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Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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f!T 'J I Y, v:,v-1, X f' 'ff-'bar' , A xv. - AL . J- iz., "'-311 ,'w-QR' Jw, Hg, 44. 71.897 6638 965 The gleaner 1965 QM THE GLE 196 11,1 3. J-,f I , ". . . that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together." John 4:36 APPALACHIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE Bradley, West Virginia A "Wharabouts did you say you was from, young fella?" the old man que- ried. "From the Appalachian Bible Insti- i tute--you've seen it before," the youth insisted. "You know, as you turn off the highway onto Sand Branch, it is right there on the right-hand side of the road." "Ooooh, up yonder on the hill! So you're one of them from up yonder on 1'-A the hill, huh?" After a pause which indicated that a reply was expected, the youth mut- tered, "Yes sir, I am." "I've seen you'uns afore and heered alittle about ya, but Iain't never rightly understood what ya was a doin' up thar. Tell me, son, what are you'uns doing up yonder?" "Well," the young man began, "we have classes five days a week just like any other college and .... " "Whoa, whoa," the old man interrupted. "I ain't interested in that kind of stuff. I mean, what are you'uns doin' up thar? What's your purpose up yonder on the hill?" "Well, sir, you see, we're therebecause ofwhat tookplace on another Hill nearly 2,000 years ago. You know the story of the Lord Jesus and the love that impelled him to die on Golgotha for our sins." "Yeah, I've heered it a.fore." "When He died on that Hill He provided new life for any who would believe. He can give light in place of darkness. In all of these hundreds of years never once has His light failed to shine forth from His Hill. That's the reason we are up there on our hill." "Well, I reckon that I do understand about Jesus dyin' that a way. But I reckon my thinker mustbe gettin' rusty in these last years 'cause I still don't see what that has to do with you'uns bein' up thar on the hill." "Each of us, sir, has met Jesus for himself. We have believed what the Bible teaches about all men being sinners and the fact that Jesus died so that menwouldn't have to spend eternity in Hell because of sin. We have accepted God's Word--that by placing our trust in Jesus, we can spend eternity in Heavenwith Him! We have EXPERIENCED His love. And you see, because of what He has done for us, we have given our lives to Him--to use in any way He likes. We live and study up there on our hill in order to really serve Him. We are up there training to be mis- sionaries, ministers, children's workers--to be anything God wants us to be!" "Oh, Ireckon I do understand now, young fella. I reckon I do. You see, once when I wasn't even knee-high to a grasshopper, I was saved. But I ne'er gave my life to God like you have. Wish I had a though. Life's been mighty powerful empty since my Mary passed on some twenty year ago." "I'm sorry to hear that, sir. IAMthankful thatlhave given my life to the Lord for His service. I pray I'll never forget what He's done for me. I pray that each day of my life I will really be used of Him, and that His light will always shine forth from MY life!" 2 SHINING ACADEMICALLY PP. 7-36 GLOWING SPIRITUALLY PP. 37-42 REFLECTING THRU SERVICE PP. 43-48 BEAMING PHYSICALLY PP. 49-56 FLICKERING SOCIALLY PP. 57-64 Q "Young fella, I can see how trainin's good for ya, and I know when you get outta that Bible school you will live for God. But right now, how can you be livin' for God if you're stuck up yonder on the hill?" "There are lots of ways. First of all, we have a chance to draw closer to Him each day, and that in itself is a way to honor Him. As we study His Word and spend time in prayer,we are serving Him." The youth paused for a moment. "You know, mister," he continued, "there are plenty of ways we can let His light shine forth from our hill." "Each of us has an assignment each week during which we can go out and minister to the spiritual needs of folk around us. Several students go visiting our neighbors, just as I am visiting you now, in an effort to bring them to Christ." "We could be helpful in the churches in this area if we would really apply ourselves. Our choir and other musical groups travel all through this state and surrounding ones spreading the gospel of Christ." H Many of the students have parents or friends or other loved ones back home who haven't met Christ in this personal way. These students can explain what it is to truly know Christ as they write home or visit for a week-end or a vacation period." "Students are serving Him as they allow Him to have His will day by day." "Hmmmm," the old man mused. "Guess your life can be handy to God, ne'er mind whar ye are, if you allow Him to be the boss." "That's right, sir. I believe that now you do understand what we are doing up there on our hill. You see, we want our lives to really glorify God. As each student submits himself, His light will shine forth from our hill. Yes, it is our prayer--the prayer of each member of the Appalachian Bible Institute family--that from now 'till the day He returns, always there will shine forth HIS LIGHT FROM OUR HILL !" The youth went on his way looking for more like the old man whom he could help. But as he went, he really pondered, he really prayed. And as he prayed, that one phrase kept coming to mind. Yes, this MUST be the sincere prayer of each one of them. If it weren't, how could the school survive? Yes, that one phrase is the real goal. How had he said it the first time? Oh yes! It was "always may there shine forth HIS LIGHT FROM OUR HILL!" v rg- ' -' M- -,, Mr. William J. Berry Bluefield, West Virginia Mgr.,J.C. Penny, Co. V it ' Zin: S Hi 1 vw, w w it w, Rev. Randy Carroll Portsmouth, Ohio Pastor F , A 5. .. Rev. Cal C. Beukema Bradley, West Virginia Instructor at A.B.I. oard Mr. Morris Brodsky Fincastle, Virginia Mgr. Scripture Truth Book Co. irector L Rev. Mel Efaw, Chairman Huntington, West Virginia Pastor Mr. Wm. L. Hanmer Bradley, West Virginia Business Mgr. at A.B.I. Compliments of LEED'S DISCOUNT 329 Prince Street Beckley, West Virginia 4 Rev. Gerald S. Hobart East Lynn, West Virginia Nat'l Field Sec'y, N.H.M.F Rev. Garlen Howington Rev. A. Reid Jepson Dr. Justin T. Long Beaver, West Virginia Charleston, West Virginia Oak Ridge, Tennessee Pastor Projects Services Research Chemist Dr. Henry Morris Blacksburg, Virginia Prof. of Hydraulic Engineering pf? Rev. William Stevens Charleston, West Virginia Evangelist, Bookstore 4,5-Q! , W 1.. w , i 1ici".5 , , 1 Rev. Lester E. Pipkin Bradley, West Virginia Not pictured Mr. James Tawney Clendenin, West Virginia Compliments of BLACKBURN-PATTESON REALTY COMPANY Bradley, West Virginia Mr. John R. Price Sylvester, West Virginia Merchant Dr. Joe H. Winner Beckley, West Virginia Optometrist GLEANER STAFF Editor-Jerry Aldridge Business Man.-Pat Hensley Editorial Writer-John Martin Secretary-Nellie Porter Bookkeeper-Sande Lilly Sales Man.-Don Ehler Secretary-Linda Rice Sales Crew Patty Reynolds Shelby Fields Mary Wetzel Don Samples Dean Patton Layout Editor--Joan Fox Photographers May Rupert Doug Shrewsbury Secretary--Pat Black Layout-Barbara McCormack Layout-Don Stinnett Al' :,,1: ,yll A jig-z .3 ' Q-' ' I , GLEANER STAFF SPONSORS: Miss Leah Wegner, Mr. Lucky Shepard . we 1 1' .e .J Compliments of BANK OF RALEIGH BECKLEY PIGGLY - WIGGLY INC. Beckley, West Virginia "The original self-service" 6 110 Main Street Beckley, West Virginia Q7 1 gs, 1 W .21 1 1 1 21 m1222222 1 1 1 Y .12 .12 .12Q11,1112Q1 2,11 .1 1- L,,AL,, AVVAAV W, 1.511111 ,W1 1 ,wl 1 ,wls,W1 1. 55111 1221131111 W, 1,1,, .. 1.2 1.1 122s2:1.,11.,, .,.,.m1.2 A - 'Nl' !':'X1iP,fsfkf',119155111111 121 2355 Lf..5"EE:-Eiiiik , '1 M 5xisilgp522.525112i111i1.2i1.121s2i1:12-1 ,, 15, 1... W 1 ,J,1112111222w112E2:1Q21112gfwMM'WvM3 2 H58 1- 'S T " if - - ' ' 1 211 112111: :iw11:2z.1121Msfi1:211111 1 ,,11 1 .2221211111s,, .1 112f11211:ff.s2f222Sf21 PQM I E www-11111111 11121112111111111121111w..,.W,..,.,. 12,2. ,,1,..1, ,1.21,,11.21,,1,..21,,,,11 , ,,2,2,,,,1, M , 1 m11112111211121,,,M, . A .1,.11,sV8szs'S1.,11.,, 1.,11.,11.,11.,11.,11.,111 .... ,11.,11.,11 1.,11.,11.,11.,11, .,1, ,,1,A1,5,, . ,11.,11.,11.,11.,11.,11.,, - x BAY 1 . E .,.J...., . .. , , 1 , . ...,..11a. v2 1mm 1 , 1 2. . . 2 w2g?g22Q-911121111 M111111:1f1:1zs:2z1:2z1:sz1if"m......M122,, :mm 2 1111211 1:ff1:2z1:1z1s12,-,, 11,,11 M.. 1112.11 f1s:2z1s1z1:f11sszz:11 1 1 111. - 1 ,mfs-f::2:1a2z1a2211 - .. 1 . -z- HQQQQQE22 .1155E15,,, i1Q2z122:1111111w , 111111-2 ' - -' -az 21511111 Ewxun m ss mug 221122211 11 ggx2uw1g5gv11ggggS 1' 5 sg "i,ffg2w5J22 1 511 -122,11 222 , SN mxmxwk Mjggwl mwgiyz, 1,1Q,:,.... .1a 5g?5134fmgi:22, Q11 121, mm 253:11 1 'I I 1, 1 11 21:23 2 ,X E mm :mm Q11 E E' Q 112 . 22 5: 95 ,,5g2L11 1 12:fie1+s'J1 131' 1 .1.,21l1' , fswfgf " 1 ifiiiau 21? f::211f?1-i'5!?1112 1- 'I X 1 S Z M 1 11 - - M If 1121: H E 21"' 1 - Z ,zrggww ' - M 11' 1:1 - W 2 A 2 3 1 syfggiggq 221111,,.,1ga1gs2ggia211s , X .. k1,,, . ,1,1 41.325111 , ff--f 12251151 ,111 A 211' 1 ,1N "X U! 22 1 L 1?'?f-515121551 KW 5553? 151 1. k 1,912 5 .i 11f'1W1 .1 55- N 1 vu 221112211 21,1 1122,,s,1.1,11,1.111.1, 21211121111 g1.agg..g1f,5 1 1 .112 11 2 W111' 511222-v2212fWY1g?21221v 2111.121 ff' 1'2gSm11111 I .11 1,,, ,2,, 11 JY 1-22y1ggg2,, ,,,, glfiiswv- 11 ,,5a129g5Tas1 Q 112'2g11q1f211221sm,113gZ1' 2 11 M ' 111111112112 2:1t 293559551 5 af w11i11111114,11 1--f 511 '55, ggg 1' fS3?Ys?Yl1i1i1i111121?1511 fi 1 1 'lm 1- 24.1 12 f-f-f-f-f- ,, 2,1.,11122:1- 4 A N ,111.: 1.11139 1 1 111 wb1514...1 .fq 11- 22m12f:21:f1i,wgit111' 1E2s22gg211m3Lw 1 -N 1 , .1 k'W'1"h'1 W 13'f'1'2 123.15 '1 '13 111' f P :111f11,,2 2121212311112 ' 11 345125551111 I 1 1 12 " - ' ' 21. 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M 1,1,1, 1 12, 1,1-122111, 11 21 A -' ,, M. , 1 1 2 2 1 L92 :T 1 1 15 213 5 Q.. 21: Q 211 wiv 22 111.21111 A ,1.2f121f11- 1 I 5.13 Lof 1 KW-552 "'- - ffl es W fwscifffiff'-Q7 ,W f,k. f,::f, 1 1 srsewiw REV. LESTER E. PIIPKIN, PRESIDENT Bible Philosophy Speech Es W in REV. CAI... C. BEUKEMA, VICE-PRESIDENT Christian Education Music Life of Christ W. if? ii -M Couipliiiients of 3+ LEES INC. G. C. MURPHY CO. "Distinctive Home Furnishings" Oak Hill 8: Beckley, West Virginia Oak Hill, West Virginia 1 ifa:21z"nQ'! we W ,"i'A2t-?FvyfgiT1fi"'?':Ti -I -- .31 J N- ' S ' .TEGGEYQEVJ-" 7 ff - , P . -ee 1. 1'-SW' ' ' ' Y 'S wif' 1.'fE! .:"'TlX1"t': "T " -53 E?"!"' . , 4 er 153, , " 11 . ---- W 'A S it 3 ' it M, H A A n ,,:,.,.ia1gf-1,5 1: M ,ig E55-ffa,ajaj+':'f f ',v g,g:' Qf I,..e-, , "Mfg M' 1' 3' .sw ,EV "iff f i its 1 f E ,Q 1 1 J ,Ac , - ' 'Eg A MISS JOYCE GARRETT Registrar , 45s, LV 5,8521 The Hebrew scholars? ? ? FACULT MRS. LESTER E. PIPKIN Music, Piano MR. WM. L. HANMER Business Manager Accounting, Missions REV. CARY M. PERDUE Dean of Education Bib1e,Greek Compliments of , gfvygif JJ., ni, . it f AMERICAN GLASS Sz MIRROR CO. INC. THE PIECEGOODS SHOP Home of New Flexalum Aluminum 101 Main Street Awnings, Armstrong Tile 8: Carpet Beckley, West Virginia Beckley, West Virginia 253-3123 Phone 252-6345 "Dress Better for Less" MR. BOB SIZEMORE Per. Evangelism Church History Bible MR. LUCKY SHEPARD Director, Christian Service Department K., MR. JOHN VAN PUFFELEN Dean of Students Hermeneutics, Bible Theology gg- - sp- -. Ag-.Y 1:1-,-.rg Y- ,-,iyvvj gr:-5 ihfi, :i1"' ,W "3 -'Vx' "Li r -' 4 L- 535. ew M Compliments of MISS LEAH WEGNER Church Secretary Course English , s MRS. JOHN VAN PUFFELEN Dean of Women CITY FINANCE CO. RICHMOND CLEANERS Gt LAUNDRY, INC. Loans 20 - 800 Beckley, West Virginia Sprague - Pinevine - Oceana. Plant Xa Office, 1614 S. Kanavha St. Phone: 253-7388 CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. and Mrs. Cal C. Beukema The last year--A banquet and a sneak to plan--Decisions to be made--The end is drawing near--What's next? HIS will to be completed! CLASS OFFICERS: L. to R. Treas. Judy Edgell Vice-Pres. Jesse Porter Pres. John Martin Sec. Sue Hamilton Compliments of SUNBEAM BAKERIES Cole Baking Co. Beckley Sz Logan, West Virginia 'a W"-C31 THOMAS BURBRIDGE Hilliards, Ohio Rom. 12:1,2 Class Pres.--1,2g Student Council Pres.--35 Prayer Band--2. i.-.. STEPHEN DAVIS Bradley, West Virginia Psalm 27: 4,5 Class Vice-Pres.--2. East Leroy, Michigan Student Council, New spaper--25 Class Treasurer--35 Social Com- mittee--3. ,mo gn I. msmgss JUDI EDGELL I Cor. 6:19,20 SUE HAMILTON Adamsville, Ohio Hebrews 13:20,21 Q ,, Nw Choir- - 1,2,3g Social Committee--2, Class Secretary--3. Compliments of THE CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE Southern West Virginia's Church Supply Store James Tawney, Owner Carl Johnson, Manager 211 McCreery Street, Beckley, W. Va. ai PAT HENSLEY Oak Ridge, Tennessee Psalm 25:1-7 Psalm 28:7 Class Secretary--13 Choir--1,2,3 Trio--3g Spyre--25 Sales Mgr.--2 Gleaner- -Saleswornan- 1, Sales Mgr: --2, Business Mgr.-3. JOHN MARTIN JR. Huntington, W. Virginia Psalm 28:7 Gleaner-1, Editor-2, Editorial writ- er-3g Student Council, Vice-Pres. --35 Class President--3, Delegate at Large--1. JESSE PORTER JR. Slemp, Kentucky James 1:25,2'7 ' Gospel Heralds--2,35 Heraldaires-- 2,35 Choir--1,2,3g Choir President --33 Class Vice-Pres.--3. BETTE JANE PHELPS Edgewater, Maryland Proverbs 18:10 Ch o ir --1,2,3g Gospelaires--1,2,3g Her:-Lldaires--1,2,33 Social Commit- tee--1,3. Compliments of DUNCAN-CATRON MTR. CO. SNOW THORNTON FLORIST Your Dodge dealer since 1928 Beckley, West Virginia Beckley, West Virginia Member of '3 FLORISTS' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY 71' ELLEN SNOOK Pataskala, Ohio Phil. 3:10 1 ' Student council--25 Choir--lg Social : Com--lg Layout editor of Gleaner-- 12 3 TRUDY THOMAS Dalton, Pennsylvania Isaiah 40:31 Trio--1,2,3g C ho i r --1,2,3g Class Treasurer--1, Spyre--2: Brass En- semble--2. x. ?""u-x MARTIN J. WILLIS Kingsport, Tennessee Romans 11:33 Class Vice-Pres.- - lg Choir-- 1,2,33 Social Committee- -1,3. RUTH LYDIA CAMP Owingsville, Kentucky Phil. 2:16 Sec. of Spyre--1: Class Treasurer- -2g Sec. and Treas. of Student Coun- cil--25 Pres. of Wo m en ' s Dorm Council--23 Delegate at Large--3g Recipient of Maynard Davis Schol- arship--3. Compliments of A Friend JU IOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. and Mrs. Cary M. Perdue io, N CLASS OFFICERS: L. to R. Pres. Roger Tittle Sec. May Rupert Treas. Ramona Anderson Vice-Pres. Paul Timblin qu'- A hard year--plan a Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Study and prepare for classes--Will we make it? We did! Compliments of BIGGS - JOHNSTON - WITHROW Printers and Publishers 801 Valley Drive Beckley, West Virginia JERRY ALDRIDGE Huntington, W. Virginia Q RALEIGH ADAMS Cutshin, Kentucky 'Qs-Y SEQWFL1 mi,5gP?,u H mm N A A - YY -.. V, A I, H Wm -- - V . " W wi. Sim 2 V ' -HQ -Q 4 Q Sw - I v' :sm 22 M 6:30 A.M.--Breakfast is not served in bed w f arf M RAMONA ANDERSON Chariton, Iowa TED CRIPE Goshen, Indiana I Compliments of APPALACHIAN POWER CO. Box 949 Beckley, W. Virginia ir lx KURT DIBBLE Church Hill, Tenn. IA .7 v L i 10:00 A.M.--Drink up all you can. CAROLE FARLEY Lester W. Virginia Compliments of JAMES D. LILLY Sz SON REAL ESTATE 102 McCreery St. Beckley, W. Virginia 253 - 3314 EFFIE DITTY St. Petersburg, Pa. DON EHLER Sh eboygan, Wis consin Y"'?3 ,. ELLIS FIELDS NORMAN HELFERS fi i...,f Fort Gay, W. Virginia Arlington Heights, Illinois Evft in 1 Q, . 1 , 7-Q WL 2:00 P.M.--study--sway--study, Study, study. x J DUDLEY MORGAN Ronceverte, W. Virginia is LINDA RICE RON NEELY 1 Covington, Va. Lerona, West Virginia Compliments of ASHWORTH HOME 8: AUTO SUPPLY WOODDELL'S JEWELRY STORE, INC. 211 - 213 Prince Street 208 Main Street Beckley, West Virginia Beckley, West Virginia T: nf '1 mi. " 495-inn DON SAMPLES Kingsport, Tenn. -Yi .341 L, f PAT THOMAS. ' PAUL TIMBLIN ROGER TITTLE N1U'0, W- Vlfglflla New Kensington, Pa. Charleston, W.Virginia 1 PATTY WELLS ' Huntington, West Virginia w 10:15--The last minute rush, ROGER WICKS Columbus, Ohio Compliments of GRADY WHITLOCK FORD, INC. 19-21 By Pass Beckley, West Virginia 20 PAUL WEGNER Zebulon, Kentucky Sf, '77 FRE CLASS OFFICERS: L. to R Treas. Judy Anderson Vice-Pres. Lyle Westover Sec. Ardith Albers Pres. Bill Wylie A new experience--Getting ad- justed--Learning how to apply oneself--How will the year go? All too fast! CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. and Mrs. Lucky W. Shepard Compliments GARVIN-LIVELY INSURANCE WARREN'S AUTO PARTS Oak Hill, West Virginia 323 Main Street Wholesale Jobbers Oak Hill, West Virginia Q., ,If ARDITH ALBERS Grand Rapids, Mich. LARRY ALSOP Hyattsville, Md. -Q2 JUDY ANDERSON Chariton, Iowa uoifali RON BASH Leechburg, Pa 'S-'L"" PEGGY BAILEY LOLA BISHOP Mann, W. Virginia Wyco, W. Virginia Compliments of MEADOWS LUMBER BRADLEY DRESS SHOP 19-21 By-Pass Bradley, West Virginia Beckley, W. Virginia 22 2 Aw 'iiuf e PAT BLACK Coalport, Pa. WILLIAM BROCATO Sheboygan, Wisc. LORENE BROWN Terre Haute, Ind. I N.. QQ?- ,.-' A LOU ANN CASTEEL Northville Mich LARRY CLOUSE MAX BUNGARD Parkersburg, W- Va. Churubusco, Ind. Compliments of MERCHANTS Sz MINERS NATIONAL BANK Oak Hill, West Virginia 23 ELIZABETH CRIPE Goshen, Indiana w H. SHIRLEY DUBBS Martinsburg, Pa. JUDY EDDY Madison, W. Va. DON EMERSON Perry, Mich. Compliments of VALLEY MOTOR SALES ACME SUPER MARKET 1109 Valley Drive N. Beckley, West Virginia Phone 252-6751 Beckley, W.Va. 24 WS, H H 'Q nie ' sf DAVID EATON Mentor, Ohio SHELBY FIELDS Fort Gay, W. Va. BARBARA FISHER Lewistown, Pa. JOAN FOX Beattyville, Ky. MARTHA FISHER Lewistown, Pa. GLORIA GIBSON Sheboygan, Wisc . Compliments of HOME INSURANCE AGENCY 106 Main St. Beckley, West Virginia 25 SHIRLEY FLEMING Dixie, W. Virginia JOYCE GRAVELY Beckley, W. Virginia '51 RON HARROLD South Bend, Ind. GLORIA JACOBS BETTY LILLY P90I'ia, 111- Beckley, W. Virginia JOYCE LOWE Charleston, W. Va. SANDI LILLY SANDRA MARSH Prosperity, W. Va. PiffSbU1'gh, Pa- Compliments of BECKLEY INSULATION COMPANY TED'S ESSO Box 1778 Double stamps on gas Beckley, West Virginia Bradley, West Virginia 26 A .,,, BRUCE MARTIN Vanderbilt, Pa. RICHARD MARSHALL J ANICE MARTIN Northville, Mich. Vanderbilt, Pa. BARBARA MCCORMACK Daniels, W. Va. CAROL MEYERS Columbus, Ohio Compliments of SIMMONS ESSO Oak Hill, West Virginia 27 DAVID MIN TURN Williamsburg, Ky. KL ue? ww gn MARY JANE OWENS DEAN PATTON Huntington, W. Va. Huntington, W. Va. RANDAL MOODY Byrdstown, Tenn. Sf DW MELVANIA SANGER NELLIE PORTER Slemp, Ky. g t PATTY REYNOLDS Huntington, W. Va. Compliments of Glen White, W. Va. DOY MOBILE HOMES UNIVERSAL CORPORATION 1137 Valley Dr. N. Beckley, W. Va. 1207 S. Kanawha Street Mobile Homes give more home per dollar Beckley, West Virginia than anyother type housing. PATTY SHAMBLIN Charleston, W. Va. 3 DOUG SHREWSBURY DON STINN E TT Prince Federick, Md. Levittown, Pa. 'E' ELSA TEWINIEL Sheboygan, Wisc . Compliments of DR. WALTER KOMINSKY, OPTOMETRIST Oak Hill, West Virginia 29 PHIL SPENCER Columbus, Ohio DAVID TIDBALL Cleveland Heights, Ohio if. RAYMOND WEGNER Zebulon, Ky. LYLE WESTOVER Westover, Pa. WILLIAM WYLIE Noel, Missouri HARRY WING ' "ffm Mansfield, Ohio Compliments of MARY ANN WETZEL Buckanan, Mich, MABLE'S BEAUTY SHOP BRADLEY MARKET Mable Pittman Groceries - Plumbing Supplies t Bradley, West Virginia ao J .A. Blackburn - Presiden Eddie Ferrell Manager TAFF 'CT MRS. CAL C. BEUKEMA MR. JOHN CAMP Dietician, Purchasing Maintenance Agent 'lv in-,rf A MRS. MACEL CHAPMAN MRS. JEAN DAVIS MRS. WM. L. HANMER Cook Office Assistant R.N. School Nurse Compliments of HARRY'S MEN'S SHOP NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Beckley, West Virginia Ray E. Young, Agent All types of insurance 31 Oak Hill, West Virginia F ? S in i S MR. CARY A. PERDUE Supt. of Properties ' N xx MRS. SADIE A. PIPKIN Librarian MRS. CARY A. PERDUE A Director of Household .,ri:,,, MRS. CARY M. PERDUE, R. N. Correspondence Course gk " w . .N ii fig:--5. s ,f W.. Eifviiiglf. .ifvf ,, . . iv, N ,, Ee MRS. MARGARET SAMPLES Cook MISS MAYE ROBINSON Office Assistant Compliments of COLONY DRUG INC. 600 So. Valley Drive Beckley, West Virginia Q N , I 1 a is HJ' xx ' -o-el-7" Iva- ' Y' Aww? I Y L - MRS. LUCKY SHEPARD ' ' Radio . , A ,- , ,. Office Assistant ' 4 f MRS. MEL SEGUINE Director of Child Evangelism in Raleigh County MR. MEL SEGUINE Associate member of the Appalachian Bible Fellowship, Repr es entative Special MRS. BOB SIZEMORE Office Assistant vv 6' MISS FLORENCE STEPHENSON Dining room hostess MISS LOIS WEGNER Bookkeeper Compliments of A.IDE'S DEPT. STORE MAY OFFICE SERVICE Mt. Hope's only complete Dept. Store" 110 McCreery Street Mt. Hope, West Virginia 33 Beckley, West Virginia DED CATIO 3,4 ,A 1! qt! we . . ,.,,,s Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Perdue This BOOK is dedicated to this couple who has enabled the giving forth of His Light from our Hill. The yearbook staff dedicates the 1965 GLEANER to Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Perdue. We praise the Lord for her and her work in the kitchen. V ' 1 Mr. and Mrs. Perdue S-NR came to us from Coving- ton, Virginia: He is Superintendent of Properties. She is Director of Household. Mr. Perdue and his "gray ghost." Another bag lunch goes into the making. Mr Perdue working on the Prayer Band bulletin board Compliments of STEVENS APPLIANCE REPAIR Parts Sz Service for all makes of appliances 818-820 West Ninth Street Huntington, W. Va. On Sundays he eats in the kitchen to be near her. You can tell she doesn't like the camera too well. ff. J OHN'S AMACO Oakwood Ave. Sz Prince St. Beckley, W. Va. ,sf Eating when she gets the chance. 'x 6 6 1' w , i He supervises all maintenance work done on the campus QL 3 fi Compliments of PATTON'S MARKET -Groceries-Meats-Vegetables 1334 Harper Road Of course, we deliver! Phone 253-4479 36 Beckley, West Virginia Glowing Spiritually MISSIO ARY C0 FERENCE Mr. Don Brugmann - Candidate and Deputation Secretary of the GREATER EUROPE MISSION Mr. W. Elwyn Davies - Director of BIBLE CHRISTIAN UNION in Canada Mr. Malcolm Forsberg - Candidate Secretary of the SUDAN IN- TERIOR MISSION L M1525-nw. I is MISSIONARY CONFERENCE January 18-20, 1965 We are grateful to the Lord for sending us these, His servants. We rejoice in the many blessings we received through their ministry. We have now received the challenge. May the Lord thrust us forth into the fields whitened tmto harvest! Compliments of PHILLIP E. NOEL 38 1 Cask W X fi, , X X , -3- .WL ,a.A"'2:.3J.',j' :ww J ' N W uw 5, -:ii f -X f L mf- x mm, 5 l N if One of the sessions of the Missionary Conference. w wx 'U' F Qfrikm K. Duane Pederson, Actor-magician A p p e a rin g at school assembly programs. HUMER ...- L' .... ....-. -. 5 Hi, Bill and Homer! Where's Henry? MERCHANTS FEED Sz SUPPLY COMPANY O. E. Jessup, Manager Wholesale and Retail Feeds, Poultry Equipment, Baby Chicks and IMA Fresh Eggs 411 City Avenue - Beckley, W. Va.. 39 Reading God' s Word Gleaning l THRU DEVOTIO "The Lord is my Shepherd" Gathe ring ,T f Compliments of FAITH BOOK SHOP JI X! K , x new - H V all... ,Qf, ,, 802 4th Ave. - 523-9344 O l Owned and operated by Grace Gospel Church solely as a missionary projectg specializing in fundamental literature. Huntington, West Virginia 'fr-I. X 4. Guiding THRU STUDY Studying in a crowded library. ,f .. . Sb-'J Studying, not Ellis? ? ? Studying in the dorm lounge. l, H si. AL I ? Milf Dave reading from his dad' s ASV. BECKLEY HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. Beckley, West Virginia Studying in a crowded room Dudley and his books. l fm ,Ir-f 2:5355 A 4 -gtg f, ,WJ - z . , 1 5' Prayer Band Officers LE FT to RIGHT . identg Mary Jane Lilly, Treasurerg er. Special Speaker Prayer Band Owens, Secretaryg Sande Ronald Neely, Song Lead- PROJECT '65 Purchasing a tape-recorder to aid in the language study of our graduates, Norm and Sue Niemeyer, TEAM, West Irian. 1- Norm leads COmpli1'nentS of Dismissed in prayer E. J. KNIGHT ELECTRONICS Reflecting Thru Service 4' Sanitarium Visitation: SERVICE Sanitarium Visitation: Ron Neely Paul Timblin A. Isifiii Sanitarium Visitation: Roger Tittle ' A yi :fx X Q , -.-ff M-,'f2,x,1f Y ' ' --2"f-mziwiwfwlfx L an THE THE YOUNG OLD C. E. Club in Bradley: Nellie Porter C. E. Club in Bradley: Mary Wetzel JENKINS DRUG STORE Compliments of OAK HILL FLORAL 2200 Adams Avenue 502 Main St. 465-5621 Huntington, West Virginia Oak Hill, West Virginia 44 O P H Song Leader for the Regular B ap t i s t Sunday School: Dudley Morgan ,V - uw me, - Jail Visitation: Bette Phelps, Norm Helfers V itarium. 2. Prayer at the San- is ,i Q Uv x.: 1 2- y 1 I 1 , w , . U mi I i A Jail Visitation: Pat Hensley, Norm Helfers, Bette Phelps, Paul Wegner. Jail Visitation: Pat and Bette. Compliments of RAHALL'S E. M. PAYNE CO. "For the Miss and the Jr. Miss" on Main Street, Beckley, West Virginia Main Street, Beckley, West Virginia "It's Thrifty to Buy Quality" 45 Use Your Payne's Credit Card W Q I A an lx 3 4 V, x 1 Q. 1 "U . r Q s lag' vu ww 'Q 1 Q 'Q is fi 6235715 gm V- , mp, V, . . iw, 2 1 , gi-2 , rg guy. W A. MUSICAL GROUPS HERALDAIRES: BACK ROW: Judy Anderson, Bette Phelps, Dudley Morgan, Kurt Dibble. FRONT ROW: Lou Ann Casteel, Ramona Anderson, Harry Wing, Jesse Porter. I Nw. ,gf'w,.k'X Q I fa. ALUMNI on MISSION F E I-D fini 'gun T .... 2 I,. fl I---I ,I ,Ap I -I I ,-I .H ...A GOSPELAIRES: Bette Phelps, GOSPEL H E EA L D S 5 Dudley Ramona Anderson, Judy Ander- Morgan, Kurt Dibble, Jesse Por- Son, Lou Ann Caswell ter, Harry Wing. RAINBOW TRIO: Pat Hensley, Trudy Thomas, Joan Fox, Pianist, Joyce Grave- I ly. Compliments of GEORGES FASHIONS JAN CAMPBELL MUSIC COMPANY Nationally Advertised Ladies Fashions 177 Main Street Beckley-Oak Hill, W. Va. Beckley, West Virginia ' 47 Student Council: L. to R., Steve A.B.I. Evening Davis, Tom Bur- School bridge, Bill Wy- lie, Linda Rice, Pat Thomas, Ruth Camp. KNEEL- ING: Roger Tittle. Practical Service Newsletter Time W,,xgw . 1 W H Window Washin Wetzel. Compliments of RTRAIT STUDIO Livmg Color Portraits Ellsworth Murdock, Mgr. 5th Ave. at 29th St. Huntington, W. Va. The chemist. PO Winter's enemy N LV x Z Aw , ,,.,, x 4' eh!! .GD AMW x fi X , n 2. fs I f 1 fr WML Kitchen Help Maintenance Crew STUDE T :Z-f 5... ' Y " .53., 1:: i N .: Dishwashers 4 . , Kitchen Help Dishwashers Mt. Tabor Baptist Church A Church with a warm welcome and a Bible message Harper Road Beckley, West Virginia Prmtmg Employment Snackshop Cleanmg EMPLOYME T w "situ ,-: '-1 A X Xxx lf. xxxx n iy XXX p . , i- SNEN . A -f . 'sb-ff .. . . 4, -- :fjifQ,gg5...,:.,-Q . -1:-av .ff - 1 Switchboard Operator -i"',,?-,-4 , iq: V C lj- ' "1E,75'Rw1, 1 . -- Kitchen Help . 1 n,- .1 H gn . uw ., . , . f 1 - W" ,Qw.m.n, 1- . ,ww , , mm A ,., ,,,.f, , A .L :uv1,!j"'Q A 1 X f 15195 A 5 ' ' "" X' X I, Z1 RALEIGH COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS "Things go better with COKE" Sl Library Cleaning Men' s physical education, basketball Men' s physical education, volleyball game . Prayer before exercises. Y WJ N-fibmh--, Recreation b u i 1 din g Thanksgiving Day. Sizemore on the move. Compliments of The Seven-Up Bottling Co. Beckley, West Virginia game. Then the exercises. Girls' volleyball L K Recreating building Thanksgiving Day. Girls' basketball From birds ................ to boys. Beckley National Bank Neville Street Beckley, West Virginia I Y, DES PLAINES HALL The new dorm. Dedicatory Program October 25, 1964 Speaker: Dr. Henry Morris Head, Civil Engineering Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Des Plaines Hall is named after the Des Plaines Bible Church, Des Plaines, Illinois, in grateful recognition of the substantial fi- nancial help the congregation has given in the erecting of the new women's dormitory. Des Plaines Hall is another major step towards the fulfilling of a master plan for the ninety-five acre campus of the Appalachian Bible Institute. Dr. Henry Morris speaking at the dedicatory program. Some of the crowd on hand. ' Our visitors entering the dorm. PARKWAY MARKET rss' " " " Ll- W., Prosperity, West Virginia Groceries - Fresh Produce Open 10 to 10 V : l A new porch for the new dorm. The cornerstone laying. Mr. J. A. Blackburn, Builder President, Blackburn-Patteson Realty Co. New sidewalks for the new dorm. ROYAL SPAGHETTI HOUSE Home Made Pizza Spaghetti Mt. Hope, West Virginia w THE PO Ice and snow on the pond. The beauty of the Fall. 31. I E, fi' J' Waiting for the boat. When you miss Looking toward the boat, you the island. have to swim Dr. H. B. Wurst Bradley Clinic Bradley, West Virginia l . . L.: .,k.:,i'.5b+,qE any .E+ 'Ziff Q . wwf, - mf, . , '- ag ' . EEN 'fwga T E, mi N I A E. , 1 u .- mu . . . 1 J X 1 Y fe iw UQ N Q, N F .ii--A T, 1:u2w..3 ,- ,,,, f. , -, A J 19:1 gg eg? ggi H5359 : 'e1!,cAL,1Q 1515- A 2:1 3 ' -5.7. 2? 5 'K Q ia is M4 1 ., ul, 141 ,, hrfvin Eg.. ujjjgf - .' 1' ?"" ' bg, g5'1f2,QL4.' I i'5?i"' , l - ' - 'NP 5 , Q, I w e J--A ,H -V, W., , - 9. 401-1 A X - ffl? M f - 'six -. In H.:- 4- Ra, . 4,4 v Q 9 41- 7 KY' .N ., ,, ff- w-.. ,I-.1 at . 1 4? The Christmas Banquet, Decem- ber 11, 1964. Mrs. Pipkin' s birthday. Thanksgiving Day Dinner A W' Compliments of Employees of Beckley Farmer's Market Cranberry Heights, West Virginia The Junior-Senior Banquet was held on Sat- urday night, May 8, at the Rose City Banquet Room, Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. Bill Stevens, owner of the Bible Book Store in Charleston, was guest speaker. A Sunday dinner Pie in your eye ALUMNI OF A.B.I. Following the Lord in SERVICE This is the way we wash our pans --is-a fl 4 , fi S H in I a.?wsAa'A3NaaL.!4af' a'Q:f .- ' '-"' L"'l-3 -" L. . Q W wjwim 6,1 ,-', "ri-S-Q lf' ,ggi-Y. N ' ,,'T-if 'tele .- f - ,h ' W .- A-ff-1: -ff-wwf --.f 'Aviv vu' fi 925 rfxlbfx-'Q' C 'Wi N W "'44 W' " 9 x . ri 5. A ' ,QQQE in ,-,F if -v. 3' .,, s v ff ' nb ' f""'f"'-'F """'M 1"iif"A!'Pk1'.k4'ka' v 1 ,Q .- Nothing like privacy! ! ! P-.I-N-G '-4C'l I YSISV' . ,-, . - Wftvl Where did all the girls go? Patterson-Honts, Inc. Dean-Dong SC11001 Studebaker-Simca 801 N. Kanawha Beckley, West Virginia Draw along with Shep Comforts of the NEW dorm -1:-if . W, 7""1s V I I ".- - .,...- .- -, ' ,,: .-"'--.:.-. lv , , 5 - f-K -N mg", . :. - . --Q.. .ua f,-.., ff' ' ,164 ' 4,4 , Q V A V Aifwzx' A 4- wr- J :f'2w.iw'l".-l g " ' . -f -A' '- W' .aria 'Q ' ,.., -fu -4 -. ,A 3-iff " J' - ., 1'-' , - fe. : . f , -b - - L. . Y " . -. - ' fn, ?"' 5 ,ai -ivvo o fggf -fuffl ' .. -. o' -f+"! ' -. ' , i4..gLg,gL.gvfE . '- , ,4 -- iii: I ,., A ,. .4 , A V., -:J I K-.- l 4.Tf"m24af' 'LY-.., -'V - ' House for Shepards? Slowly but SURELY . . . BAILEY'S MOTOR COURT Bradley, West Virginia of f "H H 1 1 V X: ' near Qi. QF .' ,. ng: ' ,wk N ' U ,W A . Lt' Cou1dn't stand two engaged couples! ! ! Ab-ra-ca-dab-ra 1 'Wm ,gigs , .,:1.x, 21 .W I I Wayne County Fox-hunter ACME CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors Beckley, West Virginia P-o- N ll- -fsbx, xx P' 1 1 Be Sweep! I ! LJ.:- ,. . A Complex from an Ampex The Stamp-licking Machine The bag you steal may be your own l BECKLEY CUT FLOWER COMPANY John V. Schulte Phone 252-6565 . . 429 Neville Street Beckley, West Virginia ,k,l-n o , f , . . I ' ' I -, 1 I . v -f. - if , -If CQNGRATULATIO ' CLASS OF '665" 4, " H QQ?" ' -if, fi 1, .': r mg n - 4' x .- F K, 1 "F ,f , ' f . Your cla s s sponsors, Njf, ' V , ' - ' 'N . Mr. 8: Mrs. Beukema e ff: my 5 wf. L if ,O - . ' ,..... "1 A f ' 22 . 1 -. .:" ' 1 e 1 Q5 951' jf . ', ,f fefv g' 2 " .- 'Jil " E LReSbe.ex: 5Qmwemmmw5es5f-4.vEre, . -I-f .,j5f1.5- TL 'f " 57134 - Lg- 1, A ' Ji F QTWQWWJJN ssiswfw-2 iJ','wnf1fLQ' T'X fl3h",.g55 I-:H-.if f 'lr vf ' xrglfz fznfs - ' E ' 12215, , Remember the Christ- mas banquet, December 11,19s4. Q. ,V 'Y f 51 'eg Ji 1. Rememberyour M. C. at the Christ- mas banquet. iff f ,dl 'of vm.. .5 1 -W' if , '- .' .3 Remember your sneak. Comp11ments of , THE CENTRAL AMERICAN MISSION Remember your fun. . . . Remember YOU1' W0Fk- for mformatlon Wflte P.O.Box 6945, Dallas, Texas 75219 FOR '75 YEARS REACHING OUR SAMARIA FOR CHRIST. ' .A "' 1. 4- 5 'Thi ' F. Wiw 371.897 , GLB The gleaner 1965 1965 6638 I I N' I 1'-'4 fy! ,fr J M . K I ..,, - . 4 4. 9 89990000 QYLQ 'ir ' I WW1W" !WW'E"l'Ulm!WlUL

Suggestions in the Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) collection:

Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 23

1965, pg 23

Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 40

1965, pg 40

Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 7

1965, pg 7

Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 43

1965, pg 43

Appalachian Bible College - Gleaner Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 8

1965, pg 8

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