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AVAy D.aG o re L ' u Rhododendron 1930 Published by the Students OF APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE BOONE, N. C. " ilbipj r r— • ?i ft D. D. Dougherty a; 31 ft ft 1 ?i ■ aj -ft!] K • X • K • m • K • ai • a • a; • a; • ;« ■ aj • ft ■ w • f • Tt; • ft; • a; • aj • « m Dedication This the Eighth Edition of THE RHODODENDRON IS Dedicated with appreciation to the loving memory of Dauphin Disco Dougherty, leacier in civic righteousness, student, educator and co- founder of the Appalachian State Teachers ' College, who spared no time, labor, or sacri- fice to make it a cradle of character, a fountain of knowledge and a builder of ideals for the teachers of the state. - ( I 1 iv -jv r |iV ■ fti • W • Hi ■ W . W ■ ft! • a; •as •w • w • w . ■ f« • -v ■ ftf «.«.«• fsl x II it rf Foreword ft (t T HE eighth edition of Thh Rhododendron - comes to you representing the PIONEER volume of the Appalachian State Teachers ' College, as a four- year institution. In an attempt to make it more com- plete ice have incorporated within these covers several innovations ivhich ive hope ivill make this volume both interesting and valuable as a keepsake. We pre- sent It for what it is supposed to be — a picture in part of college life during the year. But there is much that i , i A cannot be written here — that indefinable power ol ■ ' culture and spirit of friendship which envelops our campus and builds up the faith and the love which we have for Old Appalachia. These will last beyond the life of the printed page. If. in the distant future, when 3; the evening of life has come, these pages shall awaken sweet reminiscences of days both bright and blue, spent together under the shadows of our dear Alma Mater, then will this book be memory ' s dearest possession. K and the staff ' s efforts will not have been in vain. a; ?i n I- I 1 ■ . ' ■ I-- Jig;-, — 1 r r " l v ' " ' pi - s - ' •--t i 4 tJ ; B. B. Dougherty President Page Thirteen ft ! ' ■ ' J. D. RANKIN ai A. M. NOIMON V.nqUsh II A. J. GRHtiNh English (,. 1 . l-CCHR.s English Page Fourteen i ' i- i Si I % . it ft! V. C. Howell J. A. Williams Geography I. G. Greer Citizenship J. M. DOWNLM lic ' i islrur and AsUonomy if ■ ft ft: K m Page Fifteen • « ■ ft! I im- h G. 1.. Sawyhr I ' iichdloiiy H. R. Eggers Grammiir Grade FducolKin VAN G. HlNSON Education eiHAPtLL Wilson Psychotogii Page Sixteen J. T. C. Wright McHhematics and Physics A R. Smith Chemistry A. Antonakas Assistant in Physics Maudf. E. Cathcart Biology rtt X -X ■ fti ■ Ai • rti - re Page Seventeen • K ft! ft! ft; ?i ft ?i a; A! " ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft K ft Ida Belle Ledbetter Biology Carrie E. Spencer Biology Esther Hancock Bidlogy Mrs. v. v. McConnlll Diclitiun ft it ft! ft ft ft ft iMHmHaMMMa Page Eighteen Ire ■ Mrs. Van g, Hinson French Elizabeth Rucker Induxtrinl Arts t .... . " I 1 Katherine Harwell Indii ilruil Arts Sarah Allen Physical Educiilion rfl-L • ftj • ft ■ ft Page Nineteen X Virginia Warv Public School Music Mrs. I. G. GkhhK English ■ .5 i1 1 I I ' , Mrs. E£. H. MooKi l.ihrarian l.l.ONARI) liL ' KV Assistant Libiiiniin ... Ctw ta Page Twinty V Jennie Tood Matron While Hall LOXA MORETZ Matron Lovell Home Mrs. D. D. Doluhert Business Manager NANCY Lb WIS Secretary to Business Manager Page Twenty-one ( } MAUDf- GRKKN St ' iTfl.irii Id Prestdtnt Mrs. V. C. Howell Si ' cn ' Uirii Id lifqislrar iVlKN. I.ILLII-- b. Hardin Matron New Dormilory CAKuLiN Weaver Primary EJuculion Paqe Ticvn i -(u. ' o t. •.•. ' r-wr ' v,. ' -; ■•::. . : ' Slfe i ' «r ' . ' P-Kr: ; JI ' W ' ■ I ) M Reta Kate Howell Mascot Senior Class John T. Howell President Irene McDade Miluked McDaul Mr. J. T. C. Wrk.iii ' ice-President Sein-lury-Treasurer Sponsor Page Twenly-foiir IrP ' f ' :uf° ' ' Fannie Noel Bannerman, B.S. burgaw. north carolina " Her quiet nature seemed to be Tuned to each season ' s harmony Cultured, winsome, generous, self-pos- sessed. Paul W. Bingham, B.S. VILAS, NORTH CAROLINA ' Short in stature, but long w all that goes to make a likeable fellow. " Varsity Baseball Team (2. 3). Watauga County Club (3, 4). Good-natured, reserved, sincere, athletic. Page Twenty five Ted E. Davis, B.S. todd. north carolina " The surest, as the shorlesi. icay to make yourself beloved and honored, is to be indeed, the very man you ivish to appear. Freshman Class. Vice-President (1). Senior Normal Class. Valedictorian (2). Intercollegiate Debater (2). Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2). Presi- dent { 2 ) . Class Poet (4). Intellectual, original, wittv. energetic. Clay Harman, B.S. SUGAR GROVE. NORTH CAROLINA " Work is healthy: you can hardly put more upon a man than he can bear. It is not the revolution that destroys the muchmery but the friction. " Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (2. 3j. Varsity Basketball Squad (2). Watauga County Club Ci. 4). Class Historian (4) . Broad-minded, scientific. industrious. kind-hearted. I ' age Twenlij-six - Tom W. Hayes, B.S. purlear. north carolina " The three days that don ' t worry me are yesterday, today and tomorrow. " Rankin- Wilson Literary Society (1. 2, 3. 4). Vice-President (3). Secretary (4). Wilkes County Club (3, 4). President (3). Black Bear Fraternity. President (4). Sociable, aspiring, care-free, likeable. Beverly R. Heavner. B.S. VALE. NORTH CAROLINA " Life is but a grindstone, and whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up. depends on the stuff he ' s made of. " Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2. 3. 4), Vice-President (1). Secretary (1). President (3). Junior Class President (3). Lincoln County Club. President (4). Athletic Association, Treasurer (4). The Rhododendron. Business Manager (4). Dignified, cooperative, cheerful, capable. Page Twenty-seven John T. Howell, B.S. brooksidl, north carolina A gentleman is a man icho is master of himself, wfio respects himself and makes others respect him. " Summer Normal Class President (2). Watnuga County Club (4). Athletic Association, President { ). Senior Class President (4). The Rhododendron, Editor-in-Chief (4). Diplomatic, ambitious, modest, achiev- ing. J, BuNYAN Love. B.S. NEWTON, north CAROLINA " His quiet ways and faithful ivork are sermons strong to those icho shirk. " r-ooiball. Manager (3). Basketball. Manager (3). Appalachian Literary Society. President (3). Athletic Association. Treasurer (3). President (4). Catawba County Club. President (3). Letter Club, President (4). Friencily. courteous, romantic, content. I ' ayv Tu. ' enli -eighl Mildred, B.S. boone. north carolina " Talent is power, tact is skill; talent knoics ichat to do. tact hoiu to do it. " Stonewall Jackson College ( 1 ) . Senior Statistics ( 2 ) . Watauga County Club (3, 4). Junior Class Secretary and Treasurer (3). Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer (4). The Rhododendron. Assistant Editor-in- Chief (4). Talented, self-reliant, tactful, refined. ' I ■ Irene McDade. B.S. BOONE, north CAROLINA ' One who does a little more than is asked, who takes a little more care than is ex- pected, who puts the small details on an equal footing with the more im- portant IS the one who wins success. " Stonewall Jackson College ( 1 ) . Senior Statistics (2). Watauga County Club (3. 4). President (4). Senior Class Vice-President (4). The Rhododendron, Pictorial Editor (4). Loyal. practical, worthy. influential trust- rtfl Page Twenty-nine ft!- -fti-fti ■«• • fti • Fn • Ri • af -fti-yB-FtJ-iti-aj ■ m • m • m • f John Alfxandi-r Mull. B.S. morcianton, north carolina " As an Mior. confessed wilhoui ncul to shine. As a LCil if not first . m the veru first line. " Cheer Leader ( L 2 ) . Athletic Association, Vice-President { 3 ) . Burke-McDowell County Club. Vice-President (4). T ' HK RllODODHNDKON. Advcrtisiny Manager (4). Musical, attractive, optimistic, original. Arthur M. Ruppe. B.S. RUTHFRFORDTON. NORTH CAROLINA " In my spirit I ivill divell and dream my dream and hold it true. " Summer Normal Class President (2). Rankin-Wilson Literary Society (1. 2. 3, 4). Class Testator (4) . Rutherford County Club (4). Thoughtful, studious, agreeable, cap- able. PiHw Thirty K. Si ft Sadie Williams, B.S. monroe. north carolina ' A smooth and steadfast mind, gentle thoughts and calm desires. " Wingjtc Junior College (1). Phila Retian Literary Society (2, 3). Dynician Literary Society (3, 4), Critic (3). Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4). Ivey B. Y. P. U. President (3. 4). Union County Club (3. 4). President (4). Glee Club (3, 4). Class Prophet (4 ) . Sensible, quiet, ambitious, industrious. n 1% ft The Discontented Thirteen " Why the struggle with a college course. " Discontentedly our classmates ask. Questioning the aim of this our task With the feeling that goals unsought for are worse. Plans unmade, and patterns incomplete: Eager still for the touch and the right; 111 content we seek through the night. With our teachers as lamps, the lights for our feet. Discontent a driving force has been Work-ward, with strife and the wish to know. Intriguing urge, companion where we go. Till the world shall acclaim, " The Lucky Thirteen. " — Ted Davis. 1 ■ ;l t ' ] — Iftj-jw-aj-aj-ftj-flj-fti ■ ?ti • Ft • ■ TV. ■ K ■ ft! - ft Page Thirty-one Fti ■ ft " J (t. I " ! % ft « First Senior College Class History In the autumn of ' twenty-six the class of ' thirty entered the Appalachian State Normal School with a larger enrollment than in any preceding class, numbering nearly two hundred students, who hailed from almost every county of the state and from other states. On entering the school, no one thought of staying longer than two years, but before the end of the second year it was hinted that we might get to do uor third-year work here — cause for great enthusiasm among the students. So in the fall of twenty-eight, there assembled the first class of college Juniors ever to enroll at this institution for work. Then to our supreme delight, the it ! legislature, at the request of Dr. B. B. Daugherty and his multitude of friends, ]l changed the name of the school to the Appalachian State Teachers College, and • authorized it to confer degrees. ' So here we are. greatly reduced in number but happy in the distinction ' of being the first class to receive degrees from Appalachian State Teachers Col lege, vanguard of the increasing hundreds and thousands in the future years. For ourselves and for them we have selected the first standard degree rings, the class motto, the class flower, and the class colors. Only eight of those that started with the class have remained with it to graduate at the end of the four years. Four came to us from other colleges. i and one from the teaching field, who had been in a former class of this insti- tution. Some who began with us and remained for one or two years are gradu- ating from various other colleges, many are teaching or are engaged in other occupations, but many who have dropped out will return here to finish their bachelor ' s work. Though our class be small and has an unlucky number of thirteen members, it is not as small as the first class of many of our greater institutions: neither do we feel unlucky. We consider our greatest luck to be that in the four years we have been here the school has been changed from a two-year normal college with an enrollment of more than three hundred and fifty to a standard A grade college with an enrollment of six hundred and fifty students. However, along with our good fortune has come occasion for grief " too deep for tears " : the death of the Treasurer and Business Manager of the college. Prof. D. D. Daugherty. whose heroic life burned out in the winning of these privileges for us. Now that our span of four years is near a close, we look back and see our fortunes and misfortunes. Probably ambitions are unrealized. Probably ideals have been broken. Yet we look forward today as we did in ' twenty-six to the higher things in life. The knowledge acquired is but small compared with the life inspired. The scene being ended, the curtain lowered, we make our exit. but we take wiih us the spirit of our Alma Mater. — Clay Harman. Pape Thirlu rwn II V ■ K ■ ml % ?! % % % ft Si % Si % % Ai Si % Si % Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Junior Class Motto: " What We Are to be Wc Are Becoming. " Colors; Blue and White FLOWER: Siceet Pea Clhm C. L.ipscomb OFFICERS Mil ION, NoKiii Carolina Robert W. Williams President Vice-President MoRC.ANTON. Nor I II Carolina Sadie Lindsey Secretary- I reasurer RCXKINGMAM. NORTI! CAROLINA A. R. Smith Sponsor Boone. North Carolina m Page Thirty-four 7t it SI u iiu Paul Angell Hamptonville, N. C. SiGNORiA Alexander Gastonia. n. c. Sallie Green Alllson Horseshoe, n. C. Jones Ashley Boone. N. C. Durham Brackett HOLLIS. N. c. Ethelene Cain White Oak. N. C. Clyde A. Canipe Alexis. N. C. Beatrice Cline Maiden. N. C. Frank Dabbs LILESVILLE. N. C. Raymon Durham Cycle. N. C. Mrs. Herman Eggers BOONE. n. c. Mary Beth Garrison Burlington. N. C. Page Thirly-Hvc ffi. it 3; ' n! a- ft it ' l i ;v Page Thirty-six Norma B. Gragg BOONH. N. C. Grach Hamrick Kings Mountain. N. C. Frank Houser Vale, N. C. Carl Hendricks Murphy. N. C. Lloyd Hendricks Murphy. N. C. Kermit Hinson Marshvillf.. N. C. Irma Hinson Monroe, n. C. Chivous Hoyle Shelby. N. c. Hugh Hoyle Vale. N. c. - R. W. Hovis Alexis, n. C. Sara Holcomb Yadkinvilli-;. N. C. A. K. Lackey Preston. N. C. Il l i ?i li H s liu w • «f ■ ft ft! • % • Ft TU James J. Miller Todd, N. C. Charles Norton Boone, n. c. Gladys Payne Granite Falls. N. C. Maude Perry Sherwood, N. C. Theodore Robinson White Hall. Md. WiLLA Stephens LiLLINGTON. N. C. Guy Taylor FURCHES. N. c. Edith Wagener Mountain City, Tenn. John Warden Laurel Springs, N. C. Jonas Waters Rutherfordton. n. c. Mary Whitley Morganton. N. C. Joseph Womble Forest City. n. C. 1 -IJ ' t • ft! Page Thicly-seuen j-iil lft;-t«-ftt-rH-ai-fli-SLftiRi- ?iL ■ Fa ■ ■ JV ■ X ■ v ■ fv • fti ■ m • !V • x • m !?■ r ' ' i c I hirly eight n? Ft • ftfi i ' i hi » 1 1 ft ' Sophomore Class Motto " Never be Flat. Sometimes he Sharp, hut Ahcays he Natural. " Colors : Old Rose and Silver O. Hopper M. B. Gordon Martha Johnston Edith Cain Fairy Redmond Mr. Herman Eggers OFFICERS pi Flower: Siveet Pea President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Representative Sponsor I i Payf Forty RUTH ANDREWS LUMBERTON. N. C. Y. W. C. A.: Thalian Literary Society (1, 2), Critic (21; East Caroliiia Club (1, 2); Baseball Club (2). " put all my troubles in the bottom of my heart, then sit on the lid and smile. " WILLIE iMAE ADAMS LANCASTER. S. C. Dynician Literary Society (1, 2). Treasurer (2); Pal- metto Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. " Still water runs deep Is a saying quite true — Bill says much, but who knows what she ' ll do? " KATHLEEN BROOKS BONLEE. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2): Baseball Club (2) ' ; J. I. V. W. Sorority (2). Capable — adorable — affable. ' ' ESTHER BALL STONY POINT, N. C. uciety (1, 2); B. S. U. (1, 2), Secre- U. (1, 2); Y. V. C. A.; Y. V. A. Thalian Literary . ' tary (2); B. Y. P. (2). " The great secret of making the labor of lite easy is to do each duty every day. " SARAH BANNER NEWLAND. N. C. Glee Club (2). " A smile for all. a greeting glad. A brave jolly way she had. " BESSIE BROCK PORE ' S KNOB. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); B. Y. P. U. (1. 2), President (2). " Oh. quiet lass, there are but few Who know the merits hidden in you. " MARGARET BAXTER CHERRVVILLE, N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Phila Retian Literary Society (1); Dynician Literary Society (2); Lincoln County Club (1, 2). " Life IS real, life is earnest. " ANNE BOBBIT CLEVELAND, N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2.); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2), Chaplain (2); Iredell County Club (1. 2), Vice-President (1); Baseball Club (2). " Smile and the world smiles with you: frown and — but who wants to frown. ' " INEZ BEACH HUDSON. N. C. Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2); Thalian Literary Society (2); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); dec Club (21. " Wot too serious, not too gay. But a jolly good girl when it comes to play. " A Page Forty-one 1 1 l,. HA 1;I. BUI I- RUIHKRFORDTON, N. C. Class Secretary HJ; RuthcrfoiJ County Club (1). Sec- ictary aud Treasurer (1); Pliila Ketian Literary .Society (1.2). Representative (1,2); RuthiriordClevelaiul County Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Cabinet (21. Chorister (21; Glee Club (1, 2). Secretary ami Treasurer (21; O. (). G. (2); P. G. N. Club (2); Assistant Business -Man- a;;er The RtlononKNDRON (2). " Hazel IS attractive, loveable and can sing, And she surety does that very thing. " EULA BEAM CHtRRYVILLE, N. C. I ' liila Rutian Literary Society (1. 21. Secretary (2); ' . V. C. A. (1. 2); O. O. G. (2); Lincoln County Club II. 2). " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile. A charm of friendship alt the u. ' hite. " JUANITA COLE ELIZABETHTOWN. n. c. V. W. C. A, (2); Thalian Literary Society (21; Kast Carolina Club (21. " Good-natured and generous, jolly and clever. Her tongue, like a broolitet. goes on forever. " JOHNSIH COVINGTON ELLHRBEE. N. C. llvouKiii l.itirarv Society (2). IJoorkeepcr (2); V. V. C. A. (2j; B. . v. V. (2); Y. W. A. (2). " She IS qentte. she is shy. But she has mischief in her eye. " FRANCIS COLEY NEWTON. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Tbalian Literary Society (1. 2); Catawba County Club (1. 21, Secretary and Treasurer (11. ' ice-Presi(ient (21; Lilv Dale Home Economics Club (1. 2). Secretary (2); J. I. W. W. Sor. (2); .M. F Club (2). Trea.surer (2); Baseball (2). " When joy and duty clash. Let duty go to smash. " ROSE CUDE COLFAX. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (2): Lovill Club (2); Pbilaniatbian Liter- ary .Society ((luiUord College), (1). " Ambition has no risk. " ADA B. CLARK CROSSNORE. N. C. ' . W. C, A, (21; Thalian Literary Society (21; Lovill Club (2). . yirl ivilh a smile i.s the girl worth while. " ZUl.A CORNELIUS SHERRII.LS FORD. N. C. V. V. C. A. (1. 2); Tbalian Literary Society (2); Lily Dale Home Eeontirnics Club (2); Catawba CouiUy Club (I. 2i. Piesidcnt (21. " Faithful, iienlle and good. Wearing the rose of womanhood. " ' lll c I nrlll tiCii :xi LUCY CAIN WHITE OAK. N. C. Asti-otictan Taterary Society (Meredith College), (1): B. S. U. Council (2); East Carolina Club (i), Secretary (2): Y. V. C. A. (2). " That ye might walk worthy of the Lord. " lOLA LEE DAY ROUGEMONT. N C. Dvnician Literary Society (2) ; Y. W. A. (2) ; B. Y. P. U. (2). " Of a Qood beginning cometh a good end " MARY DONNELLY TRADE. TENN. Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2). Critic (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Y. V. A. (2); Lily Dale Home Economics Clul) (1, 2); Ashe County Club (1, 2). Vice-President (2); Baseball Club (2); Black Owl Club (1): L I. V. W. Sor. (2); U. F. Club (2). President (2). " Good sport, you bet — Roll on world, Mary ' s on top. " FRANCES FARTHING VALLE CRUCIS. N. C. Phiia Retian Literary Society (1, 2), Treasurer (1). Vice-President (2): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); WatauRa County Club (I, 2). Secretary (21; B. S. f. Council (21: V. V. A. (2). " Our reach should exceed our grasp, or what ' s a heaven for? " GRACE FISHER MULLINS. S. C. Phila Retian Literary SocJ ety ( 1 ) ; Dynician Society (2), Secretary (2) (;. Club (2); P. G. N • " " My heart is whole, my fancy free: Go away, your g man. don ' t bother me. " VIVIAN GRIFFIN FARMER ROCKY MOUNT. N. C. East Carolina Club (2). " True worth is being, not seeming. " HELEN KATHERINE FINCH BAILEY. N. C. East Carolina Club (2). " If we always face the sunshine, the shadows will fall behind. " EARLINE FRANKLIN JONAS RIDGE, N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): Dynician Literary Society (2); Burke-MacUowell County Club (2); B. Y. P. U. (2). " What my tongue dares not. that my heart shall say. " ' GLADYS FOSTER BONLEE. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1); Dyni cian Literarv Society (2). Censor (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); East Caro- lina Club (2); J. L W. W. .Sor. (2). " The devil is afraid of music. Sing, brother, sing. " iterary Palmetto Club (1. 2); O. O. Club (2). n I Page Forty three DICY FORTNER MOORESVILLE, N. C. V. V. C. A. (1. 2), Cabinet (2); Thalian Literary So- ciety (1, 2), President (2); Lily Dale Home Economics I ' lub (1, 2), Secretary (1); Kreshman Class Treasurer, Statistics, Swimming Contest, BasketbaU, Tennis; Iredell County Club (1, 2). Secretary (1); Baseball Club (2); ,1. i. W. W. Sor. (2); Cheer Leader (2). " Nature made her what she is. And ne ' er can make such another. " TED L. FLOYD BARNF-SVILLE. N. C V. W. C. A. (2); IMiihi Retian Literary Society (2); Kast Carolina Club (2); Clee Club (2); Tennis Club (2). " You never know what you can do until uou try EULA MAE GAMBILL STRATFORD. N. C. AUesbany County Club (2). " Life is being, not seeming. ' EVA GREENE GLADE VALLEY. N. C. " Smile and the world smiles with you. Weep and you weep alone. " MAE GRANT STATESVILLE. N. C. Tbalian Literary Society (I, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Iredell County Club (I, 2); B. Y. P. U. (1, 2). What ix worth doinq at all is worth doing well. " ELNORA GRIFFIN CRAMERTON. N. C. Thalian Literary Society (1, 2); Lily Dale Home Eco- M.miics Club (I, 2); Gaston County Club (1, 2); Lovill Club (2). " She is all she seems and more. ' EDNA GENTRY CHERRY LANE. N. C. Thalian Literary Society (2): Y. W. C. A. (2); Base- ball Club (2); Tennis Club (2); Alleghany County Club (2], " Do your best; let the others do the rest. " LEORA GERMAN BOOMER. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (2), Chaplain (2); B. S. f. (I. 2), Vice-President Council (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2): B. Y. P. U. (2); Y. W. A. (2). " The strongest minds are often those of whom the noisy world hears least. " MARY GRAVES RUBY, S. C. Thalian Literary Society (2); Y. W. C. A. (2); South Canilina Club (2). ' A sweet temper is to the household what sunshine is to the trees and flowers. " u Page Forty-four lir " IJ rti ft! Ft I ft li HATTIE HELTON YADKINVILLE, N. C. Varsity Basketball (1. 2); Sophomore Basketball Man- ager; Yadkin Students ' Club (1, 2), President (2), Repre- sentative (2) ; Girls ' Letter Club (2) ; Thalian Literary Society (2); Tennis Club (2): Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1. 2). " Whg ivony, it lUill happen anyhow. " SARAH HERMAN NEWTON. N. C. V. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2); Thalian Literary So- ciety (1, 2). Doorkeeper CD, Critic (2); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1, 2). Treasurer (1): Catawba County Club (1. 2). Representative (1), Secretary-Treasurer (2); J. L W. W. Sor. (2) : Baseball Club (2) ; Freshman Sta tistics. Tennis. " Fluff ' s true, sweet and all the rest That might be said about her. but of ail I ' d say. this is the best. We couldn ' t do without her. " MYRTLE HARMON SUGAR GROVE. N. C. " Accept your fate but keep striving. " RUTH HACKNEY BYNU.M. N. C. Dyiiician Literary -Society (2). " Get thee behind me. cupid. " LILLIE MAE HERNDON ATTAMAHAW. N. C. East Carolina Club (2); V. W. C. A. (2); (2); Phila Retian Literary Society (2); B. V. VV. A. U. (21. " In work and play I find the joys of living. " MRS. MATTIE HIGHFILL GUILFORD COLLEGE. N. C. " Be true, for there are those who trust you: Be pure, for there are those who care; Be strong, for there is much to suffer: Be brave, for there is much tu dare. " MANTA HORTON CASAR. N. C. Rutherford-Cleveland County Club (2), President (2); Dynician Literary Society (2). Vice-President (2); Base- ball Club (2); O. O. G. Club (2); P. G, N. Club (2). " Why be serious? That ' s what I say: I was born for fun, so let it come my way. " RUBY HELMS .MONROE. N. C. Dynician Literary Society (2); Union County Club (2). Vice-President (2): P. G. N. Club. " We must declare. She is sweet as she is fair. " II +J| ' L rfl ft! Page Forty-five ft-w-w-ai-ni-Rj-ai-ft-Ffci-ai-a! ■ k llrH KATE HHNDRICK CHERRYVILLE, N. C. I ' hila Rrtian I-iterarv Society (1. 2). President (2): . V. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2): Lincoln County Club (1. 2), Secretary (2); O. O. G. Club (2); I ' . C. N, Club (2). " She t iList ivho IS neaU ' st. Most Uih-nlcd und sweetest. " EUNICE HOWIE MONROE. N. C. " l ' . W. C. A. (I. 2); Thalian l.iterarv Society (1, 2): Inion County Club (1, 2); Cirls ' Letter Club (2); Var- sity Basketball (1, 2). Manager (2); Kresbmau Statistics. " A In ' e-wire never pets stepped on. " JULIA IDOL CLEMMONS. N. C. V. W. C. A. (L 2); Thalian Literary Society (1. 21; l.ilv Dale Home Economics Club (]. 2), Treasurer (2); 1). F. S. Club (1. 21. Vice-President (II, President (2); J. L V. W. Sor. (2): Freshman Baseb;ill and S yinnnin ;. " Brown eues that picture a heart full of love. tenderness and compassion for everyone. " ELIZABETH JOHNSON WHITE OAK. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2); East Carolina Club (]); Lily Dale Home Eccmomics Club (1. 2); liladen County Club (1), Ke|ircseutatiyi- (U; I). I, K. ' s (1). " Without love and lauahter. life Would he nothing. ' WII.MA LYNN JOHNSON SANEORD. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (L 2); V. W. C. A. (I. 2): East Carolina Club (I, 2). Treasurer (1); O. O. C. Club (2); P. G. N. Club (2). " Be gone, dull eare. be gone from me. You and I will never agree. " FLOSSIE B. JOYNER HAMPTONVILLE. N. C. ■. V. C. A. (1. 2). " Ye lutes, end this college life and make two lovers happg. " ALMA LUNA JOYNER ZHBULON. N. C. V. W. C. A. (I. 2); Laboratory Assistant (1. 2). " Forever curious lo learn and never satisfied. " SARAH KLLLHY c:arihage. n. c. Dynician Literary .Society (2L Secretary (2): H. Y. W U. (2); Y. W. A. (2). Slow going enough to make a thing right: Not a common pusher, but a steady puller. " Page lorly-si.x EMMA KOONE UNION MILLS. N. C. Asheville Normal; Lawrence Literary Society (1); Ath- letic Association (1): Rutherford County Club (1); Phila Retian Literary Society (2) ; Y. V. C. A. (2) ; Sunday School Council (2); Rutherford County Club (2), Secre- tary and Treasurer. " Anxious to learn, to be friendly, and to work ' ANNE POWELL LASATER MONCUKE. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Socictv (1, 2); Y. V. C. A. (1, 2). " It matters not hoic long you lice but hoiv well. " LUCILLE LOHR LEXINGTON. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1); Dynician Literary Society (21. President (2). Representative (2): D. F. S. Club (1, 2): O. O. G. Club U); P. 0. N. Club (2); Associate Editor The Rhododendron (2): Y. W. C. A. CI. 2). " Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, A finer girl you ' ll never find. " ADDIE B. MABRY ALBEiVlARLE. N. C. " To know, to do. to be. " SADIE LEE McINTYRE WOODLEAF. N. C. " In work and play I find the joys of living. " EURA MAE McBRIDE RONDA. N. C. Thalian Literarv Society (1, 21; Y. Y. C. A. (1. 2). Wilkes County Club (2); Lovill Home Club (2). " Let knowledge grow from more to more. " BERTHA VICTORIA McBRIDE RONDA. N. C. Thalian Literary Societv (1. 21; V. W. C. A. (1, 21: Wilkes County Club (1, 2); Lovill Home Club (2). " Modest as a violet. " IRMA MATTHEWS EAST BEND. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2), Critic (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1): Yad- kin County Club (L 2). " Attempt the end and never stand to doubt. Nothing ' s so hard, but search will find it out " SALLY MCLEAN BLADENBORO. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (I, 2); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2); Y. W. A. (2); Bladen County Club (1): East Carolina Club (1, 2); B. Y. P. U. (L ' 2); Baseball Club (2). " A good laugh is sunshine in the house. ' Page Forty-seven ft! • ft; (.2): MABEL McNEELY CHINA GROVE. N. C. Teacher Trainitig. China Grove (]); Thaliaii Literary Society (.2). Secretary (2); Y. V. C. A. (2). " If she will, she will, and she usually can. " PAULINE NEWTON CASAR, N. C. Dynician l.iteraiy Society (2). Critic (2); Baseball Cliili RiitherfordClevelamI Comity Club (2), Corresiioiniing Secretary (2): O. C . C. Club (2); P. d. X. Club (2). " Stern and true in every way. The same old Polly every day " EPFIE OUTLAW SEVEN SPRINGS. N. C. V. W. C. A. (1. 2): East Carolina Club (1. 2). Treas- urer (1); l.ily Dale Home Economics Club (1, 2), As- sistant Treasurer (1); Phila Retian Literary Society (1); Dynician Literary Society (1). Repi esenlativc (2); ' LoviII Home Club (2). ' ice-Presi lent 12). " If we always face the sunshine the shadows fall behind. " WEETA PIERCY MORGANTON. N. C. Y. V. C. A. (1. 2). Cabinet (2); Tbalian Literary So- ciety (1. 21. Treasurer (2); Burke-MacDowell Club (2). Presiilent (2); Lovill Home Club (21, President (2); Glee Club (I. 2): Associate Editor The Rh(ihoukm ron (2). " Put more reliance on backbone and less on wishbone. " .MARGARET SLOAN POTTS HUNTERSVILLE. N. C. ■l ' . . ( ' . . . II. 2): Thalian Literary Society (I, 2); M-C Club (I). Rejircsentalive (1). " Refined, tolly and demure. A charming girl you may he sure, One on whom you can depend. To be a faithful, sincere friend. " RUTH PREVATTE l.CMBERTON. N. C. ■. W. C. A. (1. 2). Cabinet (II; Thalian Literary So- ciety (1. 2), Secretary (I). Vice-President (I); East Caro- lina Club (1, 2). President (2); D. I. K. ' s (1); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1, 2); I. 1. V, V. .Sor. (2). President (2). " Sweet, modest, neat and kind. . ' heller ' Ruth ' no one can find. " ELIZABETH PATTON .VIEBANE. N. C. Dynician Literary Society (2); East Carolina Club (2); Y. W. r. A. (2): B. V. P. U. (2): V. V. A. (2). " A hearty friend and comrade true. If she has faults they ' re I ' rri few. " REBECCA ROBINSON ATLANTIC. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (2) ; B. Y. P. U. (2) ; Y. W. A. (2); East Carolina Club (2). " Let the world slide, I ' ll not budge an inch. " Page Forty-eight jrc ■s-i. EDNA REGAN ELIZABETHTOWN, N. C. Thaliaii Literary Society (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Bladen County Club (1); East Carolina Club (1, 2); Inter- Collegiate Debater (1). " My heart is whole, my fancy free. Run on boys, don ' t bother me. " FAIRY REDMOND NEW HOPE, N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1. 2). Critic (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2); Iredell County Club (1. 2), President (2); Lovill Home Club (21: B. S. U. Council (2); Class Representative (2). " Conscientious in all endeavors. " ALMA LOUISE RICHARDSON OAKBORO. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Thalian Literary Society (1, 2); Lovill Home Club (2). " Worry tittle, study less, Is my idea of happiness. " EDITH FERN SAIN LAWNDALE. N. C. Inter-Collegiate Debater (1): Phila Retian Literary So- ciety (1, 2), Secretary (1), Vice-President (1), Repre- sentative (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); Class Treasurer (2); Lincoln County Club (1), Secretary (1); Rutherford-Cleveland County Club (2); O. O. G. Club (2); P. G. N. Club (2). " Ambition rules my brain, and love my heart. " GRACE TRUMEN STEPHENSON KELFORD, N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (1, 2); P. G. N. Club (2); Dynician Literary Society (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): Last Carolina Club (1, 2): Freshman Diving Champion (1); Sophomore Basketball (2). " Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow you may be hungry. " MACIE SIGMON ALEXIS. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Thalian Literary Society (2); Lincoln County Club (1. 2); Lovill Home Club (2). " To be simple is to be great. " ESTHER SEAWELL MERRY OAKS. N. C. Phila Retian Literary Society (I); Dynician Literary Society (2); B. Y. P. U. (2): B. S. U. (2); Y. W. A. (2). " Work as though you were going to live forever: Live as though you were going to die tomorrow. " STEELE SCRONCE NEWTON. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dynician Literary Society (2); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1, 2); Catawba County Club (1). " The true worth of a woman is her character. " ?d -»]. 1 ift • « r- w ?i K ?!. fH ft i: I Si frti L Page Forty-nine lai • r« • w • ftf ■ fti • afai-aiai ' ?tfAi-rfe ' ; ffB ' 7e-rtfftf ' ft - i« -«Lrd ■r -j - V ?. ■ ■■ li aaafc ISABELLA SINK LEXINGTON. N. C. Ddiiciaii Litirary Snci.-lv (2); B. Y. P. V. (2); Y. W. A. (2). " Cioe thu lhiiuijht:i no tonyiii ' . " LENA SISK TABLE ROCK, N. C. N. W . C. A. 11. 2); Thalian l.ittraiy Sucicty (2). .4 Sir 6o(ft good and true in every way: A Inend. a pal lo all, on ei ' cri Jay. " RUTH SHERRILL GRANITE PALLS. N. C. Tlialian Literary Society (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (I. 2); CleL- Club (2); Caldwell Countv CUili (1, 2), Secretary (21. " Kn ' iic enough to knou: you don ' t know anything. " LILLIAN SUTHERLAND CRESTON, N. C. . sli Ccunty Cluli (I, 2). Prc.Mdent (2); Lily Dale llnnie Kcononiics (Mul) (I. 2); Phila Rctian Literary So- ciety (1. 2): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). " A merry heart, a happy smile. This is Lillian all the ivhi le. " MARY SAUNDERS NEWTON. N. c:. V. W. C. A. (1. ); Thalian Literary Socielv (1. 2): I ' alawlia Couiilv Cluli (L 2). President (2); Lily IJale lliime Economics Club fl. 2). President (2): .1. I. V. V. Sor. (2). Treasurer (2): Baseball Club (2). ' ice. Presi- dent (2): Captain Freshman SwimminK; . L V . Club (1, 2). Secretary (2). " A jolly good sport bubbling over ivith mischief and sunshine. " iGRACE SIMMS WAXHAW. N. C- ll Cm. ■ G w I lull W. C. A. (21; Thalian Literary .Society (L - ' ); )n ( unty Club (2). Secretary-Treasurer (2); -Sophn- L- Basketball Club (2); ' arsity Basketball (2). ve your love lo all but give your heart to one. " NELL CHARLOTTIA SMITH BOONE. N. C. atauKa Coiuitv Club (1. 3V ' ice-President (2); Clee (1 ). " With spirit iulm and gentle. " SARAH EVELYN STALEY STALFV. N. C. V. C. A, (1. 2); Thalian Literary Society (2); Lily Home Kcononiics Club (2): Baseball Club (2). ' A big bundle of humor. i ft rV. ft i1 Jl, VERNA GRAY SWICEGOOD LEXINGTON. N. C. Y. W. C. A. (1): Davidson County Club (1); L. S. A. (1); Dynician I.iterary Society (2); Tennis Club (2). " By sports are her cares beguiled. For sports seem to sattsly this child. " CLARA SMITH INGOLD. N. C. V. W . ( . A. (1, 2): East Carolina Chili (2); Lily Ual.r Home Economics Cluli; Thalian Literary Society (IL " Take the world as you firjd it but do not leave it so. " MARY ELLEN THORNBURG DALLAS. N. C. Phila Ketiaii Literary Society (!, 2), Chaplain tl). Presiflent (2); Y. W . C. A. (2); Ciaston County Club (I): Lutheran .Students Association (1, 2). President (2); Baseball Club (2); O. (1. C. Club (21; P. C. X. Chili (2). " It ' s the songs you play and the smiles you wear. That makes the sunshine everywhere. " ANNE WILSON GASTONIA. N. C. Phila Ketian Literary .Society (1, 2); Lily Dale Home Economics Club (1. 2); Gaston County Club (1), Presi- dent (1); Baseball Club (2), Captain (2); M. F. Club (2 1. Vice-President (2). " Best kind of snort and a friend true-blue, " JAVA WILLIAMS NEW HOPE. N. C. Dynician Literary Society (2). Chaplain (2): Y. W, C. A. (2): Y. W. A. (2); B. Y. P. V. (2); Iredell County Club (2). " High erected thoughts seated in a heart of love. " MARY WELLBORN STONY FORK. N. C. " Friendship is God ' s greatest gift. " WILMA WITHERS BESSEMER CITY. N. C. Y. V. C. A. (1, 2), Gaston County Club (1, 2). " Full o f life, sense and wit. Lots of fun and plenty of grit. " OSTINE WHISNANT HENRIETTA, N. C. Rutherford-Clevelaud County Club (2): President Dy- nician Literary Society (2). " How can I, m little space. Define all wisdom, wit and grace: ' " RUBY REBECCA WINKLER BOONE. N. C. Watauga County Club (1. 2), Treasurer (1); Glee Club (2) " A jolly, unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all. " H 1 Page Fifty-one tS re , - % K. % % o Hi ? K X GlLVKN ANGELL Fred Adderhoi r CORiNNE Beam Maggie Blackman KlAL Britt Fred Carpenter Alma Grouse Van Caudill Bernard Dougherty jMabi.e Dabbs . Bill Davenport JoMN Donnelly Sophomore Class MEMBERS Hamptonville. N. C. CLINTON ELLHR Hudson. N. C. Chcrryville, N. C. Lancaster. S. C. Barnsville. N. C. Vale, N. C. Stratford, N. C. Wilkcsboro. N. C. Boone. N. C. Lilesvillc, N. C. Ingalls, N, C, Trade, Tcnn, Bl-SSU- GOBLE . Marie Gallop Elizabeth Gambill Erie Greer Ruby Gilrhaim Mrs. Thelma Harmon Glennie Mary Frank Hensley Edrus Hill Hazel Hoppers .Jay Hartley Purlcar. Stony Point. Harbinger. Stratford. Boone. Wilkcsboro. Boone. Monroe. Burnsville. BiirnsviUe. Sound Springs. Wilkcsboro, N. C. N- C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. Page Fifty-two ?i ?i ft! it-fti-ft;«Ft«-niaf Ft • • ftf ft ■ Si • • A! ffif • ft • 1 » K as 7i % % % Hi f ;« « 1 % ?K % % « it K Harry Hallyburton TOLER HAYNES Jonesville. N. C. Grant Hodges Boone. N. C. Bernard Jones Lansing. N. C. Roy Keller Blowing Rock. N. C. ETHLYN CARR Leach Stuart, Va. Ruth Logan Sophomore Class MEMBERS Morganton. N. C. MARGARET PHILLIPS Clara Long Annie Mae Long Sam McKinney . . J. C. McCall . Irene Morgan Yadkinville. N. C. Elkin. N. C. Oakboro, N. C. Crossnore. N. C. Lenoir. N. C. Prospect Hill. N. C. Conrad York Edith Plyler Ralph Reid , , Frankie Shore Laurie Stewart Esther Stewart Odell Stamey Ray Shidal Henrietia Thompson Ernie Triplett , , Lloyd Turner W. Jefferson. N. C. Lancaster. S. C. Harmony. N. C. Hamptonville. N. C. Hunting Creek. N. C. Hunting Creek. N. C. Morganton. N. C. Vale. N. C. Elk Park. N. C. Matney. N. C. Lawndalc. N. C. Lindsay Waters Olin. N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C. V i f Fifly-thrce Hi ' K ' M-tH-iH-jV-K-JM-PA-iVK-K-niK « • aj • « - a w • ft Rd Page Fifty-four H Freshman Class Colors: Green and White FLOWER: While Rose Motto: " Dig " it GwYN T. Graham Lucia Knight Mary Gambill . . Lynn Sandprs . . Edith Andrews L G. Greer I ' X -K I ' aiie Fifty six OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Representative Sponsor « ■ ft! • ft! • a; • fti - w • 3f • •;V-ft ' -r»f. -fV-ft!-ft! Ifti Flor a Alexander Dian Alford Lula Allen Irma Angell Dorothy Atkins Ruth Averett Clint Baird Mary Ballantine Woodrow Barker Edna Beck Matilda Bess Marjorie Bisanar Rusa Bell Bost Mary Grace Bradford Annie Belle Bradley Myrtle Brandon Clarence Braswell Mary Brewer Louvella Brickhouse Xeva Brinson Ethel Brown Irene Brown Willie Kate BriRys Elsie Burgess Harold Calhoun Louise Camp Fannie Carpenter Pauline Carpenter Nell Chapman Doris Clark OUie Coffey Council Cooke Pearl Cooke Martha Cornwell Ruth Conley Jewel Crouse Edith Daves Cleo Dean Elizabeth Dodson Zelma Downs K-it-fti-it-fti-ai-ww Page Filty-scven 1 1 1% W • • W • W - af ■jV- -rti-?H-Tti-K FH I I m §W ' ada Duncan N ' irKinia Edmisten Kathleen Etlwarrls Roy Ellison Joseph Eller Mary Estes W ' ilma Kvans AHmiI FarthinK Kuliy Farthing Erby Elsie Ferguson Ilt ' Un Ford Warren Foster Mary Gaddy Bessie Gantt James Glover Selma Gopfert Clara Gcodni ' ht .Icisfph rioodnicht lU-rhert (loins Geneva Gray Pauline Cirahatn Howard Graybeal Elmaree (ireene Louise Ilaiglcr Kdiih Hampton M.tiUliiu- Harris MarKaret Hatcln. ' r Nfl! Hayes Hrrniap Hcafner Winnie Ht-afner Inez Henderson Howard Herrell Margaret Hickman Mabel Holden Xell HoIkph Rosalie Hoppers ' i()Ia Honser I.iida Hough Marxona Hoyle Charles Hoyle Page Fifty-vighl H FH Mary Beth IlaMnu.x Lni t-iia Law Elithe Uut ii s ju .eiili Robinson Ella Hufman Annie Sue McMillan Erma Paige Ben T. Ross Virginia Hunt Fred McDonald Louise Parks Elizabeth Ross Luther Jeffcoat Kelley Miles Hilda Peele Etha Sale Loy Johnson Louise Moore Kermit Pendleton Pauline Sheets Ruth Johnson Paul Mosteller Thomas Penni igton Elva Shermer Charlotte Jones Pauline Mosteller Robert Pitts Mary Sigmond Elizabeth Kerns Ruth Mull Paul Presson Nannie Smith Etura Kinlaw Ruth Nicholas Sara Presson Robert Sparks Malcomb Laxton Thomas Outlaw Lois Ray Elizabeth Spears Page Fifty -nine y =EK-rT M %| I » A! X X m » Mar ai ' ft Stt ' elinan Sallie Vines Beatrice Whitehead Va w Vonnt lohiison Stcelnian Irene Walker Lucile Wicker .Uilia Doutbit Klizalielli SiuUirt-th Ruby Walker Krcelle Williams Helen Huilspctb Hcatrice Swansim Kuljy Ward Minnie Wilson Rcna Hampton Lillian Thonias Pattie Ward Nettie WiUon ( " l.india IjinebcvRcr cll Thomas Mary K. Warlick Heulab Winebarger i,nis MitcTiell I.oiiise Thompson Maxine Welch Minnie Wilder Kdna Keece Walta Tr w«sen l ' Elizabeth White Thelma Withers Uosa Ross • Hoyle White Julian Yoder Page Sixty JH ■ X ■ X m ■ at -m 7¥. - A) 1 Wk ' »i ' - ' ■ T a ' i r-T ' ■ — I r i , i " (}r cM hoiior s L] hlku, , i . ' " ' fc . .. ft ?■ ft: K. hi Intercollegiate Debaters Dr. Rankin. Coach Edith Sain Gladys Payne Ci-iARLE-;s Norton Roy Keller Edith Wagner Edrus Hill James Glover Margaret Hickman Frank Houser Edith Daves II Page Sixty-lalo I ' » lil Debating Debating is held in high esteem at the Appalachian State Page Sixty -three a • fti - . - . • • w • ?t • • Ft • flj • « • ft ' fi Teachers College. It is of great practical and cultural value, because it coordinates the analytical and the synthetical abilities to a degree unsurpassed by any other school activity. The habit of open- mindedness formed by surveying both sides of alternative propo- ai sitions develops the fine qualities of good citizenship necessary to Tv. public leadership. It fits for discernment where often moral issues are wrapped up that involve a thousand interlacing strands of right and wrong. With forensic training one becomes tougher in intel- lectual fiber, keener in intellectual interest, and better equipped to battle with the problems of leadership that challenge every college graduate. Those young men and women who apart from their regular studies, band themselves together for intellectual contro- versary with each other and with their friends in other colleges are accorded special honor here. Our school has been especially fortunate in the immediate re- wards that come to college debating teams. The past year was j, lavish with us. Both our young men ' s and our young women ' s teams distinguished themselves by winning North Carolina Junior College Championships. Following this success, our school was admitted to member- ship in the North Carolina Intercollegiate Forensic Association, and Mr. Frank Houser, our student manager, was made vice-president of the association. Our debating schedule has changed in a corre- sponding way, embracing a series of contests with member colleges of the association and with out-of-state colleges. The season begins for us with a debate in our own auditorium on the evening of March 29. 1930, with Furman University of Greenville, S. C. I ! -TJ Appalachian Literary Society OFFICERS First Term Second Term J. B. Lovil Llovd Turnkr President Guy Taylor Kelly Miles Vice-President John Donnelly Yates Heavhnhr Secretary MEMBERS Frank Houser Chivous Hoyle J. B. Love Burgwin Carter Yates Heavener Ralph Miller Durham Brackett Prentis Poplin Lloyd W. Turner James A. Glover Fred Carpenter Ray Alexander Roy Keller Malcolm Laxton Clem Lipscomb Kelly Miles John Donnelly ' Paul Mostfi.ler Herman Heaener Hoyle White Kermit Pendleton Julian Yoder Joe Goodnight Roy Ellison Loy Johnson rtiia Page Sixty-four ft • ad - R «FV-S!-ft;-ft- -ft-;v-rt-Fy;t m u o 00 Oi. :2 ai 11 I! ) 1 i ; ' 1 ! Page Sixty-Hve ■ rV ■ r i - r Phila Ketiaii Literary Society Motto; " Cnce lo the world the hfst thai UOLi have and the hesl ICI 11 come buck to you. " Colors: drvcn anJ White 1 SONG Phila Rctian. PhiLi Rctian. You ' re the highest, you ' re th le noblest. We will always cherish the menuirv Of our Phila Retian. When we leave our A. S. 1 ' . C, We ' ll remember, ne ' er forget you; And we ' ll say we ' re a memb er Of our Phila Rctian. MEMBERS Vhka Anghll Cleo Dean Edith Lackey IRMA ANGELL ' Kathleen Edwards Anne Lasater SlGNORA Al.FXANDru Frances Farihing Margaret Phillips EULA BKAM Helen Ford iRMA Matthews CoRiNNE Beam Margaret Foster Fairy Redmond Hazel Bufp Ted Floyd Rebecca Robinson Kathleen Brooks Bessie Gantt Beatrice Swanson Marjorie Bisanar Bessie Goble • Mary Sigmon Reba Bare Mary Beth Garrison Edith Sain Ruth Beatty Leora German Esther Stewart Grace Briggs Mary Frank Hensley Laurie Stewart Bessie Brock Viola Houser Zola Shepherd Elsie Burgess LiLLlE Herndon Margaret Steelman Ada Cox Grace Hamrick Mary Ellen Thornburg Myrtle Brandon Kate Hendrick Louise Thompson Alma Grouse Nell Hayi:s Ruby Ward Martha Gornwei.l Edith Hami ' ion Patty Ward Nell Chapman WiLMA Johnson Maxine Welch Louise Camp Mary Louise Jones Anne Wilson Fannie Carpenter Lillian Sutherland Beatrice Whitehead Mary Donnelly Hatt McCorkle Minnie Wilder Leora Deviney Emma Koone Clara Long EiHEL Young Pugi ' Sixly-six rti ft H a o to H Z u z ft rtil X • « • Ri • • ft ai -ai - ai • ft Pa e 5iA(y-seL ' fn re V ■ K ■ Kl 3. Dynician Literary Society Motto: " Whal we are to be. ive arc nou, ' becoming. " Colors: Purple and White FLOWER: fris MEMBERS ft ft! I " ' ft Sallie Green Allison Evelyn Anderson Willie Mae Adams Edna Beck Matilda Bess Grace Bradford Annie Belle Bradley Margaret Baxter Ethel Brown JoHNSiE Covington Jewel Crouse lOLA Day sula essick Grace Fisher Gladys Foster Mary Farmer Earline Franklin Katie Lee Funderburk Mattie Belle Gordon Selma Gopferl Geneva Gray Elmoref Green Ruth Hackney Winnie Heafner Glfnnie Ruby Helms Margaret Hickman Sadie Edres Hill Ma NT A HORTON Marzona Hoyle Ella Huffman ' Virginia Hunt Sarah Kelly lucile lohr Annif: Maf Long Pauline Mosteller Pauline Newton Esther Niblock Effie Outlaw Elithe Outlaw Elizabeth Patton Katherine Reeves Esther Seawell Steele Scronce Isabel Sink Grace Stevenson LuciLE Sullivan Gertie Swann Verna Swicegood Lillian Thomas Nell Thomas Katherine Warlick Ostinf: Whisnant Java Williams Williams m Page Sixty-eight W • tf • • ft ad?«-ai-a;-ftft!-af- H u O z I J i ' - II Page Stxty-nint ' I J I fr Th alian Ijterary Society Motto : " Nol on the Heights hut CI mbiny. " Colors: Blue and Vf Zou ' OFFICERS !-■ First Term Second Term DiCY FORTNER Beatrice Cline President Ruth Prfvatto Gladys Payne Vice-President Martha Johnston Rosa Verle Brake Secretary WEETA PlERCV Louise Haigler MEMBERS Treasurer " I Flora Alexander Marie Gallop Gladys Payne Edith Andrews Jane Goode Weeta Piercy Ruth Andriavs Clara Goodnight Margaret Poits DOROIHV Aikins Mae Grant Ruth Prevatte Mary Ballentine Viola Greene Lois Ray Esther Ball ■ Elnora Griffin Edna Reese Inez Beach Louise Haigler Edna Regan Annie Bobbitt Margaret Hatcher Louise Richardson Mary Brewer Hattie Helton Elizabeth Ross Rosa Verle Brake Sarah Herman Rosa Ross Irene Brown Irma Hinson Mary Saunders LOUELLA BRICKHOUSE Nell Holton Ruth sherrill Ophelia Bingham LuDA Hough Macie Sigmon Neva Brinson Eunice Howie Grace Simms Polly Carpenter Julia Idol Lena Sisk Ethelene Cain WiLLARD Jerome Clara Smith Ada Clark Martha Johnston Nan Smith Katharine Ci.oninger Elizabeth Johnson Sarah Smith Beatrice Cline Ruth Johnson Sarah Staley JuANiTA Cole Lucia Willa Stephens Frances Coley Sadie Lindsey Henrietta Thompson Ruth Conley Claudia Lineberger Walta Townsend ZuLA Cornelius Ruth Logan Annie Utley Mabel Dabbs Lois Mitchell Mae Utley Edith Daves Bertha McBride Irene Walker Clarice Deese Eura McBride Elizabeth White Julia Douihit Sally McLean Mary Whitley Virginia Edminsten Mabel McNeely Lucille Wicker DiCY Fortner Louise Moore Ercelle Williams Mary Gaddy Irene Morgan Withirs I ' uiif Sii ' fiilii P 1 - [PH- I fi- ■ ' n ,j| P " fff 1 -t jjyj T « ' m 1 V K f 1 XJ l- w n % r i i Aid Sk ' i . - 11 1 1 • i W 5r Rankin-Wilson Literary Society MEMBERS Jeter Blevins Harold Calhoun Clyde Canipe Bill Davenport Raymond Durham Warren Foster John Coins Herbert Coins Howard Craybeal Toler Haynes Beverly Heavener Carl Hendrix Loyd Hendrix Oswald Hooper R. W. Hovis Hugh Hoyle Ben Jaynes Bernard Jones Ray Knight C. H. Landreth Sam McKinnev Paul Presson Claude Pyatte Ernie Triplett Zee Vance John Warden Jonas Waters Lindsay Waters Bertie Weaver Robert Williams Page ScVcnly-nm- Lily Dale Home Econoiiiics Club Miss Lily Dai.i:. Sponsor ■■Others ' - Motto : Colors: White and Cold OFFICERS Mary Saunders Marie Gallop Frances Coley Julia Idol MEMBERS Ethelene Cain Beatrice Cline Frances Coley Zui.A Cornelius Mable Dabbs Mary Donnelly DiCY Fortner Katie Lee Funderburk Marie Gallop Mary Beth Garrison Bessie Goble Elnora Grii-mn Sara Holcomb Hattie Helton Sarah Herman Anne Wilson Flower: , [ • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Julia Idol Elizabeth Johnson Martha Johnston Annie Mae Long Irma Matthews Effie Outlaw Ruth Prevatte Margaret Phillips Mary Saunders Stelle Scronce Wii.LA Stephens Clara Smith Sarah Stali:y Lillian Sutherland Mary Whitley M Page Seventy-two « u u-i J O Hage Seventy -three M Alleghany County Club I ' lKH ' Si I ' l nil four East Carolina Club ft Page Scvcnly-fioc Wll.KI-S COL ' N ' IV Cl.Uh m : m? - WATAutiA CoL ' Niv Club (yt ' Secenly-six w • « • i n»r- Lincoln Couniy lllb Page Seventy-seven l i fti • B ft! • w • a; • w • ft! • w • ft! • - rfcf - ftj • fti • Ri • aj • a| South Caroi ina Ci.ub ft ft ft ft ft I ' aqe SeOenly-eight Union Ccxiniv Ci.ub W ■ « • BJ • W J ft ft ,-t ft ft ft • rf • Ft • x- - . ' ■■4 rt BBB BBB BBB XPPA ' .A-I-iAl BBBBBB B BBBB bDbbb BBB H g £ ' .. BBBBBB ,BBBB B , bbbDb BBB BBB BBB JtoW J. % OuTA Staih Club Black Blak 1 i:ailrn Paje 5ei, ' fnfy-nme rt! ■ ftl • fti • fti • ft! • « • Flf • w • py • ai • ft a Ashe c ountv CI lib Pauline Shepis Lillian Sutherland Margaret Phillips A. G. Lackey BEULAH K. WlNEBARGER T. G. Graham Mary Donnelly Joseph Eller WOODROW BARKER Hazel Absher Mary Gamijill Thomas Pennington Elizabeth Spears Bernard Jones Howard Graybeal Nell Thomas John Donnelly DoRRis Clark Joseph Robinson Greer Sheets Pauline Graham Page Eighty jn: (rt ■i ■»iiiMiriiiiiniFr ' wr-v»« ' gy .g!yp I Pa e Eighty-one -tl • it • ft Ri - ft ft ft Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Ethelene Cain Gladys Payne DiCY FORTNER Sara Herman Martha Johnston Edith Daves Hazel Buff Fairy Redmond Weeta Piercy Edith Sain Laura Stewart Kate Hendrix Edith Andrews Freshman Class Representative Page Eighty-two President Vice-President Program Chairman Social Chairman Social Service Chairman Lutheran Church Representative Chorister . . World Felloivship Chairman ... Treasurer Secretary Puhlicitq Chairman Pianist » it » rt ' ± 1 ft! 1. Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Editor-in-Chief Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Pictorial Editor Faculty Business Manager Faculty Editor Gladys Payne Debating WeeTA PieRCY Sophomore Editor Lucille Lohr Sophomore Editor Edith Andrews Freshman Editor Lucia Knight Freshman Editor John T. Howell Ben erly Heavener Mildred McDade Hazel Buee J. A. Mull Irene McDade L G. Greer J. D. Rankin ' ■i Ffci K » Page Eighty-three K •l i-iV.-r i-X-X-KK -K ■ K -K ' tV ■ tM •» • » • X • m • !V • X ■ K ft 1 ! 1 1 Football History The fiMiihall season at Appalachian State Collect was our of unusual inttTcst. It marked the secontl year ot inlercolIeKiatt- competition fur the " Moun- taineers. " and was attended Iiy four victories, one loss, and three scoreless tie k; " h-s. An unusuallv hard schedule ci)n fronted the State team in it second year of foothall; representative teams from Tennessee, West ' irginia and North Carolina were played. The season began with no great show of promise and may he said to he all the more praisewui th due to the victories and the ties against teams nl more playing experience and years in football. Tlu- team had a powertul defense in its first two gamev. and developed it ; oftense slowly, hut was unqiits- tionably strong on attack at the end of the se;isnii. The campaign began with a scoreless tie with Carson-Xewman. the team displaying an excellent defense, which time ami again rose to meet the occasion to ward otT a score. The game i)roved of great value in that it engrained the germ for con- quest and fostered an aggressive team spirit which played an important part in the season ' s work. Catawba College, a member of the " Little Six Conference, " was the next opponent unable to scoi against the " Mountaineers. " the game ending in scoreless tie. However, oft ' ensive development w,i in evidence for repeated gains were made against the Imllans defense. A ' atawlia employed a fast running and passing ftack and had a fine team. The Appalachian Mountaineers, in the game with East Teinie see State College, began their victory march defeating the Teachers by the score of J( to 0. The team played the iiest game of the sea- son, showing a veisatile otTense in which passing featured. The Teachers ilid not sh iw much in tlie way of otTeuse. but played go(«l ilefensive ball and never stopped tightini; back the State attack. Bluefielii College of West ' irginia. administered a heart-breaking 12 to 7 defeat to the Appalachian State team on the home field in one ot the best games played during the season. The Virginia team, with a deceiitive running and passing offense, counted two touchdowns before the " Mountaineers " opened their odensive batteries. In the second quarter, after re- peated off-tackle drives and a pass, the Bluefield defense weakened and the " Mountaineers " scored a touch- down and ix)int. Neither team was al)le to make consistent gains in the second half and the game ended as Bluefield intercepted a pass near their goal line to stop the State team ' s scoring attempt. All the scoring was done in the first half, which was fast and well-played by the two teams. The North Georgia Aggies were next defeated by the score of 19 to h on a muddy field. The Aggies presented a stubborn defense and a fine line attack. The Aggies scored in the third i|uarter on a line buck. Belmont College, with a light, fast team, gave the vVppalachian State team considerable trouble in the first quarter, but were unable to stand the hard driving attack of the " Mountaineers " and weakened in the second half. The score at the end of the game was 28 to 0. A scoreless tie resulted in the encounter with Rutherford . . College. The team failed to come through when a score HK HjB sj BPI ' R seemed imminent. The running and passing game worked Hjl v mI — -■ i M t well and was the only balm fur the scoreless game. W . fl HlMli ' ' season ' s final with Boiling Springs College, on a snow- — i i a. covered field, resulted in victory for Appalachian by the mar- gin of six points, a toui ' hdiiwti in the closing minutes of the last (|narter. A feature of this game was the snow and that only one first down was registered by the Collegians. C ' lTitributory factors in the team ' s success may be traced tu ibe developnieiit of an environment of victory, an insistent spirit of sportsmanshiit. and manifest enthusiasm for the game. A fine enthusiasm for the game has been fostered by all in the college and its many I)enefits have proven fruitful. Foot- ball, w ith its attending (|ualities for mental and physical growth, with its wealth of possibilities for the development of character and leadership, and its wholesome atmosphere that is reflective upon the student body for all that is clean, healthy, and loysl, has been made ;in integral part of the curricular activities nf the college. Athletics in Appalachian State Col- lege is a fund. ' imental need and has :i vital part in its edu- cational progress. Commendation is extended to the men behind the scenes, namely. Coach C. B. Johnston and Assistant Coach C. P. Eggers. Their work was gratifying for they worked long and hard for the best interests of the squad an i the team. C. B .Johnston. Comh G. P. HGGtRS. Assistant Coach nz Page Eighly-six • ftf • » ■ flJ - ?t fti Ai • W • IL. • I APPALACHIAN STATE COLLEGE BASKETBALL SQUAD Hack Ruic (left to right): ASSISTANT COACH VAN G. HiNSON. MOSIILLA, S lAMliV, iMANAGER LIPSCOMB, BRACKEIT. CALHOUN. COACH C. B. JOHNSTON. MiJJIf Rou. ' : Mc:- KiNNEY, POPLIN. Walker. Livingston. Waters. Carpenter. Bottom Rvu.-: O ' Hare, Pyatte, Captain Canipe. k. Hinson. C. Hinson. Fortiner. Basketball Appalachian State College made a fine record in basketball, winning 14 games and losing five against college teams of the state. Against " Little Six Conference " teams, the Mountaineers won six and lost four, defeating each team in the " conference " once and twice defeating At- lantic Christian College. Lost games to Guilford and Catawba by three points and one point respectively on opponents ' courts. All exhibition games with representative town teams and clubs were won by large scores. The team exhibited a fine type of ofTcnse and showed the power to come from behind in games to win. A splendid team spirit was outstanding and a deciding factor in all the games played. The following men were awarded varsity letters: Captain Canipe. K. Hinson, C, Hinson O ' Hare. Pyatte. and Manager Lipscomb. Work of developing the team was under the direction of Coach C B. Johnston and Assistant Coach Van Hinson. TEAM RECORD LOR THE SEASON Ai)palachian 41 Appalachian 25 Appalachian 2 Appalachian 22 Appalachian 31 Appalachian 29 Appalachian 41 Appalachian 18 Appalachian 29 Ajipalachian f Johnston Bihle College - 17 Campbell College 17 Buiicomliir College 29 l.tMUtir Khynt- 17 West. State College 15 High Point College 21 At. Christian College — 25 Catawba College 16 (uiilford College 14 Boiling Springs . 30 Appalachian IK Appalachian 17 Appalachian 29 Appalachian 40 Appalachian 2(i Appalachian . 19 Appalachian . . 18 Appalachian 3-1 Appalachian 19 Johiistnn Bible College . 16 Lenoir Rhyne 27 West. State Cullege 25 Buncunibe College „ 32 High Point College 41 (. " atawba College 20 C.uilfnnI College 22 Atlantic Christian 28 Boiling Springs 38 THR Rhododendron goes to press before the Kiseball season begins. Page Eighty-eight n Girls ' Baski:Iball Tham M Girls ' Baseball Team .- •) Page Eighly-nint ' rt rt! • P: ' .V 4 ' Tennis Club OFFICERS GwvNN Parsons . Lois Rav Sadie Lindsey President ' nePreiii(len! . Secretary - Treasurer MEMBERS J. T. c. Wright Virginia Hunt Elizabeth Gambu.i. Odei.l Stamey Joseph G. Womble Frances Farthing Nell Hayes Ted Floyd Edna Gentry Claudia I.ineberghr Verna Swicegoop Gwynn Parsons Sadie Lindsey Robert Pitts Hatth- Helton Lois Ray MAY B. Garrison Neva Brinson Gilven Angell Roger Greene G. L. Sawyer Katherinh Rosa V. Brake Sarah Cloninger Van Caudill Smith Page Ninety ;t?;y- -ft! ftf- ; i • f • rt! fv » ■ - ;»j i i mmm Page Ninety-one ALL PHOTOGRAPHS AND ART WORK IN THIS ANNUAL Furnished by THE BURR HARRISON STUDIO Arcade Building Johnson City, Tcnn. Portraits of Distinction WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS . — + Pugf Ninrly liL ' ii a; :- JM Red Band ' s Bound to Bake Perfectly! Every batch of RED BAND FLOUR is success insured. Our own laboratory analyzes every ship- ment of wheat to make sure that it has just enough glutens and starches. The flour, itself, is tested again and again for food- value, fineness, quality . . . But not until it meets the greatest test of all — that of actual baking — is it allowed to leave the mill! MODEL MILL COMPANY Inc. Johnson City. Tenn. + + -+ + Bristol Grocery Co. Incorporated Wholesale Groceries House of Quality " Concrete for Permanence " Watauga Cement Products Corporation Johnson City. Tcnn. Bristol. Va.-Tenn. 1 ♦ ..+ +-.. , Specializing in Concrete Tile Roofing. Pre-Cast Stone, Con- crete Stave Silos. Concrete Sewer Pipe. Ornamental Concrete Products. rrl Page Ninety-three • ?B • Ft • • FH • re - r ' J ■ rt ■ rit ■ fti- h: ■ re. -I! Ft % ?i it % ft! It S! ft ft K. Ft it ft GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORPORATION M.inulncturcrs of ARTISTIC FACING BRICK COMMON BRICK HOLLOW BUILDING TILE EAVES HOLLOW BRICK Plants Located at Johnson City — TENNESSEE — Kingsport " 7 he South ' s Largesl Producers " S! -ri at SI K. « « ? ft ft f. East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company LINVILLE RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY " " ' " ' " " " " " " " ' " ' " " ■ ' ' " ' ' " " " " ' ' 1.1 — " " — — i " — 11 " — u.. — i n- »«j» IftI rt Page Ninety-four ft; Good Watch Repairing No matter the name on the dial of your watch, our expert watch- makers are qualified to repair it. Send your work to us for care- ful attention and reasonable charges. We offer the best products of the Watchmakers ' Art — Gruen. Hamil- ton and Elgin Watches — Complete stock. I. N. BECKNER ' S SON Watchmaker. Jeiceler and Engraver " I Knoic How " Johnson Citv. Tenn. 4 B ; .■.■- !i l i - .-.-l a; WAA: ' ip — • ■■ - J Pi ' ■■ ; ?i ft « S! -» • . j We wish for the Faculty and I Student Body of the 1 Appalachian State Teachers ' College the most pleasant and successful year of their history. JOHNSON CITY FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. Johnson City. Tenn. Tucker Mattress Co. Incorporated MANUFACTURERS OF Quality Line Mattresses and Box Springs ASK YOUR DEALER Johnson City. Tenn. ., . jL + ., Ft Page Ninety-five I ' I I THE CLOTHES FOR EVERY SEASON AUTHENTICALLY FASHIONED BY PARIS AND STYLED BY THE MODERN TREND— TO OUTFIT THE WOMAN OF TODAY IN THE SPIRIT OF TOMORROW. • mfi SPAINHOUR ' S, Inc- A Modern Department Store Boone, N. C. +— + — + +•• BOONE HARDWARE CO. Depot and Main Streets COLLEGE STUDENTS j ARE ALWAYS 1 WELCOME I I 4 + HODGES DRUG I , COMPANY I F. H. HODGLS. Oicner WHERE THE STUDENTS SUPPLY THEIR NEEDS I Paqe Ninety -six ad • ?t - fu • iv-TV-fv-Viv- -fv flFt I I I 1 ISAAC ' S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONES ' MOST SATISFACTORY DEPARTMENT STORE We Are Specializing in Wearing Apparel for College Students Next Door to Postofficc PEOPLES BANK TRUST CO. BOONE, N. C. Wc pay two kinds of interest — tour per cent and personal. We ap- preciate your business. + — ■ — " -+ i MORETZ MOTOR CO. 1 Quaker State Oils Texaco Gas Chrysler Sales and Service Fill up with fuel or good will, j I D. J. COTTRELL General Merchandise The store that gives you a hearty welcome and appreciates your busi ness. Make this your headquarters while in Boone. The nearest and best place for your school sup- plies, candies, ice cream, j and stationery. SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE .ft 1,1 Page Ninety-seven ■ « - ■ Mn: HOME INTERESTS COME FIRST AT THIS BANK ® + + I i i WATAUGA COIN ' ! BANK BOONE, N. C. 1 I I 1 I BOONE DRUG COMPANY f he Rexall Slore G. K. Moose J. R. McNairy — Owners — Everything Carried in a Good Drug Store Plus Courteous Service Correct Footwear Brown 13ik Shoes for Men and Women Here you can get the correct slipper or shoe for every occa- sion. The assortment is large ind fit let! to your own specific needs. IIMIKIS BROS. + — ,. 4. + + Pacic Ninclyeight 4, SUMMERS HARDW ARK CO. WHOLESALE ONLY Hardware. Cutlery, Sporting Goods. Stoves. Ranges. Paints. Var- nishes. Farm Implements. Building Materials, Railroad. Mill. Mine. Electrical. Waterworks. Plumbing and Heating Supplies, American Boilers and Radiators, Apex Radios, and Tubes. EQUIPMENT DEPARTMENT Office Equipment for City, County, State and National Institutions, Stores and Offices. Schools. Factories and Garages. Barn Equijiment and Dairy Supplies. . »X. .... .f. " Mark Every Grave " REMINE MEMORIAL CO. — for 88 years — Johnson City. Tenn. • - ' The City Shoe Shop W. H. Jones — Proprietor End of College Street Facing Main Highway The best of service rendered — work guaranteed — special atten- tion given to school students. U, „ „, , . .„ ., „„ J Smith Higgins C o. Wholesale Drugs SUNDRIES AND CONFECTIONS Johnson City. Tenn. Pdilc Ninclu niUc ■ ' ' -t»--«J + i I Appreciation C7 E. the Annual Staff, express apprcci- ation to Miss Katherine Harwell for all original drawings in club section of our book. The Staff f 11 I ' iWi Onv Hundrfil Pugf One Hundred One Ftai-3i-nf-ft!-?«-w-ft!-w- -Rj-ft ANOTHER ONE OF THE MANY COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS PRODUCED IN OUR PLANT TLTAVE you ever considered the quality ■ ' ■■ ' • of your Annual from the stand- point ol careful type composition and efficient proofreading? The reputation of The Observer Printing House, Inc., as Annual Printers, has been established through accuracy and attention to the little details for more than thirty years. ANNUAL PRINTERS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS TJie Observer Printing House l C lUI ' l iRAIII t a m 29 S. CHURCH STREET ■■i H CHARLOTTE. N. C. ' ( !■ Ofif Hiwilrvtl Two AUTOGRAPHS Page One Hundred Three - jr g, - rri • « • fti • Rj ■ ft; - fti rt; • Ri • a; • Fb • w • s 3J f= " v - " ' ' ;:mii • • « i • ft • « ftf • « • ■%! • ft • ftj • « |FH

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