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 - Class of 1948

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sp'- wif-i?-W .i W. h ff' ,,,.,? n w .Hx ' .f.. -'fl'Q!,' .L A 1 5. .w- w Q' ' -.ww ' .5,. AL' 1' , 1, ., ,-A-X ,, wins! ' Nu 'sg .. 3 mtv. A U ' Vw , ' ,. ta .,-JT 1. 'J Lwyaz -.. ,gk 1 1 A ,Q-at A . " 4. S1 r a 4 ' . v - , , , H ff fx.m,1:t-L.,,.x r - ,f 1 ' an-M ' P' W, ,ag s .5- ml 7, fs ' in 'S -X' A J Z., ..4 5.4, .iv , 4' .V I K 1 1 X, if . . m .. ,Ag ,G f ,V3,Qg,., .. H,, , ."v'1nft, rl . ,Hb -vzv A ,Q gm ,. -qgfwnf vm H u w . Q v n f vw 1 1 N 3 . 1 in J .f 'ff:4fA3W Hi 3 gf Y ,v fm, -f ,2 M ' .- 319 1955f'.k1"Q.-'Ei 'Q fi' 36521 G "At Long Last We Give You" THE LAUREL for 1948 Published By Senior Class . . . Appalachian High School . . . Boone, North Carolina EWS VIEW A 1-g,x NNY EG!!! par' -pf --1., AND PREVIEWS Current magazines leave fwltlz us a picture of the changing fworld. In tlze same manner may our annual for I9-17-1948 brin g as illxlflid but a more permanent picture of our school world today. If we find eolorful recollections and pleasant asso- ciations in turning tlze pages of our LHUREL, we slzall feel that we have aefonzplished our alrns. W IIHNHNIS Dedication Alma Mater Administration Classes Activities Athletics Our Patrons -..gif 8 ia- IIIHIEHIIIIN LX Ill IiI',C,IA'I'ION OI XII IIIXI III IIXS XII XXI IO XII XI XC IIIXIN XXI' 'I'IIlC SIINIOII CI XSS UI IS IDI IDI! XII v 1 IIIIS XOI UXII OI IIIIC l,,-XII .I -I ALMA MATER APPALACHIAN HIGH SCHOOL -4:5 5 aa.- ADMINISTRATION Mn. BEN-IAIXIIN F. SlM1'soN, Principal, AND MBS. .IATXII-IS Gmc:-:N, S1'r'rf'fary BOARD OF EDUCATION W. II. WALKER, Sllpvrirrtmzflcllt CLYIJI4: P1-zlmv, fflllliflllllll T. I.. MAS1' VV. H. Co'1'1'm:1,1. TOM .IACKSON C. S. CMZENI4: -ef 6 Agw- I v fx '- i 'sl Lo. 'ny 'Q'- THE FACULTY vs. 'H . Fififti , .. . s ,..' 5 8? Miss F1,onA AL1sxAND1-LR, B.A ....,... Mlss Coz1i1.1.E ANDHENVS, B.S ........ Mn. PAUL BlNc:u,xM, B.S .......... Mus. Es'r1u-Lu BooN1s ..............,........ .......IIistory ...,...LilJrarian .......Science .......Piano Mus. Fnun Cnfxczu, B.S ,....,........................,..... ....,.. I Cnglish Mn. O. M. IIA1x'rsEL1., B.A., M.A .....,....,.. r .,...... Piano, Voice Mus. NIARTIIA C. IIAWKINSON, A.B., B.S.S.A .,..... .....,. C ornmerciul Miss BLANC111-3 Kr:1.LEv, B.S .........,..............,,...... ....... I Iome Economics Mn. .IOHN R. Lowzcsnovrz, B.S., M.A ........ Mus. CUNA Il. Lovlsranova, A.B., M.A ................... Mlss lV1AliGAllE'l' Mc:IN1'Y1uQ, Bb ................................... ....... Du. Wxum LEA MCDNTKJKJLIEIKY, B.A., M.A,, D.En ......... ...... Social Studies English, Art Librarian Seventh Grade Health, Physical Education Mlss Rum Moonrz, Bb., M.A. ...... ..... . ...................... .... , . , Mn. ll. C. QU1Nc:x', B.S .................. Miss Eunsn STOGNEIK, A.B ............... Mn. BENJABIIN- F. SIINIPSON, B.S ........ Mus. E1,1zAm:'1'H B. SIISIPSON, B.S ...... Mn. R. L. TA1'r, B.S., M.S ................. Mus. R. L. TAIT ................................... Mn. DONALID 'llH0lNIPSON, B.S., M.A ....... Mn. IIILLAND C. Tmvv, B.S., M.A ..,... Miss PANsY VVARREN, B.S., M.A ............... Miss XVINQNA XVILLIAMS, A.B., M.A ......... Mn. COIKIIIJN NASIl, B.A ...................... -'Sf 7 fiv- Health, Physical Eclucation English, Foreign Languages Principal, Mathematics Mathematics Agriculture Piano Seventh Grade Science, Mathematics English, Dramatics English, Mathematics Banrl .., .-, ,,.,. -,- ,.,.,,,- , ...n....- -.,--.-......... ..,. W., M. . ..- . , ass? I 8 ' APPALACHIAN IN BLACK AND WHITE "+Gf3+3' exam! all fdpfmlwiaw Jag!! THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS W. B. YORK, JR ,...... ,...,......... P resident RALPH Honcris ....... .............. Y 'ice-Prcsizlcrlt h'1ARY SUR lX1ILLER .,..... ........ S ccretary-Trcasurcr Four years ago we climbed the steps of Appalachian High as Freshmen, eager to show the faculty how much we knew. VVe were astonished when the faculty showed us how little we did know and how wide is the horizon of learning. But time marched on. Now we are Seniors, wiser, perhaps, and it is with the pride of accomplishment that we come to the end of our high school days. Yet it is not without regret that we leave our Alma Mater and all the changing panorama of school day memories. --af no 21+ -- MARTHA AUSTIN Five feet two of wit, pep and fun. Iunior Marshal, G l e e Club, 4, President of Home- room, lg Girl Scouts, 2, Pres- ident, National Honor So- ciety, Annual Staff. GENE BLACKBURN The eyes and ears of the world. Basketball, 35 LetterInen's Club, 25 Cheerleaders, 3, LAUREL Staff, lg Paper Staff, 2, National Honor Society. BILL BROWN "Sambo', Ile put his problems away for a brainy day. F. F. A., 54 Guns and Marksinanship, 3g Winner, A. ll. S. Livestock Contest, Gym Club, lg Photography Club, l. lJELLA BUMGARNER There's always a smile for you. Hobby Club, 2, Secretary, lg Travel Club, lg President, lg Handicraft Club, lg Wild Life Club, lg School Service Club, lg Paper Staff, 1. CAROLYN CLAWSON "Tootie,' Kind and pleasant to all. School Service Club, lg Sub-Deb Club, lg Secretary Music Club, lg 4-H Club, 1, Hobby Club, 1. MARY AUSTIN What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. Glee Club, 44 High Life Business Manager, lg Girl Scouts, 2, Monitor, 2g Na- tional Honor Societyg Jun- ior Marshal. Cov BOLICK F armer and truck driver- Ford, that is. Baseball, 2g F. F. A., 4, Clee Club, lg Booklovers' Club, lg Paper Stall, lg Vol- ley Ball team, l. GLADYS JULIA BROWN An all-'round girl with a thousand traits. Junior Red Cross Council, 35 Wild Life Club, lg Girl Scouts, 2, School Service Club 1. CURNEY CARLTON Why all this toil and trouble? Football, lg Gym Club, 3, Paper Staff, 25 Student Council, lg Glee Club, lg F. F. A., 1. MAx CLAWSON Let thine occupations he few. Guns and Marksmanship, 8, Photography Club, 3, F. F. A. 45 Bus Driver, 1. SUE COFFEY "Susie Que" She loves her babbling chatter, of ceaseless words that flow. President Home Econom- ics Club, lg School Service Club, lg 4-H Club, lg Sub- Deb Club, lg Music Club, lg Hobby Club, l. FRED COUNCII, "Shorty" Down on everything he's not up on. Football, 4, Basketball, 3, Band, 75 Letterman's Club. JIMMY Coolc "Muscles" All mankind loves a lover. Football, 34 Gym Club, 4g Wrestling, lg Baseball, lg Lettermen's Club, Clee Club, 3. TED COOK All's well that ends well. Football, lg Baseball, lg F. F. A., 25 Guns and Marks- manship Club, lg Veterans' Club, lg Radio Club, l EDWARD CRITCHER "Atlas" Varietyfs the spice of life. Football, lg Baseball, lg Softball, 1, Veterans' Club, lg Guns and Marksmanship Club, l. SUZANNE COFFEY "Suzy" A merry heart goes all the day. Clee Club, lg Paper Stall, lg Monitor, lg Transfer, Blowing Rock High School. CERCE Cook "Pete" He was not made for climbing the tree of knowl- edge. Baseball, 2, Veterans' Club, 2, Guns and Marks- ulansbip, lg F. F. A. Lois Coox ..Tmy., If men interefere with your work, quit work. Girl Scouts, 24 Parlor Carnes, lg Travel Club, lg Paper Staff. C1-:NE CRAVEN As impartial as ll traffic light. Student Council, 45 Cheer- leader, 2, Wrestling, 1: "B" Basketball, lg Clee Club. 41 Letterman's Club, 1. lJAVID EDINIISTEN HGHHU.. jack - olf - all - trades and good at a l. Football, 4g Basketball, 4: Boy Scouts, 4, Letterman's Club, 2g National Honor So- ciety, 2. VAN FAHTHINC "Zeb" Why worry? It will hap- pen anyway. Football, lg Veterans' Club, lg Guns and Marks- lnanship, lg Annual Stall, 1. QIONLICY Glu-:ENE "Bluelmy', Sleep whenever you can. Baskctball, 4: Boy Scouts, 45 Baseball, 23 F. F. A., 2g Photography Club, 2: Guns and Marksmanship. 2. MARY N14:1,L Gnmtm: "Fel1l1ie'i As involved as spaghetti. Annual Staff, Monitors Club, 3, Clcc Club, 29 Girl Scouts, 3, Assembly Club, 3, Paper Stall. 2. VVILIIIQLIXIENA CJREENE "VVillie,' Quiet, sincere and friend- ly. Paper Staff, 1, Iunior Rod Cross Council, 1, Handi- craft Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, lg Modern Science Club, lg llonnc Economics Club, 1. VIllGlNlA GRPIPIR "jenny" ,lust the right combination of the gay and the serious. Art Club, 1, School Serv- icc Club, 2, Paper Staff, 1, Annual Staff, VVild Life Club, 1. l 1 l --tif 13 lik- JAMES GRAHAM "Graham" Steady? Gibralter has nothing on him. Basketball, 1, Student Council, lg Gym Club, 1. Transfer, Todd High School. M ARTHA Gm-JENE "Snort" As unceremonious as a train whistle. Basketball, 1, Annual Staff, Secretary Monitors Club, 1, Paper Staff, 2, Leaders Club, 2. lWARY SU1-1 Gas:-:NE "Sue" Don't take life too seri- ously. Travel Club, 1, Hobby Club, 1, Glee Club, 1, Wild Life Club, lg Etiquette Club, 1, Art Club, 1. BILL Gm-:En "Porky" Laugh and the world laughs with you. Basketball, 3, Football, 1, Football Manager, 2, Annual Staff, Band, 7, Glce Club, 3, Paper Stall, 2, Boy Scouts, 6. C. M. HARIKISON The unspoken worfl never does harm. Football, 3, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 2, Assembly Club, 2, Travel Club, 1. Ilriinucm' I'IAM1'1'oN "Curley" Thought hefore action. Baseball, 2, Library Club, lg XVilcl Life, lg Hobby Club, lg Storytelling Club, lg 'Travel Club, 2. EULA MM: lloncics As r'hung1,'uhle as Il rlollur hill. Debating Club, 2g Cirl Seouts. lg Monitor Club, lg junior liecl Cross Council, lg Natural History Club, l. STI-:l.l.A lluica IIonCsoN "Boho" The milzlest manners unrl the friendliest heart. Debating Club, l: Art Club, 2, YVilcl Life Club, lg Hobby Club, lg Travel Club, l: llanclieraft Club, l. CAno1.YN lNc:1.r: "Flamingo" More wnrfls' runit cl1's4'ril1e her. llancl Majorette, 2, Cbeer- leader. 25 Basketball, lg Clu- Club. 3, President Dralnaties Club, I. jcwclc KLUTZ ajuy.. 'I'lu- poise thot refre.s'lze.s'. llonlerooni Viee - Presi- clent, lg Secretary Clee Club, lg Vice-President De- bate Club, lg Monitors Club, l: Transfer, Blowing Rock lligb Sebool. 44 -wif 14 Anus HODGES "Punk" He has many o smile and not ll single worry. Football, 3, Basketball, 3, Clee Club, 25 Lettennen's Club, lg Hobby Club, lg President Library Club, lg Secretary Cuns and Marks- lll2lYlSl'llp Club, 1. RALPH Houcizs "1Iodges" YVhatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Basketball, 4, Baseball, 2, Monitors Club, 4, Letter- men's Club, 2, Annual Staff, 2, National Honor Society, 2. H ASSELTINE I-IOFL EH "I I osselti nlclev Free of laughter, full of fun. Clee Club, 1, Sub-Deb Club, lg Safety Committee, lg Monitors Club, 1, Library Assistants' Club, 1. GEORGE KING All great men are dead and I'm not feeling so well. Dramatics Club, 2, Band, 2, Bible Club, lg Cleo Club, lg Boy Scouts, lg Football, 1. NED LYONS "Little Dolphn The good die young, so why worry. Football Manager, 2, Bas- ketball, 25 Cym Club, 4, Band, 1, Monitors' Club, lg Paper Staff, 1. SUE ANN MARION A flinive look in her eye. Dramatics Club, lg Paper Staff, lg Music Club, lg Ba- ton Club, 1, Sub-Deb Club, 1. MARY SUE h'1ILI.ER Susiel' With a .smile set in flim- ples. Glu- Club, 2, Student Council, 3, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, lg Chief ,lun- ior Marshalg Secretary Pho- tography Club Secretary, 1, Monitors Club, 24 Vice-Pres- identg Vice-President Junior Class. CANSES NIORETZ "Shorty" It's the little things that Count. National Honor Society 2g Student Council, 2g I lomeroom Secretary, 1, Monitor, 1, Annual Staff g Basketball, 1. ELLIO M ORETZ Excellence rather than :lis- play. Annual Staff, lg Dramat- ics, 2, Debating, 3g Manager School Store, lg Monitor, lg National Honor Societyg 4-H judging Team. LARRY NIORETZ "Spark" Therels mischief in his eye. Paper Stall, 3, School Ser- vice, 25 Cuns and Marks- manship Club, lg Wild Life, 1. FRED NIILLER There's a good time com- ing, boys-a good time com- ing. Football, 4, Basketball Manager, 3, Gym Club, 3, Annual Staff, 2, Lettermen's Club, 2g Student Council, 1. ADA BELLE MoRE'rz Post Graduate A tongue with perpetual motion. CAREY MoRETz "Squeeky" Little but loud. Homeroom President, 1, F. F. A. President, 2: Guns and Marksmanship Presi- dent, 1, Wild Life Club President, lg Livestock judg- ing, 2, Seed Judging, '. GRADY MoRETz, JR. ..Red., The world knows little of its greatest men. Boy Scouts, 4, Band, 4g Student Council, lg Football, 3, Basketball, lg Baseball, 1. BAXTER NORRIS "Peanut" As quiet as a cyclone. School Service, lg Paper Staff, 3, Wild Life, 1, Aero- nautics, lg Hobby Club, lg Parlor Games, 1. CI.AuA Nomus "Shorty" Sincere, quiet, and friend- lu. SIIb-Deb Club, l, Junior llecl Cross Council, 1, Trans- fer, Kouaroclc T r a i n i n g School. SAl.Lll'l Nflllllls "Shorty" As upright as a cedar. Bible ClIIb, 2, 4-Il ClIIb, la Paper Staff, 1, Travel ClIIb, l, Ilome Economics ClIIb, 2, llandicrafts Club, l: Vice-Presiclent. BI':III.AII 0IJoM If silence were golden she d he a millionaire. Handicrafts Club, 1: Re- porter, Home Economics Club, 2, -4-ll Club, l, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Bible Club, 2, Paper Staff, 1, Travel Club, l. BUCK C. ROBBINS As eersatile as a safety- pin. Letteriueuls ClIIb, 3, Stu- dent CtlllllL'll, 1, LAUIII-:L Stall, l, Projectionist, 2, Boy Scouts, 5, National llonor Society. ANN H. SBIITII "Andy" She was horn talking and has never lost lIer birthright. Paper Staff, 4, Clee Club, 4, lloIIIeroom Oflicers, 3, Li- brary Assistant, 1, Monitor, 3, junior Class Reporter. 'I ACK Nomus VVorth makes the man. Basketball, 2, T r a v e l Club, 1, President, Library Assistant, 2, lloiuerooni Treasurer, 1, National Ilon- or Society. XVILINIA NCIIKIKIS "Squeaky" True love never runs smooth. Junior Becl Cross CoIIneil, 1, Hobby ClIIb, l, Sub-Deb Club, 1, llome Economics Club, 1, Paper Stall, l, lloineroom Secretary. MAIITIIA QUAI.,Ls "Shorty" As dainty as a hahgfs sneeze. Student Council, 3, Band, 3, Boys' Clee Club Accom- panist, 3, Cirls' Cleo Club, 2, Cheerleader, l, Dramat- ics Club, 1. JIINIBIY Scnuccs Strictly business, some- times. Football, 2, Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, Assembly Club, 2, Travel Club, 1, School Service Club, l. CI-:NI-3 BAY STI-:WAIIT Still water runs deep. Paper Stall, 1, Travel Club, 1, NVild Life Clllll, l, Student Council, 2, School Service Club, l. lJONALD S'1'u.wIf:I.I. Dirl you clver lmve the lneuslrw mul, if so, hour nanny? llobby Club, 24 Xviltl Life Club, lg Cuus ancl Marks- mauship Club. 1: Baseball, o lhlAltY 1.111141 S'roL'T Ax HHl'UlIfllH'I'IllIl!' us clicw- ing gum. Cheerleader, 2, Debate Club, 4, l,I't'Slill'Ill, 1, llancl- book liclitorg 1.AU1u4:l. Staff, 1: National llouor Society, 2: Reporter: CII-e Club, 3: Vice-Presiclent, 1. llomcivi' TIQAGUI4: "l3olJl1y" I like work, if fascinates meg I can sit mul look at if for lzours. Gym Club, 34 Football, 35 Boy Scouts, 55 Basketball, 45 Clee Club, 1, Band, 1. lJONALD VVAHLIAN "Dazzle" The lime is never lost that is rlcuolefl lo work. Bantl, 83 CII-c Club, 21 "B" Basketball, 2: Junior lic-Il Cross Council. 2: Astronomy Club, l. KI'INNl'I'l'll WINIQBARGIJR llc' nmkm lIi.s'!ory-when lm l'L'!llIS ii. Assembly Club, 3, Mod- ern Science Club, lg Guns and Marksmauship Club, 1g Aeronautics Club, 1. -..gif 17 tgp.- S 1 1 Puri: Sronns "Shoot a nickel?" Band, 8, Football, 4, Bas- ketball, 2, Clee Club, 3, B a S e b a l l, 15 Lcttermen's Club, 2. BETTY LOU STURDIVANT "Lulu" Her smile is her passport to popularity. Clee Club, 1, Paper Stall, 1g Monitor, 1, Transfer, North Wilkesboro High School. BILL TUNNELL, JR. "Turnell" Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise. Band, 4, Boy Scouts, 4, Clee Club, 25 Astronomy Club, 15 Hobby Club, 1. JEAN WILSON Being ri good fellow and folly, she has no time for melanclmly. Annual Stall, 1, Basket- ball, 2, Homeroom Presi- dent, 2, Paper Staff, 3, Mon- itor, 2, Leaders Club, 3. WILLIAISI B. Yomc, JR. The best of the lzext. Student Council, 4, Band, 6, Boy Scouts, 5, Glee Club, 35 National Honor Society, 2, Football, 45 Basketball, 35 Baseball, 1. JUNIORS OFFICERS V. tl. lXl0lll'T'I'Z ....,... .............. I 'rchsirlnnf W lJANlfI Cooic .......... .......... l five-Prczsiflcrlt N1Auc:Aum' IIAYES ...... Sccrctary-Trcasrzrcr' MABSHALS Barluara jonvs, Clzicfg V. -I. Morctz, Clzfefg Katlilcvn Crm-nv. Lawrence- Phillips. R4-lia Croc-in-, Paul Erlmistvn. di' we gl? f. K fx r i A 1 .3 Q ,Q 5 8 if-is. . an lr.. M ' 'f A .... ' . SN xii ' ' i' f 'L -- , .. :Q . gd . E. ,Q if .,. M, , Mr, A- ' Fmsr Row-LEFT TO Rlolrr: Nora Austin, Lawrence Burden, Bctty Ruth Barnes, Ted Barnvtt, JHIIICS Bvslic-urs. S1-:COND Row: llarry Ray Brcnclall, Peggy Bingham, jimmy Braclsliaw, Roscoe Brown, Bill Buchanan, Arla-nc Carlton. 'FIIIIXD Row: Claude Carlton. Baxter Carrol, Marvin Casey, Arlene Cole, Annie Cook, Dane Cook. -A if 18 lif- X K . TP. Y IPIIIST R0VV1Ll:1F'l' T0 Ric:HT: Grant Cook, L. M. Cook, Barbara Colthurst, Hazel Cornett, Bill Danner, Herhert Davidson. SECOND How: Paul Echnisten, Elsie Greene, Irene Greene, Kathleen Greene, Homer Greene, Lawrence Greene. Tnnum Row: Ray Greene, Reha Greene, Mary Sue Greer, Dale Gross, Mary Jo Gross, Nell Cross. FOURTH How: La Vonne Hampton, Rozella Hampton, Evelyn Hartley, George Hayes, Margaret Hayes, Fairy Hodges. FIFTH Row: Tounny Hodges, Sylvia Hollars, Betty Honeycutt, -Ioan Hughes, Phil Hughes, Barhara Jones. SIXTH Row: Cladys jones, Charles Lyons, Donald ML-Craeken, Bessie Miller, Paul Miller, V. J. Moretz. SEVENTH Row: Juanita Norris, Nell Norris, Edna Parker, Iva Lee Payne, V. C. Payne, Lawrence Phillips. EICIITII How: Margaret Teague, Howard Tuginan, Betty jo Turner, Betty Vannoy, Hal Vannoy, Mary Lee VVatson. SOPHOMORES X A A '22, xg!! l'llHS'l' RIMS'-lJlCIf'l' 'ro lllUIl'l'Z Be-ttv B11r11c-s, lUllIlllV B11r11m-lt, Ki1lllt'Tlllt' B1-11so11, I Bi11gl1a1111, Bill Bl2lCklllll'Il, llc-le-11 Bowl:-s, A111114-' Loo CilYlK'tlJll. X1-well Carroll, Colvurcl. SECOND Row: Mary l'lI'1lllCl'S Cook, Arm-ttu Cook, lifillllillll Cook, Allikllllll' Critclwr, Pfggors, Nancy Elrod, Nltllllllli' llz1rcli11, 141111111 llalrtlc-y, Corclon llnrtzog. rlvlllllll How: Putty lloclgvs, Cornlclim' llollurs, 41111111 Hopkins, -1111111110 llouscr. Cluirv Mury l'll'illlCUS Klutz, Arn-l1ic Lyons, Ernvst Lyons, Bolmlny Nlk'C1DIlIll'll. I"oUn'ru How: Bill ML-Nvil, Dorn Morvtz, Exton Morvtl, ll. M. Mora-tl, Cluclys Millcr, Millvr, Elsie- Nichols, -Ioan Phillips, Olive- Proffitt. Fllf'l'lI Row: Nvttio Lou Rogers, Bc-tty ,IL-4111 Shore, Nancy Slmll, HL-l1a1 Smith, Lois svnd, Hina 'l'riple'tt, lx11lllI'lCi' Tenlplvton. Shirley XV-1ltSOIl, Clcnu YYilc0x. SIXTH How: Bc-tty Xvinclmrgc-r, Roy XVood. -- -1:4 so 1:11, OFFICERS -lo11NN1' BAHN1-:'1"1' ................. ...... I ,l'f'SiCIl'llf l,ols 'I'owNs1-1N11 .................. lfilfl'-PTI?-SllIf'lIf ll. Xl. NlORlC'l'l ....... c:lCRAl,lJINl'1 llol,1.A11s .........,......... Srvfrcflzlry xl1cAN Ilovlclxs ..... T... I lklfllllfil Mary Isulwl jonvs. xV0l'lll Town- ...'l'1'1'11.vurf'r ....li1'porff'r ul, Q4 ' vu S CQ, Y 1 - eg FRESI-IME lmnl lfuuh' Swwnml lfurrs Tflirrl lfuzr: Nlil' Nlxxxrz limm' Nmmls Sum Almxlc lux lilzlrx Allfxx Xumus Nlxlur: cj.-KIiIiOI,l, NYxxovx Bun l5lz'l"l'x Ii xx' flIilCl4IXI'f -llc.-xx XYl'YI4Il5.-Xlllllill I3.xlm.uu llum IS Ilixlu. limmx xlll.lJlH'IlJ linux N.x1mlN14 Cum II lin7l"rx -llfgxx SICIYICIR l51f:'l"l'x' Hl"l'll S'l'1'7lcl.x1.-xx lhxlrmmx -loxls C Lian lim,u'K l'n4'1"l'x l3l'nKr:'1"1' NAIIINIC lI.xn'u I x xllCl.ll,X li.u:.xx Nlcxnx ANN NIJIRIKIS Buxxllc .Irpxx C lil 1 Nl X IZILX l,l4:1c lixluuucn lil1:'l'sY HIWJIIICS PIC.-XIII, 'IONICS Xwxn fzllllkl-I .l.-XNIUI' limczll.-xxx l".n'r1 Nlhlililfs ss Nhxoxx xYll.l.l.XNlS Xl.-un' lfluxftlcs Cumg ICIJITII Cm'rc'mn ICm'm P,uu.l1-:lx Drums ll.xm'l I x l'lcr:c:Y IIoNm'r:U'r'r LICNA-X cllllilili I.r:Mm.'x f:lil'IlCNl-I vlli.-KN IlIIll.l.llS llulurlkllx' NIllAl,l'Ili NI-Il.l.ll', lilvru NIll.I.Iflli Nhm' ANN I".'XllilTlIllAll lhax l'lilK'I1I l,lil'ISNl'Il.l. --xii 21 is--A FRE HME Xlns. 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"B" BASKETBALL TEAM l"lns'1' ll0XV-l.l'II"'l' 'ro lilczniz Billy Bc-ntly, Dull- llozlgvs, lirnvst Lyons, Hill Dznnwr. S1f1c:oNn How: 'l'onnnx' lloclgvs, Il. M. Mon-tx. Clmrlvs Lyons. lAlXVl'l'Il1'l' liamlvni, C4-orgv liicliurclson, Trippl Courlz. ,,,. , ,X . . l A4828 L J u I GYM TEAM l"lns'r ROV'-Ll-1l"'l' 'ro llll2II'l'I lllllll Brooksliirc. A. j. llnrlnon, II. IS. Coolw. Clyclm Austin, Bill llartlc-y, 'l'onnny Crm-r, Dull' lloclgcs, l'll'1llll'i Cook. Bolilmy Slllllll. S14:c:0Nn Row: Caxsol Ilnrinon, Dixon Qnnlls, Clan' Bm-slivurs. Rolla-rt YliK'llglll'. Man-lx Iilrorl Bill Dnnnvr. llownrcl Cook, Billy M4-Ni-il, llillll lliclmrilson, Nh: Qninvy. Spfnmnr. Illlllllll How: Bill lilncklmrn, lim-l'l1c'l't Dnviclson, Y. j. Mon-tx. Bill Iivnlly, Alznnos Crnllann Dull- Cross, llownrcl llnginnn. ll. Nl. 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CRIFFING, SALESMAN Boone ---- North Carolina Compliments of HOME ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY "Your General Electric Dealern Phone 230 - 104 Main Street Boone - - - North Carolina BARE'S FAIR COMPLETE LINE OF Clothing and Furnishings for the Family Boone - - North Carolina For Fine Meats-Call 29 CITY MEAT MARKET WESTERN AND LOCAL MEATS Sea Foods In Season Home Jewelry Store Expert Watch Repairing GLENN R. HOWELL Silverware - Glassware - China Gifts for All Occasions 104 Main Street Boone ---- North Carolina Curtiss Candy Company MAKERS OF Babe Ruth - Butterjinger Man of War Compliments of KENNETH D. GREENE - "E657i9'- Suu! . , . I4UI'kl'll uul? . . . Gun- tzulglvs will: tluc- L'1lIlll'l'il wl fgawv Hswwrtffms A A 1-fwnwrgr " 1 'v liln- llupvy luulw Hll ..,. Km lnlml plflywrl nn , . . Mun :xml SIIITUYIIIQIII , . . Paul xluml.v LIIIIIIYI zrllilf' lirly xilx . . X1 ll luxlx lil' Xllllll xxllil1 llmw L-:nfl lu' lmulf.v.' ..., 'L ll. S. ,'xfIllf'1l'A' pc'l'fnrm. .... 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A N D G R EA SIN G O PHONE 1241 Boone, North Carolina Boone - - - North Carolina -'if 60 H+- CIJMPLIMEN TS OF CAROLINA HOTEL 0 In the Heart of the Blue Ridge Compliments of Highlander Motor Co., Inc. Sales and Serzfzke on CHRYSLER and PLYJWOUTI-I Use Chrysler Corporatio: PARTS MOPar ACCESSORIES R Parts Division Products 61 Eh- Compliments of B. W. STALLINGS YOUR SCHOOL IEWELER Watches - Silver - Diamonds JUNE RUSSELL THE ECONOMY STORE Mt-n's, xv0llIl'l1,S, Children's Shoes - Dresses - Coats Mm-n's and Boys' Clothing - Hats and Notions Army Goods Phones-Day 365 Night 13 Boone - - - North Carolina Watauga Hardware, Inc. A Complete Line of Hardware and Associated Lines PHILCO RADIOS Maytag Washing Machines MYERS PUMPS The Home of A.S.T.C. SKYLINE RESTAURANT Hollars Grocery Store TELEPHONE 52 - WE DELIVER FINER FOODS B. W. ELLIS - I. E. HUFFMAN REINS-STURDIVANT Funeral Director and Ernbalmer PHONE 24 o Boone - - North Carolina DACUS RADIO SHOP Expert Repairing On All Makes 25 YEARS, EXPERIENCE 217 E. Main Street - Phone 119 Boone - - North Carolina Compliments of DANI E L BOON E BOONES SHOE SHOP NEWEST and MOST MODERN 9 Boone ---- North Carolina BQQHQ - - North Carolina -QQ 62 jig., CKJMPLIMENTS OF WILKES VULCANIZING COMPANY Tire R6l'!lpPilIg' and Vulefznizing ED HODGES I9 Years Tire Sales and Service Telephone 251 Q North Wilkesboro - - North Carolina -4:4 as sav- P mx l ,gmwqw l ly . -nn' S 2 'g35'Q W? ,ii b 9 an if Hmmm- .luv .... Xlrnlyx Yllllllllll . . . llllsl .n'1'ixi11g . . . IIHIIKH mul rrlnlllryf Nflfll' . IIN lmml Inu .un .1xnuxm'x.u'y , . . Sfl'l7j7IVI,U mul . . . Plym: lmx . . , l,r1lf IIUIIUI . 1 v , 'luullk lux: .li XIIS. eifil 1 QM, Q A K .vii t 2 -- ' s Q., 3 1 l-S111 ' 5 -Mu K .M-fs Ma - I X F' 1 Mr" as ,, x. N. .-Xppulfwlrifln nl flu' lI1'1l4'l1.' . . . 'l'lu- clay Mau- stuclix-cl . . . 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BOOK STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES I Q Fountain and Luneheonetle Pennants - School Jewelry 0 STUDENT HEADQUARTERS . W. R. COTTRELL H. I. COTTRELI THERESA HOLLARS RACHEL GREENE I- --H154 67 isp-- l C O34 PLI M EN TS OF FARMERS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY, INCORPORATED For More Than Twenty-five Years We Have Served the People of BOONE AND WATAUG14 COUNTY Today We Are Better Prepared Than Ever to Serve You PHONE 1 Wishing Each of You A Long and Happy, Prosperous Life! -'iii 68 ilk-- Compliments To Our Greatest Instz'tutz'o11- THE SCHOOL! CRAVEN FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishers Q MAIN STREET - PHONE 95 Boone ---- North Carolina BARNETT MOTOR COMPANY PONTIAC CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS FARMALL TRACTORS All Types of Maehz'nery and Hardware Q Boone - North Carolina -.,5f 69 fy..- MADDUX ESSO SERVICE ATLAS TIRES CREST STORES CO. 50 - 250 - 51.00 VALUES Boone's Headquarters for Ifashing Greasing School Needs Polishing Q PHONE 9103 Phone 203W Boone - - - North Carolina APPALACHIAN SWOFFORD'S TIRE SODA SHOP SHOP Sandwiches GOODYEAR TIRES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 2251 Phone 117 o Boone - - North Carolina O Boone - - North Carolina -if 70 iii'- COXVIPLIMENTS OF COLVARD CHEVROLET CO., INC. SHELL GAS AND OIL Wrecker Serfviee - Kelly Springfield Tires GENUINE CHEVROLET ACCESSORIES AND PARTS 9 Phones 164 and 27 Boone - - North Carolina -..E+ 71 ig,- 1 ,lu-fag? IQ 1 . f ,K Q. 1 gag U ' Q 0 f 5' Ek-K if , 53 li A 3' 1 .,, 'W Q2 Q ,jk -Y "N, 'WO ' 1' Z QQ' , If-J' '.f Omrvluln-l.ll1 . . , XVII!! figlll? . f . 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MORETZ -+9474 B'- The new 1948 serxes 1'-5 rom Q-ton cruel: wmth 195- They are powered by three new truck engines-a 95- inch wheelbase is the largest truck ever built by the lhorsepower six-cylinder engine,a100-horsepower V-8 and Ford Motor Company The new 1948 truck line offers a 14S'horsepower V-8. a wider range of models and capacities than ever before. N WINKLER MOTOR COMPANY FORD TRUCKS LAST LONGER Phone 69 and 235W "Bring Your FURD Hawk Hfzfrze for Serzf1'1'u', FORD TRACTORS and FORD EQUIPMENT -wif 75 fy.- M IPM H 60 H 9 gb-HS 'sas ,-X wvll-klmwull Si'lIUI1ll' all A. II. S .... Surf: IlHl'l'fiflll.' . . . II4- filliluf' lnxcl lium- lu pmm . . 'l'ln' Iflrw' Sluniffw . . . A S4-niors smlu-nir .... X-Sllfgjllfllg . . . Sittin prwlly . . . 'I'llf' lumn nnvlx nflrr winning lllr' Inurmnm'nl . . . lint xxlml s llm! lunlfling yum? --'if 76 fis- 1 I1 e JUIIIIHU and fl xlmu' of mu.w'l1'.s' . . . just an short rn-st lu-forv zumtlu-r dass . . Fim' :lay fur .www lmlling . . . Contortionists . . . I'Imtn,qrrlplu'1' pm' c'xr'f'Ilc'rzc'f' . . . XVIIUII llw fU1lL'llK'I' loft tin- mom . . . Iivtnn wants us In krmu' lu- run rwnl . . . Crins . . . XVinlz'r xx'Ullllf'l'Iflll!1 . . . Strvvt sn-cm-. 'ff " iw-,- ' -mg 71 ,f HUNT'S DEPARTMENT STORE BOONEKS' FAVORITE DEPARTMENT STORE o We Clothe Wntouga County Young Men'y and Men'5' Clothing NATIONALLY ADVER TISED BRANDS TARHEEL TOGS 4GThe Men's Store" South Depot Street Boone - - - North Carolina --if 78 HF'- DANIEL BOONE CABIN ON BLOWING ROCK ROAD STEAKS CHICKEN SANDWICHES . . Private Dining Room GILBERT R. DANNER,' Manager PAT'S GRILL BERT SHRAKE, Manager STEAK - CHOPS CHICKEN-IN-THE-BASKET SANDWIGHES OF ALL KINDS Club Sandwiches Our Specialty Located in Perkinsville at the Junction of Boone Trail and West jefferson Road Compliments of the Following: JOE CRAWFORD J. L. REESE DR. W. M. MATHESON DR. E. T. GLENN DR. J. G. FARTHING O --if 79 lik- I . ' 1. Q: E S Q 5 Q: C0 9.21 N QQ E 'U..c.bD" 2 "':+-'CDD N Q Q3 - C :- E385-E 'UGS g in b2?Ei5E Q5 W 3 Z::, 500004-,Q fd ,X :5S: Ugigagg : 85 m ..-:f. wzass Sag sa 5 O ESE5.'E5:mEG ESU A gi F5 L'-1 Irviii :II I 2111"-' "' gpm ,EQ 7 ssggi.. '-2. U55 E0 ga gs 5 ' 'Ibn' Q., 5.0 as-0 'Q C3 E g5S3ggg,.:..- 22. 65 gg Q23 as 5 I Eg SEQ .T-ii Eb 1' Q: m L55.-11:5 sz C,,Q-b0.-5, C Lqgwsigggagwi ' 5. mggaqg Eg Eg 5. I U GEC- 25 ORP Q s nw . ZQQN Q hq . . . mp.4v.... 6,9 iss. MQSEQB 8 Sai 22. wig 52 ow 22 5 'fsf QEQQEE fig '22. w 55-EE gin. : uV"'w'5':4-P E E '5i: U Ei Omg, Q : , ':: 43- ml'-2 ,I 5: .: -: u Eg 5. Six: 'I . Q Dqj :. :i if ' 1. 414-' '-53:91 :5::. :5 1, 5 zg QE ES 5: 4 FEM W 5- TF-3.323632 5g:E:5 Ewan Q3-H ,QQ 5-E5 :I 1 :I 54934190 .Q cc-a-f: : :.UJ::. , CQ NIJ '.-4, :az ,:- .. U ,Q '4.7,E5'E5E3E5m:S:'E: EEE SE ub"af.S5fi.51: io E auiwisizi 555 si is ggwssig 32 Ii . . U M-I -,ggxggwwggdiaz 255 5. 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Ui.-7,-:.i.'..: cn 'Sag ggfiggpn 2 Cnggtfgg .'-B3 g2qgE:H Q50 7- EBV: cnliics - 25 E :nm -0 bD'1-Q ' CQ E -cs io":'0 : -... :aw-' 2a.:gq,q.i ,.: 1 - new :nA nog '- Q 4535 oytge -MN N Q 525223125 S 2255 cd 3 2.0 -cz M -E S Q wi 81 39+ LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the graduating class of 1948, being in our right minds and of sound body, wish to leave .this school with a happy outlook on life. Therefore, as we leave we should like to will some of our talents, abilities and good habits to our friends, the student body and faculty. James Graham, will my fondness for Geometry to Reba Smith. Bill Greer, will my ability to get Simpson's car every day 2nd period to Ed Hayes. Virginia Greer, will Ray Greene to Mary Sue Greer. Bill Brown, will my excess girl friends to L. M. Cook. Herbert Hampton, will my favorite "broken bati' to Johnnie Barnett. C. M. Harrison, will my bookkeeping grades to Hal Vannoy. Arlis Hodges, will my love for singing to Miss Warren. Eula Hodges, will my ability to be quiet to jean Hopkins. Ralph Hodges, will my neatness to Armfield Coffey. Stella Rhea Hodgson, will my ability to receive diamond rings to Reba Greene. Eleanor Hasseltine Hofler, will my love for loafing in the halls to Paul Edmisten. Carolyn Ingle, will my baton to Ioan Houser. George R. King, will my ability to study to Roy Wood. Ioyce Helen Klutz, will my excess weight to Donald McCracken. Ned Lyons, will my perfect physical body to Dixon Qualls. Sue Ann Marion, will my job of taking care of sisters to Claire Jones. Fred Miller, will my best sales talk to Joann Aldridge. Mary Sue Miller, will my love for College men to Ramona jones. Ada Belle Moretz, will my business ability to Frances Greene. Martha Jean Austin, will my twin to V. J. Moretz, Edward Gritcher, will my desire to graduate from high school to Herbert Davidson. --if 82 lf?- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CContinueclQ David Edmisten, will my leadership ability to jimmy Harrison. Van Farthing, will my fondness for the Soda Shop to Ioan Hughes. Martha Greene, will my ability to tell jokes to Betty Vannoy. Jean Wilson, will my vim, vigor anl vitality, to Bessie Miller. Mary Nell Greene, will my position on the Annual Staff to th best suited for it. Mary Sue Greene, will my flock of ambitions to Tenny Barnett. Wilhelmnea Greene, will my junior dates to Betty Jo Turner. Conley Greene, will my ability to sleep in dramatics to Charles Mary lane Austin, will my excess height to Lois Townsend. Eugene Blackburn, will my big mouth to Alma Teague. Coy Bolick, will my driving ability to Mr. Quincy. Gladys Brown, will my nursing ability to anyone who wishes nurse. 1 Della Bumgarner, will my typewriter to Hazel Cornette. Gurney Carlton, will Mary Frances Cook to Homer Greene. Carolyn Clawson will my job as a "soda-jerky' to Ann Hopkins. Max Clawson, will my wavy hair to Hugh Hartley. Sue Coffey, will my ability to jitterbug to Ioan Hartley. e person Lyons. to be a jimmy Cook, will my football uniform to the one who can fill my place best. Suzanne Coffey, will my fondness for staying at home to anyone who likes to stay at home. Lois Cooke, will my excess weight to Helen Winebarger. Fred Council, will by ability to play a cornet to Kermit Dacus. Gene Craven, will to Landy Brown the date that she has asked me for so many times. Cansas Moretz, will my intellectual ability to Isabel Eggers. Carey Morety, will my ability to argue with teachers to Nell Norris. -qf 83 ly.- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Q Continued J I, George Cook, will my ability to get married to Tommy Critcher. I, Elmo Moretz, will my ability to get up before an audience to Claire jones. I, Grady Moretz, will my dating ability to Doogin Greer. I, Ted Cook, will my blonde hair to Mary Io Gross. I, Larry Moretz, will my love for sketching to Lawrence Phillips. I, Baxter Norris, will my ability to be quiet to C. V. Greene. I, Clara Norris, will my height to Shirley Watson. I, jack Norris,xwill my French speaking ability to Mack Elrod. I Sallie Norris, will my ability to blush at the right time to joan Critcher 7 I, Wilma Norris, will my red hair to joan Phillips. I, Beulah Odom, will my ability to get along with other people to Glenn Wilcox. I, Martha Qualls, will my position on the Student Council to V. J. Moretz, jr. I, Buck Robbins, will the projector that Miss Alexander uses to Bill Blackburn. I, jimmy Scruggs, will my long red hair to Maurice Templeton. I, Ann Smith, will my love for hayrides to Rebecca Shoemake. :I, Gene Stewart, will my quietness to Patty Hodges. I, Donald Stilwell, will my likeness for twins to Bill Crawford. I, Pete Storie, will my easy going temper to Fairy Hodges. I, Mary Lee Stout, will my musical ability to Helen Bowles. I, Betty Iou Sturdivant, will my housekeeping ability to Betty Honeycutt. I, Robert Teague, will my drawing ability to Mary Lee Watson. I, Bill Tunnell, will my place in the band to Bobby Cook. I, Donald Warman, will my wit to James Wilcox. I, Kenneth Winebarger, will my ability to cut classes to George Richardson. I, W. B. York, will my liking for music to Guy Hunt, Ir. Martha Austin and Buck Robbins leave their sympathy to next year's testators. MARTHA AUs'rrN BUCK ROBBINS -if 84 liv- ,H -, v . R ' - Q ".'4f 5 ' h x 'N Y 'N x i ii lg' w X 'Xi W9 x.P"fP Q iw S-Xi Q'gj. L' ' ga.E W2 ,ff 4 Nag x Qb ' I 51519 -If 2 'Q ' ' T1 ff 3 "' if 3 ' P NIP' an-NL 1 H5 hgh.- 14 . To our advertisers and all those who, by their support and cooperation have made this annual possible, we of the LAUREL Staff offer our sin- cere thanks. , 596 "The time has comef' the stall has said, "To think with many tears Of carbon sheets-of inky script, And junior-Senior jeers, And all who'll spend the day Chasing us with spears." "Mercy on usf, the victims wail Turning greens and blues, "For all the school is hunting us Armed with twenty-twos. So in haste we'll hurry on And close our book with sad adieusf, -4686 li'- Hutogvfaphs i Y E ,. f l Q2 1? ii X 45 5,526 ' 01' i - ix , fi 1 A asm, 11 .iq lu 'P f YZ af Q-S . A stag, . - 0 ,,":X O . 9 I .1 , at rt' ' . , an , A Af'- Q - ' i ar QZWQQESEQ N" A ' Q A - Xilak 9 0 A N Q3 , - JF C5 QW' if f I- , I' Q E 4- , xxi, ' " lg. t .- ' . 4' j 0 'fn ,T I A ,- ' QQ' fry Y 144 : G ' A 717 ' . Us if K I. A tr, L Xb Q4 X f N r X 1' 0 115 "xg"'5, v YI' I F, ' 4 ,f 5 O

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