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Appalachian State University - Rhododendron Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Appalachian Staite University Boone, N. C. No PURCHASED DONOR... ' LIBRARY Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina - - J i !lfl ilH i .U l lLV, ' i i MLJH i i i |i|i i i n i iM ii | " -■ - . ■,-- presses of Muse-Whitlock Company printers johnson city. tenn The RHODODENDRON v V neteen Hundred Twenty -Jiine VOLUME VI. Published by Senior Class of the ppaliichian State Teachers College Boone. North Carolina O- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■■ " : , ■■ ■ iO " -r n w RHODODENDRON o- 1 ( ' A- ! ;■ y- • forezvord 1 ■ Because of ivhat our Alf ja Mater ?ni ' (i is to us IOC lave assembled iv ' it i ' in the lids of this the sixth volu ?ie of the R Kjdodendroii, pic- tures ich ' n i tell vhinx tender stories of our hdpp eolle ' e life. These ic ' ill link (nir olden i A ' 1 past icit i our iii ihitious future. 11 V S( ' nd this volume forth Jiopinx tJiat our friends and fclloiv-students max find as much pleasure III perusing over its pages as ice have found in producing them. y a ' ' a ' a ' I ' ai e Four ' 1 NINETEEN hunUHEO TWENTY-NINE ' :-:x » " - ' THE RHODODENDRON .. ,; AHministMtu n B ' ldf. 7 i Br ffje Fire r - THE RHODODENDRON ■• M»j- -i. ' »r. " .j.. ' - ' . -■ I A; . v;. I . i .. I i t ¥ I I t l nqf Si.i D« ' NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE % -- - - o- THE RHODODENDRON 1 S- ' ? g .. ,- I ' aye Seven --=.•«- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTT-NINE ■ : I I I I : • THE RHODODENDRON ' W ■ ■ 4 5 A I I i •I f i I: rniir hUfjht lo NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE »C . iiiyj ■ •• S 5 ' ?:o ;-. J?K ;.-: ;- s:? ;-: :- ' JSiXc= " " ' $c :; :5« SS A S iJ «S3S? ,i M = :: ■:5si: : ' - K{iH :- •••i: |s si!iaBS{5S s 3 :-:.. i T 5 s f ? | l i I ii i I I. l)n. ]?. ]}. Dai (.iiKiriv Vri ' xidciil I). 1). l)Al(iHi:KTV ) ' « .v K I ' .v.v .1 (7 nnqi ' r V t ttiie Tfit ZsO- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -X: ' ' ' J .. ; ' »$= ; ;; :{ ;C ; ' , ' ' ii j: K i ' S ;i ; 2 Si ; ' ' r ' ? :? ' RHODODENDRON Dr. J. U. Rankin Dean of Men Miss Jennie Todd Dean of Women A. M. Norton English I. G. Greer Citisenship Page Eleven .;■ ' ' ■ T H E RHODODENDRON im i ' : : J. M. DotVNlM Uiilislrar tnid Latin A. II. Smith Chnnisir sm- ' i C ' iiAi ' i;i. Wi l. ( . • D ' irccior (if Kiliiciilhin . t ' . HoWKl.l. lli.itori I ' aije Twelve ' ■■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY- NINE ■« ; : ; •■ ' Ss i H H ;-I ; F! jS 3s ; J ' 5 PiG ; ; | :-- H 5 K " ;-; ■■t Efi£5 ' iij! L - -- -- ' ..-s -- - ■•■ THE R H O PODENDRON ■ " m m ' J. A. Williams Geograpli II and Ediicntioii J. T. C. WRHillT Mathemdtics and Phi sics r. ' XBHBHHHS nBHnr --v;.(:j£;«?V£ ' ' Sa«::XlVl; Ida ]5klle Lediiettkk liiolotjil Lily Dale Home F.ciinitmicx Parff Thirteen N I N E T E E N HUN DJl EJD T WJE N T Y - N I N • ' - : i RHODODENDRON - " THE ■• cz: A. .1. CiHKKNK (i. L. SaWVK.U PsychoUxjt) Mhs. VaNN HlNSON French I V • Iamks Moohk J Dice I ' lige Fourteen Z ■. » NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -O-I ZTIZZZ: | : -., - =3 - THE RHODODENDRON - ' ' ' - - Mhs. I. G. Gkeku Piano KniTH Knigiit Music (inAVI)ON P. EuUKKS Football Coach CiiARLsiE Camper Diri-cfor of Physical Ediicntioii For Jf ' ovien I ' liiit- Fifteen NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -o-Z [ y, ' -l W - ' ,-[ W -: ■ L =3S3 : ; ' : 2l Ss : : ; ; 52:5i : ; S);S3 : ' ) ' : ' %! ■c- THE RHODODENDRON - ■! ■ " -■ ' " - ' " - ' ■■- ' ■■ " ■ ' f- w3i ' NN HiNSON Diriclor (if I ' ll i sit III Kducdlinn fur Mm I ' .I.IZAIIKTll l!l( KKll Industrial Art Jessie (jamiii i.i. Mils. 1-,. II. .M.H.uK J.ilirariaii Pftifi Sixteen r " - NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE " ' - ' »■■ THE RHODODENDRON ■ ' ' - : .;a MaTTIE UeLI.K CJORDON Assistant I.ihrariaii Rrrii Bahkku Assistant to Ihisincss MantKirr LONA MoKKTZ Matron Irs. ' . C. HowKi.i. .Issistanf To Registrar Pai e tieventeen Z " NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE • ' ■ ■i V i ' ' ■■mmi m ?m Li Hffes " rK " THE RHODODENDRON : Hi;(iisTH. i! ' .s Ori ' K i: lirsiN ' K:s M. N. (ii;n " s Oi-i-K !■: J ' utff I ' ii httfii i: ■ ' i - : ' ' " . ■ ■■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE O i m • THE RHODODENDRON - — - m GlewTHkkman DessaMaelripktt BusiHE s Manager. O car Barter Floq Jack oi? Hax-oldLaiJzrAiq Frank Hoas«r Lalber Hociser Max le Gr ee r? ClcjfieCsrJipe MeUie Gordon I m Gbdti Uille Pearl Webb BUl DavetJ|5o ' Art Eait 5i Avil.Arl Ediioi- Atsi. Circ.T saet r RHOUODEXDRON STAFF Page yineteen NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ••HI S S .Zil :: h ' ' ' r, ?2: :: : m y: I . • I m i ■ I I. I I I I • ■• THE RHODODENDRON SNAI ' SnO ' l ' S I ' lKji Tweiily • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -o ■ ' ' ? i! i i? i i it rr mm i i m -o- THE RHODODENDRON ■ ' : i£? ' ' . ' JP A 1.5 f 1 ' ' ;-; £gcs ;-; ; sj£j ;{ 5$ ; ;i k. V. . - ■ •• THE HUUUOUfcNUKUN • ♦:... — — - 1 1 1 HB ' " i9i k ' V . . ' - y f( B 1 1 1 4jj %J ' 1 1 1 : B ' j ' if Mn jH - f 1 f 1 1 i ; i 1 ;-s 1 cV F I H l 1 ' 1 i 1 ! i MASCOTS 1 Catiikiunk anm) MAii(;AUKr Smith Page Tu-eiifii-lu ' (i ' (f: o NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ C— - Il ii Senior Class Officers PROF. I. G. GREER. Sponsor Color: Floweh: Blanc ft Rouge La helle rose d ' Amcrique Motto: " Build for Character not for Fame " Conrad Hixsox President Glen T. Hickman Fice President Mable Byrd Secretary Kathleen Ragan Treasurer Gladys Payne Historian Dessa Mae Triplktt Poet Page Tiventy-three NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -Oi 5 g ;i2 S H;-l i? -?? " o: cc» : = ?:?:£? t THE . i2?s -. ; . ;3; . ;-,«52!,si ; ;-„: 5S ]-; .{ s ;s ;-; ;- 3£5 ; ■: : ■ RHODODENDRON ™- C I " j ' MII.DHKI) ANDUKWS Uillon. S. C. riiila Retian Lit. So., ' 28 ' 29: V. W. C A., •2» ' 29- Palmetto Oub, ' 28 ' 29; Ri-p. of Palmetto Clul. ' . ■- ' 8. " Take it easy, liavc your fun, and let the old wnrltl flicker on. " " Mich " has been the " sunshine " of the Class ' f ' 29. A wonderful liersonalit v, the ability to .idai ' t herself lo any situation, a love of fellow- and the faculty of making others happy go lo make up the lovable girl we know. She loves lo pjay but she can work with just as much " pep . Best of luck to you " Mich . P. ll- I). ANCKI.I, Hamptonville. N. C. Member of Kankin Wilson Lit. So., ■28- ' 29. Much could be said of Paul if one could read Ins mind. Handsome and neat with just enough indifference thrown in to add lo spice. " That is Paul " . He is never too busy to have a good lime but between hours of fun there is work. MAUTH.V I.INNIE ARNDT Clermont, N. C. " . brown-eyed loved one .lolly and true. Plenty of wit, .■ nd good sense too. " .M.irtha Linnie conies to us ■ ' - C. C. W. She has proven very capable student during her stav here pleasitlg personality has won manv ' friem her. She is always ready to lend a helping We love her and wish her good fortune alw this hers vear ■I ' f from be a . Her Is for hand, ays. LOUISE A.SIU liY Xewton, X. C. " Why worry when you have only one day at a time to five? " When it comes to having a good time Louise - always heading the list. She is thoroughly :il able in the class room and in the different rganizations. The students all love and admire her. I.KI,I. HISANAU Alexis, N. C V. W. C. A., •28- ' 29; Phila Retian Lit. Soc, - 29; Lincoln County Club, •28- ' 29: Science Llub. ' 27- ' 28. " To any class of any kind She ' d he an acquisition; She ' s amiable to everv one It ' s just her disposition. " llisanar is a friend to all. She is good nalured, sturdy, and determined in everv thing she un ilertakes. These qualities are sure to so control her life that success can be but the final out- come. K. 1 ' K ii.VI.I.KW Bridgewater, N. C. Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 28. ' 29; Critic of Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29: Secretary of Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' 2» ' i9- Science Club, ' 27-28. " Full of life, sense and wit Lots of fun and plenty of grit. " Kale is one of the cutest girls of »llr class. Her jolly anil winning ways have made her one of the most popular Seniors among bolh bovs and girls. .-Mlhough she is small her head is full of knowledge. H you want to know any thing about Biol., Lab. and " Gib " Kate is ever ready to give information. Pofff Tu ' Pnt ji-fimr ' sys " :• N I N E T E E N HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE •O ' C iis l-- KMfcs ' Yu ' LOUISE BELK Mt. LHla, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc. Pres. (1), ' 29; Y. W. C. A.: Intercollegiate Debater, ' 28- ' 29. " Not too serious, not too gay. A jolly good girl in every way. " One is not on the campus long before they know Louise as one of the outstanding students. She is an excellent debater and has made the Intercollegiate team both years while here. She is a good student and a live wire of fun when fun is in keeping with time and place. ' r predict for her great success in the teaching ' profession. OSCAR BARKER Butler, Tenn. Rankin-WiTson Lit. Soc, ' 27 - ' 29, Pres Varsity football, ' 28; Varsity basketball, Science Club, " Z7- ' 29. ' 2 - ' 29 ' 27 - ' 29; Oscar is one of those fellows that seem to lag around with him a load of good cheer and fel- lowship. He is a true sport, not only on the ball field and court, but also in his everyday life. HAZEL A. BIGGERSTAFF Rutherford ton, X. C. Pres. Rutherford County Club, ' 28; Sec. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 28 (I); Critic Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 28 (3); V. W. C. A. " Good natured and generous, jolly and clever. Her tongue, like a brooklet, goes on forever " Just because she ' s witty, so cheerful and so gay, because she makes us happy with smiles through every day. And. too, because she ' modest, helpful, true and kind. Because a sym- pathetic heart in her we always find. For all these things and more we know, We love and honor " Hagie " so. OPHELIA BLMGHAM Sugar Grove, X. C. Phila Retian, ' 27- ' 28. " Loving and true, smiling her way through. " To know " Ophie " is to love her. When she is once a friend, she is always a friend. One witli higher ideals, more determination to succeed, or one who is fairer in everything can ' t be found. Of that we are sure. -MRS. GLADYS M. BINGHAM Boone, N. C. Gladys is one of our most dependable students. She has always taken an active part in ath- letics, and can always be depended upon to help out. Mrs. Bingham will make an excellent teacher, we are sure. She carries away with her the best wishes of the class of ' 29. MINNIE BOONE Rutherfordton, X. C. " If she will she will, and you can de- pend on it. If she won ' t she won ' t, and there ' s an end to it. " " Oh, Min " stands for what she thinks is right no matter what others say. But " if convinced she is wrong, she will change her mind. She seems to be opposed to cosmetics and dates, but we doubt very much Minnie ' s future as an old maid school teacher. Page Twenty-five N E JT E E N HUNDRED T W E N T y -NINE S S S K - TZ W A THE RHODODENDRON C .= •■ ,■ ?i . .V A A I. ' I I I DAPHNE BUTNER Burnsville, N. C. " Tis sweet to love, but, Ah — ' Tis bitter to love another girl ' s man. " Dignity, refinement, culture and modesty are the elements possessed by " Little Bit " tliat blend into beautiful character. W ' e a ree with the old saying, " Precious things always come in small packages, " and the world will know about her by the noise she makes. DURHAM BRACKETT HoUis. N. C. Science club, ' 28- 29; Rutherford County Club; Appalachian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29; Critic. Appalach- ian Lit. Soc, ' 29. The least we can say of " Dock " is that he is entertaining. You might think, to hear him talk, that bis interest was centered on ladies, dates and picnics, rather than college activities, but he is a good worker, a good sport and a pal always. FANNIE BRACKETT HoIIis. N. C. Phila Uelian Lit. Soc, ' 2»- ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' 29; Rutherford County Club. Fannie is a quiet little maiden who makes you feel the truth of the old i)roverb, " Silence is golden " . The class could hardly get along without her. HA .I-i, IJROVVXINO Stony Point. N. C V. W. C. A.. ' 28; Phila Retian Lit. vSoc, ' 2S; Ooorkeeper, Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Home Economics club, ' 28; Sec. Home Ec club, " 29. Treas., Iredale County Club. ' 29. " Her heart is like a singing bird. " Hazel is small, modest and shy; but she has mischief in ber eye. She can be dignified or gay. but she ' s never gloomy. No matter what goes wrong, she can always sing a song. RUTH HUROKSS Spindale, N. C. Pliila Retian; Y. W. C. A.; Science club, ' 2$; Rutherford County Club; B. Y. P. U. " The secret of making the labor of life easy is to do each duty each day. " Ruth has but one determination aiul that is to make good. We are sure that she will achieve her goal. Ruth is a friend with a host of friends who will miss her congenial person- ality long after she leaves school. Her straight- forward manner and desire to achieve sumething will surely lead her to the heights of her am- bition. PEARLE BALL Stony Point. X. C. Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 28- ' 29; Y. W. C. A., •28- ' 29; " I would be true for there are those who love me, I would be brave for there are those who care. " So studious and conscientitius has Pearle proved herself to be that any one of us might be proud of a record such as hers. Indeed, it is a record that will gladden the hearts of those back home " who care " so much. Page Twenty-six ' ' ' .Z .: ! " ' NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE •■ . IZZ . " TABITHA BURGESS YadkinviUe, N. C " She is winding her watch of wit. Bye and bye it will strike. " Tabitha ' s ready wit and humor are indis- pensable to her friends. She is carefree and indifferent, but is bent on getting the most fun out of life as she goes. MYRTLE BOWERS Minneapolis. N. C. " Softly speak and sweetly smile. " Myrtle is a girl who always has something? nice to say. always a cheery word to the dis- heartened. She has a good school spirit and is a loyal friend to all. We predict a rosy future for one so studious as she. CLYDE CANIPE Alexis, N. C. R. W. L. S., ' 28- ' 29; Varsity basketball, ' 27- ' 29; Varsity football, ' 28; Pres., Letter Club; Lin- coln County Club. Clyde is superior in kicking the football and stands high on the basketball court. His abilitv in athletics and his power of making friends make him popular on the campus. Neither books nor girls are left out of his wide program of activity. He is plenty large enough, both in niind and body, to make a real success in a big way. OPAL CHAPMAN Hickory, N. C. Y. W. C. A., ' 29; Catawba County Club, ' 29. " Don ' t you ever trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " " Chapman " is among the best, neat, lovable and carefree. She is loyal to her friends and a good feller to have around. MABEL CHEEK Chapel Hill, N. C. " Sweet, modest, neat and kind. A better pal no one can find. " In Mabel we have a dependable student, al ways willing to help others. One might think she is very quiet and dignified by seeing her in the classroom, but that is only the face she wears while obtaining knowledge. A youn ' Missionary has stolen her heart and we arc sure she will follow it into the very depths of China. BEATRICE CUNE Newton, N. C. Y. W. C. A., ' 27-29; Thal ' ian Soc, ' 27-29; Ca- tawba County Club, ' 29; H. E. Club, ' 29. " I ' ll be merry, I ' ll be free, I ' ll be sad for nobody. " Here ' s to " Be " , young and carefree, a loyal member as sweet as can be. We wish her success in whatever is best. She loves and is loved by us all. In the school and on tht- campus, she is known by her sweet smiles. To lighten some co-worker ' s burden seems to bring real joy. She is always present with her wit and humor. l Page Twenty-seven NINETEEN H U NDREO TWENTY IF S: 2S13 THE RHODODENDRON US. ■A I a; V. I VERA CORAM Boonevillc, N. C. l conomics Club, ' 39; Yadkin County Club, ' 28; Treas., Phila Retian (2); Sec, Yadkin County Club. " I will ever press on toward the higher things of life. " ' cra is a girl of the highest ideals with noble ;miiis ever prompting her on. She is always faith- lul to duty, not only in tlie classroom but in I lie outside activities of school life. Fortunate ,irf those who have come under her influence. JONES ASHLEY Boone, N. C. Jones is one of those persons who make high grades, but docs not spend all his time in cur- ruufa activities. He depends upon his reasoning ptiwer to put him through. Ve sec a bright future for him as a science teacher. PEARL DELLINGER CherryviUe, N. C. rhila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' ia ' -N; C ' ensor. Phila Retian. " 29; Science Club. ' 28; (;aston-Caldwcll County Club. ' 29; Pres.. B. Y. I ' . I ' .; Rep., Oaston-Caldwell County Club. " Here is a dear. true, industrious friend. " ' riiere are so many good things to say of Pcarle that it is diff icult to describe her in a tew lines. She is dependable, kind-hearted and true, and pust the kind of girl that makes tin world go round. Here ' s wishing her the best of huk. Ll-:X()kA DKA ' ANE White Oak. N .C. Hlan-IVdph Lit. Soc, ' 27; Thalian Lit. Soc. •J7- ' 28; Bladen County Club, ' 27- ' 28; Y. V. C. A., ■27- ' 28. " A little bit o foolishness, A big slump of wit, A htad full of knowledge Where there doesn ' t seem a bit. " ' I ' hat spells Nora. 3ne has to know some- itting of her nature to be able to appreciate her as she really deserves to be appreciated. Without her the class would not be complete. Ilt-r personality has won many friends for her and will in the future, which will assure her success iin her life ' s work. K. A. DRYE Matthews. X. C. " The gentle mind by gentle deeds is knt)wn. ' k. A. is a quiet girl with a soft voice and L ' tntlc ways. She always listens but never ■-peaks in class unless spoken to. We have not 1 to know her as we would like on account of her reserved nature, but underneath that shyness we are sure there is character, good sense and a determination that will win. ELSIE EAKER CherryviUe, X. C. Ihalian Lit. Soc. ' 27- ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. :7- ' 29: t ' aldwell-C.aston Club, ' 28; Cor. Sec, Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Treas., Caldwell-Oaston Cluh. " 29. " What I am, I am. " " Kaker " is ever ready to lend a helping hand iiiil always cheerful at her task. She has made ;n.iny friends. To know her is to love her. Our l L ' st wishes for a hajipy and successful career go with her, whether it be in a school room or a " Carolina Bungalow " . Page Twenty-eiriht e : ZJ ' O- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ IZ mm ' W m m THE D R 6 N ■ ' r ss : HAZEL EURE Gates. N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, •28- ' 29; Lily Dale Home Eco- nomics Club, ' 2S- ' 29; Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29. " Take It easy, have your fun, and let the old world flicker on. " Hazel is a girl that we all admire, full of lun and laughter, always greeting everyone with a smile, and is a happy-go-lucky kind of a girl. She lets nothiing worry her mind, and is never in trouble. Her favorite quotation is, " Smile and the world smiles with you. " ANNIE RUTH EVANS White Oaks, N. C. Blan-Dolph Lit. Soc. ' 27; Thalian Lit. Soc, " 28- ' 29; Sec, Thalian Ut. Soc, (1) ' 28; Bladen County Club, ' 27- " 28- ' 29, Pres., (3) ' 28, Sec and Treas., (2) (3) ' 29; East Carolina Club. ' 2S; Y. W. C. A.. •27- ' 28 ' 29. " God made a heart of gold, Shining and sweet and true; Gave it a home of fairest mold. Blessed it and called it you. " A girl whose ideals are the highest, a girl with a pure heart, a noble mind, every bit good. We call her Annie Ruth. Many, too, have been the times thai we have called her, for always she has been ready and efficient when she was needed. Whether serious or gay, she is always a dear little pal in her good natured, friendly way. MIRIAM EURY Bessemer City. X. C. " A form more fair, a face more sweet. Ne ' er hath it been my lot to meet. " Always jolly and happy. Everyone she meets with a smile. She ' s just a good all-round spurt and because of her good work as a student it has been a joy to have her in the classroom. She has a charming personality and a good nature and will leave A. S. N. S. with a hnst of friends. LOUISE EURY Bessemer City, N. C. " To know her is to love her. " Louise is a superlative type of womanhood. On first meeting her, one might think her too serious and reserved, but she is far from this. She bubbles over with fun and can be counted on to lend a helping hand. She is a friend at work or play and her sweet disposition has won for her many friends at A. S. N. S. NELL ENGLISH Mars Hill. N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Critic, Thalian Lit. Soc •29 (2); Y. W. C. A. " Just being happy is a fine thing to do. " Nell is a jolly good girl, whom we all love and admire. She seldom has the blues, and those who do can find a good remedy from Nell— " work and laugh. " LLOYD HENDRICKS Murphy, N. C. Rankin- Wilson, 29. " Of studies took he most care and most heed. Not a word spoke he more than was need. " Going at life with the same vim with whicli he goes at school, a strong arm, clear head ami brave heart, Lloyd is bound to succeed. f Page Twenty-nine — — O- NINETEEN HUNDRED ' ' ;: : ; " -f ft -J ?? ?- ' ?- - - T W E Njrjr • N I N E ■• ■■ i| li KANNIE PEARL FULCHKl l rrs.. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Y. V. C. A.. 29; Knst Carolina Club, ' 29. " Millies t as the morning. " Kaiinic I ' carl comes to us from N. C. C. V. with iuT unassuming modesty, stately dignity .mil frietHily attitude. She immediately won a wreat Imst of friends. The word " Failure " is imt ill her vocabulary. LUCY FRANKLIN Collettssville, X. C. " Black was her hair as the b»rry that grows on the thorn by the wayside. " Lucy never has a harsh word for anyone and tlie patlis she treads will he brighter and sweeter fur her having passed that way. JAMHS FORTNER Wing, N. C. " W bat ' s the use of worrying, it never was worth while. ' James is better known around Boone as " Jim " . " Jitn " came to us from Carson -Newman in ' 28. He is very lively and likes fun. Dignified, but not aloof. GLADYS FRIDAY Dallas, N. C. . V. C. A. •28- ' 29: Lincoln Countv Club. ' 29: B. Y. P. U., ' 29 " A friend to all, faithful, diligent, always ready to serve. " Small in stature, of a bigger mental capacity, but with a heart bigger than them all. She is always your friend, at work or at play. Those whu know her love her for her sweet disposi- tion and splendid character. Some one has said, " The best of goods come in small packages, " aiul in tins we can agree. ILEASE FISHER Cherry vilte, N. C. Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29: Plnla Ketian Lit. Soc. ' 28- ' 2y; Lincoln County Club, ' 29. " Laugh and stay yoving; worry and grow old. I choose laughing. " Through her loyalty and sincerity, " Cal " has won a permanent place among her friends here. The girls who have been intimately associated with her will never forget her merry laughter and her cheerful song, especially when she arises early in the morning feeling that " There ' i a Rainbow ' KouikI Her Slioulder. ' GRACE FUQUA Madison, N. C. Tlialian Lit. Soc, 28- 29; Home Economics Club, -2H- ' 2 ; Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29. " Hang sorrow— Care will kill a cat— (;r Therefore, let ' s be merry. " just the kind of a girl that can ' t helj) loving. Her motto is. " Never Worry " . She possesses that rare faculty of being able to laiigb when everything- goes wrtmg. She is able aiui willing to do her part, no matter what it may be. (Irace is a fine, capable girl that is Ijound til attain success. Paije Thirty 0 - GEORGIA FLOYD Fair Bl jff, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29; Y. W. C. A., ■28- ' 29; East Carolina Club, ' 28- ' 29; Pres., East Caro lina Club, ' 28. " Sober, quiet, pensive and demure. One of those friends of whom you are always sure. " Georgia is quiet and retiring but has an appealing personality which makes one know she ' s a real pal. Although Georgia usually plays a silent part, her influence is felt and we know that behind that silence is something worth while. Success surely awaits her. BELLE GARLAND Hampstead, Maryland Art cfass, ' 29. " A miniature of loveliness with cul- ture and grace. Summed up and mirrored in a beautiful face. " Belle is one of the finest combinations of true nobility, true likability and true rel ' iabilit that we have ever known. We can hope for Belle nothing better than that she handle tlu- materials for a successful life as well as shf handles the paint brush. LUCY GOOn LAN Pallston, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ■27- " 28 ' 29; V. W. C. A., ' 11- •28- ' 29; ' A good character is a diamond that scratches every stone. " On the campus, in the classroom, among birds, and in the dissecting room, Lucy is known anil admired by all. On every occasion she has ;i friendly smile and greeting for everyone. With out her in our class, the sweetest note would have lost its melody, the fairest flower its fragrance and the school much happy reflec- tion from having known her. Her many friends wish for her a successful career. ILENE GABRIEL Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc; Cor. Sec, Thalian Lit. Soc; Y. W. C. A.; Catawba County Club. " Patience and virtue are well deserved " If honesty, persistency and pleasantness art- characteristics of success, then " Sis " belongs to the truly successful. She is scholarly and gentle and firm in her own convictions. Pro- phecy is unnecessary since nature rewards those most worthy, GRACE GIBSON Ansonville, N. C. We are very fortunate in claiming Grace as ;i member of the class of ' 2 . She is a girl oi charming personality and fine characteristics. And, Oh! how popular with both boys and girls. Her smile has quickened the beat of many a boy ' s heart. But with her attitude toward litc we are sure she will make a reat name tor herself in the book of success. She has a smile and a good word for everyone and has never failed to do her part in every phase of coUege actiVity. WARNER GRAHAM Todd, N. C. " The glass of fashion, and the mould of form. The observed of all observers. Shakespeare has drawn this picture of Warner and we do not attempt to improve upon it. Ever the courteous gentleman, he is an all round good fellow in school and out. He is well liked by all who know him. age Thirty-one TWENTY-NINE m m mis smm M . ' xs. - THE RHODODENDRON ■■ • : ' S ' t I. I 9. A; I A ' 9, Kn- il ot n Ullt ri w !,,! lit NORINE HALSEY Mouth of Wilson, V;i. " Still waters run deep. " Xorine has a |uiet unassumniiiig manner anil a way uf attending to her own business which wins acquniiitances ovt-r as friends wherever she K ' es. She has tlie ability and the will ])ower to put tilings across. ' e feel that success awaits her. CARL HENDRIX Muri)hy, N. C. i mkin-Wilson. N. Carl is an all-round good fellow, lie is very studious. W ' c prophesy a bright future for him in whatever he undertakes. MARIE HALE 1014 Front St.. Toledo. Ohio ' . W. C. A.. ■2a- ' 29; Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 28 ' 39. " ' I ' he light ut love, tlu- purity of grace, Tlie mind the music shining from her face. " XVilh her modesty, pleasing disposition, and talent for music, Marie has woven a chain endships during her stay with us. Her ng efforts will distinguish her in the musi- orld. 1, ' nlcss slie prefers to exercise her in a " South Carolina bungalow for t vi . " MILDRED GRIFFIN HA1GLF:K Unionville. . C. ian Lit. Soc. ' 28- ' Jy; V. W. C. A.. •38- ' 29. " Nobility was in her guise, purity in gla nces, kc a keen intellect, add worlds i f diligence. in daintiness and flavor with a smile for body— tliere you have " Mird " , this bit of nity who can play and sing tletermines the ij. ' s an i makes everything happier for every - Mildred is fortunate in having all these ■ liialitics which go to make up a real n ' rl. EDITH HENSEN Cove Creek, N. C. Watauga County Club, ' 28; Y. V. C. A.. ■27- 28. " Smiles are what make life worth while. " Ill Kdith we find a combination of sunshine and laughter. She never leaves her smile be- liind. because it is a part of her. As to her future -well there are rumors and rumors you know bul it could be nothing but bright, whether she enters the teaching profession or some other. Kl " liY HKI ' l-M-.k Maiden. X. C. S ' . W. C. A.. ' 27- ' 28- ' 29; Thalian Sic. 27- 28- ' 29; t ' atawlja Club, ' 29. " Leave silence to the saints, I am but liuman. " " Tlicre is a time for all ihings, " says " Kuby Topsy " . She is always happy and ready for mischief which can be told by one glance at her eye. She is not a fanatic along any line, unless it be that of borrowing— and for that she is much ad mired. She possesses b tli accuracy and speed in expressing herself, the accuracy being evident in the Thalian, and the spee l- well, just talk to her for two minutes ! Any girl on the campus is challenged to express thoughts more rapidly tlian " Topsy " . To know her is to know a last- ing and substantial friend. Tlial ra mix ever leiiii I Paff€ Thirty -two ■- NINETEEN Z ' UNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ ■ " J n| S«?s « =55 GOLDIE HERRING Mount Olive. N. C. Phila Retian Lit. Soc. ; Treas. Phila Retian (J). ■25; Vice Pres. Y. W, C. A. (2), ' 29; President East Carolina Club (2), ■29. " Success is sure to be, to one so faith- fuF as she. " Goldie has remained faithful to her duties rt- gardless of difficulties and has won a place f ' lr herself in the hearts of her classmates. .V truer friend or more willing to lend a helpin:-; hand cannot be found. Her ideals are of the finest and she has a determination that will help her through. KERMIT HINSON Marshville, N. C. Kermit has proven a valuable player on tliL- football and basketball teams. We have found him very efficient both physically and mentall and we feel that success will crown his efforts in anything he undertakes. ANNIE HOUGE Rutherfordton X. C. Phila Retian Lit. Soc. Critic (3), ' 29; Y. W. C. A. cabinet member. ' 29; Rutherford Count Cub. ' 28- " 29: Pres. B. V. P. U.. " 29. " A jolly good sport bubbling over with mischief and sunshine — that ' s Annie In reality Annie is personified sunshine with her jolly good nature and pleasant disposition. She has made many friends at A. S. T. C. Her excellent work as a student has won for her the favor of the professors, and her " I ' s " ha L- been a source of envy to her classmates. BONNIE HELEMAN Higgins, N. C. Phila Retian, ' 29; V. W. C. A.. ' 29. " Keep your smile pinned on. " A " bonnie lassie " indeed is she tripping merrih along with a friendly smile and a winning wa . This very intelligent, self-reliant, and capable girl says she ' s going to teach school but wcll there ' s a sailor boy on the ocean blue whi« ' - coming home, and it seems that I hear weddiiiL bells instead of school bells. WILLIE HOVIS Stanley, N. C. Gaston County Club. " Still water runs deep " Willie is one of thuse girls who thinks, " speeoli is silver and silence is golden. " Even though she doesn ' t talk so much, her winning person ality has won for her a host of friends at A. S. N. S. who wish for her much success in what ever she undertakes. EMMA HAYES Gates, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29; Lily Dale Home Ecm noniic Club. •28- ' 29; Y. W. C. A. " To those who know thee not. no words can paint. And those who know thee know all words are faint. " If Emma is ever discouraged or worried w do not know it for she always takes life ea.-. and seems to be very dignified. She has w(tn the love and admiration of all who know her because of her friendly and winning ways. We know that success awaits for her in the great future wherever it be. Page Thirty-three s csr : I I I I I I 1 f 1 I I I MARY BETH GARRISON Burlington, N. C in.iii.lult.h Lit. Soc, ' 27; Basketluill ttMin. ' 27- ■28- ' jy; V. V. C. A., •28- ' 29: Tensor riiil.i Rc- tian Soc, ' 29. " Full of I ' ife, sense ani! wit. Lots of fun, and jiltnty if Kfil. " " Bctli " is she attractive ? Yes, furtlu-rnujrt-, hc is so lovable that you can ' t ht-lp admiring lur. But ilon ' t trust lu-r with your lu-art, for -.lie is careless— she mi -ht break it. Miiltii : " .Vever turn yellow. " LILLIAN FINCANNON Stony Point, N. C riialiaii Lit. Sne.. ' 29; V. W. C. A., ' 2 " ); Home luo. Club, ' 29. ■■! follow a path that leads to the hills tif fame " Duriiifi her stay here Lillian has ilone niucli ior us. We always find her yl-id to helj out til cluirch work, special programs and such tilings where talent and a willing hand is called lor. Her musical talent is cjuite noteworthy and she li. ' is the perseverance which will carry her through. Keeii pressing on we ' re behinil you. LUTHER H0USP:R Vale. N. C. K.inkin-Wilson Lit. Soc., ' 28- ' 29; Lincoln County t ' lub; Kep. (2). ' 29; County Club Council, ' 29; Varsity football, ' 29; Glee Club. ■28 ' 29; Science », ' lub. 2S; Circulation Manager Rhododendron, ■J ' ; Intercollegiate Debater. ' 29. " lie ' s all that he seems and more. " Luther ' s capability and " interest in all phases .■I scliool life have ' made him one of the most . ' itstanding students on the campus. Take char- u ter, sincerity of purpose and an aii»pealing per- sonality ami combine them with ability and de- urmination to do well and you have summed up the characteristics that win for Luther the high- . si istccm of his classmates. KITTY LUCILLK HILTON Hickory, X. C. " To know her is to love licr " ille came to us this year from Indiana. We ve her. She is really charming when one s her. She likes all her school subjects Home Kciinomics is her favorite. Lucille she is going to teach but jtresent iiulica- wouhl point to housekeeping. Well, we slie woidd make a good housekeeper lor -he certainly can cook. WILLI!-: CORNHLIA (AVALTM-.Y Hiddnitc. N. C. I ' liibi Retian, ' 29; Home Economies Club, ' 29; . W. C. A. " .- t length I saw a lady within call. Stiller than chiselled marble. " We hear very little from " Bill " because slic thinks more llian she sjieaks. Nevertheless dur- ing lu-r time with us, we have found that she 1- verv capable and depen lable. She has a ([u ' iet, I ' leasant way about her that has made her many friends even in the short space of one year. K(K)SK ELT HUNT Hollis. X. C. U L. Soc. 28- " 29; Sec. Rutherford Ci»untv i.lub, ' 28. " 29: Sec. R. W. U Soc.. " 29. " A busy man, that ' s Hunt " However, in spite of all hi ; work he never gets 111 a hurry. He has never saiil so but " he might make a preacher sometWne. " He is fond ot little women and makes good use of his Sun- ilay evenings. He is small in stature but large in ideas. l.u .lit h know lutt s.iys 1 ions knov I ' nije Thirl ii-fiiur NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ $£5ii{;{ s§ i H sf§2 Hr :»• THE R HODODENDRON -o.-: : zc .: CHIVOUS HOYLE Shelby, N. C. Appalachian Lit. Soc, ' 28- 29. Hoyle is a star football player. When he gets the ball he is going down across the field. He may get his nose mashed or a rib broken in the time of it. but he does not seem to worry about that. Hoyle, we wish you success iti tin game of life and we are counting on you t " make a touchdown in some great love affair. EULA B. HOUGH Wadesboro, N. C. Lilv Dale Home Economics Club, ' 29; Phila li tian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29; V. W. C. A., ' 29. " To kn her is to love her. ' Eula B. always met you with a smile and was ever ready to help in all that was good ami true. Her light hearted disposition and at thc same time her earnestness of purpose have made her loved and admired by her classmates a nd friends. We hope that life will bring to her much good and success. GLADYS lONA HINSON Sanford. X. C. Pres. Phila Retian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Treas East Carolina Club; X. C. C. W., ' 24- ' 25. " She who brings sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from herself. " It was a lucky day for the senior class wh ' .n Gladys decided to finish her education at A. S. X. S. During her one year ' s sojourn here, slu- has won the love and esteem of her entire class. She is the type of girl who can make friends and keep them, because whenever you meet her. she is the same friendly girl with the smih which radiates sunshine about her everywhere. As a teacher, I ' m sure you ' ll find her an ideal, with a passion to do her best. With these as- sets what may we predict for Gladys other than success ? KSSIE HINSON Sugar Grove, X. C. A jollier pal was never won than Essie is. A jolly laugh, a friendly smile is her gatewa to friendship. Our best wishes gj wiih y m Essie. HAZEL GRIFFITH Varsity basketball. ' 29; Thalfan Lit, Sac, ' J ' ' " Good humor is the clear blue sky of her soul " Hazel is always good-natured and jolly. T. know her is to love her. Can she play liaskii ball? Weil, you sh-ju ' d see her guard. Htr spirit assures her future success. ED-LEE GRH ' FITH Varsity Basketball, ' 29; Thalian Literary S n ' 29. " Bob " is as steady, never failing, and reliatil. as the advertisement says " Big Ben " is. SIu is fond of athletics, but " Love " is her weak ness now. Page Tkirti -fh ' e ¥v rr -Ti -0- N I N ET E E N HV NDRED TWENTY-NINE » iSMil; Sil ii : s:;s ■o- THE RHODODENDRON ' S I I I I I. I I if-. WORTH CKAHAM Todd. N. C. A Kciitic unassuming fellow is Worth. DiRiii- IK 1 and a little bit timid, no one is more gen- t rous. He is very generous and has a fine vihool spirit. l-LOY JACKSON Kuthfrfordtiin. N. (. " . I ' irila Kftian Lit. Soc. ; Prcs. Phila Kctian C). ' «J; E ' rcs. kutherfcircl County Club (. ' ) .iiul (3). ' . " I; Kcp. RuthiTfonl County Club (1). ' . ' 8; C.umtv Club Ciiuncil; Y. W. C. A.; Director it. V. P. I ' .; Asst. Kilitor-inchief Khmlodin ilron; Testator. " .■ mind (or tboughl to pass into. .■ heart for love to travel tllroUKb. " I ' lov is a leader among the leaders. She is .ilways ready to work for the class or the club, .Hid always with the utmost efficiency. Kloy is .1 (, ' ood niixer and wins the love and friendshiji 111 ' those with whom she comes in contact. She has a deterniinatiim which will help her through. MII.DRKI) JOHNSON Hladenboro, N. C. S W. C. A., ' " - ' 29; Home Economic Club. ' 27- JS; Thalian Lit. Soc. " 27- " 29; East Carcdina I ' hib, •27- ' 29; Bladen County Club, W; Prcs. Hladen County Club; Art Club. ' 29. " Music is said to be the speech of angels. " When it conies to music or anything pertain- ing to " jtep " . Nlildred is always ready. She is ..lie of the most attractive girls in our class, .iiid is a loval supjiorter of the " Black and Cold. " With her admirable iiualities and her ability we know success will beckon her onward througii 1 he vears. KR.A.NK HOUSEK Vale, X. C. " Life means something to the capable " I ' res. Science Club. 29; Sec. and Treas. Kankin- Wilson Literary Society. ' 29; Cha. Debate Council. ' 2S; Intercollegiate Debater, ' 28; Fac- ulty Representative Ajipalachian Literary So- ciety, ' 29; Member Cdee Club. ' 28; I ' residcnt Lincoln County Club. ' 29; Member County Club Council, " 29; .-Xdvcrtising Manager khododen- .Iron. ' 29; Sec. Debate Council, ' 29; Intercolleg- iate Debater, ' 29. l- ' rank possesses those three qualities neces- v.iry to success; personality, character an l in- irlligcnce. He has made a brilliant success as .1 student, served his college through his gift ■ i oratory, made many ft iends and merited the iiest wishes for future success of us all. NF.LL HONEYCUrr Boone. N. C. CLASS PROPHET " The pretty are never desolate. There is always someone to love them. " Ilcautv. diRnity. poise and personality are cmly .1 few of Nell ' s pood qualities. She is one of the most talented and original k ' tIs of the elass. Her sunnv smile and cheerful disposition have a place on the campus that can be filled liy no otiier. We wish you as much success in lite. Xell, ;is vou have had there. HVCAi hoylp: Vale. X. C. U, W. I.. Societv. ' 28- ' 29. Mu ' h is making good in Science and we be- lieve that he w ' ill make good in the Medical world. iionesty and economy are his watch- words. His ambition is a good etiueation and a lite of usefulness. We know that he will sue- teed because he seems to have fallen in love with " Hard Work. " f ' nge Thirli sijr M ( ' ■•U NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ : s- ' -s RUTH KELLY Bla.lenlvjro. X. C. Phila Kctian Literary S:)C.. ' 28- ' 29; V. W. C. A.. " 28- ' 29: H. E. Club. ' 2S; Bladen County Club, ' 38- ' 29; Sec. Bladen County Club; Eastern Carolina Club, ' 28- ' 29. " Take it easy, have your fun, and let the old world flicker on. " Who ever saw Ruth worry over books, test, or — boys. But nevertheless she came up with pjod marks. She is quiet only when asleep, and is always brimming over with life. Here ' s wish- ing her much success. EDNA OLIVIA KENNINGTON Cabarrus, X. C. Thalian Lit. S c, ' 28- ' 29; Mecklenburg-Cabarrus Club. ' 28- ' 29; Pres. Mecklenburg-Cabarrus Club, •29; V. W. C. A., ' 29. " Love is a great thing after all. " " Ed " comes to us from Greensboro College, but she quicklv transferred her love for this amateur to A. S. X. S. Edna with her merry ways and sunny disposition has won the friendship of all those she came in contact with. She always smiles and changes our gloom t«» mirth. She i: a girl whom " books " never trouble, but she has earnestness and ambition, and we are sure she will reach the g:)al of her desire. MILDRED HARWELL Leland, X. C. " L »vc, sweetness, goodness in her person shines " Mildred is all that goes to make an all-round college girl. A liard worker, a school booster, a good sport full of pep and big ideas, and n jolly good friend to all. Her ideals are portrayed in the way she enters extra curricula activities, and leads them to success. Wherever your pru- fession calls you, Mildred, our best wishes are with you in your climb to success. RUTH KINCAID Xebo, X. C. Phila Retian, " 29; Y. W. C. A.; O. O. G. Club; Critic PhiJa Retian. ' 29. Ruth is a dear, sweet girl. Always when we see little flowers growing by the wayside glarl- dening the hearts of others and asking noth- ing in return we will think of her. She has those qual ities which make up noble woman- hood. We are g ' .ad w e have known her. BESSIE KEY Ararat. X. C. " A pretty girl, a witty girl, a girl so full ul tun. A brainy girl, a careful g ' irl, a thous- and girls in one. " Bessie is truly that; she has a composite di.s position, the best a ' . ' ways predominant. She i a bundle of talent, ability and originality. Wt feel that without a doubt, she will be a splendid success as a primary grade teacher. LEFF JOINES Sparta, X. C. R. W. L. S., ■28- " 29: V-Pres. Appalachian Lil Soc, ' 29; Pres. Alleghany County Club. Leff dies not depend on books and study, bu; his intelligence and ready reasoning " power put him through. In spite of his carefree disposi tion we predict that he shall accomplish great things in life no matter what he chooses as hi profession. Pn e Thirty-seven LIBRARY Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE i iffSSi i-i ri Si- iai ai " " ' O- " THE [ f ' f y. ;-; isSi : ;; 5 i:= ; ;- 53;« ;: RHODODENDRON : »iiC5 ;;■ ■ :;;« . ■•« c FANNY LITTLE riiila Rctian Kit. Soc, ' 2i - ' 2 ; Scienci: Club, ' 28; V. V. C. A.. ' 29; Mci-klciiliur , ' and Cabarrus Ct ' UiUy Cluh; ' .- l rfs. Mrckleiiluirn and Ca- barrus Club. " Ki.n i.n w-.rbl Tin mi t..j.. " Fanny is tbc nirl wbn wins ttic btvc uf thi.»sc shi- meets thnui ' li b r uit. buniur. sociability, and cleverness. GLADYS UTTLK Denver. X. C. V. I ' res. Hume ICinnoinii-s Club, ' 27- ' 29; V. V. C. A.. ' -7- ' J ' ; Tbalian Society, ' 28- ' 29; Art ICditur KluKiiulcnilrnn ; Lincoln County Club, ' 27- 2 ; Censor Tbnlian, ' 2 . " A little bit o ' foolishness, a bij; .slump of wit, a bead full of kimwl- edfjf, where tlicre doesn ' t seem a bit. " ben you lauf don ' t be sceered you ' ll ruin yo ' complect ion, fo ' chile Tse laufed fo ' hump teen years an " looks bout j ood as any of ye. " VV ' hen Blue Cindy cnmcs aroun l you miRht as well l)r ' iKhten up an«l have a little pep for she always ets what she inn-s after. In spite of the fun she always finds time for work. She is the most talented jjirl in our class. There ' s noth- ing she can ' t do or won ' t try. KUTIT LATHAN Monroe. N. C. ' I ' . W. C .A.. • " ): Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 28- 2 ); " Never ft in trouble did I desert :. pal- Ruth is K. ' iy. dariuK. Ji ' id care free and has won a warm place in the hearts of all her ejass- mates. Kvcry one agrees that she is fine — always willing to accommodate others. HAROLD LAZKNBY Statesville. N. C. App.ilactiiiiii I. it. Soc. ' 29; Pres. Appalachian Lit. Soc. " J " ' (i); Inter-collegiate Debater. ' 29; Iredell County Club, ' 29; Pres. Iredell County Ciidt; ' .- Pres. County Club Council ; Asst. I-Mitor KluMlodendron; Pres. B. V. P. I ' .. ' 29. " A sinootli and steadfast mind, gen- tle thoughts and calm desires. " In relating the merits of this member of our class the writer wiehls the pen thoughtfully and wonders w lie re to liegin. He was never know ii to shirk a duty, and if y ui want a thing ilonc. and done well, the best policy is to go to Harold. ]HVVF.LL LINDSAY W.uli-slmro, N. C. V. V. C. A., ' . ' 8; Sec. Y. W. C. A.. ' 29; Tlialian Lit. Sue. ' 2 " ' ; Science Club, ' 28; Chaplain Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 28; Member Varsity squad, ■27- ' 28- ' 2 ' J: Sec. B. S. I " ., ' 29. " Modest as the smallest violet, that grows, but my, what a lot of things she knows. " Jewell is a good sport. Her sweet disposition and graceful ways make her a friend worth knowing. I ' ALiLlNl-: LITTLI-: Slalesville, N.. C.. Uoute 6 I ' hila Kelian, ' 29; Y. VV. C. A., ' 29; Ire.KIl t. ' o. Club, ' 29; V.Pres. I ' o. I ' lub. " A big heart, alwa.vs wishing to do right anil to l)e a friend to every- one. " Pauline came to us from IChoi in ' 28. I hough Klon ' s loss was our g.iin. we realize how for- tunate we were in claiming her :is an a ldition to the class of ' 29. " To know lier is to l.ive her. " . smile and good word for everyone, her sunny disposition, her friendship for all best charac- terizes her. ' 07c Thirlii-eight —-o- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ ' ' i ■ — CLEM LIPSCOMB Milton, X. C. Science Club. ' 28- ' 29; Appalachian Lit. So., ' 28- ' 29; Sec, ' 29; Censor, ' 29. Clem is true to the ideals of old A. S. N. S. He is especially interested in Literary Society and has a literary ability that will help him on toward success in life. His high ideals, his win- ning personality, and his sympathetic nature have won for him a place in the hearts of his teachers and classmates that will be hard to fill. EUGENIA LANE Ml. Vernon Springs, N. C. Phila Retian Lit. Soc, •28- ' 29; Y. V. C. A., ' 29; East Carolina Ctub. ' 28- ' 29. " Her greatest ambition is service, not for self, but for others. " " Enia " is a quiet girl, a good student, an I an affable companion. Her acquaintances will never forget the happy days passed in her com- pany. If you do not know her you have missed something worth while. Here ' s wishing her suc- cess. A. G. LACKEY Todd, X. C. A friend to all is he, and his sterling charac- ter makes his friendship all the more desirable. We know that the ministry is gaining a soul that is honest and sincere. May his every effort be crowned with success. PEARL LACKEY Kings Creek, X. C. " Kind and true; more studious than the most of you " Pearl ' s quiet and studious nature has helped to add many links to her " golden chain of friendship. " DARREL LEWIS Lincoln, X. C. Varsity Football, ' 29; Basketball, ' 29. Darrel is one of our varsity ball players. He is a all-round good sport on the ball court and off. We realize that in his leaving we are los- ing a good student. Xo matter what Darrel undertakes we are sure he will succeed. NORA BELLE LONG Huntersville, N. C. Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29: Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29: Mecklenburgh-Cabarraus Club, ' 29. " Once a friend, always a friend. " Xora Belle is one of the studious girls at A. S. N. S. She is very quiet on middle hall but sllines on her classes. She is a friend to all that know her and is ever ready to lend a help- ing hand to any one in need. Page Thirty-nine I-- ■ " ■ •O- NINETEEN HUNDRED i»..Ki Sl S; m T W E N T y NINE l®Sf? il , ' rzzz: . ■ ■ THE RHODODENDRON - inrzii ■ : t ' i ' f-i I I ■A ' I I I i i i: I I ; 2 , I I. I I CLARENCE LOO PER Oranite Kails, N. C. IvOoper is a quiet, rcservrd type of student, l rompt in his classes and other school duties. The bigger part tti his linu ' is put on his books. This accounts ior the high graiics he is always making. I ' n yielding dcttrniinat ion and constant i-oncent ration combined with ability shall bring Claretue a world of information iljat the average person knows nothing of. SAlUi-: LINDSAY W.idcsboro. N. C. l res. Thalian S )C. (2), ' 29; Managt r Oirl ' s Basketball Team. ' 28- ' 29; Sec. Athletic Asso.. ' 2S ' 29; Treas. Thalian hit. (1). ' 28; Y. V. C A.; ' .-l res. B. S. l ' .; Member Varsity Squad, ■27- ' 28- ' 2y: Science club. ■S-2H. Sadie has tact and ability and upon her open iace can be read strength of character an»t de- pendability. She was voted the Itest all-round L:irl in the class and that characterizes her bet- ter than we can. She is tlie type of girl who lan make friends and hold them and that is the ty pe the world is looking for. Surely Sadie will find a place at the top of success and will never lose it. MAX 1 1 " . (;rkrni-: Vilas. N. C. Phila kctian Lit. Soc. ; V.- Pres. I ' hila Retian. ' 2»; Pres. Phila Retian. ' 29; Rep. Phila Retian, " 29 (2) U); Watauga County Club, ' 29; Music Club, ' 28; V. V. C. A.. •28- ' 29: Annual Staff. ' 29. " A pretty girl, a witty one, a girl so so full of fun. A brainy girl, a care -free girl, a th ' uisand girls in one. " Maxis is an indispensable member of the class of 29. She is a true friend to every one. a rep- resentative of the best things of life. Her mod- est, earnest iletcriniiied way causes her whole life to shine out as something enobling and hers is the heritage that the " enduring and f;iithfnl shall win the race. " CREEK HALSEY I ' iney Creek, N. C. Appalachian Societv; Science Club, " 28: Varsity Football, ' 29. Cireek is a real warrior. He has won for him- self, l)y his athletic fighting ctualities a place in the history of Appalachian that will be hard to fill. Luck to you. LILLLAX LTNEHHKC.I ' .K Dallas. N. C. I ' liilii Lit. Soc. 27- 29: Pres. Luiheran Stiuient Association; Basketball varsity. ' 27- ' 29; Captain Sophomore Ball Team. ' 29. " Forward ever, back w aril never. " " Lineberger " is an outstanding figure in basketbalf, and a good si»ort who is always ready to do her share in work or in play. Wherever she roams she will carry with her the sincere wishes of the class of 29. WM.LIK PAULINE Ml ' LLIS I ' nionville, N. C. TlKihan S .c.. ■28 ' 29; V. W. C. A.. ;28- ' 29. " .- kind heart is a fountain of gladness. " We know Pauline as a girl with these riualities which go to make up her character, love, poise, and sincerity! Those who have known " Polly " intimately have a great deal more to add. She was loyal, depend.ible. and an unselfish frieml to everyone she knew. m ® 5-,y,i Paaf Fortv w= ;:jf.s HUNDRED TWEN NINETEEN T Y NINE ' 23Si V. BEULAH MORRIS Alexis. X. C. V. V. C. A.. ' 28- ' 29; Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29; Caldwell-Gaston Club. ' 28- ' 29. " To thy ownself be true, Thou canst then be false to no one, " Beulah is quiet, modest, and reserved. She is the girl that others can depend on in time of need. She has a host of friends who wish her success in her work. RUBY LEE AIcCULLEN Mt. Olive, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 27- ' 29; . W. C. A.. ' 27- ' 2 ' : ' : Science Club, ' 28; East Carolina Club. ■27- " 2 ' J. " Always to be neat; always to be dressed as if you were going to a feast. " Ruby is one of the most attractive girls in our class, not only in appearance but in per- sonality as well. She is just the kind of girl that is impossibfe to forget. Here ' s to you, t hl girl, may you succeed in the future. EVELYN AIcGEE Charlotte, N. C. Phila Retian. ' 27- ' 28- ' 29; Sec. Phila Retian. " 28; V. V. C. A., ' 27- 28- ' 29; Sec. Y. W. C. A.. ' 28; Mecklenburg -Cabarrus County Club. " 28 - ' 29; Pres. Mecklenburg-Cabarrus Club, 2S; Science Club. ' 27 - ' 28. " Steadfast and true, sincere and kind " One of her equal, is hard to find. " Evelyn is a friend to every one, and we timi no other girl just like her. Among her sterling qualities we find modesty, generosity, reserve, and pleasantness toward all. We feel sure that with her spirit of determination, she can n -x fail to succeed. TOM MOODY Sugar Grove, N. C. Tom has not been with us long, but we fin.l that there are so many good things to say oi him that it is difficult to describe him in :i few words. We are sure we will hear Tom i making a success in the teaching profession. JENNIE McBRIDE Rhonda, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; Blandolph Lit. Soc; Thalian Lit. So.; Rep. and member Wilkes County Club. " To be rather than to seem " ' assures success ior Jennie. Her quiet and unassuming manner places her high in the minds of her fellow stu dents. ALICE MAST Sugar Grove, N. C. Phila Retian. •27- ' 28. " A heart without fear, a face full of cheer " In Alice we find a good pal. She is a trut- friend and faithful student. Alth ough a com - munity student, and not on the campus very much, she has found time to endear herself i " all of us. Forty-ant ' ■■■ THE RHODODEND RON •■ ' ' - - M4, m 3Xt: 1,62 ' ■Si y, I i: I t ■ ' I t 1 I ' f 1 r.-vui. Mur-iRY Barnesville, N. C. kaiiUin Wilsini Literary Sac. ' 2 J; Mt-mher Kast (.ar.-liiM Club. ' 29. " Still waters run ik-cp " On seeking for the qualities that make a real student, you are sure to find them in Paul. He IS a typical student of A. S. N. S., and lucky is the girl who captures him. MAMIE MURRAY " ' inston- Salem, N, C, Route 7 V. W. C. A.. ' 27- ' 29; Thalian Lit . Soc, ' 27- ' 29; D. F. S. Club, •2g- ' 29: Sec. IJ. F. S. Club, ' 28- ' 29; Art Club, ' 29. " Steadfast and true, sincere and kind. She ' s a true frienci, and they ' re hard to find. " A girl whose ideals are the highest, a girl whose friendship is priEed by many. VVe call her Matnie. Though low in stature, she is held very hiKh in the esteem of her classmates. Whether serious or gay, she is always a dear little pal in her jood-natured friendly way. VELMA MAYSK Forest City, N. C. Uutherford County Club, ' 27- ' 28: Phila Retian Lit. Soc. ' 27 - ' 28: B. Y. P. U.; Y. W. C. A., ' 28; Chaplain Phila Retian Lit. Soc, ' 28. " Modesty and chastity are twins. " Velma is an all-round good sport, a hard worker and one whom we are all proud to claim ;is a friend. During her stay here she has won the love and admiration of all who know her liecause of her industrious yet friendly ways. In her we find a superlative degree of gentle- ness, kindness, cheerfulness, friendliness, and .1 name and character above reproach. JAMES MILLER Todd, N. C. Tames is a jolly good fellow who takes life as it ' comes. He sees good in all people and faults in no one. He has meant much to the class of ' 29 and we wish him much success. FRED HART Citron, N. C. Fred is a fine student classes and always makes to you. Fred. He never misses gncid grades. Luck FLORA I ' HlLLll ' S Ingalls, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29 Y. W. C. A., ' 29. " . s merry as the days are long. " That is " Flo " . Her sunny dispusi;ion is only one of the few things that endears her to the class of ' 29. She will always make friemls since slie is well versed in the art. ' rti f Furty-two W0= ■c:: r:= :■ • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ - - - - - ------- - ' •■ THE RHODODENDRON ' ' - CHARLES NORTON Boone, N. C. Charles is not one that you know the first time you meet him, but when you do know him his sense of humor and good naturedness wins the admiration and respect of those he meets. He ' s just the kind of a boy that ' s impossible to forget. Although he says he is a woman hater he parts his hair in the middle and we think there is hope of his relenting sometime. A boy of his cal ' ibre cannot fail to accomplish his task let it be what it may. Study hard? I bet! Eat no sweets? Oh! I forget; Save your mone y? Not yet— Stay home nights? I might regret! RUTH P. MOTON Alexis, N. C. V. V. C. A., -29; Phila Retian Lit. Soc, Vm; Caldwell-Gaston Club, ' 2S- ' 29. " To know her is to love her. " " Red " is the ring leader of the mischief done on " middle haPl " . If you are looking for a girl that is intelligent as well as mischievous " Red " is the one. She is full of " pep " and wears a smile the whole day through. She is ever ready to help those in need. P. NSY MOORE Colletsviile, X. C. Pansy is known for her sunny smile wherever she goes. She always lights up the dark cor- ners and because of her good nature and jollv disposition, she is loved by all those who know her. Surely success will come to those who labor while others play. MARY Q. McINNIS Little Rock, S. C. Blandolph Lit. Soc, ' 27; V.-Pres. Phila Retain Lit. Soc, •28- ' 29; Y. W. C. A.; Pres. H. E. Club; V.-Pres. Palmetto Club. " A big heart always wishing to do right and to be friends with every- body. " A girl whose ideals are the highest, a girl whose friendship is prized all over the campus, a girl with a pure heart, noble mind, but full of pep and life. That ' s " Q " . We would nut forget to mention her talent for music. Some one has said, " Music has charms to soothe the savage breast, " and if this be true we predict a smooth and happy future for " Q " . MARGARET MANN By num. N, C. Phila Retian, ' 29; Y. W. C. A., ' 29. " Success awaits those who try. ' Margaret is an unusual girl. She has little to say. She moves around in an unassuming manner but " Still water runs deep " . She never shirks a duty, but performs each task willinglv. Our best wishes go with her. GERTRUDE MALTSBY Winnabow, N, C. " I pin my faith to no man ' s sleeve, Have I not two eyes of my own? " Here is a good all-round girl in class work, and college life in general. Her charming per sonality has made her known and loved by all. She is sure to make good in whatever she under takes, and leaves with the best wishes of all her classmates. Page Forty-three • N I N E T EJE N HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE :. : »:.1IS s :« THE RHODODENDRON •«2:0 - SL ' S£ t I t i 5r i I % i I I FRANK PHILLIPS IiiKalls. X. C. 27- ' 29; Varsity rt.otball. ' arsity Basketball, ' jy ; Rankin ■ V il son " He ' s a fellow that fellow that sings He ' s a jolly kockI thinn. " laughs, sport in He " ; MRS. ETHEL PERRY Grassy Creek, N. C. Although Mrs. Perry has not been on iJu- lampus very much and has not taken part in I- xtra curricula activities she has won our ad- miration by her (luict, unassuming ami studious u ays. We know she will meet success in lier rhnsen prolVssion ami our best wishes art- witli J. F. PERRY Grassy Creek, N. C. Mr. Perry is one of the few married men in I ' ur class. He is dependable, ambitious, and Iij;nified. We. who had English with him, will remember him by the splendid talks he made in ' •ral Hnglish. ONEDA PL ' TNAM Shelby, N. C. U. I " . 1). 2 . W. C. A.. ' 28 39; B. V. I ' . L ' .. •28- ' 29. ' e remember Oneda for her pleasant disposi- tion and her firmness in holding to the right. She has added a ray of sunshine, a spark of lijilit, a star of hope to the lives of all those wlio have bt-fu su lortunate as tfi know her. MARY I ' ASCHAL Hanier, S. C. Hlandulph Lit. Soc. ' 27; Phila Retian Ul. Soc, ■28- ' 29: Palmetto Club. ' 2a- ' 29; Y. W. C. A. " God gives us nothing sweeter, clear to the journey ' s enil. Than one who imderstands us. a true and faithful friend. " Why does Mary have so many friends ? It surely must be because of her ever ready smile iiid her ability to enjoy a good time to the lullest extent. Or is it because she makes such ,1 good friend? A better one could not be found .my where. We are sure that in ifter years we vhall find that influence of her amiable charac- itT on her prt. fessi »n will be extended greatly 111 the lives of those with wh mi slie conies in ' intact. Mary wc wish for ynu the greatest t hat life holds. . L KY ELLEN PARKS Nebo, N. C. I ' hila Uetian Soc, ' 28- ' 29: Y. W. C. A.; u. ( . G. Club. " li a thing is worth loing. at all, it is worth doing well. " Mary is that unusual type of girl who com- Mnes duty with pleasure in such a way that •■he merits praise as a student, a hiyal friend ind " an all round good old pal " . " Worth " is lier inspiration, her hope and her joy. tl V Page I ' ortij-four SiJS , ' ■■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTYNINE ■■ : = «■■ THE R H O DODENDRON m M INA JEAN REEVES Laurel Springs, X. C. Science Club. ' 27- ' 2 ; Phila Retian Lit. So.. ' 29; Ashe Countv Club. ■28- ' 29; Basketball Varsitv. ' 27- ' 29; Captain Basketball Varsity. ' 2S ' ' 29. " I ' m in the leaii so fall in line. " Jean has long decided that books must not interfere with her education so she does not depend on books and study, but her intelligence and ready reasoning put her through. We hope that after she has distinguished herself in her home country, Germany, she will again return to us to teach French at A. S. T. C. WILLIE REEVES Laurel Springs, X. C. Glee Club. ' J7- ' 28; Ashe Countv Club, ' 2S ' ' 29: Phil Retian Soc, ' 29; V.-Pres. Phila Retian Soc. ' 29; V.-Pres. Ashe County Club, ' 29. " What makes the world go round, nothing but Bill " Yes, if she ' s arguing with a teacher its Bill. Sign boards do not even convince her. We haven ' t yet solved the riddle if it is intelligence or studiousness. yet we haven ' t seen her with a book. Her brain is over -crowded with work trying to get her hands out of a little. We know that Bill will climb to the top of what - ever she undertakes. She is already looking ' upward especially to tall " slim " walking ol) jects. THEODORE ROBINSON White Hall, Md. Rankin-W ' ilson Lit. Soc, ' 2B-- ' 29; Science Club " iS. " Ted " is fond of his studies and never comes up short. The girls appeal to him but none have found the grounds on which he surrenders. Xo one is a stranger to " Ted " for he makes friends too readily. " He acts well his part, there ' s where the honor lies. " HELEN REECE Booneville. X ' . C. Phila Retian, ' 2 - ' 29; V. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29; Home Economics Club ' 29; Yadkin County Club. ' 2 A Helen is an excellent student a loyal and help- ful friend and a good housekeeper. Her artistic nature calls for orderliness, attractiveness, an l harmony in her surroundings. These qualities she strives to secure. She has the characteris tics which make a good teacher, but oh what a housekeeper would be lost should she decidr to teach. HAZEL ROBERSON " Red " Jamesville, X ' . C. Home Economics Club, 29; Eastern Carolina Club. ' 29; Thalian Society, " 29; Y. W. C, A., " 2 ' ' . " Talking, she knew not why and car ' d not what " Good humor and " Red " are synonymous terni . She always greets you with a smile and a plasant word. X ' othing has ever been know n to daunt her; and she will be found trying an thing once just for experience. Her briglii. cheerful disposition and live, energetic manner give a free passport into the hearts of all lu i classmates. MARY RAYNOR Benson, X. C. Blandulph Lit. Soc. ' 27; Eureka Club. ' 27; Glet Club, ' 27; Y, W, C. A.. ' 27- ' 29; Eastern Carolina Club, " 29; Thalian Lit. Soc, " 29. " X ' ot too serious, not too gay. But a rare good pal in a rare good way. " ' A friend in need is a friend indeed. " Th.ii is Mary! Her congenial nature and smiling Countenance will ever radiate in the hearts ' ■! those who know her best. Here ' s luck to you. Mary, in all that you undertake, especially in your favorite — " Duck Hunting. " Page Forty-five K»- NINETEEN HUNDRED jr WENTY NINE . :f.:j v ' I, a: I : THE RHODODENDRON =53S.o. ' (K m I. i I i t ., . t t ; FRANCES SWICEGOODE V. W. C. A. Lexiiifiton, N. C. D. F. S. Club. Slu ' is a jolly little jnece of liumanity— lovctl l»y everyone who ljec - mes acquaiiitcil with her. Slu; inakcs friends easily and holds them by her striking personality and friendliness. She is active, witty and always ready to help someone. GLADYS SWEATT Cherry villf. X. C. Cheer Leader, ' 29; Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 27 ' 29 Y. W. C. A.. •27- ' 29: Basketball Varsity, •27-79; Caldwell. Gaston Cluh. ' 29; Sec. Caldwell-Gas- 1 1 ' II Club; Science Club, ' 2S. " Life is what you make it " Sweatt is a good old sport, and one of the nic»st popuFar girls in our class. She is the J oil if St kind of a girl admired by all, always full of pep and wearing a smile tlie whole day through. Her voice will ring out in the old " C.ymn " for we must say that she can certainly ell. Here ' s wishing her success. ALTA MAE SMITH Thomasville, N. C. i nly way to havi be one " a friend is to Alia Mae is a girl whom everyone admires. Her attractiveness lies in her friendliness and u eet smile. Our best wishes for a happy and successful career go with her wlietlier it be in a schoolroom or a bungalow. IRENE SLOAN Olin, N. C. V. W. C. A., ' 29; B. Y. P. U., ' 29; IMiila Retiaii Soc, 29; Iredell County Club, ' 29. " Laugh and tlie world laughs with you. " It doesn ' t take deeds and conversations tn lead you to aiJpreciate Sloan. Her whole being IS constantly revealed in her smiles and jolly laughter; independent and studious-with just f-iiough " pep " and carefreeriess to result in gooil • jualities that ' s Sloan. We think she ' s in love, but that doesn ' t keep us from loving her. PAUL WITHERS Bessemer City, N. C. I ' aul comes to us from Carolina. He is a rt-al son of the south. Courtesy is with him an art. His cheery " Good morning " is a necessary essential to start the day off right. lie is lit- erally l)rimming over in school spirit and u bet her he sold tickets r»r i laye i in the game, tie did his part. EVA Sl ' EARS Harrisburg, N. C . V. C. A., ' 28- ' 29; M. C. Club, ' 29; V.Pres.; Sec. ' 29; Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 29. " Be what you are. " " Kve " is a girl who can be depended upon iiir anything you want done for she is always illing to work. Her (luiet. refined and digni- fied manner has won for her many friends. ' i: are wishing her " loads " of happiness in her ihosen career. Page Forty-six NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE KiH5=s g; H ■ mss? : , :- j i :ii-.- ;% i sp i;i i : :v s$ LYDIA SMITH Siloam, N. C. " As fair as the days are long " Lydia must always be happy for we never sec her without a smile. She never speaks in clas unless spoken to, but when she does, she always hits the point. She is just the type that is sure to find a place at the top. ELVA SUGCx Snow Hill, N. C. Phila Retian. ' 28- ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' 29; Hon:. Economics Club, ' 29; East Carolina Club. ' 29. " True to her word, and her work, and her friends. ' " Elva has won her way into all our hearts by her cheerful disposition and winning personality. Her mission in life seems to be to show b example that she is pure gold, and her purit will always shine through as long as her real nature prevails. RUTH SHUMAKER New Hope, N, C. Phila Retian, ' 27- ' 29; Doorkeeper Phila Retian. ' 29; Home Economics Club, ' 11 - ' 29 ' , Treas. Home Economics Club. ' 29; Iredell Count v Club, ' -B; Y. W. C. A.. ' 29; O. O. C. Club, ' if- ' 29; Black Owl Club, ' 29. " She is pretty to watk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on. " Ruth being a good free-hearted girl of noble character and always ready to do anyone a favor has made herself a host of friends at A. S. N. S. Ruth ' s winsomeness and charm have made her popular with both boys and girls— in other words she is hard to beat. Ruth is a very capable girl and is sure to succeed. Cn ' to it Ruth — A girl like you never fails. NELLE THRONEBURG Hudson, N. C. Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29; Sec. Phila Retian Soc. S- ' 29; Member Varsity squad. Nell is an all-round good student and one who takes part in every thing. She can be de- pended upon and delights in giving her aid whenever and wherever it is needed. MABEL TAPSCOTT Y. W. C. A., ' 28- ' 29; Thalian Soc. ' 29; Treas. Thalian Soc, ' 2 % Varsity Basketball, ' 28. " Fire that ' s clbsest kept burns most of all " " Mabel ' s the girl we don ' t forget. " She has a sweet disposition and has won the heart oi many of her classmates and fellow student s- " Tabby " never worries about her grades for slu is always prepared when called on, DESSA MAE TRIPLETTE Matney, N. C. Y. W. C. A. Pres.j ' 29; Treas. ThaHan Lit. Soc. (2) " 29; Intercollegiate Debater, ' 29; County Club Council; Watauga County Club (2) (3). ' 29; Most Studious ; Business Manager of Rhodo- dendron ; Class Poet. " And still the wonders grew, that one smalt head could carry all she knew. " Dessa Mae is one of the most brilliant mem- bers of the senior class. Whether it is faithful- ness to her class, her friends, or the Rhododen dron you can always count on her. Though small in stature she is held very high in the esteem of her classmates. The scholastic rec- ord she leaves behind signifies a very bright future and our best wishes go with her. Page Forty-se ' i ' en -■ ; ;s i ii i Slli r.? E : »l THE RHODODENDRON • 3:ss I I I »■.■.■. li I ' I Si? 1 f -■flCr;, ANNIE UTLEY Newell, N. C V. V. C. A.. ' 28. ' 29; Thalian Lit. So.. ' 29; M. C. Club. ' 29. " Not too serious, not too gay ; but a rare pood sport when it comes To play " I ' lKy sliall fvt-r keep a place in our hearts as .1 rt-al K J» ii sport ready to enter into the play activities of our school. She is studious, but .ilways ready to join the other members in fun. MAE l TLEY Newell. N. C. ' 28- ' 29; Thalian Lit. Soc. ' 29; M. V. V. C. O. Club, way to have to be one " friend .Mae is a fine worker and the kind of girl we til admire. Bright, steady, a good sport anil .i?ways ready to do her part. She has won many iriciids w liii join in wishing her a successful I iiture. HALUE WAUGH North Wilkesboro, N. C. V. C. A.. ' 29; TMiila Kelian Lit. Soc.. ' 29; Ashe County Club, 29; Black Owl Club, ' 29. " Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare good girl when it comes to play. " UajHe is very attractive and possesses many sterling (lualities which have won for her a iii st of friends at A. S. N. S. She takes life ' s i;isks with a pleasant smile and does it will- ingly, CHARLES A. WILLIAMS Headland, Ala. K. V. L. S.. ' 25-- ' 27; Chaplain, •27- ' 28; N ' arsitv iMsketball. ' 26- ' 29; Orchestra, ' 26. ' 27. Charles is a business like energetic kind of individual. He always moves quickly and pa- t leiitly to his tasks. His , variety of activities indicate a wide field from which to i:hoose his life ' s work. His many friends wish him success in whatever line of work he chooses. CASSIE WILLL MS I ' .;. St Carolina Club, ' 28- ' 29; V.-Pres. Ftiai.t Caro- lina Club. ' 29; Critic. Thalian Soc, ' 28; Y. W. C. A.. ' 28- ' 29. " Lively and always good natu ed " " Happy-go-lucky " — that ' s Cassie. She is al- ways ready for fun and frolic, yet she is never found short in goo l grades. She is especially f.ind c»f making " poji " calls and .trengiliening lnT lungs after lights wink. H TTI1-: WHISONANT Shelby, N. C. " Laugh and the world laughs wiih you, weei and you weep alone. " This seems to be the attitude of Hattic lo- v ard life. We never see her on the campus ' •r in class unless she has for us a smite. During Iit-r stay in Boone for the past years, slie has u (in many friends by her personality and at ■ 1 ract i ve ways. Pagt Fortt tifjht l = 53i ' S NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■■ pes?®.? t9 p ?-? ' S ' S =« PEARL WhBB Pineola, N. C Phila Retian, " 29; Y. W. C. A., ' 29; Asst. Art Editor Rhodotlentlroii ; Critic Phila Retian, ' 2 ' ). " He who hath sense hath strength " Pearie is a rare girl. She is depeiulab ' c, in- telligent, and a pleasing companion. She is nd- mired by b ilh her classmates and her teachers because of her unusual ability. We predict fur her a successful career. CLARA BLOOM WRIGHT Lattimore, X. C. " A friendly smile for all. " If you ' re in need of a friend, a pal, a hclj " . r call on Blooma. She doesn ' t impart her se- crets, but she ' s willing to help you wii h j our own troubles, (iood luck to you and may you be successful in all your tasks is the wish ni your schoolmates. FEAROL WOODY Bakersville, N. C. Phila Retian Lit. S c, ' 27- ' 29; Y. W. C. A , ' 29. " She " : true to her world, her work, and her friends. " Quiet, unassuming, with a ready smile, a strong personality, a studious nature— that ' s Fearol. She says she is going to teach, but wc predict that she will soon launch her boat inii the sea of matrimony. WINNIE WARD East Bend, X. C. Winnie possesses culture and refinement ami is a friend indeed. Her sociability and good nature make her an all-round good sport and one whose presence is desired in all activity. Her smile for everyone recalls to our mind thai song, " The sunshine of your smile. ' ROBERT WILLIAMS Table Rock, N. C. Rankin-Wilson Lit. Soc, ' 28- 29; Basketball Var sity, ' 28- ' 29; Football squad. ' 29; Jolliest. " Jolly " that the i»ne word that descrilK " Bob " . So jolly he is that the class unanimous- ly voted him the jolliest member. May mlhin.u ever happen to mar your monly dispisi t i-in is the desire iif the class of ' 29. INEZ WRIGHT Laurinburg, X C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 27- ' 29; Eastern Carolina Club. ' 27- ' 29; Y. W. C. A.. ' 29; Chaplain Thalian Li:. Society, ' 28. " Don ' t let your first impressi ui Inez be lasting " I.I Wlien you first meet Inez you miglit think slu is " too serious " , but when you learn to kn .t her yovi will find she is " plenty of fun " . Inez sticks to what she thinks is right and allows nothing to interlere with lier duties. She is such a dependable girl tliat success is bouinl to be hers. fM i ,V ' 2 9 If I I Page Forty-nine NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE fS ! si iS!is i i FS SfS : :-:? Sii Siii, ' s!S® : ' • THE RHODOPEWDRON ■»» ' - — ' " z£ I , I , ■ " S 1 I a ' I: 1 I i I i: i?5 I V ' ' « I f I HOMKR WAGNER Cycle, N. C. Kaiikin-Wilson. ' 2a- ' 29; Prcs. R. W. L- S., ' 29; Driiatcr, ' 28; Science Club, ' 28; Yadkin Cnunlv i. " lul.. ' 28; Play maker. ' 28. lloiiuT is know II fnr liis (iviiel, reserved man- lier and deep tliinkinn |ualities. and an unusual I Hint li nation of wit. luniKir, sense and stability. He lielieves in facing the pr(d)leins of life cour- ageously and in wielilin , ' the hammer of de- termination to drive the nail of intention. ' " rhinkiiiK make-i nndrrsl amlint. ' . " I.LCILK YAKIikOl CH Winston-Salem, X. C, Route 7 I ' lLs. V. W. C. A.. ' 28; Pres. Phila Retian Kit- Soc. ' 29; Pres. n. I ' . S. Cluh. ' 2 ' ; DehatinK team, 27- ' 29. " Not too serious, not too gay, hut a rare good pal in a rare good way. " Her friendly disposition, energetic spirit, and sincere optimism have won for her htve and admiration. Her ideals of life are portrayeil i) the ambitious way in which she enters the ac- tivities of college life. She is a thorongh en- thusiastic scholar and a faithfid Io aI friend. K()iii:kta taynk C.ranitc l-alls. . . l . W. C. A. " Happy am I from care I ' m free, Why aren ' t they all content like me? " " Bert ' s " good humor and witty remarks drive away even our gloomiest thoughts. Her " gift of gab " as well as her singing, will long be remembered by her classmates. SADIK WILIJAMS Monro,-. . (.-. f. A., ' 2S- ' 29; Phila Krtiaii Kit. Soc. ' 28- y. w. ' 20. " Not too serious, not to i gay, but a rare good pal in a-r. ' ire good way. " We find in Sadie a combinatiim of modesty, sincerity and truth. Whether it be in wt rk or I day she is there whole-hearted. She is just llie kind of girl that is impossible to forget. KALl ' il LYONS N. c. Ivaiph must to have some time taken a course in making frien ls, since it is his chief accomp- lishment, but what is more valuable? He is not an idler, but industrious and efficient, " Make friends as you work " is his motto. RUBY ZIGLAR Leaksville, N. C. IMiila Retian Soc, ' 28- 29; B. V. P. U., ' 28- ' 29. " Where duty calls she is always found " Ruby Ziglar is a superlative examjile of wo- manhood. She is ever ready and willing to do her duty whatever it might be. Ruby is :i good mixrr ainl wins the friendship of those with whom she cuines in contact. A girl with her determination will be sure to meet success out in the f Uurc. Page Fiftif NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY i : ' ' mmd k i s ii m m m THE R H O D O D E N O R O N i5s- . ' r 3.s RUTH REDMOND New Hope, N. C. O. G. Cliih, ' 27. ' 29; Phila Retian Soc, ' 28. ' 2 . . C. A. ' 29; Iredell County Club, ' 2S- ' 29. O. O. G. Cluh ' ' What is so rare as beauty and wis dom combined? " Ruth is a friend to all who really know her She IS one of those who have combined common judgment with a keen sense of humor. She ' a good sport and a gay companion. With such a disposition and ability, we can only pretlict success for her future. NELL MEACHEM Kinston, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29; Y. W. C. A ' iS- ' " ' - East Carolina Club, ' 28- ' 29; Art Club. ' 29. " " Beauty, refinement and friendliness. Three in one— that ' s Nell. " Nell is one of the most popular girls in our class, and for a more wonderful personalitv you would have to search hard to find. She likes " thv idea that gentlemen prefer blondes. Go to it I ell. Success is yours A girl like you never fails. JACK NOR.MAN Elk Park, N. C. Rankin-Wilson Society. J " ' ' ::.,;?. ' ' ■■ " ' energetic and possesses a readv wit. yv hen a feller needs a friend, he can count on .lack. He is taking a pre-medical course and we wish him success. We are sure that your g:enial ' nature will be a better cure than your pills. ANNE LUTZ Shelby, N. C. Anne has not been with us long, but durin- that time she has become a very popular girl with both boys and girls. She is blessed with an agreeable personality that will make for her friends everywhere she goes. We e. pect to hear great things of her in the teaching profe - sion If the teaching profession is lucky enough to have her. -MABLE HYRD Taxahaw. S. C. ,S; ' .Senior Class; Pres., Palmetto Club, ■28- ' 29- Thahan Lit. Soc, ' 28- ' 29: V.-Pres., Thaliaii Lit. Soc, 29. " Why worry when you have only one day at a time to live? " , When it comes to having a good time, " Mike " IS always heading the list. She is thoroughly capable in the class room and in the different organizations. The students all admire an,i love her. KATHLEEN REGAN Elizabethton, N. C. Thalian Lit. Soc, •28. ' 29; Sec, (3) ' 28 ( ' ) ' ' 9- V. Pres (1) ' 29; Eastern Carolina Club, V.: Pres. (1) 28, Sec (2) ' 28. Rep., (2) ' 29; Bladen County Club, V.-Pres., (2) ' 28, (1) ' 29; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treas., ' 29; D. I. K., ' 29, Cheer Leader, 29. " She worked and sang from morn till night, no lark more blithe than she. " ■ " Kat " is always found in an optimistic mood Her cheery voice rings out on the campus, in the halls, and on class. She ' s all that makes an all-round college girl, overflowing with pep a good sport, and always ready to help those around her. If there were more girls like " Kat " the world would surely be happier and better i I ' fi i v " , A ' I, m m i I 1 li Page Fifty-one N I N E TEE N HUNDRED TWENTY NINE ■ : i il Sil li .g ; ■r 4 K = 1 3i?? J " €t .: : ■ »:ci ' , S;.SS . •, s3:;G .;. } sss y. ;- s!£c .-; ;-; 2;s : ; ' 3; ;- THE RHODODENDRON Ei:-£i I A ' I 1. J. IV stiki.i:athi:k M r. S ' ikli-ai her is ;i dcpi ml.tlilr ' r ml, s: n ill ' lit ;mtl worker. lit made a brill iam rccnnl while here and wu predict tmich success for him in his chisen prtifession. LENORA Mi:iAIX White Oaks, X. C. Htaii-l)..lph U . Soc. ' 27; Thalinn S c., " 25 " 29; Kasferii Carolina Club. ' 2»- ' : ' : Ula l( n Conn y Clnh, ' 2$- ' 29, Sec, ' 28; Home Ccmomics Clnl). ' 29; V. V. C. A., VS- y. " (» xl jjives us n Jthing sweeU-r. clear lu the jt)urney ' s enil. Than c»ne wh i in lcrst anils us, a true and faithful friend. " ira h dds a place of h nor and hiph esfetni in the Iv.-arts of all her associates. To kn v hrr is tu admire her for licr i " leverness. kindness and. best of all, her sweet di.spositi n. SIu 1 • iks only toward the noblest, highest and bcsc thinjis in life. With this goal in view, she is sure to win success. Best of luck to you, I,em)ra. GLEN T. HICKMAN Hudson, X. C ' . Pres., Science Club. ' 28; Pres., C I ' dwcll County Club. " 28; Sec. and Treas.. Jr. Class. " 28; V.Pres., Sr. Class, ' 29; Pres.. Club Council, ' 29; Kditor- in -Chief. Rhododenflron. " 29; Inu r- coUe ' iale Utbater, ' 28- " 29; Most Inf.ucn ial, ' JO. (i!t-n. I he busiest senior on the campus, is a friend t i all, loved and respected by all- -stu- dents and faculty alike. He is a Rood student, an efficient officer, an excellent debater, a faith- ful friend. In fact, if there is anythiuK th ii C.Ien can ' t d-y, we don ' t know about it. I ue to his efficiency and si)ortsmanship. the Kh id i- ilcnilr m gies to press, and with ' iut him i; w uilil liiiiK a » liave sunk into i blivion. STELLA HAKXES Boone. X. C. Mrs. Harncs is ((uiet and reserved, dependable always. Her sympathetic nature has won for lur .1 h ist of friends at coIleRe. l-.Iir.AR ASHl Bin.,. N. C. .[■.Y . l! h ' Ugh Kdgar has not been wi ' h us long, u e have learned to admire him. Wc arc sure that success awaits him. ENMS KOLLAM) Cliii..n. N. C. Always ready to work, alwavs care fid and al- wavs willing- that ' s Tnuis. With gooil nature an l a smile, she attacks the rough places and in the end we find her victorious. She never makes a great sh i v but we love her for her unassuming personality. Pnfjr Fifty-twn NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE o — RHODODENDRON Senior Class Poem A Tr ' ibutc to Our Alma Mater ' I I 5 Come now. dear Classmates, one and al And join with me today. In saying to our own dear school What time now bids us sav. i Our own dear Ahna Mater, now Accept our tlianks and praise. For all that tliou hast done for us. Throughout our college davs. To thee we pledge our very best, To tliee, old Black and Gold ! We ' ll ever speak thy praise abroad. Thy standards we ' ll uphold. :l We 11 love thee though we wander far. O ' er all this wide, wide world. We ' ll hope and ))ray for tliy success Thy banner we ' ll unfurl. And now to thee. OI Shi|) of State. Our guide to all that ' s true. We will not say farewell to thee V onlv sav " Adieu " . -Dessa M. f. Triim.ett. i i PaffO Fifty-three NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE THE RHODODENDRON • C ! m Senior Class 1 listory As cxactiliff Fatlicr Time unrolls llic (lust-iii en d |);m(s (if liisloiv our lvj)iial noiulialant attitude vanishes anil in its stead a|)|)eai-s unfeii;ni d ania .enieiit upon realization that (hi- uraiul finah- of our fleetina; two years of hurried activity is in view. On dial meniorahU- day of Aui ust " j;!. lil ' JT. sliuhnls of arie(l teniperauu nis, sizes and ))otentialitie.s arrived from nortli. soutii. east, and ucl. and eonuninnled toijether to form that one great imit — the elass cd ' L ' !). - were I wo Inuidred and ninety in lunnlier. fresh in quality and ; s i;reen as the I ' .uurahl Isle in color. In ain we called upon that store house id ' hif- h school scTiiors knoulcdiie to assisi us in the try inn ' ordeal of registration! Wf accepted. a|)))arently . with child-liki ' failh the monstrous burden of courses that was suildenly heaped upon us. Then with awe-striekcn eounteiianec and a])])rchensi e trepidation we a|)proaehed those hitherto reported enniuiit superior beings termed college profe.ssor.s — hut alas our disa|ipoint- meiit was unhcumded when we discovered that they. too. were merely lilundering humans. .Vnd how we envied those supercilious seniors llieii- unruffled eoniposure and illimitahle kiu)wlcdge as they viewed us from afar! After the first stages of home sickness had passed and we had hecome orientaled to Boone, we met and organized our class, choosing Conrad Hinson as president. Glen Hickman, vice-president, and Norma Brown, secretary and treasurer. For numths nothing occurred to mar the tranciuilily of our no cl existi ni ' c. Then came the antliema of all school life — a deluge of examination. Most of us however, creditably survived, although few there be who h;i e ever looked the sanu ' since ! How tcmpus fugit ! Christmas holidays! Hitherto xpressionless visages w re suddenly radiant with joy. aiul an atmosphere of supreme felicity pre ailcd. In vain tcacher.s threatened, fussed or lectured — feu- the eyes of llu ir students saw not and ears heard not. .Vltlunigh the mental aiul ]) i(|uipoisc wire affected con .siderably most of our class returned to rcsiune work. During our first year at A])])alachia we gained uuich recognition by our promi- nence in extra curricula activities. W ' v boasted of athletes, debators. musicians and a male quartette. Came graduation day for the Seniors. Tlu n it w;is thai wc pledged iHirsel (S anew to seeking those elusive objects — li] ! August 28. 1928. found us again al Booiu-. this lime as .S iiiors. wise in the ways of A. S. N. S. and diligently c lulcav iM-ing to uphoM l!ic pi-o crbi;d senior dignity. .VltJKHigh our class is somewhat decreased in uurnlH r. y I c lia i ' not lacked that distinguishing characteristic of i)rogressi ' eness. This ye;,r. again nmh r our competent president. Conrad Hinson. we ga -e Hir college some s|)lciulid stiuliuts. OUt-Standing athletes, talented d( batin-s. ami good . ' dl rouiul stuck ills. Our two years are over. .Vll tlie tiim. il.-iy by day. hour In limir. ;is ue lujcMcd the benefits of every passing experience, we wire eonscioeslv or iiuconseioiislv sign ing our names to life ' s same old promissory noli. " I ' or alii( nciiMd. I promise to pay " . As we look back, wc estimate the " value reeciMd " of our school career ami undaunted, we face the future prepared for the working out of our promise to pay " . (;i,. l)Y.S I ' A NI ' ., Ili l„ri,ni. 1 11 f c Fifl i ' ftmr NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ ■€ ' 5i$c=:v : { t; g ;;3 2g: ' m: , = ■o- THE R H O DODENDRON Senior Class Will We. the Senior Class of I ) ' ' i) of the Appalaehian State Normal School believing ourselves to be of sound mind and body, aware that our dispersal is near at hand and fearinu- that our sudden launch into fields wliere there are no bells to warn us and no professors or matrons to hold us in check may injure our mental adjust- ment — do hereby revoke all former wills as null antl oitl and declare this to be our last will and testament. To the faculty, wc bequeath our heartfelt gratitude, respect, and love for their interest and efforts in our behalf and also for the inspiration we have gained by our friendly contact with them. To tile faculty we also will any and all cartoons of themselves that may be around on the walls of the dormitories after our departure, jirovided thev ever treasure them as remembrances of stellar students in their classes. We will to Mr. CJrccr. our sixinsor. our inexpressible a]3])reciation for his faith- fulness, advice, and helj) at all times, ' e hope that, in his work with future classes he will never allow that corner of his heart which we claim to become occujiicd by another. To Dr. Rankin, our Dean, we bequeath a long period of freedom from worry and toil, in making out our schedules and suggesting acancies of schools. We trust that future classes may not cause him so much anxictv as we ha e. To -Mr. Wilson we bequeath all our original ideas and suggestions in teaching- profession. We trust he may find tiiem beneficial in the future in that thev may be the means of his success sometime in instilling into the hearts of the coming Educa- tion classes a love for practice teaching. We are sorry that he failed in that under- taking with us. We do hereby will to the Matrons. Miss Lona and Miss Jennie, a sweet and unbroken succession of restful nights and dreams. It will no longer be necessary for them to worry over our condition, trying to catch those who take an occasional night ride, or chasing those of us who habitually use study hour for a social period, or trying to check up on those of us who rarely miss an afternoon going to town. To our dearly beloved jiarcnts we will our congratulations that they will no longer be the recipients of •bills due " — a i)ro])osition which we are sure has caused them much anxiety and disturbance of mind. In return however, we hope to live up to the spirit which prompted them and ever be worthy of the faith they intrust us with. To the Juniors wiiom we are making chief executors of this our last will and testament we bequeath the following: .»JJ I ' aye Fifty-five 1 RHODODENDRON - ' EZ- I I I M, I I. Our iliapcl scats, our plai-ts in tin- librarv, ami our surplus amount of chcwinj; } uni stickinfi; under lilirary chairs and tables, dininfj tables and in our rooms, also tin- anxiety, jjains. and fears that haxi- Ix-set us in ae(|uirinf; ' ))ositions for next year. II. -Vll our notebooks we h;ive aeeuuuilateil in .Mr. Williams ilassis with two conditions: (1) Provided they Iiand them on down — as all classes heretofore have done — to the future senior l;isses so that they may also see the iloui lnuit without any extra library labor on their part as we have (hme. (2) Provided they keep this a secret from .Mr. Williams so he may not chansfe his method of teachins; ' in future yiars, III. Wc will and becpieath to the .lunior class also our infinite senior privi- leges provided they are ever able to distinji;uish them as such and provided also that they regard them as sacred and not o er step them as we have done. IV. All those remote corners in the h;ills anil alco (s where we have so suc- cessfully carried on our courting. ])roxi(le(l they never .-illow them to bei ' ome over- crowded as the tendemy has been this year. V. We will also to the .luniors our sincere and earnest hoj)c that they may sometime graduate with fewer trials and tribulations than wc have had. In witness whereof wc set our seal and signature on this the ninth day of May, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine. Senior Class, I ' LOV ,l. rKS()N. Clasi Trstator. Witnessed by: PnK. ( iiKH Oaks Boil MlGllEE Gf.o. Buown I. i I I I ' ntfp i ifty-fiix r 52 ■»■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE • ' X ■ ' -•■ 3 -; THE RHODODENDRO N SELNIOR STATISTICS. ClcideCaoipe OessaMaeTripiett BobWilUaras Pa 7e Fifty-seven CooradVUosoq Sadie Lindsecj Beii All A ' -ourad Mildred tottsoD Roosevelt Hurt GladqsHtnaon GladqaFVndaq E.d LEeGriHitb Frank Houaer r " :L V ' S - NINETEEN HO NDRED TWENTT-NINE -O-:! i Ks -■ . ' ■ THE RHODODENDRON ■• ir ;v A- I f i I®- I I: f I. .0 .5. ' A ' junior (Officers C ' oi.oiis: I ' l.owKH : Old (iiid Silver Su-ccI I ' m A r cfn iJ £ o Score . loi " io: v ' . s- :) C3i 1)1 I.I. D.WKNi ' oHT P rex id rill I ' .HIK Gkeeh lite President Hazel Yivvv Sccretari Dicv T ' oRTNEK Treasurer PvrHELENK ( ' , IN Itepreseiitativc CiiAUi.siE Cami ' KH Spinisiir I ' lii e Fifh -eiyht v ..- ■ i.: r .i ,% £ ;:« .■; ;-;? 3gcs ;-; r 3pi .-; ;-; js -; ; S NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE = ii H}v Ky .; ' T ' L - THE RHODODENDRON o- eSrocK eyel£|f2Boc|les Kial Britt U Bmm Rulb Barter Annie BobbvU MaEja-ri Barter Abelif Fred Carperrter Leah Chambers KaSter.oeCbeicqer BeftaB. OaodeCroofie Loo) Binqbam Fra-noiColeq ZaldGn-Relias AdaOsx RutoCurtis -EalftCMTpU ftowieCook MdbteDafabs MoridDeaV YanCziadiU Mel !?«■ Pnr e Fifty-nine - . ' - ' - N 1 N E T E E N HUNDRED TWEN T Y -NINE -O : i m i ? ii .1: : ' " THE RHODODENDRON ■■ Z E O 1 f. ih i I f " MadcyDowTs MmOamK k Sophie EUioft pVancesfSrthinc) MaeGrdwt Clarice C BwwanlOocqhfrtii GUxitis foster MMoa Ed«wds BeaVe6oble M«roC opoelU| EgtoeRaBl 4 - Sula EsseV. Luvra FuVton EJiiabdh GaniWe : nOsmbte OswaUttffljper RuthHowqoitt YateHeanner SardHsrmjo Rofc Gabriel aUoGirw Jaq Jterteq BUlx eGs« te MarieGeitop Hallie Helta? Yio aHomi» I iriiMB ' v .= ' a(;e Sixl; :• ■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ K: :=5I ,C -r; E t2S i; ia ?aPl K?i- : . =S «ih SS ;-: ' •: ' ' ' ; " i- ? " . ' s ( " 5J- ' .O- THE RHODODENDRON o- E gg- " i l Pajre Sixty-one -« • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE Ol -s,: irS ilS i S ilS il llJ i i t J -!r Blf : lll !%l KSpi l i " ■ T - THE RHODODENDRON -OS m ) 1 5 ' t i Pi - ?A N-MseMeecbim FhulmeMullitj RalpbReid Irmariatwvvs EjiraM ' Bride GrdS ' E uUneKeN ' flw Clc deRaih Fo Mi ton AadrqOrr LmiU Orj«il OfeOa av« Bul»hGrc(der RaqShidal RatoFVeveifte Bri Robt.RUhanis BemneMarHw Hoqh R Jvis Ra h Monroe SallKMiUaw m (TV a 5 Rertq LcaiseRicbMtlsor? EdtlbSiam Mar iaTet RjHi JoeTaq or LoqdlurRer m Falrc] RedwoRd EwwaLRoark Me«t| Saunders Grace Stepbenjcn SifiUaStrotxe LiltoSouthertewl I Pnije Si.rt if-fn ' o 0?== : 0- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ ■: 5Sitrs :-; i K?f? fe;{i K} f53 K}C;i § { ; ' ■ ' c rtS m mm W t ' - ErmeTriplett SaraStalea K6«q3iqmap GuVbert :dtj or Either Stewart Laura. Stwisrt LBJ kaqWa}en. Grace Simms riarcjEThcan ' oam Gadci5piiCfir [ i)ibt«DTbonBi CUtitenEllcr € wmm KeBnV xyjer SaraSTO ' ltb Eihel Sharp RateShemil EilVTerSeavwU RktoarxTKiUidios rfj( Pau i?eSmi h Ctera Smtth EonkeSmiU HenrirtteTbomjMoe MarteWUbor? Haxel ' TOjiltier OTa lYorK AwkW-soR WiWa ' Watbers Man WbLte Rubcj Winkler MarqWellbotH I ■ £- " -■ ' — -■ ■ ' — ■ — . -— — : iJ LIBRARY Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina Page Sixtii-three = •• NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY -NINE ■ ' ' l fc. ' - THE R H O D O P E N D R O n " oCZZ ' I f I I I I I A i • Sifcbieit J.Mis.rtL ' s.c WHO ' S WHO IX ' I ' Hl-: .IINIOR CLASS ' l l Sixhi-fiiar I " - NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE • »•: : s ;- •;fSp3 ;Jr E se ,- jo ;g :; e 3 jJs Jg ;i Js?: ¥ § otxetxBB nnh Clubs " •N, ■v.. A .y ' ■01 Page Sixty-five :: ■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE I HMiMKI M : ' 5 s :v-: i»v I ;■■: A A V A ' I I I t m Floq JftcWborz GteriTHickman Harold Lzaenbu GladqsPAqfie Preaid«in+, Vice - Pr«»id«rtt 5 cr tar( . MvkAredJdbnson D ' uabelh Johnson Ruth PrdvcHe Pre B iwieri - Rer Bl evT Pre?, E A CiroUna Gertrude r ai .sbq FrdV kHoaser Lather H:)a er Conrad ferk r Rop. Lirtco r». R p. iT pdelV Ka b een Gjlliwqer j Kniqbt John Donl«q Pearl Oe Utxier Pr«t A»b«- Rep A»b«. Rep. GsKXanCkViMcU ' C ' (irNl ' CI. 11! ( (11 N( II. Burl (as Blair IVp.tji«v CXirctXtnA. Rep r leckliobeni. JenmeM ' Bride Rey. v a » - ■■ " - Pffje Sirli -fijr : • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■■ . 1= —— ' - THE RHODODENDRON -o- ---- ' . . - - iy ; S Gl3jic|s Paqne Josepto Graham FrarskHouser HarddLaKwbci Coacb. LotberHociser GleT?HicKmar? RaqKciqbt ti |reiwaldHooper RoqKeller ftalMarraq HaqbHoqte IXTERCOLLKGIATE DEBATERS Page Sixty-seven ' l ' - NINETEEN HUNDRED T VENTY-NINE ■ »E = «.=:M m i m mf m mA mm mm I - THE RHODODENDRON • : - NINETEEN ' ;: " " ' f:£ ' " ' RHODODENDRON f frx ifY THE Thalian Literary Society Motto Colors: Xdt (in file height. but climbing Bl le and Gold OFFICERS Fir l Term Second Term Third Term Pre.iitlentx Louise Bei.k .Sadie Lixdsey Faxxie Pearl Fulcher Vice Presidents Kathleex Kegax Ethelene Cain Mabel Byrd Secretaries Hazei BiGGERSTAFF KaTHI.EEX ReGAX Rl-th Prevatte Treasurer Sadie LixnsEY Dessa Mae Triplett ROLL Mabel Tapscott AXDKEWS. RlTH GiBsox, Grace Meachum, Xelia L4E ASBURY. I.orisE GooDMAX, Lucy Meachum, N ' ell Baker. Ruth Graham, .Iosepiiixe Melvix, Lexora Ball, Pearl Griffith, Ed Lee MuLLEX, Paulixe Belk, LorisE Griffith, Hazel MuLLis, Pauline BiGGERSTAFF, HaZEL Haigler, Mildred Murray-, Mamie BOBBIT, AXXIE Hale, Marie Parker, Blax-che Bryax. Edxa Harvell, Mildred Parker, Rosa By-rd, Mabel Hayes, Emma Payxe, Gladys Caix, Ethelexe Heffxer, Ruby Phillips, Flora Clixe, Beatrice Hermax. Ruby- PlERCY. We ETA Cloxixger, Katiiryx Hermax, .Sarah Potts, L rgaret CoRXELirs, ' .ri.A Hoi.LiFiELD, Ruth Prevatte. Ruth Dabbs, Mabel HoLLIFIELD. A ' lOLA Rayxor, Mart Davis, Mary Howie, ,Iulia Regan, Kathleen Deal, I la ,Ioiixsox, Elizabeth RicHARDSox, Louise Delaxey. Irexe .JoHxsox, Mildred RoBERSOx, Hazel Devaxe, Lexora .loiixsTOX, Martha Saunders, Mary Drum. Marie ,Iu.stice, Sylvia Sherill, Rl-th Eaker, Elsie Kexxixgtox-. Edxa Sim MS, Grace ExGLisH. Nell Lathax, Ruth Smith, Clara El-re, Hazel Lixdsey, Jewell Smith, Sara EVAXS. .VxxiE Ht-Tii Lixdsey, Sadie Small, Euxice FixCaxxox, I.illiax Li-TTLE, Gladys Spears, Eva Fi-OY-n, Georgie IvOGAX, Ruth Sweat, Gladys FORTXER, DiCY McBride, Bertha Tapscott, Mabel FVLCHER. FaXXIE Vl ARL McI5ride, Eura Triplett, Dessa Mae Fri.Tox. LvxA McBride, .Texxie Thomas, Kathleex FiuiA, Grace McCuLLix, Paulixe Utley, Mae Gabriel, Ilexe McCuLi.ix, Ruby Utley-, Annie Gabriel, Ritii McKixxEY-, Grace Williams, Cassie Gallop, Marie McLeax-, Sally- Wright, Inez Page Sixty-nine ' V M€i 1%: - - ' -■- ' - t " h E ' RHODODENDRON Ai a ii I I i II I IHPi! I— ( c Pi K 1 11111 ' Sfi ' rn t : ' f .- I ' O- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE •■ ■ ZIi: ' ' Phila Rctian Literary Society Motto : Give to the xcnrld the best you have and the best icill come back to you. Colors: Green and White OFFICERS President Vice President- Secretnriex Treasurer Fiml Term Maxik Gukexe -Geutiudk MAriTsuv .EvEi.vx McGee -Fay PuiTdiAui) Second Term FlOY .Iacksox Mauy Q. McGixxis TiiRnxEurm: Gehtrvde Mailtsiiy Tliiril Term (CiLAOYS HlXSOX ILrcii.E YAuiiiioroH iMATIlE 15. GORDOX- (Wii.i.iE Reeves Kate Ballew (Edith Saix ' GoLDiE Herrixg Adams. Wii.iie Mae AXDUEWS, MlIDRED Baxter, Marcaret Baxter, Mary Bai.i.ew, Kate Beam, Eiia BisANAH, Lei.ia BOOXE. MlXXIE Bracket!-, Faxxie Brooks, Kathi.eex Bbohxixo, Hazei, Btff, Hazel BuROESS. HrTii Chamuers, Leah C01.EY, I,rcn.i.E CoxE, Betty Bei.i.e CouA.M, ' era Cox, Ada Dei.i-ixger, Peari.e Dox ' XELi.Y, Mary Downs, Maixie Eastep, Vioi.a EssicK, Zri.A Farthino, Frances Fisher, Grace Fisher, Iiease Foster. Gladys Fravel, Gertri-de Garrison, Mary Beth Gordon, Mattie Belle Greene, Maxie Gheer, Kith Gwaltney, Willie ROLL Hexdrick, Kate Herrixg, Goldie HiI.EMAX. BoXXIE HlXSHAW. KUBV HiNSoN. Gladys Hodge, Axxie HoiGii, Eri.A B. Hint, Mary Grace .Iacksox, El.OY- .loHNSoN, Wiljia ,]oPLix, Toy Kelly. Rvth Kixcaid. Rith Kirk. Gelia LaXE, EfGEXIA I.assiteu, Axxe l.EoxAKD, Geneva LiXEDERGER, LlI.LIAN Little, Faxnie Little, Paiiixe LoxG. Annie Mae Long, Xora Belle Lour, Licille Mann. Margaret iL RTix. Bennie Lee Matthews. Irma Maii.tsuy, Gertrude McInnis. Mary Q. McGee. Evelyn .Monroe, Ruth Morris, Beulah .Moton, Ruth NiSTOX, Foy ' e O ' Neal, E.mily Outlaw, Effik Parks, Mary Ellex " Paschal, Mary- Peele, Florette PiiiLi.ii ' S. Laura Rash. Nell Redmoxd, Fairy Redmoxd, Ruth ItEECE, Helen Reeves, Ixa Jeax Reeves, Willie Roark, Emma Lee Saix, Edith Seawell, Esther .Shumaker, Ruth .Si.oAX, Irene .Smith. Ai.ta Mae .Smith, Pauline Southerland, Lh.liax ' .Stephensox-, Grace .Sugg. Elva TiioRNHURG. Mary TiiRONEituRG, Nellie Waugh, Hallis Wehh. Pearle Webber. Maude WiLi.iA.MS, Sadie W11.SON, Axxe Woody ' , Feabl Wright, Clara B. " ' arbrough, Lucille Ziglar, Rdbv U I i M Page Seventij-one m : •• THE RHODODENDRON " ' Wv , " ' j ' ■ ■■ NINETEEN HUNDRED T VENTY-NINE - l ■ ' ' .yrj ' [ ; ■; k:5 ; ' ; y ' f: y. y is ' . ]■ " .- i3;ss ; ■ :;-cS:5s ; ;- ' k: ' ; ; 53 k:i Rankin-Wilson Literary Society OFFICERS Fall Term President Beverley Heavener J ' ice President Robert Williams Secretary Clyde Canipe Winter Term President Oscar Barker J ' ice President Tom Hayes Secretary Roosevelt Hunt Spring Term President Clyde Canipe Vice President High Hoyle Secretary Bill Davenport AsGELL, Paul Barker, Oscar Blair, Buhlkss Caxipe, Clyde Davenport, Bill Davis, Ralph Dei.i.ixoeu. Ed Haiijiax, C ' i.ay Hayes, Tom Heavexer. Beverley Hexdrix. Caki, Hexdrix, I,1.0YI) Hooper, Oswald ROLL HorSKK. LuTIIEK HoYi.E, Hroii Hi ' XT, Roosevelt Goixs, JOHX Javxes, Bex KxioiiT, Ray Miles, Oscar XoRMAX, Jack Piiui.ips, Frank Hash. Clyde Tkipletp, Erxie Waters, Lindsay WiLLiA.iis, Charles Williams. Rohert Page Seventy-three ■--s s O- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY NINE RHODODENDRON Z - NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTYNINE ■ nZ ;%j- - " - - " ' - " - -O- THE RHODODENDRON Appalachian Literary Society Motto: Jlilli the ropes iif the past ice ' lcHI ring the hells of the future Colors: Pink and White I- " lower: Carnation OFFICERS First Ti-nii Seconil Term President I. 15. Love Homer WACGoxEn Vice-Presiilent Greek Hai sey Fred Carpextek Secreiarii Frank Hdiser Glen Hickman Treasurer Frank Hoi ' ser Glen Hickman ROLL Third Term Harold I.azenuy Leff Joixes Yates Heavener Stanlkv Livingston Brxvox Love Frank Hoi ' ser Glen Hickman Homer Waggoner Lefi- Joines Greek Haijsey Cmviors HoYi.E Yates Heavener DriiiiAM Brackltt GwYX Parsoxs I-OYI) TtRXER Stanley Livixgstox .John Donley KlAL Briti ' I ' aII. MlRRV Hoy Keller ILiRoin Lazenrv TlILODORE UoRINSON Clem Lii ' Scomr Marvin Bkittan Jay Hartley Kn Harrington 1 ' ratiier Pittman Frei) Carpenter Page Seventy-five NINETEEN HUNDRED l W ENTY-NINE : mr ' »- the rhododewdron •■ ' i:r-z .I— £ =i: ■ ' «( ( ' Sevenly-aix Si;i i : o- N I NETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■• Z :-«¥ ii}5 s| Sii Si ;H r: ii2 f ' K ;- s ss ; . ' Y. W. C. A. • CABINET Dessa Mae Triplett President GoLUiE Herring Vice President Jewel Lindsev ' ' ' ' f ' i - " nd Treas. Pauline Millin Fairy Redmond RiTH Phavette Gladys Payne Ri ' Tii Baker CHAIH.MEX , Il ' ur ( Fellijxc:ihijt Social Service Social Church ll ' orifr Publicity Etheline Caix Viideriiraduate Itej). Edith Sain Proiiramx Mary Q. McIxnis Music Annie Hodge Church Worker I.rciLLE YARiiiioruii Honorarii Memlier ROLL Mildred Andrews Ui ' Tii Andrews Kate Ballew Mary ' Baxter CoRRiNXE Bea.m Loi ' isE Belk Ei ' LA Beam Hazel Biggerstake Lelis Bisanah Fannie Brackett Hazel Browning Dephne Bl ' tner I i ' LA Browning Ora Bry ' axt Hazel Buff Edna Byni-m Autiielia By-ntm Leah Chamuers Beatrice Clixe Melissa Clontz Frances Coley ll.A CORNELirS Betty B. Cone Ada Cox Ila Deal Muriel Deal Maui.i: Daubs Lexora Devaxe Marie Drum Elsie Eaker Soi ' HiA Elliott Nell English SlI.A EssicK AxxiE R. EvAxs Hazel Eure Grace FuauA Ilease Fisher Georgie Floyd Lillian Fincaxnox Dicy Fortner Eari.ixe Fraxki.ix Gladys Friday LUXA Fui.TOX Ilexk Gauriei. Kith Gabriel Belle Garland Mary B. Garrison- Lois George Grace Gibsox Bessie Goble Li ' CY Goodman Mattie 15. Gordon Nellie Gray- Mae Grant Josephixe Graham Maxie Greene Marie Hale Mildred Haigler E.iiMA Hayes JIary Davis Gladys Foster Ruby Heffxer Kate Hindhick Sarah Herman Mary L. Hines Bonnie Hilmox PiiiiY Hixsox EULA HoiGII Julia Idol Floy Jacksox Ethel Jestes Elizabeth .Johnson Martha .loiiNsrox Mil DllED JoiIXSON Toy .loFi.iN Ruth Kelly Ruth Kixcaid Gelia Kirk Irexe DeI.axcey Eugenia Laxe Ruth Latiian Anne Easter Geniva Leonard Sadie I.ixdsey Fanxie I.riTi.:; Gladys Ei-uile Lucille Loiir Mabel Lyda Gertrude Mailtsuy Lois Marlin Benxie L. .AL rtix Bertha McBride EuRA McBride Ruby McCullix Evelyn- McGhee Sally McLean M. Meachum Bi-lah Morris Ru ' iH MoTOX Pailixe Mniis L MIE MlRRAY Fl.OYE Xestox Ejiily (VNeei. Effie Outlaw Blanchl: Park :r Mary E. Parks Mary- Paschal L rga:;lt Piiii.iH ' .i Flora Piih.i.h ' s Nell Rash Ruth Rhdmoxd Katharixe R feces Kathleen Regan Louis-.; Richardson- Esther Seawei.i. Ethel Sharp Rui ' II SlIERRII.I. Hrettie Siffori) Macie Sigmox Ikexe Sloan Ri-TH Shomaker Alta M. Smith Clara Smith Pauline Smith Eva Spears Sara Staley Esther Stewart Laurie Stewart Elva Sugg Gladys Sweat Kathleen Thomas Nelle Throxebi-rg Mabel Tapscoi-t JLye I ' tley AxxiE I ' tley- Hazel axxoy Hai.lie Waugh Peari.e Webb Hatiie Whisnaxt Sadie Williams AxxiE Wilson Fearol Woody Inez Wright Hazel Robersox Margaret Manx Pearl Dellixger LiMA MA-riiiEws MlL.MA JoiIXSOX Willie Gwai.txey IlUTII liuRGESS MiXXIE P OOXE ' era Coraji EvEI.VX AXDIJRSOX M ' li.i.iE Mae Adams Addie Bell Mahi.ey Grace Stephenson Bessie Brock Opal Chapman L UI)E Beber Sara S. Phillips Helex Reece Ruth Monroe Mary Grace Huxt Frances Swicegoode Margaret Baxter Page Seventy-seven i Mm ■ •• N I N E T E E N HUNDRED TWENTY -NINE -a. V, :.- • ' ¥ 2V1«5- RHODODENDRON m • I2 ■•sr; — - ►J o C c u a: Paije Stvint y-fiijht ■; .. • ? • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ ' " ' ' m ' Lil J Dale Home Economics Clu Sponsor Miss Lily Dale OFFICE RS b First Term Second Term Tliiril Term Presidents MiLUKEi) Andrews GEr.TRUiri Mavltsbi ■ Martha Johnson ■ Vice Presidents Gertrudz Maultsjv Gladys Little RiTii Prevatte Secretaries Mildred Harvjl Hazel Browning DlCY FoRTNER Treasurers Mary Paschal Kivm Siu-makek ROLL Sarah Herman- Emma Hayes Mabel Dabhs Evelyn ISoyles Melissa Clontz Hazel Ftre UiTH 1 ' revatte Kith Hoi.i.ifield N ' era Coram LrxA Ft ' LTos WiLlIK Gw AI.TNEY El.ONOI.A GrIFFIN Annie Mae I.ono ■ J ILIA llK)L Anne Wii-Son Ha-el Vannoy Helen IIeece GiiACE Fiai-A Frances Coley Marca:i::t I ' iihjips I:;:.iA Matthews El-KIE OlTLAW Mary Saunders I.ilman Sitii::;ilani 1!i:;y Hinsiiaw 1 Eli ai(:;tii .I()iinso DlCY FonTNER Marv Donnllly Eri.A 15. Horc.ii : ; Unil I ' lAKEK Ethi.ene Cain Sarah Staley Heatric:: Clin;: Mauie Uallov Maiitha .Iihinson Erie Greer Elva Scc.c. . E5I1LY O ' Neal Sarah Ukrman Villa::d Je:;o:me Bessie Goble i ; X ■ i : 1 Page Seventy-nine - ! I HUNDRED TWENTY . : ■ SLC5 " ' ! ; ' : : " = , " :) :[ :[ " - — W ' . ' ' m: ' ' !5 ' ' ' THE RHODODENDRON : ;v " . I; (iASTOX-CALDWI.I.I. COUNTY CLIH .9: n A V a } mm CATAWliA COIN ' I ' - CI. 11! A W . l ' l( 4- ICiifhlif :• »•■ NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE • ' - ; 5Ss ; ; ' 2 £c ;-;;; 2 « ;-; ;-; =3;$s :-; ; ' 3;ss ; ;-; s;{is ' ; ;; 3L« ; ;-; ;3gf:5 ;;; ;; =: i{:= ;; ;,;„., mmm ' ' i m THE RHODODENDRON Lincoln County Club OFFICERS Frank Hoiser President High Hovle I ' iee President Edith Sain Secretnri and Treasurer ROLL MABdABET BaxTKR Mabv Baxter EuLA Beam CoRiNXE Beam AUTIIEMA Byxi ' m LiLIA BiSAXAR Clyde Caxipe Clyde Cabi " ext?:r Gladys Friijay Ilease Fisiieb John Goins Kate Hendrick Hugh Hovle Yates Heavexer Beverly ' Heavexer Fraxk Hoiser LlTHER HOUSEB Gladys Little Edith Saix Ray ' Shidai, Bettie Siffobd Macv Sigmox Pa(je Eighty-one S t - - r ' ■: : - NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE -O- " I © rr; S[i H ' ;.,: ' S i " ?SSfel " ' j feSI .. THE RHODODENDKOW ■ ' r= ii ' M HAUKN COIN TY CLIP, ASIll ' , (1,11} I ' llllf Eilllllll-l ' ' ( ' 0 : a s iv . 2 ' • ' • ' ■•li-V. mimmm m mm THE R H O D O ' Mk ?■ Presidents; rtocj Jackson ul P lotj Jackson C3 Secretaries: Hazel BuK a) Grace M Kimjeq « Sponsor-- Pro-1. 1 G-GtMI- Mascot- Joe 6recr Roll.. BurllM Blair H Minnie Booirje B81 BH Hazel Bu ■BIJQ I RatV? Bareness. l l Dor4?aTO 6rdck«H H Favnie BrdcWtt F Ylol HoVVOUid AwmeHodqe R wsevi?U Hunt WfS% M ts ■ ■lLJ dkk4 RUTHERFORD COUXTY CLUB Pa( e Eighty-three NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY -NINE ' ' ' i i il l liSeilS li 2 - THE RHODODEWDIION •: X ; t I I I I a: a ' I I I, Wilkes County Club Motto : Be all iioii xi ' eni nnil ttiiirr Coi.oiis: Maraon and While .Mil. WiiK.UT. Spiinxiir OFFICERS Tom Haves President Clinton Eller J ' ice President Oi.iVE HiMCAK.NEH SecTetartj and Treasurer Jennie McBkide Representative ROLL Td.M Haves IUtii Siiatlet CnABi.KS McNkii. ' ' vue Hash ,, ... Oscar Mu.ks ItAiiMi Davis ,. „ av Cai ' dill Jay Hmiiikv Jknnik McHride Iliiiii Ukavis EriiA .McIJuiDE Ci.iNTDX Ki 1 KK Ukiiiiia MiBuini: liKNNiK I.. .Maktin ' I,i:aii C ' iiamuerr Null. UaSM I ' .STIIKU .Stkhart I.AIRA StEWAHI) W ' iI.IIEI MINA Tnin.ETT I.KNDKA GeHM.VN KeSSIK HhOC ' K I miSE I.AXKhOHi) 1 ' kahi, 1 ' ars ins Oi.IVE HAr-Mi;ARNKK MhS. ' . C HOMKLI Grace Siiati.ey CiERTRinE Saiith f ' nrie !■ ' iiihl ii-fniir j:j;: NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE • •: THE RHODODENDRON 7i Iredell County Club Motto : B- CoLORs: Purple and Gold Floweu: J ' idlet OFFICERS Esther Niblock President Annie Borbitt J ' ice President Martha Johnston Secretary Richard Williams Treasurer Irene Sloan Representative ROLL Hazel I5iiowxixc. (Trkas 2) Ruth Redmond Annie Bdbbitt Ruth Sho.iiakeii DicY FouTNEK (Sec. 2) Ethel Sharp Martha Johnston Conuad York (Rep. 2) Pauline Little Richard Williajis Esther Niblock Lois Marlin Harold Lazenby (Pres. 2) Connie Shaver Fairy Redmond Jack Wilson Pnije Eightif-five ■a ' . A ' i • ' - l I East Carolina Club Motto : ( (■ an- (ill thill -iCf xi-i-iii iiiiil niinr Colons: I ' lirjilf iiiid (iiild Ol ' IlCKUS Hi Tii I ' liKVATTK J ' rcsidinf AIaiu.k Dabbs Sfcnlari Maiiik Gallop J fice Pnnideiit W ' lLMA Johnson Tifiisurfr ROLL Ui ' Tii Ani)iip:« ' s Kvi.i: HiiriT I.rcii.K Coi.KY I?F.TTY 1$. Cone Maiiki. Daiiiis Fan NIK I ' . Fri.cmin (jKoiuiu-: Fi.ovi) Gl.AD ' S IllNSOX KkKMI ' I ' HlNSON C ' ONHAIJ IIlNSON Fjiank IIaii.siax ClOl.DlK HkkIUNG Ki.i .AHKTii .Johnson MiLDiiLi) Johnson A ' ii.:ma .Ion nson F.lTiKNlA I.AXi: Sai.i.ik McLkan Gi:nTuii K Maii.tshy Xkll Mkacih-ai HlTlI MoMIOK Lknoha Mkiain F.i ' l ' lK OlTI.AW MlTIl I ' lllAATIi: I I.OHKT ' ri-: i ' KKl.K Maiiv ISayxoii Katiii.dkx Hkoax Mazei. Hoiikkson F,LVA SlCllS InKZ WllKillT Cassik Wii.i.iams Viiqr Eiiihhi- N E E N I N E T HUNDRED W ' « ' " ' ' W« Bs WENTT-NINE ■ c. wg i2= ' Watauga County Club Dr. B. B. DaI(;iikktv, SpaiLtar FLOWER: .Irhulu.i COI.OliS: Pink uul White Motto; A Better Home Cinintji far A Better Home College M m n OiriCERS GiLiiERT Tavi.oh President Ghant Hodges J ' ' ' President P ' rances Farthing Secretari Ruby Winkler Treasurer Dessa Mae Triplett Representative 1 I ROLL Ashley. Joxes avstix, lvla Barxes, Stella Bixgiiam, Gladys BixGiiAM. Helex Bixgiiam. Licy Bixgiiam. Mahle BlXGHAJI. Ol ' llEI.IA BixGHAM, Pail Clay, Margaret Cooke. Homy CoixciL, . lice Ci ' RTis. Ruth Davis. T. E. Daigheuty, Berxarii Farthing, Frances Harmon, Clay Harmon, Myrtle Hexson, Edith Hexsox, Essie Hexsox, Li ' cv Hodges. Graxt Honeycttt. Nell Hoxeycitt. Ritii Keller. Roy Lawrence. Dare Lyons. Ralph McDade, Irene McDade. Mildred L LTllA. ai.lie Moody. Tom Nortox, Charles N ' orbis, Stella Mast, Alice Parsoxs. Gwyx Perry, Maide Phillips, Kith Phillips, ,Saua Ql ' ALLS. . rCIIIE Richards. Robert RowE, Lola RowE, Wilmetta RuppE, Author Smith, Nell Sherewood, Axxa Mae .Swift, Gladys Taylor, Gilbert Taylor, Joe Triplett, Ernis Triple-it, Dessa Mai; Triplett, Ola AV.iTSON, DociA WlI.BORN, L HY Wheeler, Mollie White, Mary Wilson, Mrs. Chapel Winkler, Ruby nouris, i eota RoBEHSOx, Theodore - " ■ THE RHODODEN n R O N " ■ ' - Art Club Miss (m.mhii.i.. 1 n. l rurlor ROLL Dorothy Hi ' iihes Henrietta Tiiomi ' shx Hki.i.k Gaiii ami EiiiE.MA I, am: Gladys Hixsdn KsriiKU Xiiii.cic ' K I.AI ' IIA STK ' AltT I ' aii.ixk I.rnii: Nki.i. HoxKviirr Katk Hendiucks Kvii Y O ' N ' kai .ri A ( ' (ii{M:i,ii-s KiNlCE S.lIAl.l. GllAC ' K McKlXXEY Ni;i I Mkaimi ' m Mii-i iti:i Johnson Maikm: IIami ' iiin I ' ' . i: IA Sl.OAN Itt in l Yi(S I ,i:i I A YKrts IM)1I II I I Mlt ' TON I -It II 1 1: i Iam I ' TiiN Mamii: Mi iiiiAV .li:.NMi: .McKiiini; I.KNOHA (iKHMAN Anna I. it . I.ESSIE TrcKKu Gladys I.rm.i: MaHV IVvXTKH Mus. Itri ' PK rnqt I ' .ifllit tf-t ii lit ; — ' ■• NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ — ' • j: vk ' -; 2s?k - ;- ' c: ' (i ; K i sjs " -: ;v Egsc ; ; ' 3ncc ; ; s$:G ; ' ■■ s k k ■• ' siict- i -- --- - - - o- THE RHODODEN D R O N •■ ■ — :IZ y ¥ " •%. JVil l ttra ■v.. A Page Eighty-nina NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE : ss J3 ;■: :- ' ; ii gJii l| KI j i g j SSlr S RHODODENDRON •■ ' , - ■ THE M • I lit - ' Til HI a ' fT.- ' Football Goines, Guard: II.i1m-v, C ' l-nti-r; fniiiiu-, ' rMcUlc; Mr, G. 1 ' . Rfifiers, C():ich ; I ' liilliiiN, I ' .rul : Fiilkerson, Tackle; C. lliiiMin, I ' ' iillli:icU : K. Iliiisdii, I ' .iid; I lartley. Tackle; Wiili.inis. Ilnll- liack; Fortner, Guard; t ' onkc, Tackle; Lewis, I ' .rul: Tinner, Tac-kle; Perkins, l- " .nil ; llniiscr, Ilalt ' liack; Harker, Safely: Ilallnian, (t ' a|itain) ( aa rterliaek ; 1 Inyle, Ciailer; l)ellin,:;cr. Satet ; C ' rniise, Gliard. SCHKDr .1-. Sept. 22. 1928— . la lii;iii .Mountain City 27 Sept. 28. 1928— i;! North Wilkcshoro 6 Oct. i:i, 1928— " Morijaiitoii 7 Oct. 20. 1928— " (i l.isl Tennessee Te;iehers 9 Oct. 27. 1928— " II li uthcrford College 50 Nov. ■.i. 1928— " .5 1 !.(■(;, Me ll;ic Institute Nov. 10. 1928— " lihulie!,!. y. Va. 44 Nov. 10. 1928— " lieluionl .Vliliey 13 Nov. Nov. 21. 29. 1928 — 1928— ' 58 Ml. I ' ark ,Ir. Colle,u,e TOTAL— Ai pa 1, ' icliiaii 1 .-! ! ()ppollents . -150 " e : I ' niie ' iyhiflii NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTYNINE ; i« , , ; ; s:; :; . ; ; [ y ,i: . ' . ; 2Z :. ] ; ;xii:= ,-. . :;, :!:c ; ; ; ' i:iz ,. . : i .i - . 3; " S „ ; ' Girls ' Basketball Helton, Center; Lindsey, Manager and Guard; Miss Cliarlsie C ' ain] er, Coacli; Garrison, Guard; Gamlnll, Guard; Lineberger, Center; Hollit ' ield, Guard; Howie, Forward; K. Griffitli, For- ward; Reeves, Captain and Guard; H. Griffitli, Gu.ird: Tlironelnn};, Forward. Appalachian .35 18 20 21 " 22 41 15 38 Total A. S. N. S.- 210 SCHEDULES Mountain Park .Jr. Collej e 18 East Tenn. Ttachers College 26 Lincoln Memorial L ' nixersity 13 Lcnoir-Rhyne College 21 Ciillowliee State Xormal 28 East Tenn. Tcaclier.s Collc. " ,e 25 Lcnoir-Rhyne College 20 Cullowhee State Normal 28 Op]5onents 179 " , ' Xiufl ii-iiuti siHS ?lS 2 sio- T H E RHODODENDRON ■• : Boys ' Basketball I i A Canii e, Guard; ISarkcr, Forward; Halliiian, Guard; FulUt-rsoii. Guard; I ' crkius, I ' orward: K. Hinson, Center; C. Hinsoii, (Captain) Forward; I ' liillips, Center; Daveuimrt, Guard: Williams, Guard; Lewis, Forward; I.i in ' ston. Guard; N ' aiin G. Ilinson, C ' oacli. sen i: DILI ' , ,)olmsoii 15il)lc ' C ' olli-ue 12 Youni; Harris Colltge 20 Kast Tinn. ' I ' lacliers C ' ollt ' je 15 Linc-olii Minuirial l ' ni frsity 18 Cullivlue State Xi)rmal 30 Rutherford College 20 Lenoir Rliyne 23 Carolina Monograms 33 ]5oilinn Springs .Ir. College 20 Kutlurforil College 31 Callowee State Xonual 31 ' (U lg Harris College 18 I ' i.dinont College 35 Lenoir - Rliyne 35 K. Tenn. Teaeliers College 17 Hluefield College 31 (ilanville Teaeliers College 26 W. Liberty Teaeliers College ' . 17 Slielilierd College ' 1 ' 3 Boiling Springs 27 Opponents 538 Jan. 12— -Appal ac liaii ;ji Jan. Ki— -Appal ac lian ;i ) Jan. 22— -Appal ac liaii ;(i Jan. 21— -Al.pal ac lian 2 1- Jan. 28— -A])pa ac lian 2() .Ian. 29— -Ajilial ac lian 27 Feb. 1 — -Api)al ac nan -i Feb. ■1— -Ajipal ac nan .•i2 Feb. 5— -Aiipa ac lian ;(() Feb. 6— -Ajipa ac lian k; Feb. 7 — -.Vppa ac nan . ' {li Feb. 8- -A] pa ;ic lian 26 Feb. 9— -Appa ai ' liian 30 Feb. 13— -Aljpa ac liian 33 Feb. 16 — Appa ac liian 27 Feb. 18- -Appa ac liian 32 Feb. 19- -Appa ac liian 33 Feb. 20- -Appa ac liian 17 Feb. 22— -Appa a liian 26 Marcli 1- -Appa a( liian ■17 Total— A. S. N. S. .565 ;V: Paqe Xhwf if-fxc ' o .: — " O- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE O =1 cheer Leaders Ri TH HoLLiFiEi.D Mahgahkt Ci.ay Gladvs Sweat Kathi.ken Regan Page Sinetij-three ? • NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ..» — - — S : m -{) V- " ' ■ ■ ' ■ - - - ■ n i»- THE RHODODENDRON t l| S K r- = s ' ; :f2 1 1 APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHER ' S COLLEGE The Rhodtxlendron of this issue is com- ing " out in its third new (hess. hy reason of its new name. While the copy for this Annual was being prepared, the Legis- lature of North Carolina granted the school a new Charter and changed the name to Appalachian State Teacher ' s College, made it a four year institution, and authorized the granting of such de- grees as are common in xVmerican colleges. Courses of study are now being worked out. lea(Hng to the bachelor ' s degree. ' (ii c Siiiit ti-fiiu,- ■■ 5 SS? } X- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE OIT »A . - " -■■ ■—• ' f: i !L. W» - » » ' r.rr ?r j ' j : ftnfc .ij ' ! ' " i ' gjt fci .i ' ' ' nk ' ' ' " — ' ' ' ' ' ' . - - y T-w-L " ' - . " :• »: Z THE RHODODENDRON ¥ AhutvtiBBxnentSi A Pn je X ' utefif-five K? -2 =? s : ■2 X- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWKNTY-N |, Vt ---- " ■ - ■ »• ' THE RHODODENDRON OiESZI I. k ' . - . ij I - i , ' a ' I: A II : ALL PHOTOGRAPHS AND ART WORK IN THIS ANNUAL FURNISHED BY THE BURR HARRISON STUDIO f ARCADE BUILDING JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE If PORTRAITS OF D I S T I N C T I O N ( I WE ALSO DO EXPERT KODAK FINISH IN(; I j ! COMMERCIAL P H O T O G R A P H S .f w. Paqe yinfli -ni.c ' S; Jt r; ;S JfV Vi S fJ :; s s|i : z ss K ' :o »s:i;: " «7.« i irs. , - ■ • THE RHODODENDRON m - SUMMERS HARDWARE CO WHOLESALE ONLY Hardware. Cutlery. Sporting Goods. Stoves. Ranges. Paints, Varnishes, Farm Implements, Building Materials. Railroad, Mill. Mine. Klectrical. Water Works. Phimliin;, and Ihating Sup- plies. American Boilers and Radiators. EQUIPMENT DEPARTMENT Equipment for: Stores and Offices. Schools. Hotels. Restauranls. I ' aelories. Garages. Barn Equipment and Dairy Su])plics. McCrary Refrigerators. Majestic Hotel Ranges Coffee Urns and Steam Tahles JOHNSON CITY. T I ' . N N E S S E i: GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of ARTISTIC FACING BRICK COMMON BRICK HOLLOW BUILDING TILE EAVES HOLLOW BRICK Plants located at Johnson City TENNESSEE Kingsport " The South ' s Largest Producers " I ' Pnt e yineti seven lLl?« ' - V - . ' »•■ THE RHODODENDRON ■ » f. ■! i - « I i li EAST TENNESSEE AND WESTERN NOR IH CAROLINA RAILROAD COMPANY LINVILLE RIVER RAILWAY COMPANY I GOODNESS GUARANTEED! Ill our Model Kitchen a Domestic Science Kxpert is at it all day loiit ' — bakiiiy ' and tastin - and hak- I uu; ayain — just so we may he certain that every j hatch of RED HAND will do itself proud in I A ' our kitchen. J j Everybody uses RED BAND, for every purpose I I MODEL MILL COMPANY, INC. i JOHXSOX CITY. TENNESSEE j I ' tn r .Xiiu f if-( i( h M-- : s ri . 5 ? J| m m = m :r : =r THE WATAUGA COUNTY BANK CAPITAL SURPLUS $50,000.00 $•25,000.00 MEASURED BY THE GOLDEN RULE The standanl by which we measure our service is ihe good old Golden Rule. We invite the stu- dents and teachers of the Appalachian State Teacher ' s College to make themselves at home at this bank. BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA ISAACS ' Boone ' .s Most Satisfactory Department Store The best place to buy Ladies ' and Gents ' Ready-to-Wear, Shoes, Milhncry, Dry Goods and Notions. ' ' We Clothe The Entire Family Better For Less ' ' I ' dijc . iiiilii-niii NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE 53 £t THE ' A ' t ' -t t i t ?Al A; V: t RHODODENDRON •« TO 40 SUFFERERS FROM UNNECESSARY COLDS We arc not (Idctcirs. but « f liavc x|)irt medical o| iiii(iii to liacU u|) oui ' statcnuiit tliat most colds arc " cauf;lit " at liomc ! L ' licvcniy licatcd homes — a stufl ' v liot room lure, a cliilly room tlicrt — with colds as a result, arc the penalty you pay for an inefficient heatinj;- s slcm. We arc sjjccialists in correcting lieating ills. I ' i|) and lioiKr iusul.itiou ; proper radiation; lieat control devices: humidifying apparatus — these ;irc tlu remedies whicli we prescribe for these liomc-caught " colds " . Incidentally, m- save you money, too. Let us call and inspect your licatiug s steiii — N ' o obligation to vou. (WE AIODEKNIZK VOL ' K I ' LL .M BI.XG . S WELL) W. P. DAVIS I ' liiinhino and Ilcatinu C ' lmti-actdrs JOHNSON CITY. ---------- TENNESSEE Johnson City " Truly a Metropolitan Store " CTVI C Intangible as style is. its l3 1 I Lllj ■ • • presence is unmistakable, its absence noticeable. . nd it is in Style, as in other things, that KIN(i ' S excell. Occupying so important a position in KINCi ' S activities, you arc assured that the apparel you purchase lias been approved for good taste, smartnes.s and eonformitv with current fashions. You are always a welcome guest at KING ' S whin you seek to ae(|uaint vourself with the latest ;in(l most desirable fashions. I ' lim ihii Ihniilrdl =• " NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ } ■ s mm m m m ms :f m . . ' " ' ' • THE R HODODENDRON -rt. . TUCKER MATTRESS COMPANY, Inc. Manufacturers —of— Quality L ' liic Mat tresses mid Box Springs ASK YOUR DEALER JdIhisoii C ' itv. Tennessee BOONE DRUG CO. J J i I Boone, i i The REXALL Store North Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THIS ANNUAL is an e frv(lay fxainpk- of " Printin.y- of the Better Kind, " made possiljle only by onr modern equipment and expert workmanship. MUSE-WHITLOCK CO. RULERS — I ' RlX ' rKRS — BINDERS Jolnison City, Tennessee Page One Huiidred One uy :. THE RHODODENDRON BOONE HARD WA RE CO.! INCOin ' OHATl,!) Wholesale and Retail Dealers I. H. C. MACHINKRY. OLIVKR CHILI.KD PLOWS. HARDW.VRK. CTTLKRV. PAINTS AND OILS. STOVLS. RANCiKS. KLrCHI ' .N W. Ri:. W.V(i()NS. H.VRNi:SS LMI ' Ll ' .Ml-.N ' rS. S.V MILL . ND PLL-MIUNC; SLPPLIl ' .S. ' c : rr licadciiiMi-lcrs tor ix rrvthiiii;- in lic.-n y H.-irdw.-irr. Hiiildcrs ' Hardw.-irc. Lime, ( ' ciiunt. I ' ;ii-ni . L-icliiniTy. All articles k(|)t in a first-clas.s Hardware Store. Our First Consideration Is To Serxe and Satisfy Next dour to W atau )a Cininty Hank — ( ' . ' dl ulun in ne (l ot li ' oods in our line Corner . Liin and l)e|)ot Streets — Plione No. 1 — Boone. North C ' arolin.i I li SPAINHOUR-SYDNOR DRY GOODS CO. NORTH WILKESBORO. N. C. SPAINHOUR-SYDNOR DEPT STORE Elkin. N. C. I SPAINHOURS, INC. | DEPAirrMKXT STORK j Boom-. X. C. j I We extend the students a most cordial invitation ) to make " our " store " their " store. SPAINHOURS, Inc. Boone, N. C. I ■if- I ' di c One Huiidrfil Two . sxs -. o NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE ■ C ' f= m m " m m . ,f: s i RHODODENDRON ■ : V ' - ! Plione 53 Service Day or Night = Walkcr ' s JcWelry Store CARS FOR HIRE Class Rings Class Pins I ) Special Rates Given to School and Travelling Men i Headquarters Boone Trail Cafe j ! = Diamonds and Watches I I i I j i i i A Good Place To Eat i ! GEORGE W. ADAMS TAXI CO. j | i i Jcicclry Rcpa ' ir ' iug WILL C. WALKER HOONE, North Carolina = i Boone, i i North Carolina " Mark Every Grave REMINE MEMORIAL CO. Since 1842 one of the oldest and largest monumental plants in the south. — Plants at — | JOHNSON CITY — KINGSPORT — (iREENEVlLLE, Tennessee ' ((( • One Iliinilred Three i-C- NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE •■ ' ■ ■ lit- . : THE RHODODENDRON i m ! I ! Bristol Huilders " Sui)i)ly j J RKHECCA HOONE | Company j . i I Ilitme iif Ilftirr liaitdiiuj Matfiiiil i j i M;muf;nlunrs of Mood Prodiuts i | i i j i Qudlitx and Service j i i i I .Mills. Yard and Office: j | MoouK, Lek, Commerce and I | S( oTT Streets I ! i I i i 15 r i s t () 1 . - V i r g i n i a j j i i TEA ROOM FIXE STATIOXKRY SCHOOL TAHLF.TS CAXDIES. CAKKS. ICE CREAM JCK COLD DHIXKS Yoi rs To Please 1500NK, XoiiTii Carolina j Watch Repairing By Experts Do You Know Wf Have Had 0 er 10 Years Ex])erienee in WATCH AXD JEWELRY REI ' AIRIXG ' I ' his means wlien you send vour work to us il will be tlone RIGHT. Our priees ;ire moderate. I.ET IS I ' UOVK THIS. I. N. Bec ' kner ' .s Son Watehmaker, .Jeweler. Engra ( r •• KXOJf HOW .lohnson Citv. - - - Tennessee I i j ! i I i I i I j i I ) I I i I j I j I j I i I J I 5 I I I j i i I 11. j. Cottrell PresitUiii W. W. Mast Vice-President W. . Gragg Sec ' y.-Treas, Watauga Building and Loan As.sociation IJoone. X. C. Offiee Over Walauna Coiiuly I!;mk ASSETS OVKi; $350,000 DIRKCTORS: ' t. P. Hagaman, R. L. Bingham, C. M. Crilcher, W. W. Mast, John K. Brown, II. 0. Farthing. W. L. Ilolshuusir, L. . . C.rtcnc, D. J. Cottrell, V. I). Farthing. J. P. Hodges. V. II. Gragg. ' .ii (III! Ihiiiiln ,1 Fniir 6 NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE :l ;-; 3:S3 v J s: ;,H 3 -; ■■ s }; ;-■ s|3 i;{:i Kis iHH ;;[5 i Compliments of I JOHNSON CITY ! STEAM LAUNDRY Let The Laundry Do It Phone 5188 I DANIEL BOONE I HOTEL J I Be Modern XoRTH Carolina ' ■Concrete for Per nanence ' ' Wataug-a Cement Products Corporation .lolinson Cit} ' , Tenn. Specializing in Concrete Tile Roofing, Pre-east Stone, Concrete Stave Silos. Con- crete Sewer Pipe, Ornamental Concrete Products. Bristol Grocery Co., Inc. Bristol, Virginia t £)] i Distributors Stokely ' .s lite Label Vegetable King County California -Fruits Lutz and Schramm Jellies Apple Butter and Preserves We Wis i for the Faculty (Did Student Body of the Appalacli ' ian State Teachers College the most pleasant and successful year of their history. TENNESSEE BRIIXiE k STEEL COMPANY Structural Steel and Miscel laneous Iron Work Ptiije Oiii- Huiiilri ' il Five •• NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE •« ; - ■ ' - ; - " TO- THE RHODODENDRON . i -v- .t. ' ■■j-j.-v,. i rf g i6! wj ft- m .V. I •A ' I IV-; ' ■ti}- i r ! ! T. H. Coffey President I Ira C. Critcher Vice-President I A. Y. Howell--- Cashier f Gurney D. Brinkley Asst. Cashier FP:()PLES Bank and Trust Co. We invite you to become one of our prosperous ami satisfied customers. WE I ' AY FOUR PKR CF.XT O.N I S.WING ACCOUNTS Boone, NoHTU Carolina ! CAROLINA STORES I Bli r Front Stores Boone, NoKTii Finest Quulitii Groceries Our I ' rices Are ( ' Ilea per Terms: STRICT I.Y CASH " H ' V Save You Moiiev ' ' ' M ' ( ' Have Everyth ' mg Found j .-1 Good Drui Store and I A Complete Line of Se iool Supplies — i i HOlXiES DRU(; CO. ! 7)1 Ihisinesn Fur Your Health Boone, North Carolina COTTREL cV IVIAST j ■T ie Corner Store ' ' j FIXE GROCERIES SWFKT CANDIES LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR Boone, NoiiTii Carolina I ' ln i dm lluiiitriil 3 - NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE : =2;£ H;-!?? »:{-S $j s:»H ' Si: 5 -5 = V ; ' - ' f- THE RHOOUUENUKON ». - , =j | | nl i a 1 ? autographs i 1 ' i iiji i. ' 1 ' • ii t " ?- 5 5 §:. . ■ -yy T ' W ' %, ■ V -t , fe 1 I. ' I i? i 1 • ' ; ifij ' 1 m f ' i i tV j i I. v " ? - ■ ! • " ■ ;i 1; A »4 • V ' ' 1 ' 1- • Pnije One Hundred Seven »4 , Ib i ' ' l TK- NINE T E N VN D R E D TJW E N TJf -NINE -O ' — ' -=- ' | 5® l s HODODBNDRON f I. t I I I autogrtuibs f i ' ■■-) " ? 4 ' V ' ((r f ' OHf h ii hl INETEEN HUNDRED TWKNTT i? 2 j 2j «s LIBRARY Appalachian State University Boone, Morth Carolina APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY 0346 0050411 IfiP Boone. ..... . y ' kf. i ip: V; ' i,. - ' m 111 ' , ' ■

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