Appalachian High School - Laurel Yearbook (Boone, NC)

 - Class of 1958

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Appalachian High School - Laurel Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1958 volume:

Z' 2 'He' Z! 2 W - 3- f JV-. V 7 K .J ,.,l 6 Z f Q wif if K Mi 2 I ..-..f- 1 +'x ' , Yi3- , 7 ,..-f""""? V .' 4-L: . 1 .-.ffl ' - 1 11' og V, , .. - - if I. X Ir A Z P , , Z 1 ',r 15" .gf 'K -, f f " ,ff-'-' 1 1 jp ,fr 'I f E X C J N 13 W 11 11 X11 'f' . , A ,L , I 1 Q, ui .dl Q l V. - , ul - ' Y. - , I ,5. I f -" ju- , ' ' , Y, ,.Y ' f- - ' uv-"1" . - " Qi.,-g .-"gf 111 111 Q? lf, ff 1' fA 1V 1 ,L ,, I' If ' " 211, ' ' W . ' .4 A 7 If f' L1 12,, ,if' 1 1 ',1 wit ff 1 1 5 R g A M Q ff gf It if 1 , s 1 rd, fn? . ' '11 1111!-4 , -1 1K 9 1 A 2 ,111 1 , ' " IV? 2: 1 , I-1 F -'V' ' X 1 A . '1 V' SL 1 K 7 m f :i" ,f Aw-N' 1 2' f "" Q 5 I il ,g f 1: 1 ,,,.f' "' vm ? l1f'.f5 " ' if- Q7 ii gf ,, '?"""'- iv cf 1?:?w . ' -1 A 1 '14 1 ' f.fuH"' ' M f7'f'?1f'y nv.f?1 1, -- D11 44' xjn ,',I 'Ah 1514.-' fl J.. 2 -. f A' f'1"l"' f:f"1' -1 ffl 'fi' Cl f 1 . '!,,4.- J 1.753411 I , ' 2" , ,gf - Q -u ,I "' 1. A , 1 I, . ,A,, ,, f .I V .4 Y WA N f ' 1 'W' gff Z' '1-1"!'51! if I p 1 X 1.1, ,W gf 11 , 1 1 ,,1.,, ' f ff 922,10 -1,1-.g4 1' 1ga fiprnf ' 1 ' 5 KX! u 121591 ,Z ? xl, I -5. 1-R-UW G'-' 1 4,4 'V 116 , 5,-:WWW c- f . F 1'.1-fyu,.,a-1 "' ff' . 1' 1 f 1 p A 1 rMu:W?d1" ' " "' I 1 5 , iv. ' ,m'b ,.1r-aj' " f . a, X 1 faq- 14-.' " . Q "fi fr, 1 " V ' I ff' 1 Rx R"5S'l..Ez 11 .pk 4a , 14 . ,, iw: . 'N af' 1 I 11,3 It 'NA 1,44 1, gf A . ' I , f Y-,,- ivfgffif'g"w ""i,v5i gif f1j5f7"Q,:j ' -. 4 1' 51 1 I H A ,N 1- 'fl 1 ' I w ,YL ' -, 'L ' , - 1- - , - : -1, Yi!! 171 ' , X' I 1 flip Q 1 ' ' K '--,?- K 5 12 f xae ' i i 1 .W ' ' 1 Q 1 A1 M- , 1. 1 ' Q 1 ff u -,f 1 2 ,g i I, .12 If V4 2 111 11 -f, 12 Ti-I 1 1 1 ! f "-" 1 5 f I, 'v 1 f "Vx A J11 A. 1,4 Q 1 1. if if , df- I 'n Ik W1 tv gm XE . 53 "- 1 1 F ge- X . 112 -gig! V ... 1 1 1 r r, 'fa If ti 1 pw 1 gt fl 'x I N ,n ' Q' gr I 1 t A lx 1' . l , ,,,:l!,r, , , , 24. 4 Q ' jf 1 , 1 Ni ' 1' L cf Aid 1 1 1 M 1 - '- 1.111101 1 . I X1 ,JI 1 - 1 ' I KS:f53'L'f4 Y I' ' , 1 fi ffl '- 1 1 1 N 1 1- 1 ,,1W11 1.... - y mf 311, - ' -w, - Y Xxx 4-rl Q , ' ' 1.1: , ' I , ,. Q ex . '!1' "-V11 A I. "gg -.Q 1 ""'-1 4J :' ' ,,-,v3.4 -5-',,,i"".. ,Ffa .1 'll , - J! 1 A IN 1 "Ll -1.1,-1 ' ,c ,..s- X ? 1 1 , ,1 ..,.,::.-,--gig , . . ' gf:-mfxv. . MAX ,.:-L - ,-'hm' hkl. -H- .:i'1'+"!-fi - 1-"1-'- XX HE LAUREL Published by The Laurel Staff of The Appalachian High School df Boone, North Carol inc Volume I2 PATRICIA MADDUX Editor-ln-Chlef Pogo I Page 2 Foreword Though time will pass and we shall part, this book will be an unbreakable link in your chain of memories. These have been full years. . .years of activities, ioys, and disappointments, excitement ancl discouragement, through all, however, has run a continuous strain of happiness that has made a rich imprint upon our lives. lf in turning the pages of this book, you recall some of the happiest hours, the best yearp and if the pictures we have chosen will help to make your high school days more vivid throughout the passing years, then our purpose in publishing this annual has been fulfilled. ' A ey M.. Q it W M H' ' fikssf ' in ,,.,a,Q -wr 4 Dedication To one whose genuine interest, help, and understanding have made our high school years easier, the SeniorClassof 1958 proudly dedicate this, the twelth volume of the Lau re l. You have worked for better citizens as well as for better bodies. You have been afriend, an inspiration, anda counselor. Thank you COACH GROCE for all you have done to make Appalachian High School a better place. Page 3 'Mu M. . nppdwzd r ,N-' ' ' 4 7' ' isa . fkwl iff'- ,f""'Xr,f ' ml I O a I, 2 4 3 ' s X WWW' ' W2 WWW 5 ,K time - ....,A,............., i Student Council J ERRY WEST President LINDA WEY Vice-President RUFUS EDMINSTEN Secretory-Treasurer PAT PROFFIT Reporter J ILDA CREED Sophomore Representative KING TRIPLETT Freshman Representative K 'E Y Q X, Q A A Q , , . -.-.4-'st .4-"" 7 tx , x is' ,W by , my V we . 1542 99 - .9 tt em N n ,V wit. 0 W ,, , X .gf ,WJ ff f'-f e jeff i :ft JkV'w in :leg ,lh K, .-' fx A A xr , nik I , aww Q ur President of the Student Bo JERRY WEST Typist Editor Photography Assistant Faculty Editor EDITORS MESSAGE We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, Mr. Coffey and Mr, Watson for making this annual possible. We would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wilcox for the use of their home for taking pictures. The advertising staff did an excellent job this year and is certainly appreciated. Last, but not least, thanks go to Hunter Publishing Company and Palmer's Photo Shop for the expert service. Advertising Stall 1 L-if V' 'vw , . 'J 51 Art Editor Secretory Wk fx 8.1 Editor Business Monoger Closs Editors Sponsors XX W 9 K Q' I 5 l - fax 'W -,--Q 4-5, . gr U 5 5 Ny uf X B i STUDENQL CC-VUN CA L.- 95763 ' . Mx f' ' ,ff f-W xx ,f,f?5'R , ff N-M , . 43. .Q iff. u I+ . 55, 44 Contents AUGUST .... ........... . . . ............................. ........................... F reshmen SEPTEMBER .... Sophomores - Homecoming - Modern Music Masters Society, Chapter No. 299 - Melody Masters OCTOBER. . ......... ......... ........................... F oo tball NOVEMBER ..... . . . . . ...... Halloween - Band DECEMBER. .... Faculty - Christmas - Studentstore JANUARY ..... ..................................... B eauty Section FEBRUARY ..... . . . Wrestling - Girls' "A" Club - Men's "A" Club - ugh-Q2 MARCH ..... ....... .................... C h orus - Basketball - Cheerleaders APRIL ..... MAY .... Juniors - Junior Marshals - National Honor Society - Junior-Senior . . . . Seniors - Mascots - Senior Superlatives - Baby Pictures - History Last Will and Testament - Senior Trip - Graduation - Advertising Page l3 WM! 5 , N 5 VXI? L, ,sf lr xl if gffkxwaxsffgxfj Q' 3 W gg? 21 5 s ,yiza 5 ,ik ,i.g,Z,, ' MT"Z'x:Zlf .iig"'w9 IE lg 'fwf I S9 'EV fm A :E W ,fa ig? ,f I? W7 '- if w g 1"-L I-wwf , gf-. ? F Ihiww Eg? ffwywm If WV I 1 f If 3 + Q . :. .::S,:::-p,--- P ,ww 5 0 Y RZ' t Q Hug 5 :g I 5 M3 Zi' 5 '12 1 fm ..,,: I if " 5 ,.,, I 1 If NC 5 ,gm If 3 i,Wf'QqLM,,N ,,x.K,g,:1 Si NIHEQI K 'gi W fs WW M A 3, W5 ff' Z ' f' f J- AJ I ' I' 3 I 5 , A ' QE igghsiikwmwv E is , ,,.. I ,. QV . W- W' ,Ag --:-,f g ..,. W:- MWm,,,A x WM,s,,fi9,wM? by Q W i ,,., EE ,If 4, PI I - ,f Q "' 99' E A XI gf . If . Q I' L ..::' , is 1 .- .ff MN--Im..W,,WWWW, x fx IQ 1 I' f M 'mfs' W M K Rf K' . L F53 .,., . ,W ' g,1f:Q,Qg1,,A.IIIsIIf-III5: ,II W F N VN hwwmwxwwwmmwgwmfmwlk mdwwgmmkamilw ak WN? Q 1 """"W MI.. , E, ,336-' KI I 'M fm' Q Q .ff 3 E I W if ,J S 4 " 4? ff E A, 5 , aw X ,sf if I5 MWIM IWMIWM. . Xmas' Q. ,pawn 'EMMA W W' WMU, t 4 M 5 mm'EW'W'WwmMwwMIW,W, ,Af W M'Mw 'wgwfv if 59 S5 iw, N 5 A Q5 5 gwmmlwnmxwwsm, . agggmywkgvw M2 33 IAMMWMWNAIW?WQMMMMWMWWMWMW K QV jf' wx4V IW.M5a,.mw,M ig K X 3 5WWWWk,.,,W.I,.,,,,W,,, 3 ii Mww.wWWwmW,.w,,,.,W, SMWMMRWNWMK 3 3,53 .wgxjigkwp W Oi 9 E X '-vwHwwwvwwM,,,,,,.,,,,,W if f 'Q 5 Ns , . E X If I f "2 Wwmwwsmwmw zz 'W MMM I il ML. tg I 5,5 S M..,,I,M,,A.M,.W..,,,,,,Ng,,A,N E .ff ig if 3 If IW.M,,ww,,M,,,.wIW,m,?.,, M W f Q? gi , 2 ii? 5 ii ,M 2 2 w Q 5. Z 2 J g 2 ,ww 1 ,WWW , I Q Ig , 32 ,Q W,W,-.m,.,,,a,.WmmW5 Wm If 5 , I 5 Q mWMW.,MW,mmMimM.,,w.,,,,,,M,mW , W Magik g I E E5 V "mM'1'yvmm,e.,,. f ' f 1 I SS jg l if EE Q,,,W.A, W Iwwmwggwqhwvk sig M as ww eff E Sf 5 si M WWWMMWM4E'MWImm,,WM M 5 ,JF it if gs gl ge WWWMfWMIW,W,W,N 5 B fmgw Ig ' EI ,S iii 15 Q 'MWWHE if if I -'N MQ E: 5' WMWY, QQ S 11 H: 1 1 Q ,-WJ" 2 - 5 Q E MW 2 I Ie gf X Q w .I 3 M 2' I sk I S 5 W? If' 3 -4 ggwmw, ' ' " N 4 if - IM 2 2 14 5 F 3 W ,W,,,,4,MwMM AMW IWW 3 gg 1, Q ' J A 'Q 3 E W"HWMWWIWWsNM ii 5? E Nw 2 5 if 5 35 5 MYWIWWm,.xm,Wg,,mW 25 aww Q MM Qi 5 .Mg ,wwf E- A 6 MWIWWMMQENANRWWWNMMW .gm ,WA img ff If "W 'Wg 1 I M, 'mmwwmumww 1 1 3 5 Z gg WMP? ,wwu si 5 ,A 4 L' 'Mumwgmmwmwgwgwmmw 22 5 it if 5 If sz 5 Y' 2 Li H gf I I 2 2 MMM? ,: ' 5' it 'K f I . , ,- , 'E 5 A Fl 5 Wi IE 5 jg 'E 'jiij' ' W ' X MV S ,v . 5 A if If 3 fy Q' - ii? ,E MMI ,fixwfs Q5 2 5 jg M' W' 'f I igqyf , 2: jf is ' Wwwwfwfwwmww E il New RMA? 5: E ' 55 Qi' gV""' 5 f 51 f ' Nmwwwgwmwwzvmwmwmwm,Wwwwgg , H MI if Q 2 55 if if ag is 5 is I at in.. W:1,wwvM,,11w,,AGw wi? mu' Zi I EI WSW 3 I I , .I I W- ,A-f WWW hN,, M4 I 35 pf 5 3 Q3 gmg gg I, . In A ,V M I if I If b I if V 3 - V"M-f4"imwwW.1,m.M F 25 ifwfil 5 gi E? 35' 3 2 f 5 RN II-MW 3 5 gg 5 mu, 3 G If I Ig Y 5 giw W. I ig 3 SAMS if J iIf55 Q 5 5 5 gflfewlws 1 rap, , I M ww Q 5 f , gf . V fi 5, in it I , :LII I Ywwf-f-fIIII,I,II.,.N.W.Im,,,,,, is 3? wmv: Kiwi' QE pd Q gg 2 N?5WW.A,WWN.m,,,,,,,Wg I g QI W Q L K I .,"'Mwff-1. TMMMW 5, If 9' f :T , f IWW. 'WM'-M45-www-fm.,,.N. , , I! 1 ' siw iffy Lfmw gf I imWmWM i 1 3' ' V Q EY 'W Y WW 2 K I " ,ff fi f 5 Q! ,fs I . RW I 2. " M '1 gf ,fa fi E 3 9 ' E 12 f 4 H 235 Q , KW Aix A x 5, I 5 I :E QNX if V Y E.. , W ga EMI 5 Qi ., I ,ew , S Ia WQMMWMMMWMM I N2 Q 55 'f'gNI,,z ez 3 wmwm II,,,,.,A,W . z ww I z, I, E ., 2 ,. ...., ..,,,,, .,., W3 3 W fi ef L gi AWNWMM ' ,.,.,. ,M 31 Y, 'I-WI " ' ""' 2 " Wi MMQWWN , ,,,. ..i.z: -'ff' .. Wwwww W., ,,,, X ,W , , Y MMMMMM , II w,,wQ -I.,..f111 ,MW 5 W ....,. Iwffgg. 5 " X Y 5" f .x Ei: ' M351 , . 1 ai 32 Q gy ai ff E g W f Q f ywwm zIf 4,52 ' 252, ,-is T1IWE 'A , ,.,.. , , ,FG I i Q ff' I YP MQ 5 , Ii. If ff H ' "SWR, mm, N v 9 21 .- ,aw K 4' . -fI,f...Iq. , X J ...,,. , .,,,... , Qu R ' 4 Q at . ' W' ,.... Y , --1 , Keg. ,af X ,B A 3 57 is Qgfff , N " 1 'M MQ, M, 'KQV 4,35 N--.. 55:1-1 xv 3? kf ' X.M,,M ww ww- Qwmw W. 25? ,As Q , f may 2 ,.-.---v:- 4 Mwfy X3 2 1 tjfwdf f' fg 'ff K .2 . V? f 5 M :.,- 1 ...--,, 1:2 ...-,f ,-,.v 5 -',- 5 ....' .:,f' , gh 4' ,mf 3 xii, -,,A Aff!! W5 , ' , f f Ai ,Rl -"Af Ai: Q .gp if' -.ZAA, ,-A,L. 5 X , ,--A, 5 v,,,, ,,.. New viii L, 1 I 37 M V K A r A' Viz' 5 . 5 'V ' 'M 21 SQMH' gg' e ix fb " QL ' :Rik My WWE R jig ..',,' i ., ,E " fm ff' :IVQII 'E Qlvl 5 M . U "A, ,f- JR 2 Aw? gym ,JMX .,.a....,,. '-A'.1 1-f'1 T A--W: .:,W 1..,.- L Zz, , f" 3 A 5 5 1 :'-2 ,,AA. .Z,,, -AA' mf Wifi 46 .,,: .... , if ii 5 ff' 5 ,, :,.. :fw. f -,-,.. , -:- ' '-""' ? f W ...' 5 M A' :-"-' , 1 1.:., u'MW'w " '.7. --'z.s : fl W mg W' 'M gwm g Vuizlna I ., W fl diff' 'R k - iw ..:I. Mpyfr'-' s "M A X 5 f ' v.,.LAqf'w-' ,-5125? Q ,, 1 f" WwmWWh . 1. ikilfg 97932 5 E. ,,W:bYuMMiNW,?A,wKv Maw? ,Q ..,,., x - X R ,WM gps' ff 1: wb.WWB,g.Mx,N,..x,,g . 'xg E , my My s K z , ' , . 1-gf W 2 X Mx XVMKE? ' AWZQQS " 1 f' 2 . ,Mywg ggE335si.?fggg 3 5 5 522111:-.SQA A.-v 1: , 3 5 g,m.M,,h A sw, Q , Q at ,.iZ?m,gR R I a AMQN Freshmen Page I5 Class of '6I we 5 55, 1 ,Ig ,, f . if 'jig , M E If X ff u.w.zg, No? 1:11 urea R I Page I6 ALICE CAIN Secretory and Treasurer CASEY CARROLL JUNIOR CARROLL DOUGLAS CARSON BRYAN CATON LINDA CLINE JACKIE COBB MARGO COBB VIRGINIA COLE BETTY COOK MARCUS COOKE R. A. CORNETTE REID COTTRELL LINDA DAVIS ERMA DAY SANDRA DEAL PATRICIA DYER MYRA ELDERTH NELSON ELROD JOHNNY FAIRCHILD 'IF ...ln mt ,MS .D -I I ,Ir I . ,, M, sr ."" 'Y wr, Yi: AUSTIN ADAMS ARTHUR ASHLEY BENNY AUSTIN G. W. BARNES GLENDA BEACH MARTHA BENTLEY SYLVIA BINGHAM PAT BRADY PAT BREITENSTIN CAROLYN BRITTAIN DUDLEY BROWN GILMA BROWN J. B. BROWN MAXINE BROWN WILEY BROWN BARBARA BRYAN LINDA BRYAN BETTY BUMGARNER BILLY BUMGARNER MARY FRANCES BYERS , I ,.,. . :fa , W, in-, I im I. 5: RWM, 2 'ff - m- an ,Mm fi' 'JR' ,Mx J T 1 .fm 5 I-1 'H in ,. 5 .,, ..,. -73? 'sf an 9 Ji i""iiv fr M. Q, E,-w Ii' Ke I I? fi W E , DL Oi 3 K? E- 6 ww... 'N Q 1 ,,3,L CICISS OI 'OI BILLY FARTHING L'lL MARGARET GLENN 2 M A I GARFIELD GOLDS JOYCE GRAYBEAL I My I If "48"I'N9"L E I I J.. ODELL GREENE RRR ...J SERR 1 ERR E I SUE GREENE I I I I . I VIRGINIA GREENE LL .J "' 'E ' ' 1 'I BARBARA GREER P Z I - I BILLY GREER ELIZABETH GREER Dj III R-A I A L., Y JOHNNY GREER 'S A R I S- A VIRGINIA GUY J' I N SWF W A i , , BILLY HAMPTON W-.. I J ww, my-nv' BLAKE HAMPTON ' -"- DENVER HAMPTON MARY HAMPTON L' ' WENDELL HAMPTON ' Q ,L gi " ' gi CAROLYN HARMON ,W "I T 5 A If ,L ,, , M I v RAYMOND HARMON SIS., A I W, JANE HARRISON ww 5, ' HAROLD HAYES FAYE HENDERSON :E mx 23 5, If I If ow. fa R? ,gg JERRY HENSON 'T I M . I I 1 JANE HODGES A-R' 1 I I I PATSY HODGES 1 . AA L II S' . IS LYLE HOKE , 'Q F II ,S Q53 SANDRA HOLDER ll? 1 I. I h CRAIG HOLLARS MI f I I III PEGGY HOLLARS ' I GENE HOWELL I . I I I I JOYCE IDOL H D. H. JOHNSON Q, I T' fm 74 ' DEQ, JIMMY JOHNSON Q Ba SQ., .. A SIS I OPAL JOHNSON I --III FORD KING , A I if I Vi ce-President I RANDY KIRCHNER RUBYE LANE BILL LEWIS ,I., ,,,, B ARBARA LOOKABILL If QM 7 'ly - fps... E I f,-,EH I, DAVID McMAHAN Page I7 Class of '61 3 iipmf i P . . ,Q wk- "f JUDY MORETZ SYLVIA NIFONG MARY HELEN NORRIS REBA JEAN NORRIS BUTCH PARKER PAUL PAYNE JOAN PRESNELL LUIS QUINTENA HAROLD RICHARDSON RACHEL RIVERS MARIE ROARK JACKIE ROGERS HOWARD SHIPLEY RAY SHIPLEY BILLY SHOEMAKE ELAINE SHOEMAKE LOUISE SHIRLEY BARBARA SHORE J. B. SLUDER JIMMY SMITH Q I I RJR' . ,, -A ,Y r -ff-4 ' -mf' wif' , ' I ' l..W..,.,, Q W I ,, Nbr' ,- f f I e g ,A-fm 'WOW BARBARA MCKARAHER ALICE MAST LINDA MAST BARBARA MATHESON ANNIE MILLER CHARLES MILLER CHARLOTTE MILLER FREDA MILLER GENE MILLER HAZEL MILLER HELEN MILLER LAUNA FAYE MILLER PRISCILLA MILLER JOE MINOR BARBARA MORETZ EDDIE MORETZ GILBERT MORETZ JANE MORETZ JERRY C. MORETZ JERRY H. MORETZ 4 ,K M, 235 M Si I ,K L. F' is ,J Q?" 3 5, T d 5111 . R?i5g?SS4f .nr X fav, ROBERT SMITH SAMMY STEELMAN A . MA CIOss of 'OI ON , ws OLIN SWIFT mfg, Mg, Q? fic, gg. WAYNE TEAGUE Iiffff I gs-A-E ' M f JACK THOMAS f I MT III I JUDY TICKNOR O HOWARD TODD 2 :W , If Q-I we .. I BARBARA ROBBINS ' 245, T, ,gl M M MM 'PT I as KING TRIPLETT 4 ,J RM, Ag. I ' President ig' - """ V-1:-E CHESTER TRIVETTE L A ,--- ' Q EVELYN TRIVETTE X f A SONNY TUGMAN Q I M M A-I . M k IM LANA TURNER is A r, I ,QTL ff "ff E I' SAM TULLY - I me W EREE - S., I JACK VAN NOPPEN I' I SWT M X 'lr' A Y 321 1 DIANNA WATKINS A A M I I M BILLY JOE WATSON A A A ,A ,Mg I A W ,QM CHARLES WATSON M ' 4, I 2 ,bT gf M- T. 4 I H s' EDWARD WATSON wg, I .M f .. I C.. OARMAN WATSON -- A A O JERRY WATSON I JOYCE WATSON ,- 1 , fm I ff' "' R LUTHER WATSON A- - I MORRIS WATSON " ' " X NOLAN WATSON V A R . TALMADGE WATSON : MARTHA WELLBORN 'N .. W ith ' Q RI, QM ANN WEST 4- . . S W I Q5 , Reporter S ' ' ' , T I - A, MARY WEY Q -'T 5 . SHARON WHELLER m,,,,,,1I I M STEWART WHELLER .M n Q M E, GERALDINE WILCOX 1-Q' 'M .. i , R , 5'-is SUE WILCOx --'fr y JIMMY WILLIAMS .Rf M, M RONNIE WILSON TJ - I - ,. Q . Q, ,J T I ,..... fi LE.. vin .vf I R, ta? JACK WINEBARGER JERRY WINEBARGER PATRICIA WINKLER BETH WOOD ANDY YASINSAC Page I9 if EX fn Q all . 5 iv -mzgpn 1 W. f , N L ffl 'fn qi S v up , ,, fW,MwM"-""""' , ww FW 'ky 5 E ,gg ., , ..::u, . W - lkgjgf 'vii' Q ,px tf K , 1 X '- K :. ' V55 WWQ , I RWWX I M 1. i2?is13k 'k V J I -effigy ag? 9' .-0 Q it K Q3 x 1 5. Y 4, E J .. 2 ,K Q1 ,f X is . . 6 . f ' 'im if 'A y1 ' . ' , ' 1 6 ff 1-:if "' ' 2 Wifi X X A ,. ..r ,- I, . 4 sggxx Q Wei? ,gg Q -4 -Q -f:L , , ,. fa: V 2 Hi A. Q, . 3,5 ffm! -Q , Li, fm ,, I ? M, Aww! 5 "?"'m' 5" 2 w. , A Q ,V,, ii? Q fa: Q IL i MW! im: ,ji E 12. 'M' J 2 sffgnffhfiifvifg f ifgffiii 55 4 M351 gm BE , we fy 2 'wif 5,4 . ,ga 1 wg A Q? Q Q wr wus' 2 -o F' SQ-i , K 9 'v, ,ff f LM. aw, yw,.,,, JM, 1l1i:?I1M -1 Q 10 ff Z2 EQQJI4 16 '17 Z8 Z9 fE'ii'r21 2? 23 1? 4 25 26 28 , b I 1 ,TV Sophomores A P He , E ' , X, YW, . i Af, 2 W Im 139- fifiggij ME, , A " W Ar -D Q5 ,-1 my W , SE- 7 A , . 3' ' . I 46' xx,- ri qw- I ii, A I vm an ' , PIN ., 4- Z- r If ,.,, ., ,sew em, 214' his gig: 1,,- , :if .,t, V , iff , CIOss BOB AGLE JUDY ASHLEY PATSY ASHLEY BUDDY AYERS WILLIAM BAIRD PAUL BARTLETT WANDA BES H EARS MARGARET ROSE BROWN MARTHA BROWN VIRGINIA BROWN HAROLD BRYAN JO H N RALPH BUCHANAN DALE CARROLL IRENE CARROLL SHERRY CARTER BURLEE CHURCH OI 'OO LENNIS COFFEY ANN COOK BOBBY COOK JANICE COOK LOUISE COOK LOUISE COOK TOMMY COOK WAYNE COOK SCOTTY COX .I ILDA CREED Vice President gi, wr Q 4- gg I ik" I M - I' Q f ,WAI . dl-Ife IO I ,Y ww, . AD, I I S' 1, Wen ' M.. K, Q ' RAY CRITCHER I IISI F w ,R TOMMY CROWELL gi, j JOYCE DAVIS E'-F If I ,, I BILL DAY K AAYIA 4 A A few EVELYN DAY I D wg , JOHN DAY AKKAYK A M., S 12 pl ,Tw T 7 Closs OI '60 R at 'D f MACK DYER A sv I ,Tw-M 9,1 5 MARGARET DYER .Ty 1,5 MARY FLETCHER " PAT GAULDEN 4.--N, -.A rw, 35. M . ,ff - N3 If? ..,ffA-.. r 'i g , ,,W,N DONNA GILLEY !?efv A JIMMY GOODNIGHT LILA GRAGG ROBERT GRAGG " AT"" President DANEL GREENE JUDY GREENE ,Ja in A LINDA GREENE A LUTHER GREENE I REX GREENE ALINE GREER - v i, E K. 'W 1. ' JUDY GREER 3 .- A OMIEGREER -r , , RE. PHYLLIS GREER MARGARET LYNN HAGAMAN MACK HAMBY GLORIA HAMPTON O. M. HAMPTON PRISCILLA HAMPTON SHIRLEY HAMPTON B. J. HODGES I . , "Ia W fu w""'m Ml' , A. . . A ,xi VJ, nf' , ,RR-A-Ae-wi. -R 'gf L, W Ti' BETTY HODGES V4 gg A A I CAROLYN HODGES aw. I LOWELL HODGES ' Q MARY RUTH HODGES - A z Qggg, ww. '-7iLMTk . NORMAN HENNESSEE A vs: Q GARY HOLLEN 1 T O CAROLYN JACKSON A BETTY JONES A Gul, .xg -f Bmw QA . ' Yg ,R M, It 2 1 D .Ah f 1 Q fm. , I kg SA R I f-41 z, 1 M 4 mb - ., J ,K , fn-., fv7,k7iW,. 15 ,X .Af-su. I ,L 1 aw-+n I Q ,fr ' 26. 5, 'i- ' T - ,,. 241. s, . . 'fi??imr xii i? 1 If YJ? ww, I 5,8 M 3 iw, JC SIA -rf ,Q , ...W ., Class of '60 JIMMY JONES EARL KELLER G. C. LOOKABILL BILL McGUIRE CARL MILLER CLYDE MILLER LOUISE MILLER ROBERT MOODY AUSTIN MORETZ BETTY MOR ET Z FRANCES MORETZ HELLEN MORETZ JAMES MORETZ MARY MORETZ VIOLET MORETZ BETSY NICHOLS Secretary and Trecsu BOBBY NORRIS BURL NORRIS CAROLYN NORRIS PATTY NORRIS JONES OLIVER MOZELLA OXENTINE SHELBY OXENTINE BARBARA PENLEY LENORE PIPES EDDIE PHILLIPS KENNETH PHILLIPS MAX PRESNELL MARY RAGAN MARJORIE REYNOLDS gm, .rw fm. I ...I New N T I on . Q 1- if KM Wg? 4 ,ir A gi., li, U ,mu ,fn- . ur- m Qzawf. 9 . , , T ff l fy, A34 qi CHARLES ROBERTS ' v A L MITH rer 5 -iw .I. . 'I .Q., ,. ., 1 W Tim il. K 1 i in J Mn 52:2 - ' .-p e, I , . 3 ..', Y ', 552 Ziyi? ,, I 'jjj 5 I , 'EQ' L," ff' L 'ir 4,14 . 'Larsen .. 17' A . , Closs of '60 RAYMO ND SMITH JUDY SNYDER JANET STARNES EARL TAYLOR ELOISE TEAGUE EVELYN TEAGUE RICHARD TISDEL TERRY TISDEL LEUMAR TREXLER Reporter ST EVE TRIPL ETT TOM TRIPLETT CHARLES TRIVETTE ROY TUGMAN PATSY VANNOY ADELENE WATSON BETTY SUE WATSON WAYNE WATSO N DORTHY WINEBARGER JUNE WINEBARGER ALDENE WHEELER GRACE WHEELER DEAN WILSON GEORGE WILSON BOBBY JOE WINKLER NELL WORLEY SUSIE YATES CODY YASINSAC ROBERT YODER -El ' AQ, ,W , WU- Q I --IL 5 iff- , ., .WML N 12.4 if Q yu, I " .. 3 K1 .A .17 M Q ,. . I Q 'W fi-N , ,if "mf .. 'k,.rf:LIfR vi' fr LP ' , , .W 'gywf R, 4" AJ , In ' Page 27 Homecoming ,L Ni. I yi Royolty ar' ,bf K W ,, X Modern Music Masters Society Chapter No. 299 LINDA WEY President PAT MADDUX Vice-President RICHARD GREER Secretary JERRY MCCRACKEN Treasurer Trampoline Club GRAYSO N COFF EY President MARY MORETZ Vice-President SHIRLEY WINEBARG ER Secretary-T reasurer BETSY NICHOLS Reporter Melody Masters RICHARD GREER Leader F RAN K PAYN E Business Manager - ' ' v:"9?ffLsuewu-i?evimE3f9" W4 ' I ' K 5 if tv s . ., I ', - 'U' ,, 5 571100 . J' 'SX-' ' ' Qi? 71441 nj ff ' ' an fp "" ': 3' X j' i ve' 3, W 4 A 1' 1 Q, .M 0?F'06EYl0r-g ,,,....,.-.-ef f9 60 M M T,, , M 1 iii, 8 E7 O Z2 20 21 Z2 ' i?524Sllii u26 iff 2829 9014 ' 9, X J xx 5 - ' Q xii NK X -' Q ff, ff JN ,. tg. ff? NX Bible Club MARTHA ELRO D President JUDY GRAGG Vice-President PAT BROW N Secretary-Treasurer ANN COO K Reporter Business Club W ILMA MORET Z President VIRGINIA BRYAN Vice-President F AYE WEST Secretary-Treasurer MARY SUE HART LEY Reporter Photography Club FRANK HARTLEY President Page 3I Football At Boone At Beaver Creek At Morganton At Boone At Boone at if WE DID STATISTICS Glen Alpine 27 Beaver Creek I2 N. C. S. D. 40 Elkin fhomecomingl T2 West Wilkes O Granite Falls T9 Lansing 6 Harris High T2 Cranberry 6 At Granite Falls At Boone At Boone At Boone MQQEWQ Fooflooll Coaches of the Teom M 'hails Lil gpg is M ,,LL, LW hL , w.xw Y? m-dl '32 mn-wiv' QQ 2 . ,, LEM 'K 1. .....w....,- ,.,,.,.,.,..,,...............,....-......---...-.......M ff W fm, , , W fQff m0 id m A 5 Jdfffg M E ' . 002. 3 M5 6 f i 4 9 Z fi Z ff Z3 JH M fg M , f9 MQm.i21 22 23 25 Q26 28129 36 iff A a ftwgtilul 43' 4126 ' ,f ":A ' L 49:55 'if' 5 " .wwf gf' .' ' is 11 f' MM,,.,,, if K , 5 X gg ig-,, X , A, NIV wwf I P Our Faithful Announcers Kd, K 5 y . fig, if s. AW W, FRANK PAYNE President R IC HAR D GREER Vice-President JERRY MCCRAKEN Business Manager JILDA CREED Quartermaster TAD BUCKLAND Recording Secretary PAT DOWLING Corresponding Secretary BOB AG L E Reporter PAT MAD DUX Librarian Page 38 wi 4- -,ww ff' 5 3E2 w Ns 1 X 5 'Q JM, wzmwyw, JJ. H 3 7 5 5 E5 Q Y fff? 15 MW 5fslfiQ f9 f 2 19 31 QXLXA X Q Pl 40 'fax , ll XD W fgxybf V 0 I 1 .-4114" X, L 'S ' 1 - s ' 1 Y-A x .x R,f , - .V f"' 'mix X' 11,1 ,fat Vx ff QNX! x X of Hfzw -. .ff 1 .XS ff x", KN ,V I NfYQ,xf U NL, ' .K ,, f 'IQ 9 Q7 'f 'Y 'K x -fm' .X SWIM 2 1" , -J. R ji . 8? 5 :, QQ ,, ,.., , . ii ,, , W 1 1 H x'..,g -ix ,, V A Q FX ,A , in sz 'Llglvw My XE XFX I Al' I! A , ,NV-If VM ,f vi ,, fi, - ' ,, ks 14. 'ff- ' , J I Q ,wrk X 'QE '1 ,S Q B?" 'ix Q " 11 I' X , f ,..i.5i AQ- f - f. ff X, ,fn-,,..., ,, "' X ' X ,fi M W 5+ XXSSXA3 f Qlkx ' 1' M!! xv""',l ' ' -ffffligclfg, ...,.... "f",,5:-.'c'7fpwZ1'iff' X 5,1 fx X 1 f 7 ff X Xx 7 ffyj f W .X wwf' x JHXQ A F CI C u y if ' x X -4 fn-A.,.i?I Page 42 PrincipoI's Message I wish to commend the staff on an excell t I I Administrotion A. B. CREW Principal en annua . ts quality is indicative of the time and effort given to this proiect. I am sure that it is, and wiII continue to be, a source of pleasure for the student body. MARGARET GRAGG Assistant Principal Faculty ? "Smile, and the world smiles with "Don't swing at wrong thinking with "Music is a melody whose text is youg weep, and you weep alone." On axe! Use a Small hammer and a the world." small chisel." ' R S . -we v-"+'+- l ',W , ,7 if 1 K A, "Man is the iewel of God, who has "Labor itself is a pleasure." "Ateacher! God created marvels." created this material world to keep his treasure in." , l . 1 5 I i ' f' . . I Wav 1 "We would accomplish many more "Knowledge is a treasure but "Anything worth doing is worth things if we did not think of them practice is the key to it." doing well," as impossible. " 4, V 1 . sn M f I L :...V. 'When you stop to th i n k, don't "Many fine things can be done ina " . . .Add to virtue... Knowledge." forget to start again." day if you don't always make that Page 43 day tomorrow. " -. gs. V ,L , 'Ri' x..........-- f- , "When successful remain humble. . . to lose a degree of your humbleness is to losea degree of your success. r. ,, -,1:fiisfilt"'t' M . ff' lf' 'x Ig.. it , 5' i i Faculty -:Q No friend s a friend till he shall "To act with common sense, accord prove a friend. ing to the moment, is the best wisdom I know. " How empty learning, and vain is ,,An open foe muy prove 0 Curse, ""' '- ' B ddr- d' But as it mends the life and guides You can tescupelhe responslbllny ul C prelen e Hen is worse' ' of tomorrow by evading it today." 'Tisthus that on the choice of friends the heart!" . . . Young . . .A. Lincoln Our good or veil name depends." "When you're through learning, "If God be for us, who can be "Living to Serve. " you're through." against us?" Z ff 'E ' . l rl WU Y s L if rw: Jlileiiiinr FW! VITHLHEIITK 1 wg' r - W 5 Y y K V N y . Mus. TALBERT 1' ig: 1 r 1 i N Ev fi ' ' Hx L - V . 5, .1211 .r.' I: g ss. . is .. s "Most arts require long study and "Students have more need of models application, but the most useful art "With music all around." Page 44 fhfln Of critics." of all, that of pleasing, requires only the desire." "All the world is q gfqge, with "Be the best of whatever you are." highways!" Bus Drivers Cafeteria Stuff Chrhhnos W3 ,W Mi-Wx,r ,uv wind-n-Q 3-9 W new awww Royohy F 2 1 . Home Economics HANNAH GREENE President BARBARA VAN NOY Secretary Student Store EARL KELLER President BOBBY NORRIS Vice-President EDD I E MORET Z Secretary-Treasurer VIRGINIA GREENE Reporter i'liIII'It A F. F. A. J. B. MORETZ President RAY MILLER Vice-President DEE NORRIS Secretory HAROLD CARLTO N Treasurer SHERRILL WELBORN Reporter Page 48 MISS BETSY ROGERS Sponsored By Chorus I 'Q' MISS LINDA WEY Sponsored By Band MISS PATRICIA ANN DOWLING Sponsored By Photography Club MISS PATRICIA MADDUX Sponsored By Laurel Page 50 MISS MARILYN TRIPLETT Sponsored By Men 's "A" Club MISS BETTY SWIFT Sponsored By Girls' "A" Club MISS LILLIAN ROBERTS Sponsored By Girls' 4-H MISS BETTY HOLLAR MISS JANICE SMITH Sponsored By Bible Club Sponsored by F.F.A. Qu, ,,.W 1 who MISS HANNAH GREEN Sponsored By Home Economics Club syor . 7 fw-aug, ,f-Q-WM I h3ii,,i k-VV I V! MISS VIRGINIA BRYAN Sponsored By Business Club ,gum-W d""Y I MISS BETSY NICHOLS Sponsored By Student Council an-Q MISS DIANNA WATKINS Sponsored by High--ILE ifiwxvvw - M. .1 I . mx. x- x.,,X X wp wi' ,M ,gm mv, .xml T1 ,, 5-ax. rj Z Jig gi. 3 5533- . nf.AQ?lrg9lf, . 'QUE ' H215 af' V533 Q Qi Mfg 'TRY Zig? U. ' ' ki ik , M QFD, f fi? Wig . ffffiu My ' 'filx -.gif .M 3 4 Lv -5 'Vx " " 6:-TZ' 1' X :M Aki, " 2 ,,, . ,., ' If nu ze' .w . , "uf 2-"1 A P A 39 mg .rf 7 1 5 X1 W "ff Mgr ' f ' NN lavn' , wW V- ,.,..4, A W? ,fx GW j ,SLI ,,,. . T filly H--:if 05' Q J" ,g,S. 1' 5- f M ,gg A Q. GA'-A YXC!K1vm0xf8'NA. Qrlgbxaw V ! ' X Q! III" Hx W MQ, N q50,,,, mg, f6 f7,, 31'ffA f9 if M Qlff' 22 Q ,ff 23 3 3ff2627 0 'fx 1 Flkflzlkm Ei A F ' 1 Page 53 93 HISTORY OF WRESTLING AT APPALACHIAN HIGH SCHOOL Appalachian High School began wrestling in 1953. Mr. Steve Gabriel was the first coach. His team had three dual meets and won all of them. They placed third in the State Tournament making an impressive showing. .J. W. Welborn 11031 and Kermit Ashley 11331 won individual titles in their respective weights. Mac Welborn 11271 and Jim Brown 11381 placed secondg Phill McGuire 1951 placed thirdf and Bill Brown 11201 and Donald Lyons 11651 placed Fourth. In 1954, Mr. Lawrence Oldaker became the coach. The team was undefeated in its second year of wrestling but did not show up as well in the State Tournament as before. J. W. Welborn 11201 and Bill Brown 11381 placed third. Mr. "Snooky" Johnson was the wrestling coach in 1955. His team was also undefeated. At the State Tournament in High Point, Bill Brown 11381 won a championship. J. W. Welborn 11271 placed secondg Tom Owsley 1951 and Alan Van Dyke 11451 placed thirdg and Harry Critcher 1951 came in fourth. In 1956 Steve Gabriel again returned to Appalachian High and coached wrestling. The team remained undefeated and came in December 12 Southwest away January 18 Burlington here December 19 Beaver Creek away January 21 Asheboro away January 1 1 Goldsboro here January 24 Southwest here SIX YEARS UNDEFEATED Page 54 tffzff f- 5 .. N, ,g . s 1 , 5 ga r 1 ' we-rrlgasw A if 7 xp- X. , Y. W as , 3, ts, ... second in the State Tournament at Greensboro. lt was heart-breaking defeat. Greensboro High School edged out the Blue Devils IO3-l02. Harry Critcher 1951, Sammy Critcher 0031, J. W. Welborn 0381, and Alan Van Dyke 0451 all won first place trophies. Harold Hayes 0 l21, Bobby Reynolds 0201, and Wendell Critcher 0271 came in second best, while Kent Greer 0331 and James Green 0541 placed third. ln l957 we finally did it - North Carolina High School State Wrestling Champions! Appalachian High School 92. . . Greensboro High School 82. . .Coach Hubert Dancey brought a happy bunch of boys back from Burlington with a brand new trophy. Larry Norris 1951, Sammy Critcher 0121, Tom Owsley 0201, Joe Miller 0271, Bobby Reynolds 0331, and Wendell Critcher 0381 all won first place titles. James Green 0541, and Kent Coleman 0651 placed third while Dick Brown 0451 came in fourth. ln dual meets during the year, the team remained undefeated. T958 is the sixth year Appalachian High School has had a wrestling team. We have never been beaten in a dual meet. . .Mr. Steve Gabriel is doing a fine iob as coach. This is another big year for wrestling at Appalachian High! January 30 Myers Park here February 6 Beaver Creek here February 1 Asheboro here February l 0 Burlington away February 4 Southwest away February l3 Myers Park away STATE CHAMPIONS i958 Page 55 FEE COP :of Officers GERALDINE HO NEYCUTT President GERALDINE MOODY Secretory BETTY COOKE Treasurer BETTY SWIFT Reporter Girls' "A" Club Officers :fe- TOM OWSLEY President JERRY WEST Vice-President J IM HAYES Secretary FRED COO KE Treasurer DICK BROWN Sergeant-at-Arms Men's "A" Club Music Appreciation BARBARA WATSON President MARGARET ROS E BROWN Vice-President JOYC E MOR ET Z Sec refury-T reasurer JUDY GREER Reporter S bf! Hugh life IAPPAGLACEIA Q2 2? 4? :QV-gl? A ' A ' A 'N 555-S fi' S- N , Q7 :SQ C0929 -4: ag A Y CU Ag -4: Q in ,QQ 6 0 Q 1 -'30 X537 A4 . S 5' Q Qwwsssg elm 5' N .Q Q 595533 'ARE r ' N 'Pl QQ? N 55 B-79' Q, "J fo' . CP' ' X Q 4, 565 'wake-his-5's 5 A an QW as , Q- af Y MQ Q 155 "Cf -M S5-325' a 0,6 ef ,gr Vigo iw .ff X M9 W 2. x, Q, W,-if 5.35.3 QS' h xmas .anti T95 3268 qiiietzixwe vm Q Q 2133: 9 ,622 ibe?x5 9086, fs w H Niggas '30 0180 Sie, ROI Dromcztics Club BARNEY HAMPTO N President GLORIA HAMPTON Vice-President PAT COOK Secretory-Treasurer JUDY GREEN Reporter l fi Aga. SJW 'Sa 352 To 3 Unger CXXOQX gag biawygy A531 Dymy O by 8 wgn jvxswgxs Scwzuf wbSe190leqfaIV'k'nuW9" Oy one Y x .09 gf e A, by ce " son Q90 go SQXQCKXKXQE Abpye Gfaq, Bl-'Je S O 3Ye uaxxqf ffc, h1b91' OJ' gud? H V0.1 35 , Q 7' f . - fo , of SYXXQSQQQEY' 4315, 78 81060: and 6 . I U10 C0013 cuff , muff' ' C-'np by IS f "Hu, YAQNQ na 91' 0 U10 aflyca f e , 1 . 1' , qvg7Off f f7'?!'fjafhl12y cigztlllg Affotalu, n'9l'f' M ' 4:90 1111 C707 16 -9 01' C1 6 e xxfxsedg .Sq wif. is 'feg in 0 E,aglN0VQmUb I' , U I odiyfdeh C1uf,pr9S0i-foafba 0 Seo Je b S CO f 9 0630! an llc Y.9j?jfed0C'1C1fJ, uflfyl 070177560 of tb d Wre Vx . fb 'abd Fwd " 6 M S' ,f C009 ea Afore 690 01231 0 S f 'Wy F a 'Usb N-Qrfoffiz ons fx 11 'uf ""f'1: bf 02 pad .gecom H000 1911 0 me r S7093 Ig L5,f:!Z611S.J2iE"!f 0 f " aj! J S. , ff 61-' ' C' , f NG. I rl, I, , f 'NTV A Page 60 B555 HBH! B999 HBH! B595 GBUS B055 D996 EDGE EEUU DUDE H559 B950 Bibi B550 H555 Chorus Officers BOBBY IDOL President EDDIE RUSH Vice-President JACK T. WINKLER, JR. Secretary MARY LEE JONES Librarian BETSY RO G ERS Treasurer mxii N288 can iq? 6 Emi Our Senior Devils W! 'mw Coaches Score Managers 1'-' 'tad' .41- Keeper I Girls' Vcursity Boys' Varsity December December December January January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February Lansing .... Bethel ...... Cove Creek .... . . . Mt. City .... Newland .... Blowing Rock Beaver Creek Ashe Central..... Crossnore...... Bethel ...... Cranberry . . . Crossnore...... Mt. City .... Beaver Creek ..... . . . Newland ....... . . . Cove Creek. Ashe Central. .... . . . Lansing ..... Cranberry. . . Blowing Rock ..... . . . away home away away home away hom e away away away home home home away away home home home away home Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball "W J f , Wg if ae Leif. f M, ,A-Q Seniors Chief Footlooll Clweerleoclers- i +51 9 .......,w 3-W Basketball Varsity Cheerleaders Basketball "B Team" Cheerleaders 'img-,Q 25 G' Q' .,.,,. wt gm Q as Z K 'ii 5 ' if' M M Z9 ,4ff MQ f 6 P - f .i H MW, H, ,V 4,,, E, Am,-f mwwmgww-I-wwfWWW-W B3 MSL, im... NS my 'W mv., X 'Nfv:,A5Ei , ANW,... gm, ..M W M .. u,,A , Nlmmwww .M-L1,MWw,?mwmww.M sf 5 Z 1 N X x ,, 5 Y f 9 5 1 A ,V .M M W ,MM , Q fwvsefwwwm-wwivw 4.x Q ,x J E E 'F Q E E Q S 5. 3 is 51 3 5 'N is 1 S I V im awgykg if Q , W: E fy4Q wwwwggwsswmsfw- WM., 'Wg wwf Q Z ,M W i.Q 'M 2039190556 gf Q if 56 ,Maw 5 f W 35 'Fwy is gmwm afigxi ag L Mk H 4, , W , ,H Q W ,xM, , hmm AMA, ,,W.,,..,3'Q.M,,,.y HW 'N Q .A V. E -2 fy I M , M so x,:,I Egofym msxihi E gg.. Q 1 A , ,.. 1- A E , Y 1 N. g L m "" X' 3 Z, I ,f H As A, N,,,, ,M . , ,, ff mm sw N 2 1 5 1 ? ,Yk , ,,,,V , ,X W Q W www NT. W ,N gwm, 1 V 1 3 1 N 1 Q., 4 MS Q . 2 7 ,N mv-ku L3 JM "alias Q 1 ,V izM,,4W MH ,W M ,AM, W, 76 , 5 Q V all wc '7Cr' Q.f'9' X 9 f. if l. fiqtfx figlgizyfiffp -, ' Vs ' '.L, W,,aQ'w,,Nf""'w f Y , f" f 35 Page 68 j,5gSgQigg 4 if! 5 1 Juniors P09 JY inf, , -K., 31 .B 'L "I, I-1' fyg' "' ,E ,C I A W ew. '- VAS? I 'QT'-s Q I I 'W wi. L A I 11:3 35. I 5 UL. 'Y' I , A 4 .ff H.. is ' 1 r ,Q 5. . I lr, .If N A I Class of '59 GLEN BARLOW TOM VIRGINIA BRYAN MAX BARLOW BODENHAMMER WANDA BRYAN JOYCE BEACH NADINE BOLICK TAD BUCKLAND BILL ROBERT BRITAIN MARC CARLSON BODENHAMMER LOY BROWN HAROLD CARLTON JOHN G. C. BRYAN BODENHAMMER Page 70 EVA CARROLL JOHNNY CARROLL STEVE CASTLE GRAYSON COFFEY SHARON COLLINS 9 1 3 . gp? , 4.-,I -V qw FRED COOK Secretory-Treasurer OLEN COOK BETTY COOKE LOUIS CORNELL LINDA COX 'Zn T' ' I AMW 'X ' 4 ff ,..--. .Sw 5' GEORGE COWLES ERMA CRITCHER NANCY CRITCHER EUGENE DENNY BOBBY EDMISTEN HAROLD EDMISTEN RUFUS EDMISTEN Presideni LANDRINE EGGERS MARTHA ELROD JOE ELROD X Lf, V. A ' -A my 2' I 2 fa E2 BILL FARTHING LAURA FOSTER ROBY GENTRY HANNAH GREENE HILL GREENE JOHNNY JANE GREENE HAMPTON JANICE GREENE FRANK HARTLEY EUGENE GREER HAROLD HARTLEY MAC GREER JIM HARTLEY RICHARD GREER J. R. HARTLEY Class of '59 BETTY HAYES DONALD HAYES MARCELLA HAYES JIM HAYES Vice-President WORLEY HODGES Pictured JERRY HOLLAR MARY ALICE HOLLARS PATSY HOUCK CLARK HOWELL BOBBY IDOL 2' mg' QI 1' ,WL Q.. , 'ff . ' I pg--. :- 3,54 is . . 3' , ' 1 1' V V 1 I' if 'if' fn . ga ,p E1 QV' ' : V J' U "WW Q "4 ' L X fc A . T7 ar " ' K A o 1 "' I f f. V xrkk fn 'rv M swim ' ii- W Q , . ' 5 ,kt-'SN ' :lj -3 W .if ' K 'inf 'CF' W ':- I wap 'pi S. m W vc K . :N I ae. -I . sr V 3, . .7 - 25794 , I, ' Tir , , 'I 3:1 ,"7"?' .':. cs! -0- ', ' . . M ... ,W fry I Class of ,59 MADELINE PATSY MAINE JOYCE MORETZ ELIZABETH PHILLIPS JOYCE PROFFITT JACKSON JERRY MCCRACKEN ARLENE NORRIS ESTER PHILLIPS CAROLE REDMOND LESTER JOHNSON NORMAN MICHAEL GEORGIA NORRIS JUNE PHILLIPS GWYN REEDY REBECCA JONES BILL MILLER JACK NORRIS PEGGY PHILLIPS JACK ROARK HAROLD KELLER DALE MORETZ JAMES PARLIER JEWEL PROFFITT GEORGIA MYRNA LUTHER SMITHERMAN Page 72 13- I' .A I L X RS. if-,, 'se A, 1 ' .F ,, Piqwzc JIM STEWART DAYTON TEAGUE MARGARET TEAGUE BILL TRIPLETT LORENE TRIPLETT AUTCDGRAPHS JOHN VAN BARBARA WATSON MARILYN TRIPLETT VOORHIS BETTY WELBORN SHERILI. WELBORN MARY WHITE JACK WINKLER ANN VAN NOPPEN BARBARA VANNOY Reporter FAYE WEST EVELYN WILSON KEITH WYKE NED VINES MARY WHEELER RACHEL WINEBARGER Class Of '59 f f' r I 15" f F , 1.,,t,,, 'Nm R ,,f-5, '- s 3 f f 4- . u. '-j ff ' - 4 ,w,..r' we Q 1 I i RUFUS EDMISTEN Chief 'fp lk - f Q ,Q Marshals 26 f . 3 ,QQ Q X MARILYN TRIPLETT Chief vw. Q Q B Q 5 5 I 1 1 Ji f Q r '- ffw ff. .. K .V ., K ,V . any :L K ' f iffy'-'M-4 " XM, Officers PAT PROFF ITT President BETSY ROG ERS Vice-President PAT TR IVETTE Secretary PAT BROWN Treasurer WILMA MORETZ Reporter Honor Society P' Page 76 Junior 3 gg Ml Sensor H Page 77 as ' ' W' y , Vlvff ,f f if ,S NX' f ' fflr f A tiff Mui. A , 4.1 4, 1 E 5, . f X ,gifflu-' 5 - ' D' ' gs? Z9 W?Qf,Qf 58 9-W 9-- A Q--fa 17 8 X520 ZZ 7U.,0,z6' ff Z Z9 120 vo EW 25 2 Q5 Q6 27 28 29 30 52' Mc. ' 'X 0 9 553' in 6 fu xx-N 3 X UR ww ' xw2 N ' f f A N ,.f:4f:g A V-1.4, ,,,.,-V-"wf""'M"" , X ff Q! XX ' A Q E Mfg! Lx Ww.,.,.fffr J' yx,f'ffZf'f - A!! MN A1, , 'l"'N Seniors Senior Class President Page 80 Class Officers JACK HAYES ELIZABETH HAGAMAN DICK BROWN Treasure' Secretary Vice-President "1 TOM OWSLEY MOLLIE AGLE "Salome" Girls' Glee Club i,2,35 Quiet Social Games i5 Monitors Club I5 Baton Club 25 Band 2,3, 45 Chorus 45 Chorus Festival 25 J.V. Cheer- leader 25 Art Club 4, President5 Citizen-of- the Week 35 Chorus Festival 4. JERRY AUSTIN "Ears" Folk Dancing Club 1,25 Quiet Social Games l5 J.V. Basketball l5 Varsity Basketball 45 Junior Wildlife Club 25 Gymnastics Club 45 Archery Club 35 Guns and Marksmanship Club 4. . . nw' M0 5- MPM, 5 ...+- BEULAH CAROLYN BROWN "Tootsie" Music Appreciation I5 Folk Dancing 25 Ping Pong Club 25 4-H Club 45 Quiet Social Games 2. GRACE IRENE BROWN "Gracie" Social Games Club i,25 Folk Dance 'l5 Music M Appreciation 25 Bible Club 45 Rhythm Club 3. .. of Class ol '58 in . stew is inks ' ,b ,if 5. W LARRY AUSTIN "Squid" J.V. Basketball Manager I5 J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Junior Wildlife Club 25 Gymnastics Club 25 Bus Mon i tor 25 Guns and Marksmanship Club I5 QuietSocial Games Club I5 Archery Club 35 Dramatics 4. CLARA BEACH "Pee-dab" High-Life Staff 3,45 Girls' G l ee Club 25 onTHonor Society 3,45 Assembly Club 35 Wildlife Club l5 Reporter5 Bible Club 25 Student-Faculty Committee 2,3,4. ,fav ,yum , tg ,s.... :O 2 1 ' Class ol '58 DG 3 we A BETTY ISAACS CLAWSON Music Appreciation Club l, Officer5 Folk Danc'e Club I5 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Dra- motics l, Officer5 Student Store Club 35 Social DanceClub 3, Officer, Home Ec. Club5 -Q Staff 4. JON COFFEY Guns and MarksmanshipClub 35 Audio-Visual Aids Club l5 Bus Driver 4. 'if-qv? 'WY pus...- A 'css si, Y Q . ,sa , We . tiff T ff 'il if 'mf NANCY PATRICIA BROWN MPM.. Future Business Leaders of America Club l, Secretary5 Girls' Glee Club l,25 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer I5 Bible Club 2,4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 High-Life Staff 35 Home Ec. Club 3, Treosuz-Sment Council 45 Student-Faculty Committee 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. RICHARD BROWN "Dizzy" Football l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball l, 2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Home President l,2,45 Class Vice-President 1,45 Men's "A" Club 2, 3,4, Officer 45 Social Dance Club l,35 Guns and Marlcsmanship Club l,35 Folk Dance Club 25 Boys' Glee Club 35 Quiet Social Games Club I5 Active Games Club 25 Archery Club 35 Tumbling Club 3. 'iq iw S' 'hm i 456 'bi-'zs ,wi , JOHN KENT COLEMAN Men's "A" Club 2,3,45 Football l,2,3,4, Co- Captain 45 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Gymnastics Club 25 FolkDanceClub 3, President5 Social DanceClub 35 F.F.A. I5 QuietSocicil Games Club I. BILLY COOK Wrestling 3,45 Chemistry Club 35 Guns and MarksmansliipClub 35 Model Builders'Club l. PATRICIA DEAN COOK "Pat" Student Council l,2,35 Science Club i, Reporter5 Photography Club l5 AssemblyClub 2, Officer5 Dramatics Club 254, Reporter 25 First Aid Assistant l,4. SAMMY CRITCHER "Muther" Wrestling l,2,3,4, StateChampion 2,35 Co- Captain 45 Men's "A" Club 3,45 SpanishClub l5 Monitors' Club i5 Junior Wildlife Club l, Vice-President5 F.F.A. 2,3, T reasurer 35 Student Store Club 2,3, Secretary 35 Guns and Marksmanship Club 2,3, T reas urer 35 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Folk DancingClub l. 4:-x AP' n '. - PATRICIA ANN DOWLING "Pm" StudentCouncil 25 Band l,2,3,4, Correspond- ing Secretary 4, Wood Ensemble 3, State Ensemble Contest 3,4, State Solo Contest 4, All-State Band 45 Piano l,2,3,45 Maiorette 253,45 J.V. Basketball i5 Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 2,3,45 Laurel Staff 3,4, Adver- tisingStaff 3, Senior Editor 45 Homeroom Pres- ident l5 Modern Music Honorary Society 3,45 Junior-Marshal 35 Girls' Glee Club i,2, 35 Chorus Festival 35 Girls' "A" Club 35 Baton Club 2, President5 Quiet Social Games Club l, Secretary5 Pep Club 25 Dance Club 35 Student-Faculty Com mittee 45 Blue Devil Diory 45 Citizen-of-the-Week 45 Nine Girls 35 Beauty Sponsor for Club? -C JOHN GRAGG "Red" Junior Wildlife Club I5 Boys' 4-H Club l,25 Angle Flytying Club 25 Radio Club 35 Audio- Visual Club 4. Class of '58 - u IW' SARAH MARTHA CROWELL nscllyn Girls' Glee Club i,2, 35 Quiet Social Games Club l5 Folk Dancing Club 25 Social Dance Club 35 High-Life Staff 45 Chorus 45 Baton T '- Club 2. FAYE DAY "Flea" National Honor Society 3,45 Music Appre- ciation Club l5 Assembly Club I5 High-Life Staff 2,3,4, Feature Editor 3, Senmdm 45 StudentStore 2,3,45 Homeroom Recorder 4. fy ,orgy 'irrwm"'-is , 0 Class ol '58 GEORGE GREENE "Sonny" Men's "A"Club 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Base- ball 2,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Reporter 35 Wild- life Club 2, President5 Homeroom President l, 2, Reporter 35 Guns and MarksmansltipClub l, Vice-President5 Boys' GleeClub 35Gymnasium Club 25 Senior Superlative5 Co-Captain Var- sity Basketball 4. GRANT GREER Football l5 Guns and Marksmanship Club 3. JUDY ANN GRAGG J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 35 Dra- matics Club 15 Toastmasters Club i5 Baton Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Social Dance Club 35 BibleClub 4, Vice-President5 Chorus 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Student- Faculty Committee 3. DALE GREEN Bus Driver 2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3, Officer 35 Guns and Marksmanship Club i,2,3, Vice- President 3, President l,25 Men's "A" Club 45 Wrestling 3,45 Homeroom Officer 'l,2,35 Senior Superlative. .,,,, Not Pictured Mlm 1 ,J 'Y' if' u ELIZABETH HAGAMAN "Lizzie" Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 ToostmastersClub l5 DramaticsClub 35 Laurel Staff 45 Class Secre- tary 45 Homeroom Officer l,2. SHERRILL HAGAMAN "Maggie" ffransfer from West Wilkes High Schooll Varsity Basketball 45 Girls' "A" Club 4. BARNEY HAMPTON "Goo-goo" Bus Drivers Club l,2,3,45 Wildlife Club l,25 RadioClub 35 FolkDanceClub l,25 Dramatics Club 4. MARGARET HAMPTON "Margo" High-Life Staff 45 Social Dance Club 35 Folk Dance-Uub 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Chorus 45 Chorus Festival 4. -1 Y :lust K .K ui W 'buf gf" f a s 5. x ' f' A if E ix , Akhy I A :J BILL HAYES "Cheese" Football l,2,3,45 Baseball Manager l,2,35 Wildlife Club l,25 Guns and Marlcsmanship Club l,2, Vice-President l5 Social Dance Club l,25 Tumbling Club 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Men'S "A" Club 45 Study Hall Club 35 Varsity Basketball 4. JACK HAYES "Curly" Student Council 25 Men's "A" Club l5 Class Officer 3,45 Homeroom Officer l5 Basketball 35 Baseball 35 Folk Dance Club 25 Ping Pong Club I5 Senior Superlative5 Rotary Boy of the Month 4. " " QD' ff! 14' VO ' wr AE Class of '58 , Q, 'Qs BOBBY HARMON "Doc" Football 3,45 Tennis 45 Wildlife Club 2,35 Model Builders Club 2,35 Archery Club 45 Band l,2,3. MARY SUE HARTLEY "sue" High-Life Staff l5 Quiet Social Games Club W3,Uficerl,2,35 Publicity Club l5 Girls' Glee Club 25 Bible Club 3, Officer5 Business Club 4, Officerg Homeroom Officer l,25 Junior Librarian 45 Piano l,2. 'si if f ting 'mf 'V.,,,,,,-uw Class of '58 X' ' 1.1- H, IR' JOHN HODGES "Red" F,F.A. l,2,3,4, Reporter 2, Sentinel 3,4, Fit-it Club l, Ping Pong Club l. BETTY HOLLAR "Sis" J.V. Basketball l, Varsity Basketball 2,3, Hgh-2 Staff l,2, Folk Dancing Club l, Monitors Club l, Spanish Club l, Officer, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Student Store Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Rhythms Club 3, Officer, Substitute Bus Driver 3,4, Girls' "A" Club 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Senior Superlative, Beauty Sponsor for Club Q RUBY WANDA HAYES "Rube" J.V. Basketball 2, Girls' Glee Club4, Library Club 3, PepClub 2, TcastmastersClub l, Quiet Social Games Club I. EMMA JEAN HODGES "Jeanie" Girls' Glee Club i,4, ToastmastersClub 1, Pep Club 2, Library Club 3, Bus Monitor 2, Dra- matics Club 2, Social Dance Club 3. 13,4 ,iv'9u ig GERALDINE HONEYCUTT "Gerry" Varsity Basketball l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Active Games Club l, Folk Dancing Club l, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, BatonClub 2, Girls' "A" Club 3,4, President 4. BOBBY JONES "Cob" Guns and Marksmanship Club l,3, Wildlife Club 2, Ping Pong Club 3, Audio-Visual Aids Club l,2,4. MARY LEE JONES "Susie" Girls' Glee Club l,2,3, Photography Club I, Baton Club 2, Social DanceClub3, Homeroom President 2, Monitor 2, Home Ec. Club 3, Chorus 2,3,4, Officer 4, Archery Club 4, Officer, Quiet Social Games Club 2, Chorus Festival 4. CYNTHIA KLUTZ "Cindy" Laurel Staff 4, Business Manager, Girls' Glee Club3,4, Folk Dancing Club I, MonitorsClub I, Baton Club 2, Officer, J.V. Basketball I, Varsity Basketball 2, Social Dance Club 3, Chorus 3,4, Chorus Festival 3,4. 14,1 4-lr fy 4 .pr v5 pm 'fx IQ 'Yu 1f""""7 W 9' f A L BILL MATHESON "Superman" Dance Club I, Band I, Boys' Glee Club I, Quiet Social Games Club 2, Ping-Pong Club 2, Chorus 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Chorus Festival 4. FAYE MILLER "Shorty" Wildlife Club I, Future Business Leadersof America I, Quiet Social Games 2, Bible Club 25 4-H Club 4, Reporter, In 4 , iw rvf' 'Dk Class of '58 I 4' 0. -. qw ex JEWEL MCGEE Uransfer from Harris High Schooll Girls'Glee Club 3, Laurel Staff 4. PATRICIA LOUCINDA MADDUX "Little Put-Put" Laurel Staff I,2,3,4, Advertising I,2, Junior Editor 3, Editor 4, Band I,2,3,4, Librarian I, 2,3,4, Junior Award 3, Modern Music Honorary Society 3,4-, Vice President 4, Social Dance Club 2, Vice-President, C horus 4, C horus Festival 3,4, Basketball Manager I,2, Score- keeper 3, Varsity, Citizen-of-the-Week 2,4, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer I, Girls' Glee Club I,2,3, Vice-President 3, Girls' "A" Club 2,3, Student-Faculty Committee 3, Dance Band 3,4, Librarian 4, Monitors Club lfloastmasters' Club, Beauty Sponsor for the Laurel Staff 4. Q E ,Q T' Q lk.. '15-. A Class of '58 an-,Q 4:- ev' -dan. "FA sin KATIE MILLER Archery Club 3. RAY MILLER 5 usnngy.. ""..WA, Wrestling 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Radio Club l5 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Soc' Dance Club 3. :iz A I. ' ppxbvlif' as fi' J. C. MILLER Angler and Flytying Club l,25 Audio-Visual Aids Club l,2,45 Archery Club 35 Guns and Marksmanship Club 35 Bus Drivers' Club 3,45 Chorus, Chorus Festival 4. JOHNNY MILLER "Ducky" Football l,2,3,45,Men's "A" Club 3,45 J,V. Basketball l5 Basketball Manager 45 Homeroorn Officer l,25 Model Builders' Club l,2,3, Officer 2,35 Wildlife Club 2, Officer5 Social Dance Club 3. GERALDINE MOODY "Gerry" Girls' "A" Club 3,4, Officer 45 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Spanish Club l5 Folk Dance Club 15 Social Dance Club l,2,35 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Baton Club 2. J. B. MORETZ "Squeaky" F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3,45 Student Council 45 Homeroom Officer I5 Fix- it Club l5 Guns and Marksmanship Club 2,3, President 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Chorus 4, Chorus Festival. E vis Bible Club 3 4' Junior Librarian Club 2 :..,, fm- RUTH MORETZ 1 u I - in ':-: iir I , , . . RACHEL ANNE MORETZ Bible Club l,45 Quief Social Games Club 25 Junior Librarians Club 35 Piano l,2. LARRY NORRIS Wrestling 3,4, State Champion 35 Radio Club i5 Audio-Visual Aids Club l5 Guns and Marksmanship Club 3. PATSY NORRIS "Pat" Folk Dance Club i5 Wildlife Club 25 Quiet Social Games Club 25 4-H Club 45 Social Dance Club 2. Class of 58 WILMA MORETZ "Willie" Class Officer 25 Homeroom Recorder 3,45 Bible Club 25 Active Games Club 'l5 Photo- graphy Club l, Officer5 Bus Monitors' Club 25 Wildlife Club 25 Business Club 4, Presi- dent5 National Honor Society 3, 4, Officer 45 Student-Faculty Committee 4. DEE NORRIS F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Wildlife Club 25 Quiet Social Games Club 2. C ass ol '58 .org ie 'xxx E E loe ' if CAROL PAYNE "Jeanie" Piano l,2,35 Junior Wildlife Club l5 Quiet Social Games Club l5 Girls'GleeClub 35 Bus Monitors Club 25 Social Dance Club 35 Folk Dance Club 35 Junior Librarian 35 Chorus 45 Baton Club 2. FRANK PAYNE, JR. Men's "A" Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Tennis l, 2,3,45 Wrestling 45 Band l,2,3,4, President 45 Laurel Staff 2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 35 C horus 45 Top Magazine Salesman l,2,3,45 Citizen-of-the-Week 35 Student-Faculty Com- mittee 35 Dance Band 3,45 Business Manager 3, 45 Wildlife Club l,25 Model Builders Club l5 Social Dance Club 35 Chorus Festival 4. Q' 'T' Ll BARBARA ANNE NORTHERN "Annie" Baton Club 25 Dance Club 15 Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Chorus 45 Paper Staff 45 Homeroom Recorder 45 Social Dance Club 35 Student Stare 25 Active Games Club 15 Piano l. TOM OWSLEY Wrestling l,2,3,4, State Champion 3, Co- Captain 45 Football 2,3545 Class President 45 Student Council l,2,3,4, Executive Com- mittee l,2,35 National Honor Society 3, 45 LaurelStaff l,2,3,4, Assistant Business Man- ager 2, Junior Editor 3, Assistant Editor 45 Junior Marshal 35 Social Dance Club 2,35 Boys' Glee Club 15 Band l5 Dramatics l,25 Debate Team 15 Student-Faculty Committee .35 Senior Superlative5 Antigone 25 Rotary Bay of the Month5 Men's "A" Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4. r .. mf X qi.. s,l. 5, MARY PAYNE Junior Wildlife Club l5 Photography Club 25 Girls' Glee Club l,45 Folk Dance Club 35 Bible Club 35 Social Dance Club 2. PATRICIA ANN PROFFITT "Pat" Girls'Glee Club 1,25 WildlifeClub l, Secre- tary5 Homeroom Officer l,2,3, President l,2, Secretary 35 Bible Club 2,4, Vice-President 25 Paper Staff 3, Student Council 4, Executive Committee5 National Honor Society 3,4, Pres- ident 45 Student-Faculty Committee 35 Hom e Economics Club 3, Vice-President, Citizen-of- the-Week 25 Senior Superlative5 Business Girl of the Month 4. NANCY LOUISE RAYFIELD Folk Dancing Club I5 QuietSociaI GamesClub 25 Junior Wildlife Club 25 Ping Pong Club 35 Rhythms Club 35Trarripoline Club 4, DOROTHY ROBERTS "Dot" 4-H Club 2,3, Treasurer 2,45 Home Ec. Club l5 Bible Club 25 Folk Dance Club 3. .1-Q-gg .r EDDIE RUSH "Spedio" Football I, 2,3, 45 Baslcetbal I, J. V. I, 2, Varsity 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Men's "A" Club 2,3, 45 President of Homeroom 35 .Junior Marshal 35 SeniorSuperIative5 Model Builders Club I5 Junior WildlifeCIub I5 Gymnastics Club 25 Social Dance Club 25 Boys' GleeClub5 Chorus 4, Vice-Presi- dent5 Co-Captain Varsity Basketball 4. MARY VIRGINIA SHERRILL firansfer from Hudson High Schooll Baton Club 2, Girls'GleeClub 25 LaurelStaff 45 Basketball Manager45 Senior Superlative, Chorus 4, Chorus Festival 4. Class of '58 12:0 -1 gs.. -iw ,av--we, LILLIAN ROBERTS IlLilll 4-H Club I,2, Reporter 3, President 35 Home Ec. Club I5 Social Dance 35 County Council 4-H l,2,3, Vice-President 45 Bible Club 2. BETSY ROGERS "Little Bit" Varsity Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Chief 3,45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Officer 45 Girls' Glee Club l,3, Officer 35 Girls' "A" Club 2, 35 ClassOfficer 35 Homeroom Officer 25 Chorus 4, Officer5 Trampoline Club 45 Baton Club 2, Officer5 Pep Club 25 Active Game Club I, Social Dance35 HomecorningQueen 35 Student- FacutlyCommittee45 SeniorSuperlative5Chorus Festival 4. . 1, '11 Q 1"N',l' W-1.4 '-aaslfiil , ,fm gal? Class oi '58 in s V155 HELEN SMITHERMAN "Tootsie" J.V. Basketball 2,3, High-Life Staff 2,3,4, Junior Representativefi, Senl:ERepresentative 4, Quiet Social Games Club l, Girls' Glee Club l. MARGARET ANNETTE STEELMAN "Maggie" Hi h Life Staff l Baton Club 2' Folk Dance 9 '-- I 1 Club 2, Social DanceClub 2, WildlifeClub l. 2353, Riff'-f . L 4, ,ne me DIANE SMlTH "Little Yankee" J.V.Cheerleader 3,4, Chief 4, High-Life Staff 4, Co-Editor, Social Dance CFS,-TDTficer, Chemistry Club 3. JANICE SMITH "Jan" Laurel Staff 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Chorus 4, Girls' "A" Club 2,3, Home Ec. Club 3,Social Dance Club 3, Folk Dance Club l, Dramatics Club 2, Officer, Music Appreciation Club l, Officer, Junior Librarian 3, Homeroom Officer l,2,3,4, Chorus Festival 4. -so "".'?.'P' ,-,ann -'TN M94 'r:""""""' MARGARET JUNE STORIE "Tudy" Folk DanceClub 4, Quiet Social Games Club l, Junior Wildlife Club 2, BatonClub 2, Ping Pong Club 3, President, Social DanceClub 3, Business Club 4. BETTY SWIFT --sei" .l.V. Basketball l, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Girls' "A" Club 3,4, Reporter 4, Girls' Glee Club l,2,3, Folk Dance Club l,2, Rhythms Club 3, Baton Club 2, Reporter, Varsity Football Cheerleader 3,4, Homeraom Secretary 2, Social Dance 3, Senior Superla- tive, Beauty Sponsor for Club 4. DAVID TEAGUE "Big Dave" Student Council l,2, President of Homeroom 4, Angler and Flytying Club 3, President, Football 2,4, Radio Club 3, Reporter, Men's "A" Club l,2,3,4, Football l, Manager, Folk Dancing Club 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, Wildlife Club 2, Fix-lt Club 2, Guns and Marksman- ship Club l. ALMA TESTER "Trixie" Music Appreciation I, Quiet Social Games Club l, Officer, Girls' Glee Club 2, Future Business Leadersof AmericaClub 2, Secretary, Junior Librarians Club 3, Reporter, Paper Staff 4. 'W ALICE WATSON "Shorty" Junior Wildlife Club l, Folk Dance Club I, Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, Officer 4, Social Dance Club 3, Baton Club 2. JERRY WEST "Wildroot" President of the Student Body 4, Student Council 3, 4, Men's "A" Club 2,3,4, Vice- President 4, Homeroom President l,2, Class President l, 2, 3, Senior Superlative, Gym- nastics Club 2, Active Games Club l, Archery Club 3, J.V. Basketball l,2, Varsity Basket- ball 3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Junior Marshal 3, Chief, Rotary Boy of the Month. 'flown YW up 'Y .v 'PFW 3715 f? 'iesms 7-f- ' fm -.fe- sw X 'Pi Class of '58 BARBARA TOWNSEND "Bobbie" Bible Club I, Quiet Social Games l, Baton Club 2, 4-H Club 2,Vice-President 3,4, Folk Dance Club 3. PAT TRIVETT ttpmt. Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,4, Officer 4, Social Games l, Social Dance 2, 3, Student Council 4, SeniorSuperlative, National Honor Society 3,4, Officer 4, Homeroom Officer 2,3, Bus- iness Girl of the Month. 4 ei .1 ,Q A A 4:.,..l" K Class of '58 jk . ,,.., .. E 5 .. 432 s 5 . I My 'T' 'rr-. , ,ep JEWEL WINEBARGER JuniorWildlifeClub 25 Junior Librarians'Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer. SHIRLEY WINEBARGER "Snookie" Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Chief 45 Folk Dancing Club l5 Wildlife Club l5 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Social Dance Club 2,3, Vice-President 35 TrampolineClub 4,Officer5SeniorSuperlative. ec.. V .arm V ee 3 fr 'Qu LINDA JEAN WEY "Spring" ffransfer from West Miami Jr. High Schooll Varsity Basketball Cheerleader 253,45 Student Council 3,4, Executive Committee 4, Vice- President 45 J un ior Marshal 35 Band 2,3,4, Woodwind Ensemble 3,4, State EnsembleCon- test 3,45 Maiorette 2,3,4, Head Maiorette 3, 4, SolnMaiorette and instructor 2, 3, 45 Girls' "A" Club 25 MixedChorus 35 Girls'GleeClub 25 Social Dance Club 2,3, Officer 35 Pep Club 25 Homecoming Play 25 National Honor Society 3,45 High-Life Staff 4, Business Manager5 Essaywnrgi'-25 Blue Devil Diary 25 Modern Music Honorary Society 354, President 45 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Citizen-of-the- Week 2,35 Nine Girls 35 HomecomingQueen 45 C hristrFQ'Eeg1 35 Business Girl ofthe Month 45 Beauty Sponsor for Band 4. PATRICIA MADELINE WILCOX "Pat" Band l,2,3,45 Maiorette 354, Assistant Head Maiorette 45 Laurel Staff 45 Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 Chorus 45 Dramatics l5 Social Dance Club 2,35 Homeroom Officer l5 BatonClub 25 Quiet Social Games Club l5 Citizen-of-ther .Week 45 Senior Superlative5 Chorus Festival 4. 'J' QQ, f.C .4R""1- 4""7f S-f BUDDY WOOD "Butch" Men's "A" Club 45 J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 35 Football Manager 45 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 35 Archery Club 35 Gym- nasticsClub 25 DramaticsClub l5 4fH Club l5 Social Games Club l5 Chorus 4, ChorusFesti- val 45 Monitors Club 4, President. MARGARET WOOD "Maggie" Laurel Staff 4, Secretary5 Assembly Club I5 Baton Club 25 Homeroom Secretary 'l5 J.V. Basketball l,2, Co-Captain 25 Social Dance Club 3, Secretary5 J.V. Cheerleader 3, Chief5 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Girls' "A" Club 2,35 Chorus 4. Clciss of '58 Not ERNEST WOODRING 4' 'W' Guns and Marksmanship Club 4. Pictured RUBY WOODRING 63? Social Dance Club 3. Col or Flower Blue and White White Rose Motto "The greater the desire the greater the chance of achieving." 'L .. . " .1 .: J " Mascots KATHY ALDRIDGE BILL AGLE Page 95 H N 4 Vx'urdS by Q, Music by WILLIAM Exuvxcx . -N EDITH PLAF XX MuQ1r'rg1Yf'ivV Brig ffi ff' L 1 ze me 2' 1' '7 Ii: Fm Fm? 8:7 Fm7 Q ex ' N ' 1 fyke Km 'rf-i W gg ' 9 Qig.:i..g,--g-. 'iw 5 I La f L 'fi e,g, 4 lA?!, 1 O5 ..W-,A..e f 'O O? ' 3 j O 1. Pwr.. .15-xmyw udfxi LQ, '.S1f.:-Q ............,.. ZOE L RE - MEfMA'Y3!if3 TO- DAY ........................ HOW you 2. if-5 .ax Twig Qu '- Tfuv. fur. .....,... fi 1, VF- .V,if,'S'i'fiEfR TO- D.-'XY................... How yOu ,ji -N O, ..-W -O A , Y -Q-A-we N-M MR. AND MISS APPALACHIAN Jerry West and Betsy Rogers BEST LOOKING AND MOST ATTRACTIVE Dale Greene and Pat Wilcox I2 , Swv. 'VIO Vvnrds by DICK MANNING E' 53 5 v n,,,- mf 1' mf -O Y 3? Q.. N -.A '-- -A fiearmicnr' Music by F.D. MARCHETTI f S-...,. ,,."Z'.i"' n was FAS -cl - NA - e 4 v , -W-My And if WSU' ha ee ee-eewHMeQe-mme e. ee fii Meme., 3 ee "e e ge CL , O e ,Q , Tgiggi ' S 0 Th? X ,JY AJ, .. 1,yff4f by " ' N.XB1MY LQ-XHN Sllswlf' V- Q , 1 2' ffm ,gy 'f"W"1- ig: Q Q lil A . -'.-v .MXHLN MXN Hltl 5125 3 P I I pww rrf, A.AA. .,,,,--,....J.....,.-,.,., bi ..,---,, W... 3 Cm Y RVfI'QiiX1 'mf r Fll'l'ca.N'1l'w , . A 17' 3""'1? "Y" - ., M , 'A" , ., S I , W.. M, N WWW ,,,-,.N-L.- 37 'H L H 'F' gt Xxlfiwfi M "1"-IL .i ' x Y nw Xx ,g L uou un, lux haw-Wxml z' :5.I,I, IPS!" 1 A gg MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Tom Owsley and Pct Proffitt Superlcahves MOST VERSATILE David Teague and Pat Trivetf 2 - , S2111 A10 y Moon XX r is 33' l BILLR-if By HARRY TUBIAN . PERVY XVENRICI' is M fig-rflto, Not 'I A V ' f t H we 41 .4 ' cfm'-M 'M4' .5 , K 'I fx 75.1 ,X ,A m . 9- ef W Vi: MS. T 'i,,Q1. K E '1ff'52? au' N A ' FAH. A 'U1Nt2,S1l:Y RY Sf' fm P. 4,4 5- ' Nga W I -6 FN XF, . , I .Lv W., -. 4, , 4. P11 4 0 2 0 ggi fiifj , My Special Angel ,if Slowly 0' nf, is-' 15 ,O wr? 6 By JIMMY DUNCAN T fp 3 J'-5 Chorus l Bb 0 'IL Bhaim .Y lil A I You are My Spec- Six. V Aix-3, Sent from up bove -QQM5 e oi Q 15 rg nf . 0 V 1 A ' f""i"'i'r" Wffiiir 'W 75 ?1"'W" I i 1 N! ' A Ti A 3 , llll fo, l 'A llll fe-lffffglw 441.5 -i all , R Mvclium Rock J 1 if N., f EH' I Sim MOST POPULAR Jock Hayes and Shirley Winebarger MOST ATHLETIC Dick Brown and Betty Hollur AR A UNCHY Senior 1 Q xl 4 O BN' O w1LL1.ui JUSTIS and swN1e:Y:s1ANKER K A A A i ' , I ga TM' i I ' 65 W. ...,,.,,,,. U 1 5 f E I-1 151: ii F 54:11:11: M., i l e il U-1 'il 1 I., K W ez 1 - F a er ,eff Y, nl U 2. Miodsrate' if E., U :ie .- -Q, A 'I 1 -45- Bx' L. C. COOK .f""M'N-.-.Kun 3 1 .5 J ' ' 1, A I. 0 M0 G . Ixuf A 4 ' Cf? F Dm? F 4. 1 ff 1 N O71 " .ix Mc. Yuan Ouh B 1"f'4N 6 'MTf',',Q,. ,, ' mm f I r I , , 7 ff ' . C1 r-new-W3 4 ' 0 ' I 44 Superlcatives 9'- .AS a NF 'Ii Af:-M ii mv FRIENDLIEST Eddie Rush and Betty Swift WITTIEST George Greene and Mary Sherrill EASY- FUR- EVER ID. T126 TV-'4 0 Mm xicrzxtcly 1? my f -SI' I 5.2, , M 7 f f- y++- 'NY EDITION QD P I2 Island yt ,X Vkbrds and Music by NICK AVQUAVIVA 'W Tun xxxkxlcx vrfr 3 11 J-!"""i ,M , 73- i- 5 1' ' ' f Q "4" ' ? G ' , 'Nti'.:.::r.t:.f.r ' 'B-dh e 'lo -g:f?P!1s.x L , is ,, g 351: , VW V is . .34 Q i m, I YYY? it 9: Q- ns- R 3' ,Q zigiri f ,X .. A. skim Page 100 13' 12 W x X 5 "f e rrs 1 1 N i f-'kk 1, Vi Ang. . . Kqyr A , .1 Q: ' rv 1 , A f M 11 1. R'l N , wg g 1 q A 1. Pat Maddux 2. Tom Owsley 3. Betty Swift 4. Barbara Northern 5. Johnny Miller 6. Dale Green 7. Cindy Klutz 8. Jerry West 9. Larry and Jerry Austin 10. Eddie Rush 11. Mollie Agle 12. Betsy Rogers 13. Margaret Storie 12. Sherrill Hagqman 15. Sammy Critcher 16. Sally Crowell 'War . " N 1 wi C , E, Q. " ------ PM S-. we-fi R -,af -of " Q- 'if 'Q 'WI X! D 3 1. 1 ff V4 3 if 9 7 I r ion. 9 , ...fy Ji -fx 11 8. ,. y be 8g .. 5. 3 5 Q ' ffyw ciao g 3 1 1 1-4. 'A' . -Q , A 1 I I YL 3 5 25 24 f 1 3205? - ,l Q K3 N ,.4f ww. ' ...B 823 ' 1 " it 'i 1 X 1 1 4 Q I 'T' qi if 1-f lg, , firm ncigisv' or . , il 31v532 z if ' Q wg, 1 1 385 aleth er 1. Jewell McGee 2. Pat Dowling 3. Pat Cooke 4. Pat Brown 5. Mary Sue Hartley 6. Geraldine Moody 7. J. C. Miller 8. Elizabeth Hagaman 9. Bill Hayes 10. Bobby Jones 11. Jon Coffey 12. Kent Coleman 13. Pat Wilcox 14. Janice Smith 15. Shirley Winebarger 16. Margaret Hampton 17. George Greene 18. Ruby Hayes 19. Judy Gragg 20. Linda Wey 21. Margaret Wood 22. J. B. Moretz 23. Pat Trivette 24. Margaret Steelman 25. Clara Beach 26. Frank Payne 27. Betty Hollar 28. Mary Lee Jones 29. John Gragg 30. Diane Smith 31. Dorothy Roberts 32. Lillian Roberts 33. Mary Sherrill 34. Pat Proffitt 35.Barney Hampton 36. Helen Smitherman 37. Carol Payne 38. Bill Matheson -Q , Page 101 Class History ROCKET SHIP '58 ln the year of 1954, 134 potential space men enrolled in Appalachian High School with one goal firmly entrenched in their minds-that being to reach the moon. Jerry West was appointed chief cadet ably assisted by Dick Brown, Mary Lawrence, and Joyce Hayes. ln order to raise funds for the rocket ship the cadets sponsored a football dance. Having safely secured funds, they adlourned for the summer to meditate the space problem. ln the fall of '55, cadet West with his aides - Jack Hayes, Wilma Moretz, and Pat Cook - again summoned the potential space travelers to Coach Groce's laboratory. The cadet's social program was taking on more astronomical proportions. They sponsored the Christmas dance with cadet Mary Lawrence reigning over the festivities. The cadets also sponsored the Valentine dance. General Groce's recruits won the space station clean-up contest. Having laidthe frame work for the rocket ship, they retired to star-gazing for the summer. With visions of the Big-Dipper in mind, once again the cadets returned to the space station. At the first meeting, cadet West and his lieutenants - Jack Hayes, Mary Lawrence, and Betsy Rogers-outlined the space program for the year. This program consisted of sponsoring the Halloween Carnival, football dance, and the magnitudinous Junior-Senior Prom. Chief cadet West was elected Student Body President. Cadet Betsy Rogers was selected homecoming queen and chief cheerleader. The following name cadets were inducted into the National Honor Society: Pat Brown, Clara Beach, Faye Day, Judy Gragg, Margaret Hampton, Betty Hollar, Mary Lawrence, Wilma Moretz, Tom Owsley, Pat Proffitt, Betsy Rogers, Jerry West, and Linda Wey. At a special meeting cadets Pat Dowling, Mary Lawrence, Linda Wey, Tom Owsley, Eddie Rush, and Jerry West were elected Junior Marshals. General Grace again won clean-up in addition to the magazine contest. The space ship com- plete except for fuel, the cadets blasted off for the summer. With sputniks flying around, the cadets returned in '57 to greet the new chief, Tom Owsley, and his assistants - Dick Brown, Jack Hayes, and Elizabeth Hageman. Cadets Linda Wey and Eddie Rush were selected homecoming queen and king. Cadets Sherrill Hagaman and Betty Swift were chosen as co-captains for the girls' space ball team. Spacemen Tom Owsley and Sammy Critcher were elected wrestling captains, and cadets Dick Brown and Kent Coleman were chosen football captains. Cadet Pat Maddux was elected editor of the senior space annual, and Diana Smith was chosen co-editor of the monthly space report. Being very sociable, the cadets sponsored two football dances and also the Christmas dance. With the rocket ship ready to fire and being commissioned full spacemen they blasted off for Washington, where the spacemen along with their chaperons and sponsors - Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Tully, Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Steve Gabriel, Mr. Everett, Mr. Groce, Mr. Hill, Miss Schell, and Miss Hicks - enioyed a safe, hilarious trip to the moon. When they arrived, the "Crew" beamed approval of the four year scientific proiect. All this proves that this year's senior class is out of this world ll!! Page l02 Last Will and Testament SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 We, the Senior Class of l958, realizing that we will soon be taking our departure leaving our numerous belongings to an uncertain I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, end, do hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament. ARTICLE I MOLLIE AGLE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Hadden to Austin Adams. JERRY AUSTIN, do hereby will and bequeath my ping pong paddle to Carol Smith. LARRY AUSTIN, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet nature to Leo "Lippy" Durocher. CLARA BEACH, do hereby will and bequeath my love for office work to Nancy Critcher. BEULAH BROWN, do hereby will and bequeath my dimples to Mary Ruth Hodges. GRACE BROWN, do hereby will and bequeath my pleasing smile to Mary Wey. PAT BROWN, do hereby will and bequeath my pretty clothes to Priscilla Hampton. RICHARD BROWN, do hereby will and bequeath my baseball ability to Mickey Mantle. BETTY ISAACS CLAWSON, do hereby will and bequeath my love of being a MRS. to any unhappy MISS. JON COFFEY, do hereby will and bequeath my bus driving ability to Eugene Greer. KENT COLEMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my vast amount of energy to Superman. BILLY COOK, do hereby will and bequeath my pleasing disposition to Bill Farthing. PAT COOK, do hereby will and bequeath my lovable manner to Alice Cain. SAMMY CRITCHER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be o State Champion to Ford King. SALLY CROWELL, do hereby will and bequeath my love for going steady to Betty Cooke. FAYE DAY, do hereby will and bequeath my cheerfulness to Mary White. PAT DOWLING, do hereby will and bequeath nothing 'cause I want to take it all with me. JOHN GRAGG, do hereby will and bequeath my glowing smile to Carl Smith. JUDY GRAGG, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make friends to Marilyn Triplett. DALE GREENE, do hereby will and bequeath my good-looks to Keith Wyke. GEORGE GREENE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to have fun and raise cane to Jack T. Winkler, Jr. GRANT GREER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be congenial to Robert Gragg. ELIZABETH HAGAMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my artistic ability to next year's Lyn! art editor. SHERRILL HAGAMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my place on the basketball team to Myrna Luther. BARNEY HAMPTON, do hereby will and bequeath my easy-going ways to Fred Cook. BOBBY HARMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay away from women to Rufus Edmisten. MARY SUE HARTLEY, do hereby will and bequeath my sweetness to Loy Brown. BILL HAYES, do hereby will and bequeath my position of the football team to Richard Greer. JACK HAYES, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to argue politics to President Eisenhower. RUBY HAYES, do hereby will and bequeath my SUPERB driving to the Highway Patrol. P I age l03 Last will and Testament I, JEAN HODGES, do hereby will and bequeath all the fun l've had at A. H. S. to Ann Cook. I, JOHN HODGES, do hereby will and bequeath my crew-cut to Ned Vines. I, BETTY HOLLAR, do hereby will and bequeath Dale to no one. I, GERALDINE HONEYCUTT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to foul out in a basketball game to Betty Jane Welbom. I, BOBBY JONES, do hereby will and bequeath my hoteriding ability to Curtis Turner. I, MARY LEE JONES, do hereby will and bequeath my BRIGHT remarks to Aline Greer. I, CYNTHIA KLUTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my Tommy to anyone who thinks she can get him. I, JEWEL MCGEE, do hereby will and bequeath my red hair to Elizabeth Phillips. I, PAT MADDUX, do hereby will and bequeath my position as editor of the -Engl to someone with superb health. fThey'll need itll I, BILL MATHESON, do hereby will and bequeath my voice to Sonny Tugman that he may use it to the best of his ability. I, FAYE MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my liveliness to Rachel Winebarger. I, J. C. MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my acting ability to Rock Hudson. I, JOHNNY MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my class ring to Jilda Creed. I, RAY MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my co-operative nature to John. I, GERALDINE MOODY, do hereby will and bequeath my love for basketball managing to Andy Yasinsac. I, J. B. MORETZ, do hereby will and bequeath my position in the F. F. A. to Dale Moretz. I, RUTH MORETZ, do hereby will and bequeath my shyness to Jimmy Goodnight. I, RACHEL ANN MORETZ, do hereby will and bequeath my English notes to anyone who can read them. l, WILMA MORETZ, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make straight "A's" to Jerry McCracken. I, DEE NORRIS, do hereby will and bequeath my good behavior to Tad Buckland. I, LARRY NORRIS, do hereby will and bequeath my size to Frank Hartley. I, PATSY NORRIS, do hereby will and bequeath my long hair to Linda Cox. I, BARBARA NORTHERN, do hereby will and bequeath my neatness to Betsy Nichols. I, TOM OWSLEY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to break hearts to Bill Miller. I, CAROL PAYNE, do hereby will and bequeath my friendliness to Miss Akers. I, FRANK PAYNE, do hereby will and bequeath my salesmanship ability to Mariorie Renolds. I, MARY PAYNE, do hereby will and bequeath my pleasant attitude to Janice Cook. I, PAT PROFFITT, do hereby will and bequeath my position in the N. H. S. to some lucky iunior. I, NANCY RAYFIELD, do hereby will and bequeath my cute actions to Peggy Phillips. I, DOROTHY ROBERTS, do hereby will and bequeath my timidity to Marc Calson. I, LILLIAN ROBERTS, do hereby will and bequeath my love for 4-H work to Erma Rae Critcher. I, BETSY ROGERS, do hereby will and bequeath my love for cheerleading to Lennis Coffey with hopes that she will have as much fun as I have had. Page I04 Last Will and Testament I, EDDIE RUSH, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play football and basketball to Jim Hayes. I, MARY SHERRILL, do hereby will and bequeath my love for chewing gum to Mr. Pipes. l, DIANE SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath my position as co-editor of the M-Q to some poor soul. I, JANICE SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath the fun l've had in Chorus to Donna Gilley. I, HELEN SMITHERMAN, do will and bequeath my typing ability to Judy Greene. l, MARGARET STEELMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my book, "How to Catch a Man," to the F. B. I. I, MARGARET STORIE, do hereby will and bequeath my sweet ways to Barbara Matheson. I, BETTY SWIFT, do hereby will and bequeath my black hair to Mary Moretz. I, DAVID TEAGUE, do hereby will and bequeath my nice manners to Jack Martin Thomas. I, ALMA TESTER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to keep a secret when Jewel is around to anyone who thinks he can do half as good. I, BARBARA TOWNSEND, do hereby will and bequeath my pony tail to Susie Yates. I, PAT TRIVETTE, do hereby will and bequeath all the letters l've written in shorthand to Mrs. Clark. I, ALICE WATSON, do hereby will and bequeath my talkative nature to Nadine Bolick. I JERRY WEST, do hereby will and bequeath my position as Student Body President to the, next poor devil. I I, LINDA WEY, do hereby will and bequeath my baton and twirling ability, all of My "A's, " and my love for band trips to a very sweet girl. . .Shirley Hampton. I, PAT WILCOX, do hereby will and bequeath my maiorette uniform and my long underwear Ithose cold football gamesll to Gloria Hampton. I, JEWEL WINEBARGER, do hereby will and bequeath my love for the Cove Creek boys to Alice Mast who is makingagood headway. I, SHIRLEY WINEBARGER, do hereby will and bequeath my pretty black hair to Margaret Lynn Hagaman. I, BUDDY WOOD, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with the weaker sex Ifemalesl to Jim Hartley. I, MARGARET WOOD, do hereby will and bequeath my knowledge of Geometry which I have found absolutely useless back to Mr. Shirley Gabriel. I, ERNEST WOODRING, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to Robert Brittain. I, RUBY WOODRING, do hereby will and bequeath my smallness to Judy Greer. ARTICLE ll We, hereby will, devise and bequeath to the Junior Class all Senior privileges, both real and imaginary. We also give to you our desks with their smooth glassy tops and woe be unto the one who cuts or defaces it. ARTICLE Ill We hereby will, devise and bequeath to the Sophomore Class the right to take the place of the Juniors and it shall be your privilege to help fill the varsity vacancies left by our departed. It is our desire that you shall show yourselves worthy of our Iiberality and that you shall make as bright and glorious a showing as that of the departed. ARTICLE IV We hereby will, devise and bequeath to the Freshmen Class all the rights and powers to have the "rats" of the forthcoming year. ARTICLE V We hereby will, devise and bequeath to the Faculty our appreciation for helping us these past four years and the consideration given to us in order that we might become Seniors. Page l05 Senior to 19 E K5 V551 Q ri P . Y K .Y '53f4fMW,.,, ., NW .Uv A ,. .Mx W, gs ' ' ,373 .,Hwf + ' 3 ii ffg.f,,,,p,:,y L' qw- 2. . fa:,M,,,WM,.6Lihwhlmmilgf gin Q1 " ' M., , , WW, N...wWW..+a-..+aQfW:f..,...qg ,, , A i AQ, f f :s1...:'ia M rv wry ! N MV., mmm ITF! u-ann wiv, www ywv., 43' 'fxwmm Z' H 1555 V'-QZYEQQ'f3gFf?QgE?k,3iML xx Q W X Q xyfk fx, ' N h we 61444 4 flfmeieen MMM Appalachian Jzqh .School Gammehcemehl' gamma WGCZPZMJGQ Mah Zmehfq-fm! ugh! abfach yqpfpafachiah We , 5 Page 108 04641644 chaal Nhchfaaihm ftxx Congratulations G R A D U A T E S You are graduating into the freest economy on earth The only one left where you can pick your own job and work out your own ideas about making if more product- ive and more profitable. Your diploma is a chal- lenge to understand Our Way . . . to Keep It Free und Make It Better. ll lp Compliments of EDMISTEN " T I I '7 FOX PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION If Washing, Greasing, and Waxing :I GULF SERVICE .1 West Main Street the year around -I If Phone AM4-3812 I L : :QI Lxx,,xx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,, " I Q I W-'Tons f"f-Truim I Jk'-F gg E II . ' , Q ll. Af 2 'st H a S Advertisement Page I09 Page ITO CHURCH'S 'Where Your Dollar Has More Cents" FUEL OIL KEROSENE BLOWING ROCK PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Blowing Rock, North Carolina Elmer Wood, Operator PhoneCY5-9235l- NightCY5e3857 I I Ag gA::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'F::::: f Compliments of HANNA'S ORIENTAL SHOP Blowing Rock, 'North Carolina Compliments of TODD 81 HIGGINS I I G.- T: :::::::::::::::::::- For 24 Hour Service GREENE BROTHERS BODY SHOP Day Phone AM 4-3519 Night Phone CY 5-77I7 ' GREENE BUICK INC. Buick Cars. . .GMC Trucks "When Better Cars Are Built Buick Will Build Them" Phone AM 4-8443 Boone, North Carolina Compliments of awwa Mn.k ICECREAM gag "THE BEST DAIRY LABEL FOR YOUR TABLE" Boone, North Carolina BUNIGARNER'S Sinclair Service Station' Brake Service Q Tires-Batteries-Accessories Washing-Waxing-Lubrication Wheel Balancing Mr. Bumgarner - Owner - Manager 216 W. King, Boone, N. C. L, .... ...... D -::,::,:::- - .,.,. .... - .I I. 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Payne, General Agent SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY Business Phone AM 4-3955 Residence Phone AM 4-3044 Northwestern Bank Building Boone, North Carolina Compliments of COE INSURANCE AGENCY THE CHILDREN'S SHOP "CompIete Outfitters for Infants to Pre-Teens" Boone North Carolina Compliments of COLVARD, INC. Distributors of Phillips 66 Products Boone North Carolina l 4 8 I XJ Too bad l had to grow up! 2. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. 3. Can't stand on two feet Our Senior Men! 5. Let's case the joint! 6. I don't know about that. 7. Now listen men, it's this wayl "Come up and see me sometime." 9. 5 plus I3 plus I0 equals -3 fine menu 10. Hollywood stylel ll. Men x , ,,. 1 f.. . of War. gy l dv " i 5 , A 'X . i 'Q '- . J ' 5 K Q xi Ni I V Q31 65 Q' 6 ' ' ,, 'Va ' 'J' 4 lx s ll ' - J -4 ,. 1 . 5 V W l 5 tk Q g . R - 1 5 V an as .31 EEE 2-Q!!!-' A 'W H. , .gm iz,,,,4Q, 5f"l'f ' I ' 53, if 1 - 4- A gun l ,K 7' Jriwsgnl - 9 'Q X 3 q 0-gf--ff, E , - W u I2 V 's E, f ' l riff nu Ill fl ll! r zu ru we t 1 I ,S 2 - il Q . F . , th F21 he 5? . , is 2 5 f ,, A 3 i , tl. will 1 .. . Q " r - Page 114 'T 'T 'T 'T :xl lxx: S: Af Compliments of 1' Compliments of A P P A l. A C H l A N EVERGREEN APPALACHIAN T H EA T E R COMPANY M 'T - .... - - 'F -mx T EE KIRKS RESTAURANT ' Q: open From6A. M. to 10 R. M. Cgmplimenfg of Steaks. . .Seafoods. . .Chops Plate Lunches. . . Barbecue Short Orders. . .Sandwiches G R E E R ' S E S S O 1: "Courteous Service" :T 1, Phone AM 4-3915. . .205 Hardin St ll Boone, North Carolina 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 1 1, Compliments of QE WATAUGA HARDWARE 1 SERVICE T V 'T Compliments of BOONE TRAILER COURT 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T W, - v------T J T.--- JT F complimenfsof A 'I ' COLLEGE CRCCERY llSNllTHEY'S DEPARTNlENTll EE A'B'fZfl.TfQ,,eR'i,'L',Qaf2'jfdon STORE T Boone, North Carolina -v----v:::A-0 ::: 'L,- ...... ull 'T 'T 'T :T LH, 0,004-0.0 "Not How Cheap But How Good" 440' QQQQQ-'4'4' ,,,,.0.0s:-4-0 0 R. F. D. No.2 Boone, N. C. 'uc' :xi lr"rH:x:fxx::x::'i'if::HH::::f BURGESS ANTIQUE SHOP :E HI-LAND DRY CLEANERS ,I 224 W. King Street New and Used Furniture If One Day Service On Request 425 West King l ' Tri-County jf 4 Pick-Up and Delivery Boone North Carolina Ig I, Dial AM 4-8869 If IL "Clean As A Whistle" 'I In IV It :--- -- ::' L-::::- f:::f:f3::::f:55::f: TRI PLETT'S GARAGE AND MACHINE SHOP l Auto Wreckers IQ "You Wreck 'Em. . .We Fix 'Em I' Dial AM 4-8881 I. GULF SERVICE STATION Tom D. Jones, Owner "We Appreciate Your Business" West Main Street, Boone, N. C. BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. "Success ls Nothing But A Good Idea Coupled With Hard Work" Phone AM 4-3756 Boone, North Carolina Prepare Now for Safe Driving. . .We'll Save You Money! MADDUX RECAPPING SHOP TOT East King Street Boone, N. C. .. .Telephone AMherst 4-8688 We Use Premium 10096 Cold Rubber. . . And Truck and Bus Grade "A" for a Little Extra Cost Page ll5 PgelI6 BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE "The Home of Better Values" Boone, North Carolina "Meet Your Friends At BeIk'sf' I 4 24 Hour Wrecker Service COLLINS TRUCK AND AUTO SERVICE Complete Auto Body Repair and Painting Phone AM 4-3924 Blowing Rock Road Visit Our Fountain For Sandwiches and Refreshments" CAROLINA PHARMACY Prescriptions Boone, North Carolina I-1: A '--A- -:: -:v-:::.-.+::.-: - - , - , - 7 SHORTY'S PLACE "A Place To Eat Where Students Meet" Wilksboro Road Boone, North Carolina I -:::.-::- .-:.-:v :.-::.- ::::.-:.-.-:.-.Ae J Compl iments of WATAUGA SAVINGS AND LOAN Boone, North Carolina REINS-STURDIVANT Funeral Directors Phone AM 4-8866 Boone, North Carolina HUNT'S DEPARTMENT STORE "Clothing and Shoes For Everyone" Compl iments of INTERNATIONAL RESISTANCE COMPANY Boone, North Carol inc .fox 'cv' V ff .Y f, Q Page II7 M2 ,II Wy 'I li Page H8 Compliments of BOONE TIRE AND BARGAIN STORE West King Street 4 Boone, North Carolina GOODNIOHT BROTHERS PRODUCE COMPANY, INC. Boone, North Carolina Phone AM 4-8891 IRVIISLICSWING ROCK CRAFTS SHOP . Native Crafts . Afghans . Hand Weaving .Table Cloths .Traditional Colonial .Baby Blankets Coverlets Visitors Invited To Watch Weaving Next to Appalachian Motel On U. S. 32I Ir L35 T A --A 'AAA JI!!-i JJ5:J::::::::::::v-: v.v.,,., --v, SWOFFORD'S Safer, More Dependable All-Nylon Card-Double Eagle Tubeless Tires By Goodyear Phone AM 4-3001 Boone, North Carolina -----"""""'---'""""""'""""--""""""'"""""""'I FARMER'S HARDWARE AND SUPPLY jf CGMPANY, INC. If "Serving This Section For More Than 30 Years" Boone, North Carolina J. v. cqudm, sr. E-vvnrsi-Jv.vT.'EqudillW if CAUDILL'S, INC. "The Shop for Ladies and Men" lj 123 E. King sf. P. o. Box 566 , it gi 1 S . A :Z S 4 Boone, North Carolina 1: f ' l xxx:::x:xx:x::::' :JC R Courtesy of fl A rii ll QSMW QUE WATAUGA DEMOCRAT , Rnie A Established T888 i l Boone's Oldest Business Establishment l .-:::::.-::: ::::: 3 Compliments of N EWTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE Everything in Ready-to-Wear For Men, Women and Children ::::::::::::::::::::::.-:::::- J Pgell9 Page 120 SHADOWLINE, INC. "The Lingerie You Like Near You" Boone, North Carolina BOONE DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions-Drugs T2 Famous Lines Cosmetics-School Supplies New Fountain For Better Food Phone AM 4-3766 Compliments of SKY-VUE DRIVE-IN THEATER Boone, North Carolina SHOEMAKE 84 COUNCILL Home Heating Oils. . .Oil Burner Service Free to Customers Phone: Day AM 4-8970 - Night AM 4-3206 Councill Realty Co. I 'I fl A A A A A ' ' ' All I: I, II I 1, I if I .I Compliments of II I :I I NGRTHWESTERN BANK I r' I :5 I :I Boone, North Carolina :I 'E Phone AM 4-8826 1: I 'I :C Deposits Insured By Federal Deposit :E Insurance Corporation :E g To 1: :I 510,000 For Each Depositor II I :I 'I :I jl "The Only Complete Financial Service In Watauga County" 1: I I I, 4: I I, II I, :I :I +I Il IL: - - A 3 If A A A AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA AI :I :I I BLUE RIDGE MOTORS I IE :E 4, I, 4, I, :I 'I 4, 4, I' " I I It II 4, I, I :E I fl I I II I I, I I1 I, " 5. :I 4: annum:-H II II :I II IP "wav 'I ' M I E1 I 1: 'E :I I' :I "Courtesy, Service, and Oldsmobiles" II Il I' bfi -5-5::555555::f5:-I55555555555555 l I 'SI af, I f 1+ 1, 4 I ATI . " .- 'iff ' rf ,II Wfi lfififii .. wx. it M5 Page I2I P ge I22 NCDRTH STATE CANNING COMPANY Packers of WATAUGA Chopped and Shredded Kraut and Kraut Juice Boone, North Carolina g,::::: vv PARKWAY CGMPANY, INC. Hardware, Appliance Rulane Gas Service Post Office Box 472 Boone, North Carolina 'VI TRAILWAY LAU NDRY, INC. A N D ' TRAILWAY CLEANERS, INC. Sanitone Dry Cleaning , Pick-Up and Delivery Service I 833 East Main Street I Boone, North Carolina :I Phone AM 4-8415 EE """""""""""--- --vvf? A MILK DAIRY PRODUCTS YADKIN VALLEY DAIRY X Wilkesboro, North Carolina EDWARDS DAIRY PRODUCTS West Jefferson, N. C. 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I JI I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I 31 mv YQ 33' I Page I23 4 I 2 Page fl 'V N APRPA F B Ku C 500 E A RI O VPCP 'P ll 'P ' 'P IP IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P IP IP 'P 'P 'P 'P IP IP IP 'P 'P IP IP 'P IP 'P IP 'P IP IP I P IP IP IP IP 'P IP IP IP IP IP IP IP C. IN YI N PA M O C R To 0 M R LE K IN W , , ,. , , ,. Xlx' , , 6.7.- 9. 'A , , , , f 7 .' , , , , ,, , , 'R , , 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P II P 'P 'P 'P P ll 'P 'P 'P P 'P 'P P P 2 2 A, ,,- 1 ' Autographs ' 4 M X ' F T J JW .1441 , , . .. Alf , ffm .... V, NR WM mf - . . j'l N V YWKWW PWM P9125 Autographs Autographs 4479 vi Autographs n'l'er Pg 128 WINSYON-SALZM, N.C . f -rf tl f 4 V '4 gb X X4 ff n 17,9-A-' 4 4V'L.,.,--r,:1'.'Ll'll.-.-YLTA----""""Fg I Ly H95 JM Avy. X 4, XX ' ,X 447' X QQ 0,7 .fi X nv 4' 26 L 11 Z? A.-5' , P I f f if yr r X. .2 I if uri? L E , , NW "i"""' .QM-5' "ff if I !4'9' il l f' f,..,.--- if ? ,Lf ,C K Nf """'f gl ff .ff-if' Q5 :ww mr gg K , YWW VW 5

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