iS? y i; I. G. Greer Citizenship G. L. SAWYER. A.B. Psycbologii J. T. C. Wright. A.B., A.M. Mathematics and Physics Herman R. Eggers. A.B.. A.M. Education J. A. Williams. A.B.. A.M. Geography V. C. Howell. A.B.. M.A. History Miss Carolyn Weaver. B.S.. A.M. Primary Education Miss Maude E. Cathcart. B.S.. M.A. Biology Antonius Antonakos. B.S. Mathematics and Physics Mrs. Van Hinson. A.B., A.M. French J ' A ■ Mxtna ' Z , ' Page Tiuenty-one C. 11 JOHNSION. A.B. I ' hysual l-Jiuulion Mrs. Tom Gushing. A.B.. M.A. Physical Education for Women G. P. Eggers, A.B. English: Assislani in Physical Education Miss Virginia Warv. B.M. Public School Mush: ' oict A. J. Greone English Miss Lily Dale. B.S. Home Economics Van Hinson. A B. Education Miss Tiieodogia Watson. B.S. Primary Education Miss Kaihirini Harwell Art Miss Elizabeth Rucker. B.S. An Page Vwenty-tivo " -. i Uffl ' imiem ' ' i ' ' . " m»j ' AESM2DEHMMI Mrs. I. G. Greer Piano; English Mrs. Emma Moore Librarian Leonard Eury. A.B. Librarian Miss Maude Greene Secretary to President Miss Nancy Lewis Secretary to Treasurer Mrs. D. C. Redmond Secretary to Registrar Miss Lona Moretz Matron Lovill Home Mrs. LiLLiE B. Hardin Matron New Dormitory Mrs. v. v. McConnell Dietitian Mrs. Stella Barnes Secretary to Dean £ Page Tivenly- three IN MEMORY OF Mrs. V. C. Howell, alumna of Appalachian State Teaclu ' r.s College, and secretary to the Registrar, who has left us and gone to her reward. She will be greatly missed by all who came in contact with her. She was a most faithful and efficient worker, with a kind word for everyone. One of the best things that may be said of a person is that he or she did their part. It can be said truly, of Mrs. Howell, that she did her pan well. LIBRARY APPALACHIAN SIAIE TEACHERS COLLEGE BOONE, N. C. GLASSES Claude Pvatte President SENIORS I Sponsor MRS. ' [ ' OM GUSHING Mascot BETTY ANN JOHNSTON Colors: Pink and While . Flowi-R: Rose MoTTO: " We have crossed the Bay. the Ocean lies before us. " IKiyi- Tuvnly-i-fyhl Claude Pyatte PrcsidctU Stanley Livingston ' icc-Prcsidc»t Beatrice Pearson Secretary Jl ' LIA InOL Treasurer Senior Class History When we look in retrospect upon the far-distant days of ' 28, we are forcefully reminded of the fact that our college days will soon be a memory. Four years of comradeship, of fellowship, have wrought their transformation of body. mind, and soul. As we stand poised for our venture into the life before us, let us not forget the memorable events that have united us with a bond of mutual experiences — that have made us what we are. Freshmen in ' 28 received a significant welcome in the torrential rain which fell those last days of August. Their ardor not dampened in the least, however, the class quickly devoted themselves creditably to the affairs of college life. The honor of the class presidency went to Wra. Davenport. Football, inaugu- rated that year at Appalachian, was supported enthusiastically by the Freshmen. In other sports the class was well represented. The literary societies added the names of many Freshmen to their roll books. During the year the institution was officially recognized as Appalachian State Teachers College, and the four-year courses were added to the curriculum. Socially, the notable event of the year was the Sophomore-Freshman reception. The jubilation of the returning Sophomores in ' 29 was lessened somewhat by the absence of some of their classmates, but this loss was offset by the additions from other colleges. And there were the incoming Freshmen to be initiated into the joys of college life. In Oswald Hooper, the class found a capable leader for the year. Wor k and play combined to make the time pass quickly — May was here before we knew it. Highlights were the beginning of a new regime in athletics under Coach Johnston, and the bestowing by the college of the first degrees. Most of the Sophomores who withstood the storms of ' 29- ' 30 returned in ' 31. Other colleges again added a number of students to our class. Our president was Glenn T. Hickman. The Junior Class did its share in upholding the prestige of Appalachia in extra curricular activities. Outstanding social events of the year were the Hallowe ' en Party and the Junior-Senior Reception. Commencement with its train of graduates reminded us that we were soon to follow in their wake. So passed the year. With the realization that we were Seniors — seventy of us — came also the conviction that, after all. we were just ordinary mortals. The responsibilities of the president were entrusted to Claude Pyatte. Dili- gently did we work: the near approach of practice teaching and the need of grade points caused worried looks on previously carefree countenances. Participating in every activity of the college, the Seniors measured up to the standards expected of them. Commencement found us on the platform with a mingled feeling of gladness and sadness — glad that we were at last ready for the arduous road before us; sad that we must leave behind the things that have endeared to us our Alma Mater. — Stanley Livingston. Page Twenty-nine i ms Ss ' ' M ' mt ' ■ ' ».ff M, ' ' ; " ■ ' mm " W ' J S PS? JOSEPHINE ABEKNATHY. n.S. HICKORY, N. r. Mathematics and Physkal Education Dynician Literary Society (, 4); Secretary of Dynician (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); New Dormitory Club . . 4); Presbyterian Cluh (. . 4); Vice-Pres- ident (4). Lenoir Rhyne (L 2,). " That keystone upon which is built all lovimj and all livinff dcpcndableness. " Why do we all like Jo so well? It ' s her sweet disposition, and her refinement. Besides this, she is talented, reliable and willinR. Onr slogan is. " If you want a thing done and rlone wt-ll. go to Jo. " HERMAN S. BAUCOM, BS. I ' NIONVILLE, N. C. Mathematics and Science Win ate College (1, 2): Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (3. 4.); Football O, 4); President of Union County Club (.M. " Better looking than the ax ' eraije. " " Shine, " or (he " Spirit of Wingate. " comes to us from Wingate College, not exactly Wingate. but about fifteen miles down Main Street. He loves the Indies as few men do, and will walk for miles just for one mort- look or smile. At fixitball he ' s a gofMl (luartrrback and has gained rt-cognition through the state. " Shine. " with his smile divinr is sure to shine, when he has left us behind. And " Shine. " nid boy. we are betting on you. RUBY BEACH, B.S. LKNOIR, N. C. Wingate (I, 2); X. C. C. V. 0) Thalian Lit- t-rary Society (4). " Abox-c all -ivc love a steadfast friend. " Wingate and X. C. C. W. beqntatherl us a wel- come addition to our student body tn the jicrson of Rtiby. Her friendly smile an i winning person- ality have made friends for her. Here ' s luck to you — we know you ' ll succeed. JKXXiK LOUISE BEAM. B.S. fcLLF.NnORO, N. C. Grammar Grade Education " crnecian Literary Society (4) ; Societ nrator- ic.d representative (4 ) : President of Student ' oI- nnteers (4); Mars Hill College Club (4); Ruther- ford County Club (3 ). " It ' isdom.- justice, and moderation, but the fireai- est of these is a sense of humor. " Louise possesses sparkling wit. always accom- panied with a delightful smile. The moment she enters a room the " blvu ' s " are chased away. We aren ' t worried about her future; iiersonality nlus energy like hers will get her any place to which it is directed. Page Thirty RUTH BOWLIN, B.S. LAUREL SPRINGS, N. C. Mathematics and Science Thalian Literary Society (4), Critic (4), Presi- dent (4): Y. W. C. A. (4); V. W. C. A. Choir (4); Glee Club (i, 4); Presbyterian and Reformc l Club (3, 4) ; Council (4) ; State Intercollegiate Orator (3); Intercollegiate Debater (4). " Roll on world, I won ' t budge an inch. " " Rufus " possesses the three qualities necessary to success; personality, character and intelligence. She has made a brilliant success as a student. We know she will succeed in life. KATHLEEN BROOKS, B.S. UONLEE, N. C. Primary Ecducation Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4). Sec- retary (3), ' ice-President (3), Representative (2), Treasurer (4); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); New Dormitory Club (3. 4); J. I. W. W. (2. 3); Assistant Art Editor of An- nual (4). " She is good to look upon. an4 better yet to know, " Kat has endeared herself to us by her charming personality. She is bright, friendly, intelligent, and attractive. We are expecting great things from her, and we feel confident that she wont ' dis- appoint us. HAROLD CALHOUN, B.S. NEWLANO, N. C. Mathematics and Science Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2. 3, 4); Var- sity Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2. 3, 4). " Roll on ivorld — I ' ll roll ivith you. " The wit of our analytes Geometry class, a foot- ball and basketball star, and a real man — Calhoun will be missed. We send you forth, " Cathorn, " with our best wishes for the success we know you ' ll attain. ADA CLARK, B.S. CROSSNORE, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Thalian Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (4); Presbyterian Club (3, 4); Locill Club (3); New Dormitory Club (4). " They loz e her best who kno v her best. " Ada is a quiet, easy-going, and good-natured girl whom we are proud to call our friend. She is one who works easily and capably, without mak- ing any fuss over what she has accomplished. Once she is your friend she is your friend always. Page Thirty-one ABSSKSHEHMM will IK rORNEI.IUS. B.S. SI ATESVILLE, N. C. Primary Education I)avcnp.»r; O.IU-ki- (1. 2); N. C. C. W. (,M : IMiila Kftian Literary Society (4) ; Y. V. ( " . A. (■ ) ; Ilonu- Kcdimniics Chib (4). " Strong in will, to strife, to srrK-. to find a ui not to yield. " HtTc is a Rirl who has won the admiration ami rcsiK ' ct of lis all. although she has liccn with us only one year. Vc feci that her success is as- sured. RALPH DA IS. U.S. riRI.K.XR. N. C. Cramniar Grade Jlduciitioii " Too low they build, who build betwath the slar.t. " Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2. . . 4); Wilkes County Club (1, 2, 3, 4). President (1. .1): V. M. C. A. (4); U. J. A. (2.3.4). Secretary (4). Hats oflF to the hoy who has the never-Kive-u|i spirit. Ralph has been with us for four years anrl we have discovered that the word " can ' t " isn ' t in his vocabulary. His slogan is, If at first you don ' t succeed try, try again. " Ralph, you have been a faithful, conscientious stu ient. ynu merite ' l our congratulation. Best wishes. KSSIK DALTON. B.S. SHEl.RV, N. C. Oram mar (irade Education " A fool has no choice: therefore. I will be wise. " We now know why Essie liked her geography in order that she may better know how to locate her rerl-headed sailor sweetheart. We hojie she may in the future vi-;it the poinls of interest with liim. MARY LKE DILLON, B.S. COLFAX. N. C. (.irammar Grade Education Cuilfoi-d College (1. 2); Phila Ketian Literary Society (.1. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4): Lily Dale Club (4 . " Charm strikes the si iht. hut merii wins the soul. " Ciuil ford ' s loss is our nain. We all love Mary Lee and admire the sjiletidid (jualities which she possesses. Her ideals are lofty and she has a de- termination which will help her as she faces the problems of life. Page I hirlytivo .iESMSZHMm. CLEO VIRGINIA DICKSON, B.S. HELTON, N. C. Grammar Grade Rducatiou Thalian Literary Society (4). " Charm strikes the sight, but merit 7cius the soul. " Wherever we see Cleo we usually see a book being studied. When we talk to her our minds wander back to the learned women of the past. In her presence we generally feel an atmosphere of sincerity and dignity, but such is not always the case. When the time comes for fun Cleo gets her share. With her ability, perseverance, and charming manner we know that she will succeed. .MARY PIXKNEV ESTES, B.S. BOONE, N. C. Grammar Grade Education S ' atauga County Club (1, 2, .?). " Speech is silver, silence is golden. " Mary has won many friends in her quiet, unas- suming way, and we all expect of her a life of usefulness and of success. We are quite sure that the unspoken dream which we see in her eyes will become a reality. ROY ELLISON, B.S. TAMARACK, N. C. Mathematics and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4); Critic and Censor of Society; Intercollegiate Debater (1); ' ice-President of Class (2) ; Assistant in Biology and Physics. Roy, you are a fine student and we are proud of you. You are not satisfied until you make the best grades in your class. That ' s the spirit! Make good. We will remember you, and here ' s our best wishes for a successful life. INEZ FINCH ER, B.S. MINERAL SPRINGS, N. C. Mathematics a-nd Scienee Weaver College (1, 2) ; Phila Retian Literary Society (3, 4), Treasurer (3), Censor (4), Secre- tary (4) ; Lovill Club (3) ; Union County Club (3); Tennis Club (4); New Dormitory Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (4) ; President of Epworth League (4), Vice-President (3). " She all that she seems and We are glad that Inez decided to come to Appa- lachia after spending two years at Weaver. She is known by all because of her ability and dash of wit, but best of all by her good, hard-down com- mon sense, w hich is combined with such an un- selfish nature that she expects — and nearly always gets — unselfish treatment from others. Page Thirty-three EIJZABETH FOX. PS. FRANKMNVn.I,K, N. C. Friviary Jidncatton T.enoir-Khync fallcKc (1. 2); N. C. C. W. 0 Thalian Literary Society (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); New Dormitory Chib (4); Lutheran Student Asso- ciation (4). " A jolly, unselfish pcrsanali-tv is the greatest i ift of all. " We find in Lib a perscmality that wins with everybody. Her genial smile and lovable ways En- dear her to all whom she meets. She is one of the most likable K rls on the campus. CLYDE MAE GOODMAN, B.S. WEST JEFFKRSaN. N. C. Grammar Grade lidturation Dynician Literary Society (1, 2, i, A), Presi- dent of Dynician (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). " Lend thine cars to many., thy tongue to few. " Gentle, sweet and considerate, that ' s Clyde. She is loyal to her friends, her work and to herself. She is what she is, good and true, minus all pre- tense. imWARD FRANKLIN. B.S. I RDSSNORK, N. C. ' hysical Jldueatton and Science " Effort is the secret of attainment. " Howard is one of those fellows who makes good grades, but does not si)cnd all of his time in cur- ricula activities. He is a jolly good fellow, es- teemed by all. We see for him a brisht and happy future with ? MARY GRAVES, B.S. RUBY, S. C. Grammar Grade lulu cat ioit E. C. T. C. (1); Thalian Literary Society (2); ' ernician Literary Society i . A), Censor (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Lily Dale Home Economics Club i , A), Secretary (. ; IJoone Orchestra (. ; South Carolina Club (2) : Epworth League (4), .Secretary (4) ; New Dormitory Club (4). ' Thou art liht unto a flmver, so good so purr, so s veei. " Maiy is a girl of noble character, and high ideals. It would be hard to find a more sincere girl or a truer friend. Because she is able to make life count, we are expecting her to rise above the masses. Page Thtrty-four WARNER CRAl IAM, BS. TODD, N. C. Cratnmar Grade Education " Life ' s zvhat you make it. " Warner is an all-round good fellow. Take char- acter, sincerity of purpose and an appealing per- sonality and combine them with ability and deter- mination to do well and you have the secret of Warner ' s success in winning such an esteemed place among his classmates and all who know him. We predict for him a useful and happy future. MARY HACKNEY, BS. MARION, N. C. Grammar Grade Editcation Davenport College (1, 2); VernicJaii Literary Sr - ciety (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). " A S7veet, attractive kind of grace Shown coniinually from her face. " It was a lucky day for our class when Mary decided to finish her education at A. S. T. C. She is steady, never-failing, and always reliable. She is every ready to help those in need. Surely suc- cess-will come to those who labor while others play. ERIE WHITE GREER. B.S. BOONE, N. C. Physical Education and Sciem ' -e " ll ' hat is life without the light of love? " Many admirable characteristics and virtues have combined to give Erie some indefinable something which makes her a necessity to a host of l oys and girls. We await with interest the future events which will take place in her life. HARRY HALLYBURTON, B.S. MORGANTON, N. C. Physical Education an-d Science Treasurer of Rhododendron (4) ; Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4); Varsity Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Manager of Baseball (4); Member of Letter Club (1, 2, 3, 4). " Make the todays count. " Truly " Hally " is one of the finest fellows that A. S. T. C. has ever produced. He has been with us for four years. As a " Frosh " he crept into the spotlight and has continued to hold the center of the stage ever since. In work or play, in the classroom or on the campus. " Hally " has had his say, played his part, and always with efficiency. We believe in you and expect great things of you. Page Thirty-five li i li ' mm V J J HJ C.I.KN T. IIICKMAX. B.S. HUDSON, N. C. Crammar Grade lid neat ion IntcrcolleRiate Debater (1, 2, .1, 4); I ' resident Junior Class (J); Editor-in-Chief of Riiododen- tiRON (2). " a thing is worth doituj at all, it is worth doimj u-eil. " " Best things, " they say. " ' come in small pack- ages. " This is certainly true of Hick. During his stay with us he has taken an active part in all phases of school life. He has proven him- self capable of leadership. KCTll IK) KVCUTT, U.S. KAST BKND, N. C. Primary Education Phila Retian Literary Society (. 4); (ilee Cluli (2. 3, 4); Y, V. C. A. Choir (4); Lovill Club (4). " To whom every cloud has a silver lining. " Do you want someone to laugh with you, cry with you, or give you goo I advice? The girl you want is Ruth. She faces life and her friends with the sunniest and most even temper. She is cvt-r ready to help. As she leaves us we wish for her the best of all good things. OSWALD HOOPER, B.S. CORBETT, N. C. Physical Education and Science Varsity Football (1. 2. . 4); President (.f Sophomore Class; Intercollegiate Debater (I); Man- ager of Basketball (4); Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2. 3. 4); Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Rhododf.ndros (4). " The ouJy 7cay to liai ' e a friend is to be otie. " The gods were lavish when they came to be- stow gifts upon Ho : per. They endowed him with a superior mind, a kind disposition, and a con- genial personality. More than once he has car- ried the pigskin for Ap|)alachia and more than once be has swayed audiences and convinced judges with his argumentative elociuencc in intercollegiate debates, riooper, old boy, we arc cxi)ectinR great things of you. ALICE HORNER, B.S. LONG ISLAND. N. C. Grammar Grade Education " A friendly smile to all. " Alice has been with us only one year. She has won her v;iy int i nur hearts by her cheerful and winning ways. Her mission in bfe seems to be to show by example that she is pure gold — as the gobl in her hair -and her purity will always shine through as long as real nature prevails. Page Thirty-six REECE B. HARRIS. B.S. THOMASVILLE, N. C. Physical Edu-catt ' on and Scictice Varsity Football (2. 3. A), Captain of Football (4 ; Baseball (2. 3, 4); Manager of Basketball (4); Member of Letter Club (4); Glee Club (3); Business Manager of Rhododendron (4). ' Women ' s looks have been his books. And folly is all they ' ve taught him. " Reece came to us from Duke University in 1929. To him we owe heartfelt gratitude, as he has been faithful and instrumental in determining the suc- cess of the 1931 Mountaineers. As an athlete Keece is great and certainly merits the appreciation of all who love ' ' The Black and Gold. " Not only is he an outstanding athlete I»ut an outstanding student, and an efficient leader. As a member of the annual staff he has been faithful. UKEx TOLER HAVNES. B.S. JONESVILX.E, N. C. Physical Education and Science Mountain Park Junior College (1); Rankin-Wil- son Literary Society (2. 3, 4); President of Rankin- Wilson (3); Yadkin County Club. " Still zvater runs deep. " Toler is a good worker and never comes up short. He is fond of the girls, but none have found the grounds on which he surrenders. For him the future is promising. Luck to you. Toler! JESSE C. HAWKINS, B.S. YADKIN VALLEY, N. C. Physical Education and Mathematics X. C. State College (1, 2); Rankin-Wilson Lit- erary Society (3, 4). Jesse is one who strives to succeed in everything that he undertakes. He is very studious and mani- fests a true love for higher things. We send you forth, Jesse, expecting great things of you. We know you won ' t fail us. YATES HAVNAER, B.S, VALE, N. C. Science and Mathetnatics Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Chap- lain (1). Critic (1). Secretary (2), President (3), Eiditor (4); Vice-President of Athletic Association (3J; Advertising Manager of Rhododendron (4); Glee Club (3); Intercollegiate Debater (4). " Act well your part, there in the ho wr lies. " Here ' s to a winner! Yates is one of those few- fellows who puts his whole self into any task, whether in work or play. His ability and willing- ness have brought to him and to his Alma Mater much praise and honor. Yates will be missed from our campus, for all who know him have gained l»y his strong character and unfailing friendship. Page Thirty -aeuen REKTJIA mSKINS. BS. Bl ' RNSVILLE, N. C. Primary Educatian " Why Tcorrv. ' Life ' s too short. " Popular, studious, jovial, she takes lift- as it comes, yet she leaves an impression of dependability and capability. She is a good student, althouKh a Ht)Ot time sparkles in her eyes. She is ever ready to help in the f unmaking. In short, a pleasing anil lovable personality combined with a strong character is the girl we all know as " Bill. " UKU.NAKU JONES, BS. LANSIXC, N. C. Siieucc ami Mathematics K;.nkin VilMni Literary Society (1, 2. , 4); Baseball {I. 2. 4 : Ashe County Club (1. 2, J); President of Ashe County Club (2 . And here is Jones with his ever-ready smile. A likeable, friendly, jolly, capable, popular, es| e- cially with the ladies, fellow he is. Vc shall watch him with a great deal of interest as he ko ' s nut t i seek his fortune in the world. 4). Presi- U. Council ck iu ' d the maslrrf tr ) ' . . IDOL. BS. I I, KM MO.NS, N. C. Primary Education Class Tbe. surkb " ernician Literary Society (. , 4), President (i). Treasurer (4): Thalian Literary Society (I, 2); Lily Dale Home Kconomic Club (1. 2, . 4). Treasurer (j). ' ice-I ' resident (4); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, }. 4); New Dr)rnutory Club (J. dent (3), Vice-President (4); B. S. (.1); J. I. VV. W. (2. .M. " .-l friend may xvell be of luiturc. " AUtUK with a wins mie ] er5onality kck-s the purity ot he. ' irt. the happy dis|»osition and the talentetl ca- jiacity that makes Julia the good sport, the iiieal friend. In the depth of her soft brown eyes is read the character of her souL LEFF JOINES, BS. SfARTA, N. C. Sciericc and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, .1, 4) ; Alle- ghany C ' ounty Club (1 ) ; President of Alleghany Club ( 1 ) ; ' ice-President oi Appalachian Literary Society ; Football Squad (4 ) . your tvord, your work, and ymir " Be true to friettds. " LefT has w in fur himself many friends and nuieh honor by his ability in the schotilroom, in the lit- erary society hall, and on tht- athletic tield. We br- lieVf hf will di the same in his life wurk. Page Thirty eight FLOSSIE JOYNER. B.S. HAMPTONVILLE, N. C. Grammar Grade Education ' ernician Literary Society (4) ; Lily Dale Home Economics Clul) (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Vadkin County Club (1, 2). " Love is a great thing after all. " There are so many good things to say about Flossie that it is difficult to describe her in a few lines. She is dependable, kindhearted. and true. She has many friends and she is faithful to them — especially one. We wish for her much happi- ness teaching, housekeeping or whatever she chooses. ROY KELLER ULOWING ROCK, N. C. Science and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3, 4). Secre- tary (2), President (3); Intercollegiate Debater (1. 2. 3, 4). " He can, who thijiks he can. " Roy deserves congratulations and praise if any member of the class does. He is steady, constant and persistent. He will be missed in the class- room, on the camjjus. but the teaching profession will have gained a reliable man. CHINA red: iond LAVEXDAR COLUMBUS, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Glee Club (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Dynician Lit- erary Society (3, 4). Critic (3); Tennis Club (4); New Dormitory Club (3). " Why take life so seriously? You ' ll mz-cr get out of it alive. " Individuality is one of Lavendar ' s outstanding characteristics. She says what she thinks and is usually right. She not only possesses the qualities of a good sport, but also those of dependability. Even without these qualities, her pleasing person- ality would carry her through unto the einl. STANLEY LIVINGSTON, B.S. KINGS CREEK, N. C. Science and Physical Education Varsity Football (3, 4); Varsity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Assistant Manager of Baseball; Appa- lachian Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4), President (4); Annual Staff (4). " Steadfast and true,, sincere and kittd. One of his equal is hard to find. " Although conquered, " Stan " would argue. He is a hard worker, and is unexcelled in scholastic rec- ord. He does not depend on books and study to carry him through, but on his intellectual capacity. We are sure success will be his. Page Thirty-nine I.UCIM.E LOUR I.KXINtiTON. S. C. Grammar Grade liJucalion Y. W. C. A. (I, 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (4); iJyiiiciaii Literary Society (K 2. .1. 4). President (2), Chap- lain (4 ). Critic (. ' ) ; Associate Editor RiionoiiKN- iiRDN (2) ; Class llistinian (2). " Our real fricmis arc those who make us do tvhat ttr can. " ' Cillc is a leader of leaders. We all follow her ordcrs without questioning, because we have Iouk since come to realize that she knows whereof slie speaks. Three things seem essential to her being, " Irene, books, and beauty. " Thanks, " Cille, you have brought the latter to us through your life and endeavors while im the caniiius. CYMHIA MOUKTZ. D.S. UOONK, N. C. Grammar Grade EducatioA " Xobility was in her t uise, purity itt her i latiecs. " Cynthia has but one determination, and that is to make good. We arc sure she will achieve her goal, since she possesses will-power and tleternii- nation in iinlimiled quantities. Her many frientU arc wishing her much happiness. OI.IVKTTK MARTIN I ' OLKIUN, N. C. Grammar Grade liducation Uandolph Literary Society (1, 2 ) ; ' arsity Bas- ketball (1. 2). " A rare compound of quality, noble and true. " Olivette has a quiet, unassuming manner and a way of attending to her own business. She has the ability to put things across. We feci that suc- cess awaits her. MA(;(;iK E. MORETZ, B.S. UOONE, N. C. Primary Education " Her ways are true, her friendship lastinei " Krieiully. tpiiet. nutilest these are characteristics of Maggie, and have endeared her to us. .She has the determination and the ability to succeed, and we know she will. The class of ' Jt2 will miss her. Pagv Forty CLENN McGUIRE. BS. TODD, N. C. Science aiui Mathematics " His quiet ways and faithful work Arc sermons strong to those zvho shirk. " Glenn is the same every time you meet him. If you are looking for a friend, here he is. He is an exceptionally good student, always sticking to the task until it is completed. His every deed proves that his motto is: " Actions speak louder Ihan words. " CHARLES McNeill, bs. WILKESBORO, N. C. Mathematics and Scicjice Appalachian Literary Society (4) ; Y. M. C. A. (2, .1. 4); Wilkes County Club (1, 2. 3. 4). Presi- dent (4); U. J. Association (2, 3. 4). Secretary (3). President (4); B. S. Club (3. 4). Secretary (3), Treasurer (4); Assistant Circulation Manager the Rhododendron (4). " Care kill a cat, hut will nez ' er kill me. " When Charles leaves, who will keep things lively and cheerful with good-natured laughter ? He has always been dependable, studious, efficient, and popular. We are sure that his ideals and deter- mination will carry him to the top in whatever he undertakes. SAM McKINNEY, BS. CROSSNORE, N. C. Mathematics auJ Science Davidson College ( 1) ; Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); Var- sity Basketball (2, 3. 4). " Happy-go-lucky. " Sam is a happy-go-lucky kind of fellow who is always ready to work and is a good student. Com- ing to us from Davidson College, he soon became fHie of the most outs tanding athletes the college has ever produced. In addition, he is one of the most popular boys on the campus. Here ' s to you, old boy; may you succeed in the future. LUCILE MILLER, B.S. BOONE, N. C. Citimmar Grade Education Mars Hill College (1); Mars Hill Club (4); As- sistant Business Manager of Rhododendron (4). " Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, A finer girl you ' ll never find. " The embodiment of sweetness, loveliness, and cheerfulness, with an inexpressible air of demure- ness, Lucile has endeared herself to the hearts of all who know her. Lucile, we wish for you all the luck anti happiness this world can give. Page Forty-one ..d RHononFNnROM KSSIK MAE OUTt.AW, U.S. SKVKN Sl KlNt;S, N. C. (iraiitmor Grade Eilmution Phila Ketian Literary Sncifty (2, 4); Charter -Member Blari-I-)olph I-iterary Society (2), Secre- tary (3); Y. V. C. A. (4); Tennis Club (4). " Sloivgoiug enough to do a thing right; Xot a common pusher, hut a steady puller. " A charming personality characterizes Outlaw. ith her ready sense of humor she carries sun- shine with her everywhere. She is an enjoyable companion, a good student, and a real friend. The class of ' 32 and the whole college will long re- member her. PAUl.lNK PARKER, B.S. MARSHVILLK, N. C. Primary Education Wingate Tunior College (1, 2); Dyniciaii Liter- ary Society (4); V. V. C. A. (4); Lovill Club (4). " Deeds,, not zvords. " Whether telling a joke or dissecting a cat, ' PoIly " is ever the jolly, studious, lovable companion. Though we shall miss her greatly, we bid her (lod- speed and send her forth to reach her highest am- bitions. We expect " Polly " to write her name high upon the scroll of fame. HKATKHK PKAUSOX. HS. NUKIH Wll.KKSIlORO, N. C. (, ' rammar Crude Education Davenport College (I, 2); Uynician Literary So- ciety (3. 4), Censor (A); Y, W. C. A. (3. 4); New Dormitory Club (4 , Secretary-Treasurer (4); Class Secretary (4); Tennis Club (4). " Rather be small and cast a liijUt than large cast a sliadotv. " " Be and • " and love her I That ' s what happens t() everyone who meets her. She is a regular girl with high ideals and strength of character. " Uee, " we can ' t say enough good things about you. Just know that we love you and wish for you the best life offers. BEATRICE PARSONS, i..V. PURI.KAR, N. C. (irammar Crade E.ducation " Still water runs deep. " Beatrice is one of those girls who think " Speech is silver, silence is golden. " Even though she d«»esn ' t talk so much, her winning personality has won for her a host of friends at A. S. T. C. who wish for her much success in whatever she under- takes. Page Fortytwo A RHDDODFKinROM . CLAUDE PYATTE, B.S. CROSSNOKK, N. C. Science and Physical Education Varsity Football (2, i. 4); Varsity Basketball (2, 3. 4J ; Varsity Baseball {3, 4); Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2. 3, 4); Chaplain (2. 3); Presi- dent of Senior Class; Member of Rhododendron Staff (4). " Forward ever, backzvard never. " As a " Frosh " Claude wandered away to Kinji Cullege only to return to the call of A. S. T. C. in 1929. Claude is known throughout the state for his football and basketball record. He is admired by all on the campus because of his love for fair I ]ay. W ' e have found him very efficient, both mentally and physically, and he has proven himself capable of leadership. WILLIE REEVES, BS. LAUREL SPRINGS, N. C, Science and Physical Education Phila Retian Society (1, 2, . 4); Tennis Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Glee Club (1). " Men — tvhat foolish things they are. " Good nature, friendliness, and seriousness all mixed in correct proportions, make this likeable member of our class. She is always ready for work, and adds dignity to our senior procession. " Billie. " we expect uf you a high achievement. JEAN REEVES. B.S. t.AIIREI- Sl-RINGS. N. C. Science and Pliysical Education Pbila Retian Society (1. 2. 3, 4); Basketball (1. 2, ■ , 4). Captain (2). Manager (,1); Varsity Bas- ketball (41; Tennis Club (4). " Good sports arc rare. " Outstanding? Yes. As an athlete and student Jean knows the meaning of work. Talented, sin- cere, patient, and capal)le of choosing wisely, she symlKtlizes leadership. STELLA SCRONCE, B.S. NtWrON, N. c. Primary Education Dynician Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Lily Dale Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); New Dormitory Club (3, 4). " Happy am J, from care Vm free; Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " We cannot make a complete analysis of Stella ' s good qualities, but in her we find the real essence of womanhood, the possession of those things des- tined to win in life. We wish for her as much sunshine in life as she has scattered among us. Page Forty-three KATHRYN STGMON, B.S. NEWTON, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Mountain Park Junior College; Thalian Literary Society a, 4) ; New Dormitory Club (4) ; V. W. C. A. (3. 4). " To wliom every cloud has a sih ' cr lining. " Kathryn is a good old pal. She likes frolic and I ' lin Itiit she knows when it has K ne far enoiij h. Vc call her a " giMid-natiirtil, half -pi nl nf fun: " (iuud luck, Kathryn. RALPH SMITTIF.RMAN, BS. EAST KKNU, N. C. Science ami Matlienuitics (luilfnrd College (1. 2); Kankin-Wilson Literary Sneiety (.5. 4). Secretary (.0. President (4); Pres- ident of S ' adkin County Club (.U. " The reasoning of the strongest is ahvays the best. " Ralph is a mixture of faults and virtues. That he is a " ladies " man is a fault(?). But his ahil- iiy to hold his head amid the flattering attentions iii the fairer sex is nothing less than virtue. He IS an excei)tionally good student and has been a real asset to Appalachian. SARA STAI.EY. U.S. STALEY, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4): Lily Dale Home Economic Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (2), Vice-President (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); LoviU Club (2); New Dormitory Club (3, 4). " Humorous, dependable, happy atid gay. These you ' ll find in her alt the day. " Sara is different. She ' s not cranky, nor dull, nor silly, but a blues " chaser, " a live-wire of fun. Those who have missed knowing Sara intimately have missed knowing a truly worlliwhile girl. CRACK STEPHENSON. B.S. KELFORD, N. C. Physical Education ami Mathematics Phila Retian Literary Society (1); Dynician Lit- erary Society (2, 3, 4); East Carolina Cliih (1); Tennis CTub (4); Glee Club (3, 4). " Give me music and true friends, atul life vill be a pleasure. " Crace is frank, friendly and a go Kl sport. She is popular with both boys and girls. She has a wcmderful voice, is a good student, and the kind i.f pa! you really like !o have. Page lorlyfour NORA SHORE. B.S. YADKINVILLE, N. C. Grarntnar Grade Education Guilford College (1, 2. 3) ; Dynician Literary Society (4) ; Yadkin County Club (4). " Jolly, always good-natured, and a friendly smile for all. " Nora is a friend to all. Her energetic spirit and sincere optimism are her dominant character- istics. These characteristics are founded upon her sound common judgment and her keen sense of humor. BLANCHE SMITH. B.S. BOONE, N. C. Primary Education Thalian Literary Society (3. 4). " What I am, ' I am. " Blanche is ever loyal and dependable, with smiles galore. Her modest, attractive ways and true sterling worth win friends wherever she goes. Blanche has plenty of musical talent, and we ex- pect to hear in the future that she is a member of some famous orchestra. STEPHEN ISAIAH SMITH. B.S. WINGATE, N. C. Science and Maf hematics Wingate Junior College (I, 2); L nion County Club ( l, 4J ; Glee Club (4) ; Football Manager (4): Cheer Leader (3). " When yau kticnv me. you ' ll love me like all the rest. " Ike is the kind of a fellow that makes friends easily.. Coming to us from Wingate, he has made himself one of the most populate members of the class in two years. We can ' t imagine him being anything but successful. He never gives up and he never ceases to smile. He has one weak spot, I)ut we think Dan Cupid has taken possession of that. He merits our best wishes and he has them in a big way. PEARL SMITH, B.S. WINGATE, N. C. Primary Education Wingate Junior College (1) ; Thalian Literary Society (4) ; Corresponding Secretary of Thalian Literary Society (4) ; Union County Club (2, 4) ; V. W. C. A. (4); Y. W. C. A. Choir (4). " A tiood disposition is mc re valuable than gold. " It is certainly a privilege to be Pearl ' s friend. She is made of the stuff that sticks and fights to the bitter end. She is a true humorist. We pre- dict for her a glorious future. Page Forty-five AESMSZMMM : ESTHER STEWART, B.S. iri ' NTINT. CRKKK, N. C. Motht-tnatics autt Scivncc PhiU Relian I.itriary Society (i, .1, -I), Chap- lain (- ' ); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2, }. 4). Publicity Chairman (,t. -1): (Jkx Club (l)l Prcshytcnan Re- formed Club (.1. 4): Wilkes County Club (I, 2, }); New Dormitory Club ( ). " CU-fcr, contji ' iiwt, modest, pcttic. Lovable, learned, and szvect! " In Esther we have a Kirl of whom we all are prouil. He r untiring zeal, her sincerity, and her scholastic ability all Ro to make her one of the outslandinu members of our class. Fun and seri- ousness are combined in the risht proportions. Wc can visualize only happiness and success for her. LAURIE STEWART, B.S. ilUNTI.VG CREEK, N. C. Mttthema.tics and Science I ' bila Kelian Literary Society (2, 3, 4), Treas- urer (2), Critic (.}); Y. W. C. A. (L 2, 3. 4), Publicity Chairman (2), Treasurer (3. 4): Glee Club (1); Presbyterian Kcfornied Club (J, 4); Wilkes County Club (1, 2, .1). Vice-President (3); .• rt Editor RnonouE.sMmoN (41. ■■She follmvs a path that leads to the hills of fame. " If we were asked to select the most talented number of the senior class, wc can think of no one whom we would place before Laurie. Her in- terest in all phases of school activities and her high scholastic record mark her as an outstandniR stu- dent. Her artistic ability is exceptional, and we predict that it will write Laurie ' s name in the li;ills of fame. VIKCINIA DARE PHILLIPS ,STUOTIIER. i.T. SUGAR GROVK, N. C. Gramntar Grade Education " Determination-, self-confidence, and effort make dreams come friif. " " Love thyself last " is Dare ' s motto. She does not claim her graces and her talents, but leaves it to her friends to discover them. She is especially talented in art, and as she leaves us wc wish her every success in her career. IVAZELLE TAYLOR, B.S. WHlTEHE.Vn, .N. c. Grammar Grade l-.ducation Hlan-Dolph Literary Society (1); Vernician Lit- erary .S.K:iety (41; Y. W. C. A (12, 3 4); Representative AlleKhany County Club (4); Tennis Club {1, 2.); Lovill Club (4). " Meet her, kno v her. and you ' ll never foriicl her. ' " Toad " is always optimistic and her sunny smiles have cheered us all and pledged us to eternal friendship. Her mind is in striking con- trast with her avoirdupois, and wc predict a great future for her. Page Forty -six OTUS THOMAS. BS. FRASKLINVILLE. N. C. Science and Physical Education Mountain Park Junior College ( 1 , 2) ; Rankin- Wilson Literary Society (4). " JV v goal is always ahead, " Otus came gliding in here with a Franklinville smile on his countenance. By appearing intelli- gent and hy looking the teachers straight in the eye, he pulled such a good bluff that even Mr. Wil- liams couldn ' t tell when he didn ' t know his les- son perfectly. Otus is really O. K. and here ' s wishing him a brilliant career. LOYD TURNER. B.S. LAWNDALE, N. C. Physical Education and Science Appalachian Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Pres- ident (2); Football Manager (4); Y. L C. A. U); Cleveland County Club (1, 2). President (2). " Determination aiid capabilities are the prerequi- sites of success. " Turner, the capable, the kind, the courteous, has won many friends through his dependability and his good sportsmanship. He is a good student and keeps a nice balance between work and play. He remains undaunted l)y seemingly huge difficulties. He is truly a star of first magnitude. DESSA MAE TRIPLETT, B.S. MATNEY, N. C. Grammar Grade Education Queens College (1); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4). President (2), Cabinet (3), President (4); Thalian Literary Society (2. 3. 4). Treasurer (2), Presi- dent (3), Critic (4); Intercollegiate Debater (2. 3, 4) : State Intercollegiate Orator (4) ; Letter Club (3. 4); Business Manager of Rhododendrcs ' (2); Biology Lab. Assistant (4) ; Senior Normal Class Poet (2) ; Editor-in-Chief of Rhododendron (4). " They build too loiv who build bourath the stars. " Dessa lae ' s string of the most coveted honors on the campus, the vote of her class that she is the best all round and her unexcelled scholastic record speaks louder than a volume of high-flown language. Every organization of which she has been a member has been elevated to a higher plane of service. Mac, whatever you do, we believe you will succeed. BEXNIE WAGNER. B.S. SPARTA, N. C. Science and Mathematics " ll ' ork is a remedy for most evils. " Bennie came to us this year from N. C. State. He has meant much to our class. He is faithful to his duties, and always does the right thing at the right time. Here ' s to your success, Bennie! Page Forty-seven ABSSZSDEHMM MARY LOU WARD, B.S. KFNANSVILLE, N. C. Cratuiimr Cttadc Hducalion E. C. S. T. C. (I. 2); Farmvillc (.1). " Sail on, Oh Ship of Time. " Mary Lou came to join our class of ' 32 in her senior year. We were mighty glad to have her for she has made some of our " would have been " dull hours gay. She is a good student but she never slights the opposite sex for studies. LINDSEY WATERS, B.S. RUTHERFOBDTON, N. C. I ' hysii-al Ediiciilion anil Science Uankm-Wilson Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4), Chaplain (.!), Secretary (.1), Censor (2), Critic (4); Rutherfor l County Club (1, 2, .!). ue- President (2), President (. ' ): B. S. C. Council (2. ,1. 4), Treasurer (i): S. S. Representative (4): President of Student S. S. Class (4); U. J. Asso- ciation (3. 4), Vice-President (3). President (4). " My opinion is my guide. " Best things always come in small packages. It i true that l.indsev is small of statue, but be is big of heart and min l. He enters whnlrhrartrdly into everything be undertakes and we have never yet seen ' him fail. We wish for you the same success in life. MARV WKI.l.lUlK.N, B.S. STONY FORK, N. C. Primary Education " Happiness seems made to he shared " Mary is quiet. In fact she is so still that one almost forgets that she ' s around. Yet A. .S. T. C. will not forget her. She has shown by her record that she can do what is expected of her. We feel that her success is assured. (i. D. wii.stiN, ; ' ..v. BAKHRSVII.LK, N. C. Physical liducation and Science .Mars Hill College (1, 2); Tennis Club (3); Ap- palachian Literary Society (3. 4). " The -.cords of the 7visc arc heard in quiet. " (i. 1). comes to us from Mars Hill Junior Col- lege. We have found him a gixxl stuilent, a jolly companion, who is endowed with (|u,alities of per- sistence, willingness, and intelligence. The class wishes for him a success such as his superiority deserves. Page Forty-eight A RHDnonFNDRr)KI RUBY WINKLER, B.S. BOONE, N. C. Primary Education Glee Cluh (. , 4). Secretary (4); Assistant Libra- rian (J, 4). " IVanicn are meant to be loved and not under- stood. " " Winks? " Oh yes, she is a sure cure for the blues, for her supply of jokes and original witti- cisms seem never to be exhausted. She is a true friend and can ever be relied upon. She is at- tractive and possesses a magnetic personality which has been proven. Her voice has thrilled many, and we would not be surprised any time to hear the announcer say, " Our next number will be a solo by the world ' s best loved artist, Miss Ruby Wink- ler. " FOREST L. YOUNT, B.S. VALE, N. C. Science and Mathematics Lenoir-Rhyne College (1 ) ; Appalachian Literary Society (2. 3. 4); Lincoln County Club (2J ; Y. M. C. A. (.i). " Beauty is as beauty does. " To Forest, the Senior Class extends the heartiest congratulations. For two years he didn ' t let Cupid enter his heart. Now things are different. He is now the first man to enter White Hall on Sunday and the last one to leave. He is a hard worker and has shown an interest in all campus activities. CONRAD YORK, B.S. OLI.N " , N. C. Science and Mathematics Appalachian Literary Society (3. 4), ' ice-Presi- dent (3) ; State Intercollegiate Orator (3) ; Glee Club (2. 3, 4). " Stand up for the right, ways win. " A square deal will al- Conrad has high ideals and ambitions which are built on a solid foundation. He has few troubles because of his upright attitude and the way he walks himself. He has many friends and is a friend to many. If we are not mistaken. Conrad has acquired a " help meet " as well as a degree while here. JOSEPH ROBERSOX CRESTON, N. C. Science and Mathematics Joseph is a quiet, studious fellow whom we likt- very much. He has, however, forsaken us for the field of matrimony. Best luck. Joe! Page Forty-nine r •Ji ' a Sao . , - efmoA. Bauco n, pre f esr - o 7c so esir .i?ur e Sfeu art Qeece Jam ' s abilcen Brooks Mos6- Yiz enteci f fost popu. a.r- Most popu ar £sther S ' eu art7 Mos -2 e ec -ua Charles M Heil , , ] ilf-iest- Uo ' o o ' La 4pvn. ost Qf amcL Page I ' lfty Senior suphki.ahves ' .jgS : i f ' ji . ' yyy jmuM " -sJiw; ' " sfeJ " m j ?i Dessa Tlqe Itiple f Beshall-roun4 C accde Puafhe S sha I -round Qes -Sport- E Joseph ' ne A6erno hu sJsujQid Hooper frietrc f esc ' Senior Superlatives Page Fifty-one A RHODOnFNnROM :». Alma Mater Cherished vision of the Southland, Alma Mater in the hills: Thou dost point our minds to wisdom Till the truth our spirit thrills. CHORUS Teachers College. Appalachia, Of our hearts the joy and pride, Lead us ever, lead us onward, Vanguard of the heroes ' side. Alma Mater. Patron College, Happy memories round thee cling; Friendships dear, anti games of laughter All their need of treasure bring. Page Fifly-iwo £?:L :g " te Julian Yoder President JUNIORS junior C lass OFFICERS Della Pawlas Virginia Hunt Malcolm Laxton Mr. a. R. Smith Colors: Green and While Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Flower: White Rose MOTTO: " I hey coniiueor who believe they can. " Histon We have long dreamed of ourselves as Juniors, and of that day when we would pass the last mile post of a Junior ' s career and stand on the threshold of Seniorhood. After many trials we are seeing our cherished dream come true. If there were ever a bunch of " grcenies. " it was the Freshman Class of ' 29. In shells, like clams, we looked on — not daring to speak, as we were to be seen, not heard. But most green things grow and ripen. Why should not we. As Sophomores there was never any so wise, so discreet, and so experienced as we. Now as Juniors there was never a prouder, more determined class. We have long since found that the fairy god mother which brings dreams to pass, wears the disguise of work, and so we pledge ourselves to the task of making good upon the last mile of our journey. — l.ouisi- MooRi-;. I ' age rifty-four ? f? 5 RAY ALEXANDER MT. ULLA. N. C. Bashful: studious: good all-round; I know — that ' s the thing that counts. VANN AUSTIN NEW LONDON. N. C. " You knows Mandy " : yes sar; boss: laugh: goals: boys? no! GEORGE BAKER CRESTON. N. C. Lees McRae: tall: serious: industrious: our ideal. TRACY BALLEW DEEP GAP, N. C. Debater: girls: giggles: curls: government con- trol of industry. HESSIE BENNETT JOY. N. C. Quiet: reserved: dignified: near: patient: will- ing: kind. MARY GRACE BRADFORD CONCORD, N. C. Men: no study: fun: pals and cronies: gen- erous: third floor. MYRTLE BRANDON FORT MILLS, S. C. Instructor: smiles: brown dresses: an excellent housekeeper. LOUVELLA BRICKHOUSE COLUMBIA. N. C. Kentucky: red: " I don ' t know why — I just do " : song bird. KATE BRIGGS MARS HILL. N. C. " Y " office: Mars Hill: jolly: pleasant: Polly- anna special. D. E. BROOME BOONE. N. C. Summer school: ladies ' man: barber shop: cat — mew, mew. DELARAH BUCKNER MARS HILL. N. C. Friendly: kind: loveable: studious: White Hall ROBERTA BYRD BLACK MOUNTAIN. N. C. Quiet, quieter, quietest: seen, not heard: a law observer. Page Fifly-five M yyi p! !?i: 2 i Si " yy m ' - ' ■ S ci ' " I.AUNA CARENDER MATNEY. N. C. Pickles: two-lonccl; cough drops; seam- stress: corner-culter. ANNIE CAUDLE YADKINVILLE. N. C. Geography two: methods: permanent waves: dignified: silence. RUTH COFFEY BOONK. N. C. Violins: melodies; orchestras; A ' s; day dreams. SARAH COOPER t:LHMMONS. N. C. I orks and knives: pots and pans: operas: leader; X ' ernician. IRENE DAVIS BOONE. N. C. Up-street; lipstick: dates: moonlights: parties: friends. ROBERT DAVIS BOONE. N. C. Our Bob: second-hand books: cash register: pe.iniiis and chewing gum. CLEO DEAN COLEAX. N. C. Biology lab.; natural curls; regular: pretty: so-so-. ADRIN DOTSER IIU KORV. N. C. Tin wide awake " : Mr Williams; good sport; a friend in need. ALICE EDWARDS COLUMBUS. N. C. Petite: plenty of fun: work while you work, hut play often. THEO EDWARDS l.lBSONVII.l.E. N. C. Jolly: heavyweight: happy go lucky ; one of our best girls. JOSEPH 1:1 ILK il.lETON, N. C. Quiet; bashful; studious: cat-ology; you can — not me NELL LNCiLISH MARS HILL. N. C. Noisy? I should say: serious. ' never, never: .-.Jmircd? by all. I ' aye Fifty -six ' ' m f p i v Mtauu ' S w ssfeT " ' ssemK " ' .■d RHDDODFNDRnKr RUBY FARTHING BOONE, N. C. Game warden: " Have you seen Inez? " ; " Give me food and fun. " BERNICE FIELDS SEVEN SPRINGS. N. C. " I have a man in every port " ; rare smiles; easy- going; Collins. C. M. FOREST FRANCISCO. N. C. A sheik; traveler; handsome; zoology enthu- siast; junior asset. BONNIE FORTUNE BOSTIC. N. C. Faithful; good-natured; man-hater; spot-light. J. P. FOX NEW HOPE. N. C. Small of statue, big of mind; easily heard; every man ' s rival. JAMES GLOVER BAILEY. N. C. Married; argue; good grades; taxi driver; letter- man. HERBET GOINES VALE. N. C. Will Rogers the second; an athlete; commander- in chief of Justice. Jr. DORE GOODE CROUSE. N. C. Spontaneous laughter; clever; floor lamp; Meth- odist choir. HADRICK GRAGG BOONE. N. C. Business man; courteous; Fords and ladies; Carolina Stores, LOIS GEORGE LENOIR. N. C, A good chef; sensible; blushes; Freddie; Sun- day dinners. EULA MAE GAMBILL SPARTA. N. C. Loyal; precise; ball games; friendly; slang? no. RUBY GOLEY WILMINGTON, N. C. Independent; sarcastic; self-reliant; uptown. -jL:y: mn sl H ' yyyy im " ' ' ; . Page Fifty-seven ■ M0-d ' ' jcm:m IRENE GROGAN WINSTON SALEM, N. C. " Cillc. " not me: " I found a pretty poem. " VELMA HAMRICK SHELBY. N. C. Teacher training: chicken pie: cool drinks; Palmer. I.OL ' lSi; HAIGLER UNIONVILLE, N. C. Reserved scat: blondes: moonlights: serious: no looling. HERMAN HEAFNER I.INCOLNTON. N. C. " Any laundry today. ' " : find Winnie: a mess: little but loud. WINNIE HEAFNER LINCOLNTON. N. c:. Our saleswoman; executive ability: sweet: witty. INEZ HENDERSON SHULLS MILLS. N. C. Cosmetics: dressed: Ruby: accomplished: rates. MABEL HOLDEN YADKINVILLE. N. C. At home: peanuts: apples: somber: steady. LESTER HOLLER NEW HOPE. N. C. ladies ' man? Naw. I have two eyes of my own: capable. RALPH HORNEY MEMORY. N. C. Good student: geography: girls ' — just one. B. H. HORTON. JR. SHELBY. N. C. Spick and span: jusi so: shincd shoes: a fine lei low. MITTIE HUSKINS BURNSVILLE. N. C. Books: more books: and books always: good grades. RAY KANNAMACHER MARSHALL, ILL. Pigskins: a go-getter: friends: not so bad. I ' aqr Filly eight t AESMSDEMMm. PEARL LACKEY KINGS CREEK. N. C. Never worry; " among my souvenirs " : blushes; kind. RUSSEL LACKEY KINGS CREEK. N. C. Speedy: the end of the rainbow: my girl. MRS. CLARA LEONHARDT GROUSE. N. C. Hearts: husband: to love and be loved. HUBERT LEONHARDT CROUSE. N. C. Good husband: hen-pecked? Hardly. CARRIE MAE LOWE UNION MILLS. N. C. " Edna " ; just a letter; get by; now; practicing teaching? Yes. KELLY MILES MILES. N. C. Prof; physics; " Do we draw the odor too? " ; intellectual. BLAINE MILLER BOONE. N. C. The climber: faithful: a girl, the girl, just one girl. B. F. McCOWIN ROARING GAP. N. C. Answer to a maiden ' s prayer: social army com- mander. FREDDIE MacDONALD POTSDAM. N. Y. New Yorker; tackle; snappy boat; a defense line. MILDRED McDONNAI.D WHITE OAKS. N. C. " I cant debate tomorrow " : debate material: Loyd. LOUISE MOORE PATTERSON. N. C. D. school; Helen and I; it can be done; let ' s eat. KATE McINTYRE WINGATE. N. C. " Goofey " : " ' When you marry your ideal: enie. menie. minie. mol Page Fifty-nine . ; SS ? ANNE MORROW NEBO. N. C. Freshman bovs: lipstick: eyes: once upon a linu ' . PAUL MOSTELLER VALE. N. C. I olc: ri ' d headed girl preferred. PAULINE MOSTELLER VALE. N. C. Pean: plenty to eat. please: Jo. Jo: I didn ' t le.irn. RUTH MULL THOMASVILLE. N. C. Oh how favored: that man: Wake I ' orest : fiank: likable: neat. LOUISE PATTON MARION. N. C. Blondie: Y. W. A.: ' Now at Mars Hill " : I ' m negative. KERMIT PENDLE ION VALE. N. c:. .lokes: just tales: math shark: Lincoln county sheik. EDITH PRESTON TRYON. N. C. Blow in: physical education: prof: basketb.vll star: gloves. C. M. RADER COLLETTESVILLH. N. C. Handsome: sheriff: better late than never: hoi dog stands. MARVIN ROUSE BOONE, N. C. laithful: loyal: good speaker: hard worker: ambitious. BEN ROSS BURLINGTON, N. C. " Ila " : date manager: popular: agreeable: stu- dious. ZELMA RICHARDSON .STRAIEORD. N. C. Rings; hearts not hands: always fixed: prim: cosmetics. BESSIE RUDISLI 1 NEWTON. N. C. Harp: daz ling teeth: pep: nutrition: Miss Dale ' s test. Page Sixty ELVA SHERMER YADKINVILLE. N. C. Music store: halls; man-hater: derby: influential. HELEN SCROGGS STATESVILLE, N. C. In love: loud: good housekeeper: speedy: sure of self. ETHEL SHOOK MEMORY. N. C. Dietitian: Henry: suckers: the meat market; tell you! " ELIZABETH SPEERS BEAVER CREEK. N. C. Make a chance: home: kitchen; fool en talented. WINNIE STROUP CHARLOTTE. N. C. Cottage; conscientious; progressive; serious. JOHNSON STEELMAN HAMPTONVILLE. N. C. Candidate for the hen-pecked clan: in training for household service. DELLA TIPTON BURNSVILLE. N. C. Awful grub: Daddy: home: " I object " : " I sec it this way. " DONALD THOMPSON LAUREL SPRINGS. N. C. " Rah! Rah! " ; batter: blondes and brunettes please. WILHELMINA TRIPLETT PURLEAR, N. C. Life saver: sugar reports: " That ' s good for me. " won t pass NELL TRIVETTE BOONE. N. C. Music: Glee Club; football heroes: Illinois: Christmas diamonds. Page Sixty-one HAZEL VANNOY WKST JEFFERSON, N. C. Fords; tall men; poetry in the nioonlislit; house; US. B. L. WALKER CAESAR. N. C. Rod: the squad; Catawba terror; brass bands, nnd .1 drum. KATHERINE WARLICK IJNCOLNTON. N. C. " Y " store; Webster .ind " H.iynes " ; lovely eyes: the lu.iins. LOIS WHITESIDES WEAVERVILLE. N. C. Mutter llulter; Jennie said: " Yell, girls, yell. " AYERIS WILLIS STOCKSVIl.LE. N. C. W ' price? shy: pie bed; don ' t tell Rhea. EDITH WICKER GUILFORD. N. C. Conflicting interests: divided attention: near: petite: cute. ETHEL YOUNT LINCOLNTON. N. C. Lck; pe.inuts; spe.iks little, says much; a real friend. MYRTLE HARMON BEECH CREEK, N. C. Congenial: pleasant: dainty: ruffles; waves; comforting. OSCAR HOUCK TODD. N. C. " Betty Lois " : Opossum; the family man; A- 1 student. CLINI BAIRD VALLE CRUCIS, N. C. Notebooks: ex-farmer: ladies ' slave; mischief leader; just Clint. Page Sixty-two Claude Smith President SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class OFFICERS Lucii.LK Harris Mary Daily Little Lucille Fisher L G. Greer Colors; Blue and White Vice-I ' residenl Secretary Treasurer Sponaor Flower: Carnation Motto: " Depart to serve. ' Class Poem For two years, comrades, wc have trod Dame Learnings flinty trail: For two years Appalachian sod Has urged us not to fail: For two years friendships we have made And hard now seems their parting — But Education is not stayed. And f-ortune slow in starting. So to our Alma Mater we Bid one last long adieu: High may her standards ever be lor loyal hearts and true. And to those friends we leave behind: Friendship is not broken; For treasured most arc friends in mind, And sweetest, thoughts unspoken. So as we go, eager, strong. Classmates and comrades ever. May college ideals linger long. May mcm ' rios sever never. And may our Alma Mater be The same bright beaming star That she has been for us: may wc Her memry never mar. So goodbye, classmates, for a while Wc part, and sad the parting: But as we go. let ' s smile a smile. For Life is only starting. And let ' s resolve to make our mark In whatever we do. That Appalachian, proud, will bark To us of thirty-two. — Ll-ROY SOSSAMON. (Written for Si ' liior Normal Stu(icnt J Page Sixty-four 9 0 S!9 SOPHOMORES First Rou. ' : A. AARON, H. ABERNATHY. H. AsHLEY. E. AUSTIN. L. AUSTIN. M. BALL. Second Roiv: E. BALLARD. H. BARBER. B. BAKER. J. BARNETT. A. BEAM. K. BEAM. Third Roll ' : J. BESS, D. BiGGERS. E. BiNGHAM. M. L. BiNGHAM. B. BiNGHAM. P. BiNGHAM. Fourth Roll ' : E. BLACKWELL. G. BLANTON. P. BLEVINS. A. BOGER. B. BOULDIN. H. Bowman. Fifth Row: R. Bowman. L. Bowman. F. Braddy. R. Bray. H. Brandon. F. Braswell. Page Sixty-five ■ ■«( lMl ' ' ff M ' v mx " SOPHOMORES fiVsf «oa ' . G. Briggs. C. Brock. E. Brown. O. Brown, v. Brown. E. Brintlk. Second Rou. ' : E. BUCKNER. I.. BUMGARNER. L. BUSH. M, I.. BUTNER. N. CALDWELL. M. Campbell. Third Row: M. CARSON. M. CARTER. C. CARPENTER. S. CASSTEVINS. R. CHENAULT. B. Childers. Fourth Roa : C. BEAR. N. COLE. C. COLLINS. H. COLLINS. L. COMBS. C. COOKE. Fifth Row: S. Coon. D. Cowles. M. Cowles. I.. Cox. M. Crisp. I. Crouse. Page Sixtysix - .! « S::?:$5t «Bi 5 s mU " -SSW " ' sa J " S i j a ' ' - . SOPHOMORES First Row: J. CROUSE. E. DOUGHERTY. J. DAVIS. L. DAVIS. LUCILLE DAVIS. M. DAVIS. Second Rou.-: R. DeLAPP. R. DICKERSON. M. F. DiLLINGER. O. DiXON. H. DOBBIN H DOTSON. Third Row: H. DRUM. E. DULA. V. DUNCAN. R. EDWARDS. L, ERVIN. S. EuDY. Fourth Row: F. FARTHING. K. FiSHER. G. FLEMMING. M. FRANKLIN. L. M. FREEMAN. M. Frick. Fifth Row: Mrs. O. Furr. Mrs. Gentry. P. M. Gibbs. E. Gidney Elsie GiDNEY. Page Sixty-seven AE SZSDEHMM f ( f " | SOPHOMORHS Pirs; y oa ' .- w. Graham. P. Greer. P. Gregory, l.. Greene. L. Gricg. h. Graybeal. Second Row: S. GROSE. M. GroveR. E. HACKNEY. J. HAGMAN. E. HAHN. T. HARDIN. Third Row: S. HARRIS. I. HARRIS. M. HARRIS. E. HARRELL. N. HARRELL. A. HAHN. Fourth Row: E. HAYWORTH. ETTRA HELMES. E. HEGE. E. HELMS. I.. HENSLEY. W. Herman. Fifth Row: J. Herring. M. Hicks. I. Higginboiiiam, L. Holland, v. Holland. M. Holler. Page Sixty-eight WK ' tft ' ¥« ' , . SOPHOMORES First Row: F. HOOKS. P. HOOVER. C. HOUSER. E. HOUSER. P. HOUSER. S. HOYLE. Second Row: E. HUGHES. R. JARVIS. G. JOHNSON. N. JOHNSON. S. JOHNSON. J. JONAS. Third Row: L. JOYNER. E. KING. V. KING. L. KLUTZ. M. KLUTZ. J. LACKEY. Fourth Row: V. LANE. R. LAUGHRIDGE. F. LATHAM. JAMES LENTZ. JACOB LENTZ, L. Lewis. Fifth Row: V. LiNDSEY. N. LiNGLE. C. LOMINAC. B. LOY. FLEET MADISON. P. MAHONEY. Puge Sixty-nine JR Ift .dRnononFKinRnKr: . ' ( " •» fl? r SOPHOMORES firs( Roa ' ; R. MARSHALL. P. MAST. I.. MAST. D. MAST. I MAIKINS. C. McBRAYER. Second Rou.r B. McCARTKR. Z. MuCURRY. H. McCALL. H McDADI-. H. McDONALD. M. McGimpsky. Third Roiv: P. McGHEE. M. MCSWAIN. W. MICHAEL. B. MiLLlR. L. MiLLLR. M. MlLLER. Fourth Row: B. MITCHELL. E. MONTAGUE. MRS. J. MOORE. W. MOORE. W. MORGAN. J. Myers. Fifth Row: V. Neil. G. Nicholson. B. Norris. w. Norris. D Osborne. A. Pardue. I ' ugf Seventy S (UV tMt ' ' ' O ' yy ' ' . S! 5 ..4 RHQDODFNnROM . i- ilf - iir l ' ' - A " 1 . r2 SOPHOMORES First Row: E. Patterson. G. Perry. R. Philbeck. C. Pittman, E. Pondexter, I. Porter. Second Rotr: P. PrITCHARD. O. PRITCHARD. R. PROFFIT. J. PURSLEY. R. PURSLEY. C. Rankin. Third Roiv: V. REAVIS. T. RED.MOND. S. REVIERE. J. ROBERSON. D. RITCHIE. S. RITCHIE. Fourth Roil-: P. RODGERS. E. RUM.MAGE. M. B. SCRUGGS. H. SHIDAL. K. SHORE. J. SIMMS. Fifth Row: O. Singleton. L. Sloop. M. S.mith. L. A. Spencer. L. Spratt. Sixth Row: S. STACY. L. STEELE. L. SWEATT, B. TAYLOR. D. PATTERSON. Page Seventy-one . 0 " a? dir ' it - - L l P SOPHOMORES First Row: V. TAYLOR. I.. THAYER. E. THOMAS. I. TiLLEY. C. TRIPLETT. R. I. TROTT. Second Roif: S. TROTT. G. VANCE. T. ViCKERY. R. WADELL. E. WAGONER. I. WALKER. Third Roic: N. WALKER. M. WARD. E. WARDEN. Z. WARDEN. MRS. WEAVER. M. WEATHERSBY. Fourth Row: J. WELBORN. R. WESTENBERG. E. WHITESIDES. M. WILKINS. E. WILLIAMS. L. Williamson. Fifth Row: L. WILLIAMS. D. WiLMOTH. I. WORTMAN. I. WYANTT. L. WYLIE. R. YELTON. Sixth Row: W. YORK. P. YOUNG. M. YOUNT, L. ZIMMERMAN. P. GREENE. Page Seventy-two Johnnie Greene President FRESHMEN Freshman Class OFFICERS GnORGE MOORF Gladys Quinn Everett Toms Mr. Van Hinson Motto: . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor ' Clintb though the rocks he rugged. For success lies at the aates of labor. " Colors: Rainbow Colors Flower: Sweet Pea History The Freshman class, the proverbial class of " grccn-horn " boys and hero- worshiping girls, has this year created a new epoch in the history of Appa- lachian State Teachers College. Our class has the greatest number of students ever enrolled in any one class in this college. We boast of (the Administration say the alarming) number of four hundred and nineteen. Not only do we excel in actual numbers, but in some other things as well. We are well repre- sented in the fields of athletics and student activities in general. Some of the more critical upper classmen who freely but at the same time modestly ac- knowledge their superiority and who derive pleasure in lording it over us. have attempted to attribute our outstanding position to the strength of numbers alone. Although we make no claim to being a hot-bed of genius, we are con- vinced that the relation between our position and their ' s is. to say the least, fairly discernible. — Mary Willl . is. I ' uge Svuenly-lour , r , f e . , FRESHMEN firsf i ou. ' ; Adams. Alexander. Angel. Antonakas. Austin, Baker. J. Ballew. Second Row: W. BALLEW. C. BANNER. J. BANNER. BARNARD. BARRINGER. BARNES. Bassinger. Third Row: BEAM. BECK. BECTON. BERRY. BESS. BiGGERS. BiLLlNGS. Fourth Row: BLACKWELL, BOLAND. BOESSER. BOST. BRINTLE. BRINKLEY. BROOKSHIRE. Fifih Row: Earl Brown. E. Brown. M. A. Brown. L. Brown. R. Brown. Bower, G. Bumgarner. Page Sevenly-ilve . : S0 ., EBQDDDEMM2E[ : TRKSHMEN First Row: R. BUMGARNER. BUNCIl. BURCHAM. CARKNDRR. CARNATZHR. CARI ' I-NTI-R. J. Carson. Second Row: N. CARSON. CASHY. M. CAUDLE. E. CAUDLE. CHANDLER. ELIZABETH CLARK. E. Clark. Third Row: M. CLARK. P. CLARK. V. CLINE. CLONINGER. COCKBERN. CORNELIUS. COOKE. Fourth Row: CORRELL. CRAWFORD. CROUCH. CUTHBERTSON. DEDMAN. DEAN. DENNY. Fifth Row: Dickson. Dowdlh, Dollinger. Dyer. Eastridge. Edmiston. Elliott. PaQe Sei ' entu-six fe. ' S S? (%a ' ' ? ' . . - Jl j£ FRESHMEN fiVsf Rou. ' : EPLEV. ESTES. EvANS. ERVIN. FARMER. L. G. FARTHING, L. FARTHING. Second Row: J. FARTHING. R. FARTHING. FENDER. FITZGERALD. FLINT. FORD. FOX. Third Row: FRITZ. FULCHER. GiLLAM. GLENN. GRAYBEAL. L. GREENE. MRS. GREENE. Fourth Row: R. GREENE, A. GREENE. GRI.MES. GREYBEAL. HAHN. J. HALL. N. HALL. Fifth Row: HALLYBURTON. HAMMONS. HANNA. C. HARMON, I. HARMON. M. HARMON. HARTSELL. Page Seventy-seven U.i.: .. FRESHMEN l- ' irsl Ruu. ' : HAGAMAN. HKAFNHR. HICKMAN. HELSABHCK. HlNSEN. HiiNSON. HoliSON. Second Rou. ' : HODGES. HOLCOMB. C. B. HONEYCUTT. G. HONEYCUTl . C. HOUGK. .1. HOUCK. I. HOUSER. Third Rou, ' : W. HOUSER. HOUSTON. HUBBARD. HUEFINH.S. HUI EMAN. B. HUGHl-S, M, Hughes. I ' ourlh Row: INSCORE. ISSAC. JESSUP. JONES. C. JOHNSON. P. JOHNSON. JOINES. Fifth Row: KECK. KEYES. KESSLER. KING. KNOX. LACKEY. J. l.AWSON. Page Sevenlyeighl v ' - f f S JESSZSEMMMl FRESHMEN f rs Rou. : R. LAWSON. LESTER. N. LEDFORD. E. LEDFORD. F. LEWIS, G. LEWIS. LEE. Second Row: LITTLE. P. LONG. R. LONG. LYONS. LOUIS. MACE. MABERY. Third Row: MASON. MANN. MACGUIRE. MCARTHER. McCONNELL. McCuRRY. M. MC- DONALD. Fourth Row: S. McDONALD. McGlLL. McGlNNIS. McKENZIE. McKINNEY. MCKNEILL. McLean. Fifth Row: MCLURD. MELVIN, E. MILLER. M. MILLER, P. MILLER. H, MILLER. C. Mitchell. Page Seventy-nine 2 ' " rn ' M ..4 RHOnonFMHROM . HRHSHMHN first Roitr G. MiTCHHLL. MiCHAKL. J. MOORE. M MOORE. I ' AYE MORGAN. T. MORGAN. H. Morgan. Second Row: MORETZ. MORRISON. MORTIMER. Mul.l.. NeSBH. NICHOLS. D. NORRIS. Third Roll ' : M. NORRIS. OAKES. OEIILER. OLIVER. ONEAL. OSBORNE. PARKER. Fourth Row: PARKS. PAYNE. PARSON. G. PERRY. R. PERRY. D. PELL. N. PELL. Fifth Row: F. PELL, PERKINS. R. PEELER. I. PEELER. M. PHILLIPS. P. PHILLIPS. R. PHILLIPS. Page Eighty : 5? FRESHMEN First Row: C. Phillips, Price. Plott. Potts. Poole. Ray. A. Ramey. Second Row: W. RaMEY. RaNKIN. D. C. RED.MOND. K. RED.MOND. R. REDMOND. RAWLES. Reeves. Third Row: C. RHODES. N. RHODES. RiNER. MRS. F. HeNSON. ROBERSON. ROTHROCK. Rudisell. Fourth Row: SAWYER, SHAW, SESSOMS, SILVER. SHEETS. SCOTT, SHARP. Fifth Row: SHOEMAKER. SiGMOND, SLEDGE. EDITH SMITH. E. SMITH, M. SMITH. R. SMITH, Page Eighly-onc i ; : 5 p S V ' O ' iMma ' ' »! y4! . ' ■ ' J ' - !i y .f M FRFSHMEN Firsi Ruw: S. Smith. Smoak. Snow. Second Row: SOUTHERN. SPRATT. STALHY. C. STEWART. D. STEWART. STEELE. SWAN. Third Row: SWISEGOOD. SULI.IVAN. A. TAYLOR. J. TAYLOR. R. TAYLOR. THOMAS. C. Tho.mpson. Fourth Row: M. THOMPSON. TLMMIE, TOLLIVER, VANNOY. VENABLE. VONCANON. WAGONER. Fifth Row: WAKEFIELD. R WALKHK, H. WALKER. B. WARD. Page Eighty-two , al FRESHMEN First Roif: WARDEN, M. WARD. J. WARD. Second Rou. ' : R. WaRLICK. J. WaRLICK. WEISNER. WEAVER. WEBB, WHEELER. M. WHITE. Third Row: L. WHITE. A. WHITE. WhiTESIDES. WhITNER. WILKINSON. WiLKINS M Williams. Fourth Row: V. WILLIAMS. WILSON. J. WOOD. S. WOOD. WOODRING. WOODIE. WORTMAN. Fifth Row: Mrs. Wright. York. G. Young. O. Young. Page Eighty-three ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS Rhoeiodcndron Staff Dessa Mae Triplett Reece Harris Oswald Hooper Laurie Stewart Kathleen Brooks Claude Pyatte EDITORIAL STAFF r.ditor-in-Chii ' f Business MtinuiitT Assistant Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Circulation Manager BUSINESS STAFF Assistant liusincss Munaycr I reasurer Advertising Manager Assistant Adcertismg Manager ADVISORY COMMITTEE V. C. Howell H. R. Eggers A. M. Norton Lucille Miller Harry Hai.i.yburton Yates Havnear Stanley Livingston I ' liQi- EiQluit eight RHQDODFNnRnFJ . £ ' AVA £-Q. Sr£WAQT PVATT OV NGSTON Qqpo cs Uoy ell o $toa GG Q,S Rhododendron Staff Page Eighty nini D nician Literary Society Motto; " What ice are to he icc arc noic becoming. " Colors: Purple and White FLOWER: Purple Iris Sponsor: MiSS VIRGINIA WaRY All hail. Dynician Society. We sing our song of praise. May we bring honor to your name; Your banner all our days. To you we will be loyal. And ever staunch and true. And give our best endeavors. Dynician. dear, to you. Dear Appalachia of the hills. We lift our hearts to thee. In love and reverence ever. When we must severed be. Dynician. still the tide of love That binds our hearts so true. Will serve thee through the coming years. Dynician. we love you. Page Ninfli) JES3Z2DEHMMI Dvnician Literan Society OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term Clyde Mae Goodman Virginia Hunt Mavis Frick President ILA Matkins Kate Fisher Josephine Abernathy, . .Vice-President Josephine Abernathy Lawray Zimmerman Carrie McBrayer Secretary Winnie HEAFNER ALYCE Aaron KATHERINE WARLICK Treasurer MEMBERS Josephine Abernathy Helen Abernathy Alyce Aaron Altonia Beam Frances Braddy Ruby Bray Edna Brown Grace Bradford Pauline Bingham Evelyn Bingham Ruby Bower Clara Banner Beulah Bouldin Helen Bess Louise Beck Helen Barnes Christine Carpenter DeEtta Crawford Inez Grouse Marjorie Carter Elizabeth Clark Rebecca Dickerson Ollie Dixon Rosa DeLapp Elizabeth Donaldson Mary Faye Dillinger Beulah Evan Mavis Fricke Kate Fisher Mada Franklin Bernice Fields Grace Fleming Mabel Gibbs Clyde Goodman Mary Edna Grimes Dore Goode Pearl Hoover Winnie Heafner Virginia Hunt Mabel Hughes Billy Hughes Lena Heafner Evelean Houser Josephine Jonas Lucille Lohr Virginia Lane Nan L ingle Mrs. J. Lee Lavender iLA Matkins Lucille Miller Pauline Mosteller Blanche McCarter Margaritte Miller Wilma Michael Carrie McBrayer Martha McDonald Margaret Osborne Ruth Philbeck Beatrice Pearson Edith Preston Pauline Parker Rebecca Pursley Mabel Parks Lera Price Bessie Rudisell Mary Smith Louise Spratt Hazel Shidal Anne Spencer Mae Beth Scruggs Grace Stephenson Stella Scronce Ethel Sigmon Elizabeth Swicegood Opal Scott Kate Shore WiLHELMlNA TRIPLETT Edith Thomas Susie Wood Leona Williamson Sadie Wilhelm Katheryn Warlick Verna Williams Lois Weisner Alice White Edna Wheeler Mary Williams Ethel Yount Louray Zimmerman Page Ninety-one , ; S Phila Retian Literary Society Motto : " Give to the world the best you have and the best ivill come hack to you. " Colors: Green and White Flowi:r; While Rose Sponsor: Miss MAUDE Cathcart Tair Anionakos Ruth Bakringer Makv Bassanger Jewel Bess Daisy Biggers WiLBV Biggers Hilda Brandon Cornelia Brock Kathleen Brooks Mary Alice Brown Mattie. Butner Nellie Cole Margaret Cloninger TiNCY Cooke Frankie Cornatzer l.AURA Cornelius Willie Cornelius I-cu Cox Mar.iorie Crisp MEMBERS June Crouse Lillian Davis Luc:iLLE Davis Cleo Dean Louise Dean WiNNIERED ESTES Sue Eudy Lillie Erwin Francis Farthing Laura Farthing Inez Fincher Katiilee:n F ' ulcher Lillie Mae Freeman Elsie Gilliam Mabel Grover Susie Grose Anna Hahn Bessie Hartsell Alberta Hai.lyburton Earsley Hege Lola Hensley Mamie Holler Mabel Holden Florrie Hooks ILEASE HOUSER Willie Houser Mildred Hubbard Ruth Honeycutt Ethel Jessui Pearl Johnson Stella Johnson Luna Kistle:r Mary Klutz Clara Willis I.eonhard Mary Daily Lttile Pearl Long Ruby Long Martha M( Gill fane Ninety-lwo JESM2DEHMMi. Phila Retian Literary Society PhiU Rctian. Phila Retian. You ' re the highest, you ' re the noblest: And we ' ll always cherish the memory Of the Phila Retian. When wc leave our A. S. T. C We ' ll remember, ne ' er forget you: And we ' ll say we ' re a member Of the Phila Retian. Mary McGinnis Dot McKenzie Bobbie McNeil Mary McGuire Mary McSwain Ethel Montague Fannie Morgan Hessie Morgan Evelyn Mortimer Frances Mull Jaunita Myers Mary Nichols Thelma Oaks Essie Mae Outlaw Dorothy Patterson RosAMARY Peeler Irene Peeler Eva Patterson Julia Persley Mary Phillips MEMBERS FAYE PLOTT Elaine Poole Ida Porter Eugenia Poindexter Della Pawlas Ruth Proffit Gladys Quinn Ruby Redmond Beulah Reeves Jean Reeves Willie Reeves Garnet Roberson AZALENE RUDISILL LoRENE Sloop Corrine Smoak Ruby Snow Elizabeth Speres Esther Stewart Laurie Stewart Velma Taylor Cornelia Thomas Clarice Thompson Jonney Taylor Grace Wagoner Irene Walker Naomi Walker Edna Warden Zenna Warden Margaret Webb Lois White Mary Lee White Elizabeth Whiteside Louise Whiteside Lois Whiteside Inez Wilkins Mary Wilkins Ayris Willis Lena Wylie Gertrude Young ' «MaiUII S445yy;i ' Page Ninety-three , f P : ? ' ' ■d RHDDODFNI RnKI !;2Tf llialian Society MoTTO: " S ' ot on the heiyhis. but climbing. " COLORS: Blue and Yelloic Sponsor: Mr. I. G. GreER Van Austin MosELLi: Ball Etta Ballard Helen Barber Narvia Bean Louise Berry EviE Sue Blackwell Georgia Blanton Ruth Bowlin Rachel Bowman Helen Bowman Ethel Brintle Minnie Brintle: Mildred Brookshire Louise Bumgardner Pauline Bunch Nancy Caldwe:ll Marene Campbell Launa Carender MEMBERS Nancy Carson Mildred Carson Lavola Carender I:ve:lyn Caudle Ada Clark Vinnie Cline Laura Combs Mary Crouch Geni:va Dedman Cleo Ve Dixon ' I ' iu:o Edwards Louise Iilliott Nell Engllsh Lucille Fisher Ernestine Elynt Elizabeth Eox Elizabe:th Gidney Elsie Gidney Louise Haigler Hamrick Inez Harris Mabel Harris Edna Harkill Jewell Herring Willie Herman Evelyn Helms Mrs. 1-ord Hinson Evelyn Hughes Gladys Keck Etiie:i. King Gussie Bumgardner Lois Klutz F-aire Lathan Jaunita Lawson Empress Ledford Sadie Lester Hazel Little Carrie Mae Lowe Page NincHj-four ..4 RHQDODENnROM Thalian Society May thy followers be as plants grown up in youth. Each maid a coronerstone polished in love and truth: A rainbow always to the storms of life. Each member never knowing hate or strife. Chorus Dear Thalian Society, how we love you: For thou didst point us to paths of truth: We ' ll always love you truly. Dear Thalian Society, Master of Truth. Helen McArthur Hazel McDade Sally McDonald Mildred McDonald Margaret McGimsey Kate McIntyre Edith Melvin Evelyn Miller Bobbie Mitchell Louise Moore Mary Frances Nesbit Doris Osborne MEMBERS Louise Patton Grace Perry Hazeline Potts Nan Rhodes Sarah Ritchie Dorothy Ritchie Pauline Rogers Louise Rothrock Elizabeth Rummage Katherine Sigmon Pearl Smith Edith Smith Blanche Smith Margaret Smith Sarah Staley Lillian Steele Dessa Mae Triplett Nell Trivetee Ruth Ivey Trott Elizabeth Wagner Elizabeth Walker Dovie Wil.moth Ercelle Williams Irene Wyant Page Ninety-five tl,Jr » -- Vcrnccian Literary Society Motto: " W ' c necer gtvc up. COI ORS: Red and Grau Flower: Rose Sponsor: MiSS l.Il.V Dali-, H.iil to ihcc. Vcrnician Society. Loud our anthems swcM. You h.ivc shown us truth and courage; Which well .ilwavs tolK Now we lift our voice in chorus. Singing praise to thee. Hail to thee. Vcrnician Society: You will reign with mc. LOUVHLLA BRICKHOUSH LoRAiNE Bush Louise Bowman Deshtta Boesser Louise Beam Sarah cooper Hazel Drum Rose Edwards Marv Graves Irene EuLA Mae Gambill Elizabeth Hackney Mary Hackney Vcrnician. we will love you always. ? ' rom you we ' ll never part. You have been our inspiration. You have won our heart. MEMBERS Ida Higgenbotham Lucille Holland Lucille Harris Sarah Hoyle Hilda Huefines Nellie Harrell Vetta Ham.mons Julie Idol Laura Joyner Flossie Joyner Pansy Keys Virginia Lindsey Edith McDonald Viola Mann I ' RANCEs Pell Ni:i.LiE Pell DiLLA Pell Sarai: Ri:viere Elva Shermer Lois Sweat Ruth Smith Olive Singleton IVAZELLE Taylor Jane;verett Ward Roberta Wakefield Annie Lee Wilkinson Page Ninety-six Appalachian Literary Society Motto: " With the ropes of the past we ' ll ring the bells of the future. " Colors: Blue and White Flower: Carnation Louis Brown Allen Boger Joe Carson Steve Coon Mark Davis Robert Davis Hugh Dobbin Roy Ellison Everette Elledge Eugene Fender James Glover Johnnie Greene MEMBERS Paul Gregory Earl Hayworth Yates Havnaer Herman Heafner Leff Joines Roy Keller Malcolm Laxton James Lentz Jacob Lentz Stanley Livingston Fleet Madison Charles McNeil Kelley Miles Roy Phillips Charles Rankin Tom Redmond Gray Rankin Leroy Sossoman Loyd Turner Douglas Whitner G. D. Wilson Tom Wilson Julian Yoder Conrad York Forrest Yount ! jmoMt ' ' ' ' ' ' iiii . " - mm Page Ninety-seven ■d RHODODENnROM . Rankin-W ilson Literary Society Motto: " We accept the best, but make them better. " Colors: Black and Gold Fl.OWER: Goldenrnd OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term Marvin Ward . . Ralph Smitherman Claude Pyatte . Ralph Smitherman John Sims Herman Baucom George Nicholson Gorman Johnson . . . Herbert Goins Guy Angel Tracy Ballou Herman Baucom Paul Blevins Harold Calhoun Shaffer Casstevens Paul Clarke Howard Collins Ralph Davis JACK Denny Coiet Dyer James Farthing Herbert Goins Matthew Hanna MEMBERS TOLER HAYNES Glen Hickman J. B. Horton, Jr. Jesse Houck Paul Houser Gorman Johnson Pinknfy Lackey Roiil-RT LOY Sam McKinney Eugene Michael Blaine Miller William Morgan George Nicholson Dorman Payne President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Clint Parker Raymond Perry Caesar Phillips Claude Pyatte Fred Ray John Sims Ralph Smitherman Starr Stacy John Staley Otus Thomas Marvin Ward Lindsay Waters J. L. Williams Westley York Page Ninety-eight Dessa Mae Triplett. ORATORS Mr. H. R. Eggers, Coach. Leroy Sossoman. Oratory The connection of Appalachian with the North Carolina Intercollegiate Forsensic Association in the field of oratory dates from the school year of 1931- 1932. At that time a number of students interested in this field of forensics called a meeting and laid plans for entering the state contests. Three boys and three girls participated in the preliminary. The winners, who later represented Appalachian, were Ruth Bowlin and Conrad York. Too much credit cannot be given to these trail-blazers into a new field. Early in the fall quarter of 1931-1932 plans were laid for a more elaborate organization. Accordingly, each society conducted a contest for the purpose of determining who should represent it in the preliminary contest, these representa- tives to compete for the privilege of representing the college in the state contest. It is intended that this plan shall become permanent, and that more interest will be built up in the literary societies. Two representatives. Dessa Mae Trip- lett and Leroy Sossamon, are now working in preparation for the contests to be held during the spring quarter. Until recently the art of public speaking has not received, in our institu- tion, the emphasis which is its due. On every side we are hearing calls for those who have the ability to stand before a gathering of their fellowmen and express themselves clearly, simply, and convincingly. This situation needs some remedy and participation in the state oratorical contest is a part of it. We have the added hope that the time will come when every literary society program will have an oration as part of its plan for the development of its members. Page Ninety-nine ■.J RHDDOnFKinROM Intercollegiate Debaters Tracy Bali ou Dr. J. D. AfHrmalive Negative Affirmative Negative Negative Affirmative Negative Rankin. Coach Glen Hickman . . . . Negative Ruth Bowlin I.AUNA CARENDER Catherine Fulcher Pari Hayworth Roy Keller Mildred McDonald Louise Patton Ruth Smith Affirmative Negative Negative Negative Yates Havnaer Grace Honevcutt Lfroy Sossoman . . i.ivincston Williams Dessa Mae Triplett Affirmative Negative Affirmative In growing appreciation of the importance of argumentation a.s a separate course of stucly in American colleges, debating has been organized to provide training and experience for all students of the Appalachian State Teachers College, interested in this kind of work. To know how to argue is necessary not alone for the lawyer or the publicist, but equally for any one who may wish to influence the opinions or actions of his fellows. It is a power which every educated person should have the opportunity to acquire. And since skill in in- fluencing the thoughts and acts of others requires either, or both the written symbol or the spoken word, the classroom work is supplemented by training in the six literary societies of the college, and by intercollegiate debates. We have membership in both the North Carolina Forensic Association and in the Scuithern Association of Teachers of Speech. Our schedule for the year ] ' ) -] ' M includes debates with Lenoir Rhync. Catawba. Guilford. Elon. High Point. Western State Teachers College. Fast Tennessee Teachers College. Tennessee Wesleyan. Ashevillc Normal. Milligan. State College, and North Texas State Teachers College. Page One Hundred r ..d RHc DOnFNDROM Young Women ' s Christian Association The Young Women ' s Christian Associarion, we believe, has never worked harder and accomplished more at Appalachia, than it has this year. -Every old girl upon arriving in Sep- tember found herself possessing a little sister, whom she introduced to college life. In October the " Baby " or Junior Cabinet was selected, after which both cabinets spent a day at Winklers Creek picnicking and " breaking in " the " babies. " ' Twas about this time that the association wanted to know who its celebrities were, consequently a meeting was called and after much discussion and voting these were decided upon. The football banquet, which the Y. W. C. A. sponsored, was one of the most delightful accomplishments of the year. We trust this will become an annual occurrence. The " Ecny Meeny Miney-Mo " operetta displayed Y. W. C. A. musical talent and gave two enjoyable hours to the student body. The May Day fete! It needs no explanation. The association considers it one of the decided successes of the year. The organization has sponsored a current event talked each Thursday morning at Chapel, given by Mr. H. R. Eggcrs. while a student program has been presented each Friday morning. Sunday evening vesper services have been given each Sunday. These are some of the things that the Y. W. C. A. is proud of having done this year. To the Y. W. C. A. of 1932-33, we wish to leave this challenge — not that you do as well as we have done but that you do more and better, accomplish the things we have left undone and go further toward " making full and creative life possible for every girl. " Page One Hundred One ' .f . 9 ..d RHononFumoM . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cabinet Junior Cabinet DeSSA Mah IriplETT President DeLLA PaWLAS Hazel McDaDE Vice-President VIRGINIA LiNDSEY Irene GrOGAN Secretary ELAINE PoOLE Laurie Stewart Treasurer Katherine Warlick Lucille Lohr Program Chairman HELEN Bess Esther Stewart Publicity Chairman Lou Cox Helen Barber Social Service Chau-man Desetta BoeSSER Kathleen Brooks Social Chairman Virginia Hunt Lois Whitesides World Fellowship Chairman LouiSA Haigler Sarah Ritchie Music Director Kate McIntyre Susie Grose Pianist Louise Berry Inez Fincher Reporter Mary WILLIAMS Page One Hundred Ta ' o JESSZSDEHMm ' MAY QUEEN ii2 AND ATTENDANTS s ' TI - W gas —r r r-f s:zsS? Page One Hundred Three ' ■»Mmiti ' ' Vf yj, ' ' Glee Club Miss Virginia Wary. Director OFFICERS Sarah Cooper . Charles Rankin Ruby Winkler Mrs. J. L. Lavendar Paul Mahoney President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Librarian SOPRANOS Lucu-LK Harris Louise Haigler Nan Lingle Lois Whiteside: Sarah Cooper RuBV Winkler Grace Stephenson Bernk:e IiHi.Ds Helen Abernathy laLene Grigg Lucille Hopkins altos Ruth Bowlin Sarah Ritchie MEMBERS Winnie Heafner Mrs. J. Lee Lavender Inez Grouse Ruth Honeycutt dore goode Louise Rothrock bass Charles Rankin Jake Hagaman Tom Redmond Heighi Dotson Paul Gregory Matthew Hanna Harris Carpi:nter Claude Pyatte B H. Horion. Jr. tenors Paul Mahoney Edwin Dougherty Roy Greene Johnnie Greene Dale Norris Madison Miller Fleet Madison Leonard Eury Zeb Dickson PIANIST Nell Trivette Page One Hundred Four .ff f J New Dormitory Club New Dormitory Club was founded in 19 30 by the girls living in said building. Its purpose is two-fold. In the first place, it serves to divert minds that might otherwise grow too serious into channels of wholesome fun and recreation. In the second place, it provides a means whereby wit and humor may be aired for the development of the originator and the benefit of would-be humorists. We further justify its maintenance on the grounds that it is a great cultural agency, of which seniors especially should take advantage, since they may need a superior sense of humor as they tackle the teaching profession. Its Saturday evening programs are the oasis of our blue Saturday evening deserts. Page One Hundred Five ■.4 RHOF)ODFNnRnKI . Lilv Dale Home Economics Club Motto; " Others. " Colors: Yelloic and White Sponsor: Miss LiLY DALE FLOWER: Lily OFFICERS first Semester Second Semester Sarah Cooper President Stella Scronce Julia Idol Vice-President Ethel Montague Nell TrIVETTE •. Secretary ADA CLARK Bessie RUDISILL Treasurer SARAH STALEY Mary Grace Bradeord Ada Clark Willie Cornelius Sarah Cooper Mary Lee Dillon Mary Graves MEMBERS Alice Horner Julia Idol Flossie Joyner Lucille Mast Marguretta Miller Ethel Montague Bessie Rudisal Stella Scronce Sarah Staley Della Tipton Nell Trivette The Lily Dale Home Economics Club was founded November 2, 1925, by Miss Lily Dale, teacher of Home Economics, together with a large number of students of the Home Eco- nomics Department. Miss Dale has studied extensively in this field at Peabody in Nashville. Tennessee, at Columbia University in New York Citv. and a summer course of the work through England. Wales and Scotland. Although Home Economics in this institution is now mostly elective, it is hoped that it will be advanced each year until it becomes a required course, not only because of its practical worth, but for its cultural value. Home Economics education makes a definite contribution to the solution of the problem confronting society in the establishment and maintenance of suitable standards for home and family life. Page One Hundred Six i sfm w Lovill Club Motto : " Get all you can. and can all you get. " Colors: Green and White FLOWER: Dandelion HISTORY OF LOVILL CLUB One cold Saturday night back in the fall of ' 29. Nan Smith and Erma Hinson were waiting for their dates to arrive. Just when their suspense had reached a climax. Miss Lona politely informed them that dating on Saturday night was not allowed. The girls were disappointed, but they soon recovered sufficiently to realize that they should provide themselves with some other form of entertainment. 7 hey called the girls together with the much-famed and melodious cowbell and suggested the idea of forming a club. In order to par- tially reconcile Nan to her former disappointment, the girls elected her president. Other officers were elected and a proclamation drawn up decreeing that the club should meet every Saturday evening. Thus, what is known as the Lovill Club, the forerunner of all similar clubs on the campus, had its birth. Although the club was organized to serve as a balm for bleeding hearts, so much interest has been manifested that it has proved itself a great asset to the social life of its members. Page One Hundred Seven 3 f yy a ait " ' y j ,,,. ..4 RHDDODFKinROM : . Bovs " Letter Club Front Row (left to right): Sossoman. Wilson. Waiter, Thompson. Mahoney, Hooper, Harris, Hallyburton. Middle Row: Wortman, I. Smith. Goins, C Smith, Cauhoi ' n, Haoaman. Johnson, Davis, McKinney. Back Row : Tripuitt, GooSman, Westenberc, Baucum, Glover. Turner, El- lison, Mosteller, Livingston, McConnell, Pyatte. Girls ' MowcxiRAM Club Left to Right: Launa Carender. Treasurer; Dessa Mae TRii ' t.ETT. President ; Kihth Preston. Secretary; Marjorie Crisp, Jean Reeves. Oella Pawlfs, Jiiwei. HEKKiNt:, I ' icrPresufeut. Page One Hundred Eight ' yjiocuA itf ' ' ' « » j, ' ' ' JiMMiF Johnston Athletic Mascot ATHLETICS COACHES C. B, ■ Johnnie " Johnson. . WmJ Coach Mrs. Tom Cushing Gir s ' Coach G. P. EggERS Asshiant Coach G. L. SAWYER Tennis Coach ■I nv . - nr ' ir ' MANAGHRS OF- SPORTS Isaiah Smith and Lloyd Turner. Football: Reece Harris and Oswald Hooper. Basketball: HARRY HALLYBURTON and STANLEY LIVINGSTON. Baseball: MAR.JORIE CRISP and DeLLA PAWLAS. Girls ' Basketball: DELLA PAWI.AS, Gir .s ' Tennis; J. P. POX. Boys ' Tennis. Page One Hundred Ten J f i »y iMi ' iSSJiSi i tmm Sm JESMSZHMM : Back Row: Walker, Fullback; Wortmax, Guai i; D.nscx, CJuarterli.ick; Morrison, Fullback; Triplett, Halfback; Goixs, End: Smith. Tackle; Westexberg, Center; Davis, End; MacDoxald, Guard; Harris, Halfback; Revis. Center; Mahoxev, Tackle: Pvatte, End; Kaxxamacher, End. Middle Row: We.wzr, Halfback; Baici.m, Quarterback: O ' .Veal, Fullback; Ohler, Tackle; LoY, End; JoHxsox, Center; LivixcsTOx, Tackle; Hooper. End; Lackev, End; Hoiser, Guard; R. Walker, End; JoixEs, Tackle; Rader. Tackle; Moore, Guard. Front Row: Hardix, Guard; Austix, Half- back; Sullivan, Halfback; Hall. Halfback; Hallvbitrto.x, Quarterback; Trott, End; Jimmie Johx- STOx, Mascot; Calholx. Fullback; Bolaxd, Halfback; McKixxev, Guard; Fitzgerald, Quarter- back; Louis, Halfback; Cooke, Center; Hustox. Halfback, Football Re iew, Season 1931 The Appalachian State Mountaineers established another fine record in football, winning nine games and losing two; and two games were tied. The climax to the season was the Charity Day victory over Catawba College in Charlotte. Appalachian State led the North State Conference in individual and team scoring; andwas awarded the chamnionship by making a clean sweep of all Conference games. Smith, right tackle: McKinney, right guard, and Fitzgerald, quarterback, were awarded All-Conference positions. The team spirit was reflective of traditional Mountaineer elevens. Offensive power was indicated by the team ' s ability to score in every game and totaling 18.1 points for the season. Defense was an evident factor in the team ' s success. Individual ability was over shadowed by team spirit and loyalty. The following men will be lost by graduation in May: Harris. Baucum. Hooper, Pyatte. Joines, Livingston. Calhoun and Hallyburton. They have played their last games, but will carry on with the same spirit that made their records commendable. Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian RESULTS 20 6 20 20 7 24 25 3 6 fi 25 6 15 Campbell College Lenoir Rhyne College King College High Point College Catawba College Piedmont College Naval Apprentice . Langley Field College Maryville College Bowden State College Concord State 0 11 eee GlenviUe State College Catawba College Total- Opponents .. 6 . , . 6 12 12 6 6 6 25 7 86 a : ; $i S S !li? JK6i ' ' ' ' « ,, ' k J: " meeo " Page One Hundred Eleven 7?iplel-h F.3. Page One Hundred Twelve ABKMSEHMMl BaiLcunj lackle Ca hoc n M Dona c Johnson Guard WOKTMAN Center Westenberg Tackle : $i . y i ' OMu ' ' yy 4 " ■ ' m»j Page One Hundred Thirteen AEKMSDEEMM Back Ki - l)oTSiiN, (.iiianl ; C ' »». ( n juH nsiwn. Davis, l-ui waul; V ' ( k i man. (iiiani ; Mi Ct w n kli., Center; ' knablk. Center; V vi.kkr. Forward ; Livingston. I ' " t rw arrl. Front Kow : M(,Kinnkv, Guard; Ward, (iuard; Lac kkv. Forward ; CRF.ciORV, Forward ; Mostfi Forward: Bocer, Forward. Basketball Re ' iew, Season 1932 The b,isketb.ill team was second in the Conference scoring and third in Conference stand- ing. Only one series was lost by the team during the season. Victory over Tennessee State College, historic rivals in basketball, was the high spot of the season. Tennessee had registered an early season victory over the Mountaineers by the margin of two points, but in the final game the State team flashed brilliant to win by eleven points. The personnel of the State team was made up from reprcseniativcs of every class in the college with Sophomores and Freshmen in the majority. The record for the season was eleven victories and six defeats. The team showed a fine offense in every game and team play was the predominating factor. Graduation will take away a number of men who served well on the ct urt; ihcir spirit and loyalty remains to carry on with the Mountaineers. RESULTS, 1932 A. S. A. S. A. S. A. S. C. ... C. ... C. ... C. ... C. ... C. ... C. . C. C. ... C. ... C. .. C. ... C. . c. .. c. ... c. . TOT.M 37 32 23 ... . . 5 ... 46 38 32 . 29 20 ...... 47 .11 .11 4.! t ' liioii ColicKP. Ky. Catawlia (?ollenc East Tennessee State 27 25 27 Western Carnlina Teachers - 37 WiiiKatc ColleKc 30 (hiilforfi ( " olieue — . 34 T.cnoir Rhyne College 26 HIkH Point ColIcKC 12 Catawba CoIIckc 21 A. C. C. Colleuo 29 28 . 26 I.enoir Hhyne CollcRc llii:h Point Cnlle Ke Kast Tennessee . tat Camphell Collece tinilford Cnlle(, ' e 24 53 ..523 (Juilford College 34 OproNKNTS ..45 Page One Hundred I ' nurleen FORWARDS Crisp Preston Austin Young Jessup GUARDS B. Baker LiNGLE Reeves M. Baker Pawlas Edwards Girls ' Basketball The girls basketball team this year is. we believe, the best we have ever had. It may well be described in this way. It is a persistent, cooperative, and successful team. Both coach and team have worked untiringly, drilling old plays and mastering new ones. Preston, snappy forward, leads the scoring, while Crisp follows a close second. Much of the praise for the success of the year is due our splendid guards. Out of the nine games played the team lost but one. The total score shows Appalachia 283 to her opponents 174. The cooperative spirit demonstrated by the players at all times could not have been surpassed. The team loses two players at the May graduation. Reeves and Lingle, two strong guards. Captain Pawlas predicts for the coming year a strong team and a successful year in this intercollegiate sport. Page One Hundred Fifteen . I-RESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Hack Kow: P. Lackkv. Munainr: lI.vLi.. Fonvai,!: Ilisrox. i,uaril: Mason. Fonuaril : Dowdi.e, Guard: I.KWIS. Fonvard: Hortox, liuurd. Kront Row: MAnKV. i:„,irl: WrwiR. Fnnmrd; Brows, Cctitcr; Ksox, Guard; Ohler. Guard. BOYS ' TENNIS CLUB Fnint Kow: Dotskr, I ' " kxiikr, Mhiiaki., Ballkw, Ci.akkk, Nohris. Miilillc Kiiw : V ' u . Miinaiifr, Carson. Ward, Di-i.a, Sawvkr. Coach. Back Row: WlLSO.S, Kkdmoxd. . I( Conxki.l. IIacamax, Ai.kxaniikr. Page One Hundred Sixteen :: JT ' X m ' ff ' ' «j««a ' ' ' »i ' P - MARY Daily Little. Donald Thompson. Lois Whitesides. Charles Rankin. ' - GIRLS ' TENNIS CLLB First Row: ERVIN. PEARSON. ZIMMERMAN. PAWLAS. Manager, FiSHER, AUSTIN. Thompson, Williams. Bingham. Higganbotham. Dean. Secor d Row: Fincher. Clark. Phillips. Bingham. Crisp. Rothrick. Steele. Lester. Preston. Captain, Lavender, Little. Martin. Bradford. Outlaw. Page One Hundred Seventeen Back R0 . t .M M |MM% M..N. IIXKK, . » ..,W ,1 SS. si, I ■■ , M , , . i.KW.. ... Kw.,,. l),..,.,., 1 ,.,,,1 Row: Tripi.ett, Wkavkk. Jonks. I.ouis, .Sri. [.i van. fnuMi ' SoN, AIostkller. Jimmik Johnston, At ascot. Baseball Games have been scheduled with the following for the present year: Maryville. Western Carolina. Catawba, Lenoir Rhyne, Guilford. Piedmont. Parris Island Marines. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. A. S. T. C. RESULTS. 1930-31 4 Piedmont College 8 11 Bowden State 3 7 Campbell 3 Wake Forest 2 14 Lenoir Rhyne 6 5 Guilford 11 16 E. Tennessee State 8 12 Lenoir Rhyne 8 4 Bowden State 9 8 Bowden State 9 12 Campbell 4 3 E. Tennessee State 8 Total 99 Opponents 76 Page One llundicil luiihleeii ,a s « | v ' N ■ -esama ' ' ' ! ' Kathlhen Brooks May Queen FEATURES Ollie -Dixon ' ■Prettiest ' Tiay Kannamacher Handsomest S avy ' ■ ' Daily Ijlth ' S lost ' TopLilar (jirl " Fieece Harris S iost ' Popular Young i Mun Sam S IcKinney ' esl " Athlete Oswald Hooper " Besf cAll- ' -T{ound Student THE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE BOONE. N. C. IN THE BLUH RIDGE MOUNTAINS, 3,333 FEET HIGH BETTER TRAINED TEACHERS FOR THE OLD NORTH STATE Where Student Activities Along Social. Intellectual. Recreational, and Religious Lines Are Fostered and Encouraged Page One Hundred Twenly-six +. — The Photographic )rk hi This Annual FURNISHED BY THK BURR HARRISON STl DIG ARCADE BUILDING JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE ♦ PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Page One Hundred Thirty ' ' m. « ' «» iMjj ' ' y , ' S f0im ' - M «Jli »U — 111 f " I YOUR HOME FIRST RHODES -DAY FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Furnishers of the Home North Wilkesboro, N. C. - + Mass buying and volume distribution, economy in operation, makes this organization outstanding when it comes to real values. Your trade is solicited on merit. SMITHEY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Boone. N. C. SPAINHOURS, INC. Boone ' s Shopping Center Quality merchandise at lowest price Ready-to-Wear — Millinery — Piece Goods 1 Stop in to see us often whether you buy or not. We are always glad to see you. " " • " " " 4 T " " " i I FIVE TO FIVE STORES I Headquarters for Central ' s All Leather Shoes and Wear Plus Hosiery Under Priced Merchandise I ' Where You Feel at Home " ..+ +-„„ HANNAH ' S, INC. Johnson City, Tenn. Style Clothes for Men and Young Men $16.75 $40.00 Page One Hundred Thirty-one + HARRIS BRO I HKRS boonp:, n. c. Quality Merchainlisc at Loiccst lances BROWN BUILT SHOES NEVA GLOW HOSE GENTS ' FURNISHINGS i i EAST TENNESSEE WESTERN NORTH CARO- LINA RAILROAD COMPANY LINVILLE RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY Paqe One Hundred ThirlyUVo ! - » ;« jg S! j v ' N «s««asj - sws 1 .. — ..-+ i 1 City Shoe Shop Boone, N. C. Prompt Service Satisfaction Guaranteed End of College Street It Pays to Look Well BARBER WORK for Ladies and Gentlemen CITY BARBER SHOP Boone, N. C. +- - ..-+ Compliments of BOONE DRUG CO. The Rexall Store Boone, N. C. -+ I I Compliments of ABSHERS Complete Outfitters I Men and Boys j North Wilkesboro, N. C. ] i I R. M. Brame Sons Prescription Druggists 30 Years ' Experience North Wilkesboro, N. C. ■■+ -+ 1 1 I J. E. DEANS The Gift Store Hamilton, Bulova and Elgin Watches. Sheaffer Pens. Nationally Advertised Sterling Silver North Wilkesboro, N. C. -+ I L. L. CRITCHER Dealer in Candies, Stationery, Notions and Groceries CORNER STORE College Street 1 Boone Steam Laundry 1 Dry Cleaning Pressing Altering 1 1 i Phone 56 Boone, N. C. Page One Hundred Thirty-three 0 0 S! ■.4 RHODonFNnRnKr :i. BRCKNERS ' DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY » Johnson City, Tennessee ■+ + I 4. — SUMMERS HARDWARE CO. WHOLESALE ONLY Hardware, Ciitlerj ' , Sporting Goods, Stoves, Ranges, Varnishes, Paints, Farm Implements, Building Materials. Railroad, Mill, Mine, Elei-trical, Plumbing, and Heating Supplies. American Boilers and Radiators. Standard Sanitary Enamehvare. Johnson City, Tennessee •+ -+ HOME INTERESTS COME FIRST AT THIS BANK WATAUGA COUNTY BANK Boone, North Carolina Farmers Hardware Supply Co., Inc. Everything in Hardware and Associated Lines Boone, North Carolina " College Students Are Welcome " Page One Hundred Thirty-four i ' -esMoa " «S4i,i ' SaiS .dRHDnonFNi:)nnF3 . + Engravings in This Book by CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY Charlotte, N. C. Carolinas ' Finest Engravers ' RUST ONE O [| HO KNOWS... o o o ' HE Observer Printing House — the home of better annuals — has ffaincd a wealth of valuable experience through thirty-five years of specializa- tion in this field, the benefit of which is yours for the asking. We offer you the services of a highly trained and efficient organization which ivill aid you in the planning and compilation of your yearbook, thereby minimizing the worries and uncertainties incident to the publication of a7i annual. Correspondence Invited The Observer Printing House, Inc. 322-324 S. Church St. CHARLOTTE. N. C. I .fl .0 V RHb FINIS BOONE. N. C.

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