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'J' --rw SE Hai M :kv 4- 4 .M ws. Q ,, A. N rw n 'W .mm k ,ML -- Ji. v-.w J , . ' n 1 VL K V A 1 A4 A , Wa A 7 'Q ,. Q- .. L Q my my ffm. W I .... 41 - - - 1 -, , A - K W I .R ,fl LALQH . . 7 W I f f 'ii::::':: rg,-A -+ b Q km - , Awww, Q,-,away M Tfgmliw . Nw1:ii0-:::::-3- .Nm I z ' 1 ' A"""', . K X, . W - 1, -M'U""' 'V ,ij ' ' . I "'i 4,,, 5 - .. 'Ihr r Q N Q, W gl Q A"' P' f if W - ' 'MQQQM ,am,,ma:1 , ' A A W - W, W. ,,,. Nl Ji my W V142 K, ' - ,wha La--If .,,. ., . K is - K x V, I 2 A N ""' i M .. nfl V , E .. , 1 E 1 W ' i W Lf,, ff f ' - ,M .gmt 'fm in 2 Ag Q. W.. M... ,. ,X ,, , , V -W 2 H - '5 fa f MQ "5 ii' 7 ffl-7341 S, E 5 l ' W , inc, 'f"2?. 3 2 " ws: 51 Q' 33, 33125 g g ' jr!" 1 iljz' A Q 'NL , "'g"'5 'WW fllf' 2'3' f151 5 "" 0, if 'VME Q 1 L ' 4' f A . T '1 Q A-Epi 1 8 HV 'W .1 WM H, -wg- wmv - ,M 1 i l i If Yi Ke 5 ew ack The .Qi ."'2f'.,-rF in 3' eiufff' iii-'i da, 415 3241 i'gii-ya? he My my 'i'-ifilxv' 'hw ' sfiwili-:'?p! XXV' i"" .f-'X -Y A hi1'ff'F1"b x' 'ii K X i"i"'i71 LL!!-ff if h Yiwq im and 'hm .,fVM ji., f5Wr,'-f ew af'--hihh iw- f xii -fa aff, ." iiih 'hg "hh "Uh-Q 'VI' I i "I 'E 'W' v X x Jil? - i ' iii fe x V nh 1 L7 ix if a I yiv i .f.f"r yr" i A 6,341,154 x.,-592' X 9 ,AX ' w Iff vp x-iq 1 ' 1 i 7 sr C, IQ -K X 45 A Published By The Senior Class Appalachian High chool I95I..l952 FOPQWOPCJ We present this, THE 1952 LAUREL, in the sincere hope that it will grow more precious with each passing year. It will have served its purpose if it keeps our many high school memories alive. We have tried to capture in picture and print some of the spirit that makes our Alma Mater so dear to each of us. E ,,,.,,.,...... Dedicolion To Mr. Nolan, whose school spirit, helpful attitude, and loyalty have left an indelible impression upon our minds and hearts, we, the Senior Class of 1952 gratefully dedicate this volume of THE LAUREL ...... A . Thanks, Coach. The Lum I SMH af'-s EDITORS Martha Councill 8: Beckie Shoemake- , . 5. K. ., .- ,i kU..kYk:: ,K ,Qw- ANNUA L SECR ETARY JUNIOR EDITORS Betty JO Miller' Patsy McGuire 8: Jane Rivers www? 'ir ,, 4:32 yy GH :QB fix ' The Lcluvel Sf kg PN Sick 'i EE 2 Oi Tiff? I gi SENIOR EDITOR ACTIVITIES EDITORS Jimmy Holshouser Larry Kerley 8: Faye Critcher 6 A as BUSINESS 8: CIRCULATION MGRS - ADVERTISING EDITORS Landy Brown 6: Evelyn McCracken Guy Hunt, Dick Lavendar, Betty Jane Calloway, and Anna Boyce Winkler -"""-A ART EDITORS SNAP SHOTS Kermit Ashley S1 Peggy Gross Pat Aldridge 8: Sara Miller Larry Kerley S1 A n1B0cJq Dm 1951-1952 IIIIIHHHIHHH ?wf4fff 4lWW fiffff PX Y 7 W 4 DR. J. R. SHAFFER, ASs't. Principal MMM 7vWW0ff2 Zjjqpaw Q W .MW DR. ERBERT WEY, Principal B.S., Indiana State M.S., Indiana State D. Ed., Indiana State -LL!! B.S., Mississippi tate 'i MSN a ll Q . U ersit . E iafla t P X 1 I , i MISS RUBY AKERS B.A.,Jackson,Mississippi Mary Hardin Baylor College Assistantship---English MR. ROY R. BLANTON, JR. B.S.,Forest City,N.C. A.S.T.C. Band MRS. ELSIE H. D. ERNESTON B.S., M.A., Lexington, Virginia Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, A.S.T.C. Music MISS ELIZABETH GUY B.S.,M.A.,Banner Elk, N.C. A.S.T.C. Physical Education . MRS. MARTHA HAWKINSON A.B., B.S.S.A., M.S., Charlotte,N.C. Queens College, A.S.'T.C. Business Education MRS. BETTY SUE LANCASTER A.B.,M.A., Fuquay Springs, N.C. W.C.U.N.C., Universit of N.C. French and Spanish ffgifffwfjf My if MR. JAMES LEEK , B.S.,M.S., Boone, N.C. Indiana State, Indiana University Typing, General Business, Geography .. K 2 MR. HOWARD BARRINGER B.A.,M.A., Maiden, N.C. N. C. State, Lenoir Rhyne, AQS.T.C. M th t' ,JI ' I ' .- a :ima icsw Pile P, 71d"'l' IN" .A 'J -Vi, I " It ' ,nb lff.L'+4b , fl. ,Q 'RA ,' 14" ,DV Ldv!! 5 Ht dy Y 9.0 1" Miss PEGGY BLANTON B.s., Cliffside, N.C. A.S.T.C. Business Education MRS. MARGARET GRAGG B.S., M.A., Boone, N.C. A.S.T.C. English I A' J f',f" 911, .J . MRS. MARY HAMBY ,, 3, if-1, B.s., Boone, N. C. L13-V' ,q Flora Mac-Donald College H-fi' , Home Li 'n ,He lth , . -" vig a iv.-1,4 ' 7 IU.: MR. ROBERT JENKINS B.S., M.S., Gastonia, N.C. A.S.T.C. Reading and History MR. ROBERT W. LANCASTER B.S.,M.A., Castalia, N.C. Mars Hill, Wake Forest, University of N.C., A.S.T.C. Biology and Psychology MR. ROBERT NOLAN B.f3., M. Ed., Boone, N.C. G1 ilford College Springfield College Physical Education MR. EARL PETREY B.S., M.A., Boone, North Carolina Eastern Kentucky State Union College Seventh Grade MR. WILLIAM C. ROSS, JR. B.S., M.S. Morganton, N. C. A.S.T.C. Drarnatics and Speech MR. R. L. TAIT B.S., M.S., Boone, North Carolina Alabama Polytechnic Institute A.S.T.C. Agriculture 4' MISS THEO WELLS B.S., M. Ed., Hollyllill, S.C. Winthrop College, University English . S f fm.-0441, of S .C . 72134 lim MRS. LEROY ROGERS Secretary MRS. ESTH ER BOONE Piano MISS MABEL BRISTER B.A,, Natchez, Mississippi Mississippi Woman' s College Mississippi State Tulane University A.S.T.C. Librarian MR. BUFORD CAUDILL Assistantship--History MRS. KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY B.S., M.S., Section, Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Home Ec. NOT PICTUR ED lf s .I ,. f I ,f If ' ,lffff I .fAff'9i MR. LEROY RCQQERSX 3 B.S., M.A. Jackson, Miss'ssippi Copiah Lincoln Jr. Colle! ef Mis si'sSg'5P1 Sdutjhern " J Louisiana State Universitv American and Current History MR. JOHN SIDES B.S., M.S., Charlotte, N. C. A.S.T.C. Mathematics MR. HILLARD C. TRIPP B.S., M.A., Boone, N. C. Heidelberg College Ohio State University Science and Mathematics MRS. J. C. GREENE Secretary MR. NICHOLAS ERNESTON B.M., M.M., Greenwood , S. C. Cincinnati- University Shenandoah Conservatory' of Music Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Orchestra MR. CARL GREENE A ssistantship--Social Studies MISS DAVIE SAPP Assistantship--English MRS. R. L. TAIT Piano IIIIIIIJIIHHHI Swma n MX Qfbaofixwb Senior qgfficevs l President ...................... JIMMY HOLSHOUSER Vice Pres ...... ...... H ARRY FARTHING Secretary ....... ..... B ETTY JO MILLER Treasurer ...... ..... F RIEDA MORETZ Reporter .............................. NANCY COFFEY Sponsors: Mr. Roy R . Blanton, Mr. William Ross CLYDE AUSTIN "Hedrick" The only way to have a friend is to be one." Student Store l,3, Air Scouts 3,4, Gym Team l,4, F.F.A. 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, 4-H Club l,2,3,4, Pres. ll CONRAD BARLOW He hath no leisure who us- eth it not." 4-H Club l,2, Sec. 2, Bas- ll ketball 1,2,3,4gv1sua1 Aids 3, Gym Club 4. PEGGY BOWMAN HODGES llpabsll "Anideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband'. Sub Deb Club, Girls Glee Club l,3, Music App. Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club 2, Monitor's Club 2, 3,4,Photography Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4, Assembly Club 4. SA LLIE BRENDELL "The free flow of laughter is always welcome." Sub Deb Club Vice Pres. l, Dramatics Club l, Wild Life ClubReporter 2, Music App. Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, Glee Club 3,4, Globe Trot- ters Club 3, Sports Parade 3, Paper Staff 4. PAUL BROOKSHIRE "P.T." "As unceremonious as a train whistle." Gym Club l,4, Assembly Club l,2,3,4, 4-H Club 3,4, Reporter 3,4, Student Store 4, A-Club 2, Monitor 3. LEVVIS BROWN "As meek as a lamb." ORLANDO BROWN "Landie" "Shining smile, golden hair about this lady is a most lovable air." Treas. of Junior Class 3, Band 2,3,4, Drum Majorette 4,Student Council Vice Pres. 4, Girls Glee Club l,2,3,4, Sec. 2,33 Pres. 4, Laurel Staff 3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Chief Junior Marshal 3, Student Faculty Committee 4, Nationa1Honor Society 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 2. PEGGY BROWN llpegll "Silence is Golden" Glee Club 1, Cheerleaders Club 1, Baton Club 2, Tri- Hi-Y 2,Assembly Club 3,4, Journalism 3,4,Sec.3,Photo- graphy 4, 'iff ,Nu aus Q "QF Q. ,as-an ff? Q' 'Kl- . r HILDA M. CASTRO ll Still are the thoughts to d I1 memory ear DOUGLAS CLA wsoN "Peanut" "Wisdom is conqueror of fortune" 4-H Club l,2,3,4 Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 23 F.F.A. 2,3 Pres. 2, Treas. 35 Guns 81 Marksmanship 2 Pres. 2g Debating 3,4 Pres. 4, Social Games 4 Pres. 45 Student NANCY COFFEY Store, 4- llNanII "Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing. QTransfer from Blowing RockjGleeClub2gHomeEc. Club2 Pres. 2g Library As- sisants Club 3g' Journalism Club 4,Sec . : Homeroorn Vice- Pres. 4g Nat'l Honor Society 4g Assembly Club, 4g Bas- ANN COOK "Guber" "From all report, she's a good sport." Music App. lg Book Lovers lg Handicraft 2g Sub-Deb 2, Radio 3g Party Planning 3 Pres. 33 Globetrotters 4g ketball 4, Captain. BOBBY COOKE Photography 4. "Rod" "Live today, tomorrow is not." Glee Club l,2,3,4p Paper Staff lg Band l,2,3,4, Rep. 43 Base- ball l,2,3,4p Men's "A" Club 2, 3,4, Sec. 3g Football 3,45 Bas- MARTHA COUNCILL "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Glee Club l,2,3g Librarian l,2gAccompanist Boys' Glee Club l,2gPianoContest1,2,4g Band Council l,2,3,4 Pres.2, Vice Pres. 45 College Band, l,2,3,4g College Orchestra l,2,3,4g Brass Ensemble 4, Vice Pres., Class Sec. 35 Annual Staff 3,4 Ed. 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Graduation Comm. 4g Dixie- land Combo 4, A ll State Band NAN CULLER 2,3,4. "Fuzzie" A noble type of good heroic womanhood." Handicraft 1,2 Sec. 2, Horne- roomRep.1gHome Ec. Club 1,4 Sec. 8: Treas. 4g F.H.A. 2,3g Hobby Club 3. MARY LOUISE EDMISTEN "Shorty" "Short and sweet." Sub Deb Club lg Library Club, lg Astronomy Club 25 F.H.A. Club 2 Treas. Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Photography Club 3,41 Baton Club 3, Tra- vel Club 3,4. ketball Mgr. l,2. ll HARRY FARTHING ll ll play on." If music be the fruit of love Band l,2,3,4 Vice Pres.33Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,4 Treas. 3,43 Orchestra l,2,3,43 Student Store 2,33 Visual Aids Club 13 State Contest Baritone Solo l,2,3,43 Vice Pres. Senior Class3 National Honor Society 3,43Student Council 43Chorus 33 ROBERT GILLEY "Bob Lemon" "In the nick of time" ALMA GENTRY llToiell "It matters not how long, but how we live." Music App. Club l3 Handicraft Club 13 F.H.A. 2,3 Treas. 33 Hobby Club 33 Home Ec. Club 43 Study Club 4. Photography Club 1,3 Reporter 33 Library Assistants Club 13 AnnualStaff 13 Baseball l,2,3,43 Boys' GleeClub 3,43 A ssembly Club 4, Reporterg Paper Staffg Intramural Checker Champion 23 Intramural Table Tennis Champion 33 Mgr. Football Team 23 Mgr. Basketball Team 23' :fl11l',Z:Lt ,AY .K W 3, JO ANN GREENE IIJOII "May you live all the days of your life." Sec. of Homeroom lj Student Store Club 23 Sophomore Class Reporter: Travel Club 2 Rep.3 adv' C9-M-C, 'Q Pres. of Homeroom 23 Vice Pres.of Homeroom 33Monitors3 GlobetrottersCluD Pres.3,Sec. 8: T-reas. 43 Cafeteria Sec. 2,3, 43 Student Council 4. KATHERINE GREENE llKatIl "Dimples and a Sub Deb Club lj Club 13 Library merry smile" Students Store A ssistants Club 2,3,Pres.23Music Appreciation Club 2, 4, Rep. 2, Pres. 43 Pap- er Staff 33 Ho Pres. RUBY GR EER me Ec. Club 4, PEGGY DOLOR ES GR EER llpegjl "One today is worth two to- morrows" Glee Club 2,33A ssembly Club 1, 2,3,43Dramatics Club 3,4 Rep. "Dimp1es" 42 "All truths are not to be told." Vice Pres. Horn eroom 13 Tra- vel Club 1,2 Sec. 8: Treas.1, Vice Pres. 23 Handicraft Club 1, Sec. gl Treasg Monitor s C lub 1,23 Sec. Homeroom 23 Rep of Homeroom 43 Astronomy Club 2- Girls "A" C lub34Re 3 . 1 P- Pres. 43 Guns and Marksman- ship Club 4- Sec. 81 Treas.3 TOM GR EER "Be calm in arguing for fierce ness makes error a fault and truth discourtesyf' 4-H Club 1,31 Gym Club 1,43 As- sembly Club 1,42 Monitors 1,21 Debating Team l,2,3,43Magicians Club 33 Guns and Marksman- ship Club 3g Q real, 2'-R "l"'A1lA 'Th WORTH GREER "Worthless" "This is quite a boy." Guns and Marksmanship lgMon- itor 2,3gPhotography 2g F.F.A. 4g Wildlife, 43 4-H Club l. PEGGY GROSS "Silence gives grace to a wo- man." Sub DebClub Vice Pres., Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,4gStudentCoun- cilgJournalism Club 2 ,Monitors Club 2,3,4 Pres. 3,4g Student Store Club, 3g Dramatics Club 3: Junior Marshal, Annua1Staff, 4- National Honor Society. BILL HARTLEY "A cheerful disposition is a fund of ready capital." Monitor, Baseball Clubp As- tronomy Club Rep.g A ssembly Clubg VisualAids Rep., Hobby Clubg Student StoregGym Club, Home- room Pres.g Basketball B- Teamg Glee Club. HUGH HARTLEY "Hughie" "Why worry? Life is too short." Assembly Club l,2,3,4 Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4g Dramatics Club l,2,3g Band l,2,3,4g As- sembly Comm.4gDrama Fes.3g Woodwind Ensemble 4gBasket- ball l,2,3gVisualAids 2,3 Sec. 3, Stage Manager 3, 4. FERN HENDERSON "There' s a time for all things. Photography 2,3,4 Rep. 4g Tra- vel Club 2,3,4,Treas. 4, Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Baton Club 33 Dramatics Club 2gDr. Shaffer' s Assistant 4. BILLIE ANN HODGES "Bill" "A good sport is rare." Sub Deb lg Dramatics 1,25 A s- sembly Club 2gBasketball 2,3,4, Photography Club 3,4gTravel Club 3. RUBY HOLLARS llRubell "A ,rolling stone gathers no moss." Basketball2,3,4g Dramatics lg Sub Deblg Music Appreciation 2, Monitor 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 25 Trave1Club 3g Sports Parade 35 Wildlife Club 4,Vice Pres., Guns 8: Marksmanship 4gHome- LARRY KER LEY "Busy as a bee." Horneroom Sec. lg Spanish Club l Vice Pres., Student Council 3,4 Pres. 4, Crafts- man Club 2,Sec.8t Treas.gHome- room Vice Pres. 2: Assembly Club 3,43 Guidance Comm. 3: Annual Staff 3,4 Act. Ed., Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Stu- f'i9l1i' gfnro A- iXH'lA144'n f'1..L. -'1 room Sec. 4. JA MES HOLSHOUSER "Little Peck" "Work while you work, but play often." Senior Class Pres.5 Nation- al Honor Society 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Band l,2,3,4 Band Council 45 Sports Ed. of "High Life" 3,45 Senior Ed. 45 Base- ball 3,45 All-state Band 45 Dixieland Combo 45 Spanish 1 Pres. l5 Sports Parade Club 3, Pres. 35 Student- Faculty Graduation Com. JA MES JOHNSON 2 au A f 1 .Qf 2' , t A 2 Q it Q K , EIN , . krr., ,V,V ,,,, 5 I GENE HONEYCUTT All ,A . 1 Q "Skeet" if 5 He'll never grow old from A t 1 lj 5 1 Worry- 'ff F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Wildlife 3.45 f eete if f tlslt A wccz . A 1 Stamp Collecting l5 Visual Aids 35 Football 35 Wrest- llJimll ling 25 "Wit is the salt of his Con- versationf' Football 1,45 Boys' "A" Club 1,2,3,4 Vice-Pres. 45 Bas- ketball Manager 2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Student Coun- C11 47 JANE KEPLAR "Forsooth she is blond, yet true to her man." SABRA SWINK llDopeyIl "As involved as spaghetti and just as much fun." FAIRY LUNSFORD "Earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected." Dramatics 15 Sub-Deb 15 Homeroom Pres. 1,35 Baton Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Sec. homeroom 25 Photography Club4Treas. 45 Monitor 45 Sports Parade 35 Social Games 4 Vice Pres. 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Music Appreciation 15 Assembly Club 2 Vice Pres. 25 Monitor 2,35 Annual Staff 35 Sports Parade 35 Photography Club 4 Pres. 45 2nd Place In magazine sales5 WADE LEWIS llshepll "The blush is beautiful but sometimes inconvenient" Hobby Club 15 Stamp Col- lectors Club l5Library Club 25 F.F.A. 2,3,45 Monitor 2, 3,45 Photography 3 Sec. 8: Treas.35RadioClub45Bas- ketball 3,45 Baseball 45 Homeroom Rep. 3. EVELYN MCCRACKEN "Nothing great was ever accomplished without en- thusiasrnf' Glee Club l,2,35 Music app. Club l,2, V.P. 25 Band l,2, 3,4, Rep.45 Basketball Mgr. 25 Paper Staff 3,45 Orches- tra 3,45 Brass Ensemble 4 Sec. Treas. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Monitor 45 Library Committee 45 v1 ,. ...xi 'Q X .els ,, . . 2 'if-6 lg! Qunni 3 aw.-we WQ' ., 'Jr BETTY JO MILLER "One enemy is too many." Sub Deb lg Glee Club l,2,3, 4, Class Secretary 4g Stu- dent Store 35 Monitor 3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4g An- nual Staff 4g Journalism 23 Student Council 25 Sports Parade 3. JOSEPHINE IVIILLER "Josie" "Kindness is wisdom." Handicraft lgMusic Appreci- ationl,4g Home Ec. Club 2, Radio Club 3, Party Plan- ning Club 33 Globetrotters Club 4. WADE MILLER Ilstingyll "To be strongis to be happy ." Baseball 1,25 F.F.A. l,2,3,4g Guns 81 Marksmanship l,2, 35 Travel lg Woodworking lg F.F.A . Vice Pre sident,Trea- surer. FRIEDA MORETZ "Style is the dress of thought.' Student Store ClubgMonitors Club 2,33 Homeroom Vice President 2gGuidance Comm. 2, Astronomy Club Sec. 25 Girls' "A" Club 3 Sec.3 Globetrotters Club 3g Trea- surer of Senior Classy An- nual Staff Ass'nt. Act. Ed.g Audio Visual Aids Sec. 4: National Honor Society' Student Store Club. 1 OLIVE MORETZ "My library was dukedom large enough." 4-H Club l,2,3,4 Sec. l, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 33 Library Assistants l,2,3,4Rep.3gHome- room Treas. 25 Business Club 4g NationalHonor Soc- iety 4g Library Comm. 4. RITA NORRIS "Quiet as a church mouse, and much more interesting." Library A ssistants Club l,2,3g Booklovers Club Sec. lgTri- Hi-Y 3g Photography Club 45 Assembly Club 4. MARGARET PHILLIPS "Squeaky" "A s versatile as a safety pin. Dramatics 1,2 Sub-Deb l, Wildlife 23 Music App. 2g Girls' Glee Club 3, 4gPhoto- graphy Sec. 35 Paper Staff 4. HELEN PRESNELL "A merry heart goes a long way." Glee Club, A stronomy Clubg Girl Scoutsg Social Games Clubg MARSHA PR ESNELL HA MRICK llMOtll "Serve all but love only one." Basketball 1,25 Glee Club 25 Baton Club 2,35 Dramatics Club 45 Assembly Club 45 HAROLD RAGAN "Rastus" "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Pres. Homeroom 45 Vice Pres. Homeroom 35 Football 45 Ba se- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,45 Baseball Club l5 Hobby Club l, 25 Radio Club 35 Wildlife Club 35F.F.A. 45 Mens' "A" Club 45 R EBECCA SHOEMA KE " Beckie" "A s quiet and dullas a cyclone." Band l,2,45 Annual Staff 3,4, Editor 45 National Honor So- ciety 3,45 Debating 3,45 Paper Staff 2 5 Student Faculty Public- ations Cornm. 3,45 Dramatics Club 2, Spanish Club 1,25 Mon- itor l,25 Contest Play 45 Band Council 25 WILLIAM TA BB ll BETTY JO SMITH IIJOII "An unspoken word hurts no one." Girl Scouts 15 Reading Club 15 Glee Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 43 "Hitch your wagon to a star." Transfer from Lenior H. S.45 Guns and Marksmanship Club Vice Pres. 45 Craftsman and Designers Club Sec. 8: Treas. 4: COA'KER TRIPLETT ll Cy ll "A jest breaks no bones. Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 25 A-Club 2,3545 Pres. of "A" Club 35 Student Council 35 Jerry" LEE TRIPLETT Rooster" "The only way to have a friend is to be one. ' F.F.A. Club l,2,3,45 Hobby Club 2,35RadioC1ub 3,45 Stud- ent Store Club 1,45 ll GERA LD TROUTMAN "If women interfere with work, quit work." Football l,2,3,4 Co-Captain 4, Optimist Bowl 45 All Highland Conference 45 A.H.S. Play of the year award 45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Student Council l,2,3,45Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,4, Pres. 45 Junior Marsh- al 35 President of Class 1,2535 f fl 5.- sv V 41. . -- , at-A I -4107 W js, 4' x K X X4 5 wit I I I5 . K? il ,AKA TYRE WALSH "Silence is more eloquent than words." Spanish Club lg Language 2,Draftsrnan Club 2gGlobe - trotters 33 Music App,Club 4: A. E. WHITE "Black" It takes more than a fool to hold his tongue." F.F.A. 2,3,4gHobbyClub 2, 33Guns and Marksmanship Club 4gVisualAids 3gStamp Collectors Club lg EVELYN WILLIAMS "Jane" "lf Silence is golden, she has great wealth." Transfer Student 4g Globe- trotters 4g Tri-Hi- Y 4g HELEN WINEBARGER "Good spirits are rare." Reading 1g4-H Club 2g F.H. A. 3,45 Hobby Club 3g Music APP- 4: BILLIE JEAN STORIE "Bill" "I'm here to have fun." Glee Club l,2g Cheerleader Club lg Cheerleader 2g Band l,2,3g Dramatics Club lg Music App. Club 2gBasket- ball 3,4gG1obetrotters Club 3g Wildlife Club Sec. 4g CAROLYN WOOD "Sparky" "All the world's a stage." Journalism Club l,2,3,4: Glee Ciub 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y lg Monitor 3,43 MGSCOR Jane Miller 81 Hal Anderson x7f C w, , , . X, A iEr..'iiiks ,ms-W Junior! Morsiiois Patricia Aldridge, Joanne Brookshire, Jane Rivers-Chiefg J. E. Greene, Kermit Ashley Chiefg Harbin Moretz Supewloiives MISS APPA LACHIAN MR. APPA LACHIAN Fairy Lunsford Coaker' Triplett Ywuwq R1 QP' mah '-uf sf qi WITTEST NEATEST Fern Henderson 81 Jimmy Johnson Sally Brendell gl Clyde Austin Senior MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Coffey at Conrad Barlow MOST ATHLETIC Billie Ann Hodges 8: Jerry Troutman CUTEST GIRL AND BOY MOST POPULAR Peggy Gross 81 Billy Hartley Martha Councill 8: Jimmy Holshouser . 4 L. -3-,mb Q A f-If , sr nk: ,I . f o r 5 ,-,, - '- SX L R Senior Boluq Dicfures, I. Landie Brown J..Eve1yn McCracken 3. Martha Councill 41Beckie Shoemake- .5,Peggy Greer b.Katherine Greene 'I,Harry Farthing -3,Bi11ie Jean Storie ClA1rna Gentry 10Peggy B. Hodges l1.Ruby Hollars ulVlary Edrnisten 1.eBi11ie Ann Hodges f4Joanne Greene n7Nan Culler 16.Robert Gilley 11Coaker Triplett 11Nancy Coffey f1.Bob Cooke ita Norris gJ,Peggy Brown UJane Keplar 4!,O1ive Moretz , 'I IQOII loss We, the Seniors of 1952, being of sound mind, do hereby make this, our last will and testament. Article I.-Since our earthly talents and blessings have been very abundant, we leave to our friends the following possessions, in the sincere hope that they will treasure them as we have. 1, Clyde Austin, do will and bequeath my coal black hair to Mack Wellborn. I, Conrad Barlow, do will and bequeath my becoming blush to Kermit Ashley. I, Peggy Bowman, do will and bequeath my ability to "get my man" to all the old maids at A. H. S. I, Sallie Brendell, do will and bequeath my love for the HIGH LIFE gossip column to Janie Cline. I, Paul Brookshire, do will and bequeath my ability to work trig. problems to jane Rivers who needs it worse than I do. I, Orlando Brown, do will and bequeath my love for Indiana and I. S. C. to Mr. James Leek. I, Peggy Brown, do will and bequeath my interest in the Proffitt Family to Betty Jean Edmisten, I, Lewis Brown, do will and bequeath my reputation as a lady's man to Don Miller. I, Hilda Castro, do will and bequeath my Spanish accent to Mr. Lancaster. I, Douglas Clawson, do will and bequeath my love for agriculture to Harbin Moretz. I, Nancy Coffey, do will and bequeath my studious attitude to jim Brown. I, Anne Cooke, do will and bequeath my ability to play the piano to Keith Van Dyke. I, Martha Councill, do will and bequeath my talented admirers in the cornet section to jean Templeton. I, Nan Culler, do will and bequeath my love for Physics to Charles Winkler. I, Mary Edmisten, do will and bequeath my tiny figure to Ala Hodges. I, Harry Farthing, do will and bequeath all the chewing gum I have given the Senior girls to anyone who can send me 1,000,001 Dentyne Chewing Gum wrappers. I, Ruby Hollars, do will and bequeath my love for the sixth period health class to next year's Seniors. I, Jimmy Holshouser, do will and bequeath my love for Davidson College to Guy CLieutenantJ Hunt, Jr. ' I, Gene Honeycutt, do will and bequeath my love for school to Dick Lavender. I, jimmy johnson, do will and bequeath my V. F. W. Card to Bill Jones. I, Larry Kerley, do will and bequeath my place as President of the Student Body to the next poor fellow. I, Fairy Lunsford, do will and bequeath my organized manner to Catherine Stevens. I, Wade Lewis, do will and bequeath my favorite ping-pong paddle to Keith Phillips. I, Josephine Miller, do will and bequeath my quiet lady-like manners to the girls who need them most. I, Wade Miller, do will and bequeath my athletic physique to Tom Lawrence. I, Frieda Moretz, do will and bequeath my scholastic ability to Jime Graham I, Olive Moretz, do will and bequeath my habit of always having my homework to Della Shull. I, Peggy Gross, do will and bequeath my poise to Clara Teague. I, Bill Hartley, do will and bequeath my love for the Recreation Room to Faye Greene. I, Billie Ann Hodges, do will and bequeath all the knowledge I've gained in Psychology this year to Pat Aldridge. I, Ruby Greer, do will and bequeath my locker to J. E. Greene. I, jane Keplar, do will and bequeath my typing ability to Norma jean Bumgarden. I, Hugh Hartley, do will and bequeath my love for PONTIACS to Bill Talbert. I, Fern Henderson, do will and bequeath my love for "Hot Rod" cars to Mary Wanda Hodges. I, Evelyn McCracken, do will and bequeath my French Horn to Joy Brown. I, Betty Jo Miller, do will and bequeath all the letters I have typed for the Annual Staff to the city dump. I, Rita Norris, do will and bequeath my sunny disposition to all the grouchy underclassmen. I, Margaret Phillips, do will and bequeath my soprano voice to Carlton Lyons. I, Helen Presnell, do will and bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to Vance Northern. I, Marshalee Presnell, do will and bequeath all the excuses I've had for being late to first period to Dr. Shaffer. I, Harold Ragan, do will and bequeath my good behavior in homeroom to the members of Mr. Tripp's homeroom. I, Helen Winebarger, do will and bequeath my soft voice to Mary Gladys Teague. I, Robert Cooke, do will and bequeath my technique with the women to Joe Moretz. I, Alma Gentry, do will and bequeath my long, blonde curls to Carol Gragg. I, Robert Gilley, do will and bequeath my ability to play ping-pong and pitch no hitters to Bernon Procter. I, Joanne Greene, do will and bequeath my love for Cove Creek to Joan Brookshire. I, Katherine Greene, do will and bequeath my guy that Uncle Sam has borrowed to anyone who thinks she can get him. I, Peggy Greer, do will and bequeath my love for loafing in the Pharmacy to Lillie Lyons. I, Tom Greer, do will and bequeath my love of the Democratic Party to Armfield Coffey. I, Worth Greer, do will and bequeath all my experiences to Bobby Ray. I, Rebecca Shoemake, do will and bequeath my love for Myrtle Beach to Peg Klutz. I, Betty Jo Smith, do will and bequeath my best wishes to the passengers and the driver of Bus No. 11. I, Billie Jean Storie, do will and bequeath my laugh to Patsy McGuire. I, William Tabb, do will and bequeath my love for Lenoir High School to Norma Greer. I, Coaker Triplett, do will and bequeath my dramatic ability to Milton Barden. I, Lee Triplett, do will and bequeath my interest in the Student Store back to the Student Council. I, Gerald Troutman, do will and bequeath my baby face to "Butch" Blanton. I, Tyre Walsh, do will and bequeath my intelligence to Helen Hardin. I, A. E. White, do will and bequeath my huge feet to John Jackson. I, Evelyn Williams, do will and bequeath my chewing gum to Joann Wood. Joann, it's under the first desk-second row, in Mr. Rogers' room. I, Carolyn Wood, do will and bequeath my ability to get diamonds to Gerry Brown. Article II. Article III To the Junior Class, we leave our positron as Seniors at A. H. S. -To the Sophomore Class, we leave all our old English books. Article IV.-To the Freshman Class, we leave all our over-due library notices, just Article V Article VI in case they don't accumulate enough of their own. -To Appalachian High School, we leave our thanks for many wonder- ful days. .-To the faculty of Appalachian High School, we leave our deepest gratitude, in the hope it will in some measure pay the debt we owe them for their helpfulness throughout our high school careers. DPOPIWQCQ We all wish every now and then that we could take a look into the future. We could see all the wonderful new inventions in a changing, and completely new world. We could see the new personalities who are molding our world and perhaps the universe. It might even be members of our senior class who are leading figures in the world of tomorrow. Let's take a brief glance, just to satisfy our curiosity! Since our classmates are scattered now, back at Appalachian is the natural place to start. There are quite a few of our classmates on the faculty now. Coaker Triplett and Billie Ann Hodges are the physical education teachers and athletic coaches. fCoaker's basketball teams have won the Journal-Sentinel Tournament for two straight years now.J Betty jo Miller is the school secretary now since "Frankie" has decided to take a long-deserved rest. Frieda Moretz is the instructor of the business courses, and Olive Morerz is in charge of our new library. jane Keplar is the director of the glee clubs and the mixed chorus. C Another set of Lyons boys are still making life miserable for our chorus director.J Hilda Castro has become the Spanish teacher. Nan Culler is the home economics teacher now since Mrs. Doughtery has resigned, and Jo Ann Greene is in charge of the school lunchroom. Lee Triplett is the manager of the student store. flncidentally, they've added a juke box and a sandwich bar.J Next door, Peggy Greer is now running the Drive-In Soda Bar Calthough Peggy never did stay there very much in the old school days, you know.J Douglas Clawson is the new agriculture instructor and the 4-H County Agent. The nation's newspapers are screaming the praises of Larry Kerley, who has been elected President on the Dixiecrat Ticket, and Paul Brookshire, our delegate to the United Planets. These two diplomats kept our world out of the second war of the planets. Worth Greer has replaced Senator Kefauver as head of the crime investigating committee. He has just brought a scandal into the open about TV sets owned by hundreds of friends of our representatives. Tyre Walsh has been acclaimed the greatest physicist of our age. Bill Tabb has just ser a new speed record for a flight from Earth to jupiter in one of Tyre's rockets. Conrad Barlow is now one of the chief civil engineers in the south. Clyde Austin has also become famous in that field. He has helped to design the new southern turnpike that will be constructed soon.' jimmy Holshouser is the sports editor of the New York Timer now. Incidentally, the sports pages are full of headlines about some of our classmates. Bob Gilley is now the star pitcher of the Chicago White Sox. Harold Regan is the ace centerfielder of the Cleveland Indians, while Bobby Cooke is the shortstop for the Detroit Tigers as well as the leading hitter in the major leagues. Gene Honeycutt is the national badminton champion and Wade Lewis is the third-ranking ping-pong player in the country. Jerry Troutman is the football coach at Lenoir Rhyne C he still has his undertaker's parlor on the side.J Ruby Hollars and Billie jean Storie have been voted the most outtsanding players in the National Women's Basketball League. Of course, jimmy johnson has long ago replaced jerry Lewis as the King of Comedy. He has his own inter-planet television show now. Also in the entertainment world is Margaret Phillips, the famous originator of the Phillips Family Singers. Classmates who have made fabulous sums of money in TV include Fern Henderson, Rita Norris, Betty jo Smith, Alma Gentry, and Ann Cooke. Hugh Hartley is now known as the Sax King and is the idol of teen-agers around the world. Wade Miller is the leading star on Hillbilly Hit Parade. Bill Hartley is the manager of the southern branch of the Coca-Cola Company. Also doing well in the business world are Fairy Lunsford, a secretary in the District Belk's Store, and Ruby Greer, a stenographer for the Vice-President of Sears 8: Roebuck. Nancy Coofey is a world-famous author of best selling novels. A. E. White and Lewis Brown are now multimillionaires in the business world. They have several huge factories throughout the country that manufacture tools that have revolutionized farming and made it a lazy man's job. ' Tom Greer is now the doctor in charge of the new hospital and Peggy Gross and Peggy Brown are nurses in this scientific wonder. It has all the newest equipment and a cure for almost every known disease. Peggy Bowman and Marsha Lee Presnell have both been happily married for years now. Landy Brown is the wife of the Mayor of Terre Haute, Indiana, and Carolyn Wood is the wife of the commanding general of our forces in Germany. Other class- mates who have taken that long walk down the aisle are Sally Brendall, Mary Edmisten, Katherine Greene, Josephine Miller, Helen Presnell, and Helen Winebarger. Harry Farthing is president of the largest-selling chewing gum company in the nation. CEven if Harry didn't care much about the stuff in his high school days.D Leading stockholders in his company are Martha Council, a concert pianist, and Becky Shoemake, who has been very successful as a debating coach at North Carolina University. Evelyn McCracken is a concert soloist. She plays the French Horn in public performances in addition to her work as President of the North Carolina Music Association. IIIIHIIHHHH Qmaww J unior Class Gfficers ARMFIELD COFFEY President ..... ..... Vice Pres ..... .............. B OBBY RAY Secretary ..... ...... M ARTHA COLVARD Treasurer .... .......... B ETH EGGERS Reporter. . SARAH MILLER PAT ALDRIDGE KERMIT ASHLEY COLLIS AUSTIN YVONNE BODENHEIMER JOA N BR OOKSHIR E JIM BROWN JOY BROWN CLARA CARLTONKZ' C CONNIE CASEY MARY CLAWSON Z' . C QM!! X . n4V:afg P v . 2.1 A Af ia!! 7 Q f i ' A If 9 if lm . I Aa, in Q vs in N, gi Uwvowoooo- 1 LMA! iffy! ARMFIELD COFFEY sf JIMMY CLINE 1"' MARTHA COLVARD JEANETTE COOKE LUCILLE COX fffs i -'Vs Nix "tr ai 1? .wg luis it-Q X - A 155 f 1 n ix txf 'w J Q X 'QPF may "hh F' 0-, X'x.,,.f A h y A ' Z. V h LL LRRRY il A 2 3 lf 4 ga W -3 4. ,ff f ,,,5 .ff ,fd NINA MAE CULLER ROBERT DOTSON BETTY JEAN EDMISTEN MARY LEE EDMISTEN BETH EGGERS JIME GRAHAM ALBERT GREENE FAYE GREENE MELVIN GREENE J. E. GREENE MARY NELL GREER NORMA JEAN GREER HELEN HARDIN EVELYN HAYES MARY LEE HAYES ALA HODGES GUY HUNT JIMMY IDOL BILL JONES GERALDINE JONES MILDR ED JONES ED KERLEY PEGGY KLUTZ MARY JON LANNING DICK LAVENDER DONA LD LYONS PA TSY MCGUIR E DON MILLER EUGENE MILLER PAULINE MILLER l Q? ,Mba --Q, 1' 'JU'- f1 lk F r I Q-nr YW' XM y Nun' 'WIA gl , 5-5 rw. SARA MILLER HARBIN MOR ETZ SYLVIA MOR ETZ NANCY JANE NORRIS BETTY SUE NORRIS CLARA PARLIER JAMES PHILLIPS BOBBY RAY JANE RIVERS SHIRLEY SHERRILL CORINNA SHULL DELLA SHULL BILL TA LBERT ANNA MAE TAYLOR CHARLES TAYLOR CLARA TEAGUE JEAN TEMPLETON PEGGY JOYCE TEAGUE TED TOWNSEND JAMES VANNOY MARGARET WATSON NINA RUTH WATSON MACK WELLBORN JOANNE WELLBORN JO ANN WILCOX BARBARA WINEBARGER JOAN WINEBARGER CHARLES WINKLER NANCY WINKLER ARVIL GREENE NOT PIC TUR ED PHYLLIS JOHNSON J. B. PAYNE JOHN NORRIS GENEVA NORRIS JEAN ASHLEY JAMES MCKINNEY 627 I rf,- -Q 'T' .W 115 QW . '-'E is A A ,-f ' if . Kg Pg, ff, :Q lr I Wx, X, 5 Nm' V' Y i. r- -x, . 1:-ir 4 1 if fd 'csv JUNICDIQ SENIQIQ -1951 Miifilifffi Q fi HHIHIIIIHIHIIIGHHH!!! Sapdanwaee we 'W Sophomore Class Ggicevs President .......... ................ G ENE REED Vice President ..... ............... K IM MILLER Secretary ........ .... M ARY FRANK GRAGG Treasurer ..... .............. R EX BARNES Reporter ..... ....... F RANCES JONES BILL AUSTIN CLAUDE AUSTIN MILTON BARDEN VIRGINIA BAR LOW BOBBY BARNES REX BARNES BETTY BENTLEY JIMMY BRENDALL JOHN EDGAR BROWN GERALDINE BROWN no Y mf fi , .4-1 1094 It '55 Xil inx. 5749 , -if 5 VT? ,.Q.. IGS i Y W? V537 WW M AVW H W ,ff If fi5,,'Lf'i2u51'I 'fa Nu V-s JOHNSIE BROWN MARY JO BROWN NORMA JEAN BUMGARNER SHIRLEY BRYNE BETTY SUE CARROLL FRANK COFFEY JOYCE CORNETT FAYE CRITCHER C. M. JOAN CRITCHER CRITCHER M " N JJ My EDWARD CULLER BETTY ANN EDMISTEN JIMMY F LICK MARY FRANK GRAG HARRIS GR EENE PAULINE GREENE EDITH GREENE ELLEN GREENE J. B. GREENE CAROLYN GREENE gi? i ,NE. I , I YA HOWARD HAYES C. J. HAYES MACK HODGES PAUL HOLTZCLAW KENNETH JACKSON JOHN JACKSON JOYCE JOHNSON FRANCES JONES JEAN LEWIS JOE MAST 11 -auf is rig 11 1 BETTY LOU MILLER PEGGY JOAN MILLER KIM MILLER GLADYS MILLER ROY MILLER M CLARA JEAN MORETZ WANDA MORETZ ALTON MOR ETZ SHIRLEY ANNE NORRIS BETTY JANE NORRIS ff, F fffuf'--' rv I rl , , . . ..., gn' NIA, 'fv.s'LH ffx, MARGARET STORIE RACHEL TEAGUE TRACY WATSON BILLY WELLBORN JACK WELLBORN ROY WELSH ANNA BOYCE WINKLER DICKIE WINKLER NANCY DEE WINKLER NOT PICTUR ED: WENDELL NORRIS ANNA LEE HAYES JACK MCKINNEY CY? I 3 K X, 5 , CRS SZCC. 5 3,I EMMA NORRIS DALLAS NORRIS VANCE NORTHERN KATHERINE PAYNE NORMA PHILLIPS HUSTON PR ESNELL NANCY QUA LLS JOHNNY RAY GENE REED BILLY RUSH ik. J- J 9 Q I as iw 'HQ JIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIHH aww H MIP, FOP I:PQSI'llTlQI'l If you can ignore your messy locker When all about you is neatness, If you can razz the underclassmen Sufficiently, If just before a test your knowledge Leaves with amazing fleetness, If you have learned to avoid library fines Efficiently, If you can beat, by seconds, the tardy bell After catching that last forty winks, If you have read such cultured literature As "He Ain't Done Right by Nell", If each semester the honor roll shrinks, If you can loaf through your hardest Class, If your homework you never seem to find, Then you're a Senior with all their brass. And what is more my child .... probation is not far behind. fxlinih Grade BOBBY BEACH ALTON BLUE CHARLES BOLICK BILL BROWN LAURA BROWN MARTHA JEAN BROWN WILLIAM BROWN BETTY JANE CALLOWAY GEORGIA CARLTON WILMA CARROLL JANIE CLINE DOROTHY COFFEY HOWARD COFFEY MAXINE COFFEY BETTY COOKE JASON COOKE MARY ETHEL COOKE SHIRLEY COOK DEAN CRITCHER SHELBY JEAN DOTSON RUTH ELLER PATSY BENTLEY LENA GREENE BETTY SUE GR EER 5a 'ii A . -R :fy J ' A r V A W VV: f O " Q I - f 3 Y 'W j f J ,M , A Q 1 I ' I ' f 1? , . I - , 1 Af I fl 'qu'-NP' J! J ,P X , Q tx U 1 I w . nu 1 X , Mgr?-.1 jf. ..---1-". -11.1- xutulu imillfl!! 4? PM J-sly' Q x 5, x Ns mv-Q.. A-ff if Q 'U' I I I 1 :X ,, A ' f X J ' 'Qi I Ninili GPGAQ JIMMY GREER SYLVESTER HAMBY RUBY LEE HARTLEY PEGGY HAMPTON RICHARD HARTLEY BETTY LOU HODGES BETTY RUTH HODGES KYLE HODGES MARK HODGES NANCY HODGES GENE HOLEMAN JACK HOLLARS RAY HOLLARS ROBERT HUGHES CLIFF KEPLAR JUNIOR KERHOULIS L,u.awLd 'L'-""4'5""" iewefggm, MILDRED LEWIS BILLY LYONS CARLTON LYONS ROGER MCGUIRE BILLY MCNEIL RANDY MADDUX GEORGE MAINE AUSTIN MORET2. Ninilw GPOJQ IRMA LEE MORETZ PAYGE MILLER PEGGY MILLER ALBERT NORRIS EARL NORRIS SHIRLEY ANN NORRIS HELEN PARKER JIMMY PARKS W. C. PAYNE ELLIS PHILLIPS THELMA PHILLIPS IVA LEE POTTER DEAN RAYFIELD GENE RAYFIELD SHIRLEY ROGERS FRANCES RUSH f 1 L-X X MQ . A ., V177 ' J 7 CD yr-V ' .fly I 'V k X 1 PEGGY SHERRILL SHIRLEY STANBERRY' CATHERINE STEVENS JAMES TAIT EMMA JO TEAGUE MARY GLADYS TEAGUE ETHEL TOWNSEND c ff' , ghxfz 'Uk . v P l " wg I I W S 11. ' 1 N If S Y 4 2 i ' .3 as ' DOCKIE TRIPLETT A is K 'si if - 3 an " I .N A - vi' . h . x Liz I , ..-k L' ,Q . A . ' Af . , , -Q g 3?2lfH?f1f3Q?f . .., , H 4 ll! 3 ff4LW'i'T'f"f7'5"1 , Q IVJC. ,i,0Lf- -4 I 'iq' JIQEQ H1 ,-. Od' ii Ninfh GPGJQ MACK TRIPLETT SHIRLEY TRIPLETT S. G. TUGMAN ALLAN VAN DYKE TOMMY VANNOY GLENN WELLBORN ODIS WELLBORN KENNETH WILCOX MARGARET WINKLER TONY VVINKLER JOAN WOOD EULA MAE WOODRING ROGER WINEBARGER EVA HENDERSON KEITH VAN DYKE BILLY RICHARDSON NOT PICTUR ED STEWART RHYMER ERNEST PHILLIPS CAROL GRAGG JOYCE ANN COWLES J. M. CULLERS SHIRLEY ANN JONES EDITH MILLER MA R Y KA THERINE HOLLA R S WAYNE WATSON JOE NORRIS Eiqllili Gl'7IRlf.'l9 ANNIE ASHLEY MINNIE AUSTIN BOYD BARLOW MARY DEANE BINGHAM BETTY BRENDELL BOBBY BRENDELL EARL BROOKSHIRE LUTHER BROWN JAMES BURRIS ARCHIE CARROLL REBA CARROLL DOROTHY CARROLL SHIRLEY CARROLL EMILIE COFFEY BILLY COLLINS HELEN COLVARD ANN COTTR ELL DEWITT COX LLOYD COX MARGARET CRITCHER HARRY CRITCHER ELLEN CULLER JIMMIE LOU CULLER GRACE DAY GLENNA MAE DOTSON BETTY JOE DYER A. C. FARTHING FRED GENTRY FRED GRAGG REBA GREENE MOZELLA GREENE LUELLA GREENE KATE GREENE OWEN GR EER KENT GR EER K 4 ,4. A x ,ff 'A' A ' ,4-M94 ' " 3 ' '5--Bef xr -N r I I-an X ' I ' f 1 Nx X' , . ,X I fx ,I A 'MEX 1 xj?XtJK.7:N N S' me JMS Tewffwil A Ol- -Ge wg Q . , "f S f - . . . . -I-lu, 5 I. u 2 OH Q 3 4 a- 4, Us-5. 4 iv 'y'S 5' mE!,f,5 'HQ R 'l 1 QA' .. 3g,g,,.. ff 1 , :V . Lg I I vii .Li W Av" warm 1 N, I . J' if if I N5 ,,v -20 I, ,V I ' D 5, I -K TT' I -I 'rqiin' I 'fn "I A 2 "H, 'P 1- .. " . I I Q -PV f' s ,f ,- . 1 . . -f ",,L ,..,, 1 V, 1351- giql' " ' .xl fx-npiglazk .rf V - ' .iff 'Iv J I 2 -U IL gn snqqqi Q r W , J' I H., , 2 an w We sz I If 4 I 8.4 " . I L'E I , A' Q . I fy A ::?A' , fi If I Eiqllnw Grade FRIEDA GREER JEANETTE GREER STANLEY HA MBY J. R. HAMPTON PATSY HAMPTON EDWARDHARMON CHRISTINE HARTLEY DAVID HAYES HAROLD HAYES KENNETH HAYES SCOTTIE SUE HODGES MARY WANDA HODGES HELEN HOLLARS LAURA HOLSHOUSER DICKIE HUNT BILLY IDOL FAYE JOHNSON JOE JOHNSON LARRY KLUTZ THOMAS LAWRENCE PHIL MCGUIRE BRENDA MAST BETTY MILLER GLENN MILLER CHARLES MILLER CHARLES MICHAEL JOE MORETZ JANE MORETZ RAY PAR LIER ALICE PARLIER JEANETTE PAYNE CLAUDINE PAYNE VILAS PAYNE JOHN PAYNE Eiqlwflw Grade KEITH PHILLIPS BERNON PROCTOR FR EDDY REECE ROBERT ROSENBA LM JAMES SHERRILL BARBARA STORIE JIMMY STEELMAN LINDA TAYLOR PHILLIP TEMPLETON HERBERT TOWNSEND GENE TRIPLETT KATHERINE WELCH J. W. WELLBORN PEGGY WELLBORN MARGARET WEST BUDDIE WEY REBECCA WELLBORN RUTH WILSON BARBARA WINKLER EARLINE WOODRING PATSY WATSON JIMMY WATSON REBECCA BARNES JUDY DANNER AARON CARROLL Not Qlctured JOE GR EER ANDY MAST WAYNE TRIPLETT MARY WHEELER BILLY GR EER EMOGENE BERRY B. M. MILLER ESSIE LEWIS LESSIE LEWIS BESSIE LEWIS VER LIE SUE WATSON BLVIA HODGES IM, 1-,K Q-.3 P "' is 1 G7 13- W A V I ,ltr as i YV v I N I y 5' if A, I1.f47f4i4.I .. . . ' ' if ' .J J I f? Ze-uw ' ' JN' -'z?i'fY',f ijffi, . A x f : , f , N I I ' Ish L I ' . Q ' F A ff I X X Lx I , fan. -'-tix.-11" -A Q L A w 1 I I Sevenfiw GPGCIQ ROBERTA BARNES CHARLES BUMGARDNER BRUCE COOK LORENE COFFEY TED CORNETT LARRY CRITCHER PEGGY DOTSON A. F. EDMISTEN REBECCA EDMISTEN BILLY GRAGG BUDDY GREER PEGGY GREER LOWELL HAGAMAN FRANKIE HAMILTON JO ANN HARDIN LOWELL HENDERSON JOHNNY HODGES MARY HODGES NANCY HOPKINS CLARA LEA LEWIS MARY LOU MAST BILLY MATHESON BONNIE JEAN PAYNE H. T. ROGERS PEGGY ROGERS JODY SHACKFORD BOBBY SHERRILL GORDON SHORE MARVIN STORIE HAZEL TOWNSEND JOYCE TUCKWILLER WAYNE VANNOY BOBBY WA TKINS LOYDE WATSON BILLY WILLIAMS CLAUDE YATES ' ' V Q' N.. y , f . ' I X' ICIJ P . . , M.-. ff I www- J, lIllHlHllllllIIlHHll 74 5. .V Cvliicevs President ......................... JERRY TROUTMAN Vice President ..... ..... J IMMY HOLSHOUSER Secretary .......... ........... L ANDY BROWN Treasurer ....... .... M ARTHA COUNCILL Reporter .................. ...... B ECKY SHOEMAKE Sentinel .......................... DOUGLAS CLA WSON Program Chairman ........ EVELYN MCCRACKEN x NOllOI1Cll I-ionorl Socielq Clyde Austin, Landy Brown, Douglas Clawson, Nancy Coffey, Martha Councill Harry Farthing, Peggy Gross, Jimmy Holshouser, Larry Kerley, Olive Moretz Freida Moretz, Beckie Shoemake, Jerry Troutman, SPONSOR: John Sides Not Pictured RTM MILLER KEITH VAN DYKE PHIL MCGUIRE LANDIE BROWN JERRY TROUTMAN HARRY FARTHING BETTY JO MILLER JOANNE GREENE HAROLD RAGAN PATSY MCGUIRE JEAN TEMPLETON DICK LA VENDAR KER MIT ASHLEY GUY HUNT MARY FRANK GRAGG I 'X 'IxDMg'e550r2 ' I L.. Bei-1' Sf JERRY BROWN CATHERINE PAYNE BILLY LYONS BILL BROWN RANDOLF MADDUX OWEN GR EER ANNIE ASHLEY RUTH WILSON BOBBY WATKINS President ............ ........ J ERRY TROUTMAN Vice President ..... ...... J IMMY HOLSHOUSER Secretary 8: Rep ..... .......... J IMMY JOHNSON Treasurer ........... .... H ARRY FARTHING Girls, Glee Gilicers FH Girls, Glee Frances Rush, Bonnie Jean Hampton, Freida Greer, Jane Keplar, Landy Brown, Ala Hodges, Anna Boyce Winkler, Mary Jon Lanning, Betty Jane Calloway, Helen Parker, Beth Eggers,Min- nie Austin, Lillie Lyons, Frances Jones, Jo Ann Wilcox, Betty Sue Norris, Mary Lee Edmisteu, Margaret Phillips, Sally Brendell, Carmen Guy, Connie Casey, Peggy Miller, Janie Cline, Yvonne Bodenheimer, Brenda Mast, Ruth Wilson, Joan Brookshire, Sarah Miller, Joyce Cowles, Jimmie Lou Culler, Ann Cottrell, Shirley Norris, Buddie Wey, Barbara Winkler, Betty Ann Hagaman, Laura Holshouser, Mary Gladys Teague, Jirne Graham, Mary Frank Gragg,Peggy Klutz, Joy Brown, Helen Hardin, Nancy Dee Winkler, Peggy Gross, Carolyn Wood, Betty Jo Smith, Betty Jo Miller, Shirley Sherrill, Martha Jean Brown, Peggy Teague. , N X so., out clung Keith Phillips, Charles Michael,Glenn Miller, Frank Coffey, Jimmy Brendell, Bill Brown, Bobby Barnes, Jimmy Cline, Earl Brookshire, Bobby Cooke, Armfield Coffey, Joe Mast, Jim Johnson, Carlton Lyons, Harry Farthing, Jason Cook, Donald Lyons, Cliff Keplar, Buddy McGuire, Jerry Troutman, Guy Hunt, Dick Lavendar, Jimmy Idol, Bob Ray, Mack Wellborn, Jimmy Holshouser SPONSOR: Mrs. Nicholas Earneston. Boqs, Glee Gllicers President ............................. LANDIE BROW Vice Pres. St Lib ..... .............. J IME GRAHA Secretary gl Rep ............ MARY FRANK GRAC Treasurer ................. ANNA BOYCE WINKLE Girls, 4-H Nancy Jane Norris-President, Helen Hardin-Vice President, Clara Carlton-Sec- retary 8: Treasurer, Ala Hodges-Reporter, Mildred Jones, Shirley Ann Sherrill, EthelTownsend, Lucille Cox, Alice Parlier, Emma Moretz, Olive Moretz, Connie Casey, Shirley Rogers, Betty Joe Dyer, Emma Jo Teague, Bessie Lewis, Betty Hod ge 5 2 fletsgii as + , .:,tzQ. W H Q Sp I-Qoclio Emma Norris-President, Scottie Hodges-Vice President, Shirley Ann Norris- Secretary 8:Treasurer, Betty Jean Norris-Reporter, Rebecca Barnes, Earl Brook- shire, Archie Carroll, Billy Collins, Ellen Culler, J. M. Culler, Jimmie Lou Cul- ler, J. R. Hampton, Harold Hayes, Scottie Hodges, Jean Lewis, Wade Lewis, Wanda Moretz, Betty Jean Norris, Emma Norris, Shirley Ann Norris, Norma Phillips, Jimmy Steelman, Lee Triplett, SPONSOR: Mrs. Fred Gragg ttftf 'ff QW ,i M? Vt, ,W NVQWFWQXX we H X 7ASSQITlLIlLj Clllli Hugh Hartley-President, Pat Aldridge-Vice President, Nancy Coffey-Secretary 81 Treasurer, Bob Gilley-Reporter, Peggy Bowman, Jerry Brown, Paul Brookshire, Peggy Brown, Norma Greer, Juella Hampton, Jackie Hampton, Nancy Hodges, Betty Ruth Hodges, Mildred Jones, Lar- ry Kerley, Dick Lavendar, Rita Norris, Geneva Norris, Nancy Jane Norris, Catherine Stevens Tm-H a-V Mary Nell Greer- President Helen Hollars- Vice President Peggy Miller- Secretary 81 Treas. Rebecca Barnes Imogene Berry Jerry Brown Laura Brown Martha Jean Brown Georgia Lou Carlton Ruby Carroll Mary Clawson Dorothy Coffey Betty Cook Jimmie Lou Culler Nina Culler Ruth Eller Jeanette Greer Patsy Hampton Faye Johnson Betty Miller Sylvia Moretz Clara Parlier Helen Presnell Betty Jo Smith Shirley Stansberry Linda Lou Taylor Mary Wheeler Evelyn Williams Carolyn Wood SPONSOR-Mrs. Mar- garet Gragg OITIQ COHOITIICS Katherine Greene President Barbara Ann Winebarger-Vice President NanCu11er Secretaryh Treasurer JoAnn Critcher, Nan Culler Alma Gentry Katherine Greene Emma Mae Greer, Pauline Miller, Kather me Payne JoAnn Winebarger Barbara Ann Winebarger, Helen Wme barger Caro1Gragg Ruby Hartley SPONSOR: Mrs. Edwin Dougherty Guns ond Morksrnonship Bill Brown-President, J. E. Greene-Vice President, Ruby Greer-Secretary 81 Treasurer, Melvin Greene-R eporter, Bill Austin, Collis Austin, Tom Lawrence, Charles Michael,B. M. Miller, Joe Moretz, Earl Norris, Bernon Proctor, Ste- wart Rhymer, Dockie Triplett, Allan VanDyke, Tommy Vannoy, Roy Welch, A. E. White, Dick Winkler, SPONSOR: Mr. Jenkins Guns and Morkslndnship Charles Winkler-President, Bill Tabb-Vice President, Ruby Hartley-Secretary, Della Shull-Reporter, Rex Barnes, Charles Bolick, Norma Burngarner, James Burris, Billie Collins, John Edward Culler, Myrtle Dotson, Robert Dotson, Betty Ann Edmisten, A . C. Farthing, CarolGragg, Pauline Greene, Stanley Ham- by, Mack Hodges, Ruby Hollars, Paul Holtzclaw, Kenneth Jackson, Geraldine Jones, J. B. Payne, John Payne, Silas Payne, Ernest Phillips, Robert Rosen- balm, Billie Jean Storie, S. G. Tugman, Jo Ann Wilcox, Pearl Woodring, SPONSOR: Mr. James Leek Douglas Clawson-President my ,,' gg Nina Mae Culler-Vice President A Mary Catherine Clawson-Sec. Christine Hartley-Reporter Charles Bolick Georgia Lee Carlton Joyce Cornette Aaron Carroll Wilma Carroll Helen Colvard Margaret Critcher Judy Danner Myrtle Dotson Lena Greene Mary Nell Greer Peggy Hampton Eva Henderson Joyce Johnson Geraldine Jones Gladys Miller Claudeen Payne Jeanette Payne Shirley Rogers Peggy Joyce Sherrill Margaret Winkler Grace Day N'-5--:..,N if 'J Vilas Payne Social Gomes Emilie Coffey SPONSOR: Mr. Howard S.Bar- ringer Wrnodwcarfkilici Mack Hodges- President Don Miller- Vice President Kyle Hodges- Secretary 81 Treas. C. M. Critcher Howard Greene Kyle Hodges Mack Hodges Carlton Lyons Don Miller SPONSOR-Mr. R. L Tait 9 CJLILT Business Sludenlt Wim Johnny Ray- President Olive Moretz- Vice President Clara Carlton- Secretary Jeanette Cooke- Treasurer Jack Wellborn Reporter Clara Carlton Jeanette Cooke Olive Moretz Johnny Ray Nina Ruth Watson Billy Wellborn Jack Wellborn SPONSORS-Mrs.Mar- tha Hawkinsonk Miss Peggy Blanton our i,,,...., X VH? Yi Hiqll Life News Ed ............. PATSY MCGUIRE Managing Ed ............ JANE RIVERS Sports Ed ...... JIMMY HOLSHOUSER EX. Ed ........ MARY LEE EDMISTEN Mimeoscopist....JO ANN CRITCHER Mimeographer ...... CLARA TEAGUE Proofreader .......... NORMA GREER I H' x ,, Reporters ............. -J 69' -ff' PAT ALDRIDGE NANCY COFFEY CATHERINE STEVENS EVELYN HAYES EVELYN MCCRACKEN Spon .... MRS. MARTHA HAWKINSON Jourbnolism Nancy Coffey-Secretary 8: Treasurer, Pat Aldridge, Sally Brendell, Joan Brook- shire, Hilda Castro, Jeanette Cooke, Jo Ann Critcher, Janie Cline, Glenna Mae Dobson, Mary Lee Edmisten, Norma Jean Greer, Juella Hampton, Evelyn Hayes, Lillie Lyons, Patsy McGuire, Peggy Joanne Miller, Jane Rivers, Catherine Stevens, MargaretStorie, Clara Teague, Nancy Dee Winkler, Margaret Winkler, Joan Wood, Margaret Phillips, Jimmy Holshouser, Shirley Carroll, Mary Dean Bingham, SPONSOR: Mrs. Martha Hawkinson Dronciofics uh Jime Graham-President, Mary Frank Gragg-Vice President, Fran- ces Jones-Secretary, Peggy Klutz-Treasurer, Peggy Greer-Report- er, Minnie Austin, Betty Brendell, Joy Brown, Yvonne Bodenheim- er, Helen Colvard, Ann Cottrell, J. M. Cullers, Judy Danner, Mary Frank Gragg, Jime Graham, Frieda Greer, Peggy Greer, Betty Ann Hagaman, Bonnie Jean Hampton, Betty R. Hodges, Laura Holshous- er, Phillis Johnson, Bill Jones, Frances Jones, Peggy Klutz, Mary Jon Lanning, Torn Lancaster, Betty Sue Norris, Shirley Ann Norris, Katherine Payne, Norma J. Phillips, Marsha Presnell, Frances Rush, Della Shull, Ruth Wilson, SPONSOR: Mr. Bill Ross Mdqiciuris Kermit Ashley-President, Jimmy Brendell-Vice President, Faye Greene-Secretarylk Treasurer, Phillip Templeton-Reporter, Ker- mit Ashley, Jimmy Brendell, Owen Greer, Faye Greene, Howard Hayes,FayeJohnson, Wade Lewis, Glenn Miller, John Norris, Keith Phillips, Ernest Phillips, Houston Presnell, Phillip Templeton, Ted Townsend, Keith Van Dyke, J. W. Wellborn, Margaret Watson, A. E. White ZLJ. Music Appvecioiion Katherine Greene-President, Tyre Walsh-Vice President, Clara E N 's-Re orter, Jean Moretz-Secretary 81 Treasurer, mma orri p Ashley, Mary Jo Brown, Virginia Barlow, Martha Colvard, Joyce Johnson, Jean Lewis, Josephine Miller, Pauline Miller, Betty Lou Miller,Gladys Miller, Wanda Moretz, Geneva Norris, Emma Nor- ris, Rachel Teague, HelenWinebarger Joanne Winebarger, Barbara Winebarger, SPONSOR: Mrs. Robert Lancaster Dimies oi 'line Booissiweives Carolyn Greene -President, Norma Jean Bently-Vice President, Shirley Cook-Secretary gl Treasurer, Pauline Greene-Reporter, Norma Jean Bently, Bobby Brendell, Tony Blue, William Brown, Boyd Barlow, Maxine Coffey, Mary Ethel Cook,Nora Faye Carroll, A. C.Farthing, Betty Hodges, Kenneth Hayes, Peggy Miller, Shir ley Stanberry,Peggy Wellborn, Rebecca Wellborn, Katherine Welch Edith Watson, SPONSOR: Mrs. Robert Lancaster Shirley Cook, Pauline Greene, Betty Sue Greer, Carolyn Greene, i WOOAWUIJ EIISQITIIDIQ Hugh Hartley-President, Jimmy Holshouser-Vice President, Sara Miller-Sec- retary 81 Treasurer, Brenda Ma st-Reporter, Becky Shoemake-Librarian, Joyce Cowles, Peggy Teague, Buddie Wey, Barbara Storie, Barbara Winkler, Milton Barden, SPONSOR: Mr. Roy Blanton EPOSS EIWSQTTIIDIQ Harry Farthing-President, Martha Councill-Vice President, Evelyn McCrack- en-Secretary 8: Treasurer, Richard Hunt-Reporter, Jean Templeton-Librarian, Billy Richardson, James Tait, SPONSOR: Mr. Roy Blanton Qeodinq I-or Fun Mary K. Hollars-President, Jeanette Payne-Vice President, Chris- tine Hartley-Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Moretz-Reporter, Annie Ashley, Patsy Bentley, Luther Brown,Dorthey Carroll, Wilma Carroll, Margaret Critcher, Emilie Coffey, Shirley Jean Cooke, Mary Ethel Cooke, Maxine Coffey, Dorothy Coffey, Georgia Lee Carlton, Grace Day, Shelby Jean Dotson, Billy Greer, Luella Greene, Reba Greene, Kate Greene, Shelby Greer, Lena Greene, Scottie Hodges, J. R. Hampton, Betty Hodges, Shirley Ann Jones, Joe John - son, Peggy Miller, Ray Parlier, Ava Lee Potter, Stewart Rhyrner, Dockie Triplett, Rebecca Wellborn, Catherine Welch, Peggy Well- born, SPONSOR- Mr Robert J'r"i"'f 4. . .. . . -ww-gnu-W DllOiOqFGpIlq Jane Keplar-President, Joanne Wellborn-Vice President, Peggy Bowman-Secretary, Fairy Lunsford-Treasurer, Fern Henderson- Reporter, Peggy Bowman, Alton Blue, Peggy Brown, Ann Cooke, Betty Jean Edmisten, Mary Edmisten, Ernest Hartley, Fern Hen- derson, Eva Henderson, Mary Wanda Hodges, Richard Hunt, Jane Keplar, Larry Klutz, Fairy Lunsford, Helen Parker, Claudeen Payne, Thelma Phillips, Houston Presnell, Johnny Ray,Freddie Reese, Billy Rush, Peggy Sherrill, Corinna Shull, Nina Ruth Wat- son,Joanne Wellborn, Roger Winebarger, Patsy Watson, Margaret West, SPONSOR: Dr. Shaffer fi """?' it 3 fr A " . igfsgg4s1?T 5 A U f 'rl " 'wie' Junior Librarians Clara Jean Moretz-President, Edith Greene-Vice President 8: Program Chairman, Joanne Wellborn-Secretary 81 Treasurer, Martha Colvard- R eporter, Nancy Qualls- Publicity Chairman,Jean A shley -Social Chair- man, Mildred Lewis-Parliamentarian, Annie Ashley, Jean Ashley, Mary Dean Bingham, Dorothy Jean Carroll, Shirley Ann Carroll, Mar-- tha Colvard, Lucille Cox, Glenna Mae Dotson, Betty Jo Dyer, Ruth Dyer, Edith Greene, Kate Greene, Louella Greene, Mozelle Greene, Mary Katherine Hollars, Phillis Johnson, Mildred Lewis, Betty Lou Miller, Clara Jean Moretz, Irma Moretz, Jane Moretz, Nancy Qualls, Emma Jo Teague, Ethel Townsend, Jo Ann Wellborn, SPONSOR: Miss Mabel Brister gn fs, ' FFA. Club Douglas Clawson-President, Wade Miller-Vice Pre sidetit, Roy Miller- Secretary, J. E. Greene-Treasurer, Jim Brown-Reporter, Harbin Moretz-Sentinel, Bill Austin, Claude Austin, Collis Austin, Lewis Brown, C. M. Critcher, Howard Greene, Melvin Greene, Elton Greer, Jack Greer, Worth Greer, Conley Harrison, Richard Hartley, Howard Hayes, Jack Hollars, Gene Honeycutt, John Jackson, Wade Lewis, Billy McNeil, Don Miller, Wendell Norris, Vance Northern, W. C. Payne, Ellis Phillips, Harold Ragan, Lee Triplett, Roy Welch, Glenn Wellborn, Odis Wellborn, A . E. White, Dick Winkler, Sylvester Hamby, James Phillips, Payge Miller, Doyle Claw son, Eugene Miller, SPONSOR: Mr. R. L. Tait kg Bags' 4-H Club Clyde Austin- President Douglas Clawson- Vice President Harris Greene- Secretary 81 Treas. Paul Brookshire- Reporter Claude Austin Bill Austin Collis Austin Bill Hartley Dick Winkler SPONSOR-lVIr.Rogers Science Carolyn Rhymer- President Nancy Winkler- Vice President Ellen Culler- Secretary 81 Treas. Nancy Hodges- Reporter William Brown Ellen Culler Faye Greene Nancy Hodges Carolyn Rhymer SPONSOR-Mr. Tripp mul, Cu, James Tait- President Joe Moretz- Vice President George Maine- Secretary 81 Treas. Keith VanDyke- Reporter Alton Blue Betty Sue Greer Billy Richardson Eula Mae Woodring SPONSOR-Miss Theo Wells ll 1 ll C... Audio-Visual Aids Club Gene Reed-President, Albert Greene-Vice President, Arvil Greene- Secretary gl Treasurer, Bobby Beach, Archie Carroll, Howard Coffey, Dewitt Cox, Lloyd Cox, Jimmy Flick, Fred Gentry, Albert Greene Arvil Greene, J. B. Greene, C. J. Hayes, Kyle Hodges, Mack Hodges Ray Hollars,Gene Holman, Junior Kerhoulas, Ed Kerley, Kim Miller Austin Moretz, Albert Norris, Earl Norris, Jimmy Parks, Dean Ray: field, Gene Rayfield, Gene Reed, Allen Van Dyke, James Vannoy, Tom- my Vannoy, Tracy Watson, Billy Wellborn, Jack Wellborn, SPONSOR: Mr. R obert Lancaster. nl-if vi 'W Walfllafg Betty Ann Edmisten-President, Ruby Hollars-Vice President, Billie Jean Storie-Secretary 81 Treasurer, Nancy Winkler-Reporter, James Burris, John E. Culler, Jimmy Flick, Worth Greer, Arvil Greene, Al- bertGreene,Harris Greene, JackGreer, C. J. Hayes, Paul Holtzclaw, Richard Hartley,Sylvester Hamby, Jimmy Idol, Kenneth Jackson, Larry Klutz, Roy Miller, Alton Moretz, J. E. Payne, Selma Phillips, Carolyn Rhymer, Dean Rayfield, Robert Rosenbalm, Herbert Townsend, Odis Wellborn, Kenneth Wilcox, Glenn Wellborn, SPONSOR: Mr. Robert Lancaster. Glohelrollers Cluh Bill Talbert-President, Jo Ann Greene-Vice President, Frieda Moretz-Secretary, Fern Henderson-Treasurer, Charles Winkler- Reporter, Virginia Barlow, Mary Jo Brown, Shirley Bryon, Reba Carroll, Hilda Castro, Ann Cooke, Betty Cooke, Betty Edmisten, Mary Edmisten, Jo Ann Greene, Reba Greene, Jeanette Greene, Patsy Hampton, Earnest Hartley, Fern Henderson, Helen Hollar, Robert Hughes, Billy Lyons, Randy Maddux, George Maine, Buddy McGuire, Josephine Miller, Frieda Moretz, Corrina Shull, Bill Talbert, Tyre Walsh, Patsy Watson, Evelyn Williams, Charles Winkler, SPONSOR: Dr. Shaffer Gqmnoslics John Edgar Brown-President, Conrad Barlow-Vice President, Bill Hartley-Secretary 8: Treasurer, Clyde Austin-Reporter, Dean Critcher, Aaron Carroll, Harris Greene, Owen Greer, Jim Greer, Bill Idol, Buster Hughes, KennethHayes, Jack Hollars, Billy Lyons, Phil McGuire, Randy Maddux, B. M. Miller, John Norris, Bernon Proctor, Jimmy Steelman, Charles Taylor, Phillip Templeton, Bill Talbert, Herbert Townsend, Tony Winkler, Kenneth Wilcox, J. M. M ,v "Q" n Zia aw' 1--:ww -' 1 Jim Brown, Bob Cooke, Frank Coffey, Guy Hunt, Bill Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Donald Lyons, Kim Miller, Harbin Moretz, Vance Northern, Harold Ragan, Gene Reed, Bob Ray, Jerry Troutman, Charles Taylor, Coaker Triplett, SPONSOR: Mr. Robert Nolan JERRY TR OUTMAN President COAKER TRIPLETT NCL Treasurer Men,s u7Ax,, Qflicevs ,l -Rh ' ' ,fx 5 "Kal muy ,-an .an -'55 JIM JOHNSON V. President BOB RAY NOT PICTUR ED: Gene Reed--Sec. Sfuclenl Slove ' Evelyn Hayes-President, Douglas Claw son-Vice Pre sident, Faye Critcher -Secretary 8: Treasur- er, Clara Moretz-Reporter, Paul Brookshire, Clara Carlton, Douglas Clawson, Betty Cooke Faye Critcher, Faye Greene, Helen Hardin, Evelyn Hayes, Larry Kerley, Clara Moretz, Kath- erine Payne, Margaret Storie, Jean Templeton, Lee Triplett MISS ELIZA BETH GUY Sponsor f 1, ' NU-, QL ,f,p,af,4.Luu,A!JLl4,Z, Q14-f , 404,29 :QQ cz, raouelf 2371-li C' , Q, COR INNA SHULL Reporter i Giwls, u7Ax,, JOANNE GREENE RUBY GREER Secretary 81 Treasurer President Monilors Peggy Gross-President, Larry Kerley-Vice President, Betty Jo Miller-Secretary, NancyCoffey- Treasurer, Carolyn Wood-Reporter, Peggy Miller, Alton Moretz, Rex Barnes, JoAnn Critcher, Johnny Ray, Charles Michael, Earl Brookshire, Earnest Hartley, J. E. Greene,BettyRuthHodg- es, Jack Wellborn, Wade Lewis, Tracy Watson, Mary Ethel Cook, Nancy Coffey, Joan Wood, Betty Ann Edmisten, Ruby Hollars, Mildred Jones, Juella Hampton, Betty Jo Miller, John Jackson, Bob Gilley, Wendell Norris, MaryGladys Teague, Fairy Lunsford, Peggy Gross, Evelyn Hayes, Dean Critcher,Bernon Proctor, Carlton Lyons, Claude Austin, Christine Hartley, Margaret Critcher, Betty Jo Dyer, Margaret Storie, Jackie Hampton, Patsy Watson, Jeanette Greer, Billie Jean Storie, Betty Ann Hagaman, Faye Critcher, Carol Gragg, Larry Kerley, JoAnn Greene,Mary Lee Edmisten, Katherine Payne, Frieda Moretz, Linda Taylor, Jean Templeton, SPONSOR: Dr. Shaffer CIIOPUS Guy Hunt-President, Bob Gilley-Vice President, Margaret Phillips-Secretary 81 Librarian, Sarah Miller-Reporter, Jimmy Holshouser-Treasurer, Glenn Miller, Carlton Lyons, Guy Hunt, Jimmy Idol, Bob Gilley, Donald Lyons, Jimmy Holshouser, Jane Keplar, Ala Hodges, Betty Sue Norris, Betty Ann Hagaman, Carolyn Wood, Jime Graharn,Beth Eggers, Sarah Miller, Betty Jo Miller, Margaret Phillips, SPONSOR: Mrs. Elsie H. D. Erneston PRESIDENT Guy Hunt 7-, 'if' DIRECTOR Mrs. Elsie H. D. Erneston -so ACCOMPA NIST Beth Eggers . L ,L,. BARITONES: Harry Farthing Billy Collins HORNS: Evelyn McCracken Joy Brown Glenn Miller Billy Williams SAXOPHONES: Hugh Hartley Betty Brendell Peggy Klutz PERCUSSION: Frank Coffey Landie Brown Connie Casey Edward Culler Carmen Guy Jime Graham FLUTE: Betty Sue Norris OBOE: Beth Eggers BA SSOON: Jody Shackford BASS CLARINET: Rebecca Shoemake OFICQFT BAR ITONE SA XOPHONEI Milton Barden Mr. Roy R. Blanton-Director CLARINETS: Jimmy Holshouser Ann Cottrell Betty Swain Betty Jane Calloway Joyce Cowles Laura Holshouser Barbara Winkler Barbara Storie Buddie Wey Brenda Mast Sarah Miller Peggy Teague Ruth Wilson Charles Taylor CORNETS1 Martha Councill Jimmy Johnson Dickie Hunt Sonny Tait Jean Templeton Cliff Keplar Johnny Hodges Tom Lawrence Frankie Hamilton Joe Moretz James Burris TROMBONES: Guy Hunt Bobby Watkins Harris Greene J. W. Wellborn Joe Mast Billy Richardson BASSES: Jerry Troutman Armfield Coffey Bill Jones AQ., 1-.A--1 ' '- V- " .-. M. ,, 535:93 1: W1 Egg, ' - , 25'-K' 4 ,Ea H .,,.j5,j,g? T - NM -1 .Q in . : - , U L v, , ,H , 1 , U . . ' 'EJ , - - K , 1 iH""w?: '.,',-A g 1: u , H sf Q EU in 'rg 'Q F, if 4 U 3 5 ,nm 41 f n . ro, I. "2 4 ff 'Egg 2,5 dig 545 6 5 , we-: Y 5 'Y A , I ,si r r , ' 1 A wa , f' ,M Q 'S ' A fair J A 4 'C V beau: 5 A? , K ' Ax' 1 Lui , X 2' 4, 3 -f - gxgkaihr fb: V -.-Q , . X r , .L I gm Aff' jf Xrrirgylr A LL" T ,LLIL ' , If V 'U' 'VFW-A -I ' -' ,- 'Q ' in 2 Y E kM7'?"i , ig- W J 4 . 1 4 f-ij, I 5 5' I IN . ,A ' Y Q "J " : f qi J , A , - gh 4- M 1 . A .. ...:. I f,., K, K in . , y A 5 .fag .ll k L, Q X 2 mr Nha . Q Q . ,N .XI XI Y SY 3 N4 - B A A A 3 Y MGPCLIDQ on Q j , Q EX nd, . QQ I J A Vice President.. Treasurer ........ Secretary ......... Librarian ......... Council Member .... Banc! Council PIIGJOPQHQS ........MARTHA COUNCILL LANDY BROWN--Head Majorette EVELYN MCCRACKEN NANCY DEE WINKLER ................LANDIE BROWN JOAN BROOKSHIRE .. BETTY JANE CALLOWAY FRANCES JONES ............HARRY FARTHING BETTY JEAN EDMISTEN .. ..... JIMMY HOLSHOUSER BONNIE JEAN HAMPTON Council Member President ......... JERRY TROUTMAN N N 1 ig X N X1 'xxx Q CUSTODIAN Mr. Z. C. Issacs COOKS SPICE OF THE PROGRAM Mrs. Isaccs, Mrs. Ruth Greer, Miss Maude Wilcox Not pictured: Miss Doshie Miller IHHIIHIIIH SW N W85, V, . QSM LA NDIE BR OWN Wy! 3 'v Girls, Vovsilq Boslxellmou Team Della Shull, Mary Lee Edmisten, Mary Frank Gragg, Fern Hender- son, Joanne Greene, Billie Ann Hodges, Nancy Coffey-Captain, Cor- inna Shull, Ruby Hollars-Alternate Captain, Billie Jean Storie, Landie Brown, Mary Edmisten, Jeanette Cook, SPONSOR: Miss Elizabeth Guy,Managers: Betty Jane Calloway 8: Ruby Greer .-W" 0. ilfilryiwy 3,1 J 5 f' i2",."" JMWQVZ U MARY EDMISTEJ W 1' tn- '5 NAN aobvlxvx CY COFFEY "":JH + I 4 GE5 E 109 P5 5 mills 36 JOAN GREENE FERN HENDERSON Bells, Vorsilq BGSLQHJQH Team Jerry Troutman-Captain, Harbin Moretz-Alternate Captain, Mr. Leroy Rogers- Coach, Bobby Barnes-Manager, Charles Winkler, Conrad Barlow, Bobby Ray, Harold Ragan, J. B. Greene, Dick Lavender, Kim Miller, Gene Reed, Robert Dotson, Charles Taylor, Frankie Coffey-Manager 1 , GRN CONRAD BAR LOW J LD FB ERHY 99580 TROUTMAN +1-1 1 1,1 lkf' ,i uf s K W 'Le 'w 5. ' J ' - r ,I '1 , f X JJ Q f 1 I 5 x 'X I 'xy AA '1 Girls, Jclqvee Boslfellmll Eva Henderson, Faye Critcher, Ruby Lee Hartley, Norma Jean Bumgarner, Lillie Lyons, Jean Templeton, Shirley Ann Norris, Lucille Cox,Margaret Storie, Helen Parker,Virginia Barlow, Nancy Dee Winkler, Frances R ush, Clara Teague, Coach: Miss Elizabeth Guy, Asst. Coach: Miss Laura Beck EOLIS, JCILJVQQ I3ClSliQllDCJll Jimmy Brendell, John E. Brown, Harris Greene, Buddy McGuire, Joe Mast, Cliff Kep1ar,OwenGreer,Jack Hollars, Randy Maddux, Vernon Procter, J. W. Wellborn, Bill Lyons, Tony Winkler, Coach: Lester Hardin, Phillip Templeton, Jimmy Flick, S. G. Tugman, Johnny Ray, C. J. Hayes, Milton Barden, Coach: Fld Barrett f j .filjk ,MA 5 :Lf 1,027 AQ f, X 4 uf, . ,,, , ga W MN. .nu-nm' Qmvlukibisiigg ,annie Ill Ili' Ill In Ill ll Cheerleaders - Ntoin Squad 0 Billie Jean Storie, Betty Ann Edmisten, Jane Rivers, Ruby Lee Hartley, Norma Jean Bumgarner, Pat Aldridge, SPONSOR: Mrs. Robert Lancaster CLQQPIQQCIQPS Billie Jean Storie, Norma Jean Bumgarner, Mary Katherine Hollars, Pat Ald- ridge, Mary Gladys Teague, Minnie Austin, Jane Rivers, Betty Ann Edmisten, Ruby Lee Hartley, SPONSOR: Mrs. Robert Lancaster Fooibon Teom John Edgar Brown- Manager Bob Ray Bill Jones Jimmy Idol Harbin Moretz- Co-Captain Jerry Troutman- Co-Captain Jim Johnson Jim Brown Milton Barden C. J. Hayes Coach, Bob Nolan P. D. Oswalt- A ss't. Coach Charles Winkler Donald Lyons Bill Talbert Buddie McGuire Gene Reed Charles Taylor Harold Ragan W. C. Payne Armfield Coffey Elton Greer John Norris Vernon Felton- A ss't. Coach Bobby Brendell J. W. Wellborn Randolph Maddux Carlton Lyons Bill Brown Cliff Keplar Tony Winkler Robert Hughes Rex Barnes Glenn Wellborn B. M. Miller Jimmy Watson FOOTBA LL SCORES Hudson Qhj Lenoir lay Hudson gay Flatrock Qhj Sparta Kay Euan gm Valdese Kal Granite Falls Qaj Wilkes Central "B" faj Cranberry fhj Crossnore faj THEY 19 42 39 0 0 7 53 0 14 7 18 JERRY TROUTMAN 6: HARBIN MORETZ FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAINS ,D If 9.r,2JXdj ,Lax N 0 v VY V 'J J- J nfl ' ' tv? I DOH CMU J 4' ' 'S .N .S 1 1' gQf"m,, ff ., QQ X 'fy x'9"V J' . 1 , I ,' ,fd , v 'f f , , -.J f .f , ,,' J ,J rf .1 4' I' , .Lx O -I L, 'f 1 IJ ,f I' 1:53 Q X f , no YCYRZMPOWOIF aww nazi Iv!! '11 r 'Z KJ' INDIVIDUAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS JERRY TROUTMAN JIMMY JOHNSON MK XIX? Eli 'Hi 9""'Q lg WM xx fg,f-f f 4.-15 JW GMECGM ies f NG SCENES I BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY T A '5 Q Z. . ir rw A , . Lf, ,WM A ,, ,A M! be if 4 -ctw' lb. 55: a sf! ,,., i f P V BLUE RIDGE. PARKWAY xSl'lCIpSl'lOi,S It's as loud as I can get iti He went thata way. "Ipana for the smile of beauty." Say that againll They got me in the gut, Cvoae 1. Our heavy line. Man of War Queen Joan Let's not have any of that ir here. "Come up and see me sometime." Come on, we'1l get bus 1eft'. Could I sell you a coke? Ye Olde Theater. Just returning from a trip around the world. What' s that in the road ---- ahead? '?t Smoking in main ha11...tut, tut. These are the times that try men's souls. He ain't done right by Nell. L77 M02 ' 0 mt IlllIH!Hfllll!IIHIINHHQI fklamzfdaefw 9 ..'.-H xx.. - I X .351 4.1- -'L Fi 391- ,Jii rj . 'WJ :gin - 5 gr xg. sgf- , 2 ,, 4, Q'-,fl : Y X I , f V . ,h , if 33:11. If . L- .-'V-! 515- ,4 .AQ ' :J 'I 'I L.. it f ff E . 5. , . B D,4f',X'f T . J' V I 7' , FPL 1- ., .45 1 Ref - u-gr 9 FIVE' 5' 5' 4 H+. ' 5 ak A , ,, , 'A 5 Q -'-0" "0" 7 .losten s OWATONNA MINNESOTA CLASS RINGS AND PINS CONINIENCENIENT INVITATIONS - DIPLONIAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA - NIEDALS 8: TROPHIES REPRESENTED BY MR. RALPH SHELI-EY W Ml 0 -0 10' ,I I I 'I 'I I450 ON Your-2 DIAL DAY AND NIGHT CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES I Ii adl0 H IGH A A II . 9 BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA AFFILIATE 4 I I If I .N I I I I' I I I' 'I I lI 4I AI 9 I SIU. Swami 'I I I I XI ,I WI ' NEWS MUSIC DRAMA COMEDY I I I I I SERVING WATAUGA AND ADJOINING COUNTIES if 1, WITH THE FINEST IN ENTERTAINMENT I1 jI 5 CHARLES E, WILFDNG B"-L CRAIG 4, ' ll PROGRAM DIRECTOR SPORTS DIRECTOR ' I 'I IS 9 II I I I I I 'I I I I I I COURTESY gg OF ' I I I I II Ig 'I 4 Ir I' 'I I 9? Watauga Democrat :IQ 'I 'I I :I ' I I I ESTABLISHED Iaaa I BOONE I5 OLDEST BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT I I I I I' I I I' ,I I' I I Y A A 1, Mutual Broadcasting System 525 35 Appalachian T State Teachers College APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE has grown to a total yearly enrollment of 2463, including a nationally-known summer school. This enrollment contains students from most every county in NorthCarolina and 256 students from 28 other states. APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE has afaculty of 75, of which 21 have their doctorates and 44 have their master's degree. APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE is accredited by the North Carolina College Conference, by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, by the Amer- ican Medical Association, and by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE offers both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Arts Degree in Education. g APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE not only is known regionally and nationally, but is also distinctly Watau- ga County'S Own College. The first contributions came from Watauga people. The laz gest number of alumni of any coun- ty in the state come from Watauga County. It is the biggest consumer of Watauga County products in the County. All Inquiries Should Be Addressed To: The Registrar APPALACHIAN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Boone, North Carolina ' -10" 10" W"0'l0'40'0 MS 5 5 5 5 5 WU. m' IL0' l7 f7' 0 10 K0 if I I " VISIT OUR FOUNTAIN FOR ,I SANDWICHES AND REFRESHMENTS I QI I I WI 3 Carolina Pharmacy ig 'I I I I I, 'I 'I 'I ,I I 'I I I I I 5 I ' ' "A COMPLETE DAIRY SERVICE TO YOUR HOME" 5 I Hillside Dairy Products, Inc. 9 OPPOSITE BUS STATION ------------------------------- PHONE I94 HOME OWNED AND HOIVIE-OPERATED 6 5 BOONE N c b I I Hunt s epar men ore ' D t t St 5 9 FOR MEN FOR 11-IE LADIES CURLEE SUITS CAROLE KING DRESSES 9 h FREEMAN-SHOES MIRACLE TREND SHOES q LEE HATS MARY GREY HOSE WINGS SHIRTS-PAJAMAS- DANIEL BOONE HOUSE SHOES STAR BRAND SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 5 QHQMQUQMQNQPSN- COMPLBILVIENTS Store Company I I Boone -I-ire 5-25 CENT, sl. oo VALUES 84 Bargain Store FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES WE FURNISH THE HOME COMPLETE BOONE'S HEADQUARTERS Fon sc:-nooL su PPLIES PHONE 203-W COMPLI ME NTS OF BeIk's Dept. Store THE HOME OF BETTER VALUE MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT BELK s BOONE' N. c., Sl! COMP!-I MENTS OF Northwestern Bank BOONE N, C, PHONE I5 DEPOSITS INSURED BY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION TO SI0,000. 00 FOR EACH DEPOSITOR , .... ,Vie-r C... Y ......v..v. N--f w-w-v V WBHBHBHBMBFU '0l0I0" -'-0-40' COMPLIMENTS OF CAROLINA HOTEL BOONE. NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 259 JAMES o, cooK. JR, MGR, PALMER 'S- PHOTO--SHOP " BOONE 's LEADING PI-IOTOGRAPHIC cENTER" IO4 DEPOT ST, PHONE 295-R BOONE. N. C, SMITHEY'S DEPT. QUALLS BEAUTY SHOP STORE "MEET YOUR FRIENDS WHERE BEAUTY REIGNSH THE ONE PLACE TO STOP "IN RESIDENCE" son E, MAIN PHONE 39 COMPLIMENTS OF WATAUGA BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSN. CO-ED SHAC K BAR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS WE CATER TO THE CO-EDS NEW MANAGEMENT NIR. 8: MRS, E, P, GREER COMPLIMENTS OF' WATAUGA HARDWARE "THE FRIENDLY sToRE" PHONE 7s-w. BOONE' N, c, COMPLIMENTS OF B. W. STALLINGS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL .IEwEI.ER "AT THE SIGN OF THE CLOCK" A-07' 4011010 -10-'-0' BUCK MADDUX MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE "THE BETTER ONE FOR 52" WILSON 'S FEED STORE PURINA CHOWS - BABY CHICKS FERTILIZERS - SEEDS SURGE MIL.KlNG MACHINES COMPLIMENTS OF BARE 'S DEPARTMENT STORE "THE HOME OF JARMAN SHOESN COMPLIMENTS OF HOME JEWELRY STORE EXPERT WATCH REPAIR PARKWAY COMPANY HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PHONE 46-N BOONE. N, C, BOONE DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY ANYTHING YOU NEED IN DRUGS- PHONE I7 BOONE. N, C, CITY MEAT MARKET FRESH AND cuRED MEATS "wE TRY TO PL EASE" PHONE 29 I2l MAIN ST, BOONE' N, C, COMPLIMENTS OF WATAUGA TRADING POST GENERAL. MERCHANDISE ROY KEPl..AR sg w. H. "DICK" KEPL.AR H01' 94 54 -10Y Swofford's Tire Store 4 '4 U X4 11 +1 M 4 4 1, M ii TIRES, RECAPPING I 4 4 4 4 4 Dr. Pepper - Grapette Bottling Co. 4' AND S 45 VULCANIZING PHONE 4591 is BOTTLERS OF DR. PEPPER 3I3 MAIN ST PHONE 225 GRAPETTE, LEMONETTE BOONE N c AND PARKWAY ORANGE A X WEST JEFFERSON N, C, :-E..EEu-5- 5 1,5 . 4 4? Queen City Coach Company QUEEN cl-rv "TRAILWAYS" IS AN OUTSTANDING TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM TOO SECOND LARGEST BUS SYSTEM IN THE WORLD 4, CHARTER SERVICE ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA A4 '4 4 M '4 . 4 4 '4 4 4 CALL UNION BUS TERMINAL PHONE 50 H. W, WILCOX 4 '4 '4 '4 M 44 4 TERMINAL MANAGER '0'00l0l0l0'l0'0l0' QI: l9H5'- 'I I I I 4, I COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHILDREN 'S SHOP "LET 'S GO TO THE MOVIES ALWAYS L1 SPECIALIZING IN THE RIGHT YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT - El DRESS FROM CRIB TO HIGH. 13 MRS, MARY HAMPTON, BUY AT BOONE, N, C, PHONE 7-Vu YOUR 1 SHOEIVIAKE PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPLETE LINE OF PLUMBING AND New Appalachlan HEATING APPLIANCES PHONE 213-.I BooNE. N, c, COFAPLIIWAENTS or Farmers Hardware and Su I pp y Congratulatlons Co., Inc. Seniors SERVING THIS SECTION FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS PHONE -I- BOONEQ N, C, .M.VMr---. EEEE ,-.EE,--.---w--W, 'fS' t?f!li...,,"' In 8' ' 'jf if,f!,q1k ,. - 9: 1. 2, x 1 i5f'4Sp'5ffwmu , ',' . . 4, E215 ,X may " JS M' ., , SI'ICIpSl'lOiS . Now, Catherine, it's like this .... . Explain this thing to mel . All trash lands here. . Anybody going to Shanghi? . Faithful supporters. . Garbage Disposal! . Oh Guy, you say the sweetest things. . Help, somebody catch mel . It's my lazy day. . Over the fence. . Stop peeping, you nosey people! . On a Sunday afternoon. ,i ' wt , ' 'ue' 4-.' 'S' 3 f ,x " ' I' .. -, X 5 ,L . to t' 4' 7 .K 31. Glamour at A. H. S. 32. FLASH ---- A. H. S. VISITS CA PITOLE 33. Do you have your parents permis- sion? 34. Mr. and Miss Appalachian of 1967. 35. The water is too coldl 36. Root hog, or die! -, - X , g f 'W 1 -"""'-"W."- 'ff' - ' qv A !. , i i ,,?5 -M .: .N I, I , ' f ' D - g. 4 " ' , ' Q1 gf ' , MJ V :ji We fm? M M J ff: WWMW bfilau. ' JK' 4-:aJ0C4'?y4 'fb f. ' A" 5 . Jr! , 04.14 W,g.JQ47n-w,zJv'-2 9315, ,wigs WZ Lf, . Q wwf W Wmwf , P mf gale MMM' 'sc ww QW: 9 2 ew, Q ffl' Mat 'f.? . A V--,, . I Qfgwmgwuzlibmb PQ. ful 0144.4 531-4J" l . Q . .XXV w"'75i' lllilliilililiinlllflnnnnnnnnllilijl SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT innnnnninnnnniiiiie HPSW H PSEH nnnn wennn, nnxns , P WSECO , L. Publishers ni this Annual Exnerieneemnnt nn Experiment nnnn iJK1f"nJ H lj W"'uJ-f4-6a-f.4f,,.07'Qf'uu- 'x ,' hm 'fa ' ' 20 Ha Q pfoa-4,721 'Amd 514' QW? Mez? LAM' WWW A ? 'M'j'Q2 J ff! VW gm 9 77 ' 16 ? -I ,642 x ,of gppw MMWJJZ3 Q SG - 25,94-fwf 591' judo. ,-uf I J. .5 ,-5Qj!-?7f I 44,445 59673 WAJNP M ffw Z74' CMM bww .M-f'ff"""' pw f'W+ff+fff"" A'4'9f'M'f f yi f """' - v N9 - 'V y C 35559 Srfffia 75-9 ,AMX "'!q":'1'f5'S.S?U'G'qg3.:Q:'?.fZ-f T 'ff " V :R H 1 A. . l 'V g pm? J jiL?.:-.A V , I X S H 1 , , - 5 -fm fy K7 ff EEZ' 2: E Ki , , :Dr WWQQ, 59, WMM ' wifdim WEE' 191423 ff 14 ' Z2 10Q'5 ? 1135 Wjjjj f wmfmwm kj img .9 , ffjjyufw Q W ,aff 7J jwfj. !gg-Mfffwj' ffX-iuw'-NB, , if MW jfgigffygaj xv , ' Q' ff V Wim MM7' f mm Mn- WMP' 1 ai -46"-f-Q-'Z az .9"-"'--"Alec - ,z 6' Z 1 - 6794-1 ff Alive.-J 1 2414-' 741-1. Aiwa, My f . JMW5 'fixpww-2.94-Wm. Aff! I obvv--L. am. V .. "Z ,Q -- - --A ""1"'i" 1 . mf" -h."lfw1, ,g 4 13 1 Jwmdffm 407, giwwv? A576 vZ0'!'7f'aO,4auf-afmwf JQCQ-voaezflfr 44-624,04 x-Z-Zu 14 fffnhmd ,L 21,44 M, MMM AW' ,545-Gvg if- 1 q3+J f ' ' """vv ' ' ' H . - 1 ' -ff" 'w.' ff.12KYL'1EfrS?iw"1's21'v'f"wF - E pf 1 . . .. . May ee, - . f 1 ,Zo wdipawz M141 25140141 AQQ7, Mc! W ,,,...ijA-J aiuwlzdz sgwa, J 'M' payday 4270 zggmfgadrfw 2179 ff?ZffMM'f'7"" ,M WW wwf- Mf 4 iw? REQ ,,,,,,,w9f4'Za-wrmm Wig +rrf"'1"'Pf""F ! 'Z-L . ,C' ' I X ' . f V ,Il - ' I I A E-0 H .Z J ,czvy .A E A q , wr. f K X 'eq if ' ' 1 I ' I , 'b' 009- . ,O X JA I ' , U - o p AF J:-,H Lwcfpemqf pb 'BD . Wm A 1-1 .f .' ,Q Umrlgylz J. now xU"4A' I Ha. HMS vw. fmlfy Lech affix I., Cul qmjq YQQVZ Mb'P9- you 'lib'vcx:wfg nge. C L REV CV'?.+y'A-mini 416010-nJ wiwqlegoxmq LQ yo-urs Eh ALL YQ. Sain, yn' lass Qmmmheru AW.. ye. timmy, wjjw nwwyuz?-1 ,-iw' 'XXXVXX A . P J fy wif' WJM,g, 4.' Mimi ax ja 'VW fwfrfyff fwvu HJ , 'M M' rgjvb F, . ,ff AUD W WM 1 WN 533 'fx W' wi'i51p A iiiilw QXQXJQJJ QAM , NAWTV. nb ' A v1'L M mdk' .gf Xe-'V 00 A ff N .gk yy 1 ,, ,I , in i . VDO mfg ordfgb Q QV 'ff QCP! A - ' NOQTQ X54 K M x Nwmmyw 'fn-up ummm 'Nw N-.Z 'sm 'NNWM' a I NS? 7.15 nf ,L - 3 Q , ,. .1 at , gif H 5 .,x. . lgg 4a4f,,f-1 . ' S, ' ff-Q iz -L., ' '? . , J-it Q' ' .5 V Y' "": QIILQ iv- W, , ' 'W W., I 'Q ' K ws Y Mm V W-za-,.,,. - , Q - U QL ., A W z - ' 'f' 2 'M' ,W f + huwiii-!uuqn,M -I I T z S M Nga' WM 5' ' "a'H'uefw. K ..,Q,....... y , L 5,3 ,- 1.A ig. ,. .QW --M ff wry ' Maxim- " " -7' ' 'qu' ":'17j', J- Q Q-1, f - 1 .-,, - A A ww- . - 5- , ' 2 FW .. xhmmnmy-Y ' ' ' 1 4 L , 'Nu K -ef'-Q ., , K 'WA ' K 'I Lil'- fghw M . , ,,.,..., Q y M - -. I I 1 '-.A- ,,, - .M K ., -"""H N'KI.?i,,,g,. ,-ff iz , . k' y M- . 3 ' QQ' A ' 1 ' , 'V P ' 5' bfi, 4 :jg WY' Mimx' V ' mf fx fmfvlggg ff K 1 . m , ,1,"L', W-72 , T ' ' fqxug-P f, N- ..-. -- ,....,,.,, . . W' L , - - ,, -ff, 3 ' "M 1 1. A W Z: ,-3 1 ' A 'V -.-.,..,m,,., .. , , If K 11, A .. ' A ,S ge M,,..,,: V., z -' - , V- . 'A 1 vw M Q4 4 ' , . , , Q: - , I I . N K K , - .m 4, E -47 il D 3 ,ff Mg, 4 .K ,, I is 5 :Z I -Ez gi L N Wi. W., -h , K . " ". . is ,, Ei ' ' 1 5 'H M W ' M "M" 5 gg .W s.. K ..,,,,N , - K " M Z: 'Q gg' 1' an I M. , ' , f rf gmg- 5 ' Q if 'U l ,X , f 'f ,, . : '4 : K 'A ' .. nun A N f if 'www I "': ,, 3553. 5 3 . : . 75'-2 V -V " 14 . ,.""2 M' W' l " 5 -Q 5 N K mfg 'M' my El -. iwixy, -Vg-Ls:-31 It - i 5 M H 7 1 A , ug A , ' LN ing X ,, ,, - ., f ' ' - A .,.,...,.,. F ,WDM 1 'M ,M 3 'M - 'X , V I h -""' A lg V , V h -f 3 . ...Wy M , . ,- Q . V M -K '1 a .,,., W . M A V I kk W. S, In - ,M W i' of,-Q A . .5.:.g ' , L 3. 'QQ' QQ... .'- .......'. V, W.. ..., .., ., W ,. . A A ------A--Q Q W--M M V 1 ' ' " " L A ' "h.k,m.,': ,M-as-.xx , I I " I, , - A .. V.. Y X N I .M ., ,,.., .M ,M M.. , M, ' .... .L,,, ...f ,. ..., V 4 'f' V. . x H' K' I A f K- YL ' ...k:u.K- I 'E .AM 3 'Ky' ' " M , D , X . - F if Q 'f AA- M F Lv 1 Q . 'fi . an K We E i 'a vfkx Q0

Suggestions in the Appalachian High School - Laurel Yearbook (Boone, NC) collection:

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