Appalachian High School - Laurel Yearbook (Boone, NC)

 - Class of 1955

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Appalachian High School - Laurel Yearbook (Boone, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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,P . -N , , 5, '31 i Q1x'7"Vn JIM Ii6'i"U"f NM .7 ' if ' 1:15 'fy ' A ff 'ffl If ', A , ,J jqiifc ' MQf.'1 Lx lm g . -x ,m I if 'f':a"5 5 'w-.,,,, 'rm-.M -.4 r s : ,, 'Xb A, L I yj ijui,,g X 5- , A , Q!! J 5 f I t 5 5 1 'J fx, PX 2 sift'-"' K Ely. , , L, .gf Fzyfhiwwwi' V . I AM, ju J, 1 ff ' ' 5' L,,,. ,. W if In 'W'J "' ! I In ,J 'X.,fff as It f x I ? ,.. -WN fl , f.-, ' If K O I -nal.-s, ' ' A' af, ,-.-- M wx A X I- 7, ' . X H" HJ. ' -f ,' sd' K 3 .. f .- X i I , ' ' f If ,. - If Ax XX .' .fix Y- ,Q 13- ' - .-. A I XX 1" 1 f 541 f ' ,f ..J I 1 .,.,f , 7 I , 1' X2 N x, I. g l A l Q i.-.xx 1' V, , .,. - ,. ' L x ' 1 'rbi , -., P . AM K 5 ' X :E A , ,I f , 4 Q I 'V' 'J fa?" I if Ar mx' I 'L i M "f f I I N F f I J p :'!, 1.35 Q ff" ww "wi f A x my 5 Y 'll 'r 'em , W. me I B THE LAUREL PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS APPALACHIAN HIGH SCHOOL BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA 1954 S5 w . QQ I X 1 G, ,. ' .--.,,, vm H '-IIN' fy, Ts ,ff I W N SI YN OF FOREWORD Though mme w1ll pass and we shall part thrs book wrllbe an unbreakable l1nk rn your charn of memor1es These have been full years years of act1v1t1es Joys and drsapporntments excrtement and drscouragement through all however has run a contmuous stram of happmess that has made a r1ch rmprmt upon our l1ves If IU turnrng the pages of thrs book you recall some ofthe happ1est hours the best year and rf the prctures we have chosen w1ll help to make your hlgh school days more vrvrd throughout the P3SS1Hg years then our purpose m publrshmg thrs annual has been fulfllled The Edrtors x . pn. v 1 v ' ' . 1 l I v - n 9 1 1 1 a .l MR HAROLD GEN TRY To one who has made our hrgh school days bnghter and good nature h1s encouragement and guxdance rn all our under talungs and h1s renderlng of every servlce possrble to uphold the spmt of Appalachran l-hgh we the Senror Class of 1955 dedrcate thrs the mnth volume of the Laurel if happier because of his understanding, loyalty, kindness and "LAUREL" H55 RANDY MADDUX Editor lu if I DW: S. G. TUGMAN PEGGY WELLBORN - RICHARD HUNT Senior Editor Secretary - Typist Ziz , A R?A MW' ' l?l+'T'1l l 1 ir. V I-'f'H rye 'guy' ff 5, Q55 W" E 3' 3' fluff? ADVERTISING Jo ANNE HARDIN - BETTY SWAIM HELEN PARKER Minnie Austin. Ann Cottrell. Par Maddwf Snapshot Edison Activities Mary Deane Bingham, Tommy Owsley, Sheila Gilley, Thelma Phillips. STAFF ,Ni 'f M'fTffm1 N ..v XJ- , M, , Qi- BETTY JANE CALIDWAY Editor LAURA HOLSHOUSER - GLENN MIl.LER Junior Editors BILLY RICHARIBON, Art Editor IANE SNYDER, Assistant it' 'QV BILL LYONS LARRY KLUTZ Sports Editors luqg l J BETTY R. H0 DOES MRS. LUCILLE NASH CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT: Mozelle Editors MR, I-IAIULD GENTRY Greene, Rebecca Bingham, Barbara Winkler Sponsors Nancy Hodges. ix Hhvdlk 'ww' NT"--iff' X x X CIC-Sl :sw ,Z 05 1 R44 up-I DR A B CREW Principal A B Birmingham Southern M A Ed D Umversity of Alabama MRS FRANCES GREENE Secretary, Offlce of Student Teaching MRS BETTY FREEMAN Secretary 36. MR MORRIS BRANCH A S T C l-lea h Physrcal Education ICN 4-y fx MRS ELSIEH D ERNESTCN vatory of Musrc M A A S T C Chorus MRS ELIZABETH GENTRY A S Physlcal Educatron MR JIM HADDEN A S Scrence Soc1alStud1es Q! MR WARREN G CUTTS IR A B Umversrty of Georgra M S Syracuse Unrversrty DR PETERW EVERETT srty of Iowa Physrcal Educa tron MR HAROLDW GENTRY M A S Scrence Psychology MISS BETTY IO HENDERSON A S Lrbranan MR S W DRY , Lemor Rhyne M S A S T C Busmess Educatron MR SHIRLEY GABRIEL trcs MRS MARGARETE GRAGG A A English Counselor MISS MELICENT HUNEYCUTT A B Flora MacDonald College M A A S T C language, Socral Studres , Q L "f x v ,I ft iff' A 'A' 1 .I " 9 fi. 9 In -f A Y mx X RSX . . a l - o - . B.5., . . . . 11 " , ,, ' ' ', A.B. ' ' 5 .1 , . I I I' O 0 D O, . ff! m '7 '- fa' Qllc 5 L '- A N k ' ' B.M., ShSI13l1d03h COHSCI' B.S., M.A., Ph. D., Univer- B.S., A.S.T.C., Mathema- A .N A , X1 . V . , 4 ' ,, I A ' Q B,s., M,A,, . ,T,c, B.S.. .A.. . .T.C- B.S.. M. ., .S.T.C. -fb 'Qi' , I B,S,. , ,T,C, B.S.. . .T.C. . ., ar-Q-,H MR DWIGHTL ISENHOUR A B Duke Unrversrty A S T C Ma ematlcs MR LEROY ROGERS B S , M A MISSBSIPPL Southern College Loursxana State Unxversrty of Mrssrssrppr Boys Counselor Socla1Stud1es 'T MRS KATHRYN TULLY A B , Concord College C S I , Gregg College M Columbla Unxversxty Commerce MRS LUCILLEM NASH A S M A George Peabody College Reading MR WILLIAM ROSS M , A Dramaucs Speech lit MR PERRY WATSON B M Ed Florida State Umversrty Band Not prctured MR KENT ROBINSON , A A S Brology MR R L TAIT M A A Alabama Polytechnlc lnsti rute 'lgrrculture ULL Miss Florence Prothman Engllsh Mrs Roberta Hamllton Languages Mrs Kathleen Dougherty Home Economrcs Mrs Mary Hamby Erghth Grade , Q. if A lv life g . ..., '. ' B.S.', . .T.C.. B.S.. M. -, . .T.C. M.A., . . . ., th- . .. ' ",s. ' RIF my film U A r g" gli X '-'- Q..-1. in . .. . ., ' ' ' ' 13.31, .A. .5.T.C. B.S'., . .' ., .5.T.C. f x S X J 14 I B Q,', K Z fa , ! If. ,' .A., . emmorb SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BUDDY MCGUIRE President RUBY HARTLEY Vlce Presrdent S G TUGMAN Treasurer TONY WINKLER Reporter MARGARET WINKLER -------------------- Secretary BOBBY BEACH The surest way not to fall IS to determme to suc ceed REBECCA BING HAM Bucket In her we fmd beauty grace charm and most of all fnendh ness BILL BROWN And yet though vanqlushed he would argue snll WILLIAM BROWN By the work one knows the work man rf il 1' CN ,xv j 0 PATSY BENTLEY at It IS quallty rather than quamty that matters CHARLES BOLICK Two Bones Oh' That shy look IOHNSIE BROWN Content 15 happx ness BETTY IA NE CALLOWAY If men lnterfere wxth work qmt work JANIE CLINE Sturg For men may come and men may go but I go on for ever MAXINE COFFEY Eff1e Whatever 1S worth dorng at all 15 worth domg well MA RY ETHEL COOK Shorty She 15 l1ttle she is wrse, she IS a great g1rl for her srze JOYCE COWLES Jerse Her heart is like a moon There is always a man in it DOROTHY COFFEY Dot Not for one s self alone but for all BETTY LOUISE COOK D0d1C A grrl that s wrll mg to do her share when any work comes her wa SHIRLEY COOK 'H-f f' Star A good sport IS rare DEAN CRITCHER Buckwheat No sinner nor saint perhaps But--well the best of chaps J M CULLERS Tex Sigh no more ladies sigh no more, I am here PAUL DAVIS Few thmgs are 1mposs1ble to dlllgence and slull SHIRLEY FLICK Ah ns love that makes the world go round LENA GREENE Chubby W1t 15 the salt of conversauon 1-fi UQ l wa! ,agp ,uf Q v" VFW 3 CLARA JEAN DA NCY To be loved is all I need and when I love I love mdeed SHELBY JEAN DOTSON A pleasant lady w1th a pleasant wa REBA GREENE It s my hfe I lxve It and love It BETTY SUE GREER A wmmng smxle has a wmrung way JIMMY GREER 1m I m sorta bash ful but Just let me get started PEGGY HAMPTON Pe Full of pep and a real sport BETTY LOU HODGES It s the l1ttle tlungs that count KYLE HODGES Cow The world knows little of its greatest men SHIRLEY GREER Tullle Mere words can descrxbe her RU BY HARTLEY Rube Tall stately and fan to behold a wonderful g1rl 1f all be told BETTY RU TH HODGES Always sm1l1ng always neat For ever mce for ever sweet MARK HODGES Why take life seriously-- you ll never get out alive NANCY HODGES Nance Her value IS her worth not her size RAY HOLLARS Way As quiet as a hurricane ROBERT HUGHES Buster If women interfere with work quit work JUNIOR KERHOULAS A father s pride a mother s joy' a great big bounc- ing baby boy My -D 9-.1 Qs, ' UC Q37 .',' MARY CATHERINE HOLLA RS Kar An all around girl with a thou sand traits GENE HOLMAN A e I ve always thought it best to remain silent and appear a fool than to speak and remove all doubt CLIFF KEPLAR W oly Buggar Not deceived but fondly overcome by female charm MILDRED LEWIS Mud Head If silence were golden she would be a millionaire BILLY LYONS Llttle W1ll It s better to love one grrl a lot than love lots of grrls llttle RANDY MADDUX Put Put As versatrle as a safety p1n EDITH MILLER She IS fnendly and smcere AUSTIN MORETZ Goat Never trouble trouble unul trouble troubles you 'H IN 'NG' "S, QW" 1 if CC! CARLTON LYONS Re It s my l1fe I hve rt and love GEORGE MAINE Otto Srlence IS the rmrror of the soul, so 15 he LUTHER MILLER The m1ldest man ner and the krndest heart IRMA LEE MORETZ 11,4 ITI 'N' As unconquerable as chewmg gum . If L. . , q N , f '7' C' ' LW , J 1. x0- Q rv - I n V lv du . 'f J' . . ' 4 it. " . ! 'ov - . ff . . ' "' 1 N sgjf as a man speaks x . ' W X fi 4 I I s , . . V. ,nfl-I, 1 0 U I - - -- Y. 1' . ,. .. ,Q uk .. . 2 I ,' .. - , 1 f . ,. .. N ' ROGER MCGUIRE Buddy A steady boy w1th a goal rn vrew wrllmg to work and see tt through EARL NORRIS Squlrrel Every man 15 a volume rf you know how to read m HELEN PA RK ER Shlmng smlle golden harr about thxs lady IS a most lovable a1r Tl-IELMA PHILLIPS It doesn t pay to worry thmgs wxll happen any way X7 Y? 'tr' 3 X7 Xu., 11 1 BILLY MCNEIL McM1ll1an L1fe IS too short to worry REX NORRIS At the foothllls cllmbrng W C PAYNE He s not lazy he s Just conservrng lus energy R, B RICHARDSON RIICIIIC I m not suffenng from stupxduy I m enjoytng II '? I , ' I -!+ ,, . . . . ' I ..j . .. . .. Q 4 hi ." xl , X I , I E if A -- I . . "Poochie" 0' 1 I "Cicero" . ' ' 1 F 2 I - . . f' . n U 1.,' I ' If - r n : . . SIR E ' L n 1 ' ' . . S , SHIRLEY ROGERS "Flop" For the eye is so modestly beammg you ne er tlun of the m1sch1ef she s dreammg PEGGY JOYCE SHERRILL Paggl' A sweet d1spos1t1on 1S the very soul of success EMMA IO TEAGUE A happy w1t and an mdependent spun DOCKIE TRIPLETT Not too sober not too gay but a good fnend 1n every way +7 Q, n Q -47' if 'W 1 im? FRANCES RU SH "Sissy" Small of stature full of fun makes her loved by everyone JAMES TAIT Tater Bug Tall oaks from httle acorns grow ETHEL TOWNSEND Snooks Sllence glves grace to a woman MACK TRIPLETT He IS nlce but qulet S G TUGMAN Shotgun Back of the brawn the braxn TOMMY VANNOY I take l1fe as rt comes and enjoy GLENN WELLBORN Eyelasher Men who rmnd theu own busrness usually succeed They have lrttle compeutron JERRY WHITE Aconfrrmed Yankee and a very nice guy "'Qg 1' -1-v-7 4:14 -9 1' ffff 'Q' 734:- 3 fs-L 1 s fsaq its I-fl -qi KEITH VANDYKE All good men dre young and I m not feelmg so good PEGGY WATSON When you know her you ll love her l1ke the rest ODIS WELLBORN The ume IS never lost that IS devoted to work KENNETH WILCOX Tycoon G1ve the world the best you have and the best will come back to you ROGER WINEBARGER Ro Let come what may I w1ll do my best TONY WINKLER Bony What a cute baby he must have been qv ii ll 'T-ur GRADY WOODRING Ambxuon has no nsk. 795 MARGARET WINKLER Mag To know her 1 to love her EULA MAE WOODRING Half Pmt Good thmgs come ln small packages SENIOR ACTIVITIES BOBBY BEACH Audlo Vlsual Ards 1 3 4 Magrclans Club 1 Photography 2 Natronal Honor Soclety 4 Guns and Marksmanshrp 2 Radro Club 3 PATSY BENTLEY Readrng for Frm Club 1 Musrc Apprecratron Club 3 4 Quiet Soclal Games 2 3 4 BECKY BINGHAM Mrss Appalachran Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Offrcer 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Officer4 Majorette 4 Homecomtng Queen 3 Halloween Queen 4 Girls A Club 3 4 Presrdent 4 Chref Junror Marshall 3 Student Faculty Commrttee 3 4 Chorus 4 Presrdent 4 Basket ball 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 2 Grrls Glee Club 3 4 Officer4 Homeroom Offrcer 2 3 4 4 H Club 2 Presrdent 2 CHARLES BOLICK Baseball 1 Homeroom Officer 1 Socral Games 1 3 Guns and Marksmanshrp Club 1 Wrldllfe Club 2 Audio Visual Club 2 4 Momtor 3 Angler and Fly Tying Club 4 Presldent 4 Debate Club 4 BILL BROWN Class Offrcer 1 Men s A Club 1 2 3 4 Offrcer 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Homeroom Officer 2 3 Student Councrl 1 3 4 Guns and Marksmanshrp 1 Offrcer 1 Glee Club 2 3 4 Wrestlrng 2 3 4 Momtor 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 WILLIAM BROWN Scrence 1 2 3 4 Guns and Marksmanshrp Club 4 BETTY JANE CALLOWAY Basketball Manager 1 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Offrcer 3 4 Chorus 2 3 Commrttee 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Offrcer 4 Mayorette 4 Junror Marshal Homeroom Offtcer 1 2 College Band 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 1 2 3 4 Edrtor4 IANIE CLINE Glee Club 1 2 3 Paper Staff 1 2 3 Iunror Edrtor 3 Exchange Editor 4 Band 3 4 Joumalrsm Club 1 2 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 Offrcer 4 Homeroom Offrcer 1 2 3 Photography Club 1 Offrcer 1 Student Faculty Commrttee 3 Chrrstmas Play DOROTHY COFFEY Readmg Club 1 Photography Club 2 Musrc Apprecratron Club 3 4 Quret Soctal Games 3 4 Offrcer 4 MAXINE COFFEY Readmg for Fun 1 Prrates of the Bookshelves 1 Photography Club 2 Home Ec Club 3 Officer 3 4 H Club 3 Musrc Apprecratron Club 4 Quiet Socral Games Club 4 Homeroom Offrcer 4 BETTY LOUISE COOK Student Store Club 1 2 3 4 Offlcer 2 3 4 Photography Club 2 President 2 Globetrotters Club 1 Qulet Soclal Games Club 2 Paper Staff 3 4 Edlwl' 4 Frrst Ard Attendant 2 Trl Hr Y Club 1 Guls A Club 2 3 Folk Dancrng Club 3 4 Offrcer 4 Student Faculty Comrnrttee 3 4 Lrons Club Queen 2 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 MARY ETHEL COOK Prrates of the Bookshelves 1 Busrness Students Club 2 Llbrary Assrstant 2 Home Spun Muslc Club Spamsh Club 3 Journalism 4 Radro 4 Homeroom Officer 3 4 Monltor 1 2 4g Officer 2,3,4g Woodwind Ensemble 1,2g Band 1, 2,3,4, Officer 1,2,3,4g Student Faculty 3.4. ' SENIOR ACTIVITIES SHIRLEY JEAN COOK B Team Basketball 1 Varsrty Basketball 2 3 4 Reading for Fun Club 1 Officer 1 Pirates of the Bookshelves 1 Offrcer 1 Folk Dancing 2 3 4 Paper Staff 2 3 4 Sports Editor 2 3 Feature Edrtor 4 Homeroom Officer 2 3 Frrst Ard Attendant 2 3 Girls A Club 1 JOYCE ANN COWLES Band 1 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Woodwind Ensemble 2 Majorette 3 4 Annual Staff 3 Journalrsm 3 4 Paper Staff4 Dramattcs Club 4 DEAN CRITCHER Monitors Club 1 Guns and Marksmanshlp 1 Maglcians Club 1 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Active Games Club 4 Folk Dancing Club 3 4 Wrestltng 4 J M CULLERS Dramatics 1 2 3 4 Crvtl Arr Patrol 1 Quiet Social Games Club 2 Spamsh Club 3 Journalrsm Club 4 CLARA JEAN DANCY Homeroom Officer 1 2 Juntor Llbrarlans Club 2 President 2 Music Apprecla tron Club 2 3 President Student Store Club 2 Offtcer Monitors Club 3 Folk Dancrng 3 Quret Soctal Games 4 Presldent National Honor Socrety 4 Radro Club 1 Presrdent Party Plannmg Club 1 Offtcer 1 Student Faculty Committee 4 PAUL DAVIS Fix tt Club 3 4 Future Farmers of Amerrca Club 4 SHELBY JEAN DOTSON Junlor Ltbrarrans 1 2 3 4 Reading for Fun 1 Mustc Apprecratton 2 Offtcer 2 Beauty Culture 4 Officer 4 Home Ec Club 4 SHIRLEY ANN FLICK Guls J V Basketball Teaml Gtrls Varslty 2 3 4 Capta1n4 Grrls Glee Club 1 Folk Dancing Club 2 3 4 Presldent 3 Monrtors 1 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Commerctal Club 1 2 Girls A Club 2 3 4 President 2 Homeroom Officer 4 Senior Superlatlve Dramatics 1 LENA GREENE Reading for Fun Club 1 Folk Dancing 2 Glee Club 3 4 Photography 2 3 Paper Staff 4 Ftrst Ard Attendant 4 Sentor Superlatrve 4 Quiet Socral Games 1 JIMMY GREER Football 2 3 Magtcrans Club 1 Basketball 2 3 Gymnastics 1 Woodworkrng Club 1 Audio Visual Club 2 Dramatics Club 2 Wrldlrfe 3 4 SHIRLEY ANN GREER 4 H Club 1 Basketball 2 1 Qutet Soctal Games 4 Future Busmess of Amertca Club 4 Music Apprectatlon Club 3 Offtcer 3 PEGGY HAMPTON Grrls A Club 3 Folk Dancmg Club 2 3 Home Ec Club 2 Homeroom Secretary 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Member of All Tournament Team 3 Senior Superlatrve 4 Paper sraff4 Offlcer RUBY HARTLEY Homeroom President 1 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 1 Class Vice Presrdent 4 Cheer leadmg 1 2 3 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Journalism Club 1 Prestdent 1 Wrldlrfe Club 2 3 Offtcer 2 3 Guns and Marksmanshtp Club 1 Offtcer Feature Edrtor of the Htgh Life 4 Junior Marshal BETTY IDU HODGES Reading for Fun Club 1 Prrates of the Bookshelves 1 Business Club 2 Study Club 2 Music Apprectation Club 3 Officer 4 Quret Socral Games Club 3 4 BETTY RUTH HODGES Dramatics Club 1 Assembly Club 1 Joumallsm Club 2 Monttor 1 2 Glee Club 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Offrcer 3 4 Homeroom RSPOIICI' 1 3 Class Secretary 1 Student Faculty Commrttee 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Student Council Member 3 4 Natronal Honor Society 3 4 Offtcer 4 Sentor Superlatlve 4 MARK HODGES Wtldlrfe Club 2 3 4 Offtcer 4 Angler and Fly Tytng 2 Dramattcs Club 3 4 Off1cer4 B Team Basketball 2 Photography Club 1 NANCY HODGES Sctence Club 1 Spantsh Club 3 Audto Vlsual Ards 2 Assembly 1 2 4 Beauty Culture Club 3 Annual Staff 2 3 4 Office Assrstant 2 Monitors Club 3 Frrst Aid Attendant 4, Trl H1 Y 1 Student Faculty Commtttee 3 " " . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I I I I I 'N N 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- I . I I I ' I I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 I 1 1 5- ' I I I ' I Y I I I I I I I 1 I I gg 0 . I . I I I I C O I I I I I I I 1 -- I I ' ' I I I - 1 1 1 1 I I I I . I I ' I . I I I I I I Y I I 1 I I 1 I . 1 I . -' I I ' " 1 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 0 --. . , I . , . . . . , ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 111 11 - . ' . I I I I I I . -- . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 -n I I I ' I I l . I I I I I I I I I 1 1 " ' I 1 I I I I 1 -- - 111 11 , ' , , I i I I . I I 1 1 1 I I I I 1 " 1 1 1 I 1 I ' 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I - -' I I I I I I 1 1 'I' I I I 1 I 1 1 I 1 I 1 I ' ' I 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I . ' 1 1 I I 'I I 1 I I In I' I 1 1 - " 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 I . ' , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - - : . SENIOR ACTIVITIES RAY HOLLARS Audio Visual Ard Club 1 2 3 Fut It Club 2 4 Sound Room Engrneer 4 Home Spun Music Club 3 Student Store Club 3 Monrtors 3 Future Farmers of Amertca Club 2 Socral Games 1 Radro Club 1 GENE HOLMAN Future Farmers of America Club 2 3 4 Quiet Soctal Games Club 3 Readrng for Fun Club 1 Baseball 2 Audio Vrsual Club 1 CLIFF KEPLAR National Honor Soctety 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 3 4 Mens A Club 3 4 Officer4 Band 1 2 3 4 Officer 3 President 4 Homeroom Offrcer 1 2 3 Student Counc1l4 Boys Glee Club 1 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 2 Quret Socral Games Club 2 Presldent 2 Monitors Club 1 Magrcrans Club 1 Senror Superlattve 4 MILDRED LEWIS Hobby Club 1 Musrc Apprecratron 2 Iunror Ltbrarians Club 1 2 3 Offrcer 3 Student Store Club 3 4 Radio Club 3 4 Offrcer 4 Scrence Club 3 Offrcer 3 Natronal Honor Soctety 4 Student Faculty Committee 3 4 BILLY LYONS Student Body Presrdent 4 Student Council President 4 Nattonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Program Chatrman 4 Student Councrl 1 2 3 4 Baskeball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class Presi dent 2 3 Mens A Club 2 3 4 Officer 3 Iumor Marshal 3 Annual Staff4 Sentor Superlative Student Faculty Committee 2 Audio Vrsual Club 2 Offtcer Angler and Fly Tying Club 3 Globe trotrers Club 1 Sportswrlter for Football 4 Rotary Boy of Month 4 CARLTON LYONS Mens A Club 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Boys 4 H Club 2 Chorus 4 Monltors 2 Photography Club 1 Bus Drrvers Club 3 Football 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 RANDY MADDUX Football 1 2 3 4 All Conference Honorable Mentron 3 Basketball 1 2 3 Base 4 Mens A Club 2 3 4 Offtcer 4 Annual Staff2 3 4 Iunror Edrtor 3 Edttor 4 Photography Club 1 Sports Parade Club 1 Wrldltfe 2 Offtcer 2 Class Officer 1 2 Junior Marshal 3 Homecomrng Kmg 4 Optrmtst Bowl 4 Rotary Boy of Month 4 GEORGE MAINE Student Councrl 2 Hobby Club 1 Offtcer Crvrl Arr Patrol 3 Globetrotters Club 1 Wrldltfe Club 2 Audio Vrsual Aids Club 2 3 4 Bus Drrvers Club 3 4 F1x It Club 4 Vtce Prestdent ROGER K MCGUIRE Mr Appalachran 4 Baseball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class Offrcer 2 Home room Offtcer 1 2 4 Presrdent 1 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 3 President 4 Dramaucs 2 Football 1 3 4 Co Captarn 4 All Conference Honorable Mentron 3 Globetrotters Club 1 Class Presrdent 1 4 Athletrc Commtttee 3 4 Halloween King 4 BILL MCNEIL Future Farmers of Amenca Club 1 2 3 4 Ltve Stock Iudgrng Team 3 4 Quret Soctal Games 3 Folk Dancing Club 4 Momtors Club 3 4 AUSTIN MORETZ Vtsual Ards Club 2 Future Farmers of Amerrca 2 3 4 4 H Club 3 4 Datry Iudgtng 2 3 4 Glee Club 4 Publtc Speakmg Club 3 4 Chorus 4 IRMA LEE MORETZ 4 H Club 1 Home Ec Club 2 Juntor Lrbrarrans Club 1 Radro Club 2 Musrc Apprecratron Club 3 Offxcer Typing Helpers Club 3 Quret Soclal Games Club 4 Ftrst Ard Attendant 3 Basketball 2 3 EARL NORRIS Basketball 2 Homeroom Officer 1 Dramatics Club 3 4 Wtldltfe 3 4 Guns and Marksmanshrp Club 1 Student Store Club 2 Photography Club 2 Audro Vrsual Atd Club 1 Angler and Fly Tytng Club 2 REX OLEN NORRIS Hobby Club 1 Travel Club 1 Vlsual Ards Club 2 Guns and Marksmanshtp Club 2 Wtldlrfe Club 3 ball 1, 23 Student Council 1, 2, 3,4g Officer 3g Vice President 4g National Honor Society 3,43 Officer SENIOR ACTIVITIES HELEN PARKER J V Basketball 1 Girls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Paper Staff 2 Photography Club 1 Annual Staff 3 4 Cheerleading 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Homeroom Treasurer 4 National Honor Society 4 W C PAYNE A Club 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 Student Snore 2 Fix It Club 2 Glee Club 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 THELMA PHILLIPS Home Room Officer 2 3 4 Wildlife 1 Photography 1 Music Appreciation Club 2 President 2 Folk Dancing 3 Journalism Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Dramatics 4 Vice President 4 First Aid Room Attendant 4 Homecoming Queen 4 BILLY RICHARDSON Band 1 2 3 4 Dramatics 3 4 Homeroom Officer 1 Brass Ensemble 2 Social Games 2 4 Annual Staff4 Wildlife 3 SHIRLEY ROGERS Llbrary Assistant 4 Secretary 4 Home c 4 Student Store 3 4 4 H Club 1 Secretary 1 Music Appreciation Club 2 Quiet Social Games Club 3 Beauty Culture Club 3 Business Students Club 2 Pirates of the Bookshelf 1 FRANCES RUSH J V Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 Photography Club 1 Journalism Club 1 2 Paper Staff 3 4 Glee Club 1 3 Folk Dancing Club 3 4 Monitor 1 2 3 4 Girls A Club 4 Homeroom Officer 4 Dramatics Club 2 Cheerleader 4 Senior Superlatrve 4 PEGGY JOYCE SHERRILL Homeroom Secretary 1 3 Manager Girls Basketball 3 Girls A Club 4 Officer 4 Photography Club 1 Social Games 1 4 Journalism 3 4 Business Club 2 Music Apprecra tion 2 Officer 2 Folk Dancing 3 EMMA JO TEAGUE -4 H Club 1 Junior Lrbrarian 1 Radio Club 2 Music Apprectation Club 3 Typing MARY GLADYS TEAGUE Cheerleader 1 Glee Club 1 Monitor 1 2 Music Appreclation Club 2 Photography Club 3 Folk Dancing Club 3 Beauty Culture Club3 Wildlife Club 3 ETHEL TOWNSEND Junior Librarians Club 1 2 3 4 Officer 1 3 4 Home Economics Club 2 4 Officer 4 Beauty Culture Club 3 4 H Clubl Girls A Club 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Student Faculty Committee 2 3 4 Homeroom Officer 1 2 S G TUGMAN Football 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Tennis 4 National Honor Society 3 4 President 4 Student Council 4 Officer 4 Mens A Club 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Rotary Boy of the Month 4 Wildlife Club 2 3 Officer 3 Class Officer 2 4 Guns and Marksmanshrp 1 2 Reading for Fun 1 KEITH VAN DYKE Student Council 1 2 3 4 Music Apprecration Club 1 Officer Study Club 3 4 Visual Aids Club 4 Civil Air Patrol 1 Hobby Club 2 Social Club 3 Dramatlcs Club 2 GLENN WELLBORN FFA 1 2 3 Offtcer 4 Mens A Club 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Wildlife Club 1 Fix It Club 2 3 Student Store 2 Faculty Student Committee 3 ODIS WELLBORN Wildlife Club 1 Guns and Marksmanshlp Club 2 Student Store 2 Fix It Club 3 Folk Dancing Club 4 Monitor 3 4 Bus Drivers Club 3 4 Future Farmers of America 1 2 3 4 KENNETH WILCOX Gym Club 1 Dramatlcs 2 3 Football Manager 2 Wildlife Club 1 4 Mens A Club 2 3 4 Monitor 1 Graduation Committee 4 ROGER WINEBARGER Magicians Club 1 Photography Club 1 2 Guns and Marksmanship Club 2 Officer 2 Audio Visual Aids 3 4 Angler and Fly Tying Club 3 4 Officer 4 - I "- - I I r n I I I . : ' , . : . : . : : can n n Q q . I u I I I I I I I I I I I 4-'O 9 I 1 o -- ' , , : ' : 2 ' ' : : ' : : : ' : ' ' : -- , , . : , : ' 2 : ' , : : ' - '- ' ' 1 : E . : . : - : Q . . 5 . . 3 3 . I l ' -' . . : ' , . : 5 ' 1 1 p u ' Q D 'H n 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I . 3 . Q g . . i -- I ' I . ' IN N . I I I I ' : : . Q ' . : ' : ' ' - : : ' - - - 3 . S . Q . . . 2 . Helpers' Club 3g Quiet Social Games Club 45 Monitor 3. -- Q : ' , : ' ' : : : : ' - U . . , . u . U I I I I I I I I I ' . . - I ' Ill II . . I I I I I I ' . , : ' , - - - " . : . . : . : Q ' I I n . I I "' I' n I I I I I I I I I : ' . : : , : ' . 1 ' -- ' . . . : ' ' ' : ' . : . . 3 . . . : Z : . -- n ' 1 ' n " 1 c ' ' u I I I I I I I I I I I , : 5 ' . " ' : ' : : ' : . a . ' ' c ' K ' I I I I I I I I U Q- . I Q 0 Q ' I I I I I I n u . . '- . Q 1 I I I I I I I I 1 I ' I I 0 MARGARET NBNRLER Basketball 2 Class Offlcer 21 4 Jouruallsm Club 1 2 3 4 Edltor 4 Home room Offrcer 3 4 Socral Gwmcs 1 Busmu Q Club 2 Polk Dancrnb 3 Qurct Sobral Games Club 4 TONY WINKLER Football 1 2 3 4 Basbball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Wrustlmg 3 4 Homeroom Officer 1 '3 Class Offrcar 1 3 Jumor Marshal 3 Gym Club 1 2 Crvrl Arr Patrol 1 Dramaucs Club 4 W1ldl1fL Club 4 Mens A Club 2 3 4 EUAL MAL WOODRING Hobby Club 1 Junior Lrbrartans Club 'S Rcportbr Nlomwrs Club 2 3 Home EC Club 4, Sburutary and Trvbaburar 4 Beauty Culture. Club 3 Busmcss Studbntb Club 2 4 H Club 1 . 1 7 ' 4 -- 1 I . ' px K ' . 1- L'1 " "I I l"'lk1 I 1 . , . . . . . . Q K . 1 . wg . yf. 4 1 1 1 - 1 1 -- 1 1 - v -- K . H . 1 . 1 ' . 14-'1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 . ' 1 '. ' . 1 -. ' ' ' . ' ' Y' I ' I' I I Y 1 I D - 1 A . , 1 11 11 V 1 !'f ' ' 3 . ' ' ' . , ' ' ' . ' 1 R1 A '-'1' 1 . . 1' x ' x '1 3 . ' A . I 1 1 " 1 - U I 7 V ' THE CLASS OF 1955 The Class of 1955 consrstmg of 120 of Beelzebub s chtldren entered the Blue Devrl s Instrtutton ot Hotter Frreworks in the fall of 1951 For chtef stoker we selected Buddy McGu1re and Btlly Lyons was chosen for the next hottest spot Others chosen were Betty Ruth Hodges Secretary Ruby Lee Hartley Treasurer and Randy Maddux Reporter It dldn t take us long to get rnto the swxng of thtngs All of us srgnea up for frve classes and two clubs Then rn March we sponsored a very successful Twtrp Season Dance rn order to start savmg money for the Junior Senxor Prom The homeroom sponsors were Mr Leroy Rogers Mr Harold Gentry and Mtss Peggy Blanton As we moved up to the Sophomore class rn 1952 our group selected the followrng offrcers Presrdent Brlly Lyons Vrce Presrdent Tony Wrnkler Sec retary S G Tugman Treasurer Randy Maddux Reporter Buddy McGu1re For the second year rn a row we sponsored the Twtrp Dance and managed to make a proftt of S22 rn sprte of a bad nrght of snow and sleet Halloween Carnival and Junror Senror Prom comrng up For the frrst trme at the suggestron of our class the entire school particrpated rn the Carnrval and made more than ever before Our theme for the Iumor Semor was The Stork Club Musto was furnrshed by the Rhythm and Swlng Orchestra We worked hard but the results were well worth all our efforts Surely no ntght club ever looked better than our own Stork Club and the nrght wrll long be remembered by all of us We chose Brlly Lyons to serve as our Presrdent agam ID thrs Junior year Tony Winkler was Vrce Presrdent Margaret Wtnkler Secretary and B111 Brown Treasurer Mrs Kathryn Tully jotned Mr Gentry and the new Mrs Jrm Hadden as a homeroom sponsor Several students recerved recognrtron rn sports clubs and the like B111 Brown was captam of the wrestlmg team Bxll Lyons served as co captatn of the basketball team and Becky Bingham was Homecomrng Queen Srx of us were chosen as Iunror Marshals They were Becky Brngham and Tony Wrnkler chrefs Betty Calloway Ruby Hartley Randy Maddux, and Bllly Lyons . . , . lv ' I ' ' ' - ' Instead of cooling off in 1953, the class got hotter than ever with a ll I ' ' Srx surprtsed people were rnducted into the Nattonal Honor Soctety tn the sprrng They were Betty Ruth Hodges Becky Brngham Betty Calloway Randy Maddux Brlly Lyons and S G Tugman As an endrng htghlrght to thts year frve boys ran for student body presrdent They were B1l1y Lyons Randy Maddux Buddy McGuue B111 Brown and S G Tugman Brlly Lyons was elected but we had a hard trme tn selecttng a prest dent from such outstandtng students The year of the lughest of all explostons came with a sound of an Atomtc Bomb Our 12th and last class elected Buddy McGu1re Presrdent Ruby Hartley Vtce Prestdent Margaret Wmkler Secretary S G Tugman Treasurer and Tony Wxnkler Reporter The only addttrons to our homeroom teachers were Mr Hadden and Mr Dry Randy Maddux and Thelma Phillrps were elected Homecomtng Ktng and Queen Our Blue Devil Football team was gutded by two red hot co captatns Buddy McGu1re and Tony Wrnkler whtle Beelzebub s chrldren won the Foot was the frrst trme an Instxtttton football team had gone undefeated Btlly Lyons and Cltff Keplar were selected to serve as co captatns of the Basketball team and for the grrls varsrty Shrrley Fltck was chosen Captam and Peggy Hampton Co Captatn The Nattonal Honor Soctety elected offtcers as follows S G Tugman Presrdent Randy Maddux Vtce Prestdent Becky Btngham Secretary Betty Calloway Treasurer Btlly Lyons Program Chatrman Betty Ruth Hodges Re porter other members were Helen Parker Ethel Townsend Betty Cook Clara Jean Dancy Mrldred Lewts Cltff Keplar Btll Brown and Bobby Beach Other outstandrng awards were Randy Maddux playtng rn the Opttnust Bowl James Tart and Betty Calloway playtng tn the All State Band Then on a certarn ntght tn May of 1955 BEELZEBUB gave hrs chlldren the permtsston to leave hts tnstttutron wrth a beauttful certrftcate showrng twelve years of hard but enjoyable work Thus another chapter has been closed rn the many years at Appalachtan Htgh School ball Conference, plus being ranked third in class A Football in the State. This SARAH ANN HOLLAND GREGORY HODGES Glenn Wellborn Betty Ruth Hodges Mark Hodges Dorothy Coffey Shirley Cook Helen Parker Shirley Flick Identification for Baby Pictures QSee opposite pagej Clara Jean Dancy and Irma Lee Moretz Lena Greene Becky Bingham Ruby Hartley Kenneth Wilcow Tony Winkler Ethel Townsend Randy Maddux Thelma Phillips Mary Cook Iohnsie Brown Eula Mae Woodring Bill Brown Joyce Cowles Edith Miller Shirley Rogers Betty Cook 14. ' 15. 16 Betty Calloway 17. Shelby Jean Dotson 18. 19. 20 21 22. 23. 24 25. 26 CLASS WILL We the Senrors of 1955 berng of sound mind do hereby make this our last wlll and testament ARTICLE I Bobby Beach do wtll and bequeath my abllrty to make straight A s to Scotty Hodges Patsy Bently do wtll and bequeath my quret ways to Jane Snyder Becky Bmgham do wrll and bequeath all the Buckets to Mr Tait for hrs future Agnculture classes Charles Bolick do will and bequeath my physrque to B M Mrller Brll Brown do will and bequeath my abrltty to argue to Mrss Honeycutt Johnsre Brown wrll and bequeath my dimples to Jlmmre Lou Culler Wrlllam Brown do wrll and bequeath my abilrty to make frrends to Grace Day B J Calloway do wrll and bequeath my musrcal abrllty to Lance Carlton Janie Cline do will and bequeath my red han to Shrrley Carroll Dorothy Coffey do wrll and bequeath my shyness to Phll McGuire Maxrne Coffey do will and bequeath my Tommy to anyone who thrnks she can get him Betty Louise Cook do w1ll and bequeath all the trouble I ve had as Editor of the H1 Llfe back to Mr Dry Mary Ethel Cook do wrll and bequeath my trny frgure to Ruth Wllson Shrrley Cooke do will and bequeath my place on the basketball team to Betty Brendell Joyce Cowles do wrll and bequeath my majorette unrform to anyone who thinks rt wrll frt her Dean Crltcher do will and bequeath my seriousness to Tommy Owsley Clara Jean Dancey do wrll and bequeath my love for the Army to Lmda McK1nney Paul Davls do will and bequeath my pleastng personalrty to Bobby Norrrs Shelby Dotson do wrll and bequeath my frrendlrness to J W Welbom Shrrley Flrck do wrll and bequeath my love for srxth perrod Physrcal Educatron Laura Holshouser Reba Greene do will and bequeath all my Senror Englrsh notes to the Crty Dump Lena Greene do wrll and bequeath my dry wrt to Sherla Grlley Betty Sue Greer do wtll and bequeath my porse and assurance to Janet Moretz Jrm Greer do wrll and bequeath my good hehavlor rn class to Charles Mrchael Shrrley Greer do wrll and bequeath my quret rettrmg nature to Barbara Stone Peggy Hampton do wrll and bequeath my basketball shoes to Barbara Wmkler Ruby Hartley do wrll and bequeath my long blond harr to Pat Maddux Betty Lou Hodges do wrll and bequeath my soft vorce to Brlly Jo wrllrams Betty Ruth Hodges do wrll and bequeath my love for cheerleadrng to Susre and Betsy wrth hopes that they wrll enloy rt as much as I did Kyle Hodges do wrll and bequeath my name to all the other Hodges at A H S Mark Hodges do will and bequeath my dramatrc abrlrty to Frankre Hamrlton Nancy Hodges do wrll and bequeath my cheerfulness to Edwrn Taylor l Mary C Hollars do will and bequeath my ever present smlle to Betty Ann Swarm I' ' ' ' ' ll I If I, , ' ' . I, ' , ' ll ll ' ' I, , ' . . ' . I, ' , ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' . l, ' , ' ' ' . I, . . , ' ' ' . I, , ' ' . I. . ' ' . L . , ' . 1. . ' ' H ' L , . . . . . Il ' Y I' , . . . . I. , ' . I, I. M. Cullers, do will and bequeath my guitar to Ann Cottrell. I. . ' ' ' ' . I. . ' ' ' . . . I, . . I . . . . . to L , . . . i L ' . . . . . I, , ' ' . I, . ' . . . . . I' . , . . . . . . . I, , ' ' . L . ' ' . I, t . . , . . O I' I . . . I. . ' . . . I, , . . , . . . ' I. . ' ' . Ray Hollars do wtll and bequeath my love for Crest Store to Rrchard Hunt Gene Holman do wrll and bequeath my blush to Owen Greer Robert Hughes do wrll and bequeath my bus back to Frankre Clrff Keplar do wtll and bequeath my love of goxng steady to Bobby Watkms Jurnor Kerhoulas do w11l and bequeath my srze to Kerth Phrllrps Mrldred Lewxs do wrll and bequeath my bashfulness to Mary Dean Brngham Bxll Lyons do wrll and bequeath my posrtron as Student Body Presrdent to the next poor devll Carlton Lyons do wlll and bequeath my herght to Bobby Sherrill He needs rt more than I do Randy Maddux do wrll and bequeath my posrtlon on the football team to Brlly Hayes George Mam do will and bequeath my easy gorng ways to Glenn Mrller Edtth Mtller do wrll and bequeath my chapel seat to the next unlucky person Luther Mtller do wtll and bequeath my good drsposrtron to Larry Klutz Austin Moretz do wrll and bequeath my vorce to Marlo Lanza Irma Lee Moretz do wrll and bequeath my herght to Betty McNe1ll Buddy McGurre do wrll and bequeath my hook shot to Jerry West Brlly McNe1l do will and bequeath my wolf whrstle to George Cowles Earl Norrrs do wtll and bequeath my laugh to Ed Harmon Rex Norris do wrll and bequeath my alertness to Kermrt Keller Helen Parker do wrll and bequeath my abtllty to dance to Mary Lawrence W C Payne do w111 and bequeath all my energy to Fred Gragg Thelma Phlllrps do wrll and bequeath my great brg beauuful eyes to Mrs Erneston R B Rtchardson do wrll and bequeath my comrcal ways and comments to Mmme Austm Shirley Rogers do will and bequeath my love of 5th perrod Engltsh class to Mrs Gragg Frances Rush do wtll and bequeath my good trmes at Kay s QI had Plentyj to Pat Wllcox Peggy Joyce Sherrrll do w1ll and bequeath my fatal charm to Chns Johnson James Tait do wlll and bequeath my 1nterest tn axrplanes to the U S Arr Force Emma Jo Teague do wrll and bequeath my attractton to men to Helen Colvard Ethel Townsend do w1ll a bequeath my ab111ty to fmd books ln the llbrary to Ellen Culler Dockte Trrplett do wtll and bequeath my ablltty to stay away from women to Bobby Reynolds Mack Trrplett do will and bequeath my curly harr to Mr Hadden S G Tugman do wrll and bequeath my handsome vorce to Mrss Prothman Kerth Van Dyke do wrll and bequeath just anythmg l ve got to anyone who wants tt Tommy Vannoy do wrll and bequeath my organrzed manner to Mary Lou Mast Peggy Watson do wrll and bequeath my love for school holrdays to Becky Edmrsten Glenn Wellborn do wrll and bequeath my eyelashers to Joe Moretz Otts Wellborn do wrll and bequeath my abrlrty to break hearts to Johnny Greene 1 . . . 1 Q ' , . , , . . .. , , l I . , . . , . . ' .' -. . . , V . . .. ' ' . . .- ., . 0 w, ' . , . , . 1 I y I U , . . t I . I Q . . , 9 .' . . u , . . . ' .111 .. . . . . D I 1 . 0 0 l s Q 4 . Q l . . . . , . , . I . . U , . . . . ' H H . . . , . ., i Jerry Whtte do wlll and bequeath my Yankee accent to Btllre Lelgh Wrlson Kenneth Wtlcox do wul and bequeath my favorite class Chemlsuy to Rlchard Greer Roger Wtnebarger do wlll and bequeath my stubborness to Carol Redmond Margaret Wmkler do wtll and bequeath my lovable manner to other sweet gxrls at A H S Tony Wlnkler do will and bequeath my baby face to Pat Greene I Eula Mae Woodrrng do mll and bequeath my neatness to Joanne Hardtn ARTICLE I1 To the ,Tumor Class we leave our Senror Englrsh notes with hopes that they wlll use them ARTICLE III T0 me 50Ph0m0fU WL leawt the thought that thty wtll soon be SlINIORb ARTICLE IV To the freshman Class we leave our Senlor Sponsors ARTICLE V 'lo the Faculty we le we all the gratltudc lll our hearts for the understandlng and constderatlon gllrdll to us ln order that we mtght become Semors L . , .. , , ' . I, A , " . I. ' , f . to better advantage than we did. 1 v at v ' . ' s X, Q. ' , SCENES FROM THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1 I.: . .u gl Q I . l I I B' CLASS PROPHECY While I was reading Macbeth one dark and rarny night the three werrd sisters appeared to me Each srster made a prophecy to me The frrst witch sard rn her werrd soundrng voice that the Senior Class of 1955 wrll work hard frnd happrness and make the world a better place to live in The second wrtch went rnfo a lrtrle more detarl and told me what some of the members would be doing about twenty years from now Here rs what the second wrtch sard to me Bobby Beach wrll revolutronrze the electronrc age wrth hrs rnventrons Buddy McGurre wrll make hrstory as a brarn surgeon Mary Io Arthur wrll wrn an Academy Award for her acting in a movie drrected by Clrff Keplar and produced by Kenneth Wrlcox Mrldred Lewis wrll be awarded the Nobel Prrze for her famous book CAME WITH THE BREEZE Our mrlrtary strength wrll be at an all trme hrgh wrth Admrral Roger Wrnebarger head of the Navy Department General James Tart head of the Arr Force and wrth General Ray Hollars the top man rn the Army The wrtch went on to say that radro and televrsron wrll be better than ever marnly because of the efforts of S G Tugman Mark Hodges and Betty Ruth Hodges J M Cullers wrll be the most famous of all the srngers at the Grand Ole Oprey Betty Jane Calloway will sell over a mrllron of several of her records Wrth Brlly Lyons prtchrng even though Dean Crrtcher rs playrng second base for them In football Tony Wrnkler and W C Payne are closrng out careers for the Washrngton Redskrns after makrng All Amerrcan at None Dame Bill Brown rs strll playrng for the Cleveland Browns Peggy Hampton wrll coach her Hanes Hosiery basketball team to therr one hundredth strarght vrctory Jerry White and Brlly Rrchardson wrll team up to produce the greatest sports car ever Brlly wrll do the desrgnrng and Jerry wrll do the testrng Engrneer Earl Norrrs wrll re volutronrze travel wrth elevated highways In the business world Kerth Van Dyke wrll buy controlling stock of Macy s in New York Randy Muddux wrll strrke otl rn hrs back yard and go broke tryrng to pay all hrs income tax Ruby Hartley wrll desrgn excrtrng new fashrons that wrll be modeled by Joyce Cowles and Margaret Wrnlder Betty Cook wrll become fashron editor of the CHICAGO HERALD TRIBUNE Carlton Lyons will be the new Agrrculture teacher at Appalachran Austrn Moretz Brlly McNerl and Odrs Wellborn wrll own large farms and become qurte wealthy Becky Brngham will be one of the ftnest Home Demonstratron Agents thrs state has ever known The thrrd wrtch closed the prophecy by sayrng her sisters may have looked to the better srde of thrngs but she sard if the class took advantage of the opportunrtres grven them and worked hard, no one would be a farlure for them the Milwaukee Braves will sweep the World Series against the Boston Red Sox, If 5 . x X X my f 5? S .. 'LQ W if , 5 ' 'g XF, iff i B3 on v'Z,""- ,,..,..-0 ia iw -if L Homecommg Kmg and Queen RANDY MADDUX THELMA PHILLIPS SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Mr A ppalachlan BUDDY MCGUIRE Mm Appalacluan BECKY BINGHAM SENIOR SUPERLATIVES C LIFF KEPLA R SHIRLEY FLIC K Qfdcfl X72 N jwqgzfvfia WALL ZW? TONY WINKLER PEGGY HAMPTON ff, Y- R 'fgf A Y ' 5 L' if is ' , L '52 .VV .NUYM L- g N Qi 4: N J K t ,5 : I I , V U J 'df' L g Y , 7 Y - .. Most Athletic ' f S G TUGMAN BETTY RUTH HODGES SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Popular W C PAYNE Most Lxke ly To Succeed FRANCES RUSH SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Wltnest MARK HODGES LENA GREENE Best A ll Around Wdwx Q BILLY LYON S RU BY HA RTLEY fsf w 12 Q 1 X X In K ii 0 me-4 !" "5 L- A115111 Q W, kt. sq-V 'iw uf . it as- ni. -as Wie: WJ 'Q is 17' I Sl It l Opb if-T JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS "'X I W WELKJRN Presxdent BOBBY BRENDELL Vlce Presrdent CHRISTINE HARTLEY Secretary Treasurer LOIS NORRIS Reporter JUNIOR MARSHALS J ...Q Front row Laura Holshouser Mmme Austln Ch1ef Betty Breudell Back row Bobby Brendell Phil McGuu'e Robert Bmgham Chief Q 1 'T' 'fi XM wx 1 1 ails-...W Xl NZ PHOTO 'iw 70051157 lx' ff? 770K ffiazm T7 I . fd, fi YY MINNIE AUSTIN BOYD BARLOW REBECCA BARNES IMOGENE BERRY BARBARA BINGHAM MARY DEANE BINGHAM ROBERT BINGHAM BETTY BRENDELL BOBBY BRENDELL EARL BROOKSHIRE GLENDA ANN BROWN LUTHER BRO WN LANCE CARLSON AARON CARROLL DOROTHY CARROLL REBA CARROLL SHIRLEY CARROLL KENNETH CLAWSON EMILY COFFEY HELEN COLVARD ROGER- COOK ANN COTTRELL HARRY CRITCHER MARGARET CRITCHER ELLEN CULLER JIMMY LOU CULLER JUDY DANNER GRACE DAY GLENNA MAE DOBSON A C FARTHING BETTY FOSTER FRED GENTRY FRED GRAGG JOHN GREENE KATE GREENE LOUELLA GREENE MOZELLE GREENE PAT GREENE KENT GREER OWEN GREER ..--N", ,,f WA , .a "' Hxflsfi M ve" inn Q7 X1 fK fini 1' "7 T au" 1 35 'Q-1 .51 'N I 'Nw ""'7" S nl iifee. ' Y- fkl If mfg ., 'Nur Milf. . I W-'r X AVAILABLE r,,...5 'Ox '55 Y Q' , Q r 4, V i . 1 I I ni 6, . ' Ink L . 6: , ,', 'S -.i Riff K . 'f ' I r 'Y I Qi, bf M . J" pig V A : It 4 . 4 fy , v "4g iftg 7 Q n , I , X I ,Xnplwlov I :L i ,f S : I r 4 ir. D I I I JI ' L' - A 1 I J . I xg ' A -' A '- A I ' A ' 5 Q I 'I . f ,- Q-f J ' U JT' i x I I- I A . ? X ri ,N -2 R , 4. . M 7 , 1:0 I 'A I IQ' Q 1 , X A A QL YT' ,Q--L qw fi vw' tad' 1- J R HAMPTON PATSY HAMPTON ED HARMON CHRISTINE HARTLEY HAROLD HAYES SCOTTIE HODGES LAURA HOLSHOUSER RICHARD HUNT FAYE JOHNSON J B JONES PAT JONES KERMIT KELLER LARRY KLUTZ. TOM LAWRENCE JOE LEWIS ROGER LEWIS PHIL MCGUIRE LINDA MCKINNEY CHARLES MICHAEL B M MILLER EARLENE MILLER GLENN MILLER LENA MILLER RICHARD MILLER JOE MORETZ MARY LEE MORETZ JANET MORETZ R. C MORETZ TREVA MORETZ ALBERT NORRIS LOIS NORRIS VAN NORRIS VILAS PAYNE I ANN PHILLIPS KEITH PHILLIPS MARTHA PHILLIPS CECIL PROFFITT BOB RAGAN NAN RAGAN ROBERT ROSENBA LM 4' I 9-nn.. X 3.3 fi ,UQ Wx QI ww' -.ff PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE A-'Nl' "" lf' J -5 PHOTO nl fl P .J mf my 'SJ If AK ff' lp' L f W I L' 'sq s--' M43 Ns ""7 'W' 'Will' Wm- Qu, 'fx "5 ,na- 9 ,Q i fr S' HOMER SPARKS FRANK SOUTH JIMMY STEELMAN BARBARA STORIE MARY GLADYS TEAGUE CECIL TESTER HERBERT TOWNSEND BARBARA TUGMAN JIMMY WATSON PATSY WATSON VERBIE SUE WATSON CATHERINE WELCH I W WELBORN PEGGY WELLBORN REBECCA WELLBORN MARGARET WEST BILLIE LEIGH WILSON RUTH WILSON CLARA WINEBARGER BARBARA WINKLER EARL WOODRING EARLINE WOODRING ALLAN VANDYKE EDUARDO VILLEGAS AVAILABLE Y--v OUR LIGHTER MOMENTS fli- Omcreb Q!! I 0 - C , KX 'Li in - ,-- ' .--"' "QQ-+ -4--:P i .,, - - l - 't'i+.g,,,-, W-A F,-P ' '+- Q--.-. "?"' . ?'+ - E.. i-7 .--1-i 'Qi' ... 9 ... I ,- 'l'-i-- Q l fLzfv vw' lL ,fbvffcfb L W7 L ,Jw f' -f, 9 ,Q .1003 ' K 9 SOPHQMGRE CLASS oFFlcERs David McKinney Presldent Joe Muller Vlce Presrdent Donna Wellbom Secretary Treasurer Rebecca Edmlsten Reporter five.-n-.q Shrrley Davrs P ggy Dotson Becky Edmisten Arlre Lee Eller Sue Fletcher Bonme Foster Shella Gxlley Vrcle Golds B111 Gragg Betty Greene Elsie Greene James Greene Roberta Barnes Davrd Blackbum Mary Bryan Charles Bumgarner Joann Carroll Dan Coffey Bruce Cook Jean Cook Joel Cook Jack Creed Wendell Crrtcher Davrd Culler .i, I -16 Ti 7 AVAILABLE Jeanette Hollars Nancy Hollmgsworth Patsy Hollmgsworth Bruce Johnson Peggy Jones Gus Kerhoulas Carolyn Lewts Clara Lea Lewts Carol Sue Ltttleton Joyce Ann Ltttleton Judy Lookabtll Everett Lowman Wayne Greene Grant Greer Peggy Greer Lowell Hagaman Frankte Hamtlton Murrel Jean Hampton Wayne Hampton Jo Ann Hardm Gary Wayne Hartley Btna Nell Hayes Johnny Hodges Mary Hodges QC' ? vs 3 ,'.l .ln ..Illll . 'IQ Q. 'Q X I I- Q., and: Ronda Main Mary Mast Wmfarn Matheson David McKinney Betty Jane McNe1l Ixmmy McNe1l Christme M111er Claude Miller Claudia Mrller Douglas Mrller Glenna Faye Mxller Joe Miller I 'tu NE? L11 537 QW ak-Q I 'W'-t N.. C., Xin lx-Wk: b KQCLLZ A' rlflf' .f-1 hu, Joyce Ann Mlller Nell Mrller Carolyn Moretz Vxrgmxa Moses Bobby Norns Carolyn Norris Kenneth Norrrs Paul Perry Gall Phrllrps Jimmy Pltts Eva Proffrtt Henry Proffltt y ' t T l , 5 1 I ' I' ' 1 4: YQ? 1. i N C q f M K I 1 Za , O , 4- C 5.29, C y ky sg 'fx 'W A . i 7 M x K ' 6 ' rr ll 1. X U .. if ' , .- ,, f f A41 Q ' T4 wx X . . . s. J. V C ., 'Q gf n ' C W 'lf' " -'Z ' C 'N 1" - X . U X -if 4. .f-1 X - -' . ,nz A . ,X I L A A 4 .. . . . V! A , t N -T. ' '. C I g: N f ' , Jr. l J ' I fm My Edwm Tay r Frankre Teague Hazel Townsend Mary Ruth Townsend Joyce Tuckwrller Johnny Turner Bnest Vannoy Bobby watkrns Carolyn Watson Mary Elizabeth Watson Donna Wellborn Clyde Welch fig 94? 'ff' Y 359, if jg 3' Q5 We -f Q 15.5052-29 145 'z' 'f 5 ee fi new asia fm M Q Q Ei? 'VT uwkwywg fax 231.51 in 1gf'2'M J? fr ' Wi' Ls Ng, Freddre Reese Bobby Reynolds Kenneth Rhyme: H T Rogers Peggy Rogers Ioan Rosenbalm Bobby Shsemll Claude Shore Gordon Shore Jane Snyder Marvm Storie Betty Swarm diff aemagfe Q2 Za ii? M13 if TOOKBY fm W 5' f 41611, 1 ja 2' yy 4,7 " Q 327 fa Zi, Avuuu 'Y' if 3.5 ff af f, +I, f gf, aw h ' gym rf' 2 A ,L fn ,, fmggigfgz ,faq WW ,,,.ffe Mimi? 5 31 Q..- if Bobby Ravon Bxlly Shlrley Nellie Jean Wxlcox Wilcox Wxlharns Wmkler Miller A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING 4 in "el, Item 1 'N gala Pgy fill SX lui! gi 'Rlfil' 'N X v G 4 f 0 be JIS' lllllq KQ'lI Hull "Una FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Jerry West Vice President Drck Brown Secretary Treasurer Mary Lawrence Reporter Joyce Hayes tai ""' fi WD' gas "3 if if Z '09 WJNEET 5 Kr eff 53"7No more lt Molly Agle Jerry Austin Larry Austrn Clara Beach Kent Beach Barbara Bentley Beulah Brown Carlton Brown Dick Brown Grace Brown Pat Brown Wanda Bryan Iulro Castro Brlly Clawson Molly Cobb John Cvffey horene Coffey Kent Coleman Bllly Cook David Cook James Cook Pat Cook Wayne Cook Reggre Crrtcher Sammy Crltcher Sally Crowell Carolyn Davis Faye Day Pat Dowlmg Roby Gentry Jamce Gragg John Gragg Judy Gragg Dale Greene George Greene Helen Greene Irmmy Greene Kathleen Greene Velma Greene Bobby Greer Elrzabeth Hagaman Barney Hampton Margaret Hampton Patsy Sue Hampton Robert Harmon Mary Sue Hartley Brlly Hayes Jack Hayes Carolyn Hayes Joyce Hayes Rebecca Hayes Ruby Hayes Jean Hodges John R Hodges Lena Mae Hodges Paulrne Hodges J' 1"1 9' wa V7 if tml' A 1' 'T-Q-P F 'Z3' ull Q 44" Rena Faye Hodges Betty Hollar Jrmmy Hollaway Geraldme Honeycutt Betty Isaacs Glenn Isaacs Dean Johnson Bobby Ray Jones Mary Lee Jones Harold Keller Cynthra Klutz Mary Lawrence Jack Lewxs Patsy Maddux Dons Marn Henry Maln Fay Mrller I C Mrller Johnny Mxller Kane Mlller Ray Mrller Geraldrne Moody Allen Moretz J B Moretz Laura Ruth Moretz M8I10H Monetz Rachel Ann Moretz Wrlma Moretz . . ,V . vm . . Dee Norris larry Norrls Patsy Norrts Barbara Northern Charles Osbome Tommy Owsley Carol Payne Frank Payne Mary Payne Rlchard Pitts Patrtcra Proffrt June Lee Robbtns Dorothy Roberts Ltlltan Roberts Betty Ann Rogers Sue Rogers Eddte Rush Beulah Shrpley George Shores Iaruce Smtth Helen Smrtherman Margaret Steelman Margaret Stone Betty Swtft Davtd Teague Alma Ruth Tester Barbara Townsend . Ir. Nancy Rayfield y-1' 15 Q ngf' area X01 Kwgi Clay Townsend Patrrcra Trrvette Geraldine Trrvette Mary Van Noppen Jane Temple Vannoy Alrce Watson il I A 1 W' N' WC' 's- Ernest Woodring Ruby Woodring Carmalre Watson Grant Watson Homer Watson Joe Benny Watson Johnny Watson Lloyd Watson Jerry West Mary West Lettre Wheeler Pat Wrlcox Jewel Wrnebarger Shrrley Wrnebarger Buddy Wood Margaret Wood Glenn Barlow Kenneth Barlow Joyce Beach Robert Beachley Gary Bentley Jerry Bentley Nadme Bolrck Robert Button Randall Brow Q, Tad Buckland Bruce Bumgamer Marc Carlson Bobby Carroll Grayson Coffey Sharon Collms Betty Cooke Barbara Comett George Cowles Eugene Denny Bobby Edmrsten Harold Edmrsten Rufus Edmrsten Landrrne Eggers Ellzabeth Eldredge Annie Eller Nannre Eller Brlly Farthmg Jane Greene Rrchard Greer Rachel Hampton Rebekah Hampton Jewell Harmon Frank Hartley Jimmy Hartley J R Hartley "K Ehxhxllhx 7 xl!- C ,H2+leaf: iv 1-v fi-in QQ, di- W 'cry ,iii-Q 'ab g""" N. cu, I0 Q-'1' 'hf',f X,,,y- in --1' 4Qx 'iv-qv 1-"' TT Jimmy Hayes Jerry Hollars ,, 'Kenneth Hollars Mary Allce Hollars Patsy Houck Clark Howell Dlann Lancaster Paul Lewls Myrna Luther Patsy Main l Bernard Woodrmg Jerry McCracken Robert McKee B111y Mrller Aubrey Moretz vj Boyce Moretz Norman Oaks Ellzabeth Phxlhps Peggy Phillips Carol Redmond Jack Roark Sue Robbms Georgia Smrtherman Joe Shore Ben Teague Dayton Teague Dana Townsend Cecrl Woods B111y Trxplett Anne Van Noppen ,,.,- X Ned Vrnes Faye West Mary Whxte Kelth Wyke Jack Winkler C nn 12,6 JSY CTH-7 STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Bill Lyons Presrdent Randy Maddux Vice Presrdent Laura Holshouser Secretary Treasurer G Tugman Reporter Betty Swarm Sophomore Member Tommy Owsley Freshman Member QW' "WY 3 QQ vw 1' YW J B111 Brown Cliff Keplar Betty Ruth Hodges B111 Lyons Randy Maddux S G Tugman Shirley Carroll Harold Hayes Laura Holshouser Barbara Tugman Sue Fletcher Joan Rosenbalm Betty Swarm Pat Cook Ilrnrny Hayes Tommy Owsley I R Hartley Davrd Teague Jack Hayes Mrs Margaret Gragg Sponsor N i . ' : . ' : , - : 5- . . : ' . : , - T -. W X up .V 'W Q li mf - ,Il L rs 5 B Y L L 5 X V , I ' Vfyrl b V, A 5 5 "' B L D nnnn L 1 . f 14' Y , ' L Davrd McKmney , M ug in L B . A p I nny, n 4. p . In , 3 " - g, x y I I L? pn,.pn q A My M L fs 1' nsa. 3232 W' 3 W7 2 La B ' f '- ' ' 5" ,, -X NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back row Mrs Nash Sponsor Mary Io Authur B111 Lyons Cliff Keplar S G Tug man B111 Brown Randy Maddux Front row Betty Ruth Hodges Becky Bmgham Ethel OFFICERS S G Tugrnan Prestdent Randy Maddux V1ce Pres1dent Becky Bmgham Secretary Betty Jane Calloway Treasurer B111 Lyons Program Chauman Betty Ruth Hodges Reporter, Townsend, Mildred Lewis, Clara Dancey, Betty Jane Calloway, Betty Cook, Helen Parker. Editors Margaret Wrnkler and Betty Cook Feature Editor: Shirley Cook Sports Writer: Peggy Hampton Mlmeoscoplsts: Joyce Cowles Betty Hollars Mimeographer: Peggy Sherlll Exchange Edrtors Janie Clrne Business Manager Kenneth Clawson Iunror Editor Margaret Crltcher Club Member Scottie Hodges Sports Writers: Frances Rlsh David McKinney Shirley Flick STUDENT STORE CLUB i Betty Cook President Mozelle Greene Becky Wellborn Peggy Wellborn Louella Greene Margaret Critcher Betty Cook Treva Moretz Patsy Hampton Lois Norris Reba Greene Mildred Lewis Grace Day Harold Hayes Mr Gentry Sponsor JOURNALISM CLUB Betty Greene Louella Greene Reba Greene Joyce Cowles Grace Day Frances Rush Margaret Winkler Shirley Cook Scottie Hodges Velma Greene Mary Sue Hartley Mary Ethel Cook Margaret Crrtcher, Janie Cline, Betty Hollars, Betty Cook, David M McKinney, Jean Cook, Jeanette I-lollars, Shirley Flick, Peggy Jones, Patsy Hampton, Lena Greene, Peggy Watson, Peggy Sherrill, Kenneth Clawson, I. M. Cullers, Bobby Wilcox, Peggy Hampton, Miss McNeil, Mr. Dry, Sponsor. ASSEMBLY CLUB Kenneth Clawson President Treva Moretz Vrce Presrdent LlndaMcK1nney Secretary Treasurer Grace Day Reporter Kent Beach Randal Brown Molly Cobb Fay Day Elrzabeth Eldreth Jlmmy Hartley Ruby Hayes Nancy Hodges I B Jones Joe Lewis Patsy Marne Robert McKee Frank South Georgra Smitherman Margaret Wood Kerth Wyke Owen Greer FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Presrdent Lots Norms Vrce Presldent Treva Moretz Secretary Pat Brown Treasurer Shrrley Ann Greer Reporter Betty Sue Greer Betty Foster Earlene Mrller Mary Lea Moretz Mrs Tully and Mxss Llttle Sponsors BOYS' GLEE CLUB Front row Tommy Owsley Billy Matheson Johnny Hodges Cltff Keplar Joe Moretz Frankie Hamrlton Earl Brookshtre Second row Aaron Carroll B M Millet Ltbrartan Carlton Lyons Vice Presrdent W C Payne Johnny Greene B1l1yJoe Williams Thlrd row J W Welborn J B Jones Buddy McGuLre President Robert Bingham Bill Brown Not pictured DlCkl6 Hunt Secretary Treasurer GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Betty Jane Calloway Presrdent Becky Brngham Vxce Presrdent Barbara Wrnkler Secretary Betty Swarm Reporter Ann Cottrell Ltbrarlan Mrnme Austtn Mary Brngham Sally Crowell Judy Danner Pat Dowltng Becky Edmisten Shella Grlley Jo Ann Hardrn Patsy Hollrngsworth Mary Mast Carolyn Moretz Carolyn Norris Helen Parker Barbara Stone Joyce Tuckwtller Pat Wrlcox Ruth Wtlson Mollre Agle Betty Brendell Glenda Brown Pat Brown Sue Fletcher Kate Greene Lena Greene Peggy Greer Elrzabeth Hagaman Susie Hampton Jean Hodges Pat Maddux Peggy Phllllps Betsy Rogers Helen Smltherman Betty Swrft Peggy Watson Mary West Verbte Sue Watson Becky Wellbom Johnsie Brown Shirley Carroll Shrrley Davrs Blna Hayes Betty Ruth Hodges Nancy Hollmgsworth Laura Holshouser Mary Lawrence Myma Luther Mary lea Moretz bots Norris Gall Phrlllps Pat Proffrt Sue Rogers Katherme Welch Peggy Wellbom Scotty Hodges l n 'V ' 'lst 'Q L A as 'ifruxqd Y,-',':fNT , RADIO CLUB I'-ix Freddy Reese Presrdent Jerry West Vice Presrdent Mrldred Lewrs Secretary and Treasurer Ellen Culler Reporter Ted Buckland Max Barlow Mary Cook Dorothey Carroll Wendell Cntcher Bruce Cook John Coffey Bobby Edmisten Landnne Eggers Pat Greene Roby Gentry Fred Gentry Clark Howell Jack Lewrs Mildren lewrs Ronda Marne Marlon More z Ray Mrller Larry Norrxs Charles Osbome MODEL BUILDERS CLUB df' Qi, Bobby Reynolds President James Tart Vice Presrdent Tom Lawrence Secretary and Treasurer Rxchard Greer Reporter Jack Roark Johnny Mrller Grayson Coffey Billy Cook Grant Watson Frank Payne Eddre Rush Arnold Tester Jimmy McNeil Johnny Turner Peggy Cntcher Johnnle Watson Ruby Moretz Robert Bntron Don Coffey Grant Greer Bobby Harmon B1l1M111er Jerry Hollars Iunmy Steelman Barney Hampton Everett Bowman Glenn Townsend SCIENCE CLUB C 2 ,- - A. Bill Gragg President Bobby Reynolds Vice Presrdent Pat Cook Reporter Mrldred Lewrs Secretary B0yd B31'10W Bobby Brendell Lance Carlson Fred Gragg James Green Grant Greer Gary Hartley Claude Mrller James Tart Everett Lowman Mr Robrnson Sponsor ANGLER AND FLY TYING CLUB 10 Charles Bolrck Presrdent Roger Wmebarger Vice President Robert Beachley Secretary Jrmmy Hartley Reporter Cecrl Woods Gary Bentley Herbert Townsend Harold Edmrsten J C Mrller Jimmy Hayes Jerry Bently Julro C Castro Rufus Edmrsten Sponsor Mr Rogers FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Ethel Townsend Presrdent Mary K Hollars Vrce Presrdent Glena Dobson Reporter Eula Mae Woodrrng Secretary Ann Brown Sh1rleyDavrs Kate Greene Bxna Hayes Carolyn Moretz Dorothy Roberts Lrllran Roberts Shtrley Rogers Peggy Rogers Margaret Wood Catherrne Welch Shelby Dotson Mrs Kathleen Dougherty Sponsor FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Treasurer Harry Crrtcher Reporter Mr R L Talt Advrsor Billy Clawson Kent Coleman Bruce Cook James Cook Joel Cook Reggie Crrtcher Paul Davts Dale Greene Sonny Greene John Hodges Jrmmy Holloway Juruor Kerhoulas Roger Lewis Luther Mrller Ray Mrller R1chardM1ller Allen Moretz J B Moretz R C Moretz Dee Norris Van Norms Vrlas Payne Paul Perry Cecil Profftt Claude Shores Marv1nStorie Clay Townsend Dockre Trtplett Joe Watson Floyd Watson Odis Wellborn Gene Holman Bob Ragan Luther Brown Herbert Townsend 1 I A Billy McNeil, Presidentg Kyle Hodges, Vice President: Glenn Wellborn, Secretaryg Harold Hayes, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB A C Farthmg Presrdent Robert Rosenbalm V1cePrestdent Barbara Tugman Secretary Treasurer Glenn Miller Reporter Boyd Barlow Pat Cook Jack Creed Eugene Denny Earl Brookshrre Cecil Tester Jerry McCracken B111y Farthlng Frank Hartley Peggy Jones Jeanette Hollars Mary Lea Jones Wilma Moretz Rena Hodges Larry Klutz Mary Payne Earl Woodrmg Mr Roblnson Sponsor AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB President Tommy Vannoy Vxce Presrdent Edward Harmon Secretary Treasurer Owen Greer Reporter George Maln Ray Hollars Ed Harmon Kent Beach Kent Greer Owen Greer Bobby Jones Glenn Issacs Charles Bollck Douglas Miller Bobby Beach Roger Wmebarger Larry Norrxs John Coffey J C Mrller Dean Johnson Ronny Main Cecrl Tester Kenneth Norrts Tommy Vannoy Gordon Shores Frank South Joe bewrs Mr Hadden Sponsor SENIOR WILDLIFE CLUB Tony Wtnkler President Mark Hodges Vice President Barbara Btngham Secretary Phil McGu1re Reporter Roberta Barnes Reba Carroll Helen Colvard Jlmmy Lou Culler Judy Danner Jrm Greer Pat Greene Fred Gentry Robert Hughes Lowell Hagaman Lena Mrller Earl Norrrs Albert Norrrs Martha Philltps Jrmmy Steelman Robert Rosenbalm Mary Teague Kenneth Wtlcox Kermit Keller Barbara Stone Ruth Wtlson Patsy Wtlcox Larry Klutz Shtrley Wlnebarger Emma Jo Teague JUNIOR WILDLIFE CLUB er Wanda Bryan Brlly Cook Roby Gentry John Gragg Barney Hampton Robert Harmon Harold Keller Henry Marne Jimmy McNeil Claudta Mtller Johny Mtller Joyce Mrller Marlon Moretz Carlton Moretz Charles Osbome Jimmy Pttts Rrchard Pttts Carol Payne Frank Payne Mary Payne Eva Proffitt Eddie Rush Kenneth Rhymer Freddre Reece Margaret Steelman Davtd Teague Geraldine Trivette Johnny Turner June Robblns Jane Vannoy Able Watson Grant Watson Johnny Watson Camalee Watson Letty Wheeler Homer Watson 1 Joe Miller, Presidentg Sammy Critcher, Vice President: Pat Proffitt, Secretaryg Clara Beach, Report- JUNIOR LIBRARIANS CLUB Mary Katherine Hollars Presrdent Jane Snyder Vrce President Shirley Rogers Sec netary and Treasurer Ethel Townsend Reporter Glenna Mae Dobson Shelby Dotson Henderson Sponsor r FOLK DANCING CLUB I Elsie Greene, Mary Hodges, Peggy Rogers, Hazel Townsend, Shirley Winkler, Miss QUIET SOCIAL GAMES CLUBS Q President R. B Richardson Vice President Betty Brendell Secretary Patsy Dowllng Reporter Joyce Tuckwtller laura Ruth Moretz Gus Kerhoulas Sally Crowell Becky Edmisten Jack Creed Edwrn Taylor Bobby Norrts Mary Mast Peggy Greer Tom Lawrence Mollre Agle Shirley Carroll Kathleen Greene Donna Wellbom Lena Hodges Jeanette Johnson Doris Main Rachel Ann Moretz Carolyn Watson Mary Elizabeth Watson Rena Hodges Bobby Watkrns Helen Smttherman Iudy Storie Nancy Rayfteld Patsy Norris Faye Miller Btll Hayes Mr Ross Sponsor -:Q President Clara Jean Dancy Vice Presrdent J Ann Phtlllps Secretary and Treasurer Bonnre Foster Reporter Joe Mrller Bobby Watkins Edwin Taylor Geraldine Trrvette Jrme lee Robbrns Betty Lou Hodges Dorothy Coffey Patsy Bently Iuntor Kerhoulas Bill Matheson Barbara Bently Grace Brown Barbara Townsend Betty Foster Nell Miller Nan Ragan Peggy Rogers Clara Jean Dancy Emma Io Teague GIRLS' "A" CLUB Becky Bingham President Shxrley Fhck Vrce President Shuley Cooke Secretary and Treasurer Peggy Joyce Sherrill Reporter Frances Rush Patsy Hampton Mozelle Greene Roberta Barnes Shirley Carroll Becky Wellbom Peggy Wellborn Treva Moretz Scottre Hodges Christrne Hartley Mary K Hollars Betty Brendell Ethel Townsend Becky Bingham Shirley Cooke Presxdent Se cre tary 1 Shrrley Flrck Peggy Sherrrll Vlce Presrdent Reporter MEN'S "A" CLUB Front row Clrff Keplar S G Tugman W C Payne Carlton Lyons Buddy McGuire Randy Maddux Kenneth Wrlcox Second row Joe Moretz Tony Winkler Glenn Wellbom Robert Hughes Bill Brown Billy Lyons Thrrd row Keith Plulllps Bobby Brendell Fred Gragg I W Wellbom B M Miller Robert Bingham Buddy McGurre President 'D' Tony Wrnkler Bobby Brendell Vrce President Secretary 'X n 5 i E Randy Maddux B111 Brown Cliff KCPIH Treasurer Reporter Sergeant HI Arms z ' . . . , . . , . , I 0 ' : I I I 2 I 0 . : , I I I 0 ' 9 . . , . Q' I S ,V Y vi I X2 4 lb Q ' l ': . V AA L 'x , .V .. . W Q r 1 - 4, , an , ,X N is .73 J- , f wr, , 2 . it x:1'r,my' MONITORS' CLUB Treva Moretz Presxdent Vxce President Ketth Phxllxps Reba Greene Secretary Lou ella Greene Reporter Thelma Philltps Pat Maddux Cmdy Klutz Lena Greene Odts Wellborn I R Hampton Kate Greene Louella Green Nancy Hodges Treva Moretz Crutcher Mary Mast Roberta Bames Betty Hollars Lorene Coffey Reba Carroll Jean ette Hollars Peggy Jones Martha Phillips Munel Iean Hampton Mary Van Noppen Nan Ragan Margaret West Molly Agle B M Mtller Jack Creed Bobby Norris Bobby Wtlcox Kent Greer Kenneth Clawson Mary Hodges Clara Lewts Frances Rush, Betty Sue Greer, Peggy Watson, Clyde Welch, Bamey Hampton, Harry DRAMATICS CLUB Mark Hodges President Thelma Phrllips Vrce Presrdent Joyce Cowles Secretary and Treasurer Janie Clme Reporter Aaron Carroll lame Cline Helen Colvard Joyce Cowles Jimmie Lou Culler J M Cullers Janice Gragg Judy Gragg Janie Greene Johnny Greene Mark Hodges Pat Jones Earl Norrrs Thelma Phillrps Evelyn Wrlson R B Rlchardson Jerry West Kenneth Rhymer Buddy Wood Mr B111 Ross Sponsor TOASTMASTERS CLU B Jerry White President Vice President Jo Anne Hardin Secretary and Treasurer Pat Jones Report er Christine Hartley Judy Gragg Sarah Saylors Ehzabeth Hagaman Jane Snyder Patsy Hollings worth Sher1aGrlley Joan Rosenbalm Sue Fletcher Ga1lPhrl1ips Pat Maddux Ruby Hayes Jean Hodges Murrrel Hampton Margaret Hampton Shrrley Gabriel Sponsor 1 r Y! i . : ' . : . : . I : I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I . I ' I I I 0 I I I I . . , . I .1 wi V - I A , . : ' . : . : - 1 I 1 u I u u ' I I I I I . ' I I I I . I I I I 1 REGU LAR BUS DRIVERS ff,,,,,! First row Dean Wllltams Paul Brookshire Jack McKmney Vaughn Payne Second row Robert Hughes Luther Mlller Austin Moretz Ketth Van Dyke Third row Odxs Wellborn John H Johnson Marvrn Story Fourth row George Marne Wayne Trlplett and! R, Hampton Not pictured John Moretz BUS DRIVERS CLUB Fust row Dean Wllhams Paul Brookshire Jack McK1nney Vaughn Payne Second row Robert Hughes Frank South Luther Miller Austin Moretz Vilas Payne Kelth Van Dyke Thlrd row Dockie Tnplett Odls Wellbom Dr Crew Sponsor Glen Wellborn R. C Moretz John Johnson Fourth row Roger Cook Marvrn Story Fifth row George Maxne wayne Trrplett J R Hampton Not pictured John Moretz fm nv ' ' - ,N 49'f ,L 'EJ Q I X , i u 5 1 1 n - I I l I I : 1 1 9 0 : n 1 v . I . v , . A 1 X 1 , 1 ' -. . . f 1 1 I n 5 u v o o I Y Y I I Y 0 : n 1 - 1 Q u - o - 3 , . I y y . . . I . CONCERT BAND 7 First row Rebecca Bingham Nancy l-lollmgsworth Mary Van Noppen Patsy Hollxngsworth Betty Jane Colloway Laura Holshouser Betty Swalm Ann Cottrell Second row Betty Brendell Tad Buckland Landrme Eggers Btlly Matheson Sheila Gtlley Mary Mast Billy Jo Wtllxams Lance Carlson Jane Snyder Pat Dowling Pat Maddux Barbara Wmkler Joyce Cowles Thlrd row Btlly Richardson Bobby Watkins Frank Hartly Rrchard Greer Jerry McCracken B111y Colltns Bobby Harmon Fourth row Frank Ham lton Tommy Owsley Tom Lawrence Richard Hunt Cliff Keplar James Tait Aaron Carrol Frank Payne B111 Mrller George Cowles Robert Beachley Ann Van Noppen Rebecca Edmlsten Mlnme Ausun Janle Cline Ruth Wtlson Mary lawrence Fifth row Sue Fletcher Peggy Greer Max Carlson Carol Redmond Keith Phrllips Robert Bingham Bobby Agle Everett Lowrnan Jo Anne Hardin BAND COUNCIL Cliff Keplar, Presldentg Becky Bingham, Vice Presidentg Betty Swaim, Secretary-Treasurerg Betty Brendell, Reporterg Councll Members: Pat Maddux, Glenn Miller QNot Plcturedj. Tmmpeters Lineup X' , Background of the Band 'XX Semor Band Members y K Little xg Blows Our Musical Majorettes MIXED CHORUS Nik' Front row Peggy Wellborn Aaron Carroll Julio Castro Carolyn Greene Betty Jane Calloway Becky Bingham Second row Earl Brookshire Gail Phillips B M Miller Charles Mtchael Richard Hunt Shetla Gtlley Third row Austin Moretz W C Payne I B Jones Carlton Lyons Betty Ruth Hodges Helen Parker 1 CHORUS OFFICERS Carlton Lyons, Presrdent, Becky Brngham, Vice President, Helen Parker, Secretary Treasurer, Betty Ruth Hodges, Reporter, Betty Jane Calloway, Lxbrarian. CUSTODIANS r Mr Isaacs CAFETERIA STAFF First row Mrs Verles Elrod Mrs Grace Noms Mrs Callie Oxemine Mrs Marne Beach Mrs Dot Tugman Dreucran Second row Mrs Ruby Shore Mrs Thelma Cannon Mr Wayne Trlplett Mrs Maude Wrlcox xx- 1 A .A If A ' rf f' 1- f 'f X fr--, ' vpf,- - l 3 -T s, . : . , . ', . , . ' 1 1 1 n Z - , . - 9 1 D . ff, 32995 W' 'K A -:wk ' Y? ' n-of ' 3,74 ,i,-vp. , gf ' 1 3:3 ,'-I1 Q- uf PD'- HIGHLAND CONFERENCE CHAMP oN 419 f V fa? Drb IEW ii I I 5 f Xt as N A 'f N f'f x t , ll Front row Junior Kerhoulas Carlton Lyons W C Payne Cliff Keplar Randy Maddux Tony Winkler Buddy McGuire Bill Brown S G Tugrnan Glenn Welborn Second row Bobby Sherrill Bobby Brendell Charles Michael Richard Hunt B M Miller Robert Bingham Joe Moretz Earl Brookshire Roger Cook J W Wellborn Fred Gragg Edward Harmon Kermit Keller David Teague Mgr Third row Coach Peter Everett Dean Johnson Eddie Rush Billy Hayes Chris John son David McKinney Ed Taylor Kent Coleman Johnny Hodges Bobby Wilcox Jack Creed James Green Clyde Welch Johnny Miller Shirley Gabriel Coach Hers's How We Did It! Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Appalachian Glen Alplne Hudson Sparta Elkin Taylorsville Granite Falls Lansing Bakersville Crossnore Millers Creek 13 BUDDY MCGUIRE 3 TONY WINKI-ER Co Captain Co C8PI3iIl APPALACHIAN HIGH SCHOOLS FIRST UNDEFEATED FOOTBALL TEAM if Wa JM ww ,ff fy? W H1ghland Conference Class A Football by ALL B M MILLER Tackle RANDY MADDUX, F TONY WINKLER Quarte W C PAYNE Tackle BUDDY MCGUIRE Guar thxrd 1n State TIONS Second Team Thlrd Team Honorable Ment1on Honorable Ment1on Honorable Ment1on T -A ,Vi ,, U I X NL 1 'M ,M H Wifi fi!!!-Ly 9' S . f Y f W ,- ' i iiffbggfffwligwm ' A if 9' 15 w c PAYNE 1 Tackle I Il be l -. GLENN WELLKJRN P Guard CARLTON LYONS End OUR IMPREGNABLE LINE JUNIOR KER1-IOULAS Guard ll ll , . l ,A . ig Q 'IL m y ' K I A is J A ,Q , , . . 1 M Q., .A-. .... 44 V .W f"-- : - .Q 1 -"'.........""' a- V fu 1' ' i '1-is 2 1::fQ .fa ' TL . 5, 7- V-f 4- V l ' ,ff CLIFF KEPLAR Halfback OUR PONY BACKFI ELD BILL BROWN Halfback RANDY MADDUX Fullback S G TUGMAN End ll ' ll N BOYS VARSITY Standing Bobby Brendell B M Mrller Ed Harmon Charles Mrchael Buddy McGuue Carlton Lyons John Greene W C Payne Fred Gragg S G Tugman Kneeling Mark Hodges Mgr Cliff Keplar Leroy Rogers Coach Bill Lyons Larry Klutz Mgr Co Captains Coach CLIFF KEPLAR BILL LYONS LEROY ROGERS : I ' I I I I 1 9 . . . , . . . 1 I ' I I I I I I ' ,ff i , I . 0 .W 4' . f 1' ' ,! I an A L' v , a , g " fa, , f L 'V , ,fra , ., 1 'T ' 5 15. ' t 2, . ' ,lk ,If . W C pAYNE CLIFF KEPLAR 5 G TUGMAN SENIORS CARLTON LYONS BUDDY MC GUIRE BILL LYONS GIRLS VARSITY Standrng Betty Swarm Mgr Harold Gentry Coach Pat Maddux Mgr Seated Roberta Barnes Mary Mast Sue Fletcher Sheila Grlley Ann Cottr 11 Shrrley Flick Captain Peggy Hampton Co Captarn Patsy Hampton Becky Bmgham Shuley Cooke Shrrley Carroll Betty Brendell Patsy Hollingsworth Geraldme Honeycutt Barbara Wrnkler not pictured PEGGY HAMPTON SHIRLEY COOKE SENIORS BECKY BIN GHAM SHIRLEY FLICK 3 1 -1 1 1 1 -1 I . D . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , a . - ll If 1 1-I ' 1 56 2 ,f JUNIOR VARSITY X t mil ,Y LN KJ , Standing Jimmy Hayes Mgr Bobby Norrrs David McK1nney Frankie Hamilton Shrrley Gabriel Coach Ed Taylor Jerry West Jerry Austxn Eddy Rush Larry Austin Mgr Kneehng Jack Hayes Boyd Barlow Jack Creed Bobby Watkins Bobby Wrlcox Brlly Gragg left to right Betty Hollar, Mary Lawrence, Peggy Jones, Bonnie Foster, Cynthra Klutz, Jeanette Hollars, Patsy Hollingsworth, Harold Gentry, Coach, Bill Lawmg, Coach, Patsy Hampton, Mary Van Noppen, Joan Rosenbalm, Margaret Wood, Patsy Dowhng, Betty Swrft, Joyce Tuckwrller, Kneelmg. Z9 Y S, S 1 .L 2 3' - ,1 6 0' M-B' if cw, . rv Sic X... Q " , ? , K ck -C CL L---if-' Y f 4, 1 --3. o F -ta 7 5-L . Y NOC -l A ' . E . y 4 .B .tr 1, but 8 I 14 P 1 2 k 3 5 - P Of f ' li 1 f Y B B .J V 1 ' 1 1,5 ' Q 'I 'fy' I Lx I v I , LK 1 X l i f 1 1 I ' Sf . X Y N Mk X K l. -N ,fi K Rx B a Xxx' new ' OL. ! I ,s Y . . iff 1' ,"i4GAE3j - - -S?,:iwfhY 1, if f V.: my-. , W, yy r H, A ST ING TEAM nf. 'rs Front row Harry Critcher Harold Hayes Bobby Reynolds Joe Miller Tony Wrnkler J W Welbom Captam Allan Van Dyke Bill Brown W C Payne Kent Coleman Back row Bill Ross Assistant Coach Everett bowman Mgr Davxd Blackburn Robert Bingham B1l1y Wrlllams Roger Cook James Greene Rufus Edmisten Mgr Davrd Johnson Head Coach TONY WINKLER SENIORS W C PAYNE e X Qs as ,I 653 S 41-e L 00s HOMECOMING SCENES 4? Our Reigning Pau' Go Man G0 9708 4181 A00 X45 .5 s VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Standmg Betty Ruth Hodges Barbara Stone Reba Greene Mary Deane Bmgham JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 2 -1 Left to rtght Mary Deane Blngham Betty Cook Reba Greene Irmmy Lou Culler Mary Whrte Ruth wrlson Ruth Wilson. Kneeling: Frances Rush, Helen Parker. . 5 ' v 1 a . n VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Becky Edmrsten Helen Parker Betty Ruth Hodges Laura Holshouser Mrnie Ausun Chref Susre Hampton Betsy Rogers Semor Cheerleaders HELEN PARKER ' BETTY RUTH HODGES I 1 . :as 'tiff I FRANCES RUSH REBA GREENE BASEBALL TEAM "T" -' INS' Jack Creed B M Miller Robert Blngham Bobby Brendell Fred Gragg Jrmmy Watson Coach Everett Roger Cook Tony Wmkler Bobby Watkrns B111y Lyons B111 Brown I W Welborn Dean Critcher S G Tugman ACTIVITY BUS 11 Mr Lronel Watson Drlver verlcbemen 6 95 'ilk' Compllments of Watauga County S Oldest Insurance Agency Rehable Insurance Protectlon Smce 1915 VVATAU GA INSURANCE AGENCY ED GAULTNEY AND I PAUL. WINKLER BOX 267 Phone AM 4 8291 Boone N C GREEN BUICK INC Jgfawu 1 Mina Bu1ck Cars GMC Trucks When Better Cars Are Bullt MOTOR COMPANY INC Bu1ck W1Il Bu11d Them Dodge and Plymouth Boone N C Boone N C CompI1ments of Compllments of VANCE RECAPPING co COE INSURANCE AGENCY SIZE 6 O0 16 10 OO O Full Caps Compllments of BELICS DEPARTMENT STORE The Home of Better Values Boone North Carollna Meet Your Fr1e-nds at Belk s il ' , . phone AM 4-3778 Sales and Service to . -Z Complirlqents of "The American Home Is WESTERN AUTO Iflifffffliffy ASSOCIATE STORE WATAUGA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION .T C CLINE OWNER Boone N C Boone North Carollna Compllrnents of I-IAN NA S CAUDI Ll. S The Shop for L.ad1es and Men Uffzmif X2 123 E. Klng Street Boone N C Blowlng Rock N C V1s1t Our Fountam or Sandwlches and Refreshments Boone North Carohna HUNT S 077 efmilgnzwf 5526 Clothnug and Shoes for Everyone . .,, o 0 QARWACWARMACQ S' 2 , iff' I l I BOONE BODY SHOP Good Luck Senlors Nrecked Autos Rebu11'c Fenders Repa1red E All Work Guaranteed 24 Hour Wrecker SCIVICG Flowers for All Occaslons Day Phone AM 4 3021 Phgne Nlght Phone AM 4 3378 Day AM 4 3041 N1ght AM 4 3481 Boone N C Boone N C M Comp11ments of FURN IT We Buy and Sell New and Boone s Leadmg C1oth1ers Used Furnlture Phone AM 4 3696 Boone N C Boone No 1-'ch Carollna Cornplunents of C BQQN E FURNITURE co Furnlture and Appllances TIRE AND BARGAIN Admlral Bendlx STORE Leonard IVIaJes1:1c Speed Queen Whlrlpool We Serv1ce Everythmg We Sell Boone N C Boone North Caro11na TH E CQZMM4 52672 Qadnzgifgiafhdi PRODUCE COMPANY, INC Complete Outfltters for Infants to Pre Teens Boone N C Boone N C Phone AM 4 8891 is - ii 1 ... l 1 1 , . - , n . Q ss ' ' ' - if . - . Q , . . . . so - - , ll . I , . . 0 . is - ' as 1 , C l , u o - Courtesy of Zihddffhf list.-181151188 1888 j j f Boone s Oldest Buslness Estabhshrnent Cornpllnfments of T H E Zifgwedfgiw Boone North Carollna Phone Alvfherst 4 882.6 Deposlts Insured by Federal Deposlt Insurance COIpOTat1OH lO OOO OO for Each Deposltor The Only Complete Flnanclal SGTVICC ILI1 Watauga County" 7" IZ' jbn ft!! X . gig!!-' Aj! gf' ff '4 .-1 4 - Kid, ' lf-,L to 5 , - ' PARKWAY CO., INC Hardware Electrlcal and x.raS Apphances Phone AM 4 3054 Boone North Carollna HILLSIDE DAIRY Boone North Carolma Compllments f NEWTON S DEPARTMENT STORE Men Women and Chlldren BOON E DRUG CO PISSCI1pt1OHS Drugs School Supplles Sportlnv Goods Fountaln SGIVICG Phone AM 4 3766 ' o l Everything in Ready-to-Wear for Compliments of fynfgiwdgahhf dgfdfzmfz co M PA N Y N thC AN D raevvs Qfyfyeieizeu CHEVROLET INC THEATER NC MGUNTAIN BUCHANAN S AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY NC DlAM43913 MR dM S L J TATUM NC B TRAI WAY LAUNDRY INC TRAILWAY CLEANERS d B N C AM4 8415 Q 0 Boone, or arolina Compliments of o I . Boone, . . I Compliments of I Boone, . . ia - , an R . . . Owners B00119, - New - Quiet - Private hs Beautyrest Iviattresses L , and , INC C mplete L undry an D 5 Cl Service - Phone - MEAT MARKET at GROCERY Fresh Meats Grocer1es Frults and Vegetables Fresh From tHe Stall to Y All VICTOR RAZOO Blowlng Rock North Carolln K ESTES ELECTRIC AND APPLIANCE SHOP Hotpolnt Dealer Electr1cal Contractor 322 Kmg Street Boone N C VVATALJGA FCX SERVICE Quallty Feed Seed Fertlllzer and Farm Supplles Compllments of MASTER CLEANERS Boone N C Compllments Jifk Fountam Serv1ce and Sandwlches Congratulatlons ' Success 1S Nothlng but a Good Idea Coupled Wlth Hard Work BLUE RIDGE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION BLACK BEAR FOOD CENTER Qual1ty Servlce 901 East Maln Street Boone N C Z7 I ' ' ' " N. . Phone AM 4-3 625 Boone' C ' ' of 0 Cornphrnents of Compllnuents of HW 4 MCGLHRES f BEAUT Y SHOP Your Hlgh School For a I-,ogk Cf Jeweler Perfectlon At the Slgn of Maln Street ln Boone the Clock Phone AM 4 8441 M BARN ETT ,M if ffffjjil M TOR COMPANY Off' mf ve Q41-fc jg!! 1427! 47 Z M43 Pont1af'K,Car S fffk 1414 5955lqE2er ffefff if if fr,-ff lwkoifg' 4 3806 J WIQVTJ faq 4242 bel 2' ft 5 f FARMER S HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO INC Servlng Thls Sectlon for More Than 25 Years Boone North Carollna SOUTHERN AGRICULTURAL BOOSTERS INSEICTICIDEZS C 1 Fl Sh Boone N C P O Box 85 arc yn S Ower op WA TA Hender sonv11le N C P O BOX 1130 R1chard A Morhauser Palmetto F101-lda -Toe Crawford P O Box 32A I 6 n ' ll ' ,I Bl ' l I !I ,wx ,V f 7 1' , 1, A-VI 0 if ,Q . b 'J' ' ,'1 71' If If 'ni' 7 f ',,1 -.fg ' K4 f , ' fe f A 1' ,Y - , ,I ZZ, X71-d5'1:,'75 ,gum at ffricis 4' 4, - '7 . an a ' ' ' ' , if ' , -L f, ' ,VA .. ,- IL, V h 7, . . x I ., . ,, . . . il J 5 , . . . . , . . I , ,wif Compllz ients of mme H Z 7? Cakes P195 Donuts D131 AIVI4 372.4 Boone North Carollna H P' 54224 gpfizidzwnf IFUNBJIQAL DIRECTORS Phone AM 4 8866 Boone North Carollna 62 -J ,ff f JP!! .nr lfjjl ,J U 1 jf, l BJ", , W n h H -7' .L ,f V' I' , x J- j I l I I - rr 6 x f' 1 , if 9.11 x J X iff .Ji 1' ' J 'jj lj fi! I X fy ff! ,fp ,., 5 , w fx fm f" If U J Nw lm, A A.,A, yg My , 1 -1 W ' Compllments of zlzgway 35432 umm? PALMER S PHOTO SHOP Boone S I..ead1ng Photographlc Lenter 12.5 East Maln Street Boone North Carollna ,JIM Jff it !! 0 - ,J as 1 - ' - of XXVX' i 2 Q V' vf, XX xx Q R 1 . NX X 9' V' ' K . I 7 N N X XX U!! . f - N y 7 ' ,J r ' ' 5 t JS t JAP fy t , '. I, , M, w " if ,f 4 t ."! Q!! ,' 7 , 7 jffff fr ff ' APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE has grown to a total yearly enrollment of over 2500 including a nationally known surnrner school This enrollment contalns students from Z4 other states APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE has a faculty of 89 of which Z4 have their doctorates and 63 have their master s degree APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE is accredited by the North Carolina College Conference by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools by the American Medical Asso c1at1on and by the American Assoc1at1on of Colleges for Teacher Education APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE offers both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Arts degree in Edu APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE not only is known regionally and nationally but IS also distinctly Watauga County s own college The flrst contributions came from Watauga people The largest number of alumni of any county in the state come from Watauga County It is the biggest consumer of Watauga County products in the County All Inquiries Should Be Addressed to The Registrar QQQQQZCKZEW STATE TEACH ERS CO LLEGE. Boone North Carolina A749141 n-adcXEARBO InnuHXunnmm1 mum J 7 . . . , . , . . , - cation, Music and Library Science. . . . . . , I 0 I k I f. A 0, ,, A, 4 s f , W f ,W 1 I q f f. 4 Am fi K' ff 1 fc 6 Xi X ,, . 1. .K f Q4 k .P f ff ' M uf I If-xv' ' S, X ,F 1 X f ,V V! ' ' F -kia, ' 1 "2 2" fr, wk-Kia V , H . 41, 1, Q ,rx 5 , , 1 .X -3, ark g 4x.l X. K in .- Vg: W V J rf.. rl ,, I 1 A ,L ,113 mg 3 K 5 X5 5 'nf xx 9 f " LI 1 f" ,. iff-A iq' J I 4, ' A. . G N'-"- W, :-S , ' ' 4 - , Kg, f ,I M' K4 -. 9 I . ,,1, , If 'ZAJ1 ' ,... , 'u.,ifj4 ' . i -1. .5 5 H s ' 5 f 8 n ,Q v V " 1 nm r,, I, . jff'!,f'A I 'X I 5 4 4 .ef :gy W.. ff V ,, 1 v 2 'w f I A A ' A f fd , I 6 www.. K .5 J f Z f 1 ,J 1 kv, , ,f

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