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. - , .r - o ' ' •-• ' •- 1 »- " THE RHODODENDRON 1 J 2 C Published by THE RHODODEXDROX STAFF of the Appalachian State X ornial School Boone, Xorth Carolina 1 y V ■ i ! I ! ■ I ' --« ' S-cy 5 ; ■ , w.--»- 5- »c , .- , y, . ;, . ■. -N CbcRboDoDcnDron Dedication In honored memory of two of Xortli Carolina ' s leaders, themselves friends, who as members of tlie Board of Trustees took leading places in forming the plans which in their develop- ment have given this scliool high rank among American Teacliers ' Colleges and Normal Schools, we dedicate tliis fiftli volume of the Rliododendron — In memory of Hon. E. S. Coffey and Mr. Vance Henkle. Page Three Cljc UDoDoDcnDroii HON. E. S. COFFEY Page Four Cftc UljoDoDciiDron MR. C. V. HENKLE Page Five C!)cUJ)otioDcnDron Memorial Hon. K. S. Cofffy was born at Zion- ville. North Carolina, in 1867. He was the son of W. C. and Carrie (Curtis) Coffey. His parents came to Boone and for years had charge of tlie Coffey Hotel which made and maintained a very fine reputation. Mr. Coffey was ajraduated with the . . I?, degree from Wake Forest College in 1890. He studied law under the master. Colonel G. X. Folk, and was admitted to the bar in 1892. As a lawyer lie stood high, and won an enviable reputation for sincerity and honesty in his profession. Mr. Coffey married Miss Annie Parks of Virginia, a noble woman. Four daughters and one son gladdened their hapiiy home. It is a family of culture and refinement. He was a Mason and Shriner. and joined the I5aptist Church in 1915. and tliereaftcr was constant and acti e in all religious matters. In 1911, he rep- resented his district in the State Sen- ate, giving much of his time to the Com- mittee on l ducation. o f wliicli he was a ranking member. Mr. C. V. Henkle was born in Cataw- ba County, near Conover, in 18G8, and was named in honor of Governor Vance. He married Miss Lila Dunavant of Morganton. Three daughters and one son came to their home, making a de- lightful family. Mr. Henkle was an outstanding busi- ness man of the State. The Highway to Blowing Rock, the greater Green Park Hotel, of Blowing Rock; the Vance Hotel, of Statesville, are some of the resultants of his many activities. While he accumulated nuuli jjroperty. he was public spirited and generous to a fault. F ' .veu before he became a mem- ber of the 15oard of Trustees of this college, he always manifested a pas- sionate pride in its growth and develop- ment. Mrs. Henkle, his devoted wife, shared with him in all his altruistic ac- tivities. Mr. Henkle was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and l ad an abid- ing faith in the life to coms- In 1925, at the annual meeting of the Trustees. Mr. Coffey and Mr. Henkle sat side by side at supper — good friends that they were — never dreaming that they would both soon be sleejiing in the silent tomb of death. While this Institution has lost much in the passing of these distinguished trus- tees, we bow humbly to the decree of the ()nini|n tent. ' e shall rejoice always in the consoling thought that all is well with tlieui now. Page Six iiz UJ)oDoDcnDron 1 I P:ige Seven CbeUfjoDoDcnDron i Page Eight CbcUfjoDoDcnDron Page Nine CDeUlftoDoDcnDron Page Ten Cljc UboDoDcuDron |p«H IH !H9lpB9I QSH ' A ■r. Page Eleven Cf)eRf)oDoDcnDron Faculty I ' KKSIDKXT B. B. DOIGHKUTY Fage Twelve Cljc Rf)oDoDcnDron Faculty " ' Ci S ■■ »•% ' »; . ' -3 gg ■ ' IShI ' iSH lH B t j B Sffi M - W- - © 1 . t ' - ' ' ' l ■Hfti P ' ' " C il H I I ' UOF. D. D. noiGHKKTY liiisiness Mniiafrer Page Thirteen CbeUboDoDcnDron DR. RANKIX MR. MISS LKDBETTI- MR. KK.NT R L( )(;a. MISS TODIJ MISS MILI ' ORD riidSu-s ifc- ' iii ' ' ' MR. IJOvVXl I MISS DALE MR. GREER MK. WILLIAMS V m m- ' H r B iV " m •I W " ' ■ .1 ,. ; w ' (r ' ' ' ■-■ , ' ' •VI r. - ' . Page Fourteen CJ)c UboDoDcnQron - i MR. WUIC.HT MKS. WILLIAMS MISS COFHHV MK. CUmCNE MISS uolghp:rty MRS. HIXSOX MISS HEVDRICK MR. HOWELL MR. NORTON MISS DOTSON MR. WILSON Page Fifteen CftcRboDoDcndron Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief Nellie Coffey Business Manajrer Levi W. Teague Secretary Xora Mast Treasurer Herbert .Estep Advertising Agent Gordon Winkler Advisory Faculty Editor James 1). Rankin Faculty lousiness Manager I. G. Greer Associate Fxlitors Inez Grao-g Ruby Cottrell Katrina Walsh Charles Farthing Newton Cooke I Page Sixteen Cljc UljoDoDcnDton StNl0i 5 3 J ll Page Seventeen OjcUljoDoDcnDron ■ - ANNK Dir.A I ' EVF.UI.Y ■•] ' irlue Ihreiiih jiiilhg Ihiil md not in the ijrnve. ' ' Amiki is ipjict, winsoMie, iind attractive; w i;( i)(l stiidciit, true C( ?ii|)ani(in, ami a faitlifii! friend. Slie never slifriits a task or leaves lier wort; iindiine Secretary of Junior-Normal class, ' 2I-; inenilier of Blan-Dolpli Literary Society; nieriiher of Tennis Cluli; niendier of Art Class; critic of lilan-Doljili Literary Society. VIRGINIA BINGHAM " llii) pil itni I, frnni fine I ' m free. Whii (iren ' l lliei) all conleni like ine " However, ' irj:inia is .serious when occa- sion demands it. Yet her sunny smiles and sincere friendslii|i cannot help hut win her fame. Her leisure time is si)ent at the jiost- office, hopinf; to receive a letter from Tennessee. .MELI.IE liL.VKKLY Here ' s a {. ' iri who has won the admiration and resjiect of all. She is as loyal a daugh- ter as our .Mnia .Mater possesses, and we are confident that whatever tield of activity sne c iiooses for her life work, she will always liririfr honor to . . S. X. S. Memher of Hlan-Dolph Literary Society, ' 2.5-26; vice-jiresident of Blan-Doiph Liter- ary Society, ' 26; cen.sor of Blan-Dolph Lit- erary Society, ' 26; memher of Y. W. C. A., ' 26; vice-president of Y. W. C. A., ' 26. .TEXXIE BIU)WEU When a jrood time is mentioned who is always ready to take partr Why " .Jennie " to be sure! Her (rood humor and witty re- marks drive away ex en our jrloomiest thou rhts. Member of Blan-Dolnh Literary Society; member of Y. W. C. .A.; secretary of Bla ' n- Doljih Literary Society; critic of Blan- l)ol]ih Literary Society; chairman of Pro- gram Committee, B. D. L S. Page Eighteen Cl)c Ul)oDoDciiDron I ' l.OV fANXOX Tlioiijili (|iMi ' t, reserved : u iiMMSsiiMiin);, l ' ' l()y (l(ie.s not l;iek a fine sense of Innnor and a line for fun and (rood times. She never slnnis any res))onsiliility and is a niifrlity fxood Imddy and friend. .Indfrinfr from her actions we ■onld say tliat her slogan is: " To liaxe a friend one nnist l-e a friend. ' ' GUACK CAUl ' ENTKK Carpenter is jrenial, whole-sonled, and dis- eriminatinjx. The wliirl of social life at- tracts her, lint she is always ready and willing! to do her part in school work. Sli is hoth eapalile and worthy, and as a stu- dent or friend she is faithful and true. IIKTTIE CAHHOL Hettie has a iiersonality that wins with everyliody. .She is cpiiet, unassiuninjr, and di ' nified. Her sweet disposition, winning sni ' le, and graceful ways have won the hearts of her classmates. She does her work in a superior manner and is never found shirkinfr her duty. Historian of .Senior Normal Class; treas- urer of Home Eeono ' uic CInh; profrram conLmittee of Home Keonomic Club; charter meiriher Home Keonomic Cluh; vice-])resi- dent of l!lan-I)ol]ih Literary Society; chair- man Proftram Conunittee of Blan-Dolph Literary Society; censor of lilan-Dolph Lit- erary Society; member of Y. W. C. A. ANNIE CLAHKE One of the most jrenial members of the class is Annie. She jios.sf . ' ■ the rare ipial- ity of beinp the same wherever you .see her, always friendly, always haiijiy, and at all times interested in others. Slie has won tlv admiration of all her classmates. ' ice-president of Dliin-Dolph Literary .Society; chajilain of Blan-Dolph Literary .Society; charter member of Home Econom- ic Cluli; cabinet member of Y. W. C. A. Page Nineteen CljcUljoDoDciiDron XKI.I.IK EI.l .AIU ' .TH COKFEY " Here ' n a mnih ta who Inre nif, here ' s n heart for everij fale. " " Nellie is a fine student of unusual men- tal iiliility and attractive disposition. She is an excellent ' irl; loyal to her friends; faithful to her acquaintances; and syni- | atlietic in every need. Secretary of . nnual Staff lfl2.5; student i;ditor-in-Chief of . nnual Staff 1926. VIOLET COX Violet ' s (|uiet and studious nature lias licl|ied to add many links to her " frolden chain of friendship. " If she is for you, she is never aj- ' ainst yon, anil one finds lier al- ways the same " true blue " wherever he niets her. Class duties are never nefilected, Init by some means she has ample time o lend a helpinjz hand. Member Hlan-Dolph Literary Society. ELSIE F.VUTHING " Fair as a star when only one is shinimi from the sky. " Elsie is sublimely fritted with nuisical talent and personal charm. She is as a sun- beam in the lives of all those she meets, but best loved by the " Koyalty. " ' President of Blan-Dolph Lit. Society. CORDIA FRANKLIN Cordia is one who strives to succeed in everythinp that she undertakes. She is a very studious girl, and in all her work man- ifests a true love for hijrher thinfrs. Program Committee and member of V. .M. C. A.; Program Committee and member of Home Economic Club; charter member of Home Economic Club. Page Twenty €lK UhoDoDcnDron KAYE KlNDKltlUHK Fnye comes to iis from Mmts Hill t ' olk ' fit ' and has |iroved to lie an excellent student. Altliou ' li rather reserved, she has made many trne friends for she can always he de- pended on, in class or ontside. On accoimt of this characteristic, ive ivrojihesy for her frreat thinfrs. Meniher of Y. W. C. A EIXIC1-: GOODMGIIT " The hint of Time- hii« hul a lilllf mii l flutter — aixl the liird .« ait tin ' iciiiii. " l nnice is not (inly a jro»Kl student hut a good friend as well. The number of her friends is e(]ual to that of her ac(|uaintances. E.SSIK GOODNIGHT " Modest lis the smnll::it violet thiit iiruics. But, my, ichnt n lot of thiiti s she kno-ics. " Essie, cominjr to us from liutherford Col- lege, fell in line and liccanie an excellent student. Her im.selfish attitude, never thinkinfr of herself hut always of others, has won manv friends for her. AXXIE GlsEEXE " Greene . nnie " is a veritable fountain of joy, forever hubhiinp over with irrejiressihle happiness. However, jrloomy the situation, she is there with lier giggle. In her two years of Xonnal training, hooks haven ' t worried " .Vnn, " for .she finds other things more important — ball g; mes. Member Chorus Club, ' 2.5-26 ' ; member Basketball team, ' 21-2.5; member Tennis Club, ' 24-26; cartoonist of class, ' 2+-2.5; treasurer of B-D. L. .S., 25-2(); lion, member of . AV. C. A., ' 2+-26; lion, member of Home Economic Club, ' 26. Page Twenty -one Cljc m)oDoDciiDron SAMIKI, IIKI.TON " .tint jii ' l tliiiuiih X ' liiiijiiialu ' il. he icuuhl iiri ue gtill. " Here is ;i yoimfr iiiMn wIki cxcrcds ,;ll lii chissiiiMtcs by lii.s (iraliiriciil .ihililics. I ! • i : friend to nil licirifr nlwnys uillirif: t(i help his cl issiiiiites. The " fiiir srx " r:in :ilwiiys (lc|ii ' iul iiiiDn Slim, he licinjj: siisci-ptililc t i their elianns. Meiiil)er of Tennis Clul); nieniher of Seienee C ' liih; nieinher of Chorus Chili; charter ineiiiher of It. V. I,. S. ; sexton, H. W. I,. S. ; representative, H. V. I,. 8.; ehiiiniian Deiiate Council, It. V. 1,. S. ; rep. of K. W. L. S. in intereollejriatc deliate. IRENE HENDRICKS " Rene " witli lier welcoininfr sniiU ' has liecn a friend to all those who really knew her. .She is one of those who ha c coniliined " oni- iiion iiid(.;iiient with a keen sense of hiinior. .She ' s a ;rood sjiort and a jiay eoin])ani(in. With such a disposition and aliility, we can only predict success for her future. President of Home Ik-onomic Cliili; char- ter menilier Economic Chili; clia|ilain of lllan-Doliih Literary Society; charter meiii- her of .Science Club; secretary V. W. C. A. RIBY HINES " Full of life, seiixe tiiiil -ivit, Lots of fun, anil jilenti of (jrit. " Ruby ' s attracti eness comes from her frankness, orifiinality, merry huijrh, mis- chievous eyes, and " jrift of frah. " Rut these are not her only a.ssets for she is very tact- ful in the manafrement of children, which assures her success as ;i teacher. Hon. meniber of Y. AV. C. A.; cabinet member of " ' i ' . W. C. A.; memlier of Blan- Dolpli Literary .Society; censor, secretarv, vice-jiresident of Blan-Dolpii Literarv So- ciety; charter member of Home Economic Club; cartoonist of Senior Clas.s, ' ' iS- ' ili; memher of Art Club. VANN G. HIN.SON " Handy " has covered himself with ulory since he came to colleL ' e. .Aside from iieiuii ' very prominent in class work, he is one of our leadinfr candidates for all forms of athletics. His frreatest success, athletiealh , is in basketball. While here he has en- deared himself to all who have had the pleasure of his acquaintance. Charter nieniber of Itankin-Wilson Liter- ary Society; jiresident of Rankin-Wilson Literary Society, ' ' 21; nianajrer of basketball team, ' •24- ' 25; assist, physical education di- rector, ' 25-26; cajitain of basketliall team, ' 25-26. Page Twenty-tu ' o € K UijoDoDciiDroii MAHY .lOHXSON As for Mary, we consider her ii conscieii- timis student who always does her | art. .liul injr hy her sueeess here, we know tliat she will succeed in her chosen work and we wish her reat ha] ]iiness in the coriunt; yea rs. Menilier of Y. W. C " . A.; charter nieiuher of Home I ' A ' onomic Cluh. KMMA I.K.MI.Y " Hut iKiinf ine not icitJi the (Iffenteil. to- initrrtnc tujnin, I Itei hi. ' Kniina is a quiet frirl: a fjood student; and an aft ' ahle coniji inion. Her accjuaint- ances will never forget the happy days and hours |)asscd in her co:ii])any. IMXSADA McANTI.TY Hosada, possessinjr enou Hi of temiier to cause one to heware of her dis|)leasnre, is attractive and amiable. She is always ready to do her best at any task. This character- istic has been the cause of her success in all undertakings during her two years here. Sec. of Senior Normal Class; sec. of Home Economic Cluh; charter meniher of H. E. Cluh; ])resident, treasurer, pianist, hon. member of Blan-Dolph I, it. Society; charter menilier of Y. W. C. . .; music director in Y. V. C. A.; cabinet mduher of Y. W. C. A.; menilier of Chorus Cluh. .M.VKH ' : McFAYDEN " Worri kills more people thnii bullets: then whi worry? " This is Marie. Is she attractive? Ye.s, furthermore, she is so liualile that you can ' t help admiring her. But don ' t trust her with your heart, for she is careless — she might break it. [ ' resident of Y. W. C. A.; secretary of IJIan-Doliih Literary Society, ' " 26; member ba.sketball team, 1921-26; hon. member of 15. D. L. S., 192t-26; member of Chorus Club, li)2+-2(); ch. ' .rter member of Home Economic Club, l!»2.5-2(); choirister of Y. V. C. A., l!)24-2.5; charter member of Y. W. C. A. Page Twenty -three € K UOoDoDciiDron MONHOK McINlOSII " " is the s;iiiie every time you meet liini. If y(iii are loiikiMfr for a friend, liere lie is. He is an exeeptional jriind student always stiekin); to a task until it is eom- pleted. His every deed jiroves that his motto is: " Actions speak louder than words. " [ ' resident of Uankin-Wilson Literary .So- ■iety; charter nieinlier of Kankin-Wilson l.iterr.rv Societv. DHWKV K. .M. .ST L ' oniliininfX intelleetnal cipahilities and social accoinplishnients with a jileasinj per- sonality, Dewey makes not only a tlioroiii;li scliolar, Init a sincere friend. He is (loinj;- Ills ] art whether it he in love, hooks, or literary work; and every one apjireciati-s his cheerful and synipiithetie nature. Vice-iiresident .lunior Class, ' ' 2.5; treas- urer . nnual Staff, -2.5; chaplain K. V. I.. .S., ' 2.5; critic, R- V. I, S., ' 2(i; president I!. W. I.. S., " 2(i; charter nieinher and censor of Science Chih; niemher Tennis Cluh, ' 2(i; charter meinher of 1!. W. I,. .S. C()l{. .MII.LKU " trf)U(ieiit ni ' iuth itre aftett those of iclinni the noifiii worltl hears Itast. " " .Miss .Miller, " iiossessin;;- all those quali- ties which constitute a n()lile character, is quiet, unassuminfr, ::nd thoiij;htful. If you jiieree that mask of liers, you will find a friend worth having. Meniher of Y. W. C. A.; nieniher of ISIan- Dolph Literary .Society. SALLIE MAE MOSTELI.EH " The: are slaves u-ho dare not lie 111 the right with two or three. " Our Sallie is a very f;ood student; excep- tionality distinfiuished for her fine ideaK ;ind her affahle attitude towards all whon( she meets. She is ever rtady to lend a hi-lp- injr hand, and it is frequently .soujiht. Meiuher of Hlan-Dolph Literary Society. ' 26; ])resident of Hlan-noliih Literary S ciety, " 2(i. Page Twenty Cljc UboDoDciiDron AI.LIE MUN ' DY A lovirifT dis]i()siti(m und cliMniiiii;: jier- siiiialitv iKive won Allie many frieml.s. and she is loved and admired liy all wlici know her. Quiet, reserved, and sedate is she, with a ]irivate store of knowledjre and grit that will carry her tliroii}. ' h. RACHEL NIIU.OCK We all love Rachel for her sweet disposi- tion. She is not only admired for her ). ' reat skill in athletics, hut also for lieintr loyal to her friends. She is an all-round jrood sport and can he depended upon for fun or work. Charter nieinher of Hlan-Ooljih Literary Society; president of Blan-Oolijh Literary Society; charter memher of Home Economic Chili; memher of liasketliall team, ' 25-2(1 ' ; captain of ha.skethall team, ' 25-26. MAY I HH,LI1 S " The heart to conceive, the uiKier.- ttiinlitni to tlirect, the will to execute. " May is known on the campus as a friend ly, understandinji person who has plenty of amliition and aliund;ince of determination. Her ideals, expressed in a quiet, attractiw personality, are much superior to those of the ordinary. AXNIE MAE RADER " .VnH( times I lnu( h at trouble, hut ouct in a iL-hile I sigh. " Annie .Mae is jolly, jrood natured, full of " pep, " care-free, and faithful. She has a kind word and hrifrht smile for every one and she will always he reinemhered hv her classmates as amiahle and unselfish. Memher of ]?lan-I)olph Literary .Societv; ])ianist of Hlan-Dolph Literary Society; sec- retary of IJlan-Dolph Literary Society; iiieml)er of Y. W. C. A. Page Twenty-five Cijc UOoDoDcnDron KI..MKU KANKIN l ' ' . i ' r ' one knows l ' Jint ' i ' ;in(i ;ill like Iiim. He enjoys the iilni of a never hurried ex- istence, .111(1 niaint: ins an e(|iial iialanee he- tween thity ami pleasure. here er lie froes, he will lirinj: credit to his AIni.i Mater and we .are sure to hear thiiifrs from him in the future. .Meniltcr of Ciiorus Cluh, ' 2. ' i ; iitemlier of ' I ' ennis Cluh, 25-2C ; charter memher of U.inkiu-Wllson Literary .Society; liasketliall referee; (iresidcnt of .Senior Normal Class, ' 2. ' j-2(i; re|iresentative of Hankin-Wilsiiu I.itcr.irv .Socictv. I.OriSK I!(). CI1 Louise is, consistent, studious, and interestiii);. Kach uiulertakinfr that falis to her lot is thoroufrhly com|ileted. .She rejire- sents that rare person. ility where one is al- ways ready to do for others .ind never wor- ries whetlier lie will receive credit and jiraisc commensur.ihle with his efforts. . XNIK .M. F, liOlUX.SOX •Vniiic Mae ' s (|uaint ]icrsonality r.nd dreamer ' s .soul .add to her charms. Her per- sonality, which is |)artiy descrihed liy a smile dwclliiifr most of tiic time in her eyes, insures friendship tor her when she is anion;; jieople; her dreamer ' s soul insures ha])py hours when she is alone. .Memher of l!lan-l)olpii Literary Soeietv; charier memher of Home Lconomic Cini); pr.);;. com. of Home Kconomic Cluh; cahinet officer of Y. W. C. A. DOliOTHY liOWE " It ' x (I frteiiillii heiirl thai hiis p!eii!i of frieiiilx. ' ' Dorothy can ' t lie easily surpassed as an all-round pirl. She is diii rent in her work, firm in her devotions, and sincere in her convictions. She is loved liy her friends for her frentle manner, and with her persistent determination she is hound to succeed. Memher of Cliorus Chili, ' ■J. ' i; memher of lilan-Dolph Literary Society, ' 2.5-26; chap- lain of lilan-Dolph Literary Society, 2(); :ne;nher of Y. W, C. A. Page Twenty -six Cljc UijoDoDcnDron UKSl ' KUS U.WMONl) HOVAI.I, Ke,s]UTs is o|itiiriiistic, (1c|h-iuI,i1iIc. (lifriii- fied, uiiil iwiiliitiiiiis ' cll, I slidiild sny, for he is ilftcriiiiiu-d tii iii;ikf tlie liest f-Tiidi- ill liis rlnss, and wIki ever litMrd of liiiii failirifr. lint lie docs not confiiu- nil liis interest to collei. ' e activities, for tli(ni;rli Inisy, lie never nejriects the Indies. Poet of Senior Xoriiial Class, ' ■ r)-2 i; iiieni- lier of Tennis Chili; niemhcr of Chorus Chili; nieinlier of School (Jiiartctte; vice-president and charter nienilier of Science Cliili; censor, secretary, and treasurer of Hankin-Wilson Literary Society; inenilier of Dehaters ' Council of K. W. I,. S. A ' lUGIXIA S.MVKU " The cheerful live liiii(] in years mid in our reijiirth. " Virjrinia is a pood student, a jollv com- panion, and is fritted «ith hotll personal char.ii and intellectual .siqieriority. She is always readv, williii ' :, and never afraid i to try. : Meinher of lilan-Dolpli I.itcrarv Society nicnilier of Y. W. C. A. ' " j . M.VTTIE VAIUN ' .V T.VYI.OK Mattie is very intellectual and dignified, and we ;ill love her as a classmate. She has such a friendly nod and pleasant .smile that we feel sure she will meet with (rreatest happiness and success. Charter iiiemlier and Editor of Science Chili; secretary and critic of I!lan-I)olpli Literary Society; treasurer of Senior Class. LEVI W. TEAGUE Teagrue hails us from Taylorsville. All who have come in eonta--t with him have dis- covered a man of quiet winning jiersonality who posse.sses the faculty of making friends easily. You may think " him verv serious at first hut on knowing him you w ' ill find liiin a jolly pood fellow. President of Science Ciuli, ' 2.5-26; charter memlier Science Cluli; .secretarv of Uankin- WiLson Literary Society, ' 2.5; " chajilain of Hankin-Wilson literary Societv, ' 2«; Inisi- ness manager of Annual Staff ' , ' 2(1. Page Twenty-seven Ojc UljoDoDciiDron MUS. I,K I V. TKAC;iK Mrs. Teafrur is a ivi|iMhlc, williiifr, and de- pcndiilile worker, a sir. cere eonscieiitious student and friend. .She Is never eaii(. ' lit un- prepared and always makes ood grades. Slie itelieves it " a tiling is wortli doin , it is irt]i ddin well. Her Isind tiisposition and pleasant smile assures us that she will make a successful teacher. X.VXNIK l.or ' 111()M. .S.S()X All have to have .some spice; Nan- nie I.ou furnishes ours. She studies hard every day, — how to have more fun. .May she meet the trials of life in the same opti- mistic way as she has met the difficulties of school duties with us. .Member of Chorus Club, ' ' ifi; member of Kasketliall Team, ' ■2i-- ( ; testator of Class of " 2(); charter mcnilier of Home Kconomic Club, ' 2(); vice-president of ISIan-Dolph Lit- erary Society, ■■i(); critic of Hlan-Dolph Lit- erary Society, ' ' 2(i; caliinct memlier of V. W. C. . ., ' 2(1 ; JKUiorarv member of Y. W. C. AD.V M. E WHITE " ' hite, " an outstandinjr figure in basket- ball and our cheer leader, is one of the most popular jrirls on the campus. .She joined us in ' 2.5, and in this short time has won her way, by means of her ultra-pleasant person- ality, into the hearts of many. . iember Chorus Club, ' •2. ' j- " 2(i; member of llaskctball Team, ' 24-2f); member of Tennis Club, ' 24- ' 2(); censor Blan-Dolph Literary Society, ' 21; cbai)lain Dlan-Dolph Literarv .Society, ' 2-5; |iresident I ' llan-noliib Literary .Society, ' 2(j; charter member Home Econom- ic Club, " 26; hon. meinlier of Y. V. C. . ., ' 24- ' 26; vice-president Senior Class, ' 2.5- " 2(); cheer leader, " 24-- ' 26. .MARY WHITLEY " Whit, " with her cheerful dis])osition anil witty sayinjrs, came frlidinjr in here with a Morj anton smile on her countenance. By appearing intelligent and by looking the ieacher straight in the eye, she pulls such a good bluff that even Mr. Williams can ' t tell that she doesn ' t know her lesson per- fectly. Member of l!lan-Dolv)h Literary Society; critic of Blan-Dolph Literary Society; mem- lier of Y. W. C. . .; member of Home Eco- noTuic Club; doorkeeper Home Economic Club; cabinet member of Y. W. C. A. Page Twenty -eight Cf)c UboDoDcnOron GOHDOX WIXKI.KIi Gordon ] ossesse.s c ' ery charMftfristif tf a pt ' iitlenian. He is i|uirt, nolile, jrood-na- tured, liked liy every one, and well deserves the name of heinfi one of the best students in the class of ' 26. His exceptional talent and firm ambition will surely aid him in earryin;r out his ideals in life. President Junior Normal Class, ' 24-25; charter member of Kankin-Viison Literarv Society; critic of Uankin-Wilson Literary Society; secretary and treasurer Uankin- Wilson Literary Society; vice-])resident of Uankin- Vilson Literary Society; president Uankin-Wilson Literary Society; sexton Uankin Wilson Literary Society; Annual Staff, ' 2(i; charter member Science Club, ' 26; member of Debater ' s Council, ' 2.5-26. . GNKS VOLXG " KnaicleiUje euines hut ic ' i.ttloni liniiers. " . frnes is a very jiojiular student, charm- inir lioth in manner and in jiersonality, and friendly to her host of admireds. " Neat- ness " is her watch word. Page Twenty-nine €l)C UboDoDciiDron I : ' 3l MASCOT AUN ' OI.I) PERCY TEAGL ' E Page Thirty Cljc UfjoDoDciiDron Second Year Normal Roll, 1925-1926 President I ' .lnu ' r Rankin Vice-President Ada Mae Wliite Secretary Rosada McAnultv Treasnrer Mattie Taylor (iriidutites before Mai Gr:ue C.iriieiiter Aiuia Cass Annie Clarke Sallic Henderson iiliiiie .Jdhiison Muriel liiee llll:luil e.1 ill Mill Mellic I ' .lal ely Jeiniie ISrower Hettie Carroll Samuel Helton Irene Hendricks l{iiliv Hines Emma I.emly Hosada McAnulty Marie McFadyen Monroe Mclntosli Sallie Mosteller Uachel Xililoek JIae Phillips I ' Unier Itaiikin I.oiiise Koacli Dorothy Howe Mattie Taylor Mr. I.. W. ' I ' eafiiie Nannie I.ou ' I ' lioniasson Ada Mae White A ' nes Young Oriuliiiite i in .lui iii t Ernest Billings Floy Cannon Violet Cox Faye F ' miderliurk Cordia Franklin Lucille Gennan Eunice Goodnight Essie Goodnight Annie Greene Grace Harrington M;:ry Johnson Lena Huth McMillan Ruth Moore Annie Mae Robinson Res])ers K. Royall Maude Wineharger Mary Whitley St uileiits (loiiiif tic ' a t ciirs ' ic ' iirk yilllOllt Graduation Nellie Coffey Elsie Farthing Addie Harrelson Vann G. Hinson Dewey Mast Cora Miller AUie Mundy Mrs. L. W. Teague Gordon Winkler Students with more than ont, hut less than two years ' Vork Annie Heverly Virginia Bingham R. W. Hovis JIary Killian Virginia Smyer Walter Wilson Page Thirty-nne CljcUijoDoDciiDron Senior Class Poem " OUR star- How (ift sonu ' star has sent its ray To j liiit across the vaulted dome And fall into some lonely heart Or guide a weary traveler liome. ]5ut yet at twilinlit have there been Ambitious hearts to find a way Who ' ve sadly slei)t long ere the star Has reached the noontide of its da y. Our school is truly our bright star; Its light has penetrated deep The sandy nooks of doubting hearts And sent them forth to sow and reap. We in the twilight now go forth Ambitious for some kindlier ray To keep our minds from thoughtless sleep And drive the dismal night away. Perhaps across tlie great abyss Of fleeting time we soon shall see Eacli otiier living on a realm Of thought we ne ' er had hoped to be. Perhaps at no far distant day Our lives as mirrors will reveal The generous thoughts and words and deeds That now the future years conceal O Alma !Mater, wilt thou then Still guide us with thy fostering care? O Beacon Light, wilt thou repel The clouds of darkness and despair? Shine on. O Star, illume the path Which leads into the erudite ! Live on. O Hope. Yea. never die! And turn our darkness into light ! — Respers R. Roijall Page Thirty-two Cljc UljoDoDciiDron Senior-Normal Class Song (TUNK: " ON THK ROAD TO MAXDALAY) Oil. 1)L- loval. Senior Class, Firmly take your stand for right, And go forth this day to conquer, Never faltering in the fight. Side with truth, nor lose by flight, Kee]) your courage and your niiglit. Go ye forth with haiuu-rs flying, I ' lee the wrong hut woo the right. Proudly, we the Senior Class, Know that we ean dare and do. Since at J5oone we got our schooling Tliat is proof enough for you. Leave to us. for we know how " . ppalaehia " brought us through. We will triumph at the crowning — So we bid you each adieu. Now to those wc leave behind. Sadly farewell we must say. Ye. with clarion notes, this message Must proclaim again some day. Faithful band, as true as steel, He ye fearful of delay. You can rise where we have fallen — Press ye forward day by day. Faithful teachers how can we F ver laurels bear to you. As you rightly are deserving, For your care and service true. Please accept sincerest thanks (None deserving more we see) And we ' ll leave this loving token: " Always liappy may you be. " —R. n. R. Page Tliirty-three CDc UljoDoDciiDron Who ' s Who IN THH SKNIOR NORMAL CLASS Most Stylish Sallif Mostclk-r Best Sport Ada Mae Wliito Best Atlilete Handy Hinson Most Energetic Rcsjiers Royall Most Handsome Klnicr Rankin Prettiest Rosada MeAnulty lost Dignified Mattie Taylor Most Lovable Mcllie Ulakcly Most Attractive AnnicMae Rader Daintiest Nellie Coffey Most Sincere L. W. Tcague Most Studious Hettie Carroll Most Capable Rachel Niblock Most Popular Agnes Young Most Intelligent Louise Roach Most Original Ruby Hines Happiest Mary Whitley Most Carefree Marie McFadyen 15iggest Flirt Nannie Lou Thomasson Wittiest Irene Hendricks Most Talented Gordon Winkler Best All-Round Dewey Mast Friendliest F mma Lemlj ' Most Oratorical Samuel Helton Most Musical F lsie Farthing lost Serious Monroe Mcintosh Cutest Dorothy Rowe Professor ' s Favorite Annie Green Jolliest Eunice Goodnight Sweetest F ssie Goodnight Most Humorous Virginia Bingham Page Thirty-four Oc UfjoDoDcnDron Junior Normal Class Roll OFFICERS Howard Ashley President Jane Howell Vice-President Angie Jennings Secretary Allen J.axton Treasurer Xora Mast Historian Aqiiilla Arnold Projjliet Louise Coffey Poet Class Colors: Green and White. Class Flower: White Rose. Class Motto: Too Rig to Re Little Mary Abernctliey Stella Anderson Francis Andrews A |nilla Arnold Howard . sliley TIarinie Hailey Ora Hailey lieece Bailey N ' orecn Haker .Mae H. Harlowe Mary Bast Blanche Beam I sther Beam Until Benfield I ' earl Binjrliam Until Blair Ciertnide Blalock Darrell Boland Gurney Brinkley Cassie Mae Bntner Lnla Belle Carpenter ' iolet Chester Eula Clark Uene Cloninger Louise Coffey Estelle Cooke I.eona Cooke R. Y. Corbett Mrs. K. Y. Corbett Joe Cowles Pearl Cowles -Marv Culhreth J. L. Curtis Essie Dalton Ina Dalton .Vnfrle Dancy Comilia Delinprer Edith Delinfrer Beatrice DePriest Bess Dickerson Carter Dick.son Zeh Dickson Willie Dodson Paul Donnelly Bernice Doughton E.ssic Dula Betty Huth Duncan Marie Drum Beulali Edmisten Dassie Edwards ' , " .n}rie Falls Charles I.. Farthing Ona Fartliin;: CJladys Fitzgerald Hill Freeborn Clyde Goodnight Howard Goodnight Paul Gorley Edith Griggs Eva Greene liassie Grissette Clea e Gross I ' earl Grover Lola F velyn Hardy . ddie Harrelson N ' ae Hendricks .Amy Benson .• lnia Hoffman Elizabeth Holt .Julia Honeyeutt Mary Horton Leonard B. Hovis Jane Howell Louise Icenliour N ' illian Jenkins Angle Jennings Lillian Johnston Blanche Jones Mary Kilhy Howard Klutz Emma Lee Koon Zora Latlian . llan Laxton Grace Lineberger Frank Logan Otlia Lee Lowry Christine Matkie Eva Martin Jennie Mast Xora Mast Vaught .AFast Hazel McCrary Hazel McGuire John Mcintosh .Mrs. Blanche McXeal Until .McNeal . lta .McSwain Eva .Miller Ivan .Miller Wade Miller . ddie Moore Nannie H ise Moore Eleanor .Moretz . ddie Moretz Maggie .Moretz Julia Morris I ' .velyn .Mosteller Until ester E a Xornian Leota Xorris .Marv Xorris Thel ' ma O ' Neal . lvin Outlaw Alice M. Osborne ' ance O ' Xeal Myrtle Outlaw James H. Pannell Mrs. J. H. Panned Beatrice Parsons Ethel Parsens Wendell Parsons Josie Payseur Viola Penner Ruth Perry Thelnia Perry Leola Plvler Bertha .Vl. Poteat Florence Poteat Louise Presson Elizabeth Quinn .leter Ramsev Ollie Pay Beulali . Iae Reeves Cvntlia Pearl Reeves John Reeves Lora Reeves X ' ergie Reeves Anne Helle Regan -Mary Douise Regan Troy Regan Luther Robinson Pansy Roberts Roy Uoliinson F ' nnis Roland .Vnnie .Mae .Sherwood Grace Sloojie Blanche Smith A ' irginia .Spears Gertrude Steelman Edna .Mae .Story Xannie .Stewart ■lessie .M le .Sugg Gladys Swift . nnie Taylor CJrady Tester Butler Thomas Mae Thompson Tlielma Tolbert Orrie Lee Trivett James Tucker Helen L ' nderdown Ora X ' annoy .ella Wagoner Zelda Walker Carrie Warden John Warden Beulali Weaver Theo We.iver Allie White Ruth Whitley Gus Williams .M. J. Will iams Manly Wilson Frank Winkler Lillian Wiseman Martha Mae Wooten Kathryn A ' ylie Ethel ' .immerman Page Thirty-five Oc UljoDoDcuDrou Page Thirty-six Cljc UljoDoDriiDron Page Thirty-seven Cijc UljoDoDcnDron P:ige Thirty-eight Cljc UboDoDcnDron Page Thirty-nine CljcUljoDoDcnDron Page Forty Cf}c UboDoDcnDron Page Korty-one Cbc UDoDoDcnDron V ' - ■ -i Page Forty-two CJjc UftoDoDcnDron Page Forty-three OcUIjoDoDcnDron ■ ' i ' i ' js ' S " ' ' r w.[ m " Am. Page Forty-four Cijc UljoDoDcndron Page Forty-five Cbc UijoDoDcnDron Page Forty-six Oc UboDoDcnDron Page Forty- seven Cf)cUljot)oDcnDron Junior Normal Class Poem Wi Ihc cliiss of ' -JT 111 lliis sell,,,,! so iKibly i)IaniKil KiuliMVoi ' ill mil- work to be ' I ' lic .i-y Ik si ,|„ss i,, all our laiul. Many I rials W( will find As (iinvard llinnifrl, tliis life « ■ ixo Wliiii ilaii ccrs cross our path, rci-all " i ' oo l i;i In !„■ little. " our own motto. hach s( nior siirj. asses us. ' tis tlunii;lit. Arid we an- not at all well known; AHIioiikIp our elass is quite as jjood. Not often are our merits sliowii. Juniors are ,all(,l the jolly elass; And no ixeiption to this we jirove. ere just a hunih of jov and jiU-.-isure. Ihis |]i||)s to make our work more smoolli. Next yiar as .Siniors we ' ll return — Hut little difference there will he. WeU still he a liapjjv. joyous elass Oirnhin.d with a senior ' s dii,mity. — Ldiiixc Voffrjl Page Forty-eight Cbc mjoDoDciiDron FKKI) AXDEUS " Tiike the world easv. " IIA .KI. COOK " My heart is like a siiiiiin;: hird. ' AI..MA r.AKXKS ' ■nejiend on your.self. " V ,IAY CI T.TIS ; " A friend in need is a friend indeed. " UNA COKPFAIXG " When duty and pleasure elash let duty iro to smash. " ! . liAI.l ' H DOCKEUY " A eoniliination of nohle thoughts, hii;!i aniliition, and eoniinon sense. " i; m li ' ' I r Page Forty-nine €l)c mjoDoDcnDron OLA DOTSOX " So inerrv, lilitlie, and debonair. ' iiKUHKKT K.sri:i " Of riiDral stri-Tijitli and intellectual ;- : i iiwer. " liHANTI.EV niNCAN " A real ladv ' s man. " DOUOTHV GK.VGG " . face with ;rladiiess oversjiread. " .MAUG.VUET GIVEXS " . clas.sniate )ri od and true, never shirks what she has to do. " HOWAUD GRAGG " Give to the world the hest you have and the hest will come liack to vou. " Page Fifty Cljc UIjoDoDcnDron CAI.I.IK CUF.KNK " ISeMUty iiiul leaniiii ' ; in lur «i- firul ciiiii- j ' . liiiied. " rsi-, I ' KUKY GHl ' .KU " I errv is a I:i(i of iuuU ' rstan(Iin;r ■■ " ui t good qualities. " | jF-:; ' 5 FUPV.) C;i!F.KU " Onward striving. " ' i p I 1 W liOS. IIAKDIX " Kind ::nd tnie; more .studious tlian tlie most of vou. " M.VKGAUET H.VHN ' I am .sure care ' s an eneniv to life. ' CLAUDE HELTON " Good natured and a friend to all. ' Page Fifty-one Cljc Uf)oDoDcnDron DKWKY MITCHKI.L ■ " rrue worth is in lieinfr, not seeiiiinji " I.oyaltv is ;i strimjr jiiiint with Dewey. I.EONA I.OOKABII.L 1i% 7. yk i ' isM " Goiid humor and good sense must ever join. " HOW.VRI) KIAT7, ■■ " , niliition, sincerity, and dignity mingl ' d witli goodness. " nil.L JONES •While 1 live I crow. " MURIEL HODGES " A noble woman strong and true. Made all of spirit, fire, and dew. ' ELISE MIXDY " True, loving, generous — in the highest sense a friend. " Page Fifty-two Ojc BtjoDoDcnDron STKI.I-A NOUlilS " It doesn ' t ():iy ti) Horry; tilings will lin])i)en anywiiy. " CI-IFFOKI) rUll.LIl ' S " Trouble never troiililes me. " I ' KAKI, I ' AIiSONS " Gentleness lias its jHiwers. " N ' r rriK i ' uoffit " Live while you live, I would sny, ' And seize the pleasures of the jiresent day. " t HlliY I ' KXNIXGIOX " Gifted with liotli eharniinfr iiersonality ? Rnd niusieal talent. " ARCHIE ( IWI.I.S " Full of i)ei) — and a real jrood s]iort ! " Page Fidy-three .-o-y--- - Cl)c UOoDoDciiDron AHTIU ' U Uri ' l ' K i " lloiicir lies iit Inlior ' s {rate. " .lA.MKS STHAnF.H •I ' hiv liall! . I AK BKOWN SITIIKIU-AXD " Karf (•(unpouiul of (jiiality, nnlilc and true I A iili-iity of wit and f;ii(id sense, too. " 1 A ,KI,I. TAYI.OU " A lieart wlierein lies good will for all. " K.VTIUN.V W.VI.SH " Cxiod nature and fiood sense must ever MARIE WILSON " Her fientie s])eecli and modest ways help to accord lier praise. " Page Fifty-four 0)c UhoDoDciiDron MASCOT .MAUV DOKIS WlilGHT P:igc Fifty-five Cl)c Uf)oDoDcnDron Senior Hic:h Sch(X)l Class Poem " A pi ' .RriXT yi:ar " The approacli of the end of a perfeet year Brings a knowledge of tlie tropliies we liave gained an l Irst Tlie memory of things that are all too dear Leaves a feeling of gladness for the effort tliey liave eost. Xow we like just to think of the good old ilays When we tried to do our hest. rejoiced wlim our Inst was done, Rejoieed to find the prize our lahor pays Sometimes a wreathe of kindly words that crowns eaeli stri ing one. Tliere are tliose who liave come and passed with the rest, And have counted in tlie making of a year of iK light; But the one we remember and like the hest Is just the friend, tlie true-blue friend, that meets his tasks aright. Our hearts are tied with chains of lasting fondness To the hearts of our teachers who liaxe hel])ed us day by day; They made their wholesome smiles a touch of gladness Tiiat elieered our tired minds when in a restless way. Only tilings of the past we now think about. The pleasures and sorrows and joys of a student ' s life Now the thouglits of the future must rule these out And form those plans whereby we may blot out tlie future ' s strife. — Jay L. Curtis Page Fifty-six OeRftoDoDcnDron Statistics of Senior Hio:h School Class A. S. N. S. Neatest Artliur Ruppe Biggest Sport Margaret Halin Biggest Flirt Una Coriiening Best Looking Girl Callie Greene Best Looking Boy Fred Anders Greatest Giggler Dorotliy Gragg Daintiest Marie Wilson lost Studious Katrina Walsli !Most Popular with Students Bill Jones Most Popular with Faculty Howard Klutz Most Sarcastic Edgar Edmisten Most Athletic Boy James Strader Most Athletic Girl Elise Mundy Biggest Bluff Ivazelle Taylor !Most Carefree Brantley Duncan Wittiest Stella Norris Most in Love Nettie Proffit Laziest Boy Clifford Phillijjs Laziest Girl Leona Loockabill :Most School Spirit Howard Gragg Best Musician Ruby Pennington lost Conceited Hazel Cook Most Original Dewey Mitchell Best All Round Girl May Brown Sutherland Best All ' Round Boy Ralph Dockery Man Hater Margaret Givens Woman Hater Fred Greer Most Attractive Alma Barnes Class Baby Pearl Parsons Cutest Ola Dotson Most Dignified Herbert Esten Most Stylish Archie Quails Quietest Girl Rosa Hardi.i Quietest Boy Claud Helton Best Sport Perry Greer Most Intellectual Boy Major Jones Most Litellectual Girl Muriel Hodges Page Fifty-seven Cijc UfjoDoDciiDron Page Fifty-eight Cl)c UljoDoDciiDron Junior Class Poem (HIGH SCHOOL) " We will find a way or make one. " This our motto and our aim. ' c, the Juniors, now are elimbin ' ; Toward the honored lialls of fame. Ha! wc know the way is rug;{j;ed. And the toil may eost a life; Though the hearts of some may falter. We are equal to the strife. Wc are not eontent to linger In the foothills of the elimb. Tiiere is mueh that calls us vonder. For whieli we yearn, for whieli we jiine. Tell us not that we ' re unequal, For the tumult anil the s ' .rife. We ' re resolved to do our duty, And attain success in life. " We will find a way or make one. " This our motto and our aim. We, the Juniors, now are climbing Toward the honored halls of fame. -Frederick IS. Blair Page Fifty-nine (C )C UboDoDciiDroii Junior Class (HIGH SCHOOL) !Motto: " Wc will find a way or make one. " Colors: Lavcntk-r and Wliite. Flower: White Lily. OFFICKRS President William Mast Vice-President Ruby Cottrell Secretary and Treasurer Roy Sliepiierd Historian Norma Hrown Poet Fred Hlair Propliet Joe Taylor Cartoonist Xell Smith .V.sliley, .Tones Haird, . nnie I. on Hinjrbaiii, Maliel IJl.iir, Fred Hrown, Norma Cottrell, IJiiliy Catlett, Halpli Cduneill, .Mice Crawford, .Incob Davis, Ted Foster, Max Gant, James Grapg, Bernice Grapg, Grace Greene, Claud Gryder, Gaillier Hardie, Hazel Hinson, Conrad Hopkins, I,i;cil]e CLASS ROLL Hodges, ItiilK rd Howe, .Stuart Jones, lioliert Kent, Hen Lackey, .lames Lewis, Honnie Jean Linney, Kenneth Lyons, lialph Looi)er, Clarence Maltha, Vallie Martin, Effie Mast, Gladys Mast, William McGuire, Jean Miller, Biddie Norris, Pearl Norton, diaries Keeves, Ina Jean Keeves, Willie .Sims, Annie Lee Sliepiierd, George .SIie])lierd, Hoy Smith, Nell Spainhour, Uoy Stansber}-, Hcryl Suddertli, Catherine Taylor, Henry Taylor, Guy Taylor, Joe Teague, Mamie Thompson, Lola Trivette, Mary . nnie Walker, Linney Watson, Cohen White, Mary Wyke, Hlanche Yclton, Kavlie Page Sixty Cfic UI)oDoDcnDron ' T t ' M I ■ ' mwm JUNIORS (Higii School) Page Sixty-one CbcUboDoDcnOron v ig jM ' =% V ji SOl ' llO.MOlil.. (lli;;li . ,lr....lj Page Sixty-two Cbc Uf)oDoDcnDron Sophomore Class Motlo: " Service Al)ove Self. " riowcr: Sweet Pea. Colors: Blue and White. OFFICERS President Kdirar Barr Vice-President Rnbv Winkler Secretary Kathleen Whisnant Poet Jesse Butt Prophet Ruth I ' roffit Historian Bernard Uou j,herty Cartoonist Newton Cook Representative Grant Hodges CLASS- ROLL Anders, Helen Harniiin, ? " ied Speas, Worth Rarr, Edfjar Hartley, James Siiiitli, Sallie IJingliain, I.ucy Hayes, Effie Sale, Dana Black, Walter Hod es, Grant Steiihens, 15jna Brown, Rliznheth Halm, Edwin Swain, Hatcliie Butt, Jesse Jones, Annie Mae Triplett, Wilheliiiiiia Calloway, Jack Keller, Roy Tri])lett, Cla Carroll, Eula Lewis, Wiley Walker, Faye Casey, Morris I.ookibill, Louise Watson, Helen Clay, Margaret Luther, Blanche Walsh, Faye Cook, Newton Miller, Virginia AVheeler, Mollie Cook, Roniey Moretz, Verlie Wheeler, Kdna Dougherty, Barnard Parsons, Gwyn Whisnant, Kathleen Estes, Ralph Prof fit, Ruth Williorn, .Inlin Green, Susie Proffit, Hazel Winkler, Paul Greer, Erie Richards, Robert Winkler, Ruby Gryder, Beulah Rohhins, Frank Page Sixty-three Cljc UljoDoDcuDron Freshman Class, H. S. OFFICKRS K.lnar liioun President Walter lUlmiiisteii Vice-President Len Ha-ainan Treasurer Inez Gragg Secretary Jessie Greer roet Rov Greene Historian Howard Cullers Cartoonist MOTTO: " With the ropes of the past ice icill riiuj the bells of the future. " ROLL J. liniwn Mrs. Ciillif ninckhurn Hoiidn C ' Mrnill Dorotliy Cofley liiii Coffey Glenn Coffey Carroll Cook Councill Cook I ' earl Cook Howard Cullers Ileifilit Oolfon W ' ilnia Diijrirer Walter Kdniinsten Alfonso IClrod M. P. Estes Koy Estes Albert Farthinp Kuby Fartbinp Joe ( " loodnifrlit Inez Grapg N ' iolet Grapj; I ' earl Grapg Koy I?. Greene Jessie Greer Dwiffbt Gryder I. en Hafrarnan Cieneva Hayes Oscar Honck Stanley Houck Slicrnian Henderson Inez Henderson Earl Lyon Jack A. Hodges I ' .dna I. yon Dare Maltha Nell McNeil Lilly 15. .Miller liessie Moretz Verna Newton Gertlia I ' ar.sons ' on Terry Flora I ' billips Uutb I ' billips Eujrene I ' billips Sallie Sbeiiherd Glenn Stanbery Grace Sbull .Sarab Slifrb Howard Taylor Stella Taylor Hutb Taylor Jewel Triplette Nell Trivett Sallie ' ines .■Vnnie ' ines Bettie Willborn Edna Ward Dallas Wilson ' iiila Winkler Page Sixty-four Cfjc UfjoDoDcnOron Lll.V-l) Ai.K HO.MK KCONO.MICS Page Sixty -five CijcUljoDoDcnOron o Page Sixty-six Cl)c UfjoDoDcnDrou aofe- MUSIC CLASS Page Sixty-seven Cbc UboDoDciiDron Page Sixty-eighl € )C UJjoDoDcnDron 3 5 Page Sixty-nine Cljc UljoDoDcnDron Page Seventy Ct)c UftoDoDciiDron SCIENXE CLUB Page Seventy -one CftcRtjoDoDcnDron n- 0 " ' m i T •n r-{ ■■•T i Y. W. C. A. Page Seventy-two Oc UftoDoDcnDron 1 ' 1 4 -- 1 » ' %: RANKIX-WILSON LITEUAKV SOCIKTY Page Seventy -three OcRfjoDoDcnDron BLAN-DOl.l ' H LITERARY SOCIETY Page Seventy-four Cbe nt)oDoDcnDron BI.AX-DUI.l ' H I.ITKHARY SOCIETY Page Seventy-five Cftc UljoDoDcnDron CAI.I.lOl ' l ' .AX-KlTHliAl ' F.AX I.ri ' F.K AK Y SOCIKTV Page SeventysiK CfK RtioDoDcnDron WATALCtA LITKRAKY S(KI1:TY Page Seventy -seven CbcUfjoDoDciiDron APPALACHIAN- I.ITKRAKY SOCIKTV Page Seventyeiplii Cljc nijoDoDcnDron iliisiiiiilialfi ' ' ' ' iRIXKIS a a Page Seventy-nine CljcUljoDoDcnDron Ail ft J J CO a 5n iJ Page Eigiily Cf)c UijoDoDcuDron Basket Rail Games Tl.A.M RKCORI) YOLNC; .MKX Duriiif; tin- jin-sont season tlu ' yoiini; intirs haskitli.iil team inailc an enviable reeiiril. Out of twenty-two names jilayed our boys won seventeen. I ' or the season 5 we met some strong ' eollei ' e teams ami more than lield our own. ' J ' lu ' seores for t ' le S season are ;i en below: i Al I . I.. ClII. N ()l " l ' ONi;. TS a 59 West .lefferson ) i) . 21 Mountain City 7 58 Tyron " . 2() y 23 Mt. City 12 S ■ 21 Dallas ' 12 !j -IS North Carolina Deaf SeliooL- 27 12 Cove Creek 12 4 27 Crossnore ' - ' S ;}2 Milliijan Collej-e - W 32 North Caroliua Deaf Sehool 12 25 Washiiiijton Colleije 21 3() North Wilkesboro All Stars 2.5 29 Crossnore . " io 12 Hutherfonl Collej--e 2S 50 Wingate Junior College 17 29 AVingate Junior College 27 21 Milligan College ! 19 21. Nortii Wilkesboro All Stars Hi 21 Winston Y 12 ; 32 North Wilkesboro 2fi 11 Newland 8 21 North Wilkesboro 16 YOLNG LA I) IKS The young ladies ' team deeided not to let their brothers beat them. So they went out to Jilay ball and ])layed sonic strong college teams. At the close of the season they had won five games and lost three. The following is the score fnr the season: ApP. LACmAN OpI ' OXKXTS 15 Tennessee Teachers College 16 25 North Wilkesboro 11 23 Davenport College 19 18 North Wilkesboro (5 15 Lenoir Rhyne College 31 23 Davenport College 22 23 Lenoir Rhvne College 11 Page Eighty-one Cl)c mjoDoDcnDton o 3 ' XI a H Page Eighty-two Cbc U!)oDoDcnDron " ' ;- ' ;. vt;.- ■© Page Eighty-three C[)C UjjoDoDciiDron A Beauteous Snow Beliold the beauteous snow Falling now so peacefully, Covering with crystal robe The graceful mountain pine; Lading eacli twig so deep It gently bows beneath The ermine load so pure. Each mountain, hill, and dale Is inches deep in pearl As though some mystic power had wrought, Or Hand Divine had formed A rare and wondrous land So like unto the Land beyond That human words are vain To tell the fullness of the scene Which spreads before the wondering eye. Or brush to paint the picture true. Or song its truest beautj ' sing. — James Monroe Downum Page Eighty-four OeRboDoDcnDron THE TOUCH WORTH MILLIONS Is the almost caressing ' touch of the paper against the type in pnxkicing the artis- tic j)rintc(l page such as is done in " PRIXTIXG OF THE BETTER KIND " by MUSE-WHITLOCK COMPANY Rulers — Printers — Binders 143-145 W. Main Street Phone 451 Page Ninety Oe EftoDoDenDron Page Eighty-nine Cbe UboDoDcnDron H. p. KING-HART COMPANY An Inxtitiitidit Jf ' ltli An Ideal Johnson City, Tennessee AVE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU— AVE APPRECIATE YOUR TRADE Send lis your mail orders — Thej ' will have prompt and Personal Attention H. P. KING-HART COMPANY East Tennessee Western North Carolina R. R. Co. Linville River Railway Company SPEND YOUR VACATION IN THE MOUNTAINS Now is the time to make your plans for tiie summer outing. These lines, popularly known at " The Narrow Gauge, " pierce the most attractive vaca- tion grounds in the Southeast. Extending from JOHNSON CITY, TENN., to BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA, they cover the greatest variety of natural scenery East of the Rockies, witliin so short a distance. The section of Western North Carolina served by the " Narrow Gauge " affords all the attractiveness of the ideal vacation land; altitude, climate, rugged mountains, virgin forests, and beautiful streams where trout abound. For information relative to rates, special excursions, etc.. call on or address General Passenger Department East Tennessee Western North Carolina R. R. Co. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Page Ninety-one Cbe UboDoDcnDron SUMMERS HARDWARE COMPANY Wholesale Only Hardware — Cutlery — Sporting Goods — Tinware — Stoves — Ranges — Wagons — Harness — Farm Imiilements — Paints — Varnislies — ]5uild- ing Materials — Railroad. Mine, Kleetrieal, and ' ater Vorks Supplies — Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company ' s Plumbers ' Ware and Sup- plies. American Radiator Company ' s Boilers and Radiation. Call on your merchant for your requirements in our various lines. He should have our hardware and our catalog with descrijjtive cuts of what we carry in stock. We sell at WHOLESALE ONLY to Merchants, Manu- facturers, Heating and Plumbing Contractors. A Satisfied Customer Is Our Highest Aim JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE SPAINHOUR-SYDNOR DRY GOODS CO. NORTH WILKESBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Specialists in Ladies ' Goods Featuring Graduation and Wedding Outfits " ALL THE NEW THAT ' S GOOD AND ALL THE GOODS THAT ' S NEW " SPAINHOUR-SYDNOR DRY GOODS CO. ORTH WILKESBORO, - - - NORTH CAROLINA Ninety-two Oe UftoDoDcnDron VALLE CRUCIS ICE CREAM Made of Pure Fresh Cream From Tuberculin Tested Cows THE VALLE CRUCIS DAIRY FARM Valle Crucis, North CaroHna WE OFFER TO THE PEOPLE OF NORTHWESTERN NORTH CAROLINA A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE THROUGH OUR VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS Checking — Savings — Safety Deposit Box WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS BANK OF NORTH WILKESBORO North Wilkesboro, Nortli Carolina Resources over $1,000,000.00 Page Ninety-three CfteBftoDoDciiDron THE WATAUGA LUMBER COMPANY EOOXE, NORTH CAROLIXA W. R. Gragg, Manager EVERYTHING TO BUILD A HOUSE " From Cellar To Chimney " The Pioneer Builders of Boone, N. C. E APPRECIATE YOUR TRADE ' sr- - S s srfS v S LOTS ACREAGE WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA DEVELOPMENT Western North CaroHna Development Co., Inc. | Boone, North Carolina S. C. Eggers, President Ninety-four Oc nboDoDcuDron OUR GOVERNMENT IX THE DAXKIXG FIELD IX tlie early days of banking, before our country was substantially settled, it became necessary to establish a safe banking system. KVERY safeguard possible was put into force. STILL guarding the depositor ' s interest, an expert makes examinatiors at different intervals, into the affairs of the bank, to assure tliat all the requirements are being carried out according to law. THIS institution is backed by a jjersonncl of the highest ability and proven integrity, besides complying with the strict banking rules and regu- lations. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Lenoir, : : : : North Carolina OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 123-125 V. Market Street Johnson City, Tennessee L. c. s:mith and portable typewriters REBUILT L XDERWOODS SCHOOL AND OFFICE FURXITURE BANK EQUIP:MEXT AND SUPPLIES EXCLUSIVE AGEXTS FILING SVSTEJIS OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Page Ninety-five CfteRboDoDcnDron S N N S Sri V S»S S N S S S . N S N. L. Mast President G. P. Hagaman Cashier L. A. Greene Vice-President Austin E. Soutli Isst. Cashier yiiss Pearl Hodges Boohkeeper Miss Carrie Coffey Stentiifrapher THE WATAUGA COUNTY BANK Boone, North Carolina Capital $50,000.00 Surplus and Profits $35,000.00 The standard by which we measure our service is the good old Golden Rule. We invite the Students and Teachers of the Appalachian State Normal School to make themselves at home at this hank THE FASHION SHOP E. S. QUALLS Ladies ' , Misses and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods, Notions and ]Men ' s Furnishings " The Store that Sets the Pace in STYLE AND QUALITY " BOONE, ----.. NORTH CAROLINA Ninety-six Cbc BijoDoDcnDroii THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Francis Marion Hi ' GfiiNs, Pastor ]?oone, - X. C. Sunday Scliool 10 jV. yi. Preaching Service, 1 1 A. M. and 7::J0 P. f. on L ' nd. 3rd and Uli Sundays in every niontli. Senior and Junior B. Y. P. L ' . ' s ();:iO P. -M. Praver Meetinp ' Wed,, " 7::W P. M. A CORDIAL INVITATION KXTKNDKD TO KVERVBODY SPAINHOUR ' S Dry Goods, Xotions, Millinery, Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-wear and Xovelty Goods SPAIXHOUR ' S, IXC DEPARTMEXT STORE Boone, X orth Carolina OPERATIXG WITH Spainhour Sydnor Drygoods Sydnor Spainhour Depart- Company ment Store NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C. ELKINS, N. C. Page K " inety-seven CbcRboDoDcnDron METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA M. ]i. WOOSLEY Pastor Sundav Scliool 9:1-5 A. M., ' J. D. Rankin, Superintendent. Preacliinji Service at 1 1 A. .M. and 7:30 P. M. Epwortli League 6:45 P. M. Prayer Meeting eacli Wednesday evening at 7:30 P. M. A WELCOME IS EXTENDED TO ALL TAYLOR MOTOR COMPANY AUTHORIZED DEALER Lincoln — FORD — Fordson Cars — Trucks — Tractors BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA ' 1 Ninety-eight Cljc UljoDoDcuDron BOONE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. Wholesale and Retail Dealers — ix— I. H. C. Macliincry. Oliver Cliilk-d Plows. Hardware. Cutlery. Paints and Oils. Stoves. Ranges. Kitelienware, Wagons. Harness, Implements, Saw- mill and Plumbing Sujiijlies. We are lieadquarters for everything in lieavy Hardware. ]5uilders ' Hard- ware. Lime. Cement, Farm .Maeliinery. All artieles kejjt in a first-elass Hardware Store. Our First Consideration is to Serve and Satisfy Next door to the Watauga County U.iuk. Call when in need of goods in our Line Corner Main and l)ej)ot Streets ]5oone. North Carolina ■ • f - ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH R. N. BALDWIN, P. stor Sunday School, 10:00 A. M. Prayer Meeting, 7:80 Wednesday Evening. Preaching Service 11 :0() A. 31. and 7:80 P. :M. Xew Stone Church near the junction of the Blowing Rock and North Wilkesboro Road.s. Everybody is cordially invited to all our services. COME AND BRING YOUR FRIEND Page Ninety-nine CljcUftoDoDciiDron E ER ' THIXG IN ATHLETIC SUPPLIES SPORTIXC; CiOODS Special Price to Scliools and Collcues tkii3: BARTON-ST. JOHN HARDWARE CO. JOIIXSOX CITV, TENNESSEE JOHNSON CITY FOUNDRY MACHINE CO. INCORI ' OHATED Manufacturers of Gray Iron. Brass and Aluminum Castings. IJridges, Boilers, Tanks. Smoke Breecliings, Smoke Stacks, Riveted and Welded Pipe. Etc. Jobbers of Structural Steel, Steel Plates and Bars, Concrete Re-enforcing Steel and Steel Sash PHONK 5i:i3 JOHN ' SOX CITY. TKXXKSSEE One Hundred Cljc UljoDoDciiDron 1 Be Sure Your FLOWERS for COMMENCEMENT Come From GUNNAR TEILMANN AND SON JOIIXSOX CITVS LE.IDIXG FLORISTS JOHNSON CITY. TKNNKSSKE — Also for — SICK I ' RIKNDS WKDDINGS FUNKRALS JOHNSON CITY SHALE BRICK CORPORATION " The Suutli ' s Greatest Face Brick Plant " Johnson City, - - - Ten nessee Page One Hundred and One Oc UI)oDoDcnDron B O O iX E TRAIL CAFE Liiiuli Here With Your I ' riends TWl-.NTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE K . A. LINK Lenoir. Nortii Carolina WATCHMAKER, JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST We solicit tiie A. S. X. S. busi- ness. We do fine watcii. clock and jewelry repairing. Esti- mates on Class Rings and Fra- ternity Jewelry cheerfully furnished A large store of everything in the Jewelry line ISAACS ' HOONES MOST SATISFAC- TORY DEPARTMENT STORE The best ])lace to buy Ladies and Gent ' s Ready-to-Wear, Siioes, Millinery, Dry Goods and Notions " JJ ' e Clothe the entire Family better fo r less " N S Comijlinients of Southern Ice Cream Company Johnson City, Tennessee Manufacturers of " SOUTHERN MAID ICE CREAM " One Hundred and Two Riissfll 1). Hodfjes President ' C. (ireer V iee-l ' resident Clyde R. Greene See ' v-Treas. €i)c UboDoDciiDron Farmers Hardware and Supply Co., Inc. IJoone, : : North Carolina Dealers In Everytliing in HARDWARE AND ASSOCIATED LINES OUR : IOTTO " Service of ihe Best I ' arietif — Our Aiyn: Satisfied Ciistamers DR. j. M. HODGES PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON (Over Moretz Furniture Uuilding) Boone, XortJi Carolina rs v N sr. Davidson Department Store " Better Goods for Less " Dry Goods, Slices, Ready- to-Wear, Milliner}- and Notions Boone : North Carolina Tcacue Brothers Taxi Service BoONE, - - X. C. Offiee at Boone Trail Cafe A daily line from Lenoir to Boone. Leaye Boone at 7:30 A. M., arriv- ing at Lenoir 9:30 A. M., making connections vith all West and Southbound trains. We appreciate all the local business — the business of the A. S. N. S. students is es- jiecially appreciated. We can move you and your trunk both at once with ease and comfort. THE PRICE IS RIGHT E. L. Teague, General Manager r f Page One Hundred and Three ClK UljoDoDcnDron c ' DR. J. S. DEANS UEGISTEEEn OPTOMETRIST Located at J. E. Deans Noitli WilktsUiiro. North Carolina ED ' S CAFE " The Sfiisihle Place To Eat " Blowing Rock, N. C. Be sure to visit KD ' S CAFE when you pass through Blowing Rock. We are pleased to have visi- tors inspect this one of tlie most complete CAFES in ' estern Xortli Carolina. ]51owing Rock. N. C. r The Bank of Blowing Rock Blowing Rock, X. C. Our .Motto: " SAFETY AND SERVICE " One of the good banks of this sec- tion. Xot too large to appreciate your business but large enough to handle it. R. T. Greer President T. H. Coffey I ' ice President J. T. .Miller Cashier E. P. Coffev isst. Cashier J. E. DEANS ' GIFT SHOP IVatches, Diamonds and Silverxcare Special attention given COLLEGE ORDERS Xortli Wilkcsboro, Xortli Carolina One Hundred and Four S« ' . N4- Oc UljoDoDcnDron J. M. BAWGUS ]5oonf, N. C. Did the Pliotoj;Tai)liit ' Work for This Amiiuil ' lii ' tter Pictures " is our- Motto Portrait. Comimrcial ' ork, Kodak r ' inisliiiifj. Copyini; and I ' .iilaririni ' Dr. Joseph M. (laithcr DKNTIST Ovir the BOONK DRUG COMPANY Boone, X. C. Assoeiated With J. B. HAfJAMAX, M. D. r. s r ■- s s . S N S S S N .r S S S S S S S S S N S S , r, s s s s s srs s s s s s s s s s s C. C. FARTHING COXTRACTOR Wiley G. Hartzog Heatinc; and Plumbing COXTRACTOR See Me Abuut Your Xeeds Boone, X ' . C. Boone, : North Carolina I do the whole 15uildin i N S S S S Sr S V S Sr Nr.r % S S y ■ ■r v Page One Ilumlrd and Five CfjcRboDoDcuDron f - OUT IN FRONT Our success is built on the fun- damentals: Good wheat, good mill- ing and i)erseverance, backed by an organization of trained engineers and chemists who work day and night that the flours of the MODKL MILL COMPANY re- main witiiout a rival in tiie milling world. Model Mill Co., Inc. lolinson City, Tennessee jones-Vance Drug Co. INCOHPOHATKD EASTMAN KODAKS Supplies, Kodak Finishing, Eight Hour Service SHEAFFER LIFE TIME FOUNTAIN PENS Guaranteed for Life yiail Us Ydiir Orders " KOURTESY KORNER " .Johnson City, Tennessee ' rfS S S S S S S , V V APPALACHIAN PUBLISHERS, INC. Publishers .TOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE (Morning) JOHNSON CITY TAFF-NEWS (Evening) JOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE Combined with STAFF-NEWS (Sunday) - y y C ' COLONIAL HOTEL " A Litllc Further up the street, A Little Lorcer claicii in the price " European Plan R. L. OFFINGER, Proprietor Jolinson City, Tennessee One Hundred and Six Cl)c UljoDoDcnDron c- BOONE DRUG CO. " The Rejcall Store " PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Eastman Kodaks and Supplies If ' liitinan Chocolates Fine Stationery and Toilet Articles The store that ajjpreeiates your Business. No need to order from out-of-town. SEE US. BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA sT S S Tatum ' s Restaurant SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS for tenderly cooked meats, frag- ranth- seasoned Vegetables, dainty Salads. Flaky pies and pastry, all prepared by ex- perienced cooks in good old home style. Just What Your Appetite Craves CITY BARBER f SHOP (Under Watauga County Bank) BOONE. N. C. Special attention (jiven to Ladies ' and Cliitdren ' s Work SANITARY SERVICE . S C r S s s ,r S r. s | CRITCHER HOTEL M. P. CRITCHER OWNER AND PROPRIETOR American Plan Altitude 333.3 Feet Boone, ----- North Carolina ■M S r s Page One Hundred and Seven Ojc nboDoDciiDron 5 f s s srs s Smith-Higgins Co., Inc. .lolinson City, Tenn. WHOLESALE DRUGS— SUNDRIES CANDY CIGARS— CIGARETTES and TOBACCOS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SEND US YOUR ORDERS The Burr Harrison Studio Jolinson City, Tt-nn. QUALITY PORTRAITS REASONABLE PRICES PROMPT DELIVERY PICTURE FRAMING MAIL US YOUR FILMS FOR EXPERT KODAK FINISHING CaudilPs Express Co. (Intorporated) Plione 8+ N. Wilkesl.Dro, X. C. T. C. Caudill, Secy ' y-Treas. N ' . Wilkeslioro and Boone Busses I.v. N. Wilkeslioro for Boone -7:30 a. ni. I.v. I5oone for N. Wilkesl)oro 12:30p. m. Kort lAVilkeslioro and Winston-Salem Busses 8:00 A. M. I.v. North Wilkeslioro 12:30 P. M. Phone 84. 4:00 P. M. 4:30 P. M. Lv. Winston-Saleni .}:3-5 A. M. (Union Bus Station) 8:00 A. M. Phone 29 1:30 P. M. 4:00 P. M, Making Connections with the Hi;j:h Pdint-Greenshoro-Mocksville and Salis- liurv Busses. Abshcr and Blackburn PHONE 18 Absher and Blackburn Dealers in Iiigli-class Clothing, Slices, Gents ' Furnishings and Sporting Goods. Absher and Blackburn PHONE 18 North Wilkesboro, N. C. Phone 84 X. Wilkeslioro, X. C. One Hundred and Eight Oc UftoDoDcnDron A. B. Chevrolet Co. I ' irtstonc — Goodyear — Hood L. L. IJingliani Mantigfr A. E. South fft ' c. Trcas. for Economical Transportation CHEVROLET Agents for Clievrolet Cars and Parts Boone, - Xortli Carolina Cars sold on easy i)ayment plans, covering a jjcriod of twelve months Tlie best nialies of tires for Honest Service W. Ralph Winkler " The leading tire dealer of Xortli- xc ' esiern orth Carolina " (Headquarters) Boone Taxi Service Stuart Winkler, Manager ]5oone, - - - Xorth Carolina Boone Service Station I Highland Furniture Co. Boone, X. C. F. C. Ward, Manager STANDARD Gasoline and Motor Oils Try the New " ESSO " .Motor Fuel Noic on Sale Here Exclusive Mielielin Tire Dealer for BOONE, N. C. Patronage Appreciated • ' In the Land of the Shy " ELEVATION 3333 BOONE, N. C. C. M. CRITCHER, Manager We furnish the home complete and guarantee Good Quality — Fair Treatment — Low Prices. Page One Hundred and Nine Cbc UboDoDciiDron STOP STOP -at- NEW YORK CAFE Open Day and Xiijlit Japanese Cooking Special dinners for parties in our ])rivate dining room " SEK JIMMIE " Member Carolina Motor Chit) CLEAN and SERVICE North ' ilkeshoro. Nortli Carolina THE ACORN STORE Always dejKndahle niercliandise next door to the post office Nortli Wilkeshoro. N. C. (iualiti Merchandise at a Great Saving " A GEXER.IL LIKE " Dhy Goods, Notions, Hosiery Men ' s and Ladies Ready-to-weah, Millinery and Shoes Buying goods through our big wholesale house in tlie North for our three thousand stores enables us to save you money. Our AIM, " To Serve vou well and faitlifullv alwavs. " COME TO SEE US. 1 THE ACORN STORE North Wilkeshoro, North Carolina ■. s i . s s s s r, sr. s , J CASEY TWINS Auctioneers 717--11-1 Commercial Bank Building High Point, North Carolina Gwvn-Wrenn Insurance Agency, Inc. THE IXSLRAXCE SERVICE STATION North Wilkeshoro, North Carolina r,r One Hundred and Ten Ci)c UftoDoOciiDron While in School Trade -icith Cottrell and Hagaman (The Corner Store) At all times you will fiml at our place a complete line of staple and fancy Groceries, Fresh Candies and Delicious Eats for your picnics. Wc are glad to see you come and sorrv to see vou leave D. J. COTTRELL " The Corner Store " DRY GOODS, NOTIONS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tlie Store That Appreciates Your Husiness Wlu-n in Boone make this Store your headquarters Courteous Treatment To All • C O M E A N D S E E ' Greene Bincham A ' tirris ' Exquisite Candies Soda Fountain, Tobaccos Fine Stationery Magazines Books Office Supplies Plionographs and Radios IJoone, North Carolina Peoples Bank and Trust Company CAPITAL - $20,000.00 Our Motto: " Safety and Service " Our Aim: " To Satisfy " liiji tliin .s are only little thitij .s ]Hit tojretlier — I.efs piill together, build to- {rether, and i)rofit together. Together riican.s To-Get-There. We are keenly in- terested in the l)oy.s, girls and teachers who are anxious to " Get There " in life and are always glad to help them in every way we can. When you come to l?oone call in, get acquainted and open an account with us. T. H. COFFEY PresUlent I. C. CHITCHF.R Vice President A. Y. HOWELL Cai!hier » " s sr.r.r s s s s %r s s s sr r. s sjs- r. . ' r s s«S Page (Jne Hundred and Eleven OcUI)oDoDciiDron DOSSER BROTHERS The Ji ' oman ' s Store Johnson City ' s Most Satisfactory Store Tlie Rest Place to Huv I. A 1 ) I i:S • R K A D Y-TO- ' l ' . A R . -MILLINERY, SHOES. DRY- GOODS AND NOTIONS Mail Orders Solicited PANGLE ' S Johnson City, Tennessee RXrKRT KODAK FhXlSHIXG Mail Orders Given Especial Attention 24-HOL ' R SERVICE Remlne Memorial Co. Johnson City, Tennessee MONUMENTS MARK EVERY GRAVE Johnson City Steam Laundry, Inc. SEND YOUR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING DIRECT TO US BY PAR- CEL POST. One Hundred and Twelve Cbt UboDoDcnDron THE CUTS IX THIS ANNUAL Were Made Uy CINCINNATI PROCESS ENGRAVING COMPANY 109 West Central Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio Artists Catalogue Designers PHOTO-ENGRAVERS Color Process I ' late Makers Photographers Electrotypers YOUR PATROXAGE APPRECIATED I ' age One Hundred and Thirteen

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